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1 CONTENTS. GENERAL INDEX. INDICES ALMANAC. MUNICIPAL : CITY STREETS DIRECTORY SUBURBAN DIRECTORY ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY TRADES DIRECTORY- COUNTRY COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY- COUNTRY ALPHABETICAL - PASTORAL - JUSTICES OF THE PEACE - MUSICAL AND SPORTING CLUBS AND ASSOCIATIONS ECCLESIASTICAL - EDUCATIONAL EUROPEAN TRADES LIST GOVERNMENTAL AND PARLIAMENTARY NAVAL AND MILITARY COMMONWEALTH STAMP DUTIES WHARFAGE AND TONNAGE RATES. FIRMS WITH FIXED PAY-DAYS - CENSUS INTEREST CALCULATOR - -. PAGE,. 1vi le-232e 1B-162B- lc-172o & , , , PAGH Aborigines' Protection Board Admiralty Jurisdiction Agent-General for the State in England Agricultural Colleges Agricultural Department Alphabetical Directory Architect, Gove-nment Art Gallery Assignees Official Associates and Clerks of Arraigns Associations 1901 Asylums Department Attorney-General 2304 Audit Department Australian Museum Bankruptcy Department Banks 1908 Barracks and Ordnance Department (Federal) 2289 Barristers Barristers' Admission Board Berthing Rates, etc I Board of Health Board for Opening Tenders Public Works Botanic Gardens Bltreau of Statistics Cadet 9ffice SO Cemeteries Census Central Police Court 2307 Certificated Conveyancers 2019 Chief Secretary City Streets Directory Civil Departments , Claims to Grants of Land 2308 Clerks of PAtty Sessions 231/7 Clubs Coal Fields and Coal Mines 2301 Coast Hospital 2296 Collages, 2281 Commissioners for Affidavits Commonwealth Offices Commonwealth Audit Office Commonwealth Invalid and old Age Pensions, Maternity Bonus 2292 Commonwealth Ministry Commonwealth Parliament Commonwealth Prices Board Commonwealth Senate Commonwealth Weather Bureau Consuls.., 2016 Conveyancers 2019 Coroner's Court Court of Industrial Arbitration Crown Prosecutors 2300 Crown Solicitor 2301 Curator's Depart. (Supreme Court) 2305 Customs (Federal) Deeds Branch Registrar-General Defence Department (Federal) Dental Board Departments (Government) See respective names Department of Agriculture 2301 PAGE Department of Home Affairs (Fed.) 2287 Department of Military Board Departtnent of Prisons Department of Trade and Customs (Federal) Distilleries and Sugar Refineries Department 2288 District Court Judges 2300 District Registrars Ecclesiastical Education Department Educational 2279 Electoral Office (Commonwealth) 2292 Electoral Office (State) Electric Telegraphs Engineers, MI Mary 2290 English and Continental Manufacturers Equity Master in, European Manufacturers Executive Council (State) Executive Council (Federal) Experimental Farms 2301 Explosives' Depart went Federal Government Federal High Court Finance and Trade Treas. and Sec Fire Brigades Firms' Pay-days Fisheries Department Forestry Branoh Free Public Library Friendly Societies General Post Office (Federal) Geological Branch Governmental and Parliamentary Government Ambulance Corps Government Asylums Government Printing Office 229E1 Government Savings Bank Government Statistician 2200 Governor-General of the Commonwealth Harbour Rates, etc Harbour Trust Health Board Health and Medical Department High Commissioner for Australia in Great Britain High Court of Australia Hospitals House of Representatives (Members) 2287 Immigration and Tourist Bureau., 2205 Imperial Government Establishments 2286 Imperial Pensions 2290 Incorporated Law Institute Industrial Court 2307 Industrial Registrar 2307 Infantry %29 Inspector-General of Pol ice Institutes Inetitutions 2100 Interest Calculator Invalid and Old Age Pension PAGE Justices of the Peace Labour and Industry Department Land Appeal Court Lauds Titles Branch 2305 Law Institute Legal Directory See Trades section for Barristers, Solicitors, Official Assignees, also Minister-for Justice Legislative Assembly Legislative Assembly Officers of Legislative Council 2293 Legislative Council Officers of Libraries 2130 Lunacy Department Lunatic Asylums See Institutions 2100 Master in Equity Master in Lunacy Medical Practitioners Metropolitan Board of Water Supply and Sewerage Metropolitan Meat Industry Board 2295 Military Administration (Board) Military Forces 2208 Mines Secretary for 2301 Minister for Justice 2304 Ministerfor Education Mitchell Library Municipal See commencement of City Streets and of,respeotive Suburbs Museum Musical Societies National Art Gallery Naval Department (Commonwealth) 2292 Navigation Department. 9. 0* 2292 Notaries Public.... SIP Observatory Official Assignees Officers of Legislative Council and Assembly 2293 Officers of the Senate Officers of the House of Representatives Officers administering the Governments of the Australasian States 2399 Ordnance Department Parliamentary 2286 Parliamentary Draftsmen Parliamentary Library Parliamentary Reporting Staff- HANsAitu Pastoral Directory Patents and Trade-marks Office Patent Attorneys Paymaster of Expeditionary Forces Pay Days Pharmacy Board 2299 Police Inspector-General 2295 Postmaster-General Prisons Department Prothonotary Public Instruction Public Library Public Service Board _ Public Trust Office V,

2 vi PAGE Public Works Board for Opening Tenders Railways.. ' 2299 Registrar-General 2305 Returned Soldiers' Employment Bureau Royal Australian Navy (N.S,W. Division Royal Military College of Australia 2289 Royal Mint 2294 Secretary of Finance and Trade Secretary for Lands * Secretary for Mines Secretary for Public Works Shipping Masters 2299 Soolettes Miacellanee us Solicitors, 2218 Solicitors' Admission Board Sporting Associations Stamp Duties State Timber Yard and Bni!ding Works 2304 State Brick and LimejWorks GENEIIAL INDEX P AGE State Children's Department.. _ 2301 State Fisheries State Hospitals and Asylums for the Infirm State Labour Branch State Penitentiary (Long Bay) State Trawling Industry State War Council 2295 Stock and Brands Branch Stores Supply Department Streets (City) Directory Suburban clerks of Petty Sessions Suburban Directory Sugar Refineries Department Supreme Court Sydney District Court 2306 Sydney Harbour Trust Sydney Mint 2291 Sydney Technical College Taxation Department Technical Education Technological Museum 'render Board Public Works PAGE Theatres See Places of Amusement 2180 Tonnage Rates, etc Trade and Finance Treasurer and Secretary Trade and Customs (Federal) Trade Unions Registrar 2296 Trades Directory 1947 Tramways Treasurer and Secretary for ' Finance and Trade Treasury Trigonometrical Survey of the Colony War Railway Council Water Conservation and Irrigation : Commission Water Police Court Weights and Measures 2196 Western Land Board _ Wharfage, Harbour, Transhipment, Tonnage and Berthing Rates PAGIC Abattoirs, Glebe Island, Balmaln Abattoirs (New), Homebush Bay 836 Abattoirs rd, Pyrniont.. 1 Abattoirs rd, Rozelle. 239 Abbey it, Raudwick 795 Abbotsford st, Kensington Abbotsford par, Abbotsford Abbotsford rd, Hotnebush Abbott rd, Attention, Willoughby Abbott st, Granville 438 Abbott it, North Sydney Abbott at, Rand wick A'Beckett aye, Ashfield l'beekett it, Granville 438 Aberoorn it, Bexley Abercrombie lane Abercrombie street 1 Abercrombie it, Redfern Abergeldie street, Petersham 758 Abernethy st, Middle Harbour, Manly 555 Abigail at, Hunter's Hill Aboukir it, Rockdale Abuklea rd, Eastwood Abuklea rd, Epping _ 401 Acacia Avenue, Punchbowl. 275 Acacia st,oatley 467 Access rd, Sans Belief, Rockdale 855 Ackland Way, Waterloo Acton st, 13urwood.. *307 Aston it, Hurlstone Park Ada ave,'wahroonga ' 926 Ada lane 2 Ada lane; Erskineville Ada it, Concord Ada it, Erskineville 406 Ada it, Hard y ille. 287 Ada it, Oatley, hogarall Ada it (Neutral Bay), North Sydney 673 Ada et, Parramatta Ada et, Itandwiok 796 Ada Villas terrace, Erskineville Adam st, Crunpsie Adam at, Granville 438 Adam it, Turramurra Adderley it, Silverwater, Auburn Acidotic*, it, Lidoombe. 536 Adderton rd, Dundee Addison a ye, Concord 867 Addison aye, Roseville. 880 Addison rd, Marrickville. 570 Addison rd, Manly Addison it, Balmain., 240 Addison it, Kensington Addleston Rowe. Merrylands 783 Adelaide 'par, Woollahrn 997 Adelaide place 2 Adelaide place, Burry Hills.. 2 Adelaide rd, Meadowbank. 884 Adelaide it '2 Adelaide it, Woollahra Adolphus lane, Balmain 240 Adolphus it, Balmalu 240 Adolphus at, Naremburn 970 Ady it, Hunter's Hill Aeolus a ye, Hyde 884 Alone it, Auburn Agar tit 2 Agar st east...2 Agar it, Marriekville 571 Agincourt rd, Eastwood Agues it, Bankstown Agnes it, Strntidield Agnes Cottages (see Rainford at).. 2 Agnes terrace (see Rainford it) Likes rd, Pennant Hills Ainsworth st,leichhardt Aird it, Parramatta Albany rd, Petersham.. STREETS INDEX. CITY AND SUBURBS. PAGE Albany et, North Sydney 073 Albany it, St. Leonards, Lane Cove Albany it, St. Leonarde, Willoughby 970 Albemarle eve (Rose Bay), Woollahra 997 Albemarle at, MarrickvIlle 572 Albemarle st, Newtown Albert avenue, Chatswood 970 Albert crescent, Croydon Albert lane, Leichhardt 508 Albert parade, Ashfield Albert parade, Guildford Albert rd, Auburn Albert rd (Croydon park), O'bury Albert rd, Homebush 911 Albert rd, Strathfield Albert square, Paddington Albert street...2 Albert it, Banksia 855 Albert it, (East Hills) Albert at, Bexley Albert st, Botany Albert it (Belmore), Canterbury Albert it, Drummoyne 371 Albert et, Erskineville Albert it, Forest Lodge Albert et, Glatiesville Albert et, Granville Albert it, Greenwich Albert it East, Guildford Albert it, Hornsby Albert it, Leichhardt Albert it, Lideombe- 530 Albert it, Marrickville 572 Albert it, Newtown Albert it, Paddington Albert it, Parramatta 742 Albert it, Randwick 798 Albert it, Regent Albert at, Rozelle Albert it (off Regent it,) Hyde Albert it, St. Peters Albert at, Strathfleld 308 Albert it, Waverley 940 Albert at, Woollahra 997 Alberta it...2 Alberto it, Leichhardt Albion lane, Annandale Albion lane, Burry Hills.. 2 Albion place...2 Albion it...2 Albion it, Annandale Albion it, Lelehbardt Albion at, Marrickville Albion it, Paddington Albion at, Perm/Hata Albion it, Pennant Hills 751 Albion it, Itandwiek 706 Albion it, Rozelle _ 240 Albion it, Waverley 940 Albuera rd, Eppinq _ 901 Albytt rd,strathfield Albyn it. Bexley Alderson it, Redfern 835 Alexander aye, Mostnan 022 Alexander lane Alexander it Alexander at, Alexandria Alexander it, Arncliffe Alexander it, Balmain Alexander it, oogee Alexander it, Manly.. Alexander et, North Sydney Alexander it, Paddington Alexander it, Penshurst Alexander it, Willoughby _ Alexandra par (Waitara), Hornsby Alexandra par, Rockdale Alexandra rd, Glebe PAGE Alexandra et, Concord 357 Alexandra at, Drummoyne 371 Alexandra it, Hunter's Hill Alexandra at, Westrnead 788 Alexandria avenue. Eastwood 390 Alexandria it, Arncliffe, Alfred rd, Forest Lodge Alfred it, Annandale Alfred et, Burwood 808 Alfred it, Canterbury 824 Alfred it, Circular Quay S Alfred it, Clarke's Pt., Woolwich llfred it, Granville 938 Alfred st,leichhardt Alfred et, Marrickville 672 Alfred it, Mascot Alfred it, North Sydney Alfred it, Merrylands, Prospect Alfred it, Parramatta Alfred it, Rozelle Alfred it, St. Peters Alfred it, Sans Sone(.. Alfred it, Waverley g153 Alfreda it, Coogee ** Algernon it, Galley.. 411g 7 Alice aye, Newtown Alice at, Auburn Alice it, North Bondi. 941 Alice it, Drummoyne 371 Alice at (Lakemba), Canterbury Alice it, Granville :12 41 Alice it, Newtown Alice it, Oatley Alice it, Parramatta Alice at, Rozelle- Alice at, Sans Sotto! _ Alice et, Turramurrn A Dalton() it (Aalifield), Canterbury Allan's avenue,marrickville Allan it, Concord Allan it, North Sydney.. Allen lane (see Allen it) Alien's rd, Alexandria Alletes rd, North Hyde Allen avenue, Behnore Allen it (app. 97 Stanley it) Allen it, Arncliffe Allen it, Canterbury.. Allen it, Glebe Allen it, Granville.. Allah it, Leichhardt Allen a t, Lill combo Allen st, Pyrmottt Allen it, Waverley Alleyne avenue, Seaforth, Manly.. Alleyne at, Willoughby. Allison rd, Guildford.. Allison rd, Ilandwiok Allister st, Neutral Bay,.. Allum lane, Glebe A Ilum it, Bankstown Alma avenue, Marriokville Alma lane, Darlington Alma lane. South Randwick Alma road, South Randwiek.. Alma rd, Eastwood.. Alma it, Ash field Alma it, Darlin gton.. Alma it, East Hills.. Alma it, Hurstville ' Alma at, North Sydney ' Alma st, Paddington... Alma at, Parramatta Alum it, Pymble Alma it east, Pyrmont. Alma it west, Pyrmont Almora it,?amman Alpha rd, Longueville...

3 ANTHONY HORDERNS' ONLY UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS. NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL SYDNEY. 768 Edw PETE as H AM. For Fra PETERSHAM.. Har 769 Durham street (Stan more) continued- 39 Stewart James Watt 37 Hutcheson Robert 35 Henley John 33 Wallace Ma s. Jane L. 31 Pitt Walter 29 Alanson Mrs. Annie, "Glenview" 27 Fifield Richard Rowley street 23 Duckwotrh Thomas 21 Perritt Walter 19 Hughes Mrs. J. 17 Hynes John 15 Whitford George R. 13a Sleith David 18 Bourke Patrick lb a Blatchford Richard 11 Miles Ernest J. 9 Mikes Robert 7 Hansen W. J. I' Dwyer John. " Lily Glen Weekley J. 11. A., builder 56 Swain William 54 Grace William 62 Leo 50 Falconer Mrs. M., "Itestal Rig" 48 Hennessy W. A. E., " Durham House" 46 IdePeak John 44 Donnelly Thomas 42 Cullen A. S. 40 Yates Charles Walter 38 Palmer George 34 McGregor Douglass 32 Rossitter George 30 Goldthorpe it Co., grocers Rowley street 28 Collins Edward 26 Foley Charles, "Myrtle" 24 Langesehwerdt Francis T. F. 22 Yeomans Walter 20 Cohen James 18 McIntosh Edward 14 Stevens John Wilkinson William 10 Hackney John 6 Lonney Frederick 4 Murphy Sidney 2 Oilmen Mrs. Martha Edward Street Old Canterbury road to Weston street 1 Reid 3 Edwards Burton 5 Coombes Co in 7 Cox Mrs. Elizabeth 9 Clare Alfred 11 Catley Ernest 13 Jones Arthur Thomas 21 Minket. George 2 Bakowell Mrs. S. 4 Lintern Mrs. Charlotte 6 Fleming William 8 Bridges Albert 10 Alder Charles E. 12 Bryant Thomas 14 Locke Jack 16 Santleben W. F. 18 Dewsbury Harold 20 Terming Thomas, J.P. 24 Rothery Robert 26 Clark Edward 28 Marshall Joseph 30 Brawn 0. II. 32 Foster Charles 34 Jackson William B. 36 Beard James H. Elswick Street Crystal street to Railway street 6 Kean William Bellyer Ernest 10 Day Reginald 12 Slade Benjamin E. 14 Smith James 16 Lawes Charles 18 Sullivan W 20 Jones Charles 22 Leonard Mrs. M. 21 Barclay George 3 Stewart Francis 3 Skinner Alfred 5 Burton William 7 Stoke Thomas 9 Donovan Christopher Petesrhaw street 11 Fowler Harold 13 Johnson W illiam 15 Meyer Ferdinand, builder 17 Coles Mrs. E. 19 Sherden William James Barford Mrs. F. 21 Ward Walter R. 23 Bugg Percival Stratton James, " Pansy' Flood George "Heather" Nelson James, "Daisy" Woodburn William," Marguerite " Anderson Robert W. Eltham Street (Lewisham) New Canterbury road to Fred street Bouleturd 2 Dunn Arthur 4 Painter Herbert F. Y., "Melrose" 6 Slattery P. J. 8 Kay Stephen J. 10 Lockett Charles 12 Doyle Arthur 14 Roper Frank, "Everton " Denison road Victoria street The Boulevard Andrews Ernest, grocer Watson George II., " Leith Watson Mrs. G., ladies' hairdresser Be Vellias Leon, teacher of music 5 Bell Thomas, cab proprietor 7 Warren H. E., laundry 9 Studdert Claris, " Aliceville 11 Robinson Philip A.," dessieville Densson road 15 Roper John Dick John Brunckley Small Alfred, " Roe Hampton Tiley Reginald, "(heti" Ferris Robert E., "Oonah" Victoria street Fairmount Street Old Canterbury road to Windsor road 2 Thomas J. B. 4 Silent!' John W. 6 Vincent Charles William 8 Smith Charles F. 10 Onnningleun Mrs. E. J. 12 Young W. A. 14 Boulton Arthur E. JO Burtinshaw Mrs. E. 20 Brown F. G. 24 Shepherd Miss H. M. 20 Forbes James 3Inekin Charles 30 Bignold Edward J owlet W., cat) proprietor 1 Head J. E., " Germ " 5 Murray Miss J. L. 7 Dugmore Mrs. J. J. 9 Alexander Mrs. J. 11 Greer Isaac 13 O'Neill T11011/ Frost Mrs. Maria, " Maria Villa" 17 Price Ernest 19 Cossentine Joseph S. 21 PerigoRichaid 23 Barr Thonms 27 Banner Levi Fisher Street Palace street to Crystal street 28 St. Jul,an John 26 Jupp David 22 Common '1'. 20 'hickey William 18 Stanton Edwin It) Ainsworth William Regent street 11 Parker William J. 12 Farrelly J. 10 Manning Frederick 8 Scully Bernard 6 Carroll Mrs. Edith 4 Smith Edward 2 Arkinstall Arthur Dudley 25!teary Mrs. K., "ThernIntry" Chancel G. T., dentist 23 Caldwell William C., "Lugshay" 21 Hyde James J., "Winginbar" 19 31eNaugliton Jams, "Edina" 17 Smith John C., " Clydene " Regent street 15 Watson William J. 13 Lloyd Benjamin 11 Gould Walter 9 Hunt Frank, "Okorito" 7 Wigg ins Thomas, "Sumayside" 5 Mappin Alfred Henry. " Marrnion " 3 Greaves Mrs. S. H. F., "Kenilworth" 1 Yet es Mrs. A. Watling Mrs, certificated accouchense Fisher's Reserve Of/Palace street 8 3forrisen.1. Hoy Herbert William 6 Bateman James, jun., "Iintherley" 4 Laun. downe J Ainsley F. A. & Co., cabinetmakers 1 Ball Bert 3 Sonter hi rhea 5 Webster W. C. 7 Watts Edward 9 McDonald %V. 11 Lewin William 13 Startin W. 15 Hull Frank Fort Street Crystal to Palace street 2 Maloney Peter, "Portobello" Ier Mrs. Catherine 0 Rowe James 8 Rackley Mrs. L. J. Petersham street 10 Cole Robert 12 Foster Walter George 18 J )11 His IL 20 Wilkie A. J. Railway street 28 Scott Alexander, 'Elsinore" 30 Searle Herbert W., "Kenipsey a. 32 Wells Henry, " Leamington " 34 Rule William 3I., "Thornwood" 30 Hollis Anthony," Hildaville" 38 De Plater Victor 40 Armstrong Harold 42 Allen Albert 44 Prince William 40 Bull Themes S. 48 Mown Charles, J.P. " Katoomba" Smith Mrs. Ellen, "Ilmntwood ' " Matthews Sidney, "Eboracum" Fort Street Public School 1 Canmey Arthur 3 Clark Joliet 5 Campey Walter J. 7 Haggett James R. 9 White Tyrme 11 Bradley 'Walter Percy 13 Lukins Joseph 15 Parsonage Thomas C. Railway street 19 Weynton Basset!, "Grant hatn" 21 Brown John 23 Dowell Henry George Burns S. A., "Snbina " 29 Bull Mrs. Mary 31 Mackenzie Mrs. R. W, nurse 33 Walton.1. P., physician and surgeon, " Waverton 35 Parr James H. Bradey William J., "Kensington" Thompson Joseph Frazer Road (Lewisham) New Canterbury road to Railway terrace 49 Fisher John T. 47 Jamieson and Son, painters 45 Leeson Mrs. E., " Windermere 43 Griudrod Richard, hydroptithist 41 Hay 3Ire. S. 39 Dibiey Walter,.1. P., " Melrose 37 Smith Joshua F. "Gilmour 35 London Mrs. W.,J.,"Boondalira" 33 Dernelly Mrs. Minnie 31 Eine Ernest 29 Elkington Miss, "Grassinere" 27 Carmody Michael 25 Christie MI's. W. II., "Stepneystow" 23 Kilkeary H. D. 21 Douglas Miss J., nrtist, "Tantallon" lionlecani Sewage ventilator 13 Paris Miss M. J., "Alicia Villas" 11 Bourke Mrs. Ellen H. 9 Firkin Joseph, "Rawdon" 7 Debus Henry, "Albeinerle".5' Quinton Arthur IL," Lindley 3 Levy Arthur, " Ashley " 1 Burnet Mrs. Jessie, "Glendalyn" Barton Arthur W., surgeon dentist '50 Austin William J. 48 Stephen Joseph, "Newquay" 46 Trip's Mrs., " Elaine" 44 Cameron Hugh 42 Do Courcy James, "Dunavon" Langdon W. L., J.P. The Boulevard 18 Julius Henry, " Wyoonat 14 Whelan Mrs. Mary, "Glen Isla".Denison road 12 31tilis Mark C. 10 Rorixel Jules 8 Forsyth George H. 6 Cole William II., " Roslyn" 4 Cole Mrs, Eleanor, confectioner Fred Street (Lewisham) Summerhill street to Eltharn street 1 Liddell John Parker Herbert 5 Allan Mrs. Edith 7 Foster Alfred It. 9 3IcKelvie William 11 Parsons Miss H. A. 13 Kebbiewhite E. S. IS Varidel Frederick 17 Smith T. 19 Jackson Henry Alfred 21 Butler Frank R., "Glerunore" 23 Mann William Arthur, painter, dm. Eltharn st-eet to Summerhill street 38 Sheedy T. 16 Davies Albert 14 McGuire Mrs. Ellen 12 Pye William 10 Pitt Frederick Leonard 8 Butler Charles Frederick Street Hopetoun street to Crystal street 2 Browne Mrs. W. W. 4 Anthony Miss Sarah 6 Brown Albert Victor 9 Morgan F. A., J.P. Church street From Crystal street 7 Eago John 5 Emery Thomas 3 Wright Charles 1 Quinn Mrs. S. J. Church street Gelding Street Ilampstead road to Maddock and Jones streets, between ow Canterbury road and Windsor road 3 Appleton James Thomas,"Benachle" 5 Hood Edward, "Bridgeworth" 7 Fowler Sydney Percival, " 9 Lloyd Mrs., "Clarke" 11 'McKinley John, " Kilmarnock 13 Donald Robert. 3feryht" IA I toberts-daidel John." 'Manuel" 17 Needham William II., "York" 10 Knowles GI orge," Bon Accord" 21 Thompson Walter, "Leyton" Smith S., "Glenoble" Ensterbrook A., "Kelvin" Squire Fiederick, " Corona " Morris Arthur Lam, " Fauna" jesson George, "Thingarby" Gordon Crescent (Stanmore) Stanley street to Botsylas street 54 Chestier Mrs. L. 54 Bissaker Arthur E. 62 Rogers P. If. 50 ('lealand Edward, "Obley" 48 Reid Miss A. J. 91 Buckingham W., " Balnagowan" 42 Kennedy William," Heidelberg 40 Goman C. H., "Alcyone" 38 ltofe Arrhur," Altona" 30 Eve 13 mmlnmmuhmm, " Essington 32 Jensen Shren, " Coradgery" It,, nee sloe, 30 Lees James Charles, "Nettona" 28 Thompson Claude, "13indon" 26 Burgin John, "Kelso" 24 Cuneo William, "Irksdale" Turk William 22 Campbell Mrs. E., "Wairoa" Kirkham Mrs. Jane, "Inverness" Banks George, "Caloola" Gordon Street (Lewisham) New Canterbur y road to Railway terrace tat side Empire Hall 29 Blackwood I). 27 Campbell Alexander 23 Keats George Robert 21 Wyatt W. It. 19 Musgrave George E. 17 Manna Malcolm 15 31eNaugliton Mrs. E., "Sterling" Sadlier's crescent 13 3feltwen Alfred Charles, J.P. 11 Wilmot Albert 9 Manton Alfred G. 7 Buchan Harry James 1 Stringfellow Charles William 22 Johnston Mrs. J. W., " Rohilla " 20 Walsh J. J. 18 Hitchcock Mrs. J. J. 16 Jones Walter 14 Russell Alec. 12 Clapham Walter Ernest 10 Whelland Edwin II. 8 Moses John 6 Morrison Mrs. J. 4 Dunn Mrs. Marion Presbyterian Church Public School Grove Street 1101 street to Constitution road 5 Medbury Richard 11 King James L. 13 Grayson Ernest 15 McNeice James If. 17 Campbell Andrew 23 Stint M. 25 Roberts William 27 Sullivan Francis 20 Bennett George 81 Roberts Thomas 6 Little Michael 8 Wilson John 10 Henningway Walter 12 Ilitchins Chin les H. 16 Sylvester Edward J. 20 Russell Mrs. A. 22 Manny William '24 Pearson John 20 Small Henry T. 28 The Marrickville Ice Co. Hampstead Road Old thinterbart, road to Windsor road 2 Hayes James, "Kendal" 4 Burnett Mrs. E. A., "St. Nouts" 6 Norris Oliver, "Yeoman" Oa Warren Ernest B., "Wilton" R Phypers Wyndham. 10 Featherstonhau gh H., " Fairy Glen 12 Bambury Mrs. Mary 14 31oon John, "St. Elmo" 16 Squires George II., "Cornwa" er William, "Emolano " 20 Selfe Misses N. and It., "Bolivia" 22 Williams Ernest, "Beulah" 24 Ramping James T. 28 Powell Fred Huntley I Moss Sidney If., " Kihnuir" 3 Smith Stephen 5 Plouelannin John, " To Where" 9 Ritchie William, "Akarana" 11 Sellen ger James It. 13 Schultz Alfred, " Araluen " Gelding street 15 Hend-rson William B.," Lohengrin " 17 Jentasch Ernest F. 19 Winter Theodore Henry 21 Elliott Arthur Harrow Road (Stanmore) Liberty street to Trafalgar terrace Eton terrace- 2 Millbury L. 4 Barrett Mrs. Catherine 6 Nottle Mrs. Elizabeth 8 Smith David 10 Withers Edward, "Lorne" Dowling Henry 12 Abigail Claud James, "Eber" 14 Wilson Mrs. Mary H.," Haril" 18 Herlihy dames 20 Hawkins Frederick, "Freda" 22 Fay Harry '24 Clarke Mrs. Elizabeth 26 Prince George, "Ashworth" 28 Scott Mrs. II. A.," Fiona" 30 Breeze William 32 MeLellandW. C., medical practitioner 34 Stutehbury Mrs. F. 30 Jones William C., "Kenilworth" 38 Powell Reburton, " Midloblitan". WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS, SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION OUR ESTABLISHMENT 18 SELF-CONTAINED; WEVANUFACTURE AND REPAIR OUR VEHICLES

4 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR STATION SUPPLIES. 770 Hen PETERSHAM. Lew Harrow road (Stan more) continued- 40 Wilson Arthur," St. Helene' 42 Hill Albert 44 Riley Josenh 46 Jolly William 46a Pinson John 48 Hunt James 50!lowish George 52 Angelinetta Francis, "Vygonia" 64 Dwyer J. 56 Harwood Mrs. S. A. 56 flax Arthur W. Ekin John," Woodside 65 Bundy Francis C., J.P. 62 Benson Mrs. A. (34 Everitt Mrs. F. 66 Denoon Mrs. C Frockor Mrs. F. 7 Sampson bliss Anne, "Wyong" 9 Fano Miss N., dressmaker Fane William Backe F. J., electrician 15 King Alfred William 17 Garden Miss M. W. 19 Welley George 21 Jeffre ys Arthur, "Kyogle " moron Miss Mary 27 Houston James W. 29 Rankine William D. ' "Orvieto" 31 Bowkett \V. F. It., "llytlie" 33 Edghill Miss McNally William, "Kaolyn" 37 Hayes Mrs. Kitty Hayes G. T. 43 Haulier Clarence 45 Butler Mrs. Elizabeth 47 Brown-Deverell Stephen 49 Carrick Miss C. B. 55 White Allred 57 Nash Robert G. 59 Watkins Fr ink Merchant street Henry Street (Lewisham) Old Canterbury road to Victoria street 24 Heaney Patrick, "St. Ambroix " Tongue T. A. 22 Cranny W. 20 Stafford William 18 Mitchell G. H. 16 Gibbons Frederick 14 Shaw William II. II. 12 Gannon E., J.P. 10 Bryant Walter, "Oxford" 8 Cornish Alfred S. 6 Betz Thomas E. 4 Spinkle W. C. 2 Somers Thomas 7 Farley Charles 6 Carney Herbert 3 Waddington J. J. 1 Lovell Claud Hill Street (Lewisham) Long Cove creek to Denison street Scholbach F. W. Schoesmith W. Beard William H. Bennington Bros., house wantons 4 Bennington Albert Edward 6 Train Francis 8 Moore John F. 10 Gelding Alfred 14 Host Thomas, " Penzance" 16 Ford David 18 Walton T. N.. Hobbs Street (Lewisham) Denison road to Victoria street 1 Booth Walter 3 Gamble George 5 Smith Henry 9 Lily MN. M. 11 Wemyss John 2 Cattanach John Robert 4 Brigden Oswald 6 Smith Arthur B. 8 Jones Elijah 10 (1 rent Donald 12 Brown Richard 14 Webb Stanley, "Deep-Deene" Holt Street ( Stanmorel Stanmore road to Cambridge street Cavendish street 3 Henry Ernest A., property salesma and event 5 Mound George Cavendish street 16 Orem Miss Murray 14 Bruce Janice. " Koorali" 12 Marshall Harry 10 Sled Henry, J.P., " Lichfield " 8 Geary James Oliver, "Trentman" 6 Letchford Charles 4 Rose Hugh. " Yonka " 2 Damfleld Funk," Ventnor " Hopotoun Street (Stanmoro) Stanmore road to Trafalgar terrace 39 Edwards Charles 35 Clarke Henry 31 Heg itt-ty a re. M. 15 Darnell William Eggleaden Arthur 13 Oswald Mrs. Mary 11 Warren Mrs. Martha 9 Thugs Samuel 7 McKenna Francis, J.P. 5 Grigg T. S. W. 3 McTavish Mrs. Isabella, "Stratherick" 1 Cranston Robert Brown," Roseville" Roberts-Richardson Arthur Frederick street 20 Rainsford Persse, "Howth" 18 Coates John, "Carisbrooke" 14 Parkes Mrs Humphries Mrs. Eliz " Chiswick" 10 Wood Frank 8 Truman Christopher 6 Carter H. B. Leslie 4 Mitchell W. F '"I'halabah" 2 Rogerson Mrs. L. I. Rogerson Walter T. Hudson Street (Lewisham) Old Canterbury road to Long Cove creek 2 Ryan Thomas 4 Ward Constantine 8 Ackland R. E. 12 Walsh Patrick 18 Critt le Mrs. Margaret 20 Stephens George Jesmond Avenue Union street to Cobar street Shumends Franels S., "Ingleside" 6 Brown Henry, "Wonga" 7 Austin John E., "Wattleville" 9 Lancaster Thomas 11 Black Rev. W., "Clough" 13 Bullivant Morris F., "Boulder" 16 Poole A. W. A., "Elonga" 17 Wilton William J., "Jesmond Deno" South aide' 2 Tyler Edward H., "Ukt" 6 Marks Barnett, "Clyde" 8 Marks Mrs. Mary, "Paisley" 10 Drummond Andrew, "Thirroul" 12 MoAlpin John, "Athol 14 Fogarty Edward M., "Innisfallen" 16 Sutherland Robert, "Eagieshani" 18 Andrew Franck J., "FAouera" 20 Payne William, "Scarborough Jubilee Street (Lewisham) Victoria street to Old Canterbury roate 1 Stabback J. E, dentist 3 Brien Ernest Alfred 5 Davern John Mayled Benjamin 9 Smyth James, laundry 11 Gegen Stanley Thomas 13 Jones John 15 Garrick Miss 17 Young.Tanies 19 Bresnan William 21 New B. 23 Blythe 'I'. 25 Gray Robert 2 Dickson Charles 4 Edwards Henry, " Kenilworth 6 Marks M. 8 Colefax A. C. Sawyer R. J. 10 Andrews George." Albertville" 12 McGovern J. B., "Caritonville"' 14 Stead John Eroombit Street Cobar street to New Canterbury road 14 Coleman Ernest, Tamton 12 Abbott Ernest, "Heslington" 10 Hughan Thomas II. 8 Addis Oswald 6 Whitwell Arthur 4 Bickers James, " Hampstead Villa" 2 Yorke Walter, "Inverness" From Canterbury road 1 Wade Alfred W., "Dundee" 3 Cold Samuel 5 Randall Elliott, "Kelso" 13 Wad iington William Lewisham Street (Dulwich Hill) New Canterbury road to Denioon road 50 Doolan Mrs. II. 48 Mallitt Charles F. 46 Sharpe Harry 44 Wiseman II. S. 42 Carbury Stephen 40 Lemm Mrs R. The Thadevard 34 Webber Arthur G. 32 Shortua Lewis 3" Wherry James 28 Bray John 26 Bayldon Misses E. & M. 22 Young William Jesse, scar. 20 Walker William J. 18 Quino George 16 Duke Arthur J., "Tweedliolm" 14 Gray Alexander C., "Carinya" 12 Whitfield George, "Tyndale" 10 McLeod Donald, "Berwick" 8 Donaldson William, "Veronica"- 6 Senior Edward 4 Anderson Mrs. Anne 2 Cross Charles Edward 39 Salvation Army quarters Roach Andrew 33 Treloar W1111 m T., general store- 31 Morteson Mrs., "Clifton" 29 Brayne Ernest, "Marion" 27 McLeod George 25 Roberta Mrs. Kate 23 Wark Aubrey, "Werona" 19 Holland Wilired T. W00% COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. MORTUARY CHAPEL: 810 GEORGE ST., CITY. 'PHONE 9228 CITY' ANTHONY HORDERNS' SPOT CASH MERCHANTS. Lib PETERSHAM. Mad 771 Liberty Street (Stanmore) Sounnore road to Trafalgar street 22 Zeitz Mrs. Isabel Zeit: terrace- 18 MacDougal John 15 Lawremem Harold Cavendish street Keen Francis, grocer 12 blelienzie Hector 10 Norris Mrs. It. B 8 Marr Harry F., J.1'. Cambridge street Harrow road (For east 8...e, id see Newtown) Lincoln Street (Stanmore) Railway avenue to &disbars, road CO McKenzie W. S., "Courtleroy" 58 Ward C. F. "Kiri-Lama" 54 Cole John, " Hmemoa " 52 Kiefer Arthur L. 60 Todd Mrs. W., "Glynwood" 48 Stevenson Maitland Otivrier John W. 42 Edgerton Phillip 40 Koesters Otto 38 Becker Paul 36 Puekeridge Mrs. J. Rowley,,t,'et 34 Harvey Arthur, Bon Accord" Baxendale John Robert 30 Taylor Roy W. 28 Coombs Arthur G. 26 King William John 24 Whitecross Charles '22 Dennis Mrs. Louisa 20 H Men Albert P. 18 Miller George 16 Everett Walter H. 14 Davis James Wiliam 12 Allison William Norton 10 Murray J. Weekley Alfred 6 Weekley Henry, "Verona" 4 Teston Edward 2 Powell Mrs. Emily Salisbury road to Railway avenue 5 Buick Mrs. Jessie, " Elton" 7 Johnson Samson 9 Keogh James, "Eurelle" 11 McColl J. G. 13 Rade Thomas, "Woodside" 15 Fryer A. J.. "Braeside" 17 Jenkins William 10 Dennis Alexander, "Ormenn" 21 Woodward William 23 Weekly Thomas," Roslyn" 25 McClure William.27 Smith George T. 29 Christensen Stanley, "Itangiora" 31 Eaton J. W. 33 Barnes Mrs. 35 Coath James \V. Sil Mahony Thomas J. 41 Montrose Frederick 43 Ross Alexander Rowley dreet 45 Massed J. W., grocer 47 Wines Edgar Vincent 49 Wadsworth Ernest 51 Butler II. 53 Graff Arthur S..55 Davidge B. II..57 Dunstan Mrs. Alice, "Ilazeldean" 59 Richardson William 431 Bignell Mrs. J., "lone".63 Russell William 65 House Thomas, " Toronto" 67 Dawson William T., "Teralba" 69 Daily William H. 71 Page Mrs. B., "Berriatle" 73 Kennedy William 75 Dwyer Michael F. Little Street (Lewisham) Victoria street to Long (We creek 2 Tucker 9?deers Mrs. M. It. Little Toothill Street (Lewisham) Old Canterbury road to Hudson street Evans David Evans Percy Harold 13reakwell G. F. Buckley J. Cahill John J. liodge Mrs. M. 1'. Lovett Million 1 Bowran.T. South aide 14 McGill Thomas, junr., dray proprietor 12 Parkinson R. S. 10 Colwell George 4 Barron Mrs. Catherine Longfort Street (Lewisham) Old Canterbury road to Broom street Smith John Macaulay Road (Stanmore). Bridge road to Cannon street Bridge road 4 Vincent W. (I Sutherland James 8 Harder Charles P. 10 fouler William 12 Smith Charles II. 14 Pritchard James A. 16 Bond A. C. 18 Taylor G. V. '20 Curtin Miss Emily 22 Grady T. 24 Morgan Mrs. B.," Brooklyn" 26 Towns Henry, " Awake 28 Fludder Arthur, "Yosemite" 30 Dawson S. E. 32 Hogan Christopher 34 Camay Martin Joseph 36 Presser C. A. 38 Harvey John 40 Bullock Henry Edwin, "Araluen" 42 Martin Thomas A. 44 Dwyer Patrick 46 Francis Henry 48 Heffernan hire. A. 52 Farotnuff Henry 54 Willet Henry MI Sullivan William 58 Faulkner Mrs. L. (10 Lambert A. 62 nestle Nurse Wraight Valentine 6)1 Dobson Edward R. 58 Stewart James 70 Johannsen Harcourt 72 Rolfe ilaim." Castledene 74 McLachlan Donald 76 Frazer William D. 78 Ratcliffe Arerthamberland arcade 80 Brown Samuel G. 82 Brodie, Alfred H. 84 Upham Mrs. Margaret 86 Bennett William 88 Greenaway Charles 90 Spooner Jams W., "Truro" 92 Hammen Mrs. Bertha 91 Jones William 06 Cook Joseph 98 Killeen William Barry A. M. 100 Graff Alexander 102 Clements Joseph 104 Nell Mrs. M. A. 106 Hegarty John 108 Marshall James, "Penzance" 112 Kean Willi= H., "St. Austell house"1 114 Whitehlw George B.," Whareora 118 Long nichard 120 McMinn Mrs. Ada, dressmaker Barnett Mrs. J. G. 122 Fisher Duncan & pried road 124 O'Lou ghlin Thomas 126 Westman Raymond W. 128 Carlin Richard 9 Barr William Bedell Patrick 11 Dickson Mrs. S. J 13 Whiter Leonard 15 Hoskins Mrs, 31atilda 21 Kirk Mrs. Sarah 19 Connell John 21 Carroll Edward 1,. s3 Graham *bones 25 Lane Edward 27 Musgrave L. A. 29 Terrill Richard 31 Monett Mrs. M. A. 33 Pamenta Frederick 35 Campbell George V. 37 nyder Frederick 39 Parkes Henry 41 Sutherland John 43 Coxon Mrs. Eugenio 45 Butcher Joseph 47 Banks Nonnan 49 Ball Mrs E. L. Si Harrison William 53 Lane W. 55 Goldstein Abraham 57 Collier George 59 Haynes Ernest 61 Hunter Joseph 65 Johnson Miss L. 67 Campbell John L. 69 Corcoran bliss L. 71 Lean Nelson Gladstone 73 Jones William Jones 75 Rutter William 77 Moulton Ralph H. Northumberland avenue 79 Borer Mrs. M. 81 Ray Mrs. A. 87 Bastion W. J. 89 Stewart Alexander, " Linnet 91 Robson James 93 31elling Harry 05 Wand Percy 97 Robinson W. C. 99 Norton Mrs. A. 101 Rohinson /I. W. 105 Nicholls William, builder 107 Gilbruth James G. 109 O'Neill Charles 113 Brought on 115 Piteher Ernest J. 119 Smythe 3Irs. Ida C., "Bergamot" Costello John P. 121 Boyd, "Laburnum" Percival road Maddock Street Old Canterbury road to adding street 4 Burgess rederick On Kell Ralph 8 Dunn Peter 10 Byron W., grocer 12 Hudson John 1 Wharf Harry 3 Dell Thomas 5 Banbury J. 0 Coy Thomas 1 1 Moss Siuntiel 1 Corrigall Samuel i Stiencer Arthur 17 White Robert, "Tenda" OUR' DEPOTS ARE REPLETE WITH THE MOST ELEGANT AND COSTLY VEHICLES IN AUSTRALIA

5 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR FURNITURE AND FAMILY DRAPERY. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR TEAS, TOYS, TOOLS AND TOGGERY. 772 Man peters H AM. Nor Old PETERSHAM. Old 77S Manchester street Constitution road to Hampstead road 25 Stewart William, "Montrose" 23 0stendorf Theo., clothing manure. 21 Peddle Arthur 19 Hobert.ion Miss Annie 16 Farley Theodore 11 Daigletall Thomas 9 Hancock George 7 Barnes Montague 5 Smith Edward A. 3 Dunstan Hobert C. 1 Figg John 6 Gramshaw Arthur 8 McClelland M. o. H. 10 Hockley William 12 Williams Arthur A. 14 Bannister Mrs. Mary Margaret Street Crystal street to Pionth Annandale estate 74 Newland Miss A. J., teacher ging'gokcy. 72 Waghorn Mrs. Minnie, milliner 70 Prince Henry H. 68 Ilurwood Thonms 66 NU rep Mrs. S. M. 64 Seabrook William 62 Williamson John James 60 Warren William Hale Rowland 68 Grimwood Horace 56 Packer Alfred H. Charles street 48 Keywood Stillman V. 46 Crisp William 44 O'Sullivan Denis 42 Smith Harry 40 Maxwell Herbert 38 O'Sullivan Patriek J. 36 %Wildly Patrick J. 34 Mitchell It. J. 32 'Awes Hobert 30 Evans George 26 Smith J. 0.. coachbuilder liv stables 22 Iti ii trilson Albert 20 Homy John 18 Moran William 10 Murray Henry 14 Rowley Robert 12 Alined Ernest E. 10 Pickering W. H. 8 Davis Louis 0 Little Thomas H., "Tydvil" 4 Olsen Cisorge. "Daphne" 2 Gray Bert W. V., pianist 89 Christian Sidney 87 Featherstone Osmond 85 Abbott Mrs. A. E. 83 Argeut P. 81 Glanville George 79 Hatch Hawn E. 77 Willi sins James 75 Hufton Edward 73 Johnson Joseph 71 Winter Mrs. S. J., "Coniston" 60 Chambers Miss, teacher of piano 33 Menheniek Gordon 23 Brown William, "A vette 27 Smith Albert George 25 Bourke Richard 23 Clark H. W. 21 Is muclion Chat l's 19 Green Thomas IL, carpenter 17 Do wker.e.din 15 Waters 11. V emile James 9 Barnett Robert 0. 7 Hunter sirs. B. A. Hunter P Boyle Thema. May Street (Sefton Estate) (yr street 2 Hirst Mrs. Sh 4 Barnes Frederick W. 6 Lamb rt Joseph 8 Walker Sirs. Esther, "Seftonville" lo Gam de William, " Belfast 12 Stone William 10 St. Joseph's Convent 1 Stewart James. Lin lesion 3 Seouler A.." Glen Ayr" 5 Moyse William, " Aubrey " 7 Tarrant Henn., " Harcourt 9 Harmer William, "Oakieigh" 11 Hunter Tie mas, "Bavaria" 13 Harrison William T. 17 Williams Charles Merchant Street (Stanmore) Stanmore to Barrow road Cavendish street 0 Simpson John 7 Green Mrs. Martha 3 McGourin Oscor I Grant Thomas Ca p/ah/19e street 0 Marks M., "Le Chalet" Williams Miss L., "La Grange" Budd Cs arks J., ' Le Hamesu" Merton Street (Stanmore) Trafalgar iterel to Stannwre road 1 Holland William 3 King Mrs. Sarah, "Cremona" 5 Smith Mrs. E. H. Aubrey street 2 Mitchell Mrs Mary 4 Newton Richard 6 Pile Sidney Edgar Bent street 8 Hoskins Nurse E. 10 Evans J. L. 12 Sutherland William 14 Booty Charles J. 16 Jones Charles 18 Nissen Fred., "Laroon" 20 Vine Thomas, "Ventnor" 22 Miller George 5 Daniel W. H.,.1.1'., " Emmanuel' 3 Hera l d Jtotepli E. 72 Tisdale Sirs. J. 70 Mallet, Alfred 08 Lloyd Phillip Weymouth George, "Doree 04 Franklin Mrs., "Benno" 62 McLeod J liii R. 00 Ledger henry Aliworth 58 Trenhath George F. 50 Amino Harry 54 Hayman George, painter 52 Dawtys Sirs. Mary Ann 50 KitliC J Bos.. Joseph 40 Lewis A., "Vcoville" 44 Duffy Leonard Cavenagit Miss A. D. 42 Pettll Mrs. Irvine, " Wahroongrs 40 Madman Mrs. Mary 38 Goldthorp Mrs. Sarah A. 36 Cooper Edward 34 Wardley Thomas Pereira! rood 32 Bush Charles F, grainer 30 Page Oat/ id, " Marmon 28 Brennan Thomas, Olayworth " 26 Hewitt George," Mamie" 24 Thompson William, "Estcourt" 21 Meimnald George, "Aberfeldie" 20 Hill Mrs. Mary, " Dowlais " 18 Moses Rob:use'', " Bank" 16 hical en Robert," Bitterest" 12 Hale William II.," Canoblits" 10 Ilayler D. 8 Robb John W. 6 \Vaila o.fitines 4 Horan Mrs. C. 2 Bosser William H., "To Arolta" Gardiner Mrs. A. Bond Percival Nelson Place Sadler's crescent to Railway terrace Petersham Council depot, 0 Boyd Mrs. Clara 5 McKenzie John, " Glenorchy " 3 Caldwell Samuel, "Leytou" 1 Murphy Harold Nelson Street (Lewisham), Victoria street to Long Core creek 2 Maxim, Charles 4 Fuller Allen Leslie 6 lii hey Mrs. Mary Ann 8 Wearmouth F. W., milk vendor 1 Lindsay George 3 Keen William T. Northumberland Avenue (Stanmore) East side Parramatta road to Salisbury rd.. opposite Johnston street, Annandale McKenzie Donald M., boottnaker 31 Hollinshend C. V. Macaulay road $5 Brennan John T., "Wahun Annung" McKeown Percy 37 Smith Shies M. L., teacher of music 39 Kerrish Robert, "Gloxiana" 41 Star:den Charles P., " Hellanthus" 43 Swanton Mrs. S., " Carnation " Barnett Mrs. Louisa 45 Weil-rick Herace," Petunia" 47 Baynes " Grandflora" 40 Stedman Clyde 51 Warne Mrs. Slitude, " Marmora" 53 Lacey Augustus W., " Hal Jean" 55 Steele James, " Duri" 57 Glover James, " Tarn " 50 Niland Edward L., "Iona" 61 Smith Ernest, "Kiwi" Albany road 03 Wendt C., general store 65 71enis C., "Aslidene" 67 Aarons Mrs. Clara 00 Armstrong Mrs. 71 Woods Silas Mildred 73 Robinson 76 Sandstrom John V., "Hatfield" 77 Collins L. J., "Clifton" 79 Moore Mrs. Mary, " Rosins " 81 Evans Mrs. Henry, " Ashley " 83 Vivers Hobert 85 Wsuldups Leo 87 Tully Miss J. Oil Bastion W. J., plumber 2 Donlan James 4 McGregor Mrs. E. 6 Dorm Mrs. Harriet 8 Wilson Mrs. E. 10 Clarke Mrs. F., costundere 12 Payne Charles 14 Roberts Robert James Co unna road 16 Cassidy Mrs. AI A. 18 Tarrant Alfred 20 Markham Arthur Kennedy Francis Wallace Jacob 22 Lauren L. 20 Dorahy James, J.P. 28 Morris Reuben 30 Furner Ralph 32 Bernard Sydney 34 Wilde James 36 Roberts Mrs. Alice 38 Mothven William, "Silvorton" Macaulay road 40 Palmer Samuel 42 Bell Henry 44 McIntosh Sydney C. 46 Campbell A. S. 48 Harris Alfred Henry," McDonald" 52 Rutherford S. E. 64 Service It. M. 56 Endean Richard Gibson Walter 58 Hunt Reginald 60 Mitchell Charles 06 Jacobson Mrs. Ellen Snape C. Si. Old Canterbury Road New Canterbury road to Parramatta road Warner Alfred, " Liklionia" 287 Kennedy James G.," Weemona" 285 Miller L. V., " Martinsell Cobar street Morrison John, " Leighliurst Wood Frederick. " Ab meldie " McCann.1 olin,"abergelille" Wren James, "Abergeldie" Di xson I I ugh,senr., J. P.."Abergeldie" DIxson R. C.,.T.P., "Abergeldie" 283 Armstrong Mrs.. " Strathmore" Abergeldie street 277 Young It. 1'., "Kennington" 275 McCorquedale Donald 269 Rutter Mrs. E. E., " " Constitution road 261 Henson Frederick J., " Mlnen" 259 WiLon Arthur 257 Pettersen G. G. 255 slime John, " Myrtle Grove" 253 Newell Ge rge It. 251 Elston Sydney 249 Dunstan John 245 Bunning Edmund 0., "Barwon Maddock street 241 Truffle William 239 Heath Frederick 237 Webster Mrs. Madeline 233 Gelding Mrs. It. G., " Flnehley " 231 Sparrow Walter A., "Cm Brae" 229 White William 227 Larkin Themes Hampstead road 225 Hodgson Claude 219 Sim son Williftin L., J.P. 215 Warren James 213 Handyside A. F., "Mimosa" Rosedale street 211 Davidson Walter M. 200 Gain James 207 Robson Robert Fairmount street 190 Boswell William 197 Phelan Miss It. T. 195 Fishburn IV F. 103 Elford Sydney 101 Barclay Robert 189 Cooper Norman Chas., "West Lorne" 187 Hanratty Peter Charles 185 Crawford William 183 Dugdale Mrs. J., "Clargannon" 181 Menzies W. G., " Braeshie" 179 Taylor Frederick 177 Whitbread Mrs. M.," Berwyn" 175 Dunkley Joseph, "Laybum" 173 Dunkley Oliver 169 Tate Cyril E., " Kellwood" Blairgowrie street 163 Darby Charles 161 Arnold Sebert L., "Amyville" 150 Thomson Arthur Leslie 157 Gray Alex McOullooll,"Holyrood" 155 Davies Maurice, "Burnham" 105 Bell James 103 McKellar N. (Y. 101 McFarlane John, "Wyandla" 89 Puekeridge Edward, " Marieville " 97 Ilumpbreys Gverge," Hurlstone" 93 Cox Waite, 91 Bullard William, " Rochelle" Tooth ill street 85 Adams Claude 79 Forbes JRIIICA. "W ," 77 1)avey Osborn J. "Lorna Doors' 75 Norris George, "Stanley" ' Ilen,p street 73 McLachlan J. J., "Fenella" 69 Spies John, " Hypatia in Lee, s Sir.. M., "Clifton 05 Long Miss H. I., "Haverigg" 63 Lovell Alfred E. I., "Quainbi" 61 Harding Robert, " Aristides Railway terrace 43 BittligateJainds Barker street 41 Slattery Williaut 33 Cannon David, " Libertia 31 Leo John, "Glen Alva" St. John's street 29 Taylor It. 13 Schneider John B. 11 Farley Daniel E. Cook street 7 Harris Arthur J. 1 Salisbury Ernest Little Toot/till street 120 Cheesman William J., " Sumerseat 118 Hodges Albert S. 116 Norton Homee 114 Lyons Alfred, "Brewood 112 Brown John, "Gowriu 110 McGill Mrs. J. Dubber Henry John 108 Burns Frederick If. 102 Acland If. u1 Son, grocers Hudson street 96 IS hithread Edgar," Sit/Item 94 Miles!Leery 92 Saunders Thomas hi., " Etlensor The Jersey Dairy Co. Ward W. K., joiner's shop William sleeet Longporl street 70 Poollee reel! 68 Ogden Ilarold '6 Baker Walter, " Shetlands " 04 Saw Garnet, " Falkirk " 62 Honniball Harold, " Athol 00 Smith Mrs. Marlon Railway line 54 Gerrard George 52 McGill Andrew 40 Simpson Thomas D.," Moans" 44 Cronin Alexander, "Wintona" 42 Galvin Thotnas, "Latona" 40 McGuire Peter Barker street 38 Meyers Albert E., "Nana Glen" 07 Kerr E. J. 24 Woodland James, " Selby " Morris A. W., wood and coal yard 62 Jameson Robert 153 Mears Alfred 05 Jones Owen. 1 II owev William, "Beauchamp" 66 Abigail *F. B. 151 Hibbcrt John Henry, "Oalcdene" 63 MI ogns John, "May" Myrtle Street (Stanmore) McNeill J. F. Albany road 149 Grady Michael 32 Ryan Michael 61 Herbert William, "Maud" Front Bruce street to Salts mry road 5 Porter Herbert, "Jersey" OS Baird Frederick William Windsor road 59 Beesley Herbert C. Squth side 7 Longford Mrs. C., boarding house 57 Thompson Peter 70 Harris Walter F., " Waratah" 141 Allan John 3 t Robertom J311103, J.P., " Nardoo" 9 Colthard Robert Charles aired 27 Jaekson Percy 72 newton William 139 Brown Joseph 11 Moran Mrs. Ada," Rosemead" 74 Mitchell David, "Bannockburn" 133 Edin Charles Edward* 55 Walsh William. "Windsor" 23 Freeman Nurse Ellen, "St. Helens" Corunna street 58 Prizelle Mrs. A., "Australis" 21 Murphy John 76 Cizzio Charles. "Avoen " 131 Eger Miss E. W. 13 Spea. co Miss A., "St. Elmo" 49 Glinmer Henry Murp 78 Woolcock Mrs. Al.,"Brundah" 120 Roxby Mrs. E. y Miss N., teacher of music 15 Walsh Mrs. H. E., costumier 45 Atherton Robert Is Lansdowne WI ilam J., " Banff" 80 Bury Henry, " Veronka" 125 Mead Charles J. 19 needy W. H., "eronulla" 43 McCleary Thomas 17 McDowell Hugh, "Ayr" 82 Clifton A 8., "Mamma" Edward street 21 Creasy Lionel 41 Smythe Fred 15 Gordon John B., "Oban" 84 Galvin Denis," Bonarea 121 Bingham W Veper Peter 39 Hardwick John 13 Wood Frederick, "Kenuna" 86 Keane Frank," Harcourt" 119 McLean James F. 23 Hendry James 37 Mitchell M s. Catherine 11 Pipe' George, ' linzeldean" 90 Feely John, "Chelmsford" 117 McKinley Ernest A. 27 Glizean 35 Howe Robert 9 Juleff Joseph, " Leslievfile" 92 Thomas Mrs. SI.," Dorothy" 115 Hills Joseph 29 Smithers Arthur Russell 94 Martin James, " Rawson Summer Mill street 36 Jacobs Emil Arthur 34 Porshaw John, "Briudigrove " St. John's street 20 MacGregor William John 24 Thorpe Herbert G. 22 lloward Leslie 20 Barnes George IS Joyce John la Brooker William 10 Russell George cook street 8 Swinfleld Mrs. IL S. 0 Newman Mrs. Mray Ann 4 Page Mrs. C. 2 Harvey Alfred 26 WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M184E3 THE LEADING FIRM OF.FUNERAL DIRECTORS IN THE COMMONWEALTH

6 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELLERY. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ALL SPORTING REQUISITES. 774 Pal PETERSHAM. Par Per PETERSHAM. Pet 775. Palace Street Formant:a ts New Canterbury road Queen street Fort street 9 Reed William 11 Doodler Si,,. Annie 13 Heine John 15 Henderson 3, Cann The 11011, J. IL, 3.1'., 3I,L.A., "IVIIIyitum" Croydon street 11 Bathgate D Length's! Albert 15 Bo y ne Ernest 27 Bill Warren 29 Hart Mrs. W. 31 5Inuldon Frank :33 Bridges Mrs. Annie, " Gordon" 15 Corbett Mortimor 19 Goddard Albert E. 48 Darke Miss E. H. II., " Leven House" 45 Bendel, Ernest, "0 mister' 47 Cleary Mrs. IL, 0 Flextenn Brighton street -49 Genders Wiihnin, grocer 51 :fake Phillip.53 31eNulty Mrs. (I. A. 155 I)uninett George.57 Delots Mrs Beath] Clarence 61 Lee Frank B., bontinaker 43 Spitler P., newsagent 65 Beesley John, greengreeer Ileavey Mrs. E., ham and beef shop -69 Love Mrs. 11, grocer Fisher's reserve 79 St. Aubyis Mrs. 81 Wilton Henry Herbert.83 White J. 85 Stenner G. 57 Horne Mm. Elizabeth 59 WIlbow Mm, Matilda, confectioner Terminal Bereft.7Influ ony crossing Trafalgar afruf 91 Crammowl C. IL, auctioneer, home, land and estate a gent, Tel., 86 re. 93 Watson G., tinsmill1 95 Prince A. B., plumber *7 Post and 'Telegraph Office Henry 3loyse, postmaster Fisher street Queen street 1 Peters James Bailie, Morrie John, " ielantlie" Morris Miss AL M., teacher of musk MeGoweis Hon. J. B. T., M.L.A., J.P. Fort street 8 Casey Frank 10 Shaw Horatio 12 linwell It. J. 14 Lonelum Frank, "Lily Bank" 16 Abluirtat Andrew, " Palace View" 42 Wearne Mrs. 11, L. 44 Maddlson Mrs. 51 Lry Andreas street 40 Gray John Michael 48 Leonard Thomas 50 Moylon Mrs. Louisa -52 Oliver George 54 Grigg F. It 50 Henderson John L., "Cilenband" 58 "'owlet, William, "Shadeshrook" 60 William John, " Sydeitham Brighton street 74 Fox James, bateber 76 I/spans Mrs, Willielmina 73 Valence F. SO Williams A. II. 82 Spence Andrew.84 Hawkins M. J. 85 -McConville IVillIaho. bootmaker 88 Nelson Mrs. Grace, "EdLtiwilIo" 90 Stomm MIRI Si. 8, 94 James Alfred E. " Ingalbn" &art etroef _ 96 McGrath Al Mime!, " Llsinuse" 106 Parsons George 108 Britton Harold 110 nuke Michael South arenue Railtary crossing 112 Priest Samuel 1, taller 118 Abel Daeld, plumber and ironmonger Sadtier's crescent %wilier & Hoyle, estate agent' Mintier A. G. MO Ridley F. J., printer 132 DI/MUO 11., confectioner 134 Melon 0. R., chemist 133 Kirby Mrs. P. it Son, Ltd., f 'Mend directors 140 Skims Col,, tobacconist 142 Johnson George G., library 114 Government Swings Bank of N.S.W. G. 11, Edmondson, Mgr Reynolds Mrs. B. M. boardinghouse 150 King Joseph IL, boot shop 152 Pepper John, stationer 154 Bush Miss, confectioner 158 Sitnewm William, tabrocordst 160 Favaloro V., fruiterer ParraMatta ROad-8011th side Johnston street to Long Cove road Bridge road Onkel it Dennis furriers hillroy and Shinnone, winslow blind factory 160 Winkworth C.& Son, piano repairers 162 Rickards Mrs. It. Roberts IL M., fruiterer 64 Coleman Ernest, fruiterer 166 Dewberry Mark J., pooltry shop 168 Whiteley W. G Ironmonger Northumberland avenue Bank of N.SW. (Am:end/de brane/g R. K. Whalely, manager 174 Larsen Mrs. F., draper 174 Bastion William J., plumber & drainer 176 M 'Merton & 0a, real estate agents 178 McGrath Harold, dental surgeon 182 Ringer Sewing ilbschno agency 184 Searle Miss, ladles' outfitter 186 WM teley IV. 0,, Inciter 148 Peterson 0.. confectioner MO Smith IV. II., hoot shop 51argoison George, Millard room Olympic Plethre Show 202 Cameron Mee., ladies outfitter 204 NVitisle II. IT., mow repair shop 200 Cameron Mrs., ladies' outfitter 208 Leanest Myer, dyer 219 Lawrence & Sens, tailors 212 Hicks bliss, milliner 218 Newmoulds A., furniture snarl 210 Dear D. it Co,, house furnishers 220 Govt. Savings Bank of FT.s,w,_. A. Lakeinan, manager 228 Brown J. 11., studio 230 East T. 0., baker 232 McGrath B,. hootmaker 231 Everinglialli Chfilli C., II outlet 236 Davidovitz Bernhardt, pawnbroker 238 Lee Yee, fruiterer 24 1) Walleee st 11., perambulator factory 242 Klinberg , boot shop 714 Byrt Mrs Si., Ophir laundry 246 Moser Harry G., fish shop 248 Lee Mrs. Ada, eecond.lumil clothier 250 Levi Alexander, fur:atm store 252 Cowing L., lam manufacturer 258 Moths John, furniture shop 261a Stolweather Fre ieriek, boot factory 264 Brodie it Co., wholesale saddlers Dixon A.. dealer Lelehhordt I iietilre Palace 310 Egon C. J., confectioner 0 I. er 314 Williams ICJ., second-band dealer 116 Alexander John, dentist 38 Jane Madam, coetumiere Kinseln Chas., undertaker 120 Ke y Alexander, piano 'showroom 322 floury Mrs. AL, fruiterer 324 Illerehmore P. P. 826 Lee Mrs. It. F., florist 1128 McGraw it McDonnell, costumieres street 842 Keogh Mrs, N., confectioner 814 to 818 Horton Arthur, Ltd., con shbuilders 156 Wirth F., phindier 358 Alurray-Goldie Madam, enstondore 100 Bernard W., secondhand dealer 862 Barney W., hootmaker 364 The Surrey Cyr's, and Motor Co Tanner Sirs. A. W., grocer 372 Haggett W. Bros coopers 311 &Baffin Army Barracks 880 Smith J. 0., conelsbnilder 392 Marne M. 15., irenfounder 144 Sullivan J., galvanised Ironworker 386 O'Sullivan Patriak J., fuel it produce 390 Tine ly F. and Cu.. estate egoist, BnIlIvant AraurIcc, Wilma saloon Petersham Inn --Michael Lehnne 392 Ilutchineon Arabi maid, beetesaker 394 Kennedy D..1.. sewhig machine depot son Rock' ilf AIrs../., confectioner 898 Welinelev W HIM 15dsvard, baker 402 SHIM' II. VIneent, (Leticia a 401 Efflott 516s S., infillecr 4011 Mowlds William, umbrella maker 408 Chapman IL, tailor 410 Cunningham John. awl:maker Lindley Ernest, furniture broker 416 Dean Staniee 3,, dentist 418 Citappohi B robbers. Milers 420 Gibson A. G., printers 422 Edwards Bros., motor and cycling works 424 Bell John, furniture dealer Charles street Baines D. & IF., house furnishers 420d Baffles D. & IV.. auctioneers 412a Oakley Mrs., ntilliner 32 United Friendly Soelaties' Dispensary Friendly Societies' boardroom Rem Walter 414 Webb D. W. it Sons, house agent. 436 James 0., hairdresser 38 Green Charles grocer 440 Laity Frederick, butcher 442 Leicliliardt, Petersham, and Annandale Starr-Bowkett Sooiety James P. Treadgoid. J.P., secretary 442 Castleman William IL, 3.P. 444 Standard Printing Works T. Connor, proprietor 46 Bank of Australaela C. AL Garrard, manager 418 Borten George, fruiterer 50 Clarenre hotel Jahn J. Kerrigan Crystal street Paton it Co., drapers Sheen A. F., boot Importer 82 Watson E. S., butcher. 61 Johnson Arthur, crockery shop 66 Pickett J. B., printer and stationer 68 Adams C. E., pastrycook 70 Folmar H. 0., newsagent & stationer 72 Colonial Art Frame Co, 74 Richards T., draper 76 Knight Mrs. 13. B., boot shop 80 Ateliratlis Llmitel,grocom Petersham street 92 bwinson John, " Ilium " Pereira( road 82 Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney, Limited A, H. Gregg.!.?., manager Evans II., J.P., Supply Stores 483 Alexander l e., hairdresser 441 Hudson limey A., swirlier, it 492 Wilton S. It., confectioner 491 Spooner A. J.. wntehmaker 490 P , boot store Lyons W, nut On., upholsterers Watson W. J., ironmonger 503 Evans Herbert, photographic Sterile racks Amon, draper 412 Bracks Amen, confectioner 514 Graff watelimaker 51e Bendier Mrs.. Distriot Registrar 518 Lane J. T., hairdresser 520 Ilident A. IL G., dentist 522 Hart Ernest. chemist Runway West Rose LEA., draper 112 Kremer 1 lenient pawnbroker 534 Davies Allied J., tailor 536 Vivian Ales. 0., fancy geode shop 540 Bridge Sirs. S., confectioner 542 Turnbull W. J., boot/linker minors Thames, eater 552 Whittle Mrs. P., &Minister Booth It., estate agent 554 LeichlutnIt, PeterahlUll and Diet Get Amateor Fishermen's Association 556 Ping W i lliam, greenerocer 559 Jensen S. rubber works Collins George, motor works 566 'Minter C. It., fruiterer Marks William J., produce mere,. 576 lidwortny Edward, cycle shop 580 Wakehans A., estate agent 582 Montgomery It, 0., plumber KILNERS LTD. Furniture Storers and Resnoviti Contractors. ITead O(llee, 41 Broadway, Sydney. TeiephOnes (all hours), , and L1013 (1111 hours). (See advt. in Alpha). Comities A. H., motor s :mincer Palnce street 592 Mindin A'. G., tailor 591 Hoy Airs. A. P. 594 Bendel' F. motor engineer Lnylintt I,. a., motor painter 1930 Saltier Frederick 604 lanitb Bros., Ifirrorie plaster manatee 612 elearthar James 614 Kin g Alf red 616 Adams George 618 Tneh In Joint %Vs farrier Of j Adams le, Fort St. Boys' High School A. J. Kilgour, BA., LL.13., headmaster 652 Flemming Slump' 654 Wild It. J it Sons, Ltd., carrion 662 Slyleehainno Wm. P., J. P.," Waratah' Garrick Nurse J. Andreas street 692 McMahon Sydney B., " Rosemore" Punch Mrs. It Walker J issues 710 Proctor William O. 712 Blanes 716 Bell James, boottaker Peke Mrs. Ada 718 bawls Welter Henry, confectioner 720 Foulston Arnold 722 mat Josopo Francis 724 Sullivan John Thomas 720 Nelson James 728 Smitb IVIlliam Weed worth street Station street 73074e Taylor Thoma s, oonabballder West street 716 Sloane E., greengrocer Bicklionse B, 748 Holland J. 750 Otsperson Inns 752 Delos! Arthur J. 754 l'imil Alfred P. 756 Brown Jaime 758 Lame IV. II. Juliersou T. F. Conurry Mrs. 3Inry E. 704 Parker George 766 Whettam Mrs. Frank Ii uutsiuley Mrs. Marian II motley Norman 51m-combo Mrs. Elizabeth 765 Rohr Mrs. J. 770 Johnstone Thomas A. 774 Homo Mrs. Sarah, grocer Can (nylon evert 770 Breen C. ism] Sens, terriers 704 Letrisbant hotel C. Si. Cooke Old Conle y bury road 812 Belt Jam. s E. 822 Hammond George E, 824 Swaim JO hit (For north side, see Leichhatolt) Percival Road (StanmOre) Parrantatta road to elation l'test side,ifferny road 2 Wiseman Mut 4 Cook Henry 6 Anderson Mimics A. 8 Tyler Wolter, Syriure" 10 Gibson Ilninillon Itoroona rood 12 Venus Frederick 14 Horton JAHNS 16 WillihIhni Waterman William 20 Merge Mrs. Mary, "Mona Yale" Trent arraee- 22 Iliggon Mrs. Eleanor thern George 26 Lafferty Augustine 29 Walker W. J., J.P., F LTA., account% 30 SenttJosenli 32 Cuthbert William 31 Rymer 31 Gs B., " Bellgrove" 36 Pox W., " Kimble 88 Smith Almost' der, " Highgate" Jfacauley road 40 Berisau George Welter deetist 42 WiLLIanis Mrs. Alloo " Edgell" 44 Beards Eilwsrd 46 Owen tools Albany ewe( 48 Deegan Sirs. Josephine 50 Funnel' William, "Cartiross" Biockedder Turmas Si 51cDoredd Angus. J.P. 50 Bourke Francis ayier John. Lynitside" 60 Hatton Jaws 62 Watts James J. 64 Barrett 60 McInnis I'. 68 Horwood T. 1). Caret:don road 70 Miller Peter 72 Cross Aliss 71 Wilson John, "Airdrie" 76 Horton Broad Joseph SO Yareborteri Albert.inmes,"Conisford" 82 Austin William Henry Barren Alfred 84 Evans " lupines Villa" 86 CT NolII IV, D. Alyrite street 88 McBride Alls.s I., milliner PO Menem Miss E,. confnotioner 92 King F. J., tobacconist Ponces Area Headquarter ' N. S. Wales State Bakery 98 Booker Mrs. AL. milliner 100 Davis 1'. Its chemist 02 B ailey l',, ha m and beef shop 104 Bleinirdson J. K.., wntelininkor 106 Roper 15. MOTU Ulid dmper 108 Diugle Etch ol II., bootinaker 110 Wheeler Miss Mks', Mist 11111ilire 112 Dunn Sirs. It., confectioner lit BOHVIH Fantail,Stan mom Fruit Palace 1111 Keir 11% onsao, gricer Temple street Hotel Salimbory W111 bon OVOIIS 120 Goldman 3Ins., ladles' outfitters 122 Ford Mos, I. am' p sky cooks 21!Hey William. rowdier 120 Ailotta 1., fruiterer 28 Boss S. it Son, pastry cooks 30 Pam s II., newsagent 132 Rayner I,.. mulet 138 We It Intir e i t 110 U nriliner U. T., h aledre-seri etc, East aide Staismor Rialto.. to l'arennutfla roast Wilkie J., hairdresser 115 Ventin g.81,i,lfhvitfil:;;;forof Haellises o how maker 105 Edwards Smiles, bootmaker Arthur 103 Guil s e T., hotelier t lui Brawn wer mel, Clyde Lanudry 99 Davis 51iniuntetur het Cc. 07 Fitzhugh Henry A., Installer 05 A b Ill. W. 93 Fitzhugh bleary A. 01 Keels Walter St. Sohn 89 Price %own. Uleter House" 87 Atelrerlitne Watt, "Stoke" er H Edward ''Hissing" love J., grocer Aloe up road 49 Best Edwin A., " Woremora" 47 Restin g!' William 0., " Edna" Kyle y Robert, ''Edna" Stile it. 43 Humphreys Clarence Bruce 41 De w er lttooi e ttery say* ro i i 39 Moss Mi. is osi s., 30 Smith li Miss F. 38 Stedwerl Edward G., "Vera" 31 Mann Be:Gamin 279 Apiligle K Jya trinies. rei,3arae n. burn" 25 POIchard I VIIIIani 23 Fitch Charles 0., "Werrima" 21 Catlett S. It., Is 'Mona' 19 Fox Patrick, " Alontro s e ".1seeltentrose" 17 ayde n &UMW H!, "Glendilda" 15 Towle Ge "East Anglia" 13 Walker Jciain!leistenTaoti,7 11 Donnelly James, "Wickham" 9 Martin David 7 Meek littlish William P. 5 Smith W. 1f. 3!bermes Moi A. B. If., teacher muds Dudley II. IL O., arehiket 1 Shannon Itoliert, builder, " Lydbrook"" Petersham Street Parrainetta road to Fort street 1 Littlo Isaiah ourt: 111": 131;11hitir il 7 Tyne Edward 0 Layton Martin 11 Lenletio James 13 Fount 'fits stunts 15 Capet Sirs. A. 17 Weis la, 10 Land Ernest 11rs B 21 Wool Charles G., "Dales" 23 Dixon Matthew 11. W. WOOD; COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. ma OFFICE: BID CURIE STREET. 'PHONE 9229 CITY THE MOST COMPETENT AND LEAST COSTLY FUNERAL DIRECTORS IN AUSTRALASIA

7 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR MOTORISTS' WANTS AND MOTOR GOODS. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ALL ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES. 776 Pig PETERSHAM. Rai Reg PETERSHAM Sea 777 Piggott Street (Dulwich Hilt) 34 Clarkson Harry Regent Street Rowley Street (Stanmerel 81 Sherrell Harry, " Kingston " New Canterbur y road to Long Cove creek New Canterbury road to Trafalgar street north side 2 Hunt Mrs. Jessie, "Glen Roy" 7 Twitch Guisippe, "Claremont" 4 Bowes Tadlch Nicholas Mrs. Emma," Coronella" 5 Fagan Leo Thomas 0 Ritchie Mrs. S. 3 Collits P. 8 Popper Samuel, "Beulah" 10 Hyman J. B., "Roslyn" West aide Boulevard Denison road Peters Thomas 11. Craigle Mrs. Ada Donaldson Albert Arthur Stanley Soria) side 1 Darragh Henry Hem?' C., "Silvordine" 3 Kay Dudley, 5 Smith Mrs. E., "Trentham" 7 Harrison Douglas F. P Jackson William 11 Smith Also 13 Hawes Mrs. C. Boulevard 17 Blake Robert L. 19 Stewart Miss Lily Gallagher Mrs. Elizabeth 23 Gapps Arthur 25 McKenzie afr,, E. 27 Coy Cyril 29 Lambeth Albert Charles, " Ronslake" 33 Sheldon Arthur J. 37 Garnett Louis F. S9 KOIIIII Miss M. 41 Drew Robert H. B., "Sylvania" 43 Sim George, "Scotleigh" 45 Smith David, "Seaforth" 47 Goodfell w Thomas J. 49 Beard William H. Denison road Cotterill F. C. Stephens George Henry D. Queen Street Crystal to Palace street Peterson Samuel L., plmnber "I Heaton Patrick J. 3 Thompson Mrs. A. t5 Hadfield John Railway street Pinkerton Herbert, pnstrycook Robert Rushton William Connabeer Robert Oxley Charles S. Campbell Alexander.Garrett Gordon, "Bonnie Doan" Robertson W. H., "Ferntree House" Murray Leslie R. Evans H., timber yard Wilton H., bootmaker Watson W. J., timber yard Railway Avenue (Stanmore) Kingston road to Douglas street Harrington J. W. Bennett A., milk vendor Cantrell Sidney V, "Roslyn" 2 Lloyd Robert W. 4 Carter Miss Eveline, general store Cardigan sfreet 6 Thomas Mrs. B., "Wilga" 8 Clare E., "Eddington" 10 O'Neill John, "Irene" 12 Millsard Ernest, "Otago" 14 Keane Ernest, Mora" 36 Wauchope Hugh, "Wrisford" 38 Bruce Robbie, 'Coniston" 40 Clifton Samuel 42 Orr Albert Lincoln street 50 Randall Mrs M., "Dundoos Durham street 54 Atkin William 08 Holland Richard 58 Sell Walter 60 McKean John 02 Phillips William John 14 Miller John 60 Walker F. J. 68 Baker John 70 Shirley Alfred Warwick street 72 O'Brien H. 74 Morrie Mrs. Annie 76 Duckett Alfred J. 78 O'Connell William 80 Heap Ambrose 82 line Robert 86 Garbutt Mrs. Mary, "Marieville" 88 Fletcher James Loveridge Mrs. Agnes Mitchell Charles William 90 Blake Mrs. IL Johnstone James Surrey street 94 Douglas Mrs.Annte Douglas Cecil Charles Hogan William Joseph 96 Willis William 98 Jackson Louis A. 100 Collis John T. 102 Barry Richard, J.P. 104 Norman A. J. 106 Kent Charles, "Brooklyn" 108 Roberts James II. 110 Armstrong B. B. 112 Lawrenson R. H. Cooper rt Sons' pickle and condiment factory Railway Street Parramatta road to Terminus street 1 Allen Percy 3 Phillips Mrs. 5 Windscuttle Herman Elswick street 7 Ryan Sirs. N. T. Armstrong W. S. T., "Montana" Fort street 21 Cheshire Mrs. Amy 23 Gibson John 25 Densley William 27 Burrows J. T. it Sons, plumbers Croydon street 31 Graham William 33 Sharp B. J. Joyce Albert V. 33 McIntosh Charles, "Lyn Bank" 35 Furey George 37 Harper Charles J., "Leven Bank" 39 Owen Miss S. 41 Elphinstone Walter 43 Elffi 'moue Mrs. E. 45 Flodin Mrs. Haunall Brighton street Nigliet Peter 47 Hill John T. 49 Gillespie Mrs Sophia H. 51 Bowes John Godfrey McDonald Hugh J. Gray Nurse B. M. hay H. A. and Co house agebts Quern street 2 Vanbell Peter 4 Scarf Michael G. 8 Nettleton George W. 10 Hals Thomas George 12 Rudder H. A., Li'., "Dalkeith" 14 Browne William 10 Jocelyn Charles, "Ruhanoth" lffit Wolstenhohne Herbert 18 Fell Charles Frederick Fort street 20 Lawrence Mrs. Agnes, "Batonga" 22 Itiffiliard Radford 30 Vaughan Roberts G. W. 32 Aveling Henry Congregational School Hall Rathmore School Miss Short 34 Gilbert Mrs. Marguerite, " Yambah " 36 Jamieson John J. t?rorlon street Murray Mrs. Mary, "Milton" 48 O'Brien Denis Brighton street Station hotel Edwin T. Colley 60 Murray Mrs. Alice M., dressmaker 52 Miller William Dunckley Miss B., confectioner 58 Bennett Mrs. E. 60 Young Frederick It. 62 McGowan Sydney 64 Salter John Elder William John 66 Fleming Charles 68 Hartley William Henry 70 Oslington Daniel 72 Kircher Mrs. A., grocer Carrington Hotel A. J. Slather Railway Terrace (Lowisham) 1 Gordon street to Old Canterbury road 1 Hough Sirs. E. P. 3 Hughes Richard 5 O'Reilly Mrs. Ellen, " Montalban" West street 7 Edwards Edward 9 Jones Mrs. M, 11 Raymond Mrs. Florence 13 Fortune J. D. Burton A, W., dental surgeon Fraser road Cole W. H., confectioner Wainwright G., grocer O'Brien Biome tt. Co., real est. agents Varidell Francis C.. butcher Lawieham Post, Telegraph Office and Money Order Office Kin g Miss H., postmistress and store Sheerly 311as K., confectioner 20 De Mayers Herbert, fish shop Campbell tt Richardson, confeet'rs Victoria street Lewisham Railway Station Isaac Rankin, stationmaster 35 Burnet H. Russell, chemist Foley T. J.,.1.P., house and land agent 41 Delanders William 43 McCormick Thomas 45 Beeson Mrs. Mary Allen Archie Fisher street 4 Wilkinson Miss 2 West John H., "OswInn Robert Street Crystal to Charles street 20 Royal Frederick 18 Clarey William 16 Ryan William 14 Chandler John C., J.P. 12 Harding Henry, " Halstead" 10 Pauiett George 8 Jenner Mrs. Eva 6 Byrnes Andrew 4 Gates Mrs Susan 27 Elliott Mrs. Annie, confectioner Elliott John 25 Smith L., "Rubyville". 21 Williams Henry 0., "Rosebank" 21a A4ori Arthur 21 Joel Silas 19 Peak Alfred 17 Jones Mrs. C. 15 Moffitt Joseph 13 Fookes Francis A., " Leong/tuft" Gardner Mrs. M. J. Rosedale Street Old Canterbury to Windsor road 2 Taylor Colin 4 Wynne Charles 6 Diamond Mrs. Emma, "Hawthorne" 8 O'Neill H. J., solicitor, "St. Omer" 10 Land Walter J., "Sylvia" 12 Leckie William IL 14 Newton Frank 20 Baker James K. 24 McKenzie thigh 26 Stephenson Charles 28 Gimber Christopher 30 O'Brien Joseph 1 Rote Mrs., " Lusignan" S Driver William 5 Nelson Mrs. C. 7 Corcoran Mrs. L. 0 Pewter G. 11 Murray Thomas 13 Spark William 15 Beanies Percy L. 17 Laird Moss 21 Wallace Robert, "Rayner" 23 Nash Thomas II. 25 Bowden Walter 27 Wiseman Thomas Ross Street New Canterbury road to Cobar street 2 Atkins Ernest F. 4 Cleaver George, "Elvin" 6 Miller Francis, "Itasewood" 8 Harris Fred, "Leversedgc" 10 Page T., " Mascotte " 12 Roseby J. W., J.P., " Jemclaglitur " 16 Rowlands 1Villiain B., "Corns" Between Warrerck and Surrey street Durham street 2 Mattlearmad Peter 4 Knight Cronies 6 Stokes Christian W. Nurr.T street Dunn John W. Sadlier's Crescent lance to Gordon stryet 1 Smith Frederick W.," Oakton 3 Boardman Benjamin, "Woodsied" 5 Wilson Nude 7 Kirkwood Mrs. F. J., "Dundee" 9 31nckney William G. McKerchan Mrs. Si. E. Connor Miss E Richardson Mrs. T., "Rosebank" 13 Liter:1y Mrs. Mary 15 Cole Thomas 17 Deana Mrs. K. 19 Brown Mrs. L. E. 21 Jenkins William 2 Frozzard Robert W., "Ashlea" 4 Hough William 6 Turner Harold W.," Laura" 8 Bone William C., "Louvaino" 10 Carlton Mrs. Robert," Boiramble " Nelson place 16 Jenkins James 18 Burns Edward J. 20 Holmes James 22 Skeet' W. T. St. John Street (Lewisham) From Thomas street 2 Rouse T. II. 4 Rout William 6 Kirby Patrick 10 Prendergast Michael 12 Allen Albert 14 Young John 16 Fletcher. Leonard Old Canterbury road 20 Hopson Charles 22 Shirley Joseph 24 Wilson II. F. 28 O'Sullivan John From Long Cove creek Old Canterbury road Hughes James, " Anirossan Cottage" Salisbury Road (Stanmore) Percival road to Bridge road and Stafford street 139 Pratt Harry, boot shop 137 Beeton Charles, produce store 135 Dreves Edwd., carrier 133 Goodwin and Sons, farriers 121 Kilner's Furniture Store 110 Deakin & Ewing, Ltd., preserved ginger manufacturers 117 Boss J., yeast manufacturer 115 Johnson Percival 113 McGovern Patrick 111 Watson A. J. 109 Wheeling Daniel 107 O'Neill 105 Laing Walter IL 79 Goodwin Thomas, 'Brighton" 77 Pascoe Claud II. 75 Keys Norman. " FaIrleigh" Ilarrex Arthur 71 Miller John IL, "Gladstone" 69 Green J. Maher, J.P. 67 Edmunds James W. 65 Vale Robert 63 McMillen Mrs. A., "Perth" Cl Rawlins Mrs. Alice," Dundee" 59 Judd John 57 Butler C. W., "Eric" 55 Roloner Hermann, " Alpha Whittle Albert E. 51 Weekley Mrs. A. Maidment Mrs. Owen 40 Leek., "The Nook" 47 Fahey Mrs. H., "Glasgow" 45 Hockey A. 43 Whelan Mrs. Jane," Glen Ayr" 41 Bailin Sirs. J. 39 Day Walter Alfred 37 Hotson E. A. 35 Sheen! Thomas 33 Marlow Charles L. 31 Shepherd Norman, "Clyde" 29 Hodge William, "Contra" r.erroiwAtil tbt iersa 25 Peard Henry T. 23 Gallagher Patrick, " Noncom" 21 IIDaruplIta iromn Mrs. street Wylie G. (J., grocer Stafford street Johnston Claude, "Jasper" Bevan C. F., "Bembrooka" Baxter Miss V., "Wiston" 1111 sell )0111eZrubelri te 5.. "Rosemont" Robinson Michael F. Myrtle street Gardiner Mrs. Alice, "Gowrle" Bond Percival, "1,ossie" Cohen William, "Blair" Sortormbe land avenue 50 Treiberg Michael, "Rosetta" 48 Williams Vincent, "Summit's 46 Jarvis Charles W., "Ascot' 44 Newton Thomas 42 Scott Frederick W., "Hilda" 40 Catlin Miss 11., "Minya" 36 Walters Leonard II., "To Mamma" 34 Young Robert," Montrose" 32 Hama Frank, "St. Elmo" 30 31eManus Patrick, "Ambrose" 28 Dallas Thomas 26 Walters Albert Ernest Roberts J. II., butcher Bridge road Sean l Street Off Palace street 2 Smith Miss K. A., costumier 4 Hogan Miss Winifred 8 Hurley John Be Muir Arh 7t7iren..4Jr.e, nuseainsbury" " 10 Hayter Mrs. E. 12 Neil Peter 14 Wood Alexander 10 Isihlller George V. 18 Gartrell George 20 Beatus Ernest, "Leyburn " 10 Buckingham William II. 59 Barrell Robert li., contractor, painter 47 Nixon Albert 103 Taylor Joseph 31.," Tudor" 22 Godfrey Reginald J.," To Mamma" 18 McCarthy Francis 55 Scott H. 49 Smith J. 1 Redden Ames 101 Smith Mrs. II. 11., "Yendys 24 Stephens Horace, "Ilinemon" 20 Bell James Frederick, "Dorothy" 57 McKenzie Thomas J. 51 PryorRiebard 3 Crook Vivian, "Trolawney" 99 Lazarus Charles, "Rozallla" 26 Plant Henry.22 Davis George L. MI Fosszard Mrs. T. Spalding William," Olyndon Villa" 5 W 'Munn; George R., " Gladstone " 03 Walker L. B. 28 Cowan William, "Kartimbla" 24 Moore Ernest 01 Salter D. 59 Gibson Alexander, "Florence" 7 Lonnon G. 11., " Wyoming" 89 Thompson W. S. 30 Ewan Jews Stafford street 03 Hill John 61 Burns George P. 9 Webb Charles Henry. "Avondale " 87 Christian H. D. 32 Manchester Barton, "Veronica" 30 Blackall George 05 Woodbridge H. 63 Campbell J. H. 11 Jessep Eldred, " Vermont 85 Allen Oswald Roy 34 Gerringe Rich. Stark, "Alberta" 32 Mitchell James Alexander 07 Johnston J. Old Canterbury road 13 Moore Mrs. Mary Ann, "Lefroy" 83 Aiken William, "Coonlnoo" 36 Ingham M.." Dapto" WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS. SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION AS FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND CONTRACTORS WE SERVE ALL WITH EOUITY AND ECONOMY

8 ft ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM. ON THE HISTORIC SLOPE OF BRICKFIELD HILL 778 Sho PETERSHAM. Sta Sum PETE RSHAM. Too 779 &art street continued- 38!bison William H. 40 Goldsmith II. Watson Harvey, "The Link" 1 Argent Charles 3 Ayres Waller 7 Steiger Jack 9 Tanner Mrs. Emma 11 Dewline Mrs. Eliza 33 Mucks W. 15 Beswatd Thorns. W., builder 17 Harvey Francis 19 Fitzpatrick Austin 21 Packhein George, "Mallen," 23 Lee IL E. '' Meldaviii" 25 McRitchie William W. 20 Bell R. 0., "Meant" 31 Barton Ernest $3 Houseman Alexander 36 O'Dea Mrs. Mary 37 Langford Mrs. K. 30 Valentine 'Robert Jacob, "BenInge' 41 Grant James 43 BaMick Walter, "Athos" 45 Wren James 47 Stephens Victor, "Brooklyn" Short Street (Lewisham) Victoria street to Long Cove creek 4 Coates William 2 Leonard Michael 1 Williams Alfred J., dairykeeper South Avenue OJT Palace street 10 Longwell W. R "Blair House" 8 nukes Arthur H., "Athol House" 6 Tall Frederick 4 Smith Charles 2 Miller David Stafford Street (Stanmore) Runway avenue to Salisbury road 78 McLeod Alexander M. 76 Tempt Hobert," InvermaT 74 Cameron D. 72 Squires Ernest, "Irma" 70 Walcot Frederick, "Decry" 68 Creagh James 48 Tempest R. Thos., "Stafford Cottage" 64 Stewart Nurse F. 62 Gibson John, "Darlington" 60 Fell Mrs. L., "Normanville" 68 Taw Charles 56 Weeder John 52 Bailey William 50 Upham William 48 Austin J. 46 Kenny Thomas 44 McCarthy William, grocer Rowley street 42 Mulligan Lawrence 40 Flood Henry, " Belford" 38 Hansen Frederick W., "Partma" 36 McCarthy Charles F., Kai Ora" 34 Armstrong Robert E. 32 Mackay James George, "Strathern" 30 Brown A. H., J.P., "Cranbrook" 28 Sanders Luke 26 Calov Mrs Mary, "Ophir" 24 Butterworth Robert, "York" 22 Fuller Andrew 20 Whymark William, dairy, "Monett" 20a Moran William 18 Schrowder Robert 16 Acton Henry, "Elba" 14 Poole George, "Terara' 12 Bennett H., "Clinton" 10 Single Harold, "Claude" 8 Higlett George H. 6 Byrne 0. 4 Herford Oliver 2 Morris Albert W. 63 Smellier James W. 50 Slack John, 'Tyrone 57 Mole Leonard 55 Love William, " Oakleigh " 53 Perkinson Mrs. A. C., "Abington" 51 Curry Alfred S. _49 Halpin Charles C. W. 47 Colleen) Thom, " Hillside" 45 ROSS E. A. 43 Emden Mrs. E. 41 Dunstcn Bert ram Bowley sir: et 32 Myelin Joseph 37 Pope William, "Onehunga" 35 Poole William, "Mylora" 33 Smith Ernest J., "Arketone 31 Mutton Frederick 29 Wiseman. 21 Ward Andrew Geork 0. Ventnor " 25 O'Neill J. 23 Wagner Charles," Kiddie ".21 Crimson John 19 Bowers E J. 17 Walmsley Edwin, "Devon" lba Barnes W illiam, " Lynwood 15 Anstey John, "Leura" 13 Arnold George, "Denbigh" 11 Wright Mrs E. It. 9 Crimmings John 7 Hand Arthur," Brixtonr 5 Hands Arthur, June. 3 Fleece William Charles, "Dudley" 1 Harvey John, " Glen Leigh" Stanley Street (Stanmore) Douglas street to Gordon crescent 2 Leth George Morton 4 Baldwin Arthur J. 6 Bluedell George II. 8 Field Thomas 10 Trinder William J. 12 Breeze Edward 14 MeCredie Alfred Stanm ore Road Liberty to Crystal street 43 Hawkins Mrs. gate 45 Leary Mrs. Ester 47 Carter G. II. 49 It be, tson A. 51 Bullock William II., plumber 53 liar Wilfred G. 55 Webb It. 57 Martin Albert, " Longview " Caines Herbert C., '"I'afel Cop" 61 Beaver Charles " 11dington " 63 Newton Edward II. M., solicitor, etc. 65 Morton James G., " Montana " 67 MeCrimmon john 60 Reid Mrs. E. 71 Bailey Mrs. Alexander 73 Palfreyman Wm. A. 75 Crawford Mrs. 77 Houninge Joseph 83 Peell Duncan 85 Loss Edward H., teacher of dancing 87 Scott Walter 89 Nelson Mrs. J., "Cairngorm" Nelson Percy W., surveyor 91 Gregory William H., " Kooringa" 93 Gunner Arthur 95 Anderson Mrs. A. O., "Guyra" 97 Spence Miss Enpliemia, "Rollingeten" 99 Eme. son Mrs. Miran, Rosemead" 101 nett, Miss Ivy, teacher of violin 103 Williams William, "Ewiturst" 105 King Albert, "Fairmount" 123 Sharp William 125 Hooper Charin g C. 127 Maguire Mrs. M. A. 120 Johnson Mrs. M. Merchant street 183 Doyle AL H. 135 Barnett W. A. 137 Isaacs Samuel 139 Dargin IL 141 Dixon Percival W., teacher of piano 148 Parker Miss Lily 145 I fainliton Thomas 147 Grant William 140 Ilarris George Frearson 161 race Mrs. S. 163 Hudson John William 155 Everinghatn L., "Tarn" 157 Hellion Fred Tick, " Almapala " 169 Falliek Samuel, builder 161 Reidy Mrs. Mary 163 Abrahains Timms 165 Hungerfonl Mrs. Emily A. 167 Melloy John 169 Brett Harry 177 Bradley Mrs. Louisa 179 McCann James 181 West W. 185 Pickering Mrs.Winifred,"Losele Brae" 103 Fylfe Miss.M., costuntlere 105 Maloney Mrs. Mary 208 Green MN. J. 205 Blundell Alfred, "Iolanthe " 207 Hargraves IV. Henry, JP,, "Ingomar" Holt street 215 Cooper Arthur Marlton 210 Riley Nicholas F. 221 Ford B. W., architect 223 Lusby John, 011yebank" 231 McDonald & Arnold Misses, school 293 Clark John A. 2 Stacey Mrs. I. 243 Kench Rev. ST. T (Pres.) 247 Cowlishaw George, "Grassmero" 251 Hooper Williatn A., "Itosstrovor" 253, Cadell Archibald 255 Closing 1'. S., grocer 59 Pickering John S. 68 Kimble John 265 Perry Samuel 267 Chard Frederick 269 Safety Charles W. 271 Nelson Mrs. P.. "Gateshead House" Merlon street 275 Kneen Walter Henry Ware Mrs. Agnes 277 Bonamy Jams A., "Cooeo" comm Mrs R. 283 Pocock George 285 Semple Mrs. Mary L. 287 Bailing E. V., plosician and surgeon 491 Birch U. 0., physician and surgeon 293 Jur,1 William A. 295 Johnston Daniel 299 Couchinsn James 319 Woodman S. J., motor body builder 321 Davy Ernest H., butcher Condemn) Janie., furrier Clarke Sydney, blacksmith 823 Ilenderson A., bootmaker Roperoun street 326 Goddard Rev. Canon R. E., M.A. (C. of E.) All Saints (C. of E.) Church street 327 Scotts B. C., butcher 329 Fleming L., fruiterer 331 Vose Mrs., draper 335 Wainwright M. F., grocer crystal street Station Street Parramatta road (o 8earl street 11 Sentence Bates 13 Ewin Milton Wesley.15 Batson Thomas 17 Smith Alm 19 Clowes Henry 21 Rico Mrs. M. 3% 23 Flood Reginald 25 Flood Percy 27 Galloway Archibald W. Oissy terrace- 43 Rowe Thomas NV. 45 Meredith Patrick 47 Aarons Mrs. 49 Hegarty John 11 Marshall George 53 Walker illiam Arthur 57 Henderson Mrs. 10'm Maher Mrs. M. 66 MeNiece James H.,"Ballnrat," optician 07 Toms Sire. AimjelImi, " Roseville Toms E. R., "Devon" 09 Yapp Herbert E., "Ilarlida" 71 Jennings Charles Henry 73 Staples It. B. 75 Conway I'atrick 77 Perry Walter 79 Ilarbridge Mrs. M. A. 81 Everett J. 83 Cahill Thomas 85 Logan Permenas, "Ediclar" 87 Berkman John 89 Hig gins Arthur S., "Kew" 91 Jones Thomas "Richmond" 93 Quint) Alfred 05 Fahey Edward, "Aston" Park terrace- 97 Stokes Fred 99 Blair William 101 Turner Alfred 103 O'Breen Eric 105 Walsh Miss Mary, general store 107 Murtagli Martin. "Kembla" 109 O'Shea William, "Underley" 111 Whitehead AL 113 Monday Austin Joseph 116 Sharpe Walter Brighton street 121 Hodkinson Arthur 123 Thompson William Henry 125 Stnith Mrs. Elizabeth 127 Scott Mrs. Elizabeth 129 Winter Ituport ( Anlezark Alfred Edward 138 Geary Frederick 135 McCarthy T. J. The Park Eden cottages Hastings John, dairy 4 Ashby S. G. E. 6 Benison IV. J. 8 Cartwright Ernest 10 Curtiss Samuel 12 Meredith Robert 16 Green William A., " Weetalabah".18 Falls Frank, "Coreen" 20 Wood II. E., "Hartlepool" 22 Williams Arthur E., "Elwick" 24 Acland R. E., "WolvIston" Brighton street 34 Doyle Mrs. A. 33 Filsell Nixon Henry Flisell Mrs. Elizabeth 38 Taylor James Summer Hill Street (Lewisham) Old Canterbury road to Victoria street 2 Newton Mrs. Jane 4 Bratithwalte Joseph Fred street 1 Tuke Mrs. H. D. 3 Messer Arthur 5 Dunne Miss C. Surrey Street (Stanmore) Railway avenue to Marmara lane Smith H. 6 Hobbs William H. 4 Pike Reuben William 2 Wilson II. 111., grocer 1 Aiken Alexander 3 Hunt George 5 'Burke Michael 7 McDougall Joseph, J.P. Coffee William 11 Dingle Vivian Nelson 13 Rigney Edward Temple Street (Stanmore) Alban!, to Percival road 42 Gove John B. 40 Doswell James E. 38 Emorton Jams IV. 31 Reid David, " Lepgra" Bruce street 30 Thompson James 28 Cunningham Miss 26 Reid Frederick 24 Dickinson Mre. Hate," Karoona" 22 Lemaire Mrs. E A., "Bethany" 20 Sharp Mrs. Olivia, " Rosneath " tin James, " Glenorry " 16 Pike, "Melrose" 14 Coyle Edward," Beryldon" 12 Andrews James, "Elsieville" 10 Rote Edward C., "Norwood" 8 Cunnninge Mrs. AL, "Selwyn " 6 Foster Henry Thomas, "Corinna" 4 Williams K. A. Warn H. E. 2 Perkins William South aide 61 McGregor John W. 19 Scott Arthur 67 Kibble George, "Watford" 65 Flashman Mrs. II. Totnos" 53 Firth Walter G., "Modbury" 51 Gallaeher W, IL 49 O'Brien, Hem), 47 Smith William Richard 45 Lammed Janice 41 Poole C. T.. solicitor," ElvIre " Poole L. N., solicitor 99 Short George Bruce street Thompson T. G., grocer 35 What/lore Mrs. I., " Nonnanlitust" Meek William 93 Banks Harry W., " Beaulieu " 31 Davis 29 Brady Percy Dobson, "Ascot" 27 Bevan Frank, "St. Elmo" 25 McOla-en Frederick 23 Offord George, " Kilburn 21 Lang Mrs. Margaret, " Hendon" 19 McLeod Neil, "Tynwald 17 Lester Charl"s.P., "Walton" 15 Tierney John 13 Sutton Thomas," Denbeigh " 11 Brookinnii Miss L. 9 13ryant Charles 5 Blackadder Thomas 3 Mason Mrs. IC., " Brighton" Terminus Street Palace to Crystal street 60 Cleary Clarence 54 Tisdale George 52 McQueen Mrs. A., dressmaker 60 Jackson H. Bartlett terrace- 48 Gregg Frank 46 Flotenee Mrs. F. E. 44 Taylor John 40 Seater James 38 Vassie George 30 Taylor Ernest Melamby 34 Juliffe A. H., "Tartan" 32 Jackson Mrs. Elizabeth, "Montrose" Carrington hotel A. J. Mather Railway street 28 Oxenhaut Richard Tyrer Thomas 24 Evans Constantine Scott A. E. 20 Vincent Mrs. Annie 16 Licence Arthur 14 Bnekley John 12 Bowen W. M. 10 Sinai t WilliamF. 8 NOWIORII 6 Riddell Thomas J., "Rylong " 4 Morris Donald 2 Davidson( George Dutllold William, " Warrambueca" Petersham Railway Station Terry Roud Windsor road to Long Core creek Moore Alfred 8 Baxter George Itailuay line 4 Fletcher John 2 Moir Thomas W. Long Come creek to Windsor road Townsend Frederick Ambrosi Mts. S. Levy Owen, "Ophir" cat A. L liailway line Brien Mrs. Margaret Thomas Street (Lewisham) West street to Lewisham station Christian Broth( rs' school St. Thomas Sup. Girls' High School Convent of the Maternal Ileart The Barging Sisters of the Little Compahy of Mary. Phelan Rev. Father Thos., Presbytery St. Thomas ( R.C.) Church Lewisham w Stactslotn side 2 Richmond Mrs. 4 Bryden.1. 6 Skelly IL Fl Middle Thomas D. 14 Train Frederick 16 Jarman Charles 18 Herington John Richard, " Glidarb" 20 Morelli Joseph Reed Albert Ambrose 26 Cliddey Frank, "Claremont" Carrington street 28 Gelson F. W. 20 Johns II. N., "Claudean" 32 Corbett Martineer 34 Robinson John S., "St. Thomas" Barker street 36 Johnston Mrs. Mary A. 42 Penrson Ansa 46 Clarke W. S., teacher of music 48 Irwin F. W. 50 Looms Mrs. AL, confectioner Toothill Street (Lewisham) New Canterbury road to Old Canterbury road Boulevard Denison road 31 Armstrong Robert, greengrocer 29 Duffy Mrs. A., grocer Duffy George 27 Sweeney Edward 25 Rose Frederick J., "Milton Cottage" 23 Moore Robert, "'Rowe 21 Towers John Frederick, "Newhaven" 19 Chandler It. II. Victoria street 15 Dynan Albert, "Penryn" 13 ()aloe H. C., "Tuan" 11 Ilanrallen John B., "St. Pierre" 9 Morris IL H. 67 \SNI'lli iitshia. LC., "Keniivell" 3 Sullivan Michael A. I Garrett Samuel, "Wniroa" WOOD, COFFILL 41 COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 SEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 CITY THE LARGEST FIRM OF UNDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE

9 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR LADIES' KID AND FABRIC GLOVES. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE WHITE SEWING MACHINE. 780 Tra PETE RSH AM. Vic War PETE RS HAM. Wes 781 Toothill street (Lewishana)contintsed- Wost side. Boulevard 24 Morris David 22 Barry Robert, J.P.. "Tatmareagis" 20 Skinner Mrs. Ada Alice 18 Jobson Frederick Denison road 14 Hinwood John H. 12a Christie James," Lynwood" 12 Roberts Henry, "Wailed,'" Victoria street 10 flanks Rev. B. (Meth.), "Portreath" 8 Hunter George, "Aloha" 6 Matterson Joseph," St. Ives 4 Donnelly John, " Claremont 2 Dawson James, Inspeetor of schools Trafalgar Street (Stanmere) Liberty street to Palace street 1 Kenny Thonme 3 Milestone If. 5 Richardson Charles, (even builder 7 Beegling Dr. D. IL, M D, 9 Matthews John )(air 11 Kerr Mrs. Frances 13 Collett Mrs. Dorothy A. 15 Dent Thomas IL,.I.P., auctioneer Dent Roy G. 1., soliciter 17 Thomas Reuben W. 19 Waring Joseph, "Ormond" 21 Gibson Julian 23 Kitt John Ilenry, "%Milne" 25 Berms Leslie W. 27 Shaw David 29 Jen ins '1', 11., " Clifton 31 Jervis R. IL," Cremona" 33 Davie James Edward. 35 Coticom Frank 37 Johnston Joseph F. 39 Watson Mrs. K. 41 Thear George 43 Bullock Ernest 45 Russell Mrs. Margaret 47 Smith Capt. E. 40 Archibald Stanley 51 L0811 Mrs. Leila, "Itronow" Evan. II. IL 53 MoCauley Wilson, cab proprietor 65 Etch' John, " Woodside " 57 Mantova Alfred 61 Crichton William F., " Roseville" 63 Robert. Phillip, Hillereet" 65 Thomas James 07 Jacobs Mrs. Ellen E., "Surrey" Harrow road Doggie Ernest, " Horace Ville 85 Nisbet William Si. 87 Payton 80 Ford John 91 Humphries Bruce 93 Oarless George 95 Redden Mrs. J. 97 Ellem Thome 09 Cleary Mrs, Olive 101 Schubert E. J. llolf street Stamens Railway Station Cambo(doe street Post and Telegraph Office public Telephone 115 Leggo Henry T., J.P., "Inglewood" 117 Moxham Herbert G. 119 Bourke Mrs. A., "Olenthorne" 121 Salmon Alexander, "Roskear " 123 Davies Miss M. 127 Pierce A. IL, "Wangonilla" Aubrey street 129 Callow Robert 131 Sit dilands F. J. 133 Couldery Thomas, " Frankleigh " 185 Couldel y Thomas, junr., "Lynwood" 137 Friend Mrs. A., " Aubyn" 139 Tailby sire. E. 141 Munro Miss E.," Chester " 143 Davison Mrs. Jane 145 Mulholland Frederick 1). 151 Hughes Mrs. Anne 153 Brown Mrs. M., costundere 155 Robinson Edward 157 Beattie George Merton street 163 Goodin Percy F., "Bonak" Constantine hire. L Browne Miss Margaret 107 Tindall Frederick 169 Bowron 171 Charlton Alfred 173 Meredith George 175 Dumbrell W. II. 177 Walton Francis M. Bent street 181 Nunn William, "To Where" 183 While John, " Quin " llopetoun street 185 Rostron Mrs H. 187 Madera William G. Church stre.-t Crystal street (Petersham) 189 O'Brien Miss Kathleen Si., B.A., girls' grammar b Nelson Nile 193 KOMICtly Mrs. Sophia, "Kingalt" 105 Phelan William W., "Esperalla" 1e7 Cempbell Alexander, "Havilah" 199 eliliee Ernest, 201 Sainsbury James, " Escien pia Sainsbury A., dentist, "EscoMpla" 203 Gffinnery Sire. itlizaoeth 205 kin lvy Frank A., " Estella" 200 Jane 8 John, "Terms" Regent street 211 Ritchie Samuel, J.P., valuator, house, land, estate a d general OUT11. mlesion age To. 121 Petersham. 213 Collings Mrs. Sarah, "Merydale" 215 Cameron Ewen, "Sava Vulu 217 Morris Charles, "Holuiselliu" 210 Watsou William Ball A.., engineer Jones W., wood and coal yard Davies M. and Co., lime merchents 217 Dembrell Themes 239 Newton E A., dentist Orammond 0. Ii, auctioneer, house, land and estate agent. Palace street Burns E. dt W., cement merchants Railway Goods Shod Gordon street rel. 86 Pet. Union Street New Canterbury to Constitution road 43 Donohoe James John '11'11Bit George 37 Sinclair William 35 Clarke ii Collins Robert 27 Wassail Mrs. Henry 25 Garrick George J. '13 stailley Joseph Noble Henry de Save statiley Knight William A., "Probed" Sheringharn Major C. Fry Charles Edward, "Sylvia" 13 Pink Edwin 11 Macken James Fitzgibben Percy J, 7 Morris William 5 Meet's' Charism 3 Mitchell Ch irtes 1 Haynes Walter May street Jesmond stress. 4 Campbell F., dalrykeeper Vioteria Street (Lewisham) Davis street to Railtyay terrace 183 Mansergh John 179 Mackey Mrs. D. 177 King Ilerbert 175 Goesedge Joseph 173 Langman Herman, J.P.,"Westralits" 1. I Stinison William 169 Pyke Dieu 167 Ward James 165 Moore Arthur E., "Trentrant" 103 Durkin Patrick, "Tarkwa". eimpson l'eter, "Oabarita" Birrell John, "Glei.roy" 159 Bum Hugh Spencer Mrs. Caroline Smell H lary,"yerryina" Addison Miss b, "V loletville" Tighe 0, "Brighton" 151 Hindle Albert Edward 149 Kemple Thomas 147 Frost Daniel G., "Esporance" 145a Brown Miss Ilonorla 145 Todd Victor, "Bloomsbury" 143 Byron Robert, " Thornby 141 Thompson Sidney Robert, "Clifton" 137 Barn It Thomas 135 Sinclair Charles, teacher of dancing 131 Sinclair Edward 131 Cliumbell John II., dairyman 129 Near William D. 127 hlillingion Abraham 125 Wickham Mrs Ettwerd MN. Ada Slthant street 117 Young Fredk. Henry,"Itiith Cottage" 115 Ste.eart Fuomeriek 113 Spillane Kingsmill, "Trebor" Ill I rice A. IV,," Strathalityn" lee Baker Mrs J. 107 William Harry, "Pensleigh 105 Keeny Putriek 103 Wheatley John, "Thorittcroft" 101 Entry W. G. 07 Aplin George W. 95 Freeman Mrs. 93 Bradshaw T. M. 91 Knye F. C., carrier 8/ Colley Michael 87 Thomas James 85 Ardill William southwe 1 Ruv, W. A. (Bap.) 83 Roe Alma 81 Abel Mrs. II. 70 Geoghegan Robert 77 Roseitilial L. 75 Patterson Mrs. J. 73 Melon Alexander," Strathdon " 71 Roberts Robert 69 hickillop is P. 87 Turner W. G., "Norwood" 65 Slab h Frank Lewis, " Iona" 03 ef Iller William H., "Weerona" Foothill street 61 Connelly Mies J. 59 Swum rville James 67 Ryan Timothy 55 Barraclous It Mrs. W. IL, "Marmion" 53 Crothers William J., J.P. III Connors S Hemming Harry A. 45 Mas ey A.b. rt 43 Bryant John W. 41 Whelan lohn "floimleigh" 33 Jatnes st. Co., estate agents 24 Milleank s D. 27 Jacobs Mrs. E. 25 Minnie William 23 Kennedy William 21 Hart Henry Herbert Wenlys- Jo.1., asphalting works Glover Bert, confectioner Hobbs street 13 Cornell William J., grocer 11 Murray James, newsagent, dm. Womyss H. S., fuel merchant, etc. Lewisham Picture Show 140 Branelly Mrs. Margaret 138 Bell William 136 MeGregor James 134 Wilcox William 128 WIeley Isaac 126 hfansergh Mrs. II., grocer Nelson street 124 Beard Henry 122 Cables W. J. Little street Albert terrace- 120 Quinn Mrs. Ellen, laundry 118 Norris Mrs. A. 110 Nolan Mrs. Ada 114 Lindsay George 112 Kennedy Doneld A. 110 Hill John R., printer Short street 108 Leonard Michael 106 Allan George Pegram George 104 Milder II., greengrocer 102 G rtfliths Ernest J. 98 Gill Mrs. 94 Doyle hire. Frances 02 Faulkner George, grocer RIthant street 90 Ladd C. T. 98 Crouch Matthew 1:10 O'Donaglioe Andrew, "Zealandia" 84 Martin G. H., estate ageut 82 Si trshall Henry 90 George Mrs, E. 78 Gould Alfred 76 O'Neill Mrs. Margaret 74 Steele If. J. 70 Johnstone Charles Si. 68 Moss Thomas James, painter 66 Buckley Cornelius 414 Scnsgg Mrs. A., costumier 62 Mann David Summer Hill street 60 Gannon Alfred C. 58 Gray William J. D., " Locksley " 56 Acland Robert 62 Wilcox Wilson, Doraville 50 Mackenzie Mrs. Si. F. 48 Astrid& William H. 46 Patmore Harold G. Toot hill street 42 Webb John A. 38 Cusiter Alexander, "St. Gla" 36 Walsh Mrs. Mary 34 Mason Robert A. 32 Bond W. V, 30 Muller George, "Dunronald" 28 Burgoyne Joseph 25 Herlihy F. J. Henry street 20 White Thonuts,'bontmaker 22 Steer Charles, plumber 24 Priffilles, LW.. importers 24a Vincent George, fruiterer Reynolds W. R., butcher Jubilee street 18 Robinson LaWSOU 16 Walker G. T., estate agent 14 Smith Edward J. 12 Scott Mies Mary, dressmaker 10 Borne Miss II., fruiterer Richardson O., ham and beef shop Jones R., hairdresser 6a Hudson A., fruiterer Keir Josiah, boottneker 4 Wallace A. H grocer 2 Burnet H. Russell, chemist Warwick Street (Stanmoro) Railway avenue to Ro tley street 25 Clarke Herbert Henry, " Abernyte" 23 Mellurtrie James," Laurestinus" 21 Leliane Patrick 19 McGee LassTenise 17 Argue Williatn II. 13 Jolly Mrs. Mary 11 Ellis Charles 9 Bolton William 7 Bullets Joseph 5 0 rantham Mrs. L. 3 Smith Mrs. T. 1 O'Neill Williatn 28 Roach John 26 Phillips Mozart 24 Becton Charles 20 Beecroft Mrs. 18 Godfrey Sirs, 16 Welton Louis 14 Herlihy Sirs, Sarah 12 Thompson Thotuas 10 Search George 8 Harris Thomas, 'Long Ashton " 6 White John 4 Shirt Charles 2 Tosh Arthur Wentworth Street Parratnatta mad. through park to Brighton street 3 McGrath James, "Lynwood" Heiellway.Tames 0., " Marcia" 7 Green John F. W., "Wyrallak" 9 Butler Mrs. Si. J., "Liddell" 11 Vernon David, "Lynton" 15 Wenholz Mrs Emily 17 Trezlse Alfred, "Argyle" 19 Bayley Frederick 21 Pearce A., " Waverton" West Street (Lewisham) Parramatta road to New Canterbury road The park Kitching Harold Victor, painter Hungers MI s Si., "ParkvIew" 5 Plikethley John S. 7 Retallack Oswald J. Brighton street 17 Doyle Michael 19 Jones George 21 Kireitener W. 28 Lauder John 25 Fraser Mrs. P. 27 Sherrin g Movie 29 Kelleher Mrs. Mary Railway bridge Railway terrace- 81 Hardy It bert, "Mathoura" 33 Phelps Mrs. L. 35 Lee Mrs. Amy, Ratimalt 37 Mayhew Wilihun Campbell George Presbyterian Church 30 Trathen Jernes S., "Torquay" 41 liarriw Miss. I. A., "Allawalt" 43 Donaldson Mrs. Annie, "Clifton" 45 Culbert Mrs. M., "Hill Crest" 47 Seddon If., "La :Annette" 49 Oloran Martin 51 Anderson Robert 63 Ramsay Thomas J. 7'/outs street Kelleherlhl re. Si. Lewisham General Hospital Convent of the Maternal Heart of Mary St. Thomas' (R.C.) Cemetery Private Hospital of Miming Sisters Railtvay bridge 2 Geoid Mrs. B., "Llangarvan " 4 Clarke William, " Merixton" 8 Boston W.. "Lubrinn 10 Halle Harry Boulevard 22 Public School 24 Elliott Miss 0., " Cartnyle 26 Gordon Rev, G. A., B.A. 2$ Keepeuce Henry, "Kithira" 82 O'Neill Michael 34 Byrnes Robert G. 36 Lloyd Alfred Si., "Meylo" 38 Messer William 40 Biggs Miss Emily, "Thames Villa" 42 McDougall William Westbonrne Street Crystal street to Annandale estate 112 Sinclair William lb u Foster F. 108 Reekley Fred. 106 Blackburn George Arnold W. (L. "Ferndale" 102 Jones Owen, " Garmouth 100 Walton Christopher 98 Olsen Charles J. 96 I.ester James," Greenleigh" 94 McBain James G. 92 Schott Edmund 90 Catferattl Miss Regina 88 Mathews 86 Timms Alfred 84 Alexander John 82 Lainit Mrs, It. 80 McEvoy Peter 78 Oonst George James 76 Rourke A. J. 74 Lowrey Samuel 72 Brown W. A.. piano repairer 70 Campbell Alexander 68 Richardson A. P. 04 Jones Thomas, "Moans" 62 Briggs A. H. 0., "Walnut" Charles street 60 Vaughan George 58 II ulconry Daniel 56 Milligan James, "Deptine " 52 Ilitchin Percy 50 fitting Thomas H., " Clifton" 48 Flemin g Thomas 46 Brice Vincent, " Adair" 41 Wicks Williamn II. 42 Creole J W. 40 Seeley Wilton 36 Daley Michael 34 McCortnack W y Robert, " Inglewood" 30 Masters Percy II. 28 Olutplin John 24 Smitlt Harry 22 fillies Chris 20 Hodges Frank 18 Mares TI101/ Hartnett W. E. 14 Stnith Iferbert,"SunnysIde" 12 Atherson Tom 10 Wheeler Mrs. Si. J. 8 Volck Joseph, " Geissen" 6 Fart ow Sties Rasa, artist 4 Ritchie Mrs. Ellen," Halcyon" 2 Davidson Daniel 181 Carmichael A., '.Fairlight" Cobb William. " Myee 129 Hepburn J., " Koree" 127 Alextueler It. J. 125 Calver Robert 123 Wilson G Walker George It.," Brenda" 119 Phillips Mrs. C., " Caning" 117 Thompson Charles 115 BIrkett Ernest 113 Morgan Mrs. Elizabeth 111 Dwyer, "LtudavIlle" WOOD, MILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M " IMPORTERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF UNDERTAKERS' SUPPLIES, PORCELAIN WREATHS, CROSSES, &C.

