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1 COMPLETE INDEX OF ALUMNI In the third column, indicating r elation, g.a., signifies graduate alumnus (seep. 256); hon., honora.ry; the other abbteviations indicate the respective colleges. It will be noticed that some alumni stand in more than one relation; for example, 49 below is both and hon. Full faced figures indicate the page on which the record is given. The pages given are all in this Supplement. Persona l references and r ecords given in the A.lumni Record are not repeated (see Index of Alumni in ALUMNI RECORD). Hence many names are without page reference. See preface for reason. Addresses below differ in some instances from those in the Records, due to the fact that the latest Information is incorporated in the Index. See Note at the end of this Index ' ' '92 /.a. 836 '83 23"9 '48 r788 '78 hon ' '02 a.s 'or /.a 'or 645 '84 m '93 f. a ' ' '01 I '68 m 1527 ' ' '74 49 '6o '81 hon. 455 'So I.a. '83 fl".a 'o2 I.a. rr45 'So h on. 002 '83 71 '61 I.a '81 l.a. 83 g. a 'oo l.a. 89o 'o1 I.a. 456 'So m. 457 'So f. a. 64o '99 '01 g.a. 20 '57 Abbott, Christabel, Nyack, N. Y Abbott, George I., 44~ W. Bridge St., Oswego, N. Y Abbott Kate L. (Shepard), Honeoye Falls, N. Y.. Abbott, Mary E., 1316 Madison St., Syracuse, N.Y... Abbott Simeon W *Abhott, W Penn ,.... Abeel, Albert J., 1115 S. Salina St., Syracuse, N. Y... Aberdeln, Hamilton L., 325 James St., Syracuse, N. Y Ackerman, Henry J., Red Hook, N. Y.... Ackerman, John f., 11 Wall St., New York, N. Y. Adams, Abbie M., Orono, Me *Adams, Alice (Burch) Adams, Clark W Adams, Frances A., 226 E. Onondaga St., SyraCuse, N.Y. Adams, George A., Canto n, N. Y Adams, James L., Dallas, Tex Adams, Myron E., 56 Park Ave., Rochester, N.Y.. Agard, Daniel M '. Aiken (see Ripton, Maude). Ainsworth, E. A., West Union, Iowa. 365 *Aiaba ter, John Alden, Wilbur \V., 202 Waverly Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. Alderdice, Mary E., 311 W. 45th St., New York, N.Y. Alderman, james W.. r.-)48 Minnesota Ave., Kansas City, Kan. Aldrich, Albert A., Addison, N. Y Aldrich, Lucy(O band), Ypsilanti, Mich Aldrich, Elmer V., 31 Clarkson St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Alford, Charles B., Johnsonville, N.Y Alglre, Eva J., Schuylerville, N. Y Allen, Alexander D.: Gorham, N.Y *Allen, Bessie J. (Rapelje) A nen, Carrie M., 204 w. Kennedy St., Syracuse, N.Y.. Allen, Edwin.... PAGB 68 69, X Xlllt X94 X74 25, X , 270, X40 Corporation, pp. St S4 Faculty, pp. 69-Ss. Non-graduates, pp. soa-sss.

2 2641 '99 [.a '03 f. a 'ot m '95 I.a '45 m. 152S '93 /.a. 367 '78 m '67 '" 1436 '97 '99 g.a '58 hon ' '97 I.a 'oo I.a. 790 ' '6t 21 '57 I.a. 22 ' ' '96 'oo 2746 'oo f.a '03 f.a. 2o8o '43 m '93 m '6t 3223 '03 /. 1~29 ' '63 ho '97 I.a ' '46 m ' 'So 249o 5s 886 '89 f.a '67 m 'o t 1826 '67 hon ' ' ' ' '9~ I. 284 '76 79 j.a. 492 'St I.a 'o3 169 '68 INDEX OF ALUMNI Allen, Evelyn F., 324 W. Onondaga St., Syracuse, N. Y.. Allen (see Worster, Florence R.). Allen, Georgia M., Oneida, N.Y. Allen, Jason R., Orwell, N. Y Allen, Nellie J:, Medina, N.Y. Allen, Parmley C.. Allen, R alph W., Chittenango, N.Y.. Allen, Seth B., Burdett, N.Y... Allen, Solomon P., Lestershire, N. Y. Allen, W Orville, Leipzig; Germany Aller, H. M.. Alley (see Chamberlin, Julia E.) Allis, EdwardS., 8o2 Court St., Syracuse, N.Y. Allis, Katherine B., Fayetteville, N. Y. Allis, Mabel M., Medina, N. Y. I55 Allis, Mary D., 8o2 Court St., Syracuse, N. Y. Allison,.Eli, Wayne, N. Y. *Allison, John. Allison, Martha L. Knight, Canton, Minn. Almy (see Robinson, Martha) Alsever, John N., 639 S. Salina St., Syracuse, N.Y. Alsever, W. Dewey, 1223 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N.Y. 69, 155, 247, :a::ao ,431 Amdursky, Belle, 756 Harrison St., Syracuse, N. Y. Ames, Elida G., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. *Ames, Loren J. Ames, Winfield H., Cambridge, Mass. Amsden (see Bridgeford, Elizabeth S.). Anderson. Charles G. Anderson, Peter A., Mahopac Mines, N. Y. Andrews, Edna A. (Ostrander), Junius, N. Y. Andrews, Edward G., 150 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. Andrews, Gertrude L., 106 E. Castle St., Syracuse, N. Y. Andrews, Howard I., Trumansburg, N. Y... Andrews, Samuel D. Angell, Abner, Jr. Angell, E rasmus D., Jr., Fargo, N. Dak. *Angell, Jerome. Angell (see Burns, Jennie C.). *Auge11, Ne11ie E. (Seamans). Archambo (see Weller, Jennie E.). *Archer, Watson W. Armstrong. Alfred. W., Canandaigua, N. Y. *Armstrong, John W.. 38~ Armstrong, Susan M. (Ryder), Cobleskill, N. Y. Armstrong, Theodore S. *Arnett, Isaac H.... Arnold, Lorainah E. (Hitchcock), 1535 Walnut St., Alameda, c~. -~ Arnold, Paul W., 6o3 Irving Ave., Syracuse, N.Y.. Arnold, W esley A., Oak Park, Ill.. 439, 440 Arthur, F rank E., Boonville, N. Y. Arthur, Lillian M. 1 Waterbury, Coun. Ashmun, Alonzo A., 722 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Atchison (see Michaels, Rena A.). Corporation, pp. 51:-54. Faculty, pp Non-graduates, pp , ax8 I74 ax8 ax8

3 INDEX OF ALUMNI '98 I. 887 '89 I.a 'o2 '532 ' ' l. 741 ' ' '84 f.a '98 I "o ' 1274 ' 'gq f.a ' ' '98 20M2 '43 tn. Jl " ' 'So 3228 ' ' '88 g.a ' ' 'o3 410 '70 '9.~ hon ' ' '95 I.a "95 hon ' '>9 I ' ' ' '42 24os '51 23 '6o 933 ' '91 f.a '02 hon '94 t932 ' '74 n68 " ' '72 l a '47 m. 2a83 '43 98 ' 'oz I.a. Atkins, Charles B. Atwater, Allen E., Cicero, N.Y.. Atwater, David H., 514 Lake Ave., Rochester, N.Y.. Atwater, John C.. Yonkers, N. Y Atwell, Charles B., Evanston. Ill Atwell, Marcellus R., II4 E. Willow St., Syracuse, N.Y.. ax8 Atwell, William G., Miu.etto, N.Y. Atwood, Henry D. Augsbury, De Roscoe, th Ave, Oa-kland, Cal. Austiu, Clarence M.. Fayetteville, N.Y. Avery (see Dills, Anna F.). Avery, Floyd B., 1418 S. State St., Syracuse, N.Y. a19 Avery, GeorgeS., 1619 W. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. Avery. Grace E. Terry (Mrs.). Avery Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Avery, Helen F., 504 W. 143d St., New York, N. Y.. 272, I4I Avery, Horatio C. *Avery, LafayetteC. Avery, Sarah 0., 1509 Park St., Syracuse, N. Y. Axtell, Allen K. Axtell, Clifford, Thermopolis, Wyo. Aylesworth, Basil B., 201 S. Beech St"' SyrAcuse, N. Y. Ayling. William J., 6o6 E. Fayette St., Syracuse, N.Y. Ayres, Frederick S., Elmira, N.Y Ayres, Steven B., II23 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 34,62, 63, Babcock, Asa D.. Babcock, Charles E.. Babcock, Edward D Babcock, Horace D. Babcock, Lucy E W. Main St., Kalamazoo, Mich... *Babcock, Maltbie D , 27, 392, Babcock, Moses T., Hammondsport, N. Y Babcock, Willis G., Cleveland, N.Y... Backus, Louis I., Springfield, N. Y Baco::~, Benjamin W.. Bacon, Hrwin M. Bacon, Leon B., 1131 Williamson Bldg., Cleveland, 0. Bagg, Moses M., Utica. N. Y.. Bailey, Charles H.. Bloomfield, N. J Bailey, Floreuce E. (Crouse), 104 Liberty St., Syracus~. N. Y... Bailey, Gilbert D. Bailey, Moses G.... Bain, Susan M. (Hogoboom) S. Flower St., Los Angel~s. Cal Bainbridge, Lucy S., 439 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Bainbridge, Nellie R., 942 Center St., Syracuse, N. Y. Baird, Robert, E va nstou, Ill Baird, Rose A., Yonkers, N.Y. Baker, Andrew, Jr. *Baker, Charles *Baker. Elijah P... Baker, Francis A., 2116 Aldrich Ave., So. Minneapolis, Minn. 344 *Baker, <;eorge H.. 332, 344 Baker, Isaac.. Baker, James S. Baker, john F Baker, Lester S., Ioo Pleasant Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. Corporation, pp Faculty, pp Non. graduates, pp ax9

4 592 INDEX OF ALUMNI 323u ' ' '63 I.a ' 'o ' 02 l.a 'o1 338 '77 '84 g.a '47 m. 837 '88 I.a. IC>42 ' ' '8 f.a. 742 ' '75 I.a ' '78 f.a ' '84 g.a. >85 '76 I a. 557 ' 'o '57 m 'o ' '93 84 ' ' '97 f.a. 648 '85 72 ' '97 l 'oo 411 ' '79 I a '49 m ' ' ' '49 227[ ' 'o3 a.s. 180 '69 I.a 'o '95 Baker, May B., Goshen, N.Y.. Baker, Samuel H, 827 Cooper Bldg., Denver, Colo. 36o, 362, 430, 431 *Baker, Terry G. *Baldwin, Abel S Baldwin, Frank B., 816 E. Fayette St., Syracuse, N.Y.. 8I9 I94 Baldwin, Harriet L. (Van Slyke), 369 Clinton Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y , o, no Baldwin. Lena H., 79 Corey Ave., WilkesBarre, Pa. I75 Ballart (see Smith, Ida P.). Bancroft, Jane M. (Robinson), 425 Cass Ave., Detroit,Mich.. 36o, 362 Bangs, Joseph Banister, Frank G., Harlem Y. M. C. A., 125th St., New York, N.Y. 62 Banker, Howard J.. Greencastle, Ind. 33 Banker, John H.. Banker (see Wright, Mary E.). Banks (see Hammond, Lena A.). Banning (see Caldwell, Mary L.). Bannister, Alice (Race), Chattanooga, Tenn... Bannister, Bertha M. (Buckman), 22r Wyoming Ave., Kingston, Pa. Bannister, Clara H. (Congdon), 1509 E. Superior St., Duluth, Minn. 343 *Barber, Edward R a:r9 Barber, Mary E., 402 Gridley Blilg, Syracuse, N. Y Bard, Leonard A., Rock City Falls, N. Y 10, I4I Barker, Benjamin F. Barker, Frank D. :Qarker, Irving I... Barker, Vincent K., Turin, N. Y Barker, William S. Barkey (see Reynolds, Maude G.). *Barlow, Adelbert W. Barnard, James L., Colle~~:eville, Pa. 33 Barnes, Mehetable. Barnes, Sidney 0., 5 Pawling St., Watertown, N.Y. Barnes, Silas H. Barney, Florence L., Groton, N. Y Barnum, Morgan K., 5632 Washington Ave.. Chicago, Ill. Barr, Sarah A. (Maclay), Fernando, Cal. Barrett, James]., 504 Tompkins St., Syracuse, N. Y.. Barrett, Mary Z. (Staley), Oneida, N. Y. :rs6 Barros, Fernando P. De, Cedade de San Paulo, Brazil.. Barros, Francisco Fernando De, Salta d ' Itie, San Paulo, Brazil. *Barrows, Aaron A... *Barrows, Charles Barrows, Frederick M., Clinton, N.Y. Bartholomew, Alanson D., Whitehall, N. Y. Bartlett, Cornelius H., Olean, N.Y. *Bartlett, Rodman. Barton, FrankS, Oriskany, N. Y. *Barton, George H. Barton (see Fisher, Sara E.). Bartow, Sara L., Stamford, N.Y.. I95 Baskervill~, Guy H., Goshen, N. Y.. 33, 68 Corporation, pp. s:r 54 Faculty, pp Non-graduates, pp

5 INDEX OF ALUMNI 59;) 934 '9" I.a. *Bassett, Charles H '88 g.a. Bassett, Thomas J., Fayette, Iowa '42 Bassinger, Samuel H., Murray Hill, N.J. 894 'ot /. Bastable, Stephen, 112 Cambridge St., Syracuse, N. Y X75 X535 '98 Bates, Charles F. 105 '65 /.a. Bates, George A ' lion. Bates, James Y., 1716 Sedgwick Ave., New York, N.Y 'oo Bates, Mary A., Brockton, Mass. X,56 85 '62 Bates, W A., no Clifton St., Rochester, N.Y ' ox Bauer, John L., Jr., ::n8 Fitch St., Syracuse, N.Y.. 26, '70 Hauter, Gedney S., Lima, N. Y '68 g.a. *Bayliss, Jeremiah H '03 Beach, BerthaL., Warwick, N.Y. 43, lui<> 2491 '58 Beach, Thomas '66 Beach, William H., Catherine, N.Y. t192 '94 Beadel, Charles W., Fairmount, N.Y. 253 '75 Beat, A!pha R., 218 Fairmount St., Pittsburg, Pa. 2~6 '76 f. a. Beat, Catharine, Palmyra, N. Y , 353 t i '39 Beales, A. C '02 Beaman, Vera H., Greenport. N.Y.. X '85 Bean, Charles D., Geneva, N. Y '75 hon. Beard, Augustu;; F'., Norwalk, Conn f. a. Beardsley, Evelyn B., Mansfiel_d, Pa X '53 *Beardsley, Almon '56 Beardsley, Joseph W '47 Beardsley, Peter. 24~8 '59 Beattie, Joseph 'so Beattie, William F. C., Cornwall, N.Y '52 Bebee, James C 'o2 hon. Becker, Conrad I.,.,6oo Crouse Ave., Syracu~e, N.Y., 32,41,69, 26o, xa3 838 '88 Becker, James P Becker, John I., 107 Prospect Ave. Syracuse, N. Y '53 Beckwith, E. C. Beckwith (see Moorhead, Olive C.) '99 I. Bedell, Louis J., 626 University Block, Syracuse, N. Y. X4ll X41 '66 *Beebe, Albert G. 49 Beebe (see Mason, Minnie A.) '44 *Beebe, Seneca. 935 '90 *Beebe, Theodore 0. II93 '94 Beecher, Martha A., Livonilh N. Y 'o1 Beers, John A., Watkins, N. Y 0 :z6, X7fS 'o2 Behm, Joseph P., Lewiston, N. Y.. 32, 33. X '46 Belding, Ezra W. 413 '79 Belknap, John D., IIS Harold St., Syracuse, N.Y '45 Bell, Robert. Monterey, N. Y. Bell ( ee Williams, Sadie B.). X044 '92 Bell, Thomas S., Salamanca, N.Y '45 *Bellow!", James. Benedict (see Kellogg, Ethel).!I<J~ 'ox Benham, Francis R., 1105 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. 70,X75 XI9 888 '89 Benha Wesley H., St. Albans, Vt '66 *Benham, William R. '84 hon '99 Benjamin, Gilbert G., 387 Temple St., New Haven, Conn. 12, r 749 'oo Benjamin, Robert E ' It. Genesee: St., Syra~use, N. Y. x56 Benjamin (see Rolison, Rose E.). Benjamin (see Shevelson, Carrie I.). Corporation, pp. 5X-54 Faculty, pp Non-gradttatea, pp ,

6 594 INDEX OF ALUMNI NO '45 m. Bennett, Alexander '99 f. a. Bennett, Bertha I St. N. W., Washingto n, D. C.. :t<4a 46o 'Bo Bennett, Charles H., Cortland, N. Y '71 hon. *Bennett, Charles W , 302, 306, 350, 365, 373, 379, 383 '87 ho, '66 m. 414 ' '91 86 '62 I.a. '88 g.a '97 f.a. 2ou ' ' ' 'o3 I.a 'o2 hon 'o2 I '44 II24 ' '67 I.a ' 'So 2050 ' 'oo 2650 ' ' 79 hon, 370 ' 78 f.a '84 g.a '53 18o ' 'oo 339 ' 77 16o ' '75 24o6 ' '<19 m. 744 '86 f.a ' sa 1903 '96 hon. 840 '88 I.a. 208 ' ' '6q I.a. 209 ' '84 f.a 'or l.a '52 m, 2441, 'S2 287 '76 m 'oo I.a '57 m. 26o4 '6q Bennett, Matthew L., Watkins, N. Y. Beun~tt, Wiliian1 C.. 393, 430, 431 Benson, Charles H Seyntour St., Syracuse, N. Y.. Benson, William M., 163 Plymouth Ave., Rochester, N.Y.. Bentley, Burt L., Cortland, N.Y. Bentley, llrancis R., Cheshire, N.Y. Bergen, Alfred. Berry, Arthur D., Moji, Japan. Berry, Elizabeth, 39 Normal Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Berwald, William H., 908 Madison St., Syracuse, N. Y , 38, 40, 7C 1 26o, Belts, W~lcome A., 8og Midland Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. Bevier, John H. Bibbens, StewartS., 125 Soutb Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. *Bickford, Edward J. Bigelow, Eli, Wayland, N. y,. Bigelow, Joshua E. *Billings. jatnes C.. Bingham, Anne T., Watertown, N. Y. Bingham, Clara A. (Collins), 18 Clinton Ave., Cortland, N. Y. *Bingham, IsaacS.. Bingham, Mary A. (Willoughby), Rome, N.Y.. Birchard, Isaac J., 120 jameson Ave., Toronto, Can.. *Birge, James W.. Bishop, Daniel E. Bishop, Thomas M., W est Sandlake, N. Y.. *Bisset, May G. (Giles). *Bixby, Orin S '1:110 t8, % , 362, 390 Black, Cha rles.. :143 Black, James N.. Blackwell, Elizabeth, Rock Honse, Exmouth Pl., Hastings, Eng. Blaine, Martha L. (White),Mooers, N.Y. Blair, Arba. Blair, William E., Westfield, Pa. Blaisdell, John W., Bordentown, N.J. Blaisdell, Thomas C., 6740 Atwell St., Pittsburg, Pa. Blake, John W., Flint, Mich Blakeley (see Toll, Juliette M.). Blakeley, Russel L. Blakeslee (see Hubbard, Augusta 111:.). *Blakeslee, Erasmus D Blakeslee, Francis D., Cazenovia, N. Y , 332, 3o44 Blakeslee, Harriet A. (Wa llace), 620 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y.. 56, 27 2 Blanchard, Orlow D, 1804 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N.Y.. :175 Bligh, Aa ron D. Bligh, Theodore 111:. *Bliss, Darwin H Bliss, Frances M., 207 Columbus A\ e., Syracuse, N. Y. :156 Bliss, Lyman W., 514 Mackinaw St., Saginaw, Mich. Bliss, Theodore F., Springfield, 0 Bloch (see Levy, Rose I.). Corporation, pp. 5:1-54 Faculty, pp Non-graduates, pp

