LONG USE SI^^'S PONTIAC BUICK LTD. a^heido Itoneman C WBox69 368<2125. U^ teorge W Walker DomlsN

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1 ^ j... J 226 RUMSEY ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED rauce 625 2AvW... Drumhener 8^2630 It No Answer Dial "0" Operator (NoTpO Charse) & Ask Zienith Rumsey & District Agriculture Society. 360^3777 RUMSEY HOTEL 368-3?7S RUMSEY MUNICIPAL LIBRARY 368^3939 Ryniltg J C Bo*34Morrm 368>2330 S K F Canada Ltd Edmonton CaB Long Distance (No Tol Charge) & Ask Zenltti SadlerB FSox3S SOTdlterg T G SandeD Doug boi( SancO Peter L Scandiliavian Airlines Vancouver - CaO Long njctance (No Toil Charge) ft Ask to.. ;.. Zenith S6S00 Sengaus B Bo«38 David B<» W B0X SI^^'S PONTIAC BUICK LTD l212ltwy9s Dnimheller 823^6177 gteniierd A M 8i^ a^heido Silherstein David sgdefstein Saim Boxsa gjirffair Dariene box19 368t2430 Sbiciab'Warroi 368^2479 stailand School Div No 30 Rumsey Sdtoo) 368(3826 steen L J Bax0i Itoneman C WBox69 368<2125 TayW George T^ Helen Mrs Todor hoke Photographar At Large 368n23Q3 ToflverPaid Totman Robol TomH^ Magnet Sales V3iicouver.Cas long Distance (No Tea Charge) ft Ask Zenith TROOni MOTORS LTD. Trochu Troctiu Tire & Battery Ltd Box433 Tratltu Trochu Vetobiaiy OMc & A1 Unit Ltd BonSS Troctiu Trout Sen UFA CtMlP LTDBorc United CarBO on&6» Ltd U^ teorge W Walker DomlsN Watson Gordon BoxSt Watts Oaik Watts Hugh A ScoSard Watts Walter WOisse Warren B(» Western Airlines - Can long Distance (No Too Ghargs) l Ask Zenith wason John BmlTRowtdy WUson W A BorrlZRowtey WINTER'S FUNERAL HOMES a981) LTD ZAvftKiW Drumhelter Witake Ruthilf Bones Wonsik Mae 368i3964 SIBBALD See alee Acadia Valley for other customers located In this area: detailed AOT LieHnge: aepege-l". SERVICE CALLS DIRECT DISTANCE DIALING...1 LONG DISTANCE DIALING 0 DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE FOR ~ Local Numbers & calling ai^ fisted below..:.! «411 Numbers in other Alberta Locations (No Toil Charge) Numbers outside Alberta (No Ton Cliarge) ^ 1+Area Code Repair SERVICE (No Toil Charge) ' ASaSTANCE 0 BURIED CABLE LOCATION Dial "0" (Zero) (No Toll Charge). & ask for Zenith BUSINESS OFFICE (No ToO Charge) (Hours 8 AM to 4:30 PM Monday to Friday) ' EMER6BICY CALLS FIRE ALARM ONLY. Oyen POUCE RCMP... Oyen H No Answer Dial "0" Operator (No Toll Charge) ft ask for Zenith HOSPITAL Oyen ^-3526 LOCAL CALLING AREA You can call without toll charges from Sihbald to the following place Oyen. Just (fial the "seven" digit numlier- Accolints May B«Paid At: any-treasury Branch or. Chartered Bank A A D A C See ABi^ Alcoholism ft Dng Abuse Commission A GT Detailed listings See 1 Business Office (No ToD Charge) Alberta Alcoholism 8 Drug Abtise Commission information 110 3AvW Drumhelter ( ( ALBERTA 60WRNMENT TELEPHONES Detaiied Listings See Page 1 Business Office (No Tod Charge) Alberta Cbain Commission (No Charge Alberta Processing Company Box 5025 sin A Calgary CaO Long Distance (No ToO Charfie) a Ask Zenith Albmla Wheat Pool Elevator saibaid Am^lcan Airlines -CuS Long Distance (No ToO Charge) a Ask Zenith Anderson Jack Athabasca University Edmonton - CaO Long Disiance (No Too Charge) ft Ask to Zenith ExaminaUon Reguests - CaO Long Distance. (No ToO Charge) ft Ask..... Zenith Autocal Edmonton - CaO Long Distance (No ToO Charge) ft Ask Zenith Bakowajf Nick Esther Bakowy. Tony Box Bad Don BoxS5AlsaSkSask Bamher Robert Esther 676r21(W Bamett Jell Estlisr 67^2107 Bmnett Ron Esther Battrum M^e Box Battrulh terry BoxtOB^en Berscht Hmer Box3i 676r2224 Beynon George Esther Bliuemah R Esther Blngeman M C Esther 67fe2181 Bfhgiemait Nelson A LovemaSask Btedc'Knlght bin Red Deer - CeO Lora Distance (No Td2(Chaige)ft Ask..../ Zenith Brockittann Robert Estiter 676'2252 G N p TljUEGOMMUNICATIONS to Se^rA teiegfiim Or Trscpbst- '(Np'Chprgo ihai) R^^yoyer Un Telosfarinne Ou Tdwost Aucuiis Frais.Com)iosoz C P Air 505 Burrard St Vancouver B C (No Charge I^) CaDin Archie Boxl Callin G E BoxS Callin Raymond Box4l Canadian National Railways Servocentre CaO Long Distance (No ToO Ctiar^) ft Ask Carload - Freight Slices Zenith C N X (Express)... Zenith Caswell Robert G Box4190ycn Central Air Conditioning Vancouver - CaO Lor^ Distance (No ToD Charge) ft Ask. F"; - Chiliak B Box58 Zmith Oiiliak Bemice Mrs Box41 ChDIak William H boxb ; Cisecki Andrew Ciseckl Garry Darbel B W Darbel David L Box2a ' Darbel William BoxlSSAbaskSask DRY COUNTRY GAS CO-OP LTD 107 lavw Oyen Alter Hrs Ray Gitletz Res Cereal Alter Krs Robert.Michaels Res. Cereal Alter Hrs Rob MiOs Res Eaton Ken J Oyen Ebel Jaines B Esttiw Energesis-Conirol Systems Ltd Langlay B C- CaO Long Distance (No ToO Charge) ft Ask ^ Fw. Zenith Environinent Council Of Alberta - CaO Long Distance (No ToO Ch^e) ft Ask -. Zenith Ferguson Gordon FIRE ALARM ONLY... Oyen Flaht Larry Foot Clayton Esther.../ Foot Keith W Esther Gendarmerie Royale Do Canada Oyen S'll NY A Pas De Reponse Ccmpqsez '0' (Appel Sans Frais) Et Oemandez. Zenith GIDIs Paul GOVERNMENT OF ALBERTA {PROVINCIAL) FOR INFORMATION & ASSISTANCE IN COhlPLETING CALLS TO PROVINaAL GOVERNMENT OFFICES TO BE CONNECTED TO YOUR aosest RITE CENTRE DIAL'0'& ASK FOR Zenith DEtf HEARING & SPEECH IMPAIRED INFORMATION-T D D NUMBER (NO CHARGE DIAL) ADVANCED EDUCATION Alberta Heritage Schotarship Fund - CpO long Distance (No ToO Chargefft Ask... Zenith HOUSING Home Improvement Branch - CaO L^ Distance (No Too Charge) ft Ask -. Zenith22093 Mortgage Assistance Branch (No Charge Dial) Negotiation Inquiries (No Qiarge ' Dial) SOCIAL SERVICES & COMMUNITY HEALTH QtM Abuse Hot Line 24 Hr'Einergeitcy- CaO long Distance (No ToV (Siarge) ft Ask Zenith 1234 Wt^'s Pension Program - CaO Lond Distance (No ToO Charge) ft Ask Zeftlth TOURISM & SMAU BUSINESS Travel Alberta 'Dial Alierta' Within AOierta (No Charge Dial) SmaO Business ft Farm Interest Shiekting Branch (No Charge DitO) M TREASURY A^sessmeiits-CaO Long Distance (No ToO Charge) ft Ask Zenith Revetaio Administration-CBO Lorgi Distance (No Tc3 Charge) ft Ask...(Zenith (Zenith Heditian Leona Esther HOSPITAL Oyeh Huston Clark Box27 676c2267 Hustbn Murray Box Jack's Esso Service 674i-3733 LayeoCk Joe Esther Lufthansa German Airlines Toronto - Cao Ipiig'bisiance (No Toil (aiarge) ft Ask /...Zenith MacGiniyray Janebne A 5199 SAv.. 676^7793 MAJNNlAN JOHN A Chartd Accint Ba)i]526 Hanna jhterow Stan Esther Mat^ Leonard BoxB Miller Ken ,. ^ Mock Carleton BoxSZOyen.....'676;p31i Molzan Bert Box236.0yen Mundt Edward Box243Alsask's^'' : Mundt T Box223 ; 67621B Nelson Uoyd Esther /',.. i67542(a Newton Jim i // 67^222! NorrlsBrian 6jfc2137 i Norris D G Boxl96.0yen.... : Norrls Herb Box26B.Oyen Northwest Airlines Inc - CaO Long Dis^.. : (No Ton Charge) & Ask... ZentfliOWte Nova An Alberta Corporation... :,^fr39fs 24 Hr Emergency Service. J., CaOCXiOect (^gary,(k4821 Oglestone Ray W Box6. w5e39ts OYEN PHARMACY 80x180 Oy^ 60iM732 Gcrdon'Johnson Res OyenS Pacific Western Airlines - (kio Lan Distance (No ToO Oiatge) ft Ask 2^ Parks 0 A Esther 1676:2101 Parks Ron Esther.i676i2Bl Patterson Lome W boxs6 V.i 474^2215 Pearen G T Box4 I '474^8181 Pear en Terry, Bax7. Person Elvin W Esther.474:2IM Petrodyne Limited.. if. 4Z4 tt Pioneer Grain Co Ltd Elevator Sibli^'' 675^3^ Police G R C - Voir Gendarmerie Royan i l: DuCan^.'.'.'.'..:0]n^''666-3n POUCE. RCMP See Royal Canadw Mounted Police Porochnavy Bert :3793 Prairie View Colony &4:22io RepubllC.AIrlines Reservations ftjnhnriatiqn : : CaO Long Distance (No ToO Chatgelft Adi ul,.2^(4082 Resman Holdings Ltd / ^2339 ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POUCE.,. en444'38a3 If No Answv Dial "0" Operator (NoTdl; 1 Charge) ft Ask i. Z^llth Ryan John ' ^2174 S K F Canada Ltd - Edmonton CaO loig. Distance (No ToO Char^) ft Ask - /...ZerilK'^ Scandinavian Airlines Vancouver- do Ims' ' Distance (No ToO Charge) ft Ask.:....zeniihiSftliitd Schaefer Melvin Boxii...- / Schftfer Albert Box384-Oyen Senklw Jeanette Box22 : 476i>2^ Senklw Mike S76r21» Senklw.William T Box22 07fe2^ Shantz Arnold Boxi UAisaskSask - Shantz Kevin Boxsi 47«raU4 Sibbald Community Hall 675^3936 SIBBALD HOTEL. i 476.^ Smith E Bbxi2 676:WS Smith Jim WfcMW Smith WJ SHH! Speers Larry Box38 47o^«4 Styles Clifford Box27S-Oyen 676:3W Styles Earl BoiiASAisask ii676au34 Styles Larry ^6^2184 Stincor Incorporated Oyen.. ^64923 Swanston Robert Box57'.; w6:a28 Switzer Ellery Box37 674x2215 Tormag Magnet Sales vancouvo-cafl Lang, ^'/".?..'.'". ^'.'.'^...Zenithl085S8 Trevor Ray Esther Tri N Hogs Box l-OwMW Westeriand Uoyd Esther ;.: 4T4rSU8 Westeifund Douglas Esther W6^M44 Westgard Jim Box27 676:067 WoiMis Brothers Farms Box337-0yen 676:uw Woods Gary Box254-Oyen 47i^Su Woods R BoxBB-Oyen 474:2211' Woods.wanam Box3370yen ^3111 USE LONG

2 SRRUCE VIEW W0M alao Eekvllle^nniafail. sylvan: Laka-Caroifno for other icilllomera located in thia area. IV F* d»ten«l AOT UatlnsK I [«?» "1". saviceciuis DiftECT DISTANCE DIALING 1 low DISTANCE DIALING 0 OAjECriDRV ASSISTANCE FOR luy Numbers a catling nsted below 'Numbers in otii^ Alberta ' Locations < (NoToO diarge)..1 SS Huttdiers outside Alberta t(nd Ton Charge) 1 UArea Cotiet REPAIR SERVICE OtoToO Charge) ' ASKANCE 0 EURIEO CABLE LOCATION Old "0" ^) (No Ton Charge) St ask (or ZeitHh BUSINESS OFHCE (No Ton Charge)..' (Hmm 8 AM to 4i30 PM. Monday to Friday) EMER^OrCAl^ Days POLICE, 0 [ROMP..i Irailsfan ih,noaiiswerdlal"0" "Cperattr (No'Ton Charge) & ask for Zenith AMWLANCE Mnlsfall HOSPITAL Mnisfail localcalungarea Yoii can can without too diarges (rent : Spruce View to the ' : (onowbig place birtisfan ' Just dial the "sevei'v digit number Ateotinta May Be Paid Ah a^. Treasury Branch or ^ Chartered Bank A A 0 A<C See Mberta Alcoholisni & Drug i. jdi^icaisiiistiiiir A6T ::^rer Detailed listings See Page 1 V isisnets Oirice (No Too Charge) Abe^ Welding ft Constrtictlon flbrahamle Kfait^'Cnilcrd FRl-Innisiail AdanisOh Frank MailiefviOa Aferta'AtcchoOen A Drug Abuse 'COIflinhsloil Intomatlen jgzdslst.. Red Deo' ALSQtTA GOVERNMENT loephones ifeidataled listings See Pw 1 i^inest OHice (No Tel Oeige) AnertD'Grdn Commission - Prices (No bergebiao Alteila Processing Company Box sots Sm A Cdgaiy Can long OistanGe (No Toil Charge) a Ask Zenith AldiDpn Al^ Kciward Trud^ Ltd Bax AMBULANCE bmisfab Anfdiean Airlines - caa long obtsnce (No To) Qeige) ft AsA Zenith Amocb Canada Pelroteum Company ltd ;.. ( Andersen AKred I mi-innisfid ApdetsdlFredMartievile AnAenieh Marvin AlitkiseiiTom Widedon C J (Wl-lnnisfal ADddsmCaiiGRRMni^..! Aitderpen Leslie BoxasiteSRRi-ihnisiaii Andenoh Odte BoxeMMav^ae Atderson PhBRp d AndenM Roy BoxgRRl-tnuisfti Aidiv^ Raven Ardi^Rby RRl-lnnislaii Ajgdt Wayne 728-3W6 AnDfiiMQ Gordon RRl.Jnnisirii ^ Athabasca University E(jmontoi>.C3i long Distance (No Tofl Charge) a Ask _... Zenith Examinatcon Requests - CaS Long l)btanee (No Tea Charse)a Ask Zenith Atherton W BoxSlSMarkerviie Autocal Edmonton - Cal long Distance (No jd Charge) a Ask Zenith 222W Averin Ralph RRlMatkerviae Axelsen G RRlSylvanLake B & D SERVICE LTD REPAIRS ON AU MAKES OF CARS 24 HOUR A M A TOWING SERVICE SHELL PRODUCTS Phone Baker Darwin RRl-Irmisfaa Baker E BANISTER & PRIOR DRS optmtists Gaeti Av Red Deer.CaO Long Distance (No Tol Charge) a Ask. Zenith 07373: Baron Dick CaroOne Baynham Allen Box2SHe4RRi.tnnlstal Beerwort Raymond Raven Belenky Lawrence Benson A RRl-Innislail Bentley Fred RRi-timistaS Berghs Peter RRi-innisfail Berry Wm H RRl-lnnisfa BERSCHT J V & SONS (INNISFAIU LTD 5003 sost binisfail Bertelsen Brian RRl-Innislail Bethany Lirtlieran Church RRlIimisfaa BtU'S TRANSPORT Birse Bin Maikervle BJantason Barney RRl-lnnislaa Bjarnason D A RRl-lrmisfaii Blamason E V RRl-Innisfail Btamason S Biomson GnUe RRl-lnnistal BioriKon Norman A BoxBlZMarkervSe Black Knight Inn Red Deer Cao Long Distance (No Tc9 Charge) ft Ask Zenith Blumhagen Fred Bohnet Ross Boitnle's Beauty Salon Box827Markervi3e Bostock Charlotte Bouvette Don RRllimisfaii Boiivette Thomas L RRi-imisiaS Bower Jack RRl-lnnisfaa Bower Rick RRl-Innisfaa Bradley Charles RRi-lrmistaa Bradley James Bex82«Markerva)e ' Branson Earl RRiMaikerviiie...' Braun Dave Briggs Aubrey : Brink Axel RRl-Imisfaa Brink Harvey RRl-lnnistaa Brinson Raymond L RRi-innistaa Brown Brian Boxl5Sitel2RRl 7W-3211 Brown C R MaHcervJte BrDwn Courtney RRl-lnnisiaa Brown Harold-RRl-lnnisfaa Brown Stewart RRl-Innistaa BroWnlee Robert J RRl-lnnisiaa BilddenBID 728^3926 Budvarson Barry Budvarson Emil Budvarson Ken RRlMaikovate Budvarson S H RRlhtarkeveie BURNT:LAKE GAS CO-Op- SVLVAN LAKE RRl C & C Constnictian Ltd BoxlSTEckviDe C N c P TELECOMMUNICATIONS To Send A Telesram Or Tetppost (No Chaige DIat) S pour Eftvoyer Un Tetesrammo Ou Telepost. Autuns Fcab^iomposex C P Air 505 Burrard St Vancouver B C (No ChiraaDiai) C P RAIL Calgary'^afl Long Distance Oto Tea Charge) A Ask Zoilth 0737S Carlyte.J W SoxSOTMdikefvtia Caroh Oscar J Raven Caron R RRi-innistsa Carruthers Walter Oiion Central Air Conditioning Vaneeuyer - Long Distance (No Ton Charge) 6 Ask ' ' Zenith 0887; Cdmak Brian BoxlBTEckvaie 728-3W3 Christensen E Bax2a2RRl-innisfaa Oiristensen Hartvlg K RRl-IndstaU Qirisflan Qennis RRl-tnnisfaa Christiansen Bemice Miss ^ RRl-Indsfag ^"255 Christiansen Gordon Oicksan Christiansen Honw Mrs BoxlRRlShell-lnnisfaa Christiansen Larry Christiansen wmye Bex2020RRMnnislal ^*3668 dark Dale RRi-innWai ColemanCarl csl Stan RR1-Innist«ColGerf^RRlInnisfal Cofltns Bayse RRI ui': ^ COUNTRY HOUSE MEATS LTD S107 47Av Innlsfail o ^ut RRl Penh6ld^-«60 Couper Adat RRi-lnrisfai 72g-3g2 CoWDiig Lloyd G RRl-Inristaa Z^M72 Cra^ Pad RRi-lnrdsW 7^3281 Crawford Ron Crov^ Rohert Crdekshank AngusRRl-lntiWrii... ^34K CymenFrandsOlckson..^ CZAR RESOURCES LTD lanawayfieldofe 7ZWSW Dahms Louis RRl-Imislaa ^-3» OamgaardTageRRi-innisfaa ^ Darling DavM ttokervfc ^(16-3^8 Davis Gordon RRl-limisf^ Ddong LRRlNkokervae 7a-3«0 Dent C R Maikervee ^3502 DezaD Roger RRl Diamond JuUlee Recreation Centre.0)cl(Son...7ZH*3Wf DICKSON FERTILIZER C1982) OT Dldtson /^8^5Zb Dltdibunt Robert Boxldl-lratislaa... 7^M37 Doll Dean RRl-lnnisfaa 2 "3Z«Dolphin HMRRl-Innistaa ^343 Doiphbi James Raven ^-^8 Donn^ Patrick ' Do^ CoHn L Z2S-OTCT Dtuntmond BID ^-3^ Dutton Robert Dvontek K J Dyrliofm D Dixon ffl-32» Ebbesen Cart R BoxlSiteSRRl BoxBSHeSRRl-Innisfaa 728»33S0 Brikson G M 8ox2041RRl.lnnisW Elrlkson GIsB Box204(mRl-1iinisfd Etttot Don Or RRl-lraiisl^ Bvenim Qenn R ? Energesis-ContKil Systems Ltd Langley B C- Caa long Distance (No Toa Ctiatge)& Ask zeidth warn Envtroran^ Couii^ Of Alberta - Caa Long Distanee (No Toa Chaige) A Ask Zenfth Evans David Geo Evashfcevlch Rod Falk'enlterg-Andeison Per Ferdbisnd Alfred BmSRRlSitell-Innisfaa Ferguson J Allan Boxl07aRRlSrivanlake Fetch N Fetch Robert FHidd Don Bex23RRMnnisfal ; FHteM FlBpChuk Rick RRl-tnnislaa ^Days i728-35s0 Nights ^ {728-3W8 Rake Cecfl R RRi-limtstaa Flake Bdo RRlMatkeniie Flake VW RRl-Innlstal Flake Wet RRi-iimisisa Ftabdiacker Eric RRl-lnmsfal Ftelriunan Andrew RRi-inmsfai 728^16 Ffemmbig T B RRiMarfcenriie FEpco HoflDngs Ltd RRl-lmlsfaa Foesier Richard FokkensWm Fiamr A P RRlMorkeivie 728r35ll FRED'S FOOD MARKET LTD- ^ VnSRE YOU SHOP WfTHOMFIOeKX Box SPRUCE VIEW 2W> Gendarmerie Rmmla Dm Canada 4619 SOAv...InnisMI *11 A Pas De Reponse Composez'0* (Agpti Sans Fmis) Et Demandez. Zenith Gnbertson Ken Boxi3is-innis(ai Glenn L RRlMaitervate Gteim waiter L Glenn WQfred RRiMaiicsvae taoer em Raven GkterEdBoxlRRl-lmdsfaa GodMn AlanRRl-lnnisirii GoUen West Drop In Centre 728-3W4 GoodA GoodmUndson John B Martervne GofUk G GOVBtNMBIT OF ALBERTA CPROVmaAL} FOR INFOItMATION ft ASSISTANCE IN CDMPtETING CALLS TO PROVINCIAL GOVHUiMENT OFFICES TO BE CONNECTED TO YOUR CLOOST RITE CENTRE nalv ft ASCFOR ZerSttl DEAF HEARBfG ft SPEECH IMPAOS) nvformation -TOO NUMKR ' (NO CHARGE DIAL) ADVANCED H)UCATtON Aiieila Heritage Scholarship Fund - Caa Long Distance (No ToB Chatge) 8 Ask Zerdth CULTURE : Kstoric Sites HOUSING.^ Hfluie Improvement Branch - Ca3 Long I' ooistance (No Tea Chatge) & Ask - Z«)lth 'Mortgage Assistance Bianch (No Charge Dial)... 1-«ID Negotlaticn Inquiries (No(3iarge Dia]) SOaAL SERVICES ft COIdMUNITV HEALTH Chad Abuse Not Line 24 Kr Emergency CaO Long Distaitce (No To9 Chage) ft 1-^ Ask Zenlthl234 Widow's Penrion Program - CaS Lohg. Dislanee (No ToB Charge) ft Ask...Zmdth22«>l TOURISM ft SMALL BUSINESS Dawei Alberta Dia) Alrerta* Within Alberta (No Charge Dial) SmsD Business ft Farm Intergst Shieuiia Branch (No Charge Dial) TREASURY Assessments - Caa long Distance (Ns Tea Charge) ft Asfc Zenith Revenue Adiiiiiiistialicn - CaD Long Distance (No Toa Charge) ft Ask ^Hh genlth222s2 Gray Ann Cbemm L J MatkerviBe &aver Grant S RRl 7^3882 GULF CANADA UMITEfT RAY MUNDEU DISTRIBUTOR nilk FUELS a TWINE Phone GidlasJbhn Gundersen Bonip Bax2062RRl-!nidsfal GimdeRai Freematt RRi>tmisfrii Hackett Murray Hagerman Bruce A RRlMarkervBe ^3440 HaO Oiaifes E RRl-lmistaa Hamilton Pat Raven Hammond Ken Hand A G HandOon Hanra Walter 6 RRisytvarOako Hansen Ansgar Oietsen MarisenE v Katsen ErBr RRiMatkctvaki Kahsen Guitnar RRi-lmisfaa 728^3332 Kansoi Herbert W BoxaisMBrkeivaie. 72B-3M0 Hansen Magma Box824Matk0v!iie Hansen Russd Karriman bivestmmtts Ltd Box M38 HaiTteon Kent RRlMarketviiie 7^3981 Harrison Staiitay MarkervSe tnftltf^^v3315 -Hatipt Murray RRlMaitervaie Heave babd Mrs RRi-mdsfsB i^r3213 Hehr Date RRiMatkcrvBle KehrEndlRRiMsrkctvilD... 71^3567 FREEMAN MSWAIKS AiffiiaES LTD CHAMPUH PETROLEUM 72%^936 Jim Watson Agent Chaput Norm RRl-lnnislaa 7W-3417 KelrisettL j RRi-tnnisfaii Chasse R G Boxm ZS"2IS? S St bmlsfao Kendridison C P RRl-tnnisiaa 7n-3693 Chaumont A RRlMarkeivaie 7W-3S34 6 a G Ptubiblng ft fteating ^ Kehdricfcson Harvey RRi-inntstaD Christ Lutheran Church Craig... BouldddaRRlSyhnmlako..; Mptan Gary RRSEckviga 7S-363Q Chr^eiLsen DeQa ,GambleAIMarkovBe 7^-^40 iurmah J'Ebimr RRlMattonrae

