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1 Resident Guidebook

2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Important Loft Contact Numbers... 2 Your Responsibility as a Resident... 3 Community Advisers (CAs)... 4 Emergencies... 4 Lockouts... 4 Rent... 5 Security Deposit... 5 Mail... 6 Cable & Internet... 6 Electricity... 7 The Common Areas... 8 The Lantern Multi-purpose Room Fitness center South 3 rd & 4 th Floor Study Room Parking Lots... 9 Bike Racks... 9 R-E-S-P-E-C-T Resident Quick Reference Guide Door Decorations Extended Stay Friends Furniture Hallway Storage Heat Interior Wall Hangings Keys Laundry Personal Grills Pets Plowing and Salting Posting flyers Recycling/trash Safety Tenant Problems Redstone Lofts Maintenance Packet Fix-It Form Carpet & Counter Care Lockouts Clogged Drains & Toilets 24 hour Emergency Maintenance Billable Maintenance Expenses Fire Extinguishers/Smoke Detectors Carbon Monoxide Detector Emergency Scenario Guidelines Apartment Smoke Detectors Smoke Fire Structural Issues Gas Smell Water Leaks that cause Flooding/Water No Heat Damage No Electricity TENANT RULES AND REGULATIONS TAMPERING WITH FIRE SAFETY EQUIPMENT... 22

3 Important Loft Contact Numbers Management Office The Management Office is located in the Lantern The office is open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday Redstone Lofts Contact Information Redstone Lofts, Management Office 185 Davis Rd, Burlington VT Redstone Lofts Office Phone: Redstone Lofts Office File a Fix It Redstone Lofts Tenant Website Management Team Director of Student Housing Beth Vanderputten Perlongo Student Housing Superintendent Matt Blair Administrative Assistant Hillary Light 2

4 Your Responsibility as a Resident Welcome to the Redstone Lofts! We are excited to have you as a member of our residential community. We look forward to working with you during your time living at the Lofts. As a Lofts resident, please be mindful of the differences between living in a dormitory and living in an independent apartment complex. The Lofts are an apartment community. You will have much more privacy and have the same rights as anyone renting an apartment anywhere in Burlington. However, you are also expected to be more responsible for how you live in and treat your rented space. The Lofts provide a higher standard of quality than a dorm room and that quality should be upheld during your residency. Residents have a responsibility and are expected to stay on top of the regular upkeep of their apartments. You will be held accountable for any damages to your apartment, whether caused by you or your guests. Any damages to the apartment that occur during your stay that are not due to a fault by Redstone, its vendors, or equipment manufacturers will be charged back to the room resident(s). This is the agreement in your signed lease contract. It is highly recommended that all residents fully read their Lease and Rules and Regulations and ask questions to better understand their rights and responsibilities. Several classes have enjoyed and respected the Lofts facility, and have returned their Loft unit back to Redstone at the end of their lease in good condition. Following this guidebook and maintenance packet will help you keep up the tradition and will help in the full return of your security deposit to you at the end of your lease. Thank you for choosing to live at the Lofts! We look forward to sharing the school year with you. 3

5 Community Advisers (CAs) Three current Lofts residents serve as building Community Advisers (CAs.) The CA s are available in the Lofts management office Monday through Friday, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., and Saturdays from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m., to assist with package pick-ups and resident inquiries. Every evening from 9:00 p.m. until the following morning at 8:00 a.m. there is a CA On-Call to respond to urgent concerns outside of normal business hours. They do not have keys to the apartments so they cannot let you into your apartment in the event of a lock out. The Emergency On Call Service can provide a sample list of local locksmiths who can be employed at the resident s expense. Community Advisers Casey Fuller Ella Halpine Spencer Norland CA Cell Phone: (9:00 PM or later) CA Emergencies Life Threatening Emergencies: UVM Police: (802) Lofts Maintenance Emergencies: What is considered an emergency? It s something within your apartment or the building that will cause a dangerous situation to you or others or something that will cause significant damage. Examples are: fire, flooding, structural damage, or vandalism (broken windows etc.) Not sure if it s an after-hours emergency? While you are always welcome to call the number if you are unsure, non-emergency items will be attended to the next business day. If you have any non-emergency heating, plumbing, or electrical issues please notify Lofts Management immediately by filing a Fix-It. Fix-It notifications are routed to the entire Lofts Management team. Lockouts If you get locked out during Lofts management or CA office hours you may access a spare key for room entry from the office. If you experience a lockout when neither the Management nor CA Offices are open you must call a locksmith at your own expense (as specified in your lease agreement). One possible local locksmith is: 4 Mr. Keys:

