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2 ESTABLISHED Head Office: Queen City Chambers, Church St., Toronto. DIRECTORS: H('(iH ticott. President. THOS. WALMti1.E1'. Vice-Presldent. HJN JU9tICE, 1Al'LENNAN, JOHN 1). CHIPMAN. J. U. SCOTT 4Lsler of Tltles. Ratio of Surplus Assets Alone to amount at Risk 3.68 Per Cent. R. F. DAVIS, ACENT. Head Ofiice : FIRE AND PLATE GLASS. FOUNDED IN Church Street, Toronto. L. W. SMITH. K C., 1) C L. President ticott & W ALM5LEV, Underuriters and Managers Jl)5. N'AL.NMLEY, Assistant 8ecret.r3. LOSSES EQUITABLY ADJUSTED AND PROMPTLY PAID. JAMES (inluie. President THOS. WAL.MSLEV, Treasurer. R. F. DAVI S, AGIE N7. ESTABLISHED Head Office : 32 Church Street, Toronto. J. L. SPI\K. 9ce President. HU(iH SI.OTT, Manager and Secretary. AI)AN AUSrIN, Inspector. Assurers with this Company have Made a SavinQ of over 8188, The Fire Insurance Exchange Corporation. ESTABLISHED Head Office: Queen City Chambers, Toronto. FREDERICK WYLD, President. R W. ELLIOf, Vice-Presideat. SCOTT & WALMSLEY, Managers and Underwriters. RATES FIXED WITH AN INTELLIGENT ESTIMATE OF THE HAZARD ASSUMED R. F. DAVIS, AGIENT. SCOTT & WALMSLEY, UNDERWRITERS. W. GLUE GLUE, SAUSAGE CASINGS HA R R IS&CO. MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS OF SAUSAGE CASINGS AND FERTILIZERS. Cash paid for Green Cattle Feet, Pork and Beef Cracklings, Etc. Correspondence Solicited. Office and Factories: DANFORTH AVE., TORONTO, CAN. LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE, NORTH The Toronto Cold Storage Co. (UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT) Specially Fitted up with Separate Rooms for the Storage of Eggs, Butter, Cheese, Etc. Also Freezing Rooms for the Storage of Poultry, Game, Venison, Etc. OPEN AT ALL TIMES FOR INSPECTION TO INTENDING PATRONS. W. HARR I S & C O. PROPRIETORS. OFFICES AND WAREROOMS: TORONTO, 5-13 Church St LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE, MAIN 1831.


4 Adelaid STREET DIRECToRT Albert li soot aceoantant agt. agent. agrl. Impts. agricultural implements. appr. apprentice ssn. association. eut. attestant. ttnit. attendent. av. avenue. bds. boards. barr. barrieter. kse. boarding bot.se. bet. between. bkpr. book-keeper. bldg. building. bldr. bulkier. btchr. butcher. 0.P.R. Canadian Pac Ry. sarp. carpenter. elk clerk. coll, collector. corn, mer. commission chant. comp. compositor. oomr. commissioner. cond. conductor. «cfr. confectioner. confy. confectionery. contr. contractor. eer. corner. co. county. tees. ereacent. O. H. Custom House. dept department dopy. deputy. dom. domestic. Dom. Exp. Dominion draankr. dressmaker. e. east e. s. east side. eng. engineer. tt. foot of. FOR INDEX SEE END OF BOOK. ABBREVIATIONS. gdnr. gardener. geul. general. gro. grocer. In. Rev. Inland Revenue. Insp. Inspector. JwIr. Jeweller. lab. laborer. Idg. wtr /sliding wafter. In. lane. Indrs. laundress. Ltd. limited. nth. lithographer. Ire. lires, used for those living with parents or other relatives mach, machinist. mkr. maker. meser. messenger. mfg. manufacturing. mistr. manatee. mkt. gdnr. market gardener. mint. milliner. mldr. moulder. mnfr. manufacturer. mngr. manager. mum. tchr. music teacher. n. north. n.-e. northeast. n. s. north aide. n.-w. northwest. nr. near. opt), oppoalte. opr. operator. pntr. painter. pdir. peddler. photo. photographer. Expres phy. physician. pl. place. pier. plasterer. plmbr. plumber. P. O. Poet Office. pres. president prin. principal. prop. proprietor. prtr. printer. pro. med. proprietary medicine preys. provisions. pubir. publisher. res. residence. rot. retail. Rev. Reverend. Me. rooms. sdlr. saddler. sledy. saleslady.!damn. salesman. s. e. side entrance. 5.-e. southeast. as. south side. 5.-w. southwest sec. bd. gds. second-band gooda, sec. secretary. sew. mach. sewing machinu. so. square. suit. student. stn. station. trtenogr. stenographer. supt. superintendent. tir, tailor. tirs. talloress. tchr. teacher. tmstr. teamster. tel. telegraph or telephone. ter. terrace. tinner, tinsmith. tu. township. trans. transportation. trais. treasurer. nphol. upholsterer. yet surg. veterinary surgeon. w. west. w. e. wee ede. wbol. wholesale. wid. widow. KINGSTON Street Directory. ADELAIDE. wrest from Montreal to Alfred. let north of James. 10IITH SIDE Not built on ZOE TH SIDE Not opened to Division Lansdowne st Intersects %Vilkinson George Sammons Isaac Houston Martha (wid Andrew) ALBERT. north from King to Fair Grounds, fifth nest of Barrie. EAST SIDE Stuart st ends Hooper Richard J Medley William H Forster John R Union st intersects 33 Hagerman Robert P 37 Bond Angus F 81 Wrenshall Charles E Earl st intersects lot Scanlan Mary (wid John P) 115 Val-di Mary Iwitl Lawrence F) 117 Ludlow Richard 277 Chapman Hardy E 119 Doyle Ellen (wid Patrick) 121 Gillespie James 125 Boyd Solomon Johnston st intersect» Knapp Dixon S Cottle Miss G M Brock st intersects Victoria Park Mack st intersects Shibley 'Rev Samuel l'immer John 201 Marshall Eliza J (wid John) 205 Burnside Noel Mulligan William 209 Davidson Rachel (wid Bryce T) 211 Alexander Robert 213 Freneh William Sherbineau W Robert 217 Morden Rev Dorland X 219 Vacant Princess st intersects 505 Ramsay Elizabeth (wid George) 507 Campbell John 511 Wright Annie ( wid George) 515 Fox (2 Albert 517 Hutcheaon James E 337 Veale Elijah 5:11) McAllister Alexander 555 McKane William 557 Orr John tal 58 Go 94 SO4 31' Cal WEST SIDE Macgillivray John, PhD Hughes William S Madill James A Union st w intersects Gaskin Thomas Ilirley Mary P (wid Frank) Itobin..on Christopher Campbell Frank M Craig William A Grass Francis P, dairy Dales John N Dobbs John R C Earl st intersects Downey Robert McConville Arthur Doyle Naney I wid John) Shannon James P Cruse John Reid Mary (wid Matthew) Johnston st intersects N'acant Brock st intersects Graham Sarah (wid James) Graham Henry A Graham James J Mack st intersects Cannon George D Chown Sara h o Wrn ) Cruse William H Marcelis William A Simmons William G Moncrieff George Lemmon John Princess st Methodist Church Princess st intersects Perry Oscar R Caldback John H

5 12 Alfred STREET DIRECTORY Alfred Alfred STREET DIRECTORY Bas«ALFRED. north from Alice to Colacession Roud, Ist west of University attenue. EAST SIDE 65 Bassam Wm E 67 Mooney Mlbs Isabel 75 Fraser Norman F 77 Vacant 79 Colict Ivo L A, contractor Vacant house (rear) 61 \\ il on Joseph 83 Mcltae Alexander D Union st w interaects 109 Balley Ethan 13, grocer 113 Wells Wm J 117 Hughson Arthur 129 Bedford John 131 Hamilton 1,141 (wid Colin) 133 Hewton John, sr 185.Asselstine Minerva (wid Isaac F) 137 Black James 139 Weir James R 151 Moore Miss Charlotte 153 Baird Mary ( wid Robt ),. bdg hse 157 Miller Wm H 159 Smallridge Mary A (wid Geo N) Linon John W, contractor 161 Connell James 163 Anglin Francis R Earl st intersecta 163 Litton Charles S, grocer 165 Rowe Wyman 167 Robinson Elizabeth W (wid Geo A) 177 Porteous Christina (wid George) 179 Dickson Charles T 381 Murphy John 185 Small Mrs Mary 201 Allen William J C 203 Paul John 203 (a) Snowdon Wm, contractor 203 Downev Patriek 207 StaceiMiss Elizabeth 209 Sweet man Agnes I wid Charles) 211 McKee Joseph. painter Johnston st intersects 229 Snodden Alexander 235 Cays Duncan A 237 Wright Charles 239 King Major Wm 241 Martin Alfred R 243 Booth Capt Edward A, Jr 295 Lambert Thomas Brock st intersects 273 Rowland Thomas, cab owner 277 Crawford Samuel 279 Tvner Annie (wid Wm W) 281 Mundell William 285 Gallivan Anastasia (wid John) 293 McLeod James 295 McLeod James B 301 Barry Dorinda (wid James F) 303 Yule James 805 Conroy Michael 307 Taylor Jeremy 309 Ross Rev Donald Princess st intersects 347 Elllott Frank 349 Wolfe Arnold 351 Cooke Charles H 353 Lake Dr Elmer J 35.1 Folger lied A 359 Harkes John 361 Briggs Charlotte wid Nicholas) 365 Caldhack Martha (wid James) 369 Collacott Caroline (wid John J) 387 Pigion Richard, market garden Elm st interescta 427 Hyland Samuel, contractor 429 Ait ken Henry 433 Vacant 437 Adsit George 439 Betts Alfred 441 Saunders James G Mitchell Jandes A York st intersecte Pine st enda Stanley st enda 487 Tolhurst William Adelalde st enda WEST SIDE Sixth Sizth st ends Union st w intersecta Victoria School Cruse James G, caretaker Collegiate lnstitute Collegiate Institute Earl st interaecti 172 Booth Capt Edward A, sr 176 Stewart Thomas H 17S Ilig.1 4 John S iro Brydge John 182 Gilbert John 184 Roche Edward K 200 Darragh Hugh 202 Roadley Joseph 204 Purdy Mrs Samuel 206 Hall David Ibizeau Franeois X. tent mnfr, rear 208 Moon Charles 210 Bazeau Frank H. grocer Bazeau Francois X 214 Claies William J 216 Rird Frank M - 18 Lawler James 220 Asselstine William H Johnston st intersects 214 Sherbineau Joseph ma Murray Alfred Gordon Wm S '1 4?, Craio William 248 Pannell Wm S 27,0 11 von. Edward 252 Manhard Etta (wid Alonzo) 254 Asseistine John 258 Ilissop.John 26o Newman Joseph A Brook st Intersecto Victoria Park Mack st commencen 322 Smith Joseph A B 324 Jones John E 326 Q iii ratiei Meek Miss Sarah, dressmaker 336 Adams James Princess st intersects 364 Bartels Oscar V 366 Kelley James 368 Carroll William 370 De Carteret Clement 372 Cott r Frances (wid James L) 374 Ferri» Jonathan P H 376 Ferguson Sarah Ii (wid Wrn, B) 378 McDonald Daniel W 380 Berney James 382 Geddes William Armstrong George A 386 Lyons William H 388 Sears Edgerton F 390 Franklin Charles D 392 Roughton Stephcn 394 Hoag Frank J Elm St intersects 428 Volume Anne E (wid James) 436 Itobbs Ephraini York st intersects Fair grounds ALICE. *veut from nlversity Av. to Albert. 2nd north of Klug. NORTH SIDE Goodwln Prof William L Murray Sarah (wid Rev William) Alfred st commences Murray David B. SOUTH SIDE Ireland Francis C Knight Prof Archibald P King J George ALMA. north from York to Baiaclava alonst the west Ide of Frontenac Park. EAST SIDE Frontenac Park s'est SIDE 12 Moon Robert T 16 McLaughlin Thomas 18 Guay Joseph 20 Downes James 22 Purtell James J 28 Morrissey John 34 Fanning Patrick, carter Patrick st commences ANN. 'veut from Main to Vine, second amorti' of Colborne. NORTH SIDE 7 Jarvis John H SOUTH BIDE 8 Burns Thomas 10 Clark George 12 Quigley Thomas 14 Cockade Catherine (wid Wm G) *RAUH. north front Stuart to talon. let west of Barrie, EAST SIDE "Queenscote," Richard T Walkem 21 Koen Frank 23 Craig Miss Sarah 25 Pidgeon Richard P 27 Hyett Charlotte (wld Wm) 29 Walls Miss Mary Deacon st ends 45 Kirby Villiarn K 47 Ash John B 51 Shen William 53 Ada Capt William 55 Percy Thomas 57 Healey Thomas 59 Mundell Mary (wld David) 61 Power Thomas R P 65 Packer Alfred 69 Coffey Thomas 77 Wilton Henry A 79 spencer \Vin WEST MIDI: Queen's College and University Queens University, Med Faculty Kingston School of Mining and Agriculture Gordon Very Bey Daniel M Dyde Prof S Walters Watson Prof John Kingston Skating Rink 60 Purily David 62 Walker Jane (wid John) 64 O'Donnell Mary A (wid Patrick) 66 and 68 Vacant 72 De la Roche Arthur 74 McKenna Miss Helen 76 Compton James Smit Thomas SO Cooper Mary (wid John) 84 Angrove Henry Jr 86 Warwick Caroline L (wid Chas J1 ARTILLERY PARK, lingot opp Bar.. rack. BAGOT. north from City Park t James. 4th went of the harbor. EAST SIDE 107 Harty Hon Win, MP Bermingliam Mary A (wid James) 109 Leslie ('ait.1 Norman S 115 Shaw Felix 117 Brooks Mrs Annie S. bdg hse Gore st ends 125 Smith Charles 127 Machar Caroline (wid John M)

6 14 Bagot STREET DIRECTORY Bagot 129 Laturney James jr 133 Porter Charles 137 Clayton Martin Earl at intersects 151 Patterson Henry T 153 Sexamith Robert 155 Aldrich Martin 157 Goodearle Capt John L 161 Beatty Charles 163 Jefferson J Wesley 165 Walker Herbert L 167 Oliver Charles G 169 McDonald James B William at intersects St Vincent Academy (for girls) Convent of the Congregation de Notre Dame Johnston at Intersects 211 Millar Albert H 213 Orr John 217 Rees Edward A 219 Bowen William A 225 Stone Miss Mary Nicholls Wm, V S, office and hospital Clarence E! ends Brock at intersects McMahon T & Co, wall paper 233 Lee Neung, laundry Smythe A E. collector, etc Otto C H. bookbinder 237 Tomlinson G R, electrician 239 Vacant store 241 Watt Rnhert, baker 243 Wilton Henry, harneasmaker 245 Macnee & Minnes, whol dry goods Princess at intersects 278 Robinson James S. Clerk of the let Division Court Robinson Bros, painters 279 Robinson William 281 Walker Robert H Queen at Intersects Salvatlon Army Barracks Habkirk charge Salvation Army 805 Wright Robert J 307 Aylesworth George A (:orrie.lo.,eph, Adjt John C, officer in wood dealer Barrack at ends Guard Room, B Battery Wilson. Lytle. Badgerow Co of Toronto, Ltd, vinegar mfra Ordnance at Intersects 857 Hartley William H urphy Thomas J 361 Wilton Henry 363 Newnham Sergt Thomas F 305 Graham Annie A (wid James) 367 Jarrell George Coleman Brid!+et (wid Robert J) 375 Taylor Sergt Win F 377 Gallivan 'sl J. grocer Bay at Intersects 43 Madigan Annie (wid Michael) Woods William 45 Rochefort Anthony 47 Richardson Thomas 49 Laughern James 51 %'incent Thomas 53 Doyle John J 55 Maguire Frederick 65 O'Neill Annie (wid Patrick) North at intersects 67 For+vth Francis A (13 Cannem Walter 79 Meagher Martin 81 Murphy Win J 91 Reid John M 93 Ayers Francis 95 l.awlor William 97 Donovan Eliza (wid John) 99 Brady John Raglan rd Intersects tot Waters M J, grocer l)omo hue ))aniel, baker 103 Mitchell Alexander 105 Fraser Annie (wid Schuyler S) 107 Barton Thomas 115 Redden Jeremlah 117 Nelson John 119 Graham Catherine (wid Thos) Corrigan at ends 121 Cassidy William H 123 Roushorn Almond 12,i \1'erteleky Alexander 129 Stokes Benjamin 187 Handley Wm H 139 IAinaldson J A, coal and wood Dutterin at ends Vacant wood yard Charles at Intersects Charles St Congregatlonal Church WEST SIDE 96 Henderson Lawrence L 98 Strachan Archibald loo Brock Reginald W 1t1^2 ttin+on William Spencer Levi B 101 Do, vie Miss 'Mary A 108 Hubbell Eliza J (wid Henry S) I10 \iartin William C 124 Minnes James A 126 Elmer Richard R 129 l)is ('aht.lames 1,30 Nickle Hugh C 134 McKelvey John 136 Birch Samuel 138 Mills Mary (wid James) 140 Patterson Miss Ellen Earl at Intersect) 152 G1ove* Albert, grocer t 56 Leavitt Gertrude (wid David) l58 Fahey Edward McLaughlin James H. cqnfy 164 Lawrenson Elmer Donogliue Airs Catherine, rear Bagot STREET DIRECTORY BalaClaYi La Lone Frederick J 108 Hammond Edward Vacant houses (2) rear 170 Hopkinson Edward 172 Walsh John J :74 Arniel William J 176 O'Neill Terrance 178 Anderson Miss M A. dressmkr William et Intersects i8o Sands W W, physician 182 White Eliza (wid Win) 184 Shea Margaret (wid Michael) 186 Maguire Miss Mary 192 O'Connor John 194 :11e51illan Robert C 200 Graham Christopher J 202 Graham \larian (wid John 204 Gue+s Leighton 206 Massie James, vat surgeon 208 Morrison C A, physician Johnston at intersects 208 Downey Timothy, shoemaker 210 McFedridge William, btchr 214 McCormack & Gavine, upholsterers 216 Johnson Alexander J. contr 220 Richardson Wm, blacksmith 230 liin};.,ton Milk 1)epot Brock at Intersects Guess Leighton, livery stable Ronan Thomas, undertaker 244 Rees Bros, whol fruits 246 Snook T L, barrister Chown Edwin & Son, hardware 252 Chown A & Co, hardware Canada Life Assurance Co 258 Davis James T. dentist Lake E J. oculiat and aurist Newlands \\'m, architect Princess at intersects 264 Aykroyd S A, dentist 268 McGall James, shoemaker 2^2 Milne H J, bicycle repairer 280 Hawley John A 284 Dennis Fanny (wid James) Queen at intersects Kingston Granite & Marble Works Artillery Park "B" Battery, RCA Ordnance at Intersects 360 Fowler Sergt Herbert 366 Blakley Travers, carter 368 Culhane John 270 Harris Sarah (wid Hebron) 376 Eves James, cab owner 378 Eves Bdward, cab owner Bay at Intersects 42 Corrigan Patrick 46 Cari Irwin 48 Murphy Maggie (wid James) 50 Bates John E 52 Ashley Edwin 54 Hutchings Emanuel Corrigan Daniel, grocer North at Intersects 06 Bunt Richard 70 Henderson George 72 King John 74 Belanger Frederick H y6 Cooper Charles Miller's lane commences 82 Seale John 86 biccormack Martha J (wid John) 88 Buckingham Albert 90 Taylor Richard 94 Irwin Capt Robert C 96 Cherry John Raglan road Intersects 98 Marchand Charles E loo Mann John l0 L l.oiaeau Alexander U 104 Belanger George M, painter 100 Belanger James H 108 Hepburn Robert W 110 Driscoll William J 112 Pringle Frederick 114 Crosby Susan (wid Wm) 116 Van Koughnett George 118 McIntyre Mrs John 118 (a) Rea David J 120 Young Samuel 122 Cayer Frank 124 Vacant 126 Newman Samuel J 129 Davy Robert A 180 Mallen Michael 182 McArdle Patrick John at commences 184 Doolan John 138 Harmer Alfred S 140 Keates Thomas F 142 Kane Matthew 146 Bourdeau Baptiste 148 Corrigan Bernard J 150 Kelliher Winifred (wid Maurice) 152 Bacon Henry C 154 Redmond Mogue 156 'McDermott Frederick C 158 Bourdeau James 160 Strong Anthony Charles at Intersects 166 Bennett Capt Edward 168 Devan Miss Dora t70 McCloskey James 174 Wooten J James 176 Stewart John 178 Costello Samuel ItALACLAVA. from Sydenham to Patrick along the north side of P'rontenac Park. NoaTH SIDE 18 Martin Capt Charles J 17 Hanna David 19 Bennett Alexander 21 Pritchard David J 23 Bradlev Donald Cameron Lucy (wid Daniel) Redan st commences 27 Nicholson William

7 16 BalaClava HYREET DIRECTORY Barrie Barrie STREET DIRECTORY Bath Road Appleton Robert 51 Boume John C Patrick st commences SOL TIC SIDE Frontenac Park Alma et ends BARRACK. weat from the harbor t Bagot, lind north of Princess. NORTH SIDE Tete de Pont Barracks Ontario et intersects 5 Bryant James 7 Leduc Theophras 9 Lemmon John 19 McKigney Patrick, carter 21 Young Alexander Seeley David King et intersects House side entrance 51 Susman Max 53 Kidd Robert Walsh Patrick, coal and wood Riding School Wellington st intersects 85 Anglin Samuel 87 Gallagher Mary J (wid Emanuel) st, Pound Henry W Rideau st commences 111 Baird Robert Twiss Francis, carter Battery offices and stores SOUTH SIDE M T Co 'a elevator Ontario st intersects Crawford's coal sheds King st intersects Walsh's wood yard Jubilee Hotel Wellington st intersects 92 Thurston Henry 98 Gallagher Frank, cab owner zoo Campbell James 102 Woods John NV Kennedy Timothy, carter, rear Tierney John, cartel, rear 104 Pound J Wesley 106 Davis John C no Crawford William 112 Laturney George, carter 116 Snider Mrs Jane Stigney Thomas BARRIE, north trom King( to Quebec. lut weat of City Park. EAST SIDE King st e coinmences City Park Park ave commences Cricket grounds Court House Kingston Dairy School Clergy st commences Chalmer's Church Earl st intersects 7.29 Hay Doruqd J Makins William William st intersects Johnson st intersects Brock et intersects 295 Sutherland Elizabeth (wid John) 297 Armstrong Isabella (wid John) S hiaple Row 301 Webster William 303 Burnside Mn, Susan 305 O'Connor Miss Margaret 307 Staley Capt Charles 309 Armstrong Francis G Princess st intersects 323 Orr Robert 32; Sutherland Samuel 829 McBride J Stinson 331 O'Donnell John 333 Newland! Wm Queen st intersects Colborne st intersects 883 Driver John 385 Massie William 387 Lewis Rachel (wid Joseph) Ordnance st intersects 391 Jenkin Walter A York st intersects 399 Harris David A 405 McGill Richard 407 Lamarche Dolor 409 Sullivan John 421 Connor Thomas M 429 Forbes William 435 Williams John 437 NfeNfillan William 439 Holland James B 441 Stansbury John Raglan road 447 Gilmour William G 449 Gilmour Robert 451 Scott John 453 Vick David A 455 Downey George 457 Smith Walter 459 Dutton Samuel 461 Dennie Everest John st ends Quebec st intersects Jenkins W C T, livery stable WEST SIDE intersects King st w commences 20 Chown George Y 22 Almon James C (' 24 Crawford Robert O'K111 st commences 28 Capron Prof James 28 Mathewson John P 84 Strange John 86 Strange J Montague 64 Doran Miss Bridget F 66 Murphy Kate (wid John B) 72 Kingston Ladies College 78 Kirkpatrick Alexander K Stuart et commences 80 Waldron Richard 82 Flanagan Miss Sarah E Flanagan M E, tlorist 84 Lewis Helen (wid David 8) 86 Bower John 88 Bantle William 90 Mooers Henry.94 Crews Philip B 96 Kirkpatrick Harriet B (wid W W) Deacon et commences 98 Moore Edward zoo Bass Charles L 102 Hiscock Edgar C 104 liowarth Charles 106 McFaul Robert 110 Thompson George 112 Papre William J 114 Chown Dr Albert P 116 McLeod John, contractor 120 Rieard Francis 124 Morris John 128 Bradley Franklin L 140 Roche - Herrick H 144 Dawson Daniel J 146 Kidd William G 148 Rogers R Vashon, IC C 152 Mactnorine Bev Canon J Ker Union et w commences 162 Livingston Charles 164 Mackie Alexander 170 Staley Daniel 172 Gwillim Pro( John C 174 Farrell James M 178 Briden George S 180 Phillips William H 182 Jamieson Alexander 184 McAllister Mary A (wid Jas), nurse 180 Driscoll Jeremiah 188 Wiskin Frederick 190 Brough Albert E 192 Twigg William A 194 Gilbert John, grocer 198 Veale John, baker Clergy st w commences PeIon Dennis 212 McGowan George A 218 Loucks Rev Canon 220 Wilson Joseph 224 McConville B W, butcher Earl st Intersects 226 Newbery Henry, grocer 228 Reid Thomas W 230 McMahon Andrew C 232 Sargent Thomas II 234 Hyland Margaret (wi 1 David j) 236 Caincs Jchn M 238 Paynter Robert 240 Scott Thomas 242 Patterson John 244 Killen Charles 246 Sing Doo, laundry William st intersects 246 Nesbitt Sarah (wid Jas), grocer 248 Grant Peter J 250 MeGlade Cain Peter 252 Sharpe Alexander 254 Walsh Sarah A (wid James) 256 Keenan Thomas A John- un st intersects 1:86 Derry William H 288 Leader Edward 294 Doyle Hugh, coal oil Brock IA intersects 296 Lalonde Mrs Joseph M, grocer Flynn Mrs John SOO Glenn Miss Kate 302 sill4 Nlary E %Yid Thos W) 304 Kelso Isabella (wid Ephraim) Imperial Steam Laundry Co 314 Vacant 316 Orner Miss Catherine. dressmaker 318 Clark Elizabeth (wid Wilson) 320 Henn A Delbert Bènn William Princess et intersects 332 Hunter Henry Queen st intersects 358 Stone Charles W 362 Granger Edgerton 364 Reynolds William II 366 Gogo John A 368 Knight Robert, boarding 370 Hamilton John James Thomas. grocer Colborne st intersects 374 Gilbert Albert 376 McCandless William 378 Zacks Keva 380 Wallace Robert Ordnance st intersects 398 Willey Jabez W goo Leader George E 462 Cutts George 404 De Root Alfred, grocer York st intersects 406 Vacant 408 Frayne Emily f wid Wilford/ 410 Love Albert J 412 Byron Daniel 428 Vacant 430 Kennedy William 432 Lewers William Raglan road intersects Carpenter shop Plum st commences Turcott Nicholas BARTI.F.relf. BATH ROAD. See South Bartlett St. NORTH SIDE Green Samuel McFedridge Wm SOUTH SIDE Aniev George Green John Friendship C C, market garden

8 Is Bath Road STREET DIRECTORY Brock Brock STREET DIRECTORY Brock 19 Waddington Henry Bushell R J, market garden Prison road ends BAI. west from the river to Frontenac Park. 4th north of Prince... NORTH SIDE Davis Dry Dock Co, boat bldrs Anglin S & Co., coal and lumber Vacant house Vacant house, rear Gallagher Mrs.Agnes, rear Rideau st intersects 45 Glenn Matthew 47 Armstrong William II 49 Muchmore Richard J 51 Brigden Newman 55 Donaldson. Joseph 57 Nobes John 59 Stuehen Samuel 61 Akey Charles A Bagot st intersects 73-75IGuild John, grocer 91 Woodrow Mary (wid Nelson F) 93 Methumb' John 95 Elliott Henry S 97 Henderson James E Montreal st intersects iii McCulla James 113 McFarlane Robert 115 Kelley William A Sydenham st intersects Balaclava st commences 127 McBratney Hugh SOUTH SIDE Wellington st ends Bajus Brewery Rideau st intersects 50 Woods William 1 52 Sands Thomas 54 McKenna James 56 Fannon Patrick 58 Lawler Albert J 60 Cooper Johanna (wid Charles) 62 Conley Catherine (wid James) 84 Lawrence Lucy (vvid Francis) 66 Nolan George Bagot st Intersects 90 Simmons Cant William 92 Kennedy Thomas 94 Brick Margaret (wid Bernard) 98 Vacant Montreal st intersects House of Providence Sydenham st intersects 138 Coyle James 140 Kimpson Joseph 144 Pugh Thomas 146 Prittie Robert D 148 Struthers Clinton L BEVERLY. north from King to Union. eventh weat of Barrie. EAST SIDE Givens Charles Campbell James Ragan Miss Nellie A. grocer Vacant houses (2) Vacant house LaRush Richard J Dennison Rebecca (wid John) Jamieson David Matthews William H WEST SIDE Irwin William, grocer Ryan Capt. John "Lake View," Arthur B Cunningham Wa 'kern Joseph B BREWERY LANE. rune west from 308 Wellington Street. NORTH SIDE Bajus Brewery SOUTH SIDE 2 Potter William H 4 Cummings George 6 Stansbury George A 8 Clenahan Susan (livid Wm) BROCK. sweat from the harbor to Victoria. first eolith of Prince... NORTH SIDE: Folger's dock Kingston Milling Co. flour mill Folger's General Ticket AgencY Grand Union Hotel Ontario st intersects Kennedy House 21 Exchange Hotel 25 Tait Wm, flour and feed 27 Allen R J. auctioneer A.merican Hotel 31 Kenny C W, barber 33 The Hall 35 Provincial Hotel Anchor Building 39 Godwin W H. insurance Smith H P. architect Great West Lift' Asstrance Co Kingston Cordage Co 41 Pelow Thomas H, grocer King et e intersects Wade Henry. druggist 51 McCann J S R, insurance 53 Halligan John & Co. grocers 55 Prevost Zotique, tailor Prevost Hubert, gents' furnishings 57 Keswick Restaurant Henderson J S. grocer 63 Dominion Fish Co 65 Vacant 6e-71 McKelvey & Birch, plumbers 73 Mitchell Mrs E M. dressmaker Livingston C & Bro, tailors 81 Power & Son, architects Givens it Givens. barristers Merchants' Bank Wellington st intersects 103 Keeley W J, mfg jeweler 105 Leader Miss M A, dressmaker 109 Parker's Dye Works and Laundry Hawley Thomas E I 11 Jahas Agis 113 Jackson Misses M & E, milliners 1I3 Ontario Powder Co Limited 1 1,) (b) Exchange Chambers Rigney T J. barrister Metropolitan Life Ins Co, A Kennedy, superintendent McMillan & Maguire. stock brokers 117 Peters W P & Bro, Hour and feed Queen's Hotel 129 Bibby Frederick A, livery 131 Galloway Thomas. tailor 133 McMahon T & Co. painters Bagot st intersects 147 Van Horne Thomas. blacksmith 151 McKay John. leather and hides 153 Keyes Miss Alice. dressmaker Van Luven J B, harnessmkr 161 Newman Mary A (wid Wm) 163 Ryan Edward, physician Montreal st commences Third Methodist Church 183 Ruttan Henry M 187 Chown Amelia wid Edwin) 189 Glasgow Miss Jeanie, bdg hse 191 Behan John J 193 Baxter Catherine (wid Peter) Cooke's Church 199 Kennedy Albert 201 Itibby Herbert D Vacant factory 219 Branigan Miss Margaret 221 Branigan Dennis P 223 NValker John W 235 CMBA lodge rooms 237 O'Brien Alexander Loscombe Albert E M 2.41 Johnston John R 243 Lewin Rev William 245 Halligan John 247 Jordan Prof William G 249 Fowler Elizabeth (wid Fife) 255 Williamson A R B, physician 257 Macpherson Miss Annie M Clergy st intersects 269 Dix Miss Maggie, bdg hse E71 Cousins Eliza (wid James G) 273 I.c Ileop John A 275 Carson Robert J Fire Station No Cardwell Miss Ursula B, bdg hse Barrie st intermects 305 Dougherty Miss M J, dressmaker 307 Vanasky Ellen (wid Alexander) 309 Fraser Rebecca (wid George N) 311 Kirkpatrick, George H 813 Sharpe Miss Edith 315 Hamilton Sarah I wid Robert) 317 Carroll Miss Ellen 319 Armstrong W John 321 Nancarrow Frederick 323 McMahon Miss Alice 323i Jones Catherine (wid Kelsey) 329 Nolan James 331 Stighrue (' ant Wm I) Vacant house, rear Nugent Mary (wid Robert), rear Collins Miss Kate. rear 337 Cunningham Charles, confr Division st intersects 347 Yeomans James S 349 Martin John W 353 Cook Herbert H 355 Metcalfe Hiram F 357 Boyd Capt John 359 Thompson George 361 Hughes John 3(13 Taylor Jonathan E65 Sinclair David A 367 O'Brien William Cockade William G 371 Marshall Samuel Jr 373 Fisher John 377 Bryant James R 381 RUtherford Charles 391 Singleton Thomas 393 Macdonell Aeneas D Drennan Rev Alexander 397 Bolger Miss Catherine S 399 Gardiner Edward University ave intersects 421 La Rose Henry 425 Nicholson Mary (mid David) 429 Henzy Henry 431 Ettinger John G 433 Crawford John J 439 Peters Johanna I wi(i Hugh) Alfred st intersects Victoria Park Frontenac st intersects Victoria Park Albert st intersocts Nelson st intersects SOUTH SIDE K & P Ry grounds Ontario st intersects City Buildings Market King st e intersects ç6 Burke T F, butcher Salter Joseph A. auctioneer 6o Myers H. J. pork butcher 62 Metcalfe Mrs M A. butcher 64 Moberly Mrs Wm, restaurant 66 Hall David, plumber 88 Bowen Mrs Wm A. baker 70 Adams Wm, shoemkr 72 Johnston John E 74 Green Samuel, butcher 76 Mills John H, auctioneer

9 20 Brock 8TREET DIRECTORY Centre Centre STREET DIRECTORY Cherry Goudier Wm F, furrier 82 Allen W & Son, boots and shoes 86 Walsh Michael. butcher Carnovsky W H, fruits. etc Wellington et Intersect» McRae Broc, grocers McRae W R & Co. liquors Clarence st ends Bagot st intersects Hotel Dieu Sydenham st ends Selma Place 228 Mundell D E, physician 230 Grout Rev Canon 232 Carey The Venerable Wm B, MA 234 Mackenzie George 236 Macpherson MI98 WIIlina H 238 Wade Henry 240 Cunningham Thomas 242 Fallon Dominick 244 Gamble Jennie (wid John), bdg St Mary's School Clergy st intersects St Mary's Cathedral Palace grounds Barrie st intersects 304 Turner James 306 Eimer John 310 Campbell Miss Bella 312 Sands William 314 Sands John Young.Mrs Wellington 318 Robinson Alexander 322 Vacant 824 Toohey Ann (wld Thomas) 330 Johnston John 332 Coward Mark W 334 Nolan Joseph V 336 Black Robert J 338 Pelittler J J Cyrille 340 Doyle Joseph Division st intersects 346 Vacant ehrin 348 O'Reilly Ellen (wid Patrick) 350 Murray William R 354 Connor Matilda (aid James) 356 Burns William Rayson Charlotte E (wid Robt W) 360 Richardson Mary S (wid James E) 362 Macdonald Ceorge A 304 Clugston Thomas A 372 Dick William R 374 Hughes John M 378 Mille Thomas H 380 McNamee Margaret (wld Jas), bdg 382 Sawyer Eliza J (wid Wm) 884 Daly Charles B 394 Vacant 39(1 Clugston Robert, contractor 398 Boyd Isaac 400 Smith John 404 Milton Caroline (WI() Thos M) 406 Ziegler George. jr University av intersects 408 Gray David 428 Hazlett George M 430 Vacant 432 Abernethy Alfred 934 Abernethy Wm, contractor 9:I 14 Jackson Annie I wid Thomas) 490 GIII William 442 Weller Miss Rebecca A Alfred st intersects 460 Daly Jutus W 462 Chown Charles D 464 Dunlop Herbert A 466 Singleton Arthur C McKay John A 470 Parkin Thomas M 472 Day Harriet (wid Lew:. E) 474 Horsey Catit Edwin 476 Stover Philip H Frontenac st intersects 480 Malone Capt Abraham H Albert st intersects 520 Culpack 1 Irs Barbara 522 Scriven John A Nelson et intersects CA nort h f rum 1 ork to Chestnut. second est of Barrie. Not built on CATARAQII. ukest from the rl.er to septa of Rideau. NOIRTII SIDE: Alexander George McLeod's Tannery Orchard st commences Audette John Revel) Edward J Coodberry Albert A ylsm orth Aaron Dixon Charles Railway crossing Bailey Brown Co, broom muff., Rideau st intersect» 87 Keates Thomas, carter 87 Campbell Mh hael 01 Nevens William SOUTH SIDE Dominion Cotton Mills Co Mellen James, coal and wood Vaca nt building Railway crossing Rideau st intersect» CENTRE. north from Kin, Union. Sth west of Barrie. EAST SIDE "Bellevue," James Wilson " John H Birkett west to WEST SiDE "Elmhurst." Prof D H Marshall Patterson Robert McCormick Robert McDougall John Vacant house McCormick Miss Pearl Botterell Edward Givens John Doyle James Cray Charles H McCormick Armstrong Kirkpatrick Prof StatTord CIIAPMAN. north from Queen to Colborne, let east of Division. Chapman W J, contractor CHARLES. west from Rideau to Patrick. fifth north of Bay. NORTH SIDE 9 Randall James li Hattan Archibald 13 Norris Jane (wid James) 15 Young Stephen R 17 Bickham James 19 Foubister James 21 I.a France Caroline (wid Joseph) 27 Wright Thomas A 29 Majou Jeremiah 35 Cooper Henry A 37 Grahen Thomas 39 Potter Alexander 4 1 Maxam George W Congregational Church. e e Begot at intersects Clark James McCumber John Montreal st Intersects 13 Stratford Henry, taxidermist 15 Spooner Charles N 17 Daly Catherine (wid Patrick) 21 Dalzell Thomas 25 Purtell William Si Quigley James 33 Joyce Lawrence 37 Tait Joseph. contractor 39 Newell Napoleon 49 Gallivan John 43 Collins Walter 59 Babcook James 61 Nla no ieorge re Farrell Charles 3 65 McIlroy James H 67 David Daniel SOUTH SIDE 12 Sleeth Samuel Begot st intersects Vacant over store Montreal et intersects 66 Vacant 68 Bechantal Napoleon 70 Connor John W 24 Hay David 26 Walsh Edwin 28 Robinson Webb 34 Dinsmore John C 38 Wilson Richard 42 Joyce Mary (wid Thomas) 102 Rivard Alfred 104 Reed Marshall 108 Lawler J Herbert 110 Moxley Eugene A 58 Purtell James (12 McNlanus Mary (wid John) 64 Nolan James è CHATHAM. north from Princes, to Pine. drat..est of Division. EAST SIDE Storerooms First st Intersects 45 Gates William Colborne St Intersects 51 Weaver Leslie D 59 Wilson William II 67 Crothers Mary (wid John) 69 Chalkley Emma (wid Robert) Elm st intersects Fifth st Intersects 99 Smith Edward M 101 Saunders Wm Sixth st Intel-feet» York et Interseete WEST SIDE 22 Lessen Louis, sec hd gds 24 V ill'a nt 26 Cunningham David 28 White Elizabeth I wid Joseph) SO Randall Margaret (wid Beni) First et intersects Colborne st Intersects 60 Spring Hugh Elm st Intersects Clow's Block ï Graves Mrs Charlotte, grocer 2 Mullinger Thomas 3 Birmingham Warren A 4 Birmingham John M 5 Campbell Dolluald 6 Saunders John A 7 Killen Thomas P 8 Quirt John 9 Henderson.1ames R Fifth st intersects 100 Boon John, carter Sixth et intersects Saunders Benjamin 134 Woods James 138 Buck Martha (wid Geo M) York st intersects CHERRY, north from York to north of Pine. Drat east of 1:11.1sion. EAST SIDE 3 Bouton Hanlon 5 Cottman George C 7 Wade James Chestnut st Intersects O'Brien's Quarry Quebec et intersects 35 Cannem Samuel Pine st intersects 61 Pickering William H 63 Norris Jane (wid Samuel)

10 22 Cherry FTTREET DIRECTORY Clarence Clarence STREET DIRECTORY Clergy w 65 Downey Mra Mary J 71 Eves William H WEST SInE 14 Milne Robert Chestnut et intersects Quebec et Intersects 24 Hepburn Alice 1%%til Win) 34 O'Brien Thomas Pine st intersects 60 Holland William 84 Holland Henry N 68 Nuttall Oscar A 70 Peters Joseph, blacksmith CHESTM T. northwest from Carifitie to Quebec, Brat north of York. SORTI! SIDE: Anderson John Cherry st intersects 41 'Ward William SOUTH SIDE Cherry st intersect, Buse Joseph Truesdell David W Prime st ends CLARENCE. test from the harbor to junction of Begot and Brock Street.. Bert went of Market. NORTH SIDE K & P Ry freight sheds K & P Ity station C.arlo st intersects Hotel Iroquois, s e Catiott George L Patterson John Rear entrance Canal O ffice. Edward Fahey, Collector of Tolls Gas and Electric Light Inspector's office Weights and Measures office Lawless James, caretaker Rear entrances Clarence Chambers Metropolitan Stock Exchange North American Tel Co Ltd Mowat j h1cdonald, barrister Vale John (over Dom Exp Co) Dominion Express Co, s e King et e intersects Ontario Chambers 59 De Carteret Clement, mnfrs agt 61 Bateman G A, insurance and marriage licenses Oliver C G. customa broker 63 Bond A I', real estate 65 Smythe, King & Smythe, barrstrs Board of Trade Ontario Electrie Railway Co.'s office Rogers Thomas X, caretaker 67 Ontario Building & Savings Socy 69 Whiting John L, K C, barrister 71 Clark Annie twit! John) 73 Wall Long, laturiry 79 Mills & Cunningham, bankers Cunningham A B. barrister Macnee James H. barrister Saskatchewan Land & Homestead co, Ltd 81 and 83 Vacant 87 Frontenac Loan & Invest Society 89 Mudie John. barrister Conreen Catherine (wid Daniel) 91 Kent Bros. bankers 93 Walkem & Walkem, barristers 95 Strange & Strange, Insurance Strange John, barrister t hit George. real e,tate and ins 97 Carruthers J B. office Wellington st intersects Golden Lion Block, s e Vacant building SOUTH SIDE Queen City OH Co. Ltd Ontario st intersects 34 Great North Western Tel Co 36 Sullivan W H, barrister $8 Steamboat Inspectors' Office, M R Davis, inspector of hulls and equipment; T P Thompson, inspr of boilers and maelliners Bum len Joseph, barrister Macdonnell & Farrell. barristers m e iver.1 11 (e,jate of) Dunn Wm, caretaker 5Iasters and Mates Association 40 Canadian Pacific By Co's Telegraph 42 Gildersleeve tt Kirkpatrick, insurance and ticket agents Gildersleeve J P, marriage licenses Confederation Life Association, C S Kirkpatrick, city agent Augustus Capt Webster, marine inspr inland I.loyds and 48 Sample rooms 50 Jones James H. barber British American Hotel King st e intersects Custom House. Clark Hamilton. Collector Postoifice, Alexander Gutn, Postmaster Postofnce Inspector's Office, Henry Merrick, Inspector Wellington et intersects 110 Hoppins Densniore 112 Johnston Miss Margery,dressmaker 114 Moore John 116 Storeroom n6 Vacant Wilson T C & Sons, liven' WO Kee, laundry Molony Richard. earriage prtr 128 Canadian Freeman Flanagan John P (upstairs) 132 Massey-Harris Co. Implemnts Hughes Thomas E 134 Nicholls Wm. \ et surgeon CLERGY, north from Barrie to Ordnance. sixth weal of the harbor. EAST SIDE Kingston Dairy School Ross Alexander. caretaker Earl st intersects William st intersecte 45 Chown Elizabeth A (wid Arthur) 47 Thomson Jane (wid Robert) 49 Middleton Sophia (wid Louis) 51 Walsh Miss Mary H 53 Kearns James 55 Mitchell William A Johnston st intersects St Mary's School 811 Saunders Henry Brock st intersect, 105 Jaquith James A 107 Watson Robert Princess st intersects Campbell J W, physician 137 Vacant Queen st intersects Queen St Methodist Church 151 Fokes Edward J 153 Vacant 163 Wathen William C Colborne st intersects 165 Elliott Robert J 167 Malone Sarah (wid George) 169 Pope Thomas N 171 Norris William H 175 Forsyth Alma J (wid Joseph H) 177 Watts John Meek %Villiain 183 Allen William 185 Price Havelock F 187 Downey George 169 Ansley Harold 191 Horsey Samuel J WEST SIDE Chalmer's Church Earl ut intersects 38 Tandy Anna G (wid Thomas S) ao Ford Lavina J (wiu Robert M) William et intersects 44 Cleriliew Margaret (mid Geo W) 46 Robinson, hlargaret (wid Wm j) 48 aenge Robert E 50 Bennett Agnes (wid James) 62 Whiting John L 60 Des Rochers Mary (wid Zephirin) Johnston st intersects St Mary's Cathedral Brock st Intersects 96 Morrison Catherine (wid Michael) 98 Chatterton Ellen (wid Chas E) 100 Barron George 102 McNeill Miss Elizabeth 104 Corbett John 106 Murray Capt James 108 Van.Arnam Charles A 110 Polite John, tinsmith Hotel Beaupre Princess st intersects St Andrew's Church Mackie Rev John Queen st intersects 162 Vacant 164 Vince William Colborne st intersects 176 Harrigan Mary (ivid John) 178 Evans John 180 Dunlop Andrew W 182 Merritt Edward igo Parks George L 102 James Bridget (wid Wm C) CLERGY WEST. went from Barrie t University a e., first n of Union. NORTH SII/E 5 Vacant 11 Clancy Miss Jane Little Thomas, rear 13 Johnson Henry 15 Norris Marshall 17 Hayward John J 21 O'Brien John 27 McKelvey Robert J 29 O'Relly Christina (wid James) 31 Burke John P 35 Pike John 37 Marshall Frances A I, w id Oreb M) 39 Shanahan John 41 Doyle Miss Johanna 45 Hamilton James Division st intersects 65 Carter Mary A (wid Wm) 77 Birch Mary C (wld George) 79 Craig James A 81 Bawden Elizabeth (wid Henry) 89 Wilmot }'rances A (wid Nathaniel) 91 Folk Henry.1 93 Horn Kate G (wid Alex) 95 Clark Joseph E 97 Johns Elizabeth I wid Thos H) D Coates Frank W SOUTH SIDE 14 Scinolneween Edward 16 Whitney Frank Craig James 20 Thomas Charles 22 Williams Martha (wid John) 24 Spencer Scotter L Wade's lane ends 40 Henderson Margaret (wid jas) 42 Byron William J Division st intersects 42 Cillaon Wellington W 44 Graham William H 45 McFarland Charles D 48 Wilson Houghton W

11 24 Colborne STREET DIRECTORY Colliers Oollingwood STREET DIRECTORY Division 25 COLBORNE:. west from Sydenham to Chatham. second north of Prince... NORTH SIDE 7 Boyd Richard, cab owner II t ainphell.1 11in 11 Tracy Francis 13 Geoghegan Capt John 15 Cathcart Alexander 17 Tierney James 21 l\ ne lai lia % id Robert ) 25 Wright Clark W 27 Follick Rev Joseph 29 Wilson George F 14.ui-,,o.1 E McSorley Daniel J Clergy st intersects 41 Auchinvole Gilbert, grocer 45 Taugher James J 47 Yeddow Henry 49 Parker W illiam 51 Lees Joseph 57 Kane.1olin 59 Dean William 67 Kane James 69 Davidson Ann E (wid Andrew) 71 Driver William J 73 Smith William 75 Newton John 79 Thornton Rachel C (wid John) 81 Massie William sr Barrie St intersects 83 Downey Robert, grocer NIcAulev Bert 85 Pipe William 87 Landeryou Joseph T A 105 James '1 homas 119 Robertson Herbert N Main et commences 123 Mulholland James T 127 Keen George 129 Bunt William 131 Knox George A 1:13 Heyman Henry M 187 McDonald Donald J 139 Shane James nit Woods Miss Maria 143 Shaw Samuel 145, 147, 149 and 151 Vacant Division st intersects 181 Ward Philip E 183 AsseMine Charles A 185 Lambert Samuel J 193 Lennon Thomas 195 Somerville Francis 197 Somerville Francis jr prm Robert 201 Van Winckel John 203 Quail Georee 201 c,-,1, 5VilIj.11 N 209 Eward Robert 213 Rudd Jone (wid Henry) 215 Bews James 217 Bryant Reuben 235 Bell B Charles 243 Lake Franklin W 245 Holder John H Chatham st intersects 261 Wood William E SOI TH SIDE 2 Aiken Robert E 4 Dolan Michael J 8 Burke William T I I hoot El iza bet h w id Peter) 22 Thompson J Duncan Antliti Rev James C 34 (upples Benjamin titi McNary Mary (wid John) 40 Driscoll Patrick M Clergy st intersects 44 Savage James 46 Vince Robert Slimmons John H 50 Polite John 58 Smith John P 60 McCullough John 112 Nleol Margaret (wid Wm) 68 Marshall John 70 Graham John F 74 Flett Elizabeth B (wid Alex G) 7t; 11.21e Elein 80 Pope Thomas N, shoemaker 82 \ Oil nt Barrie st intersects 114 Gardiner William C 116 Miller Mary E (wid Andrew H) 118 McCormack Patrick 120 Bailey William 122 Briden Elizabeth (wld Wm) 124 Chapman W J, contractor Chapman st ends 1:01 Watts Henry 188 Jenkins Elizabeth (wid Richard) 140 king Mary E (wid Norris W) 146 Mason Miss Susan 148 Hogan John 152 Vacant 154 Vacant Division st intersects 192 Dunlop Robert pt.% Nt, rn w Crarlei, If 198 Young George 202 Wilson George 204 Francis William.>1114 Itrvant ('ha ries 210 Hynds John 214 Lewers Robert 216 Mellroy Annie (wid Wright) 240 Jackson Calvin A 244 Barnes Henn- Chatham st Intersects 264 Caldback R James COLLEXIE, north from Union, third west of Albert. Glassford Alexander Vacant house COLLINGWOOD. north frein King to Johnston. alith west of Barrie, EAST SIDE Blomeley James Blomeley Thomas 8; Young Edward 8.5 Atkinson Anna M (wid Thomas) 87 Rea Elizabeth (wid Henry) 89 Kennedy Mary (wid John) 129 Burns Robert J 131 Vacant 183 Dennison James H 139 liazlett Thomas Jackson Henry Union st w intersects 177 Greenwood Joseph T 179 Smith Nathaniel L 181 Christmas liarry T 183 McGillivray Robert J 185 Filson Mary J (wid Robert) 187 Milne William Earl st Intersects Pollitt Wm, baker Omer Sidney H WEST MIDI. as Williamson Mary (wid James) 42 Johnston Wm G 44 Partridge Francis 124 Hermiston Charles D 1211 Eraser l'alvin P 86 McCormack Samuel 140 Walker James 11 Union st w intersects 158 Amey William J Earl st intersects Hunter Lt-Col George Derry Hugh Hamilton William G Francis John CONCESSION ROAD, west from 450 Division. NORTH SIDE Bryant Win, sr Gordon Jane (wid Robert) Vacant house Bryant Francis Bryant Edward McLaughlin Edward, junk dir Robbs James Reid Wm H Wilder Mary (wid Artemus) Palace School Albeit Wilder Henry S, dairy SOUTE SIDE Lansdowne st ends Kenney Thomas Kenney P James Barrett Kathleen McLeod Peter C Vacant houses (3) Self Frank %avant house Smith H Wilson Fair Grounds CORRIGAN. sent frona 1150 Rideau to iing01. NORTH SIDE 1 Davis Matthew R 3 Harrison Edward MOI TII SIDE 4 Vacant 6 Anderson Robert 8 Reilly Arthur 10 Anderson Robert S jr 12 O'Connor Thomas J 14 Watts Stenhen t6 Burtch Ira COWDY. north frein Pine to Adelaide. econd eaat of Dialsion. EAST SIDE. Not built on WEST SIDE Vacant bakeshop 3 NI.,1.,nev broom mar 7 Redden. William 9 Meagher James G 11 )1,1 an Stallord \V Frontenac School DAVIDSON. west frona Ellerbeek avenue to city limits. Not built on DEACON. as - est from OS Barrie to Arch. first south of Union. NORTH SIDE 9 Turnbull Thomas U 11 Ada Edwin J 13 McIntosh henry l 17 Heath Charles G SOUTH SIDE 12 Kelso Christopher 18 Massy John M 18 Cunningham Sarah (wid Samuel H) 22 Stuart Mrs John S DIVISION. north from Union w to city limits. Brat west of Barrie. EAST SIDE 1 Corlett John G 3 Roberts Ernest T 5 Roach Edward 7 McArthur John 15 Linton Charles E 17 Mooney Robert J 19 Nobes George 21 Watts John Albert st ends Nelson at ends Smith st ends

12 26 Division STREET DIRECTORY 23 O'Brien Edward 25 Coyne Mary A (wid Matthew) 27 Sinyth Archibal d 29 Atilo Fran k 31 AlcGuirk Nlisi Margaret 83 Mitchell William H 35 Moore Andrew A 37 McArthur Jame s Clergy at w intersects 39 Charles Edwi n 41 Watts James 43 Clear v John J 45 Vacan t 47 McCormick Wrn A t 49 Hoskin Clara ~wid Charles) 61 Babcook J 8, groce r Earl at intersects 71 Sherbineau Francis R 73 McDonald Francis 71 Fitzgerald Patric k 7 Squire Harriet M (wid Geo 11) 83 Turcott Alphu m 85 Guy Dinah L (wid Zacharlah) 87 Hamilton Francis J, groce r William at ends 93 Robinson Wrn J 95 Scobell Sidney 8 Mullin E W, groce r Johnston at intersects Louise Public School, a a 127 Keating James R 129 Kilcawlpy Patrick 131 Ward William Brock at Intersects 149 Clark Mary (wid Wrr ) 151 Corneliu~ JaniP M5 Alonerieff & Cornelius, grocers Atonerieff Peter A (upstairs ) 163 Augustus Capt Webste r Princess at Intersects 179 Welch Frederick 181 and 193 Vneant 185 Afoore Thomas Melvill e Queen at ends Colborne at intersects 219 Stevenson William H 221 Stuart Jol n 225 Suddard Ldward S. grocer Edwardq Air, ; Jane (up%tairs ) 231 McIntyre Donald M Ellice at ends 237 Pigion Joh n 239 Gnild Lema n 249 Weatcott Walter J 251 Gormley Johanna (wid James) 255 Kellar Charles 267 Holiness Movement Church Campbell Rev We.,dev J. rear 271 Pound Mary A (wid John) Pound Joseph, baker 281 Wehman John Xfonerieff Robert D 283 Spence Robert T 285 I'logan George W 297 Allen Sarah E (wid Wm) Division 299 Vacant 301 Vacant 303 Power John 305 Nelson Wrn R 307 Tierney Patrick, grocer 327 Crawford James Main at ends 329 Crawford George York at intersects 335 Campbell Wm i 337 Moxley William 341 McClelland Richard J 343 McMahon Rober t 345 Saunders Garnet W Vaeant Quebec at ends : Markle Simco e 361- :165 Reid %%'in J, grocer Pine at intersects 371 Hisbridger Aliss Mary 375 Hartman Davi d 381 Thompson George A 3147 Pound Cenrue 1) 391 Peters William P -193 Vacan t 395 Campbell N%'m R 425 Taylor John Adelaide at Intersects 447 Devine James. carter 449 Northmore George 451 McIver Thom-ta 453 Cumpson John Barrett Daniel, rear 455 Kemp William i 457 Vacant 459 Vacan t 467 Granlund William 469 Smith Amos C Russel at ends rm Allison John. house mover 6W Kemp George, florist WEST SID E 18 Trotter Mary (,Kid David) 22 Barry MI-38 Frances J 24 Packer Thomas 98 Elmer Albert E 32 NN"Itt, Eliza (wid Robert) 34 Dickson John H Clergy at w Intersects 36 Friendship Miss Mary, groce r 40 Brown David 42 Chamberlain ( ;eorge A 44 Trotman Davi d 46 McKenzie Alexander A 49 Bovd Fergu~o n 50 Dehaney William 52 Shang-row Peter U Smyth Samuel 56 Gibbs Mary (wid Robert) Earl at Intersects Gardiner Co, The, biscuit Infre 78 Edwards Richard 80 comer George w Division STREET DIRECTORY 82 Taylor Mary (wid John) 86 McClellan James 88 Hanlon Bernard J 90 Goodearle Humphrey J 92 -Newell 1.ewi s 04 Free Robert J. contractor 96 Snelling Harry W 98 Munro Mrs Margaret, bdg hse 100 A8selstine Thomas At Johnston at Intersects 124 Crawford Miss Sarah E, mus tchr 130 McPherson Thomas Meagher Thomas F 136 Hipson Joseph R K 140 Kennedy Mrs Matilda, grocer Brock st intersects 146 Warwick Charles J 148 Boyce Richard J 152 Ziegler Jaco b 154 Sawvpr %Villia m 168 Asselatine Benjamin, contractor Garrett at commences 188 Boon Ilis4 1,arab h. dressmake r Anderson Bros. grocers 210 Vacant Princess at Intersects 212 Salshera Ilyrna n 214 Wood Mile; 1) 216 Vroornan Charles E 218 Canlic NVilliam J 222 Pugh Miss Amanda 224 Vacant Colborne at Intersects 220 Hughson Lev i 222 (a) Langdon Nathanie l (a) Mowat Catherine (wid Henry) Moore Thoma s 228 Mills Daniel F 230 Bnoth Kate (wid George) 232 Barnum Charles 240 Eward Mary (wid Thomas) 248 Strachan Aliss Ada G L.qnae Elm at commences 254 Orqer I 256 Wilkinson George W 258 Scullion -Tarne.s 260 FnnisSila.st C 270 Suddard James Ufford William H 0" Fifth at commence s GrImshaw Silas A. contractor 290 Vacant 294 Orser Isaa c 296 Paddon Mrs Thomas Vacant Sixth at commences 322 All Saints' Churc h 324 Arnie] Mary (wid Thomas ) York at Intersects 836 Murray Sarah (wid Jame ) 360 Robinson Mary (wid Andr9ew) 264 Elliott Matthew B 866 Elliott r.obert Pine at intersects 808 Conley Rebecca (wid Wm) EaLrI Abbott Thomas 8" Lemmon James H Stan ;ey at commences 386 Rone George 392 Laird James 396 Devine I-awrence,)o Pangue C lic Irwi n Frederic k Adelaide at commences 426 Shultz W Fran k 438 Collins Themas 44S Bryant Wesley J Concession rd commences 450 Lowry Peter D 458 Gibson Thomas W 460 -NIIIWWW~ S-an (wid John) 464 Corrigan Danie l 471 ; (411livan lvalter 490 Moore Robert B 498 Joyce W John, whol btehr St Mary's Cemetery D1 FFERIN. west from 200 Rideau t; Bagot. N11(0),ITH SIDE er t 12 Sar-ent I I flaynbrook Fred 16 Mitchell Sarah (wid Wm C) 18 Gilmour Wallac e 20 Jackson Charles F 22 Keljy Joseph '14 Charnherg Ilenrv ii Deline Frank Gray William 30 Crawford Jarne.,i :12 R.yder Corp'] Peter O'Conn"r Ellen (wid Afaurice) SOUTH SIDE Madrand Octav e DURHAM. mouth wext from Victoria, spot of Prince-as. NORTH SIDE Not built on 28 FerffUson"Gf e' TorgeSINDE 84 Lamb Walter 40 Monerieff Thomas E 42 Perrv AfrR Alfred 48 Haffner Eckhard Macdonnell at Intersects 76 Veale William G 78 Wiltshire Walter EARL. Vw"t frons 0 *& 10 to Mae : donnen. srth NO-thootrPrIncemg. NOR771 SID E Yards Small PhillpK] Vng at a Intersects 47 Corrigan Annie M (wid Wm) 49 Johneon James B 53 Johnson Miss Annie

13 28 Earl BTREI:'T DIRECTORY Earl 55 ('untrnll Christopher sr 63 Welch Mary E (wid John) 65 Shea John 87 Hanley Joseph P Wellington at Intersects 81 McMahon Andrew 83 Clow Franklin, grocer 87 Kelly Isaac 149 Johnston James 91 Brunette Mary ( wid John) Vacant house, rear 97 Foley Michael, carter Deeks William 1.19 ^tnnlakc S Ilaliner, butchers Bagot at Intersects 118 Prevost Zotique 117 Hague George E 119 Macgillivray Rev Malcolm Sydenham at Intersects 14:1 l.t (',l I: Iliutter 151 Sutherland Malcolm Kerr John 161 Robertson Benjamin W 169 tnunin_hnm \Inrg't (rt'id Henry) 379 Crothera William J Clergy at intersecta 185 Caines James M Ir44 \'acsun 111:3 \Ic('nllunt Rev Daniel 111.i \\'urnncith William H 199 Robin-on Fl rcnce (wid Nelson) 201 Muckler William D Barrie at intersects 209 Newberry Henry 213 and 215 Vacant 217 Stewart Mrs Ruby, dressmaker 219 Turbett Julia (wid John) 221 Cummings Charles E 2-23 W Intvre Annie (wid Alex) 225 Hooper W Joseph A, contractor 227 Wartman Sobrina (wid Horace) 229 Warmington George 283 Watson Thomas G 235 ()1111e James 2:37 Plcmin_ Thomas H 239 Rochefort Alexander 243 \hhr Cenrge F 245 Denny Mrs 1lnnnnh 247 Thompson Alexander R Robe-1, )Ira Ada. rear Vacant houses ( 2) rear 255 Cl1ff Mary A (wid John) 257 Agnew Robert W Division at intersects 267 Braniff Theresa (wid Hugh) 269 Conegreen Miss Winifred, dresamkr 277 Gib.- n Cer,r;_,c 303 Hunter John rKnight John <tr%vnrt Henry 807 Leronge W John H Enright Michael, rear 309 Osborne Albert G University av intersects 317 Vacant 319 Bird Thomas Alfred at intersects 323 Gage Herbert E, M 1) 325 Clement Charles W 827 Scott Capt John H 329 Harvey Ann (w1d John) 881 Thompson Thomas 333 Grant George A Frontenac at intersects 877 McCready William 879 Sinclair Robert 383 Ansley John W 885 Dodd Janet (wid George) Albert at Intersects Collingwood at intersects south SIDE 1S 'l'nclur Flor I%t'id Frankl 14 Nh-Keoua John 16 Lovitt (Jeff) Thomas 18 Hunt John 2o Berry Hugh R 306ï Stitt \\illiam I. 22 Maloney George 1 24 Murray Randal 13 King at e intersects 40 `;aunder;!%targan t (wid John) i M i'l lunes E 50 Donnelly Capt John 52 Anglin W G, physician 56 Anglin Mary (wid Wm) g8 1lclicnzie Donald G S Rl,u k.i,,hn 66 Martin Win H 68 Grady Michael J, contractor Wellington at Intersects 72 Dunnett William 74 Hendry Archibald 76 Olsen John 80 Millan Dennis J Ti? \'ar:rttt 90 Twigg John H 92 Charlton Maria (wid Robert) 94 Cunningham Catoline (wid David) 90 \lcllonnld \\'iiliam C 99 Knight; of (blutnbua Hall 100 (:ih.nn lames 102 Chri-tina,; William.7 Bagot at intersects 10!4 llui:enieier Frank 1I(1 ('ontrall ('bri+ti pher 114 Wolfe Charles 116 Lee George 118 Drennan Mary E (wld Col Wm M) 1_'n I,,rmain.lennie (wid Wm 11) 122 Daly William Nickle Ellen (wid Wm) 1:32 llat'cnck.lo-el h!. 134 Rogerv Am}- (wi,l Frank J) Sydenham at Intersects 148 Sears George 154 Mitchell E Clarmce 154 \n^j nt 160 \e\chind, \\ illian Earl t;trefl^i' DIRECTORY 162 Coy Win F, M D West at ends 174 Residence for Queen's College Lady Students Clergy at intersects Chalmer's Church Barrie at intersects 212 Pinter John lluup+uu \Icx, rear (upstairs) Rees Samuel J rear ( upstairs) 214 Lawless Patrick J 216 Hollowell Henry C 222 Lawlea:. Mfchael, carter '.l4 Barney Benjamin 226 Mercer Annie (wld Wm) 228 llartrick Edward J 230 Lawler Joseph 232 l'ttm,uu latherine (wid Wilson) 238 Barney Benjamin, wood dealer 242 Dean Ge-orge 244 Cotinan John 240 lireu ster James W 248 Yates Ann (wid James B) Division at intersects 254 O'Donnel! B yan, real estate 236 Minogue Mary J (wid Wm) 2.5"s Lrnard.I.,.cph l' 200 Wilson Ann (wid Wm) 262 Van Alstine Alexander St)l \I l' nnick l'humaa 2t4l It-hin-om \1 i- I :mma 272 Renton Lucinda (wid James) 276 Christmas Henry "S', \104ana-han Samuel -84 T owler Charles R 286 Free Samuel 300 Lemmon Joseph 302 Lake Alfred D 304 Nelson Alick D 306 L^^^an Albert.1 University av Intersects 810 Litton John F. or 318 Smallridge Win H 321) (o-ke Francis W Alfred at Intersects Collegiate lnstftute Frontenac at intersects ;t8o Bettç Henry A 882 Baker William Albert at Intersects Collingwood at lntersects Athletic grounds EI,LF7RBE('K AVM7]l'E, north from King ss to Union. nlh w of Rarrle. F,A9T SIDE Thurlby Thomas WEST SIDE 82 Kelly Samuel 88 Lindsay Robert J Davidson at commences Elftf ELLI/'E west from 141 Main to DI_ s blon, first north of Colborne. 11ORTH SIDE 9 l'owers John 11 Flynn \\'illiam P 21 Turcott John B 23 McDonnell Archibald \\' 25 Lalonde Louis Vine at c vmtm nres 23 \'a%nnt 25t.. Jnne+ \1r; Frank 27 Swan George T, grocer SOUTH SIDE 8 Wilkinson John \\' 22 Groombridge Edward 24 Mathews Mrs Mary 26 Soles Robert W 26 (a) Sugarman Harz 28 l.ee Jlia; Rcbecca 30 Sugarman Simon 32 Butte Jacob 34 Gershinowitz Solomon 38 Iaenn Fllen.1 (wid Win) 38 Barry James E 44) \'acant 11LM, west from 2^M Division to Atfred. second north of Princess. NORTH SIDE 23 House John 35 Moulton Charles 43 McKoen John 47 Swann '\Iarv E(wid Samuel D) 49 Parson William 59 Suddard P. Ceorge 79 Thorne Mary J (wid John C) Chatham at intersects 89 Dougherty Elizabeth (wid John) 91 Dougherty William 99 llogan Henry M Alfred at Intersects Simons Robert Reeve Robert soctü SIDE 18 Stagg Martha (wid John) 22 Suddard Edward 8 2? (a) V onk Frank 24 Corntord 'Mrs Margaret, nurse 26 Lake John 'S Clark Andrew 36 Rowe Susan (wid Wm) 40 Henderyun Jlargaret (wid Geo B) 49 Mills.1 Andrew 50 Tait Arthur 59 Nash James 60 Barry James 64 Marsh John W Chatham at intersects 92 Mitchell ".%ir+ Emma M Alfred at intersects Arniel Richnrd :M)

14 30 Emlly STREET DIRECTORY George George STREET DIRECTORY James 31 EMILY. north from the harbor Kin«. Brut ceint of Barrie. EAST SIDE 1 Folger M Henry 3 McParland James 5 Albree Frederick \V WEST SIDE Macdonald Park FIFTII. vrest front 27S Division, third north of Princes., NORTH SIDE Chatham st Intersects I:ates Robert Ammel George W Gage David B SOUTH SIDE 9 Vacant II Campbell Robert 8 Rutherford John S Walker Helen (wid John) Chatham st intersects FIRST. east and 'vent errons Chatham. Brut north of Prince... NORTH SIDE 1 McMillan Richard Chatham st intersects 25 Smith Henry A 33 Salsbury Mrs Benjamin FRONTENAC. north from Union te Fair grounds. drst 1%eet of Alfred. EAST SIDE Victoria School grounds Collegiate Institute grounds Earl st intersects 81 Hall Samuel 83 Moore Thomas 85 Asselstine Michael Johnston st intersects 147 Hazlett Eliza ( wid Win) 149 Lemon Charles 131 Staples Louis E 153 Shannon Alfred J 167 Vacant Brock st intersects Victoria Park Mack st intersects Princess st intersects 6 Offord Jonathan 8 Reynolds William to Rutherford Thomas 12 Geary George 14 MeCaugherty Flugh 16 Hughes Henry Elm et ends 28 Veale William.7 to SOUTH SIDE 2 Sherring Benjamin H Chatham st intersects Coleman Wm J. basket mfr WEST SIDE 22 Bogiat Capt John L 24 Vacant 26 Wilmot Henry F 28 Sargent Isabel (wid Fred R) 30 Megueen.1 esse 32 Otto Joshita 34 Cunningham William J '16 Gilbert Richard 38 Harvey Charles B S. 42 McLeod William J Earl st intersects 76 Ribby Frederick A 78 Daly Augustes W 80 Bate Charles F 86 Sinclair Mary (wid Robert) 92 Bawden Joseph 94 Lingwood Frederick H 96 Darling Thomas Johnston st Intersects 152 Smith George 158 Sleeman William H 164 Cochrane Christina (wid Rev Wm) Brock st Intersects Victoria Park Mack st intersects 7 McWater Alexander 9 MeArthur Alexander 11 Ohlke Paul 210 Carseallen Benjamin B 21 Horsey Edwin E 23 Stacey James 25 Gavine William Princess st Intersects 13 Grey Edward B 17 Thornton William J 19 Thomas Samuel E Carley Walter E GARRETT. vtesi from Division te University avenue, tiret u of Princes.. NORTH SIDE 7 Leach Edward SOUTH SIDE 2 Bennett Edward G 4 Baker John 6 Reid Samuel F 8 Reid Robert J 20 Warren William II 24 Davy Stewart 26 Harold Alexander D GEORGE. north from King to Stuart, Brut weat of Barrie. EAST SIDE O'Kill st intersects 29 McConville Bernard 33 Kearns Robert 35 Blackeby Alfred H 41 Burns R Easton 43 Saunders Katherine M (wid Dr H J) 47 Shannon Major Lewis W 55 Kent Noel 57 Lesslie Capt William 59 Hanscombe William M 61 Horn W Gordon 03 Spriggs Miss Olive WEST BIDE 6 Vacant 8 Cotman George S R 10 Purcell Michael, sr 14 Purvis W John 16 Vacant 20 Lemmon Walter P 22 Taylor Edward J O'Kill st intersects Kingst mi General Hospital, s e GORDON. changed to niversity av GORE: from the harbor to Bagou Street. math t est of Princes.. NORTH SIDE Canadian Locomotive & Engine Co Ontario st intersects 39 McCorkell Andrew. boat builder 45 Gildersleeve James P 59 Oliver Mary J (wid Alfred 8) King st e intersects 65 Fitzgerald James 73 Hanley James 75 Hanley Archibald 77 Hurley John 79 Moran Patrick J 81 Lesslie Misa Euphemia 83 Brick William 85 Lane Cyrus W 89 Cushion Agnes (wid Thomas) 91 Code William H Wellington st intersects 103 Jack Alexander M 105 Killer Oliver Minnes William T 109 Minnes Annie (wid James) 115 Williamson Adam. contractor SOUTH SIDE Frontenac Cereal Co's mill Kingston Dry Dock Ontario st Intersects 40 Frontenac Cereal Co, Limited Mooers H & Co, grain dealers 42 Byron James A 44 Knott Joseph F 48 Kehoe Joseph King st e intersects 64 Power Edward 76 Mackerras Margaret (wid John H) 78 Cochrane Prof John B 82 Toye Richard H 84 Waldron Richard S 88 Jamieson John flo MeEwen John F 92 Foden James 94 Gilbert John. grocer Wellington st intersects 104 Selby Charles 106 Dainty Charles H George Joseph, pianos 1111 Skinner Etta (m'id Win) 118 Swales Jane (wid Wm E) GRAI'S LANE, rear from 25 toper William. HIC KSON AVENUE. %%est from Montrent street. Outer Station. NORTH SIDV Vacant bouse McDermott Thomas J Francisco Almeda ( wid Wm N) Talbot Frank E Vacant houses (5) Henderson Thomas Hickson lane commences 24 Cleary Thomas H 40 Murphy Nelson 42 Lambert Mary A (wid Samuel) 44 Jefferies William E Coyte Wm H Vacant house SOUTH SIDE Not built on HICKSON LANE. Isnril là Irom lilekuon tu (; T R track. EAST SIDE Vacant house WEST SIDI: Smith William J Henry David JAMES. west from Initient' t o Patrick. shah north of Bay. NORTH SIDE Montreal st intersects 21 Janewav John li 25 McLaughlin James A 27 Bennett Margaret J (wid Wilbert S) 29 Campbell John W 33 Jarrell James 35 l'otter Mary (wid 37 Lundin Jonas 41 Cunningham John 43 Williams Elizabeth (wid John A) 45 Flint Charles 47 Phelan Thomas 49 Eves Samuel SOUTH SIDE Smith Benjamin Bagot st ends Montreal st intersects 6 Miner James A 8 Morton George G Io Tucker Michael Hurst William 16 MeGranaghan Robert M 22 Kirk Samuel T 26 Lee William J

15 32 Jain * STREET DIRECTORY Johnston Johnston STREET DIR EcTo it v Johnston Sissons John W Wart Mrs Miles 38 McGinnis Thomas 50 Smith James N JERKIN STIIEE'l'. rhutturd to EInt. JOHN. welt( from Muted I.. Barrie. *rot north of HagInn Roud. NORTH SIDE Miller Robert M Montreal st intersects 9 Purvis Thomas 11 O'Neill James 17 Whalen Patrick 21 Cowie Robert 23 Driscoll Patrick 27 Ross Antoine 29 Vacant 29(a) Dunlop Mary (wid Robert) 35 Maxam Thomas Black James Cassidy Mrs Nancy, dressmaker Baron Adam 55 Cassidy Sarah (wid Andrew) 57 Frasso Joseph 59 Hasselkus Joseph 63 Gallivan Daniel Patrick st intersects Dinsmore Miss Mary SOUTH SIDE Montreal st intersects 8 Irwin Annie (wid Francis) 10 O'Reilly Michael 14 Ilailey..lohn St John's Separate School Grogan Mrs Catherine, caretakr 42 Whitehead Joseph A 50 Matthews John 54 Whitehead Robert C 58 McKim William J Patrick st intersects JOHNSTON. went front the harbor In city limit., third It of PrInvents. NOHTH SIDE Swift's wharf Swift James & Co, coal dealers Mathewson Matthew Robertson George & Son, s e Ontario st intersects Anglo-American Hotel. s e 19 Nugent Elizabeth (wid Thomas) 21 McKillop Miss Mary 25 Lynch Miss Ellen 31 E% an. John 33 Gorrie Mrs Mary 87 O'Shea Eliza (wid John) Connell J C, oculist King st e intersects St George's Cathedral Wellington st intersects Congregational Church Bureau Peter, rear, sexton 87 Dine Filbert Wallace \\ in. rear Vanosse Joseph O'Neill Michael Wortii Ellen ii Thos), rear Massy Martha (wid Michel), rear DIcKane Jennie (wid James), rear quilicia Stephen, rear 93 anhorn 11ternas First Baptist Church 101 Crook Frederick A 103 Gleeson Misses M & S. dressmkrs Ragot st intersects Hotel Dieu grounds Hotel Dieu Monastery Sydenham st intersects 179 Laing Rev Dnuglas 185 Smith John S 187 Laidlaw David G 189 Ross Mary J (wid Alex) 191 Phelan Daniel. M D 193 Macpherson Hugh 195 Dobbs Richard S, C E (retired) 197 Steacy Edward T Clergy st intersect, St Mary's Cathedral 225 Archbishop's Palace Gauthier Most Rev Charles H, archbishop of Kingston Hanley Rev John Kehoe Rev J P Salmon Rev John J Mea Rev Charles J Kingsley Rev Wilfred Gray Rev E George Traynor Rey Andrew Barrie st intersects 247 Garbutt Daniel J 24C) Smith Henry 259 Martin Capt James F 261 Boyd Miss Harriet, dressmaker Dia O'Connor Nicholas E 265 Scouse John 267 Kennedy Miss Mary Louise Public School Division at intersects 201 Munday Alfred 293 Guirey Daniel Ntel<ernan Miss Kate, grocer 295 A'Brien Ann (wid Wm).,0 7 \ dam Marie wid Walter/ 301 Hayward William 307 Scott David G 369 Boyd George 311 Wood Abbey A (wid Dennis L) 313 O'Relly Thomas McSorley Charles J 217 Reid Marion (wid Wm) 319 Lawless Peter, carter Lawless James F. cab owner 223 Fowler Jane (wid John) 325 Nicholson Alexander 327 Greer Roger 333 Rimini James F 335 Macdonald John A 337 Nesbitt Robert W 339 Hinton David, shoemaker University av intersects' 349 Store, s e 349 (a) Storehouse 35I oung Maitha J wid John) 353 Fowler William T 3:)., , 011 I Armstrong David F 361 Taylor Henry H Alfred st intersects 373 Crowley John W, carter 379 McIntyre John Tighe F J. pianos 2S5 Barlow Thomas 387 Buck Philip Hay John 391 Milne AlexanJer It 393 Campbell Matthew 393 Vacant Frontenac st intersects 413 Cooke Joseph B 415 Nash Mary A (add Wm W) 417 Filtz Richard 419 1{1111%111.rd James A 423 Simpson Mary (wid James) 425 Short Rev William 429 McCallum Miss Catherine 431 Sliter Ernest 0 Albert st intersects 443 May fair William A Nelson st commences 461 McVeen John 463 Maxwell James 467 Payne George A, cabinetmaker Victoria st commences Toronto st commences Macdonnell st intersects Ault Miss Harriet. dressmaker Regent st commences City limits Johnson 0 G. florist Johnson G W D, market garden Prison toad intersects SOI TH SIDE G T R wharf G T R freight sheds G T R station Hanley's General Ticket Agency Ontario st intersects 16 and 18 side entrance 20 O'Rourke Belle (wid Edward) 24 Bulger James Vacant house, rear 26 Betts Charles A 28 Rahal Ferns Gracie Annie 34 Jones James H 36 Sinnott Margaret (wld Myles) 42.1,0-ideson Joseph, plumber 44 Garerepye Catherine (wid Chas) 46 Haley Thomas King et e intersects 52 Garrett R W, physician 54 Dalton William B 68 Tandy Harry Wellington st intersects 76 Dwyer John 78 Storehouse 80 and 84 Vacant Convent of the Congregation de Notre Dame Ragot st intersects 112 Sands Henry 114 Dowsley William 116 Day Harrison II 118 Norris II R Janie+ 120 Patterson John G, clothing 122 Hendry Robert 1211 Rigney Timothy J 128 Carnovsky William H 116 Va(lint 138 Hickey Miss Mary 140 Spangenberg Fredrick W glow Richard 146 Rudd Thomas G 148 McNeil Nell 154 Tilley William C Ferguson Thomas H 162 Ward Anna M (wid John) Sydenham st intersects 172 Iloppes Joseph H 176 Hickey John 180 Mowat Emma (wid Rev John B) 182 Kinnear Thomas J 196 Hill Mrs Eva F, bdg hse Clergy st intersects 216 Murtch Wm S. R. 21M (hark. '1' 220 Tossell Elizabeth (wid Richard) 222 Telgmann Oscar F 224 Publow 1;eorge t; 226 Voigt Caroline (wid Henry C) 228 Chapman Rachel (wid Edward) 232 Coins! Anetista.1,il Shirley) 238 Shepherd John, bdg hse 240 McWater John Barrie st intersects 242 Crummy Rev Eber 248 Bethel Congregational Church 238 Patterson Willialll Cooke Thomas 262 Ne%% man Harry 264 Watson Alexander 206 MeDermott Jauees 268 Waddell Mrs John 270 Beaton Wni Mullin E W, grocer Division st intersects 282 Carey John 284 Brennan Michael 286 Nelson Miss Catherine M, drsmkr 288 Beaupre Harriet (wid Remi) 290 Cleary Catherine (wid Hugh) 202 Steen Evans S.I-94 Swanson Harriet J (wld Wm J) 296 Dinlock Miss Emily 298 Iteannre John R 302 Hinton David

16 34 Johnston STREET DIRECTORY King East M King East STREET DIRECTORY King west Sleeth Mary (wid James) 306 Jackson Miss Tena 308 Richardson F7izebeth (wid Wm) Richardson Misses, dressmakers 322 Lawless Michael Muckler James T 880 McCarthy Catherine (wid John) 332 Muckler Mary (wid Wm) 334 Whinton John M 336 Workman Jane C(wld Wm) 340 \i Itae llubert \C R University av intersects 352 Nisbet Francis 3ç4 Young Archibald 85f) Bullis John, hay dealer 'i511 Ainslie Nlarv A (wid David 3) 860 Tighe Rev Stearne 362 Byrne James 364 Greenlees Robert F 366 McKee Joseph Alfred at intersects 882 Knott Walter 886 Lee James Frontenac at Intersects 408 Wilkins Henry 410 Kennedy Eliza (wid Robert) 412 Mills Alexander 414 lit'". John N%' 416 Hughes Mima (wid Albert) 418 Graham Joseph P 420 Megarry James 422 Joyner Laura (wid Elijah) 424 Callaghan James 426 Grant John H 428 Green Charles 430 Perry Edward J Albert at intersects 444 Cochrané S Henry Collingwood at ends Victoria at Intersects 502 Asselatlne Isaac, contractor Macdonnell at Intersects Prison road intersects JOSEPH STRP:F:'r, ssewt from montreal to I)h-blon, Orst north of Rammell. 21 Kelly William KING hamt, from Barrie to ('otaradnl River. 2nd from the harbor. V % ST BIDE 11urn:i ç :Nacdmu,ild Park Emily at ends 31 Nickle William F 45 Hors, Louisa (wid Francis H) 4g Pense Edward J B. M P P 53 Maclean Andrew Maitland at ends 81 Martin Prof Iva E 85 Kent Robert E Simcoe at ends Hendry James A West at Intersects 123 Donoghue Charles 125 Dawson Capt Herbert J 181 Calvin Hiram A. MP 133 Fraser Catherine (wid Hugh) 141 Fenwick Miriam (wid Dr Kennetb M) 143 Bampfleld William 157 1)rury Col Charles 1\', C'B, ADC Union at e intersects 161 Smith Very Rev Buxton B. DD 165 Boak Mrs Henry 167 Macdonell Angus J 169 Craig Rev Robert J 101 Ferguson Miss Jane H Gore at intersects 193 Oliver Mrs Mary J. s e 197 Mitchell J Arnold 199 Herald John, physician 203 Macaulay Miss Charlotte 213 Curtis C L, physician Earl at intersects 221 Fair William Hart William D Bank of Montreal William at intersects Regiopolis College 253 Illdtin,1 W. plumber 255 I)arragh Alexander, shoemaker 255 Purtell John (up-stairs) 257 O'Hara Henry 25:1 (Wler Robert O'Neil Thomas, rear Johnston at intersects 265 Connell J C. oculist and auriat 275 Partridge Franeis, wire works 279 O'Connor C E. oculist and aur(st O'Regan Michael British American Hotel Clarence at Intersects 295 Dominion Express Co Swift J F, insurance Swift James & Co (branch), coal 297 Theobald John It, barber Fourteenth Club 303 Gibson W W, druggist Market at ends Market square Brock at Intersects 327 Vacant 331 Doyle Michael. restaurant 335-3:37 \u_-ent.1 & Co. hardware McParland James. liquors :14:3 Cwatkin Mrs JoLn, restaurant 345, Vacant Spangenberg F W, jeweller Hampton henry (upstairs) Lemmon. Claxton & Lawrenson, tinsmiths Thompson Geo A. grocer Princess at Intersects Murphy L W (upstairs) 365 Farnev.l1rs 'Marearet A 369 Martin J W, agrl implts 371 Corkey Frank J 873 Cockburn John, plumber 375 Vacant 377 Todd Frederick J 379 Stone C W. harnessmaker 381 Shales & Taugher, blacksmiths Revere House Queen at intersects 393 Vacant Kingston Coal Co 401 Rubery IN164 Mary 403 Berry Patrick 403 Peters John E 407 Vacant 409 Graves Frederick M 411 Wylie George C 413 larrell Isaac 415 McCormack Charles Barrack at intersects Bowen House 427 Smith Thomas q2g Graham Jennie (wid George A) 431 Trenhail Eliza J(wld Beni) 43:1 Hepburn Charles V 435 Vacant Place d'armes intersects WEST SIDE City Park Macdonald monument West at intersects 130 Black D A. dentist 132 Hemming, Lt-Col, Thomas D R 134 Kirkpatrick Emily G (wid Rev F W 136 McGill Lt-Col Sydenham C 138 Price Cornelius V 156 Strange Dr Orlando 8 Union at e Intersects 16o McCambridge Frank 162 Thpmpson Thomas P 164 Vacant 168 Little Mrs Catherine, dressmkr 172 Arniel William 176 Waddell Robert Gore at intersects 194 ('ooe henry.) 196 Kelley Henry 198 Neill William 202 Kehoe John sr 2o4 Anderson Joseph D 208 Horeey George F 212 Murray William, boarding Earl at intersects 218 Neill John 220 Coyle 1Trs Amv A. dressmaker 222 Shanahan William 224 Swift Miss Mary 226 Mucklestone Ann (wid Samuel) 232 Cameron Kenneth F 240 Irwin Marion (wid Chamberlain A) William at Intersects 244 Kllborn R K. physician 250 Clements Leonard 252 Macnee F Hill 254 Richardson A W, physician 260 Vacant 264 Gildersleeve Miss Lucretia A M Johnston at intersects St George's Cathedral Custom House Hamilton C. collector Clarence at intersects Ontario Chambers North American Life Assce Co Ontario Bank 302 Crothers W J (br), confy 304 McIntyre & McIntyre, barrfsters ) British Whig 318 Ferguson T H, confectionery 318 Town Elizabeth (wid Richard) 320 Leahy T J, grocer 322 Waddington Henry, butcher 824 Collender Hotel 326 Johnson O G. florist 328 Reid \\'m H. butcher Brock at intersects Wade Henry, druggist 332 London Life Insurance Co Imperial Life Assurance Co Campbell & Renton, electricians 334 Oddfellows' Relief Association Joslin Alfred. photos Scanlan John F 336 \\-cb+ter E S tobacconist Kivell, \\-nl li, barber Hotel Congress 346 Cays D A, real estate Ziegler George, jr, insurance 348 Forrest J P, gents' furnishings 350 Smith Bros, jewelers Smith George, mfrs agt 352 Baker R'llliam, tobacconist 'ij) '['h,, Ke+wick, re.taurant 3,ri(i Jennings Harry, boots and shoes 358 Howland Bros, clothiers Princess at Intersects 360 Sullivan Hon M, physician 374 Bushell John 380 McDermott John F McDermott J F. carriages Queen at intersects Street Railway sheds (:oudd J A& Co, broom mnfrs 414 Hamilton Joseph 416 Miller Charles Barrack at intersects 420 Cailors' Snug Harbor Potter. James S 428 Farrell Jane (wid George) Wilson Walter Willis Mrs Ida 434 Hacket Sarah (wid Win) 438 F.ocle,t F George Place d'armes intersects KING WEST. w"t from Barrie along the lake shore to Portsmouth. liorth SIDE 1 Swift James 13 "Bishops Court," Rt Rev Wm Lennox Mills, DD, LLD 21 Cunningham Miss Agnes George at commences

17 38 King West STREET DIRECTORY Livingston av 25 Davy Mrs Dora. grocer 27 Rickey.1 William 29 Varney Richard 31 Campbell Edward J 33 Davy Charles I 35 Dine C Walter 37 Langdon Mary (wid Alfred) 39 Roach William 41 Joyce.101in 43 Ryan Matthew P hicilroy Elizabeth (wid Wm) Phillips Miss M J, milliner 55 Clark William H 59 Vacant O'Kill st ends Hospital grounds 81 McConville Thomas 89 Thompson Mary (wid Alex) 99 Kingston Hosiery Cos storehouse fol Watts George 103 Bowman William T, sr 105 Coulson James S 107 Oliver Copt John 109 Oliver Mrs John, grocer University av commences 117 Hughes Leslie 119 o'neil William Gleeson John. Ice dealer 127 Hewton John 143 Fob er Benjamin W 165 Harkness Samuel St Lawrence av commences "River View." McAuley Thomas "Willow Cottage." Rev John Fairlie Albert st commences Collingwood st commences St Lawrence Ice Co 271 Newman William sr 273 Jackson William 275 Wood Chester W 277 Carswell, Robert 279 Evans James Beverley st commences Crawford Robert, coal and wood Irwin William, grocer 303 Wright John 305 "Edgehill." Mrs Sarah J Fortescus 309 Turnbull Thomas Hale's cottages 5 Bates Mrs E M, music tchr 4 Stoughton Miss Elizabeth 3 Beard Miss Carrie 2 Du Messes Capt Lenoblet C 1 Patterson Capt Matthew Howard Herbert Centre st commences Pratchett George E Bennett James Hughes John Houghton Isaac Ellerbeek av commences 437 Shortt Prof Adam Livingston av commences Pembroke st commences Kelly Thomas SOL'PH SIDE Murnay Tower, secant Macdonald Park Robinson William, boat builder 62 Bird Langley 64 Abrams George M Kingston Elastic Paint Co Coventry Frederick J Ice house Kingston Hosiery Co, Ltd Gleeson John, ice house Breakwater 300 Rathbun Co's lumber yard 302 Connor John Canada Malting Co. Ltd Grant Elizabeth J (wid Wm C) "Ringwood," Lt-Col H R Smith "Itinguood Lodge," James Acton LANSDOWNE. north from York to Concession road, lot w of Divinion. EAST SIDE Pine st intersects Hurst Mrs James, grocer Ferguson Joseph E Stanley st Intersects Adelaide st intersects WEST SIDE Plne st intersects Stanley st intersects McKegg John. carter 56 Smith Robert, stone quarry Adelaide st intersects LIVINGSTON A%ESI E. north from King w to talon, tenth w of Barrie EAST SIDE Jones Annie (wid Thomas) Davidson st intersects Simmons A Alfred 43 Ryan William F 57 Coxworthy George F Wood Niai P, grocer 67 Lyon Herbert I WEST SIDE Leonard John Calvert William J Berrigan John L Davidson st interaects 34 Aiken George 36 Wright Donald 38 Gilmour Edward 40 Holland John 44 Hugo Nicholas 46 Sullivan Kathleen (wid Wm) 60 Ileone,. v E 62 M.ey George P o :e Robert fi, Page Arthur P 68 Davis Ebenezer R 70 Young Richard Macdonnell street DIRECTORY Market 37 LoH ER II tgot from Bay to Jaine. Bagot St LOWER HIDEAI. Ilidenuntreet from ataraqui to Montrent. 3lACDONNE1.1.. north front I»ion to Princess. first went of Collingwood. EAST SIDE Queen's University Athletic Field Earl st ends Johnston st intersects Kearns Patrick Park st ends Durham st Intel sects WEST SIDE Johnston st intersects Harkness Janie. 402 McCall John T Durham st Intersects»MILK. went front Alfred to Nehion. Bret outh of Prineenn. NORTH SIDE Ellis William S 7 Black lait'. il 9 McGuin Miss Margaret 13 Macpherson Colin A 15 Sills William R 17 Cartwright Rev Conway E Frontenac st intersectsi 23 Carr-Harris Robert 31 Higgins Charles Albert st intersects SOUTH SIDE Victoria Park Frontenac st intersects Victoria Park Albert st intersects MAIN. northwent from Colborne to Dhinion, third ivert of Sydenham. EAST SIDE q Sarsfield Elizabeth J (wid George) 21 McGill Archibald 23 Aykroyd Overton 25 Maiden Catherine (wid Robert) 27 Turpin George H 33 McCullough William 35 Milne Mary (wid Peter J) 37 Poast Mary J (wid Joseph) 39 Smith Daniel 41 Thompson William W 43 Port er Jane I m il Frank ) 45 Morris Nathan 47 Abramson Joseph B 39 (a) Clenahan Thomas 41 (a) Glassford Thomas 43 (a) Crallin Edward 45 (a) Nolan John H 47 (a) Martin James W Raglan road intersects 23(a) Rea William A 25 ( ) Brown Charles 27(a) Gunn John B 211(a) Black Frederick 31 (a) Dougherty Patrick 33(a) Cohen.10seph 35 (a) Lytle John W 75 Nicholson "fhornas K IVICIT Sib 12 Baird Catherine ( wid Robert) 14 Martin G Arthur 10 Jerow %Vatson Ellice st commences 30 McCammon Etta (wld John) 32 Leason Ralph 34 Gibbs Mrs John 36 Peters Alvin A Ann st cdmmences 42 Smith William 44 Creeggan George Raglan road intersects 26 Pogue George %Volker Catherine ( wid Thos) 3S Irvine Sarah I wid Win) 40 Morden Teresa (wid John P) 46 Vacant 48 Tierney Patrick, grocer MAITLAND. north front the harbor to King, second rant of Barrie. I.:NWT SIDE Kingston Yacht Club Kingston Ice Yacht Club 13 Dunlop Miss Albino, bdg hse WEST SIDE 14 Skinner Anna (wld Henry) MARKET. went front ontnrio to Mum. between Brock and Clarence. NORTH SIDE City buildings Market SOI TH SIDE Hotel Iroquois 6 Lake Ontario and Bay of Quinte Steamboat Co, Ltd Clark J E, accountant 8 Eves John, grocer to Perry (1 R. soda uater ninfr 12 Lyons Bros, hide dealers 14 Bay or Quinte Hotel 16 Inland Revenue Office 18 Dever W F & Co, stock brokers Alexander James (Montreal). D. J. MacKinnon. representative. butter and eheese exporter Murray Wm jr. auctioneer Mowat J McDonald, barrister Farrell Thomas Hutehison D A. flour and feed Bullis John, hav dealer The Hub

18 Markland HTREET DIR6(TORY Montreal Montreal BTREET DIRF:(TURY Montreal 39 MARKLA\D. went from 210 Montreal to Patrick. 1ORTN 4IDE 9 l'errvnwn.inhn 11 MrE%%en Robert E Gallagher Wm S, cab owner McKim John Brown M+vv.1 (wid Alfred) O'Brien Timothy, carter Eddington Alexander 41Ol'TH SIDE 34 Ashley George E 36 Andre Alexander McGrath Ellen (wid Patrick) Downey James Simpson Jane (wid James) Turkington William.1 M11.LF:R'g I.A\F7. Went from Ballot to Montreal. nrrund north of Ba7 Brown James 11 HnCkett Miss Rose Reynnld+ Arthur Mtl\TRE,Ai.. north from 11t3 Broek to city Itmitm. EAST SIDE 7 Ryan Edward, physician U \'ai ant 11 Girey John McGrath Mrs Sophia, dressmkr 13 McConvllle Isobel, physician 15 McCammon Mary A(wld James) J1,-1 anunua S 11, physician 111 Knapp A E. denliet 21 Kingston Public Library 25 Mundell John, physician Princess at lntersects 39 Vacant shop Milo Thomas W, painter 47 Morgan W J, veterinary surgeon Queen at Intersects St Paul's Church Artillery Park Ellis Arthur, archltect Ordnance at Intersects tt8 Muller Frederick C 119 Lee Jennie (wid John) 120 Laflanle.Inaeph 121 McAvey Miss Lizzie 122 (`opley Frank A 123 Huyeke \laeeie.1 ( wid David S) 124 Hawken William H 125 Kirkwnoll lames 127 Murphy William McGlynn Annie ( wid John) rear 129 Dickson Annie (wid John) 131 Bell Willi nn C 133 Raven Alfred J 135 Peters William 137.l»4-kaon William L 141 Elmer Joseph 143 Bunt Charles A Haffner P A, grocer Bay at Intersects 149 McCulla James, grocer Hcnderson J ames E (upstairs) 151 Gannon William 153 Burton Samuel 155 Sullivan John 157 Corrigan Charles J 159 McDonald John A North at intersects 167 Knlght Robert 160 Sullivan Catherine (wid Mlchaelj 173 Byrne Patrick 175 Hunter Peter 181 Sullivan Mlchael, contractor Miller's lane ends 185 Jarvis Win 187 Ilcndrie Thomas 189 Murphy Matthew 207 Curtis Mien M A. 4ressmaker Donoghue Daniel 209 Andre Peter 211 Diamond Charles Raglan road Intersects 213 Lemmon Joseph, general store F:vr+ Win H. butcher Whitcomb Charles W (upstairs) 215 Pearson John ''17 Smith Edgar A '_1 1 Swain John 221 O'Sullivan John J 2la l'aynter Mary A (wid John) 225 Gulrey John 243 Clifford Walter 245 Tuttle George -147 ( l'tuolc li,arle+ John at Intersects 255 McEwen Mary (wid Alex) 257 Marshall Hu)rh l'' 259 Doherty Agnes (wid Edward) 275 '1 hompyon Elias 177 McKee John _'79 Boevan Joseph 279 (a) Young David J, general store 11_81 Reeves Daniel 214:4 Slade cer t James E 293 Sloan Miss Mary J llandall \\ ïliam 297 Pringle ira Cunningham Win H 301 Coyle John, cab owner 303 Morris I T, Frocer Charles st Intersects 103 Sager William an' fl'rnurkc Francis 309 Frizell Robert 311 Frizell Alexander :113 Knott Otto 31.i (;,,w Walter 321 McAdoo Alexander J 324 Phillips Charles W 325 Lunman Ellen J ( wid Albert A) 327 McCormack Mrs Thomas 329 Jackson Frederick A 331 Baylie Charles P James at Intersects Rideau at ends 685 Hutcheson James B tl(;8 St Patrick's Separate School 675 Tallon John 681 Harkness William T 689 liarkllemm Kate (wid Win) 693 Doyle John Fifth Methodist Church 769 Scott Win B, carter Dunlop Charles H 795 Vacant Druce John, grocer 'l'n on M:dward Postoffice Campbell, Alex, grocer and PM ^ninmwrliw \Ir+.lames Brignall Robert Hunter Robert McKay Ann J (wid James) Vacant house Carpenter David Vacant house Vacant houses (3) N'014 Arthur M Kemp John J Merrin John Abbott John dairy Wr:. r vlnt: G T R crossing Third Methodist Church, e e 12 McGrath James, contractor 14 7'nndv Miss h.lyle, music teacher 18 Keep Close Placket Fastener Co Martin Charles A. sign painter Princess at Intersects 26 Cannon George D, tailor 28 Board of Education Public School Library Public School Inspector's Office 30 Vacant 32 Shales Claude W, barber Engineera' room (upstairs) 46 Albion Hotel Queen at Intersects Victoria Terrace 1 Darragh George 2 Bailie Miss Mary 3 Shales Robert J 4 Atkins William If 5 Richardson Jonathan 6 O'Gorman Alice ( wid Daniel) 7 Stroud William A Armouries 0,11i. e \lilitarv District No 3 McCullagh Samuel, caretaker Wellington Terrace 104 Worth, Sergt, Thomas 106 Youn Mrs Cecelia 108 Chedik Otto Fournier John 110 Clark Peter 112 Gatehell Joseph A Bearance Sherman Ordnance at intersects House of Providence Bay at lntersects 142 Vacant store Eccles Victor 144 Allen Malcoltn J 146 lit-aley Thomas If 148 Armuuriea No 1 Co 47 th Regt North at Intersects 168 Randall William M 172 Sowards John F 174 Nuttall George E 176 O'Connell Robert, shoemaker Sau Iamie+un Rubert 1(1? Rogers Lewis W =04 O'Reilly Felix 206 O'Reilly Alfred 210 Powers Elizabeth (wid Wm J) 212 Powers' Grocery Raglan road Intersects 214 Qulgl( y James 216 Gilmour Robert C SIN lleu+lip.).jin E 220 Purtell Michael, grocer L _'._' Dellnie Daniel 224 McDonald Martin Markland at commences 240 Maple Leaf Hotel 246 Walker Albert 248 King, ('hoag, laundry 250 Crowley Mary (wid Peter) Corkey Malcolm, grocer John at Intersectf 284 Campbell Colin 29o Vacant 202 Nugent Esther (wid rntrlck) Fnubivter 17eorge A 2t14 \lorrivsev John V. barber 23(i Scanlon Patrick J 298 Ahern Joseph :10o Rnbby Frank, butcher 30f1 Vacant 308 Gage, David B, grocer Charles at Intersects 312 'l'onh, r \li+s Annie, grocer 324 Eves Mark 330 La Bonte Albert 332 Monks Peter 334 Robinson Henry 338 Jackson Philip (called Win) James at Intersects 354 Strachan David 3.56 llunter Rebecca ( wid Nelson) 358 Jackson George 358 (a) Tilson Robert 362 iiouse of Industry 390 Holder William 39.9 If,-Kenziv John 402 Bucknell Ann (wid James) 404 Hunter George 4()6 McDonald Bridget (wid Michael)

19 40 Montreal STREET DIRECTORY O'KIII 0%111 STREET DIRECTORY Ontario Loshaw Mrs Electa Stephen st commences Vacant house 466 Shufliebotham Walter. stone dealer 480 Skelton John Russell st commences 576 Gorman Miss Annie E Depot School K & P Ity car shops 662 Drader Andrew 668 Atney Wm (called Asa) 680 Potter Trueman 682 Cow Neil. c.irter Presbyterian Church 700 Hogan Thomas 728 Vacant 740 Harmer James C 770 Druce Jame. 772 Fairbairn William Hickson av commences Grand Trunk Railway depot Canada Railway News Co, Ltd Porter David W T R crossing Neilson Margaret (wid Hendry) Vacant house Nicholson Harrison E W Bean Iiihn Frank, toll watt' keeper ELSON. nort h from Johnston to onemotinst rd, third we t of Alfred FAST SIDE 13 Douglas Robert M 15 Douglas Hugh 17 McQuade John 19 Patterson Robert H 2i Ilegadorn Leander C 2.7 Joyner James Brock st ends 63 Brown Rev Thomas 67 Dick David J 125 Hogan.Michael Mack st ends 137 Black Frederick 143 Wathen Ernest E. carter 147 Sinclair Archibald 153 Dempster William 155 Payne James 157 McCormack Alfred J 159 Saunders John ; 4. I; Harry 165 Newlands John 171 Davy William R 173 (irass Charles W Princess st intersects 195 Fegg James A 207 Marshall Francis 211 Dix Capt Joseph 213 Gardiner Jacob J York et ends Fair grounds WEST SIDE 10 Burke William S 16 emi ineatti Francis 24 Little George F 30 Brooks Capt George Brock st intersects 64 Gunn Daniel H 124 Horne Robert A 126 Bruce Elizabeth (wid James) 126 (a) Bruce William 128 Rescorla Edwin 1311 %Vo0,1 William 11 V 132 Cummings George 134 Kennedy Alexis 138 Park George C 140 Gate, Duncan 142 MeNlithon John A 160 Lloyd George 170 Follest Wm, market garden Williamsville Public School, s e Princess st Intersects St Luke's Church 24 Reynolds Robert 216 Lee Eliza vii Id n 220 Langdon*John. apiarist 254 Marsh William Clarke William Armstrong Richard G.:62 McRae Miss 266 Reynolds Ernest 274 Bedore Charles NORTH. west from the river to Sy.. enhnni. tiret north of Ray. NORTH SIDE gt P Ry round house Railway crossing Queen City Oil Co Rideau st intersects Ragot st Intersects Montreal st intersects SOUTH SIDE K & P ny Biers Tty crossing Mosier John Page John D Rideau st intersects 62 Jarrell Nlarv I wid 64 Dunn Ambrose C 66 McCue Miss Ellen BaKot st intersect» 76 Kimball Charles L 78 Bradden James Montreal st intersects Iseult from 26 Barrie to King la eat. NORTH SIDE 15 Hughes James George st intersects General Hospital grounds SOUTH SIDE 20 Hitchen M Harry George st Intersects 40 Fowler Michael J 42 Hall Mrs Catherine, dressmaker.11 Batetion la nues.03 Jackson Alfred W 50 Herron John 52 Regan Elizabeth (wid John) 01 Webb Albert C 66 Rogers Anna D (wid John B) Smeaton John R ONTARIO. north front NIVe t to Catitrallul Bridge. drat %seat of harbor. EAST SIDE Donnelly Salvage & Wrecking Co Water Works Pumping Station 19 Cullen Wm H 23 Mcllwain Wm J 25 McCauley Robert J 29 Cassidy Andrew N 31 Clark James Kingston Foundry Union st Intersects Railway cottages used by Locomotive Works Gore st intersects Canadian Locomotive Co, Ltd Vacant 121 Clancy Thomas Craig W G & Co. whol grocers William st intersects G T R City Depot Richelieu & Ontario Nav Co Hanley's General Ticket Agency Johnston et Intersects Robertson George & Son, whol grocers Robertson, Nicolle & Co, whol grocers Swift James & Co. storehouse 189 Fenwick, Hendry & Co, whol grocers 193 Donnelly Salvage & Wrecking Co Donnelly Capt Thomas, examiner master and mates Donnelly Capt John, mining engineer Dingman N J. inspr Inland Rev Van Luven Alvin 195 Toye R 11, yvholesale baker Clarence St intersects X & P Ry station and offices Canadian Pacldc Ry Station Bay of Quinte Ry Station Brock st intersects Grand Union Hotel Kingston Milling Co K & P Ry stables Fire Station No 1 Miller William Hall John, rear 253 Gaskin Capt John Princess st Intersects 257 Ottawa House Norris James, agrl implts 261 Vac-int 263 Oldreive & Horn, sailmakers :165 Poison N C & Co, pro med 267 Vacant 275 Vacant 277 Deyo Charles R Cockburn W II). black..mith Queen st intersects M T Co's storehouse 291 Donoghue Charles, grain 293 and 295 Vacant Barrack st interseets Tete de Pont Barracks Bowman Bros, boat builders Cataraqui Bridge WEST SIDE S Henderson Nieholas 10 Forrest Ann (wid Wm II) 32 Bees Frederick S Shedden Co's stables Union st intersects Sullivan Mrs Lizzie, grocer 58 Byron Joseph H 66 Beare Albert S.62 hiwell Richard 64 Kemp Robert 66 (;ritrey Joseph 68 Gommer John I 70 Bankier James 72 Muller Andrew IcKee Frank 74 Barrigan Jac( b Iniek gun lame, (upstairs) 76 Fisher John Corrigan Lizzie (wid Thomas) 78 Storehouse 01 VII I./1 tu t 82 Fitzgerald David Gore st intersects 84-6 Sharpe Mrs Elizabeth, grocer 90 Erskine John, shoemaker 90 1/ Vacant 106 Hand Mrs Elizabeth, einnfry 108 Home, a e Earl st commences Slater E snsh and doors MeMillan & Co, piano innfrs Nicholson Thomas, butcher William st intersects City yard 144 Dublin House 148 Milne Mrs Alex.1. grocer Milite Alexander.1 Vacant houre, rear 152 Vacant 154 Bowman William 136 Vacant Bicknell Mrs Emma (upstairs) 164 Western House 168 Shamy John, dry goods Johnston st Intersects

