The USS Sequoia. yacht on tour; visits Grosse Pointe

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1 Pointes now sending prisoners to outstate jails By Peler A Salinas Staff Wnter Judgei'. the POllltes are Sendlllg pi..,olcs up the liver all nght - but t'i'. the AuSable Rver m Alwna County FO the 1<1'>t "X month,>, Grosse POlllt(' Wood~ hel" been lodgmg pi ~onel " Jl the Huron County Jail 111 Bad Axe, and mal e C'(ently, till' Fal m" hdf> tdken t<, ledd,md hac, pll<,onc '> undpi lock,1lel kl'y Hl Alcolld, St Clan, Annac and HUlon UJuntle'> The pi obh'm <,n t nt'1v FO at least two \ ('dl.., the Wayne County j<lll lid" not ldkpo 111 nus dellledlldllt ofjl'ldl " du!' lo,kk of space The Jail S reserved for faclty, which costs local taxpay Oakland, Macomh and St (',Ul dllvlng a total of nearly 400 felony offenders, such as bur. er~ les" than what t costs to countlp~ all Wth llo luck \\J lpn m des, t i!:istll les" expensve to glars, rapsts and murderers house a pn~oner n Wayne he c<1lled Hll on Coullty - billgo hou"e a prisoner in Alpena Snce the Pomte's muncipal County "When \\Pllt up thej(' to go County than it is in Wayne court system doesn't hear felony "Up until three or foul over the papel \\01 k dlle! to '>t'u County CabE'S, there S really no Jail to months ago, we welen't puttmg the jail," Pdttc'l "on "ald, " F,\1 m" Lt gnatus Backman send convcted mlsdemeanants any ml'>demeanant" m Jail," Pat found out lhdt the p"tell1 ",ud t currently costs $67.50 a to f a local court ~ successfulm tel"ot1 Said "Con'>equently, we Wayne County e!('pdjtll1ellh hdd JdY to lodge a prisoner n the gettng an habtual thef or were puttmg people back out on been "endlllg!h!,>orll'" U) lhl e Wayne County Jal Cost for Hutraffic offender m Jal, chances the btreet on probaton Often fm '>ome tll1l(> [Je,ll boln Ll\ onla on County, "f you can get them are he could be released a the'>e wele people that belonged and olhe) " bd've )wen 1.1"lng the n," " $50 a day, while Alpena matter of days to make room for jail" jail B.ld A"l " County cunently charges $35 to <1mOle '>enous cnnunal Pdtter"on "ald altel dl"cussmg Taklllg d pi h( lllj \\ here ~40 a day "t's not just Uf>," said Woodf> the "ltliatlon With Wood'> MUl1lc equlll>" "l'lllljllg t \\ U ofllcerf>, Backman said there are a cou- Pubbc Safety Dlector,],lck Pat fml Judge PdtllCld Schneider, u"ually (Jl 0\( dlllll! mc\('r tu pe Jequllement& these outstate tel,>on, "everybody hab the plob they agl eed that f jail ~palc not Llkl' "O!)('Oll' oil Odd PdtlOl COllntJe,> have for the urban Clern " LOUd be found, thl'y would mcal F'l m" Plibll "d{d \ 1)ll'l t 01 tie'" Pattel,>on Sdld he has found wldtl'them {{oiled F( llll'1 ",J (Vl! \\lh till' "They require that you Sign a lodgmg 111 the HUlon County Jill! "dld he cdllpd W d"hteodw, chided l'x)( 11"1 (,r J\ t lll \1d pdpel "tat1l1g that your pnsoner does not need medical care," Backman said, "and if he does need medcal care while in their custody, you Wll pay for t. They also require that you give them bus fare back home, They are findmg that they are havng to recover ther l:ltolen cars back n southeastem MChgan" Ferber said t is high time that the cities have somewhere to lodge misdemeanant offenders. "We decided to put the pen. alty back mto the cnminal JUStice system," Ferber sad "We are usmg the out-county altema- See JALS, page 18A G l The USS Sequoia Photo by Margie Rems Smth Presidential yacht on tour; visits Grosse Pointe By Margie Reills Smith StaH Wnler A shce of Amercan hstory 'laded thlough Lake St Clair and the DetrOit Hlver last week The p ewlentlal yacht, USS Se quota, docked bnefly at the GO'se POlllt(' Yacht Club last Fllda\ - one port on ts sevenmonth "Cl'lpbratc Amenca l " lour of 22..,tate" ~l1d 100 cltles Thl"..,U1l1lTlpr '<., tour provldpd th(' last chance fo! the puhhc to walk ahom d t he hstone yacht and look around The SequOa will he ('lll trll'd to servce as a p ('''ldpntl<11 yacht n November The h "tm e 104 font yacht has 'ip vpd eght lj S pi ef>ldpnts so fm, p 0\ dlllg t w "cttmg for df'l cate diplomatc negotiatons, ternatlonal dscussons, olliclal ceremomes, SOCial functons, presidential retreats and family gatherll1gs PreSident Jimmy Cmter sold t 1977 Four years later, a pnvate, non profit, hi-partsan orgalllzatlon, the P e<;ldenttal Yacht Trust, repurchased the Sequ01a and set ahout ovel haul mg, refurblshmg, restorng and redecoratng t the style of th(' Roo<;evelt era t was desgnated a NatOnal H<;tOlC Landmark n 1988 Sequoia Capt John Ternll said at least 500,000 peoplp hdve been aboard dunng the la..,t foul months Pt1~~t'~ Gordon Buehrig By Pal Paholsky Editor FO \ flung"!'1 growmg up rn :\.N"1 (1l\ 111 an ela when h'j ~p" \' 1') (' t h(' pllllclple mean'l of <1n "pnll at lon to become one of,"t gl ent mdlvldual Arm llcd,\ (dl "t\..,ts S the "tuff of <11 p<1m<,!\ nd (~lfd()n Buehrg 11,1'- lj\pd hi" dll',lll'- Ht" ].)t,',>1 hon(11 - thp Steu 1)'l f, t lw!\<.hle'v('ment A\~drd l.lp" d l'llmkahk 60 \1"1\ '- of df'''lglling automoblle~ v, t h!('w ndal \ n,lmp'i - name'! Jkp h( Duc<.,('nhcrg, th.. Au hllrll th!' ('rnd BllPH 19 \Va" ",l'jr'ctnl to h.. the flr..,t P( ppnt of tlw award that \\111 h.. gl\!'n annuil11y t Wil'> plp..,pnter! t, him at Eye<; on th.. (,1,1 ""](", (,11 "h 0\\ fj st month nil t!j(' gl Oil nd " of ll(' Gro..,<,e PlJnll Aldrlr 111\ that henefiud lhf' Df1lll1( fn"lllutf' of Ophthal lllolow' Rtwhllg ".1 \ l"lonm-y, 'v\ho, \\llh ll" 1\1111,'- nd 11,Y mod 1.1.." \\.1",,]r r.l : pllmf' archl' ll'cf<, r,j d' J 11" tlhlt are cla"<;lc,,, ',)(,'v,nri h:l\1 rome to be known as rollmg c,culptllrp Ofhl<; role n helpmg to plor){'l a young mdu'ltry through c!,j"c,1 cal <;tylmg, Buehng <,aj..., have alway.., felt that the mrht mportant element of an automo hllp '> performancp. See PONTER, page 11A Gordon Buehrlg The puhllc's mtcje'it r.;mc edl. ble, he said "We were travellllg through a dei'lclted canal 11 North Carohna - the Pungo Canal Thel e'<, one little load Lotf> of 'lwamp Wdderne% We came to a little blldge at 7 30 a m and there were 60 to 80 people bewle the road, wav11g Amencan flag<; and holdmg "gm that..,ald. Gi>od Luck Se quoa" The yacht ha<, "prved a<, a pre<'ldentlal retreat - a'> 'v\ell a'> the c,ettrng for hl"tol C OCCd<;lOn<, for eight pre<,)(lenh Herhert Hoovel u"ed t,j" a ll'treat and re"plte from Dpp e"'''lon era pres dentlal StC'>..,C.." Roo"e\elt planned war "11 ategy ahoard, Lyndon,John"on entpi tamcd amba<,<,ador". conh'! e"r.;men and fo elgn dlgnltane<" Rlchal d Nl'\{on wa'i dhoard the &quola \\ hen he told hs famdy ahout h" dl:.uc,lon to re<,lhtjl from the pll'''ldency m Augu"t 1974 (;'r.dd Ford'.., ddughter celebjated hel 19th brthday ahodl d The eldhol ate restomtlon pro ju<.t took five monthc, and co"t «;~l'i mllon, whl(h wa" finanu.rl by (ntllblltlon" tl1l' Pll'''lden tld] Y dcbt T u"l h\ l 0) po.1tloll'> and 11dl\ dlldl" Tlw ) d13bj! tatlol1 \\,1<, dollt b\ mol e l han 240 C,lft"n1l'11 \1 hll \vol ked H ound tht l k fo " '. lllo11th~ 111 dpi lo UJill plet,. 11ll' pi o)f'ct n tmw fol till' Lll 01,lbel ty <.entpnllidl u rjldof) t " pad\ frl) "( 1\ lu.. g,lll1 All "pit dnd poll"h (;k,111l1llg bd,," Fla\\ 11'<,...1\,,!Hoot h Vdl nj<'hed mdhog,j11y dnd 11dk ":ihhlll1g ch (Jrnl' "lldplj\ {dl1\ d~ Muted bill.,,,, (,dnh/\ lld" dod Cll'drn\ \ h t " Th,. pi ""r1, 1.11,,(.,ll " \~()\(>n nto 1111>u'ntl'l nf tlh UlJPl't 111 tlw rnd 111 " don,md,mchm" aj e \\iovpn hl' r'u «(j1l" Thl',>;]on " ltnf'd 1\ lb h <l"" \\al1 "conct''',ind "lll)11 tll'd boll k hlo ca<k dl ap(''', tj.!( h r b\ h( glo\\ of mclhogdny,md d(((nttd \\lth gleamlllg "1 h ( -1'1 Vlng dl"hl ", \\ h rtf> 11nl' n, "il k f10\\ pr.0 ul1ge men\<' 111 mull i "j, lfk.., "( hill!' whltf',nri ('<ln1,/ J \ tr.d A 'J\\ of "dl' dl<uh ()\ r r d \\ \!J hltll' fahlll v. h, ~lhlll' tivl' pllll1ted...tar motif ~tdnd",t.ttlnt1l1l1 {{('(lning d('(1 <h<lll-, f) of n Woods elllbroiled By Ronald J Bernas Staff Writer Anothr home r,ly carp hu..,1 nl''''' 0TWatlng 111, homp rn the Wood" 1<, "ull1g the cty fol l tl" l1g \1 do\\ n 1'h(' "tllt \\ a.., fi!('d hy Yfm-y l{oo,>c who...a", until Apnl of thh yl'ill, 0pf'rdtlllg a hcen"ed ( carp from hpr home on Flpct wood, )ll whch "h',;lhl <,hp cm ed for four ('hildren 'Bprng l1cpn<,pd thlollgh th.. "tatp we figul N 'v\a<, our go,tlwad, Roo'\C <,,)1(1 But th!' Wood.., h;]" < lty orrh nanu' that doc" not,dlo\\! 1l..,1 d,'nh to oppral(' hu"rne""e.., out of tbell hom(',> Whl'n d C,Ult 'v\a" filed h y an (,thpr homp dily (',lip hat wa" c,hul do\\!n,ifl.. 1 nr ghbor" (,m pl.ll ned, the city d"hd the "t au' for a 1st of othpr,>tate 1cen<.,(.d d,iy car.. cpntrrq oj1('ratlllg h0111('" tht \-V" "],, lhl,,(dtl fll"r(1.lld \\norl" cty "ttol nl \ (,t,~' ( 1111'1 l1'r! n fefdom of 1ll!',,)!"t l' que"t Tt( "t ;t' (/J' 1" i' r ()\\ 1g thrtl till), "ll' frllil "htl 1m)])!' din ldll 11111, l' 111 hl' Vvood" ('"t1rn 'dld!jr ~ll.t!lllll" to thpfou tl 11111":' 111 tlll\ hndto ",top P') 11111gh, r d 11,(' t )11'\ \\ pn' 111 \ ll.l!]('11 of tll, [t\ (, dlrjdn((> Hoo<;l' <',lld -h' did "lop.illt l' CP\ 1g!Jilt. Aftll " dlol/' f;"t 10\)lh \\tllt h'l, ''ll " h fl, c JJl!' 29 n ( (r ltl f<"'1 r 'lid Thl "lilt [ltll..;t'- lit t llw (tv ~ rl11" nil \.gtl' not (n,, )\1 t.nri h t h "1'1{'(\'\ n!rll" r 1)\ ht lt\ '[!J'! t 1,, hllli'''~'''' p' "1 \\!J h,j) ng lut of homr" n tlw \V (od,,' Vll"! "wl '-,1H',lid 1 ht (t v 1",,11{'r them - are hned up on the blldge Scattered throughout the yacht are framed photographs of fol'mer presdents domg hlstonc deed~ aboard the yacht. Rchard Nixon With SOViet leader Leomd Bre7bnev , two photos of John Kennedy celebratmg his 46th birthday (hlb last) With fam- ly member~, a bldck and white 19~3,'3 photo of Herbert Hoover aboard the yacht, a 1934 photo of FDR An major part of the restoration project nvolved brmgmg fin', <,afpty and secunty systems up to "tate of the-art nsulaton wa.., <ldded to reduce noise from the twin BV 71 DetrOt desel engl ne" Props and engme shafts Wpl c redesgned Hull and decks wpre econstructed Power plant, wl'lng, plumbing and electrol1jcs \\ l're modernized. The yacht has,,11 the latef>t n navigatonal l'(jllipment except Loran C The yacht was desgned by,john A Trumpy, and built n 192f:i a" a pleasure craft for the Hlchanl Cadwalader family of Philadelphia The cor.;t - an estday care suit mated $200,000 Cadwalader chnstened it SequOa He sold t after three years to William H. Dunnll1g, of Fort Worth, Texas, who re-chnstened t SeqUOa n 1931, the US. Department of Commerce purchased the yacht for $48,860 and used t as a rum-runner to enforce navgation laws durmg PrOhbitOn t served as a member of the Oyst1\l'ly enforcmg the ordmance,l1d tnnt home day cares are hplng dl<;cnmmaterl agamst "That'<, not true and they are not goll1g to h' ahle to prove t," ('atlln ",ld HJl)"( "fud '>he f> opposed to thl' local 01 dmance, but also fa- \ 01 " <,tdtp controls The r.;tat(' PgJslnturE' now has. hll pl'l1lljng that would allow t hi,,1,ltl' to override local zoning d nd t( pc, for day care cenu'rs Thc Wood" city councl hah ex. pll'''''1 d t.., 0PPo'lltlon to the hill '[ h( ~\1t al'lo 'lcekc, an l1junc t on f 10m ordinance enforcement, utlng findnclal and emotonal Lim.lgl'''' RoobC ~ ahkmg for fin 1 nl,ll JUdi-, ' 1l1(>nt of at least '" , ilnrl COllrt COqt'l, l1terest.nri attornpyq fees 'W"VP comphed With the ordl n<lt1u', hut we're not gjvmg' up hf' fight," Roose said See SEQUOA,,~: She's missing! C1DsBifieds page 2A 3A Local election results.4a Casino backers are poor losers Dr. Herzog's choices 6A 7A Obituaries, 8A Click and Clack offer car advice...9a Woodland photography 12A The Cadillac of cones, 16A Eating out at Tom's Red Cross head has history Oh, baby Looking for work? > Babe Ruthers head south Soccer champs arui ro-champs smooth in 'Cocktail' 17A l B 2B 7B C 3C 4C 6C

