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1 washington DC Projects 11 Created 02-Feb-12 By kudret kuddus, Shanghai, China MODAA Culver City, SPF:a housing, museum, office UW Medicine Research Complex Pentagon Memorial Arizona Science Center Otaniemi University of Technology (TKK) 4 National Gallery of Art East Building 8 Syracuse Center of Excellence 9 The Standard Hotel New York 10 New York, Ennead s hotel 5 NYU Department of Philosophy 11 New York, Steven Holl auditorium, library, university 6 The Gateway 12 Singapore, Singapore IM Pei commercial space, office Espoo, Finland Alvar Aalto auditorium, library, university Hidden House Syracuse, Toshiko Mori housing, laboratorium, office Phoenix, Antoine Predock museum 3 Arlington, Kaseman Beckman Advanced Strategies memorial space, sculpture Los Angeles, Standard private house Seattle, Perkins and Will health care, laboratorium, university 2 7 Washington, IM Pei museum this page is part of Mi guide 'washington DC' made by kudret kuddus, Shanghai, China 1

2 MODAA Washington Boulevard 8609 Culver City California The Museum of Design Art + ure in Culver City is a three storey mixed-use building that seeks "to publicly explore the synergistic relationship between design, art, and architecture" Along the street level, the building houses the offices of Studio Pali Fekete architects (SPF:a), the architects of the buildings, as well as a cafe/wine bar and the MODAA gallery Upstairs, seven live and work residences span the entire length of the structure, housing SPF:a's two principal architects and six independent businesses Although the project is new, it has quickly established itself as a focal point for the architecture community in Southern California 2005 SPF:a rtaube Monday - Friday: From the 10 Freeway, exit at La Cienega Boulevard and head south Turn right onto Washington Boulevard; the building will be a few blocks down on your right this page is part of Mi guide 'washington DC' made by kudret kuddus, Shanghai, China 2

3 UW Medicine Research Complex Mercer Street 815 Seattle Washington Located near the south shore of Lake Union, the University of Washington Medicine Research Complex brings together nearly 950 scientists into a collaborative research environment The buildings are designed to earn the equivalent of LEED certification due to its many sustainable, high-performance features These include the use of 'chilled beams' as a highly efficient radiant cooling system that reduces energy costs, as well as lighting control systems Significant natural day-lighting in laboratory areas is guaranteed, exterior sun shades limit solar gain and reduce energy use There are commuter showers and bike storage lockers, and low VOC materials to optimize indoor air quality as well Structural engineer Client Perkins and Will Magnusson Klemencic Associates UW Medicine rtaube From I-5, exit at Mercer street and head west Turn left onto 9th street and you will be along side it From Highway 99, also exit at Mercer street, and merge onto 9th street this page is part of Mi guide 'washington DC' made by kudret kuddus, Shanghai, China 3

4 photo: Josh Howell photo: Rgb48 Pentagon Memorial Army Navy Dr & Fern St Arlington Virginia The Pentagon Memorial is dedicated to the 184 people who were killed when hijacked Flight 77 struck the headquarters of the Department of Defense on September 11, 2001 It is an hauntingly understated Modernist design comprised of a series of steel and granite benches or 'memorial units', marking the names of each of the victims With mathematical precision, the units are aligned to the flight path of Flight 77 Those who died in the plane are represented by benches facing the Pentagon and those who died within the Pentagon are represented by benches facing out They are arranged in rows according to the year of birth of the victim, the years ranging from 1930 to 1998 The sound of water, rushing beneath all of the benches cleverly provides an auditory connection between those memorialized It is best viewed in the evening or at night, when the water beneath is illuminated, creating a grid of light that spills across the gravel giving a distinctly moving sight photo: Rudy Setiawan 2008 Kaseman Beckman Advanced Strategies rtaube 24/7 The Washington DC Metro is the easiest way to access the Pentagon Memorial Both the Blue and Yellow lines run to the Pentagon Using those lines, exit at the Pentagon stop and follow the signs to the Memorial Gateway this page is part of Mi guide 'washington DC' made by kudret kuddus, Shanghai, China 4

