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1 Pathways Butler County Chapter of The Ohio Genealogical Society P. O. Box 224, Middletown, OH President s Message V OLUME 30, NUMBER 4 ISSN NOVEMBER, 2011 The holidays are fast approaching and before long it will be winter. Cold weather tends to drive us inside and this might be a good time to work on our genealogical pursuits. The internet has brought access to wonderful databases full of information. is digitizing records from their microfilms. New titles are being uploaded every month although not all are indexed yet. Both Google Books ( and have older genealogy books which are now in the public domain digitized and online. also has digitized census records, passenger lists, and other goodies free of charge (although they are not indexed). These databases are all free. Have you heard about Mocavo? It s a relative newcomer to genealogy. It is a search engine specifically designed to search free, online-genealogy resources. You can search your family names and get results that pertain only to genealogy. No more wading through dozens of hits which are unrelated to genealogy. You can also upload a family tree in GEDCOM format at and they will send you the search results for your ancestors. You may also opt to have your family tree included in the Mocavo search engine so that others searching for your names will be able to find your content in their search results. You would be displayed as the creator and owner of the tree. They automatically remove living people and you have full control over your tree, even the ability to delete it whenever you want. Give it a try and see if it helps you. Go to and enter your search parameters. With this quarter s newsletter you should have received a user name and password for our Member s Only section. As I write this our member s section has an index to Butler County naturalizations, the Ledger of David Sauer, Millville blacksmith (with page images), and a list of names of persons buried in St. Stephan s Cemetery (see Publications on page 48 for the book containing complete transcriptions, including many tombstone photos). We plan to add indexes for Marriage Record books 4 and 6 and indexes for all seven volumes of the Cahill Funeral Record Books. If you did not receive a user name and password or if they aren t working for you, please contact us at the address below. We wish you all a very happy holiday season. If you know of someone who has Butler County roots, perhaps a gift membership to our Society would be appreciated. I hope 2012 brings you all great success in smashing through those brick walls. Pam White Contents: President s Message 37 Middletown Cemetery Vault 38 W. F. Cahill Funeral Records 39 Cemeteries in Fairfield Twp. 41 Marriage Record Book 4 43 Valid until December 31, 2011 Automatically extended with membership renewal Vets Buried in Morgan Twp Hamilton Census Index 47 Calendar of Events 47 Publications for sale 48

2 Middletown Cemetery Vault Submitted by Vivian Moon Several years after the vault was built in 1878 they lined the inside of the vault with brick that was manufactured in West Middletown by the Frisch family who are buried on the east side of the vault. When the brick liner was completed they installed wooden racks to hold bodies during the winter months when it was too difficult to dig the graves. The families were charged rent for each day their loved one was stored until they could be buried in the spring. After seven years of waiting, Houston Bros. started the restoration of the stonework of the Gothic vault on October 11, The first step was removing the front sandstone edging of the roof and