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1 Description and Finding Aid F. KENNETH HARE FONDS F2016 Prepared by Amie Lalonde 2015

2 F. KENNETH HARE FONDS Dates of creation: Extent 23.55m of textual records 44 photographs 2 artefacts Biographical sketch Frederick Kenneth Hare was a climatologist, academic and the tenth Provost of Trinity College. Hare was born on 5 February, 1919, in Wylye, England, to Frederick Eli Hare and Irene Smith. Hare was educated at Windsor Grammar School, King s College at the University of London (BSc 1939), and the University of Montreal where he received his PhD in geography in Hare taught at the University of Manchester from 1940 to 1941 before serving as an operational meteorologist in the Air Ministry from 1941 to In 1945 he was appointed to teach at McGill University and later became the chairman of the Geography Department ( ) and the Dean of Arts and Science ( ). He returned to London where he was Professor of Geography at King's College, University of London ( ) and Master of Birkbeck College ( ). He was President of the University of British Columbia from 1968 to 1969 before becoming a professor of geography and physics at the University of Toronto from 1969 to 1979 as well as Director of the Institute for Environmental Studies from 1974 to He became Provost of Trinity College in 1979 and remained in that position until He also served as Chairman of the Canadian Climate Program Planning Board ( ), Co-Chair of the National Academy of Science (U.S.A.)/Royal Society of Canada Study of Acid Precipitation ( ), Chair of the Peer Review of the Canadian government's Long-Range Transport of Airborne Pollutants (LRTAP) Program at the Royal Society of Canada ( ), head of a study of the nuclear winter phenomenon, RSC (1984), on the Commission on Lead in the Canadian Environment, RSC, Commissioner of the Ontario Nuclear Safety Review ( ), Chancellor of Trent University ( ), Chair of the Canadian Global Change Program Board, RSC (1989), member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Institute for Research in Atmospheric Chemistry ( ), Chair of the Advisory Board of the Institute of International Programs, University of Toronto ( ), member of the Advisory Panel on Research and Development of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited ( ), and Chair of the Technical Advisory Panel on Nuclear Safety, Ontario Hydro ( ). Hare was the author of The Restless Atmosphere (1953), On University Freedom (1967), and the co-author of Climate Canada (1974) as well as many articles in scientific journals on climatic, meteorological, and geographic issues. Hare was an Honorary Fellow of Trinity College (1991), a Companion of the Order of Canada (1987), and Companion of the Order of Ontario (1989). Hare married Suzanne Bates on 23 August, 1941; together they had one son, Christopher John (b. 23 November 1941). They divorced in 1952 and Hare married Helen Morrill on 26 December They had two children, Elissa Beatrice (b. 13 November 1955), and Robin Gilbert (b. 26 May 1958). Hare died on 3 September 2002 at his home in Oakville, Ontario. Scope and content Fonds contains records relating to Hare s work as a climatologist, geographer, and scholar. Files include correspondence, conference and meeting materials, published and unpublished reports and articles (by Hare and others), scientific data, photographs, newspaper clippings, letters of reference, pamphlets, newsletters, and other publications. Files also include a typed copy of Hare s memoir, I ll Always Take a Windowseat, as well as academic certificates and degrees. Contains series 2

3 gift gift gift gift gift gift gift 8. Memoir and guest book Notes Acquisition history: Materials were accrued in nine accessions from Kenneth Hare. Arrangement: Materials have been left in the original order. Dr. Hare was a careful record-keeper and the decision was made to maintain his files in the order they were received. Restrictions on access: None Terms governing use and reproduction / publication: Various copyright holders. It is the researcher's responsibility to obtain permission to publish any part of the fonds. Provenance access points Hare, F. Kenneth, SERIES 1: 1986 GIFT Dates of creation: Extent: 6.37 m of textual records; 16 photographs Scope and content: Series contains correspondence, reports and proposals, conference and meeting materials, scientific data, photographs, and newspaper clippings. Location / File Listing FOLDER/UNIT TITLE START DATE END DATE CONTENTS BOX/ FILE # A correspondence, miscellaneous Typed and handwritten correspondence both to and from Hare. 1-1 to 1-5 Acid deposition - forest soils study Correspondence, report. 1-6 Acid precipitation Correspondence, Conference on Health Effects of Acid Precipitation schedule. 1-7 Acid precipitation - Joint Committee On Correspondence, preliminary meeting agenda, reports

