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3 TEXAS ARCHIT 5 / 6 Health -Care Design 1993 Hen/ th Ceutrnl 30 FIKS Inc. of Dalio~ designed chis lirigh1, an im:ned hospirnl-oflicc comp lex (JlL~l up the road From Disney\ Vorld in nearby Orlando, Fl:l.) lo bridge the phy~ic:11 gap between dncrors' offices and hosp11al p:htents. /~l ' J11d /Vim c11/1mw, Growing Room 34 The Joint Ventu re of The Bower Downin g Partnership+ Laurie Smith Design t\sso ci:ne~, hmh nf Auiotin, designed n dear, welcomi ng space for the cxp:mdccl Emerge ncy Center :tt Brnckcnridgc I lo~pita l in.\u stin. ~l' Jod II imw IJt1mn Co11111n111il y Care 38 Brinkley S:irgcn t \r chncct~ of D:11!:1,; <les1gnetl the fir-.;1 uf a ~cric~ of commu nity-li:1scd hc:tlrh -c:trc cen ter, for Dalla,;\ P:1rkl:1nd \llen10ri:1i I lospit: 11. Ii)' J11b Rowt C111ti11 g Edge 42 \\ :1tki1t\ Carter I l:111iltun \ rchi tcc~ of I lou.,ton designed the Herman n Nurritiun nncl I luman Performancc Ct!ntcr. :i new medical - facility rype. ~l' Jori ll 'i1rrt'11 Bt1rna On the cover : The hospi- Editor 's note 5 tot-o ffice complex called Health Central in Ocoee, Lett e rs 8 Fla., was designed by HKS Inc. of Dallas. Cover News 16 photograph by Mich ael Of Note 17 Lowry, Orlando, Fla. Law s, Re g s, and 25 Surv e y 46 Red Tap e Products and 48 Information Kitch e ns and 26 Marketplace 49 Bath s Resources 50 Special Advertising Section TEXAS INDEX 52 Texas Architect 5/

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5 TEXAS ARCHITECT 'fr:n1, tlrcbirm (ISS~, 00-«l-4179) is published seven times per year (bimonthly and in April) by the Texas Soc,ery or Architeccs, 114 West Seventh, Suite 1400, Ausiin. Texas 7870 I. TSA is the ofliciol Texns stnte ur1,'1 rnizntion of the American lnstirurc of Architects (Du, i.j L.tncnstcr, Executive \ ~cc PresiJcm). Cupyriitht J 99.! Ly the Texas Sodcl) ' uf Architects. Options for Health Care EDITOR 'S NOTE Jud Warren Barno Editor Ray Don Ti ller Generol Manage r Susnn \Vlllismsnn Associate Edllor C.,rol) n U:1L:cr 1111vi~-~o ~ Advertising Representative Ulllic Diton SW 4H M&l Advertising Representat ive Knt1e Lorson!l~t.t9H 111 Advertising Representative Limh Lnngun Morketlng Assistant Kimberly J. Hurn~ Membersh ip Director Irene G11rtn Contro ller TSA Publication s Committee \\"illiom L. Peel, AJA, Housmn (chairman); LnwrCJICC 11. Crnu10Uy, AIA, i\llidland;jdfn.-y Fct7.er, AL.\, San Antonio; Vincclll I Iauscr, Al;\, Austin; Gilhert I loffman, AIA, l lutl,aon; MnrtinJ. I faml<i,aia, Lubl'IOd~ (:.,'vl:irl: Selle)', Al,\, Dnlla5; Ed Soltero, Assoc. AJA, El Paso; Denni, v.~ Sm ;-. AJA, Dnllns; Robert Steinbomcr, AJA, \ 11,cin; Dill 1'. Wilson II. AlA, Corpus ChriSti Contributing Editors Da,'i,I Dillon, Dallas; Step hen Fox, Hous ton; R. 1.owrcnce Good, FAIA, D:1llas; Douglas Har\'ey, San \ ; Ncsw r lnfonwn, AJA. Dallas; Lila Ki1ight, Au,,in: Barbara Kocrb lc, Fort \Vorth; Craig Kuh- 11cr, Arlington; Ce ra Id Moorhc:od, FAIA, l Iouston; llchcccn Rl!llfro, ll oust0n; \\ rillis Winters, AIA, Dalio~; Dal'itl \o\'oudcock, FAIA, RIB/\, College Stnrion TSA Officers Jame, D. Titt le, FAIA, Abilene, President ; David,\l c,,_-.cri,1n ith, AJA. 1\llidlnnd, President-Elect; Robert A. Brook:., AJA, I-lm15ton, Vire President;J1111 Pimnan, ;\JA, D.1110>, \ ice President; Randy Gideon, AJA, Fort Worth, \ ice Pn,sident; Diivid Richter, ALI\. Corpus Christi, Vice Prcsidcm:: 1bmmy Cownn, AIA. Austin, 1rcnsurcr: Paul 1 I ~,o n, FAJA. San Antonio. Se.cremry. David Lancnster,,\usain. Executive Vice Pre.siclen1 TSA Board of Directors by Chapter Rldu rd Buzard, AJA, Abilene Choprcr; T honms L L..ivin, \JA. Amarillo Chapter; Chuck Croft, FAfA, Aus- 1in ChAptcr; Tom PArkcr, AL\, Bruw, Chapter; Bill T. Wil,on I], AJA, Corpus Christi Chnp1er; Mark \ Vatford, AIA, Dallas Choprer:Jomes A. \.\'offurd, AJA. El Paso Chaptt,t; Lawrence E. Foxworth, Al,\, Fort \Vorth Chnp1er; O'Neil Gregory, AV\, Honsaon Chapter; Tercsu Mur:iles-Besr, AJA. Lower Rio Grande Volley Chnplet: Dunny D..'vlcLnrty. AIA, Lubbock Chapter. Stephen Kent I larris, AfA, Northenst 1hns Chapter; Gnhricl Durnnd-llu llis, AIA, Son Antonio Chapter; D. Rex Goo<le. AJA, Southeast Texas Chnptt:r; Keith]. Bailey, Ali\, Wnco ChnJltcr; J omes Riggen, Au\, West Tcxos Chnptcr; Conrad Srolci, r\la, Wid1ita Fulls ChnJltcr, ll Ll1\\TI:ncc Good, FAIA, Daill!>, und John Only Greer, F,\JA. Collci;-c Smion. AJA Dirc<'tors; Lee Rny HnhnfdJ, FAIA, Fort Worth. 1:.\F Chuimrnn;John Casbnr inn, FAL.\. Eclucntor Mcmhcr; und Dr. Alcxnnrlcr Schilr, Public \ 1embcr Sccond-clnss postage paid nt Austin, Texas, nnd nd dmonal mailing offices. Po1tma11er : Send address ch11ngcs to r,_,.;,, rlrtbi1rt1, 114 \\'t!st Seventh, Suite 1400, Austin, 1cxll Phone: (511) Suh;,criprion prit'c is SI<, per )'c:lr for TSA men 11,cr,., Sl I for nonmember, with ndtlrl'5.'ics in the contlm:m:al U.S. (nt1mncml1er,,111 not n.-cci\'c the Pmrrirr A ). Rcprn,lul1fo11 of c-diwri :tl con1cn1 withnu1 written pcnni:.:.iun b pmltihitl'tl. Use or IUIIIIC5 nml imnges or pmdul'ls nnd sel'\ ' i~ in either eclitori al nr arlvcni~ing d~ nor constinnc an cndorscmcm hr TSA or AIA, nor docs comment necessarily rdkc ran ;,Aici:il opii1ion of <Jthcr Of'!;,I IW.1tion. 'fr.ms Artbirm is inde.~d b1 the A,-cl'\ ' Index or Architl'C111m l Pcriodicnls. n,'llilable 11 ; major m;mrics. I HAD HOPED in this issue co be able to publ ish part two of "Philip J ohnso n's Texas Connectio ns," the conclusion of the profi le of Texas' favorit e carpe tbagge r architect written by Frank Welch, FAIA. Unfo rtunat ely, lack of space inte r vened. For all tho se who have writte n or called to inquir e: Th e next instajjmenc will run in our July /August issue, come hell or ltigh water. MY INTEREST in the cycles of publi c polic y and private choice rela ted to health care goes back IO years, to when] was working as a researcher for an office in th e Texas House of Rep resentatives (it's now known as the H o use Resea rch Organization). I wrote about th e Texas He alth Faci lities Commjss ion, ch arged with issuing permjts for th e co nstr ucti on of new hospitajs and clini cs, whkh was undergoing Sunset review, and would so on be going out of ex.istence. C learly, the attempt to use gove rnmental regul ato ry power to hold down health -care costs (then incr easing at a rate almo st twice the rate of ge ner al infl ation) had fajle d. Since that time, free-market mechanjsm s are supp ose d to h ave been in place, so that competi tion among provider s should have begun taming the spiral of hea lth -ca re costs. Unfor tun ate ly, this has no t be en the case. Health care cos ts, for the past five yea rs, ha ve bee n increas ing at a rat e three time s faster than th e genera l rate of in flat ion- 14 percent last ye ar. It should be clear by now that the market cannot rely on patients to contro l coses, since patients cannot use price information to make rati o nal judg e men ts ab out health -ca re needs. Instead, it is providers who make th e imp ortant choices, driven by the threat of lawsuit s that stimujat e a hunge r for more and mor e expensive UPCOMING ISSUES : We Invite submissions to Tws ARCHITECT for all our upcoming Issues. Scheduled Issue themes for the remainder of 1993 and early 199' Include SEP/OCT (dndllll 1 Jwn) "Anaualnlew af Texas Ardlltect1re NOY/DEC (dndll111 A1g) "lew Ch1rcll1s for a lew Decade" JAN/FIi '94 (dndllnt 1 Oct) "TIie Way Things Oagllt To Bt: Successfll Design Collallol'ltlons" MAR/API '94 (d11iiiih Ill Die) "Desiga Trends 11 lew Teus la111t1g We also need stories about new architectural projects, interiors, historic preservation, urban design, zoning, mass transit and highway development, compelilions, and education for our NEWS and SURVEY sections. In addition, we are looking for stories about innovations in technique and management for our SMALL PRACTICE ISSUES section. II you can help us with any of these lopics, please call TEXAS ARC"ITECT ot 512/ JWB technology-with, these days, insurer s as a count ervailing force entering more and more intrusively into the pro cess. Pati encs, in the current economic and regu latory climate, in which th ey were sapp osed to be empowered, have less choice than ever. U nfortunate ly, again, the optio ns available to federal and pr i vate heajth-care reformers promise only to limit those cho ices. Neverthe less, if the Amer ican economy is co keep from being gol>bletl up l,y its health-care system, those optio ns must be found and acted on. Joel Wan e1z Barna Texas Architect 5/

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8 Letters Of Competitions and Brokers THANKS for such cogent reporting on the important issue of competitions and brokers (TA Jan/ Feb 1993). So often when l read an :m:iclc on a subjecr of which l have dcmiled first-hand knowledge, l find that the author's view of events, and issue differs from mine. H:wing participated in :i number of architeccuni l selectio ns where the owner is guided by a third party, l felt you did an excellcnc job of focusing on the pros (having a first-time owner guided by those with more experience) as well as the cons of this emerging trend. \Vhile my experience with formal competitions is Limited, I again found your analysis to match my ex'perience. vvhilc there may be pros and cons associated with brol-ers, l'm hard pressed to chink of any benefits in selecting an architect via competition, given how most ore run. As such, I applaud Texas Archiucr's new policy in this area. T find most owners are interested in using brokers and competitions co sdect architects because they lack any ability to differentiate firms. ln that context, it's not surprising that fees get a lot of attention-they can be differentiated. If our profession is going to :1dvocate qualifications-based selection, and we should, then we need to be prepared to present our qualifications in wa)'s that c-.m be differentiated. Generally we don't. You concluded with the example of a firm who questioned having been asked to make presenmtions and proposals co a potential client. \i\'hile I can share the architect's disappointment at not having been selected (we too were unsucct!ssful in the case you cited), I cannot see any reason to resent being asked to present demi led qualifications early in the process rather than later. This is what qualifications-based selection is all about. Until those in the profession cnn do a better job of differentiating themselves to those outside the profession, then brokers and c.ompetitions will see to it for us... and fees will be che preeminent selection cri rerion. Duncn11 T. Fulton, AJA Good Fulto11 & Farrell Dallas J READ with obvious interest )'Our article "Competitions and Brokers" (u/ Jan/Feb 1993). lnasmuch as Th e Staubach Company was mentioned prominently in the article, I found it curious that you neglecred to con met our firm for comment on the process you were describing. Consequently, I thought you might allow me to provide some additional infonnation, which clarifies our role. 8 Texos Architect 5/ I am in agreement with the bulk of your article: More communication between owner and archiu:ct is better; architecn1re has allowed itself to become somewhat "commoditizcd" for some types of work; relationships are changing; there are new players in the process.,\1any of your points are well mken, and we all need to work together to find solutions. However, while I cannot speak for our competitors in the real estate industry, I feel that additional fucts are needed to paint a complete picture of how and why The Staubach Company is involved,virj1 our clients in the selection of architects and interior designers and in other projectmanagement activities. First, there seemed to be an unaddressed question in the article that begged for an an~wer: \ Vhy are third parties involved in helping clients select an architect and in otherwise managing their projects? Speaking for our organization, I can assure you that it is because our clients have asked for help..\iany of chem are relocating from another city or h:1ve nor gone rj1rough the process in years. Often, if they ever had a project-management staff, it is now decimated or no longer exists. An administrative assistant or other person, already with full-time responsibilities, is asked to oversee the project.!this person], hombarded with service pr oviders, needs help in going through an organized selection process. Second, it is not our intent to interfere with communication between architects and clients. On the contrary, we t!ncourage the client to make as much time available as possible in selecting a design firm, reminding them that they will be working with them for a long time and living with their solution for years. Unfortunately, despite our urging, many clients resist participating as fully as you or I might prefer. We work hard to help them and the architects come co an understanding of the client's needs. Th ird, real estate firms have gotten a lot of credit for driving architecrurnl fees clown during a construction-real estate-architecture depression, a national recessionary economr, and much corpomte adversity. I can assure you that 0111 ji!es have been driven down, and there is no intermediary in our selection process. Corporate America has simply gotten tighter, rougher, and smarter, and it affects us all. We encourage a client to look for qualifications and value. Our clients nre generally much more fee-conscious in negotiating architectural agreements than we arc. We agree that unpaid competitions are an inappropriate way to select design professionals. To my knowledge, The Sraubach Company has never been involved in a full-blown design competition, but on two occasions a client requested a limited exercise as 11 means of evaluating the creativity and thought processes of fim1s. On both occasions, we voiced to our clients the very concerns in your article. Very little work was requested, nnd most firms provided more than asked. Assisting our clients in selecting architecrs und interior designers is one of the toughest casks we face. There are many qualified firms, and, try as we may, we can never make all competing firms happy. Through all this, we are committed to serve our client. \i\'e respect and appreciate die architectural and interior design communities. Often, though, what is right to a client or one firm is wrong to another client or another firm. 1 am an architect and very proud to be pare of the profession. l feel like I have a sincere empathy with the problems facing the profession. Unfortunately, architects are no longer perceived as the "master builders" of years past, controlling every aspect of a project. \ Ve have not been unified and have allowed the public to forget, or never know, the value an architect brings to a project. \ Vhen a void exists, it,viii be filled. Architecture is nor alone as a profession living through a changing environment. Many of our corporate clients are fighting to stay profitable, looking for ways to economize and to make their organizations more efficient. \Ve must all change and flex to meet their needs. Thanks for an interesting article, and for allowing me to ~'Press my views. The more we can all communicate and underst:rnd each ot her's needs and problems, the bcner we can all serve our clients. Keep up the good work. Tommy M. Parrett, AIA I 7ce Prrsidmr. The Stnub11cb CompmlJ ' D11//111 Welch on Johnson, Part I THE Philip Johnson piece (TA Jan/Feb 1993) is a fascinating weave of observations and anecdotes mode valuable ro us because the) 're filtered through the sensibilities of Frank V.retch, FAlA, one of Texas' finest architects. l kno\\ many colleagues share my bdief that his occasional articles in Ttxns Arch1tm arc among the fringe benefits of being a Te.xas architect. Max Levy, AJA,\ In.,: Lroy, Arrbitect D11ll"s

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13 3 9th Annual TSA Design Awards Competition Rules Celebrating its 39th year, the newly expanded TSA Design Awards Program seeks to recognize outstanding architectural projects by architects who practice in Texas and to promote public interest in architectural excellence. In the past, winning projects have been selected from every region of the state. as well as from other countries and states. Winners have come from one-person offices and large firms and have ranged from simple one-room buildings to elaborate high-rise offices. This year all architects who are registered in Texas are invited to submit one or more entries tor consideration by this year's jury. Out-of-state architects must enter Texas projects. Judging will take place June I 1-12 at the TSA Office in Austin. Winners and their clients will be honored by a special announcement party at the TSA Annual Meeting, September 16-18, in Fort Worth. Winning projects will be publiciied statewide and featured In the September /October 1993 issue of Texas Architect magazine. ELIGIBILITY Any new project in General Design (including adaptive use and urban design). Interior Architecture, or Restoration may be entered. Construction must have been completed after January I, 1987, to be eligible. Individuals or firms whose primary office is located in Texas may enter any number of projects anywhere in the world. Texas- registered architects located out of state may enter any number of Texas projects. Entries must be submitted by an architect who was registered with the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners at the time the project was executed. Where responsibility tor a project is shared, the design architect must be a registered Texas architect and all participants who substantially contributed to the work must be credited. Projects must be submitted in the name of the firm that executed the commission. If that firm has been dissolved or its name has been changed, an individual or successor firm may enter projects in the name of the firm in effect at the time the project was executed. Multiple entries of the same project by successor individuals or firms will not be accepted. For multi-building projects, the architect submitting the project lor portion thereof) must designate authorship of each portion of the project JUDGING A jury composed of Joseph Esherick of Esherick Homsey Dodge and Davis, San Francisco; Juan Palomar of Lopez Cotilla, Guadalajara, Mexico, end Andrea Leers of Leers. Welnzapfel Associates, Boston will pick the winners. Project authorship will remain concealed throughout jury deliberations. Awards may be given in three categories: General Design (Including adaptive use and urban design), lhterior Architecture, and Restoration. The list of project types on the entry form is only an aid to the jury and does not imply that a winner will be chosen from each project type. TSA reserves the right to disqualify entries not submitted in accordance with these rules. DEADLINE The fee, entry form, text, and slide submission must arrive at the Texas Society of Architects (Address: 114 W. 7th St., 11400, Austin, Texas 78701, 512/ ) In the same container and at the same time, BY 5:00 P.M. FRIDAY, MAY 21, LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. AWARDS Architects and clients of winning projects will be honored at the TSA Annual Meeting in Fort Worth, September For publicity purposes, architects of winning projects must submit six copies of an 8" xl0" blackand-white glossy photograph of one view of the winning project. Publicity photographs must be received at the TSA offices by July 15. For publication, Texas Architect magazine will require original images-not duplicates-of each winning project. The original slides and transparencies will be returned a her the magazine has been printed. In addition, the entrant of each winning project will be required to pay a $250 publfcation fee to defray the cost of four-color separations. RETURN OF ENTRIES Entries will be mailed individually to all entrants by UPS Ground or U.S. Mall. If you wish to have your carousel returned by other means, please anach instructions and an account number or check for additional cost. ENTRY PACKAGE CHECKLIST. Each entry package must contain the following items, which must all be mailed or delivered to the TSA office in the same container on or before May : (1) a boxed slide carousel with slides, (2) one-page data sheet, (3) a completed and signed entry form. in an envelope taped to the outside of the carousel box, (4) the appropriate registration fee(s) in the envelope with the entry form or, for multiple entries, in any one of the envelopes. SLIDES. Entrants must submit slides In a working 80 slot Kodak Carousel tray for each project, in which the slides are in proper order and position. Any number of slides may be entered; a total of 20, including the slides below, Is a recommended maximum. The first slide of each entry must tie a title slide, with the following information: project type (see entry form); project size, in gross square feet; and project location. Following the title slide, each entry must include: (A) One slide of a site plan or aerial photograph with a graphic scale and compass points (interior architecture projects are exempt from this requirement). (Bl At least one slide showing the plan of the project For a multi-story building, include only those slides necessary to describe the building arrangement and envelope. Sections and other drawings are optional. If Included, section location must be marked on the appropriate plans. (C) One text slide containing a brief description of the project, including the program requirements and solution. (0) For restorations and adaptive-use projects, at least one slide describing conditions before the current work started. DATA SHEET. Each entry must include an image and written text describing the project, with the program requirements and solution, on one side of a letter-size sheet of white paper. The image-a representative photograph or drawing-must be no larger than s x 7". The data sheet must be folded and placed inside the slide-carousel box. DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME OR THE FIRM'S NAME ON THIS TEXT SHEET. ENTRY FORM. An entry form is on pp. 1~20. Copies of the form should be used for multiple entries. Place the entry form(s) In an envelope with the fee(s) and tape the envelope to the outside of the carousel box. FEE.. TSA MEMBERS : Include a registration check for Sl 00 for the first project, S90 for the second, and SBO for the third and further projects sutimitted by a TSA member; NoN TSA MEMBERS: Include a registration check for $180 for the first project. $160 for the second, and $140 for the third and further projects submitted by a non TSA member. Place the check in an envelope with the entry form and tape it to the outside of the carousel box. Make checks or money orders payable to TSA. NO ENTRY FEES WILL BE REFUNDED. MORE INFORMATION For additional information on rules, fees, and other matters, call Ray Don Tilley at TSA, 512/ , or fax 512/ It's Ti111e to Sho"' Yo1rr TrtLe Colors. Deacllit1e: Nlav 21.


