NEW ACQUISITIONS DECEMBER LAN A practitioner's guide to the Mental Health Care Act / Adolph A. Landman. 2014

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1 NEW ACQUISITIONS DECEMBER 2015 ATHLONE LAN A practitioner's guide to the Mental Health Care Act / Adolph A. Landman OXF Commissioning for health and social care / Institute of Public Care PRI Primary health care / Kelly Ward VIJ Public health and health research / Viji Mohan MAN Managing quality / S. Armstrong DEN Primary health care in Southern Africa / Kathy Dennill BHA Latest in healthcare management / Pradeep Bhardwaj MAN Management manual for medical officers / S.N. Manjunatha DOY Living with HIV and dying with AIDS / Lesley Doyal HIV HIV/AIDS management / Roger Mostafa HIV HIV/AIDS : translational researches / Roger Mostafa. 2015

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3 OXF Oxford handbook of primary care and community nursing / Vari Drennan GEO Textbook of community health nursing / Georly George HEA Health promotion / Jackie Green BEN Lecture notes. Epidemiology, evidence-based medicine, and public health / Yoav Ben-Shlomo EPI Epidemiology / Tony Andrew CON Contemporary health care / Kelly Ward DAL Health beliefs and coping with chronic diseases / Ajit K. Dalal WRI Pain management in nursing practice / Shelagh Wright KAW Essentials of haematology / Shirish M. Kawthalkar WIL Wilkins' clinical assessment in respiratory care / Albert J. Heuer RAM Management of diabetes & its complications / P.G. Raman HEL Fundamentals of skeletal radiology / Clyde A. Helms DRA Infection prevention and control / Angela Dramowski DRA Ebola prevention and control / Angela Dramowski COM The complete HIV/AIDS teaching kit / Josefina J. Card HAR Harrison's hematology and oncology / Dan L. Longo AHU Johns Hopkins medicine patients' guide to colon and rectal cancer / Nita Ahuja TRO Wounds and lacerations / Alexander T. Trott. 2012

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5 DIA Diabetic retinopathy [electronic resource] / Zachary T. Bloomgarden CAL Call the midwife BELLVILLE BER The research project how to write it / Ralph Berry INT Intelligence./ RIC Handling qualitative data a practical guide / Lyn Richards COM Communication a hands-on approach / Sandra Cleary SEN Development as freedom / Amartya Sen FAW Energy efficiency the definitive guide to the cheapest / Steven Fawkes TEM Non-conventional sources of energy / Anand Tembulkar TIW Platform ecosystems aligning architecture, governance, and strategy / Amrit Tiwana LUP Cornes and Lupton's design liability in the construction industry / Sarah Lupton ROY Business laws for B.Com BBA BBM and BMS / Chandra Kumar Roy SIM SimWars simulation case book emergency medicine / Lisa Jacobson CHE Chemistry the central science / Theodore L. Brown TIL Nanochemistry / Tilak Ram WAD Organic Chemistry / Leroy G. Wade. 2014

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7 DIN Solar based hydrogen production systems / Ibrahim Dincer BUR Special electrical machines / Simmi P. Burman JAR Special electrical machines / E.G. Janardanan IET IET code of practice for grid connected solar photovoltaic systems MER Photovoltaics fundamentals, technology and practice / by Prof. Dr KUM Network filters and transmission lines / Satish Kumar MAL An introduction to electric traction / Sachidananda Mallick WER Smart metering design and applications / K.S.K. Weranga FUT The future of wireless networks architectures, protocols, and services / Mohesen Guizani PAR A textbook of operational transconductance amplifier / Tahira Parveen CHI Building structures illustrated / Francis D.K PAL Modeling, analysis, and control of dynamic systems / William J ZIN Swimming upstream a story of grit and determination to succeed / Shirley Zinn ZIN Swimming upstream / Shirley Zinn BHA Principles of management / R.C. Bhatia SUL Logistics of facility location and allocation / Dileep R. Sule SOU South African human resource management theory and practice / B.J. Swanepoel SLA Operations strategy / Nigel Slack. 2015

8 JEN Operations research models and methods / Paul A LES Project management, planning and control / Albert Lester IMP Implementing lean in South African industry / Koot Pieterse TES Marketing management in geographically remote / George Tesar BAR In-process quality control for manufacturing / William E. Barkman GRO Automation, production systems and computer-integrated manufacturing / Mikell P ALL Exercises in building construction methods / Edward Allen CHI European building construction illustrated / Francis D.K CD s 691 SPE SPECXpert, THESIS THE FES An investigation into experiential learning experience of South African / Ferdinard. 2005