2 _2A Sequoia ff / From page 1 ter Fleet, and, with two tendel b, reported 2,586 mspectlon'> and 789 violations durmg one sea<,on President Hoover liked the look of the luxurloub craft, and spent the wmter of 1932 docked m Flonda, aboard the Sequoia The 1932 White House Chmt mas card featuied the Sequoia Hoover arranged for the Navy to take po"e<.,<.,wnof the yacht n The ship's bell is engraved with the yacht's name. USS Sequoia , -. -"~ Nt.W4 the <.,pnng of 1~l'3:3,<111(1<1<.,<.,lgnedtl<.,we as a retreat from the t to Wd<.,hlngton to be fittpu out <.,tle<.,<,e<, of the presidency a<.,the ofludl pi e'-,1(lentldl y,llht Franklin D Roosevelt used DUl'lng the next 44 yedl <." tll(' the yacht nearly every Sunday Sequoia \\'d<" u-,ed b~ "'\Lll <.,U( to entcltan foreign and U S. offi. <.eedlng pre<"ldent<.,<1nd '-P \ ed <1<., udl., The first mtelnatlonal dls, the <,ettmg foj hl<.,loj(oud.,loll<., lll'"lhl<" illout the atomc bomb,., Photo, bv Marill~ Rems Smith The main salon of the Sequoia has been used by eight presidents - for official meetings. receptions. cocktail parties. and family birthday celebrations. t's fitted out with a bar. a small piano. rows of side chairs. brocade drapes. and brass wall sconces. The paneling is mahogany and nuclear controls occurred aboard the Sequoa, when Harry Truman met with Prme MlOlster Clement Attlee. of England, and Pnme Mmister Wlliam L. Mackenze King, of Canada Kennedy and Johnson enter. tamed aboard Nixon hosted Great Britam's PrlOce Charles and PrlOcess Anne as well as Soviet leader Leomd Brezhnev aboard the SeqUOa. He also cruised With his friend Bebe Re. bozo durlog the height of the Watergate CrSS. n 1977, PreSident Jimmy Carter. lo an economzing move, sold the yacht. Thomas A. Malloy, president of Lelsurecraft nc, purchased t for $286,000. n 1980, it was sold agam to a busmess partnership he-aded bv Norman Pulliam. of South Ca~ollna. t was offerd for aucton in 1980 and purchased agam by the Ocean Learmng nstitute, lo Flonda. n 1981, the PreSdential Yacht Trust was formed and purchased the SeqUOa for $1 mllhon The yacht was officially designated a NatOnal HistorC Landmark in 1988 and began ts "Celebrate Amenca!" Homecom. 109 Tour in March Captain Terrill estimated the SeqUOa will requre $300,000 a year to be properly maintamed. The PreSidential Yacht Trust is solcltmg donations from corporatons and indviduals to finance this umque bit of floating Amencan hstory. After the seven-month tour of the eastern United States, the SequOa will be returned to servce as the presidential yacht. The enclosed aft deck of the Sequoa has been furnished with casual furniture of the Roosevelt era. Framed photographs of historic happenings aboard the yacht are placed throughout the Sequoia. August 11, 1988 The presidential seal. in soft shades of blue and creamy white. is woven into the carpet of the main salon on the Sequoia, WNTER OUTER GARMENTS 20% to 40% OFF USE OUR free LAY-A-WAY ZOD BASCS $11.99 WE'RE THE SCHOOL UNFORM SPECALST FOR BOYS & GRLS FREE ALTERAT NS GANT FREE PARKNG AREA N REAR C~,~t~!!". ~!~ ~ GREATER MACK. (1 blocll South of 9 Mile) l!iiiii ST CLAR SHORES. MCHGAN (313) j 1 Pre-Ki ndergarten-8th Grade Academic Excellence * Two Foreign Languages * Music * Drama * Visual Arts 2555 BURNS DETROT, MCHGAN (ndian Village) CALL FOR RESERVATONS Photo, by Marge Rems Smith Grosse Pointe News (USPS ) Published every Thursday By Anteebo Publisher.. 96 Kerche\ al Avenue {;ro...e POnte. M Phone 'iecono Cia" Postage palo at DelO' M cn ga~ ~"bsuiplion Rates S17 pe, year Viama $190ul 01slale '\10e,s a Ma Subscnphons Charge 01 Address fljrms lj Kerchw G'me POinte Farms Mlet! T~e oedol ne 101oe.., COP\ 5 Monday noon to nsure n f101 '" Jdml \ ng COP mu be n me Adve sing Depart men, 11 a m TuesOay CORRFCTO.SA'W ;OJUSTMftHS ResponSlblhly for d,s " lnd c'ass ed ad,ell5lng wo Slmlled 10either a can (p al on Of!he charge 1)1or a e run 01 me portion n error '1,11 calor musl be Q"en " me lor correctron n the 101 llj sue 'le a sun e ro respons bilily 10' the same al '~ r')t (f' fldr (, 0,1 Po Olf i, <s rese"es he ghl not 10 accept ao,e,p, de' Gosse Po nle News ad,ertl5lng rrldl,es' ",' '0 aulro tl 0 b nd h,s newspaper and w' (, 0',o,ert serrenl s~, corsiluie inal ac -' t'p r-l 1~er S 0 (jf'r THE COLLEGAN SPORT COAT THE YOUNG MAN'S MODEL Our camplls sport coat, The Co!!e/tlGl. <;tvled to fit the trimmer, youthflll figure. Chl~<'l( zrrnng-bones or hw le.v corn tweeds, Thl' trodltlona! navy blazer en "011 v('or" hopsack, (;reo! toppers for our washable, pr(' (11<;hed {7on':,...(1f j)///(' 11"" \ at Fall hlll hhajn<' 111 blends or all (olton Plalll front from 37.60, j)ll'(jted (rom 4260 GRLL AT HOME OR AWAY Use this stove top grill with electric, gas or propane stoves. deal for recreational vehicles, boats and travel. Porcelain enamel coated steel drip pan. Non-stick coating on aluminum grill surface. By Max Burton Enterprises. $24. Jacobson's Sport Coal from Sze 36 Tf()//~ers from Sze 30 VSA Mastercard - (ll{( tl \A.\1 <..,r ( Am GROo;;SE PONTE.,fORE HOURS rv'onday frday SATURDAY 10 TO 530 r f Wi'JOA \' f VENNGS TlL 9 We welcome Jacobson's Charge or the American Express~ Card. We will uahdate your parking tlcket Shop until 9 p.m. on Thursday and Friday. Until 6 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday and SaturdalJ 5ioool1l1.Qi'V~... Cl:oTgrlill.lm'.l.lOgzQi4;.i;,,;-_.. ;;,;-_;:_ij;;i ::;;=;;;;.;;:_;;'~:;;"u, ;;':-~:::==;:;:==:;:;';;';-:;~:::::;'1'':;;j;;;;;''~--;;::i -::...;,;..~ :';~:=-..."'-~....=

3 us August 11, 1988 tltm4 Educators concerned over failure of special education millage By.Peter A. Salinas Staff Writer Although there Wll probably be no immediate effect on the Grosse Pointe schools specal educaton programs, many dlstncts will soon be feehng the effect of voters turnng down a one mll mcrease for specal educaton by the Wayne County ntermedate School Distnct Locally voters narrowly de. feated the proposal by a 2,470 to 2,489 margin t lost by about 7,000 votes county-wde, 103,355 to 110,376. Drector of Specal EduwtlOn Clare Hunt sad that the pi a gram will cost the dlstj Ct about $20,000 to $30,000 fol the com mg school year "These charge backs W! rise dramatically as the years go on," Hunt sad, "Some estmates sug gebt ptl hap::> they "ll JVluk each year" The mtermedmte school dls tnct asked voters to applove an mcrease of one chartered mll to fund special educaton plogl'ams and services for handicapped,>tudents. Some 6,000 students throughout the 34 dstrcts within the mtermedlate dstrict receve specal educaton servlces funded with one exlsltmg chart ered mll. Budget shortfalls have requred the SD to charge-back special educaton costs to dstricts whose students are receiving servces. The projected shortfall for the school year S about $9 million. The new mll would have raised slghtly more than $20 million "The reason feel this proposal failed," Hunt sad of the narrow margin of loss, "was that ths was almost an mvlsible Ssue Outside of a stand taken m favor of the ssue by both daily newspapers, the ordmary Ctzen knew nothing about t." SD officials are consdering bringing the ssue back on the November general election ballot smce it was so close. Kathryn Mathey, special edu. cation consultant for the lsd, said part of the reason for falure might have been that school was not in sesson. "Many of the positive voters may not have understood the issue," Mathey said. "We had no way of getting information to parents through the students" Mathey said the WCSD Wll contmue to operate the programs at a deficit and charge the local districts for the excess costs. "We have already cut costs by consahdatmg some of the pro. grams," Mathey sad. "We can't cut any further, The programs are already bemg operated in the most cost effectve manner" With no more money m the budget and no way to cut ser. vces because they are mandated by the state, local dlstncts Wll have to find the money to send to the mtermedlate school dstrict for the provlslon of the services That money wlll probably come out 01 money budgeted far, '~ t j t t, general educaton purpobes, Mathey said Robert Dletker, president of the Wayne County ASSOCatOn of Admnstrators of SpeCial Educaton, said that the passage of the mllage was essental. "Given the alternatve fundll1g optlon," he sad, ''t S essental that servlces fo! the handcapped be supported through sufficent county-wde mllage. The ebult wl11 be an overall 1eductOn of avalable dollars for genelal edu- Phow b} Jeffre} Hogan Bob Mowbray of Village Lock on Mack stands with his mannequin in happier times in this photo taken last year. "DetrOt Wll lkely be hit the hardest," Hunt said. "Chargebacks to DetrOt are already well over $1 mllion, and that money comes out of the general educaton budget" DlCtlker sad he felt t was slgmficant that the electon was as close as t was " don't believe there was good publc understandmg of the need for the fundmg mcrease," DiecatlOn programs.. Some dstricts wlll be ht hard!'r than others, Hunt sad She noted that a number of downriver school dstricts m the county have gloup homes ReS dent~ of these homes who have not 1eached the age of 26 must be supported wlth revenue's to the SD and/or local dlstnct funds Cost of runnmg these home~ b lugh and can be a dl am on genel al educatlon budget" Kidnapped! Safe return wanted; No questions asked Somebody made off Wth the nesses on Mack where Village mannequll1 at many outfits that Lock S located And owner Bob bnghtened up the block of busl- Mowbray wdnts hel back - no que"tloll'> a"ked She \\ as la"t ~eer. weal mg a gll'en SUgeon'b outfit, complete \r~ it! L 1 1.1st~ h3ck C:l \V Mo\\ bl ely qald hhe was taken clbout two,veeks ago and he has receved lettel s and phone calls from people who wonder whele she ~ 'People have been eally upset ovel not findmg the place," he hdlu, ell.plmmng that customel b u'>e the mannequll1 as a land n1drk He said he ha'> filed a mlssmg pel loon epolt Mowbl ay bcught the mannequm about two yedrs ago when a pclrkmg meter, to whch he attclched balloons to attract customel b, was knocked down He attached the balloons to her hand and the dea caught the pubhc's fancy People began wl'ltmg letters, bnngmg clothes for her and honkll1g ther hm ns as they dlove past, Mowbray sad She was a smash hit durmg the recent heat spell, With her heavy ovelcoat, muffier, mttens, galoshes and snow shovel Mowbl ay sad some of the