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1 School of Social Work School of Urban and Public Affairs University College Commencement 13 Sunday, December 15, :30 a.m. College Park Center the university of texas at arlington

2 Your sun is still in the morning sky. We only get one trip to planet Earth. Don t look back and say, I wish I had tried something else. Bob Schieffer at UT Arlington s Graduation Celebration Commencement ceremonies are celebratory events, and audiences are encouraged to support family members and friends as their accomplishments are recognized on stage. However, overzealous displays exhibit a lack of courtesy for the speaker and disrespect for the occasion and its participants. Individuals who disrupt the ceremony by screaming, shouting, or using noisemakers may be asked to leave. Thank you for your cooperation. The Graduating Class

3 Progr a m School of Social Work School of Urba n a nd Public A ffairs University College The University of Texas at Arlington Commencement Ceremony Prelude The Academic Procession Entrance of the National Colors Call to Order National Anthem Welcome and Introductions Commencement Address Presentation and Recognition of Candidates Hooding of Doctoral Degree Candidates Master s Degree Candidates Undergraduate Candidates Announcers Alma Mater Conferral of Degrees Closing Remarks The Academic Recession UT Arlington Jazz Orchestra Conducted by Tim Ishii, Director of Jazz Studies Degree Candidates and Platform Party UT Arlington Army ROTC Color Guard Dr. Ronald Elsenbaumer Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, UT Arlington UT Arlington Jazz Orchestra Dr. Scott D. Ryan Dean, School of Social Work Dr. Vistasp Karbhari President, UT Arlington Dr. Barbara Becker Dean, School of Urban and Public Affairs Dr. Ryan Dr. Dawn Remmers Executive Director, University College Dr. Becker Dr. Beverly M. Black Dr. Becker Dr. Randall Basham Dr. Becker Dr. Philip Popple Dr. Remmers Dr. Rebecca L. Hegar Dr. James L. Welch IV Megan Fauntleroy UT Arlington Jazz Orchestra Dr. Karbhari Dr. Ryan Graduates and Platform Party Music by UT Arlington Jazz Orchestra The audience will please remain seated for the procession and recession.


5 The University of Texas at Arlington Executive Officers Vistasp M Karbhari, Ph.D., President Ronald Elsenbaumer, Ph.D., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs James N Bradley, J.D., M.B.A., Vice President for Information Technology Carolyn Cason, Ph.D., Vice President for Research Kelly Davis, B.B.A., Vice President for Business Affairs and Controller John Hall, B.B.A., Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations Jean Hood, B.S., Vice President for Human Resources Frank Lamas, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students James C Lewis, M.B.A., Vice President for Development Jerry Lewis, B.S., Vice President for Communications Administrative Officers of Academic Units Donald Gatzke, M.Arch., Dean, School of Architecture Rachel Croson, Ph.D., Dean, College of Business Jeanne M Gerlach, Ph.D., Ed.D., Dean, College of Education and Health Professions Khosrow Behbehani, Ph.D., Dean, College of Engineering Karl Petruso, Ph.D., Dean, Honors College Beth Wright, Ph.D., Dean, College of Liberal Arts Jennifer Gray, Ph.D., Interim Dean, College of Nursing Pamela Jansma, Ph.D., Dean, College of Science Scott D Ryan, Ph.D., Dean, School of Social Work Barbara Becker, Ph.D., Dean, School of Urban and Public Affairs Rebecca Bichel, M.L.S., Dean, Library The University of Texas System Board of Regents Officers Paul L Foster, Chairman Wm Eugene Powell, Vice Chairman R Steven Hicks, Vice Chairman Francie A Frederick, General Counsel to the Board of Regents Members Ernest Aliseda Alex M Cranberg Paul L Foster Wallace L Hall Jr R Steven Hicks Jeffrey D Hildebrand Nash M Horne Brenda Pejovich Wm Eugene Powell Robert L Stillwell Administrative Officials Francisco G Cigarroa, M.D., Chancellor Pedro Reyes, Ph.D., Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Raymond S Greenberg, M.D., Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs Scott C Kelley, Ph.D., Executive Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs Administr ation Commencement Ceremony 3

6 UT Arlington Class of 2013 Candidates for Graduation School of Architecture Master s Degrees Program in Architecture Master of Architecture Sergejs Aleksejevs Ian Matthew Gillis Clarissa Guevara Bethany Ellyn Siebert Hall Grant Hamilton Masataka Nosaka Jenny E Prieto Romero Charles Rutter Adam Stanford Gloria Trevino Kevin D Turk Jamie Wallace Cassandra Street Doss Adolfo Flores Jr Program in Landscape Architecture Master of Landscape Architecture Dalit Bielaz Sclar Kent Elliott Geoffrey B Hall Alicia Rivera Chiyang Xu Baccalaureate Degrees Bachelor of Science in Architecture Angel A Aguila Rios Alaa Alzaitoun (C) Hector D Arenas Pablo Cardona Williams Moura Cruz (M) Abdulaziz Ghassan Dahduli Dang Nguyen Dang Alexei Dukov (C) Atabong Fidelis Fonkeng Arturo Gonzalez Gladys Jazmin Gonzalez Castrellon Edward Leon Green (M) Tanzina Hassan Francisco Ibarra Valon Maloku Michael Anthony McIntosh Warren Lewis Mortensen Ronald Mauricio Nunez Emerson Ortiz Carrera Sarah Marie Reyes Samantha Richardson Albert G Rodriguez Alfredo Rodriguez Jonathan R Ruggeberg (C) Micah C Schneider Johnny J Viteri (S) Francisco Salome Garza Joshua M Slate Zachary Joseph Zimmerman College of Business Doctoral Degrees Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration Brian Martinson M.B.A., American University in Cairo, 1999 B.A., University of Minnesota Duluth, 1985 Dissertation Title: Hire For Personality, Train For Skill: The Relationship Between Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Human Capital, Desired Employee Behaviors, and Performance Supervising Professor: Gary McMahan Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Accounting) Qunfeng Liao M.E, Hunan University, 2005 B.M., Hunan University, 2003 Dissertation Title: Overvaluation and Stock Price Crashes: The Effects of Earnings Management Supervising Professors: Bin Srinidhi, Chandra Subramaniam Wenxiang Lu M.S., University of Nevada at Las Vegas, 2005 B.A., Gansu University of Technology, 1994 Dissertation Title: An Exploration of the Relationships Among Sustainability Performance, Corporate Governance, and Financial Performance Supervising Professor: Martin Taylor Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Information Systems) James Edward Brown M.B.A., Texas Christian University, 2001 B.S., UT El Paso, 1996 Dissertation Title: Effects of Operations and Innovation Strategy Fit on Company Performance Supervising Professor: Edmund Prater Bradly Masters M.B.A., UT Arlington, 1998 B.S., Abilene Christian University, 1990 Dissertation Title: A Management-Dashboard Costing Model for Supply Chain Cost Estimations Supervising Professor: Edmund Prater Kurt Schmitz M.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1990 B.S., Samford University, 1984 Dissertation Title: Disruptions of Information Systems Projects: The Reactive Decoupling of Project Management Methodologies Supervising Professors: Radha Mahapatra, Sridhar Nerur Deanna Marie House M.S., University of Nebraska at Omaha, 2006 B.S., Bellevue University, 2002 Dissertation Title: An Assessment of User Response to Phishing Attacks: The Effects of Fear and Confidence Supervising Professor: MK Raja Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Management) Katherine J Roberto M.S., UT Arlington, 2006 B.A., Austin College, 2003 Dissertation Title: Age Differences in Attraction to Instrumental and Symbolic Organizational Attributes Supervising Professor: Wendy Casper Drake Mullens M.B.A., University of Nebraska-Omaha, 2007 B.B.A., University of Nebraska-Omaha, 2006 Dissertation Title: Smart Family Firms Positioned for Success: Entrepreneurial Orientations and the Resultant Benefits in Family Firms Supervising Professors: Susanna Khavul, Drake Mullens December 2013 candidates official status will be determined by final semester grades. 4 The University of Texas at Arlington

7 Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Management Science) Rajat Mishra M.S., UT Arlington, 2008 B.E., Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk, 2004 Dissertation Title: The Competitive Dynamics of a Firm s Capacity Position and Inventory Leanness Activities: Evidence From U.S. Manufacturing Industries Supervising Professor: Gregory Frazier Master s Degrees Department of Accounting Master of Professional Accounting Robert M Hudson Ling Li Hyung Wook Lee Yuping Liu Yiqing Lu Linh Ly Beatrice N Nyachae Yuanyuan Zhuang Master of Science in Accounting Steven Allie Brook Clayton Aslin Mengjie Ding Tyler Nissen Joan N Nyanchoka Daniel Reynolds Amy Jeanette Townsend Whitney Leigh Alblinger Anh Viet Tuan Che Miranda Colley Anna Lynn Smith Master of Science in Taxation Shahid Charania Sukhjinder Easher Pakinam Elhossamy Everett Jay Foster Rachel Ann Montgomery Ricky T Newton David E Rodriguez Laura Ann Strobel Program in Business Administration Executive Master of Business Administration Khalid Amiri Jing Bi Wentao Bi Alice En-Tzu Chang Hongren Chen Sicheng Chen Zhongjie Chen Yi-Fen Cheng Ta-Chun Chu Siuyung Chui Karonda Cook Amber Curry Niusha Daem Xulong Dai Jianguo Dong Qiping Feng Nicole Galloway Liang Gao James Grace Teresa Hebert Cheng-Wen Hiso Ying Hong Ching-Feng Hung Bao Li Mingyan Li Weiyang Li Yali Li Chuan Liang Junwei Lin Xu Luo Ke Lv Johnny Lynch Nan Ma Amit Marty Brenda Mayorga Denise McPherson Aimee Muir Haiying Niu Bhavesh Patel Kejian Pei Yong Qian Junfeng Qin Rong Qiu Ray Rodriguez Shannon Soland Prakash Subramanian Sara Tadayan Jinqiu Tan Haiyuan Tang Christopher Thomas Wenlong Tian Qian Tu Mark Vernon Nicole Wallace Hongwu Wang Hui Wang Qiang Wang Shi Wang Su-Chen Wang Xi Wang Wei Wei Bing Xia Qiang Xue Tao Yu Wenjing Yu John Zamaites Xianghua Zeng Chi Zhang Hua Zhang Huibin Zhang Mingyan Zhang Qinsong Zhang Xiao Zhang Zheng Zhang Yao Zhao Ruyao Zhong Yuan An Kelong Cao Yishuang Chen Yuzhuo Chen Zhehuai Chen Wei Cheng Zhenhui Dong Guangyang Fang Min Fang Guochen Geng Fei Guo Xiaojie Guo Ming Han Yuanyuan Han Chih-Ching Hu Qingrong Huang Menghan Jia Guohua Jiang Zhiyong Jiang Zuobin Jiang Le Jiang Yu-Lin Kao Jia Li Wenxue Li Xinping Li Zhiyuan Li Yi-Lien Lee Ming-Teng Liao Xi Lin Jun Liu Lixin Liu Shuo Liu (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude Commencement Ceremony 5

8 Xinrui Liu Yilong Liu Guangtao Lou Qi Lu Weishe Ma Li Mao Sansheng Pan Hongli Peng Jun Peng Shi Qu Yongjia Shao Xudong Song Shengying Su Kun Sui Zhi Sun Zhanlong Tang Xin Tong Hongqiang Wang Jingjiang Wang Jun Wang Li Wang Wensheng Wang Yanni Wang Yuan Wang Bai Wei Bo Wu Quan Wu Hua Xiao Jianqi Xu Na Xu Zhiwen Xu Jialong Yan Quhai Yan Xiaoqin Yang Hong Ye Mengbo Ye Xuezhen Ye Qin You Hongtao Yu Wenjing Yu Qingwen Zeng Hai Zhang Hua Zhang Ming Zhang Qiang Zhang Xiao Zhang Xingguan Zhang Zhixian Zhang Qiang Zheng Yousong Zheng Changzheng Zhou Guoming Zhou Guangli Du Xinzheng Zhuang International Master of Business Administration Shuo Guo Dianjing Li Yalin Li Da Li Chao Liu Kai Ni Jingjing Niu Guan Wang Shiyang Wang Xi Wu Linchun Zhang Master of Business Administration Lena Ahmed Abuhandara Steve Adcock Iqbal U Ahmed Branden James Ahrens Bryan Alldredge Maxwell Angwenyi Peter Braun Bacigalupo Kathryn Bartelski Bret Bauer Donald Beacham Colt Bearden Hoan Bui Ankush Chauhan Karunakar Reddy Dasari Daniel Keith Dennis Alnawaz Devani Alaina Doyle Zoran Draganic Derick Eguizabal Saujanya Elapavuluru Krishna Rao VV Emandi Peggy Esparza Pierre Martin Esquivel Tobin Ezekwesili Collin Chase Gillaspie Gary H Gowin Bradley Yao-Ting Hai Joseph M Hamandi Jonathan Hancock Olvedo Nurrahman Harahap Patrick Ward Hill Geoffrey Holland Adeel Hozri Eddie Huddleston Christopher Byron Huffman Kyle A Istook Lauren Jackson Gordana Jazic Arly Varghese John Mimi John Jason Kirby Jordan Trinity Knee Sheeba Ann Kuriakose Emma Elizabeth Lancaster John A Laudenslager Melinda Ann Leabch Hyung Wook Lee Leslie Grace Lee Michelle Nicole Lemp Andrew Leveque Bryan Joseph Loeffler Robert Luke Dustin McCarty Derek Stephen Medlin Prathamesh Meghshyam Muzumdar Jessica Lynn Soto Huong Nguyen William David Nutt Rogers Ogondi Nyunja Garlyne Oketch Christina Ewere Onyeugbo Stanly Palit Charles Michael Pelitere Keshnel Penny Douglas David Petton Kiley Ramirez Harsha Ravindran Jacci Lynn Reeder Catherine Roberts Dennis Ryan Roden Ivan F Rodriguez Lakshmi Narayanan Sahayaprasath Gordon Mantey Sallas-Mensah Susan Sanders Christopher Allen Sandvig Cory Schultz Roberto Cesar Silva Kira Sparkman Kellye Michelle Stephens Aisha Tahsin Justin T Thomas Charles Thompson Amy Jeanette Townsend Fatou Traore-Ndama Rodolfo Jose Valles Puell Joseph Varney Nirup Venkatachalam Xiaoping Wang-Schneringer Phillip Ward Carrell Y Wells Cody Canyon Wendt Taylor D Whitt Nathan Wood Whitney Wright Buu Le Emmanuel O Ajibola John Albart Adnan Anwerali Ali Ashley Kay Anderson Rouben Babakhanian Christopher Michael Barker Mehreen Boghani Pramod Kumar Jawrilal Bohra Jennifer Patricia Caradine Jeffery Carmody Tanya K Chaply Leah Marie Collins James Malcolm Colvin Scott Christopher Contino Lori Ann Costanzo Brenton Alan Dastrup Lishuai Deng Aneri Suketu Desai Shannon Edwards Warren Anthony Egerton Cody Ryan Ermis Paola Victoria Esquivel Benjamin R Faris Cason Wallace Fikes Ann Christine Flatt Kurtis Freeman 6 The University of Texas at Arlington

9 Robert Henry Frey Jr Nathan Frick Nick Gecsey Kyle James Geddes John-David Gelineau Kiedra Gerl Sepehr Haghi Ashley Helfinstine Jared Patrick Holland Volha Hopkins Matthew Brayden Hudson Arsalan Jaffery Heather Heeyeon Jo Sherin Abraham John Allison R Johnson Catherine Johnson Joseph Kamara Richard Kiel Eric Charles Kunkelmann Joseph Britto Lawrence Tami J Leighton Ching-Hsiang Lin Michael Livens Christopher Logan Ernesto Antonio Lopez Robert Paul Lopez Isaac R Magee Jr Camilo Eduardo Mandujano Charlotte Martin Trenton John McGee Kevin Bartlett McNatt Delores Ge net McVea Mauricio Melendez Dominguez Delon W Mollett Lacey Morrison Angela Andersen Newman Kalee J Nichols Michael Andrew Nixon Joseph Daniel O Brien Susan Odom Jeffrey M Patek Logan Portmann Jake Poulsen Sanya Aslam Rahmatullah Vivek Ramaprasad Stephen Ramos William Henry Regian III Alejandro Saldivar Amandeep Singh Sangha Howard Michael Scott Nooruddin Shamsuddin Tyrone Evans Smith Jr Michelle Loren Snell Jessica Denise Stephens Scottie Lee Stinson Lawrence Edward Sutton III Shannon Trachier Clifton Turner Colby D Walker Scott Andrew Walker Aaron Cade Washburn Megan Grace Wells Bassel Zantout Online Master of Business Administration Charles John Jankowski Jon A Peterson Jr Department of Economics Master of Arts in Economics Rocio Gallo Coronado Justin D Hix Michelle Kelso Kafer Yoshimasa Komatsu Nien T Nguyen Jack Reynolds Shane Alexander Squires Daisy Castro Department of Finance and Real Estate Master of Science in Quantitative Finance Aishwarya Nutakki Stephen Arthur Allman Xuetao Jia Leslie Grace Lee Tianzong Liu Yingsen Mao Jinghui Shen Yang Shu Yuetao Sun Cong Wang Suye Wang Xue Wang Yi Xu Shen Zhang Zhongwei Zheng Master of Science in Real Estate Gilbert Gerst Thomas John Hall Bryan Joseph Loeffler Eduardo Colin Munoz Ellen Louise Boyer Catreana Cox Gerald George Ewbanks III Jason Michael Farmer Aldo Werner Fritz Gwendolyn Burroughs Isokpan Chelo Kareem McGill Nicholas Frank Miller Department of Health Care Administration Master of Science in Health Care Administration Adetola Babajide Adeyeye Kidist Alemayehu Jennifer J Alexander Rami Almuhtadi Julie Elaine Bedford Sherry-Ann Margaret Caballero-Blackstone NaShanda Boyd Jerika Dominque Bradley Kelli Bural Jessica Edith Ceballos Nicholas Cruz Jameson Gurley De Gournay Karla Yvette Hall Shanda Johnson Marcus Jones Stephanie Vernell Mask Jean-Claude Mauridi Mitchell Jacob McCuistion Michelle Mirkovic Sandra Mutijima Joyce Abosede Owoyele Maria Fernanda Pinarte Ryan Hunter Ragsdale Mohammad Sajjadur Rahman Celina Rodriguez Yvonne Gwandaru Shon O Tackett Rachel Tarpley John P Taylor Sairam Mohan Das Koppula Jonathan VanPelt Erik Jeff Wong Kara Lancaster Adams Ebunoluwa O Babalola Sophia Babu Petrina Bonnick-Higgins Laura Michelle Corbin Ashley Rose Flores Baheeja Hamed Josephine Onyinye Ibeh Sarah F Inayange Dimple Jayasenan Razeen Lakhani Brannigan E Maxwell Lalitha Menon Veealtha Mitchel Phillip Matthew Muniz Sithabile Lorraine Nyereyemhuka Julie Patel Anthony Lennard Schrock Jr Kenneth B Stevens Jr Justin T Thomas D Bailey Tyler Theresa My Lan Vu Commencement Ceremony 7

10 Adam W Webster Diane E Wolfe Department of Information Systems and Operations Management Master of Science in Information Systems Bishal Nath Adhikari Gabriel O Biobaku Jr Jimmy O Dosumu Joseph M Hamandi Nitesh Raj Pandey Julie Patel Prerana Poudyal Randy Powledge Jr Anthony Charles Ross Jr Nabil Sardar Kevin Eugene Schuck Sheetal Hosur Naireeta Mitra Michael Fredrick Russell Gomathi Vasudevan Department of Management Master of Science in Human Resource Management Leslie Jo Ann Garrett Jaclyn Gonzales Illya Ignatenko Mimi John Caleb Roberson Cory Schultz Brandon Knight Webb Department of Marketing Master of Science in Marketing Research Jade Hereiti Charlot Keith M Macy Nidhi Sharma Stephanie N Trevino Alexandra Villamarin Whitney Wright Jingjing Zhao Baccalaureate Degrees Bachelor of Business Administration International Business (French) Paola Berenice Ortega (C) Natalie E Russell Bachelor of Business Administration International Business (German) Mark A Schell Nicholas Alexander Kattwinkel (C) Bachelor of Business Administration International Business (Spanish) Jacqueline Bernal Ivan A Cardenas Ornella Zoe Ganoza Rosario Noemi Garcia (C) Nancy Maria Hernandez Chelsey Brianna James Karen G Jurado Marisol Lopez (M) Mario Enrique Membreno (M) Glenda Judith Noriega Karadzovski (S) Ashley Morgan Penhorwood Sonia Perez Grethel F Ramos Monica Saenz Department of Accounting Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting Kyle M Bain Jennifer Dawn Burkett Mary A Button Manorama Chakradhar Clifton Hue-Tsing Chan Kevin Chen Joseph Douglas Clark Susan Rebecca Cooper Jose Bernardo De La Cruz DeAnna J Debenport (C) Daniela Dimayuga XinXin Feng Alexandra F Gutierrez (C) Trey Mitchel Hardy Brandi Nicole Huckabee Brittany L Klint Brandy R Mangum Anum F Mithani (C) Arlene Denise Munoz-Ramirez (C) Anh P Nguyen (M) Traci Nguyen Sarahi Padilla Stephanie N Patino Adam Jeffrey Renz Gerardo Ramon Reynoso Nora Rieger (M) Zaida Rueda Jacob T Sartin Michael E Seeger Dristi Shrestha Emily Christine Sotelo Brent H Spitzer Marie Ndeye Sy Marilyn Guzman Thomas Priya Tuladhar (M) Priyasa Tuladhar Collin Chuck Vardhanabhuti (C) Quynh Thi Hai Vo (M) Zachery Dale Wylie Leticia Yanez Fikremariam Agonafer Kavaugn Donnell Cholewinski Tiffany Douglass Ruth Tucker Handley Richard Martinez Ryan Christopher Murphy Sarina Rawal (M) Cory A Stahl (S) Linh M Tran Bachelor of Science in Accounting Bishnu Bhusal Garrett Ray Danford (C) Pradip Giri (C) Juana Juarez Jason Lee Meza Kasey Chinonso Ohakam Patricia Renteria (M) David E Rodriguez (C) Laura Ann Strobel (C) Thien T Tran Shawn Samuel Varghese Mari A Wells Huiyun Wu (C) Ulysses Godinez Jessica Renae Koepp Lisa Marie Mata Hanney J Musa Opemipo O Olowoyeye Department of Economics Bachelor of Arts in Economics Mindaugas Celedinas Bachelor of Business Administration (Economics) Emily Appling Willie Lee Dennis Rehan Ellahi (C) Carl Siamufwi Musozya (C) Bachelor of Science in Economics Jasmine S Burkhalter Danielle Coffi Sean Phillip Davis Sean Michael Dockery Giada Giovan D ortona Ian R Fackrell Cayla Christine Fielder Gene P Forman Jarrod Wayne Hamilton Andy Ho Soomin Huh Tanya Mousa (C) Wesley Gardner Prince Michael Ramsey Daysi Azucena Rivas Luquez Nicholas Sproul Rephael Andrew Foster Vinko Kaurin (M) Kristopher Gene Phaup Christopher Shaun Poulson Shana B Schlabach (M) 8 The University of Texas at Arlington

11 Department of Finance and Real Estate Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance) Kianna Shanay Adkinson Marisa Aguero Jose Luis Aguilar Afzal Uddin Ahmed Hamidat N Cho J-D A Akamou Fariha Akbar Anthony S Alexander (C) Mellissa J Anderson Andrew M Armijo (C) Ernest Hanock Banda Tonybo E Bello Danielle L Bollinger Russell Allen Bray Sabrina Louise Breitenbach John Earl Bridges Phuong Thi Bui Chi Vi Chau Ludo Choi (C) Danny Ngoc Dang Rahim A Dhalla (S) Xiao Peng Ding Christopher E Eamiguel Allison Ann Engroff Gilberto E Estrada Sophia L Flores Ernie Garcia (C) Kyle Stark Gilmour Daniela Gomez Roger D Gonzales Clarence E Graves Luis E Gurrusquieta Quyen Thai Han Kyle Rance Harkins Michael Everett Hartman (C) Anibal B Hernandez David Alexander Hill Madison Lane Hitt Evelyn L Huerta (C) Loan T Huynh Vrishank Sanjay Jaiswal (C) Livia M Jeffrey William Davis Jennings Timothy W Jones Jeffrey June Duncan N Kangethe Annmarie Elaine LaGroue Duyen Kim Le (M) Scott Le Jordan L Lide Melisa Lopez Sheila Gail Mahon Sherin F Mansour (C) Araceli Marquez (S) Jennifer Joy Mowla Hetal Naginlal (M) Ricky Eugene Neiman Becky Binh Phu Nguyen Hoa N Nguyen Milicent A Oluoch Hanna M Osteen (C) Milan Patel Joshua Christopher Pearson Jake Ryan Phung (C) Lauren Elizabeth Poston Zachary T Rattan Michael Daniel Roque Deon Shaney Rose Ignacio Ruiz Lorenzo Saavedra Jr (M) Nicole Sanchez Abdoulie Saye Deewa Shrestha Ryan L Silvestri Jaclyn Lorraine Smith Michael Smith Rikki Jonese Snoddy John Stephen Stasko Ryan P Stiehler Michelle Straley Ibrahim Samih Suleiman Maria Jose Taylor-Cutino Khamsouk Thongpiou (M) Cynthia To Adrian Modesto Torres Cong-Tri Michael Tran Hieu D Tran Trung D Tran (C) Tu Tuan Tran Amrita Tuladhar John F Varghese Stephen Andrew Vasquez Matthew Shane Voss Tyler D Weeaks Bradley White Jessica Renee Whitehead Brian S Wolkowicz Justin Wu (C) Nathan J Young Usman Zahoor Lily Zhai Jasmine Zhang Nancy H Alvarez Daniel John Bailey Abigail E Bridges Charlotte Chapman Steven Joseph Coleman Steven Andrew Crandall Huy Douglas Dao Mandy Helian Darsey Laura Elizabeth Davis Martin Dolsky William T Dowell Erica Echeverria Montanez Daniel Travis Foreman Andrew David Hegmann Sara A Hogue Jessin John (C) Casey Marie Kammeyer Nguyen X Le Belky Lee Brian Vincent McMahon Danielle Alexandria McMillan Gregory Scott Moore Yolandia Jenell Moore Andrew Shaun Murray Chelsie Nguyen (S) Dianna Yen Vu Nguyen (M) Trang Minh Nguyen Brandon Anthony Nourse Randy Hyun Il Pak Mark S Picca (C) Stephen Joseph Robinson Caleb E Rohm (C) Benjamin Austin Smith Gabrielle Solis Samuel Donovan Stewart Mina Sam Youssef (C) Luke Y Zhu Bachelor of Business Administration (Real Estate) Deyonta M Durham Krisita E Luedecke Michael D Willmington Nicole M Upton Department of Information Systems and Operations Management Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Systems) Farhan Farooq Ali Matthew Tuan Banh Yogendra Bariya Rudy Jules Boboy Christopher Lee Franks Cody Glen Nottingham Kanwal Riaz Kamana Tandukar Jason D Thomas (M) Thomas Nathaniel Tipton Anish Adhikari Sushila Adhikari Huan T Bui Jade Gabriela Ceja Tung X Le Daniel Petropoullakis Mamata Sherchan (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude Goolsby Scholar Commencement Ceremony 9