15 THE DESIGN PROFESSIONAL'S CHOICE l3omr, I lcndcr.;un Oh i,ion rmduc1i. ~m: dc~igncd nnd murlllfncum::d 10 mecl or cxccccj inclusuy ~1nndurcb for both i:,tenor and 1111crior applii:allmh. When: 1iglu dilm:m,ionnl 1nlcr.111cc, amj.1c,thc1ic vcn.a11li1y an: dcmandcd. our rroductj> mccl 1h1: need. Our goal i, 10 pmducc hricl. \\ hich achio:h: 11111>.im11n1,1n:ngth uml durahilil}, while,upplying 1hc dc,igncr a widc um&} ol pcm111ncnt color. Using the lines, clay 1111d shulc mr11cr1uh. 13nnll brkl., urc manufoctun:u lhrough udvmh:cc.l technique,. yielding high quulit) prndurh t:nmpntihlc with ml) :m:-hitcctuml style und environmcm. ror over.t5 years, urchm:ct, ha\'l' n:lil'd 1111 I h:nller-.011, ljuuht) prnduch and e,\cellcnt ~.tie,,uppon thmt1ll,h our c~pcr icnccd,uh:, force nnd cxtcni,rvc dislnbutor network. Wh1:1hcr ~1ruc1uml ur 1 cnccr. laid in plm.:e ur panelitctl. ma) \IC,uggc~t r.:on~idcr.ition of Boml Briel. pmduc1~ un yuu1 ne,l pm,1cc1.,; ~ 'S :. - -~ BORAL BRICK BENEFITS Extensive Sales und Support Nc 1work Quality Rnw Materitils Diverse Manufacturing CapubiliLics Broad Range of Co lor" -l5 Year., uf Experience BORAL a BRICKS Henderson Division Pos1 ()fl ICC llm. 211 (I I lcndcl"-1111, Tc,,1, '- :! I I (, :'i FAX <J03/M J5 1-l!Oll-l-D-l\507 Circ le 46 on the reader Inquiry ca rd

16 News A Zone of Thei r Own 16 HOU STON Zoning may soon be o reality in Houston, but not without controversy. For Art's Sake 16 AUSTIN A bill before the state leg islature would change the way the Texas Commission on the Arts is funded. Downtown Performan ce 17 FO RT WORTH Ed Boss and Dav id Schwarz team up again, this time for a downtown performing -arts hall. Of Note 17 Architectural Art 18 DAUA S Eight winners were named in the 1992 Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition. Calendar 21 Under the Gun 22 DALLAS The state needed prisons quickly and HOK's accele rated design process helped meet the goal. Eight winners named 24 HOUSTON The winners of the1993 AIA Houston design-awards competition were announced in April. LAWS, REGS, & RED TAPE 25 Lawyer Steve Stewart reminds architects about the duties of liabilityinsurance carriers. A Zone of Their Own HOUSTON A round of public hearings in March was che final step ia the two-year process of bringing zoning to H ousto n. Only minor revisions arc possible at this point and the Houston City Council is expected to :ipprove the ordinance this summ er. Nume rous arrempts have been made in the last 75 years to implement zoning in Houston. All were defeated by coalitions of property owners and deve lope rs who believed that such regu lation restr icted their property rights and the ability of the real estate market to profitably respo nd to economic trends. A decade of recession has slowed deve lopment, howeve r, and people have had time co realiz e that the laissezfaire past did not crea te the best of environment~ for the present. Home owners :ind civic groups provided the politica l pressure to initiate the current process. T heir objective was ro contro l or prevent undesirable land uses near their neighb orho ods. In January 199 l, the C ity Council unanimously approved an ordinance to begin comprehensive plmming and zonin g, bur the pressure from rhe neighborhood and civic groups was on and planning was delayed until some time after zonin g co uld be installed. The Pl anni ng and D evelopme nt D epartment staffed up, hired consu ltant s, and set up a For Art's Sake cojdjdisaion would be supported by the interest AUmN State legislators inrroduc:ed bills this it would generate. spring that would change the way the 1exu Currently, the TCA is funded through appropriations made during each biennial legislative Cou,mission on the Arts (TCA) ii mndecl. Jim nttle, TSA president and TCA ~ session. The appropriation for the current biennium believes the legislation is something 'lens architects should support. "Texas ranks nes:t to last among the SS staa:s and territories in funding for the ans," nttle says. explaining why he has encouraged was $7.6 million. "Every two years in the same fight to keep the appropriations we need," Tittle says. Removing the agency's funding &om the legislative battleground would ensure funding TSA to support the funding legislation. for the ans regardless of legimtive or economic That legislation would, for a period of five years, dedicate SO cents for every 1,000 cigarettes issues, he adds. The funding change would create a healthier sold in the state-about 1 cent per environment for the arts in Texas, says TCA Ex ecutive Director John Paul Batiste, and would allow the commission to do more than react to cri pack-to the TCA. Those revenues ue estimated to be about St1-Sl4 million per year. The money would be allocated to the Texas Cultural Trust Fund, also established by the proposed legislation. The long-term goal is to build a trust fund of $200 million including both revenue &om the cigarette tu and matching contributions from corporations and pri ~tt,~ja Geo Cisneros of the Rl Proposed Zoning Categories Residential, Single-Family Detached R4 Residential, Single-Family (up to 4 units on a tot) RS Residential, Residentia l Only (up to 8 units on a lot) RO Residential Only (no limit on number of units) MAC Major Activity Center (e.g., downtown, the Galleria, the Medical Center) 0 Open (all uses permitted) UN Urban Neighborhood (existing mixed-use area with a residential character and scale) Industrial PUD Planned Unit Development SD Special Districts (universities, museums, etc.) l&h Landmark and Historic Overlay districts citizen volunte er Planning and Zo nin g Commission to review the work in progress. Fu nding for the consu ltant s was inad equate, however, so the final document and maps now under TCA. Once such a fund is established, the ses as they develop. "We will be able to incubate innovative opportunities for the ans in this state," he says, in the process nurturing individual artists in a more profound way. Batiste believes the funding bill stands a good chance of being approved, and he looks forward to a changed climate for the arts in Texas. SflSlffl WiJlumuon 16 Texas Architect 5/6 1993

17 consideration were prepared in-house at P&D. At the time, then-nlayor Kathy Whitmire 111d zouiug's proponents claijned they were looking for "Housron-sryle" zoning, a goal that w;1~ never clearly defined. The opportunily w:1s ccrrninly :it hand to investigate a prime example of the millennial American city and to create a vision for its furure. The problem, according to proponents of planning, is that zoning alone cnnnot imagine nor fashion that kind of vision. ZoniJ,g alone will not affect crime, traffic, pollmion, or rhe ocher big picmre problems that pl:inning is designed to address, they say. The zoning proposal that has been developed 11111y indeed b}' "Houston-style," for its,nuch-touce d apparent simplicity is w,ique. t;n :lvc types of zoning districts have been set up to categorize all 600 square miles of Houston. Opponents say that the mapping simply documents what is already in place, elms fossil- 11ing the starus quo. There are only four residential zones, for example, compared with Ausliu, which has 12, and Dallas with 17. 'vvhat at lir) I seems to be a refreshjng change from the 1M11tl bureaucratic prolixity may actually invite problems, however. The regulations for ;1 singlefo111il y house, the raison d'etre for the whole exercise, require uniform setbacks-whether for n 10x70 lot in Denver Harbor, a 50x 120 lot in Downtown Performance FORT WORTH Ed Bass has moved again to re, hnpe downtown Fort Worth, this time by pro \ iding the financial catalyst for construction of n performi ng arts center. The Sid 'vv. Richnrtlscm Foundation will cono ibute $ I 8 million w :m arcs-center fund, Bass announced in l:ite,\ larch. ln addition, Bass's father, Perry R. Bass, \\ ill donate the tf0,000-square-foot downrown ~ilc, currently a parking lor, on which the multi-use cent er will be bui lt. The Aune Burnett and Charles Tandy Foundation has pledged an additional $10 million. Current esti mates, according ro tl1e Fon Wo11b Srnr-Telcff/"/ 111, call for the t0tal cost to be $50 million, including a $5 million operating endowment; 1hc remainin g $22 million is to be raised 1hrough public donations, Bass said. No public money is to be used for the project. The proposed 1,800-seat hall will be designed by David M. Schwarz Arcllitecmral Services of Washington, D.C., teamed with Montrose, :1 75xl00 lot in Sh:irpstown, or a half-acre in River Oaks. These uniform rules disregard the complex mix that Houston has evolved in favor of a low-density suburban ideal. Surprisingly, organized :ind infonned criticism of the ordinance has not developed with enough voice ro slow down the hurried process. Concern about the lack of pl:mning, which proponenu. say would give some reason anti direction co the i.oning process, h.is been ignored.,is has been the advice of Hou ston's architects who have experience with zoning in other ciries. Supporters claim th:1t uming will m:ike land use predjccablc and will foster development, because investors will be confident about surrounding land uses. But iri s possible tl1ac restrictions on land uses imposed by zoning may acrually limit growth; chose limitations and the increased bureaucracy may raise the cost of what does get buijc. Petitions are now circulating that will likely force a referendum that could result in repeal of rhe zoning ordinance, perhaps by as early as this fall. In the meantime, tl,e uncertainty will continu e as the implications or the proposed regulations soak in. Gemld M oorben,i, FA.IA rh c/1itcct Gt!rnld Moorhead, FA Ill. of Houstm1, is fl TA co11n ib11t ing cdito1: Se ct ion of propo se d pe rforming -art s hall Callow:iy Johnson Moore of vvinston-s;1lem, N.C. The architects will work from a program developed three yeurs ;1go for a proposed :ires center in the city's culrural district wcsr of downtown. T hat plan, which involved extensive modifications to the historic Will Rogers Auditorium, was developed hy Calloway Johnson Moore in conjunction witj, the arts groups that would use the facility; the plan was oh:indoned when vote rs defeated the $20-million bond proposal chat would have funded the project. "Downtown Performance," co11ti1111t't! 011 page 18 OF NOTE Contribu tion to Knowledge TEXAS ARCHITECT editor Joel Warren Barna' s book, THE SEE-THROUGH YEARS: CRE ATION AN D DESTRUCTION IN TEXAS ARCHITEC TURE ( 1992, Rice Un i versity Press), In Mar ch re cei ved th e Fri e nd s of t he Dall as Publie library Award fr om th e Texas In stitut e of Lett er s. The award Is pr e sent e d ea ch y ear to t he boo k by a Texan or about Tex a s th a t mak es th e mo st sig nif icant contribution t o k nowl edg e. In De ce mb er, NEW YORK TIMES ar c hit ec tur e c ritic He rb e rt Mu schamp ch ose THE SEE THROUGH YEARS a s th e archit ect ur e book of th e year. UH captures awards A Unive rsit y of Ho uston arch it ect ur e pro f essor and four of hi s st uden ts to ok t op honor s In th e Int e rnational 1992 Autod esk Image s Award s. The wi nner s we re, in th e faculty /graduat e stud ent cat e gory, Ass istant Prof essor Ke ith Syl ves t e r; Chri sto ph er Hei kkila ; and David Larrew ; and, In th e und e rgraduat e catego ry, Larry Watkin s and Abdul Ghaffar Muhamad Sha rif. Two UH assistant p rof essor s, Rafa el Longor ia and Patr ic k Pet er s, receive d on e of two nat ional des i gn award s from th e A ssoc iation of Coll egiate Schoo l s of Ar chlt e ctur e fo r th eir desi gn of th e Cllff Inn Towe r, a 36,000- sq uar e foot hot e l addl tlon In El Paso. A Hopeful Trend Hou si ng Inve ntori es continue to fall acro ss Texas, ac cording to th e Re al Esta t e Cen t er at Texa s A&M. The numb er of exis ting home s for sal e In Nov emb er wa s down more than 7.5 per ce nt fr om a year earli er and 21 of 26 Tex a s mark et s had few er hom es for sal e In 1992 than In In Nov e mb e r, Texa s had a 8.4- month suppl y of un sold, ex i stin g hom es, compar ed to a 9.2-month supply nati onally. Texas Architect 5/

18 NEWS Architectural Art DALLAS EighL,1 inners were named m the 18th.1nnu:1I Ken Rol1err~,\lemori:il Deline:nio n Compecition, sponsored h) the Dallas Chapter/ \ fa. The juror1, for Lhi!-year\ clcline:uion co111- pccition 11ere Rich:1rd Cl:irk. Ddmr:ih Nuti.im, ;111d B;irt Fnrhc!.. The juror s se lected n piece by Gregory Geo rge J lagmann of Goo d, Fulton & Farre ll as wtnncr of the Bcau,x Arr~ :1w:1rd and :1 work hy AIA Trust Call for free inf onnation to save on Life Insurance and Major Medical Plans Commended by the National AIA G The American Institute of Architects Benefit Insurance Trust Clrcle 14 on the re ader Inqu iry card 18 Texas Architect 5/ Winners In this year' s Ken Roberts M e morial compet i tion, sponsored by the Dallas Chapt er/ AIA, included (above ) Bea ux Art s-award winner Gregory George Hagmann ; (above right) honor-award winner Hoang Van Dang ; (rig ht) Wiley Award winner Fred Ortiz ; and (below right) honor-award winner R.B. Ferri e r, FAIA. f-retl Orli7, or Brinklc.:) Sargcnt :1!, 11 innc.:r of the \\'il c} :1\1:mJ. Orti z :dso rcccivcd :1 cit;1tion in che profe.\sion:il c:ircgnry. In :iddirinn rn rhe rwo top pn zcs, hon or.1wartls were presented 111 hmh profcs-;ional and ~tudcnt c. mcgories. R.B. Fcrritr, FAI \, rcccl\'cu the pr11tc~~ion:1l honor :iw.ml "hilc I loang \ ':ltl D 1ng of thc Universit) oftcxa~ at,\r lington won in the Mudc.:nt tlivi,iun. \ merit!iw:trcl in thc prorci.~ion:11 Cllll!J?Ory went to Bnrry I lughe:. of RTl-:.L and n snadent 111 crit award was presented to,\lohd 1'us:i of the University or1cx:is ::u Arlington.,\ citarion :1w:1rd in the profcs~ion:1 category went LO Rot.I I.. Boo,.e or Collin~/Rcisenhichlcr...\ Lorn] of +I- pieces, including the winner:,, were ~elected h) die juror~ m hc exhibited, first ni thc Federal Re~erve k of Dalla:, :md Inter at rhc Dalbs C hap ccr/a IJ\ office. SW "Du-.im111w11 Pe1fon111mu," ro111m11rtl from page 17 Schw:ir1. was not invoh ed in the I 9'>0 pl:in, but the rest of the ream from lhllc effort, including a numhcr of consultants, remain~ inrnct, he!t.l)'s, ln order w m:1inl.1i11 -;chedulc that c,1lb for comp letion of the facilicy b) October 19 1 )7, Schwarz sa}'s that the architects plan to use as much of the 1990 program ns possihle. The fact rhat the new pl:111 calls for o downtown sicc is :i bonus, Schwa17 says. '"\Ve view our mi~'lion as making downtowns places where pcoplc arc comlortablc.rncl II hcre the}' wnnt w he, 1101 places wlu:rc d1cy're uvcrwhdmed h) huge, se:tlclcs!. bnxt:s." -, '~i:--- ~., ~~~, J'hc new ans h:1ii II ill be luc:1lc1i in the block hmm<le<l b) Fourth, Calhoun, Fihh. anll Commerce streets. two block~ south nf the Bn:.~cs' Cit) Center comp lc:. and three bloc:b wcm nf Ed B~s s Sundnnc:c West c.lc, dopment. ln recent yi:nrs, Schwan.. who :.ays he now live:. in Fore \Von.h. has wurkcd on a number or pro1eccs in rhc city, mmy conung either directly from the Bnsses or t.l1rough their inllucnce: die Cc,uk-fi'urt \Vorth Children's 1\lcdic.-al Center, Sund,incc West, Ll,c Fort \ Vorlh Public Lihmry,.me.I rhe Sanger Lofu; <.'Om ersion. Schw11r1 nl!.o tlesigned the new 1e."as Ran1,rcr; st::ulium. SrV

