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1 AMSTERDAM - ALMERE HAARLEM Projects 44 Created 20-Jul-14 By Alessio Petecchia, Rome, Italy Amsterdam, MVRDV hotel, renovation, tourism Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy Studio Thonik Music building on the IJ IJ tower Stadgenoot pavilion La Defense Sky Dome De Kunstlinie Borneo Sporenburg Bridges 8 Borneo Sporenburg Amsterdam, West 8 urban plan Nemo 15 Silodam 16 Waternet 17 Enneüs Heermabrug 18 Amsterdam, Grimshaw bridge 9 Tarra Tower 19 Almere, MVRDV office 10 Parkrand 20 Amsterdam, MVRDV housing, kindergarten 11 Toyo Ito 21 Amsterdam, Toyo Ito office 12 Amsterdam, West 8 bridge Amsterdam, Herman Hertzberger office Almere, SANAA theatre, music theatre 7 Amsterdam, Wiel Arets s housing 14 Amsterdam, MVRDV housing Almere, UNStudio office 6 Amsterdam, Steven Holl auditorium, pavilion Borneo Sling Amsterdam, Renzo Piano museum Amsterdam, Neutelings Riedijk housing, fitness club 5 Amsterdam, 3XN cafe, music theatre, restaurant Amsterdam, De engroep apartment, dwellings Amsterdam, MVRDV atelier, private house 4 WOZOCO 22 Amsterdam, MVRDV housing 13 Train Station Bijlmer ArenA 23 Amsterdam, Grimshaw subway station, train station, tram station 1

2 Ernst & Young Tower Amsterdam, Foster & Partners office Cancer Center Amsterdam De Citadel Living Tomorrow Crystal Court Piet Hein Tunnel Service Building Four Towers Apolloschool 28 The Rock Amsterdam, Designed by Erick van Egeraat office UNStudio Tower 35 Het Bosch Restaurant 36 De Nieuwe Liefde 37 Gallery Borzo 38 Amsterdam, Wiel Arets s gallery 29 Six Dwellings in Borneo Eiland 39 Amsterdam, Enric Miralles & Benedetta Tagliabue EMBT dwellings 30 A-factorij 40 Amsterdam, Neutelings Riedijk atelier, office 31 Gas receiving station 41 Dinteloord, Studio Marco Vermeulen energy centre, gas station 32 Amsterdam, Herman Hertzberger primary school Amsterdam, Wiel Arets s community centre, theatre Almere, Blok Kats van Veen architecten private house 27 Amsterdam, Wiel Arets s housing Villa Valk 34 Amsterdam, JagerJanssen architects boat house, restaurant Amsterdam, UNStudio industry, workshop 26 Amsterdam, TANGRAM Architekten housing De Oostvaarders Amsterdam, UNStudio commercial space, office Amsterdam, UNStudio showroom 25 Almere, Christian de Portzamparc commercial space, housing Almere, Drost + van Veen architecten education, information centre, restaurant Amsterdam, MVRDV health care, hospital 24 Paint it red 42 Almere, KuiperCompagnons apartment 33 Polderland garden of love and fire 43 Almere, Daniel Libeskind installation, park, sculpture 2

3 Meerfase dwellings Almere, Teun Koolhaas Associates dwellings, housing 44 Bombardon school Almere, Herman Hertzberger primary school The City 46 Almere, Van Sambeek & Van Veen mixed-use development, apartment 45 IJdock 47 Amsterdam, Dick van Gameren hotel, apartment, government 3

4 photo: MVRDV photo: Naomi Schiphorst Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy Oostelijke Handelskade BN Amsterdam The Lloyd Hotel, a former immigrants hostel, is a new hotel centrally situated in the Amsterdam s Eastern Docklands area Several Dutch architects, designers and artists have transformed this monument dating from 1921 into a hotel MVRDV were responsible for the design of the main hall, the heart of the building Here a new dining room is cut out of the existing structure, forming a 6-storey void with three boxes and platforms hanging inside it All 117 rooms - with ratings from one to five stars - differ in size and interior MVDRV and Joep van Lieshout, together with Bureau Lakenvelder, designed several rooms; furniture and interior objects were contributed by ao Claudy Jongstra, Hella Jongerius, Marcel Wanders and Richard Hutten photo: Allard van der Hoek Project is public! 2004 Main designer,, Interior architect Interior architect Interior architect Interior architect MVRDV MI_MOA Bureau Lakenvelder Joep van Lieshout Richard Hutten Lloyd Hotel 24/7 Take tram 26 (IJtram) for a direct connection and get off at stop Rietlandpark 4

5 photo: Maarten Helle photo: Naomi Schiphorst Studio Thonik Weesperzijde 79d 1091 EJ Amsterdam In this inner city courtyard the Amsterdam-based studio for visual communication, Thonik, has its atelier and house The two storey volume is wrapped by a polyurethane coating, a material that mergers the volume into a homogeneous building without details To emphasise on the 'plastic' effect of the material, originally bright orange had been chosen for the colour, a favourite colour from the palette of the users, Studio Thonik, graphic designers But, the inhabitants of the surrounding houses claimed they experienced serious nuisance from this colour Quote: ''The doctor had ordered me not to be preoccupied with it anymore It has given me so much private misery Orange does something to you It does not really hurt the eyes, it injures the mind" Part of the interior is designed bij Richard Hutten photo: Naomi Schiphorst Project is not public! 2001 Main designer, Interior architect MVRDV Richard Hutten Thonik MI_MOA You can visit the inner courtyard throughout the day Tram 3, subway 51, 53, 54 stop at Wibautstraat 5