12 Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Jesus G Acevedo Bibek Barun Jason Nigel Benton Craig Allen Epp Daniel J George (C) Devin Bradford Glasco Heather Jolene Hamrick Bao Long Duc Le (C) Kirti Manohar (C) Matthew M McGee Nancy L Morrel Andrew Arliss Murphy Andrea Patricio Myslak Binita Pandey Kathleen Merz Priester Mark Steven Sanchez Carlos G Sarmiento Upasana Shakya Baban Shrestha Diwakar Shrestha (C) Priyanka Shrestha (C) Kyle Vincent Silberbauer (S) Wesam Said Taleb Jennifer Sue Taylor Collin M Thames Andy Thilavong Jason Truong Ashley N Turner Anthony Wong Sunil Adhikari Carlos A Alvarez Roshan Aman Mitchell Scott Bays Tadjre Jabar Calhoun Saul Cervantes Corey Paul Eickenloff Joseph Alan Hefner Wasim Khan (C) Jin Woog Kim Bouabre Jean Baptiste Koffi (M) Micah Aaron Kudrna Rickey D Lee Carlos Lopez David M McAlister Matthew Cameron Miller Witni Kay Miller Joey T Phan Jesus Reyna Anil Shrestha Sanjiv Shrestha (C) Udip Krishna Shrestha (C) Subodh Thapa (M) Sushil Tiwari Nicholas A White Bachelor of Business Administration (Operations Management) Andrew J Anderson Fortune Ray Cobb Bronnick Foo Sonia Lakhani Luis Miguel Morin William Lawrence Mullen Michael Aaron Humphreys David William Taft (S) Department of Management Bachelor of Business Administration (Management) Jarrell Roi Adaya Sameh A Al-Alami (M) Adrian Alvidrez Eric Amaya George I Anaya Yaneth E Arcos Cynthia Denise Armstrong Robert Decker Arndt Olubunmi Oyenike Ashamu (M) Alan P Atkinson Searra Lanice Barnett Evelynn J Bellavie Sarah Lynn Berryman Garrett Scott Bowdoin Cheryl Lynette Brown Braden Andrew Burkett Nathan R Colteryahn Jordan Lee Day Donna Lorraine Dehart Phasha Marie Denobrega April Victoria Doherty (M) Jacquelyn Elizabeth Donaldson James Allen Dupree Pedro Estrada Chase Steven Frick Eric Jay Garcia Stephanie L Garza Brett Keith Gossett Jeremy Robert Graf Jovana Grozdanic Saima Gulzar Leslie L Gutierrez (C) Harold Stinson Hankerson Katlyn Michelle Hatley Sara A Hogue Taryn L Hon Christopher Darrell Horn Samantha Kyle Humphreys (C) Duha Hussam Hussein Jessica Paola Jairala Chris K Jenkins Janette Michelle Johnson Jefry L Johnson Jonathan Michael Johnson Michael Andrew Jones Cydney Victoria King Jessica Ann Kolar Justin Wayne Koldan (C) Amie M La Fleur Brenda Oliveth Lee (M) Lydai Ly-Gore Marissa N Matthews (S) Kyle Neil McIntyre Juan Antonio Menchaca Kenny Mercado Joshua D Miller (M) Alberto Morales Aimee Nicole Nash Brittany P Newton John T Nguyen Kim-lan N Nguyen Lan Dang Nguyen Long Tuan Nguyen (M) Truong Nhat Nguyen (S) Tyler D Nix Michael Allen Noskin Janet Christine Nyainda April Marie O Neil Angela Orona Jake L Orr Faith Lea Oviedo Christopher Pak Rafael Paredes (C) William Clark Perkins Chetna Rajpurohit Victoria Ramon Juan Rangel Walter Y Rivera Shanae Kierra Rivers Jeanette Rodriguez (S) David Senessie Presciliana Sigala Colin Ryan Smith Audrey L Steele Blake Alexander Steele Adrienne S Stephen Tai Bao Tran Angela Creola Twine (M) Jessica R Villagomez Kelli Janelle Warrington Nathan Wilson HD Woodruff Ramon Bermudez Raymond Isaac Butler Olayinka F Cardoso Oran B Carroll (S) Ryan Logan Carter Rachel Leticia DeLeon Danielle Dolton Batool Fatima Adrian Lee Faz Abbey K Fradette Aaron Gonzalez Jennifer Green Jasmine Dominique Hawthorne Dustin Keelon Hays Sargol M Hilliard Tyler L Holland Evelyn L Huerta David Ewing Hustead Cambreon Unice Kemp Britni D Kirkley Jack Henry Lawson Raquel Ledezma Janet Loya Wesley Dean McCulloch Taylor Ren Mcfarland 10 The University of Texas at Arlington

13 Holly M Mills Chad Oliver Monica Ieisha S Mose Christopher Mullins (C) Alex Yadollah Nasseri Patrick Calvin Nunley Joseph P Odebunmi Koukoku Okamura Sherri L Overfield Travis A Park Neel D Patel Nicole U Pham (M) Nancy Aide Reveles Hardeep Kaur Sandhu Nasiba Azimovna Sharipova-Cureton (M) Jerrod Preston Shearer Tara Mina Shoar Darrel Lee Smith Emily J Smith Kristie Elease Smith Chris Morris Tolley Armando Valles Lindsay Nichole Wilson Sze Pui Wong (S) Department of Marketing Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) Sebastian Aguilar* Lucia Corina Aguirre Jaser M Akuly Yesenia Alaniz Thomas Arispe Mallory Wood Bagley Sara K Baker (M) Kaylee Georgeanna Bowman John R Braxton Christopher Manuel Cabrera Hanna Choi Travis P Christman Jori Marie Cox Stephanie Michelle Derosso Catherine Ann Ducote Teresa R Fernandez Alishia Deniece Givens Briana Loren Griffith Dylan J Hake Matthew Thomas Handler Bradley Clayton Jackson Harold Eugene Lingenfelter Alexandria Nikole Mason Yesenia Mata Miguel A Morales Raphael A Nunez Kiara D Parker Brittany Nicole Penelle Irma M Prishker Karem Rosales Keri Erin Ruediger Natalie Lynn Savanah Aaron Michael St John Joseph Edward Stackpole Marc Andrew Stewart Cory Michael Swindle Brandon L Walton-Edwards Bryan W Wang Ryan Nolan Watts Cally Williams Chyna Lynn Williams Robert A Williams Jacob Demeis Karl Deeb El-Hage Sarah Marie George Jasmine T Mayes Elizabeth A Pham Michael Jordan S Reves Ciara Elizabeth Smith Zdzislaw Edward Smolinski Ashley Joan Statzel Frank Vasi Jeremiah P Withers Jessica E Zura College of Education and Health Professions Doctoral Degrees Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership Benesha Deoram Bholan M.A., UT Arlington, 2006 B.A., Texas Wesleyan University, 1995 Dissertation Title: An Analysis of the Professional Self-Esteem of Texas Teacher Educators Supervising Professor: James Hardy Linda Ann Garcia M.Ed., Texas Woman s University, 1996 B.A., Dallas Baptist University, 1993 Dissertation Title: Factors of Attrition in Cohort Doctoral Education: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective Supervising Professor: Adrienne Hyle Rayetta Marie Johnson M.A., Xavier University of Louisiana, 2003 B.S., Southern University and A&M College, 1999 Dissertation Title: Educator Perceptions of the Use of Power and Student Responses to the Use of Power at a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) Supervising Professor: Adrienne Hyle Clarissa Jeanne Strong-Banks Plair M.A., UT Austin, 1993 B.S., Indiana University at Bloomington, 1975 Dissertation Title: Teacher Attitudes and Perceptions of the Influence of Professional Development on Minority Student Academic Achievement in Reading Supervising Professor: Adrienne Hyle Isela Russell M.Ed., University of California at Santa Barbara, 2003 B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara, 2002 B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara, 2002 Dissertation Title: A Qualitative Analysis of Mexican Immigrant Parental Involvement Supervising Professors: Barbara Tobolowsky, James Hardy John Eric Boberg M.B.A., Texas Christian University, 2009 M.Ed., Harvard University, 2001 B.A., University of North Florida, 1992 Dissertation Title: Principal Leadership and Teacher Extra Effort During Educational Reform: The Mediating Role of Teacher Agency Beliefs Supervising Professor: Barbara Tobolowsky Theodis Lamar Goree M.Ed., UT Arlington, 2001 B.A., Morehouse College, 1993 Dissertation Title: A Delphi Study: Exploring Principals Perceptions of Characteristics, Practices, and Programs that Influence College Readiness for Low-Socioeconomic Students in Small Texas High Schools Supervising Professor: James Hardy Matthew R Varnell M.Ed., UT Arlington, 2004 B.M., UT Arlington, 1998 B.M., UT Arlington, 1996 Dissertation Title: The Effect of Tonality and Rhythm on Memory Recall in Elementary General Education Classrooms: A Quasi-Experimental Study Supervising Professor: Barbara Tobolowsky Master s Degrees Department of Educational Curriculum and Instruction Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction Alison Adams Marta Isela Aguayo Audria Kay Alaniz (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude *Honors College Goolsby Scholar Commencement Ceremony 11

14 Angela DeCorte Anderson Janae Anderson Leigh Mills Apple Jena Aust Candy Banda Christina Berdela Jessica Boydston Brittney S Buster Hilda Lilliana Castillo Candace Chapman Sara Ashley Chatfield Patricia Condet Beverly Brianna Costilla Amy Beth Higgs Culpepper Stephanie Michelle Smith Delgadillo Liza Doty Antoni A Chanel Duerson Debra Priscilla Duran Margaret Eilrich Jahzeel Flores-Chavez Damaris Irigoyen Free Adrienne Ann French-McClain Meylin Eunice Gamez Julie Kathleen Garner Erin Gensrich Krista Bryant Gibson Lily Gonzalez Michel Gonzalez Resendiz Rachelle M Grace Crystal Grams Carol L Hall Holly Lynn Harris Steven Hathaway Stephanie Herdrich Vatina Herring Jami Huck Jennifer E Hudson DeAnda Nicole Rich Alicia Farrah Jacobs Elizabeth Jacobs Cassey Janak Katharine Johnson Rhonda Evette Jones Erica L Jousan Sarah Jane Kallus Kimberly Key Krystle Marie Kondel Jane Krancher Robin Owings Lawson Jessica Nicole Lemons Virginia Lindsay Gwen E Lopez Matthew Henry Lorber Caralena Luthi Michelle Mackay Juan Martinez Laura Mayela Martinez Kymbee McKay Shaunn Felice Merkerson Jessica Millot Mariam Ali Mohammad Amelia A Moore Amy Lebowitz Morris Holley C Mosley Tamara Radon-Myers Kristen Olivas Edobor Osayuware Omosigho Julianne Palla Bonny Pan Gwen Ellen Davidson Parish Anna Peeke Holly Hollowell Poe Jashida Rather Katie Reche Toni Reeley Elizabeth Jacqueline Reinholt Rebecca Richmond Meco McGaskey Robinson Trivies Nickole Robinson Gladys Rodriguez Jamie Rogers Gina Marie Romero Patricia Barrett Jesus Gerardo Sanchez Jennifer Santiago Rios Jane Whitney Scarbrough Melissa Brooks Shannon Jeffrey Simon Kimberly Singleton Jennifer Duffer Smeaton Raphael Lyle Smith Judith Soto-Holland Kristal Styles Cheryl Beth Sugerman Cassondra S Swan Janell Tanner Erik Teague Alicia Waller Tennison Kiya Nicole Tillman Isaac VanDyke Julie Marie Venne Kathy Kim Vu Regina Walker Michelle Renee Webb Ashley West Kelly White Jennifer Louise-Larsen Wiebesiek Suzette D Horger-Wilhite Kendall Williams Hyekyung Woo Pamela Word Amy Leigh Yowell Esmeralda Alday Julianne Lynn Barrett Misti Blackmon Elizabeth Cristin Bobe Amanda Rebecca Bode Christina Brown Nikki Cade Karen Lin Cannon Kelly Frances Cauley Jacqueline Coolidge Tiffany Kay Cordell Donna Michelle George Craig Stephanie Jennings Gants Rebecca C Garms Tekedra C Gibbs Cheyenne Nichole Green Tracy Hall Reginald Hass John L Hawkins Ruth Anne Hensley Carlos A Hernandez Kristi Hiatt Aldona Hooks Dana Denese Davis Jackson Dennis Fred Kamber Myung Sook Kim Rojean Land Kelli Naylor Tracey James Mitchell Joshua Mocini Katherine Morris Barbara Carroll Neisel Jennifer Yvonne Parker Kyle Raemisch Isaac Robles Alicia Sams Audra Massey Santos Rebecca Schock Jay Shumaker DeeAnna Stewart Kimberley Ann Tubig Brenda Vandersluis Carol A Williams Deborah Dennise Woodard Master of Education in Mind, Brain, and Education Tracy Lynnette Carnes Karen Suzanne Norris Karin Shay Comer Kathy Tomme Elliott Master of Education in Teaching London Hall Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Clarissa Cuellar Abbott Natalie Arnold Antse Atanga Jennifer Bohannon Kimberly Cadenhead Jessica Campos Stephanie Lynn Crabtree Eric Hampton Davis Matthew Dillon Jessica Duckworth Christy Elwell Deshonta Rachid Everett Marissa Anne Fain Brant Ford Farris Kathryn Fletcher Kyle Gilliam Traci Dawn Guerra Wanda Guy 12 The University of Texas at Arlington

15 Tiffany Harrop Kacy Slover Hunter Corrine M Johnson Amber Dawn Jones Lauren J Keeffe Chad Aaron Giles Lavender Elizabeth Smith Leach Amy LeBrun Toshia Lee Darrell Lewis LeJeune Sr Martina Lopez Casandra Lott-Woods Melissa Matthews Whitney McConaga Meagan Lyn McCutcheon Crystal Lee Mendez Kelly R Miller Christiam Mori Patricia Marin Perales Gina Phillips Lucas Lorenzo Pizana Christopher Powell Holly Joy Prax Candy Larsen Reichardt Josue Romero Andrea Scott Scott Marshall Sheldon Heather Lynn Smith Nicole Sullins Felipe Torres Jr Michelle P Tran Jennifer Wiese Ashley Wright Marci Young Kelsie Arnold Tammy Lynn Smith Baird Macie L Bemrick Brent Lewis Benkelman Dustin Galen Binnicker Jennifer Birdsell Jason Richard Bradeen Benjamin Brown Cory Dean Camp Chance Catterton Jeffrey Chabot Julia Cortina Vantrecia Craver Gilbert Escamilla Jason Fitzgerald Amanda Coramae Gallegos Aaron Bettencourt Gomez Lizbeth Gonzalez Christopher Gusman Sheridane Shamune Gusters Christina Steele Hantgin Scott L Hazelwood Carlton E Hill Angela Hobbs James Matthew Hunt Norman Jones Richard O Knight Heather Hawkins Kubiak Jordan William Larlee Jessica McAlarney Lee Salvatore Lima Jennifer Diane Lopez Amy Beth Cook-Marroquin Michelle McConnell Kalee Marie McMullen Amber Marie Miller Cara Munn Jeffrey D Neaves Jr Kaitlyn O Connell Rebecca Putney Enrique Rodriguez April Sarpy Karina Vanessa Serratos Gary Russell Skubal Jr Jamie Smith James Sturgeon Kristin Swartwood James Andrew Vernon Claudia Montelongo Villeda Heather Wallace Ryan G Walsh Carolyn Landers Warren Edwina West-Dukes James Nathan Winslow Connie Wise Brandy Womack Andrew Skiles Zachry Department of Kinesiology Master of Science in Exercise Science David Chapman Jordan Pratt Andrea Ramirez Joseph Saavedra Baccalaureate Degrees Department of Curriculum and Instruction Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies Heida Marie Hesselink Vanessa Maria Ortega Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies Hilary N Morrow (M) Kesi Louise Smith (M) Tracy Marie Spurlock Kallan Thompson (M) Jonathan Daniel Bernardez Department of Kinesiology Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training Javier Errisuriz Joey Clifton Frare Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science Cecilia Acuna (M) Erica O Aghedo Kimberly I Alvarez Jamie L Austin Alan Patrick Beavers Kirk A Billings Alfred J Brown Allen A Burton Adrianna Renee Butcher Tyler Scott Channell Sara Elizabeth Cleveland (S) Martha P Contreras David R Cooley Madeline Alise Daniel (M) Peter Lueth Deng Andrew Thomas Dulock Pablo D Esquibel Delicia Gonzalez (C) Kathryn M Grope Cody Hamontree Allison Leigh Jack (S) Dominique D Jeanne Muriel Kim Ortega Jimenez Carlin M Johnston Samone A Jones Christopher Joseph Kehlenbeck Shawn Christopher Kent Donna Khounvivongsy Rebekah L Kidd Erica D Krebs (S) William Rodney Kucera Jessica Alexis Lee Ashley Leann Lemons Casey L Lerond Sarah Elizabeth Little Donald S Martin Jose Adrian Martinez Nikita Kaushik Masters Merlyn Mathew Victoria E Mbah Madison Miranda McKinley Conor McMahon Marili Monasterio Jason Ngu (S) Javier Otero (S) Brittney A Person Cody Allen Price (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude Commencement Ceremony 13

16 Kyle Harris Randle Courtney N Redden Kandice Ledawn Reed JoAnna M Rojas (C) Meagan Elyse Russell Peter G Samuels Tatianna V Sawyer Amanda Blaine Shambeck (S) Kacey Meganne Smith Jordyn Leigh Anne Tigert Vincent Torrijos Tony Truong Kirstie Nicole Tullis (M) Charles Uwagbai Dulce Aracely Valentin Rachelle Yvonne Wagner Johnny Jewel Washington Shanka Monnette Washington Natalie Nicole Watkins Sarah Ashley Woolman (M) David J Young Tanner M Bauer Rexana Bernal Landon Mark Gregory Charles Harper Hay Amber Joy Kenebrew Kegan Michael Lee Brandy Luna Laurie Nicole Marshall Christopher David McNeely Ryan C Payne (C) Benjamin Robert Roberts Danny Sayavong Stacy K Thomas Corey L Thornton Marcus Jarrod Williams Taylor Marie Zink (C) Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology Jose Aguirre (C) Chase Allen Bailey Brandon G Brewer Jonathan D Bribiesca (M) Bobby Allen Brotherton Ylonda Denise Burris Raul Castro Kenneth Chester Duncan Benjamin Jerone Hulett Zoran Krndija Neddra L Lira Elizabeth A Mergens David Joshua Montelongo Robert Anthony Myers Tam D Nguyen Aaron Michael Norris Michael J Romero Tiffany Laqae Shepherd Mark Anthony Small Jake Colton Stephan Cody Widener Whitney R Hartley Brandon Adam Miller Sandra L Oremade Suzanne Michelle Vadala College of Engineering Doctoral Degrees Doctor of Philosophy in Aerospace Engineering Andrea Paige Carpentier M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010 B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007 Dissertation Title: Advanced Materials Characterization Based on Full Field Deformation Measurements Supervising Professor: Andrew Makeev Tiago Cavalcanti Rolim M.S., Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica, 2009 B.S., Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica, 2005 Dissertation Title: Investigation of Side Wall Effects on an Inward Scramjet Inlet at Mach Number 8.6 Supervising Professor: Frank Lu Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering Homa Homayoni M.S., Isfahan University of Technology, 2007 Dissertation Title: Protoporphyrin IX (PpIX)-Conjugated Self-Lighting Nanoparticles for Photodynamic Therapy: Synthesis and Characterization Supervising Professor: Wei Chen Virendra Radheshyam Indravati Mishra M.S., UT Arlington, 2009 B.E., University of Mumbai, 2005 Dissertation Title: Establishing the Method of Multi-Tensor for Tract-Based Analysis (MTTA) and Investigating Human Brain Developmental Connectome with Diffusion MRI Supervising Professor: Hao Huang Srikanth Vasudevan M.S., UT Arlington, 2010 Dissertation Title: Long-Gap Peripheral Nerve Reconstruction Using Decellularized Nerve Grafts Supervising Professors: Jonathan Cheng, Liping Tang David W Baker B.S., Clarkson University, 2005 Dissertation Title: The Pivotal Role of Fibrocytes on Foreign Body Reactions Supervising Professor: Liping Tang Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering Mohammad Sadik Khan M.S., UT Arlington, 2011 B.S., Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 2007 Dissertation Title: Sustainable Slope Stabilization Using Recycled Plastic Pin Supervising Professor: Sahadat Hossain Alena Mikhaylova M.S., UT Arlington, 2009 B.S., Gubkin s Russian State University of Oil and Gas, 2005 Dissertation Title: Finite Element-Based Development of Constitutive Material Law for Zero-Slump Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Through Dynamic Explicit Algorithm Supervising Professor: Ali Abolmaali Sasanka Bhushan Pulipati M.S., UT Arlington, 2006 B.E., Birla Institute of Technology and Science, 2002 Dissertation Title: Evaluation of Surface Transportation Funding Alternatives Using Criteria System Established Through a Delphi Survey of Texas Transportation Experts Supervising Professor: Stephen Mattingly Mojtaba Salehi Dezfooli M.S., University of Tehran, 2009 B.S., University of Tehran, 2006 Dissertation Title: Staged Construction Modeling of Large Diameter Steel Pipes Using 3-D Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis Supervising Professor: Ali Abolmaali Arpita Hetal Bhatt M.S., UT Arlington, 2007 Dissertation Title: Development of Statistical Models for Predicting Leachate Parameters from Simulated Landfills Supervising Professors: Melanie Sattler, Sahadat Hossain Nagasreenivasu Talluri M.S., IIT Kanpur, 2008 B.S., JNTU Anantapur, 2006 Dissertation Title: Stabilization of High Sulfate Soils Supervising Professor: Anand J Puppala Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Engineering Xiao Cai M.S., New Jersey Institute of Technology, 2009 B.E., Tianjin University, 2007 Dissertation Title: Sparse and Large-Scale Learning Models and Algorithms for Mining Heterogeneous Big Data Supervising Professors: Heng Huang, Farhad Kamangar 14 The University of Texas at Arlington

17 Georgios Galatas B.S/M.S., University of Patras, 2008 Dissertation Title: Multimodal Interaction in Ambient Intelligence Environments Using Speech, Localization, and Robotics Supervising Professors: Fillia Makedon, Gerasimos Potamianos Christopher Dale McMurrough M.S., UT Arlington, 2010 B.S., UT Arlington, 2008 Dissertation Title: Hardware and Software Systems for Control of Assistive Robotic Devices Using Point-of- Gaze Estimation Supervising Professor: Fillia Makedon Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science Mahashweta Das M.S., Ohio State University, 2009 B.E., Jadavpur University, 2007 Dissertation Title: Exploratory Mining of Collaborative Social Content Supervising Professor: Gautam Das Sajib Datta B.S., North South University, 2007 Dissertation Title: Performance Analysis of Multiple Classes of Traffic in Wi-Fi Networks: Theoretical and Experimental Study Supervising Professor: Sajal Das Ishtiaque Hussain B.S., University of Dhaka, 2007 Dissertation Title: Dynamic Symbolic Data Structure Repair Supervising Professor: Christoph Csallner Shanshan Lu M.S., Beijing University of Chemical Technology, 2008 B.E., Hebei University, 2005 Dissertation Title: Design and Analysis of Location Centered Large-Scale Opportunistic Networks Supervising Professor: Yonghe Liu Tuli Nivas M.S., UT Arlington, 2002 B.E., Shivaji University, India, 2000 Dissertation Title: End to End Performance Evaluation of Non Client Interfacing Software Applications Supervising Professor: Christoph Csallner Alexandros Papangelis M.S., University College London, 2009 B.S., University of Athens, 2008 Dissertation Title: Adaptive Dialogue Systems for Assistive Living Environments Supervising Professors: Fillia Makedon, Vangelis Karkaletsis Derek Wayne White B.S., Louisiana State University at Shreveport, 2007 Dissertation Title: Run-Time Compilation and Dynamic Memory Use Analysis for GPUs Supervising Professors: Christoph Csallner, Nathaniel Nystrom Ning Yan M.S., Southeast University, China, 2008 B.E., Southeast University, China, 2005 Dissertation Title: Novel Methods for Entity- Centric Information Exploration Supervising Professor: Chengkai Li Shuo Li M.S., Sichuan University, 2009 B.S., Sichuan University, 2006 Dissertation Title: Quantitative Analysis of Surface Enhanced Raman Spectra Supervising Professor: Jean Gao Linbin Yu M.S., University of Science and Technology of China, 2009 B.S., University of Science and Technology of China, 2004 Dissertation Title: Advanced Combinatorial Testing Algorithms and Applications Supervising Professor: Yu Lei Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering Moinuddin Ahmed B.S., Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 2009 Dissertation Title: Flexible MEMS Sensors and Pyroelectric Thin Films Supervising Professors: Donald Butler, Zeynep Celik-Butler Hamid Behjati Najafabadi B.S., Sharif University of Technology, 2009 Dissertation Title: Multiport DC Energy Conversion Systems Supervising Professor: Ali Davoudi Ali Bidram M.S., Isfahan University of Technology, 2010 B.S., Isfahan University of Technology, 2008 Dissertation Title: Distributed Cooperative Control of Microgrids Supervising Professors: Ali Davoudi, Frank Lewis Azhar Ilyas B.S., University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, 2007 Dissertation Title: Nanogap Break Junctions and Solid-State Micropores as Electronic Biosensors Supervising Professor: Samir Iqbal Niranjan Dilip Pratibha Karandikar M.S., UT Arlington, 2008 B.E., University of Mumbai, 2006 Dissertation Title: Low-Power, Low-Noise CMOS Amperometric Circuit for Glucose Sensing Supervising Professor: Sungyong Jung Md Iqbal Mahmud B.S., Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 2006 Dissertation Title: Investigation of Degradation in Advanced Analog MOS Technologies Supervising Professor: Zeynep Celik-Butler Bhargav Nabar B.E., University of Mumbai, 2007 Dissertation Title: Nanostructured Surfaces Using Thermal Nanoimprint Lithography: Applications in Thin Membrane Technology, Energy Harvesting, and Tactile Sensing Supervising Professor: Zeynep Celik-Butler Peter Michael Novak B.S., Colorado School of Mines, 2007 Dissertation Title: High Current Recharge of Electrochemical Cells Supervising Professor: David Wetz Franklin Lenin Quilumba Gudino B.S., National Polytechnic School, 2008 Dissertation Title: Using Advanced Metering Infrastructure Data for Smart Grid Development Supervising Professor: Wei-Jen Lee Shaoshu Sha M.S., UT Arlington, 2009 B.S., Southeast University, 2007 Dissertation Title: Wireless Power Transfer Based on Retroreflective Antenna Array Supervising Professor: Sungyong Jung Biju Shrestha B.S., UT Arlington, 2008 Dissertation Title: Cycling Fatigue Induced on Electrochemical Energy Storage Cells as a Result of High C Discharge Supervising Professor: David Wetz Yi-Chen Shuai M.S., South China Normal University, 2008 B.S., Southeast University, China, 2004 Dissertation Title: Transfer Printed Nanomembrane Photonic Crystal Fano Resonance Filters and Modulators Supervising Professor: Weidong Zhou (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude Commencement Ceremony 15

