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2 It was in 1885 that the Thirteenth Territorial Legislature founded the University of Arizona with an appropriation of $25,000 but no land. This appropriation was not welcomed by many residents of Tucson and Pima County, as they were looking for either the state Capitol building, a prison, or even an asylum for the insane but definitely not a university. The money would be available on the condition that the community provided a suitable site. Just before the $25,000 was to be returned to the Legislature, two gamblers and a saloon-keeper donated 40 acres Classes began in 1891 with 32 students and six teachers, all accommodated in one building. The first class graduated in 1895 when three students received their degrees. Today the University of Arizona is in the top 15% of world universities. It has grown to more than 40,000 students and 14,000 faculty and staff members on a campus of 378 acres. The University is organized into 20 colleges and 22 schools. It is the fourth largest employer in Arizona with a financial impact on the state of more than $1.1 billion a year. of land way out east of town, and thus the University could become a reality. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-THIRD COMMENCEMENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA

3 ALMA MATER ALL HAIL, ARIZONA, YOUR COLORS RED AND BLUE STAND AS A SYMBOL OF OUR LOVE FOR YOU. ALL HAIL, ARIZONA, TO YOU WE LL E ER BE TRUE. WE LL WATCH O ER AND KEEP YOU, ALL HAIL, ALL HAIL. All Hail, Arizona ELBERT C. MONRO, Class of 1917 DOROTHY H. MONRO, Class of 1920 Every effort was made to ensure the contents of this program were current upon time of publication. For questions or concerns, please contact the UA Commencement Office at: commencement@ All contents copyright 2017 the University of Arizona and the Arizona Board of Regents.

4 Table of Contents Processional List 4 The Tradition of Commencement 5 Honorary Degrees & Awards 8 Graduation with Honors 16 Doctoral Degrees 19 Fall 2016 Degrees 20 Winter 2016 Degrees 25 Spring 2017 Degrees 27 Summer 2017 Degrees 38 Master s Degrees 45 Fall 2016 Degrees 46 Winter 2016 Degrees 50 Spring 2017 Degrees 50 Summer 2017 Degrees 57 Law Degrees 61 Medicine & Pharmacy Degrees 63 Bachelor s Degrees 67 Fall 2016 Degrees 68 Winter 2016 Degrees 76 Spring 2017 Degrees 77 Summer 2017 Degrees 105 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

5 Arizona Board of Regents PRESIDENT CHAIR VICE CHAIR TREASURER SECRETARY Eileen I. Klein Greg Patterson Bill Ridenour Jay Heiler Ram Krishna REGENT Lyndel Manson Rick Myers Larry Penley Ron Shoopman STUDENT REGENT Jared Gorshe Vianney Careaga EX-OFFICIO Gov. Doug Ducey Diane Douglas 2 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

6 Message from the Arizona Board of Regents Dear Graduate, On behalf of the Arizona Board of Regents, congratulations! Your college graduation is a momentous occasion that is a testament to your drive and ambition two traits that will serve you well in life. We hope that you appreciate the significance of your accomplishment. Earning your college degree will not only yield more opportunities for you, but contributes to the lives of family members, your community and your state. For this reason, your graduation is a particular point of pride for the state of Arizona. An educated workforce will meet the high-demand job needs of the future and fuel innovation to benefit society. The board is proud that you chose to pursue your degree at the University of Arizona. It is our hope that memories of your time at the UA will be cherished for years to come. Please keep your alma mater close to your heart and remember that we look on in pride as all of your future accomplishments continue to contribute to the legacy of the UA and the great state of Arizona. Today is also a day to celebrate family and friends who supported you through your educational journey. We extend our gratitude for all of their support and encouragement. Sincerely, Eileen I. Klein President Greg Patterson Chair THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

7 Processional FRIDAY, MAY 12, 2017 OPENING REMARKS... Ann Weaver Hart President, The University of Arizona NATIONAL ANTHEM... Taylor Pearlstein BFA, Musical Theatre GREETINGS... Larry Penley Arizona Board of Regents STUDENT RESPONSE... Mikey Finnegan President, Associated Students of the University of Arizona Jude Udeozor President, Graduate and Professional Student Council PRESENTATION OF ALUMNI ACHIEVEMENT AWARD... Melinda Burke President, The University of Arizona Alumni Association PRESENTATION OF STUDENT AWARDS... Melissa Vito Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, Enrollment, and Strategic Initiatives PRESENTATION OF PROVOST AWARD... Andrew Comrie Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost, The University of Arizona PRESENTATION OF HONORARY DEGREES... Ann Weaver Hart President, The University of Arizona COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS... Maj. Gen. Charles Frank Bolden Jr., USMC (Retired) Twelfth Administrator of NASA CONFERRING OF DEGREES... Ann Weaver Hart President, The University of Arizona ALMA MATER... Taylor Pearlstein BFA, Musical Theatre 4 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

8 The Tradition of Commencement Commencement from the ancient practice of beginning life s work at the end of an apprenticeship has roots eight centuries in the European past. The robes and caps worn by the faculty and graduating students at the University of Arizona follow the style of Oxford University, England. The bachelor s gown, of poplin or a similar cloth, has long, pointed sleeves; the master s gown, also of poplin, has long, closed sleeves with square ends and a slit at the elbow for the arm to come through; the doctor s gown has full, round, open sleeves, is faced with velvet, and has three velvet stripes on the sleeves. The sobriety of the blue or black gowns is relieved by the bright spectrum of colors of hood and tassel indicating the wearer s field of study. At the University of Arizona, candidates for the bachelor s degree do not wear hoods, but the colors of their tassels indicate the fields in which they are receiving degrees. The candidates for advanced degrees wear hoods lined with silk in the official red and blue colors of the University. The velvet edging of the hood bears the color of the candidate s major field. The official color for the Doctor of Philosophy degree is dark blue, regardless of the major field of study. Tassel colors used by advanced degree candidates are: master s, black; doctoral, old gold. The official degree colors established by the Intercollegiate Code in 1895 are used to represent the following major fields of learning at the University of Arizona: Agriculture & Life Sciences Maize Architecture Blue-Violet Business & Public Administration Drab (Light Tan) Education Light Blue Engineering Orange Family & Consumer Sciences Maroon Fine Arts Dark Brown Health Professions Green Humanities White Law Purple Letters, Arts & Science Silver Medicine Green Music Pink Nursing Apricot Optical Sciences Orange Pharmacy Olive Green Public Health Salmon Sciences Gold Social & Behavioral Sciences White At the moment the degree is conferred, the new bachelors move the tassels from right to left to signify their changed academic status. The academic procession is composed of the officers of administration, members of the Arizona Board of Regents, deans of colleges, faculty members, doctoral candidates, honorary degree recipients, other award recipients and candidates for master s and bachelor s degrees. THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

9 The University of Arizona Ceremonial Mace The ceremonial or academic mace of the University of Arizona reflects the unique character, mission and values of this institution. At Commencement, it is carried by the Chair of the Faculty and signifies the order and authority of the academic procession. The placing of the mace in its stand marks the beginning of the ceremony. Its removal signifies the end of the platform ceremony. In medieval times, maces were used in combat. In time, bodyguards carried maces to protect royalty. By the 16th century, maces took on the elegance of silver, gold and precious stones, and were incorporated into academic and civil ceremonies. The symbol of authority for the city of London, for example, is the mace of the Lord Mayor. The University of Arizona mace features a crown of sterling silver surrounding the seal of the University, which is accented with 22K gold. Underlying the crown are 24 acrylic strips in the school colors of red and blue, which add a jewel-like sparkle. The main shaft is made of local mesquite with a sterling silver band inscribed with The University of Arizona, accented with 22K gold. The tailpiece repeats the motif of the crown and surrounds a medallion with an image of a wildcat, the school mascot. We thank the University of Arizona Foundation, the College of Fine Arts and Professor Michael Croft for adding the gift of this mace to our Commencement traditions. 6 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017


11 Honorary Degrees and Awards CHARLES FRANK BOLDEN, JR. DANTE LAURETTA DAVID ADAME MAJ. GEN. CHARLES FRANK BOLDEN JR., USMC (RETIRED) KEYNOTE SPEAKER HONORARY DEGREE Twelfth Administrator of NASA Doctor of Science College of Science Maj. Gen. Charles Frank Bolden Jr. has traveled into orbit and also ushered NASA into a new era of space exploration while serving as head of the agency. Bolden was nominated by former U.S. President Barack Obama to serve as the 12th administrator of NASA, becoming the first African-American to hold the office. After confirmation by the U.S. Senate, Bolden began his post in 2009 and retired in January A visionary who has advanced efforts toward human settlements in space, Bolden led NASA in developing the Space Launch System rocket slated to become the most powerful rocket NASA has ever built and the agency s Orion spacecraft, which will carry astronauts to deep space destinations, such as asteroids and Mars. Bolden s connections to the UA are longstanding given the University s relationship with NASA and significant contributions to advancements in planetary sciences. One of the last space launches Bolden attended as NASA s administrator was in September 2016 for the agency s UA-led OSIRIS-REx mission, which successfully launched a spacecraft toward the asteroid Bennu as part of a sample return operation. While at NASA, Bolden led the agency s major transition from decades of space shuttle missions to a significant focus on expanded development of space and aeronautics technology and full utilization of the International Space Station. The agency s activities under Bolden included an unprecedented landing on Mars with the Curiosity rover, launch of a spacecraft to Jupiter and enhancement of the nation s fleet of Earth-observing satellites. NASA also has seen continued progress toward the 2018 launch of the James Webb Space Telescope successor to the Hubble Space Telescope which was assembled with UA knowledge and technology, such as the Near Infrared Camera. Also under Bolden s leadership, NASA s support of commercial space transportation systems for reaching low-earth orbit enabled commercial cargo resupply of the space station and has furthered efforts to allow U.S. companies to launch astronauts. Bolden also has supported NASA s contributions toward developing cleaner, faster and quieter airplanes. Prior to his nomination to serve as NASA administrator, Bolden was chief executive officer of Jack and Panther LLC, a business enterprise providing leadership, military and aerospace consulting. Bolden earned a Bachelor of Science in electrical science in 1968 from the Naval Academy and a Master of Science in systems management from the University of Southern California in Bolden, a native of Columbia, South Carolina, received an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy in 1964 and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps, where he served as a naval aviator, flying more than 100 combat missions in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. In 1997, he was assigned as the deputy commanding general of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force in the Pacific, and later served as the commanding general of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego from 2000 to Over the span of his 34-year career with the Marine Corps, Bolden spent 14 years serving as a member of NASA s Astronaut Office, during which time he flew into orbit four times between 1986 and 1994, commanding two missions and piloting two others. Bolden retired from the Marine Corps in 2003 and was inducted into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame in THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

12 DANTE LAURETTA 93 ALUMNI ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Professor of Planetary Science Dante Lauretta 93 earned bachelor s degrees in Oriental studies as well as mathematics and physics from the University of Arizona. After earning a doctorate in earth and planetary sciences from Washington University in St. Louis, he returned to the UA in 2001 to join the faculty of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, where he currently is a professor of planetary science. Lauretta is an expert in the analysis of extraterrestrial materials like lunar samples, meteorites and comet particles. His work contributes to our understanding of the chemistry of the early solar system and the origin of complex molecules that may have led to life on Earth. He has published over 70 peer-reviewed publications and led or participated in over 20 NASA grants and missions all while teaching undergraduate and graduate students, giving scholarly presentations, participating in conferences, and serving on departmental, University and extramural committees. The list of awards and honors Lauretta has received is both long and varied. He has an asteroid named in his honor; he was named a Kavli Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences in 2008 and Innovator of the Year by the Arizona governor in 2011; and Good Housekeeping Magazine named his Xtronaut the Best Family Board Game of On Sept. 8, 2016, Lauretta earned a spot in history for himself and the UA when the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft was successfully launched on a seven-year journey to rendezvous with the asteroid Bennu and return a sample of its material. Lauretta is the principal investigator for OSIRIS-REx, the UA s largest-ever space mission. As important as the OSIRIS-REx mission is to furthering our understanding of the early solar system, under Lauretta s leadership it also aims to further public engagement in science. The mission s website features entertaining and engaging videos about planetary science, and mission staff members appear as guest speakers at local conventions and visit local classrooms. They also host a regular OSIRIS-REx Science Club at the Tucson Boys and Girls Club. The Alumni Achievement Award, the highest honor the UA Alumni Association can bestow upon alumni, is given to an alumnus or alumna who has attained prominence in his or her field of endeavor and demonstrated outstanding service to the University of Arizona. Lauretta has reached the very pinnacle of his field, and through his work, the UA will remain at the forefront of space exploration for years to come. DAVID ADAME HONORARY DEGREE President and CEO of Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. Doctor of Humane Letters Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health David Adame is president and CEO of Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc., the largest community development corporation in Arizon, which is dedicated to serving communities in the areas of education, housing, health services and other needs. A third-generation Arizonan, Adame attended Arizona State University on a music scholarship and studied finance, graduating in Shortly thereafter, he began his first tour as the director of economic development for Chicanos Por La Causa. After two years with the organization, Adame accepted a position at JPMorgan Chase & Co., where he served as a corporate banking associate. He was then promoted to assistant vice president in the Retail Business Loan Center. Following seven years, Adame left to become the program officer with the Phoenix office of Local Initiatives Support Corp. There, he designed programs that assisted community development corporations in developing single-family housing to support neighborhood revitalization efforts. Adame left Local Initiatives Support Corp. in 1997 to become the senior deputy director for Fannie Mae in its Arizona Partnership Office. In this role, Adame worked with the director of Fannie Mae to form a comprehensive housing investment strategy to provide $15 billion in affordable mortgage financing. During his time at Fannie Mae, Adame earned a Master of Business Administration from Arizona State University in Global Management. After six years with Fannie Mae, Adame left to become vice president of Arizona operations for McCormack Baron Salazar Inc. In this capacity, Adame oversaw the $120 million Matthew Henson HOPE VI project, which transformed the city of Phoenix s public housing buildings into mixed-income, mixed-finance and mixed-use communities. Adame returned to Chicanos Por La Causa in to serve as chief economic development officer, and was responsible for managing the economic development arm of the organization in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. Since returning to the organization, Adame has raised more than $250 million in resources from government agencies, corporations and foundations all during one of the most severe recessions in U.S. history. In addition, Adame has completed 12 real estate development projects across Arizona valued at more than $60 million. He has also significantly expanded the number of Chicanos Por La Causa-owned and operated for-profit business ventures, which contribute towards the organization s goal of becoming self-sufficient. Adame is greatly admired as a man of faith and is esteemed for his commitment to family and his dedication as a strongly principled business and community leader. THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

13 Honorary Degrees and Awards SERGIO ALCOCER HON. SARAH SIMMONS JOAN M. SWEENEY SERGIO ALCOCER HONORARY DEGREE Founder and President of México Exponencial Doctor of Science College of Science Sergio M. Alcocer, a research professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico s Institute of Engineering, is the founder and president of México Exponencial, a think tank for the development of public policy and strategies for embracing exponential technologies in Mexico. Alcocer was instrumental in bringing a National Autonomous University of Mexico satellite office to the University of Arizona. Through this office, the Mexico University is creating long-term partnerships that will enhance the research and education of our students and will create bridges with various government and educational entities of Mexico. As an example, Alcocer helped organize a meeting at Biosphere 2 in 2014 that brought together high-level education officials from Mexico and the U.S. to discuss partnerships in education and environmental issues. Alcocer served as the Undersecretary for North American Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Mexico and as the Undersecretary for Strategic Planning and Technology Development of the Ministry of Energy in the Mexican government. Alcocer also served as Secretary General (Provost), coordinator for Innovation and Development and also as director of the Institute of Engineering at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He is a member of the Advisory Committee on Structural Safety of the Mexico City government. Alcocer is an active member in several technical societies, including the American Concrete Institute, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering and also Fédération Internationale du Béton. Alcocer is Foreign Member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering and the past president and honorary member of the Mexican Society of Structural Engineering. He is also the past president of the Academy of Engineering of Mexico. He currently holds membership with the Mexican Academy of Sciences and the board of Fundación ICA, and he is also a non-executive member and chairman of the board of Iberdrola México. In 2001, Alcocer was awarded the UNAM Prize for Young Academics, as well as the Prize on Research of the Mexican Academy of Sciences. In 2007, he received the SMIE Prize on Structural Engineering for Housing. In 2012, the Mexican Society of Civil Engineers recognized Alcocer with the José A. Cuevas Award for the best technical paper. Alcocer is a Distinguished Engineering Alumni of the Cockrell School of Engineering of the University of Texas at Austin. He received his civil engineering degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a Ph.D. in structures from the University of Texas at Austin. HON. SARAH SIMMONS HONORARY DEGREE Judge, Pima County Superior Court Doctor of Laws James E. Rogers College of Law A Miami, Arizona, native, Judge Sarah (Sally) Simmons has been a trailblazer in a profession where only in her time have women come to occupy leadership roles in law firms and professional organizations. Simmons graduated with high honors from the University of Arizona with a degree in history in She then continued for two more years studying law before transferring to the University of Denver, earning a Juris Doctorate with high honors in Soon thereafter, she returned to Tucson. Spanning more than four decades, her biography reflects significant work improving the legal profession in Arizona, exemplified by her election as president of the State Bar of Arizona in Prior to 10 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

14 her election as president, Simmons served as a member of the association s Board of Governors from 1987 to 1995, and was its first chair of the Committee on Persons with Disabilities in the Legal Profession, serving in that capacity from 2000 to She was also a member of the Pima County Bar Association s board of directors from 1985 to In addition to being a leader in advancing the inclusive nature of her profession with a focus on individuals with disabilities, Simmons has also advocated for greater inclusion of women and people of color. Simmons began working at the law firm of Molloy, Jones and Donahue P.C. as an associate from 1974 to 1977, and as a shareholder from 1978 to She was then employed with the law firm of Brown & Bain P.A. from 1993 through That year, Simmons became a partner at the law firm of Lewis and Roca LLP, and served in that capacity until her appointment to the Pima County Superior Court in January of With the Superior Court, Simmons has served on the family law, juvenile and civil benches, and was presiding judge of the court from 2011 to During this time, she also assumed leadership of various efforts to build Arizona s legal infrastructure and professional standards for the state s attorneys and judges. She was named Judge of the Year by the Arizona Supreme Court in Across Southern Arizona, her civic leadership has focused on sustaining healthy local economies, particularly in the areas of tourism and business development. Simmons was also named the Tucson Chamber of Commerce Woman of the Year in 1994, and a recipient of the YWCA Women on the Move Award in Simmons was named one of the 100 Minorities and Women in the Law by the State Bar of Arizona/Maricopa County Bar in 2001 and was named one of the top 50 pro bono attorneys in Arizona by the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education in Her service to the University of Arizona and its James E. Rogers College of Law are similarly distinguished. Simmons reconnected with the college after returning to Tucson and has maintained strong ties since. In addition to her longtime membership on both the Law College Association board and the Board of Visitors, Simmons continues to provide counsel and advice to the college and also works with alumni on a number of projects. Beyond those formal activities, Simmons has also touched the lives of hundreds of University of Arizona students and graduates by serving as a mentor, adviser, career coach and friend. JOAN M. SWEENEY HONORARY DEGREE Retired Executive Doctor of Humane Letters College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Joan M. Sweeney s business acumen resulted in a highly successful 29-year career in the financial services industry, with the majority of her career invested in the fields of accounting, finance and private equity investing. Sweeney entered the finance world after earning her bachelor s degree in business administration at the University of Arizona, and her early career as a CPA led her on a path to private equity investing, where she became one of the youngest female C-suite officers in the finance world. She has extensive experience in capital raising and mergers and acquisitions, and expertise in entrepreneurship, corporate finance and corporate governance. In 2010, Sweeney retired from private equity investing, where she had served as chief operating officer, managing director and member of the board of directors for Allied Capital Corp., a NYSE-listed company. Now living in Tucson, Sweeney has dedicated herself to community volunteerism and philanthropy, with a focus on higher education. She is a member of the Board of Trustees for the University of Arizona Foundation, which assists the University in fundraising and asset management. There, her primary role is chairing the investment committee and serving on the audit and executive committees. Sweeney is also a member of the advisory board for the John and Doris Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences, where she previously had been named the interim director of the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing and Consumer Sciences. During her interim director appointment, Sweeney focused on strategic initiatives including building an online career platform that connects industry recruiters to students in the retailing and consumer sciences program. She also led efforts to identify the new director of the Lundgren Center. Sweeney s past civic and charitable affiliations and board memberships include the UA Eller College of Management s national board of advisors, president of the Skyline Country Club s board of directors and also as member of the boards for the El Rio Foundation, Boys and Girls Club in the Greater Washington Area, the American Heart Association of the Greater Washington Region and the National Council for Economic Education. Sweeney has also served as an audit committee member for the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona. THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

15 THE PROVOST AWARD The Provost Award was established in 2014 to honor an outstanding graduating student who transferred to the University of Arizona from an Arizona community college. Criteria for the award includes perseverance and commitment to academic studies, contributions to the UA community and above-average scholastic ability, citizenship and leadership. ROBIE GOLD MEDALS These medals and a cash award were given by the late Wendell T. Robie of the Class of 1917 and Inez Benzie Robie of the Class of Robie was president of Heart Federal Savings and Loan Association in Auburn, California. Qualifications for this award include personal integrity, initiative, cooperativeness, enthusiasm, humility, well-rounded interests, active participation in student affairs, service to the University, willingness to give more than required, and love of God and country. Honorary Degrees and Awards MARIA S. SMITH JESSALA A. GRIJALVA MATTHEW WALL ALBERT ALAN MARIA S. SMITH PROVOST AWARD Maria Smith will graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and a minor in information science from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. She is a nontraditional first-generation transfer student from Rio Salado Community College in Mesa, Arizona. Maria was born in upstate New York but moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, with her family as a teenager. Following her high school graduation, she served in the U.S. Air Force for four years, including three in Aviano, Italy. Maria is married and is mother to a 3-year-old daughter named Gisele. Professionally, Maria has worked as a paralegal at the US Attorney s Office in Tucson, and currently holds a position with C.A.T.S. Academics, where she tutors student-athletes. Maria has always been dedicated to education, community and justice, devoting much of her time to research and analytics. Her drive and passion for research has afforded her several opportunities to gain hands-on experience. She has worked in two research labs, where she learned to complete experiments, qualitatively code interviews, and ethically interact with human subjects. Coupled with this, she participated in guided research while enrolled in the Poverty in Tucson Field Workshop, where she and classmates collected and analyzed over 200 interviews to better understand the barriers encountered by impoverished households receiving benefits from community agencies. Data collected from this research was used to assist local government and nonprofit agencies better serve underprivileged households in Tucson. Maria was selected to participate in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium preparatory program, a dedicated yearlong research program at the UA, developed to provide research opportunities, mentorship and graduate school guidance to underrepresented students. Following graduation, Maria will continue in the program, and complete her research project. Maria plans to apply to graduate school in the fall and aspires to earn a doctorate in sociology. JESSALA A. GRIJALVA ROBIE MEDAL Jessala A. Grijalva, of Tucson, Arizona, is graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Arts in government and public service and a minor in organizational leadership. Throughout her academic career, Grijalva has demonstrated grit and determination to further her education and create a positive change in the community. She has accomplished this while juggling the demands of being an involved student and single mother to three young daughters, Isabella, Sofia and Julianna. As a nontraditional student, Jessala overcame many challenges in her quest to return to the University. This inspired her to become an advocate for nontraditional students and has led to her involvement in several initiatives aimed at increasing inclusiveness. In her leadership roles as the lab coordinator of the Mentoring and Leadership Collaboratory, a fully online undergraduate research lab, president of Gamma Beta Phi, a hybrid honor society at the UA South and vice president for the Associated Students of the University of Arizona South, Grijalva has introduced innovative processes that have increased student accessibility and engagement for distance learners. Through her work in the Mentoring and Leadership Collaboratory with Dr. Brandy A. Brown at UA South, Grijalva discovered her passion for research. Grijalva is currently a fellow of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium and the Access, Wellness and Relational Determinants of School Success Program. Grijalva has also been a force in the community. As an intern in the city of Tucson mayor s office, she has worked directly with Mayor Jonathan Rothschild on outreach initiatives. In addition, she volunteers regularly with Junior Achievement of Southern Arizona and is a member of Las Adelitas, an organization that supports Latina involvement in the political process in Arizona. After graduation, Grijalva will continue her research efforts through UROC, and will work with Dr. Brian Mayer from the School 12 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

16 ROBERT LOGAN NUGENT AWARDS These awards were established by the Alumni Association in 1964 and are named in memory of Robert Logan Nugent, who was the executive vice president of the University of Arizona when he died in June of Nugent served Tucson and the University for more than 30 years and was particularly devoted to guiding and helping Arizona s young men and women. He earned his Master of Science in 1925 at the University of Arizona, was a professor of chemistry, dean of the Graduate and Liberal Arts colleges and vice president before being named to the second highest post at the University. Candidates should have a record of accomplishments that exemplify Nugent s high ideals, such as active and enthusiastic participation and service in community and University endeavors. of Sociology to research poverty in Tucson and its effects on the region. Grijalva plans to pursue a master s degree in economics and a doctoral degree in public policy. MATTHEW WALL ROBIE MEDAL Matthew Wall will graduate with honors with a Bachelor of Science in business administration, majoring in accounting and minoring in Spanish and government and public policy. A Scottsdale, Arizona, native, Matthew fell in love with the University of Arizona at an early age, thanks to a divided ASU-UA household. Matthew s involvement on campus started with his participation in student government. He volunteered as an Associated Students of the University of Arizona senate aide his freshman year, followed by two years as a club advocate. This past year, Matthew served as ASUA s executive deputy chief of staff, spearheading the Club Awards and assisting with the operations of the first 20-person senate. Matthew has served on the Daily Wildcat s sports desk in various capacities for the past four years. He has covered numerous teams and athletics events, including football, gymnastics, volleyball, tennis, men s basketball and the Fiesta Bowl. Human interest stories are the type of sports writing Matthew most enjoys. He has been privileged to interview and write stories on Tucson s biggest names, including the Rich Rodriguez family, Sean Miller, Jeff Goodman, Will Park, and Jay Dobyns. He was a third-place Arizona Press Club Awards winner and a thirdplace Arizona Newspapers Association s Better Newspapers Contest winner. He also received first place in the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship's Entrepreneurship & Innovation Competition with his team s Key Tie idea. Over 100 freshmen at the University of Arizona have called Matthew their RA. He served as a resident assistant in Posada San Pedro and Coconino halls, and most recently as lead RA in Colonia de la Paz. If you walked out onto the UA Mall on a Friday, you most likely saw Matthew giving campus tours and singing "Bear Down Arizona" as an Arizona Ambassador. His favorite memory was bringing Wilbur and the UA cheer team to visit a sick resident in the hospital. Making a difference in the community has been a key piece of Matthew s life. Following graduation, Matthew is pursuing several options including the possibility of furthering his education in law school. ALBERT ALAN NUGENT AWARD Albert Alan graduates this spring with a Bachelor of Health Science in physiology, a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience and cognitive science, and a Bachelor of Arts in sociology. Yet, as an undergraduate, Albert spent three years living on the street and suffering from illnesses that were exacerbated by his lack of health insurance. As a transient student with few resources, Albert started a pro-bono tutoring service that helped over 500 underserved STEM students just like him to learn challenging concepts and study skills. Today, Albert serves Tucson s underserved populations in two critical ways: he volunteers each week to deliver 2,250 pounds of fresh produce to homeless shelters under the mission POWWOW, to date raising over $50,000 to support and expand this vital food distribution program, and spends quality time at shelters educating people about diabetes and other chronic diseases that often go untreated in the homeless. Albert s compassion for the underserved is matched only by his passion for medicine. In 2014, he joined the Minority Health Disparity Research program at the UA, where he assisted Dr. Kirsten Limesand in researching the effects of radiation on the polarity of salivary glands in mice, and is currently working in Dr. Dawn Coletta s lab studying the molecular basis, genetics and epigenetics of insulin resistance. In preparation for medical school, Albert completed EMT training the summer of Throughout this time, Albert has consistently made the dean s list with Highest Academic Distinction, and has received several awards and scholarships including: The University of Arizona Graduate Access Fellowship, a Pre-Medical Admissions Pathway Program Scholarship, the Lauper Scholarship, the Wayland Education Foundation Scholarship, the Winterhoff Scholarship, and the Fred & Vera H. Starbuck Scholarship. In 2017 Albert became one of 12 applicants selected to join the Pre-Medical Admissions Pathway program, which offers a dual MS/MD in cellular molecular medicine and MD degree. Rather than allow homelessness to shame or silence him, he has become a voice for the broken and the historically marginalized, asserting that the path to a healthier society requires social equality. ABDULLAH BADER ALEIDAN NUGENT AWARD Abdullah Bader Aleidan will be the first to receive a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering, as well as the first Kuwaiti to graduate with a chemical engineering dual degree from the UA College of Engineering. In addition, he is minoring in both mathematics and chemistry. Abdullah received a full academic sponsorship from Kuwait s Ministry of Education, and has received multiple dean s mentions. Originally from Al-Salam, Kuwait, Abdullah experienced difficulties overcoming language and cultural barriers when he arrived in the US. Overcoming these barriers motivated Abdullah to use his experiences to help international students in need. He has accomplished this through his involvement in positions of leadership, including his position as a National Union of Kuwaiti Students representative, and an International Student Services counselor and speaker. Through his assistance, he has provided the support needed for several students to return to the University and helped others maintain academic stability through mentoring. Abdullah provided tutoring, held review sessions for underclassmen, and tutored students in English, math, chemistry, and thermodynamics. THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

17 MERRILL P. FREEMAN MEDALS In his will, Merrill Freeman, who died in 1919, provided for two medals to be awarded annually to students selected by the administration of the University of Arizona. Born in 1844 in Ohio, Freeman moved west, was a Wells Fargo agent and worked in mining and banking. He served the University of Arizona as a regent and as a chancellor and received an honorary doctorate in law from the University. Qualifications include outstanding qualities of manhood or womanhood and moral force of character. Additional factors, which may be considered, are popularity, receipt of athletic awards, membership in organizations, and service on committees and as officers. Honorary Degrees and Awards ABDULLAH BADER ALEIDAN JESSICA ROBERTS JACOB WOLFF WINKELMAN Abdullah has been involved in many organizations locally. He worked as a secretary for the HydroCats Committee within Students for Sustainability, where he installed water harvesting systems around Tucson, decreased the environmental impact of UA athletic events, and raised awareness about sustainability at Tucson s busiest conventions. He also volunteered with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the Omega Chi Epsilon Fraternity, an honor society for chemical engineering students. During his summers, Abdullah worked as an intern for the Kuwait Oil Co. Abdullah has focused his academic career on scientific research. He has worked alongside University Distinguished Professor Eduardo Saez, running advanced oxidation processes to study the degradation of hazardous emerging contaminants in Arizona water, and with University Distinguished Professor Paul Blowers on life cycle assessments of local compost. Following graduation, Abdullah will pursue a master s degree in chemical engineering from Johns Hopkins University, then pursue a Ph.D. in chemical engineering. JESSICA ROBERTS FREEMAN MEDAL Jessica Roberts is a finance major from Scottsdale, Arizona, and will graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in business administration. What attracted Jessie to the University of Arizona was an Arizona Excellence Scholarship and its proximity to Scottsdale; not too far away, but far enough. Jessie has been awarded Eller College of Management's Outstanding Collegiate Scholar of the Year, Outstanding Finance Senior, was named as one of Eller s Top 50 Women of the Year and was chosen as Homecoming Queen. Jessie spent her sophomore year interning with the Arizona Athletics department and Mesa Airlines in its financial planning division. She was accepted to the Wall Street Scholars Program and received admission to a Wall Street development class taught by a former Wall Street trader. This experience ignited her passion for macroeconomics and financial markets. The following summer, Jessie was one of 10 women accepted, from a pool of over 500 applicants, to the UBS Sophomore Women s Wall Street Program in New York City. With her growing passion for Wall Street, Jessie has become involved in extracurricular finance activities. She currently serves as director of capital markets track in the Wall Street Scholars Program, mentoring students who are pursuing careers on Wall Street. In addition, she is President of the Investments Club, where she leads over 80 students, focusing on financial market discussions. To introduce more females to the field of finance, she has co-hosted two Women in Finance brunches, which exposes freshman and sophomore women to various careers within finance, and offers mentorships to upper-division students. Jessie is currently co-founding a Women in Finance Speaker Series aimed at helping students better understand the day-to-day responsibilities associated with various finance careers, while highlighting successful women in finance. This past summer Jessie interned at UBS in its sales and trading division. Following graduation, she will be working for UBS in New York on its foreign exchange sales and trading desk. JACOB WOLFF WINKELMAN FREEMAN MEDAL Jacob Winkelman will graduate from the Honors College with bachelor's degrees in English literature and political science, with a minor in Spanish. In addition to his classwork, Jacob participated in the Honors College s First Year Project, where he performed independent research on the importance of affirmative action in higher education. This project gave him the foundation to pursue his honors thesis on rhetoric and protest movements as well as work as an undergraduate research fellow in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. As a political science major and Arizona native, civic engagement has always been one of Jacob s passions. In his first semester 14 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

18 on campus, he joined the Young Democrats and Arizona Model United Nations, organizations that promote the involvement of young people in local, national and international politics. Serving as director of recruitment for AZMUN, Jacob trained over 600 high school students from Arizona and Sonora, Mexico, for the annual Arizona Model United Nations conference. Jacob s interest in civic engagement also led him to work as an opinion columnist for the Daily Wildcat, and teach English in Mexico through the UA s Vivir Mexico program. Jacob is currently a finalist for a Fulbright Scholarship in Mexico. Jacob believes strongly that higher education institutions must work to combat systemic, intersectional oppression. As a student director for Pride Alliance with LGBTQ+ Affairs, Jacob coordinates over 60 events each year, manages a team of student interns, lobbies for policy changes within the University, and oversees partnerships with dozens of campus and community organizations. Additionally, Jacob has facilitated LGBTQ competency workshops as part of the SafeZone program for classes, student clubs and Greek Life organizations. During his time as director, Pride Alliance was chosen as the ASUA Program of the Year. In the community, Jacob works as a Hebrew teacher at Or-Chadash Congregation and coaches basketball in the ASUA basketball league for Tucson youth. After graduation, Jacob is moving to Washington, D.C., to work for a pro bono legal organization that advocates for the rights of capital defendants. THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

19 Graduation with Honors The University of Arizona Honors College offers admission to a highly selective group of academically distinguished students. Students who graduate with honors are awarded a gold medallion to wear at the Commencement ceremony. Graduation with Honors signifies that students have satisfied 18 to 30 hours of honors academic work, earned a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or greater, and completed a senior honors thesis, design project or capstone experience. The honors academic experience is more exploratory, experimental and open-ended than the usual classroom experiences. Honors academic work enables students to engage the material in more depth, to actively participate in scholarly and creative processes, and to personalize their learning through imaginative, critical and applied experiences. Special opportunities provided to honors students include: unique classes, independent study projects, small group discussions, topic-centered colloquia, informal interaction between faculty and students outside the classroom, funding for undergraduate research, one-on-one preparation for graduate and professional school, and advising for students interested in nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships. Graduates of the University of Arizona Honors College are highly successful. The majority of students graduating with honors go on to professional or graduate schools; the rest immediately enter the workforce in such fields as architecture, engineering and teaching. Rafael Ablao Olaide Adeniran Megha Agarwal Neida Ahmad Sami Ahmed Hannah Aksamit Andrea Alanis Gabriela Alejo Ashley Alexander Ahmed Alsafar Joshua Andelora Benton Anderson Tyler Anderson Eric Andrews Clara Apodaca-Welch Kurumi Austin Alexander Aydt Lyndsay Baker Madison Bambauer Alisha Bandekar Isabella Bareiss Ian Barrie Taylor Barrios Trevor Barroero Jordan Barrows Hannah Barry Regina Barry Matthew Bartley Spencer Bateman Phillip Belone Karen Beltran John Bercel Eli Bernick Ethan Beyak Anvi Bhakta Vedanshi Bhargava Adrian Borrego Sarah Bosch Kade Bowers Nicholas Bowman Marcus Braatz Kristen Bredar Julia Brickey Kevin Brinkman Elizabeth Brooks Morgan Brown Courtney Buchanan Nichole Burkett Carly Cabel Taylor Camp Daniel Carrera Milena Carrera Elena Carter Sarah Carton Nicole Chellman Anson Cheung Ikeotunye Chinyere Stephanie Choi Rachel Christensen Sydney Clark Benjamin Clarke Tessa Collins Paola Colmenares Alison Comrie Elliott Connor Wyatt Conoly Miguel Contreras Emily Cook Nicholas Copic Reanna Cotton Gabrielle Courtney Maxwell Cunningham Kevin Curtis Jack Deeming Evan DeForest Joseph DeGrandchamp James Denker Kathlyn DiBene Thomas Doehrman Briana Dohogne Rachel Doser Maxwell Duffy Taylor Dunkle Samantha Dunlap Ryan Dunn Christina Duran Holly Durr Tasanee Durrett Matthew Dzurick Bryan Eberson Jessica Edwards Kelly Edwards Madison Egan Andrea Eidson Jeremy Elias Ronald Ernst Ivan Escobosa de Saracho Emily Evans Kyle Everly Ryan Faase Sara Fallahi Pier Fiedorowicz 16 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

20 Sarah Flaaen Sierra Forbush Danielle Fork Tyler Fowler Alexander Frank Morgan Frank Madelynn Fretto Virginia Friedrich Jacqueline Fuentes Quintero Sean Furrier Michael Futch Louis Gallegos Ariana Garcia Jeffrey Gautreau Neil Gaynor Farid Ghamsari Leah Gluck Axel Gomez Casarez Miranda Gong Andrew Good Bret Gossler Nathaniel Gouge Katerina Grainger Jeffry Granados Riako Granzier-Nakajima Colleen Green Gabrielle Grinslade Sophie Griswold Adam Gurczak Christine Hall Alec Hanss Alondra Harris Katherine Harris Sydelle Harrison Kalli Harshman Hilla Hascalovici Tahmin Hassan Katelyn Haynes Sarah Hefferan Lindsey Hennington Nicholas Hillemeyer Bryce Hodson Leah Homad Kaitlin Hooker Zaynab Hourani Jerine Hu Nelson Hum Brenda Huppenthal Dylan Hutchison Hannah Ingle Alexa Irons-Castro Hannah Iskandar Sydney Jackson Troy Jackson Lindsie Jeffries Yuanzhi Jiang Aaron Johnson Yori Johnson Miranda Jones Sophie Jones Brooke Jundt Kevin Kallet Ashley Kang Daniela Kaplan Sahil Kapur Pareena Kaur Jason Keatseangsilp Katelyn Kennon Caitlin Kessler Taylor Kitkowski Jamie Klein Jenna Koblinski Lauren Koch Sydney Komro Megan Kotzin Samuel Kraus Catherine Krigbaum Michael Kronenfeld Queston Kwolek Hannah Kyllo Wing Lam Sarah Lancaster Alyssa Lane Gloria Le Timothy Leach Trevor Ledbetter Kayla Lederer John Lee Jooyup Lee Linzey Leinart Danielle Lemieux Steven Lester Rivian Lewin Gillian Lewis Taylor Lewis Maxwell Li Thaddeus Lin Rachel Lindley Alexa Link Rachel Linville Julea Lipiz Siru Liu Emily Long Chloe Loos Evangelina Lopez Justin Lopez Kyle Lopez Nicole Lorona Angela Lucero David Lucero Marisa Lujan Joshua Mack Layth Mahdi Jenna Malkin Lauren Malm John Mangels Kelly Maroney Andrew Marriott Amelia Marsh Alexander Marshall Scott Marshall Alyssa Martin Kaitlin Martinez Anna Mathew Danielle Mathieson Rene Matusiak Landon Maxwell Candace Mayer Lisa Mayer Robert McCollister Abigail McCourt Amanda McDaniels Marie McDonough Kaitlin McElroy Davis McGregor Megan McGuckin Jessi McMinn Claire McNary Alayna Meade Fabian Medina Samvika Mehra Efrain Melecio Jaclyn Mendelson Ivan Mendez Gonzalez Courtney Meola Sarah Ruth Merrigan Zoe Messer Genevieve Messina Esme Middaugh Gabrielle Milillo Brent Miller Demi Miller Matthew Miller Jennifer Minjarez Mohamed Mohamed Prithvi Mohan Xochitl Monge Sydney Moody Shannon Morelos Cissy Morgan Meredith Morrissey Emily Mrkvicka THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

21 Graduation with Honors Courtney Munoz Elise Muñoz Ryan Murphy Swaroop Murugesh Sarah Naves Kelly Neel Celina Nguyen Jacob Niccum Courtney Niegocki Leila Noghrehchi Andres Nuncio Zuniga Alexander O Dea Tiffanie Obilor Ethan Oglesby Shariwa Oke Nicole Oliver Amanda Olmut Kirsten Ortez Charles Page Dominic Palazzola Morgan Panknin Parth Patel Shivani Patel Varuska Patni Catherine Patton Rebecca Paul Jacob Pavek Colin Pedron Nicholas Pehrson Mekha Pereira Alec Perrera Derek Peterson Aleksandra Petkovic Hailey Pettis Amber Poindexter Lucas Katie Poore Patrick Portier Kyel Powell Fermin Prieto Michael Rabbani Amy Raiff Sneha Ray Syed Raza Charles Recchion Christiana Redmond Anna Reimers David Renner Nohely Reyes Alison Richardson Frederick Riess Lauren Rimsza Olivia Ripps Isabella Ritz Benjamin Rivera Nicholas Robb Tristan Roberts Nicole Rochon Henry Roden Valerie Rodriguez Haley Roelike Elizabeth Rosati Dorothea Rosenblatt Alison Ross Katherine Routson Margaret Rowe Ximena Ruden Samantha Ruotsi Nava Sadeghi Duri Saeed Jennifer Salazar Grace Samtani Melissa Sayegh Lauren Sayers Amy Scheid Benjamin Schifman Lior Schinagel Zachary Schmidt Zoe Schroeder Melissa Schwan Rayna Schwartz Stephanie Scull David Setton Hannah Shanken Leila Shevins Timothy Shimon Rachel Shulla Amber Simons-O Neill Vijay Singh Ryan Sipos Morgan Skillman Gisele Smith Ramanathan Somasundaram Natalie Speaks Lloyd Spece Graesyn Spiers Elizabeth Spohn Rishab Srivastava Desiree Stauch Lili Steffen Katherine Stone Calliandra Stuffle Jordan Stupka Michael Sveiven Shannon Sylvester Syn Yee Tan Christopher Tang Triffon Tatarin Samantha-Su Taylor Noel Teku Jennifer Thornton Vera Thornton Kham To Claire Tomlinson Paul Torregrossa Victoria Towers Sidy Traore Benjamin Van Maren Anushka Varhadkar Ivana Vasic Suhitha Veeravelli Teresa Velasco Jaimeson Veldhuizen Sarah Vining Valon Vitaku Brianna Volpe Elizabeth Wainwright Matthew Wall Kimberlie Wang Sheng Wang Xuanxiao Wang Rachel Ward Adam Welu Amber Whatley Alyssa Whatton Marissa Wheeler Audrey White Connor White India Williams Victoria Wilson Bayley Wiltshire Jacob Winkelman Victoria Wisthoff Daniel Withers Chanlin Wong Michael Woodson Tiffany Yang Cristina Yelvington Cristina Young Michael Young Benjamin Zaepfel Alejandro Zamora Jaime Zettlemoyer Kunpeng Zhang Alexis Zozaya Rissa Zudekoff 18 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017


23 2o DOCTORAL DEGREES 1 7 DEGREES CONFERRED SPRING 2016 EDUCATIONAL SPECIALIST Leslie Ann Anway SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Jennifer Anne Cardenas SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Andrew Huston Clinch SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY DEGREES CONFERRED SUMMER 2016 DOCTOR OF MUSICAL ARTS Anton Faynberg MUSIC John Milbauer, D.M.A., Music Symbiosis of Music and Poetry in Alfred Schnittke s Five Aphorisms for Piano Ivette Ortiz MUSIC Kristin E. T. Dauphinais, D.M.A., Music Trained Abroad: A History of Multiculturalism in Costa Rican Vocal Music DOCTOR OF PRACTICE Jennifer E. Garlington Terry A. Badger, Ph.D., Nursing Exploring Family Perceptions About Primary Care Management Following Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes in Preschool-Age Children DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Whitney Hope Berard MATHEMATICS David L. Savitt, Ph.D., Mathematics Explicit Serre Weight Conjectures in Dimension Four Qiang Gao MANAGEMENT Paulo Goes, Ph.D., Management Information Systems Mingfeng Lin, Ph.D., Management Information Systems Empirical Studies of Online Crowdfunding James Liang Chih Huang ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING Amit Ashok, Ph.D, Optical Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering Knowledge Enhanced Compressive Measurement Design: Detection and Estimation Tasks Raju Khatiwada SOIL, WATER & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Jonathan D. Chorover, Ph.D., Soil, Water and Environmental Science Mineral Surface-mediated Transformation of Insensitive Munition Compounds Sarah Elizabeth MacNamee NEUROSCIENCE Andrew J. Fuglevand, Ph.D., Physiology Drosophila melanogaster Astrocytes Respond to and Modulate Synaptic Transmission: A Correlative Anatomical and Electrophysiological Study Tiffany A. Mclamarrah CELLULAR & MOLECULAR MEDICINE Gregory C. Rogers, Ph.D., Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Molecular and Cellular Biology Molecular Mechanisms of Centriole Assembly Shayna Rene Mehas HISTORY Kevin M. Gosner, Ph.D., History Gendered Histories of Piety: Mexico City on the Eve of Independence Yan Mu CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Ara Philipossian, Ph.D., Chemical and Environmental Enginering Slurry Mean Residence Time Analysis and Pad-wafer Contact Characterization in Chemical Mechanical Planarization Quyen Thi Nguyet Nguyen ECONOMICS Andreas Blume, Ph.D., Economics Strategic Communication Games: Theory and Experiments Adriana Ramos-Ruiz ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Maria Sierra Alvarez, Ph.D., Chemical and Environmental Engineering James A. Field, Ph.D., Chemical and Environmental Engineering Environmental Fate, Recovery and Microbial Toxicity of the Semiconductor Materials GaAs, CdTe and CdSe Qinlong Ren MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Cho Lik Chan, Ph.D., Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering GPU Accelerated Study of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow by Lattice Boltzmann Method on CUDA Cosette L. Terry-Itewaste LINGUISTICS Heidi B. Harley, Ph.D., Linguistics Quinault Language Revitalization: Bridging Linguistic Theory to Community Classrooms Huanian Zhang PHYSICS Shufang Su, Ph.D., Physics Direct and Indirect Searches for New Physics Beyond Standard Model DEGREES CONFERRED FALL 2016 EDUCATIONAL SPECIALIST Jesus Velasquez LANGUAGE, READING & CULTURE DOCTOR OF MUSICAL ARTS Edward John Foust MUSIC Daniel Asia, M.M., Music Songs Out Of Sorrow Lynnel J. Jenkins MUSIC Bruce B. Chamberlain, D.M.A., Music The Evolution of Eva Jessye s Programming as Evidenced In Her Choral Concert Programs from John Aaron McDermid MUSIC Bruce B. Chamberlain, D.M.A., Music Reimagining the Art of Choral Programming: Innovations of Larry L. Fleming in his Annual Christmas Festivals with the National Lutheran Choir Jose L. Puerta MUSIC R. Thomas Patterson, M.M., Music A Performance Guide to Latin American Guitar Quartets: The Quartets of Ernesto Cordero, Leo Brouwer, and Sérgio Assad DOCTOR OF PRACTICE Waheeda Siddiqui Ahmed Matthew J. Gallek, Ph.D., RN, CNRN, Nursing Screening for Insulin Resistance in Patients with Liver Disease in Tertiary Centers Jennifer Armfield Shu-fen Wung, Ph.D., Nursing Project Boost and Cardiovascular Disease Readmissions in a Rural Acute Care Facility 20 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

24 Sara Kay Baker Janet C. DuBois, DNP, Nursing Rural Arizona Nurse Practitioner s Knowledge of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Assessment Lindsay Ann Bouchard Kate Goggin Sheppard, Ph.D., Nursing Exploring Compassion Fatigue in Emergency Nurses Heidi Lynette Dalhaug Janet C. DuBois, DNP, Nursing Patricia Daily, Ph.D., FNP-BC, RN-BC, Nursing An Assessment of Nurse Practitioners Knowledge in Managing Childhood Obesity in the Primary Care Setting Mary Ann Daly England Jane M. Carrington, Ph.D., Nursing Development of a Cardiac Prodromal Symptoms Recognition List for the Assessment of Women in Primary Care Julia Marie Fitzpatrick Graciela E. Silva Torres, Ph.D., Nursing, Public Health Barriers and Facilitating Factors in Delaying School Start Times Stephanie Eileen Geier Heather Carlisle, Ph.D., DNP, Nursing Clinical Practice Recommendations for Screening Patients with Type-2 Diabetes for Vitamin D. Deficiency: An Integrative Literature Review Katherine Marie Gompert Donna B. McArthur, Ph.D., Nursing, Neurology Need and Readiness for a Nurse Practitioner- Paramedic Unit in Rural Yuma, Arizona Hope Ann Goodman Lois J. Loescher, Ph.D., RN, FAAN, Nursing, Public Health A Brief Educational Intervention to Enhance Nurse Practitioners Knowledge, Attitudes and Skin Cancer Counseling Behaviors Annmarie Henderlong Jennifer Ruel, DNP, RN, Nursing Donna B. McArthur, Ph.D., Nursing, Neurology Readiness of a Specialty Allergy and Asthma Clinic to Adopt an Electronic Health Record Julie Diane Hinman Luz M. Wiley, DNP, RN, Nursing An Assessment of Obesity-Related Knowledge and Beliefs Among Overweight and Obese Hispanic Women in an Urban Phoenix Health Center Amy Kathryn Humphrey Donna B. McArthur, Ph.D., Nursing, Neurology The Effects of a Six-Week Low Carbohydrate Diet Among Patients with Prediabetes Naundria Jarlego Jackson Lois J. Loescher, Ph.D., RN, FAAN, Nursing, Public Health Advanced Practice Nurses Knowledge of Sexually Transmitted Infection and Established Counseling Guidelines Allysen Kelly Mary D. Doyle, Ph.D., RN, CPHQ, Nursing Evaluating E-Health Use by Primary Care Providers in a Medically Underserved Clinic Rachel Marie Knight Ted S. Rigney, Jr., Ph.D., Nursing Perceptions, Attitudes, and Behaviors Towards Delirium Among ICU Nurses at a Small Community Hospital in Southern Arizona Evelyn Lozoya Marylyn M. McEwen, Ph.D., APRN, BC, Nursing A Quality Improvement Project to Increase Utilization of Interpretive Services for Limited English Proficiency Patients Seeking Care at an Emergency Room Mariel D. Martinez Gloanna J. Peek, Ph.D., Nursing Assessing Nurse Practitioner Preparedness When Caring for Childhood Cancer Survivors Misty Autumn McGillem Kate Goggin Sheppard, Ph.D., Nursing Exploring Compassion Fatigue Among Mental Health Providers in Community-Based Outpatient Organizations Brooke Wright Mgonja Cindy J. Rishel, Ph.D., Nursing Concussion Education and Management for School Nurses Brett J. Mortenson Gloanna J. Peek, Ph.D., Nursing Development and Evaluation of a Clinical Practice Guideline to Promote Evidence-Based Treatment of Pediatric Concussions in Primary Care Phung Kim Nguyen Joy N. Kiviat, Ph.D., MSN, FNP-BC, Nursing The Use of SBAR Communication Tool During Warm Hand-Off in Integrated Care Craig Nuttall Donna B. McArthur, Ph.D., Nursing, Neurology Development of an Education Module on Concussions in Youth for Primary Care Nurse Practitioners in Utah Ida Selena Obeso Luz M. Wiley, DNP, RN, Nursing Assessing Knowledge of Heart Failure Education in Nurses and Nurse Practitioners throughout the Transition of Care Period in the Rural Health Setting Jacqueline Marie Reveal Donna B. McArthur, Ph.D., Nursing, Neurology Increasing HPV Vaccine Provider Recommendations in a Rural Southwest Clinic Mia Nicole Saenz Luz M. Wiley, DNP, RN, Nursing Home Care Nurse Practitioner Knowledge of Self-Care Management in Patients with Heart Failure Katherine Janell Sallee Leslie S. Ritter, Ph.D., Nursing, Neurology Feasibility of Using a Novel and Interactive Computer Program to Assess Emotional Health After a Stroke Barbara Kay Salway-Jensen Kimberly Denise Shea, Ph.D., Nursing Culturally Sensitive, Technology-Enhanced Mental Health Screening in Integrated Primary Care Alexandra Dimitra Schutt Gloanna J. Peek, Ph.D., Nursing Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention: Implementation of an Individualized, Patient-Centered Education Program THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