6 photo: Naomi Schiphorst photo: Naomi Schiphorst Music building on the IJ Piet Heinkade BR Amsterdam Located at the head of Oostelijke Handelskade, the Muziekgebouw aan t IJ is the new home of two organizations devoted to modern and non-western music Each organisation has been given its own architectural identity inside the new building by placing its concert hall in clearly separate volumes Eye-catcher and unifying element is the gigantic roof At its headend, the building features a large open space which functions as a public plaza On the waterside lies a wide square with an outdoor café on the water The 24 meter high glass façade provides a panoramic view of the river IJ photo: Naomi Schiphorst Project is public! m² Associate architect Contractor Theatre consultant Acoustics consultant 3XN ABT BAM Hans Wolff & partners Peutz Consulting Engineers & Associes Royal Haskoning Steven Scott ULC Group Gemeentelijk Havenbedrijf Amsterdam Services engineer Lighting designer Services engineer MI_MOA Tram line 26 (direction IJburg) from Central Station Tram line 25 from city centre 10 minutes walk from the Central Station 6

7 photo: Naomi Schiphorst photo: Naomi Schiphorst IJ tower Oostelijke Handelskade DN Amsterdam This seventy meters high, 20 stories apartment tower is situated on the dam towards the KNSM Island, in the former docklands, east of the centre of Amsterdam The tower has a regular facade composition with a diagonal window pattern Several 'holes' in the building give it a strong sculpturally and generate a variety of 20 different dwelling types The tower has been sculpted differently at each side The building works as an orientating element in the new dockland area The 3 stories plinth of the tower consists of a fitness club, roof garden, commercial retail spaces and a parking garage Project is not public! m² Structural engineer Contractor Neutelings Riedijk Ingenieursbureau Zonneveld Dura Vermeer Blauwhoed Eurowoningen, Rotterdam Naomi photo: Naomi Schiphorst Tram 10 passes by Stop at Van Eesterenlaan 7

8 photo: Naomi Schiphorst photo: Naomi Schiphorst Stadgenoot pavilion Sarphatistraat GW Amsterdam This pavilion is part of a renovation Steven Holl did for Het Oosten, a housing developer in Amsterdam Since a merger in 2008 Het Oosten is part of StadgenootThe old brick building (1889) on the De Singel canal in Amsterdam was originally built as a storage for medicine With this pavilion the housing developer wanted to explain its views on sustainable building with the use of ornaments The pavilion is 285 m2 big, and 7 meter high It can house gatherings from 20 up to 280 persons The pavilion is not open to the public and is currently used by the people who work at Stadgenoot, for their lunch breaks photo: Maarten Thewissen Project is not public! m², Interior architect Structural engineer Lighting designer Associate architect Steven Holl MI_MOA Ingenieursgroep Van Rossum L'Observatoire International Rappange & Partners en bv Woningcorporatie Stadgenoot, Amsterdam public transport: tram 6, 7 and 10 stop at 's-gravezandestaat, or take the subway, nr 51, 53, 54 to Weesperplein 8

9 photo: Bjorn Utpott photo: Dirk Verwoerd La Defense W Dreesweg CL Almere La Defense office complex exists out of two volumes that surround a inner courtyard The exterior façade reflects the larger urban condition, with silver-colored aluminium panels, while the interior façades of the courtyards have been designed with the office tenants in mind These façades are clad with glass panels in which a multi-colored foil is integrated and, depending on the time of day and the angle of incidence, a variety of different colours are reflected, animating the courtyards photo: Dirk Verwoerd Project is not public! m² Contractor Structural engineer UNStudio Hegeman Bouwgroep JVZ Ingenieurs Eurocommerce Bjorn_Utpott Office hours The office building is situated in the business centre of Almere, on walking distance from the Central Station 9

10 photo: Naomi Schiphorst photo: Naomi Schiphorst Sky Dome KNSM-laan LG Amsterdam The only real high building on the KNSM-island is that of Wiel Arets, and with 60m it is not even that high It was one of the last additions to the new housing district of the island and appears to be four towers in one since the block has been cut The different apartment types have simply been stacked and each stacked tower is fixed to the other with balconies The facades are not of stone, but anthracite colored concrete that was cast into rubber elements of 2 by 2 meter The same façade-system was used in apartment-tower De Hoge Heren in Rotterdam Project is not public! 1995 Wiel Arets s Wilma Bouw MI_MOA photo: Naomi Schiphorst Bus 42 to KNSM Eiland and tram 10 to Azartplein 10

