INSIDETHIS WEEK. how much, 23. FILM CUPS:'Nanny McPhee Returns', BZ. OCi09.LS HOIUD p 0959 AèjU8I1 3I1Bfld S1IN Tt'000Q 10ooO. ..

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1 - - -_-.- i NSDETHS WEEK THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 * A PONEER PRESS PUBLCATON * $2.00 BLOCKSHOPPER Which lcal residence sld.: hw much, 23 FLM CUPS:'Nanny McPhee Returns', BZ HERALD-SPECTATO R AT CARSON'S e e s s s s s s e e e s 20-50% OFF OUR ENTRE STOCK OF DENM! DETALS NSDE. e e.,,, a a " - e - Class excitement Fina Malney f Park Ridge gets excited after finding ut what third grade class she will be in atthedrersevelt Elementary. See stry n page 4. Pht by Curtis Lehinkuhi/Staff Phtgrapher..LStj LS:rtz S1 OCi09.LS HOUD p 0959 AèjU81 31Bfld S1N Tt'000Q 10O OliRnd S11N 5O3 8$'T9 SîO3)$,.LO1 s e e s e e s s e NOW THROUGH MONDAY, SEPT. 6, 2010 Chse as many items as yu like! s e. DO10001OECF s e e s s e e s s s s e s s s e e s s e LOOK NSDE FOR MORE EXTRA SAVNGS COUPONS!- GET DEALS, STAY CONNECTED like' us n Facebki Get cupns n yur phne. Text ffers" t ' Get tters n yur inbx. Fllw us n carsnsatres E flfl. 6t 2e * CM4il'h45ett7 COME TO THE RGHT PLACE j.

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3 'ji Thinking f SELLNG Yur Hme? Smp. 3! l33f4'3 713W3 211,03,14 Linds? Bli , , , , , CHCAGO SKOKE ,,0,0407b0.l'i32 12]' SOl 91220*1, , CHCAGO ' llm*0'o , , *1 i t 3, ,121. * * fll ,,,n3, ,,llwllw004tl im F &l2, , l W * O lo * f, , 34312, , l44,l l031411l , ,02 352, lila 50,32110 $ T' ' ' 'Otl ,32 22,7 041F,32121,132 01/ , 2211 m4$31w ,7*3 44, , EVANSTON io O 001$ ,152 NL- ThURSDAY, StP1Et3tR , ,02 44, RE f Outstanding Agents Outstanding Results. 'The Number One Selling RW( Office is Skkie Since Suiving the SUte Nrth Shre. Call fr a Free Market Analysis! e nV 0 * '327' lls 4,21a154,43l ,5, 4,0 211m LS 0w 232 i ss ,44,124150/43,315 03k24, F4313 / , F 1t , W ! , , , $ , MasagigElllase: Matt Schuiite J'hne: (708) cm THS WEENO LOYATTASTCS TEEN TALENT FR 0210$ MLL SCHOOLS3 MOCiL AS PRNCPAL CRME, 00325* SPULOSZES, 0H16 SOCOLO Suburban uucllpiuymelll rate changes varied in July By LYNNE STEFEL The number f suburban 'reidemts m the nbar 0,acbel r000iwed t ebb cd Vw in July. Unemplyment rates increated slightly lmuth im fine f the 06 Chicag-area cmmunitias with ppsiuliss ven 25,000 merced by lems Press; was umehauged im fur rmmusitie,; umd deruased shghtly is secs, "The immediacy f m052hly dta um it trirhies up c dme des mt nmuhudsw the lng-term lcendsthatshw cartate ucig im the right direrhu," Maure O'Deeli, dirrrlr f the Jilinim Depaclwel cf tomplyweet Security, simlrd. At6.8 pmrraml,wilmmttmh usrmply,00mmt rul re-,nied thu lwest mg hund mumiripailtirm avith ppsiulin ver 20,000, fultwed by Glmmriew und N,'lhbrh al 7,2 percu Maywd't i8.2-puceru unemplyment rute mue sernib highest im thu sial behind Nrth Chiceg, gas S. Luis, Balvidere, Rchlrd, Pt1rcmyesdKeluhm Statewide, the July raie pel'cmnt und aiicoally, 3.7 yerrani lbtb nt eussliy edjauledruls. Althugh tha number f snenplyed residnis hd 010m in tma municipalilbs since Oh beginleg l the year, s had hr uwbw' f mplyad residrls. iolaplyedecuslm i'eyi' lllmd 30,447 im July, sp fruw 38,248 ir Jllsry Tb 54e,vre 3,523 e' piyd rsideul in July1 $'llr wre 10,780 'i,ii',,, ,...,.-.1 tales VLLAGE BOARD Area unemplyment statistics Or305luyenl 7155 l5/t2d'ssie /04 OliShliN sr 41401*080- F17 July 112m mtntt esruirtnieg uf tse Chicqt'aree suhurts hy P , 20 aithappsl000e 4140 lcl 27,020, 00e Unemplywel re h ,104, s "' LObaefO,40 J0t J'se.J550 NOtlOy' 9Sidy',.t J 54) Os401l 0,420 24,207 0, Elnhrs 23, ,5 6, M Prk 13, , '0.3 Esfl5tsa w , Sess, 00, Hi)Nd P32k 14, ,4 1.0 ))ywd 01,920 16, ,1-0.0 M62t ,832 9, )00dalaln 07, ,8 9, , , , ' NOrt,hrak 0709M 7, , $40k Prk 20, ,f Park BiN 19,201 7,7 7, S.l -0.8 Skkie ,9 8, W11s4,tte 02, ,4-0,2 The itsnediacy f mnthly data as it trickles up r dwn des nt vershadw the lngterm trends that shw atr state mving in the right directin. played Mrin Gr ve l'midents is July, cmpard with 10,40210 Junuury, Al 101e sume litar, snemplyed cesidemis in July asmbrrd 1,050, 40 urs thea i $140- The scewplymai ral ide-0140cc lluse milo une all f vn, and uahbg rmplymel. Wrhel'm ag beaufils ur uaalad sperstnly, A persn i h ehuusiu drin i,ieligiblc br bnefils mili luld bc rflacld in lila ucmplp cco 05,cy r mah- Mtsrrre O'Daenetl lg mplymei, O'Dueli cntinued l ire the impniencm uf ablaiig shills lila best ht h rhungiag jb murillo. "The bumic dut mece reqired 05 ihm bgicing f ibis reeassia n lnger urs enugh t s secure emplymet," h mltrd. "Mving frwlni, lhsn null tulsm ll,e lime ldny taita' p,'nr thnir ahills und dvlapun' talent 1,/ll h 111e idividealu aull 11m hired çlllypocp,picilnrr!lfd,c,il, Lca' Xei Bard fcuses By ALEX MCLEESE Crtybaler At thu Riles Villuge 00usd ftnemtesammnlig Aug 24, the hurd chse a Orm te madit the nilluge'a lteenul financial ramnais d mved u asep rlaer ta Sdimg a Orm fr an infmmatin technlgy usd11, The baaed wrded u cn- rart t Smidmu Fn LLC fr the cadis nf imleeml ctrein, which mes prnpsd by bcamd members dumimg the budgetig prcess fam Basi ymuc 2011, "They're geig t fucus n any ways hr village culd mnreinably be dth'nded c less ssmap wilh mitebea," said Village Memeger Gerge Ven Geem, "That's whet lternal cantels ura, t wshe name ya'egatampstem im place t prtact assets," n tw audits Man threatens wman frm cell By JENNFER JOHNSON i 5 ln SO5Op anse ra adiete Ouad was Set so 8300,000 fr snuiec,'pmuied Mls Twnship mn accused uf hecteming wman daring u phne ml fr,, his hlding cali ill 1140 Cni, Cul,ty Sl,el'- iffh Plice My,vad Lckup, ")i Sheriff's Pause said Jasase Ona, 32, blch u7 Bay Clny, vus urrulud Aug ggrc000d dmeslie bui- 1ml-O charge 111cr u lram Owl, f,iiing lrs huir d lilndg 11ml' li,ll,vlug 00 a'gmmvt, Whn Owed ras Od, lic 12le,gcllly lbi u flicc The bed usthaeieed the nillage luse $10,000 fl' h nudit, which will ha rmpleiedhy lls sd f Nvem- The hurd ced 10411cm he villlage dwinistrlin t send aal u reqasst Zar prpunals fr Ohs infrmatin tecl,slgy adil, "The idac is fr ehe rsultan 0000m in nd review thu T depal'lmat l csa!'a Obey hve pl'upersecsrisp 0e prvidm ser supprt 004ta nhnh lheo sfiwre licanses are in place," Vas Oeew sld, He udded Oht the hard wuld phably apprsvsarmlmrtt 10, Seplembar meeting, 0e additi l pl'ssig ahed with Oh tw uadios, the burd tpprnmd a reo mg f up t.95,1 milli iu ciliege debt mam 2003, The village dwiiulrahn will hld un pe bid fficer Oht he culd hve the vitim "hilled fr 100 bachu" Aller plice ll,,d Owce l mh 000 phn call 070es 1,1 was prcessed 01 11,0 My0000d Lchp, delctiveu learned 0,001 had ciled hivmm l,lssaacruedcl bticrig ncher und lbretcnd t bili hal- ben l'e luis n lngm' in plice custdy, Stel'- lob's l slicc s1,id, Ti,mismul, dn 00usd plice 5e repru 11,01 O,ncu bud ll,'ele,,rd plle 0111,1. 0,acu ba subneqal,51y cl,urgc,l null, bebp ili,nidulicniuddiiln, t lhc rigì,,i lmealic bllcy ch,'rge. Palla,aivg la aplicr0000 'll 01,0cl 00 Aug, prcess n Sept, 22, usd11 hpes tu rave the village 5173,500 ecer the remimleg yurs f she debt inses. l 0005her mve 5e imprsvr hm vilbge's ledgers, hn bard upprved the Riles Fsmily P Cler's reqamvt la bred se the p'in07000ess membership n Sps. i, Prices will ris by $11092 per peena pem mnib ar050aumerss cutegrics f membership, Th ctes lust inereesed prices im Pebraary 2006, lespdiag t reqaest by nitisen, lbs beard discassd Ohm pssibility sf teem limits fee elseted villge , but mme f the membern ancre in levee f she plicy chan ge, Vm Geam said thu lp u small fractin f the Nrthnent Munieipl Cmferemee's mewbemu limit the terms nl their O8eials. 24,0 8000,000 bnd ives set, plice cud, Omrn viceim han reprtedly be e effsrcd a "sfe bce" fr bec lnd her 0h11- d4;ruç1,s Pluca said Owne hu a c,'iwivl hisonry that cusisss na SU srrest s Js 27 by Ses Plmes palier fvlbawmd by a dmestic bltcryurrest by Cnh Caunly Shmill's Plice 99 minuten laten Accrding m plice, Omea pled guiietp t li dmenlir battery charge amd ws given uceditims, al dinchueg asd 18 msnth prbatin, but iht prblis wn vilated vilb him Aug, tzrrst. Plice said bss lsn bis urcesvesl in the psts drug p end theft cliuges,

4 - Ulrraeund - Oaerd MOOlS NL' , SEPTEMBER At011 PONEER PRESO POBLCOON 'NL news u DSTRCTS 63 AND 71 TLC prgram expands t Culver Elementary By ALEX OCLEESE Crtributc 0 Aug. to, students frm District 71'i Culver liemestary Schl begun perbeipsiingin Dis1 teint lt's Ttal Learning Cmme. nhty edunetie prgrams. Fc' District Ti, the cmngemeni elo TLC, teif-eupprtieg remmunhiynda0000e trgmdetin, is s wey t etiminete tite pridhitirie stefits punlextendedduy-vaee prgrams sdi enubt lit si - dents te enjy mer bleds elch- Ovilles ir TLC's isrger ergsiea- "11h si mutt nice l grw the ppgram, end it's ube t icvea mdel CONTACT US ti NiLEl'HEPALD PEC10100 lit tin repiieabie td tal," uid TLC Circuler Pam Suchen "We're relygled, end lib very exciting." TLC clli bes Culver sledelt l District it's Nelsen Slementncy Schl rr afler-sicl prgremsing. Al Culver itself, TLC clli iler umeruieg icrgrsr begin. sing aif tc., und t hi0000gerie nere pesgesm irm 2 t 3p.m. i eddillee, TLC mliii pr'id iceifdip pcgrme duvig institute deys. "Tb er ere li f gd prgrume ct thce lcally, bui mhei set ur prgram apart is that me have certified terherss000rh site 000rdivlieg ehe prgesms," said Sarher. "lt hips students muh a seaìlets trtt ilin lm tite scicl dy i uuiar-shl prgrame. lice hect cuay isle 1,00e ii frei lilac atarai Drn." gather said ihal she tries i beep th prgram "enirrcccely rsi-elfedv?' Dm 0TTLC's pew grams rsi n mm un $1.14 per hur, nd studeccts cuic arr p. preved fr free r reclaced-prin lucrltes puy lss. T se iu dard fe fc Dinerit S studets is $15 perme eh, ud 1er Cal r ste dents $25 per creeh b000ese f tice additisi rests raas'd by iciudtg e stcsl utside fih hm d'mitici. TLC cas bnded in 2001, ccd this year il is plring big cele. buttins fr ils leali, aniuecuurg Sarber said, l'h OcgicietiO is fucdsdby fndreisers and grnis, iviuding f-np educat 11cv rcmaiiy hat llness, nainhy, besily sud ncalcivg. TLC rrcccely rccived s 0500, e irm Otepicea Weiner, u -dfrdel 1011cc md. ral rerruptiecc cse thcct can pet frmer Nues Mayr Nichlas Slas i prisn. Suc-ber nsid licei bar rgenl00000 is xlii tryirg in deride hw t pr rssr'a r Oase ltcutmeyadisesplcc'iccgmys 10 invrst it. Cecccccccct:pirieec'lcel.cercc DSTRCT 64 Class lists, rm numbers get psted Children i l urh Sidg-Nilen Schl Sisirirt 14 recently learcced their classrm assignments 1er lce toli.11 schl 7Clccss lisis, icladiccg iearlcerccames and 000m eumbrs hr each grad, nvel, cuer psted ut earic nuire ctiinirt's leur elementary erhts Aug. i. Many vhildrn sheved up nl ihecr uelcel early t Od val h Ocel nm luchns val be nd if they vili hein the sme lsss as ticeir baci blends. Tb nt srlcel yur lar Diutrirt 14 sludeccts begun Aig. 23. Cccccccrccltpicceerlarl.00ccc tenusthe Reliures, e lilt-grdr ei Thedre Rsnsenit Elsvssisy, lks sitie leas luis te ser 0h01 thiri'5ilr liess bec siclc sill 051r Curtis Lehcekahihileil Fhelslrephcl NLES HERALD- SPECTATOR * bgtrltcslsdtrce * NSDE THS WEEK CALENDAR C$gSlylRl FLS CLPS/' SfNtA POLCE RLT1'iER SCHOOLS 111RTMES 'LAST WEEK TOP WEB SOlFES lt Eli ii it rl 1. Death f Hiles pastr thught t he suicide E Alice etach lfsier ted afe upper erl ictido ins 055seretsr erse fleer hersrd. Z. Nues Nrth bilds strength and cnditining 11101RA - Afiera simmer cngruein slrihs sppsrrt in teto its rash- Arg al rensled Chuk Pas Otell, tir psy Os reedy i, Ailes kerle fut hm gene nfl Orpi. 16 ller ali 3. Es-byfrend charged with hme invasin tar Cunty Sheriffs Ptin errested e sen t ellegedly breed his ey irres frcer girlbrisrcfs epestersnt is lis' Osrprled Mist Tsvsship erl bleui' med i kill le Hiles West speedsters shuld he hard t catch F00110LL -Aller rserirg ll l' ss' ss, suiddecs' repeelsibons nc Ailes 0051 ere mdest, el best let plenty 5f peple surd tie 000rlcl 01111e psyisg ettnlier t the WsliOO l heir 55050e penec. Wnrlcer helps thwart $5,600 scam f elderly wman r yt'yesr'eld Riles snsa leerla lst seecsl hausends f dlere 100 ree eher e sellec pretellet leise exila nnbr seeking beil nere?. LETTERS TO THE EDTOR lßte'c,,lo 50,1,01, seeclsslcsseseeinaccenrecusee,rec riet usss'erec,rs,,ssl n cs us,ureeslsce. l Osns He Sec leali assis SS See this buttn? ass i i sellsuc sees, press er Ald' phiss el yleshsceldcpsltelres GARBAGE CONTRACT Apartment residents cncerned abut garbage cllectin increases ny ALEX MCLEESE Celdiuler Owners f epatmet bildings is Nle ars npset abut steep inneuses in thair garbage secure les this year Srn villsge trustees criiinied thn garbger0000eri, und umr fficib in eighbarig rmmunities prpsed el' temete sppr000hes t garbage nemic. Miles dmiistrut000 dfeeded the lgic behind th new rstruet, Fr ver S yses, Niles has 000h000ted nith Ori ndasleiss td gr'bge pieb-up, 000tding wpetilm bidding prrensen by cantinlly renegtiating prices , villluge fbidule decided te include apamtmst buildings in the vseli tllsge garbage cn- rart mth Grt because thay wac erneivig emplaints frm aprtmni aw000'snhst the qunbty f their serrines, which mere idspdsntlynirated. Nues' mrt reet agree' msnt with Genl ens apprvad by the Vilinga brd at Trustes in Muy, und ande in Ali riensax bbeildings mill fare 3.70 percentyeurlyicemeses i fes, und i dditiannices lupuetmeets must puy $10 mre per mnth begl' nig ibis yeuu', u e.time lcrense that 000iribates tn bibs in fes l 17 per' ct this yeah Apartment 00000rs are nt happy abut the etep rise in less, "Did w cherh with thec aemfnisf" ached grest Weietruab, "O thib 17 pnret is utsdy Mraeb seid ihut apuetwent mnc's ere valnerabla after the lcsng in pby made in 2001, "We hy On depend n thn nil' lege t nageoieta," she said. The apartment bwnaro cmplained that individuily srgtiuted rutects might lwer their fes. Villsge adm'cccisiruten defended the les they negliutsd, 5gasad n infrmatin frm the Slid Wste Agnry f Nrthern Ch Cunty, 01 which w e area wamber, these peple that renegtiated big cntracts rdad up faring murb belt thn th050 mh meet nt t bid," said, issllsnt Viliag M 000g, teven Vineen, "Waste rntrucs egtiusd in the psi O mnths rn p n urmge percent, und Miles ev avec-uge is up nly 7.53 purrant," Village M050gn' Osrge Vus Geem said OhaO Gr000 ns pravidd qanlity sr- They nr very raspnshte uc nasd, nd re big enagh t bndis any hind bernergeey," h said, "Daring the 2008 bding, thy mre here rll entra equipment helping us abn p th twn, and are partners with na. Cheaper is na neressrily better wtree it rme t thia hind b fl/c Geem said thai h ten ted Grut micen the rmpnyuabed br atol increase n upc'tment serrin, At the July meeting nf iba Villaga Bard f Trasles, he auid Obat lene t vas eubaidieleg aputmant buildings at Ohs epeese lewnecs fthee hinds f prpenties. "They felt thsy enedd an isreusa thre, and mhen me negaiiated, Obey mde gad nn l it, They mt t mals sara they'u' nt laictg mney n litai typ ct ser'ia. Thy said Obst lume givuraise her, thsy mill hld dm ther area," Van 10cm said. Jnly he argued that invluding all hinds nf bildlge in Oh garbage cantrsatreaulta i l0000r feen, "We stili believe that by giving Grut Ohs frnelcise und pmariding guara000ed vlumea, we re cheaper thus the veedrs," he said, He lsliengd upnrtment nmnems ttted better ffers. Altee beaming eampluints frm wners f apartment baildings el their Jly meeting, sma trastass rritiiand Oh nnnieat vith Grat. "Whan the Grnt inse nme in frano las, we epeitreitysuid that ilya gbveu000teunt t ne rumpny t pich ap gerbage, there may beaeriuin tim mhen thy pass n n ism0050 und we hve whsre t g," said Tmnsiee Je LaVrds, "W mud u big mistahe is ding this. W cn be hnld htuge by peple." He nailed fr villaga staff t prvide mc infrmatin abut hw garbage fes mud rise 17 pecs t in asingieyucr After thu maetisg, Trustes Andrew Pesybyl id that the grbage nx fe the banquet hull whre he is a gsnnrnl manager, Th White Sagle, hve eisen. "1f e000gbc las gt tgether and cmplain lud e050gh, 'm sure the villge is gaicg s hve S bach ff n the cntrari and ba requirementlhutamweriul antities hune t tbe Grat nervi005," he sld. "Hw des the baninensemmunity simply g alng wish villag emplyees bidding ut services thut 00cm pretty impactant t mef" SWANCC Executive Directr C. Omhe bm wphesisd Olct gtha ge can- Or000s 0m cmplex. "Becently, eteesinea hve darse butter thn bids n 000rugs, but there are a lt nl factrs thm g lt 1h01," h said, mentluing the terms f the last rbui, esrulutmnin the nn- 0000t ccd 01cm ialnin b 000tninemn. He addd thnt a 000t000t rvith lighee ps'icss muy ha preferble if sereine is beltev "N iw slid mste ctrat ur the sme," he crc;rrcrrccvpuurceerl000trrrc Jin Our Ranur Shabbal & Weekday Services High Hliday Services l.edby Rabbi Daniel Sherbill with - Rabbi Mshe Staur Tickets fr the unaffiliated fr $ AYSH Nrthbrk Cmmunity Synaggue 2548 Jasper Curt, Nrthbrk ASH Ask abaue se seligina stsl, Enei Mhtevlc, Jrvish Leamieg Club Rabbi Daniel Sheebill Flama Halpeel, Peenideel -ir...the vein care center - SelsOiseee WiOBensl Ssrgery Wesmese e/ Vmiven Vivs. Lg mnling Spidna Vde. 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5 . 6 news NL ' THURSDA'L SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 A PONEER PRESS PUBLCATON ' NL news 7 Schl fficials ready budget fr Sept. 30 deadline By ALEX MCLEESE Cntributr At its meeting Aug. 30, the first day fschl, the Park Ridge-Niles Distriçt 64 Bard f Educatin reviewed its tentative budget and its plans fr the year ahead. Business Manager Rebecca Allard explained recent changes i the district's tentative budget, which must be adpted by Sept. 30. n all, revenues increased by 384,148 and expenses increased by $373,13c3, adding $11,012 t the district's estimated ending fund balance. One imprtant change was a reductin in the amunt the district pays fr insurance. While Unicare dental-insurance csts will increase by 13 Rabbi Peter J Mehier percent, the district's Blue Crss Blue Shield PPO and HMO health-insurance csts will remain cnstant. Overall, benefits payments will increase by nly.2 percent. n an earlier drnft f the tentative budget, insurance csts vere prjected t rise by 3.12 percent. The change in rates will save the district a prjected $478,224. n additin, Allard reprted at a Cmmunity Finance Cmmittee meeting earlier this mnth, the state f llinis recently made a $1-millin payment t the district, leaving nly $900,000 in utstanding bligatins fr the fiscal year. At present it is unclear hw the state's budget fi' this fiscal year might affect the district's funding. Diane Betts, assistant superintendent fr student learning, said the district will cntinue t fcus n literacy during this schl yeai "Last year, we implemerited a new i-ending curriculum fr grades K-8, and new reading materials fr grades K-5," she said "t's a big task fr teachers t becme familiar with the new framewrk." Betts said the reading curriculum especially facilitates differentiated instructin fr students at many levels, a majr gal f the district's Strategic Plan. As was suspected the district lst a $145,000 reading-imprvemeat grant. BeLts said she believes the grant dccisin was caused by the state's financial crisis, and said the district will nt cut ÑORTÑ3ROOK COÑGREGATON EZRA-HABONJM. i:i L.jil }"iì''a" t;th L t.., Jin us fr the Cantr Larry Eisberg DSTRCT 64 any psitins, thugh it may try t spend less n staff develpment. Superintendent Philip Bender said the district has secured crssing guards fi' this yeai "The Park Ridge chief f plice has assured us that all crssing guards have been hired and all intersectins cvered," he said. "The cverage at the lcatin at Prspect Avenue and Oaktn Street has been reduced. "Originally, the assignment fcrssing guards was designed t facilitate middle-schl children nly. Children vli have been walking with parents t and frm Field have buses assigned t them, and thse Field families have been ntified that the cverage is being reduced." One Field Schl mther urged bard members t cnsider changing the start time fr its mrning daycare prgram t 7 a.m. frm 7:30 a.m. "There are a lt f twparent wrking husehlds, and it is in the interest f the child t have cnsistent care," she said. " wuld like t request that yu talk abut it and think abut extending the time, sending ut mre infrmatin, making parents mre aware f prgram, and ding this fr next yeai "t's smething that's in need, and ifparents were mre aware, we wuld have the demand, and it wuld be paid fr." The district requires that a minimum f 10 students Pet' schl sign up befre it makes the starting time earlier, and nly seven stadents are nw signed up at Field Schl. Superintendent Bender agreed t discuss the matter with ther staff members. After its regular meeting the Bard f Educatin met in clsed sessin t discuss pssible replacements fr frmer bard member Russell Gentile, wh resigned in late-july because the lcatin f his jb was changing. Bard President Jhn Heyde annunced earlier in the mnth that the bard intended t identify candidates t interview in clsed sessins and then hld a special public bard meetlag, tentatively scheduled fr Aug. 31, t vte n a replacement. Cmment: pineerlcal.cni Mgli retiring as principal Emersn Middle Schl Principal Vicki Mgil has annunced that she will be retiring at the end f the schl year. Mgil's annuncement was included in the Aug. 26 Emersn Enquirer newsietter t parents. Mgil's career in educa- Parent curriculum nights have been rescheduled at tw schls in Park Ridge- Nues Schl District 64. Curriculum night at Rsevelt Schl fr grades three thrugh five will nw DSTRCT 64 tin spans 35 years, with 31 f thse years in Park Ridge-Niles Schl District 64. She has als wrked as an assistant principal and a teacher in the district. Mgli has been principal femersn Middle Schl in Nues since 1998 when the schl pened. DSTRCT 64 Parent curriculum nights rescheduled take place n Thursday, Sept. 16 at 6 p.m. and curriculum night at Washingtn Schl will nw take place n Tuesday, Sept. 14 at 6:30 p.m. Lcal strefrnt gets makever fr Chevy ad Jin Temple Judea Mizpah fr the High Hlidays Tickets fr Rsh Hashanah and Ym Kippur. Family services & festival hlidayspen t all. Rabbi Amy L. Memis-Fler 8610 Niles Center Rad, Skkie, L Check ut Our Great CD Rates! Minimum Depsit t earn stated APY is $10,000 liá Jnn. i.fómkidai High Hly Days Recmmended Dnatin Per Adult Rsh HaShanah - Ym Kippur 5771 September September 18 Child Care Special Children's and "Beginner" Services We are a full service Synaggue ffering membership ptins t accmmdate every need Please call fr further infrmatin High Hliday Services in the beautiful Sheely Auditrium at Glenbrk Nrth High Schl Shermer Rad, Nrthbrk Find au f the garage sales in yur area with a map and key! Navigate yur way t great deals! GEr your G nline every Thursday t search by day r twn, map yur rute with driving directins, and mre! PONEER PRESS pinee rtca. crn T Advertise CU By PATRCK BUTLER pbutler pineerlcal.crn Hw d yu change a paint-yur-wn-pttery stadi int a dress butique? Overnight, ifyu're the flks wh were shting a Chevrlet cmmercial in Edisn Park. "They came in Tuesday (Aug. 17) asking if they culd d it, spent much f Wednesday setting up, did "We actually had a few peple crn- ng in asking if we had mved, but nbdy was really freaked ut." Devyn Pechnick the filming Thursday, and peple cming in asking if tk everything dwn by we had mved, but nbdy Friday mrning," said ari was really freaked ut," she amazed Devyn Pechnick, a said. "custmer assciate" at f While the studi gt ut An Elephant Can Paint, the wrd t mst fits i'eg N. Nrthwest Highway. ulars, sme passersby came That meant replacing all in asking questins, Pechf the art equipment with nick said. dress racks and putting in Funded in 2003, the a faux facade that had mre paint-yur-wn-pttery stathan ne passerby ding a di ffers art-themed birthduble take, Pechnick said. day pai'ties, girls night uts "We actually had a few and ther special events. Cuntryside 5456 Suth LaGrange Rad Cuntryside, L Hillside 2225 Suth Wlf Rad Hillside, L MEMBER FD1C Eimhurst 539 Spring Rad Eimhurst, L Lake Zurich 1100 Suth Rand Rad Lake Zurich, L A a A Glen Ellyn ATM Drive-up Center 1090 Rsevelt Rad Glen Ellyn, L Lmbard 837 Suth Westmre Avenue Lmbard, L Glen Ellyn 520 Crescent Bulevard Glen Ellyn, L Mrtn Grve West Dempster Mrtn Grve, L Hawthrn Wds 10 Landver Parteay Hawthrn Wds, L Villa Park 305 West St. Charles Rad Villa Park, L hur ATM and Night Depsitry services at all lcatins *Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective as f 8/1 7/1 0. nterest is cmpunded and credited mnthly, ' - Rates subject t change. Substantial penalty fr early withdrawal frm certificates f depsit. Fees may reduce earnings n the accunt The nland name and lg are registered trademarks being used under license.

6 8 MewS Get yur iìiessaè'ut nw and take advantage f Sun-Times Medias Early Bird Discunt. All Candidates, issue grups and plitical parties can save 50% by running ads befre September 5s Fr mre infrmatin, cntact Susan Blatchfrd SkkîeA áehardware ke -Heerf f kkie fr Mre TOO Yesrg! Yur Helpful Hardware Peple Any Windw r Screen $500 Repair O F Fncluding Thermal Pane Skkie Ace Hardware, 5035 Oaktn Skkie, L : s es P-1 A Hiles church pastr died f en rpprretsnicide Raccrd. 00Aug. 25, member's nl lice Hiles Ptine flepsetmenl alag with the MrHsury Cunty Cnservatin Dintrin Plice fund the bdy f the Rev. Darin P. Berg, u 35-year-ld Hiles resident iv the Rnh Creek Cnservatin Araa near Harvard, ke Hilen Pelir Dspurlmrnt SLES POLCE DEPARTMENT Death f Nues pastr thught t be suicide reprted. Berg, nh'was p astr f Ri. Jhn Lutheran Chreb in Hiles, ans reprted niseing by his wife r Aug. 24. Berg left his tesidnee en the 7400 blch tmihanieee Avenne abut klo p.m. Ang. 23 und said h canas gning "lsihisg," plies sd. denntretrn heme that eiglei hat never did. His nifr rvperlsd hire winning cny the rent mrning. ALERT NL' TlltR5020, SEPTEMBER 2,2211 Hiles Plire were chie t trace Brgia the Harvard aree. tnnestigetrs belinve Berg tch Ernie te the Har. yard area und the entered the cnservatin areu neavby, where he died la sell. ingirted gaeshnt recaed. The MrHenry Cunty Carnes"s 0100e und the Cserrutien Pelles were handling the deutl invesligalin. Cesnrertt;piacreertnrfrercc Rabid bat fund in Edisn Park By PATRCK BUTLER p bu 110 NRp lu n su rie eu tn A rubies alert was iusned Avg. lt fvllacnig dinvnery la rabid bl eec tire 6700 blat, el Nrth Olympia Ac'. Murk Bnetleal, f tire Animal Cre und Cnirl Cnmmiaair,, r'epertnd that lice unimal vax lacrad Aug. R and letrd pilie ai lbs llinis State Publia Health Labratry. As flire puslneeherd eke hut ren he nly rabid acimut fund c the Nrthwest Bide na HE said Besen. that. Bat 1h are culd still he thees, he sld, mnring lcal residents valle ran. die asp bls r wild unimin uf any kind, asperially il they appaur lebe eating s rugs ly. Pr example, he taud, yu nrmally cpen i ses bet flying urnd at dusts, eli daylight. tfyu secabal tlying urued i the daylime nr lying n the gratd, alive bat wahless, rilyuusdahatgyingrned yxur heuss, aall 322 jun 10 be safe, hr said. "Or aey bal thel is dead. Dn't tuch it. Reprt it," he added. "Why did it die? "And px il nt cruet an unva ly bitten by hats, bt erimal bilc by lbs baler med bava aalls invlving eat the but, ne eawe int mkatne wuld cnsider encntant witt, ies saliva." pesare, bat uni le per Pl arener uhauld als renmar is lying in the drhay them animals ahsahsd muy," h said. axt byavslar'inat'ian if they Bareihel neid tirree dit- F have rme ici eacy rted fcrcetuganeienertisvalved ï with nspielen-lnhing i cubica cntrai Animal nimel, Rneuthul udded. Cverai, thegerdfhelil, f " jvg have very few peple actually bitten by bats, but we d have calls invlving what we wuld cnsider expsure." "Wiren we geta rll, it's e cuss f'eny snake tau pcis0000ssnl,e,'" hseid. "gnn il it's net, yea tenet it hut msy" it it des eut have prf nl eurrsl bies skein And ifdeg, er cnvenue er ferret, des net her a urlent reblen uurnmnulien, l,vn hmm naarineted immcdietnly, Reseelitul said. flu clmai bituspeesnr aneth se unimnl, the biling aimal mill here tbe quumstied ter 10 dayn, eithr al nnimal enteul ara vets' eftiae if thera is n prf they have bec canainatnd. "We h ve ver plw peple and the stle lab, which per'. frms Ehe enuminatin t determine whether lire animlineebid. Bubiun has nt bree tuvd in rueeaeea in the Mums'. thnngh it is fund in ruerennt in 1k eeat and ba west, hr said. "s it psnihlet Yen. But tar eight nm, ea, althugh mr dea let etwhat we 0011 auvveillenee nf rces wlrer. 1h ere retid be rubi en earncru," hn said. Rsenthel said heultir ageneies pr'ter le taire el ahaeees, es rubies is "1010- pannent fetal" in hmus S untreated tlima. Cemerrlrpieneerlarufrant r-1. H r PlONttN PRESS BUCETOR 'NL WANTS YOU! Please jin yur friends, neighbrs, and cmmunity fr an afternn and evening f live music, games, fd and family fun in memry f Chle a 9 year ld girl frm Winnetka, wh lst her battle with brain cancer last March, Afl prceeds will benefit Chle's Crew, whse missin is t impact the daily lives f peple in need thrugh randm acts f lve and kindness, Here's yur chance t d jut that! Admissin is cmplimentary and dnatins are encuraged, s we can cntinue ur missin f helping thers in need; SATURDA SEPTEMBER 1 ith 4:00 9:00 PM, HUBBARD WOODS PARK, WNNETHA Oit Crn hly Rd. i blck nrib f Twar Rd. AROOM d Sm reh settani mn d w vw hing spene, Or m less thee ya sens dmesnrsd,. basement, wastes suitereheleas, yu hals ir sind, cell iv the bent in the buelsess t, sf505 ecsultalae tday. Call fr a cmplimentary in-hme cnsultatin bmcmlnrsaud Eues Dsesn tnvsrrue meces n. bcel, Am. umlrnaed loess t dahemir Nupenrile Hcna usa, Ohe,,ey i uv aann Ass, nepsirs loper easresnesh HOME ORBTONS KTCHENS BATHS BASEMENTS CUSTOM HOMES 9

7 BOWS NL V, SEPTEMBER 2, tto 71281fR PRESS PUBLCAttib 'lilt GOLF MLL SHOPPNG CENTER Teen talent takes the stage 0e Aug. 21, 25 hchet, cmpeled ut Glf Mill Shpping Cler fra grerd prien $500 bwrir-l-,rlswl wirppiug SPOOR. Chis Cebllu ur,d Aertirsly Pele f Chicag tls the steg, rvith their prlrec nce f elessi Bettes 5000g, rvinisg the grrrd Acrdig t Rgie Vi-dire et 0h, Glf Mill Sheppirg CaStr, it ras tugh decisir Pr the Judgs, sd the mli hd t dd pises l rhwiedge additinal perfrmees gic by the i,,nr. Cassi Secnd filrved t u clue 000d, rehile Jewtee Biuhip cme i third. Pu,ll., fiflis- ucd bliprise wi000rs wer, dded elect mill hnen hnrable Cli Mills Gl Tisrl Cmpeliliu bb piccle C015piii505 lb iii, sleg rteil Hills tt Pelsi Cepelilit hld Sag. lint tll Mill Shppir Crriee w 00000w 0e Aug. 12 cd megiciun, cmdi ans wd 21. Siegers, dai000rs, musi- peefrmenre s-tisis be. lns, perfr'rieirrgjiigglerw, lire000 Oh egs ft ird S tll Mills tt 1310,1 COrlplitlu lk 710cr SeD 2101 Cler Cl el Sll Mill Sheppirg Crlee recre iitd lperlirip010 i thie tr-duyrwplitin. i5egislutie, whirls mes free, bgen w Aug. 17 le Cecl' Curt lt Geli Mill Shppi,g Cnten Tirir ir Aug. 21, licei rmp,titi ff tile sh000 dm belwees began slip.m., wis al Cee. 1h, SS tes Shi005. Mre ter Curt, wibh w perirw. tir, tog etleirdeesberd 000e by fire Rineru, tise their fwr'erit,s el blh Wet-place heirlcr f T'cs 00001w. dl in 2008, which nched- Cirrierrfipi0000rbeeferr bd frr. b', ASTHMA & ALLERGES A PATENT'S PERSPECTVE triee EeMksff, M.D., Allerqy nd lmerlgy, Mil divsss trtoyrlinoelepliotsrn0sli$rg nllr>ie Efld Lighi 4 refreshrreels will be versed. free. anew E. Osrsieh, M.D., Ph.D. Jessie S. Chsusg. M.D. nmo Ce,lJed Oe000000ee Let EJevat(nss transfrm yur hme's estrir... fr less than yu dreamed pssible. W begin with u prfeuuinb architectural deuip allllzlguuperirppductsievryare frm wiudwsend drst rbng,sidinp,frimed mur.and fhet'ecmpbemeted by iutcilahins prhrmd f the ematchd qualify and 000rgy stendard f ur prprìelery WeatherEzat(nner prcess, and bachd by h idustry'u best warraties. The result isa hm exteder f truly elevated b000ty, perfrmance and velue. We cell it CurbEppeal". Yu'll cell il prfecb Cell r wulf El000tinu tday. WEDNESDAY. SEPOSMSEE PPM HOW CLEARLY DO YOU SEE? Jbs Belle, M.D. Ophlhlrlgist, will disssssnllnrnties l traditinal eyeglasses, irslsdhg he ntesi denerirents is les ethnlgy and elsie, sdrrestloe ptins. light telreshmenl will be served. free. TeURSDAY. SEPTEMBER M WEGHT LOSS SURGERY AND BENEFTS Fred Sreng, M.D., Ssrgee, will dissss weight lss surgery ptins ned hw it sn inrpreve serius prblems ike bichers, bk paie sed sleep apses. Light ref rshrsis will be served. Bree 5.erlyC. Dy, M.D. Sheeter Mshs, M.D. Over Csnr,Oed Oen,,,eiieer Y T050WeOi tek,r hede,ld,eass Sin e,cer r,s00000l TO SCHEDULE AN APPONTMENT. PLEASE CALL (847> Wer Sil RO., lie ll, kne, 5E, Hb lt epwvr,srr, OOenieOrrlaied s, Ola 0,15,00 Shpping Meli. Add,000l epesi000es breiere len Rush Denasai090 Call fr a free cnsultatin, ELEVATONS' EXTenSOR RENOVATONS FOn YOUR TOME 1 PLUS n interest r payments Llnctnwd Hme Design Shwrm 6S25 N. Liel Ac,.. Lineinwd Opn? days a web Napereille Henne DnSiOfl SeOws'rn Aerra Ava., Nperill Cc 7 dav a web r fiii yeai ' All enenav-ettiiel rpl000i,nl windws nilgible fr the l,go0 Te Credit MONDAY. 55P55M ArM RESURRECTON. MEDCAL CENTER 7435 WEST TALCDTT AVENUE CHCAGO Resweeeedn Ejelels C-c '-zrOS l500lsss.4500 laici tk.ans t. :: :st::::3is. esesu senos 0:0 ni r :,:n e:: S EXTEROR MAKEOVERS WNDOWS DOORS t SDNG ROOFNG PORT-COS