4 Acid precipitation - Special consultation Correspondence, notes on meeting between Robert Slater and Kenneth Hare, expenses, contract between Hare and Environment Canada Acid precipitation - Special consultation correspondence Correspondence, reports Acid rain study - correspondence Correspondence, reports, and information Acid rain study - funding Correspondence, expenses, receipts Acid rain study - Joint Working Group on Newspaper clippings, proposals, correspondence, notes, meeting agendas to 3-3 Acid rain study - Peer review of treaty documents Correspondence, newspaper articles. 3-4 to 3-9 Acid rain study - Working papers on peer review of treaty documents Reports Acid rain study - printed documents The Case Against the Rain: a report on acid precipitation and Ontario programs for remedial action, final copy of report, A submission to the United States Environmental Protection Agency Opposing Relaxation of SO 2 emission limits in State implementation plans and urging enforcement Acres Consulting Services Ltd Correspondence, project summary. 4-4 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Annual Meeting, Acid Rain Symposium Correspondence, proposals, reports. 4-5 AAAS, Annual Meeting, Canadian Advisory Committee Correspondence, agendas, information. 4-6 AAAS, Annual Meeting, Candu Correspondence, information, reports. 4-7 AAAS, Annual Meeting, North American Energy System Correspondence, information, reports, newspaper articles. 4-8 AAAS, Annual Meeting Reports, correspondence. 4-9 Anglo-American Conference on Chemical Industry and Health Correspondence, conference schedule

5 Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies Correspondence, reports and proposals, list of Northern Courses at Canadian Universities. 5-1 to 5-6 Atmospheric Environment Service (AES) - Canadian Climate Programme Reports, correspondence, meeting minutes, notes, agendas, information. 5-7 to 6-11 AES - Canadian Climate Programme Correspondence, reports, meeting agendas and minutes, Canadian Climate Program: Needs and Recommendations, Atmospheric Environment Service Operating Principles for Participation in the Canadian Climate Program, other reports. 7-1 to 8-3 AES - Contracts (Pre-1980) Correspondence, information for various projects, project progress reports, expenses, final reports. 8-4 to 8-8 Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. - Technical Advisory Committee Correspondence, news release, meeting agenda/schedule. 8-9 B correspondence, miscellaneous Typed and handwritten correspondence both to and from Hare Banff Centre - Hare s Participation in Correspondence; Progress vs. Protection: towards effective integration of environmental concerns onto business decision-making workshop offered by the Banff Centre - information, travel itinerary, schedule, participant list; seminar on Land Use Planning How to resolve rural land use problems information, correspondence, schedule; The planetary environment: fragile or sturdy? lecture by F. Kenneth Hare; seminar on Environmental Implications of Northern Development Banff Centre Forestry Conference, September Conference proposal, agenda, schedule, draft budget, correspondence, notes on papers presented, reports. 9-3 to 9-8 Banff Centre School of the Environment Correspondence, summaries of Board of Advisors meetings, program development workshops, planning conference - information, report to board of advisors, seminars, Hare itinerary, Banff Centre School of the Environment Information Booklet, reports, Annual Report to 11-6 British Geomorphological Research Group Correspondence, draft conference proposal, conference programme, Climate on the Desert Fringe paper by F. Kenneth Hare

6 Buringh, P. - Decline of Organic Carbon in the Soils of the World Paper by Dr. P. Buringh, correspondence C correspondence, miscellaneous Typed and handwritten correspondence both to and from Hare Canadian Arctic Resources Committee Statements, issues of Northern Perspectives, discussion paper, correspondence, annual meeting material, financial statements, Bill C-48 brief, speeches to 12-4 Canadian Climate Workshop on Energy/Carbon Dioxide Issues and Impacts Correspondence, newspaper articles, notes, reports, introductory statement by Chairman F.K. Hare, Carbon Dioxide: Issues and Impacts, meeting minutes to Canadian Clubs, Association of Correspondence Canadian Encyclopedia Correspondence regarding Hare as contributor, rough notes, typed copy & corrections, photocopy of finished entry on climate change Canadian Environmental Advisory Council Expense accounts Canadian Environmental Law Research Foundation Notice of meeting, correspondence, activities reports, Annual Report, Toxic and Oxidant Air Pollution: The need for Canadian and American law reform to solve a shared problem to 13-4 Canadian Science Writers Association Correspondence - invitation to be on advisory board, reports, Hare biography Carbon Cycle Project - Contract EV Correspondence, contract, report CBC Advisory Committee on Science and Technology Correspondence, information, meeting agendas and minutes, reports, news releases, The Journal, TV Arts, Music, and Science: program strategy, newspaper articles to 14-1 C.C.R.E.M March 1981 Conference Correspondence Re: Seminar on Climate Change to be held at Regina March 1981, draft report, tentative program, reports, handwritten notes, The Carbon dioxide Question: Canadian Perspectives, report by F. Kenneth Hare H.R. Cho Climate Research Proposal Correspondence, proposal to

