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1 Avery Library: adventures in digital projects Yale: SCOPA November 11, 2013 Carole Ann Fabian, Director Margaret Smithglass, BWR Librarian Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library

2 Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library Operational units Access Services Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals Avery Research collections Fine Arts & Archaeology Architecture Avery Special Collections Art Properties Avery Classics (rare books) Avery Drawings & Archives

3 Avery Research Collections ~650,000 print volumes 60% onsite 40% ReCAP Content areas: Architecture HP, UP, RED Fine arts art history decorative arts archaeology

4 Art Properties ~15,000 objects Johnson, Eastman Stettheimer, Florine Lichtenstein, Roy Port. of Fredrick A.P. Barnard Port. of Ettie Stetteheimer Untitled Black & white chalk, 1886 Oil on canvas, 1923 Lithograph & silkscreen

5 Photography Portrait of John Watson Webb, 1850s daguerreotype Harold Edgerton Bullet and Apple, 1964 color-print photograph Andy Warhol Lola Jacobson (Mrs. Donald) 1986, Polaroid

6 Public Outdoor Sculpture George Grey Barnard The Great God Pan (1907) bronze Clement Meadmore Curl (1968) Cor-Ten steel Jacques Lipchitz Bellerophon Taming Pegasus (1964) bronze

7 Avery Classics rare books ~ 40,000 treatise & plate volumes Piranesi, Giovanni Battista El Lissitzky Basilica Lateranense Frank Lloyd Wright 1767 Wendingen, vol. 4, no. 11 (9121)

8 Avery Drawings & Archives 2 million drawings & archives Gate House Marine terminal Dining room, Dana House Rustic Cottage Style LaGuardia Airport Springfield, Illinois A.J. Davis, 1837 Delano & Aldrich,1943 F.L. Wright,

9 FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives (The Museum of Modern Art Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library, Columbia University, N.Y.)

10 FLW joint acquisition 27,000+ architectural drawings 300,000+ archival documents 44,000+ historical photographs 600+ manuscripts Media Audio Film Digital images 3-D materials Architectural models Architectural elements Design prototypes Olgivana Wright archives Taliesin Associated Architects

11 Avery digital projects 1.Analog-to-digital content: digital surrogates Objects Texts Data 2. Born-digital content: fugitive material Web-archiving Architectural archives 3. Thematic content: place-based discovery 4. New digital content: collaborative platforms BWR open FAB -- networked Digital humanities -- purposeful







18 Thematic: place-based digital projects Biggert Architectural Vignettes New York Real Estate Brochure Collection Seymour B. Durst Old York Library Built Works Registry







25 Seymour B. Durst Old York Library Book-like materials ~10,000 Visual materials ~19,500 Maps ~700 Ephemeral materials ~750

26 BUILT WORKS REGISTRY (BWR): collaborating to document the world s built environment National Leadership Grant

27 BWR partnership New partnerships will result from collaboration and coordination among a wide array of stakeholders. This will realize workflow efficiencies and minimize redundancies between and among entities that create and use both authority and bibliographic data Report of the LC Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control (2008)

28 Addressing expressed needs: For architectural structures, there is no equivalent to ISBN or ISSN. Architectural structures have no such identifying system an international and coordinated object identifier registry, could provide an efficient method of identifying objects and built works. Searching, record matching, clustering, and retrieval would be expedited and improved with a unique identifier system. UCAI Final Project Report to the Mellon Foundation (2006)

29 Sample problem: Core data Falling Water or Fallingwater Kaufmann or Kauffman House Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr. Residence or Kaufmann Desert House Frank Lloyd Wright or Richard Neutra? Mill Run or Bear Run? Enhanced data Geo-code Dates View Type

30 Sample data

31 Sample data

32 Sample data

33 BWR project goals Construct a registry for architectural works and the built environment Develop unique IDs & trusted data records for registered works Reduce redundancy by providing a networked source of authoritative data Develop a collaborative community plan to seed, build upon and edit a shared record

34 Three major work efforts Policies about how works will be defined, how intellectual property concerns will be addressed, what policies and procedures are needed for community engagement in contributing and supporting development of BWR during and after the grant period. Tools and infrastructure to enable the work to happen, tools to manage access (both in building and utilizing the files), screens for record building and maintenance, data exchange protocols and utilities for interaction with other cataloging and authority systems. Content: A data schema and the actual registry of buildings and sites, bringing together source records, de-duplicating, enhancing, and providing a structure for the addition of more records.