8 i is news ML' thursdet, SEP2SMBGR. t MaHlSt HElt PUBLcenife 'NL wwu%pineerincal.cnm hews 13 CVL WAR Reenactr picks up unique skills, sees dead peple taahel Ralrs lit/hi) bache a cas dae dec at Stadin 2221 Nt Mill Shppirit Cevtern Rilas Allg. 24. (Rb (lcrb(slatt Phtgraphen The Summer Clearance Has Begun NORBERT POOLS 5eeOuca i pi 50% OFF LWAUKOE'Ren ur SALE PriCes LuCanO sachos..a,aaeaaea,a stubests are rhina al Studi 00(5 tll MS ShsppinS carier er Mca aug. 24. Grassy s the 0050h at Jackie Grassy rend rrilrh Lyla academy 2000e elud that alters Glasses teared (maid training girls ti trill teams cad 0000elltins. the Mdne Suth BaNalsa and als apratea the (RuS Hart/Statt Plutgrayherl MANE SOUTH Dance students get High TeK By PATRCK BUTLER p lar ne ria 0g ra n Kamin Naughtn mny be uaa nf Oh fam peplayau'tt ever meet whe hu rtually ueaa e daad Cntaderuin seldier. The Nrth Carlina pci. vate - r what was left al hirn - ssaa fund byevslructin cram c the Petersburg battlebald i Vie' gleie, unid Naughtn, mh nes werhing 000 U.0. Parh Sarvina guida et tha lima. "Thïs guy came i avd echad ifs wnted i ana ii dead Rebbell. t mau lib Shahedpaamr. He apenad heu end w balding rhut rld hve been 'a'rriclr'u hd," Naughtan acid. Naughia, lam a/tice manegar wh tar Oh punt 5e years ba pcteayed au enlisted marnber et Campaay H, 10th 011ianis Snlantry, The price fwar Private's unifrm cat: $90 Leather accessries: $100-$130 All-purpse baynet: $40 Authentic rifle: $1e200 an actual utfit Chat rma ui uf Ouedwich, Oil. "Thrn's e li 0f lcal hisur'y lavlued in what da," Naaghta Sld nisilursal Nurwd Perh'srnaaut l001h cavivarsacy celebra- 1(00 05lire Neble.Crippen- Onywar Huna, 5y24 N. Namarb. NaughOne, '55, la ea /aa estimated a_000 a' 4,000 Chica g arca Cicli War racactra whe range 2mw aenual td "brd -eure," iba Slad mh nt unly chew dwn n hardrach evd Salt park whan en Onid manevera, bu leven leave Shair unifrm ctaw mud by erattsmanuuing the carne bind fhand.ntitrhing"alral ennald nly be racegniand by maybe lmrae er Gn peepie is llreaa's1at area." Nanghtn said he gl int ube hubby wham a friand cf his, pelma deteatine and au- hur Bah Oirerdi, tld him ube Chicaga Hiauary Masaurn needad una henur guard tc iba apenieg at blu "bluse Olvidad" nlribiu thu anded up r'unaing far a dzen Ovar ihr paura, Naaghlen says lea's pichad up a tw uniquc shills, lil/ mrning On lead und ueurately Ora his 1M04Springfield ribla bran limes a minase. "Yu lad ta rech int u amy, whim sharpshormn wuld h cenres at 400 ynrds, ha added. And daspite whet ya see in the warlau, bayerais r Thgrgt/ a lt f lcctl histry invlved in what d.r puch n year bark, cube a certridga, bila ff hn ppar cud peur 110e pumdarduwn She macala, then rm the ballai dawn hr barral, nnhih mau why the Army naalda'o 10k yu itynu did. n' have ut luas fear frnt acch, which is mehren Ohr leim '4-F' uwa tram," Nanghtun euplainad. Aritlemenwaseupenied l hi Ou Oargat 200 yards OCass Naagltas "pig slichmn" mere used mure uftea tu hld randina than atab Sabal, sld Nughiun. Ore aiea ther baud, when Ober wasn't lime ta reld, the milles mude handy dahu, nnidnaughtun, snoieg Sht whila went rennanleen use mcplma rifles, he himself una 0k rui thing, which mo him 01,200. Rasghtìng tir Civil War, he flalcdr. ian'o e cheap hubby, mb(), in nsy lerr arau't quite us wasp peuple invlved n Oherr wer halra the Rruaian, hr eald. An ardlery pnmvain's rilucmauurmsarnd005, lenthamncasscir neat wyba $100 la $100, and Oha all-purpusa bayunnl will sao yu back abnuo 040, accrd- /ag t Nughtun. And (ihr bth un'mira in ln mal Civil Wr, yu have u mid auge mu ge, pte an HS-yur-eld wire's still fairly 000m. nvins they cat wmb 20 milan aaymure, ahy retir 5e ait under n Oent und purtray OrnO laba innidantely man uty in his deal, aaid Nuagltua. "Here, aldauldi ers merar die, hryjust g up in reni," hr lauglrrd. Ccnnmnicl;piercei'lacul.ram BR JENNFER JOhNSON ((a hr 00 nppiar e e r l a (nass The Nues Chamber f Cmmerce Reminds yu t Shp Lcally Call the Chamber ffice fr referrals n businesses in the area (847) Visit us at ur new lcatin 8060 Qaktn Street (nside the hist/side Cwmanity Bank) Mlc Suth Varsity HavvtaOlas rach lk/a Orsay is pr'vidiag girls with dreaw at drill 000w ceerrpetitian ba instruclien thywill raed i becme tp-uerh da000ra. Lst Janrury, flranay apenad atrdie 22 inside 0012 Mit aheppiag Cavuer in Nitr. 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Oulsted St., Ckirug, was chrgedssitkthetfserrire and disrderly undurt nim Aug. 2S.A lavi ddrer tld pm lic ib,mt Jseph refused t puy 1k fil Sil rab fare he ers Avenue. BURGLARY Thelt rm n vehicle was muprted Aug. 22 t 2rt0 am. ut Cre stsvnd cndminiums und aprtments ev he blerlfkinda Theft hum u vehirla reprted Aug. 03 at 9r45 am. u the 0000 blnb nf Church Street. PRSPERTY DAMAGE A vekirle mas cepurted dumaged Avg. 17 at loris p.m. an ke 9200 blck uf Nurtk Prkimle Drive. Aduteaged vehicle reprt was Oled Ang. 21 ut 1r48 n.m. ne the 8900 blech f Rehirn Drive. A pmuperap dam,, ge cubre POLCE BLOTTER nmedued instead reled the cab and entered the baewert uf Parate Villa Nrticg Heme, 0540 W Tahy Are., after the facility was clsed tu risiturs. Plice lcated Juseph in abasement rest- 'num cd lch him isbn rum tdy Bnd ws eel ut 91,000. He kas ev 0cl. 21 rurt dale. DSTURBANCE 'yimcee individuals leside n rehirle Parked W. G01f byd bald pnuma Okay mete rhurd by gung mewbet's ve the uight f Aug. 20. 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Adey to, a gued day A dey made pdhie by merk, by labnrr While the brtem are plampirrg end eiambng n tire grill this Labr Day perhsps te circuid Orbe a tri mement te pander "Labr day is the last vestige f summer befre getting dwn t business. One last time t have the family all tgetherfra ck ut' thee ire reist take warb fer granted. Apprasiwately l4.t millin Aterrireem are afflcieltycausidred ancrepinyd. The lie an awempint rate atienes thaa O pecnt. Tka aeernpieymntiate is 000m higher la Oilinaie, sligieeiy marr than loperrent. Fnr the ermpinyd, Laker Day represent hape, a mdilln le which thry empit'r - tebe eseplyad, ta have a jab. Fr the 90 prnent f Arneeiren waehrrs eibe are eeeptayed, Lebar Day is kind nf as early Then tg t's a day 5e begeeteiat and Shenhfal [erwarb. Mr imperbent, Leber Day ii a day te spend with these far wham w werk. Lber Day is a family day And it eemm etjast hm right tim SepOmberim when America gts barb ta batleesm after sawwar why warb is se imperlaat, nt anly te mciahy, huh te am es ludluidsals. Prhaps merk's imper tanne lies set jsh hr the tesme cf umeiutness it imparls te each clam, bat beceamit makis pasmibie ail theft gad in tite - a hnmm arid family cd thr mans t arrecie and maintele them. That's the trae ciar el W week isan rital a eemp0000t nilling the gaed tif, grerirapa this habar Dny we sheald aime peasea mmear le remember the 14.6 militan efeu ieltm Aenrleens whe ar eel ta Sert anata as we ara. Wm ras hepa fee them that ei Leber Day will mee them eejeying the Omit nl their rasesad labr. S, emjey Lbee Day. Eeiny what year laker has beaaghlyaa. Yaa'v earned it. Scial netwrking fr theunscial CHERYL O'DONOVAN VAN MOM STRKES AGAN hr e preieaa life, vbtle Cre-Magreens migied with Neanderthals aed fandly reminisced ever mammetk kills, my backend ends wre mlde, prteadieg the me painlieg was animated. They did breelraaras barkmr000, and perased H asters & Gatherers megamima milk rlabrily head. linem likeu "Wilma Stemm Oat, Fred Spiled With F,rrrbaulr, iltreed New Csrwemsn im Vegm." Likedtn. While my h'inndm My hasbaed alrd eleyrd erjay a gastilin cartaria i sar lawn ned fught nir [d wsseges, 'm larky ta ke Oint tl the rarly get a "br belly fat" ad. hala ala cicltine remate. OaTtiltsrl i struggle Nnm, in ear narranlilie, wilh whm t [allw and WO l'e thu rsalatrd. last here significant thr miar. this mruig, S rnerisd an mti en rrally im. isritatin in [he mati, Owe aight, halter; nddrssd la "Mr end Mrs. "tflcebergagleriweatig Bn Radiep" t ham sendwichl" Obiterty w need bd5 'Whl?" My husband n bwle bather reiettme. yeltn. Lrk en weny penpic, mn "This gay 'm fellewig breme iesalar W stry n Treittre. bi jash berated knee, watch TV end he's applying mashed." i martes, hm kidm htv 101m. griy lbs mease. My Oegaea Sum melrreds we're s kitsch andl lereair nah iuta had that bth hm ceuch a amal "Weil. The ted the ptatn check ear teseic im kitlieg me. Will paises, biplace ke lehtuceam Tb me isa high rbent Drei, r lbs lamais mitr?" ppalarity elemat Sa lhmna Thr Liniredle updater serial nesrat'hisg sites, errersd mn athsn ter tram 'reaeeesr.scprraasels the Jenesem my career eerily im. Jne Sklmmercnnrda wtlh Alma Paralcy, a VF at mame namglemer'cte. abrd Cheryl O'Deae casected milks tokesea mnkey is as unnamsd ichnralary Admittmdiy, lve Facekeck. Old high mrhati and ceniega ehama bca iceled me ap.1tsii them 0m stilt leepalam. Pst mirth maintsin a madent erhrerh, my cobre palm herr triesdd penpir lithe Sapre Ocmi stratasphnre. LeS me pal il this w Perni, ba dead dade frem tsresa "Walrsd" He's get mer Faehctir feiasdt bas me. Ccmrmet:pirreerlecaOccrrr u A POChES P00th PUBLCO4ON 'Nil news 17 Bad custmers, the sequel STEPHANE ZMMERMANN THE FXER - Chicags Str-Almen Seer Redura: Lut wmb, mc rrerd aban ir drpsirttc lima pessneger; e mas whu nalde'l abidr the teste ti Fsh ad sumc nsty drarks. Dar ewuti [chere un ubscatum, assaying cuwtamrsau ctnaaes, with mare blm uf ke lticd iramsamnr yau d ens waat in heu Picky, picky Dear Fiaem: 'm atelier 'at bmb. hare many nnuuy ing-custamer tsarine, uhr lre mumm mna peli catr nka depeeilnd tha beve ta hard mast [rem bnmlrbh thn'rr mhirin as hn idlest day cf th year; cm She turnt buinnsm depcuitu thee smi cuanted rd rm'lhtec aphy cue nilheim emplynws, Wrt inarupmsnies maclw 19 But what haypmeed the uther day laites tireca kw t wald hlte Sua rucs nd Snail her depsit n my cumpasr Supmueres. Wheel iar'nd arwaud n glus her the reuript, she rd her rsgm knambiedrep is her cuse. 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We ther greet teaching (sa videecast) frm ur Suth Barrigte aampum, as Wellen live music and a lamai statt and pactar. September 9 - Octber 10, 20t0. Beek by Jeffrey Lame Meabm& Lyrics by Denkd Veebek nundcnrflnrbnrmlrbflnsncwundml?ci by yb00500 byw lin Pullirvi Preneiseleed lflfanrlgrade rn, li an lee pect Senir bugir 6A p.m. Jaleas far Fehl Kick-0ff Sawdey Septeseber '12 9 & 11 awn. 311 Waukela 6th- Nrhhtield, L kun 0010rfrae0100kel awc,nace000k,am/ili000reaknn0010re Th tre enter Mithad Mal 2' 4/ Os.eadwey lia esile aleta 19CC 1046 tlidge, Munster, (N Call nw fr the BEST seats! L.JLr.i -, FREE Parkingf

18 Denetieen BiO PARK FREE CONCERT FOR CHCAGO SEPTEMBER 19 5:30 Jin us as we welcme Riccard Muti in his first cncert as music directr! Bae,hfAmeriCa W ON STAGE: SEPTEMBER 2 - OCTOBER 24 Has LOVE ever made yu d CRAZY things? LKE BECOME A SPY? lt k k t ps dnsdytht k py 5h V d lb 65 11th 555 MBEFOOL Fx VALLEY REPERTORY BNNER GROUP & OVERNGHT PACKAGES AVALABLE 4051 East Main Street St, Shades, L nivkesesmsee WmW.nnblell.ang 005 OFFCEr TC' THURSDAY, SEPOEAMER 2,2010 A blunt-nsed, sharp-nyed lk at lne and tying (and ntying, And nessi n( the knt j 'Sali er ateceesfl 060rinarire eeeulrea Meneen 00er Wrer rdnitrutickets,sejenttü asalabill. Fer eden-only tken Genaraamrrnhsed silt sy ether Ottern Orte previusly purchased tiches. One cpee per erden Gd Crup le taintaalpurciceed DehOrs. Reetricthlre may apply Valid lu /da/ru u u A PONEER PRESS PUBLCATON. DC Passin Theatre finds 'Mass Appeal' in first shw 'Hess AspeA' 7:00 pm. Fridays end teisrayt, t p.c. SUndays. Sept. l-19 st Pestles Theatre, Euclid ieeree United Methdist ChatN 405 S. Estil tn, OsE Perk. SSO. ls senlees dents, S grasps Ott srnstehitil N9: ssmaustdureaurg, Bp MVBNA PETLCR C drib ata r Percy Miller has a passin fr theater. The rerertly ruhend pastc al ORisn Prte Usided Metkslied Church wvrd lchirag520yearsg aprfessinal acter u'ilh Mader f Fine Ants i acting. Sisee srrivivg ht-c, be has sdacted ttscnaera ai Berry United Meltsdiss Ckucch, as well n hr Jumes Dwsing Theuitw ai his frmer church. Nw Miller has suchtl his third theater cmpusy Passin Thestrehsed ad OaelidAvesue United Methdist Clrla'uh is Oats Park. Mitte retr led iba dheatnr at She twquest uflhecttarch, whsucuegregantewer fami lisp with his murk. The church already had a theetecspvc i dse basement und tugregants knwledgeable abut different aspects et tleeatsn The cmpany's Ts pr' dsrtinn is "Mass Apptvl" by Sill C. Davis. The divpersas play is abut cha cslaainhip beteseec Father Parley, hn pustoc si n wealthy Cath tie cuttgrgustan, end Marte Dleu, asideeliahicsemieut'in. Millar plays Felny td Minsk Srnrtesbacry urtislic directr f the James Dwsing Theten, is Dlsn. MiTer eat'd bets peuirg Fsasisn Tbestre rs ilk une play becussu, "Thi.ertiul-ch is very luclusiva. OS ucry diverv They welcum' all peple, including hwy. lesbian, bisexual und lea usgaadne peuple. The ply dente with a kissuual scttpt'iest. Ti's abut she Father Aim Fe/ny Jerry 01110E lett meten Eis ne leaner, Mark Damne NicaN Fettsebcttyh test ihr yurs naos liest serrar mrt pees vaster slit teil ategtegeltas i Pessir theater's nperir5 praday tias, "Macs ippesi." chut-tic und the struggle bcttvenu ba ietitutin and 1k individual. Thu musigitn in Skat dicese is very scicl, suhr mauls l get dd ut ihn yxueg seminarlau because he's biseesut." P'cley mee prhaklyidealisticmteu he wan yung, l, Mill er surmises, bat 00W "T'Se duet whulsuer hn pepl in his cngregutis want 1dm lu d s be cas heap his jk. He's afraid ta d anytidg cnntrveesial. He never lakes u std n uylhing" Directr Flyd A. Muy is cnt-y Tmillar with "Mass Appeal." "Ove der tise play shrre limes," he said. "All titras timen t played She prt Sht Jerryh pisying uf the alder priesl." l rue tisu the feud pr. fessins1 ahrn sites May sam in Chicag aher mving har in SAiO. Muy desceihed Dms ita an activist challegiug Parley wh isa mewkcr 0E hr buld uedipnetrsf hn semluery, Titus ehulleuge multes Olurley vnuliae, "He bus 001 kntt the priest bal beset uttake, and hat behan'trrullyt'vd the peple the may bse he feels LOud ietandad him t The cnflict ketwean the tne wen becmes "an epa. pener" Ear euh stthm. Muy added thai hele disugrenntarts auna stew frm generatinal dilterences because Pulley is in kis RAs and Dlsn lel his Uts, "Pur the mst purl, the yung lk at hings u liltie diffnently" the direcir said.thnptaysltws litai tite chaveb needs peple "wha ace willig En shak aldngs p and t pru'seut sew ideas," May added, Miller nted that lte shw "ella gud stry. St'salry abus iriendship, and is's nin nkat S c'a t k." He byes tha audience rembers vili And lids stry emplveeivg. "Yu've gl Tad fr hagltrnkau yu cme u f'massappeui," May said, "And pl, it's iuvsy." CtutrttcttO:plertcerlrul,crtt diversins B13 Dinner n Friday's Starts Sept.1 7th! NONNA SLVA'S September Wine Dinner: "Taste f Puglia" A brïtiaet Wien Snner penin the Beat 5m seatan'cusiee with the bnnl wieea t em Li pesi'wuserge, Sepsembee 22 & m spese s.nneu - Make Vmd Renersaslnnrndeye4e-2n2.Onnn. i1"snrnsa wi = rese 55e Mee 3405ua enalmslneane Plmapnee nan s. CNFaD PARK RinGE, L nanee PeeNE: ton-eaa-nsnn - emw.neenanllslaa.05n esse N ganflr earl DeLiuner Serving Lunch & Dinner Every Day! ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT Cl Off Frm The Heat Ç' OJvw lOs esww,ehinkiendinen,sem j lobeersntnp Dily Beer -- npeeieln We Will Be Clned Mnday, Sept. 6 in Olesetnnee el Labr Day. OKTOBERFBST STARTS SEPTEMBER 11th MAKE YOUR RESERVATONS NOW FRDAY SUMMER LTE FARE LUNCH and DNNER SPECALS Live Entertainment n Weekends Banquet Rm fr all f Yur Events nr eiueinnd Seing. se es 7650 w' RVNG PARK RD NORRDGE l4l,le.injc AMERCAN ACADEMY,. NORTH SHORE CREEK FEST LAB-OR: DAY WECEKEND SEPEMBER.3.,j'6: jezqitw tgku k Rd ri Deerfield, L Y1Frjday,4 p.m a.m:5'. Saturday & Sunday s. Mnday 2 p.m p.m. Grand Raffle O Csnh Prizes H FREE ENTRY WTH nhaling $30,000 's TEtS AD (UP TO 4) ON. FRDAY& MONDAY. $100 each Drawing en 9/All.lLileneinAmenineeAcadneeeysrg. Ptae

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22 B divskis DC THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 2,2010 A Pineer Press Publicatin c) wwwpieerlcal.000u Thuanduy, SepTember 2,2010 j B21 EMEMBERNG Seed nbilurirs s rfa 2e (047) Remembrances Remembrances Sign a guesïjil share inemri nd send flwers, gifts anddritab!e cntributins nline. rk: legacy ppíeerlcal crn kr a cmplete list f Death.Nti and Mitchell, June Spelsbary Jane S Mitchell passed away Friday August 27, 2510 at the Sharn S Richardsn Hspice Center in Shebygan Falls, W, where she had bese surrunded by Ser lacing family thrunhst her final weeks. Sr n Mar 06, 0019 Jse Spisbury grew up in Sturgen Sy W and nacer utgrew her lave f Dr Cunty. She Was yaledictrin f her high schl dss le 2h37 aed went nt achieve SS le Medinal Technelgy frm SW Madisn. She met her husband Rbert Mitchell while wrking at City H000italle ndianaplis. They married le Sstn n February 5,2944 while Sb was serving sa WW1 naval medical ttiser. Atter returning frm war, the cuple settled in Park Ridge L, where Sb was a buy family physipia tr 40 years, aed Jane kept busy raising tur children, actively participating in Republican plitic, and ulunteering fr many warthy causas. An members ut VFW Pst 3579, Sb sarced s Pst Surgen and Jse played a key rle is the ausiliary. Far 20 years Jas was the link betweee the Presbyterian Hme Knitters and Hein Veterans Hspital. - Fr 15 years she headed the Christmas Seals drice fr the American Luna Asnec. She was gins n rganizer et the Cmmunity Cncerts and a wndertul gardener. n retirement Jane and Sb resided in Khier W, and eniyd ruiae travel, but thught the best lce in the wrld was Dr Csunty. Their Eg Harbr 000d is tilled With gret fmliv memries at generatins t children nd laughter, bastin, tripa t Painula Playera, chclate, end cherries. Oesides her husbnd aed kids, Jane sued the Packers and w prud t hve e bhck near the entrncet Lmbeau Fieldl Jane was preceded in,dth by her husband nd tagathey with him laves a legacy st 4 married children, 9 grnd children and 4 great graedchiidren. She will be bid t rest text t her husband t Sayside Cemetery in Sturgen ay n Saturday September 4,2010. She will live tycycy in the hearts st Carl Jael Miles st Champaign L, Sandi llysni Rm st 055tburg W, Nancy Tmi Walker 09 Littletn CO, and Jim Kathiel Mitchell f Aurra CO. Arrangement arc belg handled by Huehns Funerl Hsme in Stur0000 Sy. Visitatin Friday September 3 tram 6-Mpm nd beginning at 9:30 am. Saturday September 4 precedina the fcserai service 0911 g.m. The family will memrialize Jns with cntributins tu The Peninsula Players and The Leadership nstitute. Fr further intrmgtie visit Sic,r Gccsllv,vl, Kilaelarei, Pesa Paul Kikutani, 74, f Park Ridge, belved husbnd tr 43 years f Retn lving unnie at Leynl Rssi, Jensy Pt), Dilln Strri, Tayka, Minanka, 090cv, Mark, Carrie Rbi, Mike Michllel nd Kellie Kevinl i great uncle st 05: brther-in-lw f Martha and Orsks. Memrial service Sturday Septamber 4th, 10:00 am, at ChreS f the Atgeament 574f N. Kenmre Ace. Chicag, L Memrials t t he chur ch appreciated. Sign nline guestbk f hic Kramer, NBecy Me Naecy Ma Kramer, age 04, a resident f Ssnrlsa Assisted Living is Naperytile and frmerly at Mrtn Grace gad Evasgtn, died peacefally at hme n Wednesday, August 25. She was bars n Ssptember 20, Nancy grew u 0e the nrth side f Chicag. She mrried Warree Kramer s May 29. They iced in Mrtan Gree fr almst 50 yearn and then mund t Nperuille t be clser t her children. She was active at Trinity Lutheran Churh in Evanstn where she was a decseesn and active member f the Gldes-agers. She laced ta spand time at the beach sr the She and Warren trveled gli ver the wrld. Her husband was the lve st her lite. She i s survived by her husband, children, Jeff Jneti Kramer f Malibs, CA, Julie Murphy f Oswe and Tm (Cthyl Kramer f Whetn, O grandchildren, Lindsay, Eric, Jennifer, Matthnw, Andy, Lura, Ashley and Sctt. A funnrsl sercice will be held n Saturday, AuOunt 20 f 10:00a.m. at Hultgree Funeral Hme, 304 N. Main Ut. in Wheatn, where friends may visit with the fmily prir t the service frm O t 11 g.m. nterment will be Mid at Memrial Park Cematary Skkia. Memrials may be directed t THnity Lutheran Churh in Evnstn. Family aed friends may sign guest bk at Pr mre infrmatin, pleane call t-tultren Fanera Hme at 630-du i' l;,,,.u,,,,,l,,,,,,,,,,l,'an,-,j,i,,,,,-cnl,,,-l,,,,,,- Share yur kind thughts with the family and lved nes f these wh have passed away by signing the nline guest bk: Get this weekend's high schl ftball results atyurseasfl crn POWERED BY "-'SFORTSNET PT0TT'r'D pd?qq BE SURE TO WATCH COMCAST SPORTSNET CHCAGO NzJ.X ftlr.)st FRDAY AT 10.35PM FOR HGH SCHOOL LTES n Memriamus PONEER PRJ YOUR LOCAL SOL Yu may send a death natice la r call fe mte leaf ermaliees (847) U5 SOss su nc y

23 Nue,ssul Thursday, September 2, 2010 Mther is Still Teaching Y t Lessns When yu n're yung, yur nerher taught yu ninny things. Wish every questin yu had, site ffered nsluuhle lessn. Many yenes nitre Yu need t knsv she passed ee'uy, yeused! had questins. S gnu.. ' s a Dsgsssty Metssrsal e'ieisrd leer reseineg plane, gestein! ttar site left yes smeenleere en rellene, prvider. le wet dsteing nt f these visits whets y'ee trdeested she im peeeee uf chis piece. Yen hnew slear, even rtsugh yre lead decided t be nrrmerrd, gret lse6 nes wstid still need plant eu eemembes yu. And yeu realised titutete learning shit, ysue teether was reunleneg yuu ese mute lessn, eu lecs culuble tren il she esheer. Wiueiher yute cleuse huele! er crees arien, Digniiy Memrial0 prviders use lady gne freed tine ideal sise r creute s perfect place fr yert lved nes se visir. 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24 FUSON - 8 NissanCüCaøO.COm 'Sweet HumÉ GhicaqD!' * OPEN LABOR DAY 9AM-ÓPM DJAY S NEW 2010 Nis SA N NEW 2010 ÑÏSSAÑ Bttm MODEL YEAR-EN D SALES EVENT SUBARU New 2010 Subaru Frester t ex SEAWO p Mt AWard Winning SCali SSE. bmwêst # VYiiume T%7 ckdeaie Currie Mtrs FORDtFRANKFORT VE'U BElO' t7 BEL ON Y NPN FOBJ &RY flea -: 71enOb - -'. VOTED ONE 0F THE 'sn500,i0,u\r,, NEW 2009 FORD NEW 2010 FORO NEW 2010 FORD NEW 2009 FORO FOCUS - MUSTANG - - ESCAPE SSiPl4Ol Sr, SASS 55k ls elbow $11,1BB - $14,699* $16,900* $15,692 2!42 6YEARSNAROWO' vaiafte Nw: 0% LPR x 60 MntftsL ON 2010 FOCUS, FUSON, MUSTANG, TAURUS, EDGE, FLEX, RANGER, F-150, ANO SUPER DUTY O NEW 2010 FORD TAURUS $23,646 ;4( 56TO HO1OLSE ci!1oto ñizdl llo &liglelstlllsl rsaesrn lli:.ç'yis p lilo tulrrlou10o59 ilo0s9. SlT es 0901e ( edsarnlsan 12 Mgle SOl lgßgigkllr Frd lpkier OT ll St Saln Vell Dd Vll lilas ** 5000 NSSAN CASH BACK AVALABLE!' * 2010 NEW2O1O - NEW2OO NSSAN -ì- NSSAN NSSAN VERSAs'. ROGUE - MAXMS $9995' $1j]6 995 $ / Sr0000rOSEENSESniOaut010WOtanO arwrmblssflnlrnsue5000re gn ESE Vler 11,000' lbs TlL SCSsbblmpregWFX, Titi' 'ti MdiS h,495''ioclblbmlrbl l,e'ilagr Slurs S -- Set' '00 Chearlllnpt l,isl''i011tkwlgofl Sl,llli'iO uy lai Sri F F1,51' 0,491' 'OlJplbrdg tl,se'oeoo Sll 55E O400rglCdllOs ST SS Sinn lthflr 11,100' OFdOS COlOSO ESOS' OlSggnFrllS,00l,g VOl' 'OlTylllr '011ep CpOOOOOO il,lt5''slllsbxlloglkr gl 11,911' EStgs CASlOrrrg E 'lniln 1000g 519E ' Cnry Spri lesos '00 Silln Men tlsl''ilchgllcn ' Mid City Subara Md City (hell & Star Pistase Are Lhng Fr Talicted Slas Puplel Owtact LaDna ls at M ! - s. STAR MO CTY,l TYO1 1: MidCityNissan.COm 4444 W. RVNG PARK 5757 W. TOUHY AVENUE CHCAGO NLES, L NSSAN iiil , Ali OltlblO lsllurl es il trstls s trtt s sli n trices OAtlbile Orlle tils pl s, slip t Slg ist n pjgg t pt 001. lgci tirets milis ll triar eils ntules li iltliglig nly Ulkig god res tek ri lit, il. & dc te Ties nobel OhlOtlS000tS NeW 2010 Subaru mprena 2W Sedan New 2011 Subaru Outback 2.Si QuALiTY PEE-DR WN VEHCLES FOR LESS Oß.495 '01 lber Lgny Wgllra- '07 lbs lrrrpr 'SO libel lilrpl000a r, ll ' 'US Sbrs lepro0000rlr 095,495 'SO Sbl blnd 1000 io,995 '00 llr Lgasy LTD 0tblr 099,405 '05 lbs Olbek s,,, ' 'li Sbers Trib ,900' 00 SbrirTrrbee LTD ers 024,995' E NEW 2010 FORD NEW 2009 FORO NEW 2009 FORO RANGER F F-250 Super Duty Sib SKTS - -St stt 0559«t Yre/i00000 no. WARRANTY"..aa wrc $ $15,790 $18,991 UNDER $90, E CR /0 0001W 0,405' tni»asse nane EO W 6,400/ 2003 (noce na 00e 000W ,95 0,OEOS WAO6i00 uin nna 0000 CLnO nia lgr 09ES ER OT E 0000E , lin' Sana 010R (nr ESCAPE 201 Os ,450' 2nn Pni » PROA RASOS Wa T sOlbOl ana CORROSE LT ann SXTO0SOr 2007 COE00010T OnELn (000( e.ERn» OEL000OC SPECALS U F AW001100b90 C,.. n= aer0000 $11r4500 TRJCK, nons FORO 00000m» 00 awn nna flevonccnn00000laarr 1,0 OWn mraras ans 10e? en0000nn PnRT 490 snia, e 20M»10000 mau 09( W non, 0000na ( rr 200=1000 EXPEOT0010 ERROR DOUER / TOYOTa ,OJOER 4W» eoe9n&et = eS CR ers E 000(00009 UNTER WO DO 00.9 SPORT FORD EXPLORER SPORT T000 OLT 0W» T OL00E en's ARdUA n000lng 4WO000755r ROP R001E ROUER 4020 seas E 0W» » MOOn LNCOLN TRO O0E00000T naneen aterr ROER G CR NEW 2010 FORD EDGE Sb $21,399 CROrtl1900 VMW 8. LJV20 03,,OS0' '(, ,4007 MADE MSTAKES?GETFOGWENAHD ORllE HOME UJMYV 028 aoo-av-cb e A&.Er FOn»0i-rpi.uiwii-7i,i'i'i W. LNCOLN HGHWAY fl A 1Lfflfl A E V12'W - Nn EpLE nn = w, 't9è s.'iö R D Vab9,Rp0aW&kk&0db50bYnMCASMki00000OS59«7rCO[l00h0hSW3,020,M*sepi000MaMb 50000ElCdalMcalhsSlbayi 5E9 udloxtairils rhl9ml1tmeeamds cnhnntwlmsí*bmursshmk55«iknrs WOOkONjaMyNnnSllbrdkafAnlSSiOhl.5 tbltoolsoslss2w. uin&klslhalusoeak ElW140nthl!lMsmRaOks'LSS 509ls90psna1bb0ilMpi&aSiT Yny00cS54'S1&SsJW59b200WOW9OF3d SdsSOOTOrl. fllelshelnilsesilsmimidokmob laiOAMS0d9ajaMjEm ' N'OnQykaldSnaeltS5niSl OFOSMSS 5550Msb7p5JmMsMa5t5br0k55.T097unl$l0300SEl 11a5SE0m5dkl5 S OlsOn 95UlegFaAn$ApSOEOSE &OuLM5dTWL95i9dld9595hAls95hhm5s5 NEW 2011 FORD FESTAO - $0009«$13 995* Nw in Stck & Weib OMaha! '0W lroho2900w! - CARS ann F L ES 00E 0061b 2000 MORCURT HR9000EO 9610D2LT g (0 F F « ( E6TOTO OR FORA NUOTANO AT 00s SSeè.&-Serviöe Open until 10pm! ri S100H0U810ES, WiS, 25ElueslwNapaavlUR! 'T

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26 r DAVÍSALE DA11S'AEEl THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2ND SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 4TH FRDAY, SEPTEMBER 3RD MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 01H WE'RE GVNG CASH FOR ANY JUNKER! YEAR, MAKE, MODEL, OR MPG - T DOESN'T MATER! YOUR VEHCLE QUALFES! [USED TU COØSE FRU ÑEWNVENTORY 'ARRVNG DALY!.. UC[JDffi R SECTON OF. '"PRE-flREN VHOLESA[E VEHCLES PRCED FROM GONG ON NOW THROUGH MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 6Th 100% CREDT APPROVAL 02 TOYOTA SENNA '0WE - 'i"' JAW ll, CRUSE, CAPTAN lowell' # S6,989',,i 59 PStl 02 ACURA MDX r VE, LOHR. MOCEARE HEATED SEATS. ALL TlE TOVA 1040ES! #72053 O,989,,2 39 PtO MONTE 4 04(111 TOWN 07 CHEVY MPALA.58,989* LR0(S MCE CAR! #02425,,i 89 0H CHEVY TRALBLAZER POWER M0050OE! TLT. CRUSE, NNE! #X1313A 14.,989,2 99 'da! AT.. ENTON FROM SEPTEMBER 2-6, OVER 600 PROGRAM CARS, AUCTON CARS, LOCAL TRADE-NS, LEASE REURNS, RENTALS AND OTHER USED VEHCLES WLL BE SOLDAT SPECAL DSPOSAL EVENT PRCES. THS S YOUR CHANCE TO DRVE FOR MUCH LESS THAN YOU EVER THOUDH POSSBLE!- MVWAl1l1fl AHi AEOuiilrf rl) UNlEb CALL THE SBLE HOlLNE FOR MOTE NFORMATON! fla ' Afl PA 'r! ''re, nr 7urnrn i,p'rionl,.nrcels'!d 0e', MA, r' 1er n',, '(000,' r, 4 nr. r,r,_ nr & 'blee 1,','rrl,rrn lan U _.. nn "er Apr s,, Vll er5l101lrrr40050rr,4 Sed he'slo.serb'..,.,rsi r r "r er els O l'e,,r,'''reb r E14 nr Oye sed el OSS Oree xrr b',er:nl'l,,r A'., 1,,'r ':re'rrrn"prnns,, 000,2V, r. lirlulil rr p,,) ree cri_r herr En cres Only Sr' 5O6 DONN DEJVERS CALL THE S1\LE HOlLNE FOR MORE NFORMATON',. hll p (rdi (n'nec',ü (you VHn. irr' '01,1, (0 ir (loer 1040, nrheer. liereii, dese r, r 'el SOC (05041 (TreOs:,rs4l. T er 1111 i',',,, el 0410 r,: 1:11:1 ïlsllv,.''my eure Ormni Or'n''s!il nr!:;,,; mr rnir:ipy err,,, i'. irr adiar;,:.r (,-,;''lhre S 7: U 140cl p