9 CAPE TOWN NAS Mixed methods research and culture-specific interventions / Bonnie K. Nastasi CLA Beginning C# object-oriented programming / Dan Clark DIX Android / Prasanna Kumar Dixit IAF From big data to smart data / Fernando Iafrate OXL Security risks in social media technologies / Alan Oxley HOO Linked data for libraries, archives and museums / Seth van Hooland WEI A path through hard grass / Ruth Weiss COU Media consumption and public engagement / Nick Couldry HEI Governance for urban sustainability and resilience / Jeroen van der Heijden LOR Governing megacities in emerging countries / Dominique Lorrain STA Starting out in shares the ASX way HAN Handbook on the economics of natural resources / Robert Halvorsen MOO The costs and benefits of environmental regulation / Imad A. Moosa HAM Conservation / Clive Hambler LEA International energy governance / Rafael Leal-Arcas MEI Introduction to South African law / L. Meintjes-van der Walt DAV The politics of surveillance and response to disease outbreaks / Sara E. Davies. 2015

10 BOO Dimensions of healthcare management / Susan Booyens ROB The food safety information handbook / Cynthia A. Roberts BAR Environmental management for sustainable development / C.J. Barrow ENV Environmental contaminants / Jules M. Blais BIS Governance of the illegal trade in e-waste and tropical timber / Lieselot Bisschop LI Planning and scheduling for maritime container yards / Wenkai Li WAL Style book II / Elizabeth Walker VOG Contemporary menswear / Steven Vogel DER The complete guide to creating enduring festivals / Rosalyn M. Derrett SUP Supramolecular chemistry / Philip A. Gale WAH Essentials of crystallography / M.A. Wahab BON Fire and plants / William J. Bond VAN Field guide to the wild flowers of the Highveld / Braam van Wyk MAN West coast / John Manning TRI Wild flowers of the Table Mountain National Park / Terry Trinder-Smith CRO Ferns of southern Africa / Neil R. Crouch HIC Integrated principles of zoology / Cleveland P. Hickman CAR Beat about the bush / by Trevor Carnaby. 2010

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13 930.1 TRI Maritime archaeology for beginners / Sila Tripati GOP No good men among the living / Anand Gopal REFERENCE REF ENV Environmental law in South Africa. Service issue 2 / Jan Glazewski REF 423 HOR Oxford advanced learner's dictionary of current English / A.S. Hornby REF GAL The Gale encyclopedia of surgery and medical tests / Kristin Key REF AMB The visual dictionary of typography / Gavin Ambrose REF AMB The visual dictionary of graphic design / Gavin Ambrose REF WIG The visual dictionary of illustration / Mark Wigan DVD s PAG Page one : inside the New York times / Magnolia Pictures WE We steal secrets / Focus World presents a Jigsaw. 2013

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15 CHI Childhood TB / developed by The Desmond Tutu Tuberculosis Centre GRANGER BAY SIN Modern hospitality and tourism management / Swadeh Sinha VAN The tourism coach / Shaun van Eck KEL Bouchon Bakery / Thomas Keller MAR Cakes to celebrate love and life / Callie Maritz CAS Front office management in hospitality lodging operations / Matt A. Casado BAL Food production operations / Parvinder S. Bali GAN Hotel management / Gaurav Gandhi GROOTE SCHUUR HEN Technology for diagnostic sonography / Wayne R. Hedrick RAD A radiologic atlas of abuse, torture, terrorism, and inflicted trauma / B.G. Brogdon. 2003

16 MEDIA CITY MOR More library mashups / Nicole C. Engard KEN Diaspora : a very short introduction / Kevin Kenny BEA Biophilic cities / Timothy Beatley LAN The landscape urbanism reader / Charles Waldheim RAS Experiencing architecture / Eiler Rasmussen PAW Biomimicry in architecture / Michael Pawlyn ING Barcelona : architecture, city and society, / Chiara Ingrosso HOL The memory palace / Edward Hollis KOP Environmental psychology for design / DAK Kopec PLA Mhudi / Sol T. Plaatje FOU The order of things / Michel Foucault. 1994

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21 BAR Steps to academic writing / Marian Barry OSM Academic writing and grammar for students / Alex Osmond JON Jumpstart! Geography / Mark Jones MAS MasterClass in geography education / Graham Butt BID Learning to teach geography in the secondary school / Mary Biddulph DVD SEC Secrets of branding / Joanna Bartholomew TYGERBERG 611 ABR McMinn and Abrahams' clinical atlas of human anatomy / Peter H. Abrahams FIT Clinical neuroanatomy and neuroscience / M.J. Turlough PRA A practical guide to mechanical ventilation / Jonathon D. Truwit MAL Medical emergencies in the dental office / Stanley F. Malamed TUG Atlas of essential procedures / Michael Tuggy IBS Oral pathology for the dental hygienist / Olga A.C. Ibsen MOR Modern dental assisting / Doni L. Bird. 2015