20 42 Ontario STREET DIRKeToRY Ordnanee Ordnance STREET DIRECTORY Pins Anglo-American Hotel 174 Twitchell Col id H, U B Consul 176 shamy John, dry goods Ilotel Frontenac 184 Lee Albert J, barber 186 Bell Telephone Co 188 Customs Examining Warehouse 190 Robertson D Stcwart & Son, brokers 192 Kingston, Portsmouth & Cataraqui Electric Itailway Co 104 Kirkpatrick. Rogers & Nickle, barristers Hurley Patrick, caretaker Folger Broa, bankers Thousand Island Steamboat Co St Lawrence River Steamboat Co Clarence st intersects Hotel Iroquois Market sq commences City buildings Bank of British North America Stafford Reuben, caretaker Ballantyne John Attwood Horace Brock st intersects 228 Kennedy House 234 Nadon Joseph, restaurant 236 Lennox Win G. barber Ontario House 244 Vacant office 246 Vacant 252 Millan D J, butcher Princess at intersects 268 Pennock James 270 Carsrtell lioliert Maclean Andrew, grocer 274 Way William H 276 Vacant Kennedy Charles (upstairs) 2K2-2K4 Smith Win K. grocer Queen st intersects 286 Lake View Rouge 288 O'Connor John, shoemaker 290 Gaudreau Zephirin, grocer Langbort & Co, old metals, etc Oberndortter Simon. cigar mntr Kingston Rag & Meta! Co Barrack at interserts Rathbun Co The, builders' supplies Nash T W. chief engineer K & P Ry Place d'armes commences Sowards James. coal and n ood M T Co's shipyard Dominion Boat Co, boat builders Knapp A C. boat livery Bowman Charles, collector of tolls Cataraqui Bridge OR( 'BARD. north from Cataraqui atreet. dent catit of Rideau. EAST SIDE Smelting works Va ant house WEST SIDE 2 Lalonde Francis II \ oint G hlahoney James 8 Scrutton Edmond River st commences RUBAN( E. est front Wellington to vient of Barrie, third north of PrIneeas. illort'h Rideau st intersects Fleming John ityder Edward 41 Latave Frederick 43 MeCloskey Unity t wid James) 45 Hunter Richard W 47 Ockley Thomas G Bagot st intersects 73 Bennett Robert J 75 Green Sarah (wid John) 77 Gillespie James Montreal st intersects Hou,* of Providence. s e Sisters of Sorrow Church 115 Beecher George V 117 Van Winckel Niai P 119 Allen Elizabeth (wid George V7) 121 Powell John 123 Sullivan Joseph J 123 Cornelius John Sydenham st intersects 193 Cockburn William jr 139 Bali Edward H 141 Angrove John 143 Bennett Hugh 145 Fitzgibbon Daniel J 147 Eves Daniel 149 Atlan Patrick Frontenac Park Alma and York sts commence 187 Sharman Isabelle (wid Jacob) Barrie st intersects Noble James Cummings Joseph D :SOUTH SIDE Rideau st intersects 42 Mulien Patrick 44 Burns Patrick Vacant lion-e', rear 46 Watson John 4K Malien James Bagot st Intersects 76 McDonnell Mrs Mary. eontry Montreal ut intersects 110 Crawley Mary E (wid Charles W) 112 Leslie William 114 Elder Andrew A 116 Smith Alexander 118 Johnston Thomas W 124 Hastings William Sydenham st intersects 134 Realey Johr, P 142 Lyons Charles A 146 LYons Patrick 150 'retro Michael D 162 Votant Cergy st ends 178 Abernethy William 184 Newlanda Elizabeth S (wid Isaac) I MM Gardiner Nliss.1entiie 100 Holland James A 102 McBride Samuel 194 McBride Robert Barrie st interriects PARK AVENUE. front Barrie to uent aeroan City Park. PARK. Iseut front %letorla to Maedonnell. second m'alla of Priurenn. Not built un NORTH!UDF. sorrit side Vacant house PATRICK. north front linlaehisa So north of Jaune.. EAST MIME 17 71ehan Mary (wid John) Raglan road intersects Markland Bt ends John st intersects Charles st ends James st ends 143 Redmond Joseph WIEST SIDE 16 Steel,. Annie (wid Fens) 18 Campbell Joseph Raglan road intersects 28 Alken Joseph 32 McFadden Edward, carter 42 Gollogly John 46 Morrin% Miss Mary.1 Judson James John st intersects 56 W.! 64 Whalen Luke :o, nlia nll Mime] Clarke Charles G Quebec st commences 104 Ryder John 106 Rodway Mrs Kate 110 Robb John Pine st commences Pickering Charles H Wallace Robert, stone dealer PESIBROK E. nort h /rom King to Union. Ilth uent of Marrie. EAST SIDE 27 McDonald Roderick R 29 Redmond Mary (wid John J) 49 Davidson Thomas Davidson st intersects Patter:o n William 61 Bostridge Charles A WEST BIDE Grant James W Meredith Albert Dunaldson Samuel Kenny William Johnson Percy Davidson at intersects l.iiiiiii,'t Jouit A PICARD. chanaed to Raglan Roud. PINE, weat front Pittriek to Alfred, ard nurth of Raglan. Road. NORTH MUE: 1 Pickering Charles H, grocer Burtch David 5 Pennine Charles H 7 Alexander Hel hert 9 Bell James H St Catherine ut commencez 15 McIlroy John 17 Walker Marcua 19 Copley Thomas 21 King John, contractor 23 Crumley Alexander 27 Galloway John W Cowdy st commences 33 Galloway Thomas, grocer 35 Kelly George 37 Kearns Samuel 69 Hunt James 71 Shay Horace, grocer 73 Sullivan.bilin.1 75 Burtch William E 77 Bearance George E 79 Fitzgerald William J 81 Brown George 83 Davlea William Cherry et Intersects 145 Steverei Mary A ( wid Willard) 87 Godwin William H Enoch ion Hebert Louis 103 Lane Benjamin!-_,- Iviedon at intersects 143 Lowcs Rev George A 143 Bennett Aexander 147 Hughes Henry R 153 Campbell Eliza J (wld Wm) 155 Kenny Joseph 157 Salsbury William 159 Hurst James Lansdowne st tntersects 169 McMahon James 175 Stanlake William 189 Allen John SOUTH SIDE 4 Jackson Nancy (wid Philip) Eves Daniel, cab owner Bell John 10 McIlroy William 12 Malien Patrick 16 MeArdle Peter J

21 Pine street DIRECTORY Princess 18 Walker Duncan 22 Tynan William J 24 Grant John A 26 Kruger Sergt. 28 Bushie Robert F 30 McCaig Nell 76 Clark James 84 McCabe John W Cherry st intersects 86 Clark Charles H, grocer 96 Vacant 98 JoIlitle Jacob 11 lop Gibson Emily (wid Alexander) 102 Van Horne i4amuel 104 McDonald Isabella (wid Alexander) Zion Presbyterian Church 106 Boyd Rev John D Division st Intersects 142 Johnston Lyman 144 Vacant 146 Saunders John E 148 McMaster John H 154 Hamilton Robert M Lansdowne st intersects Chatham st ends York st Intersects PIA( E D'ARVIES, west from Ontario to Wellington, third n of Princess. NORTH SIDE Sowards James, coal and wood Rathbun Co, lumber yards Ma rt in Elisha Kane Miss Margaret Quinn Charles, coal and wood King st intersects Hay market Angrove Thomas B, foundry Massie Wm jr, lumber SOUTH SIDE Foster Thomas H 14 Villard J Ernest 22 Marshall George Lalonde Joseph 26 Smith Joseph Dono2hue Elizabeth (wid John) 28 Vacant Vacant building King st e intersects 48 Broom Richard J 50 McGregor Ann (wld Charles) 52 Conley Miss Annie 54 Smart John B Military Riding School PLU M. west from Barrie to Cherry, Bret south of Quebec. NORTH SIDE McDonald Charles J Vacant house SOUTE SIDE McKee John Robinson Levi PRIME STREET. from York to Chest. nut. grist east of Division. EAST SIDE Not built on WEST SIDE Marshall Samuel PRINCESS. me-st front the harbor to limita. NORTII SIDE Atlantic dock Railway crossing Ottawa House Ontario st intersects Wormwith & Co, piano mufra Dunbar A C, wood carver 33 Kent Bros, mica dealers 87 Orr John L Lieberman Abraham, sec hd gds 43 Goldman t ari, sec lid gds 45 Fields Arthur E, junk dealer 47 Fields Arthur E, barber 49 Walker Charles, restaurant 51 Val'allt store Garrigan James (upstairs) Murphy L W, grocer King st e intersects 65 Sullivan Hon. lid, physician 67 News and Times 69 Sears Geo. hardware Robertson Bros, crockery 75 Hendry James A, mnfrs agt Standard I.ife Assurance Co Calvin Co Ltd, (city office) 77 Elliott Bros, plumbers 79 Breck & Halliday, electricians 81 Webster Charles R, barrister Webster Benjamin E, physician 83 Vacant Mitchell W A, hardware Taylor & Hamilton, tinsmiths 93 Ward P E & Co. acetylene gas generator.; 95 Corbett John, hardware Wellington st intersects 101 Woods' Fair, fancy goods Sutherland J H & Bro, shoes Sutherland Robert 107 Johnston J R, tailor 109 Stroud Bros, teas and coffees Havvley Harry M 111 Dillon Joseph.er Son, shoes Ferrier George 113 Mahood Bros. fancy goods 115 McDermott D J, boots and shoes 119 Spence & Co, millinery 121 Weese D A & Co, photos, etc Savage W J. painter (rear) Abernethy Shoe Co 127 Roney & Co, clothing Princess STREET DIRECTORY Princes* Daly 0 \Wilmot, dentist 131 Tweddell John, tailor llotel Randolph 141 Uglow R & Co, booksellers, etc 143 Rudd Harness Co, harnessmkrs 145 Canadian Express Co American Express Co Begot st intersects 155 Crawford & Walsh, tailors 157 Lambert Thomas, tailor 159 Kirkpatrick Michael, pictures 161 Elmer Richard H, barber Bryant Robert (upstairs) 163 Waugh Freeman, dentist 165 Vacant. store 167 Powell Mrs J, photographer Skinner H'y & Co, whol drugs 173 Routley John, tobacconist 175 1"aeant Dalton & Sons, hardware 183 Smith Miss C C, millinery 185 Chown A P, M D, druggist 187 Vacant 189 Horsey Samuel J, hardware 1P1 \\aruick Ili,o. lyers and cleaners 193 Strachan Archibald, hardware Montreal st intersects 201 Lemmon Jos & Son, four and feed Windsor Hotel 207 Lee James L, barber 209 Dutton Miss M, corset mnfr 211 Simmons Bros, plumbers 213 Slieldriok Mark. pianos 215 Ogg Miss A R. dressmaker 217 Vacant Dolan Martin, harnes4maker 223 Fokes Edward J, barber 225 Darbutt D.1, loeksmith 227 Drimslia w Frank, barber Kennedy Patrick Harrison T F Co, furniture 239 Gowdey James, butcher 241 Young Women's Christian Association Sydenham st re-commences 251 Kingston Steam Laundry Elder Mrs E. dressmaker 261 Ellenson & Co, sec hand goods Abramsky Joseph, clothing 267 Joyce Matthew, boots and shoes 269 Davis James, shoemkr Zacks Isaac. sec hd goods 277 Vaeatit 281 Corbett S S. undertaker 285 Pipe Mary J (wid Wm) 289 Stratford James, taxidermist 291 McGill Wm A, vet surgeon McGill George A (upstairs) 293 Jones C A. gunsmith 295 Bowman Catherine (wid Edwin) Sager John 297 Ainslie W G butcher Clergy st intersects St Andrews Church Thompson John, sec hd goods 339 Campion Alice (wid Richard) Couper Daniel, grocer Hentlg G W, tinsmith 349 Laird John, painter :151 Gehalla Elias. tailor 353 Clark J 11' & Co, repairers 355 Keyes Andrew. shoemaker Hong Frank.1, druggist 13arrle st intersects Young Men's Christian Association 379 Jenitin John. contractor 381 Hamilton Samuel 883 Richardson Denis L 885 Eward Frederick W 387 Storms Sarah (wid Archibald) 389 Storehouse :0 13 Drury Orplia (avid Wm) 395 Sing Long, laundry 897 Young George, boots and shoes 405 Fee Samuel H, physician 407 Campbell Thomas Campbell Robert, hay dealer 411 Corbett William 421 Welch Charles II Division st intersects 435 Pillar Frances (wid Wm) 437 Simmons W Fred 443 McKegg Nell 445 Robinson Thomas 449 Cook.1 Leonard 451 Prittle Agnes (wid Thomas) 453 Boyd Joseph R 455 Li% ingston Emily (wid Wm J) 457 Boyes Charles H 459 Hopkirk John E 461 Gibson D,vid 471 Mel)owall It.1 (est of), pianos. etc 473 McDowall Elda (wid Robert J) 475 Storehouse 477 McDonald Roderick 479 Lowe Samuel 481 Vacant 493 Bearance Alexander 495 Gillespie John 497 Bates Estella (wid John J) 499 Lawson.N1L's Jennie 5101 McDowall Henrietta (wld Jas A) Saunders Charles, grocer Chatham st commences 521 Storey Elgar M 523 Arniel Ellen (wid Wm J) 525 Stone M Adelbert 527 Boyd James Alfred st intersects 557 Mr-mica, Robert 559 Sharpe Harry 563 McBride Joseph 565 Guess E Francis 567 Ilavward Frederick 569 Ashley Cumberland Hamer John Graves William D Frontenac st Intersects Patterson Miss Margueretta C Johnston Henry Albert st Intersects

22 46 Prince** BTREET DIRECTORY Princess, Princess STREET DIRECTORY Princess Hunter George, grocer McMillan John 621 Simpson Charles 623 Davy George 627 Gates Joseph 629 Gorrie Joseph Pipe David C Z-5 Carter Mrs Margaret, grocer Nelson at intersects 639 Reid Mary (wid Wm) 641 Vacant 047 Schofield James, baker Victoria at intersects 655 Harrison Thomas 657 Bryant Caroline (wid Win) 661 Vacant 063 Friendship John, market garden 667 Fraser William A 669 Caverly Martha (wid George) 671 Gibson George 673 Hunter John Smith at commences 679 Compton George Gibson William H 687 Vacant 783 Davis Alfred 78:i Vacant 791 1" William 793 Vacant SOl Jones Mrs Margaret 809 Amey George Tower at commences 811 McGuire Anthony, drover 813 McGuire James E 827 I-e Ileup Edward R 835 Murphy Mrs William Vacant 841 Jones William J 845 Vacant 909 Richardson Genrge W Bath road Intersects City limits Driving Park Hotel Driving Park and race course 9OUTH BIDE Commercial dock Richardson James & Sons, elevator Railway crossing Vacant building Ontario at intersects Massie Wm jr, lumber yard, a e Wilson R E, livery 40 Nuttall Geo E & Son, blacksmiths 42 Vacant 46 Kelehon Win, engine builder Fah ey ael) 5o Hall ((wid Win) King at e Intersects McGall John, tobacconist 68 Pritchard W H. confectioner 70 Paul W J. tobacconist 226 Keeley W J]r, jeweller 72 Elmer A E. barber Bell G W. vet surgeon Vacant stables, rear 76 Imperial Hotel The H D Bibby Co, clothing 82 Victoria Hall 84 Campbell Bros, hatters 86 The Win Davies Co Ltd, provisions 88 Angrove Henry Jr, bicycles 90 Bass Charles L, jewellery 92 Henderson Mrs M. photographer 94 Nisbet Francls, bookseller Wellington at intersects Ioo Crews Philip B, jewelery 102 Silver Joseph, clothing ro6-iio Mills George & Co, hatters 112 Dwyer Bros, clothing 114 Jenklns E P, gents' furnishings 116 Lockett F G. boots and shoes 118-I2O Steacy & Steacy, dry,goods 122 Vacant 124 The H 11 Taylor Drug Co 126 Egan Daniel, tobacconist 128 McAuley Thomas, bookseller 130 McFaul Robert, carpets, etc Crumley Bros, dry goods 136 Rigney & Hickey, grocers 138 Rigney & Hickey, liquors 140 Standard Bank of Canada Bagot at intersects 156 Mahood George W, druggist 158 Coates F W. Jewellery Kingston Auxiliary British and Foreign Bible Society Uptown branch CPR Co's telegraph Hiscock Joseph, fruits -164 Sincer Jift., Co Sullivan Miss M E, dressmaker Sloan Richard N 166 Rees Allen J. confectioner 168 Corrigan C J, dry goods Laldlaw John & Son, dry gds 174 Mills Thomas & Co, hatters 178 Redden James & Co. grocers 180 Abramson Joseph, clothing 182 Crawford James, grocer 1R1 (7reknrakoa & 7,ohas, confry 186 McLeod J B, druggist Montreal at Intersects 200 Triiscott (:en, sinoting gallery 202 Baker & Marshall, tobacconi..ts fcLaughlin John, confectionery 206 Robinson's Tailoring Store 208 Avhley Edward, jewellerv 210 (7uess nelbert,tobacconist 212 Sawyer Wm A. boots and shoes 214 Grand Hotel, L Martin prop 2t6 O'Brien & Co, tailors 218 Entrance to Opera House 220 Jervas H, conf:y 222 Reid R J, undertaker and furniture dealer 224 Boyes Charles H, photos 228 Pear:all Misses, milliners Pearsall Thomas A 230 Carroll & Co, merchant tailors 230 Fitzgibbon Daniel, tobacconist 230 Sparks R E. dentist Kingston School of Art 232 Medley William H. druggist 236 Wood H A, watchmaker (5lmour Jamei ( upstairs) 238 Asseletlne Mlchael, woollens llyland John, rear Reid James, rear 240 Makir & 13ro, dry goods 242 Ockley Vincent & Sons, grocers l.ockhead John 1 ' (upstairs) 246 \'an Luven F \1', grocer Parkhlll J Y & Co, produce James Reid, undertaker and furniture 258 Simpson S li, dentist 260 s.loyd ( 7eurge. Ilorist 262 Lochhead John F. photographer ( l'13rien Isaac (upstairs) 264 Blakey James, butcher Marrison Elizabeth (wid John) Tyo Alexander, liquors, etc 270 Kelley Jame+, grocer 272 Henderson J S. fruits (branch) Roberts Ernest, baker, rear!11i{'utcheon \\'m (upstairs).leffries Harry E (upstairs) 274 Fralick Geo C, confry 280 Hunt Archibald E. barber 282 Lai Sang, laundry 284 Stratford Mrs Henry, registry office for servants 286 Singleton Prof Thomas, pianos 298 Price H F, mfg confr 290 Mcllquham Andrew, livery 292 Thompson James, liquors 294 Lee Hing, laundry 296 R'elch E R & Son, marble works Clergy at Intersects Hotel Beaupre 31t; Robbs James, butcher 320 Carson John 322 Carson Bros, grocers 324 Carson R J. wholesale grocer 336 Abramson Louis. clothing 338 Hong Lee, laundry Grimason House 346 Thompson Peter M. barber Russell House 352 Healey Thomas J, barber 354 Herod Alfred E, shoemaker Lougher Henry, baker Barrie at intersects 360 Shear Abraham, sec hd gds 370 Vacant Crallen Win E ( upstairs) 372 MeDermott Bros, news dealers l.emmon Isaac (upstairs) 874 Drury Win, coal, wood and lce 3142 Alderdice Iiugh 884 Mullen James E 380 Hilton Thomas. trunkmaker 3Mrt Forevth Thomas A Laturney James, carriages 394 Brown Catherine (wid Geo L) 396 \Ic('nv 1'eter Turk Jacob, see hd gds 412 Neilson William Division at Intersects 424 Anderson William Vaughan Terrace 42(1 Richardson %%*illiam 428 Purdy Elijah B. real estate 430 Begg Anna (wid Win) q32 Orford Ernest 434 Cunningham John 436 Pense James P 450 Vacant 480 Duff H Ramsay, physician University av ends 4110 Williams (;eo li, grocer 4112 ('arnwrifht Stanley 500 Mooers George :i(? Wilson William Newlands George 320 Collier lierbert It 522 McCutcheon John P 524 Staley Horace J 526 Sharpe Harry, grocer 11cCutcheon Alfred (upstairs) Alfred at lntersects 554 Adams Mrs M E. millinery 558 Hentig Sarah A (wid Charles) 31;0 Newman William 363 \Icllquham.lames Frontenac st intersecta 600 Roys John A Albert at Intersects Princess St Methodist Church 622 Wilder Joseph E, dairy 624 Hutchison David A 028 Mcllquham Andrew 6:30 Biler Nellie (wid Thomas) 632 Brown M J. physician Nelson at intersects Rideau Public School Carnovsky T R. baker Wililamsvllle Poatofflce Victoria at intersects Williamsville Hotel (W Walsh Michael 716 Spankie Miss Margaret A 720 Hamilton Nlargaret (wid Wm L) 730 Saunùers John Macdonnell at ends 768 Doyle William 772 Couper Miss Miriam 776 Couper Daniel 826 Metcalfe Mary A (wid John C) 834 Haffner Christian 840 Blakey Alfred, whol btchr 842 Henry Robert R;4 -Jones John 846 Brightman Thomas 848 Roushorn Thomas J grocer Regent at ends

23 48 Princ ss STREET DIRECTORY Queen 808 Lauber Henrietta (wid John) 914 Ryder Joseph, grocer Bath rot..cl intersects City limits Breden Amelia (wid Wm) Purdy John QUEBE(. west from Patrick to Division. first outh of Pine. NORTH SIDE 15 Jenkins Walter C T 39 Pollitt Francis W 43 Burke PMlip 11 Cherry st intersects Shay Belford SOUTH SIDE 2 Flint Charles W 4 Cain Delbert 0 Smith l'harles E Bradv Catherine E I wid George) 26 Hubble Walter H 28 Rice Thomas 30 Driscoll Daniel 32 Pettigrew Alexander D Barrie st ends 36 Collins Peter 40 Leader George N Cherry st intersects Stanley terrace Treneer John P 2 Boyd Thomas 8 McMaster William L 4 SPencc Annie (wid John) Chestnut st ends 78 Millard William J 8o Freeman Sarah (wid Barnabas) 82 Bonny George jr 84 Lake Amos K 86 Buck Edwin 88 Hurcomb Edward G QUEEN. wet from the hot rime to Division. Bret north of Princess. NORTII SIDE M T Co's wharf Montreal Transportation Co. Ltd Ontario st intersects Lakeview House ti Purdy Charles. blacksmith 19 Kingston Light, Heat & Power Co 29 Hagan James King st e intersects Street Railway sheds, s e 53 Wright Geo A. machinist 55 Lowry Peter D, blacksmith 57 Aubin William Clark Francis 1-1 Labelle George Earl James 69 Van Alstine C L, temperance house Wellington st intersects 75 O'Rourke Hugh 77 Mel:one James 79 McMullen Richard 81 McGuire Thomas, fish dealer S5 Bestow Jeremiah G 87 Angrove Henry, shoemaker 89 Angrove Thomas B 91 Boutillier Amos 93 Kemp Mary J (wid George J) 95 Spence David M 97 John N 101 Potter C'apt Alexander 103 llall Miss Emma It 105 McGall Mary (wit! John) 107 Frost NVm G Salvation Army Barracks Bagot st intersects Kingston Granite tic Marble Works 125 Doran Daniel Doran John (upstairs) 131 Jarvis Miss Eliza Jarvis Wm T (upstairs) 133 Vacant St Paul's Church Montreal st intersects 157 Power Charlotte (wid John) 130 Perceval Harriette (wid Henry) In] Wenborn Robert 163 Stevens Arthur 105 Reed William II 175 Hunter & Harold, contractors 177 Lambert Miss Matilda Wood Samuel 179 Oldfln John W 185 Abramson Joseph Sydenham st intersects 201 Myers Henry J 209 Minnes Thomas D 211 Smith Zillah R (wid Rev Thos G) 213 Worrell Vin Archdeacon C L,219 Mahood Wm Queen St Methodist Church Clergy at intersects 21Ç Burton Mrs Matilda, bdg hse Benn Mrs John W 241 Sutherland James T 245 Vacant 247 Robinson Catherine (wid Geo W) 249 Funnell Thomas H 251 Turner Sergt Charles 253 Sangster William W 255 Baker W.latreq 2go Sands John S 204 Jacob Mary (add Adam) 207 Switzer Peter 269 Doherty Isaac W 271 Dri%er W J, grocer Lov..it Samuel (upstairs) Barrie st intersects 273 Fee William 275 McGall James 279 Delaney John 281 Brown James 2143 Campbell Duncan 235 Catholic Apostolic Church O'Shea Miss Grace 295 Reid Frederick A 297 Rosevear Robert 299 Frost \V G, carriage pntr Queen STREET DIRECTORY Raglan Rd Lambert Michael B 311 Gardiner Jane H (wid James C) 313 Vacant Chapman st commences Iringston Business College Co 320 McCammon William 331 Burns John 333 McCammon Mary J (wid James) 335 Williams Mrs Eliza, laundry 837 Chapman Elisha F, grocer SOUTH SIDE Crawford's wharf Crawford Robert, coal and wood Blacksmith shop, s e Ontario st intersects Crawford's coal sheds da, ksol, Viihliaiii Revere House, s e King st e intersects 54 Millar A II, wood worker 56 Robinson & Copley. (.arpentera 58 Tracy Francis, blacksmith Tracy Wm J. willow worker la mr John.seale adjuster 60 Hunter Wm H, blacksmith Wellington st intersects 72 Watts William.1 82 Johnston William It Laidley S G. harnessmaker Oberndorffer Simon 92 McCoy Mrs John T, bdy lise 94 Stewart Alexander, bdg hse 1112 Twoldell John 102 Dougherty Miss Mary E, bdg hme 104 Hymnes Miss Nellie 108 Robinson Thomas D 110 Gray James F 114 Beaudry Louis Ragot st intersects 124 Lenea Miss Rebecca 128 Shannessy Mrs Jennie, dressmaker 130 Anderson Daniel 136 Hennesse,y Thomas J 138 Boutley Arthur K 140 Carruthers Margaret (wid Win) 140 Vacant 148 McCall John Montreal st intersects Albion Hotel, s e 164 IIorsey Mary A (wid Richard M) mlit,n Charles 182 Kidd Anne (wld Joseph) 184 Kidd John Kidd John, carriagemaker, rear 186 Driver Thomas Sydenham st intersects 190 Rees Allen J io8 Wilson Robert E 200 McCann James S 202 Wilson Thomas C 210 Burton John V 212 Purdy James E 210 Bailey Margaret (wid Benjamin) 220 Walker John S 224 Christley Wm, cab owner 226 Kokes Mrs Mary, dressmaker Clergy st intersects 250 Marchand William 2.54 Jackson Mrs Susan 258 Dunphy E J, carriage painter 200 Comou Joseph 2112 Gaudier Louis 284 Godman Daniel 260 Engish Nathaniel F 208 Cairns %Villiam Barrie st intersects 282 Gibson James F. physician 286 Metcalfe James H 288 Si urgeas Aznes 1 wid Emanuel) 290 Drury William 292 Wright George A 294 Bloomfield Capt Wm 2941 Reid Samuel 300 Barnett Emma R (wid Thos J) 3I 12 Parrott NIvIes 304 Ilett John 306 Eagle G Frederick 308 Campbell David 310 Cosby Mrs Jane 312 Denn Elizabeth (wid Wm) 316 Lake William Bennett Mary.1 I wid James El 320 Blake Ja TIP ( w id Colborne) 328 Watts Alexander 338 Nla xiii, Alfred RAGLAN ). w tout from liii Rideau to Division. 2nd n of Bay. NORTH SIDE 4 Stanford Michael 6 Blake James 0 4 Liston John 10 Flanagan John 12 Carey Alexander J Bagot st intersects Middleton Henry O'Reilly John Whitcomb Charles W Montreal st intersect& 41 Smeaton Charles 75 Gallivan Michael, carter 07 Tucker Thomas 99 McCarthy Maurice 101 Waldron Hannah I wid Gordon) 103 Powell Charles H 105 Nisbet Duncan 111 Hunter John C 123 Ty Stephen jr Patrick st intersects Vacant house Cooper Thomas 149 Lennon Felix Barrie st intersects 155 Naylor' John 157 Bryant Angelo B 1-1 Eves Joseph T. 'ah owner 173 Scott Cant William Jenkin John E, blacksmith York st intersects Main st intersects Lennon Margaret (wid Patrick)

24 50 Raglan Rd STREET DIRECTORY Rideau Rideau STREET DIRECTORY South Bartlett 51 SOUTH SIDE BagOt at intersects 38 Nobes Mary A (wid James) 40 Andre Wilfred (called Fred) Montreal st Intersects 56 Tetlock John Sydenham st ends 96 Collins James P 98 Burnham Rev Richard 100 Bryant William 102 McCullough Robert Redan st ends 112 Stanford Edward 114 Pilot te Wilbord 124 Turkington William Patrick st intersects 148 Ellison J oseph Campion Edward C 152 Coakes Charles 154 Morris Catherine (wid Emanuel) Barrie st Intersects 160 Willett Mary (wid Arthur F) York st Intersects Main st intersects Vine st ends REDAN. north from Balaclava to Raglan Road. EAST SIDF. 9 Gray Samuel J 13 Henderson Frederick 15 Mills Andrew 23 Fallon Catherine (wid Patrick) WEST SIDE 4 Carr Aexander 11 Spencer Maria I wid Robert) 8 Kinch John 10 Hunter William H 12 Maxam Mary C (wid Alfred) 14 Tyo Stephen 16 Anderson John REGENT STREET. north from Johnatom to Princes.. ard w of ictorla. 52 EAST SIDE Custon Thomas W WEST SIDE Stoddard Arthur E'ngland Thomas, florist Lambert Mark RIDEAU. north from ISa k to Montreist 4th west of the harbor. EAST SIDE 1 Donaldson Joseph R 7 Maclean Andrew, jr ti Clapham William 15 Short Edward 17 Seaton Richard 21 Rankin Ann J (wid Andrew) 23 Peppiatt Sergt Wm A 25 Jaquith J Thomas 27 smilers Sere 1.awrence 29 Edgar William T 31 Claxton Matthew H 35 Tnomson Thomas Ordnance st intersects 41 Chambers Charles J. carter 47 13aJus Grace (wid Philip) 59 Page John, Jr 61 Brickwood James H 63 Noonan Capt Dania 65 Harding Arthur E Bay st Intersects 83 Sedore Freeman 85 Palmer James F: 91 Shanahan Miss Mary A 99 Brady James 101 I, orrigan Francis E North st intersects 251 Cook William Cataraqui st intersects Deane Mrs Margaret, grocer River st ends Davis A & Son, Ltd, tanners 213 Thornton Mr 217 Hanley William 219 Hughes Mrs John 221 Smith James 229 Amey Glancy WEST SIDE 2 Hunter John, grocer 24 Spottan Mary (wid George) 4 White Sophia (wld John) 6 Simpson Bernard 8 Feeney Thomas 10 McKee John P 12 Scrutton Alexander 14 Raymond S 16 Marshall Robert G 18 Niorton Jane A wid James) 20 Murray Capt Joseph l'an V Thomas 88 Dunlop Catherine (w1d James M) Ordnance st intersects Daley James 54 Daly James sti Maxwell George W 58 Cannem William Cataraqui School 64 McCully Sergt Andrew Bay st Intersects 82 Murphv Catherine ( wid Daniel) 94 Doolan Jeremiah 96 Tetro James 102 Doyle Mary (wid Patrick), bdg hoe Austin James, shoemaker 116 Sullivan Michael North st intersects The A Menowan Cigar Mfg Co, Ltd 142 O'Neill Patrick 144 Gow Edward J 148 Sherratt Anna B (wid Sherrad 0) 150 Moyse William M 152 Nelson John 154 Gowan James 156 Reid Alexander 158 McNeill Charles 160 Murray John 162 Vacant Raglan road commences 164 Webb Julia (wid Patrick), grocer 168 McIntyre Sergt Win J 1681/2 Craig John 170 Mallen James 172 Hood Charles W 176 Harrison Thomas J. Corrigan st commences 180 Davis Robert 182 Knapp Charles N 184 Dunlop James A 186 Baker George 188 Davis John H 190 Keys Michael 192 Davie William 194 Funnel! David J 196 Sweetman Thomas 198 Sloan Robert D 200 Williamson Annie (wid Fred M) Dufferin at commences 202 Donnelly James 204 Sharman Jacob M 206 Mitchell Edward MeGniness Thomas J 214 Sloan Robert Charles st commences 258 Cunningham Bridget (wid Daniel) James st commences 264 Williams Louis \\ 268 Gray William A Cataraqul at intersects 2 Perryman Ceorge 4 Marshall Emma (wid Henry) 6 Casa Annie (wid Alfred) 8 Smith Thomas J 12 Evan Alice t wid Edward), grocer 14 McNeill William J 36 Clarke Frederick W 40 Holland George A 42 Cartwright Reuben 44 Holden Robert 46 Dervent Wallace R 48 Watts Samuel 50 Hubbard Charles H 52 Boyer Nersises 54 Collinson John tit; Smiley John I Ell. west from Orchard fo Rideau. flroot north of Cataragul. NORTH SIDE Soles Benjamin Vacant Innise Carrington Joseph J SOUTH SIDE Leslie David RUSSELL. west from 450 Montreal to Division. NORTH SIDE: 9 MeKenty Mary (wid John) Vacaat 15 McQuaid John 17 McQuaid William 19 Gray Capt John 21 Dinsmore Charles 23 avant 25 Morden Charles 21 Kemp Montie J SAIITH. north from Princess to South Bartlett. first %%cost of Victoria. Vacant building South Bartlett nt Intersects North Bartlett st intersects Pitt James A SOITH BARTlETT. west from Victoria. first north of Princes.. Vacant houe SOUTH SIDE 10 Martin George G 12 Walterhouse Thomas 14 Lesage William G 16 Cronls 11'01i:tin Delaney Eliza (wid Patrick) Mary A 1wil John ) 32 Killeen Patrick, carter SIMCNIE, from the harbor to King, third east of Barrie. E:AS'F SIDE 9 Arniel William J Booth & Co's wood yard, r e WE:ST SIDE Kingston Boat Co 22 Rickey Frank E 14 Keating Miss Marc IsIg hie SIXTH. west from Division to Alfred. Bret south of lork. NORTH SIDE 1 Salsbury Frank J 3 Hall Thomas J 5 Vacant Chatham st intersects SOI TH SIDE: 12 Turcott George 10 Moore Wm Chatham st intersects Wright Charles Bristow William NORTH SIDE SOL TH SIDE Smith st ends

25 52 Stanley STREET DIRECTORY Sydenham STANLEY. west front DIvimion to Alfred. first north of Pine. Nowlin SIDE King Thomas Lansdowne st intersects Hartley Charlotte (wid John) Collling M William King William Grimshaw James ings a cil Charles SOUTH SIDE. Lansdowne st Intersects ca rit titink. north from Brat ltest of Patrick. EAST SIDE 5 Donoghue Peter A 7 Sherwood Sherman 0 \ acant 11 Gage Richard 13 PoMU Frederick J 15 Godwin James G WEST SIDE 6 Davis George A 8 Page Alfred TO Haliner Thomas B 12 Adams Elizabeth M (wld 14 Maloney Richard 16 Holland William (' ST. LAWRENCE AVENUE. north from King to Stuart. 4th weal of Barrie. EAST SIDE 13 Kavanagh James II 15 Clark George 17 Matthews Miss Angelina V WEST SIDE 16 Allen Capt James F STEPHEN, west front 410 Montreal. NORTH SIDE W1,,lan Su-ai wid Alfred) 9 Scruton James 11 Delph James P 13 merlia112 ) 1 I.eorge 15 Derbyshire Eugene 21 Phillips Joseph P 23 McMaster James SOUTH SIDE John Pine, 6 Thiheaudeau Los 10 White Thomas 12 Edgar David 14 McPhee Robert 16 Robertson Catherine (aid John) 18 ( reoran Anthony 20 Christley John 22 Henry John 24 Henry David sr K) STUART. vveat from SU Barrie to Albert. NORTH SIDE Arch st commences Queen's College grounds University ay intersects 09 Brouse Henry 103 Vacant 105 Lawless James 107 Tuttle John 109 W e se Oscar 111 Webster Wm F 113 Vacant 113 Shields John 117 Hyett Joseph C 110 Bateson James 121 Coffey Grace (wid Wm) 133 Wheelock Milton Drinishaw Rev Joseph B 137 Franklin James C SOUTH SIDE 10 Curragh James A lh Henderson Edward J 20 Mooney Thomas 24 Breden John George st ends Kingston General Hospital 100 Richardson Susannah (wld James) 102 Richardson Henry W University av Intersects 98 O'Brien Annie E (vrid Michael E) 100 Nash George R 104 Berrningham Cornelius 114 Wilson Miss Ethel 116 Morahan Patrick 118 Webster Mary (wid Wm A) 120 Allen Mary A (wid Theophilus F) 124 Hysop Jane (wid Charles) 126 Donnelly David 128 McAuley Harry W St Lawrence av ends 130 Hopping Mira iii 132 Madden Patrick Howland Patrick J 136 Duffey Francis 138 Lawler James SYDENHAM. north fr.m West St. to ItntrInn Mond. but mot open front Brock to Princess. EA,T SIDE 3 Campbell John M 13 Buchan Col Lawrence, CMG. ADC 15 Eolger Mary (aid Fredericic A) 17 Davis Elmer 19 Orr Angus MeL 23 Bateman George A 25 Machar Miss Agnes M 27 Waddell John Earl st intersects Carruthers John B William st intersects 61 McKay John 63 Kenney William Sydenham STREET DIRECTORY Tower Tetro Jane (wid Michael) 67 Brown Elizabeth wid Alfred) 89 Rice Miss Jane Johnston st intersects Hotel Dieu Orphanage of the Hotel Dieu Brock st intersects Not open Princess st intersects Y W C A, side entrance First Church of Christ's Scientists 140 Bradley's City Parcel Delivery 351 Cunningham Henry 153 Swaine Wm E 155 Sills Addie (wid John W) 157 Deem Albert 159 Montgomery William Queen et intersects 161 Parent Napoleon 163 Callaghan Daniel 16.1 Lee i: orge E 171 Thomson Susan (wld Adam) 173 Gould Joseph S 175 Dutton Mary A (wid Walter 177 Barton Alexander 179 Angrove dames B Central School 209 Routley William K 211 Donovan Daniel Ordnance st intersects 221 Vacant shop 223 Charon William J 225 Trudel Ernest 237 Kennedy Jame: Flouse of Providence grounds Bay st intersects 243 Allen Robert W North at ends 263 O'Neil Margaret (wid Arthur) 269 Trueadell James H 271 Woodrow William II 275 Nolan Richard Davis William 279 Thompson Emma (wid Andrew) Tilton M Jane (wid Jus) upstairs 28i O'Donnell Peter 283 Vacant 285 Martinelli Tusey WEST SIDE 16 P hertson D Stewart 28,thers Cant \V Bruce M 30. therland Robert D 32 Rogers Miss Mary E 34 Lumb Richard 36 Davis Mary A (wid James) Earl st intersects Robertson Euphemia (w'a George) William st intersects Sydenham St Methodist Church Counter George.1, sexttn 72 Power Joseph W 74 Baxter Miss Jane E 76 Vacant 78 Vacant Not open Johnston st intersects Brock st intersects Princess st intersects 148 Storehouse 150 Titus Henry 152 Perry Norman II ltio Gowdey James Queen st intersects 166 Ross A E, physician Colborne st commences Devonshire terrace 1 Gardiner James 2 Thompson Frank 3 Paynter William J 4 McLeod Mary (wid John) 5 McCune William 1. 6 Thompson Charles A 7 Miller Matthew 206 an/1 208 Unfinished 212 Sinclair Miss Charlotte Ordnance st intersect, 214 Parkin George 11, grocer 216 Hutton Miss Minnie V 218 Dyon Francis S 220 Harnden Thomas 212 Wilson George 224 Soles Joseph Clayton Edward J 228 Crawford John 230 Thompson James 232 Long Sergt -Major Charles E 234 Gould dames A 242 Connor John E 244 Drader Carman Bay st intersects Balaclava st commences 24r. Kane Thomas M 256 Irwin E Annie (wid rapt John) 251 Drysdale Alexander T 260 Smith T Wesley 262 Brown Sarah J (wid Thomas) Mayell John R 264 Cambridge Henry K 264 Allen William Hunter Rebecca J (wid Henry) 272 Brownlee Archibald 276 Green Mary A (mid ('harles) Enright Daniel 278 O'Neil dames 280 Bridnnt Edmond Old Block House TORONTO. north from Johnston, Brut went of Victoria. EAST SIDE Vacant house WEST SIDE North Francis North Robert TOWIF:R. north from Princeaa, second weat of Victoria. Not built on

26 54 Union `ast STREET DIRECTORY Union West Union West STREET DIRE(.'lY1Rl' University Av 55 tin1on EAYT. wer,t from to Sanction of Ballot 7th weat of Prlncrss. NORTH SIDE the harhor and West, Kingston Dry Dock Ontario at intersects 83 Begin John 35 Planing mill, rear entrance King at e intersects 67 Clark John W 69 Chadwick Allan 75 Gallagher Thomas J 81 1)'1.ean' \1 illiaiii Il v5,vmiaers Frederick 87 Stet'en+on Robert H 89 Milo Frederick D Wellington at Intersects 93 Hewitt Thomas 10I Conway Frank 103 \I oer+ Ilcnr% F Ill Tellowley William 115 Macnee Walter H YofT11 SIDE Kingston I)rv IlIock office Kingston Foundry, a e Ontario at Intersects 30 Stalev ('harles 1) 32 Tarrant John 34 Saute George 36 Gordon George S 3A \1 ^1'illüun+ t'harlea A 40 Palmer Catherine (wid Timothy) 42 i>:e6oe John King st e intersectn C,8 Strange O S. physician 74 McManus John 82 Robertson T McKean!t4 Fraser (hpt Robert 86 Dix John Wellington at Intersects t CNIUN wf:wt. %rer t f rom 169 Barrie to city limits. Utt rfl SII)t: 15 Vacant 17 Richmond Jane E(wld James) 19 Scruton Edmond 21 Stafford 11i++.lane 23 Davy Benjamin F 27 Ri}tley J;tme+ Co * vle Miss?tlagFie 29 Mackenzie Rosanna (wid John) Adams Mary ( wid James) 31 Derry Patrick Wade's lane commences 35 Reid Paul 37 Paterson John C 39 Eby Joel E 41 Nicolle John 51 Bassam Win L, grocer Division at commences Crumley Edward Laird Rev Alexander O'Brien Lawrence Home for Friendless Infants, Protestant Orphans' Home Women and University av intersecu 121 Fowler Prof James 123 Cornett Rebecca J (wid Wm A) Shore Mary (wid Rev G) 125 Savage William J 127 Hamilton Samuel 129 Vacant 131 Reyner John, piano tuner 133 I.ockhart Thomas J 135 l'nok 'I hom:w Hodgson Alice (wid Wm) 139 Bailey Ethan B Alfred at Intersects Victoria School Frontenac at commences 1G3 Mudie John Albert it intersects 109 Ferguson Rev George D,171 Marshall John, Al A Union St Baptist Church Collingwood st intersects "Sunnysl&." Ira A Breck Macdonnell st commences Hillcrott Academy College at commences "Roselawn." Win A Grant %ot'rll SIIIF: St Jamea' Church Arch at ends 30 Jones Francis W 32 Lowry Celia A (wid Calvin) 34 (:arvin Catherine I N'id Edward) llulman Albert E. rear 38 Tobin Michael 40 Vacant 42 Nfarch 'Mary L (wid James) :i0 Ilart.L hn Nobes William 56 Dunlop William 58 ('rumlev Ilenry Queen's College grounds University av intersects 122 Gibson Miss Agnes M 1 20 Vacant 128 Sharpe Francis R 130 Edwards Peter 1:12 Grima-on Elira (wid Henry) 134 \tason Catherine ( wid Wm) 136 Keeley William J 138 Dickinson Frederick 140 Nash Caleb 11T 144 Anglin Robert D Alfred at Intersects Albert at intersects 186 Singleton Francis W 190 Haaz Anton 190 Whitebread John 200 Hoppins Harvey Collingwood street Intersects Beverley at ends Centre at ends Ellerbeck ave ends Ioo6 Crisp Miss Sophia Bannister John Livingston av ends Pembroke at ends McWaterx James Alwington av ends UNIVM11tSITl A%FlNlE. north from 109 King west to l'rlucess. EAST SIDE 15 Le Heup l.oui^e (wid John J) 17 Orrell Ann (wid Joseph) 19 Vacant 21 Woodhouse David 2:3 Francis John 25 Hill Martin 27.lenkin l+iutc 303 Hughes William It 305 Gaskin Robert A 307 Gardiner John A 309 Andrews Robert G 311 Hutton J Oscar 313 Nugent James Garrett at 317 Poison Neil C 3111 Pike Prof Walter Smith Daniel 323 White William J B 325 Meek Robert 351 Duff H Ramsay, physician 118 1'l.( 'L4 31 Daryuw Capt Chauncey 1126 Stuart at Intersectsl 132 Queen's College Grounds Union at w intersects 144 Orphans' Home, s e 14a Clergy at w ends Young George 18'3 Kilpatrick Samuel J Lovick John It(:i liineklev ('apt Coleman Clark Miss Harriet E 187 Stewart Eliza J (wld Rev John H) 189 Mitchell.1 Walter 191 Burns Rachel (wid Henry), bdg hie 193 Hickey O James 195 Donnelly Capt Thomas Earl at 199 liewgill Serytt \1'm l' 201 Bowie Thomas W intersects 203 Martin Mary (wid James) 205 Bain John T 207 James Richard 1P 209 James Julia (wid John V) 211 ('.w hrane Edward J 215 Ireland Sophronia (wid Robert) 217 Soles Ceurv,ina (wid Warren) 219 Orver Thomas 227 Coward William 229 McCallum Ellen (wid Campbell) 231 McCartney Mary (wid John) 241 Nugent Edward T 251 Goodearle John A Johnston at Intersects 259 Neahitt \V,lames, grocer 261 Alhri;ht Moses 2(t3 Wright John 265 Leslie James 207 Elliott Joseph G 269 Ostler Frederick Brock at Intersects 295 Glidden William 297 f;ib-on John 299 Peel Hugh 301 Gordon William S jr WEST SIDE ends Stuart at Intersects Macdonnell George M. KC Vacant school house Alice at commences Richardson George A Mills Thomas Mills Thomas Mills George jr Chown Alfred F Spnrks Robert E Browne Patrick Dupuis Prof Nathan F \lahuud George W Williams Lawrence J Union at w intersects Chown Oliver Bailey Samuel R Grimason Thomas Hughes Robert H Harrison Thomas F Fentciok \Iarp (wid Dr Thoa M) Harold William Elliott John M Shaw Abraham Vacant JlcPherson Rev Helenus H Earl at Intersects 196 Jenkins Edmund P 198 McCartney William Jr, contr 200 Fenwick Myrn D (wid George 8) 208 Wheeler Calvin S 210 Bryson James 212 Kane John E '11i I)ewrv William A 218 Langbort Louis 220 Carson Robert 222 Duff James, M A 224 MacKinnon Sergt Kenneth L :2(t Roberts Miss Ellza, dressmaker 228 Avicelqtine \tias Maude 2:30 White John T 234 Moore Ann (wid 236 A1cFaul Herbert D 238 Shibley John H 240 Martin Charles A Daniel), 242 Watson George C 244 Elliott John W. cattle exporter 246 Donoghue Sarah (wid Michael)

27 58 University Av STREET DISI.CloRY Vine 218 McCartney Alex, contractor 250 McCartney William 252 McGrath Miss C, dressmkr 254 Davidson Robert. contractor 256 Johnson Alexander J Johnston st intersects( 260 Ostler Frederkk, grocer Williams Warren A (upstairs) 262 Haffner Christian. butcher 264 Lennox Ella (wid John) 268 Smith Norman A 270 Day Sydne) W 272 Arthurs Alexander 274 Cousins Robert 276 Dyde W Hobart 278 Waggoner Alexander C 280 Vacant 282 Smith lienry A. grocer Brock st intersects 294 Conley Elizabeth M (wid Thomas) 296 Boyd M Mille (wid Rev James II) 298 Sherman Nina J (wid James F) 300 Fair Alice A (wid James M) 302 Milne Thomas J 5 30 t 1.i4man Barnet 306 English George A 308 Neish William 310 Rowan Robert F F 312 Jack Miss Isabella 314 Cohen Isaae 318 Adams William 320 Roney Adam F 326 Strainge William G 328 McMillan Robert 330 Renton William J 332 Johnston James 334 Leahy Thomas J :146 Pet ers Sanford C 350 Darby William C 352 Williams George 11 UPPER CHARLES. wee Charier from Montreril to Patrick. EPplein WILLI AM. wee William from litarrte to Divirion. Ali"rtatt A. north from Johnston to Coneearion ronii..tth weal of Alfred EAST SIDE Brock at ends 85 Hamilton David 163 Burns Bernard 165 Weaver Reuben W 100 'Bradley Orr Stover Nancy (wid Hiram) 173 O'Driscoll John 187 Greer Edward E, musician 189 Viteant Princess et intersects 231 Caawell John 245 Connolly Mary (wid Michael) 247 Cooper Martha (wid Richard) 249 Roddy John M 251 Richardson Richard 253 Langdon Miss Martha 257 Vacant 259 Durnbleton J William 26t Vacant 281 Tovensend William H 283 'f(mnsend Mrs A in 321 Vacant 325 Reynolds Sampson WEST SIDE 62 Peters John 64 Gates Abel 66 Thorogood Joseph W h2 Blakey James 92 Lawson John J Attwood Charles 96 McCammon James II 08 Reid 'l roo Smith Isaac 102 lturteh Albert W 104 Vacant 106 Lewis Calvin, teamster 128 Hamilton dolin 130 Curson Benjamin 132 Ward Henry 134 Melver Eva 152 Harpell John J Park st commences 166 Gallivan Michael.1 Durham st commences Vaeant hou.e Doyle James, wholesale butcher Princess st intersects Gates Frank 240 Patter-on Robert W 242 Rait-iv James Berry Franeis South Bartlett st commences 252 Vacant 254 Mack William H 2.)6 Gorrie Joseph 260 Van Luven Anson P 264 Timmerman Nicholas Reynolds Francis J, foundry VINE. north from F.Ilice to Raglan Road. F.V4T SIDE 11 Murray William J WEST SIDE 6 Clark Thomas g McDonnell Mrs Eliza 10 Scouten Grace (sad Levi) 14 Kelso Ephraim 18 Eward Charles 22 Vacant Frederick Franeis. rear 34 Arthurs Robert J Ann st ends Wade's Lane STREET DIRECTORY Wellington 57 WARE'S LANE.. north from l alma le 157 Johnson to clergy, James B. barber Brat neat of Barrie. 159 brown F M, barrister EAST SIDE 17 Hess George 21 Hess George A 23 Piper Albert 25 Johnson John A WEST SIDE 14 Ward Pressly 22 Vacant 24 La Rosa Napoleon WELLINGTOS. north from City Park to Bay St, third lent of the harbor. EAST SIDE 5 Cunningham.1 Ernest 7 Connell Walter T, M D 9 Meltossie Elthea (wid Wm) Union st e intersects 25 Drummond John A K 27 Jaquith Isaac 35 Winder Martha (wid Alfred) Brown Miss Margaret, rear Hynes Miss Ellen, rear 37 McCormick T Henry :11) halen Annie t wid Charles) Gore at intersects 93 Driscoll Denis Sydenham School 59 Brophy Margaret (wid Wm) Earl st intersects 79 Shaw J Morgan 81 Hanley Thomas A 83 ilooner Bros, blr covering factory 85 Smith Miss Martha, bdg lise 87 D'Arcy Robert J 811 White Ezra (1 91 Kincaid Mrs Mary 93 Abbott It H, physician William st Intersects 97 Smith Robert W 103 ).l asterson Daniel 105 Shanahan John 107 O'Sullivan William 109 Lockett Frederick G Ill /derrick Henry Johnston st intersects St George's Hall Office of the Clerical Secretary Diocese of Ontario, Rev Canon Grout Clerical Secretary Graham Wm R. sexton St George's Cathedral Post Office Clarence st intersects Carruthers J B, office 151 Mundell William, barrister Gardiner John A, real estate Manufacturers' Life Insurance CO, Loscombe A E M, ins agt (rian.haw I) & Co, hay dealers Kingston Photograph Co 153 Smith John. printer Lockhart 1' J, insurance NVatson 13 R, photographer onsgreen lieorge 161 Carnovsky W H, fish and oysters Brock st intersects Merchants Bank 167 Utica Nit urdu v tilobe 171 1,i Bell R Charles, fire insurance Baker 6 F. dentist 171 Dobbs J R C & Co, typewriters, bicycles, sewing machines and safes Mutual Life Assurance Co of Canada, S Roughton district agent 173 Jack. on Wm, job printer 175 Vacant 177 Richardson Miss M, hair goods 179 Weller Miss Sarah, fancy good» Redick Mrs E 0, dressmaker 181 Rowan Mrs M, fancy goods 183 Vacant 185 Vacant Princess st intersects 107 Ctmard George 14, machinist 201 Vacant 211:4 1 'a 11 Discount Agency Crothers W 3, biscuit mnfr 213 Morrison William 215 Gilmour Wallace, wagenmkr Queen st intersects 221 Harkness Harry, butcher Wirtz Frederick, shoemaker 223 Marriman Ellen ( wid John) 225 Noble Mi : Jane Clancy John Clark Mary (wid Lawrence) Hartley Bernard 229 Gallagher Francis J ambridge Thomas Cambridge Thomas Killeen Mary (wid Patrick) 235 Drury Wm (br) coal, wood, etc ilarnden Perry 1 upstairs) Jubilee Hotel. Barrack st intersects Riding School Place d'armes ends 283 Slater Sergt Stewart 285 Lawlor William 287 Pelow Thomas II 289 Gratton P Joseph 293 Quinn Owen 295 Byrne Simon 297 Lee Albert Smith Cori.'I William Anglin 5 & Co, lumber yard WEST SIDE 12 Third James physician Union et e intersects 18 Brovrnfield Annie E (wid Fred) 26 MacFadden Miss R, bdg hse 28 George Joseph

28 68 Wellington STRE.ET DIRECTORY West West STREET DIRECTORY William ;W. 32 Gowdy Mary G (wid John) 34 Campbell Mrs John 36 Da vison Charles S 38 Daley Patrick 42 Sullivan Jeremiah Gore st intersects, 50 Burtch Delbert 52 Mc( ormick William,11 54 Lockett Lawrence C 56 Geoghegan John H 58?dunro Eliza (wit' Charles) 60 Coughlin Mrs Elizabeth, nurse 62 Carswell James G 70 Doyle Ileorge 72 Mitchell John Earl st intersects 74 McMahon John, contractor 78 Stewart James 80 Twitchell Col Marshall H 82 Torrance Alice (wid Forbes) 88 Smith James E Vacant house, rear 90 Caulfield Mrs Mary, confy 98 House, a e William st intersects 100 Wood Isaac, physician Linton N 116 TICS Association 118 Donnelly Elizabeth (wid Capt Jno) 120 Black.1 Homer Mylks Gordon W, physician Johnston st intersects First Congregational Church 132 Beel Mrs Elizabeth F, brig hse 136 Hanley Robert, physician 1,38 Bogart I Gordon, physician 140 Bell John H. physician 142 Clements Leonard. dentist 146 Robertson Miss Eliza Clarence st intersecta Golden Lion Block ('atholic Mutual Benefit Association Head ()nice for Canada), grand secretary Vacant stores (2) itohimmn Mr.% Sarah E (upstairs) Reform Association Masonic Hall Vacant.tor.. McRae W R & Co, whol grocers McRae Bros. grocers Brock st Intersects Waldron Richard, dry goods 172 Canadian Savings Loan & Bldg Assn Storey Edgar M. architect Mitchell John. printer Labor Union Hall Doughert y Daniel 174 Sommerville Co, The, millinery 17F1 and IRO Vacant 182 Greara Miss E V, milliner Club Hotel 188 Waggoner A C, mer tailor 192 L.ane Cyrus W, jeweler Langley eleetric belt mnfr 194 Winnitt Albtrt W. dentist Princess st intersects 206 Parent Napoleon, bicycles 208 Hughes it Hughes, agrl implts 210 Harding, A E. livery stable Killeen John (upstairs) 216 Hawley John A, harnessmkr 218 Bennett T J. shoemaker 220 Evans Mrs James G. grocer Queen st intersects 222 Dunn Julia (wid Thos) gro 224 McQuaid Mary (wid James) 226 Deroche \V Patrick 2:30 Lanham How«3 wid Charles F) 232 Travis Joseph 234 Bush John Teel David Deroche Frederick (upstairs) 236 Bennett Solomon 238 Jordan &rat Samuel 240 Costin Sergt Angus 242 McCrae Sere William 244 Gimbiett Sergt-Major Wm H Tryon Anthony, grocer Barrack st intersects 262 Anglin William H 264 Walsh Patrick 266 Jamieson Thomas li 68 Seaton Richard jr 270 Linton James 272 Corkev.1olin 274 Vacant 276 Curry Orville J 278 Hackett Joseph, carter 280 MeGrath John 282 O'Connor Patrick Ordnance st commenced' 288 McWilliams Charles B 290 Aeton George Brewery lane commences 308 BMus Brewery Behan, WEST. from the harbor along east.ide of CItt, Park to Earl. NORTH SIDE. Ontario st commences is Walsh Matthew J 11 Linder Alexander 1 5 Milne Peter.1 17 Hennessy Miss Eliza, grocer 23 McAdam Thomas 25 Conne!! James C, MD XIng St e intcr, ect, Black D A. dentist 55 Folger Howard S 57 Skinner William B 59 Smythe Elizateth B (wid Edward H) 61 Craig William G Gs Wilkinson Henry J 65 Oldreive George S Wellington st commences 2 67 Third James, physician Union St ends Ragot st commences Sydenham st commences 165 Clark George SOUTH BIDE. Sharman T N. boat builder Booth & Co, coal and wood King st e intersects Macdonald monument City Park Park av ends Cricket grounds Court House City and County Registry Office Jail Stables WILLIAM. went from the harbor tee DIvhdots. fourth mouth of PrInemm. NORTH SIDE. G T R wharf G T R freight sheds Shedden Forwarding Co Limited Ontario it intersect' City yards 19 Vacant 31 Regiopolis College (side entrance) King st e intersecta Kilborn R K, physician 45 Maund Charles F 47 Lesslie James F 3:i Bramilill Clunks II 55 Simmons Charles C 59 Dwyer Mary (wid Michael) 6:3 McBride Jame+ Wellington st intersecta Wood Isaac, physician 87 Linaugh John 93 Sullivan William H 95 Thomson William St Vincent Academy, s e Bagot st intersect. Sands W W, physician Ill Flanagan Mary (wid Thomas) 113 Avers Isabela (a-id Bernard) 113 Vacant 117 Hiscock Joseph 119 Wales Robert 121 Geoghegan William 125 O'Connor Capt Thomas 129 Grover Helena L (wid Geo A) 133 McMahon John T 135 Strange J Campbell 137 Merrett Capt Thomas 139 Strange Lt-Col Frank 141 Quigley Ellen (wid Joseph) Sydenham st intersects Sydenham st Methodist Church, a e 181 Philip Rev John 185 Mitchell John C. contractor ClergY at intersects 197 GrImeihaw Delos 199 Macdonalc: -ohn 201 Craig James 203 McLean Alexander W 205 McKee Andrew Elder James, bdg lise 213 Hannay Miss Eleanor 215 \a satit Barrie st intersects From here to Division this street Is known as Upper William 13 and 15 Vacant 17 Lennon Patrick 19 Clark Robert 25 McGee Patrick Stinson Matthias (rear) 27 Smith Mrs NVin 29 Pierce David 31 Welch Alexander Brown John 33 McNamee William 35 Derry John H S 39 Derry James SOUTH SIDE Craig's wharf Craig's storehouse Ontario st Intersects 20 Filtz Philip Mackenzie Roderick Bank of Montreal, a e King st e intersects 46 Swift Joseph F 50 lien, Dorothy I wid Gen L M) 52 McCammon Miss Catherine b6 Sutherland Margaret (wid Alex) 58 Smith Mary (wid Robert A) 60 Darragh Alexander 64 Yates Elizabeth (wid Octavlus) 63 Abbott R H. physician Wellington st intersects 70 Duncan Alexander 72 Vinant 78 Lemmon Wm N, painter 82 Dougall R Ralph 94 Collins William S 88 Towers William J go Anderson Elizabeth (wid James) 92 Bernier Alfred 94 Duffey William 96 Vacant OR MeCabe William 100 Bateson Miss Jane, grocer 102 Wathen William Wattmen W J, cutler Bagot st intersects 112 Hansen Catherine (wid Louis) 114 Cullen James 116 Sughrue John 118 Henderson James R Sydenham st intersects Clergy st Intersects 188 Macarow Helen (wid Daniel) 200 Slater Thomas 202 Hooper Oliver H 204 Keon Michael

29 2o6 Lynch Michael J 214 McMahon Miss Mary A Berrie at Intersects From here to Division this street Is known as Upper Willia m 14 Keenan Patrick 26 Paul Willia m 28 Finlay Catherine (wid Alexander ) 30 Caripee Orlean (wid Alfred ) S4 McMahon Elizabeth (wid Alex) 36 Saunders George NORTH SIDE. I 'MeBroom Willia m 3 Donnelly Mary (wid James) 5 Burtch Charlotte A (wid John) 11 McKee Robert H Barrie at Intersects 19 Jarnicson Willia in 21 Patterson Matthew 25 Northmore Edward J 35 Patterson Joh n :17 Clarke Alber t 43 Hengler Zangwil l 49 Johnson Hugh, baker Raglan road Intersects 413 Jenkin John Doyle Capt John W Carlisle at commences 79 Savage Richard 85 Donnelly Matthew 87 Ifleof -Joh n 89 Spence Win, insurance agent 91 Landeryou J C, contractor 93 Babcook George 1, 95 Rundell Jay D 97 Timms Thomas W 99 Summerville Stephen E 101 Marrison Mrs W J, grocer Cherry at commences 103 Stratford Henry 105 Todd James A 107 Watts Harry W, contractor 107 (a) Whitfield J W Albert 109 Alorlev Wrn C. contractor 109a Arni.~trong Thoma s Prime at commences Ill A'Brien Capt George 113 Laird Rev Robert 115 Aykroyd Samuel A 117 Arniel Samuel J Division at intersects 147 Appleton John 163 Edwards David Lansdowne at commences Alfred at intersects SOUTH 81D E De Root Alfred Barrie at intersects Menary George 22 Moore William J 24 Ashley William 0 24 ; Ball Mrs Emmu 30 Davison John 841 Aggar Mary (wid Charles) 38 Hart Patrick 40 Vacan t 42 Hazell William G Raglan road intersects 68 Roach Letitia (wid John ) 70 -S-ith George A 72 Campbell Albert T 76 Moxley Rober t 78 Jameson Emma (wid George) 86 Andre Charle s 88 Wilson Robert 90 Northmore George H 94 McLauchlan Michael 96 Dunphy Jame s 102 Richards Samue l 104 Edwards Rhoda (wid John) 106 McVety Robert, contractor Division at intersect s 140 Hepburn William S Swain John C, Carpet weaver 142 Crozier Wm C 154 Pickering Williom G 156 Bennett Alexande r 162 Crozier Mary (wid Thomas) 166 Houlder George Chatham at ends Alfred at Intersects Frontenac et ends Davidson Willia m Perryman John T Albert at ends YOUNG. changed Jo Clergy Went. KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY KINGSTON. 6 1 Alphabetical Directory, The letters roe for residenoe are used for householders, the letters Iva for lives are used for those living with their Parents or other relatives, the letters We for boards are Used for those living In boarding houses and hotels Abba Edmond. Pte A Abbott Miss Alice Battery A'Brien, see t1rs, Iva 378 also O'Brie n Divisionj Ann (wid Win), res John, dairy, res ' Outer De o t 295 Johnston Uzzie, dressmkr 378 f George, Sailor, res I I I Division Yor k Nlarv (Wid John), maid N1111e, Ivs III York 130 Baigot Misi Mary A, ckroyd see Aykroy Iva 378 d Division Nlr~ R"hert. Acton Bertha, maid 148 Bard 1%'- 224 University a v e ABBOTT ISL Frank, lab H, X D, Physician and Iva 290 Wellington Surgeon ; Office Hours George 9 11, ' lab, rei 290 Wellington to 11 a m. 2 to 4 and 7 to James, gardener Col Salith, res "Ring 9 p in ; Telephone 517 ; Office and Residence. ood I-Odge " King w " Tb Wellington, cor WIlia lada Edwin J, m timunith McKelvey omas, res Birch, res 378 Divi I 11 Deacon Miss Mary, m1mr, Iva 53 Arc h Abell A(.el C. appr I,0co 11!-rks,.. We 298 t'nivpr-iitv a v Aberdeen Association, Miss Helen Fra. ser see, Office Court House,~berncthy Alfred J, trav, res 432 Brock Archibald J. sismn Abernethy Shoe Co. Ivs 434 Broc k Bert. manager The Abernethy Shoe Co, Ivs 434 Brock ",eflie (wid Archibald), Iva 19 Syderhain ABERNETHY SHOE CO, THE, Willi and Bert Abernethy Managers, Boots and Shoei, 123-'125 Princess WIN. manager The Abernethy Shoal Co. re- 434 Brock " Win, mach, res 178 Ordnanc e Abram, Emma, tchr Vicloria -`Phool- MR 294 University ar George M, spinner, res 64'King W Mary (wid Josias), Iva 64 King v Lramsky Joseph, clothing, 265 Princess 110-A. pdir bdq 45 Mai n 1~10ses, stu~t, Iva 265 Princess Abramson Joseph, clothing,, 180 Prin-.,,,,cess, res 185 Quee n enh B. iidir. rpa 47 1fain Louis, clothing 336 Princess Win. elpt str Toronto, res Adams Bert 53 Arch 1, carp, Iva 12 St Catharine Elizabeth X (wid John K), res 12 St Catharin e Miss Henrietta, tchr Victoria School. Iv:, 318 Universit a Jame prop Bowen ioii v e, res.e, 419 King 336 Alfred Miss Lottie R Iva 12 St Catharine " Mary, dressin 318 University av " Mary (wid James), res 29 Union w ADA]dgr!!~ MARY E, Millinery 554 W re Alfred Sh kr 70 Brock, res 318 Uni. M;ersi0tyem& v. (lair Mabel. maid -54 Wellington Adsit George, tree dealer, res 437 Alfred Aggar Mary (wid Charles), res 36 Agnew Miss Kate, Iva York 257 Earl Mary (wid Hamilton), Iva 257 Earl Robert W, mldr, res 257 Earl I Ahern Joseph, biksmith, res 298 Mon. trea l Aiken, see also Aikin, Aitken and Atkin Alexander, pte.1 Battery George 0. guard K P, res 34 Living. Sion a v " George P, Iva 34 Livingston av

30 J. D. FOSTER & CO'S KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 931 AIKEN James, driver R Waldron, lys 28 Patrick joseph, carter, res 28 Patrick Patrick, lab, 1va 28 Patrick Robert E, res 2 C'olborne S Edwin, asst S S Corbett, lys 2 Colborne Aikin James, lvs 149 Ordnance " John, chef Kennedy House " Patrick, carter, res 149 Ordnance Ainslie, see also Ansley Miss Bertha, lys 358 Johnston ' Herbert A, barber,lva 358 Johnston ":1lary A (wid David J), rea 358 Johnston "Wcn G, butcher 297 Princess, ]vs 358 Johnston Aird Lena, maid 109 Bagot \1-ni inspr of engines I C R, bds 132 Wellington Aitken, see also Aiken and Aikin Aitken Henry, watchmkr, res 429 Alfred Akev (9iarea A. lab, res 61 Bay AL$ION HOTEL, Carey & Cochrane, Proprietors. 46 Montreal, cor Queen Albree Frederick W, res 5 Emily Albrit;ht Ethel G, ]va 261 University av " Moses, knitter, rea 261 University av Aldcroft George, sergt A Battery Alderdice Agnes, clk, lys 382 Princess Hugh, painter, res 382 Princess James, mason, lys 382 Princess Aldrich \]artin sailor, res 155 Bagot Alexander George S, carter, res ft Cataraqui Herbert. mason. rea 7 Pine ALEXANDER JAMES ( Montreal) D J Macliinnon Repre+entative Butter and Chee-e Exporter. 19 'Market Miss Maggie, bds 240 Johnston Robert, tailor, res 211 Albert Thomas. mach. bds Lake View Hse Allen Catherine.1 elk T MeMahon & Co, lys 119 Ordnance Miss Dora, lys 127 Bagot Elizabeth (wid Parker), lvs 140 Union w Elizabeth (wid George W), res 119 Ordnance Mise Emily, lys 297 Division Evelvn. lvs 119 Ordnance Garden, sailor, Ivs 16 St Lawrence George W. lab. lys 119 Ordnance Capt James F, res 16 St Lawrence avemie " John, piano mkr, res 189 Pine " Miss Lally, tchr Frontenac School, lva 189 Pine ALLEN " Miss Libbie, lvs 183 Clergy Maleolin 1, baker, res 144 Montreal " Mary A (wid Theophilus F), res 120 Stuart Miss Maude, tchr Frontenac School. lys 189 Pine " Morton 13, exp messr, bds 331 King e Nellie, nurse 52 Johnston Robert.1, auctioneer 27 Brock, lvs 243 Svdenham Robert M (W Allen & Son), lvs 183 Clergy Robert W. bill poster, 27 Brock, res 243 Sydenham Sarah E, lys 183 Clergy Mise Sarah J, lys 297 Division Win (W Allen & Son), res 183 Clergy Win J. nildr. res 236 Svdenham Win J C, bkpr McKelvey & Birch, res 2ot Alfred " W & Son («'m and Robert M), boots and shoes, 82 Brock Allison John, house mover, res 683 Division Allum Miss Rachel. Iv; 9-2 Bay Alma Mater Society, ublrs Queen's Col lege Journal, 4ueen's College Almon James C C. acct Bank of Montreal, res 22 Barrie AMERICAN EXPRESS CO, James I,c+lie Aecnt. 145 l'rinee^y " Hotel, F Whitney prop, 20 Brock :1mcv Ccrtrude, lys 347 Brock George, tmstr, rca Bath Road, cor l'rinceva Grancy, fireman, res 229 L Rideau " Sarah (wid George), ]va 158 Collingwood " Win, lab, res 668 Montreal "Wm.1. transfer agt P O rea 158 Collin_woo,l Ammel George W, carp, res Fifth at Amo \\'m, pte A Battery Amos Annie, dreasmkr 106 Patrick Anderson Alice M. lys 90 William Annie. elk. lys 204 Fing e " Bros ( Edward and Win), grocers 198 Division Daniel, driller, res 130 Queen Daniel jr, clk Loco Works, lys 130 Queen Edward ( Anderson Bros), h s 424 Princess Miss Effie C, tchr St Mary's Sch, ]vs 178 Bagot " Elizabeth (wid James), res go William " Gertrude, dressmkr, bds 70 William " John, mach, res 16 Redan ANDI:RtIUN " John, btchr, res ft Chestnut " John M, tinsmith Elliott Bros, ris Ba rrie8eld ' Joseph D, postman, res 204 King e Miss Mary A, dresamkr 178 Bagot " Nellie, mus tchr, lys 178 Bagot " Robert S, lab, ree 6 Corrigan ANGROVE HENRY JR, Bieyola Dealer and Repairer 88 Princess, res 84 Arch " James B, mach, res 179 Sydenham " lolul, bicyclea, rea 141 Ordnance " Samuel, mach H Angrove jr, Ive 87 Queen " Robert S jr, lab, res to Corrigan " Thomas B, foundry n s Place " Win (Anderson Bros), res 424 Princcss Andre Alex, carp, res_36 Markland " Charles, Iab, res 86 York " George sailor, Ivs 209 5fontreal " Miss Minnie, lys 36 Markland d'armes, res 89 Queen Anni+ Su-an (wid Asil), lys 87 Union e Ansley, see also Ainslie " Ilarold, rismn Steacy & Steacy, res 184 Clergy ".lohn W, foreman millwright It T Co, " Peter, carp, res 2oy Montreal re+ 383 Earl " Peter jr, lab, lys sog Montreal Antliff Rev James C, pastor Queen St " Wilfred ( Fred), lab, res 4o Raglan Meth Church, res 30 Colborne road Appleby Web ter A. tpr a Battery Andress Berton, lite A Battery Appleton Addie B, bkpr. lys 147 York Andrew l'eter, sailor. bdi Exchange Hotel " John, res 147 York Herbert, plmbr, bds 101 Chatham Andrews Catherine, tirs, lys 245 Colborne " Robert, ship carp, res 41 Balaclava ARCHBISHOP'S PALACE, 225 Lucy. a+st h=emd Pro Orphans' Home John,ton ANDREWS ROBERT G, Manager The Ar-""'t1'' iion B. pte B Battery in ha% ie: Co. l.td, 86 Princess, j-1rdagh C, -ore H, caulker, lvs 57 Arch ree 309 l'niveraitv av Harriet, lys 57 Arch Anglin Miss A Gertrude, lvs 83 Barrack Armstrong Adam, plmbr McKelvey & llirch bila 225 Bagot ANGLIN CHARLES 8(S Angllia a ` -Alexander, blkimith, bds Revere Co), lys 85 Barrack House Miss Evelinc. lys 85 Barrack " Miss Annie, Iva 297 Barrie ^li^. fl,in c.. I%. S5 R^crrack 1) Frank ac ct. rea 357 Johnston ANGLIN FRANCIS R(8 Aaglia A Co), res 163 -Alfred " Miss Jennie, lys 85 Barrack " Mary (wid \\'m), res 56 Earl " Robert D. chief elk Custom House, res 144 Union w ANGLIN SAMUEL (S Aaglia & Co), res 85 Barrack ANGLIN Iif k CO (Samuel, Francis R. Win H and Charles S Anglin), Lumber, Coal and Wood, Cement, Saw and Planing Mills, Bay, cor Wellington ( See adv outside back cover) Ali-, S Harriet. ti hr. lys 95 Barrack ANGLIN WM G, Physieiaa Surgeon, Office Hours 10 to I. "., 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 pm; Telephone 178; Office and Residence 52 Earl ANGLIN WM H (S Aagllia & Ca), tes 262 Wellington ANGLO-AMERICAN HOTEL, P T Haffner Proprietor, 172 Ontario, cor Johnston Angrove Emeline, dressmkr 87 Queen " Frank, mldr T B Angrove, lva 87 Queen " Henry or, aboemkr 87 Queen \liv,; Eizahcth. Iva 319 Brock " Francis G, photog, res 309 Barrie George A, trav, res 384 Alfred George 11', a+vt shipper %V J Crothers, lv. 3:17 Barrie " Isabella (wid John), res 297 Barrie 1. Noble, elk Can Exp Co, ]vs 260 Nelson Oliver L. studt h s 109 York " Richard G, trav, res 260 Nelson " 'l'homav driver Kingston Milk Depot, res 109 York "\Cm H pattcrnmkr. req 47 Bay " W John, mldr, tes 319 Brock Arniel Ellen (wid Win J), res 523 Princess Ellen E. lys 523 Princess " Herbert P, mason, ]va 523 Princess " Miss Mabel, lys I17 York Mary (wid Thomas), res 324 Division " Melville S, asst Mrs M Henderson, ]vs 523 Princess Richard, btchr, res a a Elm, 1 w Alfred " Samuel J. policeman, res 117 York Miss Susan, lvs 212 Earl " Win, caretkr Sydenham School, res 172 King e

31 84 J. G. HOOTER & CO'S A RNIEL " Wrn, yard foreman Booth & Co, res 9 Shuffle " Wm J, boilerinkr, ree 174 Ragot Arthur Miss Mary J, lys 416 Johnston Arthur e Alexander, foreman Gardner Co, rea 272 University av " Miss Mamie, elk T 11 Ferguson, les 34 Vine " Mar v A, Iv, 272 University av " Robert J, tray Gardiner Co, res 34 Vine Ash Clyde. el". G W :Mahood, Ive 47 Arch " John B. janitor Medical College, res 47 Arch Ashie Wm, lab, les 167 Montreal Ashley C R Earl, bkpr, lys 34 Markland " Cumberland, carp, res 569 Princess " Edwin, jwir 208 Princess, rea 52 L Begot " George E, tray, res 34 Markland " Gladys, lvs 34 Markland " Lillian. elk, lys 569 Princees " Rita. cashier.1 S Henderson, lys 34 Nlarkland " Wm G, lab, res 24 York Asselstine Arthur, elk Maenee & Minnes, Iv g 220 Alfred " Benjamin, contr. res 168 Division " Charles A. eng. ree 183 Colborne " Clara. lys 183 Cohorne " Miss Frances, lys 85 Frontenac " George W, tmstr Shedden Forwarding Co, res 36 U William " Gertrude 13. lys 228 University av " Hannah E. Iv+ 168 Division " Isaac, eontr, res 502 Johnston " John, piano mkr, res 254 Alfred " John S, watehmkr. lys 254 Alfred " Miss Maude. res 228 University ay " Michael. woollens 238 Princess, res 85 Frontenac " Minerva (wid Isaac F), res 135 Alfred " Miss Myra L. Ive 254 Alfred ASSELSTINE THOMAS id, Deputy Sheriff, County of Frontenac, Office Court House, ree 100 Division " Wm H, carp, res 220 Alfred Asylum see Rockwood Hospital Atkins Alfred. mach. Bs 4 Victoria ter " Frank. baker. Iv); 4 Victoria ter " Vni II. foreman \V.1 Crothere. res 4 Victoria ter Atkinson Anna M (wid Thomas), res 85 Collingwood " Richard, elk alacnee & Mimes. Ive 85 Collingwood ATKINSON WM, Manager Cash Disvount Agency, ma 203 Wellington Attwood Charles. driver. re+ 04 Victoria. " Harold, market scavenger, res City Buildings " Harry, mldr, les City Buildings Auhin Martha. bds 4 Devonshire ter " Wm, car clnr St Ry. ras 57 Quetn Auchinvole Gilbert, gro 41 Colborne " Miss Maria, les 41 Colborne Audette Eva, tchr K B C, lys John Audette " John, packer A Maclean, res Cataraqui, cor Orchard " Mamie, weaver, lys John Audette Augustus Cant Webster, marine inspr Inland Lloyds, 42 Clarenee, rea 163 Division Ault Miss Harriet M, dressmkr, res n s Johnston, 1 w Macdonnell Austin James, shoemkr 102 Rideau Aver+ Isabella 1w id Ilernard), res 113 Willie in " Francis, lab, tes 93 L Bagot Aekroyd Oscar, carp. bds 388 Barrie " Overton, carp, res 23 Main " Samuel A, dentist 264 Begot, res 115 York Aylesworth Fred L. B A. prin Frontenac School, lys 307 Bagot " George A, packer E Chown & Son, res 307 Bagot Aylsworth Aaron. lab. res n s Caleraetii, 4 w Orchard " Andrew, lai>, lids 79 Elm " Luella. weaver, Iv); A Ayleworth Maude, spinner, Ive A Aylsworth " Susan. spinner, lys A Aylsworth Babcock Charles. pie A Battery " 'Jessie. bd+ 246 Montreal " Wm. lab. Ive 320 Barrie Babenok Mrs Ada. res r 247 Earl " Burton L. lab. lvs r 247 F.arl Georee. tinsmith. re. 03 York " Jacob S. grocer 61 Division " James, res 59 U Charles " Water lab. Iv Charles Backer Elmer F, draughtsman L000 Works, bds 244 Brock Bacon Henry C, res 152 L Bagot Badley Elizabeth. lys 60 Sydenham Baiden Cornelius. sistnn Steacy & Steaey, ive Portsmouth Bailey, see also Bailie, Baillie, Bayley, Baylie and Bayly BAILEY Miss Bertha A S, Iva 139 Union w " Broom Co S It Bailey, W J Lee, J M Hughes), broom inkrs Caterseui st " Ethan B, grocer 109 Alfred, res 139 Union w " Miss Helen, lys 216 Queen " Miss Inez H S, clk, Iva 139 Union w , sailor, res 14 John " Miss Kathleen, lys 216 Queen " Mabel 8, mus tchr, Ive 218 Queen " Margaret (wid Benjamin), res 218 Queen ' May. bile 110 L lingot " Samuel R (Bailey 13room Co), res 166 University ay " Thomas. sailor, Ive 90 L Ragot " Col-Sergt Wilfred G. staff elerk Military District No :3, lids 98 Divisi011 " Win. res 120 Colborne Bailie Miss Hattie, Ive 2 Victoria ter " Miss Jennie, lys 2 Victoria ter " Miss Mary, res 2 Victoria ter " Wm, res 88 Barrie Ha ab.. Henry W M. elk W (1 Craig & Co, 1% niiin iv BMLLIE WIST M. Chief of Pollee, Office City Buildings, bds Hotel Randolph Bain, see Bayne " John T, lab, res 205 University as Baird, see also Beard catherine iwid Rohn. re+ 12 Main " Miss Catherine R, lys 12 Main " Mary wid 13obt ), lslg hse 153 Alfred -Robert.1, lab. res 111 Barrsek BMUS BREWERY. 308 Wellington " Miss Carrie, Iv)) 47 Rideau " Grace (wid Philip), ree 47 Rideau " Miss Grace, Ive 47 Rideau " Miss Hannah, asst bk-pr Jas Redden & Co. lys 309 Barrie Jollies 11. tinsmith, lys 657 Princess " Mies Kate, elk, lye 309 Barrie " Robert S, eng, Ive 47 Rideau Wagon Road Map EASTERN ONTARIO WESTERN ONTARIO PRICE 25 CENT. FOR SALE BY STATION! 1P, KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 66 rtaker Eckhard H. driver P A Haffner, Iv* 145 Montreal " Emily, Victorian nurse, me 201 Earl " George, earp, res 188 Rideau BAKER G F, LDS, DDS, Dentist, 171% Wellington (see card below) G. F. BAKER. D.D.S., Graduat of Chicago College of Dental Surgery, and of Royal College of Dental Surgeons, Toronto. Dentist 1711 WELLINGTON STREET. Baker Harry 11, opr U T R, bils 665 Mont. real " John J. jelnr, res 4 Garrett " Manley B. BA, 13Se, laboratory dem. ollstrator School of.mining, rms -PM Broek " John F, trav Geo Robertson & Son, res Portsmouth " Philip Henry, clk James Redden & h, 4 1:iirrett " Wm, tobacconist 352 King e, res 382 Earl " Wm C, prof Queen's College, lys Portsmouth BAKER W JAMES (Baker & Marshall), re+ 255 Queen BAKER di MARSHALL ( W James Baker, Robert Marshall), Tobacconists, 202 Princess 13able in Perey, waiter Iroquois Ilotel Balfour Mamie, opr Bell Tel Co, lys 15 Colborne Ball Annie V. Ivs 26 York " Edward H. res 139 ordnance " Edward II jr. linotype onr %Vhig. Iva 26 York " Mrs Emma, tire, res 28 York " Jessie, bkpr W A Mitchell, lys 28 York " Phillippa, bkpr T W Milo, Ive 28 York " Roscoe W, messr G N W Tel Co, lvs 256 Princess 13allantyne Getup A, les City Buildings " John, city messr, res City Buildings " \Vm H, studt, lys City Buildings RAMPFIELD WM, G e eee 1 Manager North American Telegraph Co, Ltd. Clarence st, res 143 King e BANK OF BRITISH NORTH AM- ERICA, Jeremy Taylor, Manager, South end City Buildings

32 J. O. FO!ITER & CO'e M KINGSTON ALPHABSfICAL DIRECTORY 67 BANK OF MONTREAL, R 1![aekeazie Manager, King, cor William Banki r.iruue. mach, re- 7o Ontario Bannister John, keeper KP, res Union, cor Livingston av Barklew 1)r, Isis British Am Hotel Barlow Julia, }vs t21 Ordnance " Miss Mary, Ivs 121 Ordnance " 'I'humas, driver, 1%-s 47 Division Thomas, mach, res 385 Johnston Barnes, see also Bearance and Barrons Henry (:, lab, res 244 ('olborne Barnett Abigail ( wid James), bds Dublin House N Emma R (wid Dr Thomas J), res 300 Queen Barney Benjamin, wood dealer. 238 Earl, res 224 same " Miss Hannah E. supervisor writing Public Schools, ]vs 224 Earl Barnum Charles W. foreman W J Crpthars, res 232 Division Baron. sec also Barron Adam, lab. res 51 John Barr ('harles, atudt. bds 199 Colborne Barrett Daniel, lab, res r 453 Division Frederick \V, driver B Battery linthleen, re{ s s Concession rd, 3 w Division Wm, lab, lys r q^3 Division Barrigan, see also Berrigan " Jacob, lab, res 74 Ontario Barron George, eng, rea 100 Clergy Miss Lillian, Ive loo Clergy Barr., Ikorindu (wid James J), res 301 Alfred Edward J. elk, Iva 38 Ellice Mi- l'ranc ei J. tchr Frontenac Schonl, res 22 Division James, lab, res 6o Elm N James E, tailor, res 38 Ellice.lennie. studt, bdn 374 Barrie John P, slsmn Dwyer Bros, bds 184 Wellington Miss Lizzie X. tchr Victoria School, Ivs 22 Division " Miss Roberta I. lys 22 Division Vale. 1), King e Bartels Delia E (wid Wellington), ive 364 Alfred " Oscar V, asst city treasurer, res 364 Alfred Barton Alex, eng, res 177 Sydenham `r John, House of Industry Thomas, lab, res to7 L Bagot \Vrn, porter G rand Union Hotel Bass ('harleo L. jewellery 88 Princess, res 100 Barrie Fred L, clk C L Bass, lys ioo Barrie Bassam Wm E, grocer 51 Union w, res 65 Alfred Bastow Jeremiah G. res 85 Queen Bate Charles F, acct Merchants' Bank, res 80 Frontenac BATEI[Al'f GEORGE A, District Agent Sun Life Assurance Co and Issuer of Marriage Licenses, 61 Clarence, res 23 Sydenham (see card Lelocv) GEO. A. BATECIAN District Agent, Sun Life Assurance Company OF CANADA Policies and Annuities Issued on all the latest Approved plans. Issuer of MARRIAGE LICENSES Valid anywhere in Ontario. Flre Insurance Agent for Standard Mutuel Fire Insurance Co. Metropolitan Fire Insurence Co, Traders' Fire Insurrnce Co. York Mutual Fire insurance Co. And others, covering MILLS, FACTORIES, r1ercantile FIRMS AND PRIVATE RESIDENCES. Accfdent, -SIckness and Plate mass Insurance effectedln the Canada Accidentlnsurance Co. 61 CLARENCE STREET. PHONE 396. Resldence a3 Sydenham. Bateman G Cecil, studt, Ivs 23 Sydenham Mi:+ Mabel. tc hr Victoria School, ive 23 Sydenham Bates Ada J, private school, 5 Hales Cottage. Elizabeth M (wid Hesry), mus tchr, res 5 Hale's Cottages ~ Estella (wid John J), res 497 Princess Harold J, clk Standard Bank, Ivs 497 Princess Harrv C, ins agt 151 Wellington, Iva 5 Hales Cottages Ida, h s 50 I. Bagot lulin F. lab, res 50 l. Ragot Mary E (wid Daniell, res 14 Corrigan Robert, House of Industry Sarah (wid Timothv ). lys 50 L Ragot Bateson.lames, policeman rea 119 Stuart r' Miss Jane, grocer 100 William Miss Margaret, lys IOD William BATESON MATTHEW, Proprieto4 Russell House Princess Bawden Miss Angela, stenog North Am Tel Co. lys 81 Clergy w BA W USN " Elizabeth (wid Henry),res 81 Clergy west " George, sec-treas Thousand Island Steamboat Co, ]vs 81 Clergy w BAWDEN JOSEPH, Barrister, Solicit,.r. Etc, 3S Clarence, res 92 Frontenac Miss Lucy, stenog Jos Bawden, Iva 81 ('lergy w " Philip R, slsmn Crumley Bros, Ivs 81 Clergy w " Miss Susan, tchr Portsmouth School, Iva 81 Clergy w Baxter Catherine (wid Peter), res 193 Brock " Miss Florence G, ]vs 193 Brock " Mise Jane E, res 74 Sydenham Miss Mary A, Iva 74 Sydenham Bay of Quinte Hotel, Charles Lyons prop, 14 Market of Quinte By Station, ft Clarence Baylie Charles P, electrician K P, res 331 Montreal Bayne If Basil, sast Dr A W Winnett, IHis 404 Brock Bazeau Francis H, grooer 210 Alfred Franck X, tent mnfr 210 Alfred Win A. piano ttmer, lys 210 Alfred Bean.Inhn lab res Outer Depot Bearance, see also Barnes and Barrons " Alexander, blkamith St Ry, res 493 Princess " Miss Edith, Ive 493 Princess " George E, fireman Electric Light Works, rea 77 Pine " Sherman. clk, re: 112 Montreal Win A. stenog Loco Works, lys 493 Princess Beard, see also Baird Miss Carrie, res 3 Hale's Cottages Harriet A A (wid James), lys 3 Hale's Cottages Beare Albert S, lab, res 6o Ontario T3enth John. pte A Battery Beaton Miss Acelia, tchr Cataraqui School, lys 209 William \Vm F, Aailor. res 270 Johnston, Beattie Annie M, nurse Gen Hospital Beandr} Louis A. cook str Alexandria, rem 114 Queen Beaupre, see also Boaprev " Edwin, hotel 312 Princess EuFene, driver Imperial Laundry, Iva 2RR Johnston " Harriet (wid Remi), res 288 Johnston John R. lab, res 298 Johnston Vincent, bartndr Hotel Beaupre Bedford John, spinner, res 129 Alfred Bedore Charles, lab, res 274 Nelson " Leo, slsmn, Ivs 274 Nelson Beecher Augustus, confr W J Crothers, lvs 115 Ordnance George V. lab res 115 Ordnance Beel Elizabeth F (wid James), bdg has 132 Wellington " Miss Jennie, Ive 132 Wellington Begg Anna (wid Wm), res 430 Princess Dorothy (wid Geo L M), res 50 William " Harry S, asst hospital overseer K P, h v 50 William ",Jessie X. a.-4+t stamp vendor P 0, Iva Si) William " Miss Laura, elk F W Spangenberg, ]vs 430 Princess Begin Catherine (wid John), lys 33 Union e " Francis, carder, lys 33 Union e " John, lab, res 33 Union e " Josephine, dreasmkr 33 Union e BEHAN JOHN J, Grand Secretary Cathdic >futual Renelit As+ociation, lqth e Gulden Lion Block, res 191 Brnc k " Mary (wid John), res 17 Patrick 'a Mary J. tirs, lys 17 Patrick Belanger Elizabeth F (wid Hiliare), lys 74 L Bagot " Fred H, pntr, res 74 L Bagot ^ George M, pntr 104 ^ Bagot " James H, pntr, res 106 L Rag-t Relrh \lnrv f wid.lame-l, Ira :313: Ragot BELFAST TEA HOII6E, James 1![e- C'ulla Proprietor, Groceries, Crockerv and China and Manufacturers of 11ScCulla'a Pure Baking Powder, Montreal cor Bay Bell ('hri+tina ( tvid Win P), lys 140 Wellington N Elizabeth (wid Robert), lcs 11S Gore Mr+ F \It Kelc v. lv+ 140 Wellington BELL GEORGE W,Veterinary Burgeon, Office and Residence 72 Princess (sec card below) GEO. W. BELL, V.S., D.U.S. Member U.B.V.M.B., and P.V.M.B. Late Special Student of Prof. J. A. Going M.R.C.V.B., New York City, Government Veterinary Inspector. Kingston Veterinary Hospital and Dlspensary, Veterinary Dentistry and Diseases of Cattle a Specialty. OFFICE : PRINCESS ST., KINGSTON, ONT. Telephone 314. Consultation and advice free of charge.

33 II J. G.!(1eZTER & C0,14 Bell James H, carp, res 9 Pine " John, res 8 Pine BELL JOHN H, Mayor, Physician and Surgeon, Office Hours 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p.m.; Telephone.367; Office and Residence 14o Welliugtun Miss Mabel L, tchr, lvs 72 Princess Maggie. wtra. Ive 80 Ontario Miss Maude, studt, h s 72 Princess \fi++ Nlav. 1%.& 140 Wellington BELL It CRARLES, rire Iasarance, Real Estate and General Commission Agent. 171ys We11Ggton, res 235 Colborne R.^L, rt.1. lah. bdk :312 ltrnck \ BELLnTIiE Lol'^^an g^r Ôn tario 1l in, Iah, bd+ iroquois Hotel X\"m C. lab, res 131 Montreal Belleville t;ustavux, porter Iroquois Hotel,r. Bendcll Edna. rms 4 Devonshire ter Benn \IrA Albert. Ive 320 Barrie " I)ell ert. tinnmith, res 320 Barrie Miss Edna, ]vs 237 Queen '.Inhn W. blkamith, bdm 57 Queen " Mrs John W. bdg has 237 Queen " Win, hih, res 320 Barrie Bennett Agnes (wid James), res 5o Clergy " Alex hab rem 19 Balaclava " Alrx. 1Htker, re: 14:i Pine N Caroline ( wid Henry), bds 132 Wellington " Edward, elevator foreman M T Co, res 166 L Bagot Edward G, lab, res 2 Garrett Evaline C. nurse t;eneral Hosp George. yardman Crimason Houee HuLh, foreman G A \f(cowan Cigar NIfl; Co. res 143 Orlnance James, guard K P, res n a King, 3 w Centre NIra John. h Albert " John W. c1k I T Morris, ]vs 2 Carrett Loretta, Ive 27.lameA Margaret J (wid Wilbert S), res 27 James BENwwrt' " Thomas J. shoemaker 218 Wellington " Wm, tinsmith S J Horsey, res Barriefield Wm P, studt, Irs $o Clergy BEBIQIf(iHAld CORIfELIIIS.1[asaging llireltnr Canadian Locomotive Co, Limited, res 104 Stuart " \1+u',i A (\\i^l.lamc+), rea 107 Bagot Bernett see Burnett Bernev Harry, xlann C Livingston & Bro, Ivs 380 Alfred.lame+, trav, ren 380 Alfred Miss Lenn, h Alfred \tixx L aura. h's :180 Alfred Bernier Alfred, sailor, res 92 William Berri n, see also Barrigan John L, lab, res w s Livingston av, 3 n King ' Mar v, tlre, thla 64 North Berry, see also Barry " FranciN, rea 244 Victoria Hulth R. lab, re+ 20 Earl Jamev, 4I4mn li Jennings, bds 288 Barrie Patrick, longshoreman, res 403 King e Bertram Mary, cook Crimason House Bertrand Angeline (Nid Edward), Ive 98 L Bagot Besh Gus; A, tuner Wormwith & Co, bds Ottawa Hotel Besha see Begin Be3t NIkR I M. II:1, tchr Collegiate Inatitnte t"la 490 Brock Betts Alfred, lab, ret 439 Alfred " Charles A, cook, res 26 Johnston ' Desmond C, ledger keeper Ontario Bank, lvs 38o Earl " Henry A, res 38o Earl Mies \faude, Ivs J B«'alkem, Beverlv, cor Union Beveridge Thomas J, watchmkr F W ('oatei bda 216,Johneton Bews, see also Buse George M, mason.lvs 215 Colborne Miss Helen, lvs 216 Colborne " James, mason, res 215 Colborne John W. maaon, rea 414 Johnston " Win.1. rem H J1Iilne, Ive 215 Collrirne Bezo see Bazeau Itihhv Dlis+ Elizabeth, Ivs 76 Frontenac "\Inrv.1 (wid.lanies E), dressmkr 318 BIBBY FREDERICH A. LiverY tlueen, re+ aame Met ilda. Iv+ ]56 York " Robert J, prtr News, res 73 Ordnance Solomon, dry goods 236 Wellington I Stable 129 Brock, res 78 Frontenac Herbert D (The H D Bibby Co), res 2at Brock BIBBY THE H D CO (Herbert D Miss Sophia, lvs 166 L Bagot Bibby), Clothing and Gents' StauleV..^tudt. Ivi James Bennett Furnishings, 78 Princess t:im.s'rux At.t'HAHMTII'AI. INHKI"roIFiY. Bickham George, lab, Ivs 17 Charles " James, eug, res 17 Charles Bicknell Emma (wid Charles), ree 156 Ontario Bieof John, res 87 York Bigwood John, lab, bde 255 Montrea Bilodeau Alfred, pte A Battery Biltun Margaret, etudt, bhle 374 Barrie Birbeck George C, corp R C F A Birch see also Burtch Miss Ada L. Ive 136 Ragot Mi- Beatrice 1),!va 136 Bagot C Edgar, plmbr McKelvey & Birch, lvs 136 Bagot "\likn Florence L, Iva 136 Balrot Frank, electrician, Ivs 77 Clergy W George T, draughtsman L0 ";#.Y lvs 77 Clergy w Mary C (wid Geo), res 77 Clergy w BIRCH SAMUEL ( McKelvey & Birch), res 136 Itn,2ot S Royden, lvs 136 Bagot Bird Francis M, agt Met Life Ins Co, reg 210 Alfred " John 11, barber, res 187 Montreal Lnngley, lab, reg 62 King w Mary A IW'id Win). ive 216 Alfred Thomas, mldr, res 319 Earl Birkett see also Burkett BIRKETT JOHN H, deoretary- Treasurer Canadian Locomotive Co Limited, res "Bellevue;" Cen tre street Birley Mary P (wid Frank), res 32 Albert Birmingham see also Bermingham " Bernard, pntr, Ive 4 Clow's Block " John M, lab, res 4 Clow's Block "Warren A, tmwtr Shedden For Co, res 3 C'low'y Block, Chatham st " Wni, cnrp, h + 4 ('low's Block Bishop Miss Edith, bds 39 Union w Itla k Rinnie S. =1u.lt, Ive 7 Mack BLACK D ALLAN, Deatiist, Office and Residence 130 King e, cor West Miss Erie R, asst bkpr Henry Skinner & Co, Ivs 3 \tack Frederick, carp, res 137 Nelson h'rederick, lab, res 29(a) Main Harvey H. asst editor News and Times, ive 7 Mack James, carp, res 137 Alfred James, yardman James Sowards, res 47 John BLACK JAMES It, Pros Times Printing Co, Ltd, 67 Princess, res 7 Mack.lames jr, -ail r. lvm 47 John Alias Jane, lvs 137 Alfred John, sailor, res 62 Earl BLACK " J Homer, auditor K & P Ry, res t2o Wellington " Miss Maggie, lys 137 Alfred " Mary A, dresamkr, lvs 137 Alfred Minnie, drxmkr, lys 47 John Norman tehr Hillcroft Academy RobAon N. reporter News and Times, Ive 7 \lack Blackeby Alfred H, supt of agencies Odd Fellows' Relief Assn, res 35 George Blackl«k SLtv,Iv. :100 University av Blair Anna, tlrs, bds 290 Victoria " Fmilv, maid 2137 Division Blake Burton C, lab, lvs 320 Queen " Jane (wid Colborne), res 320 Queen " Miss Jetty, lys 320 Queen " James O, lab, res 6 Raglan rd " Malcolm, pntr, Ivs 6 Raglan rd Malcolm S, driver, ive It North Win E, lab, Ive 320 Queen Blakch C'harle+, driver, Ive 300 Ragot John. Iab, lys 111:1 Queen \(r+ John, housekpr 22 George " Travers, carter, res 366 Bagot Blakey Alfred, btchr 840 Princess James, btchr 264 Princess, res 82 Victoria Blaney Margaret, maid 264 King e Blomelev Abe], prtr Whig. ive James Blomelev " Iame+. fireman \\'ater \\-orks, res e s ( nllinytwrx,d. I n King " Thomaa, plmbr Elliott Bros, res e s riofifngwood, 2 n King Bloomfield 1\ m, capt str "Caspian," res 294 Queen Boag Verda, cashier Wm Davies Co, Iwl+ 230 Barrie Boak Mrs Henry, res t65 King e " Henry, studt, Ivs 165 King e ISualrh 1 'red E. ma h hd A C Dunbar, bds 112 Queen BOARD OF EDUCATION, Joka Macdonald Seeretary-Treasurer, 28 Montreal BOARD OF TRADE, Francis King recretarv I - Treasurer, Ontario ('hambcrs, Clarence, cor King I3oevan J..my,h, lab, res 279 Montreal BOGART I GORDON, MD, Physician and Surgeon, Office Hours 7 to 8.36 a.m., 1.30 to 5 and 7 to 9 30 p.m.; Telephone 475; Office and Residence 138 Wellin^ton Capt John L, lecturer Queen s College, res 22 Frontenac Boiler Inspector's Office, T'P Thompson Dominion inspr, 38 Clarence Bolger see also Bulger " Miss Catherine S, res 397 Brock 69

34 70 J. 0. FOBTER & W'B BOU3LrH Edmund J, studt, lys 397 Brock " Miss May V, lys 397 Brock " Oliver E, teller Standard Bank, Ivs 397 Brock Bolton, see also Iloulton Annie, slywunran Steacy & Steaey, bd+ 117 Ragot Herbert, wwlver, bda 47 I. Ragot I.lu, vd, hab Ragot BOND ANGUS F, Real Estate and Insurauu e ü:i Clarence. res 37 Albert Bonner l'llrle+, +ailor- bile 411 L Bagot ' Nettie. wtre British.%m Ilotel Bnnnv George. blkvmith. res H'L ljuebec " \\'m, blksrnith, bds Ottawa Hotel Boon John. carter, res 100 Chatham R John, btchr,!ve 100 Chatham Mi- Sarah E. dresemkr 188 Division, Ivs 100 Chatham " 5fis+ Su-nn, Ivs 1(N3 Chatham " Thomas J, agt North Am Life Assee Co, Ive 100 Chatham Bovine Maggie (wid Joseph), lva 206 William Bowen Charles L, baker. lvs 219 Bagot " House, J Adams propr, 419 King c: " Norman, studt, lve 219 Bagot " Wrn A, baker, res 219 Bagot " Mrs \1'm A, baker 68 Brock, res 210 Bagot Bower John, reg 841 Barrie " Joseph P, Ive 88 Barrie Bowie E Mabel, Ivs 2ot University av " Thomas W. storekpr K P, res 201 University av Bowman Bros (Charles and John), boat builders and livery, Cataraqui bridge Catherine (wid 'Edwin), res 295 Princees Charles ( Bowman Bros), toll gate kpr Cataraqul Bridge, res Barriefield Miss Clara, lva 295 Princess Booth Miss Dora H, lys 172 Alfred j" Miss Elizabeth, )vs 103 King w BOOTH CAPT EDWARD A S8' John (13owrnan Eros), res Cataraqui (Booth & Co), res 172 Alfred Bridge " Edward A jr, capt str Toronto, tes " Miss Mary, lys 103 King w 243 Alfred I " \I'm. Inh. re+ 154 Ontario " Kate (wid George). res 23o Divis-! " Wm T, sr, res 103 King w on " Win T, jr, sailor, lys 103 King w BOOTH A CO (Capt Edward A I Boyce Richard J, slsmn Crunley Bros. Booth er, Robert Crawford), Coal res 148 Division and Wood, foot of \1-est at " Susan, maid 161 Kin e Boprey see Beaupre and Boaprey Borland Wm H, collar mkr sergt B Battery, res Artillery Park Barracks Rnrle- % II ^nrd, studt. b',- :11) Union W It-.,, h:milv. hmusckpr l'rincess Bord Miss Agnes, lys 7 Colborne Miss Annie, I3.1. tchr Victoria School, Ive 357 Brock Addie ( wid Richard), Ive 450 Division " Donald M. h'+ 7 Colborne BOSTON FUR, STORE (tieor`e Mills & Co), Io6-tto Princess Boswell Miss Jane, nurse, bds 79 Elm Bostridge Charles A, keeper K P, res 61 Pembroke Botterell Edward, res w s Centre, 3 n King Boucher Charles. pte B Battery " ('vrille, pte R Battert- Boul.ton see also Bolton Hanlnn, eng K Steam T.aundry, res 3 C'hertv Bourdeau Baptiste, lab, tes 146 L Bagot " Georgina, spinner, lys 146 L Bagot " Gertrude, spinner, lys 146 L Bagot " Jamca, fireman K & P By, res 158 L Ragot " -Tesse D, invert. Frontenac Cereal Co, bds Iroquois Hotel Boume Jean. dresstnkr, 51 Balaclava ".lnhn C, earter \\- G Craig & Co, res 51 Balaclnva Boutillier Alfred, Sergt inatr R M C, res 91 Queen 'Miss Eliza, ive 281 Johnston Miss Ethel 1, stenog Breck & Halliday, Iva 357 Brock Ferguson, shipper W J Crothers, res 48 Division George, driver, lvs 7 Colborne George, en g, res 309 Johnston Harriet T, dressmkr 261 Johnston Isaac, eng, res 398 Brock Inlnr+. clee tr St R}', rev 527 Princehs Capt John, sailor, res 357 Brock Rev John D, pastor Zion Pres Ch, res 106 Pine Joseph R. carp, ree 453 Princess Miss Margaret. Ive 261 Johnston Miss Mary, lys 125 Albert Mary A ( wid Richard), mus tchr lys 450 Division M Mille ( wid Rev James M), res 296 University av Richard. cab owner, res 7 Colborne " Miss Rut;r, Ive 309 Johnston " Solomon, res 125 Albert Thomas, btchr, res 2 Stanley ter W/YU Walter, slsmn R Waldron, lvd 527 Prinre+>'< Boyer Anatole, spinner, lys 52 L Rideau " Bertha, spinner, Ive 52 L Rideau " Florida, spinner, )vs 52 L Rideau " Nersises, loom fixer, res 52 L Ridtau Boyes CharNes H, photos 224 Prinaess, res 457 same Boyington Albert M. gen agt Inter Harvester Co. bda 117 Bagot Harry. elk Hughes & Hughes, We 69 Queen Bradden James, lab, res 78 North Itrndlev IA,nald. lab, res 23 Balaclava BRADLEY F D, Proprietor Bradley's ('itv l'arcel I)elivery, 149 Sydenham, res 128 Barrie Mnithrnd. driver Bradley's City Parcel 1)eliver'v. Ive 128 Barrie Orr G. driver Bradley's City Parcel Delivery, res 169 Victoria BRADLEY'S CITY PARCEL DELIVERY r TELEPHONE2a9. Parcels, Trunks, Wash3nQs, Boxes, Barreb Everything Handled. Special Rigs for Light and Heavy Parcels Phone cattsanswered on shortest notice. Charges moderate. 149 SYDENHAM STREET. Brady Catherine E(wid Geo), res 8 Quebee " Tanles. lab, reg 99 Rideau " John, tee 99 L Bagot " Miss Jtnv, Ivs 97 Wellington Ilrnmah \\ln, sergt A Battery, bda 102 Queen Bramhall Charles H, mach, res 53 William Branch Joseph, eng, Ive 87 Queen Brand \Um. driver K Milk Depot, bda 97 Wellington Brandt Alfred, tuner Wormwith & Cc, bile f,nke View Houoe Braniff AFnes, Ivs 267 Earl Rose, vocalist, bds Hotel Randolph Theresa (wid Hugh), res 287 Earl Branigan Denis P, stage mngr Grand Opera House, res 221 Brock Mise Marparet, tes 219 Brock Miss Phoebe, tchr St Mary's School, Ive 219 Brock Mies Susan, lys 219 Brock Bieck Mrs Dorothy, bda 26 Wellington KINüHTUN ALPHABE171('AL I)I It6(Te1HY BRECK IRA A, Presideat Eiat I ston, Portsmouth & Cataraqui Electric Railway Co and Kingston Light, Heat & Power Co, Office 19'2 Ontario, tes "Sunnyside," Union w BB,ECH I H (Brook & Halliday), h e "Sunnyside," Union w BRECK A HALLIDAT ( I H Brook, James Halliday) Electrical Contractors 79 Princess Breden, see also Briden Amelia, (wid Win), res Princese, cor Bath rd " Miss Hannah, lys 24 Stuart " John, res 24 Stuart \\1n L. cak Bank of B N A, lve 24 Stuart Brennan Hannah. wtrs Windsor Hotel " Joseph P, barber, Ive 284 Johnston " \fi+a Mary, Ive 284 -Johnston " Michael, pntr, res 284 Johnston Brewster Fred A, atudt, bds 208 Uciver- +ity av `.famez \\', hab. res 246 Earl Brick Margaret (wid Bernard), res 94 Bay " Thomas W, fnshr, Ive 94 Bay " Wm, prin Regiopolis College, res 83 Gore Brickwood James H. deputy game warden, res 61 Rideau Bridant Edmond, barber, roc 280 Sydenham Briden, see also Breden "Elizabeth (wid Rev \1'm), res 122 Colborne George S, bkpr, res 178 Barrie "\ira George S. big lise 178 Barrie Bridgen Newman, brakeman K & P Ry, res 51 Bay Briggs Alfred L, tinsmith Edwin Chown & Son, ]vs 361 Alfred " Charlotte (wid Nicholas), res 361 Alfred " Miss Emma E, elk, lve 361 Alfred Brightman Miss Nellie, ive 846 Princess Thomas, lab, res 846 Princess Brignal Robert. car foreman G T R, res Outer Depot Brindley Lillian, weaver, bds 54 L Rieleau \fary. weaver, bile 54 T. Rideau Bristow Wm, lab, res Sixth st BRITISH AMERICAN HOTEI., A R Martin Manager. Clarence, cor King BRITISH WHIG (Daftiy and Wee1ily, The British Whig Publishing Co, T.td, Publishers, King east 71

