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7 A TRADITION STEEPED IN HISTORY COMMENCEMENT PROCESSION A procession of the various participants begins and ends our formal commencement ceremony. Individuals are arranged to reflect the order of academic rank in the hierarchy of the traditional European university. At SNHU, the Mace Bearer leads the procession. He or she is followed by the Faculty Marshals, the Platform Party, and then the Faculty of the schools arranged in order of seniority, beginning with the senior faculty. The procession is concluded by the degree candidates. They enter in groups representing their schools/units, led by a gonfalon (flag) and walking in rank. CEREMONIAL MACE The mace was first used as a weapon. The word comes from the Latin mateola, meaning mallet or staff. It consisted of a long club with a ball of steel or brass at one end. As newer weapons came into use, the mace lost its prime purpose as an instrument of war; however, it had become a symbol of authority and power. Universities in Europe with roots in the Middle Ages adopted maces as symbols of authority and unity. Since then, other institutions of higher learning have come to use the mace in their ceremonies. Southern New Hampshire University commissioned David Elwell, a New Hampshire silversmith, to create a mace to commemorate the university s 50th anniversary commencement. This mace is made of brass, aluminum, copper, and bronze, with a staff of ebony and African padauk. THE PRESIDENTIAL MEDALLION The Presidential Medallion, worn by the president with academic regalia, is a symbolic representation of the authority and responsibility vested by the university in the president. It is a symbol of office that dates from medieval times and is worn by the president at all ceremonial occasions. The Presidential Medallion is a permanent possession of the university and is presented to successive presidents at their inaugurations by the chairman of the Board of Trustees. The chain and medallion are fabricated from sterling silver. The university emblem, in relief, is the central design on the medallion. It is surrounded by a border of entwined wires, similar in texture to the chain links, and finished with a square raised edge. The heavy, twisted links of the chain bear four oval plates on each side. The background of the entire piece is oxidized to highlight the relief design and textures. The names of those who have held the office are engraved on the reverse side of the medallion. The Presidential Medallion was designed and fabricated in 1987 by award-winning New Hampshire metalsmith Jacquelyn Ferrency of Milford.


9 ACADEMIC REGALIA The academic costume worn today originated in the universities of the Middle Ages, when a warm gown and hood were useful for scholars and clerics in unheated buildings. The distinctive gowns served to set students apart from their fellow citizens, hence the perennial controversy between town and gown. Until after the Civil War, students at most American universities wore caps and gowns daily while in residence. These varied in design until they were standardized by the American Intercollegiate Commission in At that time it was decided that all robes would be black; bachelor s gowns would have long, pointed sleeves; master s gowns would have long, closed sleeves with slits for the arms at the elbows; and doctor s gowns would have very full, bell-shaped sleeves, each with three velvet bands matching the velvet facing of the gown opening. The length of hoods varies with the degree. The lining of the hood indicates the university by the colors. The border of the hood indicates the academic discipline in which the degree was earned. Students who have studied abroad for one or more semesters will be wearing a sash with the colors of the flag of the country where they studied. The sashes are issued to signify the university s commitment to provide students with opportunities for acquiring international and cross-cultural experience. The colors for academic fields established by the American Council on Education include: Agriculture maize Arts, Letters and Humanities white Business, Commerce and Accounting light brown Dentistry lilac Economics copper Education light blue Engineering orange Fine Arts brown Forestry russet Journalism crimson Law purple Library Science lemon Medicine green Music pink Nursing apricot Oratory silver gray Pharmacy olive green Philosophy dark blue Physical Education sage green Public Administration peacock blue Science golden yellow Social Work citron Theology scarlet Veterinary Science gray (Caps and gowns representing degrees from foreign universities may be quite different from those described. The most obvious difference may be in the cap, which is often a soft, round hat of the style worn by medieval scholars.)




13 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE & COLLEGE OF ONLINE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION COMMENCEMENT SATURDAY, MAY 13, :00 A.M. ORDER OF EXERCISES PROCESSIONAL New Hampshire Pipes and Drums, Mace Bearer, Faculty Marshal, Trustees and the President s Party, Faculty, Administration, Degree Candidates by school: School of Education, School of Arts and Sciences, and School of Business The audience is asked to remain standing during the processional, the singing of The National Anthem, and the invocation. THE NATIONAL ANTHEM KEEY BOOSMAN Master of Education Curriculum Instruction THE INVOCATION THE REV. BRUCE COLLARD Director of Campus Ministry GREETINGS AND INTRODUCTION OF PLATFORM GUESTS PAUL J. LEBLANC President, Southern New Hampshire University STUDENT ADDRESS JACQUELINE CAPOBIANCO Bachelor of Arts in Education HONORARY DEGREE RECIPIENT VIRGINIA PRESCOTT Presented by Mark A. Ouellette Chairman of the Board of Trustees Conferred by Paul J. LeBlanc President, Southern New Hampshire University Hooded by Patricia Lynott Executive Vice President, Provost COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS VIRGINIA PRESCOTT AWARD CITATIONS EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING AND ADVISING AWARDS THE LOEFFLER PRIZE CONFERRAL OF DOCTORAL DEGREE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Botao An Michael Allan Baker Lingling Wang SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Saeed A. Aden Andrea M. Ange Stephen K. Anim Diane M. Carreiro Donna-Marie Cecere Lisa R. Desruisseaux Melissa R. Diodati Stefan Ryll Lleij S. Schwartz Presented by Patricia Lynott Executive Vice President, Provost Conferred by Paul J. LeBlanc President, Southern New Hampshire University Business Candidates Hooded by Massood Samii Interim Dean of the School of Business Education Candidates Hooded by Raymond McNulty Dean of the School of Education PRESENTATION OF DEGREE CANDIDATES PATRICIA LYNOTT Executive Vice President, Provost CONFERRAL OF DEGREES PAUL J. LEBLANC President, Southern New Hampshire University READING OF DEGREES JON BOROSHOK GARY CARKIN WELCOME TO NEW ALUMNI TIMOTHY GERARDI '04 President of the Alumni Association BENEDICTION THE REV. BRUCE COLLARD Director of Campus Ministry RECESSIONAL The audience is requested to remain seated until the recessional is completed. Please join us for a reception in the Dining Center on the SNHU campus immediately following commencement. Directions can be found in the back of the program

14 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE & COLLEGE OF ONLINE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION COMMENCEMENT SATURDAY, MAY 13, :00 A.M. COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER VIRGINIA PRESCOTT Honorary Doctorate of Arts Virginia Prescott is the Gracie Award-winning host of Word of Mouth and the Civics 101 and 10-Minute Writers Workshop Podcasts from New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR). Before returning to her home state of New Hampshire, Virginia was a producer and editor for NPR s On Point and Here & Now programs, and a director at WNYC in New York. Throughout her career, she's trained journalists and helped develop independent community radio in post-conflict zones, from the Balkans to West Africa. She was a member of the Peabody Award-Winning team at Jazz from Lincoln Center, an Edward R. Murrow Award-winner at WNYC, and a Loeb Fellow at Harvard University. She loves working in radio, but regrets that so many good outfits go unnoticed. 4

15 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE & COLLEGE OF ONLINE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION COMMENCEMENT SATURDAY, MAY 13, :00 A.M. STUDENT SPEAKER JACQUELINE CAPOBIANCO Bachelor of Arts Education Good morning, President LeBlanc, distinguished deans, faculty, staff, the Board of Trustees, friends and family, and of course, my fellow graduates. Over the last four years, SNHU has granted me the opportunity to find myself. Before I started college, I never thought I was smart enough, or considered worthy enough, to be successful. The professors here at this university have proven to me otherwise. The amount of encouragement and support that I have received, could never go unnoticed. I think I can speak for every graduate when I say that the people at this university, are here to help us and encourage us they want to see us succeed and to flourish, as individuals. I bet that my fellow graduates here today can think of that one person that has truly changed their life, during their time at SNHU. I know that I can think of a few myself. I am so proud to be part of this university. We are lucky enough to have a diverse community, with individuals from various parts of the world. We may not all speak the same language, or have the same beliefs, but we all came to SNHU because we wanted to better ourselves as human beings, and to create a better life for the ones that we love. No matter what our backgrounds may be, SNHU has been a place that many of us have called home and, more often than not, we don t take the time to think about our commonalities. When many of us came to SNHU, we didn t know what to expect. While, I know that I can t speak for every graduate here, I remember going to Orientation Day, as if it were yesterday. I remember participating in the icebreakers, exchanging phone numbers, finding out who commutes, or lives on campus, and already making plans for that upcoming weekend. I had no idea what lay ahead of me over the next few years, but, I knew that I had support here, not just from the campus community, but from my friends and family. Today, we have all joined together to celebrate the completion of this journey that we started all those years ago, no matter our starting point. I know that no two of our stories are exactly alike. My story, is exactly that: my own; but, today, in just a little while, we will each cross this stage and be recognized for our achievements as individuals, and as a group. While we may not have had the same experiences, or come from the same location, or have the same passions, we are graduating together today. Together, we made it to the finish line. Together we are Southern New Hampshire University graduates. Congratulations, again! 5




19 COLLEGE OF ONLINE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION & COLLEGE FOR AMERICA COMMENCEMENT SATURDAY, MAY 13, :30 P.M. ORDER OF EXERCISES PROCESSIONAL New Hampshire Pipes and Drums, Mace Bearer, Faculty Marshal, Trustees and the President s Party, Faculty, Administration, Degree Candidates by unit: Liberal Arts and Social Sciences The audience is asked to remain standing during the processional, the singing of The National Anthem, and the invocation. THE NATIONAL ANTHEM MARYELLEN STEVENSON Associate of Arts General Studies THE INVOCATION THE REV. BRUCE COLLARD Director of Campus Ministry GREETINGS AND INTRODUCTION OF PLATFORM GUESTS PAUL J. LEBLANC President, Southern New Hampshire University STUDENT ADDRESS DORI LONDRES Master of Arts in Communication HONORARY DEGREE RECIPIENT MARIBEL DURAN Presented by Mark A. Ouellette Chairman of the Board of Trustees Conferred by Paul J. LeBlanc President, Southern New Hampshire University Hooded by Gregory W. Fowler Chief Academic Officer and Vice President of Academic Affairs COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS MARIBEL DURAN AWARD CITATIONS EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING AWARD THE LOEFFLER PRIZE PRESENTATION OF DEGREE CANDIDATES GREGORY W. FOWLER Chief Academic Officer and Vice President of Academic Affairs CONFERRAL OF DEGREES PAUL J. LEBLANC President, Southern New Hampshire University READING OF DEGREES KELLY LOCKWOOD SETH MATTHEWS WELCOME TO NEW ALUMNI DAVID NUMME '16 Alumni Association Board Member BENEDICTION THE REV. BRUCE COLLARD Director of Campus Ministry RECESSIONAL The audience is requested to remain seated until the recessional is completed. Please join us for a reception in the Dining Center on the SNHU campus immediately following commencement. Directions can be found in the back of the program

20 COLLEGE OF ONLINE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION & COLLEGE FOR AMERICA COMMENCEMENT SATURDAY, MAY 13, :30 P.M. COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER MARIBEL DURAN Honorary Doctorate of Education Maribel Duran joined the Aspen Institute, after serving eight years under the Obama Administration at the U.S. Department of Education. As the longestserving political appointee at the Department, Maribel worked to increase educational attainment and student outcomes, launched the Federal Interagency Working Group on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, and supported states and districts with policy implementation. She was also a member of the White House Council on Women and Girls Federal Taskforce, and the Department s Diversity and Inclusion Working Group. Maribel holds a bachelor s degree in English Language and Literature from Southern New Hampshire University. 10

21 COLLEGE OF ONLINE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION & COLLEGE FOR AMERICA COMMENCEMENT SATURDAY, MAY 13, :30 P.M. STUDENT SPEAKER DORI LONDRES Master of Arts Communication Good afternoon, President LeBlanc, distinguished faculty members, the Board of Trustees, staff, family and friends, and my fellow graduates. welcome to this exciting day! Back in September of 2015, two huge, game-changing events occurred in my life. One of them was that I returned to school, after nearly 25 years, and began working toward my master s in Communications here at SNHU. The other was that the soundtrack to the Broadway musical Hamilton began streaming on NPR. It may seem that these events are out of balance and unrelated, but actually, they re not. A few years before coming to SNHU, I had returned to work after more than 12 years as a stay-at-home mom. When I had left my job years before, computers were still a novelty - was new. So, it isn t surprising that when I returned, I felt a little bit lost. I never regretted my decision to put my career on hold, but I knew I had a lot of catching up to do. I also knew that I had some important choices to make: What did I want to do? And, where was I going to start? As an undergrad, I had studied English Literature, and dreamed of writing the Great American Novel. Life got in the way a bit, as it does, and 25 years later, I had just sent one child off to college, and was preparing to do the same for my second. Suddenly, with my kids beginning their next chapter, it seemed that life had slowed down -- like the noise had been muted, and the dust had been cleared. It was during that sudden silence that I heard the voice of Eliza Hamilton. Eliza was an ordinary woman, living in uncertain times. She did not know what her future held, but she was determined to embrace it, and to play a role in shaping it. In fact, she felt lucky just to have that chance. I was no longer sure what the rest of my story would look like. The only thing I knew for sure was that, like Eliza Hamilton, I wanted to be a part of creating the narrative. During my time at SNHU, I have met people from all over the country, and even beyond. Despite differences in age, geography, and profession, there is one thing we all have in common: we are all reaching for something better. We are striving to be something more. Today, I would like to tell each of you the same thing that Eliza told Alexander in Let this moment be the first chapter - look at where we are! We each came to SNHU to get to work. By doing so, we have guaranteed our part in the narrative. All of us are part of this chapter, and of a bigger story that is waiting to be told. Congratulations, again to us all! 11




25 COLLEGE OF ONLINE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION COMMENCEMENT SUNDAY, MAY 14, :00 A.M. ORDER OF EXERCISES PROCESSIONAL New Hampshire Pipes and Drums, Mace Bearer, Faculty Marshal, Trustees and the President s Party, Faculty, Administration, Degree Candidates by unit: Business, Nursing and Health Professions, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics The audience is asked to remain standing during the processional, the singing of The National Anthem, and the invocation. THE NATIONAL ANTHEM KAREN SAROSIEK Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science THE INVOCATION THE REV. BRUCE COLLARD Director of Campus Ministry GREETINGS AND INTRODUCTION OF PLATFORM GUESTS PAUL J. LEBLANC President, Southern New Hampshire University STUDENT ADDRESS NILHARI (NEIL) BHANDARI Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics HONORARY DEGREE RECIPIENT BETH MILLER Presented by Mark A. Ouellette Chairman of the Board of Trustees Conferred by Paul J. LeBlanc President, Southern New Hampshire University Hooded by Gregory W. Fowler Chief Academic Officer and Vice President of Academic Affairs COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS BETH MILLER AWARD CITATIONS EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING AWARD THE LOEFFLER PRIZE PRESENTATION OF DEGREE CANDIDATES GREGORY W. FOWLER Chief Academic Officer and Vice President of Academic Affairs CONFERRAL OF DEGREES PAUL J. LEBLANC President, Southern New Hampshire University READING OF DEGREES DAN POULIN JEFF CZARNEC WELCOME TO NEW ALUMNI TIMOTHY GERARDI '04 President of the Alumni Association BENEDICTION THE REV. BRUCE COLLARD Director of Campus Ministry RECESSIONAL The audience is requested to remain seated until the recessional is completed. Please join us for a reception in the Dining Center on the SNHU campus immediately following commencement. Directions can be found in the back of the program

26 COLLEGE OF ONLINE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION COMMENCEMENT SUNDAY, MAY 14, :00 A.M. COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER BETH MILLER Honorary Doctorate of Arts and Humane Letters Beth Miller, Executive Director of the Creative Education Foundation, has worked in the nonprofit sector for 17 years. She embraces continued education, and recently completed fellowships with Third Sector New England and the UMass Boston Center for Collaborative Leadership Emerging Leaders Program. Beth has also served as a senior leader at the Boston Debate League, The Mark Twain House & Museum, and the Hartford Youth Scholars Foundation. In addition, Beth taught writing at Trinity College, her alma mater, for ten years, and was a writing fellow and lecturer at Quinnipiac University. She was the first woman in her family to earn both undergraduate and graduate degrees, and has a passion for educational access and attainment. 16

27 COLLEGE OF ONLINE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION COMMENCEMENT SUNDAY, MAY 14, :00 A.M. STUDENT SPEAKER NILHARI BHANDARI Bachelor of Arts Mathematics Good morning, President LeBlanc, distinguished faculty members, the Board of Trustees, staff, family and friends, and my fellow graduates. My name is Nilhari Bhandari a guy with a rhythmic, funny name, and a thick accent. I was born in Bhutan, and was raised and educated in a refugee camp in Nepal. Life in the refugee camp was miserable, as there was no availability of the basic fundamentals needed for living. We didn t have access to nutritious food, proper housing, running water, or quality medical care. At that time, survival was the greatest accomplishment; often people died due to uncured diseases and malnutrition. Against all odds, and with tremendous support from my family, I completed an undergraduate degree in Physics and Math from Tribhuwan University in Nepal, in Then after living in the camps for 17 years, my family got an incredible opportunity to resettle in the United States. Upon arrival to New Hampshire in 2009, I had high hopes and dreams of attending college, getting my degree, doing great things, and eventually, paving the path to a higher degree but, life did not happen as planned. My primary goal became focused on working multiple jobs, to provide for my family, and my dream of attending college became secondary. However, in 2015, I learned about SNHU, and I decided to enroll in classes, to pursue my long-deferred dream. I decided to attend evening and weekends classes on campus, and take other classes online. Over the past year, I spent many evenings and weekends in the library; coffee became my best friend. I missed trips to the beach with my daughters, and playing with them in the park; I left them alone during weekends, in order to complete my assignments, and I missed them every second. I want to thank them, and my family for their tremendous support, and want to let my daughters know that their dad's ready for some beach time this summer! On those long days in the library, the online Writing Center, Smart Thinking Tutorial, and tutoring services offered on campus were my lifesaver. Like everyone graduating today, I pursued my degree so that I could create a career path for myself, and unlock my potential. I wanted to increase my credibility in society, so that I could articulate and share my ideas with a larger audience, and make a difference. I would like to conclude my speech by saying this - if a refugee, from a third world country, can come to the US, learn a new language and new culture, work hard, provide for his family, and make contributions to the community, then this group of graduates has unlimited potential. We can continue to make a difference in the world by pursuing our passions through innovation, entrepreneurship, hard work, risk taking, and living a life of purpose. Congratulations to us all! 17




31 COLLEGE OF ONLINE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION COMMENCEMENT SUNDAY, MAY 14, :30 P.M. ORDER OF EXERCISES PROCESSIONAL New Hampshire Pipes and Drums, Mace Bearer, Faculty Marshal, Trustees and the President s Party, Faculty, Administration, Degree Candidates by unit: Business, Nursing & Health Professions, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics The audience is asked to remain standing during the processional, the singing of The National Anthem, and the invocation. THE NATIONAL ANTHEM AMANDA EICHMAN Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management THE INVOCATION THE REV. BRUCE COLLARD Director of Campus Ministry GREETINGS AND INTRODUCTION OF PLATFORM GUESTS PAUL J. LEBLANC President, Southern New Hampshire University STUDENT ADDRESS KURTIS MICHAEL PALERMO Master of Science in Organizational Leadership HONORARY DEGREE RECIPIENT ZIA HAIDER RAHMAN Presented by Gregory W. FowlerChief Academic Officer and Vice President of Academic Affairs Conferred by Paul J. LeBlanc President, Southern New Hampshire University Hooded by Kimberly Bogle Jubinville Senior Vice President and University Chief Academic Officer COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS ZIA HAIDER RAHMAN AWARD CITATIONS THE LOEFFLER PRIZE PRESENTATION OF DEGREE CANDIDATES GREGORY W. FOWLER Chief Academic Officer and Vice President of Academic Affairs CONFERRAL OF DEGREES PAUL J. LEBLANC President, Southern New Hampshire University READING OF DEGREES DAN POULIN JEFF CZARNEC WELCOME TO NEW ALUMNI SINZIANA SCOARTA '10 G'12 Secretary of the Alumni Association BENEDICTION THE REV. BRUCE COLLARD Director of Campus Ministry RECESSIONAL The audience is requested to remain seated until the recessional is completed. Please join us for a reception in the Dining Center on the SNHU campus immediately following commencement. Directions can be found in the back of the program

32 COLLEGE OF ONLINE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION COMMENCEMENT SUNDAY, MAY 14, :30 P.M. COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER ZIA HAIDER RAHMAN Honorary Doctorate of Arts and Humane Letters Zia Haider Rahman is an award winning novelist who was born in rural Bangladesh, raised in London, and educated in England, Germany, and the United States. He has lived in several countries, and has worked as an investment banker, a corporate lawyer, and international human rights lawyer. His first novel, In the Light of What We Know, was first published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux in 2014 to international critical acclaim, and won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize, Britain s oldest literary award. 22

33 COLLEGE OF ONLINE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION COMMENCEMENT SUNDAY, MAY 14, :30 P.M. STUDENT SPEAKER KURTIS MICHAEL PALERMO Master of Science Organizational Leadership Good afternoon, President LeBlanc, distinguished faculty members, the Board of Trustees, staff, family and friends, and my fellow graduates. When I graduated high school, I lacked the enthusiasm for pursuing higher education. Today, eleven years later, I m humbled to accept my master s degree. During my undergraduate years, and more recently, I ve felt motivated to find my purpose; to follow the path that just might lead me to something great. Growing up, there was little emphasis on the importance of getting an education. I am a first-generation college student. This term, while loosely defined, consists of a group of individuals who may be less likely to attend, or graduate from college, because of the gap in access and understanding of the processes needed to get into college. As a first-generation college student, my outlook on the importance of education was not founded on lessons from my parents, but rather stemmed from a desire to be my best self, and to achieve more. This mindset and dedication has contributed to my success, and in 2014, led me here to SNHU, one of the most innovative universities in the country. At SNHU, I was presented with an opportunity to strive for more, and to find my purpose. Starting on the day that I enrolled here, I felt like I was truly part of something bigger than myself a community of esteemed professors, advisors, and students who are dedicated to making the world a better place. I have had countless opportunities to work with my fellow students from around the world, and our community continues to grow; and whether we are current students or returning alumnae, we are Penmen, forever. Now, I will attempt to offer a bit of wisdom In my personal and professional life, I have experienced significant change. The first step in the stages of change is pre-contemplation, during which a person is unaware or unwilling to recognize the necessity for change. We find ourselves stuck here all too often. I urge each of you graduating today to be conscious of this, and to push yourselves toward the next step - whatever it may be. It s recognizing the need for change, and making plans to move toward action, that allows us to fully enjoy the benefits that change can bring. This is where you will find innovation, collaborative thinking, and the kind of decision-making that can change the world. Following a path to college and graduate school, when I was not brought up with any expectation that I could achieve these steps, has required me to make some difficult changes; but, each one has been worthwhile. So, I want to end by saying, Congratulations, again. Today we celebrate our accomplishments; but, tomorrow, we ll wake up ready to move forward, change, and use the greatness we have found within ourselves, to inspire others, and make a difference. Thank You. 23


35 THE LOEFFLER PRIZE The Loeffler Prize is awarded to individuals who have extended themselves to help others in ways often extraordinary, but frequently unnoticed or unreported. This award recognizes those who have unselfishly and generously contributed their time and talents for the enrichment of others and the betterment of their community. They set an example for the spirit of generosity, everyday contributions, sometime heroism, and perseverance. The Loeffler Prize carries a $2,000 gift to be made in the winner s name to a non-profit of his or her choice. The 2017 winners are: Nick Willard, Chief, Manchester Police Maureen A. Beauregard, President and Founder, Families in Transition Richard Alvarez, Retired Officer, United States Marine Corps Brendan McCafferty, Principal, Hillside Middle School, Manchester The Loeffler Prize is named for Frederic "Rick" A. Loeffler, a member of the SNHU community, who embodies the spirit of this award. A longtime member of the SNHU Board of Trustees and a local business person, Rick is a champion of his community and the prize commemorates his commitment to make Manchester and New Hampshire a better place for all. 25

36 THE EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING AWARD Southern New Hampshire University traditionally has recognized outstanding teaching in its many degree programs. Following an extensive selection process, a full-time faculty member and an adjunct faculty member are honored with the annual Excellence in Teaching Award, which is announced during the May commencement ceremony. The process is studentdriven with all nominations coming from the student body. A committee of faculty, administrators, and students used the nomination information and the following criteria to select the winners: Effectiveness as a classroom teacher. Commitment to advising and/or tutoring students beyond what might be expected. Professional development to remain current in the discipline and teaching. Contributions toward building the reputation or image of the university. General attitude toward students that demonstrates a concern for their welfare. The finalists for the 2017 Excellence in Teaching Award from University College (UC) undergraduate, full-time faculty are: Edward Brillant, Game Artist and Instructor of Communications and Media Arts David Cox, Associate Professor of Mathematics Adam Gilbert, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Diane Harrises, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood and Special Education Sara Howe, Assistant Professor of English Kostas Karadakis, Assistant Professor of Sport Management Robert MacAuslan, Assistant Professor of Sociology Shahriar Movafaghi, Professor of Computer Information Technology Daniel Murphy, Assistant Professor of Accounting Karina Pasternak, Instructor of Culinary Elise Pepin, Associate Professor of Psychology Megan Sawyer, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Patricia Spirou, Professor of Marketing Micheline West, Associate Professor of Accounting Kate York, Assistant Professor of Science The finalists for the 2017 Excellence in Teaching Award from University College (UC) undergraduate adjunct faculty are: Selina Marcille, School of Arts and Sciences Cynthia Nicolosi, School of Arts and Sciences The finalists for the 2017 Adjunct Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award for the College of Online and Continuing Education (COCE) are: Darcy Schultz, Liberal Arts Joseph Amdahl, Liberal Arts Ellen Bluestone, Liberal Arts Amy Farnum, STEM The finalists for the 2017 Lead Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award for the College of Online and Continuing Education (COCE) are: Clare Ralph Greenlaw, Business Robert Harrington, Social Sciences 26

37 THE EXCELLENCE IN ADVISING AWARD In order to recognize and reward the significant impact that advising has on our students success, this year University College is bestowing an Excellence in Advising award to one deserving UC professional advisor and one deserving UC faculty advisor. The process is student-driven, with all nominations coming from the student body. A committee of faculty, administrators, and students used the nomination information and the following criteria to select the winners: Understands and effectively communicates the curriculum, graduation requirements, and university policies and procedures. Encourages and guides students as they define and develop realistic academic goals. Encourages and supports students as they gain the skills to develop clear and attainable educational plans. Encourages students to use appropriate resources and services available to them as SNHU students. Guides students to understand the purpose of higher education and its effects on their lives. Assists students in gaining decision making skills and assuming responsibility for their educational success. Monitors and accurately documents student progress toward meeting individual goals. Is accessible to students during office hours or by appointment, and responds in a timely manner when communicating with students by telephone or . Maintains confidentiality. The finalists for the 2017 Excellence in Advising Award from University College (UC) undergraduate full-time faculty are: Andrea Bard, Assistant Professor of Communications and Media Arts Joshua Harwood, Lecturer in Organizational Leadership David Humphreys, Instructor of Communications Justina Oliveira, Assistant Professor of Psychology The finalists for the 2017 Excellence in Advising Award from University College (UC) undergraduate professional advisors are: Neena Fink, Academic Advising Brigid Williams, Academic Advising 27

38 HONOR SOCIETIES ALPHA CHI NATIONAL COLLEGE HONOR SOCIETY (EPSILON CHAPTER) SNHU is home to the Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Chi, the National Honor Society for liberal arts majors, which recognizes outstanding scholastic achievement, service, and character. Membership is open to liberal arts majors who have completed at least one half of the work required for a baccalaureate degree, rank in the top 10% of the class, and have earned cumulative GPA of 3.85 or above. Graduates wear blue and green cords. (Symbol: AC) DELTA MU DELTA HONOR SOCIETY (GAMMA NU CHAPTER) Delta Mu Delta is an international honor society recognizing outstanding scholastic achievement among both undergraduate and graduate students pursuing business degree programs. To qualify for membership, students must display good character, have completed more than half of their degree program, achieve a GPA of at least 3.6, and be in the top 20% of their class. Members of SNHU s Gamma Nu chapter wear gold and purple cords at graduation. (Symbol: DMD) ALPHA PHI SIGMA HONOR SOCIETY (NU IOTA CHAPTER) Alpha Phi Sigma is the National Criminal Justice Honor Society, offering membership to qualifying SNHU students with a GPA of 3.2 or higher within the Justice Studies, Policing and Law Enforcement, Crime and Criminology, Terrorism and Homeland Security, or Law and Legal Process programs. Members of SNHU s Nu Iota Chapter wear blue and yellow cords at graduation, while executive board members don yellow and blue stoles. (Symbol: APS) ETA SIGMA DELTA HONOR SOCIETY An international hospitality management honor society, Eta Sigma Delta recognizes the academic and professional achievements of students pursuing hospitality management, tourism, and culinary arts degrees. Undergraduate students must achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2, while graduate students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.5 to be eligible for membership. (Symbol: ESD) ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA HONOR SOCIETY Founded with the goal of helping non-traditional students connect and further their academic and career goals, Alpha Sigma Lambda is a national honor society recognizing adult learners who display outstanding academic achievement. Students must have completed a minimum of 24 graded semester hour credits at SNHU (with at least 12 in Liberal Arts/Sciences courses) and have a minimum 3.2 GPA. Graduates wear gold and burgundy cords. (Symbol: ASL) NATIONAL SOCIETY OF COLLEGIATE SCHOLARS The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) is a non-profit honor society established to encourage and recognize academic achievement. Emphasizing scholarship, leadership, and service, NSCS accepts members who rank in the top 20% of their class, achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 3.4, and attend a college or university with an active NSCS chapter on campus. Membership is for life and is by invitation only. Graduates wear gold cords. (Symbol: CS) 28

39 HONOR SOCIETIES NATIONAL SOCIETY OF LEADERSHIP AND SUCCESS The nation s largest leadership honor society, the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSL, S) provides a step-by-step program to help build leadership skills among its members. To be nominated for membership, undergraduate students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA, while graduate students must have a GPA of 3.5 and have completed nine credits. NSL, S members wear gray and black cords at graduation. (Symbol: ) PI LAMBDA THETA The most selective honor society for educators, Pi Lambda Theta recognizes the academic achievement and outstanding disposition of education students. Undergraduate students must achieve at least a 3.5 GPA to earn membership, while graduate students must achieve a GPA of 3.9. All members must demonstrate exceptional disposition throughout their academic program. Upon graduation, members wear gold cords. (Symbol: PLT) ORDER OF OMEGA The Order of Omega is an honor society exclusively for Greek Letter Organizations, and students who display strong leadership, character, and academic achievement. To be eligible for membership, students must be a junior or senior enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program, actively participate in a Greek organization on campus, maintain a GPA above the average Greek GPA, and display good character. Order of Omega members wear white and yellow cords at graduation, while executive board members wear white stoles with gold lettering. (Symbol: OO) PSI CHI HONOR SOCIETY Psi Chi is an international honor society for psychology students and is designed to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in the pursuit of academic achievement. Membership is open to undergraduate students enrolled in a psychology programs (major or minor) who have completed at least 45 credits (nine in psychology courses), have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2, and have a minimum GPA of 3.2 in psychology courses. Graduates wear blue and gray cords. (Symbol: PC) PHI THETA KAPPA HONOR SOCIETY Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society that recognizes and encourages scholarship among students in two-year associate degree programs. Dedicated to developing leadership, fellowship, and service opportunities, Phi Theta Kappa members must have completed at least 30 credits (15 at SNHU) as part of a two-year program and maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher. Members wear blue and yellow cords or a gold stole at graduation. (Symbol: PTK) SIGMA TAU DELTA HONOR SOCIETY (ALPHA PI PSI CHAPTER) Sigma Tau Delta is an international English honor society, recognizing academic achievement among students enrolled in English Language and Literature and Creative Writing programs. To be eligible, undergraduate students must have completed at least three semesters at SNHU, have completed two or more literature courses beyond General Education requirements, and have maintained a GPA of at least 3.3. Graduate students must maintain a 3.3 GPA and have completed at least 6 semester hours at SNHU. Members wear red and black cords at graduation. (Symbol: S) 29


41 PRESENTATION OF DEGREE CANDIDATES ARTS AND SCIENCES BUSINESS COLLEGE FOR AMERICA EDUCATION NURSING AND HEALTH PROFESSIONS Associate in Science or Associate in Arts * With Honors (GPA ) ** With High Honors (GPA ) *** With Highest Honors (GPA ) Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts * Cum Laude (GPA ) ** Magna Cum Laude (GPA ) *** Summa Cum Laude (GPA ) The list of names published in this program is not an official list of degree recipients. Names listed here include those who have completed all of their degree requirements as well as those who are expected to complete their degree requirements by October 31, An official list of degrees conferred is maintained by the Office of the University Registrar. 31


43 ARTS AND SCIENCES UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES COLLEGE OF ONLINE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION ARTS AND SCIENCES DEPARTMENT The mission of the School of Arts and Sciences is to educate students to live and work well and to be actively engaged in carrying out civic responsibilities. By connecting the humanities, sciences, fine arts, mathematics, technology, and social inquiry, students prepare for a community role that is as central to individual success as it is to a sustainable society. The School of Arts and Sciences delivers the General Education curriculum for all students in University College. Students of Arts and Sciences can pursue 18 different majors, 10 concentrations, and a wide array of minors. The arts and sciences curriculum serves as a gateway to many careers that already exist and prepares students for careers to come. Programs in the arts and sciences encourage critical thinking, empower students to try the new and dare the different, and help us understand the deepest forms of human expression. A creative mind is the highest recommendation for success in managing a complex world and living effectively in it. The College of Online and Continuing Education s department of arts and sciences mission is to create the best online student learning experience in the world and to promote the values achieved by obtaining a Liberal Arts education. The arts and sciences encompasses many diverse programs with the common goal of preparing students for both academic advancement and professional opportunities in their chosen career field. Our programs engage students diverse learning styles through the inclusion of multimedia learning resources and the implementation of authentic technology tools and environments that both adhere to our rigorous learning outcomes and are authentic to the relevant field of professional practice. We pride ourselves on providing our students with a transformative educational experience and with never giving up on a student who is putting forth the effort to achieve his or her academic goals.

44 ARTS AND SCIENCES Master of Arts Elena Aceves Helen Patrice Adams S Nicholas Adams Stephanie Adams S Tania Elizabeth Aguirre S Meagen Alcorn AC ASL S Elizabeth R. Alexander Jacqueline Alexander Laura Alexander Jennifer Allen S Julia Allen Tina Cantrell Altum S Lawrence Amaturo Kristin Beth Anastasiades Elizabeth Anderson Nicole Anderson Gregory Andrews Yu Sze Ang S Cassandra Appicello Elizabeth Stephens Applegate S Alexandra Marie Arbiz Joshua Arce Brieanna Alati William Robert Armstrong Catherine Astl Jason Atchley Katherine Athey David Atilano Bart Atkin Nicole Austin S Caitlyn R. Averett Patricia Roxanne Ayotte Charity Ayres Tony Azzara Lacy Caroline Babich Iami Sowelu Badu Krystal Bailey Terri Bailey Kathleen Baird Anita Baker Karen M Balch S Ida Rodriguez Balderas Mary Barber Sandra Barela Robert Barhite S Tiffany Barnes Katie Madeline Barnhart Jacqueline Adrianna Barr Elizabeth Barry Darrell Bartell Bethel Jean Bower Bartlett S Caleb Baumgartner Kimberly Fuller Baxley Margaret Claire Beal William R Beauchamp Merissa Anne Beaulieu Kyle Dean Beckedahl Amy Belinky Julia Elizabeth Hopson Bell Lauren Benedict Hannah Benefield Heather M. Bennett Nicole Bennett Angela N. Benster Sara Jane Berman Casey Bermanski S Joshua B. Berndt David Berner S Kayla Marie Bertolino Kyra Berzonsky S Jacob Matthew Bettencourt Thomas P. Beyer James Biesterfeld Kalin Elizabeth Billert Bethany Binkley Lauren Bishop Angeline Bishop Thomas S Lakeetha Nichelle Blakeney Kathleen Blough Garry Boccarossa Aida Karantza Bode Virginia Boesen Jennifer Lynn Bohn S Jocelyn Rose Bolduc Melinda Bolinger Angela M. Bolster Michael Bongiorno Kristine M. Boots Christopher Bordino Tranese Boston Chyenne Bostwick Sarah Bottjen Pamela J. Boutselis Antoinette Bowendebardelaben Nicole Marie Branco Carmon Brandow Erin Brautigan Christian Brekke Marsha Bridgeman S Angela Jean Brimhall S Joshua Britt Gabrielle E. Brixey James Brolin Laurentia Vernita Brooks Adrian Brown Jennifer Brown Michael Stirling Brown Oandhi Brown Terry Brown S Abigail Marie Brumback Erik Brunner Ashton Bryan Jonathan Bryson Gina Alexandra Buck Lee Bukowski S Daniel Burch Dean Burgess S Laurie Burke Carnita Renee Burnett S Elizabeth Burnett Rebecca L. Burnett Bridget Burns Shawna Burris Rosaire V. Bushey Deborah Lynne Butler Michael Don Butler S Lynette Cabrera Erin Cahillane Rossy Angelina Calderon Pagan Lindsay M Campbell Megan Campbell Peter Campbell William Paul Campisano S Katherine Campos Leslie Campos S Anita Canada Ivy Cantu Christine Cappola Emily Carmey Tara M. Carr Meredith Carriere Linda Susan Carroll Simone Elon Carson Sitara Carson Gelonya Carter Davis S Shepherd Cary Kristen Grace Ghimenti Casal Whitney Celestin Ariel Antoinette Chachoff Chelsea Marie Chafin Adam Chase Amy Chase Rakiesha Chase-Jackson Deangela Chastain Erica A. Cherelus Nicholas Christian S Heather Christman Erin Ryan Clark Jessica M. Clark S Tori Clark Ashley Clawson Taylor Clemons-Tampa S Brittany E. Clevenger Bart Cline S Rachael M. Cobb Kelly Cochran Shannon Elizabeth Cochrane S Julie Coffman S Kerri E. Coghill Kristen Cole Michael Christopher Cole S Jamie Coleman Jasmine Deon Coleman Joanne Carolyn Diane Coley Elizabeth Colton Rebecca Combes Daniel Compton Ronda Concannon S Alison Connell Eric J. Connelly Timothy Connelly Michael Connolly Annie E Connors Deanna L Cooley S Janice M Cooper Joshua Cooper Theresa Copeland Joseph Franklin Corbin III Nenia M Corcoran Hollie Costa S Alyssa Cothran Sara E. Coulters Jeffery R. Melissa Grace Cox Zachary D. Cox Margaret J. Coyle S Angela Cozad San Crabtree Roger Craver Hillary Crawford Jocelyn Crawley Tracy Crenshaw Alexandra Croke Warren Crossley 34

45 ARTS AND SCIENCES Joshua Patrick Crowe Nina L. Crucitti Marcine A. Cuddy S Larsira L Cunningham Michael Curry Danielle Czosnowski Paul Dalsky Trina L. Daniel Ruth D'Anjou Evan Darlington Andrea V. Dasilva Staci Daugherty S Cole E. Davidheiser Nicole Davies Molly Davis Philip Davis S Latasha Dawson James A. Deasy Shelley Deeder Kristin Deinstadt Shirin Dawna Delalat Jeffrey Case DeLuca Kristen De Meo S Peter Demko Colleen Dengel Suzanne Dengel Amy MacKay Denton S Shannon Mae DeRespino Edward J. DeSilva, Jr. S Selenia Detweiler George E. Devaney Diana DeVault Martha DeWolf Kadeidra N. Dews Jonquell Dillard Matthew DiPirro Ashley DiSipio Christopher Dobbins Mark Doherty S Yaneris Dolce Julian Dombrowski Kenny Dominguez Edward M. Donnelly S Lynne Dorr Robert Landon Dorssey Norman Dotson Jessica Dotter Jerica Douglas Aimee C. Douglass Jessica Nicole Dowd Mika E. Doyle Dan Basil Drake Sara Beth Draper-Wessels Edward David Dryden Benjamin Duarte Danielle R. Dubuc Bonnie Duffy S Mark Earl Macy Edgar Jeffrey Edge Nichole M. Edmonds John J. Egan George Steven Ehly Johna LeRae Elliott Benjamin Wilton Ellison Amanda Rose Emigh Marina Colla Ernst Davis A. Guzay Felicia Eshun Jacie Lin Estes S Derrick Michael Estrada Gina Marie Ethier S Candice Evans S Christopher Wayne Evans Stephanie Margaret Evans Mallorie Fagundes Heather Fairbanks Kellie Elyce Fairchild Susana Falcon Terry Falcon Annette Farrell Emily K. Fasbender S Brianna Faubel William Lawrence Fehlinger S Russ Fenstermaker Patrick Joseph Fernandez Tamara Fernandez Lisa Paleos Fevola S Alysa Fini S Derwin Finley Anna Fischer Faye Danielle Fischer Shannon Lee Flanagan Meghan Kathleen Fligg Jennifer Flowers Maureen Forbes Erin Maureen Ford S Kimberlee Michele Ford Robert Foshie Darren Fouts Elaine Fowler Christine Fox S Melissa Marshall-Fox Rebecca Fox Michelle L. Frakes S Angela Anne Francesco Thadine S. Franciszkiewicz S Katrece Latrell Freeman Hilary Freund Meuter Andrew Frey Eric L Fuehring Katherine Nicole Fukui Cynthia Gage Warren Gale Nicholas Galinski Anthony Galouzis Adrienne Hill Garcia S Carolyn Garcia Sara Gardner Victoria Garrard Audrey Garrett Allison Garver Monica Baridanakara George-Komi Tiffany Gibbens Kristine Gibbs Roshonda R. Gibson S Jennifer Lynn Gilbert S Jessica Gilbertson Bianca Gillett Heather Lynn Gilman Nicole Marie Giovanazzi Randy Girdner James Glackin Brian Douglass Godette Amonda Paige Golida Georgina Gomez Zachary Andrew Benjamin Goodman Melody Gore Jeremy Amano Goto Kevin D. Graham Richard Anthony Graves Megan Gray Steven Thomas Green Caitlin Greene Jennifer Gale Greene Robin L Greene Amanda Guazzoni S Lauren Michelle Guertin Tine L. Guldbrand Chelsea Gustafson Kathryn Gustafson Raul Gutierrez Davis A. Guzay Brandy Hadden Bradford Frank Hadnot III Katie Haepers Joel Quinn Hagenburg Jason Thomas Hall Makayla Hallford Oren Hammerquist S Ashley Hammond Evony Robinson Hammonds J. Lynn Hamner Anderson Jesse Hanna Lois Hard S Glenda K. Hargrave ASL Melodee Harman Melessa Eve Harmon Delina M. Harpole Michelle Brody Harrell Jana Browning Harriman Nicole A. Harrington Whitney Paige Harrington Akosua Harris Elexus Harris Joel Harris Heather Harrison S Kelly Harrison Trina L. Harrison Justin Hart Douglas Hartwell Lourdes Elizabeth Hartwell S Joseph Hattey James Haun Michele M. Hawes James Hawk Stephanie Hayes Gregory B. Hayhurst Jr. S Hilary Heffron Sean Robert Heights Kimberly Heiser Caitlin Hemphill Bernadette Henderson Margie Roberta Lee Henderson Marcia Hendricks Christine Hendriks S Grant P. Henne Sr. Isis Maria Henriquez Jeffrey Max Henry Grant Hettrick Dominique L. Heuermann Brandon Hicks Cortnei Hicks Octavious Diontay Hicks Cody Higgins Jasmine Highsmith 35

46 ARTS AND SCIENCES Alexander Hill Tyler Hill Emilie Marguerite Hillman Aunnika Hilton Thomas J Hines Justin Holm Aragorn Hinrichs James Michael Hinson Cynthia Hipps Alyssa Hockensmith Kameisha Jerae Hodge Bobbi Nicole Hoffman Valerie Hohmann Sabrina Marie Hoisington Aundrea Alison Holland Alexander Hollings Robert L. Hollis Dawnlyn Holman Catherine Homiski Mindy Lenae Honeycutt Walter Honsinger Nirvana Hopkins Daniel G. Horan Arian Horsch Ashley Lynn House Jessica Lynn Howard S Leah Howard Melissa Nicole Howard S Karen Reed Howell Samantha Kerri Huard Earnest Richard Hudson Elisabeth Joy Huether Julie Huff Laura Huffman Nancy Huggins Carrie Hope-Leigh Hughes S Rani Steven Hugo Amanda Hult Nanyamka Chanel Hunter Gwen Eleanor Hurd Marah E. Hutcheson Amanda Inscoe Ainaaloha Ioane Lori Rakestraw Isack Clarinda Jack Emily Elizabeth Jackson Jewell Jackson S Keilah Angelle Jackson Rana Bitar Jacob Emalie Jacobs S Laurence Jacobson Chelsie M. Jean Crissy Jean Darryl Jelley Natasha Townsel Jenkins Connie Frances Jennings Kenya T. Jennings AC ASL S Michael Lenn Jennings Alicia Lauren Jensen Loretta Joffs Angela Dunston Johnson Angela Falls Johnson Courtney Nicole Johnson Jasmin Renee Johnson Jennifer J. Johnson S Kelly Johnson Kimball Johnson Natalie Renee Johnson Perry Vernell Johnson Jr. S Stephanie Suzanne Johnson S Douglas Jolliff Linda M. Jones Melissa Janeen Jones Samantha Jones Tammy White Jones William Joyner Monica Judie Danielle Kaheaku S Jude Kaldi Saraa A. Kami Yan Kaner Yasmin M. Kawook S Andrea R. Kearney Shaun Kehowski Elizabeth Kelch Sean Andrew LeRoy Kelly Mary E. Kendig S Linda Donato Kennedy Thomas Lee Kennerly Julie Kent Susan M. Kerr Robin Ketchen S Cara Nicol Ketchum S Lubna Khan-Qamar Kaitlin Khatri Ashley Kidd Trevor Kildare Daniel G Kiley Timothy Kimball Madison Kind Colleen King Ebony Cherelle King S Ginger King S Joy Lyn Kinney LaVanessa Kirkwood S Scott W. Knight Ashley Koch Amy Kochek Carol Warren Koller Gregory W Konopka Benaiah Koskovich Haley Kral Ashley Kreager S Amanda J. Krieger S Keith Krueger Matthew Kuchinski Alyssa M. Kucky Nanette Kuhlman Ethan Kuhn Justin Derek Kumpulanian Karry L. LaHaye Lorri Laird S Christina M. Lamoureux Emily Marie Lamplough Christyanne Land S Mark Lange Shannon Lange Melissa Langley Stephanie A. Larochelle S Teresa Larsen Danielle Larson Buck Lawhorn Mitchell Lee Lawhorn Lynnae Lawson Amanda Accardi Leavitt Angela S. LeBlanc Linda LeBoutillier Laura Diane Lee S Deborah A. Leek - Nunoo S Robin Leeson William J. Lenches, Jr. Rebecca Lerette Stephen James Leroux Tamara Lev-Alcott April Dawn Lewis Elizabeth Lewis Sandra Lucinda Lewis Cathryn Hosack Lim Colby Lindsey Drew Linginfelter Christina Linsin Lateshia D Locklear- Theroux Christina Lockwood Nanette Salisbury Loggains Dori A. Londres Alexa Etalia Lopez Carla Lotz Joshua M Louis S Kayla Love Tracey Love S Tara Marie Lovett Angelia Katherine Lowrey S Caleb Lucas Glenn Lucker Keith Luethke Corina Lujan Jennifer Lujan S Catherine Luster Taylor Tessa Lutz Marissa Ly Maya Lytle Rachel Ann Mabey Emily Mackenzie S Maia Maclin Carl MacRae Whitney Maddux Francesca Kelly Madeiros Peter Madsen S Christine Mahler S Lauren Maiola Stephanie Makhlouf S Sebrina Manning S Amanda Mullis Mapstone S Haley Marshall Jason Martin Monica Martin Sherri Martin Tabitha Martin Margarita Martinez S Katherine Martinez Castillo Rachel Masters Damian J. Mastrangelo Amy S. Mastroianni Lori Lord Masucci Theresa Gail Matson Christine Mattei Aisha Matthews S Richard Lynn Matthews S Melanie Catherine Matulonis Amina R. Maybank Melissa Mazariegos Brandi Briana McAlister Cameron Arthur McCaffrey 36

47 ARTS AND SCIENCES Heather Leah McClung Zenobia McCoy Ronnie McCrea Jr. Lovey McDonald Teri McDowell Marianne Joy McGeary S Rebecca M. McGee Leah McGlynn Betty Lee McGraw Alison McGriff Jennifer McGuirl James Morgen McKee Heidi McKenna Valerie McKenna Jeremiah D. McLane Lawrence McLeod S Stefani McMillan Jaime Eileen McNair S Maura Elizabeth McNamee Debra McReynolds Jennifer McWilliams Rhorie C. Mead ASL Michele Meehan Patrick Mehigan Matthew Meier Carlos Melgarejo Amanda Meys Rae Michael S Nicole Milano Terry Miles Eric Thaddeus Miller Kimberly Miller Carmen Elaine Milligan S Amanda Pazzanese Minaker Brandon Mindel Tiffany Miner Marty Virginia Mitchell Dia Mobbs Jacob Moffat Stephanie Monahan Federico B. Moncloa Micheline M Moncur Adam Michael Monroe Amelia Norton Monroe Adryanna Helene Monteiro Shelonda E. Montgomery S Kaela Prall-Moore Macario Mora Sara Nichole Morel S Bruce Morgan Taralyn Morrow Adrianne Moses-Ridley Kelly Mudersbach Elizabeth Mueller Anthony Louis Munoz Melissa Murphy Tamara Elaine Murphy Kristin A. Musacchio Seon Nanton S Eleanor G. Nash Beverly Nau Sarah Neff Craig B Nelson Omar Nelson Vickie Leigh Nelson Bradley Neumann Chris Nichols Ryan Nichols Gladys K. Nickless Terrance Niedziela, Jr. S Randall Anise Noakes Kevin Nolan Sandra L. Nordland Gabrielle Norris Robert Novick Nicole O'Dell Frances Ohanenye S Leah O'Keefe Randi B. Okray Arthur Joseph Oleskey Cole Matthew Oliver Stephanie A. Oneilstraight S Patrick Ormos Melanie Osuch Teah Otey Nancy Owings Christopher Jerome Oxford Holly Elisabeth Pajka S Amanda L. Palmer Danita Parham Matthew P. Paris AC Deanna Parker Kiersten Parker Vicky L. Parks Adela Parnell Brittany L. Parson Laurie Gresham Patterson Tonya Paul Rebecca Paxton Cecile Pecoraro Monica LeighAnn Pegram Callie Pennington Michael Jeffrey Peragine S Chariunis Perez Isabel Christina Perez Stephanie Grenitz Perri Majken Perry Daniel Thaddeaus Peters Audrey Luan Pettengill S Larisa J. Pfeiffer Adam B. Phelps Marisa Phillips S Melissa Anne Phillips Syche Phillips Kristen Phipps Anthony Pilloud Rachel Pinder S Corey Lee Piser Leah M. Plath Sylvester Jason Pleasants Nicholas Poe S Malaina Poore Devan Pope Kimberly Powell Shelley Pratt Kizzy Preston Catherine Alexandra Priamos Lori Prior S Elizabeth Pritchard Katherine Pritchard Jerome Pritchett Kathleen M. Procek Molly Puckett Kimberly Y. Purifoy S Christine M. Pyles Amanda Quinlin Kathleen M. Quinn Beth Raccuia Maxine Ramos Cassandra Randall James J. Ranew John Anderson Rankin S Sean Rasmussen Chelsea Rausch Joan Raymond AC ASL John M. Reans Jana Rearden Rachael Redman Frederick D. Reed Jennifer Danielle Reed James Ellery Reeder IV Jorgia Reeves Karen M Reeves Richard A. Reeves S Tonya Reid Micah Renner Sara Revello Autumn Reyes-Sokolowsky Asya Rhein David Rhode S Christopher Lewis Rhodes Jamie Frances Rhodes Katherine Rich Maureen Temple Richmond S Darcie Rickert Jeremy Rinder Rachael Riner Lyat Isabelle Rizo Beverly Robb Heather Carla Roberge Geoffrey Austin Roberts Adrianne Robinson Cynthia Robinson Elaine M. Robinson Paula J. L. Robinson S Eileen Roddy Gabrielle Rodgers James Rogers Zachary David Rogers José Roldan Jr. S Kristen Sara Rosenbaum Bailey Ross Christopher Dwayne Ross S Kent Ross Clinton Serle Rossi S Adam Rourke Renee Roy Ryan Rulman Matthew Runnals Todd Rupe Sarah-Kathleen Riley Ruppert Melissa Ruysenaars Denise Phillips Sabbath S Douglas Sain Aurrendyrn Sakoda S Norma Karen Salinas Kathryn Samuel S Stacia Sanders-Hernandez Lesley Santillan S Rebecca Sasala Christine Sattelmeyer Julie Satterfield-Price Maria Sauerbrei Luther Savage III Lesley A. Sawyer Emily Schaedle Alan Schechter 37