3 228 SPRUCE VIEW Hninum (tan^'rrlmaricervide... ^. HindKo AG Hind^ Vem RRl-Innisfail Hirtte DaiyO mu-lmistail HilUe Eldrilise Boii9Site9RRl-Innisfail Hogg E G Mailietvaie Holt Keith RRl-Innisfaa Hopkins Holiday Ranch iimisfaa Homgan.D RRi-lmistaa Hoskin Ben RRlMarttervEUe HOSPITAL Hoswudii Anton BoiaSiteSRRl-Innisfaa... Hoaoudd txeiald Housman Tom Rfii-tmisfaa... Hovde James HovenRoy Howard Aueii 8ac72 Howard Aden OiQdren'i Phone ^ ^ r3464' 728^ limisfail HDWBX'S EXCAVA11NG.LTD, ' K fi Av.(luiiSflaD Hu^le Hans RRl-Iisiisfaa tluegte Lotds Hutin Alex Hummelt Ron / ~ rey L E BoxsnRiSteffr^limisiaa FAD. AUCTION MARKET LTD St.tmilsfail JACK DAINES AtlCimt ' RES bmisfan mnbfail DENTAL CENTRE SI bmisfall 227r3011 Or C R Tym Res Penhold 886:5544 OrC ARoiantiLindRes... Red Deer WNSFAIL EQUIPMENT RENTALS LTD bmisfatl innlsfaa INSURANCE SERVICES LTD MCOONAIO-WHVTE insurance-au forms St binisfail mrasfail REALTY LTD S032 sost imtisfah INNISFAU. TRAVEL SERVICE 5036 SOS! :....Inntsfail irvvmranoiesltdofc BoxSlO-Innisf^..; TOInvin ( Gary Lewis Herdsman Res Irwni W D ft»310-lnnisfaa Jackson David i RRl-Innisfail 7^-36^ Jackson Randy RRi-iimisfaa JACKSON'S DRUG STORE _ St. - - Innisfail j^tsen Ante RRi-lnnisfaii Jensen Grace ZS'IISI Jensen Howard RRi-innisiaa ^-35% Jensen J Atver Box2097RRl-Innisfaa.. 728:3227 Jensen Alorman S. Box2097RRl-Innislaa jeitseii Ralph Jensen Robert Box2095RRl-innisfaa jewett Ken Jo-Ad Farms, ltd RRlInnisfaa ^bs (^rence E RRlMadterville... Jobs Irvin HRiAtetkervaie Jobs RelnhoW RRlMarkerviUe johannson ABtert K RRi-iraiisfaji.. johannson Brian RRisyivamake'.. - Johannson Oirfc ^loonson F S Bax807Maikervaie.. Strannson G T URlMatkaville SSsonJKMij^ffle... { a OSOn Joe H Markervaie Rflihtokervili... RtSlna Mre MartemSte. S^nSlanGRRl-Innislaa.... 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Landln Aif SSpmceviewTHiPk LaiuDn Gaiy Lai^fEarl Lan^vln P Boxi297 : ;3207.^.728: ; Larscn Aage P Box2120ARl-In(iisfaiI.'..;^^-3200 Larsiwi Calvin : Larsen Daniel P Box2122RRl-ImiIsl& LarsenA^rtinRRl-Innisf^..[ Larsen Odin Dicfcson Law N i'bax95ite2rrl-i(misf3a...-^ ^44- tpwipnz'gary ' Lee.Gedtige BoxlOAARRlSytvanLake' lemey Lome RRlMarkervaie Lentke John A RRlMarkervSe Len-Kar Ranches ft Feedlot RRlMarkervaie Ldwis Eyelyn Mrs. LewisG8... Lewis-Gary- LewisR H Lewis R'Wayne LewiS'W J tidcgngton John RRiinnisfaa. Lidstone'RIchards LIghtbown Ken RRlMarkervaie Miller Jeffrey RRlMaHterviie MIDer W L Jr RRlMancenriie... Miller Warren L Sr RRiMarkeviic Miller Wendell R RRlMarkervlOe Moore's Ailctioneering Ltd Aider Rais - CaS long Distance (No Toa Chaige) & Ask - - Zenith MofCfc A Morck ME AAdrinDonRRi-irmisfaa Atorison J A Boi21'}lRRi.innisfail. Morison Ken RRl-tnnisfaa Morrice Ed'IMrs RRl-lnnlsfaa Mousseau Bemie RRlMaikerviiie'. ^ Iduntfell Ralph Oixon Cduitdeo Ray RRlMatkerviOe. 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S K F Canada Lttl. -Edmonton CaO t Distance (No Toa Charge) & Ask: Sanderman Doren. /"jiikf;.}728i3ka: Savage Dale RRi-innislaa!'!! J7? 728:3474' Savage Reg RRl-innisfaa.1 ;^l»35<0' Scandinavian AirP tes Vancouver - icaum j Distance (No Toa Charge) a Ask. #. anitb,s6sooi Schafer Mervin J RRi-innisioa 17728:3232; ~. - 1 Nielsen Viggo rri ' 728I3I42 Schalschneider A RRiMarkeivato'!.' j'. 7a^3401i;!. 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SERVICE CALLS DIRECT DISTANCE DIAUNC LONG DISTANCE DIAUNG 0 DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE FOR ' Local Numbers & calling areas listed below 411 Numbers In other AlbOrta Locations (No Toll Charge)..1 -F Numbers outside Alberta (No Toll Charge) 1-FArea Code* REPAIR SERVICE. (No Toll Charge) ASSISTANCE.'0. BURIED CABLE LOCATION Dial "0" aero) (No ToH Charge) -. ^ ^ & asdt (or......zenith BUSINESS OFFICE (No Ton Charge) (Hours 8 AM to 4-30 PM ".Monday to Friday) EMERGENCY CALLS FIRE AURM ONLY POUCE RCMP. Emergency/Complaints 24. Hr Detachment AMBUUNCE HOSPITAL YOUTH DISTRESS UNE LOCAL CALUNG AREA - ' You can cau without (oil. charges from Stettler to the followirig. ' places BlgVaUey... Byemoor -.. Donalda., Gadsby Halkirk. Just dial the listed r - number Accounts May Be Paid At: ; any Treasury Branch or Chartered Bank ' A. M. Storek - Botha' ' A G'S DAIRY BAR Av A'-xlAV MOTORS LTD Hwyi2E.742-S522 II Busy cai A'A D A C See Afeerta Afcdhofism & Dn^ Abuse.Ccmmisston. AUT. ' Detaied Listings See Page 1 Business'Ollice (No Toil Charge). A a w DRIVE-IN- Aasen Greg St Abel Jerry lobiaddhonttlrpk Al>el Jim Av Abel Joe St, Abel M Av Abram C E aAve ACCOUNTING PLUS eBetiAv...' Red De«Ackerman Dan Ack^an Mayme iAva... Ackerman Norm SSt Ackerman Wm BUI 4715 s2st ACKLANDS UMITED 47p9 42st.. Machine Shop Automotive (hunter Aliair Cbrinne St Adair E 20HeartHavenHm Ailamchidt Mike 4ii8 63Si Adams E T 4B10 47St AdamF Kelly Av Adams M 209Pai3gortPIace Alkimsoh R G Bob Ainscou^ S SOAv ; Ainsworth Jim St Alrey Bdb St Alrey J W 5922 soave Alrey Robert St BURCXR FAMILY CHUBBY CHICKEN St r, i ^ V 742«565L Alrey Thomas B 6010 soaave AIRSPRAY BOT Akrc Lome AL & DON'S TRUCKING Erskine Al Tremnfel Construction 80x Alberta Alcoholism & Drug Abuse ' Commission Inlcrmatlon 4920 SlSt Red Deer ALBERTA EAST CENTRAL HEALTH UNIT NO SOAv Alberta Gas Trunk Line Co Ltd Red WNow Compressor Stn ' B0*698Stettler Gadsby ALBERTA GOVERNMENT TELEPHONES Detailed Listings See Page 1 ' Busing Office (No ToO Ctiarse) ALBERTA GRAIN COMMISSION - PRICES (No Charge Dial)... I-8OO ALBERTA HAIL & CROP INSURANCE CORPORATION ProvincialBIdg (103 AUk^ Liquor Store SOIS SOAv Alberta motor assooatioit TRAVEL AGENCY AUTO & FIRE INSURANCE DRIVER EDUCATION C Av Consumer Advisory Service. dmonton (No Charge Dal) ALBERTA POWER UNITED 24 HR SERVICE St Warehouse St S1 ' Jdicroviave Site Alberta Processing Company Box 5025 ' Stn A Catgary Cal Loi^ Distance (No Toa ' Charge) & AA Zenith Alberta Wheat Pool StettierSE Pool Rep Henry Johnson Blwl Etevator Stettler NE Elevator Botha ElevaiiF Erskine Albright Albert St Alexander C N Av Allan Joan 3S DAv ADen Donald Boxl32Erskinc ALLEN WATSON WELOING" PRESSURE & PREFABRICATtON PIPE LINE WELDING Phone ALLENDALE SERVICES LTD S006 96St ALLWEST TRANSPORT DIVISION OF ALLWEST PETROLEUM &. INDUSTRIAL SUPPUES LTD : ALPHA MILK COMPANY 4602 SOSt AL'S WELDING Erskine ALTA-ROSE PRINTING LTD SI ALTON WAYNE Ltawyr 4910 SlSt y. Residenca St Alvey R M Av... Ambrose F Ava AMBUUNCE./. Ambifry Lawrence Ave ^ ; American Aliflnes Caii Long Distance (No Too Charge) & Ask Zenith AMER'S.RADIATORS a982) LTD 686SGaetzAvN Red Deer Ames 0 R Mrs 6010 SlAve.. i Amies Clare......, AMPKO ELECTRIC LTD^"^ " ALL TYPES OF ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS 8i MAINTENANCE 24 HOUR ANSWERING SERVICX : 3.47q7 42 St Amiersen Arnold G 570S soaave.'.. Andersen Artiiur Box29Erskino Andersisn Margaret Mrs SPosgooAvo Andersen Robert H 5822 SOaAve.. Anderson A H St Andefsqn Bob noii snst Anderson C C BoxllOErsklne Anderran Colleen AEmnrersonAcres.. Anderson D R Erskine Anderson Dale George BoxSOErskine Anderson Donald A R 48)9 52St... AiYl^n Doug C 630B 41 Av Anders^ Edward 37EmmersanAcreS Anderson Floyd 4712 S2St. Anderson 6 H 6iis siav AndersonOarvlnDBoxSErskinc... Anderson George A Bdx47Erskin6... Anderson Glen W box1542 [ f742-! K ^ :6^ STETTLER 229 Ander^ H W St Anderson Harry Erskine ' Anderson Harvey Box34Erskine Anderson IE 6035SpniceCr Anderson Jack M St ' Anderson James l2h««yw Anderson James W St Anderson Jeff Bsmt49l2 S2St Anderson John Boxi67Erskine Anders John siav Anderson Joseph S eox Anderson K Wayne 6037SpruceCr S) And«son KeOy L Anderson Lewis 6005 SlAv Anderson Murray Erskine Anderson P Anderson PhyDls St Anderson Robert A 4031 S7St Anderson Terry Ahiterson Timothy 6025SpruceCr Anilerson Wes Erskine ANDERSON'S APPllANCE ARCADE LTD 4806 SOSt M2-6O22 Andresmi E soaav ' Andrew M Av AndrewsR R St Andrews W H 5721 SlAve Anglican Church St George's study SlSt Rectory 4811 SlSt...' Annable Mason 5405 SOAv Apperiey ^rtliur M Ap^y D 4603 S2St Archl^ Fred Fenn...: Arlln (nlfl^d Maintenance AV Armstrong Farms Ltd BoxlBotha eman Armstrong Fred Boxl22Erskine Arm^ong Grant BoxlBotha ' Armstroitg Jack St Armstrong Jack C Erskine Armstrong Murray 4114 oiast Armstrong Ross Armstrong Steve Baxl63Etskine Armstrong T E / Armstrong T E Ave Armstrong Wendell R 5713 siave Armstrong Wiaiam Bdxl63Erskine Afttold Lottie A Mrs S5St Alter Leslie BAv ARTISAN WOODCRAFT MAKERS OF EXPERTLY CRAFTED KITCHENS & FURNITURE Av Art's Automatic Car Wash 4715 SOSt 742*5817 Ash Dwayne Erskine ^ 742*4158 Aspenliedm' J Louis St Athabasca University EdmontGn.CaS Long ' ONstanra (No Toil Charge) 8 Ask, Zenith22273 Examination Requests - Cal Lang Oistanpe (No ToQ Char^) 8 Ask... ZehHh Atkinson D L Av...; 742*2079 Atkinson R St ATTIC HAIR DESIGN FOR MEN THE 4818 SOSt Aunger W R Dr 4806 S2St Autocal Edmonton Cat Long Distance (No TdP Charge) 8 Ask Zenith Avaton Contracting Ltd Boxl06Erskino Ayling D 4024 sast B G B AVMTION LTD Box B L G BUILDERS LTD : BUTLER METAL BVDG5 GRAIN BINS AERATION SYSTEMS CONCRETE & ERECTION WORK FARM SUPPLIES WARBURG RES 848*2623 Box 795 Rlinbey 843*2393 B R LOCKE CONSTRUCTION LTD 80x Av Backtun J aAve 742-5^ BaOiig Curtis 80x *4075> Baarg P 742*5595 BaerBen W P twhitesamfc ibaargen WiUIam-AOts stst ^ Banley M St BAGSHAW ELECTRIC LTD Hwyl2W TAB-bRZDT Ken^Blsset Rqs ;jim Atsswerth Etectrician Res " B^n'Hariy 742*5920 J

5 230 STETTLER Baier Geeige 5709 SlAv BaSey B Av BaOcy P F «t Bailey wnuam C Av BaSDe Dave 46105^,.; Baines Arthur Nevis K Balrd Dennis Av BAIRDDEIinJIIEaillOC BaMHarold570648AVC Baird M E S BaM WmBn7SReinWo«r BAKER on. nsatdkr OtBIBCAL SAIES B SStVKX 24 mtm SERVICE St Batdoson H Mrs Ave Baldwtn Cam St BaO Brute L ScnSABotha BAlLCVREAintrD^ BaO WiBlam 6i03S iniccor BaBa Tom Ave BamngerV 742-KI07 Babner Paid 3902Spiuoe0r BalUnioie Bryan RochonSarxs BaHbnoreDarrel St BattlmoreEE BaWmore Earl RoetmSants BALEMORE FARM SIIPniES 74^5980 a979) LTD st BatttmoieGordon80x849 7«:3263 ' ,-. 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Cofieid David 4ii7 62st Cole Richard Botha CrHmnan Geoff Av CofflHs Eva Mrs 5014 SlSt Collins Garry Av ; Collins,M SOAv 742-S577 Cofflns R R Bob Fertn Coinhs SheBa 6l04SptuceOr Coihbest Donna Erskme i Combest H M Boxl27Erskine Corttbest Ivan Combest Lynn Boxl27Erskine 742>5211 Comeatt Transport Av Q5 Comstock 030? Av Comstock Mike llheartlamlgm Coitiiaufan T H J St Cbnnolly Av B1 Connor E N Ted st Connor NpO 5812 SlAv Content Bridge Campground ' Cook Edward WhiteSands 742^09 COOk Ken 5708 siav Cook William L S2Ave Cooke John Av Cooke W R Erskine CO-OP See Dnmnhctef Co-Op Ltd ^ CO-OP IMPLEMENTS B Cooper Peter F Bax294..' Co-operative Fire & Casualty Company StettlerTownCenter ' Co-operative Life Insurance Company StettlerTownCenter CO-OPERATORS THE StettlerTownCenter Agent BiU Sieben Res Copeland R G St Cordel L J SBOl SOaAv Comelssen Earl Ersitine Comelssen Ernest Boxsia...: Comelssen Peter R Av Coroner See Government Of Alberta Medical Examtner Costigan Arthur 39l4SpniceOr Costigan Frank RochanSands 742^ SpnicePai1(Cr Costigan Frank 57l9 42Ave ' DMms Dale 6034Spni(xCr 742t6795 Costigan James T WhiteSands '-4179 Deems Derwin Eistdne Costigan James T etc 4901 sist Deems Donald Box48Eisfcine Residence Av Deems Howard 8ox32Erskine 742-^77 CottamD<ln St Deems K BoxlSlErsldne Cdulsey I Box6SErsfcine Deems Ken 8oxlS3Erskine Couttis M 5109 SlAv Deems Lee Av COUNTY OF STETTLER NO 6 Gent Deems Lome Nevis Ofc Av de Frece Don ssst E<iui ifflent a Bus Repair Shop Ddiraff N Ave...; StettteSW DELAINES SWEET SHOPPE Recreation Dir 4937 SOSt sost School Maintenance ' DeOcer 0'J St CMiture Larry Pastor AV Delker V St Cowan Alvin S Ave Den sost Cowan Clifford Boxi76S Dempsey L 4706 ssst Cowan Hazel soio 56St Dempsey Vemon Con H Ave Dennis Dave 5802 s2ave ' Cox Hugh AV Dennis G A 5702 S2Ave Cox John H St Denitis Norman Ave Cox Kdth B0X Deptuch Joe Av COX S P DR Fhys a Surg BOX Dermott M 4914 S3St Derr.Emma 49I6 47St Crane Dale Av :< Derr Eugene Box98otha Crawford Austin Fenn...> Crawford C B de Ruiter J C 4718 sist Crawford Edna B Miss S013 47St Derwantz Ridtard RochonSands Crawford Larry SlAv Derwantz Ridtard M Av Ciawsliaw J R Whitesands 742^34 DESIGNER FRAMES 4905 sist Dedlets Robert AndersonAdditian Dedlets W oiast Desrodtes Leonard 5902 soaav Creighton T K soib 56St Crone R W ssst Crank Gerald BoxS Cronk Murray Croteau Jod St Crowe L Av CROWNMART sou 49St Cruidcshank W E BoxlOlBotha CruBishank denn Ave CRUSADER MOTOR INN 6020 SOAv CubHt Barry 2B Av Curr Robert Boxl9l Currie Arthur lAv Currie L St Ctirrie M 4211 soaav CurHer Don ; CURRIER STAN CONSTRUCTION LTD 60x1981 Ciirrier Stanley Boxl98l ' CUSTOM DATA CENTRE 4912 SlSt Cutting Kenneth Av ; CYaONE WIRELINE LTD 80x CysouwDale Qsouw I Box2Q Czar'Resources Ltd D-AL FLOORING LINOLEUM & CARPET INSTALLATIONS Box DEL CONSTRUCTION- SNOW PLOUGHING ROAD MAINTENANCE 24 KR SERV MOBILE JJ Box , D ft M APPUANCE SALES Dahl Duane Av oatgle Francis Box DalgleR Dairy Queen 5009 SOAv Daniberger Lyie St Oand Rod 5012 S2St Oand Rodney 8 l>rofessional Corporation 4912 SlSt Oannewald A S box Daiinewald Emil 80x Oamfewatd J Jake 5804 soave STETTLER 231 Darby Richard 570S 48Av, Davidson D H St Davidson J D Botha Davidson M 4 57ll soav Davis Henry Av.; Davis L St Davis W Davis Waddy St Dawes Mavis Mrs SlAv Dawsoh Ivan BAve Day Len 38I2 65Si Day R Dayman Jade 8ox4S Dean M K aSt Dean Nonnan : Deans Gordon aSt Deans S 23EniinersanAcres de Beaudrap Louis J Dick Robert 4608 ssst DICK'S PUCE a50St in Dickson David Dtdrlchsen Fiim 4603 soest Dies A Ave...' DIET CENTRE OF STETTLER UpstrsS014 SCSI DlUinan Art Av DOtman Deimis omman Henry ast n DIMAR ELECTRIC LTD " EastlndustrialParic Dingey J F WhiteSands -1^ !4^m Dingey J F St Dionne-Raymond 49I6 sist 742.4^ DfprosbRobertBoxSiBotia 742^787 O^rose T Botha..., 742^11)74 DittHch E R 80X >4117 DIttrich J Av 742I537& Doak Bsie Erskine / 7424nd Doan E M IteartKavenHm Dean Earl 4702 S2St ;' 74213^ Dobson Aihy M St 742.n^ Dodierty Allan Erskine ^ Docherty M 190a4407 ssst 742.5^ Docherty Roltert Av! 742.^90 Dodd Mike Botha Dodds Elwood St... '.742.6M7 Dodds John 4807 SlAve Doe)! Fred E St Doerfcsen F Boxl Ooerkseii Lome Si Doerr Edwina Dr Botha T42-398I Dbeir Ken 32EmerstsnAcres Dotan Anthony Box208Ersfcine Dpnaltteon John DON'S CAR SALES 4804 soav «o Dorsey A E 25HeartHavenHm 742-4S2S Dossantos K ssio s3av DOUBLE J Construction ltd TRENCHING ft PLOWING UNDERGROUND GAS ft ELECTRICAL LWES RESIDENCE Redwaiow DOUBLE L SADDLBIY ft LEATHGR SHOP 80x1414

7 232 STETTLER Qouble R ButlAig Ltd Bi»599 DOUBLE S CONSULTANTS loenunersonacres DouSdity H B 6017 SlAve DOWELL OF CANADA st Oowle F Dowie R Downey Dale A 6114 soaav Downs Fred Jr BoOia Downs Fred Sr Botte Drastf Gordon ISEmmersonAaes DREXLBtH DR Opinitist SlSt DRUmiELtBt CO-OP LTir PHARMACY ONLY FOOD STOIS HWY12 W Stettter Co4)p Centre BtSKniE AUTO ELECTRIC Ei^ Ershbie Curling Rink Eiskit» : Ersldne Grocoy Enune Drydot Date St Faechner Andrew Botha : Freeman Colleen DtiBois Rotand 5019 S6St Duehaime wnibm Av 742-S40. DudischerBob80x Ducfcmanton D Duerksen David Box Oukart Allan soia 44St Duncan Albert Av 742-2a9 Duncan Charles 45064SAv Duncan Donald G St Duncan Gordon 4605 S6St Dtuican <1W Ave Duncan JSnes t ^83 Duncan Ken i95a Si 742t3010 Duncan 1^ OEmmersonAoes 742-^334 Dundon dtrishna SOAv 742-Bm' Dunford Warren Ave 742 4S33 Duiigan d C Suffaiolate 742-!iB45 Dunn D L St 742ii6Z0S. Dunn Dai^ 5912 siav 742^6960 Dunn R P SSt Dunn Robert Av Duns Art Av Dupent J J Fcrai Oupont M J Eerxi Dyck Irwin nevis Dycfc Peter EisUne Dyck Ronald Nevis Dyer WDI^ini Eistino Dykstra E L St canltk D L 570Sb40Av ISTc 74^5568 Eas^ Av e^ton DatM BoxllRedWabw Easton Men Av ECCM R9AIR Av BdtfSoEt Eldlliom E L AV Mdtom Ottflio 4703 SSSt. Bthhorw S 4703 SSSt E^rtiaut F 4603 S3St E^entraut G A 57io 47Ave. Eliuh Heuy Av... gjellio M St -. QlEN'SHAIRSTYUNe Eiter^ Dale Boi>ei9 7^ Erd(^ Huttertte Colofqr Eiskine... ' ErskbieiOOFIteDEfsUne.; Erskine Joe Ersfcbie School Erwbi Robert St EsauBmer80x1822 ^ Edtow A J SlAy ESSO RESOURCES CANADA LIMITED Fern 8(9 Valey Reld Ofc 8ox 739 Red Deer Big VaOey Hr Bneiaency BtackfaMt Evangelical Free Church Ersldne Evans AQiert Av EvansMG6016 SOaAv Ev»ett daraice R BoxBSBoths Evmtt CBfford R St Evwett Grant S7lla40Av gra Zii'SSt FaechntfE ^edmer St FahbnanDemis Fair Tim 5917 siav Fakas Nick Av 742?4528 FaBtenbtfg A R St Falkenbag David Boxi FaOtehberg Don Ave FaOtenberg M Mrs S006 53St Family & Community Support Services Bsint5402 SOAv Fargey J M sail SOaAv FARM CREDIT CORPORATIOli CANADA PostOfncefius FAS 6AS HEARTLAND SERVKZ 6002 SOAv Faust Rod SI FawcettLE4001 eost Fedck A H4002 SSSt Fedick Gary Ave Feduji Harvey Botha Feisst 8 tmmtesands Fenn General Store Fem Fensfce Howard S703 41Av Ferguson Carman Nevis FergitfonG6006siAv Ferguson Stan Fetiand E W sSt REIDS STORES UMITH)- - CUmilHG NEEDS FOR THE WHOLE FAMAY S008SOSI N G Av FO^diuk WHnam S714 4lAve 742-3^ FHmefiko M G St Fbiby S4St Rnlay F F 8ox ' FIntayM FMay R J Av 742-4^ Fbm^ian Los 39l2S >nice0r RRE ALARM ONLY Fisdiliadi Gordon 420i 60Si FIsdibadi Otto 4616 sast Fischer Chris Box Fischer John Botha 742-5(M Fischer K SOAv sitztin aviu "scfier Fisdier rnaicoun Malcolm 5003 soo3 56st S6St /w-azsy 742-5^ emmalexander22 SS?^.^SdS^M6Ml Ave.../94_^ SMve 742^»06 H^^aiy Rieher Bay Bcx gbotjr AV8 BnsB4802'^t OifS DAVffl c lawyr 4819 SlSt RKtdenoe Av 742-K crite GMtert Box74E«[ine ^nb. >»#* dfloi SlSt tjus Jack 4801 siffl llhpiff lSt^^j^7^-2270 UXS DisloflW (No TiO Cbvbo^^ CotmeD 01A!^-Od) lohfl oatokc ((to Tesctowaa Ask... 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R ^ >4n ,. 742-^ Foftler D SlAv tter Kevin 5824 SOaAv Foster Orval ErsUne FOUNTAIN TIRE STORES (STETTLER) LTD SAUES & SERVICE CALL ASTRO-MlCHatN-8 F GCODRICH ON THE FARM SERVICE SI : ' Foumier D St Fowler David J 4617 SSSI Fowler JL Fox Herbert St Frandie Doug Frank T Av Franklin Robert St Fraser Allan Botha FREEDOM EXPRESS LADIES WEAR TonmCenti Freeman AOan St Freeman Charles Boxl6i FRENETTE TRUCKING LTD CMfleU KauSng Av Red Deer Friars Arnold St FrickeHon Uwls FriedO Fred Botha Friesend L S707 41Ave Fritzsche Otto St Froese Gerald Bsntl 5804 SGAv FrooinngK Si FRONT PA6E NEWS & SMOKE Stop 5002a5QAv FtmkDick FUsiea C Fyten Robert l5t a H Foods Ltd aectrolysis QadysSchnntft tees CDve 784:3855 If No Answer Gal COve G S 0 WeO Services Ltd St. 742:2677 GaetzEd Gaetz John St ^ PLUMBING & KEATING Gdnes C L BoxZSEiskne GALA TIRE LTD 470S 4l5t Galbranh Norm BoxlBotha GaOaherKen QAV GaOeberg Norman Fem Gabn Joseph 4604 s3st Gatvin Keith Av Ganske M113 60ll SOAv Gantz Marvbt t Ganbter Norman E Buiiaiolekc Gardner Stan EisUne Garland Dawn 4807 SlSt : Garland George 6022 SOaAv Garrds Max M Box56Botha ,. GarrettdSErskine Gauthler David 14Bl3dilMniTihl>k Gefahardt H 5712 SOoAv Geddes H M Ave Gdeta David Av GelinasC Genms PhBllp GeOaliy Mark io Av GEIMON CORPORATION 6600 SOAv GenalBe Sam 2ii Av Gendarmerie Royate du Canada AV Utgence / Ptaintes 24 Hr Detadieinenl Gendre Bernard L 8axl6SEiskine.. 742^4668 Goulre Denis 25EinniersDnAcres Gembe Ernie 57li 4lAv Geidre J^ LErdilne' Gendre Leon Boxi3i6 Gefidre Louts Boxi3l6 742: Genlk B W 4214 soav.. GoiOtS ',, GEO UJUR REALTY LTD 5002 SOAv Noina lesfie Res Get^Norman80x <^^0 George Vbicent 1480l 6laSi »enaer John 4iio 625t tola 0'6124 BOaAve '^ Geriach Art ishwye Getlach Courtney box Gerladi David 6123 soaav Getlach Edward W St Geriach Fmd A Geiladi Walter St GeHHz A astetoerrrtipk 792:2W!1 GerlKzAlex <ir lAve Geifnz Dave st 742-2^ ^rtsma Frank 80x1324 Gbtetta L W SOAve :3656 " ItNMteSands Gibbins J E SSSt...; 7^i4SU Gibbon Bob Nevis.'... i. 74M1M Gibbon Earl A Si., 7^ateii Gibbon Wayne box6s8 742'4ZI9' Gibson Bruce llstettiertrtipk : 7424SU' GibsonE K St...7«H7<2 GiesRichard lAve 7423S97 Giesbredit George 5716 SOAv (Sesbrecht DeeRedWQaw 74^4383 Gilbert Cameron Erskine.741^499)' Gilbert Don Whitesands 742:41501 Gilbert Bmer 5714 soaav Gilbert Jim 4502 SOAv '... 74M064i Gilbert N J Mrs 47EniniersonAoes..,. 741^389 GHbert W J B(ul676 7itt:3160 cnuesple Don H*yi2w 7<S-3054' GlOespIe Don RodanSands 748^4771' GiUespie F A Bsint4612 SSSt i3Ii GnKs Lyie ButlaioLake Gllmore H t GUmore S E t Gntner Joe SSSt Glnther Ken 6167 siav Gbither Max C la5i i Girvan M J Eiskkie Gish David BoxBSO J ,74248^ GishEBoxBSO : U9' Gish LO BoxBSO : 742^4113 Gitzel B BOX460 : 742^5801; Gitzd Barry D Professional Cmporalion ; 742^4411 eitzel KREJa & CO" CHARTERS) ACCOUNTANTS st, GHzel Leo E RocticnSands Gttzel Leo E Ave 742:^ Gitzel Leo E Professional CoipoiatiM 4912 SlSt 7424ffl Qasler Irwin i2hwywest 7424^ Qasler John St Glover Ron Nevis 7424^ Gtowitski V SSSt Go^ Dave St GoertzenGlenBOX U3 Goertzen J F Ave Goldie's CHfield Senrice Nevis Goldthorpe M 6SteltlerTrtrPk Gomer C R t GOihmenidLeoRochenSands (teodman R 205 son sssi Gordon J t Gordon John Bax26l Gordon Undsay Erskine 742-SU4 Gordon Steve boxsss Gofjans Frank Av GoiddLloyd AvClo$e GOVERNMENT OF ALBERTA CPROVmCiAL) FOR ASSISTANCE IN COMPLETWG C^ TO OTHER PROVmOAL ravernment OFFICES CAU YOUR LOCAL REGIONAL OtFORMATIONTBEPHONE. ENQUIRY RITE NUMBER...,742t4481 DEAF HEARING a SPBCH ^AMED WFORMATKM - T D D NUMrat (NO CHARGE DIALl AOVAWS) EDUCATION Aberta Heritage Sdioiatttijp fund - Ctl Itxig Distance (No Tel Onrga) a Ask<, _ Zenith AGRICULTURE Bistiict Agricultuiist District Home Econondst Grain Commission _.ii i - ^ '(NoChargeDiaO ;.l-800i»4^ Meat Inspection Regional 4-H SpedaGst 74244SI' RegutetoryServices8r 7ffl-^ Brand Inspection 742-4W1 Aberta Hal a Crop Insurance Corpetxtleh _ ProvkidaBldg 742(isj03 ALBERTA AGRiCULTUtAL DEVaOPMENT CORPORATION 7(04481 ATTtNtNEY GENBtAL Provindai Court ProvkidaBklg CONSUNBI a CORPORATE AFFAIRS 7 7 CocpetaliveProgram EliraGY a NATURAL RESOURCES FishaWidife HOI^NG Home Improvement Branch - Cat tdog Distance (No Tofl Charge) a Aik_. ZmmZm: Mortgage Assistance Branch (No Dial) l-8po'6^mja Negotiation lixpilries (No Charge. Dial) l-800'^-38sl' MQXCAL EXAMOCR-CORONBI ^rm41 puntc WORKS supplks a SERVKXS Property Management DivtskHl Bui^Supt.., 7^24481' ((kmtlnued Next ngb)

