Ponca City IOOF Cemetery

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1 Gains Ama Joe ns Gallagher Aaron Foster Mar Apr Son of Mike & Patricia Gallagher Alice (Duroy) Jul Mar Back: Alice; Our Sons: Lee Royce, Gene cs/ F. L. Clark, Robert Deane, Ralph Dale. Aux Vault: Alice Frances Gallagher, July 11, Mar. 14, 2005; "In My Memory, Sons, Love Each Other"; "I Was Tired; Now I Rest" Gallagher F. L. (Roy) Nov Jul Married July 26, Back: Roy Aux cs/ Alice Vault: F. L. (Roy) Gallagher, Nov. 3, July 3, 1955; sym IOOF, Past Grand Master; All Men Were His Brothers Gallagher Gene Clarke nd 1933 At foot of Alice. Per sexton dod 1/22/ Gallagher Lee Royce Nov Feb In Memorial At foot of F. L Gallap Pauline Nov Mar Galusha Emma M. Jun May cs/ Perry Galusha Flora V Parents of Harley, Dick, Joe Allen, David; In The Garden cs/ Jasper J.; at foot of Emma Galusha Jasper J cs/ Flora V.; at foot of Perry Galusha Perry A. Nov Mar cs/ Emma M Gammon Kenneth ns d. Oct Gammon Madgie L. Jul Apr Cross Gardner Bettie Sue ns Records show interment date as June 25, Gardner Dora Bell cs/ Francis Gardner Francis M cs/ Dora Bell Gardner Infant ns Per sexton interred 4/20/ Gardner Jeanetta Gardner Marion Father; In Loving Memory cs/ Selinda M Gardner Nannie Sep Nov Photo cs/ Walter

2 Gardner Selinda M Mother cs/ Marion Gardner Walter Apr Mar Photo; Children of F. M. & D. B. cs/ Nannie Gardner Garity Bessie B. Apr May Garland Glenn P. Sep Sep Garnard Infant ns Records show interment date as Sept 21, Garner Minnie M. Nov Nov Dau. of W. S. & Mamie E. Garner. Gone, but not forgotten Garrett Elmer E. ns Per Gill FH dod 11/6/ Garrett Harley W. Jul Sep How Many Hopes Lie Buried Here Garrett Mildred ns interment Mar 28, Garrett Susan ns Per Gill FH dod 12/15/ Garrett T. J. ns Per Gill FH dod circa 9/16/ Garrison Gladys Hartshorne May Dec Garrison Larry Clay ns Garrison Sylvia De Loris Sep Aug Love Always Garrot Robert ns interment date Nov 2, Garroutte Ruby Ann nd Apr In Loving Memory Gaskill Ida Hoover Jan Sep Vault; Gaskill fs Gaskill James Evan Aux family stone: Gaskill Vault; Record shows death Mar 4, Gastineau Baby nd nd Handmade stone with only last name; at foot (Infant per sexton) broken Gay Ben ns Interred 8/22/ Geddis ns Interred Jan 10, Gelino Troy Lee Jul Aug Baby Son Gelvin Aaron L. nd nd CWMM: Co. E, 20 Ill. Inf. - US Veteran marker Per Gill FH dod 11/8/1931, age 93

3 Gelvin Ed ns Child buried across graves 3 & 4 in Gelvin Euphinias Per Gill FH dod 10/29/ Gelvin Jacob H. Sep Mar Gelvin Cora M cs/ Edward; d. Sept. 4, Gelvin Edward L At Rest cs/ Cora Gelvin Frank Brother; In Memory of Our Son Gelvin Frank L Gentry Violet George Delbert Lee nd Mar Died at Birth George Thomas M. Oct Dec Gerber Fred ns interment date Aug 13, Gerber Infant ns Records show interment date as July 11, Gerboth Arthur Aug Jun Gerlach Lesby E Mother Germain Amanda cs/ Frank & Henry Germain Frank B., Dr cs/ Amanda & Henry Germain George Francis nd Jun Son of F. B. & M. Germain; Aged 1M. 3W. 5D.; Our Baby Germain George H Sym caduceus. Aux: Father cs/ Orah Germain Henry cs/ Frank & Amanda Germain Orah W Aux: Mother cs/ George Geyer Nancy Lee nd Nov "Our Baby Daughter" Vault Gibson Ada E Vault Gibson David H Sym Mason 32nd degree cs/ Ella Gibson Ella P His Wife cs/ David Gibson Fred B Vault Gibson Infant ns E/2 Records show interment date as May 14, 1934

4 Gibson John N. L. Jun Jan cs/ Mahala Gibson Mahala M. Sep nd cs/ John; per Gill FH dod 7/21/ Gibson Nancy Vault Gidding ns Interred July 16, 1904 on M. G. Gidding lot Gifford Infant ns Records show interment date as May 2, Gilbert Isaac ns Interred 8/23/ Gilbert J. Sterling Sons Joel and James Goodson-Gilbert fs; d. Sept. 15, 1992 per sexton Gilbert James Wayne nd Jun Gilbert Katheryn F. Sep Jan Born, Died Gilbert Linda D. Oct Oct Gilbert Mary Goodson Sons Joel and James Goodson-Gilbert fs; d. Aug. 25, 1982 per sexton Gilbert Sidney L. Nov 1892 Jun Giles Catharine S At Rest Giles William M Gill Grace M. Sep Feb Gillert Thomas Mar Nov Married Feb. 7, 1948 cs/ Thomasine Gillert Thomasine L. Oct Jan Back: Parents of Meredith, Marilyn, John cs/ Thomas Gillespie Jacob M cs/ Lucinda B Gillespie Joe Dean Apr Oct MM: Oklahoma; S1 USNR; World War II Gillespie Lora Ethel Oct Oct cs/ William R. A Gillespie Lucinda B cs/ Jacob M.; death date Jan. 19, Gillespie Marvin Dale Our Beloved Son Gillespie William R. A. Nov Mar cs/ Lora Ethel Gillespie William W Dad Gilliard Eugene George Jan Oct Gilliard Virginia Lee nd Jun