18 Mohammad Jalal Uddin M.S., Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 2008 B.S., Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 2004 Dissertation Title: Design and Fabrication of Guided-Mode Resonat Tunable Optical Filters Supervising Professor: Robert Magnusson Jixing Yao M.S., Louisiana Tech University, 2010 B.E., Huaqiao University, 2007 Dissertation Title: Sparsity Enhanced Reconstruction Methods for Diffuse Optical Tomography Supervising Professor: Soontorn Oraintara Kristian Hengster Movric M.S., University of Zagreb, 2009 Dissertation Title: Cooperative Control of Multi- Agent Systems; Stability, Optimality, and Robustness Supervising Professor: Frank Lewis Ji Wu M.S., Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2008 B.E., Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2005 Dissertation Title: Compressive Sensing: Security Analysis and Applications in Communication Systems Supervising Professor: Qilian Liang Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering Mohammed Al-Mansouri M.S., UT Arlington, 2008 B.S., King Fahd University, 2004 Dissertation Title: A Simulation Approach to Production Line Bottleneck Analysis and Cost Justification Supervising Professor: Brian Huff Piyush Kumar M.S., UT Arlington, 2009 Dissertation Title: Mathematical Approach for Land Use Planning that Limits Urban Sprawl Supervising Professor: Jay Rosenberger Aera Kim LeBoulluec M.S., UT Arlington, 2009 Dissertation Title: Outcome and State Transition Modeling for Adaptive Interdisciplinary Pain Management Supervising Professors: Victoria Chen, Li Zeng Clement Smartt M.S., Southern Methodist University, 1998 B.S., Texas A&M University, 1995 Dissertation Title: Optimizing the Use of Systems Engineering on Proposals Supervising Professor: Susan Ferreira Paul Andrew Wilson B.E., UT Arlington, 2010 Dissertation Title: Eutectic Diffusion Brazing Process for Joining Aluminum Laminae with Macroand Micro-Scale Features Supervising Professor: John Priest Narakorn Engsuwan M.S., UT Arlington, 2008 B.E., Chulalongkorn University, 2005 Dissertation Title: Scalar Equilibrium for n-person Games Supervising Professor: Herbert W Corley Diana Luisa Martinez Cepeda M.S., UT Arlington, 2008 B.S., Instituto Tecnologico de Saltillo, 2005 Dissertation Title: Variants of Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (MARS): Convex vs. Non- Convex, Piecewise-Linear vs. Smooth and Sequential Algorithms Supervising Professors: Victoria Chen, Jay Rosenberger Nadia Maria Martinez Cepeda M.S., UT Arlington, 2008 B.S., Instituto Tecnologico de Saltillo, 2005 Dissertation Title: Global Optimization of Nonconvex Piecewise Linear Regression Splines Supervising Professors: Jay Rosenberger, Victoria Chen Roochi Mishra M.S., University of Pittsburgh, 2006 B.S., UT Arlington, 2004 Dissertation Title: Improving Quality of Information from Multiple Sensor Sources on Mobile Platforms Supervising Professors: Victoria Chen, Brian Huff Panita Suebvisai M.S., UT Arlington, 2003 B.S., Thammasat University, 1997 Dissertation Title: Parametric Cost Estimation Model for Microchannel Bonding Process Based on Activity-Based Costing Supervising Professor: John Priest Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science and Engineering Chia-Jen Hsu M.S., National Chung Hsing University, 2006 B.S., National Cheng Kung University, 2004 Dissertation Title: Study on Micorstructures and Electrochemical Properties of AU-Based Core-Shell Nanoparticles for Direct Formic Acid Fuel Cells Supervising Professor: Fuqiang Liu Soo Kim B.E., Chosun University, 2007 Dissertation Title: Nano Morphology of Polymer Bulk Heterojunctions by Time-Resolved Synchrotron X-ray Scattering Supervising Professors: Choong-un Kim, Michael Jin Liang-Chieh Ma M.S., Western Michigan University, 2003 B.S., Feng Chia University, 1998 Dissertation Title: Fabrication and Characterization of Single Electron Device Supervising Professor: Seong Jin Koh Jessica Mooney B.S., Texas A&M University, 2009 Dissertation Title: The Effects of Microstructure on the Mechanical and Oxidation Properties of Hard Transition Metal Silicon Nitride Coatings Supervising Professor: Esftathios Meletis Huili Xu M.S., Zhejiang University, 2007 B.S., Xi dian University, 2005 Dissertation Title: Grain Structure Revolution of Lead-Free Solder Joints in Electronic Packaging Assembly and its Impacts on the Fatigue Reliability Supervising Professor: Choong-Un Kim Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering Shailesh Malla B.S., UT Arlington, 2008 Dissertation Title: Experimental Investigation of Pool Boiling and Evaporative Cooling on Enhanced Silicon Surfaces Supervising Professor: Hyejin Moon Deval Pandya M.S., UT Arlington, 2010 M.S., University of Baroda, 2008 B.E., Sardar Patel University, 2007 Dissertation Title: Development of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)-Based Erosion Model for Oil and Gas Industry Application Supervising Professor: Brian Dennis Adrian Rodriguez M.S., UT Arlington, 2010 B.S., UT Austin, 2009 Dissertation Title: Dynamic Simulation of Multibody Systems in Simultaneous, Indeterminate Contact and Impact with Friction Supervising Professor: Alan Bowling Lei Qiao B.S., Beihang University, 2008 Dissertation Title: Design, Fabrication, and Test of Microboats and Microsubmarines Supervising Professor: Cheng Luo 16 The University of Texas at Arlington

19 Hakki Erhan Sevil M.S., Izmir Institute of Technology, 2006 B.S., Izmir Institute of Technology, 2004 Dissertation Title: Airdata Sensor-Based Position Estimation and Fault Diagnosis in Aerial Refueling Supervising Professor: Atilla Dogan Jagath Yaddessalage B.S., University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, 2007 Dissertation Title: Study of the Capabilities of Electrowetting on Dielectric Digital Microfluidics Toward the High-Efficient, Thin-Film Evaporative Cooling Platform Supervising Professors: Hyejin Moon, Seung You Master s Degrees Department of Bioengineering Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering Rakshit Andela Matthew Allen Cloud Akshata Haldikar Leila Hossein Rashidi Yatish Mistry Elizabeth T Nguyen Austin Price Vinh Hang Quach Naresh Lakshman Raman Ashit Sanghvi Rachel Sparks Linwood A Whitener Micah Garza Holden Parth Vijaysinh Jadeja Aneetta Elizabeth Kuriakose Akshay Madan Rani Iswarya Murugappa Michael Palmer Uyen Hoang Thao Pham Harish Pitta Sahiba Sahi Varsha Sundaresan Pranjali Tambe Stephen James Van Noy Department of Civil Engineering Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering Andrew M Adams Roshna Ashraf Maya Baneva-Petkova Asher Benedict Brandon Nicholas Buchanan Robert Grant Cleveland Ahmed Zuhair A Edrees Jonathan Charles Faughtenberry Samrawit Haile Steven Hodridge Milad Kiaee Deniz Kilic Haroon Masood Diana-Flore Merisier Clayton Riggs Meenatchi Subramanian Jordan Tunnell Eymard Bouri Gapili Samnang Chay Master of Science in Civil Engineering Parham Aghdasi Franciele Bellaver Siavash Ghasemi-Motlagh Aminollah Ghorbanpourbabakandi Eric Goucher Farzia Haque Muruganandam Mohanamurthy Sadikshya Poudel Austin Reese Preeti Shrestha Manjeeta Sitaula Bahar Zarin Hailu Tesfaye Ayalew Brett DeVries Mohammad Mohammadagha Manabendra Saharia Department of Computer Science and Engineering Master of Science in Computer Engineering Arjun Vijaybhai Modi Praveen Manni Giridhar Siddharth Patel Stephen Paul Ratz Nguyen T Tran Master of Science in Computer Science Janani Chandrababu John Collins Vikas Domakunti Krunal Mahendrasinh Jadeja Faisal Ladhak Nikhil Madhav Shruti Malik Negar Maserrat Varun Sunil Mehta Nehal Mishra Shwetha Narayan Ravi Chandra Vishnu Paturi Anirudh Kaushik Pillalamarri Bibi Raju Mengfei Ren Prashanth Sampath Sai Krishna Siram Sriram Srinivasan Ankush Sindhukumar Tiwari Sreeharsha Reddy Vanga Umankshree Behera Prudhvisagar Bellamkonda Asha Kasinath Nikita Reddy Kunda Reddy Vivek Lingegowda Spoorthi Manjunath Soyab Maredia Manasa Patapatnam Houtan Rahmanian Aniithaa Rajashekar Abhinav Ravindran Hardik Bharat Shah Fareha Sheikh Gautham Talkad Shivashankara Murthy Ankush Jitendrakumar Tyagi Ankit Upadhyaya Sanjay Vasudeva Iyer Ajaai Venkataramani Master of Software Engineering Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman Mollah Rakesh Tigulla Sravan Kumar Yedhoti Department of Electrical Engineering Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Abiodun Aduroja Shaheer Ahmed Avinash Arun Soumitro Swapan Auddy Muralidhar Reddy Choutukuru Moyeedul Chowdhury Arnav Dave Vinoothna Gajula Sunil Govardhan Nagabhushan Hegde Ritika Jain Ambily John Parashar Nayana Karunakar Jay Paul Kelley Poonam Kharwandikar John Robert Konderla Jr Archana Lakshmipuram Chandrasekaran Abhilash Madbal Gowda Karthik Mahendra Zaid Ahmed Jamal Mohamed Neeraj Sandip Nabar Preston Page Bharath Prakash Commencement Ceremony 17

20 Yashas Prakash Suresh Sampathkumar Sarmishtha Satpathy Madhukar Shanbhag Archana Suresh Sapna Vasudevan Satish Saravanan Veeravelu Venkata Kesari Nandan Vempati Aditi Ranjit Kumar Verma Anup Pravin Amin Mihir Bhavsar Shardul Prasanna Chirmule Sujith Sukumar Dermal Anand Dhanasekharan Jason Ryan Frisk Shantanu Rajiv Kulkarni Fatema Lokhandwala Yash Hemen Motipara Kunhi Parambath Sreejith Nair Kaushik Prasad Ashish Shavarna Ankit Sinha Lynda Thomas Rahul Uppala Matthew Wright Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Master of Science in Engineering Management Patrick Alexander Farooq Mohiuddin Noble Vikram Rajanayagam Sai Vignesh Ramachandran Nomita Sharma Vishnu Sethuraman Swarna Seyed Pooya Mirsalehi Master of Science in Industrial Engineering Sakthivel Arumugam Fermin Feroshi Arun Joseph Stanley Joseph Nirmal kumar Kanagasabapathy Parkpoom Ketrunghiran Ketan Chandrashekhar Kulkarni Dmitri Rasheed Mitchell Gaurav Nirwal J Dario Padilla Dhananjay Patil Sameer Mahesh Rabade Kapil Prakash Raole Jose Sanchez Gonzalez Arvind Walia Spoorthi Ananda Kumar Wencess Kelelyoh Bett Nithin Chirayath Antony Alok Igoor Parashivamurthi Shraddha Jayashankar Kukkala Rajesh Prasad Lin Lin Tshiebe Sandrine Mwamba Ajinkya Rao Master of Science in Logistics Anna Candia Mahmoud Motaqed Larijani Master of Science in Systems Engineering David O Asaolu Arlyssa M Jaquez Christopher M May Stephen Kelley McLauchlin Larry Joe Parker Aaron Thomas Sherman Department of Materials Science and Engineering Master of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering Raymond Kiprotich Cheruiyot Ian Robert Mackinnon Po-Cheng Lu Swathi Murthi Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering Olusanmi Adeniji Adeniran Amy Elizabeth Brown Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Master of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering Levi Harley Armstrong Rereloluwa O Ayeni Musab Jamal Bari Luke Daniel Gudgel Siva Sudhaa Jagadeesan Hung-Chieh Weng Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering Selorm Jeffrey Dzata Zain Sheikh Ali Kachwala Adil Ahmed Riaz Ahmed Vaishnav Jwalant Dipakkumar Reginald Watt Samip Vrandavan Shah Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering Suparat Chanrith James P Merkel Shiva Kumar Samala Sudharsan Thiruvenkadam Venkata Naga Ravitej Sankarabatla John Wiswall Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Vishok Amar Kumar Zaeem Baig Chinmay Date Nitesh Karpakala Manjunatha Gupta Suhash Mediboina Shreyas Nagaraj Bharath Nagendran Hardik Parekh Tejas Devidas Patil Bhavik Chimanbhai Patel Rahul Raghunathan Vimal Ramanuj Baccalaureate Degrees Department of Civil Engineering Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Temitope Abiola Abayomi Kyle D Anderson (C) Solomon Engidayehu Bayou (C) Arturo Benitez (C) Reece Bierhalter Jarod N Branstetter Franklin David Cheng Jesse L Childers Jacob Elias Armando Espinosa (M) Bryson K Ewing Israel Galicia Steven Brady Kemp Hamilton Preston Long Edie A Lopez Samantha Kay McDonald Yhamirth E Mendoza Eric Nava Narvaez Essam Khalid Nassar (S) Chetan Patel Pooja Patel Leonardo D Pena Omar Pena Paul D Peters David P Phan Mukunda Pokharel Johnathan Jay Polak (C) Jesus Ramirez Eduardo Emmanuel Reyes Dario Benjamin Sanchez Michael W Scaggs Rachel J Simer (M) David M Trejo Jeremy James Weber Kenneth Alvin Hollie 18 The University of Texas at Arlington

21 Department of Computer Science and Engineering Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Kyle Burgess (C) Michael P Flanagan Raul Hurtado Eric J Nelson (M) Bhuwan Das Shrestha Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Osemudiamen P Ehikhuemen (C) Andrew D Gallagher (M) Jason Grey Brendon Conor Harris Ciawash Jawshan David Murray Mark A Ragunton John Giliberto (C) Jeffrey R Hatfield Gideon Lee Miller (C) Ahmad Ali Saad David Salvagnini Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering Shawn Everett Dobbins (C) Shawn Clayton Gilleland (M) Nichelous Paul Herndon (C) Mark A Hutchinson Harshitha Munagala Clinton W Spivey (C) Thanuja Nirmalee Fernando Sonia Dannette Hampton Thomas David Heinen Department of Electrical Engineering Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Omololu Akinrodoye Carissa J Cyprien Marcos Ivan Duran Melissa L Dutter (C) Carlos Fernando Gonzalez Tai K Ha (C) Mazhar Hajizadeh Mihai Ionita Deena M Isom (S) Noor Yeaser Khan Armando Leal Ayomide Longe* Neal Lov Ulrich S Mitschlatis Kablan D Ndouba Manoj Niraula (C) Olu Emmanuel Ore Uditha Dulinda Perera Charchit Piya SM Arifur Rahman Eric Nicholas Rainbolt Colton George Sessler (M) Michael Chenyee Vang (M) Carl Duane Young Arar M Abohaija Kris William Kotrla (M) Travis James Lloyd Jacob E Longwell Philip Garrett McCorkle Timothy Robert Morrison Ton Nhan Tran Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Ukesh Chawal (C) Midhun Abraham John Aditya Kasukhela Sarim A Khan Hyun Ki Kim Indra Poudel Shrijan Shrestha (M) Sumit Shrestha (S) Ashvin Thomas Pravin Tripathi (C) Nader Sayadi Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering Eric P Egan Stephen Michael Kirk Ermiyas Abera Solomon Hieu H Luong Samantha Rukmal Makewita Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Adebola I Akeredolu Ross C Alcorn Joaquin Artigas (M) Koby Addison Benefiel John Nathanael Benson (M) Anthony Dilanka Tharindu De Silva (M) Raul V Duran Stuart Kinkade Frazier (C) Eva M Gallegos Daniel Guerrero Taylor Heenehan (M) Madhavi Hemasiri Stephen Michael Kirk Aditya V Lolge Luan M Ly (S) Gayathri Maheshika Mahagamarachchi Baburaja Maharjan (M) Diego A Mancilla Yaldho Manoj Jonathan Darby Meegan Christopher Michael Moulckers Gulzeb K Niazi Kevin J Pitts Blake R Snyder (S) Ermiyas Abera Solomon Ngoc T Tran Nguyen T Tran (C) Kristine L Trujillo Radhika Vasani Dave A Wellbrock Hareed Yusuf Brenna Marie Burris Paul Chang (S) Peter Chih-Hsiang Chiu Michael Scott Donaldson Sam Austin Hays Joseph M Hinskey Elijah J Holzapfel William R Howell Austin M Kasper (C) Mark Alan Kaufman (M) Stephen Krolick Susan J Kum Keilon Dunte Lathan Tony D Le James Dustin Lee (C) Trevor Dean McWilliams (C) Dulce M Rosales Joshua R Shelle Bryan Kent Taylor Darren Scott Vanmeter Bradley James Vass Jerry Lee Vue Drew Ryan Watkins (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude *Honors College Commencement Ceremony 19

22 College of Liberal Arts Doctoral Degrees Doctor of Philosophy in English Christi Cook M.A., New College of California, 2007 B.A., Abilene Christian University, 1999 B.S., Abilene Christian University, 1999 Dissertation Title: One High Heel on Each Side of the Border: A Closer Look at Gender and Sexuality in Chicana and Anglo Young Adult Literature Supervising Professor: Tim Morris Nathan Gale M.A., University of Northern Iowa, 2005 B.A., Texas State University at San Marcos, 2003 Dissertation Title: The Found Object(s) of Rhetoric Supervising Professor: Timothy Richardson Master s Degrees Department of Art and Art History Master of Fine Arts James Corey Gossett Department of Communications Master of Arts in Communication Michael Eugene Agee Fatima Ali Morgan Burns Bridget Hall Milad Minooie Veleisa Jarmonda Patton Donna Pirkle Melinda Valero Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice Sara Carruth Vicki Cross Adrian Glover Jamekia Lenay Goodman LaTasha Jackson-McDougle Meredyth Raeann Kelly Leia Aurora Ortiz Sariah Picon Lira Maria Polanco Carrie Treat Alejandro Valdez George Adams Charles Olutayo Awe Joel Brown Nakia Michuad Cole Theresa Lanae Eskridge Andrew Michael Fitzpatrick Jason Douglas Flake Jonathan Grant-Brooks Tamara Nicole Harris Jason S Henninger Clyde Knight Jr Bennie J Medlin Jr Sharla R Nathan Keith L Owens Mona Pena Armando Eli Reyna Daniel Rincon Edward M Sas Jon F Thompson Michael Wayne Young Department of English Master of Arts in English Lindsey Christina Barlow Edward Henry Bart IV Carla L Dye Christine Kyle Christi Lynn Nickels Brittni Michelle Pueppke Meghan Self Carla L Dye Alexandra Mosher Department of History Master of Arts in History Cedric L Hights Matthew Speight Robert E Fuller Xochitl Martinez Department of Linguistics and TESOL Master of Arts in Linguistics Ehsan Shafiee Zargar Master of Arts in TESOL Holly Hecht Keunhyung Park Department of Modern Languages Master of Arts in Modern Languages and Literatures Brigette Caldwell Kari Renee Christopherson Kellee Day Anel Herrera Alphonse Kadege Mbuyi Kapiamba Department of Music Master of Music in Music Education Daniel Evan Hunt Master of Music in Music Performance Charles David Praytor Amanda Ellen Trousdale Department of Political Science Master of Arts in Political Science Chad J Brewer Brandon S Crider Kenneth Charles Fraga Department of Sociology and Anthropology Master of Arts in Anthropology Carl Feagans William David Nutt Zachary Overfield Master of Arts in Sociology Stephen Lott Stephanie Lee Mastromoro Lindsey Sherrill Teel Sabuna Timilsina Baccalaureate Degrees Department of Art and Art History Bachelor of Arts in Art Lindsay Arrington (M) Jasmine E Bell Julie Ann Boland Peter Long Bui Tia Marie Carlson Alvin Garrett Griffin Sarah K Issa Soha T Khraishi Mark S Larimore Bich Thi-Kim Nguyen (M) Jimmy J Pierce Javier J Riojas Ana Lidia Rodriguez Araceli Rodriguez Pamela M Speck Marcy Tannahill Julian M Thomas Lauren Denise Burton Young Ji You Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Kabbakeh Bangura Lizette Barrera Ryan Olani Bayron (C) Bailey Jain Blanchone Terence T Brown Roberto Bustos 20 The University of Texas at Arlington

23 Laurel A Cabrera Jonathan Adam Chapman (C) Yuen Yeung Chen (M) Jan Hongchen Yu Chin (C) Ga Jin Choi (M) Lara Elisabeth Christensen Joel D Constantine James Thomas Cooper (C) Anna Joy French Alysse I Griffith Aaron Paul Gwaltney Caley Melissa Hindman (M) Haley Ashton Hinshaw Shawn Alan Ingram Sarah A Kaminsky Jonnathan R Kiss (M) Deborah J Ledyard (C) Ivana Martinez (M) Oliver Marquis Matteck Samantha C Mattice-Lowery Robert M Maurice Damaris Plaisant McCalley Austin R Morales Martha Young Moser Justin Thomas Mosholder Sandy N Ngo (C) Martin N Nogueira Haley Elaine Norwood (M) Linda Alane Ostman (S) Sara T Poyfair (C) Kimberly Erin Ramsey Kristy Rich (C) Charity Ruth Roberts (C) Danny Hopkins Rudd Priscilla Anne Ruiz Jonathan Saavedra Amanda C Salazar Philip Thepkaysone Sharon Joy Turner (C) Gary W Vernon Alexa R Alarcon Joy Ellis (S) Elliott C Gilbert (C) Laura Lane Riley Cullen Keeling Thomas Aspen Leigh VanHooser Melissa E Whitaker Bachelor of Arts in Art History Ahnna Michelle Escobedo (C) Meagan E Severson Linh Mai Thai Department of Communication Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Advertising) Karen Alysse Blair Samuel W Brouse Jeethi Susan Cherian Miranda Cornett Chandler C Dear Gabriella Leticia Dorsey John B Everett Amber Nicollette Govan (Second major in Public Relations) Johnny Wei Huang Kathryn Elizabeth Lopez (C) Mariah H Marley Pedro A Menchaca Kacie Marie Mills (Second major in Public Relations) Desherra Ngozi Nwanguma Jefferey Pinkos Krupal P Ranchod Kristen Michelle Ranshaw (C) Laila Fatemeh Rezaei-Bazazizad Ali Hashim Sabir Julie Ravinowich Tebet Felipa Villegas Rachael Mae Wilson (Second major in Public Relations) Anisha Yang Ricardo Cardoza Katherine Christina Cohen Bianca N Garza Munzareen Fatimah Kureshy Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Broadcasting) Magaly Ayala (Second major in Public Relations) Rebecca Leigh Berry Jillian Rane Dennis (Second major in Journalism) Takeisha Shantae Dunn Fasirat Wonuola Fawehinmi Kristen M Gilley-Kerr (Second major in Public Relations) Georgette G Ingram Andrew P Kemp Arlecia R LeGrand Busby Joanna Molinero (C) Jairo Moreno Gerrick C Phillips Victoria Reyes Dontae L Robison Kyle Logan Runge Noelle Teresa Ione Russell (C) Joshua L Sours (C) Charles E Swanigon Peretz Heuya Tchounbia Rodney Wayne Thrower Charles Matthew Tillery (M) Brandee Leigh Urreta Quinton Charles West Alyssa Nicole Davis Brittany Cherelle Davis Shanna C McMahan Andrew J Parrish Susan Phan Akilah N Phillips Calandria Shantol Watkins (Second major in Communication Technology) Candice Watson Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Communication Studies) Ashley F Arogunmati (C) Deborah S Blinn (M) Karl Ross Byrd Maribel Cardoso Lauren Elaine Carle (M) Seher Fadwani Andree Lamarion Gunter Lauren A Hernandez Chana Renae Jones Dakota R Keyser Gustavo Martinez Tamika Thashane Noote (C) Anabel Rodriguez Manuel Salas Rye Selassie (M) Jeriana R Strother (Second major in Public Relations) Nicole D Washington Jessi Rae Williams Tyra Lynnette Williams Zeina D Adi Carolina Miranda Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Communication Technology) Abdel-Rahman Yaser Afify Rebecca Ellen Barrera (C) Tiffany L Jackson Alejandra M Martinez Jennifer Lee McAlister (C) Jordan A Mulkey Hieu Thi Nguyen Cassandra Gale Okado Frank L Sack (M) Parisavanh S Songvilay Yong C Yim (M) Stephen T Belcher Enas Willie Saleh Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Journalism) Amanda Megan Beckwith Joel L Cooley Milo Gales Shonna L Johnstone (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude Commencement Ceremony 21