8 I [I^VERNMENT OF ALBERTA 0ii^(FftOVINaAL)(c«.t<n ^ISP^TION & PARKS (;/i 4BiwaIion DMsion I Ssnrts PaiK 0(c ^fiffjgmbia'bs.eisliine fii4is WiRwisefRes i'«#i1istthtorbox25eiskine I [ f SdqAL SERVICES & COMMUNtlY riiifliheioto : 'i;^,odw#use Hot line 24 Kr Emergency - AiCal Long Distance (No Toil Oiarge) a,i;^:;l.f;ilsltfof Zenith 1234.'i/Sedal Services Disiricl Ofc ;, / ft{i4a3s so SI (jstlteilal Healtti Services 5402 SOAv ;7 Pension Program - CsH long /ii!,(:ibstance(notoaciiaige)a Ask, :'!. Zenith ;ii^liator GENERAL ^ :V;,TWverEsaiiiiner Cemmunity (^otreclions ;; HiliwayPatrol iraunsm & SMAa BUSINESS '/ "tnwaiiefta.^ iiia Abeita'Wiltdn Alberta (No Oiarge r Dial) '' ismtf Business a Farm InleresI Shiefaling jbrandi (No Charge Dial) transportathjn. ibutonenl Supply a Services :^imi4isr...mabitenance ^n^branch S014 SCSI I 'Rstroi Div a Motor Transport Br IREASURV jtapfsnents - CaS Long Distance mo ToS, :!, ' ; /. diarge)a Ask Zenith 22268,ilte»e^ Adnniriistratien - Ca) Loi^ / ".Kilance (No Ton Charge) a Ask to... izenith jzehlth ireas^y.branoi Goventihent Of Caiiada - EngEsh /Agriattiire Canada i^feod Production a Inspection Branch Vetertnary Inspection Operatiohs _ - i ^ islod 50 Av 'ifeipayment a Immigration Canada,'i..caiSda Employment Centre 5104 SOAv' /f Employment Services ; i., to Stettler BS VaBey Byemoor / '! Donalda Gadsby HaSdrk Can (Tol toe)..., to bite Centres Can Long Distance (No Ton Charge) a Ask...Zenith'22105 'Insurance Services Cd Lm DIsIance (No Too Cterge) a, Ask... "... ^Ith 22^06 Cai^ immsiration Centre ;CalI Long Diitance (No Ton Charge) a ' Ask!.-Zehlth Rpsi bfiice 5104 SOAv TO TRACK DOWN A FEDERAL IWVHINMENT SERVICE OR tffi^muda SBtVKX BUREAU CAN HELP YOU 3a TOa FREE Gotfeifiiiient Of CoiiBdo French Agiiciatuie Canada ' iok de la Production et inspection des Alaii^ts (Operations) In^tion > Veterin^ ' 5^04 50 Av 'Errpla) dt Immigration Canada Centre d'em^l du Canada 5104 SOAv Services D'Empkd Pour Sieltler B^ VaSey Byrnoor Donatdd rbriksiy HiiMik Appele (Cout Grahiit) Avtre Centres AppeCe L'Operateiir El Demander (C^ Gratuit) Zenith Services D'Assurance Aapeoe L'Operateur El Deipander (Cout Gratuit) Zenith (Centre D'lmm^tion Du Canada n-aofm I'Operateur Et Demander (Cent ^^hnt) Zenith VOUS lotorez A QUEL PROOIAMME ^SBEVtCE OU ORJVERNEMBIT {ffioer^lvousadresser LE BUREAU DE SERVICE CANADA ESt uiroim VOUS AIDER jjppellez SANS FRAIS Ooveitin^nt Of Canaiia Member Of ^iamelit Crowfoot Constituency ^ Uhtg DIstanee (No ToO Clarge). a Aski^. Zenith EoiNaQiO Steve 4014 SBSt 742-2(^ GAtlVIW i^tahbs BmlBSErskine GtOliDiGmce 110 SOU SSSt 742-^0 Grabin Val W Boxl Grate Ernest Dr Graham C Si Graham Elmer C Nevis Graham Ken St 742-S718 Graham Martin R St Graham R A 5716 SlAv (b^ham Wayne Av Graham Wm SlOO 57St GRAHAM'S JEWELLERY Also Caesar's Trephy Palace 4941 SOSt Gramllch 8 L 5724 SOAve Gramllch K Av ; Gramlick Joseph 59 6O17 52Av Grams Jack 57EmmeisonAcres Granilfleld R 49EmmersonAcres GRANDVIEW INN DINING ROOM 4405 S9SI GRANDVIEW MOTEL Av Granger K ie9a4403 SBSt GRANT ALTON & SPROULE lawyrs St Grant Andy GRANT GARY G lavryr 4910 SlSt Residence Ave GRANT JH Chartd Acctnt SlSt.742-^438 Grant James Garry Grant John 8 7 SOStOose Grant Richard C Daxl Grant Rodger 4002 SSStOose GRANTS RADIATOR & SMAU ENGINE REPAIRS LTD bo> Residence Gravely Martin Bax269Erskine Gravely Thomas Botha Gray E St Gray Gerald Box205Eiskine Green B 311 soil ssst Green Deneen soaav Greenlee C A 4928 SOSt : Greenlee G P St Greenlee Uoyd BoxOBotha.' Gre^wood Ron 2lEmefscnAcres Grelner L St 742-S197 Gresko F soav Cress Garth 6023 SOaAv Grieve B Av GHeve Boyd implements Av GHeveC SOsAv Grindley John M Av GRINDLEY JOHNMuwyr. Utistrs4940 SOSt Groat J P 4209 SOaAve Grover Glen C 4703 sist 742t2504 Grover Guy 5820 SIAv Grover Hazel Mrs soos ssst Grover W 5817 SlAv Grover W L Groves Harold J GtovesJ Harold Groves John Mcrley Botha Grovet LeU H Botha Gniber Victor Av Gruman LetNis St GUARDIAN DRUGS 4939 sost Gueffioy James H saoi siave GULF ALBERTA PIPE UNE Pumping 5iation ^ , GkJLF CANADA PRODUCTS COMPANY GULF CENTRE Av GULF CANADA RESOURCES INC Pied Operations Die 80x Nevis Gas Plant 24Hrs HOUR EMBIGBVCV GULF CENTRE GULF BULK SALES DEUVBtV - PROMPT SERVICE, RESIDENCE Av Gulf Centre Country Wide Holdings Ltd 3S03 47AV GULF TRAVEL INN GULF oa PRODUCTS DIESEL FUEL DAaV 6 AM TO 11 PM SANITARV DISPOSAL Hwy 12 W Giira H M SI Giise Joan 5913 SOaAv GuUimljler E M 5823 SOaAv j221 Habarstock Hackwoirft Colin soos 45St Z42-6>650 Kadtey John T Boxl Hadley M, Hafner H L Mis SSt Hagel Alvin St Hagen David L St Hagen Uyod Av...' Haggkvlst Dei Hague C aSt HAGUE ELECTRONIC SERVICES SI Halght Gerald Erskine ; Hailes George RochenSands HaQ Ernest Ave Hall SOAv HaUett Ken 4020 SBSt HaUett R T 4621 SBSt Hallett Wniard BoxSBl HALUBURTON SERVICES LTD st Hallman D St Hatseth.A J 116HeartHavenHm Hamilton Jim soos 52St Hamilton Norm Hamilton T14 Nevis Hammer Stawse 5806 soav Hancock M W Av HANDIBI^ Bsmt5402 SOAv Handyside Dale Ave Haner Barry Box68RedWiilaw Haner J W BoxOBRedWiDow Haner Lome RedtNiOow Haner Raymond M St Haner RusseO St Haney W E Or Box HANEY W E DR Chitptr 4928 SOAv Hanford D M 5921 SOaAv Hankins Oarence Botha Hanklns E St., Hanna Dana St Hanna Melvin Fenn Kanna OrvlOe Fenn Hannaford Ed J Box3Botha Hannaford Sena Mrs St Hannegan Qenn W St Hannlim A D siave Hanning 6 Arlie 57ie SlAv Hannlng Howard 5804 soaav Hansel Larry L Av Hansel Uoyd F Si Hansel W K St Hansen Harold BBcfc49i9 48St Hanson,Dennis Hanson George Richard Erskine Harbison Audrey Mrs St Karde George sgemeisonacres Karde Ken BoxisiBotha Harding Donald St Haring C P St Harte Graham L 4605 ssst Harmon William Botha Harris L Av ; Harris Uoyd 5002 S7St HARRIS UOYD E" PIANO TUNtNG & REPAIRING St Harrison E J St...' Harrison Edwin E Box73Re<iWeiovr Harrison J Harrison Lyie 45O8 SQAv Harrison Reg S904 42Av..; Harrison Robert St Harrison Wayne Box2RedWaiow Harrow Frank Hart Harold W 4716 sisi Hart Jack B Av Hart Uoyd Botha Hartley Frances Mrs 5813 siave Harvey Gene Boxl HARVEY'S PAINTING DRYWAU & RENOVATING Botha Hatch Mervtn St HATRON ENTERPRISES LTD 4720 SOSt Haudr John Botha HAUCK OPTiaANS LTD OPTICAL PRESCRn>TNS FILLED CONTACT LENSES HEARING AIDS St" Haug Joseph soos SSSt Ha usher George St Haustein Doug Box24Eiskine Haustein Gertrude Mrs soog 44St Z53 HiUiStein K Hau^eln.W Box3Efsfcine Havlg Harold St Hawkins Albert St Hawkins B Av $9 Hatwthome Allen RedWiaow Hayden Gi;eg St Hayes Brian 0 Nol2HwyW Hayes H RR4Donakia Hayhe Judy Nevis STETTLEB 233 Hayne Ray Erskine Haywood A soav Heald R J Av 742-3)27 HEALTH UNIT NO soav Kome'Caie Kearonemas Henry Box Heart Haven Home Die Kvryizw HEARTLAND AUTO SALES 5924 SOAv 742^4408 Heartland Bowl 460i 59St HEARTLAND COLLECTION SERVICES LTD 4910 sist HEARTLAND EQUIPMENT GROUP me FARM MACHINBtY AFTER HOURS RES ALEX MRNE D J DELKER WAYNE LONG : Av HEARTUND JEWELLERY & GIFTS 5002 sost HEARTLAND MOBILE RUG & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING St HEARTLAND OILWEU OPERATORS LTD bgx HEARTLAND STATIOISRS LTD STATIONBtY DIVISION ' St ^ 'IQUimENT a FURNITURE DIV, Miyi? 50 St HEARTLAND WIRELINE LTD r^well SWABBN6 «EWAXING - MOBILE XJ ^PUMP RB>Am a SERVICE machine SHOP OFFICE X HEARTLANDER MOTEL CABLE TV - DIRECT DIALING PLUG-mS - CONTROLLED HEAT COMBOVATHNi BATH a SHOWER COMPLIMENTARY COFFEE IN RM JUNCTION OF HWY 12 a 56 Box KeasOp W M St Heaven C G Dr Av Heaven Hugh Boxsa Kebert Dorothy Airs 460S 56aSt Hedstrom R L St Heemskerfc Joe M Keer Henry 6023 siave Heer Manuel Box Kegberg Bin Botha Hegberg Harold 47AvE Heichert Wtlllam 57Q5a40Av Heler Adolf 5913 SlAv Heier Alfred Av Heler George DAvOo$e Heler I Bsmt4601 SSSt Heighlngton W R' Av Hein Wamer 6003 siav Helnenger Felix Boxl56ErAine Kelbefg Keith St HELBERCS CUSTOM FRAMING ALL TYPES OF FRAMING NEEDLE POINT a PETIT POINT SI Hellebo John 4707 ssst Henderson J iaSt Kenke A E 5820 SOaAve Henke Hetnz 6019 soaav tfenke L S433 SOAv HennanGH Kennel Albert 5812 SOaAv Hennel Allan Boxl Hemtel C 5431 soav Hennel Don ra Hennel Oulcie M 4709 ssst Hennel Edward S715 46Ave Hemtel Etna box HENNa H WELDING- ^ GENERAL a PRESSURE OlLFtELD 24 HOUR SERVICE MOBILE VJ Box Henitel'Henry 80x Hennel Kevin Boxi Hennel Lome Whitesamk; 742^6311 Hennel Rodney B0X Hienhel'Rdn 80x1841 Hemtel Rudolph B0X6II Kerbmt Douglas 4713 S3St HERB'S BULK SALES S103 46St

9 234 STETTLER HERITA6E DUONG LOUNGE 4 4ei4a50St HERITAGE aj\ss STETILER LTD, 4607 S9St Karett Angus4814S2st...,. HeiTett Williafll RoctnnSantls... Hes tlohn St Hewlett Don ErsUne... Hewlett Wilf 5715 SlAv ^ »-RATE DRILLING CD LTD Frank Gertsma Boxl HJ-WAY 9 EXPRESS LTDT- ' DISPATCH St ' AOMnraSTXATION Phone : Hickllng J E Nevis HOdretti Alta 6008 SOAve... Hiiker Fred St Hnfcer Gus St.... Hiiker R A St HfllBarry80x HOle' Albert 86x965...,. Hffler Calvin HOter Melvtn box965 t^on Titos 114HeartHBveiMn... HOtZ Ken BOX1136 HiltzKen80X1136 HiRkle Dennte Box20l8 HbiMe Venion Botha Hinton MOce soav... HIady Dwayne SOSiS Hoddey Jackson St Hm^lnson G S St... Hoi^n C SOaAv... Hodgson Nonn 6 ssstoose Hodgson Peter W WMteSands... Hodgson Peter W 6-S6Siaase.. Hoftart Frank Ho^ H 2SpruceViBa3eTrliSul»fiv.. Holden Gregg Si Holdeniess John Ay. HoMemess John H Sols 45St.. Holdeniess Ronald 46li S4St.. Hotinaty Ivan 4004bS9oSt HoQingor V Ay KOLUNGS R W OR Optmtist 4912 SIS! Resilience Av Hi^niiiuist Foike St Hotoweiko Robert L Ave Hplton P K Ay Kdltz Eric Box3l2 Kbitz Hemy BoxslRedWiow HoHz Herbert E box782 HoKz Leonard 86x1004 Hdifz Robert E SSt HoklbetZ Orest Aye HotZO'Elste SI Kolzer Wiles *- I^E HARDWARE STORES 4907 HOK^Mro-jibMEIELP Ay UncDfer G SerUwieitceW80X Koopler ( Hoova' Aftrcf Boxisii Hoover Joe J 4111 olst Home A L soil 57St «5JK S5St ugtfte J'W i h«ywjv tmrtifard H E Wltitesams ErtSnTMlS I^ns Clark AV0 01 S::ncta Donald WWicSanw!S!^C V K^eent= Ay Howard I 572la51Ayo opweiier IB lAve u^oll R S8l5 SlAv TMB6x2SRe» HSRoseA7i3sisi Hrvcyk ms lm Allde 302 (i^ Ay SSElmerBoxnM SCO Pleiller Koutc rsst A 207 S I^is-SMS^OAV Si^ns F id Ay pate (BI ; SZ ^3908! 7^if37 : 7^ ^ ^ ^ ^ «>.. 742^ ?42r46B ^ i^ «Ktqhes Doug 8ox Ht^hes Dotolas Hughes E L Mrs l soav, Kidgan Wray St HuOcovich Bm 86x ndkovidi James 5908 SOAve HulkovftchS 8ex9D Hulkovitch Urn 4026 SSSt Hunuitel Albert 5808 SlAve Hunt Getry 2055tett(efMiv Hunt cnbert St Hunt L BSt HantOIICompany Hunt Yictor 80x Hiinter C St Hnnter D M St : Hmiter Dave / Hunter 6 S Ave Hunter P^ lol Av Hunter Ralph St... : Hunter Reg Baxl60l Hunter Ron St Hunter Wade Ay Huntley Steve Hurai Jerome Baxl HUSKY on. OPERATIONS LTD ' 86x Husky Realty StettlerT6wnCenti Huston W HUTTS AUTO PARTS SUPPLY LTD St.. '.742-^305 HylandJack E IC G UQIflO GAS LTD laiwyw ( ( Manascf's Res ICGUTUTIES _ CPLAOiS-WESTERNJLTD St ( ( Des.lloyd Ave (MPBUAL on. LTD 8uik Plant AlvinHasel 742-2^ tncedoug btce K F Ave tnge^ New & Used Furniture Botha biman Don 6110 SOsAv tnnacent Don soxiooi ' Innocent Gary BigVaOey bmocett Oen Box Innocent John 570i slavs tnnoceit M 6IO2 '4lAv bmoceitt Ralph box bwindon.. Irwln Jptot Av IrwInRJ DIckHwySO Isaac Ron Box isaman Cedt E St IdiiW Gary siav Idiiw Roman Botha J.&8 Restaurant Av J C Stables Boxiiso J L RENOVATIONS ft WOODWORKING St d T AUTO BODY. AUTO Bmv REPAIR & PAINTING. AUTO GLASS «STALLATK)N 5011; 49 St Jack's Plumbing & Heating 80x Jackson Don Jackson Fred I89b440i sbsi Jat^BOn John B6x948oiha Jackson Ronald G St Jackson Ross Baxl JadBOn Thomas A RochanSands...: Jacfcsni WilHam Av Jacobs John Av Jacobson RoniRodnnSamb Jaopiot P St James Edmund st JAMES TAYLOR CO (REDOEER) LTD St M2-S POter M RHdiia Ras.; Jameson George Avq Jameson L P 5009 S2Si 742-3^ Jameson Wade G 4709 SiSt Jamleson K D Ave 742-2MS Jantz Hemy Ay 742-$914 Janz GeHiard A 6O04 siave jaimthdan '''HS2E Javteln H.Ferai 742'i4^ Jaitnin WVnilam L Fom 742-4^ Jarm^ Leon 4iis aost 74M2W jadiaa^resourra ConsidtbNI Ltd JOItete li^ St ;. 742^8278 Jelliiey {tete ist J^vah 'Witnesses Stettter Cohgrpgalion 5923 SlAv 742^203 Jensen-Anne Mrs Av Jen^ EFmt5804 SDAv 742-6^, JenSirpE W 4D^miiovita3eTrtrSijiiPly $tl Jeiteen M E Mrs St Jerantaz K soaav Jerzak Adam Mrs 470S S4Si JeweD Theatre 5010 SOAv JIM WALKER'S MEN'S WEAR itd"" ' DRESS aothing WORK aothing SFOOTWEAR JIMMY'S HARDWARE (1975) LTD " MR HARDWARE DEALER YOUR INDEPENOENT" HARDWARE SINCE St JIMS APPLIANCE CENTRE LTD ' :-5712 Johansson Ante Si 742:-3l70 John H Gr^ Professional Corporation Oartd Acctnl4910 SlSt' Johns Lyal K 5717 SOaAv JOHN'S MENS WEAR QSt Johnson A M Botha Johnson B P 4820 SSSt.V; Johnson C A St Johnson Chuck G oooospmceor dombon CONNOR AGENO LTD COMPLETE INSURANCE ' : REAL'ESTATE APPRAISALS - AFTER HnntS CALL BP. JOHNSON RES 742-2S72 ' -. EN TED CONNOR RES S NHL CONNOR RES St Johnson Dehrbi Johnson G C llhearthavenhonis Johnson Kevy Johnson Lenin 5918 SlAve Johnson" Lewis RochgnSaixls JOHNSON PAT CONTRACTING Av Johnson Ray L llsprucevillagetrtifk.. Johnson Todd eooospmcedr. Johnson Wayne RochoneSands Johnston David Av Johnston Derate Johnston Gary Av Johnston Kemteth Baxl Johnston Leslie 2I6 50i3 ssst... JOhnstm N B St Johnston RusseO J Aye... 1 Johnston Ted4606 S3St JotmstOne Robert Boxios Jobnstone W Mel Si.. U...' JoBey Gordon RochonSands JoUey Gordon SEStetUer /.... Jolly AS 5916 SlAve JonassOn Darwin Av... Jones A L St V Jiines Aiidrew St..... Jones 0 L St Jones Dean St Jonas E S SlEmmeisonAcies Jones Earl R ssst.....:. Jones Gerald SOllSpruceParkCr..;. ; Jones Ivan L 80x2139 JonesLM105713SOAv Jones Larry C RedWilow Jones Lester QAv Jones M S921S truceft(cr Jones MJ St iteries Ranald H Bax9iErsMns jon«t 5914 SOaAv Jones W D VemonTafiy 5bo7 44Si : Jones Wes so Av dpnes WDBam M St...: JOtdfflt il H 80X1063. JosM Subasti Av.... Joyce R Ave Judd Gbdys Mrs 14 6DII soav K ft L TANKERS LTD r »6S ^ CRUDE ft WATER HAULING MOBILE JJ2-82» ' 80X1422 ' Kadlng E J av... Kadlec Elmer James 8oxi654 KaM siav KaM Henry 6107 siave Kalso"DavidBoxi KateOr Wiffiam st... KalteiKti Alex St Katentth E 52AvE Katyn Jqilfis 4021 ssst KatelahGien 3908RifUceVil!aseTrirSubClv KAIpH WELDMG LTD 3908SFfuceViS3geTitrSulil>!v., 'MobSe^Wlce KahhekensM4004SKt... Kafg Kerb St l(0han'dr4i22 6iAy... KaHiiyklhainte siotezdmdore ttesdaii H J Ave...: r4SS ; S MobRe XJ ^ ; ^ S83 KATEE BUILDING MATERIMLIPO St ;.. Kaufman Allen 46io sasi... Kaufman'E A 4902 sist... Kaufman Terry 48io 48St.. KautZTed 23SteltlerTrm... 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Lambert D 5802 siav... lamden'ilohn W box443 Lamden Ken 62ii 39Av..;. Lamming V St... Lamoureux F St Land Darius Box Landman Helmut 401B sssi. Landry David Lang Donald whitesands Lang Owight Avaose Lang^GvOen Mrs 6013 soaave Langme LOs RedWOow :.. Laitgridge Earl 46io ssst... LaPolnte Marcel 5009b50Av. Large W A Ave... Large W A Farm LaRccquc Bruce st S '.< , '^ LARGSe construction a978) LTD OILFIEU) CONTRACTORS '. ERNIE UROSE RES '/SHOP ROCkV MTN HOUSE MOBILE JJ & Xd ' KJ5-()698 & XJ S W Stettler LaRoseDale Lwose Darren 46EmmersonAcres.. La Rose Edward F Si...^.v LaRoseElectric... lirose Ernie 80x973 LaRose Greg Box2Botha LaioseJackR LaRose Jim Bsmt49l2 46st...:.. larose Judy Mrs 4714 sigi LaRose Mary 302 son ssst :.. LaRose PD LaRose Paid box1996 LaRose Robin LaRose Roy lirose Stephen , LanoseSteve ^... Laisdn Irvtn L Box344 Lai8en.Uoyd 80x344 Lai^Gary SI... Larson Gordon st... Larson O B 5004 siave.... Larson Riith Mis 5707 siave... LARSON'S AUTO ELECTRICT PARTS a SERVICE FOR. ALTERNATORS - GENBtATORS STARTERS - MAGNETOS small engines - UWN MOWERS East Industrial Pk Larter Kent Botha Lattery Darcy 742'-4390 Lattery David ^3965 Lattery Don 4iie 60St Lattery James 6126 soaav Lattery Johii BoxlS87! : Lattery Lena llbparagonplace Lauridsen W V St lawson G A 8ax Layden Clark 8oxi laydeit P sast lealke Edw.ard St Leard Ken 52Efitnt«fsonAcres Ldask Keith 5013 S6Si leavitt Clayton SSt LeBduthiOier Andy S9l6S ttucepiicr Lecuyer C oe 45Si Lecuyer L-C Av LOeCindy ;..-74»-5172 Lee Dondd F Box686 < LeeL Lee R W ist Lee Roger 80x1155 < Lee Yung Jin St Lees M J St LefevereD Legere R F St Lehmann Rolfh Baxll Leicht Darcy Av Leicht Ted Ersicine Leinweber Allan G Sl Leippi A C 4005 S7St Lengyel Pat Si LenkoPaul LEONARD WATSON WELDING LTD Lepard Harold Box43Ersidne Lepard Randy Box2i3Ersi(ine Lepard V A 47I6 54St ' Leschert Dave Leschert Douglas.' Leschmt E Eisli'ma...' 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M a J Apartments St If No Answer CaO Maandag J siav MacArthur Allan Botha MacArtlttir James G Botha U ; ( & ^58 WAVE U Lacombe ^ > MacBeth Construction (1978) Ltd - CaO Long Distance (No ToO Charge) a Ask... Zenith 2an3 MacDonaM Finlay sst MacOotedd James 80x MacOonald Ken St Madlonald L MoQy eox23reim3iow MacOonald Saih Box26Etsidne MacDoneil Ken Av Mack Gerald St MacKay Donald Or Ave MacKay Dpgald 24Keartland MO^eah Bwin 303DinanMnr Maclean Wayne Upstrs5923 SOaAv Madeod Colin lAv MacLeod 01 BuffalcsLake Madeod Murray 57lO'4iAv MacL^'Neil St MACLEODS FAMRY SHOPPING CENTRE 5014 SOSt MACNAUGHTON DAViO P Lawyr 4819 SlSt Residence Boxl630 MacPherson Grant SAv MacQuarrte J Dr St MaderR C Madore Bryden box16 Matbiya J ihSt MagiWIhsfcl V Magee Harry J St Mt^Harry Ssooi 57St... MmmWHbcxiosi NUl^ CARTA BOUTIQUE 4911 SOSt Nb^ire CtiH Bax2i03 li^lter'bev box968 Maiter Bryce Botha Mailer Bryee Arena Botha A^ler Byron Mailer James Or St MAILER ROD TREE MOVING ft BOBCAT SERVICE. MAINLAND OILFIELD SUPPLY K Watson... MaWand Adam S losietitertritpk MaHland V R 80x Major Tom I^n K J 27Heer«3ndem Maibdn'Munray Botta MliN$ON'S WEJI^ il2-2l ^ <i5004 vccneral 8 AFTER HOURS RES ayave MANU LIFE AV