48 ARTS AND SCIENCES Mary Schimke Amber Schuette Kay A. Schuler Jacquelyn Schultz Karolyn V. Seeger Adam Seiler Natalya Anne Semanchick S Laura Senff S Trina Severson Jennifer Simmons Sexton Kasey DeLynn Shakespear Janet Shan Vincent E. Shatto Lynnsey Elizabeth Shaughnessy Dyllon A. Shepard Elizabeth Sheriff Sherryl-Anne Shively Leah Shreckengast Michelle Marie Shreeve Christopher J. Sievers Joseph Silva S Natalie Simmons Ronda Simpson Andrea Sipe Jordan Alexandra Sleeper Hollie Sloboda Biaagi Smith Corinne Smith Donald Smith Isaac N. Smith Jennifer Swart Smith Joanna Smith Lesha Smith Meganne E. Smith Paul F. Smith III Sarah Snider Richard A. Sockey IV Robin Sokol S Chelsey D Srivastava Jeremy John Standifird S Jeannine Stanko Debora Starcher S Stephanie Staten Dubois Chya K. Staton Allison Stengel Derek Stephens Byron Stepherson Kelly Stevens Kristin Giselle Stevens Amanda Stewart S Nathan Stewart Nathaniel Stidham Cassandra Stirling Benjamin J Stoddard Joshua R. Stone Samantha Stone Kathleen Marie Stout Lyndsey Marie Stratton S J Robert Streit Amy Strickland Patricia Stroke Glen F. Succaw III Omar Suleiman Crystal Sullivan Monique Page Summers S Ted Evan Swanson Breanna Swartwood Deirdre Swinden Heather M. Sylvester S Katherine Szabo Cathryn Ashley-Eden Tagle Joanna M. Tannenbaum Jonathan Taylor Nicole Teoste Amanda Jane Terlesky Erin Teuscher Osama Thanwan Jennifer Catherine Thiele Bradley Jay Thomas Brittany Nicole Thomas Debbora Thomas Demetria N. Robinson- Thomas Kameko Thomas Kelly Nicole Thomas S Kelsi Lynelle Thomas Tenecia Thomas Ophelia Thomas-Hobbs Chere Thompson Kevin Thompson Melissa Thompson Constance Tillman Tashay Tillman Shirley Tomlinson Jarod Toomey Amanda Susan Toth S Jonathan Traffansted Kresta Train Kayla Trainer Kevin P. Trovini Nadia Truman Cathlyn Tsirgiotis Caitlyn Turner Miranda Morgan Tusinac Adrienne Uthe Dana Vannoy Mary Van Winkle Eugene N. Vasquez IV Bethany Sue Veith S Diane L. Vesely Elizabeth Susan Viernes Gordillo Alexia Paige Viertel Brenda Lynn Vigil David Villafane Sarah Villanueva Edward G. Villemaire Jr. Heather Vincent-Niven David Andrew Visted William Shannon Vittrup Jacquelin Winter Andrew Wagner Helena Wahlstrom Linda Suzanne Waite Joshua Waldrop Paola Waller Wendilee Walpole Lassiter S Rachel Warren April Washington Lindsey Campbell Charlene Waters S Gloria Jean Watson Craig Jeffrey Watts Loretta Webb S Jacqueline Weber S Rachael Marie Wedel Dianna Ruth Weeks-Puente Michael A. Weigner Grace Weimer Allyson Weiss Heather Michell Welch Michelle Wellington ASL Rory Wells Anita Wenzel Elizabeth Whitaker S Bili White Taylor M. White Tiffany Whitehead Karen Whitehurst Angela Gustafsson Whyland S Craig S Wike Kristin Irene Wilcox Maureen Wiley Savannaha Wiley Brenda Wilkerson Barbara Williams Kyra Williams Rodney Williams Angela Williamson Marques Wilson Sheirah Kay Wilson Justin Winslow Taylor Winslow Stephanie Maria Witty Gena Wolgamott Pearl A. Wood Raymond R Woodring Taniedra Wooten Amy Worrell S Julie Worsham Suzanne Wratni Connie Wright Robert Wright Kathryn M. Wynot Rita Yablonsky Timothy Yaccarino Luoth Yin Emily Suzanne Yost S Amelia K. Young Jessica Celeste Young S Salma A. Zaki Jessica Zeiger Julia Zellie Robin Zikoski Master of Sciences Francis Kenneth Kwadwo Abban Shashidar Reddy Abbidi Abdul Ejas Henry Abghari Gaber Abouzeid Abigail Aboytez Marco Rimon Abuaitah Azzam H Abuolba Alexandrah Acloque Jesse Adajian Ayla Adams Michelle Adams Tamara Kissha Adams Segun Abefe Adeshina Benjamin Akintayo Agboola Kayla Lynn Aguiar Edward Gamez Agundez Jr Mohamed Ahmed Aishwarya 38

49 ARTS AND SCIENCES Kathe Akaija David Akinbode Sandeep K. Akkaladevi Emil Kwasi Akuamoah Venkata Raghu Kiran Alamuri Navaneeth Reddy Alavala Ahsen Aleem Veronica Maria Aleman Paula G. Alexander Andrew Alfrey Beshar Ali Sravya Alla Vijay Anuroop Reddy Allam James R. Allen III Mari Jo F. Allen Michaela Allen Mario Almonte Ikaika Alo Vincent Alston Sameer Al-Tariq Ahleiah Alwaraqi Ali Alwash Sri Deep Chowdary Amara Zarqa Ambreen Kranthi Kiran Ananth Boris Ancic Sai Goud Andanagaram Peter C Andersen Charles Edward Anderson Christopher Anderson Erica Anderson Octavia Anderson Rae Elizabeth Anderson Tracie Anderson Srilatha Reddy Annreddy Nisha Antoine Anvesh Anugu Venkat Neteesh Anumukonda Harris Anwar Patrick Appiah-Agyeman Cristin Applegate Raghavendra Sai Ari Mallikarjuna Henry Martez Armstrong Tyrone Armstrong Arul Peter Prashanth Marc Schesly Aubourg Hari Kiran Avala Chigozie Avugara Supraja Ayyamgari John P. Bachner Marina Bacon Vijay Badeti Mallorie Baffa Allison Baidoo Andria Nicole Bailey Eddie Lee Bailey Jr Regina Bailey Lisa Baird Velida Bajric Eva L. Baker Heidi Baker Heath Ballenger Nikhil Balusani Bhavya Bandakunta Raj Kapil R. Bandakunta Satish Kumar Bandarupalli Hema Bandhu Satish Bangera Darian Skye Barnes Glenn Wolf Barnett Monique Barrett Christopher Barretto Benatte Barrow Erica Ann Barry Michael Barthnek Lisa Bartz David William Bass Renee Danielle Bass Julie Basso Brandon Dean Bates Marlon Emilio Batres Ethan Batten Benjamin Bauman Robert Bautista Jr. Jennifer Yvonne Bear Christopher George Bell Melissa E. Bell Joseph R. Bellino Meredith Ruth Belrose Katrina Benecke Megan Benoit Robert Benton Stephen Benz Benjamin Berenson Jessica Berger Jonathan Berkenfield Jennifer Berman Jennifer Berry Laura Besecke Amulya Bestha Lybia Bethel Brendan Bewley Yuthika N. Bhatt Vaishnavi Bhoomagoud Venkatesh Akash Chandra Bhoopathi Rucha Ganesh Bhusari Brett Biery Ajay Kumar Bikki Srikanth Reddy Bilakanti Laxmikanth Biyani Maryjane E Black Sabina Blair Wendy K Blair Monica Lea Blanton Mikkel Blue-Spider Nicole Marie Boback Emily Bocim AC ASL Pramod R. Boddu Jackie Bodnar-Burns Ashley Nicole Boeye Vineeth Boga Nimesh Bohara Kristin Bohne Gina G. Bohr Sai Vikas Boinapally Nagendra Avinash Bokka Sitaram Reddy Bokka Sree Viswa Krishna Bharat Kumar Bolla Murali Bollini Thomas Bennett Bolton Preethi M. Bommaraboyina Vikas Reddy Bommineni Harish Bonagiri Danielle Marie Boone Sridivya Boppana Christopher Bossert Mostafa Boujaber Noelle M. Bourgeois PC Antoine S Bournes Keith R. Bower Leslie B.H. Boyd Thomas Bradley Adam Bradshaw Lindsey Brasser Darryln Brice Raleem Broadhead-Moses Lee Brock Robert Brodowski Stephanie Elizabeth Brooker Alexander Brown Ayanna Brown Brandon M. Brown Brandy Letecia Ewing Farina Brown Lisa Louise Brown Sarah Brown Sydnee Brown Joseph Bryan, Jr. Courtney Bryant Lee-Ann Bryant Janet Buckley Charlene E. Buco Daisy Bugarin Bui Minh Nghia Bui Thi Thuy David Buksbaum Thomas Burger Bridget Helene Burleson Krista Burns Sydney Burrell Joshua William Burrus Ronald Burton Sai Kiran Burugupally Bruce M. Buskill Aretha Sherrell Butler Donald Theodore Keith Butler I Renee M. Butler Relina Byrd Christopher Byrnes Alan Cabanilla Rebecca Cabral Hui Cai Brittany Lynn Campbell Theatheola Campbell Amanda Campisi Susan Cano Terence Leonard Cantey Elisha Marie Capstick Tammy M. Carbee Damaris C. Cardinal Caitlin Marie Carmody Stephen Caron Alexis Robinson Patrick Eugene Carr Martha Carter-Stallings Susan Cartwright Jonathan Erick Caruso Nilza Casiano Christopher Scott Casler Kelsey Cassone Victor M. Castro Christopher Cenci Agustin Ceniceros Joseph Centrone Poonsit Chaivalanuluk Rajiv Naidu Chalamalasetty 39

50 ARTS AND SCIENCES Kondaiah Chowdary Challa Challa Chaitanyakeerthi Saketh Reddy Challamalla Nithin Reddy Chamakura Shivani Chamakura Brian Chambers Amy J. Chandler Juan Guadalupe Chapa Jr Agata Chapman Megan Chapman Cory Chapton Laura A Chase Tom Chau Aswani Chava Sandeep Cheekati Rhonda Cheikh Varun Cherukuri Avinash Christie Chetty Bhargav T. Chilukuri Hema Chilukuri Dheeraj Reddy Chinnareddygari Venkat Karthik Chintakunta Vamsi Krishna Chintapalli Sandeep Reddy Chintapally Ayana Chism Nikhilesh Chitiprolu Nepal Reddy Chityala Annalyn Chiu Eeleen Chua Tushara Chunchu Bethany Mae Cianciolo Christian Clark James Clark Lisa R. Clark Nathan Clark Sandra Elizabeth Clark Valerie J. Clark Christopher Cleary Maurice Gerard Cloutier Maria Antonia Snovej Collins Luis Eduardo Colon Jason Andrew Compton Jonathan D. Conklin Isa Marie Connelly Kaley Cook Bethany Coop Alicia Corporal Maria D. Corral James Cote Lindsey Michele Coutu Michaela Ashley Craft Jared Crain Angela Fae Cramer Theresa Crockett Shawna Crognale MaryAlice Ann Croteau Troy Jeffrey Crumley Jennifer A. Cruz Laura Cruz John Culpepper Adam Dahlberg Chad Dalrymple Frank E. Dalton III Matthew Sanmi Damisa Naresh Y. Damu Dang Thi Viet Hoa Redente D'Angelo Wilbert Danger Dao Thi Huyen Chandrika Daram Susan Daram Bharath Reddy Dasari Priya Darshini Dasari Tami A. Daughtry Bossie Lee Davis IV Derek Davis Edward Davis Oma Davis Zubair Dawood Shakira Dean Deaette DeBrunner Jamie Deetz Gabrielle Dehne Paxton Delano Etta June DeLanoy Claudine M DelaRosa Melissa Delfino Robin Dempsey Joseph Deutschman Laci DeVarney Jaganmohan Devendraguru Chaitanya Devireddy Danielle Rene DeWitt Bonnie Dextraze Alaa H Dhahir Reda Diar Shayna Diaz Javiera Diaz Guevara ASL Samantha DiBona Christina Didino Sabrina Dier Vincent Digiovanni Soumya Divvela Robert P Dixon OO APS Do Quang Khang Do Thanh Uyen Doan Nguyen Thi Van Anh Ashley Lynn Dockry Mahesh Kumar Doddareddy Rachana S. Doli Grace F. Donahue Shanedyra Donate Brandy Marie Donley Sean Donnelly Daniel M. Dorgan Denorris Dotson Penelope Doty DMD Lynne Deanna Doucette Andrew M. Dougherty John J Downs DMD Hannah Drake Dana Duarte David Dubos Hemalatha Duddi Erin Elizabeth Duffy Venkata Raviteja Duggineni Jamel Sean Dumas Devashai Dunbar John Duncan Lisa Dunlap Sahitya Durgempudi Lori Marie Durgin Claudette R. Eady Erin Eagan Christina Earley William Casey Earley Augustine Francis Ene Effiom Ebot Jeffrey Edwards Indraja Eede Katrina Amon Eggers Christian Ehmett Mark W. Eidam Joe Elizondo Gary Eller Kathryn Ann Ellis Lynne M. Ellis Ehsan El Nakhala Jayne M. Emeneau Christina Marie Emerson Tiffany Emile Jerry L. Epison, Jr. Harshini Eravelli Marilou Erb Tennille R. Erby Prakash Reddy Erri Jessenia Espinal Julia Borchardt Nicole Estey Mallory Denise Everhart James Edward Faber Jonathan Fabeyo Sean Falzarano Nicholas William Fares Heidi Marie Fassel Sarah Anne Faucher Robert A Feliciano Jr Abigail Feloney Adam C. Fenn Albert Fenteng Sara Beth Fenwick Clinton Moses Fernandes Nallivy Fernandez Deena Linn Fetrow Jade Fields Danielle Figueroa Misty Finch Sarah Camille Finch Barbara Ann Fiorella DMD Robert K. Fischer Jennifer Fisher Sheila Fisher Angelo R. Fisichella, Jr. Patricia Anne Fitzgerald Leslie Fiveash Susan Flagg-Stewart AC ASL Mary Christine Fletcher Alexis Flores Kelly Folliard Jesenia Forbes-Benjamin Katie Fordham Anita Linda Foster Angela Marie Frankland Sharon Freeman Loretta Freeman-Steele Yunian Fu Mirta Fuentes Scott L Fuller Jill Fultz Mady Gabriel Jyothi Gaddam Sai Akshitha Gaddam Vipul Gaddamedi Sarah Gafney Anudeep Y. Gali Reggie Galjour Michael N. Gallo Neil M. Galvin Veereswara Rao Gandikota Joyneka Gandy 40

51 ARTS AND SCIENCES Boris Gansevich Alba Lucia Garcia Camero Johnson Arthur Gardiner Kiara Lisette Gardner John Garrett Nitesh Garudapally Jennifer Garvey Lindsie Gatto Vinay Kumar Gattu Grace Gbunblee Sindhura Geda Oktay Gedik Joshua Geiger Gina Gentry S Serena Geokan Iliana Maria Germosen Gabrielle Marie Giannelli Derek Giasson DMD Mariko Gibbs Candace Y Gibson Kameel L. Gibson Heath Giedris Karthik Reddy Gillella Harold Gillmore Natasja Giordano Tonimarie Giordano Jodiann K Gleason Olivia Gohmann Meaghan Goldthwaite Heather Ellen Mulligan- Gonzalez Christa Goodman Chelsea Ann Elizabeth Goolsby-Eberhart Nikhil Gopadi Winifred Gordon Stephanie Gorg Jason Gori Sravani Gottipati Brianna Noelle Goulet Sharath K. Gowni Hani Blythe R. Graden Megan Elizabeth Granger Mary Ellen Gratton Kendra Grays Christine Green Kimberly Green Nicole Stella Greenway Jeremy W. Greenwood Mark Gregorio Megan Grice Markus Grier Abhilash Gudapati Souleymane Gueye Sai Kiran Gumpalli Raghuvar Kumar Gunda Bharath Gurram Divya Gurung Eric Gustafson Marisa Gustafson Sujitha Gutha Madhusudhanan Cristina Guthrie Erin Guthrie Santosh Srinivas Guthula Bula Ha Erin Nicole Haataja Tiffany Halvarson Tracey Lee Hamilton Tresaca Hamilton Abdelmounaim Hamim Caroline Lydia Hamlin Erin Hancock Dakota Marie Haney Randy Hardie Mark F Hardzinski Rema Harracksingh-Moore Jacqueline Harrigan Andrea Harris Erica Harris Larry Harris Martia Harris Romeo Boye Harris Talisha T. Harrison Ryan Hartigan Charlene Hartman Darrin N. HASLem Amy Hatfield Justin Hawkes Devin Hayward Justin W Hayward Courtney Ann Healy Robert Scott Arnold Hean Crystal M. Hederson Alexanderia Heineman Carol Heinlein Sara Hendricks-McGee Christopher William Henigin Jr Jessica L. Herlihy Carlos Herrera Annamarie E. Herringshaw Eric Herz Cecilia Hewitt Marcus Heyward Patrick Hickey Linda Higgins Ryan C. Highlands Diana Carolina Hincapie- Lopez Kirk Hines Vu Dang Ho Hoa Huyen Trang Hang T. Hoang Hoang Thi Thu Thuy Roy Hoch Nicole Hochreiter-O'Neal James Paul Hodgman Thomas Hoelscher, Jr. Karyn Hoffman Amy Lynn Holder Manuel Holguin Mallory Holmes Rocquelle Holmes Rose Hom Christopher Homa Betty J. Honeycutt DMD Katie Honeycutt Gabriel E. Howard Franklin Hsia Samyra La' Portia Huell Michelle Huggins-Crawford Matthew Ross Hughes Timothy C Hughes Rosemarie Hughes-Smith Kerryn Hullstrung Mia Paige Hulslander Melanie Humphrey DMD Paul Humphries Adam Hyde Ahmad Ido Jeffrey Ing, Jr. Marriah Ingalls Mark Iskhakov Denise Renee Jackson Samuel Jacobson Harshavardhan R. Jaddu Venkatesh Yadav Jagari Jaijeet Das Nikhil Jambavathi Judane James Rachel Madhuri Jampa Anusha Janagali Jangannagari Arun Ashley F. Januszewski Kaushik Jatling Chaithanya Javvaji Elvis Jean Meaghan Jedrzejewski Matthew Jeffries Jonatthan Jennings Trisa Jessamy Nilda Jimenez Mallesh Yadav Jitta Michelle Pierre Joachin Brett Johnson Elgia Johnson John Johnson Sherica Dekema Johnson Tania Johnson-Prescod Elizabeth Johnston Darryl Lynn Jones Deepika Jones Edward Dewitt Jones Jr John A. Jones Kendra Jones Shannon Alexis Jones Tammi Jones Tarnisha Shavar Jones Michaela Paige Joshua Yann R.A. Jugeat Bruce Justice Maheshwari Kajjam Prashanth Kakkerla Akshat Kumar Kakulamarri Vishwesh Kalakuntla James George Kallimani Pratap Reddy Kamjula Marjorie Kamm Niteesh B. Kanamala Sai Krishna Kanaparthy Rama Rao Kandregula Mouna Kanukula Karan Kumar More Rick Karden Srikanth Reddy Karra Sruthi Kasibhatla Yamini Sruthi Kasturi Rama Krishna Katakam Veda Rithvik Katakamsetty Naveen Kumar Reddy Katam Anusha Katkuri Saranjot Kaur Dorairevanth Kavula Nithin Reddy Kayithi Pramod Kc Clarina Kee Brittanie Kelley Tabias Kelly Kelley Kent Darren Kenyon 41

52 ARTS AND SCIENCES Fatjon Kerxhaliu Adithya Kumar Keshireddy Nithin Kethipally Nida Khan Shazana Khan Wajid Ali Babar Khan Vugar Khidirbayli Aarti Khurana Paula King Stephanie Alexis King Stephanie Kingsbury Sean Kirk Jeremy Kisner Lauren Klein Mary Klockman Julian Alexander Kluk Julie Hamell Kluth Emma Knight Desiree' A. Knoch Julia Koch Eileen Patricia Koecher Jyothi Swaroop Koka Narendra Reddy Kolli Sri Sai Venkata Mounica Kollipara Jean-Yves Komayombi Sunitha Reddy Komma Aditya Rao Kommana Manchi Pullarao Konakanchi Yashwanth Kondam Hemanth Kumar Kondaveeti Bharathsimha Reddy Koneti Ramya Kongara Chetan Kongle Shanti R. Kopuri Ebenezer Korankye Aparna Kori Lakshmi Poojitha Korrapati Akshay Kumar Korukonda Kayla Koskey Deron Kosloski Ramya Kotha Maheswara Reddy Kottala Nallannagari Venkata S. Kovvali Alexander Earl George Kox Charles J. Kramer Mashelle Krier Nandhini Krishnan Lekhaj Pandu Krovi Farruh Kuchimov Megan Kuckro Amith Kumar Kulkarni Kevin Kummer Sai Srujana Kura Travis Kuykendall Rodger E. Lacy Jr. Deirdre Lacy-Hunter Jessica Lafata Zoya Hasanali Lalani Andrew Robert Lallos Dawn Marie Lambert Merissa Lambert Ricky Landais Sara M. Landry Laura Lanier Navya Lankala Perry Lara Astrid LaRose Jennifer Larsen Susan Lassabe Christina Lynn Lathrop Sneha R. Lattupally Jessica Lavalley Lois Law Le Thi Dung Le Thi Huong Le Thi Luyen Le Thi Ngoc My Natassja Leach Peter Leahy Matthew Gerald Le Brasseur Ricky Lebrun Aaron Richard LeCain AC Davey Harlan Lee Hannah Lee Sheraud Lee Claudia Lentz Brian Leonard Michael Corey LePage Savanna Letcher Brandon G. Leung Michael Andrew Levy Althea Lewis Brandon Howard Lewis Russ Kevin Lewis Trisha Lewis Mo Li Sheila P. Lillard David Limberg Rachel M Lincoln Vasavi Linga Rachel Link Friedman Kellie Rose Little Carol Lizotte Justin Lockman Saleha Lodhi Lisa Logan Sarah Lohbeck Ninitha Rao Lokrey Nathan Long Dulce Lopez Hannah Lopp Melissa M. Lora Mehethabeel Lorde Andrew Lovato David Jeffrey Lowe Jessica L. Lown Cynthia Lue Katrina Lugo-Cruet May Oliva Lui Shawna Lund Catherine Lundell Johnny Antonio Lunn Matthew Ryan Lunsford Keshara Luster Cassandra Lyttle Jacob Michael Macedo Pravallika Madadi Niharika Madala Dheeraj Madavajjula Kavya Sree Maddukuri Monica Maddukuri Lindsay Madsen Pragna Sagar Maheshwaram Sanda Amanda Maifeld Mani Likitha Malleti Ali M Maloof PC Ashley Manbodh Amelia Manni Tiffany R Manson Praneeth Reddy Manthena Kwaku Okyere Manu- Tawiah Katrina Lynn Marchand Estefania Marino Prakash Maripalli Angelica Marotta Abby Marshall Monica Renee Marshall Adrian Graham Martin Ashley Christina Martin Valerie Martin Kevin Martinez Theodore Reginald Martinez Ana C. Martins Sarah Freitas Sathler Martins Jenna Martorana Amber Mascola Tammy L. Mason Carla Massa Katie Danielle Massingale Joshua Master Heather Mathena Kaylene Dawnette Wilsonoff-Matika Brian Edward Matis Dan C. Matlock Laurie Mawyer Rachel Maxwell C. Edward Mayo Victoria Mazza Larry J. McCall Vasshon McCall Eliana M. McCarthy Jennifer L. McCarthy Lisa McClain Alexandra Faye McCoy Janay McCoy Brendan McCreary Misrene McDonald Nadine L. McDonald Carla L McGill Jovana M. McGraw Robert McGuire Paul McHale Michelle McInnes Donna McIntosh Brenda McIntyre Julie McKee Shane McSparron Cynthia Michelle Mead Ashley Meadows Adi Vishnu D. Meda Elizabeth M. Melanson Yannick A Melendez Kristen Mendelson Brian Meo Michael Merritt Joanna R. Messier Sanda Micic Jamie Lynette Miles Jessica Miller Kathryn Miller Kina Renee Miller Samantha Miller Lisa L. Minahan Beonca Mitchell Beth L. Mitchell 42

53 ARTS AND SCIENCES Phillip Mitchell Lauren Ashley Mlodzianowski Afroz Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Khan Mohammed Sharooq Mohammed Yeswanth Mohana Velu Rashmi Momaya Jeffrey Monge Quanisha D. Montgomery Nicole Montplaisir Stephanie A. Mood Samantha Moody Shashidhar Goud Moola Angelica Moore Lindsay Morales Wendy L. Morris Samantha Anne Moseley Anoop Moturi Venkatasai H. Muddu Vladimir Mujakovic Sravani Muktevi Venkata Deepak Muktineni Jayavardhana R. Mundrathi Clare Murphy Kevin A Murphy Danielle Murray Nithya Sahana Muthyala Sarah Myers Namratha Nadiminti Cassandra Nageldinger Lakshmi Priya Nalabolu Abhinandan Reddy Nalapatla Pradeep Reddy Nalla Srinivas Nallamotu Phanieshwar Nalluri Apoorva Nandigam Jonathan Napoli Mounika Narra Edson Bendavid Nascimento Luis Navarro Jr. Tracy Naylor Fredlyne Nazaire Leopold Ndayisabye Kristen Marie Neal Veera Venkata Raj Kiran Neerukonda Shiva Kumar Nelli Casey Nessel Thaomy Neuhoff William Neumann Chad Newton Terrel RaShaun Newton Ngo Thi Huong Tan Thanh Ngo Andy Hao Nguyen Thanh Binh Nguyen Thi Minh Giang Nguyen Thi Hai Nguyen Hang Thu Nguyen Thi Dieu Hang Nguyen Thi Thu Hien Nguyen Thanh Le Nguyen Muoi Nguyen Thi Thu Nga Nguyen Minh Phuong Nguyen Thi Huyen Phuong Nguyen Thi Phuong Nguyen Giang Tam Nguyen Thi Trang Nguyen Tuyet T. Nguyen Thi Hong Van Nguyen Thi Tuong Vi Nguyen Tuyet T. Nguyen Viet Tuan Nguyen Sai Rithu Bharathi Nimmagadda Bernard Nkem Leah Noble-Christoff Brianna N. Nobles Nicholas Robert Norris Alicia Nourie Abhinav Kiran Nukala Vinodh Naidu Nuthalapati Emily Nutsch Stephen Nwaukwa Petronella Yeukai Nyakauru Dennis J. O'Brien II DMD ASL Steven O'Brien Kasey O'Connell Jessica O'Connor-Rathbun Lisa Oddo Dunn Marieta Boyle Oglesby Judith Ogolla Christa O'Grady Conrad Okongo Chinonye Obijiaku Okoro Obinna Okwara Jamie Olander David Olson Leisl Dorothy Storm Olson Kelly O'Neill Evans O. Onsomu John Ordiway Kimberly Orris Colleen Orzel Eugene Osei-Boateng Willie Ottenwalder Steven Ouellette Srisai Padakanti Kendra Kristin Paige Karishma Paleja Joana Palero Jillian Palladino Saxon J. Palle Xiaoge Pang Mrinalini Subhash Panse Karnakar Reddy Panumati Akshay R. Panyala Shamily Parameshwaran Venkata Krishna Bharadwaj Parasaram Kari Louise Parcell Ashley Parker Eve B Winifred Parker James Matthew Parker Mary Passage Ravi Kumar Pasumarthy Mayurkumar Patel Suman R. Pathi Rebecca M. Patrick Kalyan K. Pattem Viveca Danielle Patterson Rohit Pavushetty James Payne Jyothi Prasad Pechetti Balaji Rajarshi Peddi Vishnu K. Peddi Susanna Peffer Saishashidhar Penchala Renee N. Pender Sai Vishwa Nihar Pendota David Penrod Andreia Cristina Pereira Sean Perron Allan Perry Vincent N Perry Thomas A. Person Jr. Irem Peters Mark Petersen Venkatasudarsana Nikhilesh Peteti Robert Petit Kayla Petrie Shalini Peyyala Pham Thi Hai Ngoc Pham Thi Hoa Phung Vu Chau Long Mary Diaz Piccione Justin Pierce Jeffrey Pierre Ciera Piggott Kevin Joseph Pilieri Sandhya Pillai Abhinay Pilli Tiffany R. Plourd Yogesh Kumar Podapati Praneeth Reddy Poddutoori Nipun R. Podduturi Venkata Azad K. Polavarapu Thulja Nikethani Reddy Police Blake Pomeroy Sai Madhuri Ponnaganti Gopinandan Ponnam Sandesh Ponnam Ramya Sree Poojari Stephanie R. Pooler Sarah Pope Siva Abhilash Pothireddy Cato Powell Ileah Pratt Jean M. Pratt James Andrew Prendergast Christiane Previlma Alycea S. Price Julia Price Jessica Priestly Edward Pritchard David Ronald Pritzker Amanda Pryor Sundeep Pulavathi Sunil K. Puli Rohith K. Pulicharla Antonio Pulido Ravi Teja Puppala Paulette Purcell Yana S. Pusich Tulasi Putta Abhiram Puvvada Venkata Subbaiah Puvvada Kimberly Theresa Quinn Raymond Rabago Sharath Kumar Rachanur Kristel Racy Cerone Mehdi Rahmouni Scott Raio Sam Rajan 43

54 ARTS AND SCIENCES Sindhur Rajanala Rakshitha Rajanna Sunny Rajora Suprim Rajthala Gregory R. Ralph Sumani Rameshwaram Ernesto J. Ramirez Kaitlyn Ramos Maria Ramos Joy Randall Ashley RAPSon Keerthy Ravi Carrie Elizabeth Ray Elizabeth Raymond Brian Razin Ashley Alexis Reddick Harika Reddy Vikas Reddy Francesca M Redzinak Denise Jule Reed Armelia Reedy Michael Reeser Katherine Cecilia Reimer Robert Vancourt Reinhold Amanda Reneau Deborah May Reuning Carla Alexandra Reyes Justin Anthony Reyes George Rhodes Serena Rice Alana Richard Elizabeth Anne Richardson Roy A. J. Richardson Chathurika Danushka Peiris Richier Jarelys Rijo Travis Rizzo Carolyn Roberson Montana Robitaille Bhavan Sandeep Reddy Rodda Zachary Rodrigues Britney J. Rodriguez Veronica Rojas Matthew Rosario James B Rose Jr Alexis Ross Pamela Jean Ross Jenny Rossetto Melissa Rossi Crystal Roth Maria Rotich Jamie Lynn Roughton Cheryl Ann Rowe Rubin Chacko Roy Corina E Ruiz Rachel Ruiz Saba Shereen Alyssa Mae Malecosio Sabenicio Krishnateja Sadhu Kranthi Sajja Christopher Salaz Kathryn Pearl Salmela Istania Samarzia AC Francisco Jose Sanchez Karbin Sanchez Wayne R. Sanders Christina Sanderson Daniel Sandoval Shekar Sankurthi Heather Santos Ivan Santos Keanna Santos Anne Saunders James Edward Saunders Jr. Deepti Savanur Monica L. Savoie Adam Schaefer Deborah Schem Scott R. Schilling Jennifer Schoeffler Katy Schoen William Daniel Scholtes Louanne Schoninger Charles V. Schuster Jr. Ashley C. Scott Robert Carl Scott Willie Scott Tenishia Seay Anela Sehic Tammy Sehn Justin Senseman Kishore K. Serala Nicole Service Syed Hammad Ali Shah Basith A. Shaik Ismail Pasha Shaik Prashanth Reddy Shanigaram Gwendolyn Locke Shatto Courtney Shaughnessy Marion Leigh Shea Ryan Michael Shea Eileen Sheehan Matthew Sheffield Sarah Michelle Shields Krystina K. Shoda Patrick Shopoff Chaitali Amrut Shroff Rajeev Shukla Brittany Shultz Thomas Sibley Poorna Pavitra Silaparasetty Dana Silberzahn Elsie P. Silva Melissa L. Silveira Courtney Simpson Jennifer Simpson Shivasai Sindhe Anchal Singh Devi Shailender Singh Poonam Singh Preethi Singh Manoj Singireddy Rahul Vedavyasan Singiryala Deidre Sirvas Georgios Skopelitis Benjamin Sloboda Bonnie Smith Byron Smith Christina Smith Earl T. Smith Erin S. Smith Geoffrey P. Smith James Smith Jeffrey J. Smith Joseph Smith Kelly L. Smith Lindsay Smith Lisa Smith Nathan Wayne Smith Raymond L. Smith, Jr. Santel Dion Smith Shanee A. Smith Nicholas Smits Rebeka Joyce Snegon Carly Snodgrass AC ASL Veronica L. Snyder Courtney Anne Snyder Kimberly Sobotka Ryan R. Sofranko Stephanie Somereve Amy L. Somerfield Ian Somers Peter Sonnefeldt Angela Soto Rachel Sparkman India Tiger-Lily Sparshatt Shannon M Spaulding William Spettmann, III Jonathan Spitz William Thomas Spohrer ASL Sherry Sponsler Rebecca Spuller Chaitanya Krishna Sreeramoju Harish Chandra Sripalle Nandhu Bhargav Srivatsan Olivia Stanley Steven Stanzel Abby Staton Herbert Lee Staton, Jr. Ronald Barry Stephens Stephen M. Stewart Jr. Sebastian D. Stezewski Nicole Danielle St Laurent ASL Rachele E. Stocker Daniel Roy Stogden II Joshua Stokel Zachary Stokes Steven Wayne Stone Sonji Strothers Alicia Struble Norman E Stuart Stephanie Stubbs Matthew F. Sturgis Shireesha Sudula Amanda M Sullivan Vagdevi Suryadevara Lisa A. Sutter Kari Swenson Whitney Swogger Ali Syed Rahman Abdul Syed Wajahath Rasool Syed Suprasanna Tadishetti Laura Tafoya Koren Lisette Taliaferro Rushika Reddy Tankasala Marisa Tartaglia Sampath Kumar Tatikonda Hari Durga Tatineni Charles Taylor Erica M. Taylor Spoorthy Teegala Krystina Tejeda Nichole Terhune Elias Tessema Praveen Kumar Santosh Kumar Thandlay 44

55 ARTS AND SCIENCES Sarthak J. Thapa Andrew E. Thibault Christa Thomas Kelsey Morgan Thomas Sarah Walker Thomas Lisa Thompson Krystal Thousand Sara B. Tibbo Debra Tilson Erin P. Tirrell Srinath Tirunagari Crystal Tjaden Sherriee' Nicole Tolbert Andrew M. Toller Seth Toothaker Gilda Torabian Danyelle Matrice Toval Brandon Townsend Marissa L. Trambowicz Tran Huong Giang Tran Bich Hang Tran Thi Hue Jacquelyn Renee Tremblay PC Steven R. Tremblay Michael Trew Saleem Trice Judith Tridenti Lisa Marie Tripicchio Aashritha Tripuraneni Pranudeep Man Singh Tuladhar Shruthi Tumma Sai Krishna Pradeep Tummala Karthik Ganesh Tummalagunta Cheryl Turner Tamara D. Turner Tanya Turner Christina Ruby Tysinger Mary Sahitya Udamala Tammy Ullmer Kerry Urie Mark M Uvanni Sruthi Vadapalli Srinivas Vadthya Michael Valcic Brianna Valeri Santhosh Kumar Vallala Swathi Vallapareddi Deborah VanderKinter Danielle Van Dusen Celsie Vanloon Tylaer Gionet-Aquise Van Noller Heather Vanzandt Ravitej Varada Arun Kumar Varala Tiffany Vargo Zane Varnum Nikhith Vasa Satya S. Vasamsetty Cindy Vasilie Jonathan Vasiliou Vani Srinija Vattikonda Ashley Vaughan Taneesha Méchell Vaughn Nithin Kumar Veeraganti Veena Veeravalli Abhinav Veerelli Navyasree Veluri Ashley Vest Eric Vigoren Federrica Michelle Virtue Marc Arthur Voorhees, Jr. Kavyareddy Voruganti Lydia Voss Vu Thi Thanh Binh Lan Diep Thi Vu Vu Thi Lan Vu Thi Quyen Tam B. Vu Vu Thu Thuy Sridevi Srujana Vummadisingu Patricia A Vyr Takeyah Wade Taylor Izabel Wagner Eric M. Wai Jillian Walbrun William Waldron Chiquita B. Walker Jason Walker Jocelyn Walker Marcia C. Walker DMD Andrea Hope Walsh Anne Walsh Tiana Wamba Jay Ward Karen Lynn Ward Alnisa Nicole Washington Christy Washington Leeann Rose Waterbury Aubrey Henderson Watson Chelsea Webster Kristen Weidmann Michael Weinstein Leah Alison Welch Brandon Westmoreland Kris Wetterland Jr. Katherine Klein Wheeler Katie White Marcus Whitehurst Philip Whitfield Kayleigh Wichman Stephen L Widdows Melissa Widmer Stason Wiete Brandon Scott Wilber Quantia E. Wilkes Joyce Willett Christopher Williams Melissa Williams Sheena Belchorong Williams Sheri Natasha Williams Flora Williams Christopher Williamson Eva M. Wilson John Wilson Michael Wayne Wilson Nicole Wilson Wendy L. Winchester Patrocenia Winegard Kelly Lynn Wingster Ann Wise Meredith Nichole Wolfe Benjaporn Wongnoppharatlert Amber Wood Lora Woodard Heather Woods Joanna H. Wood-Ward Jamie A. Worthington Kirsten N. Wright Yawei Xue Sumalatha Yakkali Sriram Yalamanchili Sai Venkat P. Yarraguntla Tariq Yasin Trineca Yellock Sahitya Yerra Dilip Kumar Yerramsetty Erika Young Stefanie Marie Young Kurt Yunker Carol Fleurette Zamora Melinda Zamora Zina Zandergates Litai Zhao Sema Opal Zimbro Roxanne Zwaga Lauren Michelle Zwicker Bachelor of Arts Debra Abbey *** ASL Alexandre Abbondandelo Jacob Ryan Abbott Arej Abd * Tasneem Y. Abdul-Hafeez Kalida Abdul Khalek *** AS Kellina Ena Abrahams- Laraque Arielle Abramovitz Maria Carmen Abrego Galindo Ailadi R Abreu Sarah Abts Elizabeth Abusham Joshua Acker ** Jonathan Acquaviva Katrina Acree *** Christine Marie Adams *** Nathan Adams Melissa Adams-Brisbane Philip Michael Adcock *** Ophelia Addo *** John Agostino Eric Aguiar *** Evelyn Aguilar ** Diana Aguilar Galindo ** Faisal Ahmed Fouad AbdulRahman Abiodun Olusola Ajala Eisha Akbar Danielle Akey Mason Aksamit Zainab Al Abdulbaqi ** Brittany Lauren Alaimo PC Rashed Al-Alban Krista Alasti Amy Alberto Jessica Alcantara ** Alexandra A. Aldrich ** Denielle Morin Aldridge Yolanda Alejandre * Carolina Alexander *** Holly Alexander * S Mayda Alhendi Sidney R. Allard 45

56 ARTS AND SCIENCES Anthony Allegretto Chanel Kenya Allen *** David Dwayne Allen Marissa Allen ** CS Miko Rae Allen * Rebekkah Hualani Allen *** ASL Vikki Lynne Allen Shannon Allred *** Julie Allsup *** ASL Brandon Anthony Almas ** Theresa L Almeida Rabiatu Alowonle Deham Hamad Alshammari OSAMAH MOHAMED H AHAMRANI Genavieve Alt S Melissa Alvarado Sierra *** ASL S Crystal L. Alvarez ** Kipp A. Alvarez Kathryn Grace Ambler * Jeffrey S. Ames Michelle Ames Tarik Amiri Martin Anaya Amanda Anderson *** Crystal Anderson *** ASL Deshelia Anderson * Gina Anderson ** Hope Anderson Jahmal Anderson James Anderson * Kevin Anderson Liza Anderson Melinda M Anderson Simone Patrice Anderson * Wendi Jeanne Anderson *** ASL Ginger Rose Andrews Anna Anello Rebecca Ang Li Yuan Diron Angeles *** Rebeccah L. Ankeny *** Esther Anthony-Thomas ** Salwa Neil Aqqad * David Archambault Peter Emanuel Arcuri * Lauren Arebalo Amanda Arend ** Fernando Luis Arevalo Jeannie Argenta Kevin Argumosa Tanya Marie Armstrong Aaron Patrick Arndt Amber Arnold Austin Lee Arnold ** Gregory Arnold Robert Arnold Jr. Erick Ivan Aroche Michael Arquette Jennifer Vickie Arredondo ASL Kimberly Arsenault James Arthur *** Regina Arvelo ** Frank Nelms Ash Jessica L. Ashcraft ** Frederick Ashe III Kameko Ashley Kamila Ataee * Aoife Athans David P. Atkins *** DMD Jolanta Leigh Atkins Monifa Atkinson Joyce Attia Tenisha L. Atwater Heather M Auclair Justin A Audoin PCOOCS Marie Louise Auger * Joseph J Augustonovich Wendlyn D. Augustus- Rhodes Paula Pauline Aulisi Danielle Marie Austin Nellie Hampton Autrey Jenna Lynne Avery Francisco Javier Avila Yolanda Avila Claudia Aviles Eddie Ayers Emily E Aylott Matthew Babcock Laurie A. Babernitsh Meredith Babineaux Courtney Bachrach Jessica Badrick Caitlin Baer David Manuel Baez Christina Baias Luellen Bailey Rebekah Bailey * Madilynn Susanne Marie Bains E. Rosann Baird ** Brianne Kimberly Baker ASL Dominique Baker Levi Baker Marlena S. Baker Ronald Lee Baker * Stacy Baker Rachel Baker-Sears Ayman M. Bakr *** Ratheesh Balakrishnan Aaron Ball Skye Ball Amber Marie Ballard Karen P Banerjee Fatima Banks * Crystal Banton * ASL Ariana M. Barbato Michele Barber * John Barca *** Hannah Elizabeth Bard * John Stanley Bargielski III Brenda Barham *** DMD ASL S CS Zachary Blake Barner Marshall Barnes Connie Barnett Lori Barnett *** Michael Barnett Bonnie Barney David Barnhouse Geena Barret Samantha Barrick Melissa M Barrow Kerri Marie Barry Matthew L. Bartlett AC Jennifer Bartley *** Dianne Kelly Barton Mercedes L Barton Ashley Kyle Grisales * Derwood Bateman Caleb Bates Joyce A. Baum * Megan L. Baum ** Jodie Bauman Richard A Baumert Jose Bautista Harrison Baxter Alison Lemieux Baykal Arelys Bazan *** Daniel Beach Laeken Beale Jonathan Beam Sydney Bean Misty Beaty Amber Beaudoin ** ASL CS Kenneth L. Beausoleil Jr. ** Gary Beck *** ACAS Kimberly S. Beggs * Patricia Belanger Kelly Rose Belfer Charles Rogers Bell *** CS Claudia L. Beltran * Jenna DeLynn Beltran William John Benbow IV Christian Bender *** Myiah Bengston Jennifer Bennett Lyndsey R. Bennett Vanessa Bennett Brian Benoit Kelli Benoit ** Jonathan Benton *** Jaime Lynn Berg * Matthew A. Berg Katelyn Bergeron *** Courtney Bergin Shawn Bergquist Vanessa A. Bernabei Paulina Cecilia Bernard Lee Erin Berryhill *** S Cayce R. Berryman Angela Beth Berube Andrea Best *** ASL Felix Betancourt ** Maria G Otanez de Betancourt ** Nilhari Bhandari Brian Bianchi Melanie Biancucci Corey M. Biggins Anne Bigley Chand *** S Neil Billings * Sean Paul Bilodeau Sarah Binge Jed Bingham Amanda Biniecki S Gina Fabiola Biondo Corey D. Birenbaum Dustin Birge ** Amy Bitzinger Hope Bizzaco Ronald P. Black Shenika Black TraLa Black Shannon Blackburn S Justin D. Blackford ASL Sara N. Blackstock ** 46

57 ARTS AND SCIENCES Rachel Simone Blair Charles Woodrow Blalock Kelly L. Blanchard TaWandrea Cornessa Bland Courtney Blankenbeckler Cassidy Bless *** ASL Chelsea Blevins ** Hayley Blinn *** Lindsey Blohm Matthew Blouin Shay Bloxton Blake C. Blumenthal Andrew Bobo William J. Bodell Joseph Bohi Wende Intoschi Bohlke Alexandra M. Boise Andrea Bolding Alessandra Rosemarie Bolduc *** Tra Bolt Antoinette Bolton Lisa Bond * Michele Teresa Bonin *** CS Timothy J. Bonnette Joseph D. Booker, Jr. * Mark Bookout David Boone *** ASL Anthony H. Booth Naivy Borges Tina Borges Erin Borror * Kelly Bossie Ezinne Hannah Bostic ** Sara Ann Jackson Mary Bouche Renee K. Boudreau ** Michele Lynn Boughey S Patrick Boulay *** Tanya Bourassa Patricia D. Bourey Christopher Bowen *** Alexis Bowers ** Jennifer Bowes *** Kimberly Bowman Ross C. Boyajian Adam C. Boyd *** Amanda Bozek * Justin Bozonier * Alice J. Bradeen *** ASL Emily Michelle Bradley John W. Bradley III Kenyonda R. Bradley-Prince Lauren Nicole Bradshaw Shirley Bradshaw Dana Bradway James Brantley Rita Brantner Nora Braun ** Jannelle Christine Kay Brawner * S Bonnie J. Breedlove Geoff Breedwell Joshua Bregler Andrea Breiner ** Kimberly Michelle Brekalis * Zachary Brendel Amanda Brenly Kristin Breseman Heather N. Brewster *** Nubia Jade Brice Derek S Bridenstine ASL CS Charles Bridge Jennifer Ann Bridgewater *** Elizabeth Bright Kayla Renee Bright *** Michelle Bright S Mykel Amill Bright ** Cory Brinkley Dennis John Brizak ** CS Michel Brockington Jermaine Glenroy Brodie Curtis Brogi Amy Brooks *** ASL Brian Bruce Brooks Edward Brophy Marcus Arthur Brothers Alexander Brown Alexandria Brown Andrea D. Brown Anitra Brown *** ASL Ashely A. Brown Cathy Brown S Christine Elizabeth Brown Dawn Rachelle Brown Diarra Alphonso Brown Heather Brown Jennifer Brown Jessica L. Brown *** Kathryn Brown Rhonda Brown Robert Allen Brown Jr * Sonya Brown Tara A. Brown PC Trisha Brown Katherine Browne Tina Speer *** Deborah Lee Brown-Pullin Heather Kristen Broyles ** Kimberly R. Bruce Mathew Bruhmuller Caitlyn Michelle Brum- Barragun Amber Brunelle * Clifford A. Brunelli Aaron Alexander Bryson Magathan Ashley Bucci Tasha Lea Buchanan Nyssa Buck Amie Buckley-Hauskins Eileen Patricia Budrewicz *** Megan Bufford Robbynn C. Bukowski *** Amanda Bumgardner ** James Bunting * Elizabeth Julia Burford S Adam Burgess Brian T. Burgess Renee Burke Cecilia Burns James Burns *** Jennifer Burns Kimberly M Burns Latina Burns Michael Burns * Cynthia Lynn Burrill S Joel Burris Suzanne Burris Donald Burt ** Kristee Ann Bush ASL Rebecca Bussanmas Misty Christel Butkiewicz * Darren Jonathan Butler *** Megan Butler Melinda Rose Butler Reshaw Tyrael Butler Dashawn Butner Naila Kanwal Butt Vanessa Marie Buynak ** Sarah Bytwerk ** Bailey Cabrera ** Michelle Bernadette Cabrera Yessenia Cabrera * CS Stephanie Cadiero Lucy Cafiero *** ASL S Shelly L. Cailler *** Kelvin A. Calderón Bryan Keith Caldwell *** Heather Calhoon Sarah Marie Cali Lowell Callahan, Jr. Brandon Jake Campbell ** Jason Campbell ** Mary Ann Campbell ** Shannon Campbell *** Nicole Campo ** Victoria Marie Campo Samuel Fulton Cannon Yvonne Marion Cannon Maria Larissa Cantu Siobhan Capley *** Edward Capucci Edgar Carey Heather Carignan * Colleen Carlson Eden Ireland-Carlson Jeremy Richard Carlson * Lincoln Alan Carlton Darrell Carmichael Alisha Carnegie Jennifer Carnes Karen Carnes Gilbert Murray Carpenter Jr. Ralph J Carpentiere Jr. *** AC ASL Alisa L. Carr Gabriel Carr Kelson Carr Jennifer Carrasco *** DMD ASL S Raquel L. Carvlin ASL Jesiree K. Carrera Pablo Stanley Carrera Brianna Carrier ** Jose Luis Carrillo Jr. Brittany Carroll *** Ernest Carroll Victoria Carswell ASL S Lindsey Carter Robert L. Casas Sonya Casey Melanie Casper Darlaine Casseus Maria P. Cassina ** Christopher William Casson *** Mason Castellaw *** Alberto E Castro James Cathcart 47

58 ARTS AND SCIENCES Robert Dale Caudill Jr. Cody Cavagrotti Kimberly Ceccarelli Elizabeth Centeno Carley Ceppetelli * Timothy Chamberlain Jemiscoe Chambers-Black *** ASL S Andrew Chambless * Ashleigh Champagne ** Gene Chan Hsueh Jin Chan Loy Sheng Hank O. Chapman *** Katie Lyn Chapman *** Travis Michael Chapman Kristy L. Charest * Colleen Charles Judith Charlton Danielle Chartier Mike Charves *** S John Anderson Chase Lauren E. Chaurette Jeffrey Chaussee Sonnia Chavarria Yasmin L. Chavez Jasmin Chazulle Hoong Sing Cheong ** George Chesney *** Chew Yan Herng Cathaleya Cheysobhon ** Edbert Chia Tat Meng *** Ngosa Ignatius Chibale * Mary Rose Chidarikire CS Carl Nigel Childs Grace Chin Chin Le Xin Ching Huai En Hannah J Chisholm * PC Kelsey Chizmar * Chong Onn Kei Samantha Emilie Chouinard Pamela Rose Suzie Choute Keisha-Rae Christian ** Ryan Chung Kah Mun Kimberly Church Jonathan Churchill Desiree Cherie Cipriano Claudia Clappart *** Aaron M. Clark Danielle Clark Danielle Clark Eunice V. Clark Kevin P. Clark II Krystal Clark Leslie Clark * Steffan Clark Terri C. Clark ** Natalee Clarke Keli Clayton * Nora Elizabeth Cleaves Michele Clifton Andrew Clouse Korey Coburn Ashley Cobuzzi Pamela S. Codes Jennifer Colafranceschi *** John N. Cole III Vicky Coleman ** Jared M. Coletta Ashley Collier James Collier Anna Druscilla Collins ** John Collins Kasey Collins Lacey Collins Lyrica Collins Cortney Collup *** Melissa I. Colon Wille Colon Nicole Colter-Polchies Ashley Senterfit ** Jennifer Rose Concetti Jeffrey W. E. Condon Elizabeth J. Conn *** AC ASL Kimberly Conner Pauline Connole *** Hannah E. Connolly * Lori A. Connolly DMD Megan L. Connor * PC Yvonne Connor Melissa M Constantine David J Convirs Brenda Conwell ** Shawna Cooley Christopher Coon Courtney Cooper *** Jason Cooper Lawrence Cooper *** ASL CS Lujira James Cooper * S Terry Adolphus Cooper Patricia Corigliano Mathew Corliss Thomas Cornell Christopher D. Cornish Anthony Alexander Corral Zelia M. Correia Ashley Corte ** Ann Costa Lori Elizabeth Costa Evalie Coston Jessica Cote William Cote *** Katie Cotreau Rhondda Y. Cotten Todd A. Coulard Kimberly A. Couture Kira Cowan * S James W. Cowin ** Gloria Cox Heather M Coxson Amber Coyle Deborah Coyote ** Amber Craig Desiree Craig Tyler Martin Crain Ryan F Cram Jeremy Thomas Crandall *** AC ASL Gemma Katherine Crane Amy L. Craton Brooke Craver Scott M. Crawford Yliana Crawford *** Erica Creecy Sarah Antoinette Creeden Bryan Michael Creevy * CS Kristaene D. Creger Shanon Lynn Crenshaw S Matthew Henry Crepeau Kevin Monroe Crews Laureen Crews AC Randall W. Cribbs *** Brittany Jane Crickard Melissa M. Croatti Kaitlyn E. Crockett Martha Antina Crockett Aisling M. Cronesgrove *** Shannon Cropper Tailyr Nicole Cross S Joseph Crossan Erica Jean Croteau Kari Crouch *** Allison Brianne Crow ** Alex Crowder * Blanca Cruz Marlyn Cruz Rafael Omar Cruz Yvonne Cruz Elizabeth Cuevas Florensia Cuevas Hannah B. Culleton Schuyler Cumback * Shenika Cumberbatch Julie Ann Cummins Jennifer Cunagin ASL Joshua Patrick Cunningham * Johnnetta Jones Currie Josie Custalow Amelia Custer *** Alicia Marie Cuttita Elizabeth Cyr Nancy E. Cyr *** ASL Zijian Dai Brandon Scott Dailey Cinnamon Dakhlallah Jacob Dalton Collin Daniels *** Lennette Daniels *** ASL Michelle Helene D'Anjou Mark Christian Danker Kelly L Danner ** Natalee C. D'Antoni ** Bradley Alan Danuser *** Sarah Darriba Andrea Nichole Daube *** DMDASL Sindy Daun Aimee S. David ** S Sarah Davidson Zachary M Davidson Brandie Davis Brandon Terrell LeTroy Davis Catherine Fletcher Davis Chelsey Deane Davis Ericka Chavon Davis Folashade Davis Jessica S. Davis *** Kelli Ann Davis *** S CS Patricia Davis Kevin Davison Danae Davy Charles Dawkins Brenda Day *** Janet E. Day *** AC ASL Sonya J. Day Brett Dayton *** 48