then the sandstone gutters. Next the fieldstone located over the door that was bulging was removed. The sandstone key stone located at the peak of the Gothic arch doorway was then put back in its proper place. They also removed some of the brick liner in the front area inside the vault. Other workmen have started grinding out the old mortar and tuck pointing all the loose fieldstone. Houston Bros. commented on how well the mason had cut and laid the fieldstone so many years ago. Executive Committee President: Pam White Vice-President: Debbie Newman Recording Secretary: vacant Corresponding Secretary: Winnie Nardiello Treasurer: Jean Nathan Committees First Families: Norma Adams Membership: Debbie Newman Newsletter: Debbie Newman Publicity: Winnie Nardiello Research: Pam White Webmaster: Pam White Query Policy Queries are accepted free from members. Non-members may submit queries for $2.00 each, which includes a copy of the issue of Pathways in which it appears. Please limit each query to 30 words. Research Policy One hour of research will be done for $10.00 for members and $20.00 for non-members. Send check with information about research request to the Chapter at P.O. Box 224, Middletown, OH Welcome New Member! William F. Harris, 404 S. Main St., Sullivan, IL _ BUTLER COUNTY is one of the original eight counties in OHIO. The cities of Hamilton, Fairfield, West Chester make up the southeast quarter; Middletown, Monroe, Trenton in the northeast;, Oxford home of Miami University in the northwest; and Shandon, Okeana in the southwest. SUPPORT BUTLER COUNTY HISTORY! Single membership......$12.00 E-membership.$8.00* *Same as single but with an version of Pathways. Family membership (same address)....$14.00 Sustaining membership.....$25.00** **Members unable to volunteer time, but want to sustain Chapter with additional donation. Gift Certificates available for your favorite genealogist. Members receive the quarterly newsletter, Pathways, access to the Members Only section of our website, and may submit free queries once a year for publication in the newsletter. JOIN TODAY! First Families of Butler County First Families is the lineage recognition program of the Butler County Chapter of The Ohio Genealogical Society. It is open to anyone with ancestors in Butler County by December 31, Applicants must be members of the society and pay a $20 application fee. Page 38

3 W. F. Cahill & Sons Funeral Records This index begins a series covering seven original volumes of funeral home records donated to our chapter by Larae Schraeder. It is a chronological (not alphabetical) list of surnames A thru L buried between July 9, 1928 and September 16, A----- Apfeld Rose Louise Amrhein Frances Anderson Julius Ashcraft Elmer Francis Angst Infant Air Charles Adrion John E. Allen Theo Alf Mary Avica Jos Applegate Chas A. Angst Alma Applegate Albert Agee Albert A B----- Brinkman Frederick Bramlage Infant Butcher Catherine Bergedick Elizabeth Brinkenbach Jos Bender John G. Buelter Infant Biskop John Beck Catherine Bingle Chas A. Baumen Louis Glindon Bauman Infant Brophy Jane Beals Thomas j. Burton Lander Brandner Anthony Butz Infant Bauersachs Mary Brinkman Dale J. Burke John Burkart Mary Baker Cecilia Barnhorn Elizabeth Baum Andrew Brandner Frank J. Bowers Walton Bonner Pierce Benz Infant Brand Clara Bergedick Josephine Beard Edna Bachman Val Barnhorn Joan M. Burrow Julius Bromley Ira C. Blount Norma Beimford Harriet Brown Julia Olive Barnickel Nettie Bramlage Geo C. Baden Louis Bentel Fred Boyle Mary Bluebaugh Rose Brenneman Margaret Becker Louis A. Berry Virginia Brentel John Belinsky Jos Bucheit Carolina Bloom Joan Iris Becker Frank Beeler Sarah