7 Climate Impact Assessment in the Great Lakes Basin Workshop Correspondence, program/schedule, reports, Climatic Impact in the Great Lakes Basin: An Appraisal, address by F. Kenneth Hare Climate, Soil and Agriculture: the Uncertain Future Essay by F. Kenneth Hare Climate - The Neglected Factor Essay by F. Kenneth Hare, correspondence Cogbill, Charles Supervisory committee for Charles Cogbill (doctoral candidate) - progress reports, notes on thesis, recommendation letters, thesis by Charles Van Horn Cogbill Committee on International Climate Programmes Correspondence, agenda, newspaper article D correspondence, miscellaneous Typed and handwritten correspondence both to and from Hare Desertification Report Update Correspondence E correspondence, miscellaneous Typed and handwritten correspondence both to and from Hare Economic Council of Canada Environment Colloquium Correspondence, draft outline, Air Quality and the environment by F. Kenneth Hare, copy of Au Courant Economy, Energy and Electricity Conference Correspondence, program, Energy, Environment, and the Good Life by F. Kenneth Hare Encyclopedia Britannica Correspondence Re: Hare s submission to Great Ideas Today, Climate: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: by F. Kenneth Hare - handwritten manuscript, typed manuscript Energy, Mines and Resources Contract Correspondence, Environmental Aspects of Nuclear Power Development in Canada by H.E. Duckworth, H.W. Duckworth, Arthur Porter, J.S. Rogers; reports, travel expenses, newspaper articles, The Disposal of High Level Wastes in Canada by F. Kenneth Hare, Thunder Bay meeting to discuss the Hare report proceedings to

8 Energy Probe Correspondence, publications list, press statement, reports, newspaper articles on nuclear power, funding proposals F correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare, newspaper articles Future Climates and Canadian Economy by F. Kenneth Hare Handwritten notes, rough draft, typed manuscript, correspondence G correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare, essays and reports, copy of The Ecologist Geoforum article Correspondence, information for contributors, Changing Climate and Human Response: The Impact of Recent Events on Climatology by F. Kenneth Hare, article proofs Department of Geography (University of Toronto) Correspondence, department meeting notes, list of graduate courses in the department, course evaluations, memos to departmental staff, list of graduate students, department information to 18-2 Global 2000: Implications for Canada Correspondence regarding seminar, notes on seminar sent to Hare Grand Canal Company Ltd The Great Recycling and Northern Development (GRAND) Canal: a Proposal to Create a New, Dike- Enclosed, Sea Level Freshwater Lakes in James Bay; correspondence; Potential Effects of Terminating the Freshwater Flow of James Bay into Hudson Bay report by Robert J. Milo H correspondence, miscellaneous Professional correspondence Correspondence Miscellaneous correspondence Harrison, M.R The Media and Public Perceptions of Climate Change by Michael R. Harrison graduate work Hay, Professor John E Correspondence, partial reprint from information series 79: a tabulation and analysis of solar radiation data for Alberta by J. E. Hay; An Analysis of Solar Radiation Data for Selected locations in Canada by Dr. John E. Hay

9 Hustich, I Correspondence between Hare and Ilmari Hustich, report Hutchinson & Co. Publishers Ltd Correspondence, contract, some rough notes, proof with corrections, dust cover proof Hydrogen, Federal Advisory Group on Opportunities Correspondence, list of participants I correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare ICSU Climate Coordinating Forum Correspondence, draft report from Ad Hoc Group on Scientific Aspects of Climate and Climate Change, 8-9 May 1980, ICSU Climate Coordinating Forum Joint Scientific Committee reports, World Climate Programme Newsletter IIASA Biosphere Project Correspondence, National Defense Through Stable Peace by Kenneth E. Boulding, research proposals, reports Illinois State Water Survey Schedule, correspondence Impact of Science on Society Correspondence regarding Hare writing an article for journal, Physics, Chemistry and the Future of Climate by F. Kenneth Hare typed copy and rough notes, contract Institute of Arctic & Alpine Research Correspondence, Report to Council: Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research compiled by J.D. Ives; reports, radio station licence correspondence and receipts, Harvey Nichols and J.D. Ives incident Institute for Environmental Studies Correspondence, Hot Seat timetable, Attenuation of Water-Soluble Polychlorinated Biphenyls by Earth Material by R. A. Griffin, E. S. K. Chian, guide to resource centre, council meeting minutes, Outside in Health and the Environment booklet by TVOntario, Hare expenses, Long-Term Ecological Chemical and Geochemical Behaviour of Uranium Mill Tailings, reports International Association on Water Pollution Research Conference, June Correspondence, pre-conference seminar proposal, proposal for postconference symposium, information on seminar International Joint Commission Proceedings of the Canada -United States Natural Resources and