59 ARTS AND SCIENCES Patrick Dean Roderick DeBrew Lisa K. Dechelfin * AC Andrea S. DeCinto * PC Nickolas Decker Gina Marie DeCola ** S Amber Deel Jessica DeFrancisco *** Jessica Delaney Benjamin De Leon Kyle Della-Rocco Sandra Delong * John Matthew DelRe Guy Anthony De Marco Krista Demarkis S Ryan DeMars ** Amanda Denning Corey Allen Dale Dennis Kevin L. Dennis ** Taylor Deogburn Aurora Depuy *** S Karina Eduardovna Derapelian ** Macy Dermer * Polina Desantis Paige DeSimone * Dina De Tone Rose M Detwiler-Shreve Gwen Deutsch Gina Dewey *** Clinton De Young *** AC Franklin Diaz Karly Dickinson Bryon Dickon Justin Dielmann Sarah Dieng ** S Claude H. Diesse Tchamokouen Carl Dietrich India Diggs ** Paula Dill * Robert Dillmann Jr. *** Jennifer Dillon Lisa Dillon Jody Anne DiLorenzo Karissa Marie DiMascio *** Shantale Dinh Deion F. Dinuzzo ** OO CS Corinne Diorio Charles J DiPrima Anne Dirks Celena DiTore ** Emily T. Do ** Shannon Dobson * Nicole Dodd Terry Dodds Victoria Dollar ** Jaime Dominguez Amy Donahue ** Ken Donahue ** Patrick A. Donahue Shane Donahue Leslie M Dongo ** Melissa Marie Donoghue Megan M Donovan S Rebekka Lynn Donovan ** PC Briana E. Dooley Gabriel Dorado Amanda Doss Martha Doty * Jodie-Ann Alecia Douglas Samantha Rose Douston Thomas Dove William C. Dove Dexter W. Dow ** Stephan Dow *** PTK Bridget Theresa Downey Jasmine Downey Chad W Downs Scott M. Doyle Tyanna Drake Sarah Ashley Dreckmann Douglas Drury * Catherine Maria Dube Jillian Dubois *** CS Erica Dubuque Christine Duffen Erin Dugan Amber Dukes ** Sherry D. Dukes *** Abegail S. Dumais Mason William Dumais Joseph Mikhail Duncan Alyssa A. Dunham Caitlin Dunham ** AC ASL Jordan A. Dunlap Kristi Nicole Dunsmore Stephanie Durham Jordan Duron ** S Angela M. Durrell ** Sarah Dutter Anthony Camiel Julius Duytschaever Chelsea Dwyer Craig Frank Dykes *** Anthony EASLey ** Amanda Eason Lakin Easterling *** CS Laurelann H. Easton * S David Anthony Eckhart Logan Eckman Erin Edinson *** William J Edsall ** Kirsten Paige Edwards ** Tiffany Michelle Edwards Ladenna Eglin ** Kayla Ekwall *** Heather Elam *** Emily Eldridge Sawsan Elgamal S Manuel Eliopoulos S Kayla Koren Elkington Brandi Elliott * Clifton B. Elliott Danielle Anne Elliott *** Nicholas W. Ellis Steven J. Ellis Tomas Javier Ellis *** ASL Shelbi Ellis-Allen ** David Ellison Samantha K. Ellison Tracy Elizabeth Elwardt William Emrick Samantha Leigh Enescu *** Mason Eng Olivia Lauren Engel ** Mercedes L. English Pamela Anne Engstrom Tanya Lynn Ennis Jennifer Entzminger S Kimberly L. Eosue *** PC Robert Erlandson Seth Gordon Erway Edyline Espaillat * Richard Leon Espinoza * Kaylee E. Esposito PC Thomas C. Essel Maranda Estrada ** ASL Alex E. Etheridge Andra Evans Farrah Evans ** Sarah Christine Evans Deborah Everett Brittny Ewing ** Natalie Fabien * Rachel Lynn Facto Matthia F. Fader Colleen A. Fagan *** Nicole Fairall Kristina Falcon Amanda Fallon Monica Jean Falzo Nicholas Gino Faria ** PC Heaven Farrington Shaunte Marie Farthing Vanessa Fasanella Karyn Faszer Jessicarose Fattibene * Caryn Fauerbach Shelby Faulconer Heather Faulhaber Gregory Scott Faulk Jr. Reginald Faulkner Jr. Regina Faustine Salika Nammavong Fazenbaker *** Suzanne L. F. Fecteau Alison Feezle CS Jessica L. Fender Cheryl Fenner Sherí Michelle Fentress Micaela Fernandez Michele Ferrentino Patrick Ferretti Scott Feuerstein ** Brodie Fewkes ** Susan Fields Lauren N Fierro Charlotte Anne Fifield Regina Filomeno Allison Finn Paul M. Fiore *** Brian Firmstone *** Christopher Fisher *** David Fisher Jenifer Fisher Xane Fisher Colleen Ann Fitts Heather M. Flader Heather Flanders *** Amelia Fleck Haley Marie Fletcher Jessica Fletcher * Kevin James Fletcher Jean D Fleurant Caitlin Rebecca Flickinger Antonio V Flores Jr Samuel Flores Lourdes Flores Esquivel * Angeline Florestal Danielle G. Flowers 49

60 ARTS AND SCIENCES Anne Marie Flynn * Deborah Foege Magda P. Foege Savannah Fogg Alycia Marie Folkerts Daron Fong Javier Fonseca * Erica Fontanez Stacey Forbes *** Christina Marie Ford Lauren L. Foreacre Robert Joseph Foresteire ** Kelly Jean Forst *** Andrew Sheldon Fortinberry * Deborah Fortune Tiffany Foshee Jennifer M. Foster *** Karolina Fowler * Catherine Fox Daniel Fox Kelci Fox *** Santia Fox Hannah Margaret Fraitzl PC Morgan Francar Sylvia A/P Francis Donielle Franklin Shekelia Franklin Reem Fransis * Alyssa Fraser Joyal Frazier Mary Sue Fredenburg *** ASL Victoria Fredericks *** Shahna R. Fredrick * Jason Matthew Fredrickson Sara Elizabeth Freeman Shynequa Latrice Freeman Sarah Friesner ** Toni Nicholle Frigy Heather Fritchy * Joshua Fritz ** Jenna Fromal ** William Frye Joseph Fryke * Jonathan Fullbright Brittni Morgan Fuller Anthony Fulp Michael Christopher Funaro David Funkhouser Mindy Lee Fuschino James Fussner Denise Gabin *** Erin Gadoury-Macalpine *** Gabrielle Gadway Kara Gage Rebecca Gagne Jennifer Gagnon Chasity Gaines Carolyn Gall * CS Amy Aborn Gallina Abigail Gallo * Maricela Galvez ASL S Matthew L. Galvin * David Gamble Manuel Gamez, Jr. Caitlyn Marie Gancorz *** Michael Victor Gangemi Amanda Gann Amber Garceau * CS Sayyeda Garcia Shaidalys Garcia Abigail F Gard *** Kim Gardner Robin Lyn Gargano PTK Ashleigh E. Garland Samantha Garneau Henry Wesley Garrett Ashley Marie Garrison Ashley Marie Gartrell *** ASL Melissa Gatheridge ** Joseph Gauthier *** John Gay *** Shannon Elizabeth Geary *** Jessica Geist Amy Louise Gellineau Sheryl B. Gendi * PTK Muriel Elizabeth Generous Kellen Mary Geneva *** S Kimberly Geno * Lisa A. Gentile ** Michael John Geremia *** Elisha German Pamela Gerry * Jennifer Geske *** ASL Aresh Ghiassi Bobbi Shane Gibbs Debra Gibino Sarah Gibson Nathaniel Ross Giese *** Jeffrey Gifford S John Paul Gilbert * Alexis S Cartier Chelsea Gilmartin Kyle Gilsdorf Sabra Girard Gloria Josefina Giron *** Shane Edward Glasgow Darian Glausier Richard Glenn Sierra Glenn ** S Brandon Alex Glover Nikita Glover Celyne Godbout Michael A. Godfrey Rafael J Godina Keith C. Goeben David Milton Goffman Kaitlyn Goins Lisa Goins Terry Golden Courtney Kristin Goldsberry Biscoe *** Sergey Gonta ** Holly A. Good Jenny Good Aleisha Renee Goodman Melissa Gordon Thomas J. Gordon S Tianna Gordon ** Rachel A. Gorst Katrina Smith Kelsey Jean Gosselin Justin McLean Gotaas Joshua Gottlieb Guy William Goulet Trinity Ann Grace Carl J. Graham, III Curtis Graham *** S Melesia Graham *** David Grahn Christopher Gramza * Allyssa Grant * Casey Grant Claudia Gray ** Lauren Elizabeth Gray Michael A. Gray ASL Jacqueline Renee Grayson *** ASL Ashlee Graziano Tyler Greathead Lakisha Green William Mitchell Green Michael B. Greene Sharon Greene-Golden Paul Gregor *** Ashley Ann Gregory ** Jessica Greig ** Edward N. Grennon, Jr. Kim Grenon Trisha Gresco Tricia Gressle Juliana Krauss Grey Bonnie Griffin S Jessica Griffin Jonathan Griffin Nicole Delia Smith Victoria Bristow Grignon * Christopher Grindle *** Maria Griner Jessica Gross Heather Groven Lindie Groves Colin Guare Angelica A. Guerra Joel Gunn Joel R. Guptill Krystina M Gursky *** ASL Edward Gustenhoven Nathan Guthrie Elizabeth Ann Gutmann Stephanie Guzman * S Amy Hagler Katheryn Hahn *** Rena Haire Alyssa Hake * Ami Hale * Brittany M. Hale Tova Haley Jhatanya Gray Mark T. Hall *** Robyn Hall Shanda Hall Ryan Nicholas Hallett *** ASL Brooke Anne Halliburton Cole Halliburton Jessica Hallowell Bobbi Halvorson ** Michelle Hamberg *** ASL Laura Leigh Hamill *** Kori Lyn Hamilton Lugene Mary Hamilton Minnie Park Hamilton *** Ruffin Kennard Hamilton Christopher Hammond ** Brian Hampton Shana Hampton 50

61 ARTS AND SCIENCES Danielle Hamryka *** Todd Hancock JR Lily Ann Handrick *** Melissa Michelle Handy *** CS Sierra Hanft *** Elena Marie Hankerson Nancy Joy Hanley-Fiechtner Catherine Hannan Brian T. Hannigan *** AC PC Alyssa Hansen * Rebecca Faye Hardin Farrah Hardy Sandra Dawn Fischer Hardy Collin Harling Anthony B. Harlow *** Cody Stephen Harlow ** Daniel Winston Harmon Kiara Dennen Harold PC Ameer Harper Patrick Harrigan Audrey J. Harris Lynnette Harris Renee Harris *** ASL Shalease Harris Kraig Harrison Tereca Harrison Gislene C. Hart Katrina Rose Hart *** Maria Hart Bradley W. Haskins Amber Haslet Brandy Hassell Jeffrey Hathaway *** Anthony Hatton *** Justine Haupt Douglas Hausman Daniel Haveman ** Haw Wai Loon * Amanda Hawkins *** Michelle Hawks DMD Christian Haworth Kelley A. Hayes * CS Kelsey Hayes *** Thomas Paul Hayes Kelsey Irene Haynes LaCrecia Haywood Rachel Leah Headen Olivia Heady Samantha M. Healey ** S CS Julianna Heath Shelby Lyn Hebert * PC Benjiman Heideman Samantha Olevia Heins *** Donald Ray Heistand S Jason Helfer Clara Hellums * Joseph Helmsorig Cecelia Helwig *** S Oliver Hembrick, Jr. Megan Jade Henderson Shaymia Henderson ** Ashley M. Hendrix * Paetra Hennigar Meagan Henning Edwin Henry Kevin Dean Henry ** Brandon Henshaw Casey Marie Hensley Michael J. Henss Selena J. Herbert Wendell Hercey Heather Marie Hercik Casey Herman Corina Marie Hermann Breanne Hernandez *** Daniel R. Hernandez Emily Amanda Hernandez Amy Herr Stacy Herron Jasmine Hessell Donald Hewes Jessa Hewes Tiffini Hickerson Danielle Brianne Hickey *** ASL S CS Marisha Hicks Tracie Hicks * S Karen Hildreth *** Jennifer Hill *** ASL S Katie Hill ASL Tricia Hill Christopher Hines * S Rees Hinton *** Valerie Hinton H'ng Yee Vonn * Ho Kar Mun Amanda Christine Hodge *** ASL Kristina Hodges ** PC Virginia Rachel Hodges Williams Paul Max Hodson Kathryn Hoffman *** Paul Corey Hoffman Tracy Hoffman *** Liese Victoria Hoffmire *** Jessica Hogsed ** AC ASL SC S Ludlow Hoilett Adriane A. Hoitt Nelly Holcombe Luanne Holden Tiffany Hollis Brandi Holmes Kyndal Faye Holt *** S Sarah Holton * Tiffany Holyk * David L. Honzu *** ASL Ashleigh S. Hood * PC Samantha G. Hooker Summer Hook-Rinehart Hoong Ky Li Pamela Hooverman *** AC Tykeiah A. Horton Kristen L. Houde *** Gwen Houghton ** Zachary Armand Houle Abigail G Howard Derek Howard * Sarah Howard Andrew Howland * John Hubert * Rachel Elizabeth Hudacko ASL Dylan J. Hudon Alexis Hudson Teri Annette Huet Thomas Allen Huffman Sally Huffstetler * Camille Hundley Prince Amanda M. Hunt Johnny Hunter William Huntley Ayesha L. Hurt Vashawn Hussain Danielle Lee Hutchinson Joseph Hutton Tammy Hyer ** Dominique Iamanu Solomon K. Ikeachumba Alba Imrie Dina Ingham Bradford Ingram David Ingram Elizabeth Rae Ingram Anastasia Inman *** Toni Linette Inman Todd David Isaacson Adnan Issa ** Diana Delafield Ivey Sevasti Iyama Lauren Jabczanka *** Rebecca Jablonski * Amy Jackson Christopher W. Jackson ** Theresa L. Jackson William Lee Jackson Sr. Megan Jahn Deneen Jallow Cynthia K. James Kelly Jansen *** Jonathan Jaramillo ** CS Rebecca E. Jaramillo Jeffrey Scott Jardine *** Jennifer Jaros Kamryn Jaroszewski *** Divya Gowri Jayakumaran Nardyme Jean-Louis Daphney Jeffers * Victoria Jeffers Eva McCoy Jefferson Ronnie Jeffires Elizabeth M. Jenkins *** Jill Patrice Jenkins *** ASL S Kaketra Jenkins Patrick Jenkins Amanda Jenks *** Daniela Erin Jeter Dwarkanath Chetan Jhala *** Wei Jing Lori John *** Andrew Wayne Johns Alexandra Johnson Ambrosia Johnson * Andrew Johnson * Brandon Johnson * Camelia Lavon Johnson Chandra L. Johnson Joleen Johnson *** S Kayla R. Johnson Keri Johnson Kerry Eugene Johnson Major Johnson Niki Johnson Stephanie J. Johnson Stephanie Johnson Terry Johnson Teswanna M. Johnson 51

62 ARTS AND SCIENCES Colleen Johnston Jennifer Johnston *** Morgan Linford Johnston Pamela Beth Joles Alycia Rosetta Jones Caleb Lee Jones Essence Jones Jason Dean Jones Krystal Jones ** Laura J Jones ** Maranda Jones Marsha Jones Mikeala Jones ** ASL Natalie Taylor Jones * Shana Jones * Tyler E. Jones Hope Jordan John Joseph Rachel Joseph Vadia Joseph Tammy Mayes Joyce Summer Joyner Nikki Judge *** ASL Jonathon A. Judy Raynante Jula * Vernon Paul Julio * Amanda Jump *** Benjamin Jumpp Monica Y. Justice Alexandra Kabel ** Alexandria Kackley * Natasha Kahelin *** Bailey Kahn ** Amanda Kane * Sherree Beth Bena KaneGraber *** ASL Bianca Lei Kanoho ** Rachael Kaplan * Michael Karabin Aphrodite M. Karalis *** Jaclyn Kareta Meagan Karr Nelson Dailey Karrick Hillary Katherine Karry ** Anjanette M Kattner Amanda Kavanagh William Kayser Sitki Kazanci Jaime Lyn Keating John H. Keeter Amy Keith Katie Keith Danielle R. Kellar *** AC ASL S Amanda Nicole Keller ** S Eleanor Kelley- Swift * ASL S Monique Kelly Naomi Kelly Stefanie Kelly *** Stephanie Kemp * Justin Kendall ** Lance Anthony Kenison *** Danielle Kennedy Elizabeth B. Kennedy Gregory Kennedy Jr. * Nicole P. Kennedy * Christina Kenner Alysia Kennett ** Anna Kenney *** Jennifer Kent * Jay Keough *** Laura Keriazakos *** Elizabeth Drake Kerner Emily Kersey Chelsea E. Keyes Grant Khanbalinov Natalie Khoo Sue Ann *** Dickson Khor Wei King Jeremy Paul Kiel Devin Jane Aleece Kile Brian Kiley Alex Reid Killey Duong Kim Michael Kimpland ** David Scott Kincaid Benjamin Patrick King Joni King Katherine Kinney Amanda Kinnunen Hannah F. Kirby Jeni Kirby ** CS William George Kircher Robert Kirchner Tammy Kirsch Danielle Kisner Juliana Kithcart *** Matthew Klein * Christopher John Klemm *** CS Rose Mary Klie ** William W. Kliskey Rachael Kloke Zachary A. Kloss Amanda Klovstad Corey A Knecht Janice L. Knepp Kaitlin Knepper Gena-Marie Knight Kathlyn Frances Knight Lyn-Holly Knight Tanya E. Knochel * Dustin Knouse *** ASL SC S Kyle Kochenberger Stephanie L. Koehler Angelica Koenig *** Amber Koesling Kasey Kolbush Kong Ping Sin Neoma Konrad *** Andrew W. Kopczynskie Michelle M. Kozak Amy Louise Krantz Jenna Kreiger Joshua Krempasky Nancy Krinks *** Vanessa Kristovich *** ASL Jordan C. Krogmann * Tori Kubick Kristin Anne Kueppers Gary Kuhle *** Anastasia Kukacka S Kum Cheng Foong Sunitah Kunasekaran David M. Kunkle Justine Lauren Kuper Matthew Kuvakos * Lada Kuzelovska Kwan Hui Yi Ashley Kyek * Trevor Kyler Darrel Edward Kyniston Andrew Laboy Nicholas J. LaBreck Ned LaClair Angelique Partin Rose LaCroix * Dax Frederick Lafleur Lai Joey Jessica M. Dumais Jamila Lambert Ajoke Yetunde Lamina Diana Lamson ** CS Amanda Jane Lanagan * Diana Carolina Lancaster *** Jaime Lancaster Jeffrey Alan Lanctot Ryan Clifford Lanctot Lisa Lander Kristina Landry ** ASL Matthew P. B. Landry Jessica Lane * Phillip Lane Randi Jean Langdon * Chelsea Kayrene Langley Michael J Lapierre Kody W. LaPoint Sandra Lapolla * S Meagan Laramay Sandra Larbi *** Kimberly Lare Dominique Larkin Daniel Larocco Angie Mahmoud Abdelhamid Lasheen *** ASL Evan Lasher Ryan W. Lasher * Cyndee Laura Francine Marie Lauriano ** Jessica Laursen Liam Kelley Lavoie Erin Lawless ** Corey K. Lawrence Mary Elaine Lawrence Dallis Lax ** ASL Sara Layne *** Tamika Lear Sean Thomas Leary *** ASL Johanna T. Leazott Scott LeBel Tanya LeBlanc *** Therese LeBlanc James LeBlanc Lauriane Lebrun *** SCS Keasha LeClear-Morse *** ASL S Danielle Ray Ledoux Amberly Elizabeth Lee Julie Lee Nathan Lee *** Priscilla Mae Waring Jasmine Lee-Cozart Caitlin Leeper Anthony Lefemine Jaleesa Legette Jennifer J. Legg Ti Elisha Leggett ASL Bradley Allan Lehman 52

63 ARTS AND SCIENCES Mark D Lehr ** Cody Leigh * Joshua Brian Lemay ** Donna Marie Lemelle Jennifer Lemoine * Whitney Leno Warren Leonard Leong Yee Sun Denise M. Lester ** Ashley Levasseur Damariz Lewis Kevin D. Lewis *** Linda Kaye Lewis Natricia Lewis Tenille Lewis Bailey L. Lewton * Jaselyn Leyendecker Emma Jamie L'Heureux Zihao Li Jennifer Liebisch *** CS Zachary D. Lifferth Christina Lilly Lim Pei Ling Lim Sook Huey Lim Su Chen Jeffrey L. Linberg Melissa M. Lindberg Kristen E. Lindsey Dennis Lindstrom Jason Lingerfelt Alden Linn Matthew S. Litto Eugenne Shiang Theng Lo Charles Steven Lobaito *** S Brandon Lockwood Troy Logan Mervyn Loh Yeu Sheuan Beverly Lohorn *** Loke Choy Mun * Chad London * Samuel Louis London III Lasheinate Long Samantha Long Taylor Long Kris Longenberger Jennifer Kemp Longworth *** Larry James Lonsby Looi Kah Mun * Melanie T. Lopez Rosio Lopez Oscar Rafael Lora Kimberly Loretta Nathan Lorraine Tracey A. Loscar *** Emily Diane Losch *** Brooke Ann Losey *** Andrea K. Loughlin *** Jeri Love Samuel Lovejoy *** Gina Lu Robert Lueders *** Amanda L. Lugo * Lui Chee Shung Joseph Lukinich Lum Vi Vian ** Jerry Lutes Eric Robert Luttrell Chrissie Lycan Joseph I Lyford IV Brittany Paige Lynch Daniel J. Lynch Paige J. Lynch Cori Marie Lyons Walter E. Mabe * Skylar MacArthy Ryan Joseph Mack *** Joshua Paul MacKeen * Angela J. MacKenzie *** Meghann MacMillan Jonathan Madden Michael Magaha *** David Andrew Magnanelli *** James T. Maguire III Molly Maguire Amanda Leigh Mahaffey Marissa M. Mahar ** Justin Pierre Maia Jasmine Maierhoffer *** Jessica Maille Pamela LeeAnn Mains *** Samantha A. Maldonado Gina Mallory Katelyn D. Malloy-Roe *** Justin Wayne Malme *** ASL Erin Maloney *** Jesse Mamary Steven Maness * Crystal Lea Manlove ** Maneesh Kaur D/O Man Mohan Singh Angela Bernadette Manning ** Rebecca Mansfield Nicholas Angelo Mantegani Telesia Tauveve Apelu Manuleleua Cheyenne Maragnano Shawna Ray Marchand *** Erica Lee Marchant Barbara Marcoe Kathryn L Marcus ** Kristen Mares Shannon Margera *** AC Gina Marie Jodi Marino * Mark Marino Rachael Marion S Amanda M. Marks *** Kayla Marr Amber Marron Antonio Lorenzo Marsh *** ASL Jeremy Marshall Kelly A. Marshall LaShawn Marshall Regina Marshall Tytiahna Cama Marshall Adam Joseph Martin Ashley Martin *** Caroline Jayne Martin Cathryn L. Martin * Colleen Martin Crystal Martin Edward J Martin Jasmine Martin Matthew T Martin * Ryan Martin ** Sonya Martin ** ASL Timothy Martin Christopher Martineau *** Laura Martinelli ** Edna Consuelo Martinez * Juan E. Martinez Juan Jose Martinez ** Patxi Martinez * Tanisha D Martinez Christian L Martino Carli Anne Maruca * S CS Krista Nichole Marx *** S Amanda Masini * Carissa Nicole MaeRena Mason Jeffrey T. Mastry Derek Masucci Cynthia Jayne Matheny- Outland William Allen Mathis, Jr. Michael David Matney *** ASL Michael Matney *** ASL Andrea Lissette Matos Matthew E. Matos Amy Matthews Brittany Matthews Elizabeth Matthews Lyndsay Rae Matthews Natalie Renee ' Matthews *** ASL Anna Reilly Mattson Ryan Joseph Maurice Christopher Kud Mavenyengwa David Maxwell Jennifer Mayes ** Elizabeth Maynard Alexis Mayotte * Jean Paul Mazina Hillary Anne Mazzaglia * Ashley Marie Mbaezue Jeffrey McAnaney Brynn Lee McArthur *** Anthony James McBride Joseph Edward McCain Tareva McCall William L. McCarthy Jr. Ashley Dawn McCASLand Shannyn McCauley *** Sheri Lynn McClellan * Tiffany Victoria McCoy Derek McCracken Charlene Rita McDonald ** Sakenya D. McDonald *** S Stephen McDonald Emily McDorr Dale Anthony McDougall ** Richard Ian McFarland *** ASL Emilie Anna McGaha Robert Bryce McGahey Mary McGill Christina J. McGonagle Thomas McGourty * Malcolm Andrew McGregor Richard Francis McIlvene Kristen A McInnes Connors * Terry Westphal McIntire Sean McKanna Shayna Marie McKay 53

64 ARTS AND SCIENCES Courtney Lynne McKenna Daniel James McKenna Shantevia Lanett McKenzie * Lesley McKissick Kimberly A McLaughlin ** Sean W. McLaughlin Laura McLean ** Meghan A. McLoon PC APS April McMillan Laura McMullen Andrew Michael McNamara Darlene McNamara *** Erin McNichols Jack McQuillan Felicia McRay Sabine McWane Alyssa McWilliams Sofia McWilliams Elizabeth Meader * Jame Meadows Paul James Mearkle ** Danielle E. Meegan Christopher Meeks Dustin Meiners Marjorie Meisner *** ACL S Vanessa Gina Mejia Lynda Melby *** ASL Selena Lynn Mello Jamieson Phillips Mellor Brooke Melton *** Viola Kann Melvin Unsa Memon ** CS Paige Mendenhall Debbielani Mendez Junior R. Mendez Rosanna Mercedez *** Michael Mercurio *** ASL Aaron Merlino Taylor Lynn Metzler Olivia Meunsaveng * Suellen Meyers John Miceli Meghan Ann Michalak Emily L Michaud ** PC Christine Renee Micheletti Edelson Michelin Rhiannon Mick Jazmyn Middleton *** Kristen Elizabeth Miguel Stephen Mikros D'aun Miles Sharonda Miles Shelina Millan Caitlin Miller *** Carol Dawson Miller Heather Pauline Goodman Miller *** Jennifer Miller Kevin Eugene Miller *** Marissa Miller Megan Miller Michelle Miller Norman R. Miller III *** ASL Ryan Miller Tracey Lin Miller Alyssa M Mills Dominique NéChelle Mims *** Ashley Minor * Katherine A. Miranda ** Lindsey Miranda Amber Mireles Cassie Mitchell Cecile Mitchell ASL S Andre'-Mar'Quis Mitchell- Franklin S Ashley Mobley Kerrie Dawn Mock Meredith A. Moffett Ashreen Shahira Mohd ASLam Anil Husna Binti Mohd Hakimey Joel Mohr Didier Moise ASL S Janee Molchan Abigail Monroe Ashley Monroe Bismark Montano Rebecca Montgomery Robert Daneau Montminy Ashleigh Moon ** Amanda J. Moore Brittanie Moore Daralyn Moore * David Moore *** Jefferson Corbett Moore Jr. Jeremy Richard Moore Marlene L. Moore Taneria T. Moore * William T. Moore * Betty Moreland Jazemen Moreno Valeria M Moreth Beth Morgan *** ASL Michelle Morgan Deney Morganthal ** Melanie Morin * Ryan Mormann Allison Lake Morris Brian E Morris John S. Morris III Queenesha P. Morris *** Trudi-Ann Morris * Kimberly Morrison ** Marvin Morrison Nicholas Morrison Tina Morrison Jennifer Morse Samantha Jane Morse Rodney Morton Tiffany M. Mosley Lanette Moss Dominique Motta S Brandon A. Mottola ** Mariah L. Mottola Dominique Moulden Jessica Mounie * S Steve George Moura *** DMD CS R Rajalachmi M Rajakumar Sharmla M. Rajakumar * Eileen A. Mrowczynski Michael Mullady Beth L. Munroe Amanda Murphy Bryan Murphy Catherine Anna Murphy *** Jared Murphy * Kari Murphy Kathryn M. Murphy Ryan Murphy *** Elizabeth Danielle Murray Kimberly Murray * Lynette Murry Danielle P. Musgrove Dani Myrick ** Rubathee Nadaraja Joseph Napiorkowski Asad Naqvi *** Chelsea Dawn Nash Bruce A Nault II *** Kyra Nicole Navarrete *** Amanda Naygrow * S Melinda Nazario Charles Alexander Neal S Scott E. Neary * Meghan E. Neenan Heather Nelson ** Kimberly Nelson Sandra Dee Nelson Stacie Nelson Tamekia Nelson Tiffany Nelson Laura Nemeth Sharon Sue Ann Netty Camilla New Amber Lael Newell ** Jeffrey Newell Patrick Newell ** Nneka Newman Agnes Ng May Phing ** Ng Sze Yin * Kim Nguyen Christina Nicholas ** Nicole Nieddu * S Natasha Marie Nieves Sandra Nieves *** ASL CS Jeffry Nieves Wood ** CS Deanna Nigh *** David Nims ASL Lenora Y Nishiguchi Tiffani Noel Jennie Renee Nolan Stephanie Dawn Nolan ** Rebecca Nolte Carol Noonan Joshua Noriega Rebecca Norman-Droll *** AC ASL Allison Norris Jacob Evan Peixinho Northfield Eric Charles Nottke Christopher Nutt * Michelle Ann Oakes *** Onyinyechukwu Obi Amanda O'Brien Kaitlin O'Brien Jennifer Laurel Graham Sarah Ockershausen Delp *** ASL S CS Shawn L. O'Connell Allison M OConnor Christopher O'Connor * ASL Danielle R. O'Dell Opal Dawn O'Dell * Anniina O'Grady Kathy Okazaki * Adrian Paul Oliveira 54

65 ARTS AND SCIENCES Ke'Aira Oliver Kimberleigh Oliver ** Nicole Olivieri Pagan * Taylor Albert Olmstead Amber Olson Andrea Danielle Olson ** Morganne M. Olson ** CS Alison O'Neil * Patrick O'Neill Eric G. Onkenhout *** Briana Ontiveros ** Vivian Onyebuchi * Lori Oppermann Kristin Orbin * Heather L. Ormiston Tanner Orness Christian F Orobello Kimberly O'Rourke Mark Orr * Mark Christopher Orris ** Susan Ort Cheryl Ortega S Doreen Ortiz Julio Ortiz * Olivia Ortiz ** Ashley Osborn Rochelle Osburn Kendra Osmondson Tara Lyn Ossler *** Ricky Osta Abbey T Otto ** CS Audrey Overcast Karen Oviedo DMD Lisa Anne Ovitt Ow Jingyi Christopher Owen ** Taylor Ann Owens Cara Ownsby Brandi Danielle Pace Dawn Pace * Kimberly Pace Shawn Packer Frank Alejandro Padron Christine Pagani Jeremy Austen Pagano ** Leah N. Palermo Joyce Palmer S Stephen C Palmer Tondalayea Palmer ** Pang Chee Yee Patricia Pangelinan *** Nishli Panjabi Kayla Panton Rebecca Stockwell Paquette ** Jennifer Parker Rennell J. Parker, Sr. Milissa Parriott ** Lance Allen Parrish * Chelsea Danielle Parrott Robin Parsons Townsend Sheppard Parsons IV John Singh Parwana Vasundhra Passey Ankurkumar Patel Kyndra Patrick Michael Patrick Hal Geoffrey Patterson Jesse Patterson Kristina Patterson * Marc Patterson *** Stanley O. Patterson Jacob R Patton *** Kara E. Patton *** Rebecca A Paulin ** Alex Daniel Paulino Annabelle Star Pauly Hannah Payne *** Olivia K. Payne Cristy Pazera Cheryl Lynn Pearson ** Melanie R. Pearson * Margaret Pease Iris Peceny Kristin Anne Peck Thomas Peck Paige E. Pegues Erin Catherine Peirson * Christine M. Pellegrino- Celio ** Alexandra Louise Therese Pellerin * William Pelletier Danielle Pena * Lisa V. Pepin ** Alyssa Peralta Alicia Pereira A/P Anthony Pereira Ashley Mae Perez Idalia J. Perez Melinda Perez Monique Perez Roberto Perez, Jr. Corey Perkins Scott Perlman Arianna Perone Melanie Perrault Cari Perreault ** Monique L Perreault Andrew T. Perrin Bonnie Perry Elizabeth Perry Gabrielle Perry Morgan Perry *** Sherwin N Persaud Cheryl Peters * Christopher James Peters * Madonna Shenee Peters Jammie Peterson Mitchell Peverly Kelly Phelan Christine E. Philipson *** DMD PTK Alaina Michele Phillippi * Aimee E. Phillips *** Amani Zanaya Phillips S Brittany Phillips Carly Phillips Kaitlin T. Phillips Lisa Phillips *** ASL Lynette Phillips Tinorah Phillips Judy Phipps Suni Pickard *** ASL Nancy Sanders Pickering Stacy Lynn Pickett *** Anthony Pierce Kristen Pifer Leonardo H. Pilares *** Shaylon Pilarowski Jethreuel Pili Crystal L. Pillow * Susan Pinkerton Stephen Piselli Andrew Pitts Robert Pitts Ella Pittsley Heidi Christine Platt Kristiana Ploss Pamela Plumley *** ASL Rory Elizabeth Plyler Poh Pui Sun Alan M. Poindexter Jr. DawnMarie Poirier Rachel Jean Pokorney * Kristina Polakoff ** Jacob Pollakoff Sheritaa Pondexter ** Christian David Pool Brittany Marie Poole Premaswaroopa Poolingam Gerald Field Potorski Julie Barron Potter *** William Jason Potter *** Pamela R. Poucher *** Michelle Powell ** Joseph Pradia Christopher Patrick Pramas Erin Pratt Melinda Diann Pratt ** S Angela Maria Presto ** James Preston Ashley Michele Price Bobby Jo Price Mustapha R. Price Shaunna M. Price * Tiffani April Price Veronica Primes Austin Vincent Principe ** Christopher M. Prothro * Douglas Provost * David Pruitt Jenelle Elizabeth Psaledas * Mark Ptashinski *** ASL Deanna Renee Puksta Steven James Purcell ASL Relynn Roselyn Balagot Purugganan Quileza Elizabeth Quigley *** ASL Carali M Fernandez *** Rosanni Quiles *** Heather Quinto Michelle Rackley *** Ashley Ragan ASL Chyrone Ragland Margaret Ragland *** ASL Sunita Rai Rachael Ralph Christina Ralston Devika R. Ramgopal Cristina I. Ramirez ** Kaitlin Ramirez Daniel R Ramlagan Michelle Ramnaraine CS Brittney Shanee Ramos Jimmy Paul Ramos Ketankumar Rana *** Kristin M. Randall Ross Randall Lauren Michelle Rapp 55

66 ARTS AND SCIENCES Nicole Jennifer Rappoli Brandon Ratliff Erin Rauh ** Laura Rawding * Christine Marie Ray * Denise Laurent Ray *** Ethan Ray Angelika Teresa Rechenberg Lorenda Redd *** Uriah Wyatt Robert Roy Redden CS Devon Redin * Cheryl Marie Reed Elbert Aaron Reed *** Gary Allen Reed Jr. Talley Spencer Reeve Daniel Reginato Shelly Rego * Asa C. Reid Jr Chamayne Lana Reid Jesse Lynn Reid *** ASL Jessica Reid Nichole Reid Frank W. Reinhold, III Rachel Reiter *** Richard E. Remick * S Michele Renaud Willie Renfrow Tracie Jean Reno Nancy Marie Repack *** Douglas Resendiz ** Cathryn Restivo Amber Lynn Revis S Aaron M. Reyes ** Amber Reynolds Jenny Lyn Reynolds *** ASL Ramona Rhein ** Ivonne Rhodes * Vickie Rhodes S Aprylle Kristine Ricafort *** Stephanie Rice Lauren Richards Shannon Richards *** Beth Richardson *** S CS Halleck Richardson, III Hannah Richardson John C. Richardson Lee Richardson *** Shanon Richardson Tara P. Ridel Janai Rider ** Shellemar Rider Teresa A. Ridlon William Riedinger Elizabeth Riffle *** Marc A. Riggillo Ryan James Rimmer * Denelle Marie Rittersback Christina Rivas Andrea Rivera Jasmine Rivera * Shona LeAnne Gibson Rix Courtney Rizer Rosa Kim Robacker Sheri Robarge Andrea L Robb Leigh Amber Robbins ** Jazmine Roberson Irina Roberts *** Kamille Roberts Mary Roberts Mary-Lou Roberts *** Shannon E. Roberts Shanterus Roberts Brett Robertshaw Amanda Robertson Sam D. Robertson Shea Robertson *** Dodson Robey Ana D. Robillard Lanznaster Chelsea Lyn Robinson Kiara Chyvonne Robinson * Kileen A. Robinson LaToya Donise Robinson * Margueritte Robinson Samantha Robinson Stacy Robinson ** Crystal A. Robnett *** ASL Sarah Meghann Rock *** Alycen Rockwell Christopher Rodgers Elizabeth Rodgers ** Talila Rodgers Baltazar Rodríguez * Deanna Rodriguez Edwardo Rodriguez Michael Rogan Courtney Pilar Roger David Allan Rogers, Jr. *** Kelli Rogers Ashley Rohrbach *** Amy Roland * Jacqueline N. Roland *** Diana Elaine Romero * Epiphany Romero Jody Romine Andrew Justin Baker Rose ASL Michele C. Rose Stephanie Rosenzweig ** Deborah Lee Rosewolf Kevin Ross Rebecca Ross Virginia A Ross *** Andrea J Rossetti Eric Rossini Amber Roten * Rachelle Roubique William Harold Row IV Madalena R. Rowan * Edward Rowe Christine Rowland Rob Roy ** Harmony Royce Jennifer Rubio Randi Renea Ruble * Maria D. Ruelas Joseph J. Ruggiero II * PC Shannelle Ruggiero * Danielle Runkles Keith L Running Crane Jr. Whitney Elizabeth Rush ** CS Kandis Jean Ruspoli *** Kellie Ann Russell Leah Russell Michael Travis Russell Michaela Russell Shelby D. Russell * Kyle Vincent Russo ** Mary Morgan C. Russo- Ramey Chauntel Marie Ruvalcaba Laura Ryan * Steven W. Ryan Cami Ryleigh * Benjamin Sabala Tammy Saboy ** Jeremy Dev Sadandan Janicia Sago Kimberly Sago Melissa Saksa S Christina B Salati * PC Jeanine Saldana-Ontiveros Daniel James Salzer Courtney Sambula * ASL Khan Sami Summer Sampedro *** DMD CS Jabison Jo Lee Sams Stacey Samson Sayuri Sanabria Joshua Sanchez Kristin Sanchez Tyler Sanchez Heather Sanders Harold Lee Sanford *** Shin L. Sano Rebecca Joy Sanor Jessica Santiago Lindsay Marie Santini Barbara Anna Santora-Baird * Kendra L. Santoro Judith Santos * Lori Jean Santos *** ASL CS Kristin Avarie Sargent Bonnie E. Sartelle ** Joseph Sasala *** Meerah Sasy * John David Satterthwaite Latasha Marie Saul Kathryn Saunders Edward Savadge S Christopher Savini Daphne Savoy Krystal Savoy Carla Sawyer Denise Sawyer *** Tabitha T. Sawyer Christina Marie Sayer John H.Scanlan, III James F. Scanlon IV Charles Schaefer Shasta Schafer *** James Dalton Scheibel Rebecca Scherer Alex Scheuer Dixie Schexnaildre Emma Lynn Scheyder *** Brian Robert Schimmel *** George Schlueter * Andrea Schmieder Thomas Schmoyer Jennifer Schneeberger Lisa Ann Schneider *** ASL Wade Schnorr 56

67 ARTS AND SCIENCES Dominique Desoto Scholz April Marie Schomberg Kyle Marc Schooley Aaron P. Schroeder * PC Brindelyn Paige Schroeder *** Felix Schroeder *** Jason M. Schueler-Cottey * ASL Emily Schuler Robert Schulte, Jr. * Tamara L Schultz Steven Francis Schultze Jordyn Schwader Lisa Michele Schwartz S Savannah Schwehr Andrew Scott Blayn Scott Deborah Scott Rouchelle M. Scott Sarah Scott * Windy Scott ** David M. Scrivener *** Travis Seabolt Chloe Secor Joseph Saesee Seechang Michael L. Seeley *** Abraham Segarra Edward Jose Segarra Lindsay Seiler Rajendra Seku *** Patricia L. Sellers Paula Semakula Kylie E. Semler ** PC Hallie Shayna Semmel *** CS Igor Semyonov Ashley Senders Starling Christopher Seney Sarita Sewell * S Carly Sexton *** Norma Davida Shabazz Nakia Shackelford-Turner Sarra Shaibu Shakila Binti Shamsudin Katelyn Shannon Michael Shannon Catherine Shappell *** Jennifer Lynn Sharp * Shelby Shavalier Debbie Lynn Shaw Kelly Shaw Kelsey Shay Micah M Sheffield CS Jessica Sherman Annette Lynn Shifflett * ACASL Donnie R. Shiflett Aubrey Lanae Shimabukuro ** CS Saxonie Shirichena *** S Katie Shogan Wendy Colleen Sholds Brenda Short Dana Shourbaji * Emily L. Shupp Kelsey Elizabeth Siegel Ashlee Siglow Mary Signorelli Amy Signorino Alicia Silk Jennifer Silva *** ASL Alexandra Silvestri Simone Simms Benjamen Philip Simon *** Sarah Simoneau Maria Simoni *** ASL CS Emily Simons * Emily Kaye Simonson Roxanne Simpkins ** Carly Simpson ** Patrick Simpson Robert Simpson Michael Vincent Sineno *** Arthur Singleton Billy Rae Singpracha Christela Sion Michael Kevin Sipes * Katelyn Sisco Wachirar Sittikong Jordan Sizemore Mikala Phyllis-Rose Skalecki ** Lindsay Sledge ** Margaret Ellen Slighte Kelly Smaligo Paula Small Hannah Smarsh ** Breana Smith Brianna Smith Cassandra Smith Damon Smith Heidi I. Smith Jacqueline Smith ** Janice Smith ** Jeremy Michael Smith Jeremy Smith Jessica Rae Smith ** John Eric Smith Kara Kristine Smith Lauren Smith Marc John Smith Matthew David Smith Nadia Smith *** Ricki Smith * Sheila Denise Smith Stephanie Smith ASL Tanyanika Smith Tara Smith Temeka Smith Daniel Smithson Jessica Martinez Smyer Susan Snyder * Ana Somera Christopher L. Sommers *** Christina Somoff-Fesler Lu Song Paige K Sorensen Nicholas Sortzi ** Adam Soto John Soto Briana Soucy ** Sarah Soucy Susan M Soucy ** Tasha Terré Anne Souders * Katharine Perry Souter *** Amy Marie Southard *** Ellora Spangler Alec Sparkman Rhonda Lorraine Spath Audra Grace Helene Spaulding PC Steven E Spears *** ASL Leslie Spencer Patricia Spillane Karl Thomas Spooner Virginia Spotts *** SCS Kathryn Spring ** Rosalie Spross CS LaVerne Amanda Spruiell Daniel Stabler Lynne M. Stack Kate Stafford Kimberly A. Stahl ** Marlee Renee Staley Amanda Stallings Brittany Marie Stanek * John Stanley Benjamin Starr Christopher Stastny ** Nicholas St Clair *** Samantha Leanne St.Clair ** ASL Dustin Stearnes Joel Steele Alyssa A. Steeves *** CS Susan E Steiner Elizabeth K. Steinhoff Cynthia Stene Nancy Stephens * Robert Stephens * Tammy Stephens *** AC Robert Stephenson ** Tiffany Sterner-Neely S David Glen Stetson *** Allison Stevens Barbara Stevens Misty Cheyanne Stevens Richard Stewart Scott Stewart *** Tristan Stewart ** Alicia Stiles Debra St Jeor * Erin Alexandra St Laurent Brent St Louis Jesse D. Stock Carrie Gail Stofanak Tracy Ann Stokes * Wesley Stokes * Brooke Stonger *** Lottie N. Stowers Rachael P. Straehle PC CS Simon Stravitz ** S Sarah E. Stream Bonnie Elizabeth Strebel ** S Tabitha Strickland Holly Stubblefield Nicole Marie Stultz Keryna Stutts * Erika Cristal Suarez *** Michele Sues Melanie Sugrue Elizabeth Sullivan *** James Sullivan *** Kimberly A. Sullivan * Maisha Summers Jennifer Suzuki * Jessica Swanlund Heath Sweat 57

68 ARTS AND SCIENCES Adam Sweezy Krystyna M. Swiecicki ** Courtney Swoboda * Jessi Swopes Caitlin Elizabeth Sylva *** ASL Arnold Sylvester Catherine Symonds Alyssa Szabo Jennifer Hester Ellen Tackett *** Robert Christopher Tafflock *** Arvin Talavera Lindsey Talbert Pamela Taluban Joshua Andrew Tamblyn Jaime Y. Tamrakar *** Tan Chee Ching * Joanne Tan Hui Theng Tan Jie San - Mandy Tan Queen Get Jessica Tana ** Tang Kim Chuan Kelly Tanger Raymond Tanguay Jr. *** Kayla Tanner Johanna Tanno Morgan Tardiff Aaron Tarter *** Georgia Tassos Maria Tata Ann Brett Tatum Jane Ramona Taufa Maribel Taveras Grace Tay *** Jeffrey Taylor José M. Taylor Kathleen Marie Taylor *** Kevin Taylor Roberta Taylor Tashia Taylor * S Shirley Taylor-Davis Crystal Taylor-Lovejoy ** Lori Telenda Daniel Telles *** Ariana Templeton Teo Yee Voon Wes Terry * Cory Tester Tey Siaw Chien Andrea Thames Shawn Renae Theorine Tiffany Therrien Marie Elisabeth Thibodeau Michael Thoele Ashley Moore Thomas *** Charity Thomas Geraldine Theresa Thomas Jack Thomas ** Jahmall Thomas Jessica L. Thomas *** DMD ASL CS Katie M Thomas *** Nicole Elizabeth Thomas Sonja Thomas *** Toneita A. Thomas Alicia Thompson Chantell Nichole Thompson *** Debra Renee Thompson Kathryn Ann Thompson * Mee Thor Leanna Thorpe Thomas Thury, Jr. Sarah E. Tiapula-Stein ** Bridget M. Tighe Matthew Tillmann ** Alicia Tilsley Kayla Tilton * Paul Elgin Tilton Candice Timberlake Trevon Tinker Ashley Tinkham *** ASL David Tippett *** Eddie Tirado Jane Katherine Titsworth Heather Nicole Todd Jamie Todek *** Hollis Toepfer Latasha Tolbert James Nikolao Toma *** S Erin Tooley Karen M. Toomey ** Antoine Toran Kathryn Torbert Tyler Torbert Margaret Torres Keith Irvin Toucey, Jr. Kelley Touhy Kaleigh Tower David Wayne Towles * Joseph Lanneau Townsend Samantha M. Townsend ** PCCS Paula Tracy ** Shawn Tracy Daniel Traficante Caroline Trainer Lanh Hoang Thi Tran * Mela Tran Jessica Trantham Megan Travelstead Alice Fay Trevino Allana Triece ASL Doug Triemstra ** Barbara Herring Tripp Michael Trippedo Nicholas R. Trowbridge *** AC PC Carla Trueheart *** Andrey B Tsytsyn Laken Turcotte Atiya Turner Kristy E. Turner * Tamica Turner * Christina So Tyler Peggy Tyler Margaret E. Tynski Chris James Uhlmansiek * Tamara Ulmer *** Joshua Undem Edmond Howard Underwood IV Larissa Valdez Corrine Nikole Valente * S Victoria Valentine ** Mario Valenzuela Mary R. Valkosky Jillian Elizabeth Vallee Derek William Vanat ** Joshua J. VanDeLoo Karlee Vanderpool Julian Van Gorden Jennifer M. Van Marter Taura VanMullem Rebekah Lynne Varin ** Laurie Vario *** Ashley Proulx Brandy Vaughn Casey Vaughn * Kristopher Vaughn Jessica E. Vazquez * Jeffery Veal Loretta Vecchio Elizabeth Marie Therese Velasco Jessica Velasco ** Beth Marie Velez Brandee A. Velez Frank J. Vellucci *** Natalia Victorio Daniel L. Vidoli Duane K. Viedt Nikki Villalobos ** Megan Jeane Viloria *** Tracy L. Vinson-Blander *** S Kayla Virga * Joseph Vitale Penny Vizenor Nicole M. Voight Jenny Volpe Travis Von Rotz *** Jayme Voorhees ** Matthew Vorro Nicole Votaw Janice Leigh Vowell Meaghan Leigh Vowell * Gloria Vrba Shelbria Wachtveitl Gillean Wade Christopher Wagner Dennis Wagner Stuart Mitchell Wagoner *** Stephanie M Waites *** Michele Walicky Angela D Walker Ayanna Walker Daphne T Walker Elke Walker *** Kent Michael Walker Lea Michelle Walker Megan A. Walker * Cara Elizabeth Wall Eunice Armistead Wallace- Duncan Alexis Waller Brandi Lee Waller Karen Walsh ** Alexandra Jane Walter Amanda Mae Walters Jake Walters Bianca Wang Divya Wanithasan Earvin Kinyanjui Wanjohi Jeffrey G. Wansley II Lester Warby III *** Jacob A. Ward ** Courtney Warnecke Alexandria Warren Beverly Warren 58