11 photo: Frank van Dam photo: Frank van Dam De Kunstlinie Esplanade TA Almere Designed by Japanse Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa on the shore (and partly on top) of the "Weerwater" lake that borders Almere's city center, the theatre is part of Rem Koolhaas master plan It has two large theaters, offices and a number of smaller performance, rehearsal, administrative, and support spaces "Even the small spaces need to have their own comfort The big theater is of course important, but the piano studio is just as important to the person who comes for a piano lesson" These spaces connect through each other, without corridors or hallways This said Kazuyo Sejima, "allows people to choose their own experience and enjoy the other functions of the building" All external facades are made of glass Throughout the building one finds light effects and views over the water Thin walls, roofs and floors complete the design Schouwburg Almere and Kunstencentrum de Kunstlinie share the same complex and must be able to function simultaneously and independently Project is public! m² Roof & facade consultant Theatre consultant Acoustics consultant Project manager Structural engineer SANAA Van Dool Geveltechniek Janssen-Motosugi Theatre Consultants DHV Ballast Nedam ABT Gemeente Almere MI_MOA photo: Frank van Dam Daily, depending on classes, expositions and concerts From Almere Central Station take bus 1 to eilandenbuurt, stop at Esplanade Or take bus 2 with direction Gooise Kant and stop at Esplanade 11

12 photo: Naomi Schiphorst photo: architour Borneo Sporenburg Bridges Panamakade AX Amsterdam Two red steel bridges span the water between the residential islands Sporenburg and Borneo The pedestrian bridge is very high and designed as an architectural walk, taking pedestrians to a height where they have a spectacular view over the surrounding patio houses and also allowing sail boats to access a small marina The lower bridge at the opposite end of the harbour is made for disabled persons, buggies and bikes photo: Matthijs Borghgraef Project is public! 2000 Landscape architect West 8 Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Amsterdam Naomi 24/7 in public space The nicest way to go to the Eastern Docklands, is to take the boat from the Central Station to the Java-island It leaves from behind the central station, at pier 7 It's a free ride, and takes about 10 min, to the head of the Java-island From there it's about 15 min walking to the KNSM-island and 20 min to Sporenburg and Borneo 12

13 photo: architour photo: City of Amsterdam, Archives Borneo Sporenburg C van Eesterenlaan JK Amsterdam A total of 2500 dwellings have been built on the two former harbour peninsulas Borneo and Sporenburg The area was covered with a carpet of low-rise/high-density back-to-back patio houses, interrupted by 3 large landmark buildings Various architects each designed a type of patio house, which were grouped in small clusters and re-appear in several places on the islands The main challenge was to develop a typology in which a small patio provides daylight and private outdoor space for the inhabitants photo: City of Amsterdam, Archives Project is public! 1997 Urban planner West 8 City of Amsterdam Naomi The nicest way to go to the Eastern Docklands, is to take the boat from the Central Station to the Java-island It leaves from behind the central station, at pier 7 It's a free ride, and takes about 10 min, to the head of the Java-island From there it's about 15 min walking to the KNSM-island and 20 min to Sporenburg and Borneo You can also take tram 10 or 26 from Central Station Or rent a bike 13

14 photo: Bastiaan Vlierboom photo: Bastiaan Vlierboom Borneo Sling P Dijkstraplein WE Amsterdam At the end of a row-housing with patios and an internal corridor with garages, this 3 storey apartment block is made by using the ending of the concrete tunnel structure The concrete tunnel construction is a very common way to built series of row-housing in the This project is an atypical solution to the inevitably end of such a row The block of dwellings has been cut of at the end of the line, and here 3 spacious apartments with terraces have been built The apartments have their façade over the full width of the block, giving them a panoramic view over the IJ The space in-between the balconies is filled with several glazed rooms, executed in different colors, symbolizing the functions and giving the spectator a view of what could be inside photo: Christian Richters Project is not public! m² Main designer, De engroep search Smit's Bouwbedrijf Bastiaan_E_Vlierboom The the Borneo Bus 43 from Central Station to the island Walk all the way to the end of the island 14

15 photo: Martin Alberts photo: Naomi Schiphorst Nemo Oosterdok VX Amsterdam NEMO is a science museum for children, located on a small plot in the old port of Amsterdam It is built on top of the IJtunnel, which connects Amsterdam Noord with the city centre Surrounded by water, the building has the shape of a ship s bow and a green copper façade The public roof is designed as a large grandstand and acts as a public piazza, offering a beautiful view over the old town photo: Wikipedia - Gamekeeper Project is public! 1997 Contractor Renzo Piano BAM Nederlands Instituut voor Nijverheid en Techniek (NINT) MI_MOA Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM During Dutch school holidays and in June, July and August open every day Closed: New Years Day, 27 April (Kingsday), 25 December (Christmas) From Amsterdam Central Station, it is a five-minute walk to NEMO Leave the station on the south side and then turn left 15

16 photo: Naomi Schiphorst photo: Naomi Schiphorst Silodam Silodam AL Amsterdam The Housing Silo is situated on the IJ River, at the tip of the pier, next to two former grain warehouses (silos) that have been converted into housing The 157 apartments, business units and public spaces, in the Housing Silo, are compressed within a 10 storey high and 20 meters deep urban envelope The apartments, rental and owner in different sizes, are stacked, legible on the façade, each of which is expressed differently The aim of mixing functions spatially (commercial units and semi-public spaces were not to be confined automatically to ground level but distributed throughout the complex) has not been realized All commercial units have been gathered in a clearly recognisable volume At the west side is a shared roof terrace for residents, and small boats can moor between the columns underneath photo: Bjorn Utpott Project is not public! m² Contractor Structural engineer Structural engineer MVRDV Bouwbedrijf MJ de Nijs en Zn Cauberg-Huygen Pieters Bouwtechniek Rabo Vastgoed, De Principaal BV MI_MOA For more info about excursions in the Silodam (Costs: 3 Euro pp) or to make an appointment, please mail to: excursie at silodamorg Requests should be made 2 weeks prior to the requested excursion date Tram 3, stop at Planciusstraat / Zoutkeetsgracht, cross the bridge, go right, into the Barentszstraat Go to the end of the street, and then go left, onto the Barentszplein At the trafficlights, walk straight on, towards the Silodam Bus 48 from Central Station to stop Westerdoksdijk / Van Diemenstraat 16