25 As a member of one of the first graduating classes at the University of Arizona, Mercedes Shibell entered the University as a freshman (matriculation No. 5) in 1891 at the age of 15. Married and widowed twice, she became an early career woman. She studied domestic science in San Francisco and worked for the Y.W.C.A. in food management for 35 years. Her work took her to France for two years during World War I, and later to South America. In 1960, she was honored at the University s 75th anniversary. She died in Tucson on Sept. 14, 1965, at the age of 90. Erica K. Shimkus Mary D. Doyle, Ph.D., RN, CPHQ, Nursing Family Nurse Practitioners Use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment for Depression in Adolescents DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Trisiani Affandi BIOCHEMISTRY Megan M. McEvoy, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Structural and Functional Studies of the Histidine Kinase CusS in Escherichia coli Wessam Afifi Ahmed ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING Marwan M. Krunz, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science Inband Full-duplex Wireless Communications for Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Systems Eman Abureida Akam CHEMISTRY Elisa Tomat, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Disulfide-Masked Prochelators Targeting the Iron Metabolism of Cancer: Design, Synthesis, and Biological Investigations Loren P. Albert ECOLOGY & EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY Travis Huxman, Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Scott R. Saleska, Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Soil, Water and Environmental Science From Leaves to Ecosystems: Resolving the Responses of Evergreen Forests to Seasonality Mohammed Fowzan Alfowzan ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING Jeffrey J. Rodriguez, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering Solutions to Space-Time Inverse Problems Norah Ibrahim Alturki LANGUAGE, READING & CULTURE Kathleen G. Short, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Inquiry and Teacher Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Kameswari Ananthakrishnan PHYSIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Ronald M. Lynch, Ph.D., Physiology, Biomedical Engineering Improved ß-Cell Targeting and Therapeutics Using Multivalent Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) Linked to the 2AR Antagonist Yohimbine (YHB): Evaluating the Binding, Selectivity and Signaling Nicholas Ballering ASTRONOMY George H. Rieke, Ph.D., Astronomy, Planetary Sciences Measuring the Structure and Composition of Circumstellar Debris Disks Timothy W. Bayley HYDROLOGY Paul A. Ferré, Ph.D., Hydrology and Water Resources Decision Making Under Uncertainty in Water Resources John S. Bear STATISTICS David D. Billheimer, Ph.D., Public Health A Logistic Normal Mixture Model for Compositions with Essential Zeros Elizabeth Ann Bettini Ida Marie Moore, Ph.D., Nursing Central Sensitization and Associated Factors in Adolescents With Joint Hypermobility and Dysautonomia Alycia Aileen Bristol Janice D. Crist, Ph.D., Nursing Family Caregivers Experiences during Transitions Occurring within an Acute Care Facility Jackson Kemper Burton III APPLIED MATHEMATICS Timothy Secomb, Ph.D., Physiology, Mathematics Theoretical Models for Drug Delivery to Solid Tumors Elyse Mary Canosa MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Nancy N. Odegaard, Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Anthropology Investigation and Optimization of Electrochemical Treatment for Daguerreotypes Javier Castillo-Montoya CHEMISTRY Indraneel Ghosh, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Development of Orthogonal Split-Kinase and Split-Phosphatase Systems for Interrogating and Rewiring Signal Transduction Kari Ann Burris Chew LANGUAGE, READING & CULTURE Sheilah E. Nicholas, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Chikashshanompa Kilanompohóli Bíyyi ka chi [We Will Always Speak the Chickasaw Language]: Considering the Vitality and Efficacy of Chickasaw Language Reclamation Alyssa Nicole Coyne NEUROSCIENCE Daniela C. Zarnescu, Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology, Neurobiology Dysregulation of mrna Transport and Translation in ALS Natalie S. Dailey SPEECH, LANGUAGE & HEARING SCIENCES Elena Plante, Ph.D., Speech and Hearing Science Neurological Models of Dyslexia Sybil G. De Clark PHYSICS Sean P. Fleming, Ph.D., Physics Christian Wuthrich, Ph.D., Philosophy The Scharnhorst Effect: Superluminality and Causality in Effective Field Theories Jonathan Robert Delph GEOSCIENCES George Zandt, Ph.D., Geosciences Susan Beck, Ph.D., Geosciences Crustal and Upper Mantle Structure of the Anatolian Plate: Imaging the Effects of Subduction Termination and Continental Collision with Seismic Techniques Andrew Tesla DeMarco SPEECH, LANGUAGE & HEARING SCIENCES Pelagie M. Beeson, Ph.D., Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Neural Substrates of Phonological Processing in Chronic Aphasia From Stroke Linsay Amber DeMartino EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP & POLICY Jill Koyama, Ph.D., Educational Policy Studies and Practice Transformative Leadership in Practice: Leading With the Modern School Community Suzanne Jacobs Desjardin EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP & POLICY Jill Koyama, Ph.D., Educational Policy Studies and Practice Living Within and Outside the Margins and Borders: The Impact of School Leadership on Successful Bridge Programs and Latino/a Transitions into Community College and Beyond Jesse Ervin Dickinson HYDROLOGY Paul A. Ferré, Ph.D., Hydrology and Water Resources Filtering of Cyclical Infiltration Forcings in the Vadose Zone Yijun Ding PHYSICS Harrison H. Barrett, Ph.D., Optical Sciences, Medical Imaging Charged-Particle Emission Tomography 22 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

26 On Thanksgiving Day 1899, the UA played its first intercollegiate game with the Tempe Normal School (later to become ASU), which had a more seasoned team since it had made an earlier start in football. Tempe won, 11-2, but the loyal local paper thought the University showed more skill and science but lacked the physical strength the Tempe team outweighed the Tucson team by about one-third. Zura Dotton SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION & TEACHING Linda R. Waugh, Ph.D., French and Italian, English Language Policy and Language Planning in Kazakhstan: About the Proposed Shift from the Cyrillic Alphabet to the Latin Alphabet La Monica Everett-Hayes HIGHER EDUCATION Gary D., Rhoades, Ph.D., Educational Policy Studies and Practice How Activists and Administrators Differently Frame the Role of Public Higher Education to Shape Action and Public Perceptions about Contentious Campus Issues Sarah Elizabeth Gaines SPECIAL EDUCATION Nancy Mather, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN) and Reading with Deaf Students Using American Sign Language (ASL) Davood Ghasemian HYDROLOGY C. Larrabee Winter, Ph.D., Hydrology and Water Resources, Atmospheric Sciences Groundwater Management Using Remotely Sensed Data in High Plains Aquifer Juliana Gil Loaiza SOIL, WATER & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Raina Margaret Maier, Ph.D., Soil, Water and Environmental Science Establishment of a Vegetation Cover at the Iron King Mine and Humboldt Smelter Superfund Site: Evaluation of Compost-Assisted Phytostabilization Maxwell David Gregoire PHYSICS Alexander D. Cronin, Ph.D., Physics, Optical Sciences Static Polarizability Measurements and Inertial Sensing with Nanograting Atom Interferometry Shaness Grenald MEDICAL PHARMOCOLOGY Mark A. Nelson, Ph.D., Pathology Synergistic Actions of Mu-Opioid and CB2 Receptor Agonists in Rodent Models of Acute and Chronic Pain Christopher Henry Guiterman NATURAL RESOURCES Thomas W. Swetnam, Ph.D., Dendrochronology, Watershed Management Donald Falk, Ph.D., Natural Resources Climate and Human Drivers of Forest Vulnerability in the US Southwest: Perspectives from Dendroecology Chenhui Guo MANAGEMENT Mingfeng Lin, Ph.D., Management Information Systems Paulo Goes, Ph.D., Management Information Systems Empirical Studies on Incentives, Information Disclosure, and Social Interactions in Online Platforms Tomoe Hagio BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Maria I. Altbach, Ph.D., Medical Imaging Parametric Mapping and Image Analysis in Breast MRI Bonnie Rene Halsey-Dutton ART HISTORY & EDUCATION Lisa Hochtritt, Ph.D., Art Facilitating Voluntary Risk-taking and Multimodal Art Instruction: Insights Gained From Preservice Elementary Educators Aaron P. Havas CANCER BIOLOGY Catharine L. Smith, Ph.D., Pharmacology and Toxicology Defining Mechanisms of Sensitivity and Resistance to Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors to Develop Effective Thereaputic Strategies for the Treatment of Aggressive Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma David Edward Hogan SOIL, WATER & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Raina Margaret Maier, Ph.D., Soil, Water and Environmental Science Biosurfactant (Monorhamnolipid) Complexation of Metals and Applications for Aqueous Metalliferous Waste Remediation Pei-Shan Hsieh SYSTEMS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Wei Hua Lin, Ph.D., Systems and Industrial Engineering Investigating the Maximal Coverage by Pointbased Surrogate Model for Spatial Facility Location Problem Wei-Jie Huang MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Barrett G. Potter, Jr., Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Optical Sciences Towards Increased Photovoltaic Energy Generation Efficiency and Reliability: Quantum - Scale Spectral Sensitizers in Thin - Film Hybrid Devices and Microcracking in Monocrystalline Si Stephanie Meryl Jensen BIOCHEMISTRY John C. Jewett, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry A Bioorthogonal Approach to Chemical Virology Sunjing Ji LINGUISTICS Thomas G. Bever, Ph.D., Linguistics Sound and Meaning Components During Speech Comprehension of Mandarin Compounds Kyle Mitchell Jones BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Mark D. Pagel, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering Improving the Accuracy and Precision of Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) MRI Kevin H. Kawa PSYCHOLOGY T. Lee Ryan, Ph.D., Psychology Genetic and Neuroanatomic Factors that Influence Executive Functions in Aging Lindsay Nicole Kohler EPIDEMIOLOGY Elizabeth T. Jacobs, Ph.D., Public Health Nutrition and Physical Activity Cancer Prevention Guideline Adherence and Association with Circulating Concentrations of Vitamin D. and Precancerous Lesions Wendy Michele Koosmann SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Michelle M. Perfect, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies Neuropsychological Profiles and Predictors of Reading Performance of Children with Developmental Delay With and Without Cognitive Difficulties Gulsum Kucuksari NEAR EASTERN STUDIES Linda T. Darling, Ph.D., History Leila Hudson, Ph.D., Middle Eastern and North African Studies In the Shadow of Secularism: Kurdish Ulema and Religious Nationalism from Sheikh Said to Hizbullah Barbara Lafuente Valverde GEOSCIENCES Robert T. Downs, Ph.D., Geosciences Architecture of Databases for Mineralogy and Astrobiology Andrew Keith Laskowski GEOSCIENCES Paul A. Kapp, Ph.D., Geosciences Tectonic Evolution of the Yarlung Suture Zone, Lopu Range and Lazi Regions, Central Southern Tibet Robert M. Leone PHYSICS Elliott C. Cheu, Ph.D., Physics Machine Learning Multi-Stage Classification and Regression in the Search for Vector-Like Quarks and the Neyman Construction in Signal Searches THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

27 1900. Usual and accepted transportation for a student picnic at Sabino Canyon in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains. Mutha Meringna Varuni Shashika Livera CHEMISTRY Zhiping Zheng, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Chemistry and Materials of the Lanthanides From Discrete Clusters to Extended Framework Solids Tricia Diane Loscher ART HISTORY & EDUCATION Sarah J. Moore, Ph.D., School of Art Lone Wolf (Hart M. Schultz): Cowboy, Actor and Artist Michal Lukasz Lukowski OPTICAL SCIENCES Mahmoud Fallahi, Ph.D., Optical Sciences Novel Cavities in Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers for Emission in Broad Spectral Region by Means of Nonlinear Frequency Conversion America Nallely Lutz Ley ARID LANDS RESOURCE SCIENCES Christopher A. Scott, Ph.D., Geography and Development Human Adaptation to Social and Environmental Change in Rural Communities of the San Miguel Watershed in Arid Northwest Mexico Brandon C. Marshall LANGUAGE, READING & CULTURE Luis C. Moll, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies The Role of Athlete Identity and Social Capital in the Post-College Lives of Black, Revenue- Generating Athletes Guillermo Martinez Ariza PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES Christopher Hulme, Ph.D., Pharmacy and Toxicology Exploiting Molecular Diversity to Access Biologically Relevant Chemotypes Agustin Alejandro Martinez Chibly CANCER BIOLOGY Kirsten H. Limesand, Ph.D., Nutritional Sciences Functional Restoration of Irradiated Salivary Glands Through Modulation of apkcz and Nuclear Yap in Salivary Progenitors Merica McNeil SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION & TEACHING Robert Ariew, Ph.D., French and Italian An Analysis of Student-Centered Curricular Innovation in Online Language Teacher Education: A Case Study Seyed Soroush Mehravar OPTICAL SCIENCES Khanh Q. Kieu, Ph.D., Optical Sciences Design and Development of Compact Multiphoton Microscopes Bo Elliot Miller OPTICAL SCIENCES Yuzuru Takashima, Ph.D., Optical Sciences Cavity Techniques for Volume Holography Amjaad Tariq Mujallid LANGUAGE, READING & CULTURE J. David Betts, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Mary Combs, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Appreciating Our Diversity: Using Digital Media Creation and Consumption to Develop and Evaluate Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills for Students in the Digital Culture Soha Namnabat OPTICAL SCIENCES Robert A. Norwood, Ph.D., Optical Sciences Novel Optical Materials for Passive Photonic Applications Matthew Erik Nielsen ECOLOGY & EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY Daniel R. Papaj, Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Entomology Interactions Among Multiple Plastic Traits in Caterpillar Thermoregulation Golchehr Noshirvani Allahabadi PHYSICS Koen Visscher, Ph.D., Physics, Molecular and Cellular Biology Leilei Peng, Ph.D., Optical Sciences, Molecular and Cellular Biology Bessel Light Sheet Structured Illumination Microscopy Joseph C. Ortiz OPTICAL SCIENCES Eric W. Clarkson, Ph.D., Optical Sciences, Medical Imaging Estimation of Kinetic Parameters From List-Mode Data Using an Indirect Approach Won Hyun Park MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Tribikram Kundu, Ph.D., Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Acoustic Source Localization in an Anisotropic Plate without Knowing its Material Properties Mahakumarage Don Camiles Suchithranga Perera CHEMISTRY Michael F. Brown, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Investigation of Rhodopsin Activation Using Spectroscopic and Scattering Techniques Sasha Nicolle Poole Pamela G. Reed., Ph.D., Nursing Sheila M. Gephart, Ph.D., Nursing The Process Young Mothers in New Mexico Undergo to Achieve the Healthy People 2020 Objective of Exclusive Breastfeeding for Three Months Jared C. Powell GEOGRAPHY Sallie A. Marston, Ph.D., Geography and Development Locating Responsibility in the Discourse of Contemporary U.S. Education Reform Consuelo Dayzu Quinto Cortes GENETICS Joseph C. Watkins, Ph.D., Mathematics Inferring Demographic History of Admixed Human Populations with SNP Array Data Cyf Nadine Ramos-Colon PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES Victor J. Hruby, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Novel Peptide Ligands as Kappa Opioid Receptor Antagonists Steven J. Randall SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION & TEACHING Beatrice C. Dupuy, Ph.D., French and Italian, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching An Exploration of a University Academic Bridge Program for English Language Learners Robin C. Reineke ANTHROPOLOGY Thomas E. Sheridan, Ph.D., Anthropology Naming the Dead: Identification and Ambiguity Along the U.S.-Mexico Border Dmitry Reshidko OPTICAL SCIENCES Jose M. Sasian, Ph.D., Optical Sciences, Astronomy Topics in Modern Lens Design Jesus Rodriguez Rodriguez AGRICULTURAL & BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING Muluneh Yitayew, Ph.D., Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Downscaling Modis Evapotranspiration via Cokriging in Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation and Drainage District, Yuma, AZ Avery Leigh Russell ENTOMOLOGY & INSECT SCIENCE Daniel R. Papaj, Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Entomology Mechanisms of Floral Specialization by Pollen-Foraging Bumble Bees Megan A. Schildmier Stone LINGUISTICS Heidi B. Harley, Ph.D., Linguistics The Difference Between Bucket-Kicking and Kicking the Bucket: Understanding Idiom Flexibility 24 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

28 1898. Two students from preparatory class pose on the porch of East Cottage in what Charles P. Richmond termed bicycle costumes. Ainslie E. Schultz MANAGEMENT Linda L. Price, Ph.D., Marketing Embracing a Fresh Start: How Consumers Engage to Change Their Lives Rasoul Shadnia CIVIL ENGINEERING & ENGINEERING MECHANICS Lianyang Zhang, Ph.D., Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Green Geopolymer with Incorporated PCM for Energy Saving in Buildings Peter B. Soland HISTORY William H. Beezley, Ph.D., History Mexican Icarus: Modernity, National Identity, and Aviation Development in Mexico, Hector Sosa Martinez PHYSICS Poul S. Jessen, Ph.D., Optical Sciences Quantum Control and Quantum Tomography on Neutral Atom Qudits Brintha Subramaniam FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES Sabrina V. Helm, Ph.D., Family and Consumer Sciences Living in Present to Nurture the Future: Investigating the Association Between Mindfulness and Sustainable Consumption Behaviors Using Individuals Cognitive Personality, Value and Belief Variables Kimberlee Ann Sutter Cindy J. Rishel, Ph.D., Nursing Siblings of Children with Down Syndrome: Voices Heard Maria Liliana Terrazas Onofre AGRICULTURAL & BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING Donald C. Slack, Ph.D., Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Reduction of Bacterial and Viral Indicators in Laundry Graywater by Solar Disinfection Joseph Tillotson III PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY Eli Chapman, Ph.D., Pharmacology and Toxicology Targeting Enzymes Involved in Protein Translation and Quality Control as Potential Cancer Therapeutics Jesse S. Trujillo CANCER BIOLOGY Jesse D. Martinez, Ph.D., Cellular and Molecular Medicine A Novel Mechanism for Bile Acid Induced Activation of Estrogen Receptor ß in Colorectal Cancer Timothy F. Vandervoet ENTOMOLOGY & INSECT SCIENCE Peter C. Ellsworth, Ph.D., Entomology The Incorporation of Conservation Biological Control into the Management of Bemisia tabaci (MEAM1) in Cotton Kevin Michael Ward GEOSCIENCES Susan Beck, Ph.D., Geosciences George Zandt, Ph.D., Geosciences Imaging the Lithospheric Structure of the Central Andes from the Joint Inversion of Multiple Seismic Data Sets Beverly Sterling Washington Lois J. Loescher, Ph.D., RN, FAAN, Nursing, Public Health Correlates of African American Breast Cancer Survivors Intentions to Prevent Weight Gain: Elicitation Study Results and Questionnaire Development Sarah Elizabeth Wolff ANTHROPOLOGY Thomas E. Sheridan, Ph.D., Anthropology Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman, Ph.D., Anthropology The Wild West: Archaeological and Historical Investigations of Victorian Culture on the Frontier at Fort Laramie, Wyoming ( ) Shimin Wu ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Shane A. Snyder, Ph.D., Chemical and Environmental Engineering A. Eduardo Sáez, Ph.D., Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Public Health Fate of Glucocorticoid Receptor Agonists During Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes Shu Yang CIVIL ENGINEERING & ENGINEERING MECHANICS Yao Jan Wu, Ph.D., Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Estimating Freeway Travel Time Reliability for Traffic Operations and Planning Sheena Adrienne Young ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Shane A. Snyder, Ph.D., Chemical and Environmental Engineering Occurance and Formation of Emerging Disinfection Byproducts in Beverages and Over-the-Counter Medications Xiaoju Yu ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING Hao Xin, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics Investigation of Several Novel Radio- Frequency Techniques Biologically Inspired Direction Finding, 3D Printed RF Components and Systems, and Fundamental Aspects of Antenna Matching Ou Zhang PHYSICS Sean P. Fleming, Ph.D., Physics Applications of Effective Field Theory to QCD and Strong Field QED DEGREES CONFERRED WINTER 2016 DOCTOR OF MUSICAL ARTS Hyeyeon Park MUSIC Tannis I. Gibson, M.M., Music Alexander Rosenblatt s Piano Sonata No. 2 and Its Influences: The Blending of Classical Techniques and Jazz Elements Richard David Puzzo Jr. MUSIC Norman G. Weinberg, D.M.A., Music Not Just for Auditions: Playing Orchestral Percussion Excerpts for Pedagogy and Enrichment Mackenzie K. Romriell MUSIC Kristin E. T. Dauphinais, D.M.A., Music Classically Unsung: The Art Songs of Alec Wilder DOCTOR OF PRACTICE Dana M. Britton Jane M. Carrington, Ph.D., Nursing Using a Human Factors Approach to Assess Program Evaluation and Usability of the Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Protocol Kathryn Anna Chappell Lorraine (Lori) Martin Plank, Ph.D., Nursing Health Promotion in Older Adults: A Look at Medicare Annual Wellness Visits Nicole Marie Chieka Luz M. Wiley, DNP, RN, Nursing Examining Current Depression Screening Practices for Nurse Practitioners in Southern Arizona who Care for Patients with Heart Failure Heidi Clouser Sally J. Reel, Ph.D., APRN, C-FNP, BC, FAAN, FAANP, Nursing Arizona Community Health Center Providers Practices, Knowledge and Attitudes Related to Advance Care Planning THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

29 The first bunk beds at the UA. Bottom cot turned upside-down, top cot placed on bottom cot s legs. Probably in South Hall. Anna Maria Aguon Cruz Marylyn M. McEwen, Ph.D., APRN, BC, Nursing Patient Satisfaction with Nurse Practitioner Care on Guam Curtis Franco Ted S. Rigney Jr., Ph.D., Nursing The Effects of Different Anticoagulation Strategies on Adult ECMO Patients Carolyn Muller Hull Lorraine (Lori) Martin Plank, Ph.D., Nursing Assessing the Impact of a Transitional Care Program on Symptom Recognition and Self-Care in Heart Failure Patients Shahida Khan Ted S. Rigney Jr., Ph.D., Nursing Traumatically Injured Patients with Positive Toxicology Screening and Ability to Wean from Mechanical Ventilation Anne Kathryn Piper Marylyn M. McEwen, Ph.D., APRN, BC, Nursing Facilitating the Use of Asthma Action Plans in Primary Care: A Quality Improvement Project Janice Rorabeck Ted S. Rigney Jr., Ph.D., Nursing Sustainability of Collaborative Educational Endeavor in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti Katie Strawn Gloanna J. Peek, Ph.D., Nursing Creating Recommendations for Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive Use for Adolescents DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Mark Tadashi Agasid CHEMISTRY S. Scott Saavedra, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Craig A. Aspinwall, Ph.D., Chemistry I. Development of Rapid Conductance- Based Protocols for Measuring Ion Channel Activity; II. Expression, Characterization, and Purification of the ATP-Sensitive, Inwardly- Rectifying K+ Channel, Kir6.2, and Ion Channel-Coupled Receptors Jessica M. Aguilar SPEECH, LANGUAGE & HEARING SCIENCES Elena Plante, Ph.D., Speech and Hearing Science Exemplar Variability Facilitates Word Learning by Children with Specific Language Impairment Jennifer Arthur SOIL, WATER & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Katerina M. Dontsova, Ph.D., Soil, Water and Environmental Science Mark L. Brusseau, Ph.D., Soil, Water and Environmental Science, Hydrology and Water Resources The Investigation of the Environmental Fate and Transport of 2,4- dinitroanisol e(dnan) in Soils Melissa Joan Blind AMERICAN INDIAN STUDIES Mary Jo Fox, Ph.D., American Indian Studies We Just Took Care of Each Other : Exploring Cultural Understandings of Neurological Conditions Keri Anne Bressette SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Michelle M. Perfect, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies The Influence of Autism-Related Information on General Education Teacher Knowledge of Autism and Self-Efficacy for Inclusion of Students with Autism Matthew P. Bronnimann IMMUNOBIOLOGY Felicia D. Goodrum-Sterling, Ph.D., Immunobiology, Molecular and Cellular Biology Penetration of Host Membrane Barriers by Human Papillomavirus During Infection Andrew Elton Clark MICROBIOLOGY & PATHOBIOLOGY Gayatri Vedantam, Ph.D., Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences The Clostridium difficile Flagellar System Mediates Toxin Synthesis, Pathogenicity, and Activation of Innate Immune Responses Rolando Alberto Coto Solano LINGUISTICS Andrew B. Wedel, Ph.D., Linguistics, Middle Eastern and North African Studies Ofelia Zepeda, Ph.D., Linguistics, Language, Reading and Culture Tonal Reduction and Literacy in Me phaa Vathaa Ryan J. Eismin CHEMISTRY Jeanne E. Pemberton, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Surface, Aggregation, and Phase Characterization of Microbially-Produced & Chemically-Synthesized Monorhamnolipids Kerrie Lynn Geil ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES Xubin Zeng, Ph.D., Atmospheric Sciences Assessing the 20th Century Performance of Global Climate Models and Application to Climate Change Adaptation Planning Justyna Gozdz CELLULAR & MOLECULAR MEDICINE Linda L. Restifo, Ph.D. Neurology, Neuroscience Environmental Mechanisms of Asthma Protection: Studies on Amish and Hutterite Farm Dust Lauren A. Hayes ANTHROPOLOGY Jennifer Roth Gordon, Ph.D., Anthropology Shaping the Ideal Worker: Power, Gender, and Responsibility on the Production Line in Appalachian Kentucky Alyson Marie Hockenberry IMMUNOBIOLOGY Magdalene So, Ph.D., Immunobiology Dissection of the Type IV Pilus Retraction Motor in Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Rachel Elizabeth Langston MOLECULAR & CELLULAR BIOLOGY Ted Weinert, Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology DNA Replication Defects in the Telomere Induce Chromosome Instability in a Single Cell Cycle Eva Marie Levi NATURAL RESOURCES Steven R. Archer, Ph.D., Natural Resources Foliar and Woody Litter Decomposition in a Shrub-Invaded Sonoran Desert Grassland Bernadette Mora EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Heidi Legg Burross, Ph.D., Educational Psychology A Preliminary Study on the Relationship between Kindergarteners Self-reported School Readiness and School Liking: Including Children s Voices in School Readiness Research Wendi F. Murray ANTHROPOLOGY Maria Nieves Zedeno, Ph.D., Anthropology We Agree as One People: Co-residence, Convergence, and Community Transformation Among the Arikara in North Dakota Ariana M. Nicolini BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Jeong-Yeol Yoon, Ph.D., Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Single-Step, Optical Biosensors for the Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Bacterial and Viral Pathogens Shaun Michael Pacheco OPTICAL SCIENCES Rongguang Liang, Ph.D., Optical Sciences Array Confocal Microsopy 26 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

30 In late August 1899, the former Horticulturalist s Cottage was remodeled and refurnished for classes in domestic science, and from then until 1908, it was known as the Domestic Science Cottage a humble beginning for a later-day School of Home Economics. Aaron Peace Ragsdale APPLIED MATHEMATICS Ryan N. Gutenkunst, Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Multi-Allele Population Genomics for Inference of Demography and Natural Selection Beverly Joy Reghabi REHABILITATION Michael T. Hartley, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies Exploring the Ethics of Social Media Use in Rehabilitation Counselor Education Molly Marion Scanlon ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SCIENCES Kelly A. Reynolds, Ph.D., Public Health, Soil, Water and Environmental Science Occupational Stress Risk Assessment: Assessing the Impact of Health Promotion Lifestyle and Perceived Nature Contact on Nursing Health and Wellness Jaeho Shim CIVIL ENGINEERING & ENGINEERING MECHANICS J. Guohong Duan, Ph.D., Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Experimental and Numerical Studies of Grain Scaled Bed-Load Transport Rebecca Elizabeth Slater BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Hendrikus L. Granzier, Ph.D., Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Physiology Modulation of Cardiac Titin Stiffness in Physiological and Pathophysiological States Marielle Natasha Smith ECOLOGY & EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY Scott R. Saleska, Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Soil, Water and Environmental Science Responses of Tropical Forest Canopy Structure and Function to Seasonal and Interannual Variations in Climate Michael A. Szolowicz EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP & POLICY Jill Koyama, Ph.D., Educational Policy Studies and Practice Opt Out! Understanding Resistance to the Common Core s Testing Regime Through Political Spectacle Qi Tang ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING Hao Xin, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics Active Metamaterial: Gain and Stability, and Microfluidic Chip for THz Cell Spectroscopy Tyler Houston Tate OPTICAL SCIENCES Jennifer K. Barton, Ph.D., BIO5 Institute Dual Modality Optical Coherence Tomography and Multispectral Fluorescence Imaging for Ovarian Cancer Detection Matthew R. Turley SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Michelle M. Perfect, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies The Impact of Traumatic Event Exposure and Traumatic Stress Symptoms on Cognitive and Achievement Abilities of Youth with Type 1 Diabetes Peter John Vinton MOLECULAR & CELLULAR BIOLOGY Ted Weinert, Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology Cell Cycle Delay Stabilizes the Budding Yeast Genome Jennifer Lynn Winkler HEALTH BEHAVIOR HEALTH PROMOTION Scott C. Carvajal, Ph.D., Public Health Making School Discipline Kinder: Developing a Roadmap for Youth Well-Being Zhao Yang HYDROMETEOROLOGY Xubin Zeng, Ph.D., Atmospheric Sciences Land-Atmosphere Interactions Due to Anthropogenic and Natural Changes in the Land Surface: A Numerical Modeling Nedko Yordanov Yordanov ECONOMICS Guatam Gowrisankaran, Ph.D., Economics Mo Xiao, Ph.D., Economics Essays on the Designated Entity Program in the FCC Frequency Auctions Chao Zeng ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Farhang Shadman, Ph.D., Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Optical Sciences Maria Sierra Alvarez, Ph.D., Chemical and Environmental Engineering Potential Environmental and Health Risks from Nanoparticles and III-V Materials Used in Semiconductor Manufacturing Ding Zou ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING Ivan B. Djordjevic, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Optical Sciences FPGA-Based LDPC Coded Modulations for Optical Transport Networks DEGREES CONFERRED SPRING 2017 DOCTOR OF AUDIOLOGY Lua Azmak AUDIOLOGY Nicole Marrone, Ph.D., Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Assessing the Need for Caregiver Training on Hearing Loss Danielle Catherine Beebe AUDIOLOGY David Velenovsky, Ph.D., Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Collecting Normative Data for Video Head Impulse Testing, Horizontal and Vertical Measures Jinna Simone Borgstrom AUDIOLOGY David Velenovsky, Ph.D., Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Contralateral Stimulus Comparison of the Acoustic Reflex via Reflectance Measures Lauren Alexandra Fedt AUDIOLOGY Nicole Marrone, Ph.D., Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Teleaudiology: Clinical Outcomes from Adults with Hearing Loss Jaclyn Marie Moor AUDIOLOGY Nicole Marrone, Ph.D., Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences The Effect of Background Noise on Multitasking Jason Smith AUDIOLOGY David Velenovsky, Ph.D., Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences James Dean, AuD., Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Sound Exposure Levels Experienced by University Music Students and Subsequent Correlation to Hearing Loss Anna Tinnemore AUDIOLOGY Barbara Cone-Wesson, Ph.D., Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Acoustic Analysis of Adult- and Child-Directed Emotional Speech THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

31 The original Wildcats the 1914 football team. EDUCATIONAL SPECIALIST Sara Jehad Asadi SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Nora Lyne Boettcher SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Fedra Alexandra Calderón SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Marcy J. de la Garza SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Kristin Lee Larson SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Staci Martin EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP Corey Nicholson SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Nikki Jean Oxford SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Cristina Vanessa Paz SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Kelli Marie Stark SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Michael P. Trivelli SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY DOCTOR OF EDUCATION Tsuru L. Bailey-Jones EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP Laura K. (Kris) Bosworth, Ph.D., Educational Policy Studies and Practice Responding to Change: An Exploration of the Leadership Orientation and Response to an Influx of Refugee Students N. Kathy Spicer EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP Rose M. Ylimaki, Ph.D., Educational Policy Studies and Practice Information Seeking of Principals DOCTOR OF MUSICAL ARTS Glenda Patricia Courtois Garcia MUSIC Rex A. Woods, M.M., Music Miguel Bernal Jiménez and Eduardo Hernández Moncada: Between Nationalism and Avant-Garde Kevin Alan Cross MUSIC Norman G. Weinberg, D.M.A., Music How the Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Cultivated Solo Multiple Percussion Repertoire through Graphic Notation and Indeterminacy 28 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017 T. André Feagin MUSIC Thomas R. Cockrell, Ph.D., Music Gregg I. Hanson, M.M., Music Homenaje a Joaquín Sorolla (Cuadros Sinfónicos): An Analysis of Bernardo Adam Ferrero s Musical Interpretation of the Programmatic Themes in the Painting of Joaquín Sorolla Ivar-Nicholas Fojas MUSIC R. Thomas Patterson, M.M., Music J.S. Bach s Suite in G. Minor, BWV 995: A Comparison of Manuscripts for Violoncello, Lute and Lute Intabulation as a Model for a Guitar Arrangement of Suite in D. Major BWV 1012 Rachel Kay Knight MUSIC R. Thomas Patterson, M.M., Music Alberto Ginastera s Harp Concerto, Op. 25, a Synthesis of Argentine Nationalism and Neo-Expressionism Sun Young Lee MUSIC Kristin E.T. Dauphinais, D.M.A., Music Claude Debussy s Mélodies with Texts by Théodore de Banville Kyle J. Maxwell-Doherty MUSIC Norman G. Weinberg, D.M.A., Music Lingua Franca: The Use of Labanotation in the Gestural-Based Compositions of Wayne Siegel, Mark Applebaum, and Casey Cangelosi Mayu Nomura MUSIC John Milbauer, D.M.A., Music An Examination of Karen Tanaka s Approach to Minimalism: Water Dance and Techno Etudes Brett P. Robison MUSIC Bruce B. Chamberlain, D.M.A., Music Bradley Ellingboe s Requiem: Influences and Analysis for Performance Travis John Sletta MUSIC Bruce B. Chamberlain, D.M.A., Music Characterization, Setting, and Rhetorical Practice in the Weihnachtshistorie, SWV 435 of Heinrich Schütz Elizabeth Louise Soflin MUSIC Norman G. Weinberg, D.M.A., Music Text as Music, Music as Text: Stuart Saunders Smith s Works for Percussion and/as Spoken Word Andrea Louise Steele MUSIC Jerry E. Kirkbride, M.M., Music A Comprehensive Biography of Jacques-Jules Bouffil ( ) With a New Performance Edition of His Trio No. 2, Op. 7 DOCTOR OF PRACTICE Jesus Marvin Arballo Christy L. Pacheco, DNP, FNP-BC, Nursing Sleep Apnea Screening in Women Eve Grinnell Barnett Christy L. Pacheco, DNP, FNP-BC, Nursing Evaluating Primary Care Access for Vulnerable Residents of Northern Arizona Jennifer Marie Booze-Hawkes Christy L. Pacheco, DNP, FNP-BC, Nursing North Country Health Care Provider Knowledge and Practice Survey Of Chronic Non-Terminal Pain Brian William Cobbs Jane M. Carrington, Ph.D., Nursing Improving Communication Between Primary Care and Emergency Department Tiffany Jean Colorado Christy L. Pacheco, DNP, FNP-BC, Nursing Cardiovascular Disease Knowledge in South Western Native Americans and Their Health Perceptions Heather Couch Janet C. DuBois, DNP, Nursing Providers Acceptance of Smartphone Applications as a Supportive Strategy for Adolescent Asthma Kelly Marie Eckes Mary D. Doyle, Ph.D., RN, CPHQ, Nursing Providers Perceptions and Current Knowledge about Patient Portal Use in a Primary Care Clinic in Wyoming Jenna Hannah Gaines Heather Carlisle, Ph.D., DNP, Nursing Barriers to Implementing Clinical Practice Guideline Nutrition Recommendations in Mild Acute Pancreatitis: Providers Knowledge and Practice Natasha Diane Goode Judith A. Berg, Ph.D., Nursing Assessment of Tdap Administration in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy Matthew Gene Hatfield Jose Pares-Avila, DNP, MA, RN, ARNP, LMHC, NP-C, AAHIVS, Nursing Anesthesia Providers Approach to Discussing Gender Identity In the Preoperative Setting

32 James Fred Pop McKale came to Tucson in 1911 to accept a job at Tucson High School. His state championship baseball teams were known for their victories embarrassing the college teams at the UA and Tempe Normal. A student petition was presented to University President A.H. Wilde, asking him to hire McKale as athletic director and coach of all UA sports. Although he was opposed to the hiring, Wilde announced McKale s appointment on June 2, 1914, at a salary of $1,700 per year. Wilde s successor, Rufus B. von KleinSmid, was not much more enthused with the benefits of collegiate athletics, and records for 1915 show that McKale s total appropriation to run his program amounted to $835! Liana Iris Haynes Heather Carlisle, Ph.D., DNP, Nursing Palliative Care: Attitudes and Practices of Trauma Providers Kathleen Anne Hill-O Neill Lorraine (Lori) Martin Plank, Ph.D., Nursing The Monthly Nursing Home Visit: Does Use of a Template Improve the Quality of the Visit? Bonnie Jane Hoewing Matthew J. Gallek, Ph.D., RN, CNRN, Nursing Improving the Quality of Education and Information Delivery to Family Members of Patients with Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Nicole Maria Jones Matthew J. Gallek, Ph.D., RN, CNRN, Nursing VAP Prevention Knowledge in the Emergency Department Solomon Joshua Christy L. Pacheco, DNP, FNP-BC, Nursing Enhancing Culturally Sensitive Care of African Immigrants with Obesity: A Quality Improvement Project in Primary Care Clinic Cara Christine Klein Lorraine (Lori) Martin Plank, Ph.D., Nursing Treatment Practices of Arizona Nurse Practitioners for Older Adults with Depression Christine D. Kramer Shu-fen Wung, Ph.D., Nursing Factors Impacting Early Readmissions for Heart Failure Kacey T. Lohmann Brian R. Buchner, DNP, APRN, Nursing Proposed Addition of Acute Care Nurse Practitioners in Observation Units: Identifying the Stage of Change of Staff Cohorts at Banner Desert Medical Center Nicole Elizabeth Low Ted S. Rigney Jr., Ph.D., Nursing Chrys Lee Anderson, DNP, Nursing An Interdisciplinary Approach to Reducing Clostridium Difficile Infections Norma Linda Mariscal Rene Love, Ph.D., DNP, Nursing CRNA Perspectives of Patients with OSA Sara Elizabeth McEvers Lorraine (Lori) Martin Plank, Ph.D., Nursing Adolescent Mental Health in Primary Care: A Needs Assessment for Improving Practice Danelle Marie Onate Eileen A. Owen-Williams, Ph.D., Nursing Compassion Fatigue in Military Health Care Professionals: Comparing War-Zone and State-Side Mayka L. Rambo Kathleen Ann Piotrowski, DNP, CRNA, Nursing A Needs Assessment for the Perioperative Surgical Home Model Scott Rosenfield Rene Love, Ph.D., DNP, Nursing Anesthesia Providers Perceptions of the Stop- Bang Obstructive Sleep Apnea Screening Tool Krupa Rashmin Shah Heather Carlisle, Ph.D., DNP, Nursing Primary Care Providers Perceptions of Spirometry Use for Diagnosis and Management of COPD Tiffany Nicole Stewart Pamela G. Reed, Ph.D., Nursing Palliative Care Education to Increase Outpatient Provider Knowledge and Palliative Care Referral Intent Within Veterans Healthcare System of the Ozarks: A Quality Improvement Project Justin Tyler Tidwell Jose Pares-Avila, DNP, MA, RN, ARNP, LMHC, NP-C, AAHIVS, Nursing Ted S. Rigney Jr., Ph.D., Nursing Attitudes, Knowledge, and Skills among Nurse Practitioners Providing Care to Transgender Patients Stacy Lynn Underwood Michelle Kahb-John, Ph.D., Nursing Kathleen C. Insel, Ph.D., Nursing Nurses Perception of the Use of the Dynamic Assessment of Situational Aggression (DASA) in an Emergency Psychiatric Setting Brigette Vyborny Laura D. McRee, DNP, Nursing Nurse Anesthetists Perspectives on Multimodal Pain Management Aaron Lavell Whitley Rene Love, Ph.D., DNP, Nursing Sarah A. Torabi, DNP, Nursing Pre-Hospital Providers' Use of Ketamine for Rapid Sequence Intubation Ashley Jordan Wilton Kathleen Ann Piotrowski, DNP, CRNA, Nursing Respiratory Management Education for the Post Anesthesia Care Unit Registered Nurse Janay R. Young Jane M. Carrington, Ph.D., Nursing Defining Clinical Events for Heart Failure Patients Melinda Ann Zeimantz Ruth E. Taylor-Piliae, Ph.D., RN, Nursing Storytelling in Community Dwelling Stroke Survivors to Promote Physical Activity DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Abduljabar Qassem Al Sayoud MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Pierra A. Deymier, Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering Krishna Muralidharan, Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering Atomistic Simulations of ZnCl2 Liquid and Fullerenes for Thermal Energy Management Applications Dongbo An MINING, GEOLOGICAL & GEOPHYSICAL ENGINEERING Jinhong Zhang, Ph.D., Mining and Geological Engineering Improved Flotation of Bastnaesite and Chalcopyrite Alhassan Hamood Aodah PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES Paul B. Myrdal, Ph.D., Pharmacy Practice and Science Stability of Chitosan Micro-Particles in pmdi Sonia Christine Arellano RHETORIC, COMPOSITION & TEACHING OF ENGLISH Adela C. Licona, Ph.D., English, Family and Consumer Sciences Quilting the Migrant Trail: Crafted Rhetorical Textiles and Rehumanizing Narratives Hamed Asadi ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING Tamal Bose, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering Michael Mahmoud Marefat, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering Robust Intelligent Agents for Wireless Communications: Design and Development of Metacognitive Radio Engines THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

33 In time the players got uniforms : padded canvas pants, old shoes to which a local shoemaker attached cleats, and shoulder pads made of old shirts and stuffed into their playing shirts. No headgear at all. Training consisted of getting up early and running four or five miles perhaps as far as Fort Lowell and back before showering and going to class. Sage Green and Silver were the colors of the University of Arizona s first football team. Brian L. Atkinson INFORMATION Patrick B. Heidorn, Ph.D., Informatiion Identifying Characteristics Of Success for Information Leaders In Research-Intensive Academic Institutions. Hamoon Azizsoltani CIVIL ENGINEERING & ENGINEERING MECHANICS Achintya Haldar, Ph.D., Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Risk Estimation of Nonlinear Time Domain Dynamic Analyses of Large Systems Georgina Badoni AMERICAN INDIAN STUDIES Mary Jo Fox, Ph.D., American Indian Studies Visual Expressions of Native Womanhood: Acknowledging the Past, Present, and Future Elsa Baena PSYCHOLOGY T. Lee Ryan, Ph.D., Psychology Functional Compensation in Response to Increasing Task Difficulty: Comparing Semantic and Episodic Memory Tasks in Young and Older Adults Yang Bao GEOGRAPHY Daoquin Tong, Ph.D., Geography and Development David Plane, Ph.D., Geography and Development Geography of Urban Food Access: Assessment and Spatio-Temporal Modeling Jonathan Edward Beagles MANAGEMENT H. Brinton Milward, Ph.D., Government and Public Policy, Management and Policy Organizational Values and the Network Governance of International Nongovernmental Organizations Karen F. Begay HIGHER EDUCATION Gary D. Rhoades, Ph.D., Educational Policy Studies and Practice Negotiating Two Worlds: Special Advisors on American Indian Affairs within Public Higher Education Institutions Dane Edward Bell LINGUISTICS Kenneth I. Forster, Ph.D., Psychology, Linguistics Thomas G. Bever, Ph.D., Linguistics Masked Priming in Signed Language Ryan Matthew Bessett SPANISH Ana M. Carvalho, Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese The Integration of Lone English Nouns in Bilingual Sonoran Spanish Brandon Thomas Bishop GEOSCIENCES George Zandt, Ph.D., Geosciences Susan Beck, Ph.D., Geosciences Subduction Processes Along the South America-Nazca Plate Boundary: Receiver Function Studies of Central Peru and Central Chile Christopher Charles Blackstone CHEMISTRY Andrei Sanov, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Photoelectron Spectroscopy on Atmospheric Anions Wesley Blundell ECONOMICS Tiemen M. Woutersen, Ph.D., Economics Ashley A. Langer, Ph.D., Economics Essays on Firms Responses to Environmental Regulation in the U.S. Industrial Sector Michael Philip Borghese APPLIED MATHEMATICS Kenneth D.T. McLaughlin, Ph.D., Mathematics Long-Time Asymptotics for the Focusing Non-linear Schrodinger Equation Micah Boyer ANTHROPOLOGY Mark Nichter, Ph.D., Anthropology, Public Health AIDS, Rumor and Behavior Christine L. Bradley OPTICAL SCIENCES Russell Chipman, Ph.D., Optical Sciences SpectroPolarimetric Imaging Observations Thomas Cole Branch CIVIL ENGINEERING & ENGINEERING MECHANICS Tribikram Kundu, Ph.D., Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Synthesized Confocal Ultrasonic Imaging by Digital Time Reversal in Combination with Correlation by Digitally Phased Multiple Single Point Generation and Detection Alexander Byers Brummer PHYSICS Brian J. Enquist, Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Asymmetric Branching in Biological Resource Distribution Networks Shana A. Burgos-Destephanis SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Katie R. Eklund, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies Carl J. Liaupsin, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies Effect of a Self-Determination Intervention on Students with Emotional Disturbance Gokhan Calis ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING Onur Ozan Koyluoglu, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering Coding and Maintenance Strategies for Cloud Storage: Correlated and Mixed Failures, Mobility and Architecture Awareness Lawrence F. Camarota PHYSICS Jay B. Holberg, Ph.D., Lunar and Planetary Laboratory Determining Pressure Shifts of Helium I Lines Using White Dwarf Stars Tasha Marie Campbell SPANISH Sonia Colina, Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese Plural Formation by Heritage Language Learners of Spanish: A Phonological Analysis of a Morphological Variable Phillip E. Cash Cash ANTHROPOLOGY & LINGUISTICS Ofelia Zepeda, Ph.D., Linguistics, Language, Reading and Culture Speaking of Tradition: Language Change in the Southern Columbia Plateau Longhouse Awndrea Shar Caves ENGLISH Daniel F. Cooper Alarcon, Ph.D., English Creating the Language of Peace: Peace, War, and Art in the Works of Maxine Hong Kingston Melisa P. Celaya EPIDEMIOLOGY Robin B. Harris, Ph.D., Public Health Evaluation of the Effect of a Medically Supervised, Multidisciplinary Obesity Management Program on the Health, Personal Wellness, and Productivity of Hospital Staff Members Upasna Piyush Chandarana MINING, GEOLOGICAL & GEOPHYSICAL ENGINEERING Moe Momayez, Ph.D., Mining and Geological Engineering Optimizing Geotechnical Risk Management Analysis Srinivasan Chandrasekharan COMPUTER SCIENCE Christopher Gniady, Ph.D., Computer Science Energy Efficient Database Systems Udeep Chawla BIOCHEMISTRY Michael F. Brown, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Role of Membrane Lipids and Hydration in G-protein Coupled Receptor Signaling 30 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

34 1904. Two students in a dormitory room in South Hall. Ronson R. Chee CIVIL ENGINEERING Kevin E. Lansey, Ph.D., Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Decision Support System for Prioritizing Water Infrastructure Investments Yan Chen LINGUISTICS Natasha Warner, Ph.D., Linguistics The Integration of Visual and Auditory Information in Tone Perception Long Cheng CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. Eduardo Sáez, Ph.D., Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Public Health Effectiveness of Engineered and Natural Wastewater Treatment Processes for the Removal of Trace Organics in Water Reuse Steven Siu Fung Chong INFORMATION Patrick B. Heidorn, Ph.D., Information Evaluating the Effects of Display Realism on Map-Based Decision Making Shana Cinquemani ART HISTORY & EDUCATION Elizabeth J. Garber, Ph.D., Art What if? Challenging Traditional Assumptions of Power, Authority, and Knowledge in the Early Childhood Art Classroom Yissel Diana Contreras Valeriano CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Anthony J. Muscat, Ph.D., Chemical and Environmental Engineering Single and Two-Step Adsorption of Alkanethiolate and Sulfide Layers on InSb and InGaAs in the Liquid Phase Jose Manuel Cortez RHETORIC, COMPOSITION & TEACHING OF ENGLISH Damian P. Baca, Ph.D., English Abraham Acosta, Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese Atopic Peripheries: Rhetoric, Hybridity, and Latin American Resistance Daniel J. Crumbo ENGLISH Lynda M. Zwinger, Ph.D., English The Comedy of Trauma: Confidence, Complicity, and Coercion in Modern Romance Leah M. Dardis EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP & POLICY Rose M. Ylimaki, Ph.D., Educational Policy Studies and Practice Language Orientations and Leadership Amidst Arizona s Restrictive Language Policies Iman Daryaei CHEMISTRY Mark D. Pagel, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering Applications of CEST MRI and T2-exchange for Detection of Cancer Biomarkers Lipsa Das CANCER BIOLOGY Anne E. Cress, Ph.D., Cellular and Molecular Medicine Intracellular Trafficking of Laminin Binding Integrins in Prostate Cancer Colin R. Dawson STATISTICS Clayton T. Morrison, Ph.D., Information Science Modeling and Unsupervised Learning of Structured Similarity Among Source Contexts in Bayesian Hierarchical Infinite Mixture Models Jibreel A. Delgado MIDDLE EASTERN & NORTH AFRICAN STUDIES Scott Lucas, Ph.D., Middle Eastern and North African Studies Rival Islamic Revivals: Stability, Change and the Invention of Traditionalism Charles Nii Amponsah Dodoo ART HISTORY & EDUCATION Elizabeth J. Garber, Ph.D., Art The Artist-run Gallery: Examining the Artist-curator s Role in Creating a Dynamic University and College Gallery Space to Educate the Community through Art Omer Erdimez EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Francesca Lopez, Ph.D., Educational Policy Turkish Pre-service Elementary School Teachers Perceptions of Giftedness Matthew James Erickson MANAGEMENT Katharine Drake, Ph.D., Accounting The Relation between Firm Dividend Policy and the Volatility of Cash Effective Tax Rates Ying Fang AEROSPACE ENGINEERING Edward J. Kerschen, Ph.D., Aerospace and Michanical Engineering A Theoretical Prediction Method for Trapped Mode Flow-Acoustic Resonances in a Wind Tunnel With a Side Cavity Jacobo Israel Favela MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Jeanne E. Pemberton, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Semi-Transparent Metal Nanostructures as Bottom Contacts in Organic Photo-Voltaics Charles Matthew Favreau MANAGEMENT Richard W. Sias, Ph.D., Finance Do Peer Effects Influence Portfolio Choice? Evidence from 401(k) Allocations Prosper Felli MINING, GEOLOGICAL & GEOPHYSICAL ENGINEERING Victor Octavio Tenorio Gutierrez, Ph.D., Mining and Geological Engineering An Integrated Uncertainty and Risk-Informed Decision-Making Framework for Open Pit Strategic Mine Planning Gabrielle Ficchi REHABILITATION Linda R. Shaw, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies A Qualitative Inquiry: Parental Approaches and Expectations What Role Does Disability Play Peter N. Figler ENGLISH Leerom Medovoi, Ph.D., English Signifying Ruptures: Violence and Language at the Intersections of Identity Christine R. Filer COMMUNICATION Kate M. Kenski, Ph.D., Communication Character Matters: How News Media Build and Attack Candidate Character, and the Effects of Candidate Traits on Voters Julia Marie Fisher LINGUISTICS Stephen M. Wilson, Ph.D., Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Andrew Wedel, Ph.D., Linguistics, Middle Eastern and North African Studies Representations of Spectral Differences Between Vowels in Tonotopic Regions of Auditory Cortex Sara S. Frye SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Michelle M. Perfect, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies Sleep to Feel Better: An Investigation of the Role of Sleep in the Internalizing Symptoms of Youth with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Kyung Lee Gagum TRANSCULTURAL GERMAN STUDIES David J. Gramling, Ph.D., German Studies Boogiepop as Übermensch and Rapuzel as Bishonen The German Literary Influences in Japanese and Korean Graphic Novels Alejandro Eduardo Garcia PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY Richard R. Vaillancourt, Ph.D., Pharmacology and Toxicology The Role of MTK1 in Cell Migration and Extracellular Acidification THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

35 The University s original cactus garden (located in front of Old Main from 1896 to 1929) was begun by Professor James W. Toumey, the botanist for the Agricultural Experiment Station, in the fall of The garden was moved in 1896 to the area shown here. A heart-shaped plot of ground, with a transported soil cover of about 12 inches over a base of solid caliche, it soon developed into a garden of over 600 species, an interesting contrast to the surrounding lawns, shrubs and trees. Rafael A. Garcia PSYCHOLOGY Aurelio José Figueredo, Ph.D., Psychology I d Give My Right Kidney to be Altruistic: The Social Biogeography of Altruism in the United States Jose Ramon Gaxiola Camacho CIVIL ENGINEERING & ENGINEERING MECHANICS Achintya Haldar, Ph.D., Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Performance-Based Seismic Design of Nonlinear Steel Structures Using a Novel Reliability Technique Andrew Gloss ECOLOGY & EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY Noah K. Whiteman, Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Entomology Evolutionary Genomics of Adaptation in Herbivorous Insects Liliana C. Gonzalez SPANISH Abraham Acosta, Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese Reading the Narcosphere: A Queer Hemispheric Critique of Narco Cultural Production Juan Roberto Gonzalez Cena AGRICULTURAL & BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING Donald C. Slack, Ph.D., Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Markus Tuller, Ph.D., Environmental Physics Computer Modeling and Optimized Soil Sampling to Improve Water use Efficiency on Managing Agricultural Salt Affected Soils Alison R. Greene EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Ronald W. Marx, Ph.D., Educational Psychology Sexual Health Intervention for Adolescent Girls in Substance Abuse Treatment: Trauma, Sexuality, and Substance Using Behaviors Barbara R. Greene EAST ASIAN STUDIES Brian McVeigh, Ph.D., East Asian Studies J. Philip Gabriel, Ph.D., East Asian Studies Repercussions of the Dark Valley Aspects of History in Contemporary Manga Mohammad Hadi Hafezi CIVIL ENGINEERING & ENGINEERING MECHANICS Tribikram Kundu, Ph.D., Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Peridynamic Modeling and Extending the Concept to Peri-ultrasound Modeling Karen L. Hayter Mary S. Koithan, Ph.D., RN, APRN, BC, Nursing Mary D. Doyle, Ph.D., RN, CPHQ, Nursing Work Readiness of Newly Graduated Nurses with Implications for Academia and Employers Saul L. Hedquist ANTHROPOLOGY E. Charles Adams, Ph.D., Anthropology A Colorful Past: Turquoise and Social Identity in the Late Prehispanic Western Pueblo Region, A.D Lyndall Herman NEAR EASTERN STUDIES Leila Hudson, Ph.D., Middle Eastern and North African Studies Recreating Gaza: International Organizations and Identity Construction in Gaza Zachary J. Hohman PSYCHOLOGY Aurelio José Figueredo, Ph.D., Psychology Alloparenting Among the Comca ac Amanda L. Holmes LANGUAGE, READING & CULTURE Norma E. Gonzalez, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Mohawk Elder Praxis & Genealogies of Presence: Re-Narrating Home through Return to Land, Language & Intergenerational Practice Bonnie Christina Holmes SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION & TEACHING Sara M. Beaudrie, Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese Janet L. Nicol, Ph.D., Psychology I understand what you re saying, I just don t speak it : The Role of Morphosyntax in the Comprehension of Receptive Spanish Heritage Bilinguals Linnea Katherine Honeker SOIL, WATER & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Raina Margaret Maier, Ph.D., Soil, Water and Environmental Science Rhizosphere Bacteria and Phytostabilization Success: The Association Between Bacteria, Plant Establishment, and Metal(loid) Immobilization in Metalliferous Mine Tailings Ying Hou CHEMISTRY Vicente Talanquer, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Comparing Different Approaches to the Implementation of a New Chemistry Curriculum James Ford Howell TRANSCULTURAL GERMAN STUDIES Steven D. Martinson, Ph.D., German Studies Alexander von Humboldt and Transcultural Memory Yile Hu MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Erdogan Madenci, Ph.D., Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Peridynamic Modeling of Fiber-reinforced Composites with Polymer and Ceramic Matrix Chih Yu Huang OPTICAL SCIENCES Rongguang Liang, Ph.D., Optical Sciences Design, Fabrication, and Modeling of Freeform Optics Generated by Diamond Turning Machine Shuang Huang BIOSTATISTICS Chengcheng Hu, Ph.D., Public Health Regularized Markov Model for Modeling Disease Transitioning Christopher J. Jarchow SOIL, WATER & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Kevin Fitzsimmons, Ph.D., Soil, Water and Environmental Science Evapotranspiration and Greenup by Remote Sensing: An Analysis of the Colorado River Delta Following the Minute 319 Pulse Flow to Mexico Eileen H. Jeffrey ENTOMOLOGY & INSECT SCIENCE Goggy Davidowitz, Ph.D., Entomology Fitness and Vectorial Capacity of Ae. aegypti Populations in Response to Anthropogenic Warming Marlon Byron Jones SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Michael Sulkowski, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies Sheri A. Bauman, Ph.D., Disabilty and Psychoeducational Studies Pilot Phenomenological Study of Bullying in Secondary Schools in Trinidad and Tobago Meredyth A. Kealey SPECIAL EDUCATION Nancy Mather, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies Meeting the Diverse Needs of Community College Students: Using Computer-Assisted Instruction to Improve Reading Skills Devon Randall Kehler RHETORIC, COMPOSITION & TEACHING OF ENGLISH Adela C. Licona, Ph.D., English, Family and Consumer Sciences Of Crossings and Crowds: Re/Sounding Subject Formations 32 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

