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1 Xxx i Bright minds inspired by generosity Sydney Annual THE 2010 REPORT ON ACHIEVEMENT & PHILANTHROPY

2 ii Xx contents 02 welcome 02 A message from the Chancellor 03 A message from the Vice-Chancellor 04 development highlights 04 The inspiration factory: new Centre for Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease 06 Let there be music! The Gerald Westheimer collection of classic violins at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music 08 Human rights no theoretical matter: new Master of Human Rights and Democratisation (Asia Pacific) 12 Year of the Dragon: coming to terms with the new China 15 Embracing the Chinese century: the new China Studies Centre 16 Nurturing social entrepreneurs: two new scholarships foster innovation in economics 20 Bringing home cancer support: community nurses can provide vital support to chemotherapy outpatients 24 From Camperdown to Bidyadanga: how veterinary science is helping improve health and education outcomes for Indigenous Australians. 30 Change of climate for Sydney Law School: new course focuses on global energy and resources law 32 Gift report 33 Recent graduates accept the challenge: how the Challenge Fund is inspiring a new generation of donors 34 honour roll 34 Individuals 56 Organisations and Foundations 60 Bequests and Estates 61 Challis Bequest Society 64 Foundations and external centres 65 Investment and capital management report 66 More information

3 2 3 A message from the Chancellor Undeniably, our University is an inspiring place at the forefront of research and learning. It is collectively energised by the people who are part of our community of scholars, and our donors and benefactors form an integral part of that community underpinning our success. The generosity of the University s donors and benefactors in 2010 was, as always, tremendously heartening. So too was the sheer number of donors, with many thousands of generous individuals and organisations supporting us. The stories in Sydney Annual demonstrate the true impact which our donors and benefactors have on the University and, indeed, Australia. This year s inspirational stories cover a breadth of disciplines and initiatives, from diabetes research and chemotherapy patient support, to initiatives in Indigenous communities, through to research and education in international security and human rights. It gives me great pleasure to thank and honour all of the University s donors and benefactors. Your belief in the University of Sydney and the power of research and education is truly commendable. Indeed, it is a most valuable investment in our nation. Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO Chancellor The University of Sydney A message from the VICE- Chancellor 2010 was a pivotal year for the University in which we laid down our strategic plan for the next five years. The plan reflects our vision for the University as an institution in which students and researchers have a sense of belonging to a single community of scholars, of being engaged together in learning and enquiry, and in which excellence in research and education is prized because of the benefits it creates for Australia and the wider world. In this vision, our community of scholars is marked by its diversity, by its global orientation, and by its commitment to working in partnership with Indigenous Australia. This year s edition of Sydney Annual demonstrates to me how our donors are already helping us to achieve this vision. It highlights just a few of the many gifts that are already helping to drive the University forward, and will continue to help us far into the future, increasing the breadth and intensity of our enquiry and ensuring we attract and support the most promising students from all backgrounds. Sydney is immensely fortunate to have a large and growing number of supporters who believe in our vision and purpose. It gives me great pleasure to be able to thank all of our 8700-plus donors, on behalf of those who have benefited from your support. Your generosity and foresight is core to our University and its achievements. Dr Michael Spence Vice-Chancellor and Principal The University of Sydney

4 4 development highlights Xxx 5 We were inspired by the University s vision to break down the barriers between traditionally individualistic disciplines. Dr Neville Howard president of the Australian Diabetes Council The inspiration factory The University of Sydney will spearhead new research on diabetes thanks to the support of the Australian Diabetes Council, writes Chris Rodley. The eating habits of locusts may sound like an unlikely place to start in the search for new ways to tackle diabetes. But by understanding how the insects regulate their intake of protein they tend to keep eating until they reach a target level of protein University of Sydney researchers could help us take an important step forward in the fight against Australia s looming obesity and diabetes crisis. Work by biologist and locust expert Professor Stephen Simpson has raised the possibility that falling protein levels in our food could be preventing us from feeling full, triggering us to overeat, and thereby driving up rates of obesity: a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes. His team recently confirmed this hypothesis through experiments in which human subjects had the protein concentration in their diet covertly manipulated over a three-week period. As predicted, diluting the protein content resulted in overeating even when subjects had no idea how much protein their diet contained. Professor Simpson s research project is just one of many surprising fields of study arising from a major new effort to combat obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease using a cross-disciplinary approach. The University s state-of-the-art Centre for Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease, to be completed in 2013, aims to become a global hub for innovative research into the three related conditions. At the heart of the centre will be the newly created Australian Diabetes Council Chair of Diabetes, which will spearhead research specifically into type 1 and 2 diabetes as well as being an advocate for greater awareness. More than one million Australians have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and prevalence is growing; around 100,000 people develop the condition each year. The Chair will be funded by a generous $5 million endowment from the Australian Diabetes Council, the nation s largest diabetes charity. We were inspired by the University s vision to break down the barriers between traditionally individualistic disciplines, says Dr Neville Howard, president of the Council. The scale of the epidemic, and its cost in human and monetary terms, is such that we have to continually think of new ways to try and combat the disease. Leading the fight will be researchers doing basic scientific work on animal and cell-based models, as well as those undertaking clinical and translational research with much cross-fertilisation between the different areas. Key questions will include why the pancreas fails (leading to diabetes), how to prevent and treat diabetes complications, and how to optimise health care service delivery for diabetics, who often need highly personalised medical care, explains Professor Stephen Twigg, Associate Professor in Medicine at the University of Sydney Medical School and theme leader for diabetes at the centre. Another area under the spotlight will be risk factors for diabetes, such as obesity and a sedentary lifestyle: Much of the focus will be on how we can have a healthier community, which means trying to minimise obesity, increase physical activity, and maintain as normal a body weight as possible. To address these issues the centre will take a world-first interdisciplinary approach, bringing together public health and policy experts, social scientists, urban planners, architects and engineers, whose combined expertise can help society build more active communities where people drive less and walk more. Meanwhile, legal scholars will have a role in asking how society might better regulate unhealthy food. On top of all that, the centre will examine the family, ethnic and genetic factors that can combine with lifestyle to predispose some people to diabetes, and determine why some people appear more prone to developing diabetes complications than others. As you can see, we have our work cut out for us, says Professor Twigg. The Australian Diabetes Council s members are hopeful that the Chair will bring us closer to a potential cure for diabetes as well as unlocking practical ways to manage the disease. If current research at the University is anything to go by, the centre is likely to bring tangible improvements to diabetics lives. One Sydney researcher, Professor Anthony Keech, is having great success using the cholesterol-lowering drug fenofibrate to prevent complications such as human diabetic eye disease. As well, animal models are being developed that better mimic human disease and provide a clearer research window into human diabetes and its complications. Professor Twigg witnesses the results of university research every day in his practice. He gives the example of a patient he treated recently: a woman in her 20s with type 1 diabetes who had unstable blood glucose. By putting our research knowledge into practice, including new technologies, we were able to avoid a hospital admission by reversing the excess acid which was developing in her blood. At the same time we stabilised her blood glucose to help prevent unconscious low-blood-glucose episodes from occurring in the immediate and long term, he says. This is a very exciting aspect of patient management; seeing that quality of life as well as lifespan can be improved in people with diabetes. And it s only by applying key learning acquired through research that we can find the best way to do it.

5 Development 6 highlights Playing the Bernadel 7 is a life-changing experience. It makes me enjoy practising. Madeline Procopio solo violinist, Sydney Conservatorium of Music Let there be music! The donation of the Gerald Westheimer Instrument Collection to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music gave Madeline Procopio the extraordinary opportunity to play the Bernadel a prized mid 19th century French-made violin. Madeline Procopio, a solo violinist at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, has always had a passion for performing. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to communicate what I feel about the music to the audience, so they can feel the same emotions I do, she says. Procopio has pursued a passion for the violin ever since she first played one at age seven. From childhood, her studies in violin continued through school and on to a bachelor s degree in music performance. After completing her undergraduate studies Procopio enrolled at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to study with renowned violin teacher and string pedagogue Alice Waten, Chair of Strings at the Conservatorium. Encouraged by a Conservatorium scholarship, Procopio is aiming high. She recently gained a Graduate Diploma in Music (Performance) and is now working towards a Master of Music Studies (Performance). The next step is a three-year doctorate in Musical Arts, researching the pedagogical aspects of teaching and the psychology behind learning as a child and an adult. Procopio is no stranger to precious violins, having previously played with a Tomaso Eberle and Arthur E Smith violin. However, she describes the opportunity to play the Bernadel as a life-changing experience. It makes me enjoy practising, she says. I love learning how to make the most gorgeous sounds on this instrument. The Bernadel was given to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music as part of a series of donations by alumnus Professor Gerald Westheimer AM (BSc 48). Professor Westheimer has since given a second Bernadel, an 1879 Anton Sprenger violin, and an endowment to care for the collection. These instruments form the beginning of the Gerald Westheimer Instrument Collection, which Professor Westheimer hopes to build on during the coming years. In his own words, he wants the collection to enable talented young Australian artists studying at the Conservatorium to perfect their performance skills on high quality instruments. Alice Waten believes the Bernadel, in Procopio s hands, is already fulfilling Westheimer s wish. This beautiful French violin is helping Madeline to explore a richer and finer sound, as well as discover more subtle tonal qualities. She is already a talented violinist, but is now taking her performance skills to the next level. Professor Westheimer s donations are a magnificent addition to the resources of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music gifts that will benefit students for generations to come, according to Kim Walker, Dean of the Conservatorium. Our young performers need to learn on quality instruments, to develop and refine their virtuosity and musicianship. We can t thank Gerald Westheimer enough for beginning a collection on behalf of young Australians who deserve this vital opportunity. The Bernadel violin; Madeline Procopio, Gerald Westheimer and Alice Waten

6 8 Xx Development Highlights 9 Human rights no theoretical matter Leila Jabbour learns about one student s determination to improve human rights in Burma. For Chaw Ei Win Zaw (pictured), there s nothing theoretical about studying human rights. As a child in Burma she saw her father imprisoned for 13 years without contact with his family an experience that fuelled her resolution to help political prisoners and their families when she grew up. Now an experienced human rights worker, she is midway through the new Master of Human Rights and Democratisation (Asia Pacific) at the University of Sydney. When my father was in jail, she says, my mother, brother and I were not allowed to visit him, and my mother struggled to provide basic needs to her two little children. Those periods were a nightmare for my family. Chaw Ei s father is veteran Burmese journalist, writer and freedom fighter Ludu Sein Win. In 1960, aged 20, he started work as an editor with a local newspaper. Seven years later his paper was shut down and he and the other five editors were arrested. Ludu Sein was sent to notorious Insein Prison and put in solitary confinement for two years. This was followed by three years imprisonment in Great Coco Island, and another stint at Insein Prison before he was released in His freedom was short lived. Chaw Ei remembers the day Burma s military intelligence unit returned to their house. They asked my father to come with them, as they wanted some information from him. Ludu Sein s next period of detainment lasted four years. He was finally released after he suffered a stroke in an Insein cell where he had been kept alone for three years. Though the right side of his body was paralysed, he learned to write with his left hand after his release, and continued to produce articles for many journals and magazines. Chaw Ei has clearly inherited her father s indomitable spirit. Her commitment to justice and human rights is absolute, says Dr Danielle Celermajer, academic director of the master s program. She s always asking, How do I help? How do I make a difference to my country? Chaw Ei was keenly aware of human rights issues from an early age. Government spies were everywhere, she says. On the campus, in the classrooms, near homes. When I graduated from high school, I was not allowed to enter the university I liked. The government chose for me, and my bachelor s degree took six years, as the government forced the university to close for over two years. Undeterred, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Burma, and later a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in the UK and a Master of Public Policy in Singapore. Keen to develop her skills further ( learning is never-ending, she says) she enrolled to study the Master of Human Rights and Democratisation at the University of Sydney. Chaw Ei is exactly the kind of person the program was designed for. Established with funding from the European Union and supported by donations from alumni and

7 development 10 highlights 11 Left: Refugees from Myanmar (Burma) sit in a temporary shelter set up by the Thai government inside a Buddhist monastery. Photo: AFP/ Getty Images Below: Chaw Ei Win Zaw Regional security has to take into account issues like whether people have enough to eat and can live without fear of violence. friends to the Sydney Development Fund, it was launched by the then Faculty of Arts in July 2010 with an initial enrolment of about 30 students from 13 countries including Australia. Over two semesters the course teaches practical skills to help people advocate for human rights and democracy, both within local communities and across the region. The first semester involves intensive coursework at Sydney. The second takes place at one of four partner universities in Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Thailand and comprises further coursework plus a dissertation or internship with a relevant organisation. Chaw Ei has chosen to spend her second semester as an intern in Thailand, as it will give her a chance to work with refugees at the Thai-Burma border, and facilitate a comparative study between Thailand and Burma on human rights protection. While benefiting from the University s research and academic expertise, the students also contribute to the rich learning environment sharing their own first-hand experiences and perspectives with students from other courses. Our classes have been transformed by their presence, says Dr Celermajer. This ties in with the University s larger objective: to be an active part of a civil society. Dr Celermajer believes the people of Australia are concerned about regional security in other countries, and this has to take into account issues like whether the people have enough to eat and can live without fear of violence. For example, the Australian response to events in Burma has been strong, but it s not necessarily the military threat that most Australians relate to. It s more a recognition of what it means in terms of the oppression of the Burmese people, and their ability to live a decent life, says Dr Celermajer. If we can teach our students to think strategically, we can have a significant impact on these situations. Chaw Ei also believes education is the key. Burmese people like myself live always in fear, she says. They do not even know what their rights are. If we can educate them, if we can build their capacity, they certainly will come out to fight. Her own long-term goal is clear. Together with fellow student and human rights advocate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, she wants to build an ami-meritocracy system in Burma (a combination of amity and meritocracy) a nation rich with expertise for economic development, humility to respect the rights of others as human beings, and peace to avoid war and violence. For more information on the new Master of Human Rights and Democratisation, see democratisation

8 development 12 highlights 13 Year of the dragon China is starting to flex its muscles in ways that have major implications for Australia and our region, writes Chris Rodley. In November last year, an anonymous source uploaded 44 minutes of footage to video-sharing website YouTube. The leaked video quickly taken down but later reposted by others appeared to show a Chinese fishing trawler ramming into a Japanese coastguard vessel. The incident in the video took place two months earlier, near the disputed Senkaku Islands, which are claimed by both China and Japan. Following the collision between the vessels, the Japanese coastguard took the Chinese boat into custody and detained its captain for questioning. Japan s response infuriated China, which demanded its skipper back amid anti- Japanese protests held across the country. Exports of Chinese minerals to Japan were reportedly halted while the invitations for 1000 Japanese young people to attend the Shanghai Expo were cancelled. After two weeks of pressure, Japan relented and released the Chinese captain. The confrontation on the high seas is a prime example of the assertive new posture being taken by China in recent times, according to Professor Alan Dupont, who holds the Michael Hintze Chair of International Security and heads the University of Sydney s Centre for International Security Studies (CISS). The great dragon is starting to flex its muscles, he says. This development has major implications for local security and the world at large, and raises important strategic questions. Can China s rise be managed in a way that avoids confrontation? And what role will Australia play in maintaining stability? Professor Alan Dupont has worked on Australian defence and security issues for over 30 years as a strategist, policy analyst and diplomat. His current role as Chair of International Security was created in 2006 thanks to a major gift from the distinguished University of Sydney alumnus and London-based financier Michael Hintze (BSc 75, BE (Elec) 77). Mr Hintze who founded the hedge fund CQS Management and is one of Britain s most prominent philanthropists gave the multi-million dollar endowment in a bid to help find solutions to the security challenges facing an uncertain world. Fast-forward to today, and Professor Dupont now oversees a large, multidisciplinary program of research spanning the full spectrum of security issues. As well as covering traditional topics like defence, he has gained a strong international profile for his work on non-traditional security issues relating to food, water and energy supplies as well as climate change. The prospect of a clash between China and the United States is a pressing concern for Professor Dupont, who points to a number of episodes that have ratcheted up tensions between China and its neighbours. One episode followed the sinking of the South Korean navy ship Cheonan in March last year, which resulted in the deaths of 46 sailors. After a torpedo from a North Korean submarine was held to be responsible for the attack, the US planned to signal to the north that further aggression would not be tolerated by deploying an aircraft carrier into the area. But China objected vehemently to the ship being moved into the Yellow Sea, which lies between China and Korea, resulting in the US moving it to the Sea of Japan. Another factor with the potential to increase tensions in the Western Pacific is China s development of a more expansive far sea defence strategy. Whereas it was once principally concerned with protecting its own waters and Taiwan, China now wants to be able to send ships not only into the South China Sea but further into the Pacific where the US has historically dominated, explains Professor Dupont. China is expected to have a formidable blue water navy, equipped with aircraft carriers, by This is a very important signal from the Chinese that the status quo no longer applies and they intend to assert their Professor Alan Dupont, Michael Hintze Chair of International Security at the University of Sydney. Photo: Courtesy of CISS

9 14 development highlights The first seven graduates from the Australia-China Cultural Exchange Program at the University of Sydney. Photo published in the Sydney Morning Herald, 9 January Lantern image: Morgane Constanty. rights as a Pacific power as well as an Asian power, he says. This is tantamount to waving a red rag to the American bull. It will inevitably draw a US response. For its own part, the US is also becoming more assertive on the issue of China. Up until this year they ve been distracted by other changes terrorism, Iraq and Afghanistan and were relatively disengaged from Asia, he says. But during President Barack Obama s tour of Asia and at the 2010 Australia United States Ministerial gathering, the US signalled its intention to continue being a strong player in the region. The growing potential for conflict between the two behemoths should be taken seriously by Australia, Professor Dupont emphasises. Conflict between our major trading partner and major ally is the nightmare scenario for us. To manage the risk of conflict, he contends that we must build a new architecture for interaction between China and the US, including multilateral agreements for discussing contentious issues. More transparency is also needed, he adds, through Cold-War-style hotlines and the establishment of information protocols to share details of major naval deployments and military exercises. In this process of risk management, Australia could play a significant role as a facilitator and bridge builder. As a friend and partner to both sides, our nation can encourage the two parties to minimise their differences and develop a more constructive relationship. We probably have more leverage over China and the US than many think, and we also have excellent relations with South Korea and Japan. Professor Dupont also believes that Australian research could play an influential role in seeding ideas, including practical proposals for building trust and conflict prevention. He believes the establishment of the new China Studies Centre by the University of Sydney will contribute to this process (see page 15). Given our strategic focus on China as a rising power in Asia, the China Studies Centre is set to become a major research partner and a valuable resource which can only grow in importance as its expertise expands and deepens in the years ahead. Professor Dupont firmly believes that academics should focus on solutions as well as analysis this is our guiding philosophy at the University of Sydney; and no issue in international security is more important than China s strategic future. Australia could play a significant role as a facilitator and bridge builder. Our nation can encourage the two parties to develop a more constructive relationship. Embracing the Chinese century The University of Sydney has a long history of leadership when it comes to Australia s relationship with China. We already have much to be proud about. Back in 1918, Sydney was the first university in Australia to teach Chinese language and culture, and after the Cultural Revolution (mid-60s 70s) it was one of the first universities in the Western world to welcome Chinese students. Continuing that tradition, the University has just launched the China Studies Centre, a hub for cross-discipline research partnerships, leadership dialogue, and business/government development between Australia and China. Covering fields as diverse as history, business, environmental science, law, information technology, politics and public health, the centre opened its doors on 1 January 2011, with Professor David Goodman as interim director. We have considerable expertise on China, says Professor Goodman. We produce more cited research on China studies than anyone else in Australia, but until now it has never been brought together to create a critical mass. The centre will transform the way we approach China studies, and will lead to significant improvements in our relationship with the People s Republic of China. Academics from every corner of the University will be brought together to explore the new horizons revealed by collaboration. For example, archaeologists studying Bronze Age China will join experts tracking cardiovascular disease in modern-day China. Professor Alan Dupont, international security expert, will work alongside historians of the Chinese Communist Party and experts on information technology, to examine China s use of the internet. The centre aims to have a positive effect offshore and at home. It will engage with provincial businesses and local tiers of government in major Chinese cities, including the Guangdong Province (NSW s sister-state) to encourage deeper business connections, language and cultural links. The Australian workforce will also benefit from the influx of experienced, China-literate graduates with specialised master s qualifications gained through the centre. For all these reasons, the China Studies Centre is an important step forward for both the University and Australia enhancing our present relationship with China and laying the foundation for a warm and prosperous future. More than simply a good idea, Professor Goodman views this as a necessity. Australians need to know about China the country and its culture and we are here to provide that knowledge, he says. Our future economic growth, prosperity, social and cultural wellbeing depends on it.

10 16 Xx Left: Amelia Rochford, recipient of the Westbrook and Jessie Anstice Honours Scholarship in Economics and Business development highlights 17 Nurturing social entrepreneurs Two newly established scholarships in the University of Sydney Business School show that entrepreneurship and innovation in business can be about more than generating wealth for shareholders. Named in honour of his parents, the Westbrook and Jessie Anstice scholarships were established in 2010 by a donation from alumnus David Anstice (BEc 70, Honorary Fellow 09), matched by the University of Sydney Business School. A lifelong supporter of the University, Anstice is currently president of the University s USA Foundation, a director of the United States Studies Centre (USSC) and chair of the Advisory Committee on Innovation at the USSC. Anstice is an ardent advocate for innovation, describing it as the source spring of economic growth. A second key factor is entrepreneurship: required to transform innovative ideas into commercial viability. He established the scholarships as a tangible expression of his belief that Australia needs to look for new ideas derived from intellect. Universities are the best place to nurture intellect and thus lead innovation. The inaugural recipient of the Westbrook and Jessie Anstice Honours Scholarship in Economics and Business was Amelia Rochford, who completed a Bachelor of International Studies with honours in The scholarship enabled Rochford to complete a thesis about how social enterprise can benefit Australia s long-term unemployed. Social enterprise is a relatively new hybrid organisational form, Rochford explains. Unlike traditional commercial activities, it explicitly combines a business model with social goals. An example is Cleanable, a Melbourne-based cleaning business established in Cleanable gives mentally-ill people an opportunity for retraining and long-term employment using a self-funding business model. Rochford was drawn to social enterprise because of its innovative approach. It provides a market-based solution to social problems in a way that allows continued viability. This leads to ongoing benefits for those suffering social exclusion and disadvantage. Rochford s research has convinced her that social enterprise has great potential to address environmental and societal concerns, especially in the lives of the long-term unemployed, but she is quick to point out the concept is underdeveloped in Australia. Although there has been a recent focus on social enterprise through the Productivity Commission s report into the contributions of the non-profit sector, there is still far more that can be done to foster growth. The current government attitude is quite limited. An approach favouring the development of all types of social enterprise would be far more beneficial. The inaugural recipient of the Westbrook and Jessie Anstice International Travel Scholarship, Andy Thomas, also used his scholarship for altruistic purposes. It enabled him to attend the Global Youth Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

11 development Xxx 18 highlights 19 The specific focus of the new scholarships shows real foresight about what is in the best interests of students at the University. Andy Thomas recipient of the Westbrook and Jessie Anstice International Travel Scholarship Conference in Washington DC where he researched and shared new ideas about microfinance: the provision of basic financial services (such as savings, credit and insurance) to households below the poverty line as a means to improve their socio-economic position. The conference helped me broaden my understanding of microfinance issues, says Thomas. Australia has relatively few microfinance organisations the majority base their Western operations in the United States so the conference discussion on effective program design and policy advocacy went well beyond the scope that I ve had access to so far. It was a unique opportunity to meet people who have been involved in the field since its inception. Thomas, who will complete a Bachelor of Economics and Law with honours in 2011, will use the knowledge he gained at the conference in his thesis. I plan to analyse factors that could restrict the capacity of microfinance institutions to stimulate growth in low-income developing countries. Specifically, I will look at the impact of disparity in bargaining power and information asymmetry in preventing the most efficient outcomes for these institutions. Thomas views his thesis as a vital stepping stone towards a career in development economics. After university, he hopes to work for a large development institution, such as the World Bank or the United Nations Development Programme. I can think of little more rewarding than working in this field, doing practical work to implement development projects as well as being an advocate for greater government support for policies and programs to foster economic growth in some of the world s poorest communities. Both Rochford and Thomas are immensely grateful for the support provided by the Anstice scholarships. According to Thomas, the specific focus of the new scholarships shows real foresight about what is in the best interests of students at the University. For Rochford, it confirmed that social enterprises were worthy of research. The scholarship helped me financially but just as importantly it gave me confidence in my topic, she reflects. I ve come to truly believe that social enterprise offers a viable solution to the problems plaguing society. Right: Andy Thomas, recipient of the Westbrook and Jessie Anstice International Travel Scholarship

12 development Dr Lillian Hayes, Xxx 20 highlights 21 Keith Cox OAM and Dr Heather McKenzie Bringing home cancer support Community nurses help ease the burden of chemotherapy outpatients and their carers, writes Leila Jabbour. A new study at the Sydney Nursing School is exploring the experiences of family members and other informal carers who support people receiving chemotherapy as outpatients. Made possible in part by a donation from the Maple-Brown Family Charitable Foundation, the study is one of a number of the University of Sydney projects focusing on community care of people with cancer. Feeling the strain Earlier this year Ian (note: names have been changed) was prescribed a course of chemotherapy. Every three weeks he had to visit the hospital s cancer centre for treatment, then return home to rest. Within days of his first treatment Ian began to experience nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Having been warned these were likely side effects, he waited for them to subside. But over the weekend his condition deteriorated, so he and his wife, both anxious by then, decided to return to the hospital. Since Ian s wife was elderly and smaller than he was, she wasn t able to help him into the car. Ian ended up going to hospital by ambulance and was admitted with dehydration and a low platelet count. He spent a week there receiving replacement fluids and medication to relieve his nausea. Lynda, another chemotherapy outpatient, was warned about possible side effects, but as neither she nor her daughter felt confident to manage these on their own, they visited the hospital whenever they felt uneasy. As Lynda s daughter explained, I just feel helpless at home. I tell Mum to drink more but, you know... there s only so much water you can drink. Wendy also experienced side effects from chemotherapy. Although she had been told to contact the hospital about any concerns, she resisted making the call when her condition did become serious. This put her husband in a difficult position: he felt his wife needed care but didn t want to override her wishes. Later, Wendy was alarmed by her own lack of action. Whether my brain had shut down I don t know I just felt so ill and wanted to stay in bed. Finding new ways to help As if cancer wasn t enough of a challenge, these examples show how outpatients can also struggle to navigate the health care system when they are feeling very unwell due to the side effects of treatment. And the repercussions don t stop there. Uncertainty at home about how to respond to troubling symptoms can cause anxiety and distress to cancer sufferers and their carers (friends, family). Medical practitioners also feel frequently frustrated by their inability to extend support to patients at home. As well, unscheduled hospital visits put stress on the health system and cost taxpayer money. The University of Sydney s new study aims to contribute to finding a solution. Led by Dr Heather McKenzie, Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) at the Sydney Nursing School, it brings together expertise from the school, the Sydney Cancer Centre at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and community nurses from several area health services. Other senior researchers include Kate White, Professor of Cancer Nursing; senior lecturer Dr Lillian Hayes, biostatistician Judith Fethney, and Sydney Cancer Centre nurse practitioner Keith Cox OAM. They are all members of the Cancer Nursing Research Unit, led by Professor Kate White, a collaboration between the Cancer Institute NSW, Sydney Nursing School and Sydney Cancer Centre. In 2006 Dr McKenzie assembled a team of researchers to investigate the role of community nurses in caring for people with cancer. A sociologist as well as an experienced community nurse, Dr McKenzie has completed a PhD on the experiences of cancer survivors, reflecting a longstanding interest in both fields. She has long been convinced that community nurses can play a significant role in outpatient care. Such patients however, are not routinely put in touch with a community nurse unless some other aspect of their condition or circumstances calls for home care. An earlier study by Dr McKenzie and her team demonstrated that where a relationship with a community nurse did exist, the nurse played a pivotal role in the patient s care. Unscheduled hospital visits The team found that some chemotherapy outpatients (like Ian, Lynda and Wendy) were struggling at home with distressing side effects but not being referred to a community health service for support. Such patients often made unscheduled presentations to hospital in an attempt to resolve their difficulties, resulting in a dual burden of distress on patients and their families, plus an extra workload for hospital staff. With this in mind, Dr McKenzie s team began a second project to investigate the specific reasons for presentations. They embarked on a 12-month retrospective study at a large Sydney hospital cancer centre, examining records relating to unscheduled presentations of chemotherapy outpatients. The centre treated just over 500 such patients each year, and during the year in question there were more than 250 unscheduled visits. Many visits resulted in admission for a median period of five days a significant amount of unplanned hospital care. These findings indicated a serious area of unmet need. A major reason why so many presentations resulted in admission was because people delayed seeking help until their side effects became severe. During interviews, the team discovered many patients had delayed seeking help because they didn t want to be a nuisance or bother busy hospital staff. Others simply felt too unwell to even consider going to hospital. Patients are very carefully educated about what to expect as a side effect of treatment, says Dr McKenzie. So they Many patients had delayed seeking help because they didn t want to be a nuisance.

13 22 Xx Left: Keith Cox OAM (right) caring for a patient Below: Dr Heather McKenzie It s very reassuring to have a nurse who visits or calls you the day after your treatment. People make a real bond with the community nurse when they re visited in their own home. development highlights 23 Keith Cox nurse practitioner, Sydney Cancer Centre think, OK I was told there was a fair chance I would get this The problem is it can be difficult for a non-health-professional to decide what is or isn t a serious side effect requiring further medical attention. Early intervention The team developed an intervention program designed to reduce the number of unexpected hospital visits and admissions. They linked a small group of chemotherapy outpatients to specially trained community nurses, who visited the patients at home during key times in their treatment program. When participating patients visited the hospital for their first treatment, information was collected on their condition and passed on to a local community health centre. With each patient s consent the information was also sent to their GP, to further integrate their care. A local community nurse visited each patient at home the day after their first treatment, three days later, and once during the second treatment cycle. They checked how the patient was coping, physically and emotionally, and sent the information back to the cancer centre and the patient s GP. Professor Michael Boyer, Director of the Sydney Cancer Centre, believes that while unscheduled hospital visits will always happen (and need to be possible), the additional support provided by community nurses should reduce incidents. Community support for our outpatients should prevent them from experiencing severe or adverse side effects from treatment, he says. Keith Cox has played a key role in developing the pilot intervention. In his work as a nurse practitioner at the Sydney Cancer Centre, he regularly sees patients who present at hospital between scheduled treatments. The majority are acutely unwell, he says. They are frightened and are experiencing distressing symptoms, such as dehydration, nausea or vomiting, that they can t cope with at home. Yet these are side effects that we can effectively manage it s about getting the right treatment to the patient in a timely manner. He welcomes the new intervention model. When you re first told you ve got cancer and you need chemotherapy, it s quite overwhelming and you don t know what to expect. It s very reassuring to have a nurse who visits or calls you the day after your treatment. People make a real bond with the community nurse when they re visited in their own home. Patients involved in the pilot intervention agree. It was really comforting, says one. When you have chemo for the first time your mindset changes and you worry a lot more. Any little cut, ache or pain, you just freak out. You think: is the treatment killing me? Is the cancer spreading? It s just so comforting to know that the nurse is coming and you can ask these questions. These nurses develop a very finely tuned understanding of their patients, says Dr Hayes, who has a strong clinical and research background in community health. Because they visit patients regularly at home, they are able to closely monitor their subtly fluctuating needs both physical and psychosocial and respond as necessary. Dr McKenzie points out that GP participation is another advantage of the intervention scheme. GPs are often out of the loop, she says. They may not know what treatments their parents are receiving, or what stage they are at. This model makes them more connected. Where to from here? With the pilot study almost concluded, the team is now interviewing all stakeholders and refining the intervention program. It is anticipated the extra workload for community nurses will be offset by the reduced burden on the hospital system and improved patient outcomes. To measure this more systematically, the team which now includes oncologists, a health economist and IT specialists is seeking funding for a much larger randomised controlled trial involving two groups of patients: one receiving the intervention and one with the standard model of care. This will enable them to clearly identify whether the intervention is a cost-effective means of achieving its dual objectives of reducing unscheduled hospital presentations and increasing patient wellbeing. For now, Dr McKenzie and her colleagues are focusing on the experiences of the friends and family who support chemotherapy outpatients in the days following a treatment. Their aim is to identify key issues arising in the role of primary support person. This will provide information about an area not well understood at the moment, says Dr McKenzie. While there s a lot known about how to support people caring for others in a more general context, there isn t much, certainly in Australia, about supporting them during the chemotherapy window of cancer treatment. The results of this research will no doubt be welcomed by all those who care for cancer patients. As one community nurse succinctly put it: It s as tough on the carer as it is on the client a lot of them are so scared. Giving advice and reassurance to patients and their loved ones can make a huge difference. The positive impact is enormous; it s a great thing to see.