17 photo: Bjorn Utpott Waternet Spaklerweg BA Amsterdam The Water Management and Sewerage Service is the ' first wastewater chain company The Waternet Double Tower head office now stands at a bend in the River Amstel in Amsterdam The open workplace, social space, the building as urban object, the building's capacity to accept change, and Structuralism are themes found throughout Hertzberger's office designs A number of bridges link the two tower components, forging them into a single organic and organizational whole This happens most literally at the eighth and ninth storey Here is the building's heart, where a restaurant and a meeting centre with a large congress hall, a foyer and a café will draw to them all those working in the building This is the place with the best views It is also the most arresting part of the building seen from outside, certainly when lit up at night Each storey has a straight side ideal for furnishing with traditional office rooms, and a curved side inviting a more open planning photo: Bjorn Utpott Project is not public! m² Structural engineer Contractor Herman Hertzberger Royal Haskoning Ballast Nedam Dienst Waterbeheer en Riolering Waternet Bjorn_Utpott At walking distance from Spakleweg-station To reach this stop, take Subway line 51, 53 or 54 From Amstel Station its about 10 min walking 17

18 photo: Bjorn Utpott photo: Norbert van Onna Enneüs Heermabrug IJburglaan 1086 XT Amsterdam This was the first of two bridges for IJburg, a new residential area east of Amsterdam Centre, built on reclaimed land IJburg is an archipelago of seven artificial islands The bridge is one of Amsterdam s largest bridges, with two large bows of each 75 m The total length of the main bridge is 250 m Grimshaw won an international design competition before they were appointed to design these two first bridges of IJburg photo: Bjorn Utpott Project is public! m² Grimshaw City of Amsterdam Bjorn_Utpott 24/7 Take tram 26 to IJburg from Central Station, it crosses the bridge For more information on IJburg please visit wwwijburgnl 18

19 photo: Maarten Scheurwater photo: Dirk Verwoerd Tarra Tower Busplein KV Almere A combination of companies in the Real Estate Sector wanted a tower in the centre of Almere that expresses the characteristics of the sector: a combination of introverted solidity and flamboyant communication The majority of the activities demand an enclosed and intimate environment The nine floors are kept empty, maximizing usage being a chief concern of the sector, and are surrounded by a concrete façade with small windows that allow for light and privacy and avoid the need for air conditioning It is an economic solution (text from architect's website) Public access unknown! m² MVRDV Maarten_Scheurwater photo: Dirk Verwoerd 19

20 photo: Bjorn Utpott photo: Bjorn Utpott Parkrand Dr Colijnstraat CP Amsterdam The neighbourhood Geuzenveld is located in the western garden cities of Amsterdam There is plenty of public space available but most of these green spaces lack grandeur The project is regarded to be a 'key-operation within the urban renewal of Geuzeveld-Slotermeer The building should provide an iconographic quality to the neighbourhood which it was lacking before The housing block is situated at the edge of a park and consists out of 5 towers, positioned on a deck, carrying a two level roof plate The positioning of the towers provides a clear view from all apartments to the park Because of the holes, or empty spaces in-between, the dwellings behind the big block also still have a view on the park The title of the project - Parkrand means park-edge photo: Bjorn Utpott Project is not public! Developer MVRDV Kristal Het Oosten Bjorn_Utpott The Geuzenveld neighbourhood is west of the city centre of Amsterdam Tram line 13 takes you from the Central Train Station to the neighbourhood Geuzenveld Stop at Dhr H Colijnstraat You can also take bus number 21 and 192 from the centre Stop at Dhr H Colijnstraat 20

21 photo: Gijs photo: Gijs Toyo Ito Gustav Mahlerplein MS Amsterdam The tower Toyo Ito (the building is named after its designer) is part of the Mahler 4 complex on the international business centre the Zuidas in Amsterdam Together with its neighbor Viñoly it is one of the most striking and recognizable buildings so far The building has several glass windows or holes in it The idea behind these voids is to enter the outside life into the building and to add light and space to the interior The first 6 floors are mainly occupied with offices, for the 370 employees The upper floors, in the second part of the building are reserved for meeting rooms This way the employees can reach their workspace faster, while meetings are held in the most elevated spaces Project is not public! m² Main designer, Interior architect Technical engineer Toyo Ito Ontwerpgroep Trude Hooykaas Deerns Raadgevende Ingenieurs ING Real Estate Gijs photo: Gijs 21