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25 Department of History Bachelor of Arts in History Hunter Bryce Adams Nicholas R Armstrong Thomas Jason Berry Jordan D Black Jacob A Burger (S) (Second major in Spanish) Liseth Campos Daniel Ray Davenport Walter Alexander Duncan Matthew J Frawley Eric James Graddy Rebekha R Hamilton Kailen Lee Johnson Amber Lynn Jolly (M) Justin Wayne Jolly (C) Harrison E King Matthew D Landers Patricia Landregan Ian Anson Lee (S) Rachel Lorrain Madrid Jose A Martinez Julia Kathleen McCoy Wanjala Y McCray Milaun Murry Emeka N Nnaji Melissa Nicole Ortega David Anthony Payne David J Redding Catherine Amber Rodriguez Stephen Joseph Sanchez Wendy L Shepard Arthur L Slater Lynn Elizabeth Spalding (M) Leticia Hernandez Valdez Zachary Houston Wisch Courtney Nicole Baker (C) Casey Wayne Beeman Bobby Bell Robert Briggs Emmanuel Javier Cano Rachel Cardwell (S) Ginger Renee Darden Aurelia D Desloge (C) Daniel David Eudaly (C)* Kevin Brooks Goodman Lauren Michelle Jones (C) (Second major in Critical Languages and International Studies) Richard Allen Merrill Melissa Faye Raindl (Second major in Critical Languages and International Studies) Candace Janice Woodard Benjamin Connor Zavitz (C) Department of Linguistics Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics Tabitha H Carbaugh Norma Ghanem (S)* # Kendra P Johnson Kailey Elizabeth Watson (S) Department of Modern Languages Bachelor of Arts in Critical Languages and International Studies Kaitlin Booher (M) Ines Nikocevic (M) (Second major in Political Science) Raquel Alexis Gonzalez Bachelor of Arts in French Marcela Paez Contreras Anna Ndumbi Jasmine C Pankratz Blake Austin Walling Laurel Wheeler Lucien S N Libi Bachelor of Arts in Russian Lauren Noelle Giuliano (C) Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Laura P Araiza (Second major in Psychology) Silvia Elizabeth Barrera Blanca Erika Brena Carolin Andrea Campos Sepulveda Laura Castaneda Karina Cedillo Merly Yasmin Cuevas Annbel K Estrada (Second major in Political Science) Rafael Ivan Franco Elia Nohemi Fuentes Mayra Gomez Maluisa Hurtado Carlin M Johnston Begona Mingot Jessika I Morales Tam T Nguyen Valeria Engracia Orocio Shirley Ortiz Javier Otero (S) Lily Padron Angelina Ponce Andrew John Preisler (S) Victoria Reyes Pilar D Rosales Hector Daniel Sanchez Claudia B Davis Amber M Mayfield Yeraldin Puentes Rocio Del Carmen Simental (C) Department of Music Bachelor of Music Jonathan Adams Devin L Boyd (C) Sawyer E Davis Shelby M Denton Oliver Flores Juan Miguel Garcia Neil A Haag (C) Josh Mathew Johnson Grace Sungeun Kim Kathleen S McDowell James T McKinney (M) Elisa E Rangel Jennifer A Trondle Julie E Woodley (M) Ashley P Smith Department of Philosophy and Humanities Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy Reno L Grossi (C) Sheridan J Aime Lea Albert C Lopez Trishul R Madireddi (M) Carl Azikiwe Mordi John Mark Mueller Martin O Obinyan Nicholas S Ross Michael Antonio Urban Michael Alan Harrison Ahmed H Ileiwi Department of Political Science Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Heather Anne Addleman Jamie Lynn Aliff Cynthia Berenice Alvarez Alyssa Nicole Aquino Allison Elizabeth Baird Sergio Carmona Cynthia Patricia Casales Patrick Royce Cristy Mauricio Duque Lauren Elizabeth Eubanks Jairo Antonio Flores Aaron J Ford Jennifer Garza Benjamin T George (C) (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude *Honors College # McNair Scholar Commencement Ceremony 23

26 Samil Gevenkiris Perla J Gonzalez Richard D Irwin Sibtain R Jagani Bertha E Jimenez Ganiu Kolawole Jubrila Hyeyoung Jung Shanna M Kight (S) Barry Jonathan Lancaster Wanjala Y McCray Kevin Andrew McManus Stephen Wayne Miller Sandra Munoz Anna Ndumbi Denisse Ojeda Adila Adil Omer Yoselin Nazary Paguaga Lynzi N Peng (S) Fatima D Ruiz Jennifer Santos-Mijangos Asha R Sharma (S) Brian A Sheppard Jeremy Allen Silvia Lusamba Sharon Tshibangu Kevin Daniel Whitright (M) Gregory Henry Collin Will Daniel J Woodall Nadine Zimbru (C) Fariya Ahmed Richard Stephen Ansell Date S Chin (M) Nichole Lynn Collett Tyler Rhett Frisbie (M) Chad Hardin Krystina M Hicks Ahmed H Ileiwi Nathan Michael Kirkpatrick Son Thien Mai Mandeep Minhas (M) Jordan Marie Williams Department of Sociology and Anthropology Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology Briana Ivelisse Amelio (C) Ivonne Rojas Arellano Kariann Biles Oscar Enrique Bissot Marcela Paez Contreras Miranda Jo Creighton Davenport (C) Jennifer J Davis Ryan M Gates (S) Keith Hause Russell Dean Jones Angela Fawn Leach Heather Marie Leeper Cvitanovich Derek Miles Martin (S) Justin D McCutchen Roland R Olson Lori B Phillips (S) Logan Daniel Piwetz Joshua Smolek Daniela Valdes Moeller Patrick N Gainey Leonel J Giron Douglas Graham Steinecke Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Teresa Argueta Chad J Austin # Nakita K Borders Rebecca Lynn Bryant Priscilla Oforiwah Frimpong Allison Melissa Guillen Brittany Hathorn Leann M Hawthorne Devyn Monique Jackson (C) Brandon Matthew Johnson Megan Johnson Roman Amner Malvaiz (C) (Second major in Spanish) Kiara T McArthur Christy Jo Moers Paul R Morgan (M) Elvia Ramirez Diana G Rodriguez Ana Margarita Saravia David Cruz Segovia Jennifer Tran Jose Guillermo Trevino Julia Elizabeth Wilks Ashley R Wilson Mary Ann Allain Valerie Ashley Anderson Nicolas Chambers Ana Kristina Clay Mia D Hudson (C) Jerome Carlos Johnson Kenda Alane Jones Kristi Lash Douglas Graham Steinecke Department of Theatre Arts Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts Karen Curry Roxana Paniagua (C) Melanie Rickett Abigail E Scarborough (C) Brooke Alexandra Thibodeaux Heidi Ann Wermuth (M) Matthew David Craft (C) Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts Lindsey Anne Campbell (C) Winston Louis Daniels Molly Kathleen Dobbs (M) Stacia R Gulley Jennifer Leigh Oakley Maryann Porter (C) Glenn Eric Riggs (C) Jennifer N Woodward Aaron Michael Bentler College of Nursing Doctoral Degrees Doctor of Nursing Practice Marcia Harris Post-MSN, UT Arlington, 2010 M.S., Texas Woman s University, 2002 B.S., Grambling State University, 1998 Dissertation Title: Integrating Primary Care into Behavioral Health: Evaluating an Evidence-Based Referral Process in a Community Mental Health Facility Supervising Professor: Diane Snow Gigi Thompson Thomas M.S., UT Arlington, 2008 B.S., UT Arlington, 2004 Dissertation Title: Evaluation of Provider Strategies to Promote Adherence to Childhood Obesity Clinical Guidelines Supervising Professor: Maureen Courtney Kathy Elaine Jackson Thompson M.S., UT Arlington, 1999 B.S., Texas Woman s University, 1978 Dissertation Title: WAP Written Asthma Action Plan: A Color-Coded Educational Bilingual Pictorial Pediatric Asthma Action Plan Supervising Professors: Sharolyn Dihigo, Ronda Mintz-Binder Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Donna Bacchus Post-M.S.N., Texas A&M at Corpus Christi, 1999 M.S., UT Health Science Center at Houston, 1993 B.S., University of Ottawa, 1980 Dissertation Title: Beliefs in Medications and Treatment Complexity as Predictors of Medication Adherence Among Adults Years Old with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Supervising Professor: Jennifer Gray Christy Bomer-Norton M.S., Frontier University, 2006 B.S., Johns Hopkins University, 2000 Dissertation Title: Timing of Breastfeeding Initiation in Rural Haiti: A Focused Ethnography Supervising Professor: Jennifer Gray Nancy Walker Engle M.S., UT Arlington, 2003 B.S., Texas Woman s University, 1977 Dissertation Title: Validation of a Transcutaneous Bilirubin Nomogram in Identifying Hispanic Neonates at Risk for Hyperbilirubinemia Supervising Professor: Judy LeFlore 24 The University of Texas at Arlington

27 Andrea M Erwin M.S., Baylor University, 2005 B.S., University of Texas Medical Branch, 1998 B.A., Southern Illinois University, 1995 Dissertation Title: Sleep Experiences of Hospitalized Antepartum Patients Supervising Professor: Barbara Raudonis Master s Degrees Master of Science in Nursing Aurora Chona Abragan-Ohland Mary Abraham Abdulrahman Amiri Olatokunbo T Aro Angela Dawn Ary Margaret Naruna Badejo Sarah Joanne Halter Melita P Bawaan Laura Baxa Sherree Annette LaFavers Bennett Sherrie Beyer Donald E Booth Jessica Wilson Booth Brandy Graham Brite Robin Denise Britton Mona Brookshire Lindsey Paige Bruchhaus Marisa Bune Robert Caivano Dixie Ann Campbell Minerva Cardenas Kimberly Chaplin Andrea Craig Ingrid Dawn Curtis Allison Lynne Davis Christie Dawson Jesse Lee Dedrick Jr Shannon Lee DeZonia Leslie Dickenson Erika Diniz-Borkar Anita S Doyle Amanda Marie Dunn Brenda Fahlgren Melinda Jean Elterich Foster Devonia Faustine Frazier Christiana Gabbidon Jean Dalcourt Giggers Sheeja Gopal Gopalapillai Santhamma Brittnay Nicole Gossett Mistie Brandial Granberry Jason Groseclose Karl Guillory Breann Hart Jocelyn Monay Hayes Brittany Nicholette Herring Tracy Lanell Hicks Doreth Marie HoSang Shawn Michael Holloway Tina Huddleston Whitney Huffaker Kathleen Hutchins-Otero Gena Jacinto Runako Jadagu Shalini James Carrie Leigh Jennewein Felicia Johnson Shavonne Jordan Hill Sini Joseph Carla Kaloustian Reena Karimpanamannil Moriah Irvine Kerr Cheri Kinch Sharon Samuel Koruthu Jaye Ceesay Krubally Jessie Kurian Smithamole Kuruvilla Carol Terrell Lamb Susan Lamb Yeshewaget M Legesse Roxanne Luna Todd Maria Bonnie Martin Rebecca Ann Mathews Charles Thomas McCoy Jr Eloise Rivers McCoy Micky McDaniel Tamara Gayle McDonald Sean Patrick McDowell Koren Meacham Sharon Medcalf Connie Elmore Miller Jennifer Ashley Miller Melissa Miller Laura Mizera G W Morrell-Stinson Sarah Moyo Josefina Nava Stephanie Navaja Le Thao Nguyen Christina R Noah Anne Elizabeth O Boye Betty Aburime Odeyingbo Bose Ogidan-Obadina Mildred Onime Marjorie Rusteberg Ortiz Ronald MacLean Palmer Kokeesha Paul Princy Paul Jilji Mathew Payikkattu Rebecca Pedersen Lisa Ann Perez Dinah Peters Kimberly Pinter Lacy Pitchford Ryan Pitt Penny Quinn Marina V Reeves Suzanne Relyea Cynthia Ann Nalls Reyes Nahid Rezaee-Anzabi Audrey Lynn Roodhuyzen Kimberly K Runge Denise Ryan Jebi Sam Robin Leigh Sanders Margaretta Sapon-Amoah Kelly Schmutz Katrina Schumacher Edward Ronald Schweizer Karen Scott LaNell Scott Jennifer Sharpe Salma Yakub Sheikh Constance Anne Smith Lucila Solatorio-Maranan Jaisy Sonny Punnam Stephan Latha Thomas Holli Torres Cyndi Trawick Lindsay Tucker Akunna N Ukanwoke Rebecca Fay Urbanovsky Norma Elaine Vanderbilt Carmen Villagomez Althea Linda Wasson Whitney Weatherspoon Elizabeth Annelise Wilson Lisa Winkler Marcie Woodard Crystal McTaggart Wright Rebecca Lynn Yarbrough Dawn Myers Yost Dana Young Emilio R Zavala Jr Kim Pham Le Jaina V Abraham Iyore Adonri Natalia Albright-Ford Christina Maria Bellino Adrienne Blain Ruth Bosire Rhonda Michelle Bradford Karin Kay Brewer Stephanie Burns Lori Ann Cashimere Jennifer Lee Epstein Caswell Christine Anna Chasse Florence K-Okwanyo Choi Jana Cline Ashlyn Dianne Coenraad Alison Collazo Rebecca Moore Crane Leslie Shawn Davis Jennifer Lynn Day Joanne Reyes Dispo Keri Draganic (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude # McNair Scholar Commencement Ceremony 25

28 Ta Tanisha R Eldridge Meghan Ashley Freed Krista Leigh Fuqua Jennifer Lee Gares Melissa Gee May Ha Goetsch Stacy Gregory Tara Haraldson Catherine Regina Harrison Margaret Hibbard Sarah Anne Hirsch Jenniffer K Hughes Lindsey Johnson Rachel Elizabeth Joines Edith Kanyongo Heather Nicole Kent Lauren Keith LeBlanc Peppi Kirkby Shelly Renell LaCour Aaron Langford Tristena Belen Layton Leslie Michelle Leggett Lillian Levesque Lindsey Nicole Locke Dianne Mbai Brittni McGill Wish Mema Paula Beth Miller Michele A Moreno Morgan Jean Morris Teresa Mullen Deanne Lynn Niedziela Susan Nyamapfumba Leia Fine Oh-Spradling Kristy Lumpkins Perry Lindsey Elizabeth Peterson Heidi Nicole Pettit Sheree Michelle Powell Raigina Lenette Preston Rachel Prewitt Alissa Schick Rudo Shoko Jamie Michelle Simpson Terrence Guy Taylor Charisse Advincula Tentativa Rameshwar Thapa Peter Robert Triporo Christine Victorian Jacqueline Sheree Euda (McKay) Washington Kara Sue Webb Amy Williamson Heather Wyatt Rajani Yonzon Baccalaureate Degrees Bachelor of Science in Nursing April Louise Abbott Kameelah N Abdul-Aziz Jennifer Marie Abernathy Lina Bedru Abrar Lizangela Acevedo-Gonzalez Traci Ronell Achi Christopher David Ackerman (C) Andrea Michelle Acosta Rosemary V Acosta Charla Sheree Adams Kendra Marie Adams Michelle Korangtema Adebayo Georgia T Afrifah Staci Jean Agnew Margarita Antonia Aguilar Sylvia L Aguilar Peace Chimebere Ahanonu Tanveer Ahmed Amada S Ainsworth Rachel Julie Ajayi Nneamaka Iheoma Akaluso Loudethzel Aldaba Tamietra Lynn Aldridge Veronica Ann Alexander Lori Danielle Allen Renee Suzanne Allen (M) Tiffany Michelle Allen (S) Alesia Denise Allen-Edmond Maria Andrea Allison Samantha Maria Allison Carrie Marie Alvarado Victoria Anakani Laura Kaye Anderson Onya Michelle Anderson Mya Shavon Andrews Michael Anjola (C) Ola C Anyanwu (C) Leila Yasmin Aranki Sonya Arguijo-Frederick Patience Dorcas Armstrong Valerie Mae Armstrong Vera Lenee Arrington Martin Arroyos Jennifer Arsan-Siemasko (M) Jennifer Atherton Cori Elaine Atkinson Carol Nneoma Atuma Deepa Augustine Laura Elizabeth Ausbrooks (C) Russell Lee Autenrieth Megan Renee Autrey (C) Norma Annette Avitua Jayme Renee Awtry Brenda M Ayako Karen Ann Beck Ayyad (C) Abdul Negedu Baba Rachel Samuel Babu Chelsea Marie Bailey Keisha Ledee Bailey Lesley Ann Bailey Kawana Renee Baines Andrew Joseph Baird Graciela Barajas Lindsey Louise Barak (C) Natalie Elizabeth Barbee Megan Ashley Barber (M) Stacey Ruth Barker Jennifer Marie Barlow Summer R Barnes (C) Kimberly Lee Barnett Aric Anthony Barrios Valerie Gabrielle Batley Sandra Luella Battle Christina Marie Baumgartner Laurie Michelle Beall (C) Sara Lou Beard Tracy Ann Beauchamp Mary Helen Beery Gena Lynn Beliveau (M) Sarah M Bellows Dawn Etta Benham Victor Benlice Jami C Bennett Megan Alexandria Bennett Tera Chanee Berg Penny Walters Bergeron Jill M Bergman Susan Bergman (M) Mansi Bhat (M) Jennifer A Bias Jennifer Lynn Bierie (S) Eric Bruce Biersdorfer Monica Ann Bildner (M) Kathryn Ann Billings Justin Wade Birkner Christopher Bruce Birt Naseeb Bista Jenna Lee Blackburn (C) Rosa E Blackdeer Julia M Blackshire Caanan L Blakemore Laurie Lynn Blanch Matthew David Blanchard Linan Bo Nicole Lynn Bobbe (S) Veloris Bogle-Phillips Kimberly Bolanos (C) John Bradley Bolton Jennifer Morgan Bond Karen Denise Bonilauri (M) Caroline Mary Bonnema Nizar Ismail Boodhwani Jennifer Booker Mary D Bosley Jeffery William Bothof (S) Andrew Paul Bottorff (S) Cynthiaannie Boutin (M) Rebecca Michelle Bowers Carla Schell Bowling Brooke Michelle Boyd Enyonyam Mawiyah Boyd Shelly Ann Boyd Beth True Boyer Deletea M Bradley Brett Michelle Brady Francesca Virginia Brady Caitlin Jo Branham Kevyn Ayn Brasher Brittney Braswell Kelly Taylor Braswell Petra Braun Katrin Ann Breault Monica Abigail Bribiesca (S) Cecilia V Brion Edward Broad (M) Tabatha Ann Brock (S) Rhonda K Brooks 26 The University of Texas at Arlington

29 Betty Jo Brown Charles Davis Brown Frank Brown (M) Jasmine R Brown Kisha Lashawn Brown Mahalia Deneice Brown Merlisa L Brown Ryan Michael Brown Kassi Dawnielle Bruce Debbie Bryant Whitney Deeann Bryner Adam Brzostowski Pamela Dawn Buckler Stephanie Michelle Bugsch Colleen Mary Bular (C) Lauren Nikole Burke David M Burkland Brandi Lotisha Burnett Stephanie Lynn Byland Lauren Jeanise Byrd Hye Young Byun Cindy L Caballero Crystal Michelle Caddell Courtney Cahill Christina Calame Carin Caliman Krystle Ann Camacho Brandi Rae Campbell Kessie Trayona Campbell Melanie R Campbell Cheryl Rosalie Canady Theresa Marie Cantu Miranda Alysia Caquias Tiffany Mechelle Carder (M) Holly Michelle Cardwell Amber Louise Carr Jean Marie Carr-Shrader Alisha Michelle Carranza Adriane Carrasco Alicia Fae Carrier Dedra Vaughn Carrier (C) Marquitta Shanay Carter Patricia Casamassina (C) Eligio E Castillo Rocio Castillo Garduno (C) Daniel Flores Castro David Gabriel Cavazos Jessica Vanessa Cavazos (C) Jourdine Celin-Metellus Farisa Chalk Kaitlyn Mae Chapman Yonah Malka Chatzinoff (S) Melvin Gerard Cheever Tabitha W Chege Easton Cherry Minjung Cho Benard Choi Farrah Layne Christian Sean Andrew Christianson Hana Chung Melisa Cisneros Marc Wayne Clapp Carole Tefft Clark Pamela Eugena Clark Toni Lorraine Cline (M) Jacqueline Sue Coats Sharon Renee Cole (M) Cassandra Lynn Collamer Ameeka Lashon Collier Emily Michelle Collins Rebecca M Collins (C) Charlie Ann Maria Comrie Laura Page Conatser Edwem Antonio Contreras Cynthia Ann Cooper (M) Kathleen Denise Cooper Kyley Megan Cope Kimberly Ann Corcoran (M) Mireya Cordova Yasmin Corona Lealynne Austria Cortes Megan N Cortez John Cosgrove Bonnie Mary Cox (S) Christopher Patrick Cox (C) Jenna Crawford (M) Shantel Samantha Crosdale Mitchell Niloe Crosley Cordiree Debta Cross Christin K Crues-Hill Caitlin Elizabeth Crumpler (M) Jordan Kale Crumrine (M) Susanne Cruz Jermaine Soriano Cubillo Nancy Marie Cuellar (C) Amanda Nicole Curb Lindsey Kristine Curry (S) Talonna Raylene Da Silva (C) Laura Lanae Daigle (M) Brooke Lynn Dann Judy A Dao Cassie Ann Darbonne (C) Yigzaw Getnet Dargie Crista Lynn Darr Karen Lynn Dauphine Arlena Faye Davis Cassi J Davis (M) Monica Leigh Davis (C) Allison Leigh Davis-Burk Marigold Dedeaux Lana Kaheila Delice Trina Christine Demare Avani J Desai Karen Terry Deyoung (M) Juanita Joe Diamond (M) Lisset Karina Diaz Michael Balatbat Diaz (M) Deondria Lashunn Dickson Jill Elyse Dicus (M) Lisa Marie Dixon Dori Lynn Dockery Erica Lynne Donckers (C) Hans Francisco Dorion Toni Young Doston (C) Jody Willette Douvio (C) Shannon Drake (C) Jennifer L Drummond Shareese A Duffy Terri L Dufresne (M) Robert Paul Dugan (C) Brynne Charles Duncan Denise Renee Durian Trinitas I Duru Christi Joyce Edwards (C) Ijeoma Ogechukwu Egbuna Victor I Ejimadu Ebelechukwu Lilian Ekwenugo Julie Earlene Elam Suzette Yvonne Eldred Lisa Dawn Elkins (M) Samantha Mae Elkins Grace U Emesowum Patience Nenfotwa Emmanuel Ifeatu Benedicta Enemmuo (C) Nicole Luckashenak Entenza Kayla Jean Erickson Onorie Evelyn Eshareturi Christine Lynn Esser (M) Akaninyene James Etukudoh Cynthia Eubanks Cherise Marie Evans Jessica Marie Evans Jessica Sue Evans Judy Scrogging Evans Katherine Marie Evans Mary Naoma Evans (C) Clerisse Ann Ewelike Ashley Rene Faber (M) Rhonda Lin Fanaey Shelley Renee Farmer Natalie Nicole Farnham Randy Lee Farris Ryan Christopher Farris Tammy Lynn Faulkner Fa Lisha N Fields (C) Joanna Beth Fields Gary Fred Finck Talitha Oldbury Findley Samantha Finegan Thomas Clyborne Finney Tamara L Fitch Consuella Deanne Fleming Margaret S Fletcher (S)* Raeshell Florence Stacey Lee Flores Tara Celeste Flores Allison Jane Floyd Bernice Nakuna Fomunung Latrena Nelson Ford Leorissa Aletheia Fortuno (M) Amy Rene Foster (M) Kimberly Anne Foster Marcus A Fowler (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude *Honors College Commencement Ceremony 27

30 Nickesha Leona Francis Linda Sue Franz Jeanne Louise Frasier Alex Santos De Freitas Angela Rose Friend Natalie Diane Friend Summer Nicole Friis (C) Emily Fu Jennie Lorene Fucaloro Chyrel Anne Fulco Aline Michelle Fuselier Kimberly Gachassin Christina Garcia Kay Lynn Garland-Gray Shellie Ann Garman (M) Alaana Michelle Garris Regina Emilija Gary Vanessa Lynn Garza (S) Kelvin Duane Gaskins Christina Dawn Geaslen (M) Barbara Lois George Debra Donette George Sharon W George Stephanie Delores George Stephanie Marie Gerard Libby June Gerhardson Susan Johanna Geris Shova Ghatan Rebecca Renee Gibbs (M) Virginia Lucille Gibson Purity K Gichuru John Robert Gidcumb Mark Wade Gifstad Shaherzaad A Gilani Shauna Marie Gilmore Maryann Gilot Elizabeth Blaine Gleason Kristin Courtney Gleason Rocio Ivonne Godines Yelena Goldshtein Mirinda Suzanne Goltz Dorothy Gonzalez (C) Ilse Rachel Gonzalez Castillo (C)* Tammy Grant Rebecca Lynn Graves Reginald Carl Graves Denise Gray (M) Donna Mae Gray Shara Lynn Gray Stacy Diane Green Twila Dawn Green Anna Marie Groneck Alex J Grubbs Alexandra A Gruzdeva (C) Maria Esperanza Guerrero Amanda L Guevara Vannessa Gulley Heidi Kay Gustus (C) Patsy Dianne Gutermuth Jennifer Lynn Gutshall (C) Jennifer Ha Thomas N Haden Kristin Hailey (C) Amy Nicole Hajek Seyrah Alesha Hall Faridy M Hammond Chadrick Hammonds Jennifer R Hampton Jessie Dawn Hampton Lisa Ann Hampton (M) Jennifer Melisa Harmon Bergetter Lashun Harper Jennifer E Harris Judith Wearing Harris Mary Lou Harris Kelle Anne Harrison Laura Tiffany Hartgraves Patricia Deshone Hasley Kimberly Jean Hastings (M) Kimberly Michelle Hastings Shannon Lynn Havens Lyndsay Malone Hayden Ramey L Hayes Derek C Hazelwood Shelly Dawn Hearn (M) Michelle Lynn Heck Justine Dawn Heimer Shannon Evette Henfield Diane Marie Henry Takenya Letriece Henry Christie Camette Hernandez Jemimah Hernandez Richard David Hernandez Modesto Ison Herrera Teressa Ann Herriage Gail Wine Hewitt Tamika Monique Hewitt-Bing (S) Stephanie Lynette Heymann Anjanean Trachele Hicks Tina C Higgins Heatherly E Hill Richard S Hill Amy Michelle Hines Christie Lee Hix Myphi T Hoang Vu Long Hoang Brandi Ranae Hogan (C) Karen Elaine Hogg Robin Raye Holland Sonia Holley Janice S Hollins Sarah Jane Holloway Susan L Holm Brenda Marie Holmes Gladys Faye Holmes Tawona Deshae Holmes Mercedes E Hood Lamea Horton Daniel Hronek (M) Heather Denise Hroza Mary Margaret Hudson Rebecca Irene Hudson Raul Huerta Sidney Don Huffman (M) Mary P Hughes-Bass Cara Therese Hunt Annterria Tekeia Hunter Sandi Sue Hunter Cam My Huynh Hye Young Hwang Thomas Joseph Hyak Tina Janel Hyde Peace U Ibe Barbara Patricia Igwebuike Uchenna Nneka Iloma (C) Tiffany Jean Intano Florence Chizoba Iwuamanam Edward Uche Iyadi (C) Angela Nell Jackson Jennifer Morrow Jackson Alisa Ann Jacquet Jennifer Jeanette Jarvis (S) Gwendolyn Jenkins (M) Shereka Michelle Jenkins Shuntak Renee Jerideau Rindy Estelle Jingle (C) Sarah Chinedu Jirinzu Jane Akinyi Jobando Jean Marie Johns (S) Candice Johnson Christine Anne Johnson Cynthia J Johnson Ikea Kinte Johnson Jamie Lynn Johnson (M) Rhonda Rena Johnson Stephanie M Johnson Anne Marie Jones (M) Chyrianne Harriel Jones Jennifer Katherine Jones (C) Kelley Renee Jones Leah Janeen Jones Mirenda Elizabeth Jones (M) Natasha Amanda Jones Rebecca Hunt Jung Jennifer Lauren Jurek Santosh Kachhepati (C)* Farnaz Kalantari Catherine Osebe Kamanda Cecelia Cooper Karngba Jatinder Kaur Desiree Ann Kelley Kara Elizabeth Kelly Dale Kestory (C) Raphael Waweru Kibochi Elva Christina Kidd Terry Gail Kilgore Rosa Kim Ye Geun Kim Jonathan Brice King Ashley D Kinzbach Kristi Elizabeth Kirby (M) Kim Natalie Kitchen Kristine Kahanek Kjolhede (M) Nazeneem Sarah Kleiman Randy Paul Klutts Jennifer Marie Knight Kimberly Marie Kozar (M) Kristen Alicia Krayer Tonya Ronell Kurtz Brooke Ellen Kuykendall Miranda Goumkeu Kwame Minhas Shaukat Ladiwala Gina Marie Laflamme Anisa Lakhani Judy Lanell Parks Landers 28 The University of Texas at Arlington