Baker Minnie Byrons Robt Barrett Louis Bergedick Henry Blevins Jesse Bachman Otto J. Brenneman Chas Becker Henrietta Braun John Brandner Amelia Boston Anna Barber Ella M. Becker Christian Barger Infant Besselman George Bauer Donald Biermann August Bachmann Frank Buerger Infant -----C----- Cisle Chas F. Costello John Canning Wm Connaughton John B. Collins Elizabeth Costello Thomas Cox Infant Cox Infant Connor John B. Carley Marion Jean Cahill Fr. Casper B. Crees Arthur Connolly Mary A. Cepluck Martin Connaughton Malachi Cisle Antionette Cakavas Alex Compton Infant Conroy Ella Cary Patrick Curtis William Cahalane Michael Clark Wm. N. Carl Leo Coal Alfred Clark Jack Cramer Smith Conradt Wm. F. Cowen Marie Louise Cox Allie J D----- Donges Infant Doellman Christing Dufficy Roger Doellman Minnie Delligotti Mathew Daugherty John Dolt John D Dahlman Theo Dunning Infant Dolan Paul Duellman Jos G. Diggonno Theresa Duellman Mary A. Drake Jos H. Danial Robert Daugherty Catherine Davis Quincy A. Dearth Perry Dufficy Katherine De-Staola Clemintina Dellagotta Theresa Donatiello Jo Ann Doyle Edward Dellegotta Antionette Dixon Jame M. Dienst Catherine Dearwater Frances -----E----- Eads Edith Hutchins Eisenmann Anastacia Earl Legraud Elzer Albert F. Elzer Robert Earnst Otto Eckert August Ernst Caroline Engle Maria Eck Thaddeus Ebbing Mary Eaton Seymour P. Engler Gertrude Eubank Norma Erb Conrad Engsweiler Lorretta -----F----- Fuersick Della Flick Louis Flatley Margaret Farrell Martin J. Fink Henry Fortner Norma Fuccuito Nick Flenner Hanah Freeland Margaret Franks Forest V. Friedman Anna M. Page 39

4 W. F. Cahill & Sons Funeral Records (cont d) -----F----- (cont d) Fredelake Helen Fischer Wm Flick Mary Fischer Margaret M. Flora Eugene Fischer Clara Franz Chas H. Forrest Gustave Fetzer Louis T. Friedman Elenora Flemming Chas H. Fitzgerald Wm H. Fox Jacob Ford Joseph Fuersich Philomina Flick Douglas -----G----- Gluhm Nicholas Garrison Robt A. Garver Hanah Gardner Paul Gyster Mary Glaser Richard Gardner Anna Thekla Grim Earl Grimm Amelia Galvin James B. Gfroerer Phylis Geyer Mariland Glaser Infant Gradolph Val GRewe Caroline Geis Lawrence Grayble Infant George Billy Bovis Gilbrecht Chas Grau August Gardon Elizabeth Glins Chas A. Garrison Florence Geyer Elizabeth M. Gray Guyler Andrew Gans George -----H----- Hayes Clarissa Harding Infant Hawley Lottie Husser Alois Hamilton Charles Hilbert Pierce Heinrich Anna Huber Catherine Hancock Wm Heet Joe Herlein Henry Hood Thos M. Hartman Ella Holden Glen R. Hayden Patrick Heiland Louis Harris Robert Hall Frank Hughes Geo Harp John Hufnagel John Hardin Aaron Hoefner Joseph Hurley Estella Hulbert Edw D. Houser John E. Harding Alice Hafertepen Geo Heindon Anna N. Haunstein Conrad Heis, Barbara Hayden Timothy Huggins Sanders Harris Edw E. Huentleman Nick Hyman Henry Heerman Alma Hynes Mark V. Hasler Ethel Hill Adelia Holmes Herbert J. Horan Thos J. Hathorn Mary Hundemer Frederick Hughes Martha Helton LeRoy Hesselbrock Victor Hamrick James B Hafertepen Anna B. Hobbs Katureh Hilz Henrietta Hulbert Dorothy -----I----- Imhoff Eugene Iskr Gus Issenman Catherine -----J----- Johnson Frank Johnson William Johnson John Jonson Demitrios Johnson Etta Jones Alma Jones Albert Jackson Celestian Jack Ida Ellen Jacquemin Stephen Jacquemin John J. Janser George Jinkens Palmer Jones Boone Johns Margaret Johns Laverne -----K----- Koettel Michael Kuhlmann Infant Krebs Elizebeth Kunkle Irwin J. Kuhlmann Mary J. Kindrick Wm Kennell Magdalina Kuhlman Andrew Kerber Jacob Kramer Phil W. Kovatich Peter King Chas E. Kokoginis Geo Kinder Lula Koebele Wm Kolibob Infant Kruthaup Fred Kingery Leslie Kramer Cecelia M. Kreps John Kimmens