35 ii 72 Britton Byron M. Justice Iligh Court of Ontario, ottive 69 Clarence. " Russell, appr Loco Works, bda 13 Maitland Broadley Edward, lys 42 Durham Brock Reginald W, prof Queen's College, res too Ragot Brokenshire Jane (wid John), Iva 144 Union w Brooks Annie S ( wid Charles (:), bdg lise 117 Itagot " Carrie. Ors, Ira County Buildings " Capt George, res 30 Nelson " Miss Hilda B. Iva 30 Nelson " Miss Mary A, matron County Jail Brophy Charles E, mngr Long Island Park, lys 59 Wellington " Helena. Ivs 59 Wellington " Margaret (wid Wm), red 59 Wellington " Margaret M. artist, Ira 59 Wellington Brough Albert E. sergt Ordnance Stores Corps. reg 100 Barrie Brouse Henry, mach, res 99 Stuart Brower Miss Ela, bkpr L W Murphy, lys Onter Depot " Mary (wid Wm B), lys Outer Depot Brown, see also Browne " Miss Amelia B, B A, lys 394 Princess " Catherine (wid George L), reg 394 Princess " Charles, Ian, reg 25 (a) Main " David, mldr, res 40 Division " D Adna, D S C R, I 0 F, res 167 Frontenac " Elizabeth ( w id Alfred), res 67 Sydenham " Ellen (wid James), lys 281 Queen " Eunice L (wid David), Iva Miller's lane " Frances, dressmkr. lys 67 Sydenham " Fred M, barrister 159 Wellington, Ins 632 Princess " George, res 81 Pine " George T. acting bomber A Battery " Harland M. sergt B Battery " -lames 11, fireman, res 1 Miller's lane " Jennie, dressmkr. bds 70 William " John, lab. reg U William " Lizzie. maid 3 Emily " Mi88 Margaret, rei r 35 Wellington " Marshall J, phy 632 Princess " Mary.1 ( wid Alfred), res n s Markland. 3 e Patrick " Nora, maid 5 Emily " Peter, pte A Battery J. O. PORTER at CO'S BRAAVVN " Ralph, elk Shedden For'd Co. lys 281 Queen " Richard J, lab, res 48 Place d'armes " Sarah ( wid Wm), Ira 131 Division " Sarah.1 ( wid James), lvs Outer Depot " Sarah J (wid Thomas), res 262 Sydenham Sidney. yardmen Albion Ilotel id 66 ea é id Thomas, fariner, lids Revere House Rev Thomas, pastor Princess St Meth Church, res 65 Nelson " Wm C. studt, bds 281 Queen " W James, motorman St Ity, res 281 Queen " Rev W'I' G, pastor Sydenham Street Meth Chureh, rms 15 Montreal Browne Miss Agnes, Iva 138 University avenue " Miss Johanna, Ira 138 University avenue " Miss Margaret, lys 138 University avenue " Margaret. Maid 12 Wellington " Patrick, reg 139 University ay " Patrick J, studt, lys 138. Uniyersity avenue Brownfield Annie E (wid Frederick), reg 18 Wellington " Miss Mabel, Ivir 18 Wellington Brownlie Archibald, tailor Carroll & Co, re. 272 Sydenham Marion. Ors. lys :272 Sydenham Bruce, see also Druce " Elizabeth (wid James), res 126 Nelson " James A, mach, lvs 126 Nelson " Jennie, drsmkr, lys 126 Nelson " Robert, film= John Laidlaw & Son, Ivs 126 Nelson " Wm, carp. res 126 (a) Nelson Brunette Miss Amelia, lys 91 Earl " Miss Annie, bkpr, Iva 91 F.arl " Mary (wid John), res 91 and Bryant Alexander, tmstr Shedden Forwarding Co, km 377 Brock Angelo B, btchr, res 157 Raglan rd Miss Anna, ira 377 Brock Caroline (wid Wm), res 657 Princess Charles. pntr. reg 208 Colborne Daniel. farmer. lys 377 Brock Duncan. porter G T R. Ivs 377 Brock Edward, casemkr Wormwith & Co, res n s Concession rd, 5 w Division Francis, blksmith, res n s Concession, 4 w Division " Miss Goldie. bkpr Kingston Steam Laundry. lvs 208 Colborne " Grace, lys 161 Princess BRYANT " Henry G, teacher telegraphy, hi Wm Bryant " Henry L, tnistr, lvs 377 Brock " James, storekpr K & P Ry, res S Barrack " James R, reg 377 Brock " Reuben, guard K P, res 217 Colborne " Misa Rhoda. Iva 458 Division " Robert, picture framer M Kirkpatrick, res 161 Princess " Wm, Sr. pntr, res n a Concession, 1 w Division " Wm, jr, pntr, res 100 Raglan n1 " Wesley.1, lino. reg 498 Division Bryden Miller, elk le.1 Hoag, lys 178 Barrie Brydge John sr, lys 117 Stuart " John jr. reg 1811 Alfred " John A. lys 180 Alfred Bryson Gertrude, Iva 210 University av Miss Isabella. lids 117 Ragot " James, res 210 University av " James J, pntr, het 210 University ay " Miss Mary, lys 210 University av " Wm, tinner, lys 210 University av Ilube lacoh. ;Mir. res 32 Ellice BUCHAN COL LAWRENCE, CMG, ADC, District (Micer Commanding, Military District No 3, 0111 ce, Armouries, res 13 Sydenham Buck Edwin, lab, res 86 Quebec " Miss Frances, ldrs, lys 86 Quebec " Martha (wid George M), res 138 Chatham " Philip H, carp, reg 387 Johnston " W.1 Harold. lys 86 Quebec Buckingham Albert, baker, res 88 L Begot " John, mach. Lids Grand Union Hotel Buckley John, bds 391 Barrie Bueknell Ann ( wid James), ref' 402 :Montreal " Jennie M. opr G N W Tel Co, lys 402 Montreal " Mary, dressmaker 402 Montreal " Richard, lab, lys 402 Montreal " Thomas. appr C %V Lane, lys 902 Mont real Bulger James, lab, res 24 Johnston " James jr. appr, lys 24 Johnston " Michael T, lab, lys 24 Johnston Millis John, hay dealer 20 Market, ses 356 Johnston Bunt Charles A, clk P 0, res Montreal Miss Ethel M. lys 66 L Bagot " John B, tray A Chown & Co, Ives 66 L Begot " Richard, blksmith, res 66 L Begot " Wm, blksmith, reg 129 Colborne KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY Si tt 73 Burch. see Birch and Burtch Bureau Miss Isabel G, tar Louise School, Iva r Cong'l Church, Johnston at " Peter, sexton First Congl Church, res rear of church Burke Helen M. lys 184 Queen " Ignatius, eleetr G R Tomlinson, lvs Portsmouth " John N. mach, lyre 119 L Ragot " John P. alstnn R Mentul, res 31 Clergy west " Mrs Laurence, lys 152 L Bagot " Philip F!, foreman News and Times, rev 43 Quebec " Robert, appr, Iva 10 Nelson BURKE THOMAS F, Butcher, 56 Brock, res Portsmouth " Wm S, carp, reg 10 Nelson ' 1 Wm T. elk J S Henderson, reg 8 Colborne " W John, elmbr, he 10 Nelson Burkett see Birkett Burnette Morris S, silverware. res Elm, cor ( hatham Burnham Hattie. nurse Genl Hospital Burns. see also Byrnes and Byrne " Bernard, lab, reg 163 Victoria " Frank, coachman, lys 331 Queen " Fred, clk, lys 129 Collingwood " George, quarryman, bds Grimason House " Hubert S, harnessmaker Rudd Harness Co, lys 386 Division " John, fireman Hall No 1, res 331 Queen " Margaret A, Iva 191 University av " Mary ( wid Thos). lvs 163 Victoria " Mary, maid 130 Earl " Patrick, lab, reg 44 Ordnance " Mrs Patrick, confv, 44 Ordnanee " Perry. sismn R Waldron, lys 129 Collingwood " Rachel (wid Henry), bdg hme 191 University av Robert J, c.arp instr K P, res 129 Collingwood R Eastern. bkpr Murree & l'tlinnes, res 41 George " Thomas, lab, res 8 Ann " Win J. slsmn C Livingston dt Bro, res 356 Rroek Burnham Rev Richard, pastor Free Meth Church, reg 08 Raglan rd Burnside Noel O. driver R H Toye, ris 205 Queen " Mrs Susan, res 303 Barrie " Wm, driver, lys 303 Barrie Burridge James, gunner "B" Battery Burritt Miss, nurse General Hosp

36 74 J. O. FOSTER $ CO Burrows Wm, produce coin agent, bd. 27 Sydenhain Burtch, see. also Birch Albert W. horse radish and pickles, 102 Victoria " Amelia, lys 5 York " Charlotte A (wid John). res 5 York " David, stone cutter, res 3 l'ine " Darius, Ivs 102 Victoria " Delbert. foreman J A Gould & Co, res il Velington " Miss E Jane, lys 5 York " Miss Ida, lys 5 York " Ira, lab, res i6 Corrigan " Miss May, bkpr I T Morris, bils 75 l'ine " Wm E. carp, res 75 Pine Burton Miss Jennie, Iva 153 Montreal " latines. oeiner. Isl., 54 I. Rideau " John V. janitor Queen's College, res 210 Queen " Mrs Matilda. bdg hse 235 Queen " Samuel, uphol, res 153 Montreal Busch, see also Bush Buse, pee also Bews " Joseph, lab, res Chestnut st " Wm E. elk. Ivor Chestnut st Bush ('harles W, lab. lys 234 Wer'ngton " Emma I wid.1ohni. Ivs 3119 Alfred John, lab, ri'. 234 Wellington Bushell John, sailor, res 374 King e " Robert J, market gardener Bath rd " Wm J. sailor, lys 374 King e Bushey Mrs Mary E, nurse, Ivia 205 Johnston Bushie Miss Ethel M, lys 371 Division " Robert F, carp. res 28 Pine " Miss Rose A, lys 28 Pine " Wm W. lineman. lys 28 Pine Bussemeier Frank. mach. res 108 Earl Butehart John, sailor. lads Ottawa Hotel Buteher Annie. lys 102 Barrack " Richard. lys 102 Barrack Butland Margaret (wid James), les 8 l'ine Butler Anna I wid Charles), nurse _A B Cunningham " Minnie. asst eook 331 King e Butlin Win. mach lid E Slater & Co, bds 16 Duiferin Byers Henrietta, nurse Genl Hospital " Mary vil lienryl. lys 42 Clergy w Byrne, see also Byrnes and Burns " A E. agt Inter Cor Sch, rms 85 Wellington " Miss Annie. lys 362 Johnston " Edward P, studt, lys 362 Johnston " James, ik K & P Ily, res 362 Johnston " Miss Kate, lys 173 Montreal BYRNE " Miss Mary, lys 362 Johnston " Patrick, guard K P, res 173 Montres1 " Simon, wireman Breck & Halliday, res 295 Wellington " Thomas E, carver A U Dunbar, bds 237 Queen Byrnes Miss Nellie, res 104 Queen Byron Daniel. h ostler Iperial m Laundry, res 412 Barrie " James A, lab, res 42 Gore " Joseph II. lab. res 5S Ontario " Walter. pie A Battery " Wm, blksmith. bits 28 Alma " Wm J, lab, rest 42 Clergy w ('adieux Henry, voek The Keswiek Cadman Miss Blanche, bels 124 Stuart " Miss Emma. Ils 124 Stuart Cadott George L. boat owner, res n Clarence. 1 o Ontario Cain, see also Kane " Delbert, lab, rea 4 Quebec " Ernest K. barber. lys 4 Quebec " Frederick R, lab, lys 4 Quebec Caine,: James M. res IS5 F:arl " M. lac ii, res 236 Barrie Cairns, see also Kearns Robert. blksmith, Ivs 65 U Charles " Win E. eng, res 268 Queen Caldback John H, storeman W G Craig & Co, res 558 Albert " J Henry, tinsmith, lys 558 Albert " Martha (wid James), res 365 Alfred " Miss Martha E, lys 365 Alfred " R laines. carp, res 264 Colborne " Miss Sarah A, dramkr, Iva 365 Alfred Callaghan see also Clenahan " Miss Alice I., ha I 63 Sydenham " li il j., Iv.: 163 r.-(ydenham CALLAGHAN DANIEL, Secretary Frontenac Loan & Investment Society, res 163 Sydenham " Miss Fltai. lys 163 Sydenham " F Eldon, elk Ontario Bank, Iva 163 Sedenhani " Harcourt V. bkpr W G Craig & Co, lys 163 Sydenham James, res 424 Johnston " M as. music tchr. bis House of Providence Callander Thomas, MA, Prof Queen's College. tais 232 King e " Wm.1, guard K P, res w s Pembroke, 2 n King KINGSTON ALPHAUETICAL DIRECTORY GALVIN COMPANY LTD, THE, Hiram A Calvin Pres, Sandford Calvin Vice-Pres, Ilmber Mer. chants, Forwarders, Shipbuilders, Steam Tugs, Wrecking Plant, etc. Garden Island, City Office 75 Princess Calvin Dileno D, studt, 'vs 131 King e CAL1TIN HIRAM A, M P, President The Calvin Co, Limited, rem 131 King e, Summer Residence Garden Island " J David, studt, lys Iv King e CAL17/Y4 SANDFORD, Vice-President The Calvin Co, Limited, ras Garden Island Cambridge, see also McCambridge " Henry K. mldr, res 264 Sydenham " Thomas, lab, res 231 W.ellington Cameron John. ai br. lys 258 Sydemiam " Kenneth F, res 232 King e Lauchlin, wks Loeo Wks, titis 97 Wellington " Lucy wid Daniel). res 23 Balaclava Camic Eliza (wid Samuel), 'vs 400 Division " Frederick, tab. res 400 Division " Fred, inshr Wormworth & Co, lys 21$ Division ".1. tio.tr. res 2Is Division Campbell Albert T, stone ctr, res 72 York " Alexander, M A, tchr Collegiste institute. Isla 298 University ay " Alex, grocer and P M, Outer. Depot " Ann ( wid John) lys 283 Queen " Annie. lys $9 Cataraqui " Annie. les 284 Nfontrnal " Annie E, bds 1 Clow's Block " Archibald, lys "Elmhurst," Centre st " Miss Bella. Ors, res 3 10 Brock CAMPBELL BROS. (Samuel F V sad Win MI, Ilats and Furs, 84 Prin- Pegs " Colin, lab, res 284 Montreal " David, eng. rea 308 Queen " Dougald, earn. res 5 Clow's Block " Thinenn. eng. res 283 Queen Gertnide. lys 27 U William " Edward J, carter, res 31 King w " Eliza.T (wid Wm). res 153 Pine " Frank M. reg 44 Albert " Gertrude Blanche, opr C P R Cos Tel. 'vs 9 Colborne " Helen S (se-id Robert A). lids 63 Wi'- lia ni " -lames, re. 100 Barrack " James. pilot, res e s Beverly, 3 s King CAMPBELL JAMES W, M D, Mir` sician, Surgeon, etc. Office Hours 7 to 9 a m, 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p m, Telephone 455, Office 133 Clergy, Residence 135 same John, res Il l'olborne ".1011n. ningr Grand Union Hotel " John, carp, res 507 Albert " Mrs John, bdg hse 34 Wellington " John M (Campbell & Renton), res 3 Sydenham " John W, res 29 James " Joseph, lab, rcs 18 Patrick " Miss Laura E, teacher, lys 507 Albert " Mary, lys (49 Uataroui " Matthew, lit,. res 393 Johnston. " Miehael. overseer Cotton Mill. res 89 Cat a rail n i " Peter, lys too Ilarrack " Robert, hay dealer, 'vs 407 Princess " Robert, lab, res II Fifth CAAPBELL SAMUEL F V (Campbell Bros), 41 miu,rt. " Sarah L, elk, lys 153 Pine Miss Tina. elk. lys 9 colborne " Thomas. res 407 Princess " Rey Wesley.1. pastor Holiness Move. ment Church. re. r 267 Division " Wm J. carp, res 335 Division CAMPBELL WM M (Campbell Bros), Iv. 44 \Bred " Wm R. messr Standard Bank, res 395 Division " & Renton (John M Campbell. Thos T Renton), electricians 332 King east Campion Agnes (wid Wm), lys 127 Division " Alice (wid Richard), res 339 Princess " Edward C, 'damn los Abramson, res 130 RR glan rd " Madeline, ett.nog Ontario Powder Co, le. 339 Prime.. " Susan E. Ive 127 Division " Walter, elk D Couper, Iva 339 Princess Campsall Florencé, dressmkr 152 Sydenham. Ive same CANADA LIFE ASSURANCE CO, 0 Hutton General Agent, W J B White Agent, 254 Begot " Malting Co, Ltd, C D McFarland inne.r. King w " Railway News Co, Ltd. D W Porter mngr, Outer Depot CANADIAN EXPRESS CO. James i emit. 115 Prieregg CANADIAN FREEMAN, Patrick Daley Proprietor, 128 Clarence " Herb Co (II hi Roche), 140 Barrie 76

37 J. G. FOSTER et CO'S CANADIAN LOCOMOTIVE CO, Ltd, Hon Wm Harty, MI', President, C Bermingham Managing Director, H Tandy Superintendent, J H Birkett Treasurer, J J Harty Secretary, Ontario st, ft of Earl CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY CO'S TELEGRAPH, J H Hoppes Local Manager, 40 Clarence " Saving., Loon and Building Assn, R Richard-ion 172 Wellington CANAL OFFICE, Edward Fahey Collector of Tolls, St Lawrence Canals, n s Clarence, above Ontario Canfield Miss Kate, rms 103 Wellington Cannon Maude, maid 138 Wellington " Samuel, lab, res 35 Cherry " Walter, tinsmith Taylor di IIamilton, res 69 L Begot " Wm, ship carp. res 58 Rideau Cannon Mrs David, lys G D Cannon " George D, tailor 26 Montreal, res w s Albert, 1 n Mack Cappon James, M A, prof Queen's College, res 26 Barrie Carberry Miss Elizabeth, lys 25 Johnston " Miss Margaret, lys 25 Johnston Cardwell Miss Ursula, bdg hse 291 Brock Carey Alexander J, supervisor Asylum. res 12 Raglan rd " John, mldr. res 282 Johnston " Miss Mabel M, clk Dr J C Connell. lys 34 Rideau " Miss Margaret E, Iva 34 Rideau " Miss Mary, lys Albion Hotel " Thomas, bandmaster. re.) 34 Rideau CAREY THE VENERABLE WM B. M A, Archdeacon of Kingstol., Rector St Paul's Church, res 232 Brock CAREY WM D (Carey & Cochrane), Albion I lot el CAREY & COCHRANE (Wm D Carey, Charles ( ochrane), Proprietors Albion Hotel. 46 Montreal Carley Bert, plshr McMillan & Co, las W E Carley " Walter E, buttermkr K Milk Depot, res w s Frontenac, 1 s York Carmichael Norman R, prof Queen's College, bds 132 Wellington " Wm D, tray Geo Robertson & Son, Fes Brockville Carnovsky Thomas R, baker and grocer, 666 and 070 Princess, res SaMe CARNONSKY " Wm H, fruits, fish, etc, Brock, res 128 Johnston Carnright Stanley, lab, res 492 Princess Caron Charles, pte B Battery Carpenter David, stableman K Milk Depot, ree Outer Depot " Laura, timid MI University av " Myrtle, maid 154 Earl Carr Alexander, mach, res 4 Redan " Henry S, mach Iva 62 Bay " Irwin, lab, res 46 L Begot Carr-Harris Athol, studt, lys 23 Mack " Robert, civil erg. res 23 Mack Carrington Miss Elizabeth, Ira River st " Miss Florence, lys River st " Joseph.1. res River st Carroll Eleanor (s-id Robert), lys 102 Barrie " Miss Ellen, res 317 Broek " Wm (Carroll & Co), res 368 Alfred " & Co, tailors 230 Princess Carruthers see ale Crothers " Annie. la's 140 Queen " George, shore steward Thousand Island Steamboat Co, lys 140 Queen " Kenneth, studt, lys Sydenham, cor Earl CARRUTHERS J B. Oahe Wellington. cor Clarence, res Sydenham, cor Earl " Margaret (wid Wm), res 140 Queen " Capt W Bruce M, res 28 Sydenham Carseallen Benjamin 13, res 216 Frontenac Carson Bros (John and Thomas A), grocers 322 Primess " George A. iiriver. lys 220 University avenue " John (Carson Bras), ree 320 Princess " Robert sr, messr and packer Custom House. res 220 University av " Robert jr, plmbr, Iva 220 University avenue " Robert J, whol grocer 324 Princess, res 275 Brock " Samuel, prtr, lys 220 University " Thomas A (Canon Bros), ive 320 Princess Carswell Elizabeth, maid 162 Earl " James G, asst supt Met Life Ins Co, res 62 Wellington " John, ira 4 Newman's Cottages " Robert sr, boilerinkr, res 4 Newman's Cottage, King w " Robert jr, boilernkr, hs 4 Newman's Cottages Carter Margaret (wi3 Thomas). grocer 635 Princess " Miss Mary M, lys 55 Clergy w cants George E, studt, rms 36 Wellington Cartwright Alice, lys 42 L Rideau " Rev Conway E, res 17 Mack " Cosmo, studt, lys 17 Mack " George, fireman, lys 42 L Rideau " Miss Isabella, Ivs 17 Mack " Reuben. lab, res 42 L Rideau CARTWRIGHT SIR RICHARD J, GCMG (Minister of Trade and Commerce), President Frontenac Loan and Investment Society, Office 38 Clarence, res "The Maples," 3 in east on St Lawrence Casey Mrs Thomas R. lys 434 Princess CASH DISCOUNT AGENCY OF CAN- ADA, Wm Atkinson, Manager, 203 Wellington Case Annie (wid Alfred), res 6 L Rideau " Eliza.1, lys 6 L Rideau " Harold A, lab, 'vs 6 L Rideau Cassidy Andrew N, lab, res 29 Ontario " Mary E. elk.1 P Hanley, lys 121 L 13:0:01 " Nancy (wid Wm), dressmkr 51 John " Sarah iwid Andrew), res 55 John " Wm H, ship carp, res 121 L Bagot " Wm T. enachman W A Robertson, lys 55 John Caswell John, carp, res 231 Victoria " Robert. driver E Slater & Co, res 270 Ontario Cathcart Alexander, opr Whig, res 15 C'olborne CATHOLIC MUTUAL BENEFIT ASSO- CIATION J J Behan Grand Secretary. Head Office for Canada, Golden Lion Block. Wellington, cor Clarence Caulfield see also Canfield " Kate. elk. la, 90 Wellington " Mary (wid Thomas). confy 90 Wellington, res same Cavanagh see also Kavanagh Caverley G Le Roy. lab E Slater & Co, la Prineess " Martha (wid George), res 669 Prin- PPSR " Sherman, rheesemkr. hs 669 Princess Caver Annie. Ira 122 L Begot " Frank. lab, res 122 L Ragot CAYS DUNCAN A, Real Estate,346 King e, res 235 Alfred " Frederick A. studt, lys 235 Alfred CHADWTCH ALLAN, Manager The Rathbun Co. res 69 Union e " Harford. collector Rathbun Co, lys 69 Union e KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 77 CHADWICK " Harvey. carter, bds 99 Stuart Chalatt Samuel, driver B Battery Chalkley Emma (wid Robert), res 69 Chatham Chamberlain Ethel, lys 42 Division " George A. lab, res 42 Division Chambers Bridget (wid Michael), lys 98 Clergy " Charles J, carter, res 41 Rideau " Henry, mason, res 24 Dutierin Chapman Charles E. sailor, lys 277 Albert " Elisha F, gro 337 Queen, res same " Flora, lys 23 University av " Fred. Inessr C P It Co'. Tel, Ive 277 A lbert " Hardy E. wks K Hosiery Co, res 277 Albert " John S, mach, lys 277 Albert " Miss H Lorena, lys 124 Colborne " Minnie. Ira 23 University av " Nellie C, stenog Henry Skinner & Co, lys 277 Albert " Rachel (wid Edward), res 228 Johnston " Sidney, carp. lys 87 Colborne " Waddington J. eontr Chapman st, res 124 Colborne " Wrn. stenog A Davis & Son, Ids 227 F.arl Charland George. pte B Battery Charlebois Mrs Mary, malt The Hub Charles Edwin, carp, res 3g Division " George E, shipper E Chown & Son, lys 39 Division " Wilna E, clk, lys 39 Division Charlton Albert, elk, Ira 92 Earl " Edgar W. clk Macnee & Minnes, lys 92 Earl " Marie (wid Robert), res 92 Earl Charon Wm J. Ter. res 223 Sydenham Chartrand C'apt Joseph D, prof R M C, bds Windsor Hotel Chatterton Annie, tchr, lye 98 Clergy " Ellen (wid Charles E), res 98 Clergy " Miss Eva, Ira 98 Clem " James E. prtr Whig, lye 98 Clergy Checketts George, mach, lids 238 Johnston Chedik Anne ( wid Winee). lys 108 Montreal " Otto, pntr, res 108 Montreal Cherry Guy G, slsmn E P Jenkins, lys L Ragot " John, sailor. res 96 L Ragot " Oscar, electr, la's 96 L Bagot " Wm G. carp E Slater & Co, res Barriefield Chisholm Alexander M, miner, bdis Bri Am Hotel

38 78 J. o. rotrricn It co's Choron se* Charon Chown Albert P druggist 185 Princess, res 114 Barrie " Alfred F (A ('hown & Co), tes 128 University av " Miss Ada le, Iva 126 University av. " Amelia (wid Edwin), res 187 Brock " A & Co (Alfred F and Perey B ('hown), whol hardware, 252 Begot " Charles D, tray, tes 462 Brock " Miss Daisy G, Iva 126 University av " Edwin & Son (George Y and Oliver Chown), hardware aso Bagot *1 Elizabeth A (wid Arthur), res 45 Clergy " Miss Frances J, lys 45 Clergy CHOWN GEORGE Y (Edwin ('hown & Son), Registrar and Secretary Treasurer Queen's University. rem 20 Barrie " Miss Hattie L, prin Louise School, lys 220 Johnston " Oliver (Edwin Chovm & Son), res 162 University av " Miss Pearl, lys 456 Albert " Percy B (A Chown & Co), Iva 126 University av " Richard T, asst The II B.Taylor Drug Co. lys 220 Johnston " Robert.1, pictures. lys 220 Johnston " Sarah ( wid 'in). res 456 Albert " Wm 1, packer A Chown & Co, Fes 456 Albert Christley Miss Ann, Iva 224 Queen " Miss Georgina, lys 224 Queen John, lab, res 20 Stephen " Miss Maud, lys 224 Queen " Wm, cab owner, 224 Queen Christmas Harry T, carder, res 181 Collingwood " Henry, carter, tes 278 Earl * Isabella (u-id T James), lys 95 King west " Win J. fireman, res 102 Earl Chrveler Mrs, rms 106 %got Ccolari Margaret E (wid Francis), lye 51 Clergy CITY ASSESSOR'S DEPARTMENT W S Gordon Assessor, City Ridge CITY CLERK'S DEPARTMENT, Major L W Shannon Clerk, City Buildings CITY ENGINEER'S DEPARTment, Alex H Kirkpatrick Engineer, City Buildingq CITY HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 13 Fee, MD, Medical Health Officer, City Buildings CITY REGISTRY OFFICE, J P Gildersleeve Registrar, Court House grounds CITY SOLICITOR'S DEPART.. ment, D M McIntyre Solicitor, City Buildings CITY TAX COLLECTOR'S Drpartment, George Thomp.."n, Collector, City Buildings CITY TREASURER'S DEPARTment, F C Ireland, City Treasurer, City Buildings CITY WATERWORK'S DEPARTment, Thomas liewitt Superintendent, City Buildings CITY WOOD AND LUMBER Yard, Win Drury Manager, 374 Princess Clairmont.. Elesmere, lient B Battery Claney Miss Jane. rem 11 Clergy w " John, lab, res 225 Wellington " Lizzie, dressmaker, lys 121 Ontario " Mary, dressmaker, lys 121 Ontario " Thomas. watchman str North King, res 121 Ontario Clapham Wm, lab, res ix Rideau Clark, see also Clarke " Albert, fariner. res n s Concession rd, 2 e Princess " Andrew. lab. res 28 Ellice " Annie wid John). ree 71 Clarence " Annie.!vs 15 St Lawrence ay * Miss Annie J, elk Mrs M Henderson, lvs 149 Division " Annie M. stenog McKelvey & Birch, Imls 199 Colborne " Carrie. lys 71 Clarence " Charles H, gro 88 Pine, res same Edward H, chef, Ivs 31 Ontario " Elilabeth (wid res 318 Barrie CLARK. MISS EUPHEMIA ( J W Clark & Co). tes 353 Princess " Franeis H. lab. rem 59 Queen " Frankie. bkpr Wm Drury, lys 15 St Lawrence ay " George, lab. res 15 University av " George, civil eng, reg 165 West " George, lab, res 10 Ann " Miss Harriet E, res 154 University avenue " James, lab. lys 71 Clarence " James, ship carp, reg 31 Ontario " James, lab, res 76 Pine " James, lab. res n e Charles, 1 w Batrot CLARK JAMES W ( Y W Clark di Co), n'es 353 Princess " Jessie, lys 154 University av " John, lab. lye 31 Ontario " John W, driver A Glover, tes 67 Union e Joseph E, acet Market, tes 95 aer89 w " Joseph M, mldr, lys 61 Pembrok CLARK J W A CO (Jame. W and Miss 1..1phemia Clark), General Repairers and Stationers, 353 Pi-incest " Kenneth G, elk, lys 55 King w " Miss Lillian R, lye 95 Clergy w Lulu A,»urn YWCA and School of Domestie Science, lys 15 St Lawrence a " Miss Marion. lym 95 Clergy w " Martha (u-id Wm J), Iv. 311 Johnston " Mary (wid Lawrence), tes 225 Wel- 1Wgton " Mary (u-id Wm), tes 149 Division " Mary N, clk, lys 149 Division " Matthèw s, clk Hy Skinner & Co, lys 86 Pine " Peter, yard foreman James Swift & Co, res 110 Montreal " Riehard. lab, ImIn 23 University av " Robert, mason, res 19 U William " Mrs Robert, lys 244 e " Robert.1, mason, lys 86 l'ine " Sarah ( wid Vin), lys 310 Alfred " Thomas, motorman St Ry, res Vine " Wm H, driver, tes 55 King w Clarke Albert. lab. rem 37 York " Charles G, blksmith McKelvey à Birch. res 64 Patrick CLARKE CHARLES K, M D, Modio. cal Superintendent Rockwood Hospital, res Portsmouth " Edward. eigarnikr. lys 89 King w " Emma. nurse, lys 60 Wellington " Frederick W, master mechanic K & P Ry, tes 36 L Rideau " Frederick W, plmbr Elliott Bros, Iva 38 L Rideau " Nellie, clk, lys 368 Alfred " Robert A. lys 26 Chatham " Sarah (u-id Win), Iva 310 Albert " Wesley, tmstr K & P Rv, lys 37 York " Wm.1, shoemkr W Allen & Son, res 258 Nelson Clarry Arthur. mach P E Ward & Co, bds 160 King e Claxton Miss Jennie, lys 31 Rideau " Matthew H (Lemmon. Claxton & Lawrenson ), reg 31 Rideau " Rupert L, elk Cotton Mill, Iva SI Rideau Clayton Edward J, ship carp, n'es 226 Sydenham " Kathleen, dressmkr, lys 137 Bagot " Martin, ship carp, tes 137 Bagot Cleary Catherine (wid Hugh), res 290 Johnston " Catherine E, tira, lyre 290 Johnston KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 79 CLEARY John J. eng, re 43 Division " Miss Mary A, lye 290 Johnston " Thontis H, signalman G T R, ria ay Hickeon Clement Charles W, clk Jas Richardson & Sons, res 325 Bari CLEMENTS LEONARD, LDS,DentiSt, 142 Wellington, res 250 King east Clenahan, see also Callaghan " George, driver, les 39 (a) Main " John 1, driver, Iv,' 279 Sydenham " Mande. lys 39a Main " Margaret, lys 39 (a) Main sii.itil t wid ',Viol, re«s Brewery la " Thomas, baker R H Toye, res à9 (a) Main Clenell George, mist Dr 0 W Daly, lys Y M C A Bldg " James, caretaker Y M C A. res same " lys YMCA Bldg Cleriliew Miss Caroline. lys 44 Clergy " Margaret I wid (leo W), ree 44 Clergy Cliff George. reel estate and ins broker 93 Clarence.. me 280 Brock " Mary A ( wid John). ree 255 Earl " Miss Mary E. lys 255 Earl Clifford Albert, lab, Ire 243 Montreal " Mary, maid 134 King e " Walter, Q-M-S instr R C F A, res 243 Montreal Clint Jane (wid Patrick), lys ft Johnston Clogg Miss Lizzie E, lvs 228 Johnston CLOW FRANXLIN, Grocer and Real Estate, 83 Earl. res same " Fred, emit. lye 17 Nelson " Miss Malins, lys 83 Earl Club Hotel, P W Donoghue prop, 186 Wellington CLUGSTON ROBERT, Contractor, Office and Residence 396 Brock " Thomas A, mason, res 364 Brock " Wm R. mason, Iva 396 Brock Coakes Charles, lab, tes 152 Raglan rd " David. lab, lys 152 Raglan rd COATES FRANK W, Watches, Clocks, Silverware and Jewellery I5S Princess. tes 99 Clergy w Cobet Miss Annie, It's 79 Alfred " Ivo L A, contr, res 79 Alfred Coburn, see also Cockburn Cochrane Christina (u-id Rev Win), res 184 Frontenac COCHRANE CHARLES (Carey & Cochrane). tes Albion Hotel " Edward tes 211 University av " Miss Idn. lys 211 University av " James B, elk P 0, lys 184 Frontenac " John, lys 112 William

39 SO J. O. POSTER it co's KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 81 COCHRANE " Capt John B, prof R M C, res 78 Gore " Leu. electr. IN+ 211 Universitv av " 8 Henry, foreman W J Crullers, res 444 Johnston Cockade Catherine (wid Wm G), res 14 Ann " WIII G. fireman Hall No 2, res 369 Brock C,ockburn John, plmbr 373 King e Wm, MI:smith 277 Ontario, res 135 Ordnance Code J Howard W. studt, lys 91 Gore " Lorne B, studt, lys 91 (lore " Stewart A, studt. Ivs 91 GOTe " Wm H. millwright, res 91 Gore Coffey Annie T. Ors. lys 69 Arch "Christina, dressmkr, Ira 121 Stuart " Grace (wid Wm), res 121 Stuart " Thomas, res 69 Arch " Wm J. clk J S R McCann, lys 121 Stuart Cohen Isaite Sus man & Cohen), res 314 Universit v av Joseph. 11r. res 33a Main Coile see Coyle Cole.1olin electr K Light, lient and Power ('o. Ms 237 (»Pen Coleman Alexander, lys First st " Bridget ( wid Robert.1). res 367 Bagot " Wm J, basket mnfr First st Collacott Caroline (wid John J), res 369 'Alfred Collender Hotel, Hunt Bros props, King e Collier Herbert B. druggist, res 520 Princess " Wesley II, supt Frontenac Cereal Co, Iv«320 Princess Collins Francis, sailor, Iva 438 Division " Henry, sailor, lvs 438 Division " P. en 2. re+ 96 Hagan rd " John, postman, bds 43 King w " Miss hate, res r 331 Brock " Peter. la I. re+ 36 Quebec " Thomas, sailor, res 438 Division " 1Valter, sailor. res 43 U ('harles " Wm. lab. ils 4 Clow's Blo -k " Wm S. mach. res 84 William Collinson Jefferson, studt, bds 168 Montreal " John B. weaver. Tf.S 54 L Rideau Colpaek see Culpack Colquhoun Miss Margaret McI bds 117 York Corner Miss Cassa L. lys 80 Division " George W, customs officer, res 80 Division " Miss.1 Edna. elk.1 A Gardiner, Ivs 80 Division Comou Edward, sailor, lys 260 Queen " Joseph, sailor, res 260 Queen Comper George A. driver Dom Fish Co, bds 33 First " John, eontr, res e 4 Albert, 2 n Mack " Marie wid John), 'vs 381 Princess " Marquis.1, carp, 'vs John Comper " Norman. appr Taylor & Hamilton, iv. 381 Princess Comtism' Miss Nlinnie.lvs 33 Elm Compton Emma,. dresstukr, 76 Arch " George.1. gdnr T Eng,land. res 679 Princess " James, gardener. res 78 Arch CONFEDERATION LIFE ASSO. ciation. E.1 Ite,d General Agent, S Kirkpatrick Cashier and City Agent. 42 Clarence (Sec adv back eovert Conley, see also Connolly " Miss Annie, tes ra Place d'armes " Catherine (wid Jaires), res 62 Bay " Elizabeth M (wid Thomas), res 204 University av " Miss Hattie E. tin Central School, lys 294 University ay " Rebecca (wid Wm); res 388 Division " Miss Rebecca, lvs 363 Division " Samuel D L. caretaker Fair Grounds, res York, cor Nelson Conne!! Miss Elizabeth, Iva 161 Alfred " Jame+, mach Queen's College, res 161 A I f red CONNELL JAMES G Oculist and Aurist, Office Hoirs 9 to 12 a m, 2 to 5 p m, 285 King e, cor Johnston; 'Phone 393, Residence 25 West. 'Phone 365 " Walter T. M D, prof Queen's College, res 7 Wellington Connolly, see also Conley " Mary (wid Michael), res 245 Victoria Connor, see also O'Connor " Amy (wid Frederick), dressmaker 24 Division, Ivs same " Miss Elizabeth, tchr Victoria School, Ira 354 Brock " Miss Emilia. lys 354 B-ock " Harry, appr Vorinwith & Co. Ivs 354 Brock " Henry W. clk, lys 70 Charles " Miss Jessie,' lys 334 Brock " Johe, yardman Rathbun Co, 300 King w, res 302 King w " John F. pianomkr NVnrmwith & Co, res 242 Svdenham " John W, carp, res 70 Charles " Matilda (wid James), res 354 Brock " Thomas M Wormwiti & Co), res 421 Barrie Conroy Miehael, res 303 Alfred " Patriek. la Alfred CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, 0 F Telgmann Director, 222 Johnston Consgreen Catherine ( aid Daniel), caretaker 89 Clarence, res pilington " George. ins net, Ira 139 Vt'ellington " Miss Mary A, lys 269 Earl " Miss Winnifred. dressmkr 269 F,arl Contrail Chri-topher, mach, res 55 Earl " Christopher jr. mach, Ivs 55 Earl " Frank. mach. Ira 53 Earl CONVENT OF THE CONGREGA. tion de Notre Dame, Sister St Mary Jane, Mother Superior, Bagot, cor Johnston Convery Irene, maid 63 \Vest CONWAY FRANH,General Freight and Passenger Agent K & P Railway Co, Office ft of Clarence, res 101 Union e Litres, laullor. bds lintel Congress Cook Herbert H. miller K Milling Co, res 353 Brock " Harry. asst opr C P R ('o's Tel. live 133 Union w " John W. slstnn John Laidlaw & Son, Is Princess " Leonard. sl+mn R McFaul, res 449 Princess " Mary. cook, lys r 238 Princess " Pressly, photog. lys 353 Brock " Thomas H, tray Gardiner Co, res 135 Union w " Wm, supt Cotton Mills, res 251 Rideau Cooke Charles II. driver. re+ 331 Alfred " Edith. dremkr, Iva 351 Alfred " Francis W. blow Crawford & Walsh, re«320 Earl Jame«. l ia 199 Conlon' COOKE JOSEPH B. District Manager Imperial Life Assurance Co. 332 King e, cor Brock. res 413 Johnston " Thomas, fireman. res 260 Johnston Cooper see also Couper " Albert. lab, lye 80 Bay " Charles, brakeman. res 76 L Bagot ' Edward.1 lab. Iv+ 247 Victoria " George. elk, lys 60 Bay " Henry A. cond K & P Ry, res 35 Charles " Johanna (wld Charles). res 60 Bay " John. lab. 'vs 247 Victoria " Martha (wid Richard), res 247 Victoria " Mary (wid John), res 80 Arch exwe8 " Nellie, lvs 60 Bay " Rebealt L., Ivs Thos Cooper " Thomas, gardener, res n s Raglan rd, I w Patrick " Thomas, lab, lys 247 Victoria " NValter E. brakemn. Iv+ 60 Bay Copeland Philip, switchman G T R, Iva 227 Earl Copley Cleora. Irs 122 NIontreal " 11;irenee. ly+ 122 Montreuil " Frank A, trav, res 122 Montreal " Lizzie (wid James), IN's 19 Pine Thomas Robinson & ('opley), res 19 l'inc. Win 11. lys 122 'Montreal Corbett Charles 11, governor County Jail, res County Buildings " Miss Emma, lys 104 Clergy " Harold F, ry mail clk, lys County Building CORBETT JOHN, Hardware, Paints, Oils, High Class Saddlery Goods, etc, 95 Princess, cor Wellington, res 104 Clergy CORBETT SAMUEL IL Funeral Di«, rector, 281 l'rincess, Ivs 411 Princess (See card belowl S. S. CORBETT, Funeral Director and Embalmer, 281 PRINCESS STREET Telephone 143. Residence 411 Princess St. AMBULANCE IN CONNECTION WITH BUSINESS. Corbe tt Wm, tinner, res 41 1 Princess Corcoran Anthony, lab. re,' 18 Stephen Corkey see also Korkey " Frank.1. barber 371 King e. res Barrie fiehl " John. earn barge King Ben, res 272 M'ellington " Malcolm, grocer 254 Montreal (orlett John G, lab, res 1 Division Cornelius Elizabeth (wid Capt John), Ira 131 Division " George, see George Monerieff " James I NIonerieff Cornelius), res 131 Division " John A, undertaker T F Harrison co. re+ 123 Ordnance Cornett Rebecca J (wid Wm A), res 123 Union w " Wm F, les 123 Union w Cornford Mrs Margaret, nurse, reg 24 Elm

40 gél J. O. POSTER ot CO'S KINOBTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY Corrigan Annie M (wid Wm), res 47 Earl " Annie. drsnikr. kw 58 L Bagnt " Bernard J, lab, res 148 L Ragot CORRIGAN CHARLES J, Dry Goods 168 Princess, res 157 Montreal " Clara A F, stenog T J ltigney, Iva 47 Earl " Daniel. grocer 60 L Bagot, rea 58 same " Daniel H, res 464 Division " Miss Frances, Iva 464 Division " Frank E. cellarman Bajus Brewery, re+ 101 Rideau " Miss.lennie, bkpr John Gilbert, lva 47 Earl " John, boilermkr, Ivs 76 Ontario " John A, studt, lye 404 Division " Lizzie (wid Thomas), res 76 Ontario " Margaret, mlnr, Ivs 58 L Bagot " Michael, carp, ks 42 L Bagot " Patrick, lab. res 42 L Begot " Patrick, sisinn C J Corriman, Iva 58 L!ingot " Rose, tire, Iva 58 L Begot " Sherman A. studt, Ivs 464 Division Cosby Miss Elizabeth, Iva 310 Queen " Fred W, violinist, Ivs 3 10 Queen " Mrs Jane, res 310 Queen " Miss Mary, Irs 310 Queen Costello Samuel. lab. res 178 L Begot Costin AflLUM. 0-M-S R C F A, res 24 Wellington Cote Jennie wtrs Queen's Hotel " V ol Queen's Hotel Cotman George C. mach, res 5 Cherry " George S R, fireman, res 8 George ".1ohn, lab. rio 244 Earl " Wm, blksmith, Its 8 George Cotter Miss Ada, lye 372 Alfred " Miss Annie. km 372 Alfred " Yrances (wid James L), res 372 Alfred " John. lab. bd s 240 Montreal " Miss Kate, Ivs 372 Alfred " Oliver W IL elk Strange & Strange,!vs 372 Alfred " Stuart. Ivs 372 Alfred " Wenivss M. ledger kpr Merchants Bank. 'vs 372 Alfred Cottle Miss Grace M, res e a Albert, 1 s Brock " Miss Letitia M, Ivs Miss G M Cottle Coughlin Elizabeth (wid James), nurse, res 60 Wellington " Louise. elk, Irs 60 Wellingtor " Mamie, clk, Ivs GO Wellingten Cou ling M Wm, lab, res n s Stanley, 2 w Lansdowne " M Wm jr. lab, lvs M W Couling Coulson James S, night watchman, rea 105 King w Counter George J, sexton Sydenham St Math Ch, ras r of saine W. supt Countryman Thomas House of Industry. 362 Montreal COUNTY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE, John L Whiting, KC. Attorney, Court House COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE, J W Ednards. MD. clerk, court House COUNTY REGISTRY OFFICE, J D Thompson Registrar, Court House grounds COUNTY TREASURER'S OFFICE, David Purdy Treasurer, Court House Couper see also Cooper " Miss Agnes, clk D Couper, Iva 772 Princess " A Stanley. slsmn Macnee & hlinnes, Iva 336 Division COUPER DANIEL, Grocer, Flour and Feed and.manufacturer of Couper's Pure Baking Powder, Prim-ss. ras 776 Princess " Miss Miriam. res 772 Princess Courtney Elizabeth, Isis 9 Char:es " Samriel. driver B Battery Cousineau Francis, lab, res 16 Nelson Cousins Eliza (wid James), res 271 Brode " Ed urr clk. lvs 271 Brock " Miss May, lys 271 Brock " Robert, watchrnar, res 274 University av " NVm P. bkpr R.1 Carson. Iwo 274 Universitv av Coventry Frederick J, lab, res King w, opp Hospital grounds Coward George B. inarh 197 Wellington, re+ same " Miss 141a. Ivs 227 University ay " George B, pntr, lys 346 University avenue " Mark W, shimn, re; 332 Brock " Wm, baker instr K P, res 227 University av Cowie Robert. carp, res 21 John Cox Miss Blanche, chief opr C P R Co's Tel, lys 172 Johnston Coxworthy George F, supervisor Asylum, res 57 Livingston av " Maria W (wid Thomas F), lys 57 Livingston av Coy Wm F, M D, re; 162 Earl Coyle Amy A (wid James J), dressmkr 220 King e. res same " Edward, bartmlr Lake View House " hirs Harry.!vs 323 Brock " Harry, dama, lys 220 King e " llenrv.1, lab, res 194 King e " Janus, bartndr Club Hotel, ras 138 Bar " John, cab owner, res 301 Montreal " Miss Maerie, res 27 Union w " Wm J. boiler mkr, lys 220 King e Coyne Mary A (wid Matthew), res 25 Division Coyte Wm H, signalman G T R. ria Hickson av Craig Donald hicl, appr, lys 229 Barrie " Edward G. elk Rathbun Co. l.'s 169 King e " Miss Gertrude, I vs 169 King e " Henry A. opr Whig, res 54 Albert " James, coppersmith, res 18 Clergy w CRAIG JAMES, Manager The Gardiner Co, res 201 William " James A, policeman, ras 79 Clergy w " hliss Jean M. les 201 William " John. eond K & P itv. res 168% Rideau " Joseph A, eng, lys 229 Barrie ".1 Arthur \V. tray W G ('raig & CO,IY$ 201 William " Miss Kate G, lys 201 William " Miss Mary L. Irs IS Clergy w " Rev Robert J, cashier Rathbun Co, res 169 King e " Mies Sarah, res 23 Arch " Will, tray. rio 242 Alfred " Win.\. van), rio 34 Albert CRAIG WM G (W G Craig & Co), res 61 Vest " Win H, bkpr Fenwick, Hendry & CO, lys 201 William CRAIG W G & CO (Wm G Craig), Whelsale Grocers, Wharfingers, Coal Dea lers Commission Merchants and Public Storage, Ontario Crallin Edward, boilmkr, res 43 (a) Main " Vv'm E. lab, res 370 Princess Crawford Clarence M, studt, lys 228 Syd-1 enham " George, with James Crawford, ras Division " rio 30 DidTerin CRAWFORD JAMES, Grocer 182 Priner..+. re: 327 Hici-don " John, mach, res 228 Sydenham CRAWFORD JOHN J (Crawford & Walsh), res 433 Brock " Miss Matilda, tchr Central School, les 124 Division " Miss Pearl E, lys 329 Division 329 CRAWFORD ROBERT, Coal and Wood, foot of Queen and 309 King w, res if 24 Barrie Samuel, mngr Kingston Coal r:o, res 277 Alfred " Miss Sarah E, mus tehr, res 124 Division " Wm, carp, res 110 Barrack CRAWFORD & WALSH John J Crawford. Edwin Walsh), Merchant Tailors, 155 Princess Creegan George. tailor, res 44 Main Crews Philip B, jewelcry loo Princess, res 94 Barrie Cridiford John, bds 70 William Crisp Miss Harriet, Ive 1006 Union w " Miss Sophia, res 1006 Union w crockett Louis sergt-maior CASC Croft Daisy G, nurse Genl Hospital Cronan Catherine, cook It T Walkem Cronk Woi H. idnilir. re. 16 Crook Frederick A. bookbinder T McAuley, ras 101 Johnston " Miss Ilelen, dresstnkr, Iva 101 Johnston Crosby James. sailor, Iva 114 L Begot " Susan (st-id Wm), tes 114 L Begot Crothers, see also Carruthers " Mary (wid John), ras 67 Chatham Norman. 'vs 179 Earl " Verrier. eity tray W J Crothers, lvs 170 Earl CROTHERS WM J. Biscuit Mannfacturer Wellington and 302 King e, res 179 Earl " Wm J jr, tray W J Crothers, lys 179 Earl Crowder Vasco. nrtr Canadian Freeman, Iv" head of Johnston Crowe Thomas J, slarnn hfacnee & Minnes, bds 380 Brock Crowley Carmel, tchr, lys Ito Ordnance " I Joseph, draftsman, lys Ito Ordnance " John W, carter, ris 373 Johnston " Mary (wid Peter), res 250 Montreal " Mary E (wid Charles W), tes 110 drdnance " James, boilermkr, Iva 162 York Crozier Err 1, Kit.. lvs 162 York " Herbert hroomnikr. lvs 162 York " Mary (wid Thomas), res 162 York " Minnie, dressmkr 162 York " Thomas 1-1, piano mkr, les 162 York " Wm C. piano mkr, res 142 York CRUMLEY BROS (Edward and Henry), Stapl e and Earley Dry Hoods, Princess " Edith ( wid Alex), ras 23 Pine

41 J- G. FOSTER & Co's CRUMLEY EDWARD (Crumley Bros), re- i ;i w CRUMLEY HENRY (Cruntley Bros), I- 5S Uni on W Miss Jessie, Ivs 2%lairy ~wid 11111,b) 58 Union w Irs 58 Union w CruInInY Rev Mier, ' Pastor Brock S t Meth Church, res 242 Johnston Cruse Miss Florence NO 460 Albert Janie~ G, careta~er Collpgiate In. stitute, res w a Alfred, I n Union John F, carter Geo Robertson & W res Son, 310 Alber t in H, res 460 Alber t Ouddeford I" Job", stone cutter, Iva 684 Montrea l Miss Kate F, prop Club Restaurant, 184 Wellington ""o- ~tlldt- rmq 246 University av ("Inii-on Afey. I'lo. re~ r 212 Fail " Mi~S Georgina, IvR 453 Division John res 453 Division Agnes, 21 King w music tchr, res CUNNINGHAM ARTHUR B, Barrister, -'~,Ilivilor. Ft", 79 Clarence, res Lake View e. Beverley R t Bridget (wid Daniel) ies' 258 Rideau Caroline (wid David), res 94 Earl Miss Caroline, Ivs 434 Princess Charles, confr 337 Brock. res same D 11% it I - prtr 11 in Jackson. res ha In 26 Chat- Fqnnv (wi,f AA-,) 1%, R11i Iv; 169 Ea;,.ȯn t Gouthreup, mach Iva 29.9 ~ real Henry, piano tuner Iva 21 King w lall). NN 102'Ridea u Henri- trav. re~ 1--)l SYdenham Miss Ida, lvq 434 Princess John, res 434 Princess CUNNINGHAM John, electr, res 41 James John. Q-NI-S farrier B Battery, res Artillerv Park Barracks CUNNINGHAM J ERNEST (Mills & ingharn), rei 5 Wellington, Telephone 57 8 Kate. ladies tailoring 258 Rideau Miss KateLou!vs A 2-40 Brock Ise, Ivs 169 Earl : : Ilargaret (Wid Henry), res Mary 169 Earl A. telir Svdenharn School, Iva '14 Far l Sarah (wid Samuel H) res, : 18 Deacon Thomas, ires 240 Broci 1 ". Wto H, tanner, res 299 Montreal Thomas, lab, Iva 694 Montreal "'111-1, 111iir Jainei Thompson, res 34 W Fromena -10)"'. 1111). re.-i 368 Bagot e 11-Th in J.. ei-warinkr, Ivs 154 Ontario inspr Bell Tel Co, Iva Rideau 258 "alt"'k- 'Iffill"I'an Dr R Hanley, Ira 1 4 Ontario CuPPles Benjamin, uphol James Reid, Cullen James, lab. res 114 lvil]iam res 34 Colborn p Curragh James Joseph,, ningr.john Gilbert, 94 Gore, A, mach, res lvs - 0 Curry 10 Stijart n a r ~)rville J, cor p Nellie. 1-1k. Ivs Iii Ontario ittery,,res 276 Wellingto n.- " "I Wm H. eng Water Works, res I'llysiclan 213 King e, res 19.8RITI P Ontari o " Mary A Culpack Airs Barbara, res. dressmkr Brock Montreal Curzon Benjamin lab, res et n-" 3li-i ('111ra, iv 130 Victoria Charles E, :, 132 Nelso n Benjamin L, ~oodwkr, Ivs sailor, res 221 Earl tori a 130 Vic- Charle~ If. -ailor, iv,4,,i " George, res Earl Miss Eva, Iva 132 Nel ;~ 130 Victori a ( ;eorge, 1 :11). ushing Eleanor (wid John), Iva 407 re4 4 Brewerv lane Barri e 'lo.-' ). trav, res n Barri e 9 Ordnance, 2. Cl."bi"n ALM"S (1vid Thos), res lllk,; - i grne.4 89 Gore. IV, 89 re elk. Ivs S9 (4ire hilthleen. Iv.q 49 (Infe "li"havi. sailor, Iv, 89 Iv ` 89 Core ( ;Ore bottler A Tyo, Ivs 89 CUSTOM HOUSE, Clark 3EKIlliantol, Collector Ki ;g cor Clarenc e Custom's Exam'ining Warehouse, Thos Driver appraiser, 188 Ontario C11ttS Anielia (wid ( ;eo) Ivs 402 Barrie " George, policeman, re; 402 Barri e Dacey Mary (wid John), ivs real 173 Mont- r)" Dainty..' Charles 1`1~' R011t If Niller H, boilermkr Kingston Foundry, res 106 Gore Dalby Win H, with C Ile Carteret, Iva 370 Alfre d Dale Win VeA Battery Dales Joh~, f A, tchr Collegiate III. stitute, res 58 Albcrt Daley see also Dal y Miss Dorothy, Ivs 38 Wellington James, seat toll collector Rideau Canal, res 62 Ridea u Joseph. elk Canadian Freeman, Iva 38 Wellingto n Aliss I-retta, Ivs 52 Ridea u DALEY PATRICK, Proprietor Canadian Freeman, res 38 Wellington T Vincent, studt, Ivs 38 Wellington I~alton George. '111), Ivs 54 Johnston John, Iva 364 Broc k Mary, Inaid 45 Gore J Arthur (Dalton & Sons), Iva 54 Johnsto n Wni B (Dalton & sto n Sons), res 54 John. W Bartlett (Dalton & Sons), Ivs 54 Johnston 80,14 (Win B, J Arthur and W Bartlett), hardware 177 Daly see also Princess Daley Albert 11, elk W J Crothers, Iva 460 Broc k Miss Annie M, Ivs 384 Brock Augustus W, ins agt, res ris e 78 Fronts- Catherine (wid Patr : harjes Charles B, civ eng, res 384 Broc k " Edmond T, bkpr Frontenac Cereal CO, Ivs 122 Earl Florence X lv4 4W Broe k George W, clk Loco Works, Iva 122 Earl Jame.,. market lessee John, elk. res 54 Rideau James 'McParland, Iva 54 Rid-au -11"t"s W. pntr. res 460 Broe k J Vincent, foreman Canadian Freeman, Ivs 54 Rideau Miss Lizzie, pianist, Ivs 54 Rideau Lizzie, wtrs Br Am Hote l DALY 0 WILMOT, Dentist, 129 Princess, Ink 1 :3 'Alaithan d n, -I. capt str Aretic, res 122 Earl Dalzell Thomas, yardman Hotel Randolph, res 21 U Charle s Dandy Capt John. b(].,, Kennedy House Daniels Mary, wtrs Br Am Hotel Darby Wm C, broker, res 350 University av D'Arey Jane (wid Robert J), Wellington Ive 87 Robert J, elk P 0, res 87 Wellington Darling Mise Ellen I, Ira 96 Frontena c «Thomas, reg 96 Frontena c Darragh Alexand,~r, shoemkr 255 King e, res 60 1~ if ja m Miss FAta, Ivs I Victoria ter KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 85 D;-, A R"OH Geor ge, foreman Loco Works, res - 1 Victoria te r Ceorge, carp Ivs 60 William Hugh, res 2oo Alfred John, lab, bds 15 Ridea u Lily, bkpr North Am Life Assce Co, M,Ivs I Victoria te r ss Margaret, Ivs 6D William -Niargaret, nurse, iv!3 I Victoria ter Dar.yaw ( liamicey pt ~chr Queen of the Lake, res' c31a University av Frank, sailor. Ivs 31 Universitv av Ilenrv ilor Ivs 31 Universiiy a Daunt v j~s-eiah, - ivs 117 King w Davey see Davie and Dav y David Daniel, fndjr, res 67 U Charles Davidson Ann E (wid Andrew), res Of) Colborne Miss Annie, prin Cataraqui School, Iva 69 Colborn e Miss Dorothea, lvs 49 Pembroke Miss Drina W, librarian Public Lib- Irary, Iva 209 Albert Edward, wine elk Crand Union Hotel, IVs 38 Clarenc e " James, mngr Folger's stables, IAs. Aitzlo-Anierican Hote l " Rachel (wid Bryce T), rea 209 Al. bert " Richard B, studt Smythe, King and Smythe, Ivs 209 Alber t : : Robert, contir, res 254 University av Thomas, res 49 Pembrok e Thomas A, mason, Ivs 49 Pembroke Win. itim.h. lod. 189 Broc k Win. shipper K Hosiery Co, res 9 a York, 2 e Albert Win D, broommkr, Iva Win Davidso n Davie Neil. tinsmith Elliott Bros, Iva 192 Ridea u Wm, stone ctr. res 192 Rideau avies M" Alfred, printer, iva 83 Pine s H Ethel, lvs 83 Pine 1"i's MaTnie E. Iva 83 Pine Win, patternmkr, res 83 Pin e DAVIES WM CO, LTD, R G Andrews ' Ilanager. Pork llackerq, Fresh %leat.q and Provisionq Head Office Toronto, Braneh 96 PrinecA s W George, elk, Iva 83 Pine Davis Alexander S, trav R J Carson and The Gardiner Co, bds 29, Brock Alberta, elk, Ivs 6 St Catberine Alfred, carter, res 783 Princess Alice (wid Arthur P), Iva-337 Queen Amelia, nurse ( ;eneral Hos its] Andrew J. tanner A Davpie, & Son, Ivs 17 Sydenbam

42 86 J. 11 FOSTER & co'et DAVIS A a SON, Limited, Hon E J Davis President, El mer Davis Viee-Presitient. Tanners. Lower Hi- leati street " Mrs Barbara (Davis Dry Dock Co), res 180 Rideau " David C, stenog McIntyre & McH Intyre. lys i Corrigan " Dry Dock Co (Barbara and John II Davis), ship builders ft of Bay " Ebenezer R, guard K P, reg 68 Livingston av " Ellen, furrier, rms 62 Colborne DAVIS ELMER, Vice-President A Davis & Son, Limited. res 17 Sydenham " George, wks Mica Works, bds Lake View House " George A, carp, res 6 St Catharine " James, shoemkr 269 Princess " James T. dentist 258 Begot, Iva 36 Sydenham " Jane (wid Jas A), lys 269 Princess " John C. carp, res 106 Barrack " John H (Davis Dry Dock Co), res 188 Rideau " Mary A (wid James), res 36 Sydenham DAVIS MATTHEW R, Inspector of Steamboat Hulls and Equipment, Office 38 Clarence, res j Corrigan " Miss Minnie. prin Sydenham School, lys 269 Princess DAVIS RICHARD F, Agent Standard Life As-mauve Co 75 Princess, les 131 William " Robert, boat bldr, res 180 Rideau " Ross M. guard K P, bds 34 Livingston ay " Wm, lab, res 277 Sydenham Davison, see also Davidson " Charles S. eng K & P Ity. res 36 Wellington " John, watchman S Anglin & Co, res 30 York " Roy, libido- Taylor & Hamilton, Ive 3; Wellinffton Davy, see also Davie " Benjamin F, head wine elk Hotel Randolph, res 23 Union w " Catherine (wid Stewart), res 24Garrett " Charles I, knitter, res 33 King w " Charlotte (wid Benjamin F), lys 623 Princess " Mrs Dora (wid Norman), gto 25 King west " Edith M. tire, ive 138 L Bagot " George, lab. res 623 Princess " Hattie C, elk, Ive 24 Garrett DAVY " John E, bkpr Georg* Robertson & Sou, Ive 25 King w " Miss Nellie, lys 24 Garrett " Robert A. etipt barge Melrose, ces 126 I. Ragot " Sydenham G, lab, bds 35 Brock viola. lys 128 I. Ragot " Wm R, carp, /es 171 Nelson " W Norman, elk Geo Robertson & Son, lys 171 Nelson Dan Nellie, head wtrs Anglo-American Hotel Dawson Daniel J, agt, res 244 Brock Capt Herbert.1, aset instr R M C, res 125 king e DAWSON THOMAS, Sheri! Comatv of Frontenac. Office Court House, Summer Residence Wolfe Island, Winter Residence City Day Ella, mus tchr, lys 472 Brock " Harriet (wid Lewis E), res 472 Brock " Hattie, dressmkr 472 Brock ' DAY HARRISON II, Manager Dominion Fish Co 63 ltroek, res 110 Johnston " Lewis J, studt, lys 48 Clergy w " Miss Mabel. lys 270 University ay " Sydney W, tray, res 270 University avenue Deacon Miss Blanche, bd e 53 Earl " Edward, House of Industry Dean Alfred, guard K P, rms 130 Union w " George. lab. ri' s :? 4 2 Earl " George. lab, lys 295 Princess " Margaret (wid Wm), ive 59 Colborne " Vt. m. piano inkr, & Co. ces 59 colborne Deane Charles, stud:, lys Mrs M Deane " Josephine, clk. lys Mrs M Deane " Margaret (wid Joseph), grocer, L Rideau " May, lys Mrs M Deane DeCarteret Clement, mnfrs agent 59 Clarence, res 370 Alfred Deehantal Arleen, Iv, 68 Charles " Napoleon. overseer cotton mill, res 68 l'harles Rose spinner. lys 68 Charles Decker Margaret J (wid Thomas R), lvs 21 Union w Deeks Win. maelinian R E Kent, ces 97 Earl Deem Albert, pianomkr Wormwith & Co, les 137 Sydenham Dehaney Wm, lab, ces 50 Division Delaney Eliza (wid Patrick), ces 18 Russell " John, lab. res 279 Queen " John C, lab, lys 279 Queen De la Roche Arthur, math, res 72 Arch " Mary (wid Patrick), lys 107 L Bagot Deline Frank H, tmstr K & P, ces 26 Dufferin Delmege Vassall L, teller Merchants' Bank, rois 61 Brock Delph James P, flagman GTR, res 11 Stephen Dempster Miss Sophia. lye, 153 Nelson " Wm, stone ctr, res 153 Nelson " Wm J, lab, lys 153 Nelson Denham James, tray. Ive 21 Main Denn Elizabeth (wid Wm), ces 312 Queen " Miss Emma, lys 312 Queen " James, lab, lys 312 Queen " Miss 1.aura. lys 312 Queen Dennee see also Dennie and Denny " Eugene G, hay dlr. Ive 124 Queen Dennie Albert, studt, lys 461 liarrie " Daniel, btchr 222 Montreal, Ive 461 Barrie " Everest, Mar, ces 561 Barrie " Joseph, atudt, Ive 461 Barrie " Louise, maid. 193 Johnston " Wm.1. driver, Ive 461 Barrie Dennis Daniel F, elk Powers' Grocery, Ive 210 Montreal " Fanny (wid James), ces 284 Bagot Dennison George, bkpr, lv 133 Coilingwood " James IL stone cutter, res 133 Colngwood Rebecca (wid John), ces e s Beverley, 3 s Union " Wm J, bkpr The Rathbun Co, Iva Portsmouth Denny see also Dennie Denny Mrs Hannah, ces 245 Earl " James. caretaker School of Mining, Irs 243 Earl Denves Johnston W, elk Macnee & Minnes, bds 330 Brock Derbyshire Edith, elk, Ive 15 Stephen " Eugene, carp, ces 15 Stephen Denali. Frederick. driver A Chown & Co, res 234 1/2 Wellington " Patrick, lab. ces 226 Wellington De Root Alfred, grocer 404 Barrie Derry Burton J, prtr, lys es Barrie " Miss Eliza. lys 286 Barrie " George L. elk M T Co, lys 286 Barrie " Miss Hattie, lye 286 Barrie " Hugh, mason, ces w s Collingwood, 3 s Johnston " Hugh jr, lab. lys Hugh Derry " James, boilermkr, ces 39 U William " John, lab. bds 209 University av " John H S, tailor Crawford & Walsh, ces 35 U William KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 87 DERRY " Mrs 1.izzie, cook 130 King e " Mardi.. elk, lys Ilugh Derry " Miss Minnie, Ive 31 Union w " Patrick. mldr, ces 31 Union w " Russell, draughtsman Loco Works, Ive 286 Barrie " Wm, mason, bds Revere House " Wm H. eng K P. res 286 Barrie Derush see also De Roche and La Rush Dervent Fred C. gunner A liattery " Walleye R. lab. ces 46 L Rideau Desehamps ('harles A. prtr Whig, bile Anglo-Am lintel De St Remy Miss Elizabeth, lys 3 Hale's Cottages Dei Rochers Mary (wid Zephirin), organist St Mary's Cathedral, ras 60 Clergy Devan Miss Dora, ces 168 L Begot Deyane Mary tirs. Ivs 76 Johnston DEVER W F & CO, K F Rice Manager, stork Brokers. Clarence Chambers, Market st Devine Miss Agnes, tirs. lys 447 Division " James. carter, ces 447 Division " Joseph, driver, lys 447 Division " Lawrence, lab James Swift & Co, res 396 Diyisi at Devlin Peter, prop Grand Union Hotel, Ontario, cor Brock " Rowland S, plmbr Elliott linos, lye Grand Union Hotel Dewey Augusta I wi(l.losiah B) Iva 216 Uniyersite ay " Wm A. sismn, Dom Fish Co, res 216 University ay Deyo Charles IL brakeman K & P ity, res 277 Ontario Diack Robert J. miller K Milling Co, res 336 Brock Diamond Charles, policeman, ces 211 Montreal Dick David.T, tray F G Lockett, ces 67 Nelson Dick George. sailor, lids Albion Hotel " Herbert.1. tray, N C Poison & Co, Ivs 69 Nelson " Isabell. stenog Wm Jackson, Ive 87 Nelson " Leonard, wine elk tteyere House " Win D. res 67 Nelson DICK WM R, Bursar, Rockwood Hospital. re-; 372 Brock Dickinson Frederick, supt binder twine dept K P, ces 138 Union w Dickson Annie (wid John), ces 129 Montreal DICKSON Charles T, Collector Inland Revenue, Office 16 Market, ces 179 Alfred

43 if 88 J. (1. FOSTER & CO'S DIcKsoN " Ellen, lys 129 Montreal " Evelyn M, nurse Gen Hospital " George, waiter The Hub " James, blksmith, res 74 Ontario " Miss Kate C, elk, Othl Fellows Relief Assn. Ilvs 34 Division " Louis H, wks Loco Works, lys 34 Division " Margaret (wid John H), res 34 Division " Mary, elk, lys 129 Montreal Dill Misa Clara, lvs 52 Clergy Dillon James E (Joseph Dillon,t Son), bds 171 Clergy " Joseph (Joseph Dillon & Son), res Ill Princess " Joseph & Son (Joseph and James E), boots and shoes Ill Princess Dine see also Dyon " C M'alter. driver Booth & Co, res 35 King w " Filbert. bollermkr, res 87 Johnston " Maude E. caretaker K & P Ry, Iva 87 Johnston " Miss Ruby. lys 87 Johnston " Thomas, porter The Hall DINGh1AN NORMAN J, Inspector Inland Revenue, 193 Ontario, res sa iii e Dinnie see Dennie Dinsmore Charles, lab, res 21 Russell ".101i11 C. carter. res 34 U Charles " Miss Mary, res John, cor Barrie Dion see Dyon Diplock Miss Ellen, lys 296 Johnston " Miss- Emily. res 296 Johnston " Miss Mary. Ivs 296 Johnston DIVISION COURT (First), James S. 1(.bin.on t lerk. 273 Begot DIVISION COURT (Second), John A. Gardiner Clerk. 151 %Vellington Dix Miss Bertha, lvs 211 Nelson " Miss Irene B. Iv.; 128 Bagot " James cant sir Turret Crown, res 128 Ragot " Miss Jessie, Iva 269 Brock " Cain John, res 86. Union e " Capt John, sailor, res 419 Johnston " Joseph, eapt schr "Valeria," res 211 Nelson " Miss Maggie, bdg hse 269 Brock " Overton.1, sailor.!vs 128 lingot Ira. " Wakeford, appr F W Coates, 86 Union e Dixon Charles. lab, res n s Cataraqui 1 e Ry track " Emma. weaver. Rs Chas Dixon Dixon Charles, lab, res s s James, 1 w Rideau Dobbs Edward R C, elk Ontario Bank, Ivs 42 Frontenac " Frank W. res 12 Frontenat " Gerald (I, studt, lvs 195 Johnston DOBBS JOHN RC (JRC Dobbs & Co), res 60 Albert DOBBS J R C & CO ( John R C Dobbs), Ty rit ira, Bicycles, Sewing Machines and Safes. 171 Wellington DOBBS R S, C E ( Retired t, Special Agent Hitchcock and Wanzer Lamps and Larkin & Co's Soap Premiums. Residence and Office, 195 Johnston " 'Whiteford S, studt, ira 195 Johnston Dobson Maria (wid Stephen), lys 101 Johnston Doutor Margaret (wid John). Ivs 248 Barrie Dodd Janet (wid George). res 385 Earl Doherty see also Dougherty " Agnes (wid Edward), res 259 Montreal " Bridget. Rs 250 Montreal " Ellen (wid Charles), Iva 91 Rideau " Hannah, spinner, Ira 259 Montreal " Hannah, dressmkr, lys 78 North " Isaac W, postman, ras 269 Queen " James, boilermkr, lys 259 Montreal " Mi-s Rose M. ha 74 Union e Dolan Martin, harnessmkr 219 Princess " Michael.1, harnessinkr M Dolan, ras 4 Colborne " Nellie. tua il 57 George Dolphin John, lys 364 Brock DOMINION BOAT CO, A C KnaPP Manager Cataraqui Bridge Ontario st " Cotton Mills Co Cataraqui st DOMINION EXPRESS CO, J F Swift Agent. Th os 1) l'a lion Cashier. 295 King. (-or Clarence DOMINION FISH CO, H H Day Manager Broek Donaldson 51rs Gertrude, mlnr, bds 3 Victoria ter James. coachman 49 King e. Ira Portsmouth James A. coal an! wood 139 L Bagot, res same Joseph. weightnaster Hay Market, res 55 Bar Joseph mail elk K & P Ry, res 1 Rideau " Samuel, maltster, res w s Pembroke, 3 n King Donnell John J. dk Hanley's Ticket Agency-, bds 236 Barrie Donnelly Bertha G, clk,ivs 126 Stuart " David, slip bldr, res 126 Stuart " Eliza. ilressinkr, tens 316 Barrie " Elizabeth (wid Capt John), roe 118 Wellington " Foster W 0, sailor, lys 118 Wellington " Harold. soon. Ivs 195 University av " James, carp. res 202 Rideau DONNELLY CAPT JOHN, President Donnelly Salvage d: Wrecking Co, Ltd. and Nlining Engineer, 193 Ontario, reps 50 Earl " Joseph, lys 63 William " Luther E. 2nd mate str Toronto, Ns 118 Wellington " Mary (wid James), res 3 York " Nlary I will.losephl, ma 63 William " Mary A. dressmkr, 3 York " Matthew, res 85 York " Matthew A, driver D 'Donoghue, Ira 99 Chat ham " Miss Minnie, lys 126 Stuart " Miss Ruby, Ire 195 University ay DONNELLY SALVAGE & WRECKING CO, Limited, Capt John Donnelly President. M 11 Folger Treasurer, Cant Thomas Donnelly Secretary, 193 Ontario DONNELLY CAPT THOMAS, Examiner Masters and Mates. 193 Ontario, res 195 University av Donoghue Annie. firs O'Brien & Co, rnis 270 Sydenham " Annie. Ors John Tweddell, bds 102 Queen " Catherine wid Michael), res r 164 Ragot Charles, grain dealer 291 Ontario, res 123 King e Daniel. baker 101 L Ragot, res 207 Montreal " Elizabeth (a-id John), res 26 Place d'a rules " John, lab, lys 20 Place d'armes " Kate. dressmkr, rms 270 Sydenham Miss Louise. lys 123 King e " Miss Mary. lys 123 King e " Mary, dressmkr, lye 207 Montreal " Peter A. carder, res 5 St Catharine " Peter W, prop Club Hotel 186 Wellington " Miss Ruby, lys 246 University av " Sarah (Wid Michael), res 246 University ay Donovan Cornelius, mason, Ists 97 L Bagot " Daniel, harnessmkr,res 211 Sydenham " Dennis, lab, Iva 97 L Bagot " Eliza (wid John), res 97 L Bagot " John, lab, 'vs 97 L Bagot KINGSTON ÀLPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 88 DONOVAN " Joseph, btehr Mrs M A Metcalfe, bd. 112 Clarence " Josephine, Ira 211 Sydenham " Mrs Rose, Ira 267 Queen 1:1oolan Agnes, bkpr John Gilbert, 'vs 94 Rideau " Miss Annie. 'vs 134 L Ragot " Jeremiah, lab, res 94 Rideau " John, lab, ma 134 L Bagot " Margaret, dressmkr, lvs 134 L Bagot " Timothy. elk T.1 Leahy, Iva 94 Rideau Doran Miss Bridget F, res 64 Barrie " Carrie I aid Wno. rms 246 Wellington " Daniel, lab, res 125 Queen " Miss Geraldine, lys 64 Barrie " Miss Hattie, Rs 240 Wellington " John, lab, res 125 Queen " Mary. maid 191 Johnston " Nellie, nia iii 107 Ragot Dorland Carrie (wid Wm), rms tot Queen " Miss Hattie, lys tot Queen Dougall Alfred A. carp, Iva 10 Redan " Lizzie, clk, lys 10 Redan " Mary (wid Wm), lys 353 Alfred " R Ralph, eng, res 82 William Dougherty, see also Doherty " Daniel. lai,. res 172 Wellington " Elizabeth (wid John), res 89 Elm " Miss Mary E, bdg hse 102 Queen " Mary J, dressmkr 305 Brock " Patrick, lab, res 31 (a) Main " Wm, gdnr, ras 91 Elm Douglas liugh, contr, res 15 Nelson " Robert M, shipper Geo Robertson & Son, res 13 Nelson Downes James, lab, ras 20 Alma Downey Miss Annie, Ira 85 C,olborne " George, tanner, res 445 Barrie " George 11, sistrin R Waldron, res 187 Clergy " James, lab, res s s Markland, 2 e Patrick " John. Isitiner A Batters' " Mrs Mary J, re» 65 Cherry " Patrick.1, lab. res 205 Alfred " Robert. grocer 83 Colborne, res 94 Albert " Timothy, shoemkr 206 Bagot Dowsley David.1, slsmn E 1' Jenkins, Iva 114 Johnston " Miss Lillian I, lvs 114. Johnston " Wm, mach, ras 114 Johnston " Win R, clk McRae Bros, Ivs 114 Johnston Doyle Alice, weaver. fmls 9 Charles " Annie ( wid John). Pits 304 Albert " Edward. express messr. lvs 331 King e " Miss Elizabeth, lvs 106 Begot

44 90 J. O. F08TER & CO' S, DOYLE " Ellen (wid Patrick), rea 119 Albert àiiss Ellen; Iva 103 Wellington l:eorrc, guard K l', res 70 Wellington " Hugh, coal oil 294 Barrie, rea same Hugh E, barber, Iva 294 Barrie James, keeper K P, rea w a Centre, 4 a Union " James, bcehr, ree Victoria, nr Princess Miss Johanna, rea 41 Clergy w John, cond G T R. res 693 Montreal John A, bartndr, Ivs 294 Barrie " John J, driver, res 53 L Bagot John W, capt tug Bouuna, res 64 York Joseph, lab, res 340 Brock " Joseph H, carp, lys 106 Ragot J^Ferguson, studt, lys 11g Albert Misa Margaret, Iva 41 Clergy w Mary ( wid Patrick), bdg has 102 Rideau Miss Mary A. rey 100 Bagot Miss \Iay. Ivs 1111 Albert DOYLE MICHAEL, Restaurant 331 King e ' Nancy Iwid John), res 300 Albert " Thomas, mach, lys Centre at " Thomas P, clk Ontario Bank, Ivs I I tg Albert " Wm, trader, res 768 Princess Drader Andrew, lab, res 662 Montreal Carman O. piano mkr Wormwith & Co, re+ 244 tiydenhaln Drapeau Stanislas, corp 13 Battery Drennan Rev Alexander, res 395 Brock " Mary 1: (wid Col Wm ai), res 118 Earl " Miss \label. I%-.r ITS Earl " Miss M Ethel, Iva 395 Brock " Samuel T, trav, Iva 118 Earl Driscoll, see also O'Driscoll Augu+tine, vs 186 Barrie Daniel. enr. rer 30 lluebec Denis, rea 45 Wellington " Frank, INlrter British Am Hotel " Itarr, v. elk ENIater & Co. Ivs 23 John " Kate, elk E W Mullin, Iva 186 Barrie " Jeremiah, rea 186 Barrie J1i.. \I:r ell. Ivs 45 Wellington Miss Mary E, Iva 45 Wellington " Patrick, tin.tcr E Water & Co.. res 23.1olm " Patrick M, tmstr, res 4o Colbnrne " Wn, J, atone cutter, res 110 L Bagot Wilsnn. vigarinkr. 1%- 23 John Driver Harry P, bkpr Odd Fellows' Relief Aasn, Iva 186 Queen DRIVER John, trav, res 383 Barrie " Thomas, customs appraiser, res 186 Queen Wm J, grocer 271 Queen, res 71 Colborne Driving Park Hotel, Charles E Fralick prop, York rd Druce Misa Cora, Iva Outer Depot George N, plmbr McKelvey & Birch, Iva Outer Depot James, plmbr McKelvey & Birch, res 770 Montreal " John, grocer Outer Depot Drummond Dermot M. elk Fenwick,Hendry & Co, lvs 25 Wellington " Jalle R( H'id 'l'has), Ix1s 240 Johnston " John A K, bkpr Jas Richardson & Sons, rem 25 Wellington Miss Kate, v. 2.1 Wellington DRURY COL CHARLES W, CB, ADC, ('ominandin{; Otlicer R C F A, District No :3, re., 157 King e Leomlyd, driver 1\"nl I)rury, Iva 393 l'rinvo:.r Miss Lulu, bkpr Win Drury, Iva 393 l'1 I Iv -e.tr Orpha Ivil Wm I, re+ 393 Princess Victor M, ledger kpr Bank of.nloutn al, I%. 157 King e DRURY WM, Coal, Wood and Ice Dealer, 374 Princess, Branch 235 Wellington, res 29o Queen Drysdale Alexander T, 2nd mate str Spartan, res 258 Sydenham Dublin House, Mrs R Saunders prop, 144 Ontario DUFF H RAMSAY, Physician and Snr-, cnn. I llll,r Ilnur^ 2 to 4 and 7 to rs: 'l'clcphonc 90: Office 351 Uniccr-it% :,c. rr l'rincess James, MA, tchr Collegiate Institute, rea 222 University av Jessie B(tivid Col John), ]vs 480 Princess " Miss Margaret, Iva 222 University avenue 1)uRev Kathleen, Ivs 94 William Win. mach, rps 94 William Duffy Francis, dyer K Hosiery Co, res 136 Stuart " James, elixe maker Wormwith & Co, Ivs 57 Art'h Duffus Ree Charles, hds House of Providence Dumbleton J Win, lab, res 259 Victoria Dunbar Alfred C, carver 27 Princess, bda 155 Svdenham Herbert, spindle carver A C Dunbar, bds 155 Sydenham Duncan Alexander, agt, rea 70 William Dunigan Mrs John, Ivs Kennedy House DUNIGAN WM, Proprietor, Kennedy lluuwe, 228 Ontario Dunlop Miss Albina, bdg hse, 13 Maitland " Allier[. hd> 70 William " Capt Andrew, ins agt James Swift, Iva 180 Clergy " A Wallace, bkpr W J Crothers, res 180 Clergy Benn, maid 82 Wellington " Catherine (wid James M), res 38 Rideau "('harle. If. driver K Milk Depot, res 775 Montreal " 'Mis. Florence. h's 29 John Fred. wheelmman str Corsican, ]va 29 John " Harry, studt, Iva 56 Union w " Herbert A, elk James Redden & Co, res 464 Brock " James A, pntr, res 184 Rideau Miss Jane, ]vs 13 Maitland.lennie. dre+ymkr, thls 2117 Queen " Lenh, maid 60 Albert " \Inrv I %rid.luhn l. re- 29 -John " John W, Iva 13 Maitland " Miss Minnie L, lys 56 Union w Neil. Nil). 1N William " Miss Rachel, Iva 38 Rideau Robert, lab, res 192 Colborne Win. tailor, res.56 Union w Dunn \mbr,..c C. +ailor, re: 64 North " Julia ( wid Thomas), grocer 222 Wel lington, res same " Win, caretaker 38 Clarence, res same Dunnctt.lanlc+, tm+tr Shedden Forwardinu Co. h's 72 Earl Margaret F, dressmkr, Iv, 72 Earl Dunning \li.>+ falura F. l% i 200 Bagot " Win, foreman Shedden Forwarding Co, res 72 Earl Dunphy Edward J, pntr, res 258 Queen Edward, pntr. lys 258 Queen Ja/ne;. ahipper R.1 Carson, res 96 York Noel, driver Cnrdiner Co. Ivs 96 York Miss Rosetta, Ivs 96 York " Ursula ( wid James), lys 258 Queen Du Ple.^sis ('npt.1 F. l.enoblatt, gunner instr RCFA. re- 2 [Tale's Cottages Dupuis Nathan F, MA, prof Queen's College, res 144 University av Dust_v Fa, y (wid Win). minr, bds 244 Rrnwk DUTTON MISS MAUDE, Corset Manufacturer. 209 Princess, Ivs 175 Sc'lrnham Mary A (wid Walter T), rea 175 Sydenham KINGSTON ALPEiARETICAL DIRECTORY Nl DUTTON " Samuel, lab, res 459 Barrie Dwyer Bros (Edward J Dwyer), clothing 112 Princess " Edward ( Dwyer Bros), Iva 64 Barrie " James G, studt, ]vs 76 Johnston " Miss Jennie, Ivs 76 Johnston John, lab, res 76 Johnston " Mary ( wid Michael), res 59 William Mary E, lys 59 William " Stella. opr Bell Tel Co, Ivs 70 Johnston Dyde Jane C (wid Samuel W), lys 200 University av S Walters, MA, 136c, LLD, prof Queen's College, res College grounds DYDE W HOBART (James Redden & Co), res 276 University av Dyon, see also Dine ' Francis S, lab, res 218 Sydenham E Eagan, see also Egan " Win, lab, bds Chas W Whitcomb Eagle (7 Frederick, shoemkr A E Herod, rev 3t)0 Queen Earl James, hlb, res,5t1 Queen Earle R H. ('S retired, bds Anglo-American Hotel Early Ann t wid Rev \\-ta T), lvs 185 1"niccr+itv av Eaaton Walter A, tinsmith Edwin Chown & ',on. lys 9:3 l'ine Eby Bert, clk, lvs 39 Union w " Daniel M..Uldt. h s 39 Union w " Joel E, supt Kingston Hosiery Co, res 39 Union w Mi++ Lena. bkpr Win McFedridge, Iva 39 Union w \lahel, nur-e. NA 39 Union w Eccles F(:eorge, lab, res 438 King e " Mrs F George, confy 438 King e " Rose. mnid. 244 Brock " 'l'heodure, pntr. buis Revere House " Victor, guard K P, res 142 Montreal F,chlin.lolm, instr I)airy School, bds 244 Brock Eddington Alexander, lab, res n a Markland cor Patrick David. lab, Ivz A Eddington Edgar David, lab, res 12 Stephen " Win T, fnshr, res 29 Rideau Edney Sarah G ( wid Alfred), Iva 207 Alfred Edwards David, lab, rem 163 York " Jane (wid Henry), res 225 Division

45 } IV!)2 J. (;. FOBTER A COB EDWARDS JOHN W, M D, Clerk County of Frontenac, Office Court House, res Cataraqai, Ont " John. lab. reg Baypot " Peter, lab, res 130 Union w " Rhoda ( wid John), carpet weaver 104 York, res same ' Ric hard, rem 78 Division Egan see also Eagan Daniel, tobacconist 126 Princess lennie, wtra Windsor Hotel " Mary A (wid Daniel), Iva 126 Princess Elder Andrew A, carter, [ Irdnance Catherine, dre^arnkr 114 Ordnance Elizabeth (wid Charles B M), dressmkr. 251 Prineew.A. re+ same ".lame.-. bdg hve 207 William ' Mies Jane Ive 114 Ordnance " Sarah (wid Geo), lys 114 Ordnance Ellcm m\li.+ h:,tbcr, Ive 261 l'rinccsa ELLENSON MOSES ( Ellenson & Cw, rc: 261 l'rinceaw ELLENSON & CO, Second Hand Goods, S Srrap Iron. Etc, 261 Princess (see Aard below) ELLENSON & CO. Kingston Junk Shop 261 PRINCESS ST., KINGSTON, BUYERS OF ALL KINDS OF JUNK. Special Prices for &H klnds of Iron and Mstal. TELEPHONE 556. Elliott Miss Anna, lys 366 Division Anna C, nurse Gen Hospital Arthur. ^I+mn \Vm Daviey Co, lys Outer 1)epot ELLIOTT BROS ( Robert F, Matthew B and -John M) Plumbers. Etc, 77 Prince:e " Edwin S, studt, lys 366 Division " Frank, mining eng, res 347 Alfred " Henry S, barber, res 95 Bay.lane (wid \11n), Ive 94 L Bagot " Miss Jennie, lys 366 Division " John, cattle dir, rem Outer Depot ELLIOTT JOHN M (Elliott Bros), rem 186 University av " John W, cattle ezporter, res 244 University av ELLIOTT JOSEPH G, Managing Editor British Whig, res 267 University av, Telephone 233 ELLICYIT Mixa Kate, tehr Louise School, Iva 366 Division Margaret ( wid Win), lys 251 University av ' \]r+ Mary A. l%, 32 Wellington ELLIOTT MATTHEW B ( Elliott Bros), lv Division " Nelson F, farmer, res Outer Depot " Robert, res 366 Division ELLIOTT ROBERT F (Elliott Bros),!c, :3111 1)ici,ion Robert J, postman, res 165 C tergy Ellis Arthur, architect Montreal st, bds 390 Alfred " Ihnigln: N. +tudt. Iv+ Mack cor Alfred ELLIS W][ S, BA, B Sa, Principal Collegiate Institute, res Mack, cor Alfred Elliaon, swe also Ellenaon Jo,+e ph J. enu rea 148 Raglan rd Elmer Albert E, barber 72 Princess, res 28 Division " Caroline (wid John), lvs 126 Bagot " Fred N, wine clk Ive 301) 13rock " John. vhief Fire Dept, office Fire Hall No 2, rc+ :310 ISroek " Joseph, barber, res 141 Montreal " Richard H, barber 161 Princess, res 126 Bagot Elsmere 'Mary. drwmkr, bde 129 Bagot Emerv Mise Furith, Ive 6 Quebec Emmett 'Maitland, eng K & P Ry, bds 178 Barrie Empey Frances (wid Fred A), bds 225 Bagot England John W, florist T England ENGLAND THOMAS, Market Garden and Florist, Regent et (See card below) THOS. ENGLAND, Florist, KINGSTON - - ONT. Choice Roses, Carnations, Etc. Wedding Bouquets end Floral Designs to Order CONSERVATORIES - REOENT STREET English Annie, lys 306 University av " Miss Edith M, tchr Central School, lys 306 University av " George A, slsmn Jos Silver, res 3a6 University av Miss Matilda, lys 306 University av Nathaniel F. mica cutter Kent Bros, ren 266 Queen Ennis Daniel J, gunner B Battery KIN(it1TON' ALI'H.1HfiTICAL DIRECTORY F ENNIS " Maude E, stenog N C Poison dt Co, lvs 46() Division " Silay C miner res 260 Division Enright Daniel, lab, res 276 Sydenham Fadden see McFadden and MacFadden Michae), slsinn Rigney & Hickey, ka ea Lt-(ol J:1, commanding A Batres r 307 Earl tery R('F_1, txla 196 Johnston Errett I3, --ic,,tudt, Isle 153 Alfred Fahev t'olumban 1, lys 158 Bagot 1FS-lrin...1uhn "h,.,.,ntr nn n"t"ri., " Edward, inland rev officer and coll canal tow, res 158 Bagot Erwin see also Irwin er John G, rin Victoria 6chool, ^^ ^en (wid Lawrence), lcs 63 Earl Ett' ü g p " May (wid Michael), ras 5o Prinres 431 Broclc cess Evans David J, clk Loco Works, lvs " Miss Mary, lys So Princess 22o Wellington Fair Alice (wid James M), res 300 Elizabeth, tlrs,!vs 169 Clergy University av F:Ila. Iv+ 179 King w FAIR WM J, District Manager North " Frederiuk K, Iemn Hy Skinner & Co, American Life Assurance Co, King Iv.; 279 King w cor Clarence, rei 221 King e " Grace, tchr of violin, bds 139 Union w Fairbairn Annie, lys 772 Montreal " Herbert \ic4'. eng. Iv..; 279 King w "Wm, eignalman GTR, rem 772 Mont- " Ida M, lys 5 Newman's Cottages real " lamey mach. rc+ 271) King w \\'m r. fireman, Ive 772 Montreal " Rev James G, B A. M D. Oriental Fairlie Names, studt, lys Rev John lecturer, res 220 Wellington Fairlie " Mrs James G, grocer 22o Welling- " Rev John, ces "Willow Cottage," ton King w " John, chief eng Electric Light Worka, " T Urquhart, studt, lys Rev John rem 178 Clergy Fairlie ".lnhn. xailor. rcr :11 Johnston Falkner Abraham, lab. Iwta 9 Charles " 5fargaret. ]va 279 King w Fallon Catherine (wid Patrick), rem 23 \far, v E. lv+ 279 King w Redan Thomas, eng Convent of the Con- " Charles A, elk Loco Works, lvs 242 } regation de Notre Dame, res over Brock St Vincent :lcademy " Dominick, res 242 Brock Thoma+. elk W A Mitchell, bds " Jennie, dressmaker, lys 23 Redan Revere Hou,4e " John, foreman spinner K Hosiery Thnma: lab. Ive College it Co, bds 124 Stuart Eves Catherine, clk, lys 147 Ordnance " Patrick J, stonectr, lys 23 Redan " Daniel, cab owner, res 6 Pine 14'arah, weaver. Iv+ 2:3 Redan " Daniel, lab, res 147 Ordnance " Thomas D, cashier Dominion EKprem F.dward. cab owner re+ 378 Ragot Co, lys 242 Brock.lame:. (-ah owner, res :371t 13alrot Fanning, see also Fenning " laines jr. bkpr. lva 376 Ragot " Patrick, carter, rem 34 Alma " John, gro 8 Market, res same Fnnmm Martin lab, bda 110 1lontreal " Joseph 'I' cab,,wner. rei 171 Raglan " Patrick, coachman Archbishop Gaurd thier, res 56 Bay " Mark, carter, res 324 Aiontreal "\Cm, lab, res Ontario cor Jolington " Mark, lab, lys 147 Ordnance Farney Felix, hartndr British Am Hotel, " Nellie, elk, Iva 147 Ordnance bdv 112 Clarence " Samuel. weaver, re 49 James ".lo-eph appr kx o wks, lys 365 King e " Wm, pntr, res 49 James " Margaret A (wid Patrick). res 365 "\\'m If. btchr 21:3 Montreal, rem 71 KintL, e ('hern Farrell Chas J, lab, res 63 U Charles Eward Charles, mason, res 18 Vine " George lab, )vs 277 Sydenham Edwnrd. tin9mith, ive 385 Princess " James J, weaver, Ive 63 U Charles " Fred W. blkamith, ces 385 Princess FARRELL JAMES M (Macdonnell <s " Mary (wid Thom), rem 240 Division Farrell). Police ylaki+trate, rem " Robèrt, bkpr D A Hutchison, rem Barrie Colborne " Jane (wid George), res 428 King e Exchange Hotel, G Jenman, 21 Brock I".lohn. mldr, h, 6:3 U Charlea Exley Alfred, weaver, bds 9 Charles " Thomas, res 18 Market Im

46 94 J. O. POSTER & CO'S KINOBT(IN ALPttABPTI('AL DIRK(TORY fls Farrelly Kathleen, stenog Walkem ^ \\'ulkem, ]va 295 Barrie Fee Calvin P, bombr R C F A FEE SAMUEL H, Medical Health Officer, City Buildings, Physician 405 Princess, res 405 Princess Win, res 273 Queen Feeney Aleen, tire, Iva 8 Rideau " Thomas, lab, res 8 Rideau Fegg lames A, guard, rea 195 Nelson Feierabend Eulil, mnch, bats.34 Simcoe Fell George W. weighmat James Richardvon & Sons, bals Kennedy 11ou+e Fenning, see also Fanning " Charles H, fireman K W. res 5 Pine Fenwick A Maude, Iva 200 University Christina W, Iva 200 University av 11,renre. h'+ 142 l'nivervitt av Florence. h + 271i University av ~ George F, elk Fenwick, Hendry & Co, Iva 200 University av Hendrt S Co ( Nlalcolm S Stttherland). %%'h,)] },^rocer+ 189 Ontario " Mary (wid 1)r Thomas M), res 182 University av " Miriam (wid Kenneth N),res 141 King east ' Myra D (wid George S), res 200 University av Ferguson Miss Amy, lys 376 Alfred ^ Augusta, housemaid Protestant Orphans Home \fi+: Ite++ie h-v 1119 Union iv " Miss Frances A, Iva 191 King e " Rev George D, B A, prof Queen's College, res 169 Union w George N, carp, res 28 Durham Helen S, nurse Gent Hospital " James F, prop Kingston Cordage Co :11) lirock. rm4 153 Alfred ^ Mise Jane H, rem 191 King e tennie. nnr%e 17en llnynital ' John, lab, ]va 28 Durham Joseph E, lab, res Lansdowne at :lfaude I., nieht nurse Home for Friendle:+ \\'nmen and Children Melli+. B:`e eng. lv+ 169 Union w " Miss Nina. ln Union w " Sarah B(wid Win B). req.176 Alfred FERGUSON THOMAS H, Fruits, Confcrtinnen, F.tc 31N King e, rem 154. Johnston Ferna \fi+s Annie. bds 239 Brock " Miss.lane C. 1>tlv 239 Brock Ferrier Ethel, niirqp Con Hospital f:eorl;c. mach. rea 1l I Princess Marc. hknr. hds 404 Brock Norman A, draughtsman Loco Works, Iva 111 Princess \1'm, pte A Battery Ferris Miss Alma, Iva 374 Alfred " Jonathan P H, res 374 Alfred Fields Arthur E, junk 45 Princess, bar ber 47 sanie Filson Anna atenog N C Polson & Co, lys 195 ('ollinytwood " Ilarry K. sailor, Ive 185 Collingwood Mary J (widow Robert), rea 185 Col- Imgwood Filtz -John, lab, lys 20 William " Philip, medsr Bask of Montreal, res 20 William " Rirllard, mason, res 417 Johnston Richard, 2nd boss K Hoaiery Co, lys 20 William Finlay Catherine (wid Alexander), res 28 U William Finn \Irs I-izzie, opr Bell Tel Co, ]vs 47 \lontreal Finnegan George, tm^tr Shrdden Co, bds l'rncinwial llot l FIRE INSURANCE E%CHANGE CORP, It I" 1)aci, Agent. 75 l'rincess FIRST DIVISION COURT, James S Robinson, clerk 273 Bagot Fisher John, carp, tes 76 Ontario " John, brewer, res 373 Brock Fitzgerald David, boilermkr Kingston Foundry, rem 82 Ontario ".Auner, lah, re4 IiJ I;ore Lmui:a, lvs University av Mary. lys 75 Uivi,ion " Patrick, caulker, res 75 Division 'l'humas, lab, h s R :lrniel 1\ln tin+mith h'+ It.\rniel Will.1, lnb, re+ 79 Pine Fitzgibbon Daniel, tobacconist 230j/+ Princess, res 145 Ordnance " Edward J, mach, lvs 145 Ordnance Fitzpatrick John, House of Industry Flanagan Miss Annie, opr Bell Tel Co, Ive Ill William " Miss Gertrude, Ive 82 Barrie " James P, tmstr S Anglin & Co, Iva 10 Raglan rd John, cigarmkr, rem 10 Raglan rd John P, coremkr, res t28 Clarence " miss Madeline, lys 82 Barrie Maggie, dressmkr, lrs 111 William " Mary (wid Thom), rus 111 William Miss Mary B, lys 8'1 Barrie Michael E, florist 82 Barrie " \1i:+ \I llc. Ic+ Ill \Cillinm Patrick, lab, lys 10 Raglan rd Patrick, lab, lys 111 William."nrah. ntlnr. lve 204 William " Miss Sarah E, asst citv clerk, agent North British and Mercantile ins Co, rea 82 Barrie "\Vm L. wine clk Kennedy House, Iva 82 Barrie Flanigan Andrew J, ]vs 179 Division FLAWS MISS ELIZABETH G, Supetintendeut KineKton General Hospital Fleming George B, sailor, h a John Flemming " John, sailor, res in s Ordnance, 1 w Rideau " Martin.1, lah. Ikv 237 Earl " Miss 5farv, Iv. John Fleming " Mrs Mary F. Ivs 237 l':arl " Thomas It, lot), re+ 237 Fort Fletcher Mrs Elizabeth, maid tyt Bagot Flett Alexander G, sl+ntn C Lieintteten & Bro, Ivs 74 ('olborne " F.liratheth It (tvid Alexander f:), rem 74 l',,it",rne Flint Charles D. driver R Crawford, ris 45 James ~ Charles W, lab, res 2 Quebec Rol" rt, brmmkr. Iv-4 2 Quebec Floron John. nuly r 11 Jervas, 220 l'rincess Flynn Charles, driver R Crawford, las 298 Barrie Mrs John, res 298 Barrie "\\'m 1'. ];it). ri-4 11 Ellice Foden James, mach, rem 92 Gore FOIX HENRY J, District Manager \lnnufurturer,' I.ife In,unutce Co, ro \\ellint;ton. res!11 Clergy w Fokes Alex F. studt, Iva 151 Clergy ' Edward J, barber 223 Princess, res 151 Clergy " James A G, wks Gardiner Co, lys 151 Clergy Lyda L, dressmkr 151 Clergy Foley Michael, carter, rem 97 Earl " Roy S. studt, lais 213 Colborne FOLGER BENJAMIN W) Folger Bros), Genenrl Manager and Vice Pre4i. dent. King+tnn. Portsmouth & Cat uraqui Elcrtri(- Railway Co, res 14:1 King w FOLGER BROS a Benjamin W and M Henry), Bankers 198 Ontario Col_lamer C, supt Gas Works, lys 15 Sydenham \1i,- 1{dith. 1%= 14:1 King w FOLGER FREDERICK A, General Sup erintendent K & l' Hy. :es 355 Alfred F0L(,clt HOWARD S, General Manager 'l'hou±and Island Menml",at Ca and St. Lawrence River Steamboat Co. 198 Ontario, rei ;)5 West Dtir+s Marion. lys 15 Sydenham Mary (wid Frederick A), res 15 Sydenham FOLGER M HENRY (Folger Bros), President Thousand Island Steamboat Co and St Lawrence River Steamboat Co, 198 Ontario, res I Emily FOLGER'S GENERAL TICKET AG'NY, HS Folger agent, ft Brock Folleit Miss \laude. I%" 171) Nelson " Win, market garden, reg 170 Nelson Follick Rev Joseph, res 27 Colborne Foote Munie, nurroe tlen Hospital Forbea Martha, drvs+mkr 429 Barrie " Win, tailor, rem 429 Barrie Ford Anna (wid \1'm), rms 239 Alfred Lavina J (wid Robert M), res 40 Clergy Miss \label, elk P 0 Inspector's Office, lys 4o Clergy Forrest Ann (wld \Vm), reg 10 Ontario " Edward J, fnshr, Iva 10 Ontario James P, gents' furnishings 348 King e, lys 10 Ontario " Maria (wid Donald), la s 131 Queen " Miss Mary, Iva 10 Ontario "Wm li, carp. Iva 10 Ontario For+haw \larenret, mnid 14 \laitland Forster Amelia l' (wid James W), Ive J R Forster John R. \Varden's clerk K p, res e s Albert, 3 n Alice Forsyth Alma J (wid Joseph B), res 175 Clergy Miss Frances A, lys 175 Clergy Francis A. caretaker Arniouries, rem Bagot " Henry C, studt, lys 175 Clergy Joseph, plmhr J W Oldtin, ree Portsmouth Thomas A. lnb res 399 Prince- Fortescue George G W, clk Ontario Bank, Ivs Edgehill, King w Mi.+ Margaret.1, Ivi "Edgehill," 305 King w " Sarah.1 (wid Joseph), ree "Edgehill;" 305 King w Fortt Edward L, paying teller Ontario Bank. lads British Ant Hotel FOSTER J G & CO, Directory Publishers 12 Lombard st, Torons " Thornas H. lab, res an s l'lace d'armes I w Ontario Floubister Geo A, lab res 292 Montreal James, eng, res 19 Charles " Lena, dressmkr, lys Iq Charles Fournier -John. gtmner A Battery, res 108 Montreal " Joseph P C, elk Hotel Randolph " Miss Lillie, Iva Hotel Randolph Fourteenth Club, King cor ^Inrket Fowlds Amos, gunner B Battery

47 e \. \ ;3> b \ \ \*),:" \ IMAGE EV -.LUATION TEST TARGET (MT-3) I l l 1.0 t ill= mu gen là _ Dll " / / e. 4 q\ N \.\ r % 0% s e Photographic Sciences Corporation 23 WEST MAIN STREET WEBSTER, N.Y ) çs\ Ueee *-1-4^