6 Rent Rent is due on the 1 st of each month. We accept checks, money orders, or payments made electronically from a bank account or credit card. Late payments will be charged a late fee, as specified in your lease. Check payments should be made payable to: Catamount Student Housing, LLC. Rent may be dropped off anytime at the Management Office. After business hours, please use the secure mail slot on the office door to drop-off checks. Rent checks may also be mailed in to the address: Redstone Lofts Attn: Management Office 185 Davis Rd, Burlington VT Please make sure your name and apartment number are on the memo line of the check. If interested in setting up automatic payments, please stop by the office for more info about Rent Track online payments. Details about Rent Track can also be found at the end of this guidebook. Security Deposit At your lease signing, each resident provided Lofts management with a security deposit. This deposit will be kept on your account, collecting interest, until the end of your lease. Fourteen days after your lease expires, a check for your deposit amount, plus interest, will be mailed to a forwarding address you provide the Lofts upon move out. Pay careful attention to the many recommendations and guidelines in this handbook to help you secure a full return of your deposit! A full deposit return is only guaranteed if your room is returned in the condition that it was when you moved in. 5

7 Mail United States Post Office mail and packages can be received at the USPS mailboxes, located outside, under the Lantern. No USPS package or parcel will come into the management office. It will always be picked up at your mailbox, or the Post Office. Your mailbox is labeled with your unit number. FedEx and UPS packages are dropped off daily in the CA Office/Package Room, and can be retrieved whenever the management office is open. Make sure to sign out your package on the wipe board. If you cannot pick up a package during package room hours please notify the carrier you will pick it up from them directly. We recommend always tracking your package. Lofts Mailing Address: the building has two address numbers, the South Building is 165 Davis Road, the North Building is 185 Davis Road. Your mailing address would read: NAME Davis Road Loft NUMBER Burlington, VT Please remember to check and empty your mailbox from time to time and to pick up packages from the package room when you receive an notification. Cable & Internet Loft residents enjoy complimentary basic cable, as well as a secure, high speed internet network that is exclusively available to Loft resident called Catamount Game. Burlington Telecom will you a unique Catamount Game username and password to access the network. Should you forget your username/password, need additional cable boxes or connection wires, or have any issues with the internet, you should contact Burlington Telecom at The Lofts have contracted with Burlington Telecom a team of customer service technicians to help with any questions. 6 Tips for Optimizing Your Lofts Wi-Fi Experience! For any network issues the first step should always be to contact the Help Desk at NEVER use personal Wi-Fi routers under any circumstances as it causes excessive wireless interference and decreased performance for the entire building. All users have access to 100Mbps symmetrical bandwidth on the wireless networks, but if possible, always hardwire in while in your apartment to get consistent connections especially if you are a gamer. Windows 10 versions may have trouble connecting to the secure network; call the Help Desk for assistance.

8 Electricity Each apartment is separately wired and metered with its own circuit breaker box. Electricity is the only utility that the resident must set up in their name. The electric utility must be set-up in the name of the current apartment residents. Please contact Burlington Electric at: (802) Burlington Electric will mail monthly bills to the address you gave them. It is important that you pay Burlington Electric your due amount, otherwise they will shut off your power. The electric/breaker box is typically located near the front door of the apartment (exact location varies by apartment). It is gray and metal. If the power goes out in any part of your apartment, check the circuit breaker first to see if it is on or has been tripped off. The breaker is off when it is flipped to the off position. Each breaker is labeled. If tripped off, turn off all electrical items in the affected area, flip the breaker ALL the way to the off position then flip the switch to the on position (see picture 1). Picture 1 Picture 2 Your breaker has tripped, generally, because of: 1.Too many appliances used at once on one circuit, or 2. An appliance that draws too much electricity. The circuit breaker is a safety device designed for your protection. Power outages in the kitchen and/or bathroom can usually be solved by resetting the GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) outlet button (see picture 2). Simply press the button in the middle of the outlet to reset a GFI outlet. Please be sure to turn off appliances plugged into this outlet before re-setting. If these suggestions do not solve the problem, please file a Fix-It maintenance request immediately. 7

9 The Common Areas When using Lofts common spaces please remember to take out anything you bring in, specifically trash! The Lantern Fitness Center Lantern amenities are for residents and their guests to enjoy! In the Lantern you will find game tables, three flat screens equipped with remotes, and common space for studying and group meetings. The Lantern also has a gas fireplace (just turn the timing switch located to the left) and Keurig hot drink machine - perfect for those colder UVM study nights. While in the Lantern, please be respectful of others and keep noise levels minimal. You are responsible for your guests. Any damage caused by a guest will be the tenant s responsibility. Please refer to the Lantern tab on the website for additional usage policies. Alcohol is not permitted in the Lantern or other Lofts common areas at any time. The Lofts 24 hour gym is located right off the Lantern and is equipped with ellipticals, treadmills, free weights, medicine balls, and a surround sound system that may be plugged directly into your phone or ipod. The gym is for Lofts residents only, no outside guests are permitted in this area. Multi-Purpose Room The Multi-Purpose Room, located by the gym, is equipped with function and lounge chairs, tables, a surround sound and a projection screen. The room can be reserved for events and is available for studying or meetings if not already in use. South 3 rd & 4 th Floor Study Room The South Building has quiet, 24 hour accessible study rooms at the end of the 3 rd and 4 th floor, available for any Loft. 8