69 ARTS AND SCIENCES Randy Warwick Kirsten Washburn Linda F. Washington *** CS Carson J. Waterman Staci Lynette Watson ** Cassandra Watton Auntario Watts Kimberly Susan Watts ASL S Gina Weathersby Melissa Ann Weber Jason Wedge Aaron John Weese *** ASL Matthew T. Wehrhahn Cali Weinstein Kathleen Weiss Haley Grogan Welch *** Kristine Joan Welch * Mollie Christine Welch * Janis Wells Raymond W. Welton Jr. Sarah Wenzel Charvalla West *** Diamond Ashley West * Elizabeth S. West *** Melissa West Pamela West Thomas H West * James Westberry Caleb Westbrook *** Beverly D. Westfall S Christopher J. Whaley Jock K. Whatley Robert James Wheeler Candace Whitaker Chelsea Whitaker *** Aaron White Blake Grant White Eric Norman White *** ASL Kaitlyn White Mason White Nakia White Tiffany White Victory White S Jeremy N Whiting Joy Kathryn Whiting *** Austin Whitman Christina N Whitson Michael Wholley Jennifer Lynn Wickman Kristen Dawn Wiegand Jennifer Marie Wilber *** S Cassandra Wilcox Samantha Wilcox ** Carolyn Elizabeth Wilder Douglas Wilds Ashley Wilichoski *** Rachel Wilkes ** Katie Wilkinson *** Chelsea Mae Wilkinson- Walker *** Chad Edward Will James Willburn * Darion Williams Katelyn Diane Sellers Williams Markisha Williams Matthew D. Williams Melinda Nichole Williams Michael Thomas Williams ** Reahna Williams *** CS Scott Williams * Tempestt Williams Ashley J. Williamson Brittany Williamson *** Stephanie Dominique Williamson Aimee Williquett ASL Abrielle Wilson * ASL S CS Lucius James Wilson Jr. S Shanti Elisa Wilson Stephanie Wilson * Kristina J. Wilt * CS Krista Winslow ** Stephanie Winston Matthew Wirth Brunna Wise *** Amy Kreslyn Witt ** Nancy Wittman Keri Yensina Wittwer Danica Wladyka Kimberly Michelle Woelky *** Amanda Wolters Wong Chin Wen Wong Jo Ee ** Wong Yong Le Brianna G. Wood PC Jessica Wood *** Nicole Wood Tucker Wood Julie M Woodbury *** Pachess Lee Wooden *** Marcelle H Woodruffe ** Matthew John Woodward * Alicia M. Woolhiser Justin Wooten Althea P. Wright Amanda Wright Candice Wright * Rondel Wright Michelle Wrobel Kirsten L Wunderlich ** Lyric Wyatt * Terri Jo Wyckoff * S James Richard Wynn ** William Xion ** Cherie Yaeger Brian Yang Dennis Owen Yang Pa Houa Yang Jacob Charles Yarbrough *** Amanda Yates Yeap Yong Hoe Craig Yee Sue Li Yeoh Caitlin Marie Yergeau Lisa Yoes ** ASL Yon Ker Xuan Rodney Yonker Jennifer Yonts Vanessa You * Allen Young * Kourtney Young Mitchell Young Nicole Marie Elizabeth Young * Stephen Young * Charles Edwin Youse Yousif Yousif * Shelby Lee Zacher PC Brian Ray Zamudio Jordan Zander Jessica Zapatero Natalie Zartarian Robin Ann Zehntner *** Tammra Zeigler Katrina Zentefis Zachary Lee Zerby Jennifer Zerfing Longying Zhang Xinran Zheng ** Jaime Lynne Zulli *** Adriana V Zulueta Caleb Zurakowski Penny Zwicker Randi Zylberminc Bachelor of Sciences Andrew Abrams Faisal M. Abu Sag Zaid Adam Carolyn Adams *** ASL Christopher Adams * Eric Adams Stephanie Mann Adams * Charles E. Adkins III Ashley M. Ahlstedt *** Octavio Daichi Akiyama * Samantha Albright Tina V. Aldama *** Fawad Ali * Tovzila Allen Danielle Allen-Blome *** Michael Almeida *** Mohammed Alsahli Ryan Ali Alsayed Elan Michael Alvey ** Mlyard Alzayat *** Brian Amerson *** CS Brett Leland Anderson *** Anthony Michael Angelesco Dimetry Anis * Harold Anthony III * Myrna Antillon Gonzalez ** Sean P. Antoniak *** Thiago Luiz Araujo Colton Archer ** ASL Nathaniel James Arevalo Allison Aring Marc Richard Ariz Suvada Arnautovic Christopher Arrigo * Brian J Asselin Jr. * CS Matthew Atienza * APS Kelsie Elizabeth Atiyeh Joubert Aurelien Amanda Louise Austin *** Charissa Avila Drew Steven Azar II *** DMD Gal Azencot * Tonetta Bagley Kiel Bailey Christian Baker *** E. Todd Baldi ** Seth Norris Baldwin Stephen Joseph Bamberg Benjamin Bandelean Melissa S. Banks *** ASL 59

70 ARTS AND SCIENCES Michele Baptie Keidy Baquedano Discua Christopher Barker CS Steven M. Barker *** Thomas K. Baylis *** Christopher A. Beasley Landon Beasley * Derek Beaton ** Kendra Beck Sheila Beckwith Dylan Begin Amanda Bellamy ** ASL Montana Lynn Benson *** ASL Briana Berard *** Christopher Berdan Constance Berg * Matthew Berge *** Astra Berry *** DMD Stephen Erich Berry *** Briana Beyerl Amee Kathryn Bickel *** Jacob Taylor Bjornberg Heather Blake * Jason Blanchard *** Gregory L. Bohlig Franklin Boosman *** ASL CS Marielle Elizabeth Booth *** DMD ASL Shaun Phillip Borey ** DMD CS Kenneth Maximilian Bosch ** Christopher Botwinis Jonathan Boutin Brian Bradford Patricia Branham ** DMD Timothy Chaz Bray Drew M. Brennan Howard Brewer *** Christopher Briere *** Mitchell Dale Brooks Trevor Brooks * Amy Brown * Donald Shane Brown *** Jamie Brown Steffan Brown * APS CS Dellon Browne Ann Brumback Dawn Bryant *** Brett M Buckus *** Gumercindo Buenrostro Benjamin Burgess Stephanie Burkard * Jessica F. Burke *** APS Evan Burnett * Denise A. Burns *** Sydney Kaye Burr Tash Montgomery Burt ** Johnny F. Bustos Jr. Todd Butts Beatrice Bynum * Adilson Cabral *** Richard Caceres * Casey A. Campbell * Dinah Cagle Cannuli Karista Cardenas Benjamin Carl Lance D. Carlen * John Carmody *** CS Kevin Carpentieri *** ASL Jared Lee Carr *** ASL Lauren Elizabeth Carrick Ralph J. Carroll Frances Carver Tayler Mae Carver Kevin Cassidy Carlos J. Castaneda Aimee Elizabeth Cawlina *** Francis Cenizal * Anne Britta Cerling *** Jessica Marie Chamberlin *** DMD Angela Chebuske * Dale Chu *** Jessica Cialek *** Laura K. Ciarlo Kyle J. Cieliczka *** Vanessa Viola Cimino Hector Cintron Jonathan Clark * Ryan Earl Clark Darnelle A. Clarke-Mills Ethan Daniel Classetti Jesse Ryan Cleary *** Matthew C. Clifton Jared Nelson Cobb *** Tyler F. Coffman Eric David Cogovan Gary William Collins * Chasen Congreves Robert J. Conlon Michael Conner * Elizabeth Constance *** Randy Corbin Rajhan Renee Cormier * CS Jeremy Cornett Paul Corriveau Damion Corum *** Owen James Costello Anthony J Cotoni Alec C Courtemanche Kevin Craig Daniel James Cratty Erika Crotty Michael Crouch Morgyn Crouch Mario Jorge Cuevas II * Taylor Cullum * Edward Cummings ** Tyler J. Cunningham Nikolas F. Currao Andrew M. Czachor *** Michael Dale * Kristin Dallalis * Kristen Dameron Rebecca Joyce Dandeneau * Michael C. Daube * Alexander Davenport *** Jamie Lee Davidson Maria Davila *** Keith Davis *** ASL Corey N. Day *** Eric Day *** Courtney Lamontt Deans Stheffany De Lima Melissa A. Demaine * Tricia DeMarlie Brian R. Demers *** Paul Demers *** ASL Robert James Dempsey * Andrew Finn Denaker Jon Denham *** Katelyn Marie Dennis Shawn Joseph DePasquale Ashley Derby Anthony Dettling John Dhabolt *** Shadi Diab * J Dillon ** Jamie L Dockery ** Cynthia Dodge Erik E Dodge ASL Jarrett Edward Dodge * Carly Ann Donnarummo ** Stasia Doster *** Michael Doyle Irene Drayton Kristina Dumais *** Bryan Dunagin Michael Dunn Haley M. Dupell * Dubraska Duque Katie Lee Dutton *** Samir Taher Eid III Charles Ellis * Dorian Elswick *** ASL CS Jason Elwell ** Patrick J. Emsweller *** DMD ASL Ethan J. Eskelund Rogerio R. Esteves * Jenny Evans Skylar Rain Evans Sandra Fabian Carley Fagan Stephanie Siitia Faiivae ** Michael J. Farese Andrew Faust Shawna Favor William George Feather Inelisa Fenderson Lauren Fennewald * Hannah Hodgdon Ferguson Brian Christopher Ferri * Lisa Fetter *** Joan Figuroa-Eberly *** Carlton Fike Luis Antonio M Fille Dana Nicole Finazzo * CS Annika Elin Firestone ** Jessica Lynn Fish *** John Joseph Fitzpatrick * Erika Fletcher *** Eric Foley * Courtney Forsythe CS Merianne Foster Christopher Frank Joshua Edward Franklin * Jeffrey Fredrickson Craig Fredrychowski *** Justin Freeman * Nicole Joyce French-Wollen Adam C. Frey Taylor Jordan Frizzell Taylor Gagan *** APS Timothy C. Gale Jeffrey S. Ganung ** Laurie Gapen Alyssa Garcia 60

71 ARTS AND SCIENCES Logan Harvey Gardyne ** Shanice Garner John Gaskins Kimberly Gaskins Jerry Gay Georgia Barbosa Gelais Krystina M. Gibbons APS Ken Gilmore Jason Daniel Gintof Tyler C. Girouard Amanda Margaret Giroux Amber Gladden * Edward Clinton Glidden Ericka Glover Whitney Suzanne Glover ** Robin Gochenour * CS Sara Goede * Maria Goodale * Eliot R. Gorman *** DMD ASL Gregory Daniel Gosselin Justin Andrew Grabowski Madeline Grace Alexander Granado ** James Gravell David Andrew Green Brenden Greene Jennifer Greenwood ** Juli Greenwood Catherine Gregory Timothy R. Gregory Jordan V. Grillo ** Zacharia Grinnell ** Michael Alyn Groth ** Kenneth F Grover III *** Kendra Grubb James Grummell *** Gundu Venkata Sai Kumar Lyette Hagemeyer *** Brook Hailemariam ** Bridget Maureen Haley *** ASL Kevin Hall Erica Hardy John Patrick Hare Lori Harmon ** Evan Albert Harring Terry Harrington * Leonard Harris Matthew Harris * Elizabeth Lauren Harrison Nicholas Harrison ** Erik D. Haskell II Joseph A. Haskell * Nathan W. Hathway *** Sharon Hauser *** Drew R. Haxton Robert Adam Hayden Frank E. Hayes Elliott D. Haynie IV Heather Heacock Charlotte Campbell Healey APS Derrick A. Heath ** CS Scott Brooks Heinlein Nicole L. Helbert Kimberly Henkel ** Luke Klement Henkel Amber Lee Herrington *** DMD Doris Naoma Herrington Robert F. Hess *** Kenddra M. Hickey Jared Hill Jason T. Hill ** Valerie Hills Madeline Hines Shanika D. Hines Emad Aldin Ahmed Mohamed Hirsi Joshua Michael Hockom ** Shelby E. Hofknecht OO APS Charissa Hogan Jeffrey R. Holinko Sean T Holland Matthew J Hollenbeck Lincoln Hood * Ashley Ann Hopp CS Scott Hosey *** Zachary A. Host ** APS Brian A. Hotchkiss Ryan Benjamin Howdeshell Matthew Howell * Christopher Hruby ** Carlesa Huezo-Rosales * Benjamin J. Hugentobler *** Zachary Huntington *** Nicholas V. Iacozzi Connor James Isnard Charles Emmanuel Ivy * Dreyden Ivy ** Tricia N. Jackson * Zachary J. Jacobs Islande Jacques Marli Jaeger Tracy James Casey Tyler Jenkerson Amber C. Johnson *** Ashley Elizabeth Johnson Barbara Johnson Christina Johnson Ira Ellis Johnson III ** Jonas Johnson * Timothy Johnson Michelle R. Jones Stephanie Jones ** Timothy Glenn Jones *** ASL Brenda Jordan ** Christopher Jordan ** Robert Jordan *** Scott Jordan Kelli Joyce Larry Darnell Judson Jr Hamin Jung ** Keith A. Kahler Kristina Andrea Karrasch ** Ryan J. Katz Rachel Keating *** Timothy J. Keckler Alexandra Murphy Keeler * Sara Keith Erick Kendall Janosch Kersting ** Aaron V. Kiff Kimberly King *** Robert King Tiffany Desare'e King Chris Kinzer Michael N. Kirby Timothy Kirchner *** Christopher Klubertanz *** Christopher Knowles * Lucas Konopka Jame Michelle Kontol Kelly L. Kordich *** John Kratochwill Alexander Krawiec Catherine A. Krizar ** ESD CS Cheryl Lynn Kruse Andrew John Kuc Patricia Kuntz Dillon Labombard Michael E. Labrecque APS Desiree Elaine Lacerda *** ASL Matthew J. Lajoie Kevin A. Laliberte Kyle Austin LaMier Amanda Lamotte *** Ryan Landry Robert E. Lane Brandon Lange Philip A. Lapan * Jason Christopher LaPointe ** Jessica Larose ** Michael Denis LaTour * Arthur J. LaTulippe II Kari Lauruhn Chase Matthew Laventure Christopher Richard Lavertu *** Laura Lavoie *** DMD James Amon Lawrence *** Chelsey Lynne Lawson Anthony T. Le Tung T. Le *** Amanda Leach Amanda Marie Leahy APS Michael E. Leathers ** Christian N. Le Doux Ashley Lee Daniel L. Lee Sean Lee *** Aaron Leighton * Andrew Mario Leon Brandee Leon Stephen M. Lessmann Adam R Levy * Matthew David L'Heureux Jiabao Li * Louis Li ** Jaimee-Jolleen Jeriann Lilley Xinyu Lin Jessica Lingelback Yuxuan Liu Christopher J. Lockhart * OO APS William Looney Anthony Lopes Eveline F. Lopes Adam Lorraine *** Tyler J. Lott James V Love Jr Tara Lovely ** DMD ASL Alexandra G. Lowell * Michael Paul Luippold ** Kendrick Lyles Joshua Forrest Lynn *** 61

72 ARTS AND SCIENCES Amber Marie Lyon Robert Stephen Macera Sebastian MacHuca Heather Mack * Scott R. Maffioli Margaret Mahone *** Garrett Malloy Daniel W. Mankiewicz *** Chelsea Tatiana Marceau Mike Orlan J. Marcelo Alysha Mary Marinow *** Kristi Marlin ** Steven Marmillo *** Jameson Scott Marquis * Amber Marshall Timothy Martel Cody Martin Krystal Martin Timothy Joseph Martin *** Reynaldo Martinez Jr. *** Charles Massey ** David E. Mastrangelo Tyler Wayne Mastromarino Jason Matthews *** Jeffrey A. Mattson *** Ashley May * Daniel Lawson McClain ** John A. McCollough * Troy Preston McConville *** Corey Allen McCormick ** Derek McDonald ** Ronald McFeaters *** Alicia R. McGonagle Thomas J McGrath Matthew Thomas McIntire Christopher McIntyre *** Joseph A. McKee Robert McKinney ** Courtney Lynne McPherson CS Gregory C. McRae *** Allan-Jamal Meadows Anthony Medina *** Marcela Medina ** Alexandres Mejia Jr. APS Benjamin Melanson Renita Mendonca Tina Mengel Joshua Merican-Natale Mary Beth Merritt Cody Thaddaeus Michel *** Cameron Milani Gregory Miller Jared D. Miller *** ASL JD Miller * Jessica L. Miller APS Justin Mills *** Matthew Mills Justin William Milos Jonathan Mirandy ** Carey Diane Mitchell Erik T. Mitchell Mariah M Mitchell *** Cody R. Mock Alexandria Mohn ** Rafael O. Molina Gavin James Monagle ** APS CS Sophie L. Monk Timothy Luke Montgomery Alyson L. Moore Reginald Moore Ryan William Moore Raelynn Moraga Bruce B Morgan Jr. ** Connor P. Moriarty Christopher Morris *** Alan Robert Morte ** Roy E. Mosby ** NouRak Moua ** Jesica Moul John R Mudd *** Joseph Michael Mudd Almira Mujanovic Everett Murphy *** DMD Kelsey Lee Myers APS Colin Joseph Narducci Phoebe Giselle Nault Madeleine Lorraine Nay *** Erick Ndoho James Nearn *** Appel J. Nemarundwe * Mary Elizabeth Nicol * ESD Daniel Nittinger Matthew Nixon Shalom Njuguna *** Nathan Evan Nogueira Tarvon J. Nolan Debra Ntengeri ** Kevin Nylander Alex Oakes Nicole L. Oakes Harrison Ochi *** Ashley O'Connell Treva D. O'Keefe Justin Olenoski * Kristopher O'Neil Luisa Maria Orjuela Tony Javier Ortiz Kyle W. Osborne * Juan Otero Judith K. Oyuo * Cole Anthony Padula Marcus L. Page Caleb Paine Zachary James Palmer Joseph Michael Paquin Eric Paradis Erin Elizabeth Paradise Michael R Parcels Andrew Parker Christian Parker Christopher Parkinson Jeremiah Ozell Parsons * Melissa A Peery Ethan Geoffrey Peigen * Fransi Pellumbi Stacy Pepple Michael Perrotta ** William Peska Scott Peters Tariq Peters David Petersen *** Charles Petrakos Vivencia Sonyde Philippe Brandon S. Phinney * Barry Pickreign Jonathan Robert Pierog Sarah E. Pilotte Christopher Alexander Pinson Charles Pinto Jr Elizabeth Piskin * Dylan Place Drew E. Poirier Michael Stephen Poitras Sarah Catherine Pomeroy Billie Presby *** Brian Presgrove Kody William Priddle Elizabeth Pritchard Jason Procell Kristopher Provencher Seth Pry Benjamin Puget * Robert Quail *** Andrea Quihuis Jacob Neil Rabideau Adrian Elias Ramos ** Drew Ramsey * Joshua Andrew Rand Christine Randall Robert T Randall Aakriti Raut Josh Raymond Jonathan Robert Reckers Bryan J. Redfern * Suzanna L Reed Julia Christine Repaal * Rufina Marie Reynolds ASL Nicole Richard Brandi Riehl *** Joyell D. Riley Kristan Rivas Victor Pedro Rivera III Charles T Robertson Joshua Robertson * Hermin Robillard * Ashley Robinson Alysia Rocha Sean Patrick Roche Jr. Cesar A. Rodas Carlos Guillermo Rodriguez II *** Saul Genaro Rodriguez Steven Rogers *** Craig Allen Rooth *** Madeline Rose Roulier Michael J. Rowley * APS Kristoffer M. Roy Audrey Royer Linda Joyce Rudd *** JB Russell Michael R. Russell ** ASL Robert Charles Saalfrank Jr Connor Joseph Saccoccio * CS Tara Saczynski *** Cassandra Allyson Salinas ** David Brian Salucco ** David Sans Nicholas Sansone *** Karen E. Sarosiek Daniel Peter Savello Jessica Ann Sayer Jeremy Charles Sayers Stephen Henry Scafidi Bradford Scarfo Nicholas Scheldt *** 62

73 ARTS AND SCIENCES Robert B. Schmaling Jr. *** Blake K. Schneider *** ASL Matthew Schoellhorn *** Jillian B Seabrook * CS Jason Thomas Dan Sederquist CS Sidney Sellers Mark William Sengstock * Wayne Seppala *** Megan Lynn Serencha * ACA SL David Serpa ** Devin M. Sevene *** Joseph Shannon Patrick William Shaughnessy Gregory Alan Silva * Hayle Silva Kartheepan Sivagurunathan Barbara Sivers ** Andrew Smith * Jordan Louis Smith ** Kevin Smith Marc Andrew Smith ** CS Ryan J. Smith *** Sabrina Noel Smith Theresa Smith ** ASL Vanessa Smith Joshua Adam Snyder Ryan A. Soper *** Tyler Joseph Souter ** Richard Spalla ** Daniel Spiegel * Brittany Marie Stanek * Menday Kay Stark Paige Stark *** Kevin Stedman ** Patrick Thomas Henry Steele Monica Stephenson Matthew Stevens ** Taylor Mackenzie St. Jean Kelley Elizabeth Stoll Arkadiusz Marek Stopa *** ASL Matthew Stowell ** Madilyn Strickhausen Alexander Suffoletto Tiffany Suggs Jonathan Swearingen * Matthew Sweet Kurt N Swett James W. Sylvia Amanda Szuminsky *** Joseph Tanucci * Donald C. Tavano Jr. Jason Tavernier Jaline M. Tessier * Benjamin Thomas Thibodeau * Samantha A. Thiboult Charlene Thomas *** Paul Thomas Ronicer Contee-Thomas Troy Thomas William Henry Thompson III Colin M. Thorner ** Rollin Lester Tillie Jerry Lawrence Tillman, Jr. *** Derek Towne Mikayla Toy-Tozier * Jonathan Tracy Jenny Tran ** Makema Turner Casey Tyler ** Lauren Julie Uitts Michael Paul Ulkowski *** ASL Tariq Vaid John Valente ** John P. Valles *** Paul VanGundy Lee Miles Van Osdol *** Shanta Vaughan Cheryl L. Vaughn David Vavra Jonathan A. Vazquez Domenic J. Ventola Eugena Vicars *** Kody Viele *** Nicole A Vlaming *** Courtney Vogelin * Eric Wade Sr. Alycia N. Wagner Michael William Walsh Daphne A. Ward Kiesha Washington James Weaver III Brandon P. Webman Anthony Webster ** Whitney Anne Welch *** Ashley Welker ASL Zackary S. Wentworth Lucy Weston Darren Ray Wheeldon Michelle Wheeler ** Brian Whitaker James W. Whitehead, III Daniel Jacob Whiting *** Todd Whorton *** Casey L. Wiggin *** APS Dennis Wilhere Lester Williams Jr Michael Patrick Williams * Thoressa A. Williams Troy Williams *** ASL Jeremie Parker Wilson Meaghan Wilson Daman Michael Wilt Megan Wingate Caina Wingert Cheryl Winslow Matthew M. Wodzisz ** Jacob Wolf Larry Scott Wood Christonya Lynn Woodbury *** Chrystal Woodcock *** Bradley Woods *** Jacob A. Wormald * Mark Anthony Wostal Max Allen Wright *** Marwa Yamout * Mark J. Young *** ASL Vyacheslav Y. Zagorodniy CS Michael Zguro ASL Nichole Electra Zunno Associate in Arts Lisa Aileen Harrison Adamson * Penny J. Alderton Cameron Philip Allen * Elizabeth Allen Nikole Allen * Eliana Ambor-Skvaric Laneva Anderson Eric J. Andrikowich Megan Antunes Julian D Arce Victoria Arlen Chacorya Chanel Autrey Jameson Ayers Elizabeth Baez Thomas Ballard Dora M. Baltodano Kristal Barker * Taylor Barker Unice Barksdale Rebekah Barlow Emily Catherine Barrasso Jessica Bartell Shaneenah Monique Beau ** Ellyn Benhamida Thomas R. Bergeron *** Alex Berry Tyler Bissonnette Kayla Boh William D. Bolick Jr. Justin Bouchrouche * Jennifer V. Bowser Melissa Brandan Jessica R. Bregler CS Jason Breitwieser * James G. Brittain Elinor Rowen Bronnvik Engelking *** Alexis Brophy April L Brown Ashley Brown Emilee Brown * Octavia Bryant Monica Buckles Andrew Buczynski Destiny N. Buffington Margaret Burnside Tyrone Buskey Courtney N. Bussiere Amanda Butler Shannan Callahan * Randolph Michael Carlton Jr. * Christopher Castillo David Anthony Charlot Temeria Chavez Eric Chiaramonte ** Sheryl Christian Jennifer Lyn Christie Arian Cisneros Brittany Alayne Clifford Cole R. Cloutier *** Sophie Danielle Coderre Kayla Ellis Nolan Conwell Elizabeth Corkery * Joseph F. Cox *** LeeAnn Cranmer CS Robyn Croutch Timothy Michael Crowley Christopher Cruz ** Brittany Ann M. Cullip * 63

74 ARTS AND SCIENCES Ida Chastity Dale Maria Dallenbach Trystan Michael Davio ** Stephanie L. Desautels *** Sarah Dixon * Jahun Olajuwon Dugger *** Tanner Eborn Cynthia Edwards-Bush Jason Egan ** Carlo Eideh Jr. Mark Wade Elliott Amanda Ely Jerod Ray Evans * Kaitlyn Faro ** Dominique Faucher ** Mark Ferrer ** Robert Stanley Filipkowski ** Brian W Fitzgerald Brianna Marie Floyd *** ASL Michele Gaboury Jesyka Ruth Garland Jodi George Shirley Geruso Kassandra M. Gilormini Joshua Robert Given ** Miranda Lee Goan Shawn Goodwin *** Michaela Greenwood Crystal Griffin Nickayla Griggs Hannah Harrington Justin Hart Melissa Held Shaymia Henderson ** April Henry *** Erin Hicks Chelsea Hippler Constance Holland Rebecca Jean Holloway Justin Holmes * Kevin Michael Hubbard *** Cameron Richard Ingersoll Calandra Latrice Jackson *** George Jackson Kathryn A Jackson *** Kimberly W. James *** Sandra Jamieson *** Sofia Jeanes *** Vinson Isaiah Jenkins Koshia Johnson Candyce R. Jones *** Kimberly Joseph Rachel M Kaminski Cimona Kanaan Amanda Rose Kapulka Elizabeth Kasser-Thomas Daniel Frederick Kattner Amanda Irene Kenny Charles Dylan Kershner *** Nacita Keys Ryleigh Simms Amanda Kosko *** Philip Kozacka Kerilyn Kwiatkowski Michael Lacey Nicholas Laferte Heather M. Lang ** Brenda Leonard Sarah Letbetter Ethan Loring ** Erin Colleen Loughran * Tammy Love *** Linda Luu Stephanie Mainguy Jamella Malloy * Andrew Marelli Joshua Marston Samanetha Maynard Karen McAllister * Meredith McAllister *** Sarah Anne McCarthy Tearra McCray Genesis McKinney Colin McLellan * Laura McMullen Brianna Mead Camille Mellin Elizabeth Miller Jeremy Miller William T. Miller Kelly Moon ** Joseph Samuel Moore III Sandra Moynihan Marie Margaret Rose Mulvaney Danna Lea Naumann Freddy Nunez John Daniel O'Brien *** ASL Rachel O'Connor Dawn Oljey * Janine Opalka Daniel Otto *** Babak Panahi Jennifer Ann Parisien Sara Lynn Pfeiffer Maria Veronica Percy *** Rebecca Peternel * Farra Pierre Matthew Ronald Pitts *** Elisa Planellas Christopher Plouffe Moises Marino Polanco * Autumn Ponder Sharon Lee Prachnick *** Susanna Rebecca Prescott Portia Proctor Hamilton ** CS Billy Pullin Laticia Rand Stephanie Maria Raymond *** Jessie Reed *** Suzzette Rolle Reese Maria E Reyes Yudelca Reyes David Rios Stephanie Rios Emanuel Rivera ** Michelle Danielle Roberts Lewis Robertson * Rosalea M. Robertson Alton Robidas * Abigail Robinson *** Tia Rochelle Joshua Rodeheaver Juan Rodriguez Elizabeth Rooney ** Angela T. Roundtree * CS Samuel Rubin *** Sara Rugar Caroline Russo Cameron T. Ryerson Carlos Sagastume Jeanine Santoro Rachel Leigh Schaible LaKeesha Karlese' Schouster Erik Schurig Abigail Schwehr *** Davin Robert Secchiaroli * Patrick Richard Shah Jasmine Sharp Monica Sheppard * PTK ASL Emily Ann Sherwin Monica Shivrattan Joseph Sims Shermichael Singleton Joseph Slate Benjamin Smarzynski *** Erin Smith ** Stacie M Smith Michael Stefanelli ** Christopher Suosso *** Casey Sutherland Theresa M Sutton *** Danielle Teboe *** Kathleen Telofski Aaron Tibbets Lydia Beth Tinker *** Haleigh Makenzie Towne Danielle Trueba *** Alexis Turcotte ** Robert Uzzo Lorraine Velez Michael Todd Voils Alexia I. Vousboukis Tori Walker Michael James Kelleher Watt *** Keith Zachary Weidner ** Jordanna Leigh Whiten *** Abigail Williams ** Sara Williams Nathaniel Winstead Tamara Woodbury *** Jarrod Woogerd Brittany Wujek *** Associate in Sciences Brandon Demetrius Abrams * Christopher Adams * Ahmad Aissa * CS Micah Allen Renzo Almonte Dylan Ashton Tracy Lee Bachand ** Ashley Badeau ** Britton Ballard ** CS Michael Battcock Wilson E Bautista Cynthia A. Beaton ** Jonathan Beaudreau Joshua Beaudry Gary D. Belton * Shawnjeet Bhullar *** Sharon Bolen Lorraine Renee Bolton ** 64

75 ARTS AND SCIENCES Alonso Bonifacio Marshaunt Bowden Maxwell James Bressi Laurente Briggs *** CS Thomas A. Brookhart *** Jennifer Brown Matthew Brown Jr. Adriana Cabrera Bielka P. Cabrera Alain Cancia Damaine Carpenter David Cheben ** David Cheney * Tyson H. Choate ** Alexander Cintron-Rivera Cassandra Clemens ** CS Ryan M. Coggeshall * Karen Cooper Ivan Cortez PTK Michael Courtney Tiera Monique Covington Aaron F. Cox Rebecca Curee *** ASL Jonathan D. de Mello *** Kayla Draper Jillian Duddy *** Melanie E. Edwards ** Audrey Marilyn Dukelow Clementine Genda Dunatov ** ASL CS Glen Dwyer * Mark J. Escott *** Megan Faust Ahmed Abdelrahim Fayoumi David Feldman ** Raymond Finney *** Tyler Fish ** Katelyn Fisher Brian Fitzpatrick Sean Fleming John Flowers Seth R. Ford Destiney Foster Mario Foti Nathaniel Frisella Austin Fry Bradley Furuseth A. Orlando Gamez Joshua Gann Prince Gbalah Matthew Gibson Stephen Girard ** Thomas Glass ** Ramses I. González González Jason Grant * Megan Grantham Ryan Grantham Tiffany Greenwood *** Joshua Grivois ** Pantera Coleman Hagler Justin Halstead Joseph Hare Stephan A. Hawkins Reese Hayes Ryan Darius Herndon ** Mandy Hintz Clinton W Holcomb *** Kirstyn Hontz Joseph Richard Horn * CS Eric David Huddleston Alexander Istenes ** Michael F. Jeffers Jr. Norkietha D. Jones Kristian Joos Elizabeth Jordan Austin Julian * Richard James Kane ** William Michael Keil James Kendall ** Kimberly Ketchersid *** CS Keith Robert Kirk *** DMD CS Michael Klemmetson *** Daniel J Klimczak Kristopher F Knochel Debbie Kraft Craig S. Kuhn Steven W. LaBella * Matthew Laflamme *** Corey Le Michael Leib Sarah Leiknes ** Michael Lenahan Nick S. Levesque Shante Lewis Michael Lichtenwalner *** Abel Limon Ciarra Rain Lindsay *** CS Nicholas Lockwood ** Peter Lojko Mike Lopez Jon Damian Lumbra Frank Magana Timothy Maloney *** Mark Martin ** Roger A. Martineau, Jr. * Felicia Martinez Mathew Mathews *** Anna Mayer Stephen McCallister Darrin L. McCarthy *** Tiffany McClure William McCorvey Pamela McCubbin * Michael Edward McDonald *** Devonta McFarland Kelly McFarland *** ASL Alfred McWilliams Glenn Medeiros Jr. ** Ann Mendoza Justin Alexander Mercer Eldora Midkiff Caprice Miller *** Tyler Miller Jason Minerich Emily Montag Roberta Montez Christopher Ryan Moore *** Anthony Moraco * Marc A. Morales Wayne Morgan Jared G. Moser Ashley Lorraine Munnelly Cory Nagle * Kori Nelson *** Shawn Obarr Michael O'Brien Anthony Lee Ochoa *** Dan L. Olson, Jr. Jody Olson * Joseph Douglas Ostrander ** Mariely Otero Amy Palsrok Ashley Peck Fred N Pietrantozzi Lauren Pixtun * Phaedra Poliquin *** ASL Travis Porter * Hannah Linn Powers *** Jamie Purinton ** Gary A. Raddi Ashley Rainey Eric S. Ramos *** Suad Rastoder ** Michael Reda ** Kevin Reed *** Joshua Reynolds Amber Ridgeway *** ASL Melvin Risper Velvet Garris Roach * Graciamaria R Rodriguez Richard Rogers *** Terry A. Rognon ** Michael George Roka ** Danny Rubianes Jr Sarah A. Rucker Andrew Parker Ryan Jason Ryan *** Travis P. Ryan *** Alisa R. Ryea Jeffrey Saad Amadou Sakho Lorraine Brook Santa CS Eric Saxman *** Steven Scanniello *** Wyatt Schirmer ** David Alan Schmale Jr. Alyssa Schuster Robert Segrin Eric Joseph Shapley *** CS Muhammad Arshad Sheikh *** Rodney Shoeman, Jr. Michael Shoulders *** ASLCS Torri Sigl * Trevor Lance Slay *** ASL Tony Souders David Walter Southwick * Steve Allen Spitler Steven Standard Albano Stefani Jeffery Jay Stewart II DeAnn Marie Stout Edward L. Stoutenburg *** Jacqueline Subasa John M. Tabler Jr. *** Ashley Marie Tanguay * Hugo Teixeira *** Damon Thomas Lacey Townsend ** Adam Scott Trayner * Shelia Turner Rahmat Udhnawala *** Joseph Vacca Barbara J. VanDemark Nalisha Varnado * Taylor A. Vaughan Cody Vian Felicia McPherson-Wallace 65

76 ARTS AND SCIENCES Jason Warren Danielle Nichole Watkins Caitlyn Watson Daryl Watson ** Kelsey Weigend *** Jeff Whitacre Christopher Thomas White *** Michael White *** CS Casey Whitehead ** Bradley Williams ** Michelle Renee Williams * CS Rhonda Williams Cameron J Williamson *** ASL Estefania Willingham Antonio Wixom Andriana Woods ** Ryan Young Carlos Zuniga * 66

77 BUSINESS UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS The School of Business at Southern New Hampshire University prepares students for successful careers through a commitment to exceptional teaching of business fundamentals, a relentless focus on the competencies and workplace skills that distinguish high performers in business, and partnerships with businesses and organizations that provide our students with workplace experience and an understanding of today s business environments. The basic knowledge in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management, leadership, and operations that every business student must attain is no longer sufficient to succeed. Students today need to be adaptable to succeed in a workplace where jobs that have never existed before are being created daily as new technologies provide opportunities and challenges. They need to understand the implications of a global marketplace that is fully connected and interdependent. And they need to approach every job as an entrepreneur, finding new and better ways of doing things. We pride ourselves on our exceptional faculty that provides a broad, relevant business education designed to launch our students on successful careers and lives. COLLEGE OF ONLINE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION BUSINESS DEPARTMENT The mission of the College of Online and Continuing Education s business programs is to create the best online student learning experience in the world and to develop professionals who achieve success personally, in their careers and for society as whole. The department's many diverse programs all prepare students for both academic and professional advancement opportunities in their chosen fields and disciplines. Our programs employ rigorous learning outcomes, real world scenarios, and the latest technologies relevant to the field of professional practice. We pride ourselves on providing our students with a transformative educational experience and with never giving up on a student who is putting forth the effort to achieve his or her academic goals

78 BUSINESS DOCTORATE OF PHILOSOPHY COMMUNITY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS BOTAO AN Changes in Capital Structure of Listed Emerging Market Firms in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis Chair: Bulent Aybar MICHAEL ALLAN BAKER Essays on Tax Systems and Corporate Tax Avoidance: The Effect on MNC Location Choices and Firm Value Chair: Bulent Aybar JOHN GEORGE CHAMBERS II The Obsolescence of Patent Proxies as Country and Firm Innovation Measures Chair: Massood Samii LINGLING WANG Knowledge Transfer in Multinational Enterprises: Intra-firm and Interview Perspectives Chair: Massood Samii 68

79 BUSINESS Doctor of Philosophy Margaret A. Almeida Botao An DMD Michael Allen Baker DMD John George Chambers II Lingling Wang Master of Business Administration Anhar Mohamed Eid Abdelhafez Abdelraheem Amber Abel Selina Aboagye Mohammed Said Abu- Khraybeh Cory Stephen Achezinski DMD Madison Alexis Ackerman Michael Adamczyk Michael Adams Victor Adams Maria Victoria Addy David Adelekan Adetoro Adesina Heather Adey-Merrithew Sara Afifi Ahmed E Abdelkhalek Willie Charles Agnew Jr. Jeanne Agri Sharjeel Ahmad Afetsi Edem Aidam Christopher Aitken Rotimi Akande Adedotun O. Akinbolade Zeynep Aksogan Nouha Alaoui Hassani Kristi S. Alexander Mohamed Ali Whitney Allan India Allison Elideusa Gomes Almeida Mohammed Mubarak Gh a Al-Naemi David Alonge Meriem Alouache Gregory A. Alphonse Bandar H Alshammari DMD Mohammed Salem Alshammari Zinah Sami Alshukri Jessica Althoff Andrew Peter Altmaier Carlos D. Alvarez Koku Wolako Amedzonu Jhoanna A. Amigable DMD Margaret Amison Jason Ammerman Rachel Amos Curt Anderson Sharon Anderson Tiffany Anderson Tiwana Renae Young Anderson Robert Andrews Bradley Andrulonis Sherieka Anglin Kate Appiah Patricia Angela Arabio Timothy Arnold Bethany Arsenault Richard Arthur Jemima Arthur-Kwallah Marvin Asam-Dankwah Laverta Ashley Dana Nicole Askins Ryan L. Astin DMD Bernard Auch Ryan D. Auclair Ashley Augustine Felicia Avant-Thomas Amanda Avent DMD Jeffrey S. Avery Jathniel Humberto Avila Mary Olaitan Ayanwuyi DMD Jason Michael Ayotte Anne Backscheider William J Baik DMD Benjamin Bailey Lorrie A. Baines Marie Mailani Balila John Marshall Ball Rhonda Ball Meghan A. Ballard Javier Baltazar Richard Bancroft Nicholas Banik Martin Barboza Robert C. Barker Theodore Barraford Joseph Barrera Lindsay M Barrow Jonathan Barry Craig Adam Bartle Maria C. Bastone Tyneisha Robin Bates Brian S Batory Allison M. Battles Jessica Baughman Alexander Baumgartner Jason Bazemore Michael Brian Beale DMD Haylee R Beasinger Christopher Beatson Arianne Beaudoin-Helik Heather Macomber Beauparlant Ami Beauregard Jason Rolando Becerra Clancey Marie Becker Danielle Beckford Dennis J. Beggan Shaylah Nicole Begley ASL Susan M. Bell Jonathan Christopher Bellanca Garrett James Beltis Michael Benamon Kristin Ryan Bence Ahmed Amine Bennani Carla Bennett Conrado Bennett Marquis Benton Devan Berg Charles Bergeron Amanda Berlin Marsha Elizabeth Bernard Berk Beser Barry Betters Kevin Beuns Bradley Edward Beyer Darren Tyler Beyor Melissa Bianchi Krystal Anne Bibeau DMD Shanna Bickford Michael T. Bickley Melissa M. Bigler Sarah Bimshas Dwight Birch Timothy L. Bisson Matthew Bissonnette Tanacia Blackwell Angela Blake Erica B. Blake Emily R. Blakeslee Angeline Mama Blama Ashley Blank ASL Emma Blankenship Lunetta Blanks Daniel Blood George Boachie Terry Bocchino Jr. Brian Bodjiak Christina Ann Boggs Jeffrey Bolen Martin Bolger Angela Michelle Bolte Jennifer Dean Bolton Matthew A Bonn Caleb Boone Jessica A. Bordeaux Kelly Bosserman Malik Bostic-Smith Barbara Boucher Jessica Boucher Dominique Bouie Juaneka Bouie Amy B. Bourgeois Dominique Bourgeois Melissa Bourque Kristy Bourquin Anthony Bove Donald Bowers Kenneth Bowers Daniel F Bowman Kayla Boyer Nova Boyles Hamit Boztepe Eric S. Brabb Tiffany Brady Kristi Brandt Keith Breidenbach Megan Kathleen Breton Shane R Brewer Kaytlynn Brewster Jessica L Briand Louis Marie Robert Brice Evan Andrew Briere Autumn Brightwell Ungatea Lolohea Brimigion JoAnn Monique Brockington Max Brogli Nicole Marie Brooks Andrew Edward Brown Sr. Chantal A. Brown Daniel C Brown David Earl Brown, Jr. Melissa Brown Micah Brown Robert James Brown Tanya J. Brown Michael A. Brugal 69

80 BUSINESS Michael J. Bruno Suzanne Bryson Cory Buchanan Edward J. Buczynski III Ashlee Diane Burke Matthew Charles Burnett Brendan R. Burns Christina Burns Scott G. Burtt Jamica Bush Danny Byer Justin Byrne Tabitha Mae Caddy Jason Caisse Pinhan Cakir DMD Marie Ann Caldejon Tied Caldwell Michael Callinan Karen Joy Camacho Andrew Camardese David A. Camoscio JaVon Lee Campbell Towanda R. Campbell Rogelio Campuzano Drew Patrick Canavan Chelsea Cancel Silvia Fernanda Candela Prada Katelyn M. Canniff Quan M. Cao Kevin Capetanelis Gabriela Cappelli Crystal V. Card William Cardarelli Kristin Leigh Carlson Dru Carney Alyssa M. Carrick Michael Carter Trisha B. Cartier James T. Caruso Richard Casano Brian D. Casavant AC Brian David Cascio Sean Casey Carlos I. Castillo Joseph A. Catalfamo Christine M. Cavazos Patricia Cawley Alhagie Ceesay Haysam Mohammed Barakat Chami Kayal Chandrasekaran Nielson Chapman Brian Brett Chaput Melissa Chaput Noelani Chase Monique L. Chauvette Timothy Cheeney Joshua Chelmo Yi Chen Chen Justin Cherchio Jason M. Chevrefils Gabrielle Chilton Exceviour Chisanga Ali Chojnacki Chan Peng Chou Yi-Hsuan Chou Rachid Chrichem ASL Douglas Christie Kevin Joseph Christopher Rebecca Chu Corey Cipriano Brian Nicholas Clark Kathryn Amanda Clark Tami Clark Raphael Clarke Alison Clauson Wendy Clawson William Omar Clement Jr. Mark Clemente Kevin J Clemons Sr. Christopher Clough Aric J Cloutier David Cocks Carlos Cody Cheyenne Cohen Rebbecca Cohen Michael Colavito Robert Collazo Albert L Collier Jennifer Collins Joseph P. Collins Kenneth Comeiro Tabitha Joy Concepcion Lianhui Cong Martha Conley Michael J. Conley Sean Wallace Connolly DMD Devin Vandyke Conolly Ryan Hale Conover Keith Conrad Christopher Converse Matthew J. Conway Erin Cooke Jessica Michelle Cooper Christopher Bryan Coppenger Craig William Corbett DMD Matthew A. Corda Shawn Scott Cormier Mark Corrado Kayla E. Correia Patrick Xavier Cosenza Heather M Cote Ronald Cote Jessica M. Coulter Catherine Couluris Luis Paul Cova John Crannick Kimberly Crawford Joshua Cremeans Brittany Catherine Paige Cremens Lindsay Christine Crimmins Rodrigo Cristales Ryan P. Cronan Amanda Marie Cronin DMD OO Thomas H. Cronin Lindsay Clarke Croteau Heather Crouch Jeffrey Crowe Demetria Crutcher Krystina M. Cuddemi Stacey M. Culbreath Tim Cullinan Cynthia Cunningham Jason Curley Heather A. Currier Daniel Lonen Curtis Haley Cutler Jason Michael Cutter Cassandra Daguilh Bassel Dakhlallah Melissa Joy Daly Adam Thomas Daneau DMD ASL Jonathan Daproza Charyn Darveaux Nicole L. Davidson Jennifer Catherine Davies Alicia Michele Davis Christine Davis Daniel Lee Davis Joanna Davis DMD Tiffany Davis Stephen Day David Andrew DeAngelis Jillian Decelles Trinette Emily Decker DMD Tara DeCosta Brian R DeFreece Shelby Marie Degreenia Kerri Dehn Laurel Dejniak Rafael Antonio De La Cruz Jr Justin Del Col Michael A. Deloria Salvatore J. DeLuca Christina M. Demers DMD Lee Denton-Smith Caitlyn Marie DePierro Katelyn A. Desjardin DMD Richard Desmarais David Louis Dest Alycia Hoffman Ryan Joseph DeVecchio DMD Jill Renee DeVilder Allison Marie Devine Charone Dew Meghan Deyermond Emmanuel Theodory Dezdel Prativa Dhakal Nafissa Dao Diagne Christine F. Diaz Joel Diaz Yamilca Diaz Jose Diazcuevas Lucas Dickson Stefanie DiDominzio Lindsey Dierolf J Cortney DiMaio Cara Dimino Stephen Dimitriou Thomas Dimitriou Caitlyn B. Dinardo Danielle DiNuccio Finella Dipoo Kenneth Aram Diranian Pavan Achalkumar Dixit Jazsmaine T. Dixon Melissa Dixon Tyron Dixon Katherine Rose Dobrinski Erin M. Doherty Sarah Francis Doherty Kemelin Domenech Lindsey Domineau Felice J. Donatiello 70

81 BUSINESS Kerrianne Doneghey Bridgette Donley LeeAnn Pressley Dorn Roberline Dornevil Bryan Dorsey Firdaouss Doukkali DMD Adam Thomas Dow Brian Downing Shawn Dube DMD John D. Dudley Christy M. Dugre Amanda E. Dunn Brian C. Dunn Kevin E Duquette DMD Mubera Durakovic DMD Bruce Durand Adam Dutch Durham Matthew James Durkee DMD Raina Durrence DMD Raymond Duryea Brian M. Dussault Reid Duval Justine Dyer Walid Ebadi DMD Jason Taylor Eborn Aaron Edmond Claudette Edwards Kimberly Yvette Edwards Amanda Eichman Marshall Robert Eiring Alison Eko Ismail Baha Eldin Brooke Eldridge Craig K. Eldridge Susan Elizarraras Shelby Ellenbogen Christopher Ellis Desmond Adrian Elmes Funmilola Ifeoluwa Eludini Ehab Elwafaei Burak Emil Jeffrey P. Engelhardt Renee Enriquez Erman Erbil Sencer Ergun Amine Errabazi Amine Errazi Tobias Esche Nabil Essouali Jamie Estes Chidiebere Dominic Ezeh Audrey Ezzo Carol A Fahey Hayder Qasim Faisal Matthew A Falcone Jr Ryan P Faria Seth R. Fayerman Alissa Marie Fedele Christopher Feeney Sean M. Feeney Lakeava Felts Johnson Devon Ferns Gary Ferrier Garrett Jay Festa Mikhail Fevralev Jessica Fillmore Nicole Leslie Fiorey John M. Firimonte Matthew Joseph Fisher Ryan Fitzgerald DMDASL Laura Flaherty Patrick James Fleming Corey Fling Stephen J Flowers Kyle Wilson Flynn Laurene Foley Sean Foley Michelle Fongeallaz Chinyere D. Ford Robert Fosher Eric Foster May Lin Chin Lisa Fowler Conor W. Frain DMD Richard Fredericks Zachary Freel Krista Freeland Meghan K. Friolet Timothy Fullerton Gina Funari Joshua Gabehart Daniel John Gajos Angelico Galloway Thomas Gammons Mihir Manojkumar Gandhi Thomas H. Garby Jr. DMD Eduardo Dos Santos Garcia Ismael Garcia Jr. DMD Cynthia L. Gardner Justin R. Gardner Anastasia M. Garner Andrea Nicole Garrett Elijah Garrison Michael J. Garzi Kelsey Taylor Gates Lakita Gatus Robin Gauthier Ryan Timothy Gendron Emily-Anne Genova Jeanine Ann Georgalas Jeffrey Gerali Katherine Brown Enrico Giannitti Philip Ryan Gibbs Christine Gicheru David John Gil Megan Gill Bryan Gillenwater Ellen Gillette Danielle Marie Giratore Dorwohn Twain Gleekia Melissa Glisson George Glover, III Elvedina Glusac DMD Thomas Golding Miguel Gomez Carmine James Gonnella Rose Gonzales Brandon Elvin Gonzalez DMD Chelsea Danae Gonzalez Rebecca Gonzalez Catherine Good Corey Goodman Wayne Goon Keanu FaTima Gordon- Williams Christopher M. Gorham Susan Lynnette Gottshall Ryan Gould Norman Dale Goupil Christine Graham Joseph W. Graham MaryEllen Graham Martin Granado II Tony Granquist Paula Gravelle Bridget Green Julie R. Green DMD Stephanie Avery-Green Wade Green Kevin L. Greer Katie Bree Grela Cathy I Greutman Michael David Grimmer Douglas Lamont Grissom Heather Gronda Danielle Marie Grondin Omar Guerouali Thomas Guilmette Nicole Guimond Fengyuan Guo Haoyu Guo Ting Guo Dolma Gurung Lindsey Gustafson Jonathan Tineyi Guveya Daniel Haddad Michael Haepers John Hagan Glenn E. Hagenbuch Malaya Hall Joshua Halvorsen Rita Hamida Mark Hamilton Nicolette Stewart Hamilton Tony Haney Jennifer S. Hanlin Jeffrey Hanlon ASL Dawn A. Hansberry Kiley Hard Kelsey Margaret Hardin Jeffrey Harding Kristen Hardison Asad Hardwick Rachel Hardy Jacob Ira Gray Harlow Katherine Elizabeth Harmon Joel Harms Alison Harper Travis Harper Callie Harrington DMD Katelyn Marie Harrington Jordan Harris Bridget Harrison Jennifer Hartfield Ryan Hartshorn Ashley Hartson Joy Harvey Melisa Hasanovic Stephen Lynn Hatch Jr. Heather Hauenstein DMD Rebecca Hauer Greg Hawkes Michael Hayden Rebecca Haydu-Jackson Patrick M. Hayes, Jr. James Healton Jill Healy Amy Heath 71

82 BUSINESS Lauren Hebert Lacey M. Heckert Joshua Heger Katrina Heinrich Sandra J. Henderson Nicholas Malcolm Henry Jennifer K Heon Jessica Herbison DMD Gracienne Herisse Matthew Hermsmeier Daniel Hernandez Juan Felix Hernandez Jeffrey A. Herzog Christopher Hicks Helen Hicks Kyla Rose Higgins Toemesha Hightower Shin Higuchi Michelle Higuera Ivana Hill Matthew Mark Hill Deborah Lynn Hill- Rodriguez Naomi Hills Mark F. Hinch Alison Hinton Floyd Hodoh Matthew Hoeg Sterling Hoham DMD Christopher Holtzer Sarah Elizabeth Honeycutt Yinjin Hong Eric John Horton Lisa Hosegood Jacqueline Houseman Leon Houston, III Raenell Billiot Houston Gary Howard James Patrick Howe Maurice Kevin Howland Travis Hrovat Wei Che Huang Theodore Rush Hubbell Pamela S. Huckabee DeAndre' S. P. Hudson Jonathan L. Hull Lisa Hurley Anthony S. Husain Frederik Hüsser Jenny L. Huynh Thomas K Huynh Richard Michael Hyatt Susan Hymes Anslem Dorian Hyndman Michele Iacopino Scott Ickowski Joanna Illges Shota Inoue Lisa M Iodice Joseph Ryan Iorio Chris Iverson Amy Jablonski Erin Jackson Keisha Venicia Jackson Kristina Jackson Michael Jackson Rodrick A. Jackson Shelly Jackson Jackie M. Jackson-Exson Bethany A Jacobs Johnathan Jacques Adeyemi Jaiyeoba Heather James Jacqueline Janda Tabitha D. Jason Wesley Nathanael Jeffries Qiang Jin Luis Xavier Jines Alicia Jipson Sabrina Johns Amanda Michele Johnson Byron Johnson Jr Carlene Marie Johnson Gregory John Johnson Hannah Johnson Melissa Johnson Nicole Johnson Radcliff W Johnson Shawnda R. Johnson Anthony Jerome Johnson Jennifer A. Johnston Jerico N. Johnston Jeremiah Jones Kimberly J Jones Marisa Tonee Jones Roy Thomas Jones Sarah Jones Sundi Jones-Nichols Khristian Jordan Sabrina Danielle Roberts Shauna Judd John P. Kadim Jacqueline Kaleta Mariatu Kamara Selvendra Kanesamurthy Melissa Kansky Valerie Kanu Toni Kaplan Alekhya Karra Robert Kasana Victoria E. Kelleher Brendan Kelly Kevin B. Kelly, Jr. Meghan M. Kelly Rayna Kenney Monica S. Khun Kenneth Adam Kidd Erin Kile Minkyoung Kim Vincent R. Kimball April Kimmel Charles D. B. King II Cher King Ian Michael King Jason Alexander King Michael Lowell King Tia King Tiffanie A. Kinsey Dustin Kinsley-Meissner Heather Renee Kirkham Heath Kirkwood Shaun Kjelstrom Corey Knoedler Jenessa J. Knowlton Jennifer B. Koblenzer Miles Brandon Koch George Kogbe Kassandra Rose Kohler Julia Kollmann Anick Kone Yaya Kone Linda F. Koonce Jonathan Korn Thomas Korniluk Tyler Kramlick Susan Krause Jennifer M Krise Viveca Krishnamoorthi Tamara A. Krupp Robert Kuehnel DMD Todd Kupper Katelyn Kurth Amanda Kathryn Kussrow Dimitri Kvinikadze Courtney Kwon Roberta Kyle Mark G. LaBombard Kevin Bruce Labore DMD ASL Michelle Lee Labrecque Matthew Lacerte Melissa Elaine La Chance Keith D. LaCroix Clifton Louis LaFleur Vinisha Lal DMD Dwight Landers Megan L. Lane Samuel Lapham Stephanie Rosalma Lapierre Emily L. Laplant Rob Larochelle Derek Larson Amber Lascano Mateusz Laskowski David Lastine William Latare Stephanie Michelle Lavenski Katie Laverriere James E. Lavery III Gino Lavini Steven Laviolette Robert N. Lawrence Jr Tiffany D. Lawrence Aaron Le Thuy Le Molly A. Leahy Matthew J. Leary Brian LeBlanc Danielle Leclair Gerald D. Lee Jr. Patrick Lee Rita Lemoine Samantha Leonard Jennifer Anne Letcher Marilyn Letoria Christopher Lewis Jason Lewis Joanna Oubre Lewis Kevin Lewis Nieves Lewis Raymond F. Lewis III Jonathan Lewitus Anthony J L'Heureux Ralph Liddle Mary Lightheart Lilian Kar Yoong Lim Zhiwei Lin Robert John Lischer 72