salor" the recent Port Huron-to- Mackmac race wanted to lash hel to the flont of thelr boat, but he tu ned them down " thought '>he would be abused and we try to treat her Wth some respect" f anyone has any mformatlon all her disappearance, call hm at m drop a note to hm at Mack, Glosse Pomte Woods "We want to get her back on the street," he Sad "She's not eal nmg hel keep now" By Margie Reins Smith Staff Writer The Park councll approved a resoluton Monday mght to place a charter amendment on the November ballot concermng the mumclpal Judge's salary The amendment would gve councll the power to adjust the Judge's salary wlthm a range of $6,000 and $15,000 Most councl members agreed that the Judge's CUl'Tent salary ($6,000 per year) was too low Debate was lvely, however MUnCpal Judge Krsten Frank was called upon for her opmlon "The Judge's salary was inadequate for (former municpal Judge) Beverly Grobbel," Frank sad. " thought it was madequate durmg the campagn." Frank sad she spends 15 to 20 hours a week on court busness and that she S handhng an mcreased amount of crlmmal matters, CVil matters and landlord/tenant cases. Frank sad that she beleves the council should be able to ad- Just the Judge's salary after cansldermg the work load and time spent on JudiCal duties She opposes a salary cap Mayor Palmer Heenan sad that the charter amendment is 3A tiker sad "There was a low voter turnout and school wa'> out Gven these negatl veb, thought the proposal fmed "'ell " Mathey sad that SD ohiual'> ha ven't fm mally dlscu'>'>cdthe November electon opton fo!' a new ballot proposal, but Dletlkl>1 said he would support the move "f asked," he sad, "t \\ ould be my recommendaton that t be put on the ballot agan " Park council approves placing judge's compensation on ballot necessary "The Job lb mole l'x tenslve than any of the l,wcll dates apprecated," he :'dld "Counell should accept the e bponslblhty of settmg the Judge',> salary" Heenan lavoreu d ldp 01 $15,000 "f people thmk thdt''> outrageous, they'll vote t do\\ n," he sad Councllwoman Can 011 Evold agreed that the charter ~hould be chdnged and the '>aeu') rmsed, but she thought that the councl should not bet the amount Councllman DaVd Gd,>kll1 voted agamst the esolutloll ll' cause t would affect the salm y of the Slttmg Judge The e~t of the councll and the mayor voted m favor of the resoluton Counclman Mark Valente was ab sent An additional resoluton for d charter amendment was unammously approved by the councl for placement on the ballot t concerns the polcy for payment of a substitute Judge The cty charter says the substitute Judge's salary S to be deducted from the current Judge's salary The matter S overridden by state law and the amendment would brmg the cty charter mto conformty with state law A.M.S. LMOUSNE NC. RDE N STYLE AND COMFORT FOR ALL OCCASONS \,t ~4( You can't beat this John DlLaura. the brother of Woods/Shores All-Star Tony DiLaura, who traveled to Lexington, Ky. for the Regional Babe Ruth Tournament this week, mixes spinach noodl.s with eggl n he pasta room at Mama Pasta. At the restau. rant. each 'earn member. along with the coaches. were on hand for the 12-hour fundral.. r that brought n more than A percentage of the proceeds from the food and bar tab went to the All.Stars. n all. Mama Pasta signed over a check for $800 to help defray the cost of the trip. Donations were also made by the Fraternal Order of Pollee Gros.e Pointe Lodge No and the Grosse Pointe Woods Department of Publlc Safety Police Officers Association. For a full story, see page e. ) Photo t" Roh r ilum Three arrested on weapons charges Three DetrOt men were taken mto custody and chm ged With carrymg a concealed \\ edpon Monday, Aug 8, after Woodq po hce made a routme traffic stop Polce said the real tallllght,> of the vehcle the men,,,ere nd mg m were out Although the dnver of the vehcle dd not e1t tempt to escape, he dd not "top for several block!:> The ohilel said he spotted the men app,ll Party squelched Woods polce hloke up e 1.11gP Allale! Road p31ty Thul"d<1~, Aug 4, around P m Pollce spotted two cal" neat the house tran"fell mg bef'r Celli'> and bottlec; bet,,,ecn cm'> Youth" 17 and 18 yedl~ old,\el<:' tllk etcd for helllg m 11101'>111 poc,e'o '>lonof alcohol A large qu,l1tlty of heel W,lo., confi "l,lted Correction n la'>t week'" dli de about Mchgan',> u~ tax Cackdown on boat ownes, Mchgan Tre<1o.,ury qpokesman Robelt Kolt was lch rectly quoted ds usmg the \VOl d "ambguous" 111 explammg till' law whch governs the tax What Kolt said was that the law was clear, but addc'd hat t was flexble enough to allow boats to Vllllt the state Without bemg subject to the four PC'cc'nl tax Boat ownl'ls are subject to the use tax f they predommately use the boat m Michgan Accordmg to Kolt, there are no fixed number of days that a boat may stay m Michigan \\ lth out bemg subject to the tax He sad that the word "predommate ly" S flexible, and could be de. fined by the courts f a case were to end up there or by the state DepArtment of Treaqury ently tl y to hde something un del' the seat The altice' dlscovel ed a BB gun and a loaded small calber llckle plated revolver The 1\"0 18 year ads were held pendmg arragnment The thll'd man, 17, was released to the cus tady of hs parent,>.1 V\EDDNG<; PROMS CONCERTS ARPORT RUN'; 2~612 Harper Ave. St. Clair.Shores, M. A"; low t\'; $)5 UU PER HOUR CORPORATE CONVENTONS ROMANTC EVENNG'; A NGHT OUT BRNGN(, HOME NE\\ lr\l'r D<i( OUNTS PHONE SPORTN(, F\ ~NT', HOMrCOMNV, \NN\ fr" \Rlf~ -\110«\~()i'." ARPDU RUN) $, U LJ\R. '//()" f your home isn't keeping pace with your Lifestyle T'S TME TO MPROVE Maybc your family is growing. Maybe your income warrants more living space. Or, maybe your cntcrtaining needs demand more space. Whatever the reason, Motor City Modernization provides quality craftsmanship, creative design and affordability to make your home improvements a reality. ADDTONS - DORMERS Roughed-n or Finished - Low, Low Prices on all home improvements $ SAVE $ Garages Recreation Rooms Windows Bathrooms Aluminum Siding Kitchens ~\ ' MOTOR CTY V', MODERNZATON 24 Hour PHONE SERVCE For FREE ESTMATE \. FREE DESGN SERVCE No Money Down Easy Bank Financing

4 4A U.S. Senator (D) Rlegle Jr (R) Jim Dunn (R) Robert J Huber Representative 13th District (D) Colhns (0) Crockett Jr (0) Hartt (0) Kler (m Savage Representative 14th District (0) Hertel (R) McNealy in Congress in Congress Legi.lative Representative in State. 13th District (0) Barnhart (R) Bryant Jr. County Pro"ilcuting (D) O'Hslr (R) Hadden County Sheriff (D) Ficsno (D) Kennedy (D) Novak County Clerk (D) Kllleen (D) Wllson (D) Z..vcleck (R) Schweiger NtM/4 Attorney Election results Park City Farms Shores Woods Crime victim suffers stroke A 55 year-old Park woman S recovenng from an apparent cerebral aneurysm suffered Wednesday, Aug 3, durmg a confrontatwn Wth a woman who had conned hel way mto the vctim's home Park pohce sald there had been bevelal reports m the CharlevOX and Buckmgham negh. borhood of a woman gomg door. to-door askmg for food, clothmg or money Pohce beheve that the Vctim allowed the woman mto her home and then went mto the basement to collect some used clothmg When the Victm reo tu ned upstan s, she found that hel wallet had been removed flam her purse Just as the Vctim's son arrived, she collapsed and the woman fled from the home rvllc<- smd that the perpetra. tor was spotted m the neighborhood the next day and was taken mto custody by pollce She was NVTAll0N August 11, 1988 later found to have several al. lases and an extensive cnminal history, pollce said. The woman was taken to a hospital in critical condition, pollce said, but her condition later improved "We were very concemed that had this woman died as a result of the apparent stroke, we may have had a murder charge," Park Capt William Furtaw said. He added that the city prosecutor and detectives had worked on the case, but later decided to charge her With larceny from a person. Reportedly, $20 was taken from the Victim's wallet. "For their own protection," Furtaw said, "we are cautioning residents not to become mvolved With people gomg beggmg. We ask that residents call the public safety depart. ment, and if individual clams check out, he or she will be reo ferred to the appropriate social servce agency-" TO BD ONE (1) TRACTOR BACKHOE LOADER City of <&rns.6 'nint.e 'ark, Michigan County Treasurer (D) WOltoWlCZ Register of Deeds (0) Youngblood County Commissioner (0) Cavanagh (R) Pochmara Judges of the Court of Appeals Barsaman Brennan Conlin Gardner Hathaway Kirwan Maher Relly Shamo J ail Millage Special Education Millage Total Voters, Total Registered Voters yes 434 no 229 yes 352 no , , , ,862 14,063 Sealed bds Wll be received by the City Clerk of the City of Grosse Pomte Park at the Mumcipal Bldg East Jefferson Avenue, Grosse POnte Park, Michgan untl A M on Thursday, August 18, 1988 at which time and place bds w111be pubhcly opened and i ead for furmshmg the followmg tem. One (l) Four wheel drive Massey Ferguson MF 60H Seres "S" Tractor Backhoe Loader or equal per specificatons. Trade m allowance wll be made on one (1) 1966 MS Model 302 backhoe loader. ThS unit Wll be available for mspec tlon at the Public Works Garage East Jefferson Ave. nue, Gr Pte Pk,Mlch Bd envelope "hall be plamly marked "Bd on One (1) Tractor Backhoe Loader" Details and bd sheets are available m the Pubhc SerVice Department n the Mumclpal BUlldmg The Cty of Grosse Pomte Park reserves the right to accept or reject any 01.ll bds G P N 08/11/88 James G. Ellison DRECTOR OF PUBLC SERVCE Call today! MARKUS NSURANCE srnce /945 HOME. AUTO BUSNESS LFE GRAND OPENNG mpressions in Jewelry August 13 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. A Unique Gallery Experience TRSH WOLF BAUER 32S S. Woodward (located n the Peabody Mansion) Need Some Help? "Extra Hands for Busy Hands" We Clean Your House-Apartment-Office Weekly - Bi-Weekly Temporary Need a Ride to Shopping? Doctor? Visit a Friend? small packages delivered locally Let us help you. THE RUN AROUND Many References 100/0 Discount with this ad! 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So come to Renaissance Center. t only costs a little to enjoy a lot! *These program~ "\'ll,lhk for lots \ & B ~ n te r from Beaubien "trecl east of Rcn"l~~,1l(" Center Parking Programs Days & Times Note: 51 lor hre( Wed,d,l\~ Parkmg ticket must be HCHlr, lot h( loreo p 10,alldated by a RenCen retailer, and must accom- hn( < pam a reta.1 recelkt of 'hopl'l t, purchase from a enceo ~hop S2~\,nll\l!; \\td.da\s Must ext \ot by b 30 a m f.ll{ * Ale r h p m $2 \\L< k<",[ \\l e k( nd~ Up to 12 hours of parkmg r,1l * hl< \.,! \11\ cla\ dfter Parking ticket must be ' \1 kill\!; ol " hpm validated b} one of these paruclpaung restaurants p,lrk \.lld.lllon Dlonysos. KJotO. Peking Pn'~l 1111\\ th r xpress an The Summit 1"11 (h,\< 01 llln< Free valet parking at fhe '''esun Hotel or self park m 10tsAor B,ll r \.\hc\<l \m d"v,tfler Free parkmg with 12 dls, lion p, o~t.tnl..- hl'm count on theater tcket..ll. P' RENASSANCE (.E'N.T-E.R.