10 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR SAFETY RAZORS AND STROPS. 782 Wes PETERSHAM. Yul Wedbourne at, eel continued- 107 Rolfe Henry 105 Evans Bassett 103 Byron William Henry 101 Clark Donald, " Orzil " 99 Curley Thomas 97 Evans Robert 95 Smith Sydney 93 Diamond Mrs. Flora 91 Challace James 89 Ionn F. S. 87 McFarlane William 85 Howley Albert 83 Mason Frederick 81 Thompson Alexander 79 Frakes William 77 Cameron M. 75 Rose Henry 71 Beard Robert 69 Campbell William, boottnaker 67 3facfarlano W., removal contractor Charles street 85 Braithwaite Sydney 63 Thompson James H. 131 Smith Mrs. Mary 59 Keegan James W. 57 Foran Edward," Renncen" 55 Ledingthun George Finley 33 Pearce John 51 Kennedy G. F. 40 Parker Henry, "Carisrulle" 47 Finigan Mrs. Agnes, ladies' nurse 43 Fowler It. J. 41 Sirman John 39 Montgomery Alex. 37 Lannon Mrs. M. A. 35 Dunn Mrs. Jessie 33 Hawker Arthur M., "Windsor House' 27 Howie A. G. 25 Wilton Mrs. Elizabeth 23 Cempbell William James 21 Brooks Mrs. Emily 19 Hearne Martin 17 Andrews Thomas 15 Antiss Robert 13 Heaney Edward 11 Gentile Mrs. Emily Gentile Joseph Foran E. T asphalter 7 Walter Mrs. Agnes 3 Wiseman Mrs. 1 Croker J. H. Weston Street Edward street to Davies street 3 Prince Frank 5 Mason William D. 7 McKensie Erie 11 Cannon John 13 Thomas A. E. 15 Hook Edwin J. 17 Thomas Frederick John 21 Symonds Etlwin 23 Murphy Timothy 25 Weakly At thur 27 Whiting Rowley 20 Mason Mrs. Mary 81 Hall Harry 12 Woodham Alexander 14 Bell W. 10 Adams Fred 18 Dixon James 90 Tourney Robert 22 Mitchell W. 112 Fay John William Street (Lewisham) Old Canterbury road to Brown at, Set Elliott Alban Bradford Frederick B. C. Windsor Road Old Canterbury road to Constitution road 1 Bennett T. A. 3 Everitt Joseph 5 Taylor James 11 Dunshea Frederick 13 Westoll Frederick C. 15 Cooke George 17 Bindoll Alfred 21 Griffiths Mrs. C. 23 Lake Eric Channel street 27 Knox Andrew, astir., grocer 19 Taylor Miss Charlotte '- 31 Phillips H. IL 33 Moulden George H. "Harmony" 43 Roessler Peter Phillip 45 Braithwaite D. 49 Pearson Francis Steele Forbes Weston street Hird Percy Joseph Davis street 05 Wilcox Charles 67 Carroll William 73 Eckel Miss Violet 76 Moyle William Terry street 77 Capps Charles 79 Ellis Charles 81 Parr James Bush Edwin 87 O'Donovan John, "Havelook" 89 Flattish James 91 Selma Albert 93 Shoolbaek Mrs. Eliza 95 Davies Mrs. Elizabeth 105 Martin George A. "Lue Vine" 107 Watkinson Mrs. John," Bonnie Doon " 111 Gown Richard, J.P. 113 Oranfleld Cliff, d, teacher of piano 119 Fear Mrs. A., " Wideombe " 2 Potter Henry 10 Muller Albert Carl, "Fassifern" 12 Gilbert T. 14 McGlynn Bernard 16 Rankine T. It. 20 Kearns Frederick, "Ethane " 22 Mensergh Miss Henrietta 24 Cook Nurse Lucy. " Myeo" 20 Morris Robert, contractor 28 hake Thomas, "Lynwood" 30 Loft Charles 32 Seimoas John, " Milvorton" 34 Oaths George R. 36 Marland Caleb 38 Warwick Thomas Dowling Raymond J. 41 Mitchell Wesley 46 Woodward Frederick Fairmount street 48 Jackaman O. W., "Brent*" 50 Locke G. B. 62 WIseman E Cave Percy 58 Crawford John 60 Moran Edward 62 Williamson Edward, general store Rosedale street 61 Bullivant Sidney 66 Pitt Frederick 68 Witiddett Percy 70 Kitchen Albert, "Aguldnect" 72 Gibbs Charles, J.P.," Iona" 74 Burton John, "Knocknarney" Hampstead road 80 Wal. li Reginald, "Bannury" 82 Alsop Samuel, "Rhyddlan" 84 Cooke Gideon Hector. "Salopia" 86 Maxwell Maurice, " Maxwella" 88 Brooks Mrs. J., "Yarrous" 90 Lam Arthur Edgar "Kingston" 92 Johnson Mrs. E., "Kiora" 94 Ball William H., "Rosemoor " 96 Tidy F. 0, "Buswood" 98 Baker George 100 Hampden Henry 102 Bartlett Richard H. 104 Lockwood Thomas 112 Johnson Albert G. 114 Keane William 116 Casey William 118 Manning %V. F. 120 Manny J. H. 122 Ralph Edward 124 Petschlor Frank 120 Vahrenkamp Charles, "Etitelbert'' York Crescent Of Crystal street 16 Lapraik Mrs. 'tithe 14 Cragg Edward B. 12 Daniels George 10 Robertson William 8 Tuoker Robert John 6 Davis James Joseph 4 Dawson Mrs. Mary 2 Norman Hollister G. Yule Street ' Crystal street to Cannon street 98 Childs Mrs. E. 96 Edwards Frederick H. Truman Mrs. Maria, " Cheltenham 94 Mackie Mrs. Josephine 90 Bowmaker A. W. 88 Simmons John 86 Campbt II Robert 84 13oulton Jacob, tailor 82 Gough Mrs. M. A. 80 Foulds David 78 Sparrow Cheri s J. 70 Perks Thomas 74 Brigden Sydney 72 Norris W. II. 70 O'Colino: Mrs. S. 68 Peters Francis James, "Gletiara" 66 Boyd Archibald 64 Naylor George 62b Law Clement H., " Marella" 62a Smith William V., grocer Charles street 62 Richards George 60 Silvester 58 Reynolds William 54 Anderson Mrs. Sarah 52 Baines George P. 50 Griffen A., picture framer 48 Dunn John J., "EdithvIlle" 46 Marshall Fred 44 Doherty George 42 Morgan Thomas 40 Brown William 38 Smith Mrs. A. 36 Burt Mrs. H. 34 Palmer Charles 30 Hunt John Robert 28 Thomas Edm ard 20 Ward John 24 Gilchrist William 22 Duckworth Joseph 20 Ireland John 18 Rasmussen Peter, "Dania" 16 Lemon George 14 Davies Walter 131 Hogg George 129 Barker George Turrell Samuel 125 Haliburton William 123 Southwood James.21 Saxton Miss K. 119 Drew Mrs. Annie 117 Collins Michael 115 Callaway Arthur 113 Redfern Herbert, "Cambria" ANTHONY HORDERNS' STATIONERY, BOOKS AND TYPEWRITERS. 109 McCrea Alexander James 107 McGrath Michael B6 Norris A. W. 103 Smith Mrs Lediard 09 Chester Mrs. Kato 97 Hunter Charles S. 05 Bartlett Mrs. Kate, milliner 93 Foord Harry Thomas 91 Berekelman William F. 89 Webb Alexander 87 Brown Mrs. Frances Mary Ohaeles street Toomey J., greengrocer Wood Joseph Edward 81 Magann Miss Rose Add PROSPECT AND SHERWOOD. Arc Kelly Thomas 77 Riley Frank B. 76 Wells Mrs. A. J. 73 Henry Arthur, "Oakliainpton" 71 Wright James 69 Vordich Paul 07 Stainton Mrs. Margaret 65 Hutcheson Victor, " Treadgold " 63 Pitmen John M. Cl Powell Albert 59 Dale Galley Richard, "Shirley" 67 Kerr Mrs. K. 55 Barden Mrs. Emma 63 Atwell Theodore 51 Mitchell Robert 49 Petersen S. 47 Richardson Edward Point Piper, see Woollahra. 45 Holl Mrs. Mary 43 Malley C. H. 41 Allen Benjamin 39 King Henry 37 Biffen 35 Armstrong William 33 Steer James L. 29 Williams A. R. 27 Nixon Henry, "blyreo" 25 Flookton Mrs. Olernentina 23 Clark Edward John 21 Day Henry George 19 Clark Mrs. J. E. 15 Berry Robert E. 13 Smith Colin Campbell 11 Williams Thomas PROSPECT AND SHERWOOD, INCLUDING MERRYLANDS, GUILDFORD, GOUGHTOWN, WESTMEAD HOLROYD WENTWORTHVILLE AND TOONGABBIE. BOUNDED on the north by Parthmatta and Great Western railway ; on the west by Prospect on the south Proclaimed 5th July, Streets about 176 miles. Improved capital value 800,000. Number of houses-2,000. by Smithfield and Prospect Creek ; arid on the east by Great Southern railway to Parramatta. Area about 221 square miles. Unimproved capital value-4600,000. Assessed annual value 200,000. Population about 10,000i Council meets every alternate Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. - Office hours Tuesday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Wednesday 10 n.m. to 3 p.m., Friday 30 am. to 3 p.m., and on Saturday 10 a.m. to 12. Robert Donnelly MAYOR ALDERMEN Frederick Tucker Jones G. W. Brewer John Kelly Benjamin Crowe, J.P. P. A. Paved, J.P. L. H. G. MeCredie, J.P. H. 0. King, J.P. Archibald John Webb Addleston Rowe (Merrylands) St. Anne Hill road to Cherisey avenue Seddon William Whitehead Edward Albert Parade (Guildford) Of Carrington road Wallace Cornelius Tamplin George L. Manley Mrs. Caroline Tamplin George F. Norris William Upton Mrs. Louisa Moxham William J. Cook Mrs. A. Cotterill William L. Gene G. W., builder Albert Street East (Guildford) Off Kenyon's road Boots Raymond Littlejohn Robert Nicholson Robert Council Chambers Arcadia street, Merrylands. Alexandra Street (Westmead) 0,1 Ilawtesbury road Young Frederick J., "Grendon" Hassan street Evans William Clough Robert Evans George H. Tisdell Albert, dairyman Parratnatta Park Alfred straet (Merrylands) Victoria parade to Ira/pole street Smith William Yapp Charles Holborn Toni Robertson John Allison Road (Guildford) Of water pipes (Tten:on street) Sweeney Mrs. IT. W. Seventh Day Adventist Ohurch Jiggles Frank E. Tyleo Mrs. C. 3f., grocer 09 O'Brien Michael E. TOWN CLERK George M. Shaw B. IV. Kelly, assistant clerk. OVERSEER OF WORKS AND INSPECTOR William Simmonds Amos Street (May's Hill) Parramatta park to Houison street Keith Mrs. Susan J., "Toxteth" Sheridan William Thornley Joseph Diamond John Apia Street (Guildford) Calliope street to IVater pipes McCormick James B. Day Harold (leering John Long Arthur Arcadia Street (Meirylande) Off Herrylands road Prospect and Sherwood Council Citbs. George M. Slum town clerk Fear Edward ' St. Matthews (C. of E.) Levy David Helier Mrs. Elizabeth Charnook James Nicholson Mrs. Mary J. WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 SEORIE ST., CITY. 'PHONE 9228 CITY PORCELAIN WREATHS. AND CROSSES, WE IMPORT AND HOLD THE FINEST ASSORTMENT IN AUSTRALIA

11 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FURNITURE STANDS IN ITS OWN CLASS. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES REIGN SUPREME. 784 Art PROSPECT AND SHERWOOD. Can Can PROSPECT AND SHERWOOD.. Els 785, Arthur Street (Merrylands) Gorman Mrs. Sarah Off Sherwood road Gibson Alexander - Coombs Joseph G. Cook Charles lierrylainis Police Station Skinner Harry Shedden Colin M. Fowles Arthur Crows Charles Jenkins James Butt Mrs. Edith Eden Charles Arthur Street (Victoria Park) Bette Road (bierrylands) Victoria parade to Factory street Patonville to Woodpark road Goff William F. Vidilni Frank," Hillside" Auburn Street (Sherwood) Sloane Alexander Pitt to Burnett strett Bowman Mrs. M. Rickard Rev. Richard H.,"Carrington" Binda Street (Holroyd) Cameron William Off Merrylands road Ainsworth Bert Overton John Croft Charles Webb James A. Jones Mrs. Harriett, " Boori " Chivers John Franklin street Miles George A. Leroy Alfred E. Birmingham Street (Merrylands) Bailey Street (1Vestmead) ort. Pitt street Off Ilawkesbury road North Mrs. AL A. Agnew P. H., commis.ion agent Elliott Arthur, coach builder Hassan street Parfitt William Rogers Geoffrey Willing William ff. Jessup Mrs. Matilda Reid Thomas Black Lane (Wentworthville) Off Old Prospect road Bangor Street (Guildford) Green Thomas Guildford road to Hawksview street Windemere Post Office Palmer Harry Hunt Frank Poole Thomas Hyland Mrs. Luke Chant Richard Off Adams John Bank Street (May's Hill) Blackwood Road (Merrylands) Steel street to Burnett street Off Burnett street Litman Walter II. Boundary Street (Sherwood). Goswell George Sydney road to Pitt street Edwards John Jones Alfred Simmonds William, "Coven" Soames William IL, J.P. Filby George Heave Richard J. Baroom Street (Holroyd) Williams William Off Fowler's avenue Kennedy Ernest O. Furlong Ernest J. Hargraves Mrs. Mary A. Watts Frank Crawford Charles Herrington Edward Orase Henry Smith James P. Evans E. Cook James S. Bristol Street (Holroyd Kenyon's road to Fowlers avenue Harrison Mrs Mary A. Harris James 0. Latty John, bootmaker Beattie William Burford Street (Merrylands> Off Merrylands road Duffy William Burnett Street (May's Hill) From Great Western to Guildford road' Purdue Mrs. A. A. McCallum 110c M. La n admen street Lohman Mrs. Hannah Crimea street Bowman street Auburn street Burnett Street (Holroyd) Blues Henry W. Lockwood street Gledhill Henry J. Faber Mrs. Rebecca J. Lookrey James J. Mills Walter Welehman Henry F. Erskine Mrs. Susan Hendry Quintin, "The Cottage" Richards street S pence Mrs. Mary Wilcox Henry Cartwright George A. Martin Luke Merrylands road Cann Street (Guildford) Off Military road south Gee George A., carpenter Kelly Daniel Gentleman Mrs. Matilda Herbert Alfred Cardigan Street (Guildford) Hawksview road to Guildford road Beggs Sydney S. Roberts William G. Davison Samuel Hoenger Itudolp Taylor Jack C. Scott John Andrews George M. Kleemeyer Diedrick Frankhnm Albert Elmer Mrs. M. Hayden Leslie Roberts Richard J. Cocks William Carrington Road (Guildford) Off Military road south Howlett Isaac Morgan Richard Nixon Percy Foster Henry W., "Retreat" Bacon John S. Robinson G. E., fuel merchant - Petersen Charles J. Stringer A. Cecil Street (Guildford) Off Military roud Fowles Stephen Ceoil Terrace (Merrylands) Elizabeth place to Myatt street Fowles Howanl T. Fowles Stephen Williams Mrs. M. E. Ifellquhan Frederick II. Bailey John Green Charles ' Hawkesview road Stein Harry C. Thompson Henry J. Ware Thomas G. Cutler George Hughes Amos R. Rawle Douglas Bradley Aubrey Moore J. Fiewitt Albert Salmon Michael Myatt street Scriven john E. Doyle James Searboro William J. Belmont street Bailey George Martin Henry Millim Oliver B. Mary street Adam Mrs. Priscilla Bunting Ernest Wheeler Nelson L. H. James street Ilawkesview road Chetwynd Grove (Guildford) Hatekesviete road to Guildford road Veron Henry A., " Mimosa" Clarke Thomas H. Aitkln Edward Wehrle O., " Walton " Kindred Airs. Mary A., nurse Bugg Joseph Hokin Arthur Hutchinson Miss I., "Rosary" Elaine street Beattie Miss G. F. H. Clyde Street (Guildford) Guildford to Ilawkesview road Walter John Ross Mrs. IL Ross Donald Allen John A. McLean James Nunn Frederick W., hat factory Bass Samuel N. C. (Mimi Ambrose Thomas Williams, C. Pauley Alfred H. Brion John, dray proprietor Welsh William Gerard Alfred E. Skinner George W. James street Tompsett William Irilliam street Cumberland Road (Went'ville> O g Meet ylands road Cripps William H. Kerr Alexander Kinlock James Davies Street (Morrylands) Off Merrylands road Vickers Joins Shepherd George Golding Alfred H. White Henry Sharpe Leslie Haddon Samuel Watkins M. Denmark Street (Merrylands> Off St. Anne's Hitt road McKenzie Duncan, Mora, oper Gannon Herbert, Maresca" Gannon Mrs. Jane, Desmond" Gates Alexander V. Corfleld Seymour, "To Kooti" Scott Ernest A. Byron Herbert F. Alexander Charles It. Lanhan George Ahoy Stephen. Barnes Leslie BoWron Thomas Milder George Conroy Martin J. Duthie Albert Hultman Mrs. Kathleen Tinson Oliver J. Byron Road (Guildford) Dunn Miss E. Blacknsore William, seur. Cartwright Robert Belmont Street (Merrylands) Mitchell Patrick It. Off Guildford road Hollier Joseph Smith Frederick H. Off Chetwynd grove Crutcher Albert E. Williams Mrs. M. Centenary Road (Merrylands) McGill George T. Bonser Henry MeOredie Mrs. G, " T.innwood" Off Merrylands road Morris James T. Coif-when Andrew Wright John 0. McOredie L. G. H.. J.P., "Li/Inwood" Kerz Mrs. Matilda ' Woodward Mrs. Emily Taylor Frank Trenton street Cockatoo Road (Smithfield) Childs Alfred Wade Mrs. All e M. H. Nolan Albert B. Warnock Matthew Off Cooper street Lockwood George Billington George W. Butler Thomas K. Morris William C. Off Kelly John Coleman Street (Merrylands) Wilson Thomas Adams Georee Howes George Shaw George M. 1Rll Top road to Western road Heness Albert O. Watkins William Anderson B. Boxsell Mrs. Ovi lairine,;01areament" Allen John C., orchardist Mackey John Barter George E. Kanter Francis Myles George htkerman street Carrington road Chelmsford Road (Wentworth- Peek George Prime Mark Shorter John,"!bubonic " Sanderson J. Johnson William H. Moore Patrick J. Calliope Street (Guildford) Of Old Prospect road Of Military road south Dowse Mrs. S. Bowden Street (Guildford) Cooper Street (Smithfield) Weissel William U. Off Bristol street Chertsey Avenue (Merrylands) Off Woodpark road Hollyoake Mrs. Martha Wadds Henry Collins James, "Itoseneath" Off Military road north Nelsen George G. Henget Edwin, " Oaklands" Littlefield William Crimea Street rmay's Hill) Greenfield John E. Bowman Street (Sherwood) Martin Alfred J. Byron Mrs. Sarah Of Burnett street Parkes John Burnett street to Pitt street Williams Richard, "Swansuore" Souter Charles R. Woods Robert, storekeeper Ainsley Richard Apia street Smith Joseph Howland Geor ge IT. MOXiMM Herbert Ghiginni Mrs. Louisa Crethers George Franklin street Oavanough Stephen Toogood Lawrence W. Williams Charles, "Oalmsley" Smith Albert Harvey John Banks John G. Wiltshire Albert Gene Edward, "Linden" O'Keefe Donis Goddings Herbert Dickson George T. - Farraway Henry W. Brinkman Mrs. Jane Horsfell William H. Hoare William Scott James Chortsey Street (Merrylands) 'Anderson John Merrylands road to St. Ann's Hill road Borah Road (Wentworthville) Bretnall Street (Merrylands) Moody Mrs. Elizabeth Lee/sons Mrs. H. A. Baptist Mission Hall Western road to Old Prospect road Burnett street to ivalpole street St. Patrick's Church (R.C4 Childs Mark Mather' Leslie W. Ellison L. Fairweather Joseph R. St. Joseph's Convent and School Moore George Boilett Mrs. M. Roulston Walter Evans R. Dixon Henry G. Roby Frederick J. O'Gorman James B. Cambridge Street (Merrylands) Stanford William Cross Road (Merrylands) Walker James W. Off Merrylands road Ohetwynd Grove (Merrylands) Meadowview road Bridge Road (May's Hill) Young Mrs. Jane Merryiands road to Hawkesview road Ibbett Richard S. Berwiok Street (Guildford) Western road to Great Western railway Hope Joins II. Williams John Guildford road to Ilawksvietv road Purdy Frederick J., "Essington" Ingram Oswald! Coleman Charles Crown Street (Sherwood) Stout Walter, "St. Ives" Graham George Dixon Harry Pitt street to James street Fussell William E. McKerin George, jun. Canal Road (Wentworthville) Horrigan Michael Hobson William MoKerin George, een. 09' Merrylands road Johnston Ansott H. Cook Rupert - Mackenzie Mrs. Joan Partridge Thomas, poultry farmer Kerr Frank, poultry farmer Dell George Littlejohn Ernest Desmond Street (Holroyd) Off Chettcynd grove Collier George Fowler's avenue Salmon Michael Miller Mrs. Maria Handel Sidney B., builder Hanley Edward Drew Street (May's HilI> Good to Homson street Burnett Robert Hayden Henry Sygrave William V. Kielily Arthur Moore John A. Horsey Mrs. B. Davison John Dursley Road (Fairfield) Pine road to Fairfield road Hodges Walter A. Sindel Robert C. Elizabeth Place (Guildford) otr Military road Young Arthur Ellis Street (Merrylands) Off Butt Top road Elsinore Street (Elsinore Park Estate, Merrylands) St. Anne's Bill road to Winchcombe street Henderson Andrew Gannon 5frs. E. J. Batson Eaton COFFILL AND COMPANY (sen WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY) 'PHONE 9226 CITY AS FUNERAL DIRECTORS WE RANK AMONGST THE LARGEST IN THE BRITISH EMPIRE

12 ANTHONY HORDERNS' ONLY UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS. NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. 786 Esp PROSPECT AND SHERWOOD. Gui Ham PROSPECT AND SHERWOOD.. Ken 78'r Esplanade, The (Guildford) Peters Miss Mary.6(ni/dforrl road to Ifawkesview road Desmond street.gipps Street (Wentworthville) Hampden Road (Wentworthville) Lingard Norman lnkerman Street (Sherwood) Poulton Edward G. Goff Sydney Off Old Prospect road Off old Prospect roast Crawford William R. Boundary street to Railway crescent Weeder' Francis IL Clay Robert Ison Frederick W. Jackson Robert - Entwistle Tom Off Rannard Leslie H. Good Street (May's Hill) Munro James, slaughteryard Whitton Charles Walters John Western road to Pie sleet School of Arts Merrylands Public School D. 'James Lewry W. O. Piggott Alfred H. Hough Thomas J. Jones John Cole Chart ci Brewer George W., J.P "Brentnor" Lowe Mrs. Mary, "Loretto" Meehan street Sweeney Pa rick Mrs. Emily Guy Miss Margaret Amos street Heath Street (Sherwood) Nelson John B. Jones Martin Coils John It., J.P., "Coolalie" Harold Street (Guildford) of Victoria parade Meehan street Haden Albert E. Watson William Coils Cecil A., "Gerehom Of Byron road Daubney Alfred Powlett Norman Sykes Nimrod Tyler George Anderson Mrs. Annie Yiles Albert Laverty Joseph Hawkes Alfred Thew street Mathias Ii Henson Street (Gonghtown) Langlois Thomas Howell Herbert, storekeeper Hawkes Frederick Ifernsworth Arthur Buckley Mrs. Alt ed J. Off Fowler's avenue Jones Martin Taunton Mrs. Mary Adam David Hutton Samuel Stuart,Robertson Charles E., 'Minnie Railway street lioness Charles W. Hawleetdese road Fong Mrs. Mabel Harris Street (Goughtown) Ville" Gilroy John, dairyman Desmond street to Ilawkesview road Smith John Irrigation Road (Merrylands). Wright 0. orge Fowler's Avenue (Guildford) Government Road (Merrylands) White Robert J. Mason street Jersey road to Centenary street - Wright Benjamin Hawkesview road to Guildford road Burnett street to Merrylands road Martin Mrs. J. I. Peel Mrs. S. L. Cross Daniel Rutherford Samuel Least. Charlet; G. IL road Harris Street (Guildford) Garrard Mrs. Isabella Nilson John (L, builder Ewing James Simpson Mrs. William Ilawkesvieso road to Guildford road Davies street Kttalong Road (Wentworthville) O'Connor street Willis William J. Rigelsford Mrs. 131Izal,eth, storekeeper Peel Thomas Western road to Old Prospert road Single H. H. and E. 0., dairymen Goff henry Selby Miss 13., "IVest Deno" Kelly Mrs. Mary Ann Smith Thomas Samuel Herbert Street (Merrylands) Hassell Street (Westmead) Mansfield Miss E. (Jepson Iliontas Deglovanni Peter Off Fowler's avenue Alexandra to l'ye street 'Thompson Hugh Guildford road Ho'der Samuel M. McFarlane Mrs. Grace Greystanes Road (Wentworth High Street Sherwoo d ) Bailey street Priddle street Parramatta boundary to Junction street King John G. King Alphonsus vine) French Harry, "Hilton" Down Samuel.Ashmore George Roman Mrs. 0. Western to Old Prospect road 'Whelan Daniel Gates Ernest Spence Albert M. Baker John IV., "Tiptree" Owen Reece A. Webb Mrs. Samuel Evans Leslie Jessop Oliver McDonald Miss M. W. Mottle street Northam Joseph H. Fairfield Road (Guildford) oir Kenyon's road Delmont Vincent, vigneron McAlpine McIntosh Whitehouse John 13. Shipley Albert IL, contractor Field George Fairfield Road (Fairfield) 0 1 Nnyon's road 'Thurling John Soper Frank Hodges Mrs. M. A. King James W., fruitgrower Fairfield Road (Merrylands) Rannard Edgar R., market gardener First Avenue (Wentworthville) Off Third street Walker Miss Ruth Ralston Norman B. Howard Oswald First Street (Wentworthville) Western road to railway Huntley Rollo IL," Thurlow Ferris Harold \V. Roberts Albert E. Adams Mrs. A. Thompsm Mrs. R. Nicholson Thomas Downes Stanley J. Leitiutrd E. Freeland Alexandria Matthews George H. A. Pencil Albert H. Here William Fourth Avenue (Wentworthville) Off First erect Wentworthville Public School Weekes Charles 13. Youth Street (Wentworthville) Off Second avenue Sefton Joseph. Fowlers' Avenue (Holroyd) iferrylands road to ilawkesdew road Drill Hall Kenyon's road fienson street Israel Benjamin Barnett George E. l'rice street Warren Mrs. Elizabeth Batkin Edward Ward William H. Anderson George Freebody Mrs. Jane Francis Street (Merrylands) lull Top road to Western road Walker Henry Tripp Thomas Davis Charles H., orchardist Frank Street (Guildford) Fowles's avenue to Albert street east Howard William II. Pipe Head Basin Horton William," Woodlands " Franklin Street (Sherwood) IVestern road to Auburn street Hall Ernest Andrews William 1111lIer Leslie J. Bain William Bank street Lansdowne street Hoffman Simon, poultry farmer Crimea street Bowman street Phillips Daniel F. Botts Miss Margaret E. Beater Mrs. Annie, dairykeeper Marks Morris Smith John, builder Napier street Gould Perey,'"Daphno" Smith Thomas Lansdown street Crtmea street Sheppard Albert Arthur Archibald Bowman street Pitt Row Public School Norris E. IL, schoolmaster Fullagar Road (Wentworthville) Bridge road to creek Rymer James H. Vaness Harry Latty Sidney E. Garfield Street (Wentworthville) Of. Second avenue Stanley Archibald Walker Miss Edith Tanner William H. Ormemd John Andrew Mrs. L. Lucas Alfred, "Foreston" Downs Phillip K. Grove, The (Guildford) O'Neill street to Esplanade Sowell Mrs. Amelia Shipton Mrs. Sarah Guernsey Street (Guildford) From Byron road to Military road Nixon Augustus W. Nixon Richard Poulton Richard R. Bernasconi Louis, picture framer Guildford Road (Guildfbrd) Guildford railway station to Fouler': avenue O'Neill Michael J., estate Agent Elder William 11., hairdresser Elite Hall Picture Theatre Finder Miss Elsie M., confectioner O'Neill street George Alexander, storekeeper Clift It. W., storekeeper Young NV. H., chemist The Esplanade Private II spital Nurse Grant McBeaty Boyd, fuel merchant Clyde street Cardigan slreet Chetwynd grove Bailey Michael J. Tompsett John J. Jamison John J. Police station Hoare Robert D. Crewes William J. Shorter William Kane street from railway. Me13eatty Robert J. Barrett Frederick, boottnaker Martin Mrs. Dorothy William Thomas Leannont A. Jagganl Mrs. Laura Pipe George Single Arthur B. Hagon Leonard IL Preble Lucas. Harwood Thomas S. Rust A. A. E,estate agent Byron road Guildford Presbyterian Church McKay Mrs. Sarah Skinner Ilerbert Harrison Mrs. Emma Carroll Lloyd Kalgannon James Westmend Railway Station. Alexandra street Malone Mrs. Ethel Weenie Henry Bailey street Hamilton Ram Jones Andrew, "Islington" Hart Herbert Hardy Priddle street Vogel George, constable Mende street Hawes Robert Molds street Hawkesbury Road (Westmead) Western road to Great Western railway Niesmann Hubert, "Deskfonl" Ralph Frank Houison Richard Giles George ge street Hovey Henry Freame W. G. Knight Thomas 21lowle street Smithers John, "Westella" Priodle street Heokenberg Ernest Brown Charles Hamilton William Bailey street Lovell John Hawkesview Road (Guildford) Fowler's avenue to Military road north Hawkes Mrs. Margaret Hawkes Charles Carson George Hughes Wiliim J. Harris street Leeton William R. Milligan William Moore James I. Moore Purvis I. Chetwynd grove. Welsh Martin Smith Rupert Megan! Joseph Menhir) Charles Kennedy William D. But gess W. Excel' Albert E. Sullivan Mrs. Bridget Watts Edward T. Cassidy Miss Nellie Kelly John McInerney John Hellyer James Abel William Tanen William Howleson Thomas Mot timer Ernest A. Gunton Arthur Hill Top Road (Merrylands) Off 11nroett street Ormsby Charles, " Burda " Coleman street Francis street Lerma Mrs. Emily Staughton Mark James Jessie Douglas Mrs. Amelia Holdsworth Street (Merrylands) Merrylands road to Matthew street Holroyd Road (Holroyd) Off Merry:ands road Lohman Alexander G. Alderney road Twigg Mrs. Edward Mendell George bliaw John H. Jenkins Thomas E Methodist Church Rawlings Mrs. Ellen A. Pattinson Matthew Monition Street (May's Hill) Weston road to l'ye street Alldis Rev. Canon John (C. of E.), "Royalist" Frost Stanley 0. Adams Peter Reinert James Raines George Raines. Simon Straeltaq Robert Amos street Johnson Frederick, boardinghouse Drew sweet Smith Herbert H. Hilismith Bros., poultry farm Hudson Avenue (Wentworthville) Off Bridge road to Lytton avenue Devine Frederick G. Hunt Street (Fairfield) NUMMI Mrs. Mary Herder William Off Whittaker road Ohler Charles J., poultry farmer Drosten Charles H. W., poultry farmer Coe Mrs. Thirza Coe John Austen William H. Soarinin Allagapen, physiolatt James Street (Sherwood) Crown street to Walpole street Lampshire Richard Peters William Collings William J. James Street (Merrylands) now called Desmond street Jersey Road (Wentworthville> Old Prospect road to Mrrylands road Pepper James A., dairykeeper Woods Frederick G. Burnett John Hyde Frederick G. Rogers John H. Sloan Robert." Rosedale " Hewson Mrs. Sarah Dennett Mrs. It. A. McMillin Arthur Ringrose George D., J.P.,"Swanland"" Haskins Mrs. Alice Leslie George Tanner Ernest Riddle Edwin Ranker' Francis J. Bona Anthony Watson James, "Tyne Cottage" Nelsk William Wittenburn Harold Ferrer John H. Jersey Road (Iderrylands). Merrylevuls roa.t to Irrigation street Hatcher William, poultry fanner Jordan Avenue (Wentworthville) 0/I Bridge road Collins Charles A. Smith Charles Thompson George Joyner Street (May's Hill) From Amos street to Western road Faulkner Alfred Johnston Archibald Davies Edward Junction Street (Sherwood), From Sydney road to Rallway fine Trollop William L. Kane Street (Guildford) Guilford road to Calliope sired Kenyon's Road (Birmingham-Holroyd) Wood gate road to Fowler's avenue Barry Gerald J., J.P., " 13urrymore" Lehmann Frederick W. Off Grubbert William Watters William Murphy, William J. Shepherd Thomas E. WOOD, COFFILL COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9227 MTV OUR FUNERAL EOUIPMENT is UNEXCELLED BY THAT OF ANY FIRM IN THE BRITISH EMPIRE, _

13 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE MAN ON THE LAND. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR POULTRY KEEPERS' REQUISITES. 788 Ken PROSPECT AND SHERWOOD. Mer Mer PROSPECT AND SHERWOOD. Old 789 lienyojt's road (Birm(ngham-Holroyd) continued Woolley Chitties France Silverstone Francis Colonial Fur Co., furriers Burrows Janice W. Devine Thomas J. ' Bush Mark Kenyon's Road (Merrylands) Johnson WM lam Rannard George E., farmer,"graeelde" Cullen William Coker Harry Fairfield road Kenyon's Road (Smithfield) Woodpark road to Prospect creek HoHier Co-mo Brodie Edward Anderson John, Woodside" Xilleen Avenue (Wentworthvilla) Off Bridge road Thomas G. Kelso James D. Bell Wilson King's Road (Holroyd) Ulf Centenary road Smithers Jeptha, " Hadlowville" Lackey Street (Loftus Park, Morrylands) Cecil terrace to Military road north Stanberg Victor Garrard Charles Landsdown Straet (May's Hill) Op Burnett street Derrell Stephen Deehan William Leigh Street (Merrylands) Off Hawkesview street Wileke Gustaf Blackmore William, jun. Nicholas George Warman Arthur Ward Benjamin Goff George Linwood Street (Guildford) McCredte road to Hunt street Lookwood Street (Merrylands) Burnett street to Merry:ands road Andersen Emil II. Grant William Tuckwell George, fuel merchant Dixson Henry E. Goddard Joseph McFarlane Street (Merrylands) Off Pitt street Toy A. Dailey Ernest Scott A. Ferguson Bros. & Co., brickworks Macquarie Read (Wentwortbville) tiff old Prospect Road Water Canal Corbett Thomas F. Waters Arthur Links Peter Monday Albert Stewart John Bryant Donald Lyle John Knight Frederick Hodson J. Cope Mrs. M. Pyke Jeffrey Wilson T. Pickle Wililain William James Thornhill Albert F. Nainby Frederick A. Major Road (Merrylands) Off Burnett street Deveson William G., "Wendorah" Manchester Street (Merrylands) Of Pitt street Dennis Josiah Young Albert Mealy George II. It, Market Road (Merrylands) Off Merrylands road Levy John Bartlett Mrs. L., "Avondale" Marsden Street (Sherwood) Boundary street to Railway Street Ardill George F. Beaumont Walter J. McInnis Mrs. Emma Gill James 'Denser William Mary Street (Merrylands) Military road north to Chetwynd grore Hardie Thomas Edwards Henry Tilley Mrs. M. Flint George Travers Thomas Carmichael John Spilsted John Gouvernett Jules Sparkes Samuel S. Hentiereon W. Westerman Mrs. Mary L. Bowman George R. Wilicacks E. Treasure Gannon budget 0. Off Norris Henry J. M. Jones Mrs. Sarah A. Timm Leonard S. Wade George P. Lennox Mrs. Sarah Euer Alfred Ridden Robert Meehan Street (Sherwood) Sydney road to James street Flynn James Rowland Henry Whiting Alfred H. Draper Edwin Draper John H. Whatmore Edgar Deed James Spence Mrs. Alice Goldstein Frank Cook J. Fitzgerald John Raiding Walter Montgomery John Symonds Henry Pearson Allen Bales William J. Herbert Henry B. Delnney Mrs. Maud Barter Mrs. Lucy Staughton John Lambert Charles /liken/inn street Hazelton.lohn Hughes Edward Internam street Teasdoll Mrs. Emily Smith Harry E. Callihan Benjamin Morrylands Road (Morrylands) Merrylands station to Old Prospect road Esliek Richard H., stationmaster Bower Mrs. Florence newsagent Pitt street Loekrey J.. real estate agent Spence Mrs. Mary, storekeeper Hone J. & Sons, blacksmiths Prase* street Phillips Thomas Windsor road Monitor road Sapetti Jack Hopwood Herbert A. Hiseock Mrs. M. Warwick road Tripp Mrs. Margaret Judsmi Sydney G. Oxford street--chetwynd grove Borgeest William J. Kaye fluorite A. Davies street Hannan Henry J. Mason street Draper Mrs. Alice A. Scott Henry J. Fowler's avenue Merrylands Road (Holroyd) Pewter's avenue to Belts' road Post and Telegraph Office Horne Charles H., general store Ruth street Almond Henry, storekeeper Travis William John Rupert's walk Hirst Mrs. Sarah, carrier Rubino street Smith J. J. Turner Mrs. L. Nicholson Thomas Arcadia street Hoffman Frank Sherwood road Walker Benson IL, tile maunfacturer Bathersby Edward Owen Frederick \V. Bett's road Bradwyn B. E. J., artist Weldon Austin Burnett street Almond Henry, storekeeper Childs Alfred Johns William Hogg George Teller Mrs. Louisa Rade Charles Ilolroyd road Shaw John II., storekeeper Prettily William, bootmaker Market road Cartwright J., storekeeper Centenary street Phillips Albert, Argyle" Payten Hugh Rogers Frederick E. Me ['Ugh Thomas (Mason George, deiryinan No wing William J. Jersey road Shepherd William Weldon Austin J. Roach Mrs. Mary A. Merrylands Road (Wentworthville) Prowett John, "Glenear" Myee etreet Myall street May Charles.1. Shore Henry II. Lackey street West Mrs. &eau Mary street Military Road North (Guildford) Hawke:view road to Guildford road Guildford Fire & Glazed Brick Co, Ld. James Oscar C. Off Maher William Willis John, "Barrington Villa" Warwick John Barrett John P., J.P., "St. Elmo ' O'Neill M., sour., "Cimino " O'Neill M, J., house and land agent Guildford road Military Road South (Guildford) From Guildford station to Prospect creek Guildford Railway Statiou Mitchell Fmneie A., stationmaster Verey Edward G. Calliope street O'Neill A mbew Poulton A. T. Guildford Public School Edgar C. Friend, head master MaoNaughton John," Wyong" Water pipes Trenton street Connell Joseph Whitton Charles Elder William Tarringtou Mrs. Mary Longford Mrs. Lawrence Mrs Catherine Horswell John II. Houghton Albert J. Carrington road Slater John Buckley William J. Bacon Frederick Cann street Ilarold street Watson Arthur Dyer Walter H. Millie Street (Guildford) Off Carrington road Day Henry Baptist Henry Hugel Charles IL Monitor Road (Morrylands) Off Merrylands road Lilly Henry W. Morris Street (Goughtown) Off towler's avenue Ridden George Wright Mrs. Laura Gornall John C. Lockwood street Overton John Mowlo Street (Westmead) Penson James Green Herbert Mason Street (Merrylands) Mackell Mrs. Imelia, "Itosstreror" Canal road Off Hairkeebury road Lott John J., senior dierrylands road to Gonylvown park Allen William, "Hill View" Cumberland road Lamont Miss Ma y its Habens Mrs. Elizabeth Tulle!) Rupert Government road Carson Leslie C. Anderson George W. Edwards John Harrison Mrs. Ellen Ashworth Albert, "Vivienne" Buckley C. /damnation Patrick 7. Low Street (Merrylands) Yeend Richard Godwin Leslie G. Kemp James Douglas Alfred Government road to Windsor road Gougbtown Park Rowell Alfred Graystanes Public School Handl street Makin William L. Perrity J. Martin George Lytton Avenue (Wentworthville Off Vernon avenue Clifford F. Scott Harry Rose John B. - MoOredie Road (Guildford) Fouiler's avenue to Fairfield road Ford Frederick Forden Harry Fox James Reitram Nikola Fear George James Albert Or Crawley SVilliam Matthews Street (Merrylands) Of Fowler's road James D. P., schoolteacher Bryant Albert J. Meadow View Road (Merrylands) or Centenary road Newbouid H. C., " Sherbrooke Villa Meaktn Street (Merrylands) Off St. Ann's Hill road Carter James, poultry farmer Kerz Clutries Carter Frederick W. linking George, Graham William Barnes Mrs. Margaret J. Clarke A. Smith 3. A. Burnett street Sutton Mrs. If. ' storekeeper Campbell John K. Chertsey street Mickel! Frederick J. Kosche Mrs. M. Rostron George J. Cambridge street Burford street Tyndale William Westneat Thomas A., "Meranie" Sinclair David Herds William Hunt Richard Lindblad Mrs. Mario O'Connor Edward Jennings John Kitchener William Military Road North (Merrylands) Merrylarias station ( (J.S.R.)to Hatakeeieto road O'Denougliiie Michael J. Cherteey avenue Kidd Wallace Oberman Percy St. Anne's Mil road Werlesweiler Francis W. Uhr James N. Mem Conrad Murdoch Terrace (Guildford) Off The Grove Brand Peter A. Hummel ston Chrietopher, "Chester" Murray Street (Sherwood) Off Hermit: parade to IVatpole street Ives Bert Brennan Henry Dunn Edward Dixon William Laughrey John Myall Street (Tmerrylands) Military road norh to Olietwynd Grove Davidson.Taines Wormleaton John W. Cox William Scott Joe ph Ityrie Miss A. J., greengrocer Goldsmith J. Schaeffer P. Lipman David C. Bradley Aubrey, butcher Turner Albert Meakin street Denmark street Bees William Younger Thomas M. Searbro William McIver William, fuel merchant Smith Edward Willey Albert H. Leighton Th nuts Davey Fred S. Death Charles W. Jones Harry Taylor Mrs. Jul. I'earce John H. Moore Purvis I., general store Roseberry street Ferguson Huith Mun ay William Newlan Charles Myee St. (Elsinore Park Estate, Merrylands) Walker street to Military road north Bishop Edwin B. Napier Street (May's Hill) Off Utirtiett street Forbes Robert Nelson Road (Fairfield) Whilt4er road to G. z. Railway Westlake John L. Graham Hercules Whittaker Miss It. Procter Henry Vidal, " Orehardiolgh" O'Connor Street (Guildford) Pouter's avenue to Harris street Toinpsett George It. Pople Henry Fear Mrs. C. A., storekeeper Cochrane Patrick Old Prospect Road (Wentworthville) Western road to south-western boundary %Tidier W. IL, slaughteryard Chelmsfore road Hampden road Benson Arthur," The Rest" Griffiths George E. Berthorn Mrs A. L. Jersey road Bohm Louis King George F., J.P. King John F. Horner William II. Horner George Horner Frederick Ringrose avenue Lawson Joseph E. E., poultry farm Aleoek James Watts Herbert J. Monist) Janice florally Hugh, dairy Howell George, poultry fanner Roberts John 0., poultry fanner Hancock Hoy Atkinson Edward Grundy Arthur O. Burlington Jule= poultry farm Jackson Edward WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT.; HARRIS ' ST. 'PHONE M1618. OUR MORTUARY CHAPELS ARE AT OUR CLIENTS' SERVICE FREE OF CHARGE _At

14 ANTHON- HORDERNS' FOR TOP QUALITY AT BOTTOM PRICE. EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY AT ANTHONY HORDERNS% 790 O'Ne PROSPECT AND SHERWOOD. Rin Rob PROSPECT AND SHERWOoD. Old Prospect road (Wentworthville) continued- Off Lamb Mrs. Anne Off Malaita Albert V. Walters John C. Healey Mrs. Mary Bowler Alexander Swollen Frederick Born Paul O'Neill Street (Guildford) Hatekessiete road to Guildford road Hunter Mrs. Ada Penrose Stephen Matthew Chandler D. Dean Richard Field Frederick Tompsett Athol Ward J. Bentlin Hermann Hume Eaton H. Oxford Street (Goughtown) Of Merrylands road Smyth Henry J. Ross Gerald A.,' llossielgli' Palmer Street (Guildford) Water pipes to Stator street Suitor street Crosby Robert, "Norwood Wisdom street Robertson rreet Parkes.lreet Cochrane Mrs. Catherine Harrison Albert Williams Frederiok W., poultry farmer Blencowe George, "Maringa" Parade, The (Merrylands) Of Jlerrylands road, near. ailway Smith Mrs. Agnes Park Avenue (Westmead) Of Pee street Kruse George Clarke Thomas, storekeeper Stephenson Albert Cole James J. Brooks Arthur Park Street (Sherwood Heights) (Guildford) Off Gnitttfot it road White George Parkes Street (Guildford) Fowler's armee to National aroma Pipe Head Basin Williams John A., engineer Lefton' Thomas Redlomp Mrs. Ellen Hamilton Sydney M. Patonville Road (Merrylands) Arcadia street to Betts' road Lee Mrs. Catherine Sherwood road Kenyon Misses E. and A. Mansfield Walter Close Horace Vandregt Christian, poultry fann Lyons Ernest E. Gillett Anthony McPherson William Cleary John, " Lannigan " Kelly 11.1win Williamson Reginald Payten Street (May's Hill) Off Hawkesbury road to Bouison street Percival Road (Smithfield) Off Woodpark road Truss Mrs. Charlotte Douglas Ernest Scott Joseph W., poultry farmer Atfleld William, poultry farmer Kelly George Gladstone Paved P. A., J.P., winegrower Burke George M. Pine Road (Fairfield) Fairfield road to railway line Stieme John, orchardist Cameron George Young Q., "Carrisdale" Oreig Ronald, "Ardoyne" Pitt Street (Sherwood) Western to Merrylands road Crimea street Railway street Burton Edward Webb Percy Crown street Nicholls Mrs. A. Creel'. Eldon Pinfold Frederick W. Kearns Michael 1'. Owen William E. Rapson Samuel Factory street Bowman street Jones Frederick G. T. Toogood Jones, cabinetmakers Young street Lavender Charles J. A. Scott William A. Auburn street Victoria parade Read Ernest Ruthersord Robert Hines Samuel B. A. McDonald Henry Tremlett Henry H. Factory street Pitt Street (Merrylands) East side Cawthorn Robert J. Prince James Wilson William Macadam aeorgu 'Jason A. IL, tintbor yard Farman' Fertilizer Corporation Ltd., manure store Merrylands road Walpole street Hearne George Birmingham street Rum soy G. Reeves Mrs. A. M. Manchester street Allen Charles Lambert Herbert Sheffield street MacFarlane street 111errylands road Price Street (Merrylands) Of/ Fowler's avenue Keegan Joseph (I. Priddle Street (Westmead) OQ Hawkesbnry road Brown Percy," Kirkella " Townsend Robert Hamill street Heaton Richard J. Crummy Arthur P. Moss Charles Stanton U. Walker Janice A. ()odd Mark M. Cullinan Mrs. Catherine Diamond Thomas 0. Pritchard Street (Wentworth- Off Second greet Irwin Thomas.T. Pye Street (Westmead) Of Ihneksbitry road Ainsworth William Dillon Herbert J. Queen Street (Shorwood Heights, Guildford) Of Sydney street Farmer Charles Railway Crescent (Sherwood) Woodville road to Walpole street TOIllits Court Beam Jellies Wright Archibald Staughton William M. Trives George Burgess Mrs. Mary Parkhurst James T. Jenner Wu., Reim. Howes Harry Goodiet anti Smith, Limited, cement brick and tile winks Whittemore Henry Railway Street (Sherwood) Sydney road to Pitt street North aide Powell Ell M. Buckley George Ir. Naylor Silas Jordon Alfr d H. Buckley A. Arthur Robert Bell Chart s Young Mrs. Annie Cliegwitiden Morley Duff William Mullin henry Barber James A. Buckley Abraham Todd Harry W. Cunningham James Inkermati street Muston Themes Marsden Miss Mary E. Patton Mrs. Maria Cole If. Barter Henry Masten Walter L. Horwood Harold P. Skeen Albert E. Webb Archibald Tipney Henry A. Simpson Arthur Walton John Smith Friuli( James street Pitt street Raleigh Street (Guildford) Of Vulcan street Colquimun George Rawson Road (Wentworthvillo) ' Western road to Old Proved road Vine.Tames Hollis Ernest Perkins William C. Richards Street (Merrylands) Of Burnett street Oke Herbert Rickard Street (Sherwood) Victoria parade to Walpole street Hendon Henry R. Mitchell Thomas W. Ringrose Avenue (Wentworth- villa) op Old Prospect road Eekersley itobert 11. Lef roy A I fred (Nelsen Bros., poultry farmers J0110,4 ilerbert.1. Stanifortli jainee Clayton William H. Winkler Jo-epli Shepherd William Penn John Norman Robert WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 CITY Robertson Street (Guildford) Fowler's avenue to Palmer street Bourke Patrick, "St. Flimflam Tweed David Hill Herbert Wheeler Collin Littlejohn Robert Frise John Mrs. Sophia J. Stone George Howlett William Roseberry Street (Merrylands) Off St. Anne 1101 road to Hatokestelew road Rubina Street (Holroyd) Off Aferrylands road Anderson Mrs. Sarah Fisher W. T. Newbould Joseph if. Wilson John Bott William J. Johnson Willi= Rupert's Walk (Holroyd) Of Patoncille road Woollett Percy Williams W. Seidel Louis Gordon William Ruth Street (Helroyd) Of Merrylands road Dodds Arthur hunter Joseph W. St. Ann's Hill Road (Merrylands) Burnett street to Military road north Carter Alexander Taylor Abraham E. Cato Alexander Arthur Miss Susan Arthur Frederick Arthur Edward Coleman William J. Coleman John W. Baybould Walter J. Wilson Daniel J. Curry J. Second.tvenue (Wentworthville) Oft First street Melville Robert L. O'Brien Mrs. Maud Garfield sired Starling William H. Ridgway Alfred W. Pettingell Joseph C. McCarthy William Peters Andrew Harrington Charles Second Street (Wentworthville) Wentworthvilk Station to First street Wentworthville Railway Station Thomas J. Irwin, stationmaster Loveritige Raymond L, storekeeper Treble James W., storekeeper Hillary N. P., estate agent King Joules Second avenue Seller Henry School of Arts Gibbs Alfred Lane William Lane Henry W. Sherwood Road (Merrylanda) Merryland s road to Kenyott's road Merrylands hotel Mrs. M. Devlin Ban ger George II., baker Gardiner Thome, poultry farm Smith Alexander M. Newninn William, J.P., storekeeper Lynch A. D., butcher Patotiville road Burgoyne Francis Gray Arthur on'ugioa.)d Fairy RevȦ "Fei.i(ecos Off Scott John, market gardener Of White Richard Old C, cla'oo road Smith Street (Wentworthville) Second to Wentworth street Madden John M. Lensley Albert S. H. Williams Thomas H., "Eglinton" Brennan Allan J. Bortheril Henry Gaynor William Steel Street (May's Hill) 'Pattern road to Bank street O'Reilly Edwin ()Awl William R. Rouiston David Thompson James Stimsn ooli Stet i it (sguneteltdfor d Wood Albert E. Gullard Wallace Start Street (Smithfield) lienyon's.road to boundary Dorherty Mrs. Mary 011erenshaw Edward King ThOM114, fruitgrower Saunders Mrs. E. Snrrey Terrace (Guildford) Off Stirabeth r ace Maher William Sutter Street (Guild(ord) Palmer street to Poteler's arenue LFLIV1,011 Thomas It. Newman William Sydney Road (Sherwood) Church street (Parramatta) to Great Western railway Cook H. J. Smallman Esau J. O'Grady Thomas. farrier Milgate Spencer S Johnston Lenday Stein Herl ert Rowlin Iticherd, grocer 'he'd( ion street Barber William J. Heaton Samuel, general dealer Harwood Fredrrick McCue Mrs M. storekeeper Builivant Alber:tt vire B side VII 791 Sydney Street (Guildford) Fairfield road to Palmer street Queen street King Harding G. 011ereushaw Charles Palmer greet Sydney View Parade (Guildford) Byron road to Trenton Street Davis James Alfred St. Clair Albert T. Jones Harold Rowley James Targo Road (Wentworthville) Of Western road Reynolds James Tennyson Parade (Guildford) Kenyon's road to Albert street east Third Street (Wentworthville) Second avenue to railway Pritchard William Emert hi. F Jenner Frederick Todd Street (Holroyd) Off Sherwood road Newman William, J.P. Buntine Miss Agnes Lohning John, coach proprietor Tottenham Street (Sherwood) Jun, tuna street to Parramatta boundary Wells Arthur Newling Roy H. Has ken Arthur E. Gazzard Charles Shields Frederick Hawksley William Nolan Arthur Sam gent Frederick Vernon Herbert Malcolm Themes Winter Albert E. Winter Herbert J. H. Halmarick John Rowlinson Joseph Straub Richard Trenton Street (Guildford) Off Miaow told south Donohoe-T=0n John Donolin e-tamplin John P., junr. Connellan James, "Rosebank" Reynolds Charles Veron Avenue (Wentworthville) Bridge road to First street Rollerts J. Champion David J. Madden Frederick O. Weski Michael North John Victoria Parade (Sherwood) Pitt street to Alfred street Anderson William Ives Mrs. Alice Metcalfe George F. Arthur street Moon James T. Quartermnin Ell," Cardiff" Hodgson Herbert 0. Turner William G. Holmes Alfred H., dairyman i Itailtvay street SmIth Woodville road Leopold aiol linystreet Rickard Arthur Co., Ltd. (office) Condon M. J. and Son, farriers SmIth Bros., M l contractors Second avenue Clout George Barnes Alfred Tuck Harold, greengrocer Smith 0. T., fuel & produce =relit Allred street Judge Artlitir D., baker Meehan street Villiers Street (Goughtown) Douglas Jauui,a L. Jones Alfred W., storekeeper Ilateksview road Pritchard street JP/Unitary street Dunnicliff Robert Strange Samuel Ward Ernest Sheffield Street (Merrylands) Vattxhall inn Mrs. Annie Milverton Stenefleld Thomas Off Pat street Stone Mrs. J. M. A. Westlake Arthur Jones John Harrison Alexander Nicholas William, jun. O'Donnell Joseph PERMIT OF THE ATTENDANCE OF ABSENT FRIENDS WE EMBALM AT NOMINAL COST TO

15 . ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR READY-TO-WEAR CLOTHING. 792 Vu! PROSPECT AND SHERWOOD You Villiers street (Goughtown) continued-- Hope John H. Makins Frederick Malawi Mrs. Sarah Vulcan Street (Guildford) Of Guildford road Single Eric C. Walker Avenue (Wentworthville) Oil Bridge road Bad Joseph Walker Street (Merrylands) Winchmors street to St. Anne's Hill rd Kaufmann A. Hembury George A. Tildsloy John Walpole Street (Victoria Park ) Government road to Railway crescent Brestnall street Windier road Hendon Edmund Graham John F. Shepherd Charles W. Smith Joseph G. Thomas Llewelyn Prntloy William Clements Charles Arthur street Pitt street Wanda Street (Holroyd) Off Fowler's avenue Sykes Harold Digman Martin O'Keefe John Gerard James Munnery Chas. Warialda Street (Holroyd) Of Bowler's avenue Parkim.on George Y. Banan Richard Hodges Albert Warwick Road (Merrylands) Of Merrylands road Murray John Ruting Bernard Agnew Mrs. Rebecca Wentworth Road (Wentworthville) 09 Western road Western *Road (May's Hill) Good street to Western boundary Davis James Young J. Joyner street Graham Thorns, "Moss Side" Quarter William F., "Gersham" Mar's Hill Post Office St. Peter's Church (C. of E.) Mutton street Heaver Arthur Jobson Mrs. Alicia Rogers Mrs. H. Rogers Mrs. Jane Hanlon John Hall Mrs. Miriam Goddard Charles, "Cedilla" Ha wkesbury road Newton George, "Tarella" Horder Albert Bridge road Presbyterian Cemetery Baptist Cemetery Franklin street Burnett street Lamb Charles W. Coleman street Wentworth street Cumberland street Crowe Benjamin, J.P. Franks Robert May's Bill Nursery Hayes William Francis strut Western Road (Prospect) Fitzgerald James H. Burrell Thomas H. Prospect Public School Temkin John Banton John Off Cordena S. Off Penn A. Summit J. Prospect inn John Byrne Western Road (Wentworthville) Brooks George Staunton P., storekeeper Davis William &Pen Mrs. Flora &filen Henry south side Finlayson William, slaughteryard Pollard George Old Prospect road Ward Arthur Dandridge William H. Groves Henry A. Binned Richard Holton Lewis Sivetto Mrs. AL. Whalan's Road (Wentworthville) oti Old Prospect road Whittaker Road (Fairfield) From l'ine road to water pipes William Street (Sherwood) Qtr Crown sheet Fear James Kell Joseph Loydell Edward Moore James It. Montt' Marius Punchbow see Canterbury. Winchmore Street (Elsinore Park Estate, Merrylands) Denmark street to Walker street Mansfield Frederick Yates Miskell Edward Windsor Road (Merrylands) Merrylands road to Walpole street Dean Walter Bradshaw Thomas Allen Mrs. Alice Fear 'Victor Wisdom Street (Gnildford) Of Palmer street Allen E. J., piano tuner Corkliill William R. Brackley Mr. J. Rutter Robert C. Fletcher R. 0. Cook John B. Woodpark Road (Smithfield) Of Kenyon'e road Rolfe Edmund, "Sherwood Orange" Becker William, sem, market gardener Della-Valle V. P., "Caprera House" Clark Andrew Thornhill Edward Souter Samuel, poultry farmer Holz Mrs. P., poultry farmer Smeed Thomas Winnacott Mrs. Christina Off Downey Clarence Downey Ernest Lees Joseph Woodville Road (Sherwood) Sydney road to railway Bennett My. Emily S., boat dinghouse (For continuation see Granville) Wright Street (Merrylands) Off Desmond street Lewis Ernest Wyreema Street (Merrylands) Centenary road to Market road Yeend Street (Sherwood) Off Burnett street, Sherwood Knight William J. Oglesby William A. McIver Charles F. York Street (Merrylands) Military road to Walker street Anderson Charles Lugton Guy Young Street (Sherwood) Pitt street to Fowlers avenue Houlson William L. Herder Horace E. Craddock Mrs. E. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE NEWEST MEN'S MERCERY. Alm PYMBLE. - Lan '793 Alma Street Station street to Pymble Station Laws Ernest Orme street Stephens W. N., "Bundarra" Charlton Percy, "Rushall" East aide Taunton street Liddle William, "Mimosa" McIntosh Stanley A. "Breeside" Graham Ilerbert, "Woodbine Cottage" Avon Road Off Lane Cove road Pymble avenue Presbyterian Ladies' Marden, Principal Lamb E. J., "Langdale" PYMBLE. MILSON'S POINT LINE. (Ku-ring-gal Shire.) College Dr Bannockburn Street Off Lane Cove road. McLean Mrs. E. C., "Clareinnis" Hoddy "Leigh" Barry Patrick, "Tara" Brown William, "The Gunyah" Moss W. T., "Glencairn" Wride George Porter Richard 0. Scully Edward Salter John Salter Mrs. Jane Hanson Mrs. A. Porter James Freear Mrs. George, "Durham" Off Kinghorne Charles Off Bourke Sylvester Loveday Robert, "SprIngrove" Farrow Charles H. Ashford Arthur, "Linton" Fairs James Burke Oliver Colman Clement P. Beeohworth Avenue Off Lane Cove road - McDiarmid 'I'. J., "Wandsworth" Cornwell Miss L., "Mayfield" Cornwell Ernest, "Mayfield" Evans John, "Trelawn" Bobbin Road Zane Cove to Eastern rd., Turramurra Peate W. H., J.P., "Glen Isla" Hines S. E. "The Glen" Barnett Lewis, "Bobbin Villa" Spectreman Abraham "Maryville" Scoon John, "To Cuinseh" Waterman Victor E. Wilson Joseph Holford Winifred, nurse, "Tally Ho" Reely Thomas, fruitgr., "Strathmore" Garey Frederick J. Off Dormer Sydney J. Bourke Michael J., junr. fruitgrower Rohrmann Charles, "Eulalie" George Mrs. M., "Lossie-Brae" King William, fruitgrower Off Adams Mrs. Bridget Off Reely William Off Adams Mrs. Annie Bridge Street Off Lane Cove road Kingham George Holland John Kendrick James Kohne George Acock Daniel Withers C. Mathews H. Cameron Road Off Kulgoa road Ea t side Mullein Mrs. Michael, dairy Leal William Bromley William E. Carson Street' Off Station street North aide Crouch Lindsay, "Yarrani" Church Street Station street to Stony Creek road Crossing Percy, J.P., Moore Sydney, "Birchencliffe" Adams Albert, "Mt. Pleasant" Rae Alexander W., "Taloumbi" Edward street Selkirk Robert, "Fairmount" Forsyth S. II., "13rockley" Olipsham Rev. Paul (Methodist) Wellesley road Colerid ge Road Off Telegraph road Porter Thomas A. Edward Street Off Church street Head S. J., "Alister Brae" Jackson Thomas H. Wright, J.P., "St. Ronans" Reid David "Holmsdale" Leigh William, "Bidston" Conway Frederick, "Kojinup" Fern Street Off Grandview street Caldwell Miss Nellie, "Lisleen" Whysall Francis, "Norwood" Johnson Mrs. Annie Close T. H. "Romney" Dennis Herber t Lambert William, J.P., "Ravensworth" Fig Street Off Stony Creek road Kirtley Louis, "The Grange" Grandview Road Off Lane Cove road. Hewitt Walter Olipsham Dr. Paul, dentist Cains R. II., chemist Alma street Station street Walker C. A., J.P., "Coolagalla" Moore C. F., "Wanganui" Roof! W. A., "Dallinda" Conway Mrs. C., teacher of musio Mattinson Mrs. J. W., "Kuringai" Taylor E. R., "Aldboro" Wellesley rood Chapman B. II., "Broughlea" Hough Dr. 0. W. P., "Hillgrove" Fern street High Street Off Avon road. &oho Archibald, "Selcote" Rosa Mrs. Ellen Gormley Sidney A., "Olinda" Fellingham Henry G. Porter Percy George Word George W. Blair T. Russell James Crunkhorn James A. Hope Street Stony Creek road to Station street Lane Walter, architect Porter Michael, "Carbrooke" Fowler 3. A. Wootten Frederick Kendall Street Off Livingstone avenue Kendall John, fruitgrower Lofberg Jonas, fruitgrower Kulgoa Road Off Woodland avenue Graves IL, "Longfleld" Leal Robert, junr. Leal Andrew L. Podmore George Leal Robert, senr. Lane Cove Road Junction of Stony Creek and Glades' yule roads to Dobbin road. Gaslight Company J. Australian Logan, in charge Cornish J. H., plumber Bridge street WOOD. COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS. SEE. ALPHABETICAL SECTION THE LARGEST FIRM OF CARRIAGE AND DRAG PROPRIETORS SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR

16 EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE AT ANTHONY HORDERNS' 794 Liv PYMBLE. Tel Lane Cove road continued Hammond Harold. Kneeves T. It. lineeves Leonard Stanton Arthur Ernest Miller Francis N. Cope Thomas Cope Charles Young Frederick C. Nicholls William K. Ohmsen Walter S. Ah Chong, storekeeper Emmanuel Louis Hughes A. Benton, painter, "Drayton" O'Reilly Richard Charles Arthur Ottawa Alexander Livingstone avenue Presbyterian Church Hickey Mrs. Mary, "Hilton" Hart David P. Young Frederick C., bootmaker Peterson C. 6; Son, storekeepers Hothersall Zephaniah, greengrocer Pytable Police Station Amble avenue Avon road Taylor J. W. A: Son, produce mrchts. Norton J., "Thornaby' Herford a R. Clifford W. P., dental surgeon, "Elthatn" White N. V. dental surg. "Eltham" The Pymble Hotel-0. ifassey Church of the Sacred Heart B. C. Presbytery Rev. Father Rohan Lawton Henry A., "Yaralla" Bennett C. W., "Colinroobee" Faviell H. C., surveyor, "Kooyong" Cornwell Henry, J.P., "The Lilacs" Beechworth avenue. Cox Charles William, "Mountview" McMahon Joseph Wilson Mrs. Theresa Peters A. R. Wing John McMahon James, fencer Pymble Clubhouse McIntosh Mrs. Susan, "Dalcress" Mobbs L. Pymble Railway Station Grandview street Pymble Pont Office Commonwealth Bank of Australia Olive W., blacksmith Blake M. II., coachbuilder Cook James Telegraph road Pymble Reservoir Reservoir street Peterson C. Bannockburn street Pollard W. H., butcher Greenwood G. R., "The Rocks" Mount St. Bernard Convent School Bobbin road Wyatt Mrs. Elizabeth, laundry Stanley William Livingstone Avenue Lane Cove to Ryde road (Gordon) McIntyre Cunningham, "Barooga" Dickson J. H., "Deolalee" Janitzlcy Edward King Felix F. Wilson James Hamilton George Coombe E. W., J.P. Hanks T. Horsfa11 Co., real estate agents Rae James, 'llillerest" Harris J. 0., "Ilighclere" Terry Frank, "Moura" Nicholls W. L., "Strathwhillan" Grant A. 0., "Alloway" Thomas A. Penrhyn, "Penrhyn" Anderson NV. P., 'Samoa" Gill Harry E., "Hylton" Rankin Alexander L., "Pineleigh" Cross street Morryvale Road Telegraph road to Reynolds street Parker Dr. Ralph, "Veronicas" Gerber Charles, "Fontenay" Pymble Wm. IL, carp'ter, 'Bel Linda" Selwyn street Dimond P. F., "Mahara" Nithdale street Rollo John P. Cowan John, "Rosecroft" Pymble William, "Milton" Seagart Edward, chemist, "Loreley" Porter Richard Reynolds street Peterson Thomas T. Sutton George, "Keeyuga" Morewood Wm. A., "Itusholtne" Thurston Mrs. Jane, "Thornbury" Itutlidge Rupert, "Narooma" Wallace W. C. Searle William J. Ea trishaw Thomas Wells W. K. Once Edward, "Wexford" Station street Buchanan Mrs. C., laundry Nicholls Henry Saywell Thomas F. Bradford Charles, "Wiangaree" Everett James, fruitgrower Orme Street Off Alma street Solonions Lewis CaIlachor Austin, J.P., "Teralta" Love R., "Clutha" Elliott William Pymble Avenue Off,Avon road Coker F. Richards Alfred H. "Rupertswood" Peatling S, P. "Hillerest" Willes Lieut. Charles H., R.N.R. Snow Percy, "Khan&la" Curtis Oscar Black Herbert, "Careel" Oswald Lewis F. G., "The Knoll" McEvoy William, "Walenore" Bruce Alexander Reservoir Road Off Lane Cove road Watson William Wood Albert E. A. A Ice Henry Reynolds Avenue Off Merryvale road Reynolds Stephen Williams Arthur J. Leonard Martin Station Street Pymble station to Aferryvale road Steel W. A. Boyce F. S., "Athol" Gilder William A., "ICanimbla" Alma street Forbes II. A. "Ca'stock" Telegraph road Linegan Sydney Ilalfnight George Wing John Talbot Mrs. "Clifton" Parker William Middleton Robert J., "Wandsworth" Church street Carson street Rymer George, "Brenchley" Hope street Telegraph road Woods John Arnberg Julius, "Arrud" Sou thwell W. Donk ins Mrs. E. F. Watkins Harry J. Ilesketh Alfred W., "Renewalla" 13oylan Nurse McDermott Constantine, "Corona" Stony Creek Road Lane Cove road to Telegraph road. North aide Porter R. J. Rollason E. B. "St. Ives" Dunphy Patrick W., "The Lodge" Nunn A. E., "The Bungalow" Sullivan Edward Robins G. T. W., "Tosti" Gray AV, T. Church street Buck C. 11., "'Ye Where" Pearce Stanley Hope street Bush Mrs. 0., "Knowle" Pratten Fredk., J.P., "Stapleton" Brown E. E., "The Highlands" Bowman Mrs., "Glengarrie" Commons D. G. G., "Berri lee" Kirby Laban Off Craig Thomas Off Kirby Miss Ruth Off Bitehie Edward Off Carlson H. Bromley William, fruitgrower Methodist Church and School Hall James Mrs. Percy Pearce Edward, fruitgrower Woodland avenue Mocatta Hugh, barrister, "Escholl" McLardy.T. & Son, dairy McKenzie Kenneth Walmsley R. G. H., "Keble" Pig street Telegraph road Taunton Street Off Alma street D'Ombrain E. A., ophthalmic surgeon Flanagan Miss E., nurse, "The Nook" Telegraph Road Lane Cove road to Pittwater and Stony Creek road Aferryvale road St. Swithin's Church Pymble Mrs. J. R., "Merryvale" Evans IL, "Carmen" McIntosh Norman, "Weldon" King W. W., J.P., "Ca1ga" Pierce S. J. Doherty A. B. hall Mrs. A. W. WOOD, COFFILL I COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 OEOROE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 CITY NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. Abb RA N DWIUli... Abb 795 Bell Mrs. 0., "Kareri" Thomson Mrs. A., "Armorel" Station street Fawsitt Prof. Charles E., "Redmount" Butler Patrick P. J.P., "Claremont" Siwertz T. E., "Baltic" Nicholls Hubert F., "Eastbourne" D'Arcy James, "Beulah" Johnson Tedbar Johnston Thomas, 'Greenock" " "Glenview" Reddie Mrs. G. E. Pittwater road Stony Creek road Pymble R. and Son., mech. engineers Sacred Heart School O'Reilly C. W. "Hyper" Snow Sydney,' Caidmurra" O'Reilly W. J., M.D., "Ellouera" O'Reilly Dr. Susie, M.13., "Ellouera" Purcell Thomas Rowe Ernest B., "Edgecombe" Rowe II., "Edgecombe" Grant W. A., "Carinya" Station street 13rierley Henry C.,.1.1'., "Ben Vista" 'Ward Street Off Livingstone avenue Ford J. It. Yarrara road Abbey Street Off Allison road Brown Mrs. Mary A., "Jesmond" Barnard Phillip L., "Glendenning" Proud Joshua, "Nablac" Abbotford Street (Kensington) Doncaster avenue to Eastern avenue 8 Rosenthal Herman, "Roslyn" Rosenthal Miss Minnie, teacher of pianoforte Alldritt F. It. N., "Parkside" 7 Hart William, "Nerida" Wellesley Road Grandview street to Church street Thomas N. M., "Lorna Lagi" Shell Arthur L., "Eblana" Badhani 0. N. Coghlan Cecil A. West Street Off Ryde road Hodges Reginald Nicholls II. Bannister Mrs. D. B. Hammond's Slaughter Yards Hastie A. Woodland Avenue Off Stony Creek road Brown F. E., "Coonemara" Somerville A. F. T., "Berreenna" Fyson Eric N. Greenstreet Irvine 0 Coulson Thomas, "Myrtle" 11 Lovejoy Arthur E., "Berwick" 13 Judd Hubert, "Alderney" 15 Mason Arthur, "Mayfair" 19 Burfitt J. I., sctr., "Selbourne" 4 Frank Wm. J. H., "Seven Oaks" 6 Hume F., "British Oak" 8 Mason John, "Primrose" 10 Warren James NV., "Forest Gate" 12 Foster Peter 14 Lewis Mrs Miriam Yanoo Road Off Yarrara road Addison William Nagle James Rice J., poultry farmer Smythe John M., fruitgrower Smythe James Fraser James Congregational Church Epplestone Harry Hutchins Walter, fruitgrower Yarrara Road Off Ward street Off Jeffery Charlee, fruitgrower Little II. Little William Walker Mies E. Rumbelow C. It. Wheeler W. Nugent Robert RANDWICK, INCLUDING COOCEE. Comma:tem at Shark Point westerly along Boundary. the 1 Sydney common, thence west to Dowling. street, thence street to Arden street, along Arden street north to Varna due south in a line with Dowling street to Gardener's road, street, along Varna street westerly to Fern street, along along Gardener's road easterly to 13unnerong road south, Fern street and Albion street to Alice street to Carrington along 1 Bunnerong road south to the Old Botany road, along road, along Carrington road north to Darley road, along Old Botany road to Perry road, thence from the rear of a Barley road west to York road, along York road to house on the west side of the Old Botany road due south Old South Head road, thence westerly along Old South through the Bunnerong Estate to the point near the en. Head road to the western boundary fence of the Centennial I trance gates to the Paper Mills property, thence along the Park to the Randwick road at its junction with Bunnerong waters et Botany Bay to Cape Blinks, and thence along the road, along Bunnerong road to the southern boundary of seaboard north to point of commencement. Incorporated 22nd February, Area-8,064 acres. Miles of streets-120. Number of ratepayers-4,620. Number of inhabitants-35,886 Unimproved capital value 2,567,561 Total amount of rates 63,000 Council Chambers Avoca street. Office hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 9 to 4; Saturday, 9 to 12; and each alternate Tuesday, 7 to 9 p.m. Council meets every alternate Tuesday. MAYon S. Fenton W. K. PercivalToW d WIRE DEPUTY TOWN CLERK.A.Luit ISM EN. W. G. Devitt West Word North Ward A CCOttNTANT- A. P. Doi an G. Baker H. C. ltourke A. D. Carmichael Roy Hendy ENGIN KEIL F. IL Clark J.P. T. R. Gilderthorp, J.P. J. Hope ARCHITECT East Ward : South Ward : E. M. D. Spring, J.P. B. Id. Cooper SANITARY INSPECT R V. A. McCauley J. Slater, J.P. JC.. AK.einp Wanhope A. Campbell, J.P. J. Fenton VALUER W. Barnes, J.P Levy Richard Haydock Oliver Brown Mrs. 0,, "Norma" Breen Timothy, "Mascotte" Joyce William James. "Ilavilah" Finch IIenry, "Gunyali" Abbott Street Melody to Mount street Casben A., "St. Hildreds" Taylor A. J. McKenzie Murdoch Wheeler Alfred J., "Graested" Ferran Andrew, "Ferndale" INTERMENTS ARRANOED FOR IN ANY PART OF AUSTRALIA OR ABROAD ON SHORT NOTICE

17 ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, 796 Ada BANDWIcK. All Ada Street Off. Mertra avenue Lawler Robert, J. Henderson Thomas, "Arden" King William IL, "Kia Ora" Jones Frederick, "Aloha" Addison Street (Kensington) College street to Eastern avenue Australian Golf Club---A. H. Noble, secretary Kensington road Dew Leonard J. "Elouera" Foy Leonard, "Lindisfarne" Lowry Mrs. Margaret, "Maudville" Wynne Charles D., "Minerva" Forrest Alexander Robinson Vincent, "Moonbie" Hood Arthur, "Pendant Villa" Tucker Sydney 0. "Greenleigh" Tregaskis Joseph if., "Brooklyn" Sleigh Harry, "Huon" Guilfoyle D., "Landsdown" Jones Bert, "Avondale" Lorne avenue Balfour road Kensington road Alexander L., "St. Hillier" Villiers street Steel C. J. V., vetinary hospital Eastern avenue Albert Street Avoca street to Muth Victoria street Puech Noe, "Montpelier" Scull A. E., "Jannlioa" Albion Street Carrington road to Waverley boundary Brady Charles, "Maryville" Butler James, "Wilga" Ingham E., "Ferntree" Iloskin Norman O., "Lynton" Pullen William "Summerset" Leahy George A., "Cora" McDouall John C. S. "Cuthbert" Bradford Mrs. G. W., "Kainga" Roeder James, "Wodonga" Ray Francis, "Mount View" McKillop N. 1)., "Swindon" Corbin 11, W., "Wonga" Cameron Mrs., "Corona" Totten D., "I3aroda" Roberts Rupert, "Marsden Magna" Condon Thomas J., "Sherlock" Cook, E., "Hazelmere" Stokes George H., "Melrose" Ball Horace Azer Frank, "Hazelbrook" Fry Arthur IV., "Heatherbell" Munro henry J., "Vaughan" Brooker Walter J., grocer Fern street Hooper street Rees David, butcher Maher Mrs., greengrocer Alexander Street (Coogee) Dudley street to Oberon street New Charles, "Chatsworth" O'Sullivan Thomas D., "Eros" Aldenhoven William, "Fleimat" Kirk Felix J., "Camelot" Alexander flats 8 Sheller Mrs. II. 4 Collins Mrs. Endicott Mrs. M., "Roslyn" Lawrence George A., "Roslyn" Parkes George, "Torquay" Stanford Arnold, "lienderville" White Chas. Robert, "Roseville" Armstrong William "Louville" Rubenstein Mrs. Hannah, "Manexville" Fox Michael, "Milly" Avery George C., "Kelso" Usher James F., "Scarborough" Simmonds John B., "Kia-Ora" Mullane Mrs. E., "Boronia" Alfredo. Street (Coo p eo) Brook to Arden street Carlton residential flats W. G. Crossing McDowell David Ryan S. J., gymnasium Rugless Alfred, "Alfreda Cottage" Goldstein 11., "011yliime" Poole H., "Mona" Hawkins G., "Lyncombe" Raymond William H., "Timaru" Morris James E., "Coo-ee" Jones John C., carpenter Bray Henry W. S., "Park View" Allison Road City boundary to Beach street Tramway waiting room Barley road Randwick Motories, Sydney Crisp, manager McMahon John, "The Towers" Snape James, "Mascotte" Toogood William, "Ayr" Gunn John, "Sieber Lowry Lawrence, "Durham" Gaffney Edward,' Cicely Cottage" Tracey John Arthur, "Greta" Kelly George A., "Pelaw" Grealy N. & A., grocers Ireland Alexander, "Zinnia" Scott John, "13erylvere" A.J.C. hotel George B. McClymont Willis Lewis White Daniel, "Como" O'Rourke Frank Buckley Mrs. N., "Ilelensburgh" Skee Alexander, "Johannesburg" Morris Frederick William alreet Cowper street Harbutt "Normanhurst" Forbes Alexander, "Normanhurst" Duncuff Edward, "Holkham" Schureck Charles N., "Moreep" Templeman Alex. B., J.P., "Tarana" Rose H. A., J.P., "Wanganella" McEwan Mrs. E., "Carlton" Brooks Edward E., "Verona" Drees Gisbert, "Amphion". Cox James W., "Donacis" Mathews Mrs. M., "Mascotte" Wood Mrs. Emily, "Clovelly" Cohen Miss Caroline, "Malden" Pope Frederick 13., "Etsex" Church street Botany street Cabmen's Shelter. 'Phone 42 R. Delmore road Presbyterian Church Randwick Recreation Reserve Snape James & Co., painters COOGEE BOYS PREPARATORY SCHOOL Day School, Allison Road; Boarding School, St. Mark's Rd. The Seaside School for Boys Nicholson Malcolm, "Tavistock" Chapman Thomas F., "Braeside" Australian Bank of Commerce, Ltd. It. I', Jones. J-Ps mgr. Avoca street Lingard street Cook Mrs. J., dressmaker Cook H. J., carpenter Sedgwick Joseph Veness Isaac Paul James, "Enniskillen" Salvatori IV. II., "Benedetto" Brown Thomas, "Eurilda" Thompson G., "Valles" Ormsby Irwin, "Caleula" McNamara Thos., J.P., "Parnell" South A. R., "Middlesex" Barnes IV., J.P. "Selwood" liazlett Mrs. Thomas, "Severn" Voss Theodore, "Baweyam" Chesher Thomas (1., "Clonaslee" Binns Mrs. Hannah, "Reef View" Cliileott Thomas, "Ripon" Dutrue street, Heaton Valentine, J.P., "Killarney" St. Mark's road Drybrough Mrs. Mary, "The Glen" Hillier John B., "Elmstead" Hudson Mrs. P. R., "Elmatead" Glen avenue Fraser A., "Alexandria" Greenhaugh J. Carrington road Brook street Curley Michael Power Edward, "IIillview" Nielsen William "Derwent" Hamilton street Lillis Wilson, "Wilma" Gumbley James, "Midkin" Sippe J. T., "Kurriwa" Paton J. S., "Tairoa" Ford Mrs. K., "Ardwick" Fry E. Arden street Tay street Mould S. M., "Tyneholme" Metcalf William, "St. Jerome" Gallagher William, "13usacm" O'Connor William, "Shannonside" Goldsmith Charles, "Isla" Manly Win. James, "The Poplars" Whalen Claude, "Canberra" Fraser Alex. D., "Killabakh" Pitcher Frank IL, "Famenoth" O'Keefe Daniel, "Adare" Day John, J.P. "Itoseneath" Solomon Samuel, "Rosabrae" McMahon Thomas, "Willowdene" Phillips Alfred, "Warialda" Pitcher Percy, "The Legere Levenson Joseph, "Devon" Doncaster avenue Randwick Racecourse C. W. Cropper, Sec., A.J. Club O'Brien Joseph E., "Sunnyside" Bradley street Allen G., "Allendale" Guirin Michael, J.P., "Cranbrook" Solomon Mrs. Rachel, "Abereorn" Prentice C. S., "Chester" Ryan John. P., "Kirkham" Botany street Broomfield Sydney J., "Avondale** Roberts Harold, "Rosedale" Moroney John L., "Murong" Roberts Mrs. Adlia, "Lulu" Hill W. C., "Rosetta" Seage J. J., "Gladstone House" Kendrick William, "Baroda" Alm Corleas John, "Winchelsea" Leelly Maurice, "ltexinere" Williams Fredk II., J.P., "Kelso" Little Albert, "Penelope" Welch James, painter, "Ulysses" Warden henry, butcher Cross J., grillroom Berea J., fruiterer Belmore road Peters II. E., boot importer Wentnan Alfred W., newsagent McCarron I. W., confectioner Watson Rupert, hairdresser Dolan Mrs. Annie, "Ashton" Widerstrom Mrs. B., dressmaker Rodger David, "St. Eltno" Ross John Francis, "Montrose" Dillon Mrs. E., "St. IIilliers" McDermott A., J.P., "St. Albans" Johnson John, "Sea Bird" Dynon Basil, "Glanmire" Gibson Herbert S., "Greenstead" Avoca street Coach and Horses hotel Harold L. Street South Mrs. S., "Egremont" liopkine T., carrier Victoria street. Taylor Isaac George street Hogan Patrick, J.P., "Avondale" Ashton George L., "Cagou" Mosher George L., "Epsom" lierruish Mrs. Maria. "Atom" Burton Mrs. L. "Itathlea" Baxter, ''Selbourne" St. Mark's road Carring ton road Klein Ludwig, "Idar" Raleigh street Brook at Hamilton at Arden II Alma Lane (South Randwick) Off Broad road Stever William Alma Road' South Randwiok) Garden street to Flower street Cooper street Pickett William henry McIver Arthur Lace Charles H. Thom pson Joseph Anderson John A. Dickson Walter Thomas Flower street Cooper street Beaver Alexander Bartlett Leslie Ryce Thomas Gibson James Wright Lonnie William George Gibson Terence A., "Bathurst" Lee William E., "Hayneslee" Flower street Anderson St. (South Kensington) Off Bunnerong road Farindon Henry, "Werribee" Hayward street Hammond William, "Homedale" Riley James Foote Henry, "Glenroy" Cook Herbert A., "Athelston" Cook Harold W., "Wrentmore" Gleason Michael, "'Cola" Bruce Frederick, "Palmer" Brown Mrs. Emily, "Mallala" Hayward street Dennis Andrew, "Merlin" ON THE HISTORIC SLOPE OF BRICKFIELD HILL. I{AN MUCK. Ard 767r Andrew Street (Little Coogee) Off Boundary street Coates Arthur Porter Edward C. contractor Bawn Charles, "Warwick" Hyman Augustus, "Durham" Richards Frederick, "Glencoe" Poulton Harry G., "Luean" Lockie Thomas F., "Tarcoola" Gilbert Harold IV., "Moyana" Jackson John 11., "Surfaide" Payne Edgar Jas., "The Nook" Coates Arthur, "Buena Vista" Has side Walker David, "Airlic" Wright Edgar "Lyme Regis" Arcadia Street (Coogeo) Brook street to Major street Walker Joseph, "Margaret" Mantle Mrs. Mary "Malpass" Dind Arthur T., "Richmond" Stephens Mrs. Ida, "Iticlunond" Stabb Wilmot IL, "Sionattell" Friend Edward 11., "Rawhiti" Ilaggerty Herbert S., "Belltrees" Reynolds Thomas A., "Yurrunga" Pitcher Edward, "Aronui" Daley Mrs. F., Te-Whare" McAuley James, "Westcott" Jackson Joseph, "Morea" Best Joseph, "Malwa" Canvey henry E. Beach street Durack Ernest,.1.1'., "Ingleside" Arden street Sibley William 11., "Roslyn" Weetman Matthew II. Ilaydon William F., "Glen Dell" Evans Mrs. David, "Silvanus" South ride Arden street Myers Frederick, "Einoh Rue Hill street Roma Henry T., "nuke" Brook street Arden Street North (Coogee) Waverley boundary to Belmore road Boundary street Brailey Thomas J., greengrocer Stavert Daniel, "Alston" Sinclair, "Laurie" Brabant William, "Oomoobah" Vaughan Mrs., "Kywong" Smith William, "Violet" Sharpe George, "Counthorpe" Burnie street Marborough W. P. Robertson Andrew Watson William J., "Landsdowne" Cohen Leslie F., "Glenroy" White Mrs. Wm., "Strathdene" Rathgen Frederick, "'Interest" Totterdale Charles, "Waihemo" Hardy Geo. H., "Eltham" Susan street McTavish Miss Bessie, "Loader Nathan Lewis, "Na Thorne" Mason George, "Moorlands" Laycock Richard, "Dalzoc" Quail street Hardy George H., "Eltham" Richards Francis V., "Heatherdene" Arcadia street Lewis Allen Graham Mrs. J. P., "Ocean View" Every John, "Elba" Bream. street Vivian Miss Q., "Tewallewah" Dolphin street Tramway waiting room Belniore road Varna street Cavanagh John IL, "Corra Lyn" Donnan Frederick, "Chelmsford" Roden William, "Witford" Bush Frederick, "Rumford" Lewis Albert E., "Chingford" Danahay John, "Stirling" Brandon street l'ost and Telegraph Oftice--Ilenry Bryant, postmaster Mackaway Ilenry Vale street Goodwill Arthur, "Zarita" Marley John, "Ascot Cottage" Macken Patrick J. "Etiandi" Culpan Mrs. K., "'Hula" Dickenson Henry, "'linemen" Susan street McCarthy John, "'Pollutu" Burton John W., "Dawn" Holt Herbert R., "Burns' Lodge" Ludlow John, "Sunnyside" Sheldriek Vernon J., "Glenrock" Division street Allison road McPhail Hector, "Rosedell" Blake Richard A., "Edgeroi" Hoare John E., "Lorraine" Gardner George, "Hillerest" O'Connor Mrs. Mary Arcadia street. Yeldlnun "Azilewill" Park George G., "Waratalt" Belmore road Menem C. J., chemist Neale & Tiernan, billiard parlor Gategood and Pollock, newsagents Turner A., tailor Cox Frederick, refreshment rooms McDonald William H., butcher De Josselin II., house & land agt. and agent for Govenunent Savings Bank Pollock David Gilmartin Hugh & Co., ref. rooms Dolphin street Arden Street South (CooKeo; Delmore road to Long Day road Schibeci Bros., refreshment rooms Irving James, "Rippledene" Ruble Sponus B., 'Nangeo" Fagan Mrs., "Loretto" Irvin Robert, "Lockleys" Dudley street Leowe Mrs. Annie, "St. Hilda's" Walton John T., "Rosedale" Lorking Arthur, "Yarunga" Lorking Sydney R., "Ardencraig" Neptune street Langley Harry, "Lexton Hall" Williatnson Mrs. A. J., "Athole" Butters William D., "Lorna" Menary James, "Torrens" Myers Harold S., "Lorraine" Porter Fred. "Maroomba" Porter Jas., builder, ' "Southport" Oberon street Rainbow street Street Henry E., "Oomoobah" Coogeo Bay hotel Maurice Kelly, manager Alderson Mrs. Jane, "Bracklyn" Dunk William Henry, "Marie" Dunk William James, "Isla" WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M1169 WE SPECIALISE IN WEDDING CARRIAGES AND WE HORSE THEM SUPERBLY, INSPECTION INVITED