10 Environmental Symposium edited by Dr. John E. Carroll and Diana C. Carroll, 70 Years On: a Conference to commemorate the 70 th anniversary of the International Joint Commission, schedule, list of participants; working group report; The political roles of the International Joint Commission by Don Munton; Centre for International Studies conference speech; reports. J correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare K correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare L correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare Long-Term Annual Surface Heat and Water Balance Relationships Report by F. Kenneth Hare draft, manuscript, reprint, correspondence regarding report LRTAP (Long-Range Transport of Airborne Pollutants) Peer Review - General Correspondence, memos, draft agendas, reports, status reports, list of participants to LRTAP Peer Review - Appointment of Review Panel Correspondence, list of people, resumés/cvs, official offers of employment LRTAP Peer Review - Budget and Expenses Budget and expenses, related correspondence LRTAP Peer Review - Chairman s Meeting Correspondence, minutes, agenda, schedule, Long Range Transport of Airborne Pollutants in North America: a Peer Review of Canadian Federal Research ; Ramada function contract LRTAP Peer Review - Final Report Evaluation forms, draft: panel report material, reports, appendixes, correspondence, final report manuscript Long-Range Transport of Airborne Pollutants in North America: a Peer Review of Canadian Federal research undertaken by the Royal Society of Canada for the Government of Canada, supplement individual reviewers reports to the panel Chairman LRTAP Peer Review - Material for Panel Members Material for panel members, correspondence LRTAP Peer Review - Meeting Arrangements Correspondence, lists of participants, preparation to do list

11 Mc correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare M correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare Man-Environment Impact Conference Correspondence, draft list of speakers and topics, schedule, flyers and pamphlets The Management of Canada s Nuclear Wastes Typed booklet prepared by A. M. Aikin, J. M. Harrison and F. K. Hare for the Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources (English and French copies), correspondence Mason, Sir John Correspondence regarding Sir John Mason s visit to Toronto N correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare National Academy of Sciences Pamphlet, news reports, correspondence, Highlights of the recent ICSU meeting at Brussels, membership list, Economics in the Air; an introduction to the economic issues of the atmosphere and climate by Jesse Ausubel, The Carbon Wealth of Nations by Jesse Huntley Ausubel, Report of the Climate Board Ad Hoc Panel on Climate Impact to the National Climate Program office regarding Social Science Climate Impact Research National Centre for Atmospheric Research Correspondence, The Societal Effects of Climate Change: Two Theoretical Perspectives draft by Richard A. Warrick and F. Kenneth Hare National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Newsletters, correspondence National Research Council - Canada Correspondence, Ottawa trip itinerary, Canada s Future Energy lecture series information Hare s lecture National Research Council - USA Correspondence, A Strategy for the U.S. Climate program draft NATO Report of the Committee of Three Non-Military Co-Operation in NATO, NATO vol. 1 proof Oxford University Press, workshop information, a guide to the programmes of the NATO science committee New Zealand/Australia Trip Correspondence, published materials

12 Niagara Institute Correspondence, Environmental Quality and Economic Growth by Robert Hamrin, Environment Canada Project - report on the state of the environment project meeting information, Environmental Issues in Canada: a Status Report, reports, workshop information Non-Smokers Rights Association Flyers, photocopies, newspaper articles, writings, pamphlets, correspondence and member list Nuclear Winter Correspondence, Conference on the Long-Term Worldwide Biological Consequences of Nuclear War summary of conference findings, Report to Annual Meeting, Royal Society of Canada on Resource and Environmental Concerns Raised by the Federal Government By F. Kenneth Hare, contract, meeting information and agendas, articles, expenses O correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare Ontario s Future Environments Correspondence, Economic Development for Canada in the 1980 s background paper, Ontario s Future Environments by F. Kenneth Hare draft and final copy, research Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Conference Correspondence, reports, information Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Correspondence Oxford International Symposium Oxford International Symposium information, programme, guest list P correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare Planet Earth Series Correspondence regarding Planet Earth Series produced by WQED Pittsburgh and the National Academy of Sciences National Research Council, series information, transcript, Planet Earth Preview package, additional written information, Fate of the Earth, poster, newsletter, photocopies of newspaper articles

13 Pollution Probe Correspondence, bulletin, Packaging and the Environment annual meeting agenda, annual report, action campaign, The Probe Post newspaper, Additive alert: a guide to Food Additives for the Canadian Consumer, financial statements, reports Porter Commission on Electric Power Planning Correspondence, Major Environmental Concerns an introduction draft by F. Kenneth Hare typed copy and written draft President s Committee Correspondence, invitations and programs/menus to annual dinners, president s committee executive meeting agendas, list of potential donors Public Strategy group General Objectives of the University of Toronto, correspondence, meeting minutes Q correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare R correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare Reference, Letters of Reference letters written by Hare to 29-3 Resources for the future Correspondence, financial statements, board of directors special meeting agenda, Quality of the Environment Division: Program Statement, Program Statement of the Renewable Resources Division, division program statements Rockefeller Foundation Correspondence Royal Society Royal Society of Canada By Laws, Population and Food: The Major Imbalances by F. Kenneth Hare, correspondence, fellowship nomination of Svenn Orvig, newsletter, report of council, press releases S correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare Science Advisory Board on the North- West Territories Correspondence, reports Science Council of Canada Correspondence