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MaudeGeorgO'iR Maut^ R St 7«-29^ MaunKUR SsSrsBm Rbyer D Av M8yer 6Bin99ReiiWii w 7«-^ HfcAfisler Uoyd G St... ^-2m McAllister <Mm E SosMSi 7«-^ McAIOSttr Lawrence L St... 7«-2418 McAmiPdM Winston 80x1944 7«-«M tlltealtlilo R WWfaSanfi 742-5W1 MCAltey M SlAve 7^^ rtsnssfe SOlAv McSrUe Bart Box ^147 McBride Ftorenoe M7S 4801 S3Si ^2 McBrtde H J 4803 sist 742-2^ 5SS;,u5te St 74 ^ Meande M ostetaernwii - liaas.i ai5sfa::::: H^WtBam a 49i3 4^t '^^6308 MiiCaBiim Gordon 80x S^lSn H^707 Mf^Sn Russet - Zf?"g2 J SSt 74^^ W R 80X r4022 K^^ae Gory S902 SOoAv 742^M64 r!5 ntafit R Rodoxdanft SS^ Bryan 6205»Av M^aSasW watb^aiasnvcbor... 7^^ gricd'f*"^ Mrs 5816 SOaAvo SSgSXei"^ Rnis A ^34 W^g^ G D ioxlsnemi^... '742rit006 M«59*!?^H46lFsfla« M > Ra^ enlsdit^.'.'.. MeOrimle Tom 61 OlSpniceDr MeDavMDavMBaxS MdDavfdDonaU 580X McDavMOougbs MeOavUJM MCOavM Ken 4l07MlSt McOermatid Ardrie TM&JApts MeDonaM F AStettkrTim MeDbltaML McBioy Rodney aStCiose McEwMgDReMaDw McGee W SOaAv Mctienly-tames Mdsaac B 6101 SOaAve McRay diatles NollHwyE.; McReyDde MdCay E W tyte 5912Spnied>ai1iOr McKay 6 E saos SOaAv McKay G W 64034lAv McKay Grant MdcayJJ SOAv Mdby ttames Erstone McKqrJohnSsOAvE McKayK^2 55Siaose 742r2148 McKay dhirray ,742^14 McKay Rus^ SEnvnasonAv McKay Steven t ffi3 McKay W *6585 McKeanMotgan McKbmey: Russeil H MclWghl Fred BoUa McKnisht H T Nevis MdbdgM J«n Nevis McKtdslit Jtai ()Av McKnigM Marvin Ave McKMgMWaiamG Nevis Mctarty M»ton Mrs Si MdeanKMrs27HeanKavenHRi : ' McLelan B Av MCLELLAN CONSTRUCTION LTD BtBHNG a BREAMNG DRFEU) CONSTRUCTION ROAOBUaJXKG St Mdielan McLdtan Oave Si McLelan I ISteMenitfk... 7tt-S893 McM»MABenBo> McMilan B J SQAV McRUen I Box !67 MeMOenMaxBofla McMaanMadred Av ^2158 McMulenFred M93 MUMurrayL SOaAv McNalyOave MtKalydamesE6009siAve MdMb Marie Si 742*4532 MOmC 7<K-4597 McNMIGreg McN^ R M Box97Erdira *5226 MdldWTodd St McGuarrie Jim 742*6926 McQiEtyEthd Mrs Nevis McQuay Gknn Navts 742*4204 MCTAGGART OIEV-OUDS LTDT PARTS SALES SERVICE CHEVROLET-OIOS-CHEV TRUCKS *2323 Dave Geriadi Sales Res Hueyjalxstcn Sales Res ABx 747*2717 A Nemetr Parts Res 742*5165 WBam L Rrtwen Senr Ras McTagRart G A 4607 SSSt Mdramart George RedianSands McTevBh Bffl St McWSnams Vaughn Box ^ MeaRes M G St MdfeaiCenlre See Stattler Ateflcal COnlc Meificd'Examiner See GovernMiit (A AiiBla Meilical Examiner,.. 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13 ' 238 STETTLER RDYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED. POUCE S90244AV Emersency / Cmniilaints 24 Hr *3381 Detachment 242,';3382 ROYAL HOTEL ^ MOOERN ROOMS T V*S COFFEE SHOP St Roya) Hotel Cafe St Roycrolt Donald E RociionSands ROYCROFT REALTY LTD St ROYNATINC St Red Deef R0Y-4HMILSEN JYTTE DR Physiotheiapist^bitrUicn St Red Deei Rudd Tliomas SOAve Rude Gordon laSt Ruefft^Erich80x Rueftier George H 80x RuefRor Kurt E 5806 SlAve RumbeiserDan Si 7^-3304 Rumbeiser Robert W St Rushton C F 4707 S4St Ruditon Garry BaxlOOKiBlwiBaw Rushton Roy RedWiSow Rushton Roy son 53st : Sdilndeler Ai S7lli>40Av Sdilefiker Edwin Box32Botha ' Scftlosser Patrick 4^9 6lSi SdunutzKlause St...., RlBhlon T 6 GadsOy 742^3059' SdtoenhoKI MBotha.742r5a5 RUSHTON - TODD AGENOES LTD^p^ Sdtofo' Rick AV GENERAL WSURANCE - REAL ;/r SdMwalder Ed Box2Bottia ' Sdveaier C W 5910 SiAve ESTATE - HAIL DffiURANCE..w. Schroeder R A Boxll37...' tipstis St 74^5177 Sehrah doe M St : G W Rushton Res Gadsby 574^3954' Sdndm' tuidrew lSt T G Rushton Res SchultzFloyd t A TodJ Res Sduiitz Laurence Box Ru^ F Ave Sduib C E WhneSarats 742r4601 Rusfc S O Av Russell Frank St RusseO dames St Russdl Mark St Russell R St : Ryddnah Albeit St Ryma) Keith A St.., S K F Canaita Ltd - Bintontni 'CaS Lota Oisteius 'lno Too Chaise) 8 Ask Zenith22323 S ft R LAROSE TRUCKING SANDaOtAVB. EKCAVATNG PhcBc Saan Department Store 4903 sost Saaf WattBBx3l Sattbe Midiad J SaUm RoH Botha ^ Saffran Keith St Sollflh Natty 37EmineisonAcres S^ahtdi Owlght 38io 65St 742^2960. SAM the RECORD MAN 5006 sost SANOAN CHAROLAiS FARMS Box25Eisluiie Sander Hart 4701 siav M Santiers Gordon T sszo soave SS Sanderson irihn BSt 7d camfiitok George BoxZlo ^5009 Sraon construction ^ aw4) LTD GENERAL CONTRACTORS houses - commercial - BWLDimi {IISTOM ft PRB^AB GOR^ KEiaa RES A RAVNARO RES «(k:e 4819 SlSt stap SatdIn)ia*Oave 2 S4StQose Sargent Jack Box96Botha ' Seriy Mafk son szsi : Savage C St ^ S3V3{^ Bva MlS! BDa 'SavageGei^MrsBox Savage Jomfi E Bo«133l SavdgeKMra iheofihavt^ SOvage'RtcKard 324M^iEtskiite SavaOe Wailiie Huiyizw l^uwmiam J 5703 SlAvo 741^37^ gawuta'kevin6029spnicecr ^nifliniiviah AftUnes vsnconer. toho^., 'iii^ ' i^ckei. e li 40AV :..; L ? 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Sekuflch R SEmmersoiiAeres. T Senft'Roitald 6OO2 SlAv 742-2M5 Sept Larry 5824 SiAv 742*5771 Seventti-day Adiientist Qturdi Bluntehau School '22-4^7 Seyer Walter A Box4Both8 T Sharpo A W 5404 soavo 7A2-a30 BiaipeiDavId A RoctwnSemls 742-3w4 MtarpeiGaR St Shauer Gustov 4911 S4St 742-3M7 Shauets Stuart 5722 soaav 742-2wl Sinw Et^tt Av Mjaw Fi^ 5914 SlAv S«8 SKaWK# Ay SHEU CANADA LTD Wk nr S Sl^ CANADA RESOURCES lumited...bis Valley Site^fd'Jflhn R Box867...; 74MM9 *"^ "*1 Alaii 742*6^ hoavid 4718 S9SI -Diin 4B09.s4Si DG...742*4955- dikeii^ins d-l ' AV 742W5'. dillridaujisttssoossoav Shralwi^-MSrtth 5706 SiAv *3702 Si^^-R M80X *4206 i Stieptienl Rick 5704 siav Stteppard E 7 6III SlAv siieppy Allen 47Hartlan<tGra Srerito R Sherring Ted 7EnmcrsanAcres < Shick Murray 6128 SOaAv Shields Robert J Av : Shigematsu Jiun St Shiness H E Box Shirreff C A BoxlOEiskine U Shiirelf David P 80x SHOE HUT THF JERRVBRfTTAiNPfiDP : SO SI Shoemaker Brian Ave'... ' Shuckburgh Doug Box *4242 Shudcburgh Leo Box Shuckburgh Rex V Box Shuckburgh Richard W Bax *4160 ShuKz Uoyd Botha I shupe Doug St SHUPES DRAPERY ft BOUTIQUE LTD StettlerTownCentre _IIBusyCaS ShursenEBox ShursenElmer80x884 Slefaen Leo 4706 S4st ' ; Siefaen Wm A Av... SDcstrom A St V SBtstremKenSOlO43St SILHOUETTES (BEAUTY SALON) LTD 5008 SOAv ' Stmleritsch Bernard Dr St Simon B 192a St Simon Dale Bax Slipon Donald 324 sou ssst Simon Harold St Simon Jack 8ox3S8 slinoirk SI Simon Wm K Av ' Simons bma 5809 SOaAve SIMON'S R V SALES ft SERVICE TRLRS CAMPERS MOTOR HOMES COMPLETE PARTS ft ACCESSORIES East IfKhistriiil Parit Simons T Dr 4622 sasi ^ Simpson Ed St Simpson Jack Sl , Simpson R c RoehanSanls Sinclair P Cox Professional Corporation ' ' 80x Sivacoe J Jim Sivacoe R 204 szoi 51Av Sivotscn s 213 sou ssst SMey Art IZHwyE SKALEY CONSTRUCTION LTD, DITCHING - EXCAVATING apttctanxs PUMPS ft CLEANING 12-KwyE Btjonsby Lew St (OCdopole Emit Botha. 742*3947 Skocdopole Jim BoxOOBotha 742*4196 Skew Harvey Boxl02.i 742*4171 Skow Jim 6028S(iniceCr 742*2757 SkowP sntka Geo J 4801 SlAve Sllflm James A 49I8 47St ^lan A H 6UOS iniceor. >:. 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'.i.'7^2720' SNO GLO COIN LAUNDRY ' WM 4720, sost.y; Snodgrass Dean 1 ZEmmersiDnAdds..: 7W*wwi; Snodgrass J A RochonSands.'. j.'. 70^0/ Snodgrass J A SSt Snodgrass W D St..... Siiodgrass W F Snowden Eric St..., Snyder JackR St 1.; 742fHa i 742iSiB4' SOCIETE DU CREDIT AGRlCOIEii^ CANADA PostbificeBim... /..ytttijliss Somers Herman Sommer lament A 4i2o 60St... V ;742^<' Sommerville John C Si. OAfSSV SONNY'S WELDING sooassst. 742^ Soop Alexander St....f ^2519 Sorensen Grace Mrs lostetdertitioi.j 742*356) Sbrensen aoavoose',742*6m' Sorenson C T Ave..'.^742*22)1 Sorge Gordon W S2U 44Ave <'26tl' Spady Jack 5712asAv Sparrow D, Av 742rMSli Spechko Qlve 4003 ssst '742*5261 Spencer James A Hwyl2W 1' 7/42*4581 Spencer Victor 6017 SOaAve.. j.<742g2m Spensiey W D St Spiece Pauline M RochonSands ) Spiece-Robert N Ave.;;... ;^:742*S206 SiloORer J 5802 SOAve.; *368) SPORTS WORLD 6600 soav. *.742^ SPORTSMAN COCKTAILLOUNCE'W:' 4 48l4a50St :.742*nP' Sprado Fred t ^'42*^ Sprado William *OT, SPROULE KEVIN M Lawyr. Ju V'ili st. 742*M)6i Residence SSt.. 742^6 Sproule P J RochonSands J 742I5W) Sproide Patrick WMteSands ^t2D' Spurr S oav*.. ^... 1/742*3416' Sribney Brian A Dr ,4'oAv..1:742*686) SRIBNEY BRUIN A PROEESSiONAL : y / CORPORATION Dent yt y ; SlSt 742*671U Stacey Bob St Stack Art 80x753 Stack Walter Av.742^^ 70^4666 '42^ Stade Ph St Stadelmann Marfcus J4707 SlSt..742^280 STAGE COACH INN 4924 sost.742^5544' Stang John J 5910 SOaAve...,11 '742*22)' STAN'S AUTO BODY AUTO BODY REPA1R*REHNISHG >' f,v AUTO GLASS INSTALLATION v 3M SCOTCHGARD FABRIC PRTCIR^ j ^ 1 ^ 4711 Main St J 742*^ Stanyer Adrian.^ Stanyer Charles 4809 sisi Stanyer Cyntiiia ) Stanyer Ron 57lS SOaAv starland video 5003 SOAv... 7^4)66 Starling Bud L SI STARLING ft INNOCENT FARM^:^^ EQUIPMENT LTD MASSEY FERGUSON HESSTON /1/ ) ft WH-RICH MAOONERV: ^ SALES - SERVICE - PARTS i f St 74H*33g Starllng'Jchn 48io s2st....' 742^^' Starrs Clair Av J 742-S8H' Staulfel' Alfred Botha.'^ Statdfer Brett BoxUBSatlia 1.1' Stautfer Margaret Mrs'BoxlsSBoiiiii 7ti4U45 Stauffer Werner 5406 SOAve :: M2*53)6 StaUffer Wm SoxliSBotha... 1.' States Emil 4bi5 47Si 7A2iS)SI> Stelnwand Ken S909 42Av.'. 742*003 Stenberg Ivan 57Sin *249) Stenberg Terry 4213 SlAv 742*506 Stenhdrg W A St 742*3ra STERLING STUDIOS LTD 1^0 ^. HesrllsndSiofiplngnaia ^ SterRng Wayne St. y42*>4p < $tettler AUCnON MARI --'v;br 1971) LTD \U- C Q MCKAY ft ASSOCIATES / / SALES EVBtV TUES ' j ; i SALES TIME, STARTING AT KhOO AM 80X1238 STETTUER AUTO HUT 47M 500^)^ StetUer fottte D^t Sbbs 488t 742*26 STETTLER BrIMCH CREDIT y t y: UNION 4911 SlSt...;.; 742**23;

14 S1ETTUR CHEMICAL & OILFIELD {RESAROI LTD SI SIEIIta COLOR CENTRE LTD MiaSlSl SttttleriidluRilws Chd) Resident ' ' The.'HawHcapped Si CO-OP See DnimhcOef ' ' ireueingeonty Fair Board Bo> StdUn CU^ Cub Cu&ngRink 'Sidtl»;Qist6m Cabinets Ltd ~. S 47(li7:4St SIEFIIER DENTURE CUNIC LTD ~ luciitb) ABOVE imacleods HARDWARE. JlfiMB501450St Slfri^Elt PISCO CENTER ^NetA'UiedEiiRitive., «07MiSt. ^ ; :9(it»DI$tHct Agricultiiral Society tbiilw...n'.;...'..., 7A?-«288 StdUer. District Ambulance S^ice Wstnaer Hospital Conipie» ' " RiifileriBf District Senior Citizens Drop j '. h^cenire Association sst SlEnlER DRUG (1981) LTD ifrescrimonservice ipeter W HODGSON RES ; Siat 50 St ^EITIERDRYWAU,ae»151Bblha SlETItER FABRIC PLACE LTD i. ^ i4f^bst i45 SIEFILER FAMILY & COMMllMltV SURPORT SERVICES Home Help SiiiitS402 SOAv SIETTtER FARM EQUIPMENT LTD^^.ilOHN DEERE EQUIPMBrr MRTimESTROTO-TILLERS ' ' ' NIAHGHARD EQUIPMENT PARTS-AFTER HOURS AlBBtr JOE WatT CAllS GARY Av SIEI^ FERTILIZER (1980) r" :fcid' :>. amunt BRAND FBtTOIZER i h. AlWVDROUS AMMONIA UMIID FERTttlZER AFTERHOURSCAU v grant MCKAY RES ikbthhfacav RES ' SHARPE RES siN L SlEinCR aoorlng a PAINT ; i l4!^42si StETflER FLOWER BOUTIQUE - SOIO'SOSI ;...;..;...i-.;i,742fj»s53 SlEntBt FLOWER & GIFT SHOT'^^-rriplifD-UFC-AFF 25 TEARS DEPENDABU ^VICE SAtpiA POCHVIKO ; sois so Av ^id^'jieneral Hospital ghm^ajpiimpiea MiorGoKGhib4701 6ist ;.. MOerjGrocery Cart sodi 47Av ^(EiitlJUIHAT StelUer ; d«d(s;pqia,ts DUCKS GQSL^ ' GARDEMISCElIiS'ft SUVUES comnm saddiaiy SUPPLIES IIJVESTDCK MBKOIES SI' isleltler HEAVY DUTY REPAUT LTD eilsilal CAT WORK DonWD LEASE-ROAD BUilOiNG. Boa SlEtniER HOSPITAL COWIPLEX StiiHttiGenBSi Hospaai. ' iwaiilts)complex %A<E fleraieily Auiiaiy Hospital *3321 itailfehiwiohsma 74?^^ : SleiOEs Ktii^ Amiitaaiiee Sevtce; '»332l SitortMrpior SilEtllER KOTK 5001 sosi ^^52 iio'swisost SlQlipiNp^ Sote'SOAv....(7:42;.2395 ^T» STETTLER MACHINE SHOP LTD ^ ALUS CHALNIERS FARM MACHY STEIGER TRACTORS ( Av E STETTLER MEDICAL CLINIC 24 HOUR SERVICE Dr David Berezan Or N Karia Or C G Heaven Cir BeinanI Simiefitsch OrRJYoneda Or A Pandya DrSP Cox STETTLER METAL- : WE BUY SCRAP METAL NEW & USED IRON & PIPE ALL SIZES USED PARTS TRACTORS - MACHINERY - CARS ' &TRUCKS ANTIQUE PARTS. ERNIE YITTETOE PROP, sieiber HE...: Stettler Mohawk Service Hwyuw STETTLER MOTEL 5807 soav StdtUer Motor Vehicles License' 80x Stniff'S DIstrM Chamber Of.Cmnwce ^ 4907 soav I8I STETTLER MOTORS LTD" "T" PONTIAC BUtCK lemans G M C TRUCKS - ; D HERBERT RES > F RUSK RES RICK GIES PARTS RES : 51 Av a SO St STETTLER MUFFLER LTD dsst StetUw'New & Used Furniture See Stettter Disco Center... Stettler Nursing Home See Stettier ', Hospital Ccmptex " STETTLER POWER EQUIPMENT.LTD 80x STETTLER R & J RENTALS ^ T" HOME a EQUIPMENT RENTALS " ' ; St Stettler RecreaUon Commission Av STETTLER REFRIGERATION & ELECTRIC 5715 SlAv atop Rear St STETTLER REGIONAL DAY CARE. CENTRE540250Av STETTLER SCHOOL DIST NO 1475 Admbiistratn Ofc 2I%5402 SOAv.., H^ SdxKit Ofc ; ; Beauty Culture Lab Av :JuiWr High ^tndpal's Ofc ; 48l"4 S4SI '.^mipr Counseier's Otc SS0 F..^lemwlary Principat's Die 4808 S4St n SwinaningPool 4908 S4St.: STEfl^ SEED CLEANING PLANT TIOILTD. -.GRAIN CLEANING AND TREATING.'PO BOX 1374 : :'P>iiMte y STETTIER SPORTS CENTER :3488 STETTLER SPORTS VVGRU) SOAy Stettter Swimming Pool St STETTLER TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE St STETTLER TOWING " Stettter Town a Country Musetim- 6302'44Av STETTLER TRANSPORT LTD DAILY SERVICE FROM CALGARY a EDMONTON. ONE DAY SERVICE TO ALLIKUNTS ON HWV 12 EAST to consort ^VlNGBA»tAWa MQIRCR (W HWV 21 ALL TVPES OF HAULING 'Bd« USS SUTTLER TURBO 4520 sost STETTLER UPHOLSTERY -50U>9SI 742v2693 STETTLER VETERINARY CLINR: 4605 SlAv DrCI Tliomas Res.v.-. ; Ci64l Or James Ora Or P Marsh Res..., Steb EU Upstis4826 SOSt Stevens Barry D Bo«136Efstiine Stevens C C Boxl36Erstiine Stevens Mike Steveiis Roliert D Box94Etstdne Stewart Arnold W 5716 SOAve Stewart Douglas J loemmerssnacres Stewart.Doiqlas M 80x Stewart Elmer Boxil X16 Stewart Keith BSI Stewart Kevin Stewart Lome Av Stewart M S709 48Ave )3 Stewart Merlin Hwyses, Stevvart Milton Erstdne Stewart Peter A St.' Stewart Randy Box35Eistdne Stewart Robert E Si Stewart Russell Av Stewart. Y G Box35Erd(ine....' Stewart wnilam J Hwy56S SUrling. John SSt Stokoe A H Si Stem. David E Ave : Stoner Keith 20eOomini( uemnr STONEY CREEK PLUMBING & HEATING (STETTLER) LTD St Stoneystreet Eric 742r497S Ston^vtieet dames E Storek Frank Boxooeotha... : StormoenDouglasFcnn Stormoen H S706 47Ave Stormoen K E loi 5201 SlAv Stormoen Wade Stotz Harold 4210 SOAve stredecfci Rick WHitesands Strain 8 <1S708 47Ave Straniteuist Calvin strandqulst Cliff Box StrandquistDon80x StrandqutetGlennBox SS07 Strandquist Larry Box Strandqulst Lester Botia Strandquist Uoyd E Box Straitd^lst Mc^ L Boi Strandquist OrvOle Boxl Strandmilst R A Boxl45." StrangRay 742-S937 Strattoh A Stratulate John 4720 S2St...'..' Stratulate Wayne 640S 42Ave..' Street AOan Erstdne ' Street Walter los sois sssi Strait Don SSt StreH OUver C Jr Streit Tom Streit Win St Streit Wm Sr RochenSsnds STRETCH ROBERT Viawyr Residence 4 SSStCtose...' Stroiiiberg Mehrin41)16 SSSi' Strome Ken Si Struth dim 6030S micecr Stuart'dohn soia 43St Stuckey.L 80x STUCKEYPHYLUS Sides oir 80x Stu^ey V G Boxisis StuORobert Aimmeis dewell Mrs St SumiRbs Pete Eisidne...' Sim LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY OF CANADA 4912 SlSt Ross <Temple''A9t.' SUNCOR INC 4002 > StutdstenKenB0X1B SUPERIOR GARAGE 1981 LTD OmVafR - PLYMOUTH - DODGE. THE HOME OF PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER SERVICE PARTS & SERVICE ZAZ-iSOOO ' Av Sutherland H Bsmtseio l^lav Sutt^ K L S65 Siitten QtNayne bos Swain E Mrs Swain Frank BoxiitM Swanland M 268laddHimTitrf>k Swan^ Joni I9iii>4405 sost Swanson Richard M Botha SweiBeFred.' SWEET SIXTEEN 4912 sost Syl-Don Farms Boxi325 : Symes Ron SSEmmcrsonAcres Syson Kenneth S(ett;erNW :3556 ^son T H 4916 S3St Sysofi Terry K ist &^0 d 4907 S28t r2130 Siidko V A Szigdty A <1 no' aost STETTLER 239 Algety A d Chilctren's Phone St Szigety April Mrs 20EmmeisanAcres S8S SHge^ dim laSt Szutu Chao Yen l 4905 SQAv Taliert Baine Avaase Taggart dudith Mrs 6021 SlAve TaggartPeterR Tait George M 5710 SlAve Tait Norris S8 Tallman Wesley Redwaiow 742-;4705 Tansowny Andrew 4609 SSSt 742-^5381 Tash Donald Box Taylor B E sost TaylorEG SSSt Taylor G'G RodtonSands Taylor Harry Taylor Harry BoxS Taylor d H Ave Taylor L SOAv S Taylor Leonard 4908 S3St Taylor Robert W BOX10S Team Tulie Ltd Vancouver - Can Ixra Distance (No Toll Charge) S Ask..< Zenith 088S9 Te Kampe Gerrit SSt Tempest Doug W Av Tenmte d Sr Botha Tmit^ Ross Ave 742-4S02 Tehnant E Tenintlit F 4628 SBSt TennahtdamesBoxSOEtsidne Tennant Richard BoxSOEiddne 742-S189 Tesies-E 4lll 60St ^ TSbylirgen eox33l SCO OILFIELD SERVICES LTD,80x2049 TETZ APPUANCE SERVICE,4936 sost TetzDwayne TEXACO CANADA INC Bulk Station St Herb Kara Cons^nee Res THE CO-OPERATORS scc C»Oper3tors The m Thlbeau Allan ast Thieme H St HOPE'S WELDING LTD PORTABIE & ONERAL WEIDING WELDING SUPPLIES 47 Av & 42 St Thirsk's S Cmit To $1.00 Store Ltd 4931 sost Thomas C A St ThomasCLDr ThonmsDE Thomas Don Thomas H W 4708 sisl ThonbsLinda Thomas Mario st Thomas R E 206 soil ssst Thomas Ray St Thomas Steve 6022SBnKeCr THOMAS TESTBW LTD ( & Thompson Delbert 6OI8 soaav 742-6U1 THOMPSON G A DRoatptr 4912 SlSt Residence St Tbomlison Keith Thompson Richard I 742<:4764 Thomson Barry 742-4^9 Thomson Grace 1 soil sost Thomson dames C ButfalaLidie Thomson L 5411 soav Thornton Sean St 742-6S0S Throndson Don Av te Throop M SOAv 742:6257 Thnm Albert 5822 SOAve Thrun E 6019 SlAve ThUKtdn Lonte sola Tledeihan Leonard R B«xi io Tiedeman Lorraine A» Tlegs Art St TImehuk dack R 5911 soaav Tipmah F E Upman dohn M Box ^ Ttpman doswih d 80x Todd Darren St todd Ir^ Mrs 4702 S4St Todd L A 4804 SlSt ;^ ToddLtoyd490247St 742-^99 Tdews Ed 80x1107 7^-4138 Tdews Ebner 80x535 7i6^294 Toem Marvin ToetuSRobert l'0 Toews Walter U 742-site4 TbeWs YVItlred Spxiasi 742-^46^:

15 240 STETTLER Toffelmire V A Ave Tom's Boot Shop & R^lr SOSt Top Shop The 4934 sost Topham A 104Pa>^siiPl TOR-E-NADO OHFIEU) CONSULTANTS LTD Tormag Magnet Sdes yancouv^-cao Long Distance (No TaO Charge) & Ask - Zeifrth Tothack J Bo« ^6074 Tomack L Bo> Tomack Minray TORONTO DOMINION BANK StS Tourist informaticn S809 47Av TOWN CENTRE FLOWERS TownCentreMaa town OF STETTLER TOWN OFFICE 4840 sosi After Kotos Call.' Town Garage St After Hours Worit Supt Res HRE HALL Av Nuisance Grounds PrevQitive Socia) Services Bant5402 SOAv Recreation Contndssion Av Town Pionp Restaurant The Townsend N 8 6D11 SOAv 742^3567 Trautman M Av I Travel-Iiin Wayfare Hwyiiw TREASURY BRANCH Tremblay Pierre St. 742^ ^519 Trenttnel A E Bo> Treminei O 5914 siav Tpemmel Gten E BcxieiBotha Tremmei Ken Bo«27Botha Tremmel Ridtard 6024 SOaAve Tremmei Victor J 80x Trenhotm D St Trettin Ed St Tri L Construction RedWBlaw Trotter Carl 471l 49St Trout Kei St Tsdirittor F lllstetueinursiiiskri Tschritter Greg RedWiSew i Tschritter Ivan 59l7SpniceParka Tse Peter 8 Sili soav Tuck F K Boii39Bottia Tupper Vemon St Turgeon 6 B<n Turlgan 8 A St Tur^anBmer 8o«li Turigan Frieda ExhhitiansGrtisS 742-^73 Turnhidi. Don 80* Turner Gordon RocftoaSands Turner J 5814 SOaAv Turton Thomas A St TurvflteiMorres Box955 Tutville Viola 31HeartfbvenHm Tweeten.iiohn Rev St Tweit B L St 742-2ffl7 tweitllelirer tyte- P St Tyliszczafc Peter Ersltine U F A CO-OP LTD ' - oa & GAS BULK SALES 46(19 51 Av UFA CO-OP LTD See Unitel Famieis Of ABiefta.... Umphrey Merrill 4618 s73st Ul^WOOD MCLELLAN LTD CotisuUoig Engineers St UNIQUE UPHOLSTERY ft FURNISHINGS st IfhKed'Oiurch 4820 sist 742-3^ C E Airtitorium...,, UNITiO FARMERS OF ALBERTA FARM SUPPLY 42Sra50Av fanretead Itevefoomatt Depi M 4204 SOAv iihhed'giain Growers Ltd NEStettter soil ssst 742^17 tiniur'carol Bo*l90l * ^.i)^wey,B<»i22s 742^ umwi^e'sbbi' s3si M -^ "^ow^'st' ANI80*V Vaine Edward G Botha Vaine Kevin Botha Vdliie R Bo«93Botha , :. VaOet Eugene St VaQet Joe St VanBasten iAve Van Seek Adrian 7 54StCIose Van Buggenum Peter St Vandoibrink B L aAv Vamlen Brink G Ave Vanden Brink Ken St ' Vandetburg Andy Bo*66a Vanderford E Mrs St Vanderwolf DanErskine ' VanEsch Tony ist.' Van Groen IA aAve ^..' Van GroenRQk St.'...' VAN HAGA BEN TRUCKING... Bo* 21 GadAy Van Kleeck V A 47I6 49Si Van Kleek W C 6IO4 50aAve Vanienduyt Andrea 4S06 SpAv ' Van LaniW Ronnie Bofha Van Nguyan Phuoifg Sf Vanstraten B J ^ Warren Martin 6125 soaav.;..^ Van Straten Bonard Bax291.. ; Wanmer warrener Garth 6105Spnic80r 6105SpniceOr Van Straten Etdon eo>i WASCHUK PIPELINE VanStraten GM4815 S3St...= CONSTRUCTION LTD Vanstraten Jean Ba*i PIPELINE & GENERAL nu Van Straten Kenneth Ba*4S OILFIELD CONSTRUCTION ' VanStraten Kenneth J G St S Chaes Subdhrisian... Red Deer Van Straten Larry = VanStiaten Louis 00* Wasdal Arthur : VanStraten N G St VanStraten R Si Vail T^Mey Cornelius St Vardy Ken lAv VeOow E 5909SptucePkCr VeiuiR 80* Venher Violet Miss 4709 SlAve VeiitnOr R St..: Vehoeven Dairy Farms Ltd Bo>isS Vertioeven F Baxl584...> Verhoeven Joe Verhoeven John 742^5971 VermHEofi Shay 192ti St Vernal Harmon 4HeartHavenHm Vem's Barber Shop 4937 sost VERN'S TRANS^ION RB>AIR SPEOAUG IN AUTOMTIC TRANS AIR CONDUIONWG St Vieitoom Kelvin 5908 SOaAv Vi^ G Mrs 80x VlgerG8raldABo> VIger Glenn W Bo* Viger R Av Vikse Gerald VILUGE GROCERY Botha Village Of Botha Botha Village Office RodtiMi Sands VittCtoe Ernie StettlerKE Votter ADyn Erskine S.S VoOcer Don Bo*i3iErskiAe VcDter Gary Box433Aii* Vetk& LesOe Nevis VoUcer Nell Erskine 742-M19 Volker Reld Erskine Vollmin Leo Av VouronHcos Van llheartlandgm Vouronlkos Van Av Voysey 0 L st ; Voysey George 5703 soaave Voi F A 460i 56aSt W D SOUR DESIGN SYSTEMS LTD Bay SOAv Waganstein Martha lolpat^onpiace Wager Garry OEmnieraonAcros W Wagner Av 742-OTlS WaWrter Randy S Wabbier Ran^ Bo*i723 Walgenbach ciell Botia Walgetibach NaH aiosspruceor WALffiNBACH ROLLY TRUCKING Wblker Brian Rear St.. Walktf Etrher L RoctmnSands.. WaUier.EImer L Si... Wiker Fmnk ssst. Waniw Fred 7SteitierTitiFtc... W!dk& H E 4608 sast Wadt^.Jlm Bo*lB6 rskine Weaker Mnes E Ave Wiak^Si Jim Meii's Wear Ltd 4933 sost WALKER'S MEATS ft 1PR0QISSIN6 aon) ltd St: WeHacelR R ihmin WiiniiG«(hm38l6 6iSt WaUin.Nell ssst Wattlhgtoh Edward J aahearttandgm ^30^ iB 742-IU ^ Walls D 45EninicfsonAcras Walls Robert B SteltleiNW.....'..., Walls T SOAv Walsh S Av Walstrom Guy Walstrom P St Walstrom R H Box2026,...: Walstrom Ross 6i27a503Av Walstrom Wes Bo« Walton Donald F Bo*152Enikn WaKoh.Dwayne tasteueftilrpk Wampier W C 6lll soaave Ward Allan St Ward CecD Ave Ward Garnet Av WARDEN MEAT PROVISIONING, ltd Ware John BuffaloLake WARES JEWELLERS a978) LTD.4934 SOSt...'..^ WarfcAllanGBotha Waric Douglas Av ;: Warren Clyde 5904S >iuceparkcr Warren Lee Wasdal Ray 5903SpnicePafkCr Watamanluk Metro 6117 SOaAve waterbed wonderland 4812 sost Watson Albert Bo* Watson Allen Watson Cora M Mrs St...; Watson Fred St Watson K S720 42Ave Watson Leonard...' Watson.Rod St Watson wmis 00*972, Watt Uoyd Av Waugh Asher Bo« Waugh Ed Erskine WaughlrisNevis ; Waugh J Nevis Waugh Wayne Erskine,..:' Wavmly ECS Society ssio 47Av Waveily School 47oi ssst Wayne J RodtanSands...r Wayiie M St Wayne S D 4619 ssst WeaUieriy M A St Wpatherly Norman Botha Weatherly Stan Botha Webb A P SI...; ; Webb Francis L Bo* Webb J D St Webb Marion 5711 soav Websdaie Fred RodwnSands Websdale'Fred G.4802 SlSt Webster AOen L 4304 SOAve : Wet^ S 742^6986 Wedman A C 6OO8 SlAv Wedman D Av Wedman k soav Wee^ Cnff 742-^75 Weekes Gtemi G Av Wel^ Watchers, (Alberta) Ltd- CaO Long, Distance (No Tdd Charge) 8 Ask.. _...;..'. Zeidth Webdouf Fred St... ' v3735 Weir Robin St ; Weis Arthur E AnderSohAddiOda Welsenburger Av Weisner Ken DAv.. vr.' ' Welsser Blaln Welch George E BoxiiErskino. WeOn Av... WeOer Arthur a22parbsonflaca Wells Brian sst Weds Date WELLS FURNITURE LTT DICK WELLS MGR 1^, CARPET SALES & INSTALUTION 4916 SO St Warehouse St (jvells N Nevts Wdls Orval Boxll6Botha WeQsAIchard G 4911 sost Weig Terry SI Weitdt M ssst... WeihiET Glen W^,S!giis'a Decab 42ii9 siav WiMiier StOT 4606 sast END ESSO SERVKX 742-MlO 742-4U SOAv W^eni Airlines - CaOiong Distance (NO TdO ChargaiaAskFer ZehHh Wheatley SC.'.;..;..' 742liw' White Ray L St Whitehouse Dave Si......> 7^496') Whiteside E H Ba> /Ui^;i Whitfield George Nevis 7&38S91 Whittaker David 7^771; Whittaker Victor E St...1? Whyte Bemice Mrs Bo*20l7 742fUH' jl ' WIckens Frank Erskine ; Wickens Walter Erskine WIckle J ssst >74241( (10' Wickstrbm Carl 4705 ssst 74242U WIens Frank Av WIese Nick Erskine Wiggins Emie WhiteSands.. i7424ll47' Wigley Fred 5807 siave B< Wigley L 5803 siav ; S94i Wlltlrose United Church Pastoral Charge Botha «544l ful WOford Dennis oAv -r7i^w WILFORT JOHN CONSTRUCTIOtrf^' '81 LTD OIL FIELD CONSTRUCTION ROAD CONSTRUCTION & EXCAVATING Bo* i r", :S42f22(B WIHort John F Hwyl2W 742^68 WilfortSteve jb462124dav 74 OIISO wakleken Bo* ^3iR}' Wnkle M 74Zi67K Wilklns Louis St K' WiBlams D.Vt..'4.= Winiaihs E C Bo«106Erskine 742^ Wllltems J Brian RdchohSands ''' Williams J Brian Ave 742^U WlWams Joe 80* W Williams John I..;.. 742^ Wmiaiiis Lawrence R Erskine, ' Winiams Uoyd P St...' WlUle Uoyd Ave WHDs Alan Av wnnsr.w ^1620. wails Robtft 4023 sost ^1567 Wilson BOIErskin. J 7^2^808: Wilson Dave St ' Wilson Donald F St S0' Wilson J S St.. 4 Wilson L A 4019 sost ' ^ Wilson L J 5908 siav Wilson P 5013 sost Wilton Lonnie Av Wlmmer Charles W MrSSSii'SlAv.'742-3W' WIMPY'S PUCE RochonSands ^ Wlnchcombe F Av...; ^ WIngrove Ray i93a44los8st Wlnslow S SpnicePaikCr Winter James F 6OO8 sooave w Wise T A 6119 SlAv IW WISEMEN'S WAY BODKSTME 4908 sost 742^ Wittwer Farms Bo* ^ Wittwer Hsoos 53St Wofflndin David Bo* i46«> Wolansky Rani^ ' 'J 2WestAndeisonAdditiOii Wolcott Alfred M St I Wolstenhobiie Rdt^ St.; i WoHer Marvin Wong Fred 4909 sist 742-3IS Wood A Scotty Ave.. > ^ Wood Dave Av :60 Wood SSt Wood P WHtesandsBeach. ' ^ Woodford P L Rev St ^ Woodford Peter Si 7^-^' Woolsey 8 H St... ^ ii09' Woolsey KeOy Ersldns WOOTTON TIRE STETTLER LTD^pH^ GOODVEAR ft MICKaJNTIRESr.:{ '>= / COMPUTE ON THE Fl^'SBtVKE V after HOU» 742-4m X, St I' World Of Toys 4905 SOAv WORTH K P CONSTRUCTION ttor^;' ken Worth Residetce Ai'', 80* ' WorthKeUh 7#M()20,' Worth OBfleld (^nsiructfon Ltd %20; Wourms Gordon iast W ralght Oarcy i7einersonaeres. 74 Wright Dave St Wright Loine soiq S3St > Wi^l^e A E Botha W X-RAD RADIATOR SERVKX., St 7i a>-s0 Yackultc Peter 4805 SlAv 742-^ Yackullc Susan iAv... 7(fi^7w' Yakelashek Frank E C Nevis 7^24768' Vafclmetz Doug 57i)2 42Av ' yarosiawsfcy David J ist ^5566. Varoslawsky K 4402 SOAve 742-2Si9i

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RocfcyMMKse Aeeounta Itey B* PaM At: am Treasury banch or ChartereiiBanfc :A'A'B A>C Sea Aberta AlcohoGsm a Drug -AMa) CoBimisaion ^ to Orialed listings See Page 1 Buslnas Offlca (No Td Chsge) Afterta AlcohoOsm a Drug Abuse icomnrission Intomiatioa *920 sist Red Deer MiBBEiA GOVERNMENT laepmwes ^ ^ INtslU UMings See Ihige 1 ibjdniss Ofllce (No Tol Charge) ^611 A^Grsdn Commlsrion (Mo Owge (XU) Almta Piocesring Company Ooa 502S : 'Stii A'.Calgary CtO Long Distance (No Tofl liii^ia Ad Zenith y minjuhx..rod(^ JM^t^AIribies-CaaLdnoOistancsCNo. ^ M^rgeiaAdFOr Zenith : AUiwiKa Uiiveirrity EdnontoihCai Long idmmcia (Mb Too Charge) a Ask to... Zenith lemiifciaflen Ratgiasta - Call long bisonce (NbiToO Chame) a Arit... ZoiHh Alitoierilfiniontm-CdLrraItistanccmeToll. ChriviaArii Zsritti ibeat^riiones C ilbticfc'kaibnt fctit Reti Deer - Gal long OataneeOtD Too Charge) a Asfc ft-... Zeitiih J C N C P TELECOMMUNICATIONS To Send A Tdegram Or Teloposl (No Charge OiaO Paw Envoyer Un Tdegramme Ou Telepasi Aucuns Ftais.Composei 1-80O C P Air 505 Ourrard 5t Vancouver B C (No Charge Dial) 1-8(M Central Air Conditioning Vancouver -Caii long Distance (No TaS Charge) a Ask Zenith DavlesPS Ounials Fred Energesls-Control Systems Ltd Langley B C- Lai«i Distance (No ToS Charge) a Ask. Zenith Environment Cmmcll Of AlberM - Cas long Distance (No Tol Charge) a Ask. Zenith D6D75 Gendarmerie Royate Du Canada SSt Rocky MM Hse 845i-2881 ' S'U N'Y A Pas De Rcponse Ccmposez 'O' (An>elSansFrms)EtDeinandez. Zenith GOVERNMENT OF ALBERTA (PROVmCIAD FOR INFORMATION & ASSISTANCE IN COMPLETING CALLS TO PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT OFFICES TO BE CONNECTED TO YOUR CLOSEST RITE CENTRE DIAL *0'a ASK FOR Zenith DEAF HEARING a M>EECH IMPAIRED INFORMATION - T D D NUMBER (NO CHAR^ DIAL) ADVANCED EDUCATION Afeerta Heritaga Scholarship Fund Cal Long Distanca (No ToO Charge) a Ask,...Zatith HOUSING Home tmpravement Branch Cal Lcng Distance (No Tol Charge) a Ask Zenith Mortgage Assistance Branch (No Charge Dial) Negotiation Intiulrles (No Charge Dial) SOCIAL SERVICES & COMMUNITY HEALTH Child Abuse liot Line 24 Hr Emergency- Cal Long Distance (No Tol Charge) a AskFcr Zen]thl234 Widow's Pension Program - Cel Long Distance (No Tea Charge) a Ask...Zenith TOURISM a SMAU BUSINESS Travel Aberta -.1 'Dial Aberta* Within Aberta(Ne Charge Dial) Smd Business a Farm Interest Shiekfing Branch (No Charge Dial) ' TREASURY ' - Assassments-Cal Long Distance (No Ted.. Charge) a Ask Zenith < Itevcnue Admkiistration-Cal Long Distance (No Tol Charge) a Ask...cZenlth «ailth222s2 Government Of Canada Health a Weltara Canada Services Branch SuKhU (TChiese Health Centre KOWITAL Rocky hmit Hse i Miri ^-ald Lufthansa German AitOnes Toronto - Long Distance (No Too Charge) a Ask :..ZenHh Narttiwest Airfbies Mc Cal Long Distance (No Tea Charge) a Ask Z«lfth07S66 Nova An ABserM Corporation ' 24 Hr-Emergency Service. CdCrdect Canary OUailese Band Social Services BoidS70RockyMtnHse * (Ms Bar. BlMtlS70RocfcyMiiuntainHouse Pacific Western Alrilttes Can Loi«' Ustance (No Tod Charge) a Ask....Zenith POliQ RCXfl* - See Royal Canadian Mounted Pottcc Rodcy MM Hse Resamb^G Refuihlte Alrttnes Reservations a Infomtaticrt- Cei long Distance (No Tol Charge) a Ask....Zenith ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POUCE Rocky MM Hse845:2881 S K F Canada Ltd Edmpnton CaB Lots. Distanoe (No Tol (aorge) a Ask Zenith ScaiMbnavIan AilBnes Vancouver - Call Long OistaiiGO (No Ton Charge) a Ask fir... ZeitHh Sidom Mdiaei Strawtjerry Jean Strawberry Theresa 989-2a)l Sundilld O'Chlese School Box67RockyMtnHse SUNCHILD STORE SunctddReserve Third J Tormag Magnet Sales Vanceuver-Caii Long Distance (No Toil Charge) a Ask... Zenith M658 White Calf P SYLVAN LAKE 8oa alao Bontley-Bhickfalds Edcvllle-Penliold-Sprucevtew for other etmlomera located in this area. dctmled AOT Uotbigi: MM PMM ' SERVICE CALLS DIRECT DISTANCE DULLING 1 LONG DISTANCE DULLING 0 DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE FOR Local Numbers & calling areas Dsted below Numbers M other Alberta Locotions (NoToO Charge) Numbers outside AlberM (No Ton Oiarge) l+area CodeF 55S-1212 RB>A1R SBtVICE Phone assistance...0 BURIED CABLE LOCATION Diri^^ffero) (No ToO..ZMiith BUSINESS OFFICE. Phone , (Hours 8 AM to 4:30 Pfri. Monday to Friday) EMERGENCY CALLS FIRE ALARM ONLY POLICE RCMP Emergency/Complaints 24 Hr Detadunent If No Answer CaO Red Deer AMBULANCE Red Deer EckviUe HOSPITAL RedDeer EckvDe 746-2a)l LOCAL CALLING AREA You can cau whiiout too Sylvan Lake to tlie fouowbig place ^ R^Deer Just dial the "seven" digit numlier AceeunU laay B«Paid At: any Treasury Branch or Chartered Bank Mrs. Jean May A AD AC See Abata Alcuhoasm8Drug Abuse Commission " A E PLUMBING Av A G R TANKS ft OIL SB>ARATORS RENTALS Bi» ACT DetaSed listings See Page 1 ' Business Office : Red Deer A a H Taxi 4406b49Av A K L Constnictkui Ltd BaxSBSytvanLake Bentiey AMPMFoodMart BidglBayl 5043 SOaSt... A V X ENTERPRKS LTD Bay St Cr Aab John 3623 SOAve ACCURATE RIG WEUUNG LTD Adieson George Ave Ada Artluir J 80x ' 3859 Adam DonRftl Adams C E si04 47Ave Adktns Edwin i38westviewor Adktns RotMey St Addg Glai J sosi 365t Aebig Notmaii St Alnsworth Ron St Aisthorpe C UOWastvlewOr Albert Brian iwhltccapciose Albert Oarlas St Alb&t Grace (tearslie SOaAv Albert J'R 57westCr SYLVAN LAKE 241 Alberta AtcohcQsm & Drug Abuse Commission InfontBtian 4920 SlSt Red Deer 34345Z74 Alberta Baby Photosraphers 3WSowSt ALBERTA U^'DRUiuiG " LTD ALBERTA GOVERIOaENT TELEPHONES. Detahed Listings See Page 1 tosiness Office Red Deer Albarta Grain Commissioa - Prices (No ChargeDiai) Alberta Utpiar Store 4936 soav ALBERTA MOTOR ASSOOATtOir TRAVB. AfSCY AUTO & FIRE INSURANCE DRlVBt EDUCATION 2965 Btemner flv.. Red Deer Alberta Processing Company Box 5025 Stn A Calganr CaD Lng Distance (No ToO Charge) e Asfc Zeidth Albota Wheat ftod Av Aider Graane t Aldoft Dean 43 4S5to Alexander dames 44MeadawviewCkise 8V-3122 Alexander T J St 8L ALEX'S SBtVia & REPABt a>eciaijze IN AnOXHED ENG : '..rauto SERVICE & MINOR RB9ABI :,LL5016 5aAy...81 COFFEE SHOP aakevievrhgtsshoppingcentie ALFRED'S JANITORIAL ffilvi ES~ LTD SERVG SYLVAN LAKE-RB) DEER SPEOAUZE-CARPET CLEANM6 & CLEAN-UP AFTBi FHtES St ALLAN HAY ft FARMS 80X13 Allen BUI 5324LafceshcreDr Alien Brian 73SyivaiiDr AQen G H Judge JarvisBay. AOoi James St ARa-West Ihrilllng Ltd BOWestviewOr AMBVIANCF RedOeer EckviSe U American Airlines.Can longdstotce (No Ton Charge) a Asfc Zenith Amey Glen sod7 44St Amiee Noitan aAve 887-2S00 Ammeter D Baxl069 Anderson Daryl 4Sy(vsnOr Anderson E Anderson Ettiel 4740 sost Anderson Geoiae A 38McadawviowClase Anderson Gerald A35PaiktandDr Andeism P ^ Andosm V E 48il sost Anderson Y 29PaikiandOr Andreeff A 5108 soav 80-3ffi2 ' Andreeff S 4636 sost 07-^33 Andrew Candace itmeadovrviewobso Andrew Peter D l7meadowviewckae Arafrusyshyn Wm Av ANN'S UPHOLSTERY ft CRAFTS ^038 ANTLBt UUKS CABUe Antaiiluk Leonard isspucefinatitrci? AprO R B0X182 Archibald Randy 66SytvanOr Ardllbald S E Av Atens (Man AV AifMt Bernard RRlRcdDecr AllMt Koi sost Armstron IWafgaiet A S023 SBSt Armstrang'DavId C Av ^ $112 Armstriit^ Gewge 44Srivan0r Arthur C G 80x AschenhM*^Jack4732sost _ Asnwndson J M'soss S2St Athdosca UnWosMy EdmaiiaNkdi iix» Distanco (No Ton Chsgei'ei Ask Fct tetlth ' ExamJnatlon Requests. CaS long Oiitaheo (NotdgQBrga)&ASk Zei9ttl01«4 Atkins Norman R sozi 4ist AtteweO Arthur 3407lakestwc0r Alitdcal'Emteiin - Cos Long Oistanto (No tds^ Chargig aaskfa' Z^th 22»9 Avery Janms A sefteroistsior Av^ Sft 57NorthstaiDr 80-S(Ml 80-4 ^