14 24 Xx development highlights 25 From Camperdown to Bidyadanga The Faculty of Veterinary Science is expanding its focus linking dog health to wider health issues in remote communities. Rachel Sharples looks at initiatives in remote Indigenous towns and on campus. Dr Graeme Brown has travelled to places most of us have never heard of: Bidyadanga in Western Australia, Ti Tree, Yuendumu and Nguiu in the Northern Territory. He goes there to study dogs with infectious diseases most of us wish we d never heard of: giardia, salmonella, campylobacter, intestinal parasites, mange It s not a glamorous job, but for Australia s remote desert communities, it s a necessary one. Infectious diseases pose serious health concerns not only to dogs but also to the communities in which they live. Healthy dogs, healthy communities It s common to hear the phrase dogs are like family in Indigenous communities. Research shows that despite the sometimes outward appearance of neglect, dogs play an integral role in these groups, and the human-dog bond is very strong. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them. When Dr Brown conducted his PhD research in a desert community of 800 people northwest of Alice Springs, he counted 550 dogs. The sheer volume means diseases like salmonella, giardia and campylobacter are easily spread. Dr Brown attributes this in part to what he describes as the degradation of the ecosystem, particularly evident in the harsh conditions of desert environments where poor nutrition has impacted natural cycles and immune systems. It s easy to think that improving dogs health in such areas is simply a matter of culling or educating, but the situation is more complex. The current poor state of dog health is the result of many factors, such as inadequate access to veterinary services, socio-economic disadvantage, and lack of cross-cultural awareness in animal health education programs. These are the challenges that face the Veterinary Science faculty, as they seek to promote and protect veterinary public health in Indigenous communities. One of the faculty s initiatives is an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage project called Healthy Dogs, Healthy

15 26 Development highlights 27 You have to build a relationship with someone in order for them to listen to what you re saying. Layla Schrieber Indigenous masters student Left: Dr Graeme Brown Above: Layla Schrieber Communities Dr Brown is part of this team. Together, they are investigating ways to improve canine health in remote Indigenous communities and bring health benefits to the wider community. Across six sites in the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales, the team conducts dog health and welfare surveys. The data is then used to develop culturally appropriate education interventions to improve the health and welfare of these dogs. Dr Brown s expertise in infectious diseases is an example of the project s interdisciplinary approach. Other contributions are made by team members with a focus on communication and education. Dr Robert Dixon, the project leader, specialises in animal welfare and public health. Dr Sophie Constable and Dr Rose Dixon develop knowledge-sharing programs that are culturally appropriate and specific to each community. In one region they commissioned female artists to paint stories conveying information on dog health. They also work with local environmental health workers to produce appropriate promotional material. Layla Schrieber, an Indigenous masters student, is studying the epidemiology of human and canine streptococci in a North Queensland community. Based in community, Schrieber finds that research is only part of the job description. The larger role I find myself doing is supporting local animal health workers. We ve started dog health days, which we promote by going into schools the week before and getting the kids to look at parasites under the microscope. It helps get them excited about the day. These kinds of community relationships are important. Schrieber is acutely aware that making a connection with people is key to her role. You have to build a relationship with someone in order for them to listen to what you re saying. And you ve got to listen to them too, because they know exactly what s going to work. It s about them trusting you to help them put it together. Indigenous student programs At present there is a distinct lack of Indigenous veterinarians, especially from (or working in) remote Indigenous communities. The 2006 ARC grant that founded the Healthy Dogs, Healthy Communities project incorporated into its funding structure the employment of Indigenous postgraduate students. Layla was the only Indigenous student to apply. Advertised today, Dr Brown believes the uptake would be higher, but it does highlight the need to attract Indigenous students to the veterinary profession. The Faculty of Veterinary Science is also concerned about this issue. After an admissions review process in 1998 the faculty set targets to increase its level of Indigenous student participation; showing leadership in this area long before the University created specific policies on Indigenous enrolments. Dean of the Veterinary Science faculty Professor Rosanne Taylor explains: Indigenous students are under-represented across the University. We identified early on that as a faculty we needed to make a much greater difference to our Indigenous peoples. It was clear there was a real deficit of Indigenous graduates in the veterinary and animal science professions, and alternative pathways into the faculty were required. The faculty now sets aside 12 percent of its places each year for Indigenous, rural and disadvantaged students. Indigenous students enter through the Koori Centre s Cadigal Program. Retention rates have been high: 17 students have come through the program so far. Professor Taylor believes this can be attributed to Koori Centre support, flexible teaching, in-house leadership programs and a small, friendly faculty environment. Two students will graduate from the Cadigal Program this year and the faculty s first Indigenous PhD student is due to graduate in 2011.

16 28 Xx Development highlights 29 Mentoring programs are really important because there s still a lot of stigma in Indigenous communities that says you can t achieve. Nathan Hallet fourth year student bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience Left: Nathan Hallet Community images: Courtesy of Dr Graeme Brown Professor Taylor admits they ve never been able to entirely fill the Indigenous quota, but it s something they hope to improve. They plan to introduce an Indigenous scholarships program, and develop outreach programs to attract students from the most remote and disadvantaged communities. A key element will be the establishment of mentors who can act as ambassadors students keen to develop relationships with remote Indigenous communities and support Indigenous people during their transition to university. Mentoring is something Schrieber has given a lot of thought to. She recalls her first visit to the University of Sydney campus. She was alone, she didn t know anyone, and she was dismayed to see other students already conversing in their own groups. Her first inclination was to run off, just get out of there. Fortunately she had the insight and courage to persevere. I m an educated woman from an urban area, so imagine if you were from a remote community, on your own in a strange city full of foreign-looking buildings. You d just leave and never come back. Mentoring is something I d definitely like to do, to make sure nobody has to feel like that. I know that once I got to know people, they were wonderful. The University was excellent and I had a great time. Nathan Hallet, an Indigenous student now in his fourth year of the Animal and Veterinary Bioscience degree agrees mentoring helped him immensely when he started at university and he is now eager to mentor others. These programs are really important because there s still a lot of stigma in Indigenous communities that says you can t achieve. If we can visit these communities and show examples of Indigenous students who have gone on to succeed in the veterinary profession, I think it will make a huge difference. Veterinary Science Foundation Outreach and mentoring programs do have costs attached and the Veterinary Science Foundation plays a crucial role in meeting some of these needs. Established in 2000, the foundation aims to support the faculty s vision of being a world leader in veterinary education and research, focused on the health and welfare of animals, and providing a community service. Over the last nine years the foundation has raised more than $9 million for the faculty. This contributed to upgrades of the university teaching hospitals at the Camperdown and Camden campuses, helped fund research into the Tasmanian devil facial tumour, and helped purchase state-of-the-art equipment for the faculty s clinics and teaching hospitals. One of the foundation s priorities over the coming year is to help the faculty grow its Indigenous student cohort, especially from remote communities. The foundation recognises the absolute importance of education for our Indigenous peoples, says Deborah McMurtrie, president of the foundation. We want to identify and encourage kids from remote communities who might never have considered a university education. Next up: an Indigenous scholarships program, funded through philanthropy and corporate support. The foundation s key role will be to identify Indigenous ambassadors who can develop relationships in remote communities, identify people who may be interested in veterinary and animal science, and act as mentors to Indigenous students. We know there are significant costs associated with university, especially if you re coming from a remote area, says McMurtrie. The scholarships will help cover living expenses and extra tuition costs, as well as mentoring and pastoral care; basically whatever is needed to look after the wellbeing and lifestyle of our students. With the faculty s first Indigenous students now graduating, Indigenous involvement in the veterinary and animal science professions is going to increase. Through their support of veterinary public health and research work in Indigenous communities, and Indigenous student programs, the Veterinary Science Foundation and the Faculty of Veterinary Science are determined to make a difference. Professor Taylor adds that, we re developing multiple, interlocking ways to lift awareness and graduate-readiness to manage animal health in Indigenous communities, as well as developing the next generation of Indigenous veterinary professionals.

17 Development 30 highlights 31 Resource and energy exports are likely to underpin the Australian economy for the foreseeable future. Kevin McCann former energy and resources lawyer, Chairman of Origin Energy Change of climate for Sydney Law School With energy security becoming a vital priority in the area of climate change, the Sydney Law School is taking up the challenge with a new course. Global Energy and Resources Law is an exciting addition to the faculty s postgraduate program. It was made possible by seed funding from businessman and alumnus Kevin McCann (LLB 64, BA 61), matched by Macquarie Group Foundation. The course offers perspectives on global energy security, international access to energy resources and the resolution of cross-jurisdictional energy access disputes. Also on the agenda: reform of the Australian energy market and the implications of climate change on energy resources. Australia s position as a supplier of energy and natural resources calls for specialist skills in providing professional legal advice, says Professor Gillian Triggs, Sydney Law School Dean and Challis Chair of International Law. The new course allows Sydney to take a leadership role in promoting education, research and debate to benefit Australia s security, environment and economy. As a former energy and resources lawyer and Chairman of Origin Energy, Kevin McCann is fully aware of the importance of energy security. Resource and energy exports are likely to underpin the Australian economy for the foreseeable future, he explains, so it is important we have lawyers with specialisation in these fields. Research into legal and administrative regimes for energy and resources is needed by corporates, regulators and legislators to ensure development occurs efficiently and appropriately. Feedback from the first intake of students has been very positive. The unit gave me an excellent overview of the finance and regulatory structure that drives our energy economy, says graduate Amy Kean, managing director of Pinpoint Earth. I particularly enjoyed learning about the complex interplay between the physical nature, political reality and regulatory frameworks of our energy markets. This knowledge is important if we are to meet the challenges of climate change and transition to a low-carbon economy. On the evening before classes commenced, the inaugural Kevin McCann Global Energy and Resources Law Lecture was delivered by Dr Zwiggy Switkowski, then Chair of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation. His topic was nuclear energy in the context of global energy security. It traced the growing importance of nuclear technology around the world, examined some of the concerns regarding its use, and contended that it cannot be excluded as an option if Australia is to meet its energy and climate change targets. The support of Kevin McCann and the Macquarie Group Foundation is enabling the Sydney Law School to equip its students with the specialist knowledge needed to deliver sound advice on contemporary global energy and resource realities. With climate change looming large over the world, and moving to the forefront of Australian and global politics, this new course is destined to help shape our energy resources future. Professor Gillian Triggs; New Law Building; graduate Amy Kean Iceberg image: Ariel da Silva Parreira.

18 Xxx Gift report The year 2010 once again saw substantial growth in philanthropic income for the University thanks to the generosity and loyalty of our donors. Over $40 million was donated, up from $33 million in More than 8700 donors contributed, across all 16 of our faculties. Total donor numbers grew by 16 percent, with the highest growth originating from mail and telephone appeals by the Sydney Development Fund. More than 5200 donors responded to these appeals, a 24 percent increase compared to was a record year for bequest income totalling more than $20 million. Bequests were primarily directed toward student support and research, but considerable unrestricted bequests were also received. These will allow the University to apply funds to its highest priorities now and in the future. Prehistory received significant support, thanks to a bequest from Tom Austen Brown (BA 74, LLB 46). Donations from individuals and organisations covered a range of purposes across the full spectrum of university life. Significant gifts were made to establish or continue scholarships in business, engineering, medical research, music and pharmacy, among other areas. Very significant gifts were made to continue or establish professorial chairs, such as the Australian Diabetes Council Chair of Diabetes and the Thomas Wenkart Chair in Endothelium. The University s faculties, research programs and foundations benefited greatly from generous donors, allowing us to maintain world-class standards in teaching and research for the benefit of all Australia and the wider world. 100% Income by purpose Student support Professorial chairs and lectureships faculty priorities Research University foundations Other and unrestricted Income by source Alumni (including estates) Corporations and associations Non alumni (including estates) Trusts and foundations Recent graduates TAKE UP the challenge The willingness of young alumni to give back to the University as part of the Challenge Fund is reinventing traditional preconceptions of the typical donor. Launched in November 2009, the Challenge Fund is an initiative that encourages recent alumni (graduated since 2005) to donate to the University of Sydney, by matching every dollar from a specific fund gifted by a small number of generous alumni. Since its launch the Challenge Fund has been used in six separate appeals, including three successful telephone programs, and by the end of 2010 had received a total of 901 gifts. It proved a major incentive for young alumni considering their first-ever gift to their university, and has greatly expanded the cohort of alumni support. By the end of 2010, the combined effort of the campaigns and matching funds had raised $86,184. The majority of donations were for student scholarships and support; a reflection of the bond that recent graduates feel towards current students at the University. Adrian Vandenbergh (BA 05, BE 05) sums up his reason for becoming a donor: As a recent graduate, running a budget while studying is not a distant memory. I enjoyed my time at the University and would like future students to enjoy theirs. Gifts were also allocated to the University s work with the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, the faculties, the museums and art gallery, the library, research and the Compass Project. The University is indebted to the benefactors of the Challenge Fund for providing a means to attract the next generation of donors and ensure its long-term sustainability. We would also like to thank our new graduates for their generosity, and welcome them into our donor community. Above: Student call centre

19 34 thank you 35 Matthew Handbury David Burns Margaret Mills $5000 $9999 Richard Fisher Kenneth Neale David Johnson Peter Burrows AO Adrian Morris Gail Abrahams Christopher Flynn Koe Ong Ian Joye Richard Caldwell Jonathan Negus Phyllis Alston Neil Frantz Ralph Panebianco Debbie Killelea Alexander Cambitoglou AO Graham Nock Anonymous x 5 Jane Fulton Rose Panebianco Stephen Killelea AM Alan Cameron AM Timothy Ryan William Arnott Frank Gleason Ruth Pojer Hong Lee Margaret Cameron Barbara Sanders John Atkin Neville Grace John Reid AO Charles Littrell Austin Curtin Stanley Sidhu Gerard Bassell Antony Green David Rickards Barbara Penfold Peter Davidson John Simes John Boultbee AM Edward Griffin Anna Rubbo Stephen Penfold Rosanne Drugeault John Slade Leslie Burnett Kjeld Hansen Tim Shacklock HONOUR ROLL 2010 The University of Sydney thanks the following alumni, friends, organisations and estates for their generous support during Each and every gift is sincerely appreciated. Individuals $1,000,000 + Anonymous Thomas Wenkart $250,000 $999,999 Brian Trudinger $200,000 $249,999 Margaret Ure $150,000 $199,999 Anonymous x 2 Jonathan Harris Robyn Harris Dorothy Lamberton James Lee Anne Levi Ian Levi $100,000 $149,999 Anonymous Joan Barnet Christine Bishop Ross Brown AM RFD ED Gregory Brown Graham Daniels Judith Giles John Graham Michael Hintze Belinda Lee Richard Longes Victor Plummer David Pulsford John Sidgreaves Sir William Tyree OBE Albert Wong $50,000 $99,999 Robert Albert AO RFD RD CstJ Anonymous x 2 Beverley Chong Thomas Cropper Nora Goodridge Harris Greenberg Philipp Hofflin Francis Hooper Peter Johnson Bruce Kirkpatrick OAM Susan Lee Ann Macintosh Robert Maple-Brown AO Susan Maple-Brown David Mortimer AO Rowan Nicks OBE John Roth Stanley Roth Gerald Schwartz Susan Tompkins David Tribe Lucy Turnbull AO Malcolm Turnbull MP Margaret Tyrrell Pamela Wood Paul Wood $25,000 $49,999 Anonymous x 2 Niels Bowen Kimberly Cartwright Cecil Churm OBE John Crone Graham Frank Geoff Grimish Clare Handbury Angela Raymond Margaret Robertson Graeme See Peter Shaw Paul Sved Suping Wen Sir Bruce Williams KBE Dennis Yue $10,000 $24,999 Madeleine Adams Anonymous x 4 David Anstice Spiros Arvanitakis Thomas Barlow Peter Barton Kate Beat Lenore Buckle Neil Burns Diane Fischer Edith Freeman Valmae Freilich Roger Gilbert David Gonski AC Clive Hall Barbara Harland John Harris AM Belinda Hutchinson Fazlul Huq Aidi Jiangs Christopher Joye David Levine AO RFD QC Pamela Lumb Christa Marjoribanks Roger Massy-Greene Graham Matheson Kevin McCann AM Bruce McWilliam Paul Slade Ezekiel Solomon AM Ethe Stevens Gerard Stevens Bob Swan Judy Swan Prasidh Tan Karim Temsamani Christopher Vonwiller Wayne Webster Gerald Westheimer AM Doug Wilkins Margaret Wilkins Ros Winterton Peter Winterton Rita Winterton John Wong Berenice Byrne Brendan Casey Barry Catchlove Owen Chew Lee Cheryl Collins David Collins Antony Damian Trevor Danos Martin Dickson AM Edwin Dobson James Duncan Olive Dunk Ian Dunlop Tim Ebbeck Scott Egelton Ron Enestrom Christine Etter Fred Etter Julia Farrell Elizabeth Hawker William Hayward Mary Henderson Harold Jarvis Andrew Kaldor Renata Kaldor AO Ki-Hong Kim Michael Kirby Larry Kwok Veronica Lambert John Lamble AO Reg Maher Gavin McGarrity Edward McWhinney QC Emily McWhinney Robert Mostyn Phillip Muhlbauer Philip Mulvey John Natoli Shahram Shahidi Gene Sherman AM Meredith Sime Rex Smart David L Smith David R Smith Christopher Smithers James Smithers Pierre St Just Isabel Tangie Robert Thomas David Turner FRAIA James Tzannes Sabina Van Der Linden Brian Vitnell Alexander Wakefield Iris Wang James Warner Sylvia Warner

20 36 thank you 37 Joy Wheatley Norm Wheatley Cameron Whittaker K Wong $2500 $4999 Mohammad Ahmad Des Alfred Brian Allen OAM George Andrews Anonymous x 4 Sterling Ashbee Neil Balnaves AO John Bateman Andrew Bell SC Michelle Berger Peter Berger Sandra Best Bob Birch Lesley Birch Julian Block Peter Campbell Leslie Carrington Richard Chiu Angela Cho Yet Lian Chuah Charles Davidson Anne De Salis Dora English John English Margaret Evans Margaret Fowler Ross Fowler OAM David Frecker Sean Griffin Thomas Hardy Denis Hardy Angelo Hatsatouris OAM Gordon Henwood Beth Jackson Brett Kelly Rebecca Kelly Leslie Kemp AM John Landerer CBE AM A Larkum Derek Larnach Patricia Lee Douglas Logan Jeannette McHugh Charles Moore Bruce Murtagh Christopher Noel Jane Noel David O Neill Lise O Neill Aleksandra Pozder Kenneth Reed Ian Renwood Bradley Ross Julian Segal Ross Sinclair AM Clement Skevington William Southcott Geoffrey Stein Richard Stenlake James Tsiolis David Tually Brad Turnbull Jie Jin Wang Adrian Wearn Rob Wearn Ian Wilcox Frank Williams $1000 $2499 Michael Ahrens Roger Allen Anonymous x 7 Phillip Artemi John Aston Sibilla Baer S Bandy Graham Barr Heloise Barr Maxwell Barry OAM Robert Barry Helen Bashir Julian Beaumont Patricia Beljon Alistair Bell Syvia Bell Gregory Bell Myra Bell John Benyon Minnie Biggs Nicholas Bilinsky John Bishop Rose Bova Michael Bowan D Boyd Charles Boyd Jennie Brand-Miller Helen Breekveldt Ian Bridgland Katherine Brown Alexandra Bune AM Liam Burke Robin Byrne Laurence Cable Robert Cahill Michael Callaghan John Campbell Julianne Campbell Keith Campbell Patricia Campbell Sophie Caplan OAM James Carlton AO Adam Carr L Carr S Carroll Talbot Carter Margaret Casamento Anne Centorame Hugh Centorame John Chalmers AC Kam Chan Maureen Chan Frederick Chilton Damian Chown Ann Clark Anthony Clarke David Clarke AO Gordon Clowes Lyn Coates Jon Cohen Kenneth Coles AM Richard Colless AM John Connors Kenneth Conway Samuel Cooke Geoffrey Cooke Richard Corin Bruce Corlett AM Phillip Cornwell Yvonne Cossart AO Michael Counsel Dennis Cowdroy OAM Michael Crivelli Barbara Crouch Ewen Crouch John Culkin Charles Curran AC Anthony Curtin Claire Daniels Rowena Danziger AM Jonathan Davies S Davis Roger Davis Ingrid Davis Jeremy Davis AM Fouad Deiri Michael Diamond AM MBE Michelle Dick Hugh Dixson Nancy Dolan Camille Domaille Michael Dove Norton Duckmanton OAM RFD Scott Duncombe Eleanor Dunn Suzanna Dunn Maxwell Dunstan Colin Durand Richard Edmonds Gary Edstein Keith Emery Geri Ettinger James Fairfax AC Donald Faithfull Neville Fakes CBE Elizabeth Farley James Fay Alan Fekete Grahame Feletti Lee Ferry Millie Frost Dallas Finney Margaret Finney Bruce Flegg John Fourtsadakis Eudo Fox AM Brian France Ian Fraser Seruni Freisleben Anne Galbraith John Giblin David Gill Michael Gillespie Shane Gluskie Geok Goh Ross Goldstein Gloria Goldthorp Ken Goldthorp Adam Gordon John Gorrell Alexander Gosling C Graham Ross Grant Bruce Gray David Green Warren Green Anthony Gregg Peter Griffiths Mukesh Haikerwal AO Diana Handley Kenneth Handley AO Jim Hanna Danny Hanna Pauline Harding Timothy Harding Rhys Hardwick Jones Phillip Harry AM Michael Hawker AM Jill Hawker Neil Hawkins Tony Hayek Alison Hayward PM Donald Hector Peter Hemming Michael Henderson Anthony Hickey Nyuk Hiew Chee Leong Hiew Tessa Ho John Holt Alanna Horadam Ian Horton Zhuang Hu Michael Irby John Ironmonger Phillip Isaacs OAM Tissa Jayasekera John Jefferis Bek Jelbart Chrissie Jephcott Geoffrey Jordan Judith Kaldor Elie Kaltoum Akira Kawamura Karl Kazal Anne Keats Brennan Keats Geoffrey Kelly Ralph Kemmler Gordon Kennett AM Warwick Kent AO Peter Ketley Tony Khattar Hye Khoo Michael King Janice King Wal King AO Judith Kinnear David Kirk MBE Bep Kleiberg Zoe Kominatos Nicholas Korner Ruth Krahenbuhl Gilles Kryger Francois Kunc SC Paul Lai Linda Lam Desmond Lardner Peter Laver AM Richard Lee Chyi Lee HP Lee Catherine Leslie Lettie Leung Paul Lewis Ann Lewis AO Leon L Huillier Alexander Lin Ross Littlewood Bruce Loder Frederick Long Sandy Longworth David Low Michael Lowe Diccon Loxton Lawrence Luk D Luke Jan Luke Brendan Lynch Ann Macansh Iain MacFarlane Margot Machliss Donald Magarey Kathryn Magarey Amy Mak Colleen Martin Ray Martin AM Jo Martins Margaret Mashford Sir Anthony Mason AC KBE Lady Patricia Mason Robert Masterman Alan Maxton Thomas McCann Barry McCleary Christopher McClelland Richard McHugh SC John McIlwain Ross McKinnon Stephan McRae Herbert Menka Jodhi Menon Tempe Merewether OAM Wendy Miles Jean Millard John Miller Derek Minett K Moss AM Peter Mountford Ron Mulock Anthony Mulveney Brian Munro Andrew Murray William Muston Lawrence Myers Frank Naylor Michael Neustein Maurice Newman AC Peter Newsom

21 38 thank you 39 Lam Ng Lawrence Nguyen Eileen Nisbet Z Nittim Stephen Norrish QC Jon North John Nutt AM John Odbert Paul O Donnell David O Hanlon Chris O Hara Barry O Keefe AM QC Sandra Ollington Edward O Loughlin Robert O Neill AO Pieter Oomens Alice Oppen OAM Kay Ostrowski Earl Owen AO Jeffrey Pages Edmund Palmer OBE David Partlett Simon Philips John Phillips OAM Jeffrey Phillips SC Yvonne Pitsikas Justin Playfair Warwick Plunkett Steven Pong Ian Pope Patricia Pritchard Craig Pritchard Jonathan Pye Cheryl Quinton Waqar Qureshi Michiko Raimoto M Rallings Roy Randall Valerie Rangott Colin Rankin John Re Stuart Rees AM M Reeve William Regan AM Malcolm Reid Andrew Richardson Russell Robertson Shirley Robertson Mark Robinson Stephen Rose Sophia Rothery Paul Rowe Margaret Saunders Peter Scott Robyn Searl Graeme Segal Joan Segal Lesley Shanley Philip Sharp John Sheldon Jane Sheridan Geoffrey Sherington Christopher Shinners Andrew Sinclair AM Michael Slattery Phillip Smith Peter Smith David Smithers AM Robert Smithies Rhonda Soricelli MD Adam Spencer Judith Steanes Alice Steele Smith John Steele Smith Christian Stegle Don Stein Alison Stephen Valma Steward Bruce Stillman AO Bruce Stracey John Stuckey John Studdy AM FCA John Stumbles Steven Stux Edmund Sullivan Anne Sullivan Elliot Swart Naomi Swart Jonathan Sweeney Lady Anne Synnot John Szangolies Patricia Taperell Peter Taplin John Tay Mary-Lynne Taylor Rosanne Taylor Howard Thompson Ruth Thompson Bill Thoo William Thorn Margaret Thorn John Tidmarsh Charles Toh Thomas Tonkin Gillian Triggs Judith Tripathi Kevin Troy Barrie Unsworth Peter Valder OAM Adrian van Dam David Vaux Sarah Vaux Morna Vellacott Anthony Wales Marjorie Wallace Ian Wallace Thomas Watson Beatrice Watts Maree Watts Carol Webster Doris Weiss Peter Weiss AM Andrew Wennerbom Roger Wescombe Ian Westmore Dennis Wheelahan QC Barry White Rosy Wihardja Tjandrapr James Wiley Caroline Wilkinson Peter Williamson Michael Willoughby Brooks Wilson AM Peter Wilson Victor Wilson Christine Windeyer Gordon Windeyer Michael Wiseman Francis Wong Ken Wong David Wood Kenneth Woolley AM Andrew Wright Jennifer Wright Kerry Yip Kwai Yip Anna Ziegler $500 $999 PM Aboitiz; Josephine Abrahamson; Ian Ackland; Charles Adamson; Tracey Adcock; Denis Aitken; Susan Alexander; Kenneth Allen AM; James Allsop; Donald Anderson; Donald Anderson AO FRS; Neil Anderson; Gertrude Angel-Lord; Anonymous x 14; Danielle Ayoub; Andrew Baderski; Greg Ball; Ben Balzer; Geraldine Barnes; David Barnsdall; Salvatore Barone; Narelle Bater; Lindsey Baudinet; Louise Baur AM; John Baxter; Victor Bear; Lyn Bearlin; Jeanette Beaumont; Janette Beavis; Michael Bell; Paul Bell; Kerrie Bigsworth; Rosalyn Bird AM; Gail Black; Alastair Blanshard; Kevin Blewett; A Blomfield; Malcolm Bocking; Debra Boncardo; John Bowker; William Bradford; Phillip Bradley; John Bragg; Catherine Branson QC; Edward Bridgland; George Bullock; Joy Burgess; Keith Burgess; Gregory Burke; Gregory Burton SC; Lydia Bushell; Hilary Cairns; John Cameron; Florence Campbell; Peter Cape; Jeanette Carter; Donald Casey; Eddy Chahine; Mechiel Chan; Winston Chan; Barry Chapman; Douglas Chesher; James Chesworth; Sing Chiu; Michael Chow; Bruce Christensen; Chi Chung; Milton Churche; Rosemary Clarke; Brian Cohen; Elise Coker; Diana Conroy; John Cooney OAM; Margaret Coventry; Nicholas Cowdery AM QC; Alexander Crandon; Betty Crane; Allen Craswell; Evelyn Crisp; Rowley Cuddy; Robert Curtin; Andrew Dargan; Ian Dawson; Charles Dawson; Colin Day; Albert De Montfort; D Denoon; Geoffrey Devitt; Philip Diment; Barry Dixon; Gary Dobson; Louise Dobson; James Dominguez CBE AM; David Donaldson; George Douglass; Gwen Dovey; Jan Dudley; Kevin Duffy; Margaret Duffy; Catherine Duncan; Roger Dunlop; Nicholas Durrant; Brett Eagle; Valda Eastment; Philip Edmonds; James Edwards; M Eichner; Pierre El Alam; Margaret Ellison; Carolyn Elton; Garry Epps; Paul Espie; Michael Eyers AO; Catherine Faehrmann; John Fahey MP; Adrian Farinelli; Rex Fayle; John Fernon SC; Stephen Fitzgerald; Roger Fitzsimmons; John Fletcher; Michael Fogarty; Joan Fong; Jennifer Forster; Michael Foster QC; Philippa France; Ian Frykberg; Denise Fung; Bryan Gaensler; David Gage; Geoff Gallop AC; Justin Gardener; Bunny Gardiner-Hill; Michael Gardiner-Hill; Ben Gay; Dani Geagea; Joseph Giuttari; Peter Givorshner; William Glasson; Laurence Gluskie; Robert Goodall; Marilyn Gosling; Jeffery Goss; Geoffrey Graham; Michael Graham; Judi Gray; Michael Gray; George Green; Sheila M Green; Michael Greenaway; Thomas Greene; Jean Grierson; Peter Groenewegen; Val Grogan; Katrina Groves; Peter Groves; Richard Groves; Hasantha Gunasekera; Allan Hall; C Hanbury; Ian Harris; Michael Harris; Grant Harrod; Jan Haskins; Steven Hausfeld; Janet Heffernan; June Henderson; Barbara Higgs; Brian Hill; Raymond Hill; David Hind; Albert Ho; Dorothy Hoddinott AO; Jack Hodgson; Harold Holland; Elisabeth Holt; Ken Hopkins; Clyth Hoult; Gordon Howard; William Howard; Joseph Huan; Fay Hudson; Richard Hunstead; Alexander Hunyor; Brett Hurley; Duncan Ivison; Paul Jackson; Monica Jackson; Tony Jackson; David Jacobs; Jacqueline Jago; Margaret Jarosz; Tatiana Jelihovsky; Will Jephcott; Johanna Johns; Arthur Johnson; Doug Jones AM; Quentin Jones; Margaret Joy; Margaret Karutz; John Kay; Mona Kayrouz; Heather Kelson; Narelle Kennedy; Ruth Kerr; Alison Kesson; Joe Khattar; Jane Kift; Elizabeth Kirby; David Knight; Ian Knight; E Kokas; Paul Korner AO FAA FRCP; Byron Koster; Hilary Laidlaw; Roy Laidlaw; Milton Lalas; Fay Lamont; Paul Lancaster; Mary Lane; David Lansley; B Latch; James Lawrence; Richard Lawson; Mick Le Moignan; Richard Lee; David Leece PSM; Michael Leslie; Winston Leung; D Libter; Paddy Lightfoot; Su Lin; Geoffrey Lindell; Owen Longfield; Kok Low; Judith Luttringer; W Lynch; Charles Macdonald; Ian MacIntosh; Chris Mackay; Glenda MacKay; G MacLennan; Bruce Mansfield AM; Joan Mansfield; Phillip Manwarring; Suzanne Maple-Brown; Helen Marshall; Giselle Mawer; Zdenek Mazanec; Laurel McCartney; Paul McClintock; Ruth McColl AO; Phillip McIntosh; Judith McKernan; C McLeod; Stephen McNamara; Ian McNeill RFD; Keith McRitchie; G Melville; Hunter Millar; Philip Minter AM; Robert Mitchell; Joanne Mitchelmore; Jason Mo; Carolyn Mock; Helen Molloy; Brian Morgan; Alison Morley; Helen Morrison; Desley Mulock; John Murray; Penelope Nash; Nelly Nassif; William Nelson; Sarah Nelson; Stephen Nelson; Daniel Newman; Paul Newman; Cheong Ng; William Nguyen; Donald Nicholls AM; Margie Nicoll; Harry Nicolson; Sir Gustav Nossal AC CBE; Helen Nugent AO; Michael O Dea AM; Isobel Oliver; Gail Ollife; Conrad Oppen; Robert Osborn; Susan Owens; Douglas Padman; Phillip Palma; George Palmer QC AM; John Papadopoulos; Trevor Parkin; William Paterson; Howard Peak OAM; Catherine Penney; Debra Perik; Bruce Peterson; Helga Pettitt; Gordon Pettitt; Peter Phillips; P Pigott; Debra Pinkerton; Tim Platt; James Powell; James Proctor; Mrs Radosevich; Krishna Rajaratnam; Hugh Ralston, AM; Alan Randall; Ian Reid; Isabelle Resch; Angus Richards; Jack Richards; Nancy Rickard; Anne Ridley; Jamal Rifi; Malcolm Ritchie; Lionel Robberds QC; Janne Roberts; Joseph Rooney; Allan Rosenberg; Jane Ross; Dorothy Rossiter; Thomas Rudling; Stephen Rushton; Judith Rutherford AM; Suzanne Rutland OAM; Radiah Salim; Michael Santangelo; Kenneth Saxby; Paul Schnitzler; Andrew Scott; Miriam Scully; Anita Sekely; Kathy Selby; Michael Sharpe AO; Frank Shaw; Ivan Shearer AM; Margaret Sheldon OAM; David Shillington; Anthony Simpson; Josephine Simpson-Cook; Wilfred Single; John Sippe; Garett Smith; Philippa Smith AM; Warren Smith; Nerida Smith; Philip Smith; Richard Smith; Peter Southwell-Keely; Eric Sowey; Surya Spouse; Donna St.Clair; Richard Stanton AO; Susan Stevens; Jean Stevenson; Russell Stewart; Peter Stirzaker; Anthony Strachan; Jonathan Stretch; William Taggart; Franciskus Tan; Khek Mow Tan; Moana Throsby; Audrey Timbs; John Timbs QC; Alan Timbs; Murray Tobias AM RFD QC; Christine Tong; John Treloar AM; Ross Trewin; David Triston- Rattay; Rodney Tubbs; Robyn Tupman; Mary Turner OAM; S Unger; Simon Unwin; Richard Vahtrick; Cornelius van der Weyden; Margaret Vermeesch; Detlef Von Richter; Annemarie Vu; Kim Walker; Stephen Wall; Christine Wand; Paul Wand AM; Eleanor Ward; Gregory Ward; Graeme Watts; Gilson Webb; John Wheatley; James White; Robert White AO;