83 BUSINESS Shara Little Shihui Liu CS Joshua Locke Jason Lockhart DMD Joanna Lee LoConte Robert Lodato Amanda Loiselle Enongene Lombe-Epie Odalis L. Lopez Sarah Lopez Luis Diego López Machado Richard Anthony Losanno, Jr. Jerry Gregory Lott Michael Louricas Alanna J. Lovejoy DMD Robert Gerald Lowe, Jr. Krystel Lugenbeel-Blanton Daphne L. Driggers Sebastion C. Lury Alison Ann Lyder-Norton Christine A Lyle DMD Heidi Lynch Kim LaCroix Nett Lynch Timothy Richard Lyon Erika Lynn Macaione Sarai Macedo Lisa MacIver Kelby Mackell Nia Jehanne Macke Thomas MacLennan Danielle Madden Stacy Ann Mader Scott Madsen Roberto Mafra Olivia Magliochetti Randy David Magoon DMD Alicia Helen Mahoney Cheryl A. Major Kasey Makris Marina Kirakosyan Malatesta Nicole Malcolm Muhammad Malik Nijiati Malita Michael Malohifoou Astrid Louise Malone Seth Roger Malone DMD Jihad Mammadli Giovanni Mancuso Cybelle A Mandigo Ryan A Manjuck Danielle Manning Nana Manteaw Michael Marando Stephanie D. Marinello Anthony L Marino Salvatore N. Marino Jr Houda Marrhich Tamika Marshall Richard Carmen Martelli DMD David Terrell Martin Sr. Jamie M. Martin Jessica Lorraine Martin Jessica Martin Latoya Shanta Martin Sarah Martin Tamika T. Martin Michael Brian Martinez Michael Martiniello Wendi Maruschock Rossane A. Mateo Alicious Mathia Melissa Mathis Michele Matthews Paul A Mattox III Gina Maturi Anton Maurath Timothy Maynard Robert McAlister Heather McAllister Sarina F. McAllister Teihahnietuh E-N McCargo Joseph A McClary Mark McClung DMD Hannah McClure Kiecha McCrae Christopher Owen McDaniels Cassandra McDonald S Kirstie Lynn McDonald Thomas J McDonald DMD ASL Jasmine McDuffie Timothy McFeely Caitlin L. McGann Roger McGinness John Joseph McGovern III Stephen M McGrath Jr. Alyssa McGuire Danielle Elizabeth McInnis DMD Megan McIntire Glenda McKnight Stephanie Lee McLaughlin DMD Timothy N. McLaughlin Shantoel McLeod Valeria McMahon Levon Emory McMullen Natasha McNair Holton Jessica McNealy Sarah Ashley McPherson David E. Meade Jr. Rachel Meeker Brandon Mehrtens Carrie Ruth Melendez Jenny Melita Joanne M. Mercier Matthew Paul Mercier DMD Amanda Hubbard Merisotis Kara Lynn Merritt Jimmy Mervil Gerald Merwin Daniel Metcalfe Xiujuan Meyer DMD Ashlee Michaud Brian Michaud Christina Michaud Sarah K. Mihaly Shawna Christine Milero James P. Miles Tassia Lima Milhomens Shaun Miller Steven Joseph Miller DMD William Miller Deborah Millin DMD Corey Miner Krizel Minnema Alecia D. Mintle Brandy D. Mitchell Amy Modzelewski Lance Mogdics DeAnna S. Mollahan Oceana Jasmin Montalvo Joseph Emmanuel Montes Elkin Montoya Evan Gregory Monty Laurie Moon James Moore DMD Richard C. Moore III Eva M. Morales ASL Juan Morales Sean William Moran Saxon L. A. Moreau Luis E. Moret Thomas William Morgan II Patricia Morin John Moro IV Molebogeng Morodi Ambyr Morong Karen J. Morris DMD Sarah Elizabeth Morse Julie Moses Rosa Mota Thomas Glenn Moyer DMD Hannah Mua Pamela Mueller Michelle Muise Katie O'Brien Zlatko Mulaibrahimovic David Mullen Jennifer L. Mullen Andre Mumford DMD Rachel Noel Muñoz Hannah Murphy Andrew Murray James P Murray Buberwa Stephen Mutasa Dennis Naffah Robert Nalepa Jr Clinton Robert Nassar Gerard Naughton Thomas Neill Kyle Henley Nelson Brian J. Nevetral Kimberly Wynn Newingham Stepheni M Newton Daranee Ngamprasertkit William Nguidjoi Linh K. Nguyen Anthony Joseph Nicastro Logan Trey Nichols Paul Nierman Shaun Patrick Nixdorf Christopher J. Nook Bradley George Norris Nikolaus Nutting Dimasa Lesa Nzeza Chad Oakley Geoffrey T. Oakley Chukuyem D Obasuyi Cory O'Brien Michael Ochal Rebecca Alys Rigden Meghan O'Connell Eunice Olamide Ogunleye Ajibola Olawanle Oguntoye Meghan Erin O'Keefe 73

84 BUSINESS Christopher Okeny Echezona K. Okpala Bradley Scott Okrina Amanda Olmos Chukwudi Opara Innocent Oriarebun DMD William Orrill Kyle Orzechowski Latoyka Osborne Kristi Ostler Drissa Ouattara Amine Oulmaati John K. Overstreet Kristin J. Overton Ogorchukwu Owonubi Anil Ozkaralar Chukwuemeka P. Ozoude Ayla Nilufer Pacci Bradley Pagano DMD Christa Page DMD Derek Page Jodie Page Santosh Pranay Kumar Palakurti Stephen Pallone Jennifer Palmer Gina Palomba Ana Paula Pancine Bhawana Paneru Jin Pantano Jesse Papesh Alyssa M. Pappalardo Whitney D. Whelan Matthew Pappavasiliou Matthew Paquette Alison Foushee Parker David A. Parker Nathan Parr Brian E. Pastore Justina Nicole Patch Nicholas Patxot DMD Robert Scott Paul Nicole L. Pavao Kelly Paxton Lee Payton Rouse Cole M. Peffer DMD Teresa Penas Tandin Penjore Jorge O. Peregrino Brad Petersen Aaron Peterson Melissa Carlin Peterson Meredith E. Peterson Shanton Peterson Kevin J. Petriel DMD Tara Hazel Petrin Amanda Phelps Eric Matthew Phillips Donald Phoenix Shantaye Picard Sakthivel Pichaimani Daniel Pickel DMD Katherine Pierce Joseph Pierrel Phillip Pincus Kayla Pinto Anna Pires de Campos Chatchawal Piromnam Wynnette Pleas Nicholas Pliakos Dieter Ploeger Judy A Plouffe Amanda Pochay Caroline Blake Sanborn Podlas Danielle Polcari Rebecca D Pool Daron Pope DMD ASL Lucinda Porter Dennis Posey Michael Poulin Shawn Power Gannon James Powers Silvia P. Prada Osorio Marina Prannik Caitlin Pratt Jennifer Price DMD Ryan Price Gregory E. Pritzl Michael W. Ptak Yashas Belliappa Puchimada Christopher Joseph Pukenas Stephen Puopolo DMD William Anthony Purcell Jordan Hannah Purucker Anthony R. Puzzo Kiah Quarles Gwendolyn Quick Peter Quitadamo Kelvin Rachell Rose L. Rad Andrea Michelle Ragonese Ganeshkumar Raju Hammad Amjad Rana Jessie Rancourt Sean J. Randolph Jarrell Andrea Randson Eric Ranzinger Todd A. Rattey Rakesh Ravindran Stephanie Ray Kathleen LaBrie Raymond Stephanie Reason Vanessa Rebecca Nicholas Deloach Redfern Erin Leigh Reed Sarah Reed Sharif Refaie Daniel P. Regan Peter Constantine Regopoulos Elizabeth M. René Ahmed Younis Rennie Matthew Rensch Amanda Reynolds Ramone Everett Reynolds La'Mesha Nicole Rhodes Eric Ricciardi Brittany Riccobon Chris Rice Daniel Rice Gary Richardson Joshua Richardson Ronald R. Riley Eric Rinderknecht Danielle Ringgold Priscilla Rios Lisa A. Rippett Beky Risotti Kayla V. Ritner Tiffany Rivera Timothy Robbins Michele J. Roberge DMD Alexandria R. Roberts Alisa Roberts Matthew Robertson Marchel D. Robinson Shawn Robinson Jr. Nickolette Robotham Nona Roddy Juan Rodriguez Michelle Rodriguez Brent Rogers Jacqueline Denise Davis Rogers Scott Rogers DMD Kelsey Marie Roloff Edward Romaine C. LaMour Romine Bryce Rooney Michael Rosell Christopher Edward Ross Frank Allen Ross Jr. Erinn Rossignol Ellen Rostron Austin Hans Rousayne Lee Payton Rouse Amy Rousse Ashley Marie Rowe Marcus Rowe Michelle E. Roy Rebecca Roy Steven Roy DMD Michael Rubino Makenzie Rudy Imari Monique Ruffin Armand Rugel Kane Rusler Andrea Lynn Russell Michele L. Russo Fred Rwaramba Brendan W. Ryan Elizabeth Ryan DMD Ahmed Saeed James Saisa Dami Salinas Maodo Malick Sall Carrie Salvucci Shawkat Sami Daniel D. Sanchez Francisco Javier Sanchez Yañez Jr. Genevieve Sanchez Sabrina Elsie Sanchez Jessica E Sand Crystal G. Sanders ASL Jacquelyn Sanders Hoon Sang Allison Santa Cruz Breana C. Santangelo Jennifer Lynn Santiago Lan Santikham Olalekan A. Sanusi Oluwafemi Sanyaolu Camilo Sanz Bryan L Satero Egan Mahon Saunders Jennifer Sawyer Sarah Sawyer Dawn Marie Scanlon 74

85 BUSINESS Benjamin Scannell Felicia M. Schaeffer Christian Schenk Taylor Leigh Schlepp Richard Schlozman Andrea Schmid Susan J. Schmidt Patrick James Schmitt William J. Schofield, III DMD Jordan Schoonmaker Mollie Schwab Joshua Scollo Jason E. Scott DMD Jordan Anthony Scott Kristin Scott Marianne Scricco Gerald Searfoss Michael Seay Oscar Maximilian Seiler Terri L. Selbitschka Jenna L. Selfridge Sayiram Sellappah Kenneth Selleck Jason Settle Spencer C. Severs Benjamin Shanholtz Alicia M. Sharpe Lindsay Christine Shaw Julie A. Shay Terrance Shedrick Michael P. Sheehan Daniel J. Sheehy DMD Sam Uyoung Sheen Hannan M. Sheikh Kellen Jared Shelton Thomas E Shelton Michael Shepherd Nicole E. Sherburne Richard Shewmake Mariluz Shufelt Amy Shusterman Joseph Silva Francisco R. Silveira Elizabeth Silver Edward Silverthorn Barbara Simoneau Robert Simpson Jr Tushima Sims Amy Sinclair Balbir Singh Christopher Sinner Shirley Siovaila Jeffrey Slattery Mandy Wrobel Sleight DMD Stephanie Constant Slein Michael Sloniker Noel M.A. Small Pamela Pumphery Smiley Barry Smith Carson Smith Crystal Smith Daniel K Smith Danny Ray Smith, Jr. Gloria B. Smith Holly L Smith Jessica Parks Joshua Jesse Smith Justin H. Smith Michael Smith Nina Smith DMD Shantá Corrine Smith Lisa P. Solina Dennis B. Somanza Eduardo Soto Ashley Souther DMD LaTasha Renee' Sowell Joshua Sparks Taylor L. Spaulding Jason Spazzarini Iantamy Speckner Jason Spedale Nicole Speers Tiffany Spellerberg Steven J Spence Brittany Lynn Spiel Erik Sprague DMD Grant Spring Gianni Antonia Daniels- Staley Athena Stamatos Isaiah Stanford Taylor J. Stanton William Stark Leah Stauber Diane Marie Stephens Dina K. Sterling Carly Sternberg Aaron Duke Stevens Jana Stevens Jeffrey Scott Stevens Joshua J. St Hilaire Victor E. Stiner Jr Samuel St. Jean Erin Marie St. Louis Cameron Stoddard Andrienne Stokes Julie Strong Melanie Strong Tytus Strube DMD Joshua Strzempko David L Stuart II Michael Corey Sullivan Shannon Sullivan Henry Sumah Michelle Sutton Jessica Swain Joseph H. Swallia, III Kerri Swallia Jessica L. Swan Deborah Swinney Zainlabouddin Syed Jessica A. Sylvester Nicholas Tabassi Chandra Talerico Mathieu J. Tan Marc G. Tardiff Aaron N. Taylor Kristina Taylor Anna M. Tenaglia Christina Marie Terruso Ashley Z Tetrault Steven Tetreault Srisailam Venkata Ramana Thatikonda Cynthia Theis Daniel B. Thomas III Diana Nicole Thomas James Thomas John H Thomas Jr Lydia Thomas DMD Sara Thomas Michelle Janine Thompson Molly N. Thompson Patrice Thompson Neil Thurlow Rainatou Camara Tiendrebeogo Haven Tillar Charles Tinsley Tiouri Nawal Ashley Marie Tishko Courtney Tiziani Maryam Tngrian Katherine Todd Tollin Toler Kevin Tomasko James R. Tomaswick, III DMD Scott J Tomiko Erin Toomey Brittany Tooson-Stahl Justin Tracton John W. Trainor Brian K. Tran Megan S. Treloar Elisheva Trestman Brad Trojan Joy Trudics Anan Tuangbunnasorn Furkan Tuncer Avia Turner-Gray Chris Turpel Bridget J. Tweedie DMD Yaw Tweneboah-Koduah Amariah Shayne Tyler Maurice Terence Tyndell Michael Ulman Grigoriy Urman Alessandra M Valentino Kathleen Valentino Dana Kristen Van Buskirk Venetta Vanhorne Ashley Marie Vargem Jason Varone Cesar Javier Velez Matthew B. Venezuela John William Verley Gregory Scott Viall Tom Viberg Michael J. Vigliotta Kevin John Vigneault John C. Vinson Anthony Violante Andrea Violet Nicholas Vita Masami Vo Carrie Swanson Vooght Maureen Walcek Ryan Walfield Barbara Walker Sandra G Walker Troy Walker Elizabeth R. Wallace Aimee Walters Garren Walters Joshua S. Wanbaugh Bo Wang Lin Jyun Wang Angela Kay Ward Brian Douglas Ward Danielle Marie Ward 75

86 BUSINESS Jason Ward Michelle Ward Riley Ward Simone Nicola Amanda Ward Richard Warden Nateece Washington Rebecca Anne Waszczuk Erin Waters Julia Veronica Watterworth Rachel N. Waugh Marlynn J. Wauran Jennifer Wayboer Shannon K. Webber Eric Weinberg DMD Amanda Loring Weishaar OO Kelly Ann Weiss Sarah Wengert Rayshad West Nichole Albitre Lucas Ray Wheaton Crystal Wheeler Linn Wheeling Joel Pierre White Gregory Neal Whitesides Amy Wiesner Sarah Wilkinson Tina M. Willard Bryce J. Williams Coleman Jacob Williams Cynthia Lorraine Williams Dameon D. Williams Gwendolyn Williams Heather Williams Monza H. Williams Teri Williams Marvin Joel Emmanuel Williamson Heather Willman John Wilson Mya Nichelle Wilson Samantha Wilson Kevin Winders Kaitlyn LaShelle Winkler Natasha Winslow Jillian Woitasek Randi Wojnilo Stacey Wood Elizabeth Woodruff Nancy E Woods DMD Annelyce Woolstenhulme Avery Jemay Worthem Alison Frazier Wright Anna Wright Zhe Xian Jingshi Yan Wonder Lee Yang Lindsay Yannotta Fahri Yavuz Jessica Yeager Rachael Young Gabriela Yuhas Christina Maria Zajac Kimberly A. Zaleski Justin Zandan Zeus Zegarra Talat Zeini Thaddeus J. Zettlemoyer DMD Jeffrey Zimmerman Jake Zoutendyk Master of Science Mustafa Abu-khadier Ginel Acedieu Zachary W. Ackles Sharlene L. Adams Tyler John Adams Abhilekha Adapa Michael R. Addorisio Bilikisu Adelotan Abdul Ahad Joseph Aiello Olusegun Akangbe Priscilla Akomeah Christopher Torrey Albright Anne Katherine Aldridge Tiffany Michelle Alexander- Harris Maria-Cristina Alexopoulos Waleed Al Fatlawi Joshua Ryan Alfred Marushu Alhamis Hethe Allemand Elizabeth Marie Allen Kerrisha Ullandy Allen Lanear Allen Micale Allen Milton G. Allen Savannah Nicole Allen Elizabeth Naa Aku Allotey Ahmed Almanshidawi Abdulnaser Almaroof Nawar Alobaidi Joshua Alphonse Susan Altshuler Amy Alvarez Katharine E. Ambrose Claire E. Amos Nicoletta Amspacher Allison Anderson Jane P. Anderson La'Monica Nicole Anderson Susan Katherine Anderson Sarah Angerman Donald Anneser Yevgeniya Malayev Anneser Marie C. Annylusse Christos Apazidis Isaac Y. Appiah John R Ardizzoni III Stanley Armstrong Latwanya Arnwine Robert Kwaku Asare Ken Asbury Samantha Ash James T. Ashton Aaron A. Ashu Lenny Asuncion Maureen W Atieno Renita Atwater Lance R. Auger Renee L. Austin Kelly Louise Averill Karen Axson Nathan Ayers Jeffrey Ayotte George Aziz Ndeye M. Ba Eric Lamy Baca Xiuyuan Bai Alyssa Anne-Marie Bailey Teresa Balaszek Sean A Ball Meghna Balmuri Takia Banister Alicia Yvette Dennis Banks Kristina Barbacano James Barber Victoria Barger Sarah Allison Barnett Kevin Baroni Nicholas Barsuli Hassan Kheleel Barzani Stephanie M. Batewell Brent Bathurst Holly Batts DMD Heather Anne Batzner Tina Baxter Cecil Bazley Michael Beattie Willie L Beaver Melissa Beck Sharon Becker Tamara Beet-Hernandez Elizabeth Begay Gregory J. Bennett Matthew Bennett Tyrrell Theus Bennett Paul Bennings Donald Benoit Marcus Alexander Benson Brady Benton Solissha Channelle Beran Sarah Berard Deborah Bethune Kirstin Bibbiani Bethany Bielefeld Amy Lee Biladeau Lora J. Billinger Graciela Billington Angela J. Bissett Sheila Blair Ian Blakeney Jeffrey T. Block Jr. Sarah Bloustine Deborah L. Bolduc Martin R Bonillas DMD Janet Booker Jody Boone Tyler Borland Angela Marie Born Christine Borsellino Saul Bosquez Deanna Boucher Rayane Boukemia Katherine Boyce Casandra Renee Boyle Connor Boyle Robert Brack Dalila Bradshaw Jameca Brazelton Kelsey B. Breault Lisa Bresnahan Susan M. Bresnahan ASL Daniel Breunig Sandra Brewley Nancy Briand Kaitlin Bright 76

87 BUSINESS Wade Bronnenberg Desi Brown Eboni Brown Monica L. Brown Monica N Brown Robert Anthony Brown Sean Brown Tameeka Brown Tanya Brown Terrell Brown Theodore Brown Morgane Bruce Leslie Titus Bryant Paul Robert Bryant Jr. Fansheng Bu Todd A. Buchheit Vimbai Bull Kimberly Venita Bundy Savannah M. Bunker Sarah Margaret Burek Melissa Rita Burke DMD Amber Lindsey Burns Guy Burrell Michael Joseph Burton Kathryn M Busby Eric Butcher Brett Remington Butler Carolyn E. Bystrak Maureen E. Cail Paula P. Caldwell Devin Callahan-Cormier La Toya Joi Callier Nickolas Anthony Calzaretta Casey Campbell Michael J Canavan Jr DMD Amanda Cannon Andrea J. Caouette Heidi Capriotti Robert J. Cardenas Melissa Jeannette Carder DMD Elijah Carey Callie Carlson Javier Carmona Laura Carpenter Daniel Carpentier Julie Carrasco Michael Allen Carroll Jessica Carson Kathleen A Carson Misty Carson Jonathan S. Carter Kelsey Carter Kenric Carter Yasmeen Cartwright Alyssa Caruana Meagan Carvalho Katelyn Casale Alissa Case-Fusco Samuel Marcus Casillas Michael Caywood Maria Cervantes Garcia Supakorn Chanakarn James E Chapman Martin Cannon Chase Kaitlyn Elizabeth Cheever Madison L. Cheever Suzanne Chinda Sebastian Ching Monica Elaine Choate Melvin Chong Olivia A. Chretien Abigail L. Christmann DMD Melissa N. Christmas Holly Cimmino Brian Clark DMD Brittany Clark Carrie M. Clark Joshua Clark Matthew O. Clark Nicole M. J. Clark Amanda Lillian-Halley Clarke Ella Clarke Kevena Anna Claudy Daniel Adam Clem Cindy Cleveland Marinda Clouthier Christopher Cloutier Timothy Dwight Coates DMD Gerald L. Cobb DMD Tiffany A. Coffey Casey Leigh Cole Jeffrey Collacuro Hope Lynn Collins Kristin Collins Christopher Colon Jacob Clark Conboy Tiffany Conner Joycelyn A. Connor DMD Jessica Sherine Constant David Conyers Meghan Anne Cooke Latishia Naqueal Cooper Yvonne Cooper Mark Corcoran Kevin Corey Victor J. Cornejo Bernadette D. Correa Carina A. Correia Stacey Marie Cossaboom Ronald Lee Cossack Olivia Marie Cotroneo Meghan Cotter Jeffrey Coulter Scott Blane Courtemanche Ashley Estilette Ashley Courville Elizabeth Marie Couto DMD CS James Christian Cowles Tiyaka Cradle Douglas J Cramer Gerard Lamont Crawley Patrice Davis Mitzie Cribbs Corey Cribby Timothy Cronin Judith Cruz Sandoval Eric Culver Kendra T. Cunningham Vincent Thomas Cunningham III Gregory L. Currie II Donya Curry Jennifer A Curtin April J. Cutchember Cindy Cyprian Jeremy Richard Cyran Pamela Daitch Olu Dallas Derek Keith Damon Cheryl Daniyan Joseph Nicholas Dardeno Jessica L Darling Taunya N. DaShiell Aaron Daub Antonio Davis Diamond Charles Davis Jason A. Davis DMD Timothy Davis Schyler DeChane-Crawford Denielle Delaney-Morin Stephen DelRossi Darryl John DeMag Courtney Demers Angela Dence Joshua Eric Denny Jarad Denton Edward J. DePina Vincent Christopher DePrimo DMD Shaughn Dermody-Cadieux Laura De Santos Chantal M. Johnson David Devers Michael Devine Frances Devrow Heather L. Dextradeur Daniel Diaz Nicholas Patrick DiCarlo Kelly Elizabeth Dietsch Gena Dilella Nicole Ashley Dion Alison Dipaola Amanda Ditzel Jason Robert Austin Dixon Courtney Dobek Courtney Dobek Angela Dodson Megan Elizabeth Doherty Patrick Doherty Annie M. Donnelly Christopher Donnelly Michael Robert Donovan Kortney Dorow Melissa R. Doucette Brettney Douglas-Al Hindi Lindsey Paige Dowling Jeffrey Downey Odessa Downing Lauren Drake Micaela Drewett Sheena Drummond Zhenzhen Duan Delia Alice Dubois Volodymyr Dukhnych Monica Duncan Nicole M. Duncan Shasta Shantell Dungey Katherine Diane Dupuis Kristine Dupuy Michael R Durand PTK Nicholas R. Durand Veronica Durin Erin Durkin Kathryn Duroe Ginni Dusman Dominique LaRae Dutrieuille 77

88 BUSINESS Asha George Edakulam Cerene Eddo Sara Anne-Stransky Edge Ileneka S. Eells Joshua Maurice Cody Eggleston Rebecca S Eisele Deddy Prio Ekwandono Austyn Muriel Eldridge Ahmed Elhashani Jessica Nicole Street Eliasen Jonathan Eric Ellish Nagat Elmahdi Zeinab Elmahdi Athena Elrod Hani Adel Abdel Aziz Elsayed Patricia Diane Engel Meagan Ennis Michael Esmond David Thomas Espanet Eric Evans Larry J. Evans II Tracy L. Evans Percy Martin Fagans Jennifer Rebecca Fair Mustafa Qasim Faisal Oluwatosin Adekemi Faola Pasquale Farinella Abby Farnsworth Lauren Feela Mia Feldmann Kelsey Elizabeth Felice Shupe Brian Fendt Lukas Roy Ferguson Michelle Fernandes John W. Fernandez, Jr. Adriane Marie Ferraro Jeffrey Ferris David John Ferry Jason Fineran Daniel Jacob Finley Shane Flannagan Jennifer Viola Fletcher DMD Celeste Luna Florell Curtis D Foglesong Jr Charles Folsom Carol Denise Fortin Megan E. Fougere Eric K. Frazier Jacob Fredette ASL Leea Freedman Travis Freeman Julie A. Freeze Charles Martin Frey III Lenora Friel Joanne Gabriel Shannon Gagne Emily Marie Gagnon Malcolm L. Gaines Bret Thomas Galbraith Lucas Galganski James Michael Gallagher III Charlotte Gamber Charissa D Gambler Poerava Gantt Tracey Sarita Gantt ASL Caitlin C. H. Garcia Lindsey Garcia Michael Adrian Garcia Christopher Gardiner Jacob Garland Christopher Garofalo Katelyn Celease Garrett Marshall J. Garrison Teddy Gebremedhin Carrie Danielle Gelser Kelsey Gentile Danielle Georgiadis Benjamin Germain Amy Lynn Gilbreth Julie Kathleen Gill Shadow Gilliam Alicia Gimbel Laura Michele Giordano Holly Glenn Alexander Gonzalez Sean Gooden Cambrea Goodman Jennifer Gordon Sheena Gordon Hilary Anne Gosselin Tara Gosselin Kathryn Grady Whitney Danielle Graham Thomas J. Gralinski Tiffany Rogers Daniel Grauer Catherine R. Gray Melinda Evelyn Green Nancy Green Sholanda Green Brendan Thomas Greene Kaitlyn Deanne Greene Jennifer I. Greenwood Garrett B. Gregory OO Nicole Jenise Gregory Le'Von Griffin Shellretha Griffin Sara M. Grillo Melissa Grime Christina Grimm Jing Gu Brian Guerrini Robert Nicklaus Guevara Shuman Guinn Afsheen Gulamali Michael C. Gustus Derlin Gutierrez Sharon Hagan Stephen Hales Teshira Haley D'Albert Hall Elisabeth Hall Victoria Halprin Jenifer L. Hamel Laura Hampe Laura Marie Hanning Amy Catherine Hansen DMD Michelle Harbarger JoAnn P Harmon Samuel Michael Harrington Nicole M. Harris Nora Lydia Harris Teahnalin Harris Brittany Alexandria Harrison Mychal Harrison Megan Elizabeth Haselden Alaa M I Hassan Michael Carl Hatton Westley A. Hawkins Kelsey Haynie Leanne Hebert Douglas Heffernan Christine Elizabeth Heinemann Chris C. Hemann Natalie Henderson Marjorie Henriquez Adam Henson Michael Scott Henson Meghan Patricia Hickey Vanessa Hickman Adam Hickson Joseph S Higgins Kristyn Marie Higi Destinee Hile Jeffrey D. Hill Jr Ariane Hiltebrand Kelsey Hizelberger Adrienne Hoag Charles Hodge James Hodges Joshua Hohman Elaine Hohmann Chase A. Holbrook Tonia Holland Justine Holloway Michelle Lawrence Holman Crystal Holmes Lori J. Holmes Barbara Holt Timothy R. Homan Samantha Lynn Hortsman Kaitlin Hostasa Andrea Howard Jessica Howard Martha W. T. Howard Eric Howitt Ya-Wen Hsu An Chi Huang Susan Huang Wennan Huang Yun Ting Huang Kevin Hughes Linda M. Hughes Tametha Hughes Christopher Hunt Emily Kim Ae Sun Hunter Joshua Hurst Katie Hutchins Elizabeth Michelle Impy Tennille Celine Irish Ocie Irons Ismael Isais Laura Ishaya Chad Edwin Isom Christina Isom Deonna Monique Ivey Fannie Ivy Angel Jackson Buddy R. Jackson, Jr. Darrik Jackson Gary Jackson John Jackson Stellvonne Jackson Meagan Ann Jacobsen 78

89 BUSINESS Karuna Jain Ann Marie James Sean Jamison Jennifer Jandreau LeVon Jefferson Grace E Jenkins Rikki R. Jenkins Lorrie Renae Jennings Martina Jensen Catalina Jimenez Angela Marie Jobbe David C. Johnson Glen E. Johnson Lloyd Regis Johnson Michael Steward Johnson Jr Derek Jollotta Kimberly K. Jones DMD Lynnea Jones Sheminski Jones Briann Jones-Baptiste John M. Joseph Jr. Rafael Jovet-Ramos Fijabi Julien-Gallam Abdel R. Kaba Jonathan Kabler Timothy Kahn Meredith Kalinski Hassan Kanow DMD Brendolyn A. Kargel DMD Michael John Karoly John Karwacki Robert S. Karwowski, Jr. Doug Kates Jason Sebastian Kaufman William Earl Kearney II Brett Keaton Kathleen Siobhan Keefe Megan Colleen Keene Shaun Kehoe Michael Thomas Keister DMD Mary Kathleen Keller James Kelley Jessica Kelley Darlene Kelly Kristen Kelo Brian J. Kenney Andrew Tully Kent Bailey Kershner Ilir Kerxhalli DMD Doug Ketchum Amy Christine Khamas Kevin Michael Khederian Cassandra M. Kiley Katelyn M Kimball Angelina Julianna King Elena L King Marlene King Mack Kinobe Tyler Edward Kipp Jennifer Kirkland Nathan Kissell Amie L. Kitchen Matthew Kitchen Michael Paul Klem Jody Knight Kristopher Knight DMD Emily Knowles Kevin Theodore Koch Jon Kocurek Bhargav Thantry Kodemar Andrew Koehler Elizabeth R Koenig Alexandra Kollmorgen Ismael Ange Christian W. Kone Konstantin Kormiltsev Sowmith Kumar Reddy Kotha Konrad K Koziarski Nathen Kozlowski William Kraeger III Jared Kraemer Veronica J. E. Krall Amy Kreeger Anilkumar Krishnappa Devin Kroshus Michael J. Kubacki Kris Kuizenga Katelyn M. Kumorek Daniel S. Kurowski Benjamin LaBrecque Leon Vincent Lafleur Lorraine J. Lafleur Laura Lagman Alison K. Lajoie Kailea Lalka Dana E. Lambert Ni-Asia Lambert Sara Langon Yesica Maria Lantigua Eric Lapai Abby Michelle Laplante Rosalie Laquerre Gay Largent Melissa Ann LaSalle Jason Elliott LaShelle David Latulippe Seth Laughlin DMD Joel M. La Vallee Michelle Ann LaVoie Enid Lawrence Danielle Lawson Bryan Nolan Lazar Rebecca Lazinsk Denisa Lazzari Daniel James Leatherbee Alyn LeBlanc Andrew S Lee Stafonda Lee Stephanie Lembke Theodore Lemoi Deborah Jean Lengyel Andrew Lenhardt, IV Ryan R. Lensky Christopher Leo Tomas Leon Mitchell S. Leonard DMD Kathleen Lesniak DMD Kathryn Olivia Lessmann Jaclyn Letendre Rebecca Levy Kathleen A. Lewis Stephen Bradford Lewis Bowen Li Chuchu Li Runye Li Shanhua Li Yingli Li Yutong Li Zheyu Li Xiaofei Liang Sean Liebel Carolina S Lima DMD Andrew Lindsay Alex Linkert Jessie Litaker Xiao Liu Yi Liu Padmaja Subhash Lone Brian Loveland, II Daniel Ryan Lowe Eric Lowell Clarence Jamail Lucas Ginny R. Ludwikowski Meghan J. Luke Hatidza Lukolic Renjie Luo Jackie A. Lynds Alfred Lyon Chi Hung Ma Lance Maass Ryan D. Machir Timothy F. Madigan Kimberly Magasark Jennifer Ruth Magoon DMD Kelly Elaine Mahn Tyla Megan Mahon Tin Mai DMD Saurabh Malik Nichole Mangano Andrew Mann Ryan Manning Tristan George Manoliadis Nicole Ashley Mansell Kristin A Mara Corey Marcum Breanna Marcyoniak Ryan R. Margaitis Riva Margolies Patricia Maritim Joanne Marlowe Amanda Marschall Kyle Lewis Marsden Allison H. Marston Jennifer Marston Ashton A. Martin Jennifer Martin Keith Alexander Martin Ashlee Martinez Deleon Allysha Kalish Mason Mike Mastroberti Prasad Madhukar Mathekar Megan E. Matteson Joseph Matthews Misty Maxwell Gabrielle Mazzucco Deidra A. Mazzurco Kelsey Carter Steven John McCall Seth Michael McClellan Cassie McCoy Arlene McCullough Kiauna M. McDaniel Jenna Leigh McDonald Richard S. McDonald Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden Christopher Stephen McGill Margaret Ellen McGovern DMD 79

90 BUSINESS Christopher J. McKiel Katie McLain Amy Kathryn McLaughlin Craig Francis McLaughlin Ryan McLaughlin Shemeira McNeal Kossoma Meach Roxanne Mealer Robert Medeiros Alexander Joshua Meilan Jonathan P. Melanson Beth Marie Menton Julia Anne Merchant Lisa R. Merrill ASL Katherine Merrill-Horne Danette R. Meyers Kevin Miazek Justin Michaels Erica Michalak David Joel Middleton Lori A. Middleton Monica A. Middleton Tracey L. Migliaccio DMD PTK Michael Migneault Michael Miles Joshua Miller Kacie Miller Asia Mills Marquita Alicia Mines Krista Analyn Mitchell Kallie Moar Philly Mok Rebecca Monahan Michael Montalvo Jenny Alexandra Montas Michael Moody Mutinta Milimo C. Moonga Katelyn Moore Amy Morales Dustin Matthew Morell Laurie E. Morgan ASL Brooke E. Morin Clayton P. Morin Mark R. Morrell Lisa Morris Opu Morrison Jeffrey Morrone Mesho Morrow Jennifer Chenell Morton Andrew P. Moser Crystal Moser Davina Moses Charles W. Mosher II Jennifer Mosley Kelly Mottola Albert Moushabek Nicholas Mrozinski Tonny Mugera Angela Mullins John Mulvey Evonne Lee Murillo Megan Murphy Ashley Kaitlin Myers Anne Naedele Muralidhar Nallani Prabhjot Naul DeMarco Nelson Jessica Newcomb Peter Newell Angella Newman Micaela Newman Lam Nguyen Phuong T Bich Nguyen Thuy Thi Nguyen-McGrath Diakabana Joseph N'Gwanya Jon Nicholas Sharon J. Nicholson Nyatiah Janel Nickens David Niehaus Raquel Niles Erenpreet Nijjar Heather Marie Niski Julia Schmidt Noack Nicola Noble-Thomas Michael Nocella Vladimir Noda Sandra R. Noeding Nicholas Nathan Nolet Erin Norton DMD Megan Ellen Norton Maurice Ntock Blessing Nwoke Erik A. Nystrom Regina Oandah George H. Obremski Mariam Odisho Douglas J. O'Donald Nana Offei Sabrina O'Garro Olawole Ogunmola Christine Olajumoke Oladoyin Kike J. Olawole Jennifer Oldenburg Edward Howard Olson John Omalley Julian A. Omeally DMD CS Patrick O'Neill Nina Roberta Orchard Susan Orsini Giselle Ortiz-Reyes Zachary Adam Bahrikis O'Steen Kristen Alana Ostroman Sabrina Otero Adama Soungari Tabalifolo Ouattara Amy Overly Andrey Ozeryansky Lillian Pabon Teresa Pabst Christian Janora Pace Stacey Marie Pacheco Eric Packer Cavondra Padgett Onesimo Padilla Kurtis Michael Palermo Lauren L. Palmer Scott W. Palmer Tracie Duval Heather L. Paonessa Neil Parikh Brittany L. Parker Michael Parker Joy Parrish Aspen Parrott Tyler Parsons Kaz Michael Pata Ashley Pate Nirav Patel Ravi Patel Kristyn Laura Patterson Sara Patterson Shaundra Patterson Jaime Patton LaRhonda Peaches Jennifer Peart Lindsay M. Pecht Lisa Susanne Pedersen ASL John Pedone Brittany Peete Nyeshia Pegram Theresa Pelke Francisco Manuel Peña Wilbur E. Pender, Jr. Jeremy W Penny Danielle Perkins Everett Perrin, III Justin Wyman Perry Chris Perryman Ashley Peters Karen Bigelow Peterson Amy M. Petriccione Russell S. Petrucci, Jr. Cassandra J Petterson Jeremiah Petteys ASL Kyle Pfisterer David Picciano Nicole Pichery DMD Shelby Pickett Sydney Pickman John Nicholas Pickowicz Anna Margaret Ward Joshua Pierce Amanda Pipenbacher Deeadra Piper Brittany Pipkin Ronald Pittard Almin Pivic Ronnie Albert Poff Travis Pogue Jenny Rosanna Polanco Kristina Pollard Keith Pope Tyler I. Popick Patrick Matthew Popiwchak Brittany M. Porter-Yeates Zachary Adolf Porter DMD Brian D Post Olivia Pratt DMD Tess Elizabeth Presby PC Mary Prescott John Pritchard Shalena Pritchett Vicki L. Provencher Taylor Marie Pulley Azam Quraishi Oday Radhi Liam Kelly Rafferty Amy Christine Raines Max E. Ramos Michelle M. Randolph Debra Raschke Benjamin Rawlinson Erica Rawlinson Rebecca E Ray Ifraz Razak William Reardon Lois M. Reed Elizabeth Reeves DMD Carmen Reyes-Guzman 80

91 BUSINESS Malcolm Reynolds Mark M. Reynolds DMD Destiny Rhodes Heather Ribelin Christie L. Rice Gregory Rice, III Amy Catherine Rich Stephanie Yalanda Richey Philippe Richez Samantha Risk Misty Risner Jennifer Ritz Amanda Robbins Brandon Roberts Jordan Roberts Mary-Ann Roberts Gregory Robertson Elyse Yvette Robinson Jennifer J. Robinson Nathaniel L. Robinson Matthew Donald Rogers Tiffany Rogers Nikki Anne Rosella Ariel Ross Davelia Ross-Henry Michael James Rotando Joseph Paul Rouleau Lisa Rowley Emily Roy Stephen Thomas Royall Dexter Royster Allison Ruffino Janice Rukat Mark Joseph Runca DMD Sean Russi Todd Rutledge Katherine E. Rys Kathleen Sahm Ahmed Fadhil Saleh Hassanin Saleh Elizabeth Salek Charles Salsman Jessica Carla Salvador Shaun Sanchez William Alva Saufley DMD Joshua P. Scheel Vanessa Schell Fredrik Schill Mary-Jo Schler Michael Schmich Kyle A. Schneck Angela Schultz Regina Scott Christopher Scriber Robin L. Scully Eric Seamster Barbara L. Seltzer Cathy Sema Shannon Sharack Sneha Thomas Shaun Kimberly Veiga Sheard Stacy Sheick Paul Zachary Shelton Jr Reyna M Shephard Jason Shye Larry Sigcho Bruce Silber Kerrie Silva Marc Simmons Jordan Simon Tiffany LaDonn Simpson Chad Sims Fatumata Sissoho Tara Sitienei Cristie Slack Tetyana Slivinsky Elizabeth Sloan Rosanne Jean Sloane DMD Andrea Smith Ashley E Smith Erin Smith Heather Marie Smith Jarrett Smith Justin Smith Kari Smith Kathryn Smith Krista Marie Smith Kristin Teague Smith DMD Margaret Smith Molly Smith Monta Monyea Smith Paige C. Smith DMD Paula Smith Robert Smith Robert S. Smith Staci Smith Donna Sovie Amadou Sowe Beverly Katharine Spiegelhauer Pruntha Sriranganathan Brian Stacey Susan St. Amand DMD Megan J Standafer Ka'Lisa C. Stanfield Mitchell D. Staples Allison Starr Michelle W. Stephen Friener Sterlin Ericka L. Stevens Sean Stevens Stephanie Stevens Jamarkus Stewart Darline St Juste-Celestin Nativita St Louis DMD Elizabeth L Stone DMD Suzanne Tocho Storar Nancy Stowe Matthew D. St Pierre Andreas Stroem Racquel A. Stubbs Amy E. Stuehler Stephanie Stusse Adrianna Suk Carla Sullivan Cynthia Angela Sullivan DMD Jessica Lee Sullivan DMD Patrick Sullivan Joshua Summers Spencer Sundahl Sudha Priya Sundaram Peter Swain Adam Swierkowski Haylee S. Szczepkowski Ryan Tacy Eric Talbot Kayla M. Tanguay DMD Donald Tanner Lizzette Tarver DMD Elizabeth G. Taylor Kristen Anna Taylor Michele Stamper Taylor Sara Taylor Sarah Jean Taylor David A. Teixeira Michael Terach Kelvin E. Terry Jeremy Michael Tetreault Contrecia Tanyae Tharpe Matthew W. Thatcher Kelly J. Theroux ASL Jennifer Thilmony Aaron Michael Thomas Ashley Thomas Jasmine Thomas Reginale Thomas Shondala D Thomas William E. Thompson III DMD Brittany Wilkins Thornburg Geoffrey Elmore Thornton Michelle Thrun Nina Ann Timney Nicholas Alexander Titus Nancy C. Todd Lindsay Tookes Kelly Toomey Rodrick Jermaine Torrence Zhibek Tosi Danielle Denise Toupin Mike Tran Jerald Trapana John D Travis DMD Robert W. Treakle Sarah Tripp Dennis Trotter Vivian Truong Allison Tubb Amanda McIntyre Turco Harry C. Turetzkin DMD Jason Tussing Leslie Tuthill Ross D. Tweedy Heather Underhill Christian Utt Brendon K. Vachon Hannah Marie Vail Lindsay M. Vail Joseph Valchuis Heather Vanderheiden Ashley L. Vanderweele Jennifer Vandeventer Natasha Van Horn Darren Van Lehn Joanne Van Vranken Jennifer Lynn Van Winkle Chareese Varner Frank Vasi Tiffany Vasquez Victor Vasquezgarcia Poorna Sai Kumar Vattigunta Derek Veldhuisen Stacy Kristin Venator Katherine Redman Veneziale Nina Vernali Timothy D. Villemaire Arthur Hart Vincent Jr Marco A Violante 81

92 BUSINESS Kenneth R. Viviano DMD Brittney Von Jares Vy Uyen Vu Thomas P Waddle II Jermaine L. Wade Elizabeth Wakefield Sparkal Latisha Wallace Kristin J Walsh Nicole Walton-Trujillo Chenlu Wang Hongyi Wang Yadong Wang Yifei Wang Sarah E. Warner John M. Warren Maisha Washington Richard W Wasson III Jeffrey Watts Jennifer Krista Waurio Charles Way Amanda Webb Stacey Anne Weber Kaifei Wei Brion Michael Wells Christine L West DMD Gregory W. Whalen Willis Whalen Heather A. Whalin Kevin J. Wheeler Brian M. Whelan Charles Whilden Brittany White Jessica White Michelle White Deborah A Whitley Brandon Whittington Julia Wilkins Desiree Williams Therese A Williams Stacy Williams Waters Susanna Willock Booker Thomas Wilson Jr. Brittany Marie Wilson Charise Wilson Nathan A. Wilson Olivia Wilson Kenyan Kadeem Wise Christine Wisniewski Stephen Withkowski Wayne Wong Yien San Wong Karissa Leanne Woodward Brian Woollard Brian G. Worcester Jessica Workman Brigette Worthington Amanda Wright Jacenda Wright Tiffany Wright Chieh-Wen Wu Shu-Yuan Wu DMD ASL Jason Wyda Yujun Xu Lauren Yacovone Samantha Yaeger Yuqi Yao Brooke Yerk Annemarie Yoos Dwayne Young II Phillip Scott Young Fenibo Youngman Jillian Sweikert Zadeh Caroline Noel Zbawiony Carla Zensen Sihan Zhang Yu Fei Zheng Murielle Laetitia Zoundi Laura Zurbach Matthew J. Zylak Bachelor of Applied Science Megan E. Brown ESD Sahara J. Brown Bachelor of Arts Marc Anderson Shawn E Anderson Andrew Baird *** Matthew Bledsoe Andii L. Bloom Adam Bourassa Marc Bragg * David Brannan Michael J. Buckley Donald M Carlyon ** Don W. Cole *** Diane M Demers Aaron DiDonato ** Samuel T. Edes *** Lanicka Lindsey Shane Rhett Fisher *** Elizabeth Grimm Ryan Joseph Guymer *** Chassidy Hood Ciara Huey-Burns *** Sydney Jarrell Amber Johnson *** Trevor King Austin Levesque Lanicka Lindsey Taylor Loterbauer Katherine Loughnane Emily Marshall *** Amanda McCellon Rebecca Morin DMD Michael Kenneth Pacheco Linda Papin-Zairi David Paulson Graham R. Pearce Simone A. Razzano, III *** Taylor S Reed Akia Nadira Roché Delilah Saenz ** Lori Sarver *** Nathan Schools Brian Searles Mychel Alexandria Seyl * Grigoriy Shperkin Alisia Simon George Stapp * Ariel Tobin * Tamara Vaughn Bachelor of Business Administration Gabriela Acuña Tremolada Angi Figueroa Pengcheng Hu Yalin Huang Hang Li Jingyang Li Yao Liang Diego Mazzerini de Vinatea Bruno Andre Migone Tarazona Manuel Jesus Rabanal Romero *** Cynthia Santa Cruz Michael Santoro Jian Zhang DMD Ziyan Zhang Xianxian Zhao Fangying Zhu Zheng Zong Bachelor of Science Laura J. Abbene Bloom Allen Leo Abbott Jr ** Matthew B. Abbott Jodi E. Abood Samira Abugosh ** Kusum Acharya * Brian Ackley Alysson Marie Acquaviva Peter Akomaye Adalikwu Laura Ann Adams *** Miranda Mae Adams ** Patrick Adams Bonnie C. Addison * Arthur Adduci ** Oladele Oyebola Adeoye Courtney A. Adie ** Katelyn Adinolfo Benjamin A. Adjei Cody Ward Adriance ** Melissa Jean Ahern *** DMD Nora Alabi Bandar N. Alajmi Rashed Alajmi * Naif Alawaji * DMD CS Wissam Albakour Anthony Joseph Alcala ** Salman H. Aldajani Ryan J. Aldam Courtney Aldana Carolyn S. Alden Ibrahim Adel Aldossary Ricardo Alertes Michelle Alexander *** Oluwabukola Alimi ** Ibrahim Mohammed Aljallali * Carolyn Allaire Lisa M Allard Anthony Dwayne Allen * James Allen * James Allen Joshua Roger Allen Keith Allen *** Lisa M Allen *** Natalie Allen Rene G. Allen Samantha Allen-Riley Alexis Nicole Allgood *** ASL Dije Alliu Kyson Allred *** DMD ASL 82

93 BUSINESS Fahad Almarri Abdullah Shaya Almassar Mishari A Almusayid Hezam T. Alnabet * Moshari N. Alnabit Andrea Altic ** Vicki Alumbaugh *** Brayden R. Alvarez Christine L. Alvarez *** Donnavon Alvarez ** Alexandria Amato Thomas William Amato Brianna Nicole Ambrosino ESD Desiree C. Amers Susan S. Amnott *** ASL Maja Amovic Alexa Anderson Daniel Anderson Elizabeth Anderson Julie M. Anderson Amanda Christine Andrade ** Curlyne Andrew Brittany Andrews Anish Anirudhan ** Virginia Lynn Anthony Amy Antone Elaine Apatang-Butts ** David Steve Arce Jr. Susanne Andriotis Armentrout Ashley Armstrong * DMD Kori Beth Arnold ** Michelle Arnold ** Robert M. Arruda Jr *** DMD ASL Jerry Arsenault Mariah Lee Arsenault ** Christie Ashcraft Terasa M. Asselin Scott Atkinson Raminder Kaur Attwal Xavier Aubron *** Felicia C Augevich ** Shaun R. Aukamp *** Jessica L. Austin *** Brett Avenengo CS Anna Avery * Joyce Avico *** Jenna A Axne Susan Gale Aznive ESD Pamela Azure * Maham Aliou Ba Jeffrey Baba *** Dionne Bablington *** Joseph Bac Jessica Taylor Backholm Sherri Badeau *** DMD ASL Jaeyeong Bae Matthew Bailey * Richard William Bailey Genevieve T. Bajwa *** Douglas Bakehorn Hollie Marie Baker ** Meghan R. Baker Patrick B. Baker * Shannon Travis Baker *** DMD Brittany C. Baldwin * OO Carmilleon Baldwin David C. Ballantyne ** Lindsay Bamford * Ban Thuy Hang Elizabeth Banik Christopher Banks ** Robert Banks *** Joshua Baptiste Peter Baptiste * Darla Baran Jill Barber * Brett Barcelona, Jr. Samantha Bark Priscilla A. Barnes Whitney Barnes *** CS Adam Baroni Katherine Barreto * Evon M. Barrett Patrick J. Barry * Candice Bartlett Linda Barton ** Katie Basic Joel Basiliere Nilsson Basora Jonathan Allen Bass *** Judith Basso * Aaryan Bastola *** Ryan Dean Batchelder *** Ashley M. Batey Marlene Batista * Christina Bauer ** Derek P. Bauer Amanda Baxter * Dustin Bealby ** Larry Beauchamp Elise Clare Beaulieu Lauryn Nicole Beauregard David S. Bechard * Pepper J. Bechard *** DMD Sejo Becirovic Gabrielle Corynne Beck ** Jeremy Beck Matthew Hale Beck Danielle Beckwith *** Zachary Beckwith * James Michael Beecher *** Melanie D. Belcher Amy Belcourt ** Elisha H. Bell *** Emma Bell *** Robert Eric Belton Raquel Cristina Beltran Marti A. Bemis Edmundo Bendana Elissa Benner Maggie Bennett Sharon Lynn Bennett *** DMD Tanieka Bennett Tiffany Bennett Travis M. Bennett *** Cameron Benoit Effie L. Benoit ** Kristin Nicole Benoit * Brian R. Benthal *** Dana Virginia Berger Alexander P. Bergeron Ashley Rose Bergeron Nathan A. Bergeron Nicole Bernardi ** Theresa Berry *** Kevin Thomas Bertis *** DMD Abbie J. Bertone Bryan Berube Karen Berube *** ASL Augustine Beyer Upkarn Singh Bhogal Christie Bibaud Kimberly Bibbens *** Ormanic Anushe Bien-Aime *** DMD ASL Andrea D'Ann Biery Joshua Bill *** Cathy Biller Shelley Bindon *** Kimberly Bingheim Takara Birdsong Alec M. Biron *** Jason Bishop Megan Marie Bishop Scott Bither *** Morgan Blackstone * Mitchell Stephen Blair ** OO Matthew Olson Blaisdell Michel C. Blake ** DMD ASL Nicholas J Blake Lenora S. Blakes Bryan A. Blanchard Bonnie M Blaylock *** Katie Blim Kelly Bloyer *** Martin Boateng *** Lisa Rochelle Boehmke ASL Lynn A Boisvert *** DMD ASL Nicole Boisvert Philip S. Bolduc ** George P. Bollendorf Jr. *** Douglas B Bolte *** DMD Michael Bolton Nickolas Bonneau Brandi Boothe Robert Joseph Booze * CS Alicia Ann Bordner Shanice Borgschulte Amy J. Borunda Darlene Bosse *** Romal Bostic Samantha June Boston Derek William Bosworth Roy Botelho ** Joshua Bouchard Holly Boudreau * Richard Boughton *** Sounida T. Bounphakhom Katie R. Keir Bradley Bournes *** Maria Theresia Bousquet Victoria M. Bowley Rachel Bowne Christina Boyce *** Tyler Steven Boyce Juli Braatz *** Jacob Brabon Melissa Bradley Taylor Bradley Joshuan Bradshaw Devon M. Brady Kristopher Brady 83