10 Parking Lots Parking Passes may be purchased at the Management Office on a first come first serve basis. An application and payment must be given to the Management Office in order to receive a parking permit. The application can be found on the Redstone Lofts website ( or at the Management Office. The Redstone Lofts parking lot sells out every space each year. Parking is not a guarantee. Therefore if a car is parked without a permit, it is in a spot of someone who has purchased a permit. Please respect those who have paid for permits. Please note that in the event you need a duplicate parking pass an additional fee will occur. Anyone parking in the Redstone Lofts Lot without a permit will be towed so those with permits can use the lot. Should your vehicle be towed, please call Spillane s to retrieve it ( ). This phone number is also listed on the Permit Parking Lot entrance signs. Parking Permits do not automatically renew and having a permit does not reserve or hold the parking for the tenant for the period AFTER the purchased permit expires. Example: If you purchase a semester permit, there is not a guarantee you can automatically renew at the end of the semester for the second semester. If you are considering having a vehicle at the Lofts all year, it s recommended to lease a space for the whole year. The Redstone Lofts has ten metered guest parking spots. These ten spaces are located in the South Lot, along the row facing out onto the playing fields. These are on a first come, first serve basis. They are not able to be reserved. After three unpaid tickets your vehicle will be towed. Parking is prohibited on grass, walkways, fire lanes, or in front of dumpsters. Vehicle will be towed at your expense. No exceptions! Bike Racks *A bike permit (obtained free of charge from the Management Office) will be necessary on your bike in order use the bike racks. These permits help maintain the racks for use of Loft residents. It is highly recommended that you purchase a bike lock. Bikes that are chained to common areas, trees, poles or bushes will have their locks cut and will be removed. Please do not leave bicycles in the hallways; it is a fire hazard and they will be immediately removed. Unclaimed bikes that are removed will be donated to a bike nonprofit. Management is not responsible for reimbursement of the illegal bike or cut lock. 9

11 R-E-S-P-E-C-T The Lofts is an independent, living community. Respect has made everyone s stay here at the Lofts a great one, and will continue to be the defining character of the community. Respect has been the cornerstone from one resident class here at the Lofts to the next.and respect ultimately helps get that full deposit back to you at year end! Please respect your home here at the Lofts, and your fellow residents. Respect should be the foundation of your relationship with your Lofts roommate(s). Whether you're already friends with your roommate(s) or have just met them, take the time to talk with one another and establish an agreement about how you will live successfully with one another. Not sure how to start a conversation with your roommate about establishing room expectations or addressing a specific situation? Important things to consider about your living arrangement, as well as tips for managing roommate conflict can be found at: Respect your Lofts neighbors, especially when having events at the Lofts - both in your apartment or in the Lofts common spaces. Be mindful of your noise level and its impact on fellow Lofts residents. Try to be especially thoughtful of other residents during critical times of the semester when fellow community members are studying for final exams. Respect the Lofts property, and the team of dedicated professionals who maintain the building and the grounds. Properly dispose of all trash and adhere to all maintenance guidelines included in this handbook, and in communications from the Lofts management team. Report all maintenance issues in a timely fashion. Remember that you will be held responsible for all damages that are a result of how you choose to treat Lofts property, both in and outside of your room. Respect your home at the Lofts and the safety of all Lofts residents when coming into and going out of the building. If you see something out of place let the management know. Do not let individuals into the building who do not have their own key. If you see something that looks or causes you to feel unsafe, notify Lofts management and/or UVM Police immediately. Respect the Lofts as a UVM student affiliated residential community. Adhere to all UVM operating procedures and campus policies at all times, including keeping UVM a smoke free campus. Remember that your Lofts lease holds you responsible for behavior while in residence that is in accordance with the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities: Respect the great city of Burlington, Vermont! Review your lease for details about expectations for your role as a community member of the city we call home. Respect Lofts policies and procedures. If you are unsure about how to proceed with something - whether that s paying your rent, parking, handling a situation with a roommate, maintenance issues, anything! - don t hesitate to reach out to a Lofts team member for further assistance. 10