18 ANTHONY HORDERNS'---ONLY UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS. NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. 798 Art RANDWICK. Avo Bad RAN DWICK. Bal 799 Arden street south (Coogee) continued Hudson Mrs. I., "Gudvangen" McCloy Mrs. James, "Gudvangen" Vernon H., builder, "Ambleside" Carr street Braharn Mrs. A. E., "Clareville" Waltham street Murcutt Mrs. Rose, "Bayview" Gaunische Mrs. Clara, "Sea View" Ashburner Capt. R., "Thalassic" Dudley street Solomon Louis, "Estherville" Henderson Thomas NV., "Vareepa" O'Brien William J., "Pacific" Wishart John, "Kin Ora" Westrop "11111crest" Woodhill G. E., "Murweh" Legge Mr.. Minna, "Aurea" Edgar Alfred, "Bellevue" Tindall Mrs. Sarah A., "Yeadon Foot Allan N., "Thamescot" Williams Charles F., "Nundah" Cooks, John Oberon street Allan William Manton Reginald S., "Brompton" Scroggins Elijah, "Glen-luee" Beeke Mrs. S., "'allele" McKenzie William Bell Rainbow street Rou & Bowman, monum't masons Arthur Street North aids Beimore road to Bourke street Johnston Clifton E., "Auburn" Power George, "Granton" rapes Joseph, "Lochend" Kennedy Mrs. L., "Illyria" Finegan Mrs. J. P., "Lachlan" Brennan Martin C., "Milton" Taplin Leslie, "Tathra" Rowe Clement It., "Bermagiii" Wood Sydney S., "Wattamolla" Levy Isaac, "Coniola" Williamson Alexander, "Nelligen" Paton A. N., "Alderley" Warn George, "Wittman" 013hanesy Tom J., "Moruya" Briggs Edward, "Araluen" Ryan 11, "Lincoln" Whatmore Mrs. Ada M. "Lawson" Bray William, %extra" Page William, "Leura" Webster Mrs. S. A., "Shamrock" Goddard Alexander, "Kyneton" Heins Leon, "Nilda" Molesworth Mrs. A., "Toowomnba" Stewart Ernest, "Roma" Dunkley Oliver, "Guernsey" Kerr Eugene C. Caban William, "Leverton" Joseph Elias, "Claines" Botany street Crouch F. G., J.P., "The Laythe0 South able Lowe Thomas J., J.P., "Decoy" Laidlaw George, "Alston" Lannan John B., "Dromona" Ryan J. C. J., sok., "Moira" Dwyer J., "Kembla" Doherty Miss Mary, "Adare" Kerr Lugene C. Monkton Richard, "Bromley" Taylor James "Huebner" Anderson Reginald, "Marne" Brown Joseph, "Beealalee" Lowe W. C., solicitor, "Brefney" Shaw J. W., "Healey" Warn C. E., "Bonnie Doon" Malony Mrs. J. F., "Volsloane" Samuel John, "Newbury" Dare Leonard Ascot Street (Kensington) Eastern avenue to Doncaster avenue Wagner Mrs. E. Odman George A., "Elaine" Dutton Sydney, "Vents" Giles J. "Lucia" Cunningham Thomas, "Snowdon" Saunders Thomas, "Burmah" Gough Thomas S., "Ascot" Young Samuel, "Laurette" Mayes George, "Clonbonny" Jones James E., "Hampstead" Allison Mrs. It., masseuse North aide Hart Fredk, W J.P., "Ruogath" Lovelock Alfred, "Glenwood" Asher Street (Coogee) Dudley to Waltham street Challinor John Hart. Mrs. Caroline M., "Merlyn" Watt Mrs. Christina, "Thurlaw" McGrath Robert S., "Mayou" Stewart Thomas, "Ilathetta" Ross James, "Chanerea" Browne Courtney, "Leebam" Fitzgerald Robert, "Femur" Gibbs Percy E. W., "Blair" Guthrie Francis, "Freema" Dunlop Mrs. Lucy, "The Rest" Ashton Street Dirrell street to York road Cush Mrs. E. C., "liyuna" Grove Walter, "Sydney" Welsh Alfred, "Omni" Welsh Hubert, "Salisbury" Fanning James, "Glenalva" Hatherly Montague, "Iris" Starkey William D., "Mandalay" Giles George L., "Iona" Colboutne J., "St. Elmo" Hill Thomas, "Merlyn" Groves Percival NV "Ifyee" Pickering Frank, 'Otway" Davidson William 0., "Ormuz" Wall Charles C., "Ophir" Quinlan James A., "Omrah" Giles Reuben, "Zadoc" Surplice Hector L. F.,"Wendouree" Darby Thomas A., "Farnham" Lomaro Richard, "Roma" McMahon Timothy, "Venezia" Leslie Alexander, "Inveresa" I Rickey James, Slaas Farley Edward, "Canberra" Richardson Mrs. 11., "Oakdale" McCallum Alex. IL, "St. Kilda" Brannigan Edwin, "Killarney" Hoogerwerff Jan, "Carthona" Grierson Mrs., "Roslyn" Cameron Mrs. Emily, "Lynwood" Rowe Frank K. "Kieeta" O'Dea Robert, "Lockley" Christensen Henry, "Numbs" Rimmer W "Norvana" Taylor Mrs. A.?A., "Dumbarton" Parkes Mrs. Isabella, "flotilla Crawley Mrs. E., "Camooweal" Hill Mrs., "Wirenda" Athol Street Long Day road to Denning street Beverley Samuel, "Southwood" Senile Walter D., "Hillside" Ilucker Alfred Scott Walter, "Athol" Gray Claud J., greengrocer Austral Street (Long Bay) Off Tramway Line to Howe street Hennessy Joseph, warder Tierney Edward, warder lamney henry O'Sullivan P. Russell Leslie Herbert Powell A. G. llorne Edward Fallon Thomas Bombard Harry Russell Mrs. Alice, "The Nest" Wilsor Mrs. A, Raglan street Dassmey Joseph Dudley Roy Clements John Slater Joseph, 3.1'. Stubbs Sidney Napier street Murrell Mrs. Agnes, general store Roberts Thomas Bohemia street Davies Frederick Avenue (The) Allison road to Cowper street Ran dwick Mansions- 1 Coulter Joseph, J.P. 2 Hatfield Arthur, boardinghouse 3 Kennedy Mrs. A. M. 4 Delaney Thomas 5 Iforrisey John N. 0 Payne James A. 8 Ogilvie Mrs. T. A, Tyerman W. H. O Cooper Ernest, residential chamb. Itandwick Cemetery Francis street N.S.W. Fire Brigade Station Wm. McNiven, officer in charge Lockwood James, fireman Lea John C. K., "Condamine" l'ower Thomas P., "Tayar" Davies Mrs. B. L., "Narberth" Freeman W. C., "Hillingdon" Kurtz Mrs. II., "Bellevue" Robinson Phillip, "Elgin" Bruce Frank, "Lucknow" Carnithers Henry, "Quambo" O'Keefe IL C., "Quambo" Avoca Street Rainbow street to Parley road Godbold Wm. H., "Clarenceville" Hill Miss C. IL, "Frome" Barrie Richard, "Blair Athol" Helena street Leigh Walter 8., "Morpeth Villa" Flint Frank, carrier, "Birdhalme" Nickson T., "St. Albino" Oberon street Watson George, "Tyne" Dwight William T., "Canberra" Davis Mrs., "Shirley" McClenahan Mrs. A. "Fullwood" Lambert 13., "Loretto" Glynn Patrick, "Sabena Cottage" Lucas Joseph, painter Howard street Anderson Mrs. K., "lialdene" Feeney Jas., horsetrainer, "Aimee" Darker street Bearpark Alex, motor garage Ward Richard J., "Floretta" Clark Miss Agnes IL, "Casale" Brown Loris Hart Ernest F. Pitt George, "Brightelinstone" Pitt George & Son, carriers Allison William, "Sussex Cottage" Burnett Ebenezer, "Orwell" Woodcock Joshua St. Paul's street Farrelly Thomas, fuel merchant Dexter John F., "Woodhurst" Soudan street Downie A., farrier Andrew Barry Robert, "Naseby" Farmer Andrew, "Barton" Delmore road Cut hilt street Booth Miss Lily, "Ilygela" Booth A. E., dentist, "Ilygela" Broinowski G. IL, physician and surgeon, "Corona" Mear's avenue Shirk Henry, J.P., grocer Hudson S., tobacconist Falk Ernest J., chemist Hops Mrs. Pauline, draper Rapper Alfred, grocer Sapper terrace- 2 Jewell s Mrs. A. 13 Gee Thomas Gee Mrs. Emma, qualified accouch. 4 Collins Mrs. Margaret A. The Fathers of the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church Roman Catholic School Sisters of the Sacred Heart Bundock Mrs. F. F., "Kalingo" Kiss John A., "Ventnor" 13uzacott George S., "Ventnor" Milford street Herrmann Mrs. Fanny, "Wyrallah" Finlayson Douglas, "Wyrallah" Clements D. T., "Ottawa" Beaver Miss A., "Altona" Ilarnard Joseph Watkins Mrs. Aston, "Tintern" Albert street Browne John, "Lorraine" Dew Leonard, "Elociera" Smith Arthur E., "Moruya" Allison road Wing Lee, fruiterer. Sing Lee, laundry Percival George, grocer & draper Turnbull Thomas, grocer Gumbley John, butcher Bardon J. &Sons, bootmakers Bauer Henry, baker Jackson Samuel, fruiterer Cook Henry, ham & beef shop Barnes W. G. & Co., butchers Fuge Mrs. Emily, confectioner Milner Herbert J., laundry Rae street Crawford & Taylor, prod,, merchts. Nicholson and Fox, blacksmiths Gilderthorp T. R. & Sons, painters O'Hanlon W. J., J.P., "Hileswater" Bryen John 0., "Islington" Hyde A. T., "Alhoa" Fryer 11., "Braemar" McGregor Beatrice, "Lindfleld" Miller Mrs. E., "Warwick" Wallace Mrs. Hilda, "Studley" Clark James, "Midlothian" Weaver Miss E., dressmaker Saunders Mathew, J.P., "Delhi" Moran's Ltd. Itandwick Bakery Young Christopher R., "Avoca" Shiel Thomas, "Moldavia" Cheesewright Sidney, "Orillagh" Moss Miss Mary, "Abbey Dorney" Green William, "Rookdale" Morgan John, "Wyfern" Carey Jerome, "Loloma" Shaw Rev. Archibald, "Archina" Frenchman's road Astotat street Little Sisters of the Poor--Home for the aged and infirm Orange street Rae Alexr., J. P., "Windemall" Brown Hon. Thomas, M.L.A., J.P., "Makino" Walford William B, "Yambora" Stephens Thos. IV., "I Icalesv lle" Weston Alfred C., "Wallacia" Howlett Peter, "Brenda" Murray Charles, "Eona" Thompson Arthur, "Venita" Adams Mrs. J., "Aloe" Alexander Thomas "Aloe" Wadsworth Turner, "Holmfirth" D'Aran Thomas W., "Bathurst" Lyon Bert, "Willilga" Randall Edward, "Narrec" Bell Joseph, "Ingleburn" Ilemmingsen George, "Araluen" McDonald William, "Kempsey" Wagenknecht Bruno, "Novaro" Pearson William, "Burma" Darley road Barker street Holt James Bond Albert E., "Fiona" Willcox, "Lyttleton" Connors Robert NV., "Derry" Roberts George P., "Kiewa" Davis John H., "Bristol" Cooper Chas., "Pembroke" Vincent S. IL, "Tenby" Tremayne liezekiali W. T. Taylor Zaeliariali W. Rainbow street Randwicic Military Hospital High street Belmore rd. Mear's ave. Lynch Patrick, bootmaker Green Ilarold W., painter Short street Ilollyer Charles E., plumber McNamara Nurse, "Glengarriff" Larkin George, "Avenel" Larkin l'atrick R., "Melrose" Ileynink John E., J.1'., "Roseneath" Kirk F., "Ataini" Nielson Miss C., "Utsanomig.a" Larkin Steven, "Milton" McMaster Miss Jean, "The Pines" Private Hospital Wells Henry II., J.P., Glastonbury" McClenahan Thos A., "Somerset" Dunlop Mrs. C. IL, "Lachlan" Lewis Angelo A., "Eugowra" NVetherill Frank, "Gladstone" Money Mrs. Angel, "Strathallen" hall George E. B. E. Maloney AL J., "Ilfracombe" Ebsworth Mrs. It. A., "Clovelly" Godfrey Henry and Son, bakers Beach John, fruiterer Ross and Co., butchers Rapper and Cornford, tailors Dine William, plumber Hardy Mrs. Emily, tobacconist Moran and Cato, Ltd., grocers Newman Albert H., J.P., chemist Allison road Post and Telegraph Office and Com. Savings Bank of Aust. A. Hall, postmaster Godworth George, hairdresser Shevlin Lindop, fruiterer Gillmore J., bootinaker Ellis A., confectioner Cakebread Rev. W. J., B.A., The Rectory St. Jude's Church (O. of E.) St. Jude's Parochial School St. Jude's School-hall Francis street Town Hall and Council Chambers Wm. K. Percival, town clerk Randwick Public School A. G. Alanson, headmaster Alanson Alfred G., "Walton" Cowper at Tramline Hodgson st Hodgson Isaac B., J.1'., builder Calder Thomas, "Beverley" Bryen Mrs. Emma, "Lynwood" Bernard Daniel, "La Dana" Fieldhouse Edward, "Athelstan" Coppard James, "St. Veda" Stanley street Novitiate for the Little Sisters of the Poor, "Our Lady's Villa" Stephen street Quilty John "Ville Merle" O'Connor Maurice, "Avoca" Farrelly John 0., "Florencecourt" McLeod John, "Eugenia" Aitken Thomas H., "Ilka" McHugh Henry, "Lourdes" Carter street bfollison Jack R., "Booralee" Parley road Baden Baden Street (Coogee) Beach street to reserve Smith Honourable James J., M.L.C., "Hastings" Baker Street (Kensington) Todnian avenue to Dowling street Rees Melville, "St. Austell" Ilannatord James J., "Lorraine" Milroy avenue Richards William, "Keith" Klimpsch Bevis George, "Veronique" Rowe John P., "Roma" Lodge William H., "Kalingo" Devlin John I. D., "Rienzi" Byrne Stephen IL, "Ginahgulia" Bonnie Albert, "Kimbriski" Dowling street Balfour Road (Kensington) Salisbury road to Addison greet Kavanagh James F. Hellman Mrs. C. B., "Corona" Sobels Mrs. G., "Onkaparinga" Barr Robert, "Ilealesville" Chapel' Jatnes, "Wellington" Rogers William, "Warwick" Wiley Samuel, "Grey Lynn" Neville Peter, "Milton" Moore George, "Granstark" S'mith Sydney J. G., "Lane Scott" Haynes James, "Stanhope" Fitch Henry C., "Beatrice" Devine J. George, "Terara" Green Robert, "Violet" Wildman L. S., "Dianne" Wood N. A., "Kurnell" Phillips Henry Duke street Todman avenue Ellis William C., "Holborn" Stone Frederick, "Stonehaven" Kinsela Chas., junr., "Charlston" Lightfoot Joseph, "Angelique" WOOD, COFFILL COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., HARRIS Sr. 'PHONE M1618 OUR DRAGS ARE THE DELIGHT OF PLEASURE PARTIES AND WILL CARRY TWO HUNDRED

19 ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM. ENTRANCES IN GEORGE, PITT AND GOULBURN STREETS. 800 Ban RAND WICK. Bea Bea RANDWICK. Bel 801 Balfour road (Kensington)continued- Coward William, "Tarrawanna" Aust H. N., "Lyndhurst" l'enfold Mrs. E., 'Penholme" McAnade James, "Wallangarra" Porritt William, "Ponsonby" Purcell Richard, "Carrageen" McMahon John, "Frisco' Sloper Miss A. 1'. J., "Lyncombe" Day Captain, "Maine" Burton W. S., taxi cab propr. Sherwood street Melville Frederick, "Balfour" Wilkinson William, "Alpha" Hahn Miss Esther, teacher singing Todman avenue Bank Street (Maroubra) Inman street to Wilson etreet Barker Street Perouee road to Houston road Israel I., "Lilyville" Campbell James, "Almfssa" Summergreene Aug. l'., "Athenic" Somers Frederick, "Ventura" Carney Nicholas, "Loriette" Dine street Avoca street Gledhall Stephen IV. Burns John Hayden Donald Chowne Harry Bennett Ilerbert T. Maude street Botany atreet Willis street llunnerong road (South Kensington) Burchet John, "Brighton" Scully Emanuel, taxi-cab propr. Housron road Wholohan Patrick, "The Shannon" Nowlantl Francis, "St. Childs" Matthews George, "Linden" Nation William II., "Guide" Adding Arthur, "Malta" Turner Charles, "Alma" Williams Alfred E., "Mascotte" Kara street Thornscroft Stephen, "Lillington" Ilealey Mrs. A. "Ilennanton" Hartley Mrs. Olive, "Kara-Kara" Conway Leslie M., "Desma" Townsend Mrs. Isabel Prevot Edward, "Yaronga" Warne C. J., "Arizona" Wells Mrs. Keith, "Dalkeith" Martin George, "Alma" Dew Arthur W., "Oradock" Avoca street Stewart Fred. C., vetinary surgeon Payten Thomas, J.P. Young street Leadbeater William, horsetrainer Bomber Mrs. Susannah Mayo Fredlc. E., horsetrainer Finn John C., "Dellis" Bennett Herbert, confectioner Jane street Walker J. II. Norrish Geo. Jennings Albert Lindsay Hugh Fielder Samuel, "Graf ton House" Botany street Lee Charlie, gardener Fotheringhom Chas., "Rostrevor" Kennedy street Skelton Robert, "Castle View" Willis street (South Kensington) Ashman Charles, "Ratlifarnham" McCann Mrs. A., "Florenceville" Saunderson Wm., "Budgerie" Wilson Samuel, "Botnbala" Archer G. W. "Lilyian" Forsyth street Lawrence Mrs. Margaret, "Hastings" Buckley Timothy, "Emoltruo" Ryder Fdereick, "Rosebank" Jackson Albert, "Brooklands" Morris M. "Median" Walker W. H., "Cooma" Hanneybel J. T., "Natala" Watson A., "Rowena" Harrigan Charles E., "Hillstock" Angelo Victor, "Avoca" Wilson Percy, "Tara" Chippendale II., "Barlow" Davidson A., "Southsea" Coney's Christopher, "Hove" McMullen C., "Cranbrook" Rely Peter, Rosetta" Harbourne streect Donald Geo., "Hildon" Dick William G., "bysnagry" Parsons Adin, "Willyama" Sydney Cake Co. Bunnerong road Gtterin Michael, "Clytia" Roser Mrs. Alice Houston road Barry Street Greville to Susan street Clift W. IL, carpenter Aboud Eli Thomas Win. J., "Greenheyes" Clift Albert J. Buckham R. A., "Glen Ayr" Brown Lewis, "Niltsveth" Henry Mrs., "Sfajoba" Playoust George, "Frisco" Bass Street (South RandwIck) Off Broad road Alanson & Coy., Yeast Factory Finney Alfred S., "Duntroon" Battery Street ( Little Coogoo) Little Coogee bay to Beach street Moyse Miss, "Clelands" Moyse Miss 3f. A., "Clelands" Rayner Sydney, "Eastbourne" Wright John H., "Burley" O'Reilly Mrs. M., "13yrnora" Fletcher George F., "Fairley" Bullman Robert, "bough Ree" Hannah Joseph, "Ocean Brae" Partridge Mrs. AL Bruntnell Mrs. Edith Porritt William IL, "Sierra" Mundarrah street Organ George E., "Hazeldene" Jackson William II., "St. Elmo" Dunlop John C., "Meryville" Ferguson Leicester, "Manus" Bay Parade (Long Bay) Yease Mrs. McLurkin John A., junr. McLurkin Johp, senr., Graham Alexander Pox street Samson Mrs. A., refreshments Higgins John Irwin William Winskell 0. F., refreshments Raglan street Bay Street (Coogeo) Off Brook street Sharpe Joseph Pitcher Anthony - Beach Street (Coogeo) Little Coogee to Rainbow street Randwick Municipal Baths (men's) Baden Baden Reserve Arcadia street Bmkn Baden street Delaney Mrs. Clara, "Wilberoi" Rose II. A., "Mia" Moore street Waugh Allan, "Coorowong" Leary John, "Mostyn" Miller D. S. K., "Cliffbrook" Battery street Abbott Hugh G., "Carinya" Scott Claude, "Glendalough" James Henry, "Curraweena" Chadwick Henry, "Waratah" Boyd John, "Dunolly" Shannon Percy, "Falmouth" Simpson Henry E., "Truro" Susan street Falk Frank, "Transom" St. George Thomas, "Sombre" Herron William, "Sonia" Hawker Mrs., "Nedda" Bowd Edward R., "Nadine" Burnie street. Lippman Herbert, "Rockley" Barlow George AV., "Merrimac" Stabbed: William, "Wharenui" Cohen Roy, "Monaroi" Byrnes Mrs. Mary, "Oakleigh" Wheeler Mrs. G. A., "Toorak" Byrnes Mrs. Jane, "Milgunyah" Haley Adolphus, "Warecn" Gordon Oswald, "Allawah" Kimmins Laurence, "Elowra" George, "Taringa" Quail street Sanderson J. S., "Winton" McKenzie Mrs. Charlotte, "St. Leonards" Green Mrs. IV., "Hillston" Allison road Fair J. A., "Lindisfarne" Arcadia street McCauley Vincent A., dentist Athenmum Hall Stones Wm. IL, refresh. rooms Bream street Golden Palace Aquarium Jeffrey J., refreshment rooms Oarr street Belmore rd Dolphin st Taylor H. C. Towsend, F. Grocott 0. M. Coogee S.L.S.B. club house Ladies' Baths H. A. Wylie, prop. Fellows Phillip, "Namona" Munro Mrs. Mary, refresh. room Munro Walter W. A. McKinley Edward D., tea rooms Surf Life-saving Brigade Black Neil, "Ormond Villa" Adams Adam, "Wainui" Edwards Alfred, "Holmhurst" Couch John II., "Mount Florida" White John W., "Mount Joy" Meattcheon Mrs. K., "Coogee House" Purves Mrs. M., "Cumaro" Booth Mrs. G., "Surbiton" Eppler M., "Towers" Tollemache Mrs. C., "Mt Nessing" Dudley street Myers Wilfred M. "Tara" Hopkins W. 0. C., J.P., "Tara" Chalcraft Mrs. I., "1Vailevur" Sherack William, "St. George" Rutherford Thomas, "Leonie" Neptune street Quintner Samuel, "Lapworth" Mills Mrs. J., "Croydon" Gibbs Archibald E., "Aldersyde" O'Connor Mrs. Annie, "Restwell" Oberon street Rainbow street Beauchamp Road Long Bag to Botany road Fire Station Electric Ltgnt (Sub-station) Dive Albert E., "Acacia" Dive Samuel, Junr. Dive Samuel, brick works Dive street Walsh Charles Dive Leslie Sutton Matthew Conway Mrs. Elizabeth Smith Charles Coady James Robinson N. Warby Mrs. Ellen Dautman Broad road McFarlane Daniel, poultry farm Barrow William Jerry street Rutledge George Sullivan John Martin William Brown John Massey David Smith Joseph (For continuation see Botany.) Beaumonde Avenue (Maroubra) Off Bond street Cann William Hogan William Bell Street (Maroubra) Maroubra road to Storey street Osborne Frederick, "Sea View" Allan Robert Foster Arthur G., "Banksia" Bacon Joseph Stratton Arthur, "Eastbourne" Boyce road, Gale road, Storey street Bellevue Avenue (Maroubra) Off Bond street Bolmore Road Allison road to Coo gee bay Peters 11. E., mercer l'apez Joseph, ladies' tailor Veness Miss M., milliner Spring and Cooper, real estate agents. Tel. 456 R. Spring E. N. D., J.P. Off Burcher C. E., motor garage Williams, Whyte & Co., real estate agents Kuhn William, saddler Michael Ephraim, "Durrhain" Grace William C., "Norman House" Johnson Charles, "Willowmere" Scott Arthur, "Eidetic" Millard Jules, "Shamrock" Johnson T. Hardy, "Eugowra" Schwarz Elias, "Sylvia" Clifford Percy, surgeon, "Buxton" Mackay Mrs. Mary; "Danbury" Walker Harold H., 'Vermont' Barry Charles W., surgeon dentist Goodman A. H., dentist Hayward W. & Co. tailors Drysdale George, tailor Neal Mrs. E., provision store Neal W. E., landscape gardener Gorman Mrs. Maria, "Beulah" Walker Nurse, "Beulah" Browne Mrs. C. Wood, Coffill & Co., Ltd., under- Mitchell N., "Nellieville" Ryan Michael, "Waratah" Weatherall Walter, dentist Finn L. H., watchmaker Short street Edwards Henry, tobacconist Marron J., plutnber Stapleton John, bootmaker Kinsela Charles, undertaker Bowen V., saddler Searle S., tailor Russon Gaetano, fruiterer Bowles Richard, bicycle depot Hannan F. and Co., butchers Yeldhant William, "Lone-Pine" Glaholm G. W., "Winona" Harkins R. J., "Killara" Avoca street Tanner It., "Byron Flats" King J. I'. Vandenburg S., "Nonetta" McNamara Frank K., preparatory school for boys, "Wyrallah" Tainsett L., "Fernleigh" Macdonald Mrs. F., 'Glenara" Storey David, ILL.A., "Sherbrooke" Judge street Randwick l'olice Station Goodwin Mrs. J. C., "Vernon Ilouse" Heath street McGuinness Mrs. E. A., "Cowra" Farmer Roland J., "Carisbrook" Pike Mrs. E., "Carisbrook" Hahn Frank J. "Bona" Duke street Electric Light Sub-station Hardy Robert E., "Kingston" Sheehan Miss T. "Tresbill" Hopwood Mrs. L. ' "Villette" Burns Mrs. A., "bocksley" Vincer W. Abbott R., "Quitnong" O'Keefe Mrs. Emma, "Beltana" Dugan Mrs. E. A., "Erskine" Carrington road Day William J.. "Tema" Ilissey W. D., "Brighton Grove" Melody street Ellis Joseph, 'San Antinio" Powell street Walters Francis II., J.P., "Belmore" Mount street Garbutt A. J., "Alm Hall" Cook James, "Marton" Fletcher Mrs. Anne, "St. Kilda" Jones Sydney, "Indiana" Richards Mrs. Eva, boardinghouse Ladrigan Mrs. Rose, "Clovelly" Wishart Mrs. Taco, "Euralla" Sinclair Mrs. Jane, "Moira" Hart Witred, "Claremont" Solway Reuben H., "Roberval" Brook street Marks Miss C., "Sidbury" Crawford John, produce merchant Marks Miss D., "Hewn" Campbell Peter, grocer Kwong War & Co., fruiterers Stabback & Co., chemists Bates Miss A., costutniere Railton William P., mercer, &e. Post & telegraph Office and Cornmonwealth Govt. Savings Bank P. J. II. Sewell, J.P., ptinstr. Hawkins Geo., draper & mercer Simpson Mrs. Wm., refresh. room Almond Mrs. It., ham & beef shop MacKenzie A. butcher Dryen Samuel ' and Son, grocers Gamborne B. C., baker Regan W., hairdresser Patrick S. It., fruiterer McFarlane Andrew, bootmaker Turner W. J., oyster saloon Payne Frederick P., fruiterer Moloney Miss M., refreshments Wall Dr. A. P. Williamson Alexander, dentist Motor Garage M. J. Smith McGliie A. H., confectioner Skinner Miss M. J., milliner Radcliffe Mrs. Fraser, dressmaker Abbott Mrs. F., oyster saloon Gordon A., Ham & beef shop Brogden L., hairdresser Williams, Whyte & Co., estate agents Abbott Mrs, F., tea rooms Mallam 0. J., chemist ' Arden street Ocean &radian Ernest II., auctr., land & estate agent, distriot registrar of B., M., and D. Austin C. II., ham and beef shop Enright J. J., chemist Ireland Ernest E. pastrycook Plunkett James, ' hairdresser 'Layton Mrs. Mary E., draper Cohen Sydney, crockeryware Close Mrs. C., confectioner Wicks H., furniture exchange Dunn John 0., grocer Govt. Savings Bank of N.S.W. Chas. W. Fullagar, manager Silver street O'Rourke Miss H. AL, milliner South Ilerbert McFarlane L., bootmaker White Mrs. George, "Koorali" Lee Miss Lucy, music teacher Scott William, "Kaloolah" Grant Stanley, "Lynton" Hart' Louis, "Rylands" 35 hack Charles W., builder, "nigcumbe" 1Varatah avenue Webster Wm., builder (workshop) 49 Coen Bernard, "Brewongle" Arthur street Eagles Archer, "Woodville" Redden Osborne II., surgeon, "Berowra" Lynch Dr. Stephen, F.R.C.S. (Eng.) Dick J. Adam, M.D., surgeon, "Catfoss" Bolton A. T., J.P., "Stratheden" High street Avoca etreet Cuthill at Royal hotel S. J. Rowan Perouse road Fisher William T., "Carthona" Brigidine Convent, Mt. St. Brigid, boarding and highs school Josephson Manuel F., "Coombra" Leahy John, "Trieste" Dudley street 07 Wells James P., "Yevo" 99 Bullock Mrs. L. E., "Coonong" Sargent Mrs. N., "Cowrie" Shepherd Herbert, "lion Accord" Galloway F. IL, "Tollington" Morrine Mrs. Elizabeth,"Glendon" Kershaw Arthur W.,."Otley" eKillop Mrs. George, "St. Elmo" 117 Ryan Mrs. Ada M. 119 Rourke Mrs. Mary, "Iona" 121 Thornton P. W., "Elgin" Carrington road James Mrs. Alice, "Warrie Wood" takers THE LEADING 'UNDERTAKERS"-WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. 'PHONE 9226 CITY OUR RANGE OF COMMERCIAL- BUGGIES IS THE LARGEST AND BEST HORSED IN AUSTRALIA

20 VISIT ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, 802 Ber RANDWICK. Bor Belmore road continued 'wan Richard, "Whoa" Doutrebande Chas. F. "Hillside" Hall Charles, "Turon" Melody street Coogee Public School James S. Godfrey, headmaster Byron street Hill Eric Jeffery, "Grasmere" Georgetti Augustine, "Haze'mere" Butler Mrs. 11., "Triton" Aldridge William Mount street McNally Mrs., "Leigh" Cuddy James, "Evendale" Bayliss Mrs. Mary, "Rosemont" Hopper Henry W., "BeatrIceville" Lane Geo., "Malina" Eve Charles J., "Orefield" Ford Mrs. J. R., "Roseville" Josephs Frank, "Roslyn" Henderson Thomas, J.I'., "Glen Isle" Rigney E. T., "Alma" James Miss Lydia, 'Thorpe Lea" Sheridan Mrs. Phillip, "Bracklyn" O'Dowd Mrs. E., "Brough Lee" Sampson S., "The Nook" Lynch William, "Belmont" Brook street Wilson William Bennett William, dentist Coinino John, "Ednaville" Collins W. W., "Coo-ee" Stone James, boardinghouse Fortey Mrs. E. Vicar street Fortey J. F., provision merchant Wells & Smith, estate agents Wilson A., boot shop Paterson C. F. k Co., plumbers Australian Bank of Commerce, Ltd. W. H. Hayley, mgr. Coo pee Bay hotel Maurice Kelly, manager Arden street Ocean. Berwick Street (Coogee) Off Carr street Richards Mrs. Dudley J., "Bendenim" Wolper Aaron, J.P., "Grandview" Raves G. A., "Craigleith" Slapoffski Madame Lilly, "Milan" Stickley Walter, "Milan" FoIdi Mrs. M. H., "Alexander Villa" Howe Mrs. G. H. Johnson Horace J., "IVilga" Howard A. J., "Raeburn" Beulah Street Botany street to Irvine street Griffin Albert Victor, "Glen-ydon" Birrell Street York road to Waverley boundary Denman Kirwan, prof. of music, "Esmeralda" Davis Alexander, "Thrasna" Noalce Eric IC., "Lake View" Hughes Charles, "Thelma" Werner Win., instrctr., Engineers' Depot. Emslie Mrs. Elizabeth, "Kent" Hayward Mrs. A., grocer Hayward Woodland Ruthven street Mildwater Robert, "Kia Ora" McArthur Peter, "Lanark" Flanagan Christopher, "Bright View", Leary John, "Deva" WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD.' Bishop's Avenue East aide Douglas to Susan street Wood James, "Annorel" Gent Charles B., "Hine/non" Day William R., "Quiringah" Fairweather Mrs. M., "Morganville" Bradley Robert II., 'Como" Frost harry E., "Moorooka" Roylanee John, solicitor, "Avoca" Simons Chas., "Brinsop" Wyse Mrs. A. M., "Oswestry" Flower E. V., carpenter & joiner Batten Alfred, "Alameda" Melville Arthur, "Mariposa" Angus William, "Sherbourne" Gates, William Smith Robert M. Susan srreet Barlow John, "Wahroonga" licynon Mrs. F. D., "hlaranoa" Magee Robert, 3.1'., "Listowel" Shaw-Smith William A., J.P., "Dalineny" Tarlinton Ernest A "Norfolk" Gilchrist John R., lartney" McCoy Richard, "Islington" Chapman Mrs. E. J., "Verno" Susan street Blackwood Avenue Off Boundary street Wilkes Ernest Bell David II., "Glenroy" Read Arthur Smith Arthur, "Kingston" Nielsen Oscar, "Hinemoa" Partridge John Heard Win.- F. Anderson James, "Auchinblae" \Slyer B. J., "Clifton" Ryan Patrick, "Vale of Avoca" Blenheim Street Clara street to Botany street McDonald Mrs. 0., "Padua" Cramp William F., "Reigate" Parson J. W., "Strathmore" Webster Daniel A., "L'Lanberis" Ryan D. J., "Canargroo" Porter George, "Winnworth" Mitchell George F., "Dainattri" Cook Kenneth S., "Sinclair" Albert Mrs. Blanche, "Alba" Davies Alb. Chas., "The Barrier" Bucicham Adam, "Taringa" Gelling W., "Ernbert" Long J., "Exeter" MacLennan W. J., "Conon" Corbett Peter B., "Norwood" 'Toddle James, "Kia-Ora" Hull Edward W., "Halston" Kelly T. D., "Ganvoola" Sibley Samuel E., "Garnella" Murphy F. J., "Carmen" Bohemia Street (Long Bay) Off Austral street Talbot John Greenhalgh, "Roseville" Houghton Mrs. Davis John Bona Vista Avenue (Maroubra) Off Torrington road Stone IL ' "Kanowna" Clifford Miss Colley, "Leebank" Purnell W. Dean Gilbert William Twendow C., engraver Bond Street (Maroubra) Off Bona Vista Avenue Younger William Carey Miss N. Price Miss L. Cavanagh Ralph Boronia Street (Kensington) Off Eastern avenue Meeks John, "Woori Wood" Robinson A. E., "hloorabinda" Sharp Chas., "Goontlah" Jones Gordon Philip, "Deloraine" Moroney E. T., "Braman" Cant T. W., "Ct.rtna" Bradshaw 3. M., "The Eyrie" Wilkins Arthur, "Carinya" Regland F., "Craigisla" Finnigan It. A., "Wynola" Begot T., "Zoroma" Quilly Mrs. M., "Oaklands" Clay James P., "Illaizeville" McCartney AV, J., "Itettney" 'Wildman Samuel, "Mulgoa" Brandtman William, "Milierie" Fewtrell Henry, "Fairview" Brown Robert, "Florenwood" Milton, "Venetia" Mitigate 11., "Olstorp" Addison street Logue Mrs. E., "Invesloy" Collier Robert Morris Ainsley, "Canberra" Sheeley II. W., "Tonclif" Bulbs David Le Feaux A. W., "Kenilworth" l'eak E. C., "Braeburn" Richardson T. It. R., "Melrose" Bergin P. J., "Thoma" Murray Alexander, "Afton" Fowle Geo. A., J.1'., "Clarinoa" Borrodale Road (South Kensington ) Off Bunnerong road Bryndley George T., "Ashbourne" Merton Roy, "Ashbourne" Barker W., "Cawarra" Campbell Archbld., "Allen Doone" Houston road Quinn Richard B., "Wee Malta" Stewart Donald E., "Ted Loma" Fink Max, "Itomaka" Dickerson Alfred, "Somerset" Bishton Alfred, "Rochester" Bruce street Russell IVilliam, "Glenrowan" Stockdale Herbert E., "Tourmaline" Lawrence James F., "Belaringar" Goodfellow S. W., "Granville" Plan Geoffrey, "Engaust" Houston road Sellars Francis A., "Aultbea Villa" Leadbeater William, "Tavistock" Whiteman A., "Erith" Smith William, "Delwill" Carroll E., "Glenwood" Eather E., milk vendor Teasdale Alfred, "Content" Russell Sidney D. Davies Leslie, "Carinya" Bell Richard, "Peebles" Willis John F., "Salford" HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 CITY THE HOME OF ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES. Bot RAND WICK. Boy 803 Botany Cemetery Tiunnerong Cemetery Trust Botany Street Allison road to Bunnerong road Hogue Robert B., "Medlock" Cornwall W. J., "Levenhulme" Leonard Richard, "Greenheys" Marks Leonard A., "Greenock" O'Neill NV. J. "Greenock" Williams Fred. "Nagar Jones William R. ' "Itolap-P-1" Stewart John and Son, veterinary hospital, "Doonside" Silver street Carton Richard, "Eurona" Allen II. NV., "Elaine" Capper W. H., J.P. "Eudra" Kingsley James, "Willowmere" Arthur street Noonan Thomas C., "Gorlestone" High street Morpheth Albert, "Troja" Johnson Christopher, "Araluen" eekinga Joseph, "Aston" Ilaythorn John, "Miniclar" Plunkett Oswald IV., "Alma" Magill street Smith James, "Creswick" Cregan James, "Alderney" Campbell R. A., "Ileatherbrae" Huston H., "Oxton" Hay street Barker street Farrell H. P. McLaughlin Charles, horsetrainer Dick John J. "Dixie" Doyle Edinmid, "Erinville" Tung Sing, market gardener Middle street Rainb ow street Skirt street Perry Fergus G., horsetrainer Lang Peter Patrick, "Echo" Broad road Gilbert Albert, "Kia-Ora" Ilincks street Noonan Jack, "Avondale" Ilemfrey Frederick Windsor Edward, "Ilaroldene" Beulah street Herber LI. J., dairyman, "Gleniffe" Dine William John, "Waterton" Pearsall Walter Bunnerong road Humphries Richard, "Epsom" Weston Claude A., "Goodwood" Cough John, "Mount Vernon" Cough Prosper, horsetrainer Andrews R. A., "Loch-Maree" Salenger, "Killarney" Scully Thomas, horsetrainer Bryans E. H., veterinary hospital Bryans W., "Fernyhurst" Reserve Arthur street O'Connor Richard, "Sunnyside" Brown John, "Clarendon" Smith Mrs. A. M., "Aberladye" High street Middle street Sumner James, "Dilworth" Patton James, "Klipdrift" Mead Robert, "Klipilrift" Bannister Mrs. Bridget, "Clare" Roberts Wallace Ashley Caroline Meeks street {tithed Sydney J., "Coo-ee" Hamilton Mrs. Sarah, "Coo-ee" Leeman Walter McCleod Jack Mackie J. Rainbow street Barker street Cliffe Samuel 0. B., "Rockleigh" Sturt street Faul Walter, "Walhalla" Rapp Mrs. Mary, "Arsonville" Grimshaw Thomas, "Ardath" Stockdale Reginald, "Lens" Newson John, "Mons" Wilson Thomas, "Tuscan" Broad road Dell It., "Jesniond Villa" O'Halloran J., "Jesinond Villa" Smith Walter, "Jesinond Villa" Hincks street Lawler E. T. "Opal Mount" Gilbert Daniel, "Iiliandaliah" Tyrell William, horse trainer Caunter A., "Hailaham" Shaw Edward 0., "Quandong" O'Connor, "St. Elmo" Harvey Charles IL, "Glenorchy" Cray E., "Florenceville" Worthington Charles Brooker William John Bunnerong road Boulevard (The) (Long Bay) Off McGowan's avenue Lewis John Boundary Street Arden street to Ocean Cooke George, "Clermont" Whittaker Shadrack, "Coventry" Roberts, S., "Holmesdale" Parker George W., "Ruby Villa" Bundock Mrs. M., grocer Pacific street Scarth H., fuel merchant Butler Stephen, "Melitte" itiggs Leslie, "Villa Amalia" Hunt Bamford G. Williams Frank, "Onkaparinga" Sharp Alfred, dairyman Winchester road Clifton road Ross Frederick, "Glen Avon" Bradford Ernest, "Malta" Robey P., "Irene" Brown William H., "Bangor" Walker Fredk. C., "Ulster" Hall William F. St. Thomas street Howe F. H., engineer Keith street Carey Edward J., "Arthur Seat" Veevers Samuel, "Marsden" Parker Alfred, "Karoo" Driver William F., "Telma" Driver Wm. F., jun., "Pomona" Millar Henry F., "Tynemouth" Bibb Benjamin, "Rubyville" 'Taylor William, "Teneriffe" Brown Charles, "Scarbro" Andrew street Blackwood avenue Coupe Robert, "Florence" Park street Barker Harry P., bootmaker Webber Fred. W., "Camden Villa" King Mrs. Ellen Armatend James, "Hawthorne" Benton William J., "Arbroath" Campbell street Cniickshanka Alexander Flynn Patrick, "Havelock" Northumberland street Holman Thomas Leurie Frank Bernie George T., "Clifton" Young Charles, "Aorangi" Cotter Mrs. Annie; "Garryowen" Ocean street, (For north side see Waverley) Bowral Street (Kensington) Doncaster avenue to Eastern avenue I Mallone Martin J. 3 McCann Albert Edward 5 Stirne Alfred 7 Collins Alfred 9 Shaw l'ercy Methodist Church Seymour Robert E., "hilowera" Newland Henry, "Gordon" Stubley Thomas, "Minerva" Marsden Frank, "Gaulusville" Graham Miss W., "Hohnsdale" Morrison A. L., "Rotorua" Morris Miss J., "Klapara" Leslie John, "Otago" 1)uval John, "Glenelg" Kenyon Geo. T., "Avonville" Atterbrow A. W., "Ahagallah" Boyce Road (South rtandwick) Bunnerong road to Maroubra Bay road Willett Walter, "Thelma" Bleier Andrew C., "Derby" Oliver Harvey Stevens AVilliain Lnybutt John M., "Verletta" McGrath Charles, "Kin Ora" Field Albert E., "Stratton" Royal street Calderwood James Fryer John, "Cooroy" Rawlings George McKeon Percy. Cohen l'erey Batman. street Robinson Joseph, poultry farm Watson Henry, "Myall" ICananr Lewis Smethurst James, "St. Elmo" Moore Christopher Towner Henry A., "Marjorie" Nelson William L., "Manowai" Garratt Henry E., "Bracside" Broad street Erickson Neil Blakey Samuel Stedman Reginald J., "Milton" Garden street Nagle Henry, "Maggievville" Wyllie Alexander M. Rose Henry Hart Richard, "Hanora" Casey J. Cooper street Bushell Albert, "Albertville" Flower street Bell street Maroubra Bay road Bunnerong road Rogers Robert Fitzhenry Leslie, "Yalwal" McCulloch John Plante James Digby Royal street Magner Thomas Reynolds Arthur Regan John Mackay Victor Hart Christopher Mapstone Arthur, "Hearts Ease" Hannan street Rigby John Tuck Mrs. Alice Roberts Hugh, "Carnarvon" Peaceholt Sydney, "Eniskillen" Simms Harry, "Hyde" ALL OUR ASSISTANTS ARE QUALIFIED, AND MANY HAVE SERVED US OVER 20 YEARS

21 THE PICK OF THE WORLD'S CHOICEST COMMODITIES. 804 Bra RANDWICK. Bro 11( pee read (South Bator, 1. A) continued Pierce William, "Beatrice" Beard John, "Adaville" Smith Thomas Broad road Lewis Ernest, "Rosebank" Swan Magnus, "St. Elmo" O'Reilly Dennis O'Reilly Michael, "Killarney" Dalian William, "Penrose" Rice Charles, "Glen Avon" Hodge William, "'Thelma" Garden street. Cracknell Frederick Young George Whitelaw Walter BelMaw J. W., "The Ranch" 1 Williams John, "Renot" Lawn John, "Lawnville" Newton Samuel flartley Stephen Birens E., "Kin Ora" Tillman David Beaver James, "Glenayr" Cooper street. Tompkins James Maroubra Bay road Err ',ley Street Off...tison road Lawson James Waine John C., J.P., "Botherwood" Brandon Street Off Arden street Tighe James Clynick Edward II., "Daphne" Curry William J., "Thelma" Lupson George W., "Pevensey" Thomas Ernest, "Kia-ora" McDonnell James, "Irene" Manson William, "Melrose" Manson James Manson William B. Nicholls A. Bream Street (Coogee) Beach street to Carrington road Litman William J., "Brattle" Howarth H., solicitor, "Noggabri" Powell Mrs. M., "Wyalong" Linton John, "Lancaster" Arden street Forrester Andrew C., "Pt. Lucinda" Fletcher Herbert, "Hollington" l'ermain Charles, "St. Kilda" Quinlan Alfred J., "St. Albans" McLeod William D., "Edgeroi" Ellis Richard, "Carinya" MU street Smith Charles, "Vailmia" Sutherland Richard, "Shandon" Brook street Smithfield Park Catley George, "Melbourne" McIntosh John, "Glen Elm" Moloney Daniel, "Rainbow" Skurray Francis, "Lister" Chambers Mrs. G., "Alberia" McLean William "Maralgla" Allan William, l'otranto" Coyle Joseph, "Bronte" Hayes Thomas, "Lachington" Robinson Mrs. M. G., "hlundon" Coxa11 George A., "Old Ford" Foreman, Win. A., "Sherbourne" Duncan George, "Mossgiel" Melody street WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY French Arthur, "Irene" Hepburn William "Durban" King, James, "Elimatta" ' Morns Victor R. "Maud" Harris Herbert G.,, "Agrestis" Richardson Richard, "Wilga" Carrington road Ilvach street Day William G., "Fernbank" Arden street Oditlin William, "Melrose" Wynne Robert A., "Carlton" Cuddilly Thos. J., "Moondarra" Harris Samuel, "Gwenleigh" Hamilton William, "Gladiston" French Mrs. Florence, "Atherfleld" Brook street Mount street Osborne Sydney, "Thelma" Gatewood S., 'Waimmonga" Lyons Thomas, "Jerseyville" Gitelman) George, florist Cawsey Robert, "Glareville" Clegg William E. G., "Ivy Cottage" Miley William, contractor Melody street' Martin James II., "Newbury" Corbin Henry, "Itosemnont" Saunders George L., "Wingello" Leader Brothers, fruiterers Carrington roaa Brighton Road Carrington road to Melody street Curry Ernest Broad Road (South Randwiok) From Bunnerong road along tram line to Ausstral street North aid,/ Rainbow street Convent School Stewart Richard, "Londonderry" Ball Percy, "Rule" Duggan E., "Cloncilla" Jones Sydney, "Maness" Simon Michael, "Talawong" Midson R. E., storekeeper Start street Bennett William, "Chipping" Grilln Phillip Aubrey, "Ashton Lawrence T., "Preston" lleatheott John 11, "Fulwood" Morris Leonard A., "Huxley" Pratt Edward A., "Stafford" Bolanu street Andrew Richard, "Canberra" Butler J. J. "Barrengary" Bass atreellstorey street Garrett Herbert, "Loch Maree" Garrett Charles, "Nursery Villa" Gale road Gifford Henry, "Bellevue" Gill Joseph IL, "Loretto" Alma lane Hollis W. D., builder, "Viola" Kohen Joseph, "Roseleigh" Wight Archibald J. S. Boyce road Wright William J., ham & beef shop Cramp Arnold, newsagent Young.1., fruiterer Orderly Room Office 23rd Battalion Senior Cadets Bauerle David, tobacconist Ashman C. IL, produce merchant Maroubra Bay road Dudley IL, house and land agent Percival George, storekeeper Dudley's butchery Off Rudd Thomas Beauchamp road Franklin Austral street LTD. street South sida Bunnerong road Bishop John, "Ti' Wham" Page William, 'Siniola" Maybury Frank, grocer Hopewell Thomas V., "Leadville" Langley E., "Ituthergleu" Stull street Snelling Mrs., "Davington" White Bert, painter Graham Samuel, "St. Kilda" Olson Mrs., dressmaker Hayward street Fielder Herbert, horsetrainer Cobby Alfred E., "Wolaroi" Strange.Mure Bruce Thompson Mrs. Martha, "Craigleigh" l'erry Herbert J., "Portland" Bentick Hancock William Hillman Thomas, "Cheddar" Botany street Off lfand Alfred, "Orthona" Fenton & Sons, contractors Irvine street Adiam Arthur, "Malda" O'Connor Thomas, "Killarney" Rogers It, D., "Ruskin" McNamara Patrick Bland Francis A.; "Brantwood" Moore James,!'Eumnalga" Wilkie David, "Belmont" Cockle Joseph, "florninglow" Lethbridge John T., "Warwick" Mucks street Wilfred H. A., 'Sonoma" Lloyd Ernest, "Matafele" Tennant T., "Corrowong" McIlwain, "Utah" Broadbent street Sheppard Wallace, cycle shop Fischer street Murray Frank, refreshments Manning Martin Lenny "Elswick" Jepson Jack, "Acton" Clark Frederick, "Beverley" Tracey Mrs. A., "Longford" Tracey Benjamin Brown Alexander McKenney Percy Stewart Richard W. -Ahern Joseph Perkin George, "Wattlebloom" Salter.1. A. Riley J. O'Grady R. D. &ape street Naver Mrs. Sarah, "Kia-Ora" Rufus Arthur E., "Dorisville" Mahoney Edward J., builder Cederberg Mrs. Anna, nurse Robbie Charles, "Egmont" Brownlee H. J. Ringrose J. IT., "Ealing" Lilyville Public School Storey street Shepherd's Nursery Plant James, gardener Illingworth W. H. Shepherd street Hudson Chance K., "Elsesmere" Gale road Phillis Charles IL, "Irene" Basil Gus. Phillips Charles Martin Albert Thomas Ferguson Arnold,. "Wicklow" Boyce road Nelson Peter, "Salopia" hfaroubra Bay road LIVERY DEPT., HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M1848 THE HOME OF ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES. Bro RAN DWICK. Bun 80r, Glanfield John G., bldr., "Combo" Wise street Tibble J., nursery Ryan Arthur, "Swastika" Brydges Thos. 11., "Chandos" Stone IIenry C., "Sunnyside" Hogue street Off Batchelor Alfred R., "Hestervilla" 'Wade street Webb James, "Roseville" Murray street Sparks James Beauchamp road Franklin street Broadbent street Off Broad road Cottrill Wm., plumber, "ifyola" Holliday Walter, "Canberra" Jeffriess Frank Palmer, "'Menthe" McCarthy Reginald R., "Montrose" Brook Street (Coogoe) From Rainbow street to Susan street Tindall Arthur Baker J., "Ulna Billa" Oberon street Windeler John Ii., "Maple" Tate G., "Cooinoo" Merkley Mrs. Florence, "Ohio" Hinds Joseph, "Mahuto" Legge Arthur, "Te-Nui" Taylor Charles, "Taragindl" Waltham street Dudley street Reeves Aldred, "Clevedon" Buckley Mrs. A., "Worthing" McPherson Robert B., "Shoreham" Stec= Edward, "Carbrook" Carr street Coogee Girls' Grammar School St. Nicholas' Church (C. of B.) Greenwood Rev. William, "The Rectory" Johnson Walter IL, "Revere- Ville" Smith Arthur J., "Waringa" Gunnell Richard, "Oroha" Bannerman Mrs. Elsie, "Hinemoa" Dennison John T., J.P., "Iiebburn" -Eves Charles, "Inez" Allditt William F., "Waiuku" Delmore road Al/redo street Dolphin street Bream street Baker George, "Belleville" Kidman Mrs. 0., "Riverina" Heerdrnan Peter, "Kenmure" Mitchell John, "Taunton" Arcadia street Leggo Ernest F., "Norwood" IIvass Christian, "Benita" Amos John, "Calusa" Edwards Clifford J., "Bellcliff" MeCloy Stanley, "Thacoona" Allison road Woodland street Kelly C. F., architect, "Devon" Oberon street Cobram Suttonberg Mrs. R. Henderson Alexander J. Agnew James, "St. Kilda" Rea hies. Jack, "San Jose" 26 McCoy Harry J., "Allgomera" Trader C. G. M., "Caringa" Hayes Charles E., "Emoh Ruo" Tramway line Dudley street Carr street Greer Frederick, "Kintore" Ingoldsby John F., "Joanlea" Hardwick Cecil, "Merok" Shuter Mrs. Mary, "Moana" Stanley Mrs. Sarah Kidman street Firkins A. J., "Cambridge Villa" Delmore road Ingamalls Ernest, "Villa Taormina" Abbott Walter, "Drury" Fortey James F., "Reigate" Elliott Predk. T., "Warrego" Manchee Walter Fitzpatrick John, "St. Elmo" Corflan Mrs. Mary, "Killarney" Hall Prank W., "Meerilinga" Southley Mrs., "Thoas" Dovritt Mrs. A. S., "Kendall" Dolphin street Bream street Paine G. M., "Bunaba" Monaghan Mrs. Ada, "Carisbeke" Barton Sheffield E., "Archerrgh" Thomas David J., "Bryn-mom" Allison road Woodland street Wilson Miss Louise, "Aloha" Sinclair Thos, C., "Glen Ayr" Oilderthorp H., "Huntleigh" Norris Charles, "Admore" Marlow John, "Ingleburn" Ilailiday George, 'Miltonia" Johnson Samuel, "Mena" Corin Arthur, "Shelford" Hall Miss B. ' "Radcliff" Hillier Mrs.,Jane, "Lynton" Susan street Bruce Street (South Kensington) Off Borradale road Gardener's road. Dewey Fred. C. Jeffries Pm-a:crick A., "Marsaill" Wellington John, "Grenfell" Cremen James S., "Delamere" Cargill William W., "Glenury". O'Connor Francis W. West aide Fitzhenry Frederick G. Johnson Mrs. Mary Husband George 'P., "Fernleigh" Barker Thomas, "Chester" Fogarty Thomas J. Kenny Henry S., "Veronique" Jeffries W. II., senr., "Hexham" Jeffries W. II., junr., "La Shane" Young Mrs. E. Derhan Ernest Burgood G. L. "Bannockburn" Gardener's road. Bundook Street Off Long Day road Smith Alfred, "Grafton" Roberts John T. Barber John Bunnerong Road (Kensington) Carter 0., "Kilrush" Pursehowse W., teacher of violin Morrissey John, "Killarney" Mackey Herbert, "Cora Lynn" Norris Cecil F., "Doncaster" Watts Peter, "Newmarket" Horan Thomas, "Maribyrnong" Nicholls Josepn, "Oakleigh" Mackay Joseph, "Talana" Creswell John, "Grantham" Peachey Alfred, "Moreton" Nettle Joseph, "Olga bile'' McKinnon D., "Marieville" Deane Henry, "Livingscone" Glentian Mrs. E., "Merton" Masonic Temple Doncaster avenue Tramway stone yard Day avenue O'Loughlin James, II, Collins Daniel C., "Selbrook" Stow Arthur, "Milinda" Evans Nurse, "Kingston" Fogarty James, "Waratah" Parkin William, "Grace Cottage" Palms Henry, "Kinross" Sinclair Edward, "Avon" Boyce henry, "Mona" Russell T. & Son, blackinniths Russell Thomas, "Auld Ayr" Barker street Cumming James, "Moray" Coles George, "Bristol" Flynn Robert, "Inchicore" Walsh Edward, "Coronation" Johnson Charles, "Milroy", Daley Mrs. Mary Ann, "Tyagonsr" Pegrum Charles, "Brodie' Russell Francis, "Maryville" Romney Misses L. dm E., milliners Jones J., confectioner. Brook E. If., estate agent Higgins IL, greengrocer Strohm, street Kerr James, "Nigella" Conlon Nurse, "St. bonus" Dunn Oliver J. ' "Boronia" Butters John, "Rainbow" Oralgie John S., "Athol" Yearwood Nurse, "Mount Dentick" Noden W., "Clive" Borrodale road Amies Benjamin, grocer Kenny Prancis C., fuel dealer Aiken I'. N., physician and surgeon, "Lorne" Kenny Frank, "Hillerest" Brunton Albert, "Arden" Coghill Gilbert, "Evelyn" Coghill Robert, "Evelyn" McGee James, "Erin Villa" Brennan John, confectioner Rowe H. J. boottnaker Nichols Jack, tobacconist Dunn E. IV., billiard saloon Dowse, Gray di Co., produce merchants Lillye Is Dunn Mesdames, flab shop Stanton George, butcher Watson George T., refreshments Symons Walter R., newsagent Gardener's road Beauchamp road Cahill James Matraville Post Office Charles F. Smith, postmaster Smith Mrs. E. 11, store Cockle 'William, "Repton" Baxter John, "Kilsyth" Cotter Edward, "Glenmore" Perry street Quigg McCoy, refreshments Hancock, gardener East aide Kiely Daniel, "Brenda" Murphy Nurse (cert.), "Epsom" CONSUCT UPWARDS OF ONE-THIRD OF THE TOTAL INTERMENTS IN THE METROPOLITAN AREA

22 II II ANTHONY HORDERNS' THE PEOPLE'S MARKET. _ Bun RA.NDWICK. Can.Bunnerong road (117.nsington) continued Simpson Arthur D., "Stella" Barwick William, "Stanley" Doncaster avenue Speerin John, carrier Dowse, Gray Sc Co., prod. mchnts. Downie Andrew, blacksmith Mph street Kensington Racecourse ' Banter sire. t Bright Charlotte, refreshments 'Cold, M., bootinaker Marshall E. J., "Kohinoor" Anderson Sydney Billing & Sears, grocers Hanslow lucid., "St. Ronans" Bourke Matthew, "Milton" Farthing George, "Arid" McLoughlin David, "Dawn" Middle street Sane A. T., chemist Dickson Bros., grocers Brandon W. II., newsagent Post and Telegraph Office Martin Frank It., butcher Baker Francis A. Domar C. F., bootmaker Simpson William, produce store O'Connor W., hairdresser Picture Theatre :Smith Mrs. D., confectioner King J. E., provision merchant lleussner M. C., plumber Meeks street Dunn Mrs. Isabel, "Doe Villa".0'Keefe Andrew, "Kia-Ora" Shepherd Robert, hairdresser Woods & Brook, estate agents Stillman IV, II., estate agent 2arkin N., grocer Evans Miss, dressmaker Hotel Kensington Michael Woods Rainbow street Broad road. Dunn Bros., blacksmiths Church of Christ Sturt street Jacques Alfred, "Aslitonville" Clarke Mrs. A., "Alfredene" Goslind A., "Ilerbertville" Manders William, "Erickville" Moon Mrs. E., "Rubina" Malcolm A. M., "Violetta" Stringer William Anderson street Russell Charles Bong Alexander, "Warrane" Ilincks street Merriman Edward A. Mond Thomas II. -Wylie John William Bowden J., blacksmith Menling Henry, "Mt. Edgcumbe" Mendell Walter, "Waltina" Burke John Botany street Bumsey James IL, butcher Snape street Owen Thomas, grocer Pearce S. J., butcher Ling Basil C. Macdonald John Williams Charles, "Stockfort" Nichols Levi Robinson William, "Irene" Danaher Joseph, "Unique" Burns William J. A., "Holyrood" Muller Mrs. S., "Rose Cottage" 'Storey street Gale road Boyce road Moran Charles Winning John Methodist Church Giles' Quarry Franklin street Wassell John, "Cannock" Hancock George, "Balmoral" Jordon William Jordon Reuben Jordon William, Fen. Hancock llerbert Curtis Brothers, market gardens Patterson John R. (For continuation, see Botany and Mascot.) Bunya Parade (Coogee) Off Pearce street Compton Herbert S. Lovett Herbert Burnie Street (Little Coogee) Mundarrah street to Battery street Underwood Reuben, "Invermay" Lumley Walter, "51undarrah" Owen Mrs. E., "The Oaks" Lang Captain Geo. A., "Oceana" Class Gregory Ed., "Cathsaida" Maloney William, "Verdun" Ricketts Ralph Esmond Mrs., "Yeovale" Martin Crissmorth Itolzigal William Surfshed and refreshment room /if undarrah street Brown Robert, grocer Palmer F., butcher McAdoo William, "Chinderra" Wilson Mrs. Ethel N., "Lincoln" Williams Mrs. II. "Canberra" Housen, "Cobbitty" Broom Daniel, "Denbich" Shelley Harold Burton Street Church street to Prince street 1 Mackay Donald 3 Brown Thomas 6 Morris John 7 Patterson Mrs. M. 9 Chivers Henry 11 Roberts Ilornby E. 13 Mutton Alfred 16 Barrett Joseph 17 Ryan John T. 19 Leonard James 21 Harradence.Frederick W. 23 Solomon Henry Arthur 29 Huffa Clarence 31 Beattie John 35 Garlick Roy Sidney 37 Gann Harry Shreevcs John Hyde John R., "Roma" Martin C. F., "The Glen" Petersen Christian Evans Oliver, "Ylo" Smith Christopher E. Campbell John, "Kerriemuir" Allan John, "Bolton" Lindsay George, "Cronulla" Welsh Miss E., "Maranin" Byron Street (Coogee) Oberon street to Delmore road Black William Brightman William T., "Alsace" Selby Alfred E., "Balsall Heath" Lockett Miss V. D., "Maidstone" Cox W. IL, "Veron" Walton Mrs. Sophia, "The Tower" Constable Francis, "Yarrandabby" Israel Benjamin, "Inglenook" Sexton Timothy, "Byron Lodge" Carr street Goodyer Thomas, "IVillaston" Byrnes Charles J., "Nereida" Potts Charles, "Varenna" Belcher Ernest, "Nortlicote" Law William, "Tara" Delmore road Lloyd.1., "Saraliville" Bluett Mrs. Lilian, "Ilannaliville" Logan Jack, "Ilaymondville" Tobias Tobias, "Tobyville" Read Mrs. M. G., "Alathea" Dudley street Melody street White Robert, "Corly Villa" Potts Charles IV., "Varenna" Oberon' street Caerleon Crescent Off Chapel street 2 Brennan Russell R. 4 Murdison Andrew 6 Denney Mrs. Isabel, "Boomi" 8 ilorley Walter, "Mirani" 10 Walker Leslie R. A., "Glenarra" 12 Gaininie Peter 14 Heating Mrs. Marie, "Ileavetree" 18 MeKowne JOhn, "Newry" Davies Joseph E., "Alemecla" Cairo Street (Coogoe Park) Off Alexandria par. to Wolseley road, Cooyee park Burton John, "The Bungalow" Campbell Street (Little Coogoe) Off Boundary street Trewick William.1., "Tooloom" Pocock Mrs., "Lewis" Smith Murdoch, "Shawbost" Mills Joseph, "Seaview" Nuttall Richard Whitehead Ernest, "Exeter" Warner Fredic. J. W. Bolton George, "Killarney" Dickie Matthew, dairykeeper Clarke Williatn II. Wyche Frederick, "Bonny View" Cross Alexander, "Edinburgh" Calrow Miss F., "Branksome" Davies Richard T., "Thelma" Camp Cove (Maroubra Bay) Off Long Bay road Canberra Street From!toward to Rainbow street Healy Harold hi. "Clamani" Shearin James, "Junee" King James? "Westbury" Pope Trauma, "Whatley" O'Reilly Mortimer Costin Bat., "Hove Villa" Day G. F., "Bayview" Hibbard John, "Kismet" McDermott James Doenier M., "Yetholme" Young Russell, "St. Thomas" Cole Thomas, "Ottawa" Lnfalaise Joseph, "Ilayview" Maroubra Bay road Watson William, "Sunbeam" Jersey road Duggan Elbert C., "Iona" Hughes Alfred, "Glenara" Government Labour Farm Dudley street Robin Alfred, "Veretta" Beauchamp road WOOD, COFFILL 81. COMPANY LTD, HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 CITY ANTHONY HORDERNS' THE POPULAR STORE. Oar RANDWICK. Car b07 O'Brien Arthur E., "Huonville" Long Charles E., "IVaitanga" Dobbie A. H. "Glenloch" Weine Edward J., "Bitterest" Clarke street Thompson William, "Avondale" O'Donnell E., refreshment Cragg Arthur A.,,grocer Day C., "Kilfera' Oberon street Phillips Mrs.' L. "Kilfera" Sutton William, "Lydia" Hunt David J., "East View" Leaney Desmond, "Alma" Pope Albert, "Lotus" IIart F. E., "Clive" Oberon street Ward Mrs. A., general store 13orzelli It. fruiterer Nalson Arthur, butcher Grey Mrs. M., "Kia-Ora" Mayer Mrs. A. F., "Kia-Ora" Wilman W., "Arundel" McDonald Arthur, "Agalali" Abington James Charlton Mrs. Elizabeth Patterson John, "Atuaroo" Tait Frederick, "Auglewood" Comber Augustus, "Arnprior" Burkett Mrs. It., "Lorna" Carey Street Off Douglas street McCray Duncan, "Xialla" Stone Sydney H., "Milford" Pink Syd. Best Mrs., dairykeeper Neal James Carlton Street (Kensington), Doncaster avenue to Eastern avenue Bannister "Narellan" Oliffe Walter R., "IVyrenhoe" MacDonald A., "Marie" Ilanlon A., "Marie" Meadham Alfred, "Savernake Lodge" Cottey William E., "Burford" Fitzgerald James, "Wellington" Ogilvie James, "Kelso" Mackay Sinclair IV., "IVolseley" Dunn Isaac, "IVIlp" McGrath Mrs. Mary, "Kooringa" Elsmere street Brown Walter, "Queenscliff" Carminya Street (Kensington) Off Todman avenue Carr Street (Coogee) Beach street to Dudley street Arden street Vernon Henry, "Ambelaide" Patrick Charles, "Mavis" Tiernan Mrs. E. T., "Emoli Ruo" Canton Solomon If., "Braemar" Gordon Mrs. G., "Clair" Wylie Henry A., "Bayview" Miller Joseph S., "Seaview" Hattricic John M., "Pacific" Endicott Mrs. A. E., "The Rest" St. Nicholas Parish Hall Brook street Boyle Henry J., "Benbradagh" Quigley John, "IValma" 1Voolfe Mrs. A., "Mabel" Marks Gherson, "Lllydore Peters F. A., "Silvia" Gordon Maurice, "Thelma" Halerow Hugh W., "Dora" Tieran Mrs. Patk., "Moia!Linda" Giltinan Mrs. A., "Mona" Plummer Mrs. M. E., "Montana" Robjohn Mrs. Esther, "Tunica" Saville Mrs. Mary, "Ascot" Winning Robert, "Mascotte" Booth Dr. Fred. Stanley, "hl. cola" Mount street Thompson Dr. G. S., F.R.C.S. (Eng.), "Glenelg" Birdsall J. IV., "Itedcar" Vander Sluys Henry, "Norwood" Browne Arthur T., "Gwelo" Byron street Melody street Pearce Thomas Schureck Charles N., "Osborne" Dudley street Byron street Jackson Harold, "Vestula" Caldwell William C. "Clifton" Barry Edmund C., "Shalmar" Cole Alfred C., "Tarlo" Payne Christopher, "Tangalooma" Ryan Sydney, "Norniston" Norton Mrs. John, "Frankston" Joseph Philip, "Speedwell" Mount street Evans Thomas R., "Rosetta" Rodda Frank II., "Charisma" Carloss E. A. E., "Warrington" Revell Mrs. Lucy, "lifalolo" Brook street Aeixander Max J., "Riverina" Mitchell-Ross Charles G. Isaacs Lewis E., "Calmsley" Byrne Miss M. J., "Leinster Lodge" Wilson James, "Myola" Harrex George T., "Kaloola" Page Robert N., "Casino" Lees Archibald, "Gomersal" Long Albert, "Kingston" Kemp Miss Mary, "Lasca" Lynch Patrick, "Inglenook" Holdsworth H, M., "Canberra" Arden street Schebeci Bros., refreshment rooms Meirugh Mrs. Katherine, "Car- Inure" /Cerra wa avenue Reynolds Mrs. Vere, ref. rooms Weaver Reginald & Co., Ltd., estate agents Beach street Carrington Road Paul's street to IVaverley boundary Grace Mrs. J., "Roslyn" Grace Percy, "Roslyn" Stark street Daly Oswald, "Mornington" Routley Thomas, "Rothesay" Ross, "Clapthorn" Manok Edward, "Freiburg" Delmore road Hayes Robert, "Malakoff" Rogers Mrs. II. C., "Verona" Brighton road Green Frederick Rogers Henry Robinson & Co., grocers Coo pee street Breans street Pointing Frederick, "Burton" Llewellyn IT., "Glebe" Chichen Lionel It., "Boronia" Skinner A. J., "Waratah" Allison road Bigg Mrs. Geo., costumiere Baker Mrs. Edith, "Bucklou" Smith F., "Athol" Travers Keith, "Avoninore" Margulies Mrs. M., "Moyrath" Dupen Peter J., "Belgrave" Mathieson Mrs. M., "Belmont" Reynolds IV, IV., "Rena" Gardner IVilliam "Blairgownte"' Hendry John, "lioronga" Walker Thomas, "Blackwall" Caddy James, "Brenda" Douglas Mrs., "Mingle" English John Stephen, "Selmour'5 Susan street St. Michael's College Sharpe Herbert L. dairykeeper Joy James, "Sheilah" Nolan terrace- 4 Duthy Albert, "Limerick House" 3 l'otter A. R., "Glenara" 2 Mitchell Thomas L., "Avondale" 1 Keith William, "Ennis" Manning Mrs. E. Noonan Edmund Hunter E., "Nenagh" Douglas street Reid" Inverness" Harris Ilvison E., "Halton" Tomlinson John "Lavine" Quinn AL, "Enilor" Itedford IV. J., "Fairford" Frenchman's road Albion street bee V..J., cash stores Mitchell David H. Saunders IV., "Illawhera" Hamilton Stephen J., "Dalesford" Davidson Hooper street Eichler Ferdinand J., "Ching ford" Farrow Thomas, "Monowai" Winkle Matthew J., "Rosedene" Ferguson Mrs. Matilda, "Corowa" Wiley Miss, dressmaker Forbes. Walter S., "Belali" Alford Walter IV., "Kenilworth" Glanville Fred., "Woodstock" Abel Henry, "Salem" Cohen Benjamin Collier Daniel, carrier Alice street Read Mrs. J., "Gartliowen" O'Keefe Michael, "Glencairn" Paterson Harry J., J.P.., "Arcadia" Steffenoni 1Villiam B., "Orlando' Cutler Sydney F. "Chelsea" Hedges John, "Frognal" ' Maguire Mrs. E., "Mecrooba" Belmore road Farrar Charles, "Coolooll" Laurence John, "Braeside" Kingston Norman C. "Marmont" Johannson A. P., 4Kineumber" Mason William, ''h-lull'' Lainne James, "Dalvey" Henry, "Rose Cottage" McCarthy John, "Lottie Cottage' Chambers Wm. J.. "Ozone" Pearson Fred., "Malvern" Chatham street Coo gee st Oswald at Thompson Walter, "Avoca" Marlow F. J., "Amyville"!Melling E., "Sirron" Wotten Henry, "The Den" MeCrae George W., "The Gunvitt" Itryen J. P., "Landrock" 'Jebel Christian, "Lilyvale" Cameron H. C., "Isfascotte" Bridger F., "Avon" SUPPLY PRIVATE CARRIAGES, LANDAUS AND BROUGHAMS, WITH LIVERIED SERVANTS AT CALL

23 It lp ANTHONY HORDERNS' BIGGEST STORE IN AUSTRALIA. - - Oar RAN DWICK. Ohi Cly Carrington read continued Barnes W. F., "Doncaster" Twine J, K. "Lochano" Wich Henry, "Cadonia" Farrell Mrs. Mary, "Beragoon" Bush W. F., "Gilgandra" Carnegie Robert M., "Radnor" Buchan William, dairyman Allison road -Johnson J. R., "The Bungalow" Pogonowski "Lulohnar" Nazer Mrs. Annie, "Delmont" Olifle Walter J., "Spreydon" Brown A. J., "Mt. Plevna" Pickering Mrs. E., "Grand View" Robertson James, "Glen View" Coldie Albert, "Ocean View" Walsh John 13., "Bernina" Foley Bartholomew, "Kelm Villa" Roach Fredk. J., "Glen Eden" Stafford Joseph, "Lillingstone" Glebe street Blessington David P., "Balara" Dick street -Johns John, "Enare" Gilderthorp avenue Roberts Percy E., "Ravenswood" Saunders Mrs. Elizabeth, "Bythorne" Cox Maurice, "Glencoe" Ansawitch Casimir, "Comrie" Hogan William, "Northwood" Williams J., "Itoeltampton" Bowes Frank J., "Taradale" Richards Milton, "Kirrinor" Lechmere-Thorne, "The Rhydd" Mitchell J. IV., "Rita" Frenchman's road Orange street Polden Albert C., bootmaker Polden Chas., tobacconist Kelly Mrs. Margaret, grocer Drill Hall Hooper street Cox Jack, "Osterley" Cullen-Ward Mrs., "Aorangi" Somerville Julian Norman S., "Windsor" Dolling James, "Yarra" O'Connell Michael J., carrier Howarth Mrs. Norman, "Arrawatta" Matchett Richard, "Glenwood" Stewart Henry James, "Almora" McBride John, "Anglesea" Pine street Dunn Burnett W., grocer Howe Fredk. J. J., "Stockwell" Jackman William Rogers Henry G., "Kingston" Norris John, "Roma" Casey Alfred, "Kia-Ora" Ilassett Thomas, "Elmgrecn" Stewart Robert Harley road Carter Street Avoca to Earl street Bromley Alfd., "Aureola Cotge." Ryan Patrick, "Myola" McCabe William, "Mascotte" Langmuir Ivan, "Rothsay" Baker George J., "Ettadale" Forest Leslie C., "Waratah" Mannix Patrick, "Edgecliffe" Crane John, "Hope" "Elistan" Gilderthorp Stanley, Castle Street 017 Stephen street Buist James David Barrott James West Luke, "Ilerga" Draper George, "Islington" Fullbrook John Galvin James Dixon Walter Holden William II. Causeway The (Maroubra) Torrington road to Fourth avenue Miller Frederick Wallace Frederick Robins Reginald, "Kooyong" Centennial Avenue Orange street to Avoca Agree( Evans Thomai H., "Detail-ma" Turvey Edward 0.," lona" Devitt Mrs. George, "(lien Ayr" Dillon Walter E. "Fernleigh" Rodger Frank, allillerest" Sampson Myer Sloan John "Whanregarwan" John, "Alsace" Alexander Archibald Barton Tracey Thomas, "Tyneside" Rowlinson James, "Trevallyn" Furse Albert J., "Waratah" Lovett Amos "Papanui" Conrick Peter, "Leader Vale" Craig James Robert Strathspey" Lewis Owen A., "Eurimbla" Carside Edmund, professor of singing Chaney Joseph IL, "Roseville" Spence George Webster Fred. J., "Canberra" Morrell James E., "Borah" Ward Mrs. A., "Welbon" Needs Ernest, "Milton" Cuff John J., "Womerah" billymint Percival Ward John S., "Reigate" Cpntonnial Park Dawes James, superintendent Nichol J. M. Fenton Mrs. C., refreshment rooms Challis Street Earl street to Wentworth street Cartwright William A. Bible Robert, "lolanthe" Griffiths Charles J., "Minerva" Boaz Henry E., "Rosalind" Chapel Street Frenchman's road to St. Mark's road Gooch Alfred F., "Cloninel" Newton Mrs. Cath., "To Aroha" Spolim Julius, "Roseville" Jacobs Mrs. L., "Homedale" McMurtrie Alexander, "Winona" Caerleon crescent Carrington Miss Nellie, "Marnell" Hewett Launcelot, "Juno Kata" Borthwick John, "Juno Hata" Ireland Mrs. E. M. Chirnside Thomas Chatham Street Carrington road to Luke street Latimer Thomas, "Dalkeith" Grant Robert 13., "Lochiel" Grant Charles H., "Lochiel" Rogers William Bermingham Matthew Lomax Walter, "Kia-Ora" Gunn George, "Glen Iris" Crowe Michael E. Hawkins James Jacks Crowe John B. Bell William Chas. M., "Dimolly" Bryant Edward, "Dawn" Pearce John, "Ena" Hanralian John, "Deans" Bates Frank Chipstone Street Stephen street to Stanley street Scott George, "Carlisle" Kenney Michael Gregory Albert Ward Percy Church Street Allison road to Stanley street Stephen Rev. A. (Meth.) Hodgson Isaac, J.P. Snudden Frank, "Forbury" Heron Mrs, W., "Strathmore" Brandt Ernest, "St. Elmo" Moss Edward, "Inverness" Proctor Mrs. Beatrice, "Coronea" Prentice Miss Eliz., "Onslow" Wynne Mrs. II., "Villa Maria" Lawrence Wm. G., "Ilillcrest" Francis street Hamburger Rudolph, "Minerva" Wigney Miss Sarah, "Roslyn" l'eacock George, "Melbah" Latter Louis, "Kingall" Wood James D., "liavalah" Lyons George, "Roma" Rourke Henry 0., "Karoola" Baker Miss L. A., "Durfla" Nelson Alfred' II., "Trafalgar" Cowper street Joseph Samuel, "Saraville" Quelch Frederick, "(Enone" McDonagh Leonard V., "(Jambewarm" Wilson Alfred, "Windermere" Bamman Bert, "Fortuna" Regan Mrs. Edith, "Bettis" Toby Charles, "Essieville" Parnell James, "Pyalla" Cook George Percy, "Mereton" Copp Ernest, "Rabyville" Tramway works King street Tippler Mrs. Catherine Francis street Laird Mrs. E. C. C., "Teepookana" Private Hospital Miss Hobbs Barry John, "Inchigeela" Bloom John, "Richmond" King street Cowper street Clara Street High street to Arthur street Godfrey James IL S., "Avon" Goodman Walter E., "Avoca" Clarke Street Off Canberra street Harris Charles, "Atnyville" Ellis Ernest, "Albion" Turner Charles, "Lily" Clifford Parade Off Battery street Brown Allan M., "Leith" Wallin Alfred Clifford Street Mount street to Brook street Nickles Henry, "Northbrook" Evans Thomas T., "Ashley" Fischer Albert, "Wattle!' Clifton Road Boundary street to Burnie street Harris John, "Hiawatha" McIntyre John WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M THE HOME OF ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES. RA ND WICK. Dat 809 Woolf Ityman, "St. Louis" Scott William, "To Henui" Barwick Morton, "Taranaki" Butchart Captain Charles, "Gavutti" Wood Charles II., "Wahine" Cook William W., "Canberra" Lonergan Cornelius, "Sonoma" Russell John II. Bernie street Stead Charles A. Llewellyn Frank Aug., "Spring. den" Irma Duncan, "Merevale" Butler William J., "Derwent" Lawrence Fredk. A., "The Glen" Tuner Alfred, "Cranbrook" Fuller Thomas Mullins T., "Araluen" Ellis Thomas, "Belvue" Jervie Archibald J. "Lumeah" Hoskins Staunton, "Dbio" Burnie street Clyde Street (Coogee) Dolphin to Coogee street Green William J., "Naomi" College Street (Kensington) Addison street to golf links Cloogem Street 'Carrington road to Milford street Harrison George Ilyett William, "Iconoclast" Dawson Williamn Robertson Edward Miley Philip, Parker Joseph IL, "Endcliffe" Buchan William, dairyman ftienatuara John, "Clare" Mallet Henry, "Adelphi" Martin William, "Lochiel" Neale Victor, "Beaver Lodge" Tombs Thomas, "Tithury" Hollywell William, "Pyalong" Martin Patrick F. Feeney James, "Clyduff" Birmingham Mrs., "Marion Cottage' Thompson Mark, horsetrainer Cook Street Allison road to Cowper street Talbot Rev. C. H. (Pres.) McClure John, "Lyndhurst" Bedford S., "Halstead" Upton William C., "Tara" Lewis Mrs. I. ' "Belle Vue" Wisdom Robert R., "Montana" Harper Robert, "Kilmarnock" Francis street Carter Arthur S., "Clarence" Rutlidge Howard, "Raymond" Nation Michael, "Iris" Fleming George, "Waitangi" 'Cunningham William, "Ruskinite" Boshell Frederick, "Sunnyside" Railton Miss E., "Routledge" Rudd Edward, "IVeribee' Thompson W. IL, "Bonnie Doon" Hennessy Mrs. E. M., "Balowra" Ireland A., "Oatley" Palmer Frederick C., "Mascotte" Heaps John, "Moira" O'Haiher Denis, "Beulah" Fraser James W., "Thelma" Carberry Sylvester J., "Glenville" Brown William H., "Nebea" Wessell H. S., "Glenariff" Moran Michael, "Wilga" Francis street Broughton Glen, "Innisfail" Burgess Hubert V., "Innisfall" Itoss Frank, "St. Elmo" Brown Alfred E., "Glencoe" Reardon Mrs. B., "Lochiel" Martin Horace E., "Nundle" Wetherill William wfarradale" Percival William C., I "Pahiatua" Spence John, "Oakenville" Duncan Jolih, "Oakenville" McNamee Mrs. Mary, "Lochinvar" Cohen Michael, "Florette" Hotson Mrs. A., "Langliohne" Ramsay Alfred, "Lilyville" Walkley Edwin, "Roma" Cooper Street (South Randwiok) Off Storey street to Maroubra Bug road McCarthy George Ray Mrs. E. Tappin Thomas, "Adaville" Ray Thomas E., "The Ranch" Gale road Leppard Albert E. J. Wilkins Ilarold, "Caringa" Alma road Ilarwood James D'Ombrain Henry A., "Mingay" Boyce road Gardner John S. Maroubra Bay road Storey street Gale road 11.,yward Stephen, "Belitha" Alma road McFarlane James, "Govan" McKay William Boyce road Maroubra Bay road Corso The (Muroubra) Duncan street to Hector road Cottenham Avenue (Kensington) Off Roma avenue Co url an d Stroot Dolphin street to Coogee street Pocock Herbert S. Barker William Turton Christopher W., "Rivelin" Cowper Street Allison road to Avoca street Riley Mrs. A., "Mulwaree" Electric Power Station Burton Joseph, horsetrainer Malone Thomas, "Loretto" McCulloch Mrs. A., "Kubu" McKay Austin, "Yaralla" Lee Mrs. Ann E. Lewis Dan, "Coolola" Taylor Joseph 13., "Torquay" Princes street Jury Herbert R., "Itewi" Taylor Henry, "Peradeniya" Joseph S., "Saraville" Church street Berkman Samuel, "Itoseville" Bloomfield James, "Woolwich" Fenwick Rev. D. (Pres.) Matterson Charles II., "Charm" Beavis R. R., "Charm" Maloney P. J., "St. Kilda" Davies David, "The Reding" Parker Hugh J., "Silverdale" Potter Philip E., "Woodroyde" Wentworth street Waverley street Wing P. A. H., "Lake View" Cohen Miss Kate, "Park View" McDougall Mrs. E., "Clifton" Parkes Lady Julia, "Glenside" Somers Mrs. M. A., "Kinkora" Somers Charles H., "Kinliora" Illakeney IV. B., "Glenomera" Russell George W., "Condova" Percy Frederick W. Randwiek street Schultz Gustav, "Elstow" Brennan-llorley II., dentist Warerley tramline Tramline Gigney George, "Maroubra" George Alfred S. "Matcham" Thomas Mrs. William Flegeltaub Lionel I., "Fresma" Craven Thomas, "'Trafalgar" Doherty Joseph II. Prince street barking Albert Edwd., "Dorothy" Abrahams Abraham, "Elysian" Keenan John James, "Mia Mia" Chine Thomas, "Kumara" Stevenson J. J., "Hayfield" Hartnett John, "Lawnwood" Ducasse Edward M., "Mon Rove" Hart Percy B., "Montrose" Church street Hanlon Edward, "Nungar" Curotta Mrs. Rachel, "Taree" Gough William, "Miriam" Gawler Henry A., "Lochiel" Burgess Mrs. A. F., "Brenda" Fraser Thomas, "Kinnour Cook street Evans Robert E., "Felsberg" Solomon Henry, "Greenbank" The avenue. Kelso William, "Orville" Bowling and Recreation Club Creer Street Off Canberra street Steadman Wm. M. C., "Wendouree" Leaney Mrs. Annie Percival George, "Havelock" Johnson Henry, "Alva" Shrimpton William A., "Selwood" Sherlock Mrs. E., "Casselthern" Masters Frederick, "Iona" Bronfleld Charles IT. S., "Staffs." Kennedy Thomas, "Beuangala" Jones Frederick M., "Ilullo" Ryan John, "Aurofodina" Spence William Gleeson James, "Renfrew" Burns, "Malthusian" Tracy James, "Moira" Morgan George T., "Glenrock" Wilson Richard E., "Eltham" Cuthill Street Avoca street to Belinore road Rags Frederick, "Wakool" Rigden Mark, "Essex" Cuzco street Off Long Bay road Donald John O'Flaherty Edw. J., "Bristol" Cunliffe William Dark George Daore Street (Long Bay) Franklin street to Cromwell Park Brennan Patrick J., "Hazelbrook" Clarke Joshua, "Bfaroubra" Ireton street Dudley Charles E. Curtis Alfred Harold, "Strokes. town" Petersen P., refreshments HALF-A-CENTURY OF EXPERIENCE HAS PERFECTED OUR METHODS AND EARNED OUR REPUTATION

24 ' ANTHONY HORDERNS' AUSTRALIA'S MAMMOTH STORE. THE HOME OF ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES. 810 Dai BAND WICK. Din Div RAND NV 1CK.. Don 811. Doers street (Long Bay) continued- Howarth Walter A., "Edinsore" Darling Street (Kensington) Murphy John, "Corang-ula" Doncaster Avenue (Kensington) Davis John, "Sarah Villa" Lockley Mrs. W., refreshments Danaher John l'., general store Doncaster avenue to Eastern amnia Peoples E. W., "Carmel" ' Pearce. Thomas, "Haze'brook" Storey Henry, "Dalkey" Law George T., "Beragoon" Raglan street Market street Croudace James, "Glen" Donohoe.1. A.! "Inglewood" Decielrobteerr rtsacte homas II., "Roslyn" Brooks Arthur, proprietor Ken- D'aintrey Crescent Moverley Arthur, "Innis" Jackson Francis W., "Dalgairnie" Finn Mrs. E., "Romney" sington riding school, "Bus- Off St. Paul's road liosey John, "Ovendeen" Cristofani Angelo, "Fortuna" Williams Henry, "Roma" sley" Adnum Miss F., "TheJesse" Mills William, "Wyreema" Buell George, "Heidelbtrg" Day A. R. J., "Rosney" Brown John, Huntingdon" Mount J. F., "Cowan Lea" Ayton Richard, "Ileadingly" Leslie Raymond G., "Hillsboro" Jacobson Ernest, "Heather" Brodie Benjamin G., "Cremorne" Hudson Robert 13., "litunbogan" Taylor Samuel, "Lindisfarne" Rafferty Bernard, "Kresenz" Jackson Robert, "Kia-Ora" Wilson Fred., "Bunnerong" Ferguson S. R., Motor Garage Moss Alexander, "Alruverstan" Cook John, "Bangor" Danger Street Cub's David, "Wynne" McCann Joseph, "Everton" Darley road to King street Schism "Mornington" Paterson Mrs. Jane, "Carinya" Dive Street Paterson Mrs. G., "Florida" (Off Beauchamp road.) Cloven street White street Hill Mrs. M., "Glendenning" Russell James D., "Yatalunge" Dixon Francis B., "Warrawee" 'toren Id William A. "Mewah" Flower henry II., '"filgti" Mills William, "Islington" Wood Charles E., "Leitritn" Row Norman, "Coo-ce" Simpson Arthur M., '"Travencere" Morris Stanley 11. "Fsixo" Wilson James, "Vuron" Morris Augustus, "Oberon" Grant George Peace Mrs. Kate, "Essehnont" Burgess Victor, "Ormond" Jones George, "Nethercote" Govett street Stone, "Ivybridge" Parker Ilenry, "Mayville" Stuart Frank, "Waratall" Downes Stanley J., "Wattle" Corbashley Walter, "Warrego" White street Shepherd George A., "Cyrene" Purnell Walter, "Chesterwood" White Mrs. Edith, "Oxford" Todd Frederick, "Myee" Hussey George E., "[Actin" Foley William F., "Metall" Bubbs Robert J. "Ellawatta" Brown Sidney, "Glencoe" Froget James, "bora" Brown Arthur, "Plockton" Schuback henry J., "Kingwood" Stewart Leslie, "Duneraig" Sommerville Ernest L., "Strathy" Fraser Miss Ellen, "Yamba" Metcalfe George, "Alberta" Doyle Victor, Ternleigh" Craig John R., "Udine" Frazer George, "Iluka" Edwards Henry, "Wio" Dixon Edward P., "Monkseaton" Derby Road Carrington road to Allison road Denmead William J., "Glenroy" Butler John, "Mascot" Monty Archibald Reid Edwin II. Richardson Frank, "Allowera" Patterson Colin, "Yarrahappin" Morgan Harold, "Sunleigh" Lambert Mrs., "Cherider Corbett T., "Joyeuse" Hill Mrs., "Manoya" Stewart James Milne, "Kismet" McCallum Mrs. Annie Adams Herbert C. "Rhondda" Mountford Frederick, "Warley" Keenan Henry, James, "Galway" Cross Henry, 'Beulah" FIendy James A., "Haroldeane" Braden Chas. J., "Belmont" Endacott Charles, "Bowenville" McLeod Edward G., "Reay" Pine Robert, "Caragtieen" Bradly Reginald C., "Fairlop" Mason Win..1., "Isabella" Downey Charles, "Fairfield" Hubbard Wm. J., "Langmere" Prince of Wales terrace- 1 Pontin Albert, "Ourimbah" 2 Hood Miss Dinah 3 Dunn Alexander 4 Sievert Chas. 5 Wilkinson Joseph Barclay Ward Edward, "Kilburn" Ward George, "Kilburn" Ward William, contractor Kelly Joseph, "Vennachar" ' McLennan Alex., J.P., "Balmacarra" Corrie John B., "Dement" Allen William, "Watervale" Mitchell George T., "Dudley" Avoca street York road McNamee Stephen, "Sundower" Willsford Casper C., "Antersham" Roles John A., "Taku" Fitzgerald William P., J.P., "Alhawa" Crocker Ernest J., "Atherley" Abbott A. E., "Lakeview" Peoples Mrs. Rose, "Moira" Orange street Dangar st. Wentworth at Smith and Ward Misses, "Astolot Club" Ward and. Lord, Mesdatnes Farrell Mrs. W. T., "Swan Isle" Robinson Edward D., "Sheldon" Gehde August, "Murienwforder" Evans street Applebaum Join' Rhodes Robert, "Grimsargh" Lewis William G., "Ardee" Brown George II., "Kellam" Aboud Abraham D., "Zahle" Golomb Mark, "Turek" Tobin Reginald C., "Nebraska" Ralphs John, "tdedlow" Rush Mrs. Martha A., "Belfour" McGarraty Mrs. Annie, "Fernless" Turland William C., "Cluan" Kerr Harry 0., "Gweedore" Lielbury Charles, "Wendover" Govett street Ball John H., "Urecnato" Wiles Harry, "Barbie" Ames Arthur, "Brickelsea" Hanks Sidney J., "Marjoriedore" Enright John Joseph, "Itoundhey" Baker Ernest Arthur, "Cadets" Park's Arthur E., "Antinio" Quoy Gilbert, "Yetis Villa" Hickey Arthur John, "Valrosa" Armstrong Wm., "Loch Lomond" McGowan Horace, "Connsbrook" Smyth James II., "Connsbrook" Samins Miss C., teacher of piano "Watsonville" Clarke Charles Parry Mrs. Joseph, "Kiahbitah" Wright Frederick, "Carthona" Symonds M., "Mitcham" Butler Ferdinand, "Egerton" Allison road Tramline Litt atter Williain John, "Clifton" Noakes Edwin, "Malvern" Bennett George, "Glenrock" McKellar Sidney, "Melrose" Montgomery William, "Araluen" Nicholas James, "liiaora" Norman A., "Loxton" McCarthy Eugene, "Hadley" Ellison George, "Roslyn" Sharp Robert, "Overton" Lonergad John, "Rockley" Chant Charles, "Mascot" Hughes Edward G., "Northeote" Day Avenue (Kensington) Bunnerong road to Cottenham avenue Houston road Costello John Joseph, "Irene" Aeroplane Sheds Kensington Estate Workshops Cottenham avenue Doncaster avenue, Afoorannie avenue, Cottenhain avenue Denning Street Athol street to Pearce street Chandler Thomas 11. Palmer Frederick, "Everest" Cairo street Carlyle Frederick, "Thistle" Jackson Welter, "Ocean View" Napper street Higgins William H., "Wooloowein" Johnston Chas. If. R., "Carinya" Gostling William T., "Poyning" Cooper Alfred C., "Hygeia" Thomas Rupert, "Overdale" Larsen Lawritz T., "Magnet" Mulholland John Athol street Tost Roy, "Knottik" Evelyn street Lewis William II., "Colac" Dick Street Carrington road to Glebe street Ilelschurst William, "Glenvi Ile' " Potts George W., "Kooringah" Waugh James, "I3arrellan" D'Arey Thomas, "Benumbra" 13arraelough Mrs. II. A. 13arraclough E. K. Barraclough H. K. Potts George, "Kooringel" Burge Stephen B., "Neeoola" Dino Street Barker street to St. Paul's street Totnlinson J., "Vocalist House" Stubbs John, "Stanage" Boden Jos. W., "Madeley Wood" Clegg James, "Cardoness" Dive Leslie Jersey road Division Street (Coogoe) Beach street to Arden street (Continual son of Quail street) Collins Ernest R.,- "Twigworth" Johnson Ernest Stilley Thomas, "Stobo" Fitzgerald Mrs. Marion, "Aarlech" Dolphin Street (Coops()) Beach to Judge street Aquarium Physical Culture School Wm. G. Cusack Arden street McLeod's Garage Twentieth Century Engin. Co. Newton Mrs. E. A., "ryrol" Ganiham George, "Pasadena" Harlon' J. B., "Merri Merri" victoria Flats- 1 Whyte Rodney 2 Cusack William G. 3 Abel Charles B. 4 Abbott Mrs. F. Harris Geo., "Florenceville" Hill street Plumb Charles, "Windward" Draper Mrs. S., "Valletta" Gilmartin Hugh, "Yethella" Clancy Denis, "Melrose" Gray Mrs. L. N., "Strathmore" Kerr David, "Edinbro" Hart Robert, "Milked!'" Wright Edgar, "Lawson" Manning John, "Dundee" Brook st Mount st Carrington. road Crosby John Fletcher Herbert, "Miriken" La Falaise George Davies Percy T., "Linden" Connolly Leonard, "Leura" Hopkins Thomas, "Lawson" Brook street Isaacs B. L., "Ratlinageera" Baker Mrs. If. IV., "Doonball" Myers Mrs., "Warwick" -.Tones Robert II., "Wyreena" Harris Morris, "Fernlee" Richardson Chas. J., "Riwaki" Chapman Mrs., "Lyndon" Faithful' Thomas, "Inglebrae" Thornton Sydney IL, "Brooklyn" Robinson Harry J., "Glenwood" Mount street Carrington road Rogers William, "Clintonville" Turton Harry Crewes Richard, "Druidville" Engert Mrs. Mary Steel Iferbert, "Eden" Luke street Cervetto Frank, "Strathroyal" Turbet Charles, constable Mann Edwin, constable Jordan Adam, "Lochinvar" Cottrell Joseph W., "Henley" Fitzpatrick Edward, "Seaview" Balkind Zorach l, "Deloombc" 24 Edwards Henry IV., "Melcombe" 26 Voigt Simon, 'Boscombe" 28 Rowland Nurse E. M., "Killarney' Weldon Charles, "Tyrone" Bishop Edwin, "Strabone" Whalen Thomas, "Aidenne" Barnett George, "Lynwood" 40 Anderson Bert, "Opawn" 42 Rigby John, "Heatheote" Doyle Henry C., "Catherine Villa" Stewart Mrs. C., "Bessieville" Barrington henry, "Inverugue" Mirth G. C., "Folkstone" Adams Henry L., "Kingston" Roche Timothy J., "Edenholm" Woodbridge Ridlev, "Flemington" Ilindoff l'ercy, 4Caulfleld" Harkness John C. F., "Creswell" Garvin David, "Alyce" 62 l'owell Mrs. Catherine, "Willga" James William, "Wiley Vale" 66 Moffatt Mrs. E. D. Ascot street Earl Charles, "I lampton" Barclay Mrs. E., "Surrey" Itidludgh Henry, "Derby" Cohen Solomon, "Devon" Patterson Miss C., "Highbury" Hunt Mrs. lone II., "Sussex" Bannister Joseph, "Dement" Griffiths IL C., "Marlesford" Davis George, "York Villa" Brown William If., "Bon Arnie" 88 Barker James, "Hulett" 90 Dudley II., grocer Benjamin Morris, "Hannaville" 98 Waters E., "Alawa" 100 Weinrabe Joseph, "Menthe" 102 Campbell Joseph, "Yamba" 104 McGovern Miss M., "Alva House" 106 Daughtry Mrs. Amelia 108 Rea Mrs. Bertha 110 McEvoy Richard, Garage 114 Powers Mrs. Maria, "Caringa" 116 Ives George, "Rhodes" 118 Ford Patrick P., "Tara" 120 Henville Charles, "Bmidwood" Windon S..1., "Braidwood" 122 McGovern Mrs. A. T., "Paris" 124 Crowley James, "Emingo" 126 Castner Thomas, "Delmar" 128 Wheeler.7ohn, "Umberto" Wagner Albert, "Sylvania" 134 Goldstein Isaac, "Henley" 136 Marks Mrs. Dora, "Clarence" 138 Bateman Mrs. S. J., "Dorothy" 140 Whitelaw Alex., "Warncliffe" 142 McGrath Joseph, "Little Toy" 144 Downie Andrew, "Abunaunce, 146 Evans William, "Bronte" 148 Walker C. E., jun., "Oma" 154 Donohoe J., horse-trainer 150 McGrath F., horse-trainer Kuhn Mrs. Lucy 166 Farrell James, "Wallburn" 168 McKeown 0., horse-trainer Bunnerong road Fowler Mrs. Louisa Lawrence Lyall, "Leak Villa" Newton Alfred J., "Saxby House" Dwight William, "Mavis" Giles Henry J., "Mavis" Day avenue 3 Miller TI101111IR It. Abbotsford street 5 Sherman Henry, "Roseville" 7 Dalton F. J., "Flinders" 11 Nott C. F., "IVonga" 13 Hart Raphael J., "Wyandra" 15 Simons Richard C. Bray Miss S., Dressmaker 17 Scott Percy M., "Nellrose" Carlton street 19 Durrell Ilarry, "La Mascotte" 21 Muir John, "Lauraville" 23 Farling William, "Essex" 25 Hart Mrs. W. T., "Wahvorth" 27 Nicol Charles, "Sefton" 20 Wilkins Joseph, "Malvern" 31 Ifenwood 11. C., "Easthanwood" 33 Dunn William J., "Invermay". 35 O'Donnell J., "Itedburn" 37 Law James, "St. Albans" 39 Goldstein Joseph. "Quambi" 41 Jacobs Nathan, "Havelock Villa" Goodwood street Lockitt Thomas Carr Mrs. Nellie, whiron" McDowell Louis, "De Val" Wolfson John, "Boomerang" 49 Crockett Arthur R., "Coma" 55 Bibby Mrs. H., "Tame" 57 Cooper Augustus J., wine store Ascot street 59 Bryant Arthur E., '"Venice" 61 Thompson Arthur, "Alga," laundry Hanover terrace- 1 Levy Joseph, "Ednaville" 2 Gray John 3 Solomons Michael 4 Device Mrs. Alice Solomons a, J.P., "Mytella" Pacichain Mrs. E., "Nortnanby" Bowral street Public School Slow street Murray Percy E., "Mon Repos" Simpson Arthur A.,.1.1'., ink manufacturer 87 Handel' B. 13., "Milton" 89 Summerfield a A., "Finchley" 91 Sewell Robert, "l'iolette" Darling street 03 Horan Patrick W., "Ituffun" 95 Southall Horace M., "Burn" 97 Pullin G. It., "Kelvin" 99 Chiene Leslie, "Ellimatta" 101 Tang James, "Lawn Sand" 103 McKeown II..1., "Mayfowl" 107 Brown James H. "Doncaster" 109 Elliott Joseph J., "Arizona" Bannerong road Roma avenue Kensington Estate Office, Arthur Richard and Co., Ltd. Statnell S., "Eleonora" MacNamara Mrs. Jolm, "Inveresk" Wright 0., "Leonore" Ballard 0. E., "Invermay" Hoorinda avenue Whelan T. "Kiameron" Smith William.1., "Kingsburgh" Paine Alfred, "Thelma" Paris Albert F., "Senga" Gleeson William, "Petronet" O'Grady Percy C., "Denville" Sheehy Patrick, "Argyle" Glendenning Richard G., "Loch Lomond" Solomon Cecil S., "Hastings" Ifinnbley "Calanthie" Day avenue WOOD, COFFILL 41 COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 OEDROE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 CITY THE SIMPLEST OR THE STATELIEST FUNERAL CONDUCTED To THE SATISFACTION OF ALL CLIENTS