94 BUSINESS Jonathan J Brandan * Keith Brandon ** Kathryn Brann *** DMD ASL Andrew A. Braunstein * Michael J. Brawley Kenneth Brayton * Amanda Breau *** Carri Brede *** Stephen Breen Christina Brenner Ansel H. Brewer, III Gregg Scott Brewer Emily Susan Briggs Jeannine Briscoe Nathaniel Brisson * Dominique Bristol Adam F. Brizuela Alisha E. Broemeling *** DMD Stacey M. Brooks Alana Brown *** Amanda Brown Christina Y. Brown Jeanny Brown *** Jeffrey Brown * Jordan Brown * Kira May Brown Pamela J. Brown *** PTK Rebeccah Brown Tahnya Brown Victoria Brown William Edward Brown Lynda Gayle Brumfield * Stacey Brunelle Adam C. Bryant * Cindy Bryant Roxana Linae Bryant Joanne Michele Buchanan Michael Buckner *** Lauren Budney Lissette Buckley Joshua Bugge *** Sao Mai Bui Thi Ngoc Mai Bui Thanh Tung Bui Mathias Bukuru Ashly Burdick CS Donna Bumgardner * Brandi Bump ** ASL Kerry Burak Kristen Kay Burch * Leanne Burcham *** ASL Matthew Burdick Dyana Burgess Latissa Burgos * Adam Darryl Burk Christopher Burke *** Rebecca Grace Burke Brandon Burkett Cindy Burks *** ASL CS Michele Burks William Burmaster * CS Angela Burns Matthew Burroughs *** DMD ASL Nathan C. Burt Michael Anthony Busconi Heather M Bush ** Amy Bustin Bryan Butac *** Margaret Butcher ** Nicole Butler ** Roy Dwight Keith Butler Muhammad Kaleem Butt *** Samantha L. Button ** Ana P. Byers *** DMD Zebadiah J. Byrd Juan M. Cabello *** Zoe Cable Joanne Leigh Cabrera ** Mayte N. Cabrera Reyes Jonathan Cadieux *** Thomas Antonio Cadmus Lisa Cahill * Spenser Cain *** Heather M Cairns ** Anita Cala *** Meghan M. Calabria Brandon Caldwell Philip L Camarano *** Brian T. Campbell Michael A. Campbell, Jr. Sarah L Campbell Biera C. Chin James B. Campos *** Darby Caneen Eric Matthew Cannon *** DMD Jennifer Nilda Capasso Lourdes Capuano-Raices Bryant Carew James Manolt Cariello ** Jeffrey Carleton *** Anthony Carpenter *** Rhiannon K. Carpenter * Kassandra Carr Ronald E. Carr Sarah Carr Lisa Ann Carrafiello ** Olivia Carranza *** Jami Kathleen Carroll *** Catrina Lynn Carson ** Jennifer Carte Kristine Cartee Kathryn Darlene Carter Kyle Carter DMD Pamela Carter Katelyn Carvalho ** DMD ASL Nathan Carvalho Zachary Cary Alyssa R. Casey Christine Ann Casey Ariel Castillo ** Rachel Castillo Yanira Castillo Carlos Castro ** Evan Reid Catlett *** Lisa A Caton ** Corey D. Caza Deni Cecco ** Elena Cedano Jason Celentano Joseph Cennami *** Tina M Cerda Jorge Cerrato-Tiffer Jiyeon Cha Joe Chagolla Lip Yee Chai Jacquelin Chalas Randy A. Chalmers ASL Kayla Lynn Chaloge * Patrick Ryan Chamberlain * Helen Champeon Chamberland * Deborah E Champagne * Erica Chandler Soo Youn Chang * Nathan Charette Colette A. Charpentier Ashley Chase *** Michael Chase * Scott Chase Rosemary S. Chatwin *** DMD CS Hyeondong Cheon *** Dean Cherf *** Kian May Chew Min Kid Chew Pik Yin Chew Paul Chiagoro *** Kalene Nora Chiavetta Brandon Michael Childers ** Chi Weng Chin Amanda Chisling * Mark Allen Chlarson *** DMD Sung Ha Cho * Danbi Choi Jaewook Choi Saemchan Choi * Zhi Leong Choong Brianna Michelle Christensen ** Dale Christensen DMD Constance M. Christescu Brent David Christiansen Theresa M Christiansen *** PTK Joseph D. Christmas Terrell Alisha Christy Duy Hiep Chu Barbara Church Bridget A. Church ** Brian A. Ciccone * Paula Jean Cincinnati John Cinelli * John Michael Clancy Casey Robert Clark ** McKayla Clark Shiquile R Clark ** William Cleaver Heidi Clifford * Brittany Clifton Randi Lynn Clifton Stefanie M. Clifton Deanne Marie Coats Aaron Cochrane ** Bret Cohen * Tiffany Cohen *** Caleb J. Colby Daniel E. Cole *** Elise Love Coleman Alana Colindres Dawn M Collas Camarie Collier *** Chelonthia Collier Jeffrey Collins Shannon Carmela Collins DMD 84

95 BUSINESS Tanya Collins * Daniel R. Colomey Miriam Colon * Taylor Colon Nicholas John Combs ** Megan Congleton *** Darlene L. Compson *** Kelli Conkwright Amanda Conley ** Erin Connolly Olivia G. Conrad Amy L. Conroy Taylor Cook ** Taylor R. Cook ** Bryan T. Cooney Diane Lee Cooney Donald Leo Coons III * Darren K. Cooper Gentry Cooper Molly Cooper * Ralph Cooper Ryan J. Cope *** Gwendolyn Copeland Kaitlyn Corbett Eric Cordell *** ASL Matthew Logan Corman Cameron Cusack Cormay Monique Cormier Cayley Corrado *** CS Caitlyn Correa *** Alexandro M. Correia Darren James Correnti Jr. Candis Corsaro *** Portia M. Corsetti Jael Cosico *** Robin Costain *** ASL James Costello ** Myles Costello Joseph Robert Cote Edward Robert Cotter James Matthew Coughlin * William C. Coursey *** Shirley Marie Courtney *** DMD ASL Noah Daniel Covell Heather Covington Sherveka L. Covington Abigail Marie Cox Ariana Margaret Cox Crystal Cox Michael Cox Cydney Laurel Coyne * DMD Andedriel Adolph Cradle ** Sharon Craig Patrick Joseph Cramer * Megan Crate * Ashley Maree Creveling Jordan Emory Crews Kathleen Crilley Rebecca Lynn Marie Crocker Donald J. Cronan Joshua Cronick Matthew L. Cropley * John W Crosby * Joseph M. Cross Andrew Michael Croteau ** Dane Crough *** Charlene L. Crowell ** John Crowell Patrick Crowley Shawn Crowley *** DMD Derek M Crowther ** Saul Cruz Mary Ellen Cudworth Terri L. Cummings *** Sheril Cunamay Breanna Cunningham Christopher John Cunningham * Kelly Cunningham Natasha Cuomo ** Joseph Curley Carolyn Curran Patricia C. Curtis William C. Cushing, Jr. Lindsay Cyr Joshua Da Costa Amber Dailey Jonathan James Dalba Abigail Lynn Dampf Katherine Danckwart Andrew J. Daneau ** Kellie J. Daneau *** Tra My Dang Tuan Vu Dang Jeremy R Daniel *** Stephanie L Daniel Robert Daniels ** Leigh B Dankovich Matthew Dantonio * Melissa Da Ronco *** Cris Anne Davenport-Decato *** Katharine Davies * Ana Alicia Davis *** DMD Brittany Davis Erika D. Davis ** Meredith Marshae Davis * Michael Marcale Davis * Rasheedah Doreen Davis Shaye Davis Michael Deans * Deanna De Armas Christopher De Beaucourt Anthony F. DeCarlo Devin J. DeCarteret * Catherine D. DeCloux * Jennifer Ann DeCraene DMD Alexandra Danielle DeFelice *** DMD Janet Deganich Corey Deighan Matthew Deitrich Brian De Jesus Kaylee L. Dejulio *** Ashliee Alexandria De La Cruz * Norman Delage * Ashley Della Pelle * Jeffrey D. Delle Chiaie *** Christina Delong * Martha Delong Emily DeLong *** Bradford M. DeLuca Jennifer Deluca * Jared L Demar ** Jacy L. DeMarco Nia Sherail Demastrie Taryn Demato *** Michelle L. Demerjian Troy Demers *** Nicole Deneen *** Stephen R. Denis ** Scott Denisuk *** CS Debra Ann DeNitto Kendra Ruth D'Eon ** Florentina Dervishaj Mark Desiderio ** Tanya Desilva Alexander Desjardin Jennifer Desmond Karaleigh Irene Desmond * April Desroche Sabrina Elaine Deuschle *** DMD Karin Marie Deveraux Leona DeVicente Darren L. Dias Dalisa Diaz *** Lynn Diaz Shirley A. Diaz Brendon M. DiBiasio Gregory Steven DiBona James R Dickson Kadie Eve Dickson OO Amanda Leigh Diehr * Jordan Hope DiFernando * Christopher Dike Dylan Joseph DiNatale * Matthew Dinneen Jennifer L. Dionne *** Patrick William Dixon Tina Marie Dixon *** Mike Djordjevic Hoang Anh Do Thi Hoai Phuong Do Joel Dobbins *** Angelika Doessinger-Sparks * Brandon J. Dolce Hasim Dolic * Clark S. Domae Lisa Domijan * Diana Lilia Dominguez Manuela M. Dominguez ** Christopher M Donahue ** Robert Michael Donahue * Michele Donlagic *** Katelyn Donnellan ** CS Devan Terrence Dorman ** Jordan Doster Rhonda M. Douglas * Nicole Dowling ** David C. Downie Kristen T. Downing ** Jason Doyle Nicole E Doyle ** DMD Robert K. Doyle, III Veronica C. Doyle *** DMD Jennifer Dragon Ryan Dragon *** Chelsea Drew ** John Thomas Driscoll * Mark Drolet Natalie Linda Drouin ** CS Stephanie Drury Christina Duarte DMD ASL Joseph P Dube Issac M. Dubois * DMD 85

96 BUSINESS Alan Dudley Jr Julie Ann Duernberger Aisha Duff Ellen Duffy Alicia N. Dufresne * Robert Dugan Shane Dugan * Casey T. Duggan Amber Duncan *** Sarah Duncan Christopher Durant Lillie Aileen Durnan *** Benjamin R. Duval Frances Duval Mackenzie Margaret Duval * Therese Dvorak DMD Dean C. Dyche II * Mack Easley ** Krista East *** Philip Anthony Easterwood Caroline Easton Richard T. Eaton Debra Edwards Trisha Edwards Adam Christopher Egli ** Ashley Eisenhart Rebecca Ekholm Aaron Elardo *** Kamel Adnan Elkadri Heather Grace Elliott *** Shannon Elliott *** Kristen Ellis *** Shane Ells ** Bryan Elmore Jr. * Megan Tracey Emery Melissa Emery Michele Emery *** Thomas R. Emidy Crystal Emond *** George R. English Katheryn Ericksen ** Christine Erickson ** Lauren Ertle Kiara Escalera Sandra Lizzeth Escoto *** DMD Jason Anthony Espinoza Zoe Espinoza-Sullivan Marco Esquivias ** Randy Monsod Evangelista ** Brian Edmund Evans Bruno Fagundes * Germaine E. Fahie *** DMD ASL Anthony Faikus ** Tyler Michael Faille Stacey Faison * Ahmed Ali Fallatah Jocelyn J Fallon Nicholas N. Fanjoy * CS Munroe Fannin Khalid Mohamed Faraj Aboud James Faria Ellen G. Farmer * Edwin F Farrar Michelle Lee Farrell Ferdousi Faruque * Samantha Louise Fauteux ** Dustin Boyd Fazzini Natalie Fecteau ** Scott William Fedas Jr. Paula Felder Elizabeth Fellows Stephen Feltner Quashla Fenderson Cameron Michael Fenney CS Candis Ferguson Robert Ferraro Jason Ferrera Angelene Ferro Justin R. Feussner ** Sarah Fialho * Charles Fielder Brandie Fields ** Darrien Fields Cody J. Fifty Brynna Fincher Douglas Andrew Fink Robin L. Finnegan ** James Joseph Finocchiaro II Christa Fiorentino *** Anthony Fiorillo ** Sara Cristina Mariot Firmino Garrett Fischer Ryan Elias Fisher * Stephanie Erin Fitzgerald Matlock Nicholas John Flanders Scott Fleming Michael Ruben Flores * Michelle Flynn Jocelyn Folde *** DMD Timothy Follis ** Kinga Fontanilla Angela C. Fontenot ** Erin C Ford Kaitlyn Mariah Ford ** Jennifer Foster Michele Foster Colleen Ann Fournier *** Nathaniel C. Fournier *** Dillon B. Fowler Melissa Lynn Fowler David Arnold Fox ** Fernando Christopher Franco Catherine T. Franzese *** Christina Franzosa Matthew Frazier Kelly Ann Frederick ** Kayla Free Bradley Freeman Scott Patrick Freeman *** DMD ASL Tina A. Fregeau * Jessica L Frenier Ariel Frias Samuel Alan Frier Lauren Fry *** Judith Fuller *** Zachary T. Fuller Theresa A. Fullerton * Michael Funderburg Lisette Barrios Funke Candice Furman Madison Furnner Sara Gaboriault *** Odis R. Gabriel Melissa N. Gagne * Benjamin David Gagnon Charlene Gagnon *** Lisa M. Gailunas Anna Marie Gallant Jessica C. Gallant Sherilyn Gallegos *** Cailyn Gallup * Timothy J. Galvin Beauman Gamache Michael J. Gamache Deborah Gamble * Kevin Gammel Christian Brandon Gamst ** DMD CS Ka Young Gan Robert Tory Ganung Carlos Ismael Garcia Michelle Garcia Miyah Lavon Garcia Nicole Garlock John J. Garofalo Anastacia D. Garrett * Stevenson N Garrison * Jose Maria Gaspar Donna Gaubatz *** ASL Brandon Gaunt Daniel A. Gauthier Gerard Gauthier Ryan M. Gauthier Kitton Gaynor Brianna Geary *** Meron Gebremariam Timothy S Gee Christopher Daniel Gendron *** Clay Harvey Gendron *** DMD Bruce W. Gensel * Anthony Edward Gentile Nicole George * Stephanie Ann George Hannah Germain * Peter Gerrity * Kelly Gersch Jon R. Gerstenberger Craig Gesterling Adam Lloyd Getchell Tessa M. Giannetti Aleya Giardinella *** Gregory Gibbons *** CS Ryan Gibbons Derek Gilbreth Anne Gilch Rachel Giles ** Ryan Scott Gill *** Dylan Gillaspie Ryan Gilley Devin Gilligan Nathanial Joseph Giovannone Daniela Maria Giugea Aprel C. Glass Christopher J. Glatz Jason E. Goddard Sarah Nicole Goeke *** CS Samantha Goetz * Patrick Goff Jennifer Goguen *** Alexander Michael Gohmann Melissa Golas *** 86

97 BUSINESS Geoffrey C. Gold *** Taylor Lauren Golden David Goldie *** Benjamin Golnik Jonathan Gomes Tara Gomez ** Christopher Gonzales *** DMD Alfredo Gonzalez *** Cecilia Gonzalez Liliana Gonzalez Melissa Gonzalez * ASL Oliva De La Paz Gonzalez Tracy Gonzalez Samantha M. Goodhue *** DMD Nicholas Goodin Jacquelin Marie Goodno Clinton Goodwin Steven Goozie Janna Goraya * Anna L. Goslin Cheryl Gould ** Michael Gouvalaris *** Daniel Goya-Lane Michelle L. Goyette ** Miki Graf *** Raquel Trinidad Graham Shannon Graham Cesar Granda Gillian Margaret Grandoni- Barlow * CS Sophia Graniela ** Andrea Grant Susan Grant Brian Gratz ** Jeremy Lee Gravlin ** Christopher Gray *** David Gray * Brian Garrity Grayson * Katie L. Green *** DMD Kristina Green Michelle Green *** ASL Marlene M. Greene *** Rebecca L. Greenlee ** ESD CS Christi Greenwell *** DMD ASL Joseph Brandon Greenwell Shelby Suzanne Gregoire Dawn P. Grencik *** DMD ASL Lilia Grenier Antonette Theresa Grieco * CS Christopher Griffin Glenwood M. Griffin Jr. Jodi Lauren Griffin * Melinda Griffin Alisa Griffith Joshua I Griffith Sr Erika Griggs Linda Grondin *** John J. Grossi, Jr. * CS Marianne Grossman Gabrielle Yvonne Grosvenor * Kendra Grover Patrick Grundy *** Jacek Grzybek Jr. Michael Guarente ** Krista Guerra Eventz Guerrier Jeffrey Guilliatt Ruvimbo Gumunyu Andrew Gurski *** Aadarsha Gurung * Travis Brandon Guthrie Richard Gutierrez Neul Whi Ha *** Dennis W. Habgood II *** ASL Ronald Hackett ** Nathan Hagan Kevin Hahn ** Sarah Leedom Haley Delores Hall * Frédérick Hallé *** Austin William Halley John R. Hallisey Nadia Hamdy Crystal L. Hamilton *** Sean P. Hamilton Brianna L. Hammar Stacey Hammock Raechelle Hammond ** Jimin Han Jake Joseph Hanlon Jill Hansbury *** Marissa Hansen Matthew Blaine Hansen * Daniel I. Hanson ** Brandy Hardin Jeffrey T. Hardisty Amber Kionne Hardy Brianna Hardy Jay R. Harp, Jr. ** Joshua Harrington Tina M. Harrington Chelsie Harris Erinn Harris *** Kristie A Harris Meghan C. Harris Randell Harris Jennifer Harrison * Jesse Hart ** Peter J Hart II Lisa Hartung *** Jessica Nicole Haskins Pamela Hastings ** Andrew Cameron Hasty Heather Hasz ASL Shannon Hathaway *** Karen Hathorn ASL Christopher Hatzibiros Ann Haughton Joshua T. Hauser Ryan K. Havey ** CS Carla Hayes Christopher Hayes Michael R. Hayhoe * Jason Haynes *** Casey Headden Jaimie Healey Adam Rhys Heaton Alexander Hebert Daniel Heckler Keifer A Heckman Matthew Heckman *** Norman James Hedges *** DMD ASL Kaitlyn A. Heffernan * Heather D. Heid * Heather Heins ** Kyle Thomas Heisey Theresa Helger *** DMD ASL Jody Helton ** Danny Hemchand Ashley Henderson *** Jennifer Hennessey ** Samantha K. Henrichon *** Amanda Hensley Dam Her Avel Hernandez Gerard A Hernandez James A. Hernandez ** Ignacio M. Hernando Angulo Kathleen Herndon Wade Frederick Herrell Ronald A. Hertz Stephen M. Hession, Jr. *** Della Joyce Hett *** ASL Hew Ann Li Emily Hickman ** Kyle A. Hicks *** DMD Dana Marie Higginbotham ** Wyatt D. Higginbotham ** Jacqulyn R. Higgins * ASL Kristen Higgs Patrick Higham Danielle Martine Highland ** Chance Stephen Hill Edward Hill Heather Nicole Hill * Jeanne Hill Keith Dorian Hill Jr. Jason Hilmanowski ** Eileen Hilton ** Frank E Himes IV *** Christine Hinds Kathryn Hinnant Edward S. Hipps Jr. *** James M. Hitt *** Tyler Hitt *** Andrew J. Hixson Adam Ho Xing Yan Thomas Yates Hobbs *** Grant Kenneth Hock * Kyle J. Hodgdon Jeremy S. Hodgson Janene M Hogan Russell A. Hohn Jr. Skyler Holbert Deborah Holcomb ** Mark Hollingworth ** CS Phillip Hollins *** Elizabeth Holmes Emily Anne Holmes * CS Katie Ann Holmes Hoo Kah Khooi Larissa Hopkins William Hopkins Yolanda Hopkins Skye L. Hopps Deana M Horne ASL Julie Horzsa *** Amir Hossain Jamaal A. Houston Daniel P. Howard Eric Howarth ** Shannon T. Howe *** 87

98 BUSINESS Kristen Howell *** DMD ASL Michael Howell * Tia Howell ** Aaron Wayne Hubert Amber July Hudson * Laural Hudson Tristyn Huet-Heart * Emmalea Huff Devin Hultgren Amber Humbert * Craig Humbles ** William Tirrell Humfryes Elizabeth Humphers Casey B. Humphrey Emma Lee Humphrey * CS Garrett Hunt Mary Veronica Hennessy Hunt * Sandra Huntley *** ASL Jason G. Huot Sarah Hurlburt Meagan Hurley Rick Dalton Hurt Alexsandra Hurvitz * Rajesh Hussein Mustapha Husseini Ben A. Hutchinson *** Katherine Hutchinson *** Michael Hutchinson Donna Diem Huynh *** Seung Jin Hwang Luke Xavier Hynes *** DMD Abigail Sarah Hyson * CS Ibukun Idowu Abdirahman N. Iftin Jaimi Ilkenhons DMD ASL Ayesha Illahi Olivia A Imprescia ** Kianga Ingram * Angela Inman *** Nicholas Anthony Ioanna Bradley Irby * Adam Ireland ** Juan Isaza ** Nathan Izzicupo Starr Jaatinen * Britney Noel Jackson Deandra Adeline Jackson *** DMD ASL Jesse Jackson Jessica Jackson Linda Jackson Tekesha V. Jackson Angelina R. Jacobs Kiley Jacobus Anthony E. Jacques-Broome Jeremy J. Jager *** Grazina Jagucianskaite ** Geunnyeong Jang Boguslawa Elizabeth Janowska Bradford A. Jarry *** Stephanie Jasbon Raymond M. Jaszcz *** Derek J. Jean Alissa Rachel Jelley Benjamin J Jenkins Neiman Erikson Jenkins Jackson C. Jennings Hillarie Jensen Heidi Jerabek * Jason Jewell Sophie M. Jewell Lesli A. Jimenez-Delgado Ann C. Johnson Brittany J. Johnson Chad Daniel Marc Johnson Cody Heath Johnson * Elizabeth Johnson Gladys Sanchez Johnson Jacqueline Ramsey * Jorel Johnson Joshua Johnson *** Lana Christine Johnson ** Miranda Johnson *** Richard D. Johnson Tanner Johnson * Travana Latrice Johnson Joseph R. Johnston Samantha Johnston * Melissa Rae Jolley Brittney Lee Jones * Catherine E. Jones *** Deneisha L. Jones * Eric Daniel Jones ** George F. Jones * Jaclyn Ann Jones Jason Jones Michelle E. Jones Phillip M. Jones ** Ryan Jones Shelissa A. Jones Tonya Jones Heather Jopson * CS Chad Jordan Isabelle Joseph * Suzanne Joseph Katelyn Joyal ** Patrick Joseph Joyce * Christopher Todd Joyner Da Hyun Ju Albert Juncaj Moonju Jung ** Katherine Ann Kaelin * John M Kagunyi Kenneth Kalilainen *** Jonida Kamberaj Richard Kamphaus ** Kimberly Ann Kane *** Michael Christopher Kane Jr. *** DMD Annick Kapila Michael Gregory Kapoian * Dean Peter Karalis * CS Lara Karic-Page Karin Karinca Robert H. Karlberg Courtney Kasserman Danielle Rachel Katz *** Lauren E Kearney Andrew J. Keefe Thomas John Keefe ** Joshua Keeler * Jason Aron Keith *** Meghan Elizabeth Keith *** Cherylann Kelleher ** Tiffany Keller Brandon Kelley Bradford S. Kelly Jr. Chrystal Kelly Teresa Marie Miller *** Jerome Rashah Kennedy Lawrence Kennett ** Nicole Maryse Kenney *** Ashley R. Kent *** Latonya Champagne Kent ** Courtney Kenyon * Krista Kern *** Patricia R Kerr ** James Kerzwick *** Samantha Jean Kessler *** Michael Keyes-Bowman Yasmin Khashoggi Jasmine Anuhea Kiili *** Dohun Kim * Jaehee Kim Ji Seong Kim Ji Yong Kim * Junehyuk Kim Juseon Kim * Martie Yong-Hee Kim ** Min Ye Kim Tae Hun Kim Yaejin Kim * Young Min Kim Harry Kimball Joan Kimball DMD Ruth Ann Kimble *** Stephanie Kincaid ** Burrell King Molly R King Brandy A. Kinney *** Jennifer Hartzel Kintz Andrew Kirey Nicolette Kirsch Michael Thomas Kishmarton *** Chrystal Lee Ann Kitowski * Todd Edward Klepper *** ASL Jason Kluza * William Kmetetz Jr. ** ASL Dustin Knackstedt Tahli A Knapp Trevor Knauf * Gary Knodler ** Heather Marie Knotek Brandy Taylor Knowlton Eric Knutson ** Samantha Lynne Koehler Jing Yee Koh Yen Nee Koh Christine Kohler-Durand * Rebecca Louise Kohlhepp Sinem Unalp Alexis Kolarik Eva Kolodziey ** ASL Donna M. Koravos Nicole Korman Joshua Korson Dorota Kotowski Preeti Koushal Alisha Krambeer Michael Krebs Stephanie Krill *** Robert Joseph Kula * David Kulowitch Sara Elizabeth Kurdziolek 88

99 BUSINESS Timothy W. Kurker ** Emin Kurtovic Richard Kurylowicz * Christopher Michael Kus ** Derek Kutasi *** Harrison M Kutney Kelsey Michelle Kwok * ESD Hye Jin Kwon * Matthew Kydd ** Christie M. Kyle *** Jeffrey David Lacasse Jillian Lacey * John F. Lacey, III *** Michael W. Lacey Paul Michael LaCouture Anna Marie Ladd Abdellah Lafridi * Linh Lai Chelsey Lamb Kayla R. Lambert *** Kayla Ann LaMontagne CS Naomi Lamper-Wehbe Maeve Landon Melissa M. Landry William F. Landry * Nicole B. Lane Brian Lang * Jessica J. Langer Richard S Langevin Jr. Danielle Marie Langlois Scott L Langlois ** ASL Mickey Langston ** Kayla B. LaRocca ** Teneisha K Lattibeaudiere ** PTK Ashley L. Laudenslager Christopher Lauffer * Scott N Lavey Kristyn Keke Laviola ** Alyssa R. Lavoie * Brian Lavornia Jessica Lazzaro *** DMD Jennifer D. Le Thi Hong Ngoc Le Rachael LeBlanc ** ASL Taju LeBlanc Courtney Elizabeth LeBlanc Felton Lee *** ASL Hyangmi Lee Hyung Jin Lee Loal Tyson Lee Sang Yul Lee Sean Harrison Lee * Seungyeon Lee Ehren Lee Sze Tseng Younju Lee Yuna Lee Zaica Lee *** Zin Mun Lee Patricia Lefebvre *** ASL Haley J Legare * Alaina Leighton Ana Leite * Heidi R Leland DMD Justin William Lemon * Jennifer A. Leonard Marcus G Leonard Erin Marie Lepore *** DMD ASL CS Andrea Michele LeSaffre * ESD Yatharthini Letchmanan Andrianna M. Letendre ** CS Adriana M. Lett Janelle Levesque Kaylee Shoshana Levine David Levitre *** Calyon Lewis Cameron D. Lewis Darice Lewis Micah Lewis ** Rachel Lewis Robert Lewis * Mengtian Li Yanshun Liang Tanya Marie Libby Rodsen Liberus Dyane Lilley * Michael J. Lillywhite *** Dong Hyun Lim ** Lim Siew Foong Chun-Chien Lin * Courtney Anne Lindsay *** DMD James F. Lindsay ** Karyn Lisoski Wendy Lissenden *** DMD ASL Donna A. Little * Robert Allen Little Bryan Littleton Derek Litwiller ** CS Jessica E. Lodge Clifton Loftman * Brandon Lee Logan Richard Lloyd Loney Kimberly Long *** Beverly Longstreth Joy N. Looney Marcus Allen Looney Lesther Javier Lopez- Amador Robert Loranger Stephanie B. Lorenzo * Brian P. Loud Robert A. Lougee * Michelle Loura Joy Lowe *** DMD ASL Wendy Lozano Ryan David Lucas William E. Lucini Jr. Travis Ludeke * Ekaterina V. Ludlow Cathrynn L. Lugo Bryan Matthew Luizzi *** Stephanie Lumibao Jeannine Lumley *** ASL Anthony Luna Katie Lunak * Brian Matthew Lutz * Andrea Lynch *** Rebekah Lynch Sean P. Lynch Lauren Patricia MacDonald Stacy MacDonald *** CS Alex Macina *** Matthew Martin MacInnis ** Michael B. MacKenzie Chantel Magane Victoria Jane Maguire * Thomas P. Mahlan Melissa Mahoney * Melissa L. Maitland * Megan Maki *** Edward Makin ** Vitaliy Malanchuk Ellen Jane Malloy Jessica Ann Malone *** DMD CS Scott Malone Jared Maloney Jennifer Manare ** DMD Amy Mancini ** Sinja Mandel Brendan John Manley Tiffany A Manley ** CS Kevin G. Mann Erin Mannarino ** ASL Jacquleen Manning ** Kristin Mannone * Jess Manring *** CS James Russell Mansell Brandon Mansmann * Mohammed Mansour Sasha A. Marasca Samantha Marie Marchetti Caitlin N. March-Shull Lyndsey Marciezyk * John C. Marcone, III Brooke Ann Marcotte Thomas H. Mardis, Jr. *** Caitlyn Marechal ** Nicholas M. Margarit Jillian Mariano Michelina Marino * James V. Markan Judd Markowitz Sarah Marlette Scott Marlin Eusebio Julio Marote Lena Marquart * Alicia Denise Marquis ** Alisha Marquis Heather Marr Timothy Shawn Marriott Jason C. Marshall Tamar Marson Alyssa A. Marston ** Patricia Rene Marston Cullen Martell Louis Martensen * Andrew Martin Christopher M. Martin Elizabeth Anne Martin *** Marcus J Martin Michelle Leigh Martin *** Ryan K. Martineau Lissette Martinez Ryan M. Martinez ** Salvador Martinez * Brittany Mason Darrien Marquis Mason Khari R. Mason Nicholas Mason Tanzy L. Mason Tiffany Mason Brenda Massey Christina D Matamoros ** Robert Raymond Mathieu *** 89

100 BUSINESS Ariele Bryn Matthes Corey Matthews James C. Matthews *** Joshua Robert Maurais ** Shelitha Mayberry * Laurie Mayer ** Fanika Mayo Thomas Mazzola Josiane Mbami William R. McAllister Kelly McArdle *** James R. McCann Jonathan Alexander McCann Victoria McCann Michael McCarthy *** Riley McCarthy ** Stacy J. McCarthy *** DMD ASL Tina McCarty Gyasi Azikiwe McClarence Jennifer McClearn *** Robin McCluney Heather Rae McClure *** Kristin E. McCosh *** Adam Michael McCoy * Louis McCoy *** Mary Lou McCoy *** Joseph McCrave Geraldine McDaniel James M McDaniel Loretta McDaniel ** Dustin McDonald *** Nichele McDonald * Brittani McDonough Kaitlyn Elizabeth McDonough Kyle Thomas McDonough Mary Elizabeth McDonough Amanda J. McDormand Lucy Avery McDowell ** Julie McEvoy Joanne Leigh Cabrera ** Shambi McGill *** Rebecca McGovern Barsha McGrath * CS Jay Thomas McGrath Kristine J. McGuigan * Cameron J. McGuire Charles McIlvain Wyatt-James T. McIntyre Beth McKee *** DMD ASL Mikayla McKee Mariellena McKenna Marie McKenzie ** Bethanie McKinley ** Paul M. McLamb III ** Lindsay E. McLaren Christopher Michael McLean Jonathan McLemore Dylan McLocklin Andrea McManus Lacey McManus Devon M. McMaster * CS Kimberly McNamara Chandler Ryan McNew *** Patrick McNew Robyn McNoddy ** ASL Michael P. McNulty *** Kevin McPeek ** ASL Jevonne McRae ** CS Sara Nicole McSmith Michelle A McSweeney Brooks-Ann Meador Kathleen Meci *** Kaitlin Meddaugh ** Evan Charles Medina *** CS Jose G. Medina ** CS Jennifer L. Melo * Donald R. Melvin II Richey D. Menard *** Omar Mendez * Jaresmildania Mendoza Rebecca Mendoza Yao Meng ** Abigail Mercado * Luay Y. Merdad Jason G. Merrill Jr ** Eric Allen Merritt Johnny Merriweather Robert Mervin Katrina Metcalf ** Stefani Mica * CS Diane Micheli ** Matthew Middleton Rebecca Middleton-Vedder Michael Milazzo ** Marcia Miles Joshua Gary Milewski Bud W. Miller Hayley Jean Miller Holly A. Miller Jody Miller ** Kimberley Jo Miller *** Michael Miller *** Moneisha Miller Scott Miller Taylor Leigh Miller Tiffany Jane Miller Chelsea Milligan Constance Elizabeth Milne *** DMD ASL Peter Miner Keri Mingle *** Scott Minor Abigail Mintaa ** Chad Minton Fausto E. Miranda Roberto Miro Amy Mitchell *** Crystal Miranda Mitchell * Megan E. Mitchell Ashley Modica Mindy L. Moehl * Keara Moeller ** Sebrina Moffett Nancy Mohren Armando Molina Susan Moline Robert J. Mollica *** Connor James Monaghan CS Lisa M. Monroe *** Stephanie Marie Montalvo Martinez OO Yvonn Montoya Jacqueline E. Monty CS Millicent H Monty * Annie Moore ** Lauren Moore Liam M. Moran Shelby Morawiec *** David Edward Morbey Rosario Morel Adam Morgan Kristin Morgan Moniek Morgan Victoria E. Moriarty ** Angela Morin *** Allison Morris Bryan C. Morris Robert Morris Bryan Michael Morrison *** Jelissa Morrison Erin N. Morrissey Steven M Mortaloni ** Marcella Morton DMD Victoria Moses Alyson R. Motta Kamrie K. Moulton Miguel A. Moya, Jr. * Joshua Mueller Nicholas S. Mugica ** Dakota T Mullen Paul M. Mullen Sergia Maribel Mullen Taylor Michelle Mullins Eduardo Munoz Laura Murawski *** Hollie R. Muriithi Barbara Murphy Brian E Murphy * Ellen Murphy *** Will P. Murphy Connor G Murphy-Pevear ** Devin R. Murray CS Lynn Murray * Jessica Leigh Musante *** Corrine L Musca * Martin Musekiwa Wendy Sue Musgrove *** David Mushimba * Cynthia A Nadeau Julie A. Nadeau Nina Najafi *** Stephen Najarian ** Christopher J. Najem Adam Nakaoka Angel Rafael Natal Jr ** Konstantinos Ilias Natsis *** CS Ruby Malene Navarro Mikayla E. Nawojczyk *** Sheryl Nazzaro Katrina Neil Gina Nellums Bryan R. Nelson Cory R. Nelson Jeremy Nelson * Joyce Elizabeth Nelson *** DMD ASL Samantha Nelson *** Kristy L. Nepveu * Matthew B Nesti OO Ratko Nevajdic Wesley J. Nevish ** Timothy Newmark Ng Zu Xian MyDuyen T. Ngo Ngo Phu Son Elizabeth Ng Pack *** DMD ASL CS Duc Anh Nguyen 90

101 BUSINESS Quy Anh Nguyen Manh Cuong Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung Nguyen Thi Ngoc Ha Nguyen Nhung Thuy Holly Nguyen Kimberly T. Nguyen Thi Nhai Nguyen Thi Hoang Van Nguyen Hoang Viet Nguyen Jennifer Nicholas Kemo Nicholas Elias Peter Nicholson *** Erin Nickerson ** Teal Nickerson Jacques Nicolas Rachel Niedbalec ** Christina Marie Nix * Fiona Rae Nixon Chimaroke F. Nnamani A. Sue Noiles * Tiffany Nolan Doris A. Nolan-Oneil Aaron Noonan Travis William Noonan Bjorn Ryan Nordwall * CS Sarah Norris Arkia Northern-Dickens * Cheryl Norville ** Bryce David Nowak ** Delvine Ntengeri ** Obed B. Ntinunu Alejandro Nunez Martin Nyaaba Jonathan Nyoni Yasir Hussin a Obaid Benjamin O'Brien Tara J. O'Connor ** DMD ASL Jared Scott Odegaard Joshua Mark Odle *** Michael J. O'Donnell Austin C. Ogiba Yooseon Oh ** Laura Brigid O'Hanlon Caroline O'Harte *** Thomas W. O'Hearn * Anthony Ohiomoba Sara Page Okamoto-Saldana Amber R. Olcott ** Cristal Rubi Olivares Cameron J. Oliveira Wade Oliveira Lorraine O'Loughlin Edward Olson Oluwatoyin Oluwapelumi *** Karen Ann O'Neill Rebecca Ann O'Neill Yi Lin Ong Andrea E. Onyski * Ooi Xin Huei * Brandenn Orban-Griggs * Anthony Ordway ** Ryan O'Rear ** CS Andrea R. Orshal *** Sandra Ortega Steven C. Osborne ** Bryana Otero * CS Michael F. Ottman Daniel Xavier Ouellette Katelyn A. Ouellette *** ESD CS Lucia T. Ouellette Nicholas Ouellette Qiao Ling Oui Gwenda L. Overkamp Wen Han Ow Steven M. Owens * Elizabeth Owensby Lisa Pabon Amy-Lynn G. Page John A. Page *** Kayla Leigh Page Matthew Paige *** ASL Angela Paine ** Erin Paiva * Zachery Alexander Palmer Esther Palmieri Andrew G. Pangakis Stephanie Pangia * Philip Ross Panzo * Paul Pappas Michael Paprocki Molly Elizabeth Papson Michael Richard Paquin * Jonathan Alexander Paredes Jae Park ** Jooeon Park * Brian J. Parker *** DMD ASL Don Robert Parker Janice L. Parker *** ASL Lois E. Parker *** Todd Parry ** Barry Eric Parsons *** Olivia Noelle Parsons Dan Partello Porntep Jeff Pasaphant Ann Margaret Pastorello *** DMD CS Jason Pate Rabi L. Pathak * Anthony C. Patterson Salvatore Patti Erin Elizabeth Patton *** Courtney Payne John Pedroia Kandice Pekarek Michael Pellegrini Dawn Pelletier * William James Peluso III Wesley Penberthy Arthur Penerian, III ** Mandi Pennacchia *** Benjamin Otto Penner *** Sarah Pepper * Joan Percoski * Daniel Peretz Emmanuel Perez * Kevin Perez Kenissa Perkins Sean Michael Perkins Rachel L Perreault Marny Perry Kevin Perryman Shailendra Persaud *** Alexander William Person Kevin Perusich Amanda Peter Cassandra E. Peters Colleen Peters Elizabeth Peters ** Julie A Peterson Matthew Peterson Monique Peterson Nerlande Petithomme Karin Carleen Marie Petrin *** Wanda A. Petty *** Kerya Petutsky Audra Lee Pezzulli Kevin P. Pfefferle * Cameron Pfizenmeier Huong Giang Pham Dieu Linh Pham Christina Marie Phaneuf Roxanne D. Phillips * Sean Phillips * Simone Phillips * Marlene Victoria Piazza Brian D. Pieninck *** DMD ASL Breanna Pierce Elizabeth M. Pierce Kayla Pierce *** Deidre M. Piers ** Catherine Marie Pike * Shanel Maureli Pimentel Ryan Pinard Kelsi C. Pincence Dina Pinder *** ASL Abigail Marie Pineiro ** Annette Pinero Matthew R. Piper *** Taylor Piper Chris Pirozzoli Steven Pitcher ** Samuel J. Pitser * David Pitts Sarah Lynn Pizzella *** DMD ASL Gary Plante *** ASL Kennedy Jordan Platt Tobie Jade Platts ** Kelsey Plaza ** Ryan Plichta Abrielle Lynne Plummer ** Kelley P. Plummer *** DMD ASL Lynnora Plummer Joel Podos Andrew Poehler Kevin M. Poirier Erica Poisson * Nicholas Daniel Poisson ** Tyler R. Poisson Jesse Poitier Cody Poitras Jacqueline E. Polanco ** Katherine L. Polanco Rodriguez *** DMD Sharline F. Polycarpe Adam Ponder Joanne M. Poole Nicholas Poppe *** Kristin Patrice Popsie Vera Porter Corey J. Pouliot Liana Marie Powers Susan M. Powers *** Jade Powles Samantha A Prell 91

102 BUSINESS Jason Prescott *** DMD ASL Nicole Pribbernow Jillian L. Price Shea Price ** Tonya Price ** Sarah Propernick ** Precious Prosper ** ASL Eileen Diana Provent ** CS Jason Robert Prudhomme Julio Pruenca Kara D. Pruitt *** Kyle Purdy ** Reynaldo Quesada Kyle Quick Rose Rafuse ** Wendy Raglin Nicole Rajadhyaksha Marcus Ralston *** Balaam Ramirez Felipe Florenzano Ramos Rebecca Ramos Savanna Malerie Rancloes ** Carolin Randruut * Jesus Rangel *** Dana D. Rankine Frederic D. Rankins IV *** DMD Carly Lorin Rapp *** Stephanie Rapton Laura Ratzlaff * Laresa Rayner *** ASL Justin A. Razmic Owen Reardon DMD ASL Lorna Reece Nicole A Reed Erskin F. Reese Laurel Reeves Katelyn Joanis Regier ** Cregory Reid Travis H Reiner Eric Remillard Rebecca Anne Rene ** Annie Rentschler ** Danielle Repoza * Dorene L. Reubelt * Cameron J. Rewucki Jose Reyes Tommy Reyes Jenifer Reynolds ** Ryan L. Reynolds Zachary P. Reynolds *** Joseph N. Reynosa *** DMD Abbie Rhine DMD Paul R Ribeiro ** PTK Rachel Nicole Rice Brittany Victoria Richard Jamie J. Richard *** Alexander Richards * Leslie Ann Richards * Cynthia Richardson *** Jill Rideout Eric Ridley ** Deanne Riley *** William Riley Eric Riopelle Angela Rivard DMD ASL Christina C. Rivera ** Crystal Rivera Daniel Rivera John Rivera Stephanie Rivera *** Albina F. Roach *** DMD Cheryl Roach Allison Robbins ** Jacklynn Robbins *** Kathleen Robbins Kevin Daniel Robbins *** Kimberly Robert Charles W. Roberts Meghan A Roberts ** Kris Roberts-Cornett Cameron Joseph Robins Cameron Robins *** George A. Robinson Nicole Ashley Robinson Shyanne R. Robinson Jessica Rose Robitaille * CS Charla Lea Robredo Jessica Rodgers Melanie R. Rodgers Alicen Rodolph *** DMD Jillian Rodriguez Luis Alexander Rodriguez Marisol Rodriguez Nicoleta D. Roebling Amanda Marie Rogers Matthew Rohn Alexander Romero * Jared H. Rooney *** DMD Jenifer Rosebrough William Rosen Andrew Rosengard * Beatrice Rosier ** Sarah E. Rossetti * Alyssa Roth *** CS Michael Roth * Denise E. Rousseau * CS Benjamin Roussel Christopher Rout *** Amy E Routh Katelyn Roux Derrick Rowe Zachary J. Rowe *** Matthew Rowley *** Colin Roy David Joshua Roy Kristen Roy *** PTK LeeAnn Roy *** Les Roy *** CS Meagan Lynn Roy *** Travis Rozell *** Hunter C. Ruddock *** Robyn Rugg * Bernadette Ruggiero *** Michael Leslie Ruhstorfer II Carlos Ivan Ruiz Ryan Rumlow Christopher Jordan Russell James Anthony Russell *** James L Russell Jimmie Russell Karen Rutledge ** Brandy Ryan Michael Jude Ryan Miranda Regan Ryan * Sara Marie Ryan * Shannon C. Ryan CS Brianna C. Saad Amber Nicole Saari ** Stivale M. Saavedra Jeton Sabanovski *** Andrea Sabic ** Christina Saemmer *** Antonio J Saez Denise Sage * James W. Sage * Lejla Sahdan Nick Sahlin Megan Therese Salamun ** DMD Amanda Sue Salazar *** Leena Salem Melinda Salinas * Amber Sallee *** Maureen Samanns Chelsey Sampson Natia D' Onni Sampson Christian J. Sanchez Deanna Sanchez * Leslie D. Sanchez Elizabeth Sanders *** Lindsey Osa Sandler * Ashton M Sands Brandon Santana Jamie Lynn Satterfield * Haley R. Sauter Dawn Savage Crystal Savitski Trystia Savor ** Kristen Sawyer *** Carolyn Scacchi *** Derrick J. Scanlon * Jared Robert Scanlon * Derik Schaefer Jennifer L. Schaefer *** DMD ASL Brian Schmidt *** ASL Karissa M. Schneider *** Lisa Anne Schneider *** Bradley Daniel Schnell *** David Schnizler Jazz M. Schools III Elizabeth Schreiber *** ASL Heather Schroeder Marisela Schuck *** Paige Schultz Amanda Elizabeth Schwabe Kierston Schwalbe Michael Leslie Schwarze *** DMD Victoria Scibilia Jasmine J Scinto *** Cameron James Scotia ** Crystal Scott *** Tyler Scott ** Lauren Sczepanski Ashley A. Seddon Adam See Stephen See Stephanie Sehorn Carlton Richard Sells *** Amy Sessa Gabriela Settles Fred G. Seuss * Camden Robert Severance Kimberly Sevrey Michael Sgambati 92

103 BUSINESS Jami L. Shaffer Jessica Alyne Burress Lee H. Shaffer Tautvydas Shalna * Nicholas Shannon Grace I. Shapiro Sarah Sharpe *** CS Donta' Shaw Wendy Shaw * Zabir A. Sheikh * David E. Shelby *** Michael Shepard * Maggie Shepardson Nicholas C Sheppard-Miller *** CS Robert F. Sherry, Jr. * Samantha Sherwin Michael Sherwood *** Andrew Shirk Amanda Sholomicky Jacquanta Shootes Moustafa Shoqer Skyler Kate Shugrue Robert A Shulzinsky Jr. * Michael Sickmann Paul T. Siebert Irma Elena Siguenza *** DMD Daniel Ray Silicato *** Jared William Silk OO Rachel Silok *** Jessica Silva *** Luz E. Silva *** Jonathan Silva-Novais * Wesley Simmons Ricky E. Simms Nathan Simpkins * Nicole Simone Cecile Singletary * Jennifer Singleton ** Rebecca Sipes Nicole Sirois * Christie Sitterly *** DMD Adil Sivcevic * John C. Skinner Casey L. Skoglund *** DMD Jordan D. Slattery Charles Smalls, Jr. Lori A. Smerdon Andrew Smith Brian Smith Brianna Smith Chris Smith Elizabeth G. Smith *** Geneva Smith Gerard Smith Kimberly Smith Makayla M. Smith CS Margie Smith ** Melanie Smith *** Pamela Smith Patrick Smith *** Raelyn Smith Robert Alden Smith *** DMD ASL CS Shaun P. Smith ** Tina Smith *** DMD ASL Vaughn Smith Elizabeth Snarski Tonya Marie Snow * Michelle Snyder ** ASL Baylee Soles * Kelsey L. Soles Gregg Solovei * ASL CS Douglas Somers Dana M. Soto-Campos Christina South Chad Spears Bruce A. Spencer * Lorene Howard Felicia Marie Spiller Jenna M Spinosa ** Brenda Spivey *** Michael Splitt Frank Spoerke II *** DMD Bryan W. Spooner Daniel Brian Spooner Rebecca Sprattler Heather Elizabeth Spry *** Brandi Spurlock Melissa Spurrell Crystal Stairs Kyle Robert Stake Roger Staley Zachary A. Stalker Colleen Standish Tara St Andre Shelba Stanford * Erin Starks Lisa L Stavropoulos Teryn Stayner Glen Stebbins ** Jennifer Elizabeth Stec Michael L. Steele Rebecca Steele Robin Steeves *** Hailey Steinmeyer * Kaileigh A. Stelmack Christine M. Stephenson Amanda Sternquist *** ASL Christopher Stevens *** Brooke Stewart ** Michael Stewart ** Thomas Stewart Michael St Hilaire Sarah Lynn Stiles *** Becky M. Stilkey Keith Stillabower *** Danielle St John * Kayla A. St Louis Venus C. St Louis Ashleigh Stock Alexis Stoddard *** Richard Francis Stokes *** Andrew Stone Jeffrey A. Stone, Jr. *** McKenzie Stone Zacheriah Stoner * Aaron Stover *** Calvin L. Stowell Dawnmarie St Pierre Westley James St. Pierre Sean Strasshofer *** Elisha Stratford Temera Alexandria Strather Cary Allen Strohecker Jr * Monika Stumpo Philip Sturgill * Kenneth I StVincent Eric Suedkamp Ana M. Sullivan Ann Sullivan Cory Andrew Sullivan *** ASL James A Sullivan *** Kiechang Sung Cory Surette Alisa C. Susko *** Emily Claire Suss *** Carrie Ann Swackhamer ** Christopher Swaine *** Lisa M. Swanson Paul Sweeney Raymond Sweet Steph Swier Sara Swift Matthew Sysak * Michael James Tabone III *** DMD Dahabe Talbi * Lee Kuan Tan Li Wen Tan Sheng Tan Aaron Tanda James M. Tanner Susan M. Tardif *** Kevin Tasley *** DMD Diana Taveras Bryce G. Taylor Delon J. Taylor Patricia Taylor * Patrick Lawson Taylor Selena Taylor Caren E. Tchokpa *** Rodolfo Tejeda Brian Tenters *** Shulyn Teoh Alison Teramano ** Derek Terchiak *** Erika Arlene Terrazas Gina Terrell Pamela Terry *** Kunthea Thach-Nguyen * Chanttel Tham Jo Ee Shasank Jung Thapa William Thayer Jr. *** Alicia M. Theis Jordan Therrien Liana Marie Therrien Daniel Ken Theus *** Valerie J. Thibeau Brad S. Thiboult Jacob William Thom Travis Richard Thomann Amy Colleen Thomas * Andrew James Thomas Jessica Thomas John W Thomas *** DMD ASL Karen Alexa Thomas *** ASL Marc A. Thomas Neena Thomas Phenice Crystal Thomas Robert T. Thomas *** DMD Joshua Thompson Katie Thompson Ramona C. Thompson * Kelly Thornton Eltina Three Stars * Adam John Thurston Linda Jean Thyne ** 93