27 t&y s hmes Yur new neighbrs Lcal real estate transactins start n PAGE 3 Beile llaine Cmmns akes Livablè Cmmunities Äard Plaine Cmmns is a majr part f the Nrth CenterSenir Campus that recently Belle received natinal recgnitinas a winner nf ne f fur natinwide Livable Cmmunities Awards frni AARP (American Assciatin f Retired Persns) and the Natinal Assciatin fhme Builders (NAHB) in "AARP c-spnsrs the Livable Cmmunities Awards t recgnize cmpanies that g abve am beynd in designing hmes that significantly imprve the quality f life fr residents f all ages" said itb Gall, AARP llinis state directr, The Belle Pliine Cmmns cndminiums, 233S W. Belle Plaine, is nestled at the nrth cud f the five-acre Nrth Center Senir Campus bunded by rving Park Rad, Western Avenue, Oakley Avenue and Belle Plaine Avenue in the heart f the Nrth Center neighbrhd n Ciiicag's Nrth ide The Nrth Center Campus abslutely embdies what is imprtant when assessing whether r nt a cmmunity is livable," said Ehinr Ginzler, senir vice president fr livable cmmunities at AARP in Washingtn, D.C. "The cmmunity lias features that prnute successful aging." "rius uueighubrhund's dreams and hues came tgether at the Nrth Center Senir Campuus.' said Aid. Eugene Schulter (47th Ward), wh said his gal t build a senir cauluplus t enable ln-" time residents t remain in the cnuuuununity was a teanu effrt, "Nrth Center Senir Campus is nile f the mst umutique ulevelnpuuucmuts f its kind in tide United States," Schulter said, "lt is a slutin A SUN-TMES MEDA SPECAL ADVERTSNG SECTON COMMON EDTON SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 A winning develpment AARP praised Belle Ptaine Cmmns, wnner f a Uvable Cmmuuuttbs Award, fr its taynst, amenities unit tiest the Nrth Cnter cmmunity. n gemutrificatimu... peple frnu all walks f life live here. Senirs have the ptin t stay in their neighbrhd in checemut, quality huumsing." "With affruhnbhe hmnsimmg, umearby health care imuil a green envirnment, Belle l'lame Cmuummus cmuihmininus alud! thus Nrth Cemiter Senir Campus ep'utnutzc whist a livable, npir.friendly cndmuuummuity shuld be," said Remua Appel, dccclpmnnt crdinatr fr Nrth Ceuuter Assciates LLC, time ulevelper f Belle Plaine Cmmns. Turni BELLE PLANE, 3 T find ut mre abut this cmmunity, visit NSDE Hnring beauty Deadline tr entries in Chicagland 'Painted Ladies" cntest has been extended 10Sept. l. PAGE 4 Figures shw an expected slwdwn in sales since the federal tax credit tr hmebuyers has ended. DON DEBAT, PAGE 7 Rck Creek Develpment's stunning Brunswick mdel is under cnstructin at Henning Estates. PAGE 6 ONLNE Fr market news, expert advice, neighbrhd prtiles and mre, visit: SEARCHA CHCAGO).cm,' QNi PO D! ).,, Kin, Jan Alkrnkn ic,mm5 zn,,, j,k!j)f 6294 TMtmEitVtW llene, LSLE l)flnì C'flfl, p,,r " n 1,1,, "n,' m,,,d u,,. 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28 -,. - Lsing i 2 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 COMMON.0 SUN-TMES MEDA tday's hmes tday's hmes SUN-TMES MEDA j COMMON.0 J THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, The ec4rlndly Cfa mi',del at the Heritage f Palatne features furnishngs and wndw treatmenta made frm sustalnabin, rganic, recycled and ieclaimed materials. Heritage puts 'ec-chic' mdel n market The ec-friendly Clfax isidel is n\v fr sale during a builder's clseut at the Heritage f Palatine, a new 48-unit lwury cndminium develpment ai 50 S. Greeley St. in dwntwn Palatine. 'Three luxury Clfax mdels arc available fr purchase starting i price rns $27i1,fJOO," said Maryln Max, sales manager fr lt. Franczalc &Assciatcs. Thenist ntable is the builder mdel, which is knwn as ur ec-chic Clfax iidcl in which the design team used many ce-friendly niaterials s as nt t leave a carbn ftprint ri tire Earth." Only eight COfldOfl)ilsiUfl)S remain fr sale during the builder's clseut sale at tise Heritage. The hmes feuturc tw-bedrm, iirl tw-bedrmidus-dens residences with tw baths. iïrey range in size frm 1,456 ( 171G square feel f living space. Prices r J&rc.5er5&afl O sa-ais-mu RCHTON PARS( u ammu. e5db45w5th ln tub AJlppÑscniay. stusm im-u,,'105045u334 MA11'ESON «e.- "a ; t-:s«-mu.lhgnanc J =r..dai,nidflth,mutd.,tt&usm can. '0.rz.'OlM.11e-m CaS h,ai,ynuu4tbostl-$3.6tl CRETE nt. bathl euu,kut-mnb/tu$at. 15 la-msa-mm Milgas d Std a C08Mh!,ta5cu4gwSÍ.Atm,ds-mQ..,.aantSbsla.1115 nsa c.p.l,n_u,ls rn-aim range frm S279,900 t $349,900, Tire ec-chic Clfax mdel, Residence2l5, wasprfeasiunallydesigned and decrated by Streamwd-based MB nterirs, lt is priced at $311,900 and iucludes all upgrades. Accrding t Max, the Clfax is designed vitlr niany green prducts such as sustainable, rganic, recycled and reclaimed materials, Energy Star appliances and lv-emissivity paints. The tw-bedrm, tu--bath Clfax ffers 1,515 square feet f living space. 'l'bis split-bedrm plan featurcs a dramatic entry with views f the kitchen and great mnt with aeces t the balcny. "The Clfax mdel features a neu- ra clr scheme fcrêmes and mushrms accented by unique design matenais," said Belli Seversn, c-wner fmb nterirs. "Sme f these ec-chic accents cas 51,0,1. susnsl 73e-Sis-124 CHCAGO -f -tca. :.laii.0,00 Duaa0000th a 002,1$ rbs DullO.02511,te, 2 Ca, Ca, i.. Cl lle,qbb,b0 CO0050SCOOO, a n-molad5500. ssm Yedmn. Lai-m' LO sm knjjn.l1iol4n CaUasielO De O01002td 0,1*0*1. SOWS$ l.00n woliolt s ,1 -lto-mg.5.1._a *tb claialo9ldtdsloofo-13-ii -e' 4 '" i4us19..:l. Nt000fl$sOtO101MWfl allie. MO1,t.O al bat aml0blot0flb1s,tflbath baa5nlslu-q 5m.1201,00 ca CHCAGO HEOHTS.., Lili_b Call hll9n.11ul$ m - WSteluCap,CaS51t40 i. talan. 3ndl000le 'l'" Flull501tlllelll. Odfl0lWDedW0t CgSaOamaSmpinebOl MQNEE Spu,lO,T,wnlme.2543, lull Gull,. 2 Cal Demg Sa l,a C.11,1,5w CaLa,i,SCa,te73* CRETE COlCuue LO Sal lullcals. i 00,01, 55eS.MlelGud,000s,u,le. sass_sm CiL9eRe.1075t-3e *159,1*50 'l0l*itafljoia'1, '00ab CO l.'s,sa4t,o -90-lE ' Ì,skeOae,l,eli, l,00W,l, iwbs,lsha,1 _ blls aled bedlur. (leal al 4150,0,100, m lbç,çe,19*s57611v , X-4311 CHCAGO HEGHTS Nt.,- 'p-'- --,,,,.- ìnclmle bamb wd flrs, grecguard recyclable wall paper, shelves made f reclaimed railrad ties, drapcries and pillws made with rganic cttn and hemp fabrics, sand cast rc cyclable aluminum chairs and a table snd frm reclaimed aut and bicycle tires." Designed by HKM Architects, the turn-f-the-century-style exterir f the Heritage csdminium building features tw crner turrets, decralive limestne crnices, staggered rtlines and cncret balcnies, "We've used limestne n the -eritage f Palatine t accent the windwn," Max said. 'The effect is t creat a stunning building that resembles turn-f-the-century architecture vitli thrughly nidern interirs." n additin t tre develpment's eye-catching architecture, an cxtcnsise land plan with lavish laitdscaping 7 DAYS A WEEK.-i1pbe COO,4CO.O0000Z74O4 (013e, epic,, 505,0,- 1 Oc,. LO l101oplls,,a 21103e F&,ly 1m b,w000m 01511G, lic 5900( , 0143,5w Caind50724.Xi-4314 : = '101bdub3ab M-$01kO?. MflO 021, i=,l=Obu Cal 7.ullelySuldllO 110-l A'tO.OtaOÇaO, E. Steger Rd. Crete u Sai0 Msla Funs43 C P,ly1?llu.11e CllÌ9,,5 u00u1t lig lneS jl;-jll ':j i ' Balcnes re a hallmar1 el R. mnczak Asscates cndminum buildings. has been designed t bbtsd with tre neighbrhd. "We are als apprved fr Federal Husing Administratir -insured i- rancig fr the -eritagc f l'alatine, which will allws dwn usytsients as lw as 3.5 irercent t qualified buyers,' Max said. Luxury is the standard at the Neritage, Each cndminium inclndes a spacius balcny, 9-ut ceilings, stainless-steel appliances, wd flrs and granite cunter tps, ak trim and Citi Sunn, Stmpllkll Firv,,, P Cn5 O to') TO0-04u-0024 $110,00 Cai,1CeO7G3e FRAN(FORT. 4 tldl000l$,l-l! $ m i Ful FlOsSed 000, i 3COiC1s3e Slla1GaaleSitf007lOlbli C311 a. 90, e MOMENCE ;L--.'j,"it,ll5J1. 'llo'0' m '002102e 0001*02' "0X1100 Mz 021G_r 9*4000* 0,102-mO,.,4000efl03 'kbuoowg aa ' 'OOS-ebfial C007$f1015Slbe4lO S.0, ,1,50ml 100b1.a00dGul.webeeseul e, fre.ead00.ribslb5lal,011(00,e, Cal 560 R$s31 lot ESPANOL 0,533mal E*.ñ s ese Sullirli ayudada cn l COmpri O Velli de i call,.temel MnE MOSez 700'350' drs r six-panel Clnist drs and trim, ndr heated parking and strage arc included, and extra indr arking spaces will be available, "Everything is witlsiit walking disfarsee.,, the train statin, slippiag, restaurants, churches, schls, parks and park district facilities," Max said. Tse Heritage f Palatine sales cellter is at 50 S, Grecley St. and is Ol)C 10 alu. t 5 p.m. daily, Fr mre infrmatin, call r visit it's never been mre imprtant t trust the sale f yur hme t an, xperienced RE/MAX prfessinal. Spectacular Custm-Bult Fully Funlished Lg lrna On 18 Acres. 311u3e FuliBeS ClSelle FSep50 -a, e 000lelBe&305S419.4-all-sul 003emell. GlwmlL10Oeur 4DCaiGO1One ldlm,sus50.lselylvs.400ow7a5ssgi Dck taled thll i150 Puiul e llugeathgpum 0LSed HOME WOOD. SPOSO,, Wd RaGO li, Bedrm, 25 the i. vrulylbtr ellileple. FOlmalalO MOt Full FfleOedSu,em,el a Gla BMn SO MM-.111 W.V C VOi9Cze$e CRETE 1Th0eO0ltuL5W.50, a041l41aSe71001t b*e$. 1110,932 PbOOsJOlÇelicl105lllO37 Cd e edlmenl5kuesWtaarR011ce/Rs/bSep TilO 23 kes i O,itWetpauleSseSQethel e RiiulllulaigPll050el.M(1l PARK 'OREST.15-ms-m , 160*50 Rm mb. di D,.. Call Ca3n.itlCO3eu9O 7W sl/ru CHCAGO HEGHTS 1 i'.. -mt-» -Ç'detluuO l4tí** 11,1.1 00SOle00.Se.50Ba1a e al1,0,1e *00bce'l.1041 TOlS l0-m0v 0t45050 fleteldu' 051, , , ml lroallrl$,l500tho l.a103 a 4104M-n $25110m Sul,. O 73e m m O)500l151m. VeløaObl, bleu, Mesi boa ml WJCM$0 070$ u TRANSACTONS Curius abut mre hme sales in yur neighbrhd? Fr mre Chicag area trannactins, se rccent sales" at www,sarchclicag,cm/ hmes. Search by address, cunty, ZP cde, price range r year f sale. NORTH ($400,000 and up) Barringtn 114 Kaser Ave: Petrungar, Jseph A & Panzarella, Jan Made; $77G, W Falkhii Clij: Devente, Michasl E A Larinsa; $853,000 Buffal Grve 401 Deedleld Pliwy: Atunakllan, Sam; $740, Thmpsn Bisiir Sparber, Mitchell & (artn; $565, WbsPeingOakS Dr Bsclçstrm, Benlamin T & Christina L; $567,500 Deerf leid 170 Eres.tekw Dr. Grenfield, Pamela & Craig; $660, Nmineydule Dawsn, Harld H & Susan L; $632, EsalsstAndrews n: Gtmetfarb, Le A Atta; $650, Kentn lid: Cllins, Siaphn A Sara; $560,000 6 Mbeny Fast Rd: Geldnger, Jhn M & Dunitz Gelsinger, Jennifer L; $500, RsemaryTeic Newman, Eric & Jennifer; $425, RnensatyTers Chn, Cecil & Stephanie; $520, Sequa l.zis Ripstetn, Jrdan D & Orlb, Kimberly D; $681, Webten!..n: Sieh, Anthny J & Anna; $460,000 Gurnee 7414 Bittersweet Dr: Andersn, Jaclyn K & Sctt A; $425, N Old WedsTd: Pny, Jeffrey & Raich, Teresa; $504,600 Hawthrn Wds z? Deral Ors Delvecchl, Christpher A Rachel; $673,000 4 Cree,sbrlar n: Neabif, Edward w a Chia, Maria Christina; $520,000 Highland Park' 1660 st St 305: Leaky, Cynthia A Rnald; $400, Cttaml 1512 Elmnn, Anthny R A Debra Srnsn; $640, Dean Ave: Helmgartnsr, Scff A Angela; $656, Pmibldge in: Marcus, Micah E A Shari; $897, Pattn Rd 60: Mailatl, William C & Kathryn G; $430, Prisclla Ave: Brand, Jasn & Lauren; $545, Red Oak 1.11: Slaltery, Michael K A Geraldine C; $850, S-mildea Rt: Rthschild, Michael & Tva; $418, Sumac M: Greenspan, Jayme fr & Jeffrey B; $500, &eusfde Am: Arfdn, Dawn Eden; $700, Tennysn Le: Bartn, Marek A Deng, Wan; $508,000 Lake Bluff 165 Evanstn A'e: Kline, ChristpherJ A Celina M; $507, Pse C: Rice, Cliflrd A A Eva L; $755, Vncent Ct: Arsis, Michael A Jennífer $680,000 9 Wanlngten Dr: Harvey Jr, Bnnet B A Newsy, Karen; $472,500 Lake Frest 45 Ransswaiew L: Mntanari, Matthew A Catherine; $845, Edgeld Rd: Knight, Tmthy & Stnphanle 0; $1,174, Glenm4 Lii: Bhagat, Blju tdays hmes s published by San-Tims Media t-c- EDTORAL PAUL KELMA Sun-Times Media; ; pkslla4osmld001twk Crn A) VE1STSN43 RTA WALKER SalnManag ; rwallmndosunlimss Crn Vl 1, ftn. 47 Cil,L::: - M; $1,100, l8gfn4ewtei Obden, Jeremiah M A Nekla, Laura; $400, Lwell Las: Sendner, Christpher Jhn & f(efhleen A; $960, Mayfiewer Rd: Sabatin Jr, Thman J & Sabatn, Jen T; $2,850, Oak Knell Oni Kelly, Sally Ann; $525, W Everett Rt; Messer, Nicle Mwad & Sany; $1,000, W NssiucMe Bd: Flrdalls, Anthny A Tammy; $975, W Hnywdde Ra: Schacher, Mark A Cyntha; $1,060, W Old Mill Rd Karpwicl, Lenard H A Cathrine; $810, W Wbitnsre Cts Newhuse, Palge; $892, W,eland Rai: Wilsn, Una; $728, Whi.gate Ct: Wang, Dell A U, Pet; $625,000 Lake Zurich 365 Suzeyna Rl: Dhnsiek, Daniel; $675,000 Libertyville 23CCerdageclrShrt,Tdd R& Kalhiyn A; $525, E Suenynid Ave: Ruskeli, Tmthy X A Unda M; $670, Ezc En: nberg, William B A Cresswell lsberg, Kristen L; $667, Falunent Rai: Hutchins, David C A JenniferT; $765,000 Linclnshire 25 Cedar Lis; Jnes, David DA Lena G; $1.600, Melees. Le: Suby, David A A Shawn F; $1,260,000 Mundelein 1139 Magnla Ra: Cirrincine, Alicia; $404,000 Riverwds 1 luesgmaed Cts Dewll, Andre A Rita; $867,500 24S3Semlnele Et: Un, Hward A Tang, Uly; $617,500 Vernn Hills 1372 N Maldetne Dr; Zlnang, Geff G A Lau, Sharn Kit Wah; $628,000 Seuthfield Des Jagasia, Aren K &Theresa B; $425,000 Wadswrth Orchard B1ff ii: Gasa, Anish A A Meagan M; $450,000 NEAR NORTH ($600,000 and up) Barringtn Lakewd Dr: Lubinaky, Jeffrey V A Susan H; $795, Ck St: Marks, Bradfrd R A Kim M; $859,000 l34whlsldeace: flansult, Byrn T; $675,000 Evanstn 1570 Elmwed Ave 1402: Burke, Brian A; $680, Drwsed Ave 502: Zent, Chastes H A Gearherl, Pamela A; $680, EwlsgAne:Omeara, Maeve A Ribelr, fisg G; $735, rerestnfew Ra Dyle, Barry G A Sharn R; $750, Eamededew Rb Grll, Chad Wick M A Adrienne H; $798, Grant St: Wu, Stephen A Chav; $612, Hlzzmaa Ave 3W: Hher. Richard A A Gina M; $623, lincln St: Vung, Davis & Vamads, Abad; $1,200, Liscfnwd De Bernhardt, Eric A Zenfnsr, Christina; $829, Salem L: Tll, SawS Jessica A Kahn, Harry; $738,500 Glence 265 Hawthrn Ave: Lane, Rbert Nia A Meliasa Sue; $1,890,000 B LaeWOOd Dr: Vijayanathan, Jayakumar A Jayakumar, Swapna; $2,600,000 Glenview 3002 Cvert Rl: Knabe, Sctt M A Maria; $700, culver Lu: Levin, Daniel J A Amy R; $850, Clars Ct: Bielanki, Thmas S A Jayme L; $650, lottylsiwic La: Mrgan, Mark A Kim; $1,165, t,aramle Are: Mckay, Nicle E; $925, Prmrse (is: Mcneeta, Daniel E A Allisn M; $865, Rlfgewaed lar: Demling, Nichlas A Kellie S; $870, Thstle Rl: Manfrw, Amit A Rsndhawa, Jaspreet; $852, WOdlawn Rd Mbley, Michael G & Sharn S; $1,250,000 nverness 1571 Bedttngtn Oc: Ohilln, Ravincter S; $725, Blbury Le: Guzy, Brian K A Thereas L; $630,000 Kenilwrth 152 RQbSsrt P: Thmas, Michael A A l<eren N; $1,094, Rastre Rd: Ra, Median P A Yen, Maria M; $3,225,000 Mrtn Grve 7044 libares St: Sklv, Maxim V A Tatiana V; $670,000 Nrthbrk 4032 RasseN Lac Hammer, Rbert J A Nancy C; $615,000 Beautiful Nme FOR SALE Mgh Oaks, NapervilJe Ft SA,Ee 1i1c9;at rm, mai,sli,000t O prd'ccli. 5 fednsm, 3.5 trulls, 3 ciar gum-lge, Scl000l.: Rwdavicw, Kclncly & Cn-ui. Cll000 MLlOn with il try-et' dc-tisc blit000 sleet 't'uermutr sppt'101ccn & grulle COUOOC!. ist flnr dcl, slit built-tn,telvil,g, ta'ge family ran wfwe tur & t000itl'iis & tieietrcd banlnelbb w/fult mlt & Stia lcta000n. 1 irrr pali pils 000altr tcsmk tt000m ss/t'uil bth t'r flabony/l0e5.00l OffredAt $585,800 Tara Kvech & Tenia DeWacle, ss75sn Selling? Buying? Renting? a Hme? Discunted Cmmissins Buyer's Rebates Call James S. Lwe Brker The Fine Art freal Estate Oak Park 841 Eblcaga Ase: f(nsky, Sarah M A Clark, Justin D; $630, N Elmwed Ave: Lss, Michsel A A Hamiltn, Jennifer A; $750, N Oak Park Are: Marzec, Christpher M A Kelly, Margaret M; $822, STayterAve: Mlas, Eric B A Termini, Andrea M; $645,000 Park Ridge 1104 N KrlgtstAne: Mign, Thmas A & Renee; $678,000 River Frest 1450 remt Ay: Lessln, Barry A Elena; $890, Park Aye: Kritz, Matthew H & Jyce, Sarah E; $1,008,000 Suth Barringtn 28 Lexngtn Ri: Segar, Paul A Laura; $640,000 s Red Ridge Gr: Page, Keith & Sharn; $708,000 6 Wadbsry Ct: Eckert, Markus A A Susanne; $765,000 Wilmette 234 Catalpa Pt: Kanels, Peter A Chriatina G; $669, Central Ase: Avili, Jhn & Jerry B; $1,330, CO'a Ped4 Ave: Ha,.teng Ah & Cw, tan D; $685, Greenwd AP: Dunn, Thmas Ben A Kalharine; $810, KgiO Are: Einher, Duglas E A Laud Feldman; $1.250, Laurel Ave: Sucheray, Andrew J A Jenelt M; $763, Lcust Rl: Axel, Bradley A Rbin; $650, Maple Are: Smith, Michael A Kara; $633, Osllmette Le: Cabnargi, 60015mb A Genevieve; $615, Pasti Are: White, Christpher A Carl; $1,150, Sedy L: Saltzman, Julia; $635, 'flies-wned Aye: Mathis, Rbert & Kashimura Malhis, t-flrk; $1,170,000 Turn t TRANSACTONS, S MEADO\V --. ' Sti '.-t!'<llf Cme see why Meadw Ridge is still ne f the tp develpments in Chicagland. Private Attached Residences starting frm just $495e000. Ask abut ur incentives by calling r Onsite sales center lcated in Nrthbrk at the crner f Techny and Funders Drive. Hurs: Wed.-Fri.11-6pm Sat. - Sun pm Belle Plaine FROM PAGE 1 "Belle Plaine Cmmns in the perfect chice fr 55-r-better cndminium buyera t dicv. erthejynfhmewnerslip in an award'winning cmmunity," said Judy Wcsterllerg, salen manager fr Garrisn Parthcrs Ltf.5 tile exclusive sales sr! marketing agent. While salen at Helle Plaine Cmmnna are nearing the 110 perccntmark, tlicrtntìll isa wide selectin fresidencea. Prices at the 92-unit cmmunity rsge frm $194,990 f $212,990 fr n-bedmm cndminiums with848t 900square feet-f living upac, $204,990 t $249,990 fr ne-bedmm-plus-den crdminiums with 944 t 1,011 square feet f living space, and $249,990 t $298,990 fr twbedmm cndminiums with 1,134 t 1,156 square feet f liv. ing space. One member f the husehld has t be 55 years f age r lder, but lire ther member may be asyungas48years. All prices include ne utdr parking space. Heated garage parking in available fr an additinal $15,900. "At liese prices, this is a rare pprtunity that wn't ast" Westerberg mid. Belle Plaine Cmmns pens nt a beautifully landscaped and tranquil central balf.acre park and is adjacent t an elegant quarter-scm park and garden at the cmer f Oakley and Belle Plaine. Each park features tiered funtain imprled frm Eurpe. Schulter, Nrth Center Asselates LLC, tise Lakta Grup and the nnprfit Technical As. sislal3ce Crp. fr Husing cllabrated Will members f the cmmunity and lcal and federal agencies t create the Nrth Center Seninr Campus. 'lle Nrth Center Senir Campus is ne f nly s few srban campuses in tse cuntry tlas include atfrdable apartmenrsandcsdmifjumsfrse-. bra alng with a health center, central green, cmer park and shared amenities suc as cern- RlllJ1kfltl( '.-- 0 j1;c\.,1..ul,m50l r/',4,' u&» c'ep0 41Oç e. B u i d î flg:.'stjj i-. S:elî:nÌ,, -, is'h',, - MEÂDJD'4', j:.-'- ' '.m ' ' '-','. ' ' k: pter rms, wrkut rms, libraries and meeting pac," said Jhn LaMlte, a princi. pal with the Lalta Grup, tise planning and design firm that crafted the master plan and the landscape design. Advcate Health Center rvine Medical Building, which, hausen physicians and ffers lab and X'my services, is part f the Nrth Center Senir Campus, just s few ntepn away frm Belle Plaine Cmmns. The aquar-blck senir husing campun als include tise 104- ak Martha Washingtn rental apartments ansi the 86-unit SL Vincent DePaul Residence, The buildings ring a large landscaped green space with decrative funtains, trees and a haifmile fwalkwayu. Each f the three senir husing buildings ffers varius amenities, including cmmunity rans, libraries, fitness centers andan- ns, nted AARP. A centrally-lcated senir satellite center gives cmmunity and city residents access t art and cmpterchassea, cncerts, lectures, dance lessns, wellness educatin, grup trips, a persnal trainer, a massage therapist, and the center% utdrpati nerves as a scial spt fr residents and neighbrs. ndividual units and sidewalks are wide and accessible, and buildings are within walking distance f lcal slps and restaurants, A,ARP said. Tse site includes tw bus slps, which cnnect residents t shpping and t an elevated train statin. The Nrth Center Senir Campus design encurages interactin with the surrunding neighbrhd and residents f all ages, nted GinzlerfAARH 'Fhsecampnsisnearrestaurants, grcery stres and ther sirps. 'v drug stres are within walking distance. The Belle l'lame Cnnmrss sales center and mdel are lrated at 2335 W. Belle Plaine. Hui'a are 9 am. t 4 p.m. Sat' unlay thrugh Wednesday. The center is clsed Thursday and Friday. Fr mre infrmatin, call Westerberg at r visit 1f -' ' :Kz:F - '. 00:;.9O. " :..,-,...1, - Sle fy: u uf

29 , 4 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBEF 2, 2010 COMMON.0 SUN-TMES MEDA tday's hmes tday's hmes SUN-TMES MEDA ( COMMON-U ( THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, )..1 Transactins FROM PAGE 3 Winnetka 1422 Aabury Anm Ck, Ptiitllp & Margaret P; $982,500 15G Rhem Ave: Yapp, Rger & Debrah; $775, Edgewd Le: Rberten, Gary L; $1,095, Edgewd n: Otshnsky, Mlchusl & Jlie; $1,380, hlndswd Dr: Kelly, Srke M; $935, Lcst Str Hrkness, Jmes V & Mrlanne P; $1,500, Pn St: Rbinn, Pter J & Letticia S; $740, Sctt Ave: Lebyer, Russell M & Lauren B; $740, Walut St: Campbell, Jamen D & Nicla K; $1,235, Thwnry tn: t.ynam, Kathleen A; $233,500 st, Charls.. " 3604 Antne Pl: Sntuccl, Ell & Dawn; $305, N 4th Ave: Kabrud, Jn & Adriane; $298, Pleasant Plase Dr: Dmat, Thmas V & Ashley B; $323, Prarie St: Stehman, Rbert & Elzabeth; $225, S 5th P: Surritt, Tdd F; $216,500,,, Suth Elgin 35 Esedtne Ct: Taft, Marc R S. Zimmrman, Julte A; $375, Mayfar La: Deliman, Andrew J & Mabry, Andrea; $224,500 MCHENRY COUNTY Huntley Beacn Ace: Jackn li, Michael E & Jacksn, Carre J; $248,000 Jhnsburg Brtarwd Dr: Skat, James S S Paula; $310,000 McHenry 6ll3Tmhlsn Dr: Hardie, Mark Aten S Sre J; $377, Vb-lan Way Ott Kuhterneter, Mtchlla L & Jarrd S; $230,000 Wdsick 1320 Mnaln Dr: Mckenze, Steven B & Kmberly A; $284,000 FAR WEST Rbert E S Hunt, Katie M; $272,500 ($200,000 and up) 4258 Central Park Le: t<uppureleh, Omprakash; $266,000 DOPAGE COUNTY 2320 Cheshre Dr: Bingham, Aurra Dall S S Hannah R; $305, Slderwd Lcr: Serran, Eric S Jule A; $372, Belvedere La: Stalseth, Karl; $200, Blc Spnuce L: Brlus, Arthur D & Melissa A; $280, Central Park La: Hunt Sr, 2283 Hden Cl Gill, Matthew M; $200, Milni L: Chandika, Medas Kumar $234, Mlttbgte Ct: Puri, Rinks & Turn t0transactons, 9 Deadline fr entries mved t Sept. 10 lt's the height f the painting seasn, and the Chicag Paint & Catings Assciatin wuld like t remind hmewners that there i still tim t enter the 24th annual "Chicag's Finest Painted Ladies and Her Curt" cmpetitin. The CPCAhas hnred mre than 200 hmes ver the years. The "beauty cntest" fr hmes began n Memrial Day and cntinues thrugh Labr Day, Sept. ti. Nw. the beauty cntest frhuses has been extended t Friday Sept. 10 t give entrants mre tim. The cntest winners are di. sided by area and then int several categries including prfessinally and nn-prfes. sinally painted. Eligibility spans frm Chicag t the surrunding suburban cunties f Ck, Kendall, Lake, Mcflesry, Kane, Will ac Ksskskee as well as Nrthwest ndiana. The Chicag and Nrthwest ndiana arcas arc divided int live sectrs: Nrth, Nrthwest, \Vcst, Suthwest and Suth; and tw categries, "nn-prfessinal" and "prfessinally painted." T qualify, hmes must have been painted between Labr Day 2009 and Labr Day While repainting yur hme this summer, cnsider submitting yur "labr f lve" fr tuis very special award. Public libraries have bks n hw t create a "Painted Lady." The trend f paying mre atlentin t chice f clr and detail seems t be part f current living. n sme instances, entire neighbrhds have been inspired t freshen up their hmes, and there literally are hundreds f clrs r shsdes f clrs t chse frm t create a better lking hm r busi- les. When the cntest cncludes, a panel fexperts in the paint industry will chse the winners. tis hped that20lúwill prduce a bumper crp f entries. The winners are then ntitied and invited s attend an awards din- Amng the 2009 Panted Ladles and Her Curt winners were the hmes f abve, Christine Adams and Dn Dafffltt, Banigtn; and tp lft, Zach and Asgely Mullin, Elgt; Tap Hght, Susan Tyler, Elgtn; and at right, Rbert Phillips, Evanstn. nr, featuring a guest speaker, all hsted by the Chicag l'am & Cating Assciatin. That evening tile clupetitill Willnera will als be presented with awards. Chicsgsland is the silly area in the cuntry cnducting this cmpetitin. Once selected, the winners will be ntified by telephne. The hme r business wner will be awarded a prfessinally phtgraphed picture that is matted and framed ftheir hme r business and presented a ape. dal dinnerin the fall. At least Oua grand prize winner will als be selected. l'rfessisal cntraelrs are awarded a cerlitìcate. Many f the winners hlive been featured in area media. Cntact the Chicag Paint & 1520 BRMNGHAM DR, AURORA Be ready t be wwed by this spacius hme in Struebridgel Tw stry fyer and dual staircase. The gurmet kitchen has granite, SS tp f the hie appliances and large islandl The tamily rm has a tireplace and wet bar tr yur entertaining! Fur spacius bedrms upstairs are ahi en-suite. Master bedrm as a sitting rm and luxury masterl Full tinished basement. Lcated next t part, the back yard is privatel $819,000.. cldweu- UANÇeR vesldllllalrocc5t 'Painted Lady' hme cntest extended Stnebridge ndian Prairie Schl Ois. 204 New Metea Valle H.S. 5 Mn. frein rain & 1.88 r.-'. k.j.-'! Jan Hiavacek Yur Stnebridge Specialist Ò269 Premier Glf Curse, i2.--- Tennis and Swimming Cmmunity.wawa.a'7 E -"---'- --"z Catings Assciatin t btain mre infrmatin. Write Cliicag l'aint & Catings Asscia. tisil, 1701 Wdtield himl, Suite 205, Schauniburg, il Call r directrl11chiicagpaint.rg. Als, visit the website st www. chicsgspaint.rg fr infrmalin, applicatins sud pictsres f ur previus winners. Paid Cmmercial Advertisement Unique Rivei' Frest Multi-Family Hme By David Lister lie renwned spacisus and pen architecture f the 101s s sud n a multilamiiy hw at 1423 Bnne Bc Ave. River Frest. Tltthres-unitbui!UinU is n clse prximity t parks, tranprtatlaa and ahppip, nt tar tram hn Harlem Avenue und Nrth Avenee intersectin. hn tirst-ttr and secnd-tiser anita are euch apprvimatety 2,000 equsr teet i size and feature bright teems, parquet itreg and new appliances. Att tres units hase cstm huitt-in cubinetry, eat-in kitchens and tireptaces in tile living rm and den. As deal setup tara lice-ia hayer, tie units huye separate utilities ad a separat laundry reem. The teme inctsdes a husement, rnt pareti, backyard pate and twa 2.5-car garages as weil. Ths grand bitding is usted tr sale with Stierten (risc st Prudential Premier Realy Kdac is a 21-year veteran n bath tr rnsldentiat and cmmercial real estate hlds ad has tines with Prudential tar 20 years. Fr unsre intenriatiev s the prperty ysu cus reach lier at n at shercitiitsan crn. u NORTHWEST ($200,000 sad np) COOK COUNTY Bartlett fl View Dez Prri, RbertS Marilyn; $216, Hney t.ecst C: Gbret, David Adam S Pen, Ftxanrse Yvette; $320,000 E(gin 1221 BeadlyCir: Brandenburg, Jacb & Druidas, Jessica L; $207,500 Streamwd 145 Asnna Oir: Mckinney Jr, Melvin C & Tirrrmerman, Sarah A; $218,500 2 rerrwaed Cf: Depactls, Dartlet S Jessca; $250, bremen L: Damati Sr, Rbert & Barnard, R000mary A; $235, Lamen Ay: Palt, Jethabhat R S Nirmala Bacn; $268, Tuscany Br: Marcial, Teresita M & t-termenlgild G; $243, Tuscany Dr: Fairbanks, Jshua R S caylnn M; $235,500 S Westn Ct: Jaskie, Julie R; $236,500 DUPAGE COUNTY +., 'S ' : Bartlett 975 Orant Sc NaplttdórJdseph 8Su9en M; $220,000.ier. SSO t.adysmtth Bd: Millar, Steven M & Andrea D; $259, Pleasant On Nviskls, Brian w & Katherine J; $449, Saddlehrak Bd: Bart, Nilesh M & Arti N; $316, Trentn La: Httmn, Richard P & Rene T; $265,000 lo32trittlm n: Heettertiut!, Keith R & Salty J; $312, Wldgate Ct: Ferunewald, Kevin & Laura B; $342,000 KANE COUNTY Carpentersvil(e 3500 Crestwaad n: Viv, Patrick & Karen; $258, Crestwd tir: Kuhani, Ahmad Reza S Kelly M; $302,500 E(gin 612 Ahrn Re: Langtetd, Anthny S & Lins H; $230,000 39W556 Capatet Oir: Ditira, Thmas & Rita; $220, Cascade Falta Dr: Litavecz, Jann; $200, Wetlands Dr: Zehn, Steven M & Suntay Zahn, Rachel R; $364, Wetlands Dr: Cllina, Ryan S Dawn A; $421, Wetlands Dr Knych, Slven J S Tristra; $419,000 Huntley Caaary L: Hendrickn, Steven C & Diana F; $237, Bhlen Way: Scurek, Paul M S Dlres; $208,000 LOOKNG FORA s «\ r;,. LAKEHOME? 90 listin frt Dc'ntc'n n il-sprt 600 cre hake Opeus Huses Every VVeekend, - 5 pen ET 888-TO-MCHGAN ),,tectpminsal.a '...,. t',.;.i,, Clear. Simple. Straightfrward. (Nt exactly wrds yu assciate with a hme lan.) Our ne-page Clarity Cmmitmentrn tells yu in plain language what yu're getting. Yur mrtgage amunt, the type f mrtgage, the interest rate and mnthly payment summary all spelled ut fr yu. Learn mre abut the nly mrtgages that crne with a Clarity Cmmitment summary. Visit ne f ur lcatins, g t r call BankfAmerica Bank f Opprtunity - Hme Lans iasm%tppfrflsocgflmwimj aslva,00aoac,pamk,, L::,.:,=:L. : 2,=Y u -:i 'i,.: ::r.zt: W'..