48 J. G. FORTES & co'n. KINGSTON ALPHAHL+^TIt'AL UIRE(TORY 97 Fowler Alexander, mason, Ire 323 Johttt ton ' Miss Annie L, Iva 121 Union w " Charles R, lab, res 284 Earl " Elizabeth (wid Dr Fife), res 249 Brock " Herbert, sergt B Battery, res 360 Bagu t ' Rev James, M A, Prof Queen's College, reg 121 Union w " Jane ( wid John), rem 323 Johnston Michael J, caretkr General Hospital, rem 40 O'Kill Miss \ellie, Ive 323 Johnston. Win T, plstr, r! 353 Johnston Fox Rev C:llbert ( Free \leth), res 515 Albert Fralick Charles E, prop Driving Park Hotel, York rd N George C, confy 274 Princess " George E, clk Driving Park Hotel Francis Elizabeth ( wid Garrott), lys 218 King e " George, mach, bds 227 Earl John, shoemkr 346 Brock, rem 4v a Collingwood, I s Johnston N John E, foreman K Hosiery Co, rem 23 University av Win, lab, res 204 Colborne " Wm jr, lab, lys 2oa4 Colborne Francisco Almeda ( wij \1-nt N), rem Hickson av " George, eng, Ive Hickson av " Harry mach,lvs Hickson av Franklin ('harle( D, res 390 Alfred " James C, guard K P, res 137 Stuart Frape Arthur E. Q-M-S Farrier A Batterv, res Tete de Pont Barracks Fraser Annie (wid Schuyler S), rem Io5 L Bagot Arthur O, lab, Ivs rog L Bagot "('ah in P. Inb, res 128 Collingwood Catherine ( wid Hugh), rea 133 Kinge Charles,- atableman T C\Vilson A Son, Ive 44 f. Rideau Donald, pntr, lys 79 Elm Mies Edith \f Ive 84 Union e Edward, carter res 185 Alfred " Miss Elizabeth M, Ive 84 Union e Ella, artist, lys 133 King e Evalyn, tchr Cataraqui School, lys 3og Brock f:eoree. lab, Ive 126 Collingwood Miss Helen, bds 228 Johnston John S, lab, lys 105 L Bagot Minnie, maid 236 Brock FRASER NORMAN F, Assistant Manager Ontario Building and Savings Society. 67 Clarence. res 75 Alfred Mrs Peter J, bds 153 Alfred FRASER " Rebecca (wid George N), rea 309 Brock " Capt Robert. marine supt M T Co, rea 84 Union e " Shannon. lab. Ive 105 I. Bagot " Stanley K, boilermkr, Iva 687 Princess "\i'm A, trader, res 687 Princess Frusier lhtude, Iva 230 University av Frasso Joseph, btchr, res 57 John Frasso Martin, prtr Whig, Iva 57 John Frayne Emily (wi; Milford), rem 408 Barrie Frederick Francis, lab, re3 r 22 Vine " J Ashley, clk A Chown & Co, bds 156 Bagot Free Hugh clk, Iva 94 Division Robert J, contr, rea 94 Division " Samuel, rem 286 Earl Freeman Carrie, m1nr, lys 193 Brock Sarah (wid Baraabas), res 8o Quebec French \\-III 11, pntr, res 213 Albert Friendship Miss Alice J, dresamkr, Iva 663 Princess " Miss Bessie, elk, lys 663 Princess " Charles C, market garden Bath rd " Miss Fanny, Iva 36 Division " Fred C, elk, Iva 663 Princess " John, mkt grdn, res 663 Princess Miss Mary, grocer 36 Division " Win H, miller, ]vs 663 Princess Frizell Alexander, boilermkr Kingston Foundry, res 311 Montreal " Matilda, dressmkr, Ive 309 Montreal " Minnie, Iva 309 ldontreal " Robert, shoemkr, res 309 Montreal " Miss Sarah, lys 309 Montreal " Thomas, slasher, Iva 309 Montreal " Win, wks Wormwith & Co, lvs 3og Montreal FRONTENAC CEREAL CO, Limited, Ed- Win \Ionere, Manager, Cereal \I:anufacturers foot of Gore at FRONTENAC LOAN A INVESTMENT SOCIETY, Sir R J Cartwright, G (' M G. President; R Vashon Rogers.- K C. LL D. \-ice-president; IA-Col SC McGill Managing 1)irector, 87 Clarence Frost Lillian (wid Arthur G), bds 34 Frontenac Win G. carriage pntr, 299 Queen, rem 107 Queen Froude Jesse B. Qunner A Batterv Funnell Miss Arleen bkpr W AT Lemmon, lys 194 Rideau " David J. eng K & P By, reg 194 Rideau " Thos H, cond K& P, res 249 Queen Furzer Rhoda, drsmkr, rms 192 Clergy Gage Miss Ada L, elk, Iva Fifth at David It. grocer 308 Montreal, rem Fifth at " Herbert E, M D. rem 323 Earl " J Rockwell. clk James Kelley, lys 11 St. C'atharine Otis H. elk, Ive Fifth at " Richard, lab, rea 11 St Catharine Gallagher Agnes (wid John), res n s Bay, r I e Rideau " Catherine (wid Francis J), Iva 229 Wellington " Charles. wlmn Steacy & Steacy, bds Aa Queen " Francis J, sailor, res 229 Wellington " Frank, cab owner, res g8 Barrack I Miss Lizzie, Iva 87 Barrack \turyraret tlr+. Ive 87 Barrack " Mary, dom Hotel Randolph Mary E. Ivs 73 Union e Mary F, dre++mkr. Ive 96 Earl " Mary J (wid Emanuel), res 87 Barrack Rarah, tlri. Ive 87 Barrack Thomas. aast inspr \\-eights and Mea+urev Gas and Electric Light, re. 75 Union e Win J, clk, )vs Markland st Win S, cab owner, res Markland st \ti.+, nurse (;eneral Hospital Gallivan Anastasia (wid John),fres 285 Alfred " " Misa Bridget, lys 166 Victoria " Daniel, lab, res 63 John Daniel J. fireman K I.iuht, Heat & Power Co, Iva 47 6 Division " Edward.1. driver l'owers' Grocery, lys 75 Raglan rd " Fanny, nurse, lys 285 Alfred Miss Frances, tlrs, lys 75 Raglan rd " James V, studt, lys 285 Alfred John, eng Electric Light Works, rea 49 U Charles " Miss Marv C. lys 285 Alfred " Maurice J, lys t66 Victoria " Michael, carter, res 75 Raglan rd " Michael.1. grocer 377 Bagot, res 166 Victoria " Patrick, bkpr James McParland, lys 63 John, " Patrick J A, cigarmkr, Iva 285 Alfred " Timothy J, lab, ive 63 John " Walter. btchr. rey 474; Division Calloway Isabell. Ive 93 Cler v w " John W. prtr rea 27 Pine " J E Bruce. atudt lys 61 Un'}on w OAS.[A)WAY Mary, elk, Ive 33 Pine Thomas, tailor, 131 Brock, grocer 33 Pine. res 33 Pine GaulLle Jennie (wid John), bdg hse, 244 Brock Gannon \\'m, foreman uphol T F Harrison Co, rem 131 Montreal Garbutt Daniel J, locksmith z25 Princess, re+ '147 Johnston Miss Ida, Iva 247 Johnston Gardiner, see also Gardner Miss Annie, We 311 Queen " Miss Annie M, bkpr T F Harrison Co, Iva 188 Ordnance GARDINER CO, THE, R J Carson Proprietor, James Craig Manager, Biscuit Manufacturers, Division, cor Earl Edwurd farmer. re+ 399 Brock F.lizabeth. Ive 188 Ordnance Jacob J, bailiff 1st Division Court and insurance agent, res 213 Nelson James. -toreman Robertson, Nicolle & Co. re+ 1 Devonshire terrace " Jane H(wid James I. res 311 Queen Miss Jennie. ras 148 Ordnance Mies )fary lvs 148 Ordnance GARDINER JOHN A, Real Estate and Insurance Agent, 151 Wellington, rem 307 University av (See card below) JOHN A. GARDINER, Real Estate and General Insurance Agent Representing and Sole Agent for Kingstoa : Canad- Permanent Mortgage Corporatioa. London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co. Mercantile Fire Insurance Co. Phoenix of Hartford Fire Ins. Co. Western Fire Assurance Co. American Fire Insurance Co. Manchester Firelnsurance Co. London Mutual Fire Ins. Co. Monarch Fire Insuraace Co. Lloyd's Plate Glass Ins. Co. Federal Life Assurance Co. Dominion Permanent Loan Co. MONEY TO LOAN At 4} per cent. and upwards. COMMISSIONER FOR TAKING AFFIDAVITS, ESTATES MANAGED, RENTS COLLECTED. Telephone 33I. 151 WELLINGTON ST. Residence 307 University Avenue. Gardiner Leonard, studt, bds 213 Nelson

49 98 J. G. FOSTER & CO'S KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 99 GARDINER Nellee studt, Ive 307 University av " Win C. farmer. res 114 Colborne " Wm N, trav Deering Harvester Co, res 205 Colborne Garerepye Catherine (wid Charles), res 44 Johnston " Florence, seamtress, lys 44 Johnston Garipee Jere& driver W G Ainslie, lys 30 U William " Orlean ( wid Alfred), res 30 U William " Wilford. elk D Guess, Ive 30 U William GARRETT R W, Physician and Surgeon, Office Hours to to 11, 2 to 4 and 7 to 8.30; 'Phone 282; Office and Residence 52 Johnston Garrigan James, shoemkr, res 51 Princess " Miss Laura, Ive 51 Princess Garvin Catherine ( wid Edward). res 34 Union w " Michael, lab, ds Ontario House Gaskell John E. nuteli, lei s 92 Queen Gaskin Miss Annie, 'vs 30 Albert " Capt John, tes 253 Ontario " Robert A, sailor, res 305 University avenue " Robert J, bds Hotel Randolph " Thomas, elk C H, res 30 Albert Gatchell Joseph A. 2unner B liattery, res 112 Montreal Gates Abel, lab, res 84 Victoria " Duncan. driver W P Peters & Bro. res 140 Nelson " Eliza. nurse Pro Orphans Home " Ernest S. broonunkr. lys 513 Ontario " Frank, mason, res w s Victoria, 1 n Princess " Joseph, driver D Couper, res 827 Princess " Martha, lys 776 Princess " Robert. driver W P Peters & Bro, res Fifth st " Wm, lab, res 45 Chatham " Wm J. earn. res 214 Alfred Gaudreau Agnes, elk, lys 290 Ontario " Georgina, dressmkr, lys 290 Ontario " Mabel. atenog. Dr.1 H Bell. lys 290 Ontario " Zephirin, grocer 290 Ontario " Zephirin F, elk Macnee & Minnes, lys Ontario 200 GAUTHIER MOST REV CHARLES H. Archbishop of Kingston, res The Palace, 225 Johnston Gavine James A, elk Campbell Bros, lys 25 Frontenac " Miss Jessie. ive 25 Frontenac " Miss Mary E, Ive 25 Frontenac (SA VINE " Robert, sailmkr Oldreiye e & Horn, lys 25 Frontenac " Wm, ropemkr, res 25 Frontenac " Wm J (McCormack & Utisine), "vs 25 Frontenac Gay Victor, cutter K Hosiery Co, tes 25 Ellice Geale Eliza A (wid Thomas bds 303 Barrie " John, clk Kirkpatrick, Rogers & Nickle, bds 393 Barrie Geary FAlward, appr Wm Jackson, lys 12 Frontenac " George. mach, res 12 Frontenac " Gertrude L. Ive 12 Frontenac Geballe Elias. tailor. :351 Prineesa Geddes Wm J, studt, tes 382 Alfred Gee David 11, png E Slater & Co. ref; Portsmouth -- General Hospital, see Kingston General Hospital Genge Robert E. elk P 0. res 48 ClertrY Geoghegan Fred D, stenog Folger Bros, lys 13 Colborne " Capt John, customs officer, res 13 Colborne " John H, asst supt St Ry, res 56 Wellington Wm, fireman Kingston Dry Dock. res 121 William GEORGE JOSEPH, Pianos and Organs, (;ore. res 28 Wellington " M A. lab S Anglin & Co, bds 9 Charles Georgeann Henry. minner A Battery Geraldi Russell A. Mann mkr, Worinwith & Co. bile 242 Sydenham Gerber Walter, gunnor A Battery German Allan. Oat. bile 235 Qiieen " Liie. maid 28 Sydenham Germain Euphemia V. supt Home for Friendless Women and Infants, 75 Union w " Henry A. shift. lys 120 Earl " Jennie (wid Wm H), res 120 Earl Gershinnwitz Solomon, btehr. res 34 Ellice Getty Alexander, shift. bils 238 Barrie Gibbons Arthur, lys 36 Elm Gibbs Mrs John, rd s 34 Main " Mary (wid Robert), tes 58 Division Gibson Adam S. eitudt, lys 282 Queen " Miss Agnes M, tes 122 Union w " David. Tes 461 Princess " 114, 11,nrt, lah ha. P Alma " Emily (wid Alex), tes TOO Pine " Miss Ethel B. Ive 61 Union w " George, farmer. req 671 Prineesa " Cenrge, lab. rca 277 Earl " James mach rea 100 Earl _s immix " James F, physician 282 Queen " Miss Janet C, lys 481 Princess " Jennie, teacher, lys loo Pine John, cheese buyer, tes 297 University ay Miss Lizzie, lys 198 King " Malcolm, studt, lys 282 Queen " Mary (wid Thos), lys 42 Clergy w " Milton, studt, boa 39 Union w "Minnie. bile 12 Alma " Miss Sarah C, lys 122 Union w " Thomas W, quarry instr K P, res 458 Division " Wm H, agt, res 681 Princess Wellineton W, druggist 303 King, res 42 Clergy w Giguere Orville, driver B Battery Gilbert Albert, carp, rea 374 Barrie " Blanche H, tchr Depot School, lys 374 Barrie Misa Ethel I.. Ive 36 Frontenac " Miss Eva, tchr, lys 374 Barrie " James 11, tray, lys 36 Frontenac GILBERT JOHN, Grocer 194 Barrie and 94 (;or, res 182 Alfred " Richard. tray, res 36 Frontenac " Miss Victoria, clk, lys 374 Barrie GILDERSLEEVE & KIRKPATRICK (James P Gildersleeve, Charles S Kirkpatrick ), Insurance and Ticket Agency 42 Clarence (See card below GILDERSLEEVE 6: KIRKPATRICK, GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY. Fire, Marine, Accident, aaaaa tee. Plate Class GENERAL TICKET AGENCY Ocean, Lake and Riser, Ocean Tickets a Specialty. NOTARIAL BUSINESS riarine Protests a Specialty. riarriage LICENSES. J. P. Gildersleese, Issuer. A license issued at this office is as tillable for a Marriage in any part of Ontario. 42 Cl-ARENCE STREET. Telephone 368. GILDERSLEEVE C F, President Lake Ontario and Bay of Quinte Steamboat Co, Ltd. Office Market, bds British American Hotel " Ernest C, mngr Kingston Milling Co, lys 45 Gore GILDERSLEEVE JAMES P, City Registrar, Office City Registry Office, Court House Grounds, rem 45 Gore " Miss Lucretia A M. res 284 King e " Miss Mabel, artist, lys 45 Gore Gill Lester W, B Se, prof Kingston School of Mining, Ws 132 Wellington Miss Sarah, prin Rideau School, lvs : " Wm, elk Geo Robertson & Son, res 440 Brock Gillespie Miss Ethel, Iv( 121 Albert " Miss Euphemia. lys 391 Johnston " Miss Florence, lys 495 Princess " George H. special aot Imperial Life Assee Irs 495 Prineess " James, attndt Asylum, res 121 Albert " James, shoveller, tes 77 Ordnance " James H. stone etr, lys 121 Albert " John, tes 495 Princess " Robert, earl,. Ive 121 Albert " Sarah, drainkr 121 Albert " Wm H, appr D Hall, lys 77 Ordnance Gillie Miss A Isabel, stenog Capt Thos Donnelly, lys 235 Earl "James, eng, res 235 Earl Gilmour Albert E. mach G A Wright, lys 449 Barrie " Alice, dressmkr 449 Barrie " Edward attndt asylum, res 38 Living' 'itou AV Miss Ethel M. clk T H Ferguson, lys 18 Dufferin " res over 236 Princess " Miss Mabel, bkpr A Glover, lys 18 DufTerin Robert, tes 449 Barrie " Robert C, mach, res 216 'Montreal " Wallace. wagonmaker 215 Wellington, ree 18 Dufferin "Win G, tinsmith Edwin Ch wn & Son, res 447 Barrie Gimblett Win H, Sergt-Major "A" Battery, tes 244 Wellington Gingras see Shangrow cirurras osese. vonner B Battery Girey, see also Guirey " John, lab, tes 11 Montreal Givens Charles, tes e s Beverly, 1 n King GIVENS DAVID A (Givens & Givens), lids 240 Kin:I. e " John, guard K P, res w s Centre, 5 s Union " Miss Maggie, Iva Chas Givens " Robert G, driver John Gilbert, bds 219 University av

50 GIVENS " wid George), lys 26 Frontenac GIVENS WM R (Givens & Givens), Ws 240 King e GIVENS & GIVENS (David A and Wm Hi. Barristers, Solicitors, Ete, 81 Brio* Glaneey Mary A ( wid Alex), Ives 67 L Begot Glasgow Miss Jennie, bdg hse 189 Brock " Robert, Iva 189 Brock Glassford Alexander, res I College " Thomas, lab, res 41 (a) Main Gleeson, see also Lesson " John. Me dealer. 123 King w, res same " J Vincent, BSc, lys 123 King w " Leo J. elicit, lys 123 King w " Miss 'Mary (Misses M & S Gleeson), res 103 Johnston " Misses M & S (Mary and Sarah) dressmkrs 103 Johnston " Miss Sarah (Misses M & S Gleeson), res 103 Johnston Glenn Catherine, Iv.. 36 Ellice " Ellen.1 Wid WIII). res 36 Ellice " Miss Kate, tin, res 300 Barrie " Matthew, gunner "A"Battery, res 45 Bay " Nellie. Ors, Its 36 Elliee " Pauline, dressmkr, 36 Ellice " Win, porter General Hospital Glidden 3 Newton, miner, lys 295 University av " Win, License Inspector, Office City Buildings, res 295 University av GLOVER ALBERT, Grocer 132 Begot, rt',, :1111. " Rev Thomars J, prin Hillcroft Academy, res same Gober Nli;s M, M rps 72 Barrie Godman Daniel. lab, res 284 Queen Godwin's Insurance prin K Ladies' Col- Emporinm. THE FOLLOWING FIRST-CLASS COAIPANIES REPRESENTED: British America Assurance Co. Fire, Toronto National Assurance Co. of Ireland. London Assurance Corporation, Fire, London Eng. Dominion Burglary Guarantee Co. Excelsior Life Assurance Co. of Toronto. Law Union & Crown Ins. Co. W. H. GODWIN, PROPRIETOR, - 39 BROCK. Residence 87 Pine. Residence 'Phone.04. Godwin Miss Edith, lys 87 Pine " Enoch. carp, res 99 l'ine J. O. POOTER az co's (SODWIN " Enoch sr, ins agt, lvs 87 Pine " Haruki J. plmbr, lys 87 Pine " James G, lab, res 15 St Catharine CrODWIN WM H, Insurance Agent 39 Itr s-k, ne. 87 Pine (Sec card below) Gogo John A, baggageraan G T R, ras 366 Barrie Going Augusta J (wid Shir'ey), res 232 Johnston " Miss Mary A. lys 232 Johnston Goldman t ari. see hd,mods. 43 Princess Gollogly Hugh J, blksmith, lvs 42 Patrick " John, lab, res 42 Patrick " Mary A, weaver, Ive 42 Patrick ( )er John 1. eoaeliman, res 68 Ontario Good Elizabeth (wid George), lys 31 King w Goodbetrv Albert, pilot, res n s Cataraqui a. Orchard Goodearle Miss Annie, stenog Folger Bro, lys 157 Bagot " Humphrey J, mach, res 90 Division " Isabel W (wid liumphrety G), lye 251 University ay " Miss Jessie A, lys 251 University av " John A, city pass agent Folger's General Ticket Agency, res 251 University av " Capt John L, res 157 Bagot Goodfellow John R, studt, lye 7,..1 Charles Goodman Ellen ( wid John), lys 37 Wellington Miehael, lab. ref; 62 Patrick GOODWIN WM L, B Sc (Land), D Sc, Edin, F R S C, Director Kingston School of Mining, res n s Alice, 1 w University av " \Vim lv, Dr W I. Goodn in GORDON VERY REV DANIEL M, M A, DI). l'rineipal Queen's College, res Col lege Grounds " Fred W. asst Dr A W Winnett, lvs 240 Alfred " George D, studt, Ivs 240 Alfred " George S, tmstr Shedden Forwarding Co, ree 38 Union e " James. minner B Battery " James B. studt, lys 2.4o Alfred " Jane (wid Joseph), lys 328 Alfred " Jane (wid Robert), res n a Concession, 2 w Division " Miss Jessie E M, stenog K Dairy School, lvs 240 Alfred " John, elk James McCulla, lye n s Concession, 2 w Division " John, prop Revere House, 385 King e GORDON " Richard, warehsmn N C Poison & Co, Iv.. 07 Nelson " Robert, niaeh, lids 101 Queen GORDON WM S, City Assessor and Commissioner, res 240 Alfred " Win S. jr, tray A CI, wn & Co. res 301 University av Gorman, see also O'Gorman Miss Annie E, res 578 Montreal " Matthew N, lvs 578 Montreal Gormley Edward J, pressman News, Ns 251 Division ",Tohanna (wid James),res 251 Division " Mies Maude, lva 251 Division " dressinkr, Iv: 251 Division " T John, lvs 251 Division (Ionie Joseph, wood dealer Begot cor Barrack, res 256 Victoria Joseph IL sexton St Andrew's church, res 629 Princess "Mary (wid Joseph), res 33 Johnston Gott Joseph, titter, bals 290 Wellington Goudv Wm, elk I.awo Works, bd. 199 ('olborne Gough Rhoda, maid 169 Earl Gould Elizabeth (wid George W), bd Queen GOULD JAMES A (J A Gould & Co), ri' Sydenham GOULD J A & CO, Broom Manufacturers King e " Jay It, broominkr.1 A Gould & Co, Ive 234 Sydenham " Joseph S, caretaker Central School, res 173 Sydenham " Mi., Martha, bile 114 Queen Gourdier Louis, carver, res 262 Queen " Marion. elk, lys 262 Queen " Wm F, furrier 78 Brock, res same Gow Edward d. mach, lid E Slater & Co, reg 144 Rideau " Neil, carter, res 682 Montreal " Walter, Iv Montreal " Walter. eng, res 315 Montreal Gowan, see also McGowan " James. storeman M T Co, res 154 Rideau " Miss Jennie, mach opr Oldreiva & Horn, tide 73 Gore Gowdey Burton G, clk James Gowdey, lys 180 Sydenham " James, btchr 239 Princess, reg 180 Sydenham " Robert J, lys 16o Sydenham Gowdy Mary G (wid John), res 32 Wellington Grace Mayan', porter Grand Union Heel Gracie Annie, cook, tes 28 Johnston Grady Annie M, tchr K B C, Iva 68 Earl KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 101 GRADY Miss lielen F, Iv* 68 Earl " Miss Nisbet, stenog Campbell & Itentoita las 88 Earl " Michael J, contr (Ry), res 88 Earl Grain!' W m It, agent, bila British Am Hotel Graham Annie A (wid James), ras 885 Begot Catherine t nid Thomas). res 119 L 'fagot " Christoper J. aa..rt New York 1.ife Ins Co, res 200 Begot " Colin W, studt, lvs 508 Princess " Egerton, studt, lys log Colborne " Miss Elsie, lvs 506 Princess " Fred C. elk MeKelvey & Birch, bds 223 Bigot " Grace (wid Isaac B), lye 508 Princess " Henry A. city tray Rees Bros, res w s Albert, 2 n Brock * James J. policeman, res w s Albert, 3 n Brock " Jennie (wid George A), tes 429 King e John...art'. Iv, 199 Colborne "John F, tinsmith, ras 70 Colborne " Joseph P. mach, rd s 418 Johnston " Marian (avid John), res 202 Bagot " Martha. maid 52 Johnston " Nellie, dressmkr, lys hfrs S Graham " Robert, buttermkr, tes 199 Colborne " Sadie. Is', 42li Kim!. e " Sarah (wid James), ras w a Albert, 1 n Brock " Sarah, dramkr, lys Mrs S Graham " Stanley, eng, lys 5o6 Princess " Walter, corp RCF A " Wm H, tray, res 44 Clergy w " Wm R, sexton St George's Cathedral, res St George's Hall win T. driver. si I leor,p's Hall Grahen Thomas, btchr, reg 37 Charles GRAND HOTEL, Lewis Martin Proprietor. 214 Princes. " Trunk Railway System City Depot, ft Johnston, J P Flanley agt, Outer Depot, n end Montreal, freight sheds ft William " Union Hotel, Peter Devlin prop, Ontario, cor Brock Oranger Edgerton, cabt mkr R J Reid, res 362 Barrie " George A, city tray Gardiner Cc, Iv Barrie " :fames. lab, lmls 104 'Kim! e Granlund Win, carp, ree 487 Division Grant Miss Agnes. bkor Canada Malting Co, lys Mrs E J Grant

51 ' [, 102 J. O. POSTER & CO'S ORANT " Avriel, lys Court House "Elizabeth J (wid Wm C), res King w, opp Ellerbeek av " George A, bkpr North Am Tel Co, res 333 Earl " James W, mlstr, res Pembroke st " John A, carp, res 24 Pine " John 11, sailor, res 426 Johnston " I.e Roy, cadet, lys I.t Wm A Grant " Mary, tirs, bds 297 Queen " Mande E, stenog estate of R J Mc- Down'', Ittlet 297 Queen " Peter, turnkey County Jail, res 248 Barrie " Mrs Peter liso 2413 Barrie " Thomas S, birmkr, Ive 36 Division " I.t.\ A. asst gunner instr R C F A, res Itosclawn," Union w " Wm G, eng, Ive Mrs E J Grant " Win S, Court House keeper, ree Court House Grantham Mrs Carrie M, Iva 310 Queen Grass Charles W, agt Lon I.ife Ins Co, res 173 Nelson GRASS FRANCIS P, Dairy, res 56 Albert " Mary (wid Charles), lys 56 Albert Gratton P Joseph, foreman Jas Richardson & Sons, res 289 Wellington " Miss Sarah, lys 289 Wellington Gravelle T Wilfred, bkpr James Mc Parland, Iva Portsmouth Graves, see also Greaves " Arthur R. piste Wortnwith & Co, Iva ulow's Block " Charlotte (wid Thomas R), grocer Clow's Block " Frederick M, clk Canadian Express Co, res 4op King e " George, slsmn G Lockett, lys 1 Clow's BlOck " Maud A H, lvs 573 Princess " Robert B S, studt, Iva 573 Princess " Stephen. tinner, lys 1 Clow'. Block " Wm D, customs officer, res 573 Prin. cess Gray, see also Grey " Annie (wid Israel), tins 33 Johnston " Charles li. guard K P, res w s Centre, 3 s Union " David, 'sailor, lys 19 Russell " David, studt, bds 238 Johnston " David.1, contr. rea 408 Brock " Douglas W. M D. iv% 408 Brock GRAY REV F GEORGE, Curate St Mary's Cathedral, res The Palace 225 Johnston " Henrietta A, tchr, lvs 408 Brock ORA Y " James F, asst inapt Lon Life Ins Co, tes 110 Queen " Mrs Jas F, drsmkr 110 Queen " Capt John, sailor, res 19 Russell " Miss Mary, Ms 193 Brock " Samuel J. glemn.1 S Henderson, tes Redan " Thomas.1, M D. Iva 408 Brock " NVni, earp, res Dufferin " Win A, paymaster Cotton Mill, ree 268 Rideau GREAT NORTH WESTERN TELEgraph Co, T A Hanley Manager, 34 Clarence " West Life Mace Co, D Reeves gen agt 3!) Broek Greats, Miss Emma V, millinery 182 Wellington " Miss Pauline, lys 182 Wellington Green Charles, lab. lys t76 Sydenhatn " Charles, mach, res 428 Johnston Miss Ellen, lys 276 Svdenhant " John, btehr, res Bath rd " Lewis, slsmn Wm Davies Co, bds 207 William Mary A ( wid Charles), res 276 Sydenhani GREEN SAMUEL,Butcher, 74 Brock res Bath Road " Sarah (wid John), reg 75 Ordnance " Vernon C, clk, lys 428 joonston " Wm T, btchr, lys Bath rd Greenlees Robert F, prin Central School, res 364 Johnston Greenwood Joseph T, bkpr, res 177 Colborne " Nathaniel T, lys 359 Alfred Greer George, wine clk Hotel Randolph " Miss Georgina. bds 239 Brock " Miss Kate. lys Prima at " Roger, lab, res 327 Johnston Grey see also Gray " Charles W. asst mngr Imperial Laundry, Ivs 13 Frontenac " Edward B, sergt A Battery, reg 13 Frontenac Grekorakos George (Grekorakos & Zohas ), res Ill Brock Grekorakos & Zohas (Ceo Grekorakos, Agis Zohas), confy 184 Princess Grieves George H. studt. bds 102 Bagot Joseph. lab. res t6 Ontario Griffin Joseph, lab. tee 200 Montreal Grirnason Eliza (wid Henry), res 132 Union w " Henry, tinsmith. bds 110 Queen " House, Wm Marshall prop, Princess " Thomas, deputy co lector Inland Revenue, res 168 University av rims ha w Bert, lids Revere House " Delos ID Grimshaw & Co), res 197 Willis Ill " & Co, hay dealers, 151 Wellington " Frank, barber 227 Princess, lys 284 Division " James, lab, tes Stanley st " Rev Joseph B, pastor Union St. Baptist Ch. rem 135 Stuart " Silas A, eontr, res 284 Division Grogan see also McGrogan " Catherine (wid John), caretaker St John's School, tes urne " Miss M Stella, lys St John's School Groombridge Edward, lab, res 23 Ellice GROUT REV CANON, Clerical Secretary Diocese of Ontario. Office St George's Hall, res 230 Brock Grover Helena I. (wid George A), res 129 William " John I, studt, 'vs 129 William Guardlpie see Garerepye Guay Florence, tirs, hut 18 Alma " Harold, eigarnikr, lys 18 Alma " George, cigar mkr, lys 18 Alma " Joseph, carp, tes 18 Alma " Julia, mlnr, Ivs 18 Alma " Melanie, dressmkr 18 Alma Cuss Arthur, elk D Guess bds 428 Princess " Delbert. tobacconist 210 Princess, bds Windsor Hotel " E Francis, driver L Guess, res 565 Princess " Harry W. appr E Slater & Co, lys 565 Princess GUESS LEIGHTON E, Livery Stable, 'taunt cor Brock. res 204 Bagot Guest Miss Lily, bds 312 Brock Guild Christina, tirs, lys 75 Bay " Elizabeth, lys 75 Bay " John, grocer 73 Bay, res 75 same " Leman A, asst business and adv mngr the British Whig. rem 239 Division Guirey see also Girey " Daniel, eng K & P, tes 293 Johnston " John, eng K & P, tes 225 Montreal GUNN ALEXANDER, Postmaster, bds 177 Alfred " Daniel H, carp, tes 64 Nelson " John B, lab, res 27 a Main " Sarah A (wid John B), tes 61 U Charles Gunston Thomas W, tray, res Regent st Guy Dinah L ("yid Zachariah), res 85 Division " Henry J, lab, lys 85 Division KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 103 Gwatkin John, driver K Milk Depot, res 343 King e " Mrs John. restaurant 343 King e Gwillim John C, BSc, prof Queens College, tes 172 Barrie " Miss M Birch, 'vs 172 Barrie H Haag Cornelius, chef British Am Hotel Haaz Anton, vinegar mnfv Wilson, Lytle, Badgerow t'o, res 190 Union w HABKIRK ADJT JOHN C, Officer in charge Salvation Army, res Bar' racks Queen cor Ragot Hackett Joseph, carter, tes 278 Wellington " Joseph A plmbr J W Oldfin, lys 278 Wellimrton " Miss Rose. reg Miller's lane " Sarah (wid Wm), res 434 King e Hadley Daniel, gunner B Battery " George. gunner B Battery Haffner Christian, btchr 262 University av, res 834 Princess " Ecl.zhard, btehr, res 48 Durham " George E, muon, lvs 48 Durham " Miss Gertrude, lys 834 Princess " Philip A, grocer 147 Montreal HAFFNER PHILIP T, Proprietor Anglo-American Hotel, Ontario. cor Johnston " Thomas B (Stanlake & IIaffner), res 10 St Catherine " Wm, driver, lys 834 Princess Hagan Annie. cook, Iva 29 Queen " James. sailor, tes 29 Queen Hagerty Miss Annie, tchr St Mary's School, Ms Windsor Hotel " Miss Helen M, opr Bell Tel Co, bds Windsor Hotel Hagerman Robert P. motorman St Ry, reg 33 Albert HAGUE GEORGE E, Manager Merchants Bank of Canada, res 117 Earl HAHN PAUL, Representative Nordheimer Piano & Music Co, I.td, bds British American Hotel Haley Thomas. lab. res 46 Johnston Halgett Miss Nora. lvs 391 Ordnance Hall Catherine (wid Aaron W), dresstnkr. res 42 O'Kill " Charles H, plumber D Hall, lys 2o6 Alfred " Carrie (wid Wm), tes 50 Princess

52 104 J. a. roferea & co's KINOKTON ALPHAB3TICAL DIRECTORY 106 HALL, DAVID Plumber fa* Brock, res 206.Alfred (See card below) DAVID HALL, PRACTICAL PLI.elBER, Steam and Oaf Fitter. Hot Water Furnaces SpecieIt>. Baths. Closets, Wash Basins and Range Hollers Fitted up at Lov.est PrIces. Lead and Iron Pipe, Pumps. Steam Fittings. Cocks, Etc.. in Stock.. JOBBIND PleOMPTLY AlTENOED TO 66 Brock St - Kingston, Ont. TELEPHONE 333. Hall Miss Emma It. res 103 Queen " Miss Helen, bkpr D Hall, lys za6 Alfred " John, fireman Hall No 1, res rear Fire Hall, Ontario st " Joseph. tailor. Iv,. RI Front enac " Miss Meugle. lys 103 Queen " Miss Mai, tehr, lys 206 Alfred " Marv. itinib 232 Itroek " Samuel, fireman Hall No. 2, res 8t Frontenac The Spence pron. 33 Brock " Thomas J, mldr, res 3 Sixth " Wrn, cigarmkr, Ive r No 1 Fire Hall Halliday Edward, prop The Hub, Market HALLIDAY JAMES ( Breck & Halliday. lys Portsmouth " Rolland W, studt. lets 230 Division Halligan John sr (John Halligan & Co), rem 245 Brock ' John & Co (John HaMean), grocers and liquors. 53 Brock " Miss Mamie, Ive 245 Brock " Thomas W. tninner A Battery Hallinen Miss Hannah. drsmkr.107 Wellington, Ive same " Miss Mary A, lys 107 Wellington Hambrook Fred. baker T H Ferguson, tee 14 IhitTerin Hamer Alfred H, opr G N W Tel Co, lys 571 Princes ' " John. s -ale adjuster, 58 Queen, res 571 Princeee " John C, opr C N W Tel Co, lys 571 Prineesm Hamilton Miss Annie, Ive 128 Victoria HAMILTON CLARK, Collector of Customs King cor Clarence. tes same " David farmer. res 85 Victoria " Francis H, plmbr, Ive 45 Clergy w " Frank J, grocer 87 Division " Harold, slsmn R Waldron, lys 720 Princess HAMILTON " Isabel (wid Colin), elk P 0 Inspectet'.. lave. ri' Alfred " James, meson, res 45 Clergy w louse ill Sydenha in " John, eng, rev 12R Victoria " John. lab. res 370 Barrie Joseph nildr res 414 King e " Margaret (wid Win L), res 720 Princess " Robert M, maeon. res 154 Pine HAMILTON SAMUEL (Taylor & Hamilton ris 3S I Prince.. " Samuel, lab, res 127 Union w " Sarah I wid Robert ), res 315 Brock " Mrs Wm. ive 37( ) Barrie " Wm E, clk, IN's 154 Pine " Win G. guard K P. res COning - wood. 2 a Johnston Hammett Wilbert, aeaver, Ives 139 L Bagot Hammond Edward. wine clk Imperial 11 ot el. rem Ilitgot Hampton Henry. nortcr F W Spangenberg. res 347 King e Ii,, ni Mrs Elizilieth. eatify 106 Ontario HAND-IN-HAND INSURANCE CO, R F Dovi+ A., nt 77, Prineces Handley, iiee also Hanley " Wrri H. fireman Electric Light Works, ree 137 L Bagot Hanley, ace also Handley " ArChibald, asst aeet inland Revenue, res 75 Gore " George T, M I). Iv+ 73 Gore " James. customs officer, res 73 Gore H. is - 73 Core HANLEY REV JOHN, Secretary Archhishoo Gauthier, re. The Palace 225 Johnston. " John, bds Grand Union Hotel " Joseph P. city ticket agt. GTR and R & O N Co. office GTR City Depot, res 67 Earl oretta. Iv+ 67 F a rt " Miss Minnie, lvs 75 Gore " Miss Nellie, lys 75 Gore HANLEY ROBERT, K D, Physician and Surgeon, free Hours R to 10 2 to 4 and 7 to Wellington, Telephone 540, Ive 75 Gore HANLEY THOMAS A, Manager Great North Western Telegraph Co. 34 Clarence. res MI Wellington " Vincent C. elk Flanley's Ticket Agency, Ive 67 Earl " Wm, res 217 L Rideau Hanley's Gçneral Ticket Agency. Ontario, cor Johnston Hanlon Bernard.1, letter carrier, res 88 Division " James. lab, bds 51 John Hanna David, eorp B liattery, res 17 Balaclava Hannay Mies Fleenor, res 219 William " George A,,ardman R Crawford, lye 213 William " John, sailor, Ive 213 William " Wm 13, elk, Ive 213 William Ilanscombe Charles.1. bal,. lys 59 George " Wm M, lab, res 69 George Hansen ('atherine (wid Louis), res 112 William Hanson Annie, weaver, Ive 43 L Bagot " George, slasher, lys 43 L Begot George, job foreman Whig, res 296 University av Ilarb Abraham. pd1r, bile 168 Ontario HARDING ARTHUR E, Livery Stable 210 Wellington, res 65 Rideau " Fllen 4 wid George). Ive 23 F*rontenne Hare Caroline U (wid John W), 1v. 15 Mack " Hannah (wid Wm J), lys 118 Core Harkes John, res 359 Alfred Harkness Fred, confr W J Crothers, Iva Montreal "Harry. htehr 221 Wellington, Iv.* 689 Mont real " James, driver James Gowdy, res w s Maedonnell, 1 n Johnston " Kate ( will Win). Tee 689 Nfontreal " Samuel. res 165 King w " Wm T. clk P 0, res 68t Montreal Harmer Alfred S, agt reg 138 L Bagot " Florence L, Ive 740 Montreal " F Alfreda, lys !tarot "James C, eng K & P Ry, res 740 Montreal " Miss Thirza, housept 772 Montreal Harnden Perry, mngr Win Drury 235 Wellington, res '235 same " Thomas. driver Wm Drury, res 220 Sydenham " Wilmot P. lys 235 Wellington Harold, see also Herald " Alexander D (Hunter & Harold), res 26 Garrett " Christina, drsmkr, bila 50 Colborne " Frank, uphol T F Harrison Co, lvs 26 Garrett " Gertrude, bkpr, lys 26 Garrett " Miss Jessie, tchr Central S..:hool, lys tat University av " Miss Maggie, Ive 50 Colborne " Wm. patternmkr Loco Works, rem 184 University av Harpell John J, res 152 Victoria Ilarper Frederick tray. bds 327 Johnston " James F, bds 248 Barrie " Robert, plehr Wormwith & Co. bds 3 Victoria ter HARPER " Samuel, acct Folger Bros, bd; i3 Maitland Harrigan George, tailor, Ive 178 Clergy " John, broomkr, Iva 176 Clergy " I eo. asnt S S Corbett, Iv+ 176 Clergy " Mary (wid John), res 178 Clergy Ilarris A Logan, mtudt Ive 213 %Villiain Charles. tinsmith, Ive 370 Itagot " David A, lab, res 399 Barrie " John, lab, Iva 370 Bagot " John, Q-M-S A Battery, Dept of Militia and Defence, Ottawa " Richard W, cigar mkr, lys 399 Barrie Sanger (P E Ward & ( o), Ive 181 I '011Hprne Sarah (wid Hebron), res 370 Bagot " NVni Ivy :199 Barrie Harrison Charles P, bricklyr, lyd 176 Rideau " Edward, lab, res 3 Corrigan HARRISON FRANK E (91cMillan & Co), lids 237 Queen " Gertrude, mtenog James Richardson & Sons. Ms 193 liroek " Thomas, fireman. tes 655 Princess BARRISON THOMAS T (T F Harrison Co), res 178 University avenue Tlannas F. stile. h's 176 Rideau HARRISON T F CO, Furniture Dealers, Upholsterers, Undertakers, Carpets, Curtains and Refrigerators Princess " Thomas J, bricklayer, res 176 Rideau " Walter, ship tarp, lids 331 King e Hart John, eorp B Battery, Ive 68 Prin. ress " John, mach. res 50 Union w " Michael, sailor, Ive 38 York " Patric', lab, res 38 York Mrs Pitrick, lys 71 Cherry " Wro, sailor, Iva 38 York BART WM D, Manager Standard Bank of Canada, 140 Princess, res 223 King e Bartley Bernard. lab. rem 225 Wellington " Charlotte (wid John), res n s Stanley, 1 w Lansdowne Win II. en. res 357 Bagot Hartman David, tmstr. res 375 Division Edith E. Ive 375 Division " Miss Franeee W. Ive 375 Division Mabel M. Hrs. Ive 373 Division Eartrick Edward J, electr Breek & Halliday, res 228 Earl " Fred eleetr Breek & Halliday. Ive Portemouth Harty John J, M D, secretary Canadian Locomotive Co, Ltd, lys 107 Ragot

53 J. O. POSTER & co's 106 KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 107 HARTY HAZLETT " Miss Kathleen, Ira 107 ilagot " George M. eng. res 428 Brock HARTY BON Whl, M P, President " John, eng, Iva 428 Brock Canadian Locomotive Co Limited, " Miss M Lila, stenog McKelvey dc Birch, los R M C grounds res 107 Ragot " Wm jr. mach, Ira 107 Bagot " Thomas H, eng, res 139 Coilingwood Hartwell Nellie, lids 50 Princess Harvey Ann (wid John), res 329 FArl Healey see also Healy and Haley " Charles B S, elk J R C Dobbs dt Co. " Eliza, (wid Joseph), Ive 18 Elm res 38 Frontenac " Harriet A, Ira 57 Arch " Edmund J. sergt instr R M C, Ms " Harold W, Ira 146 Montreal 94 Queen " John P, bkpr McRae Bros, res 134 " Robert It F. teller Bank of B N A, Ordnance Iva 329 Earl " Thomas, customs officer. res 57 Arch " Sarah (wid John), Ivs 77 Arch " Thomas H, cond K & P Ry, res 146 " Wm J C, Ive 329 Earl Montreal Hasan Joseph, pdlr, lys 168 Ontario " Thomas J, barber 352 Princess " %Vitt, foreman pressman Whig, Ive W Hasselkus Joseph, turner Loco Works, G Hamilton res n Hearn see A'Hearn Hastings Louisa M (wid Albert E), Iva Heaslip John E, tree agt, res 218 Montreal 356 Montreal " Maud, clk, lys 124 Ordnance " Maggie. Ira 218 Montreal " Thomas, asst shipper Gardiner Co, Iva Heath Charles G, helper. res 17 Deacon 124 Ordnance Hebert Charles L, fnshr Wormwith & " Wm, shoveller, res 124 Ordnance Co, lys soi Pine " Wm A, lab, Iva 124 Ordnanet Hatch Augustus A, BA, tchr Collegiate " Louis, carp, res tot Pine Ileffren Catherine. 'vs 172 Ragot Institute, bds 296 University av Hegadorn Leander C, lab, res 25 Nelson " Frances A, Ira 356 Princetts Hattan Archibald, lab, res It Charles Hembry Harry, fireman, bda 17 Pine Hawken Wm II, coufr W.1 Crothers, res Hemming Lt-Col Thomas D R, district 124.Mont real staff officer Military District No 3, Hawley Adelia M (wld Thomas B), lys res 132 King e 109 Brock Hendenwn Annie ( wid John W), lye 8 " Harry M, mngr Stroud Bros, res 109 Ontario Princess " Arthur S. sailor. lys 70 L Bagot " John A, harnessmkr 216 Wellington. res 280 Bagot " David, lys 18 Stuart " Augusta.1. lys 9 Clow's Block " Miss Lillie, lys 28o Bagot F.dward J, lab, res 18 Stuart " Miss May, Ivs 28o Bagot " Fredrick, eng, res 13 Redan " Thomas E. agt Parker's Dye Works, " George. eng, res 70 L Bagot res 109 Brock " George, QMS A Battery Hay David sr, lab, res 24 U Charles " George II, sailor. lys 40 Elm " David jr, marble ctr, lys 24 U " J Gordon. baker T H Ferguson, los 40 Charles Clergy w " Donald J, slsmn, res 229 Barrie " James E. driver James McCulla, rea " John, res 389 Johnston 149 Montreal Haycock George W. studt. 'vs 132 Earl HENDERSON JAMES R, Manager J S " Joseph L, inspr binder twine, res 132 Henderson, res 118 William Earl " James R, eng Imperial Steam L...try, Hayes Mrs Carrie, lys 213 King e res 9 Clow's Block Hayward Fred. wine elk Grand Hotel, res Jane ( vvid John), Ivs 49 Clergy 567 Prince - s " Jane wid Thomas), lys 139 L Bagot *4 John J, lab, res 17 Clergy w " Wm, foreman blacksmith K Foundry, HENDERSON JOHN S, Groceries, Prores 301 Johnston visions aml \Vholesale Wines and Liquors Brock, Ms 240 King Haze11 Wm G. lab, res 42 York Hazelton Robert. sere A Battery east Hazlett Eliza (wid Wm), res 147 Fron- HENDERSON LAWRENCE L, Agent tense Montreal Transportation Co, res " Miss Eliza, lvs 147 Frontenac 96 Bagot HENDER140N " Margaret I wid Il en 11), res 40 Elm " Margaret (wid James), res 40 Clergy w " Mrs M. photographer 92 Princess, lais 92 Queen " Miss Mary, Ive 8 Ontario " Nicholas, artist, lye 8 Ontario " Peter S. spinner, ive 8 Ontario " Robert B, photog Mrs M Henderson, bds 92 Queen " Thomas, car inspr G T R, res Hickson ay " Thomas, lab, res Outer Depot " Wm E, driver A.1 Rees, Ira 40 Elm " W Lorne, baker R 11 Toye, Ire 40 Clergy w Hendrie Archibald, appr, lids Revere House " Thomas, mason, Ms Revere!louse Hendry Archibald, tmstr Shedden Forwarding Co, res 74 Earl " James A, mnfrs' agt 75 Princess, res King, cor West " Robert, shipper Fenwick, Hendry it Co, res 122 Johnston " Robert jr. elk Fenwick. Ilendry & Co, Iv.' 122 Johnston Hengler Zangwill, ptilr, res 43 York Hennessy Miss Bliza, grocer 17 West " Kathleen, stenog Canada Life.Assce ('o, lys 136 Queen " Thomas E. guard K P, res 60 Livingston av " Thomas E, elk Loco Works, Ira 133 Queen " Thomas.7. sect R M C, res 136 Queen Henry David Sr. lab, res 24 Stephen " David, ear ezmnr, res Hickson lane " joh;:, lab, res 22 Stephen " Robert. lab, res 842 Princess " Wm, cigarmkr, lys 24 Stephen Hentig Miss Bella M, Ira 558 Princess " Miss Florence M. tchr Frontenac School, lys 558 Princess " George W, hardware Prin. eess, Ira 558 same " Sarah A (wid Charles), stamp vendor P 0, res 558 Princess Henzy Henry, carp, res 429 Brock " Harriet, dressmkr 429 Brock " Jennie A, tchr Rideau School, lvs 429 Brock Hepburn Alice wid Wm). rem 24 Cherry " Charles V, waiter, res 433 King e " Frank, lab. lys 24 Cherry " Robert W, eng, res ro8 L Bagot " Wm S, eng, res 140 York Herald John, physician 119 King e, res same " J Grafton, atudt, Iva 199 King e Herchimer Miss Dora, lys 45 Gore Hermiston Charles D, eontr, res 124 Collingwood " Margaret ( wid John), lys 124 Culling- % 0111d HEROD ALFRED E, Shoemaker, 354 Princess, re.) Herring Mrs Daniel, nurse, lys 6 Chestnut Herron John, coachman, res 50 Hess George, res 17 Wade's lane ' " George A, lab, res 21 Wade's lane liew,, II Mrs henry, Iv* 199 University avenue " Wm P, Q-M-S R C F A, res 199 University av liewitt Fred 'I', elk, lys 93 Union e " John, sailor, Ms 120 L Ragot Miss Mabel, Ira 93 Union e HEWITT THOMAS, Superintendent Cit v Water Works. Ifflice City Buildings, ref 93 Union e " Wm 11. plmbr McKelvey & Birch, Ivs 93 Union e Hewson see Hughson Hewton?dim Annie J, tchr Rideau School, lye 133 Alfred " Miss Gertrude, Ira 127 King w " Miss Jessie, etshier Whig, los 133 Alfred John, Sr. res 133 Alfred " John, Sec-Treas and Mngr Kingston Hosiery Co, Ltd, res 127 King w " Miss Mary M, bkpr R Uglow & Co, lys 133 Alfred " Wm, foreman shipping dept K Hosiery Co, bds 39 Union w Wm R. elk Ontario Bank, Ire 127 King w Heyman Ilenrv M. lab. r usa 133 Colborne Hiékey Annaitasia, Iva 138 Johnston " Miss Annie, Iva 138 Johnston " Isabella (wid James), lys 193 University av HICKEY JOHN (Rigney & Hickey), res 171; Johnston " Miss Mary, res 138 Johnston " O Jame., chief eng str North King, res 193 University ay Hicks Ida, wtrs Kennedy House " John ti, cutter C Livingston & Bro, res 178 Alfred Higgins Charles, nntr. rem 31 Mack " Isabella (wid James), lys 59 Gore " John, tailor, Ive 255 Montreal " Marv. mail 179 Earl " Mary A (wid Dr Edward M), Ira 191 Johnston Hill Charles, lys 68 Princess " Claude H, lys 196 Johnston

54 J. G. POSTER & CO'S HILL " Eva F (wid Dr George H), bdg hse 196 Johnston " James H, blksmith, lys 25 University " J Russell, studt, lys 196 Johnston " Martin, blksmith, res 25 University Hillcroft Academy, Rev T J Glover prin, Union w Hillier Fred, carder. tala Rideau Hilton Sergt Alexander P, 0 R C, R C le A " Thomas, trunk mkr 388 Princess Hinckley Coleman, capt str Columbia, ree 1R5 University av Hinds, see also Hyncle and tiii. sge Hinds John, bkpr, bds Provincial Hotel Hing Chong, laundry 248 Montreal Hinton David, shoemkr 339 Johnston res 302 same " Edward, lys 302 Johnston Hipson Ellen, ive 136 Division " lv - 1:3I " Joseph R K, boilermkr, res 138 Division " Miss S Louise, tchr Cataraqui School, lye 136 Division " Wm. bknr K Coal Co, Ivs 136 Division Hiscock Anna, stenog Imperial Life Assee Co, Ivs 102 Barrie " Edgar C. mach. res 102 Barrie *1 Edgar C. jr, elk P 0, lys 102 Barrie *Mies Eleanor, tchr, Ive 102 Barrie Joseph, fruits and eonfry Princess, res 117 William Ilisop John. rê. 25S Alfred Hitchcock Natillai T (wid Hiram 0), WS 154 Johnston Hitchen M Harry, customs officer, res 20 O'Kill Hoag Cornelius, head chef Br Am Hotel " Frank.1, druggist 359 Princess, res 394 Alfred Hoben Annie, Ms 255 Montreal " Wni, waiter ('an Rv News Co Hodgson Alice (wid Wm 14, res 137 Ui, rn w " Ellen (wid Thomas), Ive 213 William " Norval. elk Elliott Bros, Fes Outer Depot Hoffman John, pd1r. lys 33 Main Ffotmn David.1. earn. Ive 148 Colborne " George W, lab, res 286 Division " Henry M. btehr. res 99 Elm " lierb.ert, hlksmith. Nis 102 Begot " James, Inland Revenue Officer. bds Anglo American Hotel " John, carp, res 148 Colborne HOGAN " John, studt, bds 26 Wellington " Mary A, dreissmkr, Ive 125 Nelson " hlichael, iab, res 125 " Michael jr, lab, lys 125 Nelson " Thomas, res 700 Montreal llogg Christopher J, gunner A Battery Hogle Elgin, lab, res 78 Colborne " Ernest. fireman. lys 76 Colborne " Harold, slsmn R J McDowell, bds YMCAbldg Holden Robert, weaver, res 44 L Rideau Holder, see also Houlder " Edward, 111)1101, lais Grand Union Hotel " Herbert 11, payer, lys 34 U William " Jessie. asst Dr Waugh, bels 132 Clarence " John B, carp, res 245 Colborne " Wm, ship bldr, ras 390 Montreal Holland George A, repr K & P Ry, res 40 L Rideau " Gertrude, dressrnkr, lys 100 ordnance " Henry N, yardman A Chown & Co, reg 84 èherry " James, driver McRae Bros, res 190 Ordnance " James It. driver Can Exp Co. Ivs 190 Ordnance " John, lab, res 40 Livingston ay " Lydia, dressmkr, Ive 80 Cherry " Violet. lys 190 Ordnance " Win, lab, res 60 Cherry " Wm C. driver T F Harrison Co, ras St Catharine Hollowell Henry C, lab, rd a 216 Earl Holman Albert E, tinsmith, te, r 34 Union w Holmes George. studt, Ms 390 Alfred Holt Miss Grace A, Ive 47 William Home For Friendless Women and Infants, Miss E V Germain supt, 75 Union w Hong Lee, laundry 338 Princess Hood Charles W, driyrr L W Murphy, res 172 Rideau Hooper Mrs Amanda, Ive 508 Prince s HOOPER BROS (Richard J and Oliver H g, Manufacturera of Asbestos Boiler Coverinr. 83 Wellington " Miss Cynthia A, lys 202 William HOOPER OLIVER 1.1 (Hooper Bros), ms 202 William HOOPER RICHARD J (Hooper Bros), Insurance Agent 83 Wellington, rp 39.Albert. south of Union Il W Joseph A, eontr, rea 225 Earl Hopkinson Edward, trader, ras 170 Bagot "Jame.. elk. lys 170 Priem " Mrs Wm, lys 200 Montreal 18 HOPKINSON " Wm E. elk, lys 170 Begot Hopkins Walter, crop A liattery Hopkirk Charles, lys 459 Princess " John E. res 459 Princess HOPPES JOSEPH H, Local Manager 4. anadian Pacific Railway Co's Telegraph 40 Clarence, res 172 Johnston Hopping Abiram, tes 130 Stuart " Miss Christina, Ive 110 Clarence " Dinsmore, mach hd S Anglin rt Co, tes 110 Clarence " Miss Elizabeth M, tchr Sydenham School, lys 110 Clarence " Harvey, elevator foreman Frorttenac Cereal Co, res 200 Union w " Herbert G, elk K & P, Ive 200 Union west Hopwood Elizabeth (wid Walter), cook Exchange Hotel Hors Louisa (wid Francis H), tes 45 King e " Miss Mary F. lys 45 King e Horn Kate G (wid Alexander), res 93 Clergy w " W g:ordon. mach, ras 61 George Horne Clifford R, btchr, lys 124 Nelson " Corydon D, prop Provincial Hotel, 35 Brock " Emma lys 124 Nelson " Robert A, lab, tes 124 Nelson " Rodney II. lys 35 Brock " Silvanus, bottler 0 R Perry, Ive 35 Brock Florsey Bessie, lys 474 Brock " Burton T, studt, lys 208 King e " Ca nt Edwin. reg 474 Br )(k " Edwin E, gen freight and pass agt Lake Ontario & B of Q Steamboat Co, res 21 Frontenac " George F. dentist, res 208 King e " Miss Marion S, bkpr Queen City Oil Co, Ive 184 Queen " Mary A (wid Richard M), ras 184 Queen " Maude. lys 164 Queen HORSEY SAMUEL J, Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, Etc, 189 Princess, tes 191 Clergy Floskin Clara (wid (' harles), tes 49 Division Hotel Beaupre, E Beaupre prop, 312 Princess " Congress. D Kerr prop, 338 King e HOTEL DIEU, Sister La Dauversiere Nfother Superior, Sydenham, cor Brock HOTEL FRONTENAC, A R Martin Manager, Ontario KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 100 HOTEL RANDOLPH, J S Randolph Proprietor, Princess Hough George P, flagman G T R, bd Lake View House Houghton Allan, motorman St Ry, lys 331 Queen " Charles, driver J S Henderson, res 170 Queen " Edith, Ive Isaac Houghton " Cordon A, tinsmith.. lys 170 Queen " Isaac, gdnr, res n s King, 4 w Centre Houlder eee also Holder " George, carp, ras 188 York Hourigan John, studt, bile 281 Queen 'John.1. quarryman, bds 235 Queen House Ethel, tlrs, lys 23 Elm " John, carp, res 23 Elm HOUSE OF INDUSTRY, T W Countryman Superintendent. 302 Montreal HOUSE OF PROVIDENCE, Conducted by the Sisters of Charity, Montreal st, between Ordnance and Bay Houston Martha ( wid Andrew), res Adelaide st Howard Herbert, aect Ontario Bank and sec-treas Rideau Lake Navigation Co, res n s King, 1 e Centre Howarth Charles, sexton Brock St Meth Ch, res 104 Barrie Howell Kate, ting. lys 134 Victoria Ilowison.1 E II, asst grand sets C M B A, res 31 Colborne HOWLAND BROS (Patrick J and Michael.1 V). Tailors and Cents' Furnishers 358 King e " ('at) driver, Bs 273 Alfred " Miss Marion, lys 273 Alfred " Mary E (wid Geo W), lys 64 Barrie HOWLAND MICHAEL J V (Rowland Bro.), lys 273 Alfred HOWLAND PATRICK J (Howland Bros), tes 134 Stuart " Thomas, cab owner, reg 273 Alfred Hub The, Edward Halliday prop, 24 Market Hubbard Chas H, carp, res 50 L Rideau Miss Florence. lys 50 L Rideau " Miss Violet, bknr Davis Dry Dock Co, 'vs 50 L Rideau Hubbell Eliza.T (wid Henry S). tee 109 Begot Hubble Walter H, carp. tes 28 Quebec Hudson Mrs Ann E. lys Outer Depot Huff John. eng, bds Ottawa Hotel Hugall II Percy, servant A B Cunningham Hughes Albert T. sergt B Battery, rms 117 Barrack " Miss Annie, Ive 15 O'Kill

55 J. G. POSTER & CO'S HUNTER BLIGHES " Bertha, wtris British Am Hotel " Charles, lab, bds Lake View House " Frank J, tchr Regiopolis College, bds 102 Clergy " Henry (Hughes & Hughes), reg 16 Front enfle " Henry, mach, lys 147 Pine " Henry R, carp, res 147 Pine " James, midi.. res 15 O'Kill " John, res 361 Brock " John, guard K P, res n s King, 3 w Centre " Mrs John, reg 219 Rideau " John M (Bailey Broom Co), reg 374 Brock " Leslie (Hughes & Hughes), res 117 King w " Mima (wid Albert), res 416 Johnston " Ralph A, stuilt. lys 132 Clarence " Robert H, policeman, res 176 University ay " Thomas. hroommkr, vs 174 Pine " Thomas E, agrl implts 132 Clarence ". IL tray. res 303 University av " Win S, acct K P, res w s Albert, 2 n Alice " & Hughes (Henry and Leslie), agrl implts 203 Wellington Hughson Ann (wid Amos), lys 117 Alfred " Arthur, plmbr Elliott Bras, res 117 Alfred " Ernest. cabtmkr, lys 220 Division " Levi, lab, res 220 Division Hugo Nicholas, res 44 Livingston av Hull Edward, bottler James MeParland, bds 331 King e Hunt Archibald E, barber, 280 Princess " Bros (Jeremiah and Patrick), props Collender Hotel, King e " James, lab. res 69 Pine " Jeremiah (Hunt Bros), res 324 King east " John, res 18 Earl " John, lab. Ms 7 Stephen " John J, prtr Whig. Iva 18 Earl " Patrick (Hunt Bros), tes 324 King e Hunter Annie. lys 14 Colborne " Elizabeth ( wid Peter), reg 14 Colborne " Miss Emma, lys 14 Colborne " Miss Emma A. secretary General Hospital. lys Outer Depot " Lt-Col George, res w s Collingvvood, 4 w Johnston George, grocer, 619 Princess " George, lab, res 404 Montreal " Harry, agt I.on Life Ins Co, Iva Lt- Col Hunter " Henry (Hunter & Harold), res 332 Barrie " James M, prtr Whig. lys 332 Barrie " John, coachman, res 303 Earl " John, grocer 2 Rideau, res same " John, lab, res 673 Princess " John C, huckster, res Ill Raglan rd " Joshua, lab, reg Outer Depot " Miss Mabel C, lys 332 Johnston " Margeerette, Iva 356 Montreal " Melville H, elk, lys 332 Barrie " Peter, prtr, res 175 Montreal " Rebecca (wid Nelson), res 356 Montreal " Rebecca J (wid Henry), res 270 Sydenham " Richard, elk John Corbett, lys 332 Barrie " Richard W, carp. res 45 Ordnance " Robert, pumpman G T it, res Montreal st, Outer Depot " Miss Sarah E. bkpr John Corbett, lys 332 Barrie " Wrn, bench hi S Anglin & Co, lys n s Markland. 3 re Patrick " Win, lab, lys 39 King w " Win H, blksmith 60 Queen, res 10 Redan " & Harold (Henry Hunter, Alex D Harold), contra 175 Queen Hurcomb Edward fireman, res SS Que. bec Hurley John, sailor, reg 77 Gore Patrick. caretkr 194 Ontario Hum n Annie, maid 230 Brock Hurst Elizabeth (wid Thos), lys 31 Union w " James, carp, res 159 Pine " Mrs James, grocer 150 Pine " Jane (wid Wm), lys 12 James " Wm. car exmr. res 12 James Hutcheson James B, nelper car shops, rats 665 Montreal " James E, auctioneer, tes 517 Albert " Miss Mabel lys 517 Albert " Wm, elk McRae Bros, bds 132 Wellington Hutchings E'manuel, gunner "D" Haifa>, res 1.4 I. Bagot HUTCHISON DAVID A, Flour, Grain, Seeds, Hay, Etc, 20 Broc-k, res 624 Princess HUTTON J 0, General Agent Canada Life Assurance Co 254 Bagot, reg 311 University av " Maude. elk W J Crothers, lys 50 Prin. eess " Miss Minnie V, ru 216 Sydenham " Raymond, confr W J Crothers. lys 216 Sydenham Huxley Norman G, carver A C Dunbar, bds 237 Queen Huyck Thornton (Rudd Harness Co). bds Hotel Congress Huyeke Fred V. driver James Redden & Co,!vs 123 Montreal " Maggie J twid David reg 123 Montreal Hyett Charlotte (wid Wm), res 27 Arch " Joseph C, carp W J Crothers, res 117 Stuart " Miss May, lys 117 Stuart Hyland Ella, mus tchr,!vs 427 Alfred " Miss Annie. lys 34 Wellington " Ellen M. clk, lys 312 Montreal " Fred H. carp, lys 427 Alfred John, carp, re.. r 238 Princess " Margaret (wid David J), res 234 Barrie " Murton. eu ri'. lys 236 Princess " Samuel, contr, res 427 Alfred Hynds, see also Hinds «1 Hines " Annie lys 210 Colborne " James A, lab, lys 210 Colborne " John, lab, res 210 Colborne " John L, cond St Ity. lys 210 ('olborne " Miss Mary L. lys 210 Colborne Hynes Miss Ellen. reg r 35 Wellington HYsop Jane (wid Charles), res 124 Stuart Ilett John, slsmn Macnee & Minnes, tes Queen 304 Imperial Hotel, P McKenna prop, 76 Princess IMPERIAL STEAM LAUNDRY, R F F Rowan Manager, Barrie U n excel led Secu rity. The following facts attest to the unexceired security afforded policy holders by THE IMPERIAL LIFE I. CAPITAL: One Million Dollars. 2. GOVERNMENT Deposit : The government deposit of the Imperial Life is larger than that of any other Canadian life assurance company. 3. RESERVES : The Imperial Llfe maintains its entire policy reserves upon a 3 1-a per cent, interest basis. It was the first cornpady in Canada to place Its entire policy reserves upon this stringent basis. 4. ASSETS : The Imperial's in% estment are all of the highest order, and will bear the closest scrutiny. J. B. COOKE, DISTRICT MANAGER, 332 King St Kingston, Ont KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY Ill IMPERIAL LIFE ASSURANCE CO, J B Cooke District Manager, 332 King e, cor Brock i see card below) Inrlis Isabella (wid John), nurse, lys 52 O'Kill " John hicd, studt, lys 52 O'Kill Inkster Miss Jane, lys 312 University INLAND REVENUE OFFICE, C T Dickson, Collector, 16 Market limes Isabel H ( wid John C), Iva 75 Alfred International Mercantile Agency, J S R McCann agent, 51 Brock Ireland Miss Ann. lys F C Ireland IRELAND FRANCIS C, City Treasurer, city Buildings, reg s s Alice, 1 w University av a George E, lys F C Ireland " Kenneth 51. tray Dalton & Sons, lys F C Ireland " Robert, instr in butter making, K Dairy School, Ms 175 Svelenham " Sophronia (wid Robert), dressmkr, res 215 University ay Irish Ceorge. baker, Isis IS Patrick IROQUOIS HOTEL, C Milian Proprietor, Ontario. cor Clarence Irvine Edward J. broommkr. lys 38 Main " Sarah ( wid Wm). res 38 Main Irving.1ohn. gunner A Battery Irwin, see also Erwin " Annie (wid Francis), res 8 John " Miss Annie, lys 240 King e " Miss Annie, lys 256 Sydenham " Annie L, lys 8 John " Bella, lys 8 John " E Annie (wid Capt John), res 256 Sydenham " Frank. toll 2ate kor, Outer Depot " Miss Isabella, lys Wm Irwin John A, lab. lys 8 John " Marion (wid Dr Chamberlain A), res 240 King e " Miss Mary, lys 8 John " Robert. lys Beverley, cor King " Robert C, sailor. re ṡ 94 L Bagot "Win, dk, lys 100 Stuart " Wm, grocer Beverly, cor King Wm jr. eng K Hosiery Co, lys Win IrWin Jack Alexander M, tray Fenwick, Hendry & Co, res 103 Gore " Miss Barbara, lys 312 University av " Miss Isabella, dressmkr 312 University 11V. res same Jackson Albert J, mach, lys 20 Dui:feria " Annie (wid Thos), res 438 Brock

56 112 J. 0. POSTER & CO 8 KINGSTON ALPHABEr1CAL LIRP:('TURT 113 JACKEON " Sfi- Annie, Ivs 254 Queen " A Win, ooaohnan R E Kent, ras 48 O'Kill " Calvin A, lab, res 240 Colborne " Charle+, +lvmn C Livingston & Bro, Iv4 311(i. Johnston Charles F, caretaker Armouries, res 20 Dufferin David. rarver. Iva 306.lohnston " Elizabeth (Misses M & E Jackson), Iva 2 Newman's Cottages Miss Etta, Iva 254 Queen Fred A, lab, res 329 Montreal George, lab, rem 358 Montreal Henry, coachman, Ixls College at Ilenrv. en, res 141 Collinl;wood " Mies Lizzie, lvs 4 Pine Miss Margaret (Misses M & E Jackson), Iva 2 Newman's Cottages " Misses M &E (Margaret and Elizabeth), milliners 113 Brock Nancy (wid Philip), res 4 Pine l'hilip 1 called 1\'m I, cnrrier, rea 338 Montreal " Mrs Susan, res 254 Queen Miss Tena, rem.3o6 Johnston Walter M, watchmkr P B Crews, lais 404 Ilrock Wm, lab, bds 28 University AV Win, blkamith, rem a e Queen, next to Revere House JACKSON WM, Job Printer 173 Wellington. r:+ 27:3 King w " Win F. lab, Iva 56 Division " Wm L, lab, res 137 Montreal Jacob Mary (wid Adam), res 263 Queen James Bridget (wid Wm C), res 192 Clergy Ho,%nrd, Inb. IHI+ 11 Nfarkland " Julia (wid John V), rea 209 University av " Martin, carp, res 203 University av Mary (wid Martin), res 203 i'niversitv Otto. music t, hr. bda 34 Wellington Richard F, dredgeman, res 207 University av Thoma,. Krocer 370 Barrie, res 105 Col borne " Thomas B. broomnikr. Iva 105 Colborne " Thomas H, cabs 203 University av Win A, tailor, Iva 203 University Jameson Miss Birdie O, bkpr A P Chown, Ive 78 York Emma (wid George), rea 78 York Jamieson Alexander, bkpr Jos Jamieson, re+ I S2 Barrie " David, plmbr, res e s Beverly, 2 s Union JAMISBON " John, plmbr, res 88 Gore " Joseph, plmbr 42 Johnston, rea same " Robert, lab, res 200 Montreal " Thomas It. plmbr J Nugent & Co, res 266 Wellington " Win, plmbr, Tea 19 York.laneway Inhn H, pntr, rem 21,James Jaquith Isaac, carp, res 27 Wellington " laines A. eerylt Ordnance Stores Corps, res 105 C1erRv " Miss Mary B lys 27 Wellington " J Thomas, shlp carp, rem 25 Rideau Jarrell l;eorge, enk, res 367 Ragot George W, aft Lon Life Ins Co, lys 33.lames " Iaaac, lah. res 413 King e James, sailor, ree 33 James James F, carp. )vs 33 James Marv (wid l'hilin). re+ li L North Jarvis Miss Eliza, Indry 131 Queen Francis D, lab, lvs 18$ Montreal " John H, lab, res 7 Ann " Wm, carp, res 185 Montreal " Win 7', stableman F A Bibby, rem 138 Queen.lefferiey %%'m E. foreman S Oberndorfier, res 44 Hickson av Jefferson J Wesley, prtr, res t63 Bagot Jeffries Harry E. plater C. R Tomlinson, re+ 271 Prince3+ Jenkin Min/ Ada M, ive 379 Princess " Miss Annie, elk, Ive 63 York Au_nvtos. Inb, lys 391 Barrie " Edward J, broommkr, Ive 63 York " Elizabeth (wid Richard), res 138 Colborne " Isaac, carp, res 21, University av " John, contr, rem 9 Princess " John E, blksmith Raglan rd, cor York. res 63 York " Miss Lillian G, clerk, Ive 63 York " Su+an, dressmkr. bila 239 Alfred " Walter A. rev 391 Barrie.ienkins Claire. Iva Isaac Houghton " C Earl. Audt. lys Isaac Houghton JENKIIYS EDMUND P, Clothier, Hatter and 11en'+ Fnrnisher 114 Princess, rea 196 University av (See card below) E. P. JENKINS, Fit Reform ClDthing, Hatter and Men's Furnisher 114 PRINCESS STREET, Jenkins Edna, Iva Isaac Houghton Walter (' T, livery, Barrie, cor Quebec rea 15 Quebec Jenman George, Exchange Hotel, 21 Brock Lucy 1 a'id James), Ive 32 Main JENNINGS HARRY, Boots and Shoes 350 King., P. re. 299 Barrie Jervas H, confy 220 Princess Jerou Watson, opr News and Tirne+, res 16 Main Johanne+en 1Vm, sailor, bde Ottawa Hotel Johns l'harle4 I', NID, Iva 117 Clergy w Eliznbeth (wid 'l'iwma++ H), rem 97 Cler v w Job Mrs Nancy, rms 70 William Johnson see also Johnston " Alexander J, contr 216 Bagot, rem 256 University av " Miss Annie M, bdg hse 53 Earl " Edward, corp R C F A " George R, florist O G Johnson " George W D, mkt gdnr bd of Johnston " Henry, lab, res 13 Clergy w " James B, barber 157 Wellington, res 49 Earl ".1ohn A. barber. res 25 \Vade's Lane \ti-+ Nellie. h'+ ll G Johnson JOHNSON ORLANDO G, Florist 326 Kin_ e, re+ Head of Johnston.(See card below ) O. G. JOHNSON, Florist, KINGSTON, - ONT. Grower and Exporter of NEW AND RARE PLANTS SPECIALTIES: Choice Roses. Carnations and Chrysanthemums. Weddin BoQuets, Floral Desl^ns and Floral Lsksts in Up-to-date Style. CONSERYATORI, HEAD OF JOHNSTON STREET, 'PHONE 235. CITY BRANCH: 326 KING ST. EAST 'PHONE 239 JOti\SON " Percy, guard K P, rem w e Pembroke, 4 n King " Miss Sarah M, Ive 49 Earl " Thuma+. coachmnn, re+ College at Johnston Miss Agnes, Iva 49 York " Alice. maid British A ni Hntel " Miss Annie I, Ive 42 Collingwood " Arthur. Omit. Iva 49 York " David W, gunner A Battery JOHNSTON " Edith M. Iva 42 Collingwood " Fanny A, Iva 42 Collingwood " Henry, rea n a Princess, I e Albert " Hugh, baker 49 York, res same " James, res 332 University av " James, lab, res gq Earl " John, res 330 Broclc " John E, shoemkr, res 72 Brock " John R, mer tir 107 Princess, rem 241 Brock Joseph, appr J W Ofdfin, Iva Conces sion rd Kate, maid British Am liotel Lawrence, elk British Am Hotel In man. re+ 142 Pine Miss Marjory, drsmkr 112 Clarence Miss \tarv. lys 300.lohnrtnn Thomas W, plmbr, res 118 Ordnance Win It. cook, re- 92 Queen Wm G. prtr Win Jackson, rem 42 Collingwood lollifle Jacob If. cnoper, rea!tn Pine Jones Miss Amanda M, ]va 801 Princess " Amelia, bkpr, Ive 323% Brock " Annie (wid Thomas), res 49 Livingston av " Catherine (wid A Kelsey), res 323ys Brock " Cornelius a, locksmith 293 Princess, rem same Jfra Cornelius A. Ive 94 Albert Miss Emma, lys 801 l'rineesa Enlily (wid 7'hos), lva 156 King e Miss Eva, Ivs 34 Johnston Miss Eva. Iva 71 Colborne " Francis W, dyer, res 30 Union w Frank, elk G T R, Ixls 214 Division :1lrs Frank. res 251/. Ellice Frank A, barber J H Jones, lys 34 Johnston " Hannah, maid 197 Johnston Harry, appr Kingston Foundry, Ive 441 Livingston av " Howard. lab, hda Il Varkland " James H, barber 50 Clarence, res 34 Johnston John. I,dnr, rca 944 Prinresa " J Edward, mngr Ontario Park, res 324 Alfred Margaret (wid John G), res 801 Princess Miss Mildred, lvs 156 King e Mies \finnie, IVA 25y Ellice Norman, btchr, bde 730 Prlncess R'm.1. htchr, res 841 Princess Jordan Dennis, studt, lys 247 Brock Miss Hilda, lvs 247 Brock Jalnea. lys 44 Patrick Samuel. 238 Wellington Thomas, studt, Ive 247 Brock M S, instr R C F A, res

57 di 114 J. G. FOSTER & CO'S JOR DA N " Rev Wm G, B A, D D, prof Queen's College, res 247 Brock JOSLIN ALFRED, Photographer 334 King e, Isle 25 Wellington (See adv opp title page) Joy George F, lye 159 Queen Joyce George, studt,!vs 498 Division " Harry. driver. Irs 33 U Charles " Miss. Ida, Iva 498 Division " James, clk, Iva 33 U Charles " John, lah. res 41 King w " John jr, sailor, lys 41 King w " Kat(', maid 22 Barrie 14 Lawrence, lab. res 33 U Charles " Maggie. cook Western Hotel " Mary ( wid Thos), reg 42 U Charles " Matthew, boots and shoes 267 Princess " Matthew jr, Ira 267 l'rineess " Michael. lab, Iv.; 41 King w " Patrick. lvs 41 King w " Robert J, Mar, Iva 498 Division " Miss Rose M. lys 498 Division " Sheldon, studt, Ms 374 Barrie " Thomas, btchr, Iva 498 Division " W John, btchr, res 498 Division Joyner Annie L, nurse, lys 422 Johnston " James, lab, res 27 Nelson " Laura (wid Elijah), res 422 Johnston " Lavinia E, stenog, lys 422 Johnston " Nellie G, clk, Ive 27 Nelson " Wm R. tuner MeMillan & Co, bds 302 Queen Jubilee Hotel. Cooper Lennox prop, 235 Wellington Judge Miss Rome, Its 243 F:arl Judkins Caroline ( wid Edwin), hskpr 24S University av Judson James, oyerieer Cotton M111, res 46 Patrick Kane see also Cain " Miss Agnes. ('bief opr Bell Tel Co, bds 225 Begot " Charles, lilksinith. Ms Club Hotel " Miss Gertrude, Iva 76 Ordnance Gladys. wtrs Iroquois Hotel " James, lab, res 67 Colborne " James F. tel opr, lvs 246 Sydenham " James P. carriage mkr, lys n s Place d'armes " John, carp, res 57 Colborne " John E, eng, res 212 University av " Miss Libbie, bkpr J Y Parlchill Co, Ivs 67 Colborne KANE " Miss Margaret, music tehr, res n s Place d'armes " Miss Mary. Its 14 $ Queen " Matthew, driver, res 142 L Bagot " Thomas M, chief oor N W Tel Co, reg 246 Sydenham Kavanagh, see also Cavanagh " Helen. lvs 13 St Lawrence at. " James II, lab, reg 13 St Lawrenee av " John D, mach. Iva 13 St Lawrence av Kay Henry, mach, bds94 Queen Keeney Ernest P. receiving teller Ontario Bank, bds 132 Wellington Kearns, see also Cairns " Miss Agnes. lys 128 Barrie " Fred C, clk Standatd Bank, lys 53 Clergy " James, res 53 Clergy " Maggie. win+ British Am Hotel " Mary %Yid Lawrence), Its 49 Bay " Miss Mary A, Iva 33 George " Patrick, lab, res e s Maedonnell st " Robert, res 33 George " Samuel, cazp, res 37 Pine Kea tes James 11, la h, Iva 87 Cataraqui " Thomas, carter. res 87 Cataraqui " T Fred, tinstr Queen City Oil Co, reg 140 I. liagot Keating Miss Frances M, tehr St Mary's School, bds 79 L Bagot " James R, storekpr Loco Works, res 127 Division " Leonard. opr G T R, bile 665 Montreal " Miss Marv. res 34 Sinter* Keeley Wm J, sr, mfg jeweller 103 Brock, res 136 Union w " Wm J, jr, jeweller and optician 226 Princess, res eame Keen George, carp, res 127 Zolborne " Patrick, boilerinkr. res 14 l' " Thomas A, asst storekpr K P, res 256 Barrie Keene see Keen Keep Close Placket Fastener Co. IS Montreal Behoe Miss Dollie, Iva *?,02 King e John, sr, lab, reg 202 tç.ing e " John jr, fireman, reg 42 Union e " Joseph. tmstr Shedden Co. reg 48 Gore KEHOE REV J P, Rector St Mary's Cathedral, res The Palace 225 Johnston Keill Frank A, elk J MeD Mowat, bd, 214 Division KELEHON WM, Manufacturer of Marine and Stationary Engines, 46 Prineess, reg snme Kellar Charles, carp, tes 255 Division Kelley, see also Kelly " Amelia, tchr, lys 115 to..y " Miss Elizabeth, lys 115 Bay " Henry, lab, ces 196 King e James, grocer 270 Princess, res KINGSTON A LPFIATIETICAL DIRECTOR Y. 115 Alfred Miss Margaret J, tehr Central School, lys 115 Bay Wm A, eng atr Pierrepont, rem 115 Bay Kelliher Agnes, drsmkr, Iva 150 L Begot " Mary A, tire, Iva 150 L Begot " Thomas J, mason, lys 150 L Begot " Winifred (wid Maurice), reg 110 L Begot Kelly, see also Kelley " Miss Ethel, lvs 32 Ellerbeek av " George, woodwkr, reg 35 l'ine " Gertrude, attndt Asylum, Ive 32 Ellerbeck av " Isaac, patternmkr, res 87 Earl " James, stoker General Hospital " Joseph, foreman Kent Bros, Tel 22 Dufferin Mary J (wid James), tirs, lys 181 Alfred Miss Nettie, Iva 87 Earl Samuel, mach, res 32 Ellerbeck av Thomas, appr, lys 21 Arch Thomas, elk of Portsmouth Village, res n s King, 1 w Pembroke ' Wm. hennery. 21 Joseph Kelso Christopher, mach, res 12 Deacon " Ephraim, lab, res 14 Vine " Isabella (wid Ephraim), res 304 Barrie Kemp George. florist, res 609 Division " John J. baggageman G T R, res Outer Depot " Miss Mary A, Ivs 93 Queen " Mary J (wid George J), res 93 Queen " Montie J, carp, res 27 Russell " Robert, lab, res 64 Ontario " Russell G, elk W A Sawyer, lys 455 Division " Win J. woodwkr, res 455 Divisiot KENNEDY ALBERT, Superintendent Metropolitan Life Insurance Co, 115 Brock, res 199 B rock " Alexis. carp E Slater & Co, reg 134 Nelson " Miss Alice. lvs 224 King e " Andrew E, eng, lys 140 Divisicn " Charles, driver R E Wilson, res 276 Ontario " Daniel. slsmn C J Corrigan, les Portsmouth KENNEDY " Eliza (wid Robert), res 410 Jo%re ston " Miss Elide, elk, lye 410 Johnston KENNEDY HOUSE, Wm Dunigan Proprietor 2'28 Ontario, cor Brock " James, lab, res 237 Sydenham " James jr. lab, lys 237 Sydenham " Mies Jennie, elk A J ees, lys 410 J ohnston " Joseph, boilermkr, lye 140 Division " Miss Loretta, clk C J Corrigan, lye di if if è 14 Portsmouth Miss Maggie, bda 9 Charles Mary (wid John), res 89 Coilingwood Miss Mary, the, res 267 Jognaton Matilda (wid Joseph), grocer 140 Division, res same Miss May, bds Dublin Hou.-,e Miss M Gertrude, bkpr London Life Ins Co, lys 140 Division " Miss 0 Hazel, lye 140 Division " Patrick, mach, res 227 Princess " Thomas. lab. res 92 Ilay " Timothy, carter, res Barrack " Wm, ship carp, res 430 Barrie " Wm, mach. lys 213 Nelson Kenney Allan. blksmith, 1v.i P Kenney " James P, lab, res s s Concession, 2 w Lansdowne " Mamie, Ira Thos Kenney " Myles, stableman A E Harding, Its Concession rd " Thomas, carp, res s s Concession, w Lansdowne " Wm, mach, res 63 Sydenham Kenny Charles \V, barber 31 Brock. res 110 Queen " Joseph, cheesemkr, reg 155 Pine " Wm. guard K P, res w s Pembroke, 4 n King KENT BROS (Robert E and Wm C), Private Bankers. Insurance Agents and Mica Dealers 91 Clarence " Miss Lillian. Ive 55 George " Noel, reg 55 George KENT ROBERT E (Kent Bros), res 85 King e " Mrs Win. lys 237 Brock KENT WM C (Kent Bros). lys 85 King east Keough Win, dentist F Waugh, bds 169 Brock Kerr see also Camr " Miss Ada, lys 155 Earl " Duncan. prop Hotel Congress King e " John, rem 155 Earl " Joseph.1. cashier Macnee & Minnes, lys Portsmouth

58 118 J. O. POSTUR. & etits KERR " Thomas, tailor, lxis 69 Queen " Walter R, sisnin liv Skinner & Co, 'vs 155 Earl «" Wm J, bkpr R Crawford, Iva Portsmouth Kesvvick Restaurant, T F Williams prop '354 King e Keyes, Albert C, elk 11 Wade, lys 355 Prineess " Alice, drsmkr 153 Brock, res same " Andrew, shoemkr 355 Princeas " Ann (wid Wnt), lys rock " Jennie, dramkr. lva 62 Colborne " Stanley, studt, lvs 355 Princess Keys Catilerine, Ra 190 Rideau " Frank, lab S Anglin & CO, Ive 190 Rideau " Miehael. lab S Anglin (S: Co, res 190 Rideau " Patrick, asst R.1 Reid. Iva 190 Rideau Kidd Anne (wid Joseph), res 182 Queen " Miss Annie, Ds 182 Queen " Miss Emma, lys 182 Queen " Miss Ida, Iva 146 Barrie " Miss Jane, Iva 182 Queen John, carriage nikr 184 Queen, res.ame " Robert, res 53 Barrack KIDD W1d G, Inspector of Schools, Of- 28 Montreal. re. 110 Barrie KILBORN R K, M D, Physician and Surgeon. Office Hours 10 to 11 am. 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 inn, Telephone 342, Otliee and Residence 244 King e, cor William Meanley Patrick, res 129 Division KiIfoyle. Denis. lye Ottawa Hotel Killeen Miss Agnes. bila 58 Bay.(ohn, lab. res 210 Wellington " Mary (wid Patrick), res 231 Wellington " Patrick, carter, res 32 Russell " Patrick. bell boy hot cl Randolph Killen Charles, lab, res 244 Barrie " Thomas P, lab. res 7 Clow's Block Killer Oliver H, bkpr Dominion Fish Co, res 103 Gore Kilpatrick Frederick A, marble cutter.!vs 44 Livingston nv " Miss Helen, tchr Louise School, lys 183 University av " Samuel J (Kingston Granite & Marble Works), res 183 University Kimball Charles L, motorman St Ry, res 76 North Kimpson Joseph, baker W J Crothers, res 140 Bay " Joseph jr, lys 140 Bay Kincaid laines V. mal carter W G Craig Co. Ive Al Wellitprton " Mrs Mary, res 91 Wellington Kinch John, carp, us 8 Redan King Miss Alice, lys J G King " Annie ( wid Peter ( Lys 437 Alfred " Miss Edith A. clk Robinson Bros, Iva Thus King " Miss Edith E, stetog Othlfellows' Re lie Assn, Iva 21 Colborne " Edward, sailor, bds The Hall " EMU'S wid Robert), ren 21 Colblirne " Miss Frances,!vs 98 Barrie KING FRANCIS, MA, (Smythe, King & Smythe re. 84 Barrie " Frank K, lab, lys Thom King " Fred, broonunkr. IVI Thos King " John, contr. res 21 Pine " John. weightuan Jss Richardson & Sons, res 72 L Bagot " Miss Mabel. otenog Queen's University. Ive.1 G King " J George, res s s Alice, 3 w Univers- Ity av " Mary E wid Norris W), res 140 Col borne " Mildred M. nurse. 'vs 239 Alfred " Monie b ss id Hiram B), lv, 14 1 Earl " Miss Muriel, musician, lye J G King " Thomas, mach, res n s Stanley, i w Division " Thomas 11. lab, Ive 21 Colborne " Thomas I.. gunner li Bat tery " Major Wm. asst tax collector, res 239 Alfr " Wm, carp, res n s Stanley. 3 w Lansdowne " Wm jr, slsmn The H D Bibby Co, lys Wm King Kingsbury Amos B. barber.1 M Theobald. Ms 126 Stuart Kingsley Edward. ins agt, bels 18 Rideau " Miss Loretta, lys 305 Alfred KINGSLEY REV WILFRED, Curate St Mary's Cathedral, res The Palac 225 Johnston Kingston Auxiliary British and Foreign Bible Society, 158 Princess " Board of Trade, see Board of Trade KINGSTON BOAT CO, Francis E Rickey Foreman, foot of Simcoe KINGSTON BOTTLING WORKS, Alexander Tyn Proprietor. Manufacturer a of all kin1s of Mineral NVaters, Bottled Ales, Liquors, Cigars, Etc, Princess, Telephone 313 KINGSTON BUSINESS COLLEGE, H F Metcalfe Principal. Head of Queen " Business College Co. -1 B McKay, principal, head of Queen Kingston C'oal Co, S Crawford mngr. s King, 2 n Queen " Cordage Co, James F Ferguson prop, 39 Broek KINGSTON DAIRY SCHOOL, J W Mit - 'hell Superintendent. Barrie, cor ( 'lergy KINGSTON DRY DOCK, Dept Public NVorks of Canada, I' S Rees Dock Master, Union, cor Ontario " Elastic Paint Co, L B Spencer prop, King w " Foundry, Selby & Youlden proprs, Ontario, cor Union KINGSTON GENERAL HOSPITAL, KINUSTON ALPGAIIETICAL DIRECTORY 11? Miss Elizabeth G Flaws Superintendent, Stuart, cor George " Granite & Marble Works (S J Kilpatrick), Bagot cor Queen " Hosiery C'o Ltd, John Hewton sec- Dias and mngr, King w " Ladies' College, Miss M Gober, M A. pria, 72 Barrie " Ice Yacht Club, ft of Maitland KINGSTON LIGHT, HEAT & POWER Co, Ira A Breek President, R T Walkem, KC, LLD, Vice-President; Edward Moore Secretary-Treasurer. 19 Queen " Maurice, lab,!vs 262 Earl KINGSTON MILK DEPOT, E F Sears NIanager. 'bigot. eor Brock Nlilling Co. fl uo r mill. ft Brork KINGSTON NEWS (See News and Times KINGSTON PALACE LIVERY, SALE AND BOARDING STABLE, R E %Vilson Proprietor. 34-3f3 Prineess. KINGSTON PENITENTIARY, Dr J M Platt Warden, Portsmouth " Photograph Co, W L Richardson mngr, 151 Wellington KINGSTON RAG AND METAL CO, Susman & Cohen Proprietors, Ontario, cor Barrack (See card below) Kingston Rag 6: Metal Co. Wholesale Dealers in All kinds of RAOS, IRON, METALS, RUBBERS, BONES, TAILORS' CLIPPINGS, Wool Pickings, Horsehair, Etc. SUSMAN & COHEN, PROPRIETORS, cos. Ontario and Barrack Streets. Telephone 348. KINGSTON, ONT KINGSTON, PORTSMOUTH é CATARaqui Eleetrie Railway Co, Ira A Brick President, B W Folger General Manager sud Vice-President, J Bawden Secretary -Treaaurer. H C Niekle Superintendent. J H Geoghegan asat supt, 192 Ontairo Kingston Sehool of Art /., Princes. KINGSTON SCHOOL OF MINING AND Agrieulture, Prof W L Goodwin, BSc, Lond, DSc Ellin, FRCS, Director, Queen's College grounds " Skating Rink, Queen's College grounds, Arch at KINGSTON STEAM LAUNDRY, C A Thoniti.on Manager, 251 Princess '' Thomas. lu lu, lys 202 Earl KINGSTON VINEGAR WORKS, Wilson, I.vtle, Badgerow Co of Toronto, 1:t (1, Proprietors, Bawd. cor Ordflatlet> " Yacht Club. ft of Maitland " it Pembroke Iron Mining Co, 194 Ontario KINGSTON & PEMBROKE RAILWAY M 11 Folger President. (' W Spetwer Vice-President and 1 ;eneral Manager. 1, A Folger jr General Superintendent, John 1.11itebread Secretary-Treasurer, T W Nash chief Engineer. F Conway General Freight and Passenger Agent, J H Black Auditor, Offices and Depot Ontario st, opp City Hall Kingswell Charles. lab, res Stanley st " NVm. driver.lames MeParlanrid, lye Stanley st Kinnear Thomas J, Christian Scientist, res 182 Johnston Kirby Wm K. lab. res 45 Areh Kirk. Samuel T, dairy, res 22 James Kirkland Miss Susan.!vs 17 8 Alfred KIRKPATRICK ALEXANDER K, City Engineer, 011ice City Buildings, Barrie KIRKPATRICK CHARLES S (Gildersleeve & Kirkpatriek). City Agent Confederation I.ife Association, Chareau-e. res 134 King e " Emily G (wid Rev Francis W), res 134 King e " Miss Etta, lys 134 King e " George H. clk M Kirkpatrick, res 311 Brock " Harriet B (wid Wm W), res 98 Barrie " Miss Kathleen. lys 134 King e " Miss Louise, Ive 96 Barrie " Michael, pictures 159 Princess, bds 244 Brock

59 118 J. O. PORTER & CO'El A. C. KNAPP, BOAT BUILDER. Boats of' all kinds for sale and built to order. Oars, sails and all boat fittings supplied. All materials and workmanship of the best quality. A FIRST - CLASS BOAT LIVERY IN CONNECTION BOAT HOUSES TO RENT. Office and Reeidence: CATARAQUI BRIDGE. FOOT OF ONTARIO STREET Knapp Andrew H, carp, Ive Cataraqui Bridge, Ontario st KNAPP A E, BA, LDS, DDS, Dentist, 19 Montreal. cor Prinee+s (See card belou Dr. A. E. Knapp, DENTIST, 19 MONTREAL STREET, (Cor. Princess Street.) KNAPP " Charles N. carp. res 182 Rideau " Dixon S, carder K Hosiery Co, re's e s Albert, 1 n Johnston " James F. res 333 Johnston " Miss Luella, lys 333 Johnston " Miss lietta, lys 182 Rideau " Miss R Stella, lvs 333 Johnston KKAPP " Win G, boat bldr A C Knapp. Iva game Knight Agnes, maid 2:30 king e " Archibald P. MA, DD, prof Queen's College. res s s Alice st " Cyril W, studt, Ive A P Knight " Mona, vocalist, lys A P Knight " Nettie, dressmkr 368 Barrie " Robert, bdg Ilse 368 Barrie " Robert, lab, res 167 Montreal Knights of Columbus. hall 98 Earl Knott ',ran ce* wid Frank), lys 313 Montreal Joseph 1", lab, ran 44 Gore " Otto. clk A 51aelean, res 313 Mont. real " Walter, lab, us 382 Johnston KIRKPATRICK, ROGERS AND NICKLE I R Vitalion Riigers, K ( ', 1.1.1), \V in F Niel:le), Barristers, Solicitors, Etc. 194 Ontario " Stafford. prof Queen's University, res w a Centre. I a Union Kirkwood Aldrich, lab, Ivs 125 Montreal " James, capt barge Hamilton, res 125 Mont real IXisli Miss Ida. lys 20 Pim. KIVELL JOHN N, Managing District Salesman Singer Miiiinfacturer Co, re+ 97 Queen WM II. barber 336 King e, Irs 97 Queen KNAPP ADELBERT C, Boat Builder, ft of Ontario st, res same (See card Knox George A. stableman A below) Mellqu. liam, res 131 Colborne " Harry 1). trav Ily Skinner & Co, bds 11:().1 1((ig lintel Knoydart Cocker Kennels, 167 King e (en Edward..1.itin Steacy & Stettey, lys 204 %Villiatii " Frank, lab, tes 21 Arch " John, sisnin R Meraul. lys 204 William " carp, res 204 William Nellie, dressmkr, Ive 157 Montreal Korkey, see also Corkey Kruger Viii A. sergt B Battery, res 2(1 Pine liyio Harry, sailor, bds Albion lintel Santlfoi:d, studt, lys 112 Ordnance Labelle Alex. gunner A Battery " George. lai.. res 59 Queen La Bonte Albert, carp, res 330 Montreal Ladd Mrs Caroline, bds 132 Wellington Lafave Fredrick, eng str Donnelly, ru 41 Ordnance Latiame Joseph, corp shoeingsmith B Ha it pry, re. 120 Montreal La France Caroline (wid Joseph), bdg hse 21 Charles " Catherine (wid Chas), lys 138 Colborne " Rose, spinner, lys 2! Charles Lai Sang, lndry 282 Princess LAIDLAW DAVID G (John Laidlaw & son). re Johnston " James R. lys 248 Division LA1DLAW JOHN & SON (David G Laidlaw). Staple and Fancy Dry Goods and Mantles Princess Laidley S George. harnessmkr 86 Queen Laing Rev Douglas, pastor First Baptist Church, res 179 Johnston " Nlit 1%s 179.1,dinstmi Laird Rev 'Alexander, minister Cooke's reg ti5 Union es " James, pntr, res 392 Division LA1gD JOHN, Painter and Dealer it Wall Paper 349 Prineess, res same " Rev Robert, res 113 York " Win G, pntr, Iv, 349 Princess " Wm L, agt North Am Life Assce Co, bds 113 York Lake, see also Loke " Alfred D, knitter, res 302 Earl " Amos K, carp, res 84 Quebec " Arthur, ids :John Laidlaw di Son, Iva 84 QuPber " Earl. stualt, Isis 332 University av " Electa. dressmkr, lid«97 Bay " Mrs Eliza, lys 26 Elm- LAKE ELMER J, MD, Eye, Ear, Noes, Throat and Skin Blemishes; Office Hour. 9 to 12 and 1.30 to 5, Sat. orday evening+ 7 to 9, 258 Ragot, Teleidione 3111, re. 353 Alfred, Telephone 299 " Franklin W, carp, res 243 Colborne " John, gdnr, res 26 Elm LAKE ONTARIO & BAY OF QUINTE Steamboat Co. Limited, C I, (il deraleeve 286 President, 6 Market " View House, A Simpson prop, Ontario " Wm, carp, res 316 Queen Lalonde.3.1«lin. MD. lv.. 291i Barrie " Eva, dressmkr 25 Ellice " Florence. lb.+. Iv. 25 Ellice " Francis H, lab, tes 2 Orchard " Henry. carp. Iv. '25 Ellice " Joseph, lab, res 22 Place d'armes " Joseph M. baker, res 298 Barrie " Mrs Joseph M, grocer 296 Barrie " Louis, carp, res 25 Ellice " Marv. dre.gnikr, lvg 25 Ellice " Tobias L, studt, lys 296 Barrie " Wm, sailor, Ive 22 Place d'armes La Lone Frederick.1, agt Met 1.ife Ins Co. rf, a2ot Lamarche Dolor, lineman G N W Tel Co, res 407 Barrie Lamb Walter, lumber, res 34 Durham Lambert Angela, lys 42 Hickson av " Misa Beatrice, Iva 245 Alfred " France+ (wid Albert).!vs 89 Clergy we.t " Miss Lillian, studt, Iva 245 Alfred " Margaret M, lys 42 Hickson av " Mark. gdnr. re+ Regent st " Mary A (wid Samuel), res 42 Hickson avenue KINORTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY LAMBERT " Mary E, lys 42 Hickson av " Miss Matilda, res 177 Queen " Michael B, carp, res»9 Queen " Samuel J, tray, res 185 Colborne " Tht.iiiii., tailor 157 Princess, res 245 Alfred Lamontagne Jean B, tpt "B" Battery I.a Morix John, sailor, tula Ontario lise Lamoureux r.:tnile. gunner A Battery Lanagan see Lanigan LANDER WM H, Manager Utica Saturday 1;1((be 167 Wellington, lids 189 Bowl( Landers Catherine, cook 13 King w Landeryou Emma (wid Joseph T A), res 87 Colborne " John C, contr, res 91 York Lane Benjamin, storeman Henry Skinner â Co, rem 103 Pine " Cyrus W, jwir 192 Wellingto 1, tes 85 Gore " Harold, elk Ily Skinner & Co, Ive 103 Pine " Miss Isobel M, elk, lys 103 Pine Langbort Louis (Langbort & Co), res 218 University ay LANGBORT & CO, Scrap Iron, Etc, Ontario (See card below) LANGBORT 1St Co. Wholesale Dealer In all kinde of Rags, Iron, Metals, Rubbers Bones. Wool Pickings, Horse Hair, Tailors' Clippings, Hides, Skins, Etc Ç 4 ONTARIO ST. KINOSTON, ONT. TELEPHONE 374. Landon Miss Edith E. Ivs 222(a) Divi. sion " John, apiarist, res 220 Nelson " N Louis, sismn T Fl Harrison Co, Iva 222 (a) Division " Miss Martha, res 253 Victoria " Mary ( wid Alfred I. reg 37 King w " Misa Mary G, bkpr P Walsh, Ive 253 Victoria, " Nathaniel, contr, 222 (a) Diviaiors " Wm, contr, res 207 Nelson LANGLEY J G, Electric Belt Manufac t irer 192 Wellington, lals Iroquois Hotel " Robert. Iva 136 Johnston Lanham Honora (wid Charles res 230 Wellington Sophia, lys 230 Wellington

60 I J. a. FOSTEit & co's Lanigan Andrew, messr Board of Education. Ivs 325 Univer*ity a v La Plante Leuis. mach, bds 102 Rideau Lario Bridget (wid Joseph), Iva 34 Simcoe La Rose Henry, lab, res pi Brock Napoleon, eng, res 24 V ads's lane La Rush Hichard.1, capt sloop Maggie L, rept S5 Beverley Lasher Henrietta (irld John), res $68 Princess Laturne v Edward R. woodwkr James Laturney, Iva 390 Princes s " George, carter, red 112 Barrac k " Geor', jr. bkpr Macdonnell & Far- Xl,' Iva 112 Barrac k 164A I*abella ". Ivs 112 Barrack Gertrude. tchr Palace School, Ivs 3go Princess LATURNEY JAMES, Carriage Makei 39o Princess, reo same (See card below ) JAS. LATURNEY, Kingston's Leading Carriage Maker, Has the best equipped shop In Central Ontario. devoted CSI)CCiAlly to the Carriage business. and Is always ready to execute work with neatness and dispatch. whether It I s BLACKSMITHING, WOOD WORKING, PAINTING, TRIMMINCL WE ALSO NIAKE A SPECIALTY OF BUILDING ANY SPECIAL DESIGN O F WAGGON OR S L E IG H Princess St. ~~TVRINEY James, opr Whig, rem i2p Bagot Jennie, clk, Ivs 112 Barrack Miss Maude. stenog Niet Life ins Co, Ivi 390 Princets Lauder Nli~4 Birdie. elk. 1%,q 71 Colborne Laughern James, mngr Kingston Elastic Paint Co, res 49 L Begot James, Jr, sailor, Iva 49 L Begot Lavell Frank M. studt, bds 2o Barrie " Walter H, studt, bds 2o Barrie Lavery Patrick, lab, Iva 46 L Begot Law Edward, Iva 321 Victoria Lawler, see also Law or Lawler Albert J, boilermkr, res Ba y " Arthur, %tudt. Ivs 218 Alfred " Charles A, studt, IVS 218 Alfred 58.Nlinm Frances. elk, Ive 2.30 Farl James. attailt Asylum, roe 218 Alfre d James, instr K 1'. rem 138 Stuar t " Joseph, agt Lon Life Ins Co, red 230 Earl J Herbert, Ktorpman Dalton & Sons, re~ log Charle A Michael D, tinsmith, Iva 218 Alfred Robert J, elk McRae Bros, Iva 218 Alfred Wm E. blksmith, Iva 218 Alfred Law]"% Catherine (wid Patrick), Ive 43 Ordnance I " James, r;upervisor Asylum, red 105 Stua " James, caretaker Inland Revenue Building, res sam e " James F, cab ownw, Iva 319 Johnsto n LAWLESS JAMES J, Proprietor Western Hot(-] 164 Ontario (See card under Western Ilotel ) " L, vab driver. rins 239 Johnston " Michael. bartn(ir Windsor Hotel, rem :122 JohnKton " Michael, carter, res 222 E4Lrl Michael J, sailor, Iva 222 Earl Patrick.1. inach. res 214 Earl Peter, Iv4 16 7%larket Peter, carter, red 319 Johnston Peter F, lvs 319 Johnston 1~wlor, see also Lawle r " Thomas, lab, Iva 295 Wellington " Wm, lab, res 285 Wellingto n " Wnt. vigarinkr. res 95) 1, Bagot Lawrence Charles, sailor, Ivs 64 Bay Frank. sailor, Ivs 64 Ba y John, sailor, lvs 64 Bay " Joseph 0, barber, Iva 64 Bay " Lucy (wid Francis), res 64 Bay Lawrenson Eliner (Lemnion. Claxton & 1,RwrenAon), re-; 164 Bagot lawson Ella R (wid James 11). Iva 347 Alfred " :Ifiqq Jennie. rem 409 Princess " Henry S. elk A B Cunningham, Iva 3i-, Alfred " John. match. bds 34.1 King I John J. lab, res 92 Victoria Louit D. vik G T R, Iv i,4 347 Alfred Mary, dressmkr 4 Princes s Lazier Lucinda (widlohn M), Ivs 473 Princes s Losch Edward, bkpr J A Hendry, roe 7 Garret t Emma L, bkpr J A Hendry, Iva 7 Garrett Erne.,4t E, slqmn John Laidlaw & Son, IvA 7 Garrett Miss Lydia, Iva 7 Garrott KINOMW ALPHAFIRTICAL DIRhM)Ry Leader Arthur Edith 8 J, lab, Iva 288 Barrie P, mus tchr, Iva 288 Barr!e T If, Ilk, Windsor Hotel FAward, sawyer, red 288 Barrie Le Heup Agnes D, nurse 15 University Elizabeth (wid George), Iva 11 Froji. Georg Edward L. I t. W), res 82, Prineesm tense e carp, Iva 15 University George E, tailor, rem T George N, Barrie " Hide A. appr, iv,, 15 University a v pntr, red 40 uebee John A, carp. re,4 273 Brock Martha A, dressmaking and fanc y Joseph, varp, lvi; 273 Brovic 9-44 to.') Brock, iv 288 It r 1`11i4e fl"d John J), req 15 Univermity m y Leahy Mary (wid Thomas), lye versit 33114r19ni. Le'llmon, see also Lernon and Lennon Thomas 1, ;ocer 320 King University a. res 334 Allan, elk Lemmon av. Claxton & Lawrenson, Ivs Leal Charle4, boinbr B Battery LeaSon Ralph, lab, rem 32 At a. 9 Barrac k Aaigli,~tom, Ilk. Iv Earl n Claxton & Leavitt ( Lawrpnson (John Lemmon, Matthew 11 Claxton, Elmer ;ertrude (wid Davildl), rem 150 Begot I-11w"Onson), tinsiniths Lebruit -NIII-leon, glinner B Battery eam t 352 King Leclerc Lydia, Ivs 243 Motitrea l Miss Ethel, Iva John Lemmon Ledue Theophram, capt barge Selkirk, res Frank H, knitter, Ive Earl Barrack e. lwllr. re,4 370 Prinee44 Wm, sailor. IvR 7 Barrack James H, mach, rem 384 Division Lee, see also Lees and Leig h John, fireman Hall Albert No 2, res w 11 J. barber 184 Ontario, res Albert, 2 a Princess 297 Wellingto n Ann )wid James) John jr, p1mbr Elliott Bros, Ivs John. Iva 386 Johnston Lemmon Charles W, turner, bds 119 rea l Mont-~ John (I-4,minon. Claxton &,mn) Lawren-. rem 9 Barrac Eliza (wid John) k. rvq 216 Nelson Frank. btehr. Iv,,4 216 Nel%o " n Joseph Lemmon & Son). gen Frank D, Photog D A Co, Ivs 119 Weese & 4t or" 213 Montreal, re,4 300 Earl J`--eph & Son (Jomeph and Walter P) Montreal, flour and feed 201 Prinee George (Wormwith &.%Lq Co), res 116 :1,,.qel)h Far] A. elk. Nm 300 Far] George Meiville, p1mbr. Ivs f) A Barrack chief draughtsman Loce, Robert. pd1r. lvs 370 Prinee4n Workm, res 165 Sydenham Gertrude Thomas W, foreman K Hosiery Co,. xtel"10127, IvQ1 I M Far] Harry C, Ivs 3oo Ear l clk P A Haffner, Iva jig ILAF Walter 11 ontreal (Jos Lemmon & Son), res 20 Georg e Hing, lundry 294 Princess Mies Ida H, Iva 116 Earl LEMMON WM N, Painter and Deal- Isaac. barber A F Fiei(14, bds 47 Prin- Ve9 s James, carp, res 386 Johnston James L, barber, 207 Princess Jennie (wid John), res jig Montreal Joseph, House of Indust Mary A (wid John), Iva i.7 James Miss Rebeeett. re Fllie e Leung, laundry 233 Bagot Ro-, lab. Ivs 216 Nelgon Simcne. bdq 150 Sydenham Wm, lab, re.,i 791 Princess " W", J (Bailey Broom Co), res 26 ~ Jame s Leeman Adelbert T., Pte B Battery " John, lab, Iva 360 Bagot I.eeq Joserth, tailor, re~i.51 Colborne Leggett Elizabeth (wid James), house kpr 153 Frontenac er in wall paper 78 William,.res -ame (Sev cani below ) W. N. LEMMON, Call and see our atciek of WALL PAPE R and ROOM MOULDINGS. Ordersfor PAINTING, PAPER HANGING and KALSOM M ING Receive prornpt aftention. 78 WILLIAM STREET. Lemon Charles, carp, rem 149 Frontense Lenea Miss Rebecca, reil 124 Queen 12 1