Infant Kolb Wm Kurry Kathryn Koettle Katherine Kelley Anna Agnes Kerby Homer Kennedy Robert Karagelis Thomas Koptis Sam Kelley James Kimmons Osier Kilroy Sister Florence -----L----- Lazaris Dionicia Langhorst Henry H. Lyons Dorothy Ruth Leugers Herman Leugers Elizebeth Larison Dorothy Lavin Mary Lehman Alois Lubbers Infant Laydon Margaret Ludwig Mildred Lucas Anthony Lenos Elinor Ludwig Lawrence J. Levy Harry Lincker Amelia Leutti Thomas Linn Frank Leugers Henry Letsche Marilyn Long Louis Ladgdrost Katherine Lenehan Arleen Long Carl M. Landrum Beatrice Lubbers Mary Ann Lewis Infant Lowenstein Betty Page 40

5 Cemeteries in Fairfield Township by Jean Nathan Greenwood Location: The office is located at 1602 Greenwood Avenue, in the city of Hamilton. Section 32. History: Established in 1848, it was among the first of the rural cemeteries where people could escape the noise and bustle of crowded cities. It consists of 96 acres with over 53,000 interments, which included 1,800 from Hamilton s two pioneer cemeteries. Deceased veterans of all wars from the American Revolution to the war in Iraq are buried here, plus many other people who made major contributions to society. Beth Israel Cemetery Alternate Name: Jewish Cemetery Location: Pleasant Avenue just north of Symmes Road. History: The cornerstone for the present Bene Israel Congregation was laid in In 1947 the congregation acquired a cemetery. Section 5. Richards-Gilbert Alternate Names: Venice Location: On south side of River, about.2 of a mile west of Georgetown Road, and about.5 of a mile east of where Rt. 27 crosses the River. It is located on private property. Neglected. Section 30. History: Elland was the country home of A.W. Gilbert. The daughter of Giles Richards married A.W. Gilbert and Elland became their home. It stands at the crest of a steep hill where the Miami River flows. Beyond the river is the town of Venice. There are less than 25 burials in this quaint little cemetery. Rose Hill Burial Park Location: Office address is 2421 Princeton Road; east of Hamilton, west of Gilmore Road, south side of Route 129. Section 5. History: Dedicated in 1928, it has over 55 acres and 22,000 burials. St. Mary s Location: Pleasant Avenue just north of Symmes Road. Section 35. History: Purchased on April 17, 1867 by St. Mary s Church congregation. St. Stephen s Location: Adjacent to Greenwood Cemetery on Greenwood Avenue in the city of Hamilton. Section 32. History: Old section purchased on December 2, 1849/April 8, On April 26, 1873, 12 more acres were purchased as the new section. Stockton Alternate Name: Jones Station, Walker Farm Location: On Route 4, a few miles from the Hamilton County line. Turn South onto Seward Road. One white stone marking four burials is surrounded by a fence, and is on the left side of the road. Section 14. History: There being no cemeteries in 1805, when the first of these four burials took place, many burials were on the farm where they could be cared for by the family. Symmes Burial Ground Location: Cemetery is located at Nilles Road and Hicks Boulevard. To access, take Nilles Road to Bibury, (Bibury is a short distance east of Route 127) and turn left into the YMCA parking lot. Drive around to the side of the building and park. Walk down path to steps on the right and climb to top. Cemetery is fenced in but can be entered through the gate. Section 33. History: In 1797 Celadon Symmes and Judge Burnett (Cinti.) donated ½ acre for burials. As of 1882, there were about 125 burials. Burials grounds were over two acres and located in the middle of the farm. After burials stopped, the land was used as pasture land. It is thought that the farm animals knocked down the markers and they were eventually pushed under the sod. Page 41