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6 Defeat shows casino forces poor losers Whether the voters' rejecton of casino gamblmg in the city of De trolt finally put'> an end to the controversial ssue or not, the reaction of the pro-casino leaders proves they are poor losers. Even before all the vote'>were counted, Frank Stella, chairman of Mayor Coleman Young's casino gammg study COmmll'>'HOn, predlcted that there would be ca~mo gambling in DetrOt at some future tnne The other co-charman, Samuel Gardner, hinted at the same thmg and,>aw the pol'> sibility of a court challenge to the cu."mo vote True, the vote wal'> not bllldmg on the state Legislature, which regulate'> gam bling n Michigan, but the leg~latlon required to legahze casino grmhhng 1n Df> troit or anywhere else n Michigan doe'> not seem to have much SUppOlt n Lansmg With Detroit voters for the thu'd time expressing ther OppoStOn m an advisory vote, it appears unlikely the Legislature c.quld be persuaded to give ts approval m the near future. n fact, the defeat of the casmo gambhng referendum, or, more accurately, the VCtory of the proposal to enact dn ordmance to ban casmo gamblmg, " bemg wldel) regarded as a defeat fo! Mayor Young dlld a victory for Tom Barrow, an ant gam bling organizer who rdn agall1':>t Young 1985 and '>eapected to do :'0 dgalll next year The casmo conti OVPsy \\ d'" gl \,('n ('(! t for attrdctmg a f>hghtly lalger thdt1 u,>udl plnnary vote lt1 DetrOt although the \ ote ebewhere wa~ dt lb u'>lwl m\ le\ el fo d pnmary lackmg dlly major l':>'>ue" E\en the contel'>t bet ween Eaf>t Ldn"mg dew opel' Jm Dunn and Hobert Huber, 1'10\ busmessman, for the dou btf ul pi \ liege of challengmg US Sen Dondld Riegle l1 the fall, dd not seem to attract much mtel e'>t m the GOP rankb, although Dunn'" back ers lked the results n Wayne County, thel e were fe\\ bur pnses but some dlsappomtments Om' dl"- appollltment for many Pomters \\ a" the failure of Grosse Pomte Clty Public Sdfeiy Director Bruce Kennedy to make d,. (..,tlongel dce dgdlnc,l Shel dl l{o\wl t Flcano fo! the Dl'/locl dill nomlndtlol1 Both 1«(. rlj1l'li) d till f l'1 U ndet shel ff Hlcbmd 1\1 i\!()\.lk hdd lh,dlenged the c,hel ff Oil lll' glolllld" ll' Llckcd the law enfolu'lllc'jll l"[w H'/U thl \ pl'l 1<; re qull.d of d -,hl'llll But the \\ <\-ll'county Dl'moudtll ljddllrh' 111\,11 lil o ll' of ts 0\\ ",1\\ to t th<lt 'll "rlo got lhl' ':>uppart of the Pdll\ Lllthflll, l g,lldll''''> of ll.., qual- fildtloll" E\en th,.,'dll()!1 111 Thl' DetlOlt Afe\\ c, the' dol' wl')l' the \ ll'ltloll th,lt five deput\,,11l'1lh h,ld pul "0 JllUlh ovel tune thei l>jhd 01 (' t lldtl t!1l' LOunty l''\lc ut! \ e t hl "' munth" of thb )'p,u dd!lot ddjlldg(' 1'lldlO, whu jjle'>uma ijl) c,! Lll<ll hi ) ljdll<lh11ih l:'<' Jl.-1Httl<cS' '>chedule':> NOJ, appdll'llt h d -, FllclllO poltcally wounded lj) \V d) ll' COllnt" E,elLltlve Ed McNamdw'.., (omment <.1ttlJlmt1l1gthe high overt line P'\K'l"e to pool l1landgement of the Jail b" the -,1l1'1 fl Ml),fdm<.11a and F- CdlllJ ha\ e bel'll,t odd" 0\ el l\cnclhwra's proposal to establish a department of corrections to run the county jail, although the county executive did endorse Ficano after a countywide poll showed the sheriff with a big lead. A second disappointment among some Pc.inters was the failure of Barbara-Rose Collins to upset U.S. Rep. George W. Crockett in the 13th District, although she did make a better run for the Democratic nominaton than anyone else has made against Crockett. She is a DetrOt city council member and former member of the state House of Representatives as well as a former Detroit school board member, who would have been, so we have been told, more responsive to constituents' needs and Wishes than Crockett has been. A Repubhcan from Detroit, John Wright Savage, Will face Crockett m the fall. However, through gerrymandenng by the Democrats, the Grosse Pointes now are divided between two congressonal dlstncts which are, outside of the Pomtes, heavly Democratc The result S that the POllltes have little influence 1ll the congressional aces nor do the Republican challengers stand much prospect of victory The Park and the Cty now fall in the 13th District, Wth the Farms, the Shores and the Woods the 14th Distnct represented by Rep. Denms Hertel of Harper Woods, who had no pnmary opposition but wll face a Republican foe, Kenneth C McNeely of Madison Heghts, a DetrOt pubhc school teacher, the fall. Grosse Pointe N~ws Hollt'rt (; Edl-:'ll 1'111>1,,1]( Hobt'l t B Edl-:.11 ~oundll illd Puhll,l\< lll i) lf,lj' Pal Pdhol!lk\ hill f Pegg\ 0 (onnor -\ndrujcz) k A~~ "tdot t ~ d t [ <1M ~b;tlur... r j t 1 Hob tulton ')purt" ~d t r \.lljhur rlslon }djr.. 1 (_m LJ tjrt ROn.dld J Ht-rnas :'.JT \~ r lh ~an(' ~ Parmt'ntt'r ~t "ff V. r ( r Peter A "ahna~ "taft V. ntl;'{ ~..trgle Reins ~mllh ~tdff \\ nt...r J \nf'll lh J \ J l\ \1.f \ fh \lullh "j J \J J 11.1, "1 rl ~ h \~ \Jl..Jr':l htd Win \fl t (~ ), [,11. 1 J ~ hj T!.\lj \ \11', illlp \) ku~lr 1.1~l."" \1anJg..r J H,rtJolrrllo (,Ltlfhr,.\l~'tJnl \Jnagcr PJ k:lu.,\tju ').ael p{ mu 10'1 l h", U." "1m \uu'lhl "t:\r k.llh~l PRODlt no'l... Hai'~ '>lanai" ShrOD Sl1lth. Auman! 'vl~nagef \)... b B.. R.o.. G rob.t1 'lara,. H>1 foul) Lllt<k 'arl L V,t"l< A.8 Vll~H'r V.t, Kat.,lob Vol. 49, No. 32, August 11, 1988, Page 6A d \\. t kh t)\ \ntt t ho l'uhlp.lll " 96 KEHCHEVAL AVE. Grm,.,e POinte Farm", 1\llchlg.1n -lh2,lb hl \\..1 Hur~Jr ( \1..11 J K, <,. \1rm~r '\chl':jn -'rt'~!. A:>.\tOl.ldtwn.trd. "'<it onal,t'....,pdpt'f o\!isul.ldttt n Millage boost hits Pointes tis ironic that after all the hooting and hollering in Lansing this year about the necessity of reducing the state's property taxes, primary voters approved a property tax hike in the Grosse Pointes and the rest of Wayne County. Facing two ballot proposals, voters passed a one-mill increase to finance additi?nal county jail or detenton facilities, With the revenues from at least one-tenth of that mill being earmarked for acquiring, building and operating a juvenile offender work/training institution. However, in a close contest, voters defeated a proposal to double the current one-mill levy to help finance the education of handicapped persons in the Wayne County ntermediate School Distnct, of which Grosse Pointe is a part n the Poiutes, approval of the jal expansion will cost property owners about $1 per $1,000 of state equalized valuation or an increase of roughly $1.3 million altogether. Unofficial totals show that the :Pointes voted for the jail expansion by a vote of 3,003 to 1,982 and helped defeat the special education proposal by votmg against it by a 2,470 to 2,489 margln. Meanwhile, the property tax reductons that were being promoted in Lansing have gone down the dram at least for the rest of,this year along with the other elements in, the school reform legislaton. True, there is a possibility of a specal electon next year to SWtch some of the school financmg burden from the property tax to the sales tax But it is unlikely that early agreement can be reached to put the ssue on the ballot next year. The Jail expanson S reqlured, according to its sponsors, because crowded condltlons led to the early release of approximately 2,800 persons in 1987 alone. The new mllage will enable the county to buld a new 840.bed jail facility, expand existing fachbes by 230 beds and add another 40 beds at the 200-bed youth home The fact that taxpayers in Grosse Pointe and elsewhere the county voted for the jal millage and defeated the specal education proposal indicates they made a dlstmc tlon between the two millages. n effect, the voters put a hgher pnonty on batthng cnme by jaihng offenders than on the proposed increase m specal educatlon services. The election results also showed that even in a perod of rismg antagomsm to property taxes, people wll vote to llcrease ther own property taxes f they are canvlllced specific services need more revenue. But they won't support hgher levies even to support worthy causes unless they are convmced such proposals offer the only or the best solution. English as she's misspoke By and large, the Enghsh have been, more protective of the Queen's En-. glish than we Americans have been And now they are getting alarmed at the _quality of English being taught, not just in England but in Japan, ndia and other for- - eign lands.. The British concern recalls the furor a : couple of years ago m ths country about : the use of "black Englsh" m the schools.. That flap died down, especially after t was explained that teachers ought to be able to 'recognize "black English" spoken in the classroom but not necessarily teach it. The Economist, the Bntlsh news weekly, recently offered a rebuttal to those who wanted children to be taught to express themselves in the English dialect they know rather than m standard English. t says that few teachers would argue that Correction t must be the heat. Tht, Gr08f,(' POnte News sad n an editorial la"l w('l'k that Democrat Rep, DenniS Hertf'1 f.lces no oppositon in November, but we werp wrong. His Republican opponent Will be Kenneth C. McNeely of Madison Heights, a teacher in the Detroit public schools We apologlz(> for the error. there is only one correct varety of Enghsh, but even fewer would argue that anything goes in the classroom these days. But why require standards for the English that is taught in England, the Untted States or anywhere else? For a very practcal reason, says the Economist t S \vhat employers want, whether m England, the Umted States or nda n Japan, too, the Economst reported, employen, "m e m- creasingly mffed when Bntlsh or Amen can teachers mported to gude them m ths task express doubts about whethet t S worth attempting" So, the Economst concludes, "The J<~nghsh that such countnes want S one enables ndans to commul1lcate not Ju:,t With each other, but wlth the Englishspeakmg world" Surely that concluson 1<; apphcable m ths country, too n the United States, Ollt' of the' allm of public education should he to see that all students, mcludmg ethmc and ncwl non ties, are capable of expres'\mg them selves m the English language n.., thp great majonty of American:, use t m thell busmesses, 10 ther profef,:-lons, on thpll jobs and m their eh'rydav loutmes Otherwise, this country \\ f"dd n"k lo..,mg ts commltmen: to nn llll'gl cited ",()(']ply that offers OppOltUl1ltH'f, to pcoplp of,111 ethl1lc and rarml Lclckground<; EWl worse, t would nsk the frawnentatlon of society mto groups that could only understand and serve earh other, an eventuality that would be dan::_,:;:nh to Cv'l''YOW Natural event? To tlw EditOl': n lg,ld ti) th, dlu' 1-' ng lul11hel-, of 1',11 k 11111'> lo..,t to Dut( h dll dl"\ ol..,t (,Juh 2H h"l() \11,rid \\ lot "U' d..,lllllll H'"ull \' lh 110 hum<lll 1l1tl' \ ( nllcln t \\oldd "'('1'111 tholl lolp-,l1\"..,1011 of the dh(',,"'1' delll'lld", 111 p,ut, Oil tll" d(n"ll\ twl'i01l' t'\\ll elm'> 1H,,,,1()\\(' 11,111"11""'lOn.nd ell l)('...,ll1g jo"'''''' All' \\(',,!Wllrllllg OU monl'\ \\1"1'1" 011 um..,ull1-, \\ ho 111.1\!w p e...ld l1g 0\ 1'1,1 l1"t 111,11 1'\ 1'1l1 1'ul1oth\ Gro...,1.,llwrt Park (' POllltl' Taxes exceed inflation growth To the Editor: (;10<.,<.,(' POnt f' \VlU<!" 1.1\1'''' an' CCl'l\('n and duh 111,'d hv l\lf' <!(' "H!l1f d OJ' h \.., \\ ood" ploperty Recent m (e,1 "e" al e as follows 1986 vs $6058 lill lea<;eor 116 percent!987 V' $ (')p,l"l' OJ 8 percent 1988 vs $5126 lll rcd'>eor 8 2 percent ~ye31 change - $158 i6 lch''\'3eor 304 percent 10 year change :;,:l9 45 mcrease or 88 8 per (l'nt The"l' percent mcreases fm ('xc('cd both mflatlon and,1\('1 age "alary growth - not to n1l'1tl011'>enlors who have 1 ('tired on les5 And the old 1,10,11 d "hut your evaluaton l1,l'" gone up" offers httle CO1.,olallOn EvaluatOn m. U l',l.,l'<"are only pertment at point of <.,ale.meanwhlle, the tdxpa"el pays annually for t h(' pdperwork gams that rlllght 01 mght not hold up. 1'hl' "hove applle5 more so to county ~hool taxes whch.11 C g,1lopmg out of control Glo..,,,e Pomte residents ll1u..,t contmue to queston 'ilch mllage 1l1crease requ(,...1 1('<;1 we pnce our co lt11llltiout of the market Nor would t hurt to have new faces 111 the muncipal bulld1l1gs - mayors and council people who Wll lead the way m holdmg the hne, rather than acqulesc1l1gto the pllllosophy of spendmg up J. Walsh Grosse Pointe Woods Letters to the editor The Grosse Pomte News welcomes letters to the edl tor lom our readers Letters should bt: Sgned With a name, address and telephone number at whch the wnter can be reached rlunng the day m case there are ques tlons Names of letter wnt ers will be Wthheld under specal crcumstances only Address letters to Edtor, Grosse POinte News, 96 Kercheval, Grosse Pomte Farms, Mlch 48236