17 jiim 242 SYLVAN LAKE AWARD MASONRY '6M«intainPla e 8^-2251 B C a D Auto Wrecking SytvanLakelndustrialSiiliOiv B H L BUILDIN6 SUPPLIES LTD «04 47Av.( j (887^133 Badrock H C Mrs Baggatey J T losyhranor Bailey Mike ssparmannsr BakvAT Bakery SOSt BaktePaul St Bak«Ronald A 44oi 46S'tCIase Bakker George 5127 SteAve Baldwin Don H Nnslenwatd BaKour D 4710 SOSt Ball Barry 34l>aildania>r BALMORAL SERVICES LTD GULF GAS a OIL CAR WASH UCENSQ) MECHANIC AMAT0WIN6 AL QUICK PROP '4603 Lakeshoie Or BAMSTBt & THORN ACXNOES LTD Insce GaetzAy Red Deer Lawrence B^iain R(s... Bentley 748^2488 Ter^ Res Red Deer 343-^18 Bantte Eva St 887^ Barclay David St 887'- Barker Gordon Hwy20 887>S Barker Joe SOMlesiiowtriewClDse 887M_.., Barker Joe B Trucking.Ltd Sox Barker Lariy Bax2S3.. Barker Thomas. 8W-2S77 Barry R SSI BarUett Thomas SOI8 53St Basmit L R 22Me3itowviewCiosi Bateimn Tom luitinoonbay Bates Harvey M 2lWao(San(j& Bates L M 4Wooill3niIOose Battle Pavid J legardoicrt.: Bauer James 3iFoiEstDr Baiimgrarte Ron 3 S227iakesita(e0r Beach Boy Drive-in 4403Lakediord>r Beach Front Amusements 470SLakesl)ord)r beach haven MOTEL LTD ASOStakeshiifeOr Beatty PavId A SOPsrklandDr Beatty R M BalmySeacti BEAUUEU DECORATORS Beck BrilUl eonorthstsror ^Cfc Owayne 31PatldandDr... Becker Art St BMkerBialne J Beechinof Larry A St. BeedsGeorge4513SOSt... Geeds Lawrence 4716 soave. Befus'Lance 7Raii8MiwTiiiPfc... B^'FrancesKwyiiw... GeSahilNRy Ave. Kilanger J A e BebllGm' N 38SirtvBi0r BeRch M i03tmstvisw0r... BdlBnice WRRi ^ Briice W RRl Bed Oavidmi Bell Puke RRl Bell Duke A RRl Bell Fred SinkeiAoeOr. 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Blakely Phil SOWestyiewDr. Blakely S4505 SOSt... BOck V SOSt... Blondheim C F St. Bloom I E Norgtenwold Bless Steven P St. BLUE DEVIL WELDING ISGreenCrt BodaiX R F St... BOEHRLEWIG LTD..Zenith ; : FURNACE REPAIRS & SERVICE SERVICING FURNACES Box Boivin Dave 4748 sosi... ^ Bolding C Av Bois^ Louise Mrs 23SytyanLakeSeinatCni2enKin.. Bond yvbhne Mrs 3148 soaav... Boode Manny BOPaildaralOr BOOMER BROS CONSTRUCTION CD LTD B0X659 Boomer C St Boomer Lmi Boidin Wayne sost Bortey Graham 24Froestor Bond C B esparttandor B(» JohnHSr 4720 SOSt Bos John W Jr St Boswell Fred Ave Both Lee BOX1025RR BOTH LEE GENERAL CONTRACTING LTD BinlOZSRRl Bott Wesley RRI Bouchard Luc S059 53St Boukall Barrie 43NoritistaiOr Bouliahe M St BowenGLBox Bovrer S M 104SylvanL3keManar..' Bowey C 5124 soave Bowman Brian Av Bowman Gordon 5Z36 47aAye Bowman Rick Ay ^-3807 Boy Scouts Of Canada caiq> Woods Boychuk Man Box76i, Boychuk Cliff 20lakeviewO Boyd John 59GrandAvNorglenwoU 'SOOl BradleyAUanB...: Bradley Ron 33ParUendDr Bradley Tim SestDr,.... Braily Afthur R 30Z1 SOaAv Bramley Rex Don 4516 SOaAv M A Hwyllw RHS t Bray D 7llNortlistarDr Oancy R tetose. Stan 15 4S5t(Zaae DougHatfMoonBay Brttton Dale T IZPaiklandOr Britton John Boxiozi ' > ;8road'W' Keith t.Broduiian Carl losyivatior ibrddftes Barry 93WestviewOr i^wu'douglffi St liirown F U Baimyteach..,... Brdwn Frank Norglenwold Brdwn Fred'M szmeadowvrcwclose. 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Bystrom Oeda RRl Bystrom HS RRl Bysirom Lloyd RRlRedDeer Bystrom 5 L RRlRedDeer CJ LONG LTD- CaS Lens Distance (No Tod Chaw) a Ask Caitbad - Frcisht Services... C N X.^(EJ(pce$s).. Sectim eirafl. Cannim BID SLakestwrcTrirCrt... CAPRI STYLISTS sooe sost C^ Vincent soos 4ist. Cprletan Dale 40WhltecattOose. COl^dale'R E SFcrestOr Carpenter Ljrle l03 46is sost. CairAl^B' Carr AOpn J ZdWestviewDr Camon Doug SOestOr Carson Wayife 5236 SOAv..,. Carter M C'lOWoadlsndCr Carver CeCO H 5107 SOaAv v... Casey FraiiK'17 45'st(2ase... cagt-away sports S.t. Castdia E M KatlMoe^y, Cathidlc lurches B b^futioits Oiir Lady Of The Assumption Cburcli aAv... Catqillo foiia SSWcstviewOr CavanaguR J E 5d4o 37st CawUtonI B sois , MAYFAR FOODS FRESH MEATS PRODUCE FUa UNE OF GROCERIES OPEN 9 AM TO 9 PM EVERVDAV FRSDEUVERV 5016 SO St : C N C P TELECOMMUNICATIONS To Sent A TeteSram Or Telepost (No Charge DiaQ... 1-BOO 222r6575 Pour Envoyer tin Tdesramme Ou Telepost Aucuns Frais-Composei C P Air SOS Burrard St Vancouver B C (No Charge OiaQ (U-1444 C P Blakely Elementary School Principal's Olc43StM9Av C P RAIL daigafy-cail Lcng Distance (No Ted Charge) a Ask.Zenith CABLE WEST T V LTD Av... Red Deer COdman Alf S33aLakeshoreOr CaldweU A Av 887F3847 CamaeDave4S2048St Cameron A Av CameronDM...: Cameron John F Nsrglenwold Cameron N W 4714 sost Cameron W A Boxl37Norgienwcld... Camp Kannawin Campbell C 3403Lakeshcrel)r Campbell Jack MLA Rocky Mtn Hse CoiBtituency Ofc... Rodcy Mtn Hse CantpheD Ken M St CaiilpbeflR SI,, Canadian Commercial Workers Industry -. Pension Plan.Calgaty-Caii tona Distance. (No Ton Chaw) a Ask... Zenith CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE 5007 sost. : Canadian Itatfamal Railways Servocentre i. Zenith Zenith ' ' ;j ^ '. 887-' Gazes Carl 47 45SiCr 8a7^7S Central Air Conditioning Vancouver' - Long Distance (No ToB Charge) a Ask - ZenithwDSffi CENTRAL ALBERTA ' CHIROPRACTIC SERVICES. ' ZFIrParklandOeditUnionBldg )2 j Central ADieita Processing IIM CENTRAL STEAM BATH' I"!. ' Av... CENTRAL VALVE SERVICE'. RRl..;..\.887;a40S Centre The 461SLakeshoreOr 887'41521 Chapman T i- 887-SSftl Charette G aAv.:...<887-3Wm Cha'rpentier Grant SlSyivanOr... i887jr3ss6i^ Chedonate Developments Ltd Norglenwold 887^5 ^: Chelsea's Restaurant 5040 sost ;> r.ibbt-slzl ii Cheng Qement llpartdandor {8B7i3Ml'^ Chllibeck Dan aAv.'{ < f Chotach M Norglenwok)...1. :Ji&^2SX}L Chomeczko William vy 'j 3803LakeshoreDr ChflstolfersenR sst... Chubala Brian 43Me3dowviewdosc Church Of The Nazarene....:...'.''887^'n< Churchm S W Norglenwold V887-{S817 "': Civic TIRE innisfail MICHEUN & ASTRO TIRE DEAIER. AUTKORIZEO RADIAL SALES SERV':' v. \ ' ON THE FARM SERVICE 1 '.! RESIDENCE INNISFAIL ) ;.hmWall 227-^ ii;: Clancy D C 5244 soave... aancy Donald G 3'4SpiuceLmeTmQ,. 887^3lin f Clapa Serge AONorthstarOr... t.. Qare John 25Parkiandl)r.... dark Anne 3819LakeshareOr... Clark E J 3120 SOaAv... SB7-^!{{: aark Jbn 3140 SOaAv <887-3l04^ dark Robin rribox SW/li Qarhe S R Norglenwold ; OT-MBf; Clarke T J 5304 SQAve 887-a$62;i datworthy Jim D BAy..: t9i:i: daxtonm soca 45St 887-K17)';< dayton John 6 45StCiasc '887-iffi7f{ Clayton W A Ave r... ; /{ deggj50d338st. diffe Andrew lolskesidemdbaeltinpk...^7-2445/^ Oow William KuusamaKrest I Coakds Rod eAv : 887r365eu Coates.L W Av.....,, ' /i CobliC SOaAv »;j COBB'S LTD ::, GROCERIES MEAT PRODUCE ETC COMPLETE UNE OF aptmng ' v!, Dry Goods Dept ; Otoccries 5015 SOSt ' Coccimiglio E aAv...T887^4334; Codeno'Gus. Bax389Sylvanleke BeiiUay 748-2a7ii Cody H J aAve Cole Barry 10 4S5tCr i. 887-»»i:, B87-iaR';; Cote Bob 7Woodl3ndCr.. ;.. ^ Cote J E aAve Cdeman J 5019 last ; CoUett W J 4015 SOaAv Comis Erwin W7-53D1 Cono.John P 3907 SOAve '887-^g,'j ConneOy Barrie Av :: CookJH Cook Richard A israinbowtili^ 887-^1), Coohey Linda 7 45SMb; 887^ /; Cooney Mark) J 70Pa>klaniiDr 'Bgi-SSjl'./, Cooper D L Av ; { 887-^/ Cope Robert S aAv ;[ Coppens Hans 4723 sost... <..'887^13) Cerbett Doug sbon'stitrcrt /:8&-S4S3: Cordon John 490s 48Ave ' CbStall D ISWoodlanilGr '6n!4437 Costello J P 5015 sost {8^-5354 Cotter L.KNoislenwcid 8B7-SS10. Coupal Vincent iiwsow^t ^! Couvrette Diane Kt Cox Gary», 88Z7386B' Craig JH463449St... 8B7-;2a(B'j Cralg M Si Craig Rahth 4404 SOAv CranIlIeRoliert 4S23 47St Crantey A16 43io 48Av daven Stewirt Box1004RR1 Cream^i Colii) AiFetestDr Crockett A J ^ '8w:^/ W-Tw! Crockett Wm C aAve... ^ Craken Denis Upstrs49i6 4BAv... W-MOli Cronin F ZzPatttaiidDr... 'W7-a227! 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Zenith 22043, ALBERTA ALCOHOLISM & DRUG ABUSE COMMISSION Inlormatkn Red Detf HOUSING 7 Home Imptovemenl Branch Call Long Disiance (No ton Charge) & Ask Fnr ZenlUl Mortgage Assisloncc Branch (No Chaiga - OiaO Ncsotialim Intguiries (No (Siarse KeO RECREATION & PARKS Jatvis Bay Prey Park 01c 887-5S22 Shop 887-3a3 Park Raiders Res SOCIAL SERYKXS & COMNUlNltY HEALTH Qtiid Abuse Hot Line 24 Kr Emersency - CaS Long Oistsnco (No Too Charge) & Ask Zenith 1234 Widow's Pension ProgranvCall Long Distance (No Tod Charge) A lask Zenith TOURISM a SMALL BUSINESS Trsvd AJtaCfla OM ASierto' Within AOwrta (No Chame Oal) '^01 Small Bimness ft Farm Interest ShiekSns. ^Branch (No Charge Olid) (Contimied Nrni ColutiMi) SYLVAN LAKE 243 GOVBINMEflTOFi (PRoynwaAUicontd) TREASURY ' AssessmenlsCaO long Dbtance (No Tol Charge) B Ask Far Zenilh Revenie ArMnistratkxvCal Long Distance (No Tel Chars^ & AA...fZenlth M«lKh22S2 Govemnmnt Of Canada Post Oltice 5010 SOaAv 8S7-S3S3 Gowans Bai is SOSt 887-2S76 Graabnan Clai Av Graham WQDam NorMatwcid Grandmnnt T 79WesMew0r 887-^6 Grani Alex aAv GtaidS59Sytiran0r Gregory Denids l48westviewtir Greig Archie 68FartdandDr GREYHOUND BUS DmiT St Grier David SOaAv 887-5«9 Griffin L Av ^ Griffiths Ronald J Grimes Gordon Av GrifflSonEarl B RRlRedDeer Crimson F E Mrs aoxlusrblredoeer Grimson 6 RRlRedDeer a87-b52 Crimson Ken RRlRedDeer 8W-5523 Crimson Rick SAv Crosertlan S7EastCc : Ciiitter.E;J Roy 8V-S5S7 Guder George F RRlRedDeer... 8^-5736 ' Guentii»JbiRes Box^as^vanLSke JBIackMMs GuiDmMP Deito Av GiiOIanalid L J awoodiandcr GulaBrehda303441SLakeshoreOr GUU LAKE NATURAL GftS OD-QP LTD Die Boi459aiackfakls JLacombe If No Answer Or Emergency..EdcviBe Cunan R C 00x Cunderson Daila aAv Cunderson Uoyd St Cuttenid M St Guy M D Av S Gyori Oiartene bav H J Cody School 4520 Slfii Main Olc ' Guidance Oft Elemeitaiy Otc Jutdor Seuor Mgb Vice Mndpal... 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HOnv J THAROU RES St BenMey UCOMBE NURSERIES LTD A COMPLETE SEUCTION OF TOP QUALITY EYEROtEENS TR^ - LOWERING SHRUBS RQ^ a PERENNIALS Pftme Lafde T 5220 SObAvo...: Lagace N L IMountalrPleee Lagoutte Hubert 4525 SOSi 88MIE Lagoutte Maurice 4509 SOSt -88MS LAKESHORE MOTEL 5027L3keshoreOr.^SSMU LAKESIDE LAUNDRO>MAT ;... 88Mn LAKESIDE READY-MIX t...: W-Zi UKEVIEW VIDEO ft ACJIONi WEAR 5041 sost BSJ-TS LAKEWOOD GOLF COURSE ft DRIVING RANGE LAKEWOOD SERVICE a973)-l1ir^ AMA TOWING a WREaER'SEHV COIN CAR WASH TEXACO PROD - PROPANE RB. FIRESTONE TIRES CAMP FUEL a TRUCK OtESB! CONFECTiONERY St...ivlBPjaS La Lancette C lol sAv 88?.^ Lamb James Av'... 'a8^^ Lamontagne Real 5131 soaav..';v,i8b7-ic Lampard Tom Norslenwcid.. SSf'Sf Lang Winifred Mrs 4720 SOAvc Larbcgue Andre Mrs S7-Sf Larsen Carl E 5115 SOaAve : $ LarsenSven 5132 SOAve..i.i...;v. 8874!$ Larson Roger St ! Latimer W D 3617Lake$boreOr...>...^88749 Laurent Gordon 43estDr ! 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Morrison Darcy 14 4SSiCr ' Morrison P rribox Morrisroe J T Noislenwcld Mortimer M C 3331 soave Muiihead Jack sowhuecapclose Mulder Jack.' Mulder Jerry ; M Munson R L 3813lakeshoreOr' ^-5819 Murdoch Gordon D St Murison J T AlMeadowyiewClose Murphy Bryon E 2SGree(^ Murray A P S21S 47aAve Murray Frank G St Murray Frank T Upstrs5044 sost Murray Jim R St Murray M llswestviewdr ^30 MurtO A Box269EckviDe.. V Murto Eli Ocnallo Mtirto Fred ^-5431 Murto W Box269Eckv>De Muth-Eric RRl Muzychra Robert M SSGrandeAv Mysak Peter 4405 sost Nagy Eriiest RRlRedDeer Na^ SeVema 3609LakeshoreDr Nason Bin St SJ'HS Neale E Norglenwold f M7-K89 Neiisoh L Ay ^ ^-3648 Nepton 8 54SylV3nDr M7-S079 Nerada Julian Ay W-3^ Ness J BTFciestDr... ^7-3^ NevtRe^ow NEWFIELO 8 T OR Chtrpir ' 29Gre&tCn Nlehoils Ken St W Nichols J aAv ^ Nichoisoii Bill 4115 SOaAv. i.;,*m7-3m7 Nicholson H A 4103 SOaAve... '887-2^ Nielseh Brian 44os 46Stcisse W7-S302 Nielsen Dennis DowSubOiv Nieiseh Garth SSWhitec^iClose Nielsen L 23SpruceIineTitiCit ^"^2961 Nielsen L J sost... M7-30M Nielsen Larry lopartdandor W Niemczyk Stanley RRlRedDeer ^[-5758 NIkkinen George aAve ^-2180 Nixon Chartie S028 49St. W7-33M Nixon Lester xwhitecapqese North F S035 37St Northwest Airlines Inc - Can Loig Distance (No Tea Charge) 6 Ask Zmrith NORTHWESTERN UTILITIES LTD. Natural Gas Service Centre St Red Deer NorvIRa Charles Av Nothof J G BOX Nova An Alberta Corporation 24 Mr Emergency Service Can Collect Calgary Noyle J 77WestviewDr Nygaard Garnet St Nyliii W IWoodtandCr Nystrom J St O'Connor Craig 49LakeviewCr ^ O'Connor Darcy sola 42St Ogllv!^ Brian Norgtenwold Ogloif James 7GanicftCri Ohm Jordan 20WiiiowSt Ollphaht E 7aParklandDr Qlsmi Alvin P St Olson Edith is Av CHson John Olson Leonard A St' Olson Lilian Mrs Boxioi4.. ; Olson Peter St Olson Ruth E Mrs Box536 : Dj^d B St Ordman J A Dr.Norglenwold Orieux Marcel Centeryaie' O'Rourke Kevin 8 9aPatMandDr Orsten Meivbi St... v ^-2418 Oshiro S aAv Ostrem S Oulton LesRe Ave Otnvendyk Lawrence aAv Overman G S02Q 47aAv ;? Owens Michael G 2bWoed andcir Oxford J KalfmoonBay P ft F OFF SHORE GROCERY St...; v; P T L TILE CO LTD sbnorthstaror Answering Service.' M Pacific'Western Airlines - Cao Long Distance (No Toll Charge) 81 Ask 1. Zenith Path Ttlbmas E Neislenwold Palmet'C S Mrs 462i sost PBInier Gough SMcadowviewCiose ; Palmer I Box Painter Jack HalfMoonBey Pang Winston st Pangie Glen Parish H 5003:44St Parker A A Box6a SYLVAN LAKE 245 Parker Lawrence H 74ParkiandDr Parkkari Aune Mrs St PARKLAND GUILDERS BirchCfin PARKLAND SAVINGS ft CRBIIT UNION LTD 5043 SOSt Parks Edward A St Parmeter G R St Parry Dave 35lakeviewCr 887-S046 Parstow W V ISNaslenwoid Parsons Graham 24LakevieyvCr Parsons M A Box41S Parsons R M LyteLanOing Parsons W 8 box S6S8 Partica Dixie lowtiitecapctose Partica Tim lowhitecapqose Pastoliak E SlOO 47Ave Patterson Jack TSMeadowviewCtose Paulson's M Lytelandins, Pauquette D G 5016 sost Pauquette Thelma 4631 sost Pavdson Amis sost Payne Norman St Payne Vemon W OLakeviewCr Peabody Grant St Pearson Robert.ITSytyanLakeSeniorCitizenHaine Pedersen Bjom St... j887-2s4s pedbr.fred Dr PeU Mary Mrs S119 nzaave Pendergast Ronald D KaHMocnBay Penner J Ave PoAecostal Gospel Chapel 5119 SOaAv PefR&lsG R 4444 sost Perktnson Gladys Mrs SI23 48Ave Pens W K 26GardenCrt Peters A St Peters Martin llparldandor Petersen Norman St Petersen R L ill Av Peterson Arthur BAve Peterson David A SOSt Peterson Elmer A ast...' Peterson Ernest Peterson Jim Av Peterson Loma Av..: Peterson N E S103 SOaAve Petterson George RRI PfelRe Alfred 21LakeviewCr PhiRips Art PhtOips Tim St Phimister R S 30 45StCr PIC-A-POP 5003lakeshoreDr Pickering Robert Ave PICKERING W INSURANCE LTD 5020 SOaSt ( Agt W Pickering Res Pickering Wilson St PickersgUi C Av Pileau Mary Mrs Pilgrim S sost PILLER BACKKOE SERVICE St Piller George Ave Piiter WUnam SSt Pitkanen Wayne Baxi7i Plantcka A St Plato Ray 10 S036 52St Ptoentzke Karl 37SpiuceLineT<trPk Plouffe ioavid SSestDr Podlubny Julian swhitecapoose Ppgadi Edward St Poitras A POLICE RCMP See Royal Canadian Mounted Police 887'r3333 PoUock Gerald St Pollock H L icstor Rpnto D SAv Ponto Fred sois 43St PONTOi VACUUM ft KPTIC TANK SERVICES BOXS94 ^-3136 Popilchak Alex 5052 sist Popilchak R 11 4SStCr Popilchak T A PorferMM Porttin Eino Box24l ; 887-$6iS Porttin W 5 BoxlOOlRRl ra Post Office Poviell'Garfh gowestyiewi^ Prairie Print CHpping BirehtfiHc ^0 Precision WctbraraH i Presbyterian MehtoHal Church 40EaslGr Prill aitf St Pfitchard Walter SSt 8S7-4Z1S Proctor Gloria 2'FancstDr Ftpctor MA