19 Build Your Collection Complete and return the adjacent postage-paid subscription card to receive ovo ry Issue-all six regular issues, plus a bonus seventh issue, If you prepay. And 1ave at least 13% off tho cover price! To Enter the 39th Annual TSA Design Awards Compl ete one form per entry. Incomplete form s or Incorrect Information may result In dl1qu allflcation. Write your firm 's name on tho outside of a n onve lope. Place tho completed entry fo rm(s) Inside the envelope along with a check In the amount of $100 for the first pro j oc t entered by a TSA member, $90 for the 1econd, and $80 for the third and further entries; or $180 for the first project entorod by a non -TSA member, $160 for the 1econd, and $140 for the third and further e ntries. Tape the envelope to the outside of the ca rousel of slides e ntered and send the e ntire package to : Texas Society of Architects, 114 W. 7th St., #1400, Austin, Texa For information call Ray Don Tllloy at 512/ To Receive Free Product Information Tako advantage of additional information ava llable about products and services adve rtised in this issue of TEXAS ARCHITECT. Simply fill out the information requested on the adjacent Reader Inquiry Service Card, detach It, and drop It In the mall, postage-paid. We will forward your reque st s to our advertisers lm modlately. SUBSCRIPTION ACTION CARD Snve by Subscribing to TA 1 Stan "'' snin9, wit~ th IIHI inut al IWS AICIUT(Cl l PltHI Ullr., I I 11bnriptlo11 for 1~, terms f'h ~d hlow 0 1 year, 6 Issues. $ 2 1 U' lhff,_, (For lvn; s.u 1,,. u.s. tvndo ) 0 2 ye an, 12 IHU0-1, $38 11~ ofl,,...-, 0 Sludeni rote, on~ year, $1 5 JI% off 1i Po11111n1 t 1tl,w4 One lrn h1ue H ou-yur Hb«rfptlon. 1 In all; or TWO frff luuu Oft I twt rur1ubscriptltn, 1411 all Titlt/Posltlan flnn/sdlool IJPt of fir,11 Mall Addrtn :======================~ 0 Olhtr allltd ID the lltld,reott sptdlr '"j , Clty/Stottnlp :============== = ==~ If yo, ere re9h1,11d 1rthlltc1, 11 which Addrm I (11 dllltrtnl fro11 Ot 1).. Prinory builneu/ladutry (check only nt) : O Archl1tc1urt or A/( llrm 0 h1l1ttrfng 11,.. 0 Arcllllu1urol dtslt (nol h1dd by rtt arthlttct) D l1terlor dtslt O landttope 1rthltttture O CoaJnctor or hllder 0 GowernJ1tent D Co 11ercfol/lndu-slfltVIUlflullo Colltgt ptrsohtl er ffl111ry O Arcblllfturt SIUdlll O Public flbrary. prolnsloaal t11b. sod11y, or 1rad11nKiotlH D Su,Plier 11 h1ldi11 or lattrlor l1rnbbi19 prodoctj 1111t(sl art yow re1l111r1d? n,1, CCINI '"J,... expl.., Mo\' AICHlflc:T Mcm:11/Apnl l"l I I >< ~ J:> :::= C ) I I I I c-, I 9th Annual T 1 A De ign A,vard s Entry Fonu Entnln t s N..m Proj('ct Cn di1ti,.,_.._ prcmcht th lnf0ffl1 don uq unted on both ~des of t"'- form nd f Hd c., full y lhe comp tlt lon,.,t.., btfor e f)fi,paring your entf\' llnl,...,. pwrl c;._u ty in in Th Io/ Pooh I on Rtm~m.U t MllllAddreu Chy/S mo/li ~ f tf1)hon Fu T8 A E Rev1str.1ion Num btf Competition nlry deodllnr. Moy 2t, 199.S. Ute photocop lot of thlt form It noc uuy. _ 0wlolpr o1oc, comptn iofl) _ Afct.h tct!list fu m nanw. 1H fflffl 9tnb.n l Co.mollant:.a llon<bc.opo ~:.::'i Cktn Cont, c:t or f'h OloO Phtf FREE PRODUCT INFORMATION Render Inquiry Service PIHn snd free l1lor 1tlu ohui 1hI profucu aid sertlcts clrtltd below:,1,u, clrcla,our rttdtr 11~11ry nr btrbj ; I 2 s 4 s 6 1 ' 10 II 12 IS 14 II " 17 II ZS 16 : lo l1 32 n 34 " Ji J6 J7 sa Jt t n 5S SI s, 60 " 62 n " n n 78 1f ao II n as ".. 15 ".. 11 ",o " 92 '3 ",s " ", IDS " 10, 107,oa 10, IIS ' 117 Ill "' 11D IJJ 124 Ill 12, n, 130 IJI 112 IJl U 7 UI u, IU t 14t 15ll ' l 17" n , 1MI 151 1n $7 IH ISt "o '" '" 167 "' '" Ill IU ,,o,,, IU "' "' 195 a I \Voufd 0110 Ilk 101ubm1be 10 IUAI UCHIIIC1 Ploose bill me Jo hnctlor. 0 0w11r/Prl1clpol 0 M1119tr/01pt Ktai 0 $1111 ArthlltCI 0 'rtiki M11011r a lllllrt lrtlllte<i D Dultnar D llltrlor Dul11tr ah,,..., 0 Cll111 Do yo, wrllt or oppron pro41<1 s,ec;lflc.llhs? 0 Yes O It Ty,e of lnlntu- 0 A1tbllKltrDI or M Flrta 0 C.1Hlll11 fn9l1etrl19 0 Coa1ree1or or ltllftr a c,...,,t1ol, lnftstri l or laslllutlonol 0 6enn11ea1,,encr 0 lalttlor DHltn _ I I I I IRIOl'lllllill l tldlf ror: 0 Currtll ProJ1<1 0 l1w l11fdl11 I 0 futur1 PrOjKI O R1moi11f19 I I I Ty,e 11 Co1t1c1 lltqhsii'= lfo,t yoor 11prtsuloliW1 call L ~ ~ a s.~..,,r,.,1,ile;i,~.'"',.,,... u... I D St~,_,,es or oa11191fon,1eh9t, Cmd QPln1 May II, tffl. Mori 1" J I -

20 BUSINESS REPLY MAil FIRST-C LASS MAIL PERMIT NO 3149 AUSTIN, TEXAS NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UN ITED STATES PO S TA G E WILL BE PAID BY AD D RE S SEE ARCHITECT 114 W 7TH ST, STE 1400 AUSTIN, TX ll111 ll , I I il 11, I 11 I,ii 11111, 11ll1,I II II Proj I II l'orn 1.11 ion ProJ«s Nam Pto,-ct Loc 1loo _ I c;on,ly 1h01 1ho lnlormollon provtdod on 1hls on uy lorm II corroc 1. 1h01 1h0 1ubm111od work was done by 1he pt11tln credl1od, 1h01 I nm 01,1homod 10 roprosnn t lhoio cred n ed, thn1 I am nn nrcht u,c:1 rog11torod w11h TIIAE: ond tnm I hnvl' oh talnod pormlsslo n 10 pubhih tho project l,om bo 1h tho own er and lh e pho1o0rnphor I unt1ors 1nn<1 tno 1 any oniry thol fnlla 10 meo1 lhftj" 1equlr11merna is aubjt:et 10 dlsqualilla nlon. Bldg tq",n tq H o.,. FM TS A M MIUI 1100 lo, nrs, prolkt. UO -- tor wc:ond PfOlect. SIO for thj,d nd Mo./yr comol11ed lu.rtmf SHOletU NON~TSA M Ltaeft. 1 11:0 entry fu for n,,t ptojkt, l tl50 for,.cond projtet.. SU O lot ProjK1 rypo O eo,,,..,..aat 0 1n,1nu110,, ol a -.,... O Uol>on 0...gn O 0,t.w l~bolowi Chodl Numbt,, d1h-d 1,nd tv11h..- projk1:t I al. n ft i «s.- BUSINESS REPLY MAil FIRST- CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO AUSTtN, TEXAS NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED I N THE UNITED STATES POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE ARCHITECT 114 W 7TH ST, STE 1400 AUSTIN, TX II I II II I ii I II I II II II I' 111 ii 1 ii II I I I I II' 11 I I I.I II I I

21 CALENDAR Total Quality Project Management A two -day symposium In Chicago will fo. cui on such concepts as partnering, pro)ect ma nagement techniques, making aff ec tive project decisions, and new pro)oct management directions, and will fea tur e a series of case studies. Associa t lo n for Project Managers (312/ ), MAY "Drawing Into The 90s" A Juried competition will survey the role of "d rawing" in contemporary art, from tho tradltlonal pen and Ink on paper to th o new diversity of works conceived In this mediu m over the last two decades. Pro)octs selected will be exhibited at Lagu na Gloria Art Museum In Austin from Aug. 14 to Sept. 12. Open to all artists llv Ing In the U.S. Texas Fine Arts Association (612/ ), slide deadline: MAY SOUTHERN LIVING Home Awards Six cate gories of residential design will be recognized, Including remodeling, prese rvation /restoration, and now resldon tlal development boon co mpleted since )an. 1, Winners will be featured. Work must have In SOUTHERN LIVING , ex t. 6359), deadline : MAY 31 World Congress of Architects The 125th annual convention of the American Institute of Architects will coin cl de this year with the XVIII Congress of the International Union of Architects; the meeti ng, which will Include AIA Expo93, will be held In Chicago. The International gathe ring will focus on the delicate The Sout hern Home Awards (800 /366- bala nce between the natural and bullt envl ro nments. World Congress of Architects (202/ ), )UNE "A Second Look" An exhibition of work by women photographers from the collections Ransom Humanities of the Harry Research Center will Include work by Berenice Abbott, Margaret Ge rtrude Kaesebler, Julia Cameron, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Ida Kar, Joyce Nel manas, and Doris Ulmann. Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, Austin (512/ ), through JULY 25 "Degas to Matisse" The Wertheim collectlon of Impressionist and post-impressionist art from the Harvard University Art Museums features 33 paintings, sculptures, and drawings by such artists as Ce:zanne, Degas, Gauguin, Manet, Matisse, Monet, Picasso, Renoir, and van Gogh. Kimball Art Museum, Fort Worth (817/ ), JUNE 5-AUG. 22 N E W S "Max Ernst: Dada and Surrealism" The exhibition will include 180 works dot Ing from 1912 to 1927 focusing on Ernst's avant-garde Dada activities In Cologne and Paris, whose cultural and psychologl cal overtones foreshadowed the dream Imagery of surrealism. The Menll Collection, Houston (713/ ), MAY 27- AUG. 29 Texas Architect 5/

22 N E W S Under Pressure DALLAS i\ laws11ir hrou ghc by an inm,ltl.! of the 11:irm Count) Jail lc<l lhe Tc.~:i~ Dep:irtmcnt of Crimin.ii Justice r rd Cj) to auopl Oil unu,:illy :icccler:ned schedu le when il needed LU l1uild some ne,, \la1e pri~on~. TDC.I hired l lcllmulh, Oh:Ha :ind Kass:ihaum of Dalla, lo design,rnd produce conscruccion documeni, for a proturrpc prison uni 1: rhe c:nch w:1~, h:11 1 he,1 urk had tc> he complelecl within nim.: weeki.. l<eyto PUN I INMATE HOUSING 2 LINE A0MINISTRATIONI AOMINSTRATlVE SEGREGATION 3 SUPPORl BUILDING UNTAKE, DIAGNOSTIC, HEALTH SERVICES" CENTRAL DIN.!!i~ COMMIS:.ARY. RECREA,""") 1 Site plan of prototype Albe rti state -prison uni t de signed by HOK TGM ASSOCI ATES 1 INC Reeveston Road Houston, Texas "NATURAL LY" THE BEST MAR BLE SLATE GRANITE LIMEST ONE Accept No Substit11tes More Than 100 Varieties of Natural Stone ln Stock SHOWROOM WAREHOU SE FACTORY No Prc11«1 Too LJ1rge No PmJ«I Too Small Circle 42 on tho read er Inquiry card TEL: (713) FAX: (713) Cast bronze or cast aluminum signage from OMC Industries. 22 Texas Archllecl 5/ Made in Texas. Made to last. OMC Industries, Inc. P. 0. Box 3188 Bryan, TX FAX n Clr~lo 22 on tho roodor Inquiry card Call or fax for a catalogue and pricing guide. In recent ) car-.,,talc-prison m ercrmnling ha~ led to arrnngcmerw, herween Lhe 'it:irc :ind, :1riou, counties to alhm inrnarcs convicu:j of,talc crime, to!>erve their time Ill county jaik I lo"c,cr. a l:i\\!>uit filed h),ud1.111 i11111a 1c housed 111 the H:irri-. County Jail re,ultcd in :1 ruling :1g11111~r rhc srale: Th e srnrc would h:we LO provide more pri~on heels. and fo~t. The 1101' team-more than 100 architcc~. engineer~.,ml,upport,1aff-~t:1r1cd,1ork on De c. 1-1 of Inst year.,nd worked str:1igh1 through the holid:i) '>e.1~011. "\\'e 01 1) wok off two da),. Chrism1:1, ;\IHI Super Sund,1y,",ay, projecc m:in:iga J c,,e \\ 'illiarm. "\nd,,e wouldn't have t:1ke11 off for the Super Bo,, I ir 0:1ll:1'i hadn'l hecn playing." The de~ign wa\ t omplcted.ind product.ion documerw, \I ere <lcli, - ere<l tu TDCJ official, 111 mul-fehru:111, The progr.1m for the prototype \lhcru unitn:1mcd for 1hc pbimiff tn the court c:1~ - w:1s for :12,()()()-hcd prbon including.1cl111i1mlr.ili,e. ctl11- t.-arion. and 3llppon ~ml'l~. Co'>C.,, ere LO be held LO $14,000 per bed, :md c:onscruction could 11m take more th,u, eight months. 1101'\ dc-.ign include, ten 111.1jor bu1ld111g,, rwo ~mall entr.rncc huiltlin!,~,.,ml four!,'11,ml tm,crs. ln order to s:ive 11111e during cou,tructio n, the building, arc :1rrnngcd compactly LO mini- 111i1.c the land ill\ohed. \II of the huilding~ arc pre-eng111eered metal -.iructure, of 1dc111ical,pa n :uul boy spacing. lh e prototype focilil) includes ahnut l66,000!,q11:1rc fi.:t:t ofh11ilding.1rc:1. f-i,e of the 1,000-hcd \lh cm 11n1h arc to he huilt,ii., c.:ci-.t of.1pprm1111:1tci)!i, 121 million. I IOK dul rhe,i te ad.1p11011 work for the wucs 111 \hilcn e, l':1lcs1inc, 11nd I lumo;\'illc, 11hile Phillip Sw:1!,rcr \w>ei:nc~ of D.111.,~,1 ill do,i1e :1daption for the l\\ o 11nil'> to he loc11cd in Bee,,lie. Both I..HT) Fickel. rdcj':, :1..-.i,1:111t dirccwr of con~ll'llt:1io11. :rnd I IOK:~ \\ 'illi:1111 ~!.:I)' the pro1ec.:t prrn:ceded ex, rcmely smcmthl) despite Lhe um1,u;1l,chcdu le constr:unr~. \ml both!la~ the key, LO th,ll succe,,,1 ere 'iimple: cooper.it ion :ind tea111work. SI V

23 ~... u ~ H rt:1,1 Bi.llkl,no P Odueta. ire James Hardie Building ~,. a,,.."' Building Confidence for Over 100 Years Elm Avenue Fontana. CA Circle 47 on the reader Inquiry card

24 N E W S Eight winners named HOUSTON Thc di:rht winne r:. in the I 'JIJ3 \IA I lo11sron d es ig 11-:1w:1rtls cn 111pelltion ra11ge d from singlc- t":1111i l) rcs itlcnuu l proj ccrs 10 a l:1rgt -11rnlt: 11rh:111 11l:111. The wmning projects, includin g 5ix honor a,1:1rd winner~, were 5l lec ted hy j11ror, 1\1 11} \\ "ein~tein; Ralph John~on; :111cl ( ;ary C1111ning-h:1111, F,\1 \, from g 72 e11 ric~. I lonnr :1wards in the c:ttcgnry or arch itccture went to four projects: the Bennett I lo11sc + Studin in ll nusto n b~, Vol C litsch, AL\ ; 1 he Childr en's i\ IL1scu 111 ur I l1111s1011 1,y J:1ck'!Oll & Ry:111 /\ rchi1cc1~, Inc.. 11 ith Venturi, Sco tt Brown & \ ssocinte!>; Ll1e Stern I lou~e in I Im,,- Above left: Bennett House + Studio, by Val Glitsch, AIA Abov e right : Stern Hou se, by William F. Stern, AIA Left : detail from the Buffalo Bayou East Sector Redeve lopment Plan by John Rogers Architects LOn hy \Villi:1111 F. Stem, \I,\ ; :iml the Federal Re!>ervc B:1nk of Dalla~ h) Sikc-,J ennin g-:. Kell} & Brewer,11111 Kuhn Pcden,on Fox 1 \.-,:,m:i:11c~. 11ithJ o hn S. C ha~c. F/\1.\,,\ rchitcct. Inc. i\ n honor award in interior archiu.:ctur e,,ah prese nt ed to Ge nsler :111d\s'!ncm tes/a rchi1cc 1s ror it~ work 011 the 11niccs of 1he Taylor Smith 1\J1 ertising \g en~ ) in I l11u,ton. An honor.1w.ml in urh:111 plnnning went lo John Roger~ \ n:h itcc ts for its l3uffalo B:iyou F.:1s1 Sector Redevelopme nt Plan. CRSS Archit ects. Inc.. rece ived two 111cri1 award s m intei-ior a rch itectu re. The lirst was fnr the \ 'olksw:igcn Retai l Envirnnm cnr Design ln sl:1l:1tion :ind th e!>eeontl was for the C RSS cor por:ll e o ffices in I lous1011. Tn 11tldition, die Jes<;e 11. Jon e, I!all for the Pe rformin g 1\n s in ll ou<;ton, des igned h} C111dill Rtl\\ lctt Sco u (now CRSS Architects, Inc.) :ind compl..:tcd i , \\ '; t s ~elected :1s I he win n e r ol' the ch:ipter's 25-yea r n,1:1rd. "lo he M iddle left : Taylor cl,gihlc, :1 h111lding 11111sr he :H leasl 15 ye:11~ old. Smith otfices, by lie in goud con diti,m,.tnd '>till he used for its Gen sle r and origm:11 purpose,. SIV Associa tes 24 Texas Architect 5/ Ab ove left : Federal Rese rve Bank by Sikes Jen nings Kelly & Brewer Above right: Children 's Mu seum by fockson & Ryan Architects