30 . j,,. 6 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER COMMON-U SUN-TMES MEDA tday's hmes tday's hmes SUN-TMES MEDA COMMON.!) THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, , v,. -.',. s '..,..Ç ' ji s' WtSW p Mt$a iau ' rj w'r' :L - (J., le; 'ap.,' i1a,.j.u4u '" :1 ç4u t " *... a n'i w.rt. sjn aic-,. Rck Creek's third mdel under cnstructin at Henning Estates Henning Estates, which lias tw decrated mdels pen ccenty saw (lie start cnstructin ri a third ranch hme, the l3russwkk. l'bis hnie has nevcrbeen built w the cmnuinity befre. 'flic fsadatin has been pured, exterir and interir walls have bewi raised and mechanicals are being installed fr tuis 2,023-square-ft ranch hme with three bedrms, tw bathrms, and a full basement with 9- ft ceiling. Scheduled fr delivery t a uy in the last quarter f this year, tli pprtunity t view this hme befre it i turned ver t a buyer is fleeting, Sn interested hmebyers shuld qnickly jenctl in their daily planera ntatin t visit this hme as sn as pssible, Set n a a third f an acre hmesite within a nature preserve like setting, this hme is base-priced at nly $389,400 and has a huge fainuy rm with vsine ceiling and a stunning kitchen that will resemble thse fund in architectural magazincs r hme imprvement shws, Lcated in a peaceful cuntry-like setting, just iict f luntley, Rck Creek Develpainnt's mid-priced, semi-custm ranch hmes are priced trni the $300000m (incliniing hmesite) and prvide 1,800 n 2,260 square feet nf stair-free living space, Rck Creek's hmes are set n large hmesites that pen t wds, tall grass prairies, r pnds! wetlands, Fr maximum privacy sad envirnmental cnservatin, nn f 1k hcimesites back l anther hmesite, nly t peil green space. Althugh the trend f saine builders ìs t strip hmes nf luxury features and then add them n i15 expensive ptins, Rack Creek Builders is sticking with its tried and true philsphy f including these luxury amenities in the base price f its linmes, Fr example Rck Creek's hmes in Henning Estates include at n additinal cst such high-end features ils granite cnterlps, slaiiiless steel appliances, hardwd flring, full basements, ceramic flr tile, maple cabinetry, architectural significant ceilings and a cniprehensive landscaping package, These represent just a brief descriptin f the features fund in all hmes at Henning Estates, ltck Creek's Brunswick mdel is scheduled t be turned ver i ita wners befre the end f the year, = Visit this cmmunity T reach Henning Estates take Rute 20 west (rar the l-90 Tliway tr tw miles nd then turn right (east) n Church Rad, The cmmunity entrance is n the nrth side h Church Rad abut a quarter mite (rm Rute 20. The tw prtesnlnally decrated mdels and n sale's center are pen daily frm 10 am t S pm r by appintment. Fr mre intrmatin call r visit www, and will feature architectural sided exterir with stne accents and impressive rfline fiiiishecl with architectural grade asphalt shake shingles, The lruiiswick hler plan lias tre visual appeal families expect t hind in tday's mdern ranch heme, Fr example, it lias large, expansive windws that allw vast amunts lnatural light t pur int every rm, Ceilings ris and fall t enipliasize the size and shiape f every rci. Fr a mr intimate sininsphere, ceilings rina t a height f 9 (eel, but fr rms that are ailticipaled t create dramatic first inipressins, the vaulted ceilings can sar t sigiticaiit heights. Due t these ceilings and ilier architectural appintments, this hme feels much larger that its 2,023-square-ft ftprint might suggest, flecause fclevcr arclmitectura details like a cathedral ceiling in the family rm and time eliminalin f uimnecessary walls between the kitchen, dimidie and fndly rci, thin feeling cf spaciusness is emphasized significantly, A large master twclreni simile effers an abundance nf flr space that can easily accnmmmindate a king-size bed, several might stands, aim assrtment f dressers, amid still have adequate walkimmg rci. Fr cmmvemiience the rci has access t a private balli (wiflm saking tub and separale shiver) and a linge walk-in clset. Als included in the standard Brunswick is furmmitnrquality cabimietry willi crwmi mading, cemitral air-cnditinmiing, applince package (stve, dishwasher, garbage dispsal,fi range hd), site-flumishmed hardwd hlerimig amid Are Yu Lead Paint Certifi Dn't miss the LEAD PANT Certificatin Training Curs n Sept. 16th. Yu must have LEAD PANT CERTFCATON byoctber i, 2010 Set n a a thrd nl an aera hmnmeslte wthin a matare presei-ee-llke setting, tme Bmnswlck s base-priced nl nly $389,400 and lias a stunnng dinng rm wth vlume ceiling. Ths 2,023-square-bet ranch hme at lias three medrms, tw batlmrem, and a full haemen with 9-ft culling. full basement, flck Creek Develepimiemmt ffers hmnebayers time pl)rtimnity t sefeet a hmmie frm its library f rauch flr plans amid thmeim ciustumuine thmemmi te meet their lifestyle, Thin recently-pened secnd phase f develpumuent al 1-lenuming Estates stretches nut tiser i 10 umcres and will accmmdate nly 103 hmmesiles, mst f which are suitable fr the cnstructimm f a hmeammiiful mine t a walk-ut r lck-ut tuasement, Oplimms such its slne hearth fireplaces, walk-mit tiasemmmemuts, Affects all remdelers, patntérs, drywaters, electricians, plumbers, windw installers, carpenters and anyne else wh wrks n pre-1978 hmesl Lead,'aint Certificatin Training Curse at ftòrìhern llinis (lme Builders Assciatiag 3695 S Darlene Ct,, Suite 102 Aurra, L Thursday,September 16th 8:30 am t 4:30 pm "j $225/per persn (Musr ne pain in #vance ;/ ncludes Lunch and Materials Cntact: th NHBA Ofice_-630:7&900O skylights, stamped cncrete patis, amic additimual bedrms are als available, Families wh live at llenimug Eslates will have access t Chicag via varius rad netwrks amid rain lines. Residents can cmmute li Jiuiim l'aclfic Nrthwest Line Metra traum r by car Vlíi the full l-90 lbllway interchammge within a few minutes. With these transprtatin pprinnilies hnievmmers will he able t reach t'mmuplymmieuil apprtstitles iii cmnmmmities such as Hff. man Estates r Schanmnburg and lte city f Chicag. :Lr,,, ABSOLUTE AUCTON OFFCE UtWlN :139 W. 25ml, St. Clt -e:... Wein0 t 2,450 SF en 1,350 SF Sums t 2-Unit autan0, Eecellsnm Swnee/Ume, nppsrtunrty z z Stu5000md Opnlmn Riel; 550,550 MELROSE PARK)kV) NDUSTRAEBULDNG 9,_t rth J i (ararat 'e 5.1% SF Ott u t Ss,i Oui UWe Spiller.ti perk,i u ita Arpa/ l,edl Settee 5400,015 Plat Lt torrare Cntrl 5,tilnslly Feta,d:S955,cSi Mhdneeea Old: 5555_nn pel STRP CENTER S,,k T,d. Oict,tn Pik SF 5lhce/tnp tinter deeifrtunantipsroetteipeeei5ppttrniy nnsirrtnsptcnnnmes sil. Apprse,dSli.iOi Mluelnrijne Bid: Sl19,5tO Renvate, remdel and refresh living spaces with hme prjects Start ptanning nw fr majr Old Huse, New Huse shw Start planning nw l get int the spirit f trammsfrmmuatin whcmm it cmmns alive at lm 52mud seasn f 'Vte Old Huse New Huse buie Smn, scheduled fr Sept, 25 and 26 at Phueaant Rami Resrt, 4051 East Main St. (Nrth Avenue) in St. Charles, 'l'bis evemmt is an exceplimual resurce fr hmmnewmmers lkimig t imprve, beautify, restre r nnaiiitaifl prperties. Three hunclred award-winmming cntractrs, dislimigimishued designers and creative craftsmen will present dazzling displays fr hmewmters t discver. Simmce 1984, The Old Huse New Huse Ruie Shw lias been celebraiing hnte renvatimu and remdeling, ffering practical slutins fr every aspect f the hme and its surrnmmdings. Shw hurs arc Saturday lo am. t 6pta. aiut Sunday 10 ini. t 5 pien. Adult admissinn is $7, semmirs (utge 62 amid imp) amid cliiidremm (mmmider age S) altezal free. Parkimmg is free. A partial f the ticket prceeds will benefit The habitat fr lfmmumtanity f Nrihicru Fx Valley. Hmewners can gather fresh ideas, eec cuttimig-edge innvalimms ac tìmmd tiimme-saving services t cimstmmtize, update amid makever living spaces. Explre the latest iii kitchens, hualhis, additins, lammclcaping, imitenr desigmi, cunlerlps, appliances., paintlug, patis, tauds, stimi rauts, basemmiemits, healing acid air cutditiuuimmg, waterprfimig, rfig, windws, drs, hlrs and mure. Green ìnnvalimms, such as rainwater bar. vesting, tamikless water heaters, lw VOC muns, banmb hlrimig and ge'thermmial heat will als be shivcasecl. Jin celebrity gnest, "Mr. Fix-t" Lti Mamufredini, fr saine linne imnprvemmment wit tenth wistlimi mm Sunday, Sept. 26 al 1 pum. Learmm thin Secrets t a great kitchen willi tte imnulustry experis frnt Nrmandy l3tuildera presemited each day at miami. Keep in muid that Expanded Recvery Act Tax Credits ffer inviting - iecemttives thrugh Dec. 31, 2010, fr heiewnera mtk' ing energy-efficient inlprvemnenta. Higli-efficiency heating aiut air systems, insulatin, windws, drs, rfing amid water baters Otít qualify fr credits up t $1,500. This best-um-dass event prvides tls fr hmnuewners t tackle prjects willi ease, Enhance hme style, cmfrt and design willi help tria lme talented experts in The Old Huse Nev Huse Hme Shw. Register t win tte grand prize, a $1,000 hnte shw gift cerlibicate, N purchase is necesary. Fr a curremt list f exhibitrs, directimms t Pheasant Rita, cntest rules r a printable $1 ff admutissit, cupn, visit r call fr mre infermatium. (r' When yu lk at a prject, ask yurself three things: Will hurt myself? Will hurt' anyne arund me? Can ptentially hurt my hme? f yu answer yes t tw ut f three, wuld hire a prfessinal t d the wrk. Lu Manlredini, 'Mr. Fix-t" REAL ESTATE AUCTON. SEPT. 5,,', :1 ;:'. S1SOLUTE AUCTON - Z FLAT 4928 W 29re, Pe, dtt s S'Car Serat flecsnity Seeited ea.streevsp(cr,cs ten sin 24P5e Opeu,la.d 1115,5mm Spiclet ntd:s2s.sssl tmelrose PARC12LNT APARTMENT BULDNG 1952 N. 10th Atin. :t rs,% JN.frO,,ain,re ia"ilerrte''na Jte,,,rt0& littest itltnnm FOr,CauOa,r.1 Sit-gi e.etr m Nrth &C,nt,ind C,,hfl,0 au,»o-.,..-.',.-ir-(':;rnw7, RElAtf COMMERCAL ABSOWfl AUCTON SNGLE FAMLY HOME W huh Sr 7348 P,k 800it,d Chtig Rtd0e Mtel. 7KiLOEERESTATEtHOME N. Fetid Otte. t QtSFmnl4ui5er.e LÌ3FlreFlem,e icret.trahen JCt,ryCeie 'J Mrena thin1 UCepp,rSnie Cii tirite titi Ser.. stlilney Pelati: Ol,SSO,5SQ Minmum Bld: 5525,050 CAL. OR VST US ON-LNE FOR OETA.ED PROPERTY, NSPECTON & AUCTON NFORMATON a a - SuCÉe e. utv Ô a ;;::.':::;... 54i& SF ttalif Ceri lidi, K t le tant 1n4 lac Prmducin5 ncme Fecelleni naeerreel/ Ste Oppmrlunty Mltaeum Rid: si na usa t 1,108 SF lira t 4 Sde, 2 Sehe s 5ttae, Seth A Frplace Sunmismd Oplm Bld: SSn,O5s Husing market pinched frm end f Uncle Sam's tax incentives Uncle Samti pulled the plug n When (lie feulera hait credit 1t hme buyers at flue end f Uumme, the Chmicuag-area linsing market really began t sputter, experts say. Existing hmmsme sales achivity in tme metrplitan Chicag market slwed markedly injuly, accrding t RE/MAX Nrthern 1hinnis. Tme wimhely anticipated dedic utecmmnmed in large prt frm tite fact that salee achyity generated by the $6,500 t $8,000 federal hme buyer tax credit began t fade, Chnicag's nw-cmestructimi kmmd market als experikinced a slwdwn, althugh cales are rtmmmníng better than lue first half f "Once hie tax credit expired, the incentiven t ptmrchntese was missng, resulting in a slwer pac pfsales," said Gail Liusner, hice president falepraisal Research Cummehru Ltd. Used-hianne ashes in tte ievemm-cunty mmmelr area were 11,536 hmes in July, ff 25 erceiit frcs thin sane mnhht 'ist yearand dwn 39 percent rm tte 9,022 hmmea shth n June fthis year, reprted RE/MAX Nrthwrn llinis. "Even thtghm Cngress assserh a hst milimsute extennin f lse clsing deadline r lse sme buyer tax credit, lie riginal deadline was, dine 30. As a result, many tramusactiens thsat therwise uvtild have been cmpleted n July were hsetrriedly cni- Phetel in Jun," mttech uns t1 erris, reginal directr fthe RE/MAX Nrthern llinis. "Thus nseant that a macanngful number fbuyera wh qualified fr thin tax credit hid s by acceleratimmg thseir uurchtae plans, shifting sales lia lhiereviae wuld liase uccurred in simnunser mh tm Fprimsg seasn," Merrin said, S ive liane bees expectimmg ARLNGTON RESERVE Arlingtn Heights Rt,h.,nra, 2.3 Sd, 2 Srb Frm 279,90t3 Ea,y tkcea l.nprtay crud OCtal 'Z:FhC KERRY RDGE Chicag ide, T ewnl,.r,rna, 2.3 td, 2'í. i eri' Frm tl79,990 Ciat. Mrr end nh.pping Dn DeBat ON T-lE HOME FRONT t see a nnticeahhe decline iii clsed sales durimegjuly and Augmisl." Hwever, Merrin prehictml lstet tte market sitld rebund by Octber, when tte full impact fthse tax credit shuld hiave ended. "Themm, we'll get a clearer picture nfwhere lse market is hteacheth," lie said, lis cadrant, the llinis Assciatin f Reahtnrs (lar) reprteti that llinis hme sales - incinthing single-fautihy htnmnes amsd cndminiums statewide- ttaled 35,628 itnits in the secnd quarter f 2010, up 27.7 percent frm 27,890 hme sales in hue same perid a year ag. Buyed by earlier tax-credit benefits, existing linne sales llave nt been tsis gd since thie hmird qtmarler2007 svhmen linne sales reached 39,904 ummits, tte lar reprted. 'l'hte Natinal Assciatin nf Realtrs reprted that 65 percemmt fthse 155 metrplila areas it tracks experiencech yarly sales increaea in the secnd qutarter f ttis year, cnspared willi nly '14 percent in tte furth quarter f lis tme city f Chicag, ttal single-fansily hme tind cnchntimiitmm sales skyrcketed 32.8 percemmt t 6,567 ssles in tte secsh quturhercnupared wills 4,945 sles in lse secnd quarter nf And, mechiamm hme linces in Clsicag hehl steady at $230,000, matchlug thin price level recrded a year ag, Hwever, tme median price 'vas $196,000 iii tte Clsicagarea in tme secnd quarter 2010, dwn 2.5 percent frm $201,000 in thin necnd quarter f 2009, Chmicag is seeing stabilizatin in tte market," said Genie Birch, president f tse Chicag Assciatin f Realtrs. "Sellers are nure reahishic iii time pricing f (lucir hmes, recgnizing time pace amid invenlry fthe current mterket, nterest rates remain at histric lws, am tday fr quahifierl buyers it is really ut great time t buy," Freddie Mac's Primmsary Mrtgage Market Survey reprted that benchmark 30-year fixed-rsten mrtgages averaged a recrd-hw 4.42 percemit in mid-august. A year ag, tse 30-year fixed bau average was 5.12 percemmt. "Tse first half f tise year huas slidly phtuceth tise llinis husing market la a better psitin cmpared t a year ag," said Mike Onrat, president f (lie lar. "Wc are hking t flic ecnmy nw fr nmre psitive signs in ternsu fjbs and cmisumer cnfidence. Thuese factrs amid freclsures esili lisce time big' gest imsspact n htsusing in flic secnd half," "Msh peple are ging t feel mttchm better abut making majer purclsases if tlsey can have a sense that tte privale aectrjb grwth is ging t cntinue," said Dr. Geffrey J.D. lewings, directr f tse University f lhlimuis' Reginal Ecsnsics Apphictutins Labratry. Dn DSas weekly real estate clumn la syncllcated by 008at Media Services. Fr mre hme.bsylng nlrmatln visit his Web Sit al www. n» fearnr Claie Ofener f 44mhua One realty. xttnev hvess/fft SUN-TMES MEDA,c u:. REALTOR PROFLE Bleser cmes full circle with return t Alpha One 4.25' (4.87 APR) Finncing thrtgh Universl American Mrtgage Cmpany. Clsing Csts included (up t $5,000)t Cmmwiitìes with Mve-in-Ready Hmes and Tremendus Lennar Savings w1t; RDGEVEW PLACE TOWNHOMES ridgeview iwnhnrna 2.3 md. 2'. nr Frm Sh.wplace lcerenl LBRARY TOWER Chicag Tewnr St,darrc.,.] led,.3 lri, Frm i liar ln,ri.r, nll jjl,2:re; 7aEl'.f5' Jt'íM" :(t.1l' ;-,:',- bm' D RDGEVEW PLACE RANCH VLLAS liridgeview V, lt, S lad. 2 O,h Frm 149,99Q ln,rnrnd,r. delca,,a vilbll 'Lfl4D ' y Jesut Mayer R SONME5 MEDA Eve in tday's tugh maarket, healhr Cluris 3heser cnsiders serjb tbe very resvardimsg. lleser began lier career in real nble abut 15 years lug ivithi Alpha One realty ant msnved t a RE/MAX franclsise a shrt tinte hater. Her najar imihluences in the business are lieruncle, RealtrJimn jlis whuss ste refers t as "the Dean fall real estate," amid hser first mauuager, Dmi letmiznik. Ballt aten have becte iii the buiness fr bist 50 years apiece and are always a restly stmrce fhelp t Deser. Recently, Bleser left tlue RE! MAX franclsise and retsmrnctl hier etriginah cmsspamsy, Alphsa :!J t...l_±u:.'l, SNGER LANDNG LemnS lwr,l,nr d,2r' Seth Frm Walk aheping nesterntl CONCORD COMMONS l Des Plaines l,,rhcr,rc, 2.3 un. 2" lir Frm 239,900. One, where l tuznik remains au (lue brker/manager. Deser said alte likes wrking fr tte imsdepenhent cmpany and feels time central lcatin f tte ffice benefits her chient base, Bleer umtcherstammds tte need fr prfesinal develpment and is cturratntly pursuing ter brker's liceumse at this linie. n additin t a caring and persnable altitude, Deser said shw makes every effrt t get invlved wills lier client's individual situmatins in rder t best hselp tltemus aclsieve their real estate gals. Sma said sse tries t lk tutside hm bx and exhatist all f hier ptins wlmemi negtiating n belsalf f a chient. "lt is s rewarding ( see snsebhy s sappy at tte chasing table," hne stud. rn i Meir. suarn' ß TRAFALGAR WOODS Mrtn Grv. lw,ri,n,nrna, 2.3 Md 2ii lri, Frm 299,99Q N.nt. Frmen Pn.ara LENNAR.COM/NEWHOMESCHCAGO Deser sald she hm:ud been svrkimmg primarily sa lte vilbagna nf Elgin, Sttli Elgin, Carpentersvilhc timid Algnquin sail usutally slays wihhsin a ne lstmr rteditis f ter hme ffice. l3hescrsaid she evill d hier resvttrcls ifaclient needs muve id an area iii which slick tmmifauiliar, Deser said shin hsss enugh expericace t mamudhe fsrecbmures, shrt s;tles and first timn hitinse buyers, but emphasizes, "l'mis still huttuigry." "hi's n ajb fr ate. l'as meat bred wills it. lt's my career tund lve if," shin said. T hind ut mure abut Chris Deser, and see sw hm can help yu mumake yur real estate dreanss cme trite, cnntttct ser at GREYWALL CLUB Juet RnnhOcpt.nFte,it, 21.d.2.,, Ftm 0149,990 Fl,n,nld,i,00l turer. k cicbh.c,e w,5' Cmmuter-Friendly Cmmunities Acrss Chicaglndl ts.11.n will p.yleainaialaaa delinad in y.r O Pelli' Elinr.t., ntdin1, ehj.a t. att enanln,'h i.e. p s, 15,050. Ol.n may n.rm.n n, Ol., q.lili. hayaca fi n.nein, nhn.a,, ali nana. 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31 s THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 COMMON4J SUN-TMES MEDA tdays hmes tday's hmes SUN-TMES MEDA COMMON-U ) THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, Stunning, all-brick hme ffered in a great lcatin This J,eauifn1, all-brick hule lcated just 1intiles frani dwntwn Naperville ffers tare that 4900 square feet fliving space aci many excepticcai features. i)istiicctive features include warcnly-ctecratcdi, custnc cviiidcciv treatuceicts; cicgracied light fixtures; acid ilse-lch Brazilian cherry hardiwa(i ilring tiirugiucut the Jirst ticcr uf the linie. Gucuts are wcicunde(i int lice icccie via lice tw-stry fyer,the i5-by-12 ft lyer ffers har(iw(i flring arid arr eiegaidt staircase cvillr ceinte spindles. The living runs, reinem nineasre 15 by 13 feet, features inarcicc'cl firinng, n chair rail, crwrc nnnidincg, wainscting, recessed liginting annd a ceiling fa nr. Arclned entries cnnncl ditinnclive clrinncnns adrnn tine 15-by- 13-ft clininng runs. 'Fine frninal dinninng rnn lers an elegant cinandelier, a cinair rail and lnardnvad tluring. The gnrnniet kitclnen, winicli nueasures 23 by 18 feel, featnnres hardwd ilring, cmnerry cabinets, granite cuntertps, stainless steel appliances, recessed lighting and a butler's Pantry. The kitchen als tters a wince refrigeratr annd a large center istanti with seatinig. 'rice family ruira, which nnnecnures 20 by 19 feet, fealnnres lnardwd mnring, a custm nreplac amtl a 12ft lnigh clkred ceiling. Tinis lvely nnce ris f 1ers a den mn line main flr. 'ilre paneled cien, winich mecnsnnres ill by 15 feet, fealcnres hardwd tlrirng, a lireplace and but-in bkccnses. 'l'ue secnd ilr f tins enclnanling linne ffers adre special details. Tice luxurius master bedrm Snile, winicin measures 22 by 15 feel, features a fireplace, hardwd lrinig, a private balcny, a tray ceiling cnrei ann elegant clnanndelier. The master ballnrnn ffers clal vainilies; 840 E. PRARE AVENUE, NAPERVLLE Smyle s evident in every rm f tria alt-brick hme near dwntwn Naperville, The cnstam gurmet kitchen tp lft), far enample, maturas inardwnd flring, clnerny cabinets, grante cuntertaps, stainless steel appliances anni recessed lighting. Arched entries arid cmmas add graciusness t tin dining rm (tp centerl, while an epen flr plan ffers the cnvenence f a living renna flwing easly int the breakfast area nt the ktchen hap rightl. i-cens afrenwncrn su-elusa MEDA cc Victnrrian tnrb; anul a elnarate, nnctnitï-sprcny sinvver. 'Finree ccciclilinncnl carpeted bedrsnnrs nn tire secnnd lccr accasare 14 by 13 feet, 15 by 14 led curd 15 by 14 feet. 'fine ccnd hur f tiria exceptinal mmie ris ffers r 30-by-13-fut bnnnns rnnc. 'Line carpeted hccs rm culni be.1 mmmta t.mmtttnmmmcmn Nct,mmmr (047/ 741-JUDY (5035) RU.. 5,5 r F,nOn R,lM., trued cru a piayrnnn ras an exrcise rninc. lire lwer level ncltlnis hinne featinres dr hinnilred bavecniennt cvittn a canceled media rnnc. The nnedia rnnn, winicin ncreasdrres 25 by 12 feet, ffers recesseci liginting. A secnd ccnrmeten recratinn rm, winicin nnieasddrev 20 by 18 feet, culd be nned as a ganae rnnn. Als n tine lvver level is 13-by.12-fnt bar area. Tice bar area featnnre cerarndic tile flring, recessed lighlinng, a wine cellar and a bar svitin grannite cunntertps. Als n tire lwer level is tice frftir bedrnn. 'rire hedrnn, winicin rnneasres 15 by 12 feet, is carpeted anni inncludes a nni batinrrrnn. 'l'ue exterir ltine hme ffers a decir, fenced yard crnrd cnn versized paver pati, ail perfect fr entvrtainning fanncily nccc'nnnlners and (riennds. Ann rnthrr kilcirern innclnnies dr built.inr, stcnintess steel refrigeratr; arnd a ennstnn, bnnilt.inr gas, cinarcual and snncker cking arecr. 9,, Get sund advice frm a Century 2 Pr-Team R ALTOR Pr-Team Oak Lawn Pals Park finley Park Hmewd Lckprt Juet Plciinfleld Aurra O L EMtì & JJuiuraiw. Vlrictc,lrt i)cr Vrn Knrrrsc 7z)ii Th7: J,,,, S,r n)aucchdcr l Rctplc and Maneare, Sryltrn. Sc \Vaync's 5,1cr,,, 1jfl7Z7 irvin r.,rccai,c, Jeccicirce A Jill's nm J,,(h?4,nmn 'Egi Oh's nie Grund,,,,, mmli c 'cud Gramndna f Mdmn. nlichcltc A Mmi Jmnr r,nn,,nnn, 1/mil tine lsvc') g rd g rn r amin i _: 1îiì' '.,, Advertise fere! " Cciii t ;inii'vvv Pem,isi,,n AMERCAN FAMLY Hme nsurance PATRlß HJCH ni MOnKEy STREET SUTE 4 ELtN, LLNOS nrm Let U5 nsure Yur Hm! An llinis Residential Mrtgage Licensee # FRST FEDERAL S4V!NGS BANK 3250 RANDALL OCAS ELGv. cc. srza Cnnpemlvipmdct. 000 expnen000.enab yu can nir Nidla Dlejad-Lars Ofticr 1.n n4 Ein. dna fldogdooiir000nln5,bnknn % m'eww.tirttedsavtnqsbnnk cncinidta.htm Abut this prperty Address: 840 E. Prairie Avenue, Nsperville Size: Five bedrms, 4½ bathrms, living rm, dining rm, kitchen, lemily rm, den, recreatin rm, Wet bar and a three-car garage Price: $1,249,900 Sales agent: Tm Gaikwskl, l Jhn Greene lttr, al Adsertise Here Cali AndTew Transactins FROM PAGE 5 Damanhil; $302, Waterslde Dr: BStman, James R & Lmita M; $349,009 KANE COUNTY Aurra 1902 Hanenshlre Rd 22 5: Verbrn, Michele L; $205, Kenmre Ave: Bnrtnette, Dnvan D; $204,000 Geneva 728Wst n: Jhnen, Matthew A & Carlyn S; $346,000 Nrth Aurra 2842 Sterinet Rd: Rachw, Nathan P & Vickey S; $333, Thmpsn Ave: Gubacev, Dmitriy ; $205,000 st, Charles 3604 Antne P: Saatncct, Eli & Dawn; $305, N 4th Ave: Kabrud, Jn & Adriane; $208, Pleasant Pialas Dr: Damat, Thmas V & Ashley B; $323, Praire St: Stehman, Rbert & Elizabeth; $225, S 5th Pl: Suille, Tdd F; $216,500 KENDALL COUNTY Aurra 2221 Marshlieid La: Basta, Shawn T; $205,000 Mntgmery 2325 Ferdnand Le: Slngh, Mnpreel & Knr, Rupindnr; $215, Ferdnand La: Slngh, Lakhblr, Kaur, Sulchwiadnr; $215, Tinandnr Gulch ld: Trres, Raul S Kimberly M; $203,500 Osweg 4429 ølcklrd Ase: Bby, Micah & Hnria; $259, Bremptna Ct: Brewur, Michael A & Juliana M; $239, Cardnal Ave: Klelirrg Jr, RbnrtJ; $220,000 $20 Clrestnat Dr: Lewia, Allan F & cints, Amy; $225,000 Dnbsry Dr: 1-lrnik, Stcphen Slephanie L; $280, Hlly La: Tw l, Kelly C & Tw, Jeannn L; $302, Lakeelew Dr: Crwe, Shana R S Err R; $240, Laheelew Dr: Kelly, Jhn J & Amy M; $215, Otter Way: t-larlmaan, Thmas S Ctrertae; $239, Prestan Le: Slndelar, Thmas M & Ressa L; $320,000 Yrkville 601 Arrwhead Dr: Mickiuwicz, Mallirew G S Heather; $360, Oid Glm Cr: Garcia, Victr; $215,000 WLL COUNTY Aurra 2061 Chnswtcic Lin: Tucker, Richard A: $285, Gardner CrW: Huerta, Luis & Glenda; $314,000 WEST ($350,000 anti up) DUPAGE COUNTY Dwners Grve 9 4th St: Williams, Rban & Martnacci, Carla M; $855, th St: Wtiitulck, Rbert & Lisa; $659, Chase Ave: Spula, Rbert J 8 Qunn, Barbara; $400, Davune n: Thmas, tçsrim; $690, Davis St: Mntana, Luis A & Erin M; $715, Oalnwed Am: Taylr, Jennilur; $470, Randall St: Rsenberg, Seth B & Lghman, Debrah J; $770, Shady La: Leab, Carlyn A; $365, Sherman Ave: Nwinski, Rbert & Ptanctc Nuwirrskl, Erica: $530, Wurrvn Ave 203: Peters, Arthur J; $400,000 Lisle 5326 Cannilewaed Ct: Wadan, Kevin J a Chriallne E; $394, Hanaverct: Rad, Jasn T & Lisa C; $390, H'dclrcck Ave: 01maggi, Luiu J & Gina M; $424, Matsen Lu: Weavar, Dustin T & Gina; $365, ScttCt: JsH, Tllznk R & Kubila D; $366,000 Naperville 889 Appmaltex tor: Petersn, Kent A & Jenniler S; $600, Banklield Ci: Caway, Tby C & Jenniler S; $414, Bay Hill Am: Garcia, Jhn & Kimbarley; $395, Chicry Ct: Ondrus, Paul S & Brke A; $449, Canrtn-y Lakes Dr: h<l, Kevin & Ch, Margarel; $380, Cuipepper Or: Glaze, Matthew D & Heather M; $360, Great Oak Ct: Frey, Marc & Jennilar; $518, Heatherten Dr: Plk ll, Lee Grant & Plk, Allisn; $815, Hidden Laine Rit: Jnas Abigail M; $373, Hidden Valley Dr: Smith, Rawl S Oritlany; $395, Henrtteiglr Dr: Vrwick, Richard W & Kristi P; $655, nen-ary Dr: Rwan, Rbert E & Nancy M; $550,000 23W268 Kimberwlck La: Mc Kianey, Maria G & Jerry D; $720, Maple Le: Kim, Heajng & Chng, Ysn Shun Susie; $380, S Labt St: Baticher, Michaat & Tan, rene; $1,019, Tenance Dr: Vrlenlch Jr. Michael & Vrlunlch, Michvlla; $467, Winttewater Le: Vincent, James H & Nichls Jane; $470, Willam Penn Dr: Oadri, Mahmd & Hena; $680,000 Wheatn 447 Carrel Gate Ad: Dunn, David J & Haathsr M; $495, Casa Salana Dr: Rsen, Rbert C & Ann B; $355, E Lincln Ave: Rykan,'Philip G & Elisabeth M; $990, Enmhdee Le: Sntcher, Charles C & Karen E; $421,000 26W228 Harcisan St: Ocnnr, Eric & Susan; $462, Hawkins Cir: Ambrsi, Eric & Tush; $557, N Scali St: Marchk, Adam L & Mre, Raven; $434, Tennysn Dr: Neulisrth, Jay & Linda; $470, W Oak Ave: Mccratu, Msura & Sean P; $526, W Semnary Ave: Secnv, Ludan & Glria; $1,111, Wakeman Cl: Bayerl, Alan R & Kalhluan P; $575, Wiadham Cir: Jahnlz, Christpher C & Pamela L; $536,500 WLL COUNTY Niaperville 3207 Austin Ct: Chiu, Wen Kuen & Huang, Vu Ting; $540, Bck Sd: Lvell, Sctt M & Kern L; $435, Cutlery 6ml: COper, Marcus L & Nina; $645, Charlestawnne Lin: Peyjam, Faribrz & Rasa; $550, CallEn Cir: Muller, Marci & Casalli, Sabina; $575, Farmgate Dr: Lipatri, Cani & Jean A; $525, Famngate Dr: Sprengar, Duglas M a Javel M; $475, Franrkslewne Dr. Hebel Jr. Rbert L & Hebel, Anna M; $885,000 lit Mesa Dr: Klein, Dass M & Allisn K; $501, Mllard Ct: Jalnieks, Stesev A & Virginia M; $428, Nisweader Cf: Chan, Jack Vn & Chw, Shuk K; $432, Pennyrnyai Clr Rablnvilch, Alasander & 'ianina; $435, Saddibreh Dr: Gitbert, Daniel R & Alice M; $690, Twlltgbt Ave: Millar, Michael D & Traci M; $700, Wendy Dr: Angal, Jhn & Margaret; $633,000 NEAR WEST ($250,000 and ap) COOK COUNTY Burr Ridge 8610 Crwn Cl: Al Khsdarl, Mhammad & Hanan; $1,050,000 Hinsda)e 551 N Caenty Une Nd: Jnes, Ryan C & Anne M; $1,000,000 La Grange 124 Omnet Ave: Ddg, Mark O & Carl L; $370, N SpringAve: Arndt, Marc E & Ruchai; $790, N Stan Ave: Schab, William M & Maldn, Maureen; $301, S Kensingtn Ave: Lussler, Richard J & Darci A; $380, S Madisn Aye: Ahim, Kurt & Sarah; $613, S Stne Am: Austeri, Thmas N A Tnya N; $450, Scheel St: Sura, Pat A & Jalma M; $515,000 La Grange Park 630 N Ashland Ave: Germen Brian, Hrltr F & Martin Rsa, Drren K; $378, N Kensingtn Ave: Rimkun, Randsl & Jessica; $355,000 Westchester Ashley Waadn Dr: Pullarn, Karen S; $300,000 Western Springs th St: Harligan, Orlan & Catherina Msnzel; $730, FrankLin Am: Lambasis, Michael J & Mary R; $360, Grand Ave: Nulsn, David N & Sarah H; $725,000 DUPAGE COUNTY Burr Ridge 7238 Chestnut Hills Di-: Kennedy, Justin & Llnduay; $311, S Garfield Am 3: Pennlngtn, Kellay Jean; $350, limber Ridge Dr. Osmun, Anas & Halabi, Suzan; $1,100,000 Cl'rirendn Hills 425 Cmmns Cir: Kga, Tstilaki; $335, Halmen Ave: Harrigan, Michael J & Rsales Harrigan, Estala; $389, Halmen Am: Wella, Keith E & Elizabeth; $440, ndan Dr: Ouasl, Patricia A; $269, Mcdaniels Cir 504: Scherniar, Carl R; $450, Onfrd Am: Ranch, Thernua & Lebarn, Michael; $770, Ruby St: Stern, Kyle C & Stephanie C: $1,475,000 Darien 122 Hlly Ave: Pihrwkl, Jseph E & Jennilar A; $490, Rlchmanml Am: Lsskwskl, Michael S & Amy J; $295, Stratfard Pi: Awtry, Mark & Krisli; $300,000' 1005 Tamarack Dr: Kieler, Brian A & Nicle T; $393,500 E)mhurst 663 Bryan St: Milsuvich, Zrun & Draginich, Vera; $800,000 S48CedarAve: Fidrcki, Rman w s Jessica L; $790, CedarAve: Dughty, Peler T & Magdalaaa A; $410, E 2nd St: Mckanns, David; $260, P'ainflid Am: Dscan, Keith & Nancy; $585, M'dchell Am: Maynard, Shave P & Duke, Lisa A; $765, N Bertenu Ave: Parrkh, Rhulav & Trpti; $805, N Wllaw Rd: Vss, Bradley J S Sybiski, Stefanle J; $315, PpiarAve: Perry, Michael F & Kelly A; $705, S Parklde m: Frank, Tdd A & Susan E; $860, S PupiarAne: Madden, Charma F; $265, SPnpiarAve: Panini, Tercenca & Maria; $377, S Prspect Am: Ripperda, Tdd W & Kareen M; $337, S Stuart Ci: Dirmish, David & Jean; $435,000 Hinsda)e 355 Mianeein St: Hpper, Kurt W & Virginia K; $1,737, N Clay St: Zhu, Viag & Razi, Sanear; $405, N Uvcaln St: Dnahue, Devers L; $1,225, N Oak St: Hunig, Jeremy M & Jeanetle D; $880, N Vine St: Dynis, Richard & Carrie; $670, Renner St: Crluka, Peter; $250, S BeranerSt: Reicirmann, Lindsay & Linda Ri; $1,060, Grant St: Relit, Jhn D & Kara A; $700, S ThudewSt: Abdallah, Amer; $850,000 Oak Brk 605 Marina Sg: Prtill, Richard J; $1,025,000 Oakbrk Terrace 1707 AntarAve: Harlmaa, David G; $368,000 Wi)lwb rk rd St: Leak, Lnna & Sailer, Gregry; $453, Brkbank Rd: Merchant, Taher Zakiyuddln & Munira Taher; $681,000 O7WOSS Fern St: Velaaqsaz, Samuel; $265, Tretnent St: Brwn, Jennifer L; $517,000 CTY ($700,000 sd up) Chicag 5030 E 50th St: Minr, Jhn M & Wendy H; $730, E 56th St: Farrell, Thmus J & Luise; $1,300, E Chicag Ave 43F: Crgel, James M; $735, E Chicaga Ave 458: Winstn, David G & Jasen K; $1,000,000 O E Delaware Pi: Zinkind, Andrew A & Carl Carnay; $1,421, E Delaware P: Cnlruccl, Anthny R A Melissa S; $1,691, E Delaware P: Chen, Benjamin; $1,035, E Menran St: Egn, Gerge & Vernica; $921, E Mnree St: Belt, Sctt W & David W; $1,000, E Manree St: Kzak, Paul A & Susan L; $1,277, E Manrn St 4404: Lenard, Steven A & Hgan, Scli M; $963, E Macre St 6501: Finlay, Angus R & Mary A; $2,093, E Macre St 6803: Nguyen, Thuy Ng & Tu Mash; $l,600, E Randalph St 4306: Taylr, Susan C; $1,455, N Bell Ave: Barr, Stephen V & Curtney E; $1,190, N During St: llkhanll, Lenard & Maycck, Mary C; $l,200, N Chten Ave: Chalalas, Paul S & Christina M; $1,175, N Calumbas Dr 6502: Muhrez, Nihad & Katbi, Lumia; $882, N Garland CU 4305: Khakzad, Gill; $1,535, N Name St: Rabal, Rbert & Jhanna; $3,295, N Hediere Ave 1915: Bremen, Jbs M & Frtilich, Lara S; $1,150,000,nn433NJe,4me Ave: Mss, Jshua & Heather; $930, N Lake Shere Dr 2404: Negin, Kenneth & Janice; $807, N Lakewaed Ave: Kane, Slephan J & Clbura, Heather L; $835, N lincln Ave N: Pastr, Lubs & Oslalnikva, Snia; $1,465, N Navale Am:Melnyk, Danyl A & Wzvy, Tetyana; $700, N Narth Park Aye: Serrilella, Michael & Elizabeth Gregry; $700, N Oakley Ace: Brwn, Michael; $750, N Odeans St 9 PH K: lri, Rsnald H; $810, N Racine Am: Brwn lii, Finlay W; $850, N State Pkwy 1202: Taner, Butt A; $3,250, N Wahash Am: Rittmann, Lrrie; $1,200, N Wabash Ave: Ohrl, Aren & Shashi; $1,260, N Wabash Ace 72B: Rh, Michael; $1,037, N Wentahre Dr: Reaael, Ksrus A & Farnkh Siar, Lili; $1,625, H Wiviand St: Hind, Walhig A & Nidhal J; $1,600, N Wend St: Papatia, Lindsey R; $1,375, N Wand St: Epalein, Maury Avi & Eynav; $1,005, S Kimhark Ave: Delng, Peter H S Jill L D; $953, S Wandlawn Ave: Lynch, Phillip D & Daairae E; $1,223, W Anattage Ave 0E: Marmite, Lee P & Debrah A; $720, W Barry Ave: Manias, Matlhew D & Nicle C; $1,085, W Byren St: Prince, Octavius; $2,099, W Cartland St: Hazelell, Matlhaw & Streicker, Sarah; $666,500 2 W Delnnwam Pi: Lee, James K & Hea]iv Kim; $1,702,000 2W Delaware Pi: Wiebbing, Guy R & Sharn R; $1,367,000 2 W Delaware Pl: Hunier, William C & Thinln, Sharmav S; $908,500 2 W Delaware Pi: Brck, Henry C; $976,000 2 W Delaware Pi 1307: Kubas, Jllrey T & Dab C; $992,500 2 W Delaware Pi 1601: Kaplan, Mitchnll; $685, W Dickens Ave: Fried, Adam; $925, W Dickens Am: Shapuras, Jellrey& Mcnanay, Maureen; $830, W DraperSt: Thrntn, Kelley R & Paula C; $750, W Eastwnd Ava: Karp, Jhn & Jennilar; $1,250, W Gearge St: Bls, Jseph R & Nancy G: $865, W Grace St: Piereak, Edward F & Jhanna; $1,750, W Patamac Am: Stalgalmav, Jellrey A & Michnle N; $780, W Waltna St: Gallagher, Michael Francis; $705, WWebsterAve 2E: Lavezzli, Paul D & Amy K; $732, W Webster Ave 4E: Wiggins, Andrew J; $870, W Wniglrtwud Ave Pif: Greun, Brett & Wilsn, Janna; $840,000 SOUTHWEST ($250,000 and up) COOK COUNTY Lemnt th St: Chmalvsky, Rbert & Carey; $370, Deer n: Brck, Kathleen C; $380, Waterfnrd Or: Beck, Jettrey R; $481,000 KENDALL COUNTY Jliet 916 Saleta La: Chamberlain, Ryan L & Alisyn K; $251,000 P)ainfie)d Siherinaf Dr: Abd, Jseph R & Barbara J; $340, Sllverfaf Dr: Schultz, Anlhny & Amy; $400,000 WLL COUNTY B)ingbrk 4 Ashery C: Fisher, Shirley; $280, Baldwin Way: Brwn, Rbad & Marisela; $260,000 KetlerCt: Ralhinam, Sivakumar & Sivaksmar, Bhusanapriya; $390,000 9 TigerCt: Brinakelle, Mallhew A & Amy L; $294,000 Crest Hi)) Saisr Lake Vt: Penlzien, Dwight F & Cindy; $270,000 Frankfrt 8849 Drawn Dr: Scribner, Adam & Kristen; $367, Dunham Dr: Urbas Jr. Dnald F & Unbas, Cynthia M; $380, E Bewea St: Kingsbury, Matthew & Melissa; $275, Halland Harbartlr: Kirby, Amrsy M; $459, Jasmine On Carriar, Renne T; $364, Uly Ct: Wilsn, Kevin Ray; $400, N 6ettemut Ctr: SmmeT Mark J & Kerry L; $425, Fle Ridge Dr: Jackiw, Brian & Krishna N; $423, S 80mb Ave: Andrews, Eric; $297, Staaehridge N: Kimsay, Jaan C & Shannn D; $282, W Deane Dr: Ander, David & Christine L; $350,000 Hmer Glen Oakneadaw Ct: Hadac, Michael J & Krishna A; $435, Canvasback Ct: Smgur, Jhn & Ariana: $279, W Pine Grve Ct: Burg, Ashly M & Grabwaki, Jseph C; $255, W Valley View On Desalv, Kathryn & Pllack, Charles J; $386,000 Juet 3400 Earl On vec, Martin: $345,000 Lemnt W Hlckary Am: Averill, Michael; $270,000 Turn 0TRANSACTONS, l LAKE GENEVA H OMES FO'R.S'ALE!'' Year Rund Hmes SecridHmes Gt.Cùrse à' 04 Kristin Stcihulc*k wwwjakegenevhmé S i;9 i - : 2, Keefe Real Estate:nc; tmall' CELU ,6288. Oak Rúñ/j.00,m Lake). mrli'c,fc ResMe,,lla! 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32 l THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 COMMON-U SUN-TMES MEDA tday's hmes tday's hmes SUN-TMES MEDA COMMON-U THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, Flexible, pen flr plans ffered at Carilln at Cambridge Lakes Designs prve ppular wftti buyers in the 55-and-lder market With hcwidcselectinfflrpians available at Carilln at Cambridge Lakes, buyers age 55 and verr can chse frm light and airy pen flr plans as well as thse that are mre traditinal. While pen flr plans are ppular with a variety f buyers these days, it is wise t cnsider the prs and cns when making a purchasing decisin. "Many f ur buyers are cming frm mre traditinal hmes that they may have wned fr a lng time." said Paul lycra, president f Cambridge Hmes. "When they see the pes flr piana featured in s many f ur hme designs, they are delighted with the pen, airy feeling and flexibility t define spaces in accrd with their needs." vers said Carilln at Cambridge Lakes ffers smething" fr everyne in that market wh "desires the lifestyle f a recreatinal cmmunity." l\v ppular flr plans that are f. fermi as bth detached and attached hmes illustrate sme differences. Blli the l3eetlivan and Haydn incisde tw bedrms and a den, kitchen and breakfast nk, living and dining great rm plus twcar attached garage. n the Beethvan attached r Mnte Carl dctached single-family hme with apprximately 1,718 square feet, the den is lcated ff the fyer asd is pen t the great rm. The ptinal sun rm shwn in the mdel is als Transactins FROM PAGE 9 Lckprt 503 my Ct: Crwthr, Lith G & Kur, Kylee; $315, Easflak Pkwy Jnas, Michael & Heidi; $269, S Prenesv Dr: Viflardl, Jseph & Denise; $297,000 Manhattan ROand Dr Jhnsn, Ryan J & Wilke, Edward J; $250,000 Minka 226 Sants Aye: Jackubwaki, Jhnathan & Madhat, Jaclyna; $355,000 Mkena th Ase: Chassaur, Just C; $325, Bnnet Di Grete. Jhn; $450, Frestilale Et: Hsckel, James & Patricia A; $280, FOXtaH De: Ludwig, Darien & Nicle; $450, Uscanr Ave:Prsche, Timthy & Nicle K; $375, Meadwalew Di August. Bil P; $298, Oakwd Dr: Madnia, Michael R 6 Jam L $455, S Paiker Bd: Kvasnlcka, Debra J & Christpher M; $332, Telwid La: Turczynwskl, Gerge & Patricia M; $480, Y2lw La: Rubin, David A & Kimberly L; $312,000 New Lenx 623 Bbwhte ii: Pantus, Chus M & Terri; $277, Tanagee La: Kueltz, Clarke A & Kehl E; $286, Wellngtn Ct: Kueger, Jhn E & Sandra A; $250, Wlldwd Or Emmick, Elizabeth & Bnan; $250,000 Panfied Biklands Le: Hensley, Brian L & Kriatie Lyn; $365, Gttyabarg Cl: Smiih, Klmbdy; $305, Hannn La: Kenney Jr, Rsald Lee; $331, ndan ßundary M: Franchi, Marian R & Sssan E; $280, Me.dOWtand Cr Deininger, Duglas W & Lu L; $320, Mbak Dr Veseisky, Gerald L & Karen E; $315, S lzùt Dr: Ciiartsn, Mark E & Lucretia L; $356, Stantn bu: Fraiy, Elizabeth L; $418, Terrace Bird: Taylr, Jasn R & Elizabeth J; $293, W chcag St: Barvian, Ken & Tamuny; $445,000 pen t the living area, althugh it may have a decrative archway. The Haydn attached r Fur Sea detached single-family hme lias a mre traditinal feel in apprximate- 'y 1,669 square feet. The living rm and dining rm great rm area is pen t but set ff frm the kitchen and dining area by a half wall. The den features a traditinal drway and walls, and the ptinal sun rm is separated frm the living area by arched half wall penings. "Buyers shuld cnsider the way in which their hme will be used when decíding hw much privacy (lucy want t build int it," lycra said. "The pen plans lk large and live large yet if yu have ne persn using the den as a hme ffice, perhaps a mre traditinally enclsed den wrks better. Open flrplans invite mre creativity with furniture placement and in many cases define the use f the space." "There are benefits t carli type f hme, and Cambridge Hmes prvides the flexibility t tailr the flr plans fr unsre r less pen rm arrangements. Fr example, the Beethvan (Mnte Carl) may have ptinal French drs t make the den niere private, if preferred. n additin, bth f these hme designs have niaster suites well-separated frm the secnd bedrms which are served by hall battis and are ideal fr vernight guests." The Resrt Series includes seven single-family lr plans as large as 2,322 square feet. n the larger hmes, walls separate the frmal rms frm the infrmal living areas, The Resrt Series may have ptinal basements and three-car garages, Base prices range frm $236,000 t $270,000, and the Fur Seasns mentined abve is WhlapeitngWds Cr Mccnnell, Michael C S Daphn D; $390,000 Shrewd 307 Meadew Lakes Di Pena, Reuben & Brianna; $300, Westmnster La: Frtddle, Michael & Wesner, Janet L; $313,500 SOUTH ($175,000 and sp) COOK CDUNTY Asp S Menant Ave: Elzebak, Osama & Sheblak, Raneem; $190,000 Beverly 9915 S Bell Ave: Pittacra, James & Brenda; $212, Mapleivd Ave: Ctter, Brian G; $ Bridgevíew 8004 Themas Ave: De La Trre, Mada Olivia L & Hilda G; $215,000 Burbank 7712 Austn Ave: Sanchez Ramirez, Carls; $175, LeclaheAve: Crna, Eusebi & Maria; $175, W 79th St: Ocegseda, Guadalupe; $349,000 Calumet City 391 Madisn Ave: Buijden, Tahnee; $175,000 Chicag Ridge McvkkerAve: Schneider, Care-Free, Ranch & 2Stry Luxury Twuhmes slarlingat 299,9OO Buildèr Mdels :. Nw FôrSale! lmmedlatedeliveiy Dfrrlam: Laarnw Rd. irr. 451 i S. Frnds Rd. Turn Essi 02-wh t PlsCrRd. lant'scsl. urnnnuuss. i Maclanes Pints Or. and mdels MODELS OPEN DALY -4,ORiYA'PT, :OnSeect '''. : ' 0Wnh0esl ': JCRCLEB BúLbERS -..,,-,fl* priced frm $246,900, while the Mnte Carl is priced frm $252,000. The Cmper Serica f attached single-family hmes includes fur flr plans priced frm $107,000 $ The Haydn is priced frm $203,000 and the Beethvan is priced frm $205,000. 'l'he Bayside Seris f ranch lawnhmes features fur designs ranging in price frm $139,000 t 153,0O0. Eleven mdel hmes represenling the varius designs are pen fr viewing, and the cmmunity blends nelevel living with freedm freni exlenr maintenance chres such as lawn mwing and snw shveling. Cambridge Llames includes Energy Star lechnlgy in all its hmes built after March 1, This means that hmebuyers can enjy mre cmfrtable interir envirnments while p- Slacy A & Berkin, Matthew C; $225,000 Clearing 6116 S Manan Ave: Velasquez, Dia M; $217, S Natchez Ave: Gnzalez, Saivadr $290,000 Cuntry Club Hills 4810 Summdilll Dr: Fx, Rbert; $249,000 Flssmr 1332 Beaker Ave: Stem, Stuart L & Michelle; $640, Heather lid: Carrill, Victr & Juarez, Chrislina; $180,000 Hmewd cbenywed [n: Matthews, Eric R; $208,000 Lansing 183t0 Lange St: Harda, Dlphin S & Annie E; $235, Wdllam St: Lewis, Srrya S Daniel David; $175,000 MattesDn 4206 Appleeed Le: Mitchell, Byrn P & Lynda M; $175, Mnre St 04 5: Jhnsn, Anna S; $195, Sephla Dr: Onyeanl, Wilsn UT; $181,500 Midlthian Laprte Ave: Smmer, James C & Lucille G; $240,000 Munt Greenwd S Hamac Ase: Nalele, Rbert; $185, S mdgewey Ave: Marae, Michelle Made; $260,000 : Flentble epee flr plans at CerOtee at Cambridge Lakes le Plirgree Grve prve pepelar wth buyers n the 55-aed-lder market. PCtured i the Haydn unedel STrey St: Yemich, Eleni T & Eml; $340, SThimbull Ave: Bmckln, Diane L; $210, S Tmmhufl Ave: 61er, Steven; $ Oak Frest Maple Dr: Gnzalez Jr. David J; $186, Sema Ave: Santiag, Miulam; $177, Vlctila 0i Grn, Jhn B & Wendy M; $ Oak Lawn Debfm La: Anlgnll, Jelry A & Wanda ; $207,000 lo744legave: Brchers, Herbert C & Nikk D; $312, MeMs Ave: Panther, Brian T; $319, S 55th Ct: Regalad, Guillerm & Gergins; $205, S Tufpp Are: May, Brian E & Jennifer E; $198, W 91st St: Hamad, Nazmy; $185,000 Olympia Fields 26 Danube Wiy Mcgee, Danlelle; $295, Grame«Le: Greenway. Thmas & Shannn; $200,000 Orland Hills th P: Jba, Hussein R; $195, Redwed Ct: Ahmad, krm; $186,000 Orland Park 9255 Bundemn Du: Valesares, Teresa; $425,000 tentially saving hundreds f dllars n heat and air cnditining cnta each year. The resrt lifestyle at gate-guarded Carilln at Cambridge Lakes centers n the apprximately 18,000-squareft clubhuse. The clubhuse features indr and utdr pls, laydrtherapy spa, exercise and lcker rms, craft, card and billiard rms, wireless cmputer lab, library and three banquet rms, A large gathering rm with an impressive fireplace is an inviting setting fr scial events. n additin t the pl and sun deck, utdr attractins include ten- Rin and bcce ball curts, hrseshes, a planned cmmunity garden and planned three-hle glf curse plus acres f pen space with several lakes and walking trails. A variety f clubs and activities are an imprtant part f ;$s,000 DledóiintN*. 6n,Sv1dçttJnitejhru Sept 3O" Cnnectcut Ct: Sawyer, Hward; $184, Dunmimy Dr: Ocnnr, Daniel; $413, Feenwed Ct: Havener, Mary Frances; $320, Fli St: Hustn, Jemes W & Uatn, Kelly L; $215, Caseta Tri: Brescia, Adam S; $186, mperial En: Sayn, Karen L;$280, SandalwOd Dy Rach, Michael J & Juckniess, Megan M; $376, Sequa Ct: Knls, Terrence; $250, W 241st St: Jabr, Fars; $252, Wildflwer Bd: Fsrcn, Jhn S Bettenhausen, Dense L; $670,000 Pals Heights S 13n1 Ct: Wagner, Matthew; $180,000 Pals Park S 82nd Ct: Janik, Pawn; $250,000 Richln Park 4496 Mchael Jahn Le: Mrris, Alfns C & Dnna Lynn; $185,000 Tinley Park th St: Raid, Jnathan P & Sarah; $307, G Blssem La: Le, ilmthy A & Cnnie P; $200, Earle Ct: Dellenbach, Patricia; $277,500 Visit this cmmunity T visit Carilln al Cambridge Lbes, take l-90 l Rula 47 end turn left (suth) apprximately three miles t Higgins Rnd (Rule 72), lum lll (east) n Higgins Rad and prceed ne mil l the cmmunty entrnc ri the left. Sales cnter hurs er Mnday thrugh Sunday, 10 ar, f 6 p.m., except fr Friday when hurs are nn t 6 p.m. Fr mre infrmatin, call , r visit the lifestyle. Carilln at Cambridge Lakes is the seventh cmmunity fr buyers age 55 and idr that has been develped by Cambridge Hmes, the largest hmebuilder in llinis and part f DR. Hrtn Cmpany, the largest nahnn hmebuilder. The 15-and-ver cmmunity is an extensin f masterplanned Cambridge Lakea, the awardwinning cmmunity that was hnred an the 2007 Best Suburban Cmmunity f its size in Chicagland by the Hme Builders Assciatin f Greater Chicag. The cmmunity enjys a cnvenient lcatin with easy access t nterstate 110 (NrtiiwestTllway) and nrthwest suburban jb hubs. Residents enjy easy access t the Prime Outlet Mall in Hunfiey and ther area attractins. Thrugh D Mrtgage, a subsidiary f DR. Hrtn, nc., qualified buyers can take advantage f FHA, VA and cnventinal mrtgage prgrams at attractive rates alctt Ave: Berger, Jhn 1 & Rbert M; $180, Peflcan Dr: Ksfm, Ruila B; $430, Pbie Lake Dr Ml, Regina M; $180, S'caunere Cl: Bny, Susan & Khlsledl, Rbert J; $ Weafed Ct: Desun, Petar J & Lrraine; $232,000 WLLCOLJNTY Crete Pablad Le: Lmbert Jr, Crnell & Lambert, Judy B; $205,000 Mnee S Cimtyfalr 0c Dlddens, Wende; $230, W Pennlegtee Le: Lucchini, Christian M & Jamie; $320,000 Petne 325 E Neuth St: Lennie, Slsen M & Dawn; $185, N Dreckalee M: Peak, William L & Unda M; $176,000 Surce: nfrmatin prvided by Recrd lnfrmaiin Services nc.. ffering public recrd data fr greater Chcag including freclsures, new hmwnrs lisis, nw businesses, bankruptcies, mrtgage recrdings, building permils and tax liens. Access available et and welch,, r cell , Lakefrnt Cndminiums Within Rch Prices starting in the nid $200's Less than 60 minutes frm dwntwn Chicag! s Final Phase - Limited Units Remaining Lw Prperly Tuses. AmezingViews frm Large Balcny Lw Cst f Living. l'rivate Bat Slips n 600 Acre Family Lw Cngestin Friendly Pine Lake High n Qualiiy,Value & Amenities. Lakeside l'al, Spa Sr Elevairs Call fr nf Mdels Nw Available Please visit us at l Outlk Cve Dr., LaPrte, N Quick Access Fllw -94 r -80 Oi Naturel cherra hardwend flrs enhance the appeal at this rustc ktchen and dining ares. ARACONTENT Hardwda 'S lng-term flring 'investment' As yu plan yurjfrsme inri ffice in. prjvc'iiil'iits, iliïiik luig-leriri by making chices that are infrmed, respiisibie miri finacislly sunri. Tile Ainericsii llarilwd infrmalin Culer suggests hardwd flring, iriiiiiig it as ne f (lie best lng-terni iiivestnivnts t be marie. lt is envirnmentally friendly, frever fashinable, sad will last fr generalis. Slid hardwd flring is just that, t suri plank f hardwd milled mi a liicce f flring, i1sually with a lngue und grve n the edges muri ends, s that the pieces fit tgetlkr n all sides. While it cmes in a vridly f thicknesses, - inch is the mst cuiumii prduced in the U.S. and is usually iaileri t a wden subllr, Thinner prfiles, such as 51t6 inch, can be glued directly n t a surface such as cncrete. Wirithu typically raiuge frein 2u1.iiich strip t 8-inch and wider pluk. Favrite U.S. species are red and while ak, liard niaple, alu, hickry and tuecsuu, waluuutanricherry.all slid hardwd flring can be sanded and refinished; hwever special care must be taken with the thinlier prfiles. Ann iii ali cases f luardwuh tiring inslahhatif, clean, misture-free.srthce is essentiul t eliunin;ute future prblems with nivinueuut r misture. llnfinified sliuh hardwd ulriuug -rnes directly frlui the mill :und is saudu and hìnisheul nsite. Mst fteuu uscii in uew hunue cnstruktiuu, tier rugh sandiuug ccurs (luring the early stages f the building prcess with the final cating being clne just prir t mve-in. 'buhay's uuunerus (lust cntaiuuuuient sanriing aya-. tema hwever, allw hmewners t enjy the beauuty f site-finished, cuustnu huardivth flring practically uuuytiuuie. Prefinislued slid huurdwui flrs lieve lreauly gule thrugh a uuuultiple tage fuisluiuug Prcess befre leaving the factry. They are ready l be euujyeui. This type f flring usually cmes willi suubstuuuutisi factry warranty, sarl species chices and clr rnges are virtually endless. Euugineermh huarulwd flring is typicahly made frm seven t 10 layers f thuiuu veneers r sheets, glued tgether l fruuu a type f plywd, tluruu finisfued with a slid huardwri wear layer. lt can be iiistalled directly ver cncrele and uuust ther type f subflrs. The advuuuulge f euugineered hardwd llring is that it will uut react t nusisture chuauuges aun is mre stable thuauu slid hiarnhwd flrlg, Because f buis stabilily, engineerenh is recmmended ver slid in wide plauuk applicatins. Depending n the thickness f the wear layer, au euugineerenh llr will perfrm iii nichi ube sanie way sauuie s a slid flr, Willi this type f flrisg - available iii slinh r engiuneered, nfinisluerl r prefinishued - flue nuauuuuhuctuurer hauch scrapes cccli piece f hlriuug t uuuinuic the lk f an lnh, wrn ussr, This lk is mst ppular iii uvule planks fr iluat "sch wrin" chuaruuu. But a wrn f cautin: t refiutish (hues flrs, all the ulelail will 1w reunvrnh tu sauunhing. Care nnl unaiuiieuuauuce f hardwd tlriuug is easy; uufteuu just s uuuatterf cniuui scuse. Ftluuw uhuese siuuiple guidehues annh yur tlrs will bust a hifetinue, prvinhiuug hre wuuruuuthu anni feel nly real hiardwnl eeuu ffer.. \Vater is a huarnhwnh flnur's wrst cui- Cdy. Clean up shills iuuiuuurdiutely. l) uui use u nhauuip uuup r il-basenh sap. Always check with hie thring uuuauuufscturer fr recuuimennlenl cleaning hurnhct.. Sweep hardwd flrs regularly. Dirt and nhuist cn grind laici hue finihu, Cnsider drnuats st every enirance, rugs in high traffic areas. u Sunhiglul ccii be luaruuufuul suin can drastically chuuuige the clr f the wuud. Cnsider slicer drapes, curlains r bhinula t limit direct suuuhight. u Shes can als Caus ulauuuage. tlighu heels can nient. Small stases eau scratchu. Cuusiuler leaving shes arid tue grit f (hie utsinle wrinh at the nhr, This imprtant intbrnia(iui abut luardwd hlriuug pliuds, iuustahliiuu, care and niaiuulenauuce is curtesy f the Americduuu Harrhwd Expn Cuuuicil (AbhhìC), and (hue Aunericuuui Harnlwd hnfrnuatin Ceuuter, Fr ubre iuifruuuatiu abut Americaui luarnhwuhs visit www,l-harnlwdlnf.cuui, a service f flue Hardwd Manufacturers Assciatin. Surce: ARAcntent Laminate flrs a 'real wd' alternative Yu lve thue lk f uitural ivnl tlriutg but are nufrainl t iuistuhl harnlwuunh because yu knw 11w flr will take a beating frni the kinls, dgs and (hie heavy day-t-nlay traffic all t cmmn in mdern family life. But yu dn't hueve t sacrifice high-style lks fr bring sensibility ubic cnsideriuug a new tlrig ptin in yuur hme, Tuhay's best lmiuuates cuuibine 11w realistic grain and textnure f wd willi high durafuility duuinh scratch anni innhentalin resistance fluai "authuentic" wnh flrs ehn't prvide, accrnhing t Jeff Katz, nhireclr-launuinate fr Terkett ilesidential, a prvinher f innvative anni sustaiuuable flriuig. Anuh ni nly are lnlay's laminates available at ;u fruicliuu f the cst f real wd flrs, but thuey're rigid um sync willi the latest nhesigns. "There's always a uuew nlecraliuug fri-nd arund flue crlier," Katz says. "t's iuuuperalive fr manufacturers t respumuunh i uuarket uhenuanud, keeping up with flue flussi up-t-date trends f euusurc cuusuunders are getuing flue latest iuu style anuh uheaigu, as well as iechuunlgy. One suuchu hue is Turkeli's 'rrennhs lauuulnaie, a duurabk- uuew cllectin fcuutuuriuug eighul f (lue httest hhring nhesiguus, incluunhiuug Oln \Vrinl-iuuspired antique-staiuueul tulauuks and sft, huuuuud scratwul wuuuh graiuus. Clrs ann styles in thus line will cstiuiu;ully riate uf wilfu new 'uulrduuclins lgive huuuuewners (hue uuewesi, uuust fupuular ks iii thring, uhliuuuuuicly prvinhiuug (licu willi flue high style f prenuiunu wnh thrs wifluut flue fuis.s.»..., "Tust's flnelieaulyfhuuuiafe prnhucts," Katz says. "rhuey're the new nrmal, great-lking prducts thuat deliver great perfrmauuce at a great value." Wlieuu shpping fr laminate prubucfs cnsumers shuld lk fr lring fluai is engineered wilfu aturnly inner cre bard layers, preferably nes that nheliver high impact resistance (at least an lc3 rating). This type f ratiuug helps prviuhe excellent indentatin resistace, and when cmbined urth highly rated tp surface pruutec- (in (AC3 r better) kids and pis enun ruin and play freely s huunuinate hnra withiut making a nient r marring up time surface's gd lks. As a result, launinate flriuug is s nhurahhe versnus real wd prducts huat surie lsnuiuuafes cme with up t a full lifetime warranly. Vhuat's mre, creafinga laminte lring transfrmatin in ytur hiuuie is a relatively simple DV prject. Many f tday's new laminate lrs cme in euusy-t-iuustahh planks (huai simply snap tgether withut the uuecd fr messy glue r nails t puumh. Laminates can even be used micer several types f existing lring, ffen ehinuinting tine need fr cstly sub-flr preparauin. "Cnsuuuners nw hueve (hue chuict- f sehecling laminate flr innvatins that prvide excellent iuerlruuuance anni value, while als reflecting and accunnuulauiuug their changing tastes," Kuutr. says. "Lamiuuate flring slulins keep up with their day.t.nhay life, That's smiuethuing we knur will never g ut f style." Surce: ARAcnumeruf Shnwn s a medal sample eh TankeN Trends lamnate. ARA CONTENT PHOTO,.1,\ Check rates daily at futtp://suntimes.interest cm t ays hmes M O RTCAG E a LJ D EVERGREEN BANK GROUP RucsuN Mnr.uus Cap,jir htlp.evmrnnssankgtaup.cum UNTED Hue LOANS muvire Bas temuus Cupes LC Oultc// hspitwww.oridgevlewsankmdgage.nm 30 yr fixed $914 20% yr fld % yr txnd % yr tiscd ' $ ', yr llssd $014 20% yr heed % /1 ARM $995 20'/, yr lisnd % / ARM $914 20% yr hed % 3(37 15 yr lined 3, % 3 9(4 15 yr hand Sl064 20% 3 f55 7/1 ARM $914 2O'/ yr heed 3, $975 20% 3,876 7/1 ARM $995 20% 3,323 5/1 ARM $ % Hrb Free - mesi c5dng Oid lusding Applying lues s s amy nuw, by r by mull. Call lrdsliiu abut ur Eay Rh - cluse in pr hmel (C) 1515 W. Z2sdStreet, Süite 025, Oakflsk, te (C)2002$. WesdwuulmAvene, CAirsg, ti Ouille Ff (Al 3 W.slbikCrprale C,ler, Salts 101O, W,ushesler, it (5) 3uiW fllhisnd Parkway, Suite 450, 0wne Greve, L 605i5 Finsr LLNOS MORS-040E ayrlisd roy,lsd 5y,ARM : srcs,uasuaanamrruu. MORTGAGE RATES & hop/ This week ef4u ' Leim P,grrn Rt Mnthly Payment 3yrlinnd $ / 4.255,. y,arm 480% NFORMATON AVALABLE 30yrlised mill $ % Laat week Oyrliscdrsll ON THE NTERNET % /1 ARMrsli $900 20% tleuslvear HRS A 301'H 'b i m htt - SU irnes.un nt t erest crn SsrVlclng Stutsl llipls sisc 1055 (A s933easursevullgaii, W/ieel,r, L 60(87 f Su,c anratu crn LENDERS, TO PARTCPATE N THS FEATURE CALS, BANKRATECOM SALES ,5,, g. 0».tL, i,,,..,t.,,.,,1 Afl,d.,JO.!t, L-.,,,.NSl,M*l¼.,..,(,,!,,,,,,.,Ll,,l...-,,.."-."... 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33 Realtrs ' 12 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 COMMON-U SUN-TMES MEDA tdayhs hmes 602 HAMPSHRE DR., HAMPSHRE Quality meets perfectin in traditinal Clnial-style hme By Jeane Mayr Fn SUt4.TiMES MEOA 81E lking fi- cuntry living withut lsing that in-twn feeling ía clse knit neighbrhd, yu awe it t yurself t check ut this week's featred nic. This fur bedrm Clnial-style rcsiilcnce has ali the charm f a cuntry liiiie, vtth its wrap arund prch itid three car garage, is situate( in the tampshire l'rairie subdivisin within valking distance t area schls. nside, the haines iu t traditin des nt disappint. île flly-framed iv()(l entryways, slid six-panel drs, expert iniliwrk ud crwn mlding carry thraght the first flr. 'l'ue trnii lining ran includes..i ivch chidr rath ail crwn nihdig, as ihiies the farinai living rm. Ailditiaihhy, the living rsai ffers tw sets f Pri-celi drs: ciii- heaiiiiig t the wrap-aruiid irchi and the iitiier tt the faiiiily mu. 'i'iuis usine, which was built by Crs iiuuues, ffems quality ut every tuumui. i'hue brick hearth with its arched detaihhuug aii iii ui uuuuutie ivihb si-unu hearts as si-eli us the ruuus ui clui uvtuuter uuighuts. 'rie Muyed ii-iii uuf wiuuuiws captures lts f uuutuurai light us weil as uuffemiuig a lvely sittiuug umeu. A iuuif.wuii ffers suuuuue sepumattn betweeuu liii- funuihy ruui auud the kitciueuu while still gui-hug tue huuuuuue ui pi-ui airy feehiuug. The kitehueuu features iuichuude a ruuiy breakfast urea will Freuucht ulrs thuut pi-ui u,uit t the sluuuupeuici-rete piti, Criauu cuuuuuutertps willi u ceuuter isiauid unii frty.twuu iuuciu cubiuuetry with white upphiuuuces. l'huis siiuihy-buiit resideuice ges beyuud tie bastes by fferiuug huh iuuside access und garage ui-cesa t the fully tiuuisiued bascuuient. There recessed iigiutiuug, u full butti. mu uuud u private ffice euuhuauuce tue recreutiui area s tie luver level. 'l'le secuud licuar bi-iii uuus are large cud tw f then uuffer waik.iuu clsets. 'l'ue caster suite huis heeuu uipgrauied0.. t include a druiutic duble uiumr etrauuce, au udjiuiing master spa willi jet tub cud seluurate shwer and u uuiasler clset that lias lei-ii exteuu(ied. 'l'iuis additiuuai sluice ffers a rm-full f cltiues-iuuugiuug space cud alu euuuuruuuuus dreasiuug arel. Fr ubre infruuiatiuu abut this lvely hme r t irrauuge u turivate shwiuug, cutuct Really Executives Supenr hmes Realtr Bili Fuchs at 847'ti83-HOME (.1663) cur Heidt Eviuiger ut A brick freplace, bayed whudnw and French drs lend a tnnai yet reiaed atmsphere t ths Tiern n the Hampshire Prati-l cmmunity Hampshire. KAREN iiae5s,or sun-rmes MEDA Abut this prperty Reahtars: Bill Fuchs at HOME (4663) r Heidi Evinger at , bth with Realty Executives Superir Hrne Hme address: 602 Hampshire Dr., Hampshire Apprsimat size: 12 rms with 4 bedrms and 31fc baths Using ream: 15 by 15 leal Kitchen: 15 by 21 heat Family rm: 15 by 17 teat Master bedrm: 17 by 14 bel Price: $300,000 Hw d gt mr frit abut a prperty? :0 :0r::0!":ui 99tNFO la? CO end enter un "Web D' t,enr scur nbui n prprety starckreaftrscrn rl ;: 4536)..íii.i' Prudential Starck. i ' E LG N ALGONQUN ÍÌ Pin re Orsn $149,900 il,.,.. Cie5,. W, i-,, ((,31 t,(ttø TO O*'% cm A T' t,j«t c*'% ' r,cn r «Mchelle Lawler 888-a L7 Backbrd $234,900 l' Q (1 O 'UQ'* S,! h!, '( V,D,«. Q9 s, F,, Eucyfld,guz Wd Date $149,900 Elgs $240,100 Eln $136,500 Bartlett $449, ih Elgn $264,900 ' uts E,,.. Ci Bc3,t&. F4SflCCflZ i bedwom i (10 u,,', th attached 2ca'Stpi-i,ç*-e,,,aiAGOL (c'i OrpO(TU'4 iy5. 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34 . T-9. 0 O -C - p s- s ARPLANES - s-j BO.TSPOWER BOATSSAU. S-12 BOATS SUPPLES S-20 SEASONALSPORTS S.22 RECREATONAl. VEHCLES s. 25 MOTORCYCLES SCOOTERS s.10 BOATS POWER E Abbey Marlrn. Lake Gvas Only Pwrncted Q. Marina :; u) 2011 flat Slips fr Rent?Sa! $xj-s savings befre act ber Fr Mre nfrmatin Please Call (26Z WNNESAGO, - nn smking, SOc ml, 2 kickntn, E 7O&8Th1O38 O (n 25 MOTORCYCLES SCOOTERS im LJedBike,Wnted; n th pcti. Mtrcyts/Snwmb tics AU Makes & Mde)s! will Pick Upt Any Cnditin Cali HONDA '07 CBR i000 RR, garage kept, like new, 3.5w milen, $ T- 5 T- 6 T- 7 T- 9 T- 10 T- 11 T- 12 T- 13 T- 14 T- 15 T- 16 t FOR SAOE MPORTS CUSTOM MODFED SERVCE g ANTQUE CARS VANS SUV TRUCKS ThALERS RENT LEASE FNDERS SER VCE T- 17 SERVCE REPAR T- 18 TOWNG T- 19 PARTS AND ACCESS T-21 LOANS T-22 NSURANCE T- 23 AUTOS WANTED T- 25 FOR SALE DOMES'RC T- 26 LMOUSNES T-5 FOR SALE MPORTS '09 Accra Ti. #P15210 $27,695 CALL NOW 88s-69n-7313 '08 Anura MDX #P15710 $34,995 CALL NOW '03 6MW )15 #p15659 $16,995 CALL WOW '10 Hnda Accrd EX-L # $26,995 CALL NOW HONDA '99 Accrd EX, 2dm. green. full pwer, CD. cld AC, must see. $ HONDA ACCORD 96' Aut, Green, 4Dr, Great, Must Seul $ f '00 SONATA - 95k pearl wrt, nf. all pr. $2700. Habl Espnnnl HYUNDAJ '00 Snata GL 99k, silver, 44r, cld AC, full pwr, Aergeus, $ '09 infinit 037 #1P226 $23,995 nfnt uf Chcag nfiniti 035 Sedan X Luxury SAVE Thmas Nissan '07 nlniti QXSS st3ts $33,875 irr8niti st Chcag Jaguar XJR Super Charged $ BERMAN'S STAR NSSAN LEXJS gld, 44m, cattier, sunrf, full pwr. cld AC, runs/tuks perfect, $ '07 Mazda S Sprt $10,995 Eeimn's Md Clip Ntssn Mazda MX-5 Miata Deal uf tre Day $15988 Thmas Nissan '06 Mazda 3, $9,995 OERMAN'S STAR NSSAN '06 Mazda 3 Grand Turng Bemras's Md Clip Nssan MAZDA '99 Prtege, 4 dr. 5- spd, blue ene cnci n & us, cd, a/c 2&J g-43 MAZDA ' dr, subset- c, 4 cli, 1184 cld air, new tires, brakes, exhaust, clean, runs perfect. $ '06 Mercedes-Benz 5-Class # $24,495 CALL NOW Msrcedes nn %dent, ms,t nd accident free, Driven by nn smker and always garage kept. leather seats, A/C wrks. rann and lks greall Oreat gun mile - age. Must be suni $4200. Please Call 'OS Mint Casper S #9751A.A $14,995 CALL 140W MTSUBSH '00 Galant, ES, red, 4-dr, full pwer, like new. nut nue, $ '09 Nssan Altim Si-2,995 OERMAN'S STAR NSSAN '09 Nssan Mulina SV mdes $24,995 BERMAN'S STAR NSSAN '09 Nssan Rgue $13,995 BERMAN'S STAR NSSAN '0g Nissan Sentra $10,995 BERMAN'S STAR NSSAN Nissan Sentra GusSavnr $8988 Thmas Nissan '07 Nssan Sent $8,995 Berman's MS City Ns5sn '07 Nssan Snt $9,995 BERMAN'S STAR NSSAN Nissan Maxma Super Saving $ Thmas Nissan '05 Nssan Maelma Si BERMAN'S STAR NSSAN NSSAN 'O5SENTRA lw miles, 41k. 1.8 rrer, slick shift, 441ra, black, ee gd ceridi - lin $ NSSAN '96 MAXMA - laded, runs great, clean, i wner, garaged. $ '04 Nssan Maxima $9,995 BERMAN'S STAR NSSAN '04 Nssan Murns $12,995 BERMAN'S STAR NSSAN Nssan ANima 48 flur Sale $5988 Thmas Nissan ,-5353 NSSAN '58 Atma 08E, 89, mis, silver, 4 dra, lull pwer, cld u/c, CO, Outstandlnçtl $ ' LEGACY $1489 MD Cil? Sf ' OUTBACK $495 MD CTY SUBARU '59 SUBARU TB5ECA $27,595 MD CTY $ 'D5SUBARUMPREZA $W95 MD CTY Sf '565055M1 LEGACY MDC1TYSURARJ '07 Suzuk Fresza $7,995 BERMAN'S STAR NSSAN SUZUK '04 Fsrnnza, 595 ml, brght blue, grey clth, 4 cyllnde,, aut, lke nw, factry Warranty, $ '08 Tyta Crnu Hybrid $35,995,' Bermsn's Md City Nssan '07 Tyta Crlla $9,995 BERMAN'S STAR NSSAN '07 lyla Yarls $8,495 Berman's Md City Nssan Tyta '02 Crlla CE 4 dr aut all pwr 61K AC cd kls X cleari$495o TOYOTA '02 Slara SE an, lull pwer, CO, cld Ac, rann and lks Outstanding, $ l101Yytu Crlla Aul. Nice car selling price $1600 Suth Chicag Aul Auctlsn al Harvey TOYOTA '00 Crlla, 4 dr, aut, silver pwer wlndws/ lnck, 76-, $4, TOYOTA 99 COROLLA LE 4-Ors, lun, lull pwr, cld AC, runs greal $ TOYOTA '96 CAMRY black, 4-drs, leather, cld A, - allys, rann utstanding, $15w lssgtyta Csmry why puy mate? $2595 Thmas Nissan TOYOTA '92 Camry, 4-dr, au-, pwer windwt,aucks, m - macslate, 1 wner, $ '03 Vlkswagen Passat $8,595 BERMAN'S STAR NSSAN '00 Vlkswagen Beetle GS $6,995 BERMAN'S STAR NSSAN $ØpsH,=$ fr Frget the rest pay the best! 7 days a week running r nt '08 Vle XC7O # $23,995 CALL NOW Vw '99 Pacat GS black, 4.drs full pr, great, must ne $ Vw '98 letta WOLFSBURG black, 4dm, burr grat, gas syver, $ VW '97 Jetta GS, 4-dru, purpe, suint, lull pwr, great car, must see, $ ANTQUE CARS FORD - Classic Cnnverlibles. Gd t VG cns. All Run well. '59 7-Brd, Pal Blue, VB, aul, $10,000. '67 Mustang, Pale 8lire, rust free, 6 cl, 3 spd. $16,709. Chicag, N. Ssbt nbs4o9kyaaicnm.1976 Trans Am, 402 cable" mtr, pwer steering/brakes, a/c, asta. black w/ red nterir, 12,000 rginal miles. 100% nriginal S rust ree. 1 sever, nan smker. $ CHEVY '85 Crvette Cnvertible, 120k mi, nly 12h ml n rebuilt matr,new tires, new mufliers. Gd mser, $ WANTED: British Earn Classc Cars , My cnd., Call Bb T-10 VANS 2003 Chevy Astr crg van Aul, NiCe cat sellng price sibil Suth Chicag Aul Auctin el Hmey CHEVY '00 Venture, 7 pass,. belge, 2 slding durn. 63k, ese, cndillnn, $ CHRYSLER '99 Twn S Cuntry LTD - 7 pass, red llhr, lull pis,, runs perfect. $2100. Must sed '09 Ddge Caravan 5X $20,995 CALL NOW '97 Ddge Caravan D $2,495 CALL howl FORD '00 Wlndstar, 516k, gren w/ clth, duble sliders, encnllent n A Ont, needs n wrk, $35W FORD '97 WNOSTAR Gmvery clean in A ut, n rust/dents, alarm, grandpa's van. $1702 abs HONDA '04 Odyssey - 35 iter, 14k ml, light blue clr, very gad cnditin, very clean, $ HONDA '98 ODYSSEY 4-dr. 3d rw, all pwr, wns eau, $2900 Habl Espunnl , MAZDA 2000 MPV, Mn Vn, aul, VB, lull pwr, 3rd rw seal, 2 sliding ars, Cld CD. $2502 h Nssan Quest Sepclal Editin $10988 Thmas Nissan 8i.5741S353 NSSAN '76 Quest, 7 pass, uprls van, very clean, rann well. a/c. $ PONTAC '99 Msntua sprt nun. Clean, SONY CD ml. $ STyta Sienna XLE Leather, Laded $12988 Thmas Nissan T-11 SUV CHEVY '98 BLAZER 4x4, 4_3 liter, red clr, 4-dr, leather, runs gd, 98k ml, $ Ddge Durang 4x4 and mre $2988 Thmas Nissan DODGE '00 Durang Spart, blue, lull pwer, cld a/c, gar35au, mst see, $ 'OS Frd EuplrrXLT 4x4 $8,899 nrman's Md Cty Nssan FORD '99 EXPLORER XLT 4-dr, clean, rann great. $2900. Mn Espinel FORD 99 EXPLORE XL 4x4, Red, Full Pr, Cd, Culd A1C, Outstandag $ Hnda 05V The right ne. Savel Thmas Nissan '04 Nmmer HZ #P15739A $20,995 CALL HOWl '08 Hyundal Ssta Fe Si-5,995 BERMAN'S STAR NSSAN '08 Jeep Cmpass Spurt $14,495 Berman's Md Cty Nissan '06 Jeep Cherkee 513,995 Berman's Md Cty Nssan 'l Jeep Lberty #P15703 $19,995 CALL HOWl '10 Jeep Wrangler ll9889a $23,995 CALL NOW Mercury '05. Muntaneer, 4 dur, suernt. Eucellent ced. Garage kept. 190K ml, S05784 '09 Nssan Murns $98995 Berman's Md Cty Nssan Nssan Muran Family Fun $39988 Thmas Nissan '09 Nssan Xi esa $19,995 Brman's Md Cty Nssan 'ts Nssan Pathfnder $17,99s Berman's Md Cty Nssan '08 Nissun Xterru S15,995 Berman's Md Cty Nissan 's Nissan Pathfinder $14,495 Berman's Mid Cty Nissan '04 Tyta Hghlander 4251 $14,995 Berman's Md City Nssan «TOYOTA '94 Lad Cruiser - Ve. 4-rin, 404, i-sor rei, $5750 h, T-12 TRUCKS DODGE '03 Dakta, est cab, meneas cver, black, SOr, Ose n 8 eat, $ DODGE '98 RAM lull size, aula, V6, geud cand /ab Aut Lan HAVE YOU BEEN TURNED DOWN BY A BANK DA OR FNANCE COMPANY? WE CAN HELP YOU! Bad Credit, Slw Credit., Reps, Judgements OKAY! iwi. i Ask Fr Kcvrn Hward Buick. Pntiac GMC Aut Gru. ' '08 Frd F.150 King Ranch 11P157i.1AA $32,495 CALL HOWl MAZDA '94 Eut-euh, x6, 5-spd, law pkg, cd, a/c, clean, 23 mpg, 157k, $ '07 Nissun Frstlnr Crew Cab $18,995 BERMAN'S STAR NSSAN Nssan Frntier Crew Ges Anixihere $9988 Thamay Nissan T-13 TRAftERS HEAVY 0111V traler w/ till, newer tiren, $400. nf, Dun T-19 PARTS AND ACCESS NEVER USED V ruan, car neren, speakers, amps, $ T-23 AUTOS WANTED $800 - $22,000 Cash in i hr! Fr Gd Cars! $400 fr Beaters Call 24/ We Pick Up! We Pick Up! Tp $$fl Junk Cats &Ttucks W/rw/lte Free Twing GET CASH NOW! Yut access pa-s t the Chicagland aut market. SEÀRCHciuCâaut'.. Lking fr a dea'? NEWSEACJODMLY AUTO DEALS Y G t L Tp Paid W/ OR W/O TTLES Crs/ Trucks Any Csnhfitisrl MKE'S JUNKNG We Buy Junk Curs wi sr w/a titins Call Tp $8$ Fr Yur Junk Cars Running r Nt Sme Day Pick lip j9 CASH fur JUNS VEHCLES TOP $8 PAD WE BUY JUN11 CARS TRUCKS, VANS ANY CONÓTDN SS WE BUY JUNK CARS SS $200-Si-000 w! r W/ a ttle, ea prebim JUNK CARS $5$ W best cnmpetlteral N title, 00 prblem $5$ Must Cash Oarnntsd Feb haar Vehlcisti JUNK 5885 T-25 FOR SALE DOMESTC MUSTSEU14$ 2011 BMW 751j AWD,2,6 Mites, ca is laded. Paid sell fr $ (217)821'6OSir(217) alt3simprducts,cm '05 Buck LaCrsse S7,995 Bes's MS City Nssan BUCK '03 Park Avenus class n 8x43, We Pay Cash f Junk Cars AO. $2500 ss, T?356256ò2 w, sr W/O Ttles BUCK '02 Cantar)' - 4-dr, lush Cars "R" Us burgundy, leuthef. fall pwr, CD, lllx rrw. $3203, BUCK '01. REGAL LS 4-dr, marn, full puar, cld AC, ut - slndlrrg, $ / '10 Bldt Lacrsse CXL #P152?9 $26,995 CAl_L HOWl 'aß Buck Lucerne CXL #P15728 $24,995 CALL NOW $ ,, BUiCK '97 Prk Avenus 1. wner, 107K mlles 23" custm rms, Cash fnrisnk Carp, Up t sunrf, $40O $500 fr Running Cars BUCK '97 RVERA, lw ralls, pen whle, sun rf, CASHU 24/7 dispatch iaather, cld aje cd, flugs, E & L Aut gnrgxn, $2702, 739O7-22fl '96 Buck LaSbre elderly dilvn, runs great $875 r ffer BUCK '72 Skylark, var, 650 hlly cmb, tutt 402 ****** BUY JUN14 CARS, tp dllar fr yur lank crs, iems dy pick up, Chluug. Cusr pld, $ far ysr carj Call Prce l, Junk Cars Rannlsg r Nt Same Day Service tren, 411 rear enti, rrjn great, esd seme k 50th, 05 nd, rginal 3S005gne &ther parta ntl. $4577, Bill, '09 Cadllac CTS , $38,995 CAL. NDW '08 Cdllac STS #PJ5367 $28,995 CALL HOWl '99 Cadllac Dsiis # ,995 CALL HOWl CADLLAC '99 Sstlart Devlls Se Habla Espnl buge gld pkg edt, bslutely in mint shwrm cnditn, E-5165 OWner, esr000 kept A cvered snce new, elderly driven BUY JUNS CARS TOP DOLLAR PAY GUARANTEED. never itt ran r snw, nly dok Orig ml, s ptins. mn rf, NO TTLE, NO PROBLEM carriage tp, heated leather sent, buge chrme wheels, r i173) cd A mre. See lt is t buy guneluanz9iahn,cnm t 554k new, wll ecrlflce $él500bn buy Cri, Vs A Tracks Cadillac '98 DeVlbe. Es Owner Rgi*trntin Rtqslred w/ Thin cnd. Needs naiser. Wn't stes, ( Ns Ptbltml Will pick SpTODAY CADLLAC OsVlis, 4-dr, WE BUY JUNK CARS Chlcugn A subu#a Any cnditin. Call nnwl white damnd, tn leather, clean in 4-ut. must see, $1700, CADLLAC '96 Deaths, Many re' cent parta, Rus grest.. $1902, Cli 621B-3441 OEM Recycled - Nw Afletmerket - Wheels TOP DOLLARS FOR JUNK VEHCLES $300 AND UP MUST BE COMPLETE W/ TTLE FREE TOWNG - CALL FOR QUOTE : NORTH SDE SOUTH SDE CADLLAC 1993 Sedan Dsviil, esta clean n Snt, runs great, $12cc, &fl7 '08 Chenruiet Mlibu $8,995 BERMAN'S STAR NSSAN Chevrlet '04 Mllbu, 4 dur. Euceilent Cndtn. Creg kept. WOK ml. $3556, CHEVROLET '03 mpalu LS, sec cns, clean, CD, A/C. VO, Enraged $ CHEVROLET '03 Malbu aut «r CD, AC, pwr, 981v, clesn $4965/bp Chevy Malibu LT Priced t sll $12498 Thmas Nssan , Cheny Ceellsr Aut. Nic cr selling prce $1203 Suth Chlcug Aut Asctln b Hmey CHEVY '02 MPALA runs perfect ce cld AC, clus, CHEVY '02 Mlibu LS 4-dra, tan, leather, cld 0/c, cd, full pwer. runs grest, nant sea, $2202, Cheny Cavaler A dimndl $1988 Thmas Nissan CHEVY '00 MPALA - mrn, 4-dm, lull pwer, CO, rana A lks great, $ CHEVY '89 Lamn - silver, 4-dra, full pas, rues & lks utstandng. $ CHEVY Mnts Carla 1598 S Allys spiler MC mes exc. $ / CHEVY '98 Prrm, 4 dr, sat, beige 475,eucllent cnditin, 28OO CHEVY '97 Mante Cari LSwhte, allys, 505 saver, pic, Snt 000, CHEVY '96 Lumln - 4-dru, blua, full per, Blest cr, muet seyl $1402, '08 Chnialsr PT Crser 8595 Bannns Md City Niun ,44 'OB Chrysler PT Cruser $8,895 BERMAN'S STAR NSSAN '08 Chrysler Sebring Cvet 510,995 Berman's Mid Cty Nssan CHRYSLER '04 SEBRNO Cne, tus, VB, alit, like ries, $5502 Frer Chrysler Ccurd tlrr Aut, Nice cr selling price $1400 Suth Chicag Aut Auctin f Harvey '09 DadOs Charger $ BERMAN'S STAR NSSAN DODGE '06 Charger 5X1-34k. silver, 447, lke new mast se, $L dC6l, cali nimlngn ZADedge Nas Aut, Nice cr sellng price $1600 Suth Chlcsg Aut Auctn f Halvy Ddge k,frepld Aut. Nice car selling prce $1400 Strib Chcag Aut Auctin f Hmey 7Os DODGE '02 ltrepld SE ml, sliver, 4-ds, lull pwr, ut - standing, must sea $ è '10 Ddge Challenger SRTB ,995 CALL HOWl DODGE '00 Neye 4-dr biscil must see, mast drive, mint, calr Almsnd, gd cnditin, :reotb.. /,r)j l{ll.l /r'\] )'4KlrTh FORD 05 CROWN VCTORA 4-dra, full pwr, runs utstand - ng. weil mislelned, $ FORD '02 FOCUS SE 61k mi, red, 4-airs, CDwr. lys,eua. 'W Frd Mustang # ,095 CALL NOW e i.3 FORDTAURUSSHO99S 4 dr est., full factry pt./mnnrl, nn.arnher, priv. wner, 00106e kept. $ , LNCOLN '04 lawn Cr Liltimt. F580, 49K mls, grga kept. n excellent cnditin, mn ml, bus hsted/cled seats, pwer vmythlng,jbllxitrg sssrs, has li tlra ptiuris, new tires. $12,700 sr beet ffer, ,580 LNCOLN '99TOWNCAR Signature Series sudes, $3100. Habl Espunl, * LNCOLN '98 Cntnental, white, en cndtin, lrs li ODn, $3203 s, Lncln 'SOTws Car, ball cniuge tp, 4-dru, green, leuthr, cld s/c. allys. super nice, $ MERCURY '99 MYSTQUE cieux in A ut, CD alarm, ess grut, $16500b0, 7/ Mercry cugar XR-? 64, mllea, lt f nw parta, runs glat, $1700 Des Pininu (847) eictxfcherblld8-sbcglbi.flet 0105 '00 NTRGUE - 4-Ors, tn, full 98e, alleys, greal, munt 50e, $ '' OLDS '99 AURORA - 4-dr, gld full cwr, great, must see. 233l, Dm05 '78 Ctisia, 2dr, blue, russ gnd ab (50, gtrgs keel, eire. m-eissis OLDSMOBLE '03 Aler, 4- dr, Ocyl runsjlako euc, cd, like nyv', n/c, $3750, OLDSMOBLE ALERO OL 01' 90K, Blue, 4 Or, Full Ps, Cd, Out' steedlsel $ , OLDSMOBLE '94 Cutlass. 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Fu!! Pwer! $6,995' 2006 Ddge Stratus SXT, On!y49KMies, Stk #V3259A $8,495' 2005 Chevy Equinx, Lw29KM1!es, SUc. #YPB2248A $8,495' 2010 Hyundai Accent, nly 700 Mils with Aut/Air! $8,995' 2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser, Blck Fully Laded! $8,995' 2009 Hyundai Accent GLS, Just/ike New! $8,995' 2008 Ddge Caliber SXT, Laded! SLk. #V1503 $9,295' 2008 Chrysler Sebring Cnvertible, 44k1 GrayM8t, Stk #Y2734A $9,495' 2007 Hyundai Elantra GLS, 8K, Fully Equippdi $9,995' r&' uyuflofbl Assuranc. r'ri c CTY - Brand New 2010 Hyundai ELANTRA GLS s America's Best Warranty 10 Ysur/lOO,000 Mils Pwerbain Wurrsrrty , Meets RANTEEDJ Gd Salespeple Always Needed! Becme a T: Fllw Fan n eseo Us n Where Fullertn Grand! 6750W.'GrandAV '. W1:cii Yu d the i'4ath, l'ri Chse!'ÍcGraih f! '-' 's, lattcifse f rs J 1 Tb-a!çUlp$2t n1arrìdtl sathe ii3tce Dd1'1pdtlpt10j ainiif3lt Sl&69ç«S1rrd det. (e at49 t.171r'jt 1m.1 r- $1 5,525* Brand New 2010 Hyundai SANTA FE s r ntsdel3m54 ctr /mi; C) C, C c B z