21 "1 : < J 246 SYLVAN LAKE Profit Daniel M S112 SOaAv 887*5654/ Pry Chun RIc A 3933 SOAv PsQda L M 645StO 887*3438 PsiMa Ron 5026 S3St :.. 887^4385 Pu^ Kennetti Nofgienwald 887*2680 PuOar J 6 JarvisO^ PuUar R J JanrisBay Quasar Petroleum Ltd SyNsnLakeGssnant 887*2756 Quick AUen 31lakeViewCr 887*5083 Qulnbn BIlear45384SSt... Quira) L StlStakestioreDr Quinn Patty L 62WestviewOr 887*2981 R & E COtBTRUCnON LID B<»226 8^*2117 RACOON LOOCE 4S15Ulied>(n0r. 887*5423 Raffa Robin S020 47Ay 887*3318 RAINBOW TRAILER PARK FULL HOLIDAY FACILITIES 5220 Spa Av 887*2451 If No Answer Cal Res... Calgary 242*6537 Rahito H sost -Raivio V R Rambaut Gam Ramsay Roy 2iGartaiCit Rams^ Allan C Bei432 Raimsey Fran Bu432 Ramseiy S LII Si Ranagtian CO Rands Harold AWoadlandCt Ransom Jane M 204 isautestmewor Radtary Steve 6 39faiesiDr Rathw^ John IsSytraetakeMv Rawdbig Stuart Av Raymond H A Dee Noisieawoid Raymond Realty Norgienwiiii RAZZLE DAZZLE DAY CARE- MOM TO RU * 7 AM TO 6 PH FULL TIME * PART TIME SUBSIDIES AVAOASIE ialf^pf9ff pt3za Readwin D sois 4sst Reaume Mary Reay A eowiulecapoose Rebtf DiwayRe RHIOBER COUNTY NEWS 5020 SOaSt RED DEER HEALTH UNIT NO 9 ppyllatriamtwaia RED ONION PIOA SHOP 887* * » * * *3578 * * l4te3liareDr Red Rooster St 887*3233 Redecoop Wayne Av 887*3849 Reid Alan S027 4SSt 887*3116 Reid L M aAve 887*2389 Reid CdarUn oowsieiiw Reldy Cameron BstmyBcaeh K"52S Rei% 1^ SAv 887*3950 Geome Bos700 W-2927 RENUUI R U estate (CENTRAL AliBERTAI LTD soio sost «7*^ Refw P R Reaublic AifCnes ResavaUons 6 Intermatien- CallUnaOiglancePteToaOMiOB)*^... ResvidfKei Rebter 0 MurtoBfarti Reunlmi Camp Site R^ioldsAllan SSmilds Brian 18 4ssi0r HeyiloldS L E Ave g^l^len Iteymdd!MRftottowaM nayndlds Rmwmd t. Arnolds S B AV0 SShSd Danld ISIWndDr pii4iarf Roger Ofiawieicn SSSp AV S^dsytvlo *,... gs^lytew ^. Wayne soutawiewor Rlehimidl CWf b»282 -vm * * *3574 8&!*5ai4 ientlh660m 887* * * * * *2464 S87*20tt.887* *2076 &-2ai.887*2047 Red Deer 347S5375, RlSrXi^ J ^ *3530 jw*2(^. a87*2ul ^ lilsbcisc«y sr^;wumim t soap * *3029 Roliertsan D St 8S7-29U Robertson D W Baknyeeacli Robertson John R 887*3903 Robertson V St Robin Marcel logmenoi 887*2522 RobPison Alvin P BoxIOIORRI 887*5681 Robinson Dalvd sost 887*4442 Robinson Ernest SOWestviewOr 887*3239 ROOCY FAST EXPRESS LTD Rocky MtnHse 845*2230 Red Deer Otc 347*3362 Roe Gary Av 887*3071 Bob isoweuviewor E J lomeadewviewclgse *4143 E JTniddmi SSMeadowviewaose Mariene..887*5084 G 887*3820 Rose J SI 887*3898 RoseLRSiemdeAvNeislenwDiil *2463 Rosentreteer D 36 45StCr 887*3669 Roseth G *2385 Rosie Ronald BlOensTtm 887*5360 VkOatmSeach A * * *5391. ODrltoslenwold RothweO W J Mafpenwdd 887* *2867 Rowan Dan Boia004aRRl Rowlierry Aim 22RaUMwTfH>k 887* *2824 Rowe Stuart 00x112 Rowland T L 4emiencn 887* *5310 RowseOM 5104 SOaAv Roy Gregory P imsoi 47Si 887* *3363 Roy Jerome isukeshon!Gr *4389 Roy Leon P42PartdamjDr 887*4196 RoyilonnaniiUkasidddoUettiPk *5844 Royal CanafBan lesion SOAv 887*9702 ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE AV Ememeocy/Coinpbinls24Hr Delactaement Rufaottom Barry 4Main«aiai>iaca 887*3308 RudeBeonle Av...887*3517 Rumble W D ISUkaviewOes 887*5376 RundeU N SI 887*3343 Rush Don 42UlEavkwa Rusty-NaS Construction Limited BireKSII 8^*5840 Rutschkc wasam St 887*2714 RyanS.. 887* K F (pnada Ltd Edmonton cas Lens Ostaoce (No Tol Chaise) a Ask... Zenith SABY BRIAN OR Dent (J{pstis *3939 Residence SI... Red Deer 342*1074 Saga B sost St Cyr M STWestviewDr 887*3592 5t Jean Albert dfcrestor 887*4313 Satofsky Charles JanrisBay Sans Kenneth 887* *4166 Salm R M 5120 SOAv 887*3729 S3lnMnAJ2eMeadowviewCkae satmond CoGn P SSMeadowviewClase. 887*3021 Samson John L 23WBowSi SaOBon Larry SOtleadowvlewacse Samson R L sost... Swxhe E SAND CASTLE 1976 Restmi 4689Uheiliorefir Sanders CUlf st Sanderson J W laparidandor... Sandusky Watter 001(479 SATCUITEORUIINGLTD WATER WEUORIUIIU PtMP TESTS a EXPLORATION fisiato»«ioustrial OR DAROLD JONES Av. 3-lndustrtglOr soao'spast.,.;, * * * * * *5816 Sauter Ntek Boia075RRi.. 887*5771 Sawyer T Sary BAv Paul 29R«i0dwtnrCrt *3879 Scammel) Colin slii 48Av 887^179 Scandinavian AMlnes Vancouver Cad idiis Oiilanee (No tea Chugs) a Ask tfv ZentthS^ Scaiilaiid D G Av SchoOrRobert Si 887*2355 Sdiatar EdtMaid 887*3275 S^l^iKOBo> *5466.Sdupiibitf AriHw 5235 aoavo a87/* A^MSO 47Av 8^ * *2233 Schawalder Hans Si SCHEKK MOTORS LTD St Schekk ZoHan soi9 52St Schenk Bernard Box Schewaga M Av Schierman Gerald ISWhitecopCtose SchID Douglas W 4 45StD ScMactw William 46SytvaitOr Schlahs Chariie Av Schlahs Garry St Schmidt John SSpiuceGneTiliCrt Schneider A St Schneider W aagsrdencn Schoeineyer W BM Av. 887*3644 Schram Walter RRi Schramm Jim Sdvoeder L G ii Av : Schulmeister Fred 4748 sost Schultz Dallas 48Me3dowYiewCk)se *3091 Schuftz Bdor *2354 Scott James 8 4S31 45St Scott W A Scutdiings Defl Av SEARS (SIMPSONS-SEARS LIMITED) 5002 sost Sedore Stove Company Bo> Seelen E 43SylvaiiOr Seelen J A Mn Av 887*4427 SehOn L sost Seland Ralph rri 887*5569 Sritwood Mike 504o 35St 887*3894 Seistrom Hugo W Semon L BaknyOeacb Senior Citizens Friendship Centre 4908 SOAv Seventh Day Adventist Church AV Severtson Arthur rri Sewell B Av Shackel Ted 77SytvanDr Shannon Ken St SHEAR MAGIC mosex HAUtSTYUNG sou soav Shebecfc Gerald Boxiosa Shelemba Doug IVOgnsMcliilsTitifk Shenfield Mark 3119 soaav 887:5309 Sherwin C 4620 sost Short Robert L IVCrcenCit.'.' Shpeley S 36SylvanDr Shuefl Clarence Av Sigurdson C Mrs rri 887*5515 S^iBon Wayne rri 887*5682 SSvaitiuk A G SSMeadowviewClase 887:3182 Sliveiberg John 887*5331 Sm Alec L 3124 SOaAv ; 887*4489 Sim Keith *2608 Smanton G Simlster M D 5024 SlaSt Simmons K M 5204 SOaAv 887*3243 Sbnonls J Bo> *2619 SIvacoe Art St 887*2126 SareH ^tchlw James G 887*5061 Slater BID St 887*3518 Slezlnski Wck A Si 887*3597 SOm's Welding 00x *2780 SOpchuk Leonard ids 4615' sost :3066 SmaUey John 45ii 45St 887*3697 Smith C F 56NortlstaiDr 887*3431 Smith COff Av Smith-Corona Merchant *3540 Smith Dale 29lak8viewCr Smith Dorothy Mrs ysnusienwoid Smith Edna M Baxl033RRi Smith HL Sam 80x Sn^ Hoyden E Nondenwoid Smith J Bruce ISGardonCourt Smith J C Ave SndthKathleen ^th Paid 47S>«vanOr SMITH R J OR 5026 sost P Smith Robert Warren S047 53St SmithS AV 887*4342 Smith T H SSt 887'2633 SntRh W C St 887-2j^ Smithson L llmeadowvlewclose 887*3571 SndgrovpGtenM92Wsstviewt>r *3941 Sne&Bve WDf 4219 soaav 887*5322 Snow Dotiald soos 43St 887*3096 SodofaUrB Art RRI 887-S45J Sole C E Neralenwold 887*!ULn Soi^ Don ISunriteMotiileKiifli 887*5802 Somm Ken HaHMaotiOay 887*5781 SomervUe KIro siai 48Av 887:3194 Sdiumir Harold soi6 473Avs 887*2190 Seniaa Daniel aAva Muraiy OTMeadowviewaaso.. 887*5314 " *5571 L 3419 SOAve 887*2846 SOT^m Ramkf Av 887*4416 SbretBehTeiriasMeadoimiawCkise.. 887:3074 SereiBen Vic 33estOr SPECIALIZED SOIL PRODUCTStLTDjK. 37l^eviewCr Speeilie R HatfMoonOay 8874D(t Spence B J 4aiakeviewO' ^ 887*3aHi SpicerLMrs '887G6U Spyksma Arend St 887:2)iT2/ Spyksma Sybren synonhstaidr.,. i ;; Stalford Biaine iswootoandcr... y. 887^2791/; Staiford Gary G lllwestviewor... I Stalberg J A 5207LakeslioreI>r....'RP-ljlillj;, i Stambaugh A NoiglefiwoM...: "SBKISOti Stan Alex Bnhcaii Stance 0 G ;... ;'887^^ StandeO Michael P 4722 soave...':887*5an:i: Stanfield.R a'v.'.'8B7*3llU'/ Stanhope Bruce Noisienwoid i Stanley Richard W 4519 SOSI / i887^2117i!; Stanley Sid J 8874Wi; STAN'S TAKE OUT 4711lakeshoreOr V..'W7^aiJ,i Staples LD!/!!'; 43EastCfQiefrywo<x)Cotta3e /. 8^'2tll / STAR OIL & GAS LTD oox ^2^ );. IF NO ANSWER CALL ' Georse Reiser Res s - Rocky Red Deer Or r; 1 1. James River Mobile Service.Moldle Starwest Amusements & FamQy i'. j;ii, Enteitalnment SytvanHisiitsSapaCnff^r3SH/i Staudfaiger Dick rri Stauilihger Harvey W Rpi Staudinger Russell rri... Steen Robert sisylvanor.. Steenbergen A Av Steer Ctiflord. Steinbach (terdon 5020 Stelnbach John aAv Steinbach Murray StE... Stennes Allan St Stephens R A Stevens Howard 45i5Lakesiiixe0r Stevenson H GHaHMoooBayRd... Stevenson J JanisSay StewardC :... Stiles (teratd 122WestviewDr Stiles L B Av Stone E 321ekeviewCr Stone Terry 26iekoviewCr Storr (teo 82Paiklanil0r Stout Isaiah M 12WaodlafldO... Stow R Strand Arvid H 230ansTmCrt... Strasser Petm RRiRedOeer Strong Earl 60on'sTriri>k Str^ Glen I9i>aikiand0r!!! Strong W J 3911 soave Staogis Greg Stutter.Lois aAv SuUey terry 26ii4eadi»niewC)ose Sundell Wayne MyrtleBeach SuneO M E SEastCr Sunny^ Pentecostal Camp i;, 887^911^' 8sr-4iar v ; j/ 887^1$67;', 887:3) ^22)0;;...'.887:2nsjj :281SJ;...8S744I1}...887^1! 'i'.887:31ia^.8b7f27u g BBTiSSU^; amim n*27U /> 887*^!j 887*JHl;i, 887^^13;; 887' '4809 r- 887:iS3U; Sylvanlakc Behtley.7«^2in Sunrise Mobile Hmne ftrk ta>Av.8874^u l SUNSET PARADISE CAMPGROUNDS 3723 soav.. 8a7-2t}l i;. Sutela Calvin St..W4nig Gutter Brent 306PaikviewA its r4h7i Svelnson J S P Ave ^ Svendsen K upstrseoao 49Si.. Swabey D R St MS< Swainsop Richard M RRlRedOeer...887i40U:: Swainson Stanley N RRiRedOeer ): Swabison Stephen A...887^/ Swarthy TC «Av... SwanstromArvid452748St... 8B74921 Svmilirick Didt tt7:2mt/ Sweetnam G L isramwwt^. an*36u; Swinton W A SUkeskteMoMcMmFk 887*113). SYGNET IRRIGATION LTD 26LakeviawCr > Sylvan Barber Shop 5a08a50Si.. W48e8 < Sylvan Bookkeeping Service Bay Sylvan Car Wash 3312 soav... SYLVAN ELECTRONIC SERW^ ' /'J: LTD t 8n4lU 'ii'i 'V; WELOWGSHOP PORTABU UNITS _ MOaOE XJ & X«B*4W6/ WaiTS RES 887*4442» mw gs7f^ 8S^96D 887*3U(I SytvahLake Arei»482348St... Olc... SYLVAN LAKE BAKBIY LID SYLVAN LAKE BODY SHOP., RRI..^...1^7^:2^!

22 S («miuiie Bottle Depot St SihaniCake Curling Rink Si : Sytnmtyke Delicatessen Ltd " IdiSMS SOaSt SYLVAN LAKE DRY aeaners 'LYD 5}5b43 SOaSI $nvan LAKE GOLF & TENNIS CLUB! S33GlakeshofeOf.i ' SVLVAN LAKE HARDWARE- -Vl^'HOME HARDWARE SHORTING GDS-WAU COVERINGS I(EM-Q.0 paints - VARNISHES loectl SUPLS - GIFTWARES a JIM ALEXANDER PROP, :502b 50 SI Lake Hockey Campground SYLVAN LAKE HOTEL- : looors OF HOSPITALITY to WVibiiiake Ice Si^^Lake Ice tos Syii^!^e Kinder-Care 5310 SOAv SYLVAN UKE LAUNDROMAT :5latcl>nll>lsa SjiHafllLake Luthmn Bible Camp S)t^ lake Eckvllle SVLVAN UKE MARINA & "a^rting GOODS ::n20l2icejlkiredr SVLVAN LAKE MEDICAL CUNIC :a5026 SOSt SYLVAN UKE NEWS THE ;«S020'5baSt ; SVLVAN UKE PLAZA HARDWARE LTD S003LakeshoreDr Sutiiari Lake Senlor.atizen Home Av Silvati'Lake Seventh-Day Adventist loturtli SchoolBox SVLVAN UKE STAINED GLASS & lirligailery aAv ^VAN LAKE SUMMER HOCKEY? CAMP LTD 2FIIS043 SOaSI sylvan LAKE TOWING & istorage RRl...: SVlVAN LAKE TURBO : sbbsiskestioreor SVLVAN LAKE VALUE DRUG : MART 5048 sost > SYLVAN SHEET METAL LTD e»» St SjNanthmsit Tatiaiky WlOnir 37 45StCr Tate Al 32S*lvahDr Tailor B Av tailor C K St tqibr GA 74WeslviewOr...: Taiior DwlghMsis 45St tqtdr'h A NwOienwold T^M D Av Tailor Wanam H St tntte it 3910 SOAy Temilnip Hal 13es1Dr TehytWA 3719LakesiioreDr TaihiwtC sost tibioka Terry lodoi'striipk idfiaima's WOOL SHOP : 5027 sbsi TH^h Ken 8 45SvlvanDr tkontpson Dave J IlltoaewyleviClose Otiipsen David St ItOaitDson Leonard Si itnctiiikbn S W Norglenwotil-...' tiisrtn^ Vern aAv tlviriiibi ISWoodlanilCr...! fouman Frank J ViiifUm WlSll SSParktamlDr itliw^ PhO Si iqial RESOURCES LTD api 44iSL»keslipreOr :24;i4r.Ahstov Red Deer 346-}940 MlQiriRdberta aAv S C St l^iles RRlRedOecr ^ TaiNlD^W 3902 SOAv % C S13S 48Ave SSprucelmeTrlrCrt ' L Jiplby/R J 390,8 SOAv TptiiHaO'MaSo^t S^ps Vancouver-Cail long : ppteatc ^ Toa Gh^) a Ask Zenith-086S8 toriey^gliartet E S 52Northsta)pr TOWN OF SYLVAN LAKE oic A» St Fire Alarm Only Fire Haa 4914 SOAv Town Supvr Av Town Workshop Ay TOWNE-N' COUNTRY REAL ESTATE LTD Bo> Trainor Uoyd 33 45StCr TRANSALTA UTIUTIES CORPORATION SylvanUkeOlc5035UkeslicreDr Bentley Blacklalds Eckvile Lesliev3e a Spruce Ytew Ciistomers.CaD long tl'stance (No Tea Ctiarge) a Ask Zenith EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY 24 HRS Bentley BlacklalOs EckviOe leslieviae a Spruce View Customers-Caa long Distance (No, ToS (3iarge) a Ask Fot... Zenith Treleaven Get^d Norglenwold Treleaven John OEastCr Trimble M Garry sao7 3BSt Tripp William A Bo«n TROPHY AUTO BODY soia soav Trophy Taxirtermy & Tannery 80x TRUST CITY FABRICATORS LTD Av Tumbull Brad Tumbull Harvey Bircitciille Tumbull M St Turner Bill 4108 SOAv Turner Charles 887r2363 Turner J 24 45StCr Turner M Mrs St Turner T C 128WestviewDr.: Tyberg Gerald 55 45S(Cr Tymcow Brian Av UFAC0-4)P BULK FUa AGT-JOHN CLAYTON 8-lndustrial Dr Ubdegrove Elmer J uitvlugt Henry St United Grain Growers Unttnen J A Av Untlnen Kelly M 4938 SOAv Vaics Mike 3613 SOAv VallmakI M Vatkama David 95WestviewDr ^ Vallee Rtmald St Vallee's'janitorial Services Valli 50bxl070RRl VAN-ALTA REALTY 2FIt5043 SOaSt Vaiice 8ob e2norttistaior VanCott K 21aRainbowTrlrCrt Vanderham George St VanOoesburg Henry RRlRedOeer Van Gaal John 2wiiitecapClose Van Haren H HallMoonBay van Haren Peter loestdr Van Meer St Van PatYs Randy I<;tWiiieCapClose VanRompaey Edward, 3waow$i VeUtier H T 3705lakWnreDr Veitables Cecil H i4meadovwiewciose Venables Don St Vmteuten T SI Vick M p/trs St VIckerS Art 16Meadowview(3ose Vtenneau E St Vincent Anthony Av Vincent Beatrice M Ave.. Vincent Gordon P is Av.. Vincent William st Vtvier Wayne VPgels Peter ist vpn Hollcm James 62NarthsiarOr W PICKERING INSURANCE LTD S020,50aSt WADDELL TOM BUUDOZING LTD Wade R Vtfagar W J rri Wagner Frank S033 46St Wa^er James S030 46St Wakey Dean s 4 sstcr Wakey Robert S4i6 47Ave... Walden G E BOBlatkfaiiJsTifk Waldo Raymond 0 siparwanddr.. Walker W L Jim aAv.... WALKER'S OILFIELD CONSTRUCTION LTD SU5 47aAv Wallace Earl J 34MeadowviewOa5e M : Ei87v3261 WaOis D E Walk Neil 28eslDr WALLY'S APPUANCE & REPAIRS ;^ sost 887-t3188 Walter Gustav BoxIOSSRRI ' Ward C E SllSlakestwreDr Warden AS ^ Warren W L St Warrender AC Watson Blair Watson Brett 5031 soaave HZ'SZIS 552*^2? - 887^2204 Watson D lakestiofeOr VVatson D J NcrstenwoktSummerVilge Watson E H Gene M7-5M9 Watson Stewart sill SOaAv TO Watson V v Wattam David 62Westv"iewOr 887-2^1 WAYCO EXCAVATING Bcxl029a Weiier C J BalmyBeadi Weber Dotiald BAv Wetier George Altiert 6Woo<sian<j& WeddellJADr Weldtnan W Boxl029a Weir Gordon R Weir N 4211 SOaAv Weir Randy 44l3keviewO Weir Randy Childem's Phone 44LkkevtewO' Weir W D Norglenwold Weishaar Dale ysparkianiatr.. Welch Nathan RRl... Wens Dale 5036 SlaSt 'ggZ Wdls Lester St ^ Wells vem BoxSSSRedDeer Welsh Harlan ^7-5^ Welsh M Norglenwold - M VETERAN 247 Wong Jim aoestdi: Wood Darrell A 63SylvanDr Wood Garth WoodMJ. Wood W Av Woodruff S M Av Woods'Jennle K S019 39St Woolsey Dianne awiaecapaose. Wowk Riphard~6Sylv3n0r Wpychyshyn Tony Wright Ken 38D9LakestxireOr Wycherley. Cameron 4403LakestioreOr Wyman Teiry St X O M Accounting Services Reef5020 BOaAv YARBROUGH TRUCKffilG i BAv Yard RusseO T siakesiddtabilekoniefk Yee Peter C 34lakeviewCr Yen Fred 80x Yockey R STWestviewDr Yoos John DRev aAve Voung R 44845Av Young R' L 3603lalceslioiG0r Zacharias Doug ISWBknvSt Ziegler Carrie St ZiegJer Dennis 26P3ridami0r Ziegler Leonard 4iPaikian(iDr Zletke VOrtor St Werenka Jell aAv ;....,.. M7-41% Ztetfian Uoyd S020 44St Weik Douglas oor-a» Zimb^'SOii 46Si oo/-*rauka West Stewart Ave...* M Zbidderman H C BoxSS Wester Emil Mrs St ZinBdemian Moe isfcrestor Western Airlines - CaJ Low Oftiame (Np Toii, Charge) & Ask Zenith 072^ WESTWAY MOTEL APTS SI Whelm D Childra's Phone White Donald H Box482RcdOeer White G Ay.... White James B Si White L aAv White L W AV. White Lome 24ParUandOr White R P 3104 SOsAv White W G 3104 SOaAv VVhitehead Jack 23lakeviewCr VVhitrick J 126WestvfewDr.' Wickberg Donald G St Wiens Dick 41SpruceIineTiliCn Wieimia Allan lapaiuandor WILD RAPID WATERSUDES LTD. 80x WILD RAPIDS BURGER BAR WILD RAPIDS SOUVENIR SHOP Wilde Dennis J BAv ' VVOde Howard Box670.! Wilde WItlard J Bax67D Witkins V A Av Wilkowski Ben St wm R Wiltetts M Av Williams Bob 22ParldaRdDr Winiams G R 3094 SOaAve WMiams J sost Williams Ken H ISGardenCrt Williams M aarh 7WdiowSt Wmiams Mitch Williams Murray J 3903 SOAv 887^3278 WiUlams R J llgardencrt. ' WiDiaidson A 5 BalmyBeach Willie R i4waiowst 887i3812 wnisher 5 361SlakestioraDr wnson Clarence S03i 49StCiE 887v2902 Wilson Dwaine 68WestvcewOr. 867v24S9 WHson Geo C aAve Wilson M lecardcncrt Wilson Guy 3112 SOaAv Wilson J Wilson John 5 SWoodlandClose WILSON & MAETCHE FUNERAL CHAPELS LTD Steve Msetcfte-Oirector aAv Wilson Raymond Box2T2 Wilson Richard L Wilton Dannie i34westviewdr Wilton E 37ParkIan(tDr Winczura I^yte Windle J swhitecaticiose Winter Laurence A Noigieflwoid Winters Lance SSiakayiewCr.. Wipperman.D St VViseihan E R BaimyBeadi Wolma Av Wold 0 N RRlRedOeer... Wold Raymond RRlRedOeer ^ K-S ^-5777 VETERAN detaitod AQT umngtt ' MS Page 1". SERVKX CALLS DIRECT DISTANCE DIALING 1 LONG DISTANCE DIALING 0 DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE FOR Local Numbers & caqing areas CstMl below 1-I-411 Numbers in other Alberta Locations (No Ton Charge)..1-F ' Numbers outside Alberta (No Ton aarge) 1-FArea Code REPAIR SERVICE (No ToO Charge) ASSISTANCE 0 BURIED CABLE LOCATION Dial "0" Cero) (No ToO Oiarge) a. ask for Zenith BUSINESS OFFICE (No ToD Charge) 1 -f (Hours 8 AM to 4:30 PM Monday to Friday) EMERGENCY CALLS FIRE ALARM ONLY POLICE RCMP lemergency/complaints 24 Hr Coronation Detachment AMBULANCE..Coronation LOCAL CALUNG AREA Vou can call without ton charges from Veteran to the fcuowing place Coronation Just dial the "seven" digit number Accounts Mtoy.Bs PaW At: any TleasurY Branch or Charterea'Bank Edwards Agencies A A 0 A C See Alberta Alcohotism A lhus Abuse Cammission... A6T ' DetaHed'listlttgs'See Page 1 >.. Business OHicc (No ToO Chatga). l-342r36i} Abraiti Ray Adorns Munay 80x ^ ^ Alberta Alcbftclism a Drug AInise '!Gomni8Si6n liirsnnakdn SiiSt Red'pder