25 low s, Regs, ond Red Tape ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICE,_fhe Duties of Insurers \ FCTS O l TF:--:,ee111 to think th:it their 1t I ,h ip " ith a liahility-insur.rncc comp:inr, : 11.t) Mreet. with oblig;1tiom runnin g 11nh from ;in:hi11.: ct ro in, urcr. Pro fcssiunnl s 1111uld lie liett cr served l,y learnin g 111or e ahout 1 l1t l1 ~,1lly ent'orceahle duti es th:ir insurer~ h:ivc, " 11 d1i tects. 1 ltl,e du tic,; hegin when :111 :ird1itec t pro p ' rh notilie~ hi., insuranc e c:trrier of :i d :1im. l l1t:y 11,c :lllde, in hroad term,, the dttt) tn th: li 1111 tht: archit ect :tg:tinst the chlim :111d the,1111, 111 i11dc11111if y-r h:1t i,. to pay d:images. 11 an~ portion uf :i dain, ug:1i11st :111 :1rchirec lie covered und er tl,e liabilit y- insurance p11l1q, the c:1rrier h:1s :1 dul) to defend. Th is,lul\ ~ hruadcr th:rn the duty 10 indemnif). Th e I" 11111m uf the crnnplaining party will he liherilh l'on, tru ed :ind if there i, :tn } pote nti :tll), u1cred d:1i111, the c:1rrier ha~ a dt1t) to provide 1,ldi: m,c. If :t l'llrrier wrrn1gfull) refu:.c:. to dc- 1, 11.I. th e in!,\lrcd i:, fret: l o 1>rucec d :is he, ,e!> in handlin g of die cl11i111. l'he earn er 1, l>1111ncl hr :m y ~cule111em o r judl:(lllent wh1d, lie rendered. 'ly pically, uncl' noti ce 1 1,1 1 l i, receive d, ;1 carrier will send w it~ m ~llll'cl.1''rescrv:nion of rig-hts" lcu er srnting t h :11 I Ill, :1 rrier wi II prm ide :1 defcm,e hut reserve tjiic,tir111 :, of COl 'l!l~l!p! 1111ti J :t l:tter time. (f il C,lr r provi des :1 dcfon:;c wit hout n.:!>el'\ ing its 11µh1, rcgiirdin g cuvenige. it 111:iy he deemed 10 li.11e waived irs nhiliry LO Inter assen polic} cx- 1111~11,ns or w den y covcr:ige. ( )nee :1 carri e r a~sume~ dc fen~c 11( ii.. inured, it h:1, :1 du1r LO c., crci~c ordi1111r } l11re " 1 c:onduct n:r1sonnl>le M.:tderncm ncgmi.11ion~ 111d,1ccept re:t!tlln:thlc :.eul emcnt offeri, wi1hin polit-y li111i rs. Th e t":irricr owes the insured :1 dmy 111 a:ooc.l f:iith :rnd foird e:iling in both rhe inves- 11~1,uon ::ind scrdemenr of 1he claim. \11 insured has :1 variet}' of remedies in the,e n111s <.:: trr ier hre:1ches eill1er th e dlll) IO dckn d or indemnify. Th c.~e indud e: (.1) hrcad1 o f r111tr:1n : (h) hr e:1ch o f tht: Tc,;,!\ Dece p1ive I rndc Pr:ict icc, -C on sum e r Pr111cc 1 io n,\ ct I DT P\ ); (c) lircach oft he common- 1.rn dut) of 1rnnd faith :ind fair dealing. Onm:ii::es recover- 1 hlc fur brcad1 uf :111 i 11s11 rn nee cont r:1ct ure l111i1ed rn 1he Ince value of the conrr:1ct plus the lq(:tl raw of imerest. Und er :1 lire:1ch of con- 1r:1ct :ictiun, puni1i, c d:1111ge:, :ire nnt rccovcr,1hle. No r :1re da111:1 gcs for incon\'eniencc. an noyance. me11rnl a11guish, or loss o r joh, business, or hnmc. I Im, ever, und er the DT PA, ~uch damage.,; 111:1y lie rel ovcr:1hle. T he hlw 111 :ikcs ;t l':1rrier li :11,le for :i n) tlecepti1 e :icl, hrend 1 o f,1:1rran1y, 1111 <:on,cio n:ihlc :tction, or l'iolntion of Article I or the 'lcxa:, lnsur.111<:c C:cxle. 1\rt icle I 16 (:1) prnhih it:, ;1 v:1ricry of ;1ctivirics including: a) misreprcscnt:1tion o f l':ic:rs or provisions rcln1111 g ro covcrngc; It) failin~ lll :1cknow)edg-e wi d1 rca~onahlc prom pmcss <: ica I ions w11h respect to d :1im,;; c) foiling to adopt :ind implemen t re:1<,<>n: 1hle standunl~ 1clr prompt in- 1 estig:11 icll1 of cl:1i111 s; d) not.11remp1i11g in ~ornl foith to cffectu:ne promp t and f:1ir,c ulernent of cl:tim~ in 11 hid, li:1hili1y hus hccome re:1son:1hl) clc;1r: c) foiling to affirm or deny cuverngc; and I) refusing to pay claims without o reasonable inves11g: 11inn 1:iscd on ull avnibb lc infornrnlion. IJJ1t:t!:{eS :1v:1il:ihle under the DTP /\ 111cludl all element, of com pc11,n11w) tl:unage:.. rccog11i1.ed under e \\\. U11tl er the D1 PA, lite 11'1, t 1,000 of,1c111:tl d:1111 :1!!e!, i~ d11uliletl hy the c111r1 :111tl:111y al t1111 I d:111111ge, :ilwve S 1,000 nt :l) he trehled hy the 1ricr nl focr if II finds thal the viol:n iun,1 :1:, crnn111itt ed "knowmg ly." In n DTP.\ acrion hasct.l on Arucle of the lnsur-.111cc C ot.le, ac t uni dn111 :1ges 111:iy he tre bled. \dditi on:illy, the insured e;111 lie :1w:1rded court cosl~ :111d re:1,;011:1ltlc auom ey\ fee.,. \ rnrrier hrenche., it!i crnnmon-law d11t) of goo d foi1h :111d l:iir dc,1li11g if ir (:t) has no re:tson:1hlc lu~b for deni;il of ;ln ) claim: or (b) has nn rc:1so11ahlt: ha~is for dclny in pay111em of,he cbi111: or (c) foils ro investig:n e in or der lo tlcrcr e,, hether there is :iny rc: ;1hle l,:1si,; for denial or delay in p:1r mcnl 11( :1 dn im. If fin in,;ured e.,t: 1,li~hes a hrc;1eh of, uch dut ), he is entill ecl 10 all da111:1ge~ thn1 c:111 he prmc n to ha1e hee n cau,;ed h) the ltre:1ch, indudin g mc.:111: 1 :inguil-h. Pun itive d: 111 :1ges :tre som e- 1i111 t.-:. :1lso rcc,,1 erah lc. In th e event ulternau vc measures u f du11mges :ire suhmin ecl m the JUI'), rl1t: ins11recl muy elect :i mcu~urc \I hk h permit,; recovery of the g-n::llcst a111c11111t 'i ul' tln11ingc~. \n y.1rchitec t :1g.1inst who 111 :i d aim ha., lice n made ~lmuld prompt!) } hih t::11tier Archi tects know all about the ir obligations to their liability- insurance carriers. Few know enough about the legally enforceable duties ca rriers have to architects. :rnd be ;1w:1rc nf the carrier':, <lutics. In the cvcnc o f breac h of these duti es. the law provid es :1 remedy for the :1rd1itect against ics insurance cnrri er. Steve Stewart I1 1irm:i.','trvc S rr 11[ rbc-jir m of] 1 11l. e11.i'& (,'ikbrfrr. /! C.. is r111li t'r 11 / rh, 7t rn.1 s r,m /1111 C111wr11rri1111 f.1111''>'l'oi o11,,111! 111,,.,11/ti r of its s11/, r riff a rrbi rec r-mgi m r, li11hilir y. Texas Architect 5/

26 Suppliers present ideas for kitchen and bath FO R TH E FOURTH YEAR in a.row, Texas Architect presents its Kitchens and Baths Specia l Advertising Focus section. We have give n kitd 1enan d-ba th -indu stry sup p liers and man ufactur ers this opp ortunity to intr odu ce their new prod ucts and services to Texas ard ut ects, des igners, and spec ifiers. After readin g this section, if you have any questions or if you wa nt m ore in form atio n, just note the "circle numb er" for th e pa rticular com pany or prod uct that interes ts you and circle that num ber on one of the reade r inquiry cards on page 19. Ad d yo ur name and add ress and dro p the the card into the mail. We'l1 pay for th e pos tage and, as soon as we receive it, we' ll forward yo ur request. SieMatic Kitthat Interiornesip is pleased to announce : SMALLBONE Hand -Made English Cabinetry is aow available exclu sively through SieMati c Showroom s in Nonh America, and in the San Antonio and Dallas area exclusively through: Wo~~ architectural products 203 W. Rhapsody San Antonio, Texas (210) New Dallas Showroom Coming In May C Oak.Lawn Dallas, Texas (214) BP Chemicals TU PLINER Pane l from BP Chemical:, is the so lution for fast clean-up of finge rp rint s, s tain s-eve n g raffiti - on wa lls and ceilings. A nd w h ile TUF LIN ER Fibe rglass Re infor ced Plastic Panel red uces maint enan ce cos 1s, i1's also extremely dur able, easy to ins ta ll,.inj cos t d fccliw. Available in Class A (I) and C (LI I) flam~ pread classifications, non-porou s TU FLINER Panel is USDA nccepted and ideal for those areas where strict codes ru1d san itary shmdard s must be met. It is also adaptab le to just about every commerical and institulional architcctural des ign requirement. Circle 67 on the reader Inquiry card 26 Texas Architect 5/ Circle 31 on the reader lnqulrv cord

27 Kitchens and Baths Speclo l Advertising Focus Medfile \h dfi le office and laborntory furniture IL,1lures high-pressure laminate doors,llld drnwcrs wit h 2- mm rvc edge Li.in<ltng ; an easy-access leg-leveling \''l ll m ; se lf-clos ing epoxy-coa ted dr,l\vl'r guides; and six-way adjustab le lunges that clip on and off to perm it remm al or repla ce ment of the door s. l w,tnm accessories include glas!> doors, \\ ire hampers, rol lout shelves and lr,1vs, locks, files, trash drop s, trash-can pu llouts, and low-volta ge under-the,,1h1m t lightin g. Circl e 174 on the roaclor Inquir y card SieMatiC We wrote the book on kitchen interior design.. This comprehensive, 182-page book featuring the finest in European Kitchen Design is sure to be a valuable guide for your own kitchen project. SieMatic Kitchen Interior Design is available through your architect or interior designer. Preferred : Hands Down... fj 'C. TUFLINER Panel From BP Chemicals ~..,.,~ ~..,... the solution for fost clean-up of fingerprints, stains. even gmffiti on w;ills and ceilings! And while TUPLINER Fiberglas.-; R<:: inforccd Plastic Panel reduc:e.s maintenanc.-e costs, it's also extremely durable, easy to insiall, and cost effective. Available in Class A ([) and C (Ill) Flame Spread ClassifiatUo~. non-porous TUFLTNER Panel is USDA accepted and ideal for those areas where strict codes and sanitary standards must be met. It's also adaptable to just about every commercial and inslitulional archi1ec1urul design r~quirement. To learn more about high quulliy, low mninlenanc:e TLIFLINER,,.md from BP r.twmicnls, call l -H00-l t3-tj';66 for a free hmchurc BP CHEMICALS Circle 67 on the reade r Inquiry card J'l9~. Ill' Utcutkal-., Inc. n 'FIJNDt~ l.a ~j,tl,h:tt"d lntllctn.uk n f m Cht' mk:..1, Inc.:- \liidc II\ VncrkJ 0 YES, send me the SieMatic Kitchen Book. I have enclosed a check or money order for $ I i\ddn?$s I City state zip I Phone( ) (210} :Ul J~ 1Wo~~ 203 W Rhapsody L "':'''':u~ n~uc~ _ -5 :_,'"~nf~ Te:as ~21~ Circle 31 on the read er Inquiry card _ Plumbing fixtures, faucets, whirlpool & sceam bachs, designer & handicap produru, hardware & accessories Designer Showrooms : Houston: (713) Austin: (5 t 2) l 9 Dallas: (2 t 4) 69 l Circle 94 on the reader Inquiry card Texas Architect 5/

28 Kitchens and Baths Special Advert ising Focus Kroin Incorporated Kroin Tnco rpo rated ann o un ces the deve lop m ent o f th e wo rld 's sma ll est sing le-co ntr o l ce ramic disk. Virtually all Kroin sing le-contr ol faucets and fixture s feature the new techn ology wh ile maintaining the s tand ards of quauty, work ma nship, and de sign that have di s tinguished Kroin Sanita ry Fittin gs since their creat ion in Spec ia l feature s in clu de double sw ivel s po ut s, int egra l pop-up s, energy-savi ng va lves, as well as a fu ll ran ge of wall-mounted accessor ies. The clas s ic Kroin design has been cnhancej by th e new cera mic se rie s th at provide s ease of use, o pti ona l long-leve r handl es, and yea rs of maintenance-free ope ra tion. Kroin co ntinue s to offer a full ran ge of co mpatible fauce ts, fixture s, a nd accesso ries for kitchen, lava tory, and bath. Kroin Sanitary Fittin gs are ava ilable in 12 epoxy co lors, po lished brass, and Kroin Lavatory Model EWC is Ideally suited for residential installations. The large basin with sloped front and vertical back provides wash ing convenience without splashing. It Is teamed here with Kroln Mod el HV3C Lavato ry Faucet, a single-control mixer with pop-up. The 45- degree angled spout directs water flow to the basin center for Improved access. chr o m e. A ll are compatib le with American Plumbing Standa rd s and include all ne cessary hardwar e. fj,llll/lflg.,r. ~jl ANY SIZE, = STEEL ALUMINUM 11, I WOOD BRASS Shipped STAINLESS In a Complele. J Unll or KIi $425 & up,--.- ~'~. 1.. :.1,,,., :.'I 1.. _ Stock for ; _.. Fast Sh1pp1ng Free Brochure - Toll Free --JI Pinemont Fax Houston, Tx Circl e 39 on the reader Inquiry card Circle 100 on the reador Inquiry card BALDWIN. Fine Bath Accessories Fine porcelain and solid brass combine in Baldwin's VlcLoria'"/ HampLon accessor ies Lo create 1:1 bath of gracious refinement. Choose Lhe Hamplon in black or Lhc Victoria in white LO LasLef ully appoinl your bath. w~ armlr«tural produas 203 W. Rhapsody San Antonio, Texas (512) ltuo\ A1chl locl b/ Clrclo 92 on th o roador Inquiry ca rd Circl e 13 on lh o read er Inquiry ca rd

29 Technology and Access: Health Core Architecture for the 1990s American health care, envied around the world for its ceaseless technological innovation, has become the victim of its own success. Ever more sophisticated diagnostic equipment and treatment regimens have made it possib.le to save more lives than ever before, but at a cost that threatens to choke off access to the system for millions and to bankrupt local, state, and federal governments and private industry. Solving the crisis in healthcare costs, now the focus of a major initiative in the fede ral government, will mean major changes for every health-care provider, insurer, employer, and patient. Those changes will also shape the way hospitals and other health-care facilities are planned, constructed, and utilized. From a new hospital complex in Florida to a community-based treatment-and-education clinic in Dallas and a high-tech performance center in Houston, health-care architecture by Texas architects is anticipating some of the changes that the future will bring. Texas Architect 5/

30 Health Centra By loel Warren Barna.\ FOR,\l l~r ORANC F GR0\1 : on the north side or metrop olitan Orhrndo. Fla.. has bet:n transfunm :d inro l lealth Ceno-:1, n new, high-visibility perrm1- L:n ion of Lhc hospital-medical office complex. Tr ad it iona ll~,. sny die architects, l ll{s Inc. of Dallas, p:u icnts hnvc gone from doclor to ho-;pirnl to phnrm:1cy LO eye-can: clinic, e:1ch in a <liffcrcnl pl.ice. l Tt:alth Central is designed co serve as :1 oncswp center. It combine:, a H I -bed, six-level :1cutecare hospital with squnn: fct:t nf office space for physicians, health :scn kes,.111d rcl:n e<l reta il -;hops. Th e hospital's e111phosis is nn the latest in Lcchnolug) and comput er conncccions. I lo-;pit:11 :111d phy-,iciim offices blend coged1cr on each of the center's 'ii),. floors; in c;omc arcns, there Facing page and above right: Health Central, a new complex joining a hospital and medlcalofflco building, stands In an orange grove north of Orlando, Fla. Top: A wedge, covered In red aluminum panels, forms the metaphorical heart of the hospital. Above : The hospital atrium Is lit with neon. arc doctors' offices on one side of the hallway an<l hospital departments on the olher. Th e :u chiceccs say that such exception:11 proximity menns that, for cx:1111plc, obstetri cian s can monitor expecrnnt moth ers in tht: bhor - ancl-dclivcry :1re:1 (using computerized co mm unicat ions equipm ent) while co n ducting regular consult:uions in their offices Juw n 30 Toan~ Arthllocl 5/6 1993


32 Health-Core Design Below: Emphasized In shifting forms and materials with sha rply co ntra sting color s, the ho spital 's western facade increases the building 's scale ; it portrays a spects of the human body. Right : Palm trees line th e ho spital 's 9,000 square-foot, hotel-like lobby.! Gl c ::, g C.3 ~ g ~,z " 0!!. 0 ~ :< 0 ir ::, " 0 Above: view of a patient room, looking toward the building 's overscaled curtain wall Above right : The stepped facade of the medical office building presents a more sedate appearance. the h.111. \Vhcn a deliver}' is due, the doctor can wnlk down the hall inslcad of cl riving. Pediatrician~ arc next to pediatri c-care areas. surgeo ns nexr lo -.urgcry. In all th<.: clcp:1rm1cnts. orders c.rn he updated :inti tests reviewed foster, affording uencr c;\re :ind gl!tting the patiem bnck on his or her feet ;l s soon ns possible. Perhaps even more imponant is thl! center'-; cmphasii. on updatin g tcchnolo g) (whil e ho ldingdown the costs nf :1ccommml:1ting new equipmt.:nt). Co mpmcr links pl,1y an import:lnt role throughout 1hc hospital. ln additio n. the hospirnl wm, dci.igned w11h a "mobile rt.:cl1110logy port, " a spc.: ci.11 :1irpnrtl1ke docking 1.one in which new Ji::ignosti c 1111d trc:11111 cn1 tic, ice-; (lit hotrip sy machines, for ex-.1111pl c) c:111 he trucked to the site and linked to the hospital. Thi,; permit s cfficiem urilizacion of spccinlized cquipmt.:nt, along with cv:iluation before the hnspiial commits to :1 pcnn:1nenl invt.:~tment in t.ht: equipment or in the building sp:u.:c w house it. \Vit h its bright color!> nml mu ltifa<.'etcd projcction.s in glass, brick. ~incl mcrnl c:l:idding, the hospital expresses the varied functions skewed nround it:, cem ral 9,000-square-fout, n.:rnil- lim:d ntrium. IJcsigncr Jc,n:1than D. Bailey says it is Jclihcr:11cl~ anthropomnrph ic..:, wi Ll1 the rcj project ion as :1 hca rt, and the patiem wings as ;1r111s :rnd legs. Th e gbss and-l>rid, 111cdic::1l l1uilding is more sccbtc. I lcalth Ce ntr al looks to the future hy bringing phy-;ic:i, 1ns, hospital care,.md related services wgct her. TA J 7 To111\ A, chllucl 5/6 I 99 l

33 Health-Care Design Site Plan PROJECT / hw/1h C1 111ml, 0 focr. F/11. CLIENT lllrst Ortlll!f( I ft.11/th Lill'«' Syst, 1111, Oru1 1, J.'l11. ARCHITECT I-IKS Jnr.. 1)11ll11 s (Ralph I lawkill.<. p11mw,~111 - l'h111 gr; or/ JJ11rrid, proj< r g, r: ]011111b1111 D. IJ11ilr y. f11'0jt ct dr.rig11u: IJol, i\/11rri11 rt'i., prljjur 11rtbi1< 11) INTERIOR DESIGN /-/KS D1 sig11mre/a/11rbdl (Dd,/,mh A. l.tm1 11, Dirc rror 11[ l,,rrrio1 Design) CONTRACTOR Tbt Robi11 s & Morton Grv11p. 1Jir111i11 g h,1m,. Ila. CONSULTANTS Smuh S, rj.-, R1 itl,!jr., N11.rb vi/lr, 'fi (muh, miml); I ft.rbrrt-l /11//,11,-J.:, fur., Or /1111da, F/11. (la111/ smp1 11rcbirws); 1\ l11/hr1111erl/\ lcc!cmy Assori11rcs. inc., D11//11s (Joa~/ sen,ic-r); I IKS!Srmm,ml (srmcr11ml; Rirh1ml 1/.i11.m; s1r11fwml c11gi11cc1) KEY TO PLANS Go rden level level one GARDEN LEVEL 1 BIOMEDICAL 2 HOUSEKEEPING 3 PHARMACY 4 DATA PROCESSING 5 COURTYARD 6 MECHANICAL 7 MAG NETIC RESONANCE IMAGING 8 RETAIL 9 CONFERENCE 10 DINING 11 DIETARY 12 GENERAL STORES 13 PURCHASING 14 MORGUE LEVEL ONE 15 MECHANICAL 16 EMERGENCY 17 GIFT SHOP 18 ATRIUM 19 RETAIL 20 WAITING 21 MEDICAL RECORDS 22 HUMAN RESOURCES 23 ELECTRICAL 24 RADIOLOGY 2 5 ADMITTING LEVEL TWO 26 INTENSIVE CARE 27 PATIENT CARE 28 RESPIRATORY THERAPY 29 WAITING 30 LOUNGE/LOCl<ERS 31 CENTRAL STERILE SUPPLY 32 SURGERY 33 RECOVERY 34 AMBULATORY SURGERY 35 AMBULATORY RECOVERY 36 PREOPERAT IVE HOLDING 37 ANESTHESIOLOGY 38 CARDIOLOGY 39 LEASE LEVEL THREE 40 LEASE 41 LABOR/DELIVERY 42 NURSERY 43 WAITING 44 PEDIATRICS 45 OBSTETRICS ~ l ovel two l eve l three a r 1':""L;-""i " Texas Architect 5/