35 . C" C" E D c > '9 E C) ') tu -C -C 'u D c WHEN A GREAT DEAL MATTERS, SHOP ROB PADDOR'S... EVANSTON SUBARU in SKOKE MEET: EXTREME SPORT LEGEND SALES S OPEN SAT. NGHT SPECAL HOURS: 'll 10PM NEW 2010 SUBARU MPREZA 2.5i SEDA A-Wheel-Drìve 'Side Curtain Airbags 'Full Pwer.MP3 'ABS NO SECURTY DEPOST1 36 mnth lease. $3,099 due at signing. MA #5902 MPORTS & DOMESTCS '09 Nssan Ruge AWO ntmaiiç Full Pwer, Blue, P ,995 '07 Mazda 5 Sprt utmatc,ir, 6 Passenger, 20K. Silver, P ,995 '08 Frd Fusin SE.AtmaAir, 35K, RacJ', P ,495 '07 Mazda 3 Hatchback S lather, Sunrf, AutmaUc, 34Y Black, P ,995 '07 Hnda CMc LX Sedan Ñitniatic,Nr, Full Pwer, 45K, Grey, P ,995 'DB Nissan Setb SE-R.AutmalicMiys, BJacç Only 26K. P ,995 '06 Hnda Element Ex AWU..A,,tmatic, Sunrf, Full Pwer 6216A 14,995 '07 Nssan Atma.Autcmati Nr, 4OK Black, P ,995 'OB Nissan Senùa 2.05.Autmatic,PJr, Only 15K mues, Withe, P ,495 '04 Jaguar X-Type 3.0 Leather, Sunrf, Bluetth, 53K, MiR, 6349A 11, Mazda 3 Sedan.p.utmauc, ir, Fufl Pwer,Mys, 41K. Od, P ,995 '09 Chevy AyeeS.Autmatj 28K. Blue, P3757 S9,995 'es Hnda Civic EX Cupe Autmatic, Suurl, Laded, 62K. Slver, 6284A 9,995 'D3SatijmDN3 MlnticM32M?G, 41K, fled...s8995 BBB A+ RATED DEALERSHP.] $j_ i Travïs Pastrana ScJ edule /MO f Events FRDAY OMORROW 3:00pm Drawing t Win an Apple ipad 3:OOpm-9:OOpm See Travis' authentic Subaru WRX ST! Rally Car and his freestyle mtcrss bike. Tur Travis' interactive trailer with music and vides. 6:OOpm-9:OOpm Free Ht Dgs and Pizza fr everyne. Cmpliments f Evanstn Subaru and served by Skkie's wn Village nn Pizzeria. THS SATURDAY 9:OOam-1O:OOpm See Travis' authentic Subaru WRX ST! Ra!y Car and his freesty!e mtcrss bike. Tur Travis' nteractive trailer with music and vides. i O:OOam-2:3Opm Meet Travis Pastrana n persn. Get his autgraph alng with a free suvenir pster i i :OOam-2:OOpm Free Ht Dgs and Pizza. 2:30pm Drawing t Win an Apple ipad 6:OOpm-9:OOpm Free Ht Dgs and Pizza. 6:OOpm-1O:OOpm NAS1OC CarShw - Open t everyne. Fllwed by an awards ceremny. NEW 2010 SUBARU LEGACY 251 SEDAN /MO 'All-Wheel-Drive 'Side Curtain Airbags 'Full Pwer.MP3 'ABS NO SECURTY DEPOST! 36 mnth lease. $3,1 34 due at signing. AAA #5248 SUBARU FORESTERS '10 Frester Prem. All Weather, Sunrf, Aut., Whle er Black P3761/66 S22,995 '09 Frester X U. Bean 1eather,Suere Pwer Heated Seat.Sllve P3736 $18,995 '06 Frester XT Thib Ltd. Jaame Su000e5-Speed, 46K, Blu 601gB $17,995 SUBARU TRBECAS '09 Suban' Thbeca Ltd. leather, Sunrf, Fell Leeary, Black, 15K, P3897 $27,495 '08 Subam11beca Ltd. Leatber,Suerl,7-Passeuger,39K,SilverP3l25 $23,995 SUBARU MPREZAS '06 Suhani lmpreza Sil 3001W, Only 45K, 6 Speed, Black, 6356A $23,995 '09 lmpreza Prem. 5-Dr /HAV Aut., Sanrf.,AHys, Slver, 151( P3704 $19,495 '09 mpreza Preen. 4-Dr atmau Senrf,pjlyu, P3763 $15,995 '09 Subaru mpreza 4-Dr Aut., lr, Full Pwer, Sliver, P3641 $13,495.. Qpe tabr Dä ioã4p NEWV SUBARU OUTBACL * APR FNANCNG NEW 2010 SUBARU FORESTER 2.5X SE Find us n - Facebk "-.u0 * Add lax, itje license and $ dc fee, rebates applied. Lease n apprved credit scre. Lease, i 0k miles per year, i 5cents after, Lessee respnsible fr excess wear j_s,_ STELLAR and early terminatin f lease. Odian t purchase- mpreza $10 550, Frester $12,955, Legacy $ **Flnance n aprved credit scre, subject t vehicle <PERFORMER insurance and availability. foased n New Sbaru retail sals frm SUA, in llinis, fr ali f 20118, 2009 & year-t-date ffers end n 3 days, unless nted, 1MO. All-Wheel-Drive 16" ALLOYS ROOF RALS NO SECURTY DEPOST! 36 mnth lease. $3,149 due at signing. AFA #5098 SLBARU LEGACY OUTBACKS '10 Subaru Outback Ltd. Leather Seats, Bluelth, Charcal, P3764 S26,495 '10 Subani Outhack Prem. MWeathr,twtmatic,Whle,14K, P3760 $23,995 '08 Subaru Outback 2.51 Aatmalicir, Fall Pwe 16,O n.,p3765 $20,995 '08 Subani Outback XT Ltd AutmuUcLeather,,sunru1,flrey 6232A...,..S19,995 '10 Subani Legacy Pi-em. All Weather Pkg, Black r Blue, P $19,995 '07 Subaru Outback 2.51 SE Mt.,UeatedSeats,FullPwc,421ÇP3754 $17,995 '08 Subaru Outback 2.51 xatmaecjr, Full Pwer, Geld, 5951A $17,995 '08 Subaru Legacy Ltd er,sunm,autmakcrey,p3734 $17,495 '09 Subaru Legacy 2.51 SE.AutmaticOJr, 5unm P3688/68/94/3753 $16,995 's Subaru Legacy 2 51 SE Aatmatic, Sunrf, Fall Pwer, Crep, P3607 $15,995 '06 Subaru Raja Autmatc, Sanrf, Leather, Slver, P3563 $15,995 '06 Subani Outback 2.51 AatamaticMr, Full Pawer,40K, Btue,6090A $14,995 '09 Subani Legacy 2.51 SE.Aatamatl Jr, satuaf, Wfllt, P3724 $14,995 f Authrized Dealers OEQDAuÒi FLETCHER JONES AUD liii N Clark St. Chicag, LAUREL AUD OF WESTMONT 276 E. Ogden Ave BMW BLL JACOBS BMW 2495 Aurra Ave. NapelviUe, L BMW OF ORLAN» PARK th St. Orland Park, ELMHJRST BMW 466W. Lakast., Eimhurst LAUREL BMW OF WESTMONT 430 E. Ogden Ave PATRCK BMW 700 E. Glf Rad, Schaumburg UCK ROGERS BUCK 2720 S. Michigan Ave. Chicag Bill Jacbs Cadillac 2001 W. Jeffersn St., Juet &» HERTAGE CADLLAC 303W. Rsevelt Rd., Lmbard PATRCK CADLLAC 526 Mali Or., Schaumburg STEVE FOLEY CADLLAC 100 N. Skkie 8lvd. Nrthbrk ::j CHEVROLET ADVANTAGE CHEVROLET l-55 & Rute 53, BlingbFh ADVANTAGE CHEVROLET LaGran &Jllet Rads, Cuntryside Aut Mali Q APPLE CHEVROLET N TNLY PARK (708) W. 159th Bill Jacbs Chevrlet 2001 W. Jeffersn St., Jllet BLL KAY CHEVROLET 601. Ogden & l-355 Dwners Giv/Lisle biiikaychevystore.00m Chevrlet f Hmewd 183rd & -aisted, Hmewd Currie Mtrs Chevy Frest Park 7901 W. Rsevelt Rd., O9 JACK PHELAN CHEVY "Yu Gtta See Jack" 4000 S. Harlem, Lyns Mike Andersn Chevrlet 5333 W. rving Pk Rd PHLLPS CHEVROLET llinis' Largest Chevy inventry Rtes. 30 & 45 ROGERS CHEVROLET 2720 S. Michigan Ave New Car Buyers Gui CHEVROLET (cnt'd) WEBB CHEVROLET S. Cicer Ave., Oak Lawn SHERMAN CHRYSLER DODGE 7601 N. Cicer Ave., Skkie (888) SHERMAN DODGE JEEP 7601 N. Cicer Ave., Skkie (888) AL PEMONTE FORD 2500W. Nrth Ave. Melrse Park ARLNGTON HTS. FORD w. Dundee Rd, Arlingtn Heights (847) BLL KAY FORD MDL.OTHAN S. Ccer Ave. CURRE MOTORS FORD-FRANKFORT #1 in Midwest Rt,30&45 866-'ESFORD MCCARTHY FORD, NC il400 S. Pulaski, Chicag GMC Truck ROGERS GMC 2720 S. Michigan Ave. Chicag J Q1TD CARR'S HONDA 6600N.WESTERN AVE. CHiCAGO CASTLE HONDA 6900W. Dempster, Mrtn Grve (847) HONDA ON GRAND Eimhurst W. Grand O'HARE 'HONDA - River Rd & Oaktn, Des Plaines. Fr The Lwest Prices. Call sct-aumburg HONDA. Autmbiles "A Bb Rhrman Dealership 750 E. Glf Rd HONDA VALLEY HONDA n Napervllle/AurOra 4173 Ogden Ave. (Fit HYUflDR FAMLY -YUNDA i 8101 W. 159th St., Tinley Park, L O8-44'l #1 in the Midwest fr 5 cnsecutive yearsl O'HARE HYJNDA River Rd & Oaktn, Des Plaines. Fr The Lwest Prices Cali Direct PATRCK HYUNDA 1020 E. Glf Rd. Sctiaumburg ROGERS HYUNDA Michgan Ave cjaguar JAGUAR ELMHURST 400W. Lake St. Eimhurst &i PATRCK JAGUAR OF NAPERVLLE 1559 W. Ogden Ave SHERMAN JEEP DODGE 7601 l'. Cicer Ave., Skkie (888) ' e B)) Jacbs Kia 2625W. Jeffersn St., Juet Classic Ka 425 N. Green Bay Rd. Waukegan EVERGREEN KA 9205 S. Western Ave.,Chicag (866) EVER4t1A, Bl Jacbs Land Rver Hlnsdale 300 E Ogden Ave Hinudale, il BilJacbs Land Rver Hff Est. 1051W. Higgins Rd PATRCK LAND ROVER 1559 W. Ogden AveN aperville BREDEMANN LEXUS N GLENVEW 2000 N. Waukegan Rd LEXLJS OF ORLAND 8300 W. 159th MCGRATH LEXUS OF CHCAGO Kennedy at Divisin &mwda AUTOBARN MAZDA Cuntryside 6060 S. LaGrange Rd Evanstn 1015 Chlcae Ave Wilkins Mazda in Eimhurst 750 N, Yrk Rd Elmhurst Mercedes-Benz AUTOHAUS ON EDENS 1600 Frntage Rd Nrthbrk Mercedes-Benz Naprvie 1569 W. Ogden Ave MERCEDES-BENZ Of ORLAND PK 84.30W. 159th St., ww.mercedesfrland.cqm Mercedes-Benz f Westmnt 200 E. Ogden Ave MN BLL JACOBS MN 2495 Aurra Ave., Naperville, L Apt MTSUBSH MAX MADSEN MTSUBSH He's Mad He's Bad, He's at 2 SALE lcatins in Dwners èrve , Aurra NSSAN AUTOBARN NSSAN OF EVANSTON 1034 Chicag Ave ww.theautbarn.coni BERMAN'S MD CTY NSSAN 4444W. rving Pk. Rd. Chg BERMAN'S STARÑi5SAN&57 W. Tuhy, Nues (888) 6O1-2789w.stam%Çrn KELLY NSSAN 4300 Oak Lawn MARTN NSSAN 5240 Glf Rad, Slckie SUBARU- AUTOBARN SUBARU 60S. LaGrange Rd., Cuntryside (15 minutes frm Dwntwn Chicag) BERMAN'S MD CTY SUBARU 4.300W. rving Pk. Chg EVANSTON SUBARU n SKOKE 3340 Oaktn St. Sklcie, L Grand Subaru Yrk Rd. & Grand Aves. Benserwiile/ElnthurSt graiidsubacu.crfl TOYOTA Bredemann Tyta/Scin 1301 W. Dempster, Park Ridge Classic Tyta/Scin 515 N. Green Bay Rd. Waukegan ELMHJRST TOYOTA The Lw Price Leader" L Libertyville Tqyta Scin ii.aò s. Milwaukee Av, Libertyville 8713il NORTHBROOK TOYOTA 1530 Frntage Rd OAK LAWN TOYOTA 4.320W 95th St. 800-NEW TOYOTA Orland Tyta/Scin 8505 W. 159th St. Tinley Park, L PAJLY TOYOTA 1035 S. Rt. 31 One Mile Suth f Rt. 14, Crystal Lake ò TOYOTA SCON ON WESTERN 6941 S. Western Ave. Chicag Vlkswa.en Autbarn Vlkswagen Cuntislde 6191 Jliet Rd. 7O8.354-beWOniy lb minutes frm Dwntwn Chical) Evanstn 1033 Chicag Ave Mt. Prspect 333 W. Rand Rd BLL JACOBS VOLKSWAGEN 22t1 Aurra Ave. Naperviiie, L CTY VOLKSWAGEN 5330 W. rving Park Rd., Chicag TOWO PATRCK VOLVO 1600 E. HMgins Rd., Schaumburg ww.p[ i L