7 I NDEX OF ALUMNI '46 Blodgett, Ambrose C., Youngsville, Pa 'o2 hon. Blodgett, Andrew B., 127 Burnet Ave., Syracuse, N. Y '03 f.a. Bloomer. Dorothy, 4 Rue de Chevreuse, P a ris, France o Blossom (see G lass, Claribel) '97 Blum, Chatles N., 502 Gifford St., Syracuse, N.Y '93 Blumentha l, Oliver A., 611 S. Warren St., Syracuse, N. Y '40 Boardman, Andrew '99 Boland, John C., 4o6 Crouse Ave, Syracuse, N.Y.. 175,247, 14 '01 I '38 m. *Bolter, Alfred '03 Bond, Elmer J., Dundee, N. Y '94 I.a. Bond, George H., 305 Waverly Ave., Syr acuse, N. Y , 451 '97 I 'O] Bond, Mabelle C., 10 Henry Ave., Newburgh, N.Y. o 2900 '01 I. Boosted, DeForest H., 312~ S. Beech St., Syracuse, N. Y '81 Boomer, Bertha (Brooks), 206 Green St., Syracuse, N. Y o3 '83 Boomer, Ella L. (Howard), 314 Gifford St., Syracuse, N. Y 1278 '95 Boomer, Mabel E. (Hodder), 314 Gifford St., Syracuse, N, Y.. 33 Boone (see Fuller, Reunnette E.) '03 f. a. B:>rn, Eva M. C., 6o8 Townsend St., Syracuse, N. Y ' o~ Bottum, Charles N., Ma,.quette, l\uch 'o3 Bouck, Sarah M., Black River, N. Y t657 '82 g.a. Bouton, Eugene, New Paltz, N. Y 791 '87 Bovin~~:don, J. Sidney, th Ave., Seattle, Wash. 237 ' 74 m. Bowen, Charles W., Westfield, Mass. 365 Bowerman (see Graham, Sarah N.) '03 Bowles, Ethel D., 5 Cedar St., Saugerties, N. Y. o 1126 '93 Bowman, Cora M., 81 Manhattan Ave., N ew York, N. Y 415 '79 Boyce, Charles A., McLean, N. Y 3045 '02 Boyce, Robert S., Madi oxv N. J. 195 '536 '98 Boycheff, George T., Solvay, N. Y '03 Boyd, Harry V., 421 Kirk Block, Syracuse, N. Y '02 Boyd, Wilbur G., Cayuga, N. Y '88 Boynton, Charles E., Los Banos, Cal '03 hon. Boynton, Frank D., Ithaca, N o Y t985 '40 m. Boynton, Nathan '43 11l o Boynton, Nathan E '90 Brackett, Byron B., 49 Main St., Potsdam, N. Y '90 Brackett, Cora A. (Fischer), 910 N. Salina St., Syracuse, N.Y 'so Bradbury, Matthew 's8 g.a. Bradford, George W. 842 '88 Bradford, Mary C., South Hadley, Mass. 288 '76 Bradley, Clara (Burdette), 891 Orange Grove Ave., Pasadena, Cal.389, '57 Bradley, Peter B., 196 State S t., Rochester, N. Y 2273 '47 Bradley, Thomas '64 Bradley, Williant 2652 '99 Brady, Vinceut D., 725 Crouse Ave., Syracuse, N. Y 'o1 I '99 I.a. Braley, Patty N., Cobleskill, N.Y.. 14:1l 745 '86 Bramley, Grace w. (Matthews), 2018 Sh eridan Ave., Mion e- apolis, Minn '03 Branch, Clifford E., Olean, N.Y : 1537 '98 Brandow, Clinton T., Memphis, N. Y '03 Brayton, Harry J., 51 Howard Ave,, Utica, N.Y. 41., 8:1l:L 1900 '95 kon. *Breckenridge, Johu S '50 Breed, Cephas. 6so '84 Breed, Edward D Corpo ration, pp. SX-5 4 Facu lty, pp Non-a-radu a tee, pp '188.

8 746 ' '45 m '93 /.a '92 f.a. II28 '93 I.a '98 f. a ' (}2 z. 792 '87 I a. 29n 'ot I.a ' 79 'oo hon, hun. 751 '84 I.a '49 m ' > ' '8s I.a. '86 g.a 'oo I '59 h on. 2ll5 ' '66 I.a. 889 ' 'oo m ' 1709 ' 92 g.a. 653 '84 I a. '85 K a. '86 g.a '99 f.a. 25 '57 I.a '44 <712 '93 g.a. 689 ' ' RI 1897 '93 hon. 793 '87 I.a. 87 '62 I.a 'oj I.a. 938 '90 f.a 'oo (.a. II95 '94 I.a '97 I. 690 '85 f.a ' f.a ' '84 f.a. 496 '81 I.a. '03 hon '02 f.a. n ' ' 'oo I. INDEX OF ALUMNI "Breed, William B. Brett, Joseph C. Brettle, Robert E, Cohocton, N. Y. Brewer, Francis F..Bre.wer, James L., 6 Linwood Place, Rochester, N.Y. Brewster, Myrtle E., R. F. D. I, Syracuse, N. Y. Brewster, Neal, 161 Holland St., Syracuse, N.Y. Bridgeford, Elizabeth S. (Amsden), Athol, Mass. Bridgman, Arthur 0., Port Washington, I,. I., N. Y.. Bridgman, George H., Hamline, Minn... Brigden, Arthur E., Attica, N. Y. Briggs, John W. Briggs, William H., Rochester, N. Y. *Brig ht, Frank 0. Brill, Charles C., No rthfield, Vt. Brink, Arthur G. S., 204 Garfield Bldg, Cleveland, 0. *Bristol, Daniel W. Bristol, John.... *Bristol, Mabel C. (McMillan). *Britcher, Horace W. 70, Britten, GeorgeS., 1610 E. Genesee St., tiyracuse, N. Y... 70, 157, Broad, George B., 706 Cortland St., Syracuse, N. Y. 70, Broadhurst, William A., 3 Harriot Ave., Oil City, Pa. Broadway, Augustine W., Seneca Falls, N. Y. Brockway, Clara E. (Spencer), 405 Cortland Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. Brockway (see Dunn, Frances H.). *Brodhead, John A Brokaw, JohnS.. Brokenshire, W H., 83 Scollard St., Toronto, Can.. Bronner, Jesser.., N. Y. Journal, Wall St., New York, N. Y. Brooks (see Boomer, Bertha). Brooks, Frauk B., 2o6 Green St., Syracuse, N. Y.. Brooks, James B., 1013 E. Adams St., Syracuse, N. Y. xg6 n8 xax us 13, 14, 16, 18, 51, 54, 70, 87, 83, X3X Brower, George G., Bordentown, N, J.. 27 Brower (see Pindar, Rose E.). *B'rown, Alice (Hewitt). Brown, A neil D., Arkansas Univ., Batesville, Ark. 18, , 461, aax Brown, AnnaL.. Brown, Antoinette I,. (Strickland), 36 Flushing St., Flushing, N. Y. XS7 Brown, Bennett D. Brown, Berton W. Brown, Bolton C., Palo Alto, Cal.. Brown, Caleb C., 1904 S. State St., Syracuse, N. Y. Brown, C. Anna J. (Mrs,), Fayette, N.Y.. Brown, Cornelia L., 7 William st., Auburn, N. Y. Brown, Edgar H., 13 Philip St., Albany, N. Y.. 27, 66, 399, 66 Brown, Elizabeth P., Cazenovia, N. Y. Brown, ltmma E., 416 Burnet Ave., Syracus~, N. Y. Brown, Erwin. Brown, Frederick A., 825 University Block, Syracuse, N.Y. Corpot'atlon, pp.,5x-.54 Faculty, pp. 69-8,5. Non-paduatea, pp..503,588. xg6 XS7

9 JNDEX OF ALUMNI 'oo 371 ' '49 m 'b7 497 ' '74 'f.a '45 tn ' '6s 2759 'oo II29 '93 I.a ' '53 hon '4~ m '97 g.a. 372 ' '94 l.a '45 m 'q~ 1773 '58 hon '93 I.a. 104 ' '91 I.a. 126 ' '82 hon. 6gr '85 m '46 m 'oo 3245 '03 a.s ' 'g '52 m. 939 'go f.a ' '03 l.a. 23t1 '48 Brown, Fred l,eroy, 409 Putnam St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Br?wn, Garrison L., Euclid, N. Y. Brown, Harvey.. Brown, Henry W., '\Vaterloo, Iowa.. Brown, Herbert C., Brookfield, N.Y. *Brown, John Jackson. 292, 300, Brown, John Junius Brown, JOhn T... Brown, Mahlon M. Brown, Mary J. McClelland (Mrs.), 427 Penn St., Camden, N.J. Brown, May E. (Torrey), New Milford, Conn.... Brown (see Paddock, Mary M.). BrOWn, Reuben P., Addison, N. Y.. Brown, Samuel C.. Brown, Samuel H. Brown, Samuel R., Pulaski, N.Y. Brown, Shirley E., Hornellsv111e, N. Y.. 429, 431 Brown, Susie D, 212 Sbonnard St., Syracuse,~. Y. *Brow n, Thomas A. Brown, Wallace E., 70 N. Aurora St., Ithaca, N. Y. Brown, Wi11iant S., Ann Arbor, Mich. Browne (see Norton, Emma B.). Brownell, George G., University P. 0., Alabama. *Brownell, John T *Brownell, John V Brownell (see Smallwood, Mary A.). *Brownell, Walter A.. Bruce, Eli C., 1531 Grape St., Syracuse, N. Y. *Bruce, Frederick E.. Brundage, George W., Dresden, N.Y. Brundag e, Milton B., Newton, N. J. Bryan, Chas. Silas, Jr., 251 W, Hoffman St., Baltimore, Md. Bryan, Eva M., Glens Falls, N. Y. Bryan, George J., Fayetteville, N.Y.: Bryan, John W. Bryant, Ella L. (Mo~re), 327 Lenox )'1ve., New York, N.Y. Bryant, Nehemiah S. Biicheler, W Adam, 227 Seward St., Syracuse, N. Y. Buck, Benjamin H. Buck, (see Runnion, Emma A.). X,57 14 '56 Buck, George W. F., La moure, N. Dak. 255 ' 75 Buck, 1\Iilton D., 2220 Union St., Berkeley, Cal , 353. ll64 'ot lt.on. 226 '73 m, '*Buckin~eham, Henry G , 365 Buckman (see Bannister, Bertha M.). 98r '91 Budd, Harriet M. (Wadleigh), 7o6 University Ave., Syracuse, 41 'SQ 462 'So f.a. 15 ' 'o3 ho, 'g 'oo 1713 '93 g.a 'o '41. N.Y. Buell, David. Bu.,ll, Edgar M.. Buell, Jonas Buell, Lewin F., 20 Taylor Ave., S. Norwalk, Conn.. Buettner, John J., 7 State St., Syracuse, N.Y. Bulkl.,y, Justus L., Jr., 143 Lefferts Ave., Richmond Hili,N. Y. Bulkley, William I, Bull,.Charles K., 669 Shawmut Ave., Boston, Mass. Bullis, Abraham R a66 X,57 Corporation, pp.,5x-.54 Faculty, pp. 69-8,5. Non-~~:raduatea, pp.503-,588.

10 598 INDEX OF ALUMNI 170 '68 '76 g.a. II9f! '94 '96 g.a '63 m. ~osr ' '96 l '95 ss8 '82 m ' '89!.a. 891 ' '75 128o ' l 'oo 1962 '39 m. II99 '94 l.a '96!.a ' 'oo!.a. 4b3 '8o 1446 ' ' 'oi l.a '68 6o4 '83 f.a ' 'o2 892 '89 491! ' ' 'ot 2904 'o '77 g.a '45 m ' ' ' '78 g.a '98 han. 794 ' '94!.a. '03 g.a. t2o1 ' 'or / '98 h.on 'oo 982 '91 f.a ' ' '96 14~8 '97 Bullock, Miles G. Burch (see Adams, Alice). Burch, Earl G., Wahpeton, N. Dak. Burdette (see Bradley, Clara). *Burdick, Daniel W. Burdick, EdwardS. Burdick, Edward W., "The Hawley," Washington Sq. W., Nt-wYork, N.Y. Burdick, Frank E., 6 Harrison St., Providence, R. I. *Burdick, Franklin M. Burdick, Kate L., St. Johnsville, N. Y Burdick, Mary E., Crown Point, N. Y Burdick, W C., L ock Berlin, N.Y. Burdick, William T., Tolesboro, Ky. Burgess, William H., 412 Fid. Trust Bldg, Buffalo, N. Y. Burke, Thon1as L.. St. Paul, Minn. Burlingame, Anna E., East Springfield, N.Y. Burlingame, J. M. Burlingame, Menzo, Cherry Valley, N.Y. Burlingham, Gertrude s., Mexico, N.Y. Burnap, Perlia H.. Burnham, Allen D., Highland Park, Ill.... Burns, Jennie C. (Angell), Fargo, N.Dak.... Burns, Robei-t, 8o6 S. Salina St., Syracuse, N. Y. Burpee, Grace E., 325 Delaware St., Syracuse, N. Y. Burr, Charles H., White Plains, N. Y. Burr, DanielS., 143 Court St., Binghamton, N. Y. Burr (see Knapp, Jessie A.). Burr, KateS., 76 W. 82d St., New York, N.Y. Burr, William J., Newark Valley, N. Y. Burrett, Claude A., I Wilbur Court, Cleveland, 0. Burritt, FredericN., Weedsport, N.Y. Burroughs, Joseph B., 350 Stratford Ave., Bridgeport,Conn. Burrows, Charles F., 824 E. Genesee St., Syracuse,N. Y. Burrows, Charlotte I., 232 S. Eighth St., La Crosse, Wis.... Burrows, Elizabeth S., 232 S. Eighth St., La Crosse, Wis.. Burrows, joshua L. *Burton, David. Burts, Willian:t P Bush, Amelia G. (Guile), Pulaski, N. Y. Bush, Ardelia B. (Wayne), n64 Woodward Ave., Topeka, Kan. *Bush, George G. Butler, Nicholas M., Columbia University, New York, N.Y. *Butterfield, Edwin S. Byrne, Anna I., 116 Furman St., Syracuse, N.Y.. Byrne, Celia I., u6 Furman St., Syracuse, N. Y. Byrne, Edward M., 6or Montgomery St., Syracuse, N. Y Cadman, Samuel P., 2 Spencer Place, Brooklyn, N. Y Cady, Dillon A., Chatham, N. Y. Cagwin, Grace E., Verona, N. Y. Caldwell, McGee. Caldwell, Margaret E., 24 Jefferson St., Bradford, Pa. Caldwell, Mary L. (Banning), Davenport, N. Y Caldwell, Mattie E. (Congdon), Geneva, N. Y. Corporation, pp. :sx-:54.. x76 X , a58 t76 Faculty, pp. 69-8:5. Non-graduates, pp. :S03 :s88.