34 Health-Core Design Growing Room by Joel Warren Barna Facing page: The pediatric-car e area is focused on a staff work center. Below : The mat e ria ls for the wait ing ar ea s were chosen for a reassuring atmosphe re and high abu seresistance. THF F\IF.R(,FN<.Y CF.'-irFR :lt Brackenridge Jlo s pital, the 30-+-becl city-funded hospital in Austin, hm, long ueen the.: central Tcx:is region's principa l ce nter for rr:rnm:1 :ind emer gency care. Overwhelmed br chc :irca's g:rowij1g population, hospital officials nccdcj LO double chc size of chc 11, 7?6- c;quar e-foo t emergency center, update it tcchnologic:ill), and solve irs circulation problems. But the site, hemmeu in b) :1 ro.1cl :incl a rch:ibilitation hospilal, "a!> too small for a complt:tc ucw facility. Tc, solve the prob lem, the joint venture of The Bower Downing Partn ership, Inc. + Laui-ie Smith Dcsi!:,rn Associates designed a composite solution of reno, ntion :ind addirions. In th e firsr phase, an l l,850- squ:1rc-foot :iddition was ajjej co the <;Outh of the emergency cent er, Lo house :1 new Lrnum:~-:111d adult-care :irca, alo ng with a 1,603-squHre-foo t additi on cc, the north (for expanded pediat ric-care) and :1 rnech:inical penthoust:. Disruption from constructi on of rhe,1dditions was minimized, to imerfon : as little as possible with the 24-hour-pc r-d:iy opcr:acion.s of rhc cmcrgcncr ccncer. In the second and third phases, the center's functions wen: moved 34 lcxos Archlccl ~/6 199l

35 Texas Architect 5/

36 Health-Core Design KEY TO SITE PLAN 3 PARKING GARAGE 8 CLINIC 4 WOMEN'S PAVILION 9 CENTl!Al PLANT 1 EMfl!GE NCY CENTER 5 NURSING TOWER 10 ELECTRICAL PLANT AREA 6 ANCILLARY SERVICES 11 REHABILITATION 2 PROFESSIO NAL TOWER 7 CHILDREN'S HOSPITAl HOSPITAl Above: The ex ponded emergency cent e r now wraps around the south w est corner of the hospital 's surgery and radiology departments. Left: Adult registra tion area Facing page, top left and bottom : Pediat ric-care waiting area H, 11 n A ,1 b/6 199~

37 Heollh-Core Design KEY TO PLAN 1 WALK-IN PATIENT ENTRANCE 2 AMBULANCE PATIENT 6 ADULTTREATMENT ENTJIANCE 7 CHILDREN'S 3 TRIAGE/ADMlm NG WAITING 4 ADULT WAITING 8 CHILDREN'S S CRITICAL CARE TREATMENT 9 ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES - ~ \. \.,. - ~ into the :1ddicions 1 and the existing facilities were rcn<watcd Lo form a 24, 179-squ:irc-foot L-shaped emergency center wrapped around the corner of the hospital's surgery and radfology departments. T he expanded center is divi<lcd im o non-critic:.11 pediatric- and ;:1dult-c.1rc areas, with a rhircl area for tniuma ;1nd critic.ii care. Eac h or the thre e area s centers on a staff-work area. Mat erials and coloro; were selecte d to identify different arc,1s,tnd l o i;, ruide circulation p,ll1.crns. In publi c areas, 111:n crials were chosen for durabi lity as well as welcoming appe;irnncc (the ea rlier cent er's mud, abused surfaces gave th e ce nter an irnagc pro blem). Built with out skippin g a hea t, the expanded Bracken ridge emergency cent er is an impun ::mt addition to this grn wing region al hospital. TA PROJECT Tbr /Jr11rl l'11ritlgr Ho,pir,1/ (.'0111plr.1 J :111r1xn1ry Cc111er l~-pt111s1011 mu/ Rmoi,11io11., /1w111 CLIENT Tb, fjmrk, m itlgr lf utpi1,1/ Ct1111p l1., (,\/ 1rrk 117/son, Oirrm1r rif'l:mr'j(mry Stri!i, es),1111 / 11,,. Ci11, ef,1/11.<tm(robrrt I 111/lmul, /r.-b,1r,111ml 1\/ 1111t1gm /)n is,011 oftbr /), 1111m11('ft/ of 1'11/,I,, 11 nrk / 7h111.rpon,11io11) ARCH ITECT Tbr r rij"/711 IIU1ur /),m,11111~ /' ,, IJ,p. lur. + /.,111rit S11111b /)1..r1w1. hsom11r s rj'refrrr 1t 11111: J11d I I: Drrulflmg. 11rojrn,li,wmr: Tl1111mu I li~1 11r l 'fl< b11rrb,1111/ I m,rir Nl'l/1111 S11111h, prt1jrrt 1111m11f!;rrr 1rnd lr,1,l,l1.ng11rrs; S1nr,u1 /)11ris mu/ 'limn '/ b11rsm11. pro;r,1,m b11ms: II 'i//111m l't t pl,'j. A.,:l{r,\ /. lkrf'1, 11111/ \ lirbm I R11pr) CO NTRACTOR S. I I-' Sp,nr G/11$1, Inc. ',1111. / CONS ULTANTS /om Grrru 11ml Co,,1p1111y 1!11g111un,, /11.,1i11(1111 rb11111r,1/, rlruriml.,1111/ pli1111/ti11}!.).]11.tr I. G11rn,,. lur.. /11Sfi11 (Jtr11(//tr1,/);\ l,1n11w:,.::-if hght fniilm r J, for... /rf,ffin (m d).. l1tlnl/ l.,gb,,,,g Drsigu, /1m111(/,gbt111gJ PHOTOGRAPHER N. Grrg I lurslrl',. /11s1i11 TexosArchitect 5/

38 Health-Cure Design Community Care by Johanna Rowe Facing page, top : The Blultt -Flowers Health Center Is the flag ship of a system of community based centers In Dallas emphasizing di sease prevention. EXPERTS SAY that important changes are going to be required if the U.S. health-care,;yscem is ever going co break out of the upward spiral of costs that hove plagued both government and the private sector in recent dec:icles. 1V1an} ' of those changes, according to the experts, will ;'lffecc the lnrge publicly funded urban teaching hospitals th;1t :ire the backbone of the country's medical system, trcnti ng a majority of chc patients and training a majority of the medical professionals. Such hospitals provide the bulk of health care for poor and working-class people, many of whom are without health insurance, and many of whom have no other source of primary health care. As a result. such patients often come co hospital emergency rooms for basic treatment, or, alternatively, are often in a medical crisis before they seek any care. Th e result is that, too often, expensive high-tech interventions are then needed, when less-expensive preventive care might have worked better. The problem has been that, swamped by a growing popul:nion and rising costs, urban ho spitals have been unable co provide such prevcnrive care. Facing pag e, bottom : A semicircular class room provides a focal point for the center's Interior courtyard. / 7 Right : site plan./ ~ 0 IS Sl 38 Toxos Archllcct 6/6 1993

39 The Dallas Count} l lo:.pital District, p:irem org:ini,ation or Parkland 1\lcmoriol I luspirnl, one of the country':. l:irge:.t public hospitals, has been working on a plan to Jcal with this prob lem, b) crc:ning a nc\\ system of comrnunn,-based clinic:. co serve its clients. The first such clinic is the ne,1 S3.5-million, 39,000-squarc-foot Bluitt-Flowers Health Center in D;11las, designed by Brinkley Sargent Architects of Dnlbs. The first off-cnmpus facilic) built by Parkland llospirnl, Bluitt-Flowers is intended to reduce the cost tu the community of indigent patit!m care b) emphasizing health education 11nd disea,;e prevention and by providing crucially needed prenatal care to ics clients. Programmaticall), Bluitt-Flm1ers consists of three main components: medical treatment and support (including radiolog), a pharmacy, and a labomtory), education nnd social services, and denml services. Brinkle}1 Sargent Archicccts orgnniied e' chis program into n tri:.in!,l'ular plan form, with each? of the deparcmcncs arranged around a central a counyard. The classroom component, inside the ~ entry, is the focus of the courtyard, while the mecli- Texas Architect 5/

40 Health-Core Design Below: The waiting room for the maternity area (bottom right on plan, facing page) focu ses on tho semi circular carpet -lined chlldren 's play zone. en!, dcm.11,.rnd!>upport funclions are in lhc other t,,o ~ides of the lriang-lc. T he dental area,,1djncen1 to the lahor:itory and pharm:tc}, i-, '>epar.ned from the ocher p;1rts of the progr.1m. Parent:,\\ ith ) oung children, 111;m) of whom,, ill h:1, e traveled h) public tr.insporrncion, arc nmong t hose usii,g the clinitthc mo<;t: Scparalc waiting area.,, each with :I c:1rpcl-l111cd..cmicircu lar pla~,one, nrc pro, idcd for e;1ch dcp:1rrmcm. n,c cl,nit is in one of the city's high est-crime ncig hhnrhootb.,;o.,ccurit), hmh actual and perccpwa l, \\ a~.111 important J>:lrl of th e program for both '>tafl and clicnb. The architecu. dc-,i1:,ri1cd th e prnp.:c l,, ith a 111i11imum of window~ hcl<rn the eight -foot ceiling line, utilizing colo rful split-faced hlock.ind glass hlm:k on the e~teriu rs; light from the gl:t.,.,-lined central courtya rd hrighcenc; the circ11l :11 ion :ind public :1re:1s. I ntcrior finishes had co "ithst.rnd hca,, puhlic ahuse }'Ct look inviling :md requir e minimal maintenance. For thi,; reason, exterior ma:.onry clements were carried in~ide, changing from rough to ground -focec.j unit:. in tht! public areas. TA PROJECT IJ/11111 Flrr.:, n ll mltb (.r mrr. l),11/11r CLIENT 1)111/ 111 C111111r, I lmp1111l Dm, ttt, 1),11/1 11 (IJ11 Dr,\1111/,, Sr- 0 11in1 I ttr l' n 111/r111 /iir Viuilirir; /) r1 1 /t1p o( P111k/11111/,\l r- 111ur111l I losp1111/) ARCHITECT llrmklrv.\,11~1 111 lrrb11r.u, /),tll,u CONTRACTOR Rbo,1.-Cu11r1m,1i1111 Cnm(',1111, lrllllj! CONSULTANTS ljro. J:mrl/)1n-is/l)mh (1tmrum1/}; l.'i1111pn, J:11-,:i11rrri11J!, (1111, l11111mtl, rlt-.trwt!, 11111! p!t1111/1111 g); S/1111r1 S,mli/1111 (,'m11p(/,1111 /rr, rdnrrr111rr): /II\ S1111!1n, /111. (111rnaiY) Right : The entry area fea tur es glass block and colo rful laminat e paneling. Facing page top : The waiting area for the medlcal -treatmenl cli nic gets daylight from the ce ntral courtyard. 110 l1m1t A1thlll'C,I 5/6 1995


42 42 lexu~ Archllocl b/6 1993

43 Health-Core Design Cutting Edge by Joel Warren Barna E\'f-..: 1, the fast-changing world of concemporai, health -care design, architects only rare!) get called on to design space for a function that promises to extend the boundaries of medicine. But that's what the architects and interior de!>igners at \\ 'atkins Career Hamilt on Arc hit ects were asked to do, starting with 5,000 squa re feet of lease space on the grou nd floor of the parking-garage annex of the '50s-e ra Hennann Professional Buildin g in ll ouston. The clients wanted to creat e a ne,, "nut riti on and human performan ce center" intended for purposes that at first glance don't seem medical. Acco rding co Kirk Hamilt on of \Vatkins Ca rt er Hamilt on, the clientelc for the ce nt er would be ath letes, FBI agencs, air line pilots, and ochers,, ho rel) on the pcrfom,ance of th eir bodies for their livelihood s. The ccm cr would be a health-ca re alternative for such clients, pro\idang diagnostic and assessment services under Lhe supervis ion of physicinns, and r:iising awareness of curre nt heal ch starus among clients. The program for the center c,1lled for ~paces for medical examination s :md annual physicals (includ - Facing page : The fltne ss-ovaluotlon area features built -In treadmill s and computer screens. Above : The reception area, with Its wood paneling and le Corbuslor cube choirs, resembles on upscale health club. Texas Architect 5/

44 Health-Core Design KEY TO PLAN 1 RECEPTION 2 RETAIL 3 PUMP ROOM 4 UNDERWATER WEIGHING S CONTROL STATION 6 X-RAY VIEWING 7 PHYSICAL EVALUATION 8 MEN"S LOCKER 9 WOMEN'S LOCKER 10 CONSULTATION 11 MEDICAL DIRECTOR 12 DATA PROCESSING 13 JUICE BAR - Above right: An " underwater weighing tonk, set In a specially constructed room, Is used for measuring l ean body weight and percentage body fat. Right: Part of the center Is devoted to activities related to exercise prescriptions. 44 Texas Architect 5/

45 ing an uncicrwatcr weighing room for measuring percentage of bod) f:11 :ind le:in bod} \\eight), for nutriti onal coun, cling. :lnd for sporr, :ind fitne,-. acli\'itics rcl:n c<l to c, crci,c prcscrip1iun-.. T hese area,, rangin g from th1.: fitn1.:ss-tcst rooms to the wood-pan eled recepti on,1re:1, with its Le Cor hmicr cuhc ch:1ir.. :ind fimcss-, ideo screen, arc tkt:iilcd like an upsc:1lc gyn111:1, ium.,\ S) 111mctri c:1l dot rh) thm introdu ced in the reception 1 :1rt.::1 hecomes a patt ern recalling :1 comput er print out on the vinyl. mct: 1, :rnd cer:urnc walls, ceilmgs,.111d lloor'i of the ev;'lu.nion areas. Crnnpm er screens :md high-tech lighting, set again, t the lrnckgmund of d:1rl,,u rfoces and gleamin g chrome :incl gla,,, hob ter the image. Th e center fc:1lllr1.:s :1 rc1nil :1rc:1 for" hn1 the.1rd 1itccb dc-.crihc :i-, "li.1rd- w-li nd nutrll1on:1i.,ml c,c rcisc product,"; 1hc, tore\ " 1ndcm d1, pb ~ the, tr ect dr:t\\'l 1he,llt cnt inn or pa.,,ersh) lu 1hc cent er. ( ;I,,.,.,, hcl, e,, u,p cndecl on c.etlin g- w c. un1crtop c.-;1 hlc,, hl.u.:i.. gr.1111l c c. nuntcn ops. :1nd pale \\ mid c.1hinctr) cmph:1, i1c 1hc, led. 1111:igc 111 pcrforinan cc and health the center com cys. TA Top: Suspended glass shelve s and black granite countortops ar o used In the retail area. left : lock er-room lavatori e s PROJECT I / rm \111riti1111,m,I II 11111,111 /J, r/i11-im11111 ( r111rr. I lom1n11 CLI ENT llrn11,11111 l/111pir,1/, I /1111,,.111 ARCHITECT I I,11! 1111 l,mm llm111/t1111 ln/111.,r. /11,. I/,,,,.,,,,, (Br/111,l,1 llm11r11, 1m11r, 1,lnt/{111 1,111,l,r111nr 11//r/1111,l11t}lll1 1. I I lihiu A1111,1111/\l irbdlr I,', " rnu1,/, 111(1un;,m,I\,.,-/ ll C i,11/tf/. projrrt,11,/,11r,t} CONTRA CTOR llr,ml tt,,11, r.11rf>,11,t111111, I fo11,r1111 CO N SULTANTS \lt.l,1cl]0/,11 """'" // (h)lbt111g,j PHOTOGRAPHER _7111/ 11,tll,.v,,ml, I /nt1,11111 Texas Architect 5/

46 Survey Footprint of Change Footprint of Chan ge 46 IN PROGRESS A word designed by Watkins Corter Hamilton of Houston represent s o signi ficant trend in patient care. li sten Up 47 PRACTICE Engineer Jock Evans soys you hove to p ion for noise sources in health -core facilities. Products and Information 48 Marketplace Resources Ind ex to Advertisers TA INDEX IN PROGRESS Ar first glance, the most rem:1rk- 11blc rhi ng about the floor plan below is its '60sern diamond shape, unusual for n patient -care unir of a hospital, p:m icul:irly in this age of efficiently orgnni:ied cri:111g ul:lr pl:ms centered on l:irge nurse s' sutio ns. At second glance, it is the lack of such a central nurses' srncion that stand~ out. Th e plan.ind the accomp:inying perspective nnd elevation drawings on these pages, by \Vatkin s C:irtcr 11:imilton Architects ofl!ouston, come from the design for a renovated 8,-+00-squ:irefoot unit of T rini ty ;\ lcrlical Ce nter in 1\loline, Ill., which rcprcscnt.c; a significant new clirec- Above : In the United Medical Cent er Plan etree ward, the nurse's station plays a less prominent spatial role than In a con ventlona l ward. l eft: The 11 brary/resource center puts many functions of the nurses' station In a new, reslden tial -style context. KEY TO PLAN 1 NURSE"S STATION 2 LIBRARY/RESOURCE CENTER 5 GREAT ROOM 4 PANTRY 5 STAFF CONFERENCE/ LOUNGE 6 STAFF LOCKERS 7 QUIET ROOM 8 PATIENT ROOM 9 ELEVATORS 10 UTILITY 11 NURSE MANAGER,.. Pati o nt room, foot -wall view Pati ent room, head -w all view 46 loxos Arcl11tocl 5/6 1993