14 Scientific Committee on Ocean Research, August 1982 meeting Correspondence; Joint Oceanographic Assembly circular, opening ceremony program, program; The Ocean Sciences and the Future of Climate by F. Kenneth Hare Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE) - General Correspondence, SCOPE information and progress reports, circular, meeting minutes, newsletter, information booklet, fifth General Assembly documents, bulletin, SCOPE programme, instructions for authors, United Nations Environment Programme Project document, sixth General Assembly documents SCOPE - Climate/Society Interface ISCU/SCOPE workshop on Climate/Society Interface, correspondence, progress report SCOPE - Meetings May Correspondence, SCOPE circulars, General Assembly Programme, reports SCOPE - Phase III Fifth General Assembly project report, UNEP project documents,13 th executive committee meeting, correspondence, World Climate Applications Programme (WCAP), proposal to SCOPE Improving the Science of Climate Impact Study SCOPE - Scientific Advisory Committee Correspondence, The Methodology of Climate Impact Assessment: a note by Robert W. Kates, Proposed Plan of Action for the World Climate Impact Programme, reports, newsletter, UNEP project documents SCOPE - Scientific Advisory Committee, September 1981 meeting Instructors for SCOPE editors/authors, guidelines for reviewers, correspondence, SOPE authors meeting notes, RSVPs to authors meeting, programme, meeting participants, Climatic Variability and Change: a Western Overview draft by F. Kenneth Hare, progress report, commentary SCOPE - Scientific Advisory Committee, September 1981 meeting, financial Logistics of meeting, correspondence, financial documents expenses, budgets SCOPE Workshop Decemb er List of participants, correspondence, minutes of planning meeting, reports, Climate/Society Interface a Scope/AES Workshop schedule, Environmental Data and Information Service booklet, budget SCOPE Workshop, December 1978 Papers Papers and reports

15 Sigma Xi Annual Meeting Correspondence, reservation request for awards dinner and buffet, list of delegates, schedule Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, U of T Chapter - General Committee guidelines, correspondence, results of questionnaire, flyers, executive committee meeting agenda Sigma Xi, U of T Chapter - Admissions Correspondence Sigma Xi, U of T Chapter - Establishment of Correspondence, agenda, flyers, nomination for membership form, information, membership list, Petition for the Establishment of a Chapter of Sigma Xi at the University of Toronto Sigma Xi, U of T Chapter - Executive, Officers, General meetings Meeting of officers, correspondence, meeting minutes, schedule Sigma Xi, U of T Chapter - Membership lists Membership lists, correspondence Sigma Xi, U of T Chapter - Programme List of lecturers, correspondence, meeting information, meeting minutes Sigma Xi, U of T Chapter - Treasurer s File Correspondence, financial information, list of members and fee payments Southeast USA Trip October 1961 Octobe r 1961 Correspondence, itinerary and appointment schedule State of the Environment Report Correspondence, State of the Environment Report for Canada, Possible Outline for Prototype SOE Report Swedish Ministry of Industry - Nuclear Waste Management Correspondence, Holding and Final Storage of Unprocessed Nuclear Fuel rough draft by A. M. Aikin, F. K. Hare, J. M. Harrison, final typed copy T Correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare Project Tapis Vert Correspondence, progress report, bulletin, project summary, project information, Development Workshop on Building and Planning in the Third World Third Conference on Environmental Future Correspondence, articles

16 Thompson, David Survival Ethics handwritten document, typed document, correspondence, David Thompson Thesis Proposal The Prevailing Attitude to the Earth Held in the United Kingdom During the Period of the Industrial Revolution, 1750 to 1850, Analyzed with a View to the Formation of an Adequate Ethnic for the Future of the Biosphere Toxicology, Centre for Pamphlets, University of Guelph/University of Toronto Canadian Centre for Toxicology: a Plan, correspondence, Progress Report no Thornthwaite Signal Corps Contract Correspondence, manuscript Charles Warren Thornthwaite honorary degree page, CV, Proposal for a research contract between the U.S. Army Electronics Material Agency and C.W. Thornthwaite Associate., Ozone instruments typed document with notes, contract, manuscript U correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) Correspondence, Final Report expert meeting on environmental engineering, State of the Environment report, Function of Structure of CRES, newspaper clipping, Environmental Policy Issues in Australia and the South Pacific report to the Executive Director, United Nations Environmental Programme by F. Kenneth Hare, proposals, draft report of first meeting, contract, The Environmental Impacts of Nuclear Energy Report of the Executive Director, article/book proof, How should we treat Climate Impact handwritten document by F. Kenneth Hare, newsletter UNEP Expert Meeting October 1982 Octobe r 1982 IIASA Proposal handwritten photocopy, articles, meeting agenda, report of the meeting October, travel claim UNEP Scientific Advisory Committee Correspondence, Improving the Science of Impact Study a project summary, Report of the Meeting of Experts, report of the meeting, Implementation of the Plan of Action for Phase I world climate impact studies programme, Integrated approaches to climate impacts: a proposal for an exploratory assessment, project document, Hare itinerary United States Climate Program A United States Climate Program Plan by a drafting group of the Interdepartmental Committee for Atmospheric Sciences, National