11 INDEX Ott ALUMNI '94 I.a ' '88 Caldwell, Samuel E., 142 Fifth Av~. New York, N. Y.. Calkins, Abram R. Call, Mary F., 759 Irving Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 27, '03 hon. Calthrop, Richard G., 743 Crouse Ave., Syracuse, N. Y 3430 'oo kon. Calthrop, Samuel R., 1821 S. Salina St., Syracuse, N. Y.. 6os '83 m '62 kon. :z658 '99 I.a. 940 'go [.a '52 m '92 I.a '03 a.s. 747 '86 m '92 3c52 'o2 I.a 'g8 f.a. 25o6 '6o m ' '94 /.a 'o3 I.a '44 m ~ s kon. 844 '88 I.a. '88 g.a 'o2 I.a '92 f.a '94 l.a. :2229 ' 'q8 I.a. 238 ' '70 I.a. 73 ' '63 I.a. '6 ' ' '40 6g2 '8s m ' 'so 42 '59 I.a. so '6o I.a. 6o6 '83 7<15 '87 f.a. 18o4 '53 kon. 499 '8t f.a ' ' '84 f.a '98 f.a. Campbell, Alexander J., 410 S. Warren St., Syracuse, N. Y. Campbell, Duncan. Campb~ll, jessie R., 320 Lake St., Elmira, N. Y. I;\1 31, ti, 4t:l, 71, 26o, I S.C. II, 41, 48, 376, 444, Slill Campbell, Nettie M. (Walsworth), 156 Broadway, Yonkers, N.Y. Caner, Edward H.... Carfrey, jacob H., Northampto n, Mass Carhart, George C., 215 Grace St., Syracuse, N.Y. Carleton, Mary E., Brookline, Mass. Carley, Leon A., 256 Broadway, New York, N.Y.. Carpenter, Adelbert D.. McMechen, W.Va. Carpenter, Florence E., 417 University Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Carpenter (see Quick, Geneveret). Carr, Andrew P... *Carr, Edson.... Carr, Edwin H., 1790 Sedgwick Ave., New York, N. Y. Carr, Manley E., Dept. Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Carrier (see Dow, Mary E.). Carrol, David, Jr. Carroll, Henry K., Plainfield, N. J. Carson (see Jones, Jessie E.).. 14, 17 Carter, Alice (Cook), U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Washing ton,d. C. Carter, Lewis E., Rexford F lats, N. Y... 25, 20, XS17 Carter, Martha C., Oneida, N. Y Cary, Alice I., 6t3 Milton, Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. Cary, Luther H.... Cary, MarieS., Amsterdam, N. Y. Cary, Mary F. (Davis), G uilford, Conn , 340 Case, Alfred, 7 Hill St., Rochest~r, N. Y. case, Charles z Case, Frances S. (~o rse), 298 West Ave., Rochester, N.Y. *Case, Hannah Case, Howard G., 1016 S. Salina St., Syracuse,N. Y. 71, 221, ~' Cator, Harvey H. Caughey (see Strayer, Olive L.). cavenor, Nathaniel A. Chaffee, Festus M., Middlesex, N.Y.. XS17 Chamberlain, Commodore P. Chamberlain, Harrison, Seneca Falls, N. Y. chamberlain, John W. Chamber layne, D~Fore st 0., Avoca, N. Y.. Chamberlayne, Ellen F., Pittsford, N. Y. Cham berlayne, Israel Chamberlin, julia E. (All~y), 16 Elm Ave., Rosedale, Toronto, Can Chambers, j acob G., Sadorus, Ill Champion, John H. Champlin (s~e Johnson, Clara Belle). Chandler, Izora C. Swartz (Mrs.}, tow. 28th St., New Vork,N. Y. Chapin, Lucy C., St. Mary's School, Knoxvill~. Ill. Corporation, pp. 5X 54 Faculty, pp Non-graduates, pp

12 6oo index OF ALUMNt 983 '91 I.a 'co 1205 '94 l.a. '02 tn, 2659 ' '89 I a 'o3 II3l '93 88 ' ' '8r t28l ' ' 'g '39 m. 246o ' '72 '88 g.a. '89 g.a. 195 ' '72 m '02 I. 373 ' 78 m. 257 '75 I.a 'oo 248 ' '87 m. 948 ' '88 I.a. 941 'go I.a ' '89 2go6 '01 f.a '54 hon '96 'gb I ' '~7 hon. 12o6 ' ' '88 '88 g.a, 'Bg g.a. '54 l.a. 559 ' '45 m. 847 '88 f.a ' '44 'ln 'o2 a.s ' '42 m 'o2 464 'So m '94 Chapman, Ella L., Fayettevill.,, N. Y. Chapman, Ellen M., Saranac Lake, N.Y. Chapman, Howard D., 24 South St., Auburn, N.Y. PAGII Chapman, Lena M., 6 Kimball St., Amsterdam, N, Y.. :143 Chapman, LeviS., 321 Westcott St., Syracuse, N. Y. 27 Chapman, Mildred B., Hammonton, N. J. a a Chapman, Nettie A., Scipio, N.Y. 33 chapntan, William W. Charles, John H. Chase, Benjamin F., East Syracuse, N. Y. Chase, Helen B. R. A. Chase, Henry B., jacksonville, N. Y. Chase, Mattison W. Chase, William C Chauveau, jean F., 31 \Vest 6o St., French Hospital, New York, N. Y. Cheney, Francisj., Cortland, N.Y.. 13, 14, 330, 332, 344 Cheney, Monroe G., FranklinvilJe, N. Y. Cheney, Walter S Cheney, William D., 103 Comstock Place, Syracuse, N.Y. *Chidester, A. B. *Chidester, H a ttie F. (Lukens}. Chiler, Cass F., Montezuma, N. Y.. Chishohit, Israel. Chrisma n (see Quackenbush, Camilla). Christopher, Ernest N., Union, N.Y.. 0. Christopher, William B., Union, N. Y. Christy, Frank S. Christy, Mary E. Chubbuck, John. Church, George W., Paw Paw, Mich. Church, Grace M., Coxsackie, N.Y. Church, Jared 0., Delaware, 0 0 Church, John W., 408 2d North St., Syracuse, N.Y ~3 :197 28, x76. 34, 71, X33 Church, Julia E., 221 Davis St., Syracuse, N. Y. 19 Churchill, Charles, Halifax, N. S Churchill, Herman, 1916 Maple Ave., Evanston, Ill 33 Churchill, Martha B., 504 W. tr2th St., New York, N. Y Clapp,Cornelia M., S. Hadley, Mass. *Clapp, Dexter E. Clark, Alice E. (Greene}, Copenhagen, N. Y. Clark, Archibald S. Clark, Arthur B., Stanford University, Palo Alto, Cal. Clark, Asahel. Clark, Augustus H. Clark, Charles J., 65 Livingston St., Brooklyn, N. Y, Clark, Darius. Clark, Elijah N. Clark, Emma C., Clifton Springs, N. Y. Clark, Gaylord P., 6rg W. Genes.,e St., Syracuse, N. Y..,. Clark, George B., Armonk, N o Y. Clark (see Hobart, Grac., A.}. Corporation, pp. 5:1-54. Faculty, pp Non-paduatea, pp :197

13 INDEX OF ALUMNI 6or 1988 ' '63 hon. 266o ' 'go 74 '61 I.a. >o86 ' '77 '99 hon ' '91 [.a. 1o6 '63 6o7 ' '35 m. 2g;>7 'ot 1782 '66 hon ' 70 m 'o2 fa. 'o3 sox '81 I.a '03 I.a. 341 '77 m '98 hon. 3o6o 'o2 a.s '99 f.a. I96 '70 I.a. I699 '90 g.a '72 I794 '87 g.a '86 l.a. '92 g.a '42 I544 ' ' ' '77 I049 '92 I.a. 2gol! 'o1 46S 'So fa. 750 '86 I.a 'so 895 ' ' ' 'o3 hon '75 l.a. '81 g.a 1904 'g6 hon. 289 '76 /.a '94 l.a '19 2:,76 'so m 'so Clark, Horace, Clarkson, N. Y. *Clark, Horatio R. Clark, Howard F., 194 W. sth St., Oswego, N. Y. :143 *Clark, James S.... Clark, John A., Tower and Lancaster Sts., St. John, West, N. B. Clark, JohnS... Clark, J. Scott, 2II4 Sheridan Road, Evanston, Ill.. 63, 360, 362, 431, 26I Clark, Lucius... Clark, Margaret M., Elbridge, N. V. *Clark, Mary E. (Stone). Clark, MaryS. (Patchell), Bay City, Mich. *Clark, Philo.. Clark, Samuel J., Pleasantville, N. J. *Clark, Simeon T Clark, T. S., Vanceburg, Ky. Clarke, Alice R., 112 Com~tock Ave., Syracuse, N.Y.. 43, 71, 197, 247, IJ:I Clarke, Edith E, Burlington. Vt. Clarke, Frank E., White Plains, N.Y. Clarke, JohnS , ""'"' Clarke, William E., White Plains, N.Y. Clary, F. Ware, Westinghouse Co., E. Pittsburg. Pa Clary, Lyman W., 6o West SIS! St., New York, N. Y.. 272, Claven, Thomas C Cleaver, Solomon, Dundas, Ontario, Can. Clement, Charles L., 335 E. 13th St., New York, N. Y. Clements, Isaac N., Caze novia,~- Y. *Cleveland, Joseph G. I97 :1:43 Coan, Claudius C. Coates, Alice R. (Mot!), 70I Liberty St., Erie, Pa.. Coates, Bertha E., 220 W. 4th St.. Erie, Pa 12, :1:44 Coats, William B., Harmony, Minn Cobb, Charlts N., 26 ~-Pine Ave., Albany, N. Y.. 13, IS, 66, 67, 68, 360, 362, 430, 431 Cobb, Dorr R., sob University Place, Syracuse, N. Y.. 42, 67 Cobb, Edith M., Granville, N. Y... 25, 26, :1:77 Cobb, Frances A. (Stephenson), 7oS James St., Syracuse, N. Y. Cobb (see Miller, Katherine E.). Col>b (see Maxsen, Sara M. \. Cobb, Hattie M. (Smith), S4o6 Madison Ave., Chicago, Ill. 63 Cobb, John C. Cobb, StephenS., Massena, N. Y Coddington, Herbert G., 1oo6 Harrison St., Syracuse, N. Y. 27 Coffin, Benjamin S., R. F. D. 2, Mount Morris, N. Y Cogswell, Hamlin E., Mansfield. Pa. 23, a6o Coit, Judson B., Melrose Highlands, Mass... 19, 343, 3S1, 353, 439 Coit, Olin B., 27 Leroy St., Potsda m. N. Y.. Colden, William. Cole, AnnaL, 37I W. 119th St., New York, N. Y.. Cole, Cornelius H cole, Electus. Cole, George W. Corporation, pp. 5:1:-54 Faculty, pp Non-craduates, pp ,. 425

14 1741 '75 g.a '99 l 'so 1871 '89 hon 'o3 l.a. 798 '87 l.a. 12 '55 l.a '56 l.a. 32~3 '03 l 'go hon. 2r3o ' '95 l.a '93 hon 'o3 l.a '93 fa. 656 '84 '87 g.a. 3o / '93 g.a ' ' ' ' 'or 1209 '94 I.a. 161 '67 l.a. '83 g,a. '88 hon. 502 '81 fa. 2rr '72!.a 'oo 1964 ' ' ' 'oi 3062 'o2 '03 g.a '03 a.s '03 a.s ' '99 fa. 848 ' ' '99 fa. 374 ' '91 INDEX OF ALUMNI Cole, John L Coleman, Carlos J., Madison, N.Y.. Coleman, Charles S.. Coleman, John H., Salem, Ore. Collerd, Charles E., Schooley's Mountain, N. J. Collins {see Bingham, Clara A.). Collins (see Wood, Lavina A.). Collins, Mary L. (Logan), Lyons, N. Y Collins, Thaddeus W., Lyons, N. Y. Co16n, Jose Benet, San Juan, Porto Rico. Colville, George M. Colvin, Darwin, Clyde, N. Y Colwell, Louis S., care of Randolph Brothers, Montreal, Can.. Comfort, George F., Empire House, Syracuse, N.Y.. 87, 3o6, 373, 374, , 380, 38:1, 384 Comfort, Guy, Canisteo, N. Y. Comfort, Ralph M., 146 W. 78th S t., ~ew York, N.Y. Comfort, Silas G., Chester, Pa X44 Conan, Mark E., 218 W. Beard Ave., Syracuse, N. Y.. X97 Conant, Levi L., Worcester. Mass. Cone {see Douglass, Carrie). Cone, Edward A. '*Coue, Elias D.. Congdon, AlbertS., North Yakima, Wash , 431 Congdon, Chester A., 1509 E. Superior St., Duluth, Minn. 36, s8, 343, Congdon (see Bannister, Clara H.). Congdon, Edgar D., 702 Croton St., Syracuse, N. Y, 26j 27C, %77 Congdon, Fayette K., Addison, N.Y. Congdon, LaFayette, Lima, N. Y. Congdon, LauraS. (Hebard), 214 Parsell's Ave., Rochester, N.Y. Congdon {see Caldwell, Mattie E.). Congdon, Noyes B., 525 University Block, Syracuse, N.Y Congdon, Randolph T., ;o2 Croton St., Syracuse, N.Y. Xl58 Conger, Genet. Conger, Horace M Conklin, Elizabeth T. (Dowding), E. Onondaga, N.Y. Conkling (see Robinson, Mary E.). Couland, Imogene M., 121 Walden St., Cambridge, Mass. X77 Connell, George Le R., 1827 Magnolia Ave., Chicago, Ill... 7 I 1 It}S, 258, 270, :u:o Conne11, Harry W., 303 Columbus Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. 39, aaa Connell, Harvey F., 1827 Magnolia Ave., Chicago, Ill.. 71, 222, 272, I39 Connell, J ohn W., 804 West St., Wilmington, Del. Connell, Mary L., Wolfville, N. S. 272, X44 Connelly, Arthur C., Kingston, N. Y. Connelly, Daniel J., Kingston, N. Y. ConneUy, Mars;{uerite R., 304 Gifford St., Syracuse, N.Y. *Connor, Morris H. Cook (see Carter, Alice). Cook, Charles C., 21 Wieting Block, Syracuse, N. Y. Corporation, pp. ~I-154 Faculty, pp Non-graduates, pp. SOJ s88,

15 1547 ' '81 '82 g.a. '85 g.a '48 56o ' '98 m. II33 ' 'oo (.a. 943 ' 'o2 504 '81 sos '81 29t1 'or l. 262[ ' '91 I.a ' ' ' 'o7 I.a. '99 I 'o '94 fa '99 I. "7 "64 'oo hon. b57 ' ' 77 hon. 212 ' "03 a.s. 89 ' '8o f.a '81 hon. 3o64 'u2 I '87 hon. 3o65 'o2 a.s '91 fa '03 l. g88 ' '84 I a "01 I '47 II34 '93 roso '92 f.a. 8 '89 I2II ' '38 s6r '82 m '95 fa. 1 5 ' '70 hon. 290 ' 'so m 2447 '52 INDEX OF ALUMNI Cook, Emma S. (Dann), Liberty, N.. Y. Cook (see Wright, Florence A.). Cook, Frederick A., Yonkers. N.Y. *Cook, George P. Cook, George, W. B., Jr., Apartado 658, City of Mexico, Mex. Cook, Harvey E. '*Cook, John H.... Cook, Mabel L, 7o8 Lodi St., Syracuse, N.Y.. 272, 1:58 Cook, Orator F., U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Cook, Samuel H., 730 Crouse Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. *Cook, Sidney H. Cooke, Edward H., Herrington, Kan Cooke (see Gardner, Kate I.). 1:77 Cool, George C., 309 N. Lowell Ave., Syracuse, N. Y Cooley, Dileverge.J. Cooley, Ida M., Binghamton, N. Y. Coon, Clarence E S. Warren St., Syracuse, N. Y. '' u9 Coon, George, Jr. Coon, Mabel S. (Smallwood), 6og Walnut Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Cooney, Charles E., II2 Standard St., Syracuse, K Y.. 247, 1:44 Cooney, Edith M., II2 Standard St., Syracuse, N. Y. Coons, George D.. State Architect's Office. Albany, N. Y. Cooper, B. Ives, 307 Hawley Ave., SyracuRe, N.Y. Cooper, Theron, 1704 W. Genesee St.. Syracuse, N.Y. Copeland, Arthur, Newark, N. Y. 3, 27, 44, 49, 433 '*Copeland, David Copeland, Richard W., W. Webster, N.Y """ Copeland, Ross W., Turtle Creek, Pa. 2aa '*Copeland, Stephen C. Corey, Ella D. (Quick), Morningside, Sioux City, Ia. Corey, George H., 501 Park Row Bldg., New York, N. Y. Cornell, James H., Jr., 56 Wall St., New York, N.Y. X98 Cornforth, William, I,ausanne, Switzerland Cornish, Lorenzo D., B eaver, Pa. '*Cornish, Mary A. (Parker) Cornwall, H. Davenport, 101 College Place, SyraclfSe, N. Y. "Corse, Ellen A Corse, Frank D., Sandy Creek. N.Y. Costello, Hent;y D., 214 Highland Ave., Syracuse, N.Y.. 38, so, 1:77 Cotner, Simon.. Cotilter, Charles S., Wells, N. Y. "Countryman, Edith F. (Hedrick).. Countryntan, Everett C., Gowanda, N. Y Covell, Charles A, 501 S. Salina St., Syracuse, N Y. 72, II6 Covert, Darwin. '*Cowles, Bert Cowie, Bessie M. (Gibson), Clyde, N Y Cox, Edward. Coy. Justus F.. Crabb. Eugene M., Cape Vincent. N. Y. Craddock, Samuel "Crafts, Edward G.. Corporation, pp. 51:-54. Faculty, pp Non-graduates, pp g

16 <)1 'g6 g-.a. '73 hon. '44 '76 l.a. '84 '47 '77 '44 '99 I a 'or I. 693 '85 t a ' 'go 79J '87 f.a. 897 'Sg f.a '86 hon "g6 '98 ' 3o61i '02 I 'g6 m. 2o87 '43 go ' '69 ISSO '98 fa ' '99 f.a '94 g.a. II3S '93 f.a so g.a. 659 g4 7S2 '86 I a. 898 '89 2o88 '43 2;6c; 'co 3067 'ol l a. 9!lg '91 Ia '52 2S69 '99 /.a 1212 'Q4 l a. 3o68 'ol l.a 'So Jl.a '51 tn. 326o '03 l.a 2054 ' "o1 f.a. 66o '84 fa '78 hon '91 g a. So::> ' 'o3 l.a; 375 '78 f.a. INDEX OF ALUMNI Craig, Alfred E., Ottumwa, Iowa cramer, Michael J. crandall, Lyman A. crandall, Vincent A. 35S Crandall, William B Crane, Barbara F. (VanWagoner), 21 Spruce St., Bloomfield, N. J. Crane, David 0. Crane, Harley J., 141 W. Kennedy St., Syracuse, N.Y.. 42,177,:247, 144 Crane, H orace A., 18 Mason St., Rochester, N. Y. Crane, S. Ellis, Onondaga Valley, N. Y. Craton, Samuel B., 113~ McLennan Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Crawford, Caroline H., Lyndon Hall, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.. Crawford, Katharine A., Deland, Fla. Creegan, Charles C., los E. 22d St., New York, N.Y... Cregg, Edward W., 104 Barrett St., Syracuse, N. Y. Cregg, Frank J., 104 Barrett St., Syracuse, N.Y. Cregg, William, Camillus, N. Y. Crichton, William. crisfield.. Philip Crispell, Emrick W., Williamstown, N.Y. Crocker, Lena B., Chicopee Falls, Mass.... Crockett, Robert L., Sandy Creek, N. Y. Croff (see Cummings, Carro J.). Crommie, Lillian B. Crook, Corinth L Cropsey, Isadore E., jenkintown, Pa. Crosby (see Ford, sarah A.). Crouse (see Bailey, Florence E.). *Crow, John M. Crow (see Foote, Martha E.). *Crowell, Anna F. Crowell, Preston R., Greenfield, N. H Crowley, Will B., 700 Midland Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Crutlenden, Henry E.. 272, 1:44 Cuddeback, Willis V., Aurora, N. Y 1:,58 Culinan, Edward M., Locke, N. Y 1:98 Culligan, john C., Morristown, N.Y. Cutnmings, Andrew S Cnmmln~~:s, Carlos E.. s6o Auburn Ave., Buffalo, N.Y Cummings, Carro (Croff), 184 E. Genesee St., Buffalo, N. Y. Cummin~s, Charles Ii., S6o Auburn Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.... xg8 Cummings, Olin F Cummings, William C Cunningham, Elizabeth A.. Gouverneur, N. Y 'llll13 Curlett, James F Curley, William B., 426 Taylor.o. ve., Allegheny, Pa. 1:77 Currev, Netta A. (Fuller), loss. Fitzhugh St., Rochester, N. Y *Curry, Daniel. Curtice, Saul 0., 2S LeCount Pl., New Rochelle, N. Y. Curtin, William A., 4o8 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. 72, n6 Curtis, Edward D., i4o8 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N.Y.. 43, 72,223, IU Curtis, Eunice A. (Curtis), 14o8 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. Corpo~atlon, pp. ~:<-~4 Facnlty, pp. 69-8~. Non-craduatee 1 pp. 503-~88,