5 Gilliland Lewis ns Death date Sept 6, Gillispie Thomas Z. nd Aug Aged 20 y's, 2 m's, 23 d's; Eternal life for all who are washed in the blood of the Lamb Gilreath W. F. Nov Feb At Rest Ging Kerry Lee nd Aug cs/ Terry Ging Terry Lynn nd Aug Twin Sons of Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Ging cs/ Kerry Giusti Anna Marino Feb Jul fs/ Brett Givens Huston ns Glassby D. J. ns interment Aug 15, Glasscock Dina Lee ns Records show interment date as Oct 12, Glasscock Lois E. Sep Apr Mother cs/ Lori, At foot/east end of vault Glasscock R. B Vault. Last digit of dob hard to read. Old cem bk shows would agree with Gill FH Godberson Chris Feb Jul Father cs/ Mary J Godberson Mary J. Oct Feb Mother cs/ Chris Godberson Thomas Ray Dec Jun Goddard Dora F Mother Goddard Tillie ns Goe James N. Sep Oct Vault Goff Alberta H. May Mar Goff James Nelson nd Jan MM: Oklahoma, PVT 162 Depot Brig Goff Mary E Goforth Laura E cs/ Wm R Goforth Wm R cs/ Laura E Golay Ava Mother; In Loving memory cs/ Cecil A Golay Cecil A Father cs/ Ava; Records show death Mar 15, Golay Cory G. nd Apr Gone To Be An Angel Golay Elrean Loveless d. Feb

6 Golay Infant of Harold ns Golay Jeanette Dec Nov Golay Lorene Dickson Nov Dec To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die Golay Mary S cs/ Milford M Golay Milford M cs/ Mary S.; d. May Golay Olie I. May Jul Parents of Thomas E., Charles G. D., cs/ Thomas R. Billie Neal & Blossom C Golay Robert M interment date Feb 6, Golay Stuart nd Oct Golay Thomas R. Mar Feb cs/ Olie I Golay David Ray, Jr. nd Apr Our Darling Son Goldman Pauline Huber Feb Feb Goldman William Darren Dec Dec Your life is a loving memory, your death Single date (*+), vault is a silent grief, you sleep in God's beautiful garden, in the sunshine of perfect peace Goldsmith Annie Bell Sep Dec Mother Goldsmith Jessica Dawn Aug Aug Daughter of Richard and Carla Single date (*+) Goldsmith Sol ns Golly Pearl Gonterman Infant ns Records show interment date as Jan 6, Goodin Baby nd 1929 Records show death date as Oct 7, Goodman Grace S. Apr May Goodman S. Elizabeth Mar Dec Mother cs/ Tom Goodman Tom W. Oct Sep Dad cs/ S. Elizabeth Goodnight Berta Louise nd Dec Our Baby Goodson Leonie S. Mar Sep Goodson-Gilbert fs Goodson Oscar J. Sep Mar Family stone: Goodson-Gilbert Goodwin John N G. A. R.; GAR marker Death date May 8, 1924

7 Goodwin Madge Jan Nov Goodwin Mary ns Death date Sept 8, Goodwin Maude Jul Mar (Mrs. John A. Goodwin) 3 68 Gordon ns Interred Jan 4, Gordon Douglas M. Aug Oct Vault Gordon Gunnie May Aug Vault Gordon James ns d. Jun ; with Helen Brumfield Gordon James W. nd Jun 8 Gordon family stone No surname on stone. Per sexton date of burial was 6/9/1920. Stone has sunk Gordon Jessie D. nd nd fs/ Gordon; no surname on stone. Per sexton dod 8/16/1966, age Gorrell Morrison B. Jul Aug Son cs/ Stella E Gorrell Stella E. Jun Aug Mother; Oil Lamp in Center cs/ Morrison B Gossom Adolphus King Vault; Record shows death Feb 13, Gossom Bessie Carson DAR symbol imbedded in vault Vault; Record shows death Apr 2, Gotschall Claude ns Gotschall Emma Virginia ns Gotschall Virginia Sep Sep Baby, sym lamb Gough Judy Teressa Jul Dec [Bible quote from John 5:24]; sym praying hands. Back: Wife of Bob, Mother of Chauntina, Dondi & Merry Gowen Isaac ns Graham Albert Jan Oct (Charles Albert) Graham George ns Graham Harold Ishmal Graham John T cs/ Nettie; interment record shows date June 11, 1933

8 Graham Karol Aaron Jan Jan At foot Graham Nettie cs/ John T.; Interment record shows date Apr 9, Graham Pearl Records show d. Apr Gralapp Elizabeth A Gralapp Eva L cs/ Robert F Gralapp Robert F cs/ Eva L Gransberry Lester Harding Oct Nov Our Loving Grandfather Grant L. C. ns Grapes John J. Oct May Father Grassman Barbara June nd May Engraving of angel in prayer Gratner C. ns Records show interment date as Aug 3, Gratner Urban M. Sep Sep Beloved Husband and Father s Phobie ns tt Elliott Baxter Mar Oct Erected by the Woodmen of the World; sym Woodmen of the World, Dum Tacet Clamat tte J. N. ns Per Gill FH dod 11/21/ tte Julia D. Dec May Wife of J. A. tte; At rest tte Roscoe ; Father Per Gill FH dod 4/4/1918 for Roscoe (Pat) tte tte Sarah M Gray May S Wife of F. W. Gray; Gone a mother most dearly beloved. Gone to her home and Father above Records show d. Sept 2, Gray Roy ns Grayem John N. Sep Jan Father; Marker: GAR cs/ Rosella Grayem Rosella Oct Sep Mother; His Wife cs/ John N Green ns Death date Aug 7, 1923