6 Cemeteries in Fairfield Township (cont d) Walker Location: West side of E. River Road at the intersection of St. Clair Avenue. Small wooded area on the corner. Access is difficult. Extinct. Section 5. History: Opened in As of 1882, there are some 40 graves; by the 1930s there were less than a dozen stones. Third Ward Cemetery Alternate Names: Ludlow Park Location: In the city of Hamilton, between Third, Fourth, and Sycamore Streets. Rossville Burying Ground Alternate Names: First Ward Location: In the City of Hamilton, at Park and D Streets, now Sutherland Park. Section 32. History: Most of remains moved to Greenwood Cemetery. Line Family Farm Cemetery Alternate Names: Fairfield Baptist Church Cemetery; Shafer Farm Cemetery Location: North side of Ohio Route 4,.6 of a mile NE of the North junction of Bypass 4 and Ohio Route 4, across the highway from the D. Russell Lee Joint Vocational School. As of 2000, access is not permitted. Neglected. Section 15. Ball Burying Ground Location: West of Reigert Road between Hamilton Middletown Road and Springcrest Road. Extinct. Section 21. Miami Chapel Cemetery Alternate Name: Black Bottom, Fairplay Location: Just around sharp bend on River Road. East side of East River Road between Lakeside Drive and River Road. Section 9. History: Burials as early as In 1844 the Methodist Church built a meeting house in the middle of the cemetery. The cemetery was dedicated in 1845 as Miami Chapel. The building is gone now but the foundation remains. Several veterans are buried here. Bodies from nearby Fairplay Cemetery were moved to Miami Chapel. The cemetery was closed in The location was first called Black Bottom, then Fair Play, after the canal boat of Stephen Harrison Elkins. County Infirmary Location: North of Princeton Road between Hastings and Fair Avenue. Extinct. Section 32. Ft. Hamilton Burial Ground Location: West of South Front Street, between High and Court Streets, in city of Hamilton. Extinct. Section 2. Gallows Grove Location: South of Court Street between Monument Avenue and Front Street, in city of Hamilton. Extinct. Section 2. Hamilton Burying Ground Location: East of Third Street between Sycamore and Charles Streets, in city of Hamilton. Extinct except for one monument. Section 2. Harts Location: West end of Nilles Road between River Road and the Great Miami River. Under water at a gravel pit. Extinct. Section 16. Sources: Fairfield, Ohio, Township and City, Benzing, Esther R., Ohio Cemeteries , Ohio Genealogical Society, Cemetery Plat Record Book, WPA, Butler County Recorders Office. Cemetery Records, Hazel Stroup, Personal visits to cemeteries by author. Page 42

7 Marriage Record book 4: Marriages Recorded Late or Not At All By Pam White Have you ever had a good idea when and where your ancestor married but can t find him in the appropriate marriage book? While working on Butler County Marriage Record book 4, I found several marriages recorded which should have been recorded in older books. Apparently some clergymen or JPs misplaced the marriage return and didn t report the marriage until later. This is a list of marriages in book 4 which should have appeared in earlier volumes. Groom s Surname Bride s Surname Marriage Year Year Recorded Allen Fulk Clarke Lattroop Davis McDonald Francis Olinger 1851 * Hall Robinson 1853 * Hazeltine Ringwood Kimbal Jolley Lockwood Rollins Louthan Pierce McKee Brainard Meeker Evans Nudd Williams Ringwood Martindell Shaffer Jones Stephenson Davis Vierather Exler 1846 * *The recorded dates on these marriages were the same as the marriage date but they were entered