7 The best laid plans t Wd~ more than a year ago when late about The Wedding Thlb wa'l the first of my chtldl en gettmg marrred and the only daughter, '>0 called t the weddmg 01 the centul y Well, rt ldme, t went and we all Mil Vved Th,lt m tself S a testament to human endurance P,l1l1lng d eddmg dnb light up ther e wth movmg cross countl y, h'l\'lng d major Opel atlon or dedhng lth d computer that hd'> mol ect blllmg mfollnatlon - rt am t l'd~v Thl" <1.., - the mo"t metlcu ou,,!) pl,ll1ned,md 01 ganrzed event hdle evel!>ecn t Wd" a one 'll1d one hdll yea! ~chedule of Thmg" To Do with a wide dele gdtloll of dutwc, and hbb for el er \ 011(' to clwlk on My d<1ughtel the genel al was '>0 01 gjljl/ed that <1eek belol e the weddll1g, '>he bought thell fil{,t \.. cck'~ b"'10clllc,:, fut thc~l let U n h om then honeymoon Her future fdthel 11-law and, both on the same wave length, cut out a cartoon that showed a groom carrying the brde over the threshold and her saymg Well, 'm glad that that's over You start dinner and 'll Sgn thank you notes. Toward the end, there were two mothers and two fathers ready for the rubber room What f somethmg goes wrong, she asked me t Will, as~ured her Count on t Of course, mothers are always nght The first dlsastel ~tl uck at the church when a clenc had never 'ieen befo!e asked me f knew where the vestments wele t seems there was an emergency and he was called m at the last mmute and had never been m the church before had no dea where the vestment~ were and so he Just walked dround open mg doors until he found bome A young h lend was schedulcd to nng the church belb at cel tdm tlme~ dw mg the service He wa~n't at reheal sal, bo the COOl dmator told us to ask the pi lest before the cel emony where the "'''kh to <J... thutc the b<-ll", \'0.-\5 Well, knew f ths fellow didn't know where the vestments were, Pat Paholsky he certamly didn't know whel e the ~wltch was We found OU young bell nnger some hand chlmeb. Then came the florbt Wth bo> of flowers The al m bou quets that were OJ dered for the blldec,mald~ were - ;,urpnse - hand held bouquetb t didn't seem leasonable, ho\\ever, to fire the 11001;,tat that pomt and get bomeone ebe Just a'> the W emony was about to beb'1n, the mother of the b'toom dlbco",eted that one of the grandfathers ddn't have a flowel The flol;,t took one of the bllde;,mald's bouquets, plmked ~ fel" f1(w'p''- 'lnd fac;h loned somethmg fo! hrm The celemon) was delayed 10 mmutes, t was 102 degree'> out- Side, the church was not all' can dltloned and all of the p mted programs became fans Then the father of the bnde, my dearly beloved, who kept tell mg hmself and us that he had to emember not to ~tep on her vetl after he walked her down the al~le, did Hel head went back and thele was a funny look on hel face We ha",e t on film After the "el "'ce wa" undel \1ay a few mmuteb, my lllele dnd nephell, ho were to p e sent the gfts of blead and wme, tapped me and asked f knew whcle they were looked over at he pmptv table where thev should have been and thought t 1111ghtbe a good time to famt, Then the matron of honor, who was to "tand at the altar dunng the ceremony, took ';<.k She had to Sit over on the Side, bent Ovel to get c,ome blood back to hel bl am The funl1lec,t ll1udent occun ed \\hen the b'1oom Wdb supposed to gpt two specal bouquets that wel e on the "dtal to pi ('sent to hi'> mothel and me He went ~tl dlght to d VdC,CWith a ~mgle 10'>('and took t The bllde lolled her eyes, "t ode up to the altai \\ th hc long tl am whlppmg around, got the plopel bouquets whle he "tood there, '>hluggmg his shouldp c, was gldd to lpal the ppl(' of 1<1 llghtel, bel,lll"l' knew then thdt people el (' '>tl con"cloll'> - t a" that hot The hedt got to tllp tl Limpet playel bel'll! "e he beg,hl the e ccs'>lonal a fel\ minute" hefm p the "CO vce a" 0\ l'l thlolllng elelyone but thl' bride,md 6'100m 011 gu,l d Tlwy took their we and fall ) dn up the '\1"le The pmch hlttlllg plll,,,t lookpd,t us, bewlldel ed He wpnt dfter thpffi, gavl' tlll'm a blec,,,mg and sdld, "Therl', null' VOU'll' mdl wd" Aftpr thp CPlemonv, the Vdeo guy told me he wa~ astounded that no one famted m that heat We,l!wayc, loc,c at least one at a weddmg, he Said could have told him thdt no one wanted to ml'>c,the ddlon t "U P ac, fun t gave us plenty to talk about and laugh. dbout l.itel And the eceptlon, wac, almo"t l1awle'>c, Well, thel e ere a few anxous mol1wnh, lke hen my 16 year old nle'c('..,.lppel on her strap' leb~,1 e"" bl ()ke f untng up one or two "..lety pm~ " nothmg - tly J Th..t'" whdt t took to get he'1 out 01 the 1(,,,tl oorn and back on the dance nool Then thel e dc, thlc, lttle matter of me a'3- "gn mg t 0 "epm atp partle" of eght to he " line table Lp,>t anyone who '> dbout to get 111c1111l'dbd thl~ and start to 11'011" don't The;,e are the thmg,> tha make an mportant P\ l'nt memol dble And thl::- 011(' \\ cl" mo.,t memo l,lhlp t..., the bebt darn wed elmg level \1ent to Next time aj ound, 'm not gong to...01 ry.,0 much belolchdnd And the,!1\ ej.., \\ 11i L.t..,(....,L tv fiv"\ J.nd the ':>unto l"e and,:>(.'t Grosse Pointe News -~~/ J~ 'l'!"r A. S"lin"s Later that day, hedded ovel Whither P.O.? With the closmg of Gwen Samuels Grosse Pomte Village Bookstore on Kercheval immnent, some people are wondenng what Will become of the post office mlm-statlon m the rear Accordmg to Susan Gillespie of the U.S Postal Servce, the owner of the contract staton (that's what they're properly called) S lookmg for another SUtable lclcatlon m the same alea t S hoped that a spot m the Village can be obtamed soon Act of Congress Went out at lunch dul mg la~t week's heat wave and stopped at the Farms' Wooden Nickel t was a tad warm mslde, be cause owner Ken Frankford Sad he was havmg all' condtoner problems " called yesterday," he sald, "but t takes an act of Congress to get a repairman out here 1l this heat" The cellmg fans wel e spmmng and the "oup was mce and hot, so we stayed to the Grosse Pomte School Sys. tem's Central Admll1l~tratlOn bmldll1g never reahzed that a dozen Wndow all' condltlonels could sound so much like a huge hive of bees t's amaz1l1g that that old bulldmg wa'ln't vlbtated dpali by the machll1ec, What a way to start a day The!Judd up was t>nolmolu, List ye<1r';, Ldkl'sh01 e Optll11'lt's Chnstmas tel' sale W<1'>a dls mal failure Marvin Redlowski, the pi 06'1'am chall man, had good mtentlonb, but the tl ees ddn't show up untd Chnstmas Eve A plan wab developed that ~hould have matellahzed last week The club \",as gong to wess like Santa's helpels and conhtjegate 111 flont of thc Grosse POlnte ACddcrny to dccept dona tlonb fol wh,lt Wdb left of the tel'", OU' l1trepld leporter, Nancy Parmenter, was assigned to get d photo She parked 111 the back lot and proceeded to walk around the buldng to the front She ~aw a few workmen about, but ddn't give t a second thought 'lll1ce they weren't wearll1g red SUts With fuzzy whte helts Suddenly, the workmen began shoutng "Heyl" "Whoa!" "Hold t!" Ndncy turned alound, but t was too late She was mld-calf deep n fl eshl)' paul ed wet ce men! The workers, more than a little dl"tl aught, laughed untl their bellies shook hke a bowl full of Jelly They hosed oft our fre;,hly cemented reporter, until hel white pants well' a dull htj'ay They hoscd oft her mce nel\ sandals and her feet. Nancy never did find the Optimists nor then "ummel Chnstmas trec '-dp, but '>he ':>mdshe dd find a ne\\ \1a'y to keep coolon a ndlc ulollc,h hot July mol ning _Y~ H A Book Acto! AetH'"'' MOVie Pl,'y TV ~H)\.:\'e\1"ccl"te] :\Llgclllnp Columm"l ;>';ew"palwr MUC;lC Entprt.1l1H'1 Pet Ol,\nll11,ll ~p0l1 Athldl' PO Te,lTn :\!o..,t Adl11upd PC' <,on F10\P CO01 Vac,,! loll Spot F,llOllte Food F'avOlllp Dl nk Hc"tfllll,ll1t Rel<l'<ltlon 01 Hohh'y Pet Pppvc had suffered under Stalm's Said he had tiled thlee time" to only eght l1ches below the p e- regn ebcape After the third time, he VlOllSyear's dangel level ug. 10, Columbia Umvelslty was pre- was plelced m sohtary confine c 42 d Park pollee wel c lookmg fol a The New YO k TlTncs repolied parmg detm e d pans to beautl fy ment 101 ay" 1T bandt who held up a cab dllver that fell till' lil,>t time ~llce t" t,> campus for ts upcommg b Rccent y re edc,c,' PO\ b re Fve YP,1l Plan \as mstltuted m centennal celebraton The polied that the Chmc'iC m North late Sunday evenmg, "tole $35, 1928 the SO'vlet Umon an school was founded m 1754 [(oledn pl"onel ofl\a camp'" of twd up the cabbie and then "P "N A feled cdptured blacks home" and drove off m the car They bellcve nounll' d t \\d'> gomg to shft th e Fran k appy De, an sso t WelC,the same man who held \lclghl of t.., economy from the clated Pre'ls photoh'1 aphel, wa'> \1Vl~ f the'r 'rh 1\ould t Jom d the up a cabbe two week'i pnor, lloductron of cdpltal goods to n released after two ypars an d Communhh ey a t 1e ll O\ 1 h A stoc' -,7 and the cab lll'a"l11~!he' output of consumer nme month::- of Commul1l"t cap ) '." t 1e" " U ( l..te mellca good~ Tlw,mnouncement wa., tlvlty n Chma He was taken becdll"p they ",ele tl ecltpd "0 A Highland Park \onl.ln wac, mdde b, P pmh'1 C'xeorgl M Mal- along Wth a group of Mal me" pool) W e held fol que~tlonll1g aftc! cl esl enko\ ho,lc,o admtted RU'l'lJa who were m North Korea He The WOlld,]pwl,>h COnh'1esc, dent recoh'tzed hel to be a <.em debated m committee a esolu \oman Her scam \a" to leply tlon to Ul gl' (.el!l1,11y to take to ads a'ikmg for dome"tlc help, dtect)\ e me,l'-lll c.., "to "lppl eb~ then eque'lt return cab fhll' foj,l1d el adlcatp an) attempt to C, much further eh'ltance thdn vlve ~d71 doctlmp" mendcmg she needed for the retul n tllp, de!l1ou acy., thpn not take the job The An arlvelil "cment urw'd N ('W woman was que"toned aftel Lawrence Herzog, D.V.M. YOlkerc, to h 109,ll thcl Vhlt ~omeone mtervlc\ l11g her, H'COg Owner, Grosse Pointe Animal Clinic l1g h ]('ndc, to fol11('1 hoxel.j,c).. nmng the scam," one 1 CpOlted [)emp~''v''> P"Lllll,11t m the Gros<,c POl11h' Nel\", \\eek befol e, ca1led he police All Cr('aturc~ Great and Small fly Jamp~ Harno/ MlchaP! J)o/l~la.~ Kate Cap~hal{ Animal H()u~e Kl.,., Me Kate ('}/('er~ Carmell larlali Natural lll.,ton' Stephen J(l\ Gould Gro.,,,e POnte N'u" Old/('., Joh 11111(' Car.,on Brlttally"pal/wl., Ra..,kl'llw/l Gordie!lOU'' Hed Wln~~ Th()ma.~ Er/r.,oll Apple bl(),,~()m., (Spartan ~reen Pl't()~kcy PZZO Mal/haltal/ lawry'" n ChlrC!Jo Swllll/.: Tmpa/wnt p('()ple n Gro~sc Pointe, the "chool hoah 111, 'oppu,11 med ng <1\1,11rlpd t hp 1)1(1"to hu dd!{o"h 11 RO,ld p]pl11ent,l'r o.,('hool Thp t(jill! lo"t of he np\\ <'choo] bmldmg \1,1" gong to hp $'35,000 1('"" t h,11 t11(' (,,,t \n, \{'d eo'it of $79S,OOO TH' 101('1" 111 Apnl had "ppl ow d t 11l' ~7%,000 hy thf' ",de 01,1 '-P( ( 1,,1hond Thp C'h,llrn1<ln of the Gro,,<,c POnte' Flood C'011111lltep told othp! (()m11111 t cc' nwmlwr" hat th(' hi pat of a flood m Groc,<,c Pomlp wa" 'otdl [ otlnd beeaus(' L1ke St Clall '" 1,tpr levpl lias A rep011 on Dutc.h l'lm dl'>ea"e conducted by the live POl11le",md the l'vhchlgan Departl'lcnt of Agnculture found d1l the POll1te" had a numher of l1fpltpd tl pe" T\\io Glo,-"e POll1t('" 1\('l' among "(',,,pn nwn \ho lue e" cued b", ll'"el \,tlon ndldn" whdp thl'11 v,lcht \a" b(,l11g ground to ht" oft th(' Can,llh,m..,1101 t' of LakE' Huron Thf' bchlt, " ehal tp ('d y,lcht h,ld un,lh'1 Oll nd m th(' Cj,ll k FoUl poho eac,('" wpre f'polil,d 111 thp Pomtl' H<l'pel Wood" f L'a Tho~' mfl'lled WP(' one <l[lult, tllo chlldrpn and a 16 month old bnhy Thp faml1 1('<' \P(' lmm('{latf'ly given,m l1wc t on of gamma g]obulm hy t hp Groc,..,e Pomtp Hpalth D('J.ll'l menl <1'>dn aid n prcvpnllon th /"1 r' ~ /~' ~ e7:;;::> )r f() \ J-) /J -'),f C KERCHEVAL "N THE VLLAGE" Fu"uM, Comfrm(71 B,d5p"ad5, Windo.. Tr(at~( Duo,.t"" '!ccworu 5. and F.!mc by th, Y""d bed, bath & linens store 20% to 50% OFF HOURS mon-wed & SAT 9:30-5:30 THUR & FR 9:30-9: ),