9 Green Austin Mar Mar Son of J. S. & R. E. Green. Aux: Austin cs/ Bert Green Bert Oct Jul Little Bert, Son of H. S. & C. S. Green. cs/ Austin - cs is on Sp 3 Aux: Bert Green Bobby ns Records show interment date as Dec 5, Green Daughter Dec Apr Dau of J. A. & A. Green Behind Howard Green Elmer Lee ns Records show interment date as Aug 22, Green Floreine Oct Apr In memory of our loved one. Come to a bright home, Where grief can not come. Aux vault: Floreine Green Impressive monument with statue of child on top Green Howard Mar Jan Son of J. A. & A. Green, Gone, but not forgotten, lamb on top of stone Green Infant ns Records show interment date as Nov 10, Green Infant ns Records show interment date as Oct, Green Jackie ns Records show interment date as July 28, Green John A Green Mary Apr Oct Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Green; Back: Heaven, there is one angel more Green Mary ns Records show interment date as Apr 26, Green Walter J Ritchie fs 3 77 Greenwell Andrew Feb Jan Aged 40 Y. 11 M. 16 D Greenwood J. W. ns Interred Apr 12, Greenwood L. R. ns Interred Apr 30, Greenwood Lola Philena Dau of Mr. & Mrs. P. W. Greenwood Greenwood Thomas Apr Apr Gone too soon; Masonic sym; IOOF sym; In My Fathers House Are Many Mansions

10 Gregg Infant ns Records show interment date as July 3, Gregg Infant Son nd Aug Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Gregg Gregg Robert Marvin, Sgt. Major Gregg Robert Marvin, Sgt. Major Jul Back: Robert M. Gregg; Husband of Joan Evans; Married July 4, 1945; Conoco Mar. 1, Mar. 1, 1987; syms for Shriners, VFW, American Legion, Order of Moose, Eagle Scout Oct WW II, Korean, Desert Storm, Vietnam; June 1, June 1, 1978; USMC emblem with "456515" inscribed below it. Syms for Mason and 32 degree Mason Continued from above Gregor John B. Nov Dec MM: Oklahoma, PFC 7 Cavalry, World War II, sym circled cross Griffin Lucille ns Griffith Baby Girl ns Dod 3/3/1984 per Grace FH Griffith Eliza ns Griffith Maggie A. Mar Mar Griffith Ora May Griffith Thomas Grimes G. W. nd 1942 Handmade marker Grimes Infant ns Records show interment date as Nov 16, Grimes James cs/ Sarah Grimes Sarah cs/ James Grimes Sarah E Grimes Thomas D Grimes Wilbert Father; Pioneer Oklahoma 1893 At foot of Lindsay Infant; Records show d. July 1, Grimm Sally Ann nd Apr Vault

11 Grissom Charles ns d. Apr. 28, Grissom Judith ns d. May 25, Griswold Onan nd nd Co. D, 72nd New York Infantry Onan F. Griswold Grogan Roy Allen Feb Oct Suffer the little children to come unto me Grommer Infant ns Records show interment date as Mar 26, Grooms Hazel Marie Smith Nov May Our Beloved Mother. Aux vault (blank) Grosshans Tracy Kim May Feb "The most precious blessing is often the most brief." Grossoehme Leland Walter nd Jun Grove Effie M. Aug Mar Mother c slab/ William F Grove William F. Nov Aug Father c slab/ Effie M Grover James ns Grunda Georgia M. ns Records show interment date as Mar 21, Guest Alfred R. "Dick" Jan May c slab/ Matilda Fuller; cremation at head Guest Helen Ruth May Jul Guest Matilda Fuller May May DAR marker c slab/ Alfred R Guinea James S fs/ Guinea; no surname on stone Guinea Jane K fs/ Guinea; no surname on stone Gulley Baby Girl ns Dod 12/19/1971 per Trout FH Gunn Frances C ns Interred 2/24/ Gunn Infant ns Interred 10/15/ Gunn John W. nd nd CWMM: 2 Lieut. Co. C; 58 ILL. Inf. Death date Sept 4, Guy Arthur Fouts fs Gwartney Lloyd Allen Nov Nov Gwinn Clara A

12 Hachtel Frances B. Mar Sep Mother; Married Aug 14, 1893; Pioneers cs/ George Okla Hachtel Frank Jun Apr Father; I'll Never be Alone Hachtel Fred nd Sep MM: Oklahoma, Gunner's Mate 3CL, U. S. Navy, September 13, Amer Legion marker Hachtel George Jan Jan Father. Back: Vetran [sic] of Civil War; cs/ Frances G.A.R Hachtel Infant Sons ns At foot of Fred Hachtel James C. Aug Aug MM style Hackley Anna ns Hackley Bessie A. ns Hackley J. W. ns Hackley Lula O. nd Aug Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, Aged 37 yrs 9 mos 12 dys Hackney Ada S Vault; Records show death Feb 5, Hackney Bess Preston Dec Dec cs/ Joseph Dryden Hackney Cheryl Rae nd Feb Vault Hackney Edward F Vault Hackney Frank B Vault; Records show death Sept 18, Hackney Iva Pearl Vault Hackney Joseph Dryden Aug Oct cs/ Bess Preston Hackney Joseph Dryden, Jr d. Oct ; Vault Hackney M. Agnes Mother cs/ N. Eula; no burial shown for Agnes Hackney N. Eula Father cs/ M. Agnes; sexton shows dod Oct 26, 1948; Gill FH shows Nathan Eula dod 10/25/ Hadden Anna Dec Sep Mother cs/ D. S Hadden Celia E Mother fs/ Hadden Hadden Charles M Father fs/ Hadden

13 Hadden D. S. Jan Dec Father cs/ Anna Hadden Nannie Murray Grandmother Hadden T. Kent Brother fs/ Hadden; records show d. Oct 29, Hadley Albert nd nd Babies of Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Hadley cs/ Marion; interred Oct 24, Hadley Bessie C. Jun May To Know Her Was to Love Her Hadley Chas. H cs/ Phoebe L Hadley Floyd E. Aug Nov Hadley Ignolia P. Nov Feb Wife of W. A. Hadley 3 23 Hadley Marion nd nd cs/ Albert Hadley Norma Jean Daughter Hadley Phoebe L. Feb Mar Gone But Not Forgotten cs/ Charles H Hadley Walter D. Dec Dec MM: Kansas, Horseshoer US Army, World War I Hadley Wilson A Interred 1/2/ Hagan Frank ns Death date July 10, Hageman Alice M. Nov Nov cs/ Melvin C. & Curtis L Hageman Curtis L. Mar Mar cs/ Melvin C. & Alice M Hageman Melvin C. May Apr cs/ Alice M. & Curtis L Hagerman ns Interred Jan 19, Hagins W. B. nd Apr Aged 65 Yrs Hagins W. B., Mrs. ns Hailton ns Hainds E. Gertrude Mother cs/ Lewis Hainds Lewis D Father cs/ Gertrude Haining E. W. ns Interred 8/29/ Hale James Lee nd Jul Haley Ida Mae nd Jul Hall Alice Aug May Hall Arizona May Mar Feb Vault Hall Bessie ns interment Mar 2, Hall Clara Mary Sep Dec Beloved Mother Hall Elmathan ns