61 J. O. FOBTER & CU'8 Lennon Annie, Iva 149 Raglan rd ' F.dwnrd, clk Ivn 149 Raglan rd Felix, lab, rem 149 Raglan rd Margaret (wid Patrick), rem n s Raglan rd, I w Main aiargaret E, Ive Mrs M Lennon Mary. Ive 141) Raglan rd Patrick, fish dlr, rew 17 l' William Thomas, lab, rem 193 Colborne Lennox Cooper, hotel 237 Wellington Ella (wid John), res 264 University I+abella, elk Geo Mille & Co, Ivw 237 \\ ellincton " Wm G, barber 236 Ontario Leonard John. rev 26 I.ivineslon av loseph P. lab. rea 258 Earl Leronge W John H, lab, rem 307 F.arl Lesage Win G, lab, rem 14 Russell Leslie, see also Lesslie David, eng, res 7 River Henry. sailor. lxls 11!1 1. Bagot LESLIE JAMES, Agent Canadian and Anrerican Express Cotnpaniee, 145 l'rinceas, res '263 University av ",1 Norman S, adjutant R C F A, rem llltt Ragot " Robert, fireman.lame+ Richardson & S "ons. lys 7 River " Win, eng, rem 112 Ordnance Lesses Isaac, electr Breck & Halliday, lvs 22 Chatham Louis, sec hd gde 22 Chatham Max, studt, ive 22 Chatham ( Ibin. appr. Iv. 22 Chatham Lesalie Mine Euphemia, rem 81 Gore " Miss Helen H, les 81 Gore.Innm + l'. re+ 47, \Villiart " Miss Marion F, Ivs 47 William 11 Win, mngr Collins Bay Rafting Co, rer 57 George Mrs \1-m,jr, lys 57 George Levitt John. boilermaker. 10s 34 Simcoe Lewers David, elk, lys 214 Colborne ' James A, sailor, lys 214 Colborne Robert, postman, rem 214 Colborne " Robert jr, plmbr, ive 214 Colborne Win. 4iriver Ree+ lim+, ris 432 Bar- Tic Lewin Rev Win, rem 243 Brock Lewis Calvin, tmstr, res io6 Victoria " Charles, qunner B Battery " Helen (wid David S), rea 84 Barrie " Miss Mariam, les 84 Barrie Rachel (wid.1oieph ), re+ 397 Barrie Iiebertnan Abraham, sec hd gds 39 Princeas, rem same LICENSE INSPECTOR'S OFFICE, W (:lidden Inspector, C itv Buildings Lilley Samuel T, servant 25 West LIMAGE JOHN A, Superintendent London Life Inaurance Co :132 King e, res w s Pembroke, 1s Union Linaugh John, helper, rem 87 William Linden Alex, mach, res 13 West l.indquist Jessie (wid J Alex), Ive 301 Alfred Lindsay ('harles, driver B Battery " Harvey J, btc1r, lys 36 Ellerbeek av " James, hostler Lake View House " Robert J, carp, rea 36 Ellerbeck av Linl,enfelter lames O, cheesemkr, bds 112 l9arencr Lingwood Frederick H, MA, tcbr Collegiate Institute,res 94 Fronteuae Linton Charles E, blksmith, rem 15 Division " James, lab, rea 270 Wellington " Jessie A (wid John J), Ive 103 Gore " Joseph C, appr, ive 15 Division ' \\'m N. sl.mn R Waldron, rem 100 Wellington Lipman linrnet. dry goods, rea 304 Univer.+itv av Harris J. lys 3M University av Liston John, slsmn The Rathbun Co, rem 9 Raglan r4 Little see also Lytle Catherine (wid Wm), dressmkr 168 King e, res same George F, postman, rem 24 Nelson " Gertrude, clk, lys 168 King e 11cl-bel-t. J)&+ 5:1 William Mrs Joseph, lys 337 Queen Maud, elk, lvs 168 King e " Thomas, studt, bds 189 Brock Thomas, mldr, rem r 11 Clergy w Litton Charles S, gro 163 Alfred " Miss Harriet 8, lys 310 Earl " John F, Cr, aut eng, tes 310 Earl " John \V, contr, rem 159 Alfred Mis Marv E. ]va 310 Earl " \1'm, mason, las 310 Earl LIVINGSTON CHARLES ( C Livingston and liro). rpa 162 Barrie LIVINGSTON C & BRO ( Charles Livingston), Merchant Tailors, Gents' Furni+hers and Ready Made Clothing Brock "('harles W. atudt, Ivs 162 Barrie (wid \\'m J), rea 455 Prin- " Emily ('e4i " John A, gunner A Battery " Stewart, studt, lys 455 Princess Livingstone Selina (wid Archibald), bds t93 Brock Lloyd George. florist 260 Princess, rem 1(i() Nelson Lizzie, Ive 429 King e KIN(;81Y)N ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY Lochhead John F, photos 262 Princess rew 242 sanie Lockett Miss Edna, Iva 109 Wellington LOCKETT F G, Late Haines & Lockett), Ii,,,,t, and Shoe+, Trunks and Vali,e, llll l'rinces+, rea 109 Wellington Garnett H, bkpr F G Lockett, Iva 109 Wellington Lawrence C, slsmn F G Lockett, res 54 Wellington Warren F, studt, Iva log Wellington LOCKHART THOMAS J, Insurance and The Canadian Railway Accident Ins. Co. Real Estate in city or country handled on reasonable terms. 159 Wellington Street, Residence, 133 Union St. W. Lockie David, lys 45 William Logan Albert,l, head elk Dr A P Chown, res :306 Earl Loisean Alexander (', barber T J Healey, res 102 L Ragot Loke (: Harrv, hrb, rei 161 Nelson LONDON LIFE INSURANCE CO, John A Limage Superintendent, 332 King e Loney Albert, driver Can Exp Co, lys 63 Cherry Lydia, elk los Hiacock, Ive 387 Division Long Charles E, sergt-major R C F A, rem 232 Sydenham ' Robert, lab, rmy 246 Wellington T.oshaw Mrs F.leeta, res 410 Montreal Loscombe Albert E M, ins agt, 15[ Wellington, mes 239 Brock L)ucks Canon, rem 218 Barrie " Miss Ethelwyn, Ivn 218 Barrie Lougher Fred 11, elk, Ive 358 Princeas " Henry, baker 358 Princess " Miss Olivia, lys 358 Princess Love Albert,1, lab, rem 410 Barrie Lovett Michael, boilennkr, bds Western Hotel -Nic holaa, boilermkr, bds Western Ho. tel " Thomas, mach, rea 16 Earl Lovell Samuel, pntr, res 271 Q ueen Lovick Charlotte E, tchr LouieeSchool, h,; 152 Univernity av Real Estate Agent 159 \\-ellingtun, rey 133 Union w ( See card " John, blksmith, rem 152 University Emma, dramkr, lys 152 University below) Low w Charles A, bkpr James Swift & Co. bds 132 Wellington Lowe Bertha I-, bkpr 'l' if l'eluw, Iva 479 Prince..-4 T. J. Lockhart. " Miss Elsie, Ivs 479 Princess INSURANCE AND Miss Mazie, bile 120 Earl REAL ESTATE. " Samuel, slsmn Steacy & Steacy, rem Representing 479 Princess FIRE INSURANCE. \\-m 1), tndt, bds 120 Earl Anglo - American, Ottawa Lowes Rev George A, pastor Calvary and Equity Ins. Co.'s. These i Cong'I Church, res 143 Pine are reliable Stock COm- Lowry Blanche T, Iva 450 Division panles which are not In the " Celia (wid Calvin), res 32 Union w combine. Miss Evalena, bkpr N C Poison & LIFE INSURANCE. Co, lys 32 Union w North American Life Ins. Co. " 1 hn, hlk:tnith P D Lowry, Iva 450 ACCIDENT INSURANCE. Division Peter D, blksmith 55 Queen, rem 450 Division 1\'rn, bnmbr A Battery Lucas Earl, studt, ikiw 123 Montreal Ludlow Francis K, elsmn Crumley Bros, Ive 117 Albert Richard, caretkr Victoria School, rem 117 Albert Lnmb Ethcl. lw :34 wdenhant Maud, clk, Ive 34 Sydenham " Richard, spinner, rem 34 Sydenham Lund Kriudc, mach, bdv Ottawa Hotel Lundin lonas, j%v1r, res 37 James " Jonas ir, Ivs 37 James Lunman Cassie, weaver, les 325 Montreal " Ellen J (wid Albert A), rem 325 Montreal " John, weaver, lys 325 Montreal Luoney Ellen (wid Timothy), les 49 U Charles Lynch Catherine ( wid Donald), Ive 12 Earl " Miss Ellen, rem 25 Johnston " Mies Hannah, Ive 25 Johnston " Miss Margaret, Ive 25 Johnston " Michael J. trav Macnee & Minnea, rem 206 William I

62 124 J. G. POSTER ot CO'S Lyon Herbert Ira, bkpr Kingston Hosiery Co, res 67 Livingston av Lyons Anna B, bkpr Jos Lemmon, bds 13 Redan " Bros (Patrick and Charles), hide dealers 12 Market " Charles (Lyon liros), prop Bay of Quinte Hotel, 14 Market " Charles A, exp messr, res 142 Ordnance " Edward, inland revenue officer, res 250 Alfred " Eleanor, firs, bds 13 Itedan " Elizabeth, lys 146 Ordnance " Joseph, lab Frontenac Cereal Co, bds Lake View }Image " Miss Madge, housekpr 14 Market "Miiinie. lys 146 Ordnance " Patrick (Lyons Bros), res 146 Ordnance " Patrick B, buyer Lyons Bros, lys 146 Ordnance " Wm, shipper G A McGowan Cigar Mnfg Co, bds 18 Rideau " Wm IL tray Robertson Bros, res 386 Alfred Lytle sec also Little " John W, pntr, res 35 (a) Main Mc and Mac McAdam Marie (wid Walter), res 297 Johnston " Miss Sarah, lys 23 West " Thomas, mach, res 23 West McAdoo Alexander J, tmstr Shedden Co, res 321 Montreal McAllister Alex, btehr, res 539 Albert " Miss Charlotte, asst Dr A W Winnett. ive 184 Barrie " George, studt, bds Ottawa Hotel " Mary A ( wid James), res 184 Barrie McArdle Edward J, eigarmkr. Ive 16 Pine " Lizzie, elk K Milk Depot, lys 132 L Bagot " Mark, sailor, bds Imperial Hotel " Patrick. eng K Milk Depot, res 132 L Bagot " Peter J. lab, res 10 Pine Macarow Frances H, lys 188 William " Helen (wid Daniel), res 188 William " Miss Helen, tchr Kingston Business College, lys 188 William MACAROW PHILIP H, Assistant Post Office Inspector, bds 185 Earl McArthur Alexander, res 9 Frontenac " Miss Bessie, lys 37 Division " Miss Elizabeth, lys 9 Frontenac McARTHUR JAMES, Manager Ontario Building and Savings Society 67 Clarence, tes 37 Division " John, sailor, res 7 Division " Laura I, bkpr Howland Brus, lys 7 Division " Wm G, slsmn R Waldron, bds 237 Queen McAuley see also McCauley " Bert, slsmn Crumley Bros, res 83 Colborne " Miss Emily, tchr of dancing, lys "River View," King w " Harry W, bookbinder T McAuley, res 128 Stuart McAULEY THOMAS, Bookseller 128 Princess, res "River View," King we, t Macaulay Miss Charlotte, res 203 King is " Miss Frances, lys 203 King e MeAvey Annie, tirs, lys 121 Montreal " Miss Lizzie. res 121 Montreal " Miss Maggie, lys 121 Montreal " Maggie (wid Charles), maid 81 King east McBratney Hugh, stone cutter, res 137 Bay McBride Miss Ada, lys 563 Princess " Miss Annie, stenog Kingston Foundry, lys 192 Ordnance " laines, elk P 11, res 63 William " Joseph, carp, res 563 Princess " J Stinson, acct Robertson Bros, res 329 Barrie " Robert, res 194 Ordnance " Samuel, res 192 Ordnance McBroom Wrn, railler, res 1 York McCabe Bertha H, drsmkr, lys 84 Pine " John G, lab, lys 84 Pine " John W, tailor C Livingston & Bro, res 84 Pi re " Mabel, tirs, lys 84 Pine " Thomas, pntr, bds Grimason House " Wm. eng. res 98 William McCaig see also McCuaig and McKegg " Miss Alice L, lys 30 Pine " Miss Annie G, lys 30 Pine " Miss Ethel M, Ive 30 Pine " Neil, caretkr Frontenac School, res 30 Pine " Stanley, appr, lys 30 Pine McCall se-e also McCall " John, lab. rem 148 Queen " John T, btehr, res 402 Macdonnell McCallum Augusta (wid James), lys 9 Clow's Block " Barbara. Iv. 229 University ay " Campbell J, elk, lys 229 University avenue 11ICCA LLCM " Miss Catherine, res 429 Johnston " Roy Daniel, res 193 Earl " Ellen (wid Campbell), res 229 University ay " James L, elk H Wade, bds 237 Queen " John, clk, lys 229 University ay " Mary E, lys 229 University ay McCambridge see also Cambridge " Frank, sailor, res 160 King e " Leonard, studt, lys I6o King e " Miss Mary, lys i6o King e McCammon Miss Catherine, res William " Miss Ellen, lys 52 William KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY Wagon Road Map OF EASTERN ONTARIO WESTERN ONTARIO. FOR SALE BY STATIONERS, J. G. FOSTER & CO. PUBLISHERS, is LOTIBARD STREET, 52 TORONTO. 125 MCCAMMoN " Etta (wld John), rem, 30 Main " Hannah, elk, lys 30 Main " James, with F A Bibby, bds British Am Hotel " James H, baker 96 Victoria " Mary A (wid Jas), res 15 Montreal " Mary J (wid James), res 333 Queen S!tarry, physician 15 Mont real " alsmn Macnee & Minnes, Thomas H, lys 30 Main " Wm, real estate, res Portsmouth " Wtn, market clerk and harbor master, res 329 Queen McCandless Wm, watehmkr W J Keeley jr, res 370 Barrie

63 I 123 J. O. POSTER & CO'S McCANN JAMES S R, Accountant, Assignee, Insurance, Loan and Real Estate Broker, 51 Brock, rey 200 Queen (See adv opposite) " Miss Jessie, Ivs 200 Queen McC'arev Bernard, wks Loco Wks, bds 97 Wellington Maggie, maid 104 Stuart Marv, tirs, Ivs 179 Wellington Sain,uel, wks Loco Wks, bds 97 Wellington McCarthy Catherine (wid John), res 330 Johnston " Fred C, lab, lys 99 Raglan rd " Margaret, Ivs 330 Johnston " Maurice, lab, reg 99 Raglan rd " Michael, lab, ]vs 99 Raglan rd McCartney Alex, sr, contr, rem 248 University av " Alex, mason, lys 231 University av " Alex jr, mason, lvs 250 University " Henry, mason, ]vs 198 University avenue " John, mason, lys 198 University av " Mary (wid John), res 231 University Minnie, Ivs 250 University av " Rose, maid 49 Clergy " Win, mason, rem 250 University av " Win jr, contr, res 198 University av McCaughertv Hugh, boilermkr, res 14 Frontenac McCauley see also McAuley " George P, guard K P, rem 62 Livingston av Robert J, stove fitter McKelvey & Birch, res 25 Ontario 'McClellan C'harles, mach, Ivs 161 Bagot " Miss Isahelln, h'+ 161 Ragot " Miss Isabella, ]vs 86 Division " James, rem 86 Division " Margaret (wid Dawson), lys 161 Bagot ` Robert, appr D Hall. Ivs 161 Bagot McClelland Richard J, clk City Engineer's Dept, res 341 Division ` \\'m C, lab. h s 439 Barrie McCloskey James, lab, res 17o L Bagot " Patrick, loom fixer, Ivs 43 Ordnance " Unity (wid.lames), res 43 Ordnance McColl Win J, gunner A Battery McConnell, see also Connell and (YConaell " Joseph, prop Williamsville Hotel, Princess, cor Victoria ` Sarah, studt, bda 213 Colborne " Win, Ivs 720 Princess McConville Andrew, MD, Ive 81 King w " Arthur, guard g P, rem 304 Albert I Mc('ONC 1 LLE " Bernar9, letter coll, ru 29 George " Bernard W, btchr 224 Barrie, bds Windsor Hotel "('harles, btchr, Ivs 81 King w McCONVILLE ISOBEL, Physician, Office Hours 11 am to 12 m, :3 to 5 and 8 to t) pm, Telephone 488, Office and Residence 13 Montreal Mrs May, tlrs, bds 102 Queen Thomav, btchr, res 81 Ring w McCorkell Andrew, boat bldr 39 Gore Robert.1, tailor, ]vs 39 Gore McCormack Agnes, elk, lvs 118 Colborne " Alfred.1 ( \1cCormack & Gavine), rem 157 Nelson " Miss Anastasia, Ive 86 L Bagot " Annie, tlrs. Ic,4 118 Colborne " Bridget, dressmkr, lys 118 Colborne Charles, piano mkr, res 415 King e Edward Ii, citv fireman, Ivs 327 Montreal Nlis+ Isobel, lvv 86) 1. Bagot M Martha J ( wid John), rem 86 L Bagot \lichael, plmbr, Ivs 118 Colborne Patrick, re+ i13 Colborne Samuel, guard K P, rem 86 CoIlingwood Mrs Thomas, res 327 Montreal & Gavine (Alfred J \IcCorntack, Win J Gavine). upholsterers 214 Bagot McCormick Armstrong, rem Centre at Mrs \Iar}rnret, Ivs 118 Wellington Miss Pearl. res w s Centre, 3 n King Robert, lab, rem Centre at 'l'homax. reg 264 Earl T Henry, lab, rea 37 Wellington " \\-n, \I, maeh, rea 47 Division McCoy E Murney, porter Hotel Randolph " John To carp, res 92 Queen " Mrs John To bdg bac 92 Queen " Peter, vontr. res 396 Princess McCrae see also McRae John, carp, lv. 242 Wellington Win. (1-\i-S armourer 0 S C. rem 242 Wellington \Cm,jr. appr W.1 Crothers, Ivs 242 \l'ellinqton McCready Win, rem 377 Earl McCuaig Mrs Louisa, lys 72 Brock McCUE BROS ( Francis and John ),Proprietors Windsor Hotel, Princess McCue Miss Ellen, res 66 North McCUE FRANCIS ( McCue Bros), rea Windsor Hotel McCUE JOHN ( McCue Bros ), rem Windsor Hotel ESTABLISHED 1888 J. S. R. MCCANN OFFICE-51 Brock Street. Phone 326 RESIDENOE-200 Queen Street. BOUGHT, SOLD OR EXCHANGED In Estates Managed, Rents and Interest Collected INVESTMENTS Real Estate, Mortgages and Bonds MONEY TO LOAN On Real Estate at Lowest Rates and Easy Terms Conveyancer, Commissioner for Taking Affidavits, Valuator, Assignee, Etc. Phone 621 INSURANCE When you insure, be careful to select a company that Is sound and will pay your clalm promptly. We represent the following 11rotcla+te+ companies : FIRE Atlas A..urance Co., Limited, of England, E+tablished 1tlU8. Hotnc Insurance Co., of New York, 13stabliehed 1M8. Perth Mutual Insurance Co., of Stratford. Establinhed York Mutual Insurance Co., of Toronto. LIFE Travelers' Insurance Co., of Hartford. ACCIDENT Travelers', of Hartford. Ontario, of Toronto. Dominion, ^,f Toronto. GUARANTEE BONDS Dominion Ouarantee, of Toronto. American Surety Co. Employers' Liability, of England. PLATE GLASS Lloyd's Plate Glass Insurance Co.. of New York

64 .John F, 128 J. (i. FOdTER & CO'S KtYOHTON ALPHABETICAL DIBECTY)HY 121) WCUF]HMUTT McCULLA JAMES, Grocer, Montreal, I " Thomas J. cond (} T R, rea Hiok cur Bay, res I. l l Bay ( See card be- son av low) McDonald Miss Agnes, Iva r59 Montreal Alexander, mldr, res toq Pine Allan, plmbr, Ivs 27 Pembroke " Angus, driver, Iva 104 Pine " Bridget (wid Mickael), res 406 Montreal Charles, slsmn I).1 Mcl)ermott, Iva 394 Brock Charlet. lumer A Itutterv Charles J, mach, res it Plum at Daniel, bda Dublin House " I)nnicl W. Inh St Rp. rc+ 378 Alfred Donald J, lab, res 137 Colborne Francis, res 7:3 I)ITi+ion Hector, h'+ 253 Ontario JAMES McCULLA, GROCER AND PROVISION MERCHANT, ALSO OLABS, CHINA AND SILVERWARE AND ALL KINDS OF FRESH MEATS. We manufacture our own BAKING POWDER Boston the market-26c. Ib. Belfast Tea House Cor. Bay and Montreal Streets Telephone 88. McCullagh Samuel, chief caretkr Armouries, res same " Win G, driver John Gilbert, Iva Armouriee McCullough Charles, slemn Steacy & Steacy, Iva 60 Colborne Francir, lab, Ivs 270 Ontario Janet, nurse ( :enernl llnapital John, mach, res 60 Colborne Miss Mary, ive 60 Colborne Robert T. driver Alex T} o, res 102 Raglan rd " Win, ship carp, res 33 Main McCully Andrew, Q-M-S A Battery, res 04 Rideau McCumber lohn, lab, rea n s Charles, 2 w Bagot Rocktcell, miller, Nit John 'McCumber McCune Henry, tinsmith, bds 150 Sydenham " Wm A, mach, res 5 Devonshire ter ' I+atalla (wid John), reg 104 l'ine,lames A. acrat B Battery James B, carp, res t6g Pine Capt John A, res 159 Montreal John, bkpr R H Toye, bds 227 Earl.lohn, baker. res 93 Bay Kathleen. Ive I:i!I \Inntreal Magcie, Ive 224 Montreal " Martin, lab, res 224 Montreal Mnry, bkpr N C l'olson & Co, lys 477 l'rincc-+ Mary (Misses McDonald), lys 406 Montreal " Matthew A, sailor, Ivs t5g Montreal Misses (Mary and Sarah), dressmkrs 406 Montreal " Rnderiek. Inb rev 477 lrincess Roderick R, asst electrician K P, res 27 Pembroke Sarah (Misses McDonald), Iva 4o6 Montreal R-ut, trm N C Polson & Co, lys 47T Prince-us Wm C. steward str Toronto, res 96 Earl Macdonald George A. acct lion Justice Britton Bfl C'larence, re; 362 Brock McCutcheon Alfred, lab, res 520 PrinceS+ John P, lineman, res 522 Princess Joseph. gunner A Battery Win, baker, rc+ 272 Prince-mi McDermott Bros ( Frank J and John J), MACDONALD JOHN, news dealers 372 Princess McDERMOTT DENIS J, Boots and Shoes 115 Princess, Ive 380 King e Frank 1 (\Icllermott Rros), ]vs 266.Johnston Frederick C, driver, res Bagot.lamei. lah, r,'s 21iR Johnston carriagemkr 382 King e, res 380 same John.1 (McDermott Bros), Ive 266 Johnston Margaret (wid Edward), Ive 217 University av Secretary-Treasurer Board of Education,28 \fontreal. rez 199 William " John A, chief clk cost dept Loco Works, res 335 Johnston " Miss Norval, Iva 199 William McDonell Archibald W, pntr, res 23 Ellice Mrs Eliza, res 8 Vine \tacdnnell -Tneas D O. res 393 Broek MACDONELL ANGUS J, Manager Ontari- Bank, rcy 167 King e " Miss Eleanor, Iva 167 King e McDonnell Mary ( wid Christopher), confy 78 Ordnance, reg same MACDONNELL GEORGE M, K C (Macdonnell & Farrell), res University av, cor Stuart " James, ive G M Macdonnell MACDONNELL & FARRELL ( George M \iucdonnell, fil',.lames M Farrell i, Itarrivtcra, Solicitors, Etc, 38 Clarence 0 McDougall Catherine (wid Alexander), Ive 78 Barrie Frank H. studt, bd,+ 122 Johnston " John. Iab, res w s('entre, 3 n King SlcUnn nll Eldu (wid Robert J), rea 473 Princeia " Henrietta (wid Jas A), res 801 1Rin-, c.. " John L, M D, Ivs 473 Princess " Robert J. +tudt, Ive 47:3 Prince+s McDOWALL R J (Estate of), Pianos and Organe 471 Princess (See card below) THE ESTATE OF R. J.1'1cDOWALL McFarlane Jennie, matd UO Ragot Robert, shoemkr, res 113 Bay 16ohert N F, contr, bdy 245 Montreal McFaul Herbert D, slamn R McFaul, n r 2:31i lhiver+itv av " Robert, carpets 130'Yrincess, res 106 Barrie McFEDRIDGE WILLIAM, Butcher 210 IiuBut, rt-4 Bath rd McGall, see also McCall " 11uy;h.1, slsmn Abernethy Shoe Co, Ivs 105 Queen " James, ahoemkr 268 Bagot, ces 275 Queen " John, tobacconist 66 Princess, Ivs 24o Montreal " Mary (wid John), rem 105 Queen ' 'I'hmua+, cak.1 \Ic!:all, Iv Queen McGee, ace also Magee and McKee " Patrick, lab, res 2g U William McGeein, see also McGuin McGill Mise Alicia, bds Anglo-American Hotel Mi:, 1r.iv, h+ 136 King V Archibald, registrar County and Surrogate Courts and local registrar H C, Office Court House, res 21 Main 1 Selling the following stock at cost : Piano Fortes. Bicycles Cash Reaisters, Miss Beatrice, Ivs 136 King e Church and Parlor OrQans, Sewina Machines, 17enr_e A. hlk+mith, re+ '_'81 l'rincess Stools, Music Books, Etc. Farniture, ' Rfchard, blksmith, res 405 Barrie Musical Merchandise, Talking Machines, Typewriters, Novelties. etc., McGILL LT COL SYDENHAM C, Managing Directr Frontenac l.oan and Gasoline Engines. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Inve+tment Snci- ly, 87 C larence, Cape Vincent, 471 Princess St re+1:113kiny;e N. Y. KINGSTON, Ont. Wm A, vet surgeon 291 Princess, lys 21 Main McGillivray Jessie, lys 183 Collingwood MacEachran John M, prof Queen's " Robert J, eng, res 183 Collingwood College Macgillivray John, prof Queen's College, rea w a Albert, 1 It King McElherian Ellen, tire, Iva 32 Patrick " Wm, ]vs 32 Patrick Rev Malcolm, pastor Chalmer's McElroy, see Mcllroy Church, res 119 Earl McEwen, see also McKoen Thomas D, studt, Iva 119 Earl " llenrv. tin+mith, bdv 150 Sydenham McGinnis, see also MoGuinneea.1.,1in F. ire ch vil-n re+ 90 (:ore Francis, ei armkr, Ive 39 lames Mary (wid Alex), res 255 Montreal Thomas, steward, rea 38 James \Iarv In id \\'rn), Iv,; 11 Markland Macginnis James, lys 144 University " Robert E, eng A Davis & Son, res 11 " Miss Rose A, Ive 211 Universitv av \larkland McGinty Frank, barber, bds Windsor Hotel \\- +.. lah, Iv+ 11 \farklnnd McFadden Edith, weaver, Ive 32 Patrick \ic(:lade Annie, dancing school, 250 Barrie " Edward, carter, res 32 Patrick " James carter, ive 32 Patrick " Capt Peter, req 2.50 Barrie " J Vincent, lab, Iva 32 Patrick " Miss Rose, Ive 250 Barrie MacFadden Annie, Iva 26 Wellington \\-nt, bds 301 Barrie " Miss Rosanna, bdg hse 26 Wellington McGlynn Annie (wid John), res r 127 McFarland, see also McYarland Montreal l'harle+ I), ningr Canada Malting Co, McGowan, see also Gowan rc; 46 Clergy w " Ann (wid Edward), bds 62 North

65 190 J. 0 FOSTER & CO'S MCOOWAN " George A, pres The G A McGowan Cigar Mnfg Co, Ltd, res 212 Barrie MeGOWAN THE G A CIGAR KIM CO, Limited. Rideau, cor North " John D, eigarmkr, bds 62 North " Wm E, cigarmkr, bd. 132 North. Met:ruling han Robert M, carder, res 16 (lames Samuel, spinner, res 282 Earl Mc-Grath Annie (wid Michael), lys 135 Gore " Alice, dreseinkr, ive 252 University " Catherine, dressmkr 252 University " Ellen (wid Patrick), res s s Markland, 3 e Patrick " Henry. boilerinkr, Ive Mrs E McGrath " James, contr, res 12 Montreal " John, eng. res 280 Wellington " Mary. dressinkr. lye 252 University " Richard, Bouse of Industry " Sophia (wid Thomas), dressmkr It Montreal McGregor Ann (wid Charles), res 50 Place d'armes " John, fnehr, lvs 60 Place d'armes " Mary E, mus tchr so Place d'armes MeGrogan, ace also Grogan MeGuin Miss Margaret, reg 9 Mack MeGuiness Alice M. lvs 212 Rideau " Thomas.1, mason. res 212 Rideau McGuire, see also Maguire " Anthony, drover, res 811 Princess " James E, btchr, res 813 Princess " Mary (wid James), lys 811 Princess " Patrick, lye 25 First " Thomas, fish 81 Queen, res same McGuirk Margaret, res 31 Division " Mary, the, lve 31 Division " Miss Nellie, lys 31 Division * McILQUHAM ANDREW, Livery Stable 290 Prineess, res 828 same " James, with A McIlquham, lys 628 Princess " James. contr. re «582 Princess MeIlroy Annie (wid Wright), res 216 Colborne " Elizabeth (wid Wm), res 45 King w " James H. lab. res 65 U Charles " John, lab, res 15 Pine " Mary. nurse Gent Hospital " Wm, lab, res 10 Pine " Win J. carter. les 17 Pine McItwain Win J. lab. res 23 Ontario McIntosh Edwin. prtr News and Times, lys 15 Deacon " Henry. itdnr. res 15 Deacon " John. bottler A Tyo, bds 266 Princess " Wm, driver B Battery McIntyre Ann ( wid Alex), res 223 Earl MaNTYRE DONALD M, B A, (Mc. Intyre 4. McIntyre), City Solicitor, res 231 Division " Edward J, lab, lys 379 Johnston " Miss Helen M, Ive 231 Division " Miss Isabella, lys 231 Division McINT )(RE JOHN, K C, (McIntyre & McIntyre), res 28 Sydenham " John, trnstr K Milling CO, res 379 Johnston " Mrs John, reg 118 L Ragot " Miss Tillie. lys 223 Earl " Wm J, Q-M-S instr R C F A, res 168 Rideau McINTYRE & McINTYRE (John McIntyre. K C. Donald M McIntyre, B A), Barristers, Solicitors. Notaries, Etc, 304 King e McIver Archibald, brmmkr J A Gould & Co, lys 451 Division " Annie. forewoman H F Price, lys 451 Division " Miss Eva. dressmkr. res 134 Victoria " John 13 (estate of), office 38 Clarence " Neil. brklyr, lys 451 Division " Thomas, mason, res 451 Division Mack Miss Daisy M, lys 254 Victoria " Mary ( wid John), lye 129 Division " Wm H, miller, rem 254 Victoria MeKane James, btehr. tes 77 Queen " Jennie (wid Jas), res r 87 Johnston " Wm G, btehr, res $55 Albert McKay ace also Mackey and Mackie " Ann J (wid Jas), tee Outer Depot " Charles T, tray. res 218 Johnston " Edith. nurse. bile 436 Princess a John, leather and hides 151 Brock, res 61 Sydenham " John A. res 468 Brock " John B, pres K Business College Co, res 170 Barrie " Lizzie, dressmkr. Ive 468 Brock " Wm B. watehmkr. rms 239 Alfred McKee see also MeGee and Gee " Agnes, dressmkr, lys John McKee senior " Andrew. fireman Hall No 2, res 205 William " David, lab, lys 277 Montreal " Frank, lai), reg 72 Ontario " James, sailor. Ive 277 Montreal " John, carp, res a a Plum. 1 w Barrie " John jr, carp, lys Plum st " John, lab, res 277 Montreal " John P, lab. res 10 Rideau " Joseph, pntr 211 Alfred, res 36C Johnston " Robert H, pntr, res 11 York MCK KE " Sarah, dressnikr, lys 359 Bagot " Wm, lab, lys 2n Montreal " Win, tailor C Livingston dr Bro, lys McKeg,g see also.mccaig and MeQualg " John, carter James Swift & Co, res s Lansdowne. 1 n Stanley " Neil, blksinith. res 443 Princess MeKegney Bridget, tire, lys 19 Barrack " Patrick, carter, reg 19 Barrack McKELVEY JOHN (McKelve,. à Birch), reg 134 Ragot " Robert J, elk McKelvey & Birch, rem 27 West Clergy McKELVEY a BIRCH (John McKelvey, Samuel Birch), Stoves and Tinware. House Furnishings, Plumbers' and Tinsmiths' Supplies, Brock McKenna Miss Elizabeth, Iva 74 Arch " Miss Helen, res 74 Arch " Mrs Henry, Its 277 Earl " James, yardman Windsor Hotel, res 54 Bay " John. pensioner. re+ 14 Earl M'KENNA JOHN J,Manager Metropolitan Stock Exchange, bds 107 Wellington " Patrick, prop Imperial I.!, 'el, 76 Princess " Patrick IL wine elk Imperial Hotel McKenty Alfred, lab, Iva 9 Russell " John, porter Hotel Randolph " Mary (wid John), res 9 Russell " Patrick, lab, lys 9 Russell McKenzie Alexander A, sailor, re. 44 Division " Allan, fireman, lys 46 Division " Donald, lab, res 58 Earl " Georgina (wid Dougall), tire, lys 410 Barrie " John, lab. res 398 Montreal Mackenzie George. res 234 Brook Isabella, dressmkr 29 Union vas MACKENZIE RODERICK, Manager Bank of Monfreal, King, cor William, reg same " Rosanna (wid John), res 29 Union west McKeown see MeEwen McKernan Kate, grocer 293 Johnston Mackerras Margaret (wid John H), res 76 Gore Mackey Margaret (wid Thomas), lye s Plum, 1 w Barrie Mackie Alexander, clk Asylum, res 164 Barrie " George A, reporter Whig, lys 184 Barrie KINOOTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 191 MACKIE " Rev John, pastor St Andrew's Ch, res Clergy cor Queen McKillop Miss Mary, reg 21 Johnston " Rosa, lys 21 Johnston McKim John, lab, res n s Markland, 4 w Montreal " John A, piano agt, bds 103 Queen Lucy, carder, lys John McKim " Wm, lab, res 58 John McKinnon Annie, dressmkr 281 Division MACKINNON DUNCAN ri, Representative James Alexander (Montreal), Butter and Cheese Exporter, 18 Market, bds 298 University av " John D. studt, bds 153 Alfred " Kenneth L, serst tptr R C F A, res 224 University av McKnight John, lab. res 305 Earl MeKoen ace also McEwen " Miss Florence, lys 197 Johnston " John, bartender The Hub. reg 43 Elm McLaren Hattie. stenog Ontario Electrio Ry Co, bd.; 137 Colborne " Thomas. gunner A Battery McLauchlan see also McLaughlin and McLoughlin " Edward, sailor, lys 94 York " Michael, lab, ree 94 York " Wm C. elk, lys 94 York McLaughlin David, coat., lys 204 Princess " Edward, junk dir Concession rd " Frankie, lys 184 Wellington James A. lab, rem 25 James " James H, eonfy 162 Begot " John, conly 204 Princess " Michael J, gunner B Battery " Thomas, lab, res 16 Alma " Wm, core, Iva 204 Princess MeLay John, mach, bds Grand Union Hotel McLean Alexander W, sect Kent Bros, ree 203 William " Jane C (wid Charles), lys 37 Union w " Stafford W, lab, reg 11 Cowd; Maclean Andrew, grocer 272 Ontario, res 53 King e " Andrew jr, elk A Maclean, res 7 Rideau " Miss Catherine. lys 53 King e 51eLeayy Daniel. fireman str Fairmount, bds Ottawa Hotel McLellan see also MeOellan Maclennan Louise, nurse General Hospital McLeod Annie (wid Wm EitiP). lvs w e Albert, 1 n King " Alex, brase fnshr. Ire 283 Queen " Miss Blanche, lye. I A Breck

66 1:e J. O. FOSTER Alt CO'S blelf.01) " Fanny, nurse Genl Hospital " James, mach, reg 293 Alfred McLEOD JAMES B, Druggist 186 Prin. eess, res 293 Alfred ".10 contr. re.-i 116 Barrie " Miss Laura F, tchr Louise School, lys 293 Alfred " Mary (wid John), res 4 Devonshire terrace, Sydenham at " Robert, eng kingeton Dry Dock, rea 101 Bagot.1...teward K P res 42 Frontenac McMahon Alice, maid 78 Gore " Miss Alice. res 323 Itroek McMAHON ANDREW ( T McMahon & c.o. si Fa ri " Andrew C, agent, reg 230 Barrie " Andrew W, 'damn F G Lockett, bds 237 Queen " Bruce M. elk Canadian Exp Co, Iva 133 William " Elizabeth (wid Alexander), res 34 U William " Ellen, agt, lys 167 Clergy " George. lab, Iv,. 249 Diyisiial " James, lab, res 169 Pine " John, contr, rem 74 Wellington "John A, shedman K & P Ry, res 1-12 Nelson " John T, tray, res 133 William " Miss Mary, Iva 323 Brock " Miss Mary A, res 214 William " Mary C, lys 34 U William " Robert, pntr, res 343 Division McMAHON T & CO (Andrew McMahon), Painters (ind Dealer' in Wall Pa. iwr 133 Brock Mc'Manus Miss Ann, lys 74 Union e " Edward, Iva 74 Union e " James. prtr, lys 74 Union e " John. store kpr Rockwood Hospital, res 74 Union e " Mary ( wid John). res 62 C. Charles McMaster Ida. eook General llospital " James, lab, res 23 Stephen " Janet I wid Peter). lys 148 Pine " John H, lab, res 148 Pine " Wm L, lab, reg 3 Stanley ter McMillan Alex D, studt, bds 285 Alfred " Miss Florence, Ira 3 First " Miss Frankie. studt, Ms 97 Bay " Frederick, piano mkr McMillan & Co, Iv,, 3 First " Malcolm. carp. bds 48 Place d'armes " Margaret (wid John). Iva 437 Barrie " Neal. pianomkr McMillan & Co, Iva 3 First McMILLAN RICHARD (McMillan & Col. res 3 First " Robert, tray, res 328 University av McMILLAN ROBERT C (McIdillan Co), res 94 Baga " Win, tailor, rem 137 Barrie McMILLAN & CO (Richard Mchlillan, George L Parks, Hobert (' McMillan, Frank Harrisen), Piano Manufacturer a. 132 Ontario " & Maguire, Max Martin mngr, stock brokers, 113e Broek Macitiorine Rev Canon J Ker, MA, DD, pastor St.lame,, liturch, res 152 Barrie McMullen Henry, lab, lys 79 Queen " N eli i.. rus 333 Colborne " Richard. blksmith, rts 79 Queen McMurray David, coachman 13 King w MeNalIv Mielutel, lab, bds Ottawa Hotel McNaniee Ethel, elk, lys 33 U William " George, carp. lys 33 U William " James, gardener. Iva 16 Alma " Margaret (wid James), bdg hse 380 Brock " Hose, agi. Isis 97 Wellington " Wm, res 33 U William " Wm, jr, 'Wan Crumley Bros, Iva 33 U 'William MeNary Mary (wid John), res 36 Colborne MeNaughton Archibald, ticket elk K & P Ity. res 185 Earl Macnee 'Miss Alice. Iv,, 26 Barrie " Arthur. lvs 115 Union e Miss Fthel W. km 26 Itarrie " F Hill, res 252 King e MACNEE JAMES H, Barrister, Solicitor, Et c. 711 Clarence. (ils Pal Johnston MACNEE WALTER H Macnee & Minnes, res 115 Union e MACNEE & MINNES (Walter H Mac. nie. Wm 1' Minims, James A Minnes), Wholesale Dry Goods, 243 Ragot. cor Primess McNeil Neil, res 148 Johnston McNeill Miss Mires,!vs 102 Clergy " ('harlotte. tchr, lvs 102 Clergy " Charles, lab. res I5R Rideau " Charles, ar, Iva 14 L Rideau " Charles, carter, lys 24() Montreal " Miss Eliza, bkpr Walkem & Walkem, lys 14 L Rideau " Miss Elizabeth, reg 102 Clergy " Wm J. grain inspr, res 14 L Rideau McNees Wm, Ms Lake View House McNiece Miss Violet, lys 93 Queen McFarland Arthur. studt, les 3 Emily " James, liquors King e, rca 3 Emily McPhee Robert, lab, res 14 Stephen NlePherson Rev Helenus 11, res 194 University av asepitintisos " Thomas S, driver, re' 130 Division Macpherson Annie, Iva 501 Princess " Miss Annie M, res 181 Clergy " Miss Annie M, res 257 Broek MACPHERSON COLIN A, Secretary- Tres.urer ()Mario Powder Co, Limited, res 13 Mack " Miss Edith, les 237 Brock " Hugh, sales agent Ontario Powder Co, Ltd, res 193 Johnston " Miss Jean, Brick " Miss Willina H, res 236 Brock McQuade John, guard K 1', res 17 Nelson McQuaid Ernest, mach, lids 194 King e " Francis, mach, bdii 11)4 King e " John, carp, res 15 Russell " Joseph. porter Br Am Hotel " Mary (wid Jas), res 224 Wellington " Wm, cab owner,res 17 Russell MeQueen Jesse. driver K Steam Laundry. F1's 30 Frontenac McRae, see also McCrea " Alexander D, draughtsman K & P Ry, ma 83 Alfred McRAE BROS David H, Robert W R and Ernest.1 BI, Grocers, Wellington, cor Brock McRAE DAVID H (hicrae Broc), bda I 44 Wellington McRAE ERNEST J B (McRae Broc), 32 Wellington Iv. IdcRAE ROBERT W R (McRae Broc), res 340 Johnston " Ross M. elk Edwin Chown & Son, lys 340 Johnston McRAE W R & CO, Wholesale Grocers, Wellington, cor Brock " Miss, sailor, res 262 Nelson MeRosaie Elthea (wid Wm), res 9 Wellington " Miss Mary, lys 9 Wellington McSorley Charles J, sailor, res 315 Johnston " Daniel J, eng, res 33 Colborne " Eliza (wid Edward), lys 315 Johnaton McTaggart Miss Janet, lys 93 Queen MeVeen John, reg 461 Johnston " Miss Nellie, lys 461 Johnston MeVety Robert, eontr, reg 106 York " Miss Spray, tchr, lys 106 York McWater Alexander, mason, res 7 Frontenac " Miss Annie, lys 7 Frontenne " John, lab. res 240 Johnston " Miss Libbie. lys 7 Frontenac " Margaret (wid Alex), lvs 7 Frontenac " Wm, clk, lys 7 Frontenac KINOMTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 133 MeWaters James, guard K P, rese Union. cor Pembroke McWilliams. Charles A, eng str "Ions," res 38 Union e " Charles B, eng, res 288 Wellington " Miss Gertrude, lys 288 Wellington " Wm, sailor, Iv,, 288 Wellington Names beginning with.may are anrange(i alphabetically with naines beginning with Me. Machar Miss Agnes M, author, reg 2$ Sydenham " Caroline (a iii John M), res 127 Bagot Madden Catherine (wid Daniel), Iva 18 Rideau " John. House of Industry " Miss Mamie, lys 132 Stuart " Miss Minnie. Iv,, 65 York " Patrick J, keeper K P, res 132 Stuart " Perev..t tilt. IsIs 157 Alfred Madigan Annie (wid Michael), res 43 L Bagot Madill Clarence, clk W W Gibson, bd. 3(M) Queen James A. ninfrs agt, res w s Albert, 1 a Union " Wm G. elk W G Craig & Co, lys J A Madill Maddock.1m(eph. rend St Ry, iv 57 John Madrand Octave, btchr, res s s Dufferin Magee see also McGee Robert, mach, bds Dublin House " Sarah (wid Lieut Wm), Iva 37 Princes, Mageau see Majou Maginnis see McGinnis and McGuinness Magnet.1o wphine ( wid Daniel), lvs 98 William Maguire see also McGuire Emma. mai l 107 %got " Fredtrick. lab, res 55 L Bagot John J, postman, lys 186 Bagot " Miss Margaret, Iv,, 186 Begot Miss Mary, reg 186 Bagot Maher see Meagher Mahoney James. sailor, rea 6 Orchard " John, lab. lids Robt M Miller " Miss Theresa, Ivs 6 Orchard Mahood Albert E. studt, Iva 219 Queen " Brca (Perry S and Frederick K), fancy goods, 113 Princess " Frederick K (Mahood Bros), lys 219 Queen

67 lgl J. O. troeten & c(; e MAHOOD GEORGE W, Druggist 150 I Mann Francis P, lab, lys ioo Lower l'rince++, cur lingot, res 148 Uni- Bagot versitv uv ' (teorge, ma( I, rea 61 U Charles \li++ I+nIN'lln. Ira 2111 Queen " j?hn, lab, res l00 L Bagot Perry S (Mahood Bros), lys 219 Mary (wid John). lys zoo L Bagot Queen Manning (:eurge. gunner A Ratterv " Win J, res 219 Queen MANUFACTURERS' LIFE INSUR- Maiden Catherine (wid Robert), res 25 ance Co, -}I District Man- Main ager, ISI \^ellington Wellington Win J, carp, lys 25 Main Manville Joseph, Ivs Ios L Bagot :lanir Miss Ilannah, h e 17 Union w \Iuple Ilenry E, instr R M C, bds 94 Major John, gunner A Battery Queen weaver, res 29 I. MAPLE LEAF HOTEL, James Sowards Majou.lerelniah. Proprietor, 241) Mutltreal Charles \larcelis Win A, agrt Singer Mfg Co, rem Maker l Bru (Nichulas and Michael), u Au-l dry goutta -411 rnnc ens March see also Marsh Michael (\lukcr S llro), res 240 Prin-.. Eva M (wid A Arthur F), Ivs 250 ''('"" King e \ichulas (Maker & Bro), rea 240 henry 1, sailor, Iva 48 Union w Prince.;- Mary 1. (wid James D), rem 40 Union 'l'honut+, clk \laker & Bro, Iva 240 West l'rinre++ ' Miss Rome, Iva dll i'ninn w Makiu+ Huttie 11, tlrs, h a 231 Barrie,- \, Irt,1, foreuixn Ilooper Bros, Iva 46 " \li++ I+alHdln. Iv+ 23 \\-est Union w Miss.Icnnie, Iw 2:11 Barrie Marchand Charles E. tnelter Kingston N\'ilhelmina, elk, Iva 231 Barrie Foundry. res 98 I, Ragot \1'm. grain buyer, res 231 Barrie " Mrs Napoleon, lys!p Wellington Mallan Joseph, sailor, Iva 12 Pine " \\'m lab, res 250 (ueen \la( ip, mnid (7eneral ilu+pital Market Clerk's Office. \tim MeCammon Patrick, yardman R Crawford, rem clerk, City Buildings 12 l'ine Markle Simcoe, lab, res 359 Division Mallen Frank. elk James \fallen, Iva 170. Mrs \1'ilhelmina, nurse General Hosl;ulcnu pital 1lgALLEN JAMES, Coal and Wood, Catar- Marriman Ellen ( wid John), reg 223 aqui at, Tes 170 Rideau Wellington " J Vincent. clk James Mallen, lys t 7o Rideau Michael, sailor, rem 130 L Bagot \lichoel L. tchr, Iva Bagot Mallett Jo+eph, acting bombr A Battery ilerbcrt, baker. Ira 223 Wellington \iarrison see also Merrison Bertha M, dremkr, Ira 101 York Elizabeth (wid John), ree 264 Princess Mallette \\'m.1, cashier G T R, bds 97 Miss F.veline. Iva 101 York Wellington ' J Frederick, plmbr, lys 101 York Malloch Cynthia H (wid Francis H), " Win, woodwkr, rca 101 York Iva 108 Bagot " Mrs Win i, grocer IN York " Robert, asst T Ronan, Iva 238 Bagot Marsh see also March Malone Capt Abraham H, rea 480 John.1, shipper Robertson Bros, Iva Brock 64 Elm Miss Edith, lys 48o Brock John W, florist, rem 84 Elm "\finnie L. clk, Iva 187 Clergy Sarah, minr, lys 64 Elm " Sarah (wid George), rea 167 Clergy IN-alter, ]ab. bila 11 Charles Maloney we also Moloney Win.1, attdt Asylum. rem 254 Nel- " Miss Ellen, Iva 12 Raglan rd =on ' George.1, tmstr K & l' Ry, rem 22 Marshall David. Ira Miss H M Ault F.nrl " David H, M A. prof Queen's College, rem "Elmhurst," Centre at John. fireman, Ivi 12 Raglan rd Manhard Edna, mlnr, Iva 252 Alfred " Eliza (wid John), rea 201 Albert " Etta (wid Alonzo), rem 252 Alfred " Emma (wid Henry), res 4 L Rideau Miss Merta D, vnlnr, Iva 252 Alfred Emma, weaver, lys 4 L Rideau "\\-m E, action fnahr Wormwith & Co, Iva 252 Alfred Franc" A (wid Oreb M), res 37 Clergy w 1 KINüNTUN ALI'IlAnh'rI('AL UIRE(TURY MAHWHALL Francis, res 207 Nelson Ueor}te, gunner A Battery, rem 9,S Place d'armes llul;h h', mach, re+ 257 Montreal Jennie, atenog Walkem & Walkem, ]vs 201 Albert John, bkpr, res 68 Colborne Juhn, MA, prof Queen's Collega res 171 Union w John, caulker, lids (;rand Union Iio, tel John elk.) S Henderson, Iva 201 Al. I,crt MARSHALL ROBERT ( Baker & Mar- -hall). Ivv 255 Queen Robert G, eng, res 16 Rideau Samuel, trav, res Prime at Samuel jr, bkpr R Waldron res 371 Brock " Thomas C, tailor, Iva 201 Albert \ti'm, prop Grimason House, 342-?.+s Princess " Win, weaver,!vs 4 L Rideau Will,1. gunner A Batter}' \\'nl R. Nt111It. Ivs tin ( nlborne Martenelli Luciano, packer Robertson Bros, Iva 285 Sydenham Tucey, packer Robertson Bros, res 285 Sydenham MARTIN ALFRED R, Manager British Attentat llotpl and llotel Frontenar r, Alfred " Arthur W, clk Merchants Bank, lys 110 Ragot " Catherine (wid James), ]vs zoo Barrack ('harles, caretaker St Michael's Cem- Pterv, re+ same ~ Charles A, sign painter 18 Montreal, rr+ 240 l'niver+itv av Capt Charles J, sailor, res 13 Balaclava " Eli+hn. n+.t. a+mn Ratllbun Co, rem n + l'i:u, d'artne+ Emma, dressmkr, bds 6g Queen Miss Florence H, Ivs 241 Alfred " Frank, carp, Iva 349 Brock " Mrs (;eorge, Ivs 275 Sydenham George G, mach, rem 10 Russell (:ertrude Ira n s Place d'armes G.\rthur h(h, rei 14 Main (: Kent, +tudt. lys 29 ('olborne "\li++ 17rncP R, h a 110 Ragot Miss Harriet, Iva 349 Brock Iva E, prof R M C. rem 81 King e " James F, capt tug Myra, res 259 Johnston ~ James W, painter, rem 47 (a) Main ^ John W, carp, res 349 Brock " John W. agrl implts 369 King e, res Elginburg, Ont 135 MARTIN " Julia J, bds IS University av " Kenneth C. packer A ('hown Q. Co, Iva (Nt };arl MARTIN LEWIS, Proprietor Grand He. tel. 214 l'rinocex " Miss May E. tchr Sydenham School lys 241 Alfred Win C. mngr Grand Opera House, rem 110 Ba}ot " Win H, trav tes 66 Earl Jlurtvrl Max. mnl, r \tc\lillan & Maguire, IHIV IrIM1u111M IIIItPl Mason Catherine ( wid Win), rem 134 Union w Miss Susan, res 146 Colborne Massey-Harris Co, Ltd, 132 Clarence Massie Miss Birdie, Iva 385 Barrie Miss 1 F:dith, Ivs 206 Ragot Miss HazPl ( 7, h'+ 206 lingot James, vat surgeon 206 Bagot Sli+. Lucy, Ira 41 ('ulborne " %%'m %r, ren Al ('ulhnrnp " Win jr, lumber n s Place d'armes, rem 385 Barrie Massy John M, lab, res 16 Deacon " Martha ( wid Michael), res r 87 Johnston Masters Rev Charles, MA, curate St lame+ ('hurch, rota :12 Union w \IaAter.+' und Jlnte+' Association, 39 ('lar- P11( (' Masterson Daniel, res 1:03 Wellington Maston Edward, mach, [)ils 51 John \IutcPr Samuel, lab, Iv.--A r 35 11'ellingtnu " Thnrna+. I:rh. Ic+ r 11, Wellington Mathewe, see also Matthews " Mrs 3farc, res 24 Ellice Mathewson -Emily, lys 28 Barrie " George J B, lab, Iva 28 Barrie " John P, ship carp. rea 28 Barrie " Maggie, dreasmkr, ]vs 28 Barrie " Matthlew, res it of Johnston Matthews, see also Mathews ".1nPliquP V. re,i 17 St Lawrence " t:eorpinn. Ivv 17 St lawrence Catherine ( wid Wm J), h-s 50 John John, driver, res 50 John.l +eph T. pllnhr. Iv Division \lnrinn. Ira 17 St Lawrence av Susan (wid John), res 46o Division " Win H. guard K P, ree e a Beverly, 1 e Union lfauer U. lunch. hala 34 Simcoe Vaund Charles F. wharfinger W G Craig & Co, rpa 45 William " Ethel K, stenog A B Cunningham, Iva 45 William " Frederick, clk K & P Ry,!vs 4S William

68 136 J. 0. FOSTER, it CO'S»mum) " Mabel M, elk Whig, Iva 45 William Win 11. elk K Ity. lys 45 NVilliam Maundson Mary (wid George), lys 274 University av Maxim' Allred, tatilor, res 338 Queen " Charles E. lab, res 21 Charles " Geo W, btlr A Tyo, res 41 Charles " Mary C (wid Alfred), res 12 Redan " Thomas, bartender Am Hotel, res 35 John maxw en Nliss Daisy, lvs 56 Rideau " George W, acct Kirkpatrick, Rogers & Nickle, res 58 Rideau " James, foreman S Anglin & Co, res 463 Johnston " M iss Laura. 'vs 463 Johnston " Miss Maggie. elk W J Crothers, bds 193 Brock Mavell John It, earl). res 262 Sydenham " Wm, asst miller K Milling Co, bds 156 Bagot MEA itev CHARLES J, Curate St Mary's Cathedral, res The Palace 225 Johnston Mead Cyrus, 1,.;00 Princess " Jennie. th \V.1 Turkington Meagher Jim: G, agt, res 9 Cowdy " Joseph, 1%, 9 Cowdv " Martin, sailor, Tea "79 L Begot " Thomas F, tray, res 134 Division MEDLEY WM H, Druggist 232 Princess, ras 41 Albert. sciait h of Union Meek Miss Acey, elk Odd Fellows' Relief Assn, lys 328 Alfred MEEK ROBERT, Secretary-Treasurer I hid Fellows' Relief Association,!vs :125 University av " Miss Sarah, drsmkr 328 Alfred Wm, pressman. res 181 Clergy Megarry James, policeman, res 420 Johnston Menary i:eorge. carp. rca 20 Y, '- Merder Annie( wid Wm). res 226 Earl " Eleanor. elk. lvs 226 Earl " James R. mach. lys 226 Earl " Thomas, broomkr, Iva 226 Earl " W John, clk, lys 226 Earl MERCHANTS' BANK OF CANADA, George E Hague Manager, cor Brock and Wellington Meredith Albert, mach Loco Works, res w s Pembroke, 2 n King Merrett, see also Merritt " Capt. Thomas, reg 137 William MERRICK HENRY, Post Office Inspector. ras II Vellington " John, bds 209 Villiam Merriman see Marriman Merrin James, lvs Outer Depot " John, eng G T R. reg Outer Depot " Miss Meads,!vs 164 Begot Merrison see Marrison Merritt, Bee also Merrett " Edward, mldr, rem 182 Clergy " Miss Mabel II, elk. Iv.; 182 Clergy ' Miss Mary E, elk lys 182 Clergy Metcalfe Hiram F, prin Kingston Business College, res 355 Brock " James H, res 286 Queen " Mary A (wid John C). butcher 02 Brock, res 826 Princess " Miss Ross, 'vs 286 Queen METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE l'o of New York. Albert Kennedy Superint endent. Exchange Chantbers. 115 Brock METROPOLITAN STOCK EXCHANGE,.1.1 McKenna Manager, Claren,e Chambers, Clarence st. Meyers see Myers Middleton Miss Catherine. lvs 49 Clergy " Henry, lab, res n a Raglan rd, 1 W Bagot " Sophia ( wid Louis), res 49 Clergy Mikeara Wm R. shun, rms 186 Union west MILLAR CORNELIUS, Proprietor Iroquois Hotel Ontario " Dennis J, btehr and ice di:. 252 Ontario, reg 80 Earl " Jeremiah, lys 80 Earl Millar Albert IL wood wkr 54 Queen, res 211 Ragot " Ira, elk British Am Hotel " Thomas R. stud:, la 211 Ragot Millard Richard. appr T F Harrison Co. lys 78 Quebec " Wm J, carp, res 78 Quebec " Wm J jr, boilerrnkr, lys 78 Quebec Miller, see also Millar Charles. sailor. res 41ti King e " Miss ma L. lys 116 Colborne " Ira D, lys R M Miller " Miss Mabel. lys 151 Alfred " Mary E (wid Capt Andrew H), res 116 Colborne " Matthew, tray, res 7 Devonshire ter " Matthew. driver, 1v4 R M Miller " Robert M, boilermkr, res n s John. 1 w Begot " Theodore C. bal s Anglo-Am Hotel " Willet G, B A, prof Rine,ston School of Mining, bde Brit Am Hotel " Wm. mech eng Fire Dept, res Fire Hall No I " Wm 11. bkpr. res 157 Albert MILLERS' AND MANUFACTURERS' Insurance Co. Head Office 32 Church St, Toronto Milligan Max G, brtndr Prov Hotel atit.lioss " Mary (wid Alexander), mis 246 Wellington Millions Retta, dressmkr, lys 243 Colborne Mills Alex, carp, res 412 Johnston " Andrew, carp, rcs 15 Redan " Miss Annie, lys 138 Ragot " Charles le, switchman G T R, bals Outer Depot " Charles.1 I., sismn Geo Mills & Co, 'vs 124 University av " Daniel F, eapt str "Corsican," mes 228 Division " Ella M (wid Wm C), bds 12 King e George sr, lv. 124 University av MILLS GEORGE Jr (George Mills & Co), rem 124 University av MILLS GEORGE & CO (George bills jr), Hats and Furs, Princess " George W, elk Thos Mills & Co, lys 120 University av " Gertrude, nurse Gen Hospital " Harry 11, gela pass agt Thousand Island Steamboat Co, bds 212 King e " Herbert,!vs 120 University av " Miss Irene, lys 138 Ragot " Irwin, lather, lys 138 Begot " John IL auctioneer 76 Brock " J Andrew, storeman tie Robertson & Son. res 48 Elm " J Edgar, lieut A Battery " Miss Marie, lys 138 Ragot " Miss Martha, lys 228 Division " Miss Mary, lys 138 Ragot " Mary (wid James), res 138 Begot MILLS THOMAS (Mills & Cunning- ham). res 122 University av. Telephone 116 " Riehard M, meal studt, lys 120 University av " Thomas (Thomas Mills & Co), res 120 University ay " Thomas H, lab, fes 378 Brock " Thomas & Co (Thomas Mills), hats 174 Princess Wagon Road Map le EASTERN ONTARIO %.,(), WESTERN ONTARIO PRICE 25 CENTS. FOR SALE BY STATIONERS KINOSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 137 MILLS RT REV WILLIAM LENNOX, D D, L L D, Bishop of Ontario, rt s Bishop's Court, 13 King w " Wm Y, slismn George Mills & Co. lys 124 University ay MILLS & CUNNINGHAM (Thomas Mills, J Ernest Cunningham), Bankers and Insurance Agents 79 Clarence (See card below) _ Mills & Cunningham, BANKERS AND BROKERS DEPOSITS RECEIVED BEARING INTEREST WITHDRAWABLE ON DEMAND, ALL CLASSES Of In aaaaa ce effected at Current Rates We MANUFACTURE and SEI.L. "The I. a C. Patent Horne Savings Banks. 79 Clarence St., Kingston. Milne Alexander J, eng Frontenac Cereal Co, res 148 Ontario " Mrs Alex.1, grocer 148 Ontario " Alexander, limit eng Imperial Laundry, bals 393 l'rineess " Alexander R, eng str "Kingston," res 391 Johnston " Benedict, driver W J Driver, lys 14 (*hem' MILNE HARVEY J, Bicycle Repairer and Carpet Cleaner, 272 Ragot, lvs 302 University av John M. sailor, Ivs 35 main " Mary (wid Peter J), ri 35 Main " Melville R. studt,!vs 391 Johnston " Peter J, eng, res 15 West " Robert, sailor, mes 14 Cherry " Thomas J S, eng, res 302 University avenue " Vincent, broom mkr, lys 14 Cherry Wilfred, repr H.1 Milne, lys 302 University av Wm, lab, res 187 Collingwood Milo Frank, pntr, refs 29 Division " Frederick D, plmbr Water Works, res 89 Union e " Thomas VV, painter Montreal Milton Caroline (wid Thomas M), res 404 Brock " Caroline, nurse, les 404 Brock " Miss Naney.1, Iv,' 404 Brock Miner James A, lab. res 6 James Minnes Annie (wid James), ree 109 Gore " Miss Ethel, lys too Gore " Miss Lorraine, lys 1o9 Gore

69 J. O. POSTER & co's MINNES JAMES A (Macnee & Minnes), 1 MONCRIEFF " & Cornelius (Peter ri s 121 Ilagot " Thomas D. registrar Odd Fellows' Relief Assn, res 209 Queen MINNES WILLIAM T ( Macnee Mlinnee), res 107 Gore Minogue Mary J (wid Wm), ree 256 Earl Mitchell Alex, sailor. res 103 L Begot " Alfred, cigarmkr, lys 131 Colborne " Charles. tinsmith. lvs 16 Dufferin " Miss Edna, elk K Milk Depot, lys 16 Dufferin " Miss Edna B, lys 185 William " Edward J, tinsmith McKelvey & Bin.h. res 206 Rideau " Mrs Emma M, dressinkr 73 Brock, res 9'2 Elm A Monerieff, MITCHELL E CLARENCE (Henry Skinner & Co), res 154 Earl, Telephone 83 " James A, driver 1) A Hutchinson, res 441 Alfred " John, printer 172 Wellington, res 72 same " John C. res 185 William " J Arnold. tray, res 197 King e MITCHELL J WALTER, Superintendent Kingston Dairy School. res 189 Universit s av " Miss Rita. Irs 185 William Sarah (wid Wm C), res 16 Dufferin " Miss Sybil F. bkpr R 11 Toye, lys 16 Dufferin " Wm A. hardware Princess, res 55 Clergy " Wm H. civil eng, res 33 Division Moberlev Wm, pntr, res 64 Brock " Mrs Wm, restaurant 64 Brock Mohr George E, pipe fitter, res 243 Earl Moir see Moyer Moise see Movse Mollinger see %Irminger Moloney see also Maloney John, blkstnith. bits Revere House " Richard. carriage pntr, 126 Clarence, res 14 St Catherine " Thomas. broom mnfr 3 Cowdy, bds 366 Barrie " Mrs Thomas. dressmkr 3611 Barrie Moncrieff George, driver Imperial Steam Laundry, res 468 Albert " John see John Cornelius " Peter A ( Monerieff & Cornelius), res 155 Division " Peter A ir. mach, Ivs 155 Division " Robert D, agt Lon Life Ins Co, Irs 281 Division " Thomas E, painter, 40 Durham, res same James Cornelius), grocers 155 Division Monk Frank, stone cutter, res 22 (a) Elm Monks Agnes, lys 332 Montreal " Peter, lab, res 332 Montreal " Sarah E, Iva 332 Montreal Monroe see Munro Montgomery Arthur It, studt, Ive 225 Prineess " Jane ( wi(l John), lys 64 Rideau " Mabel, lvs 150 Sydenham " Maggie. mlnr, Iva 1511 Sydenham " Mary. lys 159 svdenhain " Miss 111 I. ass1 ;mid General Hospital " Robt, dyer 225 Princess, Teri same " Wallace, dyer, lys 225 Princess " W in, sailor, res 159 Sydenham NIontizambert Col C E, bds 1911 Johnston MONTREAL TRANSPORTATION CO, Limited, I. L Henderson Agent, fie,t if Qu'en st MOOERS EDWIN, Secretary and Manager Frontenac Cereal Co, Ltd, Ive 90 Barrie " George, res 500 Princess " Miss Grace, lys 5oci Princess MOOERS HENRY, Vice-President Frontense Cereal Co, Ltd. rem PO Barrie " Henry F, grain dealer, res 103 Union e MOOERS H & CO, Grain Dealers, foot of Gore Moon Charles, rest 208 Alfred " Robert T. lab, res 12 Alma Mooney Miss Isabel, musician, res 67 *Alfred " Miss Mabel, Ivs 67 Alfred " Miss Minnie A, lye 20 Stuart Pearl E, clk, les 17 Division Robert. elk Crumley Bros, lys 17 Division " Robert J, mach, res 17 Division " Thomas, forest ranger, res 20 Stuart Moore Alexander 11. elk W A Mitchell, lvs 22 York MOORE ANDREW A, Secretary and Treasurer Times Printing Co of Kingston. Ltd, res 35 Division " Ann (wid Daniel), res 234 University " Charles F. clk Dalton & Sons, lvs 151 Alfred " Miss Charlotte, res 151 Alfred " Miss Edna, lye 98 Barrie MOORE EDWARD, Secretary-Treasurer Kingston Light, Heat & Power Co, res 98 Barrie " Elizabeth (wid Wm), lys 98 Barrie MOO It E " Hannah ( wid John), lys 430 Johnston " Henry, illation. lys 98 Division " Herbert V, elk Ontario Powder Co, Ive 22 York " Miss Irene, lys 22 Frontenac " Jennie, clk A Glover, lys 234 University av " Miss Jessie, Ivs 151 Alfred " John, res 114 Clarence " Miss L H, lady supt Hillcroft Academy " Mary.1, nurse, tala 362 Barrie " Minide (wid Joseph), lys 251 Victoria " Peter, blksmith, lids 102 'Ingot " Reginald, lys 22 Frontenac " Robert II, lab, res 490 Division " Samuel, carp, lys 114 Clarence " Miss Sarah, lys 114 Clarence " Thomas. plmr gas works, res 83 Frontenne " Thomas, tailor, res 228 Division " Thomas NI, tinsmith, res 185 Division " Wm, real astate, lids Anglo Am Hotel "Wna, tin -Ir K & 1' Ity, res 10 Sixth " Wm J, mach Cotton Mill, res 22 York, " Win %V,!vs 234 University av Morahan Ellen. lys 116 Stuart " Patrick, moulder, lys 116 Stuart Moran Annie ( wid Frank), Iva 91 Queen " Annie ( wid Simon), maid 220 JohnstAin " Patrick J, midi, res 79 Gore Morden Benjamin.1, appr E Slater & Co, lys 40 Main " Charles. mason, res 25 Russell " Rey Dorland N, pastor Bethel Congl Church, res lbert " Teresa (wid John P), res go Main " Wm, pressman Whig, ha go Main Mcrency Agnes (wid Thomas J), lys 112 Johnston Morey Byron, eng Queen's C,ollege, bds 178 Barrie Morgan Gibson, section foreman GTR, res Outer Depot " Harry, gunner II Battery " Mary, dressmkr, lys Outer Depot " Perey, blksmith, lys Outer Depot MORGAN W J, Veterinary Surgeon, Office and Residence 47 Montreal Morley Victor, mason, lys 109 York " Wm C. coral-, res 109 York Morrell Edward, mach, bds 100 Earl " Robert, yardman Russell House Morris Catherine (wid Emanuel), res 154 Raglan rd KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 139 IdORRIS I T, Grocer : Montreal, rms sa me MORRIS JOHN, Manager Queen City Oil Co, Limited, Clarence, t.or ontario, ras 124 Barrie " Margaret, tirs, lys 154 Raglan rd " Nathan. nllr, res 45 Main Morrieon Catherine (wid Michael). res 96 Clergy " Charles A, idly 208 Bagot " Johanna, clk P 0. lys 96 Clergy " John A. coaeliman Dr Kilborn, lys 32 (»ass. " Wm, carter, res 213 Wellington Blorrissey John, messr P 0, res 28 Alma " John V. barber 294 Montreal Morrow Francis II, res 196 Colborne " Miss Mary.1, res 46 Patrick " Robert, f'armer, lys 46 Patrick Morton George G. mach, res 8 James " Jane A ( wid Jattirs. res 18 Rideau Mosier John, shedman K & P Ry, res ft North " Joseph, lab, lys ft North Mostyn Miss Sarah, lys 98 Stuart Moulton Charles, ship carp, res 35 Elm " Herbert, lab, lys 35 Elm Mowat Catherine (wid Henry), res 224 (a) Division " Emma (wid Rev John B), res 180 Johnston " Miss Ethelwyn, lys 180 Johnston " George A, mason, lys 224 (a) biyision MOWAT J McDONALD, Barrister, Solicitor, Etc, Clarence Chambers, 18 Market, bds 13 Maitland " Miss Lillian, lys 180 Johnston Moxley Miss Alice, lys 76 York " Charles IL elk F.1 Hoag, lys 92 York " Charles R, med studt, lye 557 Princess " Clark IL tray United Factories Lt,d, Toronto, Ivs 557 Princess " Eugene A, eonfr W J Crothers res 110 Charles " Fred, elk A Strachan. lys 76 York " Margaret, tirs, lys 337 Division " Robert blksmith res 76 York " Robert, tray. res 557 Princess " Wm, lab, res 327 Division Moyse Wm M, mach, res 150 Rideau Muchmore Michael, lab, bila 45 L Ragot Richard.1, eng, res 49 Bay " Muckier Frederick H, ship.per Edwin Chown & Son, Ivs 332 Johnston " James T, mldr, res 328 Johnston " Miss Maggie, lys 332 Johnston " Mary (wid Wm), res 332 Johnston " Wm D, plmbr, res 201 Earl Mucklestone Ann (wid Samuel), res 226 King e " Mies Annie, lys 226 King e

70 ) 140 J. o. Fosmcn Sr co's Mudie Balfour, cadet, Ivs 163 Union w " Miss Ethel, lvs 163 Union w " George M, bkpr John Mudie, lvs 163 Union w MUDIE JOHN, Barrister, Solicitor, Etc, 89 Clarenee. res 163 Union w " Miss Margaret, lva 163 Union w Muir Albert II, elk Lake Ontario & Bay of Quinte Steamboat Co, bds 102 Queen Muirhead Elizabeth (wid John W), lys 45 Clergy Mulholland dames 1', mach, res 123 Colborne "John, mach, bds Grand Union Hotel " Joseph.1. lour, lys 123 Colborne Mullen, see also Mullin Frank. elk, lys 48 Ordnance " James, lab, res 48 Ordnance " James E, marble cutter K Granite & Marble Works, res 384 Princess " ilk. Ive 48 Ordnance " Kate, maid 47 George " Patrick, res 42 Ordnance " Wm, shoveller, lye 42 Ordnance Muller Andrew, mach, res 72 Ontario " Fred C, mach. res 118 Montreal " George jr, carpet lyr H J Milne, Ivs liarrietield Mulligan Wm, tmstr, res 207 Albert Mullin Catherine, bds House of Providence " Edward W, grocer 278 Johnston.Mullinger Thomas, policeman, res 2 Clow's Bloek Mulvena Catherine (wid Owen), Ivs 211 Montreal Munday Alfred, carp. res 291 Johnston Mundell Miss Alma K, lys 59 Arch MUNDELL DAVID E, Physician and Surgeon, Office Hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 8, Telephone 398, Office and Residence 228 Brock MUNDELL JOHN, Diseases of the Heart and Lungs, Office Hours 9 to 12, 2 to 4 and 7 to 9, 25 Montreal, lvs 59 Arch " Mary (wid David), res 59 Arch MUNDELL WILLIAM, B A, Barrister, Solicitor, Etc, 151 Wellington, cor Clarence. res 281 Alfred Munro Eliza (wid Charles), res 58 Wellington " John, acting bombr A Battery " Margaret (wid John), bdg hse 98 Division Murch see Munch Murphy. Audley, Ive 66 Barrie MURPHY " Catherine ( wid Daniel), res 82 Rideau " Daniel, lab, rms 40 Ra(tlan rd " Florence, lv. 48 L Bagot " James P, driver,!vs 835 Princess " Johanna (wid Jas), Ivs 127 Montreal " John, carp, res 181 Alfred " John, clk, Iva 55 Princess " Joseph, pntr, bds 114 Clarence " Kate (wid John B), res 66 Barrie " Lawrence W, grocer 55 Princess ".\li' I.illiaii, Ivs 82 Rideau " Margaret (wid Jas), res 48 L Bagot " Matthew, diver, res 189 Montreal " Mitchell, section foreman 1i, T R, res Outer Depot " Nelson, lab, res 40 Hickson av " Philip H. shipper Frontenac Cereal Co. bds Hotel Congres s " Miss Rose. Ivs 66 Barrie " Thomas J, tug capt, res 359 Bagot " Wm, lab James Swift & Co, res 127 Montreal " Mrs Wm G, res 835 Princess " Wm J, mate tug Thompson, res 81 L Bagot " Wilmer F. carp, lva 82 Rideau Murray Albert, lyis 9 Charles " Alfred J, lab. res 236 Alfred " Alex J, tinsmith, lys 160 Rideau " Charles, plmbr McKelvey & Birch, Iva 11 Vine " David, aect J B Carrothers, res Oak Point Farm, Kingston Township " David 11. local mngr Wilson, Lytle, Badgerow Co of Toronto, Ltd, res Sunnvside. Alice st " Miss Ethel, lvs 15 O'Kill " James, tug rapt. res 106 Clergy " John, currier, res 160 Rideau " John F, clk James McCulla, lvs Barriefield " Joseph, tug eapt, res 20 Rideau " Mary ( wid Francis), lvs 280 Wellington " Miss Mary, Iva 106 Clergy " Randal B, lab, res 24 Earl " Riellaril 11. midr, lys 11 Vine " Sarah (wid James), res 338 Division " Sarah (wid Rev Wm), res n s Alice, 2 w University av " Miss Sarah D, Iva 336 Division " Sylvester, lab, 'vs 20 Rideau " Wm, bdg hse 212 King e " Wm jr, auctioneer 20 Market, res Barriefield " Wm J, carp, res 11 Vine " W Vincent, sailor, Iva 20 Rideau Murtch Wm S R, tray, res 216 Johnston MUTUAL LIFE ASSCE CO OF CAN- ADA, S Roughton District Agent, 171 %Vellington Myers Miss lielena, elk H J Myers, lvs 201 Queen MYERS HENRY J, Pork Market, 60 Brock, res 201 Queen (See card below) Co.. 'I'll. G. MYERS' PORK MARKET, Headquarters for all kinds of Cooked Meats and Home-made Relishes, Bacon, Hams, Pork Sausage and Tenderloin. Everyone says we have the nicest assortment of Cooked Meats In the City. Come and be cons Inced. ôo B ROC K ST R E ET. ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED. 'PHONE 57o. Myers Miss Mamie, elk H J Myers, Ivs 201 Queen " Mary (wid Henry), lvs 335 Johnston " Mary, maid Hillcroft Academy MYLES GORDON W, M D, Physician, Surgeon, Etc, Office Hours 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p m, Telephone 119, Office and Residence Wellington "My Valet." Warwiek Brus props, 191 Princess Nadon Miss Adeline, lvs 234 Ontario " Joseph, restaurant 234 Ontario Nancarrow Frederick, fireman Electric Light Works, TeS 321 BrOCIT Nash Caleb l, tray Henry Skinner & Co, re+ 140 Union w " George R, res 100 Stuart " James, carp, res 54 Elm " Jo.eph. Ivs 415 Johnston " Mary, dressmkr, lvs 54 Elm " Mary A (wid Wm W), res 415 Johnston " Thomas. news dealer British Am Hotel. 'vs 415 Johnston NASH THOMAS W, Chief Engineer Kingston & Pembroke Railwav, Offiee Ontario st. cor Plaee d'armes, lvs 144 Union w " Walter W, trav Henry Skinner & Co, bds 291 Brock KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 141 Naylon John, policeman, res 155 Raglan rd Naylor Charles, mach, bds 94 Queen Neal see also McNeil, McNeill, Neil, Neill, O'Neil and O'Neill " Mary ( wid Peter), Bs 158 Rideau Neill John, tray Edwin Chown & Son. res 218 King e " Samuel, clk Henry Skinner & Co, Ivs 198 King e " Wm, postman, res 198 King e Neilson Alan. ledger kpr Bank of B A, bits 390 Alfred " Margaret (wid Hendry), res Outer Depot " Wm. tray agt Odd Fellows Relief Assn, res 412 l'rincess Neigh Loura, Iva 308 University av " Wm, acting surveyor Custom House, res 308 University av Nelson see also Neilson " Alick I), bkpr Dalton & Sons, res 304 Earl " Miss Catherine M, drsmkr 286 Johnston " John sr, res 152 Rideau 'John jr, lab, res 117 L Bagot " John E, carp, res 340 Brock " Mary E, drsmkr, Iva 286 Johnston " Mary M (wid George A), Iva 286 Johnston " Wm R, lab, res 305 Division Nesbitt see also Nisbet " Mary, tchr, Iva 337 Johnston " Robert, clk, Iva 246 Barrie " Robert W. police sergeant, res 337 Johnston " Sarah (wid James), gro 246 Barrie " \V James, groeer 259 University av, Ivs 337 Johnston Nevens Annie L. Iva 91 Cataraqui. " Wm, carp, res 91 Cataraqui Nevison James. driver P Walsh, ree Barriefield Newberry Henry, grocer 226 Barrie, ma 209 Earl Newell Lewis. lab, res 92 Division " Napoleon, helper Edwin Chown & Son, res 39 U Charles Newlands Elizabeth, Iva 333 Barrie " Elizabeth 5 (wid Isaac), res 184 Ordnance " Etta (wid Alex), Iva Wm H Reid " George, res 506 Princess " Miss Jennie, Iv+ 165 Nelson " John. mason, res 165 Nelson " John C, draughtsman Wm Newlands Ivs i6o Earl " Norman, studt, Iva 184 Ordnance " Wm, res 333 Barrie

71 J. G. FOBTER & CO'S. NEWLANDS " Win, architect 258 Bagot, res 160 Earl " Wm A, receiver Water Works, lys 333 Barrie Newman Et bel ( wid Wm J), music tchr, lys 31 Rideau " Miss Fanny, lys 161 Brock " Ilarry, driver Dom Exp Con res 262 Johnston NEWMAN HARRY W (St Lawrence Ice. lvs 271 King w " Miss II May. organist, lys 271 King w NEWMAN JAMES J (St Lawrence Ice Co), his 271 King w " Joseph A. clk. res 260 Alfred " Miss Lillie. his 161 Brock " Mary A (wid Wm), res 161 Brock " Samuel J, sailor, res 126 L Bagot " S Edith, mus tchr, Ws 271 King w " Wm, carp K Ilosiery Co, res 271 King w " Wm, ship carp. re+ 560 Princess Newnham Sergt Thomas F. commandtilt '.3 clerk R C I" A, res 363 Ilar,ot NEWS AND TIMF,S, The Times Printing Co of Kingston, Ltd, Publishers, 67 Princess Newton John, carp, res 75 Colborne " Mildred. tehr. Ivs 75 Colborne Nichol see also Nichols. Nickle, Nicol, Nicoll and Nicolle Nicholls Charles S. harnessmkr M Dolan, bds 221 Princess " Clara, cook Provincial Hotel " Edith, wtrs l'rovincial Hotel " R Fred, situ& lys 134 Clarence " Wm, vet surgeon, 134 Clarence, res.amp Nicholson Alexander,. mldr, res 325 Johnston " Rev Alexander B, B A, asst prof Queen's College. res Portsmouth " Ag-nes, asst Dr D Allan Black, lys 425 Brock " Amos, shipyard foreman M T Co, res Portsmouth " Elizabeth. Iv+ 425 Brock " Harrison E W, station agt GTR, res Outer Depot John. lab, lvie 27 Balaclava " Miss Laura, lys H E W Nicholson " Miss Lillie, lys H E W Nicholson " Miss Louisa, lys 114 William " Mary (wid David), res 425 Brock " RoberL, mach, lys 325 Johnston " Russell. lys 27 Balaclava Thomas, btehr 136 Ontario " Thomas.1, piano mkr McMillan dt Co. bd. 107 Wellington " Thomas K. driver R Crawford, res 75 Main NICHOLSON " Thomas W, elk R Crawford, res Portsmouth " Wm, blksmith. res 27 Balaclava Nickle see also Nichol, Nichols, Niel, Nicoll and Nicolle " Ellen (wid Wm), res 130 Earl NICKLE HUGH C, Supt K, P & C Electric Ry Co, res 130 Bagot NICKLE WM F (Kirkpatrick, Rogers & Niekler res 31 King e Nicol Margaret (wid Win), res 62 Col. borne " Wm. M A, prof School of Mining, bds 93 Clergy w Nicolle Frederick,R, B A, lys at Union west " John (Robertson, Nicolle lt Co), res 41 Union w Nimmo Rev Dr J 11, rector St Mark's Church, bd King e Nisbet see also Nesbit and Nesbitt " Miss Christian, lys 352 Johnston " Duncan, carp, rd s 105 Raglan rd NISBET FRANCIS, Bookseller and Stationeer, 94 Princess, res 352 Johnston " Miss Jane. lys 105 Raglan rd " Miss Noble, lys 352 Johnston Noah Ethel. 'vs 280 l'rincess Nobes Alice, clk A J Rees, lys 52 Union w " George, plmbr, ties to Division " John, carp, res 57 Bay." Mary A (wid James), res 38 Raglan rd " Wm, carp, res 52 Union w Noble Ellen, drsmkr, lys 50 William " Miss Hannah. his James Noble " James, eng, res n s Ordnance, 1 w Barrie " Miss la I n'. res 223 Wellington Nokes Mrs Mary, drsnikr 226 Queen Nolan Annie, clk, Iv! 45 (a) Main " George, driver Rigney & Hickey, res 66 Bay " James, sexton St Mary's Cathedral. res 329 Brock 'Jante,. C. lab. res f4 U Charles -O -James tray K Milling Co, lvs 329 Brock " John H. weighman, res 45 (a) Main " Joseph V, elk, res 334 Brock " Michael P, elk D Couper, lys 329 Brock " Rachel ( wid Daniel), his SI Union " Richard J. carter, rrs 275 Sydenham " Wm P, carter, Iva 275 Sydenham NOONAN CAPT DANIEL, President and General Manager Rideae Lakes Navigation Co, Ltd, Offi ce and Residence 63 Rideau Nordheimer Frank, laundryman General Hospital NORDHEIMER PIANO AND MUSIC CO, Ltd, Paul Hahn, Representative, Instruments at Kirkpatrick's Art Store, 159 Pi-ineess Norman James W. appr Edwin Chown & Son, lys Barriefield " Mrs 11 K, matron Geld Hospital " Wm, checker K & P Ry, res Barriefield Norris Annie A, lys 13 Charles "It It lit ut',., tray. res 118 Johnston " Miss Edna E. lys 171 Clergy " Miss Evelyn, lys 171 Clergy " Frank, 2161 eng tug 51yra, his Ottawa Hotel " Miss Gertrude, his 118 Johnston NORRIS JAMES, Proprietor Ottawa Hotel. 257 Ontario and Agricul. t ural Implements. 259 Ontario " James, sailor, lys 13 Charles " James V, clk James Norris, lys Ottawa Hotel " Jane (wid James). res 13 Charles " Jane ( wid Samuel). res 63 Cherry " John, sailor, lye 13 Charles " Lena, clk. Its 118 Johnston " I.itta, his 118 Johnston " Marshall. lait, re+ 15 Clergy w " Miss Myrtle M, lys 171 Clergy " Patrick J, sailor, Iva 13 Charles " Miss Victta E. tar Central School, Iv,. 171 ClergY " Wm H, tray, res 171 Clergy North Alfred, pntr, lys Francis North NORTH AMERICAN LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, W J Fair District Manager, Ontario Chambers (See card beloiw) NORTH ArIERICAN LIFE ASSURANCE CO. Head Office, Company's Building. 112 to 118 King St. W., Toronto. J. L. Blaultie, President. L. Goldman, A.I.A., F.C.A., Managing Director, W. B. Taylor, B.A, L.L.B., Secretary. W. J. FAIR, District Manager. Ontario Chambers, Kingston. 8ee adv, inside back cover. NORTH AMERICAN TELEGRAPH CO, Limited, The, W Bampfield General Manager, Clarence st KINOSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 143 North Francis, eng, res w s Toronto st " John, prtr Wm Jackson, lys F North " Robert, pntr, res 4 Toronto Northinore Edward.11, carter, res 25 York " George, pntr, res 440 Division " George H, lab, res 90 York Norwebb Charles 11 S, acting bombr A list tery Nourse Miss Grace E, nurse, lys 300 University ay Noyes George, atone cutter, bds 460 Albert " Robert. studt, Isis 460 Albert " 'alte'r. ill pr Wm Jackson. bds 460 Albert Nugent Miss Bertha, opr G N W Tel Co, Ive 19 Johnston " Edward T, fitter Loco Works, res 241 University av " Elizabeth (wid Thomas), res 19 Johnston " Esther (wid Patrick), res 292 Mon.,- real NUGENT JAMES ( J Nugent & Co), res 313 University av NUGENT J & CO, Hardware, Stoves and Tinuare, Plumbing, Etc, 3: King e " Miss Mary, lys 241 University av " Mary (wid Robert), res r 331 Brock Nuttall Miss Anna, bila 238 Johnston George E (George Nuttall tk Son), res 174 Montreal " George E dt Son (George E and Oscar A), blacksmiths, 40 Princess " Miss Nlargaret, lys 238 Johnston " Oscar A ( George E Nuttall & Son), res 08 Cherry o O'Brien, see also A'Brien O'BRIEN ALEXANDER (O'Brien & Co ), re+ 2:37 Brock " Alexander J, cutter O'Brien & Co, lys 237 Brock " Mi'... :%nn. lys 34 Cherry " Annie E (wid Michael E), res 98 Stuart " Augustin J. mach. 1vs23 Division " Edward, lab. res 23 Division - " Elizabeth (wid Thos), lys 367 Brock " Ellen, drsmkr, lys 67 Union w " Miss Frances. lys 23 Division " Henry, night elk Hotel Randolph " Isaac, monoline opr NVhig, res 262 Prineess " John, lab, res 21 Clergy w " Miss Julia. lys 23 Division " Joseph J, eng. bd. Ottawa Hotel

72 144 J. G. Foarrien & co's I N(iRTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY le ; O'BRIEN m Miss Kate, lye 138 Johnston Lawrence, eng, res 67 Union w 44 Miss Margaret, Iva 67 Union w 41 Mary, maid 251 Rideau Id 4t 48 Mary.% wid John re: 20 Ruesell Patrick, atone etr, lvs 21 Clergy w Thomas, res 34 Cherry Thomas J. elk James 'Swift & Co, Iva 224 King e Timothy, carter, res n a Markland, 2 E Patrick " Wm, fireman, bds Ottawa Hotel " Wm H, mach, res 367 Brock O'BRIEN & CO, Merchant Tailors, 216 Princeas O'Connell. see also Connell and McConnell " Mary wid James), Iva 176 Montreal " Robert, shoenikr 176 Montreal, rem saine O'Connor, see also Connor " Miss Annie, Ive 263 Johnston O'CONNOR CHARLES E, Oculist and Auriat. Office lloura 9 to 12 and 2 to 5, Telephone 383, Office 279 King e, Residence 263 Johnston, Telephone 598 " F.Ilen 1w id Mamba.). res 34 Dufferin " Miss Elizabeth M, lys 125 William " John. %Imenikr '288 Ontario. res 192 Begot " Miss Kate, ivs 263 Johnston Miss Margaret, reg 305 Barrie " Mi.. Mar v C. lys 192 Ragot NI:nuke. Phuhr. Iva 34 Dufferin " Patrick. rea 282 Wellington O'CONNOR NICHOLAS E, Manager McRae Bros. res 263 Johnston a Miss Rose E, lys 125 William " Capt Thomas, res 125 William " Thionaa.1. slanin Roney 9: Co, ces 12 Corrigan O'Donnell, see McDonell. McDonnell, Macdonell and Macdonnell " Arthur, clk T Lambert, Ivs 64 Arch " Bryan. real estate, res 254 Earl " Miss Emily, lva 331 Barrie " Florence. studt. lys 64 Arch " Miss Gertrude, Ivs 331 Barrie s a John, Inland Revenue Officer, ree 331 Barrie " Mary A (wid Patrick), res 64 A.rcl, " Miss Maude, Iva 331 Barrie " Minnie (a-id John s. Ira 123 Raglan rd " Peier. sailmkr Oldreive & Horn, res 281 Sydenham O'Driscoll. see also Driscoll " John B, baker, ras 173 Victoria CYGorman, see also Gorman and Mc- Gorman " Alice (wid Daniel), res 6 Victoria terrace " Alive, mlnr, Iv. 6 'Victoria ter " 1Vni, elk W W Gibson, Ire 6 Victoria ter O'Grady James B, Sergt -Major "B" Battery. ree Artillery Park Barracka O'Hara Heoiy. careiaker Regiopolis Colle&e. res 257 King e " Thomas, porter Hctel Beaupre O'Hearn see A'Hearn O'Keith Mrs Maggie, carder, bde 46 L Rideau 0'1.e:try NVm II. birmkr, res 81 Union e O'Neil James. lab. res 278 Sydenham " Jane, Ors, Ive 79 L Ragot " W'm 11, foreman malster Canada Malting Co. n'a 119 King w O'Neill Annie (wid Patrick), res 65 L Begot " James, lab Gas Works, res 11 John " Joseph, lab. Ira 263 Sydenham " Kate, elk, Ira 263 Sodenham " Leonard, appr, lys 65 L Bagot " Margaret (wid Arthur), ces 263 Sydenham " Margaret, Ors, Iva 243 Sydenham " Michael, lab, res r 87 Johnston " Patrick, lab. ras 142 Rideau " Terrence, checker G T R, res 176 Bagot " Thomas, lab. re. 59 King e " lab. Ms 428 King e O'Regan Michael, sailor, res 279 King e O'Reilly. see also O'Reily, Reilly and Riley " Alfred M. lab. res 206 Montreal " Edward, sailor, lvs John O'Reilly " Ellen I wid Patrick). res 34g Brock " Ellen, dressmkr 348 Brock " Felix, lab Gas Works, res 204 Montreal " l la.,.1o1,anna. Ira 34S Brock " John, lab, res n s Rag',an rd, 2 W Bagot Mielosel. atone cutter, ree g John O'Reily Christina (wid James). res 29 Clergy w " Miss Gertrude E. cashier Woods' Fair, Ira 313 Johnston " Miss Loretto, stenog North Am Tel Co. lvs 313 Johnston " Miss Mina, Iva 29 Clergy w " Mies Sarah. mngr Wood's Fair, Ive 313 Johnaton " Thomas, eng. res 313 Johnston O'Rourke see also Rourke " Belle (wid Edward), res 20 Johnston O'ROU BK E " lab, re; 307 Montreal " F Homer, waiter, Ivs 2o Johnston " Hugh, fireman, ras 75 Queen " Robert, sailor. lels Ottawa Hotel O'Shea see also Shea " Ann, Iv. 285 Queen " Benjei ll i ll, asst shipper Edwin Chown & Son. Ive 285 Queen " Eliza (wid John), res 37 Johnston " Grace, tehr Central Sch. res 285 Queen O'Sullivan see also Sullivan " John. driver John Corbett, res 221 Montreal " May, mus tehr, Iva 107 Wellington " Wm, eng, res 107 Wellington O'Toole see also Toole " Charles, sailor, ras 247 Montreal " Miss Edith. Ira 247 Montreal " Frank, sailor, Iva 247 Montreal " Miss 1.illie, tire, Ira 247 Montreal Obernilortfer Fred, tray, Ive g8 Queen " Henry, tray, Ivs 88 Queen " Hermann, cigarmkr, lys 88 Queen " Marcus, bkpr, Iva 88 Queen " Simon, cigarmkr 298 Ontario, res 88 Queen Ockley This V. Isis 426 Prince.% " Thomas G (Vincent Ockley & Sons), ras 47 Ordnance " Vincent & Sons (Thomas G Ockley). grocers 242 Princess ODD FELLOWS' RELIEF ASSOCIA- TION OF CANADA, Robert Meek Secretary -Treasurer, 334 King e Odette see Atidette Offord Emily (wid Jonathan), Ive 6 Frontenac " Jolla Olen. rea 6 Frontenac Ogg Miss Anna R, dressmkr 215 Princess, bels 291 Brock Ogilvie I.t Col 0 Hunter, Commanding B Battery R C F A, res 149 Earl Ohlke Clara.E, tchr, Ira 11 Frontenac " Florence I:. Ira 11 Frontenac " Paul. slisnin, e.t of R.1 McDowell, res 11 Frontenac Oldfln John. plumber 253 King e, near.1.ohnston. rea 179 Queen " Mary. bkpr J W Oldfin, Iva 17D 1:tteen Oldford.101), cant Salvation Army, lys Queen. cor Ragot Oldreive Ewart bkpr Oldreive & Horn, Iv. B5 West OLDREIVE GEORGE S ( Oldreive é Born). ree 65 West " Miss Grace, lys 65 West " Miss Pearl, lys 65 West OLDREIVE à HORN (George S Oldreive), Sail Makers, Tent a and issvnings, Yacht sail,, a specialty, 263 Ontario Oliver Archibald, sailor, Iva 107 King w " Charles G, customs broker 61 Clarenee. ri' a 167 Bagot " George, Ive 59 Gore " Capt John, sailor, res 107 King w " Mrs John, grocer 109 King w Mary J (wid Alfred S), ras 59 Gore Oliver Typewriter Co, Oeo Ziegler Agent, 346 King e ()ken John. blkainith. res 76 Earl ONTARIO BANK, A J Macdonell Manager. King, cor Clarenee ONTARIO BUILDING AND SAVINGS SOCIETY, C V Price President, Richard Valdron Viee-President. Jame. MeArthur Manager, 67 Clarence " Eleetrie Railway Co, Offiep 65 Clef.- enee a House, Joseph Paradis prop, 238 Ontario ONTARIO POWDER CO, Limited, Daniel Smith President. C A Macpherson Secretary - Trea.urer. Nlanufacturel-. of High Exploaives and Dealers in Blasting Supplies. 115 Brock Orford Colin, studt, lvs 432 Princess " Ernest, eng, res 432 Princess ORPHANAGE OF THE HOTEL DIEU, Sister La Dauversiere Mother Superior. Sydenhani :air Brock Orphans' Home, see Protestant Orphans' Home Orr Angus MeL. tray Robertson Bros, res 19 Sydenham,. (liane, A. barber. Iva 233 Barrie " John, res 557 Albert " John, ras 213 Bagot,. John A. nor G A Mellowen Cigar NO.! Co. Ira 557 Albert " John L. eng Gas Works, rta 37 Princess " Robert. wine elk. Russell House, ras 323 Barrie " R Harry, barber, Iva 323 Barrie " Win J. studt. Iv. 37 Prince«Orrell Ann (wid Joseph), res 17 University av " Miss Mary A, seamstress, in 17 University ay Oraer Catherine, Ire..mkr 316 Barrie " Edward E. musician, res 187 Victoria " Edward H, elk. lys 187 Victoria " Isaac. lb. ras 294 Division " Mise Nina, nurse lvs S H Greer

73 140 ORSER " Sidney H. carp, res e a Collingwood, I a Johnston " Thonias ( ;, lab, req 219 University Orwell Ernest, cond St By, bda 6 N ic. toria te r Robert, motorman St Ry, bits 97 Wei. lillgto n Osborne Albert G lab res 3og Earl " George, Iva 130 barl ' " Hubert B, studt, Iva 130 Earl Ostler Clara, Ivs 269 University Frederick, grover 260 t'niversity av, rv~ 26 :1 nno- Robert. ~-m agt. r" 2.59 King c Oswell Mary. nurse Gen Hospital OTTAWA NOTICL, James Norrils Proprietor, 257 Ontario, cor Prin. cess Otto Charles H, bookbinder 233 Bagot, Ive 34 Frontena e " Joshua, bookbinder C H Otto, res 34 Frontenae Oullette jean B, tailor Z Prevost, bds Windsor Hote l OllsPv Milry (will 'I'llos), Ivs 199 Brock Overilaugh *( I.*eorge, ]at), res 13 Stephen * IA)rne, cheeseinki-, Ivs 13 Stephen Packer Alfred, W). rea 65 Arch Emily, dressmkr 24 Division Thos~ias, res 24 Divisio n Paddon M-s Thomas, res 296 Division Page Alfred, carp, res 8 St Catharine " Mrs Alfred. dres-inks- 8 St Catherine " Arthur P, policeman, res 66 Livingqton at- " John, fireman, res 59 Ridea u " John D, car inap, res ft North " Richard, brmmkr, lvs 8 St Catharin e ' Win, fireman, Iva ft Nort h Palmer Catherine (will Timothy), res 40 Union e " James F. )at). rei 95 Rideau Joseph, m1dr, ivs 40 Union e Mi,i% Mabel. Ivs 40 Union e Afary, tirs Iva 40 Union e %%'Ill. cigar inkr. Ivq 231 Wellington Win, tmstr Shedden Forwarding CO, Ivs 40 Union e Panel De B, lieut A Battery Pannell see also Pennel l " Win S. carp, res 248 Alfred Pappa, Win J, res 112 Barri e Paradis Edward. hartndr Ontario House Joieph prop Ontario House, 238 Ontario J. 0. FOOTER & CO'S Pardeau Albert, asst biscuit dept W J Crothers, res 40 Place d'arme s Parent Benjamin, bids Queen's Hotel boike. inhir. Ivs 161 -Sydenhatin Napoleon, bicycles andbilliards 20 0 Wellington. res 161 Sytienham Parish Ceorg,,. 1111), LkIs ~4 Sizuelle Park George C, lab, res 138 Nelson Parker see also Parkin " Win Daisy~ elk Whig, Iva 49 Colborne eng str Corsican, res 49 Colboril e Parker's Dye Works and Laundrv, T E Hawley agt, 109 Brock * Parkhill John Y (J Y Parkhill & Co), res 250 Princess J Y & Co (John Y Parkhill), wholesale produce, Princess Stanley H, elk, Iva 252 Princes s Parkin Alfrea C. nutch. IvA 470 Brock Earl It. vlk, 1vq 474) Broc k George 11, grocer 214 Sydentiam I.aura. It's 214 Sydenhai n The.Aorv W, Iiiittern nikr, Iva 470 Broc k " Thomas NI, postman, res 470 Broc k PARKS GEORGE L (McMillan & Co), req 190 Clerg y I,ewk. driver. lmi- 59 Queen Parle Fred,.. lab, Ive 99 Raglan r d Nli'llael, Sailor, It- 99 kaglan rd Parrott NI yles. re., :102 QuPe n M. Iv-; 302 Oneen Parson i~m'."iab, rps 49 Fli n Partridge Alfred, plmbr 1) Hall, Iva 44 Collingwoo d.. Arthur. appr.1 Nu.ent & Co, Ivs 44 Collingwood PARTRIDGE FRANCIS, Wire Works, 275 King e, re. 44 Collingwood %fi*a Fh.renee. lv~ 44 Collingwood " Francis W, wirewkr, Iva 44 Coilingwood " Richard, boat bldr, lv3 44 Coiling. wood Paterson -John C. steel Henry Skinner & Co. req 37 Union w ' Patterson Aaron, tmstr JDhn Gleeson, IVS 242 Barri e David C. plmbr, Iva 601 Princess Alias Ellen, res 140 Bagot Miss Fthe.l. ea.,;hi,,r Win Davies Co, Ivs 19 Nelso n Miss Fanny r. tclur Central School, Ivs 19 NeNo n JfPnr v. elief British Am Hotel, Henry T, blrmkr, res 151 Bagot John, res 242 Barrie John jr, lab, res 35 York John 1, contr, Ivs 601 Princei.s PATMPSON John, eng, rcs n s Clarence, rea r Iroquois Hote l PATTERSON JOHN G, Agent Crown Tailoring co. Toronto, and Importer (if English Ladies, aind (;entlemen's Cloths, Office ard Resilience 120 Johnston Mist% Margueretta C, res 610 Princess, Matthew sr. Iva I fillie's Cottages Matthew, capt schr Two Bros, res I Hale's Cottages, King w Afattllew, lab, res 21 York Robert, sailor, res w s Centre, 2 King rl Robert 11, a9st supt Met Life Ins Co, res 19 Nelso n Robert K, stutit, bols 191 University Robert W, pntr, rea 240 Victoria " Will. lab, reii :;I Pembroke " Will.1. coachillan R Afackenzie, res " ".58 Jolingto n Wn~ R, studt, Iva 19 Nelson Paul 3-Irs James, It's 25 Ellice John, rei; 203 Alfred Afary, tehr. Ivs 203 At of ry, A (wid Jame're s), Ivs Ma William 26 U PAUL WILLIAM J, Tobacconist Princess, res 26 U Willia m 70 Payne Frederick, driver Taylor & Hamilton, Ivs 8 Brewery lane Jamge Geor A I cabtmkr 467 Johnston es, litter, res 155 Nelson Mrs Margaret, Irs 8 Brewery lane Sarah (wid -Joseph), cook 156 King e Win. lab. 1)( Sioicoe P~ynter Hugh, broomkr, da 104 York~ Malwl, tirx, IvA 3 Devo vol:hire te r ~Illrv A (will John) re% 223 Montreal " Robert, shoemkr, ;es 238 Barri e " Wrn J. mach, res 3 Devonshire ter Pearce see Pierce Pearey Rachel (will Win J), Iva Johnsiton Peargall Lula G (Misses Pearsall), Iva 228 Princesi s " Misses (Lula G and Zella M' milliners. 228 Princess Thomas A. req 228 Princess Zella M (Misses Pearsall), Iva 2281 Princei4 s Pearson John,_ QMS, instr R C F A, res 215 Montrea l Peel Hugh, trav, res 299 University av Pelletier J J Cyrille, cutter Z Prevost, res 338 Broc k Pelon Dennis, carp, res 204 Barrie Pelow Miss Mary A, Iva 328 Queen KINOSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRE("MR Y PELOW THOMAS H, Groceries, wineg and Liquors, Brock, res 287 Wellingto n Pennock James. eng Wormwith & Co. res 268 Ontari o Ell"r1l If. C E. Ivs 49 Kilig, c PENSE EDWARD J B, M L A, Manag Director The Britimh whig PubliAlilig Co. Ltd, King e, res 41) King 14 e J-11les P, elk P 0. res 436 Princeills Peppiatt Win A, sergt R C F A, res 2af Hiclea u Percev ariette (wid Henry). res 159 Queen Miss Thomisina, Ivs 159 Queen PIrcival Robert 11, elk, bits 237 %'ictor. 614 Queen 237 Quee n Percy Maliel. elk, It's.55 Arch " Mrs Mariat., tlrq, It's 219 Montreal Perley Ba M"s go t Ell" -~I- vocalist, bola 117 Samuel, driver Crumley Bros, bds 18 Vin e Thomas, blrmkr I res - Arch Perrv Mr~ Alfred. res 44 Durhau l Edward J. m1dr, res 430 Johnston Ellen (Wid WITI), IVS 260 Alfred Ilarivy. as%t in~pr Bell Tel co, Iva 152 Sydenha m Norma Mary T ' elk, Ivs 430 Johnston Co, neh, tmstr Henry Skinner & 2 Sydenhara PE RRY CAR5R, Or S s 1Soda Water Mants. fi-torer, 10 Market, reg 556 Alber t Thoina-. asst in4tr in butter making K 1) a liry School. Ivs 42 Durham " Wm. fireni'llin res 258 Bagot " Wrn F, turnicey County jail Perryinan ( ;eorge, looln fixer, res 2 L Rideal l John, T)Istr. res 9 Markland John T, scourer K Hosiery Co, res a 8 York, I e Alber t Peters Allan, lab. Ivs 405 King e Alvin A. res 36 1fisin Ernaline, minr Ivs 439 Brock Miss Jennie, Ivs 630 Prinee4q Johanna (wid flugh). res 439 Brock 'Migs Johanna, Ivi 439 Broc k John, car res 62 Victoria John F., la res 405 King e John F. ]ah. Ivs 405 King e Joseph, blacksmith 70 Cherry Margaret (wid W, 0, res 135 Mont. real Rebecca, housekpr 4o5 Princess Sanford A, driver, lvs 405 King a Sanford cl (W P Peters & Bro), res 346 University av

74 J. (3. F()BTER & cu's KINGSTON At.PHAnSTI( AL PIRti(TORY 141) I Ph^rEttti \%'m, coll Whig, res 135 Montreal \1'm It, lab, lys 405 King e \\'m 1' (W f' Peters & Ilro), res 391 Division \\' l' & Bru ( \t'rn P and Sanford C), tlour and feed, 117 Brock Pettigrew Alex, lab, res 32 Quebec Petrie.l^unei A. 13 A. prof Queen's Colleye, Isis :313 University av Phelan Daniel, Surgeon K*P, res 191 Johnston " Friuik, cigarmkr, Ivs 20 Clergy " Nivhola+, vardman Revere House " Thomas, tanner, res 47 James Phelps Elizabeth (ss'id Henry), Iva 244 l'olborne W-+ Su-an, }ils 118 Ordnance Phillip+ Charles W, yard foreman A Davis & Son, re,+ 323!1lontreal " lohn,cnpt barge 5linnedosa, bda Lake View Houae ".Iohn 11, elk G R' Mahood, bds 250 Barrie Joseph P, carp, res 21 Stephen Miss Mary J, mlnr 45 King w Miss Matilda, Ive 45 King K Wilfred, lab, Ive 323 Montreal Willard, lab, Ive 323 Montrca! Win If. caretaker parks, res 180 Barrie \lia; \\'innifred, lva 180 Barrie PHILP REV JOHN M A, D D, Pastor Sydenham Street Methodist Church, rea 181 William Mies Maude, Iva 181 William Pickering Charles H, grocer 1 Pine Harry F. rond St By. Ive 61 Clergy Thomas J, boilermkr, lys 61 Cherry Win ( :, clk.lame+ Crawford. res 154 York Wm H, lab. res 61 Cherry Pidgeon see also Pigion ' " Richard P. tinsmith, res 25 Arch Pierce aee also Pearce " Albert, lab, Ive 29 U William " David. lnh. rea 29 l' William Pigion Edward. Iv- 175 \Inntreal.Iohn, piano mkr. rea 2:17 Division " Richard, mkt gdnr 387 Alfred " Sarah E, dremkr 387 Alfred Pike John, studt. res 35 Clergy w "\\'alter.1, B A. prof Queen's College, re- 319 University av Pillar Frances ( wid* Wm), res 435 Princess Pilotte \\'ilbord, hkpr. res 114 Raglan rd Pimer John, lab, res 212 Earl Pipe David C, packer Co. Iv- 631 Princeea Miss Jessie, lys 285 Princess Henry Skinner & t'ic'h' " Mary J (wid Win), res 285 Princess " Miss Rebecca, ]vs 285 Princess " \\'m, driver, res 8,5 Colborne " Mrs \\'m, dressinkr, AD Colborne Piper Albert, res 23 Wade'i lane l'itman Catherine (wid \l'ilson), rea 232 Earl " Elisubeth, elk, Ivv 2:12 Earl " John A, clk Anglo-American Hotel Pitt James A, lab, res Smith at l'ixley \li+: Minnie It, nurse, lys 300 e'nivervitv av PLATT DR JOIiN M, Warden Kingston Penitcntiarv, res Portsmouth l'layfair I.ameu,r, tudt, lys 445 Johnatoll Win A. res 445 Johnston. Poawt Miss Annie. Ivs 37 Main " Mary J (wid Joseph), res 37 Main Pogue George, mason, res 26 Main " Irwin, sailor, res 398 ( a) Division ' Robert, shoe instr K l', res 64 Livingaton av \\'m, elertr (t R Tonilinaon, Ive 64 I.ivinl;aon av POLICE COURT, James M Farrell Police Magistrate, City Buildin gs POLICE STATION, W N Baillie Chief of Police. Citv Iluiklin-s Pollie Ann ( wid Alexander O), Iva 194 Ordnance " John, tinsmith 110 Clergy, res 50 Colborne Pollitt Miss Caroline, ha 39 Quebec " Frank jr. baker R If Toye, lys 39 Queber " Frederick J, baker R H Toye, res 13 St CatharIne " Maggie (wid Henry), lys Robt Simnn+ Miss \iarv, h s 39 Quebec " Mise Nellie, ive 39 Ouebec "'<\'m, baker e e Collingwood. 1 n Earl " W Francis, foreman baker R H Toye, res 39 Quebec Polson Henry G (N C Polson & Co), Ivs 317 University av " James A, atudt, lys 317 University avenue " Neil C (N C Poison 4 Co), res 317 University av " Neil C jr (N C Poison & Co), lvs 317 University av N C & Co (Neil C, Neil C jr, and Henry G Poison), pro Tried 256 Ontario " Stuart M, Ive 317 University av Pond A E. with Ontario Electric Ry Co, bds British Ain Hotel Pope John L, bds 4o8 Johnston ' Thomas N, shoemkr 80 Colborne, res 169 Clergy Porteous Christina (wid Rev George), res 177 Alfred Porter Charles, storeman Fenwick, Hendry & Co, res 133 Bagot (' Stanlev, elk 1' 0, Iv,; 296 Queen " David w', mngr Can By News Co " lane (µid Frank), res 43 Main ",lenuie, maid Hillcroft Academy POST OFFICE, Alexander Gunn Posttna-ter, Clarence vor Wellington POST OFFICE INSPECTOR'S OFFICE, Henrv \lerrirk' Inspector, Clarence cor Wellington Potter Alexander, fireman K & P Ry, res 39 Charles " Abraham, lab, Ive 35 James " l'apt Alexander, res 101 Queen ' Miss h:nima M, lys 101 Queen POTTER JAMES S, Mission-.ry Sailors' Snug Harbor, 420 King cor Barrack, ree saine " John, lab, Ive 68o Montreal " John, fireman, ive 35 James " John H, barber, Ive 101 Queen " Mary ( wid John). ree 35 James " Percy, mason, bds 214 Division " Trueman, section foreman K d: P Ry, res 68o Montreal " Trueman jr, plmbr, Ive 68o Montreal " Win, stenog Macnee & Mi.nnes, Ivs Portsmouth " Win H, res 2 Brewery Lane Pound Arthur, lab. lys 104 Barrack " Miss Elizabeth, tchr Frontenac School, lvs 271 Division " Fred J, studt, Ive 271 Division " George 1). baker, rem 387 Division " Henry W, weighman, res 89 Barrack " Joseph, baker 271 Division J Wesley, eng At T Co's Power House, res 104 Barrack Mary A (wid John), rem 271 Division " Richard, studt, Ive 271 Division Powell Charles H, carp, res 103 Raglan road " Miss Esther, Ive 167 Princess " Jane ( wid James W), photographer 167 Princess, res same " John, lab, res 121 Ordnance " Richard, lab, res 62 Ontario Power Charlotte (wid John), res 157 Queen Edward N, ins agt. res 64 Gore ` Miss Gertrude. lvs 72 Sydenham " John, res 303 Division POWER " Joseph, baker Gardiner Co, bds 303 Division POWER JOSEPH W, A R C A (Power & Son), res 72 Svilenhan( " Miss Kate, lys 157 *Queen " Thomas, lab, Ivs 303 Division " Thomas R P, architect Power & Son, re: 61 Arch POWER & SON (Joseph W POWE:d, A R C A).:lrchitects, 81 Brock Powers Edward, baker, ]vs Igo Colborne " Elizabeth (wid Wm J), res 210 Montreal " Iledley. Ivs J Main ' Mrs Hedley, b(1s 408 Barrie " John, carp, res 9 Ellice Powers' Grocery, 212 Montreal Pratchett George E, lab, res n s King, i w Centre Prenter (tertrude, stenog, Ive 336 Alfred l'revost Hubert, gents' furnishings, 55 Brrmk, Ixln Iroquois Hotel Mi--t Ida. Ivs 113 Earl PREVOST ZOTIQUE, Merchant Tailor,,ib ItrvN k, res 113 Earl Price Cornelius P, Judge County Court, rea 138 King e " Havelock F, mfg confr 288 Princess, res 185 Clergy " MMiss Ida, Ive 138 King e " Mrs Robinson B. Iva 281 Alfred Pringle Frederick, lab, res 112 L Bagot Ira L, blk+mith, res 297 Montreal l'rior Miss Ethel, Ive 140 Nelson Pritchard David J, capt tug "Edmund," res 21 Balaclava " Warren H, confy 68 Princess Prittie Agnes (wid Thomas), res 451 Princess ' Kate J, tirs, lys 451 Princess " Minnie J, clk, Ive 451 Princess Richard J. baggageman str "Spartan," lys 451 Princess " Robert D, eng Gardiner Co, res 146 Bay Protestant Orphans' Home, Mrs Thos Smeaton matron, Union w, cor University av Provincial Hotel, C D Horne prop, 35 Brock Provis Mrs Amos, lys 64 Cherry Public Library, Miss Drina W Davidson Librarian, 21 Montreal PUBLIC SCHOOL INSPECTOR'S OF- 8ce, City of Kingston, Wm G Kidd Inspector, 28 Montreal

