KMRT Membership. Thomas Anderson Donald Angus Deputy Leader Paul Anthony Eric Arnison Decd

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1 KMRT Membership Name Surname Joined Left Responsibilities Malcolm Airey Alan Albion Allan Alcock Vehicles Officer. Decd 2013 Steve Allen 2011 Thomas Anderson Donald Angus Deputy Leader Paul Anthony Eric Arnison Decd J Arnold Dominick Atkinson Treasurer Chris Bacon Died 1999 Bob Bacon 1950? Died 1991 Capt Sammy H Badrock 1946? Founder member. Decd David Bamforth Died 1992 Fred Bantok Committee /Leader /Qmaster Decd 33 yrs. Gravestone in St John's churchyard, erected by KMRT Jim Barber Committee /Leader /Away Decd 2012 Gordon Barker 2012 Training Officer / Chairman Frank Barnes Founder member/committee Decd Paul Barnes 2009 Deputy Leader Alan Barnes 2014 Training Officer Dickson Barron Peter Barron BEM Secretary 1992-? /Deputy Leader Ann Batty John A Baxter John Beadle Derek Beaty Police Sergeant Frank Beck Thirlmere 1st Aid Post Alec Beck 1948? Committee 1948-? Decd Jan Beedham Training Officer Inspector Bell 1948? Committee 1948-? Martin Bell 1997 Equipment Officer Martin Bellarby Away Phil Benaiges Offa Bennett A W Birch Bird?? Police Inspector Ralph Blain Page 1 of 9

2 Tom Blakely 2013 Trustee Dr Richard Blakemore Treeby Bolton 1946? Founder member. Decd Charlie G Bone 1952? Decd Bill Booth Radio Officer Duncan Booth George Bott Wrote the history of the First 50 Years. Died 2002 Quentin Boyes 2014 Fiona Boyle 2001 Membership Secretary ; Committee ; Secretary Bradley?? Police Sergeant Ken Brannan Treasurer /Chairman Gordon Brayton M Brewer 1948? Jonathan Brooks David Brown N T Brown 1951? Died 1982 David Brownlie 1974? Paul Bullock J A Bulman Died 1990 Mike Burt Alan Burton 1948? Decd Trevor Calam Transport Officer Alan Calder 1946? Founder member Dr Cameron 1946? Decd Ann Cammack Paul Carter 1983 HQ Quartermaster Joe Cawood Paul Cheshire 2002 Secretary Val A Chilton 1953? Committee /Secretary Married Mike Nixon Sally Clark Originally S Rawcliffe. Moved away 1990 & Back 9/94 Edward B Clark Nigel Clark James R Clark Treasurer Decd Rev James Clark 1955? Dr Adrian Clifford / Kenneth Code?? Kenneth Coote Jan Cordon Miss J Corkin?? Page 2 of 9

3 David Cox Killed in Lodore Beck E Craddock?? Rosamund Creighton 1946? Founder member Geoff Davidson Transport Officer John E Davies Committee 1950-? /Leader 1951-? Decd T Davison 1946? Peter Denny Peter Dickinson Morley Dobson Founder member. Decd Alex Dodgson Alexander Dodgton Nuala Dowie 1988 Secretary Changed from Neil 2014 Malcolm Drever Susan Eastwood Matt Eaves 2013 Vehicles Officer Stanley Edmondson Founder member/leader Col A W Edwards 1946? Founder member Dennis Edwards 1948? Eggleston 1946? Police Superintendent Darren Elliott Entwhistle 1951? Dr Mike Evans Emrys M Evans Alan Evans ex LAMRT Roy Eynon 1946? Founder member. Decd Mike Fanning Treasurer Chairman Dominic Fearon Alan Ferguson David Ferguson Derek Gordon on application Donald Ferguson 2006 Donald Fielding Richard V Fisher Founder member/leader 1949-? /Vice-Pres / Died 2015 George B Fisher MBE Founder member/leader /Vice-Pres MBE 1983? Died 1999 aged 73 D D Forster 1948? Secretary Anne Francis Chris Francis 1983 Gunter Franz Killed on CB in 1953 Cheryl Frost Richard Gale 2003 Equipment Officer Page 3 of 9