17 tndex OF ALUMNI 6cs 1799 '88 hon. 292 '76 fa 'oo I.a ' "o2 a.s. 990 '91 I.a. '93 g.a ' 'oo I.a. 376 ' 78 m, 6o8 ' "78 Bot '87 f a 'o 'oo '6o!ton ' 6 m. 293 ' 76 I.a. 379 '78 [.a '01 m, 3071 'o2 I.a. 8o2 '87 I.a. 378 ' '98 I.a '98 I.a 'o2 945 '90 '96 g.a. so6 '8t fa '96 fa 'oo 'o2 / 'oo fa ' '98 fa. 32C3 'o3 294 ' ' '03 l.a 3265 'o3 I.a '97 I. ~573 '67 91 '62 I.a 'o3 f.a '96 m '43 Curtis, FrankL., 1408 E. Genesee St., Svracuse, N, Y.. Curtis, Harriet S., 1816 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y.. Curtis, Mary E., 226 Willoughby Av.,., Brooklyn, N. Y. X59 Curtis, Spencer M Curtis, Wesley L., 5 Vanderbilt Ave., New York, N.Y. xgb Curtiss, Carlton C., Columbia University, N~w York, N. Y.. Curtiss, Charles E., Manlius, N.Y Curtiss, Harriette A., 74 S. Union St., Rochester, N. Y. 19, 270,%59 Curtiss, Milton A., KirkviUe, N.Y. Curtiss, Minnie E. (Dinsmore), 61 South Oxford St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Curtiss, Newton H., Manlius, N. Y.. Cushing. Kate (Ha tmaker), 2010 Union Ave., East, Schenectady, N. Y. Cuthbert, Richard B., Woods Run Ave., Allegheny, Pa., *Cutler, Ebenezer W Cutler, P. T. Cutler, Stephen S..,. Cuykendall, Eudelmer F., 129 W. Kennedy St., Syracuse, N. Y. Daggett (see Potter, Mabel A.). Dallas, Robert F., 717 E. Fayette St., Syracuse, N.Y. Daly, Dennis D., Ellenburg Depot, N. Y.. Damon, Albert H., Il5 H a milton Pl., New York, N. Y Damou, William W., 127 Tribune Bldg., New York, N.Y.. I>ann, Amelia E. (De Matt), 1117 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N.Y. Dann, Charles A., Turners, N. Y. Dann (see Janes, Elizabeth M.). Dann (see Cook, Emma S.). Dann, Harvey M., Liberty, N.Y.. Dann, Mathew L., Chester, N.Y.. Dann (see Reynolds, Justina W.). Danziger, Henry, Jr., 119 College Pl., Syracuse, N.Y.. 36 Darbonnier, Louisa A., Berk shire, N.Y. Darby, Alton E., Cortland, N. Y. 272 Darling, Clarenc., W., 218 W. Colvin St., Syracuse, N. Y X77 33, xgg 11, 199, 247, 270, X 59 Darling, Flora M., 218 W. Colvin St., Syracuse, N.Y. X59 Darling, Francis A., Le Sueur, Minn. Darnell, G race L., Ha~kettstown, N. J,. 272 Darrow, Elizabeth V., Monticello, N. Y Darrow, George F., 16 State St., Ogdensburg, N. Y, «402 Davidson, Ferdinand Davies, Katherine A., Holland Patent, N.Y.. Davis, Arthur E., 177 W. 73d St., New York, N. Y Davis, Frederick D., Dayton, 0. Davis, Giles H. Davis (see I,uther, Hattie V.). Davis, Joseph W. Davis, judson P., Coram, N. Y Davis, Lavinia R., Oneida, N. Y. Davis, Lyman H Davis(see Cary, Mary F.). Davis, Walter W, St. Joseph's Hospital, Syracuse, N.Y Corporation, pp. SX-54 Faculty, pp. 6g-85. lfon-paduatea, pp

18 6o6 lndex 01> ALtJMNt 1945 ' '47 m. ''33 ' '90 f.a. 201}0 '43 'lit ' '89 f.a. >;75 'oo f.a. 344 ' 77 ' 78 g.a. '99 h o n ' 41 ' 9'4 ' ' 'at 2016 '4 t 27 ' '97 m 'o3 29 c7 'at L.a. 8 '54 I.a. 467 'So f.a 2278 '47 :797 '76 llon 'oo l.a 'oo I.a 'o '99 I. 562 '82 'ln '44 m '77 g.a. 918 'ot f.a '87 g.a. 51 '6o I.a. 52 '6o I.a '71 hon. 2o6 ' ' '57 hon. 661 ' ' '91 6og ' ' ' 'so 3440 'o2 ho,., 1722 '94 g.a '03 I.a '02 f.a ' '82 I.a '67 Davis, William H. H.. Davis, Williant 0.. Davis, William P. Davison, Lucian A., Concord, N. H. Day, john R., Waterloo, N. Y. Day, J. ~ood, 21 Powers Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. Day, Mary A., 1146 Tinton Ave, New York, N. Y.. Day, Mary E.. 6o4 University Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. 272, IS9 Day, Richard E., Albany, N.Y.. 19, 66, 36 1, 430, 431, a6x Dayton, Abner G.. Dayton, Daniel. Dayton, Lewis P. Dean, Elizabeth B., Linta, N. Y. Dean, Henry W., Rochester, N. Y. Dean, Micajah C., Dundee, N. Y. Deavor, Tennyson L., 616 S. Warren St., Syracuse, N.Y. Decker, David 0., Y. M.A. Bldg., Syracuse, N.Y.. Decke r, Floyd F., 6o6 Irving Ave., Syracuse, N.Y.. *Decker, Henry, Jr. Decker, Jessie Z., u6 Burnet Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. DeCamp, William H. DeGraff,E.V. *DeKay, Grace G. (Prall) DeLany, E lizabeth G., 711 Oswego St., Syracuse, N. Y.. 13, 19, x6o DeLany, Frederick T., 711 Oswego St., Syracuse, N. Y.. 33, 1:99 Deming, Ernest R., 36oSeym our St.. S y racuse, N. Y. Deming, Lucius P., 1664 S. Salina St., Syracuse, N.Y. DeMott (see Da nn, Amelia E.). DeMott, Charles.. DeMotte, Harvey C., 902 N. Ma tn St., Blooming ton, Ill. Denick, Edwin V., 337 Ara bella St., Knoxville, Pa.. Dennis, David W., Richmond, Ind.. Dennis, Henry S., Nuuda, N. Y Dennis, James H., Rochester, N. Y Dennis, John, Roches t er, N. Y Dennis, Richard H., Rocheste r, N. Y. nennler, Zachariah P.. "DePuy, William H. Deuel, George B., Fulton, N. Y Devendorf, Daniel B. Devine, Edward,503 Kirk Bldg., Syracuse, N. Y.. Devine, James, 0. C. Savings Bank Bldg., Syracuse, N.Y.. Devoe, (see Kittell, Henrietta M. ). Dewey, Barnard M. Dewey, Charles 0., 747 Macon St., Brooklyn, N. Y.. 19, 62 Dewey, Dwight C.... Dewey, Melvil, Albany, N. Y. Dial, Stephen T., Lockland, 0. Dibble, Walter W., Vernon Center, N. Y Dick, Eda A., ng McAllister Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. Dickerson, Benjamin L Dickinson, Henry A., Cortland, N. Y Dickinson, William F x6o I4,5 32, a6,s Corpora~lou, Itaculty, pp Nou.graduatee, pp ""'4 1:99

19 INDE:X OF ALUMNI 6o7 992 '91. l.a. Dicklow, Adelaide L., 34 Bloor St., E. Toronto, Can. 753 '86 Didama, Emory A., Cortland, N.Y '89 non. Didama, Henry D., 424 S. Salina St., Syracuse, N. Y. 13, 16, si, 72, s7, 88, 366, 368, :n 'oi l.a. Dills, Anne F. (Avery), 141H S. State St., Syracuse, N. Y. 1: '78 f. a. *Dingman, Harriet R. (Von Kloster). Dinsmore (see Curtiss, Minnie E.). III8 '64 I.a. Disbrow, Elizabeth M. (Gould), 510 W. 2d St., Elmira, N.Y '95 f. a. Divine, Alice R., Kent's Hill, Me 1554 '98 I. Dixon, Ernesl T., Tribune Bldg.,Minneapolis, Minn. 947 '90 f. a. Dixson, Carrie M., 1 ro Fage Ave., Syracuse, N. Y '96 Doane, Harriet M., Fulton, N.Y. 171 '68 Dodd, William H., 109 Waverly Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. 295 '76 Dodge, Helen M. (Ferguson), Knoxboro, N. Y 417 '79 Dodge, james W. A., Tarrytown, N.Y. 393 '8! g.a '94 Dodson, CoraM. (Graham), 504 University Pl., Syracuse, N.Y 'oo Dodson, Samuel H.. Bloomfield, N. J , 270, :r6o 2671 <R Dolph, Benjamin V., 916 E. 10th Ave., Denver, Colo. 16,1:4:1 213 '72 Dolph, John M., Port Jervi,, N. Y , '98 I. Dolson, George B., 107 Davis St., Syracuse, N. Y '03 Donovan, Sarah M., Canandaigua, N.Y. 39, U4 9\13 '91 Doolittle, Carlos V. J., 51 Howard St., Utica, N. Y '49 til, Dorchester, Eliasaph, Tampa, Fla. Dorr (see Morgan, Amelia L.) 'oo 'o2 I. Dorr, Carl E., zoo W. Castle St., Syracuse, N.Y.. 9, 44, 56, 199, 247, :r6o 1214 '94 l.a. Dorr, Maud L., Watertown, N. Y 53 '6o Dorris, Alva H., P. 0. B~x 66o, Long Beach, Cal '64 hon. 43 '59 l.a. *Dorris, John N.. 54 '6o Dorris, Philo W., 344 West Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. h03 '87 Doubleday, Charles E., Penn Yan, N. Y '39 *Doubleday, Elisha '48 *Doubleday, Guy L '99 l. Dougherty, Thomas, 1610 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N.Y. 1:4: 'o2 Douglass, Carrie (Cone), 1352 Dakin St., Chicago, Ill. 1: '91 f.a. Douglass, Charles W., Evergreen, Colo. 197 '70 Douglass, Sarah E. (McMahon), Middletown, Conn. 278o 'oo Dounce, Jay W., 8 W. 92d St., New York, N. Y :r6o 8o4 '87 Doust, Alfred G., 302 Delaware St., Syracuse, N. Y 2781 'oo m. Doust, Henry B., 315 N. Gedd s St., Syracuse, N.Y.. 72, I6o xa:r 2017 '41 Dow, Alpha H '92 I.a. Dow, Edmund L., 49 W. 57th St., New York, N. Y 2673 '99 Dow, Mary E. (Carrier), Lanesborough, Mass. 1:4:1 Dowding (see Conklin, Elizabeth T.). 995 '91 Dower, William H., 121 W. Onondaga St., Syracuse, N.Y 'oo Downey, Herman H., 253 Northampton St., Buffalo, N. Y :r6o 2637 '95 Downs, Jane B. (Tipple), 230 Decatur St., Brooklyn, N.Y.. 1: '61 hon. Dowty, John '03 I. Doyle, Charles M., Pittsford, N.Y ::IIS4 900 '89 Drake, Frances L. (Pellet), Passaic, N. J '86 Drake, Frank C., Oneida, N. Y '81 *Drake, Horace L 'So hon. *Draper, Gideon.... Corporation, pp. :s:r :S4 Faculty, pp Non-graduates, pp

20 6o8 INDltX OF AI.UMNI 468 'So 2334 ' '82 Sos '87 '92 g.a. 996 '9' m I4 '72 l.a. '88 hon 'o ' '36 2 ' '42 26o '75 ' '90 f.a ' '91 f.a '47 m '99 t86s '86 hon '4t 2235 '46 m '44 12t5 ' ' ' ' ' 'o2 695 '85 f.a. xss8 ' ' '81 g.a '70 sos '8x f.a. 696 '85 '93 g.a. '96 g.a '79 hon. 261 '75 8o6 ' '95 4t8 '79 I.a 'ox hon '97 hon. 55 '6o I a. 'o2 han. 662 ' 'o2 Draper, Gideon F., 363 Westcott St., Syracuse, N.Y... 3 Draper, j ames F.. Victor, N.Y.. Drap.,r, John C., Jr., too Broadway, New York, N. Y. Driscoll, Ambrose C., 3o6 Noxon St., Syracuse, N. Y Drum, James H., 66o N. salina St., Syracuse, N. Y Drummond, Alexander M., 40 Whalley Ave., New Haven, Conn. Dryer, George H., Wellsville, N. Y 331, 332, 344 DuBois, George F., Millerton, N.Y. Duncan (see Pharis, Addie M.). Duncombe, Charles S.... *Dunham, David.. *Dunham, David, Jr.. *Dunlap, Joseph 'P. *Dunlap, William H.. 343, 35t, 425 PAGH 33, aoo Dunn, Alice S. (Thorn.,), 277 Broadway, New York, N. Y. Dunn, Burton L., University Blk., Syracuse, N.Y.. Dunn, Franc.,s H. (Brockway), 40t Comstock Ave., Syracus.,, N. Y. Dunn, Jeremiah, Bath, N, Y. Dunn, ZonaL. (Russell), Lewiston, Ill. Dunton, Charles H., Poultney, Vt. Dunton, Lorenzo H.. Durfee, Cyrus B.. Dusenbury, Joseph to, 12 %45 Dutcher, Frederick L. 307 Glenwood St., Rochester, N. Y. (Dutro see George, Inez M.). Dutton, Fred G., 54 Broad St., Lyons, N.Y. Duvall, Frank B., Preble, N.Y.. aoo *Dwight, Thomas. Dwight, William H., Goddard, Ka s. 367 Dye, Adelbert D., Jr., Towanda, Pa. aoo Dyer, Cora E. (Smith), Saginaw, West Side, Mich. Dyott, John C., Jr., 701 Kingston St., ltlmira, N.Y. Jtarl, lsaac B. Easley (see Smith, Grace It.). Easter, John, Clifton Springs, N.Y. Eastman, Charles C., Binghamton, N. Y.... Jtastwood. Ruth A. (Hutchinson), Gowanda, N.Y Eaton, Alfred H., II Ash Grove PI., Albany, N. Y Eaton, Homer J., 150 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. Jtaton, John R., Chittenango, N. Y. Eaton, WalterS., Station R., Boston, Mass. Eckerson, Ray, Bowen, Ill. Jtckert, John D., Kingston, N. Y Eckman, George P., 550 W. End Ave., New York, N. Y.... *Eckman, John G. Jtddy, Charles, Dryden, N.Y. Jtddy, Charles M., Cortland, N, Y. 44 Eddy, Edward D., Hudson R. Realty Co., Transit Bldg., New York, N.Y.. 21, 46, aoo Coljporation, pp. 5:1:-54. Faculty, pp Non-a-raduatea, pp

21 INDEX OF ALUMNI 20<}1 ' '68 19!'9 '40 m. 901 '89 I.a ' 182 ' '64 m 'o3 I. a. 23; '74 m '76 g.a '03 I. 107 '63 I.a 'oo 381 ' '03 I.a. 382 ' ' ' ' f.a. 227 ' '95 3o8o 'o2 I.a. 20<}2 '43 92 :~ ~~. 697 ' ' '94 f.a ' ' ' 'o l '92 '94 g.a ' '98 '99 g.a '92 38,3 '78 I.a '41 3o81 'o2 784 'oo f.a. 610 '83 IllS ' ' '45 3o82 ' 'oi 565 '8 566 ' '81 *Eddy, George P Eddy, Herbert M., Geneva, N. Y. Eddy, Norman P. Edgcomb, Ernest 1., 7o6 University Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 39, 72, "Edgcomb, Fred W. Edgcomb (see Webb, Grace H.). Edgerton, Frank P., R. F. D. 2, Clifton Springs, N. Y. *Edington, William F. Edson, Frank M., St. John's School, Manlius, N. Y. Edwards, AmosS., 15o6 N. Salina St., Syracuse, N.Y. Ed wards, George W. Edwards, Harry S., 15o6 N. Salina St., Syracuse, N. Y Edwards, John N. Egan, Rose F Seymour St., Syracuse, N. Y. Eggleston, Charles H.. Anaconda, Mont. Elden, Harry E., Elbridge,N. Y. *Elder, Jennie Stevens (Mrs.). *Eldridge, Ezra G. Ellery (see Holland, Sarah M.). Elliott, Charles H. Elliott, Charles I.. *Elliott, George W. Elliott, James N. F. Ellis, Dayton, 6oS Smith St., Dunmore, Pa. Ellis, David E..... Ellis, Flora A. (Wells), 1o8 E. Green St., Champai&"n, Ill , 350 Ellis, George E., 385 Thomas St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Elmore, Taylor. Eltinge, Arthur, 4II Catharine St., Syracuse, N. Y.... *Elwood, John B..... Ely, Adriel G. Ely, Sumner. *Emens, Alfred. Emens, Lura B., Hobart, N.Y. Emerick, James B., 1921 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. Emerson, Albert W., Tarrytown, N. Y. Emerson, Emma Younglove (Mrs.), Tarrytown, N.Y. Emm, Henry c.. Brookings, S. Dakota. Engelhardt, Francis G., Syracuse, N. Y. Ensign, James E., 8II Euclid Ave., Syracuse, N'. Y , 431 Ensworth, William.... Erhard, Phillip, 212 W. Willow St., Syracuse, N. Y. Ernhout, Merriam, 731 Euclid Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Erway, Du Grand D., East Syracuse, N.Y. Esmond, Burton D., Ballston Springs, N. Y. *Esmond, Frederick C... 36o, 362, 390, 423, 425 Estabrook, Ralph H. Evans, Albert H., Plymouth, N.Y... Evans, Helena. 205 W. Court St., Rome, N.Y. *Everding, Emma A. Everett, James E. 508 Slinard Ave., Syracuse, N. Y.. Everson, Giles B., u6 E. Kennedy St., Syracuse, N. Y. 19, x6o lioo 73, u Corporation, pp. 5X-:14 Faculty, pp. 6g-S:s. Non-graduates, pp. :103-:188.