in book 4 much later than the actual marriage. There are also a few marriages for which the officiate brought in a return but the marriage was never recorded in book 4. These are: Groom s Surname Bride s Surname Marriage Year Year Filed Craft Schul Heny Fillery Malloy Lynch Zelle Hommer We are still in the process of comparing the returns with the marriage book and may find more. Burial Grounds of Oxford, Ohio by Sylvia F. Ferguson, 1989 Submitted by Valerie Elliott, Smith Library, Oxford, Ohio The Smith Library in Oxford has a non-circulating copy of this book. They also still have copies of it for sale at $ If you have ancestors in Oxford, this might be a good book to add to your genealogy library. Page 43

8 Veterans Buried in Morgan Township Information taken from Veteran Grave Registration Cards at the Butler County Records Center Name Birth Death War Unit Macedonia Cemetery Belcher, Lewis Civil Co. D 18 th KY Inf Hommer, Jno. Civil Co. C 69 th OVI Mullen, Stephen Civil Brampus & Benton Walker, David Civil Co. C 2 nd OHA Walker, William Civil Co. F 93 rd OVI #9 Township Cemetery / Old George Field, Theo Civil Co. B 167 th OVI Shields, S.C. Civil Co. G 37 th IN Inf Union (Co. IN)/Scipio Banks, And. W. Civil Co. H 1 st OVI Beard, William Civil Co. H 12 th OVI Blacker, Wm. W Mar 1884 Civil Co. A 22 nd OVI Boatright, Charles A. 7 Sep Jan 1953 WWII? Army Boatright, Franklin Ervin 19 May Jan 1981 WWII Navy Cameron, A.J. Civil Co. F 146 th IN Inf Cameron, Luther 3 Aug May 1989 WWII Navy Clawson, Amos Civil Co. B 167 th OVI Davis, Geo. C WWI SATC Miami University Davis, J.J Mar 1885 Mexican Co. D 3 rd OVI Davis, William M. 2 Jan Aug 1965 Army Garrison, Woodrow B. 25 Nov Feb 1991 WWII Army Grafft, Abraham G. 18 Apr May 1902 Civil Co. G 83 rd OVI Hart, Thomas B. Civil F&S 26 th OVI Hiler, Chester O. 21 Aug Oct 1977 WWII Army Livingston, J. 3 Jan Sep 1913 Civil Co. G 69 th OVI Patterson, Bige Civil Co. B 41 st OVI Ryman, J.C. Civil Co. A 124 th IN Vol. Inf Smith, George C. 19 Oct Aug 1944 Army Stead, Smith W Civil Co. I 35 th OVI Wynne, C.M. Civil Co. H 52 nd IN Inf Cemetery Assn. #7/ New London Bevan, Jno Civil Co. H. 5 th OVC Black, Wm. Henry 22 Dec Apr 1925 Civil Co. H. 5th OVC Brown, Henry W Civil Co. G 167 th OVI Clawson, George W Civil Co. B 167 th OVI Corson, Parmenas 2 May May 1905 Civil Co. F 138 th OVI Davies, David Nov 1907 Civil Co. H 5 th OVC Davies, John D May 1889 Civil Co. H 5 th OVC Davis, Evan W. 1 Feb Nov 1915 Civil Co. H 5 th OVC DeArmond, A.W. 5 Dec Apr 1898 Civil Co. B167th OVI Dearmond, James T Feb 1904 Civil Co. F 93 rd OVI Dearmond, John Dec 1928 Civil Co. B 167 th OVI Ent, Charles Unk Evans, Rees H Civil Co. H 5 th OVC Garner, John 12 Jun Nov 1902 Civil Co. I 167 th OVI Page 44

9 Veterans Buried in Morgan Township (cont d) Hall, Henry Civil Co. B 167 th OVI Howell, Evan Aug 1903 Civil Co. B 167 th OVI Irwin, John Apr 1889 Civil Co. D 57 th OVI Jones, A.F Aug 1864 Civil Co. B 133 rd OVI Jones, Andrew J. 24 Nov Jul 1897 Civil Co. B 167 th OVI Jones, J.J Jan 1891 Civil Co. H 5 th OVC Jones, Joseph Jan 1891 Civil Co. B 31 st OVI Jones, Michael Civil Co. B 167 th OVI Leibrook, John Civil Co. F 138 th OVI Lloyd, John 2 Jul Feb 1889 Civil Co. D 18 th OVI Lyle, Wm. Francis Civil Co. G 76 th OVI Manuel, Richard Civil Co. H 5 th OVC Manuel, William Civil Co. H 5 th OVC McKasson, Martin Civil Co. F 3 rd OVI Morris, Giltson Dec 1864 Civil Co. B 167 th OVI Paton, James Theodore 1 Oct Jul 1922 Civil Co. B 167 th OVI Roberts, David Civil Co. C 18 th OVI Roberts, Maurice Civil Co. B 167 th OVI Rolands, Richard 9 Jan Mar 1908 Civil Co. H 5 th OVC Rothermel, Paul WWI 155 th Depot Brigade Scheering, Clarence WWI Motor