104 BUSINESS Nadine E Tidwell ** Mallary Tiffany Kelsie Tiger *** Quinn Tilley * Ndamati Godfrey Timothy Jr. Costa Tingas Donald M. Tinsley Jr. Alfred Tocco Scott Oliver Tolbert *** Cynthia Marie Tomblin Tanya Tomblin Kelsey E. Tommila Thi Nhung Tong Tian Bo Tong Foo Hong Toong Elizabeth Torres Crystal Wezesa Torrisi Edward Tos * Moneka Townes * Brad W. Townsend Daniel P. Trainor * Kathleen T. Tran ** Bao Lam Tran Dan Phuc Tran* Truc Tram Tran Rebecca J. W. Traynham *** Andrea Trendy Fernando Trinidad Yogendra Trivedi Denise Troche Lirio Trochez-Potts Raymond Troxell Noah Augustus True- Daniels *** DMD Andrea Trufan *** Christina Priscilla Tsaknopoulos ** Erika Lee Tsirovakas Jennifer Tucker-Barthol Brian Christopher Tully Jennifer Turcotte *** DMD ASL Joseph Turner John Tvarok Brandon M. Uber Jeffrey Ulozas *** Sinem Unalp Susan Ursillo *** Madison Ann Valentino * Carolin Valerio * Elicia L. Vallier * Jacqueline R. Valliere Mitchell Vanalstine * Serina VanCour Denise Troche Melinda Vanecek Lauren A. Varga Andy Vargas Amber Nicole Vaughn Rosa Angelica Vazquez Daniel J. Veach Victoria Velazquez *** John Velez Mark Veljacic Sarah Vennell Jacob S. Vezina ** Javier Victoria Katherine Vieira Marcos Vieira Filho Anthony Vigliotti *** Allison Lynn Vigue ** ESD Sharon Vilcins * Jill Thevis-Villejoin Bryon J. Virtue Matthew Volodzko Devin H. von Gunten * Barbara Vosburgh Samantha Vranorsey Huy Cuong Vu John Vu Hoang Viet Vu ** Irene Wade Lashauna Wade Gary Michael Waitt Jr. Brian J Wakefield Najib H. Wakim Ashley Walbridge * CS Ayeshua Leshem Walden Nathan M. Walker Jake Matthew Walkinshaw *** Tyler Wall Tyler J. Walsh Brittany Walter *** Janett Walter *** DMD ASL Traci Lynne Walter *** Christopher James Walters Jessica Walters Joshua Walters *** William Lewis Walters III ** Tina M. Walton * PTK ASL Ashley Ward Isaac Willard Ray Ward Carrie Warnecke Charles Warner Rebecca Warner * Jennifer Warren *** David M. Washington Ronald M Waters Edna Watkins Khial Watson Patti Watters *** Eric Wayne * Miriam E. Weatherford Harris Jeffrey W. Weaver * Angela Hope Webb Simone Webb Ross John Webber Sean A. Webster Zachery Alexander Wegman * Victoria A. Wehrmann ** Emily Weilbrenner Lori Weiss Heather Welch Valerie Welland * Jesse R. Wells Cory D. Wentworth ** Michelle Wertish ** Tyler Lee Wescott *** ASL Jennifer West *** Shannon West Timothy Wayne West Matthew Wetmore Nathaniel Wetmore Jennifer Wetzler *** Adam Whaley Christopher T. Wheeler Christopher Wheeler Autumn Whewell Brianna Marrie White Dana G. White * Kaylee R. White * Mary Beth White Amanda Whitfield * PTK Matthew William Whitney William Christian Whittemore ** Renee R. Whitten *** Joshua Logan Wible ** David Wier Jamie Wiley *** DMD CS Melissa M. Wilkins Jessica Wilkinson *** DMD Dakota M. Williams Katherine S. Williams ** Monica Williams Andrew Wilson Bonnie Wilson DMD Carmen Wilson * Courtney M Wilson *** Jay Wilson Phillip Nigel Wilson ** Timothy P. Wilson Asha Wilson-Trainor * Ryan M. Wilusz * Samantha Jo Winget *** Evan Winokurzew * Susan Dianne Winter George Wise *** Joetta Witkowski-Churba Carrie Witter Tyler James Wixom *** Michael Wojciechowski Glen Michael Wojnar DMD ASL Rebecca J. Wolfe Stephen Woll * CS Eunhee Won Angel Wong An Kee Wong Fui Yeng Lemuel Alvin Wong *** Richard K. Wong Yu Benn Wong Adrienne D. Wonzo Alex Jonathan Wood Emily Rae Wood Thomas Wood Christina M. Woodcox ** Aaron Woods ** David Woods ** Elizabeth Woods *** Kimberly Anne Woods Bryan Woodward *** Jessica Woodward ** Lynette S Worthy Georges W. Wright Michael Wright Shameka Wright Justin Wroe Douglas J. Wunderler Travis Ura Wunsch Teresa Wyatt Corey E. Wyman Sarah A. Wyman *** Yap Mun Nickolas J Yastek * Yee Pei Yi Brian Eric Christopher Yell PTK Meng Shien Yeo 94

105 BUSINESS Stacey York *** Jessica Young Roger Young *** DMD ASL Wade Young Allison J. Youngblood Christine Youngs *** Ryan Alexander Zahler OO Aleema A. Zaidi Liliana Zamora Alexandra Zampella William Francis Zanesky III *** George Zapata Kevin M. Zeller Jian Zhang Shengming Zhang Zhiqiang Zhang * Renquan Zheng Yuan Zhou Beth Ziakas Eric Michael Zimmerman Helana Zimmerman *** Aaron Zint *** Artur Zmiyov Amanda J Zolman ** Rebecca Lynn Zolotorofe Amar Zornic Mihaela Claudia Zouak Nicholas A. Zucco ** Nicholas T. Zuvich Jack Zwolenik ** Associate of Science Arne Abrahamson *** Angie Acosta Paul Adrien ** Miriam Aguilar Sandra Elizabeth Aguilar Joseph Aguirre Laurie Lynn Ainsworth Mary Alcorn *** Kelly Allard Timothy J. Alleman Jr. * Jennifer Allen *** Jesus Alvarado *** Kristopher J. Amar Andrew Anderson Marcella Andregg Trisha Annis Derek S Archer Eryn Arnold Carolin Arrington * Michelle Arroyo Rashad Austin Rebecca Averill ** ASL Claudette R. Baca Angela Backman ** Carol Baird Jason Baker Stefanie Florence Baker Matthew Corey Ball Tawni Ballor Ann-Marie Bandieri ** Patricia Baniul Linda Bankston Lisa Marie Barabino Roberta Barber Danielle Bardsley Alyssa Brie Barnes Nancy Beaulieu Barrett Miguel Barry ** Brenda Battle Emmalee A. Bauckman Casaundra Beach * Pepper J. Bechard *** DMD Jeremy Beek Jason Bell *** DMD Lisa Bell *** Rachad Bell Amy Bellone * Dionne Bell-Pressey Kayla Belmonte Gerald Bengato *** John Berghoefer *** Charles Berolo Jolynn Bhashyam Shawn Biron ** Alasdair Bissett Bonnie M. Blaylock *** Timothy Ian Blocker ** Kathleen Bodmer ** Amanda Boerger Crystal A. Bourque * Kristen A. Boyd *** Casey Brennan Timothy Brignull Tevin Brinkley Alison Brisson ** Dawn Elizabeth Brown ** Keyla Carina Carletta Brown Patrick Z Brown Stephanie Brown Lindsay Brownlie-Lammers Carrie-Ann Bryant ** McKenzie Bryant LaTonya Shantel Buchanan Shane Burkett CS Christopher William Burkhardt Kaziah Burnley Janil Burton Amy M. Butland Crystal Byers ** Suzanne Byrne Laurick Calanno Brenndon Calhoun Philip Camarano ** Daniel Campagna Michele D. Canto Reta Nicole Caouette ** Michelle Carbone ** Alexis Carpenter * Neiva Carrasco Tammy Lynne Caruso *** Amanda Casiano * Kristen A. Celona *** Ashley Jean Chaddock * Darrell Lee Chapman *** Robin Chesbro Cory Chevalier Seri Cho Jacqueline Clark Elaine Coakley *** Emily Cobuccio *** ASL Brandon Coccio * Shaqualla Colbert Rekena Shavon Collins * Frank P Conforti ** Elizabeth Constance *** Ashley B. Cook Victoria Christine Cook Nicomedez Quincy Correa Chris Correia Christina Cortez-Pena *** Sarah Marie Cotnoir Allison B Cowsert *** Ashley Crosser *** LaSaintee D. Curry Vanesque N. Daley Lana B Dal Molin Jeffrey A. Darling Crissean Davis ** ASL CS Malinda Davis Octavia Davis Stephanie Davis Danielle Dawes Garrett Decker ** Lori Kaye Decker * Stephanie C. Dedrick ** Robin Dehaven *** Kerri Demerchant * ASL Colleen Deschenes * Kelsie Ann Desfosses Jennifer DeSilva-Guidotti *** DMD ASL CS Zachary Andrew Desmarais Sherilee A. DeVoe * Christine B. Diers Cecilia A Dixon *** Janet Dixon Sarah Dombrowski ** Mary Donohue *** Jade Nicole Dowling Kewanna Doyle Jasmine Dozier * Ashley Drouin * Laura Duarte Lori A. Dubois *** Nichole Dubois Paula Dumigan Megan Dumont Daniel Duval Caila Duverger Ashley Dykeman * Ashley Shanel Elijah Mark Ellenwood ** James Elliott *** Jennifer Elorreaga *** Brooke Emerson Adrian Emmond Christian Espinosa Ernesto Estevez Huertas Kara Evans Brittnany Dawn Evans- Chandonnet Arthur Faircloth Victoria Fell * Carla D. Ferguson ** Sarah Fialho * Dana Nicole Finazzo * CS Jessica Lynn Fish *** Brittany Fitzhugh Deborah Flaherty * Lealonnie Flores Nicholas Flory-Alexander * Jamie Lynn Floyd Melissa Folk * Kierra Foote Rasheedah Ford *** 95

106 BUSINESS Courtney Elizabeth Fournier * Ashley N. Fragola Cory William Fratus Josephine N. Gabriele Jennifer Gagne Lesley R Galicki Amy L. Galipeau Rachel Gallo Pablo Gammella Amanda L Gardner ** Bruce Genest Cahleel Gentillon William Gibson Jessica M. Gilley Shari Lynn Gillis Jonathan D. Girard *** ASL Jamie L. Glover *** Kaylie Goodwin Tarsha Goodwin ** Christi Greene Erin Greene * Rachel Greenway Rebekah Grogan ** Tyrone Gunther Amy Gutierrez *** Duane Gutierrez Todd Habeger *** Dennis Habig *** ASL CS William Hagen Jamie Haggard Lisa Marie Hallman Dominic Hartman *** Bryan R Hartnett Christian P Harvey Tricia Hatch * Cordan Haveron ** Kristin Hayes Marc Heiskell Jeannette Hernandez * Marileida Hernandez * Patricia Hickey Shane Hobbs Nicole L Holzapfel Laquisa Hood Carolyn Hooker Joshua Hopkins Vanessa Renee Hopson Cory House Daniel Houston Alicia Howell ** Rachel Huckaby * Rebecca Hudson Kimberley Ann-Horn Hureau *** DMD Rachel J. Ingraham Steven Irby *** Cassie Irvin Christina Itzkowitz *** Andrea Diane Izzi Amanda Jack Melody Jahnke Christina E'lice James *** Jordan Janicke Ashley Johnson Brandon Johnson India Johnson Mark Johnson La'Shanda Joseph Lotacha Joseph Krystal Kaufmann Amanda Keefer *** Autumn Keener Rebecca Keller Kela Kerchner Christina Killarney ** Audrey Michelle Kirkman Aryn Kitchen * Jayme M. Koehler Kathryn Konzel * Dorjan Koruni Jennifer Koval Jenifer R. Kuilan Aaron William Kusik Robert Labrie Scott Alan Lambert II Diane A LaRue Tara Lascola Kayla E. Latulippe Arnor Lee Yolanda Lee Cynthia Letique-Thatcher Andrew J Levesque *** Dejanique Lewis Tammy Licardo * Ann Lleras Samuel Aaron Lobel *** Tyler A Logan Richard Marden Lovering, Jr. Starsheenma Lovett Stephanie Loyacano Marion J. Lucciano * Jennifer L. Lund *** Sarah Lunsford Sophie Luppold Stephen Michael Lynch *** Debra Lynne MacDonald Emily Antonette MacDonald Jamie MacKenzie ** CS Gail Mahaney Christopher Daniel Mahoney *** Corrinne Manning Courtney A. Manock Amy Marcotte *** Dennis Marion Amber Marshall Ashlynn Eva Nicole Marshall Sara Marshall *** Joanna Martinez Lorena Martinez Rosalia Martinez *** ASL Valerie Massi *** Adam Haroutune Matossian Niko Xavier Matthews Lindsay May Christopher Mayes Judith McGonigle *** DMD ASL Tonita McGowan Michael Shane McGuire *** DMD ASL Brandi W. McKee *** DMD CS Briane McKinley Nathan McKinley * Kyle McKinnon Robyn Lynn McLaughlin ** Julie McManaway Maria D Medrano Jenna Melo Lindsey Messina ** Sheyanne Miceli Brandi S. Miller *** CS Garrett Miller Brooke Milligan Sarah E. Miracle * Jennifer Sue Mock *** Kristina M Mondello *** ASL Betty Moore Tully Moore William H Morgan III * Christopher Morse Ashley Mosher Evelyn E. Mountain Bethany Mullenix Kylee M Mullikin *** Patrick Murphy Patrick Nail Nina Najafi *** Brittany Napier Rebekah Neumire Ruby Nitta *** Alyson Normandin *** Shane Micheal Oberlin *** DMD Nicole O'Brien * Jihad Olley ** Tiffany O'Neill Jacqueline Ortiz * Stacia Ostroski Richard Overholt *** Jerika Overstreet Cory Owens Joel Page *** Kristine Paiz Timothy Palardy Jeremiah Palladino ** Mardi Palomino Nicholaa Papson Teri L Parker Angie L Parks Lucas Angelo Pascetti Stephanie Patrick * Noelle R. Peckham Yullette Pedro Edwin Edgardo Pena Diaz * Lisa M. Pepin Ivandro Goncalves Pereira Ross T. Perrone *** Megan Peterman * Cassandra E. Peters Eduardo Peza Edison Pierre Brandon J Pike CS Patricia A. Pion CS Aimee S. Pittman ** Michelle Plouffe ** Andrew Powers Ashley Megan Evendi Pratt Melanie Prosek *** James R Provencher Jr. Junwen Qian Cassandra Querica Andrea Quirk CS Nelson J Ramirez Jr Julie Ann Ramos * 96

107 BUSINESS Yolanda Ramos-Guistizia CS Sekina Ray Mark Raymond Danny Leroy Redden Jr *** Brandon S. Reid Grant Renzelmann Jennifer L. Rhode *** Amy Richburg * Bartrelus Richmond Katrina Riel * Christopher Riley Carmen Rios *** Megan Rittenhouse Anne Rivera * Justin B. Robbins *** Maureen Robbins * CS Juanita Robinson Michael L. Rodgers *** Brigida Rodriguez * Chelsea R Rodriguez * CS Christine Rodriguez *** Daisy Rodriguez Misty Rogers Joseph D. Rost ** Sean Rothfels Tessa Royer * Amy Russell Barry Russell *** Samantha Scarlett Sadler Amanda Salazar *** Melissa J Salmon Roshetta Sanders Jeanine Sanford *** ASL Norma Santana *** Eric Paul Scalise *** Daniela Schaff *** Sara Schellhammer Brandon Adam Schmidt ** Christopher L Schofield ** Jason Thomas Dan Sederquist CS Kisha L. Settle Barbara Shehan *** Scott Allen Shirley Marquia Shivers Melanie Shores *** ASL Jonathan Siegel Lisa Siegel Janelle Sizemore Jamie C Skeen *** David Erik Skoog ** Rickey J Smith Terri Smith *** Kimberly Smith-John Amanda Snyder Shahanna Snyder * Tracy Somers *** ASL Ana M Somoza ** Brittany Souto Cindy A Spencer *** Maximillian Spettmann Krystal Spinks Melissa Sprague * Yulonda Spratley Paula S. Stabert Alana P Staggs Tara Stephens ** Reginald Martuan Stephenson ** Mindy J Stevenson Jessica Stewart Gladys Stocks Gregory D. Stone *** CS Sharon Elaine Stratis ** Clarissa Stuchlik *** Mary Jeannette Stuckey Jeffrey Stump Emily Claire Suss *** George Swanson Robert Sweren Anthony Szymanski Rhianna Szymanski Erica Tabor Melissa Jeanne Tavallai ** Katrina Taylor Samantha Jean Taylor Trina Marie Taylor-Sparks Jessica Teller * Michael Thibodeau Emilee Ann Thompson ** Karl Topajian Jonathan Torres Lily Tran Sandrine Tsimba Tshobo *** Tamara Tsosie Donald Turcotte *** Eddie Turner Gilbert Valenzuela ** Holly M. VanderMate Lindsey Van Hoose ** Scott Vartanian *** Pennie Ventura * Julianne Vergato Alberto Emilio Villacorta Farah Mark Justin Waggoner Shanae Walker Ashlie Walters ** SoCyarria Ward Lona Delores Washington Antionette Watkins Richard K. Wegrzyn ** ASL CS Miranda Weiss ** Liana Welch Courtney Westerfield *** DMD Nathan Whelchel Frith White *** Jessica Lynne White Mario White Jill Wicherski ** Bruce A. Wilcox ** Isabel Marie Wilder Deborah J Wilkins * Jesse Wilkins Dean Douglas Willard *** Clairetta Williams Sandra J. Williams *** Laura A. Wilson Terri Wilson Tara Jane Winters ** James A Wise ** Kimberley Withers *** Brandon Woody *** Mary Helen Wright Robert Wright Seth Wright ** Katherine Wuttke Xia Yang Jurisha Yarbrough * Benjamin Yates Brian Yell PTK Daegon You Nicole Young Jeffrey A. Zajicek * Khadzhar V Zakhaddinova Steven Zappala 97


109 COLLEGE FOR AMERICA College for America at Southern New Hampshire University is an accredited, non-profit college that helps employers upskill their workforce through competency-based associate s and bachelor s degrees ones that are extraordinarily low cost, built for working adults, and uniquely applicable in the workplace. Our college is dedicated to better connecting workforce research, higher education, and labor market needs. We partner with employers nationwide to offer their employees rigorous degrees that are earned by completing real-world projects and goals instead of traditional lectures and credit hours. These projects are designed to be immediately applicable in the workplace, so employers see results on day one. They are self-scheduled and self-paced, so students can fit school in around jobs and family responsibilities.

110 COLLEGE FOR AMERICA Bachelor of Arts Yvette Abijuru Brenda D Anderson Laurie A. Aucoin Debra Babcock Diane Bayishime Samuel Bellamy, Jr. Jennifer Breed Rose Mary Buchholz Pasteur B. Cyuzuzo Jerod M. Dabrowski Pierre G. Delaye Donna J Dervishian-Aldred David N. Dillehunt Shawn P. Fitzgerald Melanie A. Gordon Jean de Dieu Habaguhirwa Chad Hales Robin Harper Debora A. Holder Markiesha Nashae House Jennifer A Hoynoski Stella B. Ibango Emmanuel Iragena Narcisse Izabayo Ruth J. Kimball Tammy L. Kruger Cathleen Ann LaPidus Cathy Loesch Kenneth Martinez Nancy K. Moore Philemon Mugisha Ephraim Mukiza Justine Mutuyimana Joyeuse Muvandimwe Sereverien Ngarukiye Joel Ngendabanga Delphine Nikuze Patrick Nishyirembere Jonas Niyogakiza Triphine Niyoyimbabazi Brooke E. Noonan Sylvain Ntirandekura Deborah Ann Pellon James John Price William J. Proulx Ermelinda D. Raposo Marie Rush Aaron J. Schroeder Aimable Shirumuteto Chantel K. Shuler Kiflemariam Andom Sium Landry Sugira Amira Suton Robert L. Talmadge Jeri Urian Sandra Uwamahoro Pacifique Uwera Lynda S. Van Noy Kimberly Varney Shiloh A. Widhalm Shaneka L. Wiley Shemeka R. Wright Associate of Arts Jean Luc Abayo Alexandra Aberle Wendy Acevedo Angela R. Adamson Ange Adukere Kerria Akimana Marie Jeanne Akimanizanye Lori Alberino Christopher William Allen Jean Pierre Aminadabu Brenda D. Anderson Jennifer M. Arbogast Roshana Armant Trevor L. Arthur Redempta Asifiwe Jose G. Aviles Rendon Sadiki Bamperineza Debbie L. Bandy Tangela Bankston Devanya L. Barnes Ange M. Basabose Bastos B. Basabose Christine S. Batista Krista V. Bayless Ricka Bazelais Ashley N. Beaver Brendon Belfon Samuel Bellamy, Jr. Donald R. Bergeron Kim M. Billiot Desiree A. Bing Angela Blessing Jerome Boone Melissa J. Bowen Michael Brady William M. Bright Jennifer M. Brown Krista N. Burell Ken W. Burt, III S. Mia Cary Robert John Cassford Laurine Castelo Maria C. Ceballos Cheryl A. Cerato Kimberley S. Chalfant Pariss F. Chandler Linda M. Childers Marla R. Coble Chris Connelly Joseph E. Conomacos Ruben S. Contreras, Jr. Bethann Cook Emily McManamon Heather A. Cook Krystle A. Coombs Karen M. Corado Crystal J. Cox Patrick W. Crawford Debora A. Cuddy Tiffany A. Cunningham Jean Eric Cyiza Mugabe Vedaste Cyizere Israel Cyuzuzo Stacey L. Davis Linda Desmond Sandra Diaz Alexander B. Dilaura Maria G. Dominguez Kathleen M. Donald Mary A. Doucet Buford Manson Dozier, Jr. Althe Duberry-Cabey Nancy A. Dubois Grace E. Duffley Joseph Dusabe Cynthia Dushime Anitha Dushimirimana Brenda Dwyer Deirdre Eldridge Jalen L. Epps Christal Espelage Lynn Farnum Sarah A. Fey Nicholas A. Fiebelkorn Shirl Fields Donna D. Fink Jeanne J. Flynn Tracey L. Folks Valerie A. Ford Michael J. Fowler Meagan French Divine Gaju Nogueille Gakoni Rita M. Ganong Jessica M. Garay Silas Gasasira Daniel L. Gaudenti Kylee A. Geiser Kristina Gibson Jared D. Gilman Rene Gitangaza Jo-Ann L. Goddeau Yenith C. Gordillo Adam J. Goulet Patricia Graeser Steve Grant Tonya Graser Kevin H. Green Komal Patel Green Veronica S. Green Takedra M. Griffin Gloria L. Gross Benita Gwaneza Divine C. Habimana Jackson Habimfura Cynthia B. Hagerty Consuelo B. Haggar Diamond Hamilton Diane D. Hanson Loni A. Harmon Nancy A. Harrington Ronda M. Hart Francis Hatungimana Zachary T. Hayes DiAnna R Heisler Jessica N. Hickey Desiree A. Hickman Kim Reichert Sally A. Hopkins Susan J. Horan Carrie A. Hossann Shawaz Hossein Sheryl N. Hughes Christelle E. Ikuzwe Albine M. Ineza Marie Colombe Ineza Ella Ininahazwe Clementine Iradukunda Jean Jacques Iradukunda Immaculee Irankunda Yvette Ishimwe Divine Isimbi Marie Redempta D. Isimbi Hilary A. Jenkins Corey A. Jiles 100

111 COLLEGE FOR AMERICA Allen R. Johnson Jannie M. Johnson Alonzo Walter Jones Catrina Jones Giovanna Maria Jones Marilyn Juarez Chantal Kabanda Zuba Viviane Kamikazi Alliyah Kaneza Nichole Karahalios Otto Kavutse Niragire Suzanne R. Keith Mark T. Kelly Sean M. Kelly Carol A. Kerr Naila K. Khan Gary J. Klemyk, Jr. Heidi L. Kocian Abel Kwizera Miosotis C. Lachapelle Marsha Mary Lamarre Jenny L. Latta Kevin S. Laventure Stephen C. Lesslie Cleon J. Lewis Olympia J Loftus Martel Loomis Amely F Lopes Margaret J Lopez Naya Lopez Elizabeth M. Lutes Annette M. Macy Jessica B. Madden Brittany M. Magill Jason Mailhot Imelda Marroquin Sheila A. Marshall Javier M. Martinez Heather B. Masse Hannah E. Matthews Annick U. Mbabajende Innocent Mbanda Jean Claude Mbarushimana Cori N. McCorkle Richard S. McLeod, Jr. Dorthe McSweeney Wanda Medina Jennifer Michlow-Judd Jenara M. Miller Karen M. Miller Kathryn E. Miller Tiffany Ruby Misher Martha V. Mobley David Moore Shawna M. Moore Ambir S. Moote Jesse W. Morgan III Darius T. Morris Ted J. Morris, Jr. Christine Mountain Jean Bosco D. Mparaye Arsene Mpuhwezimana Francis Mugabukenga Jean de Dieu Muhire Zawadi Mukazi Tracy Mungo Lauren L. Munroe Alicia N. Murekatete Kellie R. Murphy Dranette M. Murray Kayla A. Murray Abraham Murutampunzi Lakayla T. Muse Narcisse Mutabaruka Alice Mutembesa Lydia Mutesi Monica Mutoni Queen Mutoni Fred Mutsinzi Tammie Lynn Muzzey Anais Chanelle Mwizero Kathryn Lynn Nadeau Stacey E. Nash Christina G. Nava Mike R. Ndahiriwe Fanny I. Ndayambaje Doriane Ndayisaba Jean Damascene Ndayizeye Alliance C. Ndimubandi Brianna S. Neves Michael L. Nguyen Brian C. Nickerson Kevin Niragire Eugene Niyitanga Aline M. Niyomizero Plante Josue Niyomugenga Egide Niyongira Claudine Niyonkuru Nadie Niyonkuru Yvonne Niyonkuru Dan Nkundwanayo Philippe Nkwakuzi Heather M. Nottis Shannon S. Novia Jean Pierre Nshimiyimana Albert Ntamuhanga Gedeon Ntwali Joe F. Ntwali Claire M. Nyirahakolimana Jesus M. Nzoyihaya Erin R. O'Connell Nyayoy Ojulu Christina M. Oldham Michelle Oliveira Lima Eddieliz Ortiz Michecarly Osirus Bette S. Ouellette Victor John Padilla III Cynthia Palmer Marguerite A. Pellerin Denyse Pendo Mahirwe Christian Perez Mark Perkins Cheryl M. Pickering Karen A. Picknell Jessica A. Pollock Leah Alisha Poplin Iulia Popova Germaine Porchea Shantel R. Porter Jennifer L. Prestage Kimberly P. Rader Anselmo Ramos Nefta Ramsey Rodrigo M. Rangel Kelli A. Reason Elizabeth Reed Kelsey L. Reed Andrea Juline Reid Bridget M. Releford Suzanne M. Reynolds Cynthia Richer Robert F. Robbins Vida Rodriguez Manuel A. Rosario Hillary Ross Sharon P. Rossiter Hegimaye Ruhumuriza Falonne Rusamaza Allen U. Rutayisire Josee M. Rwambara Moise Rwibutso Ashley Rose Rybka Eirena A. Salako-Tohouo Ivette Sanchez Edris Santana Maria N. Santos Jesus J. Santos Deras Sarah E. Schaiper Tracy Scholl Pamela L. Selvage Patrick Semana Shaneka Sharff Zakera M. Sharpe Jo-Ann J. Sheehan Noella M. Shema Theresa A. Siegfried Angela T. Simmons Carmelita Smith Daniel G. Smith Kenneth J. Smith, II Nicole Smith Shelby L. Smith Takesha Lanee Snodgrass Anllelina Soto Kawanguzi J. Stephen Jayne L. Stetson MaryEllen Stevenson James A. Stewart, Jr. Sylvia C. Stewart Shelby D. Stroup Savana M. Sykes Christine Symolon Donna M. Talbot Mary F. Tarbell Nancy Terp Elderd Annette H. Thomas Portia E. Tilton Joseph J. Tomacchio, II Sara R. Tomasulo Taryn L. Torres Janet L. Tucker Mary S. Tucker Lavonne Turner Tianti Turnipseed Schadrack Tuyishime Henriette Sylvie Tuyishimire Jasmine T. Umubano Carene Roxanne Umugwaneza Fortunee Umuhozawase Nathacha Umurungi Melissa Umutoni Sharon K. Umutoni Angel A. Urrutia Denyse Uwamwezi Uwayezu Roger Pacifique Claude Uwihoreye Jean Claude Uwiragiye Lysette Uwiragiye Jean B. Uzakiruru Antonia Valdez 101

112 COLLEGE FOR AMERICA Pradley Vallon Kyle D. Vanguilder Heather S. VanWagoner Jan Wainwright Kimberly Wakefield- Frierson Angela J. Washington Betty L. Washington Ashley N. Webb Tina M. Wells Alexandria R. West Donna Whisman Tim Wildrick Monica M. Williams Monica N. Williams Shannon Williams Susan L. Williams Raycheal L. Wilson Tonia M. Wurzelbacher 102

113 EDUCATION UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION The School of Education is the newest school on the Southern New Hampshire campus. Founded in 2004, the School provides undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs to more than 700 students each year. The School of Education is committed to creating a better tomorrow by preparing students to be knowledgeable, reflective leaders, responsive to the needs of a diverse society. The School of Education is strongly focused on teaching. Our faculty takes great pride in working closely with our students in a rigorous, practitionerbased program that leads to teacher certification. We have built strong partnerships with schools throughout the region that are committed to providing extensive clinical experiences in classrooms for our students as early as freshman year. Our recently redesigned undergraduate teacher education program will allow our teacher education candidates to spend their entire senior year in a school placement.

114 EDUCATION DOCTORATE IN EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP DEGREE CANDIDATES SAEED A. ADEN Exploring the Role of Peace Education in Post- Conflict Somalia Chair: Dr. Margaret Ford ANDREA M. ANGE 9th Grade Student Perceptions of Learning in a Digital World Chair: Dr. Mark McQuillan STEPHEN K. ANIM A Comparative Analysis of Business Professors and Their Students Perceptions of Excellence in Teaching Chair: Dr. Margaret Ford DIANE M. CARREIRO Educator Evaluation: The Impact on Teacher Effectiveness Chair: Dr. Megan Paddack DONNA-MARIE CECERE The Millennial Generation: Common Experience Guiding Them into Adulthood Chair: Dr. Lorraine Patusky LISA R. DESRUISSEAUX Communities of Practice: The Shared Experiences of Higher Education Faculty Chair: Dr. Lorraine Patusky MELISSA R. DIODATI Recreation as a Related Service: Focusing on the Quality of Life of Students with Disabilities Chair: Dr. Nancy Charron STEFAN RYLL Delivering and Evaluating Online Degree Programs in Culinary Arts/Management: A Survey of Educators and Industry Practitioners Chair: Dr. Audrey Rogers LLEIJ S. SCHWARTZ The Language Learning Needs of Beginner-Level International Students Enrolled in Intensive English Programs Affiliated with American Institutions of Higher Education: A Case Study Chair: Dr. Marilyn Fenton ROBERT ST. CYR Decision Making Process and Declining Enrollments in New Hampshire Chair: Dr. Marilyn Fenton 104

115 EDUCATION Doctor of Education Saeed A Aden Andrea M. Ange Stephen K Anim Diane M. Carreiro Donna-Marie Cecere Lisa R. Desruisseaux Melissa R Diodati Stefan Ryll Lleij S. Schwartz Robert St Cyr Master of Arts in Teaching Amanda Davitt Rebecca Gawron Master of Education John Michael Abbott Jane Abegg Jennifer L. Aboshar Merima Ahmetovic Sarah B Allen Christopher J Arnold Tina Arrington Patricia K. Ascanio Brian Bailey Naomi Baldiga Jennifer A. Baney Clara Barnhurst Esther Bassy Nicholas Bayachek Kandace Waite Beavin Michelle C. Bechanan Kyle Behrsing Heidi Beineke Thomas Ralph Bell III Lisa Bender Rachel Benjamin Siobhan P Bergeron Colleen Mary Bergin Magen Bias Johevet Arielle Bing Lauren Bisbee PLT Jessica Bishop Megan K. Blanchette Brian Bolduc Michael Bombardier Ashley Boner Kristin Boomhower Kelsey Rhian Boosman Kayla Bosela Meagan Boucher Kristine Boucher-Pepper Amanda Bradley Christina Anne Brailey Esther Brochin Molly Brooks Kenneth Buchanan Lindsay N. Bucknam PLT Sarah E. Burgess Hillary Beth Burkush Brittany Mae Buttery Elisabeth Cairns Samuel Carey Meredith S. Caruso Thomas Richard Casey Lewis J. Cataldo II PLT Myles Gile Chater Jane Anne Childers Jennifer R. Clark Kimberly Clark Robert Clauss Megan Rose Cohn Laura Coleman Kelsey Collins Nicole Conner Stephanie F. Cooke Natalie G. Coughlin Rebecca Cullings Susan Curtis Samantha J Cutting Estefania Davila Afton M. Dean Ashley Demers PLT Michelle M. Denny Jason Francis Despier PLT Timothy N Dobson Courtney Elizabeth Doherty Joey R Dore Jessica Nicole Douillette Bronwyn Dronsfield Michelle Ducharme Sarah Dumais Marie Elizabeth Dunbar- Cloutier Kimberlyn Michael G Dunham Jessie D'Urso Katherine Eagen Kaylie Elizabeth Eastwood Colleen M. Elliott Christine Neal Elmendorf Tara Kathleen Enright Stephanie Amanda Erickson Alison S Fazio Karen M. Ferrante Brittany Fitzgerald Erin Fleming Katelyn Rose Foley Jenna Fontaine Joseph Forgione Jr. Daniel Woodrow Forrester IV Nicole M Foster Ashley A. Fournier Alvin George Francis Hilary B French Kerri Anne O'Connell Friday Lisa Cathleen Gaiotti Michelle Gallagher Gina Gardner Gisele Gardner Kimberly Gargiulo Aimee T Gates Katrina Gedney PLT John Gelatt Kimberly Germain Adam Gerow Christine Gingerella Geoffrey B. Giotas Teanna D. Glass Jennifer Goldthwaite Heather Gould Michael Grant Carli Grauer Brian Gray Machelle Gray Melissa Gray Julie L. Grundy Jillian Guay Whitney Hall Lyle Hamel Rachel Hamilton Sue Ellen Hannan Alisha Hansen-Proulx Jennifer Harrises Heather J Harrison Melissa Hartford Ashely Harvey Jenifer Atwood Hasenfus Lauren A. Hassey Kimberly Hawk Cynthia Heath John Henderson Katherine Henderson Elaina Marie Higgins Alexandra Hill Maureen Anne Hill Jeremy Hillger Heather Hoag Howard Hoff, III Keri L. Howard Alyssa Hutchins PLT Natasha Hyde Robyn Jacob Alycia Danielle Jenkins Maegan Johnson Kyla Joslin Kathryn Cahill Joy Ann J. Kalasky Heather Kasper Jennifer Keene Ann E. Kelley Noah Kelly Lori Krautter Kennedy Kristina Kovacevich Charlene Kurtz Denise M. Lacaillade Desiree LaCasse Chelsea Landry Deahnna Freeman Lane Matthew Bryan Lane Lindsay Channing LaRusso Carla F. Lavoy Samantha Leigh Leane Karen Leclair Kristin L. Lefebvre Lynn Nicole Lemay Jennifer Lee Lenfest Nathan Leveille Abigail Locke Desiree L. Lord AC Christa Lormand John Lukens Tiffany Lyford Kimberly S. Lynch Tina C Lyon Scott MacDonald Tessa L MacDonald Katrina MacKey Susan Kozar Mackoul Vicki D. MacPherson PLT Jennifer Madden Betsy A Madison Jessica Makris Welch Carolyn Mallahan Amy Masse 105

116 EDUCATION Kimberly Lyn Semertgakis- Mattucci Arline Mayer Ali McDade Bronwyn McDonough Kyle McDonough Catherine L. McHale Charles D. McIntire Kassandra B Melton Amber Leigh Menard Loren Merchant Kathryn Anne Michalovic Danielle L. Miles Mark Milligan Dannie Monahan Gwenneth Rhiannon Monsees Carl Moore Jennifer Morris Monica Lynn Morrissey Meghan Kelly Moyer Christina Marie Munno Lindsay Alexandra Murray Katherine Music Laurie Gabrielle Nash Anne Nichols Bonnie Nieves Jodi Noel Kelly Nolan Stacey Nordstrom Dawn Marie O'Connor Veronica Ohearn Jessica Oleniak Laflamme Diane J O'Neil Stephen M. O'Riordan Jessica Hogan Adriana Orman Charlotte Orsmond PLT Cynthia Lea Osgood Hannah Marie Outwater DeLois Owens Tracey R Peloquin Je'Neice Perkins Susan F. Petersen ASL Kristen E. Peterson Patrick Phelps Emily Pineault Antwon D Pittman Billy Ray Poli Catherine Marie Pollard Kristen Pollock Giselle A. Pomeroy Justin Porter Thomas Roger Pratte Traci A. Premo Erin Quinn Melissa Ragoza Jessica Rains Christine Randolph Marran Whitney Ranks Jennifer Ransom Jeremy Rathbun Thomas H. Raymond Matthew Redmond Hilary Reed Lisa Copeland-Reif Kaitlin Riendeau Carlos Rodriguez Douglas E. Ross Rivkah Ross Brittany Ruise Anne Sabean Alison Sancinito Nikia Seay Elizabeth Selman PLT Meghan Denise Semler Katherine Areta Shaka Rachel Barbara Shaughnessey PLT Matthew D. Shevenell Michelle Renee Simoneau Brentwood Simpers Andrew Joseph Sims Ann M Smith Sonya Smith Elizabeth Solan Leslie L Stancliff Magdalene Chinyere Stanley Lisl Stevens Lori Stevens Natalie Stone Debbie C. Stratton Katherine D. Swain Jessica Ruth Szafarski Samantha Tatarczuk Meagan Renee Therriault Aubrey Lynn Thompson Dedric Tisdale Nadine Bridget Tourlitis Eric Truhn Amanda Uhry Emily H Umphlett Heidi Mylott Underwood Lorienne Margaret Valovanie Timothy Walsh Hilary Walter Gabrielle M Watson Jody A. Welch Sunny West Jillian L Whitaker Wanda L White Jennifer Williams Leighanna Williford Aaron Jonathan Wilson Lisa F. Wolf Amy Jean Woloski Seth Woodman Lu Yang Emily Yeater Susan Theresa Yuknalis Stephen Zurawiecki Master of Science Rebecca Jane Adey- Merrithew S Jennifer Anastasov PLT Kendra Lynette Bailey Angela Gabrielle Beaudoin Bridgette Allison Belcher Nicholas A. Botto Tyachenna Bradley AC Carlee Bressler Mickaela Colvin Kathryn Courtney Katherine Cox Anthony S. Darby NaTanya F. Dowell Kathleen A. Ehlers Sita Ewell Jean Gibilaro Christian Gott Catherine Holden Michelle L. Ingram Brandi Jackson Rachelle Jacobson Rachael James Lorie'l Johnson Justine Lechner Abdourahmane Lo Heather Marr Emily McCarron Jessica Mesick Melissa K. Miraglia Matthew Munyan-Penney Steven J. Murphy Nicole Noons OO Jacklyn Marie Olveda James Ormanoski Mark Pattison Ronald Pinion Jana Popovich DMD Alicia Patrese Reed John Paul Rees Kimberly Rice Annette Rincon Caitlyn E Rivers PLT Christianna Rivet April E. Rogers Rachel Schell Holly Schwieger-Hoak Mario Sherard Sheats Brandi Sloots Brandon Smith Dawn Michelle Smith Elyse Sprengle Jessica B. Stacy Sharondeep Takhar Tahmeka Michelle Thompson Carolyn Torres June Tuller Patricia K. Turley Julie Anne Underwood Douglas Valentine Robert Vaughn Celeste Delita Warner Tierra Washington Rassheedah Nasheed Watts Charisse White Brittany Whittemore Alisa Williams Rochelle Williams Ashley Woodous Mary Elizabeth Young Bachelor of Arts Miranda H. Alfaro ** PLT Ashley E. Barss Nicola E. Beard ** Ashlyn Taylor Blanchard ** Briana L. Blanchard *** PLT Anna E. Boghigian ** PLT CS Tara Lynn Brasley Tyler Graham Braun Jacqueline L. Capobianco ** PLT CS Caitlin M Cardarelli ** PLT Kevin C. Christensen 106

117 EDUCATION Alexis Victoria Cobb ** Megan Catherine Condon Savanna P. Costa ** Michelle R. Cox ** PLT CS Molly D. Coyne *** PLT Bryce Dagenais Ellen Marie Decker Samantha Dembitzky * Molly Desroches *** Alexa R. DiBenedetto ** Felicia M Dowling * Devanee D. Ebert Karissa Edelstein ** Marissa M. Feeney Katie R. Fenton * PLT Sawyer D. Fournier Alicia A. Giannelli *** PLT CS Jayna Ann Grover * Nicole R. Gubellini ** Alexandra Hickey ** Joanne M. Hohman *** Gregory Borges Jain *** PLT Britney L. * Erin Kelly * Danielle M. Kwatcher ** PLT CS Rebecca C. Lariviere CS Sarah Maria Lawton CS Megan Elizabeth Leger ** Alison N. Lemoyne Lori Leonard *** Taylor V. MacDowell ** PLT Makenzie Marie Masiello *** Kendra T. McCarran * Kellie F. Mead * PLT Ambika Menon Mariah L. Meskell Adam J. Mullen *** PLT Jessica Rose Murphy *** PLT CS Jennifer Lyn Nadeau ** Bradford D. Naugler ** PLT Michael Miroslaw Oldziej Alexa Katherine Osterhout * PLT Karen E. Parma Alana Marie Parsons ** CS Curtis J. Pereira Shawn Petkewich *** Taylor Eve Picard *** PLT CS Mackenzie Jo Porter * PLT CS Cara E. Prindiville Emmarose Quesnel ** PLT CS Devan Josephine Rabidou * Alexa Jay Roth *** PLT CS Taylor A. Roy *** PLT Christina Marie Sacchitello Shelby L. Santucci * Kellsey Sassak ** Kathleen A. Schlangen Brittany M. Seiger Alivia R. Shea Morgan L. Shea ** Danielle Shifres Kerianne Elyse Spadaro *** PLT Laura Stankus Bryan Sykes ASL Jessica N. Torsiello ** Katie-Leigh E Turgiss OO Kerry Anne Twomey * Kristen Marie Walker ** PLT Moira Jane Welch Danielle K. Wilkins ** PLT Linda Ann Williams * Mary Michelle Yale * PLT Bachelor of Science Erica J. Bonnenfant CS Alisha M. Raymond Edward Adam Storer *** PLT 107


119 NURSING AND HEALTH PROFESSIONS COLLEGE OF ONLINE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION NURSING AND HEALTH PROFESSIONS The Nursing and Health Professions department provides high-quality undergraduate and graduate health profession education with distinction in scholarship, service, and practice for health professionals seeking to maximize their personal and professional potential. This mission is fulfilled through innovative programs and responsive to the needs of adult learners in an online environment. Graduates are prepared to apply theoryguided, culturally competent, evidencebased professional practices to improve the well-being of diverse populations in varied healthcare settings nationally and internationally.

120 NURSING AND HEALTH PROFESSIONS Master of Science Johna Arvin Kristin Brooks Lyndsay Nicole Bruce Kenneth Bush Vikki A. Cabral Kaleigh Jones Campbell Cloris Castro Jennifer Cookingham Elisabeth Crews Jazmin Davis Antoinette DeMaria Felicia Domasky Shari Alyse Douglas Sean Durkee Matthew Eiseler Shawna Ellis Gena Felix Andre'a N. Femino Sidoni Findong Ivan Garcia Martika Gravette Sarah Elizabeth Harris Meagan Hebert Scott M. Horton Anthony Carmine Iannino Isnel Joseph Ryan Kay Cameila Kelly Larita Laktonen-Ward Erin K Lane Ashley M. Leonard DMD Andrew Looper Courtney L. Lovely Kayla Renee Marot Laura Ann Michaelson Craig A Morse Krista Lorraine Newell Solomon O. Nwankwo Titilope Oni-Daniel Maureen L. Palla Alysha Perry Victor Michel Ramirez Allison Paige Raymond Lauren Kemper Reeves Murama Rugumanya Kristen Sanderson Virgilio Santos Ashley Kathryn Shea Angela Sullivan Lisa Taurisano Lauren Sara Truncellito Ellen Ventura DMD Frances Weber-Martindale Master of Science in Management Jaime Felber Maria Ackley Simon P. Adeniji Michelle Aivazov Brian Almoney Chanel Alston Jeffrey Appleman Bernita M Banks Amanda Brittany Batts Selena Therese Bean Erin Beaudoin Tabitha Berg Lawrence R. Bialecki Jr. DMD Kari Billings Jessica A. Boczanowski Emerson Antonio Bonoan III Tiffany Maxine Booker Michael Booth Beth Braddy Jessica Brady Matthew Jeffrey Brede Sarah Brennan Chelitha L. Bryant Appolonia Butler Geoffrey Byron DMD Vivian Caldwell Nora Nadhezda Calix- Pauliukovich Naomie Cange Erica Carpenter Stephanie N. Chapman Kenia Colon Katherine Lewis Considine Maria Corazon Delacruz - Cooper Caitlin Crossman Katherine M. Curran Lisa Daigle Philvie Daniel Nusrat Asuamah Danquah Jolene Denn Brandi Dennis Lauren Descheneau Susan Devine Chelsea Di Benedetto Brian Diefendorf Renette Marceline Djukoua Lisa M Donnelly Christopher Dowd Erin Dubell Michael C. Duncan Stacy Pat Durham Rosaline Enoch Katerria Epps Renee Ervin Diedre Fergus Edward Ferkel Gabriela del Carmen Francisco Jaclyn Lucia Freydberg Vanessa Fusek William E. Gadea Hemwattie Ganesh DMD Christin Nicole Garcia Christina Gerdes Atiya Gilchrist Donna Gilmore Robert Paul Girardeau Bobbi Jo Glade Hudeie Gleplay Jose G. Gonzales Lauren L Gott Elena Guadalupe Alyssa Guidoboni Brittany Hadfield Arlie Hantl Tiffanie L. Hart Carissa Hauck Alexa Martha Hauser Brittany Hazzard Corin E. Helling Darleen Hoffler Whitmore Sandra Hood Kelechi Ikpeama Treneka Ingram Benjamin R. Isaiah Jr. Jinu James Jessica Jarvis Joseph R Johnson IV Daphne Danielle Jones Mary Jones Tiara Michele Jones Katherine Kan Lisa Key Ronald C Knight Sarah Knuchel Amanda Laverriere Stephanie Nichelle Lee Elaine A. Leveille Erlian Liendo Titilayo Makanjuola Elizabeth Mbuagbaw Alicia McLean Sarah Patrice Melville Teri Milkoff Lynzie M. Millard Richard Milner Jessica A. Minasian Nathan Moler Sharla Moretti DMD Nancy J. Morton Faith Mowl Dana Ann Mulvaney Matthew Neill Jessica M Nichols Mary Norman Sherry Mae Dante Oboy Heather Oconnell Kellie Ann E. Oldag Dontraey Oliver-Johnson Sanela Omic Esteban Ortiz Alex William Page Marie Terese Parker Vanessa M Perez Violette Poinvil Danielle K. Pottle Cecelia Pukt Tanya Rhodes Cynette Rayette Rivers Tracy Roberts Emily Rogers Alan-Michael George Saltis Melissa B. Schegg Doris Seymore William Sharp Carol A. Silver Theron Keith Sparrow Luvanika Stanley Kendall Swokla Kathleen Taggart Carla Taylor-Mallory Careen Tetuh Kathleen Timothy Emma Tkachuk Vanessa Trempe Ashley A Vogler Steven Michael Volden Kelley Walsh Emily Ward Dynell Renise Williams JoAnn Wilson Lauren Alyssa Winters Kristen Wood 110

121 NURSING AND HEALTH PROFESSIONS Master of Science in Nursing Constance M Achu-Mokom Geraldine Anderson Fawn M. Baesemann Robert L. Beeler Catherine Rose Bell Tammy Berthiaume Tia Ann Bevilacqua Holly N. Briere Lori R. Chausse Sharine Chikwanda Sabine Clasen Bonnie L. Crumley Aybar ASL Jennifer Ashley Davis Kerry Dease Linda Hereth Kevin Holy Lorraine Howlett Lindsay Ireland Christine Ann Johnson Patricia Kelley Jennifer Lynn Kling Kathy Lynn Koenig Nancy E Maduskuie Randolph Matias Kimberly A Mello Erin Moloney Catherine Munoz Susan E. O'Donnell Megan Nadeau Olson Krystal Peirce James E. Reineke James Rissler Karen L. Rivero Leslie D. Rothrock Shelly M. Shibles Stefanie Sorrentino Carmen Stanton Heidi St Hilaire Susan Marie Streit Kristine Sutter Catherine H. Swedberg Katherine Wallace Kathleen Wickens Bachelor of Science Ashley Abernatha Elizabeth Adams * Michelle L. Adrion Penedum Adumene Charles Elikplim Agbeli Jessica Ahmad Karly Baker Alewine Coleman Alexander Paula A. Allard Alexis A. Allen Patricia Tiffany Allen Caitlin Allison ** Tamieka Allison Jolene Alvarado Sammy Ayodo Amimo Tiffany Amos ** Jacoba Stacy Ellan Anderson *** Kelly Anderson Kimberly Anderson Krista Anderson Porscha Anderson Vanessa Anderson Gretchen Andrews *** Glenn P. Angell ** Christabel E. Ansah *** Julie Ann Antis *** Karla Arango ** Angelle Ardoin Linda Armstrong * Fatima Ashraf Brenda Atkinson Christie Lee Austin *** Jonathan Auvil * Ramiro A Ayala *** Amy R. Bacon-Ford Stephanie Bagdon Dorothy Bailey Kimeto Petronie Bailey Kefira Baker ** Melissa Baker *** Adria Balaam *** Katie Balcom Andrew Baldovin April Baltzer Kathy Banner *** Maureen Bannon Amanda Barb Annie Barnes Kelsey L Barr * Phyllis Barrell Antonia Barrick *** ASL Reva Bartlett-Custeau Michael Bastida Samuel J Bautista ** Cara Beamer Wendy Beattie ** Stephanie Beaudoin Joshua Beckless Michelle Bedard Brian Beede Lynn Beede Gracie M. Beers Alison Marie Begin Jennifer Belbin Shari Belcher Stefanie Belcher Michelle Ryan Belliveau * Patricia Belliveau *** Amanda Bender Amanda Bennett *** Kurtis Bennett Jacqueline Bergeron Laurie Bergeron Chad Bergstrom Julie Labbe Chelsea Betsold Sabrina Bevelaqua * Michelle Bianchi Kathleen Bielagus Nancy Bissonette Charlyn Marie Bitanga *** Debby Blackmer *** Elana Lee Blanchette *** Stacey Bleich Andrea Blossom Daryl Boire Paulina F Boire ** Joanne Bolduc Angelisa M. Bonilla Nicole E. Bonsignore Laura Borden Laurie Botelho Jessica Bowen Pheobe L. Bowen Sonia Boyd Kimberly Bradley * Russell G. Braman IV Kate Brandes Rachelle Bray *** Morgan Breidinger Laycie Brienze Lisa M Briere *** Regina Marie Briggs Dacia M. Brinkman Elaine Brissart Sanja Broer Heather L. Brooks Carrin Brown Edward Brown Krystol H Brown Melissa Brown Stacy Brown Corrinna Brudner *** Lisa Brugnoli-Semeta Emily Buchanan ** Beth Ann Buck Judith D. Bulgin Christina Bulman Annie Buote Cassandra J. Burch ASL McKenna Sharon Elizabeth Burden *** Jackie Cohen Burkey Kelsey Burnham Lisa Burrows Nicole Bursley *** Kelly Bushnell Sarah Buydos Ana D Cabrera Gil *** Grace C Cain *** Michael Cairnie Lauren Marie Calabro *** ASL Latoya T. Caldwell Annette Camacho Carissa Cameron Mariam Campos-Marquetti Rocelia Caraballo Richard Allen Carey Meghan Carides Deborah Carle Maima M Carlon Rachelle Caron-Harrell Catherine E. Carr *** DMD ASL CS Megan Carr Kristie Carrigan Cheryl Carroll *** Jesse James Carroll Fiddelis Carter Jessica Caruso Lauren Caruso Christopher Cary Dolores Casale Carmel Ann Casey Dawn Casey Danielle Eve Cayer Renee Linn Celius Renee Centore-Kelly Sandra Cerfe 111

