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1 Bibliography of British Columbia 1 Compiled by FRANCES WOODWARD, reference librarian, Special Collections Division, Library of the University of British Columbia. Books 2 BARR, Brenton M., ed. The Kootenay collection of research studies in geography. (B.C. Geographical series, Number 18; C.A.G. Occasional papers in geography) Vancouver, Tantalus Research, pp., Mus. ISBN X; issn [BARRATT, Art & Laine Dahlen] A humorous look at Nelson's history [rev. by Bob Murray et. al.] Nelson, Kootenay School of Art [1971?] [35] pp., Mus. BRINK, J. H. van den. The H aida Indians: cultural change, mainly between (Monographs and theoretical studies in sociology and anthropology in honour of Nels Anderson, publication 8) Leiden, E. J. Brill, pp., Mus. ISBN BRITISH COLUMBIA, UNIVERSITY, Library. Serial holdings th ed. Vancouver, UBC Library, pp. ISSN BURNS, Ronald M., ed. One country or two? with an introduction by John J. Deutsch. Montreal, McGill-Queen's University Press, pp. $7.50. CLAUSON, Leslie. Maquinna: the forgotten chief. Burnaby, McPherson Park Junior Secondary School, pp., Mus. $.25. COON, Danny. A collection and description of paintings by a young Indian artist, Danny Coon; photographs by Bob and Jean Glass. [Campbell River, 1971 ] [25] pp., Mus. $2.00. & Gary Ratushniak, comp. Ba-Kwum heritage. Courtenay, printed by E. W. Bickle Ltd., pp., Mus. $8.00. Cox, Bruce, ed. Cultural ecology; readings on the Canadian Indians and Eskimos. (Carleton Library #65) [Toronto] McClelland & Stewart [i973] 33 x?p>, Mus. $4.75. DEULING, Rosemary. $ May 15, Beyond Shuswap Falls. [Lumby] pp., Mus. 2 Publications of municipal governments appear at the end of GOVERNMENT PUBLICA TIONS, 78 BG STUDIES, no. 26, Summer 1975

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