Transport Corps 571 Scott, James 29 Nov Mar 1865 Civil Co. B 167 th OVI Scott, James Mexican Co. H 2 nd OVI Sefton, Everett Civil Co. H 5 th OVC Smith, George A Civil Co. B 167 th OVI Williams, Thos. J Apr 1889 Civil Co. B 5 th OVI Youmans, A.J. 6 Apr Mar 1873 Civil Co. B 167 th OVI Vaughn, W.G. Civil Co. B 167 th OVI New London/Shandon/Congregational Cemetery Name Death/Burial War Cemetery Adams, Floyd R. 17 Mar 1987 New London Arnold, Carl 8 Feb 1965 Shandon Ashley, Frank C. 16 Nov 1976 WWII New London Ayers, Oathemer W. 16 Jul 1969 New London Barbour, Stanley M. 8 Sep 1952 Shandon Bebe, Thomas Civil Shandon Bennett, Walter Earl 18 May 1983 WWII New London Bernau, Werner L., Sr. 5 Jul 1990 WWII New London Berry, Joseph B. 17 Sep 1977 WWII New London Brown, W.L. 8 May 1862 Civil Shandon Burton, Robert L. 12 Dec 1973 New London Canfield, Eugene D. Jr. 3 Jul 1989 Korean New London Combs, Isaiah S. 2 Jun 1991 WWII New London Connett, Willard T. 19 Jul 1992 WWII New London Corson, Floyd U. 12 Mar 1969 Shandon Cupp, Ivan O. 20 Aug 1991 WWII Shandon Daniels, Milton L. 5 Dec 1975 WWII Shandon Davies, William 2 Nov 1886 Shandon Page 45

10 Veterans Buried in Morgan Township (cont d) Deaton, Charles E. 27 Feb 1988 WWII New London Dees, Lee 27 Nov 1961 WWI Army Demeo, Philip 7 Dec 1979 WWI New London Fitzwater, Carl S. 28 Mar 1979 Korean Shandon Foster, Ralph 9 Feb 1959 WWI New London Fowler, Norman B. 8 Jun 1991 WWII New London Gilley, Jesse F. 8 Nov 1949 Shandon Griffiths, Daniel Civil Shandon Griffiths, John Civil Shandon Heiob, Harry M. 18 Mar 1980 WWII Shandon Janos, John Eugene 11 Apr 1976 WWII New London Jenkins, Charles Elmus 13 Mar 1976 WWII Shandon Jenkins, Dallas 8 Nov 1993 WWII New London Jenkins, Dallas R. 4 Oct 1980 New London Jenkins, Robert L. 20 Jul 1995 WWII New London Jenkins, Roscoe 17 Jul 1991 New London Jones, John W Mexican Shandon Jones, Maurice 10 Sep 1897 Civil Shandon Kimball, Howard E. 29 Sep 1992 WWII New London Lambert, Jess 3 Mar 1971 New London Mathews, Vasco A. 25 Mar 1975 New London McBride, Francis Civil Shandon McNally, Walter E. 5 Oct 1968 Shandon Morehouse, Edward F. 1 Jul 1969 WWII New London Reams, Herbert O. 9 May 1973 Shandon Reams, Samuel T. 13 Feb 1962 Shandon Robison, Charles W. 25 May 1995 WWII New London Rottinghaus, Herman F. 16 Feb 1990 WWII Shandon Schenkel, Robert J. 22 Aug 1988 WWII New London Stouffer, John Earl 10 Jul 1979 Korean New London Timmer, Nelson 12 Dec 1989 WWII New London Tompkins, Frank Louis 13 May 1982 WWII New London Turner, Curtis M. 11 Nov 1974 New London Waer, Harry V. 23 May 1965 Shandon Webb, Gerald 11 Dec 1992 Korean-Viet New London Wiles, Sharon 28 Oct 1967 Shandon Young, Wilbur 11 Apr 1966 Shandon Did You Know? Page 417 of Common Pleas Journal 20 records the death of Revolutionary War veteran and Butler County pioneer, John Reily. It then goes on to record that during the session, Mr. Bebb arose announced his [John Reily] decease recounted the prominent deeds of his eventful life, and moved the Court that a committee, [sic] of which Mr. James McBride his early friend and present successor in the office of Clerk of Common Pleas should be chairman, be appointed to prepare a brief biographical sketch of the deceased...whereupon the Court appointed Messrs McBride, Bebb Vance, Milkin [sic] and Chase that committee to report at 4 P.M. Beginning on page 418 of the same journal is the brief biographical sketch which is a little over 15 pages long. Page 46