22 photo: Dirk Verwoerd photo: Dirk Verwoerd WOZOCO Reimerswaalstraat AE Amsterdam This housing for elderly people is probably one of the most published architecture projects of its times and also from Holland Its very powerful image is the result of urban policy: the architects couldn't place all the 100 apartments in a linear building, because there was a height restriction Thus the overhang volumes: all the apartments that couldn't fit into the linear volume where hang on the northern side, with a east-west orientation photo: Dirk Verwoerd Project is not public! m² Structural engineer Contractor Structural engineer MVRDV Arup Intervam Noordwest Pieters Bouwtechniek Woningbouwvereniging Het Oosten (Stadgenoot) stefan_tuchila Bus 23; from Central Station bus 19 and 64 The interior is not open for the public 22

23 photo: Jan de Vries photo: Jan de Vries Train Station Bijlmer ArenA Bijlmer Arena Station Amsterdam The movements and speed of passing trains characterize the expressive image of this new trains station Inclined columns, sharp edges and large slanting rays of sunlight that come through the glass roofs Everyting seems to be slurped along with the velocity of the trians The new station has got 6 train tracks, 2 subway tracks and the Arena boulevard runs underneath the whole station Project is public! Associate architect Grimshaw ARCADIS ProRail + Municipality Amsterdam Bjorn_Utpott photo: Jan de Vries 23

24 photo: Bjorn Utpott photo: Bjorn Utpott Ernst & Young Tower Antonio Vivaldistraat HP Amsterdam The 87m-high 24-storey tower was commissioned by ING Real Estate - with Ernst & Young as the principal tenants It is one of several office buildings located at the eastern gateway to the mixed-use Zuidas development, south of Amsterdam The appearance of the building is determined by a distinctive 'diagrid' that ensures the tower is readily-identifiable on the drive into Amsterdam The structural steel diagrid is clad in silver aluminium and offset against the dark glazed cladding panels, which reduce the definition of the individual floor levels This creates an elegant and arresting lattice that scales the entire facade For the first month after the completion, the newly opened building is transformed by colour Project is not public! m² Contractor Foster & Partners Strukton ING Real Estate Bjorn_Utpott photo: Bjorn Utpott Office Hours You might be able to visit the entrance lobby The offices are situated next to the KPN Telecom building, approximately 200 metres from RAI railway station Phone: +31 (0) Car: From the A2 Utrecht, take the A10 (Amsterdam/Zaandam/ RAI exit), as far as the RAI exit 24

25 photo: Bjorn Utpott photo: Maarten Helle Cancer Center Amsterdam De Boelelaan HZ Amsterdam The Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA) is part of and built in the direct vicinity of the VU Medical Centre (VUmc) It is an academical cancer expertise centre for research and treatment The CCA is financed mainly through private means and therefore built their semi-permanent housing with prefabricated building units that look like stacked containers The building has 7 storeys, each covering some 1425 m2 The whole complex was built within a year The team of project members supported the CCA by delivering the building system and their services for cost-price Project is not public! Contractor MVRDV De Meeuw Bouwsystemen Cancer Center Amsterdam Bjorn_Utpott photo: Bjorn Utpott The closest train station is Zuid-WTC, from which it is about 15 minutes walking You can also take tram/subway 50 to the stop at Amstelveenseweg From here it's about 10 minutes walking Tram 16 and 24 leave from Central Station and stop directly at the Vumc 25

26 photo: Dan Bagnall De Citadel Bordes 1 NL-1020 Almere The beginning idea of the plan of OMA for the Almere centre, 1994, was based on the superposition of uses, with an emphasis on pedestrians and the buildings This block, which is home to the main commercial centre is paradigmatic regarding its variety of uses, from the car park and the underground infrastructures up to the inhabited green covering Portzamparc's development of the Master Plan guidelines has a few changes and the deck is, after all, not a public space, but a bonus for the residents of the terraced houses and the tower The plan's proposal to recreate the density of a medieval city with regard to population and combination of uses has not quite been materialised In the first images of the project there were cows grazing on the deck and the slab of dwelling floated over the commercial streets It is, however, an example of how the uses of urban centres can be combined in many different ways photo: Luuk Kramer Project is public! m², Urban planner Contractor Christian de Portzamparc Boele & van Eesteren Eurowoningen aplust 26

27 photo: Piotr Krajewski Living Tomorrow Holterbergweg Amsterdam Living Tomorrow is a temporary building The project gives an insight in the most innovative technologies that could be integrated in future daily life and working environments The aim to be the most innovative means that five years after the opening, the building will be demolished It is expected that in 2007 all things exhibited and integrated in the building will be out of date and probably already part of the daily life In the pavilion visitors can get acquainted with the products and services, which can enhance the quality of living or working in the near future On the ground floor the entrance, auditorium, event hall, exhibition room, administration and kitchen are located On the four levels above, more exhibition rooms, a small restaurant and other secondary facilities are situated Public access unknown! m² UNStudio Mr Beliën pkrajewski_pl photo: Piotr Krajewski The building was closed for the public in June

28 photo: Jeroen Apers photo: Jeroen Apers Crystal Court Willem van Weldammelaan KT Amsterdam Crystal Court is located in Buitenveldert, next to the Gijsbrecht van Aemstelpark To keep a connection between the neighbourhood and the park and not to be a barrier, it was designed as an accumulation of square volumes with big openings in between As a result of the concept, all apartments have different plans and fascinating views through the building The basin around the building floats through the open spaces between the pile of housing volumes, marking the entrances with a clear relation between inside and outside These entrances can also be seen as the winter garden as it is designed as a hothouse photo: Matthijs Borghgraef Project is not public! m² TANGRAM Architekten Hillen & Roosen Apers 28