25 ANTHONY HORDE,RNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM. ON THE HISTORIC SLOPE OF BRICKFIELD HILL. 812 D3u RAND WICK. Ear Eas RAN DWICK. Els 813 Douglas Street Carrington Varna street. Seaview street Thomas Philip, "Tydfil" Mason Ilerbert, "Itedhurst" Kelso William L., "Hazelville" DonneIlan Stephen T., "Benvenue" MacKenzie A. B., "Mifanwy".Lazarus Mrs. D., "Whitehall" Islip Herbert, "Kia Ora" Waraker Mrs, Mart T.; "Albion" Want L. C., "Coralie" Fern street Pike George Varna street Maxwell Win. T., "Corona" Sheppard Ebenezer, "Claremont" Eckford Samuel, "Dorrigo" Reece Oliver, "Melrose" Carey street Hunt James P., "I3aroonda" Bishop's avenue Fern street.i3oland Francis Varna street Dowling Street (Kensington) (Continuation of Dowling street, 111.9terloo) Milroy avenue Ilolderness W. S., "Tadmore" Walker A. G., "Chez-Nous" Gray William, "Ellengowan" Whintehurst J., "Wistaria" Gleeson Edward, "St. Albans" Carminya street Russell George, "Idelvaville" Downey Myles T., "Hunterville" Saunders Mark, "Ionic" Revert IL J., "Kingower" Sciacca Joseph, "Torquay" Thompson W., "Doreen" Baxter Robert, "Milder" Winkurra street Brown Samuel, "Levine" Cook J. W., "Liddell" Betlinel Oscar, "Thuringen" Clifton Mrs. Emily, "Carthona" Woods A., "Australee" Vernon J., "Silvania" Baker street Foy H., "Alberto" Able John McNair Myrtle street. Carr G'eorge Besomo V. H., "Iris" Sloss Robert, "Olietta" Norman B., "Messina" Cameron Mrs. Ethel, "Lipari" Henson Mrs. S. A., "Salina" Ingram street Fitzallen A., "Led" Weeks II., milk vendor, "Zebu" Victoria Park Racecourse Dndley Street (Coogee) From sea to Belmore road Beach at Paton D. 0., "Montrose" Davidson A., J.P., "Highbury" Everingliam Joshua C., "Avon" Arden street Nicholson Miss Julia, "Avril" Nixon Mrs. I. G., grocer " Alexander street Goodin William, "Ventura" Thomas Robert, "Sierra" Crossby Miss Emma, "Oruba" Windele Miss Annie Thomas Joseph WOOD,.COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. McDougall DugaId, "Denistoun" Taylor Charles, "Garfield" Brook street Hayes Hubert, "Verona" Mills, "Si'yenta" PugHese Humbert, "Senora" Harvey William G. Puglies Victor, "Cement" Turner A. It. Rawlinson Charles II. Long Hay road Neeld John, "Locksley" Whittle Henry A. Murphy William II., "Lutor" Melody street Leslie James, 'Bonn Vista" Ryan Mrs. Hunt, "Yoorooga" Slapoffsky Gustave, Yoorooga" Litton Lewis, "ItoHeston" Mitchell Alfred, "Shirley" Marshall James, "Rattiger" Gentle Josiah, "Stott Id".Johnson Thomas l'., "Valetta" Howard street Sullivan P. IL, J.P., "VIIlose" St. Paul's street Wride George, "Wooloowin" Sindel Albert, "Yeldah" Connell Myles, "Sunny Brae" Hunter John, "Caabah" Belmore road Labbat Edward, "Kinsale" Poole Henry, "Sunderland" Hughes Charles, "Iteppel Dene" Brown Lorio, "Ingleburn" Carr stree o lloward street Byron at Newman Mrs. M. J., "Ferndale" Mount street Brookhouse Thomas, "Thelma" Hammer William, "Aston" Russell Thomas Cain Joseph, "Holmlea" Brook street Nursing Home Asher street Cottam Mrs. Eliza, "Trafford" Ashburner Capt. R., motor gar. Arden street Palfrcyman J. R., J.P., "Lenoel" Beach street Duke Street (Kensington) Eastern avenue to Balfour road O'Dea Percy, "Amber Villa" O'Donoghue Mrs. E., "Lamorna" Mallinson Mrs. Robert, "Preston" Town Richard, "Maidstone" Fahy P., "Milton" Crofts Mrs., "Hilton" Rose J., "Colorado" Kirk Thomas, "Toni" Whiteman Mrs., "Kyogle" Simpson Capt. Geo., 'Penrose" Welder Samuel, "Navarre" Welder Robert, "Navarre" Kensington road Moss James, -''Milroy" Weatherall William, "Kato" Latona Constantino, "Palermo" Scowen Alfred, "Bacrotni" Southan Gustave 0., "Leonville" Haynes Harold, "Tarawera" McAuley Sydney E., "Esmeville" Seabrook Mrs. M., "Kingston" Baudinet S. M., builder Williams Frederick B., "Grime" Valentine W. G., "Mar-Saba" Twentyman A. E., "Genoa" Smith Dr. G. Keith, "Capri" Boronia street Coghill Robert J. Landers Robert, "Myrillda" Creel Mrs. "Skausen" Garland Mrs. F., "Yule Tide" Seatree W. J., "Asturias" Carson Jack, "Kinnano Meru" Lewis Percy, "Vawatta" Rigney Frederick C., "Vahandl" Heat Herbert C., "Heidelberg" Kensington road McDowell T. II. "Enaghville" Swinnerton Joseph R., "Wyreema" Roberts Ernest 8., "Devon" Duncan Richard C., "Roseville" Schryingeour John, "Como" Nelson John, "The Gables" Duncan Street (Maroubra) Torrington road to McKeon street ll'ride street Louglinan A., "Oottawa" Dundas Street Neptune street to Cairo street McDonald William, "Quanibi" Pawley Joshua, "Miraina" Higgs Frank B., "Mt. Tyrone" Dutruc Street Allison road to Frenchman's road Rae street Pick H. J., "Clevedon" Firth MissA., "Trueloves" Warden J., 4Trueloves" Clegg Win. C., solicitor, "Rosemount" 'tains Boyd, "Haddon Hall' Britain Mrs. Ysabel, "Linthorpe" Smith Norman, "Narrabeen" Black lion. George, M.L.A., J.P. Oatley Edwin A., "Ostara" West, side Smith Miss J. M., "Gonzalo" Rider Mrs. Edith, "Wayfield" Rodgers Mrs, S. A., "Elrington" Me street Johnson R. N., Commissioner of Stamps, "Earlswood" Austin James, "Devonshire" Colgin Robert, "Lourdes" Grace Mrs. E., "Glanton" Grace Edwin, "Glanton" West Charles B., "Braemar" Ready John, photographer Kcighran John, "Lakomai" Lorking George W., "Valetta' Lowe Mrs. Jean, "bfalhos" Ford James A. "Stroud" Amos Miss AL M., "Brighton College" Smith Percy C., "Reubenville" Kiernan Albert A., "Rosetta" Dowd F. "Kywong" Porter Walter F., 'Kyogle" Ward Mrs. E., "Iloganville" Burge R. Crooks Harry, "Mascotte" Keen William, "Purtree" Kimberley Mrs. Albert, "Cromwell" Shaw Rev. A. J. (R.C.), "Ascot" Butler Mrs Mary, "Earnslaw" Chapel street Earl Street Stephen street to Avoca street Hunter Claude, "Day Dawn" Bowen Mrs. Anne Pierce James H. BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS: SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION Lawson Herbert J. Rigby John Tollis William A. Rennie Mrs. A.., "Roseville" Watson George J., "Roseville" Gilbert Mrs. Veba, "Oratava" Disola Samuel, "Durban" llarries Frederick G. Hickey Fred., "Lourdes" Morrison George Pattison Charles, "Wellesley" Carr James Robinson James, "Ilazelbrook" Power John W. Longford Sidney L., "Halcyon" Longford Roland, "Grafton" Orange street 'Forger Richard, "Neff" Sargent A. II., "Kent Cottage" Schudiardt Lucian Le Blarseny David Browne Arthur F., "Acton" Vassarotti Antonio Germnettia Eugene, "Virginia" Appleby John Cannon William Darley road Crick Joseph, "Coerabell" Shannon Mrs. Margaret Atkinson Richard, "Acetine" Lavis Mrs. Alfred, "Lavonee" Dentmar John G., "Denshaw" Wrigley Mrs. F., "Annville" Moverly Percy, "Benmenang" Charles street. Phi l lips A, thur, " Ashley" Roche John, "Milton" Haley Adolphus, "Viona" Cattell Charles P., "Roslyn" Alexander Mrs. A., "Malvern" Orange street. McCarthy William, "Winona" 13007kr Ernest Pearson Cecil S. "Cored" Watthope Mrs. Eliza, "Niddre" Davis Miss M., "Nevalda" Given William, "Batavie" Fielder l'ercy, "Singapore" Bedford Elizabeth, "Rangoon" Galbraith Archie AV., "Oyama" Haslam Mrs. Alice, "Shoalhaven" Avoca street. Eastbourne Avenue (Little Coogee) off Ocean street. Glover George Jonas Samuel Barfoot Nurse Janet Lindsay John, "Roma" Lyons Thomas, "Normanburst" Eastern Avenue (Kensington) Tay street to Bunnerong road. 2 Sulway Mrs. B.. "Kareela" 4 Marshall Mrs. Mary, "C'arthona" 6 Kennedy Mrs. A., "St. Kilda" 10 Moore George E., "C,orinya" 12 Cosgrove Patrick, "St. Elmo" 14 Downs William Henry, "Belfast" 16 Langtry Mrs. J., "Arcadia" 18 Brainston F. J., "Dromana" 24 Leslie St. Clair J., "Moroya" 26 BuckLInd W., "Sorrento" 28 Morris Michael, "Como" 80 Hoyle Reginald, "Koorali" 82 Atack Walter, "Ilamelea" 34 Barrington Bernard, "Portobello" 86 Gilbert Charles, "Altona" 38 Mann C. H., "Easby" 40 Grant George, "Treace" 42 Brown Alexander, "Doris" 44 Patterson William J., "Airlee" Abbotsford street.. 46 Brown Joseph R., "Myee" 48 Worrall Joseph F., "Brockley" 60 Macwilliam Samuel, "Yuranigh" 52 Ryan Edmund "Icasia" 64 Scott Mrs. Elizabeth 66 Ilutchison Allan, "Cranmore" 58 Franklin Paul, builder Carlton street. 62 Welder William J., "Manhattan" 64 Self Arthur, "Valetta" 66 Martin Thonina, "Matching" Seymour Edward, "Mafeking" Nixon Horace, "Margate" McMahon Harold, "Itainsgate" Johnson Spencer, "Highgate" Ulnas J. l'., "Devon" 'Mae John, milk vendor Goodwood street 84 Cowdroy William G. 86 Sharpe Mrs. S. 90 Richards W. II. and Co., drapers 92 Ilarvey R., tobacconist 92 Lupton and Co., estate agents' 94 Mitchell Charles C., grocer Ascot street 96 Horne George, grocer 98 Matterson Bros., newsagents 100 Botta Gaetano, fruiterer 102 Walker C. It., jun., butcher 104 Robertson Alexander, bootmaker 106 Evans It. R., chemist 108 Kelly A., confectioner 110 Kensington Post Office Commonwealth Savinp Bank 112 Noakes Leslie, provision merchant 114 Bank of N.S.W. (Kensington branch) it. P. Temkin's, mgr. 116 Newland Susannah, prod. merch. Bowral street Fegent W. (3., chemist Lazern E., photographer Sergeant Mrs. A., confectioner Langtry S., bootmaker Small James, jeweller Woods & Brooks, estate agents Sloper avenue Brown It. Lee, physician and surgeon Fisher Frederick, "HillIciali" Harte C., "Louth" lienningliam George, "Avoca" Ellis Leopold, "Taunton" Hillier William, "Lismore" Bailey Harry, "Orthona" Levy L. II., "Thelma" Jones Benjamin, "Merlin" 152 Donnelly Joseph 154 Ashby W.' J., butcher 156 McKay Robert W., grocer Darling street Dickson Bros., grocers Molloy P., tailor Ilerrod E., tobacconist Grist Harold, brass-founder Wright A. G., builder Itawston C., fruiterer Leis Francis C., confectioner Palmer J., newsagent Bunnerong road. Boronia street. In Cumniing Mrs. It. S., "Roslyn" 3 Bernhard henry, "Walgetta" 6 Sharp Robert, "Taree" 7 Byrne Edwin, "Malvern" 9 Deacon W., "Ilazeldean" 11 Kelly Miss Milley, "Blair-Athol" 13 Long George, 'Monica" 15 Montague Neville W., solicitor 17 Ovens Mrs. Julia, "Cowrie" 19 Nelson, "Ambrosia" 21 Hungerford R. C. C. J.P. Hungerford Mrs. T. IV. ' 31 Whyte Edward J., "Hermes" 33 Marshall Atkinson, "Flora" 35 Saunders, "Coburg" Wilson Frederick 3., "Ilotharn" Buxton Charles N. "Glenwood" 39 Hardy Miss B., "Lowestoft" 41 Kensington Picture Palace 61 Aitken Matthew, plumber 63 Langtry Mathew, laundry 65 Deakin F. M., confectioner 67 Sale George J., "Finchley" Gill Francis, "Finchley" 69 Mawer printer 73 Cann W. and Sons, butchers 76 Nicholson J. II., ham shop Newton George, baker 81 Fleming Gordon, fruiterer 83 Mitchell Jack, hairdresser 85 Vaughan M. bootmaker 87 Lee Dr. Stanley ' D., dent. surgeon 89 Southern J. It., "Wollowra" 91 Lynch J., "Charlemont" 93 Murphy Mrs. T., "Rosebank" 95 Bateman TA "PiCt0/1" 07 ltobinson Misses S. St S., costume. 99 Younger Mrs. K., confectioner 101 Arnold W., saddler 103 Moran and Cato, Ltd., grocers Duke strert 105 Bond Ernest F., "Stanford" 107 Dunlop John, "Gladstone" 109 Kilgour Harry AI:, dentist 111 O'Dea John, "Roma" 113 Phillips Joel, "Clareville" 115 Byrne George, "Lyricville" 117 Harris Mrs. W., "Rayville" 119 Dent George, "Joeville" Todman avenue. 125 Cooper and Ilendy, estate agents 127 McEnnally Mrs. J., grocer 129 Lee Yook, fruiterer 131 Mawbey C.'eorge, "Vinaka" 133 Gray Mrs. L., "Venice" 136 Flood Mrs. Charlotte, costumiers Travey Herbert E. 137 Mari' Ernest, "Laura" 143 New York Cleaning & Dye Works Hackett James, "Battersea" Moore P., "Lockaley" Brittain J., "Brnidwood" 167 Stephen B. A., "The Ferns" Stephen R. H. Burton-Gibbs J: Steel C. J. C., vet. surgeon Addison street. Elphinstono Street Off Long Bay road Hudson James, "Devon Cottage" Slip Charles W.. "Wideview" Elsmore Street (Kensington) Carlton street to Goodwood street Mepliam Mrs. Annie, "Vitt' Pascoe Joseph, "Sind" Harris Frank, "Rantliorp" Roche Mrs. A., "Marmion" White John, "Campbell Lodge" Latona W., "Ebmere" Scoble John, '"I'he Bungalow" Crosby, "Kajang" Allan H. II., "Wentworth" Fieldhouse Edwin (3. II., "Holmleigh" Cohen Henry, "Tarawera" 1 Manning William 3 Hughes Mrs. M. A., "Ralmoyne" 5 Kearney Edward R., "Manaro' AS FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND CONTRACTORS WE SERVE ALL WITH EQUITY AND ECONOMY

26 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR FASHION'S FAIREST FAVOURS. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ALL THINGS NEEDFUL AND NICE. 814 Esp RANDWICK For Fou RANDW1CK. Gar afg Blamer( street (Kensington) continued- 7 Farthing James, "Alandale" 9 Johnston Spencer, "Kelso" 11 Sewell Edgar, "Darling Downs" 13 Keegan Pearce John 15 Cowin Mrs. C. 10 Herbert Richard, "Kenwyn" 21 McCartney Victor, "Ileigham" 23 Smith.1. T., "ErnviIle" 25 Hourn Christopher, "Grafton" 25 Hourn William A. 27 Edwards Mrs. 0., "Grenville" 20 Mueller Frederick, "Yulgilbar" Esplanade (Maroubra) Lurline street to Hector road. Kerr Andrew Miller Frederick Ethel Street Ivy to Henry street Howard street Wilkinson Charles S. Ethel terrace- 0 Lowe H. A. 8 Gay J. 7. Shepherd Mrs. E. M. Fallon Mrs. Alice McCarron J. 5 Hokin John 4 Nixon Albert 3 Lennox J. 2 Coleman R. C. Nixon Arthur Dudley William Freed William, "Fassifern" Webster Henry Berra J. F. Howard street Hennessy Robert Whelan F., "Allanah" Thorpe Stephen McNamara John, "Clare" Elder William, "Briar Bank" Duffey Mrs. J., "Avondale" Brandt Mrs. E., "Rose Villa" Deward street Ethne Avenue Off Market street Madden W. G. IL, "Santa lima" Wade Robert, "Sonoma" Skinner Charles Edgar, "Leonine" Eurimbla Avenue Off High street. Ryan Patrick J. "Clonbonny" McGowan Ernest ' S. T., "Heremai" Peters William B., "Alpha" Evans Street Darley road to Govett street Evelyn Street (Coogee) Denning s, rct to Lana Bay road 'Mellen John, "Wilton" Price William Everett Street (South Randwiek) Storey street to Gale road. Mackay Andrew, "Castmmont" Sheppard street. Fern Street Boundary to Susan street Wallace street Varna street. Hinton Sydney, "Kandara" Henderson, Mrs. E., "Kyraii" 0 Witt A. H. 8 Ahearn D. 12 McFarlane J. Duclos William Newman Frederick. "Swanage" Baker H., "Esrom" Laing Samuel, carrier Burrows Thomas E., "Balboa" Hurst E., "Euroka" Quinn Lawrence, "Nepean" Douglas street Reeves Arthur H., "Avonville" Lunnon George Rainham street Brand Mrs. Ethel B. Eyre Thomas E., "Brooklana" Simons Lewis, "Darieville" Dugan Thomas J., "Glenburn" Wilson James, "Glen Roy" Greville street Thompson A. G., grocer Goff, "Vailima" Newton Richard F., "Garryowen" Wilson James W. Bulliard William, "St. Mildred" Susan street Cottam S. II., J.P., "Irwe11" Brewster William A., "Kardinia" Tunnicliffe Mrs. A., "Trent" Inness A. D. Holmes It. L., "Kin Ora" Noble J., "Belmont" Ralph W., "Raynton" Shaw William P., "Killarney" Denman F., "Seaview" Smith Austin, "Brierly" Williams John, "Valentin" Crnikshank James, "Volga" Fox Carsten J., "Nevada" Sheehan Daniel, "Koree" Greenaway Mrs. R., nurse Sharp Ernest, "Westbury" Bressington Chas. E., "Misterton" Douglas street Thellon James B., "Bellevue" Shrimpton Mrs. Annie, "Myola" Rubinstein Harry, "Leaburst" Sweeney E. J., "Sunnyside" Sanderberg John. "Navena" McMillen John,,"Carthona" Howarth John S. F. Grerille street Linney William, "Bath" Mathews Joseph H., "Devises" Maher James, "Demira" Kelly James, "Anamo" Newmark II. Perry Harold, "Shandon" Jones Harold, Pernleigh" Tanner Walter, "Bufa" Nolan Mathew, "WO/dont" Nolan Michael, "Ocean View" Leek Mrs., "Nortlicroft" Flower Ernest V., "Berowra" Wall George, "Sonoma" Tully Mrs. R., "Ventura" Stubbs Tyndale, "Normanton" Susan street Fewings Street Greville to Susan street Bennett James Durham John, "Cosy-Dell" Hopkinson Leslie R., "Avoca" Davidson David L. "Kia-ora" Whittaker James, "Pacific View" Dillon Reginald Fig Tree Avenue Off Orange street Nicoll Leonard, "Myra Cottage" Moyle John, "Leonardsville" Jones John Peverell William J., "Montrose" Knox Louis, "Swifts" O'Neill Vivian, "Sterling" Anderson Joseph,' "Leylands" Lemarseny Thnothy, "Stanford" Gower Herbert, "Erkeley" Trotter John, "Oakland" Craigie Miss Snsan, "Eversley" 2 Brighton George I). Duncan Henry E., "Wotionga" Raynor Sidney, "Wollowra" Ryan Stephen, "Wyriema" Broadbent Francis C., "Wairoa" Gillis John, "Milroi" First Avenue (Maroubra) Off Long Bay road. Cole Frank Robertson John, "St. Leonards" Fischer Street Off Broad street Fisher Frederick, "Ellerslie" Tracey Richard l'ardey Win. E., "Brixton" Murray George Quinn William Broadbent James Broadbent Leonard Swanston J. Alex., "Caithness" Irvine street. Broad road. Pekes Henry, "Rose Cottage" Eckford Leslie J., "Ardwick" Kindezi Herbert White Edward, "Dubbo" Irvine street. Flood Street (Little apogee) Battery street to Burnie street. Coyle Miss A., "Yerong" Tramway Line. Roe John H., "Pretoria" Scott Mrs. M., "Loloina" Morton Mrs. M., -"Beverley" Ilayes John J. Barnes Samuel Ernest Tramway line Woodhouse J. English Patrick, "Seaview" Eudsten Dr. Mary, "Invermay" Cyler Edward J., "Mnoki" Read Charles, "Boomed" Flower Street (South Randwiek Maroubra Bay road to Storey st. Boyce road Alma road. Craddock George, "Stanway" Gale road. McAllister John A. L. Scott Mrs. Mary, "Loloma" Morton Mrs., "Beverley" Forsyth Street (South Kensing- toni Rainbow to Barker street Collins William Vavarovick Antonio Andrews John "Richmond Villa" Lanirock William Necks street Niland Patrick, "Asher" Mitchell Wm., "Bosley House" Simpson Mrs. Isabella, "Lebasi" Simpson Wm. A., "Malvern" Sampson George, "Loretto" Middle street. Elwen Robert, 'Avondale" Nicholls John O'Brien Mrs. Sarah Tulloch F. IL. "Colo" Keys Mrs. Margaret Russon Edgar E. Delahunty 1'. J. Barker street. Coribli Richard Maybury A. J., "Wilga" Bullen Jonathan Herford A., "Rita" T. P., "Auld Recite" Coulter Wm. J., "Morningside" Meeks street. Phillips G., "Knighton" Hine Gilbert, "Glen Osmond" Taylor E. Thomas William IL, "Lilydale" Middle street. Hoff Joseph', "Sariba" Giles Alfred, "Rube" Bicknell Dennis, "Mayville" Rogers George, "Croydon" Itigby Samuel, "Searisbrick" O'Keefe James, "Nebea" Millson William Fourth Avenue (Maroubra) Off Long Bay road. Fox Street (Long Bay) Off Bay parade. Graham Alexander Francis Street Prince street to Avoca street Ilarper Samuel, "Kilinarnock" Barnett Leopold L., "Gillendoon" Thompson George, "Lanhid" Rinnane Michael, "Cremona" Forrest Henry C., "Clelands" Moran Michael, "Narellan" Field Thomas A. "Tooloom" Keesing B. IL, likeesington" McKinney, Alex., "Tullawong" Crockett 1/., "Marathon" Church street Cook street Whitehouse Jno. W., "Sylvander" Fuller George, "Wirringulla" Ooulton Charles W., J.P. Phippard Edmund S., "Ballarat" Franklin Street (Long Bay ) Tramway stopping-place heng Bay Levitt Miss G., postmlatrem Post and Telegraph Office Public School Deere street. Cromwell Park Smith David H. Smith John F. Smith Richard W. Smith Harry Waterdon Henry Lee War, market gardener Bunnerong road. Fraser Street Off Orange street Fitzgerald Michael J., "Oracle" Godfrey P., "Francisville" Fox O., "Myall" Frederick Street Off Megmott street Haywood Miss Horrocks Mrs. Ada Talbot William IL, "Coma" Balls James, "Mount Eden" Perry Malcolm C., "3falwin" Oberon street Frenchman's Road Avoca street to Carrington road. Newton Miss, ladies' school, Caen, Icon College. II ill Alfred, J.I'., "Wirrillah" Moodie James A., "Myola" Bristowe Mrs. Martha, "Ansley" Allpress W. C., "Weemoobah" Wilton Mrs. 'I'. T., "Concord" Greenlees R. II., "Brentwood" Tramway street Wade Miss Emily, "Marmite" Hayes Thomas, "Ilazeldene" Alexander David, "Glendhu" liorlstone Charles, "Clifton" Leggett Mrs. M. M., "Toronto" McDonald John J., "Bromley" St. Mark's road Robilliard A. J., dentist East Richard, "Acton" Burge Dr. Cecil J., dentist Elworthy William IL, physician & surgeon, Illackham David, "Cowrie" Finn Horace John, "Kyarra" liowic James, "Quainbi' Day Joseph!' F., "Lynton" Snowdon W., "Kilburn" Kelsall Alfred, "Kehiall" Hunter M., "Raleigh" Bowen G..1., "Raleigh" Roserea avenue Pepperell W. II., newsagent 'falfahn Mame, grocer Gabriel A. H. chemist Salmon John, butcher Dugan Miss A., costundere Farrelly John, produce merchant, Dowd Mrs. Mary A., "Talbragar" l'earce Jesse, "Sylvester" Lowney Thomas F., "Tennyson" Nicholson Thomas B., "Laura" Brachenberg Samuel, "Kimbolton" Chapel street English Patrick, "Avondale" Butler Fred. W., "Annesly" Ross Charles, "Clyde" Greening W., "Pengrove" Gardner Arthur Knight Mies M., "arisen" McPhee John, "Sundridge" Fulton Mrs. H. /if. "Athol" Moss John, "Roscoe" Harry Thomas, "Kia Ora" Johnson William, "Braeside" St. Mark's road Glebe street Bardon Jas. A., estate agent Day M. and S., confectioners Miller IL, tobacconist, etc. Clifton terrace- 1 Smith Richard 2 Young George It Patterson William Penrose T., estate agent Lawrence William, "Mayal" Kemiss street Marian street McCarthy Eugene, "Aldavia" Lawrence Mrs. C., "Lanveral" Cohen Michael, "Bralgah" Ilain, "Aberdare" Cowling Frank B., "Gainsbro" Atholwood James B., "Avon" Howell W., "Bracside" Ireland F., "Elmhurst" Russet' P., "liaminh" Bergin James, "Calais" Hogg Benjamin, "Glenayr" Robert's avenue Carrington road McDonald Mrs. E., "Barraha" Cameron A. G. "Barraba" Walsh W. H., "'Melrose" Cohen Mrs. J. Allen Stuart C. Stoney Mrs. E., "Drunicondra" Lawrence L., "Allawa" Burt D. T., "Colorada" Conway It. J. Gale Road (South Randwiek) North aide Bunnerong road to Maroubra Bay road. Marney Alfred, "Boronia" Coward Frederick George Franklin Edward A. J. Royal street. Dove Arthur P., "Warranilla" Sutton Wm. J., "Southall" Boon William G. Utting George L. Cummins William Hannon street Gray Nurse T., "Vatic)" Broad road - Garrett strect Lochmarec street. Garden street. Sermon.1., "Windsor" Sullivan Patrick Brooinhead Joseph Wright George Cooper street. Anthony Samuel Buttres John, '"fasina" Ware John, "Ellesmere" Marshall George Rose Sydney, "Myrtle Done" Flower street. Deaver Bert Bell street. Maroubra Bay road. South ids Butinerong road. Off Cook Frederick Beer Walter, "Glen Eck" Robinson Benjamin, "Sylvania" Fitz James F. Reuter Leslie, "Maryville" Royal street. Mettam George W. Hannan street. Broad road. Mord James K. Priestley Tom P., "Glenmore" Campbell George, "Devoncott' Rumliffe Edwd. W. "Ericaralia" Garden street. McDonald Joseph, "Bonnie Jean" D'Aran Frederick Brunner Walter Collins Sydney Pearce William Mitchell Leonard Hollis William Pincher Fred. M., "Editliville" Cooper street. Cabban E. E., builder Taylor Alexnnder Redmond William, "Daphne" Cole George Thompson R., "Claudeville" Flower street. Beaver Bert Lee James Marou bra Bay road. Garden Street (South Randwiek) Maroubra Bap road to Storey street!terris Stanley McMeeken William Coles Stanley Hands Alfred Welsh James WOOD, COFFILL &, COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 8EOROE STREET. 'PHONE 9227 CITY POSSESS AN EOUIPMENT SECOND TO NONE IN THE BRITISH EMPIRE Boyce road

27 ' ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE WORLD'S COMMODITIES. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR AUSTRALIAN MANUFACTURES. 816 RAN DWICK. Gro Ham RAN 1) WICK. Hod Garden street (South lianderick) Tone Alexander, "Kia-Ora" Alma road Lantana Walter Harris Ilubert Turner L. T. Gale road Johnson John Smith Sydney Storey street St, Aidan's Church Boyce road Alma road Nicholls Arthur A., "Glen Ayr" Gale road Warneford Arthur J., "Inveresk" Tout John Appleby John IL, "newton" McNee James, "Exeter" Storey street Gardener's Road South (Kensington) Bunnerong road to Botany liouston road Brooko Charles, fruiterer Hallman Co-operative Society Hughes Edward H. Salvation Army Hall Garratt Street (South Randwiok Bruce street Story street to Gale road George Street Allison road to Albert street Haley James, "'Interest" Haley John, "Hillcrest" Denning Miss S. C., "Beaulieu" Pryke, Mrs. M., "Eddleston" Cotdello Gildorthorpo Avenue Glebe to Susan street Cochran Gerald, "Courtwood" Burgess William, "Arbroath" Bowen George, "%Verge Rock" IluImes Richard, "Warraderry" Macdonald Mrs. M., "MingoHo" Griflints Mrs. A., "Nungery" Grimm Arthur, "Aohburnhant" Paul Fred., "Daroobalgie" Coles Lawrence W., "Eulong" Sayers Harold, "Eugowra" Moduli. Mrs. Rate, "Twilit:icy" Leggett A. W., "Toe,r..nrPo Schoenberg August, "Coonumbla" Higgins Alexander, "liamandra" Fuller Percy C., "Craigie Lea" Day John, 'Bonnie Brae" Ashburner harry W., "Lyonesse" Hedger Arthur It. "Tilka" Huxley Richard, "01enesk" Heald Fredk., "Birkdale" Blood-Smyth Mrs. M. M., "notable" Graham Samuel, "Brie Bree" McLaren Gilbert C., "Mandagery" Burns Edwin, "Bungabulla" Sharpe Henry L., `"Thuthitingra" Bull Ernest "Plymouth' Hawes Tom, "F.ttlowra" Pratt Arthur, "Weedallion" Thompson Donald, "Horangorell" Phelps Lindsay, "Afoonbucca" Thompson Mrs. Ella., "Narrab'ra" Williams Atvina, "nimbi" Smithurst Ernest, "locoed" Burton C. M., est. wt., "liebah" Neal Eugene F., "Telba" Pegg A. F., painter Anderson 0., grocer Globe Street Frenchman's road to Carrington road Holloway Mr3. Edith, "Itokeby" Holloway Arthur S., "Glenalvon" Burge Stephen B., "Neeoola" Hull Mrs. Eliza, "Airlie" Spencer-Watts A., "Araboonos" Mallarn Chas. J., "Guntawang" Moody Robert, "Gunyah" Saunders Otto II., "Waldo" Denham Fred., engineer Palmer Charles, motor garage Glen Avenue Off Allison road Fraser A., "Alessandria" Greenhalgh James E., "Ulila" North lionford Nolan John, "Vallia" Hawkins Wm., "Deep Dene" Elyard Samuel Taylor John Scott James W., "Buceleugh" Goodwood Street (Kensington) Doncaster avenue to Eastern avenue Mayze William, "Glenferrie" Carroll Matthew, "Strathavon" Vaughan Mrs. Annie, "Vasitti" Hardwick Robert, "Goodrest" Wallis George, "liamurana" Ryan Mrs. Nellie, "Avoca" l'orter David. "Bromley" Kensington School of Arts and Literary Institute Lockett T., dentist Gordon Street Randwick to Waverley street. Campbell John W. "Vera Dor" Jones, "Keith Dor" ' Doyle J. M., "Glendalough" Miller William.1., vet. surgeon 22 Berthed John 20 Spriggs Francis A. 18 Coles Thomas 16 Simons Charles 14 Bingham henry 12 Erskine William 10 Brown Mrs. Alice 8 Davis Henry 6 Smith George 4 Herbert Thomas 2 Slattery Miss Linda, grocer Govott Street Eaq side Dcmger street to Parley road White street Mort street BOSS Charles Edward, "Halcyon" l'rice Gilbert, "Essendene" Morgan Fredk. W., "Ellyngowrie" Tramway Works Parley road Wallington Thomas J. Loved Herbert A., "Kelmscott" Cheeseman Thomas, "Montrose" Lidbury Ernest A., "Arundel" l'arry Charles L., architect I'orteous John Leifermann C. J., "Minnette" Evans street Clarke Frederick A., "Creel" While street Dalley Andrew, "Malvern" Jacobs Reuben A., "Cooee" Lamond Mrs. Annie, "Voro Voro" l'ettinger Thomas, "Kyloe" Cosgrove John Selby Stewart S., "Kanimbla" Preen Charles C., "Glenmore" Tudor David, "Alyce" Thornton Frank, "Anemia" fount Elmo, "Glenbarnie" Wyse Sydney, "Amaranth" Laker Percy E., "St. Elmo" Nesbitt Robert B. "Vcritas" Wild William, "Calwich" Thornton Sydney C., "Westella" Fullerton George W., "Wysewell" Bashford Alfred, "Mulga" O'Connell Mrs. Elizabeth, "Wall" Tifou Mrs. Jinnic, "Birksgate" Shervey Mrs. Charlotte McCartney Mrs. Margaret, grocer Lawrence Robert E. K., "Vermont" Cartwright Mrs., "Veritas" Saba F., grocer Barley row! Gowrie Street St. James road to Rtahren street Wood Thomas, "lolanthe" Branson Charles, "Stratlunore" Greenwood Avenue Off Long Bay road Benzley Robinson James, "Coolaba" Gra villo Street.Arden street to Fern street Garton Franklin G., "Coolaba" Dean Joseph S., "Waratall" Nolan Mrs. Mary A.. "Clara" Denning George, "Glen View" Hopkinson Mrs. May, "Roalyn" Morrison Ernest Campbell Archd., J.P., "liarraba" Barry street Knox street Blacken Patrick J., "Itocklid" Fewings street Tillack George Davies Charles, "IVendouree" Burroughes Jas. Mackin George E. McNicol Mrs. M., "Ocean View" McKenzie S ydney, "Minder Williams Charles, "Fernmount" button Charles, "Cougdon" Bickford Ernest J., "Locksleigh" Collins Miss, "GlenArtney" Simeon street Glendenning Robert, "Glenroy" Kemp Edgar, "Roslyn" Abbey Peter, "Ardlin" Barbour Ernest, "Alwyn" Ilawtry Francis, "Hillerest" Stewart James, "Seaview" Knox street Beare Mrs. Mary &wings street. Clampart George Jacobs Mrs. Kate, "Valetta" Grey Street St. Luke street to Judge street Mansell Thomas It., "Huntroyd" Grosvenor Street Kensington) Lorne avenue to Kensington road O'Malley "Orem" Innes.las., milk vndr, "Carthona" Munroe Geo., "Armagh" Ferguson Sidney, "Brush" Clifton Mrs. Mary A., "Canberra" Pert Robert, "Glencoe" Cotter John L., "Rosebank" Anderson Philip, "IVelivere" Michie Alexander J., "rosca" Reynolds J., "Roslyn" Clifford John P., J.P., "Alba" Stubley Walter, "Ascot" Higgins Thomas, "Lawson" Dunk Samuel, J.P., "Olgaville" Stoker John E., "Ferndale" Ryan James M., "Cavell" Anderson Frederick, "Pasadena" Bowen Thomas K., J.P., "Sanawa" Hamilton Street From Allison road to Division street Negus F., "Alwyn" Brooker Frederick Hingston A. C., J.P., "Kent Villa" Hannan Street (South Randwick) Snaps street to Maroubra Bay road Palmer n George Muir Claude E. L., "Ileatherglen" Storey street Croppler Walter J., "Ivy" Holroyd Mrs. E. Anthony David, "Glen Avon" Slater Horace I3estel Edgar L., "Malvern" Gale road Storey street Higgins Edwin, "Newlands" Foster Alfred, "Irene" Gale road Boyce road Smith James, "Vi-Nor" Mullins John Cunningham Josiah Marou bra Bay road Harbourne Street (South Kensington) Off Rainbow street Donovan, "Nil Desperandum" Rolfe William Quinn John, "Harley" Thrubb Alexander Farland Mrs. A. Bates George C., "Stanleigh" Meeks street Pitkin N. V., carrier, "Voltaire" Pederson C. V., "Mayo" Shepherd W. II., "Glenallen" Robertson G., "Doreen" Middle street Conway James, "Mavoureen" Twible William, "Florence" Barker street Giles henry Ramsey James Goldsmith 0. E., "Brighton" Middle street. Stratton F. J., motor engineer Wilson E. J. H., "Wentworth" Sykes Samuel, carrier, "Wilmington" Meeks street. Denlay S., "3111gara" Stockdale J. Shepherd John Jefford John A., "Bridport" Mullampy J. P., "Calderbank" Harper Street Avoca street to Delmore road Hay Street Off Botany street Munro Hugh, "I3rixton" Freeland Harry, horse-trainer Pitchforth Wilfred, "Bristol" Hayward Street (South Kensin g- toni Broad road to Ilincks street. Robinson E. W., "Blythe Name" Cooper Oliver T., "Alathea" Anderson street. Howard Herbert, "Meelcatharra" McIntyre Andrew, "Rathlea" Stewart H., "Linettn" Reeves W., "The Anchorage" Aldred E. IL, "Miowera" Minks street. Hawkins "Killinchy" Hall A. J., "Ilarlesden" Anderson street. Oldham William, "Kismet" Bromwich Joseph, "Brenda" Robertson Robert, "Irene" Mucks street. Heath Street Dolphin street to Delmore road Shying Horace E., "Highbury" Spence Robert, "Haroldene" Stark Edwin J., "Tarana" Byrne Mrs. L., "Sonoma" Ilurat Edward C., "Ventura" Green Mrs. Ruby, "Cooranga" Pascall Mrs. Mary Hector Road (Maroubra) Marine parade to Esplanade. Tuck Mrs. Alice Helena Street Off Avoca street Reilly William, "Irene" Smith Robert, "Helen" Cunliffe Edgar W., "Booval" Budgen George Henry Street Memmott street to Oberon street. Boden Joseph Adamson James W. Chivers Ernest A. R., "IVimmera" Illewitt Patrick, "Wyong" Crum James IV., "Belmont" Pettitt Ira W. Hibberd Joseph, "Cornwall" Stammers James Gibson Sydney N. Brown William H., "Albert" Ethel street. Bailey William A., "Tuna" Others Mrs, Harriett Armstrong Pat. J., "Woolwich" Herbert Street (Lon g Bay) Off Raglan street. Weeks William, "Mount Royal" Fraser Sutherland rt., "Burra. Tor" Fryer John Fredk., "Nirvana" Hereward Street (Maroubra) Wride street to McKeon street. King Thomas Ford George Beardsmore Arthur Jacobs Frederick Wood John High Street Avoca street to Bunnerong road Botany street Hurley Thomas J., "Ross" Murray Mrs. C., "Ita" Tuckerman John, trainer, "Bruntwood" Wake Geo. E., "The Glen" Foulshrun Isaac, "Kingsburgh" Fattorini Mrs. M. L. Botany street Randwick Pound Doherty Michael, poundkeeper Randwick Park Kensington Recreation Ground Hill Street (Coogoe) Bream street to Allison road Watt Peter J., "Coradil" Jones Alfred, "Career Murdock Thomas IL, "Glen.side" Mullins William, "Dursley" McKenzie John R., "Cotswold" Arcadia street. Allison road. Fitch Cyril W., "The Garage" Parkinson W., "Hillcrest" Cropley Sidney J. /timers Walter, "Derby Castle" Parsons Clifford J., "Bromholme" Patterson Norman, "Ilillersdon" Arcadia street Theiring Aliss M., "Park Place" 'Allison road Hinoks Street Bunnerong road to Broad road. Miles William, van proprietor Hayward street. Davison Charles A. Donald Robert, "Vera Glen" Backwall Alfred IV. Langton William, "Innistail" Botany street Irvine street. Ilines W., "Alfada" Lawlor E., "Osal Mount" Itentfrey William IL Botany street. Hokin Mrs. M., "Dorisville" l'atterson Miss Flo., "Jean Villa.' Toohey Peter, "Annieville" Oldham Geo., "Maranatha" Irvine street, Harrison Edward E., "Elba" Fenton James, "Iona" Braithwaite William Walter "Toorak" Gibbons Edward Ferguson Carl T., "Loch O'Keefe Mrs. AL Broad road. Hodgson Street Avoca street to Randwiek street Vaughan Hercules G. Smith Sydney E., "Heatheote" Toohey Patrick, "Dunolly" WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD, LIVERY DEPT., HARRIS $T. 'PHONE M 1848 OUR VEHICLES ARE THE MOST ELEGANT AND BEST HORSED IN AUSTRALIA

28 ANTHONY HORDERNS %--THE SHOP FOR THE MASSES. 818 Hog RAND WICK, Ing_ -Hodgson street con t hated. Smith Alfred M.,. J.I'., "Spots. wood" O'Brien J. F., "Helena" Devir William K. "Rh oda " Manna Harold, "Camillus" Woods W. A., "Mimosa" Beare William Ii., "Rothesay" Skinner Robert, "Ilorpsby" Span11 George T., "Grenough" Hogue Street (South Randwick. Off Broad road. Lane George Hoopor Street Albion street to Park anemia AA'alker William, "Houghton" Gummuson William, "Mascotte" Bignell Mrs. Kate, "Segenhoe" Boston Richard, "Rockley" Brown Richard, "Gil!mine" Saunders Mrs. G. "13algownie" Grome Robert, "Alb ion" Kelly Frank, "theniffer" Carrington road Bancroft Frank F., "Wahgunyah" Dunstan Ralph, "Kiewa" Blackwood It. J., "Siegesmund" Steele Richard J. W., "Yootha" Kirkland Samuel, "Lorne" Menke Charles, "Vevey" Donald Harold V., "Ornrah" Smith, "Ophir" Gaffney John, "Ilfizpah" Dunlop Herbert, "Coo'ee" Wells Charles, "Nita" IinpeyIVil "roxton" On ons Garnett, "Lyn" Cull Mrs. E. Owens Charlotte, "Otranto" Holt Thomas Carrington road Howell Mrs. Edith Haley Joiteph It. II. henry Arthur, "Beaumont" Holt Henry Morton Chas. E., "Strathmore" Murphy John, "Geraldton" Wagg William W. Burton John, "Pax" Mitchell James Petzold Walter, "Dominus" Sevrin Otto Edward, "Southwold" Thorpe Ernest A., "May Yen" Warren R..1., "Alicia Cottage" Dwyer William, "Gurthein" Fitzgerald Michael J. King John MeNab James, "Leith" Park Avenue. Houston ROad (South Kensing ton) Day avenue to Gardener's road Bidden Edward, "lianiptee" Kane Patrick Edwards Henry E., "Maitland" Flanagan John Stanton James R., "Ivyvilla" Brooker John A. B., "Brooklyn" Ahern Lawrence Shakespeare Lowrance, "Fiona" Mulvany Patrick, "Virginia" Barker street Spence Ilarold, "'Merest" Johnson Alfred J. Phillpot Ernest, "Roscommon" Dowd William, "Elphin Bauer Philip, "Margarita Lyons Prank, "Alleeleigh" Williscroft Mrs. Marg., laundry &radian street. Hirsch Julius, "St. Clair" Refit John Extrem Thomas Thompson Thos. J., "Kingsley" Steel Andrew, "Mona Vale" Blinn Clarence A., "St. Elmo" Purdy Robert, "Treboar" Borradale road mton Richard, "Adeline" M oley Patrick, "Adeline" Hillier Percy Creebey John, "Dahpne" Neal Mrs. A. J., "Camira" White Francis, "Gundary" Toyne Richard, "Bellozanne" Bates William, "Elsieville" Durrell Ernest J., "Wattleville" Spence W. J., J.P., "Haroldene" Wright Herbert, "Avoca" Gee Charles "Waitati" Rankin David, "Wyuna" Gardener's road Day avenue Fletcher John T., "Gretna" England Ilenry, "Ostara" Johnston Mrs. Mary, "Native Rose" Johnston James Wright James Heard James, "Hohnegarth" Kirby John G., "Canberra" Keys Matthew Brown John, "Winifred" Poole Thomas, "Glenroy" Nolan Mrs. P., "Swan, Isle" Wilkins Mrs. A., "Swan Isle" Matzenik Cecil V. "Rita" Grotts Joseph, "Bald Nob" Ilargroves John, "Asthore" Merriman Alfred, "Killarney" Johnson Alfred Searle James E., "Hampstead" Barker street Dowell Andrew, "Aith" Lethbridge James T., "Ulah" Flynn John, "Iona" Solomon Joseph, "Jeanleigh" Harcombe George E., "Milton" Winning Charles J., "Kin Ora" Puttock Mrs. Annie, "Suevic" Curtis Henry, "Lilyville" Strachan street Kay John, "Hazalan" Purnell Walter S., "Cromwell" Warlield Norman, "The Glen" Bobbins George, milk vendor See street Stringer John Mottram Ernest, "Lesleigh" Hutchison Alexander, "Fione" Thompson Andrew, "Bonnie Doon" Francke Samuel, "Glenroy" Borradale road Stewart C. J., "Minora". Wagner W. J., "Beryl" Plenderleith Wm., "Howarthville" Moses Charles, "Myerville" Longford Samuel, "May Villa" Rolley George, "Thelma Cottage" Griffin Mrs. Elizabeth, "Wild West" Small Arthur, "St. Erme" Hayes John, "Terry Hie" Co yish Ilenry Richards Charles, "Timaru" Gardener's road Howard Place Off Howard street Webster AV. IV., builder, "Restalrig" Lewis N., "Highbury" Hern Mrs. M., "Hastings" Howard Street Dudley street to Avoca street Webstdr IV., builder, "Restalrig" Wheelilian J., "Inc/unarley" Reservoir Hanman John II., "Sutten" Nicholls T. Furse Albert J., "Lynwood" Edwards Mrs, M. Watgon William, "Newry" Caddy Thomas, "Rostrevor" Andrews Harry, "Rostrevor" Steel Edward, general store Pero use road Ethel street Jones David 0., "Raymond" Van Oscar, "Ilinemoa" l'arker Mrs. A. B., "Greenlawn" Menser Mrs. AV., "Rothsay" McPherson James, "Maison Dieu" Kara street Avoca street Kant street Folby Alfred J., horsetrainer Kerr John, horsetrainer Nieddick Thomas Smith John AV. A., "Negoa" McLachlan David C., "Rabaul" Fitzell Cornelius Hall Leslie, "Iliontond" Braniley Thomas W., "Kincora" Perouse road Moloney Edward, "Oharwa" Hollyer Charles, "Melton" Perrinin A. W., "Ambleside" Tibbey Thomas IL, "St. Elmo" Modern Harold, "Minnaville" Boxall Edward G., "Mintom" Moore Walter, "Nyngdale" Ethel street Hassell J. J., "Allesthee" Renford Henry, "Busby" Forsyth Thomas James Frank K., "Fermleigh" Power Joseph, "Fairfield Cottage" Hayes Charles, "Ilazeldell" Power Mrs. A., "Manildra" Turnbull Mrs. E. A., "Glen Elsinore" Inglis Miss, "Loloma" Howe Street (Long Bay) Bay parade to Prince Edward street Yeend Mrs. Sarah, "Iota" l'ietorta street Huddart Street Darky road to (,,vett street Frost Victor A., refreshment room Lawrence Hobert E.."Veritas" Alldritt William F., "Vermont" Ingram Street (Kensington) Off Dowling street Won Edward, "Conway" Alt/loll Douglas AV., "CrOckerdera" White John E. Stone Charles, "Stonelea" Jones Mrs. Elizabeth, "Mascott" Keniry Thos. J., "Youghal" Nethery Andrew J., "Tyrone" Figures Frederick Virginia street Miller Herbert, "Westella" Hartigan John Milieu Mrs. E. A., "Avondale" Everett James, "Mona" Dinan Thomas, "Glenlee" Virginia street WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9229 CITY ANTHONY HORDERW THE SHOP FOR THE CLASSES. mm RA ND WICK. Ken 819' Inman Street (Maroubra) Torrington road to esplanade. Priddlc A. E. Ireton Street (Long Bay) Off Prince Edward street Methodist Church Victoria street Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (B.C.) Convent school Doc: c street Irvine Street (South Randwick) Broad road to Snape street Snapc street Judge Mrs. E. E., "Edna Cottage" Leftwick Joseph, "Sandown" Farrell Herbert II. Whattnough George Diamond Willful J. Vale Russell Miner street Barry James, "Haltom)" Howie Stephen IV., "Braemar" Broadbent street. Griffin Robert, "Ethel" Sherlock Charles, "lithium" Mills Wm. II., "Ilighworth" Middle street Biddle J. Jersey Road (South Randwick) Off Bunnerong road Sutton Mathew Walsh Charles Kemister Alfred John Street Allison road to King street Quigley AV. J., "May Cottage" Houseman John, "Mabel Cottage" Violet terrace- 1 Grimwood Claude 2 Fleetwood.T. F. 3 Broach Frederick Judge Street Belniore road to Dolphin street Shepherd James, "(31enmervyn" Hanson Albert O., "Maretimo" Heaton Mrs. Sarah, "Ilillcote" Weenie Misses, Claremont College Dawbarn Mrs. 11I., "Inierary" Cotter Robert, "Dfaiville" Taylor James, "Guildford" Fuss Edmund, "Villa Agrippa" Johnson Thomas, "Clondara" Brooks John, "Tasma" Barry Richard B., "Austinlea" McKee Mrs. M. J., "Qua:111)one" Bfunns Percival W., "Ardara" Dolphin street Windon Alfred, "Tara" Kara Street Howard to Barker street Thomas Andrew.f., "Doncaster" Dunlop J., "Thetford" McPherson Edward, "Turl" Deane C., "Canberra" Parley Frederick, "Miriam" Trenoweth James II., "Emeralda" Kennedy St, (South Randwick), Off Rainbow street Lyons Mrs, Meeks street Gardiner James Ittaidock William R. C. Brooks William, 'Melina" Kensington Road (Kensington). Addison street to Salisbury road Kensington Monastery Rev. Father Smith, M.S.H., principal, Convent School 0.L.S.II.-L-Rev. Mother M. Chanel, superioreas Addison street Bradshaw George, "Auburn" Glanfleld Richard II., "Mayrath" Yale Joseph 11., "Wyattville" Priest William, "Simkoh" Harding George, "Edna" Tanner F. J., solr., "Silva Plana"' Morrison P., "My-Metier" Mountney john, "Brentwood" Wright George, "Lanka" Ryan Mrs. M. A., "Irrelagh" McArdle Augustine, "Medlorn" Duke street Todman avenue Anderson James A., "Comus" Read Charles P., "Utica" Flemming William, "Marlow" Moore John, "Veronique" Armstrong L. J. "Melba" O'Donnell M., ".lamicson" Hughes Walter, "Longford Villa" Woodward Albert, "Wirringulla" Solomon E., "Westville" Mitchell Freak. IT., "Brundah" McArdle Miss Anne, "Dimness" Donald Andrew, "Edenglassie" Bland Mrs. C. E., "13oronta" Hineks street Brewer James, "Waratah" Broad road Fenton John, "Emville" Flynn William, "Lochano" Ilolliday AV., "Argyle" O'Reilly Mortimer, "Gantlet" Chapman H. Cl., 'llerbertville" Smith Arthur, "Eulmuoga" Sucker Edward, "Greeba"' Shute Frederfck, "Franklin" Lynch John, "Rokeby" Crowley Danis, "Loma" Norris Herbert S. "Royston" Rogers Robert Alcoelc J.,- "halcyon" Walker Oliver, "Kongella" Wilkins Walter It., "Ilavilah" llincks street 011iffe Gustavus, "Hillerest" Butcher William, bird dealer Jennings John T., "Koorinda" Day Henry J. Robshaw Mrs. C., "Wyreema" Mitchell Thomas 0., "Ralik" Boyle Thomas, "Kenilw..41t" Moore Arthur, "Kendall" Peters Thomas, "Te Ata" Stanley Arthur Riley.John, "Glencoe" Payne E. and J., grocers Holden Rev. J. AV., 'Melrose" Beulah street Keith Street Thompson Mrs. Annie, "Kildare" Belton Albert, poultry farmer Hendrickson J., "Rubernelha" Off Boundary street to Burnie street Davis George A., "Benita" Fitzgerald Mrs. H. Wolk Emil, "Thelma" "Veronique" Northover F. J., "Huntley" Speering Thomas, "Milton" Edgehill ('harks Carter John AV., "Stanley" Fallon Mrs , "Marybor'gh" Snapc street Brignell H. J., "Dominique" Porena Louis, "Gladwyn' Ivy Street Hacking James, "Guyall" Beddom Charles B., "Glen Ayr" Perouse road to Lee street Cook Reginald J., "Oiler Patterson Arthur, "Kia Ora" Conlon henry, "Rosalba" Harden Edward Anderson Henry S., "Glenisla" Masters Fred., "Rosalba" Fought John O'Donnell William, "Werai" Managan James G., "Rehm" Wise Alfred, "St. Kilda" Ethel street Broome Mrs. Jennie, "Ardlethan" Adelson Joshua, "Doretta" Graham Mrs. M., "New Park" Spencer Albert E., "Palo-alto" James Adolphus C., "Jarralt" Donohoe Patrick, "Woodlands" Spencer Fredlc. S., "Latchmere" Boyle William E., "Iberia" Dillon Mrs. M. G., "Woodlawn" Beswick John, grocer Burnie street Lithgow W., "Dewsbury" McNamara Patrick Komiss Street Mackenzie G. D. II., "Don" Williams Henry, "Vera" Frenchman's road to Glebe street Carleton James, "Longford" Henry Patrick, "Emily" St. Mark's terrace Wall Joseph, "Bay View" Conlon John, "Wanda" Miller William Duffy Burton, "Moole Bah" Kennedy Selwyn, "Eva" Campbell Mrs. K. Grant Charles, %mbar" Mooney Frank, "Winnie" O'Neill John McGowan Thomas H. "Chrisville" Fisher G. IL, "Kelso Cottage" Moon George Zeldin James, "Emelt Rim" Lewis Mrs. Thomas Duke street Todman avenue Jane Street Just Ilenry Wilson John, "Glendoone" Off Barker street Caddy Herbert, "Woodbroolc" Barnett Wilfred, "Wilolive" Rest Mrs. E. Bardon Thomas, "Ileathtleld" McKeogh H., J.P., "Cambria" Williams Miss Mary Manton Alfred F. "Rouzelle" Benton Benjamin.T., "Melrose" Middle street Keenan John Raplmel, "Carlisle" Franklin George A. "Verona" Williams John G. Gale George, "Ealing" Donald William, "Uniga" Stamford lienry, "Clapham" Hannabus John, "L'irp" Aikinan Alexander, "Cara" Wheeler W. G., "Kai-Ora" Glebe street ECONOMY AND EFFICIENCY ARE OUR WATCHWORDS, HONESTY OF SERVICE OUR DESIRE

29 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR SHOPPING BY POST. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE QUINTESSENCE OF QUALITY. 820 Kid RAN DW1CK. Loc Lou RAN DWICK. Mar 821.Ke.isington roust (Kensington) continued Our Lady of the Rosary (ILO.) Church-liev. Michael Kirkby, P. P. R.C. School Sisters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Kidman Street Alount.Street to Brook street, Coogce Magee James, "Brenda" Cohen Alfred, "AltIs" Evans David, "Silvanus" Crichton John, "EarIton" Dennison Herbert, "Ervana" Hemmings William Brook street Dalgarno Mrs. L. G., artist Freeman Frank Wilson Noel A. Plummer, "Dartford" Boughton John, "Urunga" Walsh Frank, "Marymount" King Street.AlUs= road to Wentworth street Tramway works Tatham Reuben J., "Cararra" Merchant Alfred, "K iora" Ludlam Alfred Adyar Brady William, "Glendalough" John street Trans line Doyle Thos. G., vet. hospital Palmer & Sons, auctioneers Winchester terrace- 1 Palmer Reginald II. 2 Woodgate George J. 3 Dyke Reginald H. 4 Everingham Frederick Sibley Samuel E., "Hawthorne" Hodge John, "Glenroy" Burley James, "Glen Ellen" Beal Charles 11'., "Beltana" William street Chisholm II. and Co., saleyards Church strect Dangar street Cook Mrs. W. "Nantes" Macpherson Duncan, ' "Thurso" Dwyer James, "St. Elmo" Clarke Frank G., "Frame McGee William, "Deloraine" Murphy Ernest J., "Middlesforth" Kremer John 1V., "Inverness" Sheehy Mrs. Elizabeth Hundt William, "Bullarto" 'Chalmers Thomas, "Myola" Candrick Michael, "Parma" Coventry George Grogan Henry, "Caerleon" Firkin Alfred A., "Eurabba" Hall Gratitley, "Roslyn" Luttrell James, "Avondale" Strickland E., grocer McGee William, "Thelma" Kerr Eugene Charles Jordan Albert W., "Grenfell" Brogan Denis, "Macquarie". Fleming Leslie G. "Lanji" O'Brien John, "dint:rest" Pitt Isaac, "Logan Brae" Pitt Stephen, "Thelma" Williams William H., "Loretto" Baker Frederick, "Maltine Villa" Barclay William, "Berthier" Henry James, "Wynella" Hutchinson Wm. 1 0., "Condong" Yuill John, "Ardlin" Guthridge William, "Artois" Millar Norman Sharpe Alfred E., "Yurnga" Knox Street Susan to Varna street Gosden Harry Brown George, "Bona Villa" Greville street Halley John Sachs Mrs. C. J., "Milsonia" Green Sydney T., "Canema" Bromley Wesley, "Worthing" Bower George, "Ilawthorne" Chisholm Archibald, "Kia-ora" Bennett Alfred Linney William, "Ventosis" Greville street Withers Data, J.P., "Lemmas" Eyre H. 1V., "Thurtnin" Glen Robert, "Lucknow" Koorinda Avenue (Kensington) Off Doncaster avenue. Kurrawa Avenue (Coogee) Off Carr street east Star pictures Harrison Mrs. Palmer Frederick, "Bay Lodge" Booth Isaac, "1Varatah" Dagworthy James Hinds Miss Emma, "Bundoran" Staines Mrs. A., "Eventide" Lee Street Off St. Paul's street Spring E. M. D., "Hillside" Gordon G. S., "Bangalore" Goldstein Isaac, "Poona" Fitzgerald Edward Lonthall Street (Kensington) Off Todman avenue. Rigby Mrs. Emma, "Treasure Trove" Garlick Mrs. Helena, "Wernville" Pollard NV. T. Debnam P. A., grocer Milroy avenue. Killian James, "Columba" Dossetor I). V., physician and surgeon, "Uplands" Ives Herbert, Vallstord" McDougall street... Fraser William, "Delny" Williamson Wm. AV., "Kircaldy" Lenthall Miss E. M., "Arundel" Ontond William, "Beatrice" Young William, "Willmay" Moore Miss Amelia. "Woronora" Perrie Campbell, "Khandala" Cruickshank Robert W., J.P. Riley Mrs. E., "La Mascotte" Frecicelton Albert, "Melrose" Card Ernest Jas., "Alecia" Rogers W., "Moniaive" Renwick Thomas, "Taranaki" Hamilton Allan, "Oakland", Blackwell Horace, "Passaic" Moore Mostyn, "Niagara" Stephens William T., "Stelwil" 1Vains Frederick, "Bartonlelgh" Dwyer F. II., "Lalla Ville" McGrath P. J., carrier Todman avenue Milroy avenue, At edougall street. Gourley A. F., "Monte Cristo" Brodie Benj. C., "Europatnbla" Russell Mrs. C., "Europarnbla" Virginia street. Scott L. It. Henry Arthur, "Leo Villa" Davis Mrs. A., "Deaden" Dalton T. G., "Jenola" Paul Adolph, "Alto" Orr Robert G., "Opawa" McGuire Owen, "Rosscommon" Clement Herbert, "Hastings" King II. A., "Ilollydene" Gleeson Thomas J., "Karroo" Carter Ernest G., "Hamilton" Liguria Street (Coogee) Off Long Bay road Lucas Norman C., "Pelages" Fleming Alfred 1V., "Kiania" Snape James C., "Seaview" Lingard Street Off Allison road Veness Mrs. Anne Baths Harry A. La Perouse Post and Telegraph Master W. A. Iluxtable Detachment R.A. Artillery Regt. Bare Island Reserve; Henry's head Fort Sherbon William J. Veteran's Home of N.S.W., Bare Island The Eastern Extension Australasia and China Telegraph Co., Ltd. Cotton B. J. Rogers Frank, refreshments Clark Peter Aboriginal Camp Baker Miss II. A., mission house Goldsmith James, refresh. rooms Goldsmith Mrs, G. A., boataheds Goldsmith Messrs. J. and G., boatsheds Goldsmith Mrs. Elizabeth Hemmings Mrs. Edward, refreshment rooms Goldsmith Alfred Farraher Mrs. A. C., dining rooms Wells Charles Wells Mrs. A., boatsheds Fisher C. A. M., motor boat proprietor Carroll John, boatsheds Carroll Mrs. M. T., refreshments 'hammy waiting room Brander Mrs. Annie, refreshments Tinman Robert Marsden Edward Stone Charles Purer Frederick, painter Lion Street Off Oberon street Pearson Joseph Hatfield W. J. Preston William, "Hilltop" Little Bay Coast Hospital Donald Wallace, medical superintendent' Simms John A. Brander Mrs 1 If, ref. rooms Lochmaree Street (South Randwick) Storey street to Gale road. WOOD; COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M1169 Long Bay Road Meant street to Long Bay Chapman Mrs. Emma, "Rothsay" Lilley Richard, "Iverstone" Marian Street Covell George, "Hastings" Stewart James D. Ross & Bowman, monu. works Arden street Athol street Hurley Thomas Evelyn street. Rapper street Jackson Wm. P., "Ocean View" Bradley Wm. II., "Templemorc" Hanley Mrs. S. A., tea rooms Pearce street Cuzco street. Cotnam John Liguria street Torrington road. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th avenue. Nelson street. Moron bra Bay Long Bay Rainbow street Mount street. Leggo Walter and Co., grocers Randwick General Cemetery Collis James Garnett & Whiteoak, stone quarry Long Bay Penitentary and State Reformatory--D. Darcy, superintendent in charge. Hennessy Joseph Tierney. Edward Lunney Henry Duigan Thomas Kneeshaw William Clarke Robert Peters Thomas McGillon James Russell Leslie II. O'Sulli van l'atrick Powell Alexander Home Edward Fallon Thomas Remsht.rd lienry Peters Thomas Electrical Power House sub-stn. Lorne Avenue (Kensington) Eastern avenue to Roma avenue. Jones Bert, shoeing forge Lynch Michael, "Lynanville" Grosvenor street. Dunlea Mrs. W., "Shallee" Howard Thomas R. McGovan "Springridge" Doran A. P., "Quanton Binna" Bradly Frederick J., "Ilazeldene" Lowe Street (Little Coogee) Off Battery street O'Brien Thomas, "Bournemouth" Gamble Jatnes, "Seaside" Doherty John Lurline Street (Maroubra) 0# Torrington road. Strachtm E. II., J.P., "Bonnyvine" McDougall Street (Kensington) Lcnthal: street to Baker street Watt Fredk. J., "Watmar" Courtney William, "Passage" Cornwall John, "Wyadra" Watson Albert J., "Daringa" Rowan George W., "Brae Moray" Barry William M. "Blue Spec" Hull Mrs. Elizabeth, "heyday" Rudd Charles, "Mansel" Matthews Mrs. M. A., "Kelvin" Hopkins Ralph T., "Yeovil" Weingarth Henry, "Brundah" Cooke Edwin, "Edeleiss" Garnet Silas P., "Caringa" MacKay Mrs. M. T., "Remo" McGowan Robert, "Gowan Brae" Herman L. A., "Len Enid" Lazarus H., "Len Enid" Lee Edward, "Collarene" Johnson William, "Llanfoyst" Sobels Richard J., "Cronulla" Hill George, "liendalville" Gray James, "Beneree" Kennedy Nurse, "Renlight" Newman Glen Gates Reginald P., "Macraymul" McDonald Samuel, "Barney" Nesbit George W., "Sunnyside" Myers John, "Innes Vale" C'atton John, "Reginell" Connochie Harry, "Lochna-gar" Mackeness Frank, "Hazeldell" McGowan's Avenue (Long Bay) Off Raglan street McCoy John McKeon Street (Maroubra Bay) Nelson street to Marine parade. Ilereward street. McKeon Fred., "Rose Cottage - Nicola Albert, storekeeper McKinley Mrs. E., refreshments Fenton John Marine parade. Magill Street Off Botany street Joyce Patrick J., horse clipper Moore Andrew Major Street (Coogee) Off Moore street Campey Ilenry E., "Macedon" liallam Frederick Selionhardt Joseph, "Thennook" Adams John II., "Craig-y-don" Marine Parade (Maroubra) Wride street. Ilayes and Mulltall, refresh. rooms Mn,rian Street (Coogee) Off Rainbow street Wenck Frederick Walker Alexander, "Glencoe" Marion Street Gilderthorpe avenue to Frenchman's road. Knight Horace O., "Wattle" 13ashford G., "Cheshunt" Shah S. M., herbalist Smith Norman L., "Mabelle" Lipscombc Frederick, "Ethel" Bruce William, "Heather 131 tie" Orange Joseph, "Mabelle" Squire Mrs. M. D. Kelly George A., "Ethel" Market Street Prom junction of Avoca and Stanley streets to Parley road Sylvester Charles IL, "Camilla" Jewell Charles II., "Toowong" Clift William, "Leslie Cottage" Robbins Albert E., "Finchley" Gilderthorp T. R., J.P., painter Unsworth William, "Belmont" Smith Miss IL, "Rhondda" McPay Joseph, "St. Clare" Crook William, "St. Dennis" Jones John, "Darenth" Montagu Arnold, "Illowickville"' Foley Adrian, "Dartford" Langley James, "Inez" Young Miss Mary, "Kirkdale" Boxall Charles, "Urallie" McMahon John, "Strathleven" Pine street Tring Mrs. Myrtle, "Denham" Boulton Mrs. Jane, "Oliveville" Canderton George Dargin Mrs. Bertha, "Bungalow" Ball George M., "Wharepai" Gunnell George, "Broomba" Price, Mrs. II. M., "Franlcwell" Ilas,1in,anisisacila, t Sydney, optician, Turton Leonard, "Coo-ce" Coleman Arthur E., "Crassmore" Gurnett V. R. Learmonth Oliver Rochelle Grimshell Richard, "Apia" Dugan Thomas, "Limerick" Hunt Mrs. Margaret, "Huntlea" Brennan W iarse.stivs.i, d'e'grationdelle" Ilaig Thomas, "Fremantle" Searle Frederick, "Morton" Prevail Joseph It., "Lincoln" Cooper Mrs., "Lynton" Wood James II., "Hobart" Fleet James, "I3urnaba" Ryall William B., "Subiaco" Chaney Frederick, "Minma" Wilkins Geo. T., "Runnymede" Faulkner Thomas B., "Glenroy" Monley Walter Bell Arthur II. Herman N., "Mavis" Cooper Vivian, "Edgeroi" Worthington William A., "Yarraford" Breakwell Miss C. Bartlett Jack, "Furracabad" Maroubra Bay. Road Marouba Bay to Bunnerong road Francis, "The Dawn" Walsh Henry, "Grand View" Bell street. Flower street. Off Tomkins l'atrick lanes Daniel Cooper street. Kidd Thos., "Maroubra Cottage" Whitelaw Robt., "Cameronville" Moore Diehard J., "East Anglia" Ashman Frederick, "Verona" St. Aidan's Church (ILO.) Garden street. Yates Albert, "Beaufort" Ashman Cecil II., "Roschill" Dudley H..1., J.P. Post Office Percival George, refreshments Dudley II., estate agent Broad road. Carruthers Peter, "Nimrod" Carruthers Richard, "Lame" Franklin Frederick, "1Varawee" Metcalf Mrs. Finn Mrs. Mary Hannan street. Salvatori Benedetto, "Anconia" Healey Brian It., "Elouem" McCue Robert Midson Charles Donald Herbert T., "Balgowlah" OUR PROCESS OF EMBALMING PRESERVES THE DEAD FOR ANY TIME AT NOMINAL COST

30 ). ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR EATABLES AND WEARABLES. 822 Mau RAND WICK. Mil Maroubra Bay rood continuad- Salvatori Benedtto T., "Marie. vile" McAlpine Stanley, "Kundibar" Royal aireet Bunnerong road. Bunnerong road Robey street. Fay John "Gordonville" Broad road. Baldwin Alfred, "Emohruo" Long Bay road. Maud Street Barker to tllagill street Mears Avenue Avoca street to Ada street 2 Greiner Mrs. Elizabeth 4 Lynch Miss Madeline, milliner 6 Condon Miss Julia 8 Price Miss G. 12 Scurrah Mrs. David T. 14 Spencer Mrs. H. 16 Drescher Mrs. C. A. 18 Royan Mrs. E. 20 Leeks Basil, "Tiverton" 22 Williams Albert 24 Brittain Edgar C. W. Ada street Christie Mrs. Beatrice, "Ballarat" Duckham W. H., "Pacific View Flats" Meeks Street (Lower Randwiok) Botany to Bunnerong road. Maloney Cornelius Slefrig-Lewis, "Itoseanna" Gumbley William, "Irisville" Barnett William Clegg William, "Hillside" Kennedy street. Henderson Walter M., "Waitna" Taylor Walter Coote John W. Ducker George, "Lilianton" Ducker Alfred Woods Frederick Jones Albert E., "Wolverhampton" Willis street. Grundy James Forsyth street Regan Henry Gildea Patrick J. Bingle Charles, "Leeds" Andrews Harold Harbourne street. Freeberg August, "Iduna" Watson Samuel, "Ashley" Bonnerong road. Colquhoun liedley Tumeth William, sen. Cahill John Kennedy street. White Edwin A. McCulloch J. J. Eccleston Alfred E. McKay John G. Willis street. Forsyth' street. Stevens A. IL, "Ituckley" Harbourne road. Cahill Joseph Calf Frederick A. Bunnerong road. Melody Street (Coogee) Carr to Bream street Wilson Victor E., "Rahoua" Golomb Julius, "Tuley" WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. Bennett John B., "Kevenna" Chapman Arthur Tram line Stark street Powell Francis G. Chapman A. T. liermanson Louis, "Altona" Grace Arthur F., "Mottisfont" Dudley street Ryan Thomas J., "Unda Marie" Loughnan H. r., "Woollerbilla" Harrison Walter Peters William, "Riccarton" McLean Rupert N., "Mount Scott" East aide Belmore road Foster John E. Woodhouse John Brighton sguare Rosenthal Phillip, "Springfield" Ratcliffe Mrs. Rebecca, "Romsey"!lardy Robert Lambkin Mrs. Ellen Green Edwin S., "Canberra" Freeland Joseph, "Kingston" Moymott Street Melody street to Howard street. Clark Edward W. A. "Essieville" Jones Mrs. Agnes, '11risleigh" Quinn Bros., builders, "Alma",llermes Ernest, "Echo" Wood Robert, ' "Roma" Wyatt Richard, "Nella" Moore Robert, "Bitterest" Slack-Smith Samuel, "Myall" Russell James Frederick street Henry street. Moore Robert Perry Mrs. T. B., "TawniliLodge" Middle Street Young street to Burancrong road Walsh II., "Moorabinda" Whitmore F. ' "Hillside" Shaw G. M. E., "Itockley" Off Tut/tell William, jun. Botany street Rayner George, "Mooltan" Fisher James Linklater William, "St. Ola" Beech John Jane street Grimes 'Villain, "Mattel" Hobson W., "Rose Cottage" South Walter, carrier Gillis Mrs. M. Dodds Young street: Evans Frank Down George, "Instow" Forsyth street. Reed Frank Davies Edward, "Erin" Emerson Robert, "Lyonsville" Everard Frederick B., "Dalkeith" Smith Thomas II., "Ladder Phillips George, "Tratswen" Cotter Alfred, "Hazelmere" Harbourne road. Barr Alexander, plumber Middle lane. Howe Frederick, "Glitter" Pantlin Alfred E., "Horace* Bunnerong road. Skelton R., horse-trainer Aberline A. W., "Rosamond" Botany street Adams Mrs. Eliza.1., "Truro" McWilliams Mrs. Mary, "Gordon' Jane street MORTUARY CHAPEL St. Jude's Mission Hall Lewis William Leslie John, "Gloucester" Bareham George T., "Taybridge" Young street. Meadman Thomas "Ben Lomond, Butler Mrs. Mary, "Lisleen" Bailey Thomas, "Newton Heath" Forsyth street. Nicholls, Sheaf" Bong M., "Roma" Harbourne road. Jack W., "Rob Roy" Morris Jack, "Beicoo" McDonald George, "Mayfair" lteardon John, "Mayfair" Middle lane. Davies John, "Zilper" Bunnerong road. Milford Street Avoca street to Coogee street Auber-Jones Mrs., "Avoca" Isaacs Mrs. M. A., "Nugal Lodge" Military Reserve (Long Bay) Ivens Charles Marsden Charles II. Milroy Avenue (Kensington) Off Lenthal street. Whyte Henry W., "Crane" Rafferty Edward, "Kuloola" Albert William, "Dacobida" Maas George C., "Zenoni" Smith Alexr., "Alexander Villa" AWN Samuel, "Milroy" Spence James, "Aylonza" Kensington Private Hospital Nurse A. Black Crew Joseph E., "Iolanthe" Hughes Frank, "Dorothea.' Moore Frederick, "Toronto" Boyd Gwynn S., "Nairston" Seamark W., "St. Leonards" Howerson Walter, "Me-Mel" Larkin Arthur, "Rio Grande" hardy Sydney A., "Nelly's Glen" Lewis C. Launt E. J., "Wirra Werra" Maltz Paul, "Mille" Blattman J. C., "Colac" Sproule Robert, "Ililltop" Evans William, "Brandon" Daher street. Corbett Wm. II., "Lindenville" De Hoedel Louis, "Itepera" Winkurra street. Strachan Arthur Satchel William, "Myamyn" Satchel Ralph, "IIeywood" Willmore P., "Bon Rae" Harris, "Tetbury" Carminya street. Rowland Thomas, "Waratah" Brooks William II., "Rhyl" Makin Fred., "Ithyl" Weaver W. J., "Nashville" Satchel Jabez, "Condah" Carminyak street Flowers Hon. F., J.P., M.L.C. Stubbs Robert, "Porthill" Taylor Thomas, "Cordeaux" Baker street. Blake Percy, "Kaloolalt" Ransom Fred. J., "Hollingwood* Baker street Newton Fredk., "Chiltern" Rice Henry J., "West Point" Bernie Vernon, "Ilerbie". 810 GEORGE ST., CITY. 'PHONE 9228 CITY ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR A HOUSEWIFE'S HARVEST. Mon ItAN DASTICK. Nel 823 Kennedy Wm. II., "Roslyn" Blaine Alexander, "Pyrrhus" Matterson T. II., "Myola" Scott C., horse-trainer, "Playtile" Ley William, "Ileathcote" Byron Edward, engineer Chambers W., "Balmoral" Chounding Edwd. L., "Norales" Beavis James II., "Kooyong" Parker II. J., "Hampton Ville" Bailey Thomas A., "Dorando" Hayes Charles, "Harley" Voyt Miss Margaret, "Gunyall" Lovney John.1., "Ballagh" Lenthal street. Ogston Robert, "Strathbinne" Monmouth Street Stephen to Stanley street Hudson Henry, "Thelma" Foott John P., "Derby" Horne Joseph, "Oxford" Sayce Henry, "Iona" Blanchard Sydney, bootinaker Zinckgraf William J. G. Watson Claude, "Arcadia" TROT» John, "Aston Cottage" Fullerton Archibald H., "Helena" Wynne Alfred James, "Carmel'. Morris James It., "Glen Cairn" Winter Alfred Crosby James Ryan Margaret, "Iris" Phillips Leonard Moorannie Avenue (Kensington) Rotna avenue to Day avenue. Cork Henry J., "Talbot" Smith liarry Molloy Michael J., "Arnglad" Swallow John, "Laurel" Turnbull William, "Venice" Bridger Edwin, "Dahneny" Koorinda avenue. Steinbeck E. II., "Buchanan" Briggs Henry J., "Dardanelles" Boyd Albert, "Alberta" Cattenach Arthur R., '.1iilburnie" Eidson Cecil, "Thelwall" Moore Street (Coogee) Watson Mrs. C. R. Solomon Harry, "Adare" Harmey ' John J., "Rockmont" Byers Edward, "Bena Villa" Moore Street (Coogee) Beach street to ocean 1 Gibson Miss J. Poingdestre J. W., "St. Heifers" 5 Brown Courtney, "Ferndale" Herbert Win. II., "Glenfel" Steinmann Mrs. C., "Concordia" Sharpe George, "Atterboro" Newell Miss Marg., "Ngankin" Seddon Tom, "The Camp" Pearson J. W., "Fairview" Smith William E., "Ultimo" Napthane Mrs. E., "Pine Cottage" G'awthorp Mrs. M., "Opawa" O'Rourke Mrs. E., "Clovne" Byers John E., "Bena t'illa" Hickey William J., "Adare" Harmeny John J., "Rockmont" Mort Street Corea street to tramway works Simkins Maurice L., "Yule" Tucker-Evans Herbert, "Valmai" Copp Arthur It., "Meredith" Swift Charles, "Marguerite" Chapman Albert, "Ilazelmere" Atkinson Charles, "Grantham" Ambrosoli Francis, "Waratah" Waters Benjamin, "Wanaka" Hanna William 13., "Akaroa" l'oole William, "Awantii" Pettinger Sydney, "Waimea" Ilindon Mrs. N., "IVoonoona" Mount Street (Coogee) Allison road to Long Bay road Graham James Bowling Thomas King Thonnis, "Menzel" Dolphin street. Anderson James P., "Ineltquin" Lyons B., "Roma" Yates Harold P., "Lilac" Anderson James S. "Arnolddene" Bailey Mrs. Isabelle, "Brayton" Blair Mrs. Emily M., "Marcon" Webb Wm. A. S., "Hopemount" Pataman James, "Mervale" Ripley 0. B., J.P., "Watenore" Delmore road Lewin Rev. J. II. (Meth.) Iteddie Sydney, "Cullunga" Bellamy Ernest F., "Weemala" Griffin Joseph, "Milton" Cooper Douglas M., "Englemere" Kidman street. Moore Mrs. M., "Scarboro" Smith 13. S., "Vistula" Berwick street. Carr street Roman Catholic School (turd) Warden Mrs. Eleanor "Eltham" Myers Mrs. M., "Matilda Ville" Charlton Robert J., "Mona" Morris John J., "Hebron" Hyde Mrs. Mary, "Shirley" Hoskin Albert, "1'inter/1" Granger Hugh, "Elm" Grundy Frederick, "Thelma" Dudley street Briggs Frederick, "Muree" Woods James E., "Woonona" Colwell Mrs. 31., "Bobs" Winnell Frank, "Dixon" Nelson Arthur W., "Capri" Cool: Mrs. II., "Kinnoul" Oberon street CUff ord street Poinnke Bruno, "Reesla" Redfern Benjamin, " " Thompson John, "Arizona" Yates Mrs. T., "San Pala" Weeks John, "Ellerslie" Ogle Thomas R., "Acacia" McGuinness Lawr. A., "Formby" Rainbow street Long Bay Road Miley William T. Bream street Dolphin street Morgan James, "Coo-e" Reece William H., "Hawthorn" Thornton Alexander, "Themis" Nathan Reginald J., "Myrta" Gray Arthur, "Mignon" Ford Frederick, "Minoru" Brett Alfred, "Amalfi" Ward Mrs. C., "Nareena" Westgarth Ronald, 'Trosco" Tate IIerbert, "Cooinoo" Tate Cecil, "Wondalga" Vincent Thomas, "Yarra" Alexander Mrs. Sybil, "Viola" Delmore road Williams Mrs- 111., "Clariarette" Levy Charles, "Kooratnil" Abrahams Leonard, "Estelle" Brennan Da niel, "Witulgap" Campbell J., "Argyll" Carr street. Douglas Mrs. Jane, "Ingleside" Eyre Harry, "Yeronga" Rutherford Arthur, "Hythe" Host Charles, "Allerrnuir" Haertel Mrs. Minnie, "Milford" Dudley street Johnson Henry P., "Ilaroldean" Oberon street littyser Henry, "May Villa" Somerville John P., "Nonda" Kelly Stanley, "Highbury" Edwards William, "Nirvana" Phibbs Robert hi., "Miesbury" Burt Samuel, "Glen Ayr" Axford Alfred S., "Oneida" Quick Mrs. Nelly, "I:sterling" Broughton Thomas A., "Eastview" Rainbow street Long pay road Mundarrah Street (Little Coogeo) Battery street to Burnie street Eizenberg Jacob, "Carlon" Stimpson James, "Binnawee" Cato Charles W., "Merriwee" McCredie Hugh K.,' "Araluen" McLaughlin Roy E., "Beltana" Whitehead Thomas Murray Street (South Randwiok) Off Broad road Whathnin Albert, "Berylda" llobey street Myrtle Street (Kensington) Off Dowling street Shanahan Michael, "Waratah" Napier Street (Long Bay) Victoria street to Austral street Peacock Samuel Prince Edward street McGowan avenue Bendy Roy Greenhalgh John A. Itarigold Charles Knox William Burdon Mrs. Jessie Austral street Victoria street Woodfin Ernest Caruana Joseph, "Ulladulla" Prince Edward street Pitman Miss M. J. Britton Harry Bell Charles Henan& William, "Liege" Pennington H. Austral street Napper Street (Coogeo) Long Bay road to Denning street Holvoalte Albert "Leicester" Smith George, "Kyogle" Musgrave Joseph, "Braidwood" Nelson Street (11aroubra) Off Long Bay road OUR EQUIPMENT ENABLES US TO MEET THE DESIRES OF ALL DENOMINATIONS AND ALL CLASSES

31 ANTHONY HORDERNS' ONLY UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS. 824 Nep RAN DWICK. Osw Neptune Street (Coogee) Arden street to Wotacky street Little James A. "Dewlish" Beach street Brogden John, "Olive May" McDowell W. A., "Waimarie" Jefferies Geo. A., "Sunnyside" Sullivan John, "The Cabin" Nutt Samuel Wylie's Surf Baths II. A. Wylie Cook Joseph, "Hereford" Cohen Victor Smith Mrs. E. J., "St. Elmo" Mills Mrs. L., "St. Eltno" Northumberland Street Off Boundary street Vinare Charles, "Calabash" Orcsiswick Ernest Burbridge Sydney Webb Harry, "Roseville" McKenzie Robert Hodgson John Aubrey Oak Street (Little Coogeo) Off Battery street Ferris -John, "Drybendrew" Oberon Street Avoca street to ocean Titania street Gosbell Mrs. C., "Avondale" Lion street - Stevens George, "Belmont" Jackson W. J. O'Sullivan J. P. Gooch W, J., "Seaview" Enernark J. II., "Smedmore" Enemark Frederick, "Bowen" Burke Thomas, "Horsham" Matthews James, "Clifton" Watts James, "Lowton" Canberra atreet Long Bay road Searle Samuel, "Corendirk" Harrison Archibald Cooper Maurice, "Hezeldene" Bendoff Herbert, "Itosebank" limn Walter, "Coolaball" Mount street Griffiths Henry G., "Maritana" Phillips Fredir., "Charles Villa" Truman Claude, "Alpha" Spensley William, "Belgrano" Brook street Salmon W. G., J.P. James Ernest G., "Quambi" Alexander street Ruble James, '"Castlewellar" Ardee. street Beach street Bowden Fredk., "Pacific View" Dundee street Watley road Beach Gallagher Joseph "Leura" Stewart W. J., "Blairmore" Bloomfield A., "Westgate" Higgs Walter Talbot Mayo E., "Myra" Household Edward S. Mooney Thomas Williams Francis, "Edith Cot'ge" Murray J. J. Munro William & Son, dairymen Munro William, "Lorreto" Halstead Charles J., "Esnionde". Henderson James McGavick Mrs. Ann, gen. store Mooney Mrs, Jane Skinner James, "East Lynne" Edwards Henry, "%Vendetta" Sullivan John, "Thelma" Stinson William J. Clarke James, "Kenmure" Dixon George, "Mexbro Villa" Canberra street Challinor Thomas F., cab propr. Lowe A., "Louth" Ball Sidney, "Speriby" Ifoll Mrs., "Blairgowrie" Perrittet Francis, 'Orita" Pegum Mrs. F., "Mulchair" Rigney Charles, "Ornrah" Ross, "Hobart" Flowers Francis, "Mb" Swain Mrs. Sarah, "Ledbury" Murphy Timothy, "Kurrajong" Callinan Darcy N., "bfarita" Sorley J., "Streatham" White William, "Mildred" Phillips Mrs. Julia Buckland James, "Ileslam" Mount street Edwards Sydney, "Lesnem" Barren Win. J., "Blue Alwyn" Weston Mrs. M., "Ilaylesbrook" Waugh Neil, "Ilu" Anderson William, "Erdington" Creamer Stanley, "Roslyn" Young Leonard S., "Rockley" Edwards Edward Downes William Craig Henry, "Camille" Pearce James, "Rose" Brown Charles, "Awaba" Russett William, "Lenville" Johnson Mrs. A. B., "Martinea" Brook street Holyoake William E., "Smyrna" Treweeke Richard IL, "Edena ' Coyle Francis Trollop Charles Casson Charles A., "Kanimbla" Byrnes Thomas, "Melrose" Alexander street Neale Thomas W., "Braidville" Allen William Arden street Sandry Thomas, "Kama" Freebairn James, "Eden" Phippard Austin E., "Canberra" Hawthorn Percy W., "Loloma" Beach street Dundas trect Wolsley road Beach Ocean Street Off Battery street Fever Michael N.C.O. in charge of Fort Smith Owen Ocean Street (Little Coogee) Off Boundary street Wilson Ernest A., "Breeze" Graham John D. Best Harry H., "Eastbourne" Williamson James Streatfleld Fred., "Verdun" Threlfo Archibald Orange Street Carrington road to Centennial park Foster James, "Loch Lomond' Forsyth NV. A., "The Chateau" Audet Eric, "Roslin" Fischer C/uistopher, "Brooklyn" Peachey D'auglas, "Corby" Hall Roger Vine, "Blythswood" Beck William H., "Ettrick" Bloomfield Mrs. S. T., Blythswood School Rolfe Mrs., "Nyowee" Burnett Mrs., "Aloha" Bumip William, "Bernersville" Brooks Frank, "Bellmount" Wells Reginald A., "Thelma" Casey Maurice, "Avoca" Green Sydney, "Bellvue" Ford John T., "Roma" Harley Claude A., "Lima" Park avenue White Henry, "Bedford Lodge" Nolan Patrick, horsetrainer Simpson Thomas Henry, "Beller*" Peterson Niels, "Dinnet" Fig Tree avenue O'Donnell Mrs. r. Angus Thomas, "Pen" Mitchell Robert H. Carroll Harry Cecil, "Wanstead" Ferrier Henry, "The Ferns" Hill William, "Hillston" Market street Centennial avenue Pleym Theodore, "Hurdiston" Turner Alfred, "Regstott" Avoca street Quilty John Williscroft Mrs. Mary A. Dunn Martin blotting John A., "Innisfail" Earl street Farrelly William McGill George, "Verenice" Corrigan John, "St. Ililda" Turner J. L., "St. Elmo" McMahon Harold J., "St. Helena" Lovell Spencer R., "St. Alwyn" Roserea avenue Market street Avoca street Crothers George, grocer Lunisden David, "Minetta" Finkelstein Michael, "Lorimer" Fleming Alexander, "Winsleigh" Ryan James, "Wioletta" Aiken John, "Leith" Gray James, "Grayhurst" Yates David Charles Carey James, sergeant of police Nicholas Mrs. Elizabeth A. Buist Mrs. Eva., draper Enfield Mrs. Fanny, grocer Nicholas Nicholas, fruiterer Sheppeard Alex., butcher Power Richard T., grocer ' Earl street Denhatn P. N., "Mona" Waterworth Arthur Gelid N. J., professor of music Nicholson Frank, "Myalba" Ryan Michael, "Lisnagry" Peel Harry, "Glenhurst" Gallimore Mrs. 0., "Gottesloe" Oswald Street Courland street to St. Mark's road Eckford Miss Nora, laundry 3 McLeod Alexander 5 Kelly John Alfred 7 Farmer Phillip 8 Kelso James Albert O'Donnell James, "Lorraine" Keler William G., "Woodford" Coogee Mission Ilall Pearson Ernest 20 Martindoff William 22 Goode lierbert, "Itia-Ora" Sankev Thomas, jun., "IvyLo -dge" Silk William Henry, "Maryville" Lee William, "Surreyville" Manton John St. Mark's road Loaney Alfred, "Brae-Glen" Dunn Colin, "Sunnymede" WOOD, COFFILL COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. Pac RAND WICK. Pin 825 Pacific Street (Little Coogee) Off Boundary street Martin William, stonemason Wilkinson Mrs. M. Ashton James, "Elthant" Sinclair Andrew, "Martin" Martin Robert, "Ballara" Harvey Ernest, "Tidesville" Wickham Thomas, "'nivel" Borman Richard, "Kent" Palmer Street Off Pearce street Dark Mrs. Margaret Hyland Gustavus Park Avenue Orange street to Pine street Harris Isaac, "Iris" Chadwick Jdhn, "Wangan" Davis Thomas, "Hillcrest" Grimshaw Lionel A., "Taralga" Paterson Charles F., "Cobruma" Samuels Arthur, "Tesithney" Lindsell Fredk. NV., "Glenvive" Lennard Thomas, "The Firs" Hooper street Christey Joseph, "Tharlston" Pateman Arthur, "Millport" Foster Charles, "Scarba" Tighe Edward E. "Loreley" Iredale James, "lone" Dobson Alfred E., "Vernon" Thomas Sidney, "Myola" Doyle Frank, "Armadalc" Park Street (Little Coogoe) Off Boundary street Ashton John Bryce William, "Glengaw" Bryce Mrs. Sophia M. Hollewood James, "Homeleigh" Off Bruce William Parkes Frederick Schackel avenue. Brandon Mrs. E. G., "Seaside" Ross Mrs. Susan Laird Walter E., "Avoca" Lewis Nathan, "Avon" West William Clancy Jas. J., "Clareville" Surf Side avenue Pearce Street (Coogeo) Long Bay road to ocean Donaldson Robert T. Dawson Alfred Ernest Hanley Peter, "Bronte" Percival Street, South Randwick Snape street to Storey street Roach James Herman Hans Kyneur William H., "Kingsgate" Lopez Roy Rule Mrs. Josephine, "Ramsgate" Lendrum Alex. W., constable McDougall Henry, "Honiton" Austen James W., "Palmyra" McCoy, "Ruby" Lord Arthur A., "Broadstairs" Archers Andrew W., "Lilyville" Storey street Perouse Road Delmore road to Oberon street Elite Pictures Waddell Mrs., "Lilyvale" Fisher Erold, "Avondale" Davis W, W., "Strathgar" Lentz P., "Homeleigh" Soudan street Bourke Patrick, "St Mervyns" Aeolia street McNally William, "Winwick" Carey Mrs. B., "Araglen" Watson Vernon, "Marengo" Gardner Joseph, "Anona" Williams Edward, bootinaker Joffe Charles, grocer Moloney Miss Lone, milliner Black E. G., hairdresser Small k French, estate agents Hussey Michael A., fruiterer St. Paul's street Larbalestier P., boottnaker Cain John "Keaneville" Graham Miss Florence Smart Zaccheus, "Wanowrie" Ribey George It., "Mysore" Brown George, "Grayville" Miller F. C., "Te-Aroha" Doyle Mrs. S., "G'raylands" Academy of Music Miss Sara Verner and H. Michael Dorrian Joseph, "Itemplon" Austin C. II., "Cutnborah" Mercer Thomas James, "Ruby" Rossiter Chas., "Pearl" Watson John, "Oreeva" Thwaite A. A., "Elimatta" Stevens Frederick E. Melville F; J., "Ennis" Ivy street. Gooch Chas., "Maranui" Ryan C. 0., "Maranui" Williams Wm. II., "Chere Antic" Smart Mrs. R. E., "Sotithline" Weaver Miss 1., "Mooltan" Kennedy Henry, "Celerity" Smith F. W., "Kerlie" Hannaford Mrs. M., "Medaglia" Hannaford John, "bfedaglia" Crane Alfred, "Vavasor" Steele Mrs. A. M., grocer Steele Edward /toward street Wyndhain Mrs. E., "Bayview" Speck Walter, "Ngatimaru" Holroyd NV. G., "Trevor" Flowers Albert, "Bala" Moon Mrs. W., "Corwen" Dewhurst John, "Woodruff" Lardner Charles, "Blair" Gillbank William, "Anneslea" Campbell Malcolm, "Rosemount" Trapnell William, "Llenpart" Boothby Robert W., "Leura" Gander Walter L., "Wynn" Royal hotel S. J. Rowan Browne Mrs. T., "Gundary" Soudan street Well, Mrs. Mary, "San Zitta" Duffy Michael, butcher Young W. E., laundry, "Frome" Mastertaun James Bartels L., tailor Ralston Mrs. Mary, butcher Peters E. L., smallgoodsman Crawford and Taylor, state agts. Crawford and Taylor, produce merchants St. Paul's street Ellis R..1., grocer McLeod Charles W., "Carlton" Ellis Richard J. Thompson Mrs. J. W., "Redmond" Smith Frederick, "Asquith" Noseda Archibald, "Roslyn" Wooton Mrs., "Leura" Smith Mrs. Mary J. motor garage McLaughlin Wm. H., "St. IirCii" Allen Ernest, "Britain" Barker street Hickey Frederick, "1Vairoa" Dignam Peter, "San Jose" Mercer Mrs. -A., "Corraig" McDonald Denis, "blia Mia" Glover Albert, "St. Elmo" Quinn Patrick, "Verona" Downey J , "Warroon" Clifford T. W. "Quambi" Leonard A., "'Hollingsworth" Howard street Oberon street Perry Street (South Randwick) Off Ilsouirnteh N rosnig doroa cr Off Underwood J. Leadbeater William Hannon William, "lila Ora" McCarthy Daniel, confectionery Cummings Albert Healey Thomas Byrnes, "Martin" Off Staples Thomas Off Laird Willinin Grant Thomas Barron Thomas S. Off Barron William Roman Catholic Church St. Mark's Church of England Kelt Michael Kelt Patrick Pine Street Carrington road to Market street Munn Alfred Leslie, "Marcel" Chalmers Joseph, "Bernice" Cohen Joseph J., "Marcel" Fielding Robert Feeney William, "Zimora" Randwiek Council Quarry O'Donnell John, "Park View" Nicholson William, "Venetia" Painter Edward A., "Dulwich" Bedwell William II., "Avoca" Venni Peter, "Florence" Downing John P., "Breeze" Windon George F., "Vermont" Challis William, "Ockwells" Newcombe Ernest, "Grosvenor" Brown William D., "Claroma" O'Gorman Vernon, "Rosemont" Ralph George B., "Walmer" Roberts William, "Caleula" Nichol Richard, "Aintree" Galvin Bernard, "Augusta" Frummer Walter, "Norfolk" Jourdan Hubert, "Suffolk" Cable James, "Tarro" Fullicks Arthur C. Bromley Frank W., "Malvern" ' Fig Tree avenue. McNamara Mrs. Louis, "innisfail" Rech Philip, "Kanimbla" Mooney Francis, "Harwera" Coates Hamilton, "Kenilworth" Carling Henry, "Haldon" Park avenue Brooks Horatio C., "Itia-Ora" O'Callaghan Denis, "Cloyne" Elkington George F., "Oroyea" Robins Charles, "Clainbarra" THE LARGEST FIRM OF UNDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE

32 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR BENEFICIAL BUSINESS. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR A SURETY OF SATISFACTION, 826 pit RAN DWICK. Rai Rai RAN DWICK. Rut 827 Pine street cant (Hued Wilts Thomas J., ''Steyning" Lundy William, "Cardiff" Agnew Arthur R., "Swansea" Tuohy W., "Wycombe" Jackson Prank, "Aston" Gregory Oscar, "Guildhall" Hutchinson Leonard T., "Byron" Wilke James, "Hanover" Candy James Lewis, "Dottsw'd" Maxwell Edwd. G., "Oakland" Kerr Patrick, "IleHata" Small Frederick 11., "Coolabalt" Pitt Street Off Allison road Stewart W. Angus, "Bromley" Powell Street Delmore road to Dolphin street Osborn Norman, "Mascot" Mayer Oscar, "Mikado" Godfrey William J.. "Fernbank" Vandick Joseph, "Henley" Jackson Herbert, "Derwent" Gilligan Michael J., "Tamar" Joint Alfred, "Waroonga" Greenwood Herbert, "Kelvin" Rush George, "Kyola" Murphy John, "Carman" Johnson Joseph, "Elonera" Kavanagh Dennis, "Norriden" Gibbons Mrs. II. C., "Oberon" Railton William, "Stockton" Crawford John, "Lisball" Prince Street Church to Kin() street Shenstone Frank 1., "Stainburu" Stevenson James J., "Melton" Cowper street Graydon Frederick McLean John, "Dingwall" Prince Edward Lane (Long Bay) Off Raglan street. Blush Leon, "The Rest" Bond William Bondfleld Harry Mihell Alexander, "Margate" Prince Edward Street (Long Bay) Franklin street to Howe street Lisson William, J.P., "Touema" Haggett Frederick T. Haggett John F. Jones Robert, "Santoy" Ireton street Hebblewhite John Raglan street Tuck Harry P. Buck Miss A. Coombes II. T., builder Robertson William, "Pacific" Napier street Howe street Boulton Frank E., lllonari" Reid Alfred Whitton Walter, "Ivy Villa" Berlin Chas., "Camberwell" Hall John Rhodes Reginald, "Longhaven" Raglan street Church of England Carter James Boulevarde Bate William 11., "Bay View" Bailey Robert W., "Ocean View" Napier street Quail Street (Coogee) Arden to Beach street Buckley William "Hazel-Dell" Tingle Miss, "Dunmore" McDonald John, "Moeraki" Queen Street (Coogeo) Luke street to Carrington road Delmore terrace- 6 Harkins John 4 Sowter George II, 3 Leatherby Harry 1 Kingston John Burnham IVilliatti Cater Samuel II., "Kalahome" Chapman Walter, "Aurora" Clarke Nathaniel, "Lanark" Braithwaite Clifton, "Gwendoline" Gwyden Mrs. J., "Kau" Russell John McGuinness Lawrence Alford Walter, "Northfleet" Chapman Edward, "Sundridge" Muras Stephen IL, "Norwood" James Mrs, Alice, "Wentworth" Mayer Mrs. Mary, "Lawson" Rae Street Avoca street to St. Mark's road Randwiek Methodist Church Service Mrs. William, "Sea View" Cohen Jeffrey, "Bay View" Banks John, "La Paloma" Morris Arthur, "Donna" Holly George, "Margate" Wood street Rae terrace- 1 Spier William, "Lochmore" 2 011iffe J. B., J.P., "Wallangra" 3 Mitchell Francis II. A. 4 Phillips George 6 Wills George 0 Flanagan John Dutruc street Mitchell Rev. Frank II. A. (C. of E.), "Kooringa" York Mrs. Henrietta, "Daphne" McIver William Slack Stanley Bird Albert, "Hawthorne" Long Thomas, "Sea View" IlllItenhoff Rudolph, "Zone" Veness Mrs. Ann, "Raeburn" Taylor John, "Glenorie" Sherlock J., "Loretto" Sutherland Alexander, McIver Robert Liddy A. IL F, Kuhn John J. Bolt Charles, painter "Malua" Austin S. NV., "Coo-ee" McLean Robert, "Dullis" Le Hane Miss Bridget M. Dutruc street Raglan Street (Long Bay) Deere street to Austral street. Prince Edward lane Prince Edward street Victoria street Howard Robert. McGowan avenue Brennan Patrick Wilson Darcy Wilson Harry English Thomas lying Charles Burns Harry, "Ivy Alice" Madden Joseph Austral street Victoria street Hopson Mark L., "The Bungalow" Latimer William Prince Edward lane Scully Mrs. Peterson John Seymour Charles Ilendla John Prince Edward street Herbert street Cotton John, "Laurette" Austral street Rainbt.w Street Bunnerong road to occom Liarbourns street 'lenity Alfred, "Rainbow Cot'ge" Jesson E., "Kia Ora" Salmon W. J. Forsyth street I'otter Percival Shepherd Robert- Fairley James, "Rosalie" Willis street Greentree H. R. E. Barnes T. F. Durrant James, "Sylvander" Sanderson Ralph, "Bentham" Davis Thomas E. Kennedy street Griffiths L. L., jam manufacturer Simpson Jack Mackey Joseph Melville Fred. Botany street Barry A. W. voca street Callinan David, "Oberon" McNair John E., "Tama" Raines William Dempsey William P. Cotterell.lames, "Etnoh Ruo" Bullock Herbert C., "Louvain" Kahl Henry, "Orontes" Milker Frank It., "Lilac" Young Charles, "Peru" Doran Martin, "Ruby Ville" Rich Joseph, "Talofa" Canberra street Smith Francis II, Smith Mrs. Percy Johnson Mrs. Catherine, "Fairview" Johnson G. Nicholson Donald, "Longview" Asher William J., "Apronont" Bowerband Mrs. Mount street Brown Arthur, "Thevor" Williams John, "Cliftonville" Payne George, "Te-Puni" Radford Edward G., "Dement" Clarke Edwin J. Brook street Hanson Herbert Helmore William C., "Eromleh" Isherwood Mrs. E. Jensen Martin, "Stella" Tindall Harold S., "Iris" Duggan Mrs. Mary J., "Jonas" Burns Hugh, "Avis" Arden street Lilley Charles B., "Mamma" Denning street lvolseley street. Chitterton Albert I'. Vincent Frederick Paul John, "Boyne" Evans W. II. Newman, "Canberra" Newman Charles Perran David G., "Denman" Pitt George, "Nandi" Gentry Albert E., "Marlow" Miller Arthur, "Lily" Adams Thomas. J. Tuft Hugh, "Kittora" Avoca street Moir James, "Cairnie" Watson William A., "limeade",beveridge Keith, "Gillingham" Baker Pardey, "Luigi" Ferguson George, "Lochinvar" Vincent Mrs. S. J., "Rosea" Warne Mrs. J, A., "Dimson" Smith burins, "Marple" Johnston Victor, "Mitcham" Wilson Herbert, "Phyllison" O'Dell Horace, "Hammerton" Watkin Charles, "Round Oak" Canberra street Randwick Rifle Range Cooper William Valentine William Patterson Robert H., "Lerwick" Robens Mrs., "Villa Rosa" Lain Frederick W., "Mount View" Schiess Hans, "Santis" Leggo & Co., general store Long Bay road Tuft Mrs., "Mora" Adams Thomas J., "Gunyah" Sorrell Wm. A., "Handley 'Ville" Sumner Robert, "Benares' Fennell F. E., "Doreen" Edding William, "Leonard Ville" Baker Thos. B., "Co.rra Lynn" Symonds Kennaway Mrs. D., "Eliwynn" Arden street Moseley Ilerbert, "Elnathan" Clark Charles A., "Eelu" Denning street Wolseley. road. Rainham Street Fern street to Simeon street Royal William, "Avoca Cottage" Bernhardt Fredk. W., "Avondale" Whiteley John, "Sandyacre" Bleier Wm. G., "Felicia" Whelan Stephen, "The Gunyah" O'Sullivan John J. Eastes David Maclinness Claude, "Minna Warm" Jukes Frederick, "Merthyr" Ford George Noble John, Sen. Pearson Ernest Clark John, "Mascot" Powell F. II., "Thelma" Raleigh Street Off Allison road 2 Cornwell Albert E., "Glenwood" 4 Edwards Wm. S., "Glen Alvon" 6 Beale Thomas II. 8 'fenny Peter 10 Wilde John 12 Bates Leslie 14 Leslie D. C. 16 Ogden Walter 18 Kirchner Harold P. 20 O'Halloran Theo. 22 Nathan Robert 24 Hales Walter R. 26 Noton Arthur 28 Falson Norman Dickison Thomas G., "Doreen" Randwick Street Cowper to Gordon street Pemell's Flat Flanagan James Pulliam henry C., "Verona" Seage John, "Altona" Doyle J. AL, "Glendalough" South Walter, "La Maseotte" Pyett Sydney, "Bahama" Barnes Victor, "Sylvia" Davidson Duncan, Illaberley" Whitworth John, "Paris" Lang Arthur Andrews Leslie Brown Harold Mason Albert Henry Budrodeen William Pattishall John Roberts' Avenue Off Frenchman's road Hopkins Thos. L., "Marcella" Ready Mrs., "Audley" Williams Wm. A., "Araluen" Gibbons Charles J., "Mandow" Franklin John, "Mirra" Cross Mrs. Emma, "Coolga" Lanser Elizabeth, "Leafleld" Barker Ernest, "Katoomba" Owens Sydney A., "13rogo" Balfour Mrs. Ada, "Combrook" Scott J01111, "Mnranoa" Burton Alfred E., "Kia-Ora" Robins Harold, "Bombra" Amos John W., "Coree" Davies J., "Werrawee" Kerr Alexander Caldwell Mrs. Sarah, "Grafton" Byrne Alexander, "Belove" Boes Gerard, "Warwick" Finney Mrs. Victoria, "Orsova" Somers Frank, "Como" Mallinson Joseph II., "Lyndor" Austin II., "Myola" Scott Albert V., "Maroubra" Davies Walter T., "Mourilyan" Fisher Charles L., "Alva" Robinson Joseph, "Claremont" Waltman If. A., "Rosthorne" Gunner John, "Coo-ee" Cooper Haydn, "Canberra" Helm John, "Mona" Roboy Street (South Randwiok) Off Maroubra Bay road Row-swell henry Ward Leo. Ilerbert, "Silvcster" Sharp J. Wise street Smith T. G., "Kin Ora" Mason John, "Esex" Bradley Thomas 3. Jones Mrs. Annie, "Tasman" Moque street Sherman Mrs, Woods J. Roberts Sydney Robinson Clarence Punch C. Booth John, 'Tuna" Davidson James Tanner Charles W. Strange-Mure A. Barrgen James Lowther John Murray street Roma Avenue (Kensington) Doncaster avenue to Kensington road McClurg Thomas, "Iona" McCainley Edward, "Asthore" Lorne avenue Williams A. F., "Ilowglen" Doncaster avenue Rowe James, "Clifton" Moorannie avenue Barnes Albert J., "Briton Ferry" Herne Ernest J., "Ilinemoa" Bennetts L. W., "Lenarbyn" Clark Fredli. IL, 3.P., "Linden" Orr L. It., "Rostrevor" Coltenham avenue Moore E. E., "Home" Roscrea Avenue Orange street to Frenchman's road Taylor John F., "Carrabella" Sloan John, "Dalkeith" Scott Frederick, "Belgravia" Bruce Norman G., "Oliyette" Lane William, "Bareenya" Walker Archibald, "Camden" Dobbs Thomas, "St. Albans" Starr Mrs., "Delaware" Richards William 0., "Levuka" Irwin Edward, "Medina" Schafer Jacob, "Canberra" McDonald Alexander, "Lochaber" Ireland Mrs. R., "Monaville" Clifford George, "Anstyville" Orange street Royal Street (South Randvvick) Maroubra Bay road to Storey street Lemantier Charles, "The Bungalow" James, "Otway" Boyce road Simpson Samuel Gale road Storey street Beattii Victor K., ir?,o.iod"duntroon't Lewis George harper Charles Freeman henry Gale road Brogan James F. Pratt Mitchell William French William Lyons Storey street Ruthvon Street Waverlcy road to Dirrell street 2 Barton Mrs. G. B. 4 Mulder Mrs. Fanny, "Milton" 6 Crichton Lionel H. Brown Harold 8 Cumtnins Mrs. H. 10 Burke Frank Westgate terrace- 12 De Glensville Claude 14 Herman Augustus W. 16 Woollett Mrs. K. 18 Kingsley Mrs. E. 20 Webb Mrs. Florence 22 Hudson Edward A. 24 Curtin Mrs. 20 Robertson Richard CI, 28 Brown Denis 30 Biram Mrs. 32 Littlewood Harry D. 34 Scobel Irene 30 Rooney Michael 38 Dunlop John C. 42 Dent P. T., grocer Cowrie street WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 OEOROE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 CITY THE LARGEST FIRM OF CARRIAGE AND DRAG PROPRIETORS SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR

33 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR A LOT FOR WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. A LITTLE. 828 Sac aandwick. St.L BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS. SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION ANTHONY HORDERNS' THE ECONOMIST'S DELIGHT. St.M RANDWICK. Sil 829 Woodman Henry, "Kia-Ora" Farrelly Christopher, "Beryl" Sackville Avenue (Little Coogeo) Ruihvett stre4 continued- 55 Hummerston Mrs. E., "Rosalind" 72 Martin Ernest, "Eureka" Watling George, "Saleharn" Perouse road Park street 44 Duck Edward C., 'Sonoma" 57 Dingle John J. Jima cottages- Eade S. L., "Kismet" Drysdale George, "Allowah" Allen Janfes 46 Cooper Cyril, "Oruba" 61 Long Charles, "Noma" 74 Stria Frederick J. Warne Charles Slaughter Frederick, "Altona".48 /A James 63 Worley It, 76 Hogan Ilugo Grey street Yates Richard, "Willyant" Soavlow Street 50 Donald William, J.P. 65 Itimmer W. J. 84 Shaw William, "Malgratout" Saw William, "Elsievale" Rankin James, "Kitt-Ora" Douglas street to Knox street Buthven terrace- 67 Woodhill Joseph IL, "Macon" 86 Evans Edward Lownds David, "Daliteith" Garvey Thomas, "Brooklyn" Kent George A., "Fonthill" 52 Hodge Fredk. II., "LaIla Rookh" Woodhill Herbert S. 88 Braden Alexander Kendrigan Ernest Diamond J. J., "Baroona" Lockyer henry E. Carpenter Mrs. I., "LaIla Rookh" 69 Ambury James B., "Ivanhoe" 90 Powe W. G., "IIillcot" Roberts Mrs. IV., "Thirroul" Stead Richard, "Gersham" 64 Burgess Mrs. Ethel, "Sylvania" 73 Chaucer William, "Cecilcote" 92 Marsh Richard, "Clifton" St. Mark's Road linselich Mrs., "Arcadia" Dain trey crescent 56 Creagh William "'Belgrave" 76 Jenkins Gordon, "Nana House" 94 Ilodge John, "St. Elmo" Oswald street to Orange street Rae st Cousins Gardiner 68 Gaffney Arthur ' A., "Calama" 77 Light George, "Auburn" 96 Ilinton William, "Westview" Wall George, J.P., "Medina" Cousins ' James G. 60 Worth Mrs. 11.V., "Hawthorn" 79 Sutton John D., "Como" 98 Priestman Mrs. G. Ninuno William M., B.A., "War- l'age Benjamin, "Avoca" 62 Lamond J., "Cadia" 81 Rogers,Thomas, "Ilavilah" 102 Collier Edward, "Cocango" rawce" Worobin L., tailor, "Balena" Second Avon no (Maroubra) 64 Thompson D. 83 Seabrook,lames, "Emilyville" 104 Loughlin John Lupton Mrs., "Hallshatn" Small William, "Tara" Off Long Bay road 66 Cripps Stephen 85 Gleeson Hampton, "Carlton" edkolter Charles, "Camboon" Besford Fred. II., "Wakefield" Mayo John A., "Ilirondelle" Dudley II., J.P., estate agent 68 Sponza Francis 87 Fernley Ernest J. 108 Lewis Cecil John Anderson Mrs. Fanny, "Balmoral" Dine street 70 Hill Joseph L., "Fairlight" 89 Beaton Mrs. Annie, "Elyville" 110 'Cooper Cyril E., "Devonshire" Dixon Gordon, "Ratilven" llotrigan Mrs. Lillian, "Watawa" Soo Street (South Kensington) 72 Park James 91 Bartlett Wilfred Mites Mrs. Jessie, "Algiers" McGill Mrs. G. Barrie George E., "Glenrowart" 74 Bennett J. M., "Cambridge Place" 93 Ionn Charles, "Larbert" 114 Gill James Meaney Mrs. Annie Fenwick William, "Wenonah" Off Houston road 70 Barmatyne Mrs. Mary Robertson Daniel 118 Ambury James B. Hayes James W., "Rowallan" Ellis Richard J., grocer George l'., "Holman" 78 Walker C. M. 99 Longstaff Walter, "Glencoe" 120 Ford 3., "The Nest" Frenchman's road Perouse road Pantlin George, "Elizabeth" 80 Beetham NV., "Myee" 101 Seery Michael J., J.P., "Cleve" 122 Armstrong George Lester II., "Itetsel" Percival George, storetreeper Stock Mrs, Ckttherine,. "Violet Flanagan Michael J. 103 Dillon Noei A. 124 Carter Henry G. Ludgater 'B., "Warrawee" Robbins R., fruiterer Cottage' 84 Kelly James, "Myee" 105 McPherson henry 126 Arnold Alfred Perry John A. I., "Clitheroc" Chidlty L. M., newsagent Stevens Les1h, "Mayville" 86 Lynch Frederick, "Sutherland" 107 Glass John, "New Lynn" 128 liampson Alfred IVallace J. L., "Homedale" Comfort' R., tobacconist Eldridge l'ercy, "Kurrawong" 88 Lightfoot Richard, "Marie" 109 McMahon Mrs. Bridget 130 Grace Martin Fraser street Oran ge street Dash A. C. 4, Co., chemists Seymour Walter, "Walaru" 90 Clinton John W., "Durham" 111 Moran William 130a Hawkins Alfred Coleman Mrs. E., "Tagera" McKay Thomas, billiard saloon Jaques Richard W. 92 Gibbs Frederick 113 IIislop Walter Campbell Percy, architect Jakins Albert Ernest, "Colunah" Godfrey Mrs. May 94 Donnell Robert 116 Bone henry E., J.P. 132 Snape Richard Phelps-Richards Norman, "Ascot" Doyle Miss Agnes, "Melbourne". 06 Hanley Andrew 117 Ilorey Mrs. M., "Clifton Cot'ge" 134 Crichlow Frank W. Guy Miss Florence, "Seaforth" Nixon Mrs. Mary, "Alpha" Holman Charles, "Denmark" 98 Colby Richard 119 Davis George 136 Moran Alfred Porter H. J., "Farrington" Canhani Robert, carrier Patterson Duncan, "Kia-Om" 100 Nugent Joseph 121 McDonald William 138 Arnold A. S. Johnson James Evans Miss Eliza A., dyer Hill Jacob, "Fidelity" 102 Pickup James 123 Hind Ernest 140 Fiddes Miss Under Mortimer Mrs. I., "Woliondilly" O'Connor Mrs. E. Bampton George, "Eurobin" 104 Chaucer Mrs. E. 125 Foster Mrs. Louisa,."Mafeking" 142 Reed W. C. Webb Edwin, "Winyah" Farmilow Mrs. M., "Kendal" Houston John 106 Lewis Frederick 127 Upton Arthur, "Venita" 144 Smith R. Smith' Frank, "Holmwood" 108 Dwight James 129 West Henry J. Delves Richard, "Na-velee" Severn Street (Maroubra Bay) 110 Workman Mrs. M. 131 McNamara S. Electric Power Station Hincks James E., "Springwood" Smith Charles, "Peel" Off Marine parade. 112 Fingleton James 133 Davies George E. Ililditch A., "Balala" Bastable Arthur, "Glenbrook" Tuckerman John, "Ramsay" Barnfleld William, "Ocean View" 114 Darlington Frank, "Aberdeen" Birrell street Ashton street Street John, "Karori" Lemey Patrick Walker Loyal A. Haywood and Mulhall Misses 116 Wilson Mrs. Ellen, "Campsie" Williams Charles E., "Lundell" Allison road Oswald street McKeown Mrs, W., "Douglas" Irwin Charles Townend Stephen P. Saokvillo Street (Maroubra) Kerr Edwin, "Goolma" Rochfort Laurence J., "Car-i.wah" Palmer S., "Miocene" Tracey 118 Hourigan George M. Duncan street to Hector road Foley Patrick J., "Satalla" Bramley William T., "Tame" Berle Mrs. Sarah, "Hughville" 120 Dawson William Scott C. II. Stuart Fredk., "Caroona" Holterhoff Rudolph, "Rockleigh" Ryan William, gardener Shaeltol Avenue 122 Elliott Mrs. Mary Noakes William, "Noakeville" Wirth Mrs. Annie M., "Yuelba" McDonald W. G, "Endellion' Lindley Mrs. Linda, "Brora" 124 Gallaher Mrs. Mary Hewitt Mrs. L., "Welton" Fox Cockburn, "Erridale" from Park street 7.ions Harry S., "Margate" 126 Burrows P. St. James Road Barnett Joseph, "Thyva" Dixson James, "Kober" Allen Hugh, builder Congregational Church 128 Craft James Waecrfey road to Birrell street Keane Arthur J., "Sunbrae" Scharff Max, "Jaulit" Lee street Marion cottages- 2 Overmeyer John Cable John Samuel, "Olinda" Gale Mrs. Sarah, "South Sea" Clancy Mrs. S., "Warrabinga" Shark Point tlittle Cloogeo) 130 Black Charles 4 Comber James Trees Alfred, "Alda Villa" King II., "Claverton" Rogers Percival H., "Carfax" Shark Point Fort 132 Jones Arthur 6 Reed Mrs. Baker Mrs. E. S., "Carinda" Ellard William E., "Hiawatha" Jones A. Trevor, "1Vepre" Sheppard Street (South 134 Parkin William J., decorator 8 Allbon Augustus Henry Seabrook Edward, "Roslyn" Howatt William J., "Frisco" Dudley street Randwiek) 136 Gardner Sullivan Albert S. Hawthorne B., "Lillian" Bregenzer Mrs. C. "Mugie Moss" Broad road to Everett street Birral street Ashton street 12 Hennessy Mrs. Marion Doyle Francis, "Braemar" Gabriel Mrs. 31., "May Ville" St. Thomas Street (Little Coogeo) Jones Kenneth Ritchie T. W., "Munginda" Clue psi street Off Boundary street Sherwood Street (Kensington) 1 Earle Mrs. E. Keeble Francis, "Victor Villa" Ische John, "Miranda" Telfer Mrs. Sarah, "Avalou" Smith Thomas, "Bungalow" 3 Tuck Henry T. Raybould J., "Arkarana" Bush Walter, "Bioorinda" Wolfe Mrs. R. T., "Ilinton" Off Balfour road 5 McKell John R. Braden Ernest Bush Roy A., "Violetta" Johnson Mrs. A. E., dressmaker Chudleigh S. C., "Clarence" Salisbury Road (Kensington) 7 Towns Clarence Murphy Francis, "Dorothyville" Asmus W. J., "Binda" Stewart William, "CEnone" Martin Dr. J. II., "Rose Villa" 9 Jacobs P. Dixon William H. Cray J. 0., "Taralga" Thomas Mrs. M., "Montmarie" Latona Mrs. V., "Latonaville" Rochfort Mrs. J. A. T., "Araluen" 11 Garrett Albert Edward, "Binda" Jones Kenneth Birrell street Boronia street to Balfour road Stanley James, "Nirvana" Mulligan Frederick, "Arbutus" Short Street 13 Geller S., "Carelaze" Willis J. II, St. Luke Street (Coogeo) Sergeant Mrs. L., "Caerleon" Coupland William T., "Doris. Avoca street to Delmore road 15 Hull Ernest C., "Viola" Wilson Charles F. 17 Stone Percival, "Riversdale" O'Donnell Mrs. T. Kinsella P. S., "Boree" ville" O'Donnell Misses, costumieres 19 Beale Eugene, "Hollythorne" Walsh J. Belmore road to Dolphin street McLean Richard, "Yarran" Carmichael A. D., "Ayr Court" Silver Street 21 Leybourne NV. J. "Amyyille" McIver Arthur Squires Samuel, "Welby" Colliver Edmond, "Goonoo" Lillyman James, "The Mount" 23 Murphy Hugh, "Thames" Gowrie street 1 Parkes Mrs. Mary Shearer J., "Derrimn" Biggar Miss M., teacher of piano Belntore road to Botany street 25 Tranter Joseph, "Writtle" 38 Norman George W., carrier 3 Lloyd J. J. Palmer Charles A. V., "Mea" Page Benjamin H. B., "Killara" Duggan Mrs. William, "Arara" 27 Beale Mrs. M., "Dudley" Park terrace- 5 'Napper Henry McKinnon Donald, "Strathairdil" Jenkins Sydney, "Amluen" St. Paul's Street Perry John A., J.P., "Enema" Hart Mrs. Asher, "Allowrie" 29 Pidding Percy 40 Bresnan Mrs. T. Chatham street Avoca to Long Bay road 31 Stewart Mrs. M.. 42 Baynes Harry E. 7 Thompson Isaac, "Maitland" Ringland James, "Kaloolah" Hinds John II., "Waratalt" Lynch Patrick, "Finavarra" 33 Wing Albert 44 Robinson John W. 9 Tunnie James, "The Abbey" Kiely "Loomis" Ruben Miss L. "Rohilla" Kurts Harold, "Bay View" 36 NVelburn Mrs. Rachel 46 Melrose Ralph 11 McNamara James, "Bellevue" Pratt Ilenry, "Eulaville" Thompson Fredk. L., "Felton" Frost Miss A., "La Perouse" 37 Giles Francis, "Moorong" 48 Dickson Mrs. M. 13 MeCtIlire Thomas S., "Uxbridge" Huntley William, "Inverleith" Martin James, J.P., "Ousley" Laidlow John, "Canberra" 89 Holford F., "Hibiscus" 50 Howard Richard James Ogden James, "Mascotte" McMahon H. J., "Stroud" Fritsch Sylvester P.,-,"Ilawthorne" Craymer E. G., "Wyndham" 41 Kevin James, "Ilenbury" 52 Swan Arthur Charles. Ilissy Ilarold, "Alwyn" Robertson It, D., "Batrosa" Colthup G. A. "Mahratta" Cowrie street 54 Flack Mrs. A., "Annaley" 19 Potter Joseph II., "Heaton" Butt's 0. II., "'harm" Dine John, "irnestleigh" Nathan Harry, "Narivo" - Myers Myer J., "Bona-Wee" 43 Reynolds Martin 56 Willis W., "Ilford" Coleman Albert J., "Mille Fail. Arnold John, "Dunolly" Clark Miss A., "Namoi" Lammon W. G., grocer 58 Higgs Alfred, "Highgate" Parkes Mrs. John, "Greenwell" the" Russell F., leather goods maker Hangman Abraham, "Rialto" 45 Smedley Albert, "Trelnwney" 60 Kimmer Mrs. G., 'May Cottage" Byrne Charles, "Hillcrest" Finn Mrs. M., "Wnhroonga" Balfour road Close John, "Marathon" 47 Tidy David 64 Jalreman George II., "Sandhurst" Pate Miss Ruby, teacher of piano McKay Thomas, "Sheerwater" McDonald Mrs., "Lumbeml" 49 Classen Mrs. A. 66 Pocock Joseph, "Hibiscus" McClellan Ebenezer J., "Hazel. Deverall Robert, "Marston" South aide Vandersluys Albert, "Eritb" 51 Forman Walter A. 68 Pickles Samuel, "Vera" dine" Trouton James, "Armagh" Treasider Ernest Burnett William, "Jesmond" 63 Croke Mrs. G., "Milna" 70 Robinson George, "Kismet" Haydn William F. JOIMASTERS or APPOINTMENT TO MANY GOVERNORS AND ADMIRALS, THE HIGH COURT, ac.