47 Halting Hospital Noise tion in the philosophy underlying medica l services and hospital design: patienc-cencercd care. In patient-centered care, the efficiency of the conremporary hospital is recognized as necessary but insufficienr. The theory is that patients who are "empowered" parmers with their physicians and other care-givers do better than those who (as in th e traditional model of medical care) are passive recipients of technological int ervention s. Patient s (and members of their families) in such a unit have access to all their records and charts and arc expected to educate thems elves nhout their illnesses and their treatment. Physical and organizational barriers to the privacy, sccur iry, and dignity of the patient and fumily are minimi zed. Planetre e, a health-car e cooperative based in San J ose, Ca lif., has been at the forefront of development of patient-centered care since the enrly I 980s. Plan et ree consulted on the program nting and design of the Trinity Medica l Center pr oject, making it o ne of the fir sr Planetree demonstration unit s oucside Califor niai it wi!j serve as a training ground for hospital sta ff throughout the Trinity system. Gone are the spatially dominant nurs es' station and the typical clutter of cans and equjpment. In its place are a Resource Library (with :i symbolic fireplace) which in the Trinity demonstration pr oject is located opposite the elevator landing, and a smaller-scaled nurses' station that becomes more of a meeting center. The re is also a ''grear room" and a dining room for famil y and pati ent s, and a "qui et room" for co nsultati ons and private momenrs. The furnishings and lighting were chosen for domestic scale and ambience. The success of patient-centered care remains robe me.'lsllred, but its effect on hospit1l planning should be important Joel Warre11 Barna Patient room, window-wall view PRACTICE Hospitals provide yea r-around, around-the-clock residential and sleeping accommodations for patients. But they also generate and are surrounded by noise that creates unacceptable inm.tsions. The architecr planning and designing hospitals needs to be nware of the potential problems that noise can create. Noise can come from nearby highways and roadways, airplane and helicopter overflights, building cooling towers, emergency generators, and construction equipment used for hospital additions or adjacent buildings. Architects of a new faciliry need to evaluate potentinl noise levels, durations, and the time of day of acoustic evenrs, and respond with appropriate siting, orientation, choice of shell materials, and other building-planning panunerers. Patients lose rest and are distressed by noise intrusions from noisy corridors, nurses' stations, and adjacent patient rooms. Evaluation of existing facilities for renovation should include investigation of wall construction, interior-partition to exterior-wall intersections (at window mullions, knee walls, wall-mounted heating/rur conditioning units, etc.), above-ceiling constructions (open-ceiling plenum or head-wall closures, ducrs, pipes, and conduits), and othe r elements. Even though corridor and room configurations may be replications of previously successful designs, careful examination of the corridor, toilet, entry, room, and fumjrure layouts can lead to acoustical privacy improvements. Similar concerns should guide planning for doctors' offices and examination rooms. Not only patient areas but sensitive diagnostic equipment within hospital buildings must be protected from noise and mechankal vibration. Scanning electron microscopes, magnetic resonance imagers, CAT scanners, laser devices, and other crucially needed equipment can be bacily compromised by structure-borne vibration or low-frequency airborne sound-at levels of vibration one to three orders of magnitude below what human tactile sense can detect. Structures therefore must be planned for stiffness, low deflection, and relatively high natural frequencies. In many cases, provision of suitable strucr:nral systems ia high-technology and clean-room spaces, such as laboratories and surgical suites, can increase size and depth of structural members, affecting clear-span or floor-to-floor dimensions. Imaging systems and orher such equipment arc often used with or near clean rooms, in which air is purified by moving large volumes through filtration systems. Clean-room rans are powerful sources of compromising low-frequency noise. Planners must expect to provide generous mechanical support spaces for clenn-room areas, and oversized duct lnyouts co accommodate sound attenuation devices. In the early phases of architectural and financial planning the additional costs and complications of this additional space should be conside red in the building layout and spatial relationships between functional areas. In addition, worker- and patient-occupied spaces should be considered when locaw,g and orienting large openings, including overhead doors, inlet and exhaust mechanical louvers, and rooftop stack exhausts. Adequate space should be programmed in early planning for the additional ceiling plenum and mechanical chase volumes con~-umed by vibrntion isolation, and, in some areas, seismic-restraint systems. Hospitals, laboratory and medical research fuciliries often require supporr shops for fubricacion of prosthetic devices and experimental apparatuses, or for maintenance of research, diagnostic, and patient-care equipment-places where sawing, grinding, metal-impact, and fastening procedures are performed. These must be separated from all other hospital spaces, particularly- administn1tive and patient areas, to keep noise intrusion to a minimum. In addition, the hospit2l planner needs to consider the Long-term effects of noise in central plant and machine-shop areas on the employees. In the early planning process, selection of equipment, arrangement of primary noise sources, and provision of quiet spaces within high-noise areas can prevent worker-hearing damage, create long-term working efficiencies beyond simple hearing protection, and avoid fulure expensive modifications and retrofits. In the practice of engineering noise- and vibration-control solutions for health-care and medical-research facilities, our acoustical consulting firm has encountered each of these problems. Early recognition by the architectural planner of the demands of integrating new technology into the medical facility will ollow innovative and well-conceived design solutions ro replace rhe hnnd-aid approach (pardon the pun) of the pn~t. Jaclt B. Evans, PE Jndr lj. Evmu is pri11dpi1/ 1,f]m:k Ewms & Assodnres, Inc., mi 11tr11uriral trj11s1ilti11gjm11 sp«inlr:i11g i11 crmtrol of m-chir«rum4 11udi,mira4 and errvnwm,enra/ 11oi.1~,TTIII vilnrmim. Texas Architect 5/

48 PRODUCTS AND INFORMATION,;h:ipc-mcmory allo) th:it, when heated with.1,ma ll current, c~pands or cnntr:icl,, thu~ opening or do:,ing the blirul,. The mechani~m fit!> in!>ide the headr.1ib of existing hlind!> and i5 hidden from view. I leadr.1ils 111:lJ be fiued with timers thar rc spn ncl rn hear, lighr, cimc, or comm:1nj without inrcrfcring with 111:11111:11 movement or the hlinjs. Cirdt t/;r 1w11/1-r i11'111iry am/ Computers in the Office MASTERSPELL, from AIA MASTER SYSTEMS, Is a supplemental spelling dictionary for use with word-processing program s to spe ll -chec k MASTERSPEC and oth er specification s and t echnical do cum e nt s. MASTERSPEU includes specific terms used i n archit ectu re, engineering, con str uction, and related f ie ld s. CIRCLE 170 ON THE READER INQUIRY CARD Nc11 color~ from US Brick were crea ted lll fit nntur:tllr into t:n1 imnmcntl> in ' Jc:,c:1,. Tht:r :trc 111,1d(! fmm cl.iys. shalc, and limc5tonc from diffen.:nt areas nround the state. (:,,.dt I 61 nu tbr 1 rnrl1 1 illf/1111)' ("{11 d James I lnrdi e Building Producrs 111: f:icrurc.~ l lnrdi\h:ike. :i new rihcr -cc mcnt roofing sh,1kc. The Hnrclislrnke, whid, cnrrics up to a Class-A fire mring, is instt11l (!d liken wood shukc and <locs not split, lrenk, rot, or ottrncl termites nn<l other l'ermin. Cirrlt.-Ir,, "" tbt" rr:111frr i11q11ir)'.-11nl Wm. Zinsse r & Co., Inc., h:i:. inrrncluccd Scmi-Glos5 Permn \Vhite,\ Jildew-Proof 13:nhroom H':dl ~nd Ceiling Paint. It 1s l,lister-prour, 11':l~hnhle, and scruhhahle. \ wnter-hnscd paint, Pcrma-\Vhit c is tinc:1hlc with 1111i1 crsal t olor :.ystems, and b :ilso sclf-primin!!, Cirdr 164 n11 rbc: n:,u/cr inq11i1y mrd The new FW :rnd F3\JC,;enc~ from Lig ht ing Services Inc. are de~igncd for compact fluorescent fi,wre:.. Both or the I K-im:h, 39-w,ttt fixt11res utilize hou r twi11-1uhe co 111- p:1ct nuon:sccnt l:.1mps. r:,rd, 165 QI/ 1/J,, rmtl, r 111q1111J om/ \ 111:11,pring de11te fr11111 Gincomcl Des ign C ;roup 11llrn1, l>liml~ 111 lie opened :inti do,cd 11i 1h 1111t The,pring ilt 111:11lt : nf., WK Heatin g Syste AUTODESK, INC., ha s ms h,,!, introduced i ntroduced Releas e \ V:irn, lc1uch "', n lluorwa rn1111g sysrcm in St:11lcJ in tht:.1dhcsive 2 of It s thre e-d i mensional concep tual mod e ling soft l:iyer clircctlr unuer the flour covering. \ \~1rn1 11,uch l":111 add the co111 Cort The software ware, Generic ha s the same Interface 3D. a s of a wann lloor lo.my tile or ~tone inst:1ll:11i1111. Generic CADD 6.0, Autod esk's two -dim e n Tcmper:1ture-\':1ri.1 hie anti ti 111er- :1ct iw1ted cunt sional design and drafting package. Ge mis :in: 11,"- 1ilnhlc. Th(!~),tern fc.1111rcs., 10-) c:,r neric 3D Inclu d es cur so r alig nm ent/tr ack 11 arr:int) and i., L 1 / L appro1 ed. in g, a scu lpt mode, Aut oca D co mpotlblllty, linear dimensioning and text lines, C.:irdi I 67 u11 1h1 1l'lltlr1 ""1""1' mnl and nested co mma nds. The S1rnrr111 11I G!tr:., tl CIRCLE 171 ON THE READER INQUIRY CARD Tilt D, 111il111p, I /111ul. \ "'1ol,.1 guide for the use oreigi n-butjcr gl:11.cd RxEasy Vlew Is the lat est AutoCAD tile, is nnw avail:il,lc utility produ ct from from Ac me Bri ck RASTEREX. RxEosy Co mpany. The h11ndbook indudcs ::t comp lete View is acc essi bl e listing of the stm1dard rile shapes, :is wcll ns threcdimcnsion:1 from th e AutoCAD c.lr.1win&'!- of rhcir use in st:111d:ml w:111 command line. A full directory st ru ct ur e i s conligur:1tion,. Elgin -Buller gla~c.l till: i,; mm-porou,;, di splay ed and a ny drawing or slid e fll e fin. -resi~tnnl, and provid1..., ~numl clc:idcning con be viewed Instantly In a w indow :ind in\til:11ion. within the dia logue box. Cirdt 168 r111/jr l"l'lltlt-r i11q11ily r11nl CIRCLE 172 ON THE READER INQUIRY CARD n _ Kohler ha5 introduced CALCOMP ha s Introduc ed three new :i new collectio n of vru,iucs, plw11bing lixt urcs, :ind faucets tion s for It s line of connectivi ty solu called the Troc:ulcro plott ers and printers: Suite. Cre:itcd h) on Eth ern et Koh lcr\,;i~ter cr>111- network Interface;,I p:111y, Jacoh Debfon of a Ve rsotech Fr.rncc, the 1rocidero Green sheet conversion Su ite is dcfint:d by unit ; and a Micro soft Windows d e simple styling 1vith gr:1cclitl :irc.-s nnd s1r:1i ghr lines vice driv e r. The new interfaces ar e de cr.1f1cd in high-qualiry m:ncnals. The varicl) of sign ed to Increase the versatility and per offeringi, i11 the Troc:idero line, including the formance of CalComp output devices In <;inglc-ha~in v:inity shown :ihovc, 111:ike-; it pm cluding pen, e lectro statlc, and direct -Imaging \ih le tu incorporate individua l piece:. into., pl ott e rs and color -th ermal -tran sfer wide r:mµc ofhmh configuration~. print e rs: Cird1 I (i«) <1II rht: rfi/1h r i11q11i1-v am/ CIRCLE 173 ON THE READER INQUIRY CARD 118 fnxus Archllcct 6/6 1993

49 Crawford Friend 3003 Bl edsoe Street Fort Worth, Texas Com m ercial Residentia l PITISBURGH CORNING PRODUCTS Non-proprietar y consultati on, dc..,ign, nnd specifica tions for Lightin g Dimming Sound Acoustic s Rigging Drupe.rie.c; Sightlin e St ud ies Auclio/ Vl<1UJ1l Thea tre Safety Ass~men Th enl re Plannin g Projectio n Systems Feaslhi lily Sl udi cs Co11s11ltants Spec,a/izing /11 Performing Arts Teclt11ology And Pla1111i11 g Circle 96 on the reader Inquiry cord JOSE I. GUERRA, INC. CONSULTING STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS JOSE I. GUERRA, P.E CEDAR STREET COURT 212 W. 4TH STREET AUSTIN, TEXAS S ()44 McALLEN STATE BANK BUILDING 200 S. 10TH STREET, SUITE ll0i McAllEN, TEXAS 78S01 Clrc l o 131 on tho reodor Inquiry card Elgln-Butler Brick Company Elgin-Butler Brick: Lhe material o f choice for landmark buildings since Elgin-Budersuucrural glazed bride and tile is an impervious, du rable, moisrur e- proof wall mat erial exceptional ly well suited for hospi mls, corrcetio nal instiruti ons,schools, restaurants, co mmercial building s, and manufa ct uring planis. Elgin Butler Brick Company P.O. Box 546, Elgin, TX 78621, (512) Cirdo 18 on tho rood or inquiry card ts Wholesale and Contractor Sales of PC GlassBlock and Accessories - The Glass Block Shop Dallas (2 14) (800 ) Fax (214 ) Son Antoni o (800 ) (2 10) S Cl rclo 104 on tho roodor Inquiry cord MIRROLAC -WB TMlnt erior/exterior Wat erborne High Glo ss Enamel FIJII Devoe & Raynolds Co. has in1roduced MIRROLAC-WB "' Waterborne Acrylic High Gloss Enamel. It combines the high gloss. hardness, adhesion. flow/leveling and dura bility of alkyd enamels with 1he VOC compliance, non yellowing, low odor, gloss/co lor retention, fast dry, li e)( lbili ty and water clean -up of l atex ename ls. It dries herd and develops adhesion last, enabling doors, windows, cabinets, shelvi ng, equipment or hand rai ls to be handled quick ly. Its gloss leve l, adhesion and durab ility are unique for wa terborne enamel. MIRROLAC-WB Enamel can be used Inside or outside on wa ll s, wo od or metal 1rim, doors, prefinished siding, meta l fences, structural steel or storage tanks. For more information coma ct Devoe & Raynolds Co., 4000 Dupont Circle, Lo11isvill e, KY or call toll free: In Texas call Jack Stout at /713I Clrclo 1n on tho roodor Inquiry card raj Photo Labs Meet New ADA Requiremen ts ~ fn~2!~~~~~!~,s c ~ej~~!!r:!~,jo E CORNEUUS. Oil"\.'Clor Free Design & Consu lting Sen k es ( WH-7218!800) 7-' Fax (713 ) ~ ~' Deep Forest Drive Hou slon. Texas "~ Clrclo 117 on tho roodor inquiry cord Go Native, Texan! Native Texas Woods.lln111111t, \ 11t11Vfl~a111. / 11/111 //n fin/ C.lf'''" /~111/)'\tr, /Jt, f ink.,\11, /11111/"", \,u //,vi (.,../111. /)ft111 l.,lblolk / 'i,ir. (l11111tn1l (),1/u, / 11/1/lri1'1<k \w11111j1, / / -,,,. 1111/,1111 rl rn u 11111, L11111l1t 1 ~lul1li11!1. C.11\lu 111>.11,i111 & ~fil h11,t. fl " 1',111,. Call David Mill cr tod.'i)~ Texas Kiln_ Products Clrclo 106 on tho r0-odor Inquiry cord ~.,,..,..,.._ 1911S.Coftg,,.. Aw. Austin, Teao, fo,.(512) Toi f512)447-03l5 o- ~ blvi 'Y.~ N' SEALS $21.00 STAMPS $1 s.oo I STAMP PADS $ 3.00 Co,D"" Prompl 2 Doy Tu,n-A,ound Col l Mo il o, Fa, Yoo, Otde M/C & VISA ~,opbld JA CK EvANs & Assoc.. INc. ENClll"l:fRFJlVlllRAllONA~ClUSTII"'- NOt SQl lftlor,, 78()() N Mof>K Exliy. 202 Au,lln Te...,.,? K 1~t~1li41 uwri 1l" :~& o:11x1 Clrclo 87 on tho roador Inquiry cord ITS WORTH P,0 BOX AUSTIN, TX LonsJleof Heolt Pine flooring, Milled from Antique Te,ias Sau1hem Yellow Pine AJJO louiiiano Virgin Sinkor Cypress 1W HUlr PINI llooiing Clrclo 54 on tho roador Inquiry card Toxos Barad Company Soaks Exporloncod Archltoctural Socrotary. M inimum I yr. expr. in medico! b ldg dovo l., co ns1tuctlon, o rchltoc turo, or roo l es to 1e Good co mputer skill s. Knowl edg e o l spcdficotions o mus t Ar chitec tura l dept. needs se ll -sta rter. Beno llt s Include M /M, 401K, Life, Di sability, Proj ect Start Bonuses Please send resume ; Jea nne Young, Preston Rd., LB 15, Dello s, TX Texos Architect 5/

50 Resources: Manufacturers and Suppliers Index to Advertisers Health Central (pp ) Brick: Endicott (black), Taylor (ran); Composite panels: Reynolds Aluminwn; Glass block: Pinsburgh Coming; Roof membrane : Carlisle; Punch windows: Wausau: Spire: Lingo, Tnc.; Retaining wall block: Keysrone; Paint : Tnemec, Glidden; Coping: Hickman; Space frames : Stamctt; Granite floorin ~ Cold Springs Gra nite; Carpet: Har binger (broadloom), Collins & Aikman (rile and six-foot); Vinyl composition tile, sheet vinyl flooring, and \foyl we ldedseam floori ng: Armstrong Flooring; Ceramic tile : Dal Til e; Porcelain tile : Ceramichc Atlas Concorde; Paint : G lidden Paint s, Porter Paints; Plastic laminate : Nevnmar; Cubicle cu r tain : Arc Co m: Draperies : P. Kaufman, Covington; Systems furniture : Kimball; Office seating : Tuohy; Patient sofas aud lobb y seating : Cartwrig ht; Patient chairs: Kinetics; Tand em sea tin~ Ar1..':ldin Bracke nridge Emergency Cente r (pp ) Cast in place conc rete : Texas Readr Mix CECO; Reinforcing steel: Capiral City Scee Co.; Precast concrete: Coreslab Structures Inc.; E,cterior wall cladding : GFRC Cladding Systems/ CK.A Enterprises: Interior partitions : Fentherlire, SHHS Masonry; Limestone : Austin Cast Srone; Water -repellent coating: Pro So Co; Custom millwork : Lone Star Millwork; Wood ce ilings : Rulon; Laminate : WllsonArt; J oint sealers : Tremco, Resto ration Systems of Texas; Building insulation : Dow Styrofoam, USG; Roof insulatio n: W.R. Grace (Zonolire), Pittsburgh Coming (Foamglas); Roof membrane: Siplast, Jack \,\1hite Roofing; Metal panels: Molenco; Skylights, clerestories: Austin Glass & J\IUrror; Waterproof coating : Sonnebome; Metal flashing : Jack A R C H I T E C T S' FIRST FOR SOURCE PR O DU C T S Your Source for Information about Manufacturers and Products 4126 Pleasantdale Rd. Suite B-222 Atlanta, GA (800) Circle no on the reader Inquiry ca rd Whi te Roo fing ; Deck coating : Mameco; Wood doors : Buell Door Co., Von Suppl y; Finish hard ware: Hager, Sargent, Glynnjohn; Metal doors and frames : Pearland lndustrie s; Insulat ed glass: Tempglnss; Aluminum stor efront: Kawneer, Austin Glass & Mirror; Automatic sliding doors: Dor-O-Matic; Interior paint : Sherwin Will iams; Exterior paint : Tnemcc, Thoro Systems Products; Gypsum drywall and framing : USG, Unimast, F.L. Crane; Column covers : Baker Metal Products; Cub icle curtain fabric: J'vlaharam; Acoustical ceilings : USG, F.L. Cmne; Lath and plaster : USG.Jene G lass; Acoustical insulation : Owens Corning ; Fabric wall covering : Maharam ; Carpet : Lees Odyssey; Sheet Vinyl : Armstrong Mednitech; Resilient tile and base : Amrico, VPI & Flexco; Ceramic tile : Dal Tile; E,cterior s:ignagc : Ad Lite Signs; Interior signage: The Sign Group; Toilet and bath accessorie s: Bobrick: Fire protection accessories: Larsens Manufacturing Co., S.P. G il be rt Co.; Wall an d corner gua r ds: S.P.Gilbert Co., Balco; Film illuminators : Carr Co., R.A. Gilbert; Ove.rhead,c-ray equipment : Siemens; Film processors : Kodak; Floor mats: Construc tion Speci alti es; Systems furnishings : Herman Miller (Milcare); Securit y holding room : Industrial Acoustics Co rp.; Pne u matic table system : Trn nslog ic Corp.; Plumbin g fixtures: American Stnndnrd; Fire protection sprinklers : American Automatic Sprinkler; Med ical gas equlpme nt: Ohmcdn; Wet wcuum sys tem : Spencer Turbine Co.; HVAC equ ipme nt: Trane; Light fim.u-es: Kurt Versen, Lithonia, Coast, EIJipric, Neo ray, Summers Electric; Switchgear. General Electric, Summers Electric; Fire alarm system: Simplex; Communication syste.ms: Duk.one; Neon : Advenrure Neo n Blultt Flowers Health Center (pp ) Brick : Summit Brick Co.; Split face d block : TX1; Burnished b lock: Fcatherlite; Paint : Sherwi n Williams; Millwork: To ppy's Architecrural MiJlwork; Roofing: Anchor Roofing Systems; Wood doors: VT Industries; Glass: Dcvco Glass and Mirror; Lockers: Medarr, Roc ky Durnn Assoc.; Locksets : Yale; Closers : Rixon; Plastering : Scnergy; Tile: Dal Tile; Resilient flooring : AZ Rock; Carpet Patrick Carpets; Signage : Morrison Sign Co.; Toilet partitions: Bobrick, Tbirslington; Toilet accesso ries: Bradley; Operab le wall : Modernfold; Coiling doors : Adas; Concrete: TXI; Card access system: Cardkey; Terrazzo : American Terrazz-0 Co.; Corner guards: Archireccural Specialties; Site furniture : Forms and Surfaces; Lights : Zumroeb le Hermann Nutrition and Performance Ce nter (pp ) Ny lon carpet : Lees Commercial Carpet Compa ny; Wool carpet: Mnir Ashley; Metal walls, ce.ilings, and miuwork : Forms & Surfaces; WaJlcoverings : Carnegie, l.110\rations, Kno ll; Cera m ic floor ti le: Marazzi T ile; Han drail: Hewi; Custom base : Allsmre Rubber; Furni.ture : Metro, Comforr o (Haworth), Al: Electronic Glass: Telique Trinity Medical Center (pp ) Paint : Devoe; Sheet vinyl: Mannington Commercial; Base: Roppe; Carpet: Monterrey; Vinyl composition tile : Armstro ng; Wood-like vinyl: T oli; Wallcovering : Viertex, Seabrook; Furniture: Custom by Designers Custom Resource; Millwo rk plastic laminate: Formica Pg. Advertiser... Clrcl e No. 18 AIA Trust Anne Moor e, Ltd Appl e Computer, Inc Architects ' Flnt Source Attic Clearlnghouse B.P. Chemicals Bait/ Best-Rite Manufactur lng Boral Brick - Hend e rson Division Capitol Rubber Stamp... NA 53 Concreatlon CoMtructlon Specifications Institute Crawford Friend Consultants Devoe & Raynolds Elgln Butler Brick Co Fisher Home Design Center Glass Block Shop R. Greg Hursley, Inc lack Evans & A ssoc iates, Inc lam es Hard ie Building Product s lose I. Guerra, Inc Kroln, Inc lone Star Plywood & Door Corp Marvin Windows Planning Center Masonry & Gla u System s, lnc Masonry Institute...! 13 McCoy, Inc MIiier Blueprlnt MMBC NA 9 NELCO OMC lndustr les... ;... ;.. ;... ;rn,22 14 Pavestone Company PHOTO/GRAPHIC CONCEPTS Profe nlonal lin es Underwriting Specialists Senergy Stairways, Inc T.G.M. Associate, Texas Gas Utllltl e s Texa s KIin Product s th Annual TSA Design Awards 26 Wagner & Company What It s Worth Texas Architect 5/6 1993