17 Research Council Climate Research Board information, Draft preliminary 5- year plan National Climate Program. Universities - Adelaide Master of Environmental Studies Degree information, Adelaide University Graduate s Union membership card 1975, correspondence, newspaper clippings Universities - Australian National Correspondence, Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies annual report 1976, Environmental Studies in Australian Universities article, Information for candidates for the academic appointments in the Institute of Advanced Studies Universities - Birkbeck College, University of London Correspondence, reports, typed list of lecture topics chemistry, Robert A. Shaw articles Universities - Birmingham Correspondence, Thesis examination assessor s reports Universities - British Columbia 1970 Correspondence, Geography 213 Physiographic Hydrology lecture outline, reports, John L. Knox resumé, visit to UBC travel and living expenses, certificate presented to F. Kenneth Hare in recognition and appreciation for services as Honorary President of the University of British Columbia Alumni Association Universities - Calgary Correspondence, reference letter, faculty of Environmental Design bulletin Universities - Clark Correspondence, Climate Fluctuations and Social Well-Being: a formal proposal submitted to the national science foundation climate dynamics program by Clark University, The role of climatic variability in desertification, Climate and Human Response by F. Kenneth Hare, The making of deserts: climate, man, and geopolitical economy by F. Kenneth Hare, Robert W. Kates, and Andrew Warren, The Effect of Climate Fluctuations on Human Populations: a progress report Universities - Delaware Correspondence, The graduate program in geography, University of Delaware report by F. K. Hare, R. D. Mackinnon, and W. Zelinsky, Hare expenses, University of Delaware course catalogs, programme review questionnaire, information on the undergraduate program in geography, course evaluations, Proposal for a Ph.D

18 Program in Applied Science- Climatology, geography 5-year plan, department of geography report, CVs and Resumes. Universities - East Anglia Correspondence, plan for book Climate in History and the Modern World, Tentative program: climate and history 8-14 July Universities - Institut de la Vie Correspondence, information, constitution, by-laws, research plans, conference programme, Report on the World Conference: Science in the Service of Life organized by the Institut de la Vie prepared by Philippe Garigue, Population Science in the Service of Mankind book, pamphlets Universities - Lethbridge Correspondence, Hare Owen Holmes lecture flyer, Universities in an Altered Canada lecture by F. Kenneth Hare, pamphlets, reports, newspaper clippings Universities - London Correspondence, The Environmental Imperative by F. Kenneth Hare, Alice Coleman CV, Joint School Society minutes of the annual meetings, invitation to dinner, Committee on Academic Organization second discussion document, discussion document, Annual Report of The Principal, Meeting of Convocation agendas and minutes booklets Universities - McGill Observatory Weather abstract data Universities - McGill Correspondence Universities - McMaster Correspondence, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Seminar Series spring 1978 schedule, Educational Council on Health and the Environment newsletter Universities - Manitoba Energy and Social Issues conference pamphlet, correspondence, schedule and draft programme for third conference on energy creating the future, Creating the Future Environment by F. Kenneth Hare, conference abstracts Universities - Memorial Correspondence, A.G. Macpherson article, Convocation programme, address to convocation of Memorial University by F, Kenneth Hare

19 Universities - Mount Allison Correspondence, Hare itinerary, Verses for Peter by David Fensom, newspaper article photocopy Universities - North Carolina Correspondence, Conference on Atmospheric Quality and Climate Change information, Policy and Management Implications of Climatic Change by F. Kenneth Hare Universities - Queen s Correspondence, Proposed Ph.D. in Geography at Queen s report by F.K. Hare, Queen s University Lecture Series schedule, Graduate Program in Physical Geography information, CVs, reports, On Academic Research and Society in Canada, minutes of the annual meeting Queen s University Council, Principal s Report to the University Council, University Research in Jeopardy, newspaper clippings Universities - Queensland Correspondence, Vice Chancellorship nomination Universities - Saskatchewan Correspondence, Institute for Northern Studies information, 17 th annual report, 18 th annual report, photocopies of newspaper articles, itinerary Universities - Simon Fraser Correspondence, Proposal for a Master s Program in Natural Resource Management Universities - Trent Correspondence, Ontario Council on Graduate Studies by-law no. 2, tentative timetable, proposal for the establishment of a joint master s programme in biology and geography, The teaching of Environmental Studies in Ontario Universities, Frederick Kenneth Hare biography, honorary membership in the Alumni Association of Trent University Universities - Victoria Correspondence, Hare itinerary, Tomorrow s Universities: an international conference on the future of Universities information and programme, preliminary itinerary, The University into the 21 st century conference information, Academic Progress: Can We Achieve it? by F. Kenneth Hare Universities - Western Ontario Correspondence, The Geography Department of the University of Western Ontario report by F. Kenneth Hare, The Five Year Plan: a working paper on problems, principles/objectives, strategies, conditions of appointment, itinerary, The North American Environment: Transboundary Issues by