12 Resident Quick Reference Guide While you should refer to your Lease for rules, the following is a quick reference guide for popular Loft lease agreement rules and general Loft s knowledge! Door Decorations The Lofts is a modern living apartment complex per your lease agreement, door and window decorations are not permitted. Also, doormats are not permitted in the hallways. Extended Stay Friends No one is allowed to live with you at the Lofts if they do not hold a Lofts lease. Visitors of course may stay and enjoy your Loft as a visitor, however please refer to your lease for perimeters of guest stays. Note that overnight guests are not allowed for more than three consecutive nights, and not for more than six total nights in a 30-day period. This applies to all guests an individual resident has stay overnight in their room. Guest stays that exceed these limits are in violation of your lease and could lead to additional fees and even eviction. Furniture Your apartment comes fully furnished. Do not put any furniture out in the hallways or in any other part of the building/property. You will be charged for any damaged or misplaced furniture. Hallway Storage Per fire code, hallways cannot be used for storage. Any items left in the hallways will be promptly disposed of. Charges will apply for any left or abandoned items in hallways. Please respect your neighbors and do not leave your trash bags in the hallways/outside your door it will make the hallway smell quickly! Heat Per your lease agreement, in the winter the heat cannot go below 55 degrees F (otherwise pipes will burst). If you leave during winter break DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR HEAT, simply dial it down to 55 degrees. Space heaters are not allowed. Interior Wall Hangings At the end of your lease here at the Lofts, your room must be returned in the same condition as when you movedin, so when thinking about hanging those posters or pictures please use the removable adhesive putties or tacks. From your previous Loft generations it is highly recommended to NOT use large nails or duct & packing tape. There will be a charge if removal and/or repairs are needed at end of lease. 11

13 Keys You will be issued a key FOB to access the building, a mailbox key (one per room), and a bedroom key. The apartment door keys cannot be duplicated. If keys are lost, replacement keys can be obtained from the office (for an additional cost). There is a charge for any key not returned at the end of the lease term. Please note, the main door to your Loft s apartment can be unlocked two ways: if you turn your key a full turn clockwise, the lock will disengage. If you turn your key a half turn counter clockwise, you can open the door, but the lock remains engaged. Knowing this will prevent you from being locked out if quickly coming and going! Laundry The community laundry room is located in the Lantern; this is for the use of those without laundry in their apartment. For those without laundry in their Loft, you will receive a separate Laundry Room key to gain access. There is no cost to use the machines. After each use, please respect your fellow Loft resident and clean out the lint screens in the dryer. lint build-up causes clothes to take longer to dry and could cause a fire. Please discard lint and dryer sheets in the garbage can provided. Personal Grills Personal grills of any kind are not allowed per City of Burlington code. Grills are installed on the property for your enjoyment. Check them out by the South Lawn and enjoy the view of the Pond! Please use caution while grilling. When you are finished, please clean up so the next person has the same enjoyment. Pets UVM campus policy prohibits pets in university buildings, including affiliated housing at the Redstone Lofts. Per your lease agreement no pets are allowed here at the Lofts. Please respect this rule, as failure to do so would result in fines and/or Loft eviction. Service and comfort animals must be registered with Student Accessibility Services and approved by Lofts management. For additional details contact the Lofts management team and visit: Plowing and Salting We plow, shovel, and salt our parking lots and sidewalks as needed. Please be careful when driving and walking on the property during winter weather. Snow can melt and refreeze causing unexpected slippery conditions. Plowing of the parking lots automatically begins when there is 2 inches of snow on the ground. Plows will remove snow from parking lot driveway aisles and from three or more vacant parking spaces in a row. The plows are too large to remove snow from between individual parking spots. During the winter months we have shovels available in the management office that can be signed out for resident use if you need to shovel out your vehicle. 12

14 Posting flyers There is a community bulletin board in the Lantern for tenants to post events and we enjoy all the postings from the community on them! However, advertisements, coupons or mini-flyers cannot be posted anywhere else in the building. They will be immediately taken down. If you would like to have something posted to the Redstone Lofts Facebook page, please us at Recycling/trash Recycling is mandatory. There are RED dumpsters located outside the building in both the North and South lots for residents to dispose of trash, mixed recycling, and even compost. Please deposit your trash and recycling at these designated locations. The building garbage cans are NOT the correct place to deposit apartment trash bags. Please respect your neighbors and do not leave trash bags outside your door. You will be assessed charges if management needs to dispose of garbage left in and/or around your apartment. We now have a compost system here at the Lofts! There are compost buckets available upon request and one per room. To discard the compost scraps, bins are located in-between the dumpster and recycling bins located outside the building in both North and South lots. Buckets will need to be washed and returned to the management office at the end of your lease cycle. Safety All exterior doors of this building will be locked at all times. Do not prop the doors open. Should you be expecting any type of delivery or guest, you will have to meet them at the entrance. Keep your vehicle locked at all times and place valuables out of sight. If anyone enters your apartment without your permission or any damage is done in or outside of your apartment, (broken windows, etc) or damages occur to your vehicle, PLEASE NOTIFY THE UVM POLICE ASAP then notify the management office. Tenant Problems Please respect your roommates and your neighbors. Keep the noise to a minimum. If you have problems with your roommates or neighbors, first try to resolve on your own. If you are concerned about a UVM community member or are concerned about a specific event, you can contact the Dean of Students Office ( ). Or, if you would like to remain anonymous, you can report your concerns using the Concerning And /or Risky Event (CARE) form: If you need to escalate the situation, contact UVM Police and/or the management office