31 Tawny Renee Landtiser Andrew Nathan Langford Kelly Marie Lara Hillary Nicole Lareau (C) Rachel Catherine Larive Aaron D Larson (S) Melanie Denise Laurie Julie-Ann Jerene Lawrence Danielle Lawson Tonye Daa Lawson James Laxson (M) Anh Thi Le Kieu T Le Nga Thanh Le Jacqueline W Ledbetter Kenisha S Lee Michael Floyd Lee Sujung Lee Youngsun Lee Carol Elizabeth Leidlein Dawn Michele Lemerand Courtney R Lemoi Mara Leticia Lemus Rosie Emilia Lemus John Michael Leondike Amy Lester Hope L Lewis Yuhua Li (M) Stephanie Nicole Lightfoot Lynda Sue Ligon Lindsay Tyler Lion Angela Lynn Loftin Tracey Michelle Long Jennifer Nicole Longoria (C) John Lopez (C) Laura Lopez Lorena M Lopez Lucas Leos Lopez Rosanna C Lopez Yvette P Lorea Christine Michelle Lorence Angela Marie Lowrey Kimberly Lynn Lowry Matthew Lu (M) Mary Phung Luong (M) Elizabeth Mae Lute Michelle Renee Mabbitt Lindsay Dawn Mabe Christine Janelle Madrigal Obdulia E Magadan (C) Sylvia Magallon Marie Christ Tandoc Magante (C) Christina Marie Malchar (C) Jessica Elise Maldonado Connie Annette Malek (M) Amy Bradley Malish Lauren B Manning Anna Manukyan Corinne Debora Marchese (C) Reinante Lisen Mariveles Christopher Joseph Marks (S) Lauren Nicole Marr Courtney Christine Marsh Michael Scott Marshall Veronica L Martelino Mary Ann Martin Korina R Martinez Rebecca R Martinez Regina Ann Martinez Samantha Lee Mason Krestin Nicole Masters (M) Jessica Mae Mather Jeff Mathew Nancy Colleen Mathews Valisa Matthews Janet Lee Mattox Hellen Maturi Kallie Ann McCallum Destiny C McCann Melanie Dionne McClain Stephanie Michelle McClure Michele Leigh McCluskey Laura Anne Mccollum Jessica Lauren McCoy (M) Ebony Nyoka McCullum Tyler Rae McDaniel (M) Bethany Durr McDaris Whitney Marie McDonald Roni Kay McDowell Hannah Elizabeth McGuire David Clay McIntyre Elizabeth Alexandra McKain Steven M Mckinney Brenna Mckowen Tesha P McLaren Kelly Ann McLaughlin Alicia Gay McLemore (C) Mary Stuart McRae Kay Lynne McWherter Seanna Michele Meehan Lindsey Gayle Melendez Megan Christine Melnikoff (C) Jose Ricardo Membreno Bobbie A Mengle Caridad Jeanette Merkel (C) Shannon Rae Metcalfe Dawn Elizabeth Meyer Sofia Mona Meyers (M) Salina V Meza (M) Jayna Leann Middleton Courtney Elizabeth Miller Lakiesha Shanique Miller Sana Miller (S) James Michael Million (M) Connie Susan Mills (C) Melissa Shannon Minarovic Elizabeth Anne Minor Diana Ruby Miranda Beverly Kristine Mireles-James Ambika Mishra Jane Elizabeth Mitchum Cristina Mladenka Lynet B Moenga Linda Louise Mogab Shabana Mohammed Dianna Orona Molina Grace E Moncibaiz Brianna Lynn Monks (C) Jessica Monsevalles Chantel M Moody Amber Rose Moore Jinhee Yu Moore (M) William Marshall Moore Martha Christina Morado Sonia Moran Julia Edith Moreno Angela Renee Morgan Roxanna Morgan (C) Kylie Elise Morris Sharon A Morris Tina Renee Morris Shana Marie Mosley Kathryn Suzanne Mosteller Pendo Mpiluka Susan Marie Muela Oghale Mukoro Crystal D Muller Rachel Ann Mullins Zachary A Murphy Jennifer Danielle Murray Florence Muvirimi (M) Joan Anne-Marie Myers Sharon Mavis Myers-Tackie Jacquiline Karegi Nahuina Audrey Nava Zohra Toffiq Nazarali Clift Maranyika Ncube Mwangi Peter Nduati Susan Lynn Neel Crystal L Negron Briana Katheryn Nehez (S)* Kristen Nehrig Kelly Ann Nelli Justine Anna Marie Nelson Sandra Lea Nelson Michelle Cecelia Nesbith-Sykes (M) Michelle Newsome Nancy Ng Pit Shun Ng (M) Marion Wanjala Ngondo Duyen Nguyen (M) Hang L Nguyen Linh D Nguyen Phong Duy Nguyen Tam T Nguyen Thuy Thanh Nguyen Marye Nickens Sherri Jo Nixon Oscar Noreuil Lisa T Nunez Augustine Efuna Nwankwo Leah Nyambeki Nyangeri (M) Martha Mugure Nyingi (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude *Honors College Commencement Ceremony 29

32 George Opondo Odhiambo (M) Dan Onyango Odinye Virginia Anderson Ofstein Linda Ugochi Ogbonna Chinelo C Okoli Ifeoma Okonkwo Amobi Dan Okpaluba David Aruwa Okwata Yetunde Tolulope Oladosu Aisha O Olaleye (C) Olanrewaju Omobola Olurode (C) Crystal Marie Omar Josephine Osoikholo Omobhude Lilly Rukayetu Omorogbe Simon Milimo Omusanga Michael K Onuorah Juliet Ebere Onyeador (M) Rena Okeyo Opondo Tidoshia Opusunju-Wanogho (C) Carol Ann Oran Cary Shawn Lee Orrick (M) Breanna Lee Ann Orsak Cesiah D Ortiz Claudia C Ortiz Elena Marie Ortiz Erica Ortiz Osarugie Courgae Ossei Norah Winda Owino Sharon Storey Oxford Mary Pacheco (C) Doris K Pack Rachael Medina Palacios Jamil Luther Paradela Mayra Paredes (C) Nungcool Park (C) Jennifer Leigh Parker Tia Rene Parks Heather Leigh Parks-Montoya Ryan James Parsille Diane Renee Pass (S) Camille Patterson Jamie Lynn Payne Linda Jean Paytonjian Michelle Pecenka (S) Jasper Elisabet Pena Jackie Ijeoma Penn Tracey Lee Perez Jean Marcel Perigord Joslyn Marie Perkins James Owen Perry Nicole Franchesca Perry Eleanor Lee Peters Kimberly Lynn Peters Debbie Nhung Pham Phuong Thuy Pham Quoc A Pham Tina L Phan Paige Marie Phillips Kendra Michelle Pierce Amy D Pinsen Sonia Pipkin Melinda Cleveland Pitts Kimberly Ranee Platt Harvey Andrew Pleasanton (C) Jennifer Lamay Pogue (C) Jennie Poitier Angelina Ponce Heather Anne Poole Maria Lourdes Posada (C) Vivek Poudel Christine M Pouliot (C) Jennifer Christine Powers (C) Erin Lynn Poynor (C) Annie Marium Prakash Eric Dewayne Price Kizzy Sharay Price Amanda Marie Proulx Brandon L Prunty James Addison Puckett (C) Pamela Renee Pugh Maria A Pulido Anaica Kenante Quao (C) Samar Ann Quimbayo Charlotte Quinn Stephanie L Quirino (C)* Jader Santiago Quiroz Rano Radzhabekova Indra Jaikaran Ramadhar Nicole Meshelle Ramage (M) Daniela Ramirez (M) Juli Alitia Ramirez Florinda Visperas Ramos (C) Kristine Ramos-Resurreccion Ranju Rana Sabina Rawal Kristin D Ray Monica Rae Rayo Khaula Mehdi Raza Natalie K Reding Shanon Lynn Reed Adam Martin Reeves (C) Barbara I Reichert (C) Deni Reid Doneath Michelle Reid Jennifer K Remo Tiara S Renfro Valerie Lopez Rennon Darla Ann Restivo Ana Grace Reyes Samantha Ann Reyes Donna Kay Reynolds Sharon Rae Reynolds (M) Sasha Jehanne Rhea (S) Zianna Rhymes Tiffany Opena Ricasio Angela Kristine Richards Silvia Maria Richards Gabriela Rico (C) Amanda Mae Riddle Holly K Riley Jomie Biscocho Rillera Luis Enrique Rivera Cynthia A Robenalt Nicole Diane Roberts (C) Karri Alasia Roberts-Allen Jessica L Robinson Peggy Ann Robinson (M) Stephanie Robinson Eden Elisabeth Rodgers Alison Lesley Rodriguez Gladys Rodriguez (M) Priscilla Rodriguez Rebecca Mae Rodriguez Shannon Michele Rodriguez Torri D Roland Lori D Roman (M) Lauren Estelle Roose Elizabeth Bankes Rose Kristin Melaine Rosenbaum Jamie Cavness Rowland Dawn Michelle Rupley Jessica Charlotte Rusinko Re Nae Russell (C) Thomas Caleb Rutan Michael Edward Sabat Cheryl Renee Sadler (C) Lauren Elizabeth Saenz (C) Elizabeth L Sagers (S) Maryam Sajjad (C) Nicole Birdwell Salafia Luz Maria Saldana Moro Umar Salia Rose M Saliji Natalia Branco Sapede Sampaio Charles Grant Sampeck (C) Andrea Ebony Marie Sanders Cathy Sanzo Carmelita J Schaefer (S) Ashley Nicole Schlotter (M) Patrick Thomas Schoenecker (S) Debra Lynn Schrader (M) Charles Brian Schriewer Terri Russelle Schufford Ann M Schuricht Shannon Mae Scolly Cheron Nadine Scott Erica Nicole Scott Ernest Lon Scott Mary Katlin Scott (S) Tameka Michelle Scott Chris Robert Selah Ileen P Self Geeta Selvi Patricia Devy Setyanti Djohanna Marie Sexon (S) Tina Marie Sexton Stephanie Lynne Shaeffer Ashley Golightly Shafer Valeria Sharetskaya Natalie Kay Shea (S) Eunhyung Shin Amy Ladawn Short Miva Shrestha Soni Yogal Shrestha Brenda J Shugart Lyndell Ann Shunk (C) Twila May Shuquist (C) Ottilia Sibanda Lisa Kay Simmons Colette Marie Singletary Ronda Jean Skaggs Charlene Roxanne Smalls Lynne Sue Smigelski (C) Chelsea K Smith Katie Ives Smith 30 The University of Texas at Arlington

33 Kellie Sue Smith Kimberly Jean Smith Melanie Love Smith (S) Nicole Lorann Smith (C) Stephen J Smith (S) Michael James Sneath Deborah A Sokol Christine Elizabeth Solis Kimberly D Solorzano (M) Stephanie Spaight Jimmy Lance Spakes Lindsey Leigh Spangler (C) Mythily Srigananathan (C) Archana Srivastava Homecia Carmen St Clair Kathryn Ruth Staifer (M) Jacqueline Ann Stake Stephanie Sue Starnes (S) Kimberly Bridzeke Staton (M) Jeremiah Lawrence Stecki Stacey Ann Steinfeld Ashley Lynette Stephens Wesley Joe Stephens (C) Yvette E Stephens Jennifer Ann Stepp Mark Wilson Stockman Rebecca Ann Strain (M) Michelle Renee Strange Michelle Dawn Stuart Robert Stanfel Stuart Anne Marie Sullivan (S) Irene Kwamboka Summers (C) Tahrem Surani (C) Aaron Paul Surcouf Mary M Svendrowski (M) Kristina Marie Sykes Gail Ingrid Szymanski (M) Samara Anne Talmage Robin Eileen Tangen Stefanie Lynn Tanner Clayton Scott Taylor Eileen Marie Taylor Heather Michele Taylor Koury Shea Taylor (M) Matthew C Taylor (C) Sophia Ortiz Taylor (C) Stephanie Michelle Taylor Toni M Taylor Annie Laurelle Tchinjo Lacy Marie Teems Tamika M Tellez Michael W Temesgen Rebecca L Terry Ronnie Jordan Terry (C) Chankanika Theam Jonathan Mark Thomas Mia Gisele Thomas (C) Rinzy Thomas Jaime Ellis Thompson (M) Kyle Moore Thorne Mary Elizabeth Threadgill Joseph Alexander Thrower Anjana Timalsina Erin C Tims Jake Patton Tinsley (C) Liza D Titus Darrell Arthur Trahan (M) Tan Tran (M) Denise Michelle Trejo (M) Holly Gail Tucker Sarah C Tucker Marisa Ellen Tull (M) Jennifer Ann Turner (C) Jessica Turner Kelly Teagan Turner (C) Rebecca Marie Tweedy Tammy Y Tyler Gina Merlene Tyra (C) Ehijele Unuigbe Barbara Ann Upchurch Markie Lynette Urso Mary Elizabeth Vaden Carlos Eduardo Valdez Sheri L Valencia Joshua Antonio Valentin (M) Amy Christine Vardaman (M) John Adam Vega (C) Norma Velasquez (M) Victor Fabian Venegas Micah Robert Venjohn Nicole A Vermeer Kristi Michelle Villalta Jennifer Anne Vinciguerra Jennifer Marie Vissage Linh Thi Thuy Vu (C) Stephanie Jean Wade Ellen Louise Wagner (C) Kashica Latwon Walker Ashley R Wallace Deanna Lynne Walters Clementine M Wamboye Shu Wang (M) Priscillah Mukami Wanjohi Gregory Scott Ward Kelly Renee Ward (C) Ashley Nicole Warner (M) Jeannette Kassem Warren (C) Tankeia Tanye Warren Gaylynn Ganeese Washburn Rebecca Jane Washburn Monique Y Washington (M) Codi Racquelle Watkins Rebecca H Watts Cheryol D Weathers Jessica Deann Weathers Timothy Carter Weaver Pamela Kaye Webb (M) Melissa Tyann Weinman Abigail E Wells (C) Melissa Rosibel Wendt Jennifer Lynn West Liana Elizabeth Wheatley Sharon Marie Wheeler Grace Christhelle Whitehead Susan Claire Whitis (C) Mallory Whitten (C) Taylor Nicole Widler Sheryl Yvonne Wiese Alisha Jonetta Wildee Amy Elisabeth Wilder James B Wiley Bridget Shawntay Williams Deidra Marie Williams Kara J Williams Lavonya Curry Williams Sharon Merlene Williams Susan Lee Williams Angela Kim Wilson (C) Angela Michelle Wilson (C) Lindsay D Ann Wilson Scott Edward Winget April R Wiseman Yekuno Y Woldeyesus Richard Lyle Wolfe (S) Lauren Michelle Wooley Gloria Elizabeth Worth Shelly Lynn Wray Carri Larae Wright (C) Krystal Shay Wright Zee Xiong Victorine Lumafor Tashi Yangni Brian William Yates (C) Sora Yi (C) Christine Oribello Young Min J Yu Ariana Divina Zani (C) Victor Manuel Zaragoza (M) Giselle Zavala Ashlee Rezvan Zeighami Roxanne Zeilmann Leslie Ann Zogheib (M) Emily May Zoglman Veronica Judith Zuniga Teresa Kay Zwolenik Janis K Abens Norma Adame Erin Michele Adams Bolanle D Adebola Dorcas Oluwatoyin Adeniran Abimbola T Afode (M) Wilkins Ahuta Tonia Michelle Ajamu (C) Gustavo Alcantar Aleman Faizan Ali Julia Elizabeth Alvis (C) Yves-Aime Amougou Amougou (C) Melecio Bonifacio Antepuesto Angela Renee Arrieta Sandra Gayle Atkinson (S) Jennifer Ann Bailey Lorriane L Banyon (C) Deirdre Graziella Bauer (M) (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude *Honors College Commencement Ceremony 31

34 Tyisha Beachum Niki Kalyn Beaty (M) Sheila Danelle Bell Brenda Belton Ana Alicia Benavides Emily N Bennett Angela M Benton-Treece Misty C Berry Rachel Lynn Bettenhausen Kaylan Elizabeth Bifaro (C) Samantha Joleen Bioseh Lori Ann E Blanton Stephanie Blue Brooke Nicole Boggs (M) Wendi Bolton (S) Veronica Faye Bosley Natalie Ann Bossenberger Lesley Braun (M) Carey Lynn Braungart (C) Paula Jean Brice (C) Crystal Michele Bridges David Wayne Bridges Rhonda L Briscoe Kimberly C Broadneax (S) Wymberly Kay Brown Jennifer Lynn Budzinski (M) Elena Katherine Burton (C) Ginger Bussey Bridget Lynell Byrd Alea Kate Call Anna Rajnik Callaway Rebecca Lynn Calle Darleen Gay Cameron Lisa Marie Carriger (M) Helen Catherine Carroll (C) Angela Denise Carter Ellen Kottas Caton (M) Kerri Rae Cavin (C) Stacee Rae Cervantes Soniya Joseph Chakkalayil John Lawrence Chamberlain (C) Maria Magdalena Chapa-Ponce Julie Ann Chapman (C) Ronda Ann Chennault Lakeisha M Cherry Nkem Chiedu Lori Hope Chirico Deana Marie Christensen Daniel Paul Christopher Marcia Lynn Christy Chibogu Victoria Chukwukelu (S) Steven Cintron Carrie Ann Claus (M) Karen Nicole Claussen (M) Joann Cleveland Ramona Louise Cleveland (C) Elizabeth Ann Clifton (M) Kara Ann Connolly Lisa Dawn Cooper Stacy Darlene Cooper Jonathan Cordero Jennifer Lynn Cornelius James Thomas Cottrell Hanna Leigh Coyle Luke Robert Creasman Michelle Elyse Criger (M) Deanna Marie Crowley Stephanie Anne Curtis Krista Rose Dall Lisa Marie Dangel (C) Dwight A Davis (C) Karen Marie Davis Mary Elizabeth Deaton (M) Andrew Douglas Denny (C) Kimberly Gayle Deveaux Cloressa Marie Dizney (M) Sarah Shannon Dodson Stacy Dawn Douglas (C) Wynter Diane Doyal Jill Marie Drew Camille Ralphene Dumoit Elizabeth Duran (C) Joan Renea Dzick Jason Adam Eckols (S) Susie Ann Edlund Colleen Rita Eickmeier David A Eiler Theresa April Ekl (C) Myriam Elzoghbi Charles Eromonsele Esechie Joyce Marie Esparza Nicole Esquivel Noemi Estrada Patricia Ann Everhart Tolia N Fahner Onyonka (C) Sarah Simone Falcone Linda Chantos Faucette (M) Bernadette Elizabeth Felton Winifred Lynn Fletcher Evonne Nmi Ford (C) Julie Christine Ford (M) Deanna Lee Foster (C) Lori Lynn Franssen Monique Cheree Fuller Reiko Furuya (M) Ekaterina Gabay Mercy N Gacuru Betty Jean Galbraith Crystal Arely Galdamez Jennifer Lynn Galloway Milly M Gan Mandy Lynne Garnier (C) Minimol George (C) Linda F Gill Crystal Starr Gladden Stacie Renee Gloede Darla Kaye Gonzales Lisa Sandlin Gough (C) Sarah Elizabeth Grady Christine Graves Miranda Marie Green Stephanie Renee Griffith (C) Karon Ruth Grubbs Lizeth Silvana Grun Maira L Guevara Haley Nicole Gutierrez (M) Natalie Hafele Tara Marie Haggard Lorena June Hall Julie Marie Hampton (C) Daphne Renee Hardie Avis Lynne Harris Debra Jean Harris Eugenie Lee Hartman Sarah J Hartman (M) Tania Rochelle Hastings (M) Sharon Marie Hauswirth Danica Ruth Hawkins Nicole Natashea Hawkins Karri Lynn Hayford (C) Andrea Michelle Heggem (M) Temple Diane Helm (M) Marycarmen Hernandez Omar Olinsser Hernandez Rose Argelic Hernandez Sandra Carabajal Hernandez Kathlene Mateo Hilario Jennifer M Hitchner Allison Christine Hogan (C) Kelly Maureen Holden (C) Michael Alexander Holland Corey C Hooper Laci Lauren Hudson Samantha Hughes Benigna C U Igbokwe Rachel Kwaghbee Ijir Sobhana Jacob Martha A Jarquin Magel Ann Jasso Kerry L Jenkins Anne-Marie Theresa Jensen Mereena John (C) Amber Christine Johnson Cheneka Dakise Johnson Martha L Johnson Ronda Lee Johnson Sharon T Johnson Sherry Michelle Johnson Tyler May Johnson (C) Valerie Genet Johnson Sharon Obrero Johnston (C) Cynthia James Jones (M) Kamilah T Jones Rosha Joshi James Edward Jurrens (C) Adrian Kaheaku Tina Michele Kanagie (C) Brandy Kanitz (M) Seifu Alemu Kebebaw Linda Lee Kelso Anthony David Ketchersid (S) Mary Jo Kidd Jisook Kim Amber Michelle King LaDonna J King Christine Rebecca Kocurek Rachael A Kocurek (C) Anna Marie Koralewski Blake Dwayne Krakue Theresa Krell Kimley Denise Lacey Deborah Anne Laigaie Erica Nicole Lamarr (M) NiCole Ann Landon Angela Denise Langford 32 The University of Texas at Arlington

35 Cheryl Elaine Lawrence Hoseok Lee Hye Roung Lee Hye-Sun Lee Jamie Lynn Lee (C) Ji Yun Lee Karen Elizabeth Lestage (C) Beverly Elaine Lewis Julia Lewis Marla Ann Licon (M) Jared Linder (M) Julie Rinell Link (M) Mark Brandon Lisonbee (M) Patricia Nicole Little (C) Charlotte Michelle Loflin Sue Ellen Louise Loisel Jessica Paige Longmire Julie Catherine Lopez (S) Heather Michele Madler (S) Chrissy Ladon Madrid Nkeiruka Oduagu Madubueze Kathi Mcgee Martinez Roberta L Martinez Darlene Masters (C) Alicia Lateef Mathis Sara Jean Mayer Reshay Antoinette Mayfield Stephen Wayne McCracken Abigail McFadden Vicki McNeir Martin B McQuaid Jenny M Meiss Evelyn Liliana Mendez Dianne Christine Merbach Pedro Mercado Marissa Leigh Merritt Samantha June Merritt Robert P Meyer Vickie Jean Meza (C) Joy Hadassa Miccio Angela Ward Middleton (C) Stacey Lynn Mitchum (C) Tifuh Mofor Angelica Hernandez Montoya Carrie Mae Moore Brandi Kaylan Moore Hinckley Rose-Ann Obiageli Morah Erin Lynn Morehead Sha-Lene Mcneil Morgan D Shuanna Renee Morgan-Grice Juliana Emetaghor Mowoe Melanie Martha Moyle Paul Daniel Mundt (M) Lana Rene Myers Adrienne F Nash Sofia Ignacia Nava (M) Michael Ndudim Mindy Jay Neill Heather Ashley Nielson (C) Vusindlu Samkeliso Nkomo Michelle Anne Norvell Angela Ndawi Nwoko Femi Benaiah Obanor Sonya Yvonne Ochoa Catherine C Ogbonna Clementina A Ogwuma Chinoyerem Anayo Oji Millian Adaobi Okafor Jindu O Okwuwa Sheila Renee Olivarez (C) Vera Olojakpoke Elo Edith Omakor Cyril Chukwudi Onyemaechi Yuliana Organiz-Mata Graciela Ortega Samuel Mboya Ouya Jae Park Alyse Kathleen Paull Stephen Peardon Diana Lynn Pemberton (M) Cori Ann Pettit Rhiannon Pfullman Quynh-Giao N Pham Lisa Marie Pierce (C) Jacob A Pietersen (M) Andrea Brooke Pilote Kathryn Brown Placide Breanna Catherine Player Steven Thomas Pleiman Jacquelyn Elizabeth Poduslo Brenda Faye Porch Bianca Abbott Posada Erin Michelle Prater Kimberly Alain Prejean (S) Amanda Esther Price (S) Lisa Jeannette Prince Holly Ann Probasco Brenda Kay Putz Diane Jean Raines-Gass (S) Victor Michael Armea Ramos Naeemah Tamar Redmond Margaret C Reed Minerva Yolanda Reyes Tanya Annette Roberge (C) Sharon Lorraine Roberts Adonis Rodriguez (C) Laura Mae Rodriguez (C) Brena Eskine Romero (M) Vikramjit K Rupinder Helen Rose Sacchette (C) Mario Alfonso Salazar James R Salinas Shaneicka Nicole Salter Lauren Denise Sanchez Yvette Flores Sanchez Donna Lea Sanft (C) Eduardo Santana Maqueda Samantha Jo Santiago Jessica Nicole Santoyo Apryl Dawn Satterlee (M) Robert Ellis Satterlee (M) Jennifer Jimenez Sauls Katrina Schabacker Stephanie Anne Schaefer (M) Carla Ann Schwertner Celia Leigh Scott Rebecca Lynne Scott Deborah Jean Segoviano (S) Heather Anne Holt Seidel Jessica R Sena (C) Patti Lynn Shaver Debra Lynn Shearon Christi Lynn Shelley Sharyn Birch Shepherd Deborah Short Dannee RA Silva Katia Luzia Sims Manjeet Singh Lakiesha N Skief Regina Lynn Sledge Lauren Elizabeth Smith Sarah Snow Jennifer Linzel Soifer (M) Daniel P Solis Stephanie Nepomuceno Soriano Stephany Sosa Michael Eugene Sparks Maria Amparo Speers Stephanie Claire Spencer Jessica Stack Kristen Elizabeth Steelman Beatrice Ogoh Stephens Stephanie Hope Stetina (M) Ashley Nicole Strait (S) Michelle Frances Straley Shabnum Shakeel Suhag Amanda Lin Swarts (M) Marcella Jane Szeliga Patricia Womack Tanner Connie Sue Taylor (M) Susan Warren Taylor Margaret Techtmann Tina Marie Terry Lisa Marie Theiler Shederick Lee Thomas Tammy Ann Thrall Johnnie Lynn Timmons Joanne Tobias Terri A Travis Julie Ann Treadaway Aravah Treister (S) Cynthia C Truelove Renee Tunstall Robbie Jennice Turner Rebecca Anne Tutt Risea Twum-Barima (M) Jane Ngozi Udeh Ngozi Uketui Gretchen Lynn Umlor (M) Beth Holcombe Usry Donna Jean Valdez (M) Lynda Kristine Valdez (M) Joyce K Van Nostrand (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude Commencement Ceremony 33