36 Unfortunately, it is unlikely that interior photographs of Old Main were taken when school began in It is known that besides classrooms, laboratories and offices, there were some temporary sleeping quarters for faculty and male students, a kitchen and mess hall, space for a territorial weather bureau, and a photographic darkroom. The University was proud of its equipment, both for teaching and research, and took pains to buy from the best suppliers. Amy Kelly ANIMAL SCIENCES Sean W. Limesand, Ph.D., Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences Adaptations in the Pancreatic Islet Transciptome of Intrauterine Growth Restricted Fetuses Joseph John Kern SPANISH Ana M. Carvalho, Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese Discourse-Pragmatic Features in English and Spanish among Bilinguals Laura A. Kerry-Henkel SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Katie R. Eklund, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies Teacher Burnout, Self-Efficacy, and the Identification of Struggling Students Ronan Kerviche OPTICAL SCIENCES Amit Ashok, Ph.D., Optical Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering Scalable Computational Optical Imaging System Designs George Khawam AGRICULTURAL & BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING Peter M. Waller, Ph.D., Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering The Effects of Shading on Evaporation and Algae Growth in Experimental Open Pond Raceways Caleb A. King GEOSCIENCES Mark D. Barton, Ph.D., Geosciences Igneous Petrology, Geochronology, Alteration, and Mineralization Associated with Eocene Hydrothermal Systems in the Battle Mountain District, Nevada Madison Faye Knight SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Michelle M. Perfect, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies The Effects of Glucose Levels on Academic Performance of Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Shellie S. Knights-Mitchell BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Marek Romanowski, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering Plasmon Resonant Nanovesicles for Delivery and Controlled Drug Release in Skin Cancer Anatolii Kokoza ECONOMICS Guatam Gowrisankaran, Ph.D., Economics Essays in Energy and Environmental Economics Vishnu Muthuraj Kumarasamy PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES Sun Daekyu, Ph.D., Pharmacology and Toxicology Targeting the Transcription Of RET Oncogene in Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma Using Drug-Like Small Molecules Jungeun Sarah Kwon MOLECULAR & CELLULAR BIOLOGY Guang Yao, Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology Controlling Depth of Cellular Quiescence by an Rb-E2F Network Switch Francois Lanoe ANTHROPOLOGY Joshua Reuther, Ph.D., Anthropology Mary C. Stiner, Ph.D., Anthropology Human Paleoecological Integration in Subarctic Eastern Beringia Andrew Bradford Leach APPLIED MATHEMATICS Matthias Morzfeld, Ph.D., Mathematics Kevin Lin, Ph.D., Mathematics Monte Carlo Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations and their Applications Elizabeth T. Leahy RHETORIC, COMPOSITION & TEACHING OF ENGLISH Cristina D. Ramirez, Ph.D., English Rhetorical Education, Language, and Statehood: Curricular and Extra-Curricular Sites of Composition at University of Arizona and University of New Mexico, Hyereem Lee MATHEMATICS Pham Huu Tiep, Ph.D., Mathematics Triples in Finite Groups and a Conjecture of Guralnick and Tiep Katherine Rose Leight CHEMISTRY S. Scott Saavedra, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Dominic V. McGrath, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Synthesis and Characterization of Asymmetric Phthalocyanines on Metal Oxides for Application in Organic Photovoltaic Cells Linda Rafaela Lemus SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION & TEACHING Ana M. Carvalho, Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese Ana C. DaSilva Iddings, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Social Network Sites: Identity Negotiation and Language Use of Heritage Language Learners Chen-Ting Liao OPTICAL SCIENCES Arvinder Singh Sandhu, Ph.D., Physics, Optical Sciences Exploring Ultrafast Quantum Dynamics of Electrons by Attosecond Transient Absorption Aaron Matthew Lien ARID LANDS RESOURCE SCIENCES Laura Lopez Hoffman, Ph.D., Renewable Natural Resources George B. Ruyle, Ph.D., Ecology Management and Restoration of Rangelands Incentives for Ecosystem Services on Rangelands: Institutional Design and Stakeholder Attitudes Yun Liu SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Michael Sulkowski, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies Psychometric Properties and Factor Structure of the Revised Peer Experiences Questionnaire in Chinese College Students Natalie Ann Loomis SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Michael Sulkowski, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies Social Support as a Protective Factor for Homeless Youth Eric A. Lopez POLITICAL SCIENCE Chad Westerland, Ph.D., Government and Public Policy The Relevance of Salience in the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Antonio Tomas Lorenzo OPTICAL SCIENCES Matthias Morzfeld, Ph.D., Mathematics Alexander D. Cronin, Ph.D., Physics, Optical Sciences Short-Term Irradiance Forecasting Using an Irradiance Sensor Network and Data Assimilation Kathryn Anne MacFarland ANTHROPOLOGY John W. Olsen, Ph.D., Anthropology Religious and Ritualized Landscapes of Iron Age North Central Eurasia Diego Fernando Macias SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION & TEACHING Beatrice C. Dupuy, Ph.D., French and Italian, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching What I Didn t Want To Do, What I Thought I Would Do, and What I Ended Up Doing : Novice EFL Teachers Narratives of Experience in Learning to Teach Eric Magrane GEOGRAPHY Sallie A. Marston, Ph. D., Geography and Development Creative Geographies and Environments: Geopoetics in the Anthropocene THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

37 C Unidentified conversationalists on the steps of East Cottage. Sabrina Maisel CANCER BIOLOGY Joyce Schroeder, Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology The Role of Alternative EGFR Trafficking In Driving Cancer Progression Maritza Maldonado SPANISH Lanin A. Gyurko, Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese Articulación, (Re)Descubrimiento y (re) Integración de las Identidades Marginales al Concepto de Nación Mexicana Moderna en la Escritura de Elena Poniatowska Steven Brewster Malevich GEOSCIENCES Connie A. Woodhouse, Ph.D., Geography and Development, Dendrochronology Cool-Season Moisture Delivery and Multi-Basin Streamflow Anomalies in the Western United States Mario Malfavon Ochoa CHEMISTRY Neal Armstrong, Ph.D., Chemistry Preparation and Characterization of Functional Nanocrystalline Semiconductor Materials: From Macroscale Patterning to Directed Self Assembly Mark T. McConnell BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Hendrikus L. Granzier, Ph.D., Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Physiology Clinically Divergent Mutation Effects on the Structure and Function of the Human Cardiac Tropomyosin Overlap Peter Daniel McFadden CHEMISTRY Douglas A. Loy, Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Chemistry Epoxy Engineering: Specialty Fluorescent and Thermally-Reworkable Materials Suzanne N. Meador EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Ronald W. Marx, Ph.D., Educational Psychology Effects of Peer Tutoring on the Achievement Gap Adam Robert Meier CHEMISTRY Michael L. Heien, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry PEDOT Electrodes for Improving Multiple Facets of Neurochemical Measurements Sara Minaeian SYSTEMS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Jian Liu, Ph.D., Systems and Industrial Engineering Young-Jun Son, Ph.D., Systems and Industrial Engineering DDDAS-based Visual Surveillance for Human Crowd Control via Cooperative Unmanned Vehicles Shaunna M. Morrison GEOSCIENCES Robert T. Downs, Ph.D., Geosciences Crystal Chemistry of Martian Minerals Erin Seidler Morrison ECOLOGY & EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY Alexander Badyaev, Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Exploring the Deterministic Landscape of Evolution: An Example with Carotenoid Diversification in Birds Xochitl R. Mota-Back SOCIOLOGY Erin Leahey, Ph.D., Sociology Evidence and Expertise: Enactments of Knowledge in the Sex Education Debate Daphna Judith Motro MANAGEMENT Aleksander P.J. Ellis, Ph.D., Management and Organizations Examining the Effects of Emotion on Deviance: An Appraisal Theory Approach Peter Mueller MUSIC Donald G. Kinser-Traut, Ph.D., Music Toward a Theory of Formal Function in Stravinsky s Neoclassical Keyboard Works Francis Murphy MANAGEMENT Katharine Drake, Ph.D., Accounting Do Firms Alter Foreign Organizational Structures in Response to Changes in U.S. International Tax Policy? Evidence from TIPRA 2005 Lateef Abimbola Mustapha MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Srini Raghavan, Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering Thermo-mechanical Characterization and Interfacial Thermal Resistance Studies of Chemically Modified CNT TIM-Experimental and Mechanistic Approaches James A. Nagel II OPTICAL SCIENCES Nasser Peyghambarian, Ph.D., Optical Sciences, Materials Science and Engineering Methods for Managing Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Narrow Linewidth Fiber Raman Amplifiers Hyun Suk Nam ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING Roman L. Lysecky, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering Security-driven Design Optimization of Mixed Cryptographic Implementations in Distributed Reconfigurable Embedded Systems Christine Williams Nibbelink Jane M. Carrington, Ph.D., Nursing Nurse Decision-Making in Acute Care Jennifer D. Norton MOLECULAR & CELLULAR BIOLOGY Tricia R. Serio, Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry Competition of [PSI+] Prion Variants in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Stefanie W.M. Novak CELLULAR & MOLECULAR MEDICINE Carol C. Gregorio, Ph.D., Cellular and Molecular Medicine Elucidating the Mechanisms Regulating Cardiac Cytoarchitecture Rose Marie M.O'Donnell PSYCHOLOGY Alfred W. Kaszniak, Ph.D., Psychology Pilot RCT of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Versus Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) to Reduce Symptoms of Distress Among Elderly Dementia Caregivers: Results at One Year Post-intervention Alexander Ochoa NATURAL RESOURCES Melanie Culver, Ph.D., Genetics, Natural Resources Population Genomics/Genetics of Endangered and Vulnerable Wildlife: The Florida Panther (Puma Concolor Coryi) and the Arabian Oryx (Oryx Leucoryx) Ahmet Okal SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION & TEACHING Janet L. Nicol, Ph.D., Psychology Turkish Global Simulation: A Case Study on Global Simulation and Web Technologies in Teaching Language and Culture Keith Mathew Olson BIOCHEMISTRY Victor J. Hruby, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry John M. Streicher, Ph.D., Pharmacology Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Selective Antagonists at the Mu-Delta Opioid Heteromer 34 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

38 The Wildcats got their name from a 1914 football game against Occidental College where the Los Angeles Times said that Arizona showed the fight of wildcats. Jared Russell Olyphant GEOSCIENCES Roy A. Johnson, Ph.D., Geosciences Seismic Investigations Applied to Landscape Evolution and Tectonic Development: Valles Caldera, New Mexico and Guinea Plateau, West Africa Ahmed M. Ould Meiloud NEAR EASTERN STUDIES Scott Lucas, Ph.D., Middle Eastern and North African Studies The Paradigm Shift in the Islamist Conception of Power and Social Order: A Study of the Political and Legal Thoughts of Four Prominent Muslim Brothers Intellectuals Eugene Taeha Paik MANAGEMENT Joseph P. Broschak, Ph.D., Management and Organizations The Adoption and Diffusion of New Technologies in a Multiplex Network Chandni Parikh FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES Ann M. Mastergeorge, Ph.D., Family and Consumer Sciences Melissa A. Barnett, Ph.D., Family and Consumer Sciences Social Attention in Young Typically Developing and At Risk Children: Eye Tracking Paradigms and Implications for Understanding Developmental Trajectories Jessie Jee Woon Park ART HISTORY & EDUCATION Pia F. Cuneo, Ph.D., Art Negotiating through Materials: Art, Networks, and Politics of the Early Sixteenth-Century Low Countries Justin Tyrel Parry SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION & TEACHING Beatrice C. Dupuy, Ph.D., French and Italian, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching Analyzing Hebrew Textbooks: Differing Goals and Identities in Language Classrooms Raj B. Patel PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES Samuel H. Yalkowsky, Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences Prediction of Maximum Well-absorbed Oral Dose Lilian A.A. Patron NEUROSCIENCE Alan Nighorn, Ph.D., Neuroscience, Molecular and Cellular Biology dwdr40a is Required for Synaptic Structure and Function at the Drosophila Neuromuscular Junction Nicholas George Pavlopoulos CHEMISTRY Dong-Chul (Jeffrey) Pyun, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Metal-Semiconductor Hybrid Heterostructured Nanocrystals Elyse Barbara Petit SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION & TEACHING Beatrice C. Dupuy, Ph.D., French and Italian, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching The Process of Designing Redesigns the Designer Enhancing Media Literacy in FL Classroom Through Media Production and Digital Narrative: Students Voice and Agency Glen A. Piskula SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION & TEACHING Linda R. Waugh, Ph.D., French and Italian, English Mariko Karatus, Ph.D., East Asian Studies Negotiation for Meaning and Scaffolding Techniques: An Analysis of Social Interaction between NNS Japanese Students and NS English Instructors in a Semi-Institutional Context Katherine A. Pittner INFORMATION Kristy K. Mathiesen, Ph.D., Information Flouting the Gatekeepers: A Consideration of Selected Self-Published Histories in the United States, Amanda Marie Pollitt FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES Melissa Curran, Ph.D., Family and Consumer Sciences Stephen Russell, Ph.D., Family and Consumer Sciences, Sociology Inside and Outside: Heteronormativity, Gender, and Health in the Lives of Bi/Sexual Minority Youth Aloah Joann Pope NATURAL RESOURCES Howard R. Gimblett, Ph.D., Natural Resources, Landscape Architecture Coupling Agent-based Models with Bayesian Belief Networks in Social-ecological Systems Modeling: the Role of Uncertainty in the Resilience of Semi-Arid Riparian Corridors in the Sonoran Desert Adarsh Pyarelal PHYSICS Shufang Su, Ph.D., Physics Searches for New Physics at Current and Future Colliders Aishwarya Raman ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES Avelino F. Arvellano, Ph.D., Atmospheric Sciences Modeling and Analysis of Aerosols in United States Marta Ramirez Martinez SPANISH Miguel Simonet, Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese Velar Palatalization: Catalan, Spanish and Bilingualism Anne Ranek GEOGRAPHY John Paul Jones III, Ph.D., Geography and Regional Development Paradoxical Spaces: Identity and Everyday Spatial Practice among Muslim Youth in Copenhagen, Denmark Rustin James Reed ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SCIENCES Jefferey L. Burgess, M.D., Public Health Evaluating Emission Exposures of an Alternative Fuel, GDiesel, for Underground Mining Sheri Robbins LANGUAGE, READING & CULTURE Renee T. Clift, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Translating Theoretical Principles to Classroom Practice Irene Robles-Lopez EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP & POLICY Jill Koyama, Ph.D., Educational Policy Studies and Practice Latino Males in the Borderland: A Case Study Analysis of Successful Transfer From the Community College to the University Sergio A. Salgado Souto GEOSCIENCES Joaquin Ruiz, Ph.D., Geosciences Re-Os Geochronology and Isotopic Study of the Upper Jurassic Rocks and Derived Hydrocarbons in the Sonda de Campeche of Southeastern Mexico Joshua K. Salyers HISTORY William H. Beezley, Ph.D., History Impoverished Spaces: Modernist Housing, Local Identity, and the Vecindad in Tepito, Malena Samaniego Salinas SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION & TEACHING Sonia Colina, Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese Undergraduate Translator Education in Chile: An Inquiry into Teacher and Student Thinking, Learning Experiences and Teaching Practices THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

39 The year was 1885 and the mood was mean. The cities and counties needed money and the Territorial Legislature controlled the purse strings. To make matters worse, the members of the 13th Territorial Legislature were known to make decisions for often less than ethical reasons. They had earned the nickname The Thieving Thirteenth. There were two major prizes to be won from the Legislature that year. Phoenix and Prescott came out on top. Phoenix was given the asylum for the insane and Prescott kept the state capital. Tucson received an unwelcome consolation prize of the University of Arizona, and with it, a measly $25,000 appropriation, just one quarter of the amount Phoenix received to build the insane asylum. Cynthia Priscilla Sandoval Rubenstein CANCER BIOLOGY Anne E. Cress, Ph.D., Cellular and Molecular Medicine Laminin Binding Integrin Dependent Cohesive Migration of Prostate Cancer Jessica M. Sapiro PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY Walter Klimecki, Ph.D., Pharmacology and Toxicology, Public Health Molecular Mechanisms of All-Trans- Retinoic Acid (ATRA) Cytoprotection in Acute Renal Injury A. Grant Schissler STATISTICS Yves Lussier, M.D., Medicine Walter W. Piegorsch, Ph.D., Mathematics, Public Health Contributions to Gene Set Analysis of Correlated, Paired-Sample Transcriptome Data to Enable Precision Medicine Evan Elizabeth Schneider ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS Gurtina Besla, Ph.D., Astronomy Brant E. Robertson, Ph.D., Astronomy Revealing the Physics of Galactic Winds Through Massively-Parallel Hydrodynamical Simulations Benjamin Nathan Schumer GEOSCIENCES Mark D. Barton, Ph.D., Geosciences Copper Sulfides: Mineralogy and Economic Geology Christina M. Sciabarra POLITICAL SCIENCE Faten Yasser Halawi-Ghosn, Ph.D., Government and Public Policy What Kind of Peace? Termination, Peacebuilding Strategies, and the Post-Civil Conflict Environment Dan C. Shahar PHILOSOPHY David J. Schmidtz, Ph.D., Philosophy, Economics Conflict, Conciliation, and the Future of the Planet Junxiao Shi COMPUTER SCIENCE Beichuan Zhang, Ph.D., Computer Science Named Data Networking in Local Area Networks Priscilla Z. Shin ANTHROPOLOGY & LINGUISTICS Natasha Warner, Ph.D., Linguistics Qing Z. McFatter, Ph.D., Anthropology The Semiotics and Social Practices of Constructing a Proper Singaporean Identity Tenzin Sonam TEACHING & TEACHER EDUCATION Sara E. Tolbert, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Buddhism at Crossroads: A Case Study of Six Tibetan Buddhist Monks Navigating the Intersection of Buddhist Theology and Western Science Christopher Stare PSYCHOLOGY Lynn Nadel, Ph.D., Psychology Rebecca L. Gomez, Ph.D., Psychology Sleep s Role in Novelty- and Curiosity-Driven Memory Enhancement Mary Stoecklein AMERICAN INDIAN STUDIES Franci A. Washburn, Ph.D., American Indian Studies, English The Native American Detective Marijke M. Stoll ANTHROPOLOGY Takeshi Inomata, Ph.D., Anthropology Playing for Power: Prehispanic Ballcourts, Community Politics, and Social Networks in Postclassic Nejapa, Oaxaca, Mexico Megan Elizabeth Stone MATHEMATICS Nicholas M. Ercolani, Ph.D., Mathematics Eigenvalue Distributions for the Hermitian Two Matrix Model Hee Seung Suh EAST ASIAN STUDIES Feng-hsi Liu, Ph.D., East Asian Studies The Acquisition of Locative Phrase in Chinese and L1 Influence Paulina Swiatkowski COMMUNICATION Chris G. Segrin, Ph.D., Communication Reality TV Viewing Effect on Relational Aggression Peter A. Taber ANTHROPOLOGY Thomas E. Sheridan, Ph.D., Anthropology Brian E. Silverstein, Ph.D., Anthropology, Near Eastern Studies Rational Enchantment: Instituting Ecuadorian Biodiversity Karen K. Tam EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Ronald W. Marx, Ph.D., Educational Psychology Examining Productive Failure Instruction as an Effective Teaching Method in Dental Ethics Nicholas Tanner SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Katie R. Eklund, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies Generalizability of Universal Screening Measures for Behavioral and Emotional Risk Tyeen C. Taylor ECOLOGY & EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY Scott R. Saleska, Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Soil, Water and Environmental Science Leaf Volatile Emissions Structure Tree Community Assembly and Mediate Climate Feedbacks in Tropical Forests Judith Arane Tello Vega NEUROSCIENCE Wulfila Gronenberg, Ph.D., Neuroscience, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology The Role of Drosophila CASK in Nervous System Structure and Function Geoffrey Travis Thames EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Ronald W. Marx, Ph.D., Educational Psychology Effects of Peer Tutoring on Incidence of Passing Developmental Mathematics Jacob Dennis Tracy TEACHING & TEACHER EDUCATION Erin E. Turner, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Mapping Pre-service Teacher Talk: Variations in Talk About Mathematics, Abilities, and People Vicha Treeaporn ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING Mark A. Neifeld, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Optical Sciences Applications of Non-Traditional Measurements for Computational Imaging Raisa Trubko OPTICAL SCIENCES Alexander D. Cronin, Ph.D., Physics, Optical Sciences Tune-Out Wavelength and Rotation Rate Measurements with a Three Nanograting Atom Interferometer Elizabeth Ann Tso SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION & TEACHING Perry Gilmore, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Discourse, Social Scales, and Epiphenomenality of Language Policy: A Case Study of a Local, Hong Kong NGO Michael Aaron Valdez BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Theodore Trouard, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, Radiology Development of a Low-Cost Focused Ultrasound System for Enhanced Neurological Uptake in Small Animal Models of Neurodegenerative Disease 36 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

40 One condition the Legislature slapped on Tucson was that the people of Pima County had to donate 40 acres to the University. The response was less than overwhelming. No one offered an inch. One man decided the time had come to take matters into his own hands. Jacob S. Mansfeld was a member of the new Board of Regents. He took a walk into the desert about a mile east of town and picked out a site for the new university. The land was owned by two professional gamblers, E.B. Gifford and Ben C. Parker, and saloon keeper W.S. Billy Read. They weren t all that sure their land was the perfect spot for the new University of Arizona. Finally, on Nov. 27, 1886, the owners agreed and the deed was filed. A year later, on Oct. 27, 1887, ground was broken for the building that was to be known as Old Main. Juan Sebastian Velez Velasquez ECONOMICS Mo Xiao, Ph.D., Economics Three Essays on Telecommunications Markets Elizabeth A Verklan GENDER & WOMEN S STUDIES Sandra K. Soto, Ph.D., Gender and Women s Studies Objects of Desire: Feminist Inquiry, Transnational Feminism and Global Fashion James M. Vint ANTHROPOLOGY Barbara J. Mills, Ph.D., Anthropology, American Indian Studies Time And Place of the Early Agricultural Period in the Tucson Basin of Southern Arizona Kevin Prasit Vitayaudom OPTICAL SCIENCES Michael Lloyd-Hart, Ph.D., Optical Sciences Faint Object Detection of Microsatellite Companions in Geosynchronous Orbit Christine Nicole Calderon Vriesema EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Mary M. McCaslin, Ph.D., Educational Psychology How Perceived School Context Shapes Teachers Beliefs, Motivation, and Turnover Intentions Ellen Elizabeth Vujasinovic LANGUAGE, READING & CULTURE Norma E. Gonzalez, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies El Seny i La Rauxa: Identity, Ideologies, and Communicative Practices of Honduran Youth in Catalonia William R. Waldrip GEOSCIENCES Paul A. Kapp, Ph.D., Geosciences Mihai N. Ducea, Ph.D., Geosciences Geochemical Changes to Arc Magmatism in South Central Tibet During the India-Asia Collision Diane Marie Walter Pamela G. Reed., Ph.D., Nursing Long-Term Care Nurses Experiences in Communicating with End-of-Life Surrogate Decision-Makers Joshua M. Weaver PLANT SCIENCE Kenneth A. Feldmann, Ph.D., Plant Sciences Genetic and Biochemical Characterization of Epicuticular Wax Variants in Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) Arnold J. West Jr. SOCIOLOGY Ronald L Breiger, Ph.D., Sociology Field Theoretic Analysis of Insurgency Mobilization: The Case of the Afghan Mujahideen William Anderson White, III ANTHROPOLOGY Maria Nieves Zedeno, Ph.D., Anthropology The River Street Neighborhood: A Multi-Racial, Urban Region of Refuge in Boise, Idaho Megan Marie Willi SPEECH, LANGUAGE & HEARING SCIENCES Brad H. Story, Ph.D., Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Investigation of the Perceptual Significance of a Relative, Acoustic Representation of Speech Michael Ryan Williams CHEMISTRY Steven D. Schwartz, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry The Tell-Tale Cardiac Thin Filament Model: An Investigation into the Dynamics of Contraction and Relaxation Kyle Charles Wilson ECONOMICS Mo Xiao, Ph.D., Economics Entry, Investment, and Product Quality: Three Studies of Internet Service Provision Gwendolyn J. Woods ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Robert G. Arnold, Ph.D., Chemical and Environmental Engineering A Decision Tool for Integrated Water Management: Optimizing Distributed Capacity in Water Reuse Systems Savannah G. Wright SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Michael Sulkowski, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies How Does Coping Impact Stress, Anxiety, and the Academic and Psychosocial Functioning of Homeless Students? David J. Wysocki Jr. HISTORY William H. Beezley, Ph.D., History Exercising Mexico s Cosmic Race: Mexican Sporting Culture and Mestizo Citizens Alexander Young APPLIED MATHEMATICS Joceline C. Lega, Ph.D., Mathematics Three Essays on Complex Systems Christopher Yutzy ANTHROPOLOGY Marcela Vasquez, Ph.D., Anthropology From Insurgent to Participatory Citizens: (Re)Making Politics in Northeastern Brazil Alison Lee Zagona SPECIAL EDUCATION John Umbreit, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies, Family and Community Medicine Supporting Students with Disabilities to Access the General Education Curriculum within Inclusive Classrooms Sander R. Zandbergen OPTICAL SCIENCES Khanh Q. Kieu, Ph.D., Optical Sciences Light-Matter Interactions in Various Semiconductor Systems Yue Zeng STATISTICS Hao Zhang, Ph.D., Mathematics Variable Screening in Multi-Category Classification for Ultra-High Dimensional Data Colin Alexander Zestcott PSYCHOLOGY Jeffrey A. Stone, Ph.D., Psychology, Psychiatry The Role of Conscious Attention in Embodiment: Initial Evidence of a Dual Process Model of Embodied Cognition Tianqi Zhang CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. Eduardo Sáez, Ph.D., Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Public Health Modeling Photolytic Advanced Oxidation Processes for the Removal of Trace Organic Contaminants Zhi Zhang CIVIL ENGINEERING & ENGINEERING MECHANICS Robert B. Fleischman, Ph.D., Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Analytical Investigation of Inertial Force- Limiting Floor Anchorage System for Seismic Resistant Building Structures Gleb Zhelezov MATHEMATICS Ibrahim Fatkullin, Ph.D., Mathematics Coalescing Particle Systems. Applications to Nonlinear Fokker-Planck Equations Zhaozhao Zhu OPTICAL SCIENCES Charles M. Falco, Ph.D., Optical Sciences Masud Mansuripur, Ph.D., Optical Sciences Emerging Materials for Transparent Conductive Electrodes and Their Applications in Photovoltaics DOCTOR OF PUBLIC HEALTH Sofía Gómez PUBLIC HEALTH Michael T. Halpern, M.D., Ph.D., Public Health Arizona s Immigration Enforcement Policies: Implications for Accessibility of Care in Immigrant Families THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

41 In 1912, the University celebrated Arizona becoming a state 27 years after the UA s designation as a University. Elizabeth Anne Kizer PUBLIC HEALTH Kenneth A. Schachter, Ph.D., Public Health Using Social Theory to Guide Rural Public Health Policy and Environmental Change Initiatives Christina E. Ore De Boehm PUBLIC HEALTH Cecilia B. Rosales, Ph.D., Public Health Equity & Indigeneity: An Indigenous [Hiaki, Yoeme, Yaqui] Centered Approach to Public Health Practice DEGREES CONFERRED SUMMER 2017 DOCTOR OF AUDIOLOGY James Shehorn II AUDIOLOGY Nicole Marrone, Ph.D., Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Speech Perception in Noise and Listening Effort of Older Adults with Non-Linear Frequency Compression Hearing Aids Spencer Benjamin Smith AUDIOLOGY Barbara Cone-Wesson, Ph.D., Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Assessing Human Medial Olivocochlear Reflex Function with Complementary Pre-Neural and Neural Assays DOCTOR OF MUSICAL ARTS Brenda Willer Buys MUSIC William D. Dietz, D.M.A., Music The Bassoon Music of Libby Larsen Cory Driscoll MUSIC Edward F. Reid, M.M., Music A Descriptive and Technical Analysis of Two Brass Trios: Trio by Daniel Schnyder, and Trio for Brass by Lauren Bernofsky David A. Dunbar MUSIC Thomas R. Cockrell, Ph.D., Music Recognizing Zdenek Fibich as a Prominent Czech-German Composer: Extricating the Ethnic Biases of European Nationalism from Nineteenth-Century Music Philip A. Felix MUSIC Thomas R. Cockrell, Ph.D., Music Carlos Chavez s Sinfonia de Antigona (Symphony No.1): An Analysis and Adaptation for Wind Band Christopher Ray Herald MUSIC Edward John Goodman, D.M.A., Music The Advent of an Artist-Composer Movement Exemplified by the Work of Saxophonists Colin Stetson, Evan Parker, and Contemporaries Katherine Suescún Valencia MUSIC John Milbauer, D.M.A., Music Dane Rudhyar s Transmutation of 1976: Transformative Use of the Descending and Ascending Harmonic Series as a Compositional Device DOCTOR OF PRACTICE Ashley Dacey Ruth E. Taylor-Piliae, Ph.D., RN, Nursing Music as a Therapeutic Nursing Intervention and Cardiac Surgical Inpatients Experience: A Quality Improvement Project Peggy L. Hocutt Christy L. Pacheco, DNP, FNP-BC, Nursing Transitional Care Coach Program Evaluation at a Southwest Urban Medical Center Kristyn C. Huffman Jane M. Carrington, Ph.D., Nursing Increase Effective Patient-Triage Nurse Communication Using a Targeted History Question Julie Kathleen Luckart Christy L. Pacheco, DNP, FNP-BC, Nursing Exploration of Preconception Education Using Social Media Adam G. Mack Kathleen Ann Piotrowski, DNP, CRNA, Nursing Anesthesia Provider s Perceptions of Using a Patient Handoff Tool Angela McGee Laura D. McRee, DNP, Nursing Physicians' Perspectives of NPs Practicing in the ED Michelle G. Naour Jane M. Carrington, Ph.D., Nursing Transition of Care: Evaluation of Nurse to Nurse Hand-off Communication from the Emergency Department and Adult Inpatient Non-critical Units DeAnn Lynn Nelson Donna B. McArthur, Ph.D., Nursing, Neurology Jennifer Ruel, DNP, RN, Nursing Promoting the Use of Statin Therapy in Navajo Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Sheng Yun Peng Lorraine (Lori) Martin Plank, Ph.D., Nursing Elderly Polypharmacy and Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Knowledge and Needs Assessment among Primary Care Providers Alysia Deborah Reina Kathleen Ann Piotrowski, DNP, CRNA, Nursing Exploring Intraoperative Esmolol Administration to Reduce Postoperative Opioid Requirements in Managing Postoperative Pain Prabhdeep Sandhu Anne G. Rosenfeld, Ph.D., RN, FAHA, FAAN, Nursing Relationship of Physical Activity to A1C in Mexican American Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Elizabeth Stone Mary D. Doyle, Ph.D., RN, CPHQ, Nursing Health Care Providers Intervention Strategies for the Prevention of Diabetic Foot Ulcers in the Primary Care Setting Nicole Marie Torres Laura D. McRee, DNP, Nursing Palliative Care Utilization in the Intensive Care Unit: A Descriptive Study Mariana Ehrlich Winston Ted S. Rigney Jr., Ph.D., Nursing Sarah A. Torabi, DNP, Nursing Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists Perceptions of Bullying and its Impact on Learning DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Jurgita Abromaviciute SOCIOLOGY Erin Leahey, Ph.D., Sociology Deconstructing Bias: The Effects of Gender, Parenthood, and Partnership Status on Workplace Outcomes 38 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

42 Among notable UA alums are Sens. Barry Goldwater, Jon Kyl and Dennis DeConcini, U.S. Reps. Morris K. Udall, Raul Grijalva and John Shadegg. Chelsie Akers COMMUNICATION Stephen A. Rains, Ph.D., Communication, Psychology Unlocking the Tablet: Priming Effects and Parasocial Interactions from Educational Mobile Game Apps Michael Ross Alexander NATURAL RESOURCES Valerie M. Trouet, Ph.D., Dendrochronology, Watershed Management Estimating Inter-Annual Carbon Storage from Tree Rings Martin Sean Arce LANGUAGE, READING & CULTURE Leisy T. Wyman, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Nolan L. Cabrera, Ph.D., Educational Policy Studies and Practice Deconstructing The Ban On Mexican American Studies in Arizona Through Decolonizing Methodologies Adrian Arroyo Perez HIGHER EDUCATION Jenny Lee, Ph.D., Educational Policy Studies and Practice Internationalization Strategies Shaping International Partnerships in Public Latin American Universities Jinwon Bae GEOGRAPHY Daoquin Tong, Ph.D., Geography and Development Regional Economic Studies on Natural Resources and their Economic Impact Robb E. Bagge CHEMISTRY Douglas A. Loy, Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Chemistry Usage of Tetrazines in the Synthesis and Post-Functionalization of Polymers for the Preparation of Foams, Optical Waveguides, Metal-Scavenging Materials and Antioxidant Rich Polymers Caleb W. Baker OPTICAL SCIENCES Jerome Moloney, Ph.D., Optical Sciences, Mathematics Ultrafast Considerations for Vertical External Cavity Surface Emission Lasers (VECSELs) Lukretia Amanda Beasley EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP & POLICY Francesca Lopez, Ph.D., Educational Policy Grades and Perceptions of High School Climate: The Role of Race and Ethnicity Paul Anthony Bezerra GOVERNMENT & PUBLIC POLICY Thomas J. Volgy, Ph.D., Government and Public Policy Blunder or Plunder? Donor, Recipient, and Aid Attributes for the Successful Use of Bilateral Aid as a Foreign Policy Tool Christopher Bilinski ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS Nathan Smith, Ph.D., Astronomy Studying the Shape of Type IIn Supernovae with Spectropolarimetry Jordon E. Bright GEOSCIENCES Andrew S. Cohen, Ph.D., Geosciences, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology A High-Resolution Stable Isotope and Ostracode Faunal Investigation into the Depositional Environment of the Southern Bouse Formation, Blythe Basin, AZ-CA James Broermann GEOSCIENCES Roy A. Johnson, Ph.D., Geosciences Richard A. Bennett, Ph.D., Geosciences Analysis of Crustal Extension using Reflection Seismology, GPS Geodesy and Tests for Alignment of Volcanic Vents in Southwest United States and Offshore West Africa Sacha D. Brown PSYCHOLOGY Connie J.A. Beck, Ph.D., Psychology Are We Doing it Right?: Description, Prediction, and Identification of Positives and Problems in the Involuntary Civil Commitment Process in Pima County Vanessa Buzzard ECOLOGY & EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY Brian J. Enquist, Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Variation of Functional Traits across Space and Time: Assessing the Role of Phenology, Succession and Temperature on Plant and Microbial Functional Trait Distributions to understand Drivers of Biodiversity Chien-Yu Chen COMMUNICATION Jake Harwood, Ph.D., Communication Person-Centered Message Framing In Advance Care Planning Health Promotion Soohee Cho AGRICULTURAL & BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING Jeong-Yeol Yoon, Ph.D., Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Smartphone-Based Optical Detection for Medical and Environmental Assays on Microfluidic Platforms Mosima G. Choshi Anne G. Rosenfeld, Ph.D., RN, FAHA, FAAN, Nursing Facilitators and Inhibitors to Making Self-care Behavioral Changes for Rural Women after Diagnosis or Treatment for Ischemic Heart Disease Jana Christ Thaddeus Wesley W. Pace, Ph.D., Nursing Clinical Outcomes Associated with High Plasma Clozapine Concentrations in Schizophrenia Patients Alan Chu RHETORIC, COMPOSITION & TEACHING OF ENGLISH Kenneth S. McAllister, Ph.D., English A Rhetoric of True Believers: The Art and Ethos of Whistleblowing Stacey Michelle Pest Corbin NEUROSCIENCE Lynn Nade, Ph.D. Psychology Elizabeth L. Glisky, Ph.D., Pschology The Effect of Healthy Aging on Memory Reconsolidation Agnes Judit Cser TRANSCULTURAL GERMAN STUDIES Steven D. Martinson, Ph.D., German Studies Ich bin und bleibe bloß Poet und als Poet werde ich auch sterben. Friedrich Schiller and the Role of the Poetic Idea in his Emerging Professional Identity Scott G. Daniel MOLECULAR & CELLULAR BIOLOGY Bonnie L. Hurwitz, Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Gut Bacterial Dysfunction in TGF-Beta Deficient Colon Cancer Hossein Dashti SYSTEMS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Pavlo Krokhmal, Ph.D., Systems and Industrial Engineering Risk-averse Optimization and its Applications in Power Grids with Renewable Energy Integration Spencer Charles Dawson PSYCHOLOGY John J.B. Allen, Ph.D., Psychology Memory, Arousal, and Perception of Sleep: The MAP Sleep Study Jonathan James Derbridge NATURAL RESOURCES John L. Koprowski, Ph.D., Wildlife and Fisheries Science Effects of Competition Between Native and Introduced Tree Squirrels James V. Dianics SYSTEMS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Ricardo Valerdi, Ph.D., Systems and Industrial Engineering A Survey of Applied Machine Learning Methods for Controls, Risk, and Engineering Management THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

43 UA Professor Emeritus Peter Smith s camera proposal for the Mars Pathfinder mission was approved in In 1997 the camera was sending back stunning images of the surface of Mars. Benjamin John DuMontier HISTORY Jadwiga E. Pieper, Ph.D., History Between Menace and Model Citizen: Japanese Immigrants & Peruvian Deportations during the Second World War Period ( ) Audra E. El Vilaly GEOGRAPHY Sallie A. Marston, Ph. D., Geography and Development Reassembling the Subject: The Politics of Emotion, Memory, and Slavery in Abolitionist Mauritania Sebastian Excequiel Fleitas Perla ECONOMICS Guatam Gowrisankaran, Ph.D., Economics Essays on Inertia, Dynamics and Market Competition Katheryn Decker French ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS Ann I. Zabludoff, Ph.D., Astronomy New Methods for Tracking Galaxy and Black Hole Evolution using Post-Starburst Galaxies Valerie J. Fuller Ted S. Rigney Jr., Ph.D., Nursing The Patient Experience of Postoperative Delirium Song Gao AGRICULTURAL & BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING Peter M. Waller, Ph. D., Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Shading, Salinity and Nutrients in an Algae Growth Model Ariella Gladstein ECOLOGY & EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY Michael F. Hammer, Ph.D., Arizona Research Labs, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Inference Of Recent Demographic History Of Population Isolates Using Genome-Wide High Density Snp Arrays And Whole Genome Sequences Victoria Marie Graves LANGUAGE, READING & CULTURE Mary Combs, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Exploring the Movement Toward the Nature of Indigenous Education Through My Self-Narrative of Dreams, Vision, Spirit and Ceremony Austin Mathew Grinberg PSYCHOLOGY David A. Sbarra, Ph.D., Psychology Implementation of a Brief Preventative Couples Intervention in a Primary Care Setting Kate Gunby SOCIOLOGY Jennifer Earl, Ph.D., Sociology Robin S. Stryker, Ph.D., Sociology Constitutionally Guaranteed Service Delivery and Differential Outcomes: A Cross-Sector Comparison of Actors and Pathways to Legal Success in South Africa Sarah Lucinda Hale NATURAL RESOURCES John L. Koprowski, Ph.D., Wildlife and Fisheries Science Effects of Re-establishing Black-tailed Prairie Dog Colonies on Southeastern Arizona Grasslands Brian R. Hallmark STATISTICS Joseph C. Watkins, Ph.D., Mathematics Evidence of Local Adaptation to Cold Climate in Indigenous Siberians Corin Michelle Hammond SOIL, WATER & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Jonathan D. Chorover, Ph.D., Soil, Water and Environmental Science The Biogeochemical Response of Metal(loid)s to a Phytostabilization Remediation Approach on the Acidic Iron Sulfide Iron King Mine and Humboldt Smelter Superfund Site (EPA# AZ ) in Semi-arid Central Arizona Christy A. Harrison IMMUNOBIOLOGY Fayez H. Ghishan, Ph.D., Pediatrics, Physiology NHE3, Colitis and the Microbiome Jie He CHEMISTRY John C. Jewett, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Triazabutadiene as a Versatile Tool in Chemical Biology Gail Heath MINING, GEOLOGICAL & GEOPHYSICAL ENGINEERING Mary M. Poulton, Ph.D., Mining and Geological Engineering, Geosciences Risk Reduction Using Automated Monitoring LaToya Lynn Hinton LANGUAGE, READING & CULTURE Leisy T. Wyman, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Sheilah E. Nicholas, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Multiple Voices: A Study of Pluriliterate North Atlantic Coast Nicaraguan Youth s Multimedia Design and Language Practices in Classroom, Community and Online Contexts Chris M. Howard PHILOSOPHY Stewart M. Cohen, Ph.D., Philosophy Mark Timmons, Ph.D., Philosophy The Fundamentality of Fit Isela Danielle Howlett OPTICAL SCIENCES Raymond K. Kostuk, Ph.D., Optical Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering Endoscope Design For Volume Holographic Imaging Yu-Ling Huang PLANT SCIENCE A. Elizabeth Arnold, Ph.D., Plant Science An Integrative Study of Endophyte Symbioses: Environmental Change and Endophyte Colonization Garrett Brady Hughes ENTOMOLOGY & INSECT SCIENCE Wendy Moore Brusca, Ph.D., Entomology Phylogeography, Taxonomy, and Venom of Neobisiid Pseudoscorpions Allison Daphne Huntley HISTORY William H. Beezley, Ph.D., History The Children of the Cosmic Race: The Planning and Celebration of the 1968 Cultural Olympics in Mexico City Hiroyuki Inoue ENGLISH Homer B. Pettey, Ph.D., English Southwestern Cartographies: The Poetics of Space in Contemporary Narratives of the U.S. Southwest Marissa Tamar Isaak GEOGRAPHY Carl J. Bauer, Ph.D., Geography and Development Water From Water: Understanding Ecological Modernization Through Desalination in Israel Nicole Lynne Jacobsen PHYSIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Janis M. Burt, Ph.D., Physiology Phosphorylation-Dependent Regulation of Connexin37-Mediated Growth Suppression of the Microvasculature Nima Jamilpour MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pak Kin Wong, Ph.D., Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Microengineered Culture Substrates for Systematic Probing of Cardiac Myocyte FunctionMicroengineered Culture Substrates for Systematic Probing of Cardiac Myocyte Function Hongyi Jia EAST ASIAN STUDIES Mary Combs, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Feng-hsi Liu, Ph.D., East Asian Studies Chinese Bilingual Education Program 40 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

44 The CatCard debuted in 1998 a card that does everything from open doors to purchase textbooks and serves as the University s official ID. Antonnet Ranae Johnson RHETORIC, COMPOSITION & TEACHING OF ENGLISH Kenneth S. McAllister, Ph.D., English I m not playing anymore!: Identity (Re)construction and Performance in Tabletop Gaming Erin T. Jordan ARID LANDS RESOURCE SCIENCES Michael A. Crimmins, Ph.D., Soil, Water, and Environmental Science, Geography Arid Land Flood Risk Assessment Karen Elizabeth Jordan PSYCHOLOGY David A. Sbarra, Ph.D., Psychology Psychological, Social, and Immunological Outcomes following Marital Separation Paul Walubita Kachapulula PLANT PATHOLOGY Peter J. Cotty, Ph.D., Plant Science Aflatoxin-Producing Fungi and Contamination in Zambia Tzyy-Juin Kao ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING Wolfgang Fink, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering Design of Photonic Network-on-Chip Architecture Using Multilevel Signaling and Link Allocation Optimization James Tuttle Keane PLANETARY SCIENCES Isamu M. Matsuyama, Ph.D., Planetary Sciences Tidal-Rotational Dynamics of Solar System Worlds, From Mercury to Pluto Sara Khosravi SYSTEMS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING K. Larry Head, Ph.D., Systems and Industrial Engineering Location-Based System to Improve Pedestrian Safety in a Connected Vehicle Technology Environment Megan Michelle Kiminki ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS Nathan Smith, Ph.D., Astronomy The Kinematics of Massive Stars and Circumstellar Material in the Carina Nebula Kevan A. Kiser-Chuc LANGUAGE, READING & CULTURE Perry Gilmore, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Cultural Relevant Teaching Jeffrey H. Koessler AEROSPACE ENGINEERING Hermann F. Fasel, Ph.D., Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Dynamic Soaring UAV Gliders Brian Justin Kogelmann PHILOSOPHY Gerald F. Gaus, Ph.D., Philosophy Agreement, All the Way Up: An Essay on Public Reason and Theory Choice Kristin Lange SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION & TEACHING Chantelle N. Reynwar, Ph.D., German Studies Everyday Literacies - Teaching and Learning with Vernacular Texts in the Foreign Language Classroom Amorette Briana Languell MUSIC Tami J. Draves, Ph.D., Music Music Teacher Preparation for the Urban Classroom: A Qualitative Study Vivien Sau Theng Lee ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SCIENCES Kelly A. Reynolds, Ph.D., Public Health, Soil, Water and Environmental Science Schistosoma mansoni and S. japonicum: Characterization of Host Attraction and Attachment, With Evaluation of a Novel Environmental Surveillance Method Daniel A. Lemieux OPTICAL SCIENCES Lars Furenlid, Ph.D., Optical Sciences, Medical Imaging H. Bradford Barber, Ph.D., Medical Imaging Gamma-ray Imaging Diagnostic System for Inertial Confinement Fusion Uri Lifshin PSYCHOLOGY Jeff Greenberg, Ph.D., Psychology The Dynamics of Animal Similarity and Cultural Worldview Defense Jingyu Liu STATISTICS Walter W. Piegorsch, Ph.D., Mathematics, Public Health Autologistic Modeling in Quantitative Risk Analysis Yael Rebecca Loewenstein PHILOSOPHY Terence E. Horgan, Ph.D., Philosophy Counterfactuals without Causation, Probabilistic Counterfactuals and Indeterministic Causation Sixing Lu ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING Roman L. Lysecky, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering Non-intrusive Runtime Anomaly Detection for Embedded Systems Dan Luo BIOSTATISTICS Lingling An, Ph.D., Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Statistical and Computational Methods for Analyzing Time-Course Metagenomic Sequencing Data Melissa L. Lynn PHYSIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Jill C. Tardiff, Ph.D., Medicine, Cellular and Molecular Medicine Determining The Potential Role Of Cardiac Troponin T. Isoform Switching In Tropomyosin-Linked Dilated Cardiomyopathy Dongni Ma CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Srini Raghavan, Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering Electrochemical Probing of Causes for Variation in Lifetime of Iridium- Tantalum Oxide Electrode Used in Copper Electrowinning Marco A. Macias HISTORY William H. Beezley, Ph.D., History From Bandit General to Revolutionary Celebrity: Francisco Pancho Villa through Collective Memory and Popular Culture, Cheryl A. Maes Ida Marie Moore, Ph.D., Nursing A Descriptive Analysis of Perceived Stress and Sexual Function Among Community-Dwelling Older Adult Males Marja-Liisa Mailend SPEECH, LANGUAGE & HEARING SCIENCES Pelagie M. Beeson, Ph.D., Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Speech Motor Planning in Apraxia of Speech and Aphasia Laura Avery Marshall NATURAL RESOURCES Donald Falk, Ph.D., Natural Resources Tree Growth Response to Biophysical Gradients and Disturbance Cody Wren Mart OPTICAL SCIENCES Khanh Q. Kieu, Ph.D., Optical Sciences Characterization and Power Scaling of Ytterbium-doped Microstructured Fiber Amplifiers Rie Maruyama EAST ASIAN STUDIES Kimberly Jones, Ph.D., East Asian Studies Japanese as a Foreign Language Learners Development of Conversational Involvement during Study Abroad: An Analysis of Overlap in Talk-in-Interaction THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

45 NASA was only 2 years old and little was known about the moon when astronomer Gerard Kuiper boldly established a Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the UA in But it paid off when NASA needed to know if it would be safe to land on the moon, and the UA assured NASA that it was. Bret David Maughan CHEMISTRY Oliver L.A. Monti Masel, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Interfacial Interactions and Electronic Structure at Organic Semiconductor Interfaces Erica L. McEvoy APPLIED MATHEMATICS J.R. Jokipii, Ph.D., Planetary Sciences, Astronomy A Numerical Method for the Simulation of Skew Brownian Motion and its Application to Diffusive Shock Acceleration of Charged Particles Melissa Jean McNelis COMMUNICATION Chris G. Segrin, Ph.D., Communication Exploring Gray Divorce Through Attachment, Communication and Repartnering Mohammad Hadi Mehranpour Sr. MINING, GEOLOGICAL & GEOPHYSICAL ENGINEERING Pinnnaduwa Kulatilake, Ph.D., Mining and Geological Engineering Development of a Failure Criterion for Rock Masses Having Non-orthogonal Fracture Systems Kelley K. Merriam-Castro HISTORY William H. Beezley, Ph.D., History Cantando la Madre Patria: Mexican Musical Heritage in Tucson, Kathryn Elizabeth Metcalf GEOSCIENCES Paul A. Kapp, Ph.D., Geosciences The Subduction Complex in the Yarlung Suture Zone of Southern Tibet and the Suture between India and Asia John J. Minor GEOGRAPHY Greg Barron-Gafford, Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Ecological Resilience to Disturbance in Madrean Ecosystems Mahsa Mohammadebrahim Ghaffari CHEMISTRY Indraneel Ghosh, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Development of Full-Length Ligand-Activated Split-Kinases and Split-Phosphatases for Interrogation of Signal Transduction Pathways Sarah Morrison PLANETARY SCIENCES Kaitlin M. Kratter, Ph.D., Astronomy and Astrophysics The Dynamics and Implications of Gap Clearing via Planets in Planetesimal (Debris) Disks Imelda Guadalupe Murrieta SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Katie R. Eklund, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies Identifying Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties Among English Language Learners Widyasita Nojopranoto Sawyer PSYCHOLOGY David A. Sbarra, Ph.D., Psychology Will the Real Self-Compassion Please Stand Up: Investigating the Construct Validity of Self-Compassion Using a Multimethod Approach Sabrina Nusrat COMPUTER SCIENCE Stephen G. Kobourov, Ph.D., Computer Science Cartogram Visualization: Methods, Applications, and Effectiveness Karey L. O Hara PSYCHOLOGY Connie J.A. Beck, Ph.D., Psychology An Online Preventive Intervention for Youth Exposed to High-Conflict Parental Divorce/ Separation Mana Ohkura PLANT PATHOLOGY Marc Joel Orbach, Ph.D., Plant Science Comparative Genomics of Aspergillus flavus S and L Morphotypes Tomas Olivier GOVERNMENT & PUBLIC POLICY Edella Schlager, Ph. D., Government and Public Policy, Natural Resources Institutional Design and Adaptation in Regional-Scale Common-Pool Resource Institutions: Securing access to High-Quality drinking water in Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Portland Zhiwen Pan ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING Salim A. Hariri, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering Ali Akoglu, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering A Context Aware Anomaly Behavior Analysis Methodology for Building Automation Systems Sonia Lynne Peterson REHABILITATION Linda R. Shaw, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies Accessibility in STEM: A Discussion of Needs and Resources to Encourage Participation by Traditionally Underrepresented Individuals Including Those With Disabilities Nathan A. Pierce NATURAL RESOURCES Steven R. Archer, Ph.D., Natural Resources The Influence of Plant Neighborhood Configuration on Intra- and Interspecific Grass-Shrub Interactions Angelina Jantina Polsinelli PSYCHOLOGY Elizabeth L. Glisky, Ph.D., Psychology Cognitive and Emotional Associations of Mindfulness in Older Adults Lucia Rodica Profeta GEOSCIENCES Mihai N. Ducea, Ph.D., Geosciences Quantifying Crustal Evolution in Subduction-Related Magmatic Arcs Sansanee Punyalert SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION & TEACHING Chantelle N. Reynwar, Ph.D., German Studies Videogaming as Digital Literacy Practices: Genre-based Tasks for Business English Learning Kelly E. Rentscher PSYCHOLOGY Matthias R. Mehl, Ph.D., Psychology Communal Coping as a Change Process in Couple-Focused Interventions for Health Problems Renee Helen Reynolds RHETORIC, COMPOSITION & TEACHING OF ENGLISH Kenneth S. McAllister, Ph.D., English The Rise of Geek Chic: An Analysis of Nerd Identity in a Post-Cult Market David M. Rockoff STATISTICS Nicole Kersting, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies A Randomization Test for the Detection of Differential Item Functioning Tristan J. Rogers PHILOSOPHY Daniel C. Russell, Ph.D., Philosophy Virtue Ethics and the Moral Justification of Political Institutions Tirthankar Roy HYDROLOGY Juan B. Valdes,Ph.D., Hydrology and Water Resources, Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Improved Hydrologic Modeling in Poorly Gauged Basins Simone E. Runyon GEOSCIENCES Charles E. Seedorff, Ph.D., Geosciences Variation in Laramide Porphyry Copper Systems Across Arizona 42 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