8 8A o August 11, 1988 Presidents \> to 4j. f ~. t., ';i ')4,-~ 1 \, ;r, r 1 \ ( 11.., 'n 11 The newly elected presidents of the three parents' boards that coordinate activities for the University Liggett School Parents' Association are. from left. Susan Howbert. middle school; Rosalie Wattrick. lower school; slanding. Marion Shanle. upper school. The three boards organize activities at the school. including the Back-to-School Family picnics. the Used Book and Uniform sales. the Book Fair. the Used Skate Sale and the Giving Tree. John H. Conway Albert Malooly Sel vices fol Grosse Pomte Wood" resident Albert Malooly, 69 were held Tuesdav, Aug 9, 1988, at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholc Church Mr Ma looly ded Aug 6 at St John Hospital He was born m DetrOt He was a salesman for a boat company SU \ Va'S mclude his wife, Ce-!la, a daughtel, Shirley Cavanaugh, a son, Denllls Lane, SX!,,'l andchl!dren, and two sisters ntel ment was at Mount Ohvet Cemetery An angements were handled by the Cha" Velheyden Funeral Home Domenica Gaspari DelBarba Jr. A memollal service was held CahfOl ma for fomer Grosse POlntel John H Conway Jr, 48 ;\11 Conway ded suddenly Tues da), July 11, 1988, neal Flags tan, Alii He \\as born n Grosse POnte dnd attended DetrOlt Country Day School ife SC ved the US Navy,,",ubmalll1e 'lei vice SU V\ 01" llclude his mother, COlll1ne Conway Benedict, and dn unde, FOllcst Robeli Old The hody \\ ds U emated ServCes were Monday, Aug. 8, 1988, at the Chas Verheyden Funeral Home for Domelllca Gm,pm DelBarba, 91, of Grosse Pomte Fal ms Mrs DelBarba died Aug 6 m Grosse Pomte Farms She was boln m taly and was a homemaker She S SU vlved by two daughtel S, Mary Doto and Bertha Hofmann; 11 grandchildren, 16 6Treat-grandchlldl en; and one SSter, m taly nterment was at ResurrectOn Cemetery, m Mount Clemens Arrangements were handled by the Chas Verheyden Funeral Home Ruth L. Singer Funel al services for Ruth L Smger, 83, a former Grosse Pomte resident, were held at the NatiVity of Ow' Lord Church on Wednesday, Aug 10, 1988 Mrs Smger ded Aug 7 at St John Hospital She was bojn m DetlOlt and was a homemaker She S "urvlved by a daughter, Sister Judith, 0 P, three sons, John, the Rev Jelome and James nterment was at Mount ()]'Vpt ('pmf.>tpl'y Memonal contnbutlons may be made to the Children's ADS Allance Arrangements were handled by the Chas Verheyden Funeral Home George B. Morris Jr. SerVces for George B. MOTS Jr, 71, of Grosse Pomte Shores, were held Fnday, Aug 5, 1988, at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church. Mr Moms died Aug 5, m CharlevOX He was born m DetrOt He attended Sacred Heart Semmary and graduated from the Umverslty of DetrOt High School. He attended the Umversity of DetrOt and earned bachelor's and law degrees at the Umverslty of Notre Dame. He was the retred chief contract negotiator for General Motors. He headed GM's natonal bargammg commttee from 1971 untl his retirement m 1980 He Jomed GM in 1941 as an assstant supervsor of labol' relatons for the Fsher Body divson at Pontiac. Durmg World War, he served as a member of the Ap. peals and ReView Committee of the NatOnal War Labor Board n 1948, he was appomted to the i'>taff of the vice president m charge of personnel and labor relatons U AW P esldent Owen Bieber called Morns a tough and shrewd negotator who not only represented his corporaton, but who also tried to understand and e:,pond to the needs of the umon He was also known for his Wde rangmg knowledge of labor lclw Mr. Morns was the cw'rent charman of the Personnel Commttee of the Motor Vehicle Manufactm ers ASSOCiatOn, a member of the Michigan Bar As- "OClatlOn, Notre Dame Law School Advisory Councl, the Board of Regents of the General Motors nstitute, the PreSdent's Committee for Employment of the Handicapped, the AdvSOl'Y CounCil of GoodWll ndustries and the Labor Task Force of New DetrOit nc. He S survlved by hs Wfe, Eleen; four daughters, Sister Margo, R S C J.; Amta Polner, Mary Beth Murray and Tma Lorenzes, two stepdaughters, Kathleen and Cynthia Meier, a son, George B, a :,tepson, Robert J Meier, seven grandchildren, a brother, John, and two Sisters, Mary Eleanor Hanmck and Joanne O'Bnen. Arrangements were handled by the Chas Verheyden Funeral Home WE NSTALL CONFDENCE1~:" HAO[ty -NCORPORATED Bu Cer5 Llcer se No ~ HARPER 1 BLK. S. OF CADEUX Serving the Grosse Pointes for 16 years with -WNDOWS -DOORS -KTCHENS -BATHS -ADDTONS -SUNROOMS -SLDNG DOOR WALLS -ROOF - HOT TAR ROOF -ALUMNUM SDNG -BAY AND BOW WNDOWS Complete Home mprovement Service DeSign - Architectural DraWing - nstruction """", Or James F Kennedy the kennedy chiropractic life center Harper/8 Mile NEXT TO WOODS FREPLACE Samt Clair Shores FNDNG A DOCTOR JUST GOT.-:-~Z\EASER ~ 1-" \\ \. The best time to find a doctor is before you need one. N O\\T, you can accomplish this by making an easy telephone call to the Bon Secours Hospital Physician Referral Service, ( ) any time, any day. leu us the type of doctor you need and in what neighborhood-close to your home or work. Bon Secours will give you-at no charge-several doctors from whom to choose. BON SECOURS HOSPTAL PHYSCAN We have nearly 370 physicians representing 36 specialties, backed by Bon Secours Hospitals reputation of medical excellence and state..of.. technology. REFERRAL SERVCE Cadieux Road, Grosse Pointe, Mchigan

9 August Get solid advice on car care The advice they give about cars S funny, but t's good too To the owner of an old clunker with numelous ploblems "You need professonal assistance Then find a mechanic" To a lady who wants to know what to do before she sells her old Toyota "Put on a mask" To a man who wants to kno\\ whether to buy an extended war ranty of his new car "f you've led a good, dean hfe, you don't need an elo.tended \\ all anty " To a man dnvmg a danger ously rusted out car "Tomorrow mornmg call this numbel That';, Nussenbaum's Junk yard He'll give you five bucks for t and that's the best five bucks you'll ever get, because t Will save YOUl hfe SellOllSly, do not dnve that car" They are Tom and l{ay MaghOZZl, better kno\\n to hsteners of WBUR Boston and now NatlOl1al Pubhc RadlO audences around the country as "Chck and Clack, the Tappet BlOthers " (Don't call Nussenbaum's, t's m Boston) The show S "Car Talk," which has bullt a cult followmg m Boston and S now domg the same around the country smce t went natlonwide last December, the hottest and most surprismg NPR hit smce Garl'lson Keillor and his "Plame Home CompanlOn " And Just as unhkely The Maghozzls attempt m their one-hour show each week and m their bnef segments every Sunday mormng on Susan Stamberg's Weekend EditOn pi ogram to take the fear out of cm repar, cm owners some good, sohd advice, offer a sound perspective on car mamtenance and ownership and to have some fun WDET-FM (101 9) hsteners can get a bnef teaser of the MaghozZls' madcap stuff on Weekend Edition early Sunday mornmg (usually between 930 and 10 a m.) but the full show S not carried here, a fact which the brothers find disappointmg "DetrOt's the center of the auto ndustry Of course we'd love to be there" f you want more of them, let WDET know, because that staton is responsive to ts lsteners t's also hstener-suppolted, so you better be ready to make a pledge too. The show S unscnpted, unrehem.sed, rreverent and mformatlve t S also unsponsored, smce this S pubhc rado, so the Mag llozzsonly get $50 a show. But they can say anything they want. And they do The Maghozls answer callers' questlons about their automotive problems of any kind, revew new cars they have test-driven, offer a \veekly automotve puz zler for which hstenels can Win a "Car Talk" l' shut ("big deal, eh?") and season the mix With astomshmg and wondelful tnvia Like this one from Tom "Who S LUCifer Ornamenta1?" ntel vewing these madcap D Ruths of the automotive world S a httle hke callmg m to the show You get a ban age of wise Clacks, With Torn and Ray step pmg all over each other's one mer, and may be an msult or two, but when you al e done you Wll have a good tme and you will be V>i\c;el "We're recommendmg caller" buy Suzuki Samuralc;," Said Ray m answer to nothmg "Walt a mmute, you told a re cent caller the Samural was too "mall and bounced around too much," he \\as remmded "We recommend that you buy two of them and strap them to gether" " can't tell whch of you am talkmg to" "You want to kno\\ f you'n' talkmg to th(' hand',ome one," say'" Ray "That\ me," chme" m Tom,wd the',! cheelfully go off 11 another dm'cthm "Mo"t Am('llcanc; kno\\ noth mg about the ulr"," ""lid Tom, lighting lip,1 Clgar 111 the "tudlo at WBUR und(')" the no "moklng e;lh'11 "When )011 know nothing ahout your CH, you a h\ <lysfeci you're gettmg llpped oft You...hould kno\\ enough to k no\\ \\ hat'" mpoi Lmt and \'-hat "n't" Tom and Ray ha'v(, work('d to gether a long time and e;hare ba SC conceptc;, hut manage to find reac;ons to argue dumg the c;how, calling ('ach vj1(' namec; ac; "pi "ton pu...',md "fender fflce " Rased m a tough East Cam bndge (Mas,» neighborhood (and retamll1g the broad acu'nt of that part of the wolldl, both earned deb'1ees at Ma...c;achuseth nstitute of Technology n 1973, they opened a do-t your"elf g,l rage l1 Cambndge, called Hack er's Haven Ray, 38, younger of the two and a folmer VSTA vol unteel' and JunOr hgh ~cho()l teachel, still rune; the ",hop, 110\\ called the Good New::, Gal clge Ollgmally, the gal age' ented '>pace and tool... to cll('nt" \\ ho fhed then own lal'" But ".., C,l epalr became mole complicated (and their dwn1ele changed flom hppie'> to \lpplc-.1 the l\1aglwl Ze; beg,lll to ou( 1 lljlll( C(JJwpn tlonal au[o!llot 1\,1((' allll1g dpu t" She enumel dte" "<''vl'tal fault." "How'" the rubt?" "he S,1...ked 'The) 111pOlted the lusv" S)(' 19nOles thl" and pi e'>ses on 'The engll1e '>,>taltmg to lun hot 1 know need a ne\\ he,ldgd...ket" Don't be cln aim nllst.. No know flom l::,tenmg to do what she wants to do anyway, that she S domg the nght thing A young lady dsks "How long can my '85 Jeep Cherokee last? t's well-mmntamed, but t has 68,000 miles on t How long can d well.l11allltallled vehicle last?" Tom and Ray often diagnose problems by the sound the cm S makmg, which S how they got the name "Chck and Clack" "People are afraid to melke funny noses, but we encoul dge them to," sad Ray " 6'l.WC;" t makes them feel mmatule.' "That never bothej ed uc;". says Tom Tom demon"tl ate" "Whooooo" "Bad staltel dnve,' says Ray Ray offel c; "chlgga chlgga chlgga chlgga on tu n<;" "Bad CV Jomt," say" Tom "We're thmkmg of domg, tape "NOse" we have kno\1 n [1.nd loved" A young lady call... ''1'v<, got a '78 Cellca, t'" got 117,000 mj1e'l on t" "Good foj ) Oll, mtelluph Tom "n the la...t three or folll month.." t'<; [1.11of the "'\dd, n AUGUST 20 GRAND OPENNG FESTVTES The first 250 Children 14 & under receive a Free Baseball Special guest appearance by Dave Bergman and other Detroit Tiger stars \OU 'DOll t be,11, <larmist" 't " lej'>lng <idldtoi f1lud" "Do.'lOll hke thl<; thmg?" Ray Don't be <in etllell nllst You've a.,k, "Doe" t really un well for got a bjd ho...e" Ray hn'> ana,uu? ' 1\ "Very \'-ell " t'd t he ploblem " 1\1e you tl\llg to CO1\Kl' yotu-.elf "FO evel DVL' t till t \OU,hollid gc t ld oj the Cdl dlops"? Tom Om'l" ule of thumb, f,au hke Valli vehlde "The only time vou "hould get lid of you! U ~ when the Junkman \\ Jl g1\ p vou 'l;)o 1m t " Hay conclude" "You may need d new engme or ovel haul at about 150,000 mjles FO 2 Gs,ou get anothel 100,000 miles" The lady hangs up, anothel sail "fied callel A man...ay... he Just bought a ne\\ CU and \\ ants to know f he should get t mstproofed and f he should buy an extended warranty "Rustpl'oofing done correctly S necessary," says Tom "But mdny places don't do t con ectly Ru"t S the one ledson you can't keep a car forever".'especlally ljl Massachusetts," Tom and Ray Magliozzi says Ray "We use more sodum chlonde per capita on our loads They began ther unhkely a Tom chillies m "f t was a '58 than the Romans used on Carthage. They salt the roads heav. clo careers 1976, when they t louid be wolth keepmg But a were asked to take part a talk '78 "n't woth keepmg" ly hel e because they don't want show on car repairs on WB UR "t'b al<;o <;taltmg to umble to pay all the oveltlme to have FM, a public radlo staton 'lffih ovel 40," bhe "ays the guys keep the roads clear ated With Boston Umvel bt) You don t look that old," c;ays There's so much salt the snow Tom accepted the mvltatlon and Ray, then oilers this advice melts as t hits the road " apparently had a good hme, be. Tdke t to a mechamc and fil1d On extended Wal rantles, Ray cause when he was m'vted to out whelt ha" to be done to make suld "We get about 88 quelles a pmtlclpate again the followmg the Ull le"t two mol' years week at the garage about these week, he blought hlothel Rd) Thdt 1Uml)('1 Wll come out to be two subjects f you have a c1as With hm $1,200 No\\ vou have to decide SCfear of doomsday, then go for The bl othel s were asked to Do \\ ant to spend twelve hunched the elo.tended wan anty f you're host ther own weekly Lal plo bucks on this old heap OJ cavaher about thmgs like cars - gram and the est, as they sa\, Plt t do\\ n on a new car?" 01 f you'l e buymg a Chevy Cav S show biz history La'lt )ea! 