36 . 5() : O, ',CLASSFEDAVENUE:,. ' T L_S:S. /Z-i ìl,- A Pineer Press Publicatin (Dc) Thursday, September 2, 2010 J B PONEERPRESS mnster A PñThtri - -v 'C' C' TMß : ; - _,_J. s HONDA C A UN. \..'.... LTA.. l.4 1 L - UL'4l : - --,..».. ::.. L UT Hiirs/Lcsitifls Cf1-10 J Jtus 8:30 am - 5:00 )fl, i\jn Fi-i \Vilk-Cl Ht,tirs 9:30 am - 4:30 P"1 i\t()fl - Fri Address: \V. Lake Ave., Gkn'iew 1)aymcnt - ",Ve accept American Ex1,ress, )iacrs Club, l)iscvcr, vastercarcl md VSA. Deadlines l'rivale l'arty ids: West: 2pm Tuesday Centrat: 2:30pm 'ruesdiy l.ake: 3pm Tuesday )ings: 4pm tuesday Nrth: 5pm Tuesday.eglf Àtts 5:00 pm Mnda)' Clisifietl DispluyAds: 5:00 pin Lgs r Artwrk: 5:00 pm Mn CCiinierCiat Ads: Mas' vary - cnsli vti- rep Terms Pte;ie chck yur d: The piih1hlìcr i,'ill nt be CCSfCCiStl)tC fr mre than ne incrrect insertin. l'ísiiett t'res Ctasified rsiut be ntified befbre dic seciid insertin. Àcceptability:'lic nes'spaper reserves the right (( cdii nr reject any advertisement. Cancellatins: N ctassifid ad can br cancelled 111cr CtC2(lliflC. Dipla) ads and acts cntaining artwrk iitsy heur 2 citai-ge iícaccttcd prir t first insertin. :.a11: OO. - Skkie Central Park Ridge Liclnwd Rsemnt AD T j)ace a Private Parlj' ad ph: ptin i fax citiail: T place a Service r Rca! Ese'atc ad liii: pil001 2 fax cnnu: T place ( Recru i(nze,it ad ) ptin 3 fax cillait: recrui T )UCL' U Celebrate ad J)l ptin 4 fa.x rnait: place a Legal 0(1 P ptin 5 lix LV 7 etitail: T place ti Death Ntice pli: ptin 6 fax enta il : (fet t li nticcsjpineerlctl. cin Nw wrking with Mnster! Pit4vit Pwilty SllffSLelrve Cil5sfifiteîj G t click the Place ad Ad link; and fllw a few simple steps fr placing yur classified ad. wwwpineerlcalcm. Fax Lease-Per Lease Per G: L1asPè',1:MP'Tth Fr ivi Vlnti Fr. Lease Per Mnth Fr MnthFr iirn title, licse and dc Jee de at lease inceptin Tax, tille, license and dc fee (fue at ease inceptin Tax, title, license and dc fee due at ease inceptin Tax, tille, license andic feeue at lease inuentin Pus...Gd Selectin Of Hard T Find Odysseys, Pilts And Ridglines! C O.9% APR Financing n select years, makes and mdeis. Based n apprved credit t qualified buyers. Based n $ per mnth per $1 000 financed, See dealer fr details. #Basedn clsed end leases. T qualified buyers with apprved creda. 12,000 allwable miles peryeat 15fr each adddinal mile ('locrsstur: 2O fr each additinal mile). 10 Civic: Residual: $1 i 660 '10 Accrd: Residual: $13089, Cl O CR-V: Residual: $1 4,573 Cl O Crsstur Residual: $20,1 43, Additinal ptins extra. Lessee is respnsible fr excess wear/lear, maintenance and insurance. Sbjet t early terminatinpenalt Valid three days frm publicatin. Dealer willnthnrerrrs inthisadvertisement.ntavailable with any previus ffers. td AWAt D i rc 2009 r,&es DENTS Shp On-Line A u'v'. intiller-hada. cò,n Siwkic Vtiit&y tj 1 4:f,s'/.... '..,., : ANNOUNCEMEN1HOME:SERVCES.:. C' ''...,... '. ' X,,: '' ' DRYWALL-: ' ::. '. HANDYMAN......,.MOVERS(L(CENSED) :i '... TUCKPONTNG....i..-.'... '.'... CANTER NC. l CALLALEX iiiinis law requires mvers Drywaii. Tapine. Piasfer Eiclricai, Carpentry, t be ticensed by the llinis Cmm/Rs. Bnded & ns. Painting & Ail Olher Repairs Cmmerce Cmmissin. The NEHAUS CONSTRUCTON JuOST& FOUND- 'BUlLDERSJO,.. NTRACTORS - Free Est. Mike: icc number and respective General Cntractrs.29 Yrs. SNP1OThtBJTØOJ1DCARE : HANDYMAN ALEX business iicense must appear KC'SWALLWORKS Piumbing, Eieciric, Firs, Fund Keys in Casey Rd in the advertisement in this Repair/Au Phases f Orywaii clumn. Licensed mvers Any persn regutariy prvtd Tu, Carpentry, Painting ng child care fr mre than and Rute 21 and 25. Cati NEHAUS CONSTRUCTON ceil & Mre. Aflerdabie must have insurance n lite three unreiated children unt lo the keys Generat Centraclrs 29 Yrs. (312) Fr mre infrmatin, cntact flic llnis Cmmerce EDMAR, NC. der age 12 is sublect n licesing by the llinis Depart- :.:.,..,-,,.. ELECTRCAL - fl"... Tuckpinting-Masnry LOST: Cat, t4 yrs. ld,.cleannq$ervces : ' WOOdSfÇfl'(Û» Cmmlsstn mentff Children and Famuy Services. The number Mie, named Tim, gray Cir ' AN EXP'D. ELECTRCAN. with While paws, frnt l Lking ter side wrk. N tab 'EXpert Hundymn Al MKWA.. cunled includes the family's deciawed Siti REWARD, GRACE CLEANNG l big r small. FREE EST Fnt, Clean Friendly, BrickwriQTuckpinlng wn chiidren under age 12. t HardWrking Piish Crew insured, BBB'Accrdlted '1 yu are unsure wheiher any Brian persn listed here s subiect..;;::slnglesóene ' : HOME DELGHT, NC.., ' FENCNG' ' " t licensing, please cnlact Cieaning Service. Oetaii- _ANDSCAPE./NLJRSURES PONEER PRESS c. CEL NSK1 Tuckplnting yur lcro DCFS ltice. Suburbs Biggest Slngtes Parlies. 24 hur me une Exp. ns/bnded Exc. Rets A-1 FENCE NC premium Mulch $15/yd Watts & Chimneys Orienlei, Afterdabie, 15 Yrs.,,,,,, c A L Brick Wrk, Pressure Wash, ihusderbirdslngies.cem Hew & Repair-Alt Types (Delivery Charges Vary) Repair/Rebuilt, Lintel Hme & Office Cleaning Free Wd Chips The Dings and Replacement (Free delivery avaiiable) Pineer Press Newspapers Lic. ns. Free Est. Experienced Team f 4.. FLOORS ' Eeinhich'sTree Care Cali Haiin PONEERFRESS PA1NTtNG/PAP(iNG/DECO«A11NQ COAST TO COAST CO., u n L O C A. AR 8, K Hardwd Flring S O U P CS "CONCRETEaRlCKWORK, Tuckpainting Brickwrk Sanding, installatin, Repairs LGHT HAULNG Chimneys Glss Bick Wind t The Dings and CARRENO CONCRETE Sidewaiks, Palias, Driveways EFFCENT LT. HAULNG Al FRTZ & SON PANT NG Ait Types 01 Masnry Wrk pineer press Newspapers Clean Bsmls,Gar, Cnstruc- nt/extfree Bt. Wallpaper Free 5sf/Lie/ins DANEL'S FLOORNG C Cissifled AVenue prvdes & Steps Fuily ins/free Est. Sanding Repairs Finishina Pineer Press with advertising 01 ci natinal appeal, T insured Free Estimates RED'S HAULNG SERVCE my Prk Ridee hme M-TH t8 tin debris nsnuatin Gad reference PLUMBNG (LCENSED) Daycare psitns available in advertise in this categry, (847) please cli Classified Avenue. CONCRETE ETC; Cmplete Clean OU Service AFFORDABLE REPARS CONCRETE suzgadyqcrncasl.nel dlrectiyat (688) Piefleer Press recmmends dis- Excavatn-Remval Fuiiy insured Lic. #ns WATERPROOFNG Drives.Patls.StePsGar Fr By Ralird Plumber TUCKPONTNG PURNTURERE'AR/REFNSHNG..,.. SEB(EAPLOMD4T9.D1CARE crelin When respndng. Fundatin Cracks Rmv 40 yar l JnC in 4 hwl Celi Eslabiished 1991 Please refer questins and Waterprling. Aftrdablv Refinish yur 24-7 SVC Cregivr avatibi. Cme & cmmenls directly t Ciassi- Strm Draina - e turn & kit cbnts, back t like JPG PLUMBNG (773) lied Avenue. newi 25yrs exp t73 ALL PLUMBNG REPA RS G r 24/7 lieu-in. Best aric, ' ßlGrsmaii Resnabie Ali l.c.'s N Fes. En. Free Est- Lic #PL ' WNDOW WASHNG Bnded/nsur GLtTERS & DOWNSPOUTS ' MERT CONCRETE nc. 1:tiîe tht * COMFORT KEEPERS * Est TLE MKE'S Exp. Caregivers, CHAs Free Est. Steps Palis OX & SONS4 WNDOW CLEANNG Live in, cme & g. Waits Drives,Bsmt Firs P ONEER.Pi'r Garage Siabs GUTTERS MR. GROUT Pwer Wash'Gutter Cleaning Screened bnded insured DecarativeResurtaClfl FND MORE Free Est stie LOCAL sneers REPAR CAULK LlcensedFUliy insured NSTALLED & REPARED 1847) BATHROOM REMODELS -ar emplyment cil Tse Dings and TLE/MARBLE NSTALLS Pineer Frees Newspapers 25 yr Family Bus EUROPEAN CRAFTSMAN RE. ROHDE & SONS CLEANED & SCREENED LOCAL JOBS AT TLE NSTALLATON SEAPffa4D4THOUSe1O1D TO PLACEA CL.ASSF1EDAD CALLB COMPLETE CONCRETE SERVCES FREEESTMATES &REPARS - Free Est. FND MORE Licensed-Bended-flSUred Ask tr Gary GUTTERS CLEANED Pl0NEERL0CALC0Mfl0NSTER OFF-DUTY F REMEN MKE: FiND MORE LOCALJOBSAT PONEERLOCALCOM/MONSTER LOCAL JOBS AT PONEERLOCALCOCWONSTER.'.'.EMPLOYMENT ;.';', Hnest & Respnsible Persn Will Clean Yur huse. Cali Bgda JENNY'S AGENCY Babysitters, Caregivers, Hsekpers. Live n/out. Certified and Bnded / HD.PWANED CHLD CARE Lkg (r driver/beiper/ck fr 12 and t4 vr td. Diiy hurs 2-7 inciudes grcery shpping, making dinner and (aundry. Pisase cati Cheryi at (847)644-75t6 BUSiNS OPPTES. FRANCHSES #1 OFFiCE Cleaning Franchise Tired f wrking fr thers?. Guaranteed Cntracts. Wrk pri r fuli-time. Training & (uil supprt. Equipment & chmicais. Gur. financing $1400 da Jin the ladr, cati the area's irgst & bsil t CieanNef USA Pursuant t the Business Op. prtunity Sates Law f 1995, every business portufliny must be registered with the illinis Securities Department. Prtect yurseif and get the facts befre yu hand ver yur hard earned mney by cntacting the iiiinis Secretry et State's Securities Department at (800) flie Lue The Dings and Pineer Pres Newspapers L