14 Hall Ernest nd nd His name does not appear on the vault, but according to sexton records he is in the common vault with G. C. and Nellie Hall G. C. nd nd G. C. Hall & Wife Nellie Hall, L168, c vault/ Nellie & Ernest B14. Aux at foot: Hall Hall Grace May May Mrs. Grace Hall, Wife of John E. Hall Vault Hall Henry ns Hall Infant nd nd Small vault - nothing readable Hall J. S Father Hall James Harvey Jul Feb Vault Hall Jesse F. ns Hall Jim Hershal May Oct Son of Charles V. and Dolly E. Hall Large old vault Hall John nd May At Rest; Father Vault Hall Laura nd Dec At Rest; Mother Vault Hall Lizzie Anna No surname on stone; Hall fs Hall Michelle Sue ns Dod 5/19/2001 per Trout FH Hall Nellie nd nd c vault/ G. C. & Ernest Hall Orrin Aux family Stone: Hall No surname on stone Hall Oscar William Sep Jul Vault Hall Ruby Isola Mar Apr Vault Hall Tom Mar Nov Hall Virginia Jun Feb Hall Wilbur C Beloved. Aux MM: Wilbur C. Hall, Oklahoma, S Sgt 508 Prcht Infantry, World War II BSM, Aug. 12, Jan. 5, 1967, sym cross 4 41 Hall William G. Dec Mar Son of W. M. & M. Hall; At Rest Hallam Thirza A. Jun Aug Mother; Asleep in Jesus cs/ William W.

15 12 31 Hallam William W. Apr Mar American Legion marker; Father; At Rest cs/ Thirza A Hallmark Beulah Ann Interred May 21, Hallmark Infant ns Records show interment date as Mar 31, Hallmark Infant nd nd Unreadable (rough concrete) Hamilton Belle cs/ John 3 93 Hamilton Era Annie nd Aug Infant cs/ Ida Beatrice; Records indicate died at birth 3 93 Hamilton Ida Beatrice nd Sep Aged 1 Mo. 5 D's; Daughters of T. E. & cs/ Era Annie Rose L. Hamilton Hamilton John H Pioneers of Okla. cs/ Belle Hamilton M. ns Hamilton Mary Apr Nov Daughter cs/ Nancy Lang Hamilton Melva Jean ns Hamilton Melva Jean ns Hammer Martha A. Apr Nov Hammond Burnell R. Jun May With love from friends & relatives Hammons Charles W cs/ Helen I Hammons Helen I cs/ Charles W.; Records show death Aug 24, Hand Anna Marie Feb May Daughter Hands ns Interred Dec 24, 1900 on H. Hands lot Haney Evelyne ns Hankins Mary Ann Aug Aug In Loving Memory Hankins Tommy Joe May May Vault Hanks Chester J Each tool is laid aside ds/ north half blank Hanks Clara E. ns cs/ Chester but her side is blank; per sexton dod 12/22/ Hanson Maggie Mother 4 32 Hardin Eva Lena Aug Dec Vault

16 Hardin George W. Oct Feb Vault Hardin John Thomas MM: T Sgt US Army; World War II Records show d. May 8, Harding Horace Wayne Feb May MM: US Army, World War I Harding Mary Madora Jun Oct Hardwick Henry Jun nd cs/ Sarah Hardwick Sarah Feb Oct cs/ Henry Hardy Norma Jean ns Records show interment date as July 30, Hargis Jennie Williams Jan Apr Williams fs; vault Harkey James ns interment date Feb 17, Harland Rogers ns Harlin Alvina A. Sep Mar Harmon Baby ns Dod 3/29/1950 per Trout FH Harmon James L. ns Per sexton dod 6/7/1934, age Harness Christena Sep Apr cs/ William W Harness Luella cs/ W. Dale Harness W. Dale nd 1907 Son cs/ Luella Harness William W. Mar Nov Father; Age 71 yrs. 8 mo. 5 ds.; Those cs/ Christena that knew him loved him best 4 15 Harnett Carolyn Jan Mar Harney Andrew Daniel Aug Feb MM: PFC US Army, World War I Harney Andrew Lee Jun Nov Vault Harney Carl H. Aug Oct cs/ Vera Harney Gladys J. Aug Apr Wife of Andrew Daniel Per sexton Gladys Harney Meeks Harney Herbert H Vault; death date July 22, Harney Lena Jun Oct Vault Harney Vera A. May Dec Back: Parents of Leon T., Betty A., Velda F., Carlene C. cs/ Carl

17 11 13 Harp ns Interred 8/26/ Harp Genevia ns Harp Lindsey Nicole Apr May cs/ Summer Harp Summer Dawn Apr Jun Beloved Twins of Brian & Sharon cs/ Lindsey Harper Alice G. Apr Aug Wife of Rev. E. C. Harper DD; I knew not her worth until she was gone; carved calla lily in pot at base of stone which is in the shape of a tree trunk Harper Alice G. Nicks ns Mrs. E. C. Harper, dod 8/5/1898; Obit in newspaper. Dr. E. C. Also in IOOF Harper Bina Oct Sep Dau. of W. F. & M. A Harper C. F., Mrs. ns Death date May 8, Harper E. C Harper Mary A. Jul Jun Wife of W. F. Harper Harper Nancy E. Oct Oct Wife of W. W. Harper cs/ William L Harper Rex ns Harper William L. Jan Oct Son of W. W. & N. E. Harper cs/ Nancy E Harrel Charlotte cs/ James Harrel G. W. ns Interred 1/19/ Harrel James cs/ Charlotte Harrel Lee H. ns Records show d. Mar 26, Harrel Sylvia ns Interred 4/16/ Harrington Lester ns Records show interment date as July 30, Harrington Lizzie ns interment date Aug 30, Harris Andrew ns Harris Betty Lou Jun Jun Harris Blaine R