'f dem!e to sell t, whdt Will allel - then you fm ego ths wmranty Susan Stambel g, ho"te..." of hd ve to do?" and bite the bullet f some NPR's Weekend Edltlon, ll1vlted 'Plt on,\ mask, for one thmg, thmg happens them to contllbute to her Sun [01 one thmg," says Ray "Just "f you thmk you'l e unlucky day mornmg show and m Octo put a sign on the car Anyone 1,', then buy the waltanty f bel', Car Talk was picked up and \\ ho buy" t S crazy f you find you feel you'le a lucky guy, then offered by NPR t S now heard bomeone to buy t, he know he's don't That's as good a bass on on more than 300 pubhc adld takmg a chance With 117,000 which to decide as any" statons (but not, they note \\ th miles, you! cm S wolth twenty- Tom S a car buff, Ray S not dlsappomtment, the DetrOlt"s Ray's '87 Dodge pickup S the own WDET-FM) first new vehicle he ever bought Tom, 50, left the Good New" "To me one car S the same as Garage m 1978 to teach elt Bo" another go fol functon, not ton Umverslty \'vhlle workmg on stylmg" a graduate m marketmg Not Tom " love great cars," eght fifty" "f fe; good shape?" 'Th~t'c; ~2R dollm sand 50 cent ". Rd \ "'3 y" "Senou"l), \ OU W'" 1\01 th $500 becauc;e t"" got a Jillion mles on t' She thanks them, pleased, and hdng<; up They have told hel to.-//a- AUTO. Works Like ;lnted he Said " dnve a '74 Chevy LOnvel.tlble call t the mpenal MARNE. Glass for Less Money ONLY LOOKS EXPENSVE rr-, t.-sr j J. ~.J,,>" lh oles<; 0"",) r~ a 1 J'SU j ry ~ 11 lu'<, t ~' _.. )Jll1(,-<~~rl' 1 ~ f' P'1 hrrr"" n( il<t ~ (, 1 r '1' t tlll~f':rl :' ~ l l r' J ~ ~ fl 1 Y, ~ ~ 1 '> "~... if ,.:... f P, (l 1 ~ 1 tl., ", 1_ C;. he. P 1 t'.', 11 ~~ ~ Diversified Auto Kerchev~J G~ Pointe Pari<- B~2-530L between laughs Stal Cruiser. My brother refel s to this cat as a toilet thmk t's a b' car" Tom S warmll1g to his subject "1 love Packards and '65 Pontiac" can't conceive of any 1987 cal bemg popular By Richard Wright "Wow, an '87 Honda', Who cares?" The show S over, but one still hears oftnuke chattel NSTANT rl."ht"nt Questions? Call AnnU11 h-jll." ') 1jj1'" N:THE SHADE on'< WlrJdow ee.~ AUTO MAJN:...0. SUSNU 9A Ray "We're all done" Tom "Can we go home?" Ray "Where the hell did you ever dig up LUCifer Ornamental?" Bluegrass musc to fade "Oh, yeah LUCifer Ornamental was the real name of Pappy Yokum, L' Abner's father Who's L' Abner? C'mon, you're puttmg me on'" The HGHEST Money Market Rate Among Major Fmanclal nstitutions m the Detroit Metropolitan Area for 228 Consecutive Weeks NCOME \1nnthh thu~ m l\ bt 1'...UlJ Ask About Our Other Full Service Products Mack Avenue Grosse Pomte Woods (Betu,wl 7 & 8 Mile RoadJ) (313) Twelve Mile Rd Southfield (313) Thp m S f" J 10m Cd, 1 10 ""Wf'" sum me' anr1... '1"1te' e t g t <, '> 1~1 V:, 151" ltrjc e "\JSUU ~ on ~o rl't',,>wr(1) S Y H lhewlylllool.:.s Youiliovelh S)~ l~ Cd.0 J r» (OS~ (><;1 rr.1 ' 1" H'" ~ r (t f n sh f1<; om S\., s O~mdq ng U 111\' 0 el RayS C~., P )\, dl D i'y1rr f' P,,(... p~l...s S 'r 'T1er t;... <; Hr) Ho 1s n Warmlh m \V nler G )5<' Sr J t' Rf''S star, For Free Estimate CALL LQUDTY NTERESTRATES AS OF: FNANCAL NSTTUTONS 36 MONTH HGH NCOME C.D. t't rtln\l""fld t ) lnothlr h1n' '" 1\ m~... \tulunt 1\ \ 1"'" r~ r.!,t H t.jrh...urjn"'j ur r"l.nll!y Franklin Savings AUGUST 20 GRAND OPENNG FESTVTES Meet the Medical Staff and Physicians Have your Cholesterol tested free MONEV MARKET RATES' Franklin Savings 6.20 Comerlca 600 First Federal Savings Bank & Trust 530 First Federal of Michigan 570 First of America 600 Manufacturers 605 Michigan National of DetrOit 570 National Bank of DetrOit 6 15 Standard Federal 570 -B1 {J or;..,l)...,..:'('l~q... t~ r ~oml mllllmum JerHl<; 1 rl--1ulrements. m1y be lower l-b!lblt ntl'" m )\.ll,lhll for \r~er Jeposlts HOME. With NSUL. BASEBALL HOTDOGS HEALTH CARE and You at the... GRAND OPENNG of the Newest Family Doctors Office in Town C)MedStod Gratiot - just south of 8 Mile Rd. Grand Opening Celebration Saturday, August 20, :00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. BUSNESS film~)window nsulation ~:}WE CAN CUT,,~.,YOUR ENERGY BLLS '~~. '.. DOWN TO SZE l _ Tour the Medical Center Enjoy Free Hot Dogs, Popcorn & Refreshments

10 10A Best sellers at the library August 11, 1988 \ Last house A special four-day summer enrollment period has been estab. lished for students who are new to the Grosse Pointe South Hgh School attendance area, accord. ing to Russell P. Luttinen, assistant principal - student services. A counselor will be on duty at South on Wednesday, Aug. 10, Thursday, Aug. 11, Monday, Aug. 15, and Tuesday, Aug. 16 for the purpose of asssting new students with the selection of ther cow'ses for the school year Enrollment hours wll be from 8 a.m. to noon and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on each of these days with the exception of Tuesday, Aug. 16, when enrollments will end at 3:30 p.m. "We have spread the four enrollment days over a two-week period to try to accommodate parents of new students who might be on vacation one of the two weeks," Luttinen said. High school students who are new to the Grosse Pointe South High School attendance area should call Nancy Nordstrom at to schedule an enrollment conference. Students and/or parents should bring a transcript of grades from the school attended previously or the last report card, if t not possible to get a transcript in time. Health reo cords are also needed at the time of enrollment. Equipment stolen More than $9,000 in stereo and other electronic equpment was taken from a home on the 100 block of Muir Road m the Farms sometime between Aug. 2 and 4. Farms police said that entry was gamed to the house by forcing an upstairs window. Police have a suspect m the case. njured 'ij This once-blue-but-now-whitewashed house located at the corner of Ridge and Muir roads was recently acquired by Cottage Hospit,al and will be demolished to make more parking spaces, according to hospital officials. t was the last house on the block with its only neighbor being a soon-to-be-completed 522-space parking deck. also owned and operated by Cottage Hospital. 4-day enrollment set for new South students thief arrested A DetrOt man who apparently mjured hmself m breakmg mto a Jefferson Avenue busme"s m the Park Thursday, Aug. 4, was later arrested at a Detroit hospi tal Park pohce Said they found the front wmdow of the busme"s had been broken out, and the suspect cut hmself durmg entry to the bulding. Blood was found throughout the bulldmg Calls to nearby hosptals turned up a man who had a large gash on an arm The man was later arrested and charged with the break-m Free directory The directory of mdependent schools pubhshed by the ASSOCationof ndependent Mchigan Schools (AMS) S now available free of charge. The bro chure highlights AMS 20 nondenominational member schools throughout Michgan that enroll students from pre-kmdergarten through grade 12. For a free brochure or more informaton, call The followngbest seller ttles mobt m demand n tbral ies natonwde are avalable at the Grobse POnte publtc hbranes E<'iction 1 Zoya by Dantelle Steel 2 To Be the Best by BarbUia Taylor 3 The Harrogate Secret by Cathel me Coobon 4 Tapestry by Belva Plam 5 Crimson Joy by Robel1 B Parkel 6 Alaska by James Michener 7 People Like Us by Dominck Dunne 8 Prelude to Foundation by baae A.."mov 9 The Last Prince!>!> by Cyn thla Freeman 10 Scorpiu!> by John Gal dner Non-Fiction 1 For The Record: From Wall Street to Washington by Donald T Regan 2 Speaking Out: The Reagan Presidency from nside the White House by Lalry Speakes 3 Moonwalk by Michael Jack son. 4 A Brief History of Time by Stephen W. Hawkng 5. Washington Goes To War by DaVd Brnkley 6. Lincoln: A Photobiography by Russell Fl eedman 7 The Power Game: How Washington Really Works by Hedrck Smth : Victory Without War by Rchard M. Nixon 9 Citizen Cohn: The Life and Times of Roy Cohn by Ncholas Von Hoffman 10 Say Hey: The Autobiography of Willie Mays by Wllhe Mays Speakers sought The Greater DetrOt SOCety for the Blmd S seekmg volunteers for the Speakers Bureau for elementary school groups Volunteers may select grade level and geographic area Trammg provided. For informatlon, call Debbe Vargas at ("fl>.'!o (anh to all o«a"c.n To make our move easier, We would love to reduce our inventory. SAVE 300/0-600/0 Everything in Stock ORGNAL OFF Sale Starts August 12th, 1988 Baldwin, Hummel, Guebel, Vera Bradley, Colonial Candle, Lanz, Pfalaltzgraft and More. Closed Thursday August 11th Mack, G.P.W. (3 blks South of Vernier) A BEANER Boys & Girls Campsldes 100/0 OFF Boys & Girls Velcro DOCKSDERS SAVE 100/0 OFF Navy & Brown Hours: Tues, Wed. Fn Thurs 10 7, Sat 10.4 BACK to SCHOOL SAVNGS! \~" Boys & Gl!ls Penny & Tassel SAVE 100/0 OFF DOCKSDERS BOYS' & GRLS' SAVE 10% Brown Tan Blue Bone CALL FOR MAL ORDERS VERFALLE & COSSETTE'S SHOES WHERE FT S OUR CONCERN Sizes for Everyone - Narrow - Med - X Large NNE MACK DRVE, St Clar Shores ~ OVER SO YEARS SERVNG EAST SlOr VSA' Open Mon - Thurs 9-6 FrJ 9-7 Sal 9-5 Our Pharmacy Stays Open for you Until Midnight 365 Days a Year. ST.(W PHARMACY ~t elm Prnfe"Hndl 1llilltllnJ.( Grounll Lelll Ul'il Morn~~ {lldd (313) O~rn Mllnddl hrll Frl<ldl dm to, H pm ~dtufild' 'H,ln 10!lll'nl ( rnil ~lnddl.lnd 11011<1,11' ST.(W Ami-HOURS PWlMACY ~ nl John 10'plt,1i ('onl l nlflh d ('.'rl ~ \,JJll nt 10 hi ~ 1111 ~' nt ( nl, (313) Opt n t lfll: \ 'm to 11"nl~iJ John Hospital "'or"" ~",111 'klrojl \11141\2 l, Saint USDA CHOCE CHCKEN KEV WHOLE OR N.Y. STRPS $4t~ CORDON BLEU STEAK~$ $1 99 8~ laeh WNTER'S SKNLESS KOEPPLNGERS AGED HOT ~HOT ORDOG CHEDDAR DOGS. HAMBURGER CHEESE $i8!. c- BUNS 79 $2". MPORTED CORNSH POLSH HENS Q\.HAM $.. $1~~,~~ 1 4 L! STONED WHEAT THNS $1 ~oz GREEN PEPPERS OR CALFORNA CALFORNA FLORDA NEW PEACHES CANTALOUPES RED 69~~" 99~~POTATOES CUCUMBERS ~~\ ~ 39 LB 5 FOR 9ge tf~ Fne seiection of mported & Domestic Wines &Champagnes. Price' good :' ~ We reserve the right ~olimit quantities. Dally UPSpick. thru August,16 \. ~; :r ~~ ).(~1~'4' ~ ~;...._* ~~ _ - :M'~, '/... Scott Shuptrine Pre-Grand Opening - Save 20% to 30% throughout every gallery Our Annual Summer Sale is now in progress.,.,... The finest furniture selection anywhere in one of the most beautiful furniture showrooms featuring And authe other quality lines like: Kittinger Sheml John Widdicomb Kindel La Barge Marbro Sligh Chapman and more! Our nterior Design senice is available throughout the sale. elco/t~ f1m Furnrture MACK AVENUE, GROSSE PONTE FARMS, 'onvel')lently locat&d JUst off \ 94 ot 1hE!MOfOSS(7 Mte) exit. eost to Mack Ave ond south on Marl< Use your Mmlercard V~ or SCotts Chofge Open Dolly 9'30 to 5,30 Mof\ Toon Frl ii 9pm Closed Sunday Sale prices in effect for an n-stock and specal order merchandise