37 r-. FOR. 4'. B24 Thursday, September 2, 2010 Answers t Super Crsswrd ANTE JOCUND PCS NASTY TEEM APOGEE BRO EL ORSONWELLES AYN MOTTO MEARA le RAY ERMA MYDOCTOR ECO ETE ELS T O L DM E T O S TO P H A y N G ORE REPARTEE ESSAY MENACE ALE CST ACAC A BATCH AL SHARK ARK DOR AN VERA END ANY NT MATEO i NNE RS DAD.ASA AMOS ONE LL HOC ALERT ADHERE VOW EAR ROY DEAL UNEASY DYLL FASTENER SEN FOURUN L ESSTH ERE MAS URN YEA CARE ARETHREE TKO ERECT ZORRO D P OTHERP EOP LE ESTES DDE LEANTO NEAR LEAST YAP DETEST SEM i Search the hmes netwrk with the lcal edge SARC 1-CH CAGO.COM/HOMES and the mst rental hstings in Chicagiand. A SEARCHccAs» wwwpineerlcalcm T PLACE A CLASSFED AD CALL OO TO PLACE A CLASSFED AD CALL OO TO PLACE A CLASSFED AD CALL ngalls Hme Care - Mvi ng int Jl iet/lckprt Area mmediate Emplyment Opprtunities ngis Hme Care and Hspice is an accredited hme carò and hspice agency, affiliated with ngalls Health System. ngalls ffers excellent hmecare and end f life care and has a number f specially prgrams includ- ng psych and wund care services, palliative care and telelhealth. We re mving ur services int Jliet/Lckprt and the surrunding areas. This has created an immediate need fr the fllwing psitins: Clinical Supervisr Hme Care and Hspice (full-time) E rne Care and Hspice Case Managers (full-time) Physical Therapists and Occupatinal Therapists (fee fr service, flexible hurs) Nursing psitins require current llinis RN license and at least ne year hmecare r hspice experience. Supervisr psitin requires ne year supervisry experience. Therapy psitins require at least ne year wrk experience, hme care experience preferred. Please call , fax yur resume t rmail itt ngalls HmeCare, attn: HR, ngalls Drive, Harvey, llinis, A Pineer Press Publicatin (Dc) FNDYOVA PERFECT APARTMEN1 N THE CLASSFEDS FND YOUR PERFECT APARTMENT N THE CLASSFEDS Hiring Truck Drivers Opprtunities available fr Driving Schl Graduates Cmpany Truck Driver Owner-Operatrs Apply Online at y' A Pineer Press Publicatin (Dc) Thursday, September 2, 2010 B thelpwanted FULL TME DON'lNEED T? SELL T FAST. CALL 847*3400 HELP WANTED FULL TME SU BSCRBE TODAY. CALL HELP WANTED FULL TME TO PLACEACLASSF1EDAD CALL Perishable Distributin Slutins, nc. Over the rad Drivers Needed Lking fr successful ver the rad (OTR) drivers t deliver refrigerated gds t the East Cast. Drivers must be willing t travel and be ut fr 5 days. PDS ffers gd jb security, stability and cmpetitive pay that are sught in tday's trucking prfessin. Principle Duties: Safety lirst manage time t ensure deliveries n a timely manner flexibility t adapt t envirnmental cnditins (Example weather frm ht t cld) Lad & ' Unlad. Knwledge f DOT rules and regulatins Jb Requirements: - Must be at least 23 years f age. - 2 years verifiable tractr trailer experience - 6 mnths East Cast - NY, PA, NJ, etc. - N mre than tw (2) mving vilatins in the past i 2 mnths. - N accidents in the last year. Perishable Distributin Slutins, nc Gina 7501 ndustrial Drive Frest Park, L Phne: BUSNESS OP?E FRANCHSES NOW HRNG: Cmpanes Desperately Need Emplyees t Assembl Prducts at Hme. N Sellng, Any Hurs. $500 Weekly Ptental. nf Dept. AC-8055 Truck Drvers Wnted-Best Pyand HmeTlmel Apply Onln Tday ver 750 Cmpanlesl One Applcatin. Hundreds f Otters) HELP WANTED FULL TME (Buy4, 5th FREE Specll...wks 529 thru 9t26/2010) EARN 51000's WEEKLY Receve $12 fr every envelpe Stuffed with ur sales materals. Free 24-hr. nfrmalln cde O CLERCAL Medical Busness Bureau, LLC. Park Ridge based medcal cllectin c. s seekng FT Payment Pster. Respnslble tr pstng payments, frnt desk dutes, srt/dlst. mail, typng crrespndence. Prfessinal, able t prr)- tz wrklad n fast paced ffc while handlng mullple tasks. NS diplma, wrking knwledge f PC, Wrd & Exccl. MeWOent4tlk /hr. - i HELP WANTED FULL TME Drver HOME EVERY DAY LOCAL (COMBO) DRVERS Cmpetitive Pay Pald Vacatin & Paid Hlidays Family BCBS Health Benefits 401)(fprflf Sharing and mrel CDL-A W yr exp. 8. HM req. Learn mre and apply nlne. AVERTT Equal Opprtunty Emplyer Females and Mlnriles Encuraged l Apply TO PLACE YOUR GARAGE SALE AD, CALL HELP WANTED FULL TME Drivers BE YOUR OWN BOSS MENARDS s lking fr an aggressve & respnsible persn wllh a CassA CDL t OWN & OPERATE theirwn Delivery Truck & t deliver materials. This GREAT pprtunity cmes wilh SUPER & UNLMTED earning plentlal. Ths is YOUR pprtunity t Wrk with the #1 Hme mprvement Cenlerl Cntacf:SCOTT, NCK, OR STEVE Ai 71$ MENARDS FND YOUR PERFECT PET N THE CLASSFEDS HELP WANTEDFUL. TME DriversCEVA LOGSTCS Drvers wanted far appliance delivery & nstallatin service. Quallticaflns Needed: Criminal backgrund requirement (Free f all felny and mst misdemeanr cnvictins) Gd driv- ng recrd (Class C lcense r btter) * Must pass DOT physcal & drug lest Ability t perfrm physically demanding wrk Gd custmer service & cmmunicalin skills CEVA ffers: Excellent Yearly Prfit Paid Training Prgram Bnus Opprtunities avail. Cntact: (708) Drivers DRVERS NEEDED ntermd /ReO lana Opprlun Sles * Great Pay * Weekly Hmelim 'Tns f Freght. 100% N Tuch, Class A Required We als have Reginal and HAZMAT Teams penings. Call: SUBSCRBE TODAY. CALL QO VVF llns ServceS, LLC. lading manufacturer f saps. le chnsicais. antlperspliant/deirant and persnal prducts lcted n Mntgmery. L. ccks a: STATONARY ENGNEER (BOLER OPERATONS) STARTNG HOURLY RATE: $25.65 Wrks n rtatng shift, and respnsble fr maintanng uninterrupted quality utility service frm the mtive Dwer dept. t the plant. wr il,,,,, 5,v,ceu. LC Basic Qualificatins: Meet legal minimum age requrement & able t wrk A rtate t any shift including vertme as needed Authrized t be mpiyed ir the U.S. Ablty t legibly & accurately mantain lgbks, lg sheets. maintenance frms & ther recrds. Must be capable f light t mderate liftng Ability t wrk n all typs f weather & climal cnditins Ability t climb ladders, fractinatr, and wrk n platfrms Ability t cmprehnd A apply (while prlrmlngjb respnsibiltes) infrmatin frm instructin bks. peratin manuals and diagrams Cup with 5100m turbines. multi-stage pumps, ar cmprssrs. desel/gnertrs. biler chemstry. Maflhrarti 4, g (rcitment technlgy, high pressure bilrs & auxiliary equipment Must be licensed by a recgnized licensing agency Ability t btain an llinis Dcparfmenl f Public Haith. nn.trans,nt/nn cmmunity public water supply certificatin within the first 12 nos. f emplyment Preferred qualllcattns rciude wrking knwledge r cntrl lps. exp. with 800 PS bilers & assciated lv equipment, A knwledge f waler chemistry & testing prcedures. Please apply n persn at llinis Dept. f n Emplyment Security (ides). 2 Smke Tre Plaza. Nrth Aurra. L begnning Mnday. August HELP WANTED FULL TME FND YOUR PERFECT APARTMENT N ThE CLASSFEDS - SUN-TMES'l MEDA nsde Sales Recrutment Advertsng BASC FUNCTON Cnduct utbund, telephne sales fer bth print and nline recruitment ads. ESSENTAL RESPONSBLTES. Make cld calls t prspective advertisers t slict new business. Servce and grw existing cmmerclan accunts. Cnduct marketing campaigns t generale revenue. Cusfmer servlce/ prblem slving skills t meet/exceed custmer needs QUALFCATONS. MS Offce prficient toutleek, Ward, PwerPnt, Excel). Exc. cmmunlcalin, rganizatinal, & time management sklls. Min yr 528 Sales & Cld Callng experience. Advertising exp. preferred. HS/GED required. Cllege degree preferred FT psitin, full benefits, cmpetitivesalary + crnmissin cmpensatin package. These psitins are lcaled in the Naperville/Aurra area. Please send yur resume t:mdeherty5 Sun-Times Med is n Equal Opprtunity Emplyer Driver. Dream Of Owning Yur Own Business. : Hme Evers' Night High Annual Grss Earnings : Lcal Deliveries Best BOSS ifl tiic Wrld...YOiJ Exel Direct wants t put yu in charge f yur wn business. We are the leading prvider f premium hme delivery f furniture and appliances t thusands f hmes thrughut Nrth America. Becme part f ur winning team by running yur wn business and being N CHARGE f yur future. Own eno ieralors 1%OKENA )STRBLJTON CENTER we RC(luire: r The abiliry TO 1)UrChlSC a 2007 r newer 26. Str.ight truck Up1rnt flu)ney fr start-up COStS ; : (:etn M\'R :: G()tt credil r SOU(i Custmer SC&VCC skills Call EXe and ask fr Cde 1101-MA Ece Direct nc. llinis Central Schl Bus LLC. Cmpetitive Wages/Benefits Paid Weekly. Guaranteed Hurs Paid Training Waukegan 415 N. Green Bay Rd Firing # NORTH Chicag: 3412 W. Tuhy Hiring# WEST Chicag: 901 S. Central Hiring# CENTRAL Chicag: 4100 S. wabash Hiring# e e, e SOUTH Blue sland: 2739 W. 139th Hiring # (708) OSWEGO 2020 Albright Rd. Hiring # (630) CHANNAHON Riverside Dr. Hiring # (815) GARY NDANA 7301 E. US 20 Hiring # (219) 'e e Blingln-k Hnte Dept l)istributin Center Nt)VttNG FU.L.TME & S:ASONA.'.SlONS As lv iedushy c.ekr, ".iis vii, Trtci cviii1,oiihi iik.iilig' i ur.sviaii bctiitid isv cvies. %riit iii efp cr ii1flhk'r et rh H,i t)'.'pe Sipph (tve v.un ri. h ih'ir D ithi. ee'c ctravd en ces ivenviv npke iilii aiid e " irs ejik s iviji. líyeu i,ie ii 1,i'iricid, iih iuiiv ciiineiivie.iitpd ijis. lite lme )cpnl Supply Cliak Dillerejice:. A cnijvríiic U Lnd CkiT'.. ulcudiiig eligbihi i vflicipie flr SiiC(tss Shmiig tviiu pi»gmin. Uviiijvii vis,ei CLCT ikiipiiieiit. (biilv.jci ir.unin viiil hiiiit'ii CrUL trnnng Cener Opprilinliies: MiiiiiLiy- 'rdiy,2iid Shifi. 3 tirn-. 3O'iii, Svine vveiih. iìdj vid 01' n.i, tiwred Uv.iijiiii TO t'jriw )re, ttdndbrel l. &WO. t;,1, Yirh.ue il'vieu iniirial lunhllifl qupiieiir 4viieiice t. kpailiiwiil Supt'nbr iprìvii'..11kv) ri.iifle lleiieits:. ll1ijn kdnihtirniiii. )1111U1 Op)vliltiflu)kl Appip. ødy at 1nikr Care,r Srdi, s)eci Dìstr)tiiii)n Cenvr Hurly vl 11v state. thcn click 'ueeii". iii upyly lne kp) l)i%l1ll,lltiull Cciisr,liiinu and search by lualiun. SUPPLY h.t. CHAN ruc tli ½'.pOtiS.1 Fqi1a!Oçjx1rliAA FnlTny.r t'. Og.l! av (icw1gdt0aøy ) JACKSON PARK HOSPTAL AND MEDCAL CENTER f yu want t be a part f a cmmunity based, cmprehensive hspital lcated n the suth side f Chicag, Jacksn Park Hspital & Medical Center is fr yu. As we cntinue t expand, we are lking fr qualified individuals fr the fllwing psitins:. Clinical Directr - Behaviral Medicine - RN 3 t 5 yrs exp. in Behaviral Health. Directs the delivery f nursing care and services within assigned units. Supervises, evaluates, hires and disciplines staff. Respnsiblefrdaily peratins fthe assigned units. BSN r related discipline req'd.. Nurse Managers - All Clinical Units RN 7 t i O years exp as RN with 3 yrs f Nursing Management exp. Respnsible fr the versight, directin, and supervisin within a defined peratinal nursing unit (s). Reprts directly t Clinical Directrs. s Case Managers - RN yrs RN case management experience in a hspital setting. Wrking knwledge f utilizatin review and discharge planning preferred. s Staff Psitins - RN - (All Clinical Units). New Grads Welcme! Frward resumes t: r Fax: EOE secu RTAS SECURTY OFFCER HRNG EVENT Mnday, August 30, :30am 6:00pm We will be cnducting ON-THE-SPOT NTERVEWS! SECURTY OFFCERS FULL-TME i st, 2nd and 3rd Shifts Available Si O-$1 i.00/hur i 50 Suth Wacker Drive Suite LL #50 Chicag, L (31 2) Securitas s The Place Fr Yu! As a member f ur prfessinal security ffícerteam, yu'll prvide prtective services by making peridic turs t check fr irregularities; inspect prtectin devices and fire cntrl equipment; and act t enfrce regulatins pertaining t persnnel, visitrs, and premises. We require: HS Diplma/GED. participatin in a drug screen & cmprehensive backgrund check. Previus custmer service and/r security experience preferred. We ffer cmpetitive pay alng with Medical/DentalfVisin/Paid Vacatin. f unable t attend, please visit ur website & apply nline at: wwwsecuritasjbs crn EOE, Ç N

38 Thursday, September 2,2010 wun.píneeetral.em APisseer PLeas Pblieetiu tc) A Pineer Pres Publicatin (OC) wwssspiueerleat.em Thursday, September 2,2000 FNO M ORE LOCAL JO BS AT P101LEEELOCELCOALSAOSETDE a-- C PLACE SOUE SERRER DALE ED, CELL ASSESSES SUN-TMES MEDA lira Trcining Mnger Find sclies 'JQUiC locljo L too [ OLLO nds Send us the lewe that matters rst -- yur news, Our paper feature rea) rens lm lcal surces. Find OL) Wled'S happensled i your cmmursity. Turn a pht printed in any cnt sui newepepers int yur.fvnrite keepsake. SUB SCR B E TODAY. CALL U474U69300 dutl1e Unge FJ0.NELRtESS View pl rars f bed iiapaerrlçls r yur cr mniri ity in ut nline cht T)a)lL les. Experience lcal.cts ac persariattia tlnccrph multimedia slide chcs and ambs. Brws pest rte075pnìpers up t thrc'c years prir. ALD CU STO D AN Create yer cie classified ada the dlllick ann easy way - nline. c"' i Are yu made fr ALD? Cashiers (Fh & Part Time) $12.65/Hr (20-4e hurs) Leading t Shift Manager $16.15/Hr RECEPTONST RAEFORSA11 Waled vides ut iienidbini rg news) Hiring Event Far ur Mttesn, L stre Saturday, August 28th 8am-4pm At ALO Fds S. Cicer Avenue Mttesn, L V1sLSALD,usJetrej000 (sr snre tefermahsr Raq,A,anr,u:H,Eh s,1o aipnalsee,,,te,p,b,ln,,kp1,n,5,' n RENTALS TPO SO DR PREO CT A PE DM 00 [N TEE C LASESEDE

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40 Thursduy, September 2, 2010 cww.pieerlcelrm A Pineer Press Publicatin (Dcl A pineer Press Publicatin (Dcl Thursday, September 2, 2010 J B31 SEARCH THE HOHES NETWORK WTH A LOCAL EDGE. S[ARCHCHCAGO.COM/HOHES WHAT YOU CAN EXPLORE WHAT YOU CAN FND WHAT YOU CAN DO Trends, prices, neighbrhd inf Editr Kay Severinsen's views The latest real estate news What yur neighbrs paid An amazing agent A happy huse A ceul cnd An awesme apartment Calculate yur mertgage Sell yur huse Cmpare buying t renting Get decrating advice

41 Thursday, September 2,2010 A Pineer Press Publicaban (c) APinrer Pub1ictian (c) Thursday, September 2, 2010 B TO PLACE A HELP WANTED AD N THE CLASSFEDS, CALL OO u 1. Attach a gifrjpeg pht f yur vehicle and with ad cpy and cntact infrmatin t: On the Subject Line f the , supply the make year and mdel f the vehicle Submissins received befre 5 p.m. Mnday will be prcessed fr that week's issue. -" t- PONEER PRESS 5000ss- O O L O L O O 5 5 L

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43 BW Thursday, September 2,2010 wiepineerlcaictm A Pineer Perus Pubtieatin (Oc). A Pineer Press Pablucutian luci wuw.pineerlealcm Thurnduy, September2, 2010 BW DOY.._E.rE iwek PAT T ON THE BACK. Nw Mnster wrks with Pineer Press, s yu can warmly embrace the wrk week in the suburban Chitag area, Yur calhng is calling.fired it at pineerltabcm/mnster MONSTER AND PONEER PRESS NOW WORK TOGETHER. ( Find all f the garage tales in yur area with a map and keyl GEt '/OUR ) PONEER PRESS m nsere p i n ee ri cal. c rn/mn ster u Navigate yur way t great deals! G nline everythursday t search by day r twn, map yur rute with driving directins, and mre! PONEER PREss pines r,! en! r r

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45 B j Thursday, September 2, 2010 wwetpinerrlealcm APtneer Press Publicatin1' (DC) APiuueee Press Publicatin (c) Thursday, September 2, 2010 j B41 PARK RDGE AUTOMOTVE L EGAL N OTC ES FND YOUR DO NT N EED T? FND YOUR PERE ECl PET N SE LL T FAST. PERE ECl A PA RM ENT SUBSCRBE TODAY, THE CLASSFEDS CALL B47-99B3400 FND YOUR PE RFECT P ET N CALL D N THE CLASSFEDS THE CLASSFEDS, -a, un mm eral. asuma re LLNOS CLASSFED ADVERTSNG NETWORK AUTO DONATONS CONDOS FOR SALE HELP WANTED Str0rr m w a u rw 055 h500eooln, FNANCAL r0.r0a.ddarra SUBSCRBE TODAY, Or HELP WANTED m nu DRODR0 Labr pay paraae Sale Map Deadline n rdert ppearn the gars Oele map tr September 9,2010 the ad must be placed by Friday, September 3, 2010 at5roo POS. CALL Wnt tu place yur edle mre then 300 newspapers STATEWDE? Call lueurs Pres Advatsing uarviea , FOR SALE a tie pa, ros 05dm too 95, 98% Sr-taCchi Lta mcmi TO PLACEA CLASSFED AD CALL B.34D0

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49 24 Mazik-Abrahamsen Wedding MaryMrik, SM,SLDardAbrahrfOrb L,rrr,lLrrra riad MayJO,2010rSuJh Brabf, Ndaa. Farhr Thaa May fiuirad dt ra000y. Tit ra pri raja bald r Bdrrl Ctt, Mr. Papar,L Mrry r rh dghtar f Marg rd Hk Mtaik f Nrlaa, L. Dr ra rh grrrdr f Vigiria Strt, f Oak Lara, L. Tb MOth íh000a rma CHir HarTO, f rh bdda. Tir Barr M, rar ArBr Fiahr, hd f rh 000r. Tha Bad rarda Dailla Marlir arat i lar f fha bdda, Lra Abraharr, errr f aha grm, Haathr Pulrir f ha grr, Atrn Zk rd Krb Baird, hrrda f rh brida. Tha Or0000am rajir M rk,ad Statu Mraik braharrf rh brida, P Plar,00rla f fha grm, Sraa Pff 0000iO f rh Jr000 Dgim, irrt afar grrrth lirhrr Dru Mraran dm000lidaay. Trainr/Ward Engagement Maahrr rd Trt Tdr 1 Oak Frk pi d r ta fgrr f bri drghor, Srdgr Fr1000, r Mrthd Jrrrr, aflautar rtd V arrt Wrd f Whrppry, NrJarrry. 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Pster Rabbi MA 9Hel, umeryus MEMBERSHP iles West burned by cllege-level speed Vernn Hills standuts blitz Wlves na nurcue necnru lbsh s lamp lnas rn ca lus er FSMTOuLL ta sa geing te Scusin Shsu's'i Juc cher's relit DVerl Decirle pluy in rlisgel Psns igas, sass f elev snwed bu msse,'. On 46 wiunusse fees fam ealbecs vision, mcsuigs wish pecyarivecvefess, phny avlrc ved e-wells, She csly businsccsaedig teredig w s She Sld. Ovide und She Cuacare prved e550irtieeamplishig clue gvi riuhu 45- V sssur-pe550g viesry ver visiuiug Nitse Waeu as VsansillcStighrhlen Tld7. "Thy'u'eu gd saadvsrlid,"cuidnilsc Wescreh Saul Ouvre uf Sise SaleeSed Aacun. "Tlusy lulcd al' bb ube rire OuS fuc aliasle bit." 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W,rren dierteul 010e Vikings 4-Ois the Oursv- tites West tennis mene peer fe blli Durig Sirtarday's Hiles 5000m. Weal 000ibe, three Wlves titles Nrth glf Ablen 100m Snishad third: bbc N, O Leam f The Vihlegn Orl SeNiles Leai t,yfbukes und Viuhvi WecS 15V FrOd7 Oargerimlr, Lbs N, O Oeam Jarret Pislimi' led Nrth ah Bimbi Lran nd Madeline mith n 41. Dylan Cllem Schmidt sd Cls Na, 4 sht 40, enil Nick ChnisLus bse cmprised nf SViSO third qaarlev "Theirdefenae isphycicat end they're genl up frst," Saum said, "They pu Suniela and Speerr) bamb shre raming the ard end chal really limits ynar uppnrtanities." Senir brkup QB Sm' reals Clair 10-tar-l, 62 yards), neelyr mning herb Jhn Purdiman A aurriep, 36 yards) and sani r 000virerDarid MrCy 12 ratchet, dyrdsl mde nnme playa ved prvided npurk late in Oh game, Swn nlise Frm Vernn Hills l-01 alan mame up big in the sphsmure game withy nr' Lury aver Nuise Wess rrhier en Friday. 00m Dy The Walnes 11-A lack by get na tracti when Sliap hast rirai Wiles Nrsk 10-11, vhich drpped a 41-O rnten S 01k Crune in Week S p.m. Satardy "We still ga la play anther game)," Seam svld. We knew rwing int Lbs gwn thal we hd slt Pirnperirnre. Sa we're ging tu lk et 51w and gel Ohr bssl lin tite Seid, ThuL's thehesvens d." C000000mri:pinserlmal.rae Chia, Peggy Cbal and Ply Puagsmhav. Maine East bys glf Din Rys shut a 46es the Dew uns 'emni-ded e OOS 5e Addiv 'l'ryil'a the n - Aug Ouk Meadwa, Su Hit Lee fllved SS, rhile MalL nilk a Peruhssa added 04 end Peter Pn Lursed is AS. Mular Bast bn a busy wesh. 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54 34 sprts NL' THARGSAP, SEPTEMBER 1.101f Vikes cnvinced Grens respect justified Nrth shut ut by highly ranked EG Ny DAN SALN FOOTDALL - Nues Nrth head cach Sctt Smith kann hie team weld have a tugh thee defeatiagmid- Suburban Saat favrite 5115 Grave in Friduy'a seasn The eaarh rertuialy did at anticipata the raetesi wuld get uwuy frm bis Vikings us quickly tait did. The Grenadiers, led by talented eeeirqvarterbarb Nich Meyer, traced ea their Prat five patareieae rute re 41-S vilmy i 011a Grve. The game featured ar000iug clrh fr ihe ealire serad helf. Smith said hit team'alah f numbers (just 28 playaeal lihely hiede redile prepara. tian far the apease. "Sib Grave is agaedtaum. They're reeked lie cariac aree plin because they're agaadlaam,"hesaid. "Tha pmblem le Chut arith 25 hide, me can't mimic Chair speed te practice. Wemerea't ve ed lathe epnrd early They gai THS WEEK MOS GAST Teday Baya Call el Gteris Cali Prep, 4 Girls ternie at fehden, 4:20 p. Girls eatleyball el tilles Weal. 6 Siday Baye (talbell heals Heller, 7:50 GSa selerrieg heals Be5s Dr' iiaer, 5:30 pre. Seteardey Beys gell el Erette malts. 6:15 meada Bays gell at ylighierd Frk. 4g. tille esinerig heats Feren, 5 gir1s terris at Waukeger, 4:30 eedneedam Gaye gulf at BidGraead. 4 pu. filles Nenih qeartrrtaak ta BrderieS is asases cl at the paskel tile lashing tar a raaeiuer Stie5 Fritay's aperer against Elk Grae. Favi Geyetla/hr 21Ml anus quihly. We'll marht get ready far Niles Wets la Saturdayl." n the 255f seasn pener, Sb Grace remete Shahie far heed caerle Prien Dll's debut aed saryrised hr Vikiags with ita uerivl asuavlt duriage Af-Trcie. Nues Harsh kaum mhat t eapet Chia time mund, bui had truble slapping iba uftiria terris Hsis trranrad. 4:40 pe. Girls erileybsil et Addisar frail, 6 silf lobfo fndati Bays gall tests Glrrrtlaak SaSh 4 p.m Girls serbe at Glebraas Savi 4:32 p.. Girls diuleg uf Siles West, 6 pe, Baya scarer heats lake Parcel, 7 Eriday Bays galt el Waukegar, 4p.m. Girls allrybull el Nsa Triar Sise' cre Bt, t p.m tine seirsenirg faste Mies West, 5: Setnedep Bays ers girls mees aeuntre va. Hiatais raite et Csthesne Legge Perk, 9 err. tiria ealteyoall al flau frire Sun' lease lad by Meyer, wh belag rcruited by Mid. pleyrd jest ace halbut Sn' American Calarenen islred 13-tc-18 passieg fr srhla, fued urlberecay 238 yerda ead ihrer budadamna. He als curried paaeeu t envainare, mba ta beat the Vibes: shari thr'ue timee fr 85 yards, in. Shea haube furhles e ihr eluding ema scares, way t lang tchdmas, Meyer baut Narlb dama "Tau lfuaillqehmucil did rcithudeeppeeeirgattarh u gd jab ut free efely lar la ' 58, Nrth d id a dereet us tuhiag umay the deep jab tukiag that emay ce Fri. rtrel," Smith said. "Put day but the lefty QS, wh'e Mayer is gad engh Chat mere Bed, nn. Girls terrie lasts GenerA Parli Says fetball at Siles Weal, (p.c. Tisesdey Bays fall et Malee West, 4 pn. tiria arase aauetry at Siles West, 4:15 p.. Girls lernis el Eeerslae, 4:50 pm Baye caecer us. Malee laaler Pall, t p.. titis aetleybell et Satir, 6g, Wednesday laye gull al Wherlig, 4p.m. Gills ellaybeil et Nilee Waal,G Baye sacrer affilies West, 7 pn. HLES MST Tday Girls aelleytell hasts Meine Best, 6 p.m Sntsaedey Beys fualill tasis Miles Nrth PRESS BOX sanadey Bays art gills tress eeunlry (cals Fer Cenpbell med 4:10 Wednesday Girls eelleyball hasts Wies Mnth NOTFE DAME Seta eday Bays saltai Penle levite, dl Whir Piree, SS an, Bays erase vvetry et COPG Saal, at Freely Cllege, lam. tys fanitag at Mral Scream, Thnndny Saya gull ve, Carmel al Wee Masdees, 0:30 arr. Bays glf as Neserntlr al P:na deadens, 3:25 p.m. Bays sarer Casts Sature alt GAME DAY MELBA W5W Milan NettO 12-flau Siles West lll Whet CCL arassseer gaee When: falvrdey. 1 pa. Whse Basrh SledGes 57f Gestee S PaSa Whet ts lente tar Bth lans re aeming all lap' sided lesees te very Sund lans. lt easel histry Pils as eeylhiep il's Chat this gane sill be aerth the plias f adeissir. Last leafs eerest la Skt Miles NAh ciel tnelered an Sland kirkalt rrtvrn tat a tnvah' fase ara a tumble reaaery relvteed tale 98'yard saete - st hal cas by lhe lasng leen. faa yeera ata, yeah drcems Mesi 6465 isa high saheal teelhll alassia. bee ging ta sehe mh yu're giving him, Heme ehechiag lahangiag plays et the liar f aerimmega." Hilas Nrth's tw kiggee ffencuve highlights mar failbucle Myrn Jhaaa' 46-yard burnt ap the mid die im tha secaed quarte cad quarlaa'barh Bu Sredrriah's 04-yard cam platin te Rehmvai in ib third. Smith said anther pas tle mus Lhe play f line Wednesday Meya rase avrrtry at SL Siebt 4:30 p.rmr. SOCCER EUes Sanear SaMeandaaen Seeaar Feel elan s-le Eues 3, Glee Eltn Setenen 1 Stet eigtatlaheer tstseitsr igeell, Therravll gaslì Celda geelo fcalm ecli (aetall culpase O esdstaì Pa' lar igsliel, t, Palr geeliel EuRO a. coned Lake Fnsen a Stet MrnNBehesr rkeerder Sgaalai atrae it sanleb B, ealas sselshl. Giren lnrtslh K, Pa' hen lseal:eì, eder lgaelrsl EURO 3, Peaspnet Lade lynierren e Sant etatrlsgalar assale gaall. Be' drgase (Glati Schneidet lessati B, Femas nniei B, tules 1305ml Eses Z,,Sehnnhaeg essen itt. 5 Stat elnkhiestnrlter:aaln leali Fe' buchee-runematiel. The maier missed mst nf the sammec machwls after brealvieg his heed durieg the baseball sesean, He nly a1etnrned t actin late irr preeeaeaa pramfica, but mrtaialy made ea imprseiva in the apanen "We had sme eeaimsm thught ma mece ta a bet' ice place mich," Smith said. "0e Ehe tiipside, mc fund name hids (Fridsy nigbti. Mandel did a nirajb nhea benes in there, Rmea is u bid me hem we sa g tata practice with end bah al him es belege sturter n defense," The Vihiege munit rival Nues West att p.m. Slurday far the aneaul Slankie Shirmiab, a game Nrth mae lust ecsc, Wast is eming agfa 46-G lasa t Vernn Hulla i its apenar "'m nt ing t give up aihem. We played a dem gead ftball tram lie Elk Grvel," Smith said, "'m sure 000tt Bam is diag e gad jb ai Wast, but 'm rnfidaal ht Wesi ead a eanyle temme we ara plyiegia the next mple meclm are at petal leib Grve'sl lavelwe bava stuif nch da bvinely" Cmment: piararcrlelmr argues gealì B. Feln gsileh B. 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Weelrufb Ayaeve, ChOcaSe, RL 688fB (0) 0000 MipfOaed ParNsag Bela 425, Sessem Blca, NE BBNS 181 fee Behi000k Crurale, Sulle2lO, Qakíaak l'rerde, 60T Twewss Csse Mwrzras LLC Ceeeasrr BaNc er OaK Pars Rme Feear MOwn'OLOME Drnsvr e.v hotpl//v000ln,vbepul,e005e ssnv,emertgagydoree,eem/rrsaralee 30 y $ % pr Oed $ /, y lrd $945 D05/ ST liars $ % TA PT limed $T T0 30 y FAA Cell TOT 000es 5/1 ANM $ % B/ ARM $ % 3.32T 05 yl jarh $ % / ARM $ % 3.4OT FAA Cli Tr Rale 00/1 jumb ARM $14N0 2O/, 4.O4R Os Cher, sshxlnrdsrstmrtgagevm Oil Jmbla.0011TSTu LP Ask sbat u Ms Clsing Cnst Optns MEan Oimvl Lerdee Rben. (B) 3080 Oern8as ROAd, Ste 48M, Nulhbuvek, BE (C) 088f LNe Oteare, 85k Park, NE 6838f (B) 204W, Obis OleOSO, Chiese, BL Mst Unarm HEME LOANS 70& OtnO,000 len eneart N9p,/Aeszse.B1100ae.eeel s-4 Len p10015w Res Mrblyeay0000 MORTGAGE RATES & 30 1 bld dopa $995 20% ' - i eran u as essrs BOT ARM s,rveue $M95 00% NFORMATON AVALABLE 1SYTOOBS $995 20% a,,,000airs seru,ee ann )sse ON THE NTERNET 4 lt ARM 3.SOO $995 2T/e 3.323,050000s505le.ei 9535,000 len emull te.esrriems ren r,se WslbeeekCspveatecntnr, SuSa 0808, We500heetee, L ewusr,nisiew,i rse nn,: ealrerat,.00n 30-5eereeeWA500eeed e, e, Su% ' 'n er 15-Omar mrgere er,ed,,» ', Ou, 50e Sq0 0, e, '009 LENDERS, TO HAVE YOUR RATES APPR N THS FEATURE CALL BANKRATECOM SALES DEPARTMENT celes,

57 D S flw AT U.S. CELLULAR: Our exctuivè new Sam6ung Acclaimtm gives yu alt the advantage6 an Andrid-pwered phne, including: Access t ver useful and exciting appwal! readily available frm Andrid Market Faster brwsing speed s yu can navigate the Web mre easily Full access t Gmail 000gle Maps and GgleTalk n yur phne SAMSUNG ACCLAM GET ONE FREE WHEN YOU BUY ONE FOR 99 dt 110 sul-le rt ata P ni rs ViC tnbt rain 0e pa, avo-r, alft, ad ppliahin Ola lin Vt tt nn sap apty. HAVE A Us!t APPS ON US. Gen$20 enl appa g'mdndridmaeko wve yu buy the Dann.nung Aeetairni 000 pulual atapad na 000k Up Ula0500f 20-50% OFF OUR ENTRE STOCK OF THE BGGEST NAMES N DENM NO EXCEPTONS! NO EXCLUSONS! CALVN KLON JEANS DKNY JEANS NNE WEST JEANS NAUTCA JEANS LEV'S0 RUFF HEWN SLVER JEANS WALLFLOWER GRANE GLORA VANDERBLT BANDOLNO BLU AND MORE! ENTRE STOCK OF WOMEN 'Sr MEN'S & KDS' DENM Save n 0550lted styl, prm yur averte nms. Wman's aten -t. Mn's WOUS,Oea SO-a. nlanta' and _-_ddinrnr st005,girlsr..., 4-ns and Bys' U-20, ALL LEVS DENM FOR KDS ON SALE Chse ran a btet0 nf washes Und PtS. ne, 00v-Bru, npe ts-lesa Tddlnrs' nins mb' 4-ex, sys' 4-7 'i9.99 Gels' 7-le Bys' S-20 Red Tub 550e & 5650 BUY 1, GET i i 50% OFF t Cetna unsk ut Lhn's dmnlm. tva n Maris LadO,nnludtng the Red T0b 52V Le Sise BO101,t, 50O Lvas Slratghn, m Straigh. 5OO Resutn Ftt, 55rnelaved P and 550' RelevO Skrdt1ht dann. Waist nine t ne pair n nag. $44- U46 nes, gt nnd phn at 50% Ot,Ada,inalablna OrS lnu,osha au'atlabletnitna, Dwnlad and aeaaynrdndid0 uppaaten_-oohere5eo'you aren ur Natinwide ad tiettri Fllw Ud Ofl Facebk US.Cellu1ar believe in same min5 bnteer Fr mre infrmatin abut ur Andrid: visit r call -]..888-BUY-JSCC p01,00 s nav ya a Unan: ln le-nn: ag,005nat nvulal t sll asuntan nk ad trn nsanl tappin ni autiaur nn can apll 0000tntp St Onavy Pa nna,. 101a tnnaiaiua anttnenyaputin san. 001lsnnnt lra. nes loas tnn000t and 000nrag arena npplt an rat Up alas, arta ad phn Osa al 0010i90 nrtslo acplan,, nl the tarc Of na Onrav, brd bannant. Prnnnllnnl SUnna patta utnrns 101k ldat pt e nab up s Obtain, e he ni a UP snilulnr Vic 00005,0 Ulla 10-i lent lr prennnilin Card,Oncn n f VS balmier Vina Sllt Card fanned d MlnUnaU parnani iuunna ln Vina.O.0 nn. n0000 anna anna Sn nn na lan mrfilant inflatr thai annln Vina bulland taro valid la 120 kann all fund, yayrad Ont Pian rbl armario, Oppilaalin and Unta netwrk unan anargnn nun apply edn, nnunin appiraattann ,0. pitan arnarta nr mn 000ladnnn Cr010 aunt ta ilppnd Up 1111lit. Ogni nanr nnnl Una a, aunarn Onnntetdnnbcaiaarnarhintlnith PallalUa au Pplane anlnuadadle r naltnie iurtnns r n nr 55 aluna, iralalian lin nrnninl e. Minnali alan la nirra tt Uninlir r niait arlainrum Lrial'ttnn atin Prtnmn,sand sad n Cuva ara ida prnpvy al lynn rnp000ra rera U.S M0 1ii! 0dMl0 '! a1 t ll 0l0100d!00l0 h ipadun PU dpa nd l

58 40% OFF Knit tps and sweaters frm Studi Wrks, Ntatins and thers. ncludes cardigans, cable sweaters and mre. Misses sizes S-XL. Similar styles and savings in Petites' and Wmen's sizes. Orig. $26-$56, sale Q 40% OFF Career cllectins frm Evan Picne, Relativity Career, AGB and mre. Misses' sizes S.XL, Similar styles and savings in Petites' and Wmen's sizes. Orig. $38- $119, sale % OFF Junirs' jackets, knit and wven tps, and sweaters by LA Kitty, Eyeshadw, Street Flwer, Heart 'n Crush and mre. Orig. $38 - $58, sale $19 - $29. 40% OFF Men's zd sprtswear. Chse frm a great selectin f knits, wvens, denim and mre. Sizes M-XXL. Reg. $38 - $55, sale $33. k SALE Shties... step int the best f bth wrlds. Shwn: Madden Girl "Razcal.' n grey. R2 'Exetr." n black. Wmen's sizes 6-10M. Reg. $59. SALE The latest tps fr bys and girls (rm Ramped Up, Ruft Hewn, Belle du Jur and mre. Girls' sizes 7-16, Bys' sizes Reg. $28 - $ % OFF Entire stck f luggage frm Samsnite, American Turister, Delsey, Ricard, and mre. Chse frm a variety f sizes and clrs, Reg. $60 - $600, sale $ % OFF Entire stck f ckware and basic husewares. Reg. $3 - $600, sale i.50 - $460. c A44t01il'h4Sem7 COME TO THE RGHT PLACE T find the stre nearest yu, call , r shp nline at Sal prices ttctive now thrugh Mnday, September 6, 2010, unless lheiwise lndlcaled, N price adjustments lar previusly purchased clearance merchandise. Entire Stck ilers exclude Clearance, ncredible Value and Web-Exclusive merchandise. Retular and riginal prices relied iierin prices n cued (drinu the 90 days butrs r after this sale, bat nt necessarily during the past 3D days. Savings rsy nt be basedn actual sales, nlermdiate markdwns may trave been taken. Merchandise, style and clr availability may vary by stre and nline. (25121A Please recycle. Fr mre infrmatin, visit recycleplease.rg

Purpose. ARDI Registration Process

Purpose. ARDI Registration Process Purpse This dcument is a step-by-step guide t help yu thrugh the ARDI Team Registratin Prcess. This year s team registratin prcess is ALL electrnic! ARDI will cntinue t use a web-based team registratin

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The Bannister Team Prepared for: Compliments of:

The Bannister Team Prepared for: Compliments of: Prepared fr: Cmpliments f: The Bannister Team 2338 N. Lp 1604 W. Suite 120 San Antni, TX 78248 The fllwing infrmatin will assist yu in understanding hw t purchase a gvernment-wned hme. Anyne can buy a

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Abstract Our project analyzes the water use of apartment complexes in the City of Davis. We

Abstract Our project analyzes the water use of apartment complexes in the City of Davis. We Apartment Cmplexes and Water Cnservatin in the City f Davis By Nicle Dunkley, Sam Mffitt, Janna Ortiz, and William Wang Abstract Our prject analyzes the water use f apartment cmplexes in the City f Davis.