5 Arizona Science Center E Washington St 600 Phoenix Arizona This museum in Phoenix, completed in 1997, houses exhibition space, a demonstration theater, a special format film theater and a planetarium, along with educational and support facilities The building blends, in an abstract manner, influences drawn from geological events with site-specific concerns and urban opportunities Silhouette and horizon merge with the phenomena of light, water, reflection and mirage The resulting architecture is a highly processional and participatory journey, beginning with a descent into the earth in the entrance courtyard and transition into sheltered light in the lobby, culminating in a celebration of the sky in the peak gallery with its celestial viewing terrace By sinking galleries, planetarium, theater and curatorial spaces into the earth, thermal stability and enhanced coolness is assured while setting the stage for the building's other passive energy responses (text from architect's website) 1996 Antoine Predock rtaube 10 am to 5 pm from I-10, exit 7th Street and head south The museum is on the corner of 7th and Washington St this page is part of Mi guide 'washington DC' made by kudret kuddus, Shanghai, China 5

6 photo: Lydia Gonzalez Dios photo: Lydia Gonzalez Dios Otaniemi University of Technology (TKK) Otakaari Espoo Finland Alvar Aalto designed the campus for the Otaniemi Technical University in Espoo, Finland between 1949 and 1966 Aalto's buildings for the university include the main building, the library, the shopping centre, and the water tower, with a crescent-shaped auditorium at the center "The focal point of this university centre is the auditorium building with two large halls (also intended for congresses) Its staircase-like ascending rows of windows suggest from the outside and amphitheatre All tuition rooms are in adjacent buildings grouped about small internal courts, and here are also found the smaller lecture-rooms, laboratories and professors' rooms The centre is divided into three principal departments: general, geodetic and architectural The chief materials are dark red brick, black granite and copper" From: Egon Tempel New Finnish ure New York, Washington: Frederick A Praeger, 1968 p photo: Lydia Gonzalez Dios Alvar Aalto gonzalezdioslydia Campus area open for visitors Main building: Mon-Thu , Fri (June 1 - August 31 Mon-Fri 8-16); Enquiries +358 (0) Library: Mon-Fri 8-21, Sat 9-16 (June 1 - August 31 Mon 8-18, Tue-Fri 8-16) Shopping center: open in business hours Watertower: exterior only this page is part of Mi guide 'washington DC' made by kudret kuddus, Shanghai, China 6

7 photo: Sahil Latheef photo: Sahil Latheef National Gallery of Art East Building 4th and Constitution Avenue NW 4 Washington District of Columbia On one of the most sensitive sites in the, on the Mall at the foot of the Capitol, the National Gallery of Art requested an expansion facility to complement the existing National Gallery Programmatically two different buildings were required: a museum to house large, travelling exhibitions and to provide the infrastructure and ceremonial spaces lacking in the early twentieth-century building, and also a separate study centre / office facility In solution, the trapezoidal site was sliced into two triangles, one for each function, with a triangular atrium unifying the whole In plan, section and elevation, the interlocking volumes merge inseparably in a spatial dialogue of rigorous geometry, technical innovation and exacting craftsmanship Floor area/size m² Landscape designer Services engineer Structural engineer Client IM Pei Dan Kiley Office Syska & Hennessy Weiskopf & Pickworth National Gallery of Art Sahil_Latheef photo: Sahil Latheef Monday - Saturday: 10: / Sunday: 11: / The Gallery is closed on December 25 and January 1 The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, located on the National Mall at 7th Street and Constitution Avenue NW, is bounded by Constitution Avenue and Madison Drive and by 7th and 9th Streets NW this page is part of Mi guide 'washington DC' made by kudret kuddus, Shanghai, China 7

8 photo: Benny Chan photo: Benny Chan Hidden House Dahlia Avenue 3521 Los Angeles California Hidden House offers the ultimate country living experience in the middle of an urban environment A modern residence located in the Mt Washington/Glassell Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles, it maintains as much of the existing structure as possible, both minimizing code complications and the environmental footprint of the project Featuring several sustainable materials and features, the design of the house is arranged around two main courtyards The main living spaces, including the original two-bedroom cottage converted into the living and dining room, open up onto the interior courtyard, while the exterior courtyard looks out over the city in the distance Standard was able to double the size of the house adding a new kitchen, family room, office, garage, master suite and kids bedroom while still leaving space for additional rooms at a later date The self-contained cubes are arranged around the original footprint in such a way that they make order of the disorder photo: Benny Chan Project is not public! Floor area/size m² Standard secretagentpr this page is part of Mi guide 'washington DC' made by kudret kuddus, Shanghai, China 8