46 In October 1926, John F. Button Salmon, one of the most popular players on the football team and president of the student body, was critically injured in an automobile accident on the Phoenix highway. Shortly before his death on Oct. 18, 1926, Athletic Director J.F. McKale visited him, and asked if he had any message for the team. Whether truth or legend, Button is reported to have said, Tell them tell them to bear down. A year later, in December 1927, the men s junior honorary organization, Chain Gang, sponsored a fundraising dance to paint Bear Down on the roof of the gymnasium. A professional sign painter was hired to outline the letters, and the Chain Gang members completed the job in early Stephanie Elise Sallum ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS Joshua A. Eisner, Ph.D., Astronomy Imaging Transition Disks with Non-Redundant Masking Benjamin James Schilaty SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION & TEACHING Mary Combs, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Navigating Language Choice as a Bilingual Mormon Missionary Simona R. Seastrand ARID LANDS RESOURCE SCIENCES Michael A. Crimmins, Ph.D., Soil, Water, and Environmental Science, Geography The Seasonal Predictability of Extreme Wind Events in the Southwest United States Justin Park Shaffer PLANT PATHOLOGY A. Elizabeth Arnold, Ph.D., Plant Science David A. Baltrus, Ph.D., Plant Science Endohyphal Bacteria of Tropical Plantassociated Sordariomycetes Patrick Duffy Sheehan ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS Joshua A. Eisner, Ph.D., Astronomy Signposts of Planet Formation in the Earliest Stages of Star Formation James Shehorn II SPEECH, LANGUAGE & HEARING SCIENCES Nicole Marrone, Ph.D., Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Understanding Potential Intelligibility and Subjective Benefit for Speech Perception in Background Speech from Hearing Aid Interventions Taoda Shi PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES Eli Chapman, Ph.D., Pharmacology and Toxicology Three Types of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Inhibitors Katharine CNS Simon PSYCHOLOGY Rebecca L. Gomez, Ph.D., Psychology Lynn Nadel, Ph.D., Psychology Exploration of Factors Influencing Memory Reactivation and Updating Spencer Benjamin Smith SPEECH, LANGUAGE & HEARING SCIENCES Barbara Cone-Wesson, Ph.D., Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Assessing Human Medial Olivocochlear Reflex Function with Complementary Pre-Neural and Neural Assays Valente Soto GEOGRAPHY Jeffrey Banister, Ph.D., Southwest Studies Center The Affective and Emotional Geographies of the Secondary Witnesses of Drug-Related Violence in Northwest Mexico Gabriella A. Soto ANTHROPOLOGY James T. Watson, Ph.D., Anthropology Microhistories of the Funnel Effect : Tracing the Dynamic Materialities of Survival and Adaptation in the Tucson Sector, 2000 to Present Justin Scott Spilker ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS Daniel P. Marrone, Ph.D., Astronomy Gas, Dust, and Quenching of Dusty Galaxies in the Early Universe Sheila Ann Springer COMMUNICATION Jake Harwood, Ph.D., Communication Effects of Media Use on Bereavement Ryan S. Sprissler GENETICS Michael F. Hammer, Ph.D., Arizona Research Labs, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Genetics of Neurodegenerative Disease Sarah Marie Staggs COMMUNICATION Joseph Bonito, Ph.D., Communication It s all About the Story: Pretrial Publicity Effects on Jury Decision Making Andrea Lynn Stevens GEOSCIENCES Barbara Carrapa, Ph.D., Geosciences Regional Exhumation and Basinal Evolution of the Sierras Pampeanas, Argentina Katherine A. Stoll SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Kristin C. Thompson, Ph.D., School Psychology Michael Sulkowski, Ph.D., Disability and Psychoeducational Studies The Mediating Role of Internalizing Problems Between Strain Theory and Juvenile Delinquency Corinne Marie Stouthamer ENTOMOLOGY & INSECT SCIENCE Martha S. Hunter, Ph.D., Entomology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Evolution of Reproductive Manipulation in the Endosymbiont Cardinium Emile Suehiro AEROSPACE ENGINEERING Israel J. Wygnanski, Ph.D., Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering On Controlling the Flow in a Turbulent Mixing Layer Downstream of a ^ Notch Christopher R. Summitt OPTICAL SCIENCES Yuzuru Takashima, Ph.D., Optical Sciences Lithographic Fabrication Process for Micro-Free-Form Optical Components Zoltan Szabo MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Eniko T. Enikov, Ph.D., Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Development and Analysis of Vibrotactilesimulation-based Human-in-the-loop Control System for Object Orientation Purposes Patrick N. Thomas LINGUISTICS Natasha Warner, Ph.D., Linguistics A Phonetic Description of the Kawaiisu Language Mingguang Tuo ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING Hao Xin, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics Novel Techniques and Instrumentation for Material Characterization from Microwave to THz Frequencies Secil Uluisik HISTORY Linda T. Darling, Ph.D., History Empire, Province and Power: Chorbadzhi Networks in the Ottoman Empire, 1790s-1850s Luis A. Valdez HEALTH BEHAVIOR HEALTH PROMOTION David O. Garcia, Ph.D., Exercise Physiology Exploring the Relationship of Sociocultural Norms and the Social Context on Alcohol and Substance Abuse Related Behaviors in Latino Males Matthew Joseph Varga CHEMISTRY Steven D. Schwartz, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry The Dynamics of Dehydrogenases: A Phase Space Odyssey Monica M. Vasquez BIOSTATISTICS Chengcheng Hu, Ph.D., Public Health Penalized Regression Methods in the Study of Serum Biomarkers for Overweight and Obesity Luis A. Vila-Henninger SOCIOLOGY Jeffery J. Sallaz, Ph.D., Sociology Jane R. Zavisca, Ph.D., Sociology Direct Democracy in America: How Voters Reason About Economic Policy Boyang Wang ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING Ming Li, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering Secure Geometric Search on Encrypted Spatial Data THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

47 Zhen Wang CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Armin Sorooshian, Ph.D., Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Public Health Interactions between Atmospheric Aerosols and Marine Boundary Layer Clouds on Regional and Global Scales Yang Wang MANAGEMENT Dajun (Daniel) Zeng, Ph.D., Management Information Systems Essays on Third-Party Online Reviews Michelle Louise Wilson ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS Ann I. Zabludoff, Ph.D., Astronomy A Spectroscopic Survey of the Fields of Strong Gravitational Lenses Ryan L. Winet ENGLISH Suresh Raval, Ph.D., English Vulgar Grandeur: Literature and the American Monument during the Long Nineteenth Century Lila Buls Wollman PHYSIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Ralph F. Fregosi, Ph.D., Physiology, Neurobiology Influence of Developmental Nicotine Exposure on Synaptic Transmission in Hypoglossal Motoneurons James Richard Worthington GEOSCIENCES Paul A. Kapp, Ph.D., Geosciences Paleozoic-Cenozoic Tectonics of Central Asia Yan Xing MINING, GEOLOGICAL & GEOPHYSICAL ENGINEERING Pinnnaduwa Kulatilake, Ph.D., Mining and Geological Engineering Investigation of Rock Mass Stability around Underground Excavations in an Underground Mine in USA Samina Yasmin SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION & TEACHING Suzanne K. Panferov, Ph.D., Second Language Acquisition and Teaching Planning and Implementing an Innovation in Language Education: A Case Study in Pakistan InJeong Yoon ART HISTORY & EDUCATION Lisa Hochtritt, Ph.D., Art Teaching and Learning Social Justice Through Art with University Students Patricia D. Zagallo MOLECULAR & CELLULAR BIOLOGY Molly Bolger, Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology Investigating How Undergraduate Students Create and Use Models to Interpret and Reason about Authentic Biological Data Mariana Zerpa Reisch ECONOMICS Jessamyn Shaller, Ph.D., Economics Essays on Preschool Education, Family Economic Circumstances, and Child Outcomes Mingrui Zhao CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Farhang Shadman, Ph.D., Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Optical Sciences Contactless Technique for Electrodeposition of Copper in 3D Packaging Applications DOCTOR OF PUBLIC HEALTH Felina M. Cordova PUBLIC HEALTH Nicolette I. Teufel-Shone, Ph.D., Public Health, Anthropology The Hopi Tribe Caregiver Experience Rebekah A. Coskun PUBLIC HEALTH Douglas L. Taren, Ph.D., Public Health A Novel Mixed-Methods Approach to Examine the Complexities of Reproductive Genetics Decision-Making from the Perspectives of Women and Genetic Counselors Nicholas Benjamin Jennings PUBLIC HEALTH Michael T. Halpern, M.D., Ph.D., Public Health Preventive Service Utilization and Healthcare Reform: Treatment Patterns in the New Healthcare Environment Elise C. Lopez PUBLIC HEALTH Mary P. Koss, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology Comprehensive Sexual Assault Prevention: An Integrated Situational and Social-Ecological Conceptual Model Zeenat Mahal PUBLIC HEALTH Nicolette I. Teufel-Shone, Ph.D., Public Health, Anthropology Designing an Intervention Program for Motor Vehicle Crashes Related Injury Prevention with the Hualapai Tribe Using Community-Based Participatory Research Approach Heidi Lee Pottinger PUBLIC HEALTH Burris R. Duncan, M.D., Medicine Integrative Wellness Sessions in a Children s Hospital Setting: A Feasibility Study to Assess the Hospital Heroes Program at Banner s Diamond Children s Hospital Celina I. Valencia PUBLIC HEALTH Cecilia B. Rosales, Ph.D., Public Health Modeling Social Factors of HIV Risk in Mexico 44 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017


49 2o MASTER S DEGREES 17 DEGREES CONFERRED SPRING 2016 Cellular & Molecular Medicine Hussein I. Magale Cassandra Zaragoza Counseling Dazhoni E. Scott Rebecca Denae Branstetter David Brunswick Melissa Meyer Sarah Ostberg Creative Writing Taneum Mariah Bambrick Jos Charles Deborah Ann Gravina Benjamin William Schaefer Liam Scott Swanson Erin A. Zwiener Educational Leadership Jeffrey Kyle Arthur Michael George DiAngelo Claudia Cecilia Jimenez Montano Daniel James Morales II Educational Psychology Deanna O Halloran Higher Education Andra Kristen Soria Landscape Architecture Andrew George Hatch Erik Palmer Schmahl Language, Reading & Culture Maria Elena Salazar Latin American Studies Robert Anthony Alvarez Masters in Development Practice Valon Osmani Medical Physics Jason Wei-Yeong Huynh Kyle Raymond Jacobs Greg Schimke Music Matthew William La Rochelle Robert Burton Marshall Johnathan Grant Miller JoAnna Borah Park Shuo Shen Public Administration Fernanda Quintanilla Angelica Casandra Romero 46 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017 Public Health J-Lynne Marie Brown Raj Travis Lobhia Quyymun S. Rabby Laura Jeanette Still Sho Taniguchi School Psychology Isoken Adodo Ariel McKinney Secondary Education Keith Lindsay Huffman Jr. Special Education Katherine M. Wilson DEGREES CONFERRED SUMMER 2016 Cellular & Molecular Medicine Lu Mingfeng Educational Technology Mary Ann B. Stoll English Allison Cha Egan Human Language Technology Megan Marie Willi International Security Corina Dragotescu Library & Information Science Jessica Nicole Kniest Music Kehui Wu Physiological Sciences William Golden Purvis Public Health Natalie Linn Daranyi Oscar Antonio De La Torre Gonzalez Monica Lizbeth Gonzalez DEGREES CONFERRED FALL 2016 Accounting Kenia Rubi Alcalde Castro Robert Patrick Biggs Elyse M. Brink Joseph Cody Burkert Erin Denise Cadenhead Menghao Chen Kang Ho Cho Xuke Fang Amah Edoudji Fayosseh Yu Feng Myles Edward Haughey Christopher Michael Hutchison Adriana T. Kelly Haejun Kim Yunzhen Lai Vivian Liang Hanjing Liu Amy L. Pitman Binhua Shi Ashley Dawn Taylor Jeffrey David Teiman Jiamei Yan Fangzhou Yang Xinran Ye Fan Zhang Aerospace Engineering Jeffrey Weston Gluck Jamie Joseph LaPointe Qian Xu Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering Isaac Hung Agricultural & Resource Economics Niloy Krittika Chowdhury Runfeng Li Animal Sciences Monique A. Torres Anthropology Luke Frederic Kaiser Jay Andrew Stephens Applied Biosciences Angel Alberto Aguirre Keenan Joshua Bryson Applied Mathematics Victoria Gershuny Architecture Mahmood Zinaddin Al Musawi Khader Zubayr Barnawi Ashley Nichole Corron Prabhjeet Singh Matharoo Homeiraalsadat MirhosseiniArdakani Masoud Sharikzadeh Xiaoying Zhuo Art History Janette Cynthia Ruiz Marie Elizabeth Teemant Atmospheric Sciences Gabriel Figueroa Moreno Biomedical Engineering Saumya S. Vanderwyst Biostatistics Nathan D. Grunow

50 Business Administration Laura Chava Abboudi Mayar Al Mohajer Kate Marie Alter Virginia Ellen Andeen Eva Cristina Armijo Leonard Orta Aros III Melissa Monique Arvayo Esmeralda Sarina Ayala-Martinez Alejandro Barnett Michell L. Bauer Austin Bernal Prasad Bhamidipati Lauryn Louise Bianco Zachary Murphy Breneman Elizabeth Erin Browne Bradley A.K. Bulldis Robert Roland Byerly Tess M. Calle Gregory Ryan Cameron Alexi Candelario Christina Maria Carlos Manuel Olegario Carrillo Juan Guillermo Cartajena Monica G. Castro Lindsey Nicole Clark Anthony Daniel Clarke Christina Contreras Lucas Andres Conway Christopher Michael Degler Marcela Delgado Jeffrey James DeWit Aimee Joy Dolmseth Vijay A. Doraiswamy Leslie Pauline Drawdy Christine Marie Drewnowski Margaret E. Duarte Maria Graciela Duarte Kyle Aaron Esham Edward Alfonso Espinoza Miranda Katherine Fair Ariana Nicole Figueras Manuel Fimbres Maria Janet Flores Jesse Garner Ankit Goel Augustine Hernandez Gomez Ravi Praful Grivois-Shah Carranza Joseph Guidry III Karam Hadi Adam Haro John Kevin Holtrop Craig Alan Hoover Helen Horetski Courtney Howard Norma Izabal-Cardenas Richard Dean Johnson Sean Michael Johnson Colin M. Jones-Weinert Samantha Kaye Kitchen John Alan Knauss Todd C. Knoch Sireesha Koppula Mark Andrew LaVallee David LaVergne Travis James Le Duc Corbin A. Lichtsinn Christian Liebner Carmen J. Lopez Viani Anaid Lopez Katharine Love Adam Michael Luckow Justin Magner James Mago Jr. Joseph Vincent Martinez Kyle James Martinez Ryan James Mcguigan Clint Malry McKeachnie Benjamin Timothy Mead Senija Merdzanovic Aaron Andrew Meyer Matthew Steven Moffitt Ryan M. Moore Nicholas Stephen Mowrey Renju Vasudevan Nair Anil Neti Christopher Greer Palmer Jacob Patterson Anthony Michael Peplinski Antone Blaise Perrone Loretta Lynn Peters Kate Pina Trey Pitman Kenneth Price Kristina Golubovic Pugsley Soham D. Puvvada Samuel Ramos Jessica C. Reed John D. Reed Luis Reynoso Jennifer Ann Ronnebaum Sayed Naim Saeed Poornima Sathyanarayanan LaShawn N. Shorbe Alessandra Soler Saul Soto John Donald Staren Gates M. Stoner Nicholas Walter Streff Laura Ann Stussie Heather Shea Sullivan Kimberly Kay Swanberg Nisha Talati Patrick Anthony Torrez Sudhir K. Tutiki Zoheb Munawar Upade Jorge Alberto Urbieta Sebastianus Johannes Jacobus Van Den Broek Daniel Bruce VanDrew Jennifer Varela Jack Villalobos Emily Marie Westbrook Lynett J. Westergard Alex Joseph Whitten Patricia Ann Winter-Hunt Alicia O. Zepeda Jorge Luis Zepeda Cellular & Molecular Medicine Beatrice Caballero Sarah Pace Danny G. Robles Chemical Engineering Mohammad Alkhamis Joshua J. Gosney Chemistry Niharika Murthy Changavalli Amanda Marie Johnson Tyler Keith Johnson David Livermore Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics Payton Elliot Cooke Christopher William Horstman Aaron J. Maciosek Margot G. Moreno Computer Science Forest L. Danford Terron Tetsuo Ishihara Tianyu Liang Weiwei Liu Yang Liu Youhao Wei Counseling Angela Joy Andreasen Rhonda B. Barker Jennifer Lynne Fratt Olga Marissa Garcia de Leon Deanna Lynn Green Diljot Grewal Daniel A. Jeffrey Matthew Edward Soto Creative Writing Joseph Dee Bradbury Emily Susan Maloney Jessica Celine Malordy Janet Julia Towle Development Practice Elizabeth Lee Koleski Mona Lisa Paguntalan Teves Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Amanda Nicole Henderson Ahva Lynn Potticary Economic Geology Alexandra Savard Macho Economics Katherine Anne Boligitz Ah Young Kim THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

51 The original wildcat mascot arrived on campus Oct. 17, 1915, and was introduced to the student body the following day at an assembly in Herring Hall. He was the gift of the freshman football team, which had raised the funds ($9.91) to purchase him. He was officially named Rufus Arizona, after UA President Rufus B. von KleinSmid. On April 17, 1916, Rufus died. The Arizona Wildcat reported that: While endeavoring to perform gymnastic stunts in the limbs of a tree to which he was tied, Rufus Arizona... fell and was hung. Note: Never tie a feline to a tree. Rufus was memorialized in verse and a Wildcat editorial, which noted that his growls urged our team to victory and spoke of his strength, alertness, tenacity the true Arizona spirit. Rufus had several successors in later years. Educational Leadership Austin Carroll Desyrae Marie Stevenson Educational Psychology Kylan Phillip-Anthony Butler Benjamin James Caldera Veronica Karelly Romo Natasha Kay Sterzinger Educational Technology Wendy Ashby Devin Smith Kellie Speer Electrical & Computer Engineering Tyler James Connel Aaron Christopher Daily Xin Gao Peter W. Hall Yuzhang Lin Mickey Lloyd Rhoades Claira Lyrae Safi Thomas Douglas Schucker Zoltan Szabo Douglas Wallace Todd Lavanya Umapathy Da Wan Matthew Calvin Watson Wo-Tak Wu Nengyun Zhang Engineering Matthew Richard Griebel Benjamin Huff Oscar Adolphe Mottl Sr. Meron Okbay Shivani Adarshkumar Patel Mohammad Sohanaki Yili Zheng Engineering Management Kevin T. Bredehoft Patrick Thomas Essay Harish Krishnan Lakshmi Narasimhan Zachary James Marinella Robert McCarthy Mohammed Mujtaba Mohiyuddin English Marguerite Mary Happe Jessamyn Samantha Swan Sarah Wilhoit English as a Second Language Carol A. Stewart Entomology & Insect Science Angela Marie Hoover Environmental Engineering Michael Joseph Koehler Finance Fahad Faisal Almansour Yuhao He French Randy L. Mastin Genetics Debbie Chen Geographic Information Systems Technology Mohamed Alhmoudi Kevin R. Curley Elizabeth Frances Delcamp Jennifer Ann Geiger Alexander L. Gerrish Andrea Kurman Goodbar Teresa L. Gregory Jered Ross Hansen Tabitha Lynn Hill Chloe Jackson Philippe Luis Huerstel Labadie Jessica Faye Little Wilson Lopez Rios Jacob Marker Kathleen Markham Yajuan Pan Charles S. Perry Ann Catherine Pettit Christopher Daniel Quintanar Guillermo Rodriguez Jr. Jared Rogers Gregory John Rothwell Joshua Schwartz Steven Jay Steinmetz Austin John Tracy Timothy John Villaran Alayna Wilcox Geography Megan Mills-Novoa Geosciences Dakota Rose Isaacs Higher Education Ace D. Charette History Rambo Reza Hydrology Marisa Melody Earll Chloe Alexandra Fandel Yu-Li Eric Wang Hydrometeorology Furrukh Bashir James Edward Jack Reeves Eyre Industrial Engineering Bader Mansour Alsuhaim Jesus Alfredo Valenzuela Jr. International Security Jessica Laine Bromfield Anthony Chavez Ashley A. Cumiford Alicia Dekruiff Chavar Dajon Dollard Nicole Leigh Jackson Michael Ryan Leach Marshall Rhett Abelkop Miller Miles Brockman Mitchell Craig Brandon Morehead Louis-Philippe Noel Jesse Ryan Posey Steven Anthony Rathjen Joseph Edward Rudolph Timothy Musashi Stafford Levi Lawrence Tappan Journalism Alexandra Cecelia Adamson Kendal Tiffany Blust Stephen Edward Choice Jorge Francisco Encinas Jr. Language, Reading & Culture Alyshah Kanji Library & Information Science Patricia Altamirano Daniel Arbino Tami Jo Lynn Bechdol Scott Kennedy Buchanan Laura Marie Cox Maria Eugenia Cuello Andrew DeSabatino Logan Alexander Dick Brianna M. Eusebio Richard Brent Jones Sarah S. Kortemeier Erika E. Lankton Rachel M. Martinez Marissa McIntyre Cecilia Alejandrina Mendoza Margaret L. Preston Norma Karina Rubio Erica Urban Jonathan Lee Voigt Lenox R. Wiese Jessica Theresa Zubia Management Melissa Godar Ethan James Keyserling Management Information Systems Ayushi Agarwal Rahul Arora Aditya Behal LeshaRakesh Bhansali Joshua Birch Sameer Shrikant Chate 48 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

52 Old Main, 1909 Ming Chen Rui Cheng Winchell D Souza Robert Bayne Davis Fletcher William Della Grotta Nishant Satish Dixit Jason Derek Ferris Jeffrey Eugene Germain Janani Upasna Gopinath Harshil Goyal Gary Scott Grindle Zhikai Guo Yu-Wei Hsu Landon Hyde Akshit Jain Nikhil Jakkannavar David Ishmael Johnson Nitin Louis Kadam Rahul Dinesh Kamath Gautam Rajendra Kandalgaonkar Namrata Sanjeev Kapoor Jesse H. Kelly Garima Kharkwal Deepak Khemani Justin W. Lebreck Eric Yen Hung Lee Yi-Chiang Lin Bowen Liu Yixian Liu Taoran Ma Shivang Maheshwari Pushkar Bhaskar Maid Aditya Sameer Malik Mithil Mahesh Kumar Mangalore Fraizer H. Missier Meera Shriniwas Mudholkar Soumadip Nag Benjamin Charles Norris Abhinandan S. Patil Sanket Krishna Patil Debobrat Paul Prathamesh Pradhan Akarsh Srinivas Pydimarri Yuanxi Qiu Shiladitya Sahu Rashmi Vasudeva Shettigar Zeshan Nabi Siddiqui Nandini Singh Shiladitya Singh Saurabh Sirjoshi Kanchan Sanjeev Sonthalia Rikki Mae Southard Jahnavi Srinivas Murthy Venkataswamy Xiaoxiao Sun Sandeep Suntwal Shikha Arun Swami Shikhar Tandon Shamalee Deepak Thakur Teby Abraham Thomas Prateek Trivedi Bradley L. Walls Runhui Wan Ernest Ware Jr. Timothy Paul Weiderhoft Jianhuo Yang Materials Science & Engineering Elizabeth R. Cameron Magnum L. Pina Mathematics Arias Storm Hathaway Turner Mechanical Engineering Samuel T. Craig Samaneh Fooladi Scott B. Harrison Medical Pharmocology Marlon D. Taylor Medical Physics Ming Ho Luk Microbiology Shylaja Ramamurthy Middle Eastern & North African Studies Lark Bahar Yildirim Music Faez Ismael Abdalla Abarca Blake Edward Cesarz Xiaochen Dong Xiaoxiao Fan Jing Yuan Natural Resources John C. Donoghue II Levi Ryder Jamison Mark Anderson Kautz Timothy John Lyons Thandiwe Mweetwa Emily Ann Reynolds Kyle William Thompson Nursing Patricia Urquidi Alexander Tiina Helena Allen Norma Ellen Atterbury Jonelle Baaske Jeri Lynette Mendell Beales Trudy Allison Brackett Laura Catherine Brulz Alison Elizabeth Castro Marie Gislaine Charles Amy Costas Janet Crook Naomi Rose Dewar Maria Di Pasquale Mary Patricia Eble Rebecca Jane Engel Joseph Estrada Cheryl Geddie Genevieve Givens Clarissa Golemboski Kaylyn Corie Grammater Theresa Kathleen Granowicz Stephanie Eleanor Green Alison Alexis Harmon Lesley Hauck Jessica Helene Holtorf Katharine Elizabeth Jeffries Dixie Lee Johnson Mary Katherine Kim Nathan Kunik Melynda R. Lopez Tina Diane Loughran Sheila Marty Monica McGlothlin Jennifer Elizabeth Mehnert Johanna Nicole Montes Kathy Marie Murphy Bernard Leland Nichols III Sava Ninkovic Melissa Beth Nusbaum Chidinma Chinaza Nwachukwu I Okwuchi Elizabeth Ogbonnaya Naomi A. Parra Diana Faye Ramos Patterson Stacy Deneen Perry April Ann Pierson Kali Porter Sarah Elizabeth Pozycki Richard Ranney Tammy Renae Rhein Jerica Amber Robinson Rebecca Rohrer Jorene Lee Schmaltz Jennifer Thomas Sinclair Ashley Ruth Smith Michell J. Sorley Alicia Marie Steichen Cathy Ann Stephens Delaney B. Stratton Teresa L. Swartz Jennifer Wessel Angela Wright Marina Zatler Optical Sciences Gong Chen Devinna Danielle Fleming Emily Taylor Rohlman Heaton David Andrew Stephen Hill Christina Kucerak Christopher Michael Liu Nicholas Mauriello Luzod Andrew McCarron Michael P. Palmer Michael Thomas Reilly Sr. Zhaozhao Zhu Philosophy Sarah Jane Price Nelson J. Smith V Robert Hamilton Wallace Jr. Physiological Sciences Matthew Lee McBride THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

53 Gen. John J. Pershing Planetary Sciences Hamish Hay Joshua Lothringer Planning David Mitchell Plant Science Andrea Yasmeen Carter Seth A. Steichen Psychology Jennifer Elizabeth Duchschere Katherine Esterline Stephanie Lianne Nagl Stella Sakhon Saren H. Seeley Christopher Stare Ariana Marie Stickel Public Administration Yvonne G. Madrid Megan Marie Mansheim Tyler Mark Milton John Paul Williams Public Health Abdulaziz Alhossan Raul Barroso Emily Ann Burgen Raissa T. Forlemu Jaycie C. Gibney Lori Ann Ginsburg Christine Lynn Girard Maisal Goe Min Hee Kim Asad E. Patanwala Alicia Ray Swift Kaitlin Vigil Rietta S. Wagoner Shannon Whitewater Tanzida Zaman Real Estate Development Jennifer Louise Crosby Second Language Acquisition & Teaching Stefano Maranzana Soil, Water & Environmental Science Quentin Benally Kimberly Reanna Danny John David Hottenstein Spanish Brenda Lizeth Lara Rodriguez Special Education Christian August Aguas Christina Lauren Aguiar Chelsea Carr Crystal Mayi Cote Lauren Daily Nikki Deli Hilary Elizabeth Jonus Shelly Ann Kirby Aaron Lagrange Cayla Richelle Maston Garrett Ryan Pendergast Jill Stone Christine Vasey Katie Lynn Wahl Lissi Welton Statistics Sean M. Ashley Brent Marinan John Wauters Systems Engineering Patrick T. Dunlop III Teaching & Teacher Education Ondrea N. Campbell Rachel Christine Kissner Nicole Kooiman Erica Ann Kurz Sharon Anne Rowe Jeremy Tarbet Frank Zadroga Water, Society & Policy Beth Allison Kleiman Andrew Arthur Ryan Lobo DEGREES CONFERRED WINTER 2016 Biomedical Engineering Ryan Nolan Rath Cellular & Molecular Medicine Anthony J. Maltagliati Counseling Kayli Elizabeth Futty Entomology & Insect Science Benjamin D. Beal Geographic Information Systems Technology Jarred Moore Materials Science & Engineering Chrishani Maheshwari T. Devaadithya Gardiya Wasam Li Natural Resources Jane Elizabeth Barlow Brandon T. Forbes Emma Williams Public Administration Samantha Bankston Bares Soil, Water & Environmental Science Trevor McKellar Systems Engineering Joel R. Mueting DEGREES CONFERRED SPRING 2017 Accounting Timothy Alexander Alberts Natalie Charbel Amine Alexandra Aranda Yun Bai Justin David Barber Micah Stephen Brown Kaylie Marie Burton Baozhu Chen Fangxu Chen Siji Chen Emily Elizabeth Clearwater Marietta Fe Cummings Ivelisse Defreitas Sara Grace Delaney Nicholas Thomas Delbrook Matthew Charles Dunn Gabriel Encinas Heather Lynne Francisco Samantha Elaine Gallegos Rui Gao Matthew Thomas Gildersleeve Griffin John Goudreau I Christian Scott Gray Charles Hanessian Linyao Hu Yilin Hu Ailin Huang Elizabeth Ann Huska Saurabh Jain Mingying Jia Sagitta Khawam Grant Daniel Lawrence Andrew G. Matalon Allison Caroline Minarcik Gloria Osiris Ornelas Wansheng Qi Lu Qu Amanda Mae Robinson Cassandra Ruiz Michael James Schuh Jr. Deyi Shan Savannah Marie Shope Yawen Tan Florence Maria Vasquez Michael Vicidomini Garrett Samuel Vinikoor Anqi Wang 50 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

54 Situated at the west entrance of Old Main, the Memorial Fountain, honoring those UA students who lost their lives in World War I, was the gift of Alexander Berger, an uncle of Alexander Tindolph Berger, one of those to whose memory it is dedicated. On Jan. 31, 1920, the Memorial Fountain in front of Old Main was dedicated amid a huge turnout of students, faculty, townspeople and military, who had come to honor the University s World War I dead and to greet the guest of honor, Gen. John J. Pershing. General Pershing s speech was brief and impressive, following which the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws was conferred upon him by UA President von KleinSmid. Steven Wolsfeld Aimee Woodhall Zhechong Xu Jared Yalung Heehun Yang Chenxi Zhao Aerospace Engineering Angelica Ceniceros Corrianne Lamkin Agricultural & Resource Economics Omar L. Beltran Carlos Cousido Cores Suhina Deol Ana Georgina Felix Berrueto Asumi Saito Azhar Uddin Weide Wang Agricultural Education Allison T. Gilliland Ashley Jeffers-Sample Cassandra Kay Phillips Lindsey Joy Rizer Sean Read Martin Stone American Indian Studies Hyealim Lim Mary Cathleen Wilson Animal Sciences Joseph Longo Victoria H. Lowe Alexa Kari Ravit Kevin Peter Schnoor Anthropology Kassi Sue Bailey Rebecca Bedwell Laura Oksana Diakiw Sarah Rachelle Renkert Stacy Lynn Ryan Margaret Katherine Sayre Michael Chamlin Spears Alena Sarah Wigodner Kayla Beth Worthey Applied Biosciences Daniela De Jesus Cabrera Sara Brooke Carey Duan Copeland, Jr. Kristen Demko Patricia Espinosa Artiles Krista N. Jacobson Aakriti Kapoor Clayton Lanham Mollie Kaye Lloyd Angela K. Muise Joji Marie Yap Teves Architecture Ismat Ayman Abdulhamid Hussein Ali Naser Al Salih Khaled Almazam Abdulla Nasser Alnuaimi Vasilies Beseau Katie Lynn Cooney Ambar Alexis Gardner Omar Abdulmughni Humaidan Ana Laura Luster James Michael Maurer Josh Pentland Cesar Alberto Rojas Rascon Weicheng Rui Alexander Villa Rahil Zarpoush Rubin Zhou Art Gladys Estrellita Garcia Hellen Gaudence Janelle Lorraine Krause Leah Nicole Lewman Jonathan Barry Marquis Alissa Marie Neal Erinn Mary Nordeman Oliver Enrique Padilla Japheth Ajit Paul Elliott Jamal Robbins Shah Noor Shafqat Art Education Willa Elizabeth Ahlschwede Christine M. Broduer Sibel Duzenli Xoe Aryelle Fiss Lino Paúl Garibaldi Cisneros Gabrielle M. Perry Anna Brooks Ramsey Art History Kaitlyn Armendariz Amelia Rose Francesco Natalia Marie Gabrielsen Andrew Carlton Hayt Meghan Lynn Jordan Hannah Elizabeth Soltys Astronomy Ekta Patel Atmospheric Sciences James Patrick Fowler Tyler Joseph Kranz Biomedical Engineering Tapas Jaywant Arakeri Biostatistics Jessika L. Ava Kyle Humphrey Business Administration Alisha Acharya Emmanuel Anderson Medha Aparna Nikhil Prakash Atkuri Angela Bashinsky Anthony Andrew Boeckman Martin Antonio Bouvet Bours Natalie S. Brown Sean David Byrnes Serra Beth Crawford Terence Michael Curtin Derek Theo Davis Matthew DePietro Jonathan Junren Ferng Surpriya Garg Jerome Fredrick Gately III Natalie Groom Stephan Alexander Guenther Gruessner Ayush Gupta Christopher Hackney Joseph Hathcock Gabriel Hazlewood Alex Huhn Anirudh Ramavatar Jajodia Matthew Blake Johnson Rishab Jolly Maurice Carlton Jones Amit Kaushal Christopher Lesko Akshay Madhogaria Tiernay Marsh Cristina Valencia McKeon Crystal Laura Mendoza Anne Myers Heather Johnson Naboshek Dineshkumar Natarajan Sai Sameera Peri Yujie Pu John Ratzan Eric Sabourin Joshua David Segall John Gragg Shelton Anne Rebecca Simkus Jennifer M. Sinclair Payal Sinha Eric Sood Shikchha Srivastava Jacob Strawn Alain A. Taku Logan Rawl Tsinigine Jeremy Carlson Ulrey Luis Valdez, Jr. Scott Robert Wallace Tyler Reese Leon-Guerrero Winters Gregory Michael Witzig Michael Raymond Zarker Cellular & Molecular Medicine Madhulika Banerjee Aaron Dion Bia Louie Garcia Natasha Hilt Audriana Nicole Hurbon Melba Concepcion C. Jaramillo Willie Mohammed Johnson Salil Pramod Patel Kalarn Daniel Lee Abhijeet Satish Namjoshi THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

55 Steward Observatory, 1923 Nirushan Harushikesh Narendran April Lynn Olson Shirzad Shir Hannah Jo Sneyd Beverley Trutter Marie Bernadette Sabanal Villanueva Paul Michael Workinger Chemical Engineering Matthew Nathaniel Bahr Hossein Dadashazar Ali Khaghani Jude Onyeka Udeozor Chemistry Kyle Miner Kilchenstein Anetta Victoria Goldsher Kara C. Saunders Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics Dylan Michael Arviso Grecia A. Falcon Zheng Li Matthew Scott McGuire Michael Paul Potucek Luis Fernando Valdez Soto Andrew Walcker Alexander Walsh Wenbin Wu Classics Stephen Czujko Elizabeth Gabrielle Harvey Travis Hill Elizabeth Ann Keyser Kelly Ann Moss Aleksandra Borisovna Novikova Daylin Lee Oakes William Henry Ramundt Clare Kathleen Rasmussen Catherine Schenck Yidi Wu Duo Xu Clinical Translational Science Samah O. Alshehri Khalid Eljaaly Communication Candace Manriquez Computer Science Hela Di Benjamin James Gaska Michael D. Hogue Neha Jothi Mina Kazemimanesh Lavanya Kripakar Lum Zhaveli Counseling Brandi Lynne Barnes Marissa Jane Boyle Amanda Daines Thomas Joseph Donahue III Sheena Farhang Paula E. Garcia Danielle Rae Giannotti Sarah Beth Heinzl Megan Brittany Herman Coleen Joy Holliday Felicia Soyla Jaimez Brittany Angela Marie LaMere Luz E. Lopez Jessica Jazmin Lujan Hayley Ann Macatangay Meghan Marie Molden Elissa R. Munoz-tucker Jamie Oko Davida Anne Patterson Jacqueline Carleton Picton Kailey Shill Lila Claire Sideras Ryan Colin Smith Leandra Treusch Sophia Vindiola Teresa Renee White Ceaja A. Willson Creative Writing Thomas Dai Saraiya Cherise Kanning Erika Lynn Mazza Claire Elisabeth McLane Claire Meuschke Peyton Anne Prater Michelle Midori Repke Dance Micah Chermak Jonathan Wayne Daulby Maxwell Foster Shelly Suzanne Hawkins Kaley Claire Jensen Marquez Elon Johnson Development Practice Robin Elizabeth Burke Al-haddad Lee Montgomery Allen Ida Nadia Sedjro Djenontin Chloe J. Hein Ginae Genet Klasek Paige Klotzman Natalia Perozzo M Fardous Asem Rahmani Karla Nohemi Rascon-Garcia Jessica Carol Uren East Asian Studies Ayana Hatsuda Nicholas Houlson Chengyuan Li Jianmei Li Dustin Arthur Natte Timothy Garrett Supplitt Kenneth James Valencich Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Ursula N. Basinger-Walholm Anthony John Junqueira Garnello Angela Kaczowka Economics Karla Paola Cordova Educational Leadership Jessica Minerd Banhie Xavier Antonio Basurto Kacie Berkson Tom Leo Bizardi Jr. Patrick James Brennan Steven Brian Davis Lorraine B. Florez Kathryn Anne Giuffre Pedro G. Gonzalez Sandy Jo Herfkens Kevin Andrew McBeth Jessica F. Mejia Margarita Mercedes Morado Kara Theresa Rawson Collin J. Robinson Daniel Sanchez Kairat Kanatovich Saparov Jessica Marie Standifer Sara Elizabeth Sultan Patricia Alice Tabaczynski Louise Margaret Till Educational Psychology Jaclynn A. Clark Chenye Liang Whitney R. Weirick Carlos Williams Educational Technology Steven E. Bockbrader Adam J. Davi Mundell Maguire Laurie Sheldon Electrical & Computer Engineering Maryam Alia Abdul-Wahid Firas Almoualem Rahul Kumar Bhadani Aaron J. Blood Runde Chai Harvey Junhao Chen Benjamin Chrysler Anthony Frank Ciancio Alain Cizungu Bazibuhe Sr. Zhengrui Dai Ehsan Esmaili Kevin Clark Forbes Zhiyang Fu Sai Amrutha Gajula Jonathan Thomas Gill Phillip Tulio Gotobed Sean Ryan Grotle 52 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

56 In 1985, UA surgeon Jack Copeland made history when he implanted an artificial heart and went on to develop the CardioWest Total Artificial Heart the first one to win FDA approval. Zichang Guo Dylan Jackson Haines Damen Matthew Haughey Christopher Ernest James Akhila Jarabani Colin Andrew Lasharr Kaiqi Li Daniel McLeod Netraj Vishwanath Mejari Kuo-Shiuan Peng Shalaka Chittaranjan Satam Ajay Satishkumar Amarnath David Michael Schwartz Srishti Sinha John Daniel Teran Peter Tesluk Francis Tyson Thomas Adam Christopher Wagner Ce Wang Jue Zhang Wenjia Zhu Engineering Alfonso Arturo Bonillas Lizarraga Kiet Tuan Dao Kevin Jacquinot Mitchell Jensen Wolfgang Knudson Engineering Management Amir Pasha Hessabi Alexander Javad Peygambarian Ysabella Mar Rongo Arun Kumar Shanmugarajan English as a Second Language Moneera Alsaid Zachary Ian Bergeron Paul Benjamin Bisagni Olga Chumakova Samantha Kirby Laurie L. Meier Xiajie Wang Entomology & Insect Science Lydia M. Brown Environmental Engineering Hongyi Cai Yingying Chen Oleksiy Chernoloz Byron Richard Hempel Warren Michael Kadoya Tenzin Phakdon Kechen Zhu Family & Consumer Sciences Alexandria Sarissa Pech Finance Yun Bai French Francis Mbawini Abugbilla Sandra Descourtis James Paul Estes Lorraine Juliette Marcelle Guerra Andre Luke Pettman Gender & Women s Studies Harrison Apple Mel Lynwood Ferrara Félix S. Vargas Geographic Information Systems Technology Cassandra Carrera Fausel Bree A. Gomez Jonathan Andrew Mather Roland B. McIntosh John David Silva Geography Remington Santiago Franklin Sarina Nikita Mann Joseph Patton Emilie Louise Schur Geosciences Drew William Barkoff Nicollette Buckle Melissa Drake Harrington Derek R. Hoffman Matthew Paul King Kojo M. Plange Simon F. Stickroth Shana Marie Wolff German Studies Judith Menzl Government & Public Policy Tiffany Sau-Ting Chu Sangmi Jeong Higher Education Casey Ann Carrillo Paul Coleman Eskridge II Michelle Galambos Leslie Anne Grignon Veronica C. Guadarrama Jason E. Harris Kevin Matthew Miloshoff Amanda L. Parkman Kimberly Pellegrini Christopher Joseph Rosales History Abram Salvatore Delecki Charles R. Hoyack Juan Diego Marroquin Annie Marie Morphew James Edward Ramsey Human Language Technology Mary Kalusa Puay Leng Patricia Lee Mohsen Mahdavi Mazdeh Ammon Johnson Pike Trevor Daniel Sullivan Hydrology Grant S. Kornrumph Laura E. Nakolan Ben Krisanto Yap Paras Hydrometeorology Sujan Pal Industrial Engineering Ziad Tareq Alrayes Niraj Vasant Altekar Saurabh Jain Boyang Lu Edgar Emir Molina Urias Byron L. Wesson Jing Wu International Security Lucas Dominic Abromowitz Jamie Collier Booth Omar Candelaria Jeffrey Carlson Lauren Renee Drennan Nicholas Ray Durr Alyssa Lydia Gonzalez Rigoberto Gonzalez Joshua Daniel Gordon Joshua Gerard Leis Tiffany Mayo Jonathan David McElhaney Nemiah Wade Miller Jazmine Danielle Mincey Michael H. Moran Benjamin Martin Mostyn Alejandro Ortega Chandni Patel Anabelle Ramirez James Wyatt Schroeder Jessica Serpa Rachel Slaughter Nicholas James Trapani Mason Barker Tye Breanne Renae Winkle Journalism Wellars Bakina Alexander David Devoid Jennifer Rose Hijazi Mikayla Marie Mace Riley Nicole Versfelt Landscape Architecture Nolan James Bade Lewis F. Dillon III Kenneth Kokroko Yanan Liu THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

57 Daniel James Martin Britain August Ogle Alexandra Danielle Stoicof Xin Tan Language, Reading & Culture Kristen Nichole Callaway Elisa Danelle Cruikshank Alexei Moreno Marquez L.J. Monks Ruybalid Latin American Studies Alexander David Devoid Devora Gonzalez Andrea Yolanda Jimenez Emily Constance McIntosh Jacobo Xavier Ramirez Anna Louise Steeves-Reece Madison Yuill Library & Information Science Ryan Evans Allison E. Harvey Alyssa Marie Holmes I Christina D. Jenkins Jessica Michele Johnston Natasha Lynn Kernek Casandra Marie Laskowski Scott Lawrence Deborah Rae Moreno Carl Joesph Murdock Kylie Ellen Naig Filomena Mary Saxton Resha Shenandoah Jessica Lea Snyder Carolyn Rebecca Thomas Linguistics Miguel R. Acosta Mohammed M. Mohammed Al-Sammak Ryan Walter Smith Management Information Systems Troy L. Adams Cyrus Alborz Afarin Chad Jason Baer Calvin Barreras Jenna Louise Botticelli Christopher J. Breitenstein Rosemary R. Casteel Siyu Chen Samuel Wells Dyal Malaka Sharice El Vincent John Ercolani Dennis Galinsky Bogdan Ghit John C. Grisham Rickey Sanford Helsel Jr. Samuel G. Hobbs Ashley L. Ireson 54 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017 Anirudh Ramavatar Jajodia Amit Kaushal Shaheen Khodabandehloo Chen Liang Sarah Cristina Luciano Perez Akshay Madhogaria Brandon Joseph Mikelaitis Mariam A. Nikola Kaitlyn O Rahilly Kuo-Shiuan Peng Chaunteal R. Rasmussen James Cromwell Richardson Rodney Russell Rohrmann Aparna Sundaram Charles K. Waithaka Mingda Wang Gerson E. Wright Yanqing Yao William Chan Yee Materials Science & Engineering Alejandro Blanco-Ocampo Aldo Corona Kristina Farrell Catherine Klesner Ethan Kral Austin Lancaster Ankush Narendra Nayak Vanda L. Ngo Trung Hieu Nguyen Mechanical Engineering Ishan Arora Lindsey Leigh Conklin Daniel Holmes Beau Jeffrey Peterson Daniel Sabori Herrera Javier T. Salido Sr. Vivek Venkoban Phillip Thomas Vidinski Medical Pharmocology Nicholas Anthony Dimeo Leslie Hernandez Vina Nguyen Charles Schaefer IV Kali Jean Towner Medical Physics Justin Daniel Hurley Gia Rae Johnson Youssef Khamsi Mexican American Studies Angelica M. Loreto Stephanie Ruiz Morales Middle Eastern & North African Studies Cyndia Kristen Claypoole Aaron James Graybill Jennifer Rose Hijazi Lara Tarantini Zachary Ross Thomas Mining, Geological & Geophysical Engineering Isabel Fay Barton Melissa Elizabeth Bates Oleksiy Chernoloz Keith Ward Taylor Thomas Derwin Tuten Molecular & Cellular Biology Janet Lee Courtright Kevin Matthew Gee Anoop Singh Hunjan Jun-Young Sun Kim Koustubh Kondapalli Minhkhoi Nguyen Music Lauren Elizabeth Arasim Evgeniya Belinskaya Gregg Lewis Brandon Elizabeth Marion Clawson Gavin Michael Ely Philip Joel Hill Ariana Danielle Iniguez Fang Yuan Liu Lingqian Long Yujia Luo Omaris Maldonado-Torres Macauley Manzano Lindsey Ann McHugh Alexander William Maxwell Merideth Mariana Mevans Vidal Bryant Chase Miller Soleil Marcella Oliva Morgana Marissa Ortiz Michelle Marie Perrier Jason Pfiester Joel Walker Pierce Willie Aaron Rice Sara Tobe Clifton Kang Weston Natural Resources Gerald Maurice Berthelette II Brett C. Blum Hennessy Felicia Miller Damian Nabil Rawoot Claudia Shantal Reynoso Ian Michael Shiach Neuroscience Cecilia Brown Nursing Soyoung An Christina Lea Anspach Briana Elise Averill Holli Michele Bowens Kelly Patrice Brown Judith Marie Butler Jason Norman Chamberlain Eva Mae Cole Patricia Ann Dalton

58 It was a sensational 7-6 Arizona football victory over Pomona College on Nov. 6, 1914, that led to the building of the A on Sentinel Peak, west of Tucson. In what was doubtless a burst of enthusiastic pride for his alma mater, Albert H. Condron, a member of the 1914 team and a civil engineering student, suggested to one of his professors that a class assignment be made to survey Sentinel Peak for the location of an A." The site was cleared of shrubbery and cactus, trenches dug to outline the letter s foundations, rock at hand was mixed with mortar, and water was hauled up the mountain by six-horse teams. The total cost of materials, equipment and transportation was $397. The back-breaking work was done by the students themselves, Saturday after Saturday, with many difficulties and discouragements, but the A was finally whitewashed on March 4, No one called it Sentinel Peak anymore. It was known thereafter as A Mountain. The A is 70 feet wide and 160 feet long (or tall). The basalt rock quarried from the construction site was used to build the rock wall surrounding most of the University s historic district. Molly Nicole Dayzie Ashley Nicole Green Diana Michele Hanakahi Matthew Harvey Angela Heltemes Jodi R. Hess Harvinder Kaur Karamjit Kaur Joseph Michael Kemling Brenda LeeAnn Kuehl Janet Kien Lao Christine Leffler Kathryn Ann Libuser Lila Marie Logan Ada Teresa Marinelarena Melissa Renee Masiero Sonia Helen Mattoon-Jorgensen Amna Mohammad Estrellita Modessa Montoya Nicole Rae Olson Laura Organes Brianna R. Palmerson Donna Lynn Peterson Erica Patricia Purrington Katharine Roberts Britni Carin Ruffenach Nicolas Ray Schoenfeld Margarita Sol Deborah Lynne Spann Melissa Victoria Still Cristina Rae Stuefen Elizabeth Tritz Robyn Tullos Daniel Rene Vadillo Karla Gail VanHorn Catherine Wallace Nutritional Sciences Danielle DePorter Micah Gerard Donovan Preston Royal Harris Optical Sciences Jason Michael Arcand Nirantha G. Balagopal Chern Fei Chua Arpit Manoj Dave Janelle A. Gozum Pilar Thiago Springer Jota Kal Lee Kadlec Clarissa Kenney Nicholas William LeCain Trent Mankowski Daniel Brucker Millstone Ruijuan Niu Jeffrey Scott Noble Kevin M. Pounds Michael Joseph Scordato Braden J. Smith Cameron C. Solem Rachel Nicole Ulanch Kaitlyn Elizabeth Williams Ziyi Wu Mohan Xu Yu Yan Jerrod Lavelle Young Pharmaceutical Sciences David Rhys Axon Chinmayee S. Katragadda Philosophy Nathan Shea Hallett Anthony Zivan Holbrook Eric Matthew Solis Physics Xiaolin Xu Physiological Sciences Nakayla Chan Teryn Allene Holeman Marissa Lovett Tyler Stuart Marsh David Taska Shaun Tay Planning Colin Agner Mariam Khalid Al-Obaydi Nathan Herrera Nejlah Noel Hummer Amanda Helene Maass Christopher Scott Ortiz y Pino Michele A. Scanze Jacob Strawn David Tapia-Takaki Hannah Wong Plant Science Stephanie EllaJean Schrader Psychology Kyle Curham Blaine Harper Ji Soo Kim Ashley Victoria Lawrence Mairead H. McConnell Lucia Sweeney Siyu Wang Isaac Young Public Administration Rogelio Flores II Ryan Christopher Hautzinger Mariam Bushara Hawatmeh Maura Bea Jensen Lauren Joiner Ramon A. Lopez David Carlos McAllister Romo Karina Cecilia Patino Jacobo Xavier Ramirez Yalda Samih Jacquine C. Stork Jacquelyne Vega Yixi Wang Corina P. Yeh Public Health Jessica S. Allen Joaquin Amaro Elizabeth Pauline Adwoa Amoa-Awuah Breanne Virginia Anderson Elizabeth Joan Anderson Keith Charles Arnold Ashley Azizi Assadi Chisom Valentine Asuzu Christina Azzolina Jordan Merrill Bastian Kelly Helene Belz Argelia Benavides Lindsay M. Bingham Kristi Bischoff Brittany Boegemann Elizabeth Brooks Shannon S. Bryan Katherine Budolfson Stephanie Nicole Bustillo Ana R. Casanova monroy Tracey Leigh Cayatineto Lee D. Cranmer Alisha Daines Brett Riordan Dechambre Zaida Mikayla Dedolph Alexandra Kay Duello Heidi Lynn Dugi Brittany Gabrielle Ebbing Andrew Logan Ellis Nathan M. Eyde Megan Kimi Fah Lalida May Gentry Siena S. Hall Jeffery Hanna Cody Michael Havens Laura Hegarty Elizabeth Anne Jeffrey Gabriela Keahon Amanda Marie Kendall Sajjad Khan Caroline King Rachel Grace Kreisberg Morgan Kali Misles Krhin Deidre Violet Kruckenberg Raymond A. Larez Kirstin C. Lathrop Siyi Lei Benpeng Lin Naran Spencer Lodhia Andrea Rosales Logue Breanne Elizabeth Lott Xin Lou Nishita Vani Maganty Jill Meredith Mahoney Tanya Margarita Maldonado Michelle K. Martin Sarah Marie Martinez Michèle Mattle Christopher James McCabe Brittani Ashlyn Miller Sowrov B. Mondol THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

59 In 2008, the UA became the first public university to lead a NASA mission the Phoenix mission to Mars. Stephanie Ruiz Morales Velma Coccellato Joseph Robert Moseley Cole Colvin Renee Moussa Sarah Kay Coopman Sarahna Azaria Moyd Lucia Dabdoub Christian Mpody Susan Lee Eaton Erika Sylvia Nacim Nubia Yamileth Elias Erin Da Hye Nelson Mariah Harmony Harvey Alejandra M. Ochoa Ivan Lizarraga Javier Ortega James Paul Martin Jane K. Otenyo Ricardo Medina Jr. Christiana Owusu-Ankomah Mackenzie Ann Meeson Nikhita Pakki Melodi Ann Polach Jaime Perkins Seth Polley Andrew J. Pickering William Arden Reidell Elinora Teresa Price Jessica Richardson Benjamin Michael Richmond Josiah Kent Sovern Heidi Ann Robertson John Michael Stone Amanda Marie Rodgers Marcela Suarez-Berumen Darlynn Marie Rojo-Wissar Maria Fernanda Velasco James Ketring Romine Ryan Thomas Walker Corinna Sabaque Tara Rae Zuern Christopher A. Schmidt Sociology Nicholas Schweers Nirmal Singh Erin Murphy Heinz Kaitlyn Leeann Snyder Megan K. McKendry Jaze Butler Sollars Zhamilya Rizatayeva Sheila Soto Soil, Water & Shawn Dylan Staack Environmental Science Anna Louise Steeves-Reece Jennifer Irene Pearce-Walker Tara Sae-In Swartz Irma Isela Perez Edward Neil Telmo Shana Alysse Sandhaus Yvonne Ngoc Tran Ethan Thomas Vimont Beverley Trutter James Elliott Wadsworth Neal Lee Tuomi Janine L. Vanlandingham Spanish Jared Reid Wahl Izamar Laguna Jordan Russell Westra Special Education Melissa Zavala Justin Lee Zeien Tzipporah Leah Crupar Olivia Zoph Jocelyn Cummins Kayla Joyce Evans Public Policy Lina Ali Fermawi Jennfer Campbell Laura Hernandez Janet Jock Sharon Hodges-Owen Riana Dalia Johnson Erin Nicole Humphreys Patrick Sullivan Rivers Kayleigh L. Kozyra Jacklyne Rachael Volpe Amairani Carolina Luna Lizbeth Lutz Rhetoric, Composition Elizabeth Alwood Moody & Teaching of English Janelle Brea Prchal Angelia R. Giannone Veaney Ramos Alejandra Irene Ramirez Stacey Marie Roberts Russian Jessica Christin Sandmeier Pedram Aghaalikhani Annikka Marie Steel Kristina Borisovna Boynova Ashley Stevens DeAnn Wells School Psychology Shanell Dymphna Woodard Caitlyn Noelle Francis Speech, Language Secondary Education & Hearing Sciences Ashley Colleeen Acuna Alexa Bautista Kevin Richard Alexander Kelli Ann Busby Irene Suzanne Angelov Marianne Elizabeth Casilio Claire E. Brock Elizabeth Choi 56 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017 Adrian Linda Skalmusky Fait Joelle ChengLi Fang Celeste Gallegos Rachel Adele Genrich Alyssa Jo Heeman Caroline Ure Madsen Rori Patricia McPhilliamy Heidi Michelle Mettler Lacey Brooke Miller Pauline Munoz Dawn Reikowsky Emily Anne Reno Lauren Ashley Riggins Danielle Justine Rincon Kristin Elizabeth Rumery Alyssa Nicole Yuriko Sachs Natasha Marie Swink Griffin Lijding Taylor Alexander Joseph Lombardi Tucci Olivia Rose Vinikoor Kimberly Anne Wardle Wing Ka Angela Yung Statistics Jiali Han Wen Chi Lu Haomiao Yang Yifei Yuan Erin R. Zylstra Systems Engineering Anthony Babicke Michael Anthony Barron Jr. Alberto Becerra Robert Cisneroz Sean Gellenbeck Brandon Edward Knight Sufyan Jassim Mohamed Adam Michael Rinne Mustafa Sadeq Xinyi Xu Yujia Zhang Teaching & Teacher Education Brandon James Alessini Nubia America Amaya David Scott Anderson Katherine Appel Christina Bakerman Landon M. Banks Zachary James Boeder Karly Jean Chasteen Patrick Cooper Lisa Valerie Daconta Jacob Michael Dennis Tara Renee Dickey Thomas E. Engle Cynthia Karina Esquer Emily Ann Fox Zachary B. Gerbarg Thomas Oliver Gribble Tori Kate Hanson Rita Bess Hardy

