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1 PROJECTS DELIVERED I BOUYGUES.COM JANUARY 2017 Portraits of Martin Bouygues Photographers Jean-Christophe Marmara; Alain Robert/Aperçu Presse; Cyril Abad; Romain Gaillard/REA; Transfer of leadership from Francis Bouygues to Martin Bouygues (09/1989) All Rights Reserved Bouygues group Bouygues head office on Avenue Hoche Paris France (2006) 32 Hoche (letters on the façade) Photographer A. Février; 32 Hoche (façade) Photographer R. De Montfaucon/Architect: Kevin Roche; 32 Hoche (Board room) Cabinet Wilmotte Group history ( ) 1952 The first EFB worksites (1950s) Bouygues group photo libraries; 1963 The first edition of Le Minorange magazine Bouygues group Corporate Communications department; 1965 The Clamart II head office Bouygues group photo libraries/architect: Jean de Mailly; 1965 STIM Show apartment, Paris France Bouygues group photo libraries; 1970 Stock market flotation Bouygues SA; 1972 Parc des Princes Bouygues Construction photo library/architect: Roger Taillibert; 1974 Bouygues Offshore, platform Bouygues group photo libraries; 1975 Expatriation to Shiraz Bouygues group photo libraries; 1978 Maison Bouygues Bouygues group photo libraries; 1984 Riyadh university in Saudi Arabia under construction Bouygues group photo libraries; 1986 The Channel Tunnel Augusto Da Silva/Graphix Images; 1987 Acquisition of TF1 Bouygues group photo libraries; 1988 The Challenger head office Philippe Guignard/Architect: Kevin Roche; 1989 Transfer of leadership FB-MB Bouygues group photo libraries; 1990 Ciby2000, film posters Bouygues group photo libraries; 1999 FB entrepreneur of the century Sygma/Bouygues group photo libraries; avenue Hoche Arnaud Février/Architects: Kevin Roche; Cabinet Wilmotte; 2010 The Sports Hub P. Guignard/Architects: Arup Group; DP Architects; 2011 The Balard building Laurent Zylberman/Architects: Agence Nicolas Michelin et Associés (ANMA); Jean-Michel Wilmotte; Ateliers 234; 2012 The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge Dragages Honk Kong; 2013 The City of Music Laurent Blossier/Architects: Shigeru Ban Architects Europe and Jean de Gastines Architectes; 2014 Bouygues Telecom 4G Cyril Abad; 2015 The COP21 conference Lionel Samain; 2016 Objenious logo Bouygues Telecom Francis Bouygues and his senior management team with René Augereau, walking (1968) All Rights Reserved Bouygues group AGM at Challenger Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (2009) Photographer L'Oeil du Diaph (A.Pérus-M.Marigault) Members of the Board of Directors-Governance (2016) Photographers Isabelle Franciosa; Emmanuel Fradin; Stéphane Lavoué; All Rights Reserved Martin Bouygues meeting students Spot Bouygues Epitech (2015) Photographer Arnaud Février The Francis Bouygues Foundation 10th birthday (2015) Photographer Arnaud Février The Francis Bouygues Foundation Welcoming ceremony for the 11th intake (2016) Mentors with their grant-holders at the welcoming ceremony Photographer L. Zylberman The Francis Bouygues Foundation 11th intake (2016) Audrey Marianne, 8th intake, 5th year at ESAIL (the Lyon school of Interior Design) Ludovic Craïssac, former grant-holder who became a mentor Pierre Poix, Bouygues Construction Guillaume Braye, 7th intake, 5th year of medicine, Lille (59 Bouygues SA/FFB CONSTRUCTION IN FRANCE Renovation of Challenger, head office of Bouygues Construction Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines France ( ) Photographer Philippe Guignard Air Images/Architects: Kevin Roche, SRA Architectes Challenger, head office of Bouygues Construction Bureau Fertile 2.0 (2016) Bouygues Construction/CD Solar farm Renovation of Challenger Head office of Bouygues Construction (2014) Photographer Philippe Guignard Air Images/Architect: SRA Architecte The Russian Orthodox spiritual and cultural centre, CSCOR Paris France ( ) Photographer Laurent Zylberman/Architects: Wilmotte & Associés Architectes The future Paris law courts building France ( ) Photographers Laurent Blossier; Nicolas Guérin (portraits)/architect: Renzo Piano NFM tunnel boring machine Line 14 extension (RATP, Package 02) Paris France ( ) Subsidiary: Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France Photographer Yves Chanoit