36 Danielle Marie Vargas (C) Sylvia Lorena Vargas Edward James Vasquez Janice Evelyn Vasquez Gloria Jean Verret (C) Judith Vonehr (C) Claudette C Waites Lisa Denise Wall Tammy Dean Wallace Jackie Yvette Warren-Jackson (C) Keith Warzecha Minnie Mae Washington Donica West Nicole Annette West Carol Gist White Elizabeth Ann White (M) Racquel Emalie White Dena Kay Williams Logan Alan Williams (C) Lynette Rene Williams Ronda Leigh Williamson (C) Lynelle Lea Witt Nattaya Wongsuwan Elizabeth Deann Wood Rhonda Lynn Woodson Teresa Woolf (C) Maria Michelle Worful Bo Wu Ling Chia Yang Jessica Dietz Yarbrough Ashley Dianna Yount Reena Abraham Zachariah Gulnaz Zangirova College of Science Doctoral Degrees Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry Jeremy Spence Barnes M.S., UT Arlington, 2010 B.S., UT Arlington, 2003 Dissertation Title: Characterization of Flavonoid Structures and Reactivities Using Online Continuous Flow Kinetic Measurements and Higher Order MSn Supervising Professor: Kevin Schug Shuai Chen B.S., Donghua University, 2008 Dissertation Title: Design and Synthesis of Flavin-Based Organocatalysts for Biomimetic Aerobic Oxidation Reactions Supervising Professor: Frank Foss Ghazaleh Ghadimkhani B.S., University of Tehran, 2009 Dissertation Title: Novel Electrode Material for Carbon Dioxide and Dioxygen Reduction Supervising Professor: Krishnan Rajeshwar Leticia Loredo B.S., UT Arlington, 2008 Dissertation Title: Dioxygen and Peroxide Activation by an Unnatural Amino Acid Incorporated Cytochrome P450cam and P450 BM3 Supervising Professor: Roshan Perera Jonathan Paul Smuts M.S., University of Stellenbosch, 2008 B.S., University of Cape Town, 1999 B.S., University of Cape Town, 1998 Dissertation Title: The Use of Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) and Liquid Chromatography (LC) for the Separation of Pharmaceutical Products, Natural Products, and Chiral Phosphoric and Sulfonic Acids Supervising Professor: Daniel Armstrong Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental and Earth Science Jamie Annette Miller M.S., UT Arlington, 1997 B.S., UT Arlington, 1989 Dissertation Title: Motion and Rigidity of the Caribbean Plate and the Geodetic Monitoring of Dominica, Lesser Antilles Supervising Professor: Glen Mattioli Doctor of Philosophy in Experimental Psychology YunHee Choi M.A., Indiana State University, 2007 B.A., Duksung Women s University, 2004 Dissertation Title: An Examination of the Validity of the Central Sensitization Inventory with Chronic Disabling Occupational Musculoskeletal Disorders Supervising Professor: Robert Gatchel Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics Huankun Fu M.S., Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2008 B.S., Xuzhou Normal University, 2004 Dissertation Title: High Order Numerical Schemes For PDEs and Applications in CFD Supervising Professor: Chaoqun Liu Manoj Kumar Thapa M.S., Tribhuvan University, 2005 B.S., Tribhuvan University, 2002 Dissertation Title: DNS Study for the Origin and Mechanism of the Chaotic Flow in Late Boundary Layer Transition over a Flat Plate Supervising Professor: Chaoqun Liu Nilusha LT Padivitage M.S., University of Peradeniya, 2004 B.S., University of Peradeniya, 2002 Dissertation Title: Development, Evaluation, and Application of Cyclofructans as Separation Agents Supervising Professor: Daniel Armstrong Haixiao Qiu M.S., East China University of Science and Technology, 2008 B.S., East China University of Science and Technology, 2005 Dissertation Title: Development of New Stationary Phases and Their Applications in High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Supervising Professor: Daniel Armstrong Doctor of Philosophy in Experimental Psychology Priya Anapurna Iyer M.S., UT Arlington, 2010 B.A., Purdue University, 2008 Dissertation Title: What Are The Long-Term Consequences of Peer Victimization? Changes in Biological Functioning and Its Effects on Psychological and Physical Health Supervising Professor: Lauri Jensen-Campbell Adria Denise Toliver M.S., UT Arlington, 2010 B.A., Agnes Scott College, 2008 Dissertation Title: Measuring Corporate Social Responsibility Through Organizational Values: A Scale Validation Study Supervising Professor: Shannon Scielzo Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics Ibrahim Diakite M.S., UT Arlington, 2009 B.S., Cadi Ayyad University, 2006 Dissertation Title: Effects of Discrete Time Delays and Parameters Variation on Dynamical Systems Supervising Professor: Benito Chen- Charpentier Xiaoyang Dong B.S., Sichuan University, 2008 Dissertation Title: Mathematical Modeling of Nutrient Recycling and Toxin Production in a Gradostat Supervising Professor: Hristo Kojouharov Daoying Lin M.S., UT Arlington, 2012 B.S., Fuzhou University, 2008 Dissertation Title: Haplotype-Based Statistical Inference for Case-Control Genetic Association Studies with Complex Sampling Supervising Professor: Yan Li Weichao Wang B.S., University of Science and Technology of China, 2008 Dissertation Title: Alternating Directional Doubling Algorithm for M-matrix Algebraic Riccati Equation Supervising Professor: Ren-cang Li 34 The University of Texas at Arlington

37 Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology Tamer Farouk Desouky M.S., UT Arlington, 2011 B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2006 Dissertation Title: The Association Between Executive Functioning and Self-Regulation Strategies in Relation to the Protective Health Behaviors of Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Supervising Professors: Jared Kenworthy, Mary Cazzell Jeffrey Swanson M.A., Texas State University, 2006 B.A., Texas Tech University, 2004 Dissertation Title: Predictors of Adjustment to September 11th and the Anthrax Attacks Supervising Professor: Angela Liegey Dougall Doctor of Philosophy in Quantitative Biology Katrina Lynn Pound M.S., Texas State University at San Marcos, 2008 B.S., UT Austin, 2004 Dissertation Title: Local and Watershed Influences on the Species Composition and Functional Organization of Stream Diatom Communities in the Acid-Impacted Adirondack Region of New York Supervising Professor: Sophia Passy Jyotiska Chaudhuri M.S., University of Abertay Dundee, 2007 B.T., West Bengal University of Technology, 2005 Dissertation Title: Nematodes with Three Genders: Models for the Evolution of Mating Systems, Parasitism, and Aging Supervising Professor: Andre Pires da Silva Natalie Ellen Hubbard M.S., UT Arlington, 2005 B.S., UT Arlington, 2003 Dissertation Title: Impacts of Anthropogenic Disturbances and Drought on Breeding Bird Abundance and Diversity in the Rolling Plains Ecoregion of Texas Supervising Professor: Robert McMahon Alisa Moric Johnson B.S., UT Arlington, 2005 Dissertation Title: The Ability of Saponins from Variety of Natural Sources to Prevent Infection Caused by Common Waterborne Pathogens Supervising Professor: Michael Roner Nisita Obulareddy M.S., Bharathidasan University, 2000 Dissertation Title: Biological Function of JAZ Proteins in the Interaction Between Pseudomonas syringae and Arabidopsis thaliana Supervising Professor: Maeli Melotto Master s Degrees Department of Biology Master of Science in Biology Sudip Adhikari Bernadette Celise Aguilar Michelle Eller Lauren Stephanie Hardy Harry Okezie Okoroegbe Leslie A Segovia Anchana Thaweethawakorn Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Master of Science in Chemistry Aarti Bashyal Program in Earth and Environmental Sciences Master of Science in Environmental and Earth Science Jason Berry Fidelis Egbogu Tisha Farr Angela Kilpatrick Sean Shahryar Kimiagar Alex Mankin Paul David Monahan Robert F Nikirk Zachary Robert Tondre Glory Walker Brett Huffman Erin Elizabeth McPherson Chinonye Uloaku Uwaga Master of Science in Geology Shariva Darmaoen Jerry Timothy Ford Jillian Rowley Tore Ray Wiksveen Oluwasesan Ayo Alalade Skyler Stiefel Smith Department of Mathematics Master of Arts in Mathematics James Matthew Alexander Jill-Nicole Alexander Nhi T Bui Brandon Daniel Heine Master of Science in Mathematics Hyung Wook Chun Department of Physics Master of Science in Physics Emad Nayef Nimri Department of Psychology Master of Science in Psychology Adalberto Rodriguez Araiza II Allyson Antoinette Cua Arana Maria Elizabeth Guarneri-White Samara Morris Bobzean Hollie Beth Pellosmaa Baccalaureate Degrees Department of Biology Bachelor of Arts in Biology Byanca Armijo Mayra Celis Erin Ariel Greene (M) Emily Rebecca Jabour Kyle E Jenkins Tiffany M Nguyen Nida Raja Amy Jo Tils (M) Timothy Aaron Witter (S) Julie Wright Joshua Blake Barnes Crystal Marie Cooksey Lindsey M Hart Bachelor of Science in Biology Lena A Abuhandara (S) Mayuen Kol Ajak Mahmoud Hatim Al-Ajba (C) Carola Miller Alvarez Mariela Andrea Alvarez-Obregon Travis Duane Anteau (C) Mohammed Asaduzzaman Toria Ates Mercy U Ayuba Pankaj BC (C) Christine Marie Bateson (M) Steven Randall Bean Emmanuel Asare Bekoe Thomas Michael Bell (M) Whitney Shane Bell (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude Commencement Ceremony 35

38 Neal A Bennett Samik Bhattarai Alexandra Michelle Cawthorne David Samuel Chapman (S) Santosh Kumar Chaurasia (C) Layal Mohamad Chehade Wenjing Chen Amanda Grace Cleveland (S) Daniel Luis De La Cruz Larance A Delasbour Chandani Dhungana (S) Mohammad Majed Diab Kaleigh Brooke Dodson Courtney Erin Elledge Christina Farrar Christopher Michael Fields Binyam Mezgebe Fitwi (S) Jennifer C Fox Andre Jamil Francis Lisa K Gamwell (M) Rajan Gautam Elizabeth Michelle Gebhardt Andrew T George Erica M Greback Amanda Diane Greer Steve Ha Omar M Hamdan (Second major in Microbiology) Charles Darran Hanson Sylvia May Harmon Jenna L Hatchitt Ashlee L Heiland Yadira Y Hernandez Barbra Hilliard Sarah Elizabeth Rae Holbrook Johnny Huynh Jennifer Elizabeth Innis Tesneem Issa (S) Jesney Jacob (C) Amir Jalali Chelsea Dian Johnson Melvin J Johnson Zainah A Jubain Amrita Singh Kamboj (C) Courtney Milas Kennedy Elizabeth Z Khan Peter Yong Kim Frederick B Kourie Priscilla Janneth Krinkey Mindy Lam Anthony Le Phuong Trang Nguyen Le (M) Minlu Li (C) Adrianna D Lucas Karen A Macias Cory Thomas Malone Prija Manandhar Jazzmin Janae Marshall Josh Tanner McMurray (M) Pornpasouk Donald Mingboupha Yatish A Mistry (C) Mia Evette Moore Jose Luis Morales Rojelio Morales Kibanda Junior Munianga Sophia N Ngenge Bao-Thach N Ngo Justin M Ngo Anh Thu D Nguyen Bich Tram T Nguyen (S) Charlie L Nguyen David H Nguyen (M) Elizabeth Tran Nguyen Toan Quoc Nguyen (S) Koyenum C Obi (M) Chinomso Ogbonna Ogbonna Florence A Ogunfunwa Mahendra Kumar Oli Dua a A Omar (M) Rachel A Omondi Lauren Michelle Overzet Ravi J Patel Alberta N Peprah Darah F Pereira Corina Perez (C) Trang Thi Xuan Phan Kiara Melissa Portillo Austin Taylor Price (C) Frances Nicole Proctor Vinh Quach (M) Monica Rivera Jennifer Michelle Rocha Caitlin Sackett (C) Said Abubaker Sadat Tanu Saini Karina Annette Salmeron Samuel T Scarborough Lauren S Scott Ami Shrestha (C) Nadia Meher Siddiqi Brooklynne E Simpson Macie Rujoan Skinner Rachel M Sparks (M) Samuel Christian Stanley Andrea Lopiccolo Stinson (S) (Second major in Chemistry) Joshua Mathew Thomas (C) Renita Aby Thomas (C) Bryan V To Victoria To (M) Lisa Tran (S) The Kim T Tran Samuel Eliezar Urias Anh Tuyet Thi Vu (S) Wesley R Walters Jessica E Washington Elester Williams Rebekah K Withers Na Ra Yoon Greer Larkin Young Rita M Aberle Starla S Anderson Ahmed Bashir Abner Cabriales Omair Rafiq Chaudry Darrelle L Colinot (C) # Kara Elizabeth Crouch Imohimi Eboweme Mohamad M El-Khatib Nidaa Mewafac El-Khatib Jose F Hernandez Micah Garza Holden Chandni Jayesh Jariwala Marque S Jones Rafel Kalo Nabin Khadka Hyunmin Kim Sungryeong Kim (S) Aneetta Kuriakose (C) Angela Rachelle Lane Mariano E Marquez Genesis Chamreun Moul Mike Ngu Dzung V Nguyen Brett Edward Noeske Brittany Nussbaum (M) Javier Eduardo Ordonez (S) Jinlee Amber Park (M) Henry Pena Kyle Patrick Pentony (C) Phuong Duy Pham Uyen Hoang Thao Pham (C) Nhi Tuyet Phan-Tran (M) Parostu Rohanni (M) Lindsey Diane Stecker Summer Rinske Stevens Ngoc Bich P Ta (M) Hung Thanh Tran Tuan N Vu Vinith S Vunnam Andrea Shannon Williams Stephanie E Windschitl Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology Narendra Dhoj Bhandari Sabeena Dhungana Susama Dotel Emiko Dougherty (C) Yashoda Ghimire Santosh Shrestha Hameeda Surani Cody S Ferstl Bachelor of Science in Microbiology Nhan H Do Zachary K Jackson Felipe Licon Jorge A Silva Criselda Fuentes Torres (Second major in Biology) Thea P Blesener Mohsin Lateef Alina Shrestha Stephanie E Windschitl3 36 The University of Texas at Arlington

39 Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry Samantha H Baldado Jonathone Yang (C) Sana Anwar Joshua Adam Kain Bachelor of Science in Biological Chemistry Stephanie Kau Korlie Tony Nguyen* Courtney M Wolfskill Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry Amanda Megan Beckwith Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Douglas F Castrillo Elisa M Rice (C) Jonathan B Thacker (M) Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Earth Science Mikael P Hiestand (S) Samridhi Shakya Bachelor of Arts in Geology Mark Trevor Washuleski Bachelor of Science in Geoinformatics Joseph B Manuel Bachelor of Science in Geology Monet R Alvarado Julio Fernando Alvarez Vincent P Egyed Antonio Gilman Joshua B Hodge Ammar Abduljabbar Ibraheem Brandy M Martinez Michael A Ray Zakariah Edward Sabatka Steve Santana (M) William Joel Schiffer Joseph A Sortore (C) Zachary E Sutton Guy A Turner Jenna M West (S) Derek T Bammel Ciel Elizalde Ziad Mohamad Hamam Daniel Raymond Kirkwood (S) Musube Andre Musube Kishan Suwal Department of Mathematics Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Samantha Shannon Crowell Norma Ghanem (S)* Albert C Lopez Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Fatima A Ayyad Alexander D Carrington Vishal J Dodhiya Nhan Trong Le (C) Jesus E Perez Brian C Sadler Joseph A Smith (Second major in Physics) Erick Allan Villarreal (S) Department of Physics Bachelor of Arts in Physics Denver R Scott Bachelor of Science in Physics Ruperto Alejandro Aaron Baca Jeremiah D Browne Keith P Gray Walter Alec Huerta Kathleen F Smilie Jaime Omar Soto Matthew W Harper Monica Sosa Department of Psychology Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Maryam Y Afify (M) Blessing O Ananti Laura P Araiza Arturo David Bermea (C) Leigha Michelle Bouldin Melissa Shay Butler Sierra P Cantu (S) Brandi Marcee Cavener (M) Daniela Alexa Chaires (S) Laureen Esther Chamagua Heidi E Childers Jessica Brooke Connell (M) Alicia M Couch Phi Danh Rebecca Ann Davis (S) Christopher- Rodriguez De Perez Aliza Katrina Denobrega (M)* Sarah Duckett Yassmin A Eldouh (Second major in Journalism) Roxana Flores Victor M Flores Deanna Ree Garrett Nakita D Gee Cassidy A Gorman Michael Benjamin Gunderson Adrianna Celeste Guzman Francisco J Guzman Jordan Taylor Irvin (M) Jesse B Jasso Stephanie A Johnson (M) Kelsi Ane Lucas (M) Tristyn Lee-Noell Luster Audria Michelle Lyons (S) Kayla Sharnell McDow Yukie K McGregor Chelsi Najera Michelle Thuy Nguyen (S) Inaba Janessa Onojeta Daniel Morales Palacios (M) Agustin Rodriguez (C) Karina A Rohr Dana Sahloul Mark Alexander Salinas Eduardo Sanchez Alexandra Kim Schiller Sarah Nicole Schramme Tiffany Rae Sola Cynthia Judith Tellez Katherine Anne Thompson Christie Huizar Valle Emily Ann Wingard Bradley Joseph Blackstone (M) Ramona Gabriela Frausto Destiny D Gabriel Tyler G Garrett Nancy Marie Miller Bernard Adusei Owusu Janet Seibatu Parker Brian R Ravkind (C) Nisha Shrestha (M) Bachelor of Science in Psychology Zafina Ahsan (M) Krystal Suzanne Belt (C) Brooke D Dennis Christopher J Fraher (C) Pringka Hossain (S) Victoria Ashley Icho Gillian Erin Luszik Musaab Adam Monier Pallavi Sharma Marianne Dione Zafra (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude *Honors College # McNair Scholar Commencement Ceremony 37

40 School of Social Work Doctoral Degrees Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work Amy M Strong-Blakeney M.S.W., University of Houston, 1999 B.S.W., UT Austin, 1994 Dissertation Title: Systemic Components of Care that Affect Self-Sufficiency for Youth Transitioning out of Foster Care Supervising Professor: Maria Scannapieco Pamela Hancock Bowers M.S.W., University of Denver, 2006 B.A., San Francisco State University, 2005 Dissertation Title: Development of an Adaptation Model for Health Interventions for Sexual and Gender Minorities: A Grounded Theory Study Supervising Professor: John Bricout Gracie Brownell M.S., Baylor University, 2009 B.A., Shorter University, 2006 Dissertation Title: The Reintegration Experiences of Ex-Child Soldiers in Liberia Supervising Professor: Randall Basham Aaron Robb M.E., University of North Texas, 1997 B.S., Texas A&M University, 1993 Dissertation Title: Professional Preparation and Practices of Child Custody Evaluators: A Comparative Study of Masters-Level and Doctoral-Level Practitioners Supervising Professor: Maria Scannapico Latoya LeShea Smith M.A., UT Arlington, 2005 B.A., UT Arlington, 2002 Dissertation Title: Ecological Correlates Associated with the Academic Achievement of African American Youth Supervising Professor: Maria Scannapieco Master s Degrees Master of Science in Social Work Kimberly Parker Karla Arenas Tamala Baker-McMichael Courtney LeAnn Barnard Gena R Barrett Kenzie Brewer Monica Diane Brown Stephanie Brown Elsa Leticia Bulmer Sheri Bumgardner Audrey Burnett David Leon Butler Jr Cherise A Caldwell Mayra Camacho-Mota Deborah Ann Cardosa Carmen Charles Gertrude Chideme Carrie Christal Taylor Courtney Cope Rebecca Ann Cox Channell Joyce Daniels Marissa Sade David Jewel E Dey Brittany Nicole Disbrow Alexandra Doherty Chad E Duncan Chiara Eberhardt Jarett Brice Edge Tierra Evans Emily Diane Foote Laura Fredericks Margarita Gonzalez Michelle Lynn Gray Patricia Vasquez Guardiola Robert Austin Guess Crystal Noel Haas Robin Alane Harp Alyshia Harter Makayla Hix Kristina Honnoll Dee Jacobi-Edwards Garen Jarvis Gasparro Fatima G Jenkins Mary Elizabeth Kopsovich Amy Lane Veronica Lara Orozco Brian H Lockett Erica Martinez Anpu Mathews Jane Qualls Mathis Chantal Mays Sierra D McFan Amber Miller Chastity Shantay Miller Kendall Miller Nikisha LaChand Mosley Ann Nakibuye Leah Nicole Nelson Su don Nelson Amy Newman Erika Newton Anastasia Angelique Nixon Terra Michelle Oden Jeanine Palmer Arnaldo Pellot Victor Manuel Perales Vanessa Michelle Pettijohn Megan Pick Aditi Prabhakar Rebecca Ray Cristina Sarmiento Alyce Rachel Seligson Amber Shattuck Latricia Lanell Shaw Janiece C Smallwood Erica Smith Katrice Ravon Smith Dana Stewart Elizabeth Tchakarov Shardonnay Thompson Shannon Nichole Thurston Namalia (Mali) Pearl Thurwachter Erika Trevino Shameka Turner Caitlyn Ussery Leticia Monica Villa Guerrero Kathy Walker Jessica Wells Shamika L Wheaton Alaiyia Nicole Williams Beverly Kassanderia Williams Valarie Leatrice Williams Gretchen A Wilson Tamara Wobig Joshua Cole Wright Katelynn York Jordan E Adair Samie Jo Beal Erika Katherine Bischof Tiffnie Lyn Borcherding Krystle R Bordley Thana Bouaphanthavong Jenna Boyd Heather Braun Whitney Porshay Bremby Cassi Brown Dante Bryant Laura Gonzales Bullard Antonina Cappello Cornelia Casey Lisa Rose Cash Veronica Kristine Conley Ashley Nicole Cortez Neidra Mignon Covington Michelle L DeGrate Catelyn Elizabeth Gray Devlin Brittany Hernandez Eghaneyan Marisol Espinal Celena Dawn Fannin Meredith Farley Naomi Ruth Farmer Janett Luna Franco Arinda Lynn Gonzales Amanda Gore Donna Nicole Gore Megan Michelle Graves Elizabeth Swan Green Ashley Hagood Jessica McLelland Ham Kelsey Nichole Haroldson Jennifer Helms Karla Hilburn Privett Shannon Elizabeth Hill Cecily Jo Holder Sara Lauren Jackson Celena Peace James Jennifer Garross Victoria Kaelin Audrena Rochelle Kelley Colleen A King Stacy Leveridge Elmore Tania M Lewis 38 The University of Texas at Arlington

41 Cassity Lucas Rashiwe Madzima Margaret Martin Concepcion G Martinez Stacie Brooke Mathis Lindsay Anne Matousek Leslee Dawn Hauoliokalani Matthews Lacie Michelle May Tyler Louis McAnally Mindy McDonald Richard Thomas McPhee Kita M Ocasio Kathryn Osinde Marion Ossa Sarah Nicole Patschke Robert Peacock Monica Elida Perez Brittany Michelle Perry Ashley Richardson Candice Richardson Valerie Anderson Richardson Sherrie Sanders Nicole Lee Saunders Shasta Brooke Sherman Teresa Arellano Shipley Timothy Shreve Charnei Mychell Smith Jana Ashley Smith Lachelle Steward Alfi J Thazhathel Matthew Thias Jo Ann Thomas Anna Marie Tijerina Zarafsheen Veerjee Cheryl Lynne Walters Jessica Wells Eureka Nicole Williams Lisannia Williams Trenna LeTreese Williams Elsbeth Wilson Monica Wilson Hasiba Zaidi Usman Lori Jo Zuniga Baccalaureate Degrees Bachelor of Social Work Valerie Adame (S) Melissa Abril Alvarado Crystal Marie Anderson Cindy C Bassey (C) Aishah E Bilal (S) Laky Eric Brobbey Jennie Cagle Meredith Mikles Calhoun (M) Dolores A Castillo Caitlin Elizabeth Dack Masoumeh Alipour Didehbani LiLian Nwamaka Esenwah Jennifer Renee Frias (C) Andrew Margarito Garcia Charity Chantel Gary Bethany Ann Gignac Charles Albert Gillum Lekeitha Denise Griffin Amanda H Guerra Regent Victoria Ham James Douglas Hargon (M) Cristina Herrera Precious Bernice Higgins Chloe Nichole Johnson Mathews Joy (S) Marlaina Tyler Juarez Audria Michelle Lyons (S) Kimberlee Anne Main-Munoz (M) Travanti Octavia Mapps (C) Raymond Anthony Martinez (C) Reniqua K Mayes Candy Mejia Leslie Ann Oates (C) Anna Elizabeth Orta Talea Renee Owens Shauntol Elise Oyewole Elisama Pargas Fabio G Passano Alyssa Marie Perez Kristin Kory Perkins Natalie Laurie Pineda Kendra L Potts Kathryn Lynn Radford (M) Hector Ramos Adriana Reyes Lupita J Romo Casondra N Sargent Jamie Bms Schmitt Scot D Smith Traci Smith Shandreka Shanae Thomas Shatavia Fatima Thomas Jamelyn Rene Thompson Adam Wittney Turner Amada Urbina Winter Nicole Vasquez Yuridiana Villa-Gutierrez (C) Eduardo Villanueva James A Wallace Sonja Wright Brandon Demond Wyrick Maisha Juanita Akbar Megan T Alschbach Gulshat Amanmuradova (S) Laurel Ashley Ball Da Joya S Barnes Brenda Maria Beltran Brian Christopher Berry Bailey Rebecca Bishop Lakeisha Nicole Bradford Sarah Denise Burns (M) Abbie G Byrd Lola Rena Cannon Cara L Crabtree Ryan Joseph Crook Imelda De La Cruz Crystal Diaz Maricruz Flores Lisa Gabel Beatriz Garcia (C) Vanessa Gomez Alyssa Dawn Gonzalez (C) Feydra Kay Gorsline Amanda Michele Grimsley Catherine Nicolette Gulley (M) Christi Diane Harrell Storme Ellexiz Henry Mia D Hudson (C) Erin N Ingram (C) Angela Kay Jackson (M) Whitney F Johnson Natalie Renee Jordan Eld Hah S Kaswautka Alissa Keophilavanh LaToysha Kirklin Carole M Lafreniere Rebecca Lynn Lawton (S) Gracious Tsitsi Machamire Megan Marie Manning Thomas Richard Manuelle (S) Jonathan A Mata (C) Danielle Marie Mings-McDaniel Silvia Mora Elizabeth Ailene Morris Martina M Mosley Stacey D Nelson (M) Katherine Marie Nicholson Courtney Nikkel Maria C Orozco (C) Andrea Ortiz Amanda Patrick Sara M Pemberton Lavette Trenton Pereira Sarah M Raymer Shannon Cappiadocia Reynolds Nicole Gabrielle Rocco (M) Janice C Rustin Ann Marie Sanders Erin Marybeth Solano Dennis Michael Tarver Tiffany L Todd (C) Tien Tran (C) Adia Sarah Turner Mahogany Nicole Wilson Nanepo Assibi Yentoumane (C) Selena Marie Zamora (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude Commencement Ceremony 39