75 150 J. 0. FOSTER & CO'S PUBLIC SCHOOL INSPECTOR'S OFtiee County of Frontenac), Win s intnkn.. M D, Inspector, PUBLIC SCHOOL LIBRARY, John Macdonald, 1.ibrarian, 28 Montreal Publow ('harles, dairy inatr, lys 224 Johnitton " George A, elk F J Hoag, b's 224 Johnston " George G, instr in cheese making Dairy School. res 224 Johnston Pugh Amanda, tin, res 222 Division David.1. lys 222 Division " Florence, dressmkr, lys 144 Bay " Miss Mantes. M. stenog J L D'hiting, lys Barrietield " Thomas, tinsmith, res rag Bay PureeII t herine, iv s 333 Princess " Michael, sr, lab, reit 10 George " Patrick J, barber, bds 284 Johnston " Robert. elk James Kelley, bds 237 Queen Purdy Charles, blksmith 11 Queen, res Cataraqui, Ont PURDY DAVID, Treasurer County of Fr aitenac. (Mice Court House, res 00 Aral " Elijah B, real estate agt, res fi If Princess Mrs Elijah B, bdg }Ise 428 Princess M iss Frank, lys 00 Arell Frankie G, dressrnaker 428 Princess Miss Georgina, lys 00 And' James E, elk John Gilbert, res 212 Queen " John, res n s Princess, 2 w Bath road Miss Laura, lys 60 Arch Miss May, lys 60 Arch Millie. elk Geo Robertson & Son, lys.john Purdy Mrs Samuel,. res 204 Alfred Purtell Janie+. carter. res 58 U Charles " James, driver, lvs 255 King e " James J, supt letter carriers, res 22 Alma " John, lab, res 255 King e " Michael, grocer 220 Montreal, Ivs 58 U Charles " Robert, tmstr Shedden Forwarding Co, lye 255 King e " Wm, helper, res 25 U Charles Purvis Archibald. gunner A Battery " Miss Louise, lys 20 George " Thomas, driver Booth & Co, res 9 John " W John,blksmith, res 14 George Putnam Charles S, slsmn T Singleton, Ivs 190 Ordnance Quail George, ren 203 Colborne " John, b's 203 Colborne QUEEN CITY r IRE INSURANCE CO, Davis Agent, 75 l'rincess QUEEN CITY OIL CO, LIMITED, John Morris Manager, Clarence, cor Ontario QUEEN'S COLLEGE AND UNIVER- SITY, Arch st QUEEN'S COLLEGE JOURNAL (weekly) Alma Mater Society Publishers, Queen's College " Hotel, D Staley prop, 127 Brock QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY, Idedical Faculty, Arch st Quigley Miss Annie, Iva 12 Vine " Miss Ella, lys 141 William " Ellen (wid Joseph), res 141 William " Gertrude, lys 31 IS Charles " James, eng, rea 31 U Charles " James, lab, res 214 Montreal " Joseph P, M A, lvs rat William " Patrick J, baker R H Toye, Iva 12 Vine " Thomas. lab. res 12 Vine Quilicia Stephen, lab. res r 87 Johnston QUINN CHARLES, Coal and Wood, Place d'arines, bd4 Hotel fleaupre " Francis.1, prin St Mary's School, res 226 Alfred " Lillian, mite, bile 207 William " Owen, driver W H Carnovsky, res 293 Wellington Quirt John, sailor, res 8 Clow's Block Rahal Ferns, lab, res 28 Johnston Ragan, see also Regan and O'Regan " Nellie A, gro e s Beverly, 3 n King Raisin John, mach, bds94 Queen Ramsay Elizabeth (wid George S), res 505 Albert " Georgina, mlnr, lye 505 Albert " James H, res 242 Victoria Randall Edwin, lab, lys 30 Chatham " George. studt, lids 168 'Montreal " James, res 9 Charles " Margaret (wid Benjamin), res 30 Chatham " Roland, dver, lys 30 Chatham " Miss Sarah, lvs 168 Montreal " Wm, eng, res 293 Montreal " W Charles, electr, 'vs 168 Montreal " Wm M, mason, res 1E8 Montreal KINOOTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 151 REED RANDOLPH JONATHAN 5, Proprietor Wm F, eng, lye 165 Queen Hot el Itandoleh, Princess " Wm H. wood wkr, res 165 Queen Rankin Ann J (wid Andrew), res 21 REFS ALLEN J, Fruits asul Confectionery, Rideau " Wm J, tinsmith, Iva 21 Rideau Ranson Ri,-liard, currier, Mk 102 Rideau 1611 Priin ess, res 190 Queen Miss.Annie G, clk A J Rees, lys 19e Queen RATHBUN CO, THE, Allan Chad- " Bros (Edward A Rees), wholesale wick Manager, Builders' Supplies, Lumber and Coal and Wood, Ontario, cor Place d'armes, Branch 300 King w eonfectionery, 244 Ilagot 4' Edward A (Bees Bros), refs 217 Bagot " Fred IS, master Kingston Dry Dock, Raven Alfred.1, 1,kpr Ellenson & Co, res (Mee ft Union e, res 32 Ontario 133 Montreal " Miss Irene, lys 32 Ontario Raymond Harold, prtr Whig, bds 267 " Miss Lulu, lys 32 Ontario " Samuel J, tmstr, res r 212 Earl " Wm S. electr Breck & Halliday, res 14 Rideau Rayson Charlotte E (wid Rev Robert W), res 358 Brock Rea Annie 11, lys 525 l'rincess " Bertrand. fnale 1Vonnwith & Cc, Iva 87 Collingwood " David.1, lab, res 118 (a) L Bagot " Elizabeth (wid Henry), re. 87 Collingwood " Mary (wid Andrew), lys 23 (a) Main stuart 11. lut lys 07 Collingwood " Wm A, carp, res 23 (a) Main READE LIEUT-COL R N R, Commandant Royal Military College, res College Grounds Reaves see Reeves Redden Miss Ernma, lys 7 Cowdy " Florence. spinner, Iva %get REDDEN JAMES ( James Redden & Co), bds 53 Earl REDDEN JAMES & CO James Redd". \\. 11"hart 1 )Y(1c). Wholesale and Retail Grocers, 178 Princess " Jeremiah, carp res 115 L Bagot " J Byron, lab, lvs 7 Cowdy 1.illie, carder. lys Bagot " Miss Marion, bds 53 Earl " Wm, lab, res 7 Cowdy Redick Mrs Ezra 0, dressmaker 179 Wellington, res same Redmond John.1, slanin R Waldron, Ive 29 Pembroke " Joseph. lab, res 145 Patrick " Mary (wid John J), res 29 Pembroke " Miss Mary. lvs 29 Pembroke " Miss Mary, Iva 154 L Bagot " Mogue, eng R M C, res 154 L Begot Reed, see also Reid " Chauncey E, carp, Iva 165 Queen " Emma J, dressmaker 165 Queen " Marshall, res 504 Charles Reeve Robert, lab, res n a Elm, 2 se Alfred " Miss Rose E. Iva R Reeve Reeves Daniel, gen agt Great West Life Assee (.0, 39 Brock, rea 281 Montreal Reform Association, Golden Lion Block Regan, see also Ragan and O'llegan " Elizabeth (wid John), res 52 O'Kill REGIOPOLIS COLLEGE, William Brick Principal, King eor Reid, aee also Reed " Addison, gunner 11 Battery «Miss Agnes, Iva 317 Johnston " Miss Agnes, lva 48 Earl " Alex, carp, res 156 Rideau " Allan M, ulamn I) J McDermott, lvs 317 Johnston " Charles A, clk Geo Robertson & Son, lys 639 Princess " Christina (wid James), res 256 Princess " David J, btchr, Ire 317 Johnston " Edwin.1, general agt Confederation Life Assn, 42 Clarence, rms 18 Division " Miss Elizabeth, photo fnshr, lvs 308 Johnston REID FRANCIS C, Undertaker, James Reid. lys 256 Princess " Frederick, barber, Ma 172 Rideau " Frederiek A, driver Fire Hall No 1, res 295 Queen REID FREDERICK C, Undertaker, «lames Reid. lys 256 Princess " George, mach. bds 225 Bagot " G Russell, undertaker R J Reid,!vs 8 Garrett " Harvey 1-1, lab, lys 317 Johnston REID JAMES, Undertaker, Embalmer and Furniture Dealer Princess " James, lvs ror L Bagot " James, sailor. TPS r 238 Princess " James E, cutter W F Gourdier, res 48 Earl

76 M James H, lab, Iva 317 Johnston " Miss Jessie, Iva 85 Union w " John M, mach, res 91 L Bagot Joseph S, bkpr R J Reid, Iva 8 Garrett " Miss Lulu, lvs Win H Reid N Marion ( wid Win), res 317 Johnston Marshall P. guard K P, Iva 30 Union west \lmv I%ci(l \latthew), rek 316 Albert Mary (wld Win), res 639 Princess Mary J ( wid Win L), Iva 295 Queen Matilda, bkpr W H Reid, lys same Mi- May, l%v 228 Barrie Paul, ship carp, res 35 Union w,1' O. b'(18\'er & ces REID ROBERT J, Leading Undertaker, Enibulmer and Furniture Dealer, '22 Princess, rey d Garrett Miss Sarah, ive 48 Earl Samuel, prtr Whig, res 296 Queen Samuel jr, trav, ]vs 296 Queen REID SAMUEL F, Undertaker, James Reid, res 6 Garrett p Mias Sara M, elk P 0, Iva W H Reid " Thomas, lab, res g8 Victoria " Thomas W. tmstr Dalton & Sons, res 22r4 Barrie Victoria, studt, Ivs Win H Reid Vin P. procer 30,5 Division, reg 361 Name N Win H, mldr, Iva 35 Union w " Win H, btchr 328 King e, res Concession rd, opp Victoria " Win H, jun, etudt, Iva Win H Reid Reilly, see also O'Reilly and O'Relly " Arthur, tmetr S Anglin & Co, rea 8 Corrigan " Frank J, tchr Regiopolis College, bds 132 Wellington Renton Lucinda ( wid James), res 272 Earl Thomas T (Campbell & Renton), res 272 Earl Win J, slsmn Macnee & Minnes, res 330 University av Rescorla Edwin, mach, rea 128 Nelson Reuben Win, polr, bds 43 Princess Revell Miss Addle, Iva E J Revell Edward, sailor, Ive F.,1 Revell " Edward J, eng K Milling Co, res n s Cataraqui, 2 w Orchard " George, cond St Ry, Iva E J Revell Matthew, baker W J Crothers, bds 235 Wellington Maud, dom 30 Colborne Revere House, John Gordon prop, 385 King e Revington C Albert, laboratory sait med college, Iva 139 Ordnance ItKVIN(31v)N " Jane L ( wid M Louis), Iva 139 Ordnance ~ Melville L, barber, Iva 139 Ordnanoe Reyner John, piano tuner t t Union w Reynolds Arthur, driver Win McFedridge, Iva 8 Frontenac " Arthur, lei), ree 5\liller'+ lane " Cornelius. driver. Iva 3134 Barrie ^ Edward, tinsmitb, Iva 325 Victoria " Ernest, btchr, res 266 Nelson Francis J, foundry 290 Victoria ^ Isabella J, drsmkr, Iva 325 Victoria \lr+ lohn, bd+ :iu Prince+s Le Rov, driver Bradley's City Parcel Deliverv, 1( s 364 Barrie " Norman W. electr, Ive 214 Nelson Richard, pntr. hds 235 Queen Robert, mason, reg 214 Nelson ~ Sampson, brmmkr, res 325 Victoria Win, mldr, res 8 Frontenac Win If. cond St Ry, res 364 Barrie Ricard Miss Annie, lva 120 Barrie " Francis, rem 120 Barrie Rice Miss Jane, res 69 Sydenham John, eng, bds Kennedy House RICE KENNETH F, Manager W F Dever & Co. Clarence Chambers, Market st, rea 120 Stuart Thomas, lab, res 28 Quebec Richards Miss Annie E, bkpr Lemmon, l'laxton & Lawrenson, Iva 102 York " Herbert, mason, lvs 102 York " Samuel, contr, res 102 York Richardson Agnes, lys 118 University RICHARDSON ALEXANDER W, M D, Physician and Surgeon, Office Huura 8 t(l 11, 3 to 4 and 7 to 9, Telephune 589, Office and Residence 254 King e " Denis L, driver Va Drury, res 383 Princess " Elizabeth ( wid Wm),res 308 Johnston " Miss Elizabeth A ( Misses Richardson), Iva 308 Johnston " Evelyn, cik, Ivs 5 Victoria ter " George A (James Richardson A gons), res 118 University av " George T, studt, Iva 118 University " George W, agt, res 909 Princess " Grace, tlrs, Ive 3d3 Princess " Henry E, acct Standard Bank, bds 13 Maitland " Henry W (Jamee Richardson & Sons), res 102 Stuart " James, studt, Iva 118 University " James, gunner A Battery N James & Sons (George A and Henry W Richardson), grain dealers, ft Princem RIC'HARI>talN " Jonathan, night fireman Water Works, res 5 Victoria ter " Jonathan jr, mach, Iva 5 Victoria ter Kathleen. Iva l I8 University av ~ Miss Lavinia (Misses Richardson), Iva 808 Johnston " Mary S (wid James E), res 360 Brock ' Miss Matilda, hair work 177 Wellington. Ive 4213 Princess N Misses (Elizabeth A and Lavinia), dressmakers 308 Johnston " Nellie, Ive 904 Princess Richard, supt The Canadian Savings, Iwren & Bldg Assn, 172 Wellington, re. 251 Victoria " Bnsannah (wid Jas), res 100 Stuart "'l'horoas, lab, res 47 L Ragot " Win, blksmith, 220 Bagot, ree 426 Princess p Win L, mngr K Photograph Co, bds 308 Johnston Richelieu & Ontario Nav Co,. J P Hanley agt, Ontario, cor Johnston Richmond Esther M, ]vs 17 Union w " Miss Florence H, lys 17 Union w " Jane E,(wid James), res 17 Union w Miss Mary W, Iva 17 Union w Rickey Archibald, boat bldr Kingston Boat Co, bds Barrie8eld " Francis E, foreman Kingston Boat Co. re+ 22 Simcoe " George D, boat bldr A C Knapp, bds 27 King w " J Win, boat bldr Kingston Boat Co, res27 KinKw ~ Malcolm, boat bldr Kingston Boat Co, bde 218 Sydenham RIDEAU LAKES NAVIGATION CO, Limited. ('apt D Noonan President and General Manager, Office 63 Rideau Rigby Herbert, mach, bde 94 Queen Riggs Mrs Emily, Iva 43o Princess RiRley,lames, lab, res 27 Union w Rigney Anna M, lys 126 Johnston RIGNEY JAMES W(Rigney & Hickey), rem 126 Johnston " Miss Margaret C, ]vs 126 Johnston RIGNEY TIMOTHY J, Barrister, Solicitor, Etc, Exchange Chambers, 115 Brock, res 126 Johnston RIGNEY A nickey ( James W Rigney, John Hickev ), Groceries and Liquore, Princess Riley, see alo Reilly, O'Reilly and O'Reily KINOSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 153 RILEY " Nellie ( wid Thomas), res 830 Prinoess Ripley Elsie \f, Iva 54 L Rideau Riabridger George, ]vs 371 Division " Miss Mary, res 371 Division Ritchie Hiram, lab ]vs 181 Collingwood Rivard Alfred, loom fixer, res los Charles Roach see also Roche " Miss 13ridget, Iva 39 King w " Catherine, tlre, Iva 5 Division " Edward lab, res 5 Division " Edward F, lab, lys 5 Division " Letitia (wid John), ree 68 York " Martin, messr Dom Exp Co, Iva 39 King w " Mary E, tlrs, lys $ Division Win, fireman, res 39 King w Wm, lab, )vs 5 Division Roadley Joseph, caterer, res W. Alfred Robb James, inspr of locomotives, bds 196 Johnston " John, req 110 Patrick " Wesley J. studt, bde 285 Alfred Robbs Alfred G, btchr, Iva James Robbs " Ephraim, whol btchr, res 436 Alfred " Frank, btchr 3(N3 Montreal, Iva 436 Alfred " James, btchr 316 Princess, res Concession rd, opp Alfred Robert. driver T F Burke, Ive 438 Alfred Roberts Miss Eliza, dresemkr 228 University av, res same " Ernest R, lab, Iva 3 Division " Ernest 'l', baker, r 272 Princess, res 3 Division " May V, bkpr H,1 Milne. Iva 3 Division "\Cm E, lab, Iva 3 Division ROBERTSON BENJAMIN W (George Robertson & Son). res 161 Earl Miss Re++ie, Ive S2 Union e ROBERTSON BROS ( T McKean Robertson), Wholesale and Retail Crocker}'. (aas+ware and Lamp Goods, Princess " lotherine (wid John), rea 16 Stephen " D Stewart (D Stewart Robertson & Son), res 16 Sydenham D Stewart & Son (D Stewart and Hugh bi), brokers 19o Ontario Miss Erliza, res 146 Wellington 1Glsdale 8, elk Fenwiok, Hendry & Co Ive 16 Sydenham Elson, lvs 111 Sydenham " Eupbemia ( wid George), res Sydenham, cor Earl Ge( e (Robertson, Nicolle & Co), Iva r3ydenham oor Earl

77 154 J. 0. FOé1TER & CO'8 ROBERTSON GEORGE & SON (Benjamin W Robertson), Wholesale I:rocers, Ontario cor Johnston " Herbert N, trav George Robertson & Son, res 119 Colborne Hh M (D Stewart Robertson & Ion), lys 16 Sydenham Miss Jane, Ive 146 Wellington \icolle & Co ((;eorlte and \\ in A Robertson. John Nicolle), whol grocers, Ontario ROBERTSON T McKEAN (Robertson Bros). res 82 Union e 11 Win A (Robertson. Nicolle & CO), lvs tivdenham cor Earl " Wm J, tailor, lvs 16 Stephen Robinson Albert, tinsmith, Ive 318 Broc k " Alexander, lab, res 318 Brock " Alexander jr, tinsmith, Ive 318 Brock " Allan, mailing elk Whig, Ive 44 O'Kill Ann (wid Charles), lys 35 Elm Annie E, nurse, Ive Golden Lion Block Bert plmbr, Iva 247 Queen " Bros (Thomas D Robinson), paintere and wall paper 27b-277 Bagot " Catherine (wid George W), res 247 Queen Charle-4. elk, Ive 334 Montreal Christopher, sr (Robinson's Tailoring store), rea 42 Albert Christopher, jr (Robinson's Tailorinc Store). Ive 42 Albert Elizabeth W (wid George A), reg 167 Alfred Miss Emma, res 266 Earl Florence (wid Herbert ), lys 108 Bagot " Florence 1 wid Nelson), reg 199 Earl " G Melville, studt, lys 445 Princess Henry, carp, res 334 Montreal Horace, bottler James McParland, res 355 Johnston Howard. driver McRae Bros), lvs Golden 1-ion Block Janiey, lab. bda Revere Ilonse ROBINSON JAMES S. Clerk of the First Division Court, 273 Bagot, lys 44 Clergy Levi, driver F W Van Luven, res Plum atreet Lewis C ( Robinson & Copley), Ive Charlea " Miss Lulu E, tehr, Ive 93 Division Margaret (wid Win, J),re 46 Clergy 3^ Mary (wid Andrew), 6 Division Robert J, bkpr C Livingston & Bro, lys 44 O'Kill "Samuel, tailor, lys 360 Division ROBINSON Sarah E(wid Thomas H), reg Golden Lion Block " Thomas, city trav James McParland, res 445 Princess " Thomas A H, btlr, lvs 445 Prineess " Thomas D(Rabineon Bros), res 108 Queen " Webb, stone ctr, res 28 U Charles Win, Ive 44 Clergy Win, boat bldr King w, res 44 OKill \1'm jr, boat bldr, Ive 44 O'Kill Win G, drau htsman Loco Wks, lys 93 Division Win J, boilermkr, res 93 Division Sc Copley (Lewis C Robinson, Thomas Copley ), contra, 56 Queen Robinson's Tailoring Store (Christopher Robinson sr and jr), 206 Princess ^ Roche see also Boach " Edward K. rea 184 Alfred Herrick H (Canadian Herb Co), res r4o Barrie Rochefort Alex, sailor, res 239 Earl " Anthony, sailor, res 45 L Bagot " George E J, sailor, lys 239 Earl ROCKWOOD HOSPITAL FOR THE Insane, Charles K Clarke, M D, Medical Superintendent, W R Dick Bursar, Lake Front, Portsmouth Roddy John \f, stone cutter, res 249 Victoria Rodger Maud, nurse Gen Hospital Rolway Mrs Kate, re4_100 Patrick Roeers Anna D(wid John B), res 86 O'Kill Amy ( wid Frank 3), res 134 Earl Arthur, gunner B Battery Bessie, minr, Ive Ontario Chambers Emily A, lys 32 Svdenham Ilarriet (wid John). bds 120 Earl Lewis W, eng, res 202 Montreal Miss Mary E, res 32 Sydenham ROGERS R VASHON, K C, L L D (Kirkpatrick, Rogers & Nickle), res 148 Barrie " Samuel, ehee,enikr. bds 87 Pine " Thomas X- messr Ontario Bank, res Ontario Chambers Rollow Mary (wid Joseph), res 234 Wellington Roll; Alfred, coachman Dr C I. Curtis Ronan Thomas, undertaker Bagot Rone George, lab, res 386 Division RONEY ADAM F (Roney & Cc), res 320 University av KIJ1684Y)N ALPHABETICAL DIRECIYIRY RONEY & CO (Adam F Roney), Clothing and Gents' Furnishings, 127 Princess Rosevear Robert, btchr, res 297 Queen Ross Alexander, caretkr Dairy School ' Antoine, lab, res 27 John ROSS ARTHUR E, Physician and Surgeon, Office Hours 9 to 11 and 1 to 3 and 7 to 9, Telephone 273, Office and Residence 188 Sydenham Rev Donald, D D. prof Queen's College, reg 309 Alfred Emily E (wid Wm), lys 209 Syden- " Edith M, lys 209 Sydenham " Miss Isabel, lys 3o9 Alfred " Joseph, lab, lys 27 John Kenneth A, vl+mn T F Harrison Co, Ivs (11d Collegiate Institute Misa Mary H. Ive 309 Alfred Mary J (wid Alexander), res 189 Johnston Rotherford see also Rutherford " Charles, mldr, res 381 Brock ROUGHTON STEPHEN, District Agent Mutual Life Assurance Co of Cana 1a. 17I\1'ellineton, reg 392 Alfred Rourke see also O'Rourke Roushorn Almond res 123 I, Bagot Earl D, baker, lys 848 Princess Thomas J, grocer, 848 Princess \\-ellington, lab, Iwo 123 L Ragot Routley Alfred 8, elk A Strachan, lys 209 Sydenham " Arthur K, slsmn John Routley, res 138 Queen John, cigars and sporting goods 173 Princess, res same " Miss!lfartha, Iwo 201) Sydenham " Win K, res 209 Sydenham Rowan Mre M, fancy goods 181 WellinRton, res 310 University av " Robert F, civ eng, lys 310 University avenue ROWAN ROBERT F F, Manager Imperial f.aundry, reg 310 University av Rowe Susan (wid Win), reg 36 Elm " Wyman, driver, res 165 Alfred Rowlands Jane (wid John), ]vs 81 Gore Roy Genr,ces, lieut B Battery Roys Charles M, studt, ]vs 6oo Princess " John A, sailor, res 600 Princess Rubery Airs Annie, reg 401 King e " Maggie. dom Hotel Congress " Marv. Cook Hotel ConRress Patrick, lab, hds Western Hotel Rudd Harness Co, 143 Princess " Jane ( wid Henry),res 213 Colborne RUDD " Thomas G, agent, reg 146 Johnston Rule Ethel, maid Prof Watson Ru:idell Jay D, lab, res 95 York RUSSELL HOUSE, M Bateson Proprietor, Princess (See card below ) Russell House 34ra-360 Prlncess St., Kin&,ston, CHOI('E LIQUORS AND CIüARS. Matt. Bateson, - Proprietor. Rates t1.00 per Day. - Rutherford see also Rotherford ' Fred H, elk Geo Robertson & Son, lys 10 Frontenac James A, keeper K P, reg 419 John. Sion " James Ii, cond St Ry, Ive 419 Johnston lessie. elk H I) Bibby Co, Ive 8 Fifth " John 8, lab K Fndry, res 8 Fifth Nellie, lys 4110 Johnston " Robert, lys 122 University av " Thomas, mldr, res ro Frontenac " Thomas jr, tinner, lys to Frontenac " Win C, lab, lys 8 Fifth Ruttan Bertha, dressmkr, lys 266 Sydenham Emily E. Ive 183 Brock Henry M, bkpr James Richardson & Sons, res 183 Brock Rutter Charles W, barber, We American Hotel Russell Edgar, elk James McCulla, lys 29 Rideau Mary, cook 52 Johnston Ryan Alice E (wid Edward), grocer 12 I, Rideau " Jtiws Catherine, lva 20 Stuart " Edith, bda i0 William RYAN EDWARD, M D, Physician and,surgeon, Office Hours 10 to ll, 1 to 4 and 7 to 9, Telephone 307, Office and Residence Brock cor Montreal " Jane (wid Win), lys 43 King w John, sailor, reg w s Beverley, 2 a Union Matthew P, lab, res 43 King w " Patrick, boa Windsor Hotel Peter B, sailor, Ivs John Ryan \Vni, lys John Rvan Wm F, guard K'P, res 43 Livingston avenue

78 IÔ6 J. O. FO6TER & Co'6 I KINGSTON ALPHAIISlICAL DIRECTORY 157 SANDS Ryder Edward, gunner A Battery, res 39, " John M, studt, lys 300 Qveen Ordnance " John S, cutter Howland Bros, res " John, lab, res 104 Patrick 259 Queen " Joseph, grocer, 914 Prineess Thomas, ship carp, res 52 Bay " Miss Laura M, prin Depot School, Thomas W, cigar mkr, lys 52 Bay Ivs 104 Patrick Wm, fireman Hall No 2, res 312 Lorne, gdnr, lys 914 Princess Mary E, ]vs 914 Princess Peter H, corp A Battery, res 32 Dufferin Brock Wm, lab, Ira 52 Bay W Wallace, phy 18o Bagot Sangster Gertrude, minr, Iv3 40 Ellice Wilhelmina, lys l04 Patrick " 5farion, clk T McMahon & Co, Iva 40 Ellice \\ln W. lab, reg 253 Queen ST LAWRENCE ICE CO ( Harry W and James J Newman), King west ST. LAWRENCE lce CO. Harry W. Newman. Jas. J. Newman (Succensors to W. H. Wllsonl Abs3olutelI Pure Ice Supplied on 8hort Notice. 255 to 267 King Street West, Kingston, Ont. Telephone on the Premises 638. St Lawrence River Steamboat Co, H S Folger general mngr, 198 Ontario Sabiston Annie, bdy 426 Princess ' Magnus, bds 426 Princess Sager John W, barber, res 295 Princess " \\'ni, lab, res 305 Montreal SAILORS' SNUG HABOR, J 8 Potter \tisaionnrt, 420 King cor Barrack sa7.à[on 1tEV JOHN J, Oeurate It Mary's Cathedral, res The Palace, 225 Johnston Salsberl; Hy^man, pdlr. res 212 Division Salsbury Mrs Benjamin, res 33 First " Edith, cigarmkr, lys 33 First " Frank J, wood turner Wormwith & Co, res I Sixth " Fred M, cigarmkr, Ivs 33 First " \L'm J. woodwkr, res 157 Pine Salter Joseph A, auctioneer 58 Brook SALVATION ARMY, Adjt John C Habkirk Officer in charge, Queen cor Bagot Sammons Isaac, lab, res s s Adelaide, 2 w Lansdowne Samwell Frank, elk, lve 133 Union w Sands Henry, hide buyer 74 Brock, ree 112 Johnston " James S, cigar mkr, lvs 52 Bay " John, asst chief Fire Dept, res 314 Brock Sargent Frank R, studt, lvs 28 Frontenac George C, clk.)ohn Corbett, Ive 28 Frontenac " Isabel (wid Fred R), res 28 Frontenac " Robert, lab, res 12 Dufferin Thomas H, druggist J B McLeod, res 232 Barrle Sarsfield Elizabeth J (wid George), res 9 Main Jessie, atenog, lvi 9 Main Saskatchewan land & Honrestead Co, Ltd, The,.l E Cunningham manager, 79 Clarence Saucier Joseph, weaver, bds 255 Montreal Saunders A Lawrence, elk Bank of Montreal, Ive 43 Ceorge " Annie (wid John), housekpr Hotel Beaupre ' Benjamin C, lab, res w s Chathanl, 1 n Sixth SAUNDERS CHARLES, Grocer 505 Princese, rea 503 same " ('lement, appr, ha 43 George Edward, pressman Whig, Ive Hotel Beaupre Mise Elsie E, Iva 43 George " Esther. minr, Ive 312 Princess " Miss Fanny, lva 46 Earl Frederick, sailor, res 85 Union e Garnet W, lab, res 345 Division George, lab, res 36 U William Henry, caretkr Si. Mary's School, res 89 ClerQy James, slamn Ghamley Bros, Ive 159 Nelson James G, fish dir, res 441 Alfred John, asst steward K P, res 730 Princ`ees John, bartndr Queen's Hotel, lvs 46 Earl " John A, mldr, rem 6 Clow's Block " John E, lab, res 146 Pine " John H, lab. Ive 146 Pine " John 0, lab, res 159 Nelson BAUNUERB " Miss Katherine L ive 43 George " Katherine M (wid Dr Herbert J), res 43 George " Miss Lois, librarian Queen's College, bds 53 Earl " Marearet ( wid John), res 46 Earl " Mi-4 Mary, lys 129 Division " Rebecca ( wid Edward), prop Dublin House, 144 Ontario " Samuel A, tinamith, Ive 101 Chatham "Wm, bartndr Can Ry News Co " \1'm, vlslnn, Iva 101 Chatham " Wm, tinsmith, res 101 Chatham Sauve Cyrille, lab, bila 102 Rideau " George, sailor, res 34 Union e Savage Arthur, elk John Corbett, lys 44 Colborne James,.tove fitter McKelvey & Birch, rei 44 Colborne Jennie (wid Henry B), lys io7 Queen " Nelson J, elk, ]vs 107 Queen Richard, lab, res, 79 York Wm J, painter in connection with D A Weese & Co, res 125 Union west Siwyer Miss Agnes, lys 382 Brock " Eliza J (wid Wm), res 382 Brock " Miss Eva, lvs 382 Brock Francis, elk W A Sawyer,!vs 382 Brock Mi-.Iennie, Ive 382 Brock " John, pntr, lys 382 Brock SAWYER WM A, Boots and Shoes 212 l'rinceas, res 154 Division Scally James, elk R Crawford, Iva Portsmouth " John, plshr McMillan & Co, Ive Portsmouth Scanlan John F, caretkr Whig Bldg, res 334 King e Mary (wid John P), dairy, res [oi Albert Scanlon Patrick J, lab, res 296 Montreal Schofield Donald S. trav, Ive 647 Prince+a " James, baker 647 Princess " Stuart J, tchr, lva 647 Princess School of Mining, see Kingston School of Mining Schroeder \\'m, mach, bds 213 Wellington Schultz see Shultz Scinolneween Edward, mach, res 14 Clergy west Scobell Mary A (wid S Wm), Ive 201 Alfred " Sidnev S. slsmn Geo Mills & Co, res 95 Division Scott Annie, Iva "Elmhurst;" Centre at David, plmbr McKelvey & Birch, lvs 307 Johnston David G, storeman Geo Robertson & Son, res 307 Johnston George, plahr Wormwith & Co, lys 807 Johnston " Miss Jean, lvs "Elmhurst;" Centre street " John, carp, res 451 Barric John H. capt str "Persia," res 32T Earl Lillie L, tchr Cataraqui School, lys 307.Johnston ' Lizzie, tire, lvs 173 Raglan rd " Mary A (wid Martin), lvs 61 Pembroke " Thomas, baker, res 240 Barrie ('apt \\'nm, res 173 Raglan rd \\1n, elk \\'.1 Paul, Ive 240 Barrie Wm B, carter, res 769 Montreal Scouse John, pntr, res 265 Johnston Norman K, cheesemkr, lvs 265 Johnston Scouter Grace (wid Levi), res 10 Vine " I.illie, Ive 10 Vine Mrs Maude, Ive 316 Brock \\-m, lab, Ive 10 Vine Scriven John A, patternmkr, res 522 Brock Scruton Edmond, boilermkr, res rg Union w James, lab, res 9 Stephen lame4 jr, elk l.oco 1\'ks. Ivs 9 Stephen Jennie, weaver, lva 9 Stephen Lizzie, weaver, lva 9 Stephen Wm, blkemith, lys 9 Stephen Scrutton Alez, boilermkr, res 12 Rideau Charles, lab, lys 8 Orchard " Edmund, boilermkr, res 8 Orchard Jamea, boilermkr, bile 41 Charles Scullen Daniel, supt K Hosiery Co, We Hotel Congress Scullion James, lab James Swift A Oo, res 258 Division Scully Michael, tmmner A Battery " Richard, lab, bds 102 RidPP Seale C Wilson, elk, Ive 82 L " John, carp, res 82 L Bagot Sears Bertha, maid 55 West SEARS EDGERTON F, Manager Kingston Milk Depot, rej 388 Alfred George. hardware 69 Princess, res 148 Earl John, studt, Ive 148 Earl Philip, clk Geo Sears, lys 148 Earl R Sidney. elk, Ivs 1A8 Earl Seaton Frank, confr, lvs 17 Rideau " Henry. lab, Ive 17 Rideau " Miss May, Ive 17 Rideau

79 168 J. O. POSTER & CO'S KINOSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 150 SEATON " Miss Rebecca,!vs 17 Rideau " Richard, lab, rese 17 Rideau " Richard jr, fireman K & P Ry, res 268 Wellington Sedore Freeman. lab, res 83 Rideau Seeley David, carp, res Barrack, cor King Selby Charles (Selby & You'den), res 104 Gore " & YouMen (Charles Selby, Henry YouHen), proprs Kingston Foundry, Ontario, cor Union Self Frank, lab, res s a Concession, 0 w Division SERGEANTS' MESS, R C F A, Tete du l'ont Barracks Sexamith Robert, lab, ras 153 Begot Sexton George, gunner B Battery Shales Claude W, barber 32 Montreal, lys 3 Victoria ter " Herbert J, agt Met Life Ins Co, lys 3 Victoria ter " Robert J (Shales & Taugher), res 3 Victoria ter " & Taugher (Robert J Shales, James J Taugher), blksmiths 381 King east Shanty John, grocer 168 Ontario, dry gds 176 SillHP. res 168 satne Shanahan, ace also Shannon " Fanny, drsmkr, lys 39 Clergy w " Hugh-. draughtsman Loco Wks, lys 39 Clergy w " Jeremiah J, tailor, les 39 Clergy w " John, res 105 Wellington " John, lab, res 39 Clergy w " Lizzie, drsmkr, Ira 39 Clergy w " Maggie, tirs, Iva 39 Clergy w " Miss Marion. Ira 222 King e " Miss Mary A, res 91 Rideau " Nellie. lys io5 Wellington " Wm, lab, res 222 King e Shane Are hibald.1, lab. lys 139 Colborne " Gertrude II, asst A.loslin, lys 139 Colborne " Frederick, lab, lys 139 Colborne " James, tmstr. ren 139 Colborne Shangrow. lab, res 52 Division Shannessy Mrs Jennie, dressmicr 128 Queen, reg same Shannon, see also Shanahan " Albert E. sporting editor News and Times, lys 47 George " Alfred J, prtr News, ros 153 Frontenac " Charles G, elk P 0. bds 13 Maitland " Edith, tirs, 'vs 308 Albert " Miss Ida, elk, lads 302 Earl " James P, res 308 Albert " John, lab, Iva 95 York SHANNON " Letitia ( wid James), Iv s 47 George SHANNON MAJOR LEWIS W, City Clerk, Office City Hall, res 47 George " Sylvester S, MD, Ira 308 Albert Shapo Rey Julien, rabbi Independent Hebrew Cong, h 59 Princess Sharman, see also Sherman Isabella (wid Jacob), res 187 Ordnance " Jacob M, carp, res 264 Rideau " Th( Baa N, boat bidr ft of West, Iva 187 Ordnance Sharp Alexander, clk James Crawford, res 252 Barrie " Russell P, elk A Chown & Co, lye 252 Barrie Sharpe Miss Alice, lys 86 Ontario " Miss Edith, res 313 Brock " Elizabeth (wid Andrew). grocer Ontario, reg same " Francis R, B A, lecturer Queen's College, res 128 Union w " Harry, grocer 526 Princess, res 559 same " Miss 1.izzie, elk W J Crothers, Iva 86 (»Atari Miss Mary E. Ira 86 Ontario " Melita, mlnr, lys 313 Brocic " Wm, trineli. Ivs 86 Ontario Shaw Abraham, inspector of çustoms, res 190 University ay " Alexander, lab, Ira 143 Colborne " Miss Catherine, elk Clow, lys 143 Colborne " David A, lads 295 Queen " Felix, res 115 Bagot " Ida J, dressmkr 143 Colborne " Miss Jennie C, drawing specialist piddle schools. Isis 117 Ragot " J Morgan, druggist, res 79 Wellington " Laura B, bde 50 Livingston ay " Leon, lys too University ay " Miss Lillian. Ivs 190 University " Malcolm, Ivs 216 University " Miss Mary. ort.ranist St Andrew's Ch, bds 117 Ragot " Miss Mary E, bkpr J S R McCann, Ira 143 Colborne " 5latilda, tire, lvs 143 Colborne " Samuel, carp. res 143 Colborne " Wm J. brmmkr, Ivs 143 Colborne Shaver Robert, lab, lys 12 Redan Shay Belford. blksmith, reg n s Quebec, 1 w Cherry " Horace. grocer 71 Pine Shea see also O'Shea " John, mldr, res 65 Earl " Lottie, elk, lvs 51 Arch SHEA " Margaret (wid Michael), ras 184 Ragot " Win, supr Asylum, res 51 Arch Shear Abraham, sec bd gds 366 Princess SHEDDER FORWARDING CO, Limited, George Young Agent, Cartage Agents, ft William Sheldriek Mark, pianos 213 Princess, bds 102 Ragot " Reynolds B. shim M Sheldrick, bels 102 Bated Shepherd John, bdg hse, res 238 Johns. ton Sherbineau Celeste, stenog'kern à Wit'kern. Iv% 234 Alfred " Francis R. lab, rem 71 Division "Joseph, carp, res 234 Alfred " Maggie M, Iva 71 Division " Martha F, dressmkr 71 Division " W Robert, carp, res 215 Albert " Wm J, confr, lys 71 Division SHERIFF'S OFFICE, Thomas Dawson Sheriff, 'Flamm s M Asselst ine Deputy Sheriff, Court House, Union st Sli erid a ti Herbert gunner It Battery Sherman see also Sharman " Byron. bkpr Sustnan it: Cohen, Ms 213 Colborne " Julia A ( wid John), lys 198 University " Nina J (wid James F), ras 298 University ay Sherratt Miss Amy, bkpr Dr R E Sparks, lye 148 Rideau " Anna B wid Sherrad 0), res 148 Rideau " Miss Bertha, lvs 148 Rideau " Miss Esther, bkpr James McCulla, Ivs 148 Rideau " Miss Laura I, lys 148 Rideau " Miss Maggie, lys 148 Rideau Sherring Agnes, elk H F Price, lys 2 First " Benjamin IT. stone etr, res 2 First " Benjamin J, motorman St Ry, Ivs 2 First " Frank. elk, Ira 2 First Sherwood Sherman, mason, ras 7 St Catharine Shibley John IL desp K & P Ry, ras 238 University ay " Rev Samuel., res e s Albert, 1 n Mack Shields John, res 115 Stuart Shinton Walter J, Q-M-S B Battery, res Tete du Pont Barracks Shore Mary (wid Rey G), ras 123 Union w Shorey Louis B, elk Merchants' Bank, les 102 Stuart Short Edward, lab, res 15 Rideau " Lizzie, dressmkr, 15 Rideau " Louis, tray, bds 428 Prineens " Rosa, wearer. Iva 15 Rideau " Rev Wm, res 425 Johnston Shortt Adam, M A. prot Queen's College, res 437 King w Shufflebotham Walter, stone dealer 466 Montreal, res same " Samuel, lab, Ira 466 Montreal Shultz W Frank, watchman Hosiery Co, res 426 Division Sills Addie (wid John W), res 155 Sydenham " Arthur M, fireman G T R, res Outer Depot " Bidwell E, (Ovum, Ira 120 CblhOTIle " Miss Helen L, lys 155 Sydenham " Mary E wid Thos W), res 302 Barrie "Minnie, mlnr, lye 155 Sydenham " Wm R, M A, tchr Collegiate Institute, res 15 Mack Silver Joseph, clothing 102 Princess, Simmons see also Simoun and Symons " Alfred A, res Livingston av " Albert, sailor, bds 331 King e " Andrew G (Simmons Bros), lys 90 liay " Bros (Wm G and Andrew G), plmbrs 211 Princess " Charles C. elk John Corbett, ras 65 William " Herbert G. elk, lys 90 Bay " Maude. th-s. Iv. Livingston av " Wm, capt str "Owen," res 90 Bay " Win G (Simmons Bros), res 466 Albert " 'W Fred, electrical and mechanical supt St Ry and electrician K Light, Heat & Power Co, res 437 Princess Simons Miss Bertha, lys R Simons " Ed avare!. maeh. lvs Win Irwin " Robert, boilermkr, res n a Elm, 1 w Alfred " Robert jr, appr, lys R Simons " Wallace. gunner A Battery " Wm J, blrmkr, Iva R Simons Simpson Miss Alice, lys 621 l'rincess " Albert.1, lemmkr. lys 621 Princess " Archibald, prop Lake View House, 286 Ontario " Bernard, carp, res 6 Rideau " Charles, clk S J Horsey, ras 621 Princess " Ernest. appr S.1 Ilorsey, 'vs 621 Princess

80 100 J. O. FOSTER & S KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 161 SIMPSON " George. maeh, bile 94 Queen " James McL, studt, lys 423 Johnston " Jane (wid James), res e a Markland, 1 e Patrick " Jane (wid Thomas), lys 621 Princess " Margaret, chambermaid Iroquois Hotel " Mary (wid Rey James), res 423 Johnston SIMPSON S H, LDS, DDS, Dentist, 258 Princess. Ive 423 Johnston Sims Annie (vrid Wm H). Ive W H Matthews " Jessie (wid George), Ive 398 Mont real Sinclair Archibald, plstr, res 147 Nelson E " Major Archibald J, bds 2.4 Stuart " Miss Charlotte, res 212 Sydenham " David A, eng, res 365 Broek " Mary (wid Robert), res 86 Frontenac " Miss Jean P. Ive 86 Frontenac " Robert, pntr, res 379 Earl Sing Doo, lndry 246 Barrie " Long. laundry 395 Princess SKINNER HENRY & CO ( E C Mitchell, Wm li Skinner). 1Vholesale Drugging, 169 Princees " Ronald. tray, lye Gore SKINNER WM B (Henry Skinner & Co), res 57 West " 1 driver 18 Battery Slade James F., sergt instr R C F A, res 283 Montreal Slater Ethel I M. la s Villiain SLATER E & CO, Thomas E Slater Manager, Sash and Door Manufacturera Ontario (See card below) Slater êc Co. MANTELS, GRATES AND TILES. SASH, DOORS AND BLINDS Always in Stock. Phone Ontario Street. Sins,er Elizabeth I wid George), Ive 2191 Slater Samuel. sergt A Battery University ay " Stewart. sergt A Battery, res 293 SINGER MANUFACTURING CO, J N Wellington K ivel I Cit y Manager, 164 Princess1 SLATER THOMAS, Manager E Slater.. 13'2 I ou tut, res 200 Wil- Singleton Arthur C, shipper Robe: taon. liam Nicolle & Co. re: 460 Brock Sleeman Walter, studt, lys 158 Frontenac " Franeis W. tinsmith. res 186 Union west " Wm H, mason, res 158 Frontenac " Frederiek. house surgeon General Hospital Sleeth Clifford, mach hd. Iva 12 Charles "' Wm H jr, Ira 158 Frontenac " Teo, Mann tuner, Ive 391!trod:. " Eugene, lab, lys 12 Charles " Miss Louise. organist and choir di- " Fred, broommkr, lys 12 Charles rector Queen St Meth Church, " Laurence, wks 1Vormwith & Co, Bs lys 301 Brock " Prof. Thomas. organist and choir 12 Charles ",, Mary (wid James). res 304 Johnston director First Baptist Church Miss Minnie, opr Bell Tel (o), lys and piano air 286 Princess, res 301 Brock." Wilfred B. studt, Ive 186 Union w Sinnott Margaret wid Miles), lys 26 Johnston " Wm. studt, Ive 36 Johnston Sissons John W, eng. res 30 James Arthur F:. brminkr. Ive 284 Earl Skelton John, pntr, res 480 Montreal " Win, lab, lys 480 Montreal Skinner Anna (wid Henry), res 14 Maitland " Miss Annie, lys 14 Maitland " Edward, mach, bds 04 Queen " Etta twid Wm). res 116 Gore " Col henry, lys 14 Maitland 304 Johnston " Samuel, carp. res 12 Charles " Samuel jr, tailor, Ivs 12 Charles Sib-unions Elizabeth R, lys 48 Colborne " John H, eng K & P, res 48 Colborne " Mary J. dressmkr, lys 48 Colborne Sliter Ernest 0, M A, tchr Collegiate Institute, res 431 Johnston Sloan Albert S, plmbr, lys 214 Rideau " Florence. elk W Crothers, Ive 120 Wellington " Henry, clk, lys 214 Rideau " Mise Mary J, res 293 Montreal Richard A. driver K Milk Depot, res 164 '4, Princess " Robert; eng, res 214 Rideau SLOAN " Robert D. stem The 11 D Bibby Co. res 198 Rideau Small Philip H. cartage foreman K P Ry, res 23 Earl " Mrs Mary, res 183 Alfred Stnallridge Mary A I avid George N), res 159 Alfred Stanley, elk. lys 318 Earl " Wm H. mason, res 318 Earl Smart David. tailor, bds 189 Brook " John II, lob, res 54 l'isee d'arrnee Smeaton Charles, lab, tes 41 Raglan rd " Ellen. stenog, Ive 41 Raglan rd " Francis IL lys 66 frkill " John R, lab. Ive 66 O'Kill " Thomas, supt Protestant Orphans' Home, res same " Mrs Thomas, matron Protestant Or, Home phans' Smiley John. lab. res 58 L Rideau Smith see also Smyth and Smythe " Alexander, sergt wheeler R C F A, res 116 Ordnance " Alfred, clk Loco Works, bds 232 Division " Amos C. lab. res 460 Division " Arthur P, clk James Crawford, Iv 25 First " Augustus. lab, Ms 408 Barrie " Benjamin, lab, res s s James, 1 w Rideau " Bros ( ('harles and John S), jewel. lers 350 King e SMITH VERY REV BUXTON B, D D, peeio e St George's Cathedral, re, 101 King e " Caroline ( wid Wm), hnueekpr 248 University RV " Charles (Smith Bros). res 125 Baget Charles. gunner A Battery " Charles. baker, Isis 201 Albert " Charles C. labo. roe 0 (timber " Miss Clara C, mlnry 183 Princess " (dn. IV.t 260 University av ('lare. " Daniel. driver, res 39 Main SMITH DANIEL, President Ontario Pow. der Co, Ltd. res 321 University " Edgar A. lineman Bell Tel Co, ree 217 Mon t rera I " Edward M. lab. res 09 Chatham " Elects. wtre Kennedy House " Elizabeth (wid Chas), lvs 460 Division " Miss Etta. tchr Central School, lys 125 lingot " George. gunner B Battery " George. driver F A Bibby. Ms 343 King " George, mica dlr. res 152 Frortenae smitli " George, tailor, lys 00 Chatham " George A, mason, res 70 York " George E. mnfrs agt 350 King e, lys 125 Bagot " George H, studs, lys 400 Brock " Hager (wid 11 Stalleraffej, rms 32 Wellington " Harold, elk Dalton & Sons, Ira 21 First " Henry, lab, res 240 Johnston Henry A, grocer 282 University av, res 25 First Henry P. arehitect. 39 Brook " Lt-Col Henry lt, res "Itingwood," King w " Isaac, carp, res too Victoria " James, res 221 L Rideau " James. lab. re.; Outer Depot " James E, sailor, res I.: Wellington " James N, shoveller, re., 50 James " SG«Jane, Ire 125 Bagnt " Miss Jessie, Ive 161 King e " Jessie (wid James), lys zoo Queen SMITH JOHN, Job Printer, 153 Wellington. res 400 Brock " John C, tchr, lys 42 Main " John P, blrmkr, res 58 Colborne " John S (Smith Bros), ree 185 Johnston " Joseph, lab, res 26 Place d'armes " Joseph jr. eigarmkr, lye 26 Place d'armes " Joseph A B, Lutter, mes 322 Alfred Miss Lizzie. Ira 1 9 Baladas- a " Miss Louise. Ive 125 'tarot " Miss lye 19 Balaclava " Miss Mabel. lys 221 Rideau " Mise Martha P, lodging house 85 Web I ington " Mrs Mary. honeekpr 4 80 NIontreal " Mary (wid Robert A), res 58 William " Miss Mary A, lys 269 Brock " Miss Mary T. Ive 85 Wellington " Miss May, lys 400 Brno* " Nathaniel L, carp, res 179 Coilingwood " Norman A. foreman Whig, res 268 University as. " Raymond. carp, Ire 179 Collingwond " Robert, quarry, res 56 Lansdowne " Robert W, lab, res 97 Wellington " R Wilson. stnne enntr. ree a s Concessio n rd. 1 e Alfred " Miss Sarah L, lys 56 Lansdowne " Sidney C. bkpr Robertson, Nicolle & Co. lye 322 Alfred " Thomas, lab. res 427 Kim! e " Thomas. mason, Ire 270 Sydenham " Thomas. hrakemn K & P Ry, bols n s Place d'armes " Thomas, sailor. Ive John McKegg

81 182 J. O. FOSTER At CO'S SMITH " Thomas, lab, res 76 Arch " Thomas H, mason, lvs 249 Johnston " Thomas J, tanner, res 8 L Rideau " T Wesley., carp, reg 260 Sydenham " Walter, sailor, reg 457 Barrie " Wm, carp, res 42 Main " Wm, elk Macnee & Minnea, res 73 Colborne " Vin. (sir') A Battery, res 299 Wellington " Wm, lab, Ms 101 Queen " Wm. studt, Iv a 400 Brock " Mrs Win. res 27 1.' William " Wm C, bkpr T C Wilson & Son, rms 120 Clarence " Wm J. carter, Ive 282 Ontario " ' J. lab, res Hickson lune " Win K. grocer 284 Ontario " Zillah R (wid Rev Thomas G), re' 211 Queen Smvlie see Smille SMith, see also Smythe and Smith " Arehibald, tmstr. ma 27 Division " Miss F Etta, elk. Iva 27 Division " Capt James G. Iva 55 William " Joseph, elk.1 Nugent & Co, bds 103 Queen " Maggie. dressinkr, Ive 27 Division " Robert J. driver, Ira 54 Division " Samuel, lab, reg 54 Division " Wm, blrmkr, Iva 23 Division Smythe Albert E, collector 233 Bagot, res saine " Edward B. clk Bank of :Montreal, Ivs 59 West " Elizabeth B (wid Edvs.ard H), res 59 West " Frank A. gunner B Battery. SttlYTHE GEORGE H, B A (Smythe, King & Smythe), lys 59 West " Lillian. cashier The H D Bibby Co, Ive 233 Ragot " Wm H. teller Merchants Bank, lys 59 West SMYTHE, KING & SMYTHE (Francis King, MA.George H Smythe, BA), Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, Etc. Ontario Chambers, Clarence, cor King SNELLING HARRY W, Local Manager Bell Telephone Co. res 96 Division Snider Catherine. hits 102 Barrack " Mrs Jane, res 116 Barrack " Mabel. stenog W J Crothers, lys 237 Division Snodden, see also Snowden " Alexander, police sergeant, res 229 Alfred Snook Tunis L, barrister, 246 Bagot Snowden Miss Phoebe, IN's 203 (a) Alfred " Robert J, mason, ira 203 (a) Alfred " Wm, contr, res 203 (a) Alfred Snyder, see also Snider " Miss Addie. lys 311 Johnston " Miss Frances, Iva 311 Johnston " Miss Gertrude, Ira 311 Johnston " John C, weaver, Ive 311 Johnston Soanes Sidney. baker, We 248 Barrie Solandt Rev D M, pastor First Conel Chitral. Isla 39 Union w Soles Benjamin, tanner, res River et " Georbcina ( wid Warten), res 217 University av " H Wilfrid. lab. Ive River st " Joseph F. eurrier. res 224 Sydenham " Robert W, tanner, res 26 Ellice " Vernandus. lab. Iv,, River st " Wm G. lab, Ive 217 University av Somers Lawrence, Sergt "A" Battery, res 27 Rideau Somerville A Nettie. lvs 197 Colborne SOMERVILLE CO, THE, Millinery, 174 Wellington " Francis, res 195 Colborne " Francis, patternmkr, res 197 Colborne " Francis jr, carp. Ira 197 Colborne " Fred C, shunn The 11 D Bibby Co, lvs 195 Colborne " Mrs Kathleen (The Somerville Co), bd. 25 U Charles Snuthwiek Robert. servant 163 King w SOWARDS JAMES, Coal and Wood, cor Ontario and Place d'armes, res 240 Montreal " Miss Kate. lys 240 'Montreal " John F. 'bkpr James Sowards, res 172 Montreal Spangenberg Frederi( -k W. jewellery King e, res 140 Johnston Spankie Miss Margaret A, res 716 Prin- CeSS " WM, M D, inspr of schools County of Frontenae, res WD1fe Island Sparks Alice H. bkpr G A Thompson, ivs 184 Wellington " Frederick, driver G A Thompson, lys 184 Wellingtcn " H Ernest B. studt Dr R E Sparks, lys 132 University av " John F, studt, lys 132 University avenue " Robert E. dentist 230/2 Princess, reg 132 University av Spence Alexander, èng, lvs 283 Division " Annie (wid John), res 4 Stanley ter SPENCE DAVID M (Spence & Co), re. 95 Queen KINO8TUN ALPSABETICAL DIRECTORY. 183 SPENCE " Harold D L, studt, lve 95 Queen " James, prop The Hall, 33 Brock " Jessie, mus tehr, Iva 89 York " Nellie, dom General Hospital " Robert A, lys 199 Earl " Robert 'I', driver K Milk Depot, res 283 Division " Sarah, Ors. bds 214 Sydenham " Wm, re. 89 York " 11'in 11, piano agt, lye 89 York SPENCE & CO (David X Spence), Millinery, Mantles and Ready to Wea'r Goods, 119 l'rincess Spencer Elizabeth, Ivs 647 Princess " Ernest W, tray James McFarland, lys Portsmouth " Levi B, paint mnfr, res lab Bagot " Maria %yid Robert), res 6 Redan " Seotter L, boilermkr, rea 24 Clergy w " Seotter L E, en?, Iva 24 Clergy w eng, res 79 Arch Spiers Lizzie W. nurse, lvs 28 Quebec Spooner Charles N, brakeman K & P Ry, rem 15 U Charles " Lydia (wid Daniel), lys 15 St Catharine Spottan Miss Mary, Ira 21/4 Rideau " Mary (wid George), res 2 1/2 Rideau Sprague Lucy (wid Samuel), lys 212 Barrie Spriggs Frank It, inessr Bell Tel Co, Iv. 63 George " Miss Olive, elk Frontenac Loan & Investment Society, rea 83 George " Wm A, east city inspr Bell Tel Co, lvs 63 George Spring Hugh, lab, res 60 Chatham Squire Harriet M ( wid George H), ras 79 Division " Richard L, istudt, Iva 79 Division Stacey see also Steacy " Miss Elizabeth, res 207 Allred " James, res 23 Frontenac Stafford Miss Jane, Tea 21 Union w " Reuben, messr Bank of B N A, rea City Buildings Stagg Martha (wid John), res 18 Elm Staley Charles, igpt barge Augustus, us 307 Barrie " Charles D, lab, res 30 Union e " Miss Clara, lvs 307 Barrie " Daniel. prop Queen's Hotel 12T Brock, res 170 Barrie " Edmond, sailor, Iva 307 Barrie " Mrs Emma, lys 303 Barrie " Miss EVA, IVA 307 Barrie " Horace J, musician, res 524 Princess " Isabel, stenog Wormwith & Co, lys 170 Barrie STANDARD BANK OF CANADA, Wm D Hart Manager, 140 Princess STANDARD LIFE ASSURANCE CO, R F Davis Agent, 75 Princess Stanford Edward, carp, rea 112 Raglan road " Michael, lab, res 4 Raglan rd " Miss Nellie, Iva 4 Raglan rd Stanlake Wm (Stanlake & Haffner), rea 175 Pine " & Haffner I Win Stanlake, Thos B Haffner). butchers 99 Earl Stansbury Albert, lab, lys 441 Barrie " George A, driver liajus Bremery, res 3 Brewery lane " John, baggageman Folger'a Dock, re' 441 Barrie " Sarah, sirs, lys 441 Barrie Stanton Nathaniel, pier Wormwith Co, res Barriefield Staples Louis E, MA, tchr Collegiate Institute, res 151 Frontenac Starr Rev Canon George L, priest vicar St George's Cathedral. lias 132 Wellington STEACY EDWARD T ( Steacy Steacy), res 197 Johnston STEACY JOSEPH J (Steacy & Steacy), r..s 162 Johnston STEACY & STEACY (Edward T and Joseph J), Importers of Dry Goods, /Millinery and Mantles, Dressmaking and Ladies' Tailoring, Princess STEAMBOAT INSPECTOR'S OFFICE, M R Davis Inspector of Huila and Equipment. T P Thompson Inspector of I3oilers and Machinery, 38 Clarence Steele Annie F (wid Felix), res 16 Patrick Steen Evans S, driver James Redden & Co, res 292 Johnston Stevens Arthur, res 163 Queen " Mary A I wid Willard), res 85 Pine Stevenson Emma, House of Industry " Margaret (wid A Win), Iva 24. Sel' Bon " Robert, brewer Bajus Brewery, 'vs If if 47 Rideau Robert H, elk McKelvey de Birch. res 87 Union e Thomas. manager Bajus Brewery, Ira Rideau 47 Wm. bkpr Bajus Brewery, bd s 184 Wellington " Wm 11, reg 219 Division Stewart see also Stuart " Alexander, bdg hse 94 Queen " Archibald, studt, bda 184 Wellington " Mrs C M, Iva 82 Wellington

82 184 J. O. wotrrza dz co's KINOSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY STEWART Eliza J (wid Rev John H), res 187 University av Henry. mach, res 305 Earl James, forwarder, res 78 Wellington «Miss Jessie, lye 94 Queen " John, driver, res 176 L Begot " John D. gunner A Battery " John R, studt, lxls 180 Alfred " Joseph. lys 176 L Ragot " Ruby (wid Raymond), dresemkr 217 Earl, res same " Thomas H, tray George Robertson & Son. res 176 Alfred " Mrs \V J. lys 868 Princess Stigney Thomas, lab, res 116 Barrack Stinson El nit M, nie id 64 William " Eliza iwid Frank), lys John O'Reilly " Matthias, lab, reg r 19 U William " Wen J. lab. res 102 Ragot Stirk Ilarrv. likpr Langbort & Co, bd. 159 Sydenhem Stitt Wm 1., steward. res 20 1, F:arl Stoddard Arthur, lab, reg w s Regent. 1 n Johnston Stoken 31re Maria, lys 34 Frontenac Stokes Benjamin, lab, res 129 L Ragot " Reginald. Iambi- A liattery Stone Charles W, harnessmkr 379 King. e. res 358 Barrie " Barnett. tailor, InIs 125 L Ilagot " Florence, photog, Iva 358 Barrie " Miss Mary, reg 225 Begot " M Adelbert, asst gas mkr Gas Works, res 525 Princess STOREY EDGAR M, Architect, 172 Weires 321 Princess Storms Charles. sailor. 1),Is 46 1, Rideau " Elton S. pntr, lys 387 Princess " Sarah (wid Archibald), res 387 Princess Stoughton Miss Elizabeth, res 4 "Hale's Cottages," King w " 31iss Mary C. lys 4 Hale's Cottages Stover Hubert M, driver, lys 171 Victoria " Nancy (wid Hiram), res 171 Victoria " Philip H, guard K P. res 476 Brock Strachan Miss Aile C. L, res 248 Division STRACHAN ARCHIBALD, Hardware, P (3 Prince.s, res 98 Ragot " Bruce 0, studt, Ive 98 Begot " David. lab, res 354 Montreal " Frank. studt, lys 98 Ragot Strainge Wm G. reg 326 University av STRANGE LT-COL FRANK, Commanding ordnance Stores Corps. Mili- (ary District No 3, rem 139 lia ni " John. barrister 95 Clarence, res 34 Barrie STRAND E " J Campbell. elk P 0 Inspector's Office, res 135 William ".1 Montague, res 36 Barrie " Orlando 8, physician 68 Union e, yes 156 King e " & Strange (John Strange), ins agts 95 Clarence Stratford Henry jr, fireman Hall No 2, ree 103 York " Henry sr, taxidermist 13 U Charles " Mrs Henry, regietry office for servants, 284 Princess " James, taxidermist 289 Princess " Mabel, dressmkr, lys 103 York Stratton Elizabeth (mid John G), Iv% 339 Alfred Stritch Wm, agt Singer 31fg Co, Me 112 Clarence Strong Anthony, eng, rss 160 L Ragot " 31abel, mlnr, lye 160 L Begot Stroud Bessie, elk. lys 7 Victoria ter " Bros, teas 109 Princess " Nellie, opr Bell Tel Co, lys 7 Victoria ter «Wm A, master gunner R C F A, res 7 Victoria terrace, Montreal et " Wm A jr, opr News, lys 91 Rideau Struthers Clinton L. lab, res 148 Bay Stuart ace also Stewart " John, lab, ree 221 Division " Mrs.John S, res 22 Deacon " Joseph, driver 31ftenee & 31innes, Ivs 221 Division Stuchen Sa lllll el. pdlr. res 59 Bay Stunden Frederick, elk, lye 4 Rideau Sturgess Agnes ( wid Emanuel), re Queen " Carrie A, lys 288 Queen " Constance A, tire, lye 288 Queen " Herbert N. 'porter Can Exp Co, lys 288 Queen " Joseph. mach, bds 6o William Suddard Edward S, grocer 225 Division. res 22 Elm " James E, (sniff., Ivs 270 Division " James H. lal), res 270 Division " Lucy ( wid Francis'. 'vs 131 Colborne " P George, driver R Crawford, res 59 Elm Sugarman Harz, pdlr, res 26 (a) Ellice " Samuel.,(111., Iva 33 Ellice " Simon. pdlr. res 30 Ellice Sughrue Cornelius, sailor, lys 45 L Bagot " Miss Helen. lys 116 William " John. checker G T R, res 116 William " Miss Kate. Ivs 45 L Ragot " Mary ( wid Wm), lvs 45 L Ragot " Thomas, sailor, Ivs 45 L Ragot SUDIIRUE " rn D. ('apt 1) U S Reserve, re» 331 Brock Sullivan Catherine (wid Michael), rds 169 Montreal " Catherine, drisnikr, lys 409 Barrie " Charles IL sisilin R Waldron, lvs 46 Livingeton av " Davis L, coreinkr, lys 46 Livingston avenue " Eva M, drsmkr, lys 155 Montreal " Miss Frances G, lye 409 Barrie " Jeremiah, mldr, res 42 Wellington " John, lab, reg 409 Barrie " John jr, elk. lys 409 Barrie " John, switchman, res 155 Montreal " John jr, sismn It Waldron, lys 155 Montreal " John, Iva 42 Wellington " John.1, driver R Crawford, res 73 Pine " Joseph J, lab, res 123 Ordnance " Kathleen ( wid Wm), res 46 Livingston ay " wtrs British Am Hotel " Lizzie (wid Michael), gro 54 C.,..Lario " Margaret E, dressmkr 164 Princess, lye 409 Barrie " Michael, contr 181 Montreal, res 116 Rideau " Hon Michael, phy 65 Princess " 3Iinnie. stenog C M B A, lys 155 Montreal " Thomas, sailor, lys 189 Montreal " Walter, elk, lys 46 Livingston as' %Vitt hoilermkr, Isis 35 Brock " " Wm H, barrister 38 Clarence, res 93 William " Lient W F C, rise officer Ordnance Stores Corps, Ms British American Hotel Summerby F,dith M. lys Outer Depot " Mrs James, rem Outer Depot Summerville see Somerville " Stephen E. snrun James Redden & CO. res 99 York SUN LIFE ASSURANCE CO OF CANada, G A Bateman District Agent, 63 Clarence Susman Max (Susman & Cohen), res 51 Barrack SUSMAN & COHEN (Max Susman, Isaac Cohen) Proprietors Kingston Rag & Metal Co, Ontaric, cor Barrack (See card under Kingston Rag & Metal Co) Sutherland Annie M, lys 154 University avenue " Elizabeth (wid John), res 295 Barrie " Miss Ida, lvs 151 Earl SUTII Elt LA N " Miss Elizabeth, lye 54 William " James T (J H Sutherland & Bro), res 241 Queen " John H (.7 11 Sutherland & Bro), lye 56 William " J H & Bro (John 11 and James T), boots and shoes, 103 Princess " Maleolin 5 (Fenwick, Hendry & Co), res 131 Earl " Margaret (wid Alexander), res 56 William Robert, shoeinkr, res 103 Princes, D, tray Fenwick, Hendry Robert & Co, res 30 Sydenham Samuel, tray Maenee & 31innee, res 327 Barrie Swain Frank, lab, lvs 279 Montreal " John, lab, res 279 Montreal " John C, carpet weaver r 140 York, Swaine A Ernest, bkpr Kingston 31illing Co, lys Military Stores " Herbert, bkpr A Chown 8t Co, Ivs Military Stores " Wm E, piano tuner, res 153 Sydenham Swales Miss Annie L, lvs 118 Gore " Jane (wid Wm E), res 118 Gore Swan Miss Elizabeth, lvs e Ellice " George 'I', grocer 27 Ellice " Miss Sarah A, tehr St Mary's School, lys 27 Ellice Swann Ellen T, drsmkr, lvs 47 1i1m " 31abel E. stenog Givens & Givens. lvs 47 Elm " Mary E (wid Samuel DI, res 47 Elm Swanson Harriet.1 (wid Wm J), res 294 Johnston Sweeney Peter, lab. bils Revere Howie Sweetman Agnes ( wid Charles), res 209 Alfred " Thos, ear inspr G T R, res 196 Rideau " Wm G. plmbr. lys 196 Rideau Sweney Peter, lab, bds Revere House Swift C James, studt, Iv,. 46 William SWIFT JAMES (James Swift & Co), Insurance Agent, King, cor Clarence, res 1 King w SWIFT JAMES JR ( James Swift & Co), Iv+ 1 King w SWIFT JAMES & CO (James Swift, James Swift jr), Coal Dealers, Yherfingere and Commission Merchants. foot of Johnston. branch King. (-or Clarence SWIFT JOSEPH F, Agent Dominion Express Co and Insurance Agent 295 King, cor Clarence. rem 46 William " Miss Loretta. Bs 1 King w " Miss Mary, res 224 King e

83 166 J. Ci. POSTER & CO'S Switzer Miss Annie S, Ive 267 Queen " Peter, lab, reg 267 Queen Sykes Thomas, driver "B" Battery Symons El uni. mach, la i s Wm Irwin SYNOD OFFICE, Rev Canon G W G ((rout Clerieal Secretary, Office St George's Hall TailIon Philamon (wid Francis), res 8 Brewery lane Tait Arthur,.1a1). res 50 Elm " John, 2nd mate str J W Oliver, Ive 25 Brock " Joseph, contr, reg 37 U Charles " Robert, lab, Ive 37 U Charles TAIT WM, Flour and Feed, Grain, Clover and Tinwthy Seed, Ensilage Fodder, Corn, Pressed Hav, Field and Darden Seeds, 25 Bror:k " Win, jr, sailor, Ive 25 Brock Talbot Frank E, baggageman G T R, res Hickson av Talion John, signalman G T R, reg 675 Montreal Tandy Anna G (wid Thomas S), ree 38 Clergy " Miss Beatrice, lys 38 Clergy " Miss Constance, lys 68 Johnston " Miss Elsie. music tchr 14 Montreal, Ive 255 Brock " Herbert, house surgeon General Hospital " Karl H, lys 38 Clergy " Harry, Supt Canadian Locomotive Co, Ltd, res 68 Johnston " Lettice (wid George J), ive 68 Johnston " Miss Lettice, lys 68 Johnston Tanner Richard. slsmn Steacy & Steacy, 1-(41s 204 William Tarrant John, agt Lon Life Ins Co, res 32 Union e Tasehereau Joseph, lineman, bds F E Talbot Taudvin John W. lab, lys 152 Sydenham " Mrs John \V. dressmkr, Ive 152 Sydenhani Taugher James J (Shales & Taugher), res 45 Colborne " Margaret ( wid James), Ive 45 Colborne Taylor Annie (wid Frank H), Ive 38 Rideau " Mrs Charles, lys r33 King e " Charles E. business mngr T F' Harrison Co, bds 309 University ay TAYLOR " Edward J, night eng Water Works, res 22 George " Flora (wid Frank), res 12 Earl TAYLOR HENRY B (The H B Taylor Drug Co), lab( 309 University av TAYLOR THE H B DRUG CO ( H B Taylor), Manufacturing Chemist' and Opticians, 124 Princess, Telephone 59 TAYLOR HENRY 11 (Taylor & Hamilton res 361 Johnston " Hugh P. teller Standard Bank, lys 133 King e " _Jennie, bkpr Taylor & Hamilton, lys 361 Johnston TAYLOR JEREMY, Manager Bank of British North Anieriva, res 307 Alfred " John, quarryman, res 425 Division " Jonathan, nec 363 'trod: " Lily (wid Charles E), Ive 133 King east " Mary (wid John), res 82 Division " Osborne, carter. Ivs 12 Earl " Richard, eng, reg 90 L Begot " Sidney, mach Win Kelehon, bds 46 Piincess " Wm, lys 112 William " Win F, sergt B Battery, res 375 Begot TAYLOR & HAMILTON ( Henry H Taylor, Sanmel Hamilton), Tinsniiths and Plumbers, Princess Tee! Annie, wtrs Hotel Randolph " David. lab, res 234 Wellington Telfer Maggie, maid 47 Rideau " Walter. bartender llotel Congress TELGMANN OSCAR F, Director Conservatory of Music, res '222 Johnston " Mrs Oscar F, tchr of elocution, 222 Johnston Terry Deeloss, gunner B Battery Tetlock John, carp, Tee 56 Raglan rd Tetro James, eng, res 96 Rideau " Jane (wid Michael), res 85 Sydenham " Mary, dressmkr, les 85 Sydenham " Nellie IVS 11 MOM real " Michael D, eng, res 150 Ordnance Theobald John M, barber 297 King east Thibeaudeau Louis. lab. res 6 Stephen THIRD JAMES, M D, Physician and Surgeon, Office Hours 3 to 5, 7 to 8 pm, Sunday 2 to 4 pm, Telephone 268, Office 67 West, res 12 Wellineon Thomas Charles, carp, res 20 Clergy Iv THOMAS " Edward, slsmn Geo Mills & Co, lys 19 Front enac " Samuel E, mason. res 10 Frontenac Thompson, see also Thomson " Albert, boilerinkr, Iv- 59 King w " Albert, mach hd Kingston Steam Laundry, Iva 2 Devonshire ter " Alexander R. plshr, res 274 Earl " Andrew Y, studt, lys 247 Brook " Arthur. RtIldt, Ive 22 Colborne THOMPSON BOTTLING CO, THE, James 'Thompson l'roprletor, 292 Princess " Mrs Carrie. Ive 75 Queen THOMPSON CHARLES A, Manager Kingston Steam Laundry, 251 Princess. res 6 Devonshire ter " Miss Edna, Ive 22 Colborne " Elias, lab, ces *275 NIontreal " Emma (wid Andrew A), nec 279 Sydenham " E Blake, elk J D 'Thompson, lys 22 Colborne " Miss Florence H, lys 22 Colborne " Frank, gdnr, bds 225 Ragot " Frank, lab, reg 2 Devonshire ter " George. boat bldr, res 110 Barrie THOMPSON GEORGE, City Tax Collector, City Buildings, res 359 Brock " George A, grocer 355 King e, res 381 Division " Miss Gertrude, Ive 359 Brook " Gus. motorman St Ry, lys Portsmouth " Harty B, studt, lys 22 Colborne THOMPSON JAMES, Wines and Liquors, 292 l'rincess, res 230 Sydenham (See card below) JAMES THOMPSON, DEALER IN FINE Liquors, Ale, Porter, Larger Beer and MANUFACTURER OF HIGH-GRADE MINERAL WATERS. 292 Princess Street Residence 234 Sydenham Thompson James. barber W H Rive!!, Hotel Congress bds " Miss Jane, lys 89 King w "John, lab, lys 89 King w " John, sec bd goods 333 Princess THOMPSON J DUNCAN, Registrar of Deeds County of Frontenac, Office Court House grounds, res 22 Colborne KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 167 TuomPsoN " Mary (wid Alex), res 89 King w " Melville F, bkpr Kingston Foundry, lys 359 Brock " Norman, appr. Ive 359 Brock " Peter M, barber 346 Princess " Robert, porter Windsor Hotel " Thomas. res 331 Earl " 'Thomas P, inspr of steamboat boilers and machinery and exmr of engineers, 38 Clarence, res 162 King east " Vin, Ive 4 Raglan rd " Win Na, carp, reg 41 Main Thomson Isabel, Iva 388 Alfrei " James, slsmn Howland Bros, bds Provincial Hotel " Jane (wid Robert), res 47 ClergY " Jessie E. bkpr Queen's University, lys 35 Rideau " J Elizabeth S. stenog Jas Richardson & Sons, lys 47 Clergy " Lindsay, lab, lye 171 Sydenham Louisa M, elk, lys 35 Rideau " Robert P. Iv. 47 Clergy " Susan (wid Adam), res 171 Sydenham " Thomas, watchman str Kingston, res 35 Rideau " Wm, freight agt G T R, res 95 William Thorne Donald E F, pntr, lys 79 Elm " George L. tinner, livs 79 Elm " Mary J (wid John res 79 Elm Thornton.1 Alexander, plmbr McKelvey & ltirch. lys 17 Frontenac " Matilda bkpr James Kelley, Bs 79 Cudborne " Rachel C (wid John), zee 79 Colborne " Wm. foreman S Anglin di Co, res 17 Frontenac " pdlr. res 213 Rideau Thorogood I.illian, tirs, lys 66 Victoria " Joseph W. reel 66 Victoria 'Thousand Island Steamboat Co, M H Folger pres, H S Folger general mngr, 198 Ontario Thurlby Thomas, wks Hosiery Co, res e s Ellerbeck av, 1 n King Thurston Henry, mech supt M T Co, reg 92 Barrack Tierne Bernard J. eigarmkr, ive r 102 I ta r rack " Bernard O. timekpr Leo Works, lys 17 Colborne " James, res 17 Colborne John, (arter, (es r 102 Barrack " John F, sismn Rigney & Hickey, Iva 17 Colborne "

84 J. O. roster & co's K!NORTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY TIERNEY " Patrick, grocer 48 Main, res 307 Division Tighe Fred.1,!vs 3tk.i Johnston " Rev Stearne, rector All Saints Ch, res 360.1ohnston Tilley Wm C, draughtsman Power & Son, res 154 Johnston " Mrs Harry, bils 102 Begot Tilson Robert, sailor, res 358 (a) Montreal Tilton M Jane (wid Joseph), res 279 Sydenham Times. see News and Times Time Printing Co of Kingston, Ltd, J R Black President, A A Moore Secretary-Treasurer, 67 Princess Timmerman Nicholas, policeman, res 264 Victoria " vi1l.1, elk W G Craig & Co, lys 257 Victoria Timms Thomas W, foreman of streets, res 97 York Tigdale Harry. mach, lys 313 Montreal " John, yard foreman S Anglin & Co, res Barriefield " Mitchell, sawyer S Anglin & Co, res liarrielield Titus Henry, eng, res 150 Sydenham Tisick Annie, cook Iroquois Ilote! " wtrs Iroquois Ilote! Tobin Michael, guard K P, res 38 Union west Tobyn Elizabeth (wid Richard), lys 107 Ragot Todd Frederick J. barber 377 King e " James A, asst gas mkr (.as Works,, York res 105 Tolhurst Norton. brmmkr, lys 487 Ales fred " Wm, driver T F Harrison Co, reg 487 Alfred TOMLINSON GEORGE R, Electrician 237 Bagot, res same Tonkin Edgar. bombr A Battery Tooher Annie. grocer 312 Montreal Toohey Ann (wid Thos), res 324 Brock " Mary, tirs, lys 324 Brock Torrance Alice wid Forbes), res 82 Wellinuton Tosse!! Elizabeth (wid Richard), rd s 220 Johnston Tothill Mrs R II, bds 120 Stuart Towers Elizabeth, elk, lys 88 William " Wm J, weighman, res 88 William Town Elizabeth (wid Richard), res 318 King e " Miss Martha J, lys 318 King e Townsend Mrs %\'m, nurse, res 283 Victoria TOW NSEN " WM H, bricklyr, res 281 Victoria TOYE RICHARD II, Wholesale Baker and Confectioner 195 Ontario, cor Clarence, re& 82 ;ore Tracy Annie.1, cashier.muttial Life Assce o. lys 11 Colborne " Francis, blksmith 58 Queen, reg 11 Colborne " Wm J, willow worker 58 Queen, lys 11 Colborne Travis Joseph, fireman, res 232 Vs ellington TRAYNOR REV ANDREW, Curate St Itiaey's Cathedral, res The l'alace, 225 Johnston 'Cancer John P, lab, res 1 Stanley ter " Lillian, weaver, lys I Stanley ter " Robert Il. prtr, lys 426 Divisiln Trenhail Eliza J (wid Benjamin), res 431 King e ' Latira, lv 431 King f " Win, lab, lys 01 King e Trotman David, lab, res 44 Division Trotter Hattie M. lys 622 Princess ".lane, cook Pro orphans' Home " Mary (wid David), res 18 Division Troy Frances, maid 5 Wellington " Isabel. Ors, rois 60 W ellington Trudel Ernest, gunner B Battery, res 225 Sydenham Truesdell David W, carp, na 10 Chestnut " James II, carp, res 269 Sydenham " Miss Mue, hs 10 Chestnut " W Arthur M. itudt. lys 10 Chestnut Truscott George, shooting gallery 200 Princess Tryon Anthony, grocer 248 Wellington " Edward, lab, res Outer Depot Tucker Frank, tailor. lys 97 Raglan rd " Michael, fireman, res to James " Thomas, lab, res 97 Raglan rd Tugwell Minnie,,Iressmkr 305 Barrie Turbett Julia (wid John), res 219 Earl Turcott Addis, tirs. lys 21 Ellice " Alphus, ship earp. res 83 Division " George, carp, res 12 Sixth " John B, lab, res 21 Ellice " Nicholas sr, mach Loco Works, res w s Barrie, 1 s Qu2bec " Nicholas jr, appr, lys N Turcott Turk Jacob, sec hd gds 398 Princess Turkington Wm, res 124 Raglan rd " Wm J, mason, res n s Raglan rd, e Patrick Turnbull Arthur. elk. lys 65 Alfred " Miss Sarah. tehr Victoria School, les 309 King w " Thomas, mach, res 309 King w TURNBULL " Thomas C. eng Jas Richardson J., Sons, res 9 Deacon Turner A li, with Ontario Electric Ry Co, lids British Ani Hotel " Charles. Q-M S O C R, R C F A, res 251 Queen " Henry, driver B Battery " Isabella (wid Rev David), Ire 92 Frontenac " Isabella C. nurse Gen Hospital " James, mason, res 304 Brock " Thomas, sergt collarrnkr A Battery Turpin Ceorge H. driver, res 27 Main " Henry G, pressman, lys 27 Main " Samuel, appr '1' F Harrison Co, Ire 27 Main Tuttle Andrew, lab, lys 107 Stuart " George. eng, res 245 Montreal " John, lab. res 107 Stuart " Thompson, porter Can Exp Co, lys 107 Stuart Tweddell Henry, slsmn John Tweddell, Ive 102 Queen " James. tailor instr K P, Ive 102 Queen TWEDDELL JOHN, Merchant Tailor, 131 Prineess, res 102 Queen Twigg John E, clk Henry Skinner & Co. res 90 Earl " Win A, shipper Macnee & Minnes, res 192 Barrie Twigs Francis, carter, res 117 Barrack Twitchell Emmus G C, studt, lys 80 Wellington TWITCHELL COL MARSHALL H, United States Consul, 174 Ontario, res 80 Wellington Tynan Proctor W, appr, lys 22 Pine " m.1. ins agt, res 22 Pine Tyner Annie (wid Wm W), res 279 Alfred 1 " Dwight E, elk Standard Bank, lys 279 Alfred " Sidney E. studt, lys 279 Alfred TY ALEXANDER, Proprietor Kingston Bottling Works, Princess, Telephone 313 " James, sailor, lys 123 Raglan rd " Stephen, ship carp, res 14 Redan " Stephen jr, sailor, res 123 Raglan rd " Stephen, appr, lys 123 Raglan rd Ufford Wm H. baker, rem 278 Division Uglow Harry W. studt. lys 142 Johnston UGLOW RICHARD (R Uglow Co), res 142 Johnston UGLOW R & CO, Booksellers, Stationers and Art Goods. 141 Princess UOLOW " W Lawrence. studt, lym 142 Johnston UNITED STATES CONSULATE, Col M Twitehell Consul, 174 Ontario UTICA SATURIUY GLOBE, W H Lander Manager, 167 NVellington ' V S'ale see also Veale " John, coachman James Swift, res over Dominion Express Co Van Alstine Alex, miller, tes 262 Earl " Charles L, farm yard 69 Queen " Isaac, lab. bds 70 William Van Arnam Chas A, mngr J S Henderson, 272 Princess, res 108 Clergy " Fred C. clk, lys 108 Clergy Vanasky Ellen (wid Alexander), res 307 Brock " Miss Kate, dressmkr, lys 307.Brock Vanhorn Carrie E, lys 93 Johnston " Miss Ethel, clk, lys 93 Johnston " Miss Emma C, lys 93 Johnston George L, sismn E P Jenkins. lys 93 Johnston " Samuel. agt, tes 102 l'ine " Thomas, blksrnith 147 Brock, res 93 Johnston " NV Frank, blksmith,!vs 93 Johnston Vankoughnett (i eorge, lab, res 116 L Bagot " Rhoda. dressinkr 116 L Begot Van Luven, Alvin, driver R H Toyc, res 193 Ontario " Anson P, res 260 Victoria " Eliza (wid Wm), lys 193 Ontario VAN LUVEN FREDERICK W, Grocer, 246 Princess, res same " Ilarry E, sisn.n E P Jenkins, lys 193 Ontario Van Order Frederick A, motorman St Ry, bds 209 Albert " John B, harnessmkr 157 Brock. res 155 same Vanesse Joseph, gdnr Hotel Dieu, res r 87 Johnston Van Winckel Bertha M. stenog Smythe, King & Smythe, lys 117 Ordnance " Herbert A, laboratory asst Mining School, lys 117 Ordnance " John, res 201 Colborne " Nial P, carp. res 117 Ordnance Varney Miss Mabel. lys 29 King w " Richard, watchman,res 29 King w " Wm H. mldr. lys 29 King w Veale see also Vale " Charles N, plmbr, Ive 144 Bay " Elijah, pntr 537 Albert, res same

85 170 J. G. FostrEtt & co'a KINGSTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 171 YICALE " Elijah, driver R E Wilson, 34 Princess " Emma. nurse, lye 198 Barrie " John, baker 198 Barrie, res same " Wm G. pntr, reg 76 Durham " Wm J, carp, reg 28 Frontenac Vetalle Sarah ( wid Moses). Ive 83 Collingwood Vick David A, carp, reg 453 Barrie Viger Rene, gunner B Battery Villard J Ernest, lab, res 14 Place d'armes Vince Robert. eng, res 46 Colborne I " Wm J, pntr, res 164 Clergy Vincent Thomas. canteen sergt B Battery. res 51 L Begot Vcigt Caroline (wid Henry C), reg 226 Johnston " Miss Caroline, Ive 226 Johnston " Miss Mary, lys 226 Johnston Volume Anne E (wid James). reg 428 Alfred " Miss Ellen M, tehr Victoria School, Ive 428 Alfred " Mise Margaret, tells Frontenac Sch, lys 428 Alfred Vrooman Charles E, tchr, res 216 Division Waddell Mrs John, tes 268 Johnston " John, B A, DSc, PhD, prof Queen's College, reg 27 Sydenham " Robert, reg 176 King e " Robert H, slsmn Macnee & Ire 178 King e " Sarah wid David), lvs 433 Brock Waddington Miss Ellen, lys Bath rd " Henry, btchr, 322 King e res Bath rd " Miss Sarah, lys Bath rd Wade Annie. Iv. 7 Cherry " Henry, drug,gist, King, cor Brock, res 238 Brock " James lab, tes 7 Cherry " John J, nits 296 University av Waggoner Alexander C, tailor 188 Wellington. res 278 University ay " Mary (wid Wm), Ivis 828 Princess Wah Long. laundry 73 l'rineess Waine Miss Ada É. lye 380 Barrie " Miss Ida. lys 280 Barrie Waldron Douglas, tinsmith. lye 101 Raglan rd " Edward W, elk R Waldron, Ivs 80 Barrie " Hannah wid Gordon), rem 101 Raglan road WALDRON RICHARD, Dry Goods, 168- )70 Wellington, res SO Barrie " Richard S, with R Waldron, tes 84 Gore Wales Robert, reg 119 William alkem Harry, cadet, Iva Beverley, cor l nion WALKEM JOSEPH B (Walkem a \Valkerni, reg Beverley, cor Union WALKEM RICHARD T, K C, D C L (Walkem dt Walkem), res "Queenscote," e s Arc s, 1 n Stuart WALKEM & WALKEM (Richard T, K C, D C L, Joseph B), Barristers, Solicitors, Etc, 93 Clarence Walker Albert, lab, reg 246 Montreal " Catherine (vvid Thomas), rms 26 Main " Charles, fireman. lys 18 Pine " Charles, restaurant. 49 Princess " Clarenee. lab, lys 42 L Rideau " David. lab. lys 18 Pine " Duncan, 1.1ksmith, res 18 Pine " Duncan jr, lab, lys 18 Pine " Edith, weaver, bds 9 Charles " Miss Emma. his, 62 Arch " Miss Georgina. stenog Robertson, Nicolle & CO. lvo 311 Queen " Helen (wid John), res s s FIfth, 4 w Division " Herbert L, instr K P, tee 165 Ragot " James II. lab. rt Collingwood " Jane (wid John), reg 82 Arch " John W. bkpr Edwin Chown & Son, reg 223 Brod: " John. elk. Ivs 33 Pine a John S, slemn A Strachan, reg 220 Queen " Marcus, carp, tee 17 Pine " Melvin.1 0. studt, lys 140 Coilingwood Robert H. bartrulr Crimason Bouse, reg 281 Begot " Wm, broommkr, lys 18 Pine " Wm D, sailor, lys 17 Pine Wall Louis. pdlr. I)(1. 43 Princess Wallace Eliza. wtrs Hotel Randolph " James. bombr A Battery " Nettie, wtrs Br Am Hotel " Robert. stone (11r, Patrick, cor James, reg 380 Barrie " Wm. nlstr. reg r 87 Johnston Walls Miss Annie, lys 29 Arch " Miss Lizzie, lvs 29 Arch " Miss Mary, res 29 Arch Walsh, see also Welch " Miss Agnes M. les 51 Clergy " Edward C, guard K P, Iva 116 Albert WALSH EDWIN (Crawford & Walsh), re. 26 l' Charles " Miss Elizabeth,tchr Frontenac School Iva 245 Alfred " James M, gunner A Battery " John.1, bkpr, reg 172 Begot " John J, btchr, lvs 115 Albert " Lawrence, btehr, Ira 115 Albert " Margaret A, nurse. Ivs 245 Alfred " Martin J, studt, lys 68o Princess " Mary ( wid Lawrence I:), reg 115 Albert " Miss Mary 11. mus tehr, res 51 Clergy " Matthew J, motorman st ry, tes ix West " Miss Maude, Ive 115 Albert " Michael, butcher 86 Brock, reg 880 Princess WALSH PATRICK, Coal and Wood, Barrack, reg 264 Wellington " Sarah A (wid Jas), res 254 Barrie " Miss Stella. lvs 51 Clergy " Wm.1. elk P 0. Iv') 680 Princees Ward Anna M (wid John), res 182 Johnston " Charles H, pntr. lys 132 Victoria " Miss Etta, Ive 162 Johnston " Henry, pntr, res 132 Victoria " Lizzie. mlnr, bds 291 Brock " James W. lab, bds 290 Wellington " Jonathan P. Iva 181 Colborne " Philip E (P E Ward & Co), res 181 Colborne " P E & Co (Philip E Vard, Sanger Harris), acetylene-gas machines 93 Princess " Presslv, blksmith. reg 14 Wade's lane " Wm, Mach, Ivs 132 Victoria " Win, lab, res 41 Chestnut " Win, tchr Collegiate Institute, res 131 Division Warmington George, plmbr McKelvey & Birch, res 229 Earl 1Va min Win II, elk McKelvey & Birch, res 20 Garrett Wart Alfred, weaver, Iva 32 James " Mrs Miles, res 32 Jam.% " Milton, pntr, ive 52 James Wartman Gertrude. lys 227 Earl " Sobrina J (wid Horace Y), bdg hse 227 Earl Warwick Allison (Warwick Broc), lye 86 Areh " Bros (Allienn II and Chas.1), propre "My Valet." 191 Princess - «Caroline L (wid Charles J), res 36 Arch " Charles.T (Warwick Bros), res 146 Division WARWICK Harry S, appr Wormwith & Co,!vs 86 Arch 'Nate, house 'Thomas, lab, re» 12 Russell Waters Michael J, grocer tot L Bigot Wathen Ernest E, carter 143 Nelson " Henry, gunner B liattery Wm fireman, reg 163 Clergy Wm.1, umbrella mkr 104 William, ri',. Saille Watson Alex, lab, roe 284 Johnston " Benjamin It, photographer 159 Wellington. lvs 242 University " George C, tailor Asylum, reg 242 University av " John, lai,, reg 46 Ordnanee " John, M A, LL D, Vice-principal Queen's College, res College grounds " Robert, lab. reg 107 Clergy " Thomas G, lab, res 233 Earl Watt Robert, ha kir 241 }ingot Watts Alexander, lab, tes 328 Queen " Miss Bertha, asst Dr L Clements, Iv. 177 Clergy " Rh11 ail Robert I. res 32 Division " Ernest M, lab, Iva 48 L Rideau " George. coachman Dr Third, lye 72 Queen " George, lab, res lot King w " Barry W, contr, tes 107 York "llctirv re. 13 (1 Colborne «James, tes 41 Division " John. I arp. reg 21 Division " T H, carp, tes 177 Clergy " Samuel, lab,/ res 48 L Rideau WATTS SAMUEL N Sr, Market Gardener, Portsmouth " Stephen, lab, res 14 Corrigan «Wm J, eng, 72 Queen Waugh Freeman, dentist 163 Princesa bds Hotel Randolph Way I) W, manager estate of It J Mc-!rowan. lys 473 Princess " Wm /H, eng, reg 274 Ontario \Veaver llenry, MD, studt. bde 153 Alfred " Leslie D. lab, reg 51 Chatham " Reuben W, mach. reg 165 Victoria Webb Albert E. lab. res 64 " Julia (wid Patrick), gro 164 Rideau " Kate, dressmkr 164 Rideau " Miss I.illie, bds 121 Montreal " Miss Rose. lids 121 Montreal WEBSTER BENJAMIN, MD, Physician, 81 Princes., 1%. 118 Stuart WEBSTER CHARLES R, Barrister, Solicitor, Etc', 81 Princess, lvs 118 Stuart

86 172 J. 0. FOBTER & Co'B WYBBTER ' Edward S, tobacconist 330 King e, res 301 Barrie " Mary (wid Win A), res 118 Stuart Win, res 301 Barrie " Win F, bkpr M T Co, res 111 Stuart Weese Durwood A (D A Weese & Co), res 121 Princess D A & co, photogranhers and dealers in wall paper, 121 Princess Oscar, motormn, res 109 Stuart \Vehman John, contr, res 281 Division Weir James C, kpr K P, lxis 248 Barrie " James R. guard K P. res 139 Alfred Welch see also Walsh Alexander, bartndr, res 31 U William " Charles H, marble cutter E R Welch & Son res 421 Princess Edward V, clk K & P, lva 83 Earl E R & Son (Frederick Welch), marble works 296 Princess Frank P, clk K & P Ry, Ive 63 Earl " Frederick (E R Welch & Son), res 179 Division John C, studt ]vs 63 Earl " Mary E (wid fohn), res 63 Earl " Win, lab, lys 31 U William Mrs Win J, lys 56 Wellington Weller Miss Rebecca A, res 442 Brock Miss Sarah, fancy goods 179 Wellington, lvs 442 Brock Wells ('harles A. bartndr Bowen House " Emma (wid Henry), h'a 132 Union west " Win J, clk P 0, res 113 Alfred Wellwood Archibald C, elamn The H D Bibby Co, lys 205 William " Henry, studt, lys 20.i William " Wm, tailor, lys 205 William Wenborn Joseph :11, sailor, Iva 161 Queen " Robert, res 161 Queen Wertelsky Alex, )ab, res 125 L Bagot Westeott Walter J, gilder M Kirkpatrick, res 249 Division Wrn, gilder M Kirkpatrick, lys 20 Division Western Hotel, Opposite O.T.R. City Station, Rates $1.00 per day. Choicest Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. J. J. LAWLESS, PROPRIETOR. WESTERN HOTEL, J J Lawless, Proprietor, 164 Ontario ( See card beluw ) Weymark Alva, c1k, lva 244 Victoria Whalen Miss Alice, clk, lys 17 John Annie ( wid Charles), res 39 Wellington " Charlev, cigarmkr, Iva 39 Wellington John, lots Club Hotel " Miss Lillie, elk, Ive 17 John Luke, eng, res 56 Patrick Mary, cook Anglo-Am Hotel " Patrick, tanner, res 17 John Susan ( wid Alfred), res 7 Stephen 1\-han Ida, wtr Hotel Congress Wheeler Calvin S, guard K P, res 2o8 University av " Miss Jane, tlrs, lys St John's School Wheelock Milton B, elk Dominion Fish Co, res 133 Stuart Whig see British Whig Whinton John Df, foreman plmbr Mc- Kelvey & Birch, res 334 Johnston Walter E H, steward str Caspian, lys 334 Johnston Whitcomb Charles W, lab, res over 213 Montreal Fred, mach, lys over 213 Montreal White Alice (wid Thomas), lvs 109 Princess Miss Agatha, lva 4 Rideau " Eliza (wid \\'m), res 182 Bagot " Elizabeth ( wid Joseph), res 28 Chatham " Ezro O, motorman St Ry, res 89 Wellington "\fiss G C Nt, society editor Whig, bds 207 William " John T, res 230 University av " Miss Nettie, ]va 109 Princess " Noah, lab, Ive 28 Chatham " Sophia (wid John), res 4 Rideau " Thomas, lab, res 10 Stephen " Win, elk P 0, lvs 18: Bagot WHITE WM J B, Insurance Agent, 254 Begot, res 323 Uaiversity av Whitebread John, eec-treas K & P Ry, res 196 Union w Whitehead Eliza. lys 54 John ' Joseph A, lab, res 42 John " Robert C, carter, res 54 John " Thomas J, lab, lva 54 John " Win J, sailor, lys 54 John Whitfield Jane (wid Thomas), lys 45 Clergy " J W Albert, baker, ses 107 (a) York WHITING JOHN L, K C, Barrister, Solicitor, Etc, 69 Clarence, res 52 Clergy Whitney Benjamin. driver, lys 29 Brock " Frank H, electr, res 16 Clergy w " Fred, prop Am Hotel, 29 Brock Wickham John, lab, lys toi King w Wilder Emma, tchr Protestant Ori hans' Home, lvs Mrs M Wilder " George, farmer, ]vs Mrs M Wilder " Harry M, watchpnkr Smith Bros, ]vs 125 Bagot " Henry S, dairy,res Concession rd, cor Princess Jonas. h a Mrs M Wilder Joseph E, dairy 622 Princess " Miss Laura, tchr Frontenac School, lys Mrs M Wilder " Mary (wid Artemus), res n s Concession rd, 3 e Princess " Seaward A, watchmkr Smith Bros, lys 125 Bagot Wiley see also N'illey and Wylie Wilkins Henry, pntr. res 408 Johnston Wilkinson Augustus E, carp, lys Geo Wilkinson " Charles W, carp, lva Geo Wilkinson " Miss Ethel R, lys 63 West George. lab, res a s Adelaide, 1 w Lan+downe " George W lab,. res 256 Division George Melk, studt, 1vs 63 West Harrison T, carp, Iva Geo Wilkinson Henry J, res 63 West " John \\-, carter, res 8 Ellice \Irs \1', bile 196 Johnston Willett Mary (wid Arthur F), res 16o Raglan rd Willey Arthur,J, carver A C Dunbar, ]vs 398 Barrie " Jabez W, lab, res 398 Barrie Williams Albert E, propr The Keswick, 57 Brock " Anl,vs. elk Henry Wade, lva 252 Universitv av " Eliza ( u id Edward), Indry 335 Queen " Elizabeth (wid John A), dressmkr 49 James, res same " George H, grocer 490 Princess, res 352 University av Guy, clk Joseph Hiscock, lys 352 University av " John, lab. res 435 Barrie John E, Ive 24o Johnston John L, Ive Igo University av ".1ohn L. enr. lva 22 Clergy w " Lawrence J, res Igo University av Leon B. lys 123 Montreal Louis W, general foreman A Davis & Son, res 264 Rideau Martha (wid John), res 22 Clergy " Thomas F, prop The Keywick, 354 King e KINOBTON ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 173 WILLIAMS " Warren A, wks K Milk Depot, res 260 University av Williamson Adam, contr, res 115 Gore " Annie ( wid Frederick M), res 200 Rideau WILLIAMSON ARCHIBALD R B, M D, Phy.ician and Surgeon, Office linura 8 to 10 am, 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm, Telepbone 451, Office and Residence 255 Brock " Arthur Y. tel opr, lys 200 Rideau " Edward J, lys 115 Gore "\ti+s Florence C, lva 115 Gore " Ethel E, dremkr. lys 200 Rideau " Frederick M, pressman Win Jackson. lys 200 Rideau " George li, city editor Whig, lys 115 (;ore N George V M, weaver, Iva 200 Rideau " Harold J, studt, ]va 115 Gore Henry, tinsmith, lva 38 Collingwood Mary ( wid James), res 38 Co)lingwood Williamsvi)le Hotel, Joseph McConnell prop, Prtncess cor Victoria Willis Charles E, teller Bank of Montreal, bds 13 Maitland " Hngh, btchr, bds 28 Chatham " Mrs Ida, res 428 King e " John, night elk Anglo- Am Hotel \Vill+on Norman, gunner A Battery Wilmot Frances A (wid Nathaniel), res 89 Clergy w " Henry F, contr, res 26 Frontenac " Mary E(w id Edward), Iva 287 Unf versity av Wilson Ann (wid Win), res 260 Earl " Charles, lab, lys 222 Sydenham WILSON CHARLES E ( T C Wilson & Son). Ive 202 Queen " Miss Ethel, res 114 Stuart " Fred, elk Whig. lys 88 York " George, lab, res 222 Sydenham " George jr, lab, lys 222 Sydenham " George, lab, res 202 Colborne " George F, stone ctr, res 29 Colborne " Henrv, earn. res 257 Victoria " Houghton W, res 48 Clergy w " James, rea "Be)levue:" Centre at " James, lab, Ive 428 King e " James H. elk Bank of Montreal, bda 240 King e " Toseph, lab, res 220 Barrie ".Inseph. contr. res 81 Alfred " Miss Kathleen, lys 2o2 Queen " Miss Lena, )vs sos Queen Lytle. Badgerow Co of Toronto, Ltd, D B Murray local mngr, vinegar mnfrj, a s Bagot, 1 s Ordnance Miss Mary J,lvs 114 Colborne