51 Follow Your Instincts. When you were little, what kinds of materials did you choose to build with? You probably started off with toy brick and rocks-maso nry... well, sort of. Later, you moved on to the real stuff. Have you ever asked yourself "why?" Why masonry? Perhap s it was instinctive. Because masonry is resilient. Sturdy. Tough. You just knew, right from th e beginning, that you could crea te anything with masonry. Any shape. Any size. A fort. Tull buildin gs. The most elaborate castles. Guess what. You still can l Masonry 's natural beau ty, its building qualities, its natural insulatin g propertie s make it the perfect choice for your next building project. Its your chance to be a kid, all over again. Build it with masonr y and it will be beautiful, functional, and lasting. And you will be proud... and want to build another one. Masonry Institute of Texas P. o. Bo.x Houston, Texas Circle 3 on the read er Inquiry ca rd

52 T e x a s I n d e x May/June LEADING INDICATOR S: January 1993 Tcx:is Index of L<-'-:tding ~cunomic lndic:ltor~ (Jmn. l'/111 ~ 100) C:Oi\l PON l:l\'"' r.c. lniti:11 Claims for Uncmploymcm 61,8 1-U) Average M:111uf:.ic1uring ll ourc;/\vcck I lclp Wanted Index ( 19?'1.. IUU) Rct:1il Sale:, (1\hlhon SJ 11,523.0 Oil Price li>/llm el) Stock Index ( ICJ811a luu) 160.J I loucring Permit~ (l -m11111h 11111dr1g "It ) S,77l.O 1 c,, Bu:.lness Tncorpomtions ( 1-mnnih rn,wing,i\!,].) 3,163.0 Consumer Conlidence lndcx ( 1 )115 HJII) CJ0.6 U.S. Lc:icling Economic lndicamr lnde, ( J<J8.!s l00l January , , ~ -1, , Percent Change IJ t5 The State Comptroller's " Index of leading Texas Economic Indicators" (see left) posted a 3.8-percent Increase from January 1992 to January Of the 10 components that make up the Index, the regional Consumer Confidence Index made the mo st progress, with a 70.6 percent gain. The Texas Stock Index, which measure Investor confidence In 75 Texas-based companies, Increased percent. Hou sing permits also registered a strong gain while Initial unemployment claims fell more than 25 percent. The positive performance registered by all of the Index components Indicates the likelihood of continued growth for the Texas economy Into the sec ond half of An examination of new building permits Issued In Texas from 1986 through 1992 (see below) provid es one picture of the state's economic health. Total residential permits slumped dramatically from 1986 to 1988, but have rebounded In each subsequent year. Mo st of the gain has been In the single-family cat egory, which has Improved steadily since The non-residential categories have not fared as well. The number of permit s Issued In all four non resldentail categories has fallen each year since 1986, taking a sharp drop In 1992 after apparently leveling off In 1990 and NEW BUILDING PERMITS ISSUED IN TEXAS (nu mb er of units): RESIDENTIAL Singl e Period Total Family 2-4 Family Apartments 1986 % ,1+3 3, H,953 1,255 5,151 (() , , ,198 36,6+:! 806 3, ,195 J8, , ,507 46, ),304 1w2-- 59, ,1-H 5-t5 7,480 NONRESIDENTIAL Offices Stores & Total & Banks M e rcantile Indu strial Other * 29,386 2,718 5, W,426 H,JHl l,{1tj2 3, ,515 20,011, 1,179 2,-1.1)] -WO 15, , , ,203 14, , H, 17H H14 1,699 HO 11, ~I, 12, ,6H , 193 O ther Includ es amus ement and rocroallonal structures, churche s, parking garages, serv ice 1tall on1, ho1pllal 1, publlc work s and utlllllo s, school s, other nonresidential structure s, and structur es other than bulldlng number s may be adju sted later. Compiled by Mark Donton S o u r c e I o r le a d I n g I n d I c a I o r 1: J o h n S h a r p, C o m p I r o I I o r o I P u b I I c A c c o u n 1, S o u r c o I o r 8 u I I d I n g P o r m I I a, U. S. D o p a r I m o n I o I C o m m o r c o, 8 u r o a u o I I h o C o n s u s 52 lr.xus f11chl1oc1 5/

53 Architectural concrete paving. Renins1 ruc1ed ~tone is a blend ol lrcsh portlancl Lement. fade resistant pigments aml typ1call) granirl' or marhle sands although we Lan uti lb: any sands ytiu wish IL Is pnckagec.l t>o lbs. per 5 gal bucket and its apphcm10n rntc i:, 150 lbs. per 100 sq uare lect. It is applied by the dry-shake method IO lht: surface ur rrcsh com:rett:.rncl given a hard steel tr cm el rinish After,1dcquu1c cun ng you then sandbla st or acid etch the surfocc to clcprcss the matrix.md reveal thr aggregates If ynu have paid an)' a1tent 1lm Ill the surface l,r conc:re1t: flai,,ork you \\il l have nouccd that over ume the su rface has worn down to re\ cal the sand rmcs in the LOncrcle. Stl mslcm.1 ur -.;ettling \\ith a gra) mmri\ ;tnd 11orm:.1l ctmcn: 1c sands you can hnvc :rny color matnx :rnd :my single or 1:timbinmi11n of aggrcg:ucs you wtsh <;end us other material such as bnck or stnnc being used and <...c.mcrca11011 will make you, custom samples of Rcconstruetcd Stone con creation 9.U J...m11td,, Lu11r s..,gmuw, fuas 'O I l Clrclo 41 on th o roador Inqu iry card

54 Kroin Commercial Interruption." Kroln lncori1ornt<>tl Kroin Commcrcinl l'rorlucts Division 180 FnwcMt St reet ramhridgl', Massachusl'lls 0213R '~ll'phune 61 i,i!12-1 UUU Td~ fax th7 Hl:?-,1001 '1\mr intu the Kroin Commercial Products Division for a pro1,,rram of compcutivt ly pricl'(i Lavatory Faucets that 1m1vitle Yl'IU-S nf continuous service. nw~e fuuceu: incorponite varying functions within the ch1ssic Kroin dl'sign with mndels featuring vulume and tor tcm11erntun cnnlrol, lime release mech11nisms and pre-set G PM for energy conservntion. All arc 11prnvc<l by ANSI Kroin Sanitary Finin~ Commercial Lavatory Faucets Dcsi1-'Tl<'<l by Prof. Arne,JaL'Obsen. MAA St lect ed fur the Dt>sign Cullectiun, MuMA Forn1fomwtiu11 circle 10/1. 1Aml'ric11n N11 tion11l Sbrntlards lnstltutl') 11ml select faucets an 11vailahlP with long lt'\ er hnntlles for th<' phyllicnlly ch11llengt'<i. So whether your next project is II health club. hotel or cnri111rutc hcatlquancrs, choost Kroin: th!! faucet progr11m thut performs without interruption. <ft\ 0 INNI. Kr11; n J"rorp omt,rf

Home Selling Made Simple

Home Selling Made Simple Home Selling Made Simple Table of Contents Introduction...4 Determining Your Asking Price...5 Should You Sell Solo?...6 Tips On Advertising Your Home For Sale...8 Building Rapport With Homebuyers...10

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Submission Deadline: Friday July 13, 2018, 5:00 p.m. Includes entry forms, application fees and submission documents

Submission Deadline: Friday July 13, 2018, 5:00 p.m. Includes entry forms, application fees and submission documents AIA Abilene 2018 Design Awards Call for Entries AIA Abilene would like to invite participants to enter the 2018 Design Awards Competition, which serves to recognize and promote excellence in architecture

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Winning with Foreclosures

Winning with Foreclosures Buying Bank-Owned Foreclosures (REO) and Short Sales Courtesy of Name: Phone: Email: Diane Van Slyke 209.681.4275 ib4u@kw.com Terms you should know: 1. Distressed Property: This term refers to all pre-foreclosure

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Session 4 How to Get a List

Session 4 How to Get a List Land Profit Generator LPG Session 4 Page 1 Session 4 How to Get a List The List is the most IMPORTANT AND CRUCIAL piece of information in this process. If you don t have a list you can t send out letters

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2018 AIA Nevada. Excellence In Design Call for Entries Submittal Instructions

2018 AIA Nevada. Excellence In Design Call for Entries Submittal Instructions 2018 AIA Nevada Excellence In Design Call for Entries Submittal Instructions AIA Las Vegas AIA Nevada TIMELINE July 3 - Sept. 7, 2018 Call for Entries Friday October 12, 2018 Entry Forms & Fees Due Friday

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Cash Flow for Life #3 September 2014

Cash Flow for Life #3 September 2014 Cash Flow for Life #3 September 2014 NOTE: Hold CTRL when clicking a link so it opens in a new browser window. Dear, Cash flow, cash flow, cash flow, I said as my 4-year-old son looked up in my eyes. We

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Begin by developing a strong marketing plan. The cornerstone will be internet driven

Begin by developing a strong marketing plan. The cornerstone will be internet driven Wednesday, February 16, 2011 Chuck Fethe, Realtor Keller Williams Realty 11121 Kingston Pike, Ste, C Knoxville, TN 37934 Hello and Welcome, You re ready to sell your property. And, while you re looking

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Multifamily Owners: Including Utilities May Be Killing Your Profits Learn how to protect your NOI

Multifamily Owners: Including Utilities May Be Killing Your Profits Learn how to protect your NOI ARTICLE P.O. Box 51356 Colorado Springs, CO 80949 1356 Tel: (877) 410 0167 Fax: (719) 599 4057 www.amcobi.com Multifamily Owners: Including Utilities May Be Killing Your Profits Learn how to protect your

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IS BRANCH OUT FOR YOU? IS BRANCH OUT FOR YOU? We build on Your Homesite With many successful years of building homes in Schell Brothers branded communities, we are proud to offer our award winning homes and building process

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2017 AIA Nevada Excellence In Design Awards. Celebrating the Best in Contemporary American Architecture through Excellence in Design

2017 AIA Nevada Excellence In Design Awards. Celebrating the Best in Contemporary American Architecture through Excellence in Design 2017 AIA Nevada Excellence In Design Awards Call for Entries and Submittal Instructions Celebrating the Best in Contemporary American Architecture through Excellence in Design The AIA Nevada Excellence

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Real Estate Services Proposal

Real Estate Services Proposal Real Estate Services Proposal Prepared Especially for: For marketing the property located at: Prepared by: Therese Jaksa Keller Williams Macomb St. Clair 31525 23 Mile Road Chesterfield, MI 48047 You're

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Outstanding Achievement In Housing In Wales: Finalist

Outstanding Achievement In Housing In Wales: Finalist Outstanding Achievement In Housing In Wales: Finalist Cadwyn Housing Association: CalonLettings Summary CalonLettings is an innovative and successful social lettings agency in Wales. We have 230+ tenants

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Eviction. Court approval required

Eviction. Court approval required Eviction An eviction is a lawsuit filed by a landlord to remove persons and belongings from the landlord's property. In Texas law, these are also referred to as "forcible entry and detainer" or "forcible

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Real Estate 101. Real Estate Transaction Refresher. Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Agents. The Fair Housing Act YOUR REAL ESTATE BROKER IS:

Real Estate 101. Real Estate Transaction Refresher. Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Agents. The Fair Housing Act YOUR REAL ESTATE BROKER IS: Real Estate 101 Real Estate Transaction Refresher is may be the first time you've ever sold a real estate property Or, it may have been some time since you've been involved in a real estate transaction

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Walking First-Time Homebuyers through the Building Process

Walking First-Time Homebuyers through the Building Process Page 1 of 6 Welcome Rebecca Guide to New Homes Saved Listings Saved Searches My Clients Guide to New Homes The Building Process Walking First-Time Homebuyers through the Building Process Walking First-Time

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E S T A T E A N D L E T T I N G A G E N T S E S T A T E A N D L E T T I N G A G E N T S www.whbreading.co.uk lettings@whbreading.co.uk 01795 531622 Why Choose WH Breading? WH Breading are an independent sales and lettings agent situated in the historic

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Volume. No. A New Outlook on Colorado Real Estate

Volume. No. A New Outlook on Colorado Real Estate Volume for 03 No. 01 2017 Guide 03 A New Outlook on Colorado Real Estate ABOUT From the mountains to downtown, and everywhere in between, our philosophy is simple: clients come first. We believe that

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Liquidity of an asset is the speed at which it can be

Liquidity of an asset is the speed at which it can be Liquidity of Texas Homes on Market Speaks Volumes Ali Anari and Gerald Klassen November 17, 2016 Publication 2147 Liquidity of an asset is the speed at which it can be exchanged for cash without affecting

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2008 Collab student design Competition: Processing Frank Gehry. Competition Brief. Collab Philadelphia Museum of Art

2008 Collab student design Competition: Processing Frank Gehry. Competition Brief. Collab Philadelphia Museum of Art 2008 Collab student design Competition: Processing Frank Gehry Collab Philadelphia Museum of Art Collab Philadelphia Museum of Art 2008 Collab student design Competition: Processing Frank Gehry Collab

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Letter of Determination

Letter of Determination SAN FRANCISCO PLANNING DEPARTMENT September 4, 2013 Ian Dunn OpenScope Studio, Architects (415) 310.8092 iandunn@openscopestudio.com Site Address: Assessor s Block/Lot: Zoning District: Staff Contact:

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GENERAL OVERVIEW AREA INFORMATION 4747 Whirlwind Drive. SAN ANTONIO, TX 78217 PROPERTY OVERVIEW BUILDING SIZE: 4,000 SF Total of Industrial Flex Space LAND SIZE: Limited Yard BUILDING FEATURES: - Grade Level OH Door - 14 Clear Height -

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Professional - Loyal - Dedicated. Compliments of: Liz Wright Buyers Specialist

Professional - Loyal - Dedicated. Compliments of: Liz Wright Buyers Specialist Professional - Loyal - Dedicated Compliments of: Liz Wright Buyers Specialist 850-832-2137 Liz.BuyinFLA@gmail.com www.soldinfla.com Add your name here Add your phone number here From: Liz Wright Welcome!

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Boise City Planning & Zoning Commission Minutes November 3, 2014 Page 1

Boise City Planning & Zoning Commission Minutes November 3, 2014 Page 1 Page 1 PUD14-00020 / 2 NORTH HOMES, LLC Location: 2818 W. Madison Avenue CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT FOR A FOUR UNIT PLANNED RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT ON 0.28 ACRES LOCATED AT 2818 & 2836 W. MADISON AVENUE IN

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STAFF PRESENT: Community Development Director: Nathan Crane Secretary: Dorinda King

STAFF PRESENT: Community Development Director: Nathan Crane Secretary: Dorinda King 1 0 1 0 1 Highland City Planning Commission April, The regular meeting of the Highland City Planning Commission was called to order by Planning Commission Chair, Christopher Kemp, at :00 p.m. on April,.

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Please feel free to contact either myself or Kris Sweckard if you have any questions or need additional information.

Please feel free to contact either myself or Kris Sweckard if you have any questions or need additional information. Memorandum DATE September 14, 2018 CITY OF DALLAS TO Honorable Members of the Economic Development and Housing Committee SUBJECT Accessory Live Unit (Live/Work) On Monday, September 17, 2018, the Committee

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An Interview with Renowned Versatile Chinese Architect Designer Yu Jordy Fu Architecture

An Interview with Renowned Versatile Chinese Architect Designer Yu Jordy Fu Architecture An Interview with Renowned Versatile Chinese Architect Designer Yu Jordy Fu Architecture Creativity unleashed! Running offices in London, Hong Kong, Bangkok and China of M & J Group of Companies, Yu Jordy

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discuss the future sale of your home!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discuss the future sale of your home! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discuss the future sale of your home! Enclosed is my exclusive Pre-Listing Package. I am confident you will feel that the programs I outline for you will provide

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Reasons For Rejecting The LIDL Site Plan March 29, 2017

Reasons For Rejecting The LIDL Site Plan March 29, 2017 Reasons For Rejecting The LIDL Site Plan March 29, 2017 Background - On Wednesday, April 5, the Carroll County Planning and Zoning Commission is meeting to hear, among the various matters on its agenda,

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Presents LEASING MADE SIMPLE. Getting ready for your lease doesn t have to be complicated!