22 thank you George Wilkie King; Peter Wilkins; Chas Wilkinson; Warwick Wilkinson AO RFD ED; Jacqueline Williams; Terry Williamson; Alma Wilson; Christopher Wilson; Robert Wilson; Ron Wilson; Roslyn Wong; Sir Robert Woods CBE; Robin Yabsley; Denise Yim; Thomas Yim; Desmond Yip; Peter Zada; William Zewadski $100 $499 Alan Abadee AM RFD QC; Jennifer Abadee; Stevern Abadee; Christopher Abbott; Elie Abdallah; Veronica Abolins; Gregory Aboody; Peter Abraham; Coral Ackery; Elaine Adair; Lenore Adamson; Elizabeth Addison-Baker; Alfred Adey; April Agnew; Sidney Agranoff; Assad Akle; Moustafa Alameddin; Pamela Alcorn; B Alexander; Joan Alexander; Helen-Lea Alexopoulos; Michael Allam; Lesly Allan; Stephen Allan; Gregory Allen; Beverley Allen; Harvey Allen; Luther Allen; Jack Allison; Margaret Allman-Farinelli; Alayne Alvis; Robin Amm AM; Robert Ampil; Winifred Anderson; John Anderson; Ronald Anderson; Nancy Anderson; Hartley Anderson; Ian Anderson; Marion Andrew; Wendy Andrew; Forester Andrews; Judith Andrews; Peter Andrews; Leah Angrisano; David Angus; John Anning; Anonymous x 60; Luke Anslow; Karina Anthony; Phillip Antonuccio; Leyla Aouad; Stephanie Aplin; Heather Apthorpe; John Aquilina MP; Leonie Armour; Madeleine Armstrong; Brian Armstrong; Karen Arnold; Lionel Arnold; Simone Arnott; Warren Arnott AFSM; Robert Aroney; Jill Arthur; Keith Asboe; Robert Asbury; Caroline Ash; John Ashley; Janet Ashton; Gregory Ashton; Jean Ashton; Joan Ashton; Christine Asmar; Frances Aspinall; Nabil Assaad; Mervyn Aston; Judith Atallah; Marie Atkins; William Atkins; Margaret Atkinson; Jean Attwill; Jean Atwill; Wing Au; Richard Aubert; Kim Auld; Susan Aus; Yvonne Austen; Bruce Austin; John Austin; Miriam Austin; Jean Austin; Virginia Austin; Zorik Avakian; Norma Avery; Samantha Ayoub; Harry Babbage; John Bach OAM; Erik Bachmann; Stefan Backman; Jayson Badenhop; Barrett Badham; Rita Badin; Carol Bae; Filomena Baffsky; Anthony Bahri; Janet Bailey; Paul Bailey; Sarah Bainbridge; Bassam Bajjani; Elizabeth Bajusz; Wesley Baker; Suzanne Baker; Eric Baker; Clifton Baker; David Baker; Judith Baldwin; Joy Balkind; Michael Ball AM; Barbara Ballantyne; Jan Ballek; Christopher Bambach; Amrita Banerjie; Paul Bannon OAM; Paul Bannon; Lucy Bantermalis; Athanasios Baoustanos; Ranko Barac; Leonor Barba; Ian Barber; Geoffrey Barclay; Alan Barclay; Christopher Barling; Dagmar Barnes; Doris Barnes; Gregory Barnes; William Barnes; Sue Barnett; Ian Barnett; Barbara Barraclough AM; Anthony Barraket; Stephen Barratt; Alexandra Barratt; Barbara Barrett; Terence Barrett; Linda Barrie; Ruth Barry; B Bart; Nell Bartholomew; Noel Barton; Beryl Barton; Chad Barton; Giles Barton; John Bartos; Roger Bartrop; Eileen Barwick; Malcolm Basell; Fernando Basili; Ian Bassett; Michael Baston; P Battikha; George Bauer; Gregory Bauer; Karl Baumgart; Arthur Baxter; Nicholas Bayfield; Elizabeth Beach; Robert Beal AM RFD; Patricia Beal; Stanley Beal OAM; E Beaman; Dorothy Bearup; Catherine Beaton; Gregory Beattie; Donald Beattie; Margaret Beazley AO; Lois Beck; Tracey Beck; B Beck; Michael Beck; Richard Bedingfeld; David Begg; Helen Bell; Hubert Bell; John Bell; James Bell; Patricia Bellamy; Christopher Bellenger; Marilyn Bembrick; Stephen Benedek; Roger Benjamin; Russell Bennett; David Bennett; David Bennett AC QC; Dorothy Bennett; Suzanne Bennett-Williams; Peter Benson; Amanda Bentel; Jonathan Benthall; Jodie Benton; Arthur Beresford; Tim Beresford; Jan Berg; Al Berger; Harold Berman; Leah Bernstein; Marie Berry; Walter Berry; M Berry-Smith; Howard Bersten; Wal Besley; Michael Besser AM; Roderick Best PSM; H Betts; Anita Beuthien; Christopher Bevan; Andrew Bezzina; Manish Bhutada; Anthony Biddle; Donald Biddle AM; Jan Bieniek; Patricia Biggers; Geoffrey Biggers; Eugenia Biggs; Martin Biggs; Francis Billson AO; Ray Binns; Christian Birckel; Anne Bird; Joyce Bird; Colin Bishop; Jane Bishop; Fidelma Mary Blacklock; John Blackman; David Blackmore; Julia Blackwood; Brendan Blakeley; Ivor Blanche; Donald Bland; Margerita Blazic; Rosemary Blemings; Martin Bloom; Yvonne Bloomfield; Ken Bloxsom; Oliver Bock; Peter Bolster; Josh Bond; Margaret Bond; Jackie Bonny; Anthony Bookallil; Peter Bookallil; Stephen Booker; Laurence Booth; Stephen Booth; William Booth; John Booth; Meagan Borg; Angela Borsellino; Lea Bouganim; Anthony Bowden; E Bowden; M Bowden; Kim Bowen; Margaret Bowering; John Bowring; Natasha Bowron; Colin Box; Christopher Boyd; Angus Boyd; Keith Bracken; Patricia Bracken; David Bradford AM; Vincent Bradley; Janice Brady; Peter Brady; Carroll Brady; Stuart Braga; Melody Braithwaite; Brian Braithwaite; J Braithwaite; Philip Brake; Jennet Bramley; Esmeralda Branco; Geoffrey Brann; Christopher Branson; Carolyn Brassil; Fay Brazier; Sandra Bredemeyer OAM; Grainne Breen; Peter Brell; Mary Brennan; Susan Brereton; Dominic Bressan; Georgina Brett; Betty Brett; Janice Brewer; James Bridge; John Brieger; Susi Brieger OAM; Elaine Briers; Barbara Briggs PSM; Susan Briggs; J Briggs; Alison Britts; Eduardo Brizuela; John Broadfoot; Kenneth Broadhead; Christopher Broderick; Gregory Brodie; Robert Brodie; Antonette Brogna; Anne Bromley; Tim Brooke-Hunt; Douglas Brooker; Edrith Brooks; William Brooks AM; David Brown; Desmond Brown; Ann Brown; Colin Brown; Evelyn Brown; Pamela Brown; Paul Brown; Peter Brown AM; John Brown; J.A. Brown; Edmund Brown; Christopher Brown; Donald Brown AO; Maxwell Brown; Peter Brown; Robyn Brown; Christopher Browne; Harold Bruce; Christopher Brunck; George Brunskill; Adrian Bryant; Keith Bryant; Philip Bryce; Peter Bryson; Angela Bubalo; Arthur Buchan OAM; Paul Buckley AM; Michael Buhagiar; Peter Bujaroski; Richard Bull; Monica Bullen; Matthew Bulley; Raymond Bullock; Charles Bunce; David Burden; G C T Burfitt-Williams; Grosvenor Burfitt-Williams; John Burgess; Patricia Burgess; Susan Burgess; Tania Burgmann; Susan Burnett; Julia Burns; Alison Burrell; Alison Burrows; Sydney Burrows; Sue Burton; Hugh Burton Taylor; Andrea Bye; Paul Byrne; John Byrne; Kerry Byrne; Kevin Byrne; John Byron; Roy Byun; Sue Caddaye; M Cahill; Eleanor Cain; Rosalind Cairns; Andrew Calderwood; Bruce Caldwell; Mary Callachor; Grant Cameron; David Cameron; Neville Cameron; Clair Cameron; Elaine Cameron; Janet Cameron; Murray Cameron; Ross Cameron; Stuart Cameron; Ian Cameron-Smith; Judith Campbell; Ian Campbell; Jean Campbell; Joseph Campbell; Martha Campbell; Warren Campbell; Peter Campbell; Eric Campbell; Donald Campbell; Margaret Campbell; Mary Campbell; Ruth Campbell; Joseph Canalese OAM; Jack Cannon; Robert Cansdale; Sally Cantwell; Anh Cao; Bruno Cara; Raymond Carless; Sergio Carlesso; Brian Carlin; Diana Carmody OAM; Sir John Carrick AC KCMG; Jessica Carroll; P Carroll; Alex Cartel; Melody Carter; Peter Carter; Lorna Cartwright; Susan Casali; John Cashman RFD; Therese Cashman; Ann Casimir; Alan Cass; Peter Cassidy; J Castaldi; Helen Catchatoor; Michael Cattarin; Lynne Cattell; Alexander Catts; Sam Cauchi; G W Kenneth Cavill; Jonathan Cawte; Steve Center; Richard Chadwick; Lisa Chadwick; Hanni Chalmers OAM; Paul Chalmers; Adeline Chan; King Chan; Bernard Chan; Eric Chan; Suwei Chan; Marjorie Chandler; Donald Chandler; Vivienne Chandler; Roger Chapman; Moiya Chapman; Geoffrey Chapman; Colin Chapman; Susan Chapman; Pierre Chapuis; Elizabeth Charleston; Terry Charleston; Jim Charley; Elton Chen; Pauline Chen; John Chen; Jianda Chen; Jin Cheng; Maria Cheng; Ming Cheng; Susan Cherry; Stanley Cheung; Henry Cheung; Patrick Cheung; Ping Cheung; Courtney Chevalier; Robert Chia; Neville Chidgey; Helen Chiha; Brian Chilcott; Margot Child; Soh Mun Chin; A Chinnaier; Marian Chinnock; Angelique Chiu; Michele Chiu; Stephen Chivers; Wolfgang Chodziesner; Grace Choi; Lucy Chong; Ching-Boon Chong; Marilyn Chorazyczewski; Denis Chow; Agnes Chow; Yan Chow; Chong Chow; Clara Chow; Ross Christ; John Christie; John Christmas OAM; Chris Christou; John Christou; Peter Chung; Lisa Chung; Neville Chynoweth AM; Christine Clancy; Estelle Clancy; Yasuko Claremont; Robert Clark; William Clark; Bruce Clark; J Clark; Mercedes Clark; Frederick Clarke; Arthur Clarke; Dorothy Clarke; James Clarke; Judith Clarke; Susan Clarke; Melanie Clay; John Cleghorn; John Clinch; Susan Clisby; E Cloney; Jeff Close; John Clout; J Clowes; Luigi Cocci; John Cockburn; Michael Cockerill; Rosemary Coffey; Michael Coffey; Barry Cole; David Cole PSM; Peggy Cole; Phillip Cole; Catherine Colefax; Marreta Coleman; Peter Coles; Keith Colley; Deirdre Collingridge; Eric Collings; Raymond Collins; Ian Collins; Jim Collins AM; Andrew Collins; Philip Colman; June Combe; Pat Conder; Katherine Conigrave; W Conley; Peter Conlon; Margaret Connolly; Jacqueline Connor; Cedric Constantine; George Contos; Bernard Cook; Josephine Cook; Allan Cooke; William Coombs; Malcolm Coombs; Leo Cooper; Roy Cooper; Judith Cooper; Anthony Cooper; David Cooper; Martin Cooper; Glen Coorey; David Coorey; Charles Copeman; Jim Copland; Mary Cormack; John Cornelius; Richard Cortis; Robina Cosser; Judith Costa; Graeme Costin; Barbara Cotton; Leonard Coulson; Don Coulthard; V Coupland; William Coupland; Mark Covill; Paula Cowan; Lance Cowled; William Cowman; Richard Crago; Andrew Craig; Margaret Craig; Jeffrey Craike; Moya Crane; Kevin Cranfield; Phil Craven; Helen Creak; Marijke Creer; Anne Cregan; Rose Creighton; John Creighton-Roberts; Charles Creswick; Neville Crew; Catherine Crittenden; Helen Croaker; Philip Crocker; Erenie Crones; Caitlin Cronin; Mark Cronin Golomb; Ian Crook; Keith Crook; Jennifer Croot; David Cross; Loina Cross; Peter Crowe; Peter Crowe; James Crowley; Kim Cubitt; Susan Cudmore; Jodi Culbert; Peter Cumines; Diane Cummings; J Cunial; Robert Cunneen; Ann Cunningham; Angus Cunningham; Helen Cunningham; Jim Cupitt; Ian Curlewis; John Curotta; Andrew Currie; Denise Curry; Shirley Custance; Anthony Cuthbert; Sean Czuczman; Sandy Dabbagh; Allan Dalgairns; Johanna Dalton; M Dalton; Ian Daly; Rhonda Daly; Diana Daly; Graham Daly; Dianne Dampney; Edward Dando; Joyce Dando; Vincent Danilo; Marita Dann; Anne Dao; Sabrina Darling; William Darwen PSM; Kamal Dastyari; Lucy Davey; Leath Davey; Herbert David; Margaret Davidson; Margaret Davidson PM; Ralph Davidson; Barry Davies; John Davies; David Davies; Barbara Davies; G Davies; Gordon Davies; Timothy Davis; Susan Davis; Elwyn Davis; Patricia Davis; William Dawes; Jeremy Dawson; Jane Dawson; Kylie Day; Amarash Dayanandan; Stephen Daymond; Leigh Dayton; Anthony De Ambrosis; Janet De Castro Lopo; Richard De Ferranti; Ronald De Leeuw; Luise De Longueville; George De Meyrick; Julia De Meyrick; Rachel De Montemas; Else De Wit; Michael Deak; Glenda Dean; Pamela Debelle; Peter Debney; Maria Degabriele; Diana Delley; Jacinta Delprado; Denis Demarco; Aldo Demasi; Patricia Dempsey; Margaret Dendy; Colin Dennett; Stanley Dennis; Helen Dent; Lesley Dernee; Joan Derricks; Christine Descallar; Jean-Paul Descoeudres; Margaret Desgrand; Peter Devery; Richard Devon; Judith Dey AO; Grace Dibley; Doreen Dibley; Dawn Dickinson; Anna Dickson; Renee Dimond; Adeline Ding; Sarah Dingwell; Joanna Diong; Geoffrey Ditton; Robert Dixon; Alan Dixon; David Dixon; Lien Do; Reid Docherty; Sean Docker; George Docwra; David Dodd; Peter Dodd; Roger Doenau; Joseph Dolahenty; Tim Dolan; Kathryn Dollisson; Timothy Donahoo; Alan Donald AM; Graham Donaldson; John Donoghue AM; David Doolan; Angela Dork; Michael Dorsen MD; Michel Doueihi; Patricia Doughty; Kenneth Douglas; Ki Douglas; Gregory Dowling; W Dowson; Roma Doyle; Gordon Doyle; J Doyle; Nicolas Doyle; Philippe Doyle Gray; Norina Dragovic; Katrina Drake; Richard Drake; Anne Draper; Julia Drew; Anthony Drew; Evelyn Dorothy Drew; Michael Driscoll; Dominique Droulers; Peter Druce; Christa Drummond; Aleksandra Duetoft; W Duffy; Patrick Duffy; John Duggan AM; Christine Duggan; Janet Duggin; Ivan Duggin; Geoffrey Duggin AM; Timothy Dun; Glen Duncan; Liz Duncan; Toby Duncan; Andrew Dunk; John Dunn; Diane Dunn; Graeme Dunn; David Dunn; Jennifer Dunn; Linda Duong; Alan Dupont; Philip Durack; Tom Duynstee; Jacqueline Dwyer; John Earl; David Eastwood; Michael Eather; Miriam Eaton; Elizabeth Eccles; Greg Ecker; Enid Edenborough; H Edleston; Jean

23 thank you Edmonds; A Edmonds; Deborah Edwards; Grahame Edwards; David Edwards Davis; Mark Egan; Aubrey Egan; Tod Eggleton; Rainer Ehrhardt; Joshua Ehrlich; Clifford Einstein; Mohammed El Sadik; Anthony Eland; Bridget Elbourne; John Elder AM; Michael Eldred; Rema Elhassan; Naomi Elias; Sally Elks; Richard Eller; Robert Ellicott QC; Liz Elliott; Peter Elliott AM; Charles Ellis; Edwin Ellis; Guy Elron; Shirley Elsegood; Lynette Elvey; Ann Emmett; Deborah Encel; Stella Engel; Wayne Erickson; Margaret Erwood; Ronald Ettinger; Hazel Evans; John Evans; Peter Evans; Edward Evans; Mary Evans; Michael Evans; Robert Everson; Michael Evesson; Ann Eyland; Ivor F; Samantha Fairless; David Fairlie; Anne Fallon; Anne Farago; John Fardy; Eva Fares; John Farley; Phillip Farmer; Catherine Farmer; Robert Farmer; Ramzi Fayed; Constance Fead; Deborah Feilen; Lina Feliciano; Mary Fennell; Frank Fenner AC MBE; Marcia Fenwick; Ronald Ferguson; Daniel Fernandez; Irene Ferster; RA Field; Michael Field; Eric Fielden; Jeanette Fielding; Kim Fields; Walter Findlay; Elizabeth Findlay; Thomas Fink; Jennifer Finlay; Charles Finlay-Jones; Bruce Finn; Genevieve Finn; Patricia Finnane; Timothy Finucan; Ruth Firkin; Matthew Fishburn; Elizabeth Fisher; R Fisher OAM; Jule Fisher; Margaret Fisher; Jill Fitch PSM; Kathleen Fitzgerald; Paul Fitzgerald; Jill Fitzpatrick; Robert Fitzsimons; Kathleen Flanagan; Joanna Fleming; John Fleming; John Fletcher; Belinda Fletcher; Kenneth Fletcher; Patricia Fletcher; Graeme Flett; Andrew Flitcroft; Gyl Flood; John Flood OAM; William Foley; Robert Foley; Colin Fong; Kerwyn Foo; Anne Foote; Mervyn Foote; Jane Ford; Steven Forgione; Roger Fortescue; Arthur Foster; Fay Foster; Diana Fotheringham; Ruth Fotheringham; John Foung; Lindsay Fowler; Jennifer Fowler; Gillian Fox; Russell Fox AC QC; Michael Fox AM; C Foxe; Julian Foxton; Harold Foxton; Silvia Fragiacomo; Peter Francis; Gregory Fraser; Ian Fraser; John Fraser; Ruth Frater; Gregory Freeman; Errol Freeman; Rob Friedland; J Friend; James Friend; Paul Friend; Doug Frost; Elizabeth Fryer; Michael Fterniatis; Takashi Fujita; Michael Fullilove; Alice Fung; Yvonne Fung; Alice Fung; Helen Furber; Peter Fuzes; Susan Fyfe; Stacey Gaddin; Colin Gageler; Eric Gale; T Gale; Debra Gallaway; Elizabeth Galloway; Catherine Galluzzo; Ma Gan; Judith Gardiner; Graeme Gardiner; Jane Gardiner; Susan Gardiner; Stephen Gardner; Gerard Gardner; John Gascoigne; Anne Gately; John Gaudin; Bronwyn Gaut; Carolyn Gavel; Norah Gaynor; Eileen Geary; Mariana Gebara-Coghlan; Lainee Geddes; Geoffrey Gee; Robert Gellert; Ninian Gemmell; Margaret Gemmell-Smith; Leonard Gentin; Janice Gentle; Donald George AO; Laurence Georgeson; Stanley Georgiou; Robert Geyer; Theodora Gianniotis; Sam Gianniotis; David Gibb; G Gibbon; Margaret Gibbs; Kylie Giblett; Peter Gibson; Bruce Gibson; Vern Gilbert; Hugh Gilchrist; Elizabeth Gilchrist; Alan Giles; John Giles; Roger Giles; Frazer Gill; Dominique Gill; Margaret Gillett; Ian Ginns; Thelma Ginty; John Gissing; David Glance; Laurie Glanfield AM; Eris Gleeson; Helen Glenn; Doris Glenn; Robert Glover; Stephanie Glover; Pauline Glover; E Goddard; Ian Goddard; Helen Goddard; Irene Godlewski; Kong Goh; Yan Goh; Renate Gohlke; Hazel Goldberg; Anita Gonzales; Gerald Gooden; Ellen Goodman; Virginia Goodman; Benjamin Goodrich; Alexander Goodsell OAM; Graeme Goodsir; Warwick Goodsir; Clive Goodwin; Benjamin Goodwin; Harold Goodwin; William Goodyear; Leo Goorevich; Patricia Gordon; Pauline Gordon; Jack Gornall; Maria Gorton; Beryl Gosbell; Carolyn Gould; Amanda Goulden; Kerry Goulston AO; Betty Gow; Edwina Gowans; John Graham; Brian Granger; Max Granger; Toni Grant; Angus Grant; Alexander Grant; Ann Grant; Enid Grant; Don Granter; Pam Granter; Linda Graudins; Donna Gray; Benjamin Gray; David Gray; Michael Gray; Mirella Green; Wendy Green; Tim Green; Jill Green; Stephen Green; Paul Greenfield; Carol Greensmith; Gordon Greensmith; Jill Greenwell; John Greenwell; Timothy Gregory; Emmanuel Gregory; M Gregory; Elizabeth Grenfell; Paul Grew; Anna Grey; Alastair Grieve; Julie Griffin; Pauline Griffin AM; John Griffin; Angela Griffith; Mark Grimson; Rebekah Grindlay; Paula Gritter; Peter Grogan; Valerie Grogan AM; Peter Grose; G Grosland; Peter Grossen; Patricia Grove; Ulrike Henriette Grunert; Judith Grunwald; Gregory Guest; Mark Guest; J Guest; Pamela Guha; Cecile Guilloux; Frank Guiney; W Gulson; Bruce Gunner; Robert Gurney; James Guy; Judith Guy; Alison Gyger OAM; Alan Haagensen; Joseph Habib; Steven Hacobian; Phillip Hadlington OAM; Robert Haik; Joy Haines; Mirella Hainsworth; James Hajinakitas; Rosa Hajinakitas; Nijmeh Hajjar; Maurine Haling; Wallace Hall; Leigh Hall AM; Alan Hall; Bruce Hall; Jeffrey Hall; John Hall; David Halliburton; Ronald Halloran; Cheryl Halpin; Margaret Hamilton; Dean Hamilton; Evelyn Hamilton; Albert Hammond; Deborah Han; Bruce Han; P Hancock; David Handelsman; Casey Handmer; Cecilia Hannon; Paul Hansen; Peter Happ; Anwar Harb; Elizabeth Harcus; David Harding; Francis Harding; James Harding; Bryan Hardman; Jill Hardwick; Raymond Hare; Horatia Hargraves; Margaret Hargraves; Randall Harkness; Jan Harland; Anthony Harman; Christopher Harnett; Victoria Harper; Jenny Harper; Michael Harpur; Michael Harries; Margaret Harris; Jennifer Harris; Gillian Harris; Bevan Harris; Stanley Harris; Stuart Harris AO; Henley Harrison; Nicolas Harrison; Chantal Harrison; Derek Harrison; Graham Harrison; H Harrison; Lorna Harrison; Michael Harsanyi; John Hart; Andrew Hart; Alison Hart; Robert Hart; Martin Hartcher; I Hartley; Kathleen Hartley; Christopher Hartney; Estelle Hartstein; Vern Harvey; William Harvey OAM; Les Harvey; Henry Harvey; Hamilton Harvey Sutton; Janis Harvey Sutton; Philippa Harvie; Anthony Hasham; William Haskin; C Haskins; Marshall Hatch AM; Michael Hawkins; Jessamy Hawkins; Elisabeth Hawkins; Richard Hawkins; Christopher Hayes; John Hayes; Margaret Hayes; Bernard Haylen; Ian Hayman; Judith Hay-Rees; James Hayward; Walter Hayward; Mary Hazelton; Neville Head; Brenton Head; Alexander Headley; Derek Heath; Dorothy Heazlett; Geoffrey Heber; Sylla Heiland; Sarah Heine; Norman Heldon; Barbara Helm; Gary Helou; Justin Hemmes; Margaret Henderson; Klara Henderson; Marjorie Henderson; Elizabeth Henery; John Henkes; C Henning; Peter Hennings; Robert Henry OAM; Frank Herbert; Sandra Heron; Beverley Heron; Mark Herringe; Henry Herron; Jon Herron; Joe Hersch; Shirley Hersch; Mark Hersch; A Hertzberg AO; Shirley Heslop; Stewart Hespe; David Hetzel; Keith Hewish; Alan Hewson AM; Beryl Hicks; Gerald Hide; Gwenith Higgins; Jeannie Highet; Judith Highman; Ross Higson; G Hilder; G Hilgevoord; Geraldine Hill; Patricia Hill; Margaret Hilliard; Robert Hinchey; Ronald Hinde; Pam Hindes; Gwennyth Hirst; Denise Hitchcock; Pak Ho; Barry Ho; Shui Ho; Shoong Ho; Trong Ho; Michael Hobbs; Patricia Hobbs; Penelope Hock; Harry Hocking; Christine Hodgekiss; Christopher Hodgekiss SC; Sandra Hodgins; David Hodgson AO; Ronald Hoffmann; Jennifer Hofmann; Terrence Hogan; Peter Hogg; Clare Hoggan; R Hoggan; Andrew Holland; Ross Holland; Ray Hollings AM; Kim Hollingsworth; Patricia Hollman; Susan Holman; Heather Holman; Mark Holman; David Holmes; David Holmes; John Holmes; Beverley Holmes; M Holohan; Anne Honey; R Honeyman; Thomas Hong; Virginia Hood; Valerie Hoogstad; Julie Hoolahan; J Hooper; Richard Hooper; Kevin Hopko; B Hoppe; Myfanwy Horne; Gregory Horowitz; Fergus Horrobin; Patricia Horsley; Harold Hort; Mary Hosie; Guy Houghton; Amy Houghton; Keith Houghton; Henry Houston; Greg Howard; Susan Howard; Katharine Howard-Olsen; Jane Howarth; Greer Howarth; Edward Howe; Thea Howie; Brian Hsu; Hin Hu; Xiaofan Huang; Lishi Huang; Richard Huang; Craig Hucker; Raymond Hudson; Carol Hudson; Eric Hudson; Roger Hudson; Harold Hughes; J Hughes; Desmond Hughes; Howard Hui; Austin Hukins; Doris Hulbert; Denise Hull; Leonard Humphreys; Clare Humphries; Duo Hung; Nan Hunt; Anthony Hunt; Judith Hunt; Ruth Hunter; Mary Hunter; Imre Hunyor; Fawzia Huq; Jeff Hurvitz; Leanne Hurwitz; Steve Hutchins; Meila Hutchinson; Michael Hutchinson; Susan Hutton; Jean-Claude Huynh; Patricia Hyde; Robert Iacopetta; Toshio Idesawa; Mahmood Idrose; Hamish Inglis; John Innes; Shabana Intaj; Rosemary Irrgang; Abdul Ismail; David Itzkowic; John Ives; Ronald Izzard; John Izzo; Peter Jacklyn; Craig Jackson; Lisa Jackson Pulver; Patricia Jacobsen; Michelle Jahn; Sarah James; Allan James; Bruce James; Gareth James; Douglas Jamieson; Joseph Janecek; Barbara Jansen; K Jasani; Helen Jeffers; Carmel Jego; Jack Jellins AM; Lesley Jenkins; Paul Jenkins; Geoffrey Jenks; Robert Johansson; Len Johnson; Peter Johnson; Frank Johnson; Alison Johnson; Elaine Johnson; Michelle Johnson; George Johnston; Vicki Johnston; Marjorie Johnston; Philip Johnston; Gunther Joklik; Ronald Jollow; Phyllis Jones; Marjorie Jones; Alan Jones; Ann Jones; Gwenyth Jones; Peter Jones; Wesley Jones; George Jones; Keith Jones; Patricia Jones; Robert Jones; Sir Keith Jones; Preeti Joshi; Fleur Jouault; Steven Jovanovic; Peter Joy; Michael Juchau; Thomas Kaar; Czeslaw Kaban; Kim Kah; Melinda Kain; Beshara Kairouz; George Kalnins; Hassan Kalouche; Nikolet Kalyvas; Mia Kammann; Henry Kan; Carmen Kapfenstein; Ouranita Karadimas; Steve Karatasas; Dai Karl; Stojan Karlusic; Ksenia Katyk; Stephanie Kavallaris; Theodore Kavieris; Adam Kaye; Cynthia Kaye; Genovaite Kazokas; Megan Keaney; Arthur Kearns; Nicholas Kee; Carolyn Kefford; Panayiota Kehagias; Jane Keir; Ronald Keir; Annette Kelaher; Gabriel Keleny; Jan Kellaway; Graeme Kelleher AO AM; Marcelle Keller; Rodney Keller; Jackie Kelly MP; Katherine Kelly; Hilary J Kelman; Winsome Kelman; Khoder Kelmaycha; Richard Kelton; Kerrie Kemp; Phillip Kendall; Alan Kendrick; Alan Kennedy; Mavourneen Kennedy; Helen Kennedy; F Kennedy; Noel Kennon; Beverley Kent; Alison Kenyon; Shana Kerlander; Jane Kerr; Nicholas Kerr; Rosemary Kerr; Beulah Kesby; Keith Kesby; Zeina Kesserwanit; Alan Khoudair; Diana Kidd; Raymond Kidd; Nicholas Kidd; Allan Kidson; James Kierath; Carolyn Kiffin; Bozidar Kijurina; Patricia Kijvanit; Anne Kilgariff; Henry Kilham; Margaret Killin; Gordon Kilvert; Mark Kim; Stephen Kim; C Kimber; Grahame Kime; Roger King; Andrew King; Betty King; Heather King; Leonie King; Raymond King OAM; James Kinghorne; Jeannette Kinnersley; Ariya Kiratikanon; Donald Kirby; Lilian Kirk; Colleen Kirkland; Thomas Kirkland; Anthony Kirkwood; Leonie Kirkwood; S Kirsch; Wallace Kirsop; David Kitchener; Alexander Kleiberg; Angelo Klidomitis; George Kline; Gideon Kline; Janet Kneeshaw; Lois Knight; Marie Knispel; Greg Knoblanche; Anne Knowles; David Knox; Connie Ko; Hiroko Kobayashi; Elizabeth Koch-Taylor; Peter Kofler; Hee Koh; Emmanuel Kokas; Matthew Kolibac; Dario Komsic; Shino Konishi; Anthony Koorey; Richard Kopinski; Anthony Korner; Steven Kossard; Nita Koukedes; Sam Kovac; Emilian Kovalski; John Kraegan; Nathalie Kulakowski; Anand Kumaradeva; Karsten Kumpf; Manny Kurnick; Elena Kusky; Algis Kusta; John Kwan; Yoo Kwon; Annette Kypri; Malcolm La; Khai La; Christine La Motte; Geoffrey Lack; Christine Laffan; Mitchell Laginestra; Edwina Laginestra; Chuong Lai; Sham Lal; Man Lam; Phuong Lam; Wingt Lam; Michael Lambert; Raymond Lambie; Lesley Lambkin; Warwick Lancaster; James Lance AO CBE; Judith Lance; Stephen Lancken; Russell Lander; Joe Landro; Mae Langford; Patricia Langham; Susan Langley; Helen Langridge; John Lanser; George Larcos; Stephen Lardner; Prosper Lark; Ian Larkin; Glen Laslett; Peter Lau; Tat Lau; Terence Launders; Julian Lavigne; Roger Law; Jacqueline Lawes; Donald Lawler; Alison Lawless; Les Lawrence; Janne Lawry; Julian Lawson; Guy Lawson; J Lawton; Peter Lay; Phu Le; Mary Le; Allan Le; Tina Le; Anthony Le Mesurier; Jennifer Le Miere; J Leader; Harry Learoyd; Kerry LeCudennec; Seok Lee; Ernest Lee; George Lee; Richard Lee; Chee Lee; James Lee; Mark Lee; Bee Lee; Dominic Lee; Kester Lee; Pei Lee; Peter Lee; Timothy Lee; Vincent Lee; Patricia Leehy; Boonseng Leelarthaepin; Edith Lees; Graham Lees; Anthony Lees; E Leeser; Christopher Legge; Rosalind Lehane; Pauline Leister; Zoe Lenard; Max Lenzer; Danny Leong; Kevin Leong; Clemens Leske; Neil Leslie; E Lesser; Graham Lester; Richard Letts AM; Peter Letts; Martine Letts; Sau Leung; Vincent Leung; Bruce Leung; Sylvia Leung; Michael Levensen; Vicky Levensen; Bernard Levy;