15 Redstone Lofts Maintenance Packet This maintenance packet, its directions, and any noted charges are from your signed Loft Lease Agreement, and tenants are encouraged to reference their lease if they have further questions from this reference packet. There are many regular maintenance requests and points that will be addressed in this packet that will aide tenants in: 1) Understanding Lofts responsibilities and Residents responsibilities for repairs 2) Better diagnosing of issues before submitting a Fix-It or calling the Emergency Service. 3) Making your own repairs without having to call maintenance and understanding what you could be charged for. Fix-It Form A full time, dedicated building superintendent supports all building maintenance issues at the Redstone Lofts. From time-to-time, it will also be necessary for Redstone to bring in outside specialists to resolve a maintenance issue. If any maintenance is required in your room from the building superintendent, please file a maintenance request through the Fix-It ticketing system. Filing a Fix-It is the quickest way to get routine maintenance issues resolved. 14 The Fix-It form can be found online at: All Fix-It requests that are filed will be answered as quickly as possible during normal business hours based on priority. Priority is determined on a case by case basis, considering both the date the request was received and the severity of the needed repair (A water leak would take priority over a loose coffee table leg). It is recommended to include as much information as possible and to make sure you include up-to-date contact information. It is also recommended that you include a time frame for when the maintenance staff is allowed to enter your apartment if you give permission to enter without you or one of your roommates being there. Lockouts If it s during Management or CA Office Hours Monday-Friday (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM) or CA office hours (6:00 to 9:00 PM), or Saturday CA Office Hours (12:00 to 3:00 PM) the Manager or CA may help you check out another key. If you cannot use or wait for these hours above, you may contact a locksmith at their expense. Mr. Keys (802) or Dion s (802) are two options.

16 24 hour Emergency Maintenance Redstone also provides a 24 hour emergency On Call maintenance service to address immediate issues that could result in damage or threaten the safety of tenants, guests, or staff. This service is only to be used in the event of an emergency. Below you will find a list outlining what residents should do in an emergency situation. Residents who call the emergency number in a case that does not constitute an emergency, or if the cause of the emergency is due to resident negligence, the resident will be charged for the full cost of the repair, as well as the cost of the emergency call (this is taken as a case by case scenario to be determined by Redstone and the emergency response departments involved.) On Call Emergency Maintenance - (802) Fire Extinguishers/Smoke Detectors/Co Detectors Please do not disconnect, remove from outlet or remove batteries from any detectors. If devices beep, leave in place and file a Fix-It, contact the Lofts management office, or call the CA On Call phone after hours so we can attend to it. If you have to use your fire extinguisher, please let us know so it can be refilled. The fire extinguisher is located under the kitchen sink. *Should you have a false alarm in your unit, DO NOT FAN IT into the hallway. Fire alarms in hallways set off the full building alarm system, which will require a building evacuation.* Maintenance Charges Carpet & Counter Care Never place hot irons or pots/pans directly on counter tops, floors, or carpets! Clean up carpet spills immediately to prevent permanent stains. These two popular recommendations can help keep your security deposit intact! Clogged Drains & Toilets If your toilet clogs and starts to fill to the point of overflowing, the fastest way to shut the water off is to turn off the valve at the intake pipe below the toilet tank. To save you plumbing charges, and per the lease agreement, you should purchase a good quality plunger, which normally takes care of most clogged toiled issues. If that is not effective, please immediately file a Fix-It maintenance request. DO NOT FLUSH SANITARY PRODUCTS OR ANY OTHER FIBROUS MATERIAL OR HEAVY PAPER DOWN THE TOILET. THIS WILL BLOCK PLUMBING. Do not use Liquid Plumber, Drain-O, etc. in pipes. Do not dispose of coffee grounds, food etc. in kitchen sinks. Invest in a drain catcher for kitchen sinks and bathtubs so that food and hair can be disposed of. 15