22 6ro INDEX OF ALUMNI 2785 'oo a.s. :z6o6 ' ' ' 'oo f.a '57 kon 'oo f. a. :z63o '72 m 'oo f.a. 384 ' '42 m '92 l.. a 'oo 1370 ' 85o '88 f.a. 902 ' '93 75S '86 17s8 '79 g.a '95 f.a ' ' ' '44 3o83 ' '96 g.a. 419 ' '38 m '39 3o84 'o2 950 ' ' '97 I. 182o '62 kott 'oo l.a. 698 ' '44 m. 663 '84 ' '61 kon '68 m ' '69 l.a '87 g.a '88 g.a. 184 ' 'ot 998 '91 f.a '75 g.a. 999 'gt Everson, Leonard L., General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y. x6x Eves, William. Ewing, Alexander. Face, Edwin D.. Stewart, Minu.... Fahnestock, Allie Van D.. 14u Park St., ~yracuse, N. Y. x6x Fahnestock, Charles It... Fahnestock, Elizabeth Van D., I4ll Park St., Syracuse, N. Y. x6x F.airchild, Freeman. Fairchild, Katharine A., Binghamton, N. Y... x6x Fairtax, Thomas H., Duluth, Minn.. 430, 431 Falkner, William.... Fanton, Willia M., Ozone Park, L. I., N.Y. Farley, Joseph W., E. Pittsburg, Pa. 20, x6x Farmer, Harry H., 3o6 Marshall St., Syracuse, N.Y. Farnham, Florence M. (Osgood), Bellows Falls, Vt.... Farrington, Frank J., 531 S. Salina St., Syracuse, N. Y. Fay, Fred S., 327 Montgomery St., Syracuse, N.Y. Fearon, He:nry D., Oneida, N. Y. Fearon (see Fuller, Mary A.). Fearon, Robert N. *Feek, C. Fred.. Feigel, George C., 834 Butternut St., Syracuse,.N. Y. Felton, Charles A., 1839 W. Fayette St., Syracuse, N. Y... Fenner, Earlman, Matteawan, N. Y *Fenner (see Taylor, Margaret V.). Ferguson (see Dodge, Helen M.). Ferguson, Nelson D., Carthage, N.Y. Ferguson, Solomon, roo2 Montgmnery St., Syracuse, N. Y... 33, 467, ~oo Ferguson, Wilbert P., Redlands, Cal. 52 Ferreira, Antonio De S. P. Ferris, Floyd I. Ferris, Lewis C. Ferris, Phoebe A., 855 Boylston St., Boston, Mass ; Ferris, Seymour C., Shortsville, N.Y.. *Field, George W... Fikes, Maurice, Herkimer, N. Y *Filmore, Glenzen.... Finger, Jacob, Bakersfield, Vt.... *Finley, Frank D.... Finn, James. Fischer, (see Brackett, Cora A.). Fischer, Joseph T. D., 910 N. Salina St., Syracuse, N.Y... *Fish, Dauiel W Fisher, Charles A., Victory, N.Y. Fisher, Farley. Fisher, French W., Vienna, Va. Fisher, John A. Fisher, Oscar L., Fort Worth; Tex. Fisher, Sarah It. (Barton), Genesee St., Montour Falls, N.Y. Fisk, Frank It., Brushton, N.Y.... Fiske, Zoe W. (Aldridge), 7717 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La. Fitch; Charles E., 4 Dartmouth St.. Rochester, N. Y Fitzgerald, Paul, 214 N. 7th St., Newark, N. J Corporation, pp. 51:-54. Faculty, pp Non-~traduates, pi) , x6x

23 INDEX OF ALUMNI 6rr ss, 3o85 20<) ! <) '790 2<)8 8oS 263! u Io ! ! 2! o '96 '94!.a. '46 '88 l.a. 'm!.a. '43 '6! 'so m. 'so m. '43 '51 m. '02 '88 l.a. 'oi l.a. '48 '69 hon. ' hon. '76 l.a. ss g.a. '87 l.a. '72 '94 '83 l.a. ~s l.a. '94 g.a. '4' m. '63 l.a. 'oo '93 l.a. '78 '87 f. a. '36 '"78 '98 'oo!.a. '03 '97 I. 'so '74 '59 l.a. '78 hon. ' 45 '72!.a. '03 '81 l.a. '02!.a. '79 f. a. 'd4 '66 '73 g.a. '44 m. Flaherty, Frederick H, 507 S. Warren St., Syracuse, N. Y.. 73, xao F laherty, William V., Saltsburg, Pa Fleming, John B Fletcher, Milton J., 522 E. Second St., Jamestown, N. Y Flint, AnnaL., 413 Park St., Fulton, N.Y aox Flint, James W Flint, Wilbur F Flood, James Flood, Patrick H Fobes, Abial J Follett, Samuel B Foote, Anua E., Jamaica, N.Y Foote, Elizabeth L., Public Library, New York, N.Y... Foote, Estella L. (Harvie), 463 Blandina St., Utica, N. Y.. Foote, Ezra Foote, John B., 910 Harrison St., Syracuse, N. Y , 321 Foote, Martha E. (Crow), Northwestern Univ., Evanston, Ill. 13, 6~ Foote, William Y., 910 Harrison St., Syracuse, N.Y o, 68 F orce, Levi Ford, Agnes H., (Rowe). 285 Willow St., New Haven, Conn.. Ford, Celia, Wadleigh H. S., New York, N. Y. Ford, (see Pardoe, Ella M.). Ford, Ellen A., Charleston, Ill Ford, Joseph D. Ford, Sarah A. (Crosby), Springfield, Mo Foreman, T homas F., 303 Delaware St., Syracuse, N.Y... 73, 162, x x Forman, Georgia U. (Hirmilton), N, Euclid Ave., Pittsburg, fa. *Forsyth, William H. Foster, Agnes E... Foster, Joseph A... Foster, Kate M. (Sornberger), Cortland, N.Y. Foster, Norman W., 8 Payne Ave., St. Paul, Mipn Foster, Pearl M., Whitesboro, N. Y , x6a Fournier, William H., 82 Reed St., New York, N.Y. Fowler, Benjam1n F., Galena, Ill Fowler, Charles A., Ohiowa, Neb. 339, 340, 424, 429, 439 Fowler, Charles H., 150 5th Ave., N~w York, N. Y. 34,52 Fowler (see Warner, E sther A.). Fowler, Irwin D Fowler, Noyes K., N. Cohocton, N. Y Fowler, Vern S., Mt. Hope Ave., Rochester, N. Y , 467, a2,s Fox, Ernest L., 543 E. 11th St., New York, N. Y Fox, Margaret E., So Joralemon Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.. aox Fox, Mary A. Osborn (Mrs.), 226 State St., Albany, N. Y Fox, Sylvia L., 129 E. 1oth st., New York, N.Y. Fradenburgh, J ason N., Clarion, Pa Frame, LukeR., Depawville, N.Y. Frames (see Whitbread, Jennie L.). Corporation, pp. SX-54 Faculty, pp Non-~aduatea, pp , liiox

24 612 INDEX OF ALUMNI 2139 ' ' '99 (.a. s67 '82 m. 853 'So '89 g.a ' 'o3 3o!!8 'o ' '46 3o89 'o2 l.a. 387 '78 f.a ' '03 a ~ s. 198 '70 l.a ' 'o2 hon 'o 'o2 l.a '44 26o7 ' '81 m '81 g.a, 328o ' 'o2 3~81 'o3 612 '83 fa. 568 ' ' '86 l.a. ll38 ' '8<) l.a. 512 'Sr 700 '85 l.a 'o2 I.a. 'o3 g.a '92 l.a '52 m. 128<} ' '98 fa. I057 '92 f.a '99 l.a '95 fa '94 l.a ' 2532 '63 tn. 613 ' 'or l.a. PAGB Franklin, Benjamin. Frantz, Milton N., Box 712, Trenton, N.J. Friintz, Theresa, Canoga, N. Y.. 14, 272, :1o45 Fraser (see Logueu, Sarah M.). Frazee, A. Blair, 49 Clifford St., Rochester, N. Y Frazer or Fraser, james, Princeton, N... J Frazier, Robert, Mechanicville, N.Y. Freeborn, James F., Perryville, N. Y. sas Freeman, Margaret, Saratoga Springs, N. Y.. aox Freeman, Norman K Freer, jacob S. A. French, Edmund L., 729 Ostrom Ave., Syracuse, N.Y...4o, 67, aox *French, Ella I... 39, 73, xa4 French, John H.... French, john N, 8 Portsmouth Terrace, Rochester, N. Y.. aas French, Porter M., BPortsmouth Terrace, Rochester, N.Y. 17, 52, 58, 59, 63, French, Simeon S., Battle Creek, Mich. Frey, Adolph, 724 Ostrom Ave., Syracuse, N.Y.. 41, 73, 26o, xa4 Frey (see Van Tassel, Maude). Frink, Ada N., 1212 State St., Syracuse, N. Y.. 469, ~OI Frink, Amauda N., Bin~~:hamton, N. Y , ao" Frisbie, Daniel G. *Frisbie, W. L. Fry, john W., 100 N. State St., Syracuse, N. Y. Fry, Margaret S. Davidson (Mrs.), Evanston Ill. Fulkerson, Lynn L., Ingleside, N. Y. ""S Fulkerson, William T., Cohocton, N. Y. aoa Fuller, Frances L., Saranac Lake, N. Y. aas Fuller, Henry R., 122 E 24th 'St., New York, N.Y.... Fuller, Louis E., 105 S. Fitzhugh St., Rochester, N. Y. Fuller, Mabel J, (Whitmarsh), 122 Oak St., Binghamton, N.Y. Fuller, Mary A. (Fearon), Oneida, N.Y... Fuller, Melvin H., Gloversville, N.Y. Fuller (see Currey, Netta A.). Full<'r, Nettie G. (Leete), 907 Harrison St., Syracuse, N. Y. 64 Fuller, Reunnette E. (Boone), Macon, Ga. Fuller, William B., 704 University Ave., Syracuse, N.Y... Fulmer, Georgiana, 1017 E. Adams St., Syracuse, N.Y., 258, 270,469,.ao.a Fyfe, Charles W. Gage, Martin R., Sparta, Wis. Gager, Charles S., 347 Madison Ave., Albany, N.Y. 33 Gaggin, Alice E., Erie, Pa. Gaggin, Edwin H., 926 University Bldg., Syracuse, N. Y IS, xa4 Gaggin, Gertrude H., Erie, pa. :1:46 Gaggin, T. Walker, 926 University Bldg., Syracuse, N. Y... 2o, 73, ras Gaggio, Verner S., 5182 Liberty Ave., Pittsburg, Pa... Gallagher, Charles H., Slaterville Springs, N. Y.. Gallagher, William C., Slaterville Springs, N. Y. Gallinger (see Truair, Edith R.). *Galloway, Edward H. Gannett, Avery A., 101 Andes Ave., Geneva, N. Y. :1:79 Corporation, pp. SX-S4 Faculty, pp. 6g-Ss. Non-graduates, pp. soa-sss,

25 INDEX OF ALUMNI 6I '83 g.a '53 hon '98 m '95 I.a '91 I.a. 328'!, 'OJ I. 758 ' 'o2 I.a '98 I.a '95 hon '36 m. 109 ' 'So f.a ' '79 '82 g.a. '84 g.a '36 m 'o2 f.a. 422 '79 I.a. 423 '79 I.a. 4 '53 I.a 'o2 I.a. 424 ' ' ' '83 ' ' '97 45 ;~ I. m. I a. hon, 6r5 '83 I.a. 35 'SS I.a 'o 'o2 f.a. 425 '79 176o 'So g.a. 3o98 ' '76 I.a. '79 g a. 262 ' '78 '82 g.a '41 Gardiner, Charles A., 581 Fifth Ave. New York, N.Y. Gardiner, Thomas C. Gardner, Charles F., West Hampton Beach, L. I., N.Y. Gardner, Geor11e W., 242 Montgomery St., Jersey City, N.J.. Gardner, John A., Cameron, N. Y... Gardner, John T., Baldwinsville, N.Y. 1.1:15 Gardner, Kate I. (Cooke), 1105 E. Harrison St., Syracuse, N. Y. Gardner, Mary G., Wellsville, N.Y. aoa Garlock, Jane B., Winchell Hall, Syracuse, N. Y. Gates (see St. Jolin, Adelia). Gates, David W., Rutland, Vt... Gates, Horatio S Gates, John C., Waterloo, Ia. Gates, Mary E., Tacoma, Wash 399 Gates, Ransom T. Gaudern (see Pitts, Lucia R.). Gavit (see Hulst, Katherine). Gearhart, Edmund B., 62 N. 6th St., Newark, N. J. *Geer, Oliver P. George, Ernest F I Manlius, N. y 0 aoa *George, Inez M. (Dutro). Geor2:e, Nelli~ L. (Hollett), 216 E. 33d St., Chicago, Ill George, William T., Kirkville, Mo Gere, Charlotte F., 514 Montgomery St., Syracuse, N. Y. 27c, 469, aoa *Gere, Daniel C. Gere, Ebenezer, Chemung, N. V. Gere, Helen E., Belle Isle, N. Y. 270 Gere, Robert H., ns E. Beard Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. Gere, W1lliam A., Solvay, N. Y... Gere, William}. F. Gibbard, Isaac, 6o6 West Ave., Rochester, N.Y.. 58, 290 Gibbs, Judson s Linden St., Los Angeles, Cal. Gibson (see Cowles, Bessie M.). *Gibson, John S :. Gibson (see Lake, Nellie). Gibson, Otis L Giffin, Don E., 626 Cass St., LaCrosse, Wis. Giffin, F rederick. Gifford (see Seager, Harriet S.). *Gifford, Harry, Jr. Gifford, JamesM. Gifford, Thomas C. Gilbert (see Holden, Bertha). Gilbert, Ida A. (Houghton), Towanda, Pa ' 389 Gilbert, James M., 905 Walnut Ave., Syracus~. N.Y. 36, 44, 56, 67, 343, 351, 352, 425, 429 Gilbert (see Hogoboom, Kate E). Giles, Arthur H., 1231 Howard St. N.W.,Washington, D. C. 430,431 Giles (see Bissell, May G.). Glleson, William. :us aoa Corporation, pp. SJ:-54 Faculty, pp Non-~:raduatea, pp

26 569 '82 f.a ' '91 111, 904 ' ' 701 '8s 2533 ' 'so 2023 '4t 2525 ' '03 l ' ' '78 m ' 'so 2594 ' '92 l.a '98 m. 18o6 '54 hon '92 hot~ ' ' ' 'o2 f.a. 263 '75 '78 g.a. u22 '94 f.a '99 f.a ' '6o 'o3 9 ' ' ' ' ' '98 I '91 l.a ' g.a. '97 g.a ' g.a, '97 g.a ' ' 'CIO 1292 '96 l a. 27}5 'oo l.a '82 hon. INDltX OF ALUMNI Gilger, Caroline I. (Spicer), 1121 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N.Y. 386 Gilkesou, Benjamin F., Rochester, N. Y... Gilkison, Elizabeth C. Gillard, Joseph L., Wolcott, N.Y. Gillett, Charles. Gillette, Alice C., Metropolis City, Ill. Gillette, G. Collins. Gillette, john. Gillies (see-smith, Martha E.). Gilmau, John. Gilmore, J. H. Ginsberg (see Goldman, Ida E.). Gladman, Clifford L.. Fulton, N. Y. :illl5 Glass, Claribel,(Blossom); 116 South Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. 43, 469, aa6 *Glauner, Frederick.... "Glauner, Mary V. Adams (Mrs.).... Glazer, Marcus L., Flemington, N.J. 33 Glen nan, Patrick.... Godfrey, Charles P., Cayuta, N.Y.... Goebel, Otto, 227 Sedgwick St., Syracuse, N. Y. *Goers, George F.. Gaertner, Nicholas W., Philadelphia, Pa.... Goetchius, Percy, Steinert Building, Boston, Mass. Goff, Peter H. D. *Goldman, Ida E. (Ginsberg).... Golley, Angeline C., Whitesboro, N. Y , 226 Goodale, Elizabeth H., Richfield Springs, N. Y. 203 Goodier, Erastus W., Dighton, Mass.. 343, 351, 353 Goodjon, F. M. Andrews (Mrs.), 309 Buffalo St., Fulton, N. Y. Goodrich, Mattie P. (Hoyt), 4 Camp St., Barre, Vt. 14, 1:46 Go~dwin, Clarence N., 300 City Hall, Chicago, Ill Goodwin, Clinton E., Hospital of the Good Shepherd, Syracuse, N.Y.. 26, 28, 41, 226, 247, 458, 459, 464, x6a *Goodwin, George B. Goodwin, George S. Goodwin, Montgomery M., 5 Franklin St., Haverhill, Mass Goodyear, Bradley. Gordon, John R., Minneapolis, Minn Gordon,.,Matthew W., Montpelier, Vt. Goreth (see Taylor, Austiana E.). Gareth, Frank W., Walnut Ave., E. Orange, N.J.. 27, 62, 63, 68 *Gosnell, James Gosnell, Sylvia Foote (Mrs.), Rowley St., Rochester, N.Y.... Goss, john C. *Gott, Francis D.... Gould (see Disbrow, Elizabeth M.). Gould, Susan A., Seneca Falls, N. Y. Goulding, Emily J., 422 Midland Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Gowing, Helen L., 6oS Danforth St., Syracuse, N.Y. Gracey, John T., 177 P~arl St., Rochester, N. Y. Graham (see Dodson, Cora M.) '83 hon. Graham, Henry, 5 N. Pine Ave., Albany, N.Y.. 52,66 Corporation, pp. SI-44 Faculty, pp Non-graduates, pp. 5< x62 x6a