34 1' ANTHONY HORDERNS'-IT ISN'T A SHOP, IT'S AN INSTITUTION. Sim RANIAT 1CK Simeon Street Off Grevillc stceet Noble John, '"faronge" Slopor Avenue (Kensington) Doncaster avenue to Eastern avenue LeeBrown Dr. L., "Kargal" Baker Sidney, "Melossi" Riley Aubrey, "Widcombe" Bennett C. J., "Cooma" Lees William, "Adelong" Meehan Mrs. M.. "Limerick" Tresland John, "Glenroy" Dyer William, milk vendor Battersby Robert, "Orville" McCarthy James, "Nerissa" Garlick Richard, "Portia" Ilaytws and Little, painters Snape Street (South Randwick) North Side Bunnerong road to Broad road Bradford John, "Kin-Ore" Bodoni Arthur Browning James Irvine street Vass Henry T., "Yerena" Ryan William, "Powell" Nash Thomas, "Langi" South Side Warren Mrs. Martha, "Ashton" Rice C. IL, "Maryvale" Browning Wm. C., "Altrue" Percival street Hannan street Pearsall Frank Grant Charles, "Eltham" Rees Arthur B., grocer Reilly Thomas & Son, produce merchants Kihliby,T., "A.J.C." Broad road Soudan Street Avoca to Perouse road 2 Serymgeour John 3 Brown Hamilton Kelly Charles, "Wallace" Stuart-Mason Mrs. J., "Curlew" Thompson James, "Allora" Dunn Brothers, coachbuilders Charman Charles W., "Irene" Hynes Miss Sarah, "Isis" Tarpey W. A., "Ravensworth" Stanley Street Avoca to Wentworth street Rudolph E. H., "Hil!crest" McClure William G., "Nandi" McNeill Archibald, "Knole" Hall Henry G., "Jollore" Dosseter Mrs. Emily, "Ripley" Bingham John D., "Cressing" Westbrook Thomas L., "Tiptree" Cyfer Edward.1., "Douglasville" Carr Mrs. Nora!), "Hermanville" Grant Charles, "Cwm Avon" Miller William J., "Gilgaree" Boshell Louis L., J.P. Stark Street Carrington road to Brook street Barnes Alfred C. "SeImola" Armstrong Mrs., "La Mascotte" Mackay P. II., "Forress" White Mrs. Emily J. Stephen Street Avoca to Wentworth street Mundt Mrs. Rose, "Farkview" Watson Walter Brereton Patrick, "Yorkshire" Rogers Thomas Watson Isaac R. Flannery Patrick J. Nay Henry J., "Samoa" Monmouth street Farley James C., "Coramba" Irvine Crain, "Euadrah" l'atterson Thomas C., "HiHued" Hall Ralph, "St. Ives" Thompson John O'Conner George F., "Lako Mai" Smith Charles Albert Arthur, "Myth Ayr" Kelly Charles T., "Florence" Little henry, Alexander II. J., "Ilffinforth" Hunter Lacy, "Howlett" Castle street Earl street Robey Albert \V., "Nerbudda" wart Street N Off Lee street Woods Mrs. Martha, "CloveIly" Wilson Alfred E., "Ramona" Turner Joseph, "Ventura" Murdoch Mrs. Edith, "Ivy Cottage" Frazer William, "Wagrobil" Watson Sydney, "Wagrobil" Cohen Mrs. Catherine T. Hopkins Miss Josephine Langdon Frederick Chapman Arthur G. Johnson William, "Everton" Watson S. C., "Boston" Flood E., "Banff" Glance Louis, "Ashton" Fotheringham John, "Ashton" O'Reilly Mrs. M., "Alma" Tracey Daniel P., "Thurso" Michael Richard, "Kia-Ora" Burg Andrew P. Stevens William, "Bedeville" Orchard Geo. W., "Wonga" Lester Charles, "Tenalcoe" Evans Chas., "Lilladale" Jones Mrs. M., "Orpheus" Storey Street (South Randwick) Bunwerong road to Maroubra Bay road Brown Thomas H. Burgess Hewett IIaykes "Canberra" Evans John, "Innisfail" Phelan Joseph, "Kilgreen" Mahoney Mrs. Eunice Mercer Joseph Webster Arthur Singleton John G., "Alma" Royal street Cunningham J., "Brighton" Strangcmuir.L., "Tennyson" Daube Ludwig, "Lowell" Waters William, "Engels" Worrall, "Carlyle" Jones Horace, "Marx" Hannan street Le Sue V. G., "Boronia" Clarke Robert, "Benalla" Everett street. Broad road Garratt street Lochmaree street Garden street Farthing Silas K. Mitchell Lionel Sullivan Michael, "Lornadoon" Rae Thomas, "The Ranch" Cooper street Aitken Robert, "Rothsea" Whittaker IV., "Maraval" Firkins Oliver Martin Ernest A., "Ivy Villa" State Quarry Mower street Clements Stanley Bell street Maroubra Bay road Strachan Street (South Kensington) Off Bunnerong road Neville Arthur T., "Rosetta" Rogers Thomas Sullivan Henry J., "Hinemoa" Nikki Joe, "Brighton" Williscroft Michael, "Carthona" Houston road Dickens John, "Dorisville" O'Donolioe Francis, "Elborg" Beaman Richard, "Murrayville" Ro yston road Brown William, "Paisley" Margarolas Dominic, "Esperinta" Simpson Daniel, "Carinya" Yeend Richard, "Gladstone" Stephenson G. W., builder Stewart James, "Dooen" Start Street (South Ran dwick) Avoca street to Bunnerong road Avoca street Slack Stanley, "Woniora" Willcox Miss 13. II,, "Reefton" Piper A. A. "Resolved" Champion lienry F., general store 31cCreamer, "Olgadean" Buchanan Thomas, "Allinga" Alves Mrs. L. A., "Moree" Dunn W. "Grenfell" O'Connell Charles, "Arrona" Adams Ilerbert C., "Enanook" Mills James, "Idaville" Gregory George A., "Jessmorea" Macke John A., "HineIlan" Woodhams Henry, "WooIambi" Stockdale Mrs. A. Ii., "Linacre" Taylor W., "Oakland': Grimes William, "Dorothea" Black J., '"Terranora" Arnold A., milk vendor Brooks R., "Ardwick" Sutcliffe 'Fred., "Oldham" Constantine P., "Aston" Broad road Bunnerong road Banncrono road Ilarrop J., confectioner Bishop Fred., hairdresser Sparks Mrs. Catherine, draper Broad road St. Martin's (C. of E.) School Church Bass street West S., watchmaker Clarke Austin, "Aircourt" Farquhar John G., "Ulmarra" Moore W. S., "Urilla" Mawer Mrs. C., "Llandudno" Payton street Morris A. C., "Romneya" Knipe 0. A., "Winoka ' Gallagher Joseph, "Nuala" Sully Street Off Howard street Chesher Thomas C. "Tyramon" Taylor, Charles, "Loyola" McFadden Ernest A., Branxton" McEvoy James, "Clairvaux" WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFIOEt 810 GEORGE ST.,CITY. 'PHONE 9228 OM Fahey John, "Kia-Ora" Canard John, "Arawa" Dunningliam John, "Clyde" Dunningliam John M., ''To Whare" Surf Side Avenue (Little Coogoo) Off Blackwood avenue Pauling 'Thomas, "Pathuna" Milligan William, "Oraker" Susan Street Carrington. road to Beach street Bishop's avenue Fern street Reed Mrs. G. M., "Alma" Bennett Mrs. M., "Avondale" Moore Joseph "Thalassa" Ramsey Archibald, "Clare" Byrnes Miss, "Lesion" Wall George 31., "Simley" Fruss Nicholas, "Alston" Ilogan Thomas, "Viona" Caddy Mrs., "Milton" Williams Reginald, "St. Anne's" Barry street Summergreen James, "Clifton" Shannon Henry, "St. Helena" Doherty William. "Castlerea" Green William L., "Carrawa" Green Thomas E., "Forbes" Green Thomas A., "Essex" Knox street Green Bros., quarry Fewings street lieron James, "Glencairn" Heron Thomas, "Lincluden" Davis Walter, "Acorn" Harrison William, "Sonunerhurst" Horton Frederick II., "Kirkdale" Steele & Co., butchers Denham Helena, ham and beef Fuller Mrs. A., fruiterer Hall John, grocer Arden street Tisdale Richard. "Bonheur" Brady Joseph, "Karoola" Smith Thomas Wilson Dr. Oxley,,t'Bringelle" Beach street ANTHONY HORDERNS'-A PARADISE OF ECONOMY. Sur HANDW1CK Vie 831 Sydney Street Waverley to Randwich street Walker William Fitzpatrick John L., "Raglan" King William M. Griffiths Arthur, "Breinton" Foster Douglas, "Belmont" Tay Street (Kensington) Off Allison road. Fisher John D., "Booralee" Third Avenue (Maroubra) Off Long Bay road. Ramey Charles, "liatoomba" Woodhill Daniel W., "Ellanora" Bird Sydney, "Indiana" Eastern avenue. Thomas Street (Coogeo) Melody street to Dudley street Leete John C., J.P. O'Riordan Michael, J.P., "Killarney" Thorpe Street (Little Coogoe) Off Battery street. Titania Street Off Oberon street Krug Mrs. C., "Lismore" Cox -- Sinclair John E., "Mayville" Avis Alfred J., "Melrose" 1Vakeliam A..1. Todman Avenue (Kensington) Eastern avenue to Moore Park 2 Fittock Reg., "Psyttyx" 4 Pike Charles, "Pendel" 6 Baker William, "Chelinsford" Southan Sydney Lance, "Melissa" 10 Forrest Albert B., "Hinton" Villiers street Stirton Mrs. Emily, "Male" Holmes Eric A., Tema" Walsh W., "Eric" Mitchell Arthur, "A13,01" Walson-Brown, Nurse, "Cardiff" Wilson Mrs. N., "Roma" Kensington road Kearey Mrs. M. A., "Maryville" 32 Bodoni William, "Carlsville" 36 Rosa George Douglass 38 Baker II. R., "Warrack" 40 Brogan L. F., "Wimmera" ' Bal/our road St. Martin's Church St. Martin's Rectory Rev. A. E. Rook - Lent/sal street 50 Abrahams Richard, "Roumania" 52 Gough Mrs. M. A., "Glenroy" 54 Bryant The Hon. F. II., M.L.C., J. 1'., "Carwinyan" 56 Mcdrae.1. M., J.P. 88 Cotton Reginald, "13aringa" 62 Ilaugliton G'. IV., "Orroroo" 64 Gallagher Richard If. 70 Palmer Mrs. Ida, "Ihmeldene" 72 Southan Mrs. Wm. M. 74 Hellings Samuel, "Thnaru" 76 Marshall James W.. "Wentworth" 78 Thorpe William W., "Illawarra" 80 Bennett B. G., "Casa" McIntosh Henry 84 Round Joseph 80 Olive David John, "Lawrence" Baker street Carminva street Traina G'., "Raleigh Park Villa" 1 Hart Ernest, builder, "Violet" 3 Walder John, "Gainsborough" 5 MeCalion Hugh, "Silvania' 7 Saunders William, "Sans Souci" 0 Cross David, "Lavinia" 11 Frankum P. A., "Emily Villa" 13 Bewe Lum, "Lilyvale" 15 Walker Harry, "Marsey" 17 Masman Miss J., "Glendarra" 19 l'ogonowski L. A., "Retaky" 21 Brewer Thomas, "Woodleigh" 23 Lee.I., "Rosslie" 25 Hickey J., "Ireneville" 27 Brown Charles, "Woy Woy" 29 Wright Thomas 31 Lister John, "Runic" Kensington road 33 Maher Mrs. Julia, "Tasita" 37 Kirkby A. H., "Moree" 39 Gillmann Francis John, "Donemark" 41 Foyler Herbert, "Newport" 43 Thomas Andrew C., "Queensdreath" 45 Smith Frederick, "Mignon" 47 Tointon Win. Henry, "Killawarra" Balfour road. Torr J. A. Raleigh park British Australasian Tobacco Co. Proprietary Ltd. W. E. Shaw, managing director Wills W. D. and H. 0. (Australia), Ltd. tobacco branch States Tobacco Co., l'ty., Ltd. Leigh S. T. Co., Ltd., tin printers Togo Street (Long Bay) Off Franklin street Smith Con. Osborne George Longbottom Jan Smith Harry Torrington Road (Maroubra) Long Bay roa I to /lector road Lurline street Innian street. Wilson street. Tower Street (Little Coogoo) Off Battery street. Hannaford A. E. Wiley Garden Frederick, "Avalon" Towers Street Off Boundary road OWC/111 James, "Eastbourne" Tramway Street North.sitle Off St. Mark's road. Hodge James II., "Kiora" Elphingston Mrs. E., "Fairhohne" Brigdale Joseph T., "Bristol" Vale *Street (Little Coogeo) Off Arden street Wiseman John Dennett II. A. Ilaines Mrs. Jenner John Varna Street Arden to Fern street. St. Luke's Church hail Hoare George W. Clarke Henry, "Langley" Seyde Wallace, "Ivydene" Byrne David, "Veneta" Greenhill Albert, "Roma" Byers Samuel Harris Alfred J., "Esor" Knox street 0 Bull Alfred 4 Rigby Edward 2 Shaw Walter Watson Alfred Melton Ernest E., "Santa Rosa" Douglas street. Waddington Robert S. Bond John, dairyman Fern street. Vicar Street (Coogee) Off Delmore road. Herron William, "Eat-Ore" Staub Julius W., "Charters" Bell Charles, "Tascott" Carver Arthur, "Leura" Dyer James C., "Olive" PACK AND DESPATCH PORCELAIN WREATHS AND CROSSES TO ANY PART OF AUSTRALIA

35 ' ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, 832 Vic HAND WICK Wen Vicar street (Coogee) continued- Iiresner Mrs. Eva,."Maseott" Lawrence -Albert J., "Bitterest" Bonner-Bond Mrs. E., "Bellwood" Rostron Mrs. Maud, "Thalatta" Sherman Mrs. C. II., "Bricken" Marshall John, "St. Clair" Fraser Thomas, "Auld Reekie" Carson Mrs. Mary, "Otago" Galloway Neil, "Linsdale" Barnes Mrs. C., "Claremont" Smith Mrs. Leah J., "Normandy" Victoria Street Allison road to Albert street Service James, "Occana" Melville Mrs. W. B., "Rosbec" Breakspeare John Caldwell West Reg. L., "Lochinvar" Harris Thomas, "Weymouth" Victoria Street (Long Bay) Franklin street to llowe street. Mallon Meadows James 1Vaterworth Oswald E., "Vista" Ireton street. Higgs William Burden Albert Seibert Ernest Raglan street. Major George, "Stanway" Fox street Napier street Howe street. Sailes Thomas Dudley Arthur, "Brooklyn" Smith Sydney Smith John Marsden Chas. IL, "Ratara" Ireton street. Miller Mrs. M., "Yuruga" MeNicholl James Savage William Be Luce Michael / Bell Benjamin Carroll Thomas Brown Ernest T. Smith J. McDonald, "Adaroni" Stewart James Hook Daniel Raglan street. Higgs Sydney Gray Charles Graham John Williams Frederick, "Fredor" Police Station Napier street. Cunneen Henry H., "Quambi" Howe street. Villiers Street (Kensington) Todman avenue to Addison street Kirby Rev. Father Michael Evans W. W., "Florida" Cohen Michael Henry, "Gyrnea" Hanran Arthur J.; "Keba" Lutwyche Mrs. Maria, "Terra Bella" Murphy A. M., "Isderi" Carpenter Hugh, "Cranbourne" Winnie Mrs. A., "Zelda" Litchfield Mrs. Martha Cox James IL, "Leoville" Aviet George, "Jesmond" Abbott Robert J., "Kainga" Frost Thomas W., "Mavana" WOOD, COFFILLA COMPANY LTD. Green Archie W.. "Osterley" Links James, "Kibah" Pallett harry James, "Dovenby" Veness Mrs. Mary, "Crosby" Bolton C., C., "Oakleigh" Bothwell F. IV., "Binnia" Diamanti L. V., "Fairlight" Morrow George R., "Carmen" McLean Mrs. M. A., "Preston" Virginia Street (Kensington) Off Lent/mat street. C'olless Horace, "Riverton" Bridge John, "Newcastle" Carved Walter, "Raymond" Hughson Gilbert A. "Galidell" Ingrain street. ' Cliffotd James R., "Ovington" Ford William E., "Norwood" Gibson Mrs. Georgina, "Louvain" Chilvers Mrs Annie, "Rupertswood" Spice Herbert, "Lenhartley" Myrtle street. Guest Percy, "Riverston" Daher street. Michaels Michael, "Toronto" Erwin Samuel G., "Dromore" Swan Mrs. E. H., 'Kentleigh" Wheatley Arthur, "Beeville" Groves Alfred, "Wymea" Boyle Williatn, "Inglewood" Kelly Henry W., "Iona" Kelly Michael Lawson T. W., "Bromley" Marks Charles, "Alcyone" Dowell John, "Glen' Stanley Joseph T. R., "Firmin" Egan William, "Richmond" Shakespeare Joseph, "Nidio" Baker street. Wade Street (South Randwick) Off Broad road. Ring Peter Waltham Street (Coogoo) Brook street to Arden street Green Frederick, "Maidstone" Doman Mrs. Ethel, "Pesaro" Campbell Archibald, "Oakleigh" Dixon James, "Lucyville" ' Bowie Harold, "Camnsie" Fitzgerald Thomas, "Eerendi" Wansey Road Allison road to High street Doherty Michael, 'Dulwich" Waratah Avenue Delmore road to Botany street Abrahams Louis, "Barongle" Thompson John R., "Wytangie" Roberts William K, "Invergardon" Marsden Harry, "Kia Ora" Grey Francis C., "Acadia" Meurer William, "Banavie" Bearden Charles, "Cornelia" Lewis John T., "Doloura" Ireland Frank, "Elmer" 13unney William, "Felicia" Davies John, "Gardetta" Davidson John, "Haleft" Curotta Morris, "Lucianna" Rainer Mrs. Maud, "Loretto" McLean George, "Fiona" Barker Joseph, "Salina" Bulger John, "Roslyn" lienrikson Leslie, "Warrenilla" Carson John Watt, "The Plains" Wavorley Road Mill Ilill road to Centennial Park. 41 Murray Mrs. Maggie 39 Bourne Alfred, hootmaker 37 Benjamin H., tailor 35 Edwards & Beim, dressmakers 83 Stevens John J., laundry 31 Ileazle Alfred 11., estate agent Ruthven street 29 Christian M. P. B. 27 Sullivan Fredk. 25 Collins Mrs. Kate 23 iloins William 21 Thomas David John 17 Christian Mrs., "Westgate" St. James' road 15 Wellerd Harry, estate agent 13 Smith B. R., bootmaker 11 Hill Thomas, plumber 9 Harris II. 7 Hopkins Mrs. A. V., "Aberdeen" 6 Cleary Joseph A., tobacconist 1 Eastern Suburbs tramway depot York road Centennial Park Waverley Street Off Sydney street 31 Frees Edward W. 29 Steele Alfred 27 MeCredie Thomas Cranston Archibald 23 Collins William 21 Cook Joseph 19 Williamson John 17 Solomon Samuel 15 Moylan Miss Annie 13 BieGuiggan Matthew 11 Burton Thomas 9 Dobbin Mrs. Elizabeth 7 Verender -- 5 Lipman David C. 3 Dobbin Edward 1 Sharp Arthur, "St. Aubyn" Wentworth Street Cowper street to Barley road NVall Gonsalvo, "Agra" Christie Mrs. Mabel, "Norbury" Coleman Mrs. C., "Avondale" McLean Mrs. 11., "Clarence" Henry Garnet, "Kenvin" Friedlander Charles, "Easton" Benson Kenneth, "Ciro" Wright Ernest, "Minoru" Harney George F., "Rossmoyne" Thomas Alexander, "Glenelg' Clifford Leslie, "Wallandoon" Keogh John, "Wombeyan" Mills Hugh, "Albany" Gronow James, "Berkeley" Seaton Elmo J., "Tudor" Frazer William, "Zoraville" Turner Robert S., "Beta" Stephen street Shea Patrick, "Mount Keira" Alexander J. D. "Mount Kembla" Nincholas Joseph, "Mt. Pleasant" McEncroe D. J., "Mt. Ousley" Lorking Stanley J., "13unyaria' Surville Edward, "Perida" Howell Thomas McDougall Alfred, "Rosebank" Young Charles, "Bethalta" Davis Joseph B., "Glenrock" Arnold Charles G., "Martindale" Moore Stanley W. Greenhough Lister, "Warrawee" Barden James, "Derby" Rooke William, "Kiora" Wilson Alfred, "Boronia" LIVERY DEPT., HARRIS ST. 'PHONE m1848 ON THE HISTORIC SLOPE OF BRICKFIELD HILL. RAN DIVICK You 833 Whi Gilmour E., "Bulga" Sterling William, "Telunga" Walker IIerbert George Ross William F., "Dunkeld" Harrison Arthur, "Cartnya" Allen Hugh, builder, "Iririki" Thornton William, "Kurnell" Eichler Henry A., "Arica" Lundberg Ernest, "Walton" White street Carroll Frank, "Wyreema" Cooper Joseph, "Ursula" Grant James, "Milton" Arthur William, "Lema".O'Brien Mortimer, "Liscannor" DMUS William, joiner Nichols Mrs. H., store Challis street Gandy Samuel, "Woorak" Curran William, "Lorraine" Cooper Henry S., "Tewantin" White Street Darley road to Wentworth street William Street Randwick road to King street Noud Mrs. Annie, "Kuroka" Stevenson W. Id., "Elm" Richards Mrs. J., "Morton" Stevenson Stirling, "Stirling" Conlon Mrs. Anne, "Arthurleigh" Scott Mrs. Montague Benson Thomas II., "Garfield" Salisbury Mrs. Annie E., "Elba" Gaynor John T., "Arcadia" Lane Charles. "Innesfale" Willis St. (South Kensington) Barker street to Rainbow street Winefred T., "Malgara" Spears Walter, senr. Norton Charles, "Koowong" Woods Frederick Wells Maurice R. Rivers Francis Melville Augustus Harris Arthur G. Kirvin Thomas Elliott John Wright Joseph II. Berwick II. Mulligan J. Mabbett G. Yates Thomas II. Woods William J. Wilson Street (Maroubra) Torrington road to esplanade Phillips John Trehetr James Henningham Charles Winchester Road (Little Coogee) Boundary street to Burnie street. Brown J. A., "Tarlo" Maltby Mrs. Charles Wight Mrs. 'William, "Denholm" Robinson Thomas R. "Edenville" Beer Frank, "Edna" Bastian Walter E., "Exeter" Gray Samuel, "Daisy Ville" Bible Edward, "Roby" Williams Edwin James, "Mersey" Burnie street Morris Edgar Scott Norman R. ' "Camira" Foreshew Alfred M. Foyle Cam George, "Pansy" Lynch Richard, "Wellfort" Noonan Joseph Sankey William, "Mosside" Braithwaite Ronald Roberts William J. Payten Ilarry, "Braeside" Mallisit Charles, "Ebona" Collins C., "Dudnanroy" Burnie street Winkurra Street 0/7 Dowling street 1 Evans William 3 MacLean John, "Coila" (uinsey William 5 Norton Leslie C., "Brooklyn" Milroy avenue Wise Street (South Randwiok) Off Broad road Glanfield Victor Bachelor Alfred J. Robey street Wolsoloy Road (Coogee) Cairo to Neptune street Mulvaney Mrs. -N. Batty Walter, printer Pliegan Arthur Webb Mrs. Annie, "Mongolia" West Mrs. A., "Ocean View" Neptune street Wood Street Off Rae street 1 Garrety John 2 Dinning Frederick 3 Devine Arthur 4 Russell P. McCarthy James V. ' "Nepean" Maberley Herbert, "Wilma" Watson Mrs., "Swindon" Morris l'ercy, "Nitlisdale" Morris Edward. "Kelvin" Hill F. D., "Keith" Gartrell Samuel J., "Glenrock" Pitt Mrs. E. J., "Caversham" Simpson Joseph, "Kinawanha" Thompson Joseph, "Tauranga" Woodland Street Off Brook street Stilly Frederick. Searle Walter Wride Street (Maroubra Bay) Duncan street to Beach Smith Frank, "Chester Lodge" Thorburn Alexander Bennett I'. Twemlow Bona Vista aventie Marine parade here ward street O'Rourke John Abrahams Emanuel Boyce John, store and estate agt. Marine parade Yarra Beach (adjoining La Porouse) Ilarwood Mrs. Caroline, refresh. llowe George, J.P., pleasure grounds King James, market gardener Butler William Makin James, market gardener Curtis Bros., market gardeners Ella Alfred Thompson Frederick, fisherman McCoig Archibald, refreshments Ilandeock James, market gurdener Public Sehool E. G... Hughes, headmaster York Road Waverley road to Barley road Walsh Mrs. A., "Galtymore" Harris Mrs. Isaac, "Clarishohno" Ilodge Henry, "Clovelly" Palfrey Mrs. Morpliew Frank, "Itoena" Fraser James, "Rothesay" Hughes David, "Merlyn" Edmeads Albert, "Mt. Pleasant" Clemens Mrs. J. A., "Edgeworth" Gillham George, "G'awsworth" Long Captain S. A. Marano Dr. V., "Dalgleish" Birrell street Willmans Paul, "Osborne Glen" Cohen Solomon, J.P., "lielstone" Lane Joseph J., "Dronbalgie" Benner William, "Albertnarle" Harris Mrs. M., "Mulwaree Phillips Rrnest. "Maitlan I" Charlton Arthur, "Waverley" Paterson Miss D., "Burlington" Olin I., "IVilhelin" Cadell Dudley, "Glenhurst" Brown William 0., "bauriston" Shaw Herbert, J.P., "Lanark" Cummings John 11., "Surbiton" Sanders l'ercy M., "Montana" Bewley Thomas II., "Saliba" Wintion Henry 3., "Bournemouth" Piper David M. E., "Clarendon" Ashtorl Street Gallagher James, "Roalyn" Kolta A. F., "Halifax" Corsellis Percy B., "Akraydon" Shanon Mrs., "Jesmond" Carter Mrs. Eliza Young Street Oil darker Stre4 Payten Thos., J.P., trainer Middle street Dodd Daniel Nerricker Theodore, "Woodbine" Gaineford John, "Chiltern" King Mrs. Bridget WE ARRANGE FOR INTERMENTS IN ANY PART OF AUSTRALIA OR ABROAD

36 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ECONOMY AND COMFORT IN SHOPPING. 834 Abe REDFERN. Abe REDFERN, Winning) on the north by Cleveland street ; on the south i by Phillip and. Boundary streets; on Dowling street ; and on the west by Forbes street. Area l35 nitres. Miles of streets-26. Number of biliabitants-25,000. Number of honses-4,940. Number Of electors 2,e00 of which are on ratepayers' roll. Council meets alternate Thursdays, 7.30 p.m. Mee h(,urs-9 stmt. to 4 p.m.; Saturday, 9 IWO. to 12. MAY0R T. I). P Holden, J.P., M.LO. A idsgiimen- TOWN CLERK Robert W. Grierson, J.1'. Belmore Ward: Sorry Hills Ward DEerrY l'own CL IGGC- A. Halligan Albert Ironies 0. T. Savage,.1.P. Joseph Gilmore Redfert hard 'I'. I). P. Ifolden, J.P. Enutimel You wopli Gnildford Dudley, J.P. Aborerembie Street Cleveland to Golden Grove street The Abercrombie hotel John Brosnan 3 Judd Jack, hairdresser Thompem George 7 GritInger Allan 9 Turner Alfred Hudson street 11 McKenna produce merchant 17 Cohen Bross., tailors 19 Shaw I. L., grocer 21 Oattriss John, g ym!waver 23 Wieland George, butcher Vine street liveleigh hotel W tn.n. Fitt-Gibbon 29 Douglas Mrs. M. A. 31 Rye's James 93 Randell lifbre. Margaret 37 Shield W. P. 41 McCoy John hainlresser 43 Strong Mrs. Itella, groom. 45 Loftus Mrs. B. 47 Dwyer Mrs. John 49 Carroll Bartholomew 51 Stokes Alfred 53 Haywood George 55 Porter James 57 Widish Mises Annie, 59 Zillmann Rev. Dr. J. H. 61 Webster Frederick 63 Black Samuel 65 Peterson John 67 McCabe M 13. Sarah 69 Goddard William 71 flatteries, Mrs. B. 73 Wood Arthur 75 Yaw NI Ids Margaret, dressmaker 77 McGinn Simon 70 Willson J. 81 Mullins Michael 83 I layen Rower 85 Bingham John 87 MeArdell Miss Mary 89 Condren Michael 91 Hogan James 93 Carton Mr. Teresa, dressmaker 95 Sheridan Mrs. Anita 97 Smith James II eson John R. OP Baker William 101 MoKiernen Mrs. Ellen 103 Buganey John 105 Cahill Thomas 107 McCauley William 109 Fraser George 111 McMartin Thomas A., hairdresser 118 Potts John John Leitch, J.P. John Buckley, J.P.. David Roberts, J.P. Golden Grore Ward : L. Timidity, J.P..1. U. IMMO,.1. 1'. Corneille; Hogan, J.I'. FottEmAN Joint liarler 115 Lopez Charles 117 Ahearn William, bootmuker 110 Millard aliii Crowley, fielt shop Caroline street 121 Goldes Ray, butcher Wells street McMurtrie and Co., Limited, boot manufacturer/. Hy street 125 Monaghan E. ham mei beef shop 127 Muck Miss Edith, greengrocer 129 Grave Alfred. newsagent 131 Hillsborough Charles, nab shop 133 Weatherby Joseph, bootmaker 137 Abrahams Joseph. tobacconist Shepherd lane 139 Stansell James, printer 141 Poulton C., shop and race litter 143 Primrose Mrs 'aniline, greengrocer 151 Ashton Mrs. Annie 153 Jacobs Samuel 155 Cohen Edward, taller 157 Lyons William 169 Prince Mrs. IL, licensed dealer 161 Kaplan and Kaplan, cabinet makers 165 Jensen Hans O. 167 Dietrich Mrs. Jane Hordes n Anthony and Sons, 1,bl., timber yard 189 Scipinione Ice cream tnanurturer Shepherd street 101 Galway Castle hotel Mrs. Swan Moloney 193 Todd Henry, contractor 194 Petherbridge Mrs. Emma 197 Smith Henry W. 199 Farrell Sydney G., hairdresser 201 Burgess Mrs. Mary Ann, fruiterer 201 Hayman J., bootmaker 205 Johnson Mrs. Rose 207 Dickenson Mrs. M. A. 209 Street Francis G. 211 'laity John 218 Payne Henry 216 Greer David 216 thistle John 917 Seymour Arthur. 219 Levett Joseph 921 Shepherd Mrs. Sarah 223 Jackson James 225 Dicern thy W. J. H., butcher 227 Denny 11., fish shop 229 Parefield John 231 Morris Mrs. W. 235 Willey Mrs. Margaret 237 Murphy John 239 McGrath Mrs. 0. Welt/is-- SANITARY INSPNCTOlt- Jiunucu Forgie the east by '241 Robinson William 243 Denney Nurse 215 Cooper William 219 PerkIlle & Co.. boot manufacturer St. Albans (C. of E.) 255 Paulson Mrs. Sophia, dreamt/1 titer 257 Choy James 259 Lorin Simon, confectioner Codrington street Royal hotel H. A. Hayden 263 Martin Robert 205 Gray Jelin Carley Mrs. &wall 275 Whisker Sidney 279 I.obb Mrs. Agnes 281 O'Dwyer bliss l'., laundry 1143 Wright Mrs. Dinah 285 Milton 'Dollard 2+7 Sommers George P. 289 Parker Willium 91 King and Klein, case factory 293 Hand Miss C. 2e7 Anderson John 299 McFarlane Mrs. A. 301 O'Alitliony David, grocer 303 Cummins Mrs. \Winifred 305 White William 307 Sturrock Cliarka 309 Cox Mrs. Itlizabetla 311 Fennell Thomas 313 (1ardiner liestry C. 319 Smith Mrs. 317 smith William, painter.119 Darwin M. J. 321 Ayton Robert 323 Rya/. Dennis 3:5 Smith George 331 Ryan Mrs. Ellen 333 itheetten Wi ham 335 Gwynn Patrick 337 Tye Henry Singleton Herbert 341 Cre uly Robert 346 Williams Mrs. Retsina 347 Coren Charles R. 351 Cdsrke Thomas, J.P. 343 Brown Mrs,. F.I zabeth 3s5 'homely Mrs. O., laundry 357 Lagreea GIOVI111111, fruiterer 359 Lapgborne William G.. grocer 2-8 Chippendale post offlee R. V. P. Flanagan. podmaster 12 Lecount Mrs. Mary 14 MeMenue Miss Mary 16 Smith Mrs. Mira WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEOROE ST., CITY. 'PHONE 9226 CITY ANTHONY HORDERNS' RELIABLE TRADERS FOR TOWN OR COUNTRY. Alb REDFERN. Bap Burchett Frank 20 Bath Charles, grocer 22 Finucane Mrs. Annie 26 Casey Mrs. F. A., laundry 28 Doherty George 30 Davis A. 32 Denison Mrs. A. Vine street 34 City View hotel Cornelius Keane 36 Keppel Bernard 38 Mortimer John A. 40 McCrea Kenneth 42 Hall Mrs. S. U. 44 Lamont Mrs. Charlotte 46 Mack Edward 43 Burraston Henry 50 Butt Henry J. 52 O'lifeaney Michael 64 Kirwin Thomas 36 Molloy Frederick 58 Ma yer Mrs. Bridget 60 Scowen Alfred 62 Sinime Robert 64 Electrical Light (sub) Station 66 Black Samuel 68 Wilson Mrs. Jessie 70 Mont. Thomas 72 JOIISS 31. A., clothing factory 74 McDermott P. & C., grocers 76 Taylor Russell 78 Beddy Mrs. I.etitia thu Woodley Frederick 82 Normoyle.Iantes 84 Brailillek Mrs. Mary 86 McCabe Mrs. Mary 88 CalTerella A., confectioner 90 Murrells W. J., Redfern laundry 92 Sunnier Eilwerd 04 RObi1114Williala 98 Bacon Walter 100 Mental' Robert 102 White Edward. weld and coal yard 101 N. S. Wales Meat Co. 106 Smark Mrs. IL, grocer 108 Barry Alfred, frititerer 110 Dewson Carl, clothing factory 112 Rowland Mrs. Caroline 116 Neeve Robert 118 Power William 120 Hudson Arthur, dentist 122 Moore William W., chemist 122i Jagelman W., estate agent ley lane Hu street 124 Turrall Charles, grocer 126 Clank Thome, eoachbuilder 131 Roy's! Ltd., tea merchants 136 Slithery 31Ichael, saddler 138 McGuire James 140 Harris Sydney 142 O'Brien Mrs. Bridget 144 O'Conner Henry J. 146 Paler A., bottle exchange 156 Tunbridge Joseph 158 Quill Alfred S. 160 Samms Robert 162 Norris William 162a McCarron L'ilniund J. 164 McRae Herbert 166 Thompson WilliaIll 168 Horne Robert IL, dealer 170 Tooliey Mrs. Louisa 172 Delaney Luke 174 Keogh Mrs. B. 181 Craine \William J., plumber shepherd street 190 Alexander Mrs. M., grocer 192 Collins Mi s s Carrie 194 Bamford Frank 196 Ingram and Iloyle, firlipen4 198 Marlin William, bootmaker 200 Wylie 11. W. 202 Winters J., fruiterer 204 Cook Mrs. 31. L., dressmaker 206 Wills Albert, bootmaker 208 Cass Ifenry 214 Usher \V. 218 Murphy Con. grocer 220 Fussell George 238 Wong T., grocer Raglan street 242 Aram's' Henry 244 Williams William E. 216 Doody Mrs. Elizabeth 218 Smith Sidney 250 Nelson Isaac 252 Blair William.1., greengrocer 254 Grave Alfred, newsagent Codrington street 256 Price 3. A. & Son, grocers 258 Wood Alfred 260 1Vise James 262 Parry Mrs. Agnes 264 Nelson Frederick aples Mrs. Ada 268 McCarth y Maurice 2684 Doyle William 270 Coghlan Thomas 272 lie-t Joseph II. 274 Hardier Georee 278 Chenery L. T., butcher 280 Willis shiney T. Lynwood!tall 232 Waring Richard 294 Milne Mrs. Mary 296 Jacobsen Oscar Charles 298 Heron Alfred mlowan Geary 302 Bailey Joseph 304 Ellis William J. 306 Guilfoyle John 306a liressington Percy 3066 Wheatley John 308 Clarke Francis 310 Symons Louis 312 Harrington Martin 311 Marriott Joseph 316 Williamson Mrs. Annie 318 Disunion Brothers, painters Campion J:, teacher of dancing 320 Clarke Wm., photographer 322 IVA rey Herbert 324 Stuart Robertson lilies Ross Alexander Si., iron and merchant 332 Henry Sirs. Catherine 334 Hawkins Alfred 5.-H. 336 Crook William, caterer 318 Ferguson John D. 341, Mel: in re Steven 312 Broderick Percy 314 Burns James IL 316 Green Frank 348 Elliott John 350 Bond John 352 Campion Mrs. Ada, grocer Albert Street 139 Pitt If, George street 2 Hall Mrs. 4 Blackmer John 6 Goodwin Herbert 8 Roberts Mrs. Mary eeder Mrs. Louisa 12 Tremeyne Henry 14 11o.olutil Patrick 16 Bit teson Mrs C. 18 Will John 20 Buckinglinin George 22 Werrick Mrs. Frances 24 Meader Albert A. e6 Slavin Edward 28 Cook Alice 30 31e(limi J. W. 32 Burns Mrs. N. 3 Gosselin Welter A. /5 King Charles steel 7 Hansen W. 9 O'Connor Mrs.:Kate 11 Neilly Mrs. Ethel 13 Dudley Charles 15 Plunkett Mrs. G. 19 Doyle Thomas 21 Butters Stuart 23 Keenan Peter 27 Hewitt George F. 20 Burworel William 31 McIntyre John 33 Tolmen William 35 Lawson Patrick 37 Logan George W...1.7'. builder Alderson Street 20 Kettle to Phillip street I Cannon Ilibib 3 Ferris l'eter 5 Abood Abilullah 7 Burke Mrs. Nora 9 Aleut(' Mrs Livett A Harding St re Kate Iford Thomas 19 White Mrs. Louisa 71 T011ei Mrs. Eugene 23 Smith John 26 Bosh Mehemet 27 Irwin William 29 Aslikar Joseph, junr SproillonAelnitieMithomittl S. 35 Cohen.1. E. 37 Mack Mrs. Edith 43 O'Keefe John 45 Quinn Walter bl Ram Mahal:Igo 53, Sllhiegryit3Irrsṣ...sliiy i t. 57 Turner Alexander 77 Cheirwie.den James, fttel merchant 79 Johnson Edwin, bootmaker Arthur Street 6 Morehead street to Walker street Baptist Street 10! Cleveland street to Waterloo boundary 3 Williams S., sheet motel worker Police Depot (see Bourke street) 43 Fox William 51., J.P. 45 Rooney Peter 47 Quirk TI10/111t4 Boronia street 49 Eccleston James ill Menforth Thomas 53 Reid Mrs. Elizabeth 65 Chapman Mrs. B. 57 Milton Alfred G. 61 m. J. 03 'Nip Edward 65 Harris Arthur G cCornitterke Ijoapil:yite8street Ogden's terrace- 69 Boyden John 71 liattisliall Albert E. 'Nettle Janice, architect 75 Becker Harold 77 Newton Geo-ge 79 Braiding Henry P. 81 Burgess Thomas 83 Boland J Grelg Manuel 87 Harland William Kercher Charles E. 91 North Albert II. 93 Sheeny William 115 Norton 0. J. 97 Molloy Thomas 99 Carey Timothy 101 Samuels Henry 103 3Iurphy Thomas CONDUCT UPWARDS OF ONE-THIRD OF THE TOTAL INTERMENTS IN THE METROPOLITAN AREA

37 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR TOOLS OF ALL TRADES. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR FARMING IMPLEMENTS. 8:16 Bel RE DFE RN. Bot Bou REDFE RN. Cal 837, Baptist street rontinurd- 105 Laveraek William. 107 Goodman Mrs. W. 109 Berwick Donald 111 Brownett Samuel Anita street 113 Rice Sidney, "MimiInscroit" 115 Penchi*? Frederick 117 Walkineshaw William 119 Ila11 John 121 Mammy William 123 Williams Mrs. Bridget 125 Chapman Arthur s 127 Dooley John 129 Luster Oscar 1st Chesil's IL A. 133 Ward W. 195 Murray Oswald E. 137 \Varna' Samuel R. 139 Sweeney John 141 Phillips Leopold II., carrier 143 Garland George 145 Walton George 147 Wenzel Albert 149 Cleary John 151 Moore I. II., fuel merchant Wunderlich. Limited, metal ceiling manufacturers, etc. E. A. and 0. Wunderlich, managing directors ; A. Keegan, secretary. Tel. 458, 459, 460 and 698 Redfern 38 Robins Edward 40 Conlon Thomas 42 Carter Robert Arthur 44 Shannon Ernest 46 Wood Mrs. Adelaide 48 Paterson Edward 50 Thrower Thomas Henry, J.P., M.L.A. 62 Blow Jcoeph 54 Davis Frederick lloronla street 56 Andrews Herbert 58 Hygraile Manufacturin g Co., Toys 62 Australian Laundry Machinery and Supply Oct C. F. Snell, proprietor 04 Wheeler W., boottnaker 66 Barnes Willi= 68 Brown Themes 70 Smith Henry 72 Rudd Fr nk 74 Welsh Thomes 76 Ewing Alexander 78 Bathis Henderson 80 Willsott Mrs. Mary Tel,pea street Gladstone terrace- 82 Solomon Jacob 84 Allen Mrs. Catherine 86 Wunsch Gregory 88 Cullinan William 90 Thomson Walter 92 'rarity Frank 94 Scala William 96 Connell Chris, 98 Anderson Benjamin 100 Bragg Mrs. A. 102 Arnold John S. 104 Burgess Will iam J. 106 Hanson Francis C. 108 Golding William 114 Gillett' Guido 116 Hall Henry 118 Johns Frsnk 12, 1 Rasmussen Johan 192 Smyth Charles 124 Young George NV. 126 Bice Sidney 24//1118 street &dander terraee- 128 Pinn Bertram 130 Glover Ernest 134 Fulton John 136 Paten Pe rcy T. 138 Johnson Henry 140 Donohue Mrs. Annie 142 Maher john 144 Permian Mrs. L. 146 Butler El Johnson William 160 MeCormac William IL 162 Pickard Albert W. 154 Gifford John 150 Osembell Mrs. Nano 158 Joust William L. 160 Horan James 162 Set more G. 164 Hr 4t George 160 Stanley William Bellevue Street )9* Hill street 1 Mooney Mrs. Sarah 27 Bennett James 29 White A. E. 31 McKenzie John Craft Bernard Boronia Square Gil ' 44 Book,. street 1 Gilbert C. J. 2 Thomas Oswald A. 3 Watkins William A. Boronia Street Bourke to Fining street 2 Brophy.John &Indy Jame, St Co., Ltd., store Brunner C., box factory 42 Montgomery John 4$ Ilroy Henry 46 Endicott George 48 Mooney Michael 60 Smith John 52 Smith Wiliam Joseph 51 Bresnahan Mrs. E. M., grooer Baptist street 56 Fryett.John W 58 Holmes Arthur 60 Trainor H G. 62 Frioer Robert 64 Farrell Patrick 66 Reardon Frederick 68 Eggers Lawrence 70 Ithigewell John Marriott street 72 Guider Abort 74 Davies II. 76 Armstrong Frank 78 Oliou, ke Walter 80 Matt, OW8 R Dennis] Stanley 86 Mooney Charles 88 Lee Thomas Bedford's Livery Stables 1 Wingate Thomas 3 Ryan W. L. 5 Wetzel Paul 7 Symons Samuel 9 Scott William 11 Powell G Charles 15 Sandy James & Co., Ltd., plate glass stores Baptist street 55 Kermond 57 Fumy h John 59 Henley Richard 61 Ritchie Mrs. M. 63 Quin John 65 Gould Alfred 67 Willow; James Henry 69 Henry Mrs. Rose, grocer Marriott street 71 McCarthy James 73 Hodge William 75 Faddy Mrs. Annie 77 Moult Thotne's 79 Pettifer John 81 Gee Mrs. M. 83 Blanchard Sydney 85 Jackson Alfred 87 Oak e an William 89 Dilworth Joseph H. 91 Pritchard William G. 93 Winch Herbert 95 Bullivant Arthur Botany Street 117 Redfern street to Boundary street 1 Greenfield H. and Co., confectioners Connorthy E. H., wine shop 3 Pattinson and Co.. Ltd., chemists 5 Iluto ison Mrs S., dining loom Blundell awl Brown. plumbers; Hickey Simou, J.P., M.L.A., leatheir goods manufacturer 9 Ryan James, J.P., produce merchant 11 Smith II 13 Jennings.T. 15 Woods -tephen 17 Eyers William Turner greet 27 Gibbons Thomas 29 O'Fyna Patrick J. 31 French Edward 34 r. teplieus Mrs. S. 35 Gair Peter 37 Sydney United Friendly Societies' Dispensary, Redfern Branch Howe G. W., J.P., engineer 49 Byron Arthur 51 Dewhurst Tasman & Sou, farriers 63 Walsh It. J. 55 Houghton George J. 67 Ashdown Villiam 69 McKinnon All, ed 61 Moggridge Mrs. Esther 63 Gent Mrs. Minnie 65 Ferrier Frederick 67 Carruthers Hugh 69 Ilegarty Mrs. H. 71 Jnrratt Abraham I 73 Shaw Frederick 75 Lauer Mrs. M. J Riley's LW, furniture manufacturers 87 Poll Francis 89 Ward John Henry 91 Hall John NV. 93 lianneford Victor 95 Wilson Christopher, wood yard 97 Salvation Army Barracks Howe G. W., J.P., motor agency 2 Cannon E nest 8 Taylor C. F. 12 Boss 311,.s Elizabeth Gainsford Mrs. Della 16 Ley Elizabeth 18 Lawson. Thomas G. Arthur Mrs. Mary 22 Smith John W. 26 Mason Mrs. W. 28 Mason John 30 Middleton James Fogarty George 31 Bates Albert 36 McKnight George 38 Moore Ric oard 40 Young Charles 42 Kirk F.dworil 44 Burt Alfred George 46 Lewis Edmund 45 White John 50 Prior William 52 Sullivan Edward 60 M.son Edmund B., bootmaker 64 Freeman Mrs. Alfred 68 Lees Arthur Tot LEADINI UNDERTAKERS WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. 'PHONE 9226 CITY 70 Young,Mrs. Susannah 72 Yeoman Samuel The State Stores Ltd., drapers Boundary Lane Golden Grove to Codrington street 1 Parker George Boundary Street 200 Regent to Cornwallis street Hawthorne Mrs. Sarah Gibbons lane 4 Wicker E. F. 6.8 WalliiJ oseph, veterinary surgeon Gibbons street Rosehill street Marks & Co, fish curers and smokers 12 Cusack Bros., fish dealers Boundary Street Vine to Shepherd street 1 Kelm' Joseph 3 Avery Mrs. E Seward James W. 7 Kent George W. 9 Linton Frederick 11 Fraser James, enginedriver 13 Davis Alfred Ivy street Boundary lane 15 Payne Sirs. AL A. 17 Lovett F. G. 10 Cummings Joseph 21 Brooks Arthur 23 Guy Martin 25 Willey Robert 33 'Whitaker Mrs. B. 35 Taylor James Davy William C. 39 Carroll & Keane, produce merchants Bourke Street 31 Cleveland street to Waterloo boundary 1 Nicol A. B., grocer la Gosnell R. P., hairdresser 3 Botta A. & Son, greengrocers 5 Bourke Mrs. Louisa, grocer 7 Thomas Arthur, arnaligoods 9 D'Arcy Edward, bootmaker 11 Troupe Mrs Annie, stationer 13 Hymatin Henry, hairdresser 15 Stevens A. 0., saddler 17 King Thomas D., laundry 19 Gooley WiUlinn, confectioner 21 Dunn Mrs. It. A., dressmaker 23 Haddon Charles 25 Costa Felix, fruiterer 27 Harper Norman 21 Biekley Frank 31 Marks and Son. butchers 33 Harris Frederick dealer 35 Burke William, butcher 37 Seller Charles F., grocer Chelsea street 41 Leecount William 48a Burgess Richard 43 Williams G. 45 Murphy Silvt ster 47 Doling Henry 49 Barton William 61 Benjamin Abraham 53 Moore Mrs. Mary 55 Moir Joint 67 Hownes Mrs. Isabella 59 Commonwealth Area Office, 28A. Charles street 61 Bryant Arthur 63 Crawford Albert 65 Windred Frederick 87 Rae Mrs. Bridget 69 Moore Mrs. Samuel John Howie John & Sons, builders Thu How street 87 Campbell Lockhart, grocer 89 Doran G.. confectioner 91 Phillips Joel 93 Hyman Robert 95 Hannon Patrick 97 Abrahams Charles Bell Athol E. 101 Edmonds Thomas 103 McNeil Mrs. Martha, grocer 105 Butcher Bros., carriers (stables) 107 Speerin C. L. & Co., case manufactur's Smith William, bootmaker 109 Parker A., farrier Maddison street 111 Wagner Carl Patrick R. G. 113 Wilson Hon. James, M.L.C., J.P. 115 Sommer W. IL W. Tads Mineral Water Co., Ltd. 127 Dunkley Lewis NW street Reckitt's (Oversee) Limited, starch, blue, blacklead, and metal polish manufacturers, London and Hull E. S. Stewart, manager 137 Dillon George, case it cask dealer Cleveland inn-0. A. Green 2 Matterson George 4 Norris Percy 6 Williams E. J. 8 Furness Mrs. J. Page Mrs. Harriett 10 O'Connell Michael J. 12 Wake Henry 14 Higgins James 16 Weeden Mrs. E. C. 18 Mills R. W., inspector of police Police Depot Supt. Sykes, in charge 20 Hands Henry 22 Goldstein Samuel Boronia street 24 Holding Harry 20 Watson Robert 28 Fairy Frank 30 Murray John 32 Black Samuel A. 34 Campbell John C. 36 Archer G. 38 Comans James 40 Thompson William D. 42 Cooper Charles W. 44 Lacey William Boronta square 46 Denton Oswald S. 48 Snell James F. 50 Quigley Walter D. 52 Moses Jacob Telopea street The Terrace- 54 Paul Frederick 58 Phillis William, contractor 58 Newnan Henry 60 Callaghan Daniel 62 Hughes Samuel 64 Flood James R. 66 Halbert Mrs. Rose 70 Tilley William 72 Gourley Mrs. Jessie 74 Weitzel Kurt 76 Sindel John 78 Dooley Walter 80 MoDonagh William D., constable 82 Mills Ernest 84 Butcher Samuel 86 Johnson John 88 Egan John 90 Burdus Charles 92 Boughton Albert Zuni's; street 94 Warburton Joseph 96 Begot Reginald 98 Wilkinson Mrs. Winifred Electric Light Sub-Station 108 Leitch John, J.P., builder 112 Rowney S. A., laundry Burnett Street East aide James to!yells street 1 Shepherd Ernest 3 Puttock Mrs. Rosa 5 Sims David 0. 7 Minter Frederick L. Troy William 11 Stenhouse John R. 13 Tierney H. 15 NVood Albert J. 17 Doherty Mrs. B. 21 Callaghan Joseph 23 Cable ',foliar,' 27 Wood Charles 39 Coghlun Thomas 61 Stour Ernest 03 Murray John 65 Jaskell Alfred 67 Peterson Oscar 2 Barrett Amos 4 Rosen Bros., box factory 6-8 Kirk & Dickenson, slate merobante 28 Milian' Arthur 30 Glover Percy 30 Wooley F. 38 Collins Joint 40 McKee John 48 Eastwood James H. 50 Fogarty Patrick 52 Fox Thomas 54 Kanaar John 02 Gronow Mrs. Elizabeth 64 Hatton Mrs. Mary 66 Davis George Calder Road 31 Ivy to Shepherd street 1 Corrigan Patrick 3 Malone Mrs. Mary 6 Fairbairn Robert 7 Bailey Mrs. Elizabeth, 9 Higgins Henry 11 Vaughan Henry 13 McEvoy James 15 Primrose Mrs. Sarah Shepherd lane 17 Hall John 19 Gower Stephen 21 Harrington _John 23 Cameron Victor 25 Butler John 27 Smith Mrs. Sarah 29 Begot Montague 31 Moon Charlet 113 Kelly John 35 Derriman Henry 37 Watson Mrs. Eliza 39 Eden Mrs. S. 41 Parker James 43 Lindsay Henry M. 45 Ferguson Francis 47 Warren MY. 49 Morris William 53 Braasington Charles H. 55 Butler James 67 Winefield John 59 Dowling John 61 Rowell James 63 Nutland Arthur 65 Hooke William 67 Townsend Richard, grocer 2 Player William 4 Fairbairu John 6 Perry Leslie H. 8 Megaton Alfred G. 10 5feMehon Mrs. Mary 12 Field Henry 14 Gilligan James 16 Wilson James W. Shepherd lane 18 Horan Mrs. Mary 20 Bowies Henry 22 Fowler James A. 24 Robertson Mrs. Thomas 26 Christian Mrs. Mary 28 King Richard W. OUR ASSISTANTS ARE CHOSEN WITH CARE AND TRAINED WITH EXACTITUDE

38 ANTHONY HORDERNS' ONLY UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS. NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. 838 Car RE ()FERN. Ohe Ole RED FE RN. Cod 839 Calder road continued VI Parkes Mrs. Sarah. 32 Newlands Mrs. Mary 34 Pry John J. 86 Refton Mrs. Amy 38 Townsend Alfred 40 Needham Mrs. A. 42 Penfield G. IL 44 Murray Denis 46 Wylie William 48 O'Farrell Patrick 50 Ward Joseph 52 Stanbridge Thomas 54 Fishy Thomas, greengrocer Caroline Street 102 gc-leigh to Abercrombie street 2 Williams Allan 4 Taylor James 6 Bunion Albert H. 8 Merchant Mrs. M. 10 Chapman Mrs. Matilda, confectioner Louis street 12 McManue F., grocer 14 Watson Hanenh, confectioner 16 Crown Frederick 18 Hourigan John 20 Hempel Mrs., nurse 22 Joe John 24 Cue William H. 26 Beckmann Edward 28 Taylor Faul Edward T. 32 Roberts s, Ellen 34 Moors Alfred 36 Conaglian Hugh, grocer Halo street 38 Robertmn Mrs. Maude, grocer 90 Wiles Frank 42 Andrews Richard 41 Brennan David 46 Dwyer John Thomas DO Kain Mrs. Charlotte 1 Corbett Themes 8 Abele Henry Tozer Thomas 7 Lloyd Mrs. Maud 9 McIntosh Mrs. Adelaide 11 Pearce Frederick 13 Stewart John J. 15 Austin J. 17 Argo Joseph 19 Hourigan W. D. 21 Suggatc Cherles R. 23 linnet' Mrs. Margaret 25 Smith Walter 27 Porter William 29 Cooper Albert 31 McDermott Richard 33 Millineen 85 Taylor Jsmee 37 Moriarty Michael 39 McOartin W. K. 41 Collies John 43 Davey Mrs. Annie 45 Tanner James 47 Scowan James 99 Harris Henry 51 Horten Thomas Caroline terrace- 53 Westwood Walter 57 Hillman Henry 69 Ford Mrs. Kate 67 Giles Samuel 69 Anderson Oust 71 Ferguson John H. 73 Bedson William John, musiolau 76 Gee Robert 77 Weller Mrs. M. 81 Reaves G. 88 Duff Mrs. Alice 86 Maguire Thomas 89 lialen Desire 91 Maloney Janice 93 Bridge Horace Castlereagh Street 271 Cleveland to Boundary street 1 Hartnett Nurse Alexander 3 McKeown Miss Annie 5 Kelly Mrs. Nellie, boardinghouse 7 Taylor iteerge 9 Dwyer Mrs. Rebecca 11 Sproule Mts. A., priv. boardinghouse 13 Goode Mrs. Mediu', boardinghouse 15 Brodio Miss Flora, private school 7 Kirk Joseph 19 Toland Alexander Hourigna Albert 25 Conlon John, J.P., Crown Bakery 31 Pankhurst Cheese, boardinghouse 33 Richardson Arthur Sydney Broom Manufacturin g Co. 41 Moxliant W. J. & Co., gen. merchants 43 Landinger Mrs. E. 45 Nichol Mrs. Hilda 47 Murphy E lward H., boardinghouse 49 Lercombe Albert E. 51 Prince G. W., confectioner ) rnes Mrs. Martha 55 Stevenson John R. 57 Ellis James 59 Hookway Mrs. Emily 61 Ward Mrs. Ellen 63 Taylor John 65 Cross Alberta 67 Rudd Mrs. 6. A. 69 Egan Miss Mary 71 Doff James 73 Penner. ether Percy 75 Jones Harry c1Citinon Charles 81 Wilkinson John, fuel merchant McMahon and Sons, stables 85 Martin Ernest, fruiterer 87 Johnson Patrick, bootmaker Redfern street Redfern park Redfern Bowling Great '2 Thorpe Miss Ada, grocer 4 Hatton Mrs. Catherine 6 Garrick Mrs. Ann 8 Nouns Joseph, confectioner lo Eggelton Si. W. 12 Smith Mrs. If. James street 14 Noble John S., "Beatrice 16 Kennedy P. A., dentist 18 Earl Mrs. Alice 20 Coltman Frederick 22 Mc().rthy Mrs. Adelaide 24 Goodin g Mrs. It. 26 Ellis Abe 28 tlitugh James, boardinghouse 30 Yates George 32 Wilson Sidney Albert 36 Ryan Mrs. Johanna 38 Lindwall Mrs. J. boardinghouse 40 Morrison Mrs. Elle n 42 Macklin Mrs. Catherine 41 Priestley Zipa 46 McLeod Mts. Elizabeth 48 Dixon Frank 50 Stowe Mrs. E. 62 Norden' Anthony and Sons, Ltd., iron yard 76 Jenkineon Joseph 78 Down Mrs. Sarah Woolpack hotel Walter McGrath Wells street 80 Madigan Mrs. Mary 82 Young Ilrs. Caroline 81 Doyle Joseph M. 86 Taylor Arthur 88 Barry Jeines 90 Ward Mrs. Bessie 92 Marshall William Redfern street Turner street 98 Shortland and Sons' stables 100 Smith George Hunter John and Son, Ltd., boot factory and warehouse McMahon's stables Parkview terrace- 174 (lawman Nicholas, clerk 176 Oat twr glut Mrs. Jane 178 Duncan William 180 Slade James, bootmaker 182 Corkery Daniel 184 Hughes Daniel 186 Heap James 188 neck M. 19u Edmunds John 192 Huggins Denis, grocer Phillip street Centre Street East aide James to Cooper street 1 Goff W. J. 3 McGee William Illit Joseph 11 Anderson George 13 Camben William 15 Spowitrt Edward 17 Messina Percy 19 Lyle James 21 Widgery Mrs. Eliza. 27 Connelly Michael 29 Ryles li. 31 Cohen Mrs. Sarah 83 Whiley William Ff. 2 Kerr Mrs. Martha I Fern Charles 6 Mayfield Joseph 10 Cosgrove Joseph 12 Mi klionleo Thome' 14 Ebb John 16 Shepherdson Mrs. Rose 18 Carter Charles 20 Moore Henry 22 Comes Arthur 24 Abbott George Charles Street 36 Dowling to Bourke street 1 Houston Mrs. R. 2 Lee Thomas 3 lbw) George W. 4 Brady Mrs. Daisy 5 Foster Frank Ii Hall Mrs. Jennie 7 Wilkinson Leslie 8 Wild William 9 Sergeant Lning Edwin IL, " Ivy mince" Bumble William," Brighton Cottage" Chelsea Street 14 Dowling to Bourke street 2 Larktnan Charles 4 Vaughan James 6 West Alfred 8 Francis Edward O. 10 Kennedy Mrs. Elizabeth 12 liatentan William 16 Alford Henry 18 Clifton Clarence S. 20 Coleman C. 22 Lewis Herbert G. 24 Lewes William R. 26 Hares Thomas A. 2e Olsen Mrs. C. 30 Smith William Henry 32 Jessup Satnuel 31 hfenialion Mortimer 40 Sutton Harold, J.P. 42 Cunningham John 41 Stanbridge Mrs. 0. J. 46 Stewart William F. 48 Gilbert John H. 50 Browning & Eyes, electrical engineers Stanley street Or Ryan It. 7 Luke Samuel 9 McKenzie Donald 11 Maiden Edwin 13 Brown Robert 15 Ryan Mrs. Catherine 17 Morris Mrs. Margaret 21 King George 25 Taylor Harry 27 Clifford Charles 29 Benefield Miss A. 31 Turner Luke 33 Smith A. E. 35 Thompson William G. 37 Glen Wilson, builder 39 Goddard David 41 Hodgson Arohib ild, junr. 48 Hodgson Archibald 45 Taylor Claude 47 Whyte Joseph Cleveland Street Dowling street to Darlington boundary 1 Duke of Cleveland hotel Mary Ann Pick 3 Rooney Mrs. Amelia, confectioner 5 Clarkin Miss Mary 7 Hughes Mrs. C. 9 Sander Louis 13 Waters 15 Jones Edward 17 Martin Miss Clara, refreshment rooms 19 Boland Thomas 23 Tuohy Joseph 25 Simpson Reuben 27 Boyle W. B. 29 Corbett Joseph, newsagent $1 Hume Hobert, currier 33 Robinson Mrs. Jessie 35 Wright George 117. Buck Mrs. Harriet 39 iluddlestone Thomas 41 Bieber Otto 43 Brogan Thomas 45 Hosking Mrs. Madge 47 Tyler Herbert 49 Lawrence William 11 Lovett Thomas J. 53 McGolrick John 55 McMillan John H. 57 Curry Mrs. Mary J. 59 Thomas Mrs. E. Mauls!, street 159a Blanch George, butcher Bourke street 61 Cloreland (nit C. Arthur Green 63 Gardiner Mrs. Rye, boarding house 65 Levy J, furniture warehouse 67 Olson Mrs. Mary, dining rooms 69 Hall J. P. boottnaker 71 Tam Charles, fruiterer 73 A ddicoat Joseph, tobacconist 75 Abrahams and Williams, dealers Ross George, motor garage Union Coach Works Co., coachbuilders 91 Walker H D., teilor Nairn W. R. and Co., drapers Baptist street Bank of N. S. Wales A. C. Y. Miller, manager 109 Pigott Frederick, mercer lonation Picture Theatre 117 Hermes/ Patrick, eoachbuilder Marriott street 12Ia Ryan Ernest, fish shop 123 Talty Miss Mary, grocer 125 Pickering Reg, confectioner 127 Newnan(' Mrs. Sarah 129 Wetless William 131 Gregory Henry 133 Taylor Mrs. Mary 135 McCrea Mrs. Elizabetlt 137 Young Joint 139 Moore Mrs. Margaret 141 Dempsey:Arthur 113 Whelan Ernest 145 Smith Alexander, watchmaker 117 Leith A. T., hairdiesser 149 Gray Arthur, stationer 151 J IMMUIld, fruiterer Toting street 153 White Edwin J., butcher 155 Tauro Joseph, flutterer 167 Seines E. D., fishmonger 159 Tonto T., laundry 163 Widdup Miss Martha, confectioner 165 Stanley Stephen 167 Carrick Mrs. Maggie 169 Fewre J. IC. 171 Horan James 173 McCarthy Bernard J. 175 Simpson Miss Margaret 177 Fletcher John J. 179 Matson Azer, saddler 181 Long Mrs. Bridget 183 Watkins Williams 185 Roane Mrs. G. 187 Jude John 189 Dubois Mrs. M. A. 191 Ross George 193 Woolf It., boot manufacturer 195 Phippara and Co., electrical engineers 197 Evans Edwin, plumber I9U Doyle William, boot:linker 201 Millen Leslie, hairdresser 203 OlitYe Mrs. Jessie, stationer 205 Young Henry, hairdres,er 207 Norfolk hotel G. C. Hutchinson Walker street 209 Petohell Frank S: Co., Ltd., boot manufacturers 211 Martin Stmiley, hain shop 213 Cain W, confectioner 215 Parry John 17 Mitchell Thos., J.P. 219 'rriglone Amos 221 Khan F. G. M., herbalist 223 Oxley Walter /25 Knight Isaac 227 Chapman E. 0., dentist 22. Holmes Mrs Diligent Joseph 33 Breeze Reginald, hairdresser 235 Levitus David, pawn shop 237 Archer William, bootshop 239 Campbell William, furniture shop Elizabeth street 241 Sorry Club hotel- 243 Sydney Tobacco Co, store 245 St. Margaret's Hospital for Women (outdoor depart. and dispensary) Great Buckingham street 249 Evans Mrs. Louisa, confectioner 251 Cincotta C., fruiterer Davies Mrs. Mary 257 Livemere James W. 259 Newell lien y 261 Adams Mrs. Mary 263 Broughton Mrs. Si. 265 McCarthy Miss Mary," Studley" Roberts C., lime merchant 267 Ball Harold 269 Murray Sidney 271 Lloyd F., J.P., chemist Castlereagh street 273 Langton W. Dagen, J.P., physical' and surgeon 273 Langton F. W., surgeon 275 Johnson Mrs. Alice Pople J. W E., teacher of music Nile E. J. I. teacher of 'nude 279 Finuenne Charles, confectioner 281 St. Clair Henr y, piano tuner 283 Parkinson H. H., physician & surgeon 285 Biggs Mrs. Mary to. 261 Byer George 291 Cooley 1'. (3., physichtn and surgeon Wirth Phillip, "Dudley Villa" 293 Blue A. I. ' physician and surgeon 293 Campbell Mrs. A.," Louisa Villa" Pitt street 295 Porteous Mrs. Sarah, boarding house 297 Furness William 299 Patrick Mrs. C Hunt Ernest A, 303 Lewis Mrs. Harriett, boardinghouse 305 Neminghtt Private Hospital Nurse Munro 307 Smith Geo-ge II. 309 Walsh William 311 Burg Mrs. Bridget, boardinghouse 313 Ray Miss Maude, boardinghouse 915 St. George Hugh, physician & surg'n 317 Bate Thomas 319 McDonald A. 321 Russell John '1'. 327 Earnshaw.1.. contractor Reidy Mrs. IL, confectioner George street 329 Hatrdeker Mrs. M. J., boardinghouse 331 Williamson Edward, boardinghouse Congregational Church Renwick street Clarke F. J. Commonwealth Divisional Returning Officer for South Sydney Arkinstall George, newsagent Regent street Woodburn street Royal Standard hotel Ernest J. McCarthy 355 Wilson James 957 Cantwell Thomas 359 Hodgson Mrs. Si. A. 361 Davis Charles 363 Jones Mrs. Ane, grocer Eveleiyh street Conlin Miss Mary, grocer 3119 Guy George, bootmaker 371 Day Mrs. Mary 373 Huttley Ernest thirt street Brown P. H. & Co., furniture manufacturers Broadbent and Parks, Foundries, Ltd. Loverldge and Hudson, contractors Abercrombie street Vine lane Gordon Willient, contractor 403 Sullivan John 407 White J. F. 09 O'Donnell Denis 23 Gorham Mrs. O. K. 426 Thomas Herbert 27 Lowe William 429 Downe Charles Edward street 431 Ifenrahan E. J., newsagent 433 Colreavy Mrs. Ellen 435 Freeman 11. A. 437 Duggan John T. 439!toll, James 441 Day Mrs. Emily, boardinghouse 443 Sinclair Harry S. 445 Riley Mrs. Ellen, boardinghouse 447 Coady Patrick 451 Davies Mrs. Annie 453 Lowe John 455 MeNatnara Mrs. Elizabeth 459 Small Thomas, fuel merchant 455 Slutially Mrs. Emus, 467 Britannic! hotel James Quirk (For remainder, see City streets and Darlington) Codrington Street Wilson street to Darlington boundary Abercrombie street Firth P. J., Ltd., paper box factory 65 St. Heaps It. J. 56 Anderson Frederick, learn 6: beef shop WOOD, COFFILL a, COMPANY LTD. MEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9227 CITY WE OWN THE EQUIPAGES AND HORSES OF MOST DEPARTED GOVERNORS

39 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR STATION SUPPLIES. ANTHONY HORDERNS' SPOT CASH MERCHANTS. 840 Coo REDFERN. Edw Eli REDFERN. Eve 841 Cooper Street From Marriott to Elisabeth street 2 Gaffney Mrs. M. 4 Newton George 6 McGaulley Peter Twiny sired 8 Jones R. 10 Banner Thomas 12 Ward Walter Waterson S., plumber Little Young at street 10 Worthington George, woodyard 18 Harvey John, greengrocer Walker street 20 Smith M. S., grocer Centre street 22 Leach & Bates, painters 24 IVIlyatt George 26 Chappell Edward Kensington terrace. 1 Whalley Alexander 0. 3 Smith Mrs. Clara 5 Gavin Mrs. H. 7 Whiting James F. 9 Grigor Allan 11 Hacker Ernest 18 Loewe Henry 15 Bedford Victor 17 Gates Charles 19 Fisher George 21 Kenneagh Mrs. Ellen Young street 23 Bruce Peter 25 Knight William Churchill John 29 Girton A. 31 Hayes David, saddler 33 Mullins Mrs. H. M. 35 Nesmith Kenneth 87 Tucker Mrs. Frances 39 Briscoe F. J. 41 Grainger Joseph Roper Mrs. Mary, grocer Morehead street Buttel Albert, butcher ' 43 MeKell Robert 45 Brown George L. 47 McCarthy Frederick W. 49 McCabe Arthur bl Roberts David J.P. Victoria street Walker street 52 O'Connor Michael 55 Nott Mrs. A. T., grocer 57 Masters George 59 Hayes Thomas W., J.P. Cornwallis Street 43 Marion to Boundary street 1 Johnson George 3 Carroll Thomas 6 Bowers Arthur 7 Fleming Cecil 9 Walker John 11 Hogan Mrs. Mary 13 Tattersall William Margaret street 15 Green Harold 17 Southall I. 19 Johnson James 21 Chandillea J. 23 McCullagli James Rylands William 29 Sadler John H. 31 Burke Mrs. Mary 88 Gillard Henry 35 Kenny William 37 Matthews Thomas 39 Renaux Marcelle 41 Gates W. 48 Clifford Thomas 46 Brown James Todd G. and H., carriers 2 Hair William J. 4 Baker Thomas 6 Robinson Mrs. M. M. 8 Lambert Mrs. A. 10 Peat James 12 Bellamy Alfred Is Gosling Thomas Margaret street 22 Coss Mrs. Mary 24 Leffey John 28 Clancy Mrs. E. 30 Lethe Mrs. Frances Douglas Street Turner to Phillip street 21 Rand Mrs. Agnes 23 Brown Alfred 25 Connor James 27 McDougall Mrs. Hannah 29 Rannard Francis 31 Hall Mrs. HUI 33 Hammy Patrick 35 Gibbons Mrs. Mary 87 Drinkwater Arthur 39 Weston Charles 41 Crowe Robert 43 Jenkins Mrs. 45 Lewis Augustus 47 Branighan James I'. 49 Summers Percy 51 Conlin Richard 53 Page Frank 55 Sedgwick Charles 87 Butler Patrick, hootmaker 59 Nimmo James A. East street 2 Campbell John, jun. 4 Tarves William 6 Buckley James 8 Lyons NV. 10 Campbell John, sent 12 Kelly Sidney P. 14 Austen James W. 18 Daley Mrs. Mary 20 Warren Oliver 22 Baylis Andrew 24 Carter John 26 &tailors David 28 Smithers William 30 Tarves William 32 Bellingham John Thomas 40 Ryan Thomas 42 Bryce F. F. 46 Stokes Robert 48 Williams John J. 50 Baldwin \Yellow 52 Kenny IV. R. 54 Lewis Samuel 56 Jackson James, bootmaker 58 Tweedale William 60 Allan W. 62 McDonald Francis 64 Simmonds Phillip 66 Spare Charles Dowling Street Cleveland street to Waterloo boundary 2 Steadman Milford 4 Dunn Joseph 10 Decide Mrs. Mary 14 McMillan William C`hslsea street 16 Sommers William 16a Martin Edward 18 O'Keefe Rodger 18a Mahe James 20 Resented Alfred 200 Sanderson John 22 Harold John 24 Driver John 26 Erickson 0 W. 28 Pearce Edward 30 Waterson Samuel 32 Mallany Thomas 34 Truman John Charles street 36 Norton Edward J. 38 Piper Frank P. 40 McCelland Arthur 42 Young George H. 44 Harris Mrs. C. E. 46 Simmons Edgar 48 Smith Mrs. Mary 50 Simony John 52 Broomfield Robert 51 Gardner George 56 Mulready Thomas 58 King Mrs. F. J. 58i Erickson Peter Thu now street 60 Martin Mrs. Mary 62 Poulter Richard 64 Osborne Mrs. Jane 66 Seymour Frank 68 Thompson Frederick, J.P. 70 Spinks James! 79 Conlon Alfred Bryne Edwin 74 Hunt Francis 76 Rothery James C. 80 Greenwood George IL, solicitor and commissioner for affidavits 82 Gillman Thomas 84 Quinn John 86 Commonwealth Area Office, 26 B 88.9J Clendinning Miss Isabella, nurse Maddison street 96 Reid George, engineer 98 Johnston George 100 Ludzen Ludwig 102 Amos John 101 Farrell Thomas, boardinghouse 1011 Beatty Timms 108 Ranck Gorge 110 Hoare Henry 112 Hauck Mrs. J. i14 Sergeant John Resch's Limited, brewers W. 0. Hopkins, secy. Tel Redfern & 162 Paddington East Street Douglas to Pitt street 2 Bingham Charles 4 Buckland W. M. 6 Elliott David Irwin 8 Lang Walter 10 Stein Abraham 12 James John 14 O'Connell Joseph 18 Lacy George 1 Humphreys Robert 5 Cusack John 9 O'Brien Michael Edward Street Vine street to ivy lane and Abercrombie street l Fletcher Mrs. Bella, grocer 3 Quills Arthur 5 Stewart Henry 7 Whitty Patrick 9 O'Brien Airs. J. 11 McConkey John E. 13 Cummings F. IV. 15 Peters Walter 19 Martin James 21 IVatkinson George 23 Lansdowne Irving 25 Nicholson John 27 Wilson Mrs. Rose 31 Rogers Mrs. Mary J. 35 Poole Alfred 37 Slater Frederick 39 Kay Robert 41 Hogan Con. 43 Josie Mrs. Emily 45 Ingle Joseph WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS, SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION 47 Dunning David 49 Joel L. 53 /Buell George E. 65 Nesbitt George 57 Winter Mrs. M. A. 59 Izzard Joseph Thomas 61 Brook Mrs. M. A. 63 XicNaught John 65a King Mrs. Mary 65 Coombs Richard 437 Farraher James 49 Smith John 71 White Mrs. Margaret 73 Renoir Mrs. Mary 75 Haggett Alfred J. 83 Russell Robert 2 Duffy William L. 4 Archer John 6 l'enson Henry 8 Bateman John 10 Foley Alexander 12 Melt Mrs. Margaret 24 Goodman William 16 Doyle George 18 Ford Henry John 22 Barker Alfred, cabinetmaker 24 Devenny William D. 26 MoKivat John 28 Farrar Robert 30 Collier Mrs. Minnie 32 York William 34 Clark Alfred 36 Hovey Mrs. M. J. 39 White Henry, iromnoulder -40 Sullivan Alfred E ryans George 44 Bennett Mrs. Matilda 46 Holmes Mrs. Ai. 48 Cronk George E. sheet metal worker 54 Finn Hunter 86 Mistier Clement 58 Walker Andrew 60 AlcEwan A. 62 Stride Mrs. S. 62a Ridley James 66 Hayes Michael 68 Marshall Harry D. 70 Muirone Robert, grocer Elizabeth Street 232 Cleveland to Boundary street 1-3 Geraghty Connell, builder 5 Bourke Mrs. Annie 7 Breen Mrs. Kate Lauder L. A. 11 Apps Mrs. Jeanette Black Mrs. Jane 13 Roberts Darcy 15 Heady Mrs. M. 17 Godfrey Frank W. 19 Tucker William 21 Allan Mrs. IV. 23 Kerr John 25 Sayer Rufus W. 27 Mackenzie James, carpenter 29 Gifford Mrs. Hannah 31 Byron A. P. 33 Seone Mrs. Elizabeth 37 Thompson Ernest NV. 39 Campbell George 41 Quinn Francis 43 Burke John 45 Wardals Mrs. Kate 47 Joseph Mrs. Elizabeth 49 Rickard Edward Cooper street 51 Blake George, grocer 53 Dorman Joseph 55 Cavanagh Thome 59 Cullen John 61 Martin Mrs. Elizabeth 43 Spillane Patrick 65 Blatchford Percy 67 Gray Miss Elizabeth 69 Croucher Henry 71a Turner Arthur 71 Duff Alexandra 691 Hopper Arnold 73 Yeldham Bros., produce merchants 79 Farrington Mrs. Ellen 81 Miller George 811 Hodge Thomas 83 Lodge William 85 Trestrail A.. confectioner 87 Itigg Leslie 89 Marree Masseur', draper 91 Nutt Mrs. A. J. 911 Jandatrom William 93 Ewers William 97 McDonald James 99 Robertson William 101 Perry Mrs. Margaret 103 Hush John 107 Service James 109 Fahey Mrs. K. III Crouch James 115 Howard J., bontmaker 117 Coorey A. and Bros., importers Redfern street bert hotel Frederick Condy 125 Sissien Nicholas, fruiterer 127 Hudson S.. saddler 129 Jennings Robert, hairdresser Specterman A., clothing rnaret Hanna M. and M., importers Saba & Son, brace manufacturers 147 Francis Thomas 49 Abousambra Mrs. A. 153 Abet's= bra Assail, fruiterer 155 Ewers A. J., hairdresser 163 National saw and cutlery works 169 Australian Eleven hotel D. M' Donald Kettle street Naser Abdnliab, warehouseman 175 Abouritk P., confectioner Abend E. D., importer 187 Bakhash Abdulla, co»fectioner 189 Mimed N., brace manufacturer 191 Been Einem merchant 195 Rahmatalla and Been, drapers 201 Puckering and Co., drapers 203 McCormick Comm., watchmaker 205 Curley Mick, grocer 207 Kayrooz A. J., draper 209 Miles Alfred shop Gazal Michael, merchant 217 Clarke George, fishmonger 221 Malouf G., fruiterer 229 Mated 0., draper Melon( J. T., draper 235 Hanna Ai. and M., importers 337 Sounda A., fruiterer 939 Sone A. T., chemist 341 Chong P. C., fruiterer Phillip street 2 Mackey W. C., Sunbeam laundry 4 Heimann Charles, hairdresser 6 Schouhardt J., butcher James street 8 Clayton George, greengrocer 12 Smiles C. IV., grocer lielick Stanton 18 Mellick J. L., billiard saloon Sydney Costume Co Melick Stanton, warehouseman Cathojie Apostolic Church Louden Alexander boot factory 32 McDonagh Bros., gas ' fitters 34 Dibley Leslie T., hairdresser Gabriel A. H., restaurant. 46 Boardman George Hordern A. and Sons' (Ltd.) store, bedding and wire mattress factories, iron and galvanizing works Spearman E. H., livery stables Syrian Church The Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney, Ltd. E. E. Poulton, m'ger Iledlern street Eveleigh Street Cleveland to Wilson street 1 Hawke T. M. 3 Norris William 5 Waterman William 7 Hilder Charles 9 Key Mrs. Fanny 15 King Michael 17 Langley Mrs. Annie 19 Reid Edward 21 Spittlehouse Joseph 23 Tango Mrs. Mary 25 Parker Mrs. E. 27 Brodie Thomas 29 Martinet Nelson 31 Southern Mrs. AL Ma Hughes Edward 33 Harris Mrs. M. A. 35 Faulkner W. N. 37 Reynolds Martin 99 Faulkner George J. 43 Buchanan William 15 Honey Alfred 47 Aforoney Mrs. Agnes 49 Davis John 51 Dillon Laurence 53 Elliott Rowland J. 55 Green Joseph 57 McCarthy Charles 59 Gilligan Thomas GI Mason Thomas Holden street. 63 Wark Mrs. Jane 63 Bailey Miss Margaret, greengrocer 67 McNamara Joseph P. 69 Smith George 71 Webb William 73 Hayes Henry 75 Olswick Mrs. Catherine 77 Hogan James 79 Taylor John 81 'Forsyth Robet t 83 Smith Mrs. Jane 65 King Follent G., bolt and nut works 87 Irvine Mrs. John Dwyer John 89 Hollitt George 91 Condren Edward 93 Perry Albert 95 Hickey Michael 97 North Thomas 99 Drewes John 101 Ford Frank 103 Love Mrs. Harriett 105 Ballantine Thomas 109 Walters Charles 111 Thompson Francis E. 113 Summers Mrs. Jane 115 Lees Mrs. Lavinia 117 Morgan Alexander 119 Chapman George 121 Johnston William, bootmaker Wells street 127a Murray John 129a Fraser George 129 Pettereon Neal 133 Chitten William 35 Loftus E. M. 37 Berwick Thomas 39 Murray George 41 Hogan John 43 Molan F.dward 45 James II. 41 Graham William 49 Guru George 51 Myers Mrs. Mary 53 Whelan William 55 Curran Thomas 57 Harris Eban OUR ESTABLISHMENT is SELF-CONTAINED; WE MANUFACTURE AND REPAIR OUR VEHICLES

40 4 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR FURNITURE AND FAMILY DRAPERY. 842 For REDFERN. Geo Eveleigh street continued 2 Roohford James, constable 6 Hazell Brothers, blacksmiths 10 White Miss Eliza 12 Dunn Alexander 14 Tangy Mrs. Sarah 16 King Mrs Harding Thomas 20 Wall Mrs. 51. A. 22 Hayes William 24 Blemthal Joseph 26 Him; John 28 Loveridge Aaron 30 Wilson Owen D. Hudson street 34 Brearley L., J.P., fuel merchant Vine street 36 Tout Mrs. Eileen, grocer $8 Christie Ms. Harriett 90 Fletcher A. 42 Kelly Harry G., painter 44 Harper Frederick 40 Elliott John 48 Donaldson William 60 Kelly M. J. 52 Goodall Thomas 54 Nollinge John 56 Layeeek Mrs. Jessie 58 Douglas Mrs. Daley 60 Nicholls Mrs. Annie 62 Ryan George 04 Bunch John 66 litkinson Mrs. Nellie 68 Hall Sidney 70 Robinson Mrs. Margaret 74 McEvoy Mrs. Amelia 76 Nichols Frederick 78 Ainsworth Miss 11. M. 80 York John T. 84 Morgan Patrick 86 Olarey Patrick 88 O'Connor Edward 90 Casey John 92 Spume), William 94 Mc3lanna Miss Catherine 98 Anthei William 98 Barnes Harry 100 Blundell Henry 102 Lee H. D., butcher Caroline street 104 Ullman John, grocer 100 Hazel Hector 108 Gledhill Charles 110 Simpson Miss Annie 112 :lames William R. 114 Petrick Robert Wells street 134 Burns Alexander 126 McDoneld James, J.P. 128 Dawson T. R., painter 130 Clarke William, machinist 132 Hambly Harry Anthony 134 Graham William Voi, 136 Cornish Mrs. M. A. 140 Galumidi Mrs. A. 142 Hogan 144 Colquhoun John 140 Lees William 148 Carr Mrs. Mary 150 Jones Mrs. Sarah 152 Truchind Henry 1154 Spears Richard 150 Dodds Mrs. Mary Dodds Percy 158 Matthews Charles 160 Barry Themes 162 Appleby Mrs. M. 161 Farmer Mrs. Elizabeth 166 Howe Mrs. Martha Forbes Street Darlington boundary Wilson street 1 Watson Vivian 3 Peterson Alfred 5 Curtis Mrs. b. 7 Reid David Thomas 9 Gilbert Mrs. Eliza 11 Cleary Joseph P. 13 Sherin Rev. John (11.O.) 17 Gorman Mrs. Elizabeth 21 Robb John 23 Bradshaw Mrs. A. J. 23i Barton Mrs. Catherine 25 Taggart Mrs. Elizabeth 27 Parker Mrs. E. 20 Madden Mrs. Annie 31 Bergin Henry 33 Carroll Mrs. Bridget 35 Barden Mrs. Ada 37 Gallagher Mrs. Amelia Royal Edward hotel Mary Doyle (, see Newtown) George Street 327 Cleveland street to boundary 3 Borstel Mrs. Harriett 5 Lambert Mr. Elizabeth 7 Walker Edward William H. 11 Watson Mrs. Elizabeth, boardinghouse James street 13 Francis John W. 15 Sherman Mrs. Jane 17 Trevitt Mrs. Alfred 19 Proctor Mrs. Mary A. 21 McWhinney Bros., ironfeunders 23 Case Walter Taylor and Wearing,.ironfoundere 20 Cannon Ernest 31 Trotter William 33 Lippman Israel 37 Gould Henry 41 Murphy Thomaq W. 93 Aitchison George Stirling street Wunderlich, Ltd., shop and office fittings manuf. Tel. 271 Redfern 53 Roche Francis, confectioner 55 Bethnal Walter, greengrocer 57 Buckley J. 59 Thompson James Short street 61 very Bert 63 Hickey Mrs. James 65 Cole William 67 Williamson David 71 Bennett John J. 75 Thornton Edmund, builder 77 Young Humphry 79 Howarth Cyril 83 Smyth Mrs. Teresa 85 Canner Mrs. Clara J. 87 Hutton William 11. Wells street McMahon and Co., carriers, stables Redfern street Page J. S., post and telegraph master 103 Pantile Walter 105 Lamperd Andrew 107 King John Brothers of St Patrick's Monastery Turner street N. S. Wales Fore Brigade Station Henry T. Dawes, in charge 115 Drewe Mrs. Louisa 117 Duncan William J. 119 Pye II. S. 121 Navin Joseph 123 Daniels Thomas Adams William and Go., Ltd., engineers 129 Merrigan George 131 Murray John 133 Fitzhenry Patrick 135 Cooking Mrs. Johanna 137 Doyle Thomas 139 Donovan James Albert street 141 Shaw Mrs. Louise 145 McGrath William 145 Bunyan James 147 Curtin Aeneas 149 Perry George lfil Dickenson Cecil 153 Banner Mrs. R. M., confectioner Royal Star Picture Show 159 Logan George W. J. P., builder 169 Purdy T. G. 171 Smith S. A. 173 Deane Rev. Bement (Methodist) 175 BrIghtwell Gibson James 179 Trevillian William 181 Blundell Daniel 183 Rich Lionel 185 Nichols Mrs. Mary 187 Baker Mrs. M. J. 189 Keats Mrs. Annie 191 McQuaker David 193 Rooney Mrs. Rebecca 195 Element L. G., "Clyde House" (Waterloo bouvlary) Congregational Hall and Schoolroom 2 Shaw David 4 Barton Mrs. M. J. 6 Ackroyd Mrs Cox It J., bootmaker 10 Pane Walter 12 Makarenko John 14 Burt John 16 Schulstral R. J., grocer James street 18 Rook Thomas, J.P. 32 Jacobson Wilfred 34 Purnell Mrs. Ross 36 l'helps H. Henry 38 Smith Janice 40 Broadbent James 42 Campbell Thomas M. 44 Walker Thomas, van proprietor 46 Steen Thomas 48 Murray Miss Mary 50 Kirby Mrs. Susan 52 Some Miss Margaret Star hotel Jos. Armstrong 56 Howes William 60 Ewing Robert, laundry 62 Ailey George 64 Parker 66 Mountain Kellam James J Heine John & Son, Ltd., manul of sheet metal working machinery Wells street Imperial hotel Albert E. Armstrong 90 Livingstone John 92 Care y William 94 Butcher James 96 Hudson Robert 08 Foote Alfred 100 Ferguson Miss Eliza 102 Richards Mrs. M. A. 104 Harriott Thomas 106 Sanders Joseph, grocer Redfern street Court Douse hotel Norah McInerney 108 Ross Miss Mary, grocer 110 Haydon George, bootmaker 112 Kelly Thomas, inspector of police 114 Smith Arthur A., sumllgoods 116 Smith Janice 118 Arnold William H. 120 Humphreys Mrs. Flora 122 Rodney Basil 124 Wischart George 126 Baldwin Whine Turner street 128 Austin Arthur E. 130 Morris Mrs. Elizabeth 132 Jones Mrs. Maud WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. MORTUARY CHAPEL: 810 GEORGE 8T., CITY. 'PHONE 9228 CITY ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR TEAS, TOYS, TOOLS AND TOGGERY. Gib REDFERN.. Hug Almarde George Great Buokingham Street 72 Lee Henry 1116 More John 138 Daiziel Robert Ray 142 Peters' American Delicacy Co., Ltd. 154 Hyde Mrs. Maria 150 Jarman George 158 Gerrard James, J.P. 160 White Patrick 162 Sherlock Thomas H. 164 Browne Michael Booth E. J., baker 172 bogies Thomas 174 Ellis Judah. tailor 176 Cueack Mrs. S. 178 Anderson Mrs. Margaret 180 Wordsworth Miss Ellen 182 Rosen Samuel 184 Andrews Mrs. Sarah Redfern Public School M. Dwyer, headmaster Gibbons Street Wells street to lioundary street Marian street 13 Hardy Thomas 15 Horner Francis IL 17 Tully Frederick 19 Stauand William 21 Hayes Henry 23 Barker C. Margaret street 25 Beckett Thomas 27 Ewing John 20 Duncan David 31 Buford Mrs. Hannah 33 Cameron Mrs. Ellen 35 Maher Michael 37 Graham Arthur E. 39 Lee Stephen 41 Franklin Mrs. Kesiali S. 43 Munson Mrs. Annie 45 Shen boom Herman 47 Carlow William 51 Warne George 63 Townsend Mrs. M. 55 Newton \trillium 57 Townson 1 John 69 Conway John 61 Ridge William 65 Walker and Nixon, auctioneers Zevenbootn John & Co., brush mauls Connnonwealth Mosaic Tile Co., Ltd. Crooks 'Land Co.. cabinet works Ongley John, oyster merchant Earl H. M., auctioneer Bernie W. F.., farrier Harper It. A. & Sous. metal workers Golden Grove Street Darlington boundary to Wilson street 2 Fox Thomas 4 Murtagh J. J. Purcell George 8 Vincent Alfred, J.P. 10 Cullen Miss Margaret 12 Paul Albert St. Kieran's School (11.0.) Sisters of Mercy 16 Petrie Robert 18 Cromble Mrs. Laura 20 Blake JalniN 22 Kearns Alexander 24 Long John 20 McDonald Herbert 28 Whiles John J. 30 Ireland George, postman 32 Hogg John 34 White James G. 1 Aubrey Augustus 3 McGuire James 251 Cleveland to Redfern street 1 Bradshaw Mrs. D. 3 Flook George 5 Trautwein lire. Annie 7 Boustield Mies Annie 9 Hanigan A. J Warn James 13 Kelly Miss L. 15 Elias Mrs. Rose 17 Lee Harry 19 Hayue Francis 21 Evans Henry 23 Smith Hughes Mrs. Agnes 27 Doyle Bartle, collector 29 Smith William 31 Green Walter 33 Farr James, J.P. 35 Austen James 37 notional Mrs. Mary 41 Thomson Peter 43 Jones William David 45 Black Jo-eph 47 Lawrie James 49 Moses Isaac 51 Kennedy Arthur liordern Anthony and Sons, Ltd., furniture factory 65 Johnston Mrs. Elizabeth 67 Howland Mrs. Elizabeth 61 Simmons Elias 71 Whitellair Frederick 73 Dowse John Hayes John W. 77 Armstrong Thomas 79 Monunens Emil, cigar manufacturer 81 James Mrs. Elizabeth 83 Strout; Henry 89 Williams Thomas 91 Foster Arthur S. 95 Morris Thomas 97 Magee Alfred H. 99 1)avies Mrs. N. lul Hancock Herbert Redfern lane 2 Hunt Edward 4 Lyons II. F. 6 Hannaway lames 8 Nelson Peter 10 Ilerrett William 12 Shortland Richard, carrier 14 Coulter Rev. hi. L., ((Jong). 16 Hancock Edward 18 Kearney Miss Mary 20 Richards Edward 22 Watkins Mrs. Amelia 24 Keogh Miss Mary, dressmaker 26 Conseil Mrs. Elizabeth 28 Brown MIS. Mary A., boarding house 30 Stedman Mrs. Louisa 32 Little Mrs. Emily, music teacher 34 Lash more Miss N. A. 96 Donald Mrs. Esther 38 Connor James 40 Davidson Samuel 42 Turner Mrs Sarah J. 44 Brogden Percy J. 43 Ryan James 48 Doughy William J. 50 Stevens Walborn 62 Niven George 54 Ewing Peter 56 Garrard William 58 Green Charles E. 60 Broadbent George 62 McClelland Mrs. A. 04 Tuify Frank 66 McDonald JilinCS 68 Hawkins Mrs. Elizabeth 70 Shaw George 70 Skehan William 78 Davies David 80 Smith Mrs. Annie 82 Welsh Miss Sarah 81 Connellan John 36 Leahy John 88 Purtle Miss E. 90 Douglas Frederick 12 Itimes Henry 94 Calverley Mrs. Harriett 30 Hickey Mrs. Hannah 98 Jones W Kelleher Charles 102 Dudley Henry IOU O'Dea Michael, sub inspector of police Hart Street 375 Cleveland to Hudson street 1 Neebitt John 7 Wilkins Mrs. Mary 9 ICirkliam John 11 Ware Charles 13 Legay Mr,. Emma 15 Rea Thomas 17 Power John 19 Ilartington John 21 Hynes Mrs. E.. Holden Street 61 Eveleigh street to Railway lute 1 Malts John 3 Weller John 4 Itryne James 5 Tye Thomas Hudson Street Abercrombie to Eveleigh street 2-4 Quail' James, farrier Loveridge and Hudson, contractors Pastoral Val-De-Travers Aspluilte Faulder G. W., farrier Hugo Street Vine to Caroline street 3 Ashcroft Mrs. Susan 5 Butler George 7 Tette Nicholas 9 Gregory Alfred 11 Richards Mrs. F. 13 Wilkinson Brady Mrs. H. 10 Ward Francis 21 Flemming Edward 25 Cooney Janice 27 Burns Aire. Alice 29 Brown Peter 31 Or00a William 03 Fniser Mrs. J. 95 Phillipson Mrs. Si. A. 37 Clark Robert J. 41 Franklin Sirs. E. 43 Pennington Mrs. Parnell John 45 Hughes Francis 47 Sparkes Mrs. 49 Lennon John 51 Hourignn James J. 53 Goddard Mrs. Isabel 4 Chapman Thomas 6 Casey Mrs. Bridget 8 Pickle Mrs. Martha 10 Casey William 12 Meliross Henry 10 Christie David 18 Margetts Archibald 20 Burley Mrs. Mary Ann 22 Kenny Thomas 24 Chapman Mrs. H. 26 Hill Frederick 28 Rankin Richard 3) Dingle John 32 Ornate William 34 Welsh J. OUR DEPOTS ARE REPLETE WITH THE MOST ELEGANT AND COSTLY VEHICLES IN AUSTRALIA