35 Policies Project partners + BWR Advisory Council Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, US 18 scholars, curators, librarians, & technologists representing diverse specializations in academic & cultural institutions: Museums: MoMA, AIC, Smithsonian, National Palace Museum Taipei Libraries: Columbia, Cornell, Harvard Research institutes: Courtauld, Max Planck, Inst. For Museum Research Organizations: RIBA, World Monuments Fund, SAH, IFLA

36 Infrastructure & Tools

37 BWR & Shared Shelf Infrastructure BWR Cataloging environment Mixing local & ARTstor content Shared Shelf Commons Shared Records Asset management Cloud Computing API Institutional repository (API) Web exhibitions (future) Google Images

38 Tools Data contribution environment Individuals Institutions Data repositories BWR records in ARTstor Vocabulary Warehouse BWR records shared with Getty s CONA Data sharing Searchable open content website Open APIs Linked data strategy Temple of Horus: Edfu, Egypt

39 Content

40 BWR seed content Goal: registry of ~100,000 unique identified built works Identify, extract, & verify data from five sources: Harvard s Olivia 2.5M > 392,917 > 55,621 Cornell s Pictor 24K > 13,847 > 3,421 Avery s AVIADOR 40K > 4,878 Avery Index 650K records = subject term strings ~433,131 ARTstor 1.4M records = built work image records ~200,336 San Francisco de Asis Mission: Taos, NM, USA

41 Content development Curate Normalize Enhance Aggregate Disambiguate Burj al-arab: WS Atkins & Partners, Dubai

42 Field Name AVIADOR Harvard Cornell Avery Index ARTstor Title/Name of Building Fallingwater, Kaufmann House Fallingwater, Edgar J. Kaufmann House, Kaufmann House Falling Water, Edgar J. Kaufmann Residence Fallingwater (Kaufmann house). Fallingwater, Edgar J. Kaufmann House, Kaufmann House Location Bear Run, (Pa.) Bear Run, Pennsylvania, United States Bear Run, PA, United States, North and Central America Bear Run (Pennsylvania), United States Mill Run, Pennsylvania, United States Creator Wright, Frank Lloyd One record with Ferriss, Hugh Wright, Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Lloyd Date Work Type Vacation houses, Houses, Country Houses houses House House Style/Period Modern Modernist Subject Summer houses; vacation houses; terrace houses; hillside architecture Houses Dwellings, Houses, Cantilevers, Waterfalls, Architecture United States, National Historic Landmarks Program (U.S.), Architecture, Modern 20 th century, Kaufmann, Edgar J., Culture American American Description Modern Architecture Other names Kaufmann, Edgar J. (patron)

43 Metadata framework Schema Core fields and an extended data model BWR schema is subset of Shared Shelf, a work schema comprising up to 70 fields BWR core records require only three fields: Name, Location and Unique ID Data dictionary Provides guidelines for contributors Container City: Nicholas Lacey and Partners, London

44 Shared Shelf enables data sharing. Users can draw down data from authority files as well as work records contributed by Shared Shelf and BWR contributing partners.

45 Geo-location problem Collection Historic Campus Architecture Project (HCAP) Society of Architectural Historians Architecture Resource Archive (SAHARA) NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals (part 1) Raw records Built works Street addresses / GIS coordinates None few Data schema ARTstor schema SAHARA schema MARC Avery A&I > MARC Geo data status Addresses available, added by hand Rich data, problematic format for geo-location use; requires parsing and research Rich data, minimal mediation necessary Bibliographic format, city-state-country (typical BWR dataset). Basic parsing only Time to enhance 10 hours 15 hours 1 hour?

46 Exploring geo-data solutions Geo-location lightening talks with invited experts UVa Press Archipedia GSAPP Spatial Information Design Lab NYPL Digital Labs Biodiversity Heritage Library BWR Geo-location case studies with sample data sets Columbia Library GIS Librarians GSAPP Spatial Information Design Lab Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion): Kyoto, Japan

47 Case Study 1: NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission 1248 records 1149 street addresses ArcGIS /nyc.gov database Open Street Map no additional mediation 80% mapped OpenStreetMap (and) contributors, CC-BY-SA

48 Case Study 2: Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals 1645 records No street addresses City state country Google Earth Pro 55-60% mapped

49 Proposed geo-location strategy Collection-by-collection protocols: Geo-data hierarchical data block ArcGIS processing with targeted databases Google Earth Pro, Open Street Map/MapQuest, LC Taj Mahal: Agra, India

50 Authority

51 How will BWR gain scale? Institutional contributory model Governed by policy framework Accessed through shared technical infrastructure Web-based data entry environment Ubiquitous network (Cloud) Shared via open APIs Expert crowdsourcing experiment Community-driven approach to shared solutions Controlled by role-based access control system Hakka round houses: Fujian, China

52 Shared responsibility Engage the community Build good data Set it free Sustain Glass House: Philip Johnson, CT, USA