4 George E Gate Secretary /Treasurer Died 1995 Chris Gillyon 2004 Deputy Leader Geoff Gilmore 2003 Dennis Gower Jenny Gradwell Gordon Graham Joe Graham Committee 1957-? Decd D Graham?? Rob Grange 2010 Jeremy Groocock Mick Guy 1989 Chairman /Secretary ; /Vehicles Officer Bill Hall Police Sergeant Dave Harbourne Brian Harden 1946? Founder member Roy Harding Deputy Leader Donald Harding Martin Hardman 1983? Chris Harling 2009 Deputy Leader Stuart Harper Dave Harper Radio Officer Left area 1973 W Pat Haworth 1946? Founder member. Photographer. Decd Sean Hayes Roy Henderson Deputy Leader Scott Henderson Quartermaster Malcolm Hendry Decd Steve Hepburn 2007 Training Officer ; Deputy Leader Eve Hewitt Committee 1960-? Nee Graham) Chris Higgins 1996 Deputy Leader / Leader Eric Hindmarch Simon Hodgson 1988 Quartermaster Deputy Leader Mark Hodgson MBE 1973 Deputy Leader /Leader MBE 2013 Andrew Holland Karen Holmes nee Holmes. Correspondence Sec Sturgess for a while Thomas E Holt 1953? Treasurer Decd Iain Honeysett Dr Tim Hooper 1996 Medical Officer Glyn S Hopkins Paul Horder 1978 Cockermouth MRT /Training Officer/Deputy Leader /Radio Officer /Committee Page 4 of 9

5 Katharine Horder 1985 Miss S Hoyle 1950? Committee David Hume Treasurer /Deputy Leader Robin Humphreys Bob Hutton 1946? Decd Timothy Isherwood William Jackson Decd Darren Jackson-Elliott Michael James 1954? Paul Jarvis Vet Colin Jewitt Des Johnson Peter Johnson Brian Johnson E Johnson 1978? Iain Johnston Nick Jones Training Officer/Equipment Officer Robert Jones Lt Comm S Jones?? Andy Jones 1981 Treasurer Dan Jordan 2014 Timothy Josephy Robert Kelly Founder member St John Kemp Now Lord Rochdale John Kirkpatrick?? Dr T F Kirkpatrick 1946? Founder member/committee David Langford Frank Lee Nick Liley Norman Lilley Controller. Died 2003 Jack Lilley Committee 1961-? Decd. Police Inspector Albert Little Founder member Peter Little 1992 Report Editor George Lloyd 2014 George Lowes Died Castle Crag 24/3/91 Norman Lusby 1946? Decd Stevie Lyth Decd Phyllis Lyth Committee 1950-? Decd Dr John C Lyth Founder member/committee 1948-? /Medical Officer. Decd Page 5 of 9

6 Charles E MacCormack Fell 500' on Blencathra broken ankles & dislocated elbow. Decd Dr MacDonald 1946? Charles E Madden John Malley Brian Martland Secretary /Away Tom McCrimmon Ray McHaffie Decd Tom McNally 2012 Equipment Officer Ernest Midgley 1948? Founder member W D Milburn Stuart Miller Malcolm Miller 1970 Chairman Fred Mills Died 1993 Dr J D Mitchell Medical Officer Morrell 1953? D Morton Peter Mustchin R Myall?? Bill/Jill Neate Later became J Neate. Died 1993 Keith Newton Phil Newton 1994 # 2 legs Link Cove 2003 Terry Nichols Mike Nixon MBE 1952 Committee 1953-? /Qmaster 1964-? /Leader MBE 1993 /Vice-President /President 1999 Simon Noble 1999 Left / Base Quartermaster Michael Noon Peter Occleston Nick Ogden Minutes Secretary Ken Ogilvie Des Oliver Leader 1951-? /Qmaster /Committee 1954-? Ronnie Oliver 1952? Decd Capt A B Olsen?? Fred T Ousby Decd Park 1951? T Parker 1952? Mrs N Patterson?? Previously Mrs J C Lyth (Stevie) Ken Pepper 1951? Michael Phillips Bernard Plaskett Page 6 of 9