42 School of Urban and Public Affairs Doctoral Degrees Doctor of Philosophy in Public and Urban Administration Veronica Cole M.A., Texas Woman s University, 2010 M.A., Texas Woman s University, 2008 B.A., Texas Woman s University, 2005 Dissertation Title: Effective Truancy Reduction Programs: How is Success Defined? Supervising Professor: Maria Martinez-Cosio Julius Awuor Owino M.P.A., UT Arlington, 2010 B.S., University of Nairobi, 1981 Dissertation Title: The Factors that Influence the Development of Performance Measures in Texas Counties Supervising Professors: Alejandro Rodriguez, Rod Hissong Brittany Rodriguez M.S., UT Arlington, 2008 B.S., Texas A&M, 1996 Dissertation Title: Prison Pre-Release Facilities in Texas: What Effect Do These Programs Have On Offender Success Supervising Professor: Rod Hissong Doctor of Philosophy in Urban Planning and Public Policy Gizachew Tesso M.S., UT Arlington, 2005 M.Arch., Odessa Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute, 1991 Dissertation Title: Challenges of Mixed-Use Developments: An Analysis of Current Mixed Use Developments in U.S.A. Supervising Professor: Ardeshir Anjomani Master s Degrees Program in City and Regional Planning Master of City and Regional Planning Binay Adhikari Sang Chun Ahn Kelsey Berry Francisco Estrada III Cassandra Harashe Kamran Khatibi Tiffany McLeod Ryan Mulkey Jeff Liu Department of Interdisciplinary Studies Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (Sustainability Track) Rodney Malone Program in Public Administration Master of Public Administration Karin Abeyta Kenneth Scott Baker Sheila Alicia Elizabeth Behrens Priscylla Bento Frances E Cain Shelton Dunn Matthew Foster Arlinda Marie Garcia Kelsey Nichole Haroldson Rochelle Dawn Immel Daniel G Jeanes Neal Lee Jennifer Martinez Tiara Ashlei Nugent Brett Duane Oliver Ghadir Qaddura Brittany Anne Scott Caitlan Smelley Andrea Souflee Arlene Steadman Charles Ray Winfield Jr Dorian Craig Cockrell Program in Urban Affairs Master of Arts in Urban Affairs Clifford Smith Blumberg Susan Margaret Dellinger Shawna Murray Makeshia Robinson Kewondra L Teague Baccalaureate Degrees Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies Brittni Lynn Adams Amidu Ademola Ahmed Weon Kyung Ahn Lauren M Almand Tarin Brooke Azzalina Joshua Colby Belmorris Linda L Chau Jennifer Ellen Ciarlariello Jonathan M Clay Christina G Clayborne Lori Denise Coleman Sarah J Cottrell Dawn Manley Doubrava (C) Megan Elise Dwinell Taylor N Farmer Kathryn Dixie Funchess (M) Melissa Therese Giangrosso Breyanna V Grigsby Lekendra Hayes Katheryn Louise Holcomb Bintu Kanda Jah Brittany V Johnson Daniel James Jordan Paul Kanu Elsie Nadine Langston Fariba Latif Jorge Ivan Lopez Shady Sol Luna Greg L Macmillan Pattama Mahitthikorn Ann T Mai (C) John-Paul K Mitchell Eric Earl Mullen Veronica Lourdes Munoz Phu Z Nguyen Hailey Paige Noell Tomas A Ojeda Alake G Oni Mauricio Padilla Junseok Park (S) Kady Danielle Pearce Brynn Trischel Pettigrew Karen Pichardo Ramond Joseph Ramirez Kailey Sharee Renaud (C) Simone Riggs Julie Alisa Roman Karl W Rutt Valentina Elizabeth Schifano Kimberly Ann Seward Symone Chante Shaw Amanda Paige Singleton Deandrea M Smith Andrea L Thorne Erica L Tisby Phillip Thomas Tolliver Darcee Torres Joseph Lane Turner (C) Michelle A Venissat Daniel Vines Brandon Christopher Waller Chad Alan Wandel Yolanda Williams Kelsey R Willson Farzana M Yesmin Kasey Rae Abernathy (C) Parin Ahmadi Charles Jeremy Alexander Misty L Barth (M) Adrienne Bissah Tamara Breese Jeffrey Scott Broaddus Ashley Marie Campbell Craig Clark Rochelle M Cox Michael J Cruz Elizabeth Abigail Davis (C) Jennifer Marie Elliott Jared Brett Gillmore Rebecca Gines 40 The University of Texas at Arlington

43 Ashley L Gray Karina Monserrat Hernandez Billy Roy High Roel Eden Hinojosa Minji Kang Romain Martin Eric Bradley McGinnis Tiphany T Moguel-Young Kara J Moriearty Sha Ron Denise Pickett Salvador Portillo Mirna I Ramirez Maribel Renteria Jeremy Alan Sanders (C) Felicia L Sheeley Glenn Walter Showers (C) Candice G Smith Clinton K Tippett (S) Danielle Paige Van der Knaap Kevin Lee Waddle Treasure J Washington John Justin Watkins (S) Antoinette Caneshia Wilson Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies Krystal-Rose Nnenna Agu Gloria Agoriboba Atuguba Elizabeth Banda Tannia A Bustamante Travis C Eddy Collin Edward Frisinger Jacquelyn T Jack Jean Marie Johns (S) Lisa Ruelas Degrees conferred Aug. 14, 2014 Tiffany D Berry Andrew Phillip Foster Andrew S Jenkins Jordan Kendralee Jorns Quinton D Moss Chasiney Patterson Thuy Nha Jea Thi Pham Macrina E Sanchez Liva Yalong University College Baccalaureate Degrees Bachelor of Science in University Studies Manoj Mani Abraham Nicole K Anderson Daniel J Arreguin Jessica Renee Avery Lacresha Kay Bailey Savannah N Ballard Caley D Beatty Laura Patricia Becerra Jeremiah Wayne Bentley Lindsay Maureen Boyle (S) Cody Lamont Brackens Arlicia R Bradford Heather R Bradley (C) Catherine Nichole Brown Amy Denise Buitron Jennifer Yvonne Bustillos Jasmine A Bustos Emily Anne Cain William Alexander Cameron Adelina C Cantu Shannyn Marie Carey Andrew James Carlton Meagan Jessica Carroll Lacey Micheal Carter Megan A Casey Claudia Castro Victoria Cernadas Justin Cortez Clark Linda Chau Clark Christine Marie Clothier Danielle Deniece Comeaux Courtney Lynn Cooper Jana M Corcoran Cordia D Undrina Cornelious Melanie Christine Cottles Trevor Chantz Cottrell Margaret Jo Curtis DeWayne Davis Reginald Scott Davis Anna-Kay K Dean Mariah Dempsey Korshaya Dorsey Sarah Marjorie Douglas Patrick Christopher Dunn Brittany Lea Elliott Patricia Anne Ellis David Ryan Etley Taylor Eubanks Aaron R Fennell Jennifer E Files Letecia J Flores Jessica Ann Forrest Dawn Michelle Foster Parra Lauren Michelle Fraley Kristi Michelle Franco Edward Garcia Rene Daniel Garcia Marlene Garza Danyelle D Goldsmith Sandra Duron Gonzalez Ebonie Delynn Graves Clair M Green Kady Leigh-Ann Guillory Donna Esperanza Gutierrez Whitney Rachael Gwyn LeKevia Hampton James M Harber Jahanzeb Hashmi Kymberly C Henry Jordan Taylor House Lindsey Beth Howell Regina Uche Idemudia Ornella Botelua Ilasso Islam Mohammad Isa Elvin Jeremy Jackson Kenneth K Jackson Rachel Kay James Lee Ann Jerome Britton Summer Johnson Gabriel Joseph King Shanda Sue Kolkman Gerry Farandi Laban Samantha Jane Lacombe Beverly J Lauderdale Adebola H Lawal Syble Lawley Alan B Letter Luisa M Lineros (M) Ibeth Lopez Sharin Lozano Brianna Lanae Lundquist Azia Frosti Mahood Andrew William Marchus Kristen Nicole Marcum David Anthony Martinez Edith Martinez Viviana Martinez Ivor Pearl McBride Loryn Jameson McCullick (M) Brittany M Miles Fredrick Logan Miller-McGee Ahmed Mazen Mohamed Hadi Kemaro Renika Mojica Daniel A Molina Grace Munoz Kevin R Nassiff Maria E Nchama Mituy Emily M Neufeld Carla E Newbell Krystal N Newman Jennifer Binh Nguyen Thanh H Nguyen Keene Mai Nordin Maria Yesenia Ortega Krizia Ovando (C) Amber Nicole Pace Devin Marisa Papillion Twanisha L Payton Amber Lea Pember Shirley Ann Polk LaShawn Proctor Lorna Jewel Pyrtle Imelda Ramos Beatrice Anne Rauschuber Lee Desmond Robinson Tania Maritza Rodriguez Eddie A Rojas (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude Commencement Ceremony 41

44 James Roman Alvaro Rosales Fany Jannet Rosales Kendra Elaine Saladiner John W Sanders Adrian Joseph Sandlin Jose H Santiago Thomas Charles Scannell Gerry James Schriever Quinton Travis Scroggins Pranav Sharma Sarah Betoul Shoja Emilia Sierra Bobbi J Sisco Kristina Smith Robert Sowah Cynthia Pam Stampp Demetrius M Strhan Geoffrey Lance Taylor Morgan Teel Justin Chase Terrill Tressa M Thomas Leonidas J Traore Erin Marie Trevino (M) Triet Minh Truong Andrea Michelle Uribe Jesus S Vazquez Aracely Vega Rogelio Arturo Venegas Diana A Villagomez Alma Leila Villarreal Vanessa Marie Villegas Jennica Leanne Wanker Arica T Washington Shameka Roshon Watson Jamie Leigh Watts Robert M Welsh Tommie L Wesley Alexandra F Whitaker Carey Dwight White Elijah Daniel Wichryk Deverick Dwayne Williams Miranda L Williams Rachel Elizabeth Williams Ariel Brooke Willis Kristen D Wilson Katrina K Woodson Christina Marie Yeoman Kimberly W Abernathy Alyssa Aguilar Ryan C Arrington Janet Baker (C) Timothy S Baker Daniel Marie Belanger Benjamin Harris Browning Marie Nicollet Burton Norrell Kelly L Calhoun Karrah Katharyn Casey John Cates Jeffrey Michael Conkwright Christopher Cullen Nichole Antionette Cusano Nicklaus Evans Dalen (S) Faddy M Diab Christina E Eagle Tee Neshia R Edmonds Maria D Espinoza Carissa Erlene Ford Camille Cari Foreman Kourtney Foreman Amanda Garris Giana Mernel Gordon Patricia Antoinette Graves Amanda M Gray Eric Lynn Guvernator Mark William Haller DiEma Epiphany Hicks Heather C Jones Ray J Jordan Vanessa Lee Kelly Minsu Kim Cheng La-Westerlund Heather Elizabeth Luis Carmen Ann Lujan Apryl Ugo Mark-Agbai Ricardo R Marquez Blake Storey Martindale Stephanie J Mathis Andrea S McClendon Kassidy M Miller Lagathre Denise Moore Andrea Marie Morrow Brittany N Munson Nhieu T Nguyen Trenton Barrett Nix Vivian Young Nsekpong Josephine K Omboga Hollie K Parks Ann Denise Pinder Garrett James Puls Virginia Marie Raphel Jeanille N Rockett Ciro Armando Rodriguez Virginia Rodriguez Amanda K Rose Raymond Christopher Scott Bettie Jo Arvilla Senegal Anishka Elvina Seymour Dara A Singletary Andrew A Sisk Carolyn K Stout (C) Monica Tavera Regina Elaine Thomas Bruce Thompson Courtney Umosen Mitzi Dawn Vander Ark Latoya Shanae Webb LaRon Dion Werlinger Jennifer Renee Williams Matthew Jay Williams Steven Ryan Williams Rabia Javeed Wyne Ron Darius J Wynn Stephanie Celia Zavala (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude 42 The University of Texas at Arlington


46 Commencement R egalia Commencement Mace Maces, a symbolic staff of high office, are often traditional elements in academic processions. UT Arlington s mace, designed and created in 2007 by Texas State Artist and Professor David Keens with the assistance of Metal Art Adjunct Professor Fred Miller, is distinctly non-traditional. The UT Arlington mace is an undulating, artistic design of metal and glass that reflects the traditional symbols of academia in a dynamic and contemporary way. Almost completely made of clear glass, it is only upon closer observation that the University s colors are seen in glass below the round, etched-metal University seal. Surrounding the seal is a contemporary wreath design in transparent glass symbolizing the pursuit of higher education. Below the seal, wreath, and colored glass is a forged metal contemporary nest. Below the nest is a transition into the past with etched transparent glass depictions of the institution s past names: what Keens calls an ethereal space of time past. All of these sections rest on a long, swirled-glass, undulating tendril, reflecting the linear flow of time. It is a tangible image of history, prestige, formality, creativity, innovation, and the uniqueness of UT Arlington. Each academic unit designates a commencement marshal who will carry the mace at the head of the processional, symbolizing the official nature of the event. When the processional reaches the platform, the mace will be placed at the right of the podium as a visual reminder of the history of this traditional academic ceremony. At the conclusion of the ceremonies, the marshal will retrieve the mace from its holder and carry it at the head of the recessional. Following today s ceremony, the mace will be displayed in the Office of the President until the next commencement. Academic Dress The tradition of the academic costume apparently began during the 12th or 13th century in early European universities. At that time, the clergy composed the majority of the educated class, so academic dress is an adaptation of the cape or mantle usually made of silk or wool worn by church dignitaries in religious processions. Through the years, great diversity in color and in style of cap, gown, and hood developed. In 1896, the colleges and universities in the United States adopted a uniform code governing academic dress. Today, the black gown, hood, and mortar board worn by the graduates in most institutions follow this code. Most universities do not use the hood for those graduates receiving bachelor s degrees. While it is not apparent to the casual observer, the gowns worn by the recipients of the various degrees vary somewhat in design. The sleeves of the gowns worn by the baccalaureate candidates are long and pointed, while the sleeves of the gowns worn by the master s degree recipients are square at one end with a slit at the elbow. The doctoral gown has flowing sleeves with three bars of velvet and a facing of velvet on the front of the gown. Colors used on the hoods serve as identification for the degree. The hood of the doctoral candidate differs in design from that of the master s as it has side panels and is slightly longer. The velvet border of the hood indicates the degree and usually follows the same code as the color of the tassels. The oxford cap, usually referred to as a mortar board, is black and has a long tassel that is fastened by a button on the top. The tassel is usually worn over the left of the cap. The color of the tassel on the cap indicates the degree. The Academic Colors Architecture....Lilac Arts and Letters... White Business Administration.... Drab Education... Light Blue Engineering... Orange Nursing... Apricot Science.... Yellow Social Work... Citron Urban and Public Affairs... Peacock Blue University College... Orange, Blue, and White 44 The University of Texas at Arlington


48 Welcome New Alumni Congratulations to the newest class of UT Arlington alumni Mavericks today, Mavericks forever. The pride of accomplishment that you feel today and the University s pride in you will last a lifetime. That s what being a UT Arlington alumnus is all about. The UT Arlington Alumni Association your Alumni Association wants you to keep that Maverick pride alive throughout the years ahead. From today forward, we will serve as a supportive connection between you, your alma mater, and your fellow Maverick alumni. By joining the UT Arlington Alumni Association, you will receive: Alumni Association member benefits Free parking pass for your visits to campus MAC alumni membership discount Alumni E-newsletter: published monthly Connections and networking: alumni socials and receptions, online social networking, the Distinguished Alumni Gala, Homecoming, University events Library privileges Bookstore discount: ten percent on all non-textbook and software purchases Event ticket discounts: includes concerts, comedians, speakers, Planetarium shows Access to the University Club Maverick Discount Program membership Diploma frame discount Alumni Association programs and services Members of the UT Arlington Alumni Association also receive benefits and support programs including: Short-term, long-term, and term life medical insurance Dental insurance discounts Liberty Mutual auto, home, and personal insurance Rental car discounts Kaplan test prep and admissions discount UT Arlington Texas License Plate Program Life Member Program Oozeball Official Maverick Ring program Alumni merchandise Scholarships for UT Arlington students Community service volunteer opportunities The Alumni Association is helping to create a lasting legacy for UT Arlington. By joining, you not only receive the many benefits listed above, but you also share your Maverick pride with the next generation of students. Contact us to join and for more information! 841 W. Mitchell Arlington, TX Phone: The University of Texas at Arlington


50 Our Spirit Song Alma Mater Composed by George B. Chave Lyrics by Mary Von Zuben, Iva Nell Bennett 48 The University of Texas at Arlington


Highland County, Ohio Court Schedule Report from: 6/23/2014 to 7/18/2014 MAGISTRATE CYNTHIA WILLIAMS Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Highland County, Ohio Court Schedule Report from: 6/23/2014 to 7/18/2014 MAGISTRATE CYNTHIA WILLIAMS Tuesday, June 24, 2014 Tuesday, June 24, 2014 1 13DR0214 TUTTLE, ARCHIE DARRYL vs TUTTLE, HEIDI 10DS0245 TUTTLE, ARCHIE DARRYL Kornman, Sharon Ann TUTTLE, HEIDI BUCKMASTER, JASON vs BUCKMASTER, MARIA HEARING 2:00 pm 10DR0080

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Central Arkansas BA Current Standings 76th Central Arkansas USBCBA Open Championship Tou Sorted by Event, Division. 10 Rachel #2 11 3,270 Maumelle, AR

Central Arkansas BA Current Standings 76th Central Arkansas USBCBA Open Championship Tou Sorted by Event, Division. 10 Rachel #2 11 3,270 Maumelle, AR Team Event, Team Event, Handicapped Central Arkansas BA Current Standings 76th Central Arkansas USBCBA Open Championship Tou Sorted by Event, Division 1 Bowlers Pro Shop 27 3,442 2 Blast Off 5 3,420 No.

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RESULTS OF J. D. KELLY COMPETITIONS, PAST YEARS RESULTS OF J. D. KELLY COMPETITIONS, PAST YEARS 2017 J. D. KELLY COMPETITION RESULTS Level 1, Piano, Grades 1-3 Advait Mahale, student of Judith Fairchild Anna Beth Bagley, student of Zoe Lin and Raymond

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LANDLORD TELEPHONE PROPERTY ADDRESS. Park Place Apartments Bell Ridge Rd. James Abbott 423-794-0769 & 202-5148 Ronald Anderson 423-913-1273 Beaver Hollow Apartments 423-926-5806 800 Swadley Rd. Park Place Apartments 423-926-5090 1319 Bell Ridge Rd. Black Hawk Management 423-753-7461

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First United Methodist Church Church Council Officers 2017

First United Methodist Church Church Council Officers 2017 First United Methodist Church Church Council Officers 2017 Church Council Chair Secretary Treasurer Lay Leader Chairperson, Trustees Chairperson, Finance Committee Chairperson, Staff/Parish Committee Member

More information

Attles Crest Avenue Family: Christopher Tricia Work: x228 Christopher 06/10/1997

Attles Crest Avenue Family: Christopher Tricia Work: x228 Christopher 06/10/1997 Ackerman 770-555-3498 555 Miller Street Alpharetta, GA 30005 Home Fax: 555-1212 Family: Ernie Cell: 123-456-7890 Work: 123-789-4563 x2345 Susan Cell: 404-123-4567

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Morgan County Public Trustee Foreclosure Listing

Morgan County Public Trustee Foreclosure Listing 2014-053 11/29/2017 $238,691.66 Sale Status Bankruptcy (To be continued) James Rick Holloway and Nancy Simmons-Holloway The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, National Association FKA The Bank of New

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Coachella Valley Unified School District Seniority List

Coachella Valley Unified School District Seniority List COOK/ASSISTANT KITCHEN MANAGER GUZMAN, MARIA D 09/04/86 09/04/86 09/04/86 COOK/ASSISTANT KITCHEN MANAGER BAUTISTA, ALICIA H 11/30/92 11/30/92 11/30/92 COOK/ASSISTANT KITCHEN MANAGER CAGLE, JULIA A 09/04/01

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Cary Greenways Half-Marathon Overall Finish List

Cary Greenways Half-Marathon Overall Finish List Female Finish 1 Jillene Brooks Fuquay Varina NC 374 35 F 1 Top Fin 1:03:25.0 1:28:25.2 25:00.2 2 Daniela Osegueda Apex NC 428 29 F 2 Top Fin 28:25.2 1:04:46.4 36:21.2 3 Jeanne Walther Apex NC 515 52 F

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Movers & Shakers. Book 10 Who will be here? Put 10 appointments on your books! January Jumpstart. Perfect 12. Picture yourself here

Movers & Shakers. Book 10 Who will be here? Put 10 appointments on your books! January Jumpstart. Perfect 12. Picture yourself here JANUARY 2016 NEWSLETTER DECEMBER RESULTS Movers & Shakers January Jumpstart See Who Attended! Mary Sparkman & Britney Thomas Britney Thomas Emerald Star Ravy Lushcek Sapphire Star Perfect 12 Picture yourself

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NCAUSBCA 53rd Annual Hall of Fame Induction & Dinner Celebration

NCAUSBCA 53rd Annual Hall of Fame Induction & Dinner Celebration NCAUSBCA 53rd Annual Hall of Fame Induction & Dinner Celebration October 7, 2017 Capital Ballroom Bolling Air Force Base Officers Club Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling PHOTOS BY PAULETTE DAVIS AND JOHN SIMMONS

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Lectors, Lead EMs, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communions and Altar Servers March 4 - May 2. Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.

Lectors, Lead EMs, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communions and Altar Servers March 4 - May 2. Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. s, s, s and s March 4 - May 2 March 5 - March 6 Paul Philp Gertrude Claxton Cheryll Manalansan Mona Lisa Ford Edwina Cernosek Estrella Eisenhour Gloria Figueroa Felipe Salazar Diane Salazar Samuel Valenzuela

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Texas Dove Hunters

Texas Dove Hunters To the Kids! Rudy Bazan 99????? Ralph Winingham 97 Clayton Lewis 97 To the Kids! Edgar 97 The Sweet Squad Jacob Cameron 97 Ely Maya 96 Stephen Garza 96 Wyatt Lewis 96????? Joe Brophy 95 The Sweet Squad

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TECHNOLOGY SERVICES STAFF NAME TITLE PICTURE CAMPUS CONTACT Frankie CTO Jackson 281-897-3810 Katie Hernandez Secretary 281-897-3810 Larry Barrios Mgr, Personal Computer Support

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Archive of SID مطالعات زنان.

Archive of SID مطالعات زنان. 147 مطالعات زنان.,,,.,,.,.,,.. مطالعات زنان,,., ),,,(.,,,,, ) (.( ),,,.() 1 Glass Ceiling Effect 2 Morrison, Ann M., and Mary Ann Von Glinow 3 Cortis, Rachelle, and Vincent Cassar 4 Crawford, Donna I.