18 Harris Carlton O. Dec Jun Gone From my Home, But Not From My Heart Harris Charles W. Jul Oct MM: Massachusetts, Pvt Co B 69 Railway Engrs, World War I Harris Dorthy Jane Dec Nov Daughter No surname on stone Harris Dwight ns Harris Gaylord H. nd nd MM: Co. D, 22 Kans. Inf., Sp. Am. War. Marker: Spanish War Veterans , United Army Navy, Philippine Islands, Cuba, Porto Rico, U.S.A Harris Gene V. Dec Dec Back: Masonic symbol cs/ Irma D Harris Grace D Harris Infant Son ns d. July 11, Harris Irma D. Dec Oct Married June 19, Back: Eastern cs/ Gene (Irma Dean) Star symbol Harris James Billie nd nd ns Poured concrete with name only. Records show interment date as Dec 22, Harris Mattie ns Harris Pauline Gail May Nov Asleep in Jesus Harrison John H. ns Harrod Gordon Earl Oct Jul Vault Harrod Jerre W. Aug Apr Vault Harsh D. F. B. (Polk) Dec Jul Son No surname on stone; Harsh fs; (David Franklin Barry) Harsh Fannie B. Sep May Mother No surname on stone; Harsh fs Harsh Lee Cheatham Sep Aug Father. Aux Family Stone: Harsh No surname on stone Harsh M. Louise Jan Dec Wife No surname on stone; Harsh fs

19 Hart David W cs/ Inez A.; d. Apr Hart Grace (Smith) Feb Oct Hart Inez A cs/ David W.; d. May Harter Baby nd Hartroth Louis, Corpl. nd nd Co. D, 4th MO. Cav. Stone name Hartroth, Hartrodt is correct Hartsel Billy Jan Feb Son of Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Hartsel; A little time on earth He spent; Till God for Him His angel sent Hartshorne Charles C Hartshorne Chat T d. Sept Hartshorne Ed ns Interred Jan 19, Hartshorne Harry C. Feb Sep Hartshorne Julia Helen Aux Stone: Mother d. Aug Hartshorne N. E. ns Hartshorne Pattie L D.A.R. symbol Hartshorne Pauline Cox Infant Son - Jerry Buried together Hartshorne Rachel B. Ramey ns d. Jan. 24, Hartshorne Ray R Son of W. O. & R. B. Hartshorne Hartshorne Robert G. Nov Oct Hartshorne Thomas Marshal May May Hartshorne Wm. O. nd nd Co. G, 1st West Virginia Light Artillery Harvey R. C. ns Death date Feb 18, Haskins Ila Dickson Mar Apr Haskins Barr Haskins Lawrence L. Jan Oct Haskins Viola Mae Mar May Vault Hastings Milton Arrel Aug Jan Engraving of angel in prayer Hastings Sadie A Mother cs/ William S Hastings William S Father cs/ Sadie A Hatten Adelbert cs/ Ardella; d. Sept. 24, 1948

20 Hatten Ardella cs/ Adelbert; d. May 22, Hatten Becca Sep Jun Wife of Al Hatten Hatten Joe Lewis d. July Hatten Joel Vault; d. Jan Hatten Rebecca Vault; d. July Haun Jimmy E. Aug Aug Haun Rocky Eugene nd Dec Infant son of Gene & Judy Haun Vault Hauschildt George C cs/ Sophia Hauschildt N., Mrs. ns Per sexton burial 4/4/ Hauschildt Sophia cs/ George C Hawkins A. L cs/ Iowa P Hawkins Eunice Mar Dec None knew her but to love her Hawkins George P. Aug May In loving memory Hawkins Infant Son nd 1922 Infant Son of G. H. & M. J. Hawkins Hawkins Iowa P. nd Sep cs/ A. L Hawkins Maudie M. Nov Sep c slab/ Nora Williams Hawkins Misty Dawn Aug Aug Hawkins W. L. nd nd Baby Per Gill FH dod 8/29/ Hawkshaw Alfred H. ns Records show d. Nov 29, Hawkshaw Child ns Interred 9/8/ Hawkshaw Emily Edith Wife Records show d. Mar 4, Hayden Asa S. Oct Mar Vault Hayden Ethel A. Mar Jan Vault Hayes Billie Rose Dec Jan Our Darling; Dau. of W. T. & Rosa Hayes Hayes Charley Father Hayes Floyd R. May Jun Hayes Herbert H. Mar Jul Hayes Infant ns Records show interment date as Aug 6, Haynes Handsome A. ns

21 Haynes Infant ns Records show interment date as May 5, Haynes Marvin E. May Mar Haynes Matthew W Hazen Billy Ray ns Hazen Shawn Ray nd Oct Hazen Susie Sep Jun Dau. of S. A. & E. Hazen Handmade stone; Interred Jul 23, Headley Eliza M. Dec Apr cs/ Lewis Headley Lewis C. Jun Feb cs/ Eliza Headley Mildred T. May Mar Hedrick Jake Father cs/ Lillian Nathman Hedrick Lillian Nathman Mother cs/ Jake Hedrick Martha C Mother cs/ Robert Hedrick Robert A Father cs/ Martha Hedrick Robert Allen Sep Mar MM: Robert Allen Hedrick; Oklahoma; M Sgt 7 Air Base Gp AF; World War II Hedrick Ruth Sep May Daughter of R. A. & M. C. Hedrick, Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on that blissful shore Heflin Charles J. Thomas Aug Aug Name is "Charles J. Thomas Heflin" per Trout FH Heinze Dora C. May Jul Mother; May She Rest in Peace Heinze Herman A. Sep Mar MM: Oklahoma, Cook 636 Aero Sq, World War I Heinze Isabella C. Oct Jan Hemage Baby ns Hembree Jack Lee Jun Jun Vault Hembree Marylin ns Henderson Chester "Skip" Feb Jun Henderson Joan ns Records show interment date as Feb 28, 1930