41 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELLERY. 844 Ivy REDFERN. Lan Jingo street contained- 49 Allen Cyril 66 Bell George 36 McCormick Mrs. Mary, grocer 47 Gibson Thomas 70 Truscon Godfrey 38 McNeill George 45 Hall Leslie 72 Garforth George A ilharn Thomas 43 Jager Jacob 74 Needham John R. 42 Andrews John 41 Hall William S. 76 Curtis Cecil D. 44 Nolan Mrs. N. 48 Mehra/ion Patrick 48 Lynch Edward DO Walker MN. Margaret 52 Royde Mrs. M. 56 Leggo Joseph 68 May George 62 Metre Mrs. L., confectioner 64 Hourigan William D. 66 Crook Thomas 68 Myers James 74 Dudley Guildford, J.P. 76 Shields Mrs. Bridget 78 Coyne Mrs. Bridget 80 ConeHan Michael Ivy Lane Abercrombie street to Darlington boundary 1 Healey Michael 2 Quinn Norman 3 Hives Joseph 4 Scott William O'Connor John, livery stables Barrett F. J., box factory Ivy Street Darlington boundary to Wilson street 98 Gardener Mrs. O., grocer Gardener William IL, carpenter 96 Brennan James 94 Arkinstall Charles 92 Emmangs James 88 CaHaney William 86 Nolan Charles 84 BouIton Reginald 82 Williams Thomas 80 Inglis William 78 Mitchell Andrew Plicenix Meat Co. Ltd., stables 72 Clark George 70 Summer&Id Thomas 88 Johnson James 86 Kerr Mrs. Julia 62 Jarman Arthur, bootenaker 60 Burdett Daniel 68 Shine Mrs. Blanch, newsagent 68 Matthews George 66 O'Connor John 52 Hansen Herrick 50 Shevlin James 48 Davidson Joseph 46 Burton Sidney Thomas 44 Barnes Walter S. 42 Agrati Jules 40 Brooks Arthur 38 Hennessy Joseph 36 Murphy James 34 Little Henry W. 32 Markey Robert 30 Hollins William 28 Lupton William 26 Roberts Thomas Brady Charles 22 Bitten Charles 20 Goma11 Peter, J.P., printer 18 Anderson Mrs. Mary 14 Wynne Timothy 12 Campbell Angus. 10 Quinn Henry 8 Carey Mrs. Margaret 6 Hunt Albert E. 4 Pratten Charles 2 Penman Andrew Abercrombie street 69 Marks Joseph, butcher 67 Good Thomas 65 Wolfendon Ernest 53 Lonergan Mrs. Bridget 51 Morris Thomas 39 Crouch Mrs. L. H. 37 Sparkee John W. 35 Windred Henry 33 Dykes John 31 Osborne G. IL, butcher Calder road 29 Armstrong A. J., grocer 27 Winne William 25 Davies George 23 O'Connor Mrs. E. 21 Hutchinson Charles 19 Antonio Alexander 17 Gill Mrs. Florence, greengrocer 15 Maloney Michael 11 Flana gan Mrs. Ellen 9 J3altner Bros., fruiterers Lander street 7 Mansell Charles 5 Waring James 3 Kelly Roger 1 Davidson Horace Wilson street James Street 4 Young to Regent street 2a Griffiths John H. Elizabeth street Castlereagh street 2 Solinider Carl 4 Johnstone Frederick Moss John 8 Anderson J. Swan It. 0. and Co., Ltd., Importers of plumbers' materials, gasfttters' bulk store 16 Richards Miss E. D., teacher of music Pitt street George street Renwick street Regent street 1 Fox Edward P. Morehead street Walker street Elisabeth street--great Buckingham street Castlereagh street 1 Hiokey Patrick 3 Thomas Mrs. Elizabeth 5 Walker Henry 7 Marriage Isaac Bald Adolphus 11 Langford Richard Burnett street Pitt street William street George street Renwick street Kepos Street Telopsa street to Waterloo boundary 2 Tilghman Thomas 4 Ambrose Thomas 6 Butterfield Harry 8 Loughman Mrs. Blanche 10 border Harold 12 Byrne Peter 20 Dare William 22 Michel Carl 24 Ramsay William 26 Moss Korter Anton 30 Rowley Henry 32 Kern Max 36 Hardge Edwin J rownIng Smith John, house agent 42 Raven William 44 Garvey.lames 46 Welzel Richard Zatnfa street 48 Muir Richard," Lot/head" 50 Unwin Herbert 54 Cummings Gerald 56 Ryan Michael L. 60 Fulton John 64 Finneran Peter 78 Reardon Frederiek 80 Stevens Francis L. 82 Robson James 84 Lloyd Francis Bradley Frederick 90 McNeall John J. 92 Smith Ernest 94 McDonnell Francis 96 Hayes Mrs. J. M., grocer 1 Baines James 5 Phillips Henry Jennings W. L., fuel merchant 13 Forgie James 15 MoBeth Mrs. H. 17 Hallett George 19 Kerwick John 21 Winkle Patrick, builder 23 Howitt Edward W. 25 Flanagan Martin 27 Monson Frank 29 Mortlock Henry, clerk 31 James Norman 33 Bartlett Percy 35 Oaken George 37 Brennan Bernard, grocer Zamfa street Redfern Decorative 0/ass Works 47 Roberts Charles 49 Bradbury Arthur 63 Mooney Patrick 57 Pugsley Alexander 59 Dunning W. G. 81 Camp Henry 63 Dunning William John 65 Orego John 67 Golding William T. 69 Kern Max 71 Hoff Rudolph 73 Wray Gordon 75 Allison John 77 Brown William J. 79 Walsh Garnet 81 Fraser Allan 83 Flanagan John 85 Wren Thomas Kettle Street Oft 110 Morehead to Elisabeth street 2a Barrett and Co., general blacksmiths 2 Prowle George 4 Barry Thomas 6 Boyle John 8 Dugan James Walker street 10 Pocock Frederick, coechbuilder 12 Clifford Frank 14 Matta Charles 16 Jenkins W. F. 18 Matta Mrs. 20 Brown Mrs. Mary Lander Lane 7 Shepherd street to Shepherd lane 38 O'Donnell Frank Lander Street Ivy street to Darlington boundary 2 Whitfield William H. 4 Oittins Henry 6 O'Connor Timothy, carpenter 8 Maher Patrick 10 IdcGlinchey John 12 Fleming Hugh cabman 14 Banks Richard ' 16 Newling Charles R. 18 Nivens John H. 20 Simmons Mrs.J. 22 Larkin John 24 Earle William Lindsay WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M Grey Mrs. Agues 28 Cooper Attie 30 Williams Mrs. Francis 32 White Alfred 34 Loader John 36 Hunt Thomas W. 40 Sharman Richard 42 Baker Mrs. Mary 44 Thompson N. 46 Higgins Peter 48 Woods William 50 McGovern Patrick ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ALL SPORTING REQUISITES. Lit RE DFE RN. Mar Crichton Charles 34 Hyrtard Mrs. Leona Shepherd street GO Fulham Edward, plumber 62 Allard Thomas 64 Bentick Frederick Humphreys James 70 Bowen Charles 72 Keane Michael 78 Firth Wright 82 Bell George P. 64 Murphy Edward 66 Rose Herbert liordern Anthony & Sons, Ltd., timber yard Shepherd street Moloney and Fleming's stables Little Cleveland Street Off Stanley street 2 Kimber William C. 4 Carroll John 6 Henderson John 8 Martin Edward J. 10 Farley Mrs. Annie 12 Ahearn Leopold 14 McFarland William 16 Fuller Herbert 18 Elliott John 24 Patterson 1'. J. 28 Murray Mrs. Ellen 30 Lawrence Charles 32 Clifford Raymond I Gorman Joseph 3 Cohen Alfred Jones Henry W. 7 PickerintoWilliam John 9 Knappe Frank II Goddard Mrs. Ellen 17 Landow H. 23 Kerr Robert 25 Wilkins Mrs. C. 27 Laken Mrs. Ellen 29 Smith John 31 Gunning Mrs. Mary 43 Bond Alfred 45 Syme Samuel 47 Patterson Miss Martha Little Young Street James to Cooper street 1 Grant Francis 2 Gray Arthur 3 Gray Mrs. Matilda 4 Burns Mrs. P. 5 Grant Mrs. Rachael 15 Maisey Samuel, livery stables Louis Street 11 Vine to Carable Street 1 Burgess 'Henry, refreshments 3 Williams Mrs. Annie 5 Theobald William 7 Bray Alexander 9 Garden Andrew 11 Cole Mrs. Mary 13 Barker John 15 Thompson J. 21 Denihan James 23 Bray Samuel 97 Crotty Mrs. Mary 31 emelt) Julius 33 Martin John 37 Maguire Frank 39 Sheridan Mrs. M. A. 41 Hills Albert 43 McCarthy Frank 45 Clarke Robert 47 Shoutall Simon 49 Buttner J. 51 Berkley William 53 Barr Albert Ernest 55 Willson Olaf! 57 Handow Mrs. Ann 59 Cameron Walter 2 Inman George 4 Deiws Mrs. Charles 6 Hagon Thomas 8 O'Connor Mrs. Nora 10 Smith Mrs. Kate 12 Ryan.1 a tnes 14 &mon Mrs. Mary 16 Jones Mrs. Elizabeth 18 Spencer!Iambi 20 Hartman John 22 Parsons Sohn 24 McDomild Michael 26 Kelly David 28 Bennett Patrick 30 Anthill Sohn 32 Jenkins Mrs. Margaret 34 Dean Robert 36 McCarthy Francis 38 Featon Richard 40 Holmes Walter 44i 4( Hrially(4eorge u Frederick 48 Ross John 60 Burns John 52 Keane George 54 Webber Samuel Maddison Street Rourke to Dowling street 38 Pittman 0. J., J.P. 36 Turner Alfred B. 34 Osborne Arthur 32 White Richard 30 Cornett John 28 Alcock John 26 Driscoll Lillian, boardinghouse 24 Johnson John 22 White William G. 20 Harpham Frank, "Norwood" 18 Mounsey Wm., contractor and builder 10 Lyons Michael 8 Wearing Thomas," Belmont" 6 Chambers Mrs. Edith, "Messina" 4 Kelly Lawrence, "Oraigalee" 2 Healey Mrs. Itose, "Renville" 51 Littley Edward 49 Morgan John Walsh J. D. 45 Rosen Jack 43 McCarthy Mrs. L. A 41 Phillis Thomas, " Vloletta 39 bucker Albert E., "Nanine" 37 Pane William S., "Rawene" 35 Shoults Thomas S. (Mardi F., bakery Margaret Street 164 Regent street to railway line 1 Bolin E. E. 3 Burr John James Railway terrace Off-2 Gribben Rupert 4 Gunther Mrs. L 10 Bowers William 12 Hayes James 14 Patterson John 16 O'Connell Patrick 18 Jacques Alexander 6 Bryant Mrs. E. 19 Campbell George 8 Porkies William 12 West Thomas 2 Wilson Andrew 4 McDonald William 6, Lanigan Thomas 8 Wright Charles 10 Mack Mrs. midwife 12 Wallace Jan Gibbons sheet Roach ill st. Cornwallis st Marian Street 140 Regent street to Moon street Batchelor and Tait, Ltd., N.S.W. Ice and Cold-storage Works Gibbons street Rosehill street - Regent street 1 Corporation yard Gibbons street 3 Hausman Ltd.. boot manufacturas Rose/mill street 5 McMurtrie and Co., Ltd., boot manufacturers Cornwallis street Marriott Street 119 Cleveland street to Waterloo boundary Gladys terrace- 55 McNamara Daniel 57 Shepherd Mrs. Mary 59 Hogan E. 61 Slavick IL llloronia street 63 Drury Joh i 65 Davis Walter C. 67 Pain Alfred 69 Staliwood George B. 71 Harvey Manning 73 Hunter John 1'. 77 Jennings Mrs. Annie 81 Barnes H. J. Telopea street Ornamental Steel Mandl; Co., Ltd. 99 Paul's F. it: A., stables Hall and Putt, laundry 101 Honeybone John W., "Middle Park" Honeybone's Ltd., millinery manufacturers 103 McIntosh John, " Melrose" 105 Marsh Andrew J., "St. Kilda" Zamia street Hope terrace- 107 Swan James 109 Crewes Joseph Edward 111 Sherlock John 113 Reilly William 115 Hilliard George 117 Johnson Albert 119 Purvis John 121 McDougall James 123 Heatley James 125 Watson Mrs. Annie 127 Turnbull George 129 Wnty William 131 Moody Charles 133 Hillier John T. 135 Thornley 137 McLachlan Thomas 139 Titterton Oscar 141 Truman John 143 McNeil Robert 145 Hardiman 51., grocer Lily terrace- 2 Head W. II., motor engineering works 4 Bruning Adolf 6 Fowler Charles 8 Nesmith James, engineer 10 Weekes Leslie THE LEADING FIRM OF FURERAL DIRECTORS IN THE COMMONWEALTH

42 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR MOTORISTS' WANTS AND MOTOR GOODS. 846 Mor REDFE RN. Mor Marriott street continued- 49 Hatfield Albert 14 Shepherd Herbert 51 MeNangliton James 16 Brown Frederick A. 63 Carruthers Mrs. Elsie 18 Fleming Arthur 55 Clifford Albery 20 Burgess James 67 Dabinett Geo' go 22 Needs William 69 Williams Mrs. M. C. 24 Edwards Reginald G. 63 Sale George, contractor 26 Behrens Carl 65 Powell JNIIICS 28 A rlidge Edward 67 Flood Thomas 30 Cook Edward 69 Kelly Fergus 32 Dixon Mrs Mary 71 Robinson W. 31 Rouw Arthur 75 Watson George 36 Webster Arthur 77 Lincoln John J. 38 Cooper Mrs. William 79 McDomi gh Thomas Boron In street Cooper street 81 'llaviel Mrs. M. E.. grocer Kensington terrace- Redfern street 40 Aria Alexander Ryan Mrs. A..1., confectioner 42 Parker Archibald 83 Clark Edwin H. 44 Cosgrove William 85 Morris Henry J. T. H. 46 Manning John 87 Steuart Charles 48 Flinn Michael 89 Gorly Michael 50 Ward Charles. 894 Suptut Berry 52 Ryan Joseph Parsons George, ironworker 54 Ashbarry Ernest 95 Leahy Mrs. J. 56 Hamilton David 97 Tait John J. 58 Lynch Edward 99 Fitch Frederick W. Telopea street 101 Longimr. t, G. II., son. 60 Little Harry 103 AlcAl eh James Inrhgrower terrace 1054 Kay Walter, "Agnes Cottage" Watkins T. DM Thomson William Off-2 Leverack William 107 Horsefleld Stanley 64 Tanner Her Jen B. 109 Stabbings Henry 66 Lock ett Mrs. AL 111 Freeman James V., baker 68 Goffett Joseph Bamford Frederick 70 Jones John 113 Hennessy Edward 72 Hogan John T. 115 Maitland Arthur 79 Mullins E. 117 Walker Stuart G. 76 North Francis 119 Bat, en James 78 Jackson John 119a Ross Thomas 80 Dean Charles 123 Douglas George Zinnia street 126 Morando Mrs. S. Imperial terrace- 1Z9 Breslin Patrick, J.P. 82 Harris Mrs. Florence 129a Woods Thomas 84 Daley Richard 131 Barnes Mrs. Margaret 8(1 Porter J. A., constable 133 Cro-sley P., dyer and cleaner 88 White A. I). 195 Stolen 'Thomas 9 4 Dwyer Oscar 1354 Bause Patrick 92 O'Connor Daniel 137 Kelly Francis 94 Bradley William 139 Collins J. A. 96 Smith Edgar 141 Brown Miss Lily 98 Taylor Lawrence 193 Boyce Jai/ICS 100 Dempsey Frank 145 Douglas Miss Frances 100a Duff Thos. and Bros. (Sydney) Ltd., 147 Unwin John E. shop and office fitters 149 Morgan William O'Connor Denis J. 161 Sharing F. W. Blackmore's Clothing Factory 153 Holland Horatio 1531 Cain Mrs. M. Morehead Street 155 Riunsay A. J. James to Phillip street 157 Bland Mrs. Jane 1 Wren Louis 159 Wedderburn Jnbez 3 Carter Stephen Maisey Arthur, livery stables 5 Simmonds Daniel 167 Alderson Norman 7 Farley Sidney 109 Harvey John 9 Hedger Randal 171 Wenman Charles 11 Friedweld George 173 Hendy o. F. 13 Anderson 13. J. 177 Pracey Thomas 15 Rolleston George 179 Roberts H. 17 Barnes Alfred G. Phillip street 19 Barra John A. 21 Sheedy Mrs. AL A. Arthur street 23 Conway A. W. 2 Davis Mrs. Catherine 25 Connery Daniel 4 Slater Henry 27 Wright Mrs. Jane 6 Ella Richard 29 White Arthur 8 Cooper Harold 81 Marsh Mrs. Sarah 10 Blackstone Mrs. E. 83 Yates Joseph 12 Moon Frederick 85 Fitzhenry Alfred 14 Dermody William H. 37 Watson A. F. 16 Duncan George H. 39 Tipper Harold 18 Manypenny Seaton Cooper street 90 Glenn Frank 41 Roper Mrs. Mary, grocer 22 Beavis Alfred 43 Ireland Alfred R. 24 Bull George 45 Ryan Henry 26 Dudley Miss Sarah 30 McLean Mrs. Elizabeth Cooper street 34 Brown James 36 Jones Joseph 38 Lloyd Mrs. Caroline 90 Rowley Edward 12 Burke William 14 FOPC Bertram 46 Black Mrs. Florence 48 Richmond John 50 Hendry William G. 52 Chlbeack John 61 Hayward Horatio 56 Griffin John tdi Dyson James 60 Lees Harold 62 AleSweeney John 64 Kiliorn Mrs. J. 66 Hunt Thomas W. 68 Fisher Peter 70 Bourke Richard 72 Bullivant Maurice 74 Clark Alfred Edward 76 Wholes William 78 Leal Mrs. Margaret 80 Snell Albert Red fern street Rawle Douglas, newsagent 82 White Ernest 84 Campbell Mrs. Margaret 86 Saunders Thomas 88 Sontheott Alfred G. 90 McCoy Mrs Thomas 92 Wheeler Mrs. Elizabeth 91 Hobbs Edward J. 96 Vernon Henry, J.P., builder 95 Collins Mrs. C. 100 Drury Rupert 102 Maitland John, builder 104 Chee..eman George 100 Sadler Alfred E. 108 Smith Mrs. Martha 110 Gallagher J. T. 112 Main Harold 114 Rohl.Tamee 116 Ridpath Mrs. Jessie 118 Kahle Charles 120 Costello James 122 Batty Sidney 124 Maslen William 126 Stevens Mrs. Rebecca, grocer Kettle street 128 Brown Mrs. F., grocer 130 Wiggins Joseph Foster W. F. and Co., builders 136 Stevens Charles 138 Wood Frederick 140 Nicholas George 142 Anderson Thames E. 144 Blerifield Joseph 146 Smith Alfred, tinsmith 148 Gray Mrs. Pearl 152 Hamlin Mrs. Louise 156 Pracey Charles 158 King Michael, van proprietor 160 Barker Alfred 164 Gasket' Joseph 166 Keauline N. W. 168 Perry James 179 Quin Sidney 172 DriallIZR Alfred 174 Parker Frederick 176 Davin Edward 178 Lethe Edward 180 Rigley Augustus 182 Donlon Mi diael 1841 Miellanica Thomas 186 Thomas John 188 Giles Walter 190 Manning Benjamin 192 Leans Mrs. Kate 47 Forsyth C. 28 Bemis James 194 Pittman O. J., J.P., coachbuilder WOOD, 'COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 DEORSE STREET. 'PHONE 9229 CITY ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ALL ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES. Mou REDFE RN. Red 847 Mount Street 65 Nolan Rev. H. H. (Meth.) 22 Abbott Mrs. E. Off Charles street 1 Willingale Hugh 3 McNeill Andrew 5 Wall James 7 Livingstone Patrick 9 Darby Mrs. Ellen 11 Wilson John 2 Jenkins Frederick 4 Abrahams James 41 Kelso James Ritchie Charles 10 Miller Joseph 12 Holmes Mrs. Victoria Phillip Street Bourke to George street Redfern Shot Factory Blackmore W. J. B. & Co., clothing manufacturers Baptist dreet Kepos street Marriott street Young street 2 Beesley T. 4 Gill George A. 43 Hagan Patrick Morehead street Pittman C. J., J.P., coachbuilder Leigh terrace- 8 Barron S. grocer 10 Mullins Airs, M. A. 12 MILIISOlir Joseph 14 Book Frederick II. 16 Laugbien Albert J. 18 Pratt Roderick Cramp W. F., grocer Devine S. Walker at street Castlereagh street Elisabeth street 24 Rix Mrs. Mary, fruiterer 26 Mobbs Robert 28 Ball Arthur 30 Carroll Thomas 32 /olden Harry 34 Peet William Douglas street a. 36 McKay Mrs. Marion, grocer 38 Ross Mrs. Louisa 40 Haglett William 42 Heaney Arthur 44 Hatch Charles.46 Townsend IS'. G. Pitt street Beard, Watson, Ltd., furniture factory George street Pitt Street 301 Cleveland to Boundary street 1 Darlington henry 3 Skellern G., baker 5 Cunneen Mrs. J. 7 Bennett Richard 9 Brandt Re-. D. F. (Pres.) James street 11 Barnes Edward 13 Jonas George 16 Hyland Thomas 17 Tighe John 19 Rosen Mrs. Bertha 21 Lundberg John 23 Farmer Lloyd 25 Rosen A..27 Kirk & Dickenson, slate merchants 31 Stokes L. A. Solly Mrs. M. A., grocer 35 Hunt Edward A. 37 Dormay William.39 Purvis Robert C. 41 Drew Patrick Joseph 43 Idlers Herman, merchant 45 Garrad Andrew D. 47 Philpott Richard, constable 49 Rousell MTS. Mary Fogarty Miss May, boardinghouse.53 Burke Maurice THE MOST COMPETENT AND 61 Hales Charles W. 63 McDonald James 65 Benstead Mrs. Edith 67 Smith Herbert H. 69 Cowan John Wells street 73 Redfern Town Hall Robert W. Grierson, J.P., town clerk 75 Horwitz David 77 Tuck Mrs. Mary A. Tuck Robert Frederick 79 Flynn Miss Kate 81 Miller Thomas 83 Wilms Mrs. Kate, boardinghouse e5 Turner Mrs. liste 87 Darken Mrs. Caroline, boardinghouse Redfern street 89 Olds T. II. and W., grocers 91 Webber Ell 93 Webber J. H. 95 McIntyre John 97 Higgins George 99 Dillon Maurice 101 Tweedale James W. 103 Guest Thomas 105 Tanner Mrs. Mary 107 Coughlan Mrs. Annie 109 Ilulbert II. M. Turner street 111 Francis James 113 Bath Thomas 117 Seymour Wignall 121 Strong John 123 Clapham Walter E. East street 125 Allen Frank 127 Macauley Reginald 129 Barber Mrs. Mary 1294 Durham Mrs. Annie 131 Macpherson Norman Ma. 133 Yedwoph Emenuel 135 Owen Mrs. Jane 187 McGee Darcy 139 Locke L. A. 141 Ryan Mrs. Agnes 143 Collings John 145 Dunn George 147 Garland IL W., accountant 149 Chilcott Charles V. 151 Goodgcr William 158 McGarry John 155 Bellingham Alfred, J.P., engineer 157 Saxby Henry 169 O'Brien John 161 Barker Charles 163 Plunkett Mrs. Jane 165 Melene Carl S. 167 Sandoe A. D. 109 Brandtmann Mrs. K. 171 Calder George 173 Cooper Charles 176 Doyle William, boardinghouse 177 van-prang Louis 174) tsuna Joint T. 185 Foster George W. 187 Armstrong George 189 V (Well E., confectioner 191 &pellet hotel Maria J. Walker Phillip street Bernardi S. S., physician & surgeon 4 Jenkins Richard James street 6 Marshall Mrs. C. 8 Farquhar William S. 10 Brogan John 12 Alexander George 14 Lovet Mrs. L. 16 Cooper Mrs. H. E. 18 Rigby W. J. 20 Lane Arthur LEAST COSTLY 24 Backhouse Misses A. and L. 26 Backhouse Nurse 28 Preece Mrs. Emily 30 Hurley lire. Annie 32 Hancock Herbert 34 Brndsworth Charles 244 Skellern G. & Co., bakery 36 Harper Miss Kate 38 Clinseling Miss Elsie 40 Haddrick Mrs. AL 40a Byrne Mrs. Julia 42 Stuart Mrs. Mary 46 Appleton Robert 48 Rogers Charles 50 Churchill Mrs. Susannah 62 Itharstadt Harold 54 Canning Balesonanufacturers chemist 56 B rsouni.ltdi r [B re. C. 58 O'Halloran Patrick 60 Shirtley Mrs. Caroline 62 Hancock Mrs. Rebecca 64 Dunning Mrs. Mary Mule Mrs. J. II., baker 70 Cooper Albert 0., ham and beef shop 72 Cain Miss Oonetanee, newsagent 74 Gilmore Malachi, grocer Wells street 76 Bell Robert 78 Murray Mr,14. M. A., boardinghouse 80 Bradley Mrs. M. 82 Kohn A. J. 84 Barker Mrs. Margaret 86 Ryan Mrs. Mary, laundry Redfern Laundry Edgar Hall 92 Cricketers Rest hotel Thos. P. Moylan Redfern street 96 Blackhurat Mrs. Jane, smallgoods 98 Derma William 100 Shipway Aire. Elizabeth 102 Dutton Mrs. 0. boardinghouse 104 Duggan Mrs. Annie 106 George Mrs. Mary, boardinghouse Turner street Gordon Isaac, grocer 110 Gowen George 112 Gross Charles 114 Shaw MISS Isabel 116 Raymond John 120 Ward Mrs. Kate 122 Whiley Harold 126 Paton Archibald 198 Williams Owen 130 Taylor Charles 132 Honper Mrs. M. A., confectioner Albert street 134 Gustafson C. F., fish agent 136 George Miss Si. A. 138 Fitch Mrs. Caroline 140 Weakley Thomas Singer Sewing Machine Co. (stables) 150 Ellis John H. 156 Monk 8. A., builder 158 Wilson Mrs. Emily 160 Sheehy John 162 Wylie William Beard, Watson, Ltd., stores & factory Phillip sired (For remainder, see Waterloo) Raglan Street Abercrombie street Redfern Street, 60 Young to Itosehtll street 2 Taylor Victor 4 Dixon Walter Morehead street 6 Harmer Joseph 8 Henderson Magnus, van proprietor 'Talker street 2241 Saleh Joseph A., &titterer 26 Willcox W., ham and beef shop FUNERAL DIRECTORS IN AUSTRALASIA

43 ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM. ON THE HISTORIC SLOPE OF BRICKFIELD HILL. 848 Reg RED FE RN. Reg Ren RE D FERN.. Ros 849 Redfern street continued- 28 Tuffs Antonia 30 Abraltarns Reginald $2 Boberg Mrs. Elizabeth Elizabeth street 36 Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney, Ltd. E, E. Poulton, manager 38 Flower Mrs. Marina 40 Quartly Walter E. 42 Spearman Edward 44 Warren E. 46 Wray Samuel E. 48 Hill Samuel Henfrey & Co., cordial manuf'rs Great Buckingham street 60 Brookes Robert 62 Baz Charles 64 Jones George Haulier Mrs. Olive 70 Duane Miss May Saur Mrs. Lucy 74 Johnson Sydney II. 76 Murphy George 78 Courier H. J., hairdresser, &e. Castlereagh street 80 Main Robert, hairdresser 82 Whall Walter, fruiterer 84 Bernaseoni John A. bookseller and stationer, house and lend agent 86 Benson Mrs. Marie, confectioner 88 Bailey James, bootineker 90 Rowe George, laundry 92 Smith Edwin B., grocer 94 Butterfield Joseph,.1.1'., chemist 96 Dudley Patrick 98 Patrick John 100 Cardwell Mrs. A.," Eariswoocl" 102 Layton James 104 Needham Robert, teacher of dancing 118 Marble Works J. H. Rowland as Co. 112 Isaacs A., coachbuilder Feely David, solicitor Pitt street 116 Johnson A. K., painter & decorator 118 Firth Frederick 120!said' Mrs. Annie, wine shop New South \Vales Branch of the Aus- tralian Boot Trade Employees' Federation David Johnstone, see. telephone. No. 240 Redfern. Abigail J. W., solicitor (branch) 122 Jones J. T., J.P., auctioneer 124 Regan James 126 Burdett Mrs. I. 128 Moore George H. 130 Everett Sidney W. 132 Magnus Nathaniel A. 131 Taylor John S. 136 Lawler William A. 138 Hartley George 140 McMahon Mrs. Mary George street 152 Sanders Joseph, grocer 154 Soltau Frederick, boardinghouse 156 Moore Mrs. Mary, laundry 160 Molony Cornelius, piano tuner Renwick street 184 Campbell William, fish shop 166 McGinley P., hairdresser 168 Hayes Mrs. Margaret, milliner 170 Carruthers Albert, bootmaker 172 Medcalf Joseph, undertaker 174 Favaloro Bros., fruiterers 176 Macklus A. A., millinery shop 178 Sparks Mrs. Annie, newsagent 180 Hunter John and Bon, Ltd., boot warehouse 182 Anderson Mrs. M., ladies' outfitter Regent street 5 Schmich Francis 7 Rennie Mrs. E. J. 9 Williams David Won, comm. AND COMPANY LTD. 11 Andrews James 13 Marr William 15 Powell Mrs. Florrie 17 Bairn Frank 19 Andrews Arthur 21 Lewes Arthur 23 Ryan Mrs. Adeline, grocer Morehead street 27 Cook Harold N. 29 McLeish N. 31 Bishop John J. 33 Knox Mrs. Mary 35 Wills Thomas P. 37 Rogers Mrs. Jane Mibell Mrs. M. 39 Albert riew hotel James Ryan street 41 Downey Thomas, grocer 43 Beaumont Alexander 45 Uhl Timothy 47 Crawford Robert 90 Cook Michael 53 Dibley Ebenezer 65 Williams Janice 57 Hutchison William 59 Rowe Mrs. Mary 61 McDonald Mrs. Margaret 63 Stewart Mrs. Elizabeth, fruiterer 64 Ailicombe James 65 Walsh Edward M. 67 Hardy Robert 69 Walsh William 71 Gilbert Victor Elizabeth street Castlereagh street Redfern park 73 N.S.W. Baking Co., Ltd. Incorporating William White Robinsan 0. R. 75 Clemow James 77 Clines P. J., B.A., LL.B., solicitor 79 Doherty Mrs. S. B. 81 Riley Mrs. Elizabeth 83 Reilly B. V. 85 Moran Frederick \V. 87 Williams Mrs. Martha 89 Elisworthy Mrs. Martha 91 McNally Mrs. Alicia Pitt street 97 Parker William G., hairdresser 99 Smith W. H., greengrocer 101 Smedley Henry S., butcher Redfern Pollee Court 107 Porter Maxwell, slater Convent of Sisters of Mercy and Ladies' High School St. Vincent de Paul (R.C.) Church and School 117 O'Regan Rev. Richard (R.0.) Gallivan Rev. Peter (R.C.) Telephone Exchange Redfern Post and Telegraph Office Commonwealth Savings Bank George street 123 Carlisle Mrs. Emma, fruiterer 125 Matthews John 127 Whitmore Mrs. W. 129 Ryffell Mrs. Catherine 131 Aron William 133 McCarthy John 135 Parker William, plumber Renwick street 137 Haddrick Roland, hairdresser 189 O'Sullivan Mrs. Kate, draper 141 Glover C. U. small goods 143 Wilson H. M., pastrycook 145 Medcalf & Co., estate agents 147 BMus Fred, dentist Mims Stanley J., dentist 149 Government Savings Bank of N.S.W. Regent street Commonwealth Co-operative Fish Exchange, Ltd Turner John, boardinghouse Gibbons street Rosehill street Regent Street Cleveland to Boundary street 1 Australian United Boot Machinery Co. 3 Loschiave Angelo, fruiterer 5 Shuttleworth and Harrison, estate agents Tletjen F. H., printer 13 Mint() James, plumber James street Baden Powell Hotel Victor L. Nelson 27 Turnbull Mrs. Clara, grill rooms 29 Elliott Arthur, signwriter Ryan anti May, dressmakers 39 Solomon S., picture frame maker Grace Edward, license 1 dealer 47 Carter Alfred, hairdresser Piggott Fred., hatter and mercer 55 Jams A., hainire,ser 57 American Cleaning and Dyeing Co. 59 Willingale J. H., tinsmith 61 Williamson Miss Elizabeth, milliner 63 Smith Frederick, bootmaker 65 Graff Sydney J., jeweller 67 Myers George, pawnbroker 69 Ellis J., tailor Silvester Bros., butchers and provision merchants 77 The New Shoe Stores Johnson W. H., hatter and mercer 83 Empress hotel John J. Barnsley 85 Cornier) Bros., oyster saloon 87 Dolorenzo and Taranto, fruiterers 89a Grey George, billiard saloon Gardiner Joe, Ltd., boot shop 97 Power Michael, hairdresser 99 Williams T. J. C., chemist Wells street 101 Margoschis A., pawnbroker Weer, H. C. 103 Virgona Bros., fruiterers' Stephenson A., billiard saloon 105 London tavern Albert S. Phillips 107 Yedwoph Emanuel, tailor 109 Holden Hon. T. D. P., J.P., M.L.C., tobacconist Ill Paragon Butchering Co. J. T. Green 113 Simond E., draper 115 Anderson Mrs. M., ladies' outfitter American Dental Co. Redfern street Botany street 135 Pritchard Ronald, confectioner 137 Mason & Fletcher, oil merchants 139 Dale Richard, newsagent 141 Russell Miss Sadie, grocer 143 Aldous D. J., electrical engineer 145 Little Mrs. Mary 151 Lusebrink J. R., bookseller 153 Green Ted, picture frame maker 155 Kelley A. P., licensed dealer 157 Smith A., greengrocer 159 Arymovitch Hyman, dealer 161 Neilson S. 163 Coles George 165 Baker W., saddler 167 Leggett Benjamin 169 Anderson Mrs. Margaret,!leen. dealer 171 Franks Harris, clothier 173 Smith Frank 175 Young Thomas 177 Fitzgibbon William 179 Ellinson Aleck 181 Yerbury Mrs. Emily 183 Yerbury Geor ge W. 185 Allison Luke, musical instrument store 187 Hewett William J., bootmaker 189 Hingston Frederick P., dealer 191 Thomas Mrs. M. A., confectioner 193 Dawson D. G., licensed dealer 195 Gillies T. A., ladies' outfitter 197 MeEwen and Co., grocers 199 to 213 The State Stores Ltd., drapers BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS. SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION Hudson George and Son, Limited, timber merchants Off Redfern Motor Garage Jackson Mrs. IL, milliner 16 Edwards Alf., manufact. confectioner 18 Kaiser Mrs. Alice, wine saloon Moller Henry, restaurant 28 Norris Ronald, hairdresser 28 Fienberg Arthur, pawnbroker 30 Michaels Phillip, tailor 32 Roy's Ltd., tea merchants Pioneer Whitework Factory 34 Grills T. H., music warehouse 36 Parsons J. W stationer 38 Jolliffe Sydney, J P., boot shop 40 Lance H., leather and ogrindery store Boyle and Co., drapers 48 McManus P., J.P., grocer trells street 54 Belle Vise hotel Maurice Miners Redfern street 56 City Bank of Sydney (Redfern branch) G. W. Melte% J.P., monager 58 Boston Dental Parlours 60 Lawson C., furniture dealer 62 Bornstein Mrs. A., refreshment rooms 64 Stones & Downer, hairdressers 66 Andrew T., draper 68 Wrirson Charles, grocer Walker Septimus F., general store 74 Crewes John H., J.P., leather store 76 Phillip B. E., fish shop 78 English, Scottish & Australian Bank Limited 80 Dawson Albert, tailor 82 Passlow George. crockery store 84 Milne Steve, loth-dresser 86 Libanon May, licensed dealer 88 Davis Miss M., dining rooms Marian street 90 Bunnerong hotel Mrs. Ellen Devil. 92 Cohen Frederick, dealer 94 Silberg Mrs. E., diningrooms 96 Morris Mrs. B., milliner 98 Tamblyn William S., crockery store 100 Kleid Morris, draper 102 Pike Bros., tailors 104 Sing J., fruiterer 108 Levy John, furniture store 108 Blume Gus, printer 110 Clark William, dealer 112 Maclean John, photographer 114 Coorey M., draper 116 Llnavin George, butcher Margaret street 118 St. Luke's Presbyterian Church 120 Gibbons' Estate Office--A. J. Flegg, J.P., manager 122 Owles N., watchmaker 124 Donaldson James. fish shop 128 Zimmer Herman, ice cr urn 128 Schmidt E. A., sheet metal worker 130 Follow T. H., stationer 132 Thoroughgood H, tobacconist 134 Taylor Miss Annie, milliner 136 Madden Clyde, tailor 138 Gordon Harry, cycle works 140 Toll's Frank, florist 142 Swain F. J. and Co., licensed dealers 146 to 152 HMSO Herbert, crockery shop 154 Amadio H. H., cane furniture maker 166 Skinner James. registry office births, marriages and deaths 150 Roberts Evan, produce store Rennie Street Off Charles street 1 Peirce George P. 3 Montgomery Henry 5 Guinney Thomas 7 Kelso Mrs. Mary 9 O'Malley Edward 11 Harvey Mrs. Minnie, grocer 09 O'Brien Mrs. Ethel O'Reilly Michael Byrne Martin 2 Pearson James 4 Hatch Robert 0 Hands F. 8 Thornton G. L. 10 Hells er Thomas 12 Green Samuel Renwick Street J35 Cleveland to Boundary street James street 13 Garde Phillip 15 Talbot Frederick 17 Dewberry Norman 19 Bauer C., optician 21 Gordon Samuel 23 Burgess John 25 Wright Albert 27st Hogan Robert 27 Pinkstone Frederick 29 Bird Ernest 31 Moore John 33 'token Jack, manufacturing tailor Storey Thomas W., case factory 39 Pram. William 41 Booth Sidney, contractor 45 Hardie James and Cu., Fibro' Cement Stunts 49 Norris William 51 Reilly Francis 53 Hayes William 55 Horigan Miss Ellen 57 Edwards Frederick 09 McGrath P. 61 Garland John 63 Smith John 65 Pitman Walter 71 Whiteman Morris 73 White Leonard H. 75 Bishop Edward 77 Bennett Henry 79 Bennett Percc 81 Samuel James 83 Arnett Mrs Ado 85 Moreau Alfred H. 87 Tricker Samuel J. 80 Kelt,' Miss Bridget 91 Cottrell E. Wells street 03 Llewellyn Mrs. Mary 95 Cousins R. T. 97 Ibidgen Harry Redfern street 99 Kelly Thomas 101 Latham John, coaohbuilder 103 Gallagher William, rabbit dealer Turner street 105 Carter Mrs. Maud, milk vendor 107 Turnbull Extract Co., essence manuf. 199-Ill Peters, Ltd. (stables) 113 Bouifield Mrs. Annie 115 Crane William H. 117 Smith William J. 119 G decide Charles 123 Tmvers Mrs. Jeanette 125 Smith Walter 127 Bell George 129 Wade 0. H. 131 Doherty Charles 133 Dawson W. J., grocer 133a Bell Mrs. Amy 135 Watson J. 137 Turpie John 139 Armstrong Robert 111 Melklejohn Henry 143 Hatchet Robert 143 Polly William 147 Grisdale Mrs. Catherine 149 Gazzard Mrs. Elizabeth 151 'artor Mrs. Joseph 153 Winspear W. T. 165 Wilcox Charles Henry 159 Read Mrs. John 101 Butler Arthur 103 Duncan J. James street Penrose Vinegar Co., Ltd. Dempster George, cooperage 28 Silvester Bros., provision merchants 30 Hoyle Ernest 32 Fitzpatrick Owen, bootmaker 34 White Leonard, 36 Finnigan Sidney 38 Silvester Bros., store 40 Anderdowe W Annytage Ventry 44 Annytage Mrs. Ellen Ier Richard 48 Lipman Mrs. Asia 50 Chaseling George 54 Dodd William 56 Riddle Lewis 58 Ryan Patrick CO O'Farrell Thomas, grocer Wells street 64 Ryan Albert 08 Harriett John 614 Kelly Patrick 70 Bates Thomas Redfern street 72 Lawler Francis J. 74 Burnes James 76 Jackson Miss Ethel Turner street 80 Harrison Mrs. T. 82 Furze E., dealer 88 Blakeney Mrs. J. 90 Birt John 94 Bell Mrs. Amy 06 Willcox Harry 98 Purcell Mrs. Catherine 100 Osborne Herbert 102 Hughes Mrs. H. 101 Le Huray Mrs. Susan 108 O'Hare Edward 108 Beaumont George W., seur. 110 Maildocks Thomas 114 Ehlers Edward 116 Gibson Mrs. Jane 118 Byrne John 120 MoSherry James 122 Townsend Henry E. 124 Cook!Miss Gertrude 126 Starr Alfred W. 128 Leonard James 138 McDonald Malcolm 140 Young Mrs. N. 142 Whitmore Charles 144 Groins 'rhotnas 140 Trimble It. V. 148 Thompson Alexander [150 Burbridge Talbot Rosehill Street Writs to Boundary street Marian street 33 Skinner Edward Todd George 37 White John 39 To Id Henry, jinn% 41 Laycook Williamson Berwick Bros.. farriers Todd G. and II., metal stores King Mrs. Charlotte, bottle dealer 61 King William Margaret street 63 Burrows Henry E. 65 Riley William 87 Thorn Sydney 69 Abbott Mrs. Mary 71 Cox Arthur 73 Good Mts. Elizabeth 76 Barton Mrs. Elizabeth 77 Quinn Mrs. Patrlek 79 Amede Mrs. Minnie Al FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND CONTRACTORS WE SERVE ALL WITH EQUITY AND ECONOMY

44 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR LADIES' KID AND FABRIC GLOVES. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE WHITE SEWING MACHINE. 850 She REDFERN. Thu Tur REDFERN. Wai 851. Roseh ill street continued- 6 Bennett Charles 18 Doran William 8 Weston John 17 Rees David W. 81 Waters Mrs. 8 Paskill Ernest 14 Butcher Frederick 10 Woods Thomas 19 Saunders Joseph I Jansen Christie, greengrocer 83 Pepper John 10 Ford Thomas 12 Sutton Rowland T. 12 Brown Henry 21 Cavanough William 3 Burraston Mrs. Ellen 85 Hopkinson James 10 Hall Charles 14 Reidy Daniel 23 Deveney Michael 5 Winkler Frederick 87 De Souza Thomas, grocer Off Perry Mrs. Ellen 8 Addle Alexander 16 Creed Thomas 25 Bray henry 9 Denham Thomas Off Gard E, Booth Mrs. Matilda 18 Cross John 27 Jackson George 11 Townsend Miss L., dressmaker 32,Ell1s Thomas 1 Brimmer Robert P. 20 Rands Henry 21 Boll Robert ' Louis street 34 Cosgrove John la Walford Mts. Minnie 93 Pettitt Henry 22 McKay Donald Off Jones lana- 13 Miller George, grocer 30 Vaughn Mrs. M. 3 Edmonds Joseph J Cole David 24 Lyon Waiter i Fitzpatrick Mrs, C. 15 Hamilton William 38 Tara/Mil MM. Jeanie 5 McWilliams P. J. 89 Lockwood William 26 Morgan Henry 2 Miller Bieber(' 17 Bunch Mrs. Bridget 19 Gothlitrd Arthur er John 25 Knivison George, grocer Ilttg0 street Mellross Henry Abereront de street Edward street 27 McRae Jelin 19 Stamford Arthur 31 Hems y Leo. 40 Thomas Charles Stanley Street 87 Lennon John G. 30 Wilson John L Rse Herbert 42 Coleman Thomas 59 Cleveland to Chelsea street 85 Peake Mrs. Edith 32 Cohen L. 4 Watson Irvin Margaret street 1 Head Mrs. Ellen 83 Ketley Harry 34 Smith George F. 35 Harrold I honing, cab proprietor 44 Bufton Edwin 3 Began Mrs. Charlotte 81 Power Edmund 36 Morgan Mrs. Maria Jane George street 40 Glover William 5 Cooper Arthur 79 Watt Edward 38 Oldfielti George 37 James Herbert 48 Berwick Harry 9 Ryan Owen 77 Blow W. 40 Maddigan Joseph 39 Elliott Charles 50 Rand Thomas 17 Green Francis H. 75 Tibbey S. J. 42 Sagrue James Renwick street 52 Connelly Patrick 19 Fuller John D. 73 Smith Sidney 44 Colligan Edward 41 Glasheen Mrs. Catherine 54 Birch John 71 Condon John Jennings Wiliam L. 43 Banks Robert 56 Lane Frederick Stirling Street Marriott street Baptist street 48 Bourke Richard 45 Morales Mrs. Amelia 58 Pitt Mrs. E. Willians to George street 21 Shaw Alexander 50 Fleming Richard 47 Hahn Ernest 60 Hopkins Mrs. Louisa 2 Danforth Mrs. Sarah 19 Ball James 62 Longford Mrs. Mary 4 Clarke William 17 Byrne Thomas Una Street 64 Sully William 6 Ryles Mts. Mary 16 Mulligan Patrick 09 King William E. Of Welts street west 66 Cane Jones 8 Aird Albert 13 Horgan Ernest Carter Alfred 68 Williams G. 10 Bailey Mrs. Mary 11 Dyer Sydney Green John Viotoria Street 70 Worm!eaten W. 12 Hanlon William kepos street Doherty Francis Off Arthur street 72 McDonald John 14 Martin William J. Glover John, grocer Flanagan John, farrier 2 Hamilton Jetties, miner 76 Bezer Mrs. Racimel 16 Shiels Francis 0., milk vendor 78 O'Slianassy J. Thomas Street Mirridong terrace- 4 Knight Thomas Henry 18 O'Connor John 89 Vine street to Ivy lane 19 Sinclair Angus Cooper street 80 Curtis Thomas 1 Jackson William 21 Jolley William 1 Yates Edward John 82 Roberts Mrs. H. 1 Henley Thomas 3 Gill Percy 23 Schmidt Daniel 3 Haywood Miss 84 Latter George 3 Ratcliffe Wilfred 5 Bell William 25 Cooley Leslie J. 5 Morris Mrs. Eliza 86 Co!bran James 5 istewart Sidney 7 Dowling William J. Wyssenin.ek Paul 7 Boo Robert 88 Cables Thomas, restaurant 7 Eaton Mrs E. 9 Boyce John P.. signwriter 29 Peirce Samuel 9 Thompson William Shepherd Lane 9 Sheiloff George Connolley Patrick 31 Browne M. 11 Connolley Frank OJT 7 Wilson street 11 Stephen Mrs. Jessie 13 Winkler W. A. 33 McCamloy Charles 13 Rogers C. S. 1 Brow n Mrs. Harriett 13 Smith John J. 15 Bacon Bernard 35 Murphy Richard 15 Batilman John 2 McMahon William 15 Hall John 17 Crump Mrs. Frances J. 37 Carr Cecil 17 Smith Roy 3 Curtis Chris 17 Phillips Arthur 21 Cruickshank Henry 39 Grant Edward 19 Woodcock W. 5 Eastham William Telopea Street 23 Loverldge Mrs. George 41 Minch John Vine Lane Shepherd Street Young to Bourke street 25 Nesbit William 43 Bennett Allied M. 0,103 Cleveland street Boundary street to Wilson street 94 Rogers 3 ohn 27 Burns Joseph 45 Pinker Joseph 1 Galloway W. 1 Townsend Mrs. M., grocer 92 Bryant William 29 Joel Moss 47 Walsh W. 2 Flaherty Thomas $ Manton James 90 Ruwald Harold 31 Hannaford John 49 Forbes Alexander 5 Hughes Richard, moulder 88 Gates John T. 83 Church James 51 Muir Maury Vine Street 7 Miller Mrs. A. 80 Sadler George A. 35 Stacey Mrs. Annie 83 Sullivan Mrs. Ellen.11 Ev.leigh street to Darlington boundary 9 Kerr Mrs. Marion 84 Farrell Henry 87 Sharpies John 55 Brett Henry 2 Dean C. 11 Crow Mrs. Margaret 82 Scanlon Mrs. Ellen 39 O'Donoghue Miss Mary Ann 4 Star Thomas Tamer Street 13 Rapley William 80 Fulliwook Alfred 41 Jenkins Mrs. Jane o Maddee James 78 Folkes James G. 43 Donovan Thomas Castlereagh to Botany street 10 Kell Mrs. K. 2 Constantine P. 76 Farrell Reginald 45 Purcell William 2 Latter Randolph 14 Eaton Arthur 4 Johnson Frank 74 Farrell F., carpenter 47 Crittenden Albert 4 Hutellintson George 16 Roottey Mrs. Annie Muir William, enginedriver 72 Richardson Mrs. Agnes, grocer 49 Davis James 6 Ellis Christopher 18 Kean George P. 8 Palser Albert Marriott street 51 Fox George 8 McAteer William 20 Dorman Charles 10 Trinder Arthur 70 Hunt Victor le Wedley Joseph 22 Smith George 12 Corbett John J. 06 Sadler William 2 Burston George 12 Genii Mrs. Violet 24 Thomas Caddy John 60 Thompson Edward G. 4 Foster Harry 14 McDonald Thomas J. 20 Beckwith Mts. J..16 Campbell William 64 Sewell George 6 Talbot Joseph 16 Hanson-HommellioR Miss Ads 28 Beckwith A. 18 Doyle Joseph 62 Simmons Oswald I. 8 Coulter Mrs. Elisabeth 18 O'Brien Patrick 30 Punch Joseph 20 Sampson Thomas 60 Wright Mrs. Agnes.0 Magner William 20 Lyons hire. M. 32 Kermode Daniel 24 Carroll John 58 Bradwyn Emlyn J. G. 12 Ledwedgo Michael Egsn Mrs. Mary 34 Kavana g h James 26 Weekes Stanley 80 Brown Robert F. 14 Woodward Charles 24 Hyde Vivian G. 36 Smith Mrs. Sarah 28 Moen John S. 54 Johnson Francis 16 'Hodson Mrs. Jane 26 Porteus William 38 Cook Sidney 30 Dorman J. 52 Dunn Patrick 18 Green Frederick 20 Mellott Walter 40 Clarke George 32 Sampson Thomas 50 Abrahams Joseph 20 Gobracht Herman street Abercrombie street 34 Cremen William P. 48 Emanuel William, tailor 22 Billetto W. T. Redfern Police Station 44 Gilliek Michael, cab proprietor 36 Simpson Alfred 46 Green Edward 24 Rawson James George street 40 Mackintosh Janice 38 Hall George 44 Purcell John 26 Somers Mrs. Mary 42 Huelcor Arthur, fuel merchant 48 Carter John 40 Talbot Mrs. Catherine Baptist street 28 Blanchard Mrs. Aunette 44 Latium John 50 Batten George 42 Monson Thomas 40 Snell Charles 80 Walkhr Robey Arthur 52 Galloway Joists 44 Martin Alexander. 38 Wiggins George 92 Dean Robert 50 Gallagher William, rabbit dealer 54 Doherty Mrs. E Colgan M. J. J.P., produce merch, 36 Balfour George 34 Vandenberg Herbert Renwick street 56 Holliss Mrs. Ann Joseph L., bedding manufacturer 34 Phillis Henry 36 Coombes Ernest 52 Williams Charles 58 Ebinger J. F. Lander street Abercrontbie street 32 Hewitt Edward 38 Connor James 54 Oluue John Edward street Wilson lane Beach Mrs. Elizabeth 40 Dale George, cab proprietor 68 hlillert Cliff 0 64 Pollard Mrs. 30 Mackay William 42 Baker Sidney, dealer 1 Meyers James 711 Macdermott Joseph 50 Denangle Frederick 28 Williams S. II. 44 Dean William 3 Lindsey Mrs. Cecil 72 Pithers Mrs. hi. 88 Kirby Cornelius 20 Fay Stephen 46 Wood Frederick, grocer 6 Lowe James 74 Stantsin John 7 'Bristol James 76 Oreenhalgli William 60 Summers William 24 Brumfield William, licensed drainer Thurlow Street 9 Hurter(' W. R. 78 Davies Abraham 95 Mohnen' James Short Street 86 William to George street 4 McCamley Bros., boot factory 22 Drnitt Mrs. Mary, fruiterer 20 Smith John R. 18 Cowperthwaite Dowling to Bourke street 2 McCarthy Philip, grocer 4 Troy JOIM 6 Molloy Willinm 11 Keech John 13 Meehan L. J. Pitt street 80 Collins Sydney.1. Ors/Aston Metal Co, Ltd., foundry Small Thomas, fuel merchant 3 Little Henry, enginedriver 35 Miller Joseph 37 Bell Alfred 39 Hill Simeon, blacksmith Thomas street Boundary street Walker Street 907 Cleveland to Phillip street James street 1 Horne James la Charism) tames Goodsell Robert 8 Harris Frederick 3a Porter Edward 6 (Day William 5n Connell James 7 Fennell Alfred 9 Froselick 'Sane 11 Seymour Frederick 13 Leahy Timally Arthur street 15 Treleaven 11., tailor 17 Treleaven Thomas 19 McCoy Daniel W. 21 Gibson Mrs., nurse 23 Rankin James 25 Ford Alfred W. 27 Walker PrimeII., painter 29 Throbalti Peter Collier Mr.. 99 Sherry Mrs. Kathleen vooper street $5 Wilson and Roberts, grocers 37 Ready G. P. 39 Minor Michael 41 0 Bohr Michael 43 Dale Arthur 45 Dale Alfred 47 Edmonds Frederick II. 49 Irish Alfred 5 McMinn 53 Tt.onison Iflarte 55 Haynes Henry 57 O'Brien Mrs. II. 59 Walker David 61 Dymant Walter 63 Ha ding James J. 65 McDonald Robt. H., manuf. fovrollor 67 Lambourne Walter 69 Truseott James ht. 71 Parkes 0. W., carrier 75 Natoli Mrs. J. 77 Jones II. 70 Ryan Lawrence 81 Fife G. L. 83 Welder Joseph 8 Ayre Oliat lee 87 Seaton K. R. 89 Davis Percy 91 Waite George A. 93 Fleming Thomas Itedfern street Albert View hotel James Ryan 97 Colloppy Thomas,WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 CITY THE LARGEST FIRM OF UNDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS IN THESOUTHERN HEMISPHERE

45 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR SAFETY RAZORS AND STROPS. ANTHONY HORDERNV STATIONERY, BOOKS AND TYPEWRITERS. 852 Wel REDFERN Wel Wil RE DFE RN. Wil 853 Walker street continued- 98 Ellis Thomas Henry 101 Waite George 103 O'Connell John 105 Combes Reginald 1051 Etherington Arthur 107 Carlin Frederick 109 Nunn Alfred 111 Dawson Edward 117 Lockwood Edward 121 Electric Light Sub-station 123 Green Edward Elliott Thomas 129 Skelmey Harry 191 Rayment George 133 Woodfield John 135 Andrew Adam 137 Hickey William 139 Sale Henry 141 King John 149 Madden Arthur 145 Cox Mrs. A., grocer Kettle street Centennial Shoe Co., Ltd, 158 Isaacs Joseph, confectionery factory 157 limacs Ileum J Noonan Michael, carpenter 161 Edwards Miles 163 Lucas John 100 Cronk George 167 Davis Sire. U. 169 Glasson Charles R. 171 Gallagher Thomas 178 Anderson John 175 Reid William 177 Levy Lewis 179 Nicholls Leslie 181 Carter John 183 Harris Herbert H. 185 Solomon Saul 187 Brignell John 189 Halour linen 191 Parra Joseph 193 Main John 195 Hanna James 197 Collins Charles 199 Collins Mrs. Jane, dressmaker 201 Vincent Samuel Morris F. IL, engineering works 207 Mansfield William 209 Bacon IVillitim 211 McGuire James 213 Burns Mrs. Ellen Cramp William F., grocer Phillip street 2 Ryan Patrick 4 Ahlburg Henry 6 Hyland James 8 Flood Mrs. M. 10 Kelly Mrs. Bridget 12 Howard Henry 14 Pettit Mrs. E. 16 Douglas Mrs. H. A. 18 Holley Mrs. Sarah 10 Norman Alfred 22 Knight Thomas 24 Davis W. A. 26 Anderson Joseph 28 Harris William 30 Alderson James 32 Halliday W. 34 Winkworth Alfred 36 Ford Miss Helena 38 Yates John 40 Fox Henry D. Cooper street Morning Star hotel Jack Moloney 42 Skelsey James 44 Irish Lawrence 48 Hyland Charles 50 Mills Frederick John 52 Dugan Thomas 54 Hobbs Walter WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. 56 Michael George 60 colenso IV. E. 62 Jones Miss Annie 64 Miller H. 66 Wainwright Thomas 66a Davis William 68 Blackley John 70 Colmar JIMIC4 72 Spence Oswald Nau ghton Nurse, prof. midwife 78 Athens aiking Co., Ltd. Off Harris Frederick 80 Graham William 82 Morey William 84 Mackenzie Thomas A. 841 Ho'pen Walter 86 Russell Mrs. Mary 88 Simmons Samuel 90 Iliimpton Arthur E. 02 Cusack M. II. 94 Campbell Robert 06 Barbour John, butcher Redfern street 124 Florence Mrs. Kate 126 Lowe David 128 Dan Elias 130 Ford Ja MCA 132 Wood James 134 S1111(111101(13 Arthur J. 136 Stiller George 138 Abides A. S Pocock F., wheelwright 116 Davis II. 148 Kline Sydney Kettle street 150 Lipscomb Mrs. Fannie, grocer 152 Levi Edward 154 Antony Wm. M. 156 Doyles Thomas 158 Atherton Mrs. Mary 160 Levi David 162, Davies William J. 164 Border Roy 166 Moon George 168 Stanton Major Munro Jamee,wood-bend'g works 190 Klause Mrs. Emily 192 Embrey Ernest 194 Lawrence Frederick 200 Sievers Marcus, laundry Kissick Arthur 206 Massa N. 208 Sweettnan Henry 210 Ogersby Benjamin 212 Jago Thomas 214 Hedge G !fucker Albert, greengrocer Phillip street Wells Street 80 Castlereagh to Regent street 4 Stone Mrs. Christina 6 Kensal John 8 Webster Mrs. Jessie 10 Ray Elmore 12 Lawrence Mrs. Mary 14 Ford Walter 10 Kissick Arthur J. 18 Harden Mrs. Kate 20 Waterston W. 22 Roeder Mrs. Isabel 24 Pyke Thomas M. 26 Goodman Samuel 28 Wilkinson J. 30 Ryan Mrs. Ellen, grocer Burnett street 32 Carroll Thomas 34 Spalding Edward 36 Mount Mrs. Violet 38 Harney Mrs. L. A. 42 Jones Samuel PUt street 44 Williams Sidney 46 Ewins Mrs. Matilda 48 Watt Alexander 50 Cook John 52 O'Connor Augustine 54 Clifford Mrs. H. 56 McLaughlin Mrs. Susan 58 Smith Francis William street GO Bishop Mrs. Emily 62 Griffin Joseph George rt. Renwick st. Regent rt. 1 Simpson Herbert 5 Lillybridge William 7 Gardiner Mrs. Mary 9 Sexby Henry 11 Kennedy Miss Emiline, grocer 13 Gooley William 17 Taylor William 19 Morrison P. 21 Adams Michael 23 Thorpe Edward 25 Parmeter Thomas 27 Whitehouse George W. 29 Taylor Charles 31 Henry J. Pitt street 35 O'Shea Joseph 39 Matthews Gordon 41 Tebbutt Albert 43 Mahon Lewis 47 Smith Mrs. Amy 49 Ryan James, dra y proprietor 53 Malcolm Mrs. Eliza Furlong IVilliam George street 55 Butcher C. If. 57 King Mrs. Mary E 63 McConnell William 65 Matthews Thomas 11. Renwick street 67 Ityan Mrs. Margaret 69 Ryan Edward 71 Coiner Frederick 75 Webb Henry, tinsmith 77 Acid Joseph 79 Dukes Arthur Regent street Wells Street West Regent street to Abererombiestreet Larkin John, bootmaker Redfern Picture Palace Harper E. A. and Sons, tinsmiths rna street Juleff J. and Son. Ltd., stove and oven makers and ironfounders Evelefgh sired 104 Railway l'ieu' hotel Elizabeth Ryan 106 Macbeth B., ham and beef shop 108 King James, tobacconist 110 Ridley Mrs. E. NIL, confectioner 112 Nelson Bro s., grocers 118 Pullen William 120 Davies Sirs. Sarah, dressmaker 122 Fisher Mrs. Louisa 126 Mack Thomas 128 Cassidy Mrs. Mary A. 13,5 Harris James 194 Pollard Hamlet 136 Tilley Walter 138 Freaney Min Catherine 140 McBride George 142 laiwrendet Mrs. D. 144 Welch R. T., music teacher 118 Makepeace Mrs. M. 150 Memburn 152 Wright James 154 Wright Robert 156 Gibson W. 168 Hart Mrs. Elizabeth 160 Crook Thomas 162 McCulloch John 166 Whitfield John 168 Garside James busy DEPT., HARRIS :T. 'PHONE M Grover William 174 Olarke Thomas 176 Richards Thomas 178 Elmer Mrs. Fanny 182 Glengarry Castle hotel William McNamara Belford hotel Charles E. Keast Roach it! strest Railway bridge Redfern Railway Station Ereleigh street 115 Bradshaw Charles 1I7 Holland W. 119 Ryan Mrs. Norah 121 Hobbs Frederick 123 Davies William 125 Lilley Peter 127 Roberts John 129 North George, butcher 131 Davis Alfred 133 Roberts Owen 135 Hill James 137 Neild J. 139 King Charles 141 Green.lesse 143 Hoyle Thomas 115 Robson James 145a Tunbridge Charles 147 Darrell William 149 Maguire Miss Annie, dressmaker 151 Holland Alfred 153 liakanson Walter 155 Crook James 157 Brodie Alexander M. 159 Hutchinson Christopher 163 Adamson John 165 Kerridge John 167 Jones Thomas, boilermaker 169 McCarthy Martin 171 Cosgrove Joseph 173 Stinson Charles 175 Harrison William 177 Guile Mrs. Frances Ivy lane Mellurtrie and Co., Ltd., boot and shoe manufacturers William Lane Ma /ware/ to tioundary street 2 Thompson Mrs. E. 4 Lawrence Clarke Curtis John 8 Meier Mrs. Sophia William Street James to Wells street 1 Roberts Henry A. 3 George Francis 5 Wilson C. J. 7 Molter Michael 9 Davis Henry 11 Ring Mrs. H. 13 Sidles Thomas 15 Cochrane Mrs. Florence Mascotte terrace- 17 Yates Mrs. Rachael 19 Muir Mrs. M. A. 21 Tait James 23 Potter Samuel 25 Myers Edward 27 Noring Mrs. Eliza 29 Samuel David 31 Perry George 33 Ilyanis 35 Meier Edward 87 Fearnley Ernest 39 Harris John 41 Hall Henry H., electrician 43 Cullen W. 45 Turnbull William 47:Jones Charles II. 49 Ryan Patrick Si Griffiths John J. 53 Nisbet Miss Harlan 55 Duncan Arthur C. 57 Sterlieno George 59 Sully Henry 61 Harney Michael 85 Brown William 87 Mercer Albert 89 Whitemore James 91 Noon Charles 93 Libby John 2 Holdstock George H. 4 Gleeson Thomas 6 Webber John Henry 8 Fleming John 10 Fitzsimmons R. 14 Smith ThOIIIRS 16 Bartlett Mrs Elizabeth 32 Turnbull Henry Stirling street 34 Tooth Edward 36 Fitzpatrick John T. 38 Clifford James 40 Wools Frederick 42 Turner Stanley 44 Burtenshavi8jAwirit,s3, grocer 46 Sullivan John 48 Syvoroff A. 50 Judson W. J. 52 Cohen Victor 54 Atkinson John R. 56 Moylan Mrs. Winifred 58 Wri ght Ernest 60 Wright Ernest 62 Francis A. J. 64 Kearney William 66 Judge Miss Ellen McCooey William J. 70 Ross J. A. 72 Dickson Joseph Wilson Lane Shepherd to Golden Grove street Codringlon street I Duval F. W. 7 Cleary J. 9 Jones Alfred 11 O'Neill Mrs. Agnes 13 White Mrs. Rebecca 17 Wilson James 19 Garrett Francis 25 Denis 1'. 27 Hempel Mrs. Violet 20 Leahy John 31 Harmer John IV. Codrington street Iland Mrs. Peter Wilson Street 161 Eveleigh to Forbes street Government Railway Stores and Workshops Government Locomotive Engineer's Department Warren John, "Calder House" 1 Cowle William C. 2 Holmes Mrs. Ada 4 Shaw Mrs. S. Bower James 7 Chrletie Robert Shepherd lane 8 Rochell Richard Walker James 10 Toohey Michael 11 Walker Mrs. M. A. 12 Forsyth George 13 Humbly Walter T. 11 McPherson Ernest 15 Cassidy Mrs. Sandi 16 Smith William Joseph 18 Ferguson Mrs. Elizabeth 19 Bryant Mrs. Caroline 20 Tuttlett Mrs. Louisa Crowluirst Thomas 22 Easter William 23 Lannane Patrick 24 Kelly Mrs. Minnie 25 Sanders William 26 Downey F. W. 27 Geraghty Patrick 28 McCarthy Joseph 29 Gibson. Battle & Co.. machinery stores Shepherd street 34 Taneye Frederick 35 Johnson George 36 Milner Mrs. M. 37 Doyle Thomas 38 McClure Charles 39 Russell 42 Crum Mrs. Elizabeth 43 Winton Archinahl 44 Iltillailly 45 West Alexander S. 47 Jones Mrs. Jane 48 Jones Oswald 49 Coates Charles J. 50 Conlin Mrs. Mary Si Greer David 52 Green Mrs. Mary 53 Collins 51. D. 54 Upton Henry 55 Hills Alfred 56 Armstrong A. J. 67 Smith William 58 Burns Mrs. Margaret 59 Sanders Hector Warren 60 Feeney Edmund 61 Flemming Alonzo 62 Wadley John 63 Hood Frederick 64 Kinnatie Denis 66 Hillman James 66 Smith Charles 67 Neill William 68 Fitch Frederick 681 Forsyth Mrs. Charlotte 69 Hayes J. 70 Ellis Charles 71 White Henry 72 Nortlicote Richard 73 Smith John 71 Brisbane Samuel 75 NieFarlane Mrs. Margaret 76 Ferrier Percy 77 Andrews A. S. 78 Whiteelde Oharles 79 Smith Ambrose 80 Osborne Edward, bootinaker Codringion street 81 Jtiokson William, grocer 82 Draper John 83 Slice Jean 84 Lancaster Ripley 85 McDonald Mrs. I. 86 Sewell Albert E. 88 Willson George 89 Nolan John 90 Davidson William 91 Stanley Mrs. Margaret. 95 Kadey Thomas 97 Collett William 98 O'Donnell Mrs. M. 99 Conway William 100 Cain James 101 Cannon M. J. 102 Dillon Patrick 101 Pepper Henry 103 Jones Mrs. Flora 104 Redden Mrs. Jane 105 Hambridge Arthur 106 Thompson Charles 107 Malcolm Henry 1071 Taylor George 110 Masters Mrs. L. Ill Flint Thomas IMPORTERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF UNDERTAKERS' SUPPLIES, PORCELAIN WREATHS, CROSSES, IC.

46 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FURNITURE STANDS IN ITS OWN CLASS. 864 WOO RE DFE RN. You Wilson street continued- 112 Behan George 118 Philpot Frederick W. 114 Batellelor H. W. 115 Cooper F. W. 116 Walsh William 117 Ostlz E. 118 Harpher Mrs. 0. J. 119 Green John 120 Green William George 121 Grey Mrs. Fanny 122 Reynolds John 123 Wright Joseph 124 Cox It. H. 125 O'Neill Charles 126 Smith Mrs. Nellie 127 Devine Ernest 129 Fisher William T. Kimber George 131 Medbury Alfred 182 Hughes William H. 193 tirealy Luke 136 Futrell W. 187 Meek Robert, carpenter 138 Smalley Mrs Harriett 139 Bartels Mrs. Margaret 140 Walsh Joseph O'Sullivan James 142 Leahy Mrs. Caroline 143 Roddan Mrs. Julia 144 Davis Roland II. J. 145 Boland Jo.eph 146 Asper Gustave Golden Grote street 149 Kember Horace 150 Valentine Henry 151 Tucker Stephen 152 Nancarrow Richard 153 Devine Francis 154 Pocock Albert J. 165 Burgess Murray 0. Forbes lane Forbes street (For remainder, see Newtown) Woodburn Street 353 Cleveland street to railway line Rowlandson A..1,. engineer Sydney Rope Works J. Scott Ltd. Clifton Small Goods Ltd. (stable.) 2 Armstrong G. 3 Slack Mrs. Elizabeth 4 Burke Thomas 5 Butler Michael 7 Simpson, Lonsdale, Ltd., cardboard box manufacturers 9 Quinn Frederick Young Street 151 Cleveland to Phillip street 3 Young Mrs. Mary 6 Mellish Ernest 7 Fosse Joseph 9 Bartholomew Arthur 11 Cu minim MIMI Cecilia 18 Hill A. 15 Siunttels Charles J. 17 Bottle Charles W. 19 Loton Alfred 21 Aeret John 29 Melvin James 25 Elite Thomas E. 27 Smith James 29 Dowling Mks Margaret Si Wildsmith Jinn& 33 Dobson Miss Annie 35 Kavanou g h Mrs. Agnes 37 Routled ge Sydney 39 Cranston 0. grocer Cooper street 41 Dalton Mrs. Ionise fruiterer 41a Farmer Mrs. Minnie 43 pease William 43a Flookhart Mrs. 0., laundry 45 Greenland William 45a Bishton Edward B. 47 Casey Michael 47a Gardner Charles 49 Cromble Edward 51 Iliggson Mrs. Ada 53 Hayes John 55 Harder Jelin 57 Wheat Charles 59 O'Brien C. V., grocer Borolia street 61 Lockwood Alfred 63 Ellison Joseph 66 Delbridge Arthur 67 Baldwin Harry B. 69 Biker Charles 71 Hansen Edward 73 Young Samuel G. 75 Campbell Thomas 77 Burt Janice 79 Hayes Frank 81 Rudd William 83 Carmody Michael 85 Page Robert 87 McMullen William J., jour. 89 Byrnes Frank 93 Aloroney Timothy 95 Boyle Thomas 97 Whitelaw Arthur R., painter 99 Maher William 101 Nickels Robert, butcher Telopea street 103 Neal A. W., grocer 107 Kay Mrs. Sarah 109 hicanulty Thomas 111 Tonkrn Arthur 113 McHugh Edward 115 O'Shanassy Joseph fit. Saviour's (0. of E.) School St. Savi mr's Rectory (C. of Rev. A. R. Maclean 121 Fulton Joseph 123 Douglas Mrs. Mary 125 Wiggins Joseph A. 127 Oakley R. 129 Oeatch Arthur 131 Gaskell Joseph 133 Maks John 115 Kirby Benjamin Zamia street 137 Davidson Mrs. 11, grocer 139 Pegrum Robert A. 141 Fisher Mrs. Mary 143 Donaldson Thomas 145 Hill Frederick 147 Manning Walter 149 Millanter William Viscount terrae. 151 Sherwood Frederick 155 Wills Charles 157 Tole Sidney 159 Ryan Leo 161 Hodge Robert M., electrician 163 Conlon TIMMS 166 Nelson Mrs. Elizabeth 187 Collie A. 169 Patterson John F. Mampden terrace- 171 Heller Alfred 173 Pugin Walter 176 Smith George 177 (lubbins William 179 Birtles Jelin 181 Fitzpatrick Michael 183 flew John 185 Johnson Roy 187 Sell, y Henry 1 49 Ingle John 191 Longliurst Robert 193 Rees John F. Cleveland street James street 4 Snelling George 6 Denholme James 8 Melville Miss Annie 10 Beckley John, J.P. 12 Kingsley Mrs. Hannah 14 Wateon William I4i Hendley Mrs. Billy 16 Donley Maurice 18 Rowell Mrs. May 20 Ainsworth Mrs. Mary 22 Brookes Albert E. 24 Aluisey Mrs. Amelia, fuel.rnerchant 28 Bertelsen Martin 30 Wren Thomas 32 Lewis Frank 34 Rose Thomas Cooper street 38 O'Cotiner Edward 38 Budd Mrs. M. J. 40 Arrighi J. B. 42 Hacker Alfred 44 Watterson George 46 O'Brien John 48 Mathews Reginald 484 Sale George, painter 50 Bortliwick Gustave J., constable 51.1a Hawke. Mrs. Emma limiter Mrs. Fanny 52 Peach John 56 Bainbridge Alfred 56 Lisson Geerge 53 Campion Thomas F. 62 Baker Mrs. It. 84 Francis George 66 Maher Robert Redfern street 68 Hall O. B., tailor 70 Wheeler Thomas, boottnaker 72 Johnson Stanley, confectioner 74 Iteinfry Albert E.) 76 Winkle James O'Connor R., fruiterer 82 McCauley Mrs. Mary 84 Piggott Arthur 83 Hudson Mrs. J. 88 McCaffrey Mrs. SWIM 90 Parker Robert 92 McKenzie John 94 Watson Mrs. M. A. 98 Crowe Percy 98 Digby 106 Clarke William Rosemount terrace- 102 Sirele Frederick 104 Hurler William 106.Burke William 108 Perry Henry 108a Lovett William, plumber 1085 O'Brien Richard 110 Rix Brazil 112 Wilson Robert 114 Green Sydney 116 Harmey John 118 Phelan Daniel, storeman 120 McIntyre John 122 Waller William 124 Moylan William 126 Dowling 128 Peterson Mrs. Isabel 130 McIntyre Donald 182 Aitken Chadds 136 Mitchell Ernest 138 Lewis H. G. 140 Kraieger Clierles 142 Tillman James Mitchell Daniel, builder 150 Stedman Harry 162 Bland Ernest 154 Muffin Mrs. K. Salmon Benjamin 158 Walsh Thomas 158 Sheehan Daniel 160 Rex Max 162 Glenn Alfred, carpenter 164 Stapleton Thomas ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES REIGN SUPREME. Abo ROCKDALE. Alf Williams William 168 Landow Albert 170 Hampton Frederick 172 White John 174 Morgan John Zamia Street Young to Bourke street 15 Wild Nicholas 13 Barnes Sydney 11 Hall William 9 Himont Ernest Zamia terrace- 7 Dernelley Harry 5 Thompson P. W. Aboukir Street Bay to Chapel street Lamb William Beale John, "Mona " Noble Sidney Bisby Owen, "Linga-Longa" McKenzie Sydney, "Lockington" Daly J., " Bartesdan Bares 8. J. Cameron Robert Saunders A. Aooess Road (San Sono!) 09 San Souct avenue McDonald John, "San Sone( house" Delaney 11 arry, boat sheds Taren Point Perry Humphries Richard, refreshment room Albert Street (Banksia) (59 Spring street Dran.fleld Henry C. Moore I'ercy, " Merriwee" Carter Frederick E. Fairbairraleorge Rapper George Crasher William T.," Melton Fitton Jame!' 0., "Geelong 3 Murray William T. 1 Hoey John 48 Hill William B. 46 Soften Mrs. R. K. 44 McNamara Edward Union terrace- 42 3fenser Louis 38 McVeigh George 36 Long William 34 Clancy Miss A. 32 Morris Henry Charles 30 MOBOI 28 Brantielly Thomas Dowding Ernest "Boronia" Warrew Lowe George, "Connieville" Drury Mrs. Cecilia, "Kenintla" Albyn Street (Bexley) off Harrow road Turton Alfred E., "11.1.zel well" Derry William, "Massinghatn" Jenner Harold Jenkins Mrs. 0. Morgan Charles H., "Urania" Ford J. Alexander Street (Arnoliffe) Off Denison street Nicol Andrew, grocer Dengate George," Ramona" Hands James Hands and Scott, engineer. Unsworth Walter, "(Reverie" Perry John 11., "Weratah" Brown Sydney," Aildhurst " Gomel Benjamin, "Roseleigh" Clarence Mrs. S., "Fulham Wilson Thomas S., "Fitzroy" Waters Colin, "Carlin" MeAnally Henry," Thelma" Edmonds Mrs. Naomi, "Eastbourne" Speatman Hubert Marriott street 24 Marsh James 22 Lane William B. 20 Browning Samuel B. 18 Slater Mrs. Maggio 16 Bu11 William 14 Bergh Thomas 0. Rialto terrace- 12 Thorburn Robert 10 McManus William 8 Beezley Arthur T. Corcoran John 6 Leathern Mrs. D. 4 PuttJ. W. 2 O'Brien John ROCKDALE, LATE WEST BOTANY, INCLUDING ARNCLIFFE, SCARBOROUGH, BRIGHTON-LE-SANDS, LADY ROBINSON'S BEACH, SANDRINGHAM, AND SANS SOU01. BOUNDED on the north by the centre of Cook's River, on the south by the centre of George's River and Centre of H3rrow road, on the east by Botany Bay, and on the west by Wolli Creek, Centre of Forest road and Centre of Rocky Point road. Proclaimed january, Area-9 square miles. Miles of streets-90. Houses-4,000. Po1iulatiore--20,000. TOWIL Hall Rocky Point road, Rockdale. Office hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 10 MO. to 4 p.m.; Saturday, 10 to 12 noon ; Monday, 7 to 9 p.m. Tel. 80 Kw:. MAYOR W. W. Monahan, B.A., L.L.B. TOWN CLERK ALORRAINN- Percival SontervIlle.Arrieliffe Ward : Ropetoun Ward: lettler; ASSOITANT TOWN ()IMM- IL B. Wilkins O. Cottorell W. Taylor, J.P. G. G. Olds W. Masten SANITARY 01.1MR-- IL C'. Almond, J.P. George A. Clifton, J.P. N. Thomas Rockdale Ward : INSPFOTOR OF NUISANCES W. W. Monahan ; W. Joseph V. Tyrrell A. Beeheg, J.P.; J. M. Borthwiek, Scarborough Ward: OVkitsEklt- VALURR- C. Clifford T. II. O'Connell. H. W. IL Molilllamm, J. I'. A. E. Green, J.P. James Crawford, J.P. Alexandra Parade Otf Frederick street Tate William Alfred, "Windsor" Tate Willinni T., plumber Heaton.1. It. McNeill W..1.,.1.1'., "Glengarry Tate IVIlliani.1. Bottles John S., " Carboonah" Smart Frederick, "Commie" Morrow Ernest V. McMaster James A., "Stranriter Aiarshman George W. Graydon Mrs. Lillie Coltman Charles, "Tarella" Hegerty John F., junr., Taralga" Wray Alfred. " lenrock " Wray Frederick Alexandria Street (Arnoliffe) 011. Rocky Point road Alfred Street ug ra (Sans r Souoi) slololdriterlauleo lliarguiel Kenton Walter Fitzpatrick Arthur Gardiner Martin B. Wilkinson Noah Combat 'I'. Holmes George WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICIs CIO 11110M imit. INONE 9228 CITY PORCELAIN WREATHS AND hostisi WE IMPORT AND HOLD THE FINEST ASSORTMENT IN AUSTRALIA

47 II ANTHONY HORDERNS' ONLY UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS. NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. 856 Ali ROCK DALE. Bay Bay ROCKDALE. Bes 857 Alfred street (Sans Solid) continued Casson T. Spencer Walter IL, "Merthyr" Ward John Alice Street (Sans Souoi) Off Rocky Point road Morley Sidoey, "Bernie" Corbin Herbert P., "Farringford" Bower Samuel H. Myatt Arthur, " Aliceville " Stockdale John W. Arlington Street Ximplon street to Herbert street Within Samuel, "Ilfracombe" White Frank G. Todd James V., "Baroona" Woo,Vord street Whittingstall George H., sear., J.P. "Seisey Villa" Arnoliffo Road (Arnoliffe)!Valli creek to Cook's River darn Gorky road Bailey George Reece Mrs., "Tenterden" Miller Wm. H., " Kurrajong " Riddlough Frederick, "Acacia" Jones Robert Dyball William Austin Sidney Pennington Alfred Sun, poultry farm Avenel Street (Arnoliffe) 01!' Rocky Point road Marshall Alexander Barcham Benjamin, "Myothill" Simpson Ernest, "Ellerelie " Landers S., '.Belmont" Faultier Warden, "Worden" Leggett V. L., "Cooee" Williamson Thomas, "Myola" Bailey William G., "Tara" Maher Nurse, A.T.N.A., "Wabbagalla" Stephens James Bentley William Willi81113 Mrs. Jane New Alfred Barrington Bin, Gertrude Hill Peter, "Roselyn" CArter Augustus F., "Redlynch" Merritt 0. J., grocer Adams Mrs. J. S. Adams Miss Iris, milliner Foster Charles. hairdresser Bennett Mrs. Mary, confectioner Mumford Bros., butchers The Avenue Watson R., "Afrio" Peoples Jetties, "Ionic" Searle ArthuriW., " Medic" Jackson Thomas, " Panic Seip Henry A., "Warrigal" Tantallon avenue Terry street Bagnall Walter linage 'William G. Tantallon avenue Dimond Alex. J., "Ingleara" Baigent Joseph, "Hawthorn" Serail John A., "Newton Abbot," Streeter 1'., "Warwick" Horne Moffatt R., "Ilatherley" Sadleir John, ' Coralle Stockdale if. William Scott John Banks Street (Kogarah) Williams C. Smith A., "Runic" Avenal street ll'o lii street Off Carynthers' drive Goodhew Henry, "Tintern" Robinson A. T., "Avenel" Olissold Alfred G. Rocky Point rod Bucknell Reg. D., J.P., "Avondale" Brock Alfred J.," Raglan" Watson C., "Baltic" Dyason F. Evans Thomas, "Deleon" Brickwood Mrs, Mary, " Wool Ville" Gitite James S. Wright William T., grocer Evans Albert Edward, "Celtic" Bailey Charles, " Glenrock Young Charles P., "Ashbridge" Camellia street Water street Whitley Frank Hurst Willinni, "Rockleigh" Ferguson Daniel,' Doric" Bridgefoot S. Alton Street (Arnoliffe) Off no.ku Point road Gurnett Golden Banksia Avenue Boger John F., "Sandhurst" Rocky Point I Oad to Short street Mclean Murray Howard George A. Bray Edward Buchanan A. Castray Walter Heaney Mrs. Henrietta Moore Rupert Barden Street (Arnolifte) Off Forest road Dettman Harry J. Essex Thomas Musgrove George J., "Cowan Brae" Crouch Mrs. A., "Carramore" Schofield James, "Lilyvilla" Stanley street Smith Mrs. 0. Flowers William, " Lilydale " Outhbertson Walter Amy Street (Arncliffe) Little David, leaded-light maker Off Hannan; street Mudge Joseph, "Girvan" Ann Street (Arnoliffe) Dixon Edward,"Irene" Off Rocky Point road Field George W., "Cheltania" Skidmore John Quinn Charles A. Elite Picture Palace Heyter Percy Lees William, "Ascot" Williams George A., "Studley" Cheshire Edgar S., " Roy" Bath Street (Kogarah) Tattler Alfred Wootort Arthur "Bowtherne" Off Carruthers' dried Biddle Mrs. E. J., " Louie Ville Situ Joseph Ryan John W. Monteith Hugh England Sydney E. Pentecost T. W. Cornish William, "Iluka" Thomson Thomas Channelow David Cook James," Melrose" Williams Harry T., " Glenisla " Walker Arthur," Glenbroor Graham George, "Kia.Ora" Nichols Victor It.," Belle Nutt" Oudmore James," Sills" Dossel Harry McLean A. Etherton IL J., "Kentville" Jones Fred H., "Edith Cot " Dyer Mrs. Elie., " Carlton Cottage" Cartwright 0. Lester Mrs. Mary Ann," Donney" Morrison John J.. " Elmswood ' Argyle street Simpson P. IL, " La Mascotto " Jackson Robert Ilibbert William J., " Kangerloon" Battle W., " Dorset" Denning Rilward J., "Athol Cottage" Clyde street Empress street Annie Street (Brighton-le-Sands) Of The Esplanade Quigley James Hewitt Edward Kirkwood A. Jagger Smith Argyle Street (Arnoliffe) Off nn street Bradford Charles Crowder Albert 0. Ibbotson Welter Lusty F., nurseryman Hampshere Mrs. Railway crossing Magdalene Retreat Convent Laundry From Railway line Johnson J, Railway crossing Goldsmith E. A. Powell William Bonar street Johnson John, nurseryman Medcaif Mrs. Elizabeth Brown Albert,"Deneville" Nelson street Lambert Harry Rooke John, "Voistone" Jamul VIIllam G. Orlovich John Lincoln William Goddard street Gant Cleve, "Arethusa " Vass Michael Wardrobe Thomas Weston Walter Perkins Frederick Bush Frank G. Stubbs Mrs. E. Hann= James Loins, street Chnppelow Mrs. Doylah, dairy Fairfield John, " Bothnia " Ilannam street Wolli street Keats Henry A.," Rocklands" Athelstano Avenue (Arnoliffe) Wollongong road to Pripp Street Calvert John D., "Dellwors1" Atkinson Street (Arnoliffe) int' Knight street Leer Arthur 0. C., "Wallaroo" Greenwell JmTpli N., "Lurnea" Chalmers Arthur Bricknell George, "Othello" Austral Street (Eogarah) Off Rocky Point road Williams Charles Mills Alexander, "Fernanagh" Robinson Norman J. Hobbs Ell J., "Bristol" Hill Oliver Hill Mrs Mary, nurse Stanley George Moore William Steele Samuel Mason Frank Holohan Mrs. Dorn Turner Mrs. George Taylor Harry 0., "Stranrare " Latnbert Miss Ethel Blackmore Charles A., "Malvern Connon George, builder Catrios Mrs. May Camhin Alexanuer Bay Street Rockdale station to Lady Robin son's beach Rockdale Railway Station Ellioombe James, bootmaker Hegerty John F., house ds land agent Rockdale Ambulance Corps Tram waitingreom Witchard George, oyster saloon Adams G. E, cake expert Hannan and Marsden, outfitters Watson Mr:. Eliza, confectioner Lindsay John, tobacconist King Brothers, fruiterers Kaye Miss, teacher of shorthand Rocky Point road Croft Alfred & Son, bakers Stirling Allan, J.P., hairdresser Bradley Alexander, boottnaker CITIZEN Printing Works Coombe and Pocock, proprietors Nutt S., shirt manufacturer Wainwright Miss Florence, milliner Stamen Mrs. Recline, laundry Searson John Croft Alfred W. junr., "Ewell" Fulljames Richard, bootmaker Bells Mrs. L., boardinghouse Mills John W.," Windeinere " Eder H. J. S., 'Latour" George street Anderson William, "tiateside" ' Downes Albert, "Fernieigh" Hyndman John, "Boronia" Wensley James, " Wiltshire" McLoughlin Alexander, "Cheshire" Ryan Oswald J., "Irene" Ben y John J., "Tennyson" Jordan Frederick, "Kent" Adiam Charles, "Wilverley" Stanford W. A. D., "Clydsdaie" Cameron street-006es street Robertson J. C., "Velma" Delahunte Joseph, "Kingston Richards Walter," Truro" McDonnell John, " May Villa Hickling W. F., storekeeper Farr street Frost William, ' Forres " West Botany road Whitehurst Clarence A., tailor Methodist Church Meek Rev. B. J. Chapel street Masonic Hall Tucker Ronald," Ortona Peckham Charles Goode Amos, "Ashley" Newton W. L., " Hurdle " Godfrey James, "Somerset" Whitton Mrs. A.," Arbroath" Johnson John L., "Bermondsey" Malcolm J. D., "Clapham" Herber Alfred J., "Dunrobin" Walker George, "Nestor" Hazen Mrs. Harriett, "Renton" Goode G., baker Cairo Street Lopez Roy D., "Kia Ora" McNiven Hector, "Waitaki" Russell David, " Waillo" Edward G. Sydney Hyminum Robert, J. I'., "Hyndleigh" Hotchkiss Ernest, "Clifton" Bruce Robert B. Wright Mrs. Jane Aboukir street Denmark W., "Magnolia" Green Mrs. Venantius James street Spring Mrs. Charles, dairykeeper Berry Sidney England street Higgins Walter, "linen" Parsons William 0., "Netnugita Whiteltomm John W., "Darlaston" Crawford road Queen's road Coles W. T., "Glenelva" Waring William 7Vara tgar street Bay Street (Brighton-le-Sands) Government Tram Sheds Francis William, poultry farmer Francis lane Henry Arthur, "Tukurua" Nursey Norman F., "Indic' Saywell's Tramway and Estates Ltd. Unice Hotel Brighton Leo Clifford Matterson Neil, refreshment room Grand parade Bay View Street (Arnoliffe) Off Forest road Christie W., "Wolfgang" Hailer Mrs. Louisa, "Alonzo." Button C., "Verona" McIntosh E. A., "Kalouan" Stuninerville James, "Gwyta" Gurney Frederick, "Trevellyn " Kennedy Joseph, "Valencia" Nisbet Stanley, -Mamma" Richards James, " Killarney" Menz Harold, "Dilheynia" Martin John, " Oben Maturity William, "Mostyn" Smith John Hyde Ernest W., "Eiliston Johnson William, "Cmigholme" Waratah street Withers street Wiggiesworth T. H., "Mester' Villa" Benjamin Hyatn, " Berowra " Mackenzie Alexander, "Heathcote" Aulezark Tracy Lovell John G., " Ashley" Gately John T., "Clifton" Beach Street (Kogarah) Of blocky Point road Mascord Edwin, market gardener Seymour Ernest Twist John Reeling James, jun. Twist Joseph, jun., market gardener Hutchison Alexander J. St. John Henry, "Avon" Beehag Avenue (Banksia) Off Rocky Point road Bellevue Street (Arnoliffe) Off Avenal street Hennessy Mrs. J., "Itushden" Ballantyne 0. Brazier George, "This Views" Bourne Charles Shields William, "Oldham" Hiokey John T., "Merneth" Mangan James Sims Richard H. Lynch James Thompson Thomas," Linwood".1 venal street Lord James Steward Arthur, builder Lonard John, "Newhaven" Field Leonard G. "Trafalgar" Scott Robert, "Artarmon'. Terry Frank, " KIllara " Pearce Arthur," Warrawee" Thompson T., "Bulinibe" Harrison Robert C., "Doriseille" Conroy Joseph. "Marie Ville" Anderson James, "Braesido" Bolmoro Street (Arnoliffe) Station street to Lptre street Nosworthy Leslie A., "Budgery" Birrell Thomas, "Suntan" McKenzie H. Vincent," Barregowa " Baker,Octevius N., "Lianyrechva" Government Savings Bank of N.S.W. 0. It, Toting, manager Alderson Daniel, " Weona" Oampling G. dentist Seers Harold Box Theodore Tuckwell Harry, fruiterer Friendly Society's Hall Baker John, ha rtiresser Webb Edward M., bootshop Cadd y Miss Emily E., draper McGillen James Townsend Henry, hairdresser Bestio Street blocky Point road to beach Gallagher J. W., "Athlone" Wentherliike Mrs. M., "Athlone" Coss A., "hooltell" Spinks L. J., "Lesmaye" Tregoning It. J., "Wanganui" Prescott John A., "Fortuity" Cameron street McDonald Alfred IL, " Adaville" Hutchison David R. McCune Joseph, " Itookly " Collins Mrs. Caroline," Kurnell" Rayner Edmund 0. Orton J.T. 0. Glbbes street Harper W. and N., groce's Dm). John Sullivan Joseph S., " Mascotte " Young David.Farr street Davis Thomas Davis John West!botany road Beckhaus John, poultry farmer Smith Thomas L., nurseryman Davis Thomas Cameron street Gabes street Spring George IL Patrick Maher Francis," Doonville Bradley Thomas, sear. Bradley Stanley, "Kelvin" Lumley George Hodgkins Harry, J.P., carpenter Farr street McCormack J., "Grasmere" Avelino Albert Riding Lawrence COFFILL AND COMPANY NE WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY) "HONE 9226 crry AS FUNERAL DIRECTORS WE RANK AMONGST THE LARGEST IN THE BRITISH EMPIRE

48 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE MAN ON THE LAND. :858 Bon ROCK DALE. Cam.Bestie street continued Young Sirtre, "Flora" Guy W. J., dairy West Botany road Monaghan Michael," Avoca McEvoy Joseph Harvey Leslie W. Wilkinson Duncan Beater John Cox W. R., bootmaker ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR POULTRY KEEPERS' REQUISITES, Cam ROCK DALE. Ola 359 Carpenter James, "Rayenscrtsig" Williams Joeepli," Rhondda" Dunsmore William, " Winchelsea Carlton Street (Arnoliffe) oir Wolli read Dalton Herold, " Rebeville Hoed A., " AIN yn " CMooxil Morgan Frederick.Off Langdon William, market gardener James Charles E. George street Huthwaite Rupert," Ocean View " Chileott H. F., J.P. Clarence Road Whitby William. slaughterman Duffy Joseph H., "Cobham" McLethin Andrew, " Ernhill" Seothern Peter Daniels Edward H., "Fixby " Of Forest tond Archibald Thomas Orogen John, "Agra" Richardson William, "Roseneath" Reay Harry, " Kilburn" Heath Albert, " Roma" Archibald James, market gardener Spinks leslie J., "Leemaye" \Volley Robert, "Millicent" Kermode Win joiner, " Ballamona" Sands R. D., " Louvain" Ross Charles, "Brewooll Hentzschel Paul Tate Joseph Cusack George E., "Avondale" Bonanza Parade (Sans Bondi) Of Rocty Point road Haskins Theodore H.. "Barithian " Williamson Mrs. Walter, "Oolwarra" Murphy Patrick, "Medlock" Lawrence Arthur E., J.P., "Coo-ee" Woolnough Charles Napoleon street Nettleship Bayne," Iona Warwick Charles 'Turtle Charles, "Lelohlmrdt" Boner Street (Arooliffe) To Arneliffe street Wood Mrs. Rachel Dellow Samuel, nurseryman Earl Leuncelot Li., J.P., Hammond Arthur Coomber Frederick 'Cook William Morrison John C., "Ohio" Draper William Broughton Charles H. Broughton Charles IL, jun. 'Tarpy T J. Thomason street McSweeney Justin, rallwav contractor Sullivan John, "Elfreda " Booth Street (Arnoliffo) Of Thompson street Little Harry. "Minutes" Field Mrs. Ellen Embleton Charles James Embleton W. J T. "Carlisle" Small George Martin Charles R. Wing Henry, " Luellen Fuller James," Lynton " Donellan James. "Donnybrook" Curtis street Douglas Mrs. James," Craigmore " Jarvie John, "Brackenhill" Donellan Michael Wyatt Henry IL, "Durham" Lloyd Mrs., "Plusearden" White JR/riee, "Loongans" Brentwood Street (Sans Souoi) Kendall street to The Avenue Bray's Lane Rocky Point road to Market street Packman Edward Bronnan's Road (Arnoliffe) of West Botany road McCredie Andrew, "Mt. Stuart" Corner Robert, "'Cement" Morris Ernest P., "Braldwood" Brighton Avenue (Brighton-le- Sands) Off O'Neit street Pybus.7. McK. stile Charles, "Iona" Riley Jellies T., " Winifred" Whitehead Albert Cross Nurse Annie, " Hamilton " Ilawkinge HerberG Hawking' Sydney Broo Avenue (Arnoliffe) 09. Wollongong road Parry James, cabinettnnker Dunworth Robert, " Rosedale" Cowden George, " Bemnore" Nicholas Mrs. G. Davies James J. Waterford John Rea William, 'Hawthorn Iles 0. Dawson 0. C., "Sunset" Smith John J., "Kinard" IIIIton Franc s," Avenel" Gilkison Simnel Kuhn Mrs. Rose, "Carlsville" Stephens George Lord Alfred Bramwell F. J., "Goodhope" Johnson Percy, " Osterley York street May Erivest W. Klement' Robert, engineer, " Oberon" Rocky Point road Sanders Cahill Leo Gooch William Gospel Hall Ifarcourt Frederick Carfoot Mrs. William, "Cuzco" Bellow Henry C., "Brunswick" Harcourt George, confectioner CamPr011 street Rickards Samuel Burlington Street (Kogarah) Off Carruthers drive Adshead William Cronin Patrick J. Raynor Henry C., "Ivanhoe" Burton Street Of West Botany road Bowmer Alfred, market gardener Dube August.1. Venn Edgar Cairo Street Bay to Chapel street Cook Mrs. ii.," Kent Cottage" Peel HenryE, Boeing Erne4 Dickens Frank, "Kin-One" Goode John Sharp John W. carrier & tuel merch't Black Robert Rockdale Municipal Band Hall Birch Joseph ' St. Rd. us Ball Henry " Rouleigh " Spacknusn Charles," Lynwood Griffiths Stephen, "Malvern Vaux Joseph Howell David, " Mora " Davies Ernest, "Myi Irvine James, "Itainliam" Minus avenue Howells A. 0.," Thirroul" Beatty Frederick, "To Where" 'Smith Mrs. F., " Frananna" Garland Thomas Hyde Sydney A. Deane William It., "Den Feuella Wankel) William J., " Haverstock " Benjamin Edward, "Illglibury Robinson David, "Treviiie" Harris Charles F., " notice " Ash John James, " Illiaroo" Huggett Mrs. Marlon, "St. Loouards" Pritchard Thomas, " Barkly Fraser Alexander A., "Cure Lyon" Stevens Claud, " Stethourne " Bryant street Geddes John, "Aurora" Coppock Herbert, "Aurora O'Donnell An rew, " Highgate Black W. T.," Keswick" Brown John, " ShroneMill" Turner Aluert Niven Robert, " Gleniffer " thisworth Thomas W " Athol" Holcroft Joseph, " Wootton" Thornton J. F., "Shinto:I' Gortuan Patrick, " Lizzie Ville" Sorrell Thomas E., Maitland Monk Harry T., " Craigieburn Smith Joselfisletifit. s ', rneeintigeo" Hutchison Percy D. Harris Joseph, "Percetna " Somerville Alfred E.," Donzette" Carruthers Drive (Brighton-le- Sands, The Grand Parade to Dolls Pant Shaw Charles J., "Solitude." Morgan James Morgan Percy, refreshment rooms Fitzgerald M. T., refreshineut room Ber-y Leslie Berry S. Teesdale William T.," Verouique " Cashman Road (Brighton-le- Sands) Of Reaning road Cassilis Street (Kogarah) Off Bath street Mercer William, " Amba Glen" Diurphy William," Carlita" Thompson Frederick Turner James Cosgrove William Perrin William Catherine Street (Kogarah) Of Rocky Point road Laffan James Smith Joseph I). Hodge Mrs. Chapel Lane Off Bay street Chapel Street Bay to Aboukir street Sheehan Edward Beelsag John Smith Robert Y.," Ladysmith" Smith Charles, "Boronia" Taylor lire. Anne J., "Dhulura " Earls Thomas, " Beulah Franks Joseph, "Malvern" Goodelilld Vul1am, " Fenner Butler Miss M. C., medical masseuse Badman Mrs. Hester Enwrigly James.7., "Listowel" Way Willinm," Marlow Skinner Francis W., " Lincoln Ville" Callinan William W.," Nebo" Stanley if eel Webel Ilenry, " Thelma" Sewell Henry," Whiteluiven" Hawkins Frederick, "Hillcreit " Steven on Miss Mary Ricketts Itiehard A. McPherson James," Alvin (smell street Pink Joseph, "Hnlicirk Watson A. O.," Brolga". Heighway Charles "Essex" Banning Ernest W.," ()less Rowan" McCowen Harry L., " Wyreenia " Whitehead Itielnird IL, "straihroy" Moore Mrs. Johistimi, "Moruya" Clark Mrs. S. Onrside It. W.," Emmen Floyd Albert, "KM Om" McLeod Arthur Hunt Arthur W. Robertson John, "Montrose" Lucas Arthur Tucker Frederick, "Avon" Spetscer J. raven Edward A. Clareville Avenue (Sandringham) Off Sandringham road Hanks Stewart Ilityder Frederick Ireland Harold, "Looley" Stelzer Frederick, "Miandetta Stelzer l'eter Kereliaw Thomas, dffiryman W illiams Fred. r ek Appleton Charles Hayward Edward Gadd Percy, "Lorne" Russell avenue Sanoni avenue Ida street Leeman Sidney Thompson street Brno Street (Brighton-le-Sands) Iluthwalte Milani, "Grantham Smiths Henry, " Venice" Pearison Herber., "Highain" Of Grand parade Camellia Street (Arnolifte) Emma William J.,,' Girtford" Englaud Arthur, " Creswick" Actims Septamitte, ' Hightail" Broughton Herbert, " Lewk nor " Of Arnett& street Tabritt street Otieetham George E., " Mlowera " Guild Charles R., ''111okling Summerville Alfred A. Hill John," Hillview " 1)1 Os Herbert Honeywell W. G. Bowmor Street (Banksia) Railway 10 Park avenue Mitre William, "Malvern Cottage" Sheriff Peter 1). Darcy Mrs. Mary. "Nolasco" Martin Edward, "Aylesford" McCarthy John Hassett Joseph 'Crowe Mrs. S. Curtis street Humphreys II. English David A. Ridgway 51 war t O'Keefe JR11104 W. English George Winning Alfred, " Omrah Walsh John Burt lames," BrItta " Harvey Harry, "Severn Burt Herbert, "Cleveland'. Blaokrall J., "Tel rah" Robson Joseph E., " Yoonga Russell Albert Moore Henry Preston Charles,"Bay view" King WIldam G. King Albert J.' Hines John Townsend Mrs. Mary Sherriff Arthur, " Sandringham " Jackson Arthur P., ' Ellangowau" The Arenue Simt»onds Arthur, "Balmoral" Bryant Street Cameron Street Bay to Tabrett street George James, "Ileums" Harrington Albert, " Kyle" King street Kent Ernest, " Rosewood " Stringer Harry, " Bloc" Ristau Mrs. Josephine, "Exin" Pitt street Newcombe John, A., "Somerset" Babies' Home Moore Mrs. Matilda," Hampstead" Parr William," Arlington" Bryant street Priestley Mrs. C. A., "Stapen Hill" Cox Richard " Florence Villa" Hitttersley Frederick, " Marie Ville" Goldman Hyam, " Bayview" Owens John, "Killavey" Smith Thomas, Campbell Street (rogarah) Off apsatr ski rcle d Barespate road Dillon Bred Rice F. F. Grimshaw H. Stanley Mason Ernest Grim-haw William Grimsliaw Alfred, " Ronaldene Bodnar C. Nosbltt Alexander Neaves Halket H., "Oherlesville" Cahill George II ouster Robert Blake Archibald McIntyre Donald," Myall" De Pena Peter Hickson John Fraser Herbert Hall James Cairo street Smith Vickery L. Dixon Charles, "Iona" Hulbert Alfred D.," Boronia " Pococil J01111 IL," Mayville" McSweeney J. White Henry, "Olga" Aboukir street Royal' Charles, plumber Ogden William.7. Bird 1tobert Dow John," Rose Cottage" Wearne Mrs. E'. G,, "Sunny Braes," district meglstrar Weenie Miss E. Gosnell Herbert, "Cornwall Titheridge James, " Leura" Morrison Walter Lehmann Richard "Staolitun" Wood George avenue Malley Miss Mary, general store Samna avenue Moran Charles F. Story G. A. Law Charles Buchautin F. Ida street D'Arey William McFarlane Mrs., refreshment rooms (Morello Hull and Pleasure Grounds If. Lazarus, manager Devlin Michael Devlin Henry Volkerts Jellifte W., "Manita Cook Park Clarke Road (Kogarah) Rocky Point road to Jlarante :street Kelly.7. C., "Numba" Parr street to lloety Pettit road Bancroft John Short Walter Charles Street (Arnoliffe) Cameron street Fillingham Mrs. Mary, "St. Alberni" Brays/law Arthur 0.," Shipley" uff Iricsbana street Itendell Vhillaums E. Park venue to railway Steel Montague Stephens Arthur, "Allowrie" Bamigate road Duncan Jetties Blake Stanley, " Byrum): " Johnson Frederick Danunford Frelerick, " Falster" Pfoeffer Robert, "St. Elmo" Sutton Mrs. Annie Dsvenport Charles O'Keefe John, "Derby" Baddock William, "Lyndon" Bower 'alter. " Haverford" Griffiths William Stribley Joists Hague John Pearce John H. Biaokaby Mrs. A., "Avondale" Smith David," Gowrie BMW11 Arthur R. Barbour William Dyson Joseph, "linstoft" Kent street Nestle street Hattori "The Glen" Plowman John Dews NUR48011 WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 OEOROE STREET. 'PHONE 9227 CITY Dillon strest Ramsgate road OUR FUNERAL EQUIPMENT Is UNEXCELLED BY THAT OF ANY FIRM IN THE BRITISH EMPIRE