29 photo: Julie Fuchs photo: Julie Fuchs Piet Hein Tunnel Service Building C van Eesterenlaan 1011KD Amsterdam The Piet Hein Tunnel is part of the continuing development of the eastern area of Amsterdam and is situated in the midst of several new building projects This project consists of two small service buildings These technical constructions each have a concrete core, enveloped by an asymmetrical skin of perforated steel plates and tilted roof planes In conjunction with the general asymmetry, this emphasizes the 'non-architectural', object-like character of the inaccessible service structures Rather than real, lived-in buildings, these structures function as urban signposts for the tunnel entrances These entrances are characterized by the simple application of profiled aluminium cladding Steel beams are placed crossways over the sober concrete tunnel mouths (text from architect's website) photo: Julie Fuchs Project is not public! m² UNStudio Stedelijk Beheer Amsterdam / Projectbureau Piet Hein Tunnel jfuchs Bus 41 or 43 and tram 10 or

30 photo: Dirk Verwoerd photo: Dirk Verwoerd Four Towers Jan van Zutphenplantsoen 1069 Amsterdam In Osdorp, SW of Amsterdam, major changes are under way to transform a currently vacant zone into a residential district connected to the existing housing area alongside it All towers are sited according to the given urban footprint and take up the maximum envelope, giving a total of 390 apartments evenly distributed over 11 levels The plan allows for a high degree of interchangeability of layouts so as to offer a diversity of apartment types A central core and a number of strategically positioned service shafts enable the different types to mirror and shift not only with regard to each other but also in terms of the spatial configuration within one apartment An aluminum cladding indicates the separation between the apartments, while the mirroring concept of the plan results in a playful façade pattern ranging between alteration and iteration, between standardizing and individualizing The twofold elements bring about a subtle discontinuation within the unitized surface photo: Dirk Verwoerd Project is not public! 2008 Wiel Arets s Delta Forte jpmm 30

31 photo: Pieter Kers photo: Pieter Kers Villa Valk Centaurenstraat TC Almere This private house is located along the edge of the Homeruskwartier neighbourhood and is facing the Almere forest stroke The triangular shape of the plot was leading for the design The triangle opens itself towards the garden at the South west with a great view on the forest stroke The living space is a long open space divided by loose elements into different places including a dining area and a kitchen photo: Pieter Kers Project is public! m² Blok Kats van Veen architecten Valk family BLOK_KATS_VAN_VEEN contact the architects to arrange a visit bkvv: 31

32 Apolloschool Willem Witsenstraat AZ Amsterdam In the 1980s, Hertzberger designed the Apollo School, a combination of two different schools with two different educational systems He organized all the classrooms around an internal space, an amphitheatre-like organization that has been wholeheartedly emulated since There are smaller corridors and blocked-out areas that allow students to work outside the classrooms The 1990s were a time of shrinking budgets for school construction in the, said Hertzberger To stretch the money, he spent it on creating cohesive organization This tactic was also a response to the wave of immigration: by organizing space well, students of all languages and levels of understanding could feel comfortable photo: Wing-Ni Lam Project is not public! 1983 Herman Hertzberger Wing-Ni 32

33 photo: Dirk Verwoerd photo: Dirk Verwoerd The Rock Claude Debussylaan MD Amsterdam The Erick van Egeraat office tower, also known as The Rock, is part of an expressive high-rise urban development south of Amsterdam, named Zuidas Located in the proximity of the city centre and with direct access to the urban network of public transport and highways, the project incorporates the potential of this unique location The ambitious programming of a vibrant, high-density mixture of offices, housing, retail and public space, designed by 9 international architects, all contribute to an exceptional development of metropolitan scale The urban concept for this location as developed by De Architekten Cie, is based on a vertical layering structure with the anatomical analogy of legs, torso and head The Erick van Egeraat office tower challenges this masterplan further and proposes to create an explicit tactile and emotional experience out of the stacked block structure Both an innovative composition of shifted volumes and a transformation from a light to heavy materialisation Project is not public! photo: Dirk Verwoerd m², Interior architect Project manager Developer Designed by Erick van Egeraat IPMMC IPMMC Vastgoed Mahler4 de Brauw Blackstone Westbroek 33

34 photo: John Lewis Marshall photo: John Lewis Marshall De Oostvaarders Oostvaardersbosplaats RZ Almere Nature-education-centre 'The Oostvaarders' is situated in a unique nature reserve in Europe The building is constructed at a junction of various landscapes with the different characters of land, water, forest and reed fields The Oostvaarders presents itself in two different shapes From the parking the shape is inviting, like a vertical beacon rising from the plain On the contrary the shape from the lakeside is horizontal, connecting with the extensive dyke and water On the first floor the panorama-room gives a great view over the lake The entrance of the building is situated at the foot of the dyke From the entrance the visitor climbs the stairs to the crow s nest: an exterior space to view the environment In order to minimize a disruption in the surrounding natural environment, the building time was reduced to a minimum Therefore, the building is constructed in prefab, massive, wooden walls and floors photo: John Lewis Marshall Project is public! m² Structural engineer Roof & facade consultant Contractor Drost + van Veen architecten ABT HE Lüning Reimert Bouw Municipality Almere DvV Monday and Tuesday: closed Wednesday until Friday: Weekend:

35 photo: Dirk Verwoerd photo: Dirk Verwoerd UNStudio Tower Gustav Mahlerlaan 1082 PP Amsterdam The UNStudio Tower is located on the South Axis in Amsterdam, which connects Schiphol Airport to the major business areas of Amsterdam South The Tower office typology incorporates considerations about required office layouts, and floor organizations that maximize views and access to light Four inset voids were introduced on the façade of the building to allow for the internal clustering of offices, and to help bring daylight deeper into the floor Each of the inset voids is characterized by a different colour, providing varying identities to individual spaces throughout the building The horizontal stripes on the façade are made of white aluminum panels which vary in size in relation their position on the façade A primary function of these bands is to protect the office space from direct sunlight, whils simultaneously allowing extensive daylight penetration into the floors photo: Dirk Verwoerd Project is not public! m² Contractor Associate architect UNStudio G&S Bouw van den Oever, Zaaijer & Partners architecten Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs Mahler 4 VOF, Consortium G&S Vastgoed Technical engineer dirkverwoerd 35

36 photo: John Lewis Marshall photo: John Lewis Marshall Het Bosch Restaurant Jollenpad KC Amsterdam The design has two distinct faces: one towards the marina and one facing the Nieuwe Meer lake Both faces derive their qualities and appearance from the surroundings The marina side is rough, seeking relation with boat hangar architecture The lake façade is more horizontal, broad and refined Large transparent surfaces exhibit the restaurant interior The characteristic roof intermediates between these two aspects: it morphs from a 3-pitched roof to a straight edge This space saving configuration makes it possible to fit the desired program into the tight prescribed envelope A magnificent view from the restaurant is created by lifting the built volume This intervention gives room to a storage space for 6 sloops underneath the restaurant By using a durable and prefab construction of laminated wooden elements, the building time is significantly reduced photo: John Lewis Marshall Project is public! m² Main designer, Structural engineer Contractor JagerJanssen architects Dreissen architecten Adviesbureau Lüning Reimert Bouw Ferry van Houten Bikkel Monday - Saturday: & h 36

37 photo: Jan Bitter photo: Jan Bitter De Nieuwe Liefde Da Costakade WP Amsterdam De Nieuwe Liefde ( The New Love ) is a theatre and community centre located in a monumental white building that was originally constructed in 1904 as storage space for a local wine company After falling into disrepair, and in accordance with the last tenants leaving the property in 2007, the De Liefde was completely rebuilt by Wiel Arets s and renamed De Nieuwe Liefde The reconstruction transformed the existing building into a series of new spaces composed of a main hall with seating for 230, a conference room with space for 60, a choir space for 50, a library, a separate restaurant-café and a grand foyer that decompresses into a central circulation void Prior to the renovation the building retained many of its original Neo-Renaissance and Art Nouveau features and therefore the approach was to utilise these assets, as well as the existing main staircase and extensive stained glass windows throughout Project is public! Wiel Arets s WielAretss photo: Jan Bitter Depend on the programming Contact through t: e: for visiting possibilities outside theatre hours 37

38 photo: Jan Bitter Gallery Borzo Keizersgracht EJ Amsterdam The historic Amsterdam canal house on Keizersgracht 516, which dates back to 1882, used to be an average canal house It now accommodates Gallery Borzo, which opened in January 2006 after a period of careful reconstruction and restoration When the building was assigned for reconstruction in October 2004, its previous structural alternations were rather disguised At the beginning of the 20th century the building was converted into a warehouse In 1932 it was once again remodeled, this time into a bookstore with various routing paths A hanging steel construction was added during this period to allowed the façade to be opened up andallow more natural light into the deep and narrow bookstore A vertical column containing the book elevator spatially balanced these mostly horizontal elements Project is public! m² Wiel Arets s WielAretss photo: Jan Bitter 38

39 photo: Adrian Welch Six Dwellings in Borneo Eiland Scheepstimmermanstraat WT Amsterdam The Borneo project is a large scale intervention, in the central harbour at Amsterdam The Six Dwellings are a very small part of it EMBT depart from the existing planning conditions; a house on each side of the street and they transformed it into a single long house that faces both streets The first hypothesis is the abstract planning; a single long house from street to street Then, the small street that existed in the planning becomes an empty house EMBT wanted to investigate the Dutch tradition about single room constructions From this abstract hypothesis, a much more intuitive way of working with living conditions is developed The architect like to play with abstract dimensions that later will become living conditions photo: Adrian Welch Project is public! Enric Miralles & Benedetta Tagliabue EMBT Smit's Bouwberdrijf BV juan-andres 39