7 Harry Pollard 1950? Decd Dr Will Ponsonby David Pratt 1990 Chairman Alan Prescott 2000 Ex-Wasdale MRT/Radio Officer 2002-/Chairman Norman Pretswell Tom Price Neil Pritt James K Pritt D Pritt 1980? David Rawcliffe Not active 1991 Chris Rawlings Emigrated to New Zealand E J Ray Committee Don Reay Dr Andy Reed Trainee GP Geoff Reid W Relph?? Colin Relton Richard Richardson Committee 1954-? Helen Richardson Frank Richardson 1950? David Ridley Colin Rigg?? David Robinson Training Officer 1995 D Robinson 1948? Founder member Paul Ross Keith Rudd Ron Rutland 1965? T Salkeld Jocky Sanderson 2002 Training Officer Leslie Sandham Committee 1955-? Decd Derek Sandham Mrs M Sauer 1946? Committee Conrad F Sauer 1946? Founder member/sec 1948-? /Treas 1951-? /Leader Derwent Saunders 1951? Robin Scott Decd William Scott David Sewell Decd Jill Sharpe John Sherran 1974? Page 7 of 9

8 Timothy Sherwood D C G Sibley 1950? Keith Skinner Andrew Slattery Rachel Slattery Nee Davidson Ian Smeaton Died 2007 Ben Soffe Assistant Secretary J C Southgate?? Died 1991 Norman Spence George B Spenceley 1946? Brian Spencer Collecting Box Coordinator - collected 370,000 Dr Tom Stenhouse Keith Stephenson HQ Quartermaster Tony Stephenson Graham Stoddart 1972? Not active 1977 Connie Stott 1950? Committee 1951-? /Secretary 1954-? Chris Strutt Harold Sunderland 1946? Founder member John Sutcliffe Lisa Suttle 2013 Sid Swallwell John Edwin Thompson Headmaster Keswick School. Decd J D Thompson Stanley Thompson 1946? Leader 1949-? Edward Thorburn Peter Thorburn Committee 1961-? Julia Tucker Dr Mike Turnbull Medical Officer Julian Turner Frank Valance J Valentine Vince Veevers 1946? Committee 1948-? /Leader 1949-? Ian Wallace 1973 Treasurer Katherine Walton Walton 1952? Committee 1952-?/Police Inspector Piers Warburton ; ; Training Officer Harold Watkins Decd Stanley Watson 1946? Founder member/committee 1948-? Mrs S Watson 1946? Founder member Page 8 of 9

9 Lance Waudby Andy Webb David Weeks 1958? Committee 1961-? Joanne Weeks 1969? Lt Col H Westmorland OBE Founder/Leader/President Decd P A Weston Douglas J Whalley 1946? Founder member Dr Peter M White Medical Officer Paul White 2013 Elly Whiteford 2005 Social Secretary Roger H Wild 1953? Decd Kit Wilkinson Billy Wilkinson Jimmy Wilkinson Major J N Wilkinson 1946? Founder member J Williamson H Williamson 1952? Gerry Wilson F C Wilson 1948? Treasurer Graeme Wilson 2008 Assistant Secretary Fred Winwood Rejoined Died 1994 George B Withington 1950? Committee 1952-? Decd Dick Withington 1950? Committee 1957-? John A Wood Secretary Don Wright Brian Wright Page 9 of 9