60 One of the most photographed and remembered events of President Babcock s tenure was the famous St. Patrick s Day Strike. A petition addressed to him requesting a full holiday was turned down by the president, who wrote across it in green ink: I may be green but not so green as this. In impulsive defiance the male students, most of them wearing their cadet uniforms, marched downtown and simply took the holiday that had been denied. The story was carried in the newspapers throughout the territory, enraging many, including Governor Brodie. The ringleaders were promptly disciplined with extra drills, and some even put to work laying bricks. Erika Nicole Harvey Chloe Janelle Heinemann Camila Joy Hervey Ji-Yoon Jeon Erika Cristine Jung Anna M. Katz Karl Peter Kramer Torey Elizabeth Krepps Vince Daniel Majalca Andrea Marie Manzuk Richelle Nicole Martin Sonia May Migdal Kenni Spenser Nakakura Starlight May Noel-Armenta Kaitlin Marie Ochoa Tara Kavighhaq Orr Rebecca Tess Peiffer Ryan Christopher Pentecost Nicolas Albert Pitts Rachel Joanne Polay Adrianna Privitera Anthony B. Ross Jennifer Leslie Rozo Elizabeth Gabrielle Ryder Lana Anne Sabb Valentina Saucedo John Dongkeon Seo Adam Michael Shingler Patrick Brandt Taylor Austin Franklin Thomas Kimberly Ann Valdez Adrian Michelle Weaver Kristin E. Wills Fnu Yamin Megan Ellison Zweig Theatre Arts Amy Sue Hazel Julio Cesar Hernandez Leah Louise Mednick Jack Edwin Meng Andrea Marlene Pratt Ruth Richardson Water, Society & Policy Bailey Kennett Craig Nelson Madeline Jane Ryder DEGREES CONFERRED SUMMER 2017 Accounting Yu Shi Aerospace Engineering Marvin Patrick Jentzsch Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering Victoria Alexandra Karlsson Rocio Guadalupe Reyes Esteves Agricultural Education Eduardo Caratachea Marco A. Pena Animal Sciences Yafei Xu Applied Biosciences Gaoyuan Huang Matthew Sterling Shallenberger Architecture Osama Omar Imam Biostatistics Min Zhu Business Administration Richard A. Arrigo Laura E. Johnson Bret Colin Miller Nicholas Piccarreta Cellular & Molecular Medicine Ivan Aispuro Thomasina Blackwater Shelby Dalgai Guadalupe I. Davila Natalie Marie Davis Karen Ibarra Rachel Jones Kiran Makhani Efreim Joseph Dela Cruz Morales Counseling Stefania Katherine Metzger Creative Writing Samuel Rafael Barber Abigail R. Dockter Educational Leadership Kenneth R. Hosto Christopher Matthew Johnson Jeniffer Mayersohn Educational Psychology Ambareen Baig Educational Technology Michael S. Wagenheim Electrical & Computer Engineering Keeley Jeanne Eppley Criswell Terrance Pat Entomology & Insect Science Elizabeth C. Bondy James G. Conway Environmental Engineering Tharun Murali Environmental Health Sciences Daniel James Troup Finance Ben Chen Rochanna Nikita Henry Alexander Kun Guangrong Lu Joseph George Marciano III Krishna Jagat Patel Patrick Sander Xinsen Song Ana Sukhishvili Geography Christopher Richard Zemp Geosciences Jason Michael Burwell Higher Education Manuel Duarte Human Language Technology Jorge Muriel Hydrology Mauricio Alfredo Vera Camiroaga Sr. International Security Nathan Paul Clark Brian John Kemper Caitlin Marie O Connor Michael Joseph Sistak Lisa M. VanSlyke Language, Reading & Culture Betsi Jo Arvin Tyler Hrodey John Frank Library & Information Science Tracy Lynn Botts Amanda Leigh Haberstroh Susan Lee Mergenthal Nicholas Mignanelli Sarah Caitlin Slinger Linguistics Kevan Frank Joe Management Megan Louise Litwicki Tianyi Rong Alex Steinbrook Zeyu Wei Yue Wu Liann Sun Zimmer Management Information Systems Keegan Sean Orland Brown DeAndre Conley THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

61 Christopher Leroy Jordan Anshul Mashruwala Alexander Neff Victor Alexis Pinero Menendez Brian Elliott Roberts Materials Science & Engineering Yusuke Watanabe Mexican American Studies Joel A. Saldana Perez Music Kyle Jordan Edwards Tianshu Wu Natural Resources Pratima K.C. Maxwell N. Mazzella Laura J. McHugh Jayanti Pokhrel Zachary J. Smalls Kayle Thunstrom Amanda D. Webb Natural Science for Teachers Stephen James Morrill Nursing Kathrine Aaslestad Karen Beth Acosta Rachel Denise Adams Mosunmola Ajenikoko Tima A. Albidrez Angela Joy Almanza Gina Therese Altman Jennifer Walters Anderson Sybil A. Anderson Katherine Andress Christopher Paul Apodaca Emma Asamoah Kristi Lyn Ashford Mirely Baca Jessica Anne Bailey Jesseca Banchy Meredith Hannah Barker Adilene Barrios Calixtro Nikki Marie Bateman Michelle Lee Benoit Hattie L. Brannon Paige Brei Marian Lynn Brock-Andersen Michele Lee Brown Daniela Castaneda Carissa Adrianna Castillo Bridgett Joy Chartier Timothy Allen Childers Richard Cruz Coenen Melissa Cuen Mary Ifeoma Dallah Krystal Dalilah Damiano Nikki De Angel Ryan William DeGrave Kyla Jean Diesner Nicole Faune Dixon Misty R. Dominguez Mary Elizabeth Dower Erin Leigh Dunbar Jessica Starr Durand Jacob A. Fijal Kelsey Maureen Flood Joanna G. Ford Katherine L. Fournier Raquel Galvez Betty Faye Ginn Beth Glover May Choy Gomez Jenn Cosgrove Greer Amber Dawn Gutierrez Aaron J. Ha Laura Ayn Hafez Amanda Hall Jenifer Hamilton Kari Haru George Joseph Hernandez Nathan Hale Higgins Margaret Highley Kristina Ann Hittson Jennifer Leigh Huneycutt Shqipe Jashari Jessica Chisholm Jauck Erin A. Jester Jennifer Marie Johnston William Day Jones Kimberly Linda Karl Brittney Alyssa Keller Ysabel Jacquelyn Kohler Samuel James Krekos Susan D. Lade Janée Lorraine Lai Lisa Shuk Lam Ilianne Lepro Paige Marie Levinsohn Kersten Aida jeanne Linsangan Melissa Ann Luxton Ruthmarie MacKenzie Vanessa Magloire Jodi Mainwal Jane Katherine Martin Kathleen Elizabeth Martinez Patrick William Matetich Kathleen McClone Gwen Lea McCulloch Jessica McKinnon Jane Ellen Mele Rachelle Areno Miravite Cassandra Chanel Morelock Stephanie Nicole Morgan Melody Mudenda Mwanja Sarah Ndedi Boriana Rousseva Nikolova Robyn Nishioka Heather Day Noteboom Liam Dylan Oden Stacie Pavlovich Beverly Lewis Pense Rachel Hannah Perelman Kaseymichelle Qualman Erynn Wright Reichenberg Tiffany Jane Reinke Lynda Rexroat Melanie Reyes Cassandra R. Rincon Anne Riski Jacqueline Romero Madeline Ruth Denise Cosillos Salazar Tanya Michelle Saunders Chelsea Judith Schenck Louisa Marie Schiefer Erin Schrey Anna Sharar Yvette Sheets Connor Wayne Sohns Sloan Elise Sonksen Shannon Michaela Stawiarski Nell Steele-Alvarez Kayleigh Marie Stegall Stephanie Lorraine Stone I Alanna A. Suh Vanessa Sullivan Nicole J. Taylor Ann Thomas Jenna Marie Thomas Jonathan Ryan Thomas Ceierra Thompson Monique Tiffany Trishnak Rose Trachsel Carly Ann Troeger Jack N.H. Urban Ramon S. Valle Katie Ann Vaz Adelle Selena Vice Hannah Vick Casandra Lee Wakefield Alicia Nakia-Rose Walker Jessica Walker Sophie Bea Ward Ginger L. Watko Gretchen Webb Joanne Teh Weiss Frederika Wilhelmina White Colette Wiles Allena Renada Wilson Krista Wood Kimberly Sarah Woolsey Elizabeth Jennifer Ann Worsfold Alberto Benjamin Yanez III Louann Young Sarah C. Zaccagnio Mondana Zargarnian Elise Franch Zimmerman Optical Sciences Michael Christopher Butterfield Zhen Xiong 58 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

62 Pharmaceutical Sciences Alejandra Aguilar Nimer Said Alsaid Yeum mok Oh Public Administration Richard Imamura Aeric Allen Helsel Koerner Sarah Gilman Romano Public Health Arlene Guadalupe Campillo Alexandra Patricia Cappelli Sam Mirsaeidi-farahani Kimberley Marie Munoz Secondary Education Erin Elizabeth Bouley Mikaela Rose Kemsley Hannah Maureen Landers Organ Alex Michael Lucio Tammy Renee Moss Jonathan Steve Quintero Galaviz Elizabeth Brianne Wolfe Special Education Cheryl Gorman Allison Mae Jacobs Jennifer Ashley Sobel Jennifer Nicole Vesic Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences Sara Marie Monti Systems Engineering Eric M. Sahr Aaron J. Woodard Teaching & Teacher Education Nicole M. Julien Nan Chen Javier Ignacio Suarez Sr. THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT



65 2o LAW DEGREES 1 7 DEGREES CONFERRED FALL 2016 Juris Doctor Jaycie C. Gibney Master of Laws Zeynab Gholamishoja Master of Legal Studies James Andrew Biondi Benjamin Frie Jessica Paige Garrard Eleana Hsu Andrea C. Kelly Arianna Pelletier-Williams Scientiae Juridicae Program Paul Kanyinke Sena Ersoy Zirhlioglu DEGREES CONFERRED SPRING 2017 Juris Doctor Derek Martyn Abeyta Parker Allen Nicholas Alsaka Jeffrey G. Amlee Troy M. Anderson Nadezhda Veniaminovna Andreeva Jillian Laura Andrews Raymond Edward Arvizu Sarah Marie Bauer Brian Louis Bona Jason P. Buckner Parker Conlan Bunch Justin M. Bush Mason Storm Byrd Margo Rose Casselman Youngeun Choi Bryce N. Clark Zachary L. Cohen Michelle E. Cox Wesley M. Cox Leah Michelle Daniello Jordan L. Davies Yi Fan Sarah Farid Robert Farquharson James George Florentine Esperanza Franco Jimenez Kristina R. Gantert Paul Allen Garns Brett Gilmore Kirin T. Goff Mario A. Gonzalez Felipe Silvestre Guevara Rujin Guo Jonathan Hajek Cole W. Harlan Elissa Zeches Harshman Jordan M. Hartman Benjamin Joseph Hawkins Jeffrey Jason Hawley Isaiah X. Herrera Katherine Herriot Armend Hetemi Noah S. Hilgert John Keller Hilton Anna Hohag Barry A. Holland John F. Howard Janet Marie Howe Matthew P. Hoxsie Lindsey Huang Jordan Andrew Huffman Lorena B. Hutton Johnnie Jackson Carlos Alejandro Jauregui William LeBaron Jenney Erika L. Johnsen Thomas Mcmorran Johnson LeAnn Jones Levon Kantzabedian James A. Keefe Alexander R. Kembitzky Michael Kuna Autumn Jane Kycia Brendan M. Lenihan Per C. Leroy Sara Ellen Levine Shiyu Li Christopher Zacaria Lloyd Andrea Rosales Logue Nicholas Andrew Lucie David T. Lundmark Meghan R. Lynch Jill Meredith Mahoney Demetra M. Makris Sai Nandan Manthra Rhonda Martin Luis Martinez Jace R. Matheson Abdullah Mohammed M. Mazzah Sean M. McNally Dayna Marie Michael Matthew J. Mittelstadt Michael Carl Mohler Alexandra Mojado Christina C. Muir Sampson C. Ojukwu Chelsea Padilla-Frankel Jessica Catherine Pekala Breeze K. Potter Joseph M. Radochonski Daniel Rhim Audrey Elaine Roberts Elizabeth Cathaleen Robertson Ricardo E. Robinson-Bours Mark Alan Ryan Choon Kun Ryu Samantha Olivia Sanchez Esther Sanchez-Gomez Rachael J. Sedgwick Andrew James Shepherd Elizabeth Smiley Slade E. Smith Joshua Sparling Evan M. Speciale Eric Spiegel Ashley M. St. Clair Simon Stanley Wesley Ray Stiner Yuan Su Tai A. Summers Haley Ann Terrell Alysha G. Tseng Nathan Tyler Udall Bernardo M. Velasco Yonggang Wang Amanda Weaver Hayley Brooke Weigold Ryan J. Wekerle Hannah Darcy Willett Zachary Tylor Williams Christopher D. Womack Lisa R. Wrazidlo Nancy Yan Xu Master of Laws Betsy Antonio Aguirre Joseph K. Austin Luis A. Bergolla Horacio Celaya Yading Jiang Yohan Alix Zingile Master of Legal Studies Rebecca E. Claasen Sarah L. Curley Lorena Victoria De Frias Nathan Hill Dunn Briana L. Félix Denise F. Godoy Mark Steven Harris Jared Joseph Menke Michelle Moraila Alancay Morales Garro Evelyn Del Carmen Negrete Priscilla Ordonez Michaela Greer Poling Ashley Dawn Reid Christopher Earl Saltmarch Antonio Solorzano Scientiae Juridicae Doctor Nellie Jo David Seyedhossein Mirsadri Dongjin Seo Pamela Tusingwire 62 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017


67 Manuel Pacheco became the first Hispanic president of the UA in When his 11 brothers and sisters had all gotten their college degrees, his mother enrolled and got a degree also, earning a higher GPA than any of her children. DEGREES CONFERRED FALL 2016 Doctor of Medicine David H. Campbell Sarah K. Daley James Louis Dillon IV Alex Hakimi Kyle Buchanan Smith Lisa Wadowski DEGREES CONFERRED SPRING 2017 Doctor of Medicine Nicholas Reuben Ahrendt Tabarik Khalil Al-Abbadi Francisco J. Andrade Ersilia Lucretia Anghel Keith Charles Arnold Radhika Chatur Babaria Julia Bedard William Bryson Bendall Brock Tanner Bennett Edward Patrick Bergin III Philippe J. Bierny Liam Christian Bosch Stefanie Handrick Brichta Bryant P. Brown Jaycen Chas Brown Edward Haynes Bruno Katherine Budolfson Alex Phong Bui Brittany Bunker Aubri S. Carman Giuseppe Carotenuto Ana R. Casanova Monroy Daniel J. Casey Jose Antonio Cervantes Racquel Parente Chahal Marin Alaina Chavez Weihua Chen Philip Yue-Cheng Cheung Harsharon Chopra Megan A. Christopher Lauren Suzanne Cole Taryn Lynn Colton Ellie Conser Catherine Rose Coverley Catherine Anne Coyne Gregory Randolph Crisp Reese Matthew Dare Amy Darlene Davis Sandeep Dhadvai John M. Dicken Shannon Jeanette Driscoll Tyler A. Durns Brittany Gabrielle Ebbing Michael Stanley Ellis Megan Kimi Fah Heinrich David Fan Joseph H. Fisher Quinney S-jye Fu Blake Gibson Niana L. Gibson Joshua Ian Gordon Aaron John Goshinska Alison Leigh Goulder Taylor Jeffrey Graber Stephan Alexander Guenther Gruessner Mark Guevorkian Karen Elizabeth Haiber Sarah Moffitt Harris Paul Eric Helland Iiro Seppo Tapani Honkanen Farhana Hossain Jawad Hussain Devanshi Kishorbhai Intwala Taylor M. Jenkins Ovninder Johal Kenneth Robert Johnson Richard Edward Jones Warren Hashimoto Kane Jeffrey Zane Kartchner Alexandra G. Kauffman Sarah Elizabeth Kellerhals Sean Lloyd Kent Hiba Mahmood Khan John David Kierstead Jeffrey Kyung Kim Patrick Gregory Kishi Laurel Hardy Kittrell Alyssa Hayley Korenstein Alexander Kovacs Ekaterina Y. Kraeva Jonida Krate Charlotte Anne Lansky Sarah Leffler Cara Osmann Levin Katrin Claire Lichtsinn Darin G. Liu Amanda Marie Loh Thomas Merrill Lotina Jane Truc Ly Marci D. Macaraeg Ashkon Royce Mahmoudi Natasha Michelle Makarova Pouran Malekzadeh Kelsi Leone Manley Aditya Manoharan Lauren Querin Massimo Christopher James McCabe Abigail P. McCallum Hilary Caitlyn McCrary Dustin B. McCurry Alyssa Lauren McGregor Kyle Richard McKeown Ashley Lynn McNelly Salena A. Meyer Ryan Michael Miller Akua Boatemaa Minta Vanita Hemant Mistry Sarah Lian Monks Brittany Liesel Morgan Joseph Robert Moseley Elyse Alexandra Muratore Cassandra Ann Murzl Nellie Niloofar Nafissi Alisha Nanda Srishti Nayak Erin Da Hye Nelson Tijana Nikolich-Zugich Gregory Adam Norris Danielle Rose Olla Gilbert Darrin Ortega III Jeremy Ryan Oulton Brent Michael Page Jared Lee Palfreeman Amritha Krithika Panchanathan Siddharth Yogen Pandya Akash Mukesh Patel Sara A. Penquite Jaime Perkins Ryan Dean Peterson Nancy Phan Nina Pollack Hannes Prescher Bushra Rahman Adam Thomas Ratesic Stephanie Ann Reeder Wendy Hope Reeve Katelyn Louise Rheault Alfonso Robles Alberto Romagnolo Casey Lynnell Rosser Simin Golestani Roward Zachary Thomas Roward Atlantis Dawn Russ Eduardo Salazar Christine Elaine Savilo Geena Sethi Elizabeth Ann Flores Siacunco Muniza Siddiqui Michael A. Simmons Natasha Lynae Smith Peter Sorial Sami Soliman Jodi Sarah Solway Kole Holland Spaulding Joshua Aaron Spiro Sasha O Brien Staack Michael Stepita Justin Stevenson Janet Elizabeth Stone Brittany Glenn Sullivan Stephanie Marie Swerdan Prita M. Tandyasraya Lydia Marie Taranto Alfonso Tellez Phi A. Tran Jeffrey Alan Utter Vinod Kumar Valluri 64 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

68 UA Professor Charles M. Falco collaborated with artist David Hockney on the Hockney-Falco Thesis, which demonstrated that artists as early as Jan van Eyck used optics to project images as aids for their most iconic paintings. The New York Times called this one of the 10 most important ideas of Scott Robert Wallace Kelsey Wilhelm Alexa Jo Duling Williams Brooke M. Willows Sarah D. Wypiszynski Nicole Sadika Yee Karl Andrew Yousef Bita Zahedi Olivia Zoph Doctor of Pharmacy Evellyn Albanesi Ancheschi Sara Marie Andrus Alison Renae Arpaia Meghan Sue Arquette Kimiya Athena Azari Argam Begijan Lola Jean Baca Bemis Garrett Kenneth Berger Taness Eyre Billington Jeffrey Alan Blaskowsky Jessica Anne Browne Julie A. Brozio Stephanie Elaine Campbell Natalie Jane Catalano Victoria E. Chang Ramon Armando Chavez Merta Cushing Benita Mary Daniel Quyen Dao Brittney Nicole Dewey Nicole Briana Dooda Osamah H. Eljerdi Cody Glen Elmer Francisco Noel Felix Ali J. Flath Corey Michael Frahm Sierra Kelly Fung Andrew J. Garcia Kelsey Glyn Garlick Venessa Marie Gonzalez Vidhi A Gupta Mayra Guzman Bonita Sue Harper Nicole Henry Jackie Hu Ye Huo Sarah Mi Huynh Eunjeong Hwang Marina Ivanova Ivanov Mika Leann Jankowski Kyle Patrick Kennedy William Robert Kennedy James Gaughen Ketterer Hyun-Jung Kim Jason Kwan Rick Lasica Stephanie M. Lawson Shelby Rae Lehew Alexander G. Leonard Kenneth G. Leutz Darren Joseph Lew Eva Yihua Liang Grace Julia Lin Michelle Lin Ashley E. Loy Nathan Marc Lunt Noureddine Maher Monica J. Malapit Evan Keith Mallory Adam Nathaniel Mesa Sima Molla-Hosseini Armando Enrique Morales Gabriel Raphael Alcoreza Navoa Linda M. Nguy Kim Nguyen Lily Nguyen Quang Huu Nguyen Yen Ngoc Nguyen Kenneth T. Olson Nicholas A Ong Reema Patel Christine Katherine Phu Jessica Ann Rodriguez Carrie Anne Roth Kelsey Lorraine Royball Tyler James Ruddy Crystal Marie Salgado Jared Sivinski Yung Sun Song Quang N. Tien Thuyvi Ngoc Tran Daniel Van Trinh Annie Truong Thao T. Truong Ronald Noel Velasquez Daniel Joseph Vergel de Dios Michael David Voight Cassandra D. Votruba Rebecca May Weber Sara Danielle Weinstein Nicolas R. Wong Jingxin Yang Georgina M. Ybarra Julie Ann Zappia DEGREES CONFERRED SUMMER 2017 Doctor of Pharmacy Cecilia Perez Linzee Eileen Vargas THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT



71 2o BACHELOR S DEGREES 1 7 DEGREES CONFERRED FALL 2016 Accounting Lauren Elaine Bailey Cory Michael Bull Anne Elizabeth Burch Rebecca Degtjarjov Tebogo Ruth Disang Brittany Nicole Dvorak Crystal Dawn Griswold Lucas Michael Hack Davin Peter Heidgerd Viviana Teresa Hernandez Bill Huang Alejandra Jacovo Lauren Paige Kolesar Ryne Zachary Kraft Yingzhou Li Nicholas Andrew Lindow Alexandra Lorynn McRae Melissa Lillian Morrison Kaitlyn Rachelle Myers Thuy Duong T. Nguyen Ryan Wesley Ortega Eli James Schrandt Mitchell Ryan Soley Robert Brandon Steinmann Aaron Michael Stelly Allison Julia Thomas Kathleen Anna Trump Jennifer Tucker Marta Elena Villasenor Qiyue Zhang Aerospace Engineering Alejandro Daniel Castaños Gibong Koo Luke Aspen Stangl Agribusiness Economics & Management Jose Manuel Castro Trent Evan Drachenberg Ivan Karel Garcin Jesse Ryan Hansen Thomas Duane Oberin Jr. Jose Luis Oviedo Sumit Thathi Colin Lance Vann Pengfan Zhang Agricultural Technology Management & Education Maria Dolores Cardenas Daniel Rukin Jelks Bradley Scott Martin Quinton Tanner Parker Sara Brianna Peraza Carlos Jesus Perea Preston Carnell Sipes 68 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017 Animal Sciences Kassi Marie Appenzeller Melissa Marie Barbera Morgan Elise Browning Stephanie Celina Corral Alexis Victoria Diaz Aaren Rose Glick Laura Hernandez Brianna Nichole Schwanenberger Anthropology Melanie Nicole Cady Michelle Gail Criner Marquita Shantel Harris Calliandra M. Hermanson Heather K. Koenig Emily Anne Martin Jenna Nicole Smith Applied Science Alec Jason Baray Tommie Lee Clardy III Michael Aviles Cruz Gregory Allen Egger Christopher Ryan Harrell Christopher Michael Jurvig Daniel Jon Kaprat Elizabeth Lanto Eric Michael Levario Jennifer Lee Mendez Salvador Edgardo Sanchez Jesse Keith Schaa Carolynn Naomi Stewart Art Education Sarah Beth Carton (Honors) David S. Contreras Katherine Marie Galaz Julia Christine Kaser Ondrea N. Levey Joshua Ryan Nistas Mallory Melissa Shibe Art History Felicia Maria Aflague Summar Alsemeiry Courtney Marie Beeman Michelle Gail Criner Kelley Marie Paskell Rebecca Lynn Paul (Honors) Astronomy Kyle Harrison Price Biochemistry Abdullah Aleem Thomas A. Knowles Biology Roxanne Gail Mojica De Asis Elias J. Farr Alexander Joseph Guzman Judy Hildebrand Vanessa Magaly Horie Alexander David King Hannah Yvonne Mougharbel Wilfred Lee Njemanze Ingrid Lynnda Peterson LeRoy Jarad Shingoitewa Tyler Cameron Souva Elissa Renee Williams Marisa Frances Young Biomedical Engineering Kevin Joel Arreaga Justine Nichole Bacchus Summer Lindsay Garland Bethany Ann Langdon Andrew Thomas Maggio Jeffrey Jon Mrkonich Andres Angel Nuncio Zuniga (Honors) Zachary Jordan Remer Biosystems Engineering Michael Anthony Lopez Ryan Lester Neighbor Michael J. Pearse Elan C. Snitkin Business Administration James Michael Banis Jr. Matthew David DiBiase Amy Elizabeth Haas Jenna Nicole Pratt Stephen Philip Vandivort Business Economics Abdulla Mohammed Alameri Andrea Maria Alanis (Honors) John Robert Bail Matthew John De Garmo Tyler James Jacobs Patrick Edward Lopez Jay Marsteller Ahmer Ali Qureshi Zachary Thomas Rowe Business Management Andrea Maria Alanis Jeanette Carolina Alcaraz Ruiz Gilberto Anaya Marbila Angulo Charles Kelly Beane Daniel Richard Burdiak Eric Allen Carlson Matthew Michael Cerepanya Pamela Esperanza Contreras Alexandra Nicole Damser Michael Tyler Dingwell Katelyn Marie Dunn Ryne Jeffrey Handelman Zhe Hu Jared Ryan Kail Alexis Lorain Lopez Michael Craig Mathews Ryan James Miller Raegan Leland Moltner Kenia Amara Nunez Shweta Omkaram Brian Alberto Pellegrini

72 Jarrett Watson Powell Joseph Tyler Rodin Victor Michael Sanchez Sumeet Pratap Shinde Zachary David Smutzer Andrew Charles Sovero Daryn Hailey Unbehand Joshua Louis Wagner Jessie Nicole Rodriguez Welter Care, Health & Society Toni Marie Altland Maria Andrea Austin Chiara Ann Baldacchino Jessica Sung-Hee Chun Edgar Collelmo Xvania Esquivel Paige Taylor Giddings Leslie Morgan Goins Victoria Ann Haklar Qiuyuan Huang Manuel Alberto Iniguez III Gwendlynn Mae Leach MaríaTeresa Mejía Richard Vincent Nickerson Lissa Britt Danielle Nicodemus Marina Rose Peterson Kristen Leslie Rapp Francisco Aaron Rodriguez Hannah Marie Shoulders Rachel Brianne Topolski Karen Christine Wynne Laura Anne Young Chemical Engineering Martin Alexander Rubio Chemistry John N. Fomeche Nathaniel R. Hurley Dominique Ruth Langston Erin L. Martin Yizheng Zhang Civil Engineering Mohammed N.M.M.H.M. Alturkait Trenton Dougan Delizio Eric Trujillo Manzano Indani Joshua Tabani Robert Verdugo Jr. Jiang Xie Classics Zachary McMaster Lyons Communication Anjali Elizabeth Ashtaputre Sean M. Ayers Kelsea Shae Baker Halle Ann Beesen Alexandra Theresa Bowers Hannah Leigh Cameron Natalie Rose Carollo Victoria Ashley Davis Katelyn Jean Drotning Mckenna Bae Harris Joseph Ignatius Knipp Christopher Garrett Kolb Elyse M. Lukso Catherine Ann Martino Lauren Elizabeth Meyer Teodora Montano Mojarro Angeli Marie Myers Jordan Ramsey Olsen Cassidy Kay Raynolds Melissa Anne Smith Taylor C. Smith Mary C. Spiece Brittany Ann Szpytek Stevie Rae Tomaszewski Justin Trigg Victoria Vindiola Sicre Camden Staretz Weisz Aimee Woolfolk Anna Gennadievna Yeltchev Li Zhou Computer Science Abigail Racpan Arias Nathan Richard Babcock Yikai Cao Vincent Chen Amanda Lynn Chesher Derek Ian Cook Kal Justin Cramer Michael A. Curamen Megan Rhiannon Dever-Hansen Hui Du Brett Ian Lopez Dunbar Steven Eiselen William Charles Forma II Marcos Esteban Gomez Alexander Jeffrey Guyot Christopher David Januzik Arthur L. Jordan Warren Carter La Chance David Eugene Lamparter Jr. Robert Cody Macdonald Riley Mawson Laurence William McCormick Samuel L. Moore Elyssa Jericha Manalo Naval Tyler Andrew Nienhouse Jeremy Mark Norris John Patrick Oney Sujan Yogesh Patel Alexander Steven Reed Austin Douglas Reidenbach Issak Arturo Sanchez Kegan J. Schaub Dana Mcdonald Schoppers Kyle Connally Sedate Siddharth Sharma Daniel John Shearer Casey Skowron Everett Alberto Sotelo Daniel Bryan Spence Stephen Alan Sprague Jarett Maverick Tudisco-Guntert Douglas Paul Wade Jr. Todd C. Wickizer Timothy Allagash Wood Jared Winfield Worthington Weicheng Yu Yicun Zeng Wenjie Zhang Xiaoming Zhou Creative Writing Yolanda Daniela Almada Jordan Elizabeth Boesel Michael Daniel Cox Daniel Adam Crespo Brianna Michelle Devereux Ruth Amisadai Diaz Salazar Julie Ann Fagg Karen Kathleen Gorowsky Terrill Lee Alexander James Long Samantha Marguerite Minkus Jessica Lynn Scaffidi Luke Alexander Ulrich Claire Marie Voepel Gabrielle Janette West Courtney Marie White Criminal Justice Studies Tanner Joseph Alcon Juan Valentin Alvarez Tibisay Haydee Alvarez Dominic Antonio Barraza Justin Scott Behnke Taylor S. Blackford Dillon Mark Bleicher Leila Anyse Castillo Matthew Bryan Clarke Madeleine Rose Couvillion De Ja Cummings Hayley Marye Estopare Gerardo Fernandez Yolanda Veronica Galaz Patricia Gutierrez Hannah Marie Hickman Jelissa Charmane Holder Dylan James Imoehl Andrew Thomas Kay-Knyzewski Kyle Anthony Lowing Kaylee Jean Manuel Daralyn Shay McLaughlin Brett Anthony Mejia Erica Carina Montano Danielle Maria Pitts Hector Puerta Jr. Jose Fernando Sanz Maribel Yesenia Serrano Sean Michael Sobus Alejandra Sosa Joseph Andrew Stone Daniel Thomas Raymond Young Jr. THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

73 During the 1920s and 30s the sport that first brought the University of Arizona national recognition was polo. The sport was established in 1922 with horses and a coach provided by the military, and with athletes from the school s ROTC unit. The first teams were the target of snide remarks from football and basketball team members, but the detractors soon had to eat their words. The 1924 squad captured the Western Collegiate Championship and traveled to the East Coast, where it presented President Calvin Coolidge with a cowboy hat. The team met Princeton for the intercollegiate title, losing 62 and 80. Crop Production Tyler Eisenfeld Dance Alonzo Deshawn Morton East Asian Studies Michael Ryan Cavalier Matthew Longnhi Nguyen Jeannie Park Dana Mcdonald Schoppers Anson Churchill Smith III Shan Zehra Zaidi Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Courtney Rae Christie Heather D. Gillette Theodore Percy Jones Halie Alexandra Lawless Alexandra Nicole Wilcox Economics Abdulla A. Al Qabandi Zhiqi An Usman Ghani Bandukda Matthew Michael Bartley (Honors) Haomeng Cai Xingxing Chen Zeyu Chen Rodney Paul Curlee Jr. Pablo Dabdoub Gurjinder Dosanjh Prince Isioma-Oluwafemi Eboka Yangjie Ge Riako Granzier-Nakajima (Honors) Siyu He Erik Anthony Heet Yue Hu Yuting Huang Tadeo Iruretagoyena Fanqi Ji Yaoqi Jiang Zhichao Jiang Jianwei Jiao Aixin Kang Dohoon Kim Lina Kim Jong Hyeok Lee Qinzhuo Li Qiyong Liang Kaiwei Liu Mengsi Liu Jiapeng Ma Richard Pierre Arundel Merkle Shujuan Mu Michelle Navarro Jay A. Patel Blair Stuart Schmidt Bo Shen Xuewei Wang Zidai Wang Xinye Wu Xiaoyang Xia Wenxun Xie Feiyang Xu Yicong Yang Xiao Ying Peng Yuan Chengxiang Zhang Rundi Zhang Shuchang Zhang Wenjie Zhang Bolin Zheng Chengfei Zheng Zilan Zhou Keyan Zhu Electrical & Computer Engineering Juan Carlos Castillo Reydesel Alejandro Cuevas Yawei Ding Kevin Thomas Gilliam Alberto Javier Heras Charles William Hoskins Joshua David Hurley David Mendoza Ezzulddin Imad Naji Stephen Nguyen Luis Enrique Sepulveda Jr. Hongning Shangguan Pierce Richard Simpson Robert Michael Starr II Noel Hagos Teku (Honors) Julian Kyung sup Yi Hao Yuan Charles Musyoki Zakayo Zhaolong Zhang Jinghao Zhou Elementary Education Roby Reynolds Althaus Steven Jerald Brantley II Arielle Michelle Brennan Eleanor Brady Cummins Gabrielle Celeste Dito Peyton Marie Donohew Lucinda Margaret Fair Danielle Nicole Goldsmith Hayley Katerina Gotlieb Jenna Elise Grauso Nicole M. Hebert Summer Rio Knight Kathryn Reilly Lehner Amani Nicholle Lewis Connor McSean Murphy Brittany Allison Oleksy Guadalupe Peña Alana Marie Puccini Tasha Nicole Reaves Cecilia Serrano Stephanie Lauren Shaw Ciara Leigh Shovestull Hollie Noel Smith Gross Cameron Alexander Tarbox Ashley Ann Wilson Engineering Management Brandon Phong Bui Rosa Ines Juvera Kevin Bryan Scheeler Colton Thomas Sviba English James Patrick Bitticks Molli Danielle Bryson Nicole Marie Candelaria Michael Daniel Cox Alena Frances Crepea Anidxa Crespo Katrina Renae Davis Reid Emery Dempsey Brenna Diane Duffy Jocelyne Diana Gafner Karen Kathleen Gorowsky Mary Keane Luis C. Luna Tarazon Timothy F. Milner Hannah M. Plotkin Daniel William Pribula Roderick William Richardson Jessie Nicole Rodriguez Welter Entrepreneurship Sierra Giordano Bourne Matthew Michael Cerepanya Ryne Jeffrey Handelman Zachary A. Kane Ivan Mendez Gonzalez (Honors) Ryan James Miller Michael Alan Young (Honors) Environmental & Water Resource Economics Cody Wade Loveall Environmental Hydrology & Water Resources Elizabeth Marie Kahler Dofanga Michel Romaric Kone Rey David Reyes Environmental Science Nicholas Patrick Agar Jessica Caitlin Boyer Irene Yvette Castillo Wei Chen Angel A. Medina Natalie Nova Robbins Environmental Studies Joshua Patrick De Sio Amber Nicole Lowe Michael Noel Lujan Jessica Lynn McGarey Sarah Elaine Posner John Patrick Pringle Sidy Shafahil Traore (Honors) 70 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

74 The coming of World War II and the conversion of cavalry from horses to mechanized equipment was to spell doom for the sport at the University. Without the financial and personnel support of the U.S. Army and the campus ROTC detachment, the University was unable to continue sponsoring a team. Bear Down Gym esociety Brandon Kung-Chieh Curtis Zachary Jonathan Mammana-Beardsley Patrick Ryan McMillin Family Studies & Human Development Randy Osahene Agyepong Ana Fernanda Benitez Adam Allen Bower Taylor Grey Camp (Honors) Vanessa Irene Estrada Whitney Leanne Galloway Daseul Han Jonathon Gregory Herrick Cindy F. Saul Kaiser Emma Margaret MacKenzie Samantha Breeann Mason Alexandra Noel Mills Raja Shapree Moreno Lisette Marie Nunez Azucena Palomares Morning Star Powers Gretchen Rose Proulx Hope Alexandra Roberts Ionie Alethea Walker Logan Andrew Wilson Film & Television David Anthony Baril Matthew R. Cole Karen Cordova Flores Cameron C. Farrier Joseph Patrick Greaber Ana Humphrey Thomas Franklin Johnson Michael Elliot Mell Rachel Fay Mowrey Matthew Enrique Ramirez Talia Erin Reisman Daniel Holden Schlanger Alisaryan Dakotah Scroggins Linda Nallely Torres Jacqueline Trujillo Dominic B. Villarrubia Finance Miranda Rose Arroyo Cory Michael Bull Kevin Richard Burns Patricio Carrillo Austin Matthew Castillo Jianzhen Chi Ashley Theresa DeCorse Colton Wayne Forbis Ross Griffen Hoene Dalton Samuel Hoover Jason Morgan Korte Kristopher Ryan Larson Brian Joseph O Connell Shane Timothy Paeper Nikolas James Papageorge Natalie Marie Smith Sebastian Pablo Terrazas Aramayo Jorge Antonio Vega Celine Alexandra Wahlert Zhenning Wang Zachary Jonathan Logan Wik Xiang Zhang Churen Zhou French Max Keller Cronyn Jocelyne Diana Gafner Arielle Silva Leal Gender & Women s Studies Tashina Mavi Machain Garrick Ellis Nowak General Studies Christina Ahles Sabrina Alexis Alvarez Jay Joseph Arce Brenna Jaye Askenas Carmen Lucinda Austin Meghan Lynea Bohl Matthew Christopher Burt Kassandra D. Cedillo Destiny Sinai Cervantez Alexandra Michelle Chadwick-Ballard Jiayi Chen Timothy Ryan Christian Angela Naomi Cruze Madison Ming Dang Logan Hunter Elder Zara Ann Estes Rebecca Lauren Fabbri Aiulua Samanu Fanene Kelly Elizabeth Flynn Jeffrey Michael Foreman Siraaj A. Ghori John Maxwell Golden Jr. Lorenzo Alejandro Gonzales Neil Eric Gottlieb Tyler Broc Grammar Trey Kenneth Griffey Deavante Vincent Hall Deborah Rae Handley Lijie He Chantal Marie Heavirland Aleksander Dmitri Herber Jamie Sue Hernandez Ellen Rose Honzel Dominick Joseph Huerta Weimin Jin Tellas Laveria Jones Joshua Robert Kern Jennifer Frances Koenig Brettany Nichole Edith Lewis Jin Li Carlota Lubbert Aaryn David Martin Tyler-Marie KaleihulumamoOkohala Mau Amanda Elaine Maxwell Conor Joseph McCullagh Sean P. McHugh Andrew James McQueen Blake Andrew Mintalar Alexa Nicole Montgomery Keegan Russell Myles DaVonté Marshone Antonio Neal Erica V. Ortiz Jordyn Christine Owen Emery George Payne Ishan Gagan Ranjan Zachary William Roben Andres Rodriguez Francisco Romero Andrew Casey Rubel Sr. Mariana E. Ruiz Shane Patrick Pablo Ryan Stephanie Sanchez Mallory Sue Schafer Rachel Stephanie Schickling Christine Anne Senn Mustafadeen A. Shakur Jacob Wallace Shubin Louis Anthony Sotelo John Wayne Spivey III Austin Kirkland Stuessel Emera Divino Tapang Hunter Prescott Thompson Benjamin Tudor Jagteshwar Singh Tung Dylon Arden Vaughn Cesar Villegas Hailey Christine Walter Xiangyi Xu Haojun Yang Richard Darnell Yarbough II Geography Mary D. Callico Brittany A. Garduno Smriti Ravi Govindan Theodore Percy Jones Maia Alice Rose Schneider Xuanxiao Wang (Honors) Simon John Yoklic Yingmin Zhang Geosciences William McCarty Benning Asha Singh Benson Jordan Alexander Krcmaric (Honors) Zhenhuan Liu Melissa Renee Schwan (Honors) Syn Yee Tan (Honors) German Studies Reid Emery Dempsey Jennifer Lee Gaquin Mark Anthony Perryman II Nicole Elizabeth Rochon (Honors) Tara Ann Taylor Caroline Anne Van Bergh THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

75 Since 1938, when it was declared unsafe, Old Main had stood unused and locked up. One could only walk around the lower area under the verandas. There were various proposals and arguments for its demolition but Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Billy Bray after making a survey said it would cost more to tear it down than to let it stand. It was, in the end, the U.S. Navy that kept Old Main from sinking. In September 1942, the Navy awarded a contract for the repair and rehabilitation of the UA s most treasured building for use of the wartime Naval Indoctrination School. The entire structure was refurbished at a cost of $89,000. Global Studies Rouan Anouti Melissa Eugenia Cooper Karen Marsella Guerrero Haley Marie McShane Joslin Diane Simons Government & Public Service Laura Yvette Hurtado-Salinas History Mark Christopher Allen Patrick William James Angiulo Daniel Ernesto Barreras Haotian Chen Julia Katherine Crocker Michael Tucker Featherston William Christopher Graessle Brandon Lee Hiller Shamond Raphael Hoskins Samir Anthony Madden Justin Douglas Mathers Dalyx Perez Eduardo Puig Jr. Stephan Paul Sabers Billy Ralph Seamans Sr. Brett M. Thompson Xin Wan Thomas Kendrick Weisel Industrial Engineering Hala Fakher Husain Mejeed Al Zarkan Jeremy Lee Burris Jeffrey Alan Fulks Information Science & esociety Sara Marie Kish Noah Benjamin Steinberger Stevie Rae Tomaszewski Alec Braden Walker Information Science & Arts Yangjie Ge Yi Han Andrew Keith Matyas Zakaria Hassan Said Information Science & Technology Samantha L. Boleyn Tyler Paul Carlotto Kyle J. Celaya Gingrefel G. Constante Joshua Chang Djakaria Garrett Richard Hillman Jacob John Hiniker Spencer John Klinge Jaime L. McDougall Scott Michael McGowan Tyler Jackson Price Albert J. Reiber Mackenzie A. Skodiak Karl E. Timmermann Italian Mercedes Galarza Gwendlynn Mae Leach Jorge A. Sepulveda Brooke Eileen Teufel Chandler James Wallace Journalism Daniel Aguayo Jesus Armando Barrera Ciara Katrina Biscoe Stephen Hunter Crane III Brian Scott Danziger Elizabeth Shelby Eaton Michael Andrew Evans Emily Ann Gauci Brooke Arielle Goldstein Nour Hussein Haki Melissa Marie Hughes Jessica Kong Ryan Allen Lopez Amanda Nicole Martinez Sydney Richardson Samantha Taylor Schloegel Amber Nicole White Judaic Studies Zachary Mark Neal Latin American Studies Clara S. Apodaca-Welch (Honors) Eduardo Puig Jr. Salvador Sanchez Quevedo Law Simon-Thomas Neville Brick Andres Carrillo Tanner Marshall Knego Kyle David Leonard Bryan Jose Martinez Isabella Maria Maytorena Alexandra Elizabeth Mennen Janeth Alejandra Murillo Romero Tiffanie Chika Obilor (Honors) Alberto Miguel Perez Steven Alexander Shields Mitchell Jordan Toone Christopher David Tweedy Madison Christine Woodward Keyan Zhu Linguistics Andrew Vincent Charles Reid Emery Dempsey Mckinley Alan Hughes Ari Mitchel Rivera Meldrum Hector Puerta Jr. Nicole Elizabeth Rochon Brooke Eileen Teufel Luke Alexander Ulrich Yuhan Wang Yvette Zacarias Literacy, Learning & Leadership Olivia Catherine Blanco Sabrina Carolyn Huber Nicole Emma Kaiser Christopher Norman Mims Elise Ann Moya Jacqueline Nicole Mullins Talisa Arlene Ordaz Theresa Eliane Orlando Siera Linae Phillips Management Information Systems Matthew Agunloye Jordan Patrick Andrews Tyler Matthew Bauer Brendan Robert Devine Caroline Marie Freund Hunter Hixson Gore Jonathan Michael Korth Roberto Lopez Louis Michael Malene Kevan Michael Mann Ivan Mendez Gonzalez Shen Meng Alejandra Nunez Garcia Rebecca Lynn Paul John William Powers Nicole Marie Schnuelle Nathaniel Joseph Sills Siying Tao Kathleen Anna Trump Xirui Wang Zhenning Wang Taylor Thomas Wright Jose Luis Yanez Mengjie Ying Paul Leon Zajac Kunbo Zhao Marketing Aaron Lee Aguirre Bart Boranian Allen Roberto Arrizon Aguiar Stuart George Balch Sierra Giordano Bourne Zachary Morse Dean Steven Kenneth Edwards Cameron C. Farrier Ryan Scott Genzman Dylan James Giblin Shanti Guerrero Eliana Leahi Halevi Tanner Robert Hoskin Hongwei Jin Zachary A. Kane Eric Michael King Kassandra Marie Kirk Kalinda Ann Lindmark Elena Irene Luevano John Carey McClintock Cody Alden Melin 72 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

76 During World War II more than 11,000 men trained at the University for service on land, at sea and in the air. The largest group (10,000) were the men in the Naval Training School. The basketball hardwood floor was covered with Masonite. Navy flags hung from the rafters, and the indoctrinees personal luggage was stored on the balcony seats. Five hundred bunk beds took over Bear Down Gym. Shawn Munkdale Aubrie Joslyn Pike Katelyn Mary Pollard Jarrett Watson Powell Lorenia Rembao Jesse Tyler Rooney Nicole Marie Schnuelle Jamie Michelle Stevens Yasheng Wang Rachel Ward Forrest Michael Wheeler Benjamin Fletcher Wiese Materials Science & Engineering Oscar Hernandez Jr. Angelin Putri McCormack Jianyang Wang Mathematics Kendra Lynn Baker Justin Thomas Benge Ethan Samuel Beyak Hui Du Ryan J. Gonda Riako Granzier-Nakajima Jinghao Le Kristine Ann Nesslinger Jesse Bowden Niwa Andres Angel Nuncio Zuniga Daniel Guy Simonson Craig Anthony Thompson Charles Patrick Urias Anthony Thomas Vicenti Shana Nicole West Yanbin Xie Rundi Zhang Wenjie Zhang Xinyu Zhang Yuxin Zhou Mechanical Engineering Ethan Samuel Beyak (Honors) Guangji Chen Sinan Elisha Tyler James Fenimore Brennen Guy Justin Javellana Javelosa Stephen Gregory Jewell Bethany Ann Langdon Robert Donald Miller Steven Patrick Moreland Jeffrey Jon Mrkonich Chase Alexander Paules Jackson Mckay Pinney Bernt Rennie Powell Nicholas Bradley Siegel William David Sim Jessica Nell Vickers Toll Mexican American Studies Olivia Palacios Microbiology Niasha Ena Abaglo-Grant Claire Marie Applegate Maverick John Buckley Kasey Martinez Busick Francisca Josie Grill Sarah Marie Hernandez Hung Chi Ly Scott Andrew Mogavero Lindsey C. O Heron Caitlin Ann Smith Rhiannon Tiffany Smith Ricardo Urcadez, III Veronica Irene Zielinski Middle Eastern & North African Studies Ryan Christopher Davis Alaa Ali Nooraldeen Celina Marie Robles Kayla Nicole West Martin Fitzmaurice Yontz Mining Engineering Derek Scott Bowerman Derrick Edward Hendrix Alyssa Lindsay Hom Cody Stibbard Aleksandr Anthony Stoopin Tonghui Wang Levi Michael Willard Molecular & Cellular Biology Lamar Alocozy Hayden John Blake Cheryl A. Bondy Nicole Wysteria Buss Huili Chen Samuel August Ferguson Kayla Ashley Forte Jay Kip Freeman Jonathan William Ghusson Nicole Marie Giannonatti Yun A. Kim Stephanie Ryan Mammana Ari Mitchel Rivera Meldrum Natasha Sonia Ng Brooke Truong Vy Nguyen Nabeel Shaikh Alyssa Carlin Swayzee Nathan James Walker Music Zachary David Corvera Michael Jared Ion Terrill Lee Music Education Amy Reiko Chin Briana Leia Gomez Daniela Sarai Gonzalez Benjamin Gabriel Johnson Cesar Alonso Manjarrez Jr. Holly Luisa Paxton Matthew Thomas Viesca Xiaoqian Wen Musical Theatre Rhetta Augusta Mykeal Kampel Keenan Neville Larson Natural Resources Aimee Alvira Michelle Ann DiCosola Neil Robert Dutt Morgan Jennifer Gourley Cian Edward Lundy Zachary Johnathan Madrid Lizel Lirio Mendoza Kyle Douglas Morton Cynthia Libantino Norton Ol ha Borysivna Phillips Mara Ashley Potthoff Nolan Thomas Power Damian Scott Radine Erik Michael Rowen Melissa A. Ruiz Toby Tyler Rupel Nicole Raina Singh Neuroscience & Cognitive Science John Joseph Bercel (Honors) Nicole Wysteria Buss Aubrey Rae Downey David Tyler Eves Ephrat Fisseha Kayla Ashley Forte Jazlyn K. Guenther Dylan Michael Hutchison (Honors) Maj Krumberger Stephanie Ryan Mammana Kodiann Leona Nosbusch Jeffrey Mark Saccone Courtney Taylor Smith Monica J. Tang Nursing Natalie Kay Alwin Ouindingoudi Aimee Apedjinou Sam Kristina Juliana Arnold Misa Rae Berndt Victoria Nicole Chavez Sean Michael Chester Dominic Riggen Colella Megan Elizabeth Custis Janet Diaz Melissa Anne Diaz Brittany Anne Dollarhide Anna Maria Elizondo Morgan Caroline Frank (Honors) Jennifer Marie Garred Tess Louise Graettinger Alysa Dianne Hackett Alyssa C. Hall Karen Janet Hatch Tysen Tennyson Haynie THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

77 The ending of World War II and the availability of government financial aid to returning veterans resulted in a flood of young men and women to universities and colleges throughout the country. The UA was no exception. Thousands of servicemen had trained at nearby airfields and, remembering the sunlight and clear skies, came home to Tucson many accompanied by wives and small children. There was no time to construct additional dormitories to house the new arrivals but the 114 two-family Quonset huts and the five TDUs (four families Samantha Jo An Helms Ashley Kate Henderson Kitra M. Henker (Honors) Alaina Hill Ruthlyn-Toshe Roaslee Kelly Kelli Lynn Kirschner Rachel Rene Lima AnaPaola Lopez Hopkins Lorelei McCright Mahrer Nicholas S. Mar Alyssa Jean Mattus Alexus Sullivan Milobar Xochitl Monge (Honors) Johnathan Michael Mougin Sarah Jean Naves (Honors) Pauli Amanda Patterson Paige Elizibeth Perry Duyen Pham Lauren Nicole Powell Emma Rene Randall Clay Shepherd Sensibaugh Caroline Rose Sethney Lisa Marie Siewert Leah Alexa Silver Antonio Solis Jr. Emily Marie St Germain Michelle Lynn Tamayo Douglas Ray Turner Ivan Ernesto Urbieta Jaime Leah Varner Kimberlie Shiow Wang (Honors) Madilynn Teree Will Siew L. Wong Holly Lynn Zuehlke-Frazelle Nutritional Sciences Rehab Abdullah Al-shamiri Anthony Vito Benedetto Daven Hitesh Bhakta Brittany Nicole Bohland Brianda Patricia Duarte Sarah Julie Eccleton Alvaro Gallego Jonathan Gastelum Danielle Renee Hendrix James Chun Kit Ho Alexis Haley Kubek Lisa Dang Le Nuri Qamarah Lucas Shannon Marie McCarthy Sarah Lael Meadows Gabriel Antonio Mendoza Kaley Samantha Morey Kendra Dee O Connor Marisa G. Parra Cassandra Skye Sieg Claudia Ann Van Der Sande Mary Victoria Willingham Yifan Xue Jiqian Zhao Operations Management Christopher Brooks Cohn Hunter Hixson Gore Jacqueline Lizethe Waer Kunbo Zhao Performance Miguel Edgardo Arvizu Joshua Bachar Andrew Warren Francis Luis Roberto Rubalcaba Cota Performance: Euphonium Emphasis Matthew Thomas Viesca Philosophy Mark Christopher Allen Caitlin Ann Good Keegan Richard Jennings Michael Leon McDonough Garrick Ellis Nowak Issak Arturo Sanchez Briana S. Squires Abdul ruhman Akram Tamimi Jovahn Walid Thomas Xin Wan Physics Vanessa Ayala-Miranda Yingmeng Chen Vidyanjalee Lotun Colton John McLean Kyle Harrison Price Physiology Sheilah Ann Allison Hana Aubrey Anderson Benjamin Ebrahim Assar Kathryn Lara Blevins Brent Michael Cernyar Roxanne Gail Mojica De Asis Jaden Dawn DeGracie Briana Janelle Dohogne Francen Thair Elisha Jose Ramon Elizondo Jr. Samuel August Ferguson Jocelyn Fimbres Alexis Paige Garcia Nicole Marie Giannonatti Roger Surindra Gokool Isaiah Larenz Gurule Astrid Hernandez Ainza Elizabeth Nancy Hodges Miranda M. Juarez Bahar Kharatian Jonathan David Knapp Essasani Rose Kolack Thaddeus Yu Lin (Honors) Argentina Morales Connor Randall Ong Ramses Pardo Brenden Taylor Polak Reema Rashied Kaitlyn Nicole Sedlmayr Dallis Aron Shingler Vijay Karam Singh (Honors) Scott Thomas Suddarth Alexander Owen Watt Taylor Tushita Sanjay Verma Noe Villasenor Iribe Alexa Wong Plant Sciences JoWellen Marie Douthit Edward Spencer Hale Ashton Bruce Leo Political Science Ali Nabil Alhusseini Angelica B. Avello Warren Christopher Black Stephanie Danielle Booker Briana Corinne Bustamante Sean Patrick Carroll Christopher Castellon Haotian Chen Melissa Eugenia Cooper Winsten Paul Dan Devin Carolyn Devine Nicole Taylor Durment Lauren Jennafer Dwulet Cesar Antonio Fierros Jr. Irania Fimbres-Ruiz Patrick T. Gove Estefanie Jocelyn Govea Makena Noel Graves Emily Pilar Jernee Mario Rene Kin Portillo Nicholas Scott Koppean Arielle Silva Leal Michael Nsoki Lukau Jr. James Mills Katrina Rangel Moreno Taylor Parrillo Veronica Gabriela Rangel Robert Rathbun Peyton Ashley Reavis Daniel Mark Ruppert Hunter Michael Sartini Kambrea Gabriella Soltero James Walter Stewart Christopher Richard Taylor Mitchell Jordan Toone Daniel Louis Unger Psychology Daniela Acosta Rocio Aguilar Vicente Aguirre Jr. Alyssa Katherine Alton Megan Lauren Arce Leslie Ann Baer Courtney Taylor Behncke Alexa Magdalena Beltran Shannon Alexandria Bennett Melissa Lauren Blank Michael Nathan Burstein Cameron Davis Capara Leah M. Chon-Lopez 74 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