22 WELLINGTON RUT Cracking the creativity code the zoom inzoom out / Arie Ruttenberg KUH Communication skills for dummies / Elizabeth Kuhnke INT Introduction to child development. / THE Theories of development I / Magna Systems FAC Facing your fears without freaking out / Headwise Developments MID The middle years ages 5 to 12 / Kathy Barb SUR Surviving low self-esteem / Headwise Developments CLI Cliques, phonies and other baloney / Headwise Developments ALV Constructing research questions doing interesting research / Mats Alvesson ALV Interpreting interviews / Mats Alvesson WYE Communcation skills! the ultimate guide to improve your communication / William Wyatt GRO Participatory research with children and young people / Susan Groundwater SOC Social class / Jessica Tanenbaumwriter Jessica Tanenbaum VAN Kaap van slawe die Britse slawebedryf van 1562 tot 1910 / Marthinus van Bart ENG Bourdieu for educators : policy and practice / Fenwick W HAN Handbook of research on sport and business / Sten Söderman NEW Social media in sport marketing / Timothy Newman. 2013

23 INS Insolvente boedels / B. de Clercq PRI Performance auditing a step-by-step approach / Jeanne Prinsloo GAN Gangs the tough desicion to stay out / Headwise Developments HOW How to teach students to listen and read well / Richard W. Paul SCH Schools as thinking communities / L. Green TEA Teaching students to think critically and creatively / Clear Channel Entertainment BRO Ethics and education research / Rachel Brooks BUR Key issues for education researchers / Diana Burton ERW Homeschooling high school plotting your path / Shirley Erwee VIS A visit to classrooms of effective teachers / Pauline Steinhorn CHA Changing inappropriate behavior to appropriate behavior / The Master Teacher CUR Curriculum / General Learning Video for Magna Systems MAN Managing and motivating challenging children./ a practical training course for TAs, learning mentors MOH Parental involvement and senior secondary students does school matter / Letha Ram Mohan SPI Diagnosis and design for school improvement / James P ETH Ethics & integrity in the academic environment / Ellen & Jay Diamond BUL Bullying what every adult needs to know / Paraclete Video Productions CYB Cyber bullying / Headwise Developments. 2010

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26 CIN How to understand business finance / Robert Cinnamon YOU Operational risk management / Jackie Young ORG Organisational behaviour a contemporary South African perspective / Amanda Werner SAL Auditing outsourced functions risk management in an outsourced world / Mark Salamasick LAL Reinventing organizations / Frederic Laloux GOS Corporate social responsibility and business performance / Tobias Gössling WHI Digital games and learning research and theory / Nicola Whitton BUS The business of sport management / John Beech PRI Principles and practice of sport management / Lisa P. Masteralexis BYE Key concepts in sport management / Terri Byers JEN Making champions how South Africa's sporting heroes are made / Michael Jenkins PLA Play better volleyball. Vol. 1, Setting / Bill Richardson POO Complete conditioning for rugby / Paul Pook WHI In black and white the Jake White story / with Craig Ray ALL All access soccer practice with Bobby Clark / Championship Productions PAR Developing a model soccer club / Robert Parr GLO Global perspectives on football in Africa : visualising the game / Susann Baller COA Coaching youth tennis / American Sport Education Program. 2008

27 COM Competitive practice drills for field hockey / Beth Gottung CRI Cricket the Bob Woolmer way./ MAR Trail runner's guide / Jacques Marais COA Coaching youth track & field / American Sport Education Program HIG High school coach's blueprint for success. / Tim Reilly KOS AMC guide to outdoor leadership / Alex Kosseff WES West coast style mountain biking beginner to intermediate skills. / NAI Celebrating triumphs traversing transcience / Simone Beatrice ROB Shantaram / Gregory David Roberts NAI Kaalvoet klimeid : so praat ekke / Simone Beatrice MEY Kobra / Deon Meyer GRO Oorlog-Beeld weekblad oor die stryd tussen Boer en Brit / Jackie Grobler J 823 STI Be careful what you wish for / R.L. Stine J 826 ANI Animal games : interactive early learning / [editor: Charlie Gardner] J 831 RYM Rympieland / Alta Greyson J 831 RYM Rympieland / Alta Greyson.2013 J 833 KNI Lillie die heksie by Dracula se kasteel KNISTER met illustrasies deur Birgit Rieger / Amelia de Vaal J 836 BUC Die snurk en die seeman / deur Will Buckingham. 2014

28 J 836 KYK Tjiff & Tjaff Kyknet illustrasies deur Chris Venter teksverwerking deur Kobus Geldenhuys J 836 MOK Mokkie muis gaan maan toe J 836 PAU Ouma-Emma-Mamma / Lorenz Pauli J 836 PRE Prettige plaas 'n opwip-storieboek / geïllustreer deur Lucy Barnard L BEH Thembi en Themba by die lughawe / storie deur Manichand Beharilal DVD s VIS A visit to classrooms of effective teachers / Pauline Steinhorn STI Sticks and stones WORCESTER TWE 21st century psychology for nurses / Andrea van Vuren SIT Caring science, mindful practice / Kathleen Sitzman MID Juta's nursing psychology / Lyn Middleton HIL Creating a caring science curriculum / Marcia Hills POL Journey across the life span / Elaine U. Polan ETH Ethnic healing herbs for cold, flu and lungs ailments / S.K. Sood COM Communicable diseases in Southern Africa / W. Kortenbout. 2009