22 Henderson Joyce ns Records show interment date as July 11, Hendricks George A. ns interment date Dec 8, Hendricks Lois ns interment date Jan 3, Henley Della Abbott Apr May Mother Henline Fern A. Aug Sep Dau. of J. A. & D. E. Henline; Gone but not forgotten; lamb on top of stone Henline Jackson A., Jr. Aug Feb Son of J. A. & D. E. Henline; Gone but At foot of Fern Henline not forgotten; lamb on top of stone Henry Adda May Oct Nov Vault Henry Althea Mae Mar Oct Vault Henry Lemuel Harvey Nov May Aux MM: Lemuel H. Henry, Oklahoma, Vault Sgt. 309 SVC Park Unit MTC, World War I Henry Louise F cs/ Robert; Sept. 9, Henry Myrtle Irene nd Sep Henry Otis W. ns Henry R. ns Interred Dec 6, Henry Robert V cs/ Louise; d. June 3, Henry William R. May Mar Vault Hensley Felix M. Aug Jul Henzler Bettie Ann Jul Aug cs/ Thomas J Henzler Thomas J. Dec May cs/ Bettie Ann Hermes Charliey Lee nd Oct Hermes Lacy LeAnn nd Jul Herod Jess Sym IOOF Herrara ns Interred May 8, 1910 on E. Herrara lot Herrin Infant Son ns Records show interment date as Jan 10, 1927

23 Herrington Curtis C. May Jan U. S. Army W. W. I - Aux MM: cs/ Kathleen E. Kansas, Pvt. 139 Inf. 35 Div Herrington Kathleen E. Dec Jan cs/ Curtis C Herrington Patrick N. Mar Oct Our Son Hervey Frances Hervey William Hesler Verbena Lee Mar Jul Our Baby Hess Ann nd Dec Hess Chris nd nd No inscriptions - Large blank vault only; Hess fs; d. Feb Hess Grace Majel Sep Dec Hess John Le Roy Jan Aug Vault Hess Lester M. Jan Apr Aux Stone: Hess; Lucile - Lester Vault Hess Lucile S. Oct Jan Aux Stone: Hess; Lucile - Lester Vault Hess Mabel Opal Jul Jul Vault Hess Mary Oct Sep Wife of C. Hess; Aux vault is blank fs/ Hess Hess Maurt ns Records show interment date as July 21, Hettenback Geo. Mar Apr Sweet Be Thy Slumber Hiatt Brenda Lou Jun Mar Hiatt Ilene A. Apr May cs/ Norman Hiatt Norman C. May Dec Married Sept. 1, 1940 cs/ Ilene Hickerson Frances M. Aug Jul Mother. Back: Frances, engraving of a cs/ Seth and Sherrill dog Hickerson Seth E. Jun Nov Father; Married May 10, Back: cs/ Frances and Sherrill Seth Hickerson Sherrill L. Feb nd Daughter. Back: Sherrill, engraving of a cs/ Frances and Seth dog Hickman Alto May Jul Jul cs/ Ira Mayo Hickman Hettie Feb Jan His Wife cs/ James M. M Hickman Ira Mayo Sep May cs/ Alto May Hickman James M. M. Aug Apr cs/ Hettie

24 4 81 Hickman Lucy Jul Mar Crudely engraved handmade stone Hicks Blanche c slab/ Prim (Blanche Irene) Hicks Bruce Layne nd Sep Twin Son of Ralph & Darlene Hicks Infant ns Records show interment date as June 26, Hicks Infant ns Records show interment date as Nov 23, Hicks John D. Oct Jan MM: M2 US Navy, World War II Hicks Lee Infant ns Records show interment date as Aug 2, Hicks Prim c slab/ Blanche Record shows death June 25, 1973 for E. P. Hicks Hicks Ronald (Sonny) Photograph of Ronald on stone Records show death date Sept 3, 1954; fs/ Hicks Hicks Terry Joe Dec Dec Hicks Troy Don nd Oct Higgins Floyd ns Hightower Helen Gray Feb Sep cs/ Wilbur G Hightower Wilbur G. Jan May Married Oct 19, 1914 cs/ Helen Gray Hiland Baby ns "Baby Boy Hiland" dod 2/21/1954 per Trout FH Hiland Baby ns "Baby Hiland" dod 1/10/1955 per Trout FH Hill ns Interred Apr 7, Hill Carrie ns Interred Jul 26, Hill Charles E. Apr Dec cs/ Malinda 3 39 Hill Cliff ns Interred Feb 2, Hill H Woodmen of the World Memorial Records show d. May 22, 1910; (Henry) Hill Hough G. ns Interred Apr 23, 1919

25 3 234 Hill Jennie J cs/ John M.; d. June 4, Hill Joe ns Hill John M cs/ Jennie J.; d. Oct 27, Hill Malinda J. Dec Mar His Wife cs/ Charles Hill Virginia M Interred Apr 9, Hills Chester S cs/ Mary E Hills Frank No information; marker has been removed from stone vault. Per Gill FH dod 6/13/ Hills Mary Ann (Grimes) Aug Sep Hills Mary E cs/ Chester S Hilton ns Interred Mar 25, 1901 on S. E. Hilton lot Hilton Joseph W. Feb Sep MM: Oklahoma; Pvt 9 CO Coast Artillery; World War I Hilton Leonard W Hilton Stella G. Feb Dec Hinckley Charles M. Aug Aug Hinckley Lettie S Hinecker Cleo Hinecker Hattie cs/ W. L. - Sexton doesn't show a burial Hinecker W. L cs/ Hattie Hines Henry? ns Obit lists Henry Hines son of Jno. Hines 25-Oct Hinkel Katherine Smith Mother; Girl Scout sym; Eastern Star Smith fs sym Hirst J. Kenton ns interment date Apr 9, 1923