20 F. Kenneth Hare typed copy with corrections, Centre for American Studies information, newspaper articles. Universities - Windsor Correspondence, itinerary, Canterbury College Lenten Lectures schedule and topics, Life and Religion: a Modern Paradox by F. Kenneth Hare, Geography Discipline paper on Research and Public Policy by Frank C. Innes Universities - Wisconsin Correspondence, The University of Wisconsin at Madison Climate-Food Project: a critical interim appraisal first draft by F. Kenneth Hare, Department of Geography 50 th anniversary schedule, CVs, The Vaulting of Intellectual Barriers; the Madison Thrust in Climatology speech by F. Kenneth Hare, 125 th anniversary of meteorology Universities - York Correspondence, Proposed York University Science Symposium Prospects for Man Climate Change, York Gazette issues Universities - Others Report of the visiting committee to evaluate the department of geography University of Chicago -photocopy, Erindale College GGR 381 course schedule, Concordia University proposal for a meeting on networks, reports University Club of Toronto Newsletter, membership list, correspondence, pamphlet, financial statements, report of the constitutional amendment committee, club information U.S. State Department - Desertification Paper Correspondence, Background paper to presentation by F. Kenneth Hare Climate of the Desert Edge to State department conference on Environmental Issues, Climate on the Desert Fringe: Some Policy Questions by F. Kenneth Hare UTFAA Faculty Award Correspondence, speech by F.K. Hare V correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare W correspondence, miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Hare Water Project Correspondence, news release, itinerary, photocopied newspaper articles, reports, The Impact of Human Activities on Water in Canada by F. Kenneth Hare

21 White, Gilbert F. - Festschrift, correspondence Correspondence, Essays in Honour of Gilbert F. White list, research, handwritten rough draft, other drafts & typed copy of essay by F. Kenneth Hare, other essays John Wiley & Sons Publishers (Canada) Correspondence, Science: physical science: a basis for understanding pamphlet, similar pamphlets for geography, business, English, and social science; fiscal plan; by-law no. 5; board of directors meeting agenda and related documents; financial statements John Wiley & Sons (Canada) Correspondence, Quill and Quire newspaper, library newsletter, minutes of meetings of the board of directors of Wiley Publishers of Canada Ltd., report, book reviews, magazines/brochures, School Catalogue, Wilson Learning Catalogue, Wiley Preview, Annual Report John Wiley & Sons (Canada) School Catalogue, Board of Directors Meeting agenda and related documents, reference report, Science probe 10, President s address, board of directors informal notes, Annual Report, fiscal report Woods Hole Workshop, July Carbon Dioxide Effects Research and Assessment Program Workshop on the Global Effects pf Carbon Dioxide from Fossil Fuels booklet, Planning Guidance for Climate Systems Research, National Climate Program Preliminary 5-year plan, correspondence, reports World Climate Conference Correspondence, conference information, programmes, agendas, reports, bulletins, lists of participants, Development Forum newspaper issues, expenses to 47-4 World Conservation Strategy Correspondence, World Conversation Strategy: Living Resource Conservation for Sustainable Development prepared by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources World Meteorological Organization Correspondence, Catalogue of Publications of the World Meteorological Organization, meeting reports, summary reports, travel authorization, meeting minutes, meeting arrangements, Weather Modification Programme, project proposals, list of participants, agendas to

22 World Meteorological Organization - IDRC Symposium on Drought Draft agenda, correspondence, Drought in Africa: action with respect to climate by F. Kenneth Hare, agendas, presentations and reports, A Long-Term Solution for the Sahel: Canadian Bilateral Assistance World Meteorological Organization Pamphlet: Drought, Climatic Variation and Desertification Pamphlets: Meteorology Aids Food Production, The Next Decade: Meteorology and Operational Hydrology in the service of mankind, Meteorology and Public Safety ; articles, correspondence, Drought, Climatic Variation and Desertification by F. Kenneth Hare World Wildlife Fund Annual reports, correspondence, Working for Wildlife newspaper Worldwatch Institute The Global Politics of Food: Role and Responsibility of North America by Lester Brown, pamphlet, news releases, Reversing Africa s Decline by Lester R. Brown Photographs P photographs : b+w and col. ; 19 cm x 24 cm and smaller photos of Hare and others, landscape, diagrams SERIES 2: 1988 GIFT Dates of creation: Extent: 2.60 m of textual records; 4 photographs Scope and content: Series consists of correspondence, meeting and conference materials, reports and papers, letters of reference, photographs, and financial accounts. Location / File Listing FOLDER/UNIT TITLE START DATE END DATE CONTENTS BOX/ FILE # Alberta Environment Symposium Correspondence, Vulnerability to Climate Hare s notes for keynote address, itinerary American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Minutes, correspondence, symposium topics, summary of activities, Societal impacts of and responses to CO2- Induced Climate Change: Opportunities for Research by Warrick and Riebsame, Summary of the Carbon Dioxide Effects