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Yarmouth County Registry of Deeds

Yarmouth County Registry of Deeds Record Type Volume Dates Indexes Reel Index 1A 1774-1792 18776 not at Archives Index 2 1785-1817 18776 not at Archives Index 3 1817-1832 18776 not at Archives Index 4 1832-1846 18776 not at Archives Index

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Greenlane Staff Residence Information o

Greenlane Staff Residence Information o Greenlane Staff Residence Infrmatin Accmmdatin is ffered t Auckland District Health Bard staff. Cnsists f single rms with shared cmmunal areas/facilities. Lcated at Maungakiekie Campus, 214 Green Lane

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Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco Application Meeting: 1009 Mission Street, San Francisco

Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco Application Meeting: 1009 Mission Street, San Francisco Habitat fr Humanity Greater San Francisc Applicatin Meeting: 1009 Missin Street, San Francisc MISSION STATEMENT At Habitat fr Humanity Greater San Francisc ur missin is t prvide lcal families with a springbard

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University of Alberta: Don Hickey, Anastasia Lim (Chair), Emily Ball, Ben Louie, Pat Jansen, Doug Dawson

University of Alberta: Don Hickey, Anastasia Lim (Chair), Emily Ball, Ben Louie, Pat Jansen, Doug Dawson University f Alberta: Dn Hickey, Anastasia Lim (Chair), Emily Ball, Ben Luie, Pat Jansen, Dug Dawsn Cmmunity members: Frank Weichman (McKernan), Stephen Dbsn (Lendrum), Bernie Schwartz (Lansdwne), Paul

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LEGAL BRIEF FORECLOSURE ON RENTAL PROPERTY JANUARY 2016 LEGAL BRIEF FORECLOSURE ON RENTAL PROPERTY JANUARY 2016 PREPARED BY NELLIS LAW CENTER, 4428 England Ave (Bldg 18), Nellis AFB, Nevada 89191-6505 702-652-5407, Appt. Line 702-652-7531 If yu rent prperty

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Studio $3875 $3875 $7, bedroom single $4125 $4125 $ bedroom double $3200 $3200 $6400

Studio $3875 $3875 $7, bedroom single $4125 $4125 $ bedroom double $3200 $3200 $6400 What is Haymarket Landing? Haymarket Landing is a unique pprtunity fr UWEC students t be part f the dynamic revitalizatin f dwntwn Eau Claire. This six stry brand new building will ffer first flr retail

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Welcome to Riverfront Residence Hall!

Welcome to Riverfront Residence Hall! Welcme t Riverfrnt Residence Hall! Riverfrnt Residence Hall P: 810.239.1234 1 Riverfrnt Center W F: 810.244.3253 W: Dear Resident, Welcme t the life f student husing! Frm the

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MiFID II FAQs. For Advisers, Discretionary Portfolio Managers and Product Providers. Praemium Administration Limited

MiFID II FAQs. For Advisers, Discretionary Portfolio Managers and Product Providers. Praemium Administration Limited MiFID II FAQs Fr Advisers, Discretinary Prtfli Managers and Prduct Prviders Praemium Administratin Limited Praemium Administratin Ltd is authrised and regulated by the Financial Cnduct Authrity under reference

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BUYER HANDBOOK. my purpose. I provide high-end service for the Nashville area home buyer.

BUYER HANDBOOK. my purpose. I provide high-end service for the Nashville area home buyer. BUYER HANDBOOK W E N DY M O N DAY R E A LT O R my purpse I prvide high-end service fr the Nashville area hme buyer. High-end desn t mean the mst expensive. It means delivering the best pssible service

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41/2/9 Student Affairs Programs and Services General Correspondence, Box 1:

41/2/9 Student Affairs Programs and Services General Correspondence, Box 1: Record Series Number The materials listed in this document are available for research at the University of Illinois Archives. For more information, email or search

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404 South M Street. 2 Units at 404 South M Street, Lake Worth FL, Martin Goldstein Russell Goldstein

404 South M Street. 2 Units at 404 South M Street, Lake Worth FL, Martin Goldstein Russell Goldstein 404 Suth M Street 2 Units at 404 Suth M Street, Lake Wrth FL, 33460 404 Suth M Street Apts Overview Mere blcks frm beautiful dwntwn Lake Wrth and basting fully updated interirs, 404 Suth M Street is a

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Room Selection FAQ s

Room Selection FAQ s 2018 2019 Rm Selectin FAQ s What are the imprtant dates t knw? Residency Requirement: As a fur year residential liberal arts cllege, all students are required t live n campus. The release prcess t live

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Applications Skill Checks

Applications Skill Checks Applicatins Skill Checks Use these questins t understand hw t extract key issues and apply ptential slutins that will be similar t the Part II CAM exam. Present Cnditin Sample 1: A new prperty in the neighbrhd

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Single Drawer Accountability (SDA) (NON POS) R2 and R4 Hour Offices Conversion Guide Instructions

Single Drawer Accountability (SDA) (NON POS) R2 and R4 Hour Offices Conversion Guide Instructions Single Drawer Accuntability (SDA) (NON POS) R2 and R4 Hur Offices Cnversin Guide Instructins The USPS POStPlan requires Administrative Pst Offices with Remtely Managed Pst Offices (RMPO) pen 2 and 4 hurs

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Introduction. Student Comments. Welcome to Sedley Court. High quality student accommodation

Introduction. Student Comments. Welcome to Sedley Court. High quality student accommodation Welcme t Sedley Curt High quality student accmmdatin Intrductin Sedley Curt prvides accmmdatin fr 150 students. This purpse built cmplex, managed by Aldwyck Husing Grup, prvides accmmdatin

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Housing Guide

Housing Guide Husing Guide 2016-2017 A guide fr students mving int private rented sectr accmmdatin Please nte: This bklet has been prduced by Bltn Students Unin. All infrmatin in this bklet was crrect at the time f

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Board of Regents Meeting November 30-December 1, 2006 Agenda Item #32 Arizona State University EXECTIVE SUMMARY Page 1 of 8

Board of Regents Meeting November 30-December 1, 2006 Agenda Item #32 Arizona State University EXECTIVE SUMMARY Page 1 of 8 EXECTIVE SUMMARY Page 1 f 8 ACTION ITEM: ISSUE: Pursuant f ABOR Plicy 7-204 and 7-207, seeks apprval in the alternative (i) t sell, (ii) t lease fr a lng term r (iii) t lease with a sale prvisin the apprximately

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Myra / Manzanita Neighborhood Coalition 939 Manzanita Street Los Angeles, California

Myra / Manzanita Neighborhood Coalition 939 Manzanita Street Los Angeles, California Myra Mananita Neighbrhd Calitin Ls Angeles, Califrnia 90029 3235334423 r CZ> iff \p February 7, 2018 VIA PERSONAL DELIVERY City f Ls Angeles, Office f the City Clerk Attentin: Planning and Land Use Cmmittee

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Opportunity Description: Assistant Property Manager Location: Office in Menlo Park, CA

Opportunity Description: Assistant Property Manager Location: Office in Menlo Park, CA KILROY REALTY CORPORATION 12200 West Olympic Blvd., Suite 200 Ls Angeles, CA 90064 Opprtunity Descriptin: Assistant Prperty Manager Lcatin: Office in Menl Park, CA Abut Kilry Realty Crpratin Kilry Realty

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Video Course Evaluation Form. Atty ID number for Pennsylvania: Name of Course You Just Watched

Video Course Evaluation Form. Atty ID number for Pennsylvania: Name of Course You Just Watched Garden State CLE 21 Winthrp Rad Lawrenceville, New Jersey 08648 (609) 895-0046 fax- 609-895-1899 Vide Curse Evaluatin Frm Attrney Name Atty ID number fr Pennsylvania: Name f Curse Yu Just

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Plenary three: How to calculate and apportion service charges effectively

Plenary three: How to calculate and apportion service charges effectively Leasehlder and Tenant Service Charges Cnference Plenary three: Hw t calculate and apprtin service charges effectively Speaker: Chair: David Hunter Partner, Beevers and Struthers Steve Michaux Grup Directr

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Pinnacle Award Rules. [Type the document subtitle] 2018 Event. Pinnacle Award Rules. DeKalb Association of REALTORS

Pinnacle Award Rules. [Type the document subtitle] 2018 Event. Pinnacle Award Rules. DeKalb Association of REALTORS [Type the dcument subtitle] 2018 Event Pinnacle Award Rules DeKalb Assciatin f REALTORS 1. ELIGIBILITY Any emplyee r independent cntractr (fficer r therwise) f any real estate brker (individual r firm)

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APB Mission Statement:

APB Mission Statement: APB Missin Statement: T frever preserve the beautiful farmland and prductive sils f Lancaster Cunty and its rich agricultural heritage; and t create a healthy envirnment fr the lng-term sustainability

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Residence Hall Room Lease & Board Contract,

Residence Hall Room Lease & Board Contract, Clby-Sawyer Cllege Residence Hall Rm Lease & Bard Cntract, 2018-19 1. Clby-Sawyer Cllege agrees t assign and lease t the student space fr living in a residence hall r ther cllege husing fr the academic

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Legal Wing - Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI), Bengaluru 15 th September, 2016 Article 99

Legal Wing - Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI), Bengaluru 15 th September, 2016 Article 99 Legal Wing - Federatin f Karnataka Chambers f Cmmerce and Industry (FKCCI), Bengaluru 15 th September, 2016 Article 99 Dr. Gubbi, Cunselr & Advcate: Imprtant Views & Curt Decisins fr Members Attentin Dear

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1309 N J St Apartments

1309 N J St Apartments 1309 N J St Apartments 2 Units at 1309 Nrth J St, Lake Wrth FL, 33460 1309 Nrth J Street Apts Overview 1309 Nrth J Street is nestled in a quiet residential Alcve f East Lake Wrth, near Flrida s intracastal

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1309 N J St Apartments

1309 N J St Apartments 1309 N J St Apartments 2 Units at 1309 Nrth J St, Lake Wrth FL, 33460 1309 Nrth J Street Apts Overview 1309 Nrth J Street is nestled in a quiet residential Alcve f East Lake Wrth, near Flrida s intracastal

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City of Surrey ADDITIONAL PLANNING COMMENTS File: City f Surrey ADDITIONAL PLANNING COMMENTS File: 7910-0151-00 PROPOSAL: Planning Reprt Date: April 18, 2011 Subdivisin within ALR under Sectin 946 f the Lcal Gvernment Act in rder t allw subdivisin f 4.16

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THE PROCESS OF PURCHASE OF A PROPERTY IN SPAIN PRACTICAL GUIDE JANUARY 2014 THE PROCESS OF PURCHASE OF A PROPERTY IN SPAIN The acquisitin f prperties in Spain implies a number f legal bligatins. If yu decide t purchase a prperty in Spain, which is

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Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer, Chair House Committee on Human Services and Housing Oregon State Legislature 900 Court Street Salem, OR 97301

Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer, Chair House Committee on Human Services and Housing Oregon State Legislature 900 Court Street Salem, OR 97301 PO Bx 28454 Prtland, OR 97228 PHONE: (503) 626-8197 apa@regnapa.rg http://www.regnapa.rg Mnday, March 13, 2017 Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer, Chair Huse Cmmittee n Human Services and Husing Oregn State

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Barnes Walker, Chartered 3119 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, Florida Ph: (941) ; F: (941) SORTING OUT SHORT SALES:

Barnes Walker, Chartered 3119 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, Florida Ph: (941) ; F: (941) SORTING OUT SHORT SALES: Barnes Walker, Chartered 3119 Manatee Avenue West, Bradentn, Flrida 34205 Ph: (941) 741-8224; F: (941) 708-3225 SORTING OUT SHORT SALES: USING PRELIMINARY TITLE SEARCHES TO DECIDE WHEN TO TAKE LISTINGS

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Administrative Council Meeting Mooresville First UMC

Administrative Council Meeting Mooresville First UMC Welcme / Call t Order Administrative Cuncil Meeting Mresville First UMC February 10, 2015 7:00 PM t 8:30 PM (Parlr) The February 10, 2015 Administrative Cuncil meeting was cnvened by Chairpersn Spencer

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Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association (ISHA) Relationship Breakdown Policy

Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association (ISHA) Relationship Breakdown Policy Islingtn & Shreditch Husing Assciatin (ISHA) Relatinship Breakdwn Plicy 1. Plicy Statement This plicy utlines Islingtn & Shreditch Husing Assciatin s (ISHA) apprach t dealing with relatinship breakdwn

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Nassau County Department of Planning & Economic Opportunity Nassau Place Yulee, Florida 32097

Nassau County Department of Planning & Economic Opportunity Nassau Place Yulee, Florida 32097 Nassau Cunty Department f Planning & Ecnmic Opprtunity 96161 Nassau Place Yulee, Flrida 32097 Tac E. Ppe, AICP Directr APPLICATION AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE LAND USE AMENDMENT LESS THAN TEN (10) ACRES

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HINDU AMERICAN RELIGIOUS INSTITUTE 301 Steigerwalt Hollow Road, New Cumberland PA (717)

HINDU AMERICAN RELIGIOUS INSTITUTE 301 Steigerwalt Hollow Road, New Cumberland PA (717) HINDU AMERICAN RELIGIOUS INSTITUTE 301 Steigerwalt Hllw Rad, New Cumberland PA 17070 (717) 774-7750 www.haritemple.rg TEMPLE LOWER LEVEL HALL USE AGREEMENT Please cmplete the frm belw

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Guide For Renters

Guide For Renters Guide Fr Renters September 2012 Intrductin This is an unbiased step-by-step guide fr tenants n renting a prperty in Singapre. We have n cmmercial interest invlved with any f the recmmendatins

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VeloCity An Active Community. History

VeloCity An Active Community. History VelCity An Active Cmmunity Histry The prperty at 14 Pali Street began as a lcal family s hmestead. When the dwntwn area inevitably grew, part f this hmestead was sld t create what is nw part f the industrial

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Homeowners Guide To Assignment of Mortgage Payments Sales

Homeowners Guide To Assignment of Mortgage Payments Sales Hmewners Guide T Assignment f Mrtgage Payments Sales America s leading netwrk f nn-traditinal real estate authrities! Prvided By: Sellers that NEED TO SELL a prperty, but CANNOT AFFORD TO, because f the

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MacroHomes Design Competition - Call for Submissions. Prize: $10,000 & potential collaboration on a large scale multifamily project

MacroHomes Design Competition - Call for Submissions. Prize: $10,000 & potential collaboration on a large scale multifamily project Ww - MacrHmes Design Cmpetitin 1 f 6 Wh We Are: MacrHmes Design Cmpetitin - Call fr Submissins Prize: $10,000 & ptential cllabratin n a large scale multifamily prject Ww ( wants t prvide affrdable

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PRE-DESIGN STUDY 2401 COLE PLACE. Mixed Use Development. 10 Attached Residential Units Parking Garage. and Retail Space

PRE-DESIGN STUDY 2401 COLE PLACE. Mixed Use Development. 10 Attached Residential Units Parking Garage. and Retail Space PRE-DESIGN STUDY 2401 COLE PLACE Mixed Use Develpment 10 Attached Residential Units Parking Garage and Retail Space PROJECT DATA: Prject Descriptin: Prject Address: Mixed Use Develpment (Cmmercial/Residential)

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PRE-DESIGN STUDY 6/26/ COLE PLACE ARSHIA ARCHITECTS 550 N LARCHMONT BLVD #100 LOS ANGELES, CA PRE-DESIGN STUDY 6/26/17 2401 COLE PLACE ARSHIA ARCHITECTS 550 N LARCHMONT BLVD #100 LOS ANGELES, CA 90002 310.786.7876. OFFICE@ARSHIA.NET Arshia Architects, ltd hereby prvides, withut any representatin

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Brought to you by your local Marion REALTORS. I will be GRRREAT & show pride in the Marion Board of REALTORS! Marion Board of Realtors

Brought to you by your local Marion REALTORS. I will be GRRREAT & show pride in the Marion Board of REALTORS! Marion Board of Realtors BEYONDthe February 1, 2018 sale September 1, 2017 Brught t yu by yur lcal Marin REALTORS Vlume 4 Number 2 The Missin f the Marin Bard f REALTORS is t Organize, Educate and Supprt

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I n v. e s t m e n t. i l d i n g. 3 - B u. Downtown Mixed-Use. o i. S a l. e P

I n v. e s t m e n t. i l d i n g. 3 - B u. Downtown Mixed-Use. o i. S a l. e P 3 - B u i l d i n g I n v e s t m e n t Dwntwn Mixed-Use S a l e P r t f l i Executive Summary CBRE, Inc., as exclusive advisr t the Seller, is pleased t ffer a cllectin f unique Prperties centered in

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The Corporation of the City of Stratford

The Corporation of the City of Stratford The Crpratin f the City f Stratfrd Plicy Manual P.3 Municipal Prperty Dept: Crprate Services Cmmittee: Finance and Labur Relatins Sale and Other Dispsitin f Land Adpted: December 17, 2007 Amended: August

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Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) DESIGNATION APPLICATION

Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) DESIGNATION APPLICATION Certified Internatinal Prperty Specialist (CIPS) (NRDS ID is required fr U.S. members. Please cntact yur lcal bard/assciatin if yu d nt knw yur ID number) Please type r print legibly TITLE: COMPANY NAME:

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Staff Report. Andrea Ouse, Director of Community and Economic Development

Staff Report. Andrea Ouse, Director of Community and Economic Development 7.a Staff Reprt Date: Nvember 13, 2018 T: Frm: Reviewed by: Prepared by: Subject: City Cuncil Valerie J. Barne, City Manager Andrea Ouse, Directr f Cmmunity and Ecnmic Develpment Abhishek Parikh, Transprtatin

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Ohio Department of Transportation Testimony to the Judiciary Committee of the Ohio House on House Bill 5 (Eminent Domain)

Ohio Department of Transportation Testimony to the Judiciary Committee of the Ohio House on House Bill 5 (Eminent Domain) Testimny t the Judiciary Cmmittee f the Ohi Huse n Huse Bill 5 (Eminent Dmain) April 19, 2007 DIRECTOR JAMES G. BEASLEY Chairman Blessing, ranking member Harwd and ther members f the Judiciary, my name

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W yoming M ultiple L isting S ervice

W yoming M ultiple L isting S ervice W yming M ultiple L isting S ervice 951 Werner Ct., Suite 290 Casper, WY 82601 Phne (307) 237-1670 Fax (307) 235-0018 Email: Subscriber Membership Applicatin Packet f the

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A complete renovation of the 5-story, 75,000 sf building. Internal demolition began in summer 2017 with a targeted completion in 2019.

A complete renovation of the 5-story, 75,000 sf building. Internal demolition began in summer 2017 with a targeted completion in 2019. Dwntwn Develpment Fact Sheet Cmpiled by the Dwntwn Bstn BID Updated May 2018 Under Cnstructin Inside The BID: 399 Washingtn Street Renvatin: A cmplete renvatin f the 5-stry, 75,000 sf building. Internal

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Beecher Neighborhood Stabilization Plan

Beecher Neighborhood Stabilization Plan Beecher Neighbrhd Stabilizatin Plan Prepared fr Genesee Cunty Metrplitan Planning Cmmissin By Austen T. Ayres James E. Bnfigli Justin J. Dunn Gentjan Heqimi Ye Ji Kim Hanbing Liang Gin M. Piccirilli Raymnd

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MyHome 1. MyHome 1. Location. Beylikdüzü. Floor Property Type Number of Residences USD USD. Price.

MyHome 1. MyHome 1. Location. Beylikdüzü. Floor Property Type Number of Residences USD USD. Price. MyHme 1 F i n d Y u r D r e a m H m e i n Lcatin Beylikdüzü Flr 18-27 Prperty Type 1+1 2+1 3+1 Number f Residences Price Status 14.000 85.000 USD 150.000 USD Ready t live My Hme Services Prviding an Independent

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LEVEL 6 UNIT 17 - CONVEYANCING SUGGESTED ANSWERS JUNE 2011 LEVEL 6 UNIT 17 - CONVEYANCING SUGGESTED ANSWERS JUNE 2011 Nte t Candidates and Tutrs: The purpse f the suggested answers is t prvide students and tutrs with guidance as t the key pints students shuld

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Sea House Apartments 601 S Ocean Drive, Hutchinson Island, FL. Martin Goldstein Russell Goldstein

Sea House Apartments 601 S Ocean Drive, Hutchinson Island, FL. Martin Goldstein Russell Goldstein Sea Huse Apartments 601 S Ocean Drive, Hutchinsn Island, FL Martin Gldstein Russell Gldstein Sea Huse Apartments Overview These 12 charming units, lcating directly acrss A1A frm the Atlantic Cast, ffer

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TO LET. Town Centre Retail Premises. Shop Unit 10, Manchester Chambers, Oldham OL1 1LF.

TO LET. Town Centre Retail Premises. Shop Unit 10, Manchester Chambers, Oldham OL1 1LF. TO LET Twn Centre Retail Premises Shp Unit 10, Manchester Chambers, Oldham OL1 1LF Lcated in a Twn Centre psitin Adjacent t Spindles Shpping Centre Cvered arcade walk way t frnt Clse t the Central Bus

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Subdivisions Made Easy. Subd ivisions. Checklist. By Dyrnphna Boholt

Subdivisions Made Easy. Subd ivisions. Checklist. By Dyrnphna Boholt Subdivisins Made Easy Subd ivisins Checklist By Dyrnphna Bhlt Subdivisins Made Easy WHA T TO LOOK FOR? Research Cnduct nline searches t determine yur areas f interest Obtain maps and zning infrmatin frm

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TO LET. Town Centre Offices Flexible Terms. First & Second Floor Offices, Manchester Chambers, Oldham OL1 1LF.

TO LET. Town Centre Offices Flexible Terms. First & Second Floor Offices, Manchester Chambers, Oldham OL1 1LF. TO LET Twn Centre Offices Flexible Terms First & Secnd Flr Offices, Manchester Chambers, Oldham OL1 1LF Twn Centre lcatin Offices available n tw flr levels Available either as a whle r in part Clse t the

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ACCELERATED REVIEW PROCESS -C ACCELERATED REVIEW PROCESS -C Office f the City Engineer Ls Angeles, Califrnia T the Hnrable Cuncil Of the City f Ls Angeles July 26, 2017 Hnrable Members: C. D. N. 9 SUBJECT: Offer t Dedicate easement

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Uptown Medical Office for Lease 8010 Mountain Road NE Suite 300, Albuquerque, NM 87110

Uptown Medical Office for Lease 8010 Mountain Road NE Suite 300, Albuquerque, NM 87110 Uptwn Medical Office fr Lease 8010 Muntain Rad NE Suite 300, Cralee Quintana : The infrmatin cntained herein is believed t be reliable but nt guaranteed. It is the respnsibility f any prspective purchaser

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Rights of a Lender to Exercise Developer/Declarant Rights and Privileges by Foreclosure Deed or Deed in lieu of Foreclosure of a Subdivision

Rights of a Lender to Exercise Developer/Declarant Rights and Privileges by Foreclosure Deed or Deed in lieu of Foreclosure of a Subdivision American Cllege f Mrtgage Attrneys 2011 Annual Meeting The Grand Del Mar San Dieg, CA Rights f a Lender t Exercise Develper/Declarant Rights and Privileges by Freclsure Deed r Deed in lieu f Freclsure

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Access Statement for Bovey Castle

Access Statement for Bovey Castle Access Statement fr Bvey Castle Intrductin: Bvey Castle is a luxury htel and cuntry Estate set in Dartmr Natinal Park. We have 60 rms ffering suites, family rms, duble and single ccupancy. We have tw DDA

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MOTION NO. M Beacon Hill Station TOD Property Final Transaction Agreements PROPOSED ACTION

MOTION NO. M Beacon Hill Station TOD Property Final Transaction Agreements PROPOSED ACTION MOTION NO. M2018-170 Beacn Hill Statin TOD Prperty Final Transactin Agreements MEETING: DATE: TYPE OF ACTION: STAFF CONTACT: Bard 12/20/2018 Final Actin Dn Billen, Executive Directr, PEPD Brke Belman,

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What s an Appraiser to do?

What s an Appraiser to do? What s an Appraiser t d? Life Beynd Fannie/Freddie Frms Presented by: Craig M. Capilla 181 Waukegan Rad, Suite 205 Nrthfield, IL 60093 Phne: 847-716-2380 ICAP Summer Seminars - Lisle August 20, 2018 1

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Orion Park, Northfield Avenue, Northfields, Ealing, London W13 9SJ

Orion Park, Northfield Avenue, Northfields, Ealing, London W13 9SJ Orin Park Nrthfield Avenue, Nrthfields, Ealing, Lndn W13 9SJ Orin Park, Nrthfield Avenue, Nrthfields, Ealing, Lndn W13 9SJ Prminent West Lndn Residential Develpment Opprtunity CGI f Permitted Scheme Orin

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Downtown J Street Apartments

Downtown J Street Apartments Dwntwn J Street Apartments 501 N J Street, Lake Wrth FL 33460 Martin Gldstein Russell Gldstein Dwntwn J Street Apts Overview Cmprising 5 units mere blcks frm Lake Wrth s culture-rich

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Strategies for Funding Farmland Preservation

Strategies for Funding Farmland Preservation Strategies fr Funding Farmland Preservatin PA Farmland Preservatin Assciatin Spring Cnference May 2009 Envirnmental Finance Center University f Maryland Financing Truths It is cheaper t prtect than t restre

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A complete renovation of the 5-story, 75,000 sf building. Internal demolition began in summer 2017.

A complete renovation of the 5-story, 75,000 sf building. Internal demolition began in summer 2017. Dwntwn Develpment Fact Sheet Cmpiled by the Dwntwn Bstn BID Updated Nvember 2017 Under Cnstructin Inside The BID: 399 Washingtn Street Renvatin: A cmplete renvatin f the 5-stry, 75,000 sf building. Internal

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Shared Equity Ownership Initiative

Shared Equity Ownership Initiative Shared Equity Ownership Initiative Hmewnership remains a majr gal fr lw and mderate incme husehlds seeking t increase husing stability, independence and wealth. Affrdable hme wnership remains a majr gal

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A complete renovation and modernization of the 5-story, 75,000 sf building.

A complete renovation and modernization of the 5-story, 75,000 sf building. Dwntwn Develpment Fact Sheet Cmpiled by the Dwntwn Bstn BID Updated March 2019 Under Cnstructin Inside The BID: Winthrp Center (115 Winthrp Square): MP Bstn s prpsal calls fr a 691-ft, 50-stry, 1.6 millin

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A complete renovation of the 5-story, 75,000 sf building. Internal demolition began in summer 2017 with a targeted completion in 2019.

A complete renovation of the 5-story, 75,000 sf building. Internal demolition began in summer 2017 with a targeted completion in 2019. Dwntwn Develpment Fact Sheet Cmpiled by the Dwntwn Bstn BID Updated July 2018 Under Cnstructin Inside The BID: 115 Winthrp Square (Winthrp Square Garage redevelpment): Millennium Partners current prpsal

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General Instructions. Commercial Property Inspections. Ruth Johnson - Training

General Instructions. Commercial Property Inspections. Ruth Johnson - Training General Instructins Cmmercial Prperty Inspectins Ruth Jhnsn - Training 17 Cntents General Instructins Cvius Cmmercial Prperty Inspectins... 3 Intrductin:... 3 Inspectin Scheduling Prtcl:... 3 Overview

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How-to Implement a No-Smoking Policy for Existing Buildings in the Non-Profit Housing Sector

How-to Implement a No-Smoking Policy for Existing Buildings in the Non-Profit Housing Sector Hw-t Implement a N-Smking Plicy fr Existing Buildings in the Nn-Prfit Husing Sectr This sectin is tailred fr nn-prfit husing prviders wh want t implement r pilt a n-smking plicy in ne r mre f their multi-unit

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FEASIBILITY REPORT. For The Issuance of Not to Exceed $3,000,000 Principal ~mount

FEASIBILITY REPORT. For The Issuance of Not to Exceed $3,000,000 Principal ~mount FEASIBILITY REPORT Fr The Issuance f Nt t Exceed $3,000,000 Principal ~munt f PRONGHORN RANCH COMMUNITY FACILITIES DISTRICT (PRESCOTT VALLEY, ARIZONA) GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS, SERIES 2002 February 15,

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The redevelopment began in March 2016 and is slated to complete in phases from

The redevelopment began in March 2016 and is slated to complete in phases from Dwntwn Develpment Fact Sheet Cmpiled by the Dwntwn Bstn BID Updated March 2017 Apprved Fr Cnstructin Inside The BID: 48 Bylstn Street renvatin: The renvatin f the 40,500 sq.-ft. frmer BYMCU building int

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FACT SHEET # 32 EVICTION. Introduction


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DESCRIPTION STANDARDS, OBJECTIVES, AND INDICATORS REAL ESTATE (411) STUDENTS WILL UNDERSTAND THE ECONOMICS OF THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY. DESCRIPTION Students will be intrduced t real estate basics that include the scpe f the real estate business, usage f land, land descriptin, wnership, cntracts, deeds, mrtgages, title searches and clses,

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4 LIHTC ONLY, WITH AT LEAST 8 YEARS OF THE ORIGINAL 15-YEAR IRS COMPLIANCE PERIOD REMAINING (AKA NEW LIHTC) Affrdable Husing Data Guidance Fr All Multifamily Prperties with Incme r Rent Restrictins (nt just units in prperties meeting Fannie Mae s Multifamily Affrdable Husing (MAH) definitin Table f Cntents Page

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The redevelopment began in March 2016 and is slated to complete in phases from

The redevelopment began in March 2016 and is slated to complete in phases from Dwntwn Develpment Fact Sheet Cmpiled by the Dwntwn Bstn BID Updated February 2017 Under Cnstructin: Cngress Square Develpment (54-82 Devnshire St.): A transfrmative $105 millin, 458,300 sq.-ft. redevelpment

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Now That We re Poor: The New Economics of Land Use

Now That We re Poor: The New Economics of Land Use Nw That We re Pr: The New Ecnmics f Land Use 20 th RMLUI Cnference Denver, March 2011 Dn Ellitt, FAICP, Clarin Assciates The Regulatry Issue Affrdability is a lng-term structural prblem f the U.S. ecnmy

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Workshop Session Stress-Free Securitisation

Workshop Session Stress-Free Securitisation Wrkshp Sessin Stress-Free Securitisatin CHC s Resurces Cnference 2014-10 th July 2014 Metrple Htel, Llandrindd Wells, Pwys Presented by Sharn Kirkham Partner and Head f Securitisatin THE DEVONSHIRES SECURITISATION

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Lessor Presentation & Disclosure Requirements

Lessor Presentation & Disclosure Requirements Lessr Presentatin & Disclsure Requirements The public entity 1 adptin deadline fr the new guidance in Accunting Standards Update (ASU) 2016-02, Leases (Tpic 842), is drawing clser. This is the first majr

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US Route 15 & Monocacy Boulevard Northeast Bypass Interchange

US Route 15 & Monocacy Boulevard Northeast Bypass Interchange US Rute 15 & Mncacy Bulevard Nrtheast Bypass Interchange US Rute 15 & Mncacy Bulevard Frederick, Maryland The site is lcated at the State Apprved Interchange f US Rute 15 and the extensin f Mncacy Bulevard,

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YEAR IN REVIEW High Street Boston, MA

YEAR IN REVIEW High Street Boston, MA YEAR IN REVIEW 2015 100 High Street Bstn, MA EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Amenity Center Use: First time use September: 9/9 Bardrm Hartfrd half day 9/15 Cngress Zurich full day 9/16 Cngress Zurich full day 9/ 22

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Policy date October 2015 Document version Version 3 National Operations Manager Review date October 2018

Policy date October 2015 Document version Version 3 National Operations Manager Review date October 2018 Plicy Dcument Gd Neighbur Plicy sectin: 1.0 Plicy: 1.2.14 Sectin name: Establishing and Maintaining Tenancies Dcument name Gd Neighbur Applicability Missin Australia Husing Authrisatin Senir Management

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Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust

Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust Summer 2015 Newsletter Summer highlights inside REPI Challenge Grant Great Maine Outdr Weekend Hike Bard Member Prfile Prject Update Cmmunity Events And mre! Baxter Peak,

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RANGIORA HIGH SCHOOL BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING Held on Wednesday, 2 May 2012, at 6.00pm

RANGIORA HIGH SCHOOL BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING Held on Wednesday, 2 May 2012, at 6.00pm RANGIORA HIGH SCHOOL BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING Held n Wednesday, 2 May 2012, at 6.00pm 1 PRESENT [Chair], M James [Deputy Chair], J Ashby, [Principal], Q De Hamel, J Grey, J Searle, R Sparks, M Taite-Pitama,

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±17.26 ACRES :: 5912 W HAUSMAN RD :: FOR SALE

±17.26 ACRES :: 5912 W HAUSMAN RD :: FOR SALE 5912 W HAUSMAN RD :: 5912 W HAUSMAN RD :: FOR INFORMATION 2.366.2222 OVERVIEW / LOCATION MAP CAMP BULLIS 281 Address: Size: Asking Price: Utilities: 5912 W Hausman Rd San Antni, Texas 78249 ±17.26 acres

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Membership Fees 2018 Broker

Membership Fees 2018 Broker Membership Fees 2018 Brker Annual membership dues Includes Lcal, Flrida Realtrs, Natinal Assciatin f Realtrs (Annual dues are pr-rated n a mnthly basis. This applicatin is t be used by NEW Members f this

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How to Make Auctions of Public Land

How to Make Auctions of Public Land Hw t Make Auctins f Public Land Successful? Olga Kaganva, PhD, CRE, FRICS The Urban Institute kaganva@urban.rg THE WORLD BANK ANNUAL BANK CONFERENCE ON LAND POLICY AND ADMINISTRATION Washingtn, DC April

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APPLICATION. Fee Simple Subdivision Bare Land Strata Conversion of Existing Building into Strata Units

APPLICATION. Fee Simple Subdivision Bare Land Strata Conversion of Existing Building into Strata Units 385 Birch Avenue P.O. Bx 340 100 Mile Huse British Clumbia Canada V0K 2E0 T: 250.395.2434 F: 250.395.3625 E: APPLICATION Fee Simple Subdivisin Bare Land Strata Cnversin f

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DRAFT For Discussion Only

DRAFT For Discussion Only DRAFT Fr Discussin Only WESTERN SMa COMMUNITY PLAN Plicy, Zning and Prgram Recmmendatins fr Building a 21 st Century Cmmunity TABLE OF CONTENTS (A tracking tl will be used t make cnnectins t wrk f varius

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