78 each) offered by the Federal Public Housing Authority appeared to be a good temporary solution. They rose on the east and west sides of the polo field (now Banner University Medical Center). No one ever imagined that some of these temporary dwellings would last for 38 years. Protest in downtown Tucson, some time in the 70s Aaron Kirk Clayton Chanel Kristin Cleary Stephen Hunter Crane III Ashtyn Taylor Cronk Lizeth Cruz Reyes Kelly Marie Curran Danielle De León Victoria Lee-Na Dulvick Melissa Veronica Durazo Brooke Julia Ebner Marissa R. Figueroa Maritza Flores Campuzano Gabrielle Kerrstyn Frazier Tamika Fuller Leigha M. Galbraith Joseph William Graham Karla P. Granados Cara Nnenya Hailey Heidi Lou Hamric Jessica Taylor Hartson Taylor C. Herndon Blair Vernice Huntington Lawrence Ifeanyi Igwe Dylan James Imoehl Erica Nakidra Jackson Anjanique Kyndra Johnson Miranda M. Juarez Dylan Matthew Kirk Daniel Aaron Lease Rivian Kenyan Lewin (Honors) Rikki Moranda Lopez Roberto Lopez Karla Ruby Luna Guerrero Kaylin M. Mapes Rachel Ann Markworth Linka Martinez Karina Morales Maegan Alyse Morrow Anna Sophia Mulcahy Dakota Nadine Underwood Nelson Alaa Ali Nooraldeen Misael Nunez Jr. Karen Lizbeth Parades Figueroa Stacy Michelle Polly Christina Crystallyn Reece Julia Elizabeth Ribeiro Ryan Benjamin Richards Andrew Justin Rodriguez Jonas S. Rodriguez Soto Isabella Rose Romeo Catherine Christine Romero Sarina Roschmann Madeline Helaine Rosen Linda G. Salinas Hannah Lynn Sawvelle Casey Skowron Veronika Rakhminovna Sosonova Lauren Marissa Tevis Alexandra Totillo Payton Rose Tremblay Inyene Shade Udoinwang Cassandra Leann Villa Chandler James Wallace Yuhan Wang Jessica Gale Wertman Maureen Dunn Wilson Ryder Cole Wilson Elizabeth Ann Yantis Public Health Canaan Jacob Aguilar Isabel Alden Anderson Taylor M. Baumgarten Alura Ann Benally Joyelle Malinda Dancy Shannon Courtney Davis Colleen Rae Dawson Christy Janae Dodd Briana Janelle Dohogne (Honors) Kaitlyn Fee Dowding Shayle Rayan Duncan Tinsaye Eshate Kevin Patrick Fernandez Melissa Dawn Fernandez John James Galang Christopher Elijah Garcia Kaelyn Ann Garner Andrew Safran Haft Sonja Steinunn Huff Shannon Lacey Masel Kasey L. McAnally Yudith Guadalupe Medina Garcia Kristin Lynn Mefford Michael Anthony Mikolajczyk Tamilla N. Minovarova Vada Morris II Jessica Marie Nofs Paloma Ojeda Kailey Elizabeth Osborne Oscar Pando Abigail Pena Ashley Pamela Reid Tatum Ilima Renaud Max Rich Anna Mae Hardy Rowland Alfredo Ruiz Kathleen Karina Saavedra Gonzalez Lawrence William Sanchez II Ashley Anne Scott Sheaffer Ann Skadsen Alexis Danielle Spalla Stephanie Marie Teran Tinhmy V. Truong Carla Michelle Vazquez Danielle Christine Westerman Jaunru Alexander Wisner Macken Yrun-Duffy Public Management & Policy Tanner Joseph Alcon Jessica Guadalupe Alvarado Trey Rex Cavanaugh Hazel Arlene Espinoza Hayley Marye Estopare Patrick Warren Fairbanks Luis Daniel Falcon Maria Feir Gerardo Fernandez Trevor Matthew Fernandez Dulce Nayely Figueroa Yolanda Veronica Galaz Jessica Larynne Garza Clarice Patricia Healy Nikki Lynn Johnson Daniel Sterling Lahey Anthony Vincent Nannini Sujan Yogesh Patel Maribel Yesenia Serrano Shuxian Shang Brandon James Spalten Regional Development Francisco Vincenzo Della Cioppa Charles Xavier Dunlap Michael Thomas James Jerry David Mejia Jr. Jordan Tyler Shum Jiawei Song Religious Studies Mark Christopher Allen John Joseph Bercel Samir Anthony Madden Retailing & Consumer Science Megan E. Bouley Susan Elizabeth Bullington Sarah Joanne Carbo Genevieve Gabriella Lee Carlos Cilia Renee Claudio Gabriel Eland Collins Anna Bailey Damschroder Steven Thomas Ecker Heather Michelle Feaver Karlie Elizabeth Fisher Victoria Leigh Foote Justin Jeffrey Herder Zoey Mckenzie Hicks Mariah D. Hoskins Jason Carl Knode Samuel Cole Laush Sophia Christina Love Brynn Cooper MacKay Yocasta Guadalupe Moreno Arvizu Maxwell Alexander Ness Iram Anthony Padilla III David Park Kendall Kaiser Reid Irene Reyes Pereira Zachary Brian Solomon Courtney Bree Stoller Yesenia Nicole Storm Shanley A. Ten Eyck Stephanie Valdez Tatianna Nikita Valdez Kateland R. Weissman Janet Wen Young THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

79 Russian Zachary McMaster Lyons Ari Mitchel Rivera Meldrum Veronika Rakhminovna Sosonova Science Education Karey Marie Armenta Taylor Dennis Heinz Kvon Houston Richards-Tayco Sociology Tibisay Haydee Alvarez Vanessa Camacho Christopher Castellon Nathan Chorover Alex Confer-Macias Karen Christine Cooper Kevin Michael Darnsteadt Danielle De León Jeniece Mishelle Johns George Michael Missailidis Lisa Marie Orozco Rebecca Deana Parra Brandon James Peacock Angelina Michelle Portela Sabrina Desirae Roman Qi Zhang Zhuoyang Zhang Spanish Rocio Aguilar Camille Alvarez Abigail Arias Benjamin Emile Bonfiglio Brittney Anne Butterworth Natalie Rose Carollo Andres Carrillo Alexia Samantha-Adagle Elizalde Maritza Flores Campuzano Colton Wayne Forbis Hiriana Nathaly Gallegos Elizabeth Griego Emily Pilar Jernee Margarita Ochoa Pauli Amanda Patterson Michelle S. Perez Hector Puerta Jr. Ashley Anne Scott Caitlin Ann Smith Kristen M. Valenzuela Vanessa Alejandra Melgar Vasquez Veronica Verduzco Special Education & Rehabilitation Taren Carter Atkins Kaitlin J. Beck Yair Davidowitz Gina Jeanette Fimbres James Kenneth Glenz Sadie Roxanne Mcnamee Mariah Ashley Ramos Adrienne Joan Thompson Nichole Annette Valdez Natalie Justine Valichnac Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences Frederick Baker Ashley Nicole Berg Christina Crystallyn Reece Kristen M. Valenzuela Studio Art Balbino Robert Cano David S. Contreras Bryan Hardy Crow Michaela Dannenbrink Adam Joseph Ezrre Claire Louise Gardenhire Wren Caroline Gardiner Rosa Kimberly Gonzalez II Yucheng Gu Maya Isabella Holzman Michael A. Hume Duy D. Huynh Ayesha Ismail Phyllis S. Kabins Danny Mirko Kadum Preston Linzy II Terra Love Jeron L. Mastach Leigh Celeste Mitchell Alicia Nicole Montano Breanna Renee Moreno Joshua Ryan Nistas Mallory Melissa Shibe Karolina Olivia Tumilowicz Alexander Marcel Vigil-Emerson Miriam E. Warren Brittany Ann Williams Melissa Yepiz Sustainable Built Environments Hannah Hassan Al-Juaid Nicole Marie Freeman Charles Cole Wardell Hannah Wong Sustainable Plant Systems Shahar Montes Ben-Yeoshua Danielle Elizabeth Cooper Manuel Armando Preciado Davila Sarah Elizabeth Joy Gritis Kalli Carina Harshman (Honors) Kelsey Lynn Humber Systems Engineering Tyler Richard Baker Matthew Lee Kelpien Matthew David Modean Santiago L. Solano Theatre Arts Moriah Cheyenne Baker Tiffany Rae Charns Julianna Grantham Andrea Renee Sherrill Theatre Production Joshua Kenneth Barnhill Yejia Cao Alison Geneve Conover Urban & Regional Development Zachary Phillip Baker Stephanie Lynn Holford Ricardo Iruretagoyena Alyson Murney Kody Brandt Weil Veterinary Science Jacci Rose Amaral Dionna Dolores Lopez Kelli Alexandra Neufeld Ashleigh Anne Orr Jiawen Ou Jose Luis Oviedo Abigail Roman Salazar Nikki Nicole Tune Natasha Vucetich Ashley Marie Wilke DEGREES CONFERRED WINTER 2016 Africana Studies Royisha A. Young Agribusiness Economics & Management Megan Ashley Green Anthropology Jorge Luis Zavala Biology Blanca Denise Dewar William Hans Strauss II Business Management Alexander Michael Batali Communication Cameron Rochelle Brening Ivana Buljubasic Derek Evan Hernandez Jacob Preston Hodge Saiao Ma Ryan Scott Petersen Sophie Rose Sheintoch Sydney Anne Starnes Creative Writing Jacob Harrison Coffin 76 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

80 The UA s first school colors were sage green and silver sage in reference to the indigenous sagebush and silver symbolizing the state s mining industries. In 1898, an editorial in the school newspaper declared, We think those colors well chosen, as they show originality and individuality. The November 1900 issue ran an editorial suggesting that the combination of sage green and silver had outgrown its usefulness. The writer asserts that school colors should produce a decorative college pin, flag or varsity sweater and the sage and silver failed to do so. The December issue that year reported that a committee had been selected to review school colors and ultimately the students almost unanimously adopted cardinal red and navy blue as the new school colors. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Elizabeth Marie Rubino Economics Sheng Hong Ho Qing Liu Wenqi Xu Beihan Xun Cheng Zhang English Cody Douglas Dexter Environmental Studies Connor Salmon Worth esociety Parker Alan Woodworth Film and Television Javier Emmanuel Desantiago Jr. General Studies Grant S. Hiemstra Mackensie Sherrian Kern Paul Magloire Jr. John R. Peñuelas Jr. Taylor Lee Robertson Steven Michael Schoenherr Jarrett Pekelo Kahanuolaokalani Solomon Jacob Joseph Woodyard Yuhao Yu History Michael Patrick France Stephen Albert Preciado Journalism Shelby Erin Edwards Literacy, Learning & Leadership Jessica Briane Van Kirk Management Information Systems Mustafa Jaffar Nasib Marketing Gabrielle Rene Marino Music Isaac J. Rodriguez Neuroscience & Cognitive Science Samuel Russell Larson Philosophy Samara Elise Hutzler-Moule Lea Rene Rodela Physiology Vanessa Lyn Feifarek Amanda Marie Pedersen Political Science Ava Michel Barlow Austen Linley Cottam Tyler Scott Kaohu Xiao Zhu Psychology Andrea Beatriz Cristiani Closa Blanca Denise Dewar Jian Gao Evan Alexander Lane Christopher Mixon-Alexander Logan Vincent Ruder Michal Sokol Kristina Nicole Stepanovic Public Management & Policy Francisco Enrique Moreno Regional Development Michael Gelb Sociology Xue Du Yahao Tang Ming Yang Spanish Brandon Nicolas Gonzalez Studio Art Vinuthna Parimi Urban & Regional Development Gage Dixon Danley Blake Lenzie-Paul Dyson DEGREES CONFERRED SPRING 2017 Accounting Clark Perry Abourisk Matthew John Andersen Morgan Taylor Anderson Eduardo Arellano Jared Tomas Arias Douglas Aaron Austhof Zayra Guadalupe Badachi Shaun Thomas Baker Matthew Brian Beer Dylan Jeffrey Bliss Victoria K. Blum Andrea Brito Gaspar Manuel Canto Jorge Alberto Carazo Diaz Sarah Kathryn Cebrynski June Jasmine Chabayta Kurtis Weston Childs Grace Anne Connell Mayra Fernanda Cruz Kimberly Ann Csontos Thomas Victor Daniel Claire Victoria Danielson Alvaro De La Mora Juan DeLara Jr. Delaney Douglas Graham Hansen Douglas Nicole Alyse Eberle Courtney Lee Ek Emily Marie Espinosa Melissa D. Fasulo Kayla Mae Faulkner Nicolette Elizabeth Fischer Erick Gamez Kassandra Enedina Garcia Steven Matthew Garland Holden Scott Gerber Andrew James Hall Lauren Ann Hammelev Sydelle Rose Harrison (Honors) Winston Taylor Hubble Hunter Christian Jones Bradley Ryan Justl Benjamin James Katz Jordyn Alexis Kirby Kelsey Olivia Kraft Philip Jack LaFerriere Melissa T. Leon Jin Yu Leon Guerrero Evan Richard Lewis Matthew Joshua Lindsey Heidi Maricela Lopez Briana Marek Julianna Lee Martinez Christy Nicole Mata Fernando Jonas Mauricio Nathan Samuel Maynard Austin Graves McKenzie Christopher Ryan Meece Joseph Mallac Mendoza Gianna Rose Meservey Taylor Hanna Messinger John Paul Mitzel Jr. Amanda Leigh Morvay Larry Myles Moss Jr. Esperanza Guadalupe Munoz Kristin Marie Mykleseth Venus Dianne Ortega Kirsten Marie Ortez Jay Bharatkumar Patel Kassandra Lisette Perez Joshua Alexander Pischke Daniel Michael Quan Sara Alejandra Quezada Wendolin Azareth Rodriguez Aceves Katelyn Victoria-Marie Sarjeant Michelle Sarkisian Amanda Moreen Schneider Graham Scott Senour Anqi Shi Haley Nicole Silverberg Elijah Ryan Smith Jared Michael Smith Jeremy Michael Sneesby THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

81 Steven David Spradling Alma Angelina Suarez Molly Ann Swanger Madelyn Rose Taylor Cathrine Allie Thompson Anna Marie Vaughan Gabriela Vega Stamatis Matthew Ethan Wall (Honors) Nicole Alyssa Wampler Courtney Anne Wells Bridget Madison Wilcox Wanasa Ye Zhou Aerospace Engineering Jacob Ryan Boyle Daniel Joseph Brauer Bryce Nathaniel Burns Jorge Alberto Castro Maldonado Glynis Davey Facciano Elvin Jose Flores Jeremy Ryan Harrington Jonathan Robert Heinkel Matthew Ryan Herstein Loc Dai Ho Daniel Hikaru Ito John Donald Mangels III (Honors) Michael David Meersman Kameron Nelson Mensing Nicholas Albert Morris Devvion Sharrieff Muhammad Brielle Munsch Daniel Allan Nerheim Matthew Marvin Patchett Jacob Benjamin Pavek (Honors) Philippa A. Pinnington Danielle Joan Lim Racelis Christopher Andrew Ramos Joshua James Raymond Syed Ammar Raza (Honors) Daniel Sakson Aaron Donald Scheerer Jordan Miguel Trujillo Africana Studies Aubrey L. Arrowood Kayli Breann Botiz Charles Alexander Fox Xinyi Gu Garrett Mychal Veasey Precious Weah Agribusiness Economics & Management Kyle Ahmad Alsughaiyer Brock Dillan Benner Melissa Bustamante Aaron Benjamin Campbell Anthony Dillon Chavez Sedona Elaine Chavez Cedric Anthony Cobb Jorge Correa Jr. Laurel Shelby Fish Francisco Santana Fouts-Tupiken William Bradley Hardin Tyler Austin Holland Erik G. Jimenez Kimiya Dehghan Manshadi Adrian Benjamin Melendez Brian Ochoa Akash Prinja Yunjia Qu Ross Ronald Rayner Jazzmina Redondo Scott Jeffrey Riese Stephan Alexander Salas Gnanaharan Umapathy Carlos Valenzuela Sean Patrick Woods Harmony Rey Wormwood Yunzhu Zuo Agricultural Technology Management & Education Arthur Joseph Argueta Craig Michael Bal Robert Jeffrey Barnum Mitchell Worth Bartlett Jared Joseph Biciolis Jacob Thomas Cataldo Ryan Kipp Colville Karley Elaine Drachenberg Jacob Dean Feenstra Isaiah Daniel Govea Taylor Hubbard Thomas John Hughes Jared Joseph Huls Dylan Thomas Ito Thomas Jacob Johns Jonathan Juarez Holly Nicole Kerrigan Sarah Elizabeth Land Brittany Nichole Mixer Stacie Leigh Munden Byron A. Ollerton Francisco X. Orozco Jr. Bailee Danielle Ott Nelly Rabago Taylor Johnson Rogers Nicholas Raymond Spardy II Shelby Anne Stoner Ashley Reed Thiel Juan Carlos Zepeda American Indian Studies Souksavanh T. Keovorabouth Shane Lee Littlefoot Monte Pablo Lopez Animal Sciences Sawyer Hannah Butterfield Jose Alejandro Carranza Ryan Manuel Cavazos Corrin Haley Davis Julia Nicole Depugh Alba Marina Dominguez Nathan Leo Grossman Ali Loree Hall Tess Marie Hatfield John Michael Haywood Kassidie Lynn Hulse Yaritza A. Jimenez McKenna Morgan Mackey Mallory Myra Mejia Valeriu Ion Monchamp Hillary Patricia Neese Erika Noemi Rodriguez Martinez Alejandro Miguel Sauseda Justin Anthony Smith Aaron Arnoldo Valdez Kaitlynn Ann Verheyden Emily Catherine Wiegmann Jason Myles Wittler Anthropology Zarifah Agardy Jacob Bell Arroyo Amanda Leigh Bauer Dominique Antoinette De La Rosa Clinton John Elkins Rachel Filippone Jill Kathleen Galloway Ariana Rayne Garcia (Honors) Jorge P. González Genesis Mariel Grijalva Denise Ivonne Gutierrez Devyn Rae Halsted Jessica Iman Harris Rosa Joy Henigson-Kann Adriana Holmes Annya Leta Jacobs Kristina Mary Johnston Julia Marie Kemper Kelly Nicole Kincaid Adrianne Marie Latorra Mario M. Marquez Julia Charis Nestor Dwayne Pierce Alexander Blaise Posner Natasha Constance Rapp Patrick Rody Courtney Shae Sanchez Kimberly Ann Sheets Ramanathan Somasundaram (Honors) Bruce Wayne Tayon Jr. Derric Joseph Vaughan James Richard Wilcox Sarah Jane Wright Jaime Nichole Zettlemoyer Applied Science Bryan William Adams Jason Michael Arvin Alexis Balderrama Edward Jason Camacho Gordon D. Clark III Ronald Wayne Couch Brigitte Guadalupe Curiel Louie Christian Davila Khody Nathanael Denton Jaysen Easa Kimberly Rashelle Epperson 78 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

82 The UA hired J.F. Pop McKale in 1914 as Athletic Director and coach of all UA sports and his first football team made history. At a game against Occidental, an LA Times reporter wrote, The Arizona men showed the fight of wildcats. The name stuck. In 1915 UA students met the University s first mascot a real desert bobcat, named Rufus Arizona after the UA president Rufus von KleinSmid. The practice of using a live animal as a mascot was discontinued in the mid-1960s. The first costumed-student mascot, Wilbur appeared during the 1959 football season and was an instant hit. Benjamin David Hale Nathan Alexander Haney Christopher Steven Harlow Jacob Tadeo Hernandez Rebecca Christine Hetherington Aaron Howard Holley Jennifer Kay Husson Maria J. Johnson Andrae Lavaughn Jones Paul Michael Kays Joseph Daniel Klonek Magen Rochelle Klovos Santiago Lopez Hugues Trudy Mae McCloud Joseph Paul McGeachy III Wyatt Andrew Medina Megan Patricia Merkwan Brittany Nicole Merrell Veronica Grijalva Munoz Stuart Aaron Myers Minerva Navarro Daniel Keith Osborne Jesse Joe Yarmal Rubbo Aaron William Stallings Joel Eric Strait Raymond Joseph Young Architecture Dominick A. Abbott Christina Irene Abrams Joo Hyun Ann Bareeq Bahman Kyle T. Bogasky Matthew David Bone Jr. Sarah Elizabeth Brausch Maria D. Camacho Cortes Asher C. Caplan Andrew Christopher Emily Ann Cole Jessica Nicole Cuadra Kyle Joseph D Alessio Tasanee Kyla Durrett (Honors) Ernesto Jesus Encinas Van Eugene Escobar Jr. Dalton Nevin Fatt Ayse Ann Forier Joshua P. Fowler Nickolas John Foy Kristian W. Frederickson Ciara Mairin Gunter Juan Carlos Gutierrez Yara Tariq Hadi Daniel Raymond Jacques Zhengchun Jiang Baisen Jin Caitlin Jean Kessler (Honors) Queston Aureon Kwolek (Honors) Liam Geraghty Leonard Geng Li Andrew Rey Marriott (Honors) Eliana Mercado Valeria Regina Moraga Nordean Tarik Moussalem Diego O Farrill Collin Joseph Palen Gabrielle Matisse Robinson Craig Anthony Sheldon Maxwell J. Sobin Miguel H. Solorio Julianna Elise Sorrell Brisa M. Soto Matthew Britton Sprott Sophia Urbaez Sabrina Michelle Vining Kevin Daniel Yingst Peitong Zhang Yelin Zhong Art Education Kara Beth Davis Erin Mercedes Mueller Melissa Addie Robinson Farah Azzam Taleb Lucy Ann Zhang Art History Savannah Marie Boyd Catherine Isabella McKinnon Nikolas Paulo Sanchez Susan Regina Sjoquist Selena Gabrielle Valencia Natalie Hope Welch Astronomy Christopher William Bullivant Morgan Ryleigh Fitzpatrick Kirk Eliot Hendricks Ricardo Maciel Jr. David Jonathan Setton (Honors) Zachary Tyler Watson Anthony Tatanka West Ian Joseph Winner Biochemistry Jasmine Pramoj Acfalle Andrew David Almaraz Benton Jeffery Anderson (Honors) Alexander Paul Aydt (Honors) Jordan Mark Barrows (Honors) Morgan Quinn Beckett Sarah Theresa Bolanos Eunice Gabriela Borunda Nicholas Spencer Bowman (Honors) Elizabeth Rachelle Brooks (Honors) Matthew Zachary Butcher David Colin Campbell Alec Charles Chavez Kelsey Rebecca Coyle Vincent Cutillas Rushabh Kumar Daulat Fabian De La Cruz Samantha Leigh McClain Dunlap (Honors) Axel Omer Gomez Casarez (Honors) Jorge P. González Gabrielle Haase Grinslade (Honors) Pearce Bradford Haldeman Raymond Kin Hau Eric Glen Hayden Christian Joab Hernandez Anthony Chih Ho Leah Homad (Honors) Efren A. Ibarra Brandon Douglas Jernigan Pankhuri Kharbanda Dayaun Kim Conner Chester Kisiel Lauren Elizabeth Koch (Honors) Gloria Thien Huong Le (Honors) Peter Jacob Lenharth Katrina Tabanda Lichauco Jasmine Elaine Loew Justin Warga Lopez (Honors) Kyle Eric Lopez (Honors) Joseph Melius Sara Allison Moore Elise Noelle Muñoz (Honors) Celina Tien Nguyen (Honors) Kundana Nimmala Destinee Raquiel Ogas Matthew Austin O Mara Benjamin Eliot Rabichow Tricia Lyn Ramsay Justin Reid David Michael Renner (Honors) Zachary Rustom Rieger Dagoberto Robles Jr. Alison Barbara Ross (Honors) Victor Hugo Ruiz Ndekela F. Sakala Judith Jesus Sandoval Eric Alexander Simental Skyler Atzin Smith Rishab Srivastava (Honors) Matthew Carlton Stagg Aditya Vijay Nathan Carl Weintraub Andrew Patrick Wheeler Connor Ian White (Honors) Kimberly Jolene Widrick Xinyu Xu Benjamin Logan Zaepfel (Honors) Nicholas Franklin Ziolkowski Bioinformatics Alexander Paul Aydt (Honors) Sally Rose Galuska Thomas Ivan Kidder Biology Swaroop Murugesh Joseph Alan Aspinwall Karen Alexa Beltran (Honors) Kathleen Cecile Blomquist Bronson Richard Brown Tatyanna Lavell Brown-Ibarra Nichole Brianna Burkett (Honors) Kapri Terese Cameli Maria Elizabeth Campillo Aaron Matthew Castle THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

83 Wilma Wildcat was created when costume designers were attempting to make another costume for Wilbur and instead created Wilma. She made her first appearance on March 1, 1986, on a blind date with Wilbur. Wilbur and Wilma were married on Nov. 21, 1986, before the UA-ASU football game. Her primary responsibilities are women s volleyball and women s basketball. Celeste Marie Castro Cooper Tatom Cavers Nikki Chand Roslyn Nicole Curry Nicholas James Desnoyer Trevor Laurence Durflinger Kiyana Shawn Ellison Danica Luz Evidente Katherine Elleen Gleckler Nicole Ann Hartman Ahmed Abdulkadir Hourani Kelly MyPhung Huynh Savannah Leigh Ingle Sydney Nichole Jackson (Honors) Megan Rae Jacobson Jovanna Grisel Jimenez Jacob Ryan Kannel Sierra Frances Kaszubinski Craig Douglas Killian Courtney Marie Komar Felicia Donielle Lagana Francis James Lister Melissa Macias Kaitlyn Rose Martin Garrett William McCarter Shannon Lauren McLaughlin Jasmyne Elizabeth Pacheco Mark Daniel Peckham William Paul Pederson Jonathan Pekarcik Daniel Arturo Perez Kathleen Thuy Phan Paige Marie Quesenberry Ethan Aviv Reiter Faustino Robles Jr. John Patrick Rowe Amy Elizabeth Scheid (Honors) Niels Reese Schmidt Crans Kendall Loyd Sheets Shanique Charisma Sinclair Tiffany Smolinski Guadalupe Del Carmen Sotelo Daniel Lee Tannen Ian Charles Trushell Sara Magdalena Vega Sharokina Mariam Warda Jesse Cole Wealing Ran Wei Romance Evanno Weke Adam Lawrence Welu (Honors) Jake Alexander Wilkie India Alexandria Williams (Honors) Emily Almira Winter Jeffrey Trey Wooton Lucas Edward Wyman Biomedical Engineering Sandra Araiza Cruz Kevin Andrew Barr Adriana Barreda Jr. Lucrezia Capano Kevin John Patrick Croneigh Jacob Ben Denholtz Paul Michael Elias Emily Patricia Evans (Honors) Tyler Burdette Fowler (Honors) Martin A. Galaz Maggie Lorraine Gauthier Jeffry Carlos Granados (Honors) Carissa Liana Grijalva Nathan Lawson Hancock Lindsey Leigh Hennington (Honors) Zaynab Hourani (Honors) Nelson Hum (Honors) Alexa Camille Irons-Castro (Honors) Fernando Ivich Jr. Lindsie Jeffries (Honors) Sajani Naitik Jivan Jason Niran Keatseangsilp (Honors) Amanda Tolulope Koiki Blakeley Louise Koziol Justin Timothy Larimore Timothy Shane Leach (Honors) Maxwell Li (Honors) Genevieve Michelle Messina (Honors) Brent Allan Miller (Honors) Saffie-Alrahman Ezz-Eldin Mohran Pete Joseph Moya Ashton Carolyn Pagan Ortiz Jessica Carlyle Owens Fermin Prieto Jr. (Honors) Poorva Milind Rajguru Lauren Christine Rimsza (Honors) Timothy Charles Shimon (Honors) Jordan Mikaela Stupka (Honors) Michael Cameron Sveiven (Honors) Thomas Fernando Valenzuela III Jaimeson Kendall Veldhuizen (Honors) Joanna Misoon Yi Nicholas Paul Yonke (Honors) Biosystems Engineering Trace Conlan Ayotte Kevin Michael Brinkman Patrick William Bush Bryce Richard Kirkpatrick Marco A. Miramontes Jr. Brian Moore Normandeau Luis Daniel Sotelo Business Administration David Imtiaz Ali II Colin James Drake Keaton Alexander Jarvis Michelle Marquez Joshua Caleb Woodring Business Economics Nicholas Brian Adams Jennifer Estelle Alfsen Nicholas Allen Beatty Daniel Jesus Blanchard Daniel James Brown Helen Yvonne Byrens Corey Robert Chambers Nathan Scott Dewitt Matthew Max Droker JohnPaul Eggert Mauricio Alejandro Esquer Aguirre Hunter Andrew Goheen Dominic Anton Kaufer Philip Jack LaFerriere Adam Michael Lampert Christopher Alexander Lenoir Jacob Martin Lowry Adam Jacob Lyons Paloma Ruth Marcotte Ryan Gregory McGill Luke Wade Michalik Tyler Sterling Neff William James Pope Andrew Barrett Prosch Mattheu Michael Raiola Charles Huntoon Recchion Edward Huntoon Recchion Fernando Rosano Jr. Elijah Ryan Smith Robert Luke Spence Spencer Austin Stathis Joseph Richard Steigerwald Aaron Bradley Taylor Nathan Daniel Tennigkeit Kham Hong To Samuel Joseph Treadway Nicholas Richard Vernor Valon Vitaku (Honors) Brendan Bond Williams Business Management Mason Scott Aboloff Makoto Alexander Allbee Blake Joseph Amaral Chase Champion Audette Grant Burton Beahm Taylor Dawn Beyer John Stephen Black Tyler Black Corey Medau Bobroski Jessica Marie Burnett Joshua Anthony Burton Miles Joseph Cahill Gabrielle Marie Cardenas Mitchell Louis Carnefix Antonio Thomas Carranza Madison Marie Cartwright Dianne Marie Chantiles Samantha Dakota Clark Olivia Rose Collini Courtney Blue Connor Madalaina Conti Gabrielle Nicole Courtney Michael Anthony Danahy Jr. Isaac Geraldo Daum Blake Stuart Davelaar Amanda Rose Julia DePierro Michael Vincent DiAnna Priscylla Elizabeth Diaz Anastasia DiBiasi Daniel Martin Dicochea Jr. Alexi Brette Diegel 80 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

84 The U.S.S. Arizona bell is enshrined in the Student Union Memorial Center tower in memory of the 1,177 men who lost their lives when the battleship was destroyed in the raid on Pearl Harbor on December 7, One of the Arizona s two salvaged bells, our bell was in the Puget Sound Navy Yard to be processed as salvage when then-u.s. Army Capt. Wilber L. Bowers, Class of 1927, discovered it. He took immediate measures to prevent its destruction and it was presented to the University in The privilege of being the first to ring the bell in its present location was properly reserved for the man who saved the bell and on Sept. 11, 2002, Bill Bowers, at age 99, did his job. Esteban Francisco Dominguez-Ciscomani Steven Paul Downing Louis Craig Dranbauer Michael Lewis Epstein Jacob Thomas Evans Joseph Gerard Farcone Tia Rose Ferrara Evan William Ferro Kelsey Marie Findlow Sarah Mackenzie Flaaen (Honors) Miles Douglass Fowler Stuart Paul Francis Hayden Noble Garber Miguel Gregorio Gomez Michael David Hale Harry Jacob Hanna Austin Michael Harader Jonathan Richard Hart Inge Elizabeth Maria Hendrikx Riley McKeivier Hering Andrew Cole Johnson Dylan James Johnson Jeffrey Andrew Katter Brian Ross Kewin Catherine Boice Krigbaum Kristyn Elizabeth Laswick Jared Matthew Lazerson Sara Celina Lopez-Mojarro John Joseph Maerling Mikayla Anne Manriquez Tyler Jason Markowitz Bailey Sierra Marsh Katelyn Rose Martin Spencer Merek Mason Alexa Esther Mehl Michael Martin Miller Hunter Alexander Moreno Andrew Thomas Mottola Mark Michael Nageotte John Ryan Neel Grant Arthur Nicholson Daria Solomon Noori Steven Kyle Ota Ella Reachel Ozer Shayna Laing Palitz Elizabeth Sandra Pavalon Almog Paz Colton John Pearson David Joseph Pellerin Pierce Philp Nicholas Paul Pinkman Reilly Brooke Pleau Travis Ryan Potuznik Jordan Elizabeth Price Joseph Daniel Rich Elliot William Roberts Samuel Ethan Ross Elizabeth Anastasia Sakorafis Patricia Ann Schweinfurth Amber Marie Simons-O Neill Sara Quinn Slingerland Elizabeth Anne Spohn Sara Kristina Stanfield Jason Samuel Stark Meaghan Briane Sweet Bradford Scott Teter Sarah Xiao Qing Thompson Tanner Bauer Thorsrud Samantha Rae Thuna Justin Thomas Tidwell Liliana Frances Triggas Mikayla Therese Weiner Thomas Edward Wilkerson Care, Health & Society Kelly Noel Abberton Maryann Addae Akosua Addai-Fordjour Anum Ahmad Katrina Alcantara Halli Lynn Amaro Ana P. Andrade Zoe Renee App Aubrey L. Arrowood Sara Lee Bailey Lauren Ann Baker Brittany Ann Baldwin Aimee Isabel Cabrera Paige Brea Crouch Hunter James Davis Brooke Taylor Donahue Tara Morgan Ellis-Vaughn Alexis Elizabeth Failla Jeren Tsovalaya Figueroa Caylie Jo Galvez Daniela Garcia Sr. Jessica Marie Gardner Karlee Micaela Hamilton Katelyn Noel Haynes (Honors) Rushdi Yousef Helo Cristobal Madrid Hernandez Lauren Elizabeth Janke Cassandra Seanna Joslin Jessica Ann Kartz Mikiayla Key Kara Kraatz Olivia Marie Larocca Paige Nicole Leuer Samantha Jo Lindsey Ashley Marie McGinn Rebecca Stephanie Mojardin Shannon Nicole Morelos (Honors) Mariah Ashley Mutascio Virginia A. Naff Martin Tai Nguyen Danielle Denise O Toole Megan Rachel Paddack Amanda Jessie Perez Billma Krystalena Peter Sarah Persely Powell Ashley Anne Raujol Brittany Thorpe Ray Alberto Rebeil Phylisia Ariel Reyes Alma Delia Rodriguez Nikolaus Romero Yarelyn Monique Romero Liz Saldana Riley Maxine Schroeder Anna H. Shepherd Nikolas Isaiah Siqueiros Carmen C. Soto Carli LaNell Stock Teneshia Ariel Tapaha Jacqueline Torres Antonio Justin Velasquez Jr. Precious Weah Marisa Danielle Wigley May Ann Labe Williams Katherine Easson Wilson Hannah Weilynn Wong Chemical Engineering Hussain Jaffar Abdulaal Jason M. Ackermann Adrian Acosta Abdullah B. Aleidan Mohammad W. Almasri Riyad Mosaed S. Alohali Mashal Ibrahim Alshammari Bailey Sedona Arakelian Nicholas Spencer Ashley Abigail Saville Ballam Madison Marie Bambauer (Honors) Aaron Casey Ben Chase Joseph Brennan Ian Arthur Carstensen Alejandro Rodriguez Castilleja Erica Christy Clevenger Corey Allen Colbert Paola Lazaro Colmenares (Honors) Luigi Jaducana Compuesto Elliott James Connor (Honors) James Lawrence Denker (Honors) Solomon George Elias Kyle Brennen Everly (Honors) Ryan Anderson Faase (Honors) Andrew Scott Falwell John dekrafft Feather Callie Marie Gill Sebastian Richard Golawski Marisa Elena Gonzalez Alec Bradley Gordon Jaime Goytia Virgen Justin Dean Habit Jonathan Robert Francis Hancock Brandon Douglas Jernigan Kara Elizabeth Kanto Matthew Alejandro Kim Stefan Luke Kosior Kayla A. Kraus Jarrod Ryan Kujawski John Wonhee Lee (Honors) Danielle Marie Lemieux (Honors) Fernando Lopez Ashley Victoria Lynn Cayleigh Ross MacKenzie Joshua Robert Malzahn THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

85 Composed of 12,000 enthusiastic student sports fans, ZonaZoo is the biggest student section in the Pac-12 and was named the 2015 Student Section of the Year. It offers special access to UA sporting events and special events, and is open to all UA students. Megan Elizabeth McGuckin (Honors) Cody Patrick Moffett Christina Morrison Salah Mousa Ryan McNeill Murphy (Honors) Joseph Jacob Musallam James An Nguyen David Obi Okike Ashok Parihar Catherine Marie Patton (Honors) Derek Ryan Peterson (Honors) Ryan Valente Petronella Anton Joseph Polacek Michael Rasool Rabbani (Honors) Scott Allen Reyes Jose Filemon Rodriguez Behnam Safavinia Jonathan David Schertzer Morgan Elizabeth Skillman (Honors) Connor Thomas Stahl Calliandra Suzanne Stuffle (Honors) Adam Christopher Sweeney Amanda Frances Tenorio Sanjay Tharmarajah Kyle Taylor Tippit Ivana Vasic (Honors) Raphael Allan Woolley Breanna Monet Workman Yue Ye Alejandro Emmanuel Zamora (Honors) Chemistry Taya Shanay Adams-Mathis Sona Naomi Avetian Mariah R. Corbit Joseph Brian DeGrandchamp (Honors) Raul Gutierrez Jr. John Ernest Heydorn Emily Marie Jarvis Jacob William Johnson Mario Arturo Lopez Michael Shane Manchester Stephanie Jeannette Navarro Nathan Nhan Nguyen Jemael Nzihou Amber Lea Riski Austin Charles Rodrigues Ximena Lu Ruden Marina Ruiz Jonathan James Samuel Kyrillos Tawadros Ana Tellez Osuna Rodney Tadiwa Zinyemba Civil Engineering Eduardo P. Araiza Marcel Chamberlain Yang Chang Yuhao Chang Fatima Shaheen Chaudhary Maral Dorri Taylor Lynne Dunkle (Honors) Jacob Lee Ehm Jose Antonio Escalante Maria Lissette Flores Denogean Marco Antonio Garnica Jr. Francisco Nicanor Gomez Claudia Mariela Gutierrez Nicholas Robert Hazen Dante Michael Lo Greco Sarah Ruth Merrigan (Honors) Obi Ona Nga Michael Walter Olson Dylan Patel Patrick Ryan Patterson Bruce Andrew Thomson Kirsten Analise Tucker Matt T. Updegraff Dustin Graham Walcott Andi Wang Alexander John Weber Thomas Brand Webster Lindsey Marie Willman Chanlin Robert Wong (Honors) Classics Christine Ella Ellis Prithvi Mrinalini Mohan Stavros Nectarius Moschonas William Leroy Zimmerman Commerce Gisel Gonzalez Monica Alexis Navarro Katia Pamela Ortiz John Gordon Payne James Richard Wilcox Communication Nicolette S. Addorisio Bridget Nicole Agnew Elizabeth Paige Aguilar Arianna Rae Alexander Damiano Antonio Ali Sydney Nicole Allen Calvin William Allen IV Jennyfer Alvarado Isiah Maurice Atchan Lauren Jane Baker Miriam Zitlalic Banuelos Alison Lea Barker Christopher Michael Bass Maria Antigone Bellas Thomas Leonard Bennett Whitney Walker Bestwick Brandon William Bibbs Marissa Jane Biernat Caitlin Elizabeth Bishop Bridget Black Erica Elizabeth Blumenherst Corey Medau Bobroski William Eckley Box Hannah Rose Boxerman Mary Rose Brennan Javier Enrique Busanez Marianne Paul Bushard Kelsey Rose Cardenas Kylie Nicole Christianssen Rena Leigh Cleaner Makenna Lee Cornwall Danielle Catherine Cracchiolo Madeleine Crawford Colson Richard Cripps Adam Jonathan Cruz Maria Theresa Cutri Madison Haley Davis Garon Lane Deffley Hannah Emily Djavadi Cierra Raeanne Dootson Daniel Drabik Brittany Anne Driscoll Zachary Cole Driver Jenna Kathryn Ebert Isabella Paulina Ellis Ana Lucia Esquer Courtney Marie Evanoff Anna Elyse Fabrizio Anna Lise Flores Angus Patrick Flynn Karina Rene Fonzi Lauren Michelle Ford Lou Brian Fox Kelsey Ann Franco Madeline Virginia Freeman Samantha Giovanna Frumenti Benjamin James Gelvin Lindsay Taylor Goers Jeffrey David Goldberg Teresa Leah Gomez Kaitlin Louise Gordon Mackenzie Rose Gray Samuel Zachary Gross Carissa Louise Guell Molly Jacqueline Hansen Shannon Michelle Headley Jessica Lauren Heneweer Joseph Jeffrey Herr Carolina Higuera James Timothy Holloway Karyn Katherine Honda Cole Carlton-August Hublou Hailey Claudia Hunter Bradford William Jellison Christian Anthony Juarez McKenzie Lovell June Samantha Kariolich Kyle Jackson Kaye Kathryn Alyssa Kearney Kristy Leigh Kearney Ryan Robert Kelapire Kelsey Ann Ketcham Natalie Lou Koenig Michael James Kramer Paige Palmer Larsh Jayme Lee Lawrence Kylie Nicole Leslie Jordan Richard London Marcus Allen Longoni Nicholas Arthur Loper Katherine Nicole Lynch 82 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

86 Homecoming celebrations are a UA tradition dating back to 1920 and possibly earlier. Only war caused the University to suspend Homecoming festivities in 1918 and from Between 60,000 and 70,000 alumni attend Homecoming, which now includes more than 100 tents on the Mall, with food, drink, fun and, of course, the Homecoming football game. Beginning in 1949, the Homecoming parade was held through the streets of downtown Tucson. Now the parade circles the UA Mall and includes 50 student-built floats. Emily Nicole MacKenzie Alexandria Clair Mamatas Alexa Gabriela Marcano Madison Lillian Marshall Paige Catherine Martig Anna Gayle Maximovitch Nicholas Louis Mazzaferro Taylor Shawn McGarry Madison Frances Meeks Alexa Esther Mehl Brett Alexander Mellon Zachary Howard Meyers Larisa Arsenia Milam Brandon Michael Mindt Marley Naomi Moos Meredith Eliza Munson Nicole Aubry Nardecchia Sabra Eden Nelkin Austin Matthew Noble Maxwell Parker Notorangelo Kaelyn Marie Taija Gervacio Paguio Sarah-Kenya Patterson Lauren Nicole Peters Teresa Lee Pidgeon Daniel O. Rangel Cole Ronald Reuvers Margot Rieken Danielle Leigh Rosenberg Paige Mckenna Rowley Haley Elizabeth Ruhe Gabriela Ruiz Thomas Jensen Russell Marissa Megan Scheeler Gretchen Elizabeth Schultz Madison Dee Schulz Khadijah Ann Simmons Michael Anthony Smith Morgan Hope Sobotka Hannah Nicole Stabler Savannah Rose Stelzer Melissa Alexandra Stotts Cassidy Leigh Stroh Peter Douglas Styner Elizabeth Anne Sutton Angela Renee Swanson Kimberly Ivy Swope Briana Tabarez Nicole Ann Taubin Julianna Marie Taylor Gabriela Isabel Tejada Nicole Christine Thomas Jordan Taylor Toothman Santanna Francesca Torchin Jasmine Rain Towne-Rush Tron Truc Tran Victoria Josephine Troche Madison Tyler Turmell Daniel Lizarraga Viramontes Brandi Michelle Walker Katherine Jo Walsh Kassy Alexandra Walters Yixing Wang Erin Leigh Webb Rebekah Joy Weintraub Danielle Renee West Cheyenne Marie Wheeler Matthew James Wheeler Colby William White Kailey Barbara Wilde Bayley Alexis Wiltshire Kevin Michael Wise Madison Elisabeth Witt Sarah Katherine Zalud Jack Lennon Zamost Computer Science Chioke Steven Aarhus Anthony Mychael Abeyta Benjamin Robert Ackerman Steven Michael Adler Baran Balkan Nicholas Dante Bellisario Andrew Boring Patrick Michael Callahan Brian Carlos Carbajal Michael Paul Carolin Christopher Warren Carsey Oscar Noel Cedano Escalante Yawen Chen Benjamin Neuton Clingan Brett Kirklan Cohen Connor James Corbett Angel Cornejo Taylor Michael Cox Tyler Michael Crain Charles D. Crawford III Daniel Blackman Decina Kyle James DeTar Daniel Patrick Dicken Jason Paul Elish Abelardo P. Ferra Peter Sebastian Fesz-Nguyen Pier Alexander Fiedorowicz Michael Jeffrey Finley Mark Ross Fleckenstein Charlie Robot Fractal Alexander Michael Frank Karl Victor Gatzemeier Zachary Joseph Geiger Sean Addison Gemberling Jared Austin George Craig Paul Gross Chen Gu Mark Dallas Hadley Nathan Cole Hattersley Omri Hazan Paul Douglas Hein Nathaniel Alan Mendez Hendrix Levi Owen Hill Dilan Michael Jenkins Ian Koo Kane Ryan Brett Kaye Sydney Jane Komro Dylan James Kuper Min Jae Kwon Nicholas Robert Larson William K.C. Lee John Michael Leinenveber Ye Li Siru Liu (Honors) Yazeed Loonat Breelan Louise Lubers Marcelino Y. Lucero III Patrick Eisma Maley Ryan David Melzer Timothy Tan Miles Matthew Austin Miller Martina Crystal Mitchell Miranda Lee Motsinger Justin David Odle Zachary John Oja Christopher Yasuo Oka Connor Osborn Shaun Musashi Oyakawa Andrea Padula Brody Tyler Painter Paige Valerie Park Chintan Kaushik Patel Arthur William Plett David Benjamin Raicher Samuel Augustus Rasch Joshua Edward Redpath Ryan Ressler Joshua Seth Riccio Lucas Kenneth Robbins Francis Williams Rockwell IV Alejandro Romero Jr. Jason Evan Royer Kyle Filip Saxberg Christopher Eric Senderling Benjamin David Shields Peter Joseph Siqueiros David Soren Slovikosky Cameron Jon Smith Robert Anthony Sean Steele Sean August Stephens John J. Stoia III Kendall Baker Stratton Luis Ivan Teran My Chau Le Tong Jonathan Edmundo Torres Ian Robert Tracey Sean E. Vaeth Eric Jamison Wagner Katherine Elizabeth Walters Wendy Wen Wang Yifan Wang Benjamin Gabriel Whitely Brandon D. Wong Mason M. Woolley-Tallis Tingchao Xu Yash Yadav Xingyi Yan Jimmy Yao Yao Binhao Yue Kunpeng Zhang (Honors) Marissa Christine Zummo THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

87 Fight! Wildcats! Fight! Arizona s first fight song was Fight! Wildcats! Fight! written in 1929 by Dugald Stanley Holsclaw, Class of Holsclaw went on to serve in the state Legislature for many years. Fight! Wildcats! Fight! was officially introduced by the UA band at the 1930 Homecoming game and was also performed by Rudy Vallee and his orchestra over the NBC radio network that same year. Creative Writing Wala Abushaar Jennyfer Alvarado Brianna Lynn Bartos Alexandria Reece Bennett Eleni Alejandra Camacho Jade Natalia Campbell Michael Paul Carolin Zachary Scott Clark Crystal Cook Natasha Rose Dare Janelle Affiong Effiwatt Abrar Khaled Fashaikat Tomabari Zua Ganago Zachary Joseph Geiger Deanna Mae Goblirsch Darian Lexus Goodman Robert McDonald Gourley Christopher Michael Hatley Shane Joseph Holly Kayla Pearl Inclán Jordan Aaron Javier Garrison James Joachim Lauren Kathleen Johnson Elizabeth Bradley Jordan Gretchyn Amanda Kaylor Megan Brenna Kelly Katelyn Ann Kennon (Honors) Henry David Laks Aaron Michael Larsh Rachel Nicole Lowry Celine Jeannette Lucas Alex Joel Martinez Marie Kathleen McDonough (Honors) Jalyn Allison McKee Katya Nadine Mendoza Humberto Montero Jr. Zamarit Ortiz Morgan Kathryn Panknin (Honors) Violetta Phemister-Zavala Rasheda Kareen Poe Dorothea Tarver Rosenblatt (Honors) Alexander John Schantz-Bekken Katherine Nicole Sherwood Trisha Elizabeth Smith Sierra Lynn Speranza Emily Marie Stender Galina G. Swords Kelsey Jordan Thomas Selena Gabrielle Valencia Kelli Nichole Van Nuys Natalie Hope Welch Stephanie Michelle Williams Bayley Alexis Wiltshire (Honors) Donghao Zheng Criminal Justice Studies Jesus Humberto Acedo Maritza Guadalupe Acosta Isabel Diana Adelman Alan Eduardo Aguilar Cristina Aguirre Cortez Leslie Aldaz Charles Clayton Allen Baylor Josephine Anderson Ana Christina Arvizu Ashley Caprice Avalos Daniel Koll Bailey Patrick William Banks Samantha Mary Barbee Martin Adrian Barela Leah Nicole Barger Stacy Rochelle Bates Erika Cecilia Beltran Malinda Renee Berry Hunter Nicole Boiseau Jillian Diana Bradshaw Marlene Isabel Buelna V Lorena Cañez Rhianna Nicolette Carranza Julia Mae Castillo Kevin Lawrence Charvoz Ryan Austin Chen Christopher Kyle Ciarvella Christine Marie Cooke Alexis Brianna Cox Karina Cuevas Krystal A. De La Ossa Jack Ross DeMuth Andrew Thomas Determan Regina Marie Diaz Spencer T. Dickey Tatianna Dixon Kristina Marie Dunscombe Shawn Andrew Eagmin Alexander Lucas Frost Karina Alisha Gabino Sean Michael Gerhart Samantha Jean Gibbons Jordan Evan Goldberg Abraham Gomez Alejandro Gonzales Scott Christopher Gregory Sarah Elena Guzman Sydney Olivia Hart Carsyn Victoria Henry Kathleen Jewel Hines Troy Alan Howard Anna Rose Hultquist Homero Jimenez Arredondo Michelle Lillian Kalos Mariah Jennifer Kane Gabriel Neil Katz Haley Rae Kibler Marina A. Kropacheva Monica Quiroz Leyendecker Dennis Devon Light Jacqueline Francis Lira Conner Rombach MacFarlane Mariah Kathleen Mackie Justine Lythia Markin Jasmine Martinez Paloma Mayer Zachary David McDurfee Jason Anthony Mijangos Taylor Brianne Mitnick Teresa Edwviges Montenegro Shannon Nicole Morelos Robert Nelson Morgan Jr. Courtney Marie Munoz (Honors) Steven Joseph Nazi Chelsea Lynn Pajak Marritt Kessler Paps Marla Lorena Perez Robert Ryan Pinedo Jesse Aaron Powers Josiah Daniel Rabon Ruben Ramirez-Corrales Allie Hope Reich Dani-Rae Martinez Robles Jose Alberto Robles II Christopher Andrew Roper River Rey Ruiz Benjamin Thomas Rydell Andrea Monique Sanchez Nora Lopez Santiago Rachel Jean Sitzberger Rosa Maria Soto Amanda Elizabeth Spradling Faatiga Freddie Tagaloa Matthew Alexander Tatarka-Brown Noel Asante Dela Cruz Torres Jose Ignacio Vazquez Valerie Marie Velasquez Griffin John Viles Madeline Marie Watson William Edward Williams Ashley Rachel Wright Tyler J. Yonezawa Jenae Marie Yurek-Carhee Jordan Eduardo Zamora Dance Jacqueline Rae Alfheim Danielle Marie Borg-James Tanner Payne Boyer Karina Nicole Cardella Elena Hiromi Carter (Honors) Jacqueline Suzanne Conte Caroline Emily Cox Kirsti Elizabeth Fargas-Mabaquiao Allie Nicole Gomes Jack Andrade Halbert Millicent Anne Hanson Michael Fritz Holland Grace Helen Horrocks Lydia Marie Marbach Allyson Miranda March Sydney Elise Markert Haley Harper Miller Joseph Daniel Novak Annie Jane O Neill Tessa Lynn Rehbein Drew Travis Robinson James Patrick Robinson Samantha Josephine Ruotsi (Honors) James Christopher Shak 84 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