23 Research and Assessment Program, copies of figures, annual meeting documents, articles, F. Kenneth Hare presentation Climate s Impact on Food Supplies: Can it be identified? AAAS - Annual Meeting Correspondence, meeting minutes, Report of a Symposium Prepared for EOS, Planetary Environmental Change: The Search for Control by F. Kenneth Hare, schedule of symposia and workshops, proposals AAAS - Annual Meeting Correspondence, agendas, minutes, annual reports, call for proposals, list of proposals AAAS Section W Correspondence, symposia and lectures for 1986 Annual Meeting, elections information, program committee phone numbers, agendas, electorates, minutes, executive officer report, annual reports, fellow nominations, handbook American Geographical Society Correspondence, invitation, programmes for award reception, citation for F. Kenneth Hare Annan, Noel Correspondence, Bloomsbury and the Leavises speech by Noel Annan Archimedes Foundation Correspondence Arctic Institute of North America Correspondence, speech notes for Dr. T.H.B. Symons on behalf of the Honourable Bill McNight Ashby, Eric The Scientist as University President by Lord Ashby, House of Lords official report, correspondence Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies Correspondence, National Student Conference on Northern Studies information and programme, Northline newsletter issue, abstracts of papers presented at National Student Conference on Northern Studies The Atheneum Correspondence Atmospheric Environmental Service Climate Program 7A Correspondence, summary minutes, schedule of charges for special services, chapters for Surface Water Hydrology of North America by F. Kenneth Hare, CVs Atmospheric Environmental Service Climate Program 7B Summary minutes, draft agenda, summary minutes, membership list,

24 Canadian Climate Program brochure, reports. AES Climate Program Correspondence, reports, summary minutes, Vulnerability to Climate notes for keynote address by F. Kenneth Hare, policy reports, project resource requirements, reports, membership of climate board, Summary report for CCPP board, agendas, Mandate for Change: the Relevance of Climate by F. Kenneth Hare AES Canadian Climate Program Correspondence, reports, Summary minutes CCP socio-economics impacts committee atmospheric environment service, Climate Alert flyer, workshop summary, summary minutes Canadian climate program planning board, To Sum It All Up closing address by F. Kenneth Hare, workshop proceedings Impact of Climate Change on the Canadian Arctic, membership, project reports, meeting notes, summary minutes, Developing a National Climate Program A decade of Canadian experience Atmospheric Environment Services, Contracts Correspondence, payment claims, expenses and receipts Biswas, Asit K Correspondence Boreal Institute Conference, Edmonton - November Correspondence, Climate in the North: Prospects for Change by F. Kenneth Hare, list of people and addresses, conference draft schedule, Hare itinerary Canadian Association of Geographers Annual meeting minutes and agendas, correspondence, circulars, Derrick Sewell list of publications Canadian Meteorological Society Correspondence, annual review 1982, newsletter, meeting minutes, constitution and by-laws Canadian Society of Soil Scientists Pamphlets, correspondence, History of Soil Survey in Canada, 33 annual meeting abstracts and program CBC Coverage of Nuclear Issues Correspondence CIMMYT Correspondence, CIMMYT information Civilizations and Rapid Climate Change Conference Correspondence, To Sum it All Up by F. Kenneth Hare, list of participant, program, conference schedule and information

25 Climate an Desertification by F. Kenneth Hare Report prepared for the World Meteorological Organization and United Nations Environment Programme Climatic Change Correspondence, report by Klaus M. Meyer-Abich, call for papers Collin, A. E Correspondence, A.E. Collin CV Conservation Council of Ontario Correspondence, reports, council meeting minutes and agendas Ditchley Foundation Correspondence, information Drought Workshop, Lincoln, Nebraska: September - October Correspondence, participants, pamphlets, Hare itinerary, Drought and Desiccation: Twin Hazards of a Variable Climate keynote address by F. Kenneth Hare, workshop outline Engineering Centennial Celebrations, Montreal Natural Resources in the Ecological Perspective by F. Kenneth Hare, correspondence, provisional program, detailed program Environmental Policy Network Meeting participants, Hare itinerary, Is there scientific consensus on acid rain? Excerpts from six governmental reports by an Ad Hoc committee on acid Rain science and policy Environmental Systems and Controls: Proposed Textbook Correspondence, Hare s comments on chapters 3 and 13, drafts of chapters 3 and 13, book information, author biographies, summary of discussions, review information, author meeting agenda Forecasting of Global Changes Proposed International Meeting of Forecasting of Global Changes and Consequent Policy Strategies tentative agenda, correspondence, articles/reports Forester, Andrew Correspondence Freedom of Science and Scholarship Committee Correspondence, Human Rights, Freedom of Science and Scholarship and Contemporary Iran a report issued under the authority of the Committee on Freedom of Science and Scholarship of the Royal Society of Canada, reports and addresses, committee members, memoranda Gal-Chen, Tzvi Correspondence, proposal to the National Science Foundation, CV