2 INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION The MahaNakhon tower Bangkok Thailand ( ) Subsidiary: Bouygues Thai Ltd Photographer PACE/Architect: Ole Sheeren (OMA) City of Dreams complex Macao China ( ) Views Dragages Macau/Architects: Zaha Hadid Architects Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge China ( ) Subsidiary: Dragages Hong Kong/VSL Photographers Derek M Allan; Sidney Studio/Designer: Agence Alain Spielmann Architecte The Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Link worksite (TM-CLKL) Hong Kong China ( ) Subsidiary: Dragages Hong Kong Photographer Cyril Abad Metro extension Shatin to Central Link (SCL) Hong Kong China ( ) Subsidiary: Dragages Hong Kong and Bouygues Travaux Publics All Rights Reserved Bouygues Construction - BOUYGUES ENERGIES & SERVICES - Solar farm Negros island Philippines All Rights Reserved Bouygues Energies & Services HUMAN RESOURCES 3rd International Programme Bouygues Construction Challenger (6 February 2016) Photographer Augusto Da Silva/Graphix-images SUSTAINABLE URBAN PLANNING The Flexom app Photographer Jimmy Mettier Home Paris 13th arrondissement France (2015) Photographer Takuji Shimmura/Architects: Hamonic Masson & Associés, Comte Vollenweider Fort d'issy eco-neighbourhood Issy-les-Moulineaux France ( ) Photographer Pierre Perrin/Architects: Wilmotte & Associés (Ô Paris), Cabinet Guérin & Pedroza Architectes (Or Natura and bastion B), Architecture Studio (Le Belvédère and La Villa), Atelier 2A (Le Visio) Font pré eco-neighbourhood Toulon France (2016) View Asylum/Architect: Malot & Associés Green Home, a positive-energy development Nanterre France (2016) Panorama of la Grande Arche Synesis/Picture Éric Avenel; Architects Agence AZC (Atelier Zundel et Cristea Grégoire Zundel) Green Office Enjoy Paris 17th arrondissement France ( ) Photographer All Rights Reserved/Bouygues Immobilier/Architects: Baumschlager Eberle and Scape Timber-frame house Luminature Bétheny France ( ) Photographer All Rights Reserved/Bouygues Immobilier/Architect Humbert Di Legge/Cabinet Borderioux Di Legge Nextdoor Collaborative workspace Issy-les-Moulineaux France (2015) Employees; Arthur Juin and Jean de Guerre, co-founders of Nos Grands-Mères ont du talent ; Roseline Desgroux, coach; Aurélie Dailloux, administrative executive Photographer Laurent Zylberman ROADS IN FRANCE Improvement of the RD 1206 road Machilly Haute-Savoie France (2014) Subsidiary: Perrier TP, Colas Rhône-Alpes Auvergne, Aximum Photographer Colas Christian Pedrotti

3 INTERNATIONAL ROADS Rehabilitation of the RN1 road Djibouti Republic of Djibouti (2009) Subsidiary: Colas Djibouti Photographer Colas Emmanuel Martin/Blacksight Productions M6-M60 motorway between Szekszard and Pécs Hungary (2010) Subsidiary: Alterra Kft, Colas Epitö Zrt, Colas Eszakkö Photographer Colas Balint Porneczi Condobolin Road Zoe Estent, an employee of Tropic Asphalts Australia (2016) Subsidiary: Colas Australia/tropic Asphalts Photographer Grant Turner CONCESSIONS, PPP AND PFI CONTRACTS A63 motorway concession (a view of the toll station) Salles Saint-Geours-de-Maremme France ( ) Subsidiary: Atlandes Photographer Colas Balloïde Photo 64 Construction of the Nîmes-Montpellier railway bypass (CNM) France ( ) Subsidiary: Colas Rail All Rights Reserved Colas The New coastal road on Reunion Island, France ( ) Subsidiary: GTOI Photographers Sébastien Marchal ; Julien Cresp COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITIES RESEARCH AND INNOVATION The Wattway solar road Magny-Les-Hameaux France (2015) Photographer Colas Joachim Bertrand The first site where the Wattway solar road was installed Vendespace in Mouilleron-le-Captif, France (2016) Photographer Colas Joachim Bertrand