88 One day in 1952 Jack K. Lee, an applicant for the UA s band directorship, was leaving Tucson by air following an interview with University administration. From his airplane window, Lee observed the huge letters on the roof of the UA gymnasium. Inspired, he began to scribble down the music and lyrics to an up-tempo song. By the time his plane landed, he had virtually finished it. A few weeks later Lee was named the University s band director, and in September of that year, the UA band performed Bear Down, Arizona! in public for the first time. Soon thereafter, Bear Down, Arizona! became accepted as the UA s fight song. Elizabeth Anne Sutton Ian Michael Robert Waschak Jarret Edmund Ziemba Early Childhood Education Jordyn Arianna Abelson Madeline Isola Bottene Rebecca Marie Carreon Brittany Beatrice Corbin Brooke Marie Davis Tyler Mitzen Faierstain Adelita Vela Granillo Sarah Louise Hirsch Ashley Sue Hosek Laura Lee Mandel Katelyn Lorraine Michalski Charlotte Olivia Nachazel Nina Helena Nuccio Julie May Pierce Michelle Kathleen Reading Anna Claire Reimers (Honors) Mackenzie Marie Weller Danielle Marie Williams East Asian Studies Abigail Grace Bezel Stephanie Cardenas Sachi Faye Cochran Natasha Rose Dare Stephen Fong Brittany Catherine Gaffney Louis Edward Gallegos III Corey Alexander Hall Alondra Patrice Harris Rodney Dontete Jeter-Hicks Alyssa Ann Martin (Honors) Ricardo Aron Pelagio Joshua Edward Redpath Mayu Taylor Clinton Michael Wester Robin Ashley Zemaitis Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Taylor Nicole Barrios (Honors) Elise Morgan Boyle Ashley Ruthrochelle Davis Victoria Joy DeLorme Shelby Grace Dolgaard Joshua Clark Fowler Brenna Nicole Hall Trevor Anthony Ledbetter (Honors) Alex Joel Martinez Alexandria Leilani Muller Karina Emilia Paredes Amanda Elise Renteria Jennifer Tanairi Salazar Yifei Zhang Economics Kelsen Andermatt Adeni Alejandro Alamillo-Ochoa Fahad Saleh Alsunaydi Connor Carl Arrington Rachel Ashley Assad Drew Baldwin Mary Pauline Sico Barrameda Adam Harris Bodenstein Timothy Edward Bramer Forrest Clark Breeding Sean Anthony Campbell Henry Churchill Cattan Handuo Chen Rachel Julia Christensen (Honors) Wei Dong Nathan Derek Engols Thomas Jordan Frankel Evan Matthew Frew Neil Jacob Gaynor (Honors) Manuel Yslas Gomez Jorge Alberto Gonzalez Sergio Gerardo Gracia Katharine Alexandria Grier Christopher Micheal Grimes Kristin Evelyn Jean Gunderson Rohan Hangal Qingyang He Sho Hobo Di Hu Tianyi Hu Binru Huang Ying Huang Lintao Jiang Tao Jiang Yuanzhi Jiang (Honors) Noah Jacob Jorgenson Parker Leonard Kahn Hunter James Kimpler Thomas Jordan Lee Yu Lei Hongyan Li Runzhi Li Xun Li Yifeng Li Yiqun Li Zeben Li Dongning Liu Shanguan Lou Jacob Andrew Lucas Buchun Ma Shawn Manoukian Alfredo Lorenzo Mendiola Roberto Francisco Miles Michael Pierino Miller Jennifer Marie Minjarez Montay Monroe Roderick Terry Moore Natalia Viviana Navarro Thomas Nhan M. Alexander Ohana Karlan Sanjay Patel Aleksandra Evelyn Petkovic Jake Nicholas Popoff Dezheng Qu Maxat Ryskaliyev Mayra Virginia Sanchez Eric J. Sonera Ramos Yuhan Su Robert Alexander Sullivan Keyu Tao Aaron Isaiah Thomas Nicole Christine Thomas Jiawei Tong Soo Ryun Uhr Angela Christine VanBlargan Shelby Ann Vandamme Fan Wang Jianyu Wang Qiqi Wang Zachary Miller Winter Eric Michael Woods Yudong Wu Fanglei Xie Chao Xu Chuxi Xu Fangyi Xu Zhiqiang Xu Qianlin Yang Zijie Yang Zixin Yang Emilio Patricio Yim-Pacheco Chaohe Zhang Duzhang Zhu Yuanji Zhu Electrical & Computer Engineering Megha Agarwal (Honors) Danilo Andrade Mendoza Eric Scott Andrews (Honors) Alisha Keshav Bandekar (Honors) Roberto Cordoba Berigan Jake Ryan Boucher Brit William Briggs Cameron Luke Quenga Calvo Jessica Bingxin Cheung Nathaniel Thomas Christianson Sydney Alexandra Clark (Honors) Nicholas K. Copic (Honors) Ivan Cordoba-Herrera Kevin Cortez Kevin Daniel Curtis (Honors) Jacob Arthur Dorer Roderick J. Downing III Jennifer Marie Dye Matthew Ryan Dzurick (Honors) Abigail Maria Francis Adley Nathanael Gin Yasser Rashid Hassan Dalton James Hirst Bryce Kenneth Hodson (Honors) Evelyn A. Hunten Hannah Elizabeth Ingle (Honors) Benjamin Richard Colburn Johnson Joshua Trey Johnston Ashley Soyoung Kang (Honors) Patrick Lee Kelley Sean Michael Kenney Vladyslav O. Kovalsky Yuchao Liao THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

89 All Hail Arizona, composed by alumni Ted and Dorothy Monro, was adopted as our alma mater on May 7, Brandon Michael Lipjanic Lenny Eduardo Lopez Joshua Andrew Mack (Honors) John Meyer Manos Scott Jeffrey Marshall (Honors) Tyler Jon Martis Mari Elizabeth McCarthy Kennon Douglas McKeever Rohan Mehta Kevin Conrad Morris Sultan Adel Omair Abdul Hannan Majid Rana Collin James Edwin Reed Bryan Shane Rogers Travis Allan Roser Rongguo Ruan Justine Marie Saugen Benjamin Abe Schifman (Honors) Nicholas Joseph Sheptock Justin Siekmann Devin John Slack Luke Anthony Smeilus Dominique Stanley Stephens Amelia L. Sylvester Cinthya Tang Alejandro R. Thompson Avinash Tiwari Ryan Steven Trumpinski Anthony Justin Valadez Sheng Wang (Honors) Andrew Reid Werchan Seth C. Werly Arshon Ryan Zokaei Elementary Education Angelica Fay Alvarez Tracee Rebecca Anderson Celia Maria Aros Emily Margaret Auer Luz Alicia Barrios Caroline Starr Bartlett Emily Elizabeth Batsford Nina Elyse Berger Meghan Kristine Blayda Madison Renee Bourland Taylor Gayle Brown Chelsea Jo Ceccardi Bruce Brandie Nichole Buchanan Aaron Corey Buckley Astin Blaine Chavez Sarsawati Chhetri Michael Wei-Dar Ching Emily Elizabeth Chmura Eva Maria Cline Christina Elizabeth Coates Jessica Nicole Cocca Adilene Cota Megan Marie Crawford Courtney Renee Cummins Regan Ruth Cunnington Ellen Caroline Dale Amanda Danielle Davidson A J. DeSpain Elizabeth Michelle Dewane Michael Eric Doughty Troyana Diane Elgersma Cassidy Leann Elmer Rossario F. Esquer Jenniffer S. Estrada Shelby Nicole Fenderson Ivonne Angelica Flores Meghan Elizabeth Fox Ashley Gloria Goetter Margarita Gonzalez Taylor Marie Halland Aaron Nathaniel Hansen Kelvin Antoine Harold II Victoria Marie Harriman Walter Lee Hensley IV Marissa Herrera Megan Anne Hickam Jenna Maureen Hunter Megan Nicole Hurley Elizabeth Murrieta Keddie Sarah Aurora Kirshbaum Elizabeth Barbara Little Angela Marie Lucero (Honors) Stephanie Lynn Marcus Luisa Guadalupe Martinez Borbon Kaila Corinne Mayo Jessica Loretta McCarroll Tyler Adam McMinimy Yareny Nassi Audrey Marie Nolander Fabian Arlyss Ochoa Tanya Marie Ott Mara Elizabeth Page Lauren Nicole Palma Manuel Pedregon Jr. Krista Marie Perkins-Todd Cassie Jo Plote Loren J. Porter Sabina Prijic Caroline Maria Ramos Lauren Nicole Robinson Melissa Ann Romero Marisol Saldana Jessica Marie Sanchez Marina Lourdes Sanchez Mariana Lourdes Sanchez Yañez Fernanda Sandoval Madeline Sidney Schaeffer Sydney Alicia Sears Alexa Rae Shirey Kyla Janee Shute Emily Alexandra Sill Haley De Lartique Smith Kalleanah Lexa Smith Courtney Lauren St. Clair Emily Dickson Stewart Heather McRae Stockton Jennifer Marie Thornton (Honors) Breana Lyn Tillett Suzanna Lynn Tomey Taylor Noel Trost James Dalton Turner Tianna Renee Urrea Cayla Raquel Weiss Benjamin Joseph Yates Engineering Management David William Beck Alexandra Kay Beresford Kyle William Bodnicki Jeffrey Thomas Bragg Claire Marie Bricken Bailey Jane Calciolari Garrett Patrick Conlon Nohe Sebastian Garcia Kyle Glenn Bret Cameron Gossler (Honors) Wenyuan He Sean Thomas Henderson Rachael Lanae Jacobi Travis Alexander Jefferies Wyatt James Pena Henrik Anthony Svensson Daniel Louis Victor Andrew Jordan Whiteside Molly Aline Winter Ty Dria A. Wright White English Jennyfer Alvarado Freya Ann Arnesen Elise Morgan Boyle Patrick Michael Bridwell Sydney Buren Modder Michael Paul Carolin Stephanie Choi (Honors) Alexis Cibrian Frank Brian Cortes Jaclyn Michelle Crone Maxwell Scott Cunningham (Honors) Julia Genelle Dory Jessica Marie Edwards (Honors) Victor Franklin Elliott Melanie Kim Gin James Philip Green Tatum Elizabeth Hammond Jonathan Haley Hanock Chelsie Brooke Harris Kaitlin Paige Hooker (Honors) Kayla Pearl Inclán Fernanda Nicole Jacobo Lauren Emma Jacobson Megan Marie Jacoby Brittany Kim Jacques Veronica Louise Jauregui Yori Johnson (Honors) Lauren Marie Krause Claire Louise LaForge Aaron Michael Larsh Rachel Nicole Lowry Celine Jeannette Lucas Lauren Lynnae Malm (Honors) Ian Daniel Martella Katya Nadine Mendoza Matthew Dominic Monge 86 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

90 In 1914, Coach Pop McKale s football team was so successful that discussions began to honor the team and the University by building a huge A on Sentinel Peak, west of downtown Tucson. Working Saturdays from November to March in 1916, students completed the 70 by 160 A of rock, cemented with mortar mixed on-site and whitewashed it that day. This began an annual tradition. Each fall, the freshman class re-paints the A on what is now known as A Mountain. Humberto Montero Jr. Rebekah Lyn Mumma Lana Theresa O Leary Zamarit Ortiz Jonatan De Jesus Othon Teresa J. Pepper Rasheda Kareen Poe Michele Lee Rizzo Cody Andrew Robb Raymond David Rosas Jakub Safar Matthew Christopher Smith Michael Anthony Smith Trisha Elizabeth Smith Sally Smith-Dryden Bayley McKenzi Spann Emily Marie Stender Christopher Thomas Swanger Mary Page Taylor Spencer Darrell Taylor Kelsey Jordan Thomas Ryan Edward Thornburg Stephanie Torres Brandi Lee Welter Jacob Wolff Winkelman (Honors) Peng Zhang Entrepreneurship Mason Scott Aboloff Clark Perry Abourisk Ian Michael Barrie (Honors) Jonathan S. Besquin Daniel Jesus Blanchard Sarah Jean Boice Kory Nicholas Chinn Nicole Paige Connaghan Madalaina Conti Gabrielle Nicole Courtney (Honors) Cortez A. Cubillas Amanda Rose Julia DePierro Daniel Martin Dicochea Jr. Rachael Amanda Drozdoff Ivan Escobosa de Saracho (Honors) Jacob Maurice Ferry John Daniel Hansen Inge Elizabeth Maria Hendrikx Chase Vighagen Jacobi Grayson Hunter Largman Jessica Janelle Lazzeroni William K.C. Lee Matthew Ryan Leeper Kevin Ryan Mahoney Christy Nicole Mata Brett Michael James Meyer Kirsten Marie Ortez (Honors) Connor James Orth Olivia Jean Ripps (Honors) Nava Sadeghi (Honors) Lauren Anne Sayers (Honors) Lior Janan Schinagel (Honors) Hannah Elizabeth Shanken (Honors) Leila Jasmine Shevins (Honors) Amber Marie Simons-O Neill (Honors) Elizabeth Anne Spohn (Honors) Sara Kristina Stanfield Mitchell Scott Stern Connor Andrew Stewart John-Michael Stilb Justin Thomas Tidwell Madison Rilee Truman John David Trump Gregory John Vogt Bethany Amanda Woll Environmental & Water Resource Economics Amy Lynn Burkel Sherwood Lloyd Burr V Elspeth Edgar Rio Andres Gomez Colby William Hosmer Zachary Thomas Wiles Environmental Hydrology & Water Resources Jack Henry Anderson Jordan Andrew Jimmie Adam S. Kelley Mekha Pereira (Honors) Environmental Science Katherine Scout Ahern Marie Gabrielle Anderson Anabelle Leticia Baggs Adrian Bradley Borrego (Honors) Liam Gray Davidson Kathlyn Margaret DiBene (Honors) Mikayla Rae Gierut Emily Rose Griffin Benjamin Herman Kaltman Trevor Anthony Ledbetter Kyle Adam Mackiewich Travis Brock McElroy Erik Ornelas Casey Erin Oswant Cole Andrew Pihl Nohely Reyes (Honors) Samantha Jaye Robillard Giovanni Roberto Savastano Tori Young Tang Sarah Rose Vining (Honors) Nicole Christine Weber Environmental Studies Francisca Cindy Alvarado Kelsey Elizabeth Carleton Maria Andrea Carrillo Amit Gorajia Kelsey Danielle Hollien Diego Ariel Martinez-Lugo Lily Mei Miao Middleton Erik Brogan O Bryan Callie Shea Pople Hannah Lynn Roth Taylor Nicole Williams esociety Suyin Mallen Boles Jordan Margaret Bruce Paul Michael Torregrossa (Honors) Family Studies & Human Development Yvette Roxanne Aguirre Lillian Rosalie Alterman Antashia Shuree Amick Kandis Dawn Angeley Andrea Anguiano Venice Annelysa Arreola Diana Melissa Arroyo Anna Lauren Babler Elena Susan Bendroff Sara Jane Borendame Briana Kristina Bracamonte Emily Jessie Brangwin Itzel Briseno Ilse Guadalupe Canez Andrea Rebecca Carranza Marina Ceceña Cierra Christina Celaya Kara Dee Clinkscales Denell Grace Coon Esmeralda Cruz Lerma Samantha Lyn Distel Juliana Cynthia Feist Benjamin John Fernandez Madison Ashley Ginis Michelle Fransil Gutierrez LeAnne Celen Alejandra Hernandez Micaela Helene Hirsch Devan Rae Hochuli Marisa Eve Hoffman Katelyn Kerstin Huerta Kamilla Y. Izmailova Isabella Roberta Jelacic Meghan Joyce Kenney Caroline Marie Klein Marni Jolene Kulberg Bailey Noel Lacambra Karina Lopez Monica Lopez Jocelyn Lopez Osuna Ashley Marie Lopez-Almazan Debora Ruby Luna Kailah Michelle Lundbohm Samantha Rose Mainman Jennifer Michelle Marlowe Amanda Jeannette Reaves Martin Nicole Renee Martinez Yolanda Marisol Matias Elena Sylvia Meeker Itzel Anahi Montano Monica Lizette Montes Yazmine Josephine Moore Zarel Moreno Anna Masano Morgan Daniela Josefina Mota Corral Madison Hanna Nalley THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

91 The first band at the University of Arizona was formed as a military unit in 1902 with 12 musicians. Since 1913 (a year after Arizona became a state) the UA has never been without a band. In 1951, women were allowed to join the marching band. In 1967, the UA band provided halftime entertainment for the inaugural Super Bowl. In 1977, the band performed in President Carter s inaugural parade. In 2009, the Pride of Arizona Marching Band was named one of the top five in the country by the College Band Directors National Association. It now numbers more than 250 members, including a battery-unit drum line, award-winning baton twirlers, pompom dancers and color guard. Jessica Nicole Noll Hannah Jean Pasternak Allison Marie Patberg Nicole Catherine Perto Hannah McLeod Phillips Jorge Luis Pizano II Katie Rebecca Poore (Honors) Breanne Nicole Purcell Janell Quinones Jacksubelly Ramirez Marlyn Ramirez Arlene Reyes Daisy G. Reyes Jesus Eduardo Rosillo-Zepeda Magda Angelica Saavedra Giselle Sandoval Sarabia Tiffany Oros SantaMaria Ashley Marie Shanks Lily Margaret Sheedy Rachel Marie Shulla (Honors) Theadora Paige Shulman Nissi Alexandria Simmons Shendl Aiyana Singer Erica Nicole Slaton Lianne Iris Sue Soto Nikita Marie Stepanek Tatum Lynne Thelander Maria Guadalupe Valdez ReAnnon Lagunas Valenzuela Brenda Velarde Lizette A. Viramontes Jackee Sage Walters Cydney Faith Weinstein Hannah Joy Williams Film & Television Margaret Marie Adams John Edward Alexander Jr. Andrea Alicia Anaya Cora Nicole Beckett Lynn Broussard Jamie Elizabeth Cadoff Clare Frances Carey Evan Barrett Colten Jackson Garrett Cropper Jacob Robert DeSio Angelina Marie Elias Gabriel Herschel Gerson Donald Sawyer Gieseke Savannah Marie Hernandez Stacy Lynn Howard Cassidy Marie Johnson Sarah Helen Lancaster (Honors) Monica Dallas LaRoque Luke Michael Livermore Nicolas Robert Marquez Tanya Nuñez Halle Brionn O Neill Gabriella Andrea Ornelas Julianna Grace Parks Ryan Blaise Pineda Ana Lucia Quinones Christina Marie Riccioni Joshua Louis Ritter Derik David Saari Ricardo Alberto Salcido Elias Isabelle Nicole Smith Desiree Terese Stauch (Honors) Samantha Ivy Szkolnik Elen Yemane Tekle Stephanie Torres Zuri Torres Yadira Villarreal Annika Shavon Williams Emily Ann Wilson Finance Matthew Ross Abbate Alycia Suzanne Adams Adegboyega Hikaru Adekoya Bernardo Aguirre Khalid Ali J. J. Al-Jaber Alan Alchalel Sean Patrick Attwood Kelsey Bales Baez James Edward Baker Eric Stanley Bandrowski Ryan Palmer Bandrowski Aaron Edward Bassin Spencer Michael Bateman (Honors) Lisa Bauman Daniel Aron Benita Sarah Jean Boice Casey Joseph Bowman Roy Lee Bracken Jr. Anthony James Braunreiter Joshua Phillip Bricker Benjamin Loras Bush Casey Ryan Camamo Anthony Paul Capanna Tessa Lee Collins (Honors) Nicole Paige Connaghan Matthew Ryan Crow Gabrielle Von D Agosta Blake Stuart Davelaar Elle Madison Deagle Benjamin Glenn Disbrow Alexandra Lindsey Distefano Connor Michael Dolby Matthew James Drascic Bennett Adam Dres Pengfei Duan Michael Jacob Duffy Courtney Leigh Ehland John Lewis Emery Andrés Escobedo Ivan Escobosa de Saracho Samantha Brett Evans Robert Hugh Farley III Brandon Patrick Farrell Abrar Khaled Fashaikat Gabrielle Paige Fernety Jacob Maurice Ferry Alexandra Nicole Fiandaca Lawson Charles Ford Lauren Josephine Franz Samuel Paul Gabrielson Samantha Joy Gage John Thomas Gallagher Victoria Catherine Garcia Jonathan H. Gardner Jr. Joseph William Gonzalez John Daniel Hansen Hilla Hascalovici (Honors) Russell John Haug Bakari Henderson Jeffrey Curtiss Hicks John Kelley Hogan Hailey Alexandra Huff Eric Robert Hunter Chase Vighagen Jacobi Christopher Wayne Jarvis Dylan Taylor Joyce Kyle James Kopinski Samuel John Kramerfiely Jacob Norman Kreuz Christopher William Yoshikazu Kuba Grayson Hunter Largman Hyeonseo Lee Mark Michael Lew Yasmeen Luqman Aarynn Raeanne Majuta Darby Rose Maley Ryenn Nicole Mancuso Andrew Connors Marini Madelaine Palmer Martin Kirk Masci Kathryn Lee Maynard Kendal Lynn Mazique Kevin Arthur McClellan Robert Matthew McCollister (Honors) Matthew Jacob McMacken Brett Michael James Meyer Davis Frederick Millar CJ Miller Hunter James Moreira Jaysen Champaneri Mutha Ernesto Oros II Paige Alexa Ottenbrite Shivani Bhavesh Patel (Honors) William August Petzold Amber Yvana Poindexter Lucas (Honors) William James Pope Andrew Barrett Prosch Lakshmi Deepika Punati Grant William Radebaugh Samuel Augustus Rasch Edward Huntoon Recchion Charles Huntoon Recchion (Honors) Steven John Reichard Tyler Robert Rice Isabella Ritz (Honors) Jessica Ashley Roberts Steven L. Roberts Henry Jacob Roden (Honors) Justin Riley Rodriguez Blake Evan Rosenberg Adam Micah Rozansky 88 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

92 Spring Fling has been a UA tradition since It is recognized as the largest student-run carnival in the nation, and has grown to be the seventh largest event in Tucson with over 32,000 guests in Students flock to this special event for the typical carnival attractions: food, games, rides and entertainment. All of this fun raises precious funds for more than 40 diverse clubs and organizations on campus. Spring Fling showcases student commitment in a way that very few universities can! Nava Sadeghi Stewart Caesar Savarese Cameron Hall Scarcella Lior Janan Schinagel Samuel Asher Schlesinger Chad Martin Schwarzkopf Alexis Diana Scott Matthew Lauten Senger George Shpak Alexander Thomas Skiljan Kylie Ann Smith Emily Elizabeth Soltesz Matthew Bixby Spicer Eric Andrew Spies Mitchell Scott Stern Nicolas Cameron Stoner Tyler Eric Strauss Ethan James Sumner Bobak Tabatabaian Rie Tanaka Josh Andrew Tant Caitlin Marie Telford Dylan Charles Temple Christopher Joseph Thompson Matthew Joseph Tinyo Kham Hong To (Honors) Lukas James Treffers Mukun Tu Alex Benjamin Van Iderstine Jessica Astrid Vasilic Valon Vitaku Carter Austin Wade Gabriel A. Wagner-Rosales Cole Braxton Wallace-Boyer Chentao Wang Lauren Grace Wardwell Edward Chi Watabe Walter James Wesch Zachary Thomas Wiles Madison Ann Williams Heather Saundra Wilson Nicholas Scott Wilson Ryan Witt Kevin Yi Jasper Sinan Yildirim Lauren Alyssa Young Zhen Yu Haobo Zhang Zhaoli Zhang Xuan Zhao French Joshua Clark Fowler Maggie Lorraine Gauthier Leylah Hadrovic Maria Teresa Hidalgo Maya Firmbach Kraft Alexa Rae Link Glenn Emerson Maxwell Sarah-Kenya Patterson Jorgelina Plata Michael Thomas Rasor Dora Y Gomez Valencia Michelle Andrea Valenti Linyang Zhou Gender & Women s Studies Aline Jeannette Diaz Grace Helen Horrocks Daniela Bracha Kaplan (Honors) David Zachary Lucero (Honors) Danielle Brianne Macias Nicole Rechelle McCraw Ashley Marie Samuels Matthew Christopher Smith Patricia Ashley Wilson-Everett General Studies Alma Aguirre-Cruz Benny Herson Aleman Kadeem Frank Allen Megan Elyse Alley Thomas Walter Bank Bradley Jake Barber Shakeil L. Becker Christopher William Bell Davis Miller Berryhill Tracy Lee Bird Maritza Elaine Black Rudolph Keith Brathwaite Jr. Jordan O. Brenner Michael Isaac Bresler Keccia G. Brink Dominic Lewis Brown Brooke Christine Busch Crista E. Butler Jordan Taylor Carpenter Alec Wesley Carr-Sheehan Alexandra Jennings Carroll Alexandra Paige Cebry Joseph Allen Chandler Brittany Alana Chen Anna Grace Chevalier Andrew Kunyoung Cho Eric Carl Christensen Joseph Thomas Christopher Jarrett James Colvin Charles Childers Conley Chelsea Marie Cook Johnathon Maurice Cooks Ryan Joseph Cooper Andras Vajda Cruz-Aedo Kainan Cui Katherine Ann Darling Jack Philip Dawson Natalie Arielle Duran de Vries Lida A. DeGroote Kyle Chandler Deitz Zach Sabia DeMauro Christopher Sinclair Detwiler Lauryn Mary Ann Dikeou Jennifer Megan Doerfler Sarah Nicole Duarte Henry Ellis Echols Edward James Elliott Rocio M. Enciso Galen Mark Fink Madeleine Cosette Gallardo Gregory J. Gautieri Zachary Raymond Gibbons Brian Mitchell Gingras Patrick Eugene Glover Brandon A. Goldstein Ashley Nicole Gomez Alexis Gonzales Samajie Daron Grant Kate Ruth Greer Emily Nora Griffin Michael Morrison Griggs Peter Edward Griggs Andrew Sven Rinaldi Gunn Matthew Daniel Hamedani Schuyler Ryan Haskell Michael Stuart Hast Lynelle A. Hernandez Stephanie Joy Herrmann Sophia Monica Hill Devin M. Horn William Kenton Hughes Donley Edward Hurd Jr. Christopher Ross Irvin Kirsten Elizabeth Jamison Selma Jasarevic Huxiao Jia Zachary Addison Katz Karly Erin Kennedy John Michel Kenny MacKenzie Leigh Kleespies Nicole Elizabeth Koeppen Rachel Elizabeth Leonard Ivan Leonard III Lucas Quinton Lespron-Lopez Blake Marie Lewis Junfu Li Thomas James Lindroos Thomas Jacob Logue Marissa Ann Lomeli Robert Frederico Lopez Emily Grace Love Jacquelyn Kate Madden Joseph Maggi Shaina Ava Marco Teresa Dorothea Martinez Thomas Edward Martinez Trey Harvey Mason Thane Kristofer Maudslien Alexis D. Maytorena Scott Evans McGarry Heather Jane McHugh Aubrey Eileen McKinney Abraham Alejandro Mendivil Austin Grant Merideth-Orosco Tierney Rose Meyer Cole Edward Mier Sasha Lauren Mixon Danielle Marie Molin Riley Dean Moore Matthew John Morin Saad Mohamed Muglad Andrew David Najarian THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

93 When football teams from the University of Arizona and Territorial Normal School (now Arizona State University) took the field on Thanksgiving Day in 1899, they never imagined that it would put them in the NCAA record book more than 100 years later. The trophy that was awarded to the winner that day (ASU) and is still given to the winner of this annual football game, making the Territorial Cup the oldest trophy for a rivalry game in America. Robert Dale Nolan Alexander Nourani Lindsay Alexa Ochoa Samuel Paul Oliver Colin Robert Pancrazi Jacqueline Parrado Houston Leigh Parrett Jordan Scott Patterson Trevor Lynn Peterson Michael Shaun Pipes Kyle Aubrey Preston Elena Chelsea Purrington Carrie Lee Ramirez Kaitlin Ramsey Danika Kathleen Rausch Forrest C. Reiland Dylan Charles Roe Sarah Monique Rojo Aliza Bari Rubin Matthew Jacob Rusich Matthew Roger San Angelo Tre Sandefur Ben Niklas Scherer Jake Alexander Selincourt Elizabeth M. Sellers Kelly Morgan Sese Jennifer Bagolbol-Trexler Sheffer Brad Edward Sinesi Denise N. Skidmore Amberlee Marae Soszynski Alexandra Lane Starrett Ashley N. Swinford Jarod Hayden Taylor Paige Nicole Tennen Keriann Soon Timney Eric Quin Torres Holly Brielle Trevino John William Vasseur Jesus Adan Velarde Jake David Vincent Eva Elizabeth Watson William Anthony West IV Robert Lane Wilhelm Hannah Elizabeth Winchester Zachary Michael Wolkstein David William Wolter Di Wu Mingxuan Xiao Geography Devante Joseph Abbott Craig Joseph Anderson Tyler James Boris Andrew James Cunningham Sean William Edward Doyle Patrick Dubberly Ashleigh Ann Ishikawa Michael Iskandar Stephen Lavon Jordan Jr. Adam John Jungbluth Diego Ariel Martinez-Lugo Benjamin Joseph Olimpio Wei Qi Patrick Rody Brian Allan Varble Daniel Patrick Whitaker Jesus Yepiz Jr. Geosciences Tanya Marie Anderson Angela Lillie Blanks-Bennett Sean Patrick Callahan Azalea Cavazos Anson Hill-Yu Cheung (Honors) Joseph Tyler Foster Nicholas Grant Hillemeyer (Honors) John Charles Johnson Thomas Clay Kelty Steven Maliner-Colvin Allison M. McGraw Piper-Lenore O Faolain Murphy Richard Eugene Nelson IV Laura Brittany Seifert Louis Sennett Shanley Thomas Samuel Sparks Lauren Ann Ward Alexander Jordan Wysocki German Studies Jasmine Pramoj Acfalle Caitlin Marie Baker Thomas Michael Kirschenbaum Andrea Teresa Maynard Lili Margit Steffen Tommy Wei Jie Yong Global Studies Rachel Marie Becker Colton Paul Downing Taylor Louise Franklin Elsa Teklesenbet Gebreyohanes Leylah Hadrovic Adam James Hennekes Jalyn Renee Hopkins Elizabeth Ann Avila Ivanov Thomas Michael Kirschenbaum Natali Sarah Knight Maya Firmbach Kraft Evangelina Lopez (Honors) Alexandra Nicole Loughlin Genevieve Marie Kathleen Wilma Lucas-Conwell Alyssa Ann Martin Andrew Lee McCabe Megan Elise McNaughton Amariz Pauline Mendoza Madisen Rae Miller Araceli Amalia Montaño Carly Danielle Mougeot Valeria Quijada Montano Elizabeth Lynn Randolph Jennifer Sara Rosenfeld Marisa Danielle Wigley Government & Public Service Chevhan Kirin Esparza Leo Aaron Federico Jessala A. Grijalva Cristina Elsa Yelvington (Honors) History Rebekah Kay Andreaccio Samantha Stacey Balber Christopher Michael Bass Savannah Marie Boyd Madeline Annetta Bynes Zachary Scott Clark Anthony Thomas Cocchia Kelly Marie Conrad Keith William Cook Kayla Alice DeAlto Alexis Barbara DeHaven Miriam Cecilia Diodati Tess Elizabeth Donovan Nicholas Alexander Emond Vanessa Fajardo James Philip Green Devyn Rae Halsted Gilmer Melbin Hayes Ashleigh Ann Ishikawa Jordan Aaron Javier Sarah Elizabeth Johnson Christopher M. King Matthew Hamilton Knetsch Alexis Whitney Laubscher Lisa Nohelly Lujano Alyssa Noell Martin Joseph Dean Martin James Joseph Matwijkow Alyssa Erin Morales Adam John Moran Samuel James Oseguera Jorge Fernando Parra Jr. Blake Alan Perry Jr. Dwayne Pierce Sean Michael Powell Veneta Vatreece Ranger Michael Thomas Rasor Christopher William Richman Aaron P. Sandoval Richard Sandoval Michael Robert Shoemaker Jr. Brenton Isaiah Sims Alison Michelle Statham Ashley N. Swinford Jacob Kenneth Tyczynski Tyson Joel Van Patten John Richard Waters Chloe Shae Wiese Victoria Ann Wisthoff (Honors) Yuan Yao Industrial Engineering Rekaz Abulhamayel Fatemah Alabdullah 90 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

94 Just as the bell from the U.S.S. Arizona was about to be melted down and used for bullets, UA alum Bill Bowers retrieved it from a salvage yard and had it hung from the clock tower in the Student Union Memorial Center where it remains today. When the University of Arizona opened its doors in 1891, there were only two colleges (Agriculture and Mines), six faculty and 32 students. Students could get demerits for running on the verandas of Old Main. Jarrah Abdulaziz Albassam Farah Ahmed Alghurab Faisal Matooq Alhussain Abdullah Nasser A. Aljawini AbdulrahmanJ FJ M F Alrashidi Abdulmajid Mohammed Alsaeed Othman Yahya Alsaid Zean R. Alzawawi Nicole Angelina Chellman (Honors) Ryan Craig Dang Meseret Alemu Ducote Brian Allen Fugett John Michael Stephens Hines Long Hai Le Carlos Andres Molina Jessica C. Renner Cristina Elsa Yelvington Information Science & esociety Hannah Rose Boxerman Alessia A. Cariati Janine Vasco Chafee Jordan Elizabeth Chapman Hannah Emily Djavadi Angel Alexander Esquivel Samantha Serena Foxworthy Alec Preston Garner Kaitlin Louise Gordon Samuel Zachary Gross Connor Jacob Kerr Katrina Maurine Lara Paige Catherine Martig Olivia Paige Midon Nick E. Morin Danielle Leigh Rosenberg Courtney Shae Sanchez Beatriz Alejandra Sau Ramon Alberto Vejar Omar Manuel Ventura Information Science & Arts Martin Fernando Chiquete-Careaga Jr. WeiQi Rickie Huang Jeffrey Clark Jensen Sydney Jane Komro (Honors) Noble Israel Menchaca Danae Monique Meza Esme Wyoming Middaugh (Honors) Arielle Brittany Settles Ashley Kay Slay Austin Norrell West Information Science & Technology Joel Bernard Campbell Hunter Elissa Etheridge Marco Antonio Garcia Noah R. Ginter Brenton Lee Ingalls Cody James Kaiser Keith Samuel Kristofitz Roberto Alejandro Mariani Ryan McNutt Daniel Christopher Nanni J C. Aisarapong Saichan Alexander Yemane Tekle Anselmo Alonso Vargas Jr. Bryce Mathew Wakefield Roy Joseph Zacharias II Interdisciplinary Studies Weitian Zhu Italian Jessica Nicole Border María Clara Escudero Cáñaz Taylor Louise Franklin Adam Stanley Gurczak Kathleen Jewel Hines Dalal Kaddoura Journalism Mihdi Afnan Brittan Elizabeth Bates Lilly Catherine Berkley Ryan Timothy Bertrand Cassidy Alyse Blumenthal Mackenzie Lynn Boulter Taylor Lynn Brestel Madison Sloane Brodsky Riley Jordan Brown Kristine Lee Bruun-Andersen Daniel Joseph Burkart Sergio Andres Calderon Jessica Nicole Carpenter Cherie Mireya Lanae Cole Taylor Lynn Dayton Nathan James Delfs Christopher Jose Delgado Maritza Camila Dominguez Baraha Mohammed Elkhalil Paige Marie Facchino Sheridan Beck Fidelman Bailey Alexandra Finegold Mark Anthony Flores Michelle Marie Floyd Haley Christian Ford Danielle Lynn Fork (Honors) Jordan Michael Glenn Allison Paige Goodman Spencer David Halliday Michael Joseph Hernandez Jaime Elizabeth Hewitt Ashley Nicole House Courtney Anne Hudson Brandon Joseph James Stevie Erin Katz Karen Lizarraga Jamie Alexandra Lobel Ian Daniel Martella Ashley Lynn McGowan Alex Robert McIntyre Andie Rae Milkis Yazmine Josephine Moore Elisabeth F. Morales Reina Anne Morrison Natalia Viviana Navarro Rebecca Elizabeth Noble Ross Tyler Olson Hannah Reeann Palaniuk Tessa Rae Patterson Ashley Nichole Pradetto Carly Ana Rashoff Lauren Ashley Renteria Patricia Lee Ross Maxie Elizabeth Ruan Alyssa Judith Schlitzer Fatuma Ali Shiwoko Christianna Joy Silva Jacquelyn Nicole Silverman Gisele Milan Smith (Honors) Lukas Edmund Soroko Stephanie Lisette Soto Justin Edward Spears Konner Marie Daniels Speth Julianne Elizabeth Stanford Phoebe Li Stevens Mackenzie Rene Swaney Jacob Tellez Loc Tran Brandi Michelle Walker Devon Patrice Walo Zoe Chaia Wolkowitz Judaic Studies Amanda Leigh Bauer Jessica Zoë Bloom Ital Havannah Ironstone Katherine Marie Juhlin Jake Ryan Rice Michele Lee Rizzo Alexis Marie Wright Latin American Studies Kelly Marie Conrad Alexis Barbara DeHaven Cynthia Lorena Diaz Adelia Marcelina Esquibel Guadalupe Marie Gamez Gilmer Melbin Hayes Roberto Andres Navarro Emily Sarah Silverman Law Victor Elio Almazan Kayla Mariah Batt Edward Henry Becoat Jr. Eli Aaron Bernick Mackenzie Margaret Bevington Ashlee Morgan Bierworth Bridget Marie Briody Lizeth Daniela Castellanos Viktor Alonzo Chavira Jesse Michael Clarich Alejandra G. Duarte Mariela Encinas Chase Fletcher Ferguson THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

95 Sustainable architecture wasn t in anybody s vocabulary when Old Main was completed in Yet the deep roof overhangs, wraparound verandas, and a ground floor that was partially recessed into the earth kept the building cool long before air conditioning was invented. Kharloz M. Franco Viviana Galindo Elizabeth Garcia-Gurrola Chelsie Brooke Harris Connor Thomas Higgins Maria Del Refugio Jimenez Laureana Sonrisa Jones Jessica Marie Layne Luke Robert Marchiorlatti Rene Matusiak (Honors) Zoe R. Messer (Honors) Connor William Moore Daniel Christopher Paisano Jefferson Davis Penilla Kevin Robert Rajcic Leslie Chantal Ramirez Vicente David Reyna Nicole Domenique Rinicella Kevin Salazar Nicole Morgan Salsburg Stephanie Michelle Scull (Honors) John-Ethan Christopher Seemann Trevor Dylan Sherman Mckenzie Leigh Trimble William Everett Vitkus Donald Lewis Walton Michael Steven Woodson Charlie Lefebvre Yarrington Linguistics Neida Basheer Ahmad Robert William Autry Regina Marie Barry (Honors) Amanda Christine Brady Chyna Rain Davis Marina Grace Demaine Holly Nicole Durr Sarah Elise Erickson Alma Alejandrina Estrella Eleanor Marie Ferguson Amanda Lynn Flock Louis Edward Gallegos III Amber Marie Goss Xinyi Gu Ana Viviana Hernandez Brandon Royce Hoang Juliet Ciara Huskey Katherine Marie Juhlin Naomi Hadassah Kwak MacKenzie Quinn Lewis Monte Pablo Lopez Ivana Faye Lubinski Alyssa Ann Martin Andrea Teresa Maynard Ricardo Aron Pelagio Gerardo Alfredo Sanchez Zachary Wayne Schmidt (Honors) Alexandra Carrie Stockdell Ariel Brianna Theisen Stephanie Valerio Zamora Kelli Nichole Van Nuys Elizabeth Lorraine Wainwright (Honors) Aretha Seymour Walls John Richard Waters Hannah Hyun White Daniel Wyatt Withers (Honors) Peisha Zhao Literacy, Learning & Leadership Maria Elisa Arico Julio Alfonso Ayon Jr. Jason Andres Bentley Brittany Winona Brewster Kendyl Jean Browne Adelinde Meira Catts Brianna Marie Check Stephanie Choi Reanna Leigh Cotton (Honors) Danielle Lynn Davis Juloni Shai Davis Rebecca Taylor Delao Andrew James Demetras Jordan Ariana Dicker Kathy Thi Do Alexis Cristina Dotson Megan Michelle Duhrkopf Petru Daniel Floruta Jr. Kristopher Alyse Franklin Jasper Lacole Gray Kyle Eric Harvey Angelica Yanet Heras Alison Christine Irwin Dejza Ujagar James Miranda Rochelle Katz Julia Minh Korn Sydney Roslyn Kroll Paris Nichole Loomis Taisha Jorie March Amelia Claire Marsh (Honors) Katiyana Kealamaikahlani olaga Mauga Lauren Audrey Maune Gregory Joseph Merkel Christina Marie Miller Jenna Anne Murphy Christina Marie Poletti Diana Maria Quijada Morgen Jennifer Rosen Regan Leigh Ruffoni Stephanie Rose Saxe Nia Jenise Smalley Quinton Lap Tran Tessa Victoria Valladares Malena Marae Washington Hannah Rachel Zedek Management Information Systems Matthew Ross Abbate Myrna Paulina Acuna Makoto Alexander Allbee Austin Miguel Anaya Sheehan Jordan Eidson Anderson Maxx David Anderson Guadalupe Xitlali Angeles Nolan Arnold Rachel Bess Barnitt Hannah Lynn Barry (Honors) Cole Louis Rocky Bennett Cody Lee Biggs Emma Katherine Bishop Courtney Nicole Buchanan (Honors) Joseph Daniel Calvetti Clint Wayne Carter Phillip G. Chan Kory Nicholas Chinn Daniel Lewis Clark III Annemarie Mildred Covelli Michael Norman Cronk Thomas Victor Daniel Daniel James Doherty Adana Lee Enriquez Sean Alexander Furrier (Honors) Matthew Ellsworth Gauthier Holden Scott Gerber Bradley Douglas Gin Chase James Goebel Marissa Jasmine Goldstein Alexandra Karina Gomez Craig Toshio Greiwe Ryan Andrew Hammett Sarah Dawn Harris Sydelle Rose Harrison Hilla Hascalovici Hyunhee Hong Tyler Edward Horton Jerine Hu (Honors) Douglas Marc Izzo Nicolette Briana Jackson Kyndall Jiasu Morgan Johnston Joseph Ramzy Khoury Caroline Megan Koss Cameron Allen Koutz William K.C. Lee Matthew Ryan Leeper Melissa T. Leon Dorothy Fleur-De-Lis Likas Andy Lin Anthony Joseph Luciani Austin G. March Briana Marek Fernando Jonas Mauricio Iustin Rodrigo McCarthy-Contreras Neal Thomas McCrea Alejandro Mendivil Qingwei Meng Maxwell Bennett Miller Parnian Mohajerin Cosme Morga Villarreal Addison Morgan Tyler Joseph Norin Sara Lorraine Ochoa Victoria Patrice Osby Mohamud Abdirahman Osman Wei Pan Jay Bharatkumar Patel Shivani Bhavesh Patel 92 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

96 While astronomer Roger Angel was walking across campus to his office in 1985, he looked up and realized that he had finally discovered a space that was big enough to house his new lab for spinning and polishing gigantic telescope mirrors: the space under the bleachers on the east side of the UA football stadium. Almog Paz Kevin Valencia Perez Matthew Boon Phetdara Joshua Alexander Pischke Amber Yvana Poindexter Lucas Lakshmi Deepika Punati Michael Adam Rabinowitz Arcangelo Michael Rea Steven John Reichard Olivia Jean Ripps Elizabeth Gail Roberson Henry Jacob Roden Katherine Rose Ryan Matthew Robert Saintarbor Lior Janan Schinagel Robert Schweitzer Matthew John Shaffer Leila Jasmine Shevins Daniel Weilin Situ Alexander Thomas Skiljan Alison Marie Smith Max Douglas Smith Jr. Evan Raymond Stacey Kylie Baker Stratton Meaghan Briane Sweet Kara Michelle Terry Andrea Maria Tiutan Anushka Anil Varhadkar Cole Braxton Wallace-Boyer Nicholas Phelps Walthier Edward Chi Watabe Kelsy Ryann Wick Andrew Michael Wiesmann Benjamin Robert Wifler Brianna De Vonna Williams Tyler Silvino Ungacta Williams Ryan Witt Zhen Yu (Honors) Luc Michael Zbonack Haobo Zhang Xintong Zheng Haifeng Zhu Marketing Grant Edison Adams Breann Elyse Aguirre Alina Rene Alvarez Samantha Rae Anderson Payton Arriaga John Henry Barletta William Chandler Barrett Ian Michael Barrie Kira Michelle Baum Shane Emilio Bekian Jonathan S. Besquin Brandon Shea Bolling Tanner Vinton Bowring Carson McCullough Brindle Jennifer Lauren Brousse Chad Wood Bykerk Carson Joseph Caccamise Diego Alejandro Cardenas Madison Marie Cartwright Alison Danielle Cerza Sydney Rachel Chong Sean Thomas Connolly Michaela Louise Cook Jesse Gabriel Corriea Cortez A. Cubillas Eli Joseph Daniels Courteney Ann Davis Neil Jordan Davis Senna De La Cruz Rachael Amanda Drozdoff Christiana Mae Duarte Alexis Airam Escamilla Alexis Monique Espinoza Tamara Estrella-Enriquez Joshua David Every Rebecca Marie Fitz Hollyn Shea Forney Lindsay Marie Furrier Madison J. Gammons Samuel William Gelardi Baileigh Aspen Gibson Jacob Michael Gitt Shayne Ryan Goldie Marissa Jasmine Goldstein Cameron Ray Greene Michael Marcellus Greene Leilani Gutierrez Brian Austin Hanshaft Jacob Daniel Harris Carter Novak Hehr Kathryn Margaret Hennessy Jessica Alexandra Hernandez Austin Elizabeth Horslund Ashley Nicole Hoyt Jerine Hu Winston Taylor Hubble Shannon Elizabeth Johnson Emily Mei Jordan Tessa Marie Kapp Madison Ainsley Keefe Collins Kiprono Kibet Vadim Valeryevich Kim David Alan Kisiel Sydney Heiland Kitsis Todd Gregory Kitzens Zachary Russell Kleinberg Kristen Marie Knoche Ryan Rudolf Korabi Caroline Megan Koss Anne Marion Kosters Catherine Boice Krigbaum (Honors) Reese Jared Kunz Jessica Janelle Lazzeroni Valerie Theresa Luera Brielle Nicole Lyon Sergio Mada Kevin Ryan Mahoney Thomas James Malone Morgan Marie Marra Arturo Alejandro Martan Katelyn Rose Martin Amanda Corrine Martinez Ariel Samantha Maurece McCurdy Kyle Rowan McGahie Paulina Marie Metz Cassandra Linn Moffatt Josephine Louise Morlidge Riley Patrick Mudd Jennifer Lynn Muglia Sarah Marie Noll Connor James Orth Alexander Johnson Ott Daniella Porreca Christian Thomas Porter Jessica Lauren Price Parker Scott Pushor Macy Diane Reeb Katie Louise Renick Michele Charlene Reppert Madison Rose Riley Meghan Eileen Ritter Jordan Anthony Rooney Rachael Addison Ruberg Lauren Anne Sayers Jordan Shane Schatzman Jennifer Leeann Schmidt Mickey J. Scholnick Hannah Elizabeth Shanken Bonnie O Neal Shook Justin Lee Shumate Junzhe Si Rachel Grace Sias Brady Michael Silverwood Sara Quinn Slingerland Gregory Scott Smith Ryan Brittain Snyder Kristin Lee Soderberg Elizabeth Anne Spohn Treyton John Stender Connor Andrew Stewart John-Michael Stilb Quentin William Tall Ryan Matthew Taylor Clarissa Martha Tenenbaum Devin Matthew Thomas Julia Kate Thomas Riley Cooper Thomas Lauren Elizabeth Thorell Cecilia Jane Trevino Victoria Josephine Troche Madison Rilee Truman John David Trump Ashton Kelly Underwood Anthony Thomas Vandre Aaron Christian Varela Anushka Anil Varhadkar (Honors) Gregory John Vogt Victoria Rose Walker Spencer Philip Wallace Erin Maloy Walsh Michaela Lee Wedge Jonah Adam Weiss Bailey Simone Wheeler Alyssa Grace White Zana Marie Wiley THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

97 Photographer Ansel Adams hat, camera, notes, letters, negatives and fine prints are all part of the archive that Adams gave the UA in 1975 when he and UA President John Schaefer co-founded the Center for Creative Photography as a new kind of museum where the public would have access to all of those items. Jamie Elissa Winger Ying Xu Shengwen Grace Yeh Christina Claire Yelnick Molly Shana Zeiger Macy Marguerite Zylstra Materials Science & Engineering Kurumi Ria Austin (Honors) Caleb Daniel Canchola Michael E. Dokouzian Jeffrey Terrence DuBose Maxwell Xavier Duffy (Honors) Jeremy Allan Elias (Honors) Sivan Geyra Jillian Loring Grass Matthew Ryan Grijalva Patrick Joshua Horrocks Neil Gregory Jenkins Eric Ross Nelson Nicole Helen Oliver (Honors) Claudia Mariela Ramirez Liam Murdoch Richards Sarah Megan Shepis Colton Taylor Skillings Trevor Alexander Smith Brian Charles Swartwout Christopher Robert Tang (Honors) Joshua Alexander Vita Mathematics Joshua Rubin Abrams Benjamin Robert Ackerman Tyler Axel Anderson Joseph Michael Arreguin Eric Donald Ballam Charles George Bao Jose Rueben Bautista Adrianne J. Brown Amy Raquel Brown Christopher J. Brown Lucas Elliott Bulau Patrick Michael Callahan Christopher Warren Carsey Elena Hiromi Carter Todd J. Crane Zhaoyuan Cui Augustus Danielson Joseph Brian DeGrandchamp Rui Ding Thomas Eldon Doehrman (Honors) Arminda Estrada Abelardo P. Ferra Alexander Michael Frank (Honors) Nohe Sebastian Garcia Neil Jacob Gaynor Axel Omer Gomez Casarez Craig Paul Gross Zichao Guo Nathan Cole Hattersley Omri Hazan Tiange He Paul Douglas Hein Kirk Eliot Hendricks Bryce Kenneth Hodson Yu Ji Hao Jiang Brooke Alexandra Jundt (Honors) Atta Kashmiri Hannah Katherine Knight Nicholas Robert Larson Siru Liu Yazeed Loonat Gerardo Iván López Joshua Andrew Mack Charles Louis Martinez Kenneth Amos Mayhue III Robert Matthew McCollister Abigail Marie McCourt (Honors) Kaitlin Marie McElroy Jack James McLain Ryan David Melzer John Moore Elise Noelle Muñoz Luis Raul Oquendo III Karlan Sanjay Patel Mekha Pereira Philippa A. Pinnington Marvin Josue Portillo Diego J. Ramirez Jordan Paul Randolph Kyle Filip Saxberg Michelle Leigh Scherr Zachary Wayne Schmidt Alexander Philip Sieber Sean August Stephens Vera Elizabeth Thornton (Honors) Joshua Alexander Vita George Peter Vlassis Brianna Marie Volpe (Honors) Kimberly Jolene Widrick Sara Marie Willis Yuchen Xie Qiuyi Xu Jimmy Yao Yao Sishuai Ying Xudian Zhang Zhenhan Zhang Mechanical Engineering Adnan Mohammed Alqallaf Dario Andrade Mendoza Andrew Gregory Armstrong Michael Edmund Arpaia Graham Wood Aston Ryan Dale Barents Kevin Andrew Barr David William Beck Abdallah Ben Haj Abdallah Daniel Dakota Bird Robert Samuel Bloom Marcus William Braatz (Honors) Cori Yau-Chun Cheung Philip James Ciuffetelli John Daniel Codde Tobias Sterling Conkey Kyle Jacob Daniels Jakob Edward Davis Evan Lee DeForest (Honors) Jesus Del Rincon Bryan Jacob Eberson (Honors) Ronald Mark Ernst Jr. (Honors) Oscar Escarcega Nathaniel Michael Fackrell James Thomas Fagan David Ray Farrell Jonathan Edward Fisher Michael Thomas Futch (Honors) Savannah Paige Gaston Jeffrey Tyler Gautreau (Honors) Jacob Hansen Grendahl Kevin Andres Gutierrez Soosan Han Tiange He Austin Karl Hoepfner Brason Reed Holt Brenda Lorraine Huppenthal (Honors) Daniel Hikaru Ito Ryan Ernst Jensen Nicholas Alexis Katsinas Michael Brandon Kronenfeld (Honors) Wesley Michael Lee Rachel Nicole Lindley (Honors) Bryan Little Abril Lopez Garcia Ling Bin Lu Davis James McGregor (Honors) Fabian Javier Medina (Honors) Jordan Elias Millen Anthony Vincent Monteleone Alejandro Moreno Guzman Hossein Namazyfard Jacob Henry Niccum (Honors) Susan Marie Nicholls Hector Obregon Amanda Kay Olmut (Honors) Eduardo Padilla Jonathan Jacob Palafox Sean Matthew Parker Nicholas Ray Pehrson (Honors) Cody James Peterson Patrick Daniel Portier (Honors) Alexander David Pusztai Frederick Karl Riess (Honors) Tristan Robert Roberts (Honors) Zachary Joseph Rossi David Joseph Selby Kevin Norman Sherwood Jack David Speelman Mathew Alan Stockman Jason Robert Stone Morgan Marie Struble Peter William Thomson Marco Alejandro Tipitto Cerruti Derek Kristofer Tvedt Carlos Ivan Villasana Devin Edward Vorel Cole Larson Waldren 94 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

98 A solar-powered steam boiler built in 1957 was the first solar project on campus. In 2012, panels were installed on the roof of Second Street Garage to generate electricity and reduce the UA s carbon footprint. In 1986, the campus switched outdoor lighting to mercury vapor lights to preserve Arizona s dark skies for astronomers. Andrew William Walsh Brian Edward Wargaski Katherine Ann Wollgast Maurissa Nicole Wortham Yanming Zhou Media Arts Xiaokang Wu Mexican American Studies Cynthia Lorena Diaz Guadalupe Marie Gamez Kenneth Sadao Zurcher Microbiology Jared A. Aldor Morgan Mackenzie Brown (Honors) Manuel Camacho Jr. Kathryn Lynn Cruice Patricia Marie Diaz Drew Harrison Dinsmore Cody Alan Eccles Melissa Nicole Gardner Daniela Fernanda Gutierrez-Muñoz Vivian Huang David Arthur Kroeppler Joyce Kwai Wu Lau Don Jacob Lee Jason Matthew Lindsey Ashley Taylor Lykins Wes Robley MacDonald Michael Kerry Mills Taeler Ashlee Motta Andrew Barasa Muse Roberto Andres Navarro Valerie Peña Vesna Pepic Chantal Marie Riba Elizabeth Rivard Halina Miroslawa Siewiora McKenzie Quinn Stratton Stacy Ann Suarez Cham Johnny Minh Trinh Ashley Vega Mika Christine Watanabe Middle Eastern & North African Studies Nabil Ayman Abdulhamid Ruwaida Alansary Jonathan Benjamin Burger Taylor Kristen Burleson Beau Allen Graham Michael Alexander Horvath Leighmarie Pauline Lawless Melissa Roberta McBurney Leila Noghrehchi (Honors) Ariel Brianna Theisen Lillian Pilar Webb Tauhida Zaman Mining Engineering Justin Paul Aisoff Luke Berry Benjamin Paul Clarke (Honors) Chris Raymond Deuel Corbin Goldsmith Ryan Matthew Hancock David Andrew Kijewski Riley James Layton Cesar Mauricio Lemas Pesqueira Jing Liu Ian Thomas McCarthy Michael Robert Nichols Anthony Michael Travers Aaron Michael Vesledahl Jaime Nichole Zettlemoyer (Honors) Molecular & Cellular Biology Hanen Assad Alassady Benjamin Robert Atwell Alexander Paul Aydt Nathalie Angelique Azorsa Emma Elizabeth leister Baker Charles George Bao Jordan Mark Barrows Phillip M. Belone (Honors) Jordon Edward Belton Anvi B. Bhakta (Honors) Nirali Bhatt Sarah Ashley Blomquist Sarah Theresa Bolanos Eunice Gabriela Borunda Brad Asa Boskie Elizabeth Rachelle Brooks Matthew Zachary Butcher David Daniel Byrne Carly Rose Cabel (Honors) Vincent James Caputo II Donovan S. Castro Alec Charles Chavez Juwon Cho Renee Frances Conway Kelsey Rebecca Coyle Vincent Cutillas Michaela Grace D Angelo Leslie Dominguez Samantha Leigh McClain Dunlap Megan Jo Ealy Madison Marie Egan (Honors) Andrea Christine Eidson Tara Morgan Ellis-Vaughn Nizigiyimana Ernest William Jordan Flake Virginia Lynn Friedrich (Honors) Ariana Rayne Garcia Anthony Joseph Garcia V Farid Ghamsari Amy Ngoc My Giang Miranda Christina Gong (Honors) Stephany Gonzalez Tineo Carline Hope Neumann Green Gabrielle Haase Grinslade Jaclyn Alicia Hanks Lucas Matthew Harrell Alondra Patrice Harris (Honors) Raymond Kin Hau Megan Irish Hayes Paul Robert Heaton Davishia Chantelle Henderson Christian Joab Hernandez Kyle David Hiltbrunn Anthony Chih Ho Vanessa Lynette Hooker Efren A. Ibarra Haley Michelle Jackson Chelsea Kanako Jarvis Emma Louise Jong Audrianna Elizabeth Judd Savannah Lynn Kaszubinski Pankhuri Kharbanda Conner Chester Kisiel Lauren Elizabeth Koch Abeer A. Lafta Devon Marie Lala Wing Pearl Lam (Honors) Laura Ashley Larson Gloria Thien Huong Le Timothy Shane Leach Peter Jacob Lenharth Katrina Tabanda Lichauco Julea Elise Lipiz Justin Warga Lopez Kyle Eric Lopez Elizabeth Nayeli Luna Danielle Ilene Mathieson Lisa Michelle Mayer (Honors) Ian Aloysius McCabe Matthew Austin Miller (Honors) Mohamed Mohamed (Honors) Sara Allison Moore Julia Beatrice Muldoon Marquez Elise Noelle Muñoz Morad Edward Murad Swaroop Murugesh (Honors) Celina Tien Nguyen Lynna Thu Nguyen Minhhuy Nguyen Trinh Lexuan Nguyen Steven Ong Lilya Oshana Dominic James Palazzola (Honors) Jennifer Haresh Patel Parth Mahendra Patel (Honors) Savannah Alekzandria Pearson Alec Bennett Perrera (Honors) Samantha Michele Pluta Joseph Lawrence Prestia Benjamin Eliot Rabichow Tricia Lyn Ramsay Sneha Ray (Honors) Fernanda Razo David Michael Renner Zachary Rustom Rieger Dagoberto Robles Jr. Preet Kaur Sandhu Jana Marie Sawyer Melissa Ralph Sayegh (Honors) Brianna Lee Schutz THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