24 thank you Gwyn Lewis; Jennifer Lewis; John Lewis; Robert Lewis; Jenifer Lewis; Daphne Lewry; Valerie Lhuede AM; Ann Li; Man Li; Po Li; Justin Liberman; Phillip Lidbury; Alf Liebhold; Glenn Liffen; Roy Lilley; V Lilley; Genevieve Lilley; Shoon Lim; Judith Lindgren; Leonard Lindoy; Roger Lindsay; Robert Lindsay; Miles Little; Eileen Liu; Jacqueline Lloyd; Charles Lloyd-Jones; Wayne Lo; John Lobban; Lorand Loblay; John Lockard; Alan Locke; Robert Loder; Y Lohan; Geoffrey Longhurst; Marion Longstaff; Bonnie Longton; John Longworth; Norman Longworth; Edward Loong; Francis Lord; Peter Lorenz; Susan Lorenz; Helen Lorne Smith; Melanie Louden; Alexandra Loveday; Geoffrey Lovell; Rosemary Lovell; Poh Low; Richard Low; Pamela Lowbridge; Kylie Lowe; Betty Lowe; Meiqin Lu; Michael Lucas; John Luckey; Stephen Ludvik; Joseph Lui; Kei Lui; Candy Lui; Michelle Lukacevic; Stephen Luke; Stephen Luker; E Lukes; Frank Lumley; Alison Lumsden; Phil Lumsden; Douglas Lung; Ting (Tony) Luo; H Luscombe; Sindy Luu; Thi Luu; Grant Luxton; L Ly; Maria Lydaki; Edna Lyle; Gary Lynch; John Lynch; Jane Lynch; Peter Lynch; Brendan Lyon; Margaret Lyons; Peter Lyons; John Lyttle; Danny Ma; Wei Ma; Brian Macauley; Reginald MacCulloch; Kevin MacDonald; Colin MacDonald; Rose Macdonald; Jennifer MacDougall; Anh Mach; James Macken; Charles MacKenzie; Ian MacKenzie; Bruce Mackey; Naomi MacKinlay; Judith MacLaine; Justin MacMahon; Diana Macmahon; Rhonda MacPherson; Andrew Macpherson; Charles MacPhillamy; Patricia Madafiglio; Hiroshi Maeda; Andrew Magroglou; Maria Maguire; Richard Maguire; Chris Maher; Stephen Maher; Antony Mahindu; Terrence Mahon; Apirana Mahuika; Tuyet Thi Mai; Ali Mailanji; Charles Maish; Shelley Mak; Alvin Chun Yin Mak; Connie Mak; Slawomir Makula; Carolyn Mallam; Hugh Maloney; Graham Maloney; Lillian Maltz; John Mandelson; Sunthra Manickam; Brian Mann; Graham Mann; Richard Manning; Patricia Manns; William Mansell; Martin Mansfield; R Mansfield; Albert Mansour; Suzanne Mansour; Jennifer Manton; Marion Manton; Allan Mar; Philip Marchant; Martin Marcionetti; Nikolas Margerrison; Julia Markidis; Jacqueline Marks; Betty Marks; Gyorgy Markus; Danielle Maroske; Jeno Marosszeky; Paulette Maroun; Kim Marshall; Annette Marskell OAM; A Martin; Ken Martin; Andrew Martin; David Martin; David Martin; Peter Martin; Susan Martin; Francesco Martino; Arthur Mason; Rodney Mason; James Masselos; Salma Matar; Clare Matchett; Laurence Mather; J Mathews; G Mathieson; Francoise Matter; Ian Matthews; H Mattner; R Mattner; Vicki Maudris; Keith Maunder; Mora Maxwell; Christopher Maxwell; Bernard Maybloom; David Maynard; Michael McAlary; Peter McAuley; Peter McBeath; Kenneth McBride; Katherine McCabe; Amelia McCann; Benjamin McCann; Stanley McCarthy AO; Robyn Mccarthy; Helen McCauley; Ron McCauley; Caroline McCawley; Julie McClean; Noel McClelland; Andrew McClure; Barbara McClure; Kevin McCord; Jock McCormack; Timothy McCormick; Sue McCreadie; Janet McCredie; Sheila McCredie; Peter McCullagh; Mary McCullagh; Denys McCullough; Rosemary McCullough; Gail McCullum; Alison McCusker OAM; Elizabeth McCusker; Jessica McDermid; Gabrielle McDonagh; Anthony McDonald; Jennifer Mcdonald; Donald McDonald; Angus McDonald; Donald McDonald; Lyn McDonald; M McDonald; Malcolm McDonald; Elaine McDougall; Joanne McElgunn; Ian McEwan; Hunter McEwen; Andrew McEwen; Kerry McFadyen; Bruce McFadyen; Peter McFarland; Ann McFarlane; John McFarlane; Pauline McFetridge; Margaret McGarrity; Diana McGarvie; Robin McGee; Janet McGee; Noel McGill; Sally McGlashan; Shirley McGlynn; Michael McGowan; Norma McGrath; M McGready; Alison McGregor; Graeme McGregor AO; Regina McGuire; Michael McGuire; Anthony McHugh; Michael McHugh; Robert McInnes; Richard McIntosh; Sally-Anne McIntosh; Douglas McKay CBE; Carolyn McKay; Leah McKenzie; Ernest McKenzie; Marilyn McKenzie OAM; Megan McKeown; John McKerral PSM; Campbell McKinney; Elaine McKinnon; Andrew McLachlan; Alan McLean; Colin McLean; Suzanne McLean; James McLean; Ian McLennan; Beverley McLennan; Clyde McLennan; Judy McLeod; Ellen McLoughlin; Joanne McMahon; Peter McMahon; Sheila McMahon; T McManus; Donald McMichael CBE; Aliya McMillan; Paul McMillan; Kelly McNamara; Robert McNamara; Christine McNeil; Bradley McPartland; Donald McPhail; Michael McPhee; Ian McPhee; Trevor McWhirter; Tom Meagher; Neville Meaney; David Mee; Judith Mee; Shahen Mekertichian; John Melville-Jones; Graeme Mendelsohn; Susan Mendyk; Kirk Meredith; Tony Merhi; Christine Merlino; Robert Merrick; Brenda Merrick; Inara Merrick; Ian Merritt; Kenneth Merten; John Messner; Nikola Mesterovic; Marina Mesthos; Joseph Metledge; Marie Meziere De Lepervanche; Hugh Middleton; Jillian Mihalyka; Mary Miles; Lloyd Milewski; Roy Millar; Janice Miller; Glenys Miller; David Miller; Lauren Miller; Alison Millerd; Peter Mills; J MIlne; M Milne; Peter Milne; Alan Milston OAM; Graeme Milton; Sera Mirzabegian; Robert Miskeljin; Jane Miskovic; Rodney Mitchell; Bevan Mitchell; Brian Mitchell; Heather Mitchell; Jonathan Mitchell; Rosemary Mitchell; Rick Mitry; Sandra Mitry; Andrew Mitterdorfer; Andree Mocsari; Russell Mogensen; Hanny Mohamed; Mohammad Mohammadi; George Moir; Cherry Moir; Rupert Mok; Bruce Molloy; David Molloy; Paul Moloney; Nigel Monteith; Grant Montgomery; Ellen Moore; Gregory Moore APM; H Moore; Harry Moore; D Moore; Trevor Moore; Maria Morabito; Paul Moran; Anna Moran; Maryrose Morgan; Alison Morgan; Hugh Morgan; John Morgan; Norman Morgan; Philip Morgan; Mary Morison; Shirley Morris; Stephen Morris; Peter Morrison; Patrick Morrison; Garry Morrow; Bette Morrow; Joycelyn Morton; Phillip Moses; Rosanne Moses; Rupert Moses; Shirley Moss; David Moss; Joel Moss; Judith Mott; John Moulton OAM; Catherine Moxham; Thomas Mozina; Susie Mu Sung; Christopher Muir; Nell Muirden; Maurice Mulcahy; Anthony Mullens; Paul Mullens; Stephanie Muller; Donald Mulligan; Brian Munday; Joan Munday; Pamela Mundy; Robert Munn; Margaret Murden; Hugh Murdoch; Robert Murphy; Anthony Murphy; John Murphy; Brian Murphy; Lucy Murphy; S Murphy; Rosemary Murray; Ann Murray; Scott Murray; Bruce Murray; Richard Murray; Peter Musgrove; John Myatt; Paul Myhill; Suse Mylonas; Maureen Naccachian; Sydney Nade; Kessian Naidoo; Anna Naidu; Ray Najar; Taghred Najdi; Robin Nance; Don Napper; David Nash; Vimala Nayanar; Akile Nazim; D Neagle; Michael Neale; Margaret Neale; Jean Needham; Gordon Neil; John Neil; Norman Neill; Honey Nelson; Michael Nelson; Virginia Nelson; Zoltan Nemes Nemeth; Lidia Nemitschenko; Rose Neville; Nerida Newbigin; Raymond Newell; Romney Newman; Hannah Newman; Donald Newman; Frances Newman; Kerry Newman; Margaret Newman; Pamela Newton; Henry Ng; Kwok Leung Ng; Donna Ng; Donna Ng; Yew Ng; Gwenneth Ng; Woei Kian Ng; Richard Ng; Kelvin Ngo; Anne Nguyen; Tuyet Nguyen; Anh Nguyen; Khuong Nguyen; Cao Nguyen; Daniel Nguyen; Meo Nguyen; Marc Nicholls; Sally Nicholson; Helen Nicholson; Malcolm Nicklin; Jim Nield; Malcolm Niemeier; Stanley Nighjoy; William Nighjoy Wong; Janet Ninio; Neil Noble; William Noble; Pierre Nohra; Lennie Norgard; Ian Norrie; Robert Norris; David Norris; John Norris; John North; Susan North; Denise North; Robert North; William Northcott; Graeme Northey; Edward Nuffield; Christine Nwabuokei; Melissa Nyholm; Robert O Brien; James O Brien; Lorraine O Brien; Michael O Callaghan; Diana O Connor; Inakwu Odeh; Christine O Donnell; James O Donoghue; Ann O Farrell; Richard O Farrell; Catherine O Flynn PM; Elizabeth O Keefe; Janette O Keefe; Stewart Old; Geoffrey Oldfield; Robyn Oliver; John Olley; Monte Olsen; John O Meally AM RFD; Wendy O Neill; L O Neill; Margaret O Neill; Nathan Onn; Annette Onslow; Shirley O Reilly; Peter O Reilly; Atilla Orel; Gordon Ormandy; Mick O Rourke; Phillip Orth; David Osborn; Genevieve Osborne; Milton Osborne; Jean Osborne; Kenneth Osmond; Gabrielle O Sullivan; John O Sullivan; Sean O Toole; Melody O Toole; Barbara Otton; Edelyn Ouano; Charles Ouma Machio; John Overton OAM; Janette Owen; Christopher Owens; Brian Owler; J Ozdymacha; Giulio Paciocco; Suzanne Packer AM; Stuart Page; Christopher Page; Sihyun Paik; Nell Pain; Douglas Paisley; George Pal; Barbara Palmer; Amanda Palmer; Beryl Palmer; Elizabeth Palmer; Maureen Palmer; Donald Pandich; Melissa Pang MH; Tinlok Pang; Jiwan Panglee; Henry Paoloni; Jennifer Paoloni; George Papadopoulos; Mary Papastavros; Rosanna Pappalettera; Veronica Pardey; Andrew Pardoe; Lesley Pardy; Alan Parfett; Alice Park; Douglas Park; Julia Parker; Claire Parkhill; Janette Parkinson; John Parkinson; Marie Parmenter; Paul Parris; Kathy Parris; Bruce Parry; Gavin Parsci; Jane Parsons; Kerry Parsons; Ian Parsonson AM; John Patava; Anita Patel; Lachlan Paterson; Nancy Paton OAM; Wendy Paton; Kwanjai Patrakaya; Stephanie Pattison; Christopher Pattison; Donald Paul OAM; Pauline Paul; Phillip Paul; Ross Paull; Laurentiu Paunescu; John Paxton; Corey Payne; Lynette Payne; Elsa Payne; Michael Payten; Paul Pearce MP; Braham Pearlman; Isla Pearson; Judith Pearson; Wayne Pearson; James Peberdy; Edward Peel; Timothy Peken OAM; Robyn Pemberton; Harry Pemble; Ian Penboss; Dulcie Penfold; Warren Pengilley AM RFD; Christopher Penman; Oliver Pennington; James Pensini; David Perabo; John Percy; Helen Perkes PM; Ruby Perrott; Vivian Persenitis; Candice Peters; Maria Petersen; D Peterson; Christopher Peterson; Erich Pewal; Yumi Pham-Vu; Kevin Phan; Andrew Phelan; John Phelps; Robert Phillips; Ralph Phillips; Vincent Phung; Soterakis Phylactou; Rodney Pickette; Judith Pilch; Wayne Pilling; Raymond Pinkerton; Graham Piper; Adam Pirie; Brian Pisani; William Pitt; John Piven Large; Andrew Plain; Vincent Plant; Peggy Playford; Denise Playoust; Geoffrey Plews; Roderick Plowman; Kenneth Plumb; Lina Pogainis; Kenneth Pogson OAM; Christine Pointon; Christopher Pokorny; Chris Pollett; Jennifer Pomare; Daniel Poon; Josiah Poon; Yvonne Poon; William Pope; Dan Popescu; Maureen Pople; Chester Porter QC; Andrew Porter; Marjorie Porter; Catherine Porter; Robert Porter; Elaine Potter; Daryn Poulden; Harry Poulos AM; Moira Poynter; Forbes Pratt; Carole Preece; John Price; Juris Priedkalns; Rolf Prince AO; Hugh Pritchard; Mark Procajlo; Ann Proctor; Raema Prowse; Ian Pryde; Laurance Pryde; Megan Pryke; Browyn Pryke; Peter Pryke; Caroline Pryor; Lisa Pryor; Lindsay Pullan; Edward Punch; Bruce Purdue; Desmond Purtell; Megan Pusterla; Abraham Quadan; Adelina Quartullo; Catherine Quealey; Anthony Quigley; John Quilter; Josephine Quinn; Ronald Quinto; Adrian Quist; Birgit Raabe; Hubert Raadgever; J Raaymakers; Neil Radford; Bronwyn Rae; Gerald Raftesath; Rukmine Raghuraman; Fred Rahi; Nabil Rahme; Allan Rainbird; Dorothy Ramsay; Margaret Randall; Stephen Randell; Ross Ranger; David Rankin; Carole Rankin; Zorica Rapaich; Raymond Raper; Jennifer Raper; Erica Rasche; Brian Rathborne; Petronella Raven; Johan Ravn; Barbara Rawle; Lise Rawlings; L M Ray; Anthony Reading; Jennifer Reath; Julia Redlich; Penelope Redman; Pamela Redwood; Joy Ree; Mifanwy Reece; Grahame Rees; John Reeve; Tom Reeve; Alf Reichardt; Frank Reid; Pamela Reid; Paul Reid; Josh Reid; Janice Reid AM; Suzanne Reid; Ian Reiher; Elizabeth Reiss-Levy; Justin Reizes; Catherine Remond; Eli Revai; Teriko Rex; June Reynolds; Christopher Reynolds; Philip Rhead; Ruby Riach OAM; Raymond Rice; Charles Rich; Diana Rich; Clare Richards; Susan Richards; P Richards; John Richards; Ronald Richards; John Richardson; Elizabeth Richardson OAM; Louise Rickards; Paul Ricketts; Richard Riedel; Stefan Riedel; Martin Riley; William Riley; P Riley; Valerie Rind; Janet Ritterman PM; Antony Roach; Sandra Robberds; Murray Roberts; David Roberts; Steven Roberts; Paul Roberts; Norma Robertson; Struan Robertson; Bruce Robertson; William Robertson; Ian Robertson; Phillip Robinson; Bruce Robinson; Gae Robinson; William Robinson; Catherine Roc; James Roche OAM; Joan Rofe; Peter Rogers; Robert Rogers; Peter Roland; Michael Rollinson; Joseph Rollo; Marie Rooke; Joel Rooskov; Jon Rosalky; Jassen Rose; Barbara Rose; Ken Rose; Russell Rose;

25 thank you Stephen Rose; John Ross; Wendy Ross; Bryce Ross-Jones; Catherine Rothery; Ian Rothwell; Don Rouvray; Marie Rowe; J Rowe; Allan Rowling; Milton Roxanas; Alma Roxanos; David Roxburgh; Shivaji Roy; Robert Royle; Ayling Rubin; Vilmos Rudolph; Julia Rudolph; Lidia Ruggier; Joe Ruggier; Edna Rumore; Nigel Russell; Michael Russell; Richard Russell; Tracy Russell; William Rutledge; Thomas Ruut; Bernard Ryan; Gemma Ryan; James Ryan; W Ryan; Christopher Ryba; Michael Rychter; Kristine Rynell; Zena Sachs; Ronald Sackville AO; Vidya Sagar; Gordon Saggers; Nisha Sahu; Samuel Sakker; Ashkahn Salardini; Phillip Salem; Hayfa Salman; Raoul Salpeter; Jantien Saltet; Nicholas Saltos; George Samra; Robert Sandig; Luis Sanhueza; Luz Sarno; Christina Sarris; Spiros Sarris; Tess Sartor; Andrew Satchell; Karen Saul; Thomas Savage; Garry Scarf; Stephen Scarlett; Lynette Scaysbrook; Molly Schafer; Gisela Schaupp; Peter Schiff OAM; Richard Schilizzi; Anja Schmidt; Annette Schmiede; Ariane Schneider; David Schodt; John Schofield; Sally Schofield; John Schofield; Bruno Schuller; Alby Schultz MP; Mary Schultz; Maree Schwager; Barry Scotchbrook; Carol Scott; Ian Scott; Anthony Scott; Ian Scott; Lois Scott; Gordon Scott; Brian Scott AO; Leoni Scott; Margaret Scrivenor; Jessica Scurry; Allan Seagrott; Peng Seah; Kenneth Seale; Perry Seamonds; Bette Seamonds Nadler; Roger Sebel; Jocelyn Seccombe; Amanda Sechi; Bernard Secombe; Ross Sedgwick; Julie Sedorenko; Miriam Segal; Margaret Sekhon; Barbara Selby; Adam Selinger; Harry Senior; Justine Sentenne; John Sergeant; William Service; Dedi Setiono; Alexander Sewell; Marie Sexton; Anthony Seymour; Roger Sham; Timothy Shanahan; Anthony Shannon AM; Derek Sharp; Carolyn Sharpe; Keith Sharrock; Salman Shaukat; Corbett Shaw; Helen Shaw; Natalie Shea; Ross Sheil AO; John Sheldrick; G Shelley; Sonia Shelley Jones; Gail Shelston; P Sheppard; Robert Shera; Wayne Sheridan; Mac Sherman; John Sherrard; Janine Sherringham; Alan Sherwood; Wai Shing; John Shipp; Michael Shirley; Henriette Shnier; Monty Shnier; Nancy Shoemaker; Martin Short; Dennis Shultz; Albert Shun AM; Desmond Sibraa; Peter Sidhom; Stefania Siedlecky AM; Toni Sillis; Irene Sills; Bettine Silver; Donald Silver; Jin Sim; Sandra Sim; Paul Simadas RFD; Arthur Simatupang; Garbis Simonian; John Simpson; Anthony Simpson; Ronald Simpson; Alyson Simpson; Alice Simpson; Jamie Sims; Alan Simson; Janet Simson; Roma Sinclair; Archibald Sinclair; Peter Sinclair; Gurdial Singh; Pritpal Singh; Jane Singh; Sobhini Sinnatamby; Sandra Sippe; Alexandra Sison; John Skalla; Patricia Skenridge; Iris Skidmore; Arthur W Skimin; Wendy Skinner; Philip Skipsey; Emma Skowronski; Fiona Skyring; John Slade; John Slattery AO; Gerald Slaven; Melissa Sloan; David Smalley; Patricia Smalley; David Smart; Suzy Smart; Vaughan Smee; Andrea Smidt; Philippa Smith; William Smith; Audrey Smith; Patricia Smith; Ross Smith; David Smith; Tim Smith; Michael Smith; Ken Smith; R Smith; Ellie Smith; V Smith; Malcolm Smith; Doreen Smith; Elizabeth Smith; Howard Smith; Hugh Smith; Joan Smith; Lawrence Smith; Monika Smith; Sally Smith; Thomas Smith; Susan Smythe; Mark Snape ACA FAICD; Norbert Snashall; David Snow; Eric Snowball; John Soca; Lester Soden; Adam Solomons; Ernest Sommerlad; Ida Soo; Daniel Soon; Kobchai Sosothikul; Noel Southwell; Philip Southwell; Merrilyn Sowell; Elizabeth Spanner; Michael Spanner; Helen Sparke; Simon Spellicy; Betty Spencer; Owen Spencer; Geoffrey Spicer; John Spiers; James Spigelman AC; Andrew Spillane; Romanta Spokas; Margaret Sponberg; Walter Sporr; Titia Sprague; Raymond Sproats; Nicholas Sproats; M Sprokkreeff; W Sprokkreeff; Phillip Spry-Bailey AO; Kerry Spurrett; Somsak Srisombun; Milton Stander; G Stanford; Ian Stanwell AM; Maisy Stapleton; Elizabeth Staraj; Kenneth Stark; John Starr; Patricia Staunton AM; John Staveley AM; Helene Stead; Donald Steel; Robert Steele; Rosalie Steele; Peter-Paul Steenbergen; David Steenbhom; David Steer; Susan Steggall; Leslie Stein; Malcolm Stening OAM; Maria Stephanou; Lady Winifred Stephen; John Stephens; John Stephenson; Valerie Stern; Amanda Stevens; John Stevens; Samantha Stevens; Ian Stevenson; Ann Steward; Margaret Stibbs BSc; Mary Still; Martin R Stockler; John Stoddart; Vera Stoermer; Irene Stone; Enid Stone; Frances Stone; Catherine Storey; Joy Storie; Dianne Strachan; Martha Strangas; Nicole Strasser; Peter Strasser; Philip Streatfeild; Nikola Streiber; Rosalind Strong; Josephine Strutt; Barrie Stuart; Susan Sturm; Graham Stutchbury; John Stutt; Wendy Suen; Charbel Sukkar; Joseph Sukkar; Michael Sullivan; Denis Sullivan RFD; Ronald Sullivan; Shane Sullivan; Peggy Summerbell; William Summers; Edward Sun; Christopher Sundstrom; Ruth Sundstrom; Marcus Susanto; John Suster; Pamela Suttie; Graham Sutton; D Swain; Marlene Swain; Graham Swannell; J Swannell; David Swanton; Michelle Sweeney; Mary Swinfield; Jessica Sylvester; William Szekely; Kayla Szumer; Valerie Szynal; Bill Ta; Shaun Tabone; Heather Tabrett; Meredith Tait; Nickleby Tait; Dorothy Talbot; Tim Talty; Diana Talty PSM; Sonny Tam; Warren Tamblyn; Harry Tamvakeras; Grace Tan; How Tan; Beng Tan; Siah Tan; Eugene Tan; Richard Tan; Teong-Eng Tan; Anita Tang; Janna Tang; Elizabeth Tanner; Roslyn Tanner; Sandra Taouk; Tony Taouk; Anthony Tarleton; Glenys Tarr; J Tarszisz; George Tasker; M Tattershall; Keith Taylor; Marjorie Taylor; Sandra Taylor; Alan Taylor; David Taylor; Mark Taylor; John Taylor; John Taylor; Kathryne Taylor; Barrie Teasdell; Anne Tegg; Nancy Templeman; David Templeman; Alan Templeman; Jin-Guang Teng; Debby Teng; Yun Teoh; Allan Terry; Matina Theodorou; Mark Thomas; Patricia Thomas; James Thomas; Charles Thomas; Ronald Thomas; John Thomas AO; Anthony Thomas; Christopher Thomas; Valerie Thomas; Gregory Thompson; John Thompson; Matthew Thompson; William Thompson; S Thompson; Moira Thompson; Candy Thomson; Gavin Thomson; Anne Thorburn; Ron Thornton; Madge Thornton; Simon Thorp; Ian Thorpe; John Thorpe; Noel Thwaite; Shirley Thyer; Terence Thyer; Jim Tierney; Frank Tipton; Elizabeth Todd OAM; James Tod-Hill; D Todhunter; Harold Todhunter; Gerald Tofler; Diana Tolhurst; Anthony Tooher; Therese Toohey; Richard Tooth; Tad Torpinski; Daniela Torsh; Andrew Tosti; Ann Tout; Peter Towner; Albert Townsend; John Townsend; Phillip Townsend; Nicholas Trahair; Amelia Traino; Susan Tran; Victor Tran; Judie Tran; Jerylann Traynor; Louise Treloar; Colin Trevena; Ruth Trevis; Frances Trimble; Elaine Trinick; Johanna Trompen; Lydia Trotter; John Troy; Linh Truong; Yueh-Hung Tsai; Nancy Tsai; Lily Tsen; Patrick Tseng; Margaret Tung; Jennifer Turner FRCPA; Robyn Turner; Janet Turner; Judith Turner; Barry Twining; Jo-Anne Tyler; Peter Tzannes; Lita Tzortzopoulou-Gregory; Allen Uegawachi; Roger Uren; Judith Urquhart; Wal Utber OAM; Enid Utber; Kristin Utz; Adriana Valencia; Teresa Valenti; Susan Valenzuela; Peter Valeontis; Michael Vallely; Jo Vallentine; Peter Van Asperen; Willy Van Der Hoeven; Dirk Van der Kley; Wilhelmina van Dorp; Richard Van Hagen; Alison Van Nooten; Barbara Vanden Broek; Geoffrey Vaughan AO; Catherine Vecellio; Alan Veitch; Sophie Vella; Michael Veness; Robert Vernon; Edite Vevers; Mauro Vicaretti; Christopher Vickers; Rosemary Vickers; Alison Vickery; Arthur Vines; Ben Vingilis; Linda Vining; John Vipond; Tristan Viscarra Rossel; Gwenyth Vitnell; Christof Von Dryander; Houda Vuille-Bille; Nirmal Waalib-Singh; Frances Wachniewski; Gwenda Waddington; Leonard Wade; Lesley Wade; Annette Wade; Fiona Wade; Paul Wakeling; Ken Waldron; Angela Wales Kirgo; Bruce Walker; Mary Walker; Raema Walker; Helen Walker; Reg Walker; Wendy Walker; Jean Wall; Robyn Wallace; Gilbert Wallace; Philip Wallis; James Wallner; John Walmsley; Darcy Walsh; Patricia Walsh; Renate Walsh; Vanessa Walsh; Jean Walter Morgan; Timothy Wand; Hui Wang; Derek Ward; John Ward; Marie Ward; Robert Ware; Tracey Ware; Sue Wareham; Robin Warner; Bruce Warren; Eloise Warren; Eric Warth; Nelson Waslin; Mel Waters; Ian Waters; Duff Watkins; B Watson; Jocelyn Watson; Howard Watson; Philip Watson; Catherine Watson; Gordon Watson; John Watson; Graham Watt; Gwendolyn Watt; Jonathan Watts; Martin Waugh; Sophia Wayne-Shevchuk; Barry Webb AM; Keith Webb; Wendy Webb; Mark Webb; Charles Webb; John Webb; Matilda Webb; Elizabeth Webby AM; David Wechsler; Ian Wechsler; Serena Wee; P Weekes; Ramanea Weeraratne; Charbel Wehbe; Mary Weinert; Ernest Weiss; Douglas Welch; Helen Weldon; Corinne Wells; John Wells; Ole Werner; Kenneth West; Heather Westbrook; Philip Westlake; Leonie Westneat; Valerie Whatham; Robyn Whatman; Rick Wheatley; Annabel Wheeler; Piyanuch Wheeler; Gary Whipp; Richard White OAM; Alexander White; Guy White AM; Mary White; Ann White; Saxon White AM; Benjamin White; Denis White; Margaret White; S White; Yvonne White; Greg Whiteley; Andrew Whiteman; Donald Whiteman; Paul Whitfeld; Christine Whitlam; Ian Whitton; D Whyte; Kenneth Wicks; Phillip Widders; Maura Wilcox; Christopher Wild; Pamela Wilhelm; Gerald Wilkes; Joanne Wilkes; Linden Wilkinson; Joan Wilkinson; Kevin Wilks; D Williams; Esther Williams; John Williams; Margaret Williams; Kim Williams; Roy Williams; Ruth Williams; Helen Williams; Adrian Williams; Alan Williams; Anthony Williams; Gaenor Williams; Gwen Williams; Phillip Williams; Ross Williams; William Williamson; Frank Williamson; Michelle Willick; Timothy Wills; E Willsallen; George Wilson AM; Ruth Wilson; Lynette Wilson; B Wilson; Edna Wilson; Janet Wilson; Kenneth Wilson; Geoffrey Wilson; John Wilson; Ian Wilson; Kerry Wilson; Malcolm Wilson; Robert Wilson; Robyn Wilson; Sam Wilson; Denis Winch; David Wine; George Wing AM; Richard Wing; Hayden Winn; Naomi Winton; Janice Wise; E Witcombe; Richard Wittal; Margaret Witton; Edwin Wolfe; Marguerite Wong; William Wong; Gerald Wong; Julie Wong; Fui Wong; Michael Wong; Elaine Wong; Elisabeth Wong; Helen Wong; Patrick Wong; Sandra Wong; Henry Woo; Dorothy Wood; Andrew Wood; Chris Wood; Marion Wood; Agnes Wood; Nigel Woodhead; Narelle Woods; Pam Woods; Robin Woods AM; Aleit Woodward; Sarah Woolcott; Janet Wright; Patricia Wright; Jean Wright; Spencer Wu; H Wyatt; Lloyd Wyatt; Nancy Wyles; David Wyllie; Federica Xocato; Noboru Yamada; Zu-Pyn Yang; Michael Yang; Andrew Yang; Bilal Yassine; Taisheng Ye; Rhett Yeats; Marlene Yee; Flora Yeh; Mary Yeldham; Dianna Yeo; Kean Yeoh; Thomas Yeung; Kristy Yeung; P Yiannards; Michael Yip; Amy Yip; Ducman Yip; Michael York; Carolyn Young; John Young; Peter Young AO; Margaret Young; Brian Young; Christopher Young; J Young; Brendan Yu; Patrick Yue; William Yuen; Sau Cheung Yuen; Madeleine Yuill; Christopher Zakos; Nicoletta Zanardi; Maurice Zanon; Paul Zeck; Susan Zeckendorf; Bo Zhang; Rong Zheng; Margaret Zhou; Xin Zhu; Mervyn Ziesing; M Zincone; Marisa Zines; Frank Zipfinger; Magdalena Zolkos; T Zoretic; Brian Zulaikha; Charles Zworestine; Wim Zylstra $50 $99 Leonie Abberfield; Jessie Abousleiman; Margaret Abraham; Lesley Abrahams; Gil Abras; Josette Ackad; Mark Adams; Louise Agnew; Mohammed Al Zoubi; Soraya Alami; Isabelita Alavaren; Caroline Alcorso; Joan Alexander; Penelope Alexander; Phillip Allan; Twink Allen CBE; Jolanda Allen; William Allen; Elizabeth Allotta; Francis Allsopp; Marie Anderson; Robyn Anderson; Wes Anderson; Steve Andonopoulos; Julie Ankiewicz; Anonymous x 19; Ignatius Antoniadis; Eleni Antoniou; Noelle Antony; Denis Appel; Marlene Arditto; Freddy Argy AM OBE; Peter Armstrong; Alexandra Armstrong-Crews; R Arneman; A Arnold; Andrea Arragon; Perri Arthur; Graham Ashcroft; Yvonne Ashfield; Paul Ashley; Stephanie Athas; Akshay Athavale; Kate Atherton; Frances Auster; Jamila Ayoub; Anthony Azzopardi; J Baas; Helen Bachmann; Joan Backhouse; V Baguley; Gwenneth Bain; Phillippa Baird; Nolene Baker; Sophie Balassis; M Balassis; Teresa Baldassarre; William Balding; Stephanie Baldwin; Pamela Ball; Karen Ball; Paul Ballard; Han Baltussen; Ray Banks; R Banning; Tarek Barakat; R Barber; Edmund Barbour; George Barbour; Linnell Barelli; Dawn Barlow; Niki Barmakelli; Jim Barnes; Peter Barnes; Ian Barnett; Desmond