17 Billable Maintenance Expenses The following is an overview of Redstone s hourly rate, minimum charges, as well as a list of common room issues and associated costs that the tenant is held accountable. Again, these charges only apply when the damage is not due to a fault by Redstone. Charges will apply to whoever is determined to be responsible for the damage; all residents are responsible for their guests! If the repair cannot be made within the allotted time for the associated cost, the cost will revert to the regular hour working rates. If an outside vendor must be called to make repair, the cost will be the assigned cost for the common repair + the full cost of the outside vendor rate. Normal Business Hour rates: Hourly rate: $50/hour Minimum 30 minute charge for all tenant caused maintenance calls Any repairs taking longer than 30 minutes are prorated to $50/hour After Hours Emergency call rates: Hourly rate: $75/hour + $20 trip charge Trip charge + minimum 30 minute charge if reason for emergency is determined to be caused by resident Any repairs taking longer than 30 minutes are prorated to $75/hour + trip charge Remember: You have direct control over what goes down their drains and toilets. If repair cannot be made by the maintenance staff, tenant pays the common repair charge + the cost of an outside vendor. Example: Your toilet is clogged. Maintenance will come and attempt to unclog it for $25 for the first 15 minutes. They can t unclog it in 15 minutes so the charge is now the $25 charge plus the prorated hourly rate for the time spent making the repair. If maintenance determines that they cannot make the repair, the charge is the $25 charge + cost of outside vendor. Clogged Sink Drain $15 if repair can be made in under 15 minutes Any repair over 15 minutes is a minimum 30 minute charge at prorated hourly rate Clogged Tub Drain $15 if repair can be made in under 15 minutes Any repair over 15 minutes is a minimum 30 minute charge at prorated hourly rate Clogged Toilet $25 if repair can be made in under 15 minutes Any repair over 15 minutes is $25 + prorated hourly rate starting at 15 minutes 16

18 EMERGENCY SCENARIO GUIDELINES If you feel threatened or unsafe in any scenario, immediately call 911. Apartment Smoke Detectors If the smoke detectors start going off in full alarm and there is no apparent cause, call the emergency number only! (The Fire Department will issue charges for any calls resulting in a false alarm.) An emergency call for smoke detector alarms due to cooking, incense, or other resident caused environmental issues will result in a resident charge. The detectors will continue to alarm until the smoke or particles causing the alarm have been cleared and replaced with fresh air. Fire EVACUATE and pull the fire alarm in the hall. If you hear a Building Alarm, EVACUATE!! CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT! 911! Only use a fire extinguisher if the fire is small and contained and can be extinguished without causing danger to yourself or anyone else in the building. Call the emergency number AFTER you have called the Fire Department and evacuated the building. Note, the Fire Department can issue fines to anyone who doesn t evacuate for a Building Alarm Gas Smell There are no devices or appliances located anywhere in the building that operate using gas except for the boilers located in the ground level mechanical rooms. BUT, should you smell gas, evacuate the building IMMEDIATELY and call the emergency number. No Heat Check to make sure the heat is turned on at the thermostat and the set point is turned up. Try resetting the heat pump by opening your electrical panel and turning off the breaker labeled heat pump for 30 seconds, then turn it back on and wait for 10 minutes. If you cannot feel heat coming from any of the vents, call the emergency number. No Electricity Be sure that you have paid your electric bill. If you have confirmed that you have paid your bill, first contact Burlington Electric at (802) If you have confirmed that you have paid your bill and Burlington Electric is unable to assist, call the On Call emergency number. Smoke Call the Fire Department if you cannot immediately find and extinguish the source of the smoke. Follow the same procedures as you would in the event of a fire. 17

19 Structural Issues Buildings of this size will always be moving a little bit which may create small cracks in the sheetrock or paint; these are very common and only require that you file a Fix-It for routine maintenance. BUT, if you hear loud cracking, groaning, or shifting, evacuate the building and call the emergency number! Water Leaks that cause Flooding/Water Damage If there is a significant amount of water dripping or leaking from anywhere, call the emergency number immediately. This DOES NOT include small drips or leaks from under sink pipes. Put down something to catch any small drips and submit a Fix-It for the following business day. Overflowing toilets are considered a resident caused issue per lease agreement. to avoid being charged for the cost of the emergency call AS WELL AS the cost of clearing the clog, simply turn off the water valve located behind the toilet and submit a Fix-It for the following business day. Only call the emergency number if the toilet cannot be stopped. 18