Construction of the building envelope for the "Musée des Confluences" museum Lyon France ( ) Subsidiary: Smac Photographer Colas Jean-François Chapuis Colas exoskeleton (2014) Subsidiary: Colas Genève Switzerland Photographer José Campos Swissmovie INDUSTRIAL ACTIVITIES Kemaman refinery Malaysia (2008) Photographer Colas Ian Buswell Quarry-Gravel pit Someca Var France (2010) Subsidiary: Colas Midi-Méditerranée Photographer Colas Hervé Fabre TF1, head office (2016) Photographer Laurence Bourdouleix/Architect: Roger Saubot Anne-Claire Coudray, news presenter for the 8pm bulletin on TF1 (2016) Photographer Nicolas Gouthier Christophe Beaugrand, Sandrine Quetier and Denis Brogniart TF1 presenters and hosts (2016) Koh Lanta: l'ile au trésor Denis Brogniart and the contestants (2016) Photographer A. Issock/Starface/Alp/TF1 Sept à huit studio, Harry Roselmack (2015) Photographer Julien Cauvin The Voice 5 studio (2015) Photographer Yann Dejardin/Shine/TF1/Bureau233 Reportages studio logo (2015)

4 Les Restos du cœur (2016) Multimedia screens (2016) The City of Music Boulogne Billancourt France ( ) Subsidiaries: Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France/TF1, partner of La Seine Musicale TF1 Musique View Architects: Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines Diversification TF1 Games-Dujardin (2016) Photographer Lucile Boiron Diversification TF1 Games-Dujardin (2016) Images of Chrono Bomb Money Drop Le Cochon qui Rit Tresor Detector Photographer All Rights Reserved/TF1 Games-Dujardin Miami box (2014) Interface of the new Bbox Miami (2016) group Objenious logo connected objects (2016) HEAD OFFICE Technopole at Meudon Bouygues Telecom France (2015) Photographer Augusto Da Silva/Graphix-images/Architects: Cabinet Valode & Pistre CLUB STORES Bouygues Telecom store at Vélizy II (2015) Photographer Mikael Lafontan ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS Bouygues Telecom celebrates its 20th birthday (2016) Rio tramway Brazil (2016) Felipe Dana/AP Press PUBLICATIONS AND OTHER PROJECTS DELIVERED 2015 At a Glance and 2015 Registration Document On the cover: the MahaNakhon Tower in Bangkok, Bouygues Construction (Photographer F. Deguent/Architect: Ole Scheeren); The Hikari positive-energy development in Lyon, Bouygues Immobilier (Photographer V. Bauza/Architects: Kengo Kuma and Associates); The Wattway solar road, Colas (Photographer J. Bertrand); Audrey Crespo-Mara, a TF1 journalist (Photographer F. Darmigny); A Bouygues Telecom store in Vélizy (Photographer M. Lafontan) Benjamin Lang, water colour, portrait (2016) Bouygues SA Excerpt from Le Minorange magazine Dual careers Illustrator Titwane Employees in a meeting (2016) Bouygues SA Excerpt from Le Minorange magazine Viewpoints Photographer Cyril Abad Site workers holding hands (2015) Bouygues construction Excerpt from the 2015 Annual Report Photographer Aloafred Employees Sabrina Mhamdi and Xavier Bodeau (2016) Bouygues Immobilier Excerpt from the BIM magazine Photographer Tristan Paviot

5 IMAGE BANKS Réunion 3 personnes fenêtres_ Photographer Pressmaster/Shutterstock Réunion financière autour d'une table_ Photographer Dragon Images/Shutterstock Salle de conférence gens de dos_ Photographer Thaut Images/Fotolia Essentiel investisseur / documents rapport annuel bleu_ Photographer maxuser/shutterstock Graphique 3 segments sur vitre_ Photographer suphakit73/shutterstock Pile de journaux Photographer fivepointsix/shutterstock A selection of magazines and internal publications Photographer All Rights Reserved/Bouygues SA A handshake between architect and investor Photographer Fotolia/alotofpeople Poignée de main zoomée / personnes en arrière plan_ Photographer Minerva Studio/Shutterstock Entretien d embauche_ Photographer Laboratoire de recherche_ Photographer angellodeco Personnel infirmier_ Photographer michaeljung Personnes autour d un bloc de pierre_ Photographer jamesteohart LOGOS Poster and logo for the 2016 Pollutec trade fair All Rights Reserved