26 Hiser Arlie Betty Jun Sep Forever in our Hearts. Back: Mother of Richard, Gary Lee, Tommy Dale, Larry, Albert, Glenda, Beverly & Sally. Grandma & Great Grandma to Many Hiskett Cecil May Vault Hitesman Abe ns Interred Nov 6, Hix Darthula C. Jan Sep cs/ Willio & Lillie Hix Lillie G. Oct Jun cs/ Willie & Darthula Hix Willie O. Jul Feb cs/ Darthula & Lillie Hoddy Harres nd Apr cs/ Harry; twins Hoddy Harry nd Apr cs/ Harres; twins Hodges Jerry D. nd Feb Son of Vern & Irene Hodges Hodgson Arthur Feb Feb cs/ Myrtle & Loren Hodgson Isabelle May Mar Mother Hodgson Loren Wilbur Mar Dec cs/ Myrtle & Arthur; buried at foot of Myrtle Hodgson Myrtle Ann Jan Apr In Loving Memory cs/ Loren & Arthur Hodgson Oscar L. Mar Jun Back: Son of Myrtle & Arthur; Forever In Our Hearts Hoffman Sarah Morgan Records show death date June 16, 1950; fs/ Morgan Hoffmire Caroline Mar Mar His Wife cs/ Jobe Hoffmire Jobe Dec Dec Co. G. 121st Regt. Ohio Inf. cs/ Maggie Hoffmire Joe Brother cs/ Maggie Hoffmire Maggie Sister cs/ Joe Hogan G. C. ns Records show interment date as Oct 18, Hogan Isabel ns Interred Apr 15, Hogan Jennell Hogan Ocie fs/ Hogan; no surname on stone Hogan Ralph Hogan Riley Curt

27 Hogan Walter D fs/ Hogan; no surname on stone. Records show death date July 26, Hogsett Floragene Mar Mar Vault Holder Nancy A. Feb nd Back: Parents of Steve, Leon, Ken, Christi & Richard. "In the Arms of the Angles [sic]" cs/ Rodney. Per obit Nancy Sanford Holder Medina died 12/19/2007 in Cuba, NM Holder Rodney D. Jul Mar Married Oct. 8, Color laser etching cs/ Nancy of farm scene Holinsworth Infant nd nd Unreadable (rough concrete) Holland Dyon Cassis Jul Oct Son of S. A. & M. S. Holland; Death has been here and borne away, a Brother from our side. Just in the morning of his day, In youth and love he died Holland G. B. Dec Mar Vault Holland Martha Susan May Oct Mother; At Rest Holland Smith O. ns Interred 10/9/ Hollewell ns Interred Oct 8, Holliday Estelle B cs/ Frank Holliday Frank A cs/ Estelle Hollis Alvis Tucker cs/ Thad Tucker Hollis G.W. Capt. nd nd Co. I, 123th Indiana Infantry George W Holloway Imogene Holmes Billie Dawn nd Nov Our Angel in Heaven Vault 3 78 Holmes C. ns Interred Aug 11, 1930, infant Holmes Clinton H. Oct Dec Our Darling, And the Angels Will Watch Over Him Holmes Edna May ns Death date Mar 8, Holmes Flora B Wife; In Loving Memory cs/ J. Emmet Holmes J. Emmett Husband cs/ Flora

28 Holmes Martha N cs/ Robert W Holmes R. Russell Nov Sep Holmes Robert W cs/ Martha N Holmes W. Warner Husband cs/ Zelda Holmes Zelda M Wife cs/ W. Warner Holt Clara B Mother cs/ James H Holt James H Father cs/ Clara B Holt Roy A Son Homan Infant ns Records show interment date as Feb 4, Hood J. F. ns Interred 11/20/1902; empty base here Hoogendoorn Kenneth W., Jr Hooser Carrol F. Jan Jul Hooser G. H. Aug Jan cs/ Martha Hooser Harley H d. Nov. 4, Hooser James H. Dec Dec Father cs/ Maud Hooser Lewis E cs/ Olive V.; d. Oct. 18, Hooser Martha Feb Jan cs/ G. H Hooser Maud Aug May Mother cs/ James H Hooser Olive V cs/ Lewis E.; d. July 26, Hooser Wayne C., Sr. Sep Sep Hoosier Lou ns Interred Aug 26, Hoot Infant Dau nd 1912 Infant Daugh of D. C. & Anna Hoot Gill FH shows stillborn infant of D. C. Hoot on 6/9/ Hope Harry H Records show d. Aug 15, Hope James F. Oct Aug cs/ M. Laura Hope M. Laura Jul Jul cs/ James F Hopkins Glen Hal Apr May Sym Knights Templar cs/ Kathryn Hopkins Kathryn Braden Feb Jan Sym DAR cs/ Glen

29 8 6 2 Hopton Edmund L d. Feb Hopton Estella Tharp d. Feb Hopton Stanley C. Sep Feb In Beloved Memory of; Sleep on Beloved Horne Mary D. Jan May cs/ Orlin D Horne Orlin D. Aug Jul Aux MM: Orlin D. Horne; Texas; cs/ Mary D. Colonel Chemical Corps; World War I & II Horton Joseph V ns Horton Maude White d. Jan. 15, Hosbrough Nellie R cs/ Robert H.; per Gill dod 12/18/ Hosbrough Robert H cs/ Nellie R.; d. Oct. 5, Hosford ns Interred July 14, Hoskins George E Hoskins J. W Hoskins Mary E Records show death Dec 29, Hoskins Melvin C Hotaling Infant ns Records show interment date as June 11, Hough ns Interred Dec 19, 1903 on James Hough lot Hough Albert Father cs/ Arletta; Records show d. Aug 1, Hough Cora P. Dec May Dau. of A. & A. Hough Brother W. H. Hough Hough Infant ns d. Dec 21, 1908; obit says infant child of Ed Huff Hough Arletta Mother cs/ Albert; Records show d. Oct 10, Houston Alex Father, sym Mason Houston Mary Tempa Jan Jul Wife of Alex Houston; Rest With Jesus Per sexton "Mary Tempa Houston Gooding"

30 Housts Laura Mae ns d. Sep Hovlid Alvah Martin Feb Nov Father c vault/ Harriet & Robert; cremation at head Hovlid Harriet O'Dell Sep Sep Mother c vault/ Robert & Alvah; cremation at head Hovlid Robert M c vault/ Harriet & Alvah; d. Feb 2, Howard Charles Howard Clyde M Inscribed in open book Father cs/ Ethel M.; death date Jan 9, Howard Dana Lee nd Apr Howard Donald Dennis Oct Oct Loving son of Arzetta & Don Howard. Aux vault: Donald Dennis Howard, Oct , Howard Ed ns Howard Ethel M Inscribed in open book Mother cs/ Clyde M.; death date Sept 4, Howard Infant ns Records show interment date as Apr 8, Howard Infant ns Records show interment date as Apr 27, Howard James Watson Howard Jenifer Diane nd Jan Our Daughter Howard Jimmy Don Jul Sep Howard Malinda Elizabeth Weep Not, We Shall Meet Again Interment date Mar 28, Howell ns Interred June 4, 1899 on Edd Howell lot 4 62 Howell ns Interred Jan 20, 1901 on Edd Howell lot Howell Child ns Child on E. D. Howell lot, interred 7/13/1899