27 INDEX OF ALUMNI 6rs '459 '97 Graham, Jeanette F. (Statham), Granville, N. Y. Graham (see Woodin. Laura L. N. ) '97 Graham, Sarah N. (Bowerman), care Public Library, Washington, D.C.. 19, 21, 73, to6, 256, 270, J:"'7 '99 g.a. Ii39 '93 Graham, William P., sot University Pl., Syracuse, N.Y. 27, 31, 33, 36, 73, 87. J:37 21g8 '45 Granger, Locke '51 Graves, Edward. 301 '76 *Graves, J. H '47 Graves, Lewis '48 Gray, Calvin S '6I *Gray, Charles C 'o1 I. Gray, George W., 4o8 Cortland Ave., Syracuse, N. Y '44 Gray, Henry M... 'go Green, Adaline E., South Hadley, Mass J: '44 *Green, Caleb. 571 '82 f. a. Green, Carrie E., Rushville, N. Y. 148 '66 I.a. *Green, Cassius H Green (see Nye, Edith A.). 27 'oo Green, Edward A., Haverford, Pa.. 17, t S, :rc5 572 '82 Green, Frank H., Homer, N.Y '02 Green, Helen, Keyport, N.J '59 m. Green, Henry H., Paine's Hollow, N.Y '35 m. *Green, Horace 's6 Green, Mary (Wood), Westbury, N. Y '9S Green, Mary W., 57 Prospect St., W. New Brighton, N. Y '59 Green, Richard E. 470 'So I.a. Green, Theron R., Mansfield, Pa.. 14, 18, 54 Greene (see Clark, Alice E.). Greene (see Webster, Anna B.) '91 g.a. '92 g.a. Greenman, Almon W., Buenos Ayres, S. A '46 *Gregor, Alexander R '85 hon. Gregory, Gilbert H 'oo 'o2 I. Gregory, jay L., Binghamton, N. Y.. 203, 247' 469. :rc5 Gregory (see jackman, Sarah L.). I8go '94 hon. Griffin, Austin, Oneonta, N. Y. 147 '66.Griffin, GeorgeS. 2<ti '74 m. Griffin, j. A '83 *Griffin, Mary E '73 Griffin, Milton]., Mitchell, S. Dak , '67 hon. Griffith, Ezra H...,... Plattsburgh, N. Y.... C 'oo hon. Grismer, Charles V., 2239 '46 Grisson, Satnuet '45 Griswold, Gaylord F. ' '46 Griswold, Walter R '95 Groat, George G., 6o6 W. n5th St., New York, N. Y. ''.. 33!461 '97 f. a. N.Y.. Groat, Jessie A. (Richardson), 333 Halsey St., Brooklyn, 1462 '97 I.a. 'oo Groat, William A., 107 Shonnard ~ St., Syracuse, N. Y.. 73.!62, 247. ug 1567 'gs Grossman, Jacob M., 520 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N.Y. 93 '62 Grove, Francis M., Hartford, Mich '95 f. a. Guernsey, Helen M. (Sprague) N. Broad St.,:Galesburg, lll. Corporation, pp. 5X S4 Faculty, pp. C!g-85. Non-graduates, pp

28 1140 ' '84 f.a ' 'or 'o2 g.a '46 m. 703 '85 f.a. 471 'So l.a '82 f.a '67 m '68 m '92 l.a. Il41 ' '99 l.a '95 f.a '94 j.a 'oo I.a. r8rg '6r!ton '41 m. 759 '86 l.a '03 I.a. Il42 '93 l.a 'or l.a 'or l ' '65 l.a 'oo hon 'o3 l.a. 952 'go f.a. to6r '92 f.a. '93 l.a. '96 g.a. 426 ' ' ' 'o2 IIO ' 63 I.a. 704 '85 f.a. to62 ' 92 l.a ' ' '67 /,a '42 11t '96 f.a 'o3 I ' '82 l.a. 264 ' ' '6r 3103 'o2 a.s. 302 '76 l.a. INDEX OF ALUMNI Guernsey, Miriam A. (Mix), 10 Essex St., Cliftondale, Mass. 33, 73, x~6 Guibault, Ruth E., Cazenovia, N.Y.... Guile, (see Bush, Amelia G.). Guilfoyle, Frank J., 115 N. I,owell Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Gunn, Blanche E., 308 Park Ave., Warren, , 270,:179 '*-Gunu, Moses. "Gutsell, Betsey Jane (Loughmiller). Gutsell, Hiram S., Ithaca, N.Y Gutsell, (see Squire, Ida A.). Guy, Ezekiel, Harpersville, N.Y. Guy, James D., Chenango Forks, N. Y. Gwynn, Genevra (Wiley),1700 S. Salina St., Syracuse, N.Y. 33 "Gwynn, Gratia (Hoyt). Haanel, Benjamin F., Ottawa, Can. :1.46 Haanel, Florence E., Ottawa, Ca n...74, 272, :1~7 Haanel, Grace D.. ottawa, Can Hagadorn, Damon A., Manorkill, N. Y. x6a Hagany, john B. Hagar, Abner. Hagenuan, Wilhehnine (Horrocks), Herkimer, N. Y Hahl, Charles A., 82 Monroe St., Buffa lo, N.Y. aa6 Haig~, George H., 322 Baldwin St., Elmfra, N. Y. 33 Haight, George M., Onondaga Valley, N.Y.. 270, I79 Haight, Leonard T., 530 University Block, Syracuse, N.Y... Halbert, Marcellus L., Cincinnatus, N. Y. *Hale, Lemoyne A. (Hoose).... H aley, Joseph l'., 39 Pine St., Portland, Me. 38, 74, 179, I34 Haley, Leon F., 204 Hawley Ave., Syracuse, N.Y... 21, 38, Haley, Mark A., 933 S. State St., Syracuse, N.Y. Hall, Albert E., Troy, Pa. Hall, Albert L., 214 Oneida St., Fulton, N. Y. *Hall, Alfred Hall, Cyrenius. Hall, Eddie D., Brewerton, N.Y. 803 *Hall, Edwin W. 344 H all, Elizabeth M. (Willis). Chatham, Va. Hall, Ella M., North Bolton, N.Y. Hall, FrankL., Elmwood Park. N.Y. Hall, George N., Binghan1ton, N. Y. H a ll, James W., 28o6 Thomas St., St. Louis, Mo. *Hall, John H. Hall, Mae E. (Smith), 5 W. 102<1 St., New York, N. Y... Hall, Merchant B., Oneida, N. Y. ::1186 Hall, Nettie C., Richfield Springs, N Y. ~03 *Hall, Newton 2d. Hall, Owen C., Whitney Point, N. Y. *Hall, Samuel. Hall, Watson C. Hall, William A., 810 E. Fayette St., Syracuse, N. Y. 803 Hall, William H., Parish, N. Y.. 38g, 402 Corporation, pp. $I S4 Faculty, PP 69-Ss. Non-graduates, PP SO~ S88,

29 NO ' '4I 3104 ' ' ' '03 a.s. 156) '98 I. a. 760 '86 'o1 hon '4 I 5'5 '81 fa ' '90 [.a 's6 m 'or I. a 'oo '01 (.a '86 g. a. 954 '90 I464 '97 f. a. 344' 'o2!ton. 667 '84 t63 ' '86 g.a. 24II ' ' ' ' '93 /.a ' '95 '96 g.a. 129 ' '03 1!1 ' '8o fa ' '98 I. 28oo 'oo 3105 'o '85 g.a '44 m '44 1/l, 854 ' '94 fa. 8ss '88 f. a. 390 '78 I.a ' '72 I.a. lnde:ll: OF ALtJMNl 617 Hall, William P., Jr., Earlville, N. Y. Hallenbeck (see Hollenbeck). Halliday, Merrill Halsey, Wtlliam McD., Jr., Ellisburg, N.Y. Ham, Hffa Z., Crawford, N. J *Hamill, john R Hamilton, Burke C., Cicero, N. Y , aa6 aoa aa6 H amilton, Charles Edward, Hill View, N. Y Hamilton, Charles Elbert, 65 N. Fitzhugh St., Rochester, N.Y. 27, a64 Hamilton, Dewitt C Hami!to:1 (see Forman, Georgia U.). Hamilton, Ida M. (Munsell) Hawthorne Ave., Chicago, Ill. 386, 399 Hamilton, john A., 7 North St., North Adams, Mass.. Hantliu, Edith W., t5ii Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Hammond. Caleb H Hammond, Carolyn A., Mount Vernon, N.Y... Hammond, Franklyn P., 8t Wall St., New York, N.Y. Harnmond, Gilbert R..... *Hantmond, Lena C. (Bank s) Hammond (see Lowell, I.izzie L.). Hamson, Lucy L., \~ir g inia College, Roanoke, Va. H anaburgh, David H., Carntel, N. Y... Hanchett, Reuben C., 426 S. Warren St., Syracuse, N. Y. R anchette, Sara M. (Hunt). Evanston, I ll Hancock (see Shepard, Louise V.). Hancock, 'fheodore E., 1406 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. Hanly, Robert A Hanna, Williant N., Kendall Creek, Pa.... Hannahs, Lucius Hanor, Welcome A., Caton, N. Y...,... Harbach, Harry 0., Eyota, Minu Harbottle, Ada V. (Taylor), 1417 Henderson St., Columbia, S. C. Harbottle, Anna M., 142 Garfield Ave., Syracuse, N. Y... 1: , 247, :r6a a65 74, U5 a.a6 Hard (see Stowell, Celia A.). Hard, Clark P., Curran, Ill.. ~ Hard, Irma W., Oneida, N.Y , aa6 *Hard, Manley S , 44, 52 Hardee, Charlotte N., West Chester, Pa Harding, john R., Kings Park, N. Y Harding, William H., 107 White St., Syracuse, N. Y... Hargitt, Frank W., 48 W. 17th St., New York, N.Y x63 Hargill, George T., 73 Hooker Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y , 74, 203, 467, na Harlow, \Villiam B., Kibbe, Conn H a rntau, John J Harnden, Daniel D., Schenectady, N.Y Harrington, Cora A. (Out), u8 Sabine St., Syracuse, N.Y..,. Harrington, Genevieve A., no4 E. Adams St., Syracuse, N.Y. H a rrington, Minnie B., 1104 E. Adams St., Syracuse, N.Y. Harris, Edward L., 34 Fifth Ave., Cleveland, Harris, Harlin A., St. Joseph's Hospital, SyracuSe, N. Y , aa7 Harris, Henry 0., Doylestown, Pa , 344 Corporation, pp. 51:-54. Faculty, pp Non-graduates, pp

30 6r '02 I.a 'sr m 'or 2145 ' # 705 '85 I.a. '92 g.a. '93 g.a. 761 ' '79 fa ' '99 l.a '46 m ' ' '96 f.a ' 'oo 2930 'or I.a. 28o2 'oo a.s '98 28o3 oo fa. 28o4 'oo 268o 'Q9 346 ' '74 m 'or tn ' ' '03 I ' '77 'So 348 '77 fa. 516 ' ' ' '94 '98 I '70 8s6 '88 II9 ' ' '46 8os 'oo l.a ' '55 INDEX OF ALUMNI Harris, Homer W., Rome, N. Y.. 270, 2.57 Harris, james 0. Harris, janet N., 409 Broadway, New York, N. Y. X79 Harris; joel. Harris (see McEckron, Mae R.). Harris, Samuel G., 78 N. Washington St., Tarrytown, N.Y Harris, William L., Deposit, N. Y. Harrison, Eva L., 135Shurtleff St., Chelsea, Mass. Harrison, Freeman P. Hart, Anna R., 69 Hancock St., Bo~ton, Mass. Hart, Henry W. *Hart, Ingraham r. Hart, Lasher, Rome, N. Y. Hart, Lawson D. (Peck), 303 Luzerne Ave., W. Pittston, Pa. Hartel, William, Oswego, N. Y.. 41, X46 Harvey, Clyde L., Hoosick Falls, N. Y. 19, 470, x63 Harvey, Frederick M., Boston Univ., Boston, Mass.. 26, 468, X79 Harvie (see Foote, Estelle L.). Harvie, William j., 463 Blandina St., Utica, N. Y. Hasbrook, Minnie B., Skaneateles,. NY. Hasbrouck, Martha H., Smethport, Pa. Hasbrouck, Mary j., 6o4 S. Salina St., Syracuse, N.Y. Hasbrouck, William L., care Barton Bros., Kansas City, Mo. Hatch, Caroline A., 1520 Grape St., Syracuse, N.Y. *Hatch, Horace F. Hatch, Trafton LeRoy, King Ferry, N. Y. Hathaway, Otis P. Hatmaker (see Cushing, Kate). Hau~nstein, John, 309Eimwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Haughton, Alanson C., Lassellsville, N. Y. Hause, Lewis K. Haven, Alfred C., Lake Forest, Ill. Haven (see Haywood, Elizabeth F.). Hav~n. Frances E. (Moss), Urbana, Ill. 74, 163, 270,470 xo8 Haven. Th~odor~ W., Harveyville, Pa.. 19,399 Haviland, Clarence F., Ward's Island, New York, N.Y. Haviland, Frank R., Manhattan St. Hospital, East Ward's Is- X46 x8o land, N.Y.... a 7 Haviland (s~e West, Mabel E.). Hawkins, D~lmer E., 310 Walnut Pl., Syracuse, N.Y. Hawkins, Francis, Sullivanville, N. Y. Hawkins (see Wardweli,Helen M.). Hawkins, Herbert H., Hamilton, N. Y. 19, 27, , 48, 74. g6 Hawkins. james G., North Bloomfield, 0. Hawkins, Watson S., Waterville, N. Y.. 44, 393, 430, 431, 433 Hawkins, William B. Hawks, BessieM...19, 468, 163 Hawks, Ruth V., Phoenix, N.Y.... ao4 *Hawley, Augustine B. Corporation, pp. 5X-54 Faculty, pp Non-Jrraduatea, pp

31 INDEX OF ALUMNI 6r ! q >81 5X7 X X o X x9q8 8xo 1o X Io X X '94 f. a. '93 m. '45 '98 I. '70 m. '4X '79 f. a. 'ox I.a. '9X m. '64 '67 '97 I.a. 'oo g.a. '52 m. '99 '81 '97 '67 m. '03 hon. '02 I.a. '82 I.a. '82 m. 'o3 I. '85 'ox l.a. '89 g.a. '03 I.a. '66 '8x m. '74 'ot '97 hon. '87 '92 I. a. '81 m. '94 I.a. "38 m. 'ss '02 '99 f. a. '59 hon. '97 I. 'q!l I. '43 '03 I. '99 I. '37 Hawley, Carl T., ~03 University Ave., Syracutie, N. Y., 20, 38, 45, 74, x~~ Hawley, Hira m B., 1100 N. Salina St., Syracuse, N. Y. Hay, George C Hayden, Myron J., 901 Avery Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. Haye, Philetus A., Afton, N. Y. Hayne, Marcus S *Haywood, Elizabeth F. (Haven).... Hazeltine, Alice I., 6 Granger Pl., Buffalo, N.Y.. 470, ISO Hazen (see Pember, Celestia M.). Head, George T., 107 W. Kennedy St., Syracuse, N. Y. Heaton, Carlton R., Owego, N. Y.. Heaton, John K Hebard (see Congdon, Laura S.). Hebblethwaite, Robert C., Rose, N. Y lll57 Hedden, Ambrose S Hedrick (see Countryman, Edith F.). Heerntans, Minnie F.: 58 West 105th St., New York, N.Y. 12, 62, 63, 470, I46 Heffron, John L., 528 S. Salina St., Syracuse, N. Y X, 52, 58, 59, 74, 87, H4 Heiman, Mark, sao Madison St., Syracuse, N.Y. 74, x o Heinze (see Mcintyre, Grace E.). Heist, Wi:liam H., Townsend, N. Y..... Held, Ernst, 129 Burnet Ave., Syracuse, N.Y...283, 287, 288, 340, 266 Helfer, Philetus M., Marathon, N. Y.. "104 Hemenway, Frank W., Zionsville, Ind.... *Henckel, Emil Henderson, Harvey N., 401 Kirk Block, Syracuse, N.Y. ~a7 Henderson, Hiram H., Ogden, Utah Henderson, Jennie A., Ridgewood, N.J x8o Henderson, Johnson, Pictou, N. S Henderson, RoyalL., Nyack, N. Y , 227, na Hennessey, Daniel, Bangor, M~.... Hennessy, William J., Palmyra, N.Y. Henry, Asa G., Cortland, N.Y Henry (see Rhodes, CoraM.). Henry, William J., Grantwood, N. J.. 13, 17, 270, ISO Herben, Stephen J., 57 Washington St., Chicago, Ill.. Herman, Charles W., Fairville, N.Y Herman, Ernest F., Cascilla 89 Concepcion, Chile, S. A.. Herriman, Menzo W., 330 Stein way Ave., Long Island City, N.Y. Herron, Schuyler F., Northampton, Mass Hess, Henry H He s. Orton H Hewitt (see Brown, Alice). H ewitt, Katherine N., 6x2 McBride St., Syracuse, N.Y "104 Hey, G eorge W., Jr., x2x N. 25th St., Billings, Mont , :1:46 *Hibbard, Freeborn G Hickey, Johu J. B.. 3<2 Tompkins St., Syracuse, N.Y Hickok, Eugene H., Norwich, N. Y Hicks, Marvin D Higbee, Irving J., x8q~ S. Salina St., Syracuse, N.Y.. Higbee, L. Earl, 609 Catharine St., Syracuse, N. Y... Higgins, John D Corporation, pp.,5:1:.54 Faculty, pp Non-graduates, pp