26 thank you Barnsley; Melanie Barrett; Warren Barsley; Taus Bartlett; Patrick Barton; Peter Bassin; Michelle Bateman; Liam Bathgate; Billy Bautista; Leonie Baxter; Sir Jack Beatson; Carolyn Beaumont; Mac Beavis; Liz Beazley; John Bechara; S Beer; Thomas Beers; Howard Bell; Amanda Bell; David Bell; Linda Bell; Allan Bellamy; Sarah Bellenger; James Bencke; Margaret Bender; C Bentley; Mary Berkemeier; B Bernard; K Bernard; Ruth Bernard; Geoffrey Bernays; Ann Bernfield; Ronald Berrington; Chris Berry; Paul Berry; Genevieve Bevilacqua; Marc Biancardi; Mary Biddle; Christine Biggs; Ian Biggs; Sydney Birchall; Chris Birt; W Bisby; Christine Bishop; Alexander Bisley; Robert Biven; Patricia Blacker; Elva Blair; Roslyn Blake; George Blake; Henry Blanks; Andrew Bleasel; Richard Blennerhassett; Margaret Bligh; Gabrielle Bluett; Maria Bodinnar; Fedor Bodlander; Susan Bognar; Penelope Bold; Janet Bolton; Vickie Bonnici; J Bonny; Ian Booth; Joyce Booth; Minnie Booth; Emmeline Boothroyd; Beverley Boots; Margaret Borden; R Borneman; Sophie Bosch; Rosalind Boulton; Betty Bourke; Helen Bourmas; Stamatoula Bourmas; Amal Bousamra; Penelope Bowen; Elizabeth Bowman; Greg Bowman; Phyllis Bowser; Broughton Boydell; Natalie Boydell; Tony Boyden; J Boyle; Alan Braby; Meryl Bradford; Dianne Bradstock; M Brady; Charles Bragg; Peter Brake; KIm Branchean; Bernard Bratchford; B Breen; Merle Breen; Peter Brennan; Emily Brennan; Martin Brewster; Shonagh Briscoe; Nada Brissenden PM; Michael Broadhead; David Brockway; Malcolm Brodie; Jean Brooks; Peter Brooksbank; Tanya Broomham; Alan Brown; Richard Brown; Anthony Brown; Jill Brown; Amelia Brown; Bonnie Brown; Claire Brown; Diana Brown; Ingeborg Brown; Lindsay Brown; Louise Brown; Margaret Brown; Shaun Brown; Sara Brownell; Leon Bryl; M Buchtmann; P Buchtmann; James Buck; John Buckingham; Anthony Budden; Khanh Bui; Doreen Bulbeck; Paul Bulbeck; Ingrid Bulgeries; Kim Bulkeley; Patricia Bullen; Hilda Bune; Roger Burcher; Geoffrey Burfoot; William Burgess; Jon Burgmann; Ronald Burke; Harold Burns; Mary Burns; Patricia Burns; Ron Burns; Ross Burns; Diana Burton; John Burton; Kathryn Burton; Mario Bustamante; Luke Buttenshaw; Javier Byford; Carmen Byre; Martin Byrne; Ellen Byrne; Christina Byrnes; Edmund Byron; Amanda Cady; Jean Calcutt; Ian Callaway; Alice Calvert; Jose Camacho; Angus Cameron; M Cameron; Margaret Cameron; Anne Campbell; Andrew Campbell; Margaret Campbell; Michael Campbell; Charlie Canceri; Claudia Canny; Walter Cappelletto; Kerry Capsanis; G Carle; Lynda Carlyle; Rebecca Carter; John Casey; William Casey OAM; David Cass; Judy Cassab AO CBE; Kimberley Castledine; Hariklia Castrisos; Dennis Castrission; John Catlin; Margaret Catlin; Pamela Cavero; Jose Chama; Ross Chambers; Helen Channon OAM; Anoulack Chanthivong; Nicholas Chapman; James Chappel; Arthur Charles; Douglas Charlton; Muoi Chau; Benny Chen; Denise Chen; Mei Chen; Rosemarie Chen; Yi Jun Chen; Estelle Cheney; David Cheng; Wing Cheung; Rodney Chevis; Eath Chhun; Jane Childs; Judith Chisholm; Agnes Chiu; Annie Chiv; Yuen Cho; Clara Chow; Julie Choy; Anthony Christie; Susan Christie; Ashley Christol; V Chrzanowski; Alison Clark; C Clarke; Violet Clarke; Graeme Clarke AO; E Close; Giordana Cocco; Maria Cochineas; Hilary Cocks; Jennifer Coffey; Graeme Cohen; Nural Cokcetin; John Colditz; Pat Cole; Patrick Coleman; Alan Coleman; Cynthia Coleman; Jodie Coleman; Earl Collier; David Collins; Margaret Collins; D Comar; Emanuel Comino AM; Stephanie Compton; Thomas Condon; Thomas Connelley; Patrice Connelly; Patricia Connolly; Joy Connor; W Bruce Conolly AM; Wilfred Conroy; William Conway; Edyth Conyers; Nina Cook; P Cook; Denise Cooke; Joy Cooke; R Cooley; Leith Cooper; V Cooper; Sue Coorey; Andrew Cornwall; Theodore Coroneos; Cosmos Coroneos; Maria Correia; Carina Cotaru; Angus Cottee; Jenny Cotter; Michele Cotton; Marion Coulson; Nicole Cousens; Tom Cousins; James Cowan; Grahame Cox; Trish Cox; Lucy Cracknell; Veronica Craig; Nancye Crapp; Chantel Crawford; Patrick Cregan; Danielle Crisafulli; Barry Crispe; Angelo Crones; Ronald Cropley; Peter Crossingham; A Crossley; Janice Crowley; Narelle Ctercteko; Sonia Cuan; Anne P Cunningham; Christine Currey; Bernadette Curryer; Dominic Curtin; Richard Curtin; Janelle Cust; Bernard Dabrowski; Peter Dadswell; Nancy Daher; Ronald Daines; Arlette Dan; Christine Dane; C Danielewicz; James D Apice; Jaimini Dave; Alison Davey; Nicholas David; Benjamin Davidson; Grant Davidson; Sue Davidson; Helen Davies; Colin Davis; Alan Davis; Joan Davis; Kayoko Davis; Caroline Davy; Emma Dawson; Richard Dawson; Elizabeth Dawson-Gain; David Day; J Day; Allison D Cruz; Josie De France; Robin de Lange; Catherine De Luca; Doris De Zilva; Ian Dean; Nick Deane; Margaret Deftereos; Peter Deftereos; Janine Demanet; Kerry Derrington; Warren Dewar; Judith Dewsnap; Frances Di Lauro; Connie Diakos; Ann Dib; Thushara Dibley; Sharyn Dickerson; Francis Dickinson; Marie Digby; Matthew Dillon; Grant Dixon; Robyn Dixon; Terry Dixon; Alan Do; Daniel Dobos; John Dodds; Joyce Dodds; Alexander Doenau; Graeme Doherty; Pauline Doherty; Sue Donnelley; Lindsay Donnelly; Sandra Donnelly; Francis Donohoe; Barbara Dorman; Joan Dorman; Wendy Double; Kenneth Douglas; Anthea Doukelis; Michael Dowsett AM; Alexandra Draney; Kenneth Dray; Jeffrey Drayton; Lorraine Dredge; Patricia Droga; Marc Droulers; Ross Druitt; Matthew Duane; Paul Duckworth; Pradnya Dugal; Ian Dugan; Wendy Duke; Jaimee Duncan; Gordon Dunkley; A Dunn; Janine Dwyer; Denis Dwyer; Jeroen Dyk; Muriel Eagar PM; Bruce Eastick AM; Elizabeth Echin; William Eddy; June Edmondson; Janice Edwards; Sally Edwards; V Edwards; John Egan; Peter Eisman; Donald Elbourne; Barbara Elkan; Barbara Elliott; Andrew Ellis; Julie Ellis; Leanne Ellis; Nader Eltom; Gillian Emerson; Diana Encel; Ann Enderby; Roslyn Engledow; Amy Enriquez; Cevat Ercan; Kenneth Etherington; Mary Evans; Beryl Evans; Christine Evans; Gretchen Evans; Stephen Evans; Karen Everett; Peter Everett; Malika Everingham; Lorraine Everitt; John Ewing; Jill Faddy OAM; Carmelo Failla; Pamela Falconer; Stanley Fallows; Kathryn Farley; Betty Farrar; Mitta Farrell; Richard Faulder; Roy Fear; Michael Fearnside AM; Louisa Fenech; Gabrielle Fenoglio; J Ferguson; Mary Field; Joyce Fildes OAM; Tristan Findlay; Larry Fingleton; Charles Finlay-Jones; Achille Fiore; R Fischer; Edward Fisher OAM; Paul Fisher; Elaine Fitzpatrick; Mary Fleming; Leila Fletcher; Janet Flint; Heather Flynn; Christopher Foenander; Francoise Fombertaux; Khooi Foo; Marilyn Forbes; Colin Ford; Margaret Ford; Cynthia Forgie; Paula Fornasia; Elaine Forrest; Jill Forrest AM; William Foskett; Catherine Foster; Rhoda Foster; Naomi Fox; Donald Frame; Jane Francis; John Francis; Rosemary Francis; Amanda Verne Frazis; Clifford Free; Hayley French; Ivor Frischknecht; Elfie Fritz; Jeanette Fryar; Anne Fuller; Elaine Fung; Robert Funke; Leticia Funston; Peter Furey; Edward Furze; Leone Gale; Evangeline Galettis; M Gallagher; Subha Ganewatta; Gurdev Garcha; John Garcia; Maria Gardiner; Susan Gardiner; David Gardiner; Thomas Gardner; Helen Garner; John Garrick; Nicole Garzaniti; Jadwiga Gaske; R Gate; Jillian Gates; Ana Gatt; Christophe Gauchat; Geoff Gavan; Andrew Gayed; Christopher Geeves; Richard Geeves OAM ED; Betty Gemenis; Miriam George; Adamandia Georgiou; Nicholas Georgiou; Nino Ghiotto; Angelo Giallussi; A Giannuzzi; Maria Giardina; Dexter Giblin; Jennifer Gibson; Brendan Gibson; Jesse Gibson; Lillian Gibson; William Gibson; Margaret Gifford; Norman Gilberthorpe; Patricia Gilchrist; Surekha Gill; Nick Gillan; W Gillingham; Nita Ginges; Claudia Giugni; Sabrina Giuliano; Michelle Giumelli; Bernard Gleeson; Jason Glenfield; L Glissan; Irene Glynn; Keith Godfrey AM; Jean Godwin; Seach Goh; Rafael Gomes; Deborah Goodin; Anthony Goodman; Anthony Goodman; Judith Goodwin; Luciana Goodwin; Lisa Gori; Peter Gorman; Vanessa Goryl; C Gosper; Patricia Graham; George Graves; T Gravina; Mary Greatz; David Green; Leonard Green OAM; Patricia Green; Robert Green; John Gregan; Eugenie Greig; Peter Griffith; Helen Griffiths; Norma Grimshaw; Janet Grinham; John Grinston; Andrew Groome; Natasha Groves; Scott Groves; John Gunthorpe; Piush Gupta; Kylie Ha; Minh Ha; Roger Habib; Jean Hackman; Samantha Hagan; Bruce Hall; Christian Hall; Elizabeth Hall; David Halse Rogers; Adam Halstead; Craig Hambleton; Philip Hamblin; Chris Hamer; Kathleen Hamilton; M Hamilton; Ahmed Hammoud; C Hanks; Michael Hanna; Bradley Hannan; Graham Hannon; Rosemary Hans; Gwenda Happ; Fatina Harb; Karen Harcourt; Nicholas Hardwick; Lewis Harman; Vera Harper; Alan Harper; Hazel Harris; Carole Harris; John Harris; Marissa Harris; Melanie Harris; Melinda Harris; Stephen Harris; Fleur Harrison; Phyllis Harrison; Albert Hart; Hugh Harvey; Garth Hasler; Fatima Hassan; Mary Hassey; Rebecca Hatten; Marie Hawker; Norma Hawkins; Phillip Hawkins; Matthew Hayes; Kevin Hayes; Virginia Hayes; Denise Haylen; Paul Haylen; June Haynes; Nicolin Hayward; Leonora Haywood; J Hazel; Angela Head; David Heal; Christopher Heath; Moira Heath; Peter Heath; Robert Heim; Mark Heiss; Eddy Helfgott; Violet Hemmens; Allan Henderson PSM; Arch Henderson; Dave Henderson; Jeffrey Henriquez; David Herman; Jennifer Herrick; Mark Herron; Kevin Hewitt; Trisha Hickey; Samantha Hicks; Eniko Hidas; Russell Higginbotham; Aimee Higgins; R Higgins; S Higgins; Camilo Hilario; Jacqueline Hill; John Hill; Thomas Hillard; Jennifer Hindmarsh; Huy Hoang; Stuart Hoare; Leonard Hoffenberg; John Hogg; Joseph Hoh; Tania Holben; Peg Holburn; Elizabeth Holden; Peggy Holdway; E Holland; Kathleen Holland; Josie Hollands; Paul Hollands; Leslie Hollingbery; Valda Homer; Barry Hook; Barbara Hope; Gabrielle Hoppe; Stefan Horarik; Gregory Horsley; John Horsley; Bruce Horton; Madlen Horvath; Francis Horwood; M Hosier; Peter Houweling; Katherine Howard; Patricia Howard; Heather Howie; Ronald Huddy; Ann Hudson; Ian Hudson AM; Jean Hughes; Faye Hume Hore; Monte Hunt; Peter Hupfauf; Regina Hurst; Michelle Hutchings; Jean-Dominique Huynh; John Hyde; Vincent Hyde; Michael Iacuzzi; Christine Ianssen; Zekiye Ibrahim; Novita Ikasari; Kai Ikeuchi; Deo Indevar; Platon Ioakimidis; Manyi Ip; Annette Irving; J Isaac; Bruce Isaacs; Mohammad Islam; Coralie Islip; Joe Isouard; Barbara Ivill; Andrew Jacenko; Alan Jackson; Sunshine Jacob; Edwin Jacobsen; Robert James; Justin Jameson; Tatjana Janusic; S Jardine; C Jayadev; Kate Jeffery; Barbara Jefferys; R Jegendran; Douglas Jenkins; Ray Jenkins; Unki Jeong; Sasha Jessop; M Jessop; Kai Jin; Norma Joass; Marion Johns; Anne Johnson; Kate Johnson; Vicky Johnson; Catherine Johnston; Wade Johnston; Anthony Johnston; Barry Johnston; Jeanette Johnston; Mark Jolly AM; Renee Jomaa; Robyn Jones; Camllyn Jones; Jeffery Jones; Linda Jones; Maria Jones; Matthew Jones; Natalie Jones; Robert Jones; Trevor Jones; Alan Jopling; Heather Joynes; Vassiliki Kafcaloudis; Jennifer Kain OAM; Ng Kam; Alla Kamaralli; Miriam Kanarek; Meryl Kane; Dean Kaplan; Lauren Kapp; Michaele Kartun; Neriman Kashouli; Soraya Kassim; Alexander Katsman; Harry Kay; Abigel Kazal; Antoine Kazzi; Xiao Ke; Linda Kean; Sally Keane; Margaret Keaney; Chris Kearney; Budi Keliat; Joseph Kelly; Ursula Kemp; Allan Kendall; Danielle Kennedy; Peter Kennedy; Malcolm Kennett; Stepan Kerkyasharian AO; Patrick Kerlin; Elizabeth Kerr; Chandara Kev; Sally Keyes; Gwendollyn Keys; Linda Khalil; John Khoo; Abraham Khoury; Michelle Kidd; Shogo Kikuchi; Li-Yen Kim; Min Kim; Yu-Sun Kim; Kingston Kinder; Douglas King; Vanya King; Judith Kingsland; Stuart Kinsella; Kenneth Kirkness; Elijah Kleiner; L Klimiec; Sylvia Kline; Jill Kloster; Natalia Knezevic; J Knight; Stanislaus Knight Smith; Annabel Knott; Frank Knowles; Joshua Knuckey; Sondra Koch; Anthony Kodomichalos; Arthur Kokkinis; Takami Kondo; Amy Kong; Sandra Kontos; Yvonne Kosky; Theodora Koukari; Janet Kovesi-Watt; Fady Kozman; Elizabeth Krabman; V Kradzins; Carlo Kraushaar; Harry Kronenberg AM; Barbara Krost; Cecil Krost; Namrata Kumar; Dick Kuo; Man Kwok; L Lafrenais; Maria Lagar; E Lambert; Norman Lamerton; Catherine Lamond; Felicity Lancaster; Warwick Landers; Heather Lang; Brian Langworthy; Ian Larkham; Maryanne Larkin; Anita Larkin; Leona Lasse; Helene Latey; Deborah Lau; Una Laurendet; Peter Lawrence; Christine

27 thank you Lawson-Smith; M Lazarides; Goran Lazendic; Barbara Le Maistre; Vien Le Tran; Rawson Leach; Stephen Lead; P Leader; Alan Leask; J Leaver; William Lebler; John LeCudennec; Godfrey Lee; Lisa Lee; Christopher Lee; Debbie Lee; Jeffrey Lee OAM; Nancy Lee; Pamela Lee; Robert Lee; Richard Leigh; Louise Leitch; James Lemaire; Patricia Lemaire; Pamela Lemoine; Brian Lemon; Jacqueline Lemon; Martin Leonard; Barbara Leser; Beryl Leske; Kwong Leung; Anthony Leung; Po Leung; Jane Levi; Barrett Lewis; Christine Lewis; Donna Lewis; Grant Lewis; Kim Lewis; Montague Lewis; Ronald Lewis OAM; Min Li; Marshall Li; Yuan Li; Xiao Liao; Serge Liberman; King Lie; Mr Lien; Kong Liew; Robert Lightfoot; Carylyn Lightfoot; Wayne Lilley; Adeline Lim; Megan Lim; Sue Lim; Graham Limburg; Peter Lind; Jennie Lindbergh; Jill Lindley; David Lindsay AO; Ruth Linfoot; Qinglong Ling; Jim Liontos; Mein Liow; Martina Livanos; A Livingstone; Simon Llewellyn; Margaret Llewelyn; Alison Lo; Nicholas Lochrin; Laurence Lock Lee; Sarah Loder; John Lofthus; Chek Loh; Aaron Loi; Michael Loke; Graeme Lomax; Lauretta Lombardi; Jhunette Lopez; Allan Lovell; Alan Low; Garnet Lowder; Jane Lowe; Peter Lowe; Tim Lowe; David Lubans; Anne Lucas; Wenda Lucas; Melissa Lucia; Iris Luke; Margarethe Luke; Leonie Lum; Jill Lummis; Cindy Luong; Beryl Lush; Gail Lynch; Michael Lynch; Nick Lyras; Chan Ma; Bethany Ma; Wendy Macallister; Sylvia MacCormick; Susan MacDonald; Thomas Macdonald; Mary MacGibbon; Gwyneth Machin; R J MacIntosh; Amrit MacIntyre; Nina Macleod; Margaret MacMahon; James Macmillan; Andrew Macoun; Antony MacPherson; John Madden; Theresia Maes; Heydar Magharehabed; Clare Maguire; Peter Maher; Mahfouz Mahfouz; Albert Mahoney; Patricia Malcolm; Lesley Malicki; L Mallesch; Jakob Malmo; L Mann; R Mann; Peter Mansford; Aja Manu; Wendy Marceau; Mimma Margiotta; Alberto Mariani; Frank Marik; Chrystal Marshall; Marie Marshall; Rebecca Martin; Anke Martin; Cecil Martin; Moya Martin; Raffaele Martino; Roy Mason; Robert Massera; Carol Masters; Maria Matsoukas; James Mattson; A J Mazzaferro; Marie McAloon; David McAlpine; Elizabeth McAuley; Finola McConaghy; Joan McCoy; Emma McCutcheon; Arthur McDevitt; Jocelyn McDonald; Jonathan McDonald; Patricia McDonald; Trevor McDonell; Eugene McDonogh; Norman McFarlane; Gregory McGahan; S B McGilchrist; Lucy McGrath; Elspeth McGregor; Harold McGregor; Leanne McGregor; Michael McGrowdie; Sylvia McInnes; Edwin McIntosh; C McIntyre; Elizabeth McKeand; Alexander McKenzie; Roslyn McKenzie; Bridget McKern; Kathleen McKImm; Monty McLachlan; Simon McLachlan; John McLaughlin; John McLenaghan AM; Ian McLeod; N McMahon; John McMillan; Norma McMorran; M McMullan; Richard McNair; Patricia McNamara; Ian McPhee; Ingrid McPhee; David Melville; Andrew Menzies; Elizabeth Mercuri; Hind Merhi; Simon Messner; Barry Mewes; Ralph Michaels; Patricia Michell; Yvette Middleton; Ignazio Milazzo; Steven Miles; Chris Miliano; Clare Miller; Ian Miller; Jean Miller; Julie Miller; Margaret Miller; Dianne Mills; Robert Milns; John Milson; Elizabeth Minchin; Andrew Mitchell; David Mitchell; John Mitchell; Neville Mitchell; Marjorie Moffatt; Stephanie Moffitt; Leonie Mok; Margaret Molan; Martin Moloney; John Monaghan AO; Beryl Monckton; Connie Monkley; Brandon Monteith; Anne-Marie Moody; Reginald Moody; David Moon; Sheryle Moon; Christopher Moore; Desmond Moore; Jason Moore; John Moore; Nicole Moorley; Perdita Morgan; Sian Morgan Hall; Clifford Morris; Margaret Morris; Clifford Morrow; John Morse; Jill Mortier; Mary Mortimer; Matina Mottee; Natalie Mourant; Otre Moussa; Randa Moussa; John Muddle; Mary Muddle; Tanjama Mudliar; Gloria Muir; Nicola Mulally; Lila Mularczyk; Gabrielle Mulcahy; James Mullett; Margaret Mullier; Gillian Mulvany; Robyn Mumford; M Mundell; Janine Murawski; Cheryl Murphy; Peter Murphy; John Murray APM; Carolyn Murray; John Murray; Louise Murray; David Myers; Elizabeth Myers; Allister Nairn; Francis Naoum; D Naughton; Joan Naylor; Colin Neate; Gweneth Neely; John Neill; Catherine Neillands; Darryl Nelson; Buff Netherton; Neville Newman; Judith Newton; Diana Newton; Amy Ngan; Frank Ngo; Lien Nguyen; Flora Nguyen; Manh Nguyen; Nhi Nguyen; Tony Nguyen; Helen Nichelsen; Katina Nicholas; Alex Nicholls; Ralph Nicholls; Valerie Nicholson; Helen Nicol; Camilla Nightingale; Mary Nixon; G K Nixon; Robyn Nixon; Louisa Norrie; Sophie Norton; Angelo Notaras; Madeleine Nowak; Christopher Oates; Patrick O Carrigan; Brian O Connell; Eileen O Connell; R O Connor; Daniel Ofori; Rex Ogden; Michael O Halloran; Denise O Hara; Suellen Ohl; Riho Okagami; John O Loan; Cormac O Mahoney; Barry O Neill; Michael O Neill; Rowena O Neill; Sarah O Neill; Susan O Neill; Aileen-Joy Ong; Jo-Ming Ong; Stephen Opat; Bronwyn Opferkuch; Dominica O Reilly; George Organ; Richard Orr; Gigi O Toole; Adrian Overton; J Overton; Steven Owen; E Page; J Page; Bruna Pagura; Rita Palmer; Roland Panich; Anastasia Panis; Dimitrius Papadakis; Ari Papadopoulos; Elena Parish; Esther Park; Alexandra Parker; R Parker; John Parookas; Anne Parry; B Parsons; Leslie Parsons; Anju Pathak; Geraldine Paton; Stephanie Paton; David Patten; Pedro Pau; Roberto Pavan; Judith Payne; P Payne; Clara Pearce; John Pearson; Thelma Pearson; Julie Peden; Ross Peden; Marianne Penklis; Theo Penklis; Robin Percy; J Pereira; Jode Permall; Trevor Perry; J Perry; Nancye Perry; Carol Peters; Anh Pham; Elissa Philis; Christopher Phillips; Peta Phillips; Catherine Philps; Kathryn Phippen; Mark Phipps; Raymond Pickard; Tibor Pietzsch; Anil Pillai; Keith Pitty; Ian Plambeck; Zsolt Platthy; J Pogson; Tracy Pond; Theodora Pondekas; Sue Ponder; Brendon Poole; Patricia Poole; M Poon; Richard Poon; Caterina Porreca; Mary Porter; Rachael Posthoorn; Margaret Potts; Christopher Poullaos; Liz Powditch; Maxwell Powditch; Tim Powell; Anne Powles; Rosalie Pratt AM; Katrina Pratt; Dale Preston; Douglas Price AM; Falma Price; Michael Priestley; Margaret Pringle; Rosemary Prior; D Prior; David Pritchard; Patricia Proudford; Frances Pulsford OAM; Wing Pun; Brian Purser; Paul Purvis; Eleanor Putnam; James Pyne; E Quigley; Shana Radnan; John Radzevicius; Lance Rae; Neil Raffan; Calliope Raftos; Ruth Raiter; Lional Rajasekera; George Ramsey-Stewart; Kyle Rankin; Julie Raphael; Margaret Ratcliffe; Peter Ratcliffe; Rhiana Ravindran; Joshua Raymond; David Rayner; Christopher Read; Marlaina Read; Matt Reddall; John Redfern; David Rees; Thomas Reeve AC CBE; Jill Regnis; Mike Regnis; Alexander Reichert; Helen Reid; Judith Reid; Robert Reid; Josephine Reinhard; Peter Reis; V Rekaris; Frances Reynolds; Gerry Reynolds; Jane Reynolds; Marianne Rhydderch; Peter Richard; Samantha Richardson; Robert Riedling; Craig Rigg; Michael Riley; Gabrielle Ringger; Trevor Roach; J Roberts; John Roberts; Matt Roberts; Renie Roberts; Zola Robertson; Anne Robinson; E Robinson; Helen Robinson; Charles Robinson; Frances Robinson; M Robinson; R Robinson; D Rocks; H Rodd; Noel Rodgers; Michael Rodriguez; Joanne Rogers; Ian Rolfe; Daniel Ronchetti; Samuel Rosenberg; Joan Ross; Nicole Ross; Rachel Rossiter; Peter Rousseau; Susan Rovelli; Patricia Rovik; Patricia Rovik PM; Helena Rudnik; Erwin Rudolph; Fred Rudwick; Manit Rujimethabhas; Patricia Rushton; Elayne Russell; Eve Russell; Trevor Russell AM; Fay Ryan; John Ryan; P Ryan; Joanne Ryan; Leone Ryan; Alathea Ryman; Suzy Saab; Anthony Saab; Nadia Sabbah; Mohammed Sahu Khan; Aspi Sahukar; Rosemary Sainsbury; Elizabeth Sakker; Anthony Sakr; Rosa Saladino; Colin Sale; Paul Saleh; Chada Salhab; Susan Samuels; Lea Sanders; John Sandor; Yukihiro Sato; David Sault; Charles Savage; Helen Saville; Milivoj Savin; M Sawczyszyn; Gregory Scahill; William Scales OAM; Denis Scarabello; Maria Scarpignato; Salvin Scerri; Ursula Schappi; Harry Scheeren; Andrew Schmidt; Sherree Schmidt; Dorothy Scott; G Scott; Madeleine Scott; Rhonda Scott; Karen Scouller; R Scovell; John Seaman; Miranda Sears; Trent Sebbens; Heather Secombe; John Sedgwick; Neville Segall; Tevfik Sendil; Rohan Seneviratne; Stewart Seow; Astrid Serhan; Barry Sessle; Krupa Shah; Alice Shanahan; L Shannon; Mandy Shapland; Ved Sharma; Phillipa Sharwood; Renee Shattell; Robyn Shaw; Deborah Shaw; Elizabeth Shaw; Thomas Sheahan; Kenneth Shelley Jones; David Sherley; Barry Sherringham; Daryl Shoard; James Shuttleworth; Nizza Siano; Jennifer Sibthorpe; Edda Simeoni; Eunice Simpson; Christina Simpson; Donald Simpson AM; Lorna Simpson; Marian Simpson; Wai Simpson; Julie Singleton; Peter Sirianni; Thileepan Sivananthan; John Sivewright; Andrew Slatter; Hoda Sleiman; Joan Smiley; Jelena Smit; Geoff Smith; Cynthia Smith; David Smith; Graham Smith; Janelle Smith; John Smith; Matthew Smith; Neil Smith; Olwyn Smith; Yvonne Smith; Barry Smithurst; Margaret Smith-White; Sophie Smyth; Robyn Snell; Nerissa Soh; Michael Solomon; Robert Solomon AM; Kelvin Somerfield; Arahni Sont; Donald Spearritt AM; Jean Spearritt; Doug Spence; Donald Spencer; M Spilsbury; Y Spilsbury; Christine Sponberg; James Spooner; Sophia Spraggs; Walter Spratt; Aileen Sproule; Lyn St Clair-Thomas; Hugh Stacy; Nick Stamell; Colin Stamm; Marie Standen; Michael Stannard; Matina Starrs; Margaret Steel; Paul Steenson; Peter Steffan; Neville Stephens; Thelma Stephens; Steven Stergioulas; L Stevens; John Stevens; Anne Stevens; Bob Stevens; Gaye Stevens; Tom Stevenson; Deniston Stewart; Holly Stewart; Malcolm Stewart OAM; Miranda Stewart; Susan Stewart; Harvey Stockwell; Bevan Stokes; Lorraine Stomfai; Diana Stone; Geoffrey Stowell; Efthalea Stracey; Joan Street; Peter Street; Sandra Street; Joan Strieatfield; Julia Strykowski; Mark Sturman; Susan Stutchbury; Geoffrey Stutchbury; Robyn Stutchbury; Jennifer Stynes; Vudayagiri Sudhir; Tammam Sulaiman; Bhavini Sundarjee; William Sung; Lesley Sutton; Joyce Swain; Peter Swain OAM; Benjamin Sykes; Craig Symes; Warren Symes; William Symington; Quoc Ta; Tan Ta; Loretta Tadic; John Tagg; Raymond Tai; Warwick Talbot; Kin Tam; Imke Tammen; Daniel Tan; Haiyang Tang; Jennifer Tang; May Tang; Peter Tang; Xerox Tang; Frances Tarbox; Annigje Tarte; Kenneth Tate; W Tatum; Jim Taverne; Bettina Taylor; Amy Taylor; B Taylor; Betsy Taylor; Dowie Taylor; Luke Taylor; Margaret Taylor; Matthew Taylor; Kerri Tearle; Saw Teo; Lauren Thambyah; Elisabeth Thilo; Anju Thirunavukarasu; David Thomas; Hazel Thomas; Helen Thomas; Murray Thompson; Oliver Thorn-Seshold; Alexis Thornton; Alison Thornton; Annelise Thornton; Dale Thornton; Robert Thornton; Peter Thurgood; Elizabeth Thurston; Kelisiana Thynne; Rui Tian; Stephen Timm; Margaret Tink; Leilani Tomaszewski; Peter Toms; Mary Tonkin; Kevin Tooke; Kevin Torpey; Michael Towey; Silvio Trambaiolo; Thi Tran; Ha Tran; Tu Tran; Fiona Treloar; Jeffrey Tremain; Kay Trigg; Lee Trimboli; Delma Tronson; Kristine Trott; Dominic Tsang; Veronica Tseng-Donald; Susan Tsigaros; Kenneth Tsui; Norma Tuckerman; Tze Tung; Ann Turner; Greg Turner; Kenneth Turner; R Turner; Roger Turner PSM; Rosemary Turner; Suzanne Turner; Robyn Turrall; Sarah Turvey; Phillipa Tyldsley; Alicia Tyler; Jenny Tyrrell; Elva Tyrrell; Thilia Udler; Gerda Urbach; Teresa Urlich; Angelo Valois; Dorothy Van Acker; Rudy Van Acker; Jane Van Hagen; Raina Van Praag; Esther M Van Schaick; Andre Van Stom; Feyona Van Stom; Duc Van Tran; Adrian Vandenbergh; Christine Vanderleeuw; Elizabeth Vassiliades; Robyn Veal; P Veigel; Deborah Veitch; Manuel Ventura; Jasmin Verginis; Susan Vertigan; Warren Vesey; L Vidler; Ruzica Vidovic; J Vigo; Annelie Villapana; Frederick Von Reibnitz; Gertrud Von Takach; Vincent Vozzo; Alan Vroom; B Vroom; Hang Vu; Peter Vuille-Bille; Alex Wade; John Wade; Sunny Wade; Sharron-del Wakely; Ruth Wakil; Peter Walford; Dell Walker; Don Walker; John Walker; Keith Walker; Margaret Walker; V Walker; Allan Wallace; Anne Walsh; Edith Walsh; Gerald Walsh; Allan Walters; John Walton AM; Charles Wannan; Andrew Ward; Anthony Ward; Brett Ward; J Ward; Alex Wargon; K Warton; Judith Waterer; Cecily Watson; Rod Watson; Annette Watson; Clare Watson; Ronald Watson; Terence Watson; Colleen Watt; William Watt; Gambhir Watts; Denis Watts; Sue Wealands; Brad Weatherstone; J Webb; Elizabeth Webb; Jenny Webb; Derryn Webster; Devinda Weeraratne; George Wells; Martin Weltman; M Wemmering; Mary Wenholz;