31 3 94 Howell Edd ns Interred June 29, 1899; Per obit young child of Edward d. Jun 30, Other children of Ed Howell died 13 July 1899 & 26 Dec Howell Emma Howell Walter O ns Hoyer Donald Lee ns Records show interment date as Mar 22, Hoylman Ella ns Hoylman Homer H Vault Hoyt Elbert W. Nov Jan Hubard Lee ns Death date Jan 22, Hubbard Arthur E Father; sym cross interment date Dec 11, Huber C. E Sym Mason c slab/ Virginia Huber Virginia c slab/ C. E Huddleston Edward Clyde Dec Dec Vault Huddleston James W Vault; Fearnow fs Hudkins Myrtia Ellen Daughter Hudson ns Interred 11/25/ Hudson Claud W. ns Huff Martha Lee d. Feb 25, Huff Sam Father Huffman Jacqueline Marie Oct Apr c slab/ John Gilbert; Vase between 2 slabs Huffman John Gilbert Dec Aug c slab/ Jacqueline Marie Huffstutter J. Louis May Apr Father, Married July 20, 1905, Oklahoma cs/ Lillie Pioneers Huffstutter Lillie L. Jan Jan Mother cs/ Louis 4 24 Hughes Daisy Grace nd Aug Daughter of W. H. & L. Hughes; Age 20 Yrs Hughes Ellen ns Interred 7/16/1917

32 Hughes Forrest ns d. Jan. 4, Hughes Frank Nov Nov Vault Hughes Harvey Z. ns Hughes Royal, Jr. Jul Jul Hughes Theo nd Oct Stone broken into pieces Hughes Thomas J CWMM: PVT; Co I; 22 Ohio Regt Interred 5/18/ Hughes William W. ns Dod 3/11/1975 per Grace FH Hulton Infant ns Records show interment date as Feb 24, Humes Robert F. ns Records show death date as Sept 19, 1979; Disinterned to Sec C, R-15, Humm Edith nd Jul Dau. of J. H. & M. O. Humm, Aged 4 Ms. 21 Ds Humphreys Clifton B cs/ Marvin L.; per Trout FH dod 9/11/ Humphreys Marvin L cs/ Clifton B.; per Trout FH dod 5/19/ Hunsaker Adelia cs/ Lee Hunsaker Lee W cs/ Adelia Hunsaker Omer L. nd Oct MM: Omer L. Hunsaker; Missouri; Chauffeur 1CL; 90 Aero Sq Hunt Albert B. nd nd Vault Hunt C. E. Jul Mar Hunt C. J. nd nd Sexton shows "Charlie" dod 2/20/ Hunt Carney nd nd Sister Vault; per sexton interred 2/7/ Hunt Charley ns interment date Jan 7, Hunt David Lee ns Hunt Eunice ns Hunt Floyd ns

33 Hunt George B. ns Hunt Hellen M. nd nd vault; at foot of Albert; age 1, interred Jun 17, Hunt J. D. nd nd Per Gill FH John D. Hunt, dod 2/16/1917, age Hunt Loyd J Hunt Margaret nd nd Mother "Mother" is the only marker. Per Gill FH dod 12/17/1913, age Hunt Melissa E. ns Hunt S. B. Oct Nov At Rest Obit for this date is for Samuel B. Hunt b. 20 Oct Hunt Oak W., Jr. nd Nov Hunter ns Interred Oct 15, 1902 on J. M. Hunter lot Hunter Donna Elnora Aug Jan Records show interment date as Jan 30, Hunter Josephine cs/ Orlando; d. Aug. 18, Hunter Nancy E. Nov Jan Back: Parents of Willis R. - Charles E. - cs/ Peter S. James M. - Ida M. - Cora V. - Clara E. - Harry E. - Iva M. - Howard A Hunter Orlando cs/ Josephine; d. Feb. 23, Hunter Peter S. Feb Mar Pioneers of Kay County. Back: Erected in 1996 by the Hunter Family Decendents [sic] 1940 cs/ Nancy E Hunter Rebecca Pearl Apr Jun Hunter Willard D Buried Jan 12, Hupp Charles M ds/ north half blank Hurford Della D. Oct Feb Hurst A. Sherman Oct Jan cs/ Ida

34 Hurst And'w nd nd Co. I, 2nd, Tennessee Cav. Andrew J Hurst Arthur M. Jan Dec Father Hurst Arthur M. ns Per sexton dod 4/19/ Hurst Earnest Jun Sep Hurst Elizabeth N Mother Records show d. Dec 12, Hurst Ida D. Apr Aug cs/ A. Sherman Hurst Infant ns Records show interment date as June 4, Hurst Jennie L Mother; In Loving Memory (Jennie Lynn); death date May 28, Hurst Lee nd Jun Infant Hurst Lee L Father; In Loving Memory Records show d. Dec 17, Hurst Lydia E. Feb Jan Vault Hurst Mable F. Feb Sep Gone But Not Forgotten Hurst Ora Shaffer Oct Sep Hurst Raymond ns Hurst Riley D. Jul Jul MM: Oklahoma, Tec Inf, World War II, sym circled cross Hurst Ruth Aug Mar Hurst William Denton Jul Sep Vault Hurst William R. Feb Sep Huse Ellen Wife of B. R. Huse Interred Aug 12, Husk Alec Feb Jan cs/ Mary Husk Mary M. Jan Oct cs/ Alec Hutchings Carolyn Augusta Nov Nov Hutchings Edwin Charles Jun Nov Hutchings William Rhys nd 1938 Dod 1/13/1938 per Trout FH Hutchison Billy Ray Apr May Hutchison Cora M cs/ James Hutchison James cs/ Cora M.