49 II ui 1\1'! EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY AT ANTHONY HOliDERNS' Ear ROCKDALE. Far 861 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR TOP QUALITY AT BOTTOM PRICE. 860 Cli ROCKDALE. Dun Clarke road (Kogarah) continued Kelly T., wood and coal yard Empress Street (Arnoliffe) Stringer Harry Cross Street (Kogarah) O'Keefe Mrs. Ellen, grocer Hemmings Mrs. Alice, "St. Helens' Done street to Wollongong road Quirk Jame', dairyman Bartlett William, "Seaview" President avenue to Beach street O'Keefe Denis Glover George, "Minerva" Beale Edward MeGinnity John, "Beulah" Rose William, "Seaview " Saunders Capt. J. A.,,LP., "Rosebery" Friendly Society? Dispensary Foley Martin, " linthmines Gallery John, "Eureka" Dyson John A. W., " Mamma " Green street O'Brien Patrick, confectioner Bland Herbert J.," lintligar " England Street (Brighton-le- Laws Robert, "Hilton" Ryan Charles Miller Mrs. Pauline Witchard Frank, fish mart Cottrell Clifford, "Ilathfarnharn" Sands) Hardy Joseph, "Nelson" McDonald Roy, "Elizabeth" French street Station street Taylor Alfred G., "Rathdrum" Off Bay street Oadett Thomas J., "Barton Cottage" Zepler Louis, "Blakeney" Holden Richard, dairyman Blair John, "Holyrood" Lees P. R. "Arlgion" Huston Robert, "Loch Lomond" Anderson 0.1.'., upholsterer, "Ardath"" Greer Robert Curtis Street (Banksia) Callaghan Miss Elizabeth," Muriel '1 Sedgmen Mrs, M. A., "Wehrle" Ott wood Edwin Farmer Charles T. Edson Arthur, "Yukon" Kittodon to Godfrey street Young L. 0., "Clyde" Sedgmen George,"Walme." Cook George, "Marra" Hughes Robert, "Eudora" Downier street Laurence W.," Mona" Barnett William, "Beryl" Harrison Daniel G., "Lyle" Howell Charles G., "Kalmar Cottage" Clarke Thomas, "Selwyn" Stokes John Armour H., "Redfern" Shamiiier Stanley L., "Windsor" Humphrey Alfred, "Sevenoaks" Cart r Frederick Young Theodore 0., "Pentland" Holland Frederick J. Filinns Mrs. Matilda," Aliceville Whitford Royal, "Greenoaks" Whitten Gluier s F.,." Edenhohne" Dickson Robert, " Osrinya " Belcher Charles E., "Cranbrook" Brown Henry G. Livingstone James, -Auldstone" Eulonga Avenue (Arncliffe) Clarke Jatnes Ii,. "Floral Cottage" Weatherby Sydney, "Dorrenc" Bowles Archibald A. Rocky Point road Irvine David Off IVickhant street Dennis Thomas G. "Floral Cottage" Eden street Blyth Pearson M., "Woodbine" Darloy Road (Arnoliffe) Short Percy H.; "Lockwood" Drill hall and parade ground Davis William J. Leisner Edward G. Moorhouse William, "Witham" Cliff Street (Arneliffe) Off Ancliffe road Empress street Davis William, "Virginia" Roach street to Rocky Point road Shipway Richard Vidler Samuel, "Woodward" Railway crossing Entwistle Thomas, "Forms" Thistleton William, " Dalmatia" Bryant street Ridley Mrs. Jessie Favell Edward Tramway Depot and Office Grimmond Mrs. Rose A., "St. An. Robinson Thomas, " Hermione " Dyer Cornelius Morse Mrs. Augusta Favell Arthur J., poultry farmer Spackman 0.3., "Stonehenge" rows" Snape Charles E., "Ashley" Smith Henry S., " St. Kilda Railway line Harris Arthur Morton James," Taree" Daniels William Gledhill Frederick, "Lurnea" Correll' John Neate William A., " Lilydale " Smith Lewis J. 0. Prentice Walter, "Ruby" Sands Frank Langley George Mnsterton William Jones Wallace IL, " Elstemere " Owen Moses King Edward, "Amber" Buckley Walter J., "Iteroo" Tubby Miss M. A. G rice Albert Daryl Street (Sans Scum) bicindoe C., "Pearl" Neville Herbert Evans Street (Sans Souoi) Barthelemy Edmund, laundry Mapper George E. Off the Avenue Tompkins Francis W., " Sapphire Riddell John, " Melrose Of Napoleon street Green W., "Etna" Gray Mrs. Philander Dixon Ralph C., "Concrete Tobin Maurice J. Buttell Thomas, " Kent Ehew John Clifford Street Wood Henry A., " Luton" Lane Harold Buttell Mrs. Mary, " Somerset " Quin Robert Bestic street Mrbert street to Clarence road Woods John Walsh Bertram Wand Andrew, "Wandsworth" Reuter Ernest H., "Daphne" Warr Arthur, "Coda" Lundberg Franz Edwards Harry Evans Frederick, "May Cottage" Finn John B., "Roses" Quilkey Mrs. John Mason George II. Denison Street (Arneliffe) Dowling Street (Arnollffe) Ambler Robert Sanders George, "Waratah" Wedd Peter Clyde Street (Arncliffe) 011 Hirst street I Wollongong road to Hamann stied Brady Charles, "VeronIgue" Bennett Charles W. "Wyreema" Smith James, "Bonnie Dow:" Harwood A. Thew John, "IVimmera'., Or Ann street Staples Charles, "Gatford" Shonfleld George S. Callow Mrs. Amelia, "Shipley" Earle Street (Arnoliffe) Edst side Eve Street (Arnoliffe) Bowyer William, "Kent Cottage" Cook Street (Arncliffo) Crew William A.., J.P., " Laureston Fleming Arthur, "Falto" Forest to IVollongong road Ostein street to Bestic street Nesbitt Andrew "Leith" Off Lottus street McDonagh Christopher C. Partridge James Eccles Frank. "Palmyra" Fairview Street (Arnoliffe) Edgar Miss Mary, "Butleigh" MoDonagh Mrs. Elizabeth Farleigh Hon. John G., J.P., M.L.C. Marr Alfred Percy, "Zenobia" Pile street to Wibon road Hair John, "Amelia Cottage" Carr Matthew Mitchell Thomas " Mimosa" Pinch William MeDmingh Cecil D. Hirst street Barrie Henry C.," Aberdeen" Argent Arthur Smith Albret 0., "Vera" Walker W., "Molina" Johnson P., blacksmith George William, " Vera " Hayman George J. Hardge H., gardener, " Frauenstein " Whittington Edward, " Attereliffe" Osgood Frederick Blundell Thomas Booth T. W., " Winelea" McCracken William East Street (Antonin)) Darling George Tabrett street Ti John, sem, "'interest" Stone Phillip. "Lucy" Matthews Henry Athelstatte avenue to Wilson road Marr Leslie doll Ernest, "Rocklily" Scott S., "Wonga-Rua Heffernan William," Argadeen" Leslie Colin, " Colville From Tabrett street Stone George H. Mansen Mrs. Ellen, "Shirley" Gipps street Malcolm James S., "Rooky View" Nash T., "Kylemore" 32 Dredge William G. Derben John, "Starcross" Le Gummi Frederick," Patonga Ridley Merles Rollinson James, "Stafford" Parsons Henry E., "Peelle" 31 Hovey George Comm J. Schmutter Thomas Giffen Marsden T. Green William, "Flemming" 30 Mem- William 0. Brocklehurst James Parker James, " Allora " Hollingsworth Albert McGregor William, "Auld Reek's" 28 Garrard Charles li. Ridge John Hodge William, "Camberwell" Manley Alfred E. Boyd Harry,"Rast View" Farrar Frank, J.P.,"Garthowen" 28 Eskrigg J. Harris Walter Copernan George F. Kendall Abel," Bromsgrove" Allison Hugh, "Austin" Robinson Thomas, "Buddawong" 27 Ridding Samuel Booth Thomas, carrier Sheelali George Pail Mrs. B., "Albion" 26 Ball William Henry street Victoria street Hart Geonte Pratt Arthur, "Lincoln" Downes Edgar, "Belleville" 25 Day Edward, "Waratah" McEvoy Richard, "Strathalan " Hallman street Markham John A., "Combats" Jackson George R. 24 Croft Franoole, "(Mellow Dean" Thomson John, Jun. Ella Miss A. L., " Beresford O'Itenglier Joseph, "Erina" Dawes James, "Inger" 23 Anderson George, "Rona" Antonio Alfred illirsi street Waster street Gipps street Etchells Joseph, "Braman" Malone Frank, "Givens" 22 Smith Richard G. Smith James P., "Braeside " Owen John W., "Alpash" IVentworth street 'mettle William Forbes William J., "Surrey" 91 Croft J. Crawford Street (Brighton-le- Walbourn Frederick Kay Charles Bullock William Marr Henry M. 20 Whitton James Sands) Roberts John Levi Beaufort Eden Street (Arnoliffe) West aide Marr Percy J., ' Kynuna" 19 Crane Frank President avenue to Bay street Traynor Laurence Hogg John, "Tocal" Of Forest road East Alfred 17 Taylor William Hampson Henry Hogg Henry. Adams Mrs. Annie A.. "Bard of Avon" Arundell Richard, "Lebaul" 16 Davies Mrs. Adelaide Curtis John Hartley Walter S., " Leuraville Pike John, "Marella" Keys John V. 15 Oakes Sanuel, " Oltenia" e9 Sheridan Michael J., " Templemore Victoria street Arensen Nicholas Duff Street (Arnoliffe) Whereat Charles P., " Glenwood " Cook Hagen 14 Gurusemtp luspicovvi icitioliram Rootes Prank E., "Wehroonga" King's road Off Hurst street Reeves John Anderson William, "Kis Ora" 13 Melville William, "St. Elmo" Maguire Michael Voegell Emile, "Helvetia" Bones George C., "Fernbank Mapper Mrs, Jane,"Viotoria Cottage"' Horswill Harry L., Esperance" Reynolds Leslie W., "St. Albans" Tittensor Mrs. A. Olsen Charles, "Moira" Smart James 12 Raymond Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson Frederick J., " Neith " Guidon Alexander," Saint Cloud" Arnold Frederick Butterworth Benj. E., "Wooroona" Wainwright Charles G., "Glenora" 11 Birkett William, "Hilary" Gruer William, "Greenock" Dillon Street (Sans Sone') Martin Henry W. Probert Stanley, "Gabo Tape" Pratte street Hastings Joseph, " Olsville 09 Rocky Pond road Jackson George Hutchison Mrs. I'. L., " Carisbrook " Dines William II. 0., " Oheltnsford Robertson Reginald Webster Alexander Maiinsell Stephen Jones Harry, "Hilston" Lofts Harold, "Kenilworth" Tit:rulings Arthur ilton Thomas, "Clifton" Rogers Leonard, "Aurora" Campbell ereet McDonald street Done street Jellyman Cecil, "Iona" Peters William Peterkin W. Oddfellows' Hall Farr Street Leuenherger Otto A,,"Boutirsea" Boyle Edward, " Audley " Clayton J. A. Steer V. Adams Charles "Orem" Bay to Tabrett street King Walter, "Lillanville" Barker Harry, " Melva " Channau William,?Mansfield" Clarke Herbert Hirst Walter Edwards William H. Bayley Thomas, "Walton" Roberts Edward Gray Edward H. Duncan Sidney, "Roseville" Weller William," Althea Doll's Point Duke Street (Brighton-le-Sands) Pumfrey T., "Eastbourne Rose Robert T. Sheriff Alfred T., "Ivanhoe" Off the Esplanade Joyce Mrs. S. L. Jarman John H., "St. Ives" Lady Robinson's beach Edward Street (Arneliffe) Leer James Pyernont Henry. "Fiona" Hastings Frederick Harris Charles, boat proprietor Duncan Street (Arneliffe) 00" flu rut street Thompson Alfred, "Idaville" Bolton Sydney W. O'Neill street Off Kyle :Owl East aide Smith Mrs. M. J. Carr Alfred W., J.P.,"Orara" Biggs Thomas Done Street (Arneliffe) Gidley William. Dartington " 'Steward Walter J. W.,. Glen Ayr" Bennett Francis, "Arteries," Nesbitt Robert, "Adaville" Rocky Point road Wollongong road Bressington William H., "Inveresk" Jones Riehant," Warrington" Mapper John, "Baden " Smith Bernie, "Vera Ville" Ferry Robert W., "Bordsssa Ville" Foster James Cobley Arthur II. E. Lees Stanley. " Ilazeldeane " Young George E., "Ramsgate' King's road Kurnell street Arncliffe Railway Station Clephane Charles J. Thompson John J., "Horneastle" H yde Henry, " Kuringai Clark Alfred, "St. Heifers" Font John T., "Mona" Sync street Wilson Sydney IL, " Norwood Nicholls William W., "Lansdowne" \Value Robert, "Swindon" Clark John II., "Mt. Hollers" Lloyd William D.,"" Prentice Bros., butchers Taylor George Conn Herbert,".7.1astlemaine" Corbin Eric B., "Haroldene" Bryant street /detriment Arthur Prentice Richard Bulk Frederick W " Rosemont" Hudson Leonard WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., HARRIS ST. 'PRONE M1618 OUR PROCESS OF EMBALMING PRESERVES TM DEAD FOR ANY TIME AT NOMINAL COST

50 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR READY-TO-WEAR CLOTHING. 862 For ROCK DALE. For ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE NEWEST MEN'S MERCERY. Fre ROOK DALE. Gib 863 Farr street continued Fisher Street (Arnol1ffe) Bolin Sydney H., "Sefton" Foster William off A ncliffe street Olds G. G., "'Theisen" Gregory Joseph W., "Chniyong" Konnesly Frolic. C., "Maxims' Lyle" Quilkey James Taylor Roland D. Fletcher Edwin A., "Surrey" Flora Street (Arnoliffe) Wagner Henry. "Delhi" From Forest road Chatnb. rs Mrs. A., "Cambria Cottage"' Mar tin A. It. De Pinna Dr. 11.,"Miratiores" Williamson R. W., "Terarro" Kennedy James OtT West Botany road Fletcher Edwin, "Ityde Cottage" Daniels William, "Wingadee" Bexley Clarence road Potton Charles L. Dutton William Monaghan Fred Tefidt Arthur Dickson John," Craigblea " Raynor John C. Byrne Th N onenrtstrihr..spirmanira Smith Ernest, "Ivanhoe" Sande son Joseph, Verona" Speed John, junr. Perry Henry. "Thornhill" Allan Reginald 0. Russell John, " -nrapa " Antwis William E.. grocer Archer Thomas, " Lillian" Speed John, "Donnie Doon" Shoults A. C., engineer, "Kelvin" Laud' Thomas Cook William, "To Where" Carter George Son, wood & coal yard Itedaelli Octavio Vic., organ builder Calvert John, " Bessbrook " Herbert street Dickinson Percy O. Slate Dr. G. Carter George, " Vaxloy" Todd Leslie T.. "Wakatipat" Bedford Alfred IL," Wonga " Taylor William, J.P., "ErdltIoune" Doll Alexander, " Newlands" Adcock Reuben, horse trainer Jenki it Mrs. Jane, "Othone" Holland Alf bd, "Lorna-ville " Price William H. MeRyannis Mrs., confectioner Gillespie David, "Tokio" Clank Thomas H., "Homedale Cheshire George, "Ifeatherville" Love James, " Ruskin " Font John H., "Kelso" Hawkes Albert Ford E., "Athol-ton" Ferry Thomas E., "Ripley" Hureombe A. G., "St. Elmo" Riley Walter, pin niber FORTESOUE BROTHERS, O'Neil Samuel Belirmann Henry, "Edevide" Nairn It., ' Oraigstone" Bexley Estate Agency. Real Est te Laud Robert, "Pelona" Lawler William " Nina Cottage" Keseell "Melrose" Robertson Adam E., " Neptune " and Property Agents. At Pm Wilson Mrs. H., "Natalie" Cmpbell a Head "Helena" McCulley.Teseph D.," Olevedon " Scott Jackson Charles Ily., "Edg. eliffe Section, lisxley Tram. Relhabhti Wilson Horatio A., J.P. McCurley William, horse trainer Alexander Downey Henry "Dudley" Lloyd Walter John Currie R. Property Salesmen. 'Phones 815- Wilson F. 0. Cross street Fieldhouse William 11.,"Kia-ora" Cornish Arthur, plumber, " Berlioz " 24S Kogarall Jobbins Henry H., J.P., "Euthella" Sutherland Alexr., J.P., builder Fripp Street (Arnoliffe) Nicholson J D., "Lona " Kennedy Frederick Wolff Creek road Frederick street ( Thekdale) Tinning John 09. Wollongong road Knight Rupert, "Dolls" Popo John, "Damara" Richards Mrs Mary, ''Berreppri" Harrison Thomas Bebbington.1. and Co., storekeepers Aubrey Walter, " Ardrossan" George Street Thomas Herbert, "Methuen" Bryson Reginald S., "Hellingdon" Hoey Miss Blanche, confectioner Stewart George, "Wilma".Bay street to Bryant street HI Arthur O., 'Lawrence Cottage. Flerenee Street (Sans &Mei) Gibson, "Blair Athol" Shirley Ed. J., fuel and produce merch. Waddell Rev. J. A. (Meth.) /Pie ttreet King if reel Pitt street Stone Edward, "Portland Off Carrutlwrs' drive Hohnen Charles E., "(logo" Davis William U. Kay John, "Kentrille Grifliths I'. engineer Stone Edward 0., "Dorset" Davies H. G., "Nubs" Luck Thomas Herzog John C., "Avoea" Wood Stephen J.," Camden" Fontainebleau Street (Sans Coates Miss Catherine, "Brondcsbury" Goodsell I', It. W. MoDiarmid John," &whin " Cuthbertson Alex., "Carmunnock" Send) McGregor Peter A. Caution John Parry G., "Ashwell" Off Rocky Point road Wagg Arthur G. Browning Mrs. Elsie Delmer Mrs. Charlotte McIntosh John," Scotia" Kerin Dettls,"lieruleigh. Elliott John Hartle William Bay street Ferris street Ferrier Street 0(1 Wallin street Riddell Mrs. Janet, " Bonnie Doon" Wills John II., "Normandy" Lappin Henry, "Loretto Hardie Mrs. 0., "Holyrood" Hill Henry W., Westralla" Sampson John S., " Weemala" Jobbin 0. Hone Albert T., "Nerissa" Tyrrel Joseph J.P., "01)1011 Kop" Arnsby Francis J, Hall Henry, " Verulam " Freeth F. W. Marshall Mrs. A. We Coodfellow George, "Wyndora" Goodfellow Mrs Margaret, "Meath" Ash Mrs. Bridget, Month" " O'Loughlin Peter, " Qtwenseliff Gannon Mrs. Elizabeth, "Gillingham" Toon William, "Gillingham" Ashley Josiah, Buena Vista" Douglas Hugh," Alien Douglas Miss Isabel, "Allen" Taylor Mrs. Louise, "Walloon" Doyle Vincent J. "Goonoo " Nokia= tire. H. A., "Mount Lewis" Ackland Robert," Oantatu" Bennett Weber," Bombala " Jones T. IL, "Glendtutrt" Potter Siduey, "Erebus'. Talbot Mrs. Elizabeth A. Whitt George It. Firth Street (Arnoliffe) U9 Forest toil Smith 11.1., ham and beef shop Dayes George, hotelier Watson Arthur, fruiterer -Jeffs It. G., grocer Atney L. M., draper. Woodward Ernest A., physician Arneliffe Post Office W. II. Guest, postmaster Halliday Francis, J.P.," Homeleigh" Parsons Mrs Flora., " Seccombe Mrs. E., " Daylesford " Queen street Arncliffe Pharmacy John J. Geary Kilpatrick Albert, hairdresser Cameron Nell," Comber" Thomas II. newsagent Campbell d., chemist WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD, Forest Road (Arnoliffe) Rocky Point road to Harrow road Tanner John, " Fernicigh Anderson II. W.. "Avondale" Hutchison Miss Florence, confectioner Davis Frank Langston L., produce merchant Edenstreet Railway crossing Firth street Wiseman Mrs. Hitched. draper Stinson Ambrose E., fruiterer Smell Mrs. V., stationer Reilly Herbert M., " Bodlian " Congregational Church Docker Bros., bakers Barden street Edwards G. K t fish shop May James Wm., fruiterer Lyric Picture Show Eggin g Wilfred. storekeeper Tinning George, confectioner Morton T., draper and boot shop MeDonagh Christopher 0.. boetmaker Goodhew Joseph, "Thelma Martyr' Mrs. J. M., "Al ton" Trotter Landon, principal Arncliffe College Morton Mrs. Lillian, " Wishaw Villa" Morton Robert, " Carnwath Strange James, stationer Saunders Richard T., "Recordia," Schubert Robert Hopkin Archibald S A., cordial factory. Jeffes Robert O. Private Hospital Nurse Mason, "The Towers" Towers street Williams A. E., "The Gables" Pick Mrs. George V. Bricknell Frederick, " Catnpden " MeGarvey lfrn.rachael,"strathmore" Barney William, "Myrtle Villa Kennedy Alfred, "Wyagdon" Allen Frederick W. Fire Station F. J. Gall, off' Gordon street Bell Ralph, "Re. trot?' Sutherland Wm., Forest Cliff " Stuart Mrs. O., " Glenalva " Potts Edwin Stewart street Ellison Rev. Tom, (Meth), "Canberra" Earle street Holliday Cherles Williams Francis, "Letchworth" McNee Alfred J., "Collessie" Walker William J., "Chelmsford" Gannon John 'P., J.P.,"Dtingattinon " Wollongong road (llextey) Sackville street I3ealey Presbyterian Church St. Jowph's Coevent St. Jos ph's School Waddell street Railway parade Robinson William Humbert Herbert "Roselyn" Rice John, " Weemala " Vaughan Mrs. Cocelie 'Preston" Wallis A. F., "Sunnyside" ' Bland John, "13ity view Cottage" Fountain Mrs. M. A. St. David's Church of England Mount street Itolch street Worsfold Alexander, '"I'e Aim" Bull Mrs. A., "'To Anne" McCowan Mrs. Mary, "Strathearn" Farleigh Edward, J.P., "Carinya" Knight Henry, bunter Dyson Frank, "Gladstone" Clarke W. It., "Glitd.aene Gushier Francis G., "Wentworth" Horsley Charles H., "Ilighbary" Bayview street Saunders W. IL," Segenhoe " Parry Mrs. Stewart II. F., "RHO" Lewis Walter J., "Kooyong" Hillier Albert l' "Okere" Maguire A. II., " Woodstock " Knight steed Wales leatto Monjoit l'eter, "Highgate" Edwards Ernest A.," Illawarra" Williams Mrs. S.,"Zilnia" Penfold George," Hotham " Gurney Mrs. Pauline, " Topsham Armstrong Mrs. L. A., "Goburra" Theme William. "Exeter" MeNeilly Clande,"Torquay" Holden Mrs. Emma, "Ellerslie" Williams Stephen J.. "Leamington" Knight Henry 0., "Shirley" Short William, "!Memos' I Faith Creek road Wilcox Mrs. Lofts Herbert.1., "Wyona" Clifford George. "Brampton" Burcher William 0.,' Bredho " Clayton J. H.. J.P solicitor, " Alyce " Villiers street Lambkin G lien, " 'wood.' Dunstnuir Robert R., "Avondale" HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 CITY Hayes Ambrose, "Loretto" Fore,t H., fruiterer Collins J., hatut and beef shop Dixon Mrs. Amy, confectioner Dixon John Harrow road (For con:inuat(on,see Bexley and hunt elite) Frederick Street Rocky l',.tnt road to Forest road Rhind James carrier Lewis Sydney, bootinaker Railway crossing Case A. II., stationmaster Itailway street Lehllaw Mrs. Agnes, tobacconist Wall A., bootunaker O'Leary Martin Hillman Herbert Brewster Mittel= Hilton Walz J. A. Walz Mrs. Isabel Lane Walker," Woodford " Makin! street Norge Frederick, "Netherby" Wood Mrs , "Rocklea" Quoyie John, " Windermere" Lloyd Thomas S. "(Siff Cottage" Be.ssbrook Alfred ' E., "Shoesmith" White John, "Yorkhill" fitouklutin Walter, " Makura Chapman Frank, "Clyde" Seymour Michael, "Grey Lynn" Blum Fred, "Cerra Lynn Ahern Percival J., " Austruther" Roggen H. E.," Lincluden " Walker J. F., "Kilbarchan" MI Mrs. T., "Glouroyd" Galla gher Jame.., "Sinless" McCole William, "Ferndale" Marsden Frank Hoepper Fiederick, "Eisieville" Mennen Joseph H., " lolatithe" Priniroee Edwin, "Rosebery Primrose George," Leslie Villa" Morgan Alfred J., solicitor Nevin Arthur L., "Glenwood" Nevin H rs. Arthur L.,teacher of music Wood Alfred W.. "Belmont" Golden Tom, "Melrose" Miller Miss F. "Lee Mount" Manley st reet Verdich Frederick W., 'Shanklin" Harden William, " Roseneuth Chapman Wm., "Lancashire Cottage" Robinson David, "Linetdstairs"!Harwood Arthur It. Forest road Lyon' Mrs. Ellen, "Alverton" Hattersley Misses Deans Rev. A. (Cong.) Dale John 1'. Partridge Albert, " Azatiau Shilleock Llewellyn, "Fernlea" Sues Otto, "Marston Villa" Hargraves Herbert, "Glendenning" Gabbe Richard," Bovaird" A rdill Joshua, ' Mimosa Courtney John, commission agent Hohnen William S., "Sociable Heiden A. Weather/wad Harry Murray John, "Ydralt" Congregational Church Welkin street Rawson street O'Connell T. H., builder Wale P. P., cab proprietor Sleuth Mrs. Jane, "Olive Bank" Railway crossing Alexandra parade Day Michael St. Geori.e's Bowling and Recreation Club Mrs. Armitage, caretaker Frederick Street (Sans Souoi) Off Air* road Plowright Frederick G., poultry farm Short Ebenezer Wills Mrs, W. If., poultry hammer Park read Hawthorne Edmund Still George H. Cooper Shalt() T. Baker Mrs. Frances Holder Mark Cooper II. C. Fletcher Charles II. Curran William Yard Edward S. French Street (Kogarah) OS Rocky Point road Mason William J., " ilinemoa" Walker Mrs Helena, "Surrey Ville' Wheeler B. O., "Sussex Ville Goddard Francis J., "Wyuna" Nock St. Kirby's Depot 13ergliofer G., carpenter, "Wanganui" Coleman Albert,"Littlemoss" l'erry Alfred W.," Brighten" Gibbs William, horse trainer Brennan Thomas, horse trainer l'aterson!truest C. Bastin George IT., "Galen.' Frede ick William P. Brown Charles, "Thetis' Cross street Newlands lilr'iler'si t'jb..,"t "Elizabeth Villa" Waketleld William, "St. Elmo" Barnes Francis J., "Millthorpe" Rohb James, storeman, " Dundee' Hardie John ''Loden," Welsh Frank ' A.," Tarn" Barnett Walter Bryant street Muffle Franels.T. Tomperanci Hall and Church of Christ Reel.ale Labour League Jarvis Mn. s Ado, " Alpha Whitney George Dllartekceiri ft,:r1 ward E. Jordon John," Iltionville" Thorsen Mrs. Margaret, "Rayton" Cairns Peter, "Zenditville" Jo stehwit artf.b des, nougat! Mrs. Eliz:Lbe tr ,;;Kia-Ora" Illibe Oscar AWrtehstitr side Redmond Ross.1.," WIleove'' Bredshaw James Fisk William Griffiths Mrs. Caroline Rogers Thomas W., "ltusliden" (Searle iff wtoltonlitli shj. Broe II. O., J.P. solicitor and comtnissenter to: affidavits, " Abbots. Creslow " Bryant street JneeRnrialelenlJnatinAe"v s,i5"grenfell" Gertrude Street (Arnoliffe) Off Rocky Point road Roberts Archibald II. Gibbes Street Bay to Tabrett street McGregor Alexander Matthews Alfred G., "ROWit' Figtree Clotrier, " Kelm" Grotto Norman J, Nelson Itegitinhil Spooner II. IL., "Norwood" Mawson Sydney, " Ripon Warwick John It., "Olinda" Myers Perc y H.," Kurrarong Anderson Charles, " Ashley Marr William Graves Mrs. Martha Worrell Thomas Sorrell Charles, "Mitcham Sharpe Christopher," Victoria Villa" Parnell Pitt b,' Grasmere" hart Auguotus P., "Barticleutit TO PERMIT OF THE ATTENDANCE OF ABSENT FRIENDS WE EMBALM AT NOMINAL COST

51 EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE AT ANTHONY HORDERNS' 864 Gip [LOCK DALE. Gra NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. Gre ROCK DALE. Her 866 Vibbes street continued Brighton terrace- Clark John H., J.P. Heath Street (Arncliffe) Christie Jacob, "Portland" Gordon Street (Brighton-le- 1 Martin Thomas Hockings Frank E., "Raymond" Front Rickard street to.4 nallie street Saunders J. W., "Hongi" 8 Morrison Charles Sands) '2 Allen Stanley Brown Peter. greengrocer Gough W., "Linda" 4 Kenyon Joseph," Wylandra " Of Grand parade Johnson Cyril King street Byrnes Edward E. Bowiner Alfred 6 Holloway Alfred 1 Jargensen Charles 3 Martin Walter Jex Robert F., ' 51apVille " Martin Frank Clifford Ambrose, "Rose Cottage" 6 Hillier Mark, "Milport" 8 Carpenter J. 4 Fullagar Frank Unsworth Alfred McLean Mrs. Helena, " Glenreagh " 7 McFarlane Patrick, "Daphne" 5 Peel William 5 Yatman John Austin Eric Hogarty Street Hooper Mrs. Eliza,"Bay View Cottage" 8 Huggett John 7 Blackett A. Off Rocky Point road The. Avenue 6 Warburton James Skinner Mrs. A. A. Cartledge Cyril F., "Fiona" 9 Cottrell George 9 Suttling William 7 Whiffet' John Giles Mrs. Jane Franks Mrs. Elizabeth Williams Charles, "Erato" 10 Nladdocks Bruce 13 Warren William J. 8 Monahan William W., barrister Dowling street Burns William, timber yards Smith F. A., "Lochee" Tahrett street 15 Clark Charles 9 Andrews E. C. geological surveyor Davies Mrs. C. Pressley Arthur J., "Downton" Bryant street Gipps Street (Arncliffe) 17 Smith Robert 10 Stephens Mrs. ' E. John street &tabors Edward Ashley Charles S. Off Dowling street 19 Smith Edward 11 Buckingham Edwin Fara' John Jacob, gardener Duff J. Whitby Albert Horgan Charles 23 King George W. Saywell Thos., J.P., "Osborne House" Goodwin Joseph," Ashwin " Heitz Gustave it. Pendlebury Thomas 25 Ward Benjamin J. Gordon street Thorn Mrs. Mary A. Hughes William M., "Anona " 27 McGowan James S. C. Wentworth Frederick, "Amid" Griggs James, poultry fanner Hord Bruce, "Arrandale" Cpton Arthur, " Northwold " Bywell Percy Johnston Edward," Gallipoli Wentworth Percival, "0th,," Weddell John," Glenora" Henry Street (Arncliffe) Wood Mrs. Blanche, "Lismore" Dowlinc street 95 Riley He Ty Murgatroyd Mrs. M., "Olenbrook" Amy soya Off Loftus street Petschler Charles, "Wanganui Brash James H. The avenue Armyrage F. L., "Locksley" Clifford Alfred Pearson Thoulas, " Oakleigh" Comber William IL," Mon Repos " Noble William Wild Gilbert, "Esmond' Walsh William M., "Hastings" Ford Albert W. :Smith Herbert J. " Everton" Soper Thomas N. Mulholland George, "Mon Repos" Bruce U. Stanley st. Ross st. Bestic St. Burton Francis Henson Street (Brighton-la- Todd Stanley, 'Tenney" Middleton Thomas J., grocer Banns) Fielding Robert S., t "Ormskirk" Glen Road (Arnoliffe) Ilayhow William J., "Waygunyah" 131acksall John, boat proprietor Willis J. Off Grand parade Howley W. E., "Lilianfels" Wont creek to Arneliffe road Archer Fred M., "Glenelln" Swimming baths Craven John Fielding Robert, "Parkfield" Graham E. A., "Scarborough" Matterson Neil, boat proprietor Shirley John, "Clovelly" Herbert Street From Forest road to Watkin street Asquith Geo., stonemason," Bolton" Hall Frank Boyle Hugh, "Ballintrae" Lady Robinson's beach Hill Charles, builder Bestic street Purser Thomas Cribb Alfred B., Valmerie" Illackall Joseph strest Ostrell street J11/110S Walker Charles Parry James, Green Street (Kogarah) Hyde Errol," Bombala " Hutchison Peter," Lockerble " Skinner Frank," Rochdale" Miller Robert, "May Glen" 2 Osborne Frederick Off Rocky Point road Scott A. Leavers Percy, " Buena Vista" Bruce Alexander Svensson F. Anderson George Tickle Mrs. William H., " Glenalva " 4 Rogers Ewan 36 Walker John 0., Pile street Prideaux Matthew Burnett William Gayner Edward R., "Bowral" 37 Gough Charles S., " Stratford " Hunt Christopher, hursetminer Rasmussen J., poultry farmer Favell Walter W., Stanley street market gardener 8 Frlsken Ed ward, "Minah" 38 St. Clair Francis Henderson Stuart," Kismet" Ricketts Gilbert Farrell William W., market gardener 10 Hockey Sydney 39 Arnold Ernest Wilson Francis Frankland Alfred Creek Cheetham Charles H. 12 Lang David, "Yulall" 40 Wentworth Arthur Wendt John P., " Philatiloo " Neilson Mrs. Alice M. Spicer Henry L. Pune Giovanni," Gordon House" 41 Arnold Walter J. 'Clarence William, "Iiitzlewood" Harrow Road Thorp Mrs. G. A., "Ilillerest" Smith Charles IL, "Glen Roy" Excelsior Macaroni Co. W. MoBwau, 42 Hou ghton Henry J. McKenzie John," Fenneinere Clifford street Arlington street Browett Edward, poultry farmer From Rocky Point road at Kogarah to proprietor 48 Bradley W. E. Wakefield Walter J., " Fernleigh " Newman William ',V.," Penzance" Forest road, Bexley 44 Itevell Percy It. Gloucester Street Curbs* IL J. Edler Charles, carrier Leikvold Norman, "Bonnie Boon" 45 Lee Stanley Off Railway street Smith Mrs. Hannah Lewis James Hartford Thomas J. "Trevallyu" Graham John IL, "Creole-Lea " 46 Jones James Morse James The avenue Green Stanley Lay Ernest, " Te Awainutu Caldwell W. IL, "Emelt Rue Oxley Mrs. C., " Mafeking " Rowe Mrs. Mary, "Maryville" Baskerville John, "Tretheway" Kirkby Frederick Upton A. It. S.," Waikato" Gillard Richard, " Erin Mbrett street Rowe James W., junr " Brookfield" Redwood William, " Florence " Field William D.. " Libewi" Twist George, " Pemberton" Bownter Benjamin, "Glenview" Dewsbury George," Brailsford " Marlow James Cross street Henderson Charles, " Larkhall Bright Mrs. It., " Elsworth" Chander Alfred, "Kiit.Ora" Sachisthal Edward," Berlin" Webb William Thomas, " Harcourt " Jackson Henry Ripper Claude A, "U wenyth Gordon Street (Arnoliffe) Hodgson Mrs. Fanny Cutting Harold It., " Kembla Johnson Louie, " Perplex" Young Arthur, " Venue Graham William," Lilyvale " Wollongong road to Forest road McDonald Archibald," Dundee" Powell Cyril D. W., "Cardiff" Reeking John Schuker Henry, " Cambusnethan " Geary Itobett O., Ontario" McDonald Harry M., " Dundee " Brownlow Arthur, "Ruhyston " Whitehall George H. Catherine street Stainton Francis J., " Shalimar Byers John.Crane WilliamIL" Glenrook " Emmett Frederiek, " Nellyville " Reid Barry G., "Melton" Noisier James L. Campbell Ewen D., " lnverary Wheeler Charles," Clifton " Sinclair Claude II., "Glen Ayr" Cowie Amos C.," Boronia" Cavatiough Harold Grotto Charles, "Lonsdale" McLennan Alexender," Bras Wyvis " Fahey Mrs. A. Turner Miss Bertha, dressmaker Heasman Theodosius Skidmore John MeLennitit Miss A., costutniere :Skilly James P., " Man" Crisp Mrs. Matilda, " Berowra" Webster George Railway level crossing Alexandra parade Moloney Timone," GowIturst Mildenhall Thomas, "Belmont" Waidow Herbert L., "The Gunyah" Bray William," The Nest" Campbell Louis If. de Plater Michael. gatekeeper Souter Frederick T., "Allowrie" Sharp Ernest, "Melrose" Pettigrew Donald F., " Mizpah " side Rawson street Upton William, " Eldorado" Pitt street Ross James W., "Camrosa " Gore Street (Arnoliffe) Stewart hen ry Napper James, "Shalom Wales Miss J., " Wolitrol " Wilkins Harry," Mulwarree " Jones William II., "Cupid's Bower" Oft Railway parade Coller Henry J. James Edward, " Jetiolan " Guthrie George, " Rockley Johnson James J.," Ileawlek " Trowel' Frank W. Venni Mrs. S., "Cliff Top" Phipson Archibald Caldwell Archibald, "Elrington" Rockdale Presbyterian Church Franklin James, " Illawarra" Williams W. IT., "littafarn" Rappel Joseph,"Torouto" Laurenson Robert A., "Ft eefield" Shutt Henry D. Hutchinson Nurse, "Arcadia" Vaughan Thomas J. Dipert Max Mears Mrs, Sarah Robertson James S.," Rubibohne" Dickinson Charles W.," Merewa " Heavens henry Milligan John Sharratt Amos Edward, " Stafford " Parker Benjamin Tait Alfred, " Heather Brae " Moon Walter, "Bonnie Glen" Webb William H., "MayCourt" Lopez F. B., " Falkirk " Brazier C. 'Athol" Pert Thomas, " Vernme " Doust William B., J.P., " Aetinotus " Lancaster George, "Brighton 'View" Downs, "Chelsea" Goode Caleb," Irene" Johnson Augustus ' Grouber Albert Reedy John, " liareela Goddard Street (Arnoliffe).. A uld William, "Greenwich" Allard Charles, "Meryttla" Brown Charles, "La Mascotte Willard Robert Thorn William,"!Tonkel(' Loftus street to Arneliffe street Kirkby John, gardener, ".ussex" Mitchell Marklow. " Bellevue" Fisher T it8 O.," Marli Clark Miss Mary H. Williams G. IL," Rockley ". Playfuni Horace Loft William, "Hitzeldean Turner William Cross street Begg John E., Coronga " Harrison Albert E., " Windermere " Trevarthen Joseph IL, J.P.,"Penrose" Hayes Thomas Grand Parade (Brighton-le-Sands) Bryant street Pinfold Percy G. Ring Willhun, "Canberra Cottage" Austin George 'I'. Riley Herbert, plumber, "Briteside" Off Bay street Boler Joseph, 'Osterley" A mplilett Charles 11., " Salesbury Iraa in street Austin Oscar W. Hayes James, "Horneleigh " Rigby Thomas A. Robinson J., "The Laurels" Clark Joseph, "Salesbury" Clagget George E., grocer Heath Albert It., "Rosarli" Cottee Arthur, "Hostel" Fernival Mrs. A. A., refresh. rooms Scenes Samuel," Mayville" Richardson James," Ethel Cottage" Stanley street Johnson Arthur," Carinya " Post and Telegraph Office Miss E. Hector Robert J., "Arden" Warren John Thorpe Fred, Overmeed " Allen James, "Grangeville" Smith Harry Ward, postmistress Edwards John H., carrier, "Sussex" Wyllie David, " Kestow Sorensoi, John, "Avon Grange" Wray Samuel, " Inniatail Duke street Griffith Street (Sans Souci) Palmer Joseph F., "St. Eltno" McDonald J. A., " Glenrock " Oft Rocky Point road Parker John," Romeneeth " Godfrey Street (Banksia) Hamilton Mrs. Julia, refresnit room Bromwich Joseph J., J.1'.,"Linwood' Ferber Mrs. Elizabeth Butterworth Oscar, "Itothesay " llafliray to Park avenue Ward Miss C., refreshment rooms Monte Thomas, J.P.," Herons'' Collett T. P. Campbell Archibald, "Ivy Cottage" Vaughan John A., "Dundee" Tarleton H. J., "Milton" Albyn street Wright George, " Astonville Campbell Thomas Drummond Mrs. It. A. Kennsell Samuel "Glen Aultlyn Princess street Langley James Bourke Thomas, " Killarney Hennessy J., "Tuam" Lane James. " Glinton Voss H. Dixon, "Pen Maeu" Richards Charles It., " Theda " Oliver Alfred " Hastings " Toyer James, ilmseryinan West James, " Pomona Wardrop William Fitzpatrick Gerald, "Nortnanby" Baldwin Joseph H. Gillespie Herbert, "Dalkeith" Bedford Ernest, "Creswiek" Hampton Mrs. T., "Bulitnba" Tarleton Francis W., J.1'., "The Hannam Street (Arnoliffe) Chapman Robert Caldwell W lhiismm C., " Main Hardy Alfred Cotter." Of Arncliffe s,reet 51cVicars Archibald, "Kyle" Hodge,, James," Brackley " Nelson Thomas, "Nelson Leigh" Nestle street Quarry J. McAuliffe, proprietor Strict'..1 John Bytig Charles James, " Halll" Maclean Abraham 0.," Dunn." Orton John T. 0. O'Neil street Williams John, "Vera Cottage" Spading William," Macleay " Tidd F. %V. 1 Itradellaw Thomas," Lucy Ville Pain Charles, "Na Malo " Tamsett Mrs. F., refreshment rooms Salt Ernest Hamilton Albert C. O'Sullivan W. J.," lialycon 2 May Mrs. Elizabeth Roy Benjamin, "Irene Cottage" Tarnsett.Tames Cook street Kellernmn Augustus, bootmaker Luttow David J., "Lilycliff " President avenue WOOD. COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS. SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION THE LARGEST FIRM OF CARRIAGE AND DRAG PROPRIETORS SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR

52 ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, ON THE HISTORIC SLOPE OF BRICKFIELD HILL. 866 Her ROCKDALE. Jud Kel ROCK DA LE. Kin 867 Herbert street (Brighton le Sands) cont'd Penny William B.,'"Luvea" Legg Robert J., "Kooroogamit" Walton A. O., "Bruntlale Sharp Albert, "Kippetilee " Asplett William Richardson Richard, "Leonora" Milgate Leslie 0., "Sherwood" Cronin Willlem, " Fairfield" Mardardy Albert, "Kanimbla " Higgins Benjamin, " Months" Hattersley George," Bayseliffe" Morrison Malcolm, "Tayan" York S. W., " Kelvin Brae" Cullen David, "Rockhurst" McG rigor Miss Isabella, dressmaker Hercules Street (ErightOn-10- Sands) Duke street to King's road Briggs Oswald Smith John, "Ffrwd-Win" Thorp George Kemp 0. Sales Walter H. West Side Church of England Mettle Alfred G., grocer Dunlops It. S., "Sybil" Lewis Frederick B.,"Penrilyn" Bare Arthur B., " Yack " Tarpey Thomas J., "Osborne" Denison street Scott Frank Leslie James, "Itothesay" Senior A.. Starr Alfred, fruiterer Peek W. J. Park street Weller Joshua, "T'gettit" Fortesoue George E., senn, "rgatta" Greenwood William E.. "Rose Villa" Jansen Frank, " Lindley" Walker Mrs. Anna, "Claremont" Tighe Allan Hayes lierbert, "Eshank" Watson Walter, Neith" Rosen Leslie W., "Pommy" Penfold James, "Mine'' Duff street Bridge Charles, "Milton" Doyle Edward J.," Illawarra" Randall W., "Tuggerall" Nelson George H., butter merchant Horwood Leslie "lice" Magee John, "dertrudeville" Graham John E., "Roseville" Webb Robert, "Edna" Solander street Harsh street Sparkes John P.,' Montrose" Goodman Alfred, " Duna " Scott James, "Blink Bonnie" Breyley Ernest A. Jones Samuel," Lavinia" Jones William Jones Albert, " A rsley " McIntyre Joseph, " Eleieleigh" Hams Arellibill" "Ercildoune" Leahy John, " domnines" Fitzgerald Patrick" Salopin " Kennedy John. " Marie " Hudson Percy, "Mona Nelson Albert L.," Lindisfarne" Borthwick John," Milton" McCarthy John J., "Tara" Williams Henry Williams William," Oakfleld" James Street Burke Michael, "Thurlton" White David, "Gletielg Maskell James, "lone" Whole Charles Edward versides William, "Canberra" Simpson George Coulthart Robert S. Bone E., "littlest" Harding Rubert J., "St. Albans" Lawton Frederick, "Berea" Barker Albert, "Myrtle Cottage' Copland Mrs. E., "Elpis" Hillier John, " Banksia" Graham John R. Larkin John, "Salare" Beveridge David Carlisle Hugh Harding W. Purdy William, "Glendeu" Curtis street Howell Alfred Davidson Duncan Honeywell Albert, "Rockonia" Baker William It., " Clifton" Howley James," Woniora " Kende, James Kendall Street (Sans Sotto') Off Rocky Poi,it road Douglas William Thompson Sydney Kent Street uir Bryant street Austin Walter Edge Mrs. H. M. B., " Tintern " Plunkett William 0., "Glendowey" Clancy Joseph, " Yamba" Frandsen M s. Louisa, "The Poplars" Penman Richard B. Wooldridge George El. Towzey Edgar, "Alpenrose" Frank William, "Sylvia" Glover Herbert It. Guy Mrs. A. C. Kimpton Street Rocky Point road to ;troll{ Creek road Nicholls Thomas IL, "Aylesford" Kerr William Clifton George A., J.P., "Atua" Cockburn Bruce King Street Rocky Point road to Cameron street Clark D. It., feel yard Salvation Army Barracks Morris Mrs. N. Bennett IL, "Edentior" lea rket street Houghton Ben., "Hunting Tower" O'Hanlon G. J. J.,"Egreitiont Cottage" Stephens R. George street Hill Mrs. Mary, " Surrey" Thereby Thomas Tattler Gideon, carter Hadfield Mrs. Rose, "Rugby Patterson Henry Duncan John Gorman F. J. Griffiths Thomas, " Toronto" Baker Horace, "Home" Hockey Mrs. Frances, " Sfaxwelton" Chapman Roy, " Alpha" Duff Gordon, " Le tic" MeCrinnor Francis, " Oakleighi Villa" Melville James, " Reemoir " Ferry Mrs. Elizabeth II., "Leone Pair Percy A. It., "Nitnit" Haase Mrs. Mary Wicks Henry F., " Fairview" Flay to Green street Bay street Erickson Martin, "Astoria" Laue Mrs. W., "Wismar" Corkery William, "Entterdale" Scothern Harold Daniel Herbert, "Salon Kop" War Lee & Co., market gardeners Glenn David, "Takapuna" Madden John Ilogarth Richard W., "Awe" Maddems Albert, " Audley " Lenten John, " 11111farnince" Burke Charles Brown Robert, carpenter Kelso John, " Brandenburg " Coxlmad William, "Leighton" Hermann Street (Kogarah) Off Rocky Point road to swamp Clark, "Ora" Climpsen Charles, "Rathnageer" Sweeney Joseph, " Coo-ea " Allan Joseph, " Apsiev " Morris A. F. W.," Rude" Holyonke Herbert H. Ascott George, " Devonia " Antillo D. Congdon Abel Young Mrs. Alice Dawes Robert Bingham Walter F., "Ivy villa" McArthur Mrs...\ [argent Clark Edwin Phelps Percival, "Linda Cottage" Sandwith John, " Roseville" Godfrey John, "Dalston" Garrett George A.," Canberra" Allan Albert G., "Kenthurst" Smith Bertram, "Coogavilla" Mailer Patrick, "Knockaveen" McMahon Joseph E. Glover Allan, "Glenburn", Gifford John, builder Woodintri John B. Burton George "Birchip" Seal Richard, "l' ortslade" Parkes Henry Wych Peter, "Bernardette" Watson Arthur Hill Street (Arnoliffe) Off Duff street Collins George H. Capewell Sydney East Side Boggle James Horbury Road Park road to Sandringham road East Side Gray William O. Hurst Street (Arnoliffe) Off Wollongong road katts street Fortesette Geo. 11 and Sons, Ltd., rabbit poisoning machine factory Edward street Jurjens Frederick, "Product" Ockwell Frank, "Livingstone" Hart Henry," Hillerest" Hay John, "Rutherglen Simpson W. Bayliss J., "Sunbeam" Wilson Robert S., "Wendouree' Trevena Allan, "Windemere" Outten John, "Ivy" Smith A. W., "Manchester" Brisbane Miss A. McLaren Thrums Milwood Frederick Dowling street Wollongong road Breen Arthur, "Albury" Crane Walter J. Off Harris Fredk. John," Normanhurst " Of Cliedgey Thompson, " Lavinia" Kelp'', street Bywater Thomas," Ivy Cottage" Allinson George, "Italian" Travis Arthur, 'Delhi" Thompson Joseph, "Thistletbn" Denison street Michell strret IValters street Kembla street Dowling street Horsey Frederick, carrier Pepper Alfred S., "Leigh" Ida Street (Sans Souoi) Rocky Point road to Napoleon street De Abet William Freeman Herbert Bone James, poultry farm Davis William A. Illawarra Road (Arnoliffo) Arneliffe to lotion pony road Passmore Mrs. Grace, "Bnardene" Willis street Cole Frederick W. Walter Charles A. Innesdale Road (Arnoliffe) Off Rocty Pant road Purdy George Levi Arthur Burrows Mrs. Mary A. Thomson George," Myee" Bennett James," Warwick" Clark Mrs. Annie Van Kampen Frank, builder Quill Alfred Clemens William Allen George H., dairy Tattler Mrs. Margaret Tattler James Draper Ernest Ilutnphreys Mrs. Elizabeth Justice Alfred 0. Green Joseph William Green Mrs. Eliza Sereeant Percival Summers Walter, poultry farmer John Street (Arncliffe) Off Hannan; street Napier Reginald Martin Claude Davies Arthur Taylor John, "Mill Cottage" Brownley George Davies Mrs. E. O. Joseph Street Off Herbert street McMillian Dittman, "Milton" Hay Edward A., "Tennyson" Atherden Charles F.,"Albemarle" King,ott George A.," Kiora" Marshall Francis J., " Mileewah" Stevenson Francis "Glenorie" Faulkner Edwin It., " Heatherbrae" Stead David G., "Lydhatn Hall" Judd Street North Side Railway to Spring street Anthony Harry Andrews Guy, "Tabite" Arnold Mrs. Mize Parker William M., plumber Thew John, "ttodondo" Saunders William, "Uffington" }Nukin g Henry Mile John, "Lillian " Thompson William Deane Mrs. Elizabeth Bryant Thomas, hairdresser Curtis street Campbell Mrs. Mary, general store MOIMg Miss Nora, dreannaker 'White William T., "Mary-Will' Sullivan John Hughes Patrick, "May-Villa" Fisher Leslie Thomas William, "Cntigend" Child Harry C., " Narooma " Bullock Joseph. "Oakdette" Rankin Thomas A. O'Loughlin Mrs. M., "Myree" Collett II., "lioniton" Perkins George, "Grovenor" Kelsey Street (Arnolife) Wollongong road to Hurst street &pinks Henry, "Barnet" Morgan Charles, " Kensel " Miller Alexander W., "Totteridge" McKenzie John W, "Chant Cottage" Shuttleworth W. E., "Marsden Lodge" Harper Mrs. Louisa," Urania" Porteseue Bros., builders Ward Mrs. Mary Walker Cyril Fuller Robert B. Crawford Robert G.," Robith " Nicholas John H., "Keswick" Pitt Whilhitu,, "Myrtle" Pilgrim Alfred, "Melds Vale" Rowe John 0., " Eskdale " Parks W. A., "Lynden" nutrias Sydney, " Kayuga " Hayes John W.." Lorna Boone" Kembla Street (Arnoliffo) Off Wollongong road Eldridge Mrs. Mary, " Nephetos " Clowes IV., " Merridong" Henderson James J., " Lidsdale" Flowel Thomas, music teacher Haynes William. "St. Monica " Begot Richard, "Woodlawn" Osborne 0. L.." Bellevue" Cole Samuel, "Strutherick" Sparks Charles R. Grose Joseph H., "Amluen" Ledden Mol'hereolt Mrs. J. A., "Hamalbrook" Bailey Mrs. E., " Florence" Morrison William, " Gordon " Martin Mrs. M. R. Wollongong road Curtis street Sherwood Mrs. Elizabeth A., "Clutha" Oroesman Frank, "Hezeldene Cottage" Sawyer Fred A. Bates J. Leach Ernest Marshall Arthur, "Leurn" Jesselyn James, " Idle-a-while " Saunderson Robert, "Milton" O'Donnell T. A. Wark Walter Battishell Ernest W., "Ethel Villa", Oainteross David, junr., "Hopetoun" Ricketts and Thorpe, joinery works Colton Mrs. Eliza Railway street Mumford Ebenezer, grocer Goldman Horace, "Belgravia" Baker Samuel B," Braeside " McNab Thomas Minton Ernest, "Truro" Green William O. White Charles.' Nokomai" Doran E. It, "Corona" Field Charles E., " Lyntield " Hayes William A.," Hazelbert" Barnwell Edgar F., "Frankbine" Rowlands J., 'Oakley" Weidersee James W., "Itsvenscroft" Petersen Mrs. Dora Arlington street King's Road (Brighton-le-Sands) Off Hercules street Alexander Slyer, "Lausanne" Flood John A., " Estelle" - Winker itdwar I, " Bowbells" Skelley Joseph, "Lilliurst Hewing Charles, " Lavinia" Evans Even, "Lavinia" Henricksen P, ter Crawford street Drayton Alexander, "La Sinnott " Roach Charles," Glenelg O'Kell George Elliott William, "Elonora" Seater Thomas Marsden James, "Loyal" Greatorex Thomas, "Glen Ellen" Marsden John N. Tebbett Walter Kent Abraham South aide Carrot Thomas, dentist Russell Alfred Giliremie I. B. Martin Ernest, G. Noble James Perkins Joseph Burgess James B. Holtman Jolin Rockdale Police Station Walker W. P. Fleming Percival Armstrong Mrs. It. liarrirmil Francis J., " Myro" Login' Charles, " Iona " Whitmore Joseph O.," Media" Byrne J. A., 0 Ontrall" Walker E. R. Bell Mr. Mary, "Southwick" George street. Harding Charles J. Mylehreest Henry Sorensen IL N. "Rosebank" Ross Henry IV., " Kilgetty " Hewitt It'illiato If., " Liedootivarna " Bison Alfred W., "Beatrice Ville" Bray Frederick Walters William, " Ivy" Bartlett William, "Woodford" MeMiles Lance J., "Ebenezer" Waller William, "Busby Cottage" Beehag William, " Murden " Corkery John Kent Percy. "Ilighfleld" Richards Wilberloree, "Garfield" Dale Henry, " Ternont " Cameron street King Street (Arnoliffe) Ilannam to Loftus street Soutlicombe Herbert Charles Tress Barrett Robert Crawley Ernest V.," Newington" Lang Harry Cox Thotnam,"Lenhyllle" Anderson Mrs. Georgina Victoria street Searle Henry E. Murphy John Pert Sydney Pickles Thomas, "Milroy" Harvey George, " Rosemead " WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET, 'PHONE 9226 CITY INTERMENTS ARRANGED FOR IN ANY PART OF AUSTRALIA OR ABROAD ON SHORT NOTICE

53 ANTHONY HORDERNS' ONLY UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS, NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. 868 Kin ROCKDALE. Lor Lyn ROCK DALE. Mon King street (Arncliffe) continued- Wi'Mater' W. T.,.LP., silversmith, " WiHalide" Peterson George Usher Andrew Johnson William Pollard Frank, 'St. Claire" Kirkpatrick William, " Dudley " Spooner James, "Northeote " Kennedy William,"Rockton" MoAvoy John Russell George Dummett Stephen, Alva" Harkins Morris, "Hazel" Mary street Taloa, Joint A., "Ashworth Falconer George,"Underclif " Whittorn William H., chaircaner Vaughan Charles, "Glenview" Hayward Augustus, " Redfern Ffetoria street King Street (Sans Souoi) Of Rocky Point road Douglas John Witts William D. Baker James H. Wenhohn Owen, gardener Hillare James, "Leumbrah " Wherry John," Nellieville" Mills Norman,"Moans Wells C., "Norfolk" Rogerson Sydney King' Edward Street V ietoria parade to Watkin street Wale P. P. Wale Bernard P. Sherrin Charles Begg Nell, "Milton" O'Connell Themes H. Sheldon William, " Kostra" Jones Walter F., "Paterson" Wilson Alfred, " Prescott" Rawson street Logan William Mathieson James R., "Viola" Burgess James, " Rayola" Harper George IC. 0., "Nellievills" Ford John T., " Aberfoyls" Tate W. T., sanitary engineer Smith Robert A., "Oxford Place" McAuliffe John, "Vaoy" Rapper Cecil James "Marama" Evans George," Kelvin" Rawson street Lambert Walter," Regina" lean Charles, "Neckar" Rogers Robert, "Glenmervyn " Armstiong Robert H., "Elwinnerie" Bacon Frederick H.. "Wollondilly" Thaw Mail, "Ceres" Carlisle Mrs., "Boro " Edward John T., "Soho" Douglas James It. " Ramo " Vincent Thomas " Lllydale" Dexter Albert le.," Roseville" Knight Street. (Amelia's) Of Forest road Warren H. J. Ookenden Mrs. E. J., "Wyvern" McGregor Alexander, "East Kilbride " Livesey John H., "Culwalla" Bartlett Mrs. Mary A,, " Cardigan " Wilson Wilson, "Per Mare" McGregor Charles A., "Rosalie" Morrison Alfred, " Rockleigh " Morrison William Atkins John H., " Oannington " Bullock Harry, "York" Chesty William Inglis Thomas, "Rothesay" Lyne Street (Arnoliffe) Rani 'gate road Dillon :tree I rson James C. Davenport Arthur 31., "Wentworth" Humpleby Edward, "Vera Cottage" Fisher Mrs. Isabella, "Woodbine Mears William, "Elsmenr Humphreys John," Mon Repos" Firth street to Done street Cottage" Marr Henry J., Aston " Robertson J. T., "Colley" Milner H., boot shop Harding W., "Nyora" Teesdale II. W. "Du Barry" Townsend J. H. Strong Mrs. Agnes B. Coleman Harry T., "Yamba" Butler Richard, "Hillerest" Gorman Mrs. A., ham & beef shop Proudfoot George, "Bar-ton" Twigg William, "Oakdene Williams William, "Malden" Cloonan Miss Kate, confectioner Eskin William Sharp Frederick, "Undine" Smith Acton, "Iinwera" 3Iastott Win., 'IVItarfeditle" lie! nore street Armstrong l'erclval, " Wyreepi" Clarke Daniel R., "Glencairn" Dettmann W. A., estate agent Shadier Herbert II. Robson Henry, "Rothe Corcoran William J., "Milton" Taubman Mrs. Adelaide, confect. Rayner Albert F. Moore John W., "Doric" Ball James C., "Athos" Rossington Mrs. C. greengrocer Brunet Herbert P. Kogarah- Coupland J. R., "Ionic" Smart Robert. " Neangur" Martin II. W., auctioneer and estate Fisher John," Corinth" Edge Alfred," Abbotsford" agent Stewart William Holland Walter, "Hillcrest " Yates Tom, J P.," Capulet " Derrett H. J., Willard saloon Jarvis Stephen Andrews Henry II., "Glen Iris" Irvine John, sergeant,"3iarydale" Roberts The Misses, milliners Lobb Joseph, "Enroll Ruo" Jackson William H., "Ricearton" Aiken C. S., fruiterer Stenhouse Alexander Atkinson street Mettle Edward L., "Brixton" Holden Miss Mary, laundry 1tioNeill H ?., "Glenwood McNair Mrs. Ethel, "Canberra" Lloyd T. Goddard A., J.P., house and estate Tints Ernest 0., "Irene" Summons Everitt J. Francis Sydney, "Adult" Arnold Reginald "Woodville" agent Rocky Point raid Francis Claude Lennox Street McDonald Street (Sans Souoi)?darinea Street (Arnoliffe) McDonald Percy Off Bryan! street Off Park road Off Terry street Wolf Martin, "Braeside" Chignell John E., "Nashua" Graham Stanley J., "Velkyrle" Walker Charles F., "Wonderville" Ferrier Emile. " Eulalia" MeLeish Lamont Hagin Percy Manning William IT., " Thelma Jackson James. Glenalva" Griffith Mrs. Elizabeth Hard William F. Blue Mrs. Sarah, " BoggabIlla" Siddons, "Windsor" Grlinwood Richard H. Doyle Phillip, "Burrow" Marshall Arthur E., "Sylvan" Hutchinson S., " Hallowene Christ J., "Adana" Edwards James, "Maypine" Law Frederick Young George F., ' Balmoral " Huegill J. Bray Walter H., "Alathea" Smythe Edward A. Holden Arthur," Elstols." Jones Frank Upton Stephen A. Kurnell Street (Brighton-le- Hart Arthur, "Araluen" Minter Wiliinm Percy Tantallon nrenttp Sands) liellyer William H., " Dunolly" Argue George, " Hirondelle Bradley Frederick T. Off Craiefont street Robertson Alexander, "Yalwal"!laminae road Dillon street 3Inekle George McCabe James, "Thornton" Blackman Charles Eggleston W. Andrew Charles T., "Maryville" McPherson William D. Sinclair Jams Mackie George junr. Little Pitt Street Sinclair Fretierit k, "Sunnyside" Graham Francis Kyle Street (Arnolife) Of Pitt street Cook Herbert W., "Beryl" Ramsay Ernest J. Off West Botany road McNally William Harrison Harry, "Audley" Green Frank Gibson James Field William, "Iona" Heeling George," Hazeldine" Hopkins Frederick Clarke road Market Street Pert James, " Whangaroa" Williams Mrs. Ivy, "Kent" Sleet William, " Ferguson Mary, certificated nurse Milton W., "Kent" Mayville " or King street Day Harry, furniture storage Rammate road Robinson Richard D., "Mossgiol" Howe John V. Pitt Street Bayley Edward 0., "Violet Cottage" Knight Leopold W. M., "Lniworth" Off Geooge street Lowden Robert, "Talanga" Barden Albert, Lemuel," Hilliard Sydney, "Irene" Atkins Albert E.," Noire" Purvis Finley Bratty C. Hulce Mrs. Hannah Threlfo Mrs Mary, "Laurieton" McDonald Charles A, ElizezwymEatilitivIrn, ile'lr s't:al mhaeisitcatt" Bray's lane Haudeock Robert W., "Sylvania" Hasfot th L., nutter garage Brooks William, "Marconi" Handeock Charles R., "13syview" )3eardmen John W., "01-viDi" Wales Alfred A., "Gunyah" Apperley William Bryant W. J., butcher Christensen Peter Ramon street Park road Smith John Ed win, Bryant street Lavery Daniel, "Alyea" Chuter A. E., "Tilbury" Bryson Reginald S., "Millington" Roberts James W. Rocky Point road Smith II, J. Benham Joseph Baptist Church Little Short Street (Banks's.) Clarke road Ellieombe James, bootmaker Of Spring street Bray's lane Lana' Street Burke Arthur, "Waratah" Margate Street (Kogarah) Tuckey H., "Weeroona" Off Railway street Of Rocky Point ro Len by James, "Lurvea" Davey Henry," Devonia" Loftus Street (lanolin) Matheson William J., " Airlie Kelsey to Arneliffe street Bennett John, "Heirs Ville" Martin Charles, "Grenfell" Bray Misa H. A. Forbes Walter L. Bare Mrs. Matilda, "Te Anne Brennan Mrs. Jessie Forteecue Ferdinand L.," Hidewell" Leer James, ''Ulinga Marsh Street (Arnoliffe) Faulkner R. P., "Wyreema" Forteseue Albert J., "Benarnbra " Barnidge John," Ulinga Of West Botany road Wild Richard, "St. Kimo" Farleigh Mrs. B. M., " Cairnsfoot" Aldridge Arthur H., " Yerong" Fletcher Hugo S. King street Cook street Brown Oswald T.," Craigle-Lea" Miller Charles, "Viola" Bonnie Dom Golf Club links Rowe A. M., "Killarney' Crabtree Leonard, "Amy" Polling Sydney, "Utah" Banks Ernest Devereaux William P., "Manaroo" Myles John, "Dundee'' Law George F.," Mole" Collier William II. Paynter George "Sublaco" Weigand Henry J. Bowra Mrs. Catherine, "Nebca" Marshall Street (Kogarah) Perry William, "Kia Ore" Kirton Henry 0. White John, "Aston" off Rocky Point road Davis George F.," Becton Villa" Dickenson Charles E., "Wanganur Jenkins Alfred, "Maroondah" Sculley John Mashman Rev. George, "Rockleigh" Reede Samuel T.," Crams" Warry Reginald G., "Maiala" Miller George Henry street Mallitt James," Lincoln" Cullen John, "Muristde" Berry Richard II., "Mittel ville" Greenberg Moss, " Mossvale" Lucas Charles Rutherford Alfred T., "St. Oswald" Wittenb-cher William, "Bolton" Lenertz Albert, "Miltides" "Coorabel" Batchelor Mrs. Elizabeth, "Surrey McGarry George, "Miltides" Arncliffe West Public, School, Infanta Stewart Paterson Cotta" Walker street Goddard street McDonald Mrs. Mary, "Convallaria" Dick Charles J. Selby l 1I a m Wallace Thomas, "Bonnie Boon" Brown Williamt Childs Walter,' Easthnm" 3AtyRde ggustav w Paynter John, "Rosonenth" Smith Harold 0., "Lugano" Ahoy Aimed E., "Te-Whare" IekWalter C., "Walberta" Goode Mrs. A. "Glenayr" Lord Street Sommerville Samuel Elea) Alfred G., "Watford" - Morrison Charles George to Cameron street Iluckle Samuel, "Whittington" Osmond Alfred, "Mayville" Webster William, " Warrego " Wade James, "Adaville" Vickery Herbert, "Mamas" Mottle James, "LI lenrock" Kendall William, confectioner Bans Souci- Pike Edward Bower John Kruger Mrs. Agnes, " Hendon" ()inns Edward Christer William L. Lauff Charles Ludeke Francis Hans, " Thelma" Chandler Henry, "Kla Ora" Frost Mrs. Jane Balgent Brooks George 0. 3telle Francis Clow:mut Wniter Oarfoot Richard, " Burton " Forbes George, "Clarence" Mellroy Ephraim J. Ryder George Parkins Miss Florence, "St. Albans" Wilson Rockdale Public School 28 WOOD, COFFILL I COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., HARRIS Si, 'PHONE M1169 Ti ibial Alexander Martin Street Of icickard street Plorrotti E. Mary Street (Arnoliffe) 011 King street Richards Edwin J. Harper Magnus Mawson Street From Wentworth street to Hannam street McKinley William Boon Alfred, "Walthamstow" Earley James Davis E. A. Brown T. Comm W. Perkins Thomas Rasmussen George, 3IcEwen James, "Pompey" Meriel Street (Sans Souoi) Ofi' Brant wood street Mitchell Street (Kogarah) Off letwkgt Point road Arnold Ephraim & Co., carriers King George." Woodland " Murphy Laurence, " Sunnyside holly Edward J. Belly Mrs. M. Harris Charles, "Marlborough' Catto Patrick Etherton William, 'Asthore " West H. J., " Bintigarra " West Ernest C., "Westwood" Davis Ernest A. W. Baseley Thomas A,"Holniby" Gibb Mrs. Mary, "Moorside" West H. J. W. Roots Frederick. Long William Barlow William J.,"Canowintira" Marline Smith Albert W. " Mayville" Atkin Alfred," gt. Elmo " Fraser henry J.,' Koorie" riming Isaiah Mitchell Street (Arnoliffe) off Wollongong road Harr Godfrey IL, "Reynella" McArthur Norman A. Brown Joseph, Umgeni" Lewis Timms, "Seaton" Allen William, "Carlisle" Tinsley Robert, "Mossloy" 61111es Evelyn Menders Robert IL, " Warrego " Wooltiough W. H., "Myoone Mitchell Street (Arnolin) Off Radirap parade McRae Myles,"Murithlon" Monahan Avenue Off Rocky Point road Hnnsell Joseph Hogan Richard, "Buckajo" Dickens Nurse Mapstone George II., "Itube-Vear" Mapstone Herbert J. "Hertnily" Crelert Francis P.."Ooreaniba" Antonia Constantine, "Minolta" White Arthur, "Olivia" Fury James John, "Clifton Hill" Plant J. Hamrick T., "Kia-Ora" Shannon Airs. Ellen, "CavanvIlle" WE SPECIALISE IN WEDGING CARRIAGES AND WE HORSE THEM SUPERBLY. INSPECTION INMEO

54 ENTRANCES IN GEORGE, PITT AND GOULBURN STREETS, ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM. Pit ROCKDALE. Rai Moo ROCKDAL1?,. Pil Pitt Street (Arnoliffe) Crawford Win., "Tarawera" Bowley Mrs. Christina, "Elmyra" Moore Street (Kogarah)t Old Done Street Thornton Chestopher, dairy Off A rmliffe road Sugarman Michael, "Wakatipu" Campbell Daniel S., "Slalom " Off President avenue Wollongong road Frederick street Leah Harold, " Waitaki " Thornton Mrs. Mary A.,"Elmelle" Moss Street (Sans Bond) Park Street (Arnoliffe) 09 'ciritainebteati street Of Hirst street Mount Street (Arnoliffe) Of Forest road IVaratah street Porter F. G., "Ocean View" Bockingham John, "Kerare" Bower W. Barnes Harold, "Gordon" Plaice Ernest L Plaice Mrs..1. IL Tennant William, "Nornall" Edwards Albert G. Waratah street Hudson Percy F. Capper Alfred Withers street Blizzard John Napoleon Street (Sandringham) Cooks Park to Sandringham road Crawford J. C., " Fontainbleau" Evans Lord. B., "St. Mirtens" Houghton Clement Junks Henry Baxter Augustus IV., J.P., "Showsbury" Brown John Dreaper G. W. Russell avenue Bonanza parade Worry Frank, "Werryville Sandrisg%am road Cunningham Re ginald W., "Glenorie" Hawkins J., "Rita Glen" Russell avenue Jones II. AL McGee John T., "Brundah" Crnmnito Norman, "Clifford" Egan Miss AL A., "Rat/Ornate" Nelson Street (Arncliffe) Off Arnelfffe street New Street (Arncliffe) or Wollongong road Oakura Street Off Railway street Hayman Samuel, "Monmouth" Dyason Mrs., "BythaM" Perry J. T., "Dolt/Imre Wilson T. G., "Ivanhoe" Coombes Francis 3., "Zero" Dickin George E. Bingham T. IL, "Glenorie" Gardner Edward, "Garcia" Calmat William F.. "Stembrook" Michaelis Mrs. Mary Williams Fred. O., "Glenroy" O'Connell Street (Kogarah) 011 President arenas Shannon Warren A. L. Solander street Morley William Villa street Hamilton Henry, " Trafalgar" Bank street McLennan John II. F., "Belle/lac" Burke Patrick, "Emmaville" O'Kell He. bort Solander street Annie street Culling Charles A. Hopper James Wilson R. W., "Lanuside" Martha' P., "Louisville" O'Neill St. (Brighton-la-Sands) OU The Grand parade North slue Teesdale George Thorpe George, "IIInemoa" Jowers Archibald, "Kelvin Grove" Brighton avenue Roslyn avenue Wycombe avenue Crawford road Ward Edwin Stretton Arthur Parker Frederick, dairyman Stewart Gordon, J.P. Lane George, 'Elouara" Jacobson John W. McLean Charles, "Bon Accord" Roslyn avenue Irryconibe avenue Crawford read Holland W. Rennie Robert Oswell Street (Bexley) Off Herbert street Clarence road Weatherstone Benjamin F., "Lossie Brae" Harvey Sherard 0., "Cranbrook" Heighwey Francis D., "Kiama" Holwisch Charles, "Werringalah" Stapleton Mrs. Ilannith,"Beechworth" street Rodrick William F., " Wonga" Burling Mrs. Diana, "Ivington" lush John P., "Argyle" Best Henry.1., "Dynrac" Robinson William, "Ourlinball" Spain Herbert, "Ourimball" Moodie Stewart Brown IV., "Jenolan" Middleton V. J. Palrtzzi Hector Jenkins Sam., "Loftus" Parker Nation, " Amy Clarence road Villiers street Newton George, "Briar Brae" Doyle Michael, "Athenry" Park Avenue (Banksia) Wollt (Jeer': road to Knight street Lucas George, "Cralgalee Botenier street Cannings George, "Balfour" Godfrey A t reel Berry Albert 1'. Hyde James, "Redlands" Fit th 0.. "Bristol" Hathaway Frederick Bampton Robert A. McAuliffe jure offal' Ross Bertram W. Campbell Walter Layton George Barrett Memel J., "Klerksdorp" Park Road (Sans Sotto') Rocky Point road to Lady Robinson's beach Campbell street Dillon Joseph N.," Rattunines" Wilburn McDonald street Depene Anselmo, poultry farmer Messer George 'rainier street Tonbridge street side Brook James, "Burrill" Laws Charles ;rainier street Neville H. E., "Olgadene" Andrews Henry H., 'Cambridge Ville' Wane John Parry Joseph Stannanl.Mrs. Emily," Clifton Warne Walter, "Oxley" Longstaff Alfred J., 'Cheltenham" Camemn Peter, "Afeersbrook" Walters Frank, "Hestia" Upton Herbert," Hazeldene Mackie Mrs. Elieuu. "Moravia" Lewis Arthur, "Aimee" Christensen Charles Ginner William, "Julgong" Gannon Joseph, 'Swansea" Pymble Frederick G. Clark 'I'. Wilson George, J.P., "Ruhatnah " Walters F. G., " Eventide " Meekness William. " Rockleigh" Paternoster Arthur, "Rose Villa" Wughorn William, " Coo-ec " Wray W. Setright.ffenry R., J.P., "Mundiaba " Locke Daniel." Urania" Mrst street Parker Street Off Railway street ' Longhurst Ernest, "Glen Ayr" Monday Alfred, "Clovelly" Mountford.1. B., "Kent" Morse William IL Ilyland John, ' Roma" Benjamin George, "Penzance" Brangwin Robert, H. 13. Parliament Terrace (Arnoliffe) Off Saauille it vet Pile steed Brunt Henry, "Coalaston" Brigden John, "Iva" Brailford IV. Root Edward Coleman Alexander C., "Inoue Upton Oliver. " Folkestone" Weidenhopr Lawrence M., 'Fairview" O'Connor Daniel, "Caloola" 1Valmsley F. S., "Glenview Coteau' Herbert, "Saliabury Wright Forbes, 'Wellington' Coleman S. W., "Carinya" Gash George, "Okiwi" Griffiths John F. Will won A. Atkins Norman, "Ropuneath" Wilson road Katie Walter Stapleton Bede Burton William Smith A. Wright William, "Naumai" Ferg uson Robert Fielding Harry Quick C. W. Glues Sydney H.. "Keane Villa" Thompson Francis Thompsen Roy Pile Street (Arnoliffe) Syr Wollongong road Watson William Williams Theo., "Greenwich" WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD, LIVERY DEPT., HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M 1618 Parry James Sully T. Stewart Robert President Avenue (Kogarah) Off Rocky Point road Moore Peter Whitehall Charles Dwyer John O'Connell street Leathern Edmund, "Broughton" Wilson William T., "Streatham" Hudson Thomas Lyle Peter Dunn Alfred Carruthers drive Dickin Frederick J. Wood Allred A. I., "Raincliff" Brown George, "Lock Leven" Edlar Edward, carrier Hughes William Allen Joseph Byrnes Arthur McHugh James, ' Loninbrall" Vogel Ferdinand F., "Tatahi" Cross street Green A. E, "Clarence Huntley Mrs. Roam, " Strensall Westwood Georg,.,..g3sexvine Rose Arthur, "Woodlands" lilies Neil Small William J., "Thelma". Arenue Thirlow Joseph Sidgreaves John Baldwin Jetties Arnold Fred. U. Thorpe Jacob Lowry Mrs. Catherine Crawford.-..iad Wyecombe avenue Roslyn avenue Garlick Henry, "Warateli" Careless John, "Itultanoll" Slattery AL J. The Grand Airarle Princess Street (Brighton-le- Sands) Off Grand parade Saywell Ross, "Lan" " Coxon 'vett A., "My cc" Elliott Walter R., "Dora" Dolby Allison J., "Bega" Mills Th0/11144 E., "Oak Cottage" Mathenius Augustus " Galba " Williams Thome., "Woden" Newton Mrs. Elenor,"Ovida" Collis Henry, "Aylwie Kennelly Charles, "Marina" Gannon J. F. Williamson William Smith Ledie The Avenue Stronge Valentine, 'Valkyrie" Nelson Arthur, "Elvern" Henry Clifton C., "Milgunyah" Nelson George W., public accountant, "B Hogan" Jack William, "Lauriston" Monte George E., "Somerset" Macready James E., "Glen-Ayr" Oakley Win. Joseph, "St. Elmo" Wootton Frederick, "Redcliffe" Orford George," Omens" West John, Timm Chailinor William, "Otago" Martin Walter, "Kaipara" Foyden Viiliain A.. "Rotorua" Amiens Jabez, " Wanganui" Durrant Mrs., " Hotitka " The Avenue Ashworth J., " Redford " Stone Theophilu+, "Sarum" Price Joseph, "Fernitlen" Maher '1'. J.," Solve/1g Queen's Road (Brighton-le- Sandsl Soy street Boddingten Frank N., " Oroye Wray Francis %V., "Grunge" Withers Edward S., " The Glen Ible William, "Ormiston" Cairaross Joseph," Yebholne" Butler Raymond Clayton Arthur IC., " Mandetta Queen Street (Arnoliffe) 0.9 h'irth street Stephinson William P., "Springfield" Herd Mrs. Andrew, " Bay Biscay" Brandt Thomas H., ` Morpeth Harris Charles, "Suntipbank" Cork Miss Ada, "Valetta" Morgan Chits., contractor, " Royston" Robb Andrew, licensed surveyor Barden Frederick. "Highbury " Bryant Herbert S. II.," Benvontito Bulk James S., " Rossiya " Noad Miss Alison 1%. " Glenlee" Morgan Mrs. S., "Chelsea" Quick Wiliam 11. liarte Charles, " Eula " Stevens G. J.,"!Interest". Railway Crescent (Banksta) clay to Kimplon street McDonald Mrs. Flora, " Dursley" Watson Thomas D., "Greenwich" Watson T. W. Storey John.1., " Dulcie" Spargo Sydney," Doris" Jones William, sear.," Hilltop " Smith S. T.. " Kiora Trigg Charles, "Lebrine Bally John, "Blair Athol" Smith James W. Chandler William Baird Stanley Smith James W., washing machine nianufacturer Edwards A., Bank. la Lime Depot Dale and Wilson, motor engineern Watt Thomas, " Bradbury Harry, "!literate( Wright Arthur, "To Wham" Frizelle Garnet Duffy John, "Olive House Laycock William Taylor avenue Whittaker T. V., house & estate agent Morrison William J., boottnaker Ash Mrs. 0. Rogers P. Suttees Jonas, " Lydia" F..skrIgge John E., " Grantleigh Roberts Arthur Darnley Mrs., nurse Rohm tson Ernest J. Stokes John Neighbour Harry, "Mayville" Stone WhIlitin, " Rockleigh " Gould Arthur H., furrier Benson Henry G., "Somatic" Josephson Mrs. Marion,"La Mascotte" Railway Parade (Arneliffe) Off Forest road Symons John W., builder Madden Francis Gore street Kent Alin sh, J.P.. " Acacia " Detail Louis, "Rewa" Gardner Ernest, " Myee " Mitchell street Railway Street Off Frederick street Allen Phillip J., confectioner liegarty J. P., junr., billiard saloon Castle Palace Picture Show Witcluird George, " Etnerald" Prattis James, tobacconist Costa C., fruiterer Workman IC. W., butcher Frogley Richard, newsagent Ashley, Son itt Co., real estate agents intle.o' reel School of Arts George Natterley, hon. secretary Geeves Mrs. Mary A., "Leighton" Alderson IV. S., "Manildra" Dick Mrs. C., "Tain Ego Phillip ''Elsinore Park er street Smith Arthur Wardle George T., "Alexander Villa" Booth Joseph M. "Versus" Betties John A., Boronia Smith John W., "Joffre Watson Augustus, " Lorada" Franks Joins OaktMt Nireof Brooker J., " Ethelwyn Ewer J. King George It., "Medina" Dimness Miss Emma, "Plorrott" Wilson Mrs, Jane, " Plerott Beer Charles 31., "Truro" Gloucester street Hyndtnan John, "Waratah" Shoesmith Edward, "Hinton" Alorse Arthur, "Mall/limbo" Lloyd William If., "Gunyith Frost John O., " Aralueu Roberts Mrs. H. Roberts Dr. McCormick Mrs. Frances L. H. Lae street Tuck Healy 0, "Durham Villa" McGregor Duncan. " Glemook Lott Henry A., "CoolIngle" Rockdale street Grace Edward J., "Eau Fair William Caton Mrs. H. K., "Gwenville Kimpton street Keech Mrs. Leah. "Lybernum" Rawson Ernest W. Rawson Mrs. Alice, grocer Skinner Mrs. Annie, " Ver moat Mangan N iris H," Ohio" McCarthy Mrs. AL, " Texas" McGinley Dale, "Rockleigh" Juda street. Smallwood Emmy G., "Rosebank" Paling 'Ukiah - Fisher Frederick, carpenter Ralston William A. Fay Miss Alice, confectioner Booth Frederick, mixed business Fairfield E. J., botcher Roamer street OJIIIION Miss K., milliner Keane Roy. hairdresser Carter W. If," Minnie Villa" OUR DRAGS ARE THE DELIGHT OF PLEASURE PARTIES AND WILL CARRY TWO HUNDRED

55 VISIT ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, THE HOME OF ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES. 872 Ram ROCK DALE. Roc Roc ROCK DALE Roc 873- Railway street continued Cassidy James G. Bell Mrs. 111, Chard" Allen Frederick, "Chard" Pantlin James French Richard J. L. Godfrey street Wortley Henry, grocer Knight street I3anksia Railway Station Ramsgate Avenue (Sandringham) Off Cook Park ' Toffy Mrs.." Toorah" Sheen Frederick Williams Sydney Scuphan Mrs. Sophia Smith Richard Way William Sullivan William, "Zealandia" Off Douglas John Ramegate Road (Sans Souoi) Rocky Point road to Scarborouyh park Conway Michael, "Springmount" Mitchell G. F., "Nicholas Villa" Duck Ernest K Campbell street Barron' Jimmy Stephens Leonard C., "Belfred" Dalton Thomas, "Amel a" Thlswell Cyril E., "Leyte'!" McDonald street Brown William, "Warminster" Margate street Scott George, "Eileen Villa" Knight Frederick, "Ivanhoe" Irl/m,r street Jacket Carl H. Stannard Mrs. Sarah, "Tans-Palas" Tonbridge street HOgarah- Milky Point road Cotterell George Rayner Ernest Campbell street Sharp V. R., "Irene" Connolly Mrs. Elizabeth, "Korn" McDonald street Driver Richard, "Banionia" McNamara James W., " Ellesmere " Clemo George J.," Otway " Margate street Bunting Joseph M. Potter Samuel II. Gibson Mrs. J. Scott William Weimer street Harris Alexander S. Tonbridge street Rawaon Street Harrow road to Frederick street Bissett Frederick S. Langridge John F. Royal! Herbert Emetic Thomas. " Alleeville" Winston Merles R.,"Itashleigh" King Edward sem t Minns Mrs. Sarah Macready Miss Mary, "Glen Rua" Frederick street Burns Alexander, "Durham" Beckmann Carl M.," Warwick" Napper William, "Ronalston" Robert a Frederick 0.,' Glenorie " Robson Herbert I'. Fyfe James H., "Halkirk" Marks John c.,"anona" Ring Edward street Reading Road (Brighton-le- Sands) Off Henson street Martin Herbert Rowley street McHugh William Ahern William Mitchell Charles T., "Reiterant" Realm Street (Arncliffe) King it eel to Dug drat Butler Samuel Bignall Lewis Woodward John, hair factory Irwin William C., "Kia Ora" Carter Mrs. Mary, "Halcyon" Richmond Street Off Bryant street Swain Charles, "KM Demi" Arnsby George Backhouse C. Sharp John IL, "Weindelia" Harris J. RickardStreet (Arncliffe) (19 Hannan street Bruce ThOlIVIS Eggleton Alfred Lance George W. Turner Charles H. Hinds Arthur Waite Charles F. Crabtree John Moir Francis Wheelhouse Charles F., "Mitcham" Vernon Thomas Murray. Albert, "Fintry " Plekeriq g W. Sutcliffe Joseph Dobbin John Chitty George H. Bruce C. Waugh Mrs., dairy Roach Street (Arncliffe) Or Forest road Gore street Peck Walter, "Byora" Nosworthy Frederick 0. JOIIIIK011 William.1., "Refuge" Togo street Hersington Alfred C. Robinson Charles T. i/o e street Quarry Municipal Rankin Duncan Arthur Athol G. Railway line Rockdale Street Rocky Point road to Arlington street Lovegrove Miss Lonisa,"The Retreat" Wright Thomas," Batcharker Railway line, Railway street Thompson Fred T. Slower Joseph Thornborough Edward Holden Ernest, "Coreena" Hood John, "Baldovan" Rooky Point Road Sans Solid to Cook's River dam 7'he San Send ( Avenue Ikin Albert C., "Kuringai" Bradbury J. E.," Richmond" Fontainebleau street Kendall street Rigden Leslie, "Lesbri" Talbot Edward A. Darrell Anthony W., "Evelina" Ida street Sharp Algernon H.," Fernleigh Bayliss John It., "Clifton" Smith Miss Mary E., "Waitangi" King street Napier Mrs Annie, "Holmwood" Campbell John, "Almyra" Andrew Joseph T. Ur viol street Ilespe John, grocer Folkes Frank Lee --, "Stratton" Powell Mrs. Mary 3f. Dale Mrs. Olive, grocer Stork Joseph Oakes Samuel G. Hann Pheinas, refrelionent rooms Evans street Berwick Thomas," Ashsted" Taylor 0. H. Beak' J., bootmaker Graham Mrs. Mary, grocer Mustarde Mrs. M. T., draper Brokenshire J., chemist Robinson H., ham and beef shop Bonanza parade Tate Mrs. M. E. Humphries Herbert, "Hazeldene" Hughes Mrs. Atkinson James, "Glyndwr" Church of England &rndrinfihara road Russell Lewis, " Newrybar" Short Percival W., "Surrey" Alice st. Selmon it. Gahm Alfred D., "Fairview" Gilion Joseph, "Authhert" rark road Harris George, fuel merchant Oberg Charles, "Abington" Morgan Abednego, "Pevensey" Wooluongh Reginald, "Primley" Zeiler George, "Weymouth" O'Sullivan Patrick, ' Reeks" Wooluough Harry, "Etheiville" Walden Albert, Tilnaville" Edwards W.., "Torquay" Woolnough Mrs. A., confectioner Itanzsgate road Dillon street Woolnough Mrs. Annie, grocer Walker J. H., draper Mansell Miss l'., refreshment rooms Gilchrist John, "Cilleamp" O'Neill John Wicks Robert Goodbun Sydney, "Westneath" Kogarah- Warton William J., photographer Miller George Jacket Carl H.,Taylor street Margate street Chalmers David, poultry fanner Marx James, junr.,"miltona" Marx Jame,. "Ratline" Roberts John Harper William Porter John M.. dairyman Hanicastle Richard, "Garreyowen" Can ham Chester, carpenter Canham Herbert & James, carriers Collins Mrs. Bertha Stencil AlLert J., poultry farmer Wild James, "St. Elmo" McKinnon Donald, "Valkyrie" English James, "Dudley" Holley field H. J., "31oturoa" IFilson street Jay Edgar, "King's Lynn" Brook dolor H., " Chasemore " Smith Jabez, "Ochill" Blackball Mrs. Emily, storekeeper Austral street THE LEADING UNDERTAKERS WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. 'PHONE 9226 CITY Yates William R., "Alberta" Woods Mrs. Mary, "The Butgalow" Hermann street Frith William Hardy Miss E. W. Salmon William Taylor George, dairykeeper Ellard Thomas, storekeeper O'Mara Michael, "Tipperary" Madrers J. H.. Seaview Poultry Farm Marshall street Probert Herbert A., "Maroomba " Foley John George Oswald Hoed George Moorefield hotel James Cusick Moorefield Racecourse Ltd. H. R. Evans, secretary St. George Saleyards (J. F. Hegerty and Co.) President avenue Gibbs Henry, "Haverhill" Murray Mrs. Violet, "Itidgewell" Sadler William, "Islington" McCarthy Patrick Green street Ambrose Mrs. Janet, jam manuf. Freeborn Nesbitt, "Iona" Soames Henry, produce merchant French street Burns Mrs. Annie, grocer Potter Daniel Lassetter F., Ltd., depot Forbes Frodk. Arnold Mrs. C., removal contractor Heeling William R., "Carinda" Mitchell street Bennett Edward, " Woodville" Hillard C., "Cleat Villa" Beach street Grace Bros., Depot Reuter Henry. market gardener Skidmore's bridge Acme Dry Cleaning Works Hurley Patrick, "Killarney" Wooder lieu,r%', "Tat lira' McGee Edward J.," Kent Villa" Armstrong M., veterinary surgeon Rockdale Tanner Frederick T., "Itamsgate Villa" Meeke W. M., physician and surgeon, "Montreux' ' Lister John P., J.P. Sheldon laundry Andrews Mrs. Mary A. Beaks,!. S., Acme Auction Mart Acme Pictures Horsley Miss Annie, florist Gully It., confectioner Godfrey Eli Sharp Mrs. M. B. Cotterell William "Campbellville" N.S.W. Fire Brigade W. 31eFarlane, officer in charge. Tel. 496 Kog. Blanchard Edward, second-hand shop Coastal Farmers' Co-op. Soc. H. W. Lee, local manager Watson Mrs. Eliza, confectioner Laidlaw James, hairdresser & Brighten, grocers Sayburn D. 0. It., piano tuner Asquith J, bootmaker Brewster James G., draper Birrell and Welsh, pastrycooks Kelly W., saddler Re G. & D., froltorers Morton Mrs. Mary P., boot depot la.e Bank of New South Wales V. F. Allen, manager Flay street Swyny S. Rodway, drape and mercer Nash William T., newsagent Whitby William J., butcher Beehag Chas., grocer Dale Percy L., draper and mercer Quoyle John, grocery emporium Clark D. R., produce merchant Wentworth F. H., mercer Hunter J. & Son, boot shop King street Kinsela Charles, undet taker Hardy Moses Hunt Mrs. Catherine, dressmaker McNeill W. J., watchmaker McNeill W. J., house and land agent Nelson George P, g Marston Robinson, fish shop Murray A 1 chic hairdresser Bray's lane The Grand hotel P. J. Farmer Parry Cecil E., confectioner McMillan A. IL, confectioner Dorman Thomas Hosken et: Watkins Intin & beef shop Griffiths h. W., cycle & motor works Coles Alfred J., confectioner Wallis Mrs. Elsie, milliner 3facready Hugh, 'IMMO furnisher Wilson J. N. & Stuart C. N., dentists Case Misses V. and L., costrunieres Bower & McNeilly Misses A. & M., costurnieres Scientific dress-cutting school Bryant street Rockdale Town Hall Percival Somerville, town clerk. Briggs William Curtis Walter, bootranker Roy Duncan & Sou, blacksmiths Hewitt James Friendly Society's Dispensary Tidily R. W., simper A tkli son George, furniture dealer Bidden John H. Taylor G. L., fruiterer Medley Motor & Engineering Co. Stubby Stanley P. Muratori] Mrs. Ads, nursery Bostic street Free Church of England Watson William J. Banksia area tie White Mrs. Amelia Goodwiu Mrs. E. Knowles John, greeng oeer Goodwin IL A., & Son, blacksmiths spring surest (.4rtucli9e) etre/fire- Vincent Mrs. Janet, florist,"encalpti" Terry street White Harry, butcher Fenton William, confectioner Fenton Thomas Stead gydney, painter, " Kelpie" Partridge E. G.. draper Miller Keith, "Minstead" Schofield A. E :nixed imailless Woods Herbert, ' "Durham Downs" Mutation oven tee Ravenswood Miss N, grocer Rowley Frederick Woodford Arthur E. Scully T. G., plumber Craik James Biirkit Mrs. J., confectioner Burkit Morris Allen A., "Nymagrea" Green Robert J., "Wilmington Arena/ st reet Public School W. IL Montgomerie, headmaster Gardiner David 3f. "Elysian" Bell Lancelot, "Daphne Hutchinson Rev. Edward (Cong.) Clouston Memorial Presbyter. Church Smitten Patrick Moore Mrs. Ursula, confectioner irickharn street Weigand H. J., coach and motor works Brooks F. T., fuel and produce Kyle street Baptist Church Hirst John A., bag merchant Nicol David, "Rose Cottage" Nash Bernard V. Pryor James T. "Maryville" Taylor Alfred, " ;thee Villa Parker William C.." Amerson Radford Walter, "Itatticoole" McKee Mrs. T., "Avondale" Cash S onuel Wood George, storekeeper Ambler Robert blacksmith Watts Alfred, "The Arches" Lake Win. H., "Balmoral" Ambler Tate Richardson, 'Glenview' McKenzie Donald E. Schultz Otto Alexandria street Kemp William, " Meersbrook" &sigma Jo mm P. Bettye Arthur Clark Mrs. A. Ricketts Daniel Mcliwraith John, "ErcIldoune" Hibbard S. D., storekeeper Innesdate street West Botany road Anderson Edward W., "Toxteth" Moore Edmund Campbell Herbert, "Bon Accord" Gertrude street Cook's River darn From Cook's River dam to Sans Souza Convent of the Good Samaritan, St. Magdalene',, Retreat and laundry Willich Mrs. Margaret Pon I cc, greengrocer Wall Lee, storekeeper Patterson Mrs. C., "Mabelvillo" Bray John Dimond James, dairyman Hall G. J. Agate George, "Kent Cottage" Bntithwaite & Cash, coaclibuilders Braithwaite Albert Allen street Dettmann W. A., J.P., builder Bloomer William, "Lllydale" Haswell Ernest A. Ann street Bricknell Frederick, saddler Falconer A. G., fuel merchant Brown John street Pumfrey T. Richardson Mrs. 0. T., " Wickham" Forest neliffe hotel A. E. Mitchell New street McLennan Duncan GS(' street Frank Joseph Laker Henry, "Sussex" Bingham Hugh, " Arainen" Clune Joseph B.," Burraneer Jack William, " Edge Hill" Nosworthy Merrilia" Hansen Neil J., "Wardtall" Conway John, "Tere.a" Roberts & Son, painters Roberts T. H., dealer Probin James H.. " Haynie Chernick Vincent, grocer McDonald Percy A., butcher Moody Mrs. Eliza Beelmg Mrs. Margaret Taylor avenue OUR RANGE OF COMMERCIAL BUGGIES IS THE LARGEST AND BEST HORSED ill AUSTRALIA