28 thank you Janet West; Mary Westbrook; Catherine Whalan; Katherine Whaltey; Robert Wheeler; Patricia Whitby; Annette White; Lynden White; Robert Whiteford; Betty Whittaker; Wendy Whittaker; John Wickenden; Sandy Widyanata; L Wijetunga; Kathleen Wilcox; Helen Wiles; William Wilhelm; Ann Wilke; B Wilkie; Lorraine Wilkinson; Kevin Williams; Brian Williams; David Williams; Emilie Williams; Kelvin Williams; Laura Williams; Phillip Williams; Robynann Williams; Rosemary Williams; Deanna Willis; Quentin Willis; Susan Willis; Muriel Wills; Verenaisi Wilson; Jennifer Wilson; Rachel Wilson; Philip Winfield; Anthony Winters; Claudia Winters; Audrey Wise; Peter Witschi; Wing Wong; Andrew Wong; Chung Wong; Jennifer Wong; Stanley Wong; Dennis Wood; Jane Wood; John Wood; Peter Woodley; Lorraine Woods; Anne Woodward; Marion Woof; Margaret Wright; Erin Wright; Camille Wu; Elizabeth Wu; Opal Wu; Elsa Wyburn; Jane Xie; Qiaoyun Xu; Kathleen Yanniotis; Clarence Yap; Seng Yap; Hu Ye; Angela Yee; Ai Yeng; Caroline Yeoh; Eric Yeung; Murat Yildirim; A Yoffe; Grace Yoo; Hans Yoo; Noriyuki Yoshida; Catherine Youloundas; Alan Young; Chih-Min Yu; Kim Yu; Nuzhat Zafar Ali; Leo Zande; Janne Zehnder; Zhanggui Zeng; Ying Zhang; Fenglin Zhu; Gabby Zipser; Stephanie Zuniga < $50 Hany Abdalla; Suma Abdel Hameed; Vincent Aboud; Neil Abrahams; Con Adamos; J Adams; Warwick Adams; Kristie Aggs; Gladys Agius; John Ahlstrom; Tania Ahmed; Farah Al-Ansari; Mark Alderson; Nancye Alderson; Lynton Alderson; Hannah Alexander; Wayne Allen; Robyn Alleyn; John Allsop; Rajith Amaratunga; Elena Andersen; Barry Anderson; Benjamin Andrew; Neil Andrews; John Andrews; Mr Andronis; Lambia Angelakos; Bill Angelopoulos; Rina Angilletta; Anonymous x 16; Skye Ansell; Marjorie Antonio; Kristen Aouad; Logan Apperley; Anthony Aram; Alhame Ardati; Barbara Argall; Nancye Armour; Mary Armstrong; Helen Armstrong; Ted Arnold; Rensis Arranz; June Ashton; Lois Ashton; Chris Askew; Irene Aslan; Antony Asquin; Taeed Athari; Mary Atkins; Lorna Atkinson; Cameron Austin; Nicola Austin; Ben Aveling; Janet Bachsinar; Derek Bacon; Gloria Bae; P Bageos; M Bagios; Judy Bahar; Soo Bahk; Joan Baikie; Kate Bailey; Julia Baine; Maureen Baker OAM; Anna-Rosa Baker; Peter Baker; Stephen Bakopanos; Nadira Baldeo; Leila Ball; Larissa Bamberry; Helen Bamford; Jane Banfield; Andrew Banks; Charmayne Banks; Arthur Banos; Kostan Banos; Ashleigh Barbe-Winter; George Bardas; Deborah Barit; Ruth Barnard; Jennifer Barnes; Lucy Barnes; Kate Barnett; V Barratt; Kelvin Barrett; Nicolas Barrionuevo; Matthew Barry; Sarah Bartels; Judith Barter; Marianne Basic; Adam Basser; Patrick Bateman; Kirsten Batley; Sue Battersby; Jennifer Battle; Anne Baumann; Eugenia Baydikova; G Bayley; Clare Beacham; Julian Beaman; Donald Beard; Harold Beck; Ross Beck; Cecily Beckett; Robyn Bee; D Been; Pierre Beiers; Florence Bell; Carla Benham; Gillian Bennett; Jeffrey Benson; Katherine Berger; Andre Bergmann; Martin Bernhaut; Lucy Besnard; Ada Betts; Brian Betts; Margaret Betts; Jane Betts; Jaymee Beverage; Daniel Biddle; Freda Bieber; Bohdan Bilinsky; Demelza Birtchnell; Sarita Bista; John Blackall; Jillian Blackall; Charles Blackburn AC ED; Sylvia Blackwell; Melissa Blackwood; Lyndon Bladen; Sarah Blain; Jack Blair; Diana Blair; John Blake; Judith Blake; Nancy Blancato; Thomas Blaxland; A Blyth; Philippa Boden; Mary Bognar; Patricia Bolin; Alexia Bollom; Oliver Bolton; Mary Bonello; James Bonner; Vera Bonyhady; Peter Boon; Ann Booth; Cristina Bornhofen; Dijana Bosnjak; Deborah Bostanci; Christran Bourke; Michael Bowen; Karen Bowers; Arthur Bowman; Ruth Boyd; Naomi Boyd; Phillip Boyd; Katherine Boyer; Colleen Braddick; Lynette Bradley; B Bragg; Daniel Brain; Nathan Breen; Warren Brenton; Paul Brewster; Eleanor Brien; Carol Briggs; Melina Broadhouse; Liselle Brockman; Louise Brogan; Sharon Brogan; Elizabeth Brolly; Peter Bromhead; Dorothy Brook; Brian Brooker; David Brooks; Kate Browell; B Brown; Katrina Brown; Lissa Brown; Glenn Brown; Maureen Brown; Alan Brown; Barry Brown; Bronwyn Brown; Natalie Brown; Peter Brown; Stephanie Brown; Wesley Brown; Caroline Brown; Deborah Brown; Ian Brown; Melanie Brown; Hannah Bruce; Stephen Bruce; Eva Bruderer; Alana Bryant; Susan Buchanan; Peter Buchhorn; Jesse Buckingham; Emily Bucknell; Frank Bugeja; Mike Bull; Judith Bullard; Nunziella Bullen; Neada Bulseco; Michelle Burgess; M Burke; Claire Burke; Vicky Burke; Barbara Burkitt; Andrew Burling; Patrick Burnett; Tracy Burnett; Pamela Burns; Alma Burns; Emma Burns; Michael Bush; Raymond Bush; Robin Bush; Audrey Butchart; Trish Butterworth; Antonia Buttigieg; Kellie Byne; Alexandra Byrne; Carmen Byrne; Caitlin Byrne; Ronald Cable RFD; Derbhla Caffrey; Christopher Cahill; Louise Cahill; George Camaris; Kathleen Cameron; Sarah Campbell; Steve Candiloro; Leanna Caon; Francesca Cardillo; Rebecca Cardy; Libby Carey; Tim Carey; Isabel Carlon; James Carpenter; Joanne Carter; Helen Carter; Yvonne Carter; Toby Carvan; K Cassim; Jeanette Cassimatis; Ansel Castelino; Edith Castellas; E Cater; Peggy Cato; Sarah Cattell; Adrienne Cavell; Vivian Cavell; Maria Certoma; Vicky Cha; Divya Chaddha; Dianne Chain; Josh Chalkley; Bronwen Chamberlain; Malcolm Chambers; Danny Chan; Jessica Chan; Pauline Chan; Rebecca Chan; Sheetal Chand; Maria Chandra-Hioe; Norman Chaney; Soei Lan Chang PM; Kevin Chang; Kai Chang; Nicole Chapman; Julia Chapman; Xanthe Chapman; Alexandra Chappell; Phillip Chappell; David Charles; M Chater; Richard Cheah; Gladys Chee; Amir Chehab; Tony Chen; Wen Jun Chen; Letitia Cheng; Doreen Cheong; Joyce Cheung; Georgette Chidiac; Maria Chilcott; Hera Chio; Ellen Chishiri; Ally Cho; Julianna Cho; Jin Choi; Carmen Chong; Fiona Chow; Helen Chow; Renee Christesen; N Christian; Brenda Christian; Christina Christodoulou; ViLouis Christov; Anthony Chu; Yoon Chung; Renata Cinelli; Richard Clark; Lisa Clark; Jennifer Clarke; Raymond Clayton; Janet Cleary; Jennifer Clifford; Helen Clifton; D Clout; Rhonda Clow; Jose Coelho; Costas Cofinas; Janice Cogger; Matthew Cohen; 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Glenda Duncombe; Gwen Dunn; Helen Dunn; Michael Dunne; Ron Durie; Karen Dwarte; Loughlin Dyer; Ieva Dzintars; Sharon Eagle; Alan Earp; Sarah Eatough; James Eckert; Michael Eckstein; Kristy Edmonds; Ian Edwards; Fotes Efthimiadis; Masha Eisenberg; Nicole El Debs; Trish Elans; Paul Elbourne; Keiran Elliott; Wayne Ellis; Mustafa Elotari; Veronica Elton; Shaimaa Elwan; Christine Empson; Harry Engel; Judy England; Harriet Enright; Elizabeth Esber; Ronald Esdaile; Aileen Estanislao; Matthew Esterman; Emily Euriel; Trish Evans; Evelyn Evans; Natashia Evans; Colin Everingham; Joseph Ezekiel; Roslyn Fairall; Antonia Falconer; Geoffrey Falkenmire OAM; Joseph Fallone; Zelin Fan; G Fanton; Fouad Farah; L Farkas; Winifred Farmer; Barbara Farquhar; Kenneth Farquhar; Edwin Farr-Wharton; Bonnie Faulkner; Amanda Feeney; Natalie Fenech; Aidy Fenwick; James Fenwicke; Adrian Ferguson; Pamela Ferguson; Valdemar Fernandes; Myrtle Fernandes; Louisa Ferranda; M Ferraro; S Ferraro; Clare Fielder; Jessica Fielding; S Findlay; Eleanor Finneran; Janine Fiores; James Fischer; Desmond Fitzgerald; Erica Fitzgibbon; D Fitzpatrick; Brett Flanagan; John Flannagan; Paul Flarity; Inge Fonagy; Lola Forster; Audrey Foster; Linda Foulsham; Margaret Fowler; Helen France; Kitty France; Catherine Francetich; Joyce Francis; Rachael Frank; Alexandra Freebairn; Marion Freedman-Lobel; David Freeman; Sarah Freeman; Joshua Fry; P Fuller; Carol Furse; Branka Gajic; Shirley Gall; Gabby Gallagher; John Gallagher; Jill Gallagher; Rafaela Gallego-Bascon; Eileen Gallur; Rae Galtsmith-Clarke; Katrina Gamble; Suzanne Gapps; Anthony Gardiner; Joy Gardiner; Renee Gare; Daniela Garfagnini; Benjamin Garlato; E Garvin; Madeleine Gasparinatos; Natasha Gaten; Clare Gatenby; Carolyn Gatt; Lucy Gavan; Harrison Gavel; Jock Gavel; Sarah Gavel; Rohan Gay; Davin Gaynes; Samantha Gazley; Hannah Gell; Richard George; Valencia Gheghenozian; Marie Gibb; Joyce Gibbons; Vikki Giblin; Stacey Gibson; Warwick Giles; Kara Giles-Sproule; B Giugni; Loretta Giusti; Ingeborg Glecke; Heather Glover; Hans Gnodtke; Michael Gock; Elaine Goggin; Nancy Goldberg; Michael Goldberg; Bruce Goldshaft; Fran Goldstein; Mercurius Goldstein; F Goliopoulos; Grace Gonzaga; Terence Goodall; Royce Goodall; Alex Goodarzi; Neville Goodyer; Priyanka Goonetilleke; Renee Goossens; Anne Gorman; Kritika Goundar; Michelle Gow; M Gowing; Rohan Gowland; Brian Graf AO; Ann Graham; Christopher Graham; Alan Grant; Connie Grant; Christopher Gray; Michael Gray; Ronald Gray; J Green; Valda Green; Noela Griffin; Royce Griffin; Basil Griffin; Laurie Griffin; Amanda Grindrod; Soultana Grozos; Belinda Grugan; Maria Grujovic; Deborah Grunfeld; Christina Grygiel; Ana Guajardo; Morgan Guerra-Heuwetter; Livio Guidolin; Stephen Guille; Eula Guthrie AO; Elizabeth Haberley; David Hadlow; Helen Hadlow; Barbara Haines; Jemima Hains; Kelvin Haisman; Franklin G Hall; Steve Hall; Ross Hall; Cameron Hallworth; Raymond Hambly; Emma Hamilton; James Hamilton; Lesley Hamilton; Mary Hammick; Ghilaine Hammond-Baillie; Paul Hancock; Timothy Handford; Leslie Handler; Florence Hands; Susan Hanh; S Hanke; Leisha Hankroot; Leander Hansar; David Hansman; Lisa Happell; Jonathan Happold; Casey Hardaker; Roger Hardy; Silvia Hardy; Thomas Haremza; Laurence Harkness; Joan Harle; Estelle Harman; James Harman; Ian Harper AM; Simon Harris; Angela Harris; Keith Harris; Diana Harris; Susanne Harrison; D Harvey; Janice Hasick; Anwarul Hassan; Derek Hatrey; Ameya Hattangadi; Judith Hatten; Susan Hattersley; Peter Hatton; Leonard Hauville; Charlotte Hawke; Kathleen Hay; Jenny Hayes; Lisa Hayes; Monica Hayes; Judith Hayne; Bryony Heath; Kathleen Heath; Jill Heathcote; E Heaume; M Heaume; Courtney Heeley; Maureen Heine; Miles Heine; Valerie Henry; Samuel Henwood; Jeremy Heo; Malcolm Herbert; Nicol Herbert; Doodie Herman; John Herron; Jolyn Hersch; Rebecca Hickey; Rochelle Higginbottom; Katrina Higgins; Kaye Higgins; James Hill; John Hill; Lyndell Hill; Justin Hill; Harry Hill Smith; Desiree Hingle; Anna Hirst; Deborah Hirst; Nancy Hitchcock; Melanie Ho; Kabelle Ho; David Hobbs; Margaret Hoch; J Hocking; H Hocking; Joy Hodges; Michael Hoffman; Jenni Hofsteede; Lisa Hogan; Joe Holloway; J Holly; Nathan Holmes; Shirley Holmes; Julie Holmes; Erin Holohan; Kathy Hong; Amanda Hooker; Penny Hooper; Leonie Hope; Patricia Horan; Stewart Horwood; Yun Hou; Jessica Houanl; Shirley Houlahan; Lyla Howard; M Howard; Rachel Howard; William Howell; John Hoye; Danny Hrycho; Hon Hua; Ronald Huckstep; Antonia Hudson; Norman Hughes; Ken Hughes; Yat Man Hui; Ronald Hume; Diane Humphries; Timothy Hunt; Enid Hunter;

29 thank you Chunxia Huo; Tammy Huynh; Tammy Huynh; Phillip Igonia; Timothy Ikin; Mia Ilias; Brian Imison; Chris Ingold; James Innes; Christine Ireland; Gwendoline Irving; Brene Irwin; Eleanor Isdale; William Isdale; Tjana Ishter; Sally-Anne Ivimey; Sanja Ivkovic; Sybil Jack; Cherry Jackaman OAM; Murray Jackson; Margaret Jacobs; Judith James; Gillian James; Fiona James; Simon Jankelson; Christine Janssen; Eduardo Jaque; Aguilar Jazmine; A Jeddere-Fisher; J Jeffery; Libby Jeffery; J Jefremov; John Jenkins; Michael Jenkins; Shelley Jenkins; Timothy Jensma; Richmond Jeremy; Melissa Jeyapal; Shirley Jin; Leontia Jo; Simone Joffe; Mark Johnson; Joshua Johnson; Sarah Johnson; Paul Johnson; Alice Johnson; James Johnson; Jasmine Johnston; Darwyn Jolly; Jola Jones; Timothy Jones; Walter Jones; Paul Jones; Nikki Joson; Jhoshan Jothilingam; Katica Jurisic; Sancho Kalcev; Thomas Kaldor; Helen Kam; Amy Kamaleddine; Tomoko Kanazawa; Jason Kane; Jae Kang; Benu Kar; R J Karas; Paul Karp; Saria Kasalan; Helen Kasses; Joy Kassouf; Henry Kaswiner; Ashley Katib; Kathryn Kattis; Alexander Katyk; Nikita Kaushik; Emilian Kavalski; Fiona Kavanagh; Cameron Kay; Gulseren Kaynar; Margaret Keen; John Keerie; Maria Kefalianos; Rowan Kellam; Maria Kelly; Andrew Kelly; Scott Kelly; Rebecca Kelly; John Kenna; Joanne Kenny; Uraiwan Keodara; Kerry Kermode; June Kernke; Nicola Kerr; Dawne Kerruish; D Kerslake; Vanda Keszeg; Philip Keys; Poh Khoo; Sarah Kidd Coad; David Kiddy; Marianne Kilmurray; Benjamin Kim; Kenneth Kimberley; Rebecca Kimpton; Gregory King; Julie King; Jessica Kingsford; Joanna Kiourtzis; Timothy Kirk; Rick Kirkby; Jordan Kitts; Elissa Kluger; Derek Knight; Lillian Knight; Rodney Knock; Ronald Knott; Ronelle Knowles; John Knowles; Jeanette Knox; Jayne Knox; Sungjin Ko; Ahmad Kobeissi; Sang Hyun Koh; Andrew Kokic; Stephen Kolmann; Ermioni Kolobaric; Halina Koncewicz; Christine Konik Rose; Alexandra Korch; Shay Koren; Litsa Kouzoumis; David Krasovitkey; Kate Kraut; Lidija Krebs-Lazendic; Kit Kriewaldt; Olga Krymsky; Huolin Kuang; Shailendra Kumar; Ashok Kumar; Matthew Kuti; Edmond Kwan; Benjamin Kwan; Wai Kwong; Willy Kwong; Sherman Lai; Grace Lai; Kieu Lai; Cecilia Lam; Loan Lam; Herman Lam; Anne Lambert; Olive D Landa; Betty Lane; Kerrie Lane; Lara Langdon; Jacki Largo; Stuart Larkin; Tony Lau; Elaine Lau; Karen Lau; Patti Laubinger; Joyce Law; Deborah Law; Winsome Lawrence; Thea Lawson-Baker; Trevor Lawton; Huong Le; Peter Le Mesurier; Sian Leathem; Adam Lee; Frances Lee; Raymond Lee; Robyn Lee; Suboong Lee; Bill Lee; Catherine Lee; Cecelia Lee; Jon Lee; Katie Lee; Aet Lees; Beverley Lees; Frances Leighton; Chloe Leng; Kate Lennard; Vanessa Lennon; Wilga Leone; Garry Leong; Justin Leong; Polly Leong; Viviane Leventhal; Christine Levi; Rose Levy; Margaret Lewis; Patricia Lewis; Ross Lewis; Graham Lewis; Irene Leyshan; Francis Li; Ye Li; Ruonan Li; Xin Li; Christian Liedvogel; Annie Lieutenant; Vun Liew; Fiona Lim; Winny Lim; Melanie Lim; Jonathon Lim; Jennifer Lin; Lynette Lincoln; Catriona Lindsay; Samuel Ling; Deirdre Linkiewicz; K Liontos; Esther Liu; Zhu Liu; Evangelos Livaditis; E Livingston; Marion Lloyd; Bob Lloyd; Marie Lloyd; Ming Jan Lo; Lai Lo; Kristy Lo; Lai Yi Lo; David Locke; D Logan; A Lohmann; Graham Long; Maureen Longo; Nathan Lord; Jerry Lovatt; Sarah Lovesy; Kai Wah Low; Louis Lowe; Yangdao Lu; Maree Lucas; Edward Lucey; Lucinda Luckett; Lindsay Lugg; Edith Lugsdin; Roma Lumley; Danielle Luong; Elvira Lusty; Jack Ly; Darryl Lynam CBE; Thomas Lynch; Ying Ma; Henry Ma; Philip Ma; Simon Maberley; Gretel MacDonald; Helen MacDougall; Rosemary MacGregor; James Mack; Paul Mackay; John Mackie; Katherine Maclaren; Rita Madden; Margery Magree; J Mah; Gillian Mahoney; G Maitland; Beth Mammarella; Nan Manefield; Shirley Mani; Ray Manley; Patricia Manolopoulos; Derek Mar; Nina Mara; T Marage; Artemys Marangos; Mary Maraz; Duan March; Joy Marchant; Julie Margret; Kenneth Marjason; Scott Marshall; Samantha Marshall; Eric Marshman; Marielle Martens; Anthony Martin; John W Martin; Marjory-Dore Martin; Adriana Martinelli-Sciacca; Aurora Martinez; Patricia Mason; Amanda Mason; Ena Mason; Patricia Mather; Simon Mattes; Sean Matthews; Sibella Matthews; Edith Mawer; Ruth Mawson; Andrew Maxam; Mr Maxwell-Brown; Ross McFarlane; Elaine McBride; T McCabe; Neville McCahon; Grant McCall; Louise McCarthy; William McCloy; Sophie McComas; James McCourt; Patricia McCrohon; Kerry McCurley; Vanessa McDonald; Jane McDonald; Amy McDonald; J McDonnell; Rachel McDonnell; Anna McDougall; Carmel McErlain; Alice McGahey; Lynsey McGee; Kirsty McGeoch; Leanne McGrath; D McGregor Griffiths; Pamela McGuire; Cara McInerney; Beverley McIntyre; Joanna McKenzie; Helen McKinnon; Lara Mclaughlin; Laura McLean; Steve McLennan; Lisa McNab; Thomas McNally; Alistair McNicol; C McNiven; Ian McPhee; Mary McPhillips; Mary McQuade; Patrick McQuade; Philip McTaggart; A Megahey; Sandra Meiras; Rosa Melino; Joyce Melville; E Mendizza; V Mendizza; Kaycelyn Mercado; Marjorie Mercer; Rhys Merrett; Tony Metlege; Mei Mew; Ruth Meyer; Lucy Mihaljevic; J Miller; Josephine Milne-Home; Kate Milner; Claudia Milunsky; Sarah Minto; Lisa Miotto; Ann Mitchell OAM; Dennis Mitchell; Denise Mitchell; Janet Mitchell; Russ Mitchinson; Peter Mitrou; David Miu; Marilyn Moate; Deborah Moir; Karolina Molenda; Andre Molle; Maria Mollica; Janet Mooney; Benjamin Moore; Lucy Moore; Lyndal Moore; Aphilia Moraitis; Romaine Moreira; Helen Morgan; Marcis Morgan; Margot Morris; Enid Morrison; Evlalie Morrison; Merran Morrison; Anthony Morton; Valentine Moskvitch; Anthony Moulton; Mehdi Moussaoui; Peter Mudge; Monika Mukerji; John Mulford; Maureen Mullard; Colin Mullen; Klaus Muller; Catherine Munro; Cita Murphy; Peter Murphy; Colette Murray; Dylan Murray; Robert Murray; Julia Murray; Michael Murray; Valentino Musico; Rebecca Mussett; Brian Mutimer; Gail Mutimer; Lexi Myers; Yvonne Myers; Mina Nada; Wijeya Nagarajah; Sheila Nagaratnam; Laura Nash; Christine Nay; Jacqueline Neilly; Ninea Nepomuceno; Jess Nero; Rosemary Nettleton; Gillian Robin Newey PM; Belinda Newman; Elizabeth Newton; Mary Newton; Alfred Ng; Alexandria Ng; Walton Ng; Keziah Ng; Susana Ng; Thanh Ngo; Jennie Ngo; Mai Nguyen; Phuong Nguyen; Anh Nguyen; Bao Nguyen; Cong Nguyen; Daisy Nguyen; Le Thien Nguyen; Yee Nguyen; Samuel Nicholas; I Nicholls; Alexis Nicholls; Dorothy Nicholson; John Nickson; Reg Nixon; E Noble; Siripun Nontasuti; Esther Noronha; Parissa Notaras; T Nowland; Natasha Nugent; N Nye; Mary Oakes; Alistair Oakes; Emily O Connell; Adrienne O Dell; Paul Ogden; Julien Ogereau; Donna Ogier; Rosalind Ogilvie; Nicola O Hanlon; Elisse O Leary; John Olekalns; Kathleen Olive; Diana Oliver; Eliot Oliver; Francis O Neil; Cynthia Ong; William Opitz; Joan O Regan; John O Regan; Thomas Oriti; Virginia Ornelas; Cecil Orrock; Brian Osborne; Freda Osei Taah; M O Shea; Anwar Osman; Matthew O Sullivan; Richard Ouvrier; Hiroshi Oya; Isabella Paganin; Emma Page; Audrey Page; David Page; Andrea Pagella; Sarah Pak; Carmel Palin; Helena Palmgrist; Vanessa Panayi; William Pardy; Yuem Park; Scott Parker; Alex Parker; Felizitas Parr; Gina Pash; Christine Pasley; Chandricka Pasupati; Jeanette Patamia; Ruth Paterson; Jessica Paterson; Robert Patruno; A Patterson; Ann Pattison; Christine Payne; Ian Peacock; John Pearce; Will Pearce; Adam Peczkowski; Erika Peile; Mark Perica; Graham Perkins; Mark Perlow; Valerie Perrin; Elaine Peterson; Narelle Petley; Gwen-Therese Petroni; Helen Petzl; Duy Pham; Rosemary Phillips; Ryan Pickard; Narelle Pickens; Lee Pickup; Lynette Pickworth; Bec Pierce; Kevin Pilgrim; Nello Pillon; Meredith Pinkerton; Galina Pinski; Jennifer Plat; M Platus; Anne Player; Pip Playford; Jurriaan Plesman; Joseph Plibersek; Robert Podger; Emily Poelina-Hunter; Ayya Poeslameutas; Brett Pollard; Kylie Pollard; Anna Polyvloo; Anna Pontin; Charles Poole; Daphne Poole; Anastasia Potiris; Keith Powell; Rosemary Powers; J Powers; Steve Pratley; William Price; Nancy Prochilo; Abbey Proud; Valerie Prowse; Tamara Przialgovskis; Ruchir Punjabi; Micheline Purvis; C Pushkinski; Christina Puth; Lisa Pyers; Adrian Pypers; Monica Qiao; Hannah Quadrio; Amanda Quayle; Steve Quinn; Ashley Radburn; Mohammad Rafat; Jim Raiss; Lyn Raiss; Beck Raj; Hari Ram; Yogesh Ramani; Sharda Ramjas; Les Randolph; Lincoln Rankin-Smith; G Reading; Jean Redmond; Fay Rees; Rebecca Rees; William Rees; Sophie Reeves; Geoffrey Reid; Rhonda Reilly; Rosalind Rennie; Alison Renshaw; Pablo Reyes; Anna Reyment; N Rhodes; Myree Ribbons; Antimo Riccio; Benjamin Rice; A Rice; Kim Richards; Laura Richards; Peter Richards; Wendy Richards; Cathryn Richardson; Robyn Richardson; Julia Richardson; Paul Riddle; Felicity Rigby; Michelle Ring; Valerie Ringham; Norma Ritchie; Fiona Robb; Trent Robbins; John Roberts; Mary Roberts; Robin Roberts; Catriona Robertson; Julia Robertson; Mark Robinson; Alex Robinson; Margaret Robinson; Margot Robson; Thomas Robson; Daine Robson; Ella Roby; Darrel Roche; Ann Rochester; Alana Rodgers; Maecelle Rodgers; Peter Rodgers; Jenny Rogers; Mila Rojano; Enid Roland; Emma Rollinson; Mark Romalis; Anne Roman; Rowan Romuld; Mary Ronzani; Debbie Rose; B Rose; Elizabeth Rose; Ute Rose; David Rossell; Nick Rotondo; Nicholas Roucek; P Rouls; Tara Rouse; Elena Rowan; Louisa Rowe; Robert Rowley; Lesley Roxon; Penny Rozano; Alan Rozen; Mahesha Rubasinghe; Ron Rudd; Tamara Ruicens; Lynda Ruiz; Virginia Ruscoe; Warwick Russell; Mishelle Ryan; Patricia Ryan; P Ryan; Kathleen Ryan; Margaret Ryan; Hannah Ryan; Jessica Saab; Anne Sabato; Susan Sabel; Arti Saini; Camilla Sakkas; Mena Salib; Sophie Sallis; Ravi Samaranayake; Sarah Samild; Tamara Samuel; Gloria Sanders; A Sanders; Mrs Sanders; Taweesak Sangkapreecha; Margaret Sankey-Sutcliffe; Arthur Sarandos; Gregory Saunders; Alan Sauran; Elaine Sawell; E Saxby; Doris Say; Tania Scenna; Harry Schafer; Tracey Schaudin; Robert Scheer; Ana Schippers; Nadine Schmidt; James Schofield; Rinke Schoneveld; Amy Schrodek; Jade Schroers; Noel Schultheis; Joyce Scobie; Catherine Scott; Akea Scott; Tealia Scott; Adam Scougall; Ruth Scrivener; Collin Seach; Natalie See; Ann Selle; John Senior; Marika Seremetkoska; Reiner Seubert; Rose Shackley; Ruth Shane PM; Mary Shannon; Douglas Shaw; Lindsay Shaw; William Sheehy; Julian Sheen; Jennifer Shepherd; Helen Sheppard; Clare Sheridan; Asti Sherring; Jacqueline Shilson Josling; Michael Shiraev; Maria Shori; Fay Shorter; S Shruti; Phillip Sigsworth; Michael Simcock; W Simon; Denise Simons; Valentine Simpson; Janice Simpson; Alexander Sims; Ram Singh; Kartika Singh Panwar; Kathleen Skene; Kelly Skilbeck; Elizabeth Skipworth; Michael Slack; Dorothy Sleat; Steve Sloan; Brienna Sloggett; Elizabeth Smalley; Tony Smallwood; Gloria Smith; Lynette Smith; Byron Smith; Lynette Smith; Veronica Smith; Charles Smith; Cleone Smith; Rebecca Smith; D Smith; Ian Smith; Judy Smith; Kirrily Smith; Luke Smith; Patricia Smith; Judith Smith; Kenneth Smith; M Smith; Mary Smith; Kevin Smith; Anthony Smith; Chris Smith; Allison Sola; Teresa Solera; Anna Soler-Barrett; Bill Solias; John Sommer; Joseph Incheul Song; Jennifer Soo; Teneal Southern; Jessica Sparksman; Em Spence; Caroline Spruce; Kathy Srikanthan; Wendy St Clair; Stacy Ann Stafford-Brookes; Stephen Stafford-Brookes; J Stalgis; M Stalgis; Nicole Stamatopoulos; Kiruna Stamell; James Stanford; Jaime Stanley; Louise Stanley; David Starbuck; Rebecca Stark; John Starr; Maria Starzer; Barbara Stasenka; R Stead; Lisa Stedman; Frederick Steel; Charles Steif; Patricia Stenning; Jeanette Stephan; Peter Stephen; Sarah Stephen; R Stephenson; John Stevens; Barbara Stewart; Kelly-Anne Stewart; Tina Stewart; Deborah Stewart; Todd Stewart; Dorothy Stiff; Susan Stikkelorum; Robert Stone; Jeanne-Clare Storace; Charles Stott; Michelle Stromberg; Jean Stubbings; Joan Stuckey; J Studden Snr; Hai Su; Lena Succar; Melissa Suen; Pamela Summers; Ian Summers; Jean Sun; Yi Sun; Niruparaj Sundararajah; Sarah Surgeon; Geoff Surplice; Bethan Sutton; Judie Suttor; Steven Swanepoel; Anna Sykes; Gillian Sykes; Susanna Szollos; Katherine Ta; Nefley Takacs; Maki Takken; Charleen Talbot; Aline Tan; Jessica Tang; Alita Tanswell; Jack Tao; Samia Taouk; Frances Taylor; Jackie Taylor; Chester Teo; Benjamin Terakes; Troy Terpens; Winston Thai; Jacqueline Thatcher; Tracey Thomaidis; Kylie Thomas; Cheryl Thomas; Leonie Thomas; Andy Thomas; David Thompson; Daniel Thompson; James Thompson; Sharen Thompson; Ann Thompson; Keith Thompson; Douglas Thompson; Albie Thoms;