Presents LEASING MADE SIMPLE. Getting ready for your lease doesn t have to be complicated! Presents LEASING MADE SIMPLE Getting ready for your lease doesn t have to be complicated! 1 The contents of this document are copyrighted 2012 and cannot be reprinted without the express, written permission

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Joe and David Zadareky Marketing Strategy

Joe and David Zadareky Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy Marketing today s property requires an expert with discretion, a myriad of contacts and extensive experience in selling Real Estate. Going beyond standard services, Coldwell Banker and

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CALL FOR ENTRIES: 2019 AIA Hampton Roads Design + Honor Awards

CALL FOR ENTRIES: 2019 AIA Hampton Roads Design + Honor Awards CALL FOR ENTRIES: 2019 AIA Hampton Roads Design + Honor Awards The Hampton Roads chapter of the American Institute of Architects calls all architects, interior designers, and preservationists to submit

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House Party Planning Kit

House Party Planning Kit Party to End Hunger in India House Party Planning Kit House parties are a great way to educate friends and family, recruit new supporters, generate action, and raise funds for Akshaya Patra s work. This

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PERSPECTIVE ON POLITICS PERSPECTIVE ON POLITICS A Primer on How KAR Protects and Advances Property Rights Across Kansas 2018 Legislative Priorities We are the Kansas REALTOR Party: An energized movement of real estate professionals

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Rx for Real Estate. elearning series. Upcoming elearning series

Rx for Real Estate. elearning series. Upcoming elearning series Upcoming elearning series Kevin Russell Senior Vice President, Sales & Account Management Cartus Home Loans Donna Barber Manager, Sales/Account Management Support, Global Implementation Services, Cartus

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Who is eligible? For individual awards: nominees must be licensed architects in Colorado and members of AIA Colorado.

Who is eligible? For individual awards: nominees must be licensed architects in Colorado and members of AIA Colorado. 2018 AIA Colorado Honor Awards Submittals are due by 7 a.m. on July 20 and must be emailed to office@aiacolorado.org with 2018 Honor Award Submittal in the subject line. In addition to recognizing our

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ONE COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. Introduction to Property Management SECTION

ONE COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. Introduction to Property Management SECTION SECTION ONE Introduction to Property Management COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL CHAPTER 1 The Benefits of Managing Properties Once you start buying and renting out property, it won t take long to figure out that

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National Association for several important reasons: GOING BY THE BOOK

National Association for several important reasons: GOING BY THE BOOK GOING BY THE BOOK OR WHAT EVERY REALTOR SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE REALTOR DUES FORMULA EDITORS NOTE: This article has been prepared at the request of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS by its General Counsel,

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HOPING TO AVOID PROBATE Are You Sure Your Estate Plan Is In Order? HOPING TO AVOID PROBATE The Risks of Joint Ownership Brought to you by Matson & Cuprill 01 Good Intent, Bad Consequences After Sally s husband John passed away,

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most dramatic resuscitations in American art history, made more impressive by the fact that Wright was seventy years old in 1937.

most dramatic resuscitations in American art history, made more impressive by the fact that Wright was seventy years old in 1937. Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Lloyd Wright is an American architect born on June 8, 1867 in Wisconsin who developed his own unique architectural style. The style was very organic and distinctly American. An

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A guide for first time buyers

A guide for first time buyers On the move: A guide for first time buyers www.legalombudsman.org.uk 1 Introduction Buying your first home can be a daunting experience. There are lots of things to sort out, such as surveys, checking

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HOUSING GUIDE. HOUSING GUIDE www.first.edu table of content 1 Area Information AT F.I.R.S.T. INSTITUTE, WE ARE COMMITTED TO THE NEEDS OF OUR STUDENTS. 2 3 4 Apartment Searching 101 Moving Checklist 10 Roommate Searching

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Property Tax Appeal Q & A

Property Tax Appeal Q & A Why should I appeal? It is a right that every homeowner has and there is no risk (unless you added square footage to your home without pulling a permit). The assessments are determined by a computer program

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Advanced Strategy Briefing: Flipping

Advanced Strategy Briefing: Flipping Advanced Strategy Briefing: Flipping While Deals On Demand is about finding and negotiating deals successfully, we decided to include a number of advanced strategy briefings that will allow you to discover

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AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Sponsorship Opportunities

AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Sponsorship Opportunities 2018 AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Jody Cranford jcranford@aiadc.com AIA DC 800-818-0289 2018 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 10/20/17 ANNUAL PARTNERSHIPS Annual Partnerships offer sponsorship

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CALL FOR ENTRIES ELIGIBILITY CATEGORIES ENTRY FEES JUDGING PROCESS CALL FOR ENTRIES 2017 IIDA Gateway Chapter Interior Design Excellence Awards IMPORTANT UPCOMING DUE DATES Entry Form and Project Submittals Monday, July 31 st by 5:00p.m. (Please email Cate Pedley at catepedley@gmail.com

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Easy Legals Avoiding the costly mistakes most people make when buying a property including buyer s checklist

Easy Legals Avoiding the costly mistakes most people make when buying a property including buyer s checklist Easy Legals Avoiding the costly mistakes most people make when buying a property including buyer s checklist Our Experience is Your Advantage 1. Why is this guide important? Thank you for ordering this

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2017 RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE MARKET REPORT 2017 RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE MARKET REPORT Published January 26, 2018 Our market reports have been focused on the effects of low inventory on our housing market and for good reason. December 2017 marked

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Buyers Guide to REO Properties

Buyers Guide to REO Properties 2010 Buyers Guide to REO Properties Mike Bridges Property Express CRM 2/22/2010 Table of Contents Table of Contents... 2 Introduction... 3 What are REO Properties?... 3 The Buying Process... 3 Select a

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Biltmore on Lone Star in Alamo Ranch

Biltmore on Lone Star in Alamo Ranch NEW BUILDINGS FOR SALE OR LEASE OWN FOR LESS THAN THE COST OF LEASING! BUILDING 1 SOLD BUILDING 2 HAS ONLY 3 SUITES LEFT Biltmore on Lone Star in Alamo Ranch Medical and Professional Office Suites for

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The New York Housing Process

The New York Housing Process The New York Housing Process WHAT KIND OF HOUSING ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? In a large and densely populated city like New York, finding a comfortable place to live is the first step to survival in the big

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Cressingham Gardens - Resident Engagement Panel (REP)

Cressingham Gardens - Resident Engagement Panel (REP) Cressingham Gardens - Resident Engagement Panel (REP) Venue: St Martin s Scout Hut, 18-28 High Trees, Tulse Hill, SW2 3PX Time: 7pm-9pm Minutes of the meeting: Monday 2 nd October 2017 Present: Cllr Mary

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Quality Built, Customizable, Energy Efficient, Beautiful Homes. Plan Showcase. Office:

Quality Built, Customizable, Energy Efficient, Beautiful Homes. Plan Showcase.  Office: www.newrockhomes.com Office: 360.423.5151 Quality Built, Customizable, Energy Efficient, Beautiful Homes Plan Showcase 2014 Edition It s an honor to be in a business that allows us to make dreams happen.

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WESTERN SPECIALTY CONTRACTORS. Property Inspections. The Critical First Step

WESTERN SPECIALTY CONTRACTORS. Property Inspections. The Critical First Step WESTERN SPECIALTY CONTRACTORS Property Inspections The Critical First Step How to Use a Building Component Inventory to Provide Clients More Value Are you preparing to launch a new or revamped maintenance

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2017 AIA Nevada Excellence In Design Awards. Call for Entries and Submittal Instructions

2017 AIA Nevada Excellence In Design Awards. Call for Entries and Submittal Instructions AIA Nevada Excellence In Design Awards Call for Entries and Submittal Instructions Celebrating the Best in Contemporary American Architecture through Excellence in Design The AIA Nevada Excellence in Design

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SELF EVALUATION SELF EVALUATION 2014-15 What is self-evaluation and why do we do it? Self Evaluation is the term used when we, as Housing Associations, have a good look at ourselves to see whether or not we are meeting

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19 Remarkable Secrets For An Effective Listing Presentation!

19 Remarkable Secrets For An Effective Listing Presentation! 19 Remarkable Secrets For An Effective Listing Presentation! Top Listing Agents Never Use The Typical Listing Presentation... 2 Instead They Use A Buyer Focused Listing Presentation. They They actually

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What You Need To Know About Mobile Homes

What You Need To Know About Mobile Homes What You Need To Know About Mobile Homes This booklet covers general facts about mobile home laws. It explains your legal rights and duties. 1. If you are buying a mobile home see page 1. 2. If you own

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CHECKLIST. I figure if I give you something of value, you may REMEMBER ME WHEN THE TIME COMES FOR YOU OR YOUR BUYER TO USE MY SERVICES. CHECKLIST The information in this For Sale By Owner Help Kit is designed to "assure" a quick and successful sale of your home. There is no cost or obligation to you. The recommendations and checklists

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Affordable Elegance. Highridge Costa Companies

Affordable Elegance. Highridge Costa Companies Affordable Elegance Master developer combines affordable housing with the level of quality expected of market-rate developments Blending state-of-the-art building techniques and pioneering designs with

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Virtual Surveys. Expectations of Your Service Provider

Virtual Surveys. Expectations of Your Service Provider Virtual Surveys Expectations of Your Service Provider As your transferee begins to prepare for their relocation, they face an extensive list of tasks. Among those tasks is being available to each service

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Manage Your Business, Not Your Space. Get the Same Real Estate Expertise as International Brand Name Businesses

Manage Your Business, Not Your Space. Get the Same Real Estate Expertise as International Brand Name Businesses Manage Your Business, Not Your Space. Get the Same Real Estate Expertise as International Brand Name Businesses We Are Your Outsourced In-House Real Estate Solution Our Done for You management of your

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The 5 biggest house-flipping mistakes that will cost you serious time and money and how to avoid them

The 5 biggest house-flipping mistakes that will cost you serious time and money and how to avoid them Doug Hopkins Free Special Report The 5 biggest house-flipping mistakes that will cost you serious time and money and how to avoid them Hi! Doug Hopkins here from the Property Wars TV show on The Discovery

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Residential development is an integral part of a growing, A Reprint from Tierra Grande, the Real Estate Center Journal

Residential development is an integral part of a growing, A Reprint from Tierra Grande, the Real Estate Center Journal JANUARY 1998 RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT PUBLICATION 1219 A Reprint from Tierra Grande, the Real Estate Center Journal By Mark G. Dotzour Residential development is an integral part of a growing, dynamic community.

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ABA Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Law Student Writing Contest. Contest Rules

ABA Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Law Student Writing Contest. Contest Rules ABA Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Law Student Writing Contest Contest Rules Goals: The goal of the American Bar Association ("ABA") Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Student Writing

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THE G.S.T. and REAL ESTATE PRACTICE: THE NEED FOR A UNIFORM APPROACH THE G.S.T. and REAL ESTATE PRACTICE: THE NEED FOR A UNIFORM APPROACH The Continuing Legal Education by: Society of Nova Scotia Real Estate Seminar Taylor April 20, 1991 presented Donald S. Taylor Walker

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Buy Low, Sell High, Retire in 5 - Filthy Riches

Buy Low, Sell High, Retire in 5 - Filthy Riches A Monthly Insight Into Boston Real Estate Investors Association April 2016 Buy Low, Sell High, Retire in 5 - Filthy Riches Tuesday, April 6, 2016 25 Allied Drive (East Street exit off Rt. 128), Dedham,

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PLANNING & BUILDING REGULATIONS SCANDIA-HUS FACT SHEET NO. 10 PLANNING & BUILDING REGULATIONS DATE: 1 ST JANUARY 2018 ISSUE NO: 4 THE PLANNING SYSTEM Scandia-Hus will, as part of the service, handle all aspects of design, planning and

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Building Wealth in Chunks

Building Wealth in Chunks www.futuremoneytrends.com Building Wealth in Chunks Cash Flow for Life July 2015 Dear Reader, This month s Cash Flow for Life Letter will be a bit more laborious than our others. However, the profits with

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Know Your Rights: A Guide for Tenants Renting in the State of Virginia Introduction Lease Agreements

Know Your Rights: A Guide for Tenants Renting in the State of Virginia Introduction Lease Agreements 101 W. Broad St., Suite #101 Richmond, Virginia 23220 804-648-1012 or 800-868-1012 Fax: 804-649-8794 www.cvlas.org 229 North Sycamore Street Petersburg, Virginia 23803 804-862-1100 or 800-868-1012 Fax:

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Real Estate Auction 1.6+-ACRE LOT ZONED MEDIUM MANUFACTURING $35,000 & ABOVE! TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1 PM Real Estate Auction 1.6+-ACRE LOT ZONED MEDIUM MANUFACTURING SOLD @ $35,000 & ABOVE! TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2018 @ 1 PM OYLER DRIVE, LOT 8 CHAMBERSBURG, PA 17201 November 26, 2018 Dear Prospective Buyer,

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The Northwest Report June 2012

The Northwest Report June 2012 The Northwest Report June 2012 For Manufactured Home Community Owners, Operators and Investors NEWS AND TRENDS The Manufactured Housing Institute continues to report increases in the number of new manufactured

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What s Next for Commercial Real Estate Leveraging Technology and Local Analytics to Grow Your Commercial Real Estate Business

What s Next for Commercial Real Estate Leveraging Technology and Local Analytics to Grow Your Commercial Real Estate Business What s Next for Commercial Real Estate Leveraging Technology and Local Analytics to Grow Your Commercial Real Estate Business - A PUBLICATION OF GROWTH MAPS- TABLE OF CONTENTS Intro 1 2 What Does Local

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real estate agency rental agency verbal agreement lease security deposit

real estate agency rental agency verbal agreement lease security deposit Where will I be able to live? Chapter 29 Key Terms real estate agency rental agency verbal agreement lease security deposit Chapter Objectives After studying this chapter, you will be able to weigh the

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The Home Selling Process

The Home Selling Process The Home Selling Process Sold 12 steps to Selling Your Home in the Shortest Amount of Time at the Highest Possible Price Chapter 1 Broker - No Broker Chapter 2 Choosing a Broker Chapter 3 Marketing Chapter

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How To Organize a Tenants' Association

How To Organize a Tenants' Association How To Organize a Tenants' Association Before You Begin Once again: * you have no heat and hot water. * the building's front door lock is broken, and a neighbor was mugged in the lobby. * you asked the

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EVICTIONS including Lockouts and Utility Shutoffs

EVICTIONS including Lockouts and Utility Shutoffs EVICTIONS including Lockouts and Utility Shutoffs Every tenant has the legal right to remain in their rental housing unless and until the landlord follows the legal process for eviction. Generally speaking,

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City of Fort Worth Code Compliance Department

City of Fort Worth Code Compliance Department City of Fort Worth Code Compliance Department Safety in the home is everyone s responsibility ~ Compliance through cooperation ~ Table of Contents General Guidelines...1 Utilities...1-2 Locking A Tenant

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Home Seller s Guide. How to get top dollar for your home when selling

Home Seller s Guide. How to get top dollar for your home when selling Home Seller s Guide How to get top dollar for your home when selling A real estate transaction is one of the biggest financial transactions most people will do in a lifetime. Understanding the sales process

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JEFFREY SAMUELS. Welcome! Maximize Your Real Estate Value!

JEFFREY SAMUELS. Welcome! Maximize Your Real Estate Value! Welcome! We look forward to speaking with you about the future sale of your home. We are confident you will feel that the programs we outline for you will provide you with the greatest possibility of selling

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Selling Houses To The Hispanic Market

Selling Houses To The Hispanic Market AN INTRO TO Selling Houses To The Hispanic Market Understanding Hispanic Consumers in a New Real Estate World Fernando Herboso Herboso & Associates LLC Maxus Realty Group MD-DC VA 301-246-0001 A Publication

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54 64 51 44 74 94 84 Pr Pla opo nt sed ing S (By truc Ot tur he e rs) 34 50 24 05 49 14 15 rp po P so al de nitn rts ( g tcu yb eru ehto )sr P F eto rutu tn lai oh e isu gn Fu Pot tu en re Ho tial us ing

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COMPLETE GUIDE TO BUYING A HOME IN SAN ANTONIO COMPLETE GUIDE TO BUYING A HOME IN SAN ANTONIO Buying a home is a big deal. While the process is exciting, it can also be overwhelming. At KW Portfolio we are committed to making sure buyers have all the

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Our second speaker is Evelyn Lugo. Evelyn has been bringing buyers and sellers together for over 18 years. She loves what she does and it shows.

Our second speaker is Evelyn Lugo. Evelyn has been bringing buyers and sellers together for over 18 years. She loves what she does and it shows. Wi$e Up Teleconference Call Real Estate May 31, 2006 Speaker 2 Evelyn Lugo Jane Walstedt: Now let me turn the program over to Gail Patterson, also a member of the Women s Bureau team that plans the Wi$e

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Inside. Issue 1 Autumn The inside view on the market. Agents move to new site. Go Gloucester. farrandfarr.co.uk

Inside. Issue 1 Autumn The inside view on the market. Agents move to new site. Go Gloucester. farrandfarr.co.uk farrandfarr.co.uk Inside The inside view on the market Agents move to new site Go Gloucester Issue 1 Autumn 2013 No Contract Tie-in s & No Minimum Contract Period Welcome to our new home! We thought this

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Holliday Fenoglio Fowler, L.P. acting by and through Holliday GP Corp. a Texas licensed real estate broker ( HFF) PLAZA ON THE LAKE I & II 1

Holliday Fenoglio Fowler, L.P. acting by and through Holliday GP Corp. a Texas licensed real estate broker ( HFF) PLAZA ON THE LAKE I & II 1 Holliday Fenoglio Fowler, L.P. acting by and through Holliday GP Corp. a Texas licensed real estate broker ( HFF) PLAZA ON THE LAKE I & II 1 AUSTIN, TEXAS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY HFF has been exclusively retained

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Winston Ho (508) compliments of: Winston Ho Keller Williams Realty 124 Grove St, #240 Franklin, MA 02038

Winston Ho (508) compliments of: Winston Ho Keller Williams Realty 124 Grove St, #240 Franklin, MA 02038 Winston Ho (508) 613-2882 Winston@HoHomes.com compliments of: Winston Ho Keller Williams Realty 124 Grove St, #240 Franklin, MA 02038 selling your home It s all about you The home selling process Frequently

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YOUR CLIENT JOURNEY. When buying property with Scullion LAW

YOUR CLIENT JOURNEY. When buying property with Scullion LAW YOUR CLIENT JOURNEY When buying property with Scullion LAW THE BEGINNING Your Finances Home Report Your Offer Your ID THE PROCESS Missives Conveyancing Funding, Signing & Completion THE END Post-Completion

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Erica Kassner, Realtor Office: Mobile: Fax: Ericakassnerhomesinalabama.

Erica Kassner, Realtor Office: Mobile: Fax: Ericakassnerhomesinalabama. Erica Kassner, Realtor Office: 256-519-7220 Mobile: 256-503-5707 Fax: 256-519-7242 ericakassner@kw.com Ericakassnerhomesinalabama.com What Makes Listing Your Home with Me So Great? CANCEL THE LISTING AT

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File Reference No Re: Proposed Accounting Standards Update, Leases (Topic 842): Targeted Improvements

File Reference No Re: Proposed Accounting Standards Update, Leases (Topic 842): Targeted Improvements Deloitte & Touche LLP 695 East Main Street Stamford, CT 06901-2141 Tel: + 1 203 708 4000 Fax: + 1 203 708 4797 www.deloitte.com Ms. Susan M. Cosper Technical Director Financial Accounting Standards Board

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Rent.com.au renter survey

Rent.com.au renter survey Media Release 13 October 2017 Rent.com.au renter survey October 2017 - Changes to Victorian tenancy law In October 2017, Rent.com.au s Have your say on Victorian renting reforms survey was released and

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A different kind of letting agent.

A different kind of letting agent. Landlord guide. A different kind of letting agent. We are here to help you rent your property quickly to a quality tenant. We are your local, specialist, professional Letting Agent. From finding you a

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