56 4 THE PICK OF.THE WORLD'S CHOICEST COMMODITIES. THE HOME OF ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES, 874 Ros ROC ED ALE. San Sca ROOK DALE. Sta 875 Booty Point road continued Froehlich Hermann Sackville Street (Bexley) Brightman George Hines Mrs. Elizabeth A.," Klemm " Gibson J. B., J.P., general store Felton W. J., "Ruperta" Off Wollongony and Forest roads. Loveday W. Guy Leslie S. Benson Arthur H.," Carlisle" McLean John, fruiterer Overett George IL, "Narara." Hardy George Stone H. Short street Bennett Chas. W., "Ramsay Cottage" Godfrey Ell Brierley J. K. Edwards Ernest, "Glasgow" Banksia avenue Vincent Alfred, " nutrition" Blackmon) Charles A., hairdresser Frank John, gardener Dwyer Wm., wood and coal merchant Kimpton street Bates John J. Milton Charles F. Rockdale street Podmoro Arthur, "Gunyah" Tracy Evan, " GleneBen' Bowtell Loyal, "Beal eh" Becker Julius, "Falbrook" Herbert Charles H.," Glenburn" McLeod James, physician and surgeon Gissing Spencer, glass merchant Gissing E., "Albertou" McMinn Mrs. H. P. Evans Charles A., dyer Clifford Cornelius, "Armagh" St. John's Church of England St. John's Hall Squires A. and J., fuel and produce Corte A. A., bootumker Imperial Pictures Brewer G. G., photo studios Becker Julius, blacksmith Browne M. J., tailor and menufactur. Stibbs Mrs. E., stationer Richards Herbert, draper Carroll Sr. Co.. ironmongers Station street MeIlratles, Ltd.. grocers Richardson 'I'. H., diaper Commercial Bank of Australia, Ltd. John C. IMAM, teenager Armstrong it. H., printer & stationer Cooper Miss Nellie, ladies' draper Withers E. S., butcher Cntbb James S., confectioner Fresh Food and Ice Co. A. Carlyle, agent Herbert Sydney, hainlresser Astride() Frederick W., grocer Gibson Robert, billiard saloon Lofberg Oscar H., chemist Rockdale Post and Telegraph Office S. D. Hewitt, postmaster Government Savings Bank of N.S.W. Edmondson E. J., butcher Parry Cecil, confectioner Finkentegal Bernard t watchmaker iventwortli G. F., tailor Canavan MISS Jane, ham & beef shop Canavan Mrs. Annie Mackenzie R. V., chemist Geeves Frederick, storekeeper Bay street Cahill M. J., grocer Goode & Neilson Misses, fruiterers Goode Caleb, butcher Frederick street Royal hotel-11. Morris Nicholson John, blacksmith Whitton George, billiard saloon Day Harry, removal contractor Troy Albert S. Napper J. & Sons, produce store Cairneross D., cement merchant Jude Ralph, motor &cycle works Leo William Burns William, sawmills Gully It.!leerily street Skidmore's bridge Rogarah- Lunals Mrs. Charlotte Skidmore Miss Florence Harris Arthur Catherine street Page William IL Small Ernest Nosworthy Mrs. A., laundry l'urves James, "Erica" Reuter Frederick, "Glance Cottage" Harrow road (For continuation, see tiogarah) Roslyn Avenue (Brighton-le- Sands) Of/ President avenue Hurst John Moore Thomas Clark Alexander Martin Harry Watson Mrs. L. Fulljames Richard Burton Reginald Ross Street (Brighton-le-Sands) Of Grand Parade Strawy Paul London William, "Clare" Rowley Street (Brighton-le- Sands) OJT Grand parade Bell William, "Mylon" retch/ear Mrs. S. J., grocer Russell Avenue (Sandringham) Rocky Point road to Doll's Point Miller Alfred E., "lute Baptist Mission Church Saville John Smart Mrs. Armenia Keighley George C. Hawkins Arthur Napbleon street Radford Arthur, "Kia-Ora' Clareville avenue Davey Mrs. A. S. Bates William, "Sandleigh" Howard Arthur J. Numile Frederick G., "Ledualt" Campbell Walter Leman Sydney, "Dorisville" Frater Oscar, "Glitit Ellen" Gannon Hon. James C., M.L.O., barrister-at-law Glyde John It., " Myee Villa" Norman Williarn, " Warrawing" Harris Charles Cateley Turnbull Archibald Malua road Lincke Charles W., refreslun't MOMS Doll's point Smith George Goldstein Frank Hawkins Richard Harwood Ilarold Napoleon street Creswell William, "The Nar" Cooper C. T. Cooper Charles, eenr. Claretdlle avenue Wesley Andrew, "To Where" Deaden Hickson John, "St. Leonardo" Taylor John E. Harris Walter, "Maroomba" Harris R. J., "Park Cottage" Garlick John, " Currawang " Taylor G. B. Wilson A. C., "Gaveuy-Brae" Madden Michael Ingham Herbert, "Roxburgh" Lowrie James, "Melrose" Bennett Thomas, "Hemilton" Golby Richerd, "Wheeoville" Parliament terrace Swarbrick Mrs. Jane, "Bungalow" Beale.A.., dairy Arnold William H., "Mamma" Wennholm Oscar, "Loloma" Denham William Scatter Thonms, "Maidos" McCullough Robert M., "Valentine" Williams George, "Rockleigh" Priestley Samuel Robb Andrew, "Taybank" Hilleslon Herbert Arnold Mrs. Edward, " Lynton" Sands John S Parliament terrace Newman (J. E., 'The Cot" Connell Jame., "Loehburnie" Burnett Andre*, "Benaghie" Monk G. It, "Candelo" Kearney Albert E., "Mascot" Hip Alfred J., "Duriston" Crawford IL, "Gaba Topa" Sandringham Road (Sans Sotto') Rocky Point road to Sandri»gham Stanbury Mrs. HallP/111 Napoleon street Williams 0.," flatten" Clarertile aren to. Evans Richard Massey," Rita Smith Gilbert, " Florence Villa " Nicholson Thomas Alder T. Taylor Richard Young William J., builder Sandringham Kenny Peter Cumminga Mrs. Laura Smith William Smith J. S., "Sanovia" McWilliams Mw. W. E., "Wangarra" Fraser Donald Scott James Davis William Ida street Grimes William \Sinnott William Minion F. Prince of Wales hotel R. Stewart MeNaughton Lamb Malcolm, Loot proprietor Watson Walter Penman William Collis George W. Douglas Thomas Sans Bondi Cooks parh Sans Souci bath's H. Alexander, prop. Cooper II. L., boat sheds Hughes G. J., boat proprietor Humphries R., boat proprietor Cowper John, boat proprietor Border Mrs. Elizabeth, "Devon" Collis George Tram sheds Sanoni Avenue (Sandringham) Off Clareville Avenue Lumberg A., "Argyle Cooper Edwin D., "Anchorage" Longton William Scarborough Park (Sans Bondi) Off Ilantsgate road Bowmer John, caretaker Schofield Avenue (1Cogarah) Off Catherine street Davidson J. Segenhoe Street (Arncliffe) Off Eulonga avenue Niven Archithtld, "Victoria" Morgan Michael T., J.P., contractor Arena! street Monahan Rev. Joseph (Methodist) 13runnt A. Dyson William, "Attercliff" Mackey John, J.P., " Erith" Carter Sydney." Leura" Martin Stuart, "Breakish Tantallon avenue Merrell Frederick, "Bon Accord" Smith Charles R., "Seymour" Breikepear C. W.. "Sadie Villa" 7'erry street- Spring street Eger Theophilus, "Eriwall Cuthbert Joseph, "Corm Lynn " Donaldson Waiter J., "Borenbah" Brierley J. Shermann Harry Cuddeford Ernest, "Derby Haven" Arena! street Gow Ernest, "Halcyon" Polhill George, "Emelt limo" Chapman Arthur 0., "Braeside" Mackay Robert, "Seaview" Green James, painter and decorator Tarifa!! on avenue Phelps Mrs. C., "Huron" Heslop James, "Lyntlale" Ritchie William Bennett David H. Terry street Spring street Selmon Street (Sans Souci) Off Rocky Point road Patemore Herbert Stoddard Herbert Clements John R., "Fernieigh" Duggan Horace Selwood Street (Brighton-le- Sands) Olt Grand parade Taylor Thonme, "Cher Lea" Sewerage Farm Off Beane street Mitchell Robert Deer= Charles Nicholl Allen Lawson Peter Brookes William Thomson John 1'. Short Street (Banksia) (yr Sprints street Heeling S. A., J.P., solicitor, "Belmont" Grundy Mrs. Annie, "St. Elmo" Kearns Patrick, "Nov-Del" Daffy itoger, "Mayville" Fahey Edward J., "Men" Totem Stephen, "Mascotte" Byrne Leslie, " Teluba" Barrett Richard, "Ionic" Short Street k (starnt Of/ street Morris F. H. Weston James Slade Road (Arncliffe) off Darlep load Gorrick Joseph A., solicitor Blackwell Joseph Molloy Augustus J. Solander Stsracentdo(Brighton-le- Thompson James Patterson Walter Patterson John MeLeish Duncan Off the Grand parade Petchell Mrs. E., ' Brighton" Hoon Charles Johnson Charles H. Austin Robert W. Sutton Thomas Iliffe Leslie Solander Street (Arncliffe) Off Innesdale street Carlow William Patterson Carl G. Ball Charles A. Parker Albert - Selby John E. Peterson Thomas, -Orvieto" Soult Street (Sans Souci) Trafalgar street to Most etreet Spring Street South sidp Rocky Point road to West Botany street Casey Thomas W., " Glendon" Albert street Whittaker Thomas V., builder Johnson Percival R., "Gracovillo" Wirrell Thomas"Narraburra" Short sireet Smith Mrs. M. E. Mc Ronald Donald, nurseryman Bowtner Herbert, market gardener West Botany street Arnai Etile ney Sydney S., "Kia Ora" Moss William J., "Alexville" Bassett John F., "A liceville" Langston James, "Gladysville" Hart T. J. R. Anderson Charles A., "Evadolo" Jetzinger Moritz Wicket' John, " Edenbridge" Segenhoe street Clark David Pearson Mrs. Sarah, "Brarnley" Conn Alfred, "Brixton" Arnsby William McGregor Charles J., "Glenorie" Trott Wyndham Albert Johnston MN. Annie, " Tarana" hidden' Mrs. Henry, "Boston White Arthur, "Britannia" Wilkinson W..J., "Inglegar Cahalan Mrs. Florence, "Kollinor" Cunningham James, " Fairview" Riddell Richard, "Montrose" Dodds William, "Lossie Brae" Worters Fred hi., "Glonelve" Hingston Mrs. Annie L., "Eaten" Chandler Walter, "Alma" Stanley Street (Arncliffe) Off Barden street Glover George Martin Themes, "Abbeyleix" Witte Mrs. S. If., "Gila Phillips Joseph Peak W. Payne C. Hickey Claude C. Holland Frederick Hickey Joseph " Pelerine" Sedgers Joseph ' Barden street Griffiths E. E. Lamy Leopold Vaughan A. Hymnal* Lewis Perry Mrs. Margaret E. Purves John Maxwell Walter Delacore W. Hurler Horace J., "Merthyr" Sanest Arthur E. Stanley Street (Brighton-le-Sands) Off Grand parade Stanley Street Off Frederick street Jackson II., "Weston" McGee James Lewis Wyndham IVihon Harry, " Kingsdown " Station Street (Arnoliffe) Wollongong road to Done street Robilliard A. P. Seddon David, "Killara" Seddon James W., "Inglebrae" Skipper Herbert, "Wahrooliga" Morton F. It., painter, " Kuringal Littlejohn George McDonald Joseph Ragan Charles, "St. Anthony" Orimmings Frank, " Mimosa" Standby John, "Arlington" Fraser Frank, "Onteo ' Johns William A., "hfitta" Patten Thomas, "Toowong" Nugent W. J., "L " Thqrpe G., "Folkestone" Cloonan Patrick, "Viola" Union street Pearce George, "Set incourt " Totterdell Angus, "Tresco" Holbourn Frank, " Fernleigh " Richenlson Charles J., "Ferndale,' Ogden William, "Brierly" Barden street Bangor() street Townley John A., "Deemer" Main James " Large" Wilson W. H. "Dloralt" Townley J. W.," Kendal" Williams T. 11. Carr John, "Oharmill" Done street Done street Moriarty Edward, " Kinvarra" Moriarty John, "Garfield" Blackburn Miss Emma Gardner Herbert, "Norma" Ferguson II. M. Homer Mrs. Ernest Watson Alfred McNamara Desmond WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 OEOROE ST., CITY. 'PHONE 9226 CITY 'ALL OUR ASSISTANTS ARE QUALIFIED, AND MANY HAVE SERVED US OVER 20 YEARS

57 ANTHONY HORDERNS' THE PEOPLE'S MARKET. ANTHONY HORDERNS' THE POPULAR STORE. 876 Sta ROCKDA LE. Tog Ton ROCK D ALE. Wai 877 Station street (Arncliffe) continued Forbes W. Booth Frederick, "Balgownah" Weir J. Burrows Lewis, "Toorak" Nelson Charles George, "HytheNilla" Beatty Garret, "Boronia" Hudson Edward New street Crimpling Peter, "Southport" Can man John, "Sutton" Howard William, "Melville" Croft William, " Rupee " Gotten Wylie, "Kia-Ora" Gotten Wylie, junr., " Kia.Orn" Adams Joseph Andrews Herbert B., "Alston" Turner Mrs. M., "Mowcop" Clark Thomas A., "Verona" Blair John, "Norwich" Ward George," Mayville " Mitchell street Hartle Francis James Vivian Humplais Mrs. E., "Wickham" Dumont Felix, "Yedo" Fleming James Carroll Thomas, "Timm" Kemp Thomas, "Ivanhoe" thirty Harold, "Thelma" McLean Samuel, " Waratah" Seventh Day Adventists' hall Yeaman Francis, plumber Auld E. A., "Viola" Burgess and Rose, white ant rainentor manufacturers Stibbs Edward Smith J. Keogh John Scott Stanley, "Ferndale" Parkinson S., "Blair Athol" road Station Street off Rocky Point road Owler William Shutt Arthur Whittingstall G. IL, real estate agent McMillan E. W. R. & Freeth, auctioneers and real estate agents St. George Storr-Bowkett Societies E. W. II. McMillan, gen. secretary Cook, Roland, architect Harrison H. B., dentist Stewart Street (Arnoliffe) Wollongong road to Forest road Kent Ernest, " Talofa " Stewart W. " Durham *est side Ellis S., " Mourn Falliek Frank Spring Phillip, " Vasaitta" Eastop William J., "Adger" Tantallon Avenue (Arncliffe) otr Wei( Botany road Gough Arthur," Bahlon Polley Mrs. Sarah," Calcott " Sellenhor street Bignoll Charles, "Edgbaston" Newton Joseph Gannon Helena, certificated midwife Cary T., " Beulah" Fenton William, "Montrose" Marinea street Bridger D. J., Wilby " Willie Henry, "Newport" Rocky Point road McMartin Alexander F., "Dumbarton" Marinea street Russell Alfred J., "Ellonsleigh" England James J., "Ellida" Cotterell William Wright Herbert, "Royston" Trice Frank, "Kolorn Milton George II.," Watford " Segenhoe street Taylor Avenue Rocky Point rout to Bataan' station Terry Street (Arncliffe) Rocky Point road to West Botany road Upton Arthur, " Haroldene" Anderson George, " Alpha " Steward Percy., "Estherville" Steward Arthur G., " Stanwell" Riddell Richard, "Mascotte" Walters Percy W., carter, "Greta" Turner William G., " Maplemore" Johnston John A.," Rutherglen" Port William J., " Weronga" Morton William S. Lester Henry,"Wyone" Glasson John, " Wafture Watt James M. Tyler Henry. "Leswell" Gismo!' William,"Boronia" Gale Mrs. Myra, "Avenel Cottage"' &yenta)* sheet Smythe Hugh 0. Mason William Williams Robert, " Moanu" Haddock Arthur II.," Fiona " Bryant Mrs. A., "Kenniwell Bray James R., "Forbes Collins William, " Port Dundass" James R.." Lumen Davis Arthur, "liectorville" Taylor Henry T. Bryan Mrs. Marv, grocer, "Ellenville" Groves Frederick Spithill Alexander Rocky Point rogd Buckle/al Edwin J. Young Harry," Olga Arkans John J.," Comilla" Hudson Thomas W., "Canberra" Marinea street Arnold Edward Shipton A. II. Klein Martin, " Clifton" Bellevue street CartwrIghtiWilliam, "Eureka Cones William," Banksea Hair John 0., "Woy Woy" The Avenue (Brighton-le-Sands) wr Bap street Furze Edward, "imam" Gordon street Lee Joseph, "Somerset Bruce street Francis William, "Boronia" Wright J. Gray Charles Sleigh Walter, " Melrose Wynne Henry H., "Brighton' Roulet, street Robinson John W. Parker Herbert, "Glenrock".Tennant Albert G., "Willesden' Clifton Frederick Langdon Samuel McAlroy J. 0. The Avenue (Brighton-le-Sands) President avenue to O'Neill street, Boner Alfred The Avenue Off liegarty street Allen Alexander, "Batley Ville" Curry George, " Linda Villa'' Jocelyn Daniel, "Molina" Cairneross Henry Heartily street Willoughb y ThomasT. Bellitt William H., "Tarella" Booting Alfred, "Oriole" Clarke James E., "Stanley" MeGeoch Ernest W. Whitney Frank Thompson Thomas L., "Montrose" cattermole Winter G. Townsend J. F.. " Waratah " Cairneross Frederick G. Hughes Thomas E. The Avenue (Sans Bonet) Off Booty Point road Bowen J. L. Wood Henry A., jour., "Woodlea " Chambers Mrs. Emma Walton Alfred, "Anona" Travenar Mrs., " Bayview Connuity Mrs. John J., " Bayswater " Goddard Harry Sheen Thomas duelling Lewis, "Haldon " Barnidge George Madigan Stanley Thompson Street (Arnoliffo) Tonbridge Street (Ramsgate Park) op. Park etreet Ilantsgate road Smith Percival R. Stephenson George Towers Street (Arnoliffe) Forest road to Union street Esdaile Edward," Walworth" James W. Tribe Reginald, " Gleuora" Tribe Cecil W. Markham Leonard, "Sackville" Johnson Cecil S., "Waikaka" Eppenbeim Julius, " Maheno Union street Cameron Alfred Watts Ernest," Cuiwulla" Kelly Oswald J. Union street Trafalgar Street (Brighten-leSands) 0/ Bay street Lancashire E. W. B., J.P. Stevens William C., "Raystan" Probert Cyril, "Zanotti" Keeley Ernest, "Sausalito Lazarus Mrs. Marie, art studio Church of England Aubusson James E. Jackson Thomas, " Easteourt " Mountior William T. ' Dunlop Norman McRitchle Robert, "Nemo!" Union Street (Arnoliffe) Off Station street Wraith Walter," Myrtle " Jones Walter N., " Denham Britain W., "Netley " Dunn George, " Dunn Bayou " Feeley Arthur IL, "llama" Roberts Clarence C. Prot); rt J. Magnusson Ernest., "Whitcheath" Slade T. Stuart Sydney," Reba " Cohen Joseph Peek Richard II., "Gladys" Valda Avenue (Arnoliffe) 01/ West Botany rend Smith J. H.. Valda" Butler Harry H., "Glenwood" Sweetnian J. Davis Alfred, " Dame Veron Street (Bexley) Villiers street 10 Clarence road Sherirston Albert E., "Tafelkop" Shorrock Christopher, "Violet Villa" Murrell Victor T., "Tarnagulla" Watson Edward," Illawatha " Cunliffe Mrs. Annie," Achetee " SetrIght Nurse II. A. "Dultorlan ' Stubby James," Roelanoor" ' King street Mc Avoy John Taylor Thomas Kelly Robe. t Dye John, "Edgeelifl" Cook street Packenliam Frank, "The Cliff." Whitton' Mrs. Sarah Mayne Frederick Austen RiclKinir'illu street Gibbin g Frederick, jun. Marks Kenneth, "Kirklee" Skeggs Mrs. Ethel, "Allots" Crew Thomas, "'Amine,'" Jeffrey T. Taylor George, "Malvern" Dirt William, "Danehurst" Itiley Thomas Bell G., "Queettle" Denison street View Street (Arnoliffe) 0/7 Roast Point road Molloy T. Morrison Samuel Thomas," Bayview " Lyons 3, Villa Street (Kogarah) 011 the Esplanade Zimmerman Id. D., "Son View" Mann Arthur O'Connell street Walsh Redmond Alexander Thomas, "Andrexea" O'Connel street Fell Robert Villiers Street (Bexley) Arlington street to Forest raad Young Fred. D., '"fliellint" Poginme James," Buxton" Spencer George II. "Elstow" Guthrie Miss M., "Olota ' Cooper Roland E. Abel A. W.," Arlington" Miller John, "Hobart" Russell Clutrles, " Elgin Milford W. D. Smith Leslie Tapp P. S., " Rualline " Stephenson Frederick C., "Iturua" Graham Alexander. " La Boheme" Warren Albert.1.,"Wirra Werra " Ferguson Mrs. A., "Hillside ()swell street Veron street Nqrth side Bellow Ileory C. Devitt Mrs. O., 'Frederick - Markey Percy C., "Araluen" Jones Albert J., "Warwick" Walker Street (Arnoliffe) Off Nelson street Terry George, "Bon Accord" Smith Mrs. E., "Francis" Jensen Hans P. Gilmore John, "Afton" Coles Charles J.. "Planet" Pickett George H., "La Tosca" Gilby George, grocer Ramsay William Stuart Walter S. Mitchell Waiter, "Melrose" Walmer Street (Sans Souoi) (9 Park road Golder William J. McIntosh William Cass George W.. McMahon Tereuce C., " Gardenia" Laws John J.," Estlida" Cashman Frederick Glover Thomas Walter Street (Arnoliffe) Wollongony road to Mrs! street Baggaley Mrs. A. M., "Waratah" Hart Mrs. F. G. McIndoe William, "Rockleigh" Bootie George li. Anthony Robert Id., "Dundee" Allen Charles IL, " Hailing" Castle Alexander ' Morrison John E. Heath Mrs. Alice," Ashton" Walker Charles M. Buckton Mrs. E., "Hampton " Payne Thomas W. IL TS'ollonyong road Harris Arthur. " Laura " Sou theombe Mrs. Ma ry,"robin Hood" Jenkins John K., " Karnali" Bridge Thomas S.," Rochester Gray Albert E. Swinhurne John, "Berachalt Hay James G. Oruickskank George, " Willyams " Marks IL L., "Mimosa" Ityall William, "Montrose" bitten Thomas, "Melrose" Brisbane Reginald Evans William Hirst street Walter Street (Sans Sauoi) Off Park road Mullen Edward lima Mrs. Emilie Walz Street TO Railway street St. Joseph's It. C. Church and School Tabrott Street Langworthy Edwin T. O., " Keith " Off Bonar street Sutherland Albert Philp John A. Glachan J.,"Alvernia" Cameron to Farr street Martin Mrs. F. M., "Nepoui " Tait William G., "RestabrIc" Nikon John, " Ettgley" Fahy Richard H., " St. Kilda " Bretton Cecil It.." Katungi Togo Street (Arnoliffe) Bunks Charles, " Avoca " Marsden Fred. Cooper, " Rushmore" Withers to Railway street Beardall William," Beeston" Gotland William V., builder Spence Mrs. Margaret Garde Walter, " Moruya " Palazzi Louis D., " Whiona " Hewlett Sydney WhaleyPeter, "Waterford Cottage" Kenyon John," Lilydell. Kirby John. "ICarori". Mann J. W. ' MoKeelinie J. Curran James IL, "Viola Wear H. G. B., " Gibraltar " Bassi Ernest G., " Blair Athol" Robertson William," Ballochmyle " Creswiek John, "Cressdale " MeNab Phillip, "Mona" Wither Robert, "Strathesk " Favell Reginald Joseph, " Rosmead Sowter Mrs. T., "Erith" Nelson Percy 0. Baker Charles T., "Walla" Gallant Robert, "Waltham Elder John 5 " Llandilo" Hill Arthur." Illawarra McHugh John P., "Cant-mm" Gallant William, "Noumea" 'Page Frederick Turner Norman, " Cownl 3faidtnent William G., "Kingsley" Alien George H. Giddies street Smith Charles H.," Waltham" DCC8 James " Fathead " Farr William, " Anglyn Waddell Street (Arnoliffe) McInerney Mrs. Mahe, " Clifton " Segenhoe street Bayley Randolph A., " Kidrou Victoria Street (Arnoliffe) Off Forest road Chandler Harry Ross Samuel W., painter Turner John Gorman Thomas 0.1!' Denison street Walnron Street (Sans Solid) Miller Charles, "Glendyn " Barton Frank, "'lineman " Johnson Albert, " Wyandra Blyth Frederick F., "Juno' ClI Ida street Joyce Oscar G., "Mars" Singleton:Joseph Stainton Samuel B., "Hillsides" Coughlan John "Ounce" McColl John T. liegerty Michael, "Arawa" ItossJones William, " Kenutuir Railway street Wentworth G. F., tailor Kad well H. W., dentist George Charles, tobacconist Tickle W. T., bootmakor Cannon S. F., fruiterer Leather F. C., laundry Ware F. 0., grocer WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., HARRIS ST. 'PHONE m1048 CONDUCT UPWARDS OF ONE-THIRD or THE TOTAL INTERMENTS IN. THE METROPOLITAN AREA

58 ANTHONY HORDERNS' BIGGEST STORE IN AUSTRALIA. THE HOME OF ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES. 878 War ROOK DALE. Wic Wil ROCK DALE. Wol 879 Walt street continued Baird William Percy, greengrocer Mackay Mrs., stationer Cope Frederick.- Waratah Street (Arnoliffe) Mount to Bay View street filocombe Mrs. Lucy A., "Balaclava" Pearce T. D. Woodall Percy 31., "Roseneath " Cuthbert John, "Hilda" McGrath W. H., "Baronia" Magill Frederick O., "Norfolk" Hall Alfred J.," Ulonga " Water Street (Arnoliffe) Arnclitre road Watkin Street Parker street to Harrow road Ferrier street Herbert street Goodfellow Mrs. M., grocer dienjamin John, "Ardath" Staples Charles J. Caton John Hayes David J., "Landow" Mellen) Arthur E. Goodfellow Joseph, "Kurile!'" Downey Airs. Hannah Evans George J., "Kinchella" Doyle Thomas Evans P. N. Adkins \V. A., piano tuner, "Julio" Goswell William A, J.P.,"Islington" Somerville Percival, "Cores," town clerk, Rockdale Brown Arthur G., " Hermes " Herald Edmund, " Vesta" Matthews Nur-e Frederick street Font Ernest H. Broome Charles E., "Taunton" Forbes Andrew IL, " Alpha " Osborne James H. Hartnell George T.. " Calora Wilson Mrs Mary J., " Enda" Darrell Reginald F., "Glenora" Fletcher Cecil E., "Blows" Wale street Frederick treet King Edward street Surman Frank, " Canningalla Anderson II. G., "Glenbrook" Wiggins 0., `Glenroek" Gardner Charles W., "Nashau" Biddle Roland, " Hawkesbury " Dudgeon William A.." Graceton " Still James IL, "Alyce" Brosnan Capt. J. C.," Edithville Browne H. Wazier Street (Arnoliffe) To Dowling street Wood Arthur, "Araluon" Rowe Mrs. H., "Afeekatharra" Williams Robert, "Liandnono" Lipplat Walter D. Hardman George, " Egerton " Yard Henry, "Pleasant View" Lemberg Victor," Erika" Johnson Peter Hickson Charles, "Lorna Doone" Jones Frederick Ohison John A., "Oakliiii" Stubbs James, " Gewalt " Tuck well Harry White Miss June, grocer Bernhardt T. Britton W. Whaite C. Harris Thomas, "Newmarch" Griffiths Richard G.," Mona " Mackenzie William Dowling street Stokes William. " Roslin" Davis Frederick Brown J. C., "Pretoria" Lavender W., "Pretoria" I,ist Joseph Canso?' Oscar, " Encli if" Harris Charles Adcock Frederick, "Avoca" Fisher Nigel, "May Park" Jostice Ernest Skinner William J., "Yeovil" Frakes A. T. Harding James, "Rockley" Meyers Alfred. "C01111i I" Peek Arthur F., "IVoniora" Jarman Williani Wilcock Cecil, "Gracie" Dye Frank, " Watford " Dodd John Joseph, "Dorothy" Almond Ho-ace O., "Yarrawonga Dowling street Wentworth Street (Arnoliffo) Dowling street Levi Beau ford West Botany Road Bay street to Rocky Nint road Helloway Laurence Warren Samuel Walton Herbert Cook Harry, market gardener Napper W., market gardener Wilson Mrs. Sarah Barton street Sindel Harold, "Taronga" Loveday Laurence A. Wesleyan Church Guy William.1., poultry farmer nestle street Bowmer Joseph &naffs Sorrell George E. Bartholomew John R. Pert William, "Booyong" Lums loll Mrs. Eliza/eh S., "Ballarat" Barrie John, "Glen Ayr" Brenuans road Alionsorth Mrs. 0., "St. Oilier" Wino Frederick, l Whitley " Wilson Anhui P. "Dingle" Buist William, " Iona" Dayes George, " Belmont" Sewerage Farm road Fortesque George IL, "Inverness" Coleman Walter Beeline James Marsh street ralda arenne Flora street Singh Delph. herbalist, "Thelma" Mongim Daniel, "Orara" Hartley Fred, "Cicero" Gould Mai tin, "Glen" Cook William. market gardener Quirk James, dairyman Rockdale pant Reynolds Victor, "Weymouth" Webb Miss Constance ilestic street Schofield George, dairyman Walker Moses, dairyman Spring street Arnelige- Mc Kiernan Thomas Oxford John Ward George Franklin Thomas, junr., "Henley" Franklin T. E., " Dudley Cottage" Terry street Thorburn Herbert T. Jakins F. G. Hailwood George V., "Hawthorne" Tantallon avenue Bellingham S. Laves Mrs. Emily, "Burcott" Harper " Oxford }lollop George, "The Retreat" Gough Alfred Gough Joseph Arena! street Prideaux Mrs. Martha. "St. /stades " Kemp William D., "Methuen" Tate Charles, "Lynwood Cottage" Mel/wield Francis Ferguson John C., "Myall" Leeds James Shipton Mrs. Elizabeth, "Claraville" Farrell Bernard, "N attar Bramwell Herbert F., " Newley " Doze Ito. ert. Kia-Ora " Mftwson But Sherrill) Thos. G. Morphy Miss Charlotte Mary Wickham street Goswell Walter F., "Orvieto" Pert William Pert Alexander, " Ma scotte " Hoehn Mrs. James, " Essex House" Kyle street Bolger Edmund, "The Grange" Peehag IL' " Normanton Walsh Mrs. Mary, "Southport" Bateman Henry E.. "Lytham" Behringer Leonard, carpenter Kelly Thomas, storekeeper Burns Charles Carlson Oscar Jenkins C., "Roseville" Lawson Frederick, " Aliceville" Hutton Robert Little Edwin,"Napier" Bailey Aubrey Partridge Charles, "Smythesdale" Brown Ernest, "Arcadia" Cassidy Clement J., 'Cavanba" Simons Cecil, "Clifton" Watts William P. Briggs Henry, "Tasman" Alexandria street Leahy George Harris Frederick Sykes Sydney Frost John.1. Shortill Thomas, carpenter Underwood Richard, "Ryistone" Wickham Street (Arnoliffe) Of Rocky Point road Morton Robert White Heber, "Greenbank" Marshall John, "Terra Nova" Lay Leonard, "Argyle" Griffiths 11 0., "Austral" Best Frederick, "Budgoree" Burgess Charles H., saddler Jackson Mrs. M., "Lettie" Sherlock Edward W. Hinton Jame. C. Dormer James, "AMOR" Buckley' Mrs. Emma, "Hastings" &lotion: avenue Rudduck Herbert, "Oessells" Paine Francis Browne Miss AL, "Almorah Lodge" Almorah Nursery Co., florists Damon Mrs. Laura Perry A. L. Perry T. B. IL, "Olivet" Thornhill William ' William street Off Burton street West Side Clarke John, "Woodlands" Smith Charles, "Banksia" Willis Street (Arnoliffe) Of Illawarra road Tuckwell Sydney, "Cintra" Locker Arthur; "A uslow Cottage" {Judea Thomas, "Hilifield" Starling Richard McAllister John Ruby Alfred St ebbs Charles Healey Edmund G. Castle Alfred E., " Glades " Thomas Cecil, "Rowena" Wilson Road (Arnoliffe) of Wollongong road Fairview street earliament terrace Crum Reginald Wood Walter, "Ratio" Phelps Alfred Sydenham N. If., piano tuner Warbrick William, jour. Warbrick William Glen road Fletcher Reuben H., poultry farmer Glen road Blundell Leslie, "Burn Leo" Cockburn Charles B., "Lythau" Downing Richard, "Itelston" Craigie Mrs. John It. Andrews Walter J., "Rome' Wilson Street (Kogarah) Of Rocky Point,cad Mayan Oliver, "Glen Avon" Clark Harry Clark Edwin A. Johnson John, "Espiegle" Bentley Horatio Firman John IL, "Mosseley" Aitken Sydney,"Datnere" Hollings William, "Grimtliorpe" Seinion F. James IK' aryr Ik(t/ reso.rgme. A. Kelly Herbert G. Christie Thomas, "Atolls" Alchin Arthur Tester Benjamin, "Letchworth" Parks Thomas, "Wattle l'ark" Withers Street (Arnoliffe) Mount to &spleen, street Deady M. S., "Nyewood" Silk John, "Allston" McDonald Joseph, " Aberfoyle Eeviour George Millard Mrs. W. "Cooee" Mears E. J., " itorke's ' Drift Jenkins Albert W., Garthorne " Hawker Edward, "Ellaniang" Cassidy J. Bryant Albert E.," Rothesay " Hurchmore George, "AuStralle" Wolli Creek Road Wollongong?vivito Kimpton street Forest rocid Attinson 4 --Sprin g st. Judd 4. Hayter George H. A., "Gleitroy" Zizeisherger Charles, "Linz" Smith Stephen Stewart Joseph, " lona" Glover Mrs. S., "Rover's Bride" Williams Theo., "Greenwich" Forest road Carlton street Russell Mrs. E. L. Hunt Mrs. 0. Webb Mrs. W., "Park View" Stewart James H., "Dimeraig" McIntosh Alfred Batho Albert J., "Olga" Carpenter Mrs. Elizabeth, "Doredea" Tolhurst Joseph lierbert Badger Thomas Arlington street Wollongong Road (Arnoliffe) Illawarra to Forest road King Mrs. Sarah A., "The Retreat" Syle William It. Barrett Richard Bowman Charles, "Ivanhoe" Latham Edward J. Martin John Beattie George P. Alurphy William, "Uley" Costin Walter, " Mon-Repos Hurst Street Spinks Mrs. IL, nurse Amidy Edward, "Royston" Kelsey street Parsons Arthur K, "Levuka" Fortescue James IV. A. Baker Percy, " Edwina" Goddard Arthur, J.P.," Wharnc Hire" Burrldge Isaac J., "Chilton" Taubman Mrs. A., "Kyogle" Melrose George H., " Glenora Mitchell Mrs. Ellen, " Burridge B. J. 11 roe acenue Arnclitre Park Mitchell street Delacour Winter Gardner H. M., "Haulm" Walters street Wilkins Hugh B., grocer Garrett Mrs. M. F., lam & beef shop May Ernest, W., greengrocer Stone L. F.," Stoneleigh " Cornwell Charles J., butcher Kembla street School of Arts and Lending Library Ernest Russell, sec. Fuller Arthur J. Edwards Mrs. E.," Facelift Milner Thomas, "Pateena" Dowling street Judd W. G., J.P., "Atli &lane Judd James H., "Actinotus" Aihelstane avenue Fripp street Gibbins F. J., J.P., " Dappeto". Wilson road Dean Mrs. Lily. "Zoflngin" Hansen Mrs. Elizabeth, "Roskilde" Willis Frederick, " Mamma " Ferguson Robert J., "Loch Marie" George W.," Fairview" Kenny J., "Cantoonga" Raison Casimer, "Abington" Bates Thomas, "Viola" Martin Andrew IC., " Edna" McDhirmill Mrs. H. I., "Belmont," Hay Frederick, "Pullimylle" Mackin Win. J., "Oxford" Heisby Thomas C. Pile street Pomroy Mrs. L., "Boronia" Sinfleld Percy Sackville street Hornhey William, "Tamer" Hughes William R., "Helena" Coleman W. H., " Turon Cottage" Jeffries Mrs. A. Leftley Isaac, "Roston" Dome street Hughes Arthur E. Waghorne Ch 'ries Crocker George, " Reola" Dowdier Henry, "Gmiyalt" Williamson Frank, "Rothesay" Boidloy Frank, "Lynwood" George W. Jones Mrs. AL A. Bennett Thomas, "Hamilton" Sweeney 0., "Canberra" Morrissey Miss D., draper Robinson Charles F., storekeeper Hart IL, "Pu TIM" Andrus Edward J. Morton Gardiner Cambridge Walter C., "Lcumeali" Whitton Nurse Alice Carruthers Albert Lambert Miss Florence, dressmaker Morrison John Illackmore Clarence E., "Beulah " Dunglinson J. D., music teacher Mutton Miss E., teacher of / Cork William, "Kinross" New street Brickwood H.. dental surgeou Methodist Church Green H. IL, "Wandella Cottage" Murray William, "Elmo" Byres Walter llopkin James, "Orwell" Clancy Mrs. AI., "Narooma" Hopkin James, confectioner Lodge Vance Macdonald Mrs. Julie Patterson William A. Russell William John Geering Walter Mitchell street McNamara Miss A., store Key Edward W., storekeeper Moody A, it., greengrocer Ifoyinn Tlionias Herbert T., "Edina" Key ifdward.jim., "Netley" Storrier Leslie J. Nelson George, " Burnley " Field Mrs. S., "Neaville Booth W. T., "Chester" Cornwell Charles J. Itose Herbert," Wilberforce" Roberts William A., "PenroSe" Davies George, "Rocky Glen" McCue Clive, "Yarruste, Alarr Oscar, "Nettie" Station street Gletz Alexander, "Alexstane" Lie' Edward. "Lillyville" Young Charles, "Meyrick" Mutch Robert McIlarg Joseph Adams George Clifford George II. Gordon street Farris A. W., "Tarnfell Stewart street. Tyo Cyrus It., "Walberton" Grenfell James H, " Orenbrook Graham Douglas, "Stafford Earle street Waltham George, " Boston Gibbons Arthur D. All Alfred, "The Ferns" Westcombe Harry, "Moonya". Anderson Rev. W. A. S. Williams George Broadiey Francis Ball Thomas Lowrie Miss Mary WOOD COFFILL II COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 CITY SUPPLY PRIVATE CARRIAGES, LANDAUS AND BROUGHAMS, WITH LIVERIED IERvAirs AT.CALL

59 ANTHONY HORDERNS' AUSTRALIA'S MAMMOTH STORE. 880 Add ROSEVILLE. Bay Wollongong road (Arncliffe)eontinued- Lowrie Holliday Samuel T. Willi + Harry, " Nirvana" Bill Frank, "CloveIly" Harrison George. "Dowood" Willard William IL, "St. Clair" Craven Samuel, " Weona " Ibbotson Charles Ramsay William Fergusson Ronnhl McGuire Mrs. E. F., grocer Woodford Road Off Arlington street Currie Thomas, "Mount-view" Paul William F., "Alma-vine Powell Alfred, "Bonnie Brae Cashier George, "St. Elmo" Addison Avenue (Roseville) Off Archbold road Collins Albert B.. "Swsstika" Browne W. IL, "Stratford" Briggs Alfred H., "Araluen" Moorfield John, "Mornington" Pitt. Moore street Chad Thomas 'Moore Edwsrd Bingham II. S. Archbold Road Off Boundary street East aide Weintlial F. A., "Terragindi" Bartlett R. G., "SuniTholm" Totterdell D. C., "Yeovel" Margaret street Lacey Matthew C., "Oliveto" Dantroon avenue Roseville Public School Miss Pickering, mistress Addison avenue Leggo G. IL, "Hambledon" Clarke James, '"I'yrone" Sharpe Russell, "The Gables" Park avenue Walter William IL, builder Muston Miss A. M., "Tenelba" Vanglian Zeitler Charles O., "The Nook" Earl street Hilton S. B., "Garvegh" Jarman H. H., "Merest" MeCourt Henry, "Drumlachy" Fistcher Charles R. Unsworth Jaws, " City-view" Eldridge George W., "Evellint" Bevean W. W.. "Rockleigh" Crisp Frederick S. Wallace Edward, "Braoside" Whitwell Henry A. North aide McCallum Walter J., "The Bungalow" Rob.on Alexander, "Ulimaroa" Irving Charles G., "Saran)" Skelton Matthew, "Beverley" Stokes Joseph W. ' "Foxlow" Fisher Charles, "Waratah " Wyocombo Avenue (Kogarah) Off President avenue Thompson Miss Mary Eunice Joy l'atrick J. Wilson W. E., "Denwood" Gay Phillip, "Carnglinin" Easy A. 0., "Terra Nova" Bancroft avenue Whyte David M., "Balkerle" Lyons Richard J., "Golan" Rice Horace, "Glen View" Bancroft Avenue street to Archbold road Kraegen E. 0., "Edon Myers D. M., " Deltatim Cole G. F., " Netley " Carter C. H., "Inversanda " Sinith "Leightonlyn" McIntosh Reuben it., J.P. Miller Henry, "Lianberris" Duncan J. H.," Banksin " Banks J. D., "Wootoona" Resd F. W., "Linden" Britton A. W., Jolimout " Roberts J. W.," Vertigo" Parsons Miss A.M. Tebbutt Hubert S., Toronto Primrose Mrs. S. M., " Kaloola" Webster It. G., "Yeoval" Parkes C., "Lyme Regis" :sleeken H., "Oompah" Gray Francis Wandella avenue Gunn Mrs. AL, "Rudorfu" Bell Francis, "Tarbet" Duanicliff Albert A.., "Truville" Maliony James, "Eninerella Rutledge Mrs. H. A., "Chelsea" Riley Woes-, "Romney" Clermiston avenue Desjardins E. A., "Mont Piton " Weldon Leslie, "Hoine.A-Gen" Edenborough Grosvenor, " Glenalder" York Street oir Bryant street Thackeray Joseph Green Mrs. Florence M., "Holroyd" Perkins Sydney Mimin g Charles A., "Edina" Watson William J., "Iownit" Brown John Ross Thomas J. Watson George J., "Cleveland" Roy Horace A., Nutt George S., "Rose Cottage" Roy Duncan," Leslie Cottage" Chapman Horace, "May Cottage" Patterson John, "Taralga" Rookwood (See Lidcombe) Rosebery Model Suburb (see Waterloo), ROSEVILLE. MILSON 'S POINT LINE. (Ku-ring-gal Shire.) Rawlings A. II. D., " Okarita Argent John E., "(Iowan Brae". Barton Albert F., "Ooritiya" Polio Frederick, "Itanglora" Hayward James W., "Mariposa" Coles Clifford, "Cromer' Jones Richard, " Thurso Wood Samuel, " Brnntwood" Ellis Eugene," Apolinqui" Thompson Edward, "Westover" Gardner R. W., "Brigalow" Glen street Goodman Ewing, "Iver" Hunt G. M., "Ripley" Pickering Henry Grattan John, "Klima" Robert Reginald W., "Ellen Gowan" Seymour Mrs. B. A. F., "Albury" Bensusan Darrell, "Woodlands" Westbrook Alfred Henry, "Nooroe Beek F. V., "Warrilla" Mackenzie IL II. Oxby F. H., " Timm " Ppm William, "Cooee" Gob e Sydney 0., "Milford" Harvey W. G., "Braetoft" King It. W., "Maranon" Bayswater Road Off Lane Cove road Walmsley George, "Hawthorn" Hinton Herbert, "Cedarton" Ontario avenue Lane Mrs. M. A. M., "Ellerslie" Ward Mrs. S., "Oungegong" Robberds 0. E. F., "Balinacor" List Mrs. A., "Carisbrooke" WOOD, COFFILL COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., HARRIS ST. 'PHONE Pit 1169 THE HOME OF ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES. Bel ROSE VILLE Gor 881 Deane L. P., "13ooinbalt" Williams Rev. J. (Cong4"Wendouree" Payne L. B., " Amershain " Risins If., "Illtuderland" Wood Harold, "Coomealla" Noble Mrs. H., "Kyarrit" Shorter J. W., "Oberivit" Hall Edgar P. "iireadonne" Retie J. 11., "Waratall" Harrison L.. "Veronique" Graham F. G., "Selwyn" Chandler. Parr Miss A. B, t Large Miss K. II., private hosidtal Ferguson I'. C., J.P., "Dumbarton" Ortona road Belgium Avenue Off Oliver road Moss L., "'Interest" Kirby Herbert, "Dagwortlt" Wilson George Boundary Street Gordon road (Chatencomi) to 2Ifiddle Harbour Hill street Goodall T. M., "Ilfracombe" Dawson It. W., " Fiorenceeourt " RUSA011 A. H., "Berrow Hill" Thompson W.. "Mari" Fishwick H. H., "Glen Lyn" Dudgeon John, "Mairoa" Rodsla Alfred A. Loudon A., "IIII-Elwah" Maxwell Harry, "Tata" Turner A. W., "Erringha". Hardie John Men. "Gallipoli" Brown Henry, "Iona ilohden Mrs. A. A., "Wandella" Wandella avenue Molineaux Boulton, J.P., " Glennyr" Burt Miss Aglies thine, " Fassifern " Clenniston avenue Gors Walter H., "Clermiston" Neilson James, "High Wycombe" Areh t,o ld street Hack Harold, "Beulah" Archbold Vincent Hooper James IL, Ilawthornbank" Booker George Booker Mrs. M. Clive street Chelmsford Avenue Strickland avenue Adiam Thomas P., fj.p., "Itosebrook" Trafalgar street Boreham E. (I., "Lachlan" Rand A. J., builder Redmond Thelma Mellor Herbert, "Brampton" Giencross S., 'Wigan" Olive A. B. Thompson Harold, "Lindisfarne" McLain David, "Iona" Redd W. B., "Kianga" by Lolie, "Watleville" Quinton, "Wyenda" Twohill George, "Carinya" Davis L. It, "The Retreat" Malley C. L. "Valencia" Trafalgar street Clanville Road Off Gordon road Babbage Eden II.. " Rawhiti" Oapel W. H., grazier, "Gooyong" O'Reilly, T. L., M.D., Oh.M., "Luton" Greenlees Mrs. E. C., "Hestia" Kelburn road Cameron C. J. C., J.P., "Fassifem" Halm W. H. Taratille parade Archbold Gerald, '"faraville" White 3 Mlles, "nallv1110" Trafalgar avenue Wakely Mrs. A. M. Davis John, "Loombah" Willoughby Bradley, "Didabury" Reubens It., "Edelweiss" Lambert Herbert, "IiintInt" Wells 0. S., "Stanrose" McHugh Thomas, "Moodie" 1(arius Carl, "Mali:tile" Henderson W. (I., "Brookfield" Madden F. I). Watson W. J., "Junga-Calia" Prentice James, "Fegits-Ville" Shield L. W.,"Mitlarawity" Curio W., "Belltrees" Murphy D..1.. "Marsinall" Johnston Mrs. A. A., "Tim Firs" Ralston George, "The Firs" Clermiston Avenue Off Bounaary street Shirra James, "Slieriffmnir" Bishop John, "Bantutha" Hornithrook Mrs. II. A., "I'onkataboo Rodgers H. E J., listtilmewong" d Maher Miss Prudence, "Hazolffeld" Walker Charles" Widwiewa " Partridge P. II. L., "Westgate" Bancroft avenue Olive Street Off Boundary street Campbell 'Mrs. John, "Malvern" Riddle Harry Cyril Street Continuation of Duntroon avenue Lang Thomas S., J.P. Powrio John A., "Witimarie" Martin Robert Off McGrath William Riddle Mark G. Martin JoseSgth side Riddle John Hankie and Comnany, sanitary depot Dudley Street Off Gerald avenue SAonudtrehws.i.ḋoemagh., Ilantitorn Vernon James, J.P., "Telarah" Tither G. T., "Strathmore" Kaleski A. E., "Wootton" Allen Miler, J.P., "Menthols)" Robinson Spencer, " Willunga" Williams William, " Rodway " Newick Charles," Bristol" Sledge C. G., "Myola" Croft A.," St. l'ierre" Fookett Edward, "Coolongolook" Lowe Robert, "IRostrevor " Skinner R. J. J., "Cotswold" Cazneaux Harold, "Amblesido" Wood William, "Tyneliolmo" Duntroon Avenue Off Archbold road Steele George it., "Buddawang" Walton Sidney G. Carden D. E., "Ipswich" Wheeler A. 0., 'Bullarah " Saunders Leonard, "Tralee" Sutherland W., " Meldrum Carden Albert V " Noweudoe" Haney John D. McIntyre Alexander, "Cruachan" Moore street Carlon Percy E. Stooge Win. ir il" Street Off Archbold road Carden Arthur Victor Whatmore A. Bonifield Samuel Huggins James Watkins Joseph Hubbard Stephen Celdwell Felix Cargo Mrs. C. Kiteatiegli Denis Gerald Avenue of Roseville avenue Davidson James H., " Croden Caleb!. W., optician, "Hainault" Adair John," Kelvin" Mellon Mrs. AL, "Lormont" Williams Alexander, "Aloolwa" Wetherell Robert,. Loilore" Blake P. VT., "Ontario" Doh.on John, "Azumit" Green Charles Mary Robert A., " Coolaile " Kentish Sydney D., " Ashwin Calvert Ernest 1'.," Kilburnia " Redshaw Spaimullucell,str"" Bryant It. J., " Wyvern Baker L. A., " Wytnia" Brewer C. T., "Quambi " Glen Road Off Shirley road Jenkins John, J.P., "Milwood" Gordon Road Boundary street. Chats:rood, to Grosvenor road, Lind field Mathie Alexander, 'Meru" Matthews William Hall." Milton Hoban Rev. S. J. (Meth.), " Drumcondra " Pockley avenue Fowler Robert, "Ben A ku" Archbold It. C., " Wyong" Curtis G. N. fuel me:chant Curtis &litiddin, carriers, etc. Stenhouse and Tuttlebee, grocers Renville School for Girls Hammond Brea., butchers Davenport Mrs. A. C. Baker 0. J. H., " Shirley " Shirley road McAllister Charles, consulting engin'r Goodall II. P., J.P., mach. merchant Barbour E. C., "Sunny Mount" Mahood Wi l all ph; =s m. er " Kroa analmbla" Upward John, "Ilevington" West bourne road Brown J. K., "Stonnington" Morgan Alias A. If., "Allendale Ferguson Euatace W., ALB., Ch.M., "Timbrebongle" Smith.1. A., builder," Oranbrook " Smith S., stationer and grocer Grosvenor road Bell Paul T., " Athenieen " Denham W. Digby Brand F., " Norfolk" Swim Mrs. A.M. " Koonawarra HALF-A-CENTURY OF EXPERIENCE HAS PERFECTED OUR METHODS AND EARNED OUR REPUTATION,'

60 ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, 882 ROSE VILLE Shi Gordon road continued Sykes Joseph Henry," Yaraanbar " Archbold.Alfred, 'Kmanni" Knowles J. E., " Kuranui " Jones Mrs. A., "Roseville" Archbold Harold Crawford A. T.," Alameda" Curtis Miss I., confectioner, etc. Martin W. H. Co., real estate agents Martin W. H. Ritchie 0. J., chemilt McLellan A. &. Co., storekeepers Bonney E., "Eldon" Roseville Railway Station Roseville Wile Club Morale road Witney Joseph J., "Doreen" Ferguson Thomas," Mumusweni Croker Alfred, dentist, "Fotheringay" Shaw Walter, " Tintern" Archbold Sydney, "Wynella" Llewellyn John L., builder Sutton Mrs. 0., "Mum Murra " Shaw It. A., archifect,"buugarby Foy H. V., "Elsinore" Hill Street Boundary street to Glanville road Victoria street Spark Mrs. M. L., "Irembah" Henderson R. N., "Omaha" 0. of E. Church Bancroft avenue Griffiths T., "Iona" Fulton Hilton S. Hough 0., ironmonger Hayes A. P., dental surgeon McIntosh A. M., dental surgeon Hogarth Miss J., draper Roseville Post Office Commonwealth Bank of Australia Holland Arthur F., greengrocer Reeve D., bootmaker Macaulay W. H., storekeeper Lord Street Blake and Hankins, estate agents Government Savings Bank of N.S.W. Hayes F., hairdresser Roseville avenue Brierley F. S., M.11., Ch.M., "Elouora" York Charles II., "Morella" Kelburn Road Glanville road Greenvvoll Mrs. E. A., "Sunny Brae" Wheen Rev. Harold (Meth.) Junor E R., "Rollin" Harding 0. H., "St. Elles" Fraser J. A., 4, Allan" 'Wilson A. U.," Dorolyn" Busby J. A.,.T.P., "Bundalue" Perry \V. H., junr., "Ainleigh" Bradford IL A., "Telita" Larkin Street Off Poelley avenue Park John, builder Martin A. E. Lord Street Hill street at Roseville station Fry Frank Ernest, "Wirriliall" Buswell Mrs. E. N., "Melia" Renshaw W., draughtsman," Waimea" Henson Miss L., "Lenora" Simpson Mrs. M." Culloden Shay A., "Greta" Wilson Edmund H., "Merlyn Came Miss E. M., "Burleigh" Roberts Major G. A., "Durnford" Law M. C., " Mimosa " Wilcox Mrs. L. A., "Hazlowood" Wileox.Miss A. Hogan John A "Lindisfarne" Lane Henry, "lezewhon" Snyder A. J., " Iowa " Reding Arthur E., " Winston" Cayzer Edwin, "Brixton" Davis J. J., " Araiuen" Walker Harold," Lingo Longa Heffernan H. C., " Adrigole Nicholas J. F., "Ngurang" Barker 8.0., "Rothbury " Raggott Percy G., "Montreal" Burfoot Mrs. Ellen Tyrrell Janice R., "Glenthorne" McDonald D. J. Gregory Reginald, " Home" Methodist Church Thom H. W., " Carinya Roberts Albert J., "Bryn Ivor" Northam William, J.P., "Beverley" Watt T. E., "Vailima" Eider James, "Cremona" Matthews E. J., "Daimon" Harry John J., "Koorowl" Shaw W. L. V., "0 Averden " Glen street Vickery Francis, "Iolanthe" Thresher Hubert S, " Hughswood" Noble Sydney," Lynne Regis" Williams John, " Ilfracombe Perry W. H., J.P. Ferris George P., " Allawah " Percy Clement 0. B.," Crecy " Richards Arthur, " Woodleigh" Finch A. S., "Gallipoli". Lainrock Mrs. E. R., "Woroola" Dovey J. W., "Lynwood" Dovey William, "Glen View" Ber.ff W. J., " Burnside" Margaret Street off Archbold street Rolfe Thomas, "Winter" Della-Valle Mrs., "Castelletto" Holland Alfred, " Tocal" Watt Robert. " Helen Cottage" West Mrs., "Ridge Brook' Du Bois Fritz Moore Street Off Boundary street Oliver Road og Trafalgar avenue Page George, "Athlone" Trafalgar amine Benton Joseph F., "Arda ick" Ormond Street Off Clive street Wardell Thomas, "Cromla" Off Riles Frederick Smith Reuben, boatbuilder Smith Henry Smith Charles Ontario Avenue tlfr Bayswa ter road Witt H. L. Ortona Road Grosvenor road to Bayswater road Hardie IT. J.," Bannock/mil" Brown Mark, "Niaoull" Mutton Oswald," Leehohne" Upward Miss " Yarrawonga Snelling J. G., 'Canberra" Walsh 11. D., J.P., "Coorabol" Dietrich E. B.. Park Avenue 09 Archbold road Batty C. G. Kills Mrs. E. Farncomb Miss L. L., "Woodlands" Shelley John Shelley Frederick Clare Percy It. Teesdale Frank Primus Strea Trafalgar avenue to Belgium avenue Clayton R., "Erith",Roseville Avenue Off Gordon road at Roseville station Bablage Francis H., "Nurarra" Savage Samuel, " Hazelbeach" Davidson Robert, analytical chemist Bullocim William, " Leoena Gjedsted Mrs. It., "Pandora" King Henry, "Euolii" Gosper Sydney Ernest, " Cozy Camp" Trafalgar avenue Griffiths Mrs. A., "Kyoninni" Perkins Arthur P., "Gowan Brae" McGrath ' "The Wattles" Sawyer W. B., Molesworth E. H., M.D., ' "Itervaston" Ch.M, Alley T. U. "Meraldon" Ramsay J. ' S., "Melba" Gerald avenue Strong J. H., " Hillcrest" 13urton Mrs. A. "Burlangtcm" Jones lt. H., "Wallarooble" ' Cook Alexander, "Highlands" North John IL, "Mundifiburra" Hazeiton William, "Koorali" Stnrk George "Latham" Henderson Robert, ' " Watkin R. J., "iturieeira" Swim Herbert, " Elston Dowsett Samuel B., "Kareela " O'Sullivan 0. L., "Los Angeles" Prevost Mrs. C. L. E., "Inglebrao" Gibbons Charles, 40alytalti Moss C. It., J P., "Ilfracombe" Govers F. 0., "Linden" Ifolinea Frederick L., "Strathsaye". Denote Oswald, "East Anglia" Chandler William, "Romney" Remelt Rev of 11.),'Hambledon' 31acKinnon Malcolm, "Naqueta" Wheeler Henry H. Harris Mrs. L., "Renalto" Gole Mrs. S., "Estella Fuller "Jesmond Deno" Mason IV T., " Taurafiga" Aveling Victor," Francesville " Campbell.1. M., ' Wyola" Dunstan A. J., "Kyloe" Thornton H., "Ulmarra" Rao George R.., "Strathbogio" Bishop Miss Kate, "Kooyong" Roslyn Avenue Off Glanville road Coleman Augustine L., "Wood Hayes" Lord Joseph, "Careonya" Goodenrl G. IL." Genie Abbas" Daniel Harold, "Yarrawonga" Ruskin Road Near end of Middle Harbour road Barrett Arthur R. Kenney Arthur, poultry farm Shirley Road Off Gordon road Width] F,.1., "Coomeroo" Wilson F. W. Upward Lynwood, "Ashton WOOD S COFFILL 81. COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 CITY ON THE HISTORIC SLOPE OF BRICKFIELD HILL. Str ROSE VILLE. Wes 883 Chambers James T.," Dalzell" Connell H. H.. "M " Cohen A., "Canoona" Tebbutt E. H. solicitor Jacobs &modal), "Carrington" Riley Williams Capt A. "Troon" Dowson L. W. "Linehan)" Starr Alfred G., "Crickiewood" Jones P. C., "Irenift" Flesher P. F.. "Te-Arolia" Rourke Mrs. H. de Plater S., "Brolga" Weaver George L., "Lynwood" Reynolds Henry E., "Burrawong" Binney Capt. II. B., "Choz-Nous" Lee Richard Cane John IL, "Chalvington" Sproule V. A. Edwards H. G., "l'ongriel" Scott-Newton Capt. Peter, "Carrara" Bauert W. 11 "G mallet/1" W,vidash C. J., "Netherwood" Smith W. U.," Den high " Kidd " Lindesfartne Maughan Allan Smith Alistair C., "13rnesido" Rae Mrs. W., " lineation " Booth Mrs. IL, "St Margarets" Stelling F. R.," Neifvfn " Weisberger Edward Robey W. R. M., "Garryowen Youll J. G. Humphreys A. G., "Burro Burma" Harley D. W., "Walteela" Hough R., "Bromborough" 'Okfa road Goss Albert W., "Watford" Paget Percy C., "Barnet" Strickland Avenue Off Middle Harbour road Sheedy B. P. M, J P., "Lizden" Smith Tom. K., "Irrawong" Hut= Thomas S., "Ontree" Wilson Walter, "Glenbracken" Packer A. G. Hutchison 0. J. G., "Dumfries" Byrne James, "Budieigh" Chelmsford avenue Papprill N. K., "Lyndhurst" Knight Arthur E., J.P., "Koronga" Ward William, "Southsea" Cornfield Victor Mussott Alfred C., "Layton" Taraville Parade Clanville road to Oliver road Thompson Mrs. Annie, "Saxavord" Latham Bertrand, "Boisdale" Thomas Avenue Oft Ontario avenue Munro David Trafalgar Avonue Roseville avenue to Middle Harbour rd. East nide Oliver road Moore George II. Primus street Dixon Harold D., "The Cottage" Brown Henry, "Ellerslie" Cktoville road Archbold A. E., "Clanville" Chelmsford avenue Primrose R.. C. N., "Illnalong" Moore 0., "Glendoon" Middle Harbour road Dowling J. B. Burt James, J.P., "Glen Craig" Mansfield J. P., "Bellevue" Chudleigh Capt. IL, "Elvina" Clanville road Roslyn avenue No ill 'P. A., "Morialta" Hobbs F. D., "Hawora" Townsend Harry MeCroadie T. 0., "Blink Bonnie" McCoy E. E., "Morrow Deno" Chelmsford avenue Clarke M. G., "St. Clears" Ford H. J., "Itosinel" Middle Harbour road Victoria Street Off Hill street Penfold Frederick E., "'rooting" Dare H. 11., "Noorebar" Simpson Thomas H., " Walthnnistow" Douglas S. J.. "'Beverly" O'Sullivan Charles," Lorraine" Cowan Robert, barrister, " Guelph" Leppinus.T. H., " Wahgunyah " Roseville Girls' College Miss Davies, " 11 inemoa " Boardman Frederick, "Meryula" Marshall A. 1)., " West Lothian ()cage W. It.," Innisfree" Johnson Harold F., "Lolonia" Woodford, S. P., "San Rafael" Kilgour Mrs. M. Coy T. J.. J.P., " Wannlith " Knight Kirby, " Stretford,O'Keefe, R. A., Wyong Hinds F. " Narbethong " Forsyth J. M., " SlIverdelte" Gilder P. G., " Wandsworth" Sands 11. J., " Cooyal" Dryhurst it It, " (fatale" Young K J., "Daiwa" Waimea Road Chelmsford avenue to Railway line Wadley Rupert Farleigh Arthur M., "Acacia Kelbnrn road Wyatt 0, W., " Hamilton " Catts N. S. H., "Invergowrie" Davy Samuel Davis Miss A. " Hula." Davis V. K.," Walnut " I:anemia it. II., Kingsley" Malley Clyde Graham A., "St. Kilda" Trollope G. C., "Frainley" Tilley F. E., "Mallet" Barraclough J. A., "Asklmm " Wandella Avenue Boundary street to Bancroft avenue Madsen Dr. 'J. P. V., "Totowa" Christie George, solicitor, "Cruachan. Molesworth A. T.," Janeta Fuller F. A., "Batongti" Marr William Brent Ernest "Myee" Broinowski Mrs Wilkinson S. L., "Warwick" Prevost Mrs. IL Hough GI. W. Westbourne Road Off Law Cove road Kelly J. J.," Mainia" Deane Edward T., Deny. Reg. Gen. Sheweroft A, J.," Tokalon " Beach Allan Glynn Mrs. M., "Giacomo' Chappel 0. R., "Malna" Furey Samuel, "Kilialna" THE SIMPLEST OR TIN STATELIEST FUNERAL CTIO TO THE SATISFACTION OF ALL CLOWN ii

61 ' ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR FASHION'S FAIREST FAVOURS. 884 Ade RY DE. Ban RYDE. BO UN DA It t Kti Bounded on the south-east by the Borough the centre of Quarry road to Lovell road, thence along the of Hunter's Hill to Lane Cove River, and by that river to a centre of Lovell road to Blaxland road, thence along the place known as the Head of Navigation ; on the north by an centre of Blaxland road to railway line, and along the imaginary line drawn from the Head of Navigation along centre of railway Tine to Terry Creek ; on the west by the centre of the Lane Cove road to Bridge road, thence Dundee Municipality ; and on the south by the Parmmatta along the centre of Bridge road to Small's lane, thence River to Bedlam Ferry Wharf. along the centre of Small's lane to Quarry road, thence along Proclaimed a Municipality, 11th June, Number of houses-2,200. Number of Assessments-5,000 Estimated area-7389 acres. Town Hall Parkes street. Council meets every alternate Friday. Office hours Monday to Friday (inclusive), 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Wednesday, 7 to 9 p.m. ; Saturday, 10 a.m. to 12. MAYOR J. Kelly TOWN CLERK A Lb MIIMEti- Joseph Parry Bast Ward: Central Ward MST RTANT MERE William Reeves John Kelly R. T. Sutton, J.P. William Wliitfield H. Bloomfield John Redshaw, J.P. ENGINE KR West Ward: J. T. Russell. Capt. Henry T. Douglass, J.P. D. H. Anderson, J.P. SANITARY INsette'ron- C. R. Summerhayes R. Fitzroy, J.P. J. W. Ainsworth. Adelaide Road (Meadowbank) Parramatta road to Parrantatta river. McCaskie James Andrew street Warland Arthur Nibble street Armstrong Clarence E. Woolley Edward Twyford-Jones Ernest Houston Thomas Cardiff John Scholl E. E. Jn, aleson Robert Webster Joseph Annie street Bennett street Seveneaks George Horne Mrs. J. T. Darwin street Woodcock Walter Aeolus Avenue Off North road )3ondfleld Charles D. Albert Street (Gladesville) Of Genesis street Odd Edwin - Young Arthur E. "Palodna" Hinds William J. Harding James A., "The Bungalow" Howell Henry, "The Bungalow" Scott-Ross William Duck Walter Sutton street Odd Ernest Carlisle S. E. Taylor Josilual Nelson John T. Kirkwood Mrs. H. Sutton street Albert Street (Ryde) or Regent street Greaves John Le Briton George "Riversdale" Nielsen Miss Camel lia 0. Allen's Road (North Ryde) ('ox's to Pinwale,. rood Cooney Edward, fruitgrower Thomson Seaton WOOD, COFFILL 'AND COMPANY LTD. Napier George, fruitgrower Hersey Frederick, fruitgrower Frew David, junr. Frew David, J. l'., fruitgrower Worthington E., J.P., fruitgrower LucknoM road Small Robert 11'r/feriae road Bowman James, fruitgrower Anderson Avenue Otr Edmore street Garside John R. Price Frederick Conklin Erwin Scott John 0., " Iluka Gregory Harold, " Yarrabee Andrew Street (Meadowbank) Off Adelaide road Hewitt Douglas Brotellie Leslie It. Bryant James Evans David Cook Thomas Haskins Ernest Haskins Miss Amy L. Haskins Mrs. Emily Tattersall William IT. Off Smalley Immo, fruitgrower Angus Street (Meadowbank) Off See street Barton Charles B., "Woodlands" Taylor Alf ed Davis Arthur Marsden Thomas, "Berrara" Chatfield Charles, "Lnlo" Kotze Mrs. Evangeline Sundial W. E., "Ilelenie" Annie Street (Meadowbank) Merulowbank avenue to Adelaide road Wild Herbert Stockbridge Thomas Atkins George Delaney Hugh Goodchild Frederick Armstrong John G. Anthony Road (Ryde) Off West parade Smith Thomas, 'Nene" Hall Henry, "Mustapalt" Richards William A., "Carthowen" Ashburn Place (Giadesville) Old Punt Inarf road to Meriton street Duggan James Clune Thomas Herring Mrs. G. E., I Bracondale Wharf road Roberts David, "St. Biel" Hanson George, "St. Elmo" Cleland George Johnston Francis E. Jones David J. Wharf road Sewelles Walter. Reynolds Thomas J. Flynn Thomas, "Athlone Villa" Badajez Road (North Ryde) Quarry to ('ox's road Tref oughlin Mrs. Mary, fruitgrower Taylor John T., truitgrower Murphy Thomas Robinson William Twin road Goulding William Carpenter Frederick Spattke Karl A. Hicks Jabez J., jun., fruitgrower Bank Street (Meadowbank) ll'est side of Railway Nurcombe Arthur 0. Gardner Mrs. L. J. "Lynn" Lee John It.. "Burl:hope" Nicholas Mrs. Ella Ron iston Alfred H. Egan Michael J. Gale L. G. S. Gale J. W. Gale S. B., builder McIntyre Archibald, refreshments Moseley Claude, hairdresser Rocks Mrs. Mary, ham and beef shop Lombe Mrs. S. A., confectioner Allen A. J., grocer Constitution road Union street Hirst Mrs. IL Lester Mack Duttield Arthur D. Shepherd Edgar BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS. SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ALL THINGS NEEDFUL AND NICE. Bar RYDE Bow 885 Barlow Avenue (Tennyson) Ott Tennyson rood Turner Stephen Barton Avenue Og Parramatta road Bay Street (Meadowbank) Off Ad. laide street Bay View Street (Tennyson) Off Morrison road - McPhee Mrs. A. D.,"Gleuairlio" Adams Henry Morison Hugh CooR James A. Butterworth Thomas S. Foster Thomas Short Harold Naylor William Leonean William J. Ridley 31. Plowman I tarry P. Bay View Terrace (Gladesville) liladeseilletchaef road.1kriton street Treadgold William Dunk Reuben A., "Glen Esk" Fairbairai Joseph, "Claremont" Steers Ernest C., "Gara" Reed Robert L., "Kelso" Lee John H. Smith Charles W., "Waimea" Broadhurst Arthur, "Weirdale" Cobbold William, "Thirroul" Redd Brisbaoe Beach Street (Tennyson) Tennyson road to Bay View street Leo William, "Flour do Lis" Thomas Mrs. Louisa, "Tivy Side" Beihler Lane Off.Norile road Campbell Alexander E. Belmore Street Ryde wharf to North road Illym ydem\bvilv ia.r. (gardener Gordon Arthur A. Hamilton crescent Constitution road Meltwan James, "Inverness" Lusk James G. "Hillside" Parra;natta road Glebe street Parkes street McMillan) Edward, "Vitt" Skinner Robert B., "Dunnelm" McLauchlan George Madden William Hatton Mrs. Jane Hyde Estate Agency C. P. Laird, manager Kingsmill Mrs. A. J., confectioner Inwood Harry T., "Eastbourne" Allen A. J., grocer Funeral Directors Carriage and Drag Poprletors Local Agent : L. C. GORDON 'Phone 32 Ryde. Head Office: GEORGE ST., SYDNEY. 'Phone City Trevitt George, blacksmith Adamson John Martin Charles J. Hawes Thomas It. Pope street Hempton Court Olde Thomas, "Hampton Court" Lane Cove road Bennett Street -(Meadowbank) Meadowbank avenue to Adelaide road Parkhill Thomas Billings Ernest J. Gray Andrew Phillipps George H. Benson Street (Ryde) Off Clark street 3111dwater Cecil, "Ivy Cottage" Morgan Allied Brown Arthur 0. Brown Sydney 0. Blair Street (Gladesvillo) or Linsley street Folkard Thomas Folkard L. T. Blaxland's Road North road to Marsden road Redshaw John, J.P. Cahalan John, "Lackafinna" Laird C. P., "Simla" Batty Austin, " Invereigh" The Hermitage Tanks Bower Walter Rickard street Commissioner's road Henderson Mrs. Zuf, fruitgrower Lovell road Eastwood Railway line Griffiths Richard Pennant avenue letterman street McIntyre Dominick, "Inverary" Terry road Weston Otford W., "Woodfells" Jones George J. Denistone road Rmiedn ie road ueisolicolwmr;, l'it1ovoodleigh" ge Bell James H., "Toorak" Keddie George IL, "Hamilton" Richards Arthur W., " Rawhiti" Hadrell 11. H., produce merchant Parker Walter, billiard saloon Dickenson 0. B., boot repeirer Chick \Vaulter IT., blacksmith McDonald John, fish shop Ferguson fluvial, grocer and draper liore Andrew Lovell G. H., fruiterer Bank of New South Wales (open Titesdnys anal Fridays) Little A. 31,, news and estate agent East parade Turner Mrs. M. E., gatekeeper East!erode Railway line West parade Trotter & Son, grocers Madden Bros., butchers Allen Leslie, confectioner Power Steve, hairdresser Webb Arthur, ham & beef shop Sherbone Fred, draper & boot store Eastwood School of Arts Berry James, caretaker Government Stuvinge Bank of N,I3.W. White H. K., chemist Hunter 1). Guthrie, surg., "Stranraer" Trelawney road Rutter Stanley M., dentist Meredith Albert 0., "Coonoor" Row Mrs. Ellen Nicholls Mrs. IL G., teacher Eastwood Public School Shaftesbury road Rowe street Dorset William C., "Lyndon" Slade J. Eyton, "31lIolo" Miller Robert D., " Hotherwold" Johnson AIN. M. A.," Ripley" Lund Charlie Terry road Blenheim Street (North Ryde) Cox's road to Common Bunn George, fruitgrower IVIlitfleld William J., fruitgrower Mathews James J. Boulton Street Morrimn road Bowden Street (lloadowbank) Parkes street to Parramatta river West Hid Pharo Charles Madden Henr y, "Bolero)." Curtin Alfred Jones William Thome.; Benjamin E., "Halcyon" 3feCartliy l..2.r.lai ol:atiatsa road Graf Henry, "Karlsruhe" Denning George A., "Tellaraga" Tymins Walter II., storekeeper Australian Gas Co.'s Branch Office Junction street Glebe street Chapman William 0. Folkanl, clerk in charge J. McManus Bernard Mathews H. It. Macpherson street Smith John G. Davies Walter II., greengrocer Griffiths Owen T. Tiliott Mrs. B. M. Baxter Arthur G,"Harwood" Power Patrick G. Israel Joseph, fish shop Matthews Walter J., " Armagh Derth Henry F. Barrett William A.. confectioner Hincheliffe P. J.," Roseville' McLeod 3Itirdock Hunt Edward J., J.P. Job 8011 Arthur J., "Nyora" Jupp Edward J. Huut Mrs. E. J., millinery saloon. Griffiths William, "Currant" Stone -street Parkes street Fairbairn Bros., produce merchants Miller Thomas B. Agnew Mrs. S., confectioner Burgle Charles A. Ia. Sharp Granville, ptuysielen Wedenstromf Bernard, "Glen Ayr" Chappell Ernest Brown Charles - Johnson William, "Zara" Greaves Damao Hannah Mrs. Francis I. Ryde avenue Constitution road AS FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND CONTRACTORS WE SERVE ALL W ill EQUITY AND ECONOMY 11

Changes in Church Street, Coleraine: 1860 to c [PRONI: Griffith's Revisions [Val/12/B/30/9A-9M] Anderson.

Changes in Church Street, Coleraine: 1860 to c [PRONI: Griffith's Revisions [Val/12/B/30/9A-9M] Anderson. Description of Surname Property 1860s 1870s 1880s 1890s 1900 - c.1930 1901 ) 1 16 & 17 [1 & 2] Church 1 Both were listed as House, offices. 60.00 90.00 In these two properties had been Nos. 16 (Adam McKay)

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MOSELEY SHOPS 1907 ADDRESS TYPE NAME. 140 Alcester Road (East Bank

MOSELEY SHOPS 1907 ADDRESS TYPE NAME. 140 Alcester Road (East Bank Alcester Road (East side) 108 Plumber Pache 108a Dyer Perth dye works 110 Tailor Bryden James Johnstone &Co 112 Fancy Repository The Cycle Co 114 Milliner Mrs Mattie Joahne 114a Fancy drapers Misses Lease

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CHAPEL HILL UNITING CHURCH CEMETERY CHAPEL HILL UNITING CHURCH CEMETERY Kenmore and D istr ict H i s t o r i c a l S o c t y i e I n c A research project of KENMORE AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY INC Researched by Judy Magub OAM May 2015

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St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery

St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery is located at the intersection of Ellery s Sideroad and Highway 93, just outside the village of Wyebridge where the former St. Andrew

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STAPLE FITZPAINE PARISH CHURCH BAPTISMS Surname Forename Baptism date Allen Oliver 25.09.1898 William & Sarah Bale Edgar 15.10.1899 Francis & Bale Francis 13.03.1898 Francis & George Banham Elsie 13.03.1898 Robert & Isabella Banham Hilda 22.04.1900 Robert & Isabella Barter

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Swindon. World War II Civilian Deaths Family Connection & Address Date of Death Place of Death Other information. Surname Name Age at Death

Swindon. World War II Civilian Deaths Family Connection & Address Date of Death Place of Death Other information. Surname Name Age at Death Swindon World War II Civilian s 1939-1945 Surname Name Age at Adams William 23 Of 41 Station Road, Wotton Bassett 19 September 1940 Victoria Hospital Barnard Mary Ann 62 Wife of Emmanuel John Barnard 17

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J Surname Prenames Occupation Address Home Notes Jack John jun shipowner Freerton Grove, 57 Magdalen Green

J Surname Prenames Occupation Address Home Notes Jack John jun shipowner Freerton Grove, 57 Magdalen Green Friends of Dundee City Archives 1872 Dundee Directory Surnames starting by J Jack John jun shipowner Freerton Grove, 57 Magdalen Green Jack Miss 57 Rosebank St of Rew & Jack Jack Mrs lodgings 1 Ford's

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Register Report for Celia Lefforge

Register Report for Celia Lefforge Generation 1 1. Celia Lefforge-1 was born on 23 May 1793 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. She died on 12 August 1854 in Noble Township, Rush Co., Indiana. Jene "Jesse" Winship son of Jabez Lathrop Winship

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Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory

Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory 1858-59 Elliott, Willis, barber, north side Main between Clinton and Calhoun. Elliott, Willis, barber, north side Jefferson between Griffith and Fulton. Fisher, Geo. W., plasterer,

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Non Conformist Records WEDMORE WESLYAN METHODISTS BANWELL CIRCUIT - BAPTISMS from 1800 Non Conformist Records WEDMORE WESLYAN METHODISTS BANWELL CIRCUIT - BAPTISMS from 1800 1801 Jun 25 STRICKLAND Matthew s.o. Joseph and Hannah Strickland (born 16.6.1801). 1802 Mar 29 NICHOLLS Armelle d.o.

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Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT Susan J. Dorey Edward Sleigh. m unknown. Sleigh, Ralph. Sleigh, Ralph. 1/7/ of 9

Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT Susan J. Dorey Edward Sleigh. m unknown. Sleigh, Ralph. Sleigh, Ralph. 1/7/ of 9 Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT Susan J. Dorey Edward Sleigh Sleigh, Ralph m. 1708 unknown Sleigh, Francis Joseph 1709-1770 Sleigh, Edward 1710 1788 m. 1735 Nash - 1788 no issue Sleigh, Ralph 1735

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Archibald LECKIE and Margaret WADDELL Group number = 3 rd issue (Weblink Leckie Waddell 1883 Dunedin NZ)

Archibald LECKIE and Margaret WADDELL Group number = 3 rd issue (Weblink Leckie Waddell 1883 Dunedin NZ) Archibald LECKIE and Margaret WADDELL Group number 103-3 = 3 rd issue (Weblink 103-3 Leckie Waddell 1883 Dunedin NZ) Archibald LECKIE B 05 October 1854 Scotland D 29 November 1933 Dunedin New Zealand M

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Census for Watchfield April BRO RG, A13/1127 Where the spelling or word is unclear I have marked thus?

Census for Watchfield April BRO RG, A13/1127 Where the spelling or word is unclear I have marked thus? Census for Watchfield April 1901. BRO RG, A13/1127 Where the spelling or word is unclear I have marked thus? Alfred Collins 46 West Lodge. Groom Domestic Annie Collins 40 Alfred Baxter 35 Farm Worker Annie

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Woburn High School, Graduation Portraits Photograph Collection, (bulk , , 1935, 1938) Photograph Collection, PH-27

Woburn High School, Graduation Portraits Photograph Collection, (bulk , , 1935, 1938) Photograph Collection, PH-27 Woburn High School, Graduation Portraits Photograph Collection, 1924-1938 (bulk 1924-1928, 1930-1931, 1935, 1938) 2 linear feet (2 boxes) Photograph Collection, PH-27 Administrative History: The first

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WICKHAM MARKET TM WICKHAM MARKET TM 30192 55706 WW1-31 WW2-9 WW2 Civilians - 4 With acknowledgement to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission WW1 Casualties Awards Rank Number Service Unit Age Parish

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St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth Graveyard Guide Index John Harris St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth. Graveyard Guide Project

St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth Graveyard Guide Index John Harris St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth. Graveyard Guide Project St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth Graveyard Guide Project FOLDER T ELSIE G. TALBOT 1899-1966 AGED67 FRANCIS J. TALBOT 1897 1979 AGED 82 DOUGLAS TALBOT (SON) 1925 1930 AGED 5 12/142 MARY JANE TARRANT

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The High School of Dundee

The High School of Dundee Friends of City Archives The High of Selected Admission Records - Boys 1880 to 1904 Surnames starting by Fairlie Walter J. 11 Lymington Mrs. Fairlie 3, Melrose Terrace 1888 Miss Ross F Fairweather Alexander

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This graph shows the timeline of all adults named on the stones. It gives an indication of who was alive at a given time and therefore who may have

This graph shows the timeline of all adults named on the stones. It gives an indication of who was alive at a given time and therefore who may have This graph shows the timeline of all adults named on the stones. It gives an indication of who was alive at a given time and therefore who may have known each other. 1750 1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810

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Index to Inscriptions

Index to Inscriptions Index to Inscriptions Certain conventions have been used in the Index; surnames at the time of burial are capitalized, while maiden names are bracketed (but not capitalized except in the Headings). Numbers

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BLUNT Family. Agnes (nee HEADY); m(1) Qld. sp Timothy Stephens CURNOW ( ), ch Timothy Edwin; m(2) Qld.; sp Paul FRANCIS; d c1917.

BLUNT Family. Agnes (nee HEADY); m(1) Qld. sp Timothy Stephens CURNOW ( ), ch Timothy Edwin; m(2) Qld.; sp Paul FRANCIS; d c1917. (20422) BLUNT, Alice Mary par Edred Heady and Eleanor (nee SPINKS). (32871) BLUNT, Charles William b Roade, Northamptonshire, Eng.; par George and Emily Agnes (nee HEADY); d 18-Apr-1882 8 Brisbane, Qld.,

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? Craig, Neville B., corresponding president, fresident, society of ; president, ; vice-presi-

? Craig, Neville B., corresponding president, fresident, society of ; president, ; vice-presi- OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, AND TRUSTEES OF THE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA 1834-1938 1 Addison, Dr. William, councillor', Allison, Rev. Dr. James, ternforary chairman, 1879; temporary f 1 879-8

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Descendants of Alexander Dargie Margaret Dargie

Descendants of Alexander Dargie Margaret Dargie Descendants of John McIntosh Alexander McIntosh David McIntosh Agnes McIntosh Andrew McIntosh Alexander McIntosh Jane McIntosh b. 9 May 1831 Agnes Henderson Ellen Dargie Mary Henderson David Henderson

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Miranda 39 Alexandra Street Hunters Hill

Miranda 39 Alexandra Street Hunters Hill Miranda 39 Alexandra Street Hunters Hill No. 39 is a two storey brick bald-faced shop and residence on a corner on the peninsula in Hunters Hill. The building is Heritage listed as a property of some significance.

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FIRST TENOR SECTION 1. STANLEY JONES Secretary c 1953 FIRST TENOR SECTION 1. STANLEY JONES Secretary 1946-52 1946- c 1953 2. DAVID JENKINS Treasurer 1946-51 1946-1951 3. WALTER BREEZE Long Service Member; Life Member 1946-1990 4. HAYDN THATCHER Long Service

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Marriages for All Saints Church, Curland, Somerset UK

Marriages for All Saints Church, Curland, Somerset UK 1847 2 nd March Dicks Reubin Full Age Bachelor Curland John Dicks Newton Harriet Full Age Spinster Curland Thomas Newton John Anna Mary Jewell? Butcher 1847 23 rd Sept James Full Age Bachelor Thatcher

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Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec

Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec Keith McCallum 193 Wilson Avenue #310 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5M 4M8 1-Pierre Vibert-[3338] was born on 16 Oct 1814 in St. Mary, Jersey Island.

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FIRE BARN NO St. Charles Street

FIRE BARN NO St. Charles Street ELGIN LANDMARKS LORD S PARK PAVILION 100 Oakwood Boulevard Dedicated in 1898, this frame park pavilion was constructed as a focal point for Lord's Park on the eastern edge of the city. The park was a gift

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Register of Electors, Romsley, 1923

Register of Electors, Romsley, 1923 Register of Electors, Romsley, 1923 Abel, Harry William Thomas Abel, Margaret Albutt, Alfred Allum, William Allum, Clara Alice Barley, Harry Richard Barley, Lucy Barlow, William Edgar John Barlow, Ethel

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Friends of Dundee City Archives Mitchell Street School 1891 to 1896

Friends of Dundee City Archives Mitchell Street School 1891 to 1896 Friends of City Archives Mitchell Street School 1891 to 1896 Surnames starting by R SUR 2ND OF Rae Alexander 04/01/1892 20/02/1878 Dudhope Pub Sch 29/01/1892 Full Time Work Rae Alex. 34 Fleuchar St 9 Rae

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Benwick St. Mary s Cemetery. Grave Transcription

Benwick St. Mary s Cemetery. Grave Transcription Benwick St. Mary s Cemetery Grave Transcription This Document: Copyright 2011 Adam Keppel-Garner Grave Transcriptions Copyright Richard Munns 2002 2011 1 - Sarah Watling d.??/10/1879 aged 69 2 - David

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CLEY-next-the- SEA TG

CLEY-next-the- SEA TG CLEY SEA TG 04855 43131 WW1 29 + 2* (non parochial) WW2 10 + 3* (non parochial) With acknowledgement to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission John Creamer BRETT Master Mercantile

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1881 Census. Household ID House name First Name Surname

1881 Census. Household ID House name First Name Surname 1881 Census ID Household ID House name First Name Surname Relation to Head Condition Sex Age Profession County of Birth 1 1 Rd Thomas Cooper Head M M 46 Ag Lab 2 1 Elizabeth Cooper Wife M F 37 3 1 Elizabeth

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Oak Park Historic Landmarks Updated July 2, 2013

Oak Park Historic Landmarks Updated July 2, 2013 1 428 FOREST AVENUE FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT HOME & STUDIO Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright 1889, Shingle Designated: 1996 Interior, and Improvements 951 CHICAGO AVENUE FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT HOME & STUDIO Architect:

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TOOP Family. Family Notices. (1951, June 26). The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : ), p. 10.

TOOP Family. Family Notices. (1951, June 26). The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : ), p. 10. (37524) COOM, Emma Sarah Ann b ; par Austin COOM & Emma DIXON; sp Alfred George TOOP (1864 - c1929), ch Gladys Mildred d 4-Mar-1955 (m GARD), Beatrice Amabel b 21-Mar-1891 307 d 16- Apr-1958 (m HANDFORD);

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Castle Rising Census 1841

Castle Rising Census 1841 Name Suggested Age Occupation Born in CountyIn 1851 Census?!837 Map? address m f Census? 1 1 Smith Thomas Cottage 29 45 Carpenter y x 24 x 2.. Ann Nurse 40 y x 3.. Mary 14 y x 4.. Thomas 12 y x 5.. Robert

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Lives. Selected by Frank Prochaska OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS. SUB Gfittingen O/} 2002 A 15338

Lives. Selected by Frank Prochaska OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS. SUB Gfittingen O/} 2002 A 15338 Lives Selected by Frank Prochaska SUB Gfittingen 214 878 716 O/} 2002 A 15338 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS George III, King (1738-1820) WILLIAM HUNT i Charlotte Sophia, queen of George III (1744-1818) 35 FRANCIS

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Old Cemetery Meadow Road Upwood A to Z Surname Christian names Died Age Plot No. ALLPRESS Henry 16/10/ ALLPRESS Lilian (widow) 30/04/1929

Old Cemetery Meadow Road Upwood A to Z Surname Christian names Died Age Plot No. ALLPRESS Henry 16/10/ ALLPRESS Lilian (widow) 30/04/1929 Old Cemetery Meadow Road Upwood A to Z ALLPRESS Henry 16/10/1921 44 98 ALLPRESS Lilian (widow) 30/04/1929 44 98 ALLPRESS Laura Jane (wife of Jesse Allpress ) 04/11/1946 58 113 AMBRICK Ann (wife of John

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Genealogy. 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan Married Helen Orr Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr:

Genealogy. 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan Married Helen Orr Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr: 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan 1783. Married Helen Orr 1760. Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr: 2 i. Robert Dun, b. 4 Jun 1764. 3 ii. George Dun, b. 30 Dec 1768. 4 iii. Barclay Dun, b. 3 Mar 1771. 5 iv.

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Debenham Deaths in Australia

Debenham Deaths in Australia Debenham Deaths in Australia This index lists people with the surname Debenham, Debnam and some other variants whose deaths have been registered in Australia since the mid-19 th Century. There are no deaths

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Chester le Street ASC Spring Open Meet (Under ASA Laws & ASA Technical Rules) Saturday 23 rd & Sunday 24 th April Licensed Meet - No.

Chester le Street ASC Spring Open Meet (Under ASA Laws & ASA Technical Rules) Saturday 23 rd & Sunday 24 th April Licensed Meet - No. EVENT 52 Mens Open 100m Butterfly 1. James Keyworth 17 Chester Le S 1:03.43 29.99 2. William Morris 13 Tynemouth 1:05.24 29.91 3. Aidan Brown 13 Bo Stockton 1:05.42 30.61 4. Christopher Heppell 16 Chester

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Cally Estate Lodges in Censuses and Valuation Rolls

Cally Estate Lodges in Censuses and Valuation Rolls Cally Estate Lodges in Censuses and Valuation Rolls There are six lodges on the Cally Estate which, until the 1940's, remained part of the Cally Estate as indicated in the following valuation rolls : 1859

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Rochester Cathedral Research Guild Homepage:

Rochester Cathedral Research Guild Homepage: Rochester Cathedral Research Guild Homepage: RCL16r03 A photographic survey of ledger stones at Rochester Cathedral Part 1: report text Abstract: Archive report

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Family Tree for John Nutbrown born 1643c.

Family Tree for John Nutbrown born 1643c. 1) Nutbrown, John [1643c.-1698] Stephenson, Elizabeth [1645c.-1709] (? 1.1) Nutbrown, Joseph [1671-xxxx] 1.2) Nutbrown, John [1672-xxxx] 1.3) Nutbrown, William [1674-xxxx] 1.4) Nutbrown,

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References to 'Hotels' in Limerick City Trades Directories,

References to 'Hotels' in Limerick City Trades Directories, References to 's' in Limerick City Trades Directories, 1769-1891 1809 Blake s Holden 1 Blake's Broderick s Holden 2 Broderick's Colohy William s Holden 3 Royal Cunningham s Holden 3 Cunningham's Glenn

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F ID No. Friends of Dundee City Archives. Gilfillan Church Baptisms Surnames starting by. SurName FirstNames. Manager.

F ID No. Friends of Dundee City Archives. Gilfillan Church Baptisms Surnames starting by. SurName FirstNames. Manager. Friends of Dundee City Archives Gilfillan Church Baptisms 1864-1912 Surnames starting by Surname First Names Sex Date of Birth Where Born Date of Fathers Fathers Occupation Mothers Mothers Parish Baptism

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St. Bridget s Churchyard, West Kirby, Merseyside. War Graves

St. Bridget s Churchyard, West Kirby, Merseyside. War Graves St. Bridget s Churchyard, West Kirby, Merseyside War Graves Lest We Forget World War 1 4162 PRIVATE A. LALLY 25TH BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 2ND AUGUST, 1917 Age 32 He Gave His All For Others His Loving Sister

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NAME BORN DIED AGE MEMORIAL NOTES GC /11/ /01/1961 NAME BORN DIED AGE MEMORIAL NOTES GC 1 GC2 RUTH ELLEN HALL WILLIAM DAWSON 18/11/1946 04/01/1961 GC 59 71 In loving memory of Ruth Ellen beloved wife of William Dawson Hall. At rest November 18th 1946 aged

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Section C. Page 1. James F., Annie L., Elnora L.,

Section C. Page 1. James F., Annie L., Elnora L., Brooks Cress Alpheus H., 1810-1897 Martha L., 1820-1896 A. Bradley, 1846-1933 Eva M., 1855-1931 James F., 1861-1946 Annie L., 1862-1947 Elnora L., 1894-1981 Paul & Staples Staples: George P., Apr. 16,

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A B C D E CANTON SCHOOL OF ARTS & SCIENCES STREET BUS BUS STOP AM TIME PM TIME 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 A B C D E CANTON SCHOOL OF ARTS & SCIENCES 2017-2018

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PHOTO REQUIRED. E.E. Giles (photo courtesy xxx)

PHOTO REQUIRED. E.E. Giles (photo courtesy xxx) PHOTO REQUIRED E.E. Giles (photo courtesy xxx) Ernest Edward Giles (1865-1936) was born on 30 June 1865 to parents Francis and Frances (nee Soole) Giles at Woodland Bank, the family residence in Moncur

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PARISH OF WESTMORELAND. Proprietors: Properties: Apprentices:

PARISH OF WESTMORELAND. Proprietors: Properties: Apprentices: PARISH OF WESTMORELAND ----------------------- Jamaica Almanack - 1838 ----------------------- List of Proprietors and Properties with the Number of Apprentices Where the Number Exceeds 20 as Given in

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1840 Dundee Directory

1840 Dundee Directory Friends of Dundee City Archives 1840 Dundee Directory Surnames starting by Waddel John Hawkhill manufacturer W Walker W 36 Bucklemaker wynd grocer Walker Thomas 20 Castle street 3 Greenfiekd place, Perth

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Tilehurst War Memorial

Tilehurst War Memorial Tilehurst War Memorial The Memorial is in the form of a Cross of Sacrifice located in Tilehurst Triangle. The Tilehurst Royal British Legion take great pride in the memorial. Tilehurst had been incorporated

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William Flint's Descendants. Helen E. Turner

William Flint's Descendants. Helen E. Turner William 's Descendants by Helen E. William - Unknown Martha Uwin - Unknown John 1728 - Unknown Eliza Fearnehough - Unknown William 1731 - Unknown Elizabeth 1738 - Unknown Martha 1742 - Unknown Hannah 1745

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Cooper County Land Platt (2000) Township 47 North of Range 16 West Transcribed by Jim Thoma Name Date Acres Sub-Quarter Section Quarter Section Section Comments CRANE, ROBERT 1 FRUEH, WALTER 1 NAGEL, KENNETH

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ROLL OF HONOUR. Details and photographs taken from issues of The Cestrefeldian.

ROLL OF HONOUR. Details and photographs taken from issues of The Cestrefeldian. ROLL OF HONOUR. Details and photographs taken from issues of The Cestrefeldian. John Joseph Dexter Wilson (1911-12), H. M. S. Hawke, October, 1914. Rifleman Norman Stanton Bryan Donkin (1905), Rifle Brigade,

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COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Copyright Regulations Warning

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Copyright Regulations Warning 702431 AUSTRALIAN ARCHITECTURE Tasmanian colonial architecture COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Copyright Regulations 1969 Warning This material has been reproduced and communicated to you by or on behalf of

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Descendants of Henry Thompson WILSON

Descendants of Henry Thompson WILSON First Generation 1. Henry Thompson WILSON, son of John B. WILSON and Sarah "Sallie" CAFFEY, was born on 28 Sep 1823 in North Carolina, died on 22 Jul 1910 in Henderson Co, TN, USA, and was buried in Antioch

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BURNETT BURIALS Burial Date First Name Rel'n Male Rel Female Rel Surname Age Abode Notes

BURNETT BURIALS Burial Date First Name Rel'n Male Rel Female Rel Surname Age Abode Notes 26 Feb 1592/3 John CONMBE Junr. [BTs] 11 Jan 1595/6 Anne dau of Wylliam DAYSON? Rector [BTs] 25 Feb 1605/6 Mary wife of Powell DAY [BTs] 19 May 1611 Agnes wife of John CONMBE [BTs] 24 Oct 1611 Gillian?

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POULSON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Poulson)

POULSON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Poulson) POULSON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Poulson) Carl Julius POULSON and Sarah JOHNSON Family History Carl Julius POULSON B 20 June 1860 Sweden

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CERTIFICATE APPLICATION. BRANCH: Quinte. BRANCH ADDRESS: 54 Adolphustown Park Road. Jessup s Loyal Rangers, Secret Agent

CERTIFICATE APPLICATION. BRANCH: Quinte. BRANCH ADDRESS: 54 Adolphustown Park Road. Jessup s Loyal Rangers, Secret Agent 1 The United Empire Loyalists Associion of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Email: CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRANCH: Quinte BRANCH ADDRESS:

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Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation

Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation ALEXANDER Henry Staten 10/14/1921 3/23/1986 DT with ALEXANDER- Mama Shin; SSDI ALEXANDER Mama Shin 10/20/1924 DT with ALEXANDER- Henry Staten ALFORD Jociah B.

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Descriptive List of Immigrants by the Chatham

Descriptive List of Immigrants by the Chatham ADAM Ann 27 Midlothian House Maid Wife of John C of E None ADAM John 28 Midlothian Miner C of E Read ANDERSON Jane 25 Roxburghshire Cook C of E None ANDERSON Margaret 18 Edinborough House Maid C of E None

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Monroe County Library. Tom Hambright Monroe County Historianc2001

Monroe County Library. Tom Hambright Monroe County Historianc2001 Monroe County Library Tom Hambright Monroe County Historianc2001 Key West Salt Works Key West Population 1840 Freemen 76 Slaves 97 1860 Freemen 160 Slaves 451 1870 Blacks 989 1910 Blacks 5,515 Freemen

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SWINTON UNITARIAN BURIALS SWINTON UNITARIAN BURIALS These are the transcribes for Swinton unitarian church yard, formerly of Swinton hall road, Swinton, Salford. The original burial book was photographed by Lizzie Leek, a local

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GIBBONS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt - Wellington Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGibbonsYoung)

GIBBONS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt - Wellington Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGibbonsYoung) GIBBONS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt - Wellington Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGibbonsYoung) GIBBONS and YOUNG Family History Harry Clifton GIBBONS B 1860 Spalding Lincolnshire

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Name of Deceased File No. Book Folio

Name of Deceased File No. Book Folio 1902 Johnston, James 42 Jones, Polly 63 1903 Johnson, Eyjolfur 89 Johnson, Sigmundur 118 Johnson, Sigmundur (infant child 120 of) Jones, Edward 141 Johnston, James 150 1904 Janzen, Maria 178 1905 Jackson,

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Descendants of Edward Swain

Descendants of Edward Swain Descendants of Edward Swain William Swain [64] Unknown Mary Swain [65] Mary Swain [80] c. 3 Jan 1707 St Mary's, Hitchin Charlotte Swain [10] c. 7 Mar 1781 St Mary's, Hitchin d. Dec Qtr 1862 Luton Reg Thomas

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Commercial Department

Commercial Department Commercial Commercial Department BILLY HOGAN Chief Commercial Officer OLLY DALE Sales Director MIKE COX Head of Merchandising PHIL DUTTON Head of Ticketing & Hospitality ANDREW ROBINSON Head of Digital

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Thomas b1703. William Elizabeth b1712 George b1720 m 1708 Dorothy Elizabeth b1634 Maria John b1721

Thomas b1703. William Elizabeth b1712 George b1720 m 1708 Dorothy Elizabeth b1634 Maria John b1721 1 The Marples Family Tree 1 Page 1 Richard Thomas b1621 Thomas b1670 m1670 Margaret? Same family Elizabeth b1673 nether end Jane b1615 Elizabeth b1677 GEORGE A Robert 1591-92??? Anna 1617-1617 m Jane Elizabeth

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Hawkhill School 1869 to 1887

Hawkhill School 1869 to 1887 Friends of Dundee City Archives Hawkhill School 1869 to 1887 Surnames sorted by Letter T Surname First Names of Tait Francis 07/11/1868 05/04/1880 John Tait 12 Croft's Lane India 1531 Tait John 06/11/1870

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Register Report for Sanford Jewell

Register Report for Sanford Jewell Generation 1 1. Sanford Jewell-1 [1, 2]. He was born Abt. 1775 in of Prince William Co., VA. Susan? [1, 2]. She was born Abt. 1778 in Prince William Co., VA. She died on 27 Oct 1859 in Spencer Co., KY.

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Descendants of Robert Douglas

Descendants of Robert Douglas Descendants of Robert Douglas Generation No. 1 1. ROBERT 1 DOUGLAS was born Abt. 1815. He married ELIZABETH ROBERTSON. She was born Abt. 1820, and died 31 October 1903 in Walkerville, South. Notes for

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Book of Descendants 27 Dec 1998

Book of Descendants 27 Dec 1998 FIRST GENERATION 1. John ATWOOD was born ca1760. Children of John ATWOOD and were: +2 i. Nancy ATWOOD. SECOND GENERATION 2. Nancy ATWOOD was born about 1790. She was married to Uriah HUMPHRIES on 2 Sep

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Wright County, Missouri

Wright County, Missouri Wright County, Missouri WRIGHT COUNTY OFFICIALS 1877 to 1936 1877: Sheriff, William L Murrell 1878: Swamp Land Commissioner, J M Copley County Attorney, John T Pope Road Commissioner, Thomas Ridgeway 1879:

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South Petherton Burials

South Petherton Burials D/P/pet.s 2/1/3 DATE FORENAME SURNAME RELATIVE/OCCUPATION NOTES and CHURCH WARDENS 9 Jan 1739/40 Elizabeth MILLS wife of Thomas 12 Jan 1739/40 Joseph BRISTOW son of John & Margaret 6 Feb 1739/40 Margaret

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LANDLORD TELEPHONE PROPERTY ADDRESS. Park Place Apartments Bell Ridge Rd. James Abbott 423-794-0769 & 202-5148 Ronald Anderson 423-913-1273 Beaver Hollow Apartments 423-926-5806 800 Swadley Rd. Park Place Apartments 423-926-5090 1319 Bell Ridge Rd. Black Hawk Management 423-753-7461

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Shire of Dandenong/City of Dandenong

Shire of Dandenong/City of Dandenong Shire of Dandenong/City of Dandenong The Shire of Dandenong was constituted on 7 May 1873. The members of the Dandenong District Roads Board automatically became the members of the first Council. Both

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SUMMARY OF MEMORIAL INSCRIPTIONS RST dds may 2016 St Anne s Church Baslow page 1 of 6 R01 1 Hibberd Peter 3 1 1880 61 main 1819 R02 1 Simmons Ernest 6 5 1944 76 main 1868 R03 1 Brocklehurst Caroline 3 2 1775 75 main 1700 R04 1 Brocklehurst

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WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History

WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History Francis Howard (Frank) WILKIE B 1870 New Zealand D 1945 New Zealand

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D/P/pet.s 2/1/2 DATE FORENAME Father's name Mother's name SURNAME NOTES

D/P/pet.s 2/1/2 DATE FORENAME Father's name Mother's name SURNAME NOTES D/P/pet.s 2/1/2 DATE FORENAME Father's name Mother's name SURNAME NOTES 02 Aug 1670 Susanna Edmund VILE 07 Aug 1670 Richard Samuel WELCH 20 Aug 1670 Roger Roger FORT 18 Aug 1670 Wilmot John WILLY 18 Aug

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Family group sheets for Hugh Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth McGee

Family group sheets for Hugh Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth McGee Family group sheets for Hugh Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth McGee 29 Sep 2015 Page 1 Husband: Hugh Fitzpatrick #531 Born: abt1833 Wife: Elisabeth McGee #532 Born: abt1833 F Child 1: Alice Fitzpatrick #533 Born:

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ANGLING TRUST VETERANS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS LAKE & PEG NUMBER. ANGLERS NAME Kgs POS'N LAKE & PEG NUMBER ANGLERS NAME Kgs POS'N Top 32 Kevin Folwell 61300 1 Club 23 Harry Billing 49150 2 Jennys 2 Danny Sixsmith 45650 3 High 11 Pam Mason 45600 4 Jennys 4 Tony Watling 42550 5 Extension 24

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Harbour City Poems. Sydney in Verse Edited by Martin Langford PUNCHER & WATTMANN

Harbour City Poems. Sydney in Verse Edited by Martin Langford PUNCHER & WATTMANN Harbour City Poems Sydney in Verse 1788-2008 Edited by Martin Langford PUNCHER & WATTMANN Contents Preface 13 Botany Bay 17 Darwin, Erasmus (1731-1802) The Visit of Hope to Sydney Cove, near Botany Bay

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Descendants of William 1st Kirk

Descendants of William 1st Kirk Descendants of William 1st Kirk 1 William 1st Kirk 1720 -... +Mary (Marion) Delebach... 2 Elizabeth Kirk - 1836... +Mr. Boinest... 2 James Kirk... 3 Henry Harvey Kirk - 1836... 2 John Kirk... +Jane Pope...

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BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF BRITISH PRIME MINISTERS BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF BRITISH PRIME MINISTERS Edited by Robert Eccleshall and Graham Walker London and New York CONTENTS Contributors Preface Robert Walpole, First Earl of Orford 1 Stephen Taylor

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1850 Federal Census, New Cumberland, Hancock Co., (W)VA

1850 Federal Census, New Cumberland, Hancock Co., (W)VA 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 Schedule I - Free Inhabitants in New Cumberland in the County of Hancock State of Virginia enumerated by me, on

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Descendants of John Marshall

Descendants of John Marshall Descendants of John Marshall Generation No. 1 1. JOHN 1 MARSHALL was born Abt. 1800 in Killinchy Woods, Crossgar, Down, Northern Ireland, and died in Iowa. He married MARY BROWN Abt. 1820 in Down, Northern

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BENNINGTON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFBenningtonCotter)

BENNINGTON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFBenningtonCotter) BENNINGTON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFCotter) BENNINGTON and COTTER Family History Norman Joseph BENNINGTON B 1875 New Zealand D 29 October

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QUEEN STREET WW1 Roll of Honour

QUEEN STREET WW1 Roll of Honour QUEEN STREET WW1 Roll of Honour Queen Street was possibly Cheltenham's most unfortunate street during the First World War. The community lost a signifcant number of men varying in age from just 17 to 49.

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Sheek Family Genealogy Notes 1850 USA Census

Sheek Family Genealogy Notes 1850 USA Census Sheek Family Genealogy Notes 1850 USA Census Mark B. Arslan 407 Highlands Lake Drive Cary, NC 27511-9167 Sheek Web Site: 31-Oct-2004 1850 Census of

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Wharton Cemetery, Middlefork Township, Worth Co., MO

Wharton Cemetery, Middlefork Township, Worth Co., MO Wharton Cemetery, Middlefork Township, Worth Co., MO Cemetery Transcriptions based on digital Photos taken by Ben Glick August 2001 Location: From Denver go West on the M Road about 3 miles, take CR 146

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The Gethsemane FWB Church Cemetery Of Tuscarora, NC

The Gethsemane FWB Church Cemetery Of Tuscarora, NC The Gethsemane FWB Church Cemetery Of Surveyed in 2006 R. Allen Humphrey The Gethsemane Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery of Tuscarora, NC. A photographic survey of the grave markers existing in 2005.

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PARKERSVILLE FRIENDS MEETING Printed 12/29/2009 BURIALS IN CEMETERY PVLBUR:3.XLS PARKERSVILLE FRIENDS MEETING Printed 12/29/2009 BURIALS IN CEMETERY Wm B Parker, Jr All known interments, sorted by Name Mid K-10 Allison Emma 7 1869 No Mid G-02 Bacon Priscilla No Mid G-01

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