30 thank you K Thomson; Gwendoline Thrift; Roderick Tiernan; Allan Tieu; Jennifer Tillett; Hilman Tjiang; Leita Todhunter; Benjamin Tolentino; Alexander Tomalaris; Beris Tomkins; Ben Tong; Suzanne Tonkin; Norma Toohey; Dimitra Toouli; Lisa Topaltsis; Rory Torrens; Eva Toth; Melissa Toumbelekis; S Tourountis; Marian Townsend; Robyn Tracey; Frances Tramontana; Nhan-An Tran; Huu Tran; Graham Tranter; Paula Treacy; George Triantafyllou; Yasmin Trinidad; Merryn Truskett; Stavroula Tsaccounis; Mr Tsionis; Joseph Tsui; Hansi Tu; Richie Tu; John Tucker; Deb Turnbull; Robert Turnbull; Pye Twaddell; Emma Tyler; George Tzimokas; Herta Uhlherr; Cheryl Unglaube; Wolf Unglaube; David Vadas; Gemma Valpiani; Cornelia Van Den Bout; Annette Van Dommelen; M Van Dyken; R Van Dyken; Barbara Vardanega; Jarrod Vassallo; Silvia Vaz; Danielle Veenstra; Clarissa Veil; Carol Vella; Debra Venables; Paul Vermeesch; Anne Vipond; Michael Vitullo; Jasenka Vlaicevic; Dien Vo; Marina Vouvopoulos; Darko Vranesevic; Vedran Vulovic; Sophie Wade; Elizabeth Wade; Tanya Wagner; Barbra Wagner; Rebecca Wakeling; Sharon Waldron; R Walker; Robert Walker; Jennifer Walker; Ian Walker; Rohan Walker; Sarah Walkley; Anthony Wall; Patrick Wall; Gail Wallace; Graeme Wallace; Bec Walraven; Doreen Walsh; Edmund Walters; Kris Walters; Malcolm Walters; Amanda Walton; Alia Wang; Qi Jun Wang; Yan Wang; LU Wang; Qian Wang; Ying Wang; John Wansbrough; Nancy Warbrooke; Rima Wardi; Peter Waring; Michael Warner; John Warren; Renate Watkinson; Alan Watkinson; Louise Watson; Malcolm Watson; M Watson; Sharon Watson; Bruce Watson; Heather Watson; Heather Watson; Jackie Watson; Judith Watt; Ross Wearn; Patricia Webster; John Webster; Kim Michelle Webster; Alex Webster; Fred Wechsler; Kenneth Welch; Patrick Weller; Peter Wellings; E Wellwood; Roderick West AM; John Whatmough; Liz Wheatley; Enid Wheeler; Laurie Wheeler; Alex Wheeler; P Whipple; Diana Whitaker; Tim White; Leisly White; Christina White; Judith White; Robert Wickenden; Joan Wilcox; Janet Wild; John Wilkins; Janet Wilkinson; Eric Willacy; Emma Williams; John Willimott; Michelle Wills; Robert Willson; A Wilson; Carolyn Wilson; Margaret Wilson; Yvette Wilson; Debbie Wilson; Amy Wilson; Joanne Wilson-Ridley; Alexander Wilton; Michelle Windsor; Marion Winkler; Prudence Winkler; Shawn Winnett; Tony Winters; Geoffrey Winters; Jenny Wong; Garry Wong; Wai Wong; Alan Wong; Edward Woo; C Wood; Joe Wood; Jane Woodall; Margaret Woodhead; Rachel Woodland; Roger Woods; Ken Woods; Louise Woods; Stephanie Wooldridge; Meredith Woolnough; Marie-Anne Worsley; Kyla Woznyi; Sally Wright; N Wright; D Wright; Kasia Wroblewski; Hanna Wutke; Anthony Xiao; Jon Xu; Judy Yabsley; Stanley Yan; Bin Yap; Michael Yarnold; Harika Yarrapotu; Sheree Yau; Grace Yeo; Cee-Chong Ying; Liping Ying; Paul Yonge; Vicki Young; Deborah Young; Isabel Young; Caroline Youssef; Ali Youssef; Elham Youssef; Carol Yu; H Yu; Jiaping Yu; Nicole Yu; Sonia Zadro; John Zahar; Marlo Zamora; Alexandra Zantiotis; G Zarfin; Veronica Zec; Jenny Zhang; Xin Zhang; Yu Zhou; Harry Ziogas; Nicholas Zipfinger; Stephen Zissermann; Martin Zitek; Eric Zographos Organisations & Foundations $1,000,000 + Australian Diabetes Council The Wenkart Foundation $500,000 $999,999 Dow Chemical Company Foundation North Shore Heart Research Foundation $250,000 $499,999 Anonymous x 2 Institute for Clinical Nutrition Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Sir Zelman Cowen Universities Fund The Atlantic Philanthropies The Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation Trustees of the Claffy Foundation Westmead Institute of Reproductive Medicine Ltd $100,000 $249,999 Alcoa Foundation Anonymous x 3 Australian Society of Orthodontists (NSW Branch) Inc Blooms the Chemist Clayton Utz Clive and Vera Ramaciotti Foundations Donald Boden Memorial Trust Ian Potter Foundation Karcraft Australia Pty Ltd Merck & Company Inc Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson s Research Muscular Dystrophy Association Inc Pain Management Research Institute Ltd Perpetual Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia The 60th Dhammachai Education Foundation The AW Tyree Foundation The Hillcrest Foundation The Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation Ltd $50,000 $99,999 Adolph Basser Charitable Trust Allens Arthur Robinson Alzheimer s Association American Society of Clinical Oncology Anthony Rothe Memorial Trust Australian Lung Foundation Australian Respiratory Council Australian Women and Children s Research Foundation Canine Research Foundation Diabetes Australia Research Trust Freehills Jae My Holdings Pty Ltd Macquarie Group Foundation Maple-Brown Family Charitable Foundation Ltd NARSAD, The World s Leading Charity Dedicated to Mental Health Research National Heart Foundation of Australia, NSW Division Nelson Meers Foundation Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia Paul and Pamela Wood Foundation Roth Foundation Servier Laboratories Australia Pty Ltd Sylvia and Charles Viertel Charitable Foundation Tenix Foundation Pty Ltd The Bill & Patricia Ritchie Foundation Ltd The Goodridge Foundation The Lincoln Centre The Skrzynski/Sky Foundation The Turnbull Foundation Vos Foundation Pty Ltd Winadell Pty Ltd Zoe Hall Scholarship Foundation Ltd $25,000 $49,999 Bessie Catherine Cook Trust Boston Scientific Pty Ltd Bus & Coach Association (NSW) Canberra Airport Pty Ltd Commonwealth Bank of Australia Eldon & Anne Foote Trust Grant Broadcasters Pty Ltd Heart Research Institute Ltd International Retinal Research Foundation Lord Mayor s Charitable Foundation McLean Hospital Melbourne Community Foundation National Australia Trustees Ltd National Institutes of Health, USA Skellern Family Foundation Southern Scene Pty Ltd Sydney Neuro Oncology Group Ltd The Helpmann Family Foundation The Rotary Club of Sydney CBD Trust Company Ltd Woodend Foundation Woodend Pty Ltd $10,000 $24,999 AGM Services Pty Ltd Anonymous ANZ Trustees Ltd Asthma Foundation of New South Wales Australasian College of Dermatologists Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation Australian Dental Research Foundation Australian Society of Orthodontists Foundation Australian Society of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery Bluesand Foundation Pty Ltd Brian M Kirby Foundation Busways Group Pty Ltd Crane Group Ltd Dooleys Lidcombe Fred P Archer Charitable Trust G & P Nock Foundation Pty Ltd Gresham Partners Ltd Harvard Club of Australia Foundation Hellenic Republic Ministry of Culture & Tourism Hicksons Lawyers Illawarra Committee Melanoma Foundation International House New York Kizmore Pty Ltd Mahindra Automotive Australia Pty Ltd Mandelbaum House Marich Foundation Marley Pty Ltd Martin McIlrath Scholarships Trust Medical Advances Without Animals National Tourism Industry Training Committee Ltd Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada New York Presbyterian Hospital NHST Pty Ltd Pandora Pty Ltd Physiotherapy Research Foundation Population Council Pratt Foundation Race Captial Pty Ltd Royal Motor Yacht Club Scholarship America Schwartz Foundation Pty Ltd Selby Scientific Foundation Speech Pathology Association of Australia Spizak Holdings Pty Ltd Stan Sidhu Pty Ltd Stewart Partners Pty Ltd Swan Services Pty Ltd Sydney University Law Graduates Association The Chancellor s Committee The David Harold Tribe Charitable Foundation The Herbert & Valmae Freilich Prescribed Private Fund The John and Laurine Proud Family Estate Trust

31 thank you The Kathleen Holmes McCrea Trust Kazacos Foundation Pty Ltd $1000 $4999 Broinowski Foundation Pty Ltd Effie Holdings Pty Ltd Karori Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Quota International of Walcha Inc The Society of Women Writers, NSW Inc The Merenda Legacy Lamrocks Solicitors & Attorneys 1952 Graduates Union Bulldogs League Club Ltd EIML Australia Pty Ltd Kelly Investments 2 Pty Ltd R & L Richardson Pty Ltd Tony Ferguson Licencing Pty Ltd The Returned & Services League of Australia Ltd Transix Pty Ltd TressCox Lawyers Vonwiller Foundation Walter & Eliza Hall Trust Worldwide Universities Network $5000 $9999 A & R General Insurance Services Pty Ltd Anonymous APL Lawyers Pty Ltd Arthropharm Pty Ltd Australian Hotels Association (NSW) Australian Rotary Health Research Fund Better Boards Conference CAF Community Fund Ltd Creatio Pty Ltd Data Nett Consulting Pty Ltd Goldman Sachs & Partners Foundation Ltd Greenwoods and Freehills Pty Ltd Harper Bernays Charitable Trust Iris Wang Pty Ltd JMYF Enterprises Pty Ltd Judicial Conference of Australia Inc KR Neale Holdings Pty Ltd Marvid Pty Ltd Medical Independent Assessments Pty Ltd Meniere s Australia Inc Mulgoa Quarries Pty Ltd Mul-T-Lock Securities National Multiple Sclerosis Society Nationwide Realty Penrith New South Wales Women s Bowl for Others Club Newcastle Hunter Support Group For The Hearing Impaired Inc Pritikin Lifestyle of Australia Rellim Holdings No 2 Pty Ltd Reuben F Scarf Memorial Foundation Ltd Rotary of St Marys Schrader Legal Sherman Foundation Simon Hawke Pty Ltd Sydney Conservatorium Association (Inc) The Edward & Emily McWhinney Foundation The Executive Connection Pty Ltd The Reg Maher Family Foundation Tulip Pty Ltd Westpac Matching Gifts Whiteley Corporation Pty Ltd A & A Development Pty Ltd Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand ACL/NJCL National Latin Exam Acutec Systems Pty Ltd Aims Home Loans Pty Ltd Amgen Australia Pty Ltd AMP Foundation Ltd AMPLA Ltd Annlyn Motors ANU Canberra Friends of the AAIA Association for Academic Language and Learning Aston Pacific Aussie Home Loans Penrith Australia and Pacific Science Foundation Australian Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd Australian Mushroom Growers Association Australian Society of Orthodontists Inc Balnaves Foundation Barraba Cancer Patients Fund Raising Group Bateman Battersby Lawyers Berg Family Foundation Pty Ltd Blake Dawson Bloomfield Group Foundation Pty Ltd Blue Chip Communications Group Pty Ltd CA Hill & Associates Pty Ltd Cabinteely Pty Ltd Chemist outlet Baulkham Hills Chemist outlet Canberra Chemist outlet Dubbo Chemist outlet Green Point Chemist outlet Lisarow Chemist outlet Mayfield Chemist outlet Nowra Chemist outlet Rockdale Chemist outlet Townsville Chemist outlet Charlestown Clintons Toyota Coles Danziger Foundation Couton Isaac Barber Craig Mostyn and Company Pty Ltd CSL Ltd Dadee Investments Pty Ltd DBT Agencies Pty Ltd Deicorp Pty Ltd Direct Accounting Pty Ltd DJ Motors Pty Ltd Dorrington Investments Pty Ltd Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology Pty Ltd East West Relations Foundation Eastern Electrical & Boiler Service Enwan Australia Pty Ltd Evandale Pty Ltd Expatriate Club Filesaver Pty Ltd Forensic Dental Education Committee GE Capital Finance Australia Gospel Piano Pty Ltd Gotcha Covered Upholstery & Curtains Greek Orthodox Community of NSW Ltd Guillain Barre Syndrome Association of NSW Inc Hamilton Veterinary Services Pty Ltd Hayward & Associates Pty Ltd Hearing CRC Ltd Hitchens Removals Pty Ltd Holdmark Constructions Pty Ltd ImpediMed Ltd Inner Wheel Club of Balmain Inc JD Shatford Memorial Trust J Wyndham Prince Pty Ltd Jigsaw Logistics Pty Ltd John T Hinkley Pty Ltd John Touma Constructions Pty Ltd John Wiley & Sons Ltd JPA Asia Pacific Pty Ltd KE Ong and Associates Pty Ltd Khyentse Foundation LB International Pty Ltd Lin Corporation Pty Ltd Lions Club of Sydney Lions Club of Sydney North West Inc Little & Rabie Trading Pty Ltd Lundbeck Australia Pty Ltd Macbro Properties Pty Ltd Macquarie Health Corporation Pty Ltd Maddocks Mallesons Stephen Jaques Muswellbrook Golf Club Ltd Neerg Seminars Pty Ltd Northbridge-Cammeray Masonic Hall Co Pty Ltd Northgate Fuel Pty Ltd Nutrition Society of Australia Inc Oceana Investments Asia Pacific Pty Ltd Oceanic HR Pty Ltd O Dea Pennington Pty Ltd Penrith City Council Penrith Lock Up Storage Units Pty Ltd Peter Marr & Associates Pty Ltd Peter Weiss Foundation Pharmaceutical Defence Ltd Quinton Rowe Pty Ltd Rabobank Australia Revesby Mens Bowling Club Rockville Pty Ltd Roseville Music Club Rotary Club of Bondi Junction Community Service Rotary Club of Drummoyne Inc Rotary Club of Penrith Inc SEGI Pty Ltd Simons Ravden Lawyers Sir Asher & Lady Joel Foundation Solvay Pharmaceuticals Staff of the AMP Foundation Sydney Helicopters Pty Ltd Tara Anglican School for Girls The Cat Protection Society of NSW Inc The Charlie Perkins Trust for Children & Students The Law Society of New South Wales The Moore Family Philanthropic Foundation Ltd The NSW Bar Association The QLD Friends of the Australian Institute at Athens The RA Gale Foundation The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia WB Jones Staircase & Handrail Pty Ltd Way In Network Western Earthmoving Pty Ltd Western Suburbs Concrete Western Sydney Woodturners Inc Wingham Fundraising Winnebago Industries Wizard Home Loans Penrith Wollongong Veterinary Hospital Group Wooloowin State School $500 $999 Advance Australia Travel P/L; ALA of NSW State Branch; Appin Hotel; Arab Bank Australia Ltd; Becharrie Association of NSW Ltd; Blayney Veterinary Clinic Trust; Blumers Lawyers; Buttel Bridge Club; Cairns Family Trust; Caringbah High School; Children s Hospital at Westmead; Medical Staff Council; Country Energy; Country Women s Association of NSW (Belmont Branch); Deutsch Investments & Consultancy; Diverse Communications; Dyldam Developments Pty Ltd; Ernst & Young; G & T Younan Constructions Pty Ltd; GBS Partners; GDR Distributions Pty Ltd; 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32 thank you Foundation Pty Ltd; Lane Cove Music Club; Len Ardley Charitable Trust; Life Education; Lions Club of Frenchs Forest; Lions Club of Kiama; Lions Club of Manly; Lions Club of Wollongong; Michael Santangelo and Barbara Czajka Pty Ltd; Minter Ellison; Mount St Benedict College; Mudgee Toyota; New York Investment Trust; Nossal Family Trust; NSW Women Bowlers Past Presidents Association; Opera Lunedi; Orange Lions Club Inc; OTU Association NSW Branch; Power Institute Alumni Association; Quota Club of Gloucester Inc; Quota International of Quirindi Inc; RANZCOG Research Foundation; Rex Cat Club of New South Wales; Riverwood Legion & Community Club; Rotary District 9680; SAP Australia Pty Ltd; SAS Consulting Group Pty LImited; State Library of New South Wales; Steritech; Sydney Jewish Museum; Sydney University Veterinary Society; Sydney University Wildlife Society; T.G.N Pty Ltd; ATF My Cause Gift Fund; Tasmanian Friends of the AAIA; The Australian Veterinary Association Ltd; The Greatorex Foundation Pty Ltd; The Lee Family Trust; The Salvation Army; Tocris Cookson Ltd; Yamba Rugby Club Inc $100 $499 AEA Aerospace Group Pty Ltd; Alpha First; AMG Castle Hill Pty Ltd; Anne Petroleum Pty Ltd; Anonymous Annual Appeal; Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia Inc; Australian Federation of Graduate Women NSW Inc; Australian Society for Parasitology; Australo- Thessalian Benevolent Federation of Sydney NSW Ltd; Auswide Finance Pty Ltd; B Seen Clothing; Baclagit Pty Ltd; Barraket Trading Company Pty Ltd; BDS Class of 1960 Reunion; Bedur Enterprises Pty Ltd; Beresfield Girl Guides; Bimbimbi Nomimees Pty Ltd; Blackmores Ltd; Bruck Textiles Pty Ltd; Civil Engineering Graduates Association; Condon & Associates; Consulate-General of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; Coral Coast T1; D Chow Pty Ltd; DJ Cherry Pty Ltd; Dasco Construction Pty Ltd; Denrith Pty Ltd; Desh Pty Ltd; Dickinson s Metallurgical Supplies Pty Ltd; Discover Mortgage & Leasing Solution Pty Ltd; Draybi Bros Pty Ltd; Dryden Goulburn Pty Ltd; East Epping Probus; Engineers Australia Pty Ltd; Ennacombe Pty Ltd; Executive Living; Fortius Funds Management Pty Ltd; Furnass Landscaping Enterprises Pty Ltd; George Kalnins Pty Ltd; Gerringong Women s Bowling Club; Goulburn Mulwaree Council; Goulburn Wholesale Cars & Commercials; Grace and Ping Pty Ltd; Greek Young Matrons Association; Gregory & Carr Pty Ltd; Harding Mission; Harris Freidman Hyde Page; Harrison Funerals; Harts Pharmacy; Investec Bank (Australia) Ltd; J Bennett & Co Pty Ltd; John Elder Consultancy Services; L Rundle & Co; Lions Club of Nambucca Heads; Lorraine Lea Linen Pty Ltd; Macarthur Aviary Bird Club; Macquarie Lawyers; MAF Dental (NSW) Pty Ltd; Margaret Connolly & Associates Pty Ltd; Mary Immaculate Parish Primary School; Mary Le Pty Ltd; McGirr James Hall & Associates; McLachlan PK Consulting Pty Ltd; Medibank Private Ltd; Merrylands RSL Club Ltd; Michael Fox Architects Pty Ltd; Murray Darling Association; Naremburn Over 50s; Naval Association of Australia Canterbury Bankstown Sub Sect; Norgram Pty Ltd; NSW Justices Association Inc; NSW Women Justices Association; Ordam Pty Ltd; OZARK Environmental & Heritage Management; PSW Yue Pty Ltd; Parallel Trades Pty Ltd T/As Trans-Tasman Business Circle; Peter Lee Associates Pty Ltd; Phillip Hassall Produce P/L; Playfair Visa and Migration Services; Punchbowl Pharmacy; Quota International of Kyogle; RA Newman Pty Ltd; Richard Cortis Pty Ltd; Rosemary Lovell Pty Ltd; Rotary Club of Chester Hill; Rotary Club of Sydney; Servcorp Administration Pty Ltd; Soukon Pty Ltd; Sound Sessions P/L; St Ives Music Circle; Staff of Big W Mt Ommaney; Strathfield Partners Pty Ltd; Sun Developments Pty Ltd; Suzanne Grae Pty Ltd; Sydney University Law Society; The Aisling Society of Sydney; The Anchorage Caravan Park; The NSW Fire Brigade Employees Union; The Winner Partnership; Tintilla Estate Wines Pty Ltd; Tour Events; Tran Huu Pty Ltd; Veterinary Imaging Associates; Vet s Best Products Pty Ltd; Wan Chung Pty Ltd; Weston Aluminium (Producers) Pty Ltd; Wingham Anglers Club; Worksense Safety & Workwear Pty Ltd; Y Sotiropoulos Pty Ltd; Zanardo & Rodriquez Sales & Services Pty Ltd < $100 Abalfive Pty Ltd; Anonymous; B & S Guarna Co Pty Ltd; Baxter Laboratories Pty Ltd; Beecroft Lawn Tennis Club; Brigidine Sisters; Camejig Pty Ltd; Carolyn Beaumont Pty Ltd; Club Turramurra Inc; Curves Mt Gravatt; Denbar Services Pty Ltd; Denison College of Secondary Education; Emmanuel Anglican College; Enterprise Devereux Pty Ltd; Georges River Seniors Group; Ian B Dugan Pty Ltd; Infodec Pty Ltd; JG Walker and Co; J.A.D.S. Family Trust; Kalliope Consultancy; Kang s Taekwondo World; Leongs; Lowes- Manhattan Pty Ltd; Macrogenus Pty Ltd; Manipura Pty Ltd; Prairiewood High School; Riverside Girls High School; Salvation Army; Seniors Friendship Club; Shellharbour Workers Club Ltd; Soraya Alami Pty Ltd; St Phillips Ladies Fellowship; Sydney Church of England Grammar School; The Anglican Parish of Narellan; The Parramatta & District Historical Society Inc; Wehbe Investments Pty Ltd; Well-Being Australia Inc; Wiley Park Girls High School Bequests and estates $5,000,000 + Estate of Tom Austen Brown $1,000,000 $4,999,999 Estate of Edith Joyce Black Estate of William Robson Sinclair Estate of Peter Valese $500,000 $999,999 Estate of Arthur J Mayer Estate of Robert Allan Pearce Estate of Beryl Ayshleigh Stephens Estate of Dorothy Reavley Tinsley $250,000 $499,999 Estate of Arthur Ronald Brown Sir Hugh Denison Bequest Estate of Dagmar Wilhelmine Halas Estate of Peter Edric Dixon Hudson Estate of William Ritchie Estate of Zelda P Stedman Estate of Valerie Ruth Street $100,000 $249,999 Estate of Marie Howe Breckenridge Estate of Daphne Harrington Line Estate of Francis Henry Loxton Estate of Emilie Marguerite Schweitzer Estate of Ellie Grace Smith Estate of Mary Frances Stephens Estate of Edward John Roosevelt Vimpani Estate of Diane Wishart Estate of Margaret Brown Wright Estate of John Atherton Young $50,000 $99,999 Estate of Henry Lloyd Brown Estate of Patricia Excell Estate of Madeline Theresa McKenzie Jacqueline Diana Oscar Paul Bequest Estate of Catherine Heather Paton Estate of Harold Phillips $25,000 $49,999 Estate of Eleanor Theodora Bundock Estate of Harold Meredith Dixon Estate of Robert John Edwards Estate of Ian Buchan Fell Estate of Morris Zion Forbes Estate of Pamela Winifrid Green Estate of Kerry Marie Jenkin Estate of James Allen Keast Estate of Rachel Lipton Estate of Beryl Martin Estate of Emily Thelma Middleton Estate of Cecil Morrell Estate of Thomas Lawrance Pawlett Estate of Helen Marie Palmer Estate of Edna Pontin Estate of Vivian Kenneth Leslie Whittaker Estate of Wendy Williams < $25,000 Estate of Nicholas Anthony Aroney Estate of Grace Briggs Estate of Peter Geoffrey Browne Estate of Eileen Joyce Cameron Estate of Violet Falls Estate of Patricia Robin Giesecke Estate of Dr Helen Joan Hewson Estate of Elise Herrman James Macartney Hill Bequest Estate of Hugh Hughes Alison Jane Roberts MacCulloch Bequest Estate of Ian Bruce MacFarlane Estate of Earnest Trenchard Miller Estate of Grace Mary Mitchell Estate of Ellis Charles Muir Myee Codrington Medical Foundation Estate of Elsie EM Ockenden Estate of Boris Serge Omelchuk Estate of Thomas John Schubert Estate of Kurt Siegmund Estate of Jean I Swirles Estate of Dawn Meryl Thew Estate of Reginald Thomas Milner Whipple Estate of Clive Raymond Wilshire Challis Bequest Society The Challis Bequest Society recognises the enduring contribution of John Henry Challis, the first great benefactor of the University of Sydney, and those alumni and friends who are following in his footsteps by remembering the University of Sydney in their wills. Challis Legacy Level James Angus AO Marie Armstrong Janine Ashton William Balding John Barker Margaret Barker Paul Bryde Betty Chaar Jennie Churchill John Cleghorn John Corrie Warren Craig Melba Cromack Mark de Witt Michael Eldred Keith Field Jennifer Foong William Frost Alfred Gaudron Beverley Gilders

33 thank you Leslie Gilders Noel Robinson Barbara Benjamin Peter Davidson Elizabeth Hawker Esther Lee Wong Lesley Richardson-Deane Noel Thwaite Eduard Glastra-Marcello Jan Ruddock-Guerry Jennifer Blundell Reid Docherty Jennifer Hawkins Michael Llewellyn-Smith Raymond Ritchie Alan Timbs Harris Greenberg Barbara Sanders Zara Boland Nancy Dolan Debra Hayes Edward Loong James Roberts Audrey Timbs Theodore Guerry Harry Senior Helen Breekveldt Geoff Doulman Isabel Herron Gaynor MacDonald Russell Robertson Susan Tompkins Paul Hanacek Elizabeth Todd OAM Graham Brooks Irene Drizulis Jenny Hill Russell Mason Suzanne Robertson Marie Tonnet Jusuf Hariman Jennifer Hofmann Marcelle Holliday Royce Holliday Valerie Hoogstad John Hughes Helen Jackson Anne Keats Brennan Keats Margery Kennedy Dorothy Lamberton Varoe Legge Jeanette McGrath Roderick Meagher AO QC Carolyn Morris Sarah Nelson William Nelson Rowan Nicks OBE Hugh O Keefe Margot Poole Peter Poole Angela Raymond Anne Riches David Tribe Margaret Ure Narelle Watson John Whitehouse Ross Wilson Eiko Woodhouse Jean Wright Kim Yee Challis Lifetime Level Edward Alam Colina Anderson Stuart Peter Anderson Stuart Alexandra Anderson Stuart Primrose Anderson Stuart Donald Anderson AO FRS David Anstice Phillip Antonuccio Robyn Archer Laurence Bannatyne Patricia Bannatyne Amanda Bell Helen Bell Bettye Brown Joan Brown Ross Brown AM RFD ED Prue Browne Lenore Buckle Pamela Buley Ian Bund Grosvenor Burfitt-Williams Judith Burfitt-Williams Francis Burns OAM Mary Burns Alexander Cambitoglou AO Desme Carter Perc Carter Cecil Churm OBE Keith Clark Shandos Cleaver Helen Clift Edyth Conyers Natalie Courtman Renate Cowan Clare Craigie Margaret Cumberland Norton Duckmanton OAM RFD The Dunlop Family John Edgar Margaret Erwood Robyn Ewing Warren Farr T Farrell Lady Jean Foley Jane Francis Valmae Freilich Christine Furedy John Furedy Therese Garrick John Gibb Elizabeth Gibson Phillip Goldwyn John Graham Pauline Griffin AM Jean Hale Ian Harper AM Rosemary Harper Catherine Harris John Harris Janet Hine Adele Holtsbaum Ted Holtsbaum Margo Honeyman John Hosie Elizabeth Hudson Lloyd Hughes Robert Hunter AM FAA FRACI Raymond Hyslop OAM RFD Carlie Ireland Fukuo Izawa Reiko Izawa Anne James Cary James Joan Jones MBE Paulette Jones Warren Julian Allan Kendall Bozidar Kijurina William Land AM RFD John Last Beverley Laurens Jocalyn Lawler RN Sakuko Matsui Patricia McMahon Martin Peter McMinn Deborah McMurtrie John McMurtrie Noel Mellish Maryanne Menzies Frances Merenda Derek Minett Bevan Mitchell Maurice Neirous Judit Nemeth Marjorie Newton Chantal Nicolas Dorothy Nolan Peter Olive Roger Pamphlett Ian Penboss Kay Pettit James Purchas OAM Helen Rasko OAM Kenneth Reed Judith Reynolds Frederick Robinson Bruce Rowe Peter Sarfaty Manya Scheftsik Maureen Sheppard Clarice Smith Lawrence Smith Patricia Smith Robyn Smith Susan Smythe Helen Sparke Marion Spence Adam Spencer Geoffrey St Maur Mills Joss Stewart Anne Sullivan Peter Sullivan Dawn Swane-Doring Benjamin Taaffe Senta Taft Hendry Isabel Tangie Ken Temperley Daphne Thornton Brian Trudinger Marian Truman Brian Truskett Sir William Tyree OBE Colin Valentine Hiroko Watanabe Judith Waterer Sandra West Ross White Yvonne White Roberta Whitehead Deirdre Whitford Robert Wickenden Jann Wiener Alan Williams Terence Wolfe Kang Wong Marion Wood Elizabeth Woolfson Anita Wright Chris Yuen Anna Ziegler

