Fantasies ol the Other's Body in Middle English Oriental Romance

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1 Fantasies ol the Other's Body in Middle English Oriental Romance

2 STUDIES IN ENGLlSH MEDIEVAl language AND LlTERATURE Edited by Jacek Fisiak Anna Czarnowus Advisory Board: John Anderson (Methoni, Greece), Ulrich Busse (Halle), Olga Fischer (Amsterdam), Marcin Krygier (Poznań), Roger Lass (Cape Town), Peter Lucas (Cambridge), Donka Minkova (Los Angeles), Akio Oizumi (Kyoto), Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe (UC Berkeley, USA), MaNi Rissanen (Helsinki), Hans Sauer (Munich), Liliano Sikorska (Poznań), Jeremy Smith (Glasgow), Jerzy We/na (Warsaw) Fantasies of the O ther's Body in Midd/e Eng/ish O rienta/ Romance 40 PETER LANG ~ EDITION PETER LANG E DITION

3 Bibliographic Information published by the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek The Deulsche Nalionalbibliolhek lisls Ihis publicalion in Ihe Deulsche Nalionalbibliogralie; delailed bibliographic dala is available in Ihe inlernel al This publicalion was linancially supporled by Ihe Universily ol Silesia. Ali publicalions in Ihe series are peer reviewed. Cover Design: Olal Glockler, Alelier Plalen, Friedberg Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Czarnowus, Anna. Fanlasies ol Ihe Olher's Body in Middle English Orienlal Romance 1 Anna Czarnowus. pages cm. - (Sludies in English Medieval Language and Lileralure ; 40) Includes bibliographical relerences. ISBN Romances, English-Hislory and crilicism. 2. English lileralure Middle English, Hislory and crilicism. 3. English philology-middle English, Other (Philosophy) in lileralure. 5. Orienlalism in lileralure. I. Title. PR321.C '.109-dc ISSN ISBN (Prinl) E-ISBN (E-Book) DOI / Peler Lang GmbH Inlernalionaler Verlag der Wissenschalten Franklurl am Main 2013 Ali righls reserved. Peler Lang Edilion is an Imprinl ol Peler Lang GmbH. Peler Lang - Franklurl am Main Bern. Bruxelles. New York Oxlord. Warszawa Wie n Ali parls olihis publicalion are prolecled by copyrighl. Any ulilisalion oulside Ihe slricllimils ol Ihe copyrighl law, withoul Ihe permission ol Ihe publisher, is lorbidden and liable lo proseculion. This applies in parlicular lo reproduclions, Iranslalions, microlilming, and slorage and processing in eleclronic relrieval syslems. Contents Introdlletion....,....,..,..., ,..., Chapter One Et hnie differenee and body marvellolls: the case of Challeer's Sql/ire 's ta/e and Sir Femll1bras Chapter Two Commllnity, Richard /e eoer de Lyon, and chivalric anthropophagy Chapter Three Bodies enslaved in AlIcassin et Nico/ete and F/oris and B/anche.flollr Chapter Four Blaek giantesses as eommllnal tlesh in the Firlllllbras romanees Chapter Five Genealogy and desire in King Horn Chapter Six Transformation and regeneration in Kyng A/isallnder and The wars oja/exander Conclllsion ,......,...,..., , References...,......,...,...,......, ,......, I

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5 This study attempts to analyze diverse aspects of the corporeality of cultural others in Middle English oriental romances. The theoretical introduction situates the romances in the context of anthropology ot the body. The analysis includes a psychoanalytical perspective on an oriental female body in Chaucer's Squire's ta/e and Sir Ferumbras, anthropophagy in Richard /e Goer de Lyon, slavery and hybridity in F/oris and B/anchef/our, Roberto Esposito's theory of immunization and the question of female grotesque in the English Charlemagne romances, King Horn and the othering ot the same, and the influence of monstrous races on a Westerner in the Middle English Alexander romances. The overall perspective is not entirely a negative one. The Wonders of the East tradition counterbalances the negative vision to som e extent, since it predates Romantic infatuation with the Orient. Anna Czarnowus is a lecturer in English literature at the University ot Silesia, Katowice (Poland). She teaches in the applied languages French and English program me at the Institute of Romanie Languages and Translation Studies. She has published on Chaucer and Middle English literature. Her doctoral thesis /nscription on the body: monstrous chi/dren in Midd/e English /iterature was published in ISBN III