122 NURSING AND HEALTH PROFESSIONS Sheri A Chabot Cindi Rose Chagaris Keti Chaltikyan Megan Chambers *** ASL Diane N. Champagne *** ASL Elysia Champagne *** Renee Champany David M. Chapdelaine Donna Marie Charbonneau ** Camilla Charlebois Lynne Chartier Leah Chase Lisa Chase *** ASL Yeyin Chen Kaitlyn R. Cheney Taiessia Cherry Ruth Noemy Chevez * Manyya Chhom Nhean * Ranida Chow *** ASL Vincent Chu Margita Chudik *** Paul Ciolino Ana C. Cirne Jenna M Clark * Shaina L Clark *** Whitney Clark *** Jacqueline Michelle Clausson Franciene Rene Clement Shawna Clifton Sarah Cloutier ** Krysten Cohen *** Marcy Colasanto Lori Coleman Jessica Collier *** Kaseen Collins Deborah Ann Collins-Calise Vivian I Colon Lisa Comeau Travis Conner * Diana Connolly Meghan Connolly Nicole Connors Holly Conroy Lashawn Cook Paul Jeffrey Cook *** Lindsey Coppola Deanna Lynne Corbin CS Lisa Marie Corbin Rehana Corchado * Tori Corcoran Danielle Corff Christa Palmer Cornejo ** Amy Cornell *** Donielle Cossey ** Lori Cote Shayna Cote Rebecca Courchesne Amber Couture ** Jill Cox Jozett Cox Kimberly Marie Cox Wardwell Cox *** ASL Alexandra Coyne Amie Craig Desiree Craig Kristen Cross-Wando Samantha Crowe ** Susan Cunniff * Stefania Cunningham Shannon Curry Christina Curtiss Wendy Cyr Christopher M Daidone Samantha Daily Angelic Sue Dale Linda A. Daley Yolanda Yvette Dalton Hillary Damon Lori Daniels *** Robin Darden Brittany Leigh David Lee Anne David ASL Evelyn Davidson Antigonene Davis * Audrey Davis Edith Davis *** Heather Davis ** Katina S. Davis * Kimberly Davis * Maricela Davis * Stevenson Davis * Trishia L. Davis Jesse Day Richard Debreceni *** Melissa Decarlo * Nicole M. Delcourt Katerina Delia ** Colleen Delmage Lacey Dembroge Amy M. Demeter Christen M. Demont Heather Denisco *** Melissa Ann DePalma Elisabeth Desmond Brittany M. Desrochers Caree M. Dey Casey A. DeYoung Heather Diaz Kathleen H. DiBastiani Jamie Lee Dibbern Kayle A. DiChiara Christopher Kenneth Dierolf Doreen Dillon ** Michele DiMambro Kelly Dirstine Toni Dissinger ** Christopher A Dixon *** Nichole Dodge Patrick Donahue Franklin Donaldson Maygan C. Donovan Devon Dow Denise Drake Beverly Drew *** Cristy DuCharme *** Rachel Duchesne Xiomara M. Duffis Jenna Marie Dumayne *** Leigh Duncan Leslie Dure George Edward Dwyer ASL Jaime Dyck Jani Dye Heather Eberlin ** Victoria Eddings ** Michael Effiong Faith Egli Jennifer Catherine Emery Maria Josefa Enciso Jeanne England Kelly Errico Rachel Sipin Espanola Denetara Evans * Jennifer Evers * Meaghan Fahey * Ericka Lennette Fair *** Diana Fairbanks *** Deanna J. Faretra Scott Farren John Fay Suzann Fay *** Kara Anne Fazzini *** ASL Rachele Ferrandi Donnette Teresa Fields * Allannah Eve Fierro Melissa Figueroa ASL Rachel Denise Fike *** Beth Lynn Filiau * Stacy Findley *** Karen Fisher *** ASL Daniel J. Fitzgerald Kerwin Flaherty Kayliegh Flanagan *** Christine Ann Flink Ashley Flowers Christy Flynn *** Susan Flynn Kristie Foley Agustina Fonseca * Jennifer Forest Phyllis Fortier ASL Lori Foster Bethany Fox *** Melodie L Fox ** Anderson Francois Keith Frankenberger ** Angela M. Franklin Maria Irene C. Franzuela- Santiago Christopher Michael Frazee Susan Freedman Richard J. Friberg Tabitha Ann Frizado Valerie Fryatt ** Stacy Fuller ** Lisa Furdon Peter R Gagnon *** Devon H. Gaines Danielle Gallan Sarah-Kate Galliher Timothy Gamble ** Leeann Gantenbein *** Revia Gardner Tina Garwood-Foley *** ASL Bobbi-Jo Gately *** Allison Gayron Andrea P Gele Brittany M Genesi Teresa Geracie Amrit Ghale Tina Ghiassi Jessica Giberson * Christina Gibson Kristen Linnea Gibson Kerrie Gillen Melissa A. Gillespie Verena Gizelbach Laura Gliniecki 112

123 NURSING AND HEALTH PROFESSIONS Jelena Glisovic *** Lois C. Godin Rachel Godwin *** Heather Goins * Linda Ann Gollan *** Shannon Gomatos Carlina Gonzalez Juliette Gonzalez Jennifer Gosselin Celia Gouldbourne-Dunkelly Cheryl Gray Rachele Gray Emily Greene *** Richelle Greer Laura Gregory Ashely Griffith ** Nichole Griswold April Ratana Groves *** Jean Gruntkosky Talia Guindon Elizabeth Katie Guiod Melissa Gunderson Catherine Haas Samar Fawaz Hachem *** ASL Amra Hadziahmetovic Nicholas Haidemenos Karen M. Haigler Sara A. Hall ** Catherine Hammon Garrett Hammon Nicole Lynn Hammond Katie Hanahan Donna M. Hansen Robin M. Hanson *** Terri Lynn Hanson * Bethaney Hardin Carrie Harding Bree Hardwick *** ASL Jamie Hardwick Laura Harling Gary Harris *** DMD Lauren Harris Sharmen L Harris Nancy Ann Hartka *** Jennifer Hatcher Toria Haungs Sherri Hauser Heather Hautanen Brenden F. Hayden *** Ashley Hebert Donna Hedberg Amie Heidecke Judith Helm Christina Amara Hem Jeanne Marie Henry Norman F. Henthorn Jr. Patrick Daniel Heraghty ** Jennifer Irma Hernandez *** DMD ASL Melinda Hernandez ** Renee Hernandez Karen Heudorfer *** DMD Shannon Heuel *** Tracy Hieb * Megan L. High *** Heather Hightower Amy Hildreth Laura Hilliard *** Jessie Hinks * Jennifer Lynn Hoard Ashley A Hodge Natalie Hodgen ** Crystal Chemere Hodges Janelle M. Holcomb ** Anasa N. Holden Britney Holden ** Heather Holleran *** ASL Rita S. Holloman *** Linda Lorraine Holt Jackie Honnors Lynzi Hoon *** CS Sandra Hooper Yvette Hostetter Dia Brina Howe Kellie Hughes ** Brian Hundley *** ASL Megan Elise Hunter Juliet E. Huntley Robin Hussey *** Renee M. Hutzley * Kevin Iacovelli Jennifer Imperato Olivia Jaiman * Mbassy Jaiteh Angela Jamison *** Ashley Elizabeth Jamison * Kenneth C. Jasmund Christine Jeffries-Martinez Tracie Ryan Jewell Andrew Johnson Chelsea Johnson Elizabeth Grace Johnson Kimberly M. Johnson Megan Johnson Michelle S. Johnson Tony Johnson Brent Jones Cherrelle Jones ** Kristin Jones *** Lacie A. Jones Lea Anita Jones * Shekeemia Katara Jones Hannah Dawn Joudrey Missole Joujoute Jamie M Joy *** Michele Jubainville-Connell Jennifer Justiniano Deborah Kadar-Hull ** Henry Kaggwa Lisa Renee Kailey *** Kimberly Rose Kaliszewski Peter Kariuki Nicole Keane-Lennon ** Courtney Keefe Christine Elaine Keener *** Jessica Kehlenbach Ashley S. Kehoe Caitlyn Rose Kehoe Jacquelyn R. Kelley ** Lyondra Kelley Alana Kelliher Grace Kelly ** Shawna M. Kendall Kristen Kendrick ** Katherine Angelique Kennedy Renee Kensel ** ASL Jacob Garett Kettlewell Kristina Kiarsis Zeraiacob Kidane Mary Jane Kiluk Ruth Kimani Chelsea Marie Kimball Michelle King Frances A. King-Savary Sarah Kingsley Mary Kinyariro Kristie Kirk Jasmine Jermaine Kirkland * Colleen E Klardie *** Nadezda Klineva Carri Knapp *** Dameeko Love Knight *** Krystal Koball Kristi Koch Brittany Koehn *** Christopher C. Koenig Tanja Koroma *** Cheryl Krakora *** Mark Douglass Krebs Tresha Kuennen Jamie Kurtz *** Tasha Lackey Cheryl LaCreta *** Carolyn Laferriere Christie-Marie Lagasse Jasmine Lake *** Lydia Alicia Lambert-Smith *** Shelby Lang Anne Langlois Rebecca R Lannan Ian Lansberry ** Katie Lareau *** Karen T. Last Nicole Laughlin Christina Lavery Laura Lawbaugh Rafael E. Lawhorn ** Vivek Lawot ** Lisa York Lawson Jill Lazzaro Corrina Lebel Channon L Leborgne * Amanda LeClair * Emily Leclerc Francisco C. Ledesma III Erin Ledford Candice Leigher *** ASL Andreana Leonard * Thomas Leuck Ashley Levin Stacie F. Lewandowski Maureen C. Lewis ASL Taimeka Lewis Terri Lynn Lewis Alyssa Melanie L'heureux *** Dannielle K Libby *** Aga Leo Librando Irene C. Lincoln ** Kelly Wilt Linden Sabrina Hall Littlejohn ** Melissa S. Hopkins Locke Liza Lomastro Katy Long Amanda Lorah ** Kathleen Low Allison A. Lucas 113

124 NURSING AND HEALTH PROFESSIONS Nicole Lucas Nicole Lueck *** Ryan E. Maas Meghan Anne Mackenzie Jill MacKenzie Tracy J. Magoon * Polly Maguire Egan Sujeeta Maharjan Jaclyn Mains Sarah M. Makarewicz Marzena Maldonado ** Sandy Maldonado Krystle Mallory *** Shawna Malmberg Sarah Malmfeldt Amanda Malone ** Erin L. Malouin Patrick Rockwell Maltais ** Michael Mann *** Lisa Mansour *** DMD ASL Kyle Marchese * Jacquelyn Marez Giuseppina Marino * Ryan Marsh ** Emily Alexis Marshall *** Bonnie Martel Melynda Martin Patricia Martin Rebekah Joell Martinez Alan Martino Juliana Martins-Da Silva Maria Santa Mascolo ** Kara Ann Mason Tiffany L. Mason Heather Mathias *** Hannah Mathison *** Samantha M. Matranga *** Rachel Mayle Tonye Rebekah Mayomi ** Kimberly McCann Jennifer McCarthy Vickie McCarty Wendy McClain Constance L. McCoy Michelle A. McDonald Kelly S. McDonough Hilary McElaney Ryan McGrady Monique McIntyre Karen McKenzie-Butler Michelle Marie McLay *** Sharon Tape McLean Meredith McNeilly Ashley McQuade *** Kristina Mead Sharon Megyesi Janice S. Mello Marilyn Mello Kimberly Memic Elizabeth Mendes Nicole Mentus Janet Mercier Cindy Mersereau Courtney Metcalf Kathleen M. Metzler Sandra Meza *** Jewell Perkins-Mfundo Caroline Miklovich *** Tammy Leigh Miller Jenna Millette Danielle M. Mills *** Jennifer Mills-Henry Brittany Jean Miner Danielle Minetti Valentina Minina *** Kitabou Minteh Julia Misluk Danyell J. Mitchell Kaitlyn A. Moffett Fartun Mohamud Paula P. Mohansingh ASL Jennifer Marie Moler Janessa Montinieri Krystin Montoya Lara Moody *** Brooke Moore *** Eileen Moore Haley Ann Moore *** Sandra Luz Moore Shawn T. Moore *** Stephanie Morales ** Shelby A. Moran Cathy Morgan Jasmine Lisette Morgan * Lauriene Morin ** Catherine LaForest Ryann L. Morris Justine W. Morrison Michelle Moses * Brittany Mosheim Deborah A. Mostowy Jennifer Amber Moura ** Michelle Movsesian * Charlene Elizabeth Mulcahy Erin Mullins Julie Mulry Bernard C. Muna Amy Murphy Rebecca Murphy *** Caroline Mziray ** Michael Nadeau Annet Naiga ** Mundanamchira Nair ** Rita Narciso Adna L. Gondim Nasiopoulos Hanna Nekoranec * Amanda Lou Nester *** Michael Dwayne Nettles Caley Elizabeth Nevin Valerie Newcomb Jayme Lee Newell Alicia Nguyen Alexandria Nicastro Claudia LaRea Nichols * Kimberly Anne Nichols *** Rhonda Nicholson Kathyjo Nikolaus Esther Njoroge *** Maria Nkongchu Anthony Noe *** ASL Kim Nolte Karen Norris Melissa Norton Kathleen Novack Jeana Wallin Nunley ** Samantha Nussdorf Loretta Nwosu Mirian Ogu Megan O'Hearn ** Adry Anne Oliveira Jose Olivera ** Zoe Beth Opiechowski Thomas J Opperman ** Emily Owens * Felix Jonah Oyugi April Packard Courtney Page *** Lisa Palmer Bianca Paraison Susan M. Pardee ASL Lucia Josefina Paredes Dydier Parisien * Ashley Parker-Lacatte Heather Parker ** Tiffany N. Parker Edith M. Parkis *** Margaret Pascucci *** Nivruti Patel Poonam Patel Pritika Patel *** Gina Patricio Aline Pause Baker Michelle Christine Peacock Ryan Pearson Ratchel Pedro ** Ivan D. Pena Kimberly Anne Pepin Joshua Perillo * Jeremy Perry Jerri Perry Daniel Louis Pesino * Eva Karchut Petersen Janelle Marie Petrow Hope Pezzuti Savannah Phelps ** Sonya Philbeck Katie Lyn Phillips Emily Phinney *** Marilynn Phung * Claudia Pickett Jason Christopher Pierce Patricia Reneé Pifer * ASL Holly Pitre * Tracy Ellen Placey Erika Adel Poland Rachael Poliquin Elizabeth A. Pope * Rachel Kristin Porter Lynne Laffrey Portnoy Amir Pourlak ** Alicia Powell Joyce Premy *** Alyssa M. Presby Aimee Price Amy Price *** Janice L. Prodell *** Katelyn Pummer *** Patricia Pye * Alana Corrin Quillin Morgan Rene Rambach * Marcia Ramos Jessica Ramsey Amy Randall ** Debra Ann Randels ** Melissa Raposo * Annellie Reed *** Kellieanne T. Reilly Remaly L. Reyes * Barbara A. Ribeiro 114

125 NURSING AND HEALTH PROFESSIONS Danielle Richard *** Lilium Richards Michael B. Richards Jr. Carrie Richardson Cayla Richardson ** Kamasha Richardson Lisa Richardson Susan Riefke Jacqueline G. Riley Regina Riley Abigail Ringer Madeline Rivera Michael Joseph Robustelli Lisa A. Rocchio Matthew Rodenhiser Jillian Nicole Rodriquez Angela Roger Katrinia Rogers * Rosa Romero * Abigail Rose Romprey Robert David Roncarati Jr. Heidi Rubera Maria C. Rubino Jennifer Russell * Olivine Jhaelen Ruthland Fayre Ryan Megan Ryan-Riffle Lisa Saari Merita Sabanovski Nikki Sablan Marie Saint Louis Sina Sakhen Kariema Salahuddin * Julia Saleh Lanie Lim Salvacion ** Giana Sanchez Michele Santora Michael Yaw Sarfo CS Noah P Sargent Elaine T. Sarmiento Lindsay Savage *** Michael Ronald Scarlett Jennifer Schaeffer * Colleen E. Schindler Allison Susan Schmitt ** Melissa Schrader Colleen Schubert Michael Schumann Devan Schwenning Donna Schwering Lynne Rossi Scione Chelsea Scoggins Jennifer Scopes Melissa Scurry Amy Seaman Nkemka Angelica Sell Katie E. Sellingham Lisa Montgomery Sera Samantha Serban Francesca Sere Lauren Serino Carpenito Andreea Settenhofer Erin Joanne Shackelford Lika Shapiro Angella Sharp Donald Sheets Jeanine Shelley-Ellman Elizabeth Sherman Rachael Sherman ** Crystal Shertenlieb Karen Shields Susan Kay Shimokochi *** Rex Shoemaker Karl Shore *** Lauren A. Shuman Robert J. Sideleau Sandeep Sidhu Kayla Marie Silberberg Christie Silva Linda Silva ** Aileen Magpantay Simmons Robin Simoneau ** Ana Siqueira Dawn Sirek ** Pauline Sirrell Micah Slack *** Kim Slade Serena Everette Slade Lauri Slatt Kathleen Sliney ** Jessica Small *** Amy Smith Heidi Smith Maureen Smith Lisa M. Snow Jason Ashley Snyder Krystina Snyder ** Julia Solano *** Kathryn Solis Cheryl L. Soltesz Megan Elizabeth Somers *** Christine M. Sonday Linda Spadaro Trevor Speir * Tiffany Spencer Kimberley Spirdione Kristen Spriggs Zachary Springer Nicola Stacey Melissa Stearns Courtney Stengel Christina Stephens Peggy Stephens Meredith Sterling *** Amanda M. Stermer Sheri Mitchell Stevens Zynthia D. Stevens Megan E. Steward *** Courtney Stewart Cheryl Stgeorge Stephanie L. Stickney Janella Marie Stinnett * Annette Story-Gasser Kenneth Norman Stover Bernadine St Preux Jill Stuart ** Sheryl A. Sullivan *** Amanda Page Sutherland Erin Swanson Dawn M. Sweeney *** Micheal Paul Sweet ** Chari Szepanski Courtney Szkutak Laura Szymanowicz ** Andrea J. Tacheny *** Cheyenne Talley Samantha Sokanha Tan Yuhan Tang Kate Tata Katarina Tatten Carolyn Taylor Shannon Taylor Alejandro Tejada *** Gisell Tejeda Gina Testaverde Carrie Ann Thibault Imena Thibodeaux Darrian H. Thomas Harry Thomas Jasmattie Thompson Amber Thorn Caitlin Marie Thursland Joan Tiano Myranda M.Tichy Alyssa Tidwell * Susan Tierney * Shalika Javis' Tisinger Christine Ann Tivey-Currier Gale Todaro Christine Todisco *** ASL Lisa D. Wilcox * Jillian Topliff * Elizabeth Torres Kimberly Torres Cynthia Trainor Glenda Trejo *** Nelson Treto *** DMD Mary Trombley Shelly Troubetaris Tina Trozic Jessica Trudell Erica Truong Anastasia Tsouris ASL Vincent J. Tucker Melissa Kay Tuohy Anelize Tupper * Amber Uhrin Minna Ung Kimberly Valente Laurice Vallancourt Marquita Lynn Valle CS Lindsay Vaughn * Angel Vega Genienne Venescar Bonnie Vickers Ashleigh Viers-Gordillo Diane Mary Villanueva Amanda Vincenzino Melinda Vonderhorst Annette M Wakely *** ASL Amanda L. Waldron *** Haley Walker Kimberly Walker Adam Lee Wallace Kathleen Wallace ** Danielle Walsh *** Nathan Walsh * Curtis Walter * Bradley Walters Holly Waniski Jana Wanner Lisa Warfield Heather Renee Washburn Samantha Wasp Kara Powers 115

126 NURSING AND HEALTH PROFESSIONS Arthur Watkins ** Michael Price Watkinson *** Margaret Watts Angelee Weaver Francis Weaver Susan E. Weaver *** ASL Sarah Weber Cilorene Weekes-Cabey Alisha Weick Devin Lynn Weidner Daugherty Werner Judith R. Wesling *** Justine H. Wheeler Jessica White * Julie A. White Maureen White Peta White * Stephanie White Jennifer Whitehead Andrew Michael Whitmore * Caren Whittington Kayci L. Wickline Mehgan Lynn Wilcox * Jeffrey C. Wiles *** ASL Krystal Wiley Andrea Rena Williams ** ASL CS Irene Park Williams * Jason Williams *** Maryrose Williams *** Merideth Williamson Brandy Wilson Caitlin Wilson Lynn Marie Wilson Dianne Winter Destinee C. Wise Meagan Witherell Rebecca Wolf Melissa Wolkenhauer Kimberly Wolph Erin H. Wood Jonara R. Woodbury Christopher S. Woodruff Hannah Elizabeth Wrenn *** Donna St. Cyr Wrobel ASL Sherri Wyttenbach-Karpati Patricia D Yost Cortney Young *** Pamela Zabielski Lizbeth Zamarripa Angela Zammuto Robin Leighton Zemla Carol Zichella Lisa Ann Zick *** ASL Ross Ira Ziskind *** Kamila Agnieszka Zlotosch *** Justin Zobrist ** Hasija Zukanovic 116


128 JOIN US FOR A RECEPTION Please join us for a reception on the SNHU campus immediately following Commencement. Light food and beverages will be served. There will be ample opportunity for photos and networking. The reception is being held in the Banquet Hall, located on the second floor of the Dining Center. Southern New Hampshire University 2500 North River Road Manchester, NH Leave SNHU Arena at 555 Elm Street Manchester NH 2. Head north on Elm Street toward Granite Street 3. Take the 1st left onto Granite Street 4. Take the 1st right onto Canal Street 5. Continue on Canal Street, which will turn into River Road 6. Follow River Road for approximately 3 miles 7. Southern New Hampshire University will be on your left 8. Follow signs for parking 118

129 BUILDING DIRECTORY PARKING DIRECTORY 1. Athletic Complex 2. New Castle Hall 3. Greeley Hall 4. Whittier Hall 5. Winnipesaukee Hall 6. Merrimack Hall 7. Ossipee Hall 8. Kearsarge Hall 9. Spaulding Hall 10. Winnisquam Hall 11. Chocorua Hall 12. Exeter Hall 13. Stark Hall 14. Robert A. Freese Student Center 15. William S. and Joan Green Center for Student Success 16. Belknap Hall 17. Robert Frost Hall 18. Library Learning Commons 19. Morrissey House 20. Ford House 21. Dining Center 22. Academic Center 23. Hospitality Center 24. Washington Hall 25. Sunapee Hall 26. Cranmore Hall 27. Attitash Hall 28. Hillsboro Hall 29. Rockingham Hall 30. Central Receiving 31. Operations Center 32. Webster Hall 33. Webster House 34. Madison House 35. Lincoln Hall 36. Conway Hall 37. Hampton Hall 38. Windsor Hall 39. Tuckerman Hall 40. Future Athletic Stadium (2017 opening) 41. Future Gustafson Center 42. Future Residence Hall (2017 opening) W Westside Resident Students Only E Eastside Resident Students Only C Commuter Students, Staff/Faculty, Visitors Only L Handicap and Loading SDX Sodexo Employees Only SF Staff and Faculty Only CS Commuter Students Only V Visitor parking 119


131 Congratulations to our newest graduates! Be proud of your accomplishments and the determination you put forth to be here today. You re joining the ranks of more than 80,000 SNHU alumni worldwide, a diverse and accomplished network of professionals, community leaders, and change makers. Remember that your alma mater is here for you after you graduate, with a multitude of ways to stay connected to the SNHU community, from volunteering as a career coach to building your regional SNHU network to joining your first Homecoming festivities October 13-15, Visit to update your alumni profile, find an event near you, access benefits and resources, and find meaningful ways to continue your journey with SNHU. Congratulations again, and welcome to the SNHU Alumni Association! Timothy Gerardi 04 President, SNHU Alumni Association 121

September 2014 Honors News U N I V E R S I T Y O F M O N T E V A L L O O C T O B E R 2 2 A T 3 : 3 0 P M I N C O M E R A U D I T O R I U M

September 2014 Honors News U N I V E R S I T Y O F M O N T E V A L L O O C T O B E R 2 2 A T 3 : 3 0 P M I N C O M E R A U D I T O R I U M September 2014 Honors News U N I V E R S I T Y O F M O N T E V A L L O A R T I C L E S : Remembering Rachel, p. 1 Digital signage, p. 1 Honors Orientation, p. 2 New website, p. 2 Events, p. 3 Peer Mentors,

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Maya Lin and Her Impact on the Landscape Architecture Community

Maya Lin and Her Impact on the Landscape Architecture Community LSA 220- Introduction to Landscape Architecture. Prof. Fernandez Maximilian Eckhardt Final Project 11/30/15 Maya Lin and Her Impact on the Landscape Architecture Community When thinking about relevant

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2018 AAR Officer Candidates

2018 AAR Officer Candidates 2018 AAR Officer Candidates PRESIDENT LORI D. DOERFLER, ABR, CRS, GRI, RSPS, rcrms Realty ONE Group Mountain Desert 928-208-9827 20 N. Acoma Blvd., Ste. 102 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

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PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP ARCHITECTURE HONG KONG May 2016 ROBERT GORDON UNIVERSITY, ABERDEEN PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP ARCHITECTURE 18 20 May 2016 HONG KONG CONTENTS Section 1: Section 2: Section 3: Section 4: Section 5: Section 6: Section 7: Portfolio Development Workshop Student/Parent

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Sarah Bilston. Office tel: Education

Sarah Bilston.   Office tel: Education Sarah Bilston Email: Office tel: 860 297 5264 Education Somerville College, University of Oxford, England (1995-2000) D.Phil. in English Literature (2000) M.St. (Master of Studies)

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AIA Jersey Shore AIA Jersey Shore is a Section of AIA New Jersey SPONS ORSHIP

AIA Jersey Shore AIA Jersey Shore is a Section of AIA New Jersey SPONS ORSHIP AIA New Jersey AIA New Jersey is a Chapter and Region of the American Institute of Architects is a Section of AIA New Jersey SPONS ORSHIP PROSPECTUS AIA NEW JERSEY / AIA JERSEY SHORE INAUGURAL AND AWARDS

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The Paul and Renate Madsen

The Paul and Renate Madsen An Extraordinary Legacy: The Paul and Renate Madsen Professor of Scandinavian and Germanic Studies Thank you For your generous gift to strengthen and perpetuate teaching, research, and outreach in Scandinavian,

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The Edwin Harold Rian Manuscript Collection

The Edwin Harold Rian Manuscript Collection The Edwin Harold Rian Manuscript Collection Collection Summary Creator: Rian, Edwin H. (Edwin Harold), 1900- Dates: 1927-2007 Extent: 2 box (1.0 linear feet) Language(s): English Repository: Princeton

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Movers & Shakers. Book 10 Who will be here? Put 10 appointments on your books! January Jumpstart. Perfect 12. Picture yourself here

Movers & Shakers. Book 10 Who will be here? Put 10 appointments on your books! January Jumpstart. Perfect 12. Picture yourself here JANUARY 2016 NEWSLETTER DECEMBER RESULTS Movers & Shakers January Jumpstart See Who Attended! Mary Sparkman & Britney Thomas Britney Thomas Emerald Star Ravy Lushcek Sapphire Star Perfect 12 Picture yourself

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The White House Fellows Foundation and Association 52 nd Annual Leadership Conference October 26-28, 2017

The White House Fellows Foundation and Association 52 nd Annual Leadership Conference October 26-28, 2017 The White House Fellows Foundation and Association 52 nd Annual Leadership Conference October 26-28, 2017 Leadership in a Changing World U.S. Chamber of Commerce Building 1615 H Street, NW, Washington,

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Courtney Miller Bellairs BIO AREAS OF EXPERTISE

Courtney Miller Bellairs BIO AREAS OF EXPERTISE Courtney Miller Bellairs 301-785-8655 BIO Courtney Miller Bellairs is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Minnesota. She received a B.S. in

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GENERAL CHURCH OFFICERS DEACONS DEACON OFFICERS TRUSTEES SUNDAY SCHOOL GENERAL OFFICERS TABLE OF CONTENTS General Church Officers... 3 Deacons... 3 Trustees... 3 Sunday School... 3-5 Discipleship Training... 6 Senior Adult Group... 6 Music Ministry... 6 Brotherhood/RA s... 7 WMU/Mission Friends/GA

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MASSACHUSETTS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS REALTOR OF THE YEAR PROGRAM MASSACHUSETTS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS REALTOR OF THE YEAR PROGRAM Each local Association is urged to select, as its REALTOR of the year, one outstanding REALTOR member who has made the greatest contribution

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THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD JANUARY 6, 2013 SATURDAY, 5:00 PM SUNDAY, 8:30 AM SUNDAY, 10:30 AM MASS SERVERS. Adele Johnson Erin Norris Caitlin Nagy

THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD JANUARY 6, 2013 SATURDAY, 5:00 PM SUNDAY, 8:30 AM SUNDAY, 10:30 AM MASS SERVERS. Adele Johnson Erin Norris Caitlin Nagy THE EPIPHANY THE LORD JANUARY 6, 2013 Samantha Arvin Nicole Gallina Sean Gallina Adele Johnson Erin Norris Caitlin Nagy Anna Twallin-Archer Gavin Johnson Jacob Hensley Tom Burns Linda Carpp Pat Kimble

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FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF INTERLACHEN LIST OF COMMITTEES (EFFECTIVE JUNE 1, 2013 MAY 31, 2014) COMMITTEES & ELECTED OFFICERS BUILDINGS & GROUNDS COMMITTEE: Chairman Jack White Bobby Bishop Lou Hunter Bill Kangas John McCrillis Mike Self BY-LAWS COMMITTEE: Deacon David Wisham (2016) Kathryn Lee (2014)

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Tom Waggoner, AIA, is a Senior Vice President and Managing Principal for HOK s Kansas City office.

Tom Waggoner, AIA, is a Senior Vice President and Managing Principal for HOK s Kansas City office. INTEGRATION Bill Bourne, AIA, NCARB Senior Associate Populous, Inc. With nearly a decade of experience, Bill has played an integral role in the design of agriculture centers, fairgrounds, expo, entertainment

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STATEMENT REGARDING FUTURE USE OF INTERN AND ARCHITECT TITLES STATEMENT REGARDING FUTURE USE OF INTERN AND ARCHITECT TITLES This transcript of formal remarks from NCARB leaders is being provided onsite at the AIA Convention NCARB booth (#2145), has been distributed

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TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP. John Belle traveling in England between studies at the Architectural Association in London.

TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP. John Belle traveling in England between studies at the Architectural Association in London. JOHN BELLE TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP John Belle traveling in England between studies at the Architectural Association in London. 2018 2018 JOHN BELLE TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP The John Belle Travel Fellowship is a $10,000

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Cole Harris fonds. Compiled by Terra Dickson (2003) Last revised October University of British Columbia Archives

Cole Harris fonds. Compiled by Terra Dickson (2003) Last revised October University of British Columbia Archives Cole Harris fonds Compiled by Terra Dickson (2003) Last revised October 2011 University of British Columbia Archives Table of Contents Fonds Description o Title / Dates of Creation / Physical Description

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T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O F C H I C A G O L A W S C H O O L F A L L 22 T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O F C H I C A G O L A W S C H O O L F A L L 2 0 1 6 PRESIDENT OBAMA RETURNS TO THE LAW SCHOOL President Barack Obama has spent plenty of time in the Green Lounge, but never

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Introducing the Institute for Public Relations

Introducing the Institute for Public Relations Introducing the Institute for Public Relations Bill Heyman, Trustee and Development Co-Chair President & CEO, Heyman Associates Copyright 2014 by The Institute for Public Relations A few preliminaries

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Helen Galbraith Academic Registrar and Secretary to Council, Director of Student and Academic Services

Helen Galbraith Academic Registrar and Secretary to Council, Director of Student and Academic Services Student and Academic Services Organisation Map Helen Galbraith Academic Registrar and Secretary to Council, Director of Student and Academic Services Pauline Nelson Personal Assistant Jo Lea Graduate Assistant

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President s Award Vikki V & David Finan

President s Award Vikki V & David Finan President s Award Vikki V & David Finan Achievement Award Alyssa Truman Achievement Award - Honorable Mention Melisa Barber Kathy & Tim Hughes Leah Zetterholm Theresa Zuments Executive Leader of the Year

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Real Estate Prelicense Information Packet

Real Estate Prelicense Information Packet Dayton Area Board of REALTORS Sinclair Community College Real Estate Prelicense Information Packet As of May 2016 - Subject to Change REALTORS Center: Your gateway to a successful real estate career. Three

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Meet Utah Artist Lily Toy Hong

Meet Utah Artist Lily Toy Hong Children's Book and Media Review Volume 14 Issue 2 Article 3 1993 Meet Utah Artist Lily Toy Hong Lillian H. Heil Follow this and additional works at: BYU ScholarsArchive

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HOTEL Scenarios for the year ahead. Choice CEO Stephen Joyce : Ideas, insights and wishes for Is your hotel ready for the Chinese?

HOTEL Scenarios for the year ahead. Choice CEO Stephen Joyce : Ideas, insights and wishes for Is your hotel ready for the Chinese? HOTEL 2012 Scenarios for the year ahead Choice CEO Stephen Joyce : Ideas, insights and wishes for 2012 Is your hotel ready for the Chinese? The 2012 outlook for key hotel markets : 30 exclusive country

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All Saints Ministry Schedule December 2013-February of 6

All Saints Ministry Schedule December 2013-February of 6 All Saints Ministry Schedule December 2013-February 2014 1 of 6 12/7/2013 + Cal Marcoe Derek Bernson Bob Aschbacher Saturday + Sue Bosk Theresa Marcoe Dayton Bernson 4:30 + Terry Humpula Pat Meyer Dylan

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Dr. Paula McKenzie Bethune-Cookman University 2017

Dr. Paula McKenzie Bethune-Cookman University 2017 Dr. Paula McKenzie Bethune-Cookman University 2017 This collection of photos came from the Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic Site, Washington, DC and the State Library & Archives of Florida.

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K A R E N C O R D E S S P E N C E K A R E N C O R D E S S P E N C E 900 N. Benton Ave., Drury University, Springfield MO 65802 (417) 873 7409 office 1322 E. Harrison Street, Springfield MO 65804 (417)

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Schedule of Workshops and Panels 2017 West Chester University Poetry Conference. Wednesday, June 7

Schedule of Workshops and Panels 2017 West Chester University Poetry Conference. Wednesday, June 7 Schedule of Workshops and Panels 2017 West Chester University Poetry Conference Wednesday, June 7 Paintings by Rick Mullin Wednesday-Saturday 8:00 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Knauer Gallery Swope Music Building 8:00-9:45

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Perspectives on the Bench and Bar of Thurston County Since Statehood

Perspectives on the Bench and Bar of Thurston County Since Statehood Perspectives on the Bench and Bar of Thurston County Since Statehood A Program in Recognition of Washington s 125 th Anniversary of Statehood November 14, 2014 Temple of Justice Speakers: Retired Chief

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J. Paul Leonard Library ORGANIZATION CHART

J. Paul Leonard Library ORGANIZATION CHART Information Technology Deborah C. Masters University Academic Senate Library Advisory Committee Bruce Heiman, President Friends of the JPL Library Associate University Christy Stevens MPP Administrator

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Royal Institute of British Architects

Royal Institute of British Architects Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA Exploratory Board to AKMI Metropolitan College, Athens, Greece in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth, UK MArch Architecture & Urbanism

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Erik Trump -- Curriculum Vitae Dept. of Political Science Saginaw Valley State University

Erik Trump -- Curriculum Vitae Dept. of Political Science Saginaw Valley State University 1 Erik Trump -- Curriculum Vitae Dept. of Political Science Saginaw Valley State University EDUCATION Ph.D., American and New England Studies Program, Boston University, 1996. B.A., English

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2017 PATRON OPPORTUNITIES 2017 PATRON OPPORTUNITIES I love being VP of Industry Relations (formerly called VP of Partnerships). It enables me to interact with you, our valued patrons. You re the reason we re able to do what we

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Connecting Conservation and Community

Connecting Conservation and Community 1 Executive Summary: Jackson Hole Land Trust Community Assessment with Flitner Strategies Connecting Conservation and Community Background & History: Six years ago, the Jackson Hole Land Trust (JHLT) partnered

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Closing Attorneys with Over 70 Years of Experience. The REAL ESTATE CLOSING PROFESSIONALS of CHOICE

Closing Attorneys with Over 70 Years of Experience. The REAL ESTATE CLOSING PROFESSIONALS of CHOICE A QUARTER CENTURY OF REAL ESTATE CLOSING EXPERIENCE The REAL ESTATE CLOSING PROFESSIONALS of CHOICE For over a quarter of a century, Peck & Tuneski has continually earned the trust, respect and repeat

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TORONTO DISTRICT Organizational Overview

TORONTO DISTRICT Organizational Overview TORONTO DISTRICT Organizational Overview Responding to the demands of a dynamic marketplace, PCL Toronto is strategically organized into integrated business units (IBUs) to provide specialized construction

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Owning the future together. hare Offer HEART OF HASTINGS COMMUNITY LAND TRUST

Owning the future together. hare Offer HEART OF HASTINGS COMMUNITY LAND TRUST Owning the future together hare Offer HEART OF HASTINGS COMMUNITY LAND TRUST What is Heart of Hastings CLT all about? Affordable spaces, diverse communities and fabulous neighbourhoods through socially

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O Neill Family Tree - July, 2000 Denis O'Neill and Catherine Downey of Raycoslough, Kenmare, County Kerry

O Neill Family Tree - July, 2000 Denis O'Neill and Catherine Downey of Raycoslough, Kenmare, County Kerry Denis Born: Denis Died: Catherine Downey O'Neill born: Catherine Downey O'Neill died: Denis O'Neill and Catherine O'Neill married: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Children:

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Architecture (ARCH) Courses. Architecture (ARCH) 1

Architecture (ARCH) Courses. Architecture (ARCH) 1 Architecture (ARCH) 1 Architecture (ARCH) Note: ARCH 414, ARCH 440, ARCH 465, and ARCH 466 are only open to undergraduate students. Courses ARCH 414. Contemporary Practices. 3 An upper level "selective"

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The Class of Medical Student Housing Survey Class of Hello and welcome to UCR School of Medicine, Class of 2017!

The Class of Medical Student Housing Survey Class of Hello and welcome to UCR School of Medicine, Class of 2017! Medical Student Housing Survey Class of 2016+ Hello and welcome to UCR School of Medicine, Class of 2017! Once again, the Class of 2016+ would like to congratulate you all on your acceptance into UCR s

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Tracy Cousineau. This year, Cousineau once again found herself seeking new challenges and she opened her own brokerage, Copyright Top Agent Magazine

Tracy Cousineau. This year, Cousineau once again found herself seeking new challenges and she opened her own brokerage, Copyright Top Agent Magazine Tracy Cousineau Tracy Cousineau After years working in property management, Tracy Cousineau de - cided it was time to take her talents to the next level by getting her real estate license. The thing I

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FRENSHAM. Frensham ~ set on 178 hectares in Australia s Southern Highlands, 100km south of Sydney

FRENSHAM. Frensham ~ set on 178 hectares in Australia s Southern Highlands, 100km south of Sydney FRENSHAM Frensham ~ set on 178 hectares in Australia s Southern Highlands, 100km south of Sydney A forward-thinking Boarding and Day School for girls Local + National + International In love serve one

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KNOLLWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH Administrative and Program Committees ADULT EDUCATION COMMITTEE (P) BYLAWS COMMITTEE (A) KNOLLWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH Administrative and Program Committees ADULT EDUCATION COMMITTEE (P) 2 year terms, 3 members per class Ministerial Liaison - Diane Lipsett T.M. Craven Nancy Scoggin* Tom Warrington

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SPONSOR PROSPECTUS FREE TO ENTER. Serviced Apartment #SAAwards SPONSOR PROSPECTUS Serviced Apartment News @ServAptNews #SAAwards FREE TO ENTER ABOUT THE ORGANISERS The Serviced Apartment Awards have been co-created by Serviced Apartment News and Travel Intelligence

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Machinery and Technical Specialties

Machinery and Technical Specialties AMERICAN SOCIETY OF APPRAISERS Machinery and Technical Specialties Guide to Professional Accreditation TABLE OF CONTENTS ASA s Advancement Process... 2 Machinery and Technical Specialties (MTS) Guidelines...

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J. Paul Leonard Library ORGANIZATION CHART

J. Paul Leonard Library ORGANIZATION CHART Information Technology Deborah C. Masters University Academic Senate Library Advisory Committee Bruce Heiman, President Friends of the JPL Library Associate University MPP Administrator III Head of Information

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Robin L. Thomas Curriculum Vitae

Robin L. Thomas Curriculum Vitae Robin L. Thomas Curriculum Vitae Associate Professor Department of Art History The Pennsylvania State University 240 Borland University Park, PA 16802 (814) 865-4884 Education BA, summa cum

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Town of Cary, North Carolina Rezoning Staff Report 14-REZ-02 Cary Oaks Subdivision Town Council Meeting June 12, 2014

Town of Cary, North Carolina Rezoning Staff Report 14-REZ-02 Cary Oaks Subdivision Town Council Meeting June 12, 2014 Town of Cary, North Carolina Rezoning Staff Report 14-REZ-02 Cary Oaks Subdivision Town Council Meeting June 12, 2014 REQUEST To Amend the Town of Cary Official Zoning Map to apply initial Cary zoning

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Europass Curriculum Vitae

Europass Curriculum Vitae Europass Curriculum Vitae Insert photograph. Remove heading if not relevant (see instructions) Personal information First name(s) / Surname(s) Ahmed M. Attia Sholkami Address(es) 39 Leon Str. Hamra, Beirut,

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Frank A. DePasquale, AIA Emeritus

Frank A. DePasquale, AIA Emeritus Frank A. DePasquale, AIA Emeritus Born in Roselle, NY in 1925, Frank A. DePasquale was graduated from city schools in 1943 and was immediately drafted into the United States Army. He served as a Sergeant

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Welcome! Carmen Garcia, President Elect

Welcome! Carmen Garcia, President Elect 2015 Urban Design Awards & Annual Meeting Welcome! Carmen Garcia, President Elect 2015 Urban Design Awards and Annual Meeting Welcome Remarks Robert Prejean, President 2015 Urban Design Awards & Annual

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PERSPECTIVE ON POLITICS PERSPECTIVE ON POLITICS A Primer on How KAR Protects and Advances Property Rights Across Kansas 2018 Legislative Priorities We are the Kansas REALTOR Party: An energized movement of real estate professionals

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Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Hong Kong

Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Hong Kong Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Architecture Date of visiting board: 14/15 May 2015 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee:

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KATHERINE ANN KIEL Curriculum Vitae. ( )

KATHERINE ANN KIEL Curriculum Vitae. ( ) KATHERINE ANN KIEL Curriculum Vitae CURRENT AFFILIATION: Professor and Department Chair Department of Economics College of the Holy Cross One College Street Worcester, MA 01610-2395 (508)793-2743

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Message from our President

Message from our President HORTULUS HIGHLIGHTS D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 7 G A R D E N C L U B O F A M E R I C A Z O N E I I UPCOMING DATES JANUARY 9th @ 9:30am: Special Presentation Bush-Holley House Vanderbilt Barn 39 Strickland Road

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Sustainable Buildings & Renewables Seminar

Sustainable Buildings & Renewables Seminar WREN Sustainable Buildings & Renewables Seminar - Crowne Plaza Hotel Al-Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain 15 & 16 April, 2017 Organized by Kingdom University and the World Renewable Energy Network Sponsored by:

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October 14, AIA Nevada Service Award Jury c/o AIA Las Vegas 401 S. Fourth Street, Suite 175 Las Vegas, NV 89101

October 14, AIA Nevada Service Award Jury c/o AIA Las Vegas 401 S. Fourth Street, Suite 175 Las Vegas, NV 89101 A Chapter of the American Institute of Architects October 14, 2015 Service Award Jury c/o AIA Las Vegas 401 S. Fourth Street, Suite 175 Las Vegas, NV 89101 Dear Jurors: On behalf of the Las Vegas Chapter

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Professional Ethics and the Law

Professional Ethics and the Law By Kimberly Tuttle, AIA, NCARB NCARB & John Herrington, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP Bonstra Haresign January 9, 2015 Professional Ethics and the Law SESSION #4 @ National Council of Architectural Registration

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DESIGN & BUILD DAY. University of Central Missouri Tuesday, April 5, 2016

DESIGN & BUILD DAY. University of Central Missouri Tuesday, April 5, 2016 DESIGN & BUILD DAY University of Central Missouri Tuesday, April 5, 2016 1 9:30 What s Out There for You? Explore the types of jobs, work responsibilities, and continued education opportunities available

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The. Dandy. Collective memories of the Dandy Pig illuminated sign and Dandenong Ham and Bacon factory. Pig

The. Dandy. Collective memories of the Dandy Pig illuminated sign and Dandenong Ham and Bacon factory. Pig Dandy The Pig Collective memories of the Dandy Pig illuminated sign and Dandenong Ham and Bacon factory The Dandy Pig was always a welcome to entering Dandenong - Mary Dandy Pig illuminated sign, in situ,

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The Mississauga Urban Design Panel

The Mississauga Urban Design Panel Appendix 3 Page 1 David Anselmi, OALA FCSLA David Anselmi studied landscape architecture at Ryerson University and the University of Georgia at the graduate level. Since 2003, he has been Vice President,

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: London School of Economics M.Sc. Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, with Distinction

: London School of Economics M.Sc. Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, with Distinction David I. Laibson Harvard University Department of Economics Littauer M-14, Cambridge MA, 02138 617-496-3402 617-495-8570 (FAX)

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Real Estate Council of Alberta. An introduction 1

Real Estate Council of Alberta. An introduction 1 Real Estate Council of Alberta An introduction 1 2 Real Estate Council of Alberta - An introduction Welcome At the heart of Alberta s real estate industry is an organization where people work cooperatively

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State Political Coordinator (SPC)

State Political Coordinator (SPC) State Political Coordinator (SPC) Playbook & Field Guide Topics Page Introduction 3 What is a State Political Coordinator (SPC) 3 The Issues 3 The REALTOR Party 3 About the SPC Program 3 SPC Duties & Expectations

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Wisconsin February 2014 Anniversaries

Wisconsin February 2014 Anniversaries Wisconsin February 2014 Anniversaries 33 Years Patricia Boyd-RE/MAX REALTY 100, Brookfield 25 Years Sue Keck-RE/MAX REALTY 100, Brookfield 24 Years Marlys Johnson-RE/MAX PREFERRED, Madison 21 Years Sandy

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WI SALES FIELD NATIONAL TERRITORY MAP April 4, 2013 FIELD NATIONAL TERRITORY MAP Jonathan Longley, Director 401-292-5662 Travis Campbell, 800-343-5409 Christopher Avril, 800-544-9999 x5867 Eric Funk, 888-896-0604 John Tuite, x2691 Thomas Greuling, 866-715-1056

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Shared Ownership: The Absolute Truth

Shared Ownership: The Absolute Truth Shared Ownership: The Absolute Truth Shared Ownership: The Absolute Truth Are you looking to buy a property and realising how difficult it is to find something that you want, in an area you like at a price

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Finding aid for the Charles W Morris collection, circa AG 116

Finding aid for the Charles W Morris collection, circa AG 116 Center for Creative Photography The University of Arizona 1030 N. Olive Rd. P.O. Box 210103 Tucson, AZ 85721 Phone: 520-621-6273 Fax: 520-621-9444 Email: URL:

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CLOVER VALLEY MOBILE HOME PARK CLOVER VALLEY MOBILE HOME PARK 22-unit storage building Front Office Vacant land for additional units Investment Highlights: 61 space, all-age manufactured housing community 59 park-owned homes On-site

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LANDLORD TELEPHONE PROPERTY ADDRESS. Park Place Apartments Bell Ridge Rd. James Abbott 423-794-0769 & 202-5148 Ronald Anderson 423-913-1273 Beaver Hollow Apartments 423-926-5806 800 Swadley Rd. Park Place Apartments 423-926-5090 1319 Bell Ridge Rd. Black Hawk Management 423-753-7461

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Accomplishments. Project of the Year

Accomplishments. Project of the Year Accomplishments 2017 Family Housing LIHTC Developments of Distinction Awards: Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits Recognized for excellence and outstanding achievement in the development of affordable rental

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Academic Employment. Education

Academic Employment. Education Susan F. Longfield Karr Visiting Max Weber Fellow, European University Institute US Address: 59 Lorene Ave; Athens, Ohio 45701-2044 US Cell: (740) 249-5581 Email: *

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MINUTES TOWN OF NAGS HEAD NAGS HEAD MUNICIPAL COMPLEX BOARD ROOM WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 2016 MINUTES TOWN OF NAGS HEAD NAGS HEAD MUNICIPAL COMPLEX BOARD ROOM WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 2016 Joint Meeting with Planning Board/Property Managers re: rental sign regulations Board members present: Planning

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NCAUSBCA 53rd Annual Hall of Fame Induction & Dinner Celebration

NCAUSBCA 53rd Annual Hall of Fame Induction & Dinner Celebration NCAUSBCA 53rd Annual Hall of Fame Induction & Dinner Celebration October 7, 2017 Capital Ballroom Bolling Air Force Base Officers Club Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling PHOTOS BY PAULETTE DAVIS AND JOHN SIMMONS

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St. Clare Parish Liturgical Ministry Schedule October 1-December 31, 2017 MINISTERS

St. Clare Parish Liturgical Ministry Schedule October 1-December 31, 2017 MINISTERS St. Clare Parish Liturgical Ministry Schedule October 1-December 31, 2017 DATE October 7 October 7 October 8 October 8 October 14 October 14 October 15 October 15 October 21 October 21 October 22 WEEKEND

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FAQ: The Complete Prose of T. S. Eliot

FAQ: The Complete Prose of T. S. Eliot FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jack Holmes (410) 516-6928, August 11, 2014 FAQ: The Complete Prose of T. S. Eliot WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF PUBLISHING THIS MATERIAL AND WHY HAVE ELIOT

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TOP-RATED HOME INSPECTION FRANCHISE. Franchise Information Report TOP-RATED HOME INSPECTION FRANCHISE Franchise Information Report 2017 CONTENTS What is WIN Home Inspection?... 1 What are the startup costs?... 2 How much can I make?... 3 Do I need experience?... 4 Protected

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Do you know what percentage of people in South Africa will retire rich at the age of 65?

Do you know what percentage of people in South Africa will retire rich at the age of 65? 5 things you need to know to create wealth through property Do you know what percentage of people in South Africa will retire rich at the age of 65? Do you know how many people will either be poor, reliant

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Episode 17 Get Creative! Out of the Box Ways to Structure Real Estate Deals

Episode 17 Get Creative! Out of the Box Ways to Structure Real Estate Deals Hosted by: Doug & Andrea Van Soest Episode 17 Get Creative! Out of the Box Ways to Structure Real Estate Deals Doug: Welcome back to Spouses Flipping Houses podcast.

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2015 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Hong Kong) Invites Hong Kongers to Explore VISIONS Lifestyle and the City

2015 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Hong Kong) Invites Hong Kongers to Explore VISIONS Lifestyle and the City 2015 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Hong Kong) Invites Hong Kongers to Explore VISIONS 2050 - Lifestyle and the City 11 December 2015-28 February 2016 at Kowloon Park #UABBHK #HKBiennale #VISIONS2050

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MISSOURI JUDICIARY Franklin County. Calendar For Honorable DAVID L HOVEN


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Inland Empire real estate trends: Interest rates likely to rise as pr...

Inland Empire real estate trends: Interest rates likely to rise as pr... Comments 1 Recommend 0 Inland Empire real estate trends: Interest rates likely to rise as prices fall Download story podcast 08:16 PM PDT on Saturday, August 30, 2008 By LESLIE BERKMAN The Press-Enterprise

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John Barbian Carolyn Barbian. January 5, 2013

John Barbian Carolyn Barbian. January 5, 2013 John Barbian Carolyn Barbian January 5, 2013 Passion for real estate and a desire to give our clients the best service in the industry. We will do our very best to get your home sold at the highest price

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Why Invest in Liverpool?

Why Invest in Liverpool? Launching 2015 Contents 3. Why Invest in Liverpool 4. Introducing the Opportunity 5. The Location 6. Investment Units 7. The Purchase Process 8. The Management Company 9. Front Elevation 10. Side Elevation

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Collection Allen family papers. Creators: Allen, Alfred Reginald, Allen, Alfred Reginald,

Collection Allen family papers. Creators: Allen, Alfred Reginald, Allen, Alfred Reginald, Collection 3216 Allen family papers Creators: Allen, Alfred Reginald, 1876-1918 Allen, Alfred Reginald, 1905-1988 1837-1971 57 boxes, 13 volumes, 2 flat files, 23.2 linear feet Contact: 1300 Locust Street,

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TUESDAY APRIL 4TH, 2017 TUESDAY APRIL 4TH, 2017 STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE RE HERE: MUSIC AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT ROTES RATHAUS (CITY HALL), BERLIN On Tuesday 4th April 2017, Sound Diplomacy hosted the fourth Music Cities Convention,

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ROOM SELECTION IS HERE! ROOM SELECTION IS HERE! SBU CampRes @SBUCampRes 1h The NEW Room Selection process is here! SBU CampRes @SBUCampRes 3d The NEW Room Selection process is almost here! Stay tuned! SBU CampRes @SBUCampRes

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Katherine Skellon SKELLONSTUDIO

Katherine Skellon SKELLONSTUDIO Katherine Skellon SKELLONSTUDIO Profile Katherine Skellon is an interpretative designer with over 20 years of experience creating museums, exhibitions and visitor attractions in the UK and internationally.

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Buy Low, Sell High, Retire in 5 - Filthy Riches

Buy Low, Sell High, Retire in 5 - Filthy Riches A Monthly Insight Into Boston Real Estate Investors Association April 2016 Buy Low, Sell High, Retire in 5 - Filthy Riches Tuesday, April 6, 2016 25 Allied Drive (East Street exit off Rt. 128), Dedham,

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Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months

Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months No Agents No Fees No Commissions No Hassle Learn the secret of selling your house in days instead of months If you re trying to sell your house, you may not have

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1981 CANADIAN ORAL HISTORY ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE - 73-1981 CANADIAN ORAL HISTORY ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE In 1981, the Canadian Oral History Association held its annual conference in conjunction with the Learned Societies at Dalhousie University in Halifax

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University Housing. Welcome Home

University Housing. Welcome Home University Housing Welcome Home New Home New Experiences A message from the director: Dear Students, Welcome to University Housing at the University of South Dakota. We are excited to be a part of your

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