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City of Atlanta 2017 General Municipal Election Candidates Who Have Completed Qualifying Process. Zip Code. Voting Precinct

City of Atlanta 2017 General Municipal Election Candidates Who Have Completed Qualifying Process. Zip Code. Voting Precinct Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms 30331 11C Ceasar C. Mitchell 30310 04L Kwanza Hall 30312 02G Mary Norwood 30305 08M John H. Eaves 30311

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THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD JANUARY 6, 2013 SATURDAY, 5:00 PM SUNDAY, 8:30 AM SUNDAY, 10:30 AM MASS SERVERS. Adele Johnson Erin Norris Caitlin Nagy

THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD JANUARY 6, 2013 SATURDAY, 5:00 PM SUNDAY, 8:30 AM SUNDAY, 10:30 AM MASS SERVERS. Adele Johnson Erin Norris Caitlin Nagy THE EPIPHANY THE LORD JANUARY 6, 2013 Samantha Arvin Nicole Gallina Sean Gallina Adele Johnson Erin Norris Caitlin Nagy Anna Twallin-Archer Gavin Johnson Jacob Hensley Tom Burns Linda Carpp Pat Kimble

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Alexander Henry and Jane Robertson had the following child:

Alexander Henry and Jane Robertson had the following child: Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Governor Patrick Henry of Virginia was your 7great uncle. I am pretty = sure of this. I want to find some more

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Commercial Department

Commercial Department Commercial Commercial Department BILLY HOGAN Chief Commercial Officer OLLY DALE Sales Director MIKE COX Head of Merchandising PHIL DUTTON Head of Ticketing & Hospitality ANDREW ROBINSON Head of Digital

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WI SALES FIELD NATIONAL TERRITORY MAP April 4, 2013 FIELD NATIONAL TERRITORY MAP Jonathan Longley, Director 401-292-5662 Travis Campbell, 800-343-5409 Christopher Avril, 800-544-9999 x5867 Eric Funk, 888-896-0604 John Tuite, x2691 Thomas Greuling, 866-715-1056

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100.00% Vote For % %

100.00% Vote For % % Page 1/6 23 of 23 Precincts Reporting BISMARCK R-V SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER FARMINIGTON R-VII SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER 997 Number of Precincts 12 Precincts Reporting 12 4,138 MATT DUNN 212 21.26% WENDELL JARVIS

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Month Day Communion Ministers Lector Sacristan Servers Cantor Gift Bearers Ushers

Month Day Communion Ministers Lector Sacristan Servers Cantor Gift Bearers Ushers April 1 Jake Bohnhoff Brenda Kroeger Jerry Goeckner Levi Beckman MM Paul Flood Dusty Beckman Gina Westendorf Jacob Beckman April 2 Brian Slifer Bob Niemerg Phyllis Jansen Alan Waldhoff Rex Borries MM Greg

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Highland County, Ohio Court Schedule Report from: 10/20/2014 to 11/20/2014 MAGISTRATE CYNTHIA WILLIAMS Monday, October 20, 2014

Highland County, Ohio Court Schedule Report from: 10/20/2014 to 11/20/2014 MAGISTRATE CYNTHIA WILLIAMS Monday, October 20, 2014 Monday, October 20, 2014 1 14DR0019 STROOP, AMANDA M vs STROOP, MICHAEL H Final hearing STROOP, AMANDA M Gray, Justin Thomas STROOP, MICHAEL H Armintrout, George William Tuesday, October 21, 2014 2 14DR0125

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First Name Last Name Phone County County Judging Preference 4-H Or Open Class Judging Preference

First Name Last Name Phone County  County Judging Preference 4-H Or Open Class Judging Preference MAAFS Judges List - June 2017 1 Mary Alexander 410-861-5192 Carroll 2 Mary Ellen Arbaugh 410-756-4206 Carroll Allegany, AA, Baltimore, Calvert, Carroll,

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Franklin County Page: Calendar For Honorable I. I. LAMKE


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Descendants of Henry Thompson WILSON

Descendants of Henry Thompson WILSON First Generation 1. Henry Thompson WILSON, son of John B. WILSON and Sarah "Sallie" CAFFEY, was born on 28 Sep 1823 in North Carolina, died on 22 Jul 1910 in Henderson Co, TN, USA, and was buried in Antioch

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ADAMS COUNTY PUBLIC HEARING AGENDA ITEM ~l'--- ADAMS COUNTY PUBLIC HEARING AGENDA ITEM DATE: August 5, 2014 SUBJECT: Acceptance of resolution for acceptance of deeds conveying property to Adams County for the Dupont-200S Streets and Storm Storm

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KNOLLWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH Administrative and Program Committees ADULT EDUCATION COMMITTEE (P) BYLAWS COMMITTEE (A) KNOLLWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH Administrative and Program Committees ADULT EDUCATION COMMITTEE (P) 2 year terms, 3 members per class Ministerial Liaison - Diane Lipsett T.M. Craven Nancy Scoggin* Tom Warrington

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'Success for All' Honiton Community College

'Success for All' Honiton Community College Honiton Community College Staff List 2016-2017 Executive Leadership Team Glenn Smith Principal Andrew Holt Vice Principal (Curriculum and Achievement)

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MISSOURI JUDICIARY Franklin County. Calendar For Honorable DAVID L HOVEN


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Town of Windsor PERMITS FINALED. For the Period 3/1/2018 thru 3/31/2018 $10, $ $ $32, $1, $1,028.76

Town of Windsor PERMITS FINALED. For the Period 3/1/2018 thru 3/31/2018 $10, $ $ $32, $1, $1,028.76 PERMITS 1 For the Period thru 3/31/2018 Subtype: ACCESSORY STRUCTURES B17-0576 1/24/2018 B18-0008 1/24/2018 1621 REIMAN LN 164-330-065 10944 RIO RUSO DR 161-260-022 CARMEN & GREGORY SHELDON SONOMA COUNTY

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Photography in Sussex County Results 2017 Student Division

Photography in Sussex County Results 2017 Student Division Photography in Sussex County Results 2017 Student Division Age 3-5 years 1 st : Emily Leve 2 nd : Emily Leve Age 7-9 years 1 st : Tommy Salvia 2 nd : Tommy Salvia 3 rd : Tommy Salvia Hon. Mention: Danny

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J. Paul Leonard Library ORGANIZATION CHART

J. Paul Leonard Library ORGANIZATION CHART Information Technology Deborah C. Masters University Academic Senate Library Advisory Committee Bruce Heiman, President Friends of the JPL Library Associate University Christy Stevens MPP Administrator

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Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation

Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation ALEXANDER Henry Staten 10/14/1921 3/23/1986 DT with ALEXANDER- Mama Shin; SSDI ALEXANDER Mama Shin 10/20/1924 DT with ALEXANDER- Henry Staten ALFORD Jociah B.

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Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. Altar Server. September 5/6 Lector Lead EM. Tom Fresnido Beverly Gallagher

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. Altar Server. September 5/6 Lector Lead EM. Tom Fresnido Beverly Gallagher September 5/6 Lector Lead EM Tom Fresnido Mona Lisa Ford Karen Price Kathleen Day Reg Platt Susan Platt Angela Bird Jimmy Kiebler Gertrude Claxton Estrella Eisenhour Dale Mathias Patricia Pediman Diane

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EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION RECEPTION EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION RECEPTION May 12, 2017 Menifee Valley Campus Program Welcome & Introductions Dr. Roger Schultz Superintendent/President 05 Year Service Awards Brandon Moore/Board Member Executive

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CEDAR CREEK (DAVIS) CEMETERY mapped and inventoried by Stephen H. Street February 8, 2012 information copyright to author

CEDAR CREEK (DAVIS) CEMETERY mapped and inventoried by Stephen H. Street February 8, 2012 information copyright to author O3? Georgi illegible 1867? P6? Lena illegible illegible E2 Baker Logan Zachary 11/16/1995 1/11/1996 G16 Blanton James S. 10/10/1857 7/24/1929 G17 Blanton Rozwell J. 12/18/1892 11/18/1958 s/o James S. Blanton

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Owners PrOject excellence 2016 Awards Gala

Owners PrOject excellence 2016 Awards Gala Owners PrOject excellence 2016 Awards Gala Western Council Board Members and Leadership in attendance, left to right: Pearl Freeman, Ken Harms, Tom Broz Susan Rowghani (Chair), Peter Watts Andy Wiktorowicz

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Genealogy. 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan Married Helen Orr Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr:

Genealogy. 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan Married Helen Orr Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr: 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan 1783. Married Helen Orr 1760. Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr: 2 i. Robert Dun, b. 4 Jun 1764. 3 ii. George Dun, b. 30 Dec 1768. 4 iii. Barclay Dun, b. 3 Mar 1771. 5 iv.

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Kinship Report for Albert Belrose. Name: Birth Date: Relationship:

Kinship Report for Albert Belrose. Name: Birth Date: Relationship: Kinship Report for Albert Belrose Name: Birth Date: Relationship: Abare Abemaet, John R Ackey, Thomas E Jr. Allen, Marion Aubrey, Willard Baker, Anna Baker, Henry Baker, Michael Béchard, Antonio Donald

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Register Report for Celia Lefforge

Register Report for Celia Lefforge Generation 1 1. Celia Lefforge-1 was born on 23 May 1793 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. She died on 12 August 1854 in Noble Township, Rush Co., Indiana. Jene "Jesse" Winship son of Jabez Lathrop Winship

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J. Paul Leonard Library ORGANIZATION CHART

J. Paul Leonard Library ORGANIZATION CHART Information Technology Deborah C. Masters University Academic Senate Library Advisory Committee Bruce Heiman, President Friends of the JPL Library Associate University MPP Administrator III Head of Information

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OrthoCarolina 10K Awards

OrthoCarolina 10K Awards Race: OrthoCarolina 10K OrthoCarolina 10K Awards Generated by Tim Rhodes on Aug 22, 2017 8:46:22am EDT Female 1 LUCY ROGERS Charlotte, NC F 30-34 00:38:22.89 06:11 1568 2 MARGARET HANNA Charlotte, NC F

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O Neill Family Tree - July, 2000 Denis O'Neill and Catherine Downey of Raycoslough, Kenmare, County Kerry

O Neill Family Tree - July, 2000 Denis O'Neill and Catherine Downey of Raycoslough, Kenmare, County Kerry Denis Born: Denis Died: Catherine Downey O'Neill born: Catherine Downey O'Neill died: Denis O'Neill and Catherine O'Neill married: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Children:

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WOMEN RESULTS New Place Age Grp First Name Last Name Age Club abbr. Time Record Finish Points

WOMEN RESULTS New Place Age Grp First Name Last Name Age Club abbr. Time Record Finish Points RESULTS EVENT NAME: 2007 10 K Postal National Championship CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT: USMS National 5K and 10 K Postal EVENT DATE(S): May 15- Sept 15 SANCTION NUMBER: OW 4307-004 EVENT DIRECTOR: Susan Ingraham

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Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec

Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec Keith McCallum 193 Wilson Avenue #310 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5M 4M8 1-Pierre Vibert-[3338] was born on 16 Oct 1814 in St. Mary, Jersey Island.

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GENERAL CHURCH OFFICERS DEACONS DEACON OFFICERS TRUSTEES SUNDAY SCHOOL GENERAL OFFICERS TABLE OF CONTENTS General Church Officers... 3 Deacons... 3 Trustees... 3 Sunday School... 3-5 Discipleship Training... 6 Senior Adult Group... 6 Music Ministry... 6 Brotherhood/RA s... 7 WMU/Mission Friends/GA

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Descendants of John A Wright

Descendants of John A Wright Descendants of John A Wright Generation No. 1 1. John A 1 Wright was born June 15, 1853, and died March 1, 1936 in Jefferson County, Alabama. He married Acenath M Burchfield Abt. 1878 in (Index Date) Jefferson

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NATIONAL ADJUTANT TERMS p a g e 1 1 7 NATIONAL ADJUTANT TERMS N A T L A D J U T A N T T E R M S p a g e 1 1 8 RAYMOND A. LASANCE 1921 1924 VIVIAN D. CORBLY 1925 1958 JOHN E. FEIGHNER 1958 1962 W A R S & S C A R S p a g e 1 1

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SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM. Walter Boyle - Head Master MEd, NPQH. Ben McCarey - Deputy Head Master BA (Hons), PGCE

SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM. Walter Boyle - Head Master MEd, NPQH. Ben McCarey - Deputy Head Master BA (Hons), PGCE SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM Walter Boyle - Head Master MEd, NPQH Ben McCarey - Deputy Head Master Paul Hayes Assistant Head Master Boarding and Pastoral MA,, PCGE Graham Alford - Head of Sixth Form James Bell

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MANAGER'S REPORT: ITEM II-B-2 MANAGER'S REPORT: ITEM II-B-2 Pursuant to Resolution 03084, adopted by the Board of Administration on January 28, 2003, the following benefit payments have been approved by the General Manager: SERVICE

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State 4-H Horse Contests Results 2016

State 4-H Horse Contests Results 2016 State 4-H Horse Contests Results 2016 Junior Crafts-Art Kit/Pattern/Blueprint Kassandra Crabtree Wayne 1 Andrea Cooksey Washington 2 Savannah French Henderson 3 Sydney Rose Cobb Owen 4 Junior Crafts-Art

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Principal Award Honor Roll all 4 Nine Weeks

Principal Award Honor Roll all 4 Nine Weeks Award Honor Roll all 4 Nine Weeks 4th Grade Dawson Anderson Caelan Alford Hunter Austel Kayli Avila Alexis Beeler Gabe Bell George Burhenn Bailee Cobb Elliott Cummins LIlli Davis Emily DeVault Ciara Dollens

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The City of Garden City Leadership History

The City of Garden City Leadership History December 1933 Arnold Folker Hymen Vogel Ralph MacMullan Lester Johnson Glenn Burke November 1936 Robert C Holland Harold F. Donner Hymen Vogel Carl Heavlin Joseph Higgins November 1938 Robert C Holland

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Northampton County Treasurer's Office Eastville, VA 23347

Northampton County Treasurer's Office Eastville, VA 23347 2017 9934558 MTSF INC, 7,956.00 9934994 CAPE CHARLES YACHT CENTER 4,290.00 9930857 DILLEY CONTRACTING 3,542.93 449310 SUNSET BEACH INVESTMENTS LLC 3,014.23 9936783 IT MELTS THE CHEESE, LLC 2,503.80 84780

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GROUND-BREAKING CEREMONY 1977: (left to right) Elder Earl Canson, Arlie Peeler, Elder Warren J. Neal (Pastor of the Capitol City SDA Church), Rev.

GROUND-BREAKING CEREMONY 1977: (left to right) Elder Earl Canson, Arlie Peeler, Elder Warren J. Neal (Pastor of the Capitol City SDA Church), Rev. GROUND-BREAKING CEREMONY 1977: (left to right) Elder Earl Canson, Arlie Peeler, Elder Warren J. Neal (Pastor of the Capitol City SDA Church), Rev. Jackson, Rev. Sims, Councilwoman Callie Correy, Rev. Dr.

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Thomas N Crowder s Descendants

Thomas N Crowder s Descendants Thomas N Crowder s Descendants Generation No. 1 1. Thomas N 2 Crowder (Hamilton 1 ) was born June 14, 1842, and died June 7, 1926 and is buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Hueytown, He married (1) Jame

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30-AAAA District Track Meet Hosted by Poteet Track

30-AAAA District Track Meet Hosted by Poteet Track Division Point Totals V Girls Place Team Points 1st Pleasanton 149 2nd Carrizo Springs 121 3rd Jourdanton 120 4th Pearsall 97 5th Poteet 77 6th Crystal City 56 Page 1 of 1 Division Results V Girls 100

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ENROLLMENT AFFAIRS (rev 23Oct17) ENROLLMENT AFFAIRS Joffery Gaymon Vice President Division of Enrollment and Student Affairs Whitney Duffy Administrative 474-2417 Cindy Harigel DESA Budget 474-3386 Michelle Haynes EA Budgets 474-2412

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PIAA AA District 5 AA 106

PIAA AA District 5 AA 106 5 Zach Reed 12-12 (10) Everett 8 4 Robert Sloan 13-9 (11) Tussey Mountain 3 Clayton Lee 18-13 (9) Berlin 6 Garrett Sturtz 12-13 (11) Hyndman 7 Eyziak Cottle 7-15 (9) Northern Bedford 2 Eli Brougher 25-6

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Past Record of International Results HONG KONG LAWN BOWLS ASSOCIATION GOLDEN JUBILEE 16 Past Record of International Results Event Host Discipline Achievements Athletes, James Cheng Pinky Chan Tammy Tham Jerry Ng, Jimmy Chiu, Danny Ho Grace Chu, Peggy Ma, Winnie Wai, Elizabeth Cormack

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CASE CALENDAR FOR THE WEEK OF November 9, 2009 Page: 1 of 5 Court of Appeals, Eighth Appellate District Posted: 10/01/09

CASE CALENDAR FOR THE WEEK OF November 9, 2009 Page: 1 of 5 Court of Appeals, Eighth Appellate District Posted: 10/01/09 CASE CALENDAR FOR THE WEEK OF November 9, 2009 Page: 1 of 5 Monday, November 9, 2009 9:00 AM Main Courtroom Panel: MARY J. BOYLE, SEAN C. GALLAGHER, LARRY A. JONES 92263 STATE OF OHIO v FELTON HITCHCOCK

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Corporation of the Town of Bracebridge Organizational Structure Town Departments As of January 1, 2018

Corporation of the Town of Bracebridge Organizational Structure Town Departments As of January 1, 2018 Town s Mayor G. Smith and Members of Town Council Corporate Services Lori McDonald, Director of Corporate Services/Clerk Planning and Development Cheryl Kelley, Director of Planning and Development Finance

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Calvary Baptist Church 2011 Member Directory 1591 South 9th Street Midlothian, TX

Calvary Baptist Church 2011 Member Directory 1591 South 9th Street Midlothian, TX Calvary Baptist Church 2011 Member Directory 1591 South 9th Street 972-775-8722 Calvary Baptist Church 2011 Member Directory Larry Pool Senior Pastor 1591 South 9th Street 972-775-8722

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St. Clare Parish Liturgical Ministry Schedule October 1-December 31, 2017 MINISTERS

St. Clare Parish Liturgical Ministry Schedule October 1-December 31, 2017 MINISTERS St. Clare Parish Liturgical Ministry Schedule October 1-December 31, 2017 DATE October 7 October 7 October 8 October 8 October 14 October 14 October 15 October 15 October 21 October 21 October 22 WEEKEND

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MARYLAND CIRCUIT COURT JUDICIAL LAW CLERK & INTERN POSITIONS Updated November 13, 2017 APPROXIM NUMBER OF LAW CLERK POSITIONS AVAILABLE ** 1st 2nd MARYLAND CIRCUIT COURT & Updated November 13, 2017 S* DS FOR SEND TO: Dorchester Brett W. Wilson 1 08/01/2018 Somerset Daniel Powell 1 08/16/2018 Wicomico Kathleen L. Beckstead 1 08/05/2018 Matthew

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Wisconsin February 2014 Anniversaries

Wisconsin February 2014 Anniversaries Wisconsin February 2014 Anniversaries 33 Years Patricia Boyd-RE/MAX REALTY 100, Brookfield 25 Years Sue Keck-RE/MAX REALTY 100, Brookfield 24 Years Marlys Johnson-RE/MAX PREFERRED, Madison 21 Years Sandy

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September 2014 Honors News U N I V E R S I T Y O F M O N T E V A L L O O C T O B E R 2 2 A T 3 : 3 0 P M I N C O M E R A U D I T O R I U M

September 2014 Honors News U N I V E R S I T Y O F M O N T E V A L L O O C T O B E R 2 2 A T 3 : 3 0 P M I N C O M E R A U D I T O R I U M September 2014 Honors News U N I V E R S I T Y O F M O N T E V A L L O A R T I C L E S : Remembering Rachel, p. 1 Digital signage, p. 1 Honors Orientation, p. 2 New website, p. 2 Events, p. 3 Peer Mentors,

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Welcome! Carmen Garcia, President Elect

Welcome! Carmen Garcia, President Elect 2015 Urban Design Awards & Annual Meeting Welcome! Carmen Garcia, President Elect 2015 Urban Design Awards and Annual Meeting Welcome Remarks Robert Prejean, President 2015 Urban Design Awards & Annual

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MISSOURI JUDICIARY Franklin County Calendar For Honorable GAEL D. WOOD

MISSOURI JUDICIARY Franklin County Calendar For Honorable GAEL D. WOOD 1 1. 11AB-DR00013 K.M. V K.V. Filing : 10-Jan-2011 PET K.M. RES K.V. ARES DANIEL E LESLIE NOF K.M. GAL CRAIG E HELLMANN 2. 11AB-DR00280 KATHERINE E RUWWE V BENJAMIN E RUWWE FC Dissolution- w/ Children

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FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF INTERLACHEN LIST OF COMMITTEES (EFFECTIVE JUNE 1, 2013 MAY 31, 2014) COMMITTEES & ELECTED OFFICERS BUILDINGS & GROUNDS COMMITTEE: Chairman Jack White Bobby Bishop Lou Hunter Bill Kangas John McCrillis Mike Self BY-LAWS COMMITTEE: Deacon David Wisham (2016) Kathryn Lee (2014)

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Morningstar Manager Research: Practice Group Overview

Morningstar Manager Research: Practice Group Overview Morningstar Manager Research: Practice Group Overview February 16, 2018 Global Head of Research Haywood Kelly Jeffrey Ptak Head of Manager Research Grant Kennaway Global Practice Leader, Manager Research

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City of Chicago Office of the City Clerk

City of Chicago Office of the City Clerk City of Chicago Office of the City Clerk City Hall 121 North LaSalle Street Room 107 Chicago, IL 60602 Legislation Referred to Committees at the Chicago City Council Meeting 10/16/2013

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January/February Schedule

January/February Schedule January/February Schedule January 6 - January 7: The Epiphany of the Lord Connie Comerford John Como Linda Delia Charina Macdonald Jonathan Pon Liette Rancourt Sue Ellen De Forest Joan Taranto Donna Collins

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Member Name Member E mail Office Name Phone # Robert J. Mudd Accu Spect Home Inspections Lauren Paschal

Member Name Member E mail Office Name Phone # Robert J. Mudd Accu Spect Home Inspections Lauren Paschal Robert J. Mudd Accu Spect Home Inspections 336 831 4763 Lauren Paschal Advanced Consumer Electronics 336 941 3171 Chris Clark All Seasons Pest Control 336 785 7325

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Dr. Ann Murphy E 040 Dean 1.0 FTE. Dr. Clayton Daughtrey E 041 Associate Dean Student Support 1.0 FTE. Amy Bechtum E 824* Career Services Liaison

Dr. Ann Murphy E 040 Dean 1.0 FTE. Dr. Clayton Daughtrey E 041 Associate Dean Student Support 1.0 FTE. Amy Bechtum E 824* Career Services Liaison College of Business Dr. Ann Murphy E 040 Dean College of Business Ran Railey E 668** Development Dr. David Dickerson E 1000 Director, International Business Dr. Chittibabu Govindarajulu E 1002 Associate

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ADMINISTRATION CHIEF JUDGE SUSAN CLANCY BOLES COURT ADMINISTRATOR DOUGLAS NAUGHTON. Executive Director AUST, LISA J $114,558 $26,942 GIA 100 ADMINISTRATION Executive Director $114,558 $26,942 GIA 100 Finance Manager JOHNSON, CARRON S $83,275 $29,035 Administrative Asst BRUMMEL, Kerri $42,166 $25,621 Account Clerk GILLES, Ruth E $33,415 $6,359

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Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Hong Kong

Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Hong Kong Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Architecture Date of visiting board: 14/15 May 2015 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee:

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UFE Revolution 2017 Results May 6 th Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

UFE Revolution 2017 Results May 6 th Cobourg, Ontario, Canada UFE Revolution 2017 Results May 6 th Cobourg, Ontario, Canada Yellow = Qualified for Elite Green = Qualified for PRO BIKINI 1 st Danielle Bechard 20.83 2 nd Jenna Moore 20.75 3 rd Kimber Troy 19.50 4 th

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Elias Young Amanda Millis Easton Young Ruth Fox* Patricia Killingsworth* Sue Kreidler Del MacDonald John MacDonald Christopher McGuire Peg Young

Elias Young Amanda Millis Easton Young Ruth Fox* Patricia Killingsworth* Sue Kreidler Del MacDonald John MacDonald Christopher McGuire Peg Young January 7 - March 26 January 7 - January 8 Jan 7, 4:00 PM George Fitzthum* * Tammy Puckrin Linda Renwand Jan 8, 7:30 AM Ruth Fox* Patricia Killingsworth* Peg Young Jan 8, 9:30 AM Annette Baird Emily Kessler

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Directory of Judges Maryland Orphans Court

Directory of Judges Maryland Orphans Court Directory of Judges Maryland Orphans Court Hon. Donna F. May Orphans Court of Allegany County Hon. Edward C. Crossland Hon. Albert L. Feldstein Hon. Nancy C. Phelps Register of Wills Hon. Mary Beth Pirolozzi

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George E and Alma M. (Nielsen) Mundt

George E and Alma M. (Nielsen) Mundt Generation 1 1. ALMA MARGARET 1 NIELSEN 1-2 was born on 30 Aug 1891 in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, USA 1-2. She died on 09 Feb 1989 in Papillion, Sarpy, Nebraska, USA 1. She married George Emil Mundt, son

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VIII. ORGANIZATIONS AND PERSONS CONTACTED VIII. ORGANIZATIONS AND PERSONS CONTACTED 8.0 DOCUMENT PREPARATION 8.1 Lead Agency City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning Major Projects Section 200 N. Spring St., Room 720 Los Angeles, CA 90012

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2013 GHJA Junior Equitation Standings

2013 GHJA Junior Equitation Standings 2013 GHJA Junior Equitation Standings updated 11/5/13 1st Caleigh Cianci 66.5 2nd Lexi Ruppel 56 3rd Kristina Hodge 55 4th Ashley Scott Armstrong 51 5th Samantha Barton 50 6th Noelle Johnson 48 7th Allison

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Chavez, German (1) 6-1; 6-1. Torres, Placido (4) 6-4; 6-4. Marshall, Jason (3) 6-3; 6-0; Hassan, Tahir 6-1; 6-2

Chavez, German (1) 6-1; 6-1. Torres, Placido (4) 6-4; 6-4. Marshall, Jason (3) 6-3; 6-0; Hassan, Tahir 6-1; 6-2 Copper River Country Club Men's 3.5 Singles 1. Chavez German City/State: Fresno Section: 2. Luokkanen L. 3. Marshall Jason 4. Torres Placido Round of 16 1 Chavez German (1) Chavez German (1) 2 Winner:

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Joseph Maxwell, Sr. d Minnie Beatrice d Carrie d.2018

Joseph Maxwell, Sr. d Minnie Beatrice d Carrie d.2018 THE MAXWELL FAMILY TREE as of April 1, 2018 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. -- Matthew 12:33 The Maxwell Family Joseph Maxwell, Sr. d.1939 Stella Mae Jones d.1998 Geraldine d.2002 Earline

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NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS: ASSESSED VALUES FOR 2017 NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS: ASSESSED VALUES FOR 2017 Valuation date (35 ILCS 200/9-95): January 1, 2017 Required level of assessment (35 ILCS 200/9-145): 33.33% Valuation based on sales from (35 ILCS 200/1-155):

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December 2017 NURSERY 11:30

December 2017 NURSERY 11:30 NURSERY Sunday, December 3 Track A 0-12 Months (non-walkers) 13-23 Months (beginner walkers) Name Phone # Lynda Rodriguez Lena SanFilippo Jill Hillman 209.665.9460 Pat Hampton *Ainsley Johnson Lynda Rodriguez

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Plc Points Team CH CO

Plc Points Team CH CO Plc Points Team CH CO 1 93 2 78 3 54.5 Summerville 4 53 Dorman 5 47 Fort Mill 6 46 LugoffElgin 7 45 York 8 43.5 Hillcrest 9 41 10 40 Bluffton 11 38 Stratford 12 37 Gaffney 13 25 White Knoll 14 22 South

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Photo Album Owners Project Excellence Awards Gala. Welcome! Valerie Largin Gala Organizer. Darin French. Melanie Murphy

Photo Album Owners Project Excellence Awards Gala. Welcome! Valerie Largin Gala Organizer. Darin French. Melanie Murphy Photo Album Darin French Melanie Murphy Welcome! Karen Wiktorowicz and, Cocktail Hour Tom Warren, Karen Wiktorowicz, Megan Dougherty, Melissa Mickle Cocktail Hour Bruce Petty, Janet and Bob Stone Hugo

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Mn/DOT District Construction Personnel

Mn/DOT District Construction Personnel Mn/DOT District Construction Personnel Name Duluth Duluth Assistant District Engineer Todd Campbell 218-725-2706 218-725-2813 Resident Engineer Aaron Gunderson 218-725-2764

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March 4/5, 2017 Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

March 4/5, 2017 Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion March 4/5, 2017 March 4, 2017 5:30 PM Mirza Collazo 1 Mirza Collazo 2 Al Collazo 3 Vivian Delgado 4 Isa Diaz 5 Max Diaz 6 Sister Margaret 7 Sister Carmen Teresa Chuck Broyard 1 Amanda Rodriguez 2 Tom Beier

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2012 Region VI Regional Invitational April 18-20, 2012 Debate Final Results Lincoln Douglas Value Debate Lincoln Douglas Value Debate Speaker Awards

2012 Region VI Regional Invitational April 18-20, 2012 Debate Final Results Lincoln Douglas Value Debate Lincoln Douglas Value Debate Speaker Awards 2012 Region VI Regional Invitational April 18-20, 2012 1 st Aaron Alford 2 nd Saeger Godson 3 rd Matthew Pinckard 4 th Stephen Yonke 5 th Jana Minich 6 th Garen Bragg 7 th Stephen Garrett 8 th Joshua Willenbrink

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