20 19 TENANT RULES AND REGULATIONS *(Direct from your signed lease agreement)* 1. ANIMALS: Pets are prohibited at all times. Residents who have a comfort or service animal must have it approved to be on campus and in affiliated University housing, including the Redstone Lofts. Details about working with Student Accessibility Services to gain approval for a comfort or service animal can be found at the link below. An from SAS noting the animals approval to be on campus must be shared with the Redstone Lofts, who will work with you to amend your lease so that your animal may reside at the Lofts APPLIANCES: Not to install any washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, air conditioners or other appliances in the Premises. 3. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: Each apartment is provided with a fire extinguisher. Should it be used for any reason, Tenants must notify management after such occurrence so that it may be inspected and recharged. If Extinguisher is discharged for any other reason than extinguishing a fire, tenant pays all associated costs to recharge or replace extinguisher. (See tenant charges sheet) 4. FURNITURE: Not to keep any water-containing furniture in the Premises. Not to alter, change, or damage furniture provided. Tenant pays all associated fees to repair or replace damaged furniture. 5. WALLS AND WOODWORK: Not to drive nails, tacks, or put anything into the woodwork or walls of the building that leaves a hole or damage on the walls when removed. (See tenant charges sheet) 6. WALLPAPER, PAINT AND MIRRORS: Not to apply contact paper, wallpaper or mirrors to the building and not to change the type or color of any paint within the building from that utilized by Landlord. 7. PORTABLE HEATERS: Not to store, install or operate, in or about the building, unvented, portable kerosene-fired heaters. Tenant pays for any associated costs to repair damage caused by portable electric heaters. 8. LOCKS: Not to change the locks on the doors of the apartment or the bedroom or install additional locks, chains or other fasteners without the prior written permission of the Landlord. Upon termination of the tenancy, all keys to the apartment, the bedroom and the Tenant's mailbox must be returned to the Landlord. In addition, Tenant agrees not to duplicate, distribute, or loan any keys to the apartment, the bedroom or to Tenant's mailbox. If Tenant shall fail to comply with this rule, or if Tenant loses the key to the apartment, the bedroom, or to the Tenant's mailbox, or otherwise requests that Landlord change any of the locks on the doors of the apartment, the bedroom, or to the Tenant's mailbox, Tenant shall pay Landlord $85.00 for reimbursement of the cost of changing or re-keying the locks. In addition, if Tenant cannot locate his or her apartment key and requires entry to his or her apartment after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays or any time on weekends or holidays, then Tenant shall be obligated to call a locksmith at Tenant s expense. Notwithstanding the above, Tenant shall provide to the Landlord a copy of the keys necessary to gain access to the bedroom and the Premises if locks have been added, altered or changed by the Tenant from that which were provided by the Landlord. In addition, Tenant agrees not to install additional or alternative alarm systems in the Premises or to alter or change the alarm system installed in the Premises without Landlord's prior written consent. (See tenant charges sheet) 9. PERSONAL BELONGINGS; DELIVERIES: Not to leave any personal belongings in the common areas of the Premises or Property. Tenant shall not direct mail or deliveries to be accepted and held by the Landlord or the Manager; neither the Landlord nor the Manager is responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen goods, mail, deliveries or other personal property

21 delivered to the Property or the Premises to be accepted and held by the Landlord or the Manager. 10. APPLIANCES & UTILITIES OBSTRUCTIONS: Not to misuse, tamper with or overload appliances or utilities furnished by the Landlord. In addition, Tenant shall properly use and operate all electrical and plumbing fixtures and shall keep all plumbing fixtures as clean and sanitary as their condition permits. All apartments are responsible for purchasing a plunger for the apartment and utilizing it should the need arise. If a toilet becomes clogged and the Tenant does not have a plunger, one will be provided to the apartment and charged to the Tenants accounts a current market cost. (See tenant charges sheet) 11. OBSTRUCTIONS: Not to obstruct or use for any purpose other than ingress and egress the sidewalks, entrances, passages, courts, vestibules, stairways and halls. 12. ADVERTISING: Not to display any advertisement, sign, or notice, inside or outside the building. 13. FIRE RISK: Not to store in the building or on the Property any material of any kind or description that is combustible, or would increase the risk of fire. 14. LITTER: Not to litter or obstruct the building or Property. Tenant pays all associated fees for cleaning or disposing of trash left in any common area or grounds. (See tenant charges sheet) 15. LAWS AND INSURANCE: Not to do anything that would violate any law or increase the insurance rates on the building or Property. 16. THROWING OF ARTICLES: Not to throw, or allow to be thrown, anything out of the windows or doors or down the passages of the building. 17. WINDOW SILLS: Not to place anything on the outer edges of the sills of windows or hang any flags, banners or signs from any windows or place any flags, banners or signs in any windows. 18. COMMON AREAS: Not to permit Tenant or Tenant's family, employees, agents or Guests to play in stairways, elevators or storage areas, and to limit activity in shared common spaces to that which does not disturb other tenants, guests, or staff. 19. OBSTRUCTION OF WINDOWS, ETC.: Not to cover or obstruct the windows, doors and skylights that reflects or admits light into passageways or into the Premises. 20. CLEANING OF RUGS, MOPS, ETC.: Not to shake, hang or clean any tablecloths, rugs, mops or other articles in any of the public halls or from any of the windows, doors or landings of the Premises. Tenant pays associated costs to clean areas soiled due to shaking or cleaning of tablecloths, rugs, mops, or other articles. 21. CANVASSING: Not to cause the distribution on the Premises of handbills, circulars, advertisements, papers or other matter which if discarded would tend to litter such area. Canvassing, soliciting and peddling on the Premises are prohibited. The foregoing shall not prohibit Tenant from using direct mail solicitation or advertising in the regular communications media. Tenants are allowed to post bills or advertisements on the common area bill boards located in the Lantern only. 22. CHARCOAL GRILL: Not to use or store any charcoal or gas grills or other open flame cooking devises, or do any open cooking in the building or Property with the exception of the BBQ area located outside of the south building. 23. DAY CARE CENTER: Not to provide, for consideration, in or about the Premises, substitute parental or guardianship care or supervision to children not related to the Tenant by blood. 20