11 Index to 1820 City of Hamilton, butler county, Ohio Census See for complete extraction Submitted by Pam White Basye, Benjamin 47 Hammond, Nathaniel 47 McMahon, Margaret 47 Smith, Willard M. 46 Beal, Jonathan 46 Hawley, Isaac 47 Miller, Jacob 47 Snyder, George 46 Bell, George 47 Hawthorn, Hugh B. 47 Millikin, Daniel 47 Spear, John 47 Blackall, John 47 Heaton, James 47 Moore, William 47 Spencer, Magaret 47 Blair, Thomas 46 Hens, Benjamin B. 47 Murray, William 46 Standley, Isaac 47 Blair, William 46 Hidesman, Jacob 47 O'Conner, James 47 Stevens, Oliver 47 Boles, James 47 Hoffman, David 47 Patton, William 47 Sutherland, John 46 Brown, Lewis H. 47 Hood, William 47 Paxton, Isaac 47 Thomas, Thomas M. 47 Brumback, Tapsico 47 Hough, Joseph 47 Pharis, John S. 46 Thorp, Daniel 47 Burk, John 46 Howard, Charles 47 Pierson, Jonathan 47 Tollover, Benjamin 47 Caldwell, John 46 Jenkins, John 48 Proudfit, Alexander 47 Vandegriff, George 46 Camron, James D. 47 Jenkins, Richard 47 Proudfit, Moses 47 VanHook, William 47 Catterlin, Ephraim 47 Jewel, Aaron 47 Rager, Leonard 47 Vaughn, Gardner 47 Catterlin, William 47 Jones, James 47 Ready[?], William C. 47 Wallace, Matthew G. 47 Caulking, Allen D. 47 Jones, Kasner 46 Reily, John 47 Watkins, Joseph 47 Crane, John R. 47 Jones, Robert 47 Rich, William 47 West, Lewis 47 Creain, Jeremiah 46 Kelsey, Thomas C. 47 Riddle, William 47 Wiles, Isaac 47 Davis, Nicholas 47 Kennedy, Joel 47 Rikert, Jacob 47 Wiley, Jacob 48 Devon, Frederick 47 Kerns, John 48 Sampson, George 47 Wiley, John 47 Doty, John 47 Kite, Daniel 47 Sanders, Isaac 46 Wilson, Hugh 47 Doty, Nancy 47 Lashorn, Joseph 47 Sayre, Pierson 47 Wilson, James 47 Duffield, Robert E. 47 Latham, Samuel 46 Sewart, Daniel 47 Winton, Matthew 47 Eastan, Richard 47 Leaper, Sarah 47 Sinnard, Thomas 46 Wood, Andrew 47 Enyart, Thomas 47 Logan, William 47 Sisco, Samuel G. 47 Wood, John 47 Ferril, Simon 47 McBride, James 46 Smedley, Johanna 47 Woodruff, Israel 47 Goodenough, Absalom 47 McCarren, Barnabas 47 Smiley, Thomas R. 47 Young, John 48 Green, Abraham 47 McClure, John 46 Smith, Hannah 47 Green, Timothy 48 McClure, Samuel 47 Smith, John 47 Hammond, George 47 McConnel, Ezekiel 46 Smith, Lawrence 47 CALENDAR OF GENEALOGICAL EVENTS Mondays 9:00 am 3:00 pm November 19, :00 pm Chapter genealogist available to assist you with local record searches After Mustering Out: Researching Civil War Veterans Amy Johnson Crow Butler County Records Center 123 North Third St. Hamilton, Ohio Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County 800 Vine St., 3rd Floor February 2-4, nd Annual Rootstech Conference Salt Lake City, Utah For further information: April 2, Census Opens For details: Saturday, April 14, 2012 Civil War in Butler County - look for more details next newsletter Soldiers & Sailors Monument Hamilton, Ohio May 9-12, 2012 Mark your calendars! National Genealogical Society (NGS) Family History Conference 2012 Local hosts: Hamilton County Chapter of OGS and The Ohio Genealogical Society First time to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio! Don t miss this great opportunity! Page 47

12 BUTLER COUNTY CHAPTER T HE O HIO G ENEALOGICAL S OCIETY P. O. BOX 224 M IDDLETOWN, OH A DDRESS S ERVICE R EQUESTED PUBLICATIONS FOR SALE Butler County Chapter of The Ohio Genealogical Society Butler County, Ohio Wills and Estates Indexes 196 pages $25.00 Calvary and Amanda Cemeteries, Butler County, Ohio 2nd Edition $12.00 Calvary tombstone readings 40 pages Amanda tombstone readings and partial Sexton Records 8 pages Butler County, Ohio Marriages pages $25.00 Butler County, Ohio Marriages pages SOLD OUT Veterans Buried in Old Middletown Cemetery 49 pages $10.00 OGS Book Award Winner 2011 St. Stephen s Cemetery, Hamilton, Ohio: German Burials pages $15.00 Postage $3.00 for 1 book. Each additional book add $1.00 Ohio residents add 6.5% sales tax Visit us on the web at