87 J. G. Forms a co's KINGSTON ALPHIBETICAL DIRECFORY 175 wu...son " Richard, lab, reg 38 U Charles " Richard J, studt, lys 114 Stuart " Robert, mach, res 88 York " Robert A, prof Queen's College, bds 200 Bagot WILSON ROBERT E, Proprietor Kingston Palace Livery, Sale and Boarding Stable, Princess, res 198 Queen " Stanley, lys 202 Queen " Stuart J. studt, lys 114 Stuart WILSON THOMAS C (T C Wilson & Son). res 202 Queen WILSON T C & SON ( Thomas C and c'harles E ). Livery and Hack Stables Clarence " Walter, lab, res 428 King e " III II. res 502 Princess " Wm H, lab, res 59 Chatham Wilton Miss Bertha, lys 361 Ragot " Hattie M. dressinkr 361 Ragot " Henry, harnessmkr 243 Bagot, res 301 same " Henry A. tinsmith, res 77 Arch Wiltshire Miss Victoria E, bkpr J A Gould at Co, lys 78 Durham " Walter, baker, reg 78 Durham :Winder Martha (wid Alfred), res 35 Wellington WINDSOR HOTEL, McCue Bros Proprietors Princess WINNETT ALBERT W, Dentist, 194 Wellington, rms same (See card below) Dr. A. WINNETT, Dentist 194 Wellington Street. Wirtz Fred, shoemkr 221 Wellington Wiskin Delbert, draughtsman Frontenac Cereal Co, lys 520 Princess " Frederick, woodwkr T F Harrison, res 188 Barrie Wo Kee, laundry 126 Clarence Wolfe Arnold, driver R H Toye, res 349 Alfred " Charles, gunner A Battery, res 114 Earl " Wm L, bomb R C F A, lys 114 Earl Wood, see also Woods " Abbey A (wid Dennis L), res 311 Johnston wood " Albert H, driver Imperial Laundry, bds YMCA Building " Chester W, carp, ras 3 Newman Cottages, King w " Delroy, lab, Ds 214 Division " Elizabeth A ( wid Samuel), lys 177 Queen " Henry A, watchmkr 236 Princess, lys too Wellington WOOD ISAAC, Physician and Surgeon, Office Hours 8 to 9 a in, 2 to 4 and 7 t,o 9 p ni, 'Phone 386, Office and Residence, cor Wellington and William " John, rnis 246 Wellington " Miss Lillian A, bets 302 Queen. " Miss Margaret J, lys 214 Alfred ".1 Marion. mach, bds 225 Ragot " Miles D, carp, res 214 Division " Nial P, grocer 59 Lhingston av " Samuel, carp, reg 177 Queen " Wm E, carp, res 261 Colborne " Wm II V, storeman James Redden & Co, res 130 Nelson Woodburn Lulu, nurse Gen Hospital NVoodham. John W, slsmn M Sheldrick, bds 213 Albert Woodhead Thomas. pte Ordnance Stores Corps, lys 52 Place d'arnica Woodhouse David, carp, res 21 University " Eliza ( wid Henry). lys 21 University avenue I Woodrowe Alfred W, tailor. lys 91 Bay " George. elk, lys 271 Sydenham " C Nelson. prtr Whig, lys 91 Bay " Mary _(wid 1\elson F), res 91 Bay " Wm H. eng, reg 271 Sydenham Woods, see also Wood WOODS' FAIR, J C Woods, Proprietor, 101 Princess " James, tinsmith, rea 134 Chatham " John. lab. reg 102 Barrack " Miss Maria, fancy work, mes 141 Colborne " Miss Mary, bds 54 Place d'armes " Miss Mary. lys 141 Colborne " Wm, carp, res 43 L Bagot " Win A. lab. reg 50 Bay Wooton James, carter Robertson, Nicolle & Co, res 174 L Bagot Workman Harold C, stiidt. lys 336 Johnston " Jane C (wid Wm), reg 336 Johnston " Joseph K, lys 336 Johnston " Win, house surgeon General Hospital, lys 336 Johnston Wormwith Norman D, studt, lys 195 Earl WORM WITH " Mary, inns tchr,!vs 195 Earl " Wm H I Wormwith & Co), res D5 Earl " & Co ( Wm H Wormwith. George Lee, Thomas M Connor), piano mnfrs, 27 Princess Worrell Miss Alice, Ivs 213 Queen " C Frank, ledger kpr Standard Bank, Ivs 213 Queen " Ven Archdeacon C L. rector St Luke's ( hurch and prof R M C, res 213 Queen Wort. see Wart Worth Ellen (wid Thomas), res r 87 Johnston " John, bricklyr, Ivs 104 Montreal " Thomas, armory sergt R C F A, res 104 Montreal " Thomas jr, carp, 'vs 104 Montreal Wrenshall Charles E, prin Kingston Art School, res 81 Albert Wright Annie ( wid ( ;e0), res 511 Queer " Charles, jr, carp, res 8 s Sixth, 1 w Chatham " Charles, watchmkr, res 237 Alfred " Clark W. ins agi. res 25 Colborne " Donald, carp, res 36 Livingston ay " George, studt. Ivs 25 Colborne " George A, mach 53 Queen, res 2y2 same " John, res 303 King w " John, tray Macnee & Minnes, res 263 University av " Mary (wid Zadoc W), lys 32 Union west " Mary J (wid Urial), Iva 497 Princess " Robert J, mason, res 305 Bagot " Miss Sarah, lys 303 King w " Thomas A, foreman Queen City Oil Co, res 27 Charles " Wm 11, sailorti lys r 87 Johnston Wyley, see also Wylie, Wiley and Willey Wylie George C, carp, res " Miss Minnie, lys 424 Princess Y King e Yates Ann (wid James B), res 243 Earl " Elizabeth (wid Octavius), res 64 Wi - ham " James B, carp, lys 248 Earl " James 11, weaver, bils 54 L Rideau Yeddow Henry, eng. res 47 Colborne Yellowley Thomas, mach, lye Ill Union east " Wm. asst supt Loco Works, res iir Union e Yeomans James S. farmer, res 347 Brock Youlden Henry (Selby & Youlden), lye 19 Sydenham Youn Mrs t:ecelia, mes 106 Montreal " Bernard. cigar mkr, lvs ro6 Montreal " Joseph, cigar mkr, lys 106 Montreal Young Agnes, dressmkr, 351 Johnston " Annie, lys 83 ('ollingwood " Alexander, res 21 Barrack " Archibald, slsmn Steacy & Steacy, res 354 Johnston " Arthur.E, lab. lys 83 Collingwood " Clarence I), gunner A Battery " David J, grocer 279 (a) Montreal " Edward. driver K Milk Depot, res 83 Collingwood " Frederick, pntr, Iva 198 Colborne YOUNG GEORGE, Agent Shedden Forwarding Co, Limited, res 169 Uni- _ versity av " George, iihoemkr 397 Princess, res 198 Colborne " Gordon A. fnshr, lye 21 Barrack " Henry, 'vs 296 Queen " Irishmen's Catholic Benevolent Association, 116 Wellington " Martha wid John), res 351 Johnston YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIAtion. Pritwes+, cor Barrie " Richard, mason instr K P, res 70 Livingston ay " Samuel. driver. res 120 L Begot " Selina, dressinkr 351 Johnston " Stephen R. currier. mes 15 Charles " Thomas, gunner A Battery " Mrs Wellington, res 316 Brock " Wm, appr. lys 83 Collingwood " Women's Christian Assn and School of Domestic Science, Miss L A Clark stmt. 241 Prineess Yule lames, bkpr R J Carson, res 303 Alfred Zacks Isaac, sec hd gds 273 Princess " Hyman. bds 236 Wellington " Kèva, pdlr, res 378 Barrie Zahas Agio (Crekorakos & Zahas), res 111 Brock Ziegler George sr. brewer. lys 406 Brock ZIEGLER GEORGE JR, District Manager Northern Life Assurance Co, and Real Estate Agent, 346 King e. mes 406 Brock " Jacob, slminn T F Harrison Co, res 152 Division " Wm, lab, bds 99 Raglan rd

88 178 J. Cl FOSTER & CO% KINGSTON BUSINESS DIRECTORY IT/ KINGSTON Business Directory. ACCOUNTANTS Clark J E. 6 Market Gardiner J A, 151 Wellington alecann S J H. 51 Brock ACETYLENE GAS MACHINES Ward P E Zit Co, 93 Princess AGENTS (Commission) Bell R C, 1711/2 Wellington (Insurance) Bell R C, 171 1/2 Wellington Bateman G A, 63 Clarence Baies H C, 151 Vellington Cooke J B, 332 King e, cor Brock Davis R F. 75 Princess Dobbs J R C & Co, 171 Wellington Fair W J, King cor Clarence Flanagan Miss 13 E. City Buildings Foik Wellington Fraser N E, 67 Clarence GARDINER J A. 151 Wellington Gildersleeve & Kirkpatrick, 42 Clarence Givens D A, 81 Brock civens W R. 81 Brock Godwin Enoch, 39 Brock Godwin W H. 39 Brock Hanley 3 P, Ontario cor Johnston Ilooper Vellington Howard Herbert, Ontario Bank Hutton J 0, 254 Bagot Kent Bros, 91 Clarence Lockhart T J, 159 Wellington Loscombe A E M. 151 Wellington McCANN J S R, 51 Brock Macnee J H, 79 Clarence Maxwell G W. 194 Ontario Mills & Cunningham, 79 Clarence Roughton Stephen, 171 Wellington Strange & Strange, 95 Clarence Swift James, King cor Clarence Swift J F. 295 King cor Clarence White W.1 B. 254 Bagot Ziegler George jr, 346 King e (Loan) Gardiner J A, 151 Wellington 3IcCANN J S Ft, 51 Brock (Manufacturers) DeCarteret Clement (Krocers' sundries), 59 Clarence Hendry James A (grocers' sundries), 75 Princess Madill J A, w s Albert, 1 s Union Smith G E (Jeweller)), 350 King e (Ticket) Folger's Ticket Agency, ft of Brock Gildersleeve & Kirkpatrick, 42 Clarence Hanley J P, Ontario cor Johnston AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS Hughes T E, 132 Clarence Hughes & Hughes Vellington Martin J W, 360 King e Massey-Harris Co, 132 Clarence Norris James, 259 Ontario APIAR1STS Langdon John, 220 Nelson APPRAISERS Gardiner J A. 151 Wellington McCann J S R, 51 Bnck ARCHITECTS Ellis Arthur, Montreal et Newlands ni, 258 Bigot Power & Son. 81 Brock Smith H P. 39 Brock Storey E M. 172 Wellington ART GOODS Kirkpatrick Michael, 159 Princess Uglow R & Co, 141 Princess ARTISTS Brophy Miss M M, 59 Wellington Fraser Miss Ella, 133 King e Gildersleeve Miss Mabi, 45 Gore Henderson Nlcholas, 8 Ontario ASBESTOS EUREKA MINERAL WOOL & Asbestos Co, 74 York st, Toronto see adv front cover) Hooper Bron, 83 %Vellington ASSIGNEES Gardiner J A, 151 Wellington McCANN J s 11, 51 Brock AUCTIONEERS Allen R J. 27 Brock Mill. J H, 76 Brock Murray Wm Jr. 18 Market Salter J A, 58 Brock BAILIFFS Gardiner J A, 151 Wellington BAKERS (Wholesale) Toye It H. 195 Ontario ( Retail) Bowen Mrs W A, 68 Brock Carnovsky R Princess Crothers W J, 302 King e Donoghue Daniel, 101 I. 'bigot Johnston Hugh, 49 York Lougher Henry, 358 Princess Pollitt Wm, Collingwood, nr Johnston Pound Joseph, 271 Division Roberts Ernest, r 272 Princess Scholield James. 647 Princes. Toye R H 195 Ontario Veale John, 198 Barrie Watt Robert, 241 'bigot BAKING POWDER MNFRS Couper Daniel Princess McCulla James, 149 Montreal BANKS AND BANKERS Bank of British North America,.Ieremy Taylor Manager, City Building; Bank of hiontreal, g Mackenzie Manager, King, cor William Folger Bron, 198 Ontario Kent Bros, 91 Clarence Merchants' Bank of Canada, George E Hague Manager, Brock, cor Wellington Mills & Cunningham, 79 Clarence Ontario Bank. A J Macdonell Manager, King, cor Clarence Standard Bank of Canada. W D Hart. Manager, 140 Princess BARBERS Corkev F King e Elmei A E, 72 Princess Elmer R H. 161 Princes. Fitlds A E, 47 Princess Folies E Princess Grinishaw Frank, 227 Princess Healey T J. 352 Princess Hunt A E. 280 Princess Johnson J B. 157 Wellington Jones J H, 50 Clarence Kenny C W. 31 limai Kivell W H. 336 King e Le A J, 184 Ontario Lee J L, 207 Princess Lennox W G, 236 Ontario Morrissey.1 V, 294 NIontreal Shales C W, 32 Montreal Theobald J M, 297 King e Thompson P M. 346 Princess Toul F.1, 377 King e BARRISTERS Ba wden.11t seph, 38 Clarence Brown, F M. 159 Wellington Cunningham A 13, 79 Clarence Givens & Givens, SI Brock K1rkpatrIck, Rogers & Nickle, 194 Ontario Macdonnell & Farrell, 38 Clarence McIntyre & McIntyre. 304 King e Macnee J H. 79 Clarence Mowat J Md), Clarence Chambers Mudie John. 89 Clarence Mundell Wm, 151 Wellington Rigney T J. 115 (b) Brock Sn.vthe. King & Smythe, 65 Clarence Smiok T L, 246 Bagot Strange John, 95 Clarence Sullivan W H. 38 Clarence Walkem & Walkem, 93 Clarence Webster C R. 81 Princeas Whiting Ki', 69 Clarence BASKET MAKF:RS Coleman W J. First street Tracy W J, 58 Queen BICYCLE' DEALERS Angrove Henry Jr. 88 Princess Dobbs J R C & Co, Ut Wellington NICDowall R J (est of) 471 Princess Milne H J, 272 Bagot Parent Napoleon. 206 Wellington Routley John. 173 Princess Strachan Archibald. 193 BICYCLE LIVERIES Angrove Henry jr. 88 Princess Parent Napoleon, 206 Wellington BICYCLE REPAIRERS Angrove Henry Jr, 88 Princess Dobbs J R C & Co. 171 Wellington Milne 11 J, 272 Bagot Parent Napoleon, 206 Wellington

89 178 J. G. PORTER dr co's KINGSTON BUBINEss DIRECToity 179 BILL POSTERS Allen R W, 27 Brock BILLIARD AND POOL ROOMS Baker et 202 Prime«Parent Napoleon, 206 Wellington BISCUIT MANUFACTt HERS Crothers W J Wellington The Gardiner Co. Division, cor Earl BLACKSMITHS Cockburn Wm, 277 elntario Hunter W H. 60 Queen Jenkln J E. Raglan rd, cor York Lowry Peter. 55 Queen Nuttall Geo E & Son. 40 Princess Peters Joseph, 70 Cherry Purdy Charles, 11 Queen Richardson Wm, 220 Begot Sh.hs & 'Taugher, 381 King e Tracy Fran'cis, 58 Queen Van Horn Thomas. 147 Brock BLASTING SUPPLIES Ont-1::o Powder Co, Ltd, 115 Brock BOARDING HOUSES Baird NIrs Marv, 153 Alfred Barron Mrs George, 100 Clergy Beel Mrs E F. 132 Wellington Benn Mrs J W. 237 Queen Bridon Mrs Geo S. 178 Barrie Brooks Mrs Annie S. 117 Bagot Burns Mrs R. 191 University av Cardwell Miss Ursula, 291 Brock Dix Miss Maggie. 260 Brock Dougherty Miss M E. 102 Queen Doyle Mrs Mary, 102 Rideau Dunlop Miss AlLina, 13 Maitland Elder James, 2i17 William Fair Mr. A A. 300 University av Gamble Mrs Jennie, 244 Brock Glasgow Miss Jeanie. 189 Brock Grant Nirs P.I. 248 Barrie Hill Mrs E F, 196 Johnston Johnson Miss A M, 53 Earl Keating Mi.-. Marv. 34 Shuffle Knight Robert. 368 Barrie McCoy Mrs John T, 92 Queen MacFacIden Miss Rosanna, 26 Welling ton McNamee Mrs Margaret, 380 Brock Munro Mrs Ma I. :fa ret!is Division Murray Wm, 212 King e Purdy Mrs E B, 428 Princess Shepherd John, 238 Johnston Sherman Mr. N University ay Smith Miss Martha, 85 Wellington Stone Miss Mary, 225 Bagot Stewart Alexander. 94 Queen Wartman Mrs Sobrina, 227 Earl BOAT BUILDERS Bowman Bros, Cataraqui bridge Davis Dry Dock Co. tt of Bay Dominion Boat Co, Cataraqui Bridge Kingston Boat Co, ft of Sinicoe Knapp A C, Cataraqui Bridge Knapp Jame. et Co, 11,irrietied McCorkell Andrew. 30 Gore Robinson Wm, 62 King w Sharman T N. ft West BOAT LINERIES Bowman Bros, Cataraqui bridge Kingston Boat Co, ft of Simeoe Knapp A C, Cataraqui Bridge Sharman T N. ft West BOILER COVERING EUREKA MINERAL WOOL é ASBES- TOS CO., 74 oil: St, Toronto (see adv front cover) BOILER MAKERS Canadian Locomotive Co, Ltd, Ontario. ft of Earl Selby & Youlden. Ontario, cor Union BOOKBINDERS McAuley Thomas, 128 Princess Otto C H, 233 Ragot BOOKSELLERS McAuley Thomas, 128 Princess Nisbet Francis, 94 Princess Uglow R & Co, 141 Princess 1Vood's Fair. 101 Primess BOOTS AND SHOES (Wholesale) Lockett F G, 116 Princess (Retail) Abernethy Shoe Co Princess Allen W & Son. 82 Brock Dillon Joseph & Son, 111 Princess Jennings Harry, 356 Ring e Matthew. 267 Prime... Lockett F G. 116 Princess McDermott D 1, 115 Princess Sawyer W A. 212 Princess Sutherland J H & Brc, 103 Princess BOTTLERS McParland James, 341 King e Perry t I It, 10 Market Thompson James, 2112 Princess Tyo Alexander, 268 Princess BREWERIES Bajus Brewery, 308 'Wellington EROKEIRIll Dever W F & Co (stock), Clarence Chambers, Market st McCANN J à E. (Loans and Stocka), 51 Brock MeMillan it Maguire, 113 Itroek Metropolitan Stock Exchange (stock). Clarence Chambers, Clarence st Mills & Cunningham (Loans and Stocks). 79 Clarence Oliver C G (customs), 61 Clarence Robertson D Stewart & Son (groceries), 190 Ontario BROOM MANUFACTURERS Bailey Broom Co, Cataraqui et Gould J A & Co, King e Moloney T J, 3 Cowdy BUILDERS, SUPPLIES ANGLIN S & CO. Bay cor Wellington (See adv back cover) Rathbun Co The, Ontario cor Place d'armes BUTCHERS Ainslie. W G. 297 Princesa Anderson Bros, w s Division, 1 s Princess Blakey Alfred (whol), 840 Princess Blakey James. 264 Princess Burke T F, 56 Brock The Win Davies Co, Ltd, 86 Princess Dinnie Daniel, 222 Montreal Doyle James, Victoria nr Princess Eve. W 11, 213 Montreal Gowdey James, 239 Princess Green Samuel, 74 Brock Haffner Christian, 262 University av Haffner P A. 147 Montreal Harkness Harry. 221 Wellington Joyce W J. 498 Division McConville B W. 224 Barrie McFedridge Wm, 210 Ragot McGuire Anthony, 811 Princess Metcalfe Mrg M A, 62 Brock Milian D J, 252 Ontario Myers H J (pork), 6o Brock Nicholson Thomas, 136 Ontario Reid W H, 328 King e Roblve Ephraim ( whol), 436 Alfred llobbee Frank, 300 Montreal Robbs James, 316 Princess Stanlake & Haffner. 99 Earl. Waddington Henry, 322 King e Walsh Michael. 86 Brock BUTTER AND CHEESE EXPORTERS. Alexander James (Montreal). D J Mac- Kinnon, representative. 18 Market CAB OWNERS Bibby F A, 129 Brock Boyd Richard. 7 Colborne Christley Wm, 224 Queen Coyle John, 301 Montreal Eves E(hsard, 378 Bagot I.:ves James, :176 Ragot Eyes Joseph T. 171 Raglan rd Eves Daniel, 6 Pine Gallagher Frank, g8 Barrack Gallagher W S, Markland st Guess Leighton, Begot, cor Brock Harding A E. 210 Wellington Howland Thomas. 273 Alfred James T H. 203 University av Lawless J F, 319 Johnston McIlquham Andrew, 200 Princes. McQuaid Wm, 17 Russell Wilson R E, 34 Princess Wilson T C & Son, 120 Clarence CABINET MAKERS Miller A H, 54 Queen Payne G A, 467 Johnston CANOE BUILDERS Bowman Bros, ft of Simcoe Dominion Boat Co. Cataraqui Bridge CARPET CLEANERS Milne H J. 272 Bagot CARPETS AND OILCLOTHS Harrioon T F Co, Princess McFaul Robert, 130 Princess Waldron Richard. 168 Wellington CARPET WEAVERS Edwards Mrs Rhoda, 104 York Swain J C. 140 York carriage AND WAGON MAKERS Gilniour Wallace, 215 Wellington Kidd John, rear 1e4 Queen Laturney James, Princess McDermott J F, 382 King e CARTAGIE AGENTS K & P Ry Co, Ontario cor Clarence Shedden Forwarding Co, ft William CARTERS Aiken Joseph, 28 Patrick Alexander G R. ft Cataraoui Blakley Travers, 366 Bagot Bradley'. ity Pareel Delivery, 149 Sydenham Boon John, 100 Chatham Campbell E 1, 31 King w Chadwi-k Harvey. 99 Stuart Chambers C J, 41 Rideau Christmas Henry, 276 Earl

90 180 J. G. FOSTER 8i5 COS KINGSTON BUSINESS DIRECTORY 181 CARTER8 continued. Crowley J W, 373 Johnston Devine James, 447 Division Dinsmore.1 1', 34 U Charles Elder dames A. 114 Ordnance Eves Mark, 324 Montreal Fanning Patrick. 34 Alma Foley blichael, 97 Earl Fraser Edward, 185 Alfred Gallivan Michael. 75 Raglan rd Gow Neil, 682 Montreal Hackett Joseph, 278 Wellington Keates Thomas, 87 Cataraqul Kennedy Timothy. rear 102 Barrack Killeen Patrick, 32 Russell Laturney George, 112 Barrack Lawlees Michael, 222 Earl Lawless Peter, 319 Johnston Lennox \V Il. 236 Ontario McFadden Edward, 32 Patrick Mellroy Win, 17 Pine McKegg John, Lansdowne st McKerney Patrick, 19 Barrack Morrison Wtn, 213 Wellington Nicholson T K. 75 Main Nolan R Sydenham Nolan W P, 275 Sydenham Nortinnore E J. 25 York O'Brien Timothy, Markland st Ryder John Patriek Scott W B, 769 Montreal Smith W.1, 282 Ontario Stoddard Arthur, Re2ent st Taylor Osborne, 12 Earl Turpin O IL 27 Main Tuttle John, 107 Stuart Twiss Francis, 117 Barrack Wathen E E. 143 Nelson Wathen W C. 102 William Whitehead R C, 54 John Wilkinson.John, S Ellice CASH REGISTERS McDowall R J (est of ), 471 Princess CATTLE DEALERS Elliott J W, 244 University av CEMENT DEALERS ANGLIN S & CO. Bay cor Wellington (See adv back cover) CEREAL MANUFACTURERS Frontenac Cereal Co, Ltd, ft of Gore CIGAR MANUFACTURERS The il A McGowan Cigar Mfg Co, Ltd. Rideau, cor North Oberndorffer Simon, 298 Ontario CLOTHING À.bramsky Joseph, 263 Princess Abramson Joseph, 18o Princess Abramson Louis, 336 Princess Bibby The H D Co, 78 Princess Dwyer Bros, 112 Princess Howland Bros. 358 King e Jenkins E P, 114 Princess Livingston C & Bro, Brock Patterson J G, 120 Johnston Prevost Zotique, 55 Brock Roney & Co, 127 Princess Silver Joseph, 102 Princess COAL AND WOOD ANGLIN 9 & CO. Bay cor Wellington (See adv back cover) Barney Benjamin, 238 Earl Booth & Co, ft West Craig W G & Co, Ontario Crawford Robert, It of Queen and 301 King w Donaldson.1 A. 139 L Bigot Drury Wm, 374 Princess c.irrie Joseph, Barrack, i.or Ragot Kingston Coal Co, King, near Queen MALLICN JAMES. Cataraqui St Quinn t A. n s Platte d'armes The Rathbun Co, Ontario, cor Place d'armes and 300 King w Sowards James, Ontario cor Place d'armes Swift James & Co, ft of Johnston Walsh Patrick, Barrack COLLECTORS McCANN S J R. bl Brook Smythe A E, 233 Bagot COLLEGES. SCHOOLS. ETC (See Miscellaneous Directory) COMMISSION MERCHANTS Craig W G & Co, Ontario Richardson Jas & Sons, ft Princess Swift James & Co, ft of Johnston COMMISSIONERS Gardiner J A, 151 Wellington Gildersleeve J P, 42 Clarence McCANN J S R, st Brock CONFECTIONERY Burns Mrs Patrick, 44 Ordnance Carnovsky W II, 94 Brock Caulfield Mrs Mary, 90 Wellington Crothers W J, 302 King e Cunningham Charles, 337 Brock Eveles Mrs I:. 438 King e Ferguson T H, 318 King e Fralick G C, 274 Princess Grekorakos & Zoluts. 184 Princess Hand Mrs Elizabeth. 106 Ontario Jervas II. 220 Princess McDonald Mrs Mary, 76 Ordnance McLaughlin John, 204 Princess McLaughlin J H, Begot Pritchard W H. 68 Princess Rees A J, 166 Princess Rees Bros (whol), 254 Begot CONFECTIONERY MNrits Crothere W J Wellington The Gardiner Co, Division cor Earl Toye R H. 195 Ontario Price H F, 288 Princess CONTRACTORS.Andre Alex (carp), 36 Markland Asseletine Ben) (carp), 168 Division Asseletine Isaac (carp), 502 Johnston Breck & Halliday (elect), 79 Princess Chapman S W (car;), 87 Colborne Chapman W J (carp), 124 Colborne Clugston Robert (mason), 396 Brock Cobet I L A (mason), 79 Alfred Coin per.1ohn, Albert, cor Mack Davidson Robt (carp). 254 University Douglas Hugh, 15 Nelson Donnelly Salvage & Wrecking Co Ltd, 193 Ontario Free R J (mason), 34 Division Grady M J (railway). 68 Eari Gray II.1 ma...4ml. 408 liroek Grimshaw S A (caen), 284 Division Hamilton R M (n.,on), 154 Pine Harrison T (mason t 17 )1 Rideau Hooper W J A (carp), 225 Earl Hunter & Harold (carp), 175 Queen Hyland Samuel (carp), 427 Alfred Jenkin John (carp), 379 Princess Johnson A J (carp), 216 Begot King John (carp),) 21 Pine Landeryou J C (carp), 91 York Langdon Nathaniel (mason), 222 Division Langdon Wm (mason), 207 Nelson Litton J W (mason), 159 Alfred MeCartney A (mason), 248 University McCartney Wm Jr (mason), 198 University av M cfarlane R N F (carp). 245 Montreal McGrath James (mason), 12 Montreal Melhitiltam James (mason), 502 Prince MeKee John (carp). Plum st McLeod John (eam), 243 Sydenham McMahon John (carp), 74 Wellington McVety Robert (carp), 106 York Mitchell W H (Ry), 33 Division Morley W C. 109 York Patterson.1 (earn). 001 Princess Richards Samuel (mason), 102 York Robinson & Copley (carp), 66 Queen Scott John (carp), 451 Barrie Seale John (carp), 82 L Bagot Snowden Wm (mason), 203 (a) Alfred Sullivan Michael (carp). 181 Montreal Tait Joseph (mason), 37 U C.harles Watts H W (mason), 107 York Williamson Adam (carp), 115 Gore Wilmot H F, 26 Frontenac CORDAGE MANUFACTURERS Kingston Cordage Co. 39 Brock CORSET MAKERS Dutton Miss Maude, 209 Princess Richardson Miss M, 177 Wellington COTTON MANUFACTURERS Dom Cotton Mills Co, Cataraqui st CROCKERY AND GLASsWARE (Wholesale) Robertson Bros, Princess (Retail) McCulla James, 119 Montreal Robertson Bros, Princess TLE1IS Wathen W J, 104 William DAIRIES Abbott John, Outer Depot ilibons Arthur, 3ti Elm Grass F P, 56 Albert Kingston Milk Dt pot, Ragot, cor Brock Wilder H S, Concession rd Wilder J E. 622 Princess DENTISTS Aykroyd S A, Bagot cor Princess F', \Vellingion Black D E, 130 King e cor West Clements Leonard, 142 Wellington Daly 0 W, 129 Princess Davis J T, 258 Bagot Knapp A E, 19 5lontreal, cor Princess Simpson S H Princess Sparks R E, 2304 Princess Waugh Freeman, 163 Princess Winnett A W, 194 Wellington DRESSMAKERS Abbott Miss Lizzie, 378 Division Adams Miss Mary, 318 University Amos Miss Annie, 106 Patrick Anderson Miss M A, 178 Bagot Angrove Miss Emeline, 87 Queen Ault Miss Harriet, n e Johnston, 1 w Macdonnell Bennett Mrs M J. 318 Queen Boon Miss S E Division Boyd Miss Harriet, 261 Johnston Bucknell Miss Mary, 402 Montreal Caldback Miss S A, 365 Alfred Cassidy Mrs Nancy. 51 John Compton Miss Emma, 76 Arch

91 J. O. Fo9T8R & CO'S ' KINGSTON BUSINESS DIRECTORY 1ag D R ft88ll A K I:Rti-elllltill ue(1. Consgreen Miss Winifred, 289 Earl Cooke Miss E J, 351 Alfred Crook Mise Ellen, 101 Johnston Cunningham 'Miss Kate, 258 Rideau Curtis Miss M A. 207 Montreal Day Miss Hattie, 472 Brock Donnelly Mlss m E, 3 York Dougherty Miss M J. 305 Brock Elder Miss Catherine, 114 Ordnaace I :Ider N lre Elizabeth, 251 l'rincess Fokes Miss A L, 151 Clergy Friendship Miss Alice, 663 Princess Furzer Miss Rhoda, 192 Clergy Gillespie Miss Sarah, 121 Albert Gilmour Miss A M, 449 Barrie Gleeson Misses M & 8, 103 Johnston Glenn Miss Pauline. 36 Ellice Gray Mrs J F, 110 Queen Guay Miss Melaine, 18 Alma Hall Mrs Catherine, 42 O'Kill Hallinan Miss M A, Io7 Wellington Henzy Miss llarriet, 421) Brock Jack Nli++ I+abrlla, 312 t nicervity Johnston Miss Margery, 112 Clarence Keyes Miss Alice. 153 Brock Knight Miss Nettle, 368 Barrie I.au Non \liv+ ^1ar%,, 499 1'rince+s Leader Miss 'M A, Io5 Brock Little Mrs Catherine, i68 King e McDonald Misses, 406 Montreal \1ct:rath C. L:iL University Av McGrath Mrs Sophia, ii Montreal Meek Miss Sarah, 328 Alfred Mitchell Mrs E M. 73 Brock Molony Mrs Thomas, 368 Barrie Moore Mrs Annie. 391 Barrie Nelson Miss C M. 286 Johnston Nokes Mrs Mary, 226) Queen O'Connor Miss Margaret. 305 Barrie O'Reilly Miss Ellen, 348 Brock Ogg Miss A R. 215 Princess nrser Mis-4 Catherine. 316 Barrie Page \irs Alfred. 8 St ('atharine Pipe ^Ir+ \\ nl. 85 ('olbnrne Redick Mrs E 0, 179 Wellington Reed \li++ E.1, 165 ljneen Reynolds Miss I J, 325 Victoria Richardson Misses, 308 Johnston Roberts Miss Eliza, 226 University av Shannessy Mrs Jennie. 128 Queen Shaw Miss I J, I 43 Colborne Sherbineau Miss M F. 71 Division Steacy & Steacy, I18-I2o Princess Stewart Mrs Ruby, 217 Earl Sullivan Miss Eva, 155 Montreal Sullivan Miss M E, 164 Princess Taudvin Mrs.1 W, 152 Sydenham Tugwell Miss Minnie, 305 Barrie Van Koughnet Rhoda, 116 L Bagot Webb Miss Catherine, 164 Rideau Williams Mrs Elizabeth, 43 James Wilton Miss H M. 861 Ballot Young Miss Agnes. 351 Johnston DRU(:GISTs Chown A P. 185 Princess Gibson W W, King, cor Market Hoag F J. 359 Princess McLeod J B, 186 Princess Mahood G W. 15U Princess Medley W H, 232 Princess Poison N C & Co (who), 265 Ontario Skinner H & Co (who), 169 Princess 'l he It B'I aylor 1)nlg Co, 124 Princess Wade Henry, King cor Brock DRY DOCKS Davis pry Dock Co, ft Bay Kingston Dry Dock, ft Union e DRY GOODS (Wholesale) Macnee & Minnes, 245 Bagot cor Prince" (Retail) Corrigan C J, 168 Princess Crumley Bros, 132,-134 Princess Laidlaw John & Son, Princess Maker & Bro, 240 l'rincess Sh+nuv John. 176 (hlturio Steacÿ & Steacy, lr8-i2o Princess Waldron Richard, 168 Wellington DYERS AND CLEANERS Montgomery Robert, 225 Princess \1%- Valet." 1!11 Plince++ Parker's Dye Works, 109 Brock DYNJMITE Ontario Powder Co Ltd, I15 Brock ELECTRIC BELT MFRS. Langley.1 C, 192 \\ellington Electric Lia[ht Companies Kingston Idght, Heat and Power Co, 19 Queen ELECTRICIANS Breck & Halliday, 79 Princess Campbell & Rentcn, 332 K9ng e Oldfin J W, 263 King e Tomlinson G R, 23. ragot ELECTRO PLATERS Breck & Halliday, "9 Princess ELEVATORS-GRAIN Frontenac Cereal Co, it of Gore Montreal Transportation Co, ft Queen Richardson James & Sons, ft Princess ELOCUTIONISTf. Telgmann Mrs O F, 222 Johnston EXPLOSIVE MANUFACTURERS Ontario Powder Co Ltd, its Brock EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES (See Registry offices for Servants) ENGINE BUILDERS Canadian Locomotive Co Ltd, Ontario at, ft Earl Davis Dry Dock Co, ft Bay Kelrhun \\'In, 44; Princess Selby & Youlden, Ontario cor Union FLOUR lgill$ Frontenac Cereal Co Ltd, it of Gore Kingst,)n Mllling Co, ft Brock FORWARDING COM, ANIEs The Calvin Co, Ltd, Garden Island Montreal Transportation Co, ft Queen FOUNDERS AND MACHINISTS Angrove T B. n s Place d'armes. Reynolds F J, 290 Victoria Selby & Toulden, Ontprio, cor Union FRUIT DEALERS Carnovsky W H. 94 Brock ENGINE PACKING. Crothers W J, 30&P King e EUREKA MINERAL WOOL!} Ferguson T H, 318 King e Henderson J S Brock Asbesots Co, 74 York st, Toronto Hiscock Joseph, 160-1ti2 Princess EXPRESS Rees A J. 166 Princess COMPANIES American Express Co, 145 Princess FURNITURE DEALERS Canadian Express Co, 145 l'rincess Dominion Express Co, 295 King cor Harrison T F Co, Princesa Clarence IJ Mills H. 76 Brock FAN('Y (:OU11% Leader Miss M A, to5 Brock Mahood Bros, 113 Princess Rowan Mrs M, 181 Wellington Uglow R & Co, 141 Princeas Weller Miss Sarah, 179 Wellington FEATHER RENOVATORS Milne H J, 272 Bagot FISH DEALERS Carnovsky W H, 94 Brock Dominion Fish Co, 83 Brock McGuire Thomas, 81 Queen FISHING TACKLE Paul W J. 70 Princess Routley John, 173 Princess FLORISTS Baiden Bros, Portsmouth England Thomas, w a Regent at Flanagan M E, 82 Barrie Johnston O G, head of Johnston and 326 King e Kemp George, 609 Dfvisfnn Reid James, 254 Princess Reid R J, 222 Princess FURRIERS Campbell Bros. 84 Princess Gourdier W F, 78 Brock Mills George & Co, lo6-iio Princess GAS COMPANIES Kingston Light, Heat and Power Co, 19 Queen GAS FITT}:Rs Breck & Halliday, 79 Princess Oldfin J W, 253 King e GAS STOVES Breck & Halliday, 79 Princess (MdBn J W, 253 King e GENERAL STORES Lemmon Joseph, 213 Montreal Young D J, 279 (a) Montreal /:F:] I`. Itlt\I.In^1a FLOUR AND FIA:) The 11 D Bibby Co. 78 Princess Couper Daniel, Princess Forrest J P, 338 King e }lutchison 1) A. 20 Market Howland Bros, 358 King e Lemmon.}os & Son, 201 Prineess Jenkins E P. 114 Princess Rathbun Co, Ontario cor Place d'armes Livingston C & Bro Brock Peters \1' P & Bro. 117 Brock Prevost Hubert, 55 Brock Tait Win, 26 Brock Roney & Co, 127 Princess

92 181 J. 0. FOSTER & CO'S GRAIN DEALERS Donoghue Charles, 291 Ontario Frontenac Cereal Co Ltd, ft of Gor e Ilutchist)n 1) A, 20 Market Kingston Milling Co. ft Brock Mooers H & Co. 40 Gore Quinn Charles, n s Place d'armes luchardson James & Sons. ft Princess Tait Win, 25 Broc k GROCERS (Wholesale) Carson R J. 324 Princes s Craig W G & Co, Ontario Fenwick, Hendry & Co. 181.) Ontario McRae W R & Co. Wellington, cor Broc k Redden James & Co. 178 Princess Robertson George & Son, Ontario, cor Johnsto n Robertson. Nicolle & Co, On. tario (Retail) Anderson Bros. w a Division, I a Princes s Auchinvole Gilbert. 41 Colborne Babcook J S. 61 Divisio n Bailey E B. 109 Alfred Bassam W E, 51 Union w Bateson Miss Jane, 100 William Bazeau F If. 210 Alfre d Belfast Tea House. James McCulla prop, 149 Montreal, cor Ba y Campbell Alexander. Outer Depot Campbell James, Portsmo u th Carnovsky T R Princess Carson Bros. 322 Princes s Carter Mrs Margaret, 635 Princess Chapman E F..337 Quee n Clark Charles H, 86 Pine Clow Franklin, 83 Earl Corkey Malcolm, Montreal Corrigan Daniel. CA) L Bagot Couper Daniel, Princess Crawford James. 182 Princess Davy Mrs Dora, 25 King w Deane Mrs Margaret. 5 L Rideau De Root Alfred, 404 BRrrIe Downey AobeTt, 83 Colborne Driver W J, 271 Quee n Druce John, Outer Depot Dunn Mrs Julia. 222 Wellington Evans Mrs J G. 220 Wellington Eyes John, 8 Market Friendship Miss Mary, 36 Division Gage 1) It. 304 Montrea l Gallivan Bagnt, Galloway Thomas, 33 Pi ne Gnudreau Zephlrin. 290 Ontario Gilbert John, 194 Barrie and 94 Gore Glover Albert. 152 Bago t Graves Mrs C, I Clow's Block Guild John, Ba y Haffner P A. 147 Montreal Halligan John & Co. 53 Brock Hamilton F J, 87 Division Henderson J S Brock Hennessy Miss Elica. 17 West Hunter George, 61D Princess Hunter John, 2 Rideau Hurst Mrs Jamer. Lansdowne, cor Pine Irwin Wm, Bev---rley. cor King Jauit-4 Thunkas, :370 Barrie Johnston Hugh, 49 York Kelley Jaines, 270 1'rincess Kennedy Mrs Matilda. 140 Divisio n Lalonde Mrs Joselph M. 2W Barrie Leahy T J, 320 King e Lemmon Joseph. 213 Montreal Litton C S. ItO Alfred Lowe Samuel, Portsmouth Mcculla, James. 149 Mo%treal McDonnell Mrs Mary, 76 Ordnance McKernan Nlis~ Kw ; Johnston McRae Bros. Wellington, cor Brock Maclean Andrew, Ontario Marrison Mrs W J. 101 York Mihic Mr., Alex. 14,1 Ontario %ioncrieff A Cornelin4, 155 Divisidn Morris I T, 303 Montreal Mullin E W. Johnston, cor Division Murphy L W. 53-M Princess Nesbitt Mrs Sarah, 246 Barrie Ne4itt W Jain". 25!) University av Newbery Henry, 226 Barrie Ockley Vincent & Sons, 242 Princess Oliver Mrs. John, 109 King w 04fler Fred. 260 I'TiiverAit v av Parkin G H, 214 Sydenham Pelow T H. 41 Brcck Pickering C H. I Pine Powers Mrs Elizabeth. 212 Montreal Purtell Michael, 220 Montreal Ragan Miss N A, e a Beverley. 3 n King Redden James & Co. 178 Princess lzei4l %V.1, 365 Divi.ion P.Ign,,y & Hickey, 136 Princess Roushurn Thomas, 848 Princess R.vnn Mrs Alice. 12 1, Rideau Ryder Joseph, 914 Princess Saunders Charles, A5 Princess Shani.v John Ontari o Sharpe Mrs Elizabeth. 84 Ontario Sharpe Harry. 526 Princess Shay Horace, 71 Pin e "inith 11 A, 2142 l'idversity av "inith NN' K. 284 Oiitario Suddard E S. 225 Division Sullivan Mrs Lizzle. 54 Ontario Swan G T, 27 Ellice Thompsen G A, 355 King e Tierney Patrick, 48 Main Tooher Ifi,A Annie. 312 Montreal Tryon Antbonv. 248 Wellington Van Luvpn F W. 24C, Princess Waters M J, ioi L Bagot Webb Mrs Julia, 164 Rideau Willining G Princess Wood N P Livingston av Young D J, 279 (a) Montreal GUARANTEE BONDS MCCANN J 8 It. 51 Brock HAIR GOODS Richardson Miss M. 177 Wellington HARDWARE (Wholesale) Chown A & Co. 252 Bagot Chown E & Son Bagot Dalton & Sons, 177 Princess Sears Geo. 69 Princess (Retail) Chown A & Co. 252 Bagot Corbett John, 95 Princess Elliott Bros Princess Horsey S J. 189 Princess McKelvey & Birch, Brock Mitchell W A, Princess Nugent i & Co King e Sears George, 69 Princess Strachan Archibald, 193 Princess Woods' Fair, 101 Princes s HARNESS MAKERS Dolan Mar-in, 219 Princess Hawley J A, 216 Wellington Laidley 8 G, Queen Rudd Harness Co. 143 Princess Stone C W. 379 KIn5 e Van Luven J B, 157 3rock Wilton Henry, 243 Bago t HATS. CAPS AND FURS Cam bell Bros 84 Princess Howland Bros, 358 King e Jenkins E P. 114 Princes s Mills George & Co, Princess Mills Thomas & Co, 174 Princes s BAY DEALERS Bullis John. 20 Market Campbell Robert, 407 Princess Crinishaw 1) & Co, 151 Wellington 1111tehi-on 1) A. 20 Marke t Quinn Charles, n s Place d'armes Tait William, 25 Broc k HIDES AND PELTS Lyons Lros..10 Market McKay John, 151 Brock Sands Henry, 74 Brock HOTELS Albion Hotel. 46 Montreal Americun Hotel, 29 Brock Anglo-American Hotel, 172 Ontari o Bay of Quints Hotel. 14 Market Bowen House, King e British American Hotel, Clarence, cor King KINOSTON EUSINESS DIRECTOR Y Clu~) Hotel. 1W Wellington Collender Hotel. 324 King e I)rIving Park Hotel. York Road Exchange Hotel, 21 Brock Gran 0 H(Ael. 214 Princes s rand Vnion Hotel. Ontario, cor Brock Grimascm House. 342 Princes s HOt(-l 13(naupre, 312 Princess Hotel Congress, 338 King e Hotel Fjontenac, Ontario Hotei londolph, Princess Iroquois Hotel, 2OD-204 Ontario The flall. 33 Brock The Hub, Market Iminerial Hotel. -it; Princess Jubilee Hotel, Wellington Kennedy House,. cor Barrack 228 Ontari o Lake ViEw House. 286 ont2ri,, Maple Leaf Hotel, 240 Montreal Ontario House, 238 Ontari o Ottawa liou?e. Ontario, cor Princess Provincial Hotel, 35 Broc k ueen's Hotel, 119 Ilevere House, Brock King e Rulsell House. 348 Princess We,lern 110tel. 164 Ontario Williamsville Hotel torla.. Princess, cor Vin- Windsor Hotel Princess HOUSE FURNISHINGS Chown Edwin & Son Bagot Laidlaw John & Son Princess ' -110)"wall It -1 (c.4t of). 471 Prineesi ' McFaul Robert 130 Princess McKelvey & 131~ch Brock Wood,` Fair. 101 Prin(-es, ICE DEALERS Drury Wm. 374 Princess Gleeson John, 123 King w IMiiian D J. 252 Ontari o St La%%rence Ice (o. 255 to 267 King w INSURANCE COMPANIES (Accident ) Canada Accident Assurance Co, Gildersleeve & Kirkpatrick, 42 Clarence ; J A Gardiner, 151 Wellington ; 0 A Bateman, 63 Clarence, and J P Hanley, Ontario, cor Johnston. agent s Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Co. T.1 Lockhart agt. 159 Wellington Dominion of Canada Guarantee an d Accident Ins Co W J B White, 2,54 Bagot, and J S h McCann, 51 Brock agent s Employers' Liability Assurance Corporatioit of Londo~, Eng., Strange & Strange, agents, 95 Clarenc e London Guarantee & Accident Ins Co, S Roughton and J R C Dobbs & Co 17, Wellington, agents

93 KINGSTON' R('HINEr;R DIRBCTORN 187 Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation of London, Eng, D A Givens, 81 Brock, and Geo Ziegler, 346 King e, agents Ontario Accident Insurance Co, Mills & l'unninxh,un, 79 Clarence, J S R Mc- ('ann, 51 Brock, and \1'.1 B White, 254 IAlylot, upent+ Travellers' Ins Co of Hartford, Conn, J S R McCann, 51 Brock, and J P Ilanley, Ontario, cor Johnston, agents (Botler) Boiler Inspection and Ins Co of Canada. J S R McCann, 51 Brock, agent (Fire) Aetna Insurance Co of Hartford, James Swift, agent. King cor Clarence Law Union and Crown Fire Insurance Co, W H Godwin, 39 Brock, and D A Givens, 81 Brock, agents Liverpool & London & Globe Ins Co, Strange & Strange agents. 95 Clarence London Assurance Corporation, J F Swift, 295 King e, and W H Godwin. 39 Brock, agents London Mutual Fire Ins Co, London, Ont, J A Gardiner agt, 151 Wellington London & Lancashire Fire Ins Co, J A l:ardincr, 1+i1 \Ccllington, and Mills & Cunningham. 79 Ularence, agents Manchester Fire Ineurance Co. Francis King agent, Ontario Cha,,ure Mercantile Fire Inaurance Co, J A Gardiner, 151 Wellington, agent Merchants' Fire Insurance Co, W R Givens agent, 81 liroek Alliance Assurance Co, Gildersleeve & Kirkpatrick, 42 Clarence, and Mills & Cunningham. 79 Clarence, and D A Givens, 81 Brock, agents American Fire Ina - +nce C-), J A Gard- Metropolitan Fire Ins Co, J R C 1).,11. & 1\\-cIlingt n, and G A liat, uian. Gi ('I:uenr,r,,I"enta Mlt.l.taev ANI) llt]1 6'A(Tt'RERS' iner agent, :ngton 1Ntil ItAS(E co. llead 0 111ee 32 Anglo-American F = Ins Co, T J Lockhart, agent, 159.' llington Church at, Toronto h!'ire lu^uran- Co, J A Gardincr Atlas Assurance Co, J S R ugent, 151 \\'ellin{;t,>n agent, 51 Brock \futwil Fire Ins Co, D A Givens agent, British America Assurance Co, W H NI irock Godwin agent, 39 Brock National Assurance Co of Ireland, J S Caledonian lnaurnnce Co, Gildersleeve & It McCann, 51 Brock, and W H God- Kirkpatrick, 42 Clarence; N F Fraser, win, 39 Brock, agents 67 Clarence. n; ettt+ North British and Mercantile Ineurance C',utn,li,rn Fire Itrurnnce Co, Geo Ziegler Co, James Swift, 295 King e; Miss agent. :144; King e S E Flanagan, City Building; Gilder- Commercial Union Assuran(e Co, W J sleeve & Kirkpatrick, 42 Clarence, B White agent, 254 Bagot agents Connecticut Fire Insurance Co, James Northern Asserance Co of Eng, Mills Swift agt, King cor Clarence Economical Mutual Fire Insurance Co, 4 ( unningham, 79 Clarence, and Geo D A Givens agent, 81 Brock latt,n nev, :3!i ('h,rrnce, agents Equity Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society, Fire Insurance Co, J C Paterson, J H Macnee, 79 Clarence; H Howard, t6q Princess and T J Lockhart t59 Ilnt:^riu Bank. ard It J lhwper, 83 Wellington, agents \\'ollin^ton. u);ent, FIRE 1\9CItA\fF7 EXCHANGE COR- INnnti n, I; P 1)a^i: agent. 75 l'rin- Ottawa Fire Ins Co, T J Lockhart, 159 ec ^ Wellington, and Geo Ziegler jr, 346 Gore District Mutual Fire Insurance King e and (:c, ClrfT, 95 Clarence, Co, W J B White agent, 254 Bagot Guardia n n Assurance Co of Lpndon, Perth Mutual Fire Insurance Co, J S Eng, W J B White agent, 234 Bagot R:\icCann agent, 51 Brock HwND-I^-RAND IN9CRANCE CO, Phenix Insurance Co of Brooklyn, Jas li F I):,^i a_cnt, 75 i'rince-+ Swift agent, 295 King e Hartford Fire Insurance Co, James Phoel.lx Assurance Co of London, Eng, Swift agent, 7Cing, cor Clarence G W Maxwell, 194 Ontario, R C Home Insurance Co of New York, J S R Bell, 17t% Wellington, and H How, MeCann, 51 Brock, and D A Givens, ard, Ontario Bark, agents 81 Brock, agents Phoenix Fire Ins Co of Hartfnrel, (`onn, Indepenrlent Cash \Attual Fire Ins Co, J A Gardiner agent, 151 Wellington 1) A 17ivens neent. 81 Broek Quebec Fire Assurance Co, R C Bell, Insurance Co of North America, Mills & lîlr% Y Wellington, agent. Cunningham. 79 Clarence, and A F Bond, 63 Clarence, agents CITY FIRE INSURANCE CO, R F Davis agent, 75 Princess Queen Ins Co of America, Mills & Cpnningham, 79 Clarence, and Gildersleeve & Kirkpatrick, 42 Clarence, agents Royal Insurance Co, Strange & 8trange, 95 Clarence, and Lt-Col S C McGill, 87 Clarence, agents Scottish Union & National Insurance Co, D A Givens, agent, 81 Brock Standard \IL.uaI Fire his Co, G A Bateman agent, til Clarence Sun Insurance Office. Kent Bros. 91 C'larencc agents Traders Fire Insurance Co, G A Bateman agent, 63 Clarence Union Assce Society of London, Eng, 1).\ CivenA agent. 81 Brock Waterloo Mutual Fire Ins Co, Mills & Cunningham. 79 Clarence, and J F Swift, 295 King e, agents Wellington Mutual Fire Insurance Co \\'.1 Fair. Ontario l'hambers, and A F Bond. t;:i Clarence, agents Western Aasce Co, J A Gardiner. 151 R'ellington, and H Howard, Ontario Bank, agents York Mutual Fire Insurance Co, G A Batenlon, and.1 S R\Ic{'ann, 51 Brock, ag,ent ^. (Guarantee) - American Surety Co, J 8 R McCann agent, 51 Brock Dominion Burglary Guarantee Co, W H Godwin agent, 39 Brock Dominion of Canada Guarantee & Ac- NORT11 AMRRI('AN I.IFF. A!1!ftRada, t. A Bateman district agent, 83 AA('E CO. W..1. H'alr District Man- cident Ins Co, W J B White, 1541 ager, Ontario Chambers (See adv In- Bagot, and J S R MeCann, 51 Brock, aide back cover) and Mills & Cunningham, 79 Clarence, North British & Mercantile Ins Co, agents Miss S F. Flanagan agt, City Build- Employers' Liability Asace Corpn of Inge London. Eng. D A Givens. 81 Brock Northern Life Assurance Co of Canand J S R McCann, 51 Broek, and, ada, Geo Ziegler district mngr, 346 Strange & Strange, 95 Clarence KinQ e Ntandnnl Life.1++uranoe Co, R Guarantee Co of North F Davis America, Gilder a_,cllt 75 Prince,+ slkirkpatrick agents, 42 C7ar- I ence SUN LIFE ASSURANCE CO OF CAt- London Guarantee & Accident Co, 8 Clarence Roughton and J R C Dobbs & Co 171 Wellington, agents Travelers' Ina Co of Hartford, J 8 R McCann agent, 51 Brock Oce:.n Accident and Guarantee Corp of London, Eng, D A Givens, 81 Brock, agent Ontario Accident Ine Co, W J,3 White, 254 Bagot, and Mills & Cunllingham, 79 Clarence, agents United State+ Fidelity and Guarantee Co. D A Gia ena. Al Brock, general agent, anit C S Kirkpatrick, 42 Clar ence, special agent (Life) Aetna Insurance Co of Hartford, E Howard, Ontario Bank, agent British Empire, A E M Loscomba agent, 151 Wellington Canada Life Assce Co, J O Hutton, general agent, \\' J It White, agent, 254 Ragot CONFEDERATION LlFB AsaOC1Ati n, F:.1 Reid, general agent, C 8 Kirkpatrick, cashier and city agent, 42 Clarence ( Mee adv back cover) Crown Life Assurance Co, Lt-Co1 8 C McGill special agent, 87 Clarence Dominion Life Assurance Co. J F Swift general agent, 295 King e Excelsior Life Inaurance Co, W H Godwin agent, 39 Brock Federal Life Assurance Co, J A Gardiner agent, 151 Wellington Great West I.ife Asace Co, D Reeves, general agent, 39 Broek Imperial Life Assurance Co, J B Cooke district agent, 332 King e l.ondmi I.ife In+urance Co,.1 A Limage, supt, :332 King e London & Lancashire Life Assurance Co, Mills & Cunningham agents, 79 Clarence Manufacturers' Life Ins Co, H J Foik district mngr, 151 Wellington Metropolitan Life Ins Co, A Kennedy supt, tt5(b) Brock Mutual Life Asace Co of Canada, S Roughton, district agent, J R C Dobbs & Co, special agents, 171 Wellington (Marine) Atlantic Marine Insurance Co, J S R McCann agent, 51 Brock British & Foreign Marine Insurance Co of Eng, Gilderaleeve & Kirkpatrick, 42 Clarence; J S R McCann, 51 Brock, and J F Swift, 295 King e, agents Commercial Union Assee Co, W J B White agent, 254 Bagot Inland Lloyds, Capt W Augustus inspector, 42 Clarence

94 188 J. O. FOSTER & CO'S KINOSTON BUSINESS DIRECT' )IIY INS1TRANCB Lancashire Insurance Co of Manchester, Eng, Gildersleeve & Kirkpatrick, 42 Clarence, agents Liverpool Underwritere' Assn, Lt-Col C McGill sec, 87 Clarence Lloyd's (England) Lt-Col S C McGill, 87 Clarence, agent Reliance Marine Insurance Co of Liverpool, Gildersleeve & Kirkpatrick, 42 Clarence; J F Swift, 295 King e, agents Western Assce Co, J A Gardiner, 151 Wellington; Gildersleeve & Kirkpatrick, 42 Clarence; Capt W Augustus, 42 Clarence, and 11 Howard, Ontario Bank, agents (Plate Glass) Canada Accident Assurance Co, W.1 B White, 254 Begot and Gildersleeve & Kirkpatrick. 42 Clarence. and G A Bateman, 61 Clarenee, agents Dominion Plate Glass Ins Co. Strange & Strange agents, 95 Clarence Ilome In.-malice Co of New York, J S R Mc1'ann agent. 51 Brock Lloyds Plate Glans Ins Co, New York, J A Gardiner 151 Wellingtcn. belle & Cunningham 79 Clarence and J 13 R McCann, 51 Brock, agents Montreal Plate Glass Insurance Co, Robinson Bros agents, 217 Ragot New York I'late Glass Ins Co, J II Macnee. 79 Clarence, and D A Givens, 81 Brock, agents IRON LADDER MNFRS Laturney James, 292 Princess JEWELLERS (MFG) Keeley W J, Sr. 103 Brock Spangenberg F W, 347 King e JUNK DEAI.ERS Ellenson & l'o. 261 Princess Fields A E. 45 Princess Kingston Rag & Metal Co, Ontario, cor Barrack Langbort & Co Ontario McLaughlin Edward, n s Concession rd KENNELS Knovdart Cocker Kennels, 167 King e KNIT GOODS MANUFACTURERS Kingston Hosiery Co, Ltd, King w LADIES, FURNISHINGS Dutton Miss Maude, 209 Princess LADIES' TAILORING Steacy & Steacy, Princess LAMP GOODS Robertson Bros, Princess LAI NDItIES Iling Chong. 216 Montreal Hong Lee, 338 Princess Imperial Steam Laundry. 308 Barrie Jarvis Miss Eliza, 131 Queen Kingston Steam Laundry (late Baker's), 251 Princess Lai Sang, 282 Princess Lee Ming, 294 Princess 1 AU. Seung. 233 Itagot Parker's Dye Works. 109 Brock Sing Doo, 246 Barrie Sing Long, 395 Princess Walt Long, 73 Clarence \Vo Kee, 126 Clarence LEATHER ANI) FINDINGS McKay John, 151 Brock LIGHT COMpANIES Kingston Light, Heat & Power Co, 19 Queen LIME DEALERS Walsh Patrick, 55 Barrack LIVERIES Bibby F A, 129 Brock Guess Leighton, Ragot, cor Brock Harding A E, 210 Wellington Jenkins W C T. Barrie. cor Quebec McBonham Andrew, 290 Princess Wilson R E, Princess Wilson T C & Son, Clarence LOAN COMPANIES Canadian Birkbeck Investment & Savings Co, D A Givens agt, 81 Brock Canada Permanent lortgage Corporation, J A Gardiner, agent and appraiser, 151 Wellington Canadian Savings, Loan & Building Association, R Richardson supt, 172 Wellington Dominion Permanent Loan Co, J A Gardiner, 151 Wellington, and J H Maenee, 79 Clarence, agents Frontenac Loan & Investment Society. 87 Clarence Ontario Building & Saving Society, 67 Clarence People's Building & Loan Assn of London, Ont, D A Givens agt, 81 Brock Reliance Loan & Savings Co, Mills & Cunningham agents, 79 Clarence Security and Savings Co, D A Givens agent, 81 Brock Sun Savings & Loan Co, J S R Me- Cana agent, 51 Brock York County Loan & Savings Co, Alexis Kennedy supt, 134 Nelson LOCKSMITHS Garbutt D J, 225 Princess Jones C A, 293 Princess LOCOMOTIVE WORKS Canadian Locomotive Co Ltd, Ontario, ft of Earl Lt %MERMEN'S SUPPLIES Sears Geo, 69 Princess MACHINISTS Canadian Locomotive Co, Ltd, Ontario, f t of Earl Wright G A, 53 Queen MALTSTERS Canada Malting Co, Ltd, King w %MANTELS. GRATES AND TILES Slater E 44 Co, Ontario MANTLES AND LADIES' SUITS crumiey Bros, Princess Laidlaw John & Son, Princess MARBLE WORKS Kingston Granite & Marble Works, Begot cor Queen Welch E R & Son, 296 Princess MARKET GARDENS Baiden Broc, Portsmouth_ Burtch A \V, 1 02 Vietoria Bushell R J, s s Bath rd England Thomas, w s Regent at Folleat Wm, 170 Nelson Friendship C C, s s Bath rd Friendship John, 663 Princess Johnson G W D, head Johnston Jones John. M44 Princess Pigion Richard, 387 Alfred MARRIAGE LICENSES Bateman G A, 63 Clarence Gildersleeve J P, 42 Clarence MERCANTILE AGENCIES International Mercantile Agency, J S R McCann agent, 51 Brock MICA DEALERS Kent Broa, 91 Clarence MILLINERY Adams Mrs M E, 554 Princess Crumley Bros Princess Greaza Miss E V, 182 \Vellington Jackson Misses M & E. 113 Brock Pearsall M 226 Prince's Phillips Miss M J. 45 King w LIMBER MERCHANTS Smith Miss C C. 183 Princess ANGLIN S CO, Bay cor Welling- Sommerville Co, The, 1 74 Wellington ton (See adv back cover) Spence & Co. 119 Princess Craig W G & Co. 125 Ontario Steacy & Steacy, Princess Masse Win, jr, n s Place d'armes Rathbun Co, The, Ontario cor Place MINING ENGINEERS d'armes Donnelly Cant John, 193 Ontario Music TEAciliEltS Anderson Miss Nellie, 178 Begot Bailey Miss M S, 216 Queen Bates Mrs E M, 5 Hale's Cottages liovd Mrs M A, 450 Division Braniff Miss Bose, liotel Randolph Callaghan Miss, House of Providence Crawford Miss S E. 124 Division Cunningham Miss Agnes, 21 King w Daly Miss Lizzie, 54 Rideau Day Miss Ella, 472 Brock Evans crave (violin), 139 Union w Hyland Miss Ella, 427 Alfred Kin.' Mareiret, n s Place d'armes King Miss Muriel, Alice st Leader Miss Edith, 288 Barrie McGregor Miss M E, 50 Place d'armes Marshall W R, 68 Colborne Mooney Miss Isabel, 67 Alfred Newman Mrs Ethel, 31 Rideau Newman Miss S Edith, 271 King w O'Sullivan Miss May, 107 Wellington Orser E E. 187 Victoria l'erlev Miss Elleda M. 117 Ragot Shaw: Miss Mary, 117 Ragot Singleton Leo (violin), 391 Brgck Singleton Miss Louise, 395 Brock Singleton Prof Thomas, 391 Brock Spence Miss Jessie, 89 York Strachan Miss A G L, 248 Division Tandy Miss Elsie, 14 Montreal Telgemann 0 F, 222 Johnston Walsh Miss Mary H, 51 Clergy MUSICAL MERCHANDISE McDowell R J. 471 Princess Weese D A & Co. 121 Princesa

95 190 J. O. POSTER & Co's KINGSTON BUSINESS DIRECTORY loi.1 1 i AEIiVS DEALERS McDermott Bros. 872 Princess Nash Thomas, British American Hotel NEWSPAPERS (Daily) British Whig, King s News and Times, 67 Princess isemi-weekly) News and Times, 67 Princess (VPeekly) British Whig, King to Canadian Freeman. 128 Clarence Utica Saturday Globe, 167 Wellington (Quarterly) Queen's Quarterly, Queen's College P(ICKEL PLATERS Breck & Halliday, 79 Princess NOTIONS. Shamy John, 168 Ontario NOVELTY MFRS. Keep Close Placket Fastener Co, 18 Montreal NOTARIES PUBLIC (iildersleeve J P. 42 Clarence NURSES Baker Emily (Victorian), 201 Earl Bushey Mrs M E. 265 Johnston Clark Miss Annie 11, 61 Arch Clark Miss Emma, 60 Wellington Cornford Mrs Margaret, 24 Elm Coughlin Mrs Elizabeth, 60 Wellington Darragh Margaret, I Victoria ter Ferrier Miss };thel, 111 Princess Gallivan Miss Fanny, 285 Alfred Inglis Mrs Isabella. 52 O'Klll Joyner Miss A L, 422 Johnston Le Heup Miss A M D. 15 University av McAllister Mrs M A. 184 Barrie Milton Miss Caroline, 404 Brock Moore Mi+s Mary.1, 362 Barrie Nourse G race, 300 Unheraity av Pixley Minnie H, 300 University av Robinson Miss A E, Golden Lion Block Sexsmith Mrs Robert, 153 Bagot Small N Irs Mary. 185 Alfred Splers Miss L W. 26 Quebec Turbett Mrs Julia, 21g Earl Veale 'Miss Emma, 198 Barrie Walsh Miss Annie, 245 Alfred OIL DEALERS Doyle Hugh, 294 Barrie Queen City Oil Co, ft Clarence OPTIC'IA\8 Coates F W, 158 Princess Keeley W J jr, 226 Princess PAINT MANUFACTURERS Kingston Elastic Paint Co, King W PAINTERS Belanger Geo M, l04 L Bagot Bryant Win Sr. Concession road Dunphy E J. 258 Queen Frost 11' (: (carria}e), 299 Queen Laird John. 349 Princess Lemmon W N. 80 William McKee Joseph, 211 Alfred McMahon T & Co, 133 Brock Martin C A (sign), 18 Montreal Milo T W Montreal Molony Richard ( carriayte ), 120 Clarence \foncrieff T E. 40 Durham Robinson Broe, Bagot Savage W J, 121 Princess Veale Elijah. :,37 Alfred PAINTS AND OILS Corbett John. 95 Princess Horsey S J. 189 Princess Lemmon, Claxton & Lawrensou, 353 King e Mitchell W A, Prlncess Simmons Bros. 211 Princess Strachan Archibald. 193 Princess PATENT SOLICITORS MARION & MARION, Montreal and Washington (see udv below) tam IN ALL COUNTRIES ENGINEERING, ELECTRICAL and SCIENTIFIC CASES a SPECIALTY k'sperlenre 1 n rnn, ea^rr makn, emal ler rwern eaer ar A. B. ij. All tmde,.,lr^,n,e a^weare ^.^II equl ped with rr^ül e.w,rw.7, nw,ütanm and raellptlea CNAanaalloUaNATt Preliminaryadvicefree. 4WNRIT[ COR an[dulr 01 CMANO[a AND NOW TO esocard, wc^a rtfrnlary Invite I nrrnture to make use of our I'.\TF.\T 1.IIIItARY and or our 81'FA'IAI. SEARCH FILI :I ont^inlnq Lho,usude of patenta properlr.laideâ. l'atente P rornred thronrh Narfon a Barton R!X'EIPE srrx^lai,noticf:wlthout naitl7eino.er100depapern dlrtributrd throulrnout th,. Dominion. 9rRCIALTY -Patent business of Manufacturers and 170neerti MARION A MARION Orsbsb Esllntun 1 Registered Patent Attorneys ^,t,a: ) New York LAO Ruildl ryt Montreal., and trn t. t\^aabînatnn. D. O. PARCEL DELIVERY. Bradley's City Parcel Delivery, 149 Sydenham PHONOGRAPHS Routlev John, 173 Princess \fi{'ammon S H. 15 \Iontreal MoCONVILLE IsOBEL, 13 Hoatreal, Office Hours if an to 12 m, 3 to S and 8 to 9 pm, Telephone 488 M rri+ n C A, 208 Bagot MUNDELL D E, 228 Brock, Office Hours I to 3 and 7 to 8; Telephone PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIAL, ;liundell John, 25 Montreal ( Diseases of Chown A P. 185 Prlncess the heart and lungs), office hours 9 to The li B'l'aylur Drug Co. 124 Princess 121 am. 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm. MILKS G W. MD, 122 Welllatton; PHOTOGRAPHERS office Hours 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 pm, Telephone 119 Boyes C H, 224 Princess O'CONNOR C E. Oeallst and Aarlat, Henderson Mrs M. W Princess 279 King e, Office Hours 9 to 12 and 2 JOSLIN ALFRED, 334 King e (see adv opp title page) to 5; Tele phone 383; Residence Kingston Photograph Co, 151 Wellington Lochhead J F. 2(; : Princess Powell Mrs Jane, 167 Princess Watson B R. 159 Wellington Weese D A & Co, 121 Princess PHYBICIAN! ABBOTT R H. Welllnlcton, cor W11- llam, Office Hours 9 tu 11 nm '? to 4 iln,1 7 tu 9 pro. T,,I, phone,;7 ANGLII 1% G. 52 Earl Office flours 'Phone 598 Phe;an Daniel. 191 Johnston RICHARDSON A W. MD, 254 King c; Illli-v Houri 8 to 11, 3 to 4 and 7 to 9; Telephone 58g ROSS A E, le6 Sydenham, Office Hours 9 to 11, 1 to 3 and 7 to 9. Telephone 273 RYAN EDWARD. M.D. 163 Brock, cor Montreal. Office Hours 10 to 11, 1 to 4. and 7 to 9 Telephone 307 Sands W W, zoo Bagot loto 11 am. 2to 4and7toBpm, StrangeU8,68Union e Telephone 178. Sullivan Hon Michael. 65 Princess BELL J H, 110 Wellington, Delce Tl11RD JAMES. OT Weat,cor Welllns;- Hours 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 pm, Telephone ton. Office Hours 3 to 5 and 7 to pro. Sunday 2 to 4 pm, Telephone 268 BOGART I GORDON, MD, j38'i t^ji eh,ter Wellington; Office Hours 7 to 8.30 LLIAlMSOINi A 1 R 1f1 B, MD, y MDs SS am. 2.3o to g and 7 to 9.30 pm; ; Brock, Office Hours 8 to to am, 2 to phone and 7 to 9 pm, Telephone 451 WOOD ISAAC. cor Wel Ington nnd Brown M J. 632 Princess CAMPBELL J W. 13:1 Clersry, William. Office Hours R to 9 am, 2 to office,, Hours. 7 to 9 am. 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 4 and 7 to 9 pm, Telcphona 3,91; pm, Telephone 455 CONNELL J C. 205 King e, cor John- l'ia.\tl H% \1 F'% tfiiti:it% ston (Ocullst and Aurist),Oftice Hours 9 to 12 am and 2 to 5 pm, 'Phone 393 \ir\lillan & Co. 132 Ontario Curti, C L. 213 King e Wormwith & Co, Princess, DUFF H R, 351 University avenue, Olli, (. 11 Ilr; 2 to 4 and 7 to 8, Tele- PIANO TUNERS phone 81) Razeau W A, 210 Alfred Fee S H, 405 Princess Cunningham Henry, 21 King w GARRETT R W. 52 John nton, Office! Reyner John, 131 Union w Hours 10 to 11 am, 2 to 4 and 7 to 8.30 Singleton Leo, 391 Brock pm, 'Phone 282 Gibson J F. 282 Queen Sinpleton Prof Thomas. 286 Princess HANLEY ROBERT, MD, 1R6 Welllnlrton Swaine W E, 153 Sydenham Office Hours 8 to 10 am. 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pro, T-lephone 510 PIANOS AND ORGANS Herald,lohn Ki ig e KILBORN R K. MD, 244 King e, cop George Joseph, Gore William. Office Hours 10 to 11 am, 2 Slclbwall R J(est of), 471 Princess to 4 and 7 to 8 pm, Telephone 342 \ordheimer Piano & Music Co, Ltd, Paul LAKE E J. 25S Ragot (Eye, Ear, Hahn, repreaentative, instruments at Nose, Throat and Skin Blemishes), Kirkpatrick's Art Store, 159 Princess Office Hours 9 to 12 am, 1.3o to ç pm, Sheldrick Mark. 2 i3 Princess Saturday evenin6s 7 to 9, 1ldephons 301. Singleton Thomas. 286 Princess Weese D A & Co, 121 Princess I

96 FOSTER & CO'S KINGSTON BUSINESS DIRECTORY 193 PICTLRES AND FRAMES Kirkpatrick Michael, 159 Princess Weese D A & Co, 121 Princess PIPE AND BOILER COVERING EUREKA MINERAL WOOL & Asbestos Co. 74 York st, Toronto Hooper Broc, 83 Wellington PLANING MILLS ANGLIN S it CO. Bay. cor Wellington (See adv back cover) Slater b: & Ontario Wilson James. 48 Gore PLUMBERS Cockburn John, 373 King e Elliott Bros, 77 Princess Hall David. 66 Brock Jamieson Joseph, 42 Johnston Lemmon, Claxton & Lawrenson, King e McKelvey & Birch Brock Nugent.1 & Co. : King e Oldfin J W, 253 King e Simmons Bros, 211 Princess Taylor & Hamilton, Princess PLUMBERS SUPPLIES McKelvey & Birch, Brock PORK BUTCHERS Myers H J, 60 Brock PORK PACKERS Maclean Andrew, 272 Ontario POWDER MANUFACTURERS Ontario Powder Co, Ltd, 115 Brock PRINTERS British Whig Publishing Co, Ltd, 306- :310 King e Daley Patrick, 128 Clarence Jackson Wm, 190 Wellington Mitchell John, 172 Wellington Smith.John. 153 Wellington Times Printing Co, Ltd, 67 Princess PRODUCE Parkhill J Y & Co, 252 Princess PROVISIONS The Wm Davies Co. Ltd, 86 Princess Henderson J S Brock Myers H J, 6o Brock PROPRIETARY MEDICINES Poison N C & Co, 265 Ontario PUBLISHERS British Whig Publishing Co, Ltd, King e Daley Patrick, 128 Clarence Times Printing Co of Kingston, Limited, 67 Princess RAILWAY COMPANIES Bay of Quinte Ry Co, 30 Clarence G T R System, ft of Johnston Kingston. Portsmouth & Cataraqui Electric Ity Co, 192 Ontario Kingston & Pembroke Railway Co. Ontario st, opp City Hall REAL ESTATE Bell R C. 1711/2 Wellington Bond A F, 6:3 Clarence Cays D A, 348 King e Cliff George, 95 Clarence Clow Franklin, 83 Earl Gardiner J A, 151 Wellington Lockhart '1'.1, 159 Wellington MeCANN J M R. 51 Brock Moore Wm, Anglo-American Hotel O'Donnell Bryan, 254 Earl Purdy E B, 428 Princess Saskatchewan Land & Homestead Co, Ltd. The, 79 Clarence Ziegler George, jr, 348 King e REFRIGERATORS. Harrison T F Co, Princess REGISTRARS Gildersleeve James P, registrar or deeds, City of Kingston, office head west st McGill Archibald, registrar Surrogate Court. office County Buildings Thompson J D, registrar of deeds. of Frontenac, office head of County West st REGISTRY OFFICES For 9 Stratford Mrs Henry, 284 Princess REPAIRERS Clark J W & Co. 353 Princess Garbutt D J, 225 Princess RESTAURANTS Club Restaurant. 186 Wellington Doyle Michael, 331 King e G T R Restaurant, Outer Depot Gwatkin Mrs John, 343 King e Hiscock Joseph, 160 Princess The Ke4wiek. 354 King e Keswick Restaurant, 57 Brock Moberly Mrs Wm, 34 Brock Nadon Joseph, 234 Dntario Walker Charles, 49 Princess to ROOFING (Prepared) EUREKA MINERAL WOOL & Asbestos Co, 74 York st, Toronto SAFES. Dobbs J R C & Co, 171 Wellington SAILMAKERS Oldreive dr Horn. 263 Ontario SALVAGE AND WRECKING COM- PANIES The Calvin Co, Ltd, Garden Island Donnelly Salvage and Wrecking Co. Ltd. 1, ontario SASH DOORS AND BLINDS ANGLIN S & CO, Bay, cor Wellington (See adv back cover) Rathbun Co, The, Ontario, cor Place d'armes Slater E e: Co, Ontario SAVINGS SOCIETIES Frontenac Loan & Investment Society. 87 Clarence Ontario Building and Savings Society, 67 Clarence SAW MILI.S ANGLIN 9 & CO. Bay, cor Wellington (See adv back cover) SECOND HAND GOODS Ellenson & Co, 281 Princess Fields A E, 45 Princess Goldman Carl, 43 l'rincess Leases Louis, 22 Chatham Lieberman Abraham. 39 Princess Shear Abraham. 306 Princess Thompson John, Princess Turk Jacob, 398 Princess Zacks Isaac, 273 Princess SEED MERCHANTS Hutchigon D A. 20 Market Tait Wm, 25 Brock SEWING MACHINES Dobbs J R C & Co. 171 Wellington McDowell R 3, 471 Princess Singer Mfg Co, 164 Princess Wormwith & Co, 27 Princess SHIP BUILDERS The Calvin Co, Ltd, Garden Island Davis Dry Dock Co, ft Bay SHOEMAKERS Adams Wm, 70 Brock Allen W & Son, 82 Brock Angrove Henry, 87 Queen Austin James, 102 Rideau Bennett T J, 218 Wellington Darragh Alexander King e Da \ is James, 269 Princes. Downey Timothy, 206 Bagot Erskine John, 90 Ontario Herod A E. 354 Princess Rinton David, 339 Johnston Keyes Andrew, 355 Princess McCall James, Bagot, cor Princess O'Connell Robert, 176 Montreal O'Connor John, 288 Ontario Poynter Hobert. '238 Barrie Pope T N, 80 Colborne Wirtz Fred, 221 Wellington Young George, 397 Princess SODA WATER MANUFACTURERS l'erry O R, 10 Market Thompson James, 292 Princess Tyo Alexander, 268 Princess SPORTING GOODS Paul W J. 70 Princess Routley John, 173 Princess STATIONERS Clark J W & Co, 353 Princess McAuley Thomas. 128 Princess Nisbet Francis, 94 Princess eglow R & Co. 141 Princess Weese D A & Co. 121 Princess Woods' Fair, 101 Princess STEAMSHIP LINES AND AGENTS Allan, J P Hanley, Ontario cor Johnston. and J P Gildersleeve, 42 Clarence, agents Allan State, j P Gildersleeve agent, 42 Clarence Anchor Line, Folger's Ticket Agency, ft Brock Atlantic Transport, J P Hanley, Ontario cor Johnston, and J P Gildersleeve. 42 Clarence, agents Atlas Line, Folger's Ticket Agency, ft Brock Beaver, J P Hanley, Ontario cor Johnston; J P Gildersleeve, 42 Clarence. J A Goodearle, ft Brock, agents Black Diamond Line, J P Gildersleeve, 42 Clarence. and J P Hanley, Ontario cor Johnston, agents Boston Fruit Co's SS 1.ine, Folger's Ticket Agency, ft Brock, and J P Hanley, Ontario, cor.johnston, agents Clyde Steamship Co, Folger's Ticket Agency, ft Brock. and J P Hanley, Ontario. cor Johnston, agents Cunard. J P Gildersleeve, 42 Clarence: Folger's Ticket Agency. ft Brock. and P Hanley, Ontario, cor Johnston, agents

97 194 J. G. FOSTER & CO'S KINGSTON BUSINESS DIRRCTORY 196!!. Dominion Line Royal Mail Steamers, J P Hanley. Ontario cor Johnston; J P Gildersleeve, 42 Clarence, agents French Line, J P Hanley, agent, Ontario, cor Johnston Hamburg American Packet Co, J P Hanley, Ontario, cor Johnston, Folger's Ticket Agenev, ft Brock, and J P der-deeve, 42 Clarence, agents Hansa, J P Hanley agent, Ontario cor Johnston Lake Ontario & Bay of Quinte Steamboat Co, Ltd, 6 M.irket Mallory Line, J P Hanley, Ontario cor Johnston: J P Gildersleeve, 42 Clarenee. and Fo'gees Ticket Agency, ft Brock, agents Merchants'. W G Crai6- & Co agents, Ontario. ccr William North German Lloyd, J P Hanley. Ontario. ctilr Johnston, and Folger's Ticket Agency, ft Stock, agents Quebec Steamship Co. Ltd, J P Gildersleeve. 42 Clarence. and J P Hanley. Ontario. cor Johnston, agents Red Star, J P Hanley, Ontario cor Johnston. and J P Gildersleeve, 42 Clarence, agents Richelieu & Ontario Nav Co, J P Hanley, Ontario cor Johnston, passenger agent, James Swift, freight agent. ft of Johnston Rideau Lake. Navigation Co, Ltd, 63 Rideau St Lawrence River Steamboat Co, Ltd, 198 Ontario and ft of Brock St Lawrence Steamship Co (Gulf Line),,1 P Gildersleeve. 42 Clarence and Fol: ger's Ticket.12enry, ft Brock. agents Thousand Island Steamboat Co, 198 Ontario, and ft of Brock White Star. J P Gildersleeve, 42 Clarence. and J P Hanley, Ontario Johnston, agents. STONE DEALERS ShuMehotham Walter. 4C)6 Montreal Smith Robert. 46 Lansdowne Wallace Robert. Patrick, opp James STORAGE Craig W G 8r Co, Ontario STOVES AND TINWARE cor Elliott Bror, 77 Princess Hentig G W Princess Horsey S J, 189 Princess Lemmon, Claxton & Lawrenson, King e McKelvey & Birch, Brock Nugent.1 & Co, King e Oldfin J W (gas), 253 King e Simmons Bros, 211 Princess Taylor & Hamilton, Princess Woods' Fair, 101 Princess TAILORS Cannon G D, 26 Montreal Carroll & Co, 230 Princess Crawford & NValsh (mer), 155 Prince.s tlehalle. Elias, 351 Princess.i alloway Thomas, 131 Brock owland Bros (mer), 358 King e ohn,ton J It, 107 Princess Lambert Thomas (mer), 157 Princess Livingston C & Bro (mer), Brock "Mv Valet," NVarmick Bros, props, 191 Prinee.s O'Brien & Co, 216 Princess Prevost Zotique (mer). 55 Brock Robinson's Tailoring Store, 2.36 Princess Tweddell John (mer), 131 Princess Waggoner A C (mer), 188 Wellington TANNERS Davis A & Son, Ltd, Lower Rideau st TAXIDBRMISTS Lochhead J F, 262 Princess Stratford Henry, 13 U Charles Stratford James, 289 Princess TELEGRAPH COMPANIES Canadian Pacific Railway Co's Telegraph. fil Clareiw. Great Northwestern Telegraph Co, 34 Clarence North American Telegraph Co Ltd, The, Clarence street TELEPHONE COMPANIES Bell Telephone Co, 186 Ontario TENTS AND AWNINGS ilazeau F' N. 210 Alfred Oldreive & Horn, 263 Ontario TICK ET AGENTS (See Agents Ticket) TIMBER MERCHANTS The Calvin Co, Ltd, 75 Princess TINSMITHS Chown Edwin & Son, Begot Elliott Bros, 77 Princess Hentig G W, Princess Horsey S J, 189 Princess Leranion, Claxton & Lan renson, King e McKelvey & Birch, Brock Nugent.1 & Co, King e Oldfln J W, 253 King e Polite John, 110 Clergy Simmons Bros, 211 Princess Taylor & Hamilton, Princess TINSMITHS' SUPPLIES Chown Edwin & Son, Begot McKelvey & Birch, Brock TOBACCONISTS Baker Wm, 352 King e Balser à Marshall, 202 Princess Egan Daniel. 126 Princess Fitzgibbon Daniel, 230} Princess Gue.s Delbert, 210 Princess McGall John. 66 Princess Paul W J, 70 Princesa Routley John. 173 Prince's Webster E S 336 King e TRANSPORTATION COhIPANIES Montreal Transportation Co, Ltd, ft Queen TRUNKS AND VALISES FIllton Thomas, 386 Princess Locket; F G, 11A Princess Rudd Harness Co, 143 Princess TRUST COMPANIES Trust and Guarantee Co, J S R Mc- Cann agent, 51 Brock TYPEWRITERS Dobbs J R C & Co, 171 Wellington TYPEWRITERS' SUPPLIES Dobbs.j R C & Co, 171 Wellington UMBRELLA MAKERS Wathen W J. 104 William UNDERTAKERS Corbett S S, 281 Princess Harrison T F Co, Princess Reid James, 254 Princess Reid R J, 222 Princess Ronan Thomas, Bagot PHOLSTERERS Harrison T F Co, Princess McCormack & Gavine, 214 Ragot Reid James, 254 Princess Reid R J, 222 Princess VALUATORS Gardiner J A, 151 Wellington McCann J S R, 51 Brock VETERINARY SURGEONS Bell G W, 70 Princess McGill W A, 291 Princess Massie James, 206 Ragot Morgan W J, 47 Montreal Nicholls Wm, 134 Clarence INEGAR MANUFACTURER Wilson, Lytle, Badgerow Co of Toront. Ltu, e s Ragot, 1 s Ordnance WAGON MAKERS (See Carriage and Wagon Makers) WALL PAPER Laird John, 349 Princess Lemmon W N, 80 William McMahon T & Co, 133 Brock Milo T W, 41 Montreal Nisbet Francis, 94 Princess Robinson Bros, Ragot Weese D A & Co, 121 Princess WATCHES. CLOCKS. JEWELERV Edwin, 208 Princess Bass C L Princess Coates le W, 158 Princess Crews P B, too Princess Keeley W J Jr, 226 Princess Lane C W, 192 Wellington Smith Bros, 350 King e Spangenberg F W. 347 King e Wood H A. 236 Princess WHARFINGERS Craig W G & Co Ontario Folger Bros, ft of Brock Richardson Jas & Sons, ft Princess Swift James & Co, foot of Johnston WILLOW WORKERS Tracy W J, 58 Queen WINES AND Life ORS Halligan John & Co, 53 Brock Henderaon J S Brock Leahy T J, 320 King e McFarland James, King e McRae Bros, Brock, cor Wellington Pelow T H. 41 Brock Rigney & Hickey, 138 Princess Thompson James, 292 Princess Tyo Alexander, 268 Princess WIRE WORKERS Partridge Francis, 275 King e WOOLEN GOolos Asselstine Michael, 238 Princess WOOD CARVERS Dunbar A C, 27 Princess WRECKING PLANTS The Calvin Co Ltd, Garden Island Donnelly Salvage & Wrecking Co Ltd, 193 Ontario YACHT FITTINGS Oldreive & Horn, 263 Ontario II J.

98 J. G. FoSTER & CO'S KINGSTON MISCELLANEOUS DI R ECTO R 197 KINGSTON Miscellaneous Directory. CITY COUNCIL, Mayor John H Bell, M D Aldermen Sydenham Ward R H Toye, Dr R H Abbott, Geo Sears Ontario Ward K E Kent, J J Behan, T.1 Rigney Cataraqui Ward John McLe0d, James MaIlen, W G Strainge St Lawrence Ward John Carson, S H McCaminon..1 McD Mowat Frontenac Ward R N F McFarlane, W W Sands. MD, Daniel Couper Rideau Ward F J Hoag, Robert Meek, Jas F Knapp Victoria Ward Henry Angrove, W E Bassani, Francis King Regular meetings of Council for laat half of 1904; July 4th and 18th; Aug. 1st, 15th and 29th; Sept 12th and 26th; Oct 10th and 24th; Nov 7th and 21st; Dec 5th and 19th Standing Committees. (The first named on each Committee is Chairman.) Finance The Mayor, Ald. Behan, Kent. McLeod, Meek, Mowat, Toye. Board of Works Ald. Knapp, Bassam, Behan, Carson, Couper, Sears, Strainge. Water Works Ald. Meek, Angrove, Abbott, Mowat, McFarlane. Sands, Toye. Fire and I.ight Ald. Toye, Abbott, Carson, McCammon, McLeod, Mowat, Sands. City Propertv Ald. McFarlane, Hoag, King, Malien, Sands, Sears, Strainge. Parks Ald. Bassam, Carson, Couper, Kent. Knapp. McCammon. Rigney. Printing Ald. King, Abbott, Angrove, Mellen, Rigney. Industries Ald. Carson, Behan, Mc- Leod. House of lndustry The Mayor, Ald. Hoag, Knapp, MeCammon. Court of Revision J S R Mann, James R Laidlaw. Board of Health John McIntyre (3 ), the Mayor, R. Meek (1), J R Donaldson (1), J D Thompson (3), Capt John Gaskin (2), W. G. Simmons (2). City tildes Major L W Shannon clerk, F C Ireland treasurer, D M McIntyre solicitor, Alex K Kirkpatrick engineer. Wm Gordon assessor and commissioner, George Thompson tax collector, James M. Farrell, police magistrate, W M Baillie chief of police, Thomas Hewitt supt waterworks, John Elmer chief fire department, Dr S H Fee medical health officer, Wm McCammon market clerk and harbor master, messenger John Ballantyne City Engineer's Department Alex K Kirkpatrick engineer, R J Mc- Clelland clerk, Thos Timms foreman. City Waterworks Department Alex K Kirkpatrick engineer, Thomas Hewitt superintendcnt, Wrn A Newlands receiver, F C Ireland treasurer Police Force. W M Bantle chief, Robt W Nesbitt, Alex Snodden sergeants. James Megarry,.las A Craig, Nicholas Timmerman, Jas Bateson, Charles Diamond, Jas J Graham, Samuel J Arnie', John Nay- Ion, Arthur P Page, Robert H Hughes, Thos MuBinger, policemen. City Coroners. Drs D Phelan, D E Mundell and R H Ki'born City License Commissioners. R Crawford, chairman, A Strachat, J P Hanley. FIRE DEPARTMENT John Elmer chief, John Sands east chief, Wm Miller engineer Fire Halls No 1 Ontario st, between Brock and Princes, No Brock Fire Alarms 2 Fire Station No 1, Ontario st 3 Cor Queen and Montreal sts 4 Cor Rideau and Bay eta 5 On Division st (All Saints' Ch) 6 Cor Princess and Chatham sts 7 Cor Patrick and Balaclava sts 8 Cor Earl and Barrie sts 9 Knitting Mill 12 Montreal st near Charles st 13 Cor River and Rideau tits 14 Military College 15 Locomotive 1Vorks 17 Cor Earl and University av 18 Cor King and Union sts 21 Cor John and Montreal sts 23 Cor Princess and Barrie sts 24 Cor Princess and Victoria sis 25 Cor Arch and Deacon sts 26 Cor Begot and William sis 27 Cor King and Beverly sts 28 Cor Pine and Patrick sts 29 Cor Brock and Albert sts 31 Cor Brock and Wellington 32 Cor Colborne and Main sis 34 Cor Union and CollIngwood 35 Cor West and Sydenham sts 36 Cor Union and Livingston av 42 Cor Alfred and Sixth sts Instructions where the keys can be had will be found on the poles on which the boxes are hung CAB TARIFF By-law, Oth January, 1882 From any one point within the city limits to any other point within the said limits (to the Grand Trunk Outer Passenger Station excepted): For one person 25 cts For each additional person 15 cts For each passenger to Grand Trunk Station 25 cts By the Hour For the first hour $1 00 For each additional hour 50 Any time over the hour to be charged in half-hour fractions, at 25 cents per fraction, unless the number exceeds two adults and one child over the age of 14 years, when they shall be entitled to $1 per hour. and in proportion for the fraction of an hour. To and from the Grand Trunk Railway Station between 9 p.m. and 8 am. cents each passenger 50 And e. iicensed cabman or driver exacting or taking any greater price or rate than the foregoing, except as in this by-law is provided, shall be deemed to be guilty of a breach of this bylaw, and shall be dealt with ingly. accord- COUNTY OFFICERS Warden Jabez Stoness, Perth Road. Judge C V Price Sheriff Thomas Dawson Glerk of Peace and County Attorney J L Whiting, K C County Court Clerk and Deputy Clerk of Crown and Pleas Archibald McGill Registrar J D Thompson Treasurer David Purdy, Cataraqui County Clerk J W Edwards, M D Engineer G W Smith, Westbrook Inspector of Public Schools William Spankie, M 1) Surgeon of Gaol W W Sançls, M D Governor of Gaol C H Corbett County Auditor T D Minnes Court House Keeper W S Grant COUNTY COUNCIL, Wm J Franklin, joyceville; Robert Shannon, Sunbury; R J Spoor, Wolfe Island; John Cox, Howe Island; Thos Sproule, Westbrook; Wm Pillar, Glenvale; Jos Wilkins, Verona; Jabez Stoness, Perth Road; A W Gray, Burridge; Joshua Cox, Mountain Grove; Thos Tapping, Ardoch; W W Pringle, Arden. Committees Select Committee A W Gray, chairman; Win Pillar, sec; Robt Shannon, Thos Tapping Tho s Sproule, J M Stoness. Executive--W W Pringle. chairman; R Shannon, A W Gray, Joshua Cox, Thos Tapping Finance W J Franklin, chairman; Jos R J Spoor, W l'illar, John Cole. County Property Thomas Sproule, chairman; Joshua Cox, W Pillar, R Shannon, Thos Tapping, Jos Wilkins. Printing and Education A W Gray, Chairman: W W Pringle, Thos Tapping, Jos Wilkins, Roht Shannon. Roads and Bridges W Pillar. chair. man; R Shannon, Jos Wilkins, W J Franklin, John Coxe. Agriculture John Coxe, chairman; Robt Shannon, R J Spoor, Thos Sproule, Thos Tapping.

99 198 J. O. POSTER at CeS KINGSTON MIEICELLANEOUO DIRECTORY 199 î POSTOFFICE Postmaster Alexander Gunn. Assistant Post tnaster C G Shannon, acting. Clerks James McBride, J P Pense, R J D'Arey, W J Wells, J B Cochrane, R E Genge, Miss J Morrison, C A Bunt, Miss S M Reid, W T Harkness, Edgar C Hiscock, jr, Wm NVhite, S C Porter (temporary). W J Walsh ( teniporary). Letter Carriers J J Purtell superintendent, John Collins, Robert Lewers, Wm Neill, R J Elliott, J J Maguire, B J Hanlon, T M Parkin, I W Doherty, Geo F Little, Robert Kearns, temporary, Joseph D Anderson, temporary Transfer Agent W J Amey. Stamp Vendor Mrs Hentig. Letter Collector B McConville. Messenger John Morrissey POSTOFFICE INSPECTOR'S OFFICE Inspector Henry Merrick. Assistant Inspector P H Macarow. Clerks J C Strange, Miss M Ford, Mrs Isabel Hamilton CUSTOM HOUSE (King, cor Clarence. Examining Warehouse, 188 Ontario st) C Hamilton. collector; R D Anglin, chief clerk; Thos Gaskin, second clerk; ' W Neish, acting surveyor; T Driver, appraiser; James Hanley, G W Corner. W D Graves, John Geoghegan, tide waiters; Harry Ilitchen. Thos Healey (acting), preventive dicers; Robt Carson, messenger and packer. INLAND REVENUE OFFICE. (16 Market square) C T Dickson. collector; T deputy collector and acting accountant; A Hanley, assistant accountant; John O'Donnell. E Lvons, James Hogan, officers; Edward Fahey, canals and excise; James Lawless, caretaker. INSPECTOR OF INLAND REVENUE (Office 193 Ontario) N J Dingman, inspector. CANAL OFFICE. (38 Clarence st) Edward Fahey. collector STEAMBOAT INSPECTORS' OFFICE (Clarence street) M R Davis, inspector of hulls and equipment; T P Thompson, inspector of boilers and machinery and examiners of engineers GAS AND ELECTRIC LIGHT IN- SPECTOR'S OFFICE (Clarence street) T Gallagher, assistant inspector. WEIGHTS AND MEASURES OFFICE (Clarence street) T Gallagher, assistant inspector. CHURCHES (Anglican) (Diocese of Ontario) Rt Rev Win Lennox DD, LLD, Bishop of Ontario St George's Hall. cor Wellington and Johnston streets, clerical secretary's office Rev Canon G W G Grout, clerical secretary and registrer; R V Rogers. KC, LLD, lay secretarv. St George's Cathedral, cor King and Johnston streets Very Rev Buxton B Smith, DD. dean and rector; Rev G L Starr, MA, priest vicar. Services, Sunday 8 and 11 a in and 7 p in, Sunday School 8 p m. Daily services 9.30 a m and 5.30 p Da. St James' Church. Union street w cor Arch Rev Canon.1 K Macmorine, MA, DD, rector; Rev Chas lasters, MA, curate. Sunday services 8 and it am and 7 pm. Sunday School 9.30 am and 3 Pm St. Paul's Church.cor Queen and Montreal streets The Venerable W Carey. MA, rector. Sunday services 8 and 11 a m and 7 p in. Sunday School and Bible class at 3 p ra All Saints' Church, 320 Division street Rev Stearne Tighe, MA. rector. Sunday services 8 and 11 a m and 7 p m. Sunday School 3 p in. St Luke's Church. Nelson street. cor Princess Ven A-chileacon C L Worrell, rector. Sunday servicei 11 a m and 7 p ru. Sunday School 3 p Brotherhood of St. Andrew. St. George'a Chapter No 2 Rev G L Starr, MA, director. Baptist. First Baptist Church, 95 dohnston- Rev D Laing, pastor. Sunday services 11 a m and 7 p m. Sunday School 2.45 p In. Wednesday 8 p in Union St Baptist Church, Union cor (ollingwood Rev.1 B Grinnshaw, pastor, Services, Sunday 11 a in and 7 p m Sunday School and Bible clams 3 p m. Prayer meeting Wednesday at p Congregational First, Wellington, cor Johnston lies D M Solandt, pastor. Sunday services 11 a m and 7 p in. Sunday School 2.45 p in. IVednesday 8 p in Bethel Church, 248 Johnston Rev D N Morden, pastor. Services Sunday 11 a m and 7 p m. SundaySehool3pm.Y P 8 C E, Friday 8 p ni. Wednesday 8 P m Calvary Church, Ragot, cor Charles, Rev Geo A Lowes yastor Sunday services 11 a in and i p in. Sunday School 3 p m. Wednesday 8 p m. Methodist. Sydenham St. Sydenham, cor William Rev John Philp, MA, DD, and Rev W T G Brou n, BA, BD, pastors. Sunday services Il a in and 7 p in. Sunday School 2.45 p ni. Wednesday 8 p m. E L C E, Monday, 8 p in. Queen st, Queen, cor Clergy Rev Dr St Mary's Cathedral, Johnston cor Clergy Rev.1 P Nt-hoc, rector; Rev J J Salmon, Rev. C J Mea, Rev W Kingsley, Rev F G Gray, Rev A Traynor, curates. Houns of service: Mass every week day at Sundays, low mass 7.30, children's mass 9, high mass, vespers 7.30 Catholic Apostolic, 285 Queen J W Dunlop angel. Services Sunday 10 a m and 5 p in. Monday 5 p m. Wednesday 10 a m and 8 p m. Thursday p m. Saturday 5 D m First Church of Christ's Scientists- Meets cor Sydendham and Princess streets on Sundays at 11 a in and 7 p in. Wednesdays at 8 p in. T J Kinnear first readèr Holiness Movement Church, 267 Division, Hey W J Campbell, pastor. Services Sunday and 7. Sun- Tuesday and Thursday 7.30 p m. Sunday services 11 a day School 9.30 a m Sunday School 2.45 p Antliff, pastor. m and 7 p m. m. Monday, E L of C E 8 p m. Wedneaday prayer meeting, S p m. Brock st, Brock, cor Montreal Rev Eber Crummy, pastor. Sund ay services ii a m and 7 p m. Sunday School p m Pastor's Bible lecture 4.15 p ni Wednesday, MondaY. YPSC E, 8 p m. prayer meeting 8 p m. Princess st, Princess, cor Albert Rev Thos Brown, pastor. Sunday services 11 a m and 7 p m. Sunday School 2.30 p in. YPSC E. after Sunday evening service. Wednesday prayer meeting 8 In Jews Meet in Oddfellowa' Hall over Windsor Hotel. Salvation Army District headquarters Adit D 0 C, S A Barraelcs, Queen, cor Bagot. Local eorni Adjt.1 C Bahl:irk. officer in charge. Services every evening at 8 o'clock. Sundays 7 and 11 a m and 3 and 7.30 p m CHARITABLE AND RELIGIOUS SOCIETIES. Presbyterian Home for Friendless Women and Infants. Chalmers. Barrie cor ( lergy Rev M Shelter, 75 Macgillivray. pastor. Union w Ex Comml..tee Sunday services 11 a m and meets every second ThursdaY at 9 7 p in. Sunday School 3 p I) cn. in. General Committee Wednesday 7.30 p m on first Tuesday of Cooke's, 197 each month at 3 Brock, D Rev Alex Laird. m. E J B Pense pastor. Sunday services 11 hon pres, Walkem & Walkem hon a m and 7 p solicitors, m. Sunday School 3 p m. Mrs Wednesday R T Walkem pres, Mrs V 8 p m. Hooper sec, Mrs McCammon treas, St Andrew's, Princess, cor Clergy- Miss E V Germain supt of home Rev J Mackie, pastor. Sunday services 11 a m and 7 p m. Sunday School 3 p Ontario Lord's Day Alliance. m. Wednesday 7.30 p m (Kingston Branch) J R Black pres. Zion, Pine street Rev J. D. Boyd, Rev Dr pastor. Philip, Rev M Macgillivray, Sunday services it a m and 7 vice-pres ; B p in. W Robertson, Sunday School 3 p in. Wednesday prayer KC, sec. treas; G M Macdonnell, meeting, 8 p m. Roman Catholic Most Rev Charles Hugo Gauthier. Archbishop of Kingston; residence The Palace, 225 Johnston et; Rev John Ha,.. ley Secretary. Christian Enleavor Union Meets first Thursday in each month. Rev T Brown. pres: Aeel Abell, vice-pres; Miss H E Barney, cor-sec; Miss A Gardiner, rec-sec; C S Anglin, treas; Dr E J Lake, organizer.