22 24. CLOTHES LINES: Not to install, erect or utilize exterior clothes lines on the Premises or grounds. 25. WINDOW SAFETIES: Not to remove, loose, or damage any of the window safeties that limit the opening space of the windows. 26. UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY: Not to enter any other tenant's apartment or bedroom without the consent of that tenant. 27. BUILDING EXTERIORS: Not to climb onto exterior walls or roof of the building. 28. ALCOHOL: Not to store or possess kegs, beer balls or other containers containing large quantities of alcoholic beverages. In addition, alcoholic beverages in open containers are prohibited in common areas of the Property. TENANT AGREES TO: 29. GARBAGE & RUBBISH: Place Tenant's garbage and rubbish for disposal only in the dumpsters located in the north and south parking lots, and to dispose from the Premises all rubbish, garbage and other organic and flammable waste in a clean and sanitary manner. 30. CONDITION OF PREMISES: Keep the bedroom and apartment in a neat, clean, good and sanitary condition. Tenant further agrees to keep a minimum temperature of at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit at all times within the apartment in order to prevent damage to the building and its systems. 31. DRAPERIES: Only use draperies and window shades provided by Landlord and which present a white exterior coloration. 32. LOCK-OUT: Landlord or staff will provide lockout service ONLY if available on weekdays from 8 am 5 pm. Tenant shall be obligated to call a locksmith at Tenant s expense if Tenant requires assistance in gaining entry to the Premises on weekends and holidays. 33. SMOKING: Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the building including individual apartments and individual bedrooms. Tenant pays all associated cleaning, repair, or replacement costs for any damage caused due to smoking. 34. BICYCLES: Only store bicycles in approved bicycle storage locations on the Property, including in Tenant s bedroom, and not in any hallways or other common areas of the Property. 35. SNOW REMOVAL: Landlord and staff will provide snow removal on sidewalks and all exterior common areas except for shoveling around or behind vehicles parked on premises during parking lot plowing. Snow removal occurs when snow depth reaches a minimum of 2. Snow removal and Parking lot plowing will occur on a rolling schedule depending on storm projections and snowfall rate. Landlord is not required to notify tenants of parking lot plowing. Tenants are responsible for tracking current weather and preparing accordingly. 21

23 Burlington Fire Department Office of the City Fire Marshal 132 North Avenue, Burlington Vermont (802) Fax (802) TAMPERING WITH FIRE SAFETY EQUIPMENT Fire Suppression Systems and Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms are the best safety features you can install to protect yourself, your family and your home. In the event of a fire or CO emergency, a detector and a suppression system can save your life and those of your loved ones. The best way to prevent fatalities is by providing an early warning signal and then putting the fire out. Only a functioning system can protect you. Sprinkler systems, Smoke & CO alarms need to be properly installed, maintained and in a ready condition at all times. Never disable an alarm by "borrowing" its battery for another use. Following the manufacturer's instructions, test all your smoke detectors monthly and install new batteries at least once a year. Fire suppression systems and commercial fire alarm systems must be inspected by a licensed contractor annually. If your alarm is chirping this is a low battery warning, replace the battery immediately. If your alarm has a lot of false alarms please contact your Management Office Immediately. Clean your smoke detectors using a vacuum cleaner or caned air without removing the detector's cover. Never paint a smoke detector. Never obstruct a sprinkler head. Never hang anything on a sprinkler pipe. REQUIREMENTS OF THE CODE OF ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF BURLINGTON Tampering with or Disabling Fire Safety Equipment. No person shall render any portable or fixed fire-extinguishing system or device or any fire warning system inoperative or inaccessible. [NFPA ] 22 Tampering with or disabling fire safety equipment is a criminal offense punishable by a fine of $500 and imprisonment for up to one year. [Burlington Code of Ordinances, section 13-20] Use and maintenance of a dwelling unit (a) The tenant shall not create or contribute to the noncompliance of the dwelling unit with applicable provisions of building, housing and health regulations. [Title 9: Chapter 137: Tenant obligations] This sheet is designed to promote fire prevention, code compliance and to enhance the public safety of the residents of Burlington, Vermont. This sheet provides a detailed overview of one common issue and is not an all-inclusive list of state laws, municipal ordinances or additional code requirements that may apply. For additional information or details you should contact the Burlington Fire Department, Office of the Fire Marshal at This sheet was developed as an educational resource with information provided from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Vermont Division of Fire Safety.

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