40 photo: Jeroen Meijer photo: Jeroen Meijer A-factorij Pilotenstraat Amsterdam A former bike factory has been refurbished and extended to house offices and business units Four patios slip between the six rows with tall shed roofs of the original factory Dividing walls have been kept to a minimum in the factory hall The extra office space required is housed in three towers and an L-shaped block terminating the original factory complex Thick masonry detailing gives the towers an impression of great mass and solidity The relatively closed underside and the pouting screen above it give little inkling of the three levels they front The roof curves at the back to emulate the shed roofs of the old factory photo: Jeroen Meijer Project is not public! m² Neutelings Riedijk A Factorij CV jpmm car: A10 west exit s107 direction city, right AFokkerweg, left AFokkerweg, right GVetterweg to the end, enter "eigen weg" at your own risk, around the corner is the building 40

41 photo: Ronald Tilleman photo: Studio Marco Vermeulen Gas receiving station Noordzeedijk TL Dinteloord The world's first biobased facade has been realized in Dinteloord, The Commissioned by the Tuinbouwontwikkelingsmaatschappij, architect Marco Vermeulen designed the new gas receiving station (GOS) of the Agro & Food Cluster (AFC) New Prinsenland The station is cladded with biobased panels made of Nabasco, a composite of bio resin and hemp fiber produced by NPSP Composites in Haarlem Not only fossil fuels but also fossil raw materials become scarcer The petrochemical industry is therefore eagerly looking for organic materials that can eventually replace oil based materials Out of these organic materials bi based products can be made such as paints and plastics This development is still in its early days, but will be significant for the construction industry The green materials will largely be based on organic residues from agriculture and horticulture In the future biobased economy these residues (biomass) will first be processed (valued) into usable raw materials photo: Ronald Tilleman Project is public! m² Studio Marco Vermeulen Tuinbouwontwikkelingsmaatschappi j (TOM) Brabant marcovermeulen The gas receiving station is fenced off for security reasons But the building is always rather well visible from the Noordzeedijk Since the gos stands in the middle of a greenhouse area, the car is the only good option 41

42 Paint it red Beneluxlaan BJ Almere Built in the new district Almere Poort, this apartment building is a real eye catcher Realized on a triangular lot the building tapers off to a narrow facade It consists of 5 floors with 22 apartments for starters Public access unknown! 2010 General consultant KuiperCompagnons Reinald Bosman ea De Alliantie archimere photo: Arnold van Harmelen 42

43 Polderland garden of love and fire Pampushout/Oostvaardersdijk/Pampushavenweg - Almere This quiet meditation garden completed in 1992 is located in the 'town without a history' of Almere, The The garden consists of an observation platform, three narrow water canals, and a fourth dry channel on which an oblong volume is resting These lines direct themselves toward three particular locations: Salamanca, Paris, and Almere They signify a world location in which love (Juan de la Cruz) and fire (Paul Celan) intersect in Almere's future The inscribed ciphers refer to the encounter between Juan de la Cruz and Paul Celan in the newly reclaimed land They become readable at precisely those times when the materiality of forms dissolves into oblivion - Daniel Libeskind photo: Arnold van Harmelen Project is public! 1992 Daniel Libeskind City of Almere archimere Always 43

44 photo: Arnold van Harmelen photo: Arnold van Harmelen Meerfase dwellings Wessel Lickenstraat RD Almere This housing project was designed for families to use at various stages of their life time cycle They get their industrial look by the use of aluminum panels They are situated in the 'Muziekwijk' (the musical district) of Almere Public access unknown! photo: Arnold van Harmelen 1990 Teun Koolhaas Associates Housing corporation 'Goede stede' archimere 44

45 Bombardon school Simon van Collumstraat NA Almere After realizing his Amsterdam schools Hertzberger is one of the few architects who is able to experiment with new types of school buildings within the extremely tight budget The two major schools he is building in Almere both have a linear character, where the classrooms are arranged along an elongated, open central area where the activities take place In The 'Polygoon' the open space is filled with amenities which cross the space like a backbone This backbone is connected with air bridges to a roof garden on the premises The 'Bombardon' which consists of 20 classrooms can be seen as an extrusion of the Apollo schools, wherein oblique steps and bridges cut through the open central region photo: Arnold van Harmelen Project is not public! 1995 Herman Hertzberger ASG Almere archimere 45

46 photo: Arnold van Harmelen photo: Arnold van Harmelen The City Traverse TK Almere The most conspicuous aspect of this building is its orange-brown skin, in combination with the horizontally pivoted shutters which can be opened fully or partly With the shutters closed, the building presents a windowless appearance The shutters help create a division between the leisure-seeking public realm and the privacy of the apartments, while also giving the facade a lively relief Project is not public! 2005 Developer Developer Van Sambeek & Van Veen Blauwhoed MAB Development Almere City Council archimere photo: Arnold van Harmelen 46

47 photo: architour photo: architour IJdock IJdok 1013 MM Amsterdam The masterplan for the IJDock, a mixed-use complex of 89,000 square metres, was devised by Dick van Gameren and Bjarne Mastenbroek of SeArch The process started with a volume of maximum size and height, which then was excavated to create individual buildings Sightlines, views of the surrounding neighbourhoods, transportation access and the on-water location influenced the design of the sculptural volume Planning of the individual buildings was handed off to Claus en Kaan en for the Palace of Justice, Jan Bakers and Ben Loerakker for the Hotel, and Zeinstra van Gelderen for the Water Police Offices, apartments and office spaces A marina provides space for boat slips and improves water-based travel and connectivity photo: Matthijs Borghgraef Project is public! 2012 Main designer, Dick van Gameren search Roderick 47