23 248 VETERAN ALBERTA GOVBtNMBIT TELEPHONES Delaaed listinss See Pase 1 Businin'i OHice (No ToB Charse) l-342-^6u Alberta Grain Conunissian - Prices ((io CJarge DiaO ^14 Alberta Processing Company Box 5025 Stn A CaSgan CaS Ions Distanoe (No ToO Charse) a Ask ZenMi $erta Wheat Pool.' AIQsan R BmSSS AMBULANCE Coronation American AiiSnes Cao Loio Disiance (No Toa Charge) a Ask Zenith 033(H) Anderson Angus L BoxSSO Anhcm Arthur BoxSRRl 5^2124 Aidiom Gerald Anhom Lome Attiabasca University Edmonton^laB Long Oisiance (No Too Cbame) a Ask FOr Zieniih EaaifUaation Requests - Cad Long Oistaaca (NoToOOiaigeiaAtk Zenith Alltocaladmonton - Cal tom (hstance ff(o ToB. Charge) a Ask Zenith SaNService Babhik Peter BaOay Cyilt RRl OaaWaliy Bfniinpii Paul Beebe Oeiford box444 Bennett Besde Mrs Boxqsi Berg NSs 80x602 Krd tan Rkhpfl A Box606 BisheO Calvin Bax5l3 575^2224 u»r. ras ^5^64 57Sw49 575^9 UsheO Wayne S75r3797 Bladt t(ni^ tnn Red Deer CbB long Oistaiice (No ToB Charge)a Ask Zeidlh BlacfcAmy Bossert Allied Box ^1 Bowthorpe S Bums B 80x Butter Veme rri C N C P TELEOIUMUNICATIONS To Send A Telegrani Or Telepast (No Chame OiaO Pour Envwr Un Tetegraniihe Ou Tdoost Autuns Flrais^iompasez C P ^ 505 etsisnd SI Vhnoower B C (No Charge ObO C P RAIL Carload FreisM (No Charge KN) ; Customs (Tedit a Accounts Centre (No Chiw OiaO ^06 Cahoon Maicotm CantpbeO Albert Cailfl^A M 80x Cantena Energy Ltd VetermdSsntateS CarTdTruddtnUd CARBTOILLID CardweD Supply see Maidand (Hiield siwuy Carey George 8ox Caitson Mdvin BoxSSS 575!r2284 Carlyte Eagle Petroleums (id Sn-38M Camdd^R Jrri Caseley Albert Box427 5^2155 Casein J 80x CASTOR HBRISTS Av.Castor Catholic Itectoijr 5206 sost..c»tar Central Air Com&tionh^ Vancouver - Cat long Distgnce (No ToB Ctorgda Ask Zenith Oimtman Ken Box4S dnutiansen Rohert Bax Christlanson Ted Box4g CONSORT AlflO^r' AUTO BOOT REPAHIS & PAINTING AUTO GLASS tnstalution FREE ESTMATK RES Phone Comwt HilHmT FAMU EOUPMENT LID 80x306.Cmsort (SoihdlUS.E iboxsu ComdbU Ray Boxs CORONAIMWMiATMAHltEF 49l4Wlni50KAv»n n_.. CctfOflJtlOflL STo^apSS coronation ifo PtlO AV Crtw^Bon S7g*3613 Oafoe H G 80x631...* Datoe KatoU Box Dafoe James A Oavb Donald Bax Davis M Mrs 80x DavisRBcx47l Davis RL Deleft DonBox De^ner Frames 490S SiSt.Stettler DevereuiE Mrs Box Devereux Harry box IHngl^J Dobovlch John DOBSONS JEWELLBtY & ^ ELECTRONICS LTD ' JEWaiBiV ft GIFTWARE 4818 Royal St Coronation aectrohome RCAT V ft STEREO RAOiO SHACK Authofized Sates Centre 4810 Royal St Coronation Doma Petroleuro Ccmpressor stn Kkkpatricklake Donner L M OoiMlas S L Bcx Oovmer B BoxOSS DoyteMJBcx DRY COUNTRY GAS CO-OP LTD i07 lavw Qyen Alter Iks Ray Qrfetr Res Ce^ After Iks Robert kschaels Res. Cared After Iks Rob M8s Res Dunn JT 80x Dunnington Gerald box Duitisen Vem box east COUNTRY HIRMTURE LTD sdisuctoriaav...i...coonatlcn EDWARDS AGENCIES INSURANCE Aa CLASSES. INCOME TAX ^VKX Bex Edwards Ron 80x EMimd K 80x Bcrol John K Bax3(k)ranatkxi Ekrol Robert BoxS EDerby Ben BoxOOl EOerby Grace Mis BoxSU Energeds-Control Systems Ltd langiey 8 C- CaB Long Distanoe (No ToB Charge) a Adi... Zenith08897 ERvlra^inent CouncO Of AQierta -Cai long. Distance (No ToB Chw) 8 Ask... ZdlHh FdVSanA^b)80X FInldielneriM^73 : FbikbleiierPaul ERE ALARM ONLY 575^3733 Fisher Qarenoe..' : RSHER ft TRUaC REPAIR CBKERAL ft HEAVY TRUCK a TRAOER REPAfflS eix FMesOde Fofiest Jotm RRSIbifonation rest T TaBwt wthef FtiO Gospd Church Fider Brian Funkiaenn G ft-l TAXI siltwmsofav Coronation GamWaSy GarstadJA Gedidm Margaret..i.' Gedunoftank Gettdamterie RoyaleDu Canada - S226VVaid»rAvCoronatian liroaica / Platntes 24 Hr Deiadhement Goldthcnpe Edwhi Goldtborpe J Mrs S5'22S GoMUiaiiie Norm GoKakDantel J S5*iSS Gorcak Dave Boi497 Gotcak Geo L Baxss ^ Gorcak Mricfc V 80x Gorcak WVdi V 80x eoroucs HARDWARE LTD GOVERHO^ OF ALBERTA fprovdiciw FimBffaintATtaN a assistai^ in. cfbinnwg eius TO PROViNqAL QNBtNMBlT OFFKES TO BE_ CWNECTB) TO YOUR CLOKST, RiTECBinsnAL'o'a.,,, ASKFOR Zenith22333 'OEAF :r',. :INFI»MATION-TDD WO/iOIARiK DIAL) l-bdo 2^-7215 ((Mitlnued Next Coiuntn) GOVERNMENT OF ALBERTA (PROVINCIAL) (Contd) ADVANCED EDUCATION Alberta Heritage Scholaship Fund - CaO Long Distance (No ToB Charge) & Ask Zenith HOUSING Home Improvement Branch CaB Long Distanm (No ToB Charge) a Ask Zenith22093 Mortgage Assistance Branch (No Chaige OiaQ Negotiation Inquiries (No OBige mal) SOCIAL SBlVtCES ft COMMUNITY HEALTH Odd Abuse Hot Line 24 Hr Emergency -' CaB Long Distance ToB Charge) a Ask Zenith 1234 Widow's Pension Program - CaB Long Distance (No ToB Charge) a Ask Zenith TOURISM ft SMAU BUSINESS Travel Alrena,, 'Dial Alierta' Within Alberta (No Charge Dial) SmaB Business a Farm Interest ShiekEng Branch (No Charge DiaQ TREASURV Assessmrals-CaB Long Distance (No ToB Charge) aask ZeRith Revenue Admiiistration-Caa Long Distance (No ToB Charge) a Ask...rZenlth ^erlth22252 Govmment Of Canada Post Office Government Of Canada - IMmnbtf Of Parliament Crowfoot Ccnstltueiicy. Camrase - CaB U»ig Distance (No ToB Chaw).AAsk Zenith Grant Joy Griffiths Allen GrocockMA KaliterLes80x573...v...;..,." Hansen Brad $ Haugen Martin Box466 Hauk L E 57S-3S HeahrH HealyJohn S7S-24S6 Healy Lucy KealyMdvinBoxsoi Hdstad B E 80x HEiSTAD FLOOR COVERINGS. MNIRE Hdstad Lome T 80X613 : Hdstad M C 80x Hdstad R 80x456 C :..'57r-2145 Hofer Donald R Bax4i Itofer Petm BoxS Hoff Bruce box637.'/s Koman Ddia 80x443 S7S-3842 Homan M Howe Jbn Howe Vem Bci Hughes M 2WidroseMnr : t3739 IMPERIAL Oa LTO-^ ' BUU SALES - ENGRO FERTLZR CECIL WOUAMSON AWtT 4518 RaBway Av... Ccfonatlcn JDTnicklltg JACOBSENID A DRUG MART (CONSORD S77r3644 James Fred !>2306 James M Box Jensen John Bax326Consort Jotmstone H W Boxsii 575-a7l Jctinstone Harvey L BoxSli Judy's Beauty Sw Kdy Arthur 80x r2209 Katy Arthur Box Kary Ben Bax ^91 ICary Brent Box Kary Bruce D rri 575-a06 KaiyDaleC KaiyHarvey : Kan William RRI S75-2U6 575^2247 Kd&JM KaimaifcCDn^tliigLtd...'S75-3W Kestner G eox437 v Maberdanz Larry Box6ll Kftapp Howard F 8oxSi tod) Explmation Canada Ltd ^ Kdstawlch Wm Box387Consort totankp Allan Box KrUpplEwatt LaR^RobertE86x648 57S-ai LARRY'S FAMILY FOODS LTD 4»13RwaiSt CeranaUoh Larson Allen box42s LaWretttertohh Lai's Trenanission ft ADtpmient 80x651 57S-K33 Letnialc Dan Boxoiv Letnlak James Consort... Letnlak Lawrence... Letniak Ron BoxsigConsort Letnlak Wayiie Letniak VinillamBoxlooConsort... Levie Albeit box405 Ley Earl Bax494 Ley Harvey 8ox562 y;; v. '.i575 ND' : jsts^'i Ley Wesley Box439 Ley Wm Box562...:.. '.isl^^an LiknesRon Undemann David Bax irsts^tu Lindsay Lee S Long Arlos Box424 v.'...fti'sts^ln L'STS^Mf ; i <, Long D J SoxSVD C STtmSSn Long David Long Gordon 80x424 ' istsrssgi Lovell Anthony..'I'STSfSsn LOVELL CONSTRUCTION LID BoxS21...V.STSls^f Lufthansa iderman Alrllites Vorontb Cd Long Distance (No ToQ Charge) & Asfc<. Z eilthobn; Lutz Wayne box !s75?3g6i MaginMurray...' ! MagiDR80x617.i..':57&3UI MAINLAND OILFIELD SUPPLY;! 4l30\NiiliamsSt (ktronathmfststw, Manion A A ;;;. ::57s^2Gt MaronSBOX0467 Martin Al McAllister Brent McAllister R 6ox ^ '.?I^F^3SI McConneO Murray James. ; STS^IKS McQalg A 8ox0499 -'S/Sgjl McCurc^ Lloyd Box472 -'STS^SW McDIarmldFred Bax484 MCKENZIE MOTORS' (CORONATION) LTD! If;'. CHEVROLET - OLOSMOSOE SALES,1'.: COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERV ; -j '<! RES Victoria Av Coronatta) STftSSM Miner Donna 575^' Wller Infln ; STS^i Mitty NicholasHemanrka STSmUI MoeUerD SnfNB Mofford David Box474 iswjlot Mogck Barry Bt»563 MogckR80x ^' Mogck Walter Box5l5 STSSW Mi^rove Geo Box440 MulgroveGeorge80x440...'.'Sn^U Myers Ehitis RRI Ndson David Bex554 ivstsglw Nelson IBOX0607. S&JSB Nelson L Mrs Box504 : PS^SW' Nelson Nell Bax455 STS-TBi HESTER'S TRANSPORT LTD Northwest Alrfines Inc Cal Long thstanbol^^^v (No To! Charge) a Ask ZdillbiOTStt NORTHWESTERN UTILITIES LID j i Av (CoBect)....Coroitatlon STS^JOt NOVA AN ALBERTA r v/ ; : CORPORATION Hamillan Lake Plant 24 Hr Emogency Senrice CaB Collect Nydokus Nester 8ox605 OTfowCmf 09faw W 80X592 Oster Edward Box530 Calgary.2S2439 -^^29 STSrZUi Pacific Western Airlines - Cat Long... M:- Distance (No ToB Charge) a Ask _ Zifdth'dMIN' PARKVIEW FUNBIALI LTD FUNERAL DIRECTORS 5018 Royai St.(^roftttton i Patter C L v : $75-)ffi Petmbjgton David RRI i STS-NO PliUtlrimy Herbert M Scx STMSSli PIiOiIrfKw Merle A BoxS ^2)3 POLICE RQHP to Royal Mounted Police rnce cugene uoxoos fliialfe D W 8ox4io Hi'.CoitMBtonjWfeliU..;!575^ ; 's:^3»s j!75-3^ RaePaid 'a Ranbelh Daiiny - Ranlselh N Bcx485 R^fuhllc Airlines Reservations a Infamalibh-,.. CaB Long Distance (No ToB ChahBel'aAsk' RcschAieiRdi Rolls 6 W BOX Zedtti 6^' 575^

24 ROyU CANADIAN MOUNTED ibouge 5226WindsarAvCoroi»tK»i ErnaBency / Complaints 24K' DotMinent : S KtE Esrtada Ltd Edmcnlcn CaO Long IKsUiM (No Tol Oiatgs) & Ask..Zenith SankeyDRRi Sankey Murray R Saiik^SteVenRRi SiiiiCT;Wtn,lwi sto^^wnnam..; Scan^vtan AlrDnes Vantouver - Can Long D«lm (No Tot Charge) & Ask fa.?;:, Zenith SdietaeCFRRl SehelateCT Sdflilztte S L Mrs Box Saiir^QwA SidljCaltMlaLtd SWiiadVem... S75r3889 SadU Lemiard bo«6s adifiijohn Binl75Consan ainiima!80x SMS^L PRODUCTS LTD Biugi ^..Consort i infti»,cag Siinitti'Allan. F Consort, SnflttiDiSny80X487...; Sn3tb;ISeO^FBoxOSCoronalion Siilith tbdc BoxOSCoronation iriithiilffi 80x StniOi'Marcils Boi Sri^ Mary Kirkpatrick 8ox SmfthiRanald E StielielE StntARIchard H SMiVm80x StRAND'S GENERAL STORE a/olveloriaav SudiottyD TanMdflfk Doug Tdtiefiftyan Tcr^t Welding Coronation Imnton Electric Ltd : 47a9.inBcnaiAv Coronation WueiMel IS'SS? INit^iDavid ^IhiOen ildon 80x TlUleh'l^an8ax528 5^-2330 Witeii Nolan S7S-2444 Jttdi Altos F ^ WadiO^RRl Auidi'ilbhh 80x Tteth il ' x Boi57t ; ^ann^'magnet Sales Vancouver.Cao Lor^ - ' (No To9 (Siaige) a Ask > Sfe:: Zenith iruffi CANADA RESOURCES IllDr* IRANSALTA UTILITIES CORPORATION Hdiaxlen (>focai Loig Distance (Ik) ToU ^SwiaAsk Zenith Enaigcncy Call Only 24 His H^ioiden Ofc.CaO Long Distance (No Toll icharseiaask Zenith irtle F RANCHES jltd Czar W Ales A 80x Tjin bale Box If A CO-OP LTD FARM SUPPLIES & MACHINERY BUIlDtNG PRODUCTS AMMAL HEALTH PRODUCTS ^ *in Hwy 41 a 12 Consort 577-3S35 [tfeft Conn ^ Dean Box488 S pthdeanm Unfemist G Mrs 8ox drain Growtfs Ltd Ei^oratlon Ltd 'yttijim Arena miiah AUCTION MART LTD CATTLE SALES EVERY MONDAY ^jthione }S yivpan CAFE Cuiftng Club 575-3^ Fun Go^ Camp ijh^ HOTH. 575r3925 lefilan HOTEL COFFEE,?ilSP Hiitterite Colony 57S-2169 ffit^mndergarten LUMBER YARD School 'tleilirschoai.stijdent Union Vetter David BoxS Vetter Fay Box4S Vetter Floyd Village Ot Veteran Die 8ox Walker Kevin 8ox Walker W H Boxas Walwn A Mrs Watson Jack coronation WAYVET WELDING LTD Mobae Service MobOe XJ Webb Ken80x Webb M E 8ox Webb Ritchie80x Weinmeyer Mel WESTBURNE PETROLEUM & MINERALS LTD Main Field Olc Coronation South Uiit Olc ' Western Airlines - Can Long Distance (No Tot Charge) a Ask Zenith Wilson Francis R...i WILTSE FORD MERCURY SALES LTD FORD MERCURY CARS & TRUCKS. EDWARD OXAMITNV RES Phone Consort a//-35w Wraight Fred YOUNGSTOWN douuod AGfT Uotingo: MO Pmo **1**. SERVICE CALLS DIRECT DISTANCE DIAUNG 1 LONG DISTANCE-OIAUNG 0 DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE FOR Local Numbers & caoing areas nsted below 1 -t- 411 Numbers in other Alberta LocaUons (No Ton Charge)..1-F Numiiers outside ADierta (No Ton Charge) t-Area Code REPAIR SERVICE (No Toll Charge) AS5I5TANCE 0 BURIED CABLE LOCATION',. Dial "O" (Zero) (No Ton ' ' ' Charge) & ask for.zenith BUSINESS OFFICE (NO Ton Charge) (Hours 8 AM to 430 PM r Monday to Friday) EMERGENCY CALLS FIRE ALARM ONLY POUCE RCMP Hanna If No Answer Dial "0" Operator (No Toil Charge) & ask for Zenith LOCAL CALUNG AREA You can call without too cliarges from Youngstown to the following place - Hanna Just dial the listed number Accounts May Be Paid At: any^l^msti^r^^ch or N. 1^ Van Dam A A D A C See Alberta Afcohattsm & Drug Abute Oynmisston AGT FOf'Delailed Listings See Page 1. Business Office (No ToO (3iarge) Adams Donald BoxZSl AUierta AIcotioRsm & Drug Abuse Commission Infonnaticn 110 3AvW OrumheUer ALBERTA GOVERNMENT TELEPHONES Detailed Listings See Page 1 Business Oirice (No Tot Oiarga) Alberta Grain Commission (No Cftaige Obl) Alberta Power Limited Sulrstatlon Alberta Processing Company Box 502S Stn A Cakiaiy Ca3 Long Distanca (No ToQ Charge) a Ask '. ZeMth Alberta Wheat Pool EtevatoiRd ^ Alisopp A 0 BigStdne Ai^p' David L B^one American AIHInes -CaO long Distance (No Tog Charge) & Ask Zenith ANDERSEN TRENCHING & SEPTIC TANK SERVICE DeTia No Answer Can Res Anderson James L Anderson L H Boxll Anilrew D 212 save." Andrew James D Box Armstrong Ron Armstrong W L BoxlSS Athaliasca University Edmonton CaS Long - Distance (No Ton Charge) & Ask Zeidth Examinat'ion Requests - CaO Lorv) instance (No ToO Charw) 8 Ask Zenith Autocal Edmonton CaO Long Distance (No ToO Charge) a Ask Zenith BachelderRay 102 savsw Bailey Richard%etetan Baimick Bruce 220 lave Bannick H 310 3StE BERKE'S JEWELLERS 110 2AvW Haiuia 854^3492 Beny L E Boxl8Site4Stanmoie Bertsch Bill 106 SAvE BlckeU MC Big Stone Community Hall Bignell Briice Bignen E H Jr Boxl BigneO Perry BigneORoy Black Knight Inn Red Deer - CaO Loi«Distance (No ToO Charge) a Ask Zenith Blagen Date 105 3StE togen Evelyn no SAvSE Robert D 105 3StE J CecD Scotfieid Blair Jim 219 lave Blatr Merle Box ^2142 Blair Robert 80x Blair Robert G BoxS BLAIR'S JEWELLERS 80x639...Haima BOB MARKS PONTIAC BUiCK LTD i05munmpairdw Hanna B Bonser J 210 5Av Boutter John Baxll93Hanna 7^2126 Bow Valte]i Explorations Bowman Bruce Bownian R 206 4AvE BrUnnan0E309 2Av...> ^ Bruce Lake Farms Ltd Mitftendep...,'7^-2106 Butler Gordon Butter Jack BoxS C N C P TELECOMMUNICATIONS To Send A Telegram Or Tdepost (No ChaigeOial) TtBOO 222-A575 Pour EnvoyW Un Telegramme Cu Telepast - Aucuns Frai%Compasez 1-80Q 361-1S72 C P Air SOS Butrard St Vancouver 8 C (No. Charge Dial) l-boio Cameron Hugh BoxiaSHedStanmcre lTs Canaillan National Railways Servocentre CaO Long Distance (No Ten Charge) a Ask Carload Fre^t Services Zenith C N X (Express) Zenith Section ces Rai^Av Central Air Conifitionlng Vancouver - CaO Long Distance (No Toll (3iarge) a Ask " ' Zenith iw879 ChetBah S 404 3StE Clarkson Douglas 404MainSt Coates Harley Hanna CORONATIDN ACCOUNTING SERVICES Public Accountants Xoivnation 578^014 Cummings B box Cummlngs W Leonard Curry LyaD DandeU Eric Scotlieid Darrock D 104 save ; Davies T D 113 4AvE DAWN-TIL-DUSK WATER HAUUNG 80x58 Cereal 326^2276 Dietrich Richard Douglas UMan Boxl227H3nna DRY COUNTRY GAS CO-OP LTD 107 -lavw Dyen After Hrs Ray Girleti Res Cereal After Hrs Robert Michaels Res. Cereal After Hrs Rob (MiOs Res Edter G W Bax Edter T 80x Edwards Jack 203 3AvE Edwards Ken 2io 3AvE ELECTROLMX CANADA A DIViSlDN OF CONSOLIDATED FOOiNS ^ORPORATONOF (SANAOA LTD so SAvW."DrundteUer : EMPIRE HOTEL 302 3a6MainSl YOUNGSTOWN 249 Energe^-Contrcl Systems Ltd Langley 8... C- CaO Long Distance (No ToO Qiarge) a Ask Zenith (n897 Enviroiurant Coundi Of AUterta - CaO Long Distance (No ToO Charge) a Ask Zenith 0607S Fabick Fred 208 4AvE Fawcett Oaik FIRE ALARM ONLY Fraser E B 212 2AvE Funk Alvin Gaiameau David R 779-2U4 Gartock A Scotfieid 779^2140 Gatlock Dave Scotfieid Gendarmerie Royate Du Canada AVE Hanna S'll N'T A Pas De Reponse Compose! '0' (Appd Sans Frais) Et Demandez. Zenith Gibbs Dwayne H 216 SAvE GIBBS & SONS ^ERAL STORE. 206MainSt GDchrist John H Bax Gilchrist Stan Boxl S4 Girtetz wot 8ox Colby Jim Boxl2 : Gtriby Uoyd ScotfteU Goddbrand D Box Gotidlmand John G^-H M Scotfieid GOV^MENT OF ALBERTA.^OVINCIAL) rar [li»)rmatidn & ASSISTANCE M.ajWLETtNG CALLS TO PROVINdAL ^InERHMENT OFFICES TO BE. CONNECiTED TO VOUR aosest RiTE.CENTRE DIAL H)' & ASK'FOR Zenith DEAF HEARING & SPEECH IMPAIRED inforraatlon-t D D NUMBER (NO CHARS DIAL) ADVANCB) EDUCA'nON. Albena Heritage Scholarship Fund - CaS Long Distance (No ToO Charge) a Ask Zehifh HOUSING Home Impravement Branch - CaO leng Distance (No ToO (Siaige) & Ask- Zenith Mortgage Assistance Branch (No Charge Dial) Negotiation Inquiries (No (aiarge Dial) l-mio MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS Special Areas Board Olfloo Box 67..( ^-3861.PUBLIC WORKS SUPPLIES & SERVICES PropertyhOanagementDivision ^2 Buildins Supt 779-3W2 SOCIAL SERVICES a COMMUNITY health Child Abuse Hot Line 24 Hr Emergency - Cal Long Distance (No ToO Charge) & Ask Zenith 1234 VouiQstown Home Widow's Pereion Program - CalI'Lotvi Distance (No Toil (Itarge) h Ask Zenith TOURISM a SMAU BUSINESS Travel Alberta ' 'Dial Alberta' WiUiin Alberta (No Charge Dial) Small Business & Farm Interest Stielding Branch (No Charge Disd) TRANSPORTATION Property Services TREASURV Asscssnients.Ca]l Long Distance (No Ton (Surge) AAsk Zenith Revenue A(lministr3tion.Cail Long instance ' (No Tea Chtirgeya Ask...Zenith Senlth Government Of Canada - Member Of Parliament Crowfoot Constituency Camrose - CaO Long Distance (No ToS (Siatge) a Ask. Zenith GRASSLAND EQUIPMENT LTD Munkxpal Rd W 8 Hwy 9 Hanna II Busy CaS 8M-38M Greer Robert Boxi Guehther Jake RRiROmna )7 Gurski Emil 317 2kii Hampton Bruce 80x ^8 Hampton Uoyd W Scotndd Hai^i^J G 108 MvE laigie»'ilawrence 203 2AvE Itaywprfh Miiytrs 109 3StE Heftier George Boxl ^9-2302

25 250 YOUNGSTOWN Kettler John Bin245...: Office Hickte GaryKoseLynn Hoffarth Clayton 2l7 2AvSE 77^3748 Hoffartti Md:... :.. 779^752 Hoffman Mary A M C Mrs 214 2AvE Hofbert James 114 2AvSE Howie Maxine 205 4AvE ^3957 tronsicfebruce 114 lavse ' IRONSIDE EARTiaiI0VIN6 LTD 80* , Jack Allan 218 4AvE Jackson Henry Jackson Tom Scotfield Jamieson J 220 3AvE Johnson Earl 215 3AvE Johnson Ken 209 2Av Johnson Waldemer Stanley 312 3A*E W Kemer W C BoxOStaimwe Klein VtfiOlam 302 2Ave Klmber R A 80* Kleven Everet 80* Kteven J 80x Kteven Joy E Bo«17S Kreiser Brian 204 3StSE SS Kreiser J ll7maiiist Kuczma Alec P 219 4AvE LantOs Geo LaiufisRaildy'8ox7SitelHaniia LaughlinBIDlOl 4AvS LAUGHUN BROS FARM SUPPLY ; LaughOn C W Laushltn D L 304 lavn LaughCn DeOieil Box taughfin Edna Mrs 504MainSt Laughlin John M LaughEn M W 8ox Laughfin Melody 113 2AvE laughlin S R LeOaire Ron 310 2AvE Loddiart Bradley Lockhart Bros Loddiart Luq Mrs Lotkhart W B Ba> LOSEUN AGENQES 218MainSt Logdin Ben 304 2AvE ; u^elln Dale 201 4AvE Logdin Tory 302 lavs Loi^more am Loranger M 313 2AvE LOIRS Vicnm LTD Crane Renlais St Red Deer Lowe Edward 309MainSi Lufthansa aman AirfiilK Toronto - Cal Long Distance (No Too Ctiarge) 8 As* Zenith Luhowy Tim 211 SAvSE Lyim Charles H Lyon H Dwight Lyon Lome K Bo* Mackenzie John A ; MacKinnon W G B 308 2AvE Madge George Stanmore...' Madge Philip Stanmore MaOer 880X MAINMAN JOHN A Chartd Aecint ~ 80x1526 Hanna 8S Manion J 218 2AvE Margareeth Raiph 80*35 - Mark Phillip 307 2AvE Marr Kenneth 206 5AvE MarrLD MairRoy Mrs308iAvE Martin Bill 311 2Av% McCoy-Victor gismainst..' McFadd8nFraiikA210 2AvE Mdteage George E 201 3AvSE ' McKeage Ndl ill 4Av McKeageS oosmainst MetzgerC Miller Brian fyflderdale ; Mumert Elmer 211 4A*c Munro Madeton Mrs 218 5AvE..-..."779^3800 Mutual Life Of Canada Agent - Ca!l Long Distance (No tos Gharge) a Ask Zenith etetn Mydt Rtihy io8 3a*w i Nd^ 'Jf^ Box263 ; Northwest Airlines Inc - caslora Distance' ^ (Md Tdl Charge) a Ask Zenith Nova An Alberta Corporation. 24 Kr Emergency Service Can Cotlect Canary Osbome Rose 218 3AvE Pacific Western Airlines Cao Long Distance <No Tea Charge) a Ask. Zenith Paetz L M 220 SAvE Palmer Barry L107 4Av Palmer Lloyd 102 3i(y Palmer Murray ir4'3a*w Parsons Kenneth C SigSione Parsons Lela E 220 2AvSE...: PatzerGeorge305 2AvE...; Paulgaard James R Scotneu Peterson Don PhOOps C SStanmore J...,.,i Plncombe Arthur L 316' 2AvSE Pioneer Grain Co Ltd'EtevatotRd PoDce 6 R C - Voir Gdtdamierie Royde Ou Canadit ;.... Hanna POLICE RCMP s^royd Canadian Mounted Poliee Haima Powell William Boiioi Preston J stanmore Prestori Norman Preston Richard A BoxllSite4Haona Price Evan Bo*l RANCHWAY SERVICE soxi6site Rangdand School Garage 317l«lainsi Republic Airlines Reservations & inlormation r Can Long Distance (No Ton Charge) a Ask ;.,,. Zenith Rheaume AiHtur J 104 3StE Ripper Regina Roberts Barry Bos Robinson David BigStone Robtnsoii Harold A Ba« Rose Electric Ltd 114 4avSE RosenauCW80x Rosenau Charles Ros'ehau John C 208 IAvE Rowe Lome Stanmore..'.:.', Roy Donald Box ROYAL BANK 30icentiestw Hanna ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE AVE... Hanna 854-^91' It No Answer Dial "0" Operator (No Toll (amge) 8 Ask, Zenith Rugsven Harvey 303.2At« Ruppert Neil 4lb 3SiE Ruppert W M 306 3StE Ryan Allen Ryetson Oil & G^ Limited^ Sounding Gas Fhnt S K F Canada Ltd - Edmohlon Can Long Distance (No Tod Charge) & Ask.Zenith Sabine Reginald 0 stanmore.; Sailer Gordon 214 4AvE Sailer Mike 309 lav Scandinavian Airlines Vancouver - CaO Long Distance (No Tod Charge) a Ask' Zenith 56S00. Schroedm D no 4AvSE v.'.'.'; SCORY MOTORS a97s) LtD ' 113RailroailAvE. Oypn Seguin Emerson 6l2MainSi Seguin Emarsoo Otildren's Phone 612M3inSt ; Sharp Paul 406 3StE SHIRLBO DISTRIBUTORS LTD 00x SIMPSON'S pharmacy : : 115 2Av w ; Haiina Sketton.wnfiam 211 2Av SodefrJohnScotnedd ' Crooner Grant Box SPORTSMAN'S INN Bar \ Dining lourtge 77V393S Coflce Shop. 35^?^ Gas Bar. 779f3«S 620 Main St i. Squire H 3io iavs ' Squire Irven S Box246 ".,.,. '-779^96 Squire John " ^.i, :77ft'21M STEWART I 0 A DRUGS' " ' 122 2AvW Hai^i8S4T37U i : Residence :;;;;.;-;.;'8S4a27i4e Or StoO C James 207 4AvE. ' '. v-:»8s4als0s:?.,.; '> : Stonehouse Ivan Scotlieid 779^2108: Sundance. Oil Canada Ltd oobm (3m' _ Pit...~ 779n3 l7 Siintjens John FRRiHanna ; 779(2202' SuntjensS 3^2312' Suntjens Walter RRiHanna :2212 SUTHERUND ELECTRIC SHOP. ^, 214MainSI 779M18 Sutherland George H104 3AvW.... 3^3849' Thuroo OrlandStam^ ' Tormag Magnet Sales'Vancixwef.C<lt6nSi Distance (No Tod Charce) a Ask /for.zenilh'ososb TRUEMAN FORD MERCURY SALES.LTD 111 2Avw... Hiimisi8SI4-ti02 Tumbull A Av.... I,. :!j^39s0 Tumbun Gordon 204 4Avs 779^3744 U.P.A BUU AGENT... Union on Company Of Canada Liidted' Young^own Gas Plant ' UNITED FARMERS OF ALBERTA 'CO-OP LTD 132 4SIE 'i^oten 664-#m Vaii Dam Norman R loo r3^i Van Ka^teren Pete ;3B3 Village Of Youngstown 2i8Mad«t: f3i8Q Rte'Aljm Only 102 2AvE Wachowicz Stuart 216 3ave 779^3879 Walper.Carl Walper Eric RRiHanna'.....; 779^22(0 Ward Hanry 214 3AvE....;..''779ia 04 Western AMines - C6d Long DUtaiee (Ma Charge) a Ask ZdUth1(17284' White David Norman 80*99. '779^3809' wmianis ET104 4AvE...; 7792^ windmiu MOTEL loi savw. WINTER'S HANNA FUNERAL HOME aosl) LTD 317CBntreStW vftahliai8s4r3100 Youngstown Community HaO - 209MainSt M4 Youngstown Curflng Rink 411M^ 779;3843 Youngstown Gospel Chapd.... '77938S8 Youngstown Municipal Library -.. ZlSMainSt gj-nso' Youngstown School aqa save. - 7i^922 Zachariassen Hains T Stanmore 779v2l2 -..I.- ; -

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