PROJECT The Villas of Arolithi

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1 AGIA MARINA CHANIA-CRETE-GREECE View from plot towards west The western fascades of Villa 6, Villa 7, and Villa 8 (starting from left) The Arolithi project is a situated 1,5 km south of the Village of Agia Marina, on Western Crete. Its situated on a hillside land covering 10802,67 sq m. The land is currently build able up to 299,76 sq meters. These building meters have been divided on three villas each with private pool, sitting area and basements. The villas have received the working names 6, 7, and 8 which indicates the ordinary number of beds that each villa has the approved capacity to take according to the EOT (Greek Tourist Authorities) approved permission. Villa 6 has two bedrooms and the bottom floor of Villa 6 has been created specially suitable for wheelchair-bound occupants and has 2 spacious bedrooms that can accommodate up to three ordinary beds. Villa 7 has two bedrooms and can accommodate up to 7 ordinary guests in normal beds. Villa 8 has three bedrooms and can accommodate 8 people in ordinary beds. The project has gone through all needed controls for receiving a building permission through EOT which entitles in to be run as a commercial entity on the tourist market. The building permissions where issued on 19th of January 2004 and are valid for four (4) years with the possibility for a extension of another four (4) years. If the proprietor wishes and since the land is more than sq. Meters, the land can be further built up to 2000 sq. m if the permission is transferred into a full EOT hotel license. The full license requires the licensee to fulfil certain criteria's like availability of a reception and some other facilities. For further infomation contact: Carl-Johan Lundberg , ,

2 The Arolithi project from the top Panorama of view from the highest point of the land towards the west. The paved countryside road above the plot on its eastern border. Terrace 1 and 2 (in the middle of these the villas will be situated) Picture taken upwards the land from a sout-western angel

3 Roof Building 6 The roof on building is rounded type, similar to many Greek churches. Top floor building sq.m. The top floor in building 6 has one bedroom with space for 3 ordinary beds, a small storeroom and a bathroom, as well as a roof terrace.

4 Bottom floor building sq.m. Basement building sq.m. The bottom floor of building 6 is especially suitable for person with wheelchair and the villa does not have any steps to all common areas or to the road. The basement of building 6 is open for any use, the sketched walls is a architects suggestion for a sauna area.

5 Fascades of building 6 Building 6 facing north Building 6 facing east Building 6 facing south Building 6 facing west

6 Roof Building 7 The roof on building 7 is flat, to the north is a roof terrace Top floor building sq.m. The top floor in building 7 has a spacious bedroom that fits three ordinary beds if needed, or office-desk. There is also a bathroom on this floor.

7 Bottom floor building sq.m. Basement building sq.m. Bottom floor of building 7 has big bedroom for three beds and a spacious living room that can take a additional bed, which makes it possible for up to 7 people to sleep comfortably. Basement of building 7 is open for multipurpose use, here with a pre-cut sauna from Sweden.

8 Fascades of building 7 Building 7 facing north Building 7 facing east Building 7 facing south Building 7 facing west

9 Roof Building 8 The roof on building 8 is partly with roof tiles and partly flat, in north end there is a balcony. Top floor building sq.m. Building 8 is the only villa with two bedrooms on the top floor, the bedrooms are spacious to take up to three beds, there is also a balcony and a bathroom.

10 Bottom floor building sq.m. The bottom floor in building 8 has a third bedroom and spacious living room facing out towards the pool. Basement building sq.m. The basement i building 8 is the most spacious, with possible use of one part of the basement for maintenance or housing of personnel. The other part is for multipurpose use by the occupants of the villa

11 Fascades of building 8 Building 8 facing north Building 8 facing east Building 8 facing south Building 8 facing west

12 Suggestion for basement villa 8 This could be a solution for how the basement in building 8 could be made. One part with sauna and Jacuzzi for guests in the villa. The other part made into personnel apartment for two persons, who supervise the place. The swimmingpools (separate for each building) The swimming pools are identical for each villa, each pool is about 21,5 sq m and are at the deepest 1,50 (standard depth). One section of the pool can be sealed of so it can be used for small children as children's section of the pool

13 Where the project is situated

14 Advantages with the project: The fast track the project will have to materialize since all necessary permissions have already been established to highest EOT (Greek Tourist Authority) demands for commercial use The lucrative potential of having the units on the rent market, there has already been inquiries to rent the three units for euros per year The location in the tranquillest nature but still only 5 minutes away to some of the biggest holiday resorts on Crete. The beautiful scenery with wild mountains, olive groves, orange fields and beyond the magnificent Mediterranean sea. Well thought through design of the villas from a Nordic perspective to all aspects of practicalities. High potential of expanding with buildings of up to additional 1700 sq meters Buying this project off plan enables the new owner to make any additional changes. Price