99 When A.E. Douglass founded the Laboratory for Tree-Ring Research (and the branch of science known as dendrochronology) in 1937, it was temporarily located in cave-like windowless rooms under the bleachers on the west side of the UA football stadium where it remained until Alyssa Marie Sevilla Brandon Trey Shafe Syed Ali Shareef Sanga Shir Eric Alexander Simental Catelyn Jean Slayback Skyler Atzin Smith Kianoush Kenneth Soofi Alexis Adrian Soto Rishab Srivastava Matthew Carlton Stagg Sydney Nicole Sunna Carolina Tomiko Takatsuka-Garcia Bailey Michelle Tibben Brianna Belinda Uhall Sergio A. Valdez Priscilla B. Valenzuela Benjamin Philip Van Maren (Honors) Shelby Ann Vandamme Spencer Wyatt Vaughan Aditya Vijay Velia Sofia Vizcarra Aiza Sharalyn Weber Nathan Carl Weintraub Nadia Shahla Wer Andrew Patrick Wheeler Cheyne Marie White Connor Ian White Audrey Lucille White (Honors) Eva Frances Wilson Xinyu Xu Janet Juhee Yun Benjamin Logan Zaepfel Samantha Dawn Zaepfel Erika Katherine Zigman Music Christopher Joseph Blanco Christopher Daniel Campbell Jordan Marie Gunther Jacob Daniel Heid Lisa Michelle Mayer (Honors) Galen Elliott McCaw Brad Owen Rickel Nicholas Franklin Ziolkowski Music Education Alexsandra Lauren Esposito Joshua Ethan Floyd Grace Unhea Kim Natasha Amanda Tate Alina Felice Taylor Christopher Trinidad Vasquez Jennifer Athena Visconti Kimberly Kanani Waigwa Stephen Charles Warner Musical Theatre Chandler Elisabeth Corley-Essex Brett Parker Dixon Joshua Jeron Dunn Carlos Lee Hall Alexandra MacKenzie Wood Moser Loren-Amy M. Wrigley Natural Resources Adriane Marie Begaye Briana Anne Betke Tabitha Hannah Boulton Quint Clark Doan Sarah Michelle Findysz Amber Leah Ford Jordan Elizabeth Fowler Timothy Stephen Gilbert Jose Raul Hernandez Monika S. Kawski Kevin J. Krutzsch Heatherlee Leary Tayler Nicole Lee Taylor Plaster Pearlstein Melissa Ann Riley Mariana Sofia Rodriguez McGoffin Sara Jane Saeed Joshua Kenneth Sutter Neuroscience & Cognitive Science Albert Frank Alan Kristi Lynn Allsup Katherine Marina Andersh Baran Balkan Vedanshi Bhargava (Honors) Sarah Ashley Blomquist Sarah Marie Bosch (Honors) Jorge Arturo Bradic Marissa Denae Brown Margaret Elizabeth Calder Daniel Carrera (Honors) Kathleen Marie Coast Alison E. Comrie (Honors) Michelle Yoshino Conway Sierra Jordan D Oca Rachel Lynne Doser (Honors) Kelly Nicole Edwards (Honors) Tara Morgan Ellis-Vaughn Frida Rosario Escalante Asha Delano Esprit Farid Ghamsari (Honors) Gabriel Gomez Christine Marie Hall (Honors) Megan Irish Hayes Barnes Gallagher Lowell Jannuzi Hannah Spencer Kreinbrink Adam Levison Emily Nicole Long (Honors) Stephanie Noelle Low Danielle Ilene Mathieson (Honors) Claire Marietta McNary (Honors) Demi Lauren Ocano Alec Bennett Perrera Luis Rodolfo Pichardo Matthew Joseph Prestinario Nicole T. Quintus Sneha Ray Haley Ann Roelike (Honors) Taylor Michelle Russell Maya Claire Sabbagh Grace Samtani (Honors) Alyssa Marie Sevilla Evan Taylor Smith Kianoush Kenneth Soofi Michael James Strong Sydney Nicole Sunna John Carlyle Thaxton IV Vera Elizabeth Thornton (Honors) Kristin Delgado Till Cathy T. Tran Spencer Wyatt Vaughan Kaycie Marie Waters Esmeralda Marie Zaragoza Nursing Ashley Lynn Alexander (Honors) Nicole Anna Baginski Wendy Bertoglio Abbey Christine Brodeur Meghan Kaye Callahan James Robert Calles II Ashley Danielle Campbell Haleh Carrera Milena Angelica Carrera (Honors) Caitlin Anne Cox Tanya Marie Darkwah Tyler John Dunker Leyla Eskenazi Yael Eskenazi Mackenzie Shea Flaherty Jacqueline Fuentes Quintero (Honors) Keelie Michael Gallagher Remy Zena Goc Colleen Marie Green (Honors) Sophie Emmaline Griswold (Honors) Courtney Alysa Hade Robin Elizabeth Harrington Emily H. Healy Timothy Isaac Hendricks Ashley Nicole Hobbs Marissa Jones Natali Sarah Knight Natasha Demetrakis Lindblom Sandrine Marjolie Loko Alma Angelica Lozano Jonathan Robert Martens Paige Nicole Martin Alyssa Nicole McCormick Emma Tracy McMahon Kayla Marie Meester Kelly Jo Morrison Veronica Morvay Sydney Nichole Narvaez Tarryn Shae Josephine O Mahoney Hailey Marie Oesterling John Harvey Oller II Jeremiah James Palicka Rebecca Nicole Paoli Alyssa Marie Pato Hailey Nicole Pettis (Honors) Holly Ann Ramsell Kelsie Jo Rogers Claritza Yudith Sanchez 96 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

100 On Jan. 31, 1920, U.S. Gen. John J. Pershing dedicated the Berger Memorial Fountain just west of Old Main. The fountain is inscribed to the 12 sons of the university who answered their country s call for service and gave their lives in World War I. John Santoro Jr. Victoria Stephanie Towers (Honors) Jalina Song lee Vidotto Kimberly Barbara Wallace Taylor Marquee Weidner Erika Katherine Zigman Nutritional Sciences Priscilla Rae Alvarez Macie Leigh Andrews Arianna Brooke Antila Chioma Grace Atanmo Andrea Ayala Alexandria Ann Beall Melanie L. Begaye Holly Jean Bentkowski Jessica Nicole Brick Julia Allison Brickey Katherine Browne Katelyn Delina Carlevaris Eli Jazmin Caro Tara Jeanne Casey Marcus Joseph Childs Samantha Rae Coldiron Bryan Phillip Cole Colton Lee Dabney Danielle Cara Angel Davis Shannon Marie Deer Mariflor De Los Angeles Delgado Michael Maurice DeRegis Kristen Claire Dohm Elise Michelle Edward Madison Marie Egan Priscilla Enriquez Maranda Darya Fellows Alexander Clark Frantz Dayana Michelle García Ortega Amy Ngoc My Giang Rachel Evelyn Groff Wyatt Forrest Gross Caitlin Colleen Gwaltney Eldo Joseph Jennifer Katherine Julius Bryan Loyd Kelsey Sujin Kim Emily Nicole Kish Ashley Nicole Klewer Loretta Quinn Knoche Jessica Nicole Komadina Megan Dana Kotzin Kiersten Rae Kunkle Gillian Renee Lewis (Honors) Rachel Marie Loesl Jose Angel Lopez Alyssa Catherine Los Tatum Nicole Lostumo Fiona W. Luc Teresa Christina Luna Karen Beatrice Magana Annette Martinez Gabriela Maytorena Amanda Michelle McDaniels (Honors) Michell Musimwa Jessica Michelle Nathan Amanda Jean Newman Dan Nguyen Lauren Debra Norton Angel Manuel Ochoa Santos Shariwa Ajit Oke Ashley Ornelas Hannah Marie Owen Dorine Owusu-Nyarko Maria Almendra Payan-Ruiz Anne Michelle Pinsky Alison Mae Richardson (Honors) Mari Rivelsrud Nancy Roman Samantha Josephine Ruotsi (Honors) Conrad Lee Sanders Landon Levy Sanders Zoe Schroeder (Honors) Alexandrea Muriel Seherr-thoss Martina Sepulveda Morgan Ann Sinibaldi Cayenne Desiree Sirois Emeline Elizabeth Smith Alexis Elizabeth Sotis Monica Elizabeth Souder Joshua Ryan Steinberg Alicia Mary Stutz Yuhan Su Ca-Eun Sung Jessica Lyn Swinscoe Kaitlyn Joan Thomas Brittany Darlene Tinajero Kinsey Jo Torbert Taylor Paige Towne Rubendario Valencia Silvia Elizabeth Valenzuela Brenda Velarde Jacob Malone Wagner Qiu Ya Wang Amanda Elizabeth Watson Sarah Jane Wright Avesta Lisa Yakob Michael Joseph Zablotsky Julie Zuckerman Operations Management Nolan Arnold Hannah Lynn Barry Emma Katherine Bishop Courtney Nicole Buchanan Ryan Andrew Hammett Sarah Dawn Harris Hilla Hascalovici Kyndall Jiasu Morgan Johnston Joseph Ramzy Khoury Austin Henry Love Iustin Rodrigo McCarthy-Contreras Ogonnia O. Nnamani Andrew Daniel Nunes Nicholas Scott Plumlee Matthew Robert Saintarbor Daniel Weilin Situ Kylie Baker Stratton Kara Michelle Terry Kevin John Uznanski Edward Chi Watabe Venessa Rae Zarate Optical Sciences & Engineering Adam O. Abdelatif Nicholas Bradley Bauer Kade William Bowers (Honors) Jacob Nathaniel Boyer Ryan Scott Bronson Nathan Dean Esham Jacob Daniel Garan Eduardo Gonzalez III James Edward Hernandez Steven Pierre Hicks Jared James Hout Emma Catherine Landsiedel Emily Kate Mrkvicka (Honors) Christopher David Nguyen Andrew Daniel Rocha Ryan Alexander Sipos (Honors) Kristi Michelle Wagner Stefanie Nicole Wells Haifeng Zhu Performance Ashley Helen Aron Trevor Cameron Barroero (Honors) Christopher Gerardo Burtt Lucas Julian Carballeira Antonio Adison Cruz Jessica Lynn Cunningham Emmanuel Danielson Clare Therese Demer Yunmeng Deng Nathaniel Joseph Gouge (Honors) Julia Lynne Gundacker Adam Stanley Gurczak (Honors) Hannah Katherine Knight Erin Lee Mcmullen Saul G. Millan Daniel James Phillips Kincaid Theodore Rabb Graesyn Lawrence Spiers (Honors) Alan Sheng-Hsuan Yeh Christine Jieun Yi Performance Voice Shengnan Zhu Philosophy Garret Michael Bolthouse Peter Seth Casillas Alana Lilian Chetlen William Patrick Del Santo Marina Grace Demaine Nathaniel Carey Goss Trinity Marie Elizabeth Goss Dillon Joseph Hall Alexander Anthony Hartz Aaron Keith Johnson (Honors) Daniela Bracha Kaplan THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

101 In 1978, the UA left the Western Athletic Conference and joined the PAC 10, which included universities such as Stanford and Berkeley, schools the UA considered its academic peers. Then in the summer of 2010, the PAC 10 became the PAC-12, and in spite of the additional competition, the UA shines. Samuel Eli Lepow Brian Patrick McClay Kelsey Marie McKinley Kevin Mark Paulson Aleksandra Evelyn Petkovic Sean Michael Powell Abigail Lynne Puscus Jacquelyn Richards Britannia Roskelley Kevin Thomas Sharp Austin Sobotka Jana Alette van der Walt Audreyanna Lynn Walke Tyson James Walker Aretha Seymour Walls Stephen Charles Warner Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law Cristos Chuffe Alexandra Lynne Cordell Michaela Elisabeth Duarte Mariah Kristen Emmons Scott Riley Felix Michael William Finnegan Beed Alejandra Infante-Solano Miranda Rae Jones (Honors) Kevin Matthew Kallet (Honors) Maxine Elisabeth Mannheim Landon Tyler Maxwell (Honors) Lily Mei Miao Middleton Jennifer Marie Minjarez (Honors) Kiernan John Moran Jackson Whittaker Morrison Aleksandra Evelyn Petkovic (Honors) Amanda Taylor Stafford Shannon Palor Sylvester (Honors) Kaitlyn Marie Yanes Physics Tyler Axel Anderson (Physics) Christopher William Bullivant Zhaoyuan Cui Elyse Victoria Dobrydney Ryan Ellis Pier Alexander Fiedorowicz (Honors) Morgan Ryleigh Fitzpatrick Kirk Eliot Hendricks Sosuke Inui Won Hyuk Jeong Joshua Caleb Manning Kaitlin Marie McElroy (Honors) Luis Raul Oquendo III Rachel Marie Riley Ximena Lu Ruden (Honors) David Jonathan Setton Meghan Elizabeth Witteman Physiology Rafael Munar Ablao III (Honors) Isabel Aguilar Sami Rubis Ahmed (Honors) Olumayowa Fawziyyah Akanni Albert Frank Alan Staci Rae Allen Ahmed Monadhil Alsafar (Honors) Dane Carl Anderson Eric Joshua Arreola Oksana Alicia Arvizu Sarita-Mary Tangap Atabong Benjamin Robert Atwell Priscilla Nicole Aviles Dayne Paul Baron Saurav Barua Amanda Shea Bayster Damon Joseph Begley Nicole Shira Benatar Rathika Rinku Satish Bhakta Jordan Jon-Eugene Bishop Christopher Joseph Blanco Hailey Renee Blunt Hanna Nicolle Bokaie Sara Jane Borendame Nathan Gabrial Borrero Brandon Alexander Bowers Nicholas Spencer Bowman (Honors) Julia Allison Brickey (Honors) Corina Alexandra Caran Kimberly Lynn Carrasco Jessie Lynn Cash Lorenzo Jose Lim Chavez Ikeotunye Royal Chinyere (Honors) Ashley Marie Christopher Alyssa Marie Clark McCoy Redman Clementson Meaghan Elizabeth Coffield Victoria Lynn Cole Calvin Scott Coleman Biagio James Collura Cole Harrison Coster Jazmin Dagnino Morgan Kathleen Day Joss Nicholas Delaune Max Albert DiNicola Kristin Elizabeth Drake Sierra Nicole Drake Dillon Joseph Duhon Ryan Arthur Dunn Tony Tran Duong Catherine Louise Durham Megan Jo Ealy Cody Alan Eccles Andrea Christine Eidson (Honors) Harley Mary Eschenweck Justin Leon Evans Sarah Ann Evans Cassandra Jean Everly Danica Luz Evidente Sara Fallahi (Honors) Brianna Mary Felix Sierra Brooke Forbush (Honors) Kaelin Elizabeth Fox Scott Robert Freibaum Jr. Madelynn Lea Fretto (Honors) Adam Scott Gerry Andrew Good (Honors) Alexander James Griffis Jessica Michelle Guardado Emily Marin Gudvangen Jacob Guitteau Jesús Agustín Gutiérrez Melissa Christine Hamblin Britney Michelle Hammel Danielle Amanda Hamre Alec Daniel Hanss (Honors) Alissa Marie Hatfield Sarah Marie Hefferan (Honors) Elijah Allen Hibbs Vivian Ho Laura Lynn Hockenberger Christina Helen Hoyer-Kimura Hou yuan Huang Daniel Iniguez Hannah Elizabeth Iskandar (Honors) Audrianna Elizabeth Judd Sahil Kapur (Honors) Savannah Lynn Kaszubinski Pareena Kaur (Honors) Tyler Houston Kelley Sana Mahmood Khan Jesse Jordan Kirschner Taylor Morgan Kitkowski (Honors) Jamie Ilana Klein (Honors) Thomas Graham Knapp Jenna Elaine Koblinski (Honors) Megan Dana Kotzin (Honors) Erika Krall Samuel Steven Kraus (Honors) Andrew Michael Krueger Elizabeth Ann Kuszajewski Hannah Marie Kyllo (Honors) Alyssa C. Lane (Honors) John Michael Lauritano Nathan Andrew Lease Kayla Marie Lederer (Honors) Drake Emory Leifried Huy G. LePhan Taylor Gabrielle Lewis (Honors) Alexa Rae Link (Honors) Rachel Jeanette Linville Shane Lee Littlefoot Alexander Edward Lizarraga Kaitlin Nicole Lloyd Bilal Hisham Lulu Elizabeth Nayeli Luna Hannah Elizabeth Lyle Layth Mahdi (Honors) Iliana Manjon Anna Rekha Mathew (Honors) Colbi Victoria McAfee Jessi Rae McMinn (Honors) Joseph Melius Amoriah Nicole Mobley Prithvi Mrinalini Mohan (Honors) Sydney Kaylynn Moody (Honors) Barbara Marie Moore Clayton Matthew Moralez 98 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT 2017

102 The University Technology Park opened on the former site of the IBM plant on Rita Road in It is now called the UA Tech Park. Kaitlyn A. Morgan Lena Jamal Naser Bailey Ann Newman Kaylee Nicole Newsome Henry Ng Benjamin Nicholas Nye Alexander J. O Dea (Honors) Henry Roust O Keefe Lidia Sofia Obregon Shariwa Ajit Oke (Honors) Onur Oncer Lilya Oshana Jonathsen Sammy Ouk Charles Alexander Page (Honors) Reema Ghanshyam Patel Bryce James Patmos Varuska Patni (Honors) Makenna Alyse Paule Jade Marie Peterson Trang Thi Thuy Pham Brandon Alexander Poppe Emily Anne Puzo Michelle Fernanda Ramirez Nicholas Lewis Ramirez Elizabeth Florence Rasmussen John Christopher Raynak Christiana Michelle Redmond (Honors) Matthew Leonard Repp Ryan Alexander Ringle Benjamin Dean Rivera (Honors) Jarod Eliga Roach Edna Carolina Rodriguez Chloe Layne Roush Arielle Jean Ruda Madison Mahoney Ryan Duri Sabina Saeed (Honors) Jennifer Tanairi Salazar (Honors) Brian Christopher Sand Kelsey Grace Savio Melissa Ralph Sayegh (Honors) Eric Anthony Scarlett Rayna Leora Schwartz (Honors) Belinda Lisette Segura Shelby Siiri Sheridan Sanga Shir Rubina Kaur Sidhu Bianca Sierra Benjamin Daniel Silashki Cheryl Lee Sindelar Jessica Lee Sisler Amy Situ Matthew Alan Sivertson Taylor W. Soch Matthew Cole Soden Nathan Reed Solod Jorge Luis Soto Leiah Marie Sulsberger Kevin H. Tay Samantha-Su Zhi-Min Donna Irene Taylor (Honors) Haben Kahsay Tewolde Alvin Quan Thai Grace S. Thornhill Casey Owen Tompa Meaghan Mackin Tracey Randy Tran Johnny Minh Trinh Austin Tymeck Chonnakarn Ungnipakul Dora Y Gomez Valencia Danicke Van Eck Catherine Vasquez Jonathan Roman Vasquez Suhitha Veeravelli (Honors) Jacqueline Elizabeth Vercauteren Gabriella Rebecca Viera Velia Sofia Vizcarra Lauren Beth Wasser Adam Lawrence Welu Brandon Jerrome Wentz Amber Rain Whatley (Honors) Marissa Pearle Wheeler (Honors) Lauren Taylor Whitmeyer Brock Steven Wiley Sara Marie Willis Michael James Willis Victoria Evelyn Anne Wilson (Honors) John Thomas Winchester Tiffany Hou-Ting Yang (Honors) Mia Zhong Xiumei Young Cristina Teresa Young (Honors) Benjamin Logan Zaepfel Ryan Kyle Ziemba Plant Sciences Stephanie M. Dembowski Chelsea Rae Hoel Ryan Alexander Hoffman Jaclyn Haley Mendelson (Honors) Rissa Arin Zudekoff (Honors) Political Science Olaide Zainab Adeniran (Honors) Christian Anthony Adragna Ashley Anne Aguilar Ryan Ann Armendariz Sutton Field Aronson Kevin Thomas Avvakumovits Spencer Michael Bateman Kayla Mariah Batt Mark Anthony Bernal Jr. Eli Aaron Bernick (Honors) Ashlee Morgan Bierworth Jessica Zoë Bloom Mary Catharine Bolger Jessica Nicole Border Elizabeth Annette Bustamante-Lopez Madeline Annetta Bynes Viktor Alonzo Chavira Allison Deborah Childress Jesse Michael Clarich Alexandra Lynne Cordell Isaac Thomas Dailey Morgan Nicole Davis Timothy Kyle DesJarlais Rehema Karumege Divine IV Jackson Demos Dulgarian Alexandra Mabel Ebanks Baraha Mohammed Elkhalil Heath Jacob Fields Jack Lawson Fitchett Stephen Fong Elizabeth Claire Foreman Tomabari Zua Ganago Cecilia Munguia Garcia Peter Albert Goudy Delaney Rose Gould Robert McDonald Gourley Thomas Lingard Graham II Katerina Shae Grainger (Honors) Christopher Micheal Grimes Louis Maximillian Hernandez Connor Thomas Higgins Kaitlin Paige Hooker Joseph Alex Horowitz Beed Alejandra Infante-Solano McKenzie Ann Izen Troy Martin Jackson (Honors) Joseph Johns James Alexander Johnson Sophie Arline Jones (Honors) Ghazal Nadeem Karim Sahil Sanjay Khedia Danielle Nicole Ledezma Clay Strongwater Levy Julea Elise Lipiz (Honors) Jacqueline Francis Lira Stephanie Marie Littig Nicholas Arthur Loper Lisa Nohelly Lujano Amanda Rose Martinez Kaitlin Christine Martinez (Honors) Troy Julian Mason Conor Robinson McCabe Samuel Jacob McClaughry Alan Kent McDonald Ashley Nicole McGhee Alexis Renee Mejia Kirby Daniel Moroney Mignone Noel Mujambere Yaritza Guadalupe Munguia Elisa Sandra Nelson Julia Charis Nestor Courtney Abigail Niegocki (Honors) Caleb William Anthony Noble Martha Onyinyechukwu Nweke Corinna Obermayr Jessica M. Offolter John Thomas Oliver Hannah Reeann Palaniuk Jorge Fernando Parra Jr. Daniel Michael Pintor Richard Zachary Prunty Kevin Robert Rajcic Natalie Jo Ramos Jake Ryan Rice Ryan Joseph Richard Jacquelyn Richards THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COMMENCEMENT

AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Sponsorship Opportunities

AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Sponsorship Opportunities 2018 AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Jody Cranford AIA DC 800-818-0289 2018 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 10/20/17 ANNUAL PARTNERSHIPS Annual Partnerships offer sponsorship

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President Emeritus and Professor James F. Barker, FAIA. Nominee s Address: Clemson University, School of Architecture, Lee Hall 3-135

President Emeritus and Professor James F. Barker, FAIA. Nominee s Address: Clemson University, School of Architecture, Lee Hall 3-135 Honorary Membership Nomination Narrative Nominee: President Emeritus and Professor James F. Barker, FAIA Nominee s Address: Clemson University, School of Architecture, Lee Hall 3-135 City/State/Zip: Clemson,

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The Urban Future of Portsmouth

The Urban Future of Portsmouth The Urban Future of Portsmouth University of Portsmouth Industry and Alumni Breakfast Thursday 12 May 2016 From 8.30am to 9.45am (breakfast served from 8.00am onwards) Spinnaker Tower, Gunwharf Quays,

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Giving Is Good. for the Soul. The Life and Legacy of Charles and Shirley Weiss

Giving Is Good. for the Soul. The Life and Legacy of Charles and Shirley Weiss Giving Is Good for the Soul The Life and Legacy of Charles and Shirley Weiss by Grace Camblos Commissioned by The Graduate School, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Charles and Shirley Weiss

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TANAMERA CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT TANAMERA CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT Company Biography May 2018 COMPANY OVERVIEW Tanamera is a unique real property construction and development company that provides high-end commercial and residential

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2019 Executive Board Candidates

2019 Executive Board Candidates 2019 Open Positions: President-Elect Vice President Secretary Treasurer Young Architect Forum (YAF) Representative Associate Director 2019 Positions Not Up for Election: President: Jessica Walker, AIA

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TIBOR VARADY University Professor Emeritus CEU Department of Legal Studies

TIBOR VARADY University Professor Emeritus CEU Department of Legal Studies CEU RENEWS We have a community which shares a spirit of openness. This spirit has sometimes been shaped alongside history, sometimes in spite of history. This spirit needed and needs a home. TIBOR VARADY

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PRESS RELEASE. City of Florence P. O. Box 98 Florence, AL (256) Fax: (256) PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT

PRESS RELEASE. City of Florence P. O. Box 98 Florence, AL (256) Fax: (256) PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release City of Florence P. O. Box 98 Florence, AL 35631 (256) 760-6400 Fax: (256) 760-6388 Date: October 24, 2017 Contact: Florence Mayor s Office Phone: (256) 760-6400 Fax:

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TANAMERA. Biography September Longley Lane - Reno, NV (775)

TANAMERA. Biography September Longley Lane - Reno, NV (775) TANAMERA Biography September 2016 5560 Longley Lane - Reno, NV 89511 (775) 850-4200 COMPANY OVERVIEW Tanamera is a unique association of real property companies working in total harmony

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Jag Mohan Humar Symposium

Jag Mohan Humar Symposium Jag Mohan Humar Symposium On Earthquake Engineering June 15 2011 Ottawa, Canada Sponsored by: Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carleton University

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AIA Philadelphia Strategic Plan

AIA Philadelphia Strategic Plan AIA Philadelphia Strategic Plan 2018-2023 This Strategic Plan documents the aspirations and values of the members of the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, and it sets forth

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/tj!r. Architectural Solutions, LLc. March 31, AIA Louisiana The Louisiana Architects Association 521 America Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802

/tj!r. Architectural Solutions, LLc. March 31, AIA Louisiana The Louisiana Architects Association 521 America Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802 Architectural Solutions, LLc Alan Broussard Architect AJA NCARB P. 0. BOX 61 Breaux Bridge, LA 70517 Email > alanbroussard@hotmailcom March 31, 2015 The Louisiana Architects Association Attn: Mr. Kevin

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Medal of Merit Presentation Ella Jean Richter. Friday May 10 th, 2017 [AS PREPARED FOR DELIVERY]

Medal of Merit Presentation Ella Jean Richter. Friday May 10 th, 2017 [AS PREPARED FOR DELIVERY] 1 P a g e Medal of Merit Presentation Ella Jean Richter Friday May 10 th, 2017 [AS PREPARED FOR DELIVERY] Good evening everyone. I m extraordinarily pleased to be here with you as we recognize an outstanding

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2018 AAR Officer Candidates

2018 AAR Officer Candidates 2018 AAR Officer Candidates PRESIDENT LORI D. DOERFLER, ABR, CRS, GRI, RSPS, rcrms Realty ONE Group Mountain Desert 928-208-9827 20 N. Acoma Blvd., Ste. 102 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

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ABE PEPINSKY ( ) 1. Abe Pepinsky died in Norristown, Pennsylvania, on January 31,

ABE PEPINSKY ( ) 1. Abe Pepinsky died in Norristown, Pennsylvania, on January 31, ABE PEPINSKY (1888-1973) 1 Abe Pepinsky died in Norristown, Pennsylvania, on January 31, 1973, in the 85th year of his life. He was an immensely gifted man, who, throughout a long and rich career, gave

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2019 Committees. *BOARD LEADERSHIP FORUM Encourages the exchange of ideas and information among leadership from local boards/associations.

2019 Committees. *BOARD LEADERSHIP FORUM Encourages the exchange of ideas and information among leadership from local boards/associations. 2019 Committees These committees will meet in-person during our Mid-Winter and August meetings. *ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Assists Florida Realtors in promoting sound, efficient and progressive practices

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2017 ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS 2017 ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS The Architectural Education Foundation, AIA Colorado was born out of the devotion of five men to the practice of architecture. On January 23, 1934, Robert K. Fuller, FAIA, announced

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PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP ARCHITECTURE HONG KONG May 2016 ROBERT GORDON UNIVERSITY, ABERDEEN PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP ARCHITECTURE 18 20 May 2016 HONG KONG CONTENTS Section 1: Section 2: Section 3: Section 4: Section 5: Section 6: Section 7: Portfolio Development Workshop Student/Parent

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2 of 7 3/9/ :15 PM

2 of 7 3/9/ :15 PM 2 of 7 3/9/2013 11:15 PM [print-ready PDF] LEARNING OBJECTIVES Gain knowledge of of the various challenges women face during different stages of their architecture careers. Hear strategies employed by

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The Durham District School Board s Hall of Fame

The Durham District School Board s Hall of Fame 2017 2017 The Durham District School Board s Hall of Fame Welcome Emcees Donna Edwards and Linda Lowery Greetings from the Durham District School Board of Trustees Michael Barrett, Chair of the Board Greetings

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Celebrating a Lifelong Commitment to AIA

Celebrating a Lifelong Commitment to AIA Betsey Olenick Dougherty, FAIA, LEED AP Brian Paul Dougherty, FAIA, LEED AP Nominated for the AIACC Lifetime Achievement Award Celebrating a Lifelong Commitment to AIA BETSEY OLENICK DOUGHERTY, FAIA, LEED

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September 2014 Honors News U N I V E R S I T Y O F M O N T E V A L L O O C T O B E R 2 2 A T 3 : 3 0 P M I N C O M E R A U D I T O R I U M

September 2014 Honors News U N I V E R S I T Y O F M O N T E V A L L O O C T O B E R 2 2 A T 3 : 3 0 P M I N C O M E R A U D I T O R I U M September 2014 Honors News U N I V E R S I T Y O F M O N T E V A L L O A R T I C L E S : Remembering Rachel, p. 1 Digital signage, p. 1 Honors Orientation, p. 2 New website, p. 2 Events, p. 3 Peer Mentors,

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Introductory Comments: Elisabeth Mann Borgese Lecture 2008

Introductory Comments: Elisabeth Mann Borgese Lecture 2008 Introductory Comments: Elisabeth Mann Borgese Lecture 2008 Anthony Charles Saint Mary's University Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H3C3 Canada Dr. Elisabeth Mann Borgese was a key architect

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Executive Director Search

Executive Director Search Executive Director Search About Atlanta Land Trust Under the leadership of The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership, the Atlanta Housing Association of Neighborhood-based Developers (AHAND) and the Annie E. Casey

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Joanna L. Dyl. Department of History, University of South Florida 4202 East Fowler Avenue SOC 107 Tampa, FL (813)

Joanna L. Dyl. Department of History, University of South Florida 4202 East Fowler Avenue SOC 107 Tampa, FL (813) Joanna L. Dyl Department of History, University of South Florida 4202 East Fowler Avenue SOC 107 Tampa, FL 33620-8100 (813) 974-6219 EDUCATION Ph.D. in History, Princeton University, 2006.

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9th ANNUAL DINNER & AWARDS CEREMONY photo album 9th ANNUAL DINNER & AWARDS CEREMONY photo album Inductee Margaret Abernethy CITATION read by Anne Lillis Fitzgerald Chair of Accounting University of Melbourne nominated by Anne Lillis Fitzgerald Chair

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For 2018 AIA Rhode Island Board of Directors

For 2018 AIA Rhode Island Board of Directors For 2018 AIA Rhode Island Board of Directors Following candidates have been nominated by the 2017 Board: Officers Vice President/ President-elect Daniel A. Kwasniewski, AIA (2018) Treasurer Timothy Kennedy,

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Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Hong Kong

Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Hong Kong Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Architecture Date of visiting board: 14/15 May 2015 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee:

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Princeton University

Princeton University Princeton University HONORS FACULTY MEMBERS RECEIVING EMERITUS STATUS May 2017 [ 1 ] The biographical sketches were written by staff and colleagues in the departments of those honored. [ 2 ] Contents Faculty

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THE PLOWDEN MEDAL. (Notes to the Nomination Form)

THE PLOWDEN MEDAL. (Notes to the Nomination Form) THE PLOWDEN MEDAL (Notes to the Nomination Form) 1. The Plowden Medal, established and endowed by the Royal Warrant Holders Association, in memory of The Hon Anna Plowden CBE. (Short biography is at Annex

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STRATEGIC PLAN 2018-2020 STRATEGIC PLAN VISION The Greater El Paso Association of REALTORS is the pre-eminent source of real estate information in El Paso for its members, the public, local government, and the media.

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Europass Curriculum Vitae

Europass Curriculum Vitae Europass Curriculum Vitae Personal information First name(s) / Surname(s) Address(es) Telephone(s) 961 1 735337 961 1 343428 Mohamed Fouad Yassine Hamra-Broadway Center-9 th Floor-Beirut Lebanon Mobile:

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Jim Tovey is Mississauga s Councillor for Ward 1 and currently serves as vice-chair of the Heritage Advisory Committee.

Jim Tovey is Mississauga s Councillor for Ward 1 and currently serves as vice-chair of the Heritage Advisory Committee. Jim Tovey, Councillor, Ward 1 Jim Tovey is Mississauga s Councillor for Ward 1 and currently serves as vice-chair of the Heritage Advisory Committee. A founding co-chair of the Lakeview Legacy Project,

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REALTOR Candidates for MLS (three-year term, except where noted)

REALTOR Candidates for MLS (three-year term, except where noted) 0-25 Listing Category (Three-year term, Vote for no more than 1) PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE DAVID SEWICKLEY has been licensed since 1991 and a Broker since 2009. He is the Broker/ Owner of Columbus Realty Advisors,

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Philippine Capabilities 2013

Philippine Capabilities 2013 KMC MAG GROUP Real Estate Firm Philippine Capabilities 2013 Copyright KMC MAG Group CONTENTS 1. About KMC 3-6 2. 7-8 3. 9-10 4. 11 Copyright KMC MAG Group KMC MAG Group, Inc. is an award-winning real estate

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3. Professional Memberships

3. Professional Memberships CV HEIDI M. CIES 5440 Conley Way Denver, Colorado 80222 303.758.6404 Heidi cies graphic design Founder and Principal 5440 Conley Way Denver, Colorado 80222 303.758.6404

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2013/2014 Okaloosa Sheriff s Office Youth Services THIS WE WILL DEFEND

2013/2014 Okaloosa Sheriff s Office Youth Services THIS WE WILL DEFEND 2013/2014 Okaloosa Sheriff s Office Youth Services THIS WE WILL DEFEND Okaloosa County Sheriff s Office Youth Services The Okaloosa County Sheriff s Office (OCSO) traces the origins of its commitment to

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THE FIELD GUIDE TO CONNECTING WITH STUDENT LEADERS THE FIELD GUIDE TO CONNECTING WITH STUDENT LEADERS AIAS FORUM OVERVIEW AIAS FORUM, the largest architecture and design conference that the AIAS puts on each year, offers students the opportunity to learn

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32ND STREET RV SALES LOT 32ND STREET RV SALES LOT 5610 E. 32ND STREET YUMA, AZ 85365 Jerry LoCoco Designated Broker/Managing Director 928.277.8211 x102 SVN VELOCITY COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE 190 S. MADISON AVE,

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DANNY ROTH. Copyright Top Agent Magazine

DANNY ROTH. Copyright Top Agent Magazine DANNY ROTH DANNY ROTH Danny Roth is much more than a REALTOR. He s an innovator, a consultant, a creative strategist, a pub lished author, a mentor, an educator and an advocate for everyone involved in

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Members of the Discernment Committee. Ms. Elbie Ancona, Co-Op board member from Gwinnett Community Church, Lawrenceville

Members of the Discernment Committee. Ms. Elbie Ancona, Co-Op board member from Gwinnett Community Church, Lawrenceville Final Report and Recommendations of the Discernment Committee of the The Lawrenceville Cooperative Ministry, Inc. Lawrenceville, Georgia (Report issued on April 3, 2015) Members of the Discernment Committee

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Elizabeth Corbin Murphy, FAIA Judson A. Kline, FAIA

Elizabeth Corbin Murphy, FAIA Judson A. Kline, FAIA Presented By: Elizabeth Corbin Murphy, FAIA Judson A. Kline, FAIA This program is registered with the AIA/CES for continuing professional education. As such, it does not include content that may be deemed

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REPORT - RIBA Student Destinations Survey 2014

REPORT - RIBA Student Destinations Survey 2014 REPORT - RIBA Student Destinations Survey 2014 There needs to be a stronger and more direct link between the architectural profession and the study of it as a subject at university. It is a profession

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The Paul and Renate Madsen

The Paul and Renate Madsen An Extraordinary Legacy: The Paul and Renate Madsen Professor of Scandinavian and Germanic Studies Thank you For your generous gift to strengthen and perpetuate teaching, research, and outreach in Scandinavian,

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Tom Waggoner, AIA, is a Senior Vice President and Managing Principal for HOK s Kansas City office.

Tom Waggoner, AIA, is a Senior Vice President and Managing Principal for HOK s Kansas City office. INTEGRATION Bill Bourne, AIA, NCARB Senior Associate Populous, Inc. With nearly a decade of experience, Bill has played an integral role in the design of agriculture centers, fairgrounds, expo, entertainment

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Former Havertys 45,540 SF Retail Center 1911 Crestwood Boulevard Irondale, AL

Former Havertys 45,540 SF Retail Center 1911 Crestwood Boulevard Irondale, AL Former Havertys 45,540 SF Retail Center 1911 Crestwood Boulevard Irondale, AL Page of 16 Executive Summary The property is a 45,540 square foot retail center located in Birmingham, AL in the Irondale submarket.

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Nominators: Darwina Neal, FASLA, ASLA Past President (1983-4) Paul Dolinsky, ASLA, Chief, Historic American Landscape Survey

Nominators: Darwina Neal, FASLA, ASLA Past President (1983-4) Paul Dolinsky, ASLA, Chief, Historic American Landscape Survey Honorary Membership Nomination Narrative Nominee: Nominee s Address: C. Ford Peatross 1409 North Vermont Street City/State/Zip: Arlington, Virginia 22207 Phone: (703) 989-7252 Nominators: Darwina Neal,

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HOME BUYING GUIDE. Wendy Carrington

HOME BUYING GUIDE. Wendy Carrington HOME BUYING GUIDE Wendy Carrington 206.948.3852 Representation With a Buyer s Agency Agreement, home buyers can ensure that someone is looking out for their best interests. In most transactions,

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Findlay City School Lines

Findlay City School Lines MARCH 2016 Findlay City School Lines 1100 Broad Avenue Findlay, OH 45840 Ohio Academy of Science District 6 Science Fair Findlay City Schools had 4 representatives at the Ohio Academy of Science District

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PREPARED ON: November 28, 2018

PREPARED ON: November 28, 2018 PREPARED ON: November 28, 2018 PREPARED FOR: Tom & Mary White 7 Deep Run Court Hunt Valley, MD 21030 PRESENTED BY: Agent 123 Main Street Hunt Valley, MD 21030 Office: 410-555-1234 Home Office: 410-432-7890

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Obituaries FREDERICK DOVETON NICHOLS Obituaries FREDERICK DOVETON NICHOLS The world of historic preservation lost one of its earliest and staunchest advocates with the death of Frederick Doveton Nichols on April 9, 1995. Through his teaching,

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Roger Williams University USGBC Student Group Completed a sustainable design workshop as a prerequisite to the LEED Green Associate Exam.

Roger Williams University USGBC Student Group Completed a sustainable design workshop as a prerequisite to the LEED Green Associate Exam. BRIAN R. FONTAINE ASSOCIATE AIA 217 N MAIN STREET, TEMPLETON, MA 01468 BFONTAINE086@GMAIL.COM 978-895-8083 EDUCATION Roger Williams University, School of Architecture, Art, and Historic Preservation, Bristol,

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EXECUTIVE OFFICERS RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR: EXECUTIVE OFFICERS RUNNING UNOPPOSED FOR: 2019 President-Elect Ed Faulk Coldwell Banker Ed Faulk has over 17 years' experience in the real estate industry and currently is a licensed broker with Coldwell

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2014 japan update. Australia-Japan Research Centre. Crawford School of Public Policy College of Asia & the Pacific

2014 japan update. Australia-Japan Research Centre. Crawford School of Public Policy College of Asia & the Pacific 2014 japan update POLITICAL, ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL CHANGE Australia-Japan Research Centre ANU Japan Institute Crawford School of Public Policy College of Asia & the Pacific Political, economic and social

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Europass Curriculum Vitae

Europass Curriculum Vitae Europass Curriculum Vitae Insert photograph. Remove heading if not relevant (see instructions) Personal information First name(s) / Surname(s) Ahmed M. Attia Sholkami Address(es) 39 Leon Str. Hamra, Beirut,

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FOR SALE LAND 4.86 ACRES DEVELOPMENT LAND OFF I-95 AT NEW LONDON MALL. 389 North Frontage Road New London, CT Acre Development Site

FOR SALE LAND 4.86 ACRES DEVELOPMENT LAND OFF I-95 AT NEW LONDON MALL. 389 North Frontage Road New London, CT Acre Development Site FOR SALE LAND 4.86 ACRES DEVELOPMENT LAND OFF I-95 AT NEW LONDON MALL 389 North Frontage Road New London, CT 06320 PRESENTED BY: LAURI EVERY Managing Director 860.559.6802 CT #REB0750970

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H O U S I N G P O S T. Inside This Issue:

H O U S I N G P O S T. Inside This Issue: A P R I L 2 0 1 8 V O L U M E 1 8 I S S U E 4 H O U S I N G P O S T Inside This Issue: Child Supervision Apartment Rates Apartment City Limits Event 4/13 Subleasing/Selling/ Assigning & Solicitation April

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Governance of Metropolitan Areas Learning from Europe and the US

Governance of Metropolitan Areas Learning from Europe and the US Governance of Metropolitan Areas Learning from Europe and the US Tuesday, October 23 rd 2018 2.15 pm 5.00 pm, Berkeley, CA Building Competence. Crossing Borders. Governance of Metropolitan Areas Learning

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Action that Benefits All

Action that Benefits All Action that Benefits All 2019 Maine Land Conservation Conference Friday Saturday April 5th 6th Bath, Brunswick & Topsham, Maine 2019 Maine Land Conservation Conference Friday, April 5TH free 9 am 4 pm

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BFA Interior Design Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY 2007 Summa Cum Laude Minor: Art History CIDA accredited program

BFA Interior Design Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY 2007 Summa Cum Laude Minor: Art History CIDA accredited program EDUCATION MS Architecture with Specialization in Interior Design University of Nebraska-Lincoln Lincoln NE 2011 Graduate with Highest Distinction Research oriented curriculum focused on sustainability,

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Metro Architects Elected to 2013 AIA Iowa Board

Metro Architects Elected to 2013 AIA Iowa Board 400 Locust St., Ste. 100 Des Moines, IA 50309 For Immediate Release Contact: Jessica Reinert Phone: (515) 244-7502 E-mail: Metro Architects Elected to 2013 AIA Iowa Board Des Moines,

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Assistant Professor of History, James Madison University (2012-Present) Ph.D. History, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, 2011

Assistant Professor of History, James Madison University (2012-Present) Ph.D. History, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, 2011 Evan Friss Department of History James Madison University 58 Bluestone Dr., MSC 2001 Harrisonburg, VA 22807 443-414-2233 ACADEMIC POSITION Assistant Professor of History,

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profile speaker tourism fest in the west tuesday february Dave O Neil MC A one day regional tourism industry forum for Melbourne s west

profile speaker tourism fest in the west tuesday february Dave O Neil MC A one day regional tourism industry forum for Melbourne s west Dave O Neil MC Comedian and ABC presenter Dave O Neil has been in the business of comedy for over 20 years and is one of Australia s most recognisable stand-up comics having performed at 15 Melbourne International

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$5,000 per student- Publications Grants Info Session. Call for Proposals - Faculty Funding

$5,000 per student- Publications Grants Info Session. Call for Proposals - Faculty Funding Forward this message to a friend $5,000 per student- Publications Grants Info Session Thursday, September 7, 1PM 305 Wurster Hall map Learn about the call for proposals for interdisciplinary student publications

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Awards for Research and Creative Work

Awards for Research and Creative Work American Institute of Graphic Artists, South Carolina InShow Award Wesley Cook [Weser] Savannah Ray [Weser] Ashley Cook (2) [Weser] American Society of Interior Design, Carolinas Chapter Suphakarn Khammuangjai

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George M. Dennison Papers,

George M. Dennison Papers, Overview of the Collection Creator Dennison, George M. (George Marshel), 1935-2017 Title George M. Dennison Papers Dates 1950-2017 (inclusive) Quantity 3.0 linear feet 3 electronic files (6.52 megabytes

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Findlay City School Lines

Findlay City School Lines MARCH 2016 Findlay City School Lines 1100 Broad Avenue Findlay, OH 45840 Ohio Academy of Science District 6 Science Fair Findlay City Schools had 4 representatives at the Ohio Academy of Science District

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Columbia Land Trust is seeking a Conservation Lead to join its passionate team!

Columbia Land Trust is seeking a Conservation Lead to join its passionate team! Job Title: Conservation Lead Salary Range: $54,000 - $64,000 Location: Astoria Office (with regular travel to the Vancouver Office) Reports To: Conservation Director Appl. Deadline: Open until filled -

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TORONTO DISTRICT Organizational Overview

TORONTO DISTRICT Organizational Overview TORONTO DISTRICT Organizational Overview Responding to the demands of a dynamic marketplace, PCL Toronto is strategically organized into integrated business units (IBUs) to provide specialized construction

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INVENTORY OF VERNON E. JOHNS FAMILY PAPERS, No online items No online items Finding aid prepared by Dante Frye California State University, Dominguez Hills Archives and Special Collections University Library, Room

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Join Us In. Arizona. Scottsdale. National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers' Annual Building Inspection Engineering. February 12-14, 2016

Join Us In. Arizona. Scottsdale. National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers' Annual Building Inspection Engineering. February 12-14, 2016 Join Us In Arizona Scottsdale NA 2016 National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers' February 12-14, 2016 Friday 2 I 12 I 16 Registration & Continental Breakfast 8:30-8:45 NABIE President Remarks 8:45-9:30

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Monday Studio work: project introduction, 2D motif studies, revisions, pin up review, lecture from guest professor

Monday Studio work: project introduction, 2D motif studies, revisions, pin up review, lecture from guest professor DISCOVER! The purpose of the Architecture and Interior Design Discovery workshop is to enable high school and prospective architecture and interior design students: 1. To be exposed to creative architects

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Yoav Wachsman, Ph.D. Associate Professor Accounting, Finance, and Economics College of Business

Yoav Wachsman, Ph.D. Associate Professor Accounting, Finance, and Economics College of Business Yoav Wachsman, Ph.D. Associate Professor Accounting, Finance, and Economics College of Business Academic Background Degrees Ph.D. University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii, Economics,

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MASSACHUSETTS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS REALTOR OF THE YEAR PROGRAM MASSACHUSETTS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS REALTOR OF THE YEAR PROGRAM Each local Association is urged to select, as its REALTOR of the year, one outstanding REALTOR member who has made the greatest contribution

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PCC Conference and Plenary Meeting "Data as a basis of the digital society March 2018, Sofia. Activity of the geodetic NGOs in Bulgaria

PCC Conference and Plenary Meeting Data as a basis of the digital society March 2018, Sofia. Activity of the geodetic NGOs in Bulgaria PCC Conference and Plenary Meeting "Data as a basis of the digital society 13-15 March 2018, Sofia Activity of the geodetic NGOs in Bulgaria Union of Surveyors and Land Managers in Bulgaria Chamber of

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For 2019 AIA Rhode Island Board of Directors

For 2019 AIA Rhode Island Board of Directors For 2019 AIA Rhode Island Board of Directors Following candidates have been nominated by the 2018 Board: Officers Vice President/ President-elect Jonathan M. Taylor, AIA (2019) Secretary Nick Koulbanis,

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Staff Newsletter 2018

Staff Newsletter 2018 conveylaw CONVEYANCING LAWYERS Staff Newsletter 2018 Staff Newsletter 2018 Our philosophy at Convey Law is to be the very best at what we do and to exceed our clients expectations. We achieve this through

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OFFERING MEMORANDUM N Howard St, Baltimore MD 21218

OFFERING MEMORANDUM N Howard St, Baltimore MD 21218 OFFERING MEMORANDUM 2200 N Howard St, Baltimore MD 21218 EXCLUSIVELY LISTED BY Braden Crockett Associate VP & Director DIR (214) 692-2040 MOB (714) 345-6206 LIC # 01946071

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Interested candidates who are qualified to pursue PhD-level research work are invited to submit their applications before Monday, 18 February 2019.

Interested candidates who are qualified to pursue PhD-level research work are invited to submit their applications before Monday, 18 February 2019. Call for PhDs November 2018 CALL FOR PHD PROPOSALS Under the auspices of the Graduate School of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology, the Department of

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Richmond Association of REALTORS

Richmond Association of REALTORS Richmond Association of REALTORS LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY Developing visionary, service oriented REALTOR members for professional, civic and community leadership roles. 2018 Richmond Association

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Marshall S. Wolff. Partner

Marshall S. Wolff. Partner Marshall S. Wolff Partner Marshall S. Wolff has developed a broad and diverse business practice in which he advises clients in real estate, in commercial law matters, in workouts and business reorganizations,

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Marvyn Baker and Terry Courtney 2009 REALTORS Care Award Recipients for the Central Okanagan

Marvyn Baker and Terry Courtney 2009 REALTORS Care Award Recipients for the Central Okanagan MEDIA RELEASE For Immediate Release March 12, 2010 Marvyn Baker and Terry Courtney 2009 REALTORS Care Award Recipients for the Central Okanagan Kelowna, BC Recognized for their exemplary volunteer efforts

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Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA exploratory board to Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA exploratory board to Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA exploratory board to Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Date of visiting board: 10/11 October 2016 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee: 7 December

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An Established Authority On New Jersey Real Estate

An Established Authority On New Jersey Real Estate An Established Authority On New Jersey Real Estate Founded in 1986 2 Expert Solutions Rely on Zimmel Associates for in-depth market knowledge, industry expertise and exceptional service. Tenants, owners,

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Jonathan Rose Companies and Malkin Holdings Celebrate Ground Breaking of Metro Green III

Jonathan Rose Companies and Malkin Holdings Celebrate Ground Breaking of Metro Green III FROM: Jonathan Rose Companies 300 Main Street, Suite 500 Stamford, CT 06901 CONTACT: Eric Gerard - Great Ink Communications 212-741-2977; Jonathan Rose Companies and Malkin Holdings Celebrate

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CURRICULUM VITAE. REBECCA G. SCHERER PhD, CPC (NV), LPC (NC), NCC, ACS REBECCA G. SCHERER PhD, CPC (NV), LPC (NC), NCC, ACS EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL CREDENTIALS Degrees Date University Major Ph.D. Aug. 2013 University of North Carolina at Charlotte Counseling Notes: CACREP

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REGISTER OF THE RUSSELL E. DICKENSON PAPERS Russell Errett Dickenson, REGISTER OF THE RUSSELL E. DICKENSON PAPERS 1930-2008 Russell Errett Dickenson, 1923-2008 Mss 85, 26 boxes (9 cubic feet), 16 photographs, 13 oversize photographs, 1 slide, and 1 oversize folder REGISTER

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UKZN academic receives Herschel Medal Award for 2013 from the Royal Society of SA.

UKZN academic receives Herschel Medal Award for 2013 from the Royal Society of SA. 26 November 2012 UKZN academic receives Herschel Medal Award for 2013 from the Royal Society of SA. The Royal Society of South Africa recently announced UKZN s Professor Johannes van Staden, FRSSAf as

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To our esteemed colleagues in the Philadelphia Design and Construction industry,

To our esteemed colleagues in the Philadelphia Design and Construction industry, I To our esteemed colleagues in the Philadelphia Design and Construction industry, September 13, 2018 This year, the Philadelphia chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects, is proud to

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THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO WESTERN ARCHIVES THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO WESTERN ARCHIVES CLARE BICE FAMILY FONDS Inventory prepared by Alison Mitchell-Reid, based on student finding aid project(s) undertaken in partial fulfilment of archives

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Course Number Course Title Course Description

Course Number Course Title Course Description Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Edward St. John Real Estate Program Master of Science in Real Estate and Course Descriptions AY 2015-2016 Course Number Course Title Course Description BU.120.601 (Carey

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Name of local AIA Chapter AIA Santa Clara Valley. Name of Nominee _Stephanie Silkwood, AIA

Name of local AIA Chapter AIA Santa Clara Valley. Name of Nominee _Stephanie Silkwood, AIA AEPYoungArchitectsAward WenominatethefollowingAIAmemberfortheAIACCYoungArchitectsAward.TheNominee hasaspiredtothehighestqualitiesofleadershipandanunparalleledcommitmenttothe chapter smembershipandtheprofession.

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To: BSA Board of Directors From: Tim Love AIA, President Re: Board orientation workshop agenda Date: Friday, January 16, 2015

To: BSA Board of Directors From: Tim Love AIA, President Re: Board orientation workshop agenda Date: Friday, January 16, 2015 To: BSA Board of Directors From: Tim Love AIA, President Re: Board orientation workshop agenda Date: Friday, January 16, 2015 Please note this meeting will convene at District Hall, 75 Northern Ave, Boston,

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