32 303 ' ' '97 I.a. 857 '88 I.a. 619 '83 I.a. 217 '72 l.a ' '6o 2o6o ' '95 I a. 12,30 '94 l.a 'or 'o2 g.a. 123r ' 'o '03 I ' 'o1 I. 130 '65 28c6 'oo l.a. 76 '61 I.a. 905 '89 28o7 'oo f.a ' '02 f.a '95 28 ' '75 '79 f.a. 576 ' ' 'So I.a 'o1 474 ' So 77 ' 'or l.a '97 f.a ' ' '97 28o8 'oo 1774 '59 hon 'oo m. INDEX OF ALUMNI Higham, jane S., Rome, N. Y. 44 Hildreth, Edna, 110 Harrison St., Syracuse, N.Y.. 12,270,470, X47 Hill, Charles B.. Rangoon, Burma, India.. Hill, Edward E., 5411 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, Hill, Everard A., 1905 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. Hill, Henry M., ro Sibley Place, Rochester, N. Y Hiller (see Root, Lillian B.). Hiller, GraceS., 2!4 Crown St., New Haven, Conn. Hilliard, E. D Hillman, Levi C. Hills, Anna M. (Randolph), 236 Lancaster Ave., Lancaster, Pa. Hillyer, J. Blake, 23 Tompkins Ave. New Brighton, N. Y Hilts, Carrie A., Cape Vincent, N.Y., 26, 74, t8o, 204, 247, 257, 270, 468, :rob Hinkley, Milicent A., 713 Irving Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Hinman, Dana B., Diughan1ton, N.Y. 25, :r8o Hinman, Grove W., 116 Kellogg St., Syracuse, N. Y Hinman, Sylvester P Hinterntister, Williatn 0., 8ro E. Fayette St., Syracuse, N. Y.. :r8o Hitchcock, Benjatnin F., Avon, N. Y Hitchcock, Charles F., Sodus, N. Y.. Hitchcock,Julius C., Sodus, N. Y. Hitchcock (see Arnold, Lorainah E.). Hitchcock, Lyman P., 2009 Santa Clara Ave., A1atneda, Cal. 27 Hitchcock, Myra F., 380 W. 8th Ave., Columbus, 0... x63 Hobart, Grace A. (Clark), s W. Lake Ave., Auburn, N. Y. Hocke nberry, Raymond N., 426 Taylor Ave, Allegheny, Pa Hodder (see Boomer, Mabel E.). Hodge(see Hurlbut, Jessie W.). Hodge (see Rich, Ella :vi.). Hodge, Williatn B., Glenside, Pa.. '*Hogoboom, Harmon S. *Hogoboom, Kate E. (Gilbert).. 343, 456 Hogoboom (see Bain, Susan M.). Holden, Bertha {Gilbert), 905 Walnut Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 44 -Holden, Charles D , 430 Holden, Eloise (Nottingham), 701 Walnut Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. 21, 39, 44, s6, 396 Holden, Fox, Oiean, N. Y.. Holden (see Yeomans, Mabel). Holden, Raleigh W., Honeoye Falls, N. Y. 47o, z8o Hold<n, Willis A., 519 W. Onondaga St., Syracuse, N. Y. 34, , 52, 59, 67, 87, , 431 Holland, Sarah M. (Ellery), Chelsea, Mass Hollenbeck, Albert H., I16 W. Kenn.edy St., Syracuse, N. Y Hollenbeck, Earl, 617 Walnut Ave.,.Syracuse, N. Y.. 34, 38, 75, Hollenbeck (see Telfer, Margaret A.). Hollett, Edward L., 84 I,asalle St., Chicago, Ill. Hollett (see George, Nellie L.). Hollett, Rhoderick P., 216 E. 33d St., Chicago, Ill. Hollis, Anna J., Sandy Creek, N. Y. Hollis, Starr Clarence, Belleville, N. Y. =*'Hotlis, William H. *Hollister, Floyd F. 430 x8x U9 Corpot"atl9n, pp. 51:-54, Faculty, P Non-craduates, pp,

33 1232 '94 25 ' '90 hon. 707 '85 8u '87 '88 g.a. '90 g.a ' 'oo 812 ' '88 '88 g.a ' ' '46 tn. 78 '61 '72 hon ' ' '79 I.a. 520 '81 I.a. 1~5 ' ' '5';' '794 '75 hon 'oa 2559 ' ' 'o2 l.a. 350 ' 'So 20<)8 ' '95 'oi 186 '69 '82 g.a. '87 hon. 795 '75 hon '95 g.a. 3n2 ' ' ' ' '93 fa '02 f.a '03 hon 'o1 521 '81 JNDEX OF ALUMNI Holmes, Ada C., Frauklinville, N. Y. Holmes, Daniel, Brockport, N. Y. Holmes, Nicholas H., Braddock, Pa. Holmes, W. New_ton, 142 Patent Office, Washington, D.C. Holzwarth, Franklin J., 301 Waverly Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. 9, 16, 17, 28, 30, 44, 46, 56, 67, 75, 9x Honsinger (see Vernon, Evalina). Honsinger, FrederickS., 803 University Block, Syracuse, N. Y. Honsinger, Welthy B., Englewood, N. J. Hooker, Dewitt S., Penn Yan, N.Y. Hooker, Henrietta E., South Hadley, Mass. Hook way, Clara G. (Dunhant), Canisteo, N.Y Hoole, John P., Cato, N. Y. *Hoornbeek, Philip D. Hoose, James H., Pasadena, Cal... 57, 58, 323, 383 Hoose (see Hale, Lemoyne A.). Hoose, Lena L. (Markham), 200 W. Beard Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. *Hopkins, D. Stewart. Hopkins, Frank, 519 E. Willow St., Syracuse, N. Y... Hopkins, Lazell R., Weedsport, N. Y. Hopkins (see Smith, Mary A.). *Hopkins, Thomas B Horner, William H., St. Louis, Mo. Horning, Nelson, Corning, N. Y.. *Horr, Elijah, Jr. Horrocks (see Hagerman" Wilhelmine). I64 Horton, Arthur R., Lima, N.Y , ll04 "Horton, George F.., Horton, Truman C. Hoskins, Clara E., 17 Hatuilton.Ave., Auburn, N.Y. Hoskins, Edward C., Spencer, N. Y. *Hotchkiss, David H. *Houghton, Douglass. Houghton, Harris A., Bayside, L. I, N.Y. x8x Houghton (see Gilbert, Ida A.). Houghton, Oscar A., Towanda, Pa "Houghton, Ross C.. *Houghton, Susan Ayres (Mrs.). House, Homer D., Bedford Park, New York, N. Y. House, Peter R. House, Spencer G. Hovey, Bleecker L., 36 N. Fitzhugh St., Rochester, N.Y. *Hovey, Kate E. (Tracy) Howard, Clarence E., 365 Manhattan Ave., New York, N.Y. Howard (see Boomer, Ella L.) Howard, E. H., State Hospital, Rochester, N.Y Howard, Elva L., 3o8 Kellogg St., Syracuse, N.Y. *Howard, Frederick H.... '3 Howe (see Sheldon, Anna B.). I47 ll04 <ISO.( li6i xsx Corporation, pp. SI S-4 Faculty, pp Non-graduates, pp

34 622 INDE X OF ALUMNI N o '77 g.a '98 fa..<.77 '82 /.a ' ' '39 m. II47 '93 94 ' ' ' 76 /.a '03 II2 ' ' 'o3 3 II4 'o2 I.a ' 'o3 hon. 250I ' ' 'oz I.a : 'or I.a ' '6s m 'oi I. 36 ' 'oo fa. u48 '93 6zo '83 I. a 'or 1576 '98 m. 244 ' ' '38 m. 16go '89 g.a. 173 '68 I.a 'o1 174 '68!.a ' '92 g.a. I 736 '68 hon. '74 hon. '99 h01t '94 hon. 305 ' '43 m '03 h on. 150 '66 I.a. *Ho we, Charles L. F... Howe, Horace H., 572 Classon Ave., Breoklyn, N.Y... 13, 430,431 Howe, Leon B., 208 Woodland Ave., Syracuse, N. Y.. 36, 75, X38 Howe, Olin 1!... Kelloggsvi!le, N. Y. Howlett (see Knight, Edith L.). *Hoyt, Charles S. H oyt (see G wynn, Gratia). Hoyt, Henry A., \Va tertown, N.Y. Hoyt, James M. Hoyt (see Van Winkle, Mabel A.). Hoyt (see Goodrich, Mattie Phebe). Hoyt, 0smon P., Hillsdale, N. Y. Hubbard, Augusta~. (Bla keslee), Cazenovia, N. Y. Hubbard, Harvey~. 27 William St., New York, N.Y. *Hubbell, E lizabeth G. (Shults) , 403 Hubble, Annie E., De Ruyter, N.Y. Hudson, Charles G., Los Angeles, Cal. *Hudson, Daniel *Huebner (see Townsend, Grace E.). Huestis, Leon D., Semet Solvay Co., Milwaukee, Wis...470, ll05 ""' Huff, Lydia G., 105 Ostrander Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. Huff, Minor T. Hughes, Edwin H., Green Castle, Ind. *Hug hey, Lyman Hulbert, Newell E., R. F. D. 2, Conneaut,:O. Hull, I,ulu N., Granville, N.Y. ll05 Hulst, F ra ncis A., :;19 Orange St., Syracuse, N.Y , x8x Hulst, Katherine (Gavit), 41 Elberon Place, Albany, N.Y.. 66 "ilumpbrey, C. L. Humphrey, H erbert D., u6 Bastable Block, Syracuse, N.Y.. x8x Humphrey, Stephen. Hunt, Adeline B., 1500 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y... 36, 75, 164, xao Hunt, Arthur E., M anual Training H. S., Brooklyn, N. Y. Hunt (see Rolison, Auzella C.). Hunt, EdwardS., Adams, N. Y. Hunt, Fay R., Boston University, Boston, Mass.. :r8x Hunt, Frederick A., E. N.Y. Reformatory, Napanoch, N.Y. Hunt, Herman D., Preble, N,'. Y Hunt, Hiram W., Federalsburg, Md... Hunt, John S... Hunt, L eigh R., Corning, N. Y. Hunt, Ralph, Evanston, Ill. Hunt (see R a nchette, Sarah M.). Hunt, Sidney E., Maine, N. Y. Hunt, William W., Freetown, N.IY. Hunter, Jatnes, Jr. Hunter, \Villia m J., Montreal, Can. Hunting ton, Dewitt c:. University Place, Neb. *Huntington, F redenck D Huntington, Herbert, Canandaigua, N. Y.. 44, 402 H unting ton, Wales :\1:. Huntington, Wn1. Edward, Newton Center, Mass. ~67 Huntley, Elias D., 305 B. St., S. E., Washington, D.C. Corporation, pp. 5X-S4 Faculty, pp Non-eraduatee, pp III a6i

35 218 ' ' ' ' ' ' 'Q5 86o '88 3II6 '02 1oo6 '91 '92 1o66 ' '84 17S3 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 77 1o67 '92 29 ' ' '67 ' ' '' 'oo 1302 ' 'o ' '47 76 ' ' '45 3Il7 'o 1236 ' ' ' '03 10 ' ' ' ' ' ' '9'1 II49 '93 611: '83 138o ' 1578 '98 I.a. llo,.. f. a. I. f. a. (.a. llo... hon. I.a.!Jon. I.a. I.a. llon.!jon. hon. I.a. I. hon. m. I. a. I.a. f. a. I.a. f. a. INDEX OF AI.UMNI PAGB Huntley, Mary L. (Mathews), Watkins, N.Y , 344 Huntoon, Alberta, Canandaigua, N. Y., Huntoon, Lena, Canandaigua, N. Y. Hurd, Edward H..... Hurd, HenryS..... Hurlbut, Jesse L., South Orange,'N. J. Hurlbut, Jessie w. (Hodge), Glenside, Pa. Hiirlimann, Leonie Hurst, Irving E., II4 Davis St., Syracuse, N. Y. ll05 Husted, Frank S., So Howard St., Everett, Mass. Husted, Myra I., 285 Park St., Pasadena, Cal. "Husted, Nathaniel C Hutchings, Cicero M Hutchings, Elmer E, Cardiff, N. Y..... Hutchings, George E., 512 Bear St., Syracuse, N. Y Hutchins, Dennison P Hutchinson, Bennett W., Gowanda, N. Y Hutchinson, Charles X., 379 Fifteenth Ave., Paterson, N. J.. Hutchinson, Loring S , 390 Hutchinson (see Eastwood, Ruth A.). Hutchinson, Sherburn C., Dighton, Mass. Hutchison (see Loomis, Mary S.). Hutton, Henry H., Passaic, N. J.... "Hyatt, Emma L. (Murphy) Hyde, Ammi B., University Park, Colo. 335 a64 Hyde, Miles G., 7 West 1o2d St., New York, N. Y Hyde, William D., Brunswick, Me Hydon, William M., Rome, N. Y , x64 H ynes, Harriette A., 145 Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. Ide, Edwin C., o6 Comstock Ave., Sy racuse, N. Y. xsa Ingalsbe, Oscar F Ingersoll, John, Jr Ingham, John A., Irvington-on Hudson, N. Y.. 19 Irie, George K Irwin, James...., Irwin, Theodore, Oswego, N. Y ll05 Ives (see Sawyer, Bertha S.). Ives, Julia I. (Messenger), 33 Grove St., Auburn, N. Y :. Ives, William H., 301 W. 109th, St., New York, N. Y. 62 Izer, George W., Allegheny, Pa Jackman, Herbert E., Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich aas Jackman, Sarah L. (Gregory), Marilla, N. Y Jackson, Aaron M Jackson, Alexander G., Margaretville, N. Y :<Sa Jacobs, Elliott Jacobs, PhilipP., 15 Elm St., Binghamton, N. Y , 470, aa8 Jacobson, Nathan, 430 S. Salina St., Syracuse, N.Y., 20, 28, 56, 75, n5 Jacoby, Mabel E. {Johnson), ns Comstock Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 14, 75, 147, 272, xas Ja kway, William H., 135 Wood Ave., s y racuse, N. Y... Ja mison, John D., 2242 San Jost! Ave., Alameda, Cal.... Janes, Charlotte M., 6o Beuna Vista Ave., Yonkers, N. Y Ja nes, Elizabeth M. (Dann), Turner, N. Y..... Corporation, pp. 51:-54 Faculty, pp lll"on-.raduatee, pp

36 2947 'ox I.a '99 I. II '54 I.a. '75 g.a '93 g.a ' 'So l.a 'oo Z.a. 266 ' ' '90 l.a. 906 '89 f.a. 3n8 'o2 l.a. 33o6 'o3 Z.a '99 l ' 'q '99 l.a. nso '93 f.a '43 2ll14 'oo l.a. 7oS ' '35 5 '53 Z.a '03 z. 1o68 '92 33o8 '03 I 'ox Z. 709 '85 f.a. >I5I ' 'o2 l.a '73 Jl.a. 1o69 '92 f.a. 710 '8S l.a. 120 '64 l.a '72 m ' '98 m 'o3 I.a. 622 '83 f.a '91 g.a 'o2 /ton. I94Q ' '90 l.a '~ '99 z 'o3 l.a. 907 '89 l.a 'Q4 I.a. 3o6 '76 l.a. 'So g.a. INDltt OF AI,UMNI Janes, George M., U. s. S. Columbia; care Naval Postmuter,. New York, N. Y.. :tsa Jaquay, Herbert R., 122 Coolidge Ave., ~yracuse, N.Y. :t4.7 "Jaques, Jabez R Jarvis (see Mason, Caroline I,.). Jay, Minnie C., University Place, Neb.. Jeffers, Adelaide E., Montrose, Pa.. xsa Jeffries, Alice E. (Moule), Bercail, Mont.. Jenkins, Edward C., 3 W. 29th St., New York, N.Y... 17, 470, :t64 jenkins, james M., Auburn, N. Y.... Jenkins, Nettie E. Tripp (Mrs.), Auburn, ::"!. Y. Jenner, William A., 1312 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. 27 Jennings, Caroline P., Port Royal, Va... Jennison, Lynn E., Asbury Park, N. J. 33. ll05 jenter(see Steingrebe, Ida M.). Jermy, Leola S., Oneida, N.Y. Jermy, William K., So. McAlester, Ind. Ter. Jerome, JamesH. Jewell, Pearl R., Newtown, Conn. "Johns, Myrtle E. (Taylor). johnson, AnnaS., 401 Howard St., Syracuse, N. Y. Johnson, Caleb C.. Johnson, Clara Belle (Champlin), 22 Lytle Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. *Johnson, Edward C. Johnson, Experience *Johnson, George K.. Johnson, Gerrard S., Savings Bank Bldg., Jamaica, N. Y. Johnson (see Jacoby, Mabel E.), Johnson, William D., 5 Jackson St., Batavia, N. Y. Johnson, W Herbert, 618 E. Washington St., Syracuse, N. Y. Johnson, W R., III W. Castle St., Syracuse, N. Y Jones, Carrie P. (Sauber), Emporia, Kan. *Jones, Daniel r... Jones, Edith F., Jamestown, N. Y.. 470, Jones, J. Chapman. Jones, Jessie E. (Carson), Rushville, N. Y. *Jones, John <3 *Jones, Joseph. Jones, I,. A. Jones, I,eRoy E., 473 Virginia St., Buffalo,N. Y. a as :147 %47 a as a as xsa ao5 Jones, Lucy C., 210 Easl53d St., New York, N.Y. Jones, Omar E., Delaware City Del.. 43, 470, aas Jones, Stella C., Fayette, Mo. Jones, William M., St. Louis, Mo.. Jones, WilliamS., Auburn, Me. :165 Joslin, Eliab M. Joyce (see Richards, Anna 1,. ). Judd, Mary L., S. Hadley, Mass. *Justin, Joel W. Kast, William, 404 Seymour St., Syracuse, N. Y. %47 Kauffman, Miriam, 662 Madison St., Syracuse, N.Y. aal *Keefe, John D Keefe; Martha A. (Phillips), II4 Waverly Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. 33,84 *Keeler, Bartholomew.. 430, 431 Corporatloa, pp. 5:1:-54. Il'aculty, pp Noa-graduatee, pp

37 24T4 '51 m. 763 '86 'or kon ' 'so 2815 'oo 186 '69 '74 g.a. '81 g.a ' ' ' '92 '93 g.a. '94 g.a '99 1.a 'oo 18o2 '97 ko ' '88 {.a. 189 ' ' 'o2 814 ' '97 I '02 /, 95 ' '92 ho > 'o2 f.a '92 g.a. H51 ' '01 158o '98 m. 219 '72 '81 g.a '91 g.a ' ' '42 1oci8 ' ' ' 'oo f.a. 523 ' ' 'oo f.a. 354 ' '46 U52 '93 18o7 '54 ho '92 {.a 'o2 307 '76 INDEX OF AI,UMNI Keeler, Henry B Keeney, Frederick T., 619 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N.Y.. 27, PAGB ll64 Keiser, Peter J., Tamaqua, Pa. Kelley, Charles H., Newark, N. Y. Kelley, johns., Binghamton, N.Y. :1:64 Kellicott, David S 339, 340 Kellogg, Ethel (Benedict), 2067 N. Main Ave., scranton, Pa.. Kellogg, julia B., Regents' Office, Albany, N.Y.. 19 Kellogg, I.uci us D Kellogg, Olin C., Evanston, Ill. Kelley, Harvey S., Erieville, N. Y.. Kelley, William B., 6oW. 51st St., New York, N.Y.. Kelley, William H., 67 Grand St., Newburgh, N. Y. Kelsey, james E., Theresa, N. Y Kenaston, Myrta I.. (Rnssell), 295 Woodward Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. Kendall, Harriet J. (Thompson) Kendall, James V.. Kennedy, Daniel R. Jr., Hartford Theol. Se, Hartford, Conn. Kennedy, George W., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Kennedy, Thomas B., Cheyenne, Wyo. Kent, Chester C., 109 Burnet Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. Kent, George R., 37 Eighth Ave., Newark, N. J. Kenyon, james B., Bradford, Pa. Kenyon (or Kinyon), Oscar C., no I.ancaster Ave., Syracuse N.Y Keough, Helen M., St. Vincent's School, Syracuse, N. Y. Keppel, David, Cortland, N. Y. Kessler, George W., 1423 Twelfth Ave., Altoona, Pa. ll05 ll05 ao6 Kevand, janet I.., Weedsport, N.Y.. 2~, 75, 182, 271,470, xxo Kevand, Julius H., 503 University Blk., Syracuse, N. Y. Keyser, Roland S., Jamaica, N.Y. 13, 14,330,332, 344 Kidder, Benjamin F., Winsted, Conn. Kieffer, Theodore J., 4o8 Arcade Building, Seattle, Wash.. 75, n8 Kiersted, Charles F., Gillett, Pa. Kilbourne, Charles J. Kilpatrick, Van Evrie, 462 Van Cortland Park Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. Kimball, D. S. Kimber, William W. King, Anna Grace, I.ittle Meadows, Pa King, Henry F. King, john C. King, I.ena M., Fort Collins, Colo. *Kingman, Charles H Kingman, Charles M. Kingsbury, George H., 6th St., Elmhurst, N.Y. *Kingslev, Calvin. Kingsley, Stella F. (Wells), ns Mark Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. Kinne, Ansel R., Warren 0. Kinne, E. Olin, 512 Crouse Ave., Syracuse, N.Y , 355, 403; Corporation, pp. 5:1: 54 J.l'aculty, pp, Non7-crad-tea, pp ll06