9 photo: Toshiko Mori photo: Toshiko Mori Syracuse Center of Excellence East Washington 727 Syracuse New York The LEED-Platinum-designed SyracuseCoE HQ will act as a living laboratory, house office space for staff and partners, and demonstrate new technological innovations in SyracuseCoE's core focus areas of clean and renewable energy, indoor environmental quality, and water resource management Selected sustainability features include: rainwater collection, a green roof, demand-controlled ventilation, highly insulated glass windows, environmental contamination re mediation and ground source heating and cooling The building s proposed form and landscape are intended as a green urban intervention which will serve as an anchor to the connective corridor between downtown Syracuse and Syracuse University Counter to a traditional introverted research lab, the Center of Excellence laboratories open themselves up to the surrounding city photo: Syracuse Center of Excellence Public access unknown! Floor area/size m² Toshiko Mori SyracuseCoE this page is part of Mi guide 'washington DC' made by kudret kuddus, Shanghai, China 9

10 The Standard Hotel New York Washington Street 848 New York New York ne Standing over The High Line, the concrete building of the Standard Hotel New York reminds of Le Corbusier's works The integration at public space level turns this building into more than just another addition to the NY skyline, becoming an urban piece of the Meatpacking District and a detonator of the current renovation of the area The 20-storey building includes 337 rooms, a restaurant (The Standard Grill) and a bar (The Living Room) The interiors were designed by NY-based architects Roman and Williams Associate architect Ennead s Roman and Williams pkrajewski_pl photo: Piotr Krajewski this page is part of Mi guide 'washington DC' made by kudret kuddus, Shanghai, China 10

11 photo: Frankss photo: Frankss NYU Department of Philosophy Washington Place 5 New York New York This project is the complete interior renovation of an 1890 corner building for the consolidation of the NYU's Department of Philosophy within a concept which organizes the new spaces around light and phenomenal properties of materials A new stair shaft below a new skylight joins the 6-level building vertically with a shifting porosity of light and shadow that change seasonally Prismatic film was installed on the south-facing stairwell windows which occasionally break the sunlight into a prismatic rainbow The Ground level, utilized by the entire University, contains a new curvilinear wooden auditorium on a cork floor The upper level floors contain Faculty Offices and Seminar Rooms which are done in different shades and textures of black & white, according to the texts in Ludwig Wittgenstein's book 'Remarks on Colour' The building exists within the NoHo Historic District and is part of the NYU campus within Greenwich Village and is sited on access to Washington Square Park photo: Frankss Project is not public! Floor area/size m² Interior architect Security consultant Lighting designer Structural engineer Acoustics consultant Client Steven Holl CH Guernsey & Company Renfro Design Group Robert Silman Associates Shen Milsom & Wilke New York University Franks 8th St/NYU Station is 2 blocks north east of the department this page is part of Mi guide 'washington DC' made by kudret kuddus, Shanghai, China 11

12 photo: Nazar Leskiw photo: Sara Caris The Gateway Beach Road Singapore Singapore The project consists of two basements covering an area of approximately 160m x 93m and two identical parallelogram tower blocks each 37 storeys tall The form of the towers is similar to the form used by I M Pei in the National Gallery of Art East Building in Washington, DC The twin-tower development of this site is intended to signify symbolically the 'Gateway' to Singapore Therefore the two buildings are named 'The Gateway East' and 'The Gateway West' Locals refer to the buildings as "two towering cardboard boxes" The buildings are detailed in a way that If you see them from a certain angle they seem to be two-dimensional Project is not public! Floor area/size m² Main designer, Client IM Pei CKSP architects Gateway Land Arch1Day photo: Sara Caris The the Singapore MRT East West Line to the Bugis MRT Station (EW12) From there, walk southeast along Rochor Road until you see the Gateway Building on your left, after the intersection with Beach Road this page is part of Mi guide 'washington DC' made by kudret kuddus, Shanghai, China 12