100 2110 J. 0. FOSTER & CO'S KIN0érroN MISCELLANEOUS DIREcTOEY I:vangelical Alliance (Kingston br) itev Dr Philp, pres; Rev M Macgillivray let viee-pres, Rev D Laing 2nd vice-pres; Rev Alex Laird, sec-treas. YMCA Princess. cor Barrie E P Jenkins, pres; G E Hague, vice-pres; 0 Chown. treas; gen bec. lien's Gospel Meeting Sunday., 4.15 p m. Rooms open 9 a m to 10 p m vveek days; Sunday 2 to 5 p m. Gymnasium, baths, parlor, social rooms, lecture course, etc. YWCA 241 Princess. Mrs R Carr-Harris, pres; Mrs Z It Smith, trees; Miss L A Clark, supt. Humane Society. Meets St George's Hall The Mayor of Kingston hon pres, Edward J 13 Pense pres, Miss G M Cottle sec-treas Aberdeen Association Miss Helen Fraser sec, office county buildings EDUCATIONAL QUEEN'S COLLEGE AND UNIVER- SITY Chancellor Sir Sanford Fleming, C E, K C M 0, LL D; Principal and Vice- Chancellor Very Rev Daniel Miner Gordon, MA,DD; Vice-Principal, John Watson, MA, LL D; Registrar, Geo Y Chown, BA Officers of Instruction I. In Theology Very Rev D M Gordon, MA, DD, Primerit's Professor of Divinity; Rev Daniel Ross, DD, Professor of Apologetics and New Testament Criticism; Rev W Jordan. BA, Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Criticism; Rev S Mc- Comb, MA (Oxon), Professor of Church History and History of Dogma; Rev G M Milligan, DO, LLD. lecturer on Pastoral Theology; J P Stephen, "Watkins" lecturer on Elocution. n. In Arts Nathan F Dupuis, M A, F B S, Edin, Professor of Mathematics; Rev. Geo D Ferguson, B A, Professor of History; John Watson, M A, LL ID, Professor of Moral Philosophy; D 11 Marshall, M A F R S E, Professor of Physics; Jas Cappon, M A, Professor of English Language and Literature; John Macgillivray, Ph D, Leipsic, Professcr of Modern Languages; 5 W Dyde. M A, D Sc, LL D, Professor of Men.al Philosophy; T Callender, MA (.Abein), 13 A (Oxon), Prof of Greek; Rey Jas Fowler, M A, F R S C, "The John Roberts Allan" Professor of Botany; Adam Shortt, M A. "The f3ir John A Macdonald" Professor of Political and Economic Science; A P McKnight. M A. 74 D, "The John Roberts" Professor of Animal Biology and Physiology; W J l'ike, B A (cantab), Professor of Latin; Rey W G Jordan, 13 A, D D, Professor of Hebrew; Rev Alex B Nicholson, B A, Professor Comparative Philology and Sanscrit; John Marshall, MA, Associate-Professor of English Language and Literature ; P G C Campbell, B A (Oxon), Professor of Romance Languages ; John Matheson, MA, "The William Nickle," Assistant to the Professor of Mathematics; Jas A l'etrie, 13A. -The Robert Waddell." Tutor in Hebrew ; R A Wilson, MA. Fellow in Mental Philosophy; I M MacEachran, MA, Fellow in Moral Philosophy. Practical Science Nathan F Dupuis, M A, F B 3, F R C. Professor of Mathematics and mechanism and Dean of the Faculty; Win L Goodwin, 13 Se (London), D S C (Edin), F R S C. Professor of Chemistry; D H Marshall, M A, F R S E. Profess.or of Physics; Wm Nicol, M A, Professor of Mineralogy and Assaying; W 0 Miller, B A, Professor of Geology, and Petrography; Rev Jas Fowler. M A. F R S C, Professor of Botany; A P Knight, M A, M D, Professor of Animal Biology and Physiology; L W Gill, 13 Sc, Acting Professor of General and Electrical Engineering; Stsffird Kirkpatrick, M Se. Acting Prof of Mctallurgy; Reginald Brock, MA, Acting Professor of Geology and Petrograply ; J C Gwillim, B Sc, Acting Professor of Mining Engineering ; John Waddell, B A, DSc, Ph D, Lecturer on Chemistry; N R 'Carmichael, M A. Associate Professor of Physics; F R Sharpe. 13 A, (cantab), Lecturer cn Applied Mathematics; Capt.,J L Bogart, R M C, Lecturer on Surveying; W C Baker, MA. Demonstrator in Experimental Physics on "The Robert Waddell Foundation." IV. In Medicine. James Third, MD, Professor of Principles and Practice of Medicine; John Herald, MA. MD, Professor Clinical Medicine and Dermatologv; J W Campbell, MD. Professor of Materiel Medics and Therapeutics. Surgery Hon M Sullivan. M D, Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery; D E Mundell, 13 A, M D, Assistant; W G Anglin, M D, M 11 C S. F 0 8, Professor of Clinical SurgerY Obetetrics and Gynaecology R W Garrett, M A. M D, Professor; Isaac Wood, M A. M D, M R C 13 (Eng). F 0 5, Edin. Associate Profeseor. Pediatries Isaac NVot,.:, MA, MD, MR CS. Fig. FOS, Edin, Professor. BanliarY Bclence W T Connell, M D, :31 it C 5, 1. lt C P, Professor Anatomy E Ryan, B A, M D, Professor of Anatomy; D E Mundell, BA, MD, Professor of Niedical and Surgical Anatomy; 6 W Mylks, MD, CM, Assistant Professor and Demonstrator of Anatomy; A W Richardson, BA, MD, A E Ross, 13A. MD. and C A Morrison, 11D, CM. Demonstrators of Anatomy. Pathology and BacterlologY W T Connell, :tl1), MRCS, LIWP, Lond, Secretary of the Faculty, Professor; A R 13 '.Villismson, MA, MD, MRCS, LRCP, Demonstrator. Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology A R 11 NVilliattison, MA, MD, MRCS, L1RCP, Lecturer. Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Throat and Nose J C Connell. M A, M D, Profes- UOT Mental Diseases C K Clarke, M D, Med Supt Rockwood Hospital Biology, Physiology and Histology- James Fowler, M A. F R C 5, Professor of Botany and Vegetable Histology; P A Knight, M A, M D, Professor re Anmal Biology, Physiology and Histology; A l 11 Vi 11 ia Ins,n, 'Until,. in Biology; 1 1; Bogart. MD, Tutor in Histology. Chemistry and Applied Chemistry- W L Goodwin, B Se, Lond, and D Sc. Edin, Professor; Isaac Wood, M A, M 1). MRSC. Eng, FOS, Edin, lecturer. Chemistry. Examiners in Law J L Whiting. M A, K C, Lecturer on Criminal Law; R Vashon Rogers, BA, KC, LL D, Lecturer on Common Law; G M Macdonnell, BA, KC, Lecturer on the Law of Real Property; R T Walkem, LL D, KC, Lecturer on Equity; John McIntyre, M A. K C, Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence Other Officers. Registrar of University Council- Francis King, M A Observatory Board The Principal Director of Observatory Professor Dupuis, m A, F B S, Edin Curators of the Ltbrary Professora Ross. knight, tillortt and Maegillivray. Librarian Lois Saunders Curators of Museum Professors of Botany and Geology Examiner in Medical Matriculation- A E Ross, BA, MD. Examiners in Gaelic Rev M Macgillivray, MA, and John Matheson, M A. Janitor J V Burton SCHOOL OF MINING AND AGRI- CULTURE. Board of Governors E J 13 Pense, M P 1', John McKelvey, Esq, Thos W Nash, Esq, Jas Swift, Esq, G M Macdonnell, Esq, 13 A, K C. Hon Wm Harty, M P, Adam Shortt, M A, R Crawfcird, Esq, W Bruce Carruthers, Esq, Sir Sandford Fleming, K C M 0, 1) M McIntyre, K C R Kent, Esq, and J McLeod, Esq, appointed by the City Council The Warden of the County of Frontenac Hon Wm Harty chairman ; W Bruce Carruthers, Esq. Vice-chairman, G Y Chown, B A. sec-treas Advisory Col *tee The President of the stern Ontario Dairymen's Association, W R White, K C, Pembroke; J 13 Stratton, M L A. Peterboro'; J Carson, Esq, J L Haycock, W 13 Dalton, D M Macpherson. Lancaster Faculty N F Dupuis, M A, F 13 S C, Dean. Professor of Mathematics and Mechanism Wm L Goodwin, B Sc (Lon). D Se (Edin), FR SC Director, Professor of Chemistry. William Nicol, MA, Professor of Mineralogy and Assaying; Willet G Miller, B A, Professor of Geology an*? Petrography ; R. W. Brock, MA. Acting Professor of Geology ; S. Kirkpatrick, M Sc. Professor of 111ining Engineering ; j C Gwillim, 13 Sc, Acting Professor of Metallurgy ; L W Gill, 13 Sc, Professor of :Mechanical and Electrical Engineering ; Capt J L Bogart, Lecturer on Drawing and Surveying ; A K Kirkpatrick, CE, Lecturer on Civil Engineering ; D H Marshall, MA, F R S E, Professor of Mathematical Physics ; N R Carmichael, MA, Associate Professor of Experimental Physics ; W C Baker, MA, Lecturer on Physics ; Joseph Bawden, Barrister -at-

101 Itlvllqluof Mlrr'1n11 AIN l nl^a Illllprq sit t rat NN', 1j rr 111 a1 IN1 111r 1 AN HI lt11nr., *Alto \\ HINI ^I it MO t It ^I, 11.,11 1^NII. \I1. 1 1(1,/It.rN \I1 A *01, 111. /Na, 1' IN 14rh.,IN M it 1'111t 1 rlur1.11, ^'lll,ln.11e1,/1. 11, Ihr11 \rn \\'INrLr) MN111,1 Ih1\It t 1 \Iltt\ 1`II11 l'in Ir.'. a 11 Ihlh,, hn111nah tLr11 t (1 1\INA1,1 N 1 li It '+ 11 l'w' \\ 11 It,.dtlN Ilrlldrl.r`N 1' 11 IIN1Mr1 \\ 111 h1, Ihla 1 Nnlhrll,1qNlr. I 41111Nr1 F I t11n IIN I \Idlllll, t\i,`.ii+,.ll I k 11 \l,% nll,l , Y11 1\%V V 1\I,hrll,'1 \\\ 111,4100_ ,!++I^L,IN 1 11 ^ la,/lllrr N \\ \\,N fit Itllh M^w I«htta 1'twrrtttrr d hn MN, tinn MIM'rrr1N1 Of Mr INNIIa \\ 11 h1a1 r^inn1 nlralltlrr it 1hr Il,ratA IIN 11r^ M11/1 i`hn1+^lar Irl t arh tnr INh til \\ttl^t^ t tt\im11 11't'v FtNaN,'r an,l MIIIII.11.. Alr..l. O11 11, ttnlrll, IIrN,lr1.,111. hr` a1n11a11, \1. hn 11, \\ I ln+,l 11 h \I^N ryr`n1an1 \Ir.a hel,l.,`n, a,n.l,tn,nh M A. MMNINt mnr Ilrl ' N ^ 1 111^ Â1 A, MrM^N fy N1Ma n1^b a 4 1l i 1qk1r»Ild M A , N 1 1/..1, "\^ \\ n^ll 1,rNnnrll lall ^ N1H1'1, \t No tr.l^lnlll 111 Wr'IMNnh, 1141^ tl.lumll I,N11/U1M, 11N l'al/li.l., It InNl..l AINII/h111N1Ihrl 1 A it I IIhl,11 NIrulal N N nil 1nNd Il.h l'1^111.11^ 111'tlltlll a MIa1N111N tntlran No. no"" MI «A 11,IIh1A,IN ININ' h 41N+a1, I^Ir+ u I 1111,+ n All r (,,11n IIrNl,nl, Mlrr I N,.,11 \II.A 1ill '^`.L l'rnl^al, prllr i,11nin N enl I,Jna 111 Rlnll i l' lilrrl1111, t'ui I Ml.r 1 l'llll 1,1 NJ t11 Mir '+I11 e Nil_ I il u. i,) All.. AI llal II,1, I.A 1 11 I l,llbrh. All^+ 11 ( 1. u h`1 Nil A \ 1 ^11It1+ Mtrr ttt \\'alrh, \I I A 1 1'' l'nl l,.l.,,n Imr"1 Mrlllllanl rl, IIt1,1 1lhlann ^1Nlt AÎ1a} 1. M t1yaar, M 1ni Ml.a 111y1nr 111' I lilil,'l l l'1,111h-11nr 1 r11,1y 1 n` tlit (' 1 ^111.N1111 It.\, trllrl Àll.. (' A! 11 Inl I 1 \11.. 1^' 11"n 1 r, 4I144 At 1'r4111t11a \11:.r 1 111,1 \Il, n ili a 1^Ih`N, Mlr IN hrlll INllttnrt \1,1111 H, NN,, h.hrt \ lil.hnl1lrlln 1`",1 '1 111' 1\1,/1.h 111r I. 1.m 1'IHI`rlll \Ir.+1+ \I.'ld1111, IIIILrII INlll.r N1, r^ll 111rINhrN pinr F\`. I;,^,Illtll IIAIF11r1 IN1nhaN. l'h,inllr \I Il,,,,n,nlh MI^ t' I, rhl, F^a \Ic 1 i Illur 111 \li.. 1 AI. I r rr.i,ali.^ INll.llt an11 111NItaa M"--%. th/dlrln. It 1, \1t.. < 1I L 1114INnl,l,`n. 1`'l1h+11, \1a1111%. \I, h1 u.lyirllnlül_tthnltt u,r.l,ul, tl,rlvata 1YM. \IrM`Ilr.t 111drN11, ^ t'rhlnr.., rnr 1, St t t 1N1 \11 1 I 1 W. '1I,111 \I ,0 111, Psitt \I 111+, ` No 11, 110r. Nil-, 1na1r' IIhNl,ln Arll), `,t.lrl. \L^'nN11 \ Iti,hnl,1+,.11 Mt,lanhnln, Ii ai 1\'a111n11 it nlnlr 1\`IHIeÎ ^.`h,l.`i M.-I. h4111. I Alln A11rr \Illlnla IM11r, 1a111, Pillas ,011 Nrl l'111.in1` In \I Il,.l.t,lll.. M1,+ A1 l'imnlnpham, Allw \I,'..1, \I, h, I1, \I 11,11, NI,111 \tt, l \l,/l lln Fih'hN1.1.. N. \\,.Illlllllh \Irl,,,l". l' 1 11 hln Fl.^nlrlla. ^, h,nll \Ir. 1 1I 11a61n1N, 1 1 t V11 Misas. lot W, Nil 1 Ilnrll, 11 A,..,_ r 1 rr..l... Ilallllal. 1 N nll`rll MI I N Ilnl l r, nl,.. 1^,.,., 1,.^111.r ^.h,a l\iwai. 1^Ulr+l1, \I.lu \I NIl+e 1' \Inaulr, Ml.r "A1n,n1m11, \I1.. M Ilnllnnnn. Mira $I, It1v \ li/.hnl.l., n tmtnrnllnt t`,jlrw.l \Ir..l. Fbr, I>.Innhl \'ûnl 1...1_ r' ^h...ir.wl,r...rra, l,rl M.N. 1,., M^drnhNnl x.411w4 \Ir 1 \lalitn ,Mi nrlnrV.nprrr rnr sit krt 1. II rmlrl.l^n Ir 1111 n p Iit.lralt N h,w^) \Ir..r. Iw11a'nrr, 11 Mh71/AI1A'l'llt p l'111u11.m p,r1t \I.hrhr\ üar.1 hallna, l'hnllrnno llrlal,l.`f two `I ^.`11,^^1 ^laaur ^Ir1Nlr1 a, ^lar : 1 Llar.,. 1.1 Ilrhan,.ar Iraaal Or 1R Ifn, ^ F:h hat.m^^n It l nu. h/1`n) n u10 t4ltllan: Mime \la.r. Ilfrkrll, Nra,' MI.I,.hu lot. NInIT 'l'hraa L,^Nlrrll rrr 11f 111r Ilrm a r,l l'r r1,i011ra i\ni.t.xt71a1'1c inr1t'ltrl'ic at 111nrÿ a, 1 lar'rt, vise 71r r`k Mlnfr ^ F'rnm I. I Ihlll,n, rrln; %I In" l' (lirtwlrtlrhal 1414% nvkwvn. Niles Antnlr Ile tlt. 1NIra Marah staff-\c ('< %.\. 11 F" l'lul. ^%%nn. M{aa lhwnkirr KMrtlrtK, l+lla. ke1mr ^r1^r.v; It t K11trr. \I t`' l'tlir 1t11nr.pa sl`twsah ;' N 1Mllat, M A. t4w.1.ir 7 LHI-. hin11p1un Rt1'Ih ,1111a, hlu l ihlyt J Irhll.nlu. lulalulanl hin11rr111n 1, 1111Nw' IrltrLp111p) Ilv Ilallh.l It.. M Ihlh«r, M A, Ihlnaltlal pini1m1'1in tt11pinmmm IJuaaN r`iii l'ha mron,1 11 Al-'Aar, Inar, 11 F' Ala11411(11 p trn'll,al, Aile ^Ia1.a1 IN, Inlm'11141.h Ilhnu,l INIIa1I111h11I1 Milo A liul-lr, Itll+» ( \lalrlll. Inn of rltl,l,1 'nt1101 ' AI'AIIp1Mr Itat Jr.., al. lit 1114,41m 1 IltttllN ttaal (1k '111,IM l'iii.i,h111p1 plnr, rlu \Y111101tn \\nl (h1,l 111 Inln, Ipnl, nlalhau1m16y MN,1 rr'ian, l' Itrl 1' 1 1t a, 11 \. Ih"ul, Ilitlel lion ( 1Na Most., ,11o (.1 N.'llll. 11 \. 1l41111, IIIrrL, t1y a1h1 ( i/.`rl n1,111 t.1 IIt1r1,1. I IIMILII, hlanhh a1nl 11nu N1al,`tNl t;`t N\'h?N'1' 110' '1' 'ItN11t1hNIA 9'NIN lhiq Nlt'l'tlht It.1M n 11t1.N1.11nr Mrhlrlll nn,l A,-mlalnrl 1`In pnrin Nnll,irr11Na1,rn ahaal. M'l' \'INI'hIN'l' AI'AIItyMY 10,111, 111r1 n 1 t'i/r,ir/1n1a1111t nnd Ilarul 0/n.1t111tr11 1N1 lite M1.1,'ra r.f 111a l'irtl (11+yelh.n rla N,NIa 1411nr hlnllm1\tn MI'tllull, IIF' Att'l' 7:111 1 J 1'rlnraa0 1t 1' \\'NIIIa1N, ICI', 110r4; West 111LU'1 alrrlr, 1.1 rlrr trlra, It \' lllrrrl.. 1. tr, Nil ti, r Lrva. it M 1 u111n., Nr,', 11 r: 11Nr11r, llrn. l' b' \\'Iwtralrall, plln rlhal 1,,) I. N'11111nit, h 1', 11 M Nil, Inlr N, Irlanr'Ir phlr alld Iha Maaralalr Llb1arr t',nu 1 Il.nllrr N11i11M'l'lIN IIIM9'Irttll'At, Mln'IN1'ry 4100,14 In til IJanlrn'. Ilall tlr4 'l'naa av bl apl'h tun 11 f nll Ib1 (ra5 In Int, Inhlualla YI l' ^1'alLaln, ^ 1, I,, It, praa,,la,na. A1h u, Iii viw na r lilldarrb`r ra, 9064 rb'a Ilrf.a, ^1104 W1111". 0.1, IIaaN, V IIrlMarr,.10.1 aar. MII,I'l'AItT Not ;1 Ileaih Uarlara I(InW +I,nl, Illllra, \Iluurla ^Inli 4W 146w Ir'lu Ilu, hlnl, l'l11u,.11m', (llrlrlhl 11f Ihrr l'.muualnliny, I t 1'nl 'l' II 11 tlamrollly, h1 a1n11.tdlutanl, Ibi Marot W(I Ilnllr^l, III+IIL'1 NInR l'hvli h1nlkann L! It,l II II llnli, h,.ullh lln n qlr, l'a111. Ill-Val 4,4110,11011 Irlpill lhiyada (lltl.lnn, 11111ha 'l'aln fill Point 1lnllnr'Las Iul l' N' Ihwr, l'll, AIN', nnn nl,lluy,dh.' 1 ;.1Jlnlnnl, l'alll.1 N 1^ 1 njl.' I llpl,1 h: L rlu l'ia+.l, guunar In+llu,A,.l; A Itrant, arn 1 KnnNar Ul.lln,lnl. Iala11n1U1' nlahn, J MaN. Illai NII11(r.,.llr If file.\ ^I N qllaahr,i In 11 l' V 1 fm dulr ill luln, ;11aJ 1 It II 11h0111, 1 al,l 11 R DtnrnQhll, Id A It II \1111b1n,.,rn, k(t,.., I,1 A N' Itl h al,l+,rn A" tlnllary, 'rata Oa Point Ilarrarka I11,Q.1 it ('nuar, rvnunlandinwl 1 1 It,. II 1',In. 1, 1.1 I 1': "1Ilnllr,t', ArtillrrY l'ark 1,1 Cal It Ilnnlal Ilqltlta, roounaud11jk, (.t IC 1 LlUlwnlla, I I41, Illth\ \YI'f: V'l'I,IiISN l'4litl'4 \IIIHntr Ili tlirl N ;1 Ilraldqllurfara, hinp Inn, 11111ra, 111,1 Fnrl 11r nrt. NIaR 1 I l',rl h'.14i1 anyr, rnumnodlnk; I,t W F `411111% m. n 1 Irl,llulnrr 1 111, rt', \\lut91111 I llllrrl'. l'np,llh'i,rr, h,rlwarfl >;Ilnlnr,.uh,vmdurlur. 'l'hr/. l'nkh. K1NIlM'ihtN l'l'itl,ir 1,1111t,11tr Itoyul M1111nrY l'^`ilrllr uf l'nnaar 1 t ^lürl, 1ar. l' AIrK Fi hrrtann, t'innmanltnnl, i,t-l'nl It N ü ItrnAa, frra., 111 lu,hrl tyllrrlp,htrr ItaKl; NIu1T Adjallull., Major Mrt'I^nvillr, acr. I,Ihrnr tan II \ILN 1111na Ilnvldaan. A l'nnal, Ftl'A; l'rutnaaor of Mllltnry lrllnk nn,l 'l'rrpokraphy, MuJrlr N M'htt\ 1'ICN AI' I.A \Y A.04,11 1 ATIUN No \1' Nr 11, li \f I, 1 c l'rnfraaor of.10h11% \Irint'rrr,!C t', pro,, \Inlhr`tnnllra, It Mr rhunloa nna Mathenulllrnl Aatrattutny, Iva Ill Mnrtln. LiA; V iton. *rll, K C, N WV tire.; l' I Ftitinr y, tacfl'totirtrnlirm J4 W. Mu l'rnfraaor /+t Artlllrry, Mllltnry AAmin- 11uNlar+ R 1' \\ nikrm, Kt';,Lrhn Mo lhlrhnnmt Ilnnlop, 1'rofraar,r of Fortillrat irm and 11f ilitary Engineering; INIYM, ht'; y'.1 Ii1^IMY, T.ihorrre t\rmmittar-- R T WaIkem, K Yro.

102 204 J. G. FOSTER & CO's KINGSTON MISCELLANEOUS DIRECTORY 20,3 fesaor or Tactics and Reconnaissance, Major E 0 Hewett, West Kent Regt; Professor of Surveying, Physics and Chemistry, Capt J B Cochrane; Assistant Instructor in Mathematics, Capt H J Dawson; Professor of English, Ven Archdeacon C L Worreii, MA; Professor of French, Cant J D Chartrand; Professor of Civil Engineering, W R Butler, CE; Assistant Instructor Civil Engineering, Capt. T V Anderson; 14th Regt; Medical Officer, Surg-Capt R K Killborn; Accountant, T J Hennesssy. Fourth Regiment of Hussars Regimental headquarters, Kingston Armories, Artillery Park Lt-Col Thos Clyde commanding; Major U II Holmes 2nd in command; H R Duff, Surgeon Lieut-Col; J P Vrooman, Paymaster; R E Aiken, Quartermaster; E Ming, Vet Surgeon A Squadron, Kingston; B Squadron, Napanee; C Squadron, Loughborough; D Squadron, Glen Stewart A Squadron J S Knight, Captain; J A Purcell, H Ovens, G H Wilmot, A D Harris, Lieutenants. Kingston Field Battery Major J M Caines, Commanding; E W Rathbun, Desoronto, Major; W J Mallery, Desoronto, Captain; T W Rowland, A W Jamieson, II M P Deroche, Lieutenants; W W Sands, Medical Officer; W J Morgan, Veterinary Captain. 14th Battalion. P W o Rifles Honorary Lt-Col H R Smith, ADC Lieut-Col R E Kent, commanding; Majors, A B Cunningham and W B Skinner ; Major A J Sinclair. Paymaster ; Capt W H Macnee, Quartermaster ; R W Garrett, Surgeon-Major; John Herald. Surgeon - Lieut;.1 H L Bogart. Adjt; Captains, C A Low, W St P Hughes, J McDonald Mowat; Lieutenants, C M Strange, T V Anderson, H J Dawson, E H Pense; 2nd Lieutenants, J M Farrell, John F Sparks, H P Taylor, R H Britton, S H McCammon, W II Craig, George Birch, J Bullis, R. Brock. W H Craig, W Y Mills. H E B Sparks, W R Givens; Chaplain, G L Starr. 47th Regiment, Frontenac Infantry Lt-Col Cox, commanding; Armouries, Kingston; No. 1 Company, Armouries, 148 Montreal. Capt. T H Healey, officer in charge. SOCIETIES. AOUW Limestone Lodge, No 91 Meets 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 21 Montreal; Thas Hall, PMW; John Scott, MW; R F Greenlees, Foreman; 1 L Pringle, Overseer; D Couper, Financier; W H Godwin, Recorder; James Massie, Treasurer; H R Duff, MD, Examining Physician. Kingston Lodge, No 357 Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, Montreal cor Princess; J E Twigg, Recorder. Canadian Order Chosen Friends No 20 meets 2nd and 4th Fridays in Chosen Friends' Hall, 21 Montreal. R Chas Bell, Recorder; C L Bass, Treasurer;.1 H Bell, MD, Physician. No 121 meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 21 Montreal Street. S Donadson, oe; A Tryon, VCC; H Sharpe, Rec G W Mylks, MD, Physician; T A Wright, Treas. No 217 meets lst and 3rd Tuesdays at 21 Montreal. James Daly, C C; Daniel Staley, Rec; Robert Hanley, M D, Physician Canadian Order of Foresters Court Stanley, No 199 Meets 1st and 3rd Wednesday in each month in Chosen Friends Hall. S McCullagh, C R; James Purdy, VCR; John Perryman, RS; James Berry, FS; W Wells, Treasurer. Independent Order of Foresters. Court Frontenac, No 59 Meets 1st and 3rd Thursdays ln hall. cor Princess and Montreal. J S R McCann, R S; S Lowe, F S. Court Cataraqui, No 3421 Meets 1st Monday in Sons of England Hall. S Watts, flee See: Fred Reid, Fin Sec. Court Vincent. No 3886 Meets 2nd and 4th Wednesdays in Anchor Buildings, Brock, cor King. G M Belanger, R S; D F Dennis, F S. Order Canadian Home Circles Kingston Circle, No 105 Meets 1st Monday in hall. Princess cor Montreal. Frederick Nicholls, Leader; Miss Maude C Dutton, Fin Sec; J R Black, Treas. Royal Arcanum. St Lawrence Council No 905 Meets 2nd and 4th Thursdays in Sons of England Hall. Robert Anglin, Sec; J M Shaw, Trees; Dr A P Chown and Dr John Herald, Physicians Royal Templars of Temperance. Kingston Council, No 478 Meets at 151 Wellington street, monthly. E Mc- Dowall, l'sc; Mrs. R E Sparks, SC; J Powell, VSC; John A Gardiner, Sec- Treas. Knights of the Maccabees. Frontenac Tent. No 200 Meets lst and 3rd Tuesdays In 8 0 E Hall, Montreal cor Princess. J T Sutherland, P C; C Quinn, C; Alex Tuttle, Record Keeper. Masonic The Knights Templar Hugh de Payens Premier Preceptory, No. 1 Meets in Masonic Hall, Wellington street, first Friday in each month. Em Fr A Shaw. Pres Preceptor; Fr W J Renton, Registrar; R E Fr John Hewton, Treas. Capitular Masonry Ancient Frontenac and Cataraqul Chapter No 1 Meets third Wednesday in each month in Masonic Hall, Wellington street. Ex -Comp James A Minnes, IPZ; Comp W T Connell, Z; J L Renton. H; Comp Wm Jackson. J; J MeD Mowat, SE; John Pearson, SN; E Ball, janitor. Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Rose of Sharon Sovereign Chapter of Rose Croix de H R D M Meets first Wednesday in each quarter at 81 Brock street. SOY P. R J emir. 18 degrees. M W S: Sov P, T D Minnes, 18 degrees, Registrar. Kingston Lodge of Perfection, No 7 Meets third Tuesday in each month. Sov Prince, J Morgan Shaw. 18 degrees, T P G M; Ill. Bra E Moore, 32 degrees, SGW;RJ Craig, 18 degrees, J G W; S Oberndorffer, Treas: Ill Bro T D Minnes, 18 degrees, Sec; Sov P. T X Rogers, 18 degrees, Tyler Craft Masonry The Ancient St John's Lodge, No 3 G R C Meets 1st Thursday of each month. W Crowe, WM; R W Bro R J McKelvey, SW; G W H Corner, Sec; W Bro W H Macnee. Treas. Cataraqui Lodge No 92, G R C Meets 2nd Friday in each month. Wor Bro C S Wheeler, WM; V. Bro Richard Bunt. Trees; R W Bro Robert - Hendry, Sec Minden Lodge, No 253, G R C Meets lst Monday In each month. W Bro J S R MeCann. WM; Bro F Waugh, SW;, JW; V W Bro W M Bernie. Trees; W Bro T D Alinnes, Sec. Independent Order of Oddfellows Canton Kingston, No G, Patriarchs Militant Meets 1st Thursday in each month in Oddfellows' Hall. Chas Bunt, Capt; Geo Lee, Lient; S Hamilton, Ensign; W G Hamilton, Clerk; F Dyne, Acct. Limestone City Encampment, No 15 Meeta 2nd and 4th Mondays in Oddfellow's Hall. John Nolan. Cl'; Geo A Wright, SW; F S Kilpatrick, HP; Calvert, JP; W G Hamilton, Scribe; J E Tre,tg. Kingston Lodge, No 59 Meets every Thursday in YMCA Hall, Princess, cor Barrie. Roht Sloan, JPG; Dr R H Abbott, NC; A' W McMahon, VG; T Niinnes, Fin Sec; John Pollie, Rec Sec; S Smith, Treas. Cataraqui Lodge, No 10 Meets every Tuesday in YMCA Hall, cor, Princess and Barrie. W H Godwin, NG; Arthur Shmleton. M Whinton, RS; 0 V Bartells, F S; W H Warren, Treas. Daughters of Rebekkah Louise Lodge, No ro Meets 1st and 3rd Monday in Oddfellows' Hall. Sister C Beaton, NG; Sister Edna Richardson, VG; Sister Ethel Swan, RS; Sister Jennie Marshall, Treas. Oddfellows' Relief Association of Canada Office, 334 King e. R F Elliott" Pres; Thos Donnelly, Vice-Pres; Robert Meek, Sec Treas. Canadian Order of Oddfellows Frontenac Lodge, No 128 Meets 1st.Monday at 21 :Montreal st. A Van Luyen, NG; F A Kilpatrick, Sec. LOYAL ORANGE ASSOCIATION Hall, 82 Princess No 6 meets 2nd Wednesday In each Month. No 316 meets first Tuesday in each month. No 825 meets flrst Thursday in each month. No 352 meets first Wednesday in each rnonth No 577 meets second Monday in each month No 1 Derry Lodge 'Prentice Boys meets first and third month. Royal Scarlet District Chapter meets on the 14th of each month Royal Black Perceptory, No 139, meets every third Thursday

103 2D8 J. O. POTEE & co's EINosToN MISCELLANEOUS DIRECIXIEY err National Societiee. Sons of England Leicester Lodge, No 33 Meets 2nd and 4th Monday in their hall, cor Princs-so and Montre-ai. Win Davies, Pres; Thom Mills. Vice-Pres; E Leach, Sec; C selby, Treas. Sons of Scotland Sir William Wallace Camp, No 13 Meets 2nd and 4th Mondays in hall, 21 Montreal. Thos King, Chief; Wm Massie, Item Sec;.1 C Patterson, Treas. St Andrew's Society Rev Dr Mackie, Pres; D Scott and W Massie jr, Vice-Pres; Geo H Williamson, Sec; Capt Paul, Treas. CATHOLIC SOCIETIES. St Vincent de Paul Society Meets every Sunday afternoon in St Mary's School at 4. E W Mullin, Pres ; Jas Campbell, Vice-Pres; J Healey Sec; L O'Brien, Trees; Rev J P Kehoe, Spiritual Advisor Children of Mary Meets in Convent de Notre Dame, Miss O'Reilly, President Catholic Mutual Benefit Association, Grand Council. Officers. Spiritual Adviser, Archbishop O'Brien, Halifax, Nova Scotia; Chancellor, 0 K Fraser, Brockville, Ont; President, Hon. M F Hackett, KC, Stanstead, Que; 1st Vice-Pres, Dr L J BeDivan, Shediac, N B; 2nd Vice-Pres, Bernard O'Connell, Dublin. Ont; Sec, J J Behan, Kingston, Ont; Trees, W J McKee, Windsor. Ont; Marshall. J D Callaghan, Arthur, Ont; Guard, Jacob J Weinert, Neustadt, Ont, Trustees.1 A Chisholm, LLB, Halifax, N S; Charles Dupont Herbert, Three Rivers, Que; G V McInerney, KC, St John, N B; Geo Lynch Stiunton, KC, Hamilton, Ont ; Rev J E Crinion, Paris, Ont. Committee on Laws W J Boland, Toronto, Ont; John A Murphy, Cayuga, Ont; J A Renaud, Jolliette, Que. Finance Committee John Ronan, Hamilton, Ont; J T Hallisey, Truro, N S; Hon A D Richard, Dorchester. N B. Appointed Officers Supervising Medical Examiner. Edward Ryan. MD, Kingston, Ont; Solicitor, Hon: F R Latchford, Ottawa, Ont; Assistant Secretary, J E H Howison, Kingston, Ont. Local Branch No 9 Rev J P Kehoe. Chaplain; Jas Norris, Chancellor; L O'Brien, Pres; J PelleVer, Vice-Pres; M P Nolan, Rec Sec; E Lyons, F S; T J Leahy, Treas; Trustees, M Brennan, P Aikens, J Loujhrin, J W Ohltin. Catholic Ladies' Benevolent Society Meets in St Mary's School every Wednesday from 2 to 4. Mrs A If Ward, Pres; Mrs McDonald, Vice- Pres; Miss A Hickey, Treas, Young Irishmen's Catholic Benevolent Association Branch No 483, I C B U J J Behan, Pres; P Byrnes, 1st Vice-Pres; W Woods, 2nd %- ice - Prea; H J Shanahan, Rec Sec; L Cameron, Fin Sec; J Mitchell, Treas. Catholic Order of Foresters St Mary's Court, No 150 Meets 1st and 3rd Thursdays In Catholic Institute Hall. W C,00k, OR; P Donoghue, V CR; E J Clayton, FS; Geo Hanson, RS; Daniel Staley, Treat Ancient Order of Hibernian Division No 1 Meets 2nd ThursdaY in each month at 235 Brock. J R Keating, County Pres; T H James, Pres; R Hanley, M D, Vice-Pres and Physician; M James, Bec Sec; Peter Lawless, Fin Sec; Daniel Dennis, Treas. LABOR UNIONS Kingston Trades and Labor Council- Meets 1st and 3rd Thursday in each month at Labor Hall, 172 Wellington. HOSPITALS, ASYLUMS AND PRIS- ONS Kingston General Hospital Cor Stuart and George streets Governors ex- officlo. Judge County of Frontenac. Mayor of Kingston, Warden of Frontenac.Sheriff of Frontenac,Judge County of Lennox and Addington, Warden County of Lennox and Addington. The Life Governors. Hon M Sullivan. M D; B M Britton, KC; J B Carruthers, Rev Stearne Tighe, MA, B W Robertson, W F Nickle, H R Duff, MD, J McKelvey and H A Calvin, Subscription Governors Ira A Breck. Alex Gunn, Rev M Margillivray, R T Walkem, LLD; Ven W B Carey, D M McIntyre, FA; Rev Dr John?deckle, Dr Herald, H W Richardson, W Bruce Carriithers, C Livingston, Jno Mudie. Prof D H Marshall. Hugh Nickle. T McK Robertson, R F Elliott, II Waldron, Dr J C Connell, G Y Chown. BA; Dr A P Chown, Dr Wood, Dr Third, Felix Shaw, W R Skinner, C M Strange, James A Minnes, R E Kent, Rev Douglas Laing, Dr R E Sparks, Dr James Massic. A F Chown, Frederiek Welch, Dr R K Kilburn, Dr W G Anglin, T F Harrison. F W Spangenberg, E T Steacy, Prin (lor(ion, Dr A W Winnett, R Uglow, F G Lockett, Officers I) M McIntyre. Esq, chairman of the Board of Governers. Committee of Management The Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, G Y Oman, Prof I) II Marshall, James Minnes. Dr II R Duff. Superintendent and Treasurer. Elizabeth G Flawa; Hon Sec, W D Skinner; Secretary. E A Hunter. Assistant Superintendent Miss M I Montgomery. House Surgeons Dr Wm McKinley, Dr Tank' and Dr Workman, Medical Staff Dr John Herald, Dr R K Kilborn. Dr James Third Surgical Staff Dr W G Anglin, Dr. D E Mundell. Dr.1 W Campbell Gynaecologists Dr R W Garrett, Dr Isaac Wood. Opthalmologist Dr J C Connell. Pathologists Dr W T Connell, Dr G W Mylks. Visiting Days Every day except Saturday, from 3 to 5 p m Hotel Dieu. Sydenham street cor Brock Sister La Dauversiere, Mother Superior; Dr M Sullivan, Dr D Phelan, Dr E Ryan, Dr R Hanley, Dr J H Bell, Dr It H Abbott, Dr John Mundell, Dr John Herald, Dr I Wood, Dr G W Mylks, Dr.1 W Campbell, Dr I McConville. Dr W W. Sands, Dr C A Morrison, Dr C E O'Connor, physicians. Orphanage of the Hotel Dieu. Conducted by the Hospitallers of St Joseph Sister La Deuversiere, Mother Superior, Sydenham, between Brock and Johnston House of Providence Conducted by the Sisters of Charity Montreal street, between Ordnance and Bay streets. Protestant Orphans' Home Union street, cor University avenue-- Directors, Mrs John Duff. Mrs McRossie, Miss Gildersleeve; Mrs Waddell, Treasurer; Mrs Wm Skinner and Miss Muckleston, Secretaries; Mm s C Living,ton, Assistant Secretary; Mrs Thos Smeaton, Matron; Thos Smeaton, Superintendent House of Industry 362 Montreal strect T W Country. man, superintendent. Kingston Penitentiary Dr J M Platt, Warden; D O'Leary. Deputy NVarden, D Phelan, M D, Surgeon; W S Hughes, Aect ; Rev A W t'ook. Protestant Chaplain; Rev Father McDonald, R C Chaplain; Miss R A Fahey, Matron; Miss M Smith, Deputy Matron; A Atkins, Chief Keeper; W A Gunn. hospital overseer; J R Forster. clerk; T \V Bowie, storekeeper; \V J McLeod, steward. Rockwood Hospital for the Insane Portsmouth (PostoffIce, Kingston) C K Clarke, M D, Med Supt; W C Barber, M D, Asst Med Supt; W C Herriman, Asst Physician; W R Dick, Bursar; A Mackie, Clerk; Allan Mc- Lean, steward; Mrs Julia P Peirce, matron; Miss T Gallagher, asst matron BANKS. Bank of Britsh North America. City Buildings Jeremy Taylor, Manager; R it Harvey, Teller; Alan Neilson. Ledger Keeper; W L Breden, Clerk; Reuben Sta fford, Messenger. Bank of Montreal. King, cor William R Mackenzie, Manager: J C C Almon, Acct; C E Willis, Teller; V M Drury. Ledger Keeper; E H Sinythe..1 II Wilson and A L Saunders, Clerks; Philip Filtz, Messenger. Merchants' Bank, Brock, cor Wellington G E Hague, Manager; C F Bate. Aemuntant; V L Delmege, Teller; W M Cotter, Ledger Keeper; A W Martin and L B Shorey, Clerks. Ontario Bank. corner of King and Clarence streets A J Macclonell, Manager: H Howard. Acct; E L Fortt, Paying Teller; E P Keaney, Receiving Teller; D C Betts, Ledger Keeper; E R (' Dobbs, T P Doyle. W R liewton. F E Callaghan. G G W Forteseue, Clerks; T X Rogers. Messenger, Standard Bank-'-W D Hart, Man- ager; H E Richardson, Acct; H P Taylor, Teller; 0 E Bolger, 2nd Teller; C F Worrell. Ledger Keeper; F C Kearns, Discount Clerk; H J Bates, I) E Tyner, Clerks; W R Campbell, Messenger.

104 J. O. POSTER & CO'S KINGSTON MIACELLANEOri'rt IUI I(PaTiIKY NEWSPAPERS The British Whig-Dal1y and weekly, The British Whig Publishing Co, Ltd, publishers; J G Elliott, managing editor; Geo H\\'illiamson, city editor; G CM White, society editor; Geo A Mackie, reporter; I. A I;uild, asat business and adv manager; Miss M Maund, subscription clerk King e. The News and Times-Daily and Semi-weekly, 67 Princess; The Times Printing Co of Kingston Ltd Publish-.rs; J R Black, President and Managing Editor; H H Black, Vice-President; A A Moore, Business Manager. The Canadian Freeman (weekly)- The leading Irish Catholic Canada, 128 Clarence street. proprietor and editor paper of P Daley, RAILWAYS Kingston & Pembroke-O81cea, Ontario street, opposite City Hall. M H Folger, pres; John Whitebread, sectreas; T W Nash, chief engineer; C W Spencer, Vice-Pres and Gen Mngr; F A Folger, jr, General Supt; Kirkpatrick, Rogers & Nickle, solicitors; F Conway, gen'l freight and passenger agent; J H Black, auditor. Bay of Quinte Railway Company- R C Carter, general manager; H B Sherwood. supt; J F('hapman, general freiqht and passenger agent. KINGSTON BOARD OF TRADE (Ontario Chambers) REFORM ASSOCIATION Hon Wm Harty, M P, Win Robinson and Justice Britton, honorary presidents; John McKelvey, Pres; M Sullivan, Ist Vice-Pres; N C Poison, snd Vice-Pres; J M Elliott, 3rd Vice- President; J Halliday, 4th Vice-Pres; R E Kent, Treas. Young Men's Liberal Club Hon Win Harty, M P, W Bruce Carruthers, E J B Pense, MPP, honorary president; W C McDonald, pres; John McKay jr, Ist vice-pres; W Campbell, 2nd vice-pres; A Redmond, 3rd vicepres; G H Williamson, cor sec; N E O'Connor, rec-sec; T D Robinson, treas. CLUBS Fourteenth Club King street, cor Market, Hon Pres, Lt-Col Henry R Smith; pres, Lt-Col R E Kent; vice-pres, Capt J McDonald \luwut; hon sec, Major W B Skinner; hou treas, Major A J Sinclair; Ilou+e C'onunittee, vice-pres, chairman, sec and treas. Kingston Golf Club Links at Barrlef(eld. Clubhouse In R 11 College grounds. D 11 \Sclntyre, captain; G E llague, see treas; Committee, Prof Watson, Prof Campbell, Major Scott. R\lackenzie, L W Shannon, and the capt snd sec. Queen's Bowling Club of Kingston Bowling green in Queen's College grounds. R T Walkem, K C, LL D. prc.; C 1) Mcrarland, sec treas. Kingston Yacht Club Foot of Maitland-R E Burns, Commodore; J C C Almon, Fice-Commodore; E C Gildersleeve, Rear Commodore; Charles S Kirkpatrick, Sec; F. Strange, Treas. Kingston Ice Yacht Club Foot of Maitland-W C Kent, sec treas; F. V O Hewitt, commodore; R Mackenzie, vice-commodore, C'apt John Ga:+kin, pres; C F Gildersleeve. vice-pres: R 1 ('argon, 2nd vicepres; Francis King, sec-treas. Council-\lev^rs E,1 It l'ense, John Hewton, W B Skinner, John McKelvey, James Redden, H W Richardson, L L Henderson, N C Poison, G E Hague, W B Daltonretaries, T J Rigney, John Macdonald Club President, F G Dunlop; First Vice- President, John F Sowards; Second Vice-President, W H Dalby; Third Vic. -President, Jas H Dennison; Sec- Hughes; Treasurer, C W Wright. Ex Committee--Sydenham Ward, J A Minnes; Ontario Ward, Dr Hanley; Cataraqui Ward, Jae Sutherland; St Lawrence Ward, Dr Kidd; Frontenac Ward, Frank Hoag; Rideau Ward, G W Hentig; Victoria Ward, Henry Angrove; Portsmouth, T W Nicholson. Liberal Conservative Association of the City of Kingston Dr E Ryan, pres; H W Richardson, let vice-pres; Dr J H Bell; 2nd vieepres. Jas Mallen; 3rd vice-pres, Francis King, sec; W B Dalton, treae. KINGSTON CURLING AND SKATING ASSOCIATION Rink, Arch street. Dr R T Walkem, pies; Win Lesslie, vice-pres; H W Richardson, sec; W B Dalton, Allan Chadwick, R E Kent, Walter Macnee, F C Ireland. KINGSTON FAIR ASSOCIATION. Dr J H Bell, pres; J McLeod, tst vice-pres; James Knapp, 2nd vice-pres; J B Walkem. 3rd vice-pres; J Morgan Shaw, sec; F R Nicolle, asst sec; O V Bartels, treas. Directors, W G Craig, R E Kent, A Abernethy, W H Godwin, G W Bell, E T Steacy, Geo Mills, E Crumley, John Nicolle KINGSTON HORTIrULTURAL ASSN- H W\Vilkinson. pres; R Baiden, lst vice-pres; R E Kent.?nd vice-pres; L Guild, sec trea=. Uirectors-Thos England. James Duh, \\-alter Macnee, Erastus l'urdv..1 Nlorgan Shaw, Dr G W Bell. S N\1'atts, H\V Richardson, W H Phillips. PARKS City Park-King, between West and Barrie streets Frontenac Park-Ordnance street, opposite Clergy Lake Ontario Park-Portsmouth Macdonald Park-Water front, opposite Barrie street Victoria Park-Alfred and Brock ets CEMETERIE9 Cataraqui Cemetery-Cataraqul, Ont St Mary's Cemetery-End of Division street STAGE ROUTES Battersea Stage-Leaves daily at 3 p in. Fare, 35 cents. Westport Stage-Leaves daily at 7 a m; arrives at 4 p m. Fare $1. lnverary Stage - Jabez Stcness, prop. Leaves daily at 3 p in. Fare) 25 cents Napanee Stage-Henry Finkle prop. Leaves daily at 3 p in. Fare Si Sydenham Stage-Robt Scriven, prop. Leaves daily at 3 p in. Fare. 40 cents Bath Stage-Cyrus Barridge prop. Leaves at 3 p in daily in winter and triweekly In summer. Fare 25 cents PUBLIC BUILDINGS, HALLS, BLOCKS, TERRACES, ETC Anchor Building, Brock Archblshop's Palace, 225 Johnston Armouries, Montreal, opp Artillery Park Artillery Park, Bagot street, opp Barrack City Buildings, Ontario cor Brock Clow's Block, Chatham, cor Elm Court House, Barrie cor Union Custom House. King cor Clarence Devonshire Terrace, Sydenham cor Colborne Dunn Terrace, cor Bay and Bagot Exchange Chambers, 115 Brock Fair Grounds, Alfred cor York Fort Frederick, Barrie9eld Fort Henry, Barriefield Frontenac Terrace, Division cor Main Golden Lion Block. Wellington cor Clarence Hale's Cottages, King w cor Centre House of Providence, Montreal, between Bay and Ordnance Hay Market, Place d'armes Kingston General Hospital, Stuart cor George Kingston Penitentiary. King w, Portsmouth Kingston Skating Rink, Arch street Macdonald Monument, City Park Maple Row Barrie Market, rear City Buildings Masonic Hall, Golden Lion Block Military College, Barrieneld Newman's Cottages, King w, cor Beverly Oddfellows' Block, Princess cor Sydenham Ontario Chambers, King cor Clarence Orange Hall, 82 Princess Post Office, cor Clarence and Wellington Queen's College. Arch street Railway Cottages, s s Ontario, between Gore and Union Rockwood Hospital, Lake Shore, Portsmouth Salvation Army Barracks, cor Queen and Begot Selma Place, Brock Stanley Terrace, Quebec, cor Cherry St George's Hall, Wellington cor Johnston St Patrick's Hall, 116 Wellington Y M C A Building, Princess cor Barrie Tete de Pont Barracks, Ontario cor Barrack Union Labor Hall. 172 Wellington Valliere Terrace, King cor Barrack Vaughan Terrace, Princess Victoria Terrace, cor Barrie and York Victoria Terrace, Montreal, between Queen and Ordnance Whig Building, 3()8-310 King e

105 210 ItA1tItItiFIF:IJ) AARHIt :FIELU 211 Barriefield. COLLEGE GROUNDS- Anderson Capt T V, instr R M C Anson Frederick G, butler R al C Birtles SerKt Major Henry, instr R M C Cairns John, servant R M C Dunlop Major C\ Buchanan, prof R M C Francis Jatney, servant R M C Hazlett \Cin jr, eng R M C lfewett Major E V U, prof R M C Huggins Edward \t', storeman R M C Ii:uri, -^lurv M (t%id John) Batten Miss Annie Batten George, pilot R & O Nav Co Belwa Charles, township clerk Bennett Win C, tinsmith Blake Francis, laborer Blake Francis jr, boat builder Bowman Charles, boat builder Burnside Egerton, drover Butler W It. prof R M College Byrnes Myles, hotel and grocer, i Campbell Harvey, carpenter v.ampoeu v urn, tauvrer Alclntosh Henry, Fort head Henry class servent, R' Cherry Wm G, machine hand McKenzie `I C Thomas, Corkey Frank, engineer Crozler W George, farmer Manning Edward J, servant R M C Dowler Herbert W, carpenter Merchant James B, servant R M C Dowler Richard J. sailor Murray John, servant R M C Duffe Samuel, farmer Palamountain Richard E, servant R M C Dunn James American pensioner Panel Ma jor H 1. :tat1 oit R M C Esford Alias fiertha ORDNAN^E STORES CO1^PS, Military Esford Miss Etti. District No 3. l.t 0 1 F Strange, com- Esford Henry, capt g'r Kingston manding, F.sford James, machinist Par+ons James, servant RM C Esford John, fisherman Pateman \1'm, servant R M C Grange Margaret (wid George W) READE LT COL R N R, Commandant Gray Robert, shoveller Green Nt'illiam, painter R * val Military College Halian Miss Rose Robert Edgar, coachman Lt-Col R^i R Hamilton Thomas, farmer Reade ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE,. R Hutton Sarah (wid Wm} lohn,ton Jnmey. laborer N R Iteadc. The Shropshire Regt, commandant Kelly Mrs Mary Ryder Miss Mary Scott Major 11 A\\', prof R M C Knapp Henry, boat builder Knapp Henry.1 (.James Knapp & Co) Knapp.lamc, A('o (Henry J Knapp, H Swaine Miss Bertha Swaine Miss Edith E, dressmaker I L} on 1 b"athuilders Swaine Edward, cond Ordnance Stores Corps Swaine Ernest, bookkeeper Swaine Miss Florence Swaine Ilarry, piano stringer Swaine Herbert, bookkeeper 11-illiams Lawrence.1, messman R 1f C Wilson Miss Maude, lys College bldg BARRIEFIELD. Allen Wm, lime kiln Anderson Miss Bertha Anderson John M, tinsmith Anderson Margaret (wid Wm) Anderson X\'m H, bookkeener Baillie Jane (wid Thomas) Bafllie Milton, farmer Baille Reginald, farmer Knapp Sarah A (wid James) LeHeup Harry, oils, bones, etc Lyon Herbert I (James Knapp & Co) rcn c itv Lotto Walter V, laborer McKegney John, dairy McNiece James Medley Miss Charlotte E, dressmaker Medley Miss Eleanor Medley Miss Elizabeth Medley George, grocer \fedley George L. laborer Medley Mine Georgina Medley James L, sailor Medley Jane (wid Win F) \tedley Miss Mabel E Milton Wm A. farmer Minifie Joseph, laborer Monk Walter, dairy Murray Edward, sailor Murray Herbert, fisherman Murray John, servant R M College Murray Wm, auctioneer Nevi,on James, laborer Norman James W. tlnsmith Norman Win, bgemn K & P Ry Pittsburg House, Myles Byrnes prop Potter Nellie, maid Prof Butler Prince Wm, serg-major R M C Pugh Thomas, caretaker camp Grounds and Rifle Ranges Pugh 'l'huma,+ jr, sub-conductor Ordnancv Stun, ('urps Quinn James, asst carp R M C Rickey Alexander J. waggonmaker Rickey ArchibaldA boat Rickey Maria ( wid J ames) Ryan Miss Margaret builder Cataraqui. Salsbury Phoebe (wid James) Salsbury Sidney A. printer Sharp Joseph, laborer R M College Shea Cornelius, servant R M College, Smith Joseph, laborer Stanton Miss Daisy Stanton Nathanlel, piano maker Tisdale George A, cigar maker Tisdale Harry Tisdale John A. laborer Tisdale John F, foreman 8 Anglin ^c Co Tisdale Lewis boat builder Tisdale Mitchell, laborer Toner Wm, or, farmer Turner Miss Maud Turner Thomas, laborer Valliancourt Octave, caretaker Colt grounds Adair Charles F. teacher Evans John, farmer Alcombreck John, laborer Fegg Albert, brick moulder Ayl,worth Albert A, farmer Fegg Donald, laborer Baker Charles, gardener Ferguson Wm, farmer Bartels Win D, blacksmith I}zzell John, laborer E Riley Bawden George W, general store and Forsyth Thomas A. farmer Poatoffice Gardiner Francis V. farmer Gordon Miss Amanda, teacher Berry John C. sexton Gordon James, farmer Black Andrew, laborer Gorrie Joseph, gardener Blair Thomas C. laborer Harvey Henry, market garden Blair William J. gardener Harvey James H. market garden Black Edmund, shoemaker Heaton Miss Alice Brebner John, farmer Heaton John. farmer Brown Bros (George and John) pottery' Hennessy John, gardener Brown George (Brown Bros) Hennessy Martin, gardener Brown Jemima (wid John) Hood Miss Bella, dressmaker Brown John (Brown Bros) Hood Charles, gardener Brown Thomas, farmer Hood Wm R. gardener Buck Thomas Hooper Win A. market garden Caverley Ezra, farmer Jacobs R'm, gardener Clark Colin, student Villa Park Hotel Clark James, laborer Jaquith Wm, laborer Clark James, Jr, laborer Kellogg Martin O Clark Miss Margaret, dressmaker Kendle Wm, drover Clark Wm, laborer Kendle Win Jr, drover Clyde George, fishery inspector Keys James J. market garden Conway Daniel, laborer Keys John Cooke Edward, market gardener Kiser Wm, teamster Cooke Miss Emily, music teacher Kiser Win A. gardener Cooke James M, gardener Lancaster Bartholomew, gardener Cooke Walter, student Leaney Mary A (wid James) Cooke Win E,gardener Letherland J Franklin, tp treas Craig Wilfred H, student McBride James, laborer Craig Rev Win (Methodist) McDonald Daniel. farmer Cunningham Rev Charles (Free Meth) McIver Henry, section man GTR Curson John, laborer McKim Elizabeth ( wid John) Edwards John W, M D, clerk County of McMichael Miss Albena Frontenac McMichael Albert, farmer Ely EBas, laborer McMichael Charles, bookkeeper Ely Wm, laborer McDlirhael Miss Clarissa, nurse Ely Wm G, laborer Mc\fichacl Miss Nellie

106 212 CATARAQUI GARDEN ISLAND 213 McMichael George A McMichael Miss Nellie McMichael Osmond. farmer Marrison Robert A, apiarist Martin Clement Martin Harry, student Martin Wm D, market gardener Metcalf Isaac A Mills Mies Rhoda, teacher Nicol George, supt Cataraqui Cemetery Nicol Mercy (wid Joseph L) gent store Nicot Sarah (wid David) O'Connor Thomas, dairy Porter John A, dairy Pringle Frederick Purdy Charles, farmer Purdy Erastus, gardener Purdy Frederick, gardener Purdy John, county constable Purdy Mary (wid David) Purdy Wellington J. carpenter Reps Henry, dairy Richards Catherine (wid John) Achee Joseph. sailor Achee John, sailor Achee Sandford, engineer Adsit Ralph, driver Adsit Samuel, carpenter Asselstine Isaac, blacksmith Barrett Joseph, raftsman Blanchette Hyacinthe, raftsman Bryan Herbert, ship carpenter Bryan Thomas. foreman shipyard Bryan Wm. sailor Calvin Catherine (wid D D) CALVIN COMPANY LIMITED, THE Hiram A Calvin, President; Sandford Calvin. Vice-President; Timber Merchants, Forwarders, Ship Builders, Steam Tugs,Wrecking Plant, etc,garden Island. City Office, 75 Princess Calvin Hiram A, M.P., President, Calvin Co Ltd. res 131 King e, city Calvin Sandford C. Vice-President Calvin Co Ltd Campeau Evangeliste. raftsman Campeau Felix, sailor Campeau Frederick. raftsman Campeau Joseph, raftsman Campeau Joseph jr, sailor Campeau Sandford, sailor Campeau Telesphore, raftsman Campeau Thomas, jr, sailor Dix Captain John, sailor Dorey Matthew, engineer Drysdale Samuel Sr. butcher Drysdale Samuel jr, mariner Ferguson Alexander, raftsman Ferguson John. mariner Fleming Roy F, teacher Riley Edward. farmer and brick manfr Riley Frederick, gardener Robinson George, cheesemkr Shea Wm, farmer Simpson Ilarry J A, farmer Simpson John, farmer, justice and clerk Township of Kingston Smith Thomas, laborer Smith 1Villiatm laborer Suddard Joseph W, farmer Van Luver Miss Annie, nurse Van Luven Thomas Walker Israel, farmer Walker James G, carpenter Walker Miss Lottie, teacher Walker Nelson, toll gate Walker Wm A. sectionman Weston Thomas, foreman E Riley Wilder Joseph E, dairy Wilson George. jr, gardener Wilson John, laborer Garden Island Garrand John, jr, machinist Gloude Moses. raftsman Gobiel Edward, ship carpenter Gordon Henry P. &ton keeper Gordon James, engineer Gray John, fireman str "Chieftain" Gray Thomas, engineer Harris John. carpenter Kennedy David. driver Kennedy James. carpenter Kennedy John, engineer Kennedy Samuel. carpenter Kennedy Wm, sailor Lafave David. sailor Lalonde Charles, driver Lalonde Joseph, raftsman Lalonde William, sailor Lappin Benjamin, machinist Lappin Jane (wid Thomas) Lappin Thomas, carpenter La Vole Louis, sailor Le Riche Charles. engineer Le Riche Hugh, carpenter McCaig Neil C. bkpr The Calvin Co McGarrity George, blacksmith McGarrity James. machinist McGarrity Samuel. fireman McMaster Andrew McNa:, Johanna (wid Narcisse) Martin George, sai, 7er Martin %Vm R, sawyer Menard Archibald, sailor Menard George raftsman Menard William. sailor Mullin John. machinist Mullin Miss Nettie, telegraph operator Mullin Rollie. machinist Norris Miss Myrtle, tehr Garden School Phelix Capt Charles E Phellx Wm J. picket maker Bewley George, sailor Bogey Rebecca (wid 1Vm) Rushford Alfred, carpenter Sauve George. engineer Sauve Joseph, blacksmith Sauve Joseph jr, tailor Sauve Thomas. raftsman Sauve Wm, fireman Siddell Robert, sailor Island Adams James. architect Alexander Philip Alexander Roderick, gardener Arbuckle Albert W, mus dir.asylum Arthur. Elizabeth (wld Robert) Arthurs Wm, steam titter Asselstine George, laborer Atkins Alexander, chief keeper K P Belden Cornelius. clerk Baiden Elizabeth (wit' Eli) HAIDEN BROS (Richard and Henry E), gardeners and florists HAIDEN HENRY E (Malden Bras) HAWES RICHARD (Malden Brus) Baker Carey W. student Baker F Godfrey, student Baker John F. traveller Baker Miss Nellie E Baker Wm C, prof Queen's College Bamford Miss Myrtle, attndt asylum Barber W C, M D, asst med supt Asylum Bawden Miss Susan, tchr Portsmouth schol, lira 81 West Clergy, city Beaupre Ann (wid Peter) Beaupre Charles J. sailor Beaupre Edward, Portsmouth Hotel Beaupre Peter 111, keeper K P Beaupre Stanley J, clerk Beck Jantes Itedore Kate, 2nd cook Asylum Belanger Charlotte (wid Maxim) Bell Telephone Pay Stn, S Lowe art Bethune Miss M E, trained nurse Asy. luni Bradley Elizabeth, tchr Separate Sch Buck Miss Agnes Buck Matthew, ship carpenter Buck Miss Myrtle Burke Charles Burke Bridget (wid Edward F) Burke Miss Fanny, tailoress Burke Gertrude, portress Asylum Burke Heury. laborer Burke Ignatius, clerk Burke John P, clerk Silvester Fred W, store keeper Simon Dilworth, engineer Simons John, engineer Simons Robert, sailor Smith Horatio N, sailor Smith Thomas C, engineer Trotier Cyrille, teamster Varier J Baptiste, raftsman Veech Robert, machinist Veech Stannes, caretaker nine-mile lighthouse Yalitneek Peter, fireman Portsmouth. Burke Miss Mary Burke Sarah (wid Edward), Indra asylum Burke Thomas F Cameron Catherine (wid Alexander) Campbell Miss Edith CAMPBELL JAMES, Grocer and P M Campbell James B, laborer Campbell Patrick, laborer Campbell Robert, laborer Campbell Thomas, stokes asylum (*arpenter Emeline, attdt Asylum Carr Charles H, laborer Carr W, gardener, Asylum Caughey Robert A, guard K P Chadwick Alice (wid Myles) Clladwiek Frank CLARKE CHARLES K. X D. Medical Superintendent Rockwood Hospital Coffey Thomas, laborer Connolly Henry E, machinist Connolly Susannah (wid Henry) Convery Miss Mabel, domestic Asylum ('Ook (;eorge Cook Wm 1,V, guard K P Cooke Alfred O. student Cooke Rev Canon Arthur W, chaplain K P Cooke Miss Constance Cooke John, engineer Cooke Miss Mildred Cooper Thomas, maltster Corby Robert, guard K P Countn Annie, supervisor Asylum Craig Margaret (wld John) Crawford Miss Mary A Crimmens Alphonsus P, attndt asylum Crisp Rev John O. rector St John's Ch Critehley Rose, attdt Asylum Culcheth Ernest, baker Culcheth J Bruce, bookkeeper Culeheth Miss Nlyrtle Cummings John J, laborer Davidson John, chief attd Asylum Davis Oliver E, wataman Day Miss Carrie Day Harold

107 Pt11tTHVfM I'It PORTSMOUTH 215 Dean Miss Maggle, seamstress Asylum Dennisun Miss Etta Dennison James, carp Asylum Dennison Were J, bookkeeper DICK WM R. Bursar Rockwood Hospital, res 872 Brock at, city Dillon Miss Margaret Dillon Miss Mary ))ine Maria ( wid ('harles) Doctor Clara M, attdt Asylum Dodds Gertrude, attendant Aaylum Donaldson Sarah J (wid Wm) Donaldson Wm, laborer Doweley Richard D, guard K P Doyle \lartha, dume+tic Asylum Duncan Donald, bookkeeper Duncan Isabella (wid George) Duncan Miss Minnie F.drn:md )tav ie, dairymaid Asylum Elliott T Walter, painter Elliott Thomas C. attdt Asylum Etherington Jesse Evans Miss Dora Evans Miss May, furrier Evans Thomas, attdt Asylum F.wart.loveph. Inborer Ewart Joshua, laborer Ewart Robert, laborer Ewart Thomas, laborer Ewart Thomas Jr, laborer Ewart Win, laborer Fahey Miss Rose A, matron K P Fisher Bros (Wm and John), brewers Fisher Eliza (wid James) Fisher Miss Eliza Fisher John (Fisher Broe),) res city Fisher Were (Fisher Bros) Fitzgerald Miss Johanna, dressmkr Fitzgerald Miss Kate Fitzgibbon Daniel Ford George, stoker asylum Ford Were, farmer Forsythe Andrew, butcher Forsythe Andrew, caulker Forsyth Elizabeth (wid Joseph) Forsythe Joseph, plumber Fowler Thomas, guard K P Frontenac House. James Short, prop Gallagher Mites T. asst matron Asylum Gallivan Frances, supervisor Asylum Gascoigne Daisy, attndt asylum (:er David Ii. ene F. Slater & Co Genge Charles, laborer Germain Daniel, guard K P Gibson Miss Anna Gibson Marcella, mus nurse Asylum Graham Albert, gardener Graham Charles S, plumber Graham Jethro, telegraph operator Graham Johnston, 2nd eng Asylum Graham Richard M, JP Graham Thomas F, sec School Board Graham Wm, ship carpenter Greer Samuel J, guard K P Gunn Wm A, hospital overseer K P G N W Telegraph Co, S Lowe agent Halliday Miss Annie, must tchr Halliday Isabella (wid James) Halliday James, electrician Halliday Wm A, machlnist Halpin James, blacksmith Halpin Miss Mary, dressataker Halpin Michael, carter Hartrick Mies Charlotte, dresemkr Hartrick Frederick, apprentice Hartrick John, attndt asylum Hawkins Sarah, supervisor Asylum Herriman W C. M D, asst physician Asylum Henstridge Miss Elizabeth, teacher Henstridge Josephus W, Hines Fred H, laborer Hogan Wm, blacksmith Holland Annie, domestic asylum Holland Miss E Rose llulland Mrs. George Holland George Jr. laborer Holland Harry L. sptfnner Holland Miss Margaret Ilulland Robert, mill hand Holland Sterling. laborer Holland Win, guard K P Holland Win B, maltster Hopkins Beatrice, supervisor Asylum Hornibrook Frnncls, guard K P Howard Thomas, ship carpenter lludon l.td'ul Joseph A G. Hughes John J, guard K P Ilutcheson Nellie, attdt Asylum Johnson Edward, gu ard K P Johnson James, laborer Johnson Miss Annie.Johnson Miss l.oretta Johnston Miss Ruth M Kelv Gertrude. supervi+or Asylum Kelly Olive, attendant Asylum Kelly Fusan (wid James) Kelly Thomas village clerk Kelso Chrietop!ller J. coachman Kennedy Ann (wid Win) Kennedy Miss Bridget Kennedy James, laborer Kennedy Miss Jane Kennedy John, keeper K P Kennedy John F, laborer Kennedy Miss Loretta Kennedy Miss Mary Kennedy Michael J. messenger K P Kennedy Patrick, carpenter Kennedy Thomas, laborer Kerr Hugh, attdt Asylum Kerr Joseph J, clerk Kerr )1i,.4 Mabel E Kerr Thomas R. student Kerr Wm J, bkpr R Crawford KINGSTON PENITENTIARY, Dr J M l'latt, warden Lake View Hotel. W B Westlake prop Lambert John stoker Asylum Lawes George, attdt Asylum Lindsay Miss Muriel Little Joseph, gardener Lonergan Mrs M A. supr Asylum Lonergan Thomas,supr Asylum Loney Ettie. attdt lsylum Love l:aav. tanner Love Joseph, carpenter LOWE SAMUEL, grocer McCammon Martha (wid Thomas) McCammon Thomas W. baker Asylum Mc('anuaun \1'm, real estate McCarthy D. Joseph, asst farm inetr McCaugherty Ernest, apprentice McCaugherty John A, Instructor K P McCaughcrty Thomas, laborer McCormlck James F, mason McCormick JL rrcua W, sailor McDO\ALD RF]\' H, l'astor Church of the Good Thief, R C Chaplain K P McDougall John, maltater McGreein Miss Annie McGeein Bernard, tea agent McGeein Daniel, ship carpenter McGeein Miss Florence 11fct:eein Frank, fireman K P 11tet;cein Miss Lois McGeeln Mary (wid Njcholas) McGeein Richard N, shoveller McGulre Thowas, butcher Asylum McGuirk Michael, laborer McZlwalne Francis P, laborer Mcllwaine Miss Ordelia McIvor Archibald, lndryman Asylum McLean Allan, steward Asylum McMaster James, attndt Asylum \fv\\'aterr \li+v Annie 11fcWaters Catherine (wid James) :4fcWaters Thomas McWatere Were, clk Jan Campbell Maloney Maggie, cook Asylum Marks John R, carpenter Marks John R. jr, carpenter Marks Richard T, caulker Marks Were, ship carpenter Marsh G H Thomas, guard K P Martin Miss E E, attndt Asylum Mathewson James A. printer Mathewson James B P. Ins agent Mathewson Miss S Agnes Mills.lames Mills John, carpenter Mooney Edward Moore James W, laborer Moore Thomas, keeper K P Moore Thomas, shoemaker Moore Win. laborer Mullin W. sewage wks Asylum Nicholson Alexander B, B A, prof Queen's College Nicholson Amos J, carpenter Nicholson Francis D, ship carpenter Nicholson Francis 8, studefit Nicholson Harry Nicholson Harold H. engineer Nicholson Mary A (wid John) Nicholson Mise Maud E Nicholson Thomas, carpentor Nicholson Thomas W, carter Nicholson Winnie, talloress Norris Robert, ship carpenter O'Brien Elien (wid Edward) O'Connor Lena, attndt Asylum O'Leary Daniel, deputy warden K P O'Neil John,^guard K P O'Neil Miss Mary, housekeeper O'Rourke Mary, attndt Asylum Patton Frederick, baker Payne John, apprentice Payne John A, mason!'aynr Mi- Maggie A Payne Thomas Peirce Julia P (wid George), matron Rockwood Asylum PL.i'rT DR JOHV M, Warden K P Platt Garfield A, student Pogue Annie, music teacher Pogue Robert, instructor K P Porter Andrew, caulker Porter Andrew D. finisher l'urter Inities %', sailur Porter Win, caulker Portsmouth Hotel, E Beaupre prop l'otter Geur};e, constable l'ntter I:enr)te jr, :toker Asylum Potter John, laborer Potter Joseph, lfardener Potter Joseph, jr, gdnr Jos Potter Potter Wm, engineer Asylum Putter Win jr, clerk Pound Wm, baker Pugh Ethel, 2nd laundress Asylum I'u,eh lame^ A, attdt Asylum Redden Edward, laborer Rovhwfnrt t'i:u*a nttdt :ksvlum ROCKU'0011 IIOVPITAL ih`oil THE IN- SANE, ('herlew K Clarke, M D, Medical Superintendent, W R Dick Burear, situated on the lake front Ross Hugh, farmer Asylum Scally James, clerk Scally John, laborer Scally John, jr, apprentice Scally \1i.+ Maggie Seager Stephen, gardener Sear.+ Renj;unin attdt Asylum Sears Fred, attndt Asylum Sexton Mary (wid George) Seymour Isaiah, boilermaker Shanahan James, guard K P Sh:tver Rev.lames M, pastor Meth Ch Shine Mise Bridget Shine Miss Mary Smith Hugh, laborer,short Misa Hannah F Short James, prop Frontenac House Short Miss Mary Smith John, sawyer Smith Julia (wid Thomas) South \li++ \tirian Smith Miss Mary, deputy matron K P

108 216 yogyamotrffn Smith R Henry, laborer Smith Thomas.1, laborer Smith Wm, laborer Stephenson Samuel, supr Asylum Sterling John, clerk S Lowe Stewart Mabel L, attilt Asylum Stoness George Stormes Abram, painter Sullivan Edward, painter Sullivan George, guard IC P Sweet Miss Mary Tait Adam, carpet weaver Tait Miss Annie, milliner Thompson Andrew,formerly guard K P Thompson Charles, sailor Thompson Gus, motorman St Ry Thompson Miss Metta Tobin Thomas, guard X P Tobin Thomas, patternkmr Abbott Lydia (wid Edward) Abbott Orville, eaffor Adair David, laborer Allen Lizzie, tchr public school Allinson Wm L, lumber Armstrong A E, pound keeper Armstrong Albert Baker Miss Catherine Baker Daniel. fariner Baker James. farmer Baker Joseph S, agent Baker Louisa (wid Edward J) general store and postoffice Berry Allan. sailor Berry James. laborer Berry Robert. sailor Bolton Wm H. carpenter Brown Harry, laborer Brown Mrs James Bull's Mrs Robert BuIlle Wm. farmer Card Henry Card Lloyd, bookkeeper Card Richard, driver W B Card Card Wm B. livery Cattanach Donald. waggonmaker Chatterson Mise, tehr Public Schod Costello Luke, prop Island House Coyle Miss Catherine Coyle James Crawford Ann (wid Ezra) Crawford James. sailor Crofford James, blacksmith Cuff Wm, barber Cummings David. sailor Cummings Wm, sailor Cummins Charles, general store Daley James. sailor Daley Jeremiah, laborer Truesdell Frank, carpenter Turner Sidney. att.& Asylum Van Straubenzie /ire Coldnel Bowen Van Straubenzie Charles %Vatson Arthur J. eta. Asylum Watts Alfred W, gardener Watts John N. gardener WATTS SAMt El. N. 'or. Market Gardener Watts Samuel N jr, guard X P Wellborn Miss Grace Wellborn William, gardener 4' Westlake George, laborer Westlake Wm B. Lake View Hotel Whan Robert, laborer Whan Eveline. dressmaker Willem* Agnes (wit' Thomas ) Williams Lyla, attndt Asylum Wood Wm, laborer Wolfe Island. Daley John, laborer Davis Albert. fisherman Davis Allen. fisherman Davis Henry. laborer Davis James A. laborer Davis James T. laborer Davis John H, caretaker Pidgeon Island lighthouse Davis Richard Dawson Daniel J. Township Clerk and farm implements. summer resort Dawson Harriet (wid Patrick) Dawson Herbert, barber Dawson John Dee John Forster Rev John V, rector Trinity Ch Friend John & Son (Thomas Friend). general store Friend Thomas (John Friend & Son) Furlong Misses (Mary, Elizabeth, Catherine and Sarah). dressmakers Furlong Sarah (wid Michael) Gettes Thomas, laborer Grant Miss Lizzie. dressmaker G N W Tel Co. C Cummins agent Greer Wm, agent Griffin Dennis, laborer Griffin Edward. blacksmith Griffin Michael Griffin Patrick. laborer Hagerty Daniel Horne Grant S G. sailor iffulton James, sailor Island House. Luke Costello prop Keys Edwin, sailor La Rush Daniel. sailor La Rush Louis, sailor McAvoy Catherine (wid Patrick) McAvoy Joseph M, sallor McCarthy W A, physician McCaul John. sailor McDonald Mrs Christy McDonald Malcolm. waggonmaker McLaren Alexander. hotel McLaren 51aIcolm J. laborer McRae Andrew waggonmaktr McRae Stuart, clerk Mackie James, laborer I t rhm gr r Marlow George 11, laborer Matier David, helper Mailer John, laborer Neil Nirs Payne Robert, grocer Pyke Cornelius, gardener Pyke David H. gardener Pyke Decker, sailor Quirk John, laborer Quirk Norah (wid Thomas) Quirk Patrick, farmer Quirk Thomas. farmer Ralley Ann (wid Wrn) Ralley Archibald. laborer Rogers George, farmer Anglin S & Co, back inne 'taker h F Bateman George A Bell George W. Bradley's City Parml 1)elivery Confederation Life Assn, back cover. Corbett t4 Ellenson & l o.. England Thomas. WOLFS ISLAND ): 7 Page Eureka :Mineral Wool & Asbestos Co. front cover. Fire Ins Exchange Corp. inside front cover Gardiner John A. 07 laidendeeve & Kirkpatrick. 99 Godwin W II 100 Hall David 104 Harris W & Co. opp inside front COVer. Imperial I.ife Assee Co. 111 Jenkins E P 112 Johnson 0 't 113 Joslin Alfred. opp title page Kingston Rag & Metal Co 117 Knapp A C' 118 knapp Dr A E Rogers James. farmer rtyan Andrew. harnessmaker Ryan John. (armer 11,1), Joseph. sailor R>ui. Philip J. butcher Shea Frank, sailor Shea John, laborer Shen Michael, bailor Siuman Gilbert, farmer Sluman Herbert. farmer Spankie Arthur T. studt Spankie %Villiam. physician and count \ school Inspector Spankie Wm E, student Spoor Richard J. farm implements Spratt Rev T J (Catholic!) Taylor George, sailor Taylor Wilson. blacksmith heatley Rev Isaiah White Edward. farmer Whitmarsh George. laborer Whitinarsh Frederick, teacher Whitmarsh Sarah (wid Frederick) Williams George, well blaster INDEX TO AuvERTisERs. Page ) , S Laughort & L i... Laturney W N. Lockhart '1' J.. McCann.1 S it. Meninx James... 51c1)owall Il.1... Marion &.Mai Millers' and Manufacturers' Insuranee Co. inside front cover Mills & Cunningham. 137 Myers 11 I: 141 North American I.ife Assurance Co, inside back cdver and 142 Queen City Fire Ins Co. inside front cover Russell House. 155 St Lawrence lee Co. 156 Scott & Walnisley. inside front cover Slater E &C- 160 susnum & Colce. 117 Thompson.lames 167 Toronto Cold Storage Co, opp inside front core^ Western Hotel. 172 Winnett Dr A W.. 174

109 INDEX. Page "A- liattery, R C F.N 203 Alffi revia r. 10 Alphabetieal Directory Anglican Churches 19S A 0 V W A+v lt liattery, R C A 21i3 Banks 2,'; Ilaptist t hurches I94 Barrietield Board of Education, 191(4 21)2 Business Directory Cab TaritL. 107 Canadien Ortler Chosen Friends. 204 Cantonal' Ortler Foresters l'atartopti C M II A 20i; Catholic 1Irder of Foresters 2, t'intaille Societies (enteteries 2110 t Imitable & Religions Socidties Chri,titin Endeavor U 199 ( it y Council City Coroners. City tidlegiate Instante Committees of the City Committees of the Connty Council.. Congregational Churches.... Convent County Council 'ount y Officers Cust Hanse. Dominion f overnment Officiais Muent binai Evangelical Allianee. Fire Alarins Fire Halls 14th Club. 14th P 0 W Ritles 4th Regiment of Ilussnrs.. Frontenne Law Association.. Cardon Tsland. Home for Friendless Women and Infants Hospitals. Asylums. etc Iiotel Hanse of industry.. Muse of Providenee. linmane Society Inde-pendent Order of Foresters %land Revenue Mien 198 Kingston Board of Traite 268 Kingston Curline. & Skating 209 Kingston Dairy School. 203 Kingston Fair Assn Kingston Field Battery, 204 Page Kingston 1:eneral Hospital Kingston Golf Club. 208 oii ilistorical Sot-let lig t on Dort icultural 209 Kingston Ladies' College K ing st on Penitentiary. Kingst..n Publie 1.11,ratry. Kingston scliool of Art. ko ig st al saisit of :N'infini; and Agriculture Kingston Yacht Kingston Ive Yacht Chili. 208 Kiii!lits of Nlaceabees i liera I ( 'ou...ryal ive Association. 208 I al (Ira Ilgv smwint 205 Macdonald Club 2014 NI isonic. 205 NI. tliodist (lombes 199 Military NI iscellancons Direetory Nat hum I Soviet les 206 Newstatiiers 208 thldfellows 203 Ontario Lord's Dav 199 f of Cattildian Home Circles Pans 209 Pendent ry 207 Polier Force Port..onort I, Post 0111,e. 19R Post Office Inspeetor's ()Ince 19R Presbyterian Churches 199 Protestant Orphans' Houle., 207 Publie Buildings, Halls. de. 209 Publie Schools. 202 Queetes Bowling Club of Kingston 208 otteen's Collège lia i 1 wa vs 208 lieform Association Regiopolis College 203 Rockwood Hospital Roman Catholic Churebes. 199 Royal Arcanum. 204 Royal Canadien Field Artillery Royal Military College Royal Templars of Temicranee Salyation Armv Schnol of Mining and Agticulture Separate Minois 202 Societies Sons- of England 206 Sons of Seotland. 206 St Andrew's Society 206 St Vincent de Paul Society Stage Routes 209 Street Direct ory Trades and Labor Council 206 Wolfe Island.216 C 202 Young Men's Laierai Clut). 206 UNDOUBTED SECURITY for the Policyholder is the most important requirement in effecting insurance. In this respect THE NORTH AMERICAN LIFE ranks among the strongest Companies doing business in Canada. Its statement of affairs for 19 3 shows that financial position is unexcelled. PROFIT RETURNS is next in importance. A Company that has done well for its Policyholders in the past is most likely to do so in the future. Here, also, this Company stands well to the front. Its payments under Matured Investment Policies have been unifcrmly satisfactory, and compare favorably with the returns under similar Policies made by the largest and best managed Companies on this Continent. HOME OFFICE - TORONTO, ONT. W. J. FAIR, District Manager, KINGSTON, ONT. J. L. BLAIKIE, L. GOLDMAN, A.I.A., F.C.A., President. Managing Director. W. B. TAYLOR, B.A., LL.B., Secretary.

110 9 Anglin's LUMBER Yard. Building Timber, Lath, Shingles, Fence Posts, Pine and Hemlock Lumber SASHES, DOORS, WINDOW FRAMES, BOXES, PORCH COLUMNS, ETC., MADE TO ORDER... WOOD AND COAL BEST QUALITY OF DRY KINDLING, HARD WOOD, HARD AND SOFT COAL ALWAYS ON HAND... S. ANGLIN & CO., FOOF OF WELLINGTON STREET. eonfe'deration LIFE ASSOMTION HEAD OFFICE TORONTO A sound Canadian Company, issuing Policies on all approved plans of Insurance The income received by the Association for Interest and Rents since its inception has not only PAID ALL DEATH CLAIMS, but has left a surplus of over $65o, E. J. REID, C. S. KIRKPATRICK, General Agent, City Agent and Cashier. 42 Clarence St. KINGSTON

Changes in Church Street, Coleraine: 1860 to c [PRONI: Griffith's Revisions [Val/12/B/30/9A-9M] Anderson.

Changes in Church Street, Coleraine: 1860 to c [PRONI: Griffith's Revisions [Val/12/B/30/9A-9M] Anderson. Description of Surname Property 1860s 1870s 1880s 1890s 1900 - c.1930 1901 ) 1 16 & 17 [1 & 2] Church 1 Both were listed as House, offices. 60.00 90.00 In these two properties had been Nos. 16 (Adam McKay)

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Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory

Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory 1858-59 Elliott, Willis, barber, north side Main between Clinton and Calhoun. Elliott, Willis, barber, north side Jefferson between Griffith and Fulton. Fisher, Geo. W., plasterer,

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St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery

St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery is located at the intersection of Ellery s Sideroad and Highway 93, just outside the village of Wyebridge where the former St. Andrew

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Index to Inscriptions

Index to Inscriptions Index to Inscriptions Certain conventions have been used in the Index; surnames at the time of burial are capitalized, while maiden names are bracketed (but not capitalized except in the Headings). Numbers

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Castle Rising Census 1841

Castle Rising Census 1841 Name Suggested Age Occupation Born in CountyIn 1851 Census?!837 Map? address m f Census? 1 1 Smith Thomas Cottage 29 45 Carpenter y x 24 x 2.. Ann Nurse 40 y x 3.. Mary 14 y x 4.. Thomas 12 y x 5.. Robert

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1850 Federal Census, New Cumberland, Hancock Co., (W)VA

1850 Federal Census, New Cumberland, Hancock Co., (W)VA 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 Schedule I - Free Inhabitants in New Cumberland in the County of Hancock State of Virginia enumerated by me, on

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Marriages for All Saints Church, Curland, Somerset UK

Marriages for All Saints Church, Curland, Somerset UK 1847 2 nd March Dicks Reubin Full Age Bachelor Curland John Dicks Newton Harriet Full Age Spinster Curland Thomas Newton John Anna Mary Jewell? Butcher 1847 23 rd Sept James Full Age Bachelor Thatcher

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Descriptive List of Immigrants by the Chatham

Descriptive List of Immigrants by the Chatham ADAM Ann 27 Midlothian House Maid Wife of John C of E None ADAM John 28 Midlothian Miner C of E Read ANDERSON Jane 25 Roxburghshire Cook C of E None ANDERSON Margaret 18 Edinborough House Maid C of E None

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STAPLE FITZPAINE PARISH CHURCH BAPTISMS Surname Forename Baptism date Allen Oliver 25.09.1898 William & Sarah Bale Edgar 15.10.1899 Francis & Bale Francis 13.03.1898 Francis & George Banham Elsie 13.03.1898 Robert & Isabella Banham Hilda 22.04.1900 Robert & Isabella Barter

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Swindon. World War II Civilian Deaths Family Connection & Address Date of Death Place of Death Other information. Surname Name Age at Death

Swindon. World War II Civilian Deaths Family Connection & Address Date of Death Place of Death Other information. Surname Name Age at Death Swindon World War II Civilian s 1939-1945 Surname Name Age at Adams William 23 Of 41 Station Road, Wotton Bassett 19 September 1940 Victoria Hospital Barnard Mary Ann 62 Wife of Emmanuel John Barnard 17

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Register Report for Celia Lefforge

Register Report for Celia Lefforge Generation 1 1. Celia Lefforge-1 was born on 23 May 1793 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. She died on 12 August 1854 in Noble Township, Rush Co., Indiana. Jene "Jesse" Winship son of Jabez Lathrop Winship

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Benwick St. Mary s Cemetery. Grave Transcription

Benwick St. Mary s Cemetery. Grave Transcription Benwick St. Mary s Cemetery Grave Transcription This Document: Copyright 2011 Adam Keppel-Garner Grave Transcriptions Copyright Richard Munns 2002 2011 1 - Sarah Watling d.??/10/1879 aged 69 2 - David

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1881 Census. Household ID House name First Name Surname

1881 Census. Household ID House name First Name Surname 1881 Census ID Household ID House name First Name Surname Relation to Head Condition Sex Age Profession County of Birth 1 1 Rd Thomas Cooper Head M M 46 Ag Lab 2 1 Elizabeth Cooper Wife M F 37 3 1 Elizabeth

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Non Conformist Records WEDMORE WESLYAN METHODISTS BANWELL CIRCUIT - BAPTISMS from 1800 Non Conformist Records WEDMORE WESLYAN METHODISTS BANWELL CIRCUIT - BAPTISMS from 1800 1801 Jun 25 STRICKLAND Matthew s.o. Joseph and Hannah Strickland (born 16.6.1801). 1802 Mar 29 NICHOLLS Armelle d.o.

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J Surname Prenames Occupation Address Home Notes Jack John jun shipowner Freerton Grove, 57 Magdalen Green

J Surname Prenames Occupation Address Home Notes Jack John jun shipowner Freerton Grove, 57 Magdalen Green Friends of Dundee City Archives 1872 Dundee Directory Surnames starting by J Jack John jun shipowner Freerton Grove, 57 Magdalen Green Jack Miss 57 Rosebank St of Rew & Jack Jack Mrs lodgings 1 Ford's

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St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth Graveyard Guide Index John Harris St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth. Graveyard Guide Project

St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth Graveyard Guide Index John Harris St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth. Graveyard Guide Project St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth Graveyard Guide Project FOLDER T ELSIE G. TALBOT 1899-1966 AGED67 FRANCIS J. TALBOT 1897 1979 AGED 82 DOUGLAS TALBOT (SON) 1925 1930 AGED 5 12/142 MARY JANE TARRANT

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Archibald LECKIE and Margaret WADDELL Group number = 3 rd issue (Weblink Leckie Waddell 1883 Dunedin NZ)

Archibald LECKIE and Margaret WADDELL Group number = 3 rd issue (Weblink Leckie Waddell 1883 Dunedin NZ) Archibald LECKIE and Margaret WADDELL Group number 103-3 = 3 rd issue (Weblink 103-3 Leckie Waddell 1883 Dunedin NZ) Archibald LECKIE B 05 October 1854 Scotland D 29 November 1933 Dunedin New Zealand M

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PARKERSVILLE FRIENDS MEETING Printed 12/29/2009 BURIALS IN CEMETERY PVLBUR:3.XLS PARKERSVILLE FRIENDS MEETING Printed 12/29/2009 BURIALS IN CEMETERY Wm B Parker, Jr All known interments, sorted by Name Mid K-10 Allison Emma 7 1869 No Mid G-02 Bacon Priscilla No Mid G-01

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Hawkhill School 1869 to 1887

Hawkhill School 1869 to 1887 Friends of Dundee City Archives Hawkhill School 1869 to 1887 Surnames sorted by Letter T Surname First Names of Tait Francis 07/11/1868 05/04/1880 John Tait 12 Croft's Lane India 1531 Tait John 06/11/1870

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CHAPEL HILL UNITING CHURCH CEMETERY CHAPEL HILL UNITING CHURCH CEMETERY Kenmore and D istr ict H i s t o r i c a l S o c t y i e I n c A research project of KENMORE AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY INC Researched by Judy Magub OAM May 2015

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The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416)

The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) The United Empire Loyalists Association Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 1 BRANCH: Colonel John Butler (Niagara) Branch Applicant 1. Name in full.

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F ID No. Friends of Dundee City Archives. Gilfillan Church Baptisms Surnames starting by. SurName FirstNames. Manager.

F ID No. Friends of Dundee City Archives. Gilfillan Church Baptisms Surnames starting by. SurName FirstNames. Manager. Friends of Dundee City Archives Gilfillan Church Baptisms 1864-1912 Surnames starting by Surname First Names Sex Date of Birth Where Born Date of Fathers Fathers Occupation Mothers Mothers Parish Baptism

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Friends of Dundee City Archives Mitchell Street School 1891 to 1896

Friends of Dundee City Archives Mitchell Street School 1891 to 1896 Friends of City Archives Mitchell Street School 1891 to 1896 Surnames starting by R SUR 2ND OF Rae Alexander 04/01/1892 20/02/1878 Dudhope Pub Sch 29/01/1892 Full Time Work Rae Alex. 34 Fleuchar St 9 Rae

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Sheek Family Genealogy Notes 1850 USA Census

Sheek Family Genealogy Notes 1850 USA Census Sheek Family Genealogy Notes 1850 USA Census Mark B. Arslan 407 Highlands Lake Drive Cary, NC 27511-9167 marslan@nc.rr.com Sheek Web Site: http://arslanmb.org/sheek/sheek.html 31-Oct-2004 1850 Census of

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List of: Fonds F 61 Peter Robinson fonds

List of: Fonds F 61 Peter Robinson fonds List of: Fonds Peter fonds Bishop Alexander MacDonnell to Hon. Peter January 11, 1825 J. G. Bethune, Cobourg, to Hon. P. March 6, Account of items received by an order of Messieurs Shuter and Williams

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Genealogy. 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan Married Helen Orr Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr:

Genealogy. 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan Married Helen Orr Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr: 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan 1783. Married Helen Orr 1760. Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr: 2 i. Robert Dun, b. 4 Jun 1764. 3 ii. George Dun, b. 30 Dec 1768. 4 iii. Barclay Dun, b. 3 Mar 1771. 5 iv.

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William Flint's Descendants. Helen E. Turner

William Flint's Descendants. Helen E. Turner William 's Descendants by Helen E. William - Unknown Martha Uwin - Unknown John 1728 - Unknown Eliza Fearnehough - Unknown William 1731 - Unknown Elizabeth 1738 - Unknown Martha 1742 - Unknown Hannah 1745

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Thomas b1703. William Elizabeth b1712 George b1720 m 1708 Dorothy Elizabeth b1634 Maria John b1721

Thomas b1703. William Elizabeth b1712 George b1720 m 1708 Dorothy Elizabeth b1634 Maria John b1721 1 The Marples Family Tree 1 Page 1 Richard Thomas b1621 Thomas b1670 m1670 Margaret? Same family Elizabeth b1673 nether end Jane b1615 Elizabeth b1677 GEORGE A Robert 1591-92??? Anna 1617-1617 m Jane Elizabeth

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The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada

The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada The United Empire Loyalists Associion of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Fax (416) 591-7506 Email: uela@becon.org 1 CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRANCH:

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Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation

Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation ALEXANDER Henry Staten 10/14/1921 3/23/1986 DT with ALEXANDER- Mama Shin; SSDI ALEXANDER Mama Shin 10/20/1924 DT with ALEXANDER- Henry Staten ALFORD Jociah B.

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? Craig, Neville B., corresponding president, fresident, society of ; president, ; vice-presi-

? Craig, Neville B., corresponding president, fresident, society of ; president, ; vice-presi- OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, AND TRUSTEES OF THE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA 1834-1938 1 Addison, Dr. William, councillor', Allison, Rev. Dr. James, ternforary chairman, 1879; temporary f 1 879-8

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Baptism Registers of Branscombe Methodists

Baptism Registers of Branscombe Methodists Baptism Registers of Branscombe Methodists Axminster Circuit 1842-1877 ( DRO 2399 D/1) Baptised Born Name Sex Father Mother 31.1. 1844 24.1.1844 Eliza F William Sarah Hammett Brown Brown 4.2.1844 11.1.1844

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The Gethsemane FWB Church Cemetery Of Tuscarora, NC

The Gethsemane FWB Church Cemetery Of Tuscarora, NC The Gethsemane FWB Church Cemetery Of Surveyed in 2006 R. Allen Humphrey The Gethsemane Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery of Tuscarora, NC. A photographic survey of the grave markers existing in 2005.

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Concord Presbyterian Church Built a d 1855 Compiled by the Colonel Henry Bouquet Chapter N S D A R

Concord Presbyterian Church Built a d 1855 Compiled by the Colonel Henry Bouquet Chapter N S D A R Concord Presbyterian Church Built a d 8 Compiled by the Colonel Henry Bouquet Chapter N S D A R Cora B Barto, Born Jan,907 Died May 0,907 Alice K Cress 89-90 Geo A Cress 87-99 Eugene C Cress 90-90 Wm Bartol

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Descendants of Alexander Dargie Margaret Dargie

Descendants of Alexander Dargie Margaret Dargie Descendants of John McIntosh Alexander McIntosh David McIntosh Agnes McIntosh Andrew McIntosh Alexander McIntosh Jane McIntosh b. 9 May 1831 Agnes Henderson Ellen Dargie Mary Henderson David Henderson

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Family group sheets for Hugh Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth McGee

Family group sheets for Hugh Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth McGee Family group sheets for Hugh Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth McGee 29 Sep 2015 Page 1 Husband: Hugh Fitzpatrick #531 Born: abt1833 Wife: Elisabeth McGee #532 Born: abt1833 F Child 1: Alice Fitzpatrick #533 Born:

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References to 'Hotels' in Limerick City Trades Directories,

References to 'Hotels' in Limerick City Trades Directories, References to 's' in Limerick City Trades Directories, 1769-1891 1809 Blake s Holden 1 Blake's Broderick s Holden 2 Broderick's Colohy William s Holden 3 Royal Cunningham s Holden 3 Cunningham's Glenn

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LIST OF ALFORDS IN THE 1870 CENSUS OF W EST VIRGINIA LIST OF "ALFORDS" IN THE 1870 CENSUS OF W EST VIRGINIA Arranged by county, township, page and dwelling. Column headings not meant to line up exactly over the data but rather to give position relationship

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Cranston Benefit Street Arsenal Post *Alfred M. Bennett* GAR

Cranston Benefit Street Arsenal Post *Alfred M. Bennett* GAR RANK DATE CAMP 7 COMMANDER S RESIDENCE PLACE OF BIVOUAC 1st 1909 *Alfred M. Bennett* GAR Cranston Post 4 1910 *Alfred M. Bennett* GAR Cranston Post 4 2nd 1911 G. Leon Lewis Cranston 3rd 1912 Frank N. Luther

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Census for Watchfield April BRO RG, A13/1127 Where the spelling or word is unclear I have marked thus?

Census for Watchfield April BRO RG, A13/1127 Where the spelling or word is unclear I have marked thus? Census for Watchfield April 1901. BRO RG, A13/1127 Where the spelling or word is unclear I have marked thus? Alfred Collins 46 West Lodge. Groom Domestic Annie Collins 40 Alfred Baxter 35 Farm Worker Annie

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CERTIFICATE APPLICATION. BRANCH: Quinte. BRANCH ADDRESS: 54 Adolphustown Park Road. Jessup s Loyal Rangers, Secret Agent

CERTIFICATE APPLICATION. BRANCH: Quinte. BRANCH ADDRESS: 54 Adolphustown Park Road. Jessup s Loyal Rangers, Secret Agent 1 The United Empire Loyalists Associion of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Email: uelac@uelac.org CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRANCH: Quinte BRANCH ADDRESS:

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LANDLORD TELEPHONE PROPERTY ADDRESS. Park Place Apartments Bell Ridge Rd. James Abbott 423-794-0769 & 202-5148 Ronald Anderson 423-913-1273 Beaver Hollow Apartments 423-926-5806 800 Swadley Rd. Park Place Apartments 423-926-5090 1319 Bell Ridge Rd. Black Hawk Management 423-753-7461

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Descendants of Philip Wolfersberger Sr Page 1

Descendants of Philip Wolfersberger Sr Page 1 Descendants of Philip Wolfersberger Sr Page 1 1-Philip Wolfersberger Sr b. 5 Jun 1775, Campbelltown, Lebanon, PA, d. 3 Aug 1846, Campbelltown, Lebanon, PA +Mary Elizabeth Haak b. 30 Aug 1774, d. 12 Oct

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SWINTON UNITARIAN BURIALS SWINTON UNITARIAN BURIALS These are the transcribes for Swinton unitarian church yard, formerly of Swinton hall road, Swinton, Salford. The original burial book was photographed by Lizzie Leek, a local

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SUMMARY OF MEMORIAL INSCRIPTIONS RST dds may 2016 St Anne s Church Baslow page 1 of 6 R01 1 Hibberd Peter 3 1 1880 61 main 1819 R02 1 Simmons Ernest 6 5 1944 76 main 1868 R03 1 Brocklehurst Caroline 3 2 1775 75 main 1700 R04 1 Brocklehurst

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Portsmouth Olympic Building & Kingston Penitentiary Photography by

Portsmouth Olympic Building & Kingston Penitentiary Photography by Jennifer McKendry Architectural Historian 1 Baiden Street Kingston KJM 2J7 mckendry@kos.net www.mckendry.net 613-544-9535 2 August 2017 Portsmouth Olympic Building & Kingston Penitentiary Photography by

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THE CORPORATION OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF PORT HOPE BY-LAW NO. 23/2016 THE CORPORATION OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF PORT HOPE BY-LAW NO. 23/2016 Being a By-law to amend By-law 39/2008, as amended, to regulate Traffic and Parking in the Municipality of Port Hope pertaining to various

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SPRINGERS BURIED IN OAK GROVE CEMETERY Uniontown, FAYETTE County, PA, USA Patricia Prickett, compiled from Findagrave.com

SPRINGERS BURIED IN OAK GROVE CEMETERY Uniontown, FAYETTE County, PA, USA Patricia Prickett, compiled from Findagrave.com SPRINGERS BURIED IN OAK GROVE CEMETERY, FAYETTE County, PA, USA Patricia Prickett, compiled from Findagrave.com Carr, Priscilla Springer 31276386 b. Jun. 12, 1806 d. Apr. 10, 1881 Oak Grove Cemetery Craig,

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Dundas Museum and Archives. Finding Aid - Bertram Family Collection (C.0002)

Dundas Museum and Archives. Finding Aid - Bertram Family Collection (C.0002) Dundas Museum and Archives Finding Aid - Bertram Family Collection (C.0002) Generated by Access to Memory (AtoM) 2.3.1 Printed: July 10, 2017 Language of description: English Dundas Museum and Archives

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Old Cemetery Meadow Road Upwood A to Z Surname Christian names Died Age Plot No. ALLPRESS Henry 16/10/ ALLPRESS Lilian (widow) 30/04/1929

Old Cemetery Meadow Road Upwood A to Z Surname Christian names Died Age Plot No. ALLPRESS Henry 16/10/ ALLPRESS Lilian (widow) 30/04/1929 Old Cemetery Meadow Road Upwood A to Z ALLPRESS Henry 16/10/1921 44 98 ALLPRESS Lilian (widow) 30/04/1929 44 98 ALLPRESS Laura Jane (wife of Jesse Allpress ) 04/11/1946 58 113 AMBRICK Ann (wife of John

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Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT Susan J. Dorey Edward Sleigh. m unknown. Sleigh, Ralph. Sleigh, Ralph. 1/7/ of 9

Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT Susan J. Dorey Edward Sleigh. m unknown. Sleigh, Ralph. Sleigh, Ralph. 1/7/ of 9 Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT Susan J. Dorey Edward Sleigh Sleigh, Ralph m. 1708 unknown Sleigh, Francis Joseph 1709-1770 Sleigh, Edward 1710 1788 m. 1735 Nash - 1788 no issue Sleigh, Ralph 1735

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Finis Creek Negro Cemetery Inquire and please, ask for permission to enter private property. Civil Township: Salt Fork in Saline County Quadrant Map: To Be Determined General Location: Marshall Congressional

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Section C. Page 1. James F., Annie L., Elnora L.,

Section C. Page 1. James F., Annie L., Elnora L., Brooks Cress Alpheus H., 1810-1897 Martha L., 1820-1896 A. Bradley, 1846-1933 Eva M., 1855-1931 James F., 1861-1946 Annie L., 1862-1947 Elnora L., 1894-1981 Paul & Staples Staples: George P., Apr. 16,

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Name Name Date Notes. ALLEN Mary 31/12/1738 Widow. AYLSBURY Philip 13/7/1800 A stranger

Name Name Date Notes. ALLEN Mary 31/12/1738 Widow. AYLSBURY Philip 13/7/1800 A stranger Name Name Date Notes ALLEN Mary 31/12/1738 Widow AYLSBURY Philip 13/7/1800 A stranger Name Name Date Notes Notes BAILEY James 27/4/1748 s/o Elizabeth Traveller BAKER Sarah 5/5/1715 Brenzett Widow BAKER

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Descendants of Henry Thompson WILSON

Descendants of Henry Thompson WILSON First Generation 1. Henry Thompson WILSON, son of John B. WILSON and Sarah "Sallie" CAFFEY, was born on 28 Sep 1823 in North Carolina, died on 22 Jul 1910 in Henderson Co, TN, USA, and was buried in Antioch

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Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec

Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec Keith McCallum 193 Wilson Avenue #310 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5M 4M8 1-Pierre Vibert-[3338] was born on 16 Oct 1814 in St. Mary, Jersey Island.

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This graph shows the timeline of all adults named on the stones. It gives an indication of who was alive at a given time and therefore who may have

This graph shows the timeline of all adults named on the stones. It gives an indication of who was alive at a given time and therefore who may have This graph shows the timeline of all adults named on the stones. It gives an indication of who was alive at a given time and therefore who may have known each other. 1750 1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810

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Name of Deceased File No. Book Folio

Name of Deceased File No. Book Folio 1902 Johnston, James 42 Jones, Polly 63 1903 Johnson, Eyjolfur 89 Johnson, Sigmundur 118 Johnson, Sigmundur (infant child 120 of) Jones, Edward 141 Johnston, James 150 1904 Janzen, Maria 178 1905 Jackson,

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Commercial Department

Commercial Department Commercial Commercial Department BILLY HOGAN Chief Commercial Officer OLLY DALE Sales Director MIKE COX Head of Merchandising PHIL DUTTON Head of Ticketing & Hospitality ANDREW ROBINSON Head of Digital

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Descendants of Thomas Stonestreet

Descendants of Thomas Stonestreet Generation. THOMAS STONESTREET was born about 630 in Birchden in Withyham, Sussex, England. He died in Oct 706 in Newport Hundred, Charles, Maryland. He married Elizabeth Butler, daughter of Thomas Butler,

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SECONDARY SCHEDULE Land Use Designations MAP 2a THORNBURY - CLARKSBURG. Peel St N. King St E. Bay St E. Elma St S. Grey St S SCALE 1:25 000

SECONDARY SCHEDULE Land Use Designations MAP 2a THORNBURY - CLARKSBURG. Peel St N. King St E. Bay St E. Elma St S. Grey St S SCALE 1:25 000 10th Line Grey Road 113 Cameron St 10th Line 30th Sideroad High Bluff Lane Highway 26 Peel St S Napier St W Alfred St W Alice St W Victoria St S Duncan St W Russell St W Edward St Hillcrest Dr John St

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Frankfort Springs United Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Frankfort Springs United Presbyterian Church Cemetery It is hoped... that the following is a complete list... of those interested at: Frankfort Springs United Presbyterian Church Cemetery Brick Church Hanover Twp. Frankfort Springs, Beaver County, PA Copied

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Family Tree for John Nutbrown born 1643c.

Family Tree for John Nutbrown born 1643c. 1) Nutbrown, John [1643c.-1698] Stephenson, Elizabeth [1645c.-1709] (? 1.1) Nutbrown, Joseph [1671-xxxx] 1.2) Nutbrown, John [1672-xxxx] 1.3) Nutbrown, William [1674-xxxx] 1.4) Nutbrown,

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Descendants of William 1st Kirk

Descendants of William 1st Kirk Descendants of William 1st Kirk 1 William 1st Kirk 1720 -... +Mary (Marion) Delebach... 2 Elizabeth Kirk - 1836... +Mr. Boinest... 2 James Kirk... 3 Henry Harvey Kirk - 1836... 2 John Kirk... +Jane Pope...

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1840 Dundee Directory

1840 Dundee Directory Friends of Dundee City Archives 1840 Dundee Directory Surnames starting by Waddel John Hawkhill manufacturer W Walker W 36 Bucklemaker wynd grocer Walker Thomas 20 Castle street 3 Greenfiekd place, Perth

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Surname First Date of Death Note

Surname First Date of Death Note Surname First Date of Death Note BENTHAM Elizabeth 30 October 1930 69 years, widow of John BENTHAM John 23 August 1920 71 years, of C/Goolams BENTHAM Thomas Edward 05 December 1985 Born 25 Nov 1914 BOLLAND

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MOSELEY SHOPS 1907 ADDRESS TYPE NAME. 140 Alcester Road (East Bank

MOSELEY SHOPS 1907 ADDRESS TYPE NAME. 140 Alcester Road (East Bank Alcester Road (East side) 108 Plumber Pache 108a Dyer Perth dye works 110 Tailor Bryden James Johnstone &Co 112 Fancy Repository The Cycle Co 114 Milliner Mrs Mattie Joahne 114a Fancy drapers Misses Lease

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Wharton Cemetery, Middlefork Township, Worth Co., MO

Wharton Cemetery, Middlefork Township, Worth Co., MO Wharton Cemetery, Middlefork Township, Worth Co., MO Cemetery Transcriptions based on digital Photos taken by Ben Glick August 2001 Location: From Denver go West on the M Road about 3 miles, take CR 146

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Footit W Q 4 Nov days Padley Wilfrid 6 Nov mo Bellamy Mary 5 Dec McMillan Mary 7 Dec Blagg Charlotte 15 Dec

Footit W Q 4 Nov days Padley Wilfrid 6 Nov mo Bellamy Mary 5 Dec McMillan Mary 7 Dec Blagg Charlotte 15 Dec Surname Christian name Date of burial Age Occupation Tomlinson Sarah Ann 21 Apr 1868 48 Bamforth Rebecca 6 May 1868 54 Ward Jemima 15 Jan 1875 Banister 6 Apr 1875 Child Banister 28 June 1875 Child Watson

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Surname Prenames Date of Birth Birthplace Residence Admission Date Number Father's Name Mother's Name

Surname Prenames Date of Birth Birthplace Residence Admission Date Number Father's Name Mother's Name Friends of City Archives Industrial School - Girls Names List (1877 to 1916) Surnames starting with Surname Prenames Date of Birth Birthplace Residence Admission Date Number Father's Name Mother's Name

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The Battle Family of Campsea Ashe

The Battle Family of Campsea Ashe The Battle Family of Campsea Ashe Research by Sheila Holmes Updated July 2014 Sheila Holmes The Battle Family from 1745 Samuel is the earliest known member of the Battle family. It is believed that Samuel

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BILLERICA HISTORICAL RESOURCES* 375 Webb Brook country Club Allen & Webb Brook Rd 1740 39-B Commercial Building 5 Andover Road recent 39-A E.N. Ray House 7 Andover Road pre 1898 25-C Commercial Building 8 Andover Road 1914-15 38 New

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Descendants of Parker Howard

Descendants of Parker Howard Descendants of Parker Howard Generation 1 1. PARKER 1 HOWARD was born on 03 Aug 1794 in Dover, Dutchess Co., New York. He died on 01 Feb 1882 in Stephenson He married LOUISA BOOMER on 27 Mar 1819 in Henderson,

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35 & 37 High Street Market Cross Stores

35 & 37 High Street Market Cross Stores Go to Home Page 35 & 37 High Street Market Cross Stores Mr & Mrs Duncan MacInnes. Mr John McKie and his sister Elizabeth McKie. Chronology of Ownership & Occupancy 1777 Feu to John McMinn, wright 1835

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Ancestors of Gordon Taylor

Ancestors of Gordon Taylor Ancestors of Gordon Taylor 1. Generation 1 Gordon Taylor, son of Joseph Taylor and Margaret Ann Jenney was born on 28 Jan 1920 in HARRIETSVILLE He died on 07 Apr 1992 in ST.THOMAS ONTARIO CANADA. He married

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Town of Whitby Official Heritage Register - Inventory of Properties Designated Under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act

Town of Whitby Official Heritage Register - Inventory of Properties Designated Under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act 21 Albert Street 1847 Brooklin Pioneer Cemetery Part V (Brooklin Heritage PIN 26675-0185, LOT 147, PLAN H-50052; LOT 148 PLAN H-50052; PART LOT 189, PLAN 4-50052; PART 1 OF PLAN 40-R17943; PART BLOCK A,

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Births COPYRIGHT CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY WESTFIELD, NY 2013 Births Name: Birth Date: Birth Place: Harold Perry Hoyt Jr. 28 Oct. 1920 Ethelyn Mildred Hoyt 23 Oct. 1922 Carol Marie Hoyt 26 Jan. 1923 Arland Keith Hoyt 02 July 1925 Mable Hoyt 15 Sept. 1914 Albert Roy

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Fareham Nomads All Time Top 20 Swimmers

Fareham Nomads All Time Top 20 Swimmers As of January 1 st 2011 Times for a 25m Pool (no split times) 50m Backstroke, Female 1 0323 Clegg Hannah 29.75 12/02/00 2 0373 Lothian Hannah 31.39 07/06/08 3 0362 Corben Joanna 31.61 28/10/00 4 0137 Teasdale

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CEDAR CREEK (DAVIS) CEMETERY mapped and inventoried by Stephen H. Street February 8, 2012 information copyright to author

CEDAR CREEK (DAVIS) CEMETERY mapped and inventoried by Stephen H. Street February 8, 2012 information copyright to author O3? Georgi illegible 1867? P6? Lena illegible illegible E2 Baker Logan Zachary 11/16/1995 1/11/1996 G16 Blanton James S. 10/10/1857 7/24/1929 G17 Blanton Rozwell J. 12/18/1892 11/18/1958 s/o James S. Blanton

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Register Report for Sanford Jewell

Register Report for Sanford Jewell Generation 1 1. Sanford Jewell-1 [1, 2]. He was born Abt. 1775 in of Prince William Co., VA. Susan? [1, 2]. She was born Abt. 1778 in Prince William Co., VA. She died on 27 Oct 1859 in Spencer Co., KY.

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Adam Fairweather Adam Fairweather William Fawcett. Jane Patterson. Fergison. William Ferguson Peter Ferguson. Sarah Carswell

Adam Fairweather Adam Fairweather William Fawcett. Jane Patterson. Fergison. William Ferguson Peter Ferguson. Sarah Carswell 459 James Guthrie 1st Sept 1869 19th Sept 1869 458 Ann Mc Callum 7th April 23rs April 460 Fawcett 21st Aug 1838 461 Fergison Isabella 30th May 1828 462 James 29th Oct 463 Susan 28th June 1813 14th Jan

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Woburn High School, Graduation Portraits Photograph Collection, (bulk , , 1935, 1938) Photograph Collection, PH-27

Woburn High School, Graduation Portraits Photograph Collection, (bulk , , 1935, 1938) Photograph Collection, PH-27 Woburn High School, Graduation Portraits Photograph Collection, 1924-1938 (bulk 1924-1928, 1930-1931, 1935, 1938) 2 linear feet (2 boxes) Photograph Collection, PH-27 Administrative History: The first

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Register of Electors, Romsley, 1923

Register of Electors, Romsley, 1923 Register of Electors, Romsley, 1923 Abel, Harry William Thomas Abel, Margaret Albutt, Alfred Allum, William Allum, Clara Alice Barley, Harry Richard Barley, Lucy Barlow, William Edgar John Barlow, Ethel

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BURNETT BURIALS Burial Date First Name Rel'n Male Rel Female Rel Surname Age Abode Notes

BURNETT BURIALS Burial Date First Name Rel'n Male Rel Female Rel Surname Age Abode Notes 26 Feb 1592/3 John CONMBE Junr. [BTs] 11 Jan 1595/6 Anne dau of Wylliam DAYSON? Rector [BTs] 25 Feb 1605/6 Mary wife of Powell DAY [BTs] 19 May 1611 Agnes wife of John CONMBE [BTs] 24 Oct 1611 Gillian?

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ELLWOOD FAMILY TREE. Generation One. Generation Two

ELLWOOD FAMILY TREE. Generation One. Generation Two ELLWOOD FAMILY TREE Generation One 1. THOMAS ELLWOOD, b.?, d.? He married WIFE UNKNOWN,?, b.?, d.? 2. i. RICHARD ELLWOOD b. 1728. Generation Two 2. RICHARD ELLWOOD, b. 1728 in England, d. 1754 in Minden,

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Rochester Cathedral Research Guild Homepage:

Rochester Cathedral Research Guild Homepage: Rochester Cathedral Research Guild Homepage: www.rochestercathedralresearchguild.org RCL16r03 A photographic survey of ledger stones at Rochester Cathedral Part 1: report text Abstract: Archive report

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Anne Brumby Born: Ann Sewell Born: Bef Married: 16 July Jabaz Spencer Born: 12 October Isaac Spencer Born: 11 July 1824

Anne Brumby Born: Ann Sewell Born: Bef Married: 16 July Jabaz Spencer Born: 12 October Isaac Spencer Born: 11 July 1824 Anne Brumby Born: 1791 Married: 6 July 1819 12 July 1832 Jabaz Born: 12 October 1822 Ann Sewell Born: Bef. 1839 Married: 16 July 1860 Isaac Born: 11 July 1824 7 October 1909 Martha 11 Febru 1882 in Winteringha

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X~II. Page 1 of Census of Canada - Automated Genealogy Index. Canada. Farmer 6. Labourer. Ireland 27/03/2008

X~II. Page 1 of Census of Canada - Automated Genealogy Index. Canada. Farmer 6. Labourer. Ireland 27/03/2008 HQl:l1t:: 1 l8_~~1.ccll1~tdaw~sj1 Gr~yjU~(;O\lnJ~) 1 lqj--edwf!ntsbtlfghjmvn~ip 1 p. 26d, 27a, (163) Sll!iJ-yiew X~II Page 1 of2 Line Kerr, KelT, Manohan,- Pringle, Pane, MWhitelock, MManohan, MWhitelock,

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BENNETT Frances 22 ALCORN Elizabeth 32. BENNETT Harriett 22 ALCORN Harriett 19. BENNETT James 22 ALCORN James 19. BENNETT Sarah 22 ALCORN John 21

BENNETT Frances 22 ALCORN Elizabeth 32. BENNETT Harriett 22 ALCORN Harriett 19. BENNETT James 22 ALCORN James 19. BENNETT Sarah 22 ALCORN John 21 NAME INDEX - 1821 CENSUS, CHIDDINGLY, SUSSEX ALCORN Elen 19 BENNETT Frances 22 ALCORN Elizabeth 32 BENNETT Harriett 22 ALCORN Harriett 19 BENNETT James 22 ALCORN James 19 BENNETT Sarah 22 ALCORN John 21

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Menston Methodist Tennis Club Men s Singles Champions

Menston Methodist Tennis Club Men s Singles Champions Men s Singles Champions 1958 Godfrey Wilson 1989 Michael Pratt 1959 Norman Atkinson 1990 Michael Pratt 1960 John Longbottom 1991 Michael Pratt 1961 John Longbottom 1992 Michael Pratt 1963 John Longbottom

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GilbertMcBroom.txt 1 / 14

GilbertMcBroom.txt 1 / 14 GilbertMcBroom.txt 1 / 14 Descendants of Gilbert McBroom Generation No. 1 1. Gilbert1 McBroom was born Bef. 1762, and died Bef. 1860. He married Elizabeth Thomson. She was born Bef. 1762, and died Bef.

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PARISH OF WESTMORELAND. Proprietors: Properties: Apprentices:

PARISH OF WESTMORELAND. Proprietors: Properties: Apprentices: PARISH OF WESTMORELAND ----------------------- Jamaica Almanack - 1838 ----------------------- List of Proprietors and Properties with the Number of Apprentices Where the Number Exceeds 20 as Given in

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WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History

WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History Francis Howard (Frank) WILKIE B 1870 New Zealand D 1945 New Zealand

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