38 . 626 INDltX OF AI.UMNI PAOli 3o8 '76 Kinne, George R., 438 Gifford St., Syracuse, N, Y 'or l.a, Kinney, ltdith I.., 1205 Union St., Schenectady, N.Y..... :r8a Kinyon (see Kenyon) '77 g.a. Kirk, Lewis T., Richmond, Mo 'Q2 f. a. Kirkland, Frank W., Rome, N. Y 'o2 l.a. Kirkwood, W Henry, roro D. S. Morgan Bldg., Buffalo, N.Y. 37 'ss l.a, Kistler, Louis. 63 S99 '82 l.a. Kitchin, William C., Schenectady, N.Y.. 27, 66 '84 g. a. '85 g.a. 764 '86 l.a. Kittell, Henrietta M. (Devoe), 714 Hickory St., Syracuse, N.Y '84 g.a. Klein, Charles F. A., Rahway, N. J '46 Klein,!'eter, 339 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich '91 g.a. Klenner, Rudolph F, 271, ao 'oz Kline, Harold G., 6oo Jt, Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. ao '95 l.a. Klock, A. Louise, 350 Genesee St., Utica, N.Y '96 Knapp, Albert C., Locke, N. Y '92 l.a. Knapp, Annie M., r Olbiston Block, Utica, N. Y '46 Knapp, Avery '03 l.a. Knapp, Bertha V., Willsboro, N. Y. aa8 598 '68 Knapp, Capeti B. 269 '99 l.a. Knapp, Clara B., Massena, N.Y. 0 12, 470, J: '51 *Knapp, Edwin A '03 l.a. Knapp, Florence R., 333 Westcott St., Syracuse, N.Y. aa8 431 '79 l.a. Knapp, James C., Geneva, N. Y '81 Knapp, James W., Canastota, N.Y 'o2 l.a. Knapp, Jessie A. (Burr), White Plains, N. Y.. 470, ao '61 Knapp, John H '76 g.a. Knapp, Martin A., 313 S. A. & K. Bldg., Syracuse, N. Y, 3S 2416 '51 m, Kneeland, Benjamin T., Portage, N.Y '78 l.a. Knight, Arthur I.., 375 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 430 l,ssl '98 l.a. Knight, Edith L. (Howlett), Quincy, Mass. ~ sbo '82 l.a. Knight, Nicholas, Mount Vernon, Iowa 19 '88 g.a. I8o9 '56 hon. Knight, Richard, St. Johns, N. B 'o2 l.a. Knoff, Frederick H., 730 Crouse Ave., Syracuse, N. Y ao 'oo Knowlton, Frank P., 309 Orange St., Syracuse, N.Y... 75, 65, :r:r '03 l.a. Koehler, Hugo William, Waterloo, N. Y '81 l.a. Konkle, William B., Jr., Montoursville, Pa '96 Kraus, Edward H., Ann Arbor, Mich , 76, 46.4, 98 '97 g.a. l '52 *Kreutzer, Willia 1732 '96 g.a. Kupfer, Charles F., Kui Kiang, China '51 Kyle, William S 1153 '93 f. a. *Lackey, Charles S '37 Lacombe, Adolphe '41 Lacy, William G., Scottsville, N. Y ao64 '42 LaFord, Corydon. 3'29 'o2 Laidlaw, Charles D., Canton, N. Y.... ao6 sst '82 Lake, Edward P., 20th and Larimer Sts., Denver, Colo '84 f.a. Lake, Nellie (Gibson), 36 St. I.uke'a Pl., Montclair, N. J. 2SOS '6o Landers, Harlin. Lane (see Smallwood, Frances A) '92 Langhorne, S. Thomas, Ashland, Boyd Co., Ky '49 Langworthy; luisha P. Corporatloa, pp. 5:1:-54 Faculty, pp lllod-ifl'&duatea, pp,

39 2319 ' ' 's8 582 ' ' 'o ' ' ' '79 ' ' ' '67 ' ' 'oo 2387 'so 1780 ' ' ' 'o ' ' ' ' 309 ' '53 2o6s ' ' 'so 1385 ' 2821 'oo 2694 '99 'o1 goa 'Sg ' ' ' ' ' 'oo 2544 ' '90 ' 'oo 'o ' '95 '97 13o6 ' '92 a.s. hon. m. hon. I. I. l. hon. fa. /.a. I.a.. I. g.a. INDEX OF ALUMNI Langworthy, Henry H..... I.ankton, Clarke S., 1304 Wood St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 9 Lanin2', Charles Lanning, Charles W., Manlius, N. Y....,... Lansing, Benjamin LaPorte, Edward C., Amsterdam, N. y S07 Larison, Andrew B Larison, Cornelius W., Ringoes, N. J Larkin, Albert E., 334 Montgomery St., Syracuse, N.Y. 76, :n:9 Larned, Joshua B., Cleveland, 0...,.... Latham, J. Claude, Canisteo, N.Y r48 Lathrop, Charles D.; n2 Buckingham St., Hartford, Conn Latimer, Ebenezer H., North Tonawanda, N.Y.. 19 Latimer, Grace B. (Merrick), West Roxbury, Mass... Latimer, Laura M., Malone, N.Y , 470, z65 Lauren, William A ,..... Lavell, Charles Lavine, Saul R., 6o6 Jackson St., Syracuse, N. Y... SS9 Lawlor (see Sweet, Nellie A.). Lawrence, Jonathan S., 56 W. 35th St., New York, N. Y. Lawton, Ernest W.. 6oS W. Onondaga. St., Syracuse, N.Y. z83 Lawyer, Frank D., Troy, N. Y S07 Lea, M. Carey Leacock, Arthur G., Exeter, N. H... Lee, Alice L., Brooklyn, Pa *Lee, Alice M. (McDowell) Lee, Charles A., Jr Lee, Charles J *Lee, Charles Milton Lee, Charles Mortimer, Fulton,. N. Y.. Lee, E. Bersie, 423 Midland Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Lee, Harry G., 103 Malcomb St., Syracuse, N. Y. 17, 18, 20, 458, 464, z65 Lee, Harry S., 8o6 S. West St., Syracuse, N. Y , 76, 148, 183, 247, 283, 286, Z09 Leete, Frederick D., 907 Harrison St., Syracuoe, N. Y... 27, 47, S67 Leete, Mary G., Tracy St., Utica, N. Y... 33, Leete (see Fuller, Nettie G.). Lenaham, Hugh H., 59~ Lansing St.. Utica, N.Y. 41, SS9 Lennon, William H., Brockport, N. Y Leonard, Anna E., 710 Lodi St., Syracuse, N.Y. Lester, Jay D., Hobart, N.Y x65 Lester, L. B., Greenville, Mich Levy, I. Harris, 711 Jt, Genesee St., Syracuse, N.Y , 76, rr6 Levy, Jacob J., 717 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N.Y , 2!19, 247, 470, rss Levy, Rose I. (Bloch), Elmira, N.Y Levy, T. Aaron, 717 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y... 44, 76, 271, :133 Lewis, Daniel M., New York Mills, N.Y, Lewis, Edwin H., Lewis Inst., Chicago, Ill. Corporation, pp. 5~'-54 J.l'aculty, pp , Non-craduates,. pp

40 INDaX OF ALUMNI 1238 '94 l.a. '96 g.a ' ' ' 'o2 l.a '93 m '97 l '98 l.a '98 l.a 'ot f.a '40 "" 2824 'oo l.a ' '92 l.a '99 l.a. '03 l. 816 '87 l.a. 433 '79 f.a. 394 '78 l.a ' 03 l.a 'ot l ' '51 17 's6 l.a. 310 ' '86 l.a. 669 ' '87 l.a. '93 h.on. 311 ' '6o hon. 582 '82 l.a '91 l.a '98 l. 959 ' '6s ho~t 'o2 a.s. 477 'So l.a. '91 g.a. '92 r.a. 583 '82 f.a 'so m. tss7 '98 l.a '95 /.a '03 / 'So g.a '03 l.a '94, Lewis, Frederick Z., 172 Ralph Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.. 33, 62, 6J Lewis, JS:mes K. Lewis, james M., Dewdrop. N.C.... Lewis, James V., North Norwich, Chenango Co., N. Y. Lewis, jennie 0., I7:U W. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. Lewis (see Wheeler, Jessie E.). Lewis (see Noulton, Jessie M.). *Lewis, Joe V..... Lewis,' JohnS., Newark Valley, N.Y Lewis, Lillian B., 517 Chicago St., Elgin, Ill Lewis, M. Corinne, 1721 W. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. Lewis, Rose, Elmwood Hall, Sarato~~:a Springs, N. y. Lewis, Rowland S. Lewis, SylvenAs D., 1079 Central Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. *~wis, William. Lewis, William D., 5o6 University Place, Syracuse, N. Y.. 33, 271, Lewis, William F., 702 Irving AYe., Syracuse, N.Y. PAGB 18, 20, 229, 247, 457, 458, 464, I48 Leyden, Elizabeth, 48 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Newark, N.J. Liddell, George H. Lima, Jose c. A., Tiete, San' Paulo, Brazil. Lindsey, Archibald, Mayville, N.Y. Linquest, john E., Mexico, N. Y. Litchfield, A. F. Lloyd, Travis.. Locey, George H., Wilmington, N. c. Lockwood (see McNall, Belva A.). Logan (see Collins, Mary L.). Loguen, Sarah M. (Fraser), Washington, D. C Lonergan. Clarence A., 317 Seymour St., Syracuse, N. Y. "Longstreet, james 0.. Loomis, Benjamin B., SCotia, N. Y.. Loomis, Brace W., 1047 S. Salina St., Syracuse, N. Y *Loomis, George Loomis, Georg'l p., 1Z4 Sansome St, San Francisco, Cal. Loomis, Mary S. (Hutchinson), Carlisle, Pa Loope, Warren L., Cortland, N. Y. Lord, MorrisS., 230 State St., Schenectady, N.Y. "Lore, Dallas D Loren, Fred B., Caughdenoy, N.Y. a07 Loucks, Albert C., Oswego, N. Y Loughmiller (see Gutsell, Betsey J.). Loughmiller, Silas D., 31o8 N. W. Ave., Indianapolia, Ind Louusbe~ry, Levi.. Loveland, Chloe J. (Ridgeway), Edenville, N. Y. "Loveland, Stephen B. Low, Thomas H., Lime Ridge, Pa. 9 Lowber, James W., Paducah, Ky.. Lowe, William C., 307 Pine St., Syracuse, N. Y , 41, 43, 76, 229, 46o, 461, 462, III Lowell, Lizzie L. (Hammond), Penn Yan, N: Y.. 33 Corporatioa, pp. 5I 54 :Faculty, pp lll'od-jrt'&duatee, pp

41 131 ' '92 I.a g6 ' '86 hon ' '81 I.a. '85 g.a 'g6 258o '67 13o8 ' ' 'oo hon. 862 '88 f.a '91 m. 817 '87 l.a 711 '85 f. a 'oo 1240 ' '92 hon. 206g ' ' '75 hon '35 m 2420 '51 26<}7 '99 I '03 I.a '41 m 'o2 f. a 'o ' ' ' '97 hon '85 g.a. '86 g.a ' '85 ' ' '76 '77 g.a '02 2 ' '03 I '98 g.a 'g '66 hon ' 'Sg I.a. 56 '6o INDEX OF ALUMNI Lowry, Isaac N Lowry, Raymond W., Sidney Centre, N. Y Lowther, Edgar A., Fishkill, l't. y , ao7 Lowtherr Hugh S., 504 W. 143 St., New York, N.. Y... 12, 461!, :148 Luccock, Napthali Luce, Andrew H Luce, Charle P., Owensboro, Ky Lucid, Michael M., Tully, N.Y... Ludlum, Lewis 0., Ovid, Mich. Lukens (see Chidester, Hattie F.). Lum, William T., Bridgeport, N. Y Luther, Hattie V. (Davis), Olean, N. Y.. Lutkin, Peter C., Evanston, Ill... Lyford, Frederick C., Suncook, N. H.. Lynch, Charles P., Fort Sheridan, Ill. Lynch, Josiah H., Ottumwa, Ia Lyon, Cora B. (Read), 789 Nicholas Ave., New York, N.Y. Lytle, Claude C., Geneva, N. Y.. McAllister, Edward S. J..... McAnulty, Orau H....., McArthur, Erial Mc.o\.rthur, Poldore S a63 McBurney, (see Sanford, Hattie D.). McCabe, Lorenzo D., Delaware, 0... McCall, John McCarn, George W McCarthy, Henry M., 124 Hawley Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. McCarthy, Justin S., 216 Sabine St., Syracuse, N. Y.. McCarty, Jacob B McChesney, May L., 200 Walnut Place, Syracuse, N. Y... ao7 x66 McClelland, Clara V., 107 Broadway, Saranac Lake, N. Y.. 43, ll30 McClelland, William H., Hornellsville, N.Y...39, 470, ::130 McClure, Vincent C McConnell, Joseph McCormick, Charles W., 2i4 High St., Hartford, Conn. McCoy, FrankL... McCullough, Robert. McDonald, Clinton D., Grafton, N. Dak. McDowell, (see Lee, Alice M.). McDowell, Boyd, Elmira, N. Y McDowell, (see Pitkin, Carrie E.). McDowell, Hugh, 216 W. 23d St., Los Angeles, Cal McEckron, Mae R. (Harris), 268 Pawling Ave., Troy, N. Y. ll07 *McFail, Thomas A MeGa vern, Clair S., Allegany, N. Y ll30 McGavern, John W., Marilla, N. Y McGowan, Joseph R., 6o6 Willis Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Mcintyre, Aridrew Mcintyre, Grace E. (Heinze), Batavia, N. Y. Mcintyre, Nellioo G., Batavia, N. Y. McKee, Edwin, Macon, Mo.... Corporation, pp. 5:1-54. Faculty, pp No~-l[t'aduates, pp

42 INDEX OF ALUMNI 1877 '90 loon. 911 ' ' 'o2 I.a. 57 '6o 2826 'oo 2827 'oo '62 3 ' ' 'o 'o3 30 '57 I.a ' ' '77 g.a. 909 ' '85 l,a. '88 g.a 'oo 3139 'o ' 'o ' 'o2 766 '86 I.a. '88 g.a. 230 '73 I.a '85 g.a ' '89 g.a 'oo l.a 'o ' '89 hon ' 2291 '47 J48C '97 I 'ot 1481 '97 m. 713 '85 2o67 ' ' ' '86 g.a ' '99 I. 19 '40 m. 96o ' '81 f.a '03 l.a. McKelway, St. Clair, Brooklyn Eagle, Brooklyn, N.Y. McKenzie, William H., 942 Broad St., Newark, N. J. *McKinley, Hays. PAGB McKinley, Mary E., 402 N State St., Syracuse, N. Y.. 33, 470, 07 *McKnight, George... McKown, Leon A., Central College for Women, Lexington, Mo., z66 McLaury, Charles H., 2oo W. 98th St., New York, N.Y. McL~an, Charles E... *McMahon, John T. 76, 166, 257, 271, Z09 McMahon, Mary E., 10 Center St., Hornellsville, N.Y. o8 McMahon (see Douglass, Sarah E.). McMillan (see Bristol, Mabel C.). McMullan, JesseE,... 77, 258, 271, Z09 McNall, Belva A. (Lockwood), 619 F. St., N. W., Washinl(lon, D.C. McNamara, Edward L.. McNulty, James M. McTaggart, Atpbeus, Terre Haute; Ind. McAllister, Eleanor, Newburgh, N. Y. MacDougall, Archibald, St. Johns, N. B.. MacDougall, Charles S., 612 Prudential Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. z66 MacGregor, Theodore D., Herald Office, Syracuse, N. Y. 42, o& Mack, Charles A. 251 West 34th St., New York, N.Y.. Mack, James B., Dickinson Seminary, Williamsport, Pa. z83 Mack, Theophilus.. MacKenzie, Mary D., Saratoga Springs, N.Y.. 470, :1108 Maclay, Edgar S., Care of D. Appleton & Co., New York, N. Y. Maday, Robert H., Tientstn, China. Maclay (see Barr, Sarah A.). Macleod, Alexander W., Thorburn, Nova Scotia. Macomber, Edmund K., Delta, Colo. Macoun, John. Madden, Frances E., 1103 Union St., Schenectady, N. Y. 'Magee, Eva F., Scottsburg, N.Y. *Magee, John P , 350 Mains, George P.,.xso Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. 52 Mains, Jessie M. (Strong), Mount Vernon, N.Y. Mallory, David J., Bristol Center, N.Y. Manchester, William H., Elmwood Park, N. Y. Manley, Thomas F., Norwich, N. Y. Manly, Fred W., Rensselaer, N. Y.. 66 Mann, James P., 1234 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa. *Mann, John P. Mann, Warren, Potsdam, N. Y , 332, 344 Mann, William C. 0., Main & Cotton Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. *Manning, E ugene W. Manson, J osef 1., 917 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, Cal. Manso n, Phillip I., 508 California St., San Francisco, Cal.. Marble, John.... Marion, Frank J., 841 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 63 *Marion, Ida C Markham, Gene Ethel, Cazenovia, N.Y.. 470, :t:66 Corporation, pp. ~:t:-~4 Faculty, pp. 69 8~. Non-graduates, pp. ~03-~88.