34 64 65 Foundations and external centres The University of Sydney wishes to thank the talented and committed staff and volunteers of the following foundations and external centres for their fundraising efforts and support during External centres United States Studies Centre Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering External foundations Friends of the University of Sydney UK Trust The University of Sydney Hong Kong Foundation The University of Sydney USA Foundation Internal foundations Accounting Foundation Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Foundation Ageing and Alzheimer s Research Foundation * Australian Lebanese Foundation Bone and Joint Research Foundation * Celtic Studies Foundation Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Foundation Civil Engineering Foundation Cornforth Foundation for Chemistry Dairy Research Foundation Dermatology Research Foundation * Electrical and Information Engineering Foundation Endocrinology and Diabetes Research Foundation * Faculty of Pharmacy Foundation Hoc Mai, the Australia Vietnam Medical Foundation Inorganic Chemistry Foundation Microsearch Research Foundation * Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation Nerve Research Foundation Nutrition Research Foundation Oral Health Foundation Poultry Research Foundation Power Institute Foundation for Arts and Visual Culture Save Sight Foundation Science Foundation for Physics Sydney Burns Foundation * Sydney Conservatorium of Music Foundation Sydney Law School Foundation Sydney Medical School Foundation Sydney Peace Foundation The Melanoma Foundation The Nepean Medical Research Foundation University of Sydney Sport Foundation Veterinary Science Foundation * Divisions of the Sydney Medical School Foundation For links to internal foundations, visit foundations.shtml Investment and Capital Management Report Investment and Capital Management (ICM) is charged with managing the University of Sydney s endowment and trust assets, investment funds and commercial real estate investments. The ICM team is highly experienced with several members having spent more than 15 years in the financial markets. All University funds invested in debt securities are managed internally by the team, while funds invested in growth assets are managed externally by professional sector specialist managers. The team is supported by an external consultant adviser. Given the perpetual nature of the University s donated funds, ICM seeks to generate an optimal risk-adjusted total return through the employment of a structured long-term investment philosophy based around strategic asset allocation targets. Long-term endowment funds performance in 2010 Long-term endowment funds generally consist of bequests and endowments. The year witnessed a consolidation in equity markets across the world, as developed economies experienced a return to economic growth and expansion. Following the 2009 rebound, the MSCI World (ex-australia) Accumulation Index (hedged) closed the year 13.1% higher and the Australian equity market ended 2010 up by 1.6 percent. The return on the University s long-term funds was above the relevant NSW Treasury Corporation Hour-Glass Facility over the one-, two- and three-year periods. If you would like a copy of ICM s 2010 investment report please Long-Term Funds Performance (%) end December Rolling 12 months Rolling 2 years, pa Rolling 3 years, pa University long-term funds return Hour-glass (long-term growth facility) Notes: The University s performance returns are after underlying external manager fees and equivalent NSW Treasury Corporation administration fees, and inclusive of franking credits. The NSW Treasury Corporation manages the Hour-Glass longterm growth facility, and is comparable to the University s longterm funds in nature. The facility s returns are after fees. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

35 Xxx MORE information Development Office Level 6 Jane Foss Russell Building G02 The University of Sydney NSW 2006 Donor Relations Jock Gavel Manager, Donor Relations T F E Cert no. SGS-COC-3047 This publication is printed on Novatech, an environmentally responsible paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The paper is produced from mixed-source pulp from well-managed forests and other controlled sources and is elemental chlorine free (ECF). Printed with vegetable-based inks by SOS Print and Media, an FSC Chain of Custody certified printer.

Link Housing s Tenant Engagement and Community Development Strategy FormingLinks

Link Housing s Tenant Engagement and Community Development Strategy FormingLinks Link Housing s Tenant Engagement and Community Development Strategy 2015-2018 FormingLinks Contents CEO s Welcome 3 TAG Welcome 4 About Link 5 Links Tenants 6 Measuring Success 7 The 4 Pillars People 8

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Response to implementing social housing reform: directions to the Social Housing Regulator.

Response to implementing social housing reform: directions to the Social Housing Regulator. Briefing 11-44 August 2011 Response to implementing social housing reform: directions to the Social Housing Regulator. To: All English Contacts For information: All contacts in Scotland, Northern Ireland

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NATIONAL PRESENCE LOCAL KNOWLEDGE NATIONAL PRESENCE LOCAL KNOWLEDGE 02 OVERVIEW Buying or selling property is likely to be one of the most expensive and time consuming processes in life. Undertaking any transaction in relation to real

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Outstanding Achievement In Housing In Wales: Finalist

Outstanding Achievement In Housing In Wales: Finalist Outstanding Achievement In Housing In Wales: Finalist Cadwyn Housing Association: CalonLettings Summary CalonLettings is an innovative and successful social lettings agency in Wales. We have 230+ tenants

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With apartment living on the rise, how do families and their noisy children fit in?

With apartment living on the rise, how do families and their noisy children fit in? University of Wollongong Research Online Faculty of Social Sciences - Papers Faculty of Social Sciences 2018 With apartment living on the rise, how do families and their noisy children fit in? Sophie-May

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REPORT - RIBA Student Destinations Survey 2017

REPORT - RIBA Student Destinations Survey 2017 REPORT - RIBA Student Destinations Survey 2017 Introduction The RIBA Student Destinations Survey is a partnership project between the RIBA and Northumbria University. It is a study to be delivered over

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Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board to the Manchester School of Architecture

Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board to the Manchester School of Architecture Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA visiting board to the Date of visiting board: 9/10 June 2016 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee: 21 September 2016 1 Details of institution hosting

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LindaWright SERVING TAMPA FAMILIES SINCE Preparing for a Successful Home Sale

LindaWright SERVING TAMPA FAMILIES SINCE Preparing for a Successful Home Sale LindaWright SERVING TAMPA FAMILIES SINCE 2007 Preparing for a Successful Home Sale Welcome, I realize that you have a choice when hiring an agent to help you sell your Home and truly appreciate the opportunity

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Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Salford School of the Built Environment

Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Salford School of the Built Environment Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Salford School of the Built Environment Date of visiting board: 6/7 July 2017 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee:

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Discussion paper RSLs and homelessness in Scotland

Discussion paper RSLs and homelessness in Scotland Discussion paper RSLs and homelessness in Scotland From the Shelter policy library April 2009 2009 Shelter. All rights reserved. This document is only for your personal, non-commercial

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Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board to Coventry University

Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board to Coventry University Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA visiting board to Coventry University Date of visiting board: 22 & 23 November 2018 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee: 19 February 2019 1 Details

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PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP ARCHITECTURE HONG KONG May 2016 ROBERT GORDON UNIVERSITY, ABERDEEN PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP ARCHITECTURE 18 20 May 2016 HONG KONG CONTENTS Section 1: Section 2: Section 3: Section 4: Section 5: Section 6: Section 7: Portfolio Development Workshop Student/Parent

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NHS APPRAISAL. Appraisal for consultants working in the NHS. NHS

NHS APPRAISAL. Appraisal for consultants working in the NHS.  NHS NHS APPRAISAL Appraisal for consultants working in the NHS NHS 1. NHS appraisal for consultants Introduction This set of documents reflects the agreement on appraisal

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A Study of Experiment in Architecture with Reference to Personalised Houses

A Study of Experiment in Architecture with Reference to Personalised Houses 6 th International Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction Management 2015, Kandy, Sri Lanka, 11 th -13 th December 2015 SECM/15/001 A Study of Experiment in Architecture with Reference to

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Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months

Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months No Agents No Fees No Commissions No Hassle Learn the secret of selling your house in days instead of months If you re trying to sell your house, you may not have

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AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Sponsorship Opportunities

AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Sponsorship Opportunities 2018 AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Jody Cranford AIA DC 800-818-0289 2018 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 10/20/17 ANNUAL PARTNERSHIPS Annual Partnerships offer sponsorship

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Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA exploratory board to Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA exploratory board to Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA exploratory board to Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Date of visiting board: 10/11 October 2016 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee: 7 December

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Council to Homeless Persons Dispute resolution Issues Paper

Council to Homeless Persons Dispute resolution Issues Paper Council to Homeless Persons Dispute resolution Issues Paper Table of contents Introduction... 3 Policy goals... 3 Information and advice services... 4 Independent third-party assistance... 5 Victorian

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REPORT - RIBA Student Destinations Survey 2014

REPORT - RIBA Student Destinations Survey 2014 REPORT - RIBA Student Destinations Survey 2014 There needs to be a stronger and more direct link between the architectural profession and the study of it as a subject at university. It is a profession

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Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board University of Bath

Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board University of Bath Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA visiting board Date of visiting board: 09/10 October 2014 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee: 10 June 2015 1 Details of institution hosting course/s

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Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Malaya

Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Malaya Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA visiting board to the Date of visiting board: 23/24 June 2016 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee: 21 September 2016 1 Details of institution

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Governing the Compact City: The role and effectiveness of strata management. Executive Summary

Governing the Compact City: The role and effectiveness of strata management. Executive Summary Governing the Compact City: The role and effectiveness of strata management Executive Summary City Futures Research Centre May 2012 Governing the Compact City By Hazel Easthope, Bill Randolph and Sarah

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influence MAYFAIR INTERNATIONAL The International Marketing Office For Diane Turton, Realtors Located In London, England

influence MAYFAIR INTERNATIONAL The International Marketing Office For Diane Turton, Realtors Located In London, England influence MAYFAIR INTERNATIONAL The International Marketing Office For Diane Turton, Realtors Located In London, England We provide unrivalled international property marketing experience across continents,

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Introductory Comments: Elisabeth Mann Borgese Lecture 2008

Introductory Comments: Elisabeth Mann Borgese Lecture 2008 Introductory Comments: Elisabeth Mann Borgese Lecture 2008 Anthony Charles Saint Mary's University Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H3C3 Canada Dr. Elisabeth Mann Borgese was a key architect

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Giving Is Good. for the Soul. The Life and Legacy of Charles and Shirley Weiss

Giving Is Good. for the Soul. The Life and Legacy of Charles and Shirley Weiss Giving Is Good for the Soul The Life and Legacy of Charles and Shirley Weiss by Grace Camblos Commissioned by The Graduate School, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Charles and Shirley Weiss

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Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA exploratory board to Hull School of Art and Design, Hull College

Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA exploratory board to Hull School of Art and Design, Hull College Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA exploratory board to Hull School of Art and Design, Hull College Date of visiting board: 12 & 13 October 2017 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee:

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Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Hong Kong

Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Hong Kong Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Architecture Date of visiting board: 14/15 May 2015 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee:

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Annual Report to South Cambridgeshire District Council Tenants [DRAFT TEXT]

Annual Report to South Cambridgeshire District Council Tenants [DRAFT TEXT] APPENDIX A Annual Report to South Cambridgeshire District Council Tenants [DRAFT TEXT] Welcome Welcome to our first annual report to tenants that sets out our performance as a landlord and the commitments

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Laying the Foundations

Laying the Foundations Laying the Foundations A Submission from the Community Housing Federation of Victoria Thank you for the opportunity to input into this important exercise in setting the objectives and identifying the needs

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School of Architecture ARCHITECTURE. For a new generation of architects UNDERGRADUATE

School of Architecture ARCHITECTURE. For a new generation of architects UNDERGRADUATE School of Architecture ARCHITECTURE For a new generation of architects UNDERGRADUATE Hands-on Scholarships Our courses BSc (Hons) Architecture K100 3 years full-time Standard offers A levels ABB BBB or

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TIBOR VARADY University Professor Emeritus CEU Department of Legal Studies

TIBOR VARADY University Professor Emeritus CEU Department of Legal Studies CEU RENEWS We have a community which shares a spirit of openness. This spirit has sometimes been shaped alongside history, sometimes in spite of history. This spirit needed and needs a home. TIBOR VARADY

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Real People Real Service Real Estate

Real People Real Service Real Estate Real People Real Service Real Estate INTRODUCING HENZELLS AGENCY. Real People, Real Service, Real Estate it s more than just a motto at Henzells, it s the heart and soul of our business. Roy Henzell &

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REPORT - RIBA Student Destinations Survey 2013

REPORT - RIBA Student Destinations Survey 2013 REPORT - RIBA Student Destinations Survey 2013 Introduction The RIBA Student Destinations Survey is a partnership project between the RIBA and the University of Sheffield. It is a study to be delivered

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Michael Rotondi Billard Leece Partnership Pty Ltd HKS

Michael Rotondi Billard Leece Partnership Pty Ltd HKS Michael Rotondi is internationally recognized as an innovative architect/educator. He has continuously practiced and taught architecture for 30 years. First as a co-founding partner of Morphosis along

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Investment Guide. home loans

Investment Guide. home loans Investment Guide home loans Your investment journey With the right finance solution, a property investment can build your wealth and improve your financial security. There are hundreds of thousands of

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Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board to The City School of Architecture

Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board to The City School of Architecture Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA visiting board to The City School of Architecture Date of visiting board: 7 & 8 March 2016 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee: 1 June 2016 1

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Audio #26 NRAS NRAS

Audio #26 NRAS NRAS NRAS Dymphna: Welcome everybody to Great to have you guys listening again and once again, I have a fabulous guest speaker to come and talk to you. Now we re talking about something

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National Housing Federation 12 October Mike Biles - Housing Ombudsman. The new complaints mechanism

National Housing Federation 12 October Mike Biles - Housing Ombudsman. The new complaints mechanism National Housing Federation 12 October 2011 Mike Biles - Housing Ombudsman The new complaints mechanism communication The new complaints mechanism How the mechanism will work Changing role of the ombudsman

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OBITUARIES. PROFESSOR W. C. KERNOT, M.A.,M.C.E., PAST PRESIDENT V.I.E. Born 1815, died OBITUARIES. 39 OBITUARIES. 39 South Australia. One gunboat, one small torpedo boat, both over zo years old. Western Australia. Nil. Tasmania. Nil. The torpedo boats mentioned are not large enough to take part in an action

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Business of Design Week 2017 Made a Difference

Business of Design Week 2017 Made a Difference Business of Design Week 2017 Made a Difference (Hong Kong, 13 December 2017) The highly successful 2017 edition of Asia s leading international event on design, brands and innovation, Business of Design

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Welcome to Best Start!

Welcome to Best Start! Making A Difference In 90 Days Welcome to Best Start! As a Polley Associates student, you ve already learned - in Real Estate Practice and Real Estate Fundamentals - what you must know to pass the licensing

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THE EFFECTS OF THE PUBLIC SECTOR SPENDING CUTS SINCE 2010 ON ASSET MANAGEMENT THE EFFECTS OF THE PUBLIC SECTOR SPENDING CUTS SINCE 2010 ON ASSET MANAGEMENT Jane Taylor, CIPFA Property Jane Taylor is a Property Advisor within the CIPFA group with a remit for helping practitioners

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English *P49918A0112* E202/01. Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills. P49918A 2016 Pearson Education Ltd. Level 2 Component 2: Reading

English *P49918A0112* E202/01. Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills. P49918A 2016 Pearson Education Ltd. Level 2 Component 2: Reading Write your name here Surname Other names Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills English Level 2 Component 2: Reading 14 18 March 2016 Time: 60 minutes You may use a dictionary. Centre Number Candidate Number

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Exercise 1 Negotiating A Job Salary:

Exercise 1 Negotiating A Job Salary: Exercise 1 Negotiating A Job Salary: Suppose you re searching for your first full time job post-college graduation. You ve been searching for employment for 6 months. Your college roommate informs you

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Property Consultants making a real difference to your business

Property Consultants making a real difference to your business Property Consultants making a real difference to your business Making commercial sense of property Focused on commercial benefits Making property add value to your business In everything we do, we are

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Research report Tenancy sustainment in Scotland

Research report Tenancy sustainment in Scotland Research report Tenancy sustainment in Scotland From the Shelter policy library October 2009 2009 Shelter. All rights reserved. This document is only for your personal, non-commercial

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Delivering Affordable Sustainable Housing. Community Land

Delivering Affordable Sustainable Housing. Community Land Delivering Affordable Sustainable Housing Community Land Trust Fund What is a Community Land Trust? It is often difficult for people to find affordable accommodation in their local community. Community

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3 Examples of Wholesale Real Estate Deals

3 Examples of Wholesale Real Estate Deals 3 Examples of Wholesale Real Estate Deals Cash Flow for Life August 2015 3 Examples of Wholesale Real Estate Deals Dear Reader, This is part two to last month s Cash Flow for

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The 5 biggest house-flipping mistakes that will cost you serious time and money and how to avoid them

The 5 biggest house-flipping mistakes that will cost you serious time and money and how to avoid them Doug Hopkins Free Special Report The 5 biggest house-flipping mistakes that will cost you serious time and money and how to avoid them Hi! Doug Hopkins here from the Property Wars TV show on The Discovery

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Together with Tenants

Together with Tenants Together with Tenants Our draft plan Your feedback needed by 19 April 20 February 2019 About this plan The National Housing Federation is the membership body for housing associations in England. Our housing

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Dan Immergluck 1. October 12, 2015

Dan Immergluck 1. October 12, 2015 Examining Recent Declines in Low-Cost Rental Housing in Atlanta, Using American Community Survey Data from 2006-2010 to 2009-2013: Implications for Local Affordable Housing Policy Dan Immergluck 1 October

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Property. Management. Performance.

Property. Management. Performance. Property. Management. Performance. 2 4 6 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT FROM A DIFFERENT ANGLE TENANCY MANAGEMENT (RESIDENTIAL LETTINGS) PRIVATE RENTED SECTOR MANAGEMENT Brunsfield specialises in residential lettings,

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Let s talk about Wills. Your pocket guide to Wills and Estate Planning.

Let s talk about Wills. Your pocket guide to Wills and Estate Planning. Let s talk about Wills. Your pocket guide to Wills and Estate Planning. Let s be honest, nobody really wants to make a Will. In fact, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, half of all Australians

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MAKING LIFE BETTER: Alberta s Provincial Affordable Housing Strategy

MAKING LIFE BETTER: Alberta s Provincial Affordable Housing Strategy MAKING LIFE BETTER: Alberta s Provincial Affordable Housing Strategy June 2017 AFFORDABLE HOUSING defined For the purposes of this strategy, affordable housing is governmentsupported housing available

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What Every New Zealander Should Know About Relationship Property

What Every New Zealander Should Know About Relationship Property What Every New Zealander Should Know About Relationship Property ARE YOU IN A RELATIONSHIP COVERED BY THE LAW OF RELATIONSHIP PROPERTY? The Property (Relationships) Act 1976 affects the lives of almost

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Subject. Date: 2016/10/25. Originator s file: CD.06.AFF. Chair and Members of Planning and Development Committee

Subject. Date: 2016/10/25. Originator s file: CD.06.AFF. Chair and Members of Planning and Development Committee Date: 2016/10/25 Originator s file: To: Chair and Members of Planning and Development Committee CD.06.AFF From: Edward R. Sajecki, Commissioner of Planning and Building Meeting date: 2016/11/14 Subject

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Member consultation: Rent freedom

Member consultation: Rent freedom November 2016 Member consultation: Rent freedom The future of housing association rents Summary of key points: Housing associations are ambitious socially driven organisations currently exploring new ways

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Begin by developing a strong marketing plan. The cornerstone will be internet driven

Begin by developing a strong marketing plan. The cornerstone will be internet driven Wednesday, February 16, 2011 Chuck Fethe, Realtor Keller Williams Realty 11121 Kingston Pike, Ste, C Knoxville, TN 37934 Hello and Welcome, You re ready to sell your property. And, while you re looking

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Viability and the Planning System: The Relationship between Economic Viability Testing, Land Values and Affordable Housing in London

Viability and the Planning System: The Relationship between Economic Viability Testing, Land Values and Affordable Housing in London Viability and the Planning System: The Relationship between Economic Viability Testing, Land Values and Affordable Housing in London Executive Summary & Key Findings A changed planning environment in which

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THE SIGN OF EXPERIENCE THE SIGN OF EXPERIENCE Glenda Worrall is the Principal of Elite Properties Townsville. Glenda has been a multi award winning Real Estate Agent for many years in Townsville and her professional advice,

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The difference is experience.

The difference is experience. The difference is experience. CONTENTS Why choose Greg Hocking Real Estate to manage your property? 3 Maximise your investment 3 Marketing your property 4 Key websites 4 Professional photography 4 For

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Speaker Kit. Best-selling author, property developer, philanthropist, co-operative investment expert, entrepreneur, radio presenter &

Speaker Kit. Best-selling author, property developer, philanthropist, co-operative investment expert, entrepreneur, radio presenter & Speaker Kit Best-selling author, property developer, philanthropist, co-operative investment expert, entrepreneur, radio presenter & experienced media communicator, Founder of Brickraise Australia s first

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WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO LIVE? Upper-Year Residence at uwaterloo» Off-Campus Housing» WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO LIVE? FIND YOUR FIT ON OR OFF CAMPUS 1 2 we re here to help. Have questions

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We ll tailor our provision to your needs, whatever they may be. Our core services are below, but it s not an exhaustive list we d run out of space!

We ll tailor our provision to your needs, whatever they may be. Our core services are below, but it s not an exhaustive list we d run out of space! About Us Adore Cardiff is a lettings agency with a difference. Based in Canton, we operate throughout Cardiff, letting and managing high quality homes on behalf of local landlords. Adore is a newly established

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Columbia Land Trust is seeking a Conservation Lead to join its passionate team!

Columbia Land Trust is seeking a Conservation Lead to join its passionate team! Job Title: Conservation Lead Salary Range: $54,000 - $64,000 Location: Astoria Office (with regular travel to the Vancouver Office) Reports To: Conservation Director Appl. Deadline: Open until filled -

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Strength in numbers Aetna International Expatriate Trust

Strength in numbers Aetna International Expatriate Trust Quality health plans & benefits Healthier living Financial well-being Intelligent solutions Strength in numbers Aetna International Expatriate Trust 46.02.521.1 (10/14) When

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Welcome to the Khare Empire, where we help build yours!

Welcome to the Khare Empire, where we help build yours! 1 Welcome to the Khare Empire, where we help build yours! TEXAS is the best place for anyone to make money in real estate RIGHT NOW, even if you are just starting and have no experience. Contact us today:

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What We Heard Report Summary: Indigenous Housing Capital Program

What We Heard Report Summary: Indigenous Housing Capital Program What We Heard Report Summary: Indigenous Housing Capital Program Alberta Seniors and Housing DATE: June, 2018 VERSION: 1.0 ISBN 978-1-4601-4065-9 Seniors and Housing What We Heard Report Summary 1 Background

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Housing. Adviser learning programme. Module: Core learning. May 2016

Housing. Adviser learning programme. Module: Core learning. May 2016 Adviser learning programme Module: Core learning Contents Section 1 - Introduction...3 Section 2 Jargon list...6 Section 3 Importance of housing status...8 Section 4 Housing history...11 Section 5 Identifying

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Tenant s Scrutiny Panel and Designated Persons and Tenant s Complaints Panel

Tenant s Scrutiny Panel and Designated Persons and Tenant s Complaints Panel Meeting: Social Care, Health and Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee Date: 21 January 2013 Subject: Report of: Summary: Tenant s Scrutiny Panel and Designated Persons and Tenant s Complaints Panel

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Allocations and Lettings Policy

Allocations and Lettings Policy Date approved TBC Date of Next Review May 2016 Date of Last Review May 2015 Review Frequency Annually Type of document Policy Owner Name Jenny Spoor, Group Head of Neighbourhoods Job Title Approved by

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Sincerity Among Landlords & Tenants

Sincerity Among Landlords & Tenants Sincerity Among Landlords & Tenants By Mark Alexander, founder of "The Landlords Union" Several people who are looking to rent a property want to stay for the long term, especially when they have children

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Developing a Consumer-Run Housing Co-op in Hamilton: A Feasibility Study

Developing a Consumer-Run Housing Co-op in Hamilton: A Feasibility Study Developing a Consumer-Run Housing Co-op in Hamilton: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY December, 2006 Prepared for: Hamilton Addiction and Mental Health Network (HAMHN): c/o Mental Health Rights Coalition of Hamilton

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A guide for first time buyers

A guide for first time buyers On the move: A guide for first time buyers 1 Introduction Buying your first home can be a daunting experience. There are lots of things to sort out, such as surveys, checking

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Overcoming the Barriers to Longer Tenancies in the Private Rented Sector. August 2018

Overcoming the Barriers to Longer Tenancies in the Private Rented Sector. August 2018 Overcoming the Barriers to Longer Tenancies in the Private Rented Sector August 2018 1 About Independent Age We offer regular contact, a strong campaigning voice and free, impartial advice on the issues

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A RESIDENTIAL REDEVELOPMENT COMPANY. Home Selling Guide. Company Overview A RESIDENTIAL REDEVELOPMENT COMPANY Home Selling Guide Company Overview Table of Contents Who Are We?...3 Our Business Model...5 Scope of Work....10 Taking the Next Steps...15 Who Are We? Dedicated Real

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Programme Specification for BA (Hons) Architecture FT + PT 2009/2010

Programme Specification for BA (Hons) Architecture FT + PT 2009/2010 Programme Specification for BA (Hons) Architecture FT + PT 2009/2010 Teaching Institution: London South Bank University Accredited by: The Royal Institute of British Architects Full validation of the BA(Hons)

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Building a research profile and applying for Postdocs

Building a research profile and applying for Postdocs Building a research profile and applying for Postdocs Prof. Andrea Witcomb Deputy Director, Alfred Deakin Research Institute, Director, Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific How to start The

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Progress on the government estate strategy

Progress on the government estate strategy Report by the Comptroller and Auditor General Cabinet Office Progress on the government estate strategy HC 1131 SESSION 2016-17 25 APRIL 2017 4 Key facts Progress on the government estate strategy Key

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Property Tour. Prepared For: Buyer Real Estate Services Proposal. Presented By: Jeffrey Shore

Property Tour. Prepared For: Buyer Real Estate Services Proposal. Presented By: Jeffrey Shore Property Tour Prepared For: Buyer Real Estate Services Proposal Presented By: Jeffrey Shore Sotheby s International Realty and the Sotheby s International Realty logo are registered (or unregistered) service

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A Diagnostic Checklist for Business Inspection

A Diagnostic Checklist for Business Inspection A Diagnostic Checklist for Business Inspection Government inspections are essential and welfare improving if carried out efficiently and with accountability and transparency. However they often impose

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YOUR CLIENT JOURNEY. When buying property with Scullion LAW

YOUR CLIENT JOURNEY. When buying property with Scullion LAW YOUR CLIENT JOURNEY When buying property with Scullion LAW THE BEGINNING Your Finances Home Report Your Offer Your ID THE PROCESS Missives Conveyancing Funding, Signing & Completion THE END Post-Completion

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Real Estate Services Proposal

Real Estate Services Proposal Real Estate Services Proposal Prepared Especially for: For marketing the property located at: Prepared by: Therese Jaksa Keller Williams Macomb St. Clair 31525 23 Mile Road Chesterfield, MI 48047 You're

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STRATEGIC PLAN 2018-2020 STRATEGIC PLAN VISION The Greater El Paso Association of REALTORS is the pre-eminent source of real estate information in El Paso for its members, the public, local government, and the media.

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HOTEL Scenarios for the year ahead. Choice CEO Stephen Joyce : Ideas, insights and wishes for Is your hotel ready for the Chinese?

HOTEL Scenarios for the year ahead. Choice CEO Stephen Joyce : Ideas, insights and wishes for Is your hotel ready for the Chinese? HOTEL 2012 Scenarios for the year ahead Choice CEO Stephen Joyce : Ideas, insights and wishes for 2012 Is your hotel ready for the Chinese? The 2012 outlook for key hotel markets : 30 exclusive country

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Practitioner Article Tenancy Sustainment not just the latest buzz word!

Practitioner Article Tenancy Sustainment not just the latest buzz word! Practitioner Article Tenancy Sustainment not just the latest buzz word! Written by Janice Conner, Housing Services Manager, Link Housing Association Ltd March 2011 All rights reserved.

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Architect For Your Luxury Home

Architect For Your Luxury Home Selecting the Right Architect For Your Luxury Home Designing Innovative Spaces to Suit Your Vision and Lifestyle Resulting in the Home of Your Dreams. Selecting the Right Architect for Your Luxury Home

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Redefining the auction house CAS. Corporate Auction Solutions

Redefining the auction house CAS. Corporate Auction Solutions Redefining the auction house CAS Corporate Auction Solutions 2 3 4 5 Corporate Auction Solutions? Who? That s right, we re Corporate Auction Solutions of Dungannon, Northern

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WHERE IT ALL BEGAN. We made the gigantic leap from Australia to the US. 02 of 22

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN. We made the gigantic leap from Australia to the US. 02 of 22 02 of 22 WHERE IT ALL BEGAN. We made the gigantic leap from Australia to the US. Upon Harcourts moving to the United States, it became clear that the traditional way of buying and selling in the largest

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ASSET TRANSFER REQUESTS Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 Guidance Notes

ASSET TRANSFER REQUESTS Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 Guidance Notes ASSET TRANSFER REQUESTS Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 Guidance Notes January 2017 CONTENTS ABOUT THIS GUIDANCE 3 INTRODUCTION 4 About Highlands and Islands Enterprise 4 HIE s

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Royal Institute of British Architects

Royal Institute of British Architects Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA Exploratory Board to AKMI Metropolitan College, Athens, Greece in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth, UK MArch Architecture & Urbanism

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Make Your Choice Count

Make Your Choice Count Make Your Choice Count With over 30 years experience in property management, HomeGround Real Estate Sydney s expert team delivers investors the financial return and peace of mind they re looking for. But

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Table of Contents. Since 1919

Table of Contents. Since 1919 Since 1919 Table of Contents Think Before You Act Page 2 What type of message are you sending when you increase your rents? Are You Thinking about Raising Your Rents? Page 4 Think carefully before you

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PUBLISHER S NOTE. Careers in Green Energy contains twenty-three alphabetically arranged chapters

PUBLISHER S NOTE. Careers in Green Energy contains twenty-three alphabetically arranged chapters PUBLISHER S NOTE Careers in Green Energy contains twenty-three alphabetically arranged chapters sector in the areas of science and research, engineering, construction and building, management, and installation.

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RENTERS GUIDE TO EVICTION COURT RENTERS GUIDE TO EVICTION COURT This booklet briefly describes the eviction process for Chicago renters who are in eviction court at the Daley Center, 50 W. Washington Street, Chicago, IL Subsidized Housing

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Building. Your Program. Permanent Supportive Housing

Building. Your Program. Permanent Supportive Housing Building Your Program Permanent Supportive Housing U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Center for Mental Health Services What s in Building

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1.1.1 The Role of. the Architect

1.1.1 The Role of. the Architect 1.1 The Architectural Profession 1.1.1 The Role of 1.1.1 the Architect Canadian Handbook of Practice for Architects 1.1.1 The Architect in Society Challenges and Opportunities for Architects in the 21st

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