2017 TAC Cup Fitness Testing Day

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1 2017 TAC Cup Fitness Testing Day Maribyrnong Secondary College, Melway Map 28 A10 Saturday 11 th March, 2017 Dandenong Stingrays to arrive by 8.00am & meet at the Theatre, off River St no later than 8.15am. Estimated finish time for Dandenong Stingrays is 12.30pm

2 General Information Welcome to the 2017 TAC Cup Pre-Season Fitness Testing Day. All players and staff need to be in attendance 30 mins prior to their first official activity. At 8.15am Dandenong Stingrays players to assemble near the Theatre (where the Education will take place) see map included. Players are to take their bags to the Education session. As a Region we will be assigned a room in the morning whilst you are in the Education session (Peter Bainbridge will direct you all after the Education session has been completed) All Dandenong Stingrays players arrive wearing running shorts or black Stingrays playing shorts, Your Stingrays 2017 summer training singlet, shorts (female) and runners designed for testing. All the testing will be done in your 2017 Pre-Season Stingrays singlet. For your head shot your 2017 playing jumper will be handed out where you get your photos and needs to be returned straight after your photo. Players to bring a warm top for down time. If you are attending TAC Cup Fitness Testing, AFLV need to get a headshot of each of you. The photographer will be in the foyer area/testing area and will be getting one of each LISTED Dandenong Stingrays Player can you please ensure you get this done before leaving (otherwise Peter Bainbridge will need to chase you!) You MUST be photographed in your playing jumper (which Peter Bainbridge will have on the day) After the education session a class room will be made available to each region. It is hoped that we will receive a key, however regions should ensure they have a nominated Security person (just in case) who will be responsible to make sure home area is secure. (Peter Bainbridge) Players to limit the number of valuables you are bringing wallet, phones etc. Limited seating around the testing venues will be available and priority will be given to AFL club recruiters in attendance, therefore parents are discouraged from attending. Parents: The coffee shop will be available within the stadium; however Highpoint Shopping Centre is conveniently located next door. Warm up areas will be available and time provided Lunch will be provided for all Dandenong Stingrays players in attendance. Please make sure you have paid Peter Bainbridge your $10.00 prior to the day. The official car park entrance will be Gordan Street (see map) - 2 -

3 Time Gippsland Dandenong Bendigo 8:00 AM Arrival Arrival Arrival 8:30 AM Education Education Education 10:00 AM Warm Up Warm Up Warm Up 10:15 AM Sprint HT, WT VJ Photo Agility 10:45 AM Agility Sprint HT, WT VJ Photo 11:15 AM VJ Photo Agility Sprint HT, WT 11:45 AM Beep Beep Beep 12:00 PM Beep Beep Beep 12:15 PM Beep Beep Beep - 3 -

4 TAC Squad TAC Girls No. First Name Surname DOB TAC Club 2 Jackson ALLEN 03-Mar-99 Dandenong 48 Zak BARRETT 1-Mar-99 Dandenong 1 Josh BATEMAN 6-Feb-99 Dandenong 30 Hunter CLARK 26-Mar-99 Dandenong 54 Oscar CLAVARINO 22-May-99 Dandenong 13 Campbell HUSTWAITE 20-Sep-00 Dandenong 58 Jesse DAVIES 7-Jun-99 Dandenong 59 Luke DAVIES-UNIACKE 8-Jun-99 Dandenong 57 Riley D'ARCY 28-Dec-99 Dandenong 60 Tom DE KONING (inj) 16-Jul-99 Dandenong 62 Ty ELLISON 23-Jan-99 Dandenong 71 Mitchell SMITH 10-Apr-00 Dandenong 64 Tom HOGAN 4-Jun-99 Dandenong 65 Darcy HOPE 21-Feb-99 Dandenong 15 Dylan MORRIS (?) 21-Jun-99 Dandenong 69 Angus PATERSON 3-Sep-99 Dandenong 20 Jarrod SMITH 21-May-99 Dandenong 21 William SMITH 25-Oct-99 Dandenong 74 Oliver WALSH 5-Jul-99 Dandenong 45 Kye WHITFORD 19-Mar-99 Dandenong 46 Lachlan YOUNG 6-Apr-99 Dandenong 5 Ali ZIJAI 6-Jun-99 Dandenong 80 Mason de WIT 05-Mar-98 Dandenong 96 Bailey MORRISH 18-May-98 Dandenong 81 Tom MURPHY (inj) 19-Jan-98 Dandenong 38 Lachlan McDONNELL 22-May-00 Dandenong 78 Tom ROBERTS 24-Nov-98 Dandenong 35 William HAMILL 17-Nov-00 Dandenong 17 Jai NANSCAWEN 31-Mar-00 Dandenong 16 Reid NANSCAWEN 31-Mar-00 Dandenong 19 Jamie PLUMRIDGE 12-Jan-00 Dandenong 41 Mitchell RIORDAN (?) 25-Jan-00 Dandenong 70 Bailey SCHMIDT 7-Mar-00 Dandenong 23 Jai TAYLOR 1-May-00 Dandenong 77 Bailey WILLIAMS (inj) 17-Oct-00 Dandenong 32 Sam FLETCHER (inj) 27-Jan-00 Dandenong 47 Alex YOUNG 15-Apr-00 Dandenong 4 Toby BEDFORD 27-May-00 Dandenong 89 Daniel FRAMPTON 19-Aug-00 Dandenong 6 Riley BOLAND 6-May-00 Dandenong 52 Riley BOWMAN 25-Feb-00 Dandenong 26 Bailey ANGWIN 10-Aug-00 Dandenong 27 Will ANTONIE 14-Feb-00 Dandenong 63 Corey ELLISON 24-Aug-00 Dandenong 12 James HICKEY 29-Feb-00 Dandenong 16 Chloe ANDERSON 11-Oct-99 Dandenong YG 3 Dayna SMITH 24-Dec-99 Dandenong YG 7 Georgia GEE 28-Oct-99 Dandenong YG 11 Bridie KENNEDY 23-Sep-99 Dandenong YG 13 Sophie PHILLIPS 30-Jul-99 Dandenong YG - 4 -

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