11 August 11, , j 1A From page 1A And he also say~, "1 had the uck of belog born and gettmg 10 \ he bul->lles~at the nght time" The nght time was 1924 when he got his fil st design Job at ( loth edson Body Co in Wayne, \hch As an applentlce, he was p,ld 40 tent~ an hour He attended Bradley Polytech lilt 10 PeUlla hefole commg to Detlolt to WOl k as an apprentice "Thele are good schools in au- Ollotlve design now, but there \\ el ell 't any at that time" He went on to work for other hod) eompa11les and , he Jel\lme one of the fi::;t designers elt Genel al Moto! s Art and Color ""eetlon, WOkmg for Halley FUll The followmg year, he Jomed '-ituti, Where he designed three 1929 LeMans entnes He then became the chief de- ~gller for Duesenbel g, the fastest and most luxurous automo- Jlle m the country He de~lgned lhe Durham Tourster, a show Cdl paloted yellow with green fenders that was bought by actor Gmy Cooper The p ce of a Duesenberg was 1>14,000 compared to $6,000 for a LUstom-bodied Pierce-Arrow or LlOcoln t was the most expen "ve car m the country. But the one car Buehng de- "gned that broke precedent and S levered by classc car fans today S the 1936 Cord Model 810 t was completely different from anythmg done before and S considered Buehng's masterpece He went on to design others, mcludmg the 1951 Ford Vctoria and the 1952 Ford station wagon which boosted sales m one year from 7,000 U11ltsto 140,000. n 1948, Buehng invented the T-top. One S on his 1971 Corvette he dnves occaslonally WhCh bears the hcense plate, MyTop One of his favorite cars is a red Honda CRX, that's often out and about on Grosse Pointe streets, with the license plate, 42 MPG Other cars owned by Buehrig, who admits to bemg "a complete automotive nut," are a 1951 Gordon Buehrig sits m his 1971 Corvette that is equipped Ford VlctOlla that he had de Signed and bought sight unseen from a person m New MeXCO last yem, an Oldsmobile sedan, a Cord that's currently 10 the Au burn Cord Duesenbel g Museum m Auburn, nd, a Lmcoln "edan and the Hanls Special, a sports car A classc car S detel mmed by elegant stylmg, outstandmg en gmeermg and fine workmanshp and was bult between 1925 and 1948, accordmg to the dictonary The ClaSSC Car Club of Amer ca has determmed whch ems are classcs For mstance, a BUck from that era would not be considered a c1a,>"ic unles" t had a custom body, Buehng Sad, He was Surpl ised when the entry fee he submitted recently for a car show for hs '51 Ford was returned, because t's not consdered a classc Classc cars look better today than they dd when they first came out, he said, because of mprovements m pamt, Buehng, who turned 84 last month, sad the good old days people lke to talk about "weren't vely good leauy f you could, llnagme rush haul on the San Diego freeway and replace the autos wth teams of horses." He doesn't dwell on the past He's workmg on a new design m his home studo for a contest by Automotve Quartel'1y The car, he says, S designed specifically for people 19 years old or for those who Wish they were. And he doesn't sit still He has been workmg With the Frankhn Mmt for five years on ts classc cal senes He S a 15-year member of the Semor Men's Club and a mem bel' of the Society of Automotve Engneers for more than 50 years He also goes to lunch once a month Wth a group of retired Ford executve engneers, from where he retired m 1965 as prmclpal design engneer 1l matenals apphcatlon A self-styled Phnl 'l\ P t thol k\ with a T-top. which he invented. plastics nut, Buehllg \\ 01 kpc! Ol ~peclal projecb explollllg the l"e of plastc body and dl,""" toll ponent~ The automotive 1dll"tl \ tod,l\ S n trouble, he "ay"', bt,t,u"p of madequate" "There's capacity 111 [hi" toull try and mound the \\ md to buld mal e car~ than can be "old and the big problem " Olll 10,ld.., are so out of step from what thl'\ should be," he said The White House need", "roads" scholar, he said, one who Wll Cleate Jobs thlough public works "Forget this Std War" wnch won't WOk anv\'>et\ dnd \~( t l money to bulld hlghwayb ' Rush-hour traffic of stop and go has taken all of the fun out of dnvmg an auto, he bald, addlllg!~ollg! Olll Ol(' pomt to an ollill d uh tll,!'" llloll' tune \\tll ('\1'1\ \(',11!{.g 110lornC" h.t" hlought d,,\ lt h, t t p O"!Jl'11\" With 1l0"t of llil 1l1011t'\ (1!11l11lg f om,1.11>.111, ll' '" lid dllll t" 10t.l he,lt hy,( 1.1l/l1ll\ 1111 boll( \\.11 \\Clllid helve dl d \ 1.11' gl! tl Olll tountly i lei not,lld \\(',lpl!l" to both "l<!(' ()111 llig l "Pl'lH!Jtlll e 1" /01 ell\llr" tll klil pellpj',1d dp"tloy ]J1 /lpl t \ f b,lt 1l01H'\ \\ Plt 1"1 d to budd llgh\\.1\.., \\l \. /luld lh lh'lt'1 lll,. 1\L1ibll~,lld ll" \\ fl' 1(,1\ 11\ (' (011""('!'Olll\( Wood" They 111\\ 11111< dlli',!lltj, bl!\h'ell 00 YOU USE BOmEOWATER?;.yourself for 3 cents a gallon (313) ~ 1 them from first marnages and eight grandchddlen One gland <.,on, Buehng S proud to pomt out, hd" wntlen a novel that will hl' publj<.,hed by Simon Schu'>tel Boy assaulted A 10 year old Pal k hoy wa~ pllndwd m the face and had 111<., bike "tojen m the real' of a e,,1 dence on the 1300 block of Way buill 1"llday, July 29 Police <.,aldthe "usped '>a 12 \t'al old hlatk youth T1L' bike \\~" rew"eled n a g,l age on Altel ROdd Wolr the "u'ne _-----COUltON , Why Pay More!!~~!.~lV SW91 7, Days a Week NoAppointment Necessary..HARPER le & CADEUX SHELL;ner 01 Cadieul L,~o~~.!!J~~~..:-_J Next Week! Don't Miss t! 'e\\tf\\l1\{)m GREEK ORrnOOOX CHUHrlJ f\~ 1988 SUMMER fjq Marter Rd. St. Clair Shores - Grosse Pointe Woods FRDAY \ AUGUST 19, 5:00 p.m. to 11 :00 p rn. SATURDAY, AUGUST 20,11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. SUNDAY, AUGUST 21, 12:00 noon to 10:00 p.m..> Q" ii/4 {<i~(, RAFFLE OVER $15,000 N PRZES Grand Prize Dodge Shadow 2nd Prze - Full length Black Mink Coat 3rd Prize - Airfare 10 Greece pius Cash Prrzes Gordon Buehrig and some of his family stand near a Buehrig. a customized Corvette. at Eyes on the Classics. a benefit for the Detroit nstitute of Ophthalmology. They are. from left. Liz Brown. Mary LundelL Charlie Brown. Brita ToUe in front of Huehrig. Danny Lundell. Kay Buehrig. John Barlow. Martha Barlow. Carol ToUe and Tymon ToUe. r,lncll hndm.ld) nt provlde~ the mo~l nno\,t \ e,lnd dtlrdlilve mortgagc prograrn~ n!pd,l)' ~ m<lrke\ Call today Wc'll help you delermme \\,holt mortgagc program l~ bc~1for )'OU 9.50% NTEREST RATE 9.920/0 APR" Your new mortgage couldn't be easier or more attractive: No olrrr dl~,,1 lec No tltlc n'>ur,!ntc fee No reumlln!! No ~1 rvc) fec No underwriting fee No dotument prepardtlon ce "lo L redn rcport fec f'\crnw~ may be requred h(\.Cd AnnuJl 'Pcr~enlag{' Rate (APR) rclln 1'0 thl.. till rrn \PH: 1pr lot. tlr pn...cnr...hlhll r lie mort~alzc rrl~:rdm' undlt \l!hlch the APR may be muc';j"cd"uh11 \11 lhl rl1t-" nller. 1undrr rhl\ pr 'j:!f<tm arc...uh 1(,1. r ro. h<tn~c Wilhout oolite TRANEX i e it Financial, Cont<lct fce V nc. of Franklin Savings Clro] N1Chol<l~ Mack Avenue (Jro~~e P01l1le Wood~ Buehrig is the first recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. presented to him recently at Eyes on the Classics. a benefit for the Detroit nstitute of Ophthalmology. GROSSE PONTE'S FARMS OWN SLCED SLAB $139 BACON LB ~- "'N~S 1985 CHATEAU MONCONTOUR ESTATE PHLAOUJlMA Cll{AMCHllU, ) 80Z PKG FROZEN CORNSH GAME HENS 1 LB 6 OZ SZE $15~ r - ~ 001}c!, i BATH SZE $1 l! 1\ ~ 89 2 PACK BAR GREEN ONONS 3 BUNCHES DELVER p~1~:s in EFFECT AUG. 11th 12th & 13th LARGEST PRODUCER OF FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGE JUCE CHOCE BONELESS SRLON TP BEEF ROAST VO~~~AY $6 79 $1 15 SlOCK UP GRAEBER f:i -;y 1'1) i'~ CALFORNA, ~ $1~~ ~VE.. GREEN OTS SPUNKMEYER RPE $2 75 COOKES $2 99 OLVES CAN ALL VARETES DOZ RED OR GREEN SEEDLESS 355 FSHER RD. UP,S, PCK.UP DAllY -+- PARMS tfjar opa~8 to 530 P rn DALY Wed tll Noon Closed Sunday WE CELLO CARROTS GR:1~!S~9~ A~;n~p~~E~CELERY BANANAS POTATOES ~ HEARTS 1')~ LBS 95'.. ~ 99~PKC~~, ~ 69~ SUPER SPECALS CLAMATO JUCE $1 ~~ ZUCCHN 59~L. R~O RPE WATERMELONS 23f

12 Morning mist provided the nght atmosphere and careful framing produced the right compostion for Monte Nagler's moodhued photograph taken in the forest. Photographing By Monte in the forest Republicans By Peter A. Salinas Staff Writer Although no Grosse Pomte delegates will be attendmg the Republican NatOnal ConventOn 111 Ne\\ 01 leans later this mopth, local Repubhcans are geallj1g up fo! the politcal battle that will ensue once George BLsh has been nommated and has selected a runnlng mate Local choices for Bush's run. mng mate lange from New York Conglt'"sman Jack Kemp to Cal. lforl11a Gov George Deukme]lan to former U S Ambassador to the United NatlOns Jeane Knk. patl'lck The local consensus S that the Novembel electlon will be close and that the Republicans wll have to fight hal d to beat Demo CdtiC nommee Massachusetts GO\ Michael ljukakls dnd! un nmg mate Texcls Sen Lloyd Ben ben GlOsse Pomte Shore'> lesldent and preonct delegate Barbara Gattom said that m terms of his chances, the electlon S Bush's to 10"(' " thmk the expenence of George Bush and his association with an extraordmarly successful admlnlstratlon Will be very beneficial" Gattorn, who S active th DStllcl Repubhcan politics, says thdt the "Massachusetts Miracle," \\ hich the Democratlcs are toutmg as a Dukakis miracle, S not the result of Dukakls " thmk the weaknesses n Massachusetts are a result of Dukakls' poor leadership," Gatto! n sald "Unemployment, a poor penson program and hs doubhng government spendmg there are evidence of ths." On ths ssue at least, Gattorn, d Bush backer, sees eye to eye.\ llh Pnl k Mayor Palmer Heenan who supported Kemp durmg the Michigan Repubhcan caucuses ths bprmg Heenan sad he S not very actl ve m ths campagn, but he has offered his support for Bush monetanly Heenan notes that the pubhc has heard cntlclsm about Bush before, but noted that the shock value of hearmg what he caned the "truth" about the Dukakls admmistratlon m Massachusetts Wll have more of an effect. "When hs record there comes out, thmk t wll be more hardhlttmg," Heenan said. He pomts to a recent Detroit News edtoral that sad Dukakis used a vanety of questonable methods to make t appear as though he were balancmg the state budget "He (Dukakls) S borrowmg from an under funded state pen- SlOn fund to make up part of the state defict," Heenan Sad "He also borrowed from next year's hghway funds m order to balance the budget This is not runnmg the government of Massachusetts efficently" Joan Woodhouse, a Shores res- dent, was the ReaganlBush chairman for the 14th Distrct m 1980 clnd was the distrct's Bush ch,urman m the pnmary that yeal She said she S not active m this campaign, but feels Bush's chances are very good. ~=~t:- RAVENSWOOD HACENDA KENWOOD MOUTON CADET a:: DRY CREEK ~ -...~ - -..:----:-~ -~ ~-;~1~ MULER'S MARKET! KERCHEVAL... 'A n 1m prrs'iwe Selection of foods n a relatwely small place G: n th<>hrarl of Grosse Pointe Park. " ~ OJ)('n Monday.Saturday en < ' U).. \-,-_ -~:,~ ~i...,..- Z,l, 5! ~l l"il ~ CHOCE...;..~- JONES PCKEREL ~ GROUND ROUND ~ ~~" \V' FLLETS ~ ~ $17L~ ~.,:). 11bpkg $179 ~ $59L~ ~ Sibs for $8 45, LNK SAUSAGE $7~.9 f: ~~ ' SHRMP Sllellin2&-30ct... S Boned and Rolled ", ~ - Chubs B Nagler have always loved photographmg in the forest No better place exlht", to truly gel "lo..,t" m your photography than amid the splf'nclor of tl pc" and woods F01 r'~t- hd\ ': ;11;1~JTj.lJ(''' ('l till',! (" - \ hl\r (,n change quickly and (.11 ~m'c.jth.aliy FOb Jnd W',L Will ploduce a mood 111 your photographs qute dll1erent than that of a bnght, sunny day. The same stand of tree& 'Wll obvously convey dfferent feelmgs whether etched by a blanket of snow or enveloped m a rambow of fall f><lves Trees and forests arc' ('vel' changl ng ancl ) ou and your camera have a tremendous opportllllltv to record these magc moment" Here are some tips to help yoll makr' hetter photographs m the forest CompostlOnal1y, concentl ate m h\ 0 areas have found that patterns of trees WOl k well a pcture such as an even row of aspens contt asted agalll,>t tlw dal k mlenol of the forest Or 'll concentrate on a dommant polnt of mterest such as that unusually shaped tree, a gloupmg of folage on a branch, or that predommant tree trunk m tl 18 foreground framing trees behmd Forest PctUH>~ can be effective often hel3uhe of what S excluded Notice 1 the photo ~hown here the "evere croppmg of the tops of the trees More mpact S obtamed m ths way As alway:">, pay close attentlon to depth-of-field. Most hke1y, you'll want everythmg sharp from front to back so be sure to use a small aperture along Wth your depth-of.field scale on the lens barn- And because t's darker 111 the woods, usmg a small aperture (necessltatmg a longer shutter speed for cor- ect exposure) will most lkely requlre a tripod. Fore..,t -; plovlde many (Jtbel photo opportumtes Look c1o:-.ely alld you'll ::-ee d paup1 n of moss on a fallen log, a patch of mtl11wtp wllclflo\\ E..r.."ill',1 llustpr of fallen leaves Or ho\\ about that dehcate "t1 eam wll1dmg through the forest, lumbllj1g over od.t>, maklllg rnnll,lture waterfalls? 'l\v lookmg..,tralght up <1t towering trees through a Wde angle lel1:-. 111e tl cr'" w1ll,1pp(.11 to com erge producmg a truly..,tnl<1l1f5 ~)](tun) You'\'(, hp,lrd the e\.pl('..,..,joj jolll,ll1 t..,(>l' th0 forest fur the tn>(''>'' n \OtJ photopdp1l\, \(\'}] t>asjlv,,('e the forest tll ollgh the t](>(-",nd Crlpt 11 (. t,ilion film, too' LOBSTER TALS $17 9 L. 5 < Choice Lamb -..< package Do. - Shoulders $299 -Slr' Macaroni and Cheese '1.29 "Bush S very prepm ed fol lhe Job," Woodhouse said "ThiS h somethmg he has been pi ep31 mg for his whole life (Jllnmy) Carter was a kmd, good PCSOl, but thmk he was overwhelmed when he got to the White House Dukakls S good ab govel nor of <l state, but he has no expellence when t comes to fm elgn poh<.,'r, Woodhouse would like to "ee Wyommg Sen Alan Sunp,>on get the vice p esldentml nod horn Bush "He has the lghtnes,;, the ablhty to use hs language lj) d very relaxed way that \\ ill ap peal to volers," WoodhoLl..,e ",wi "He S more off the wff 111 a P0::-l tlve way whch will off<;et Bu"h'" somewhat stiff speakmg "1\ t' He would show anothel ';de of Bush's personahty " Bill Brucker, a l<'alms dum ney, S a precmct delegate the 14th Distrct and S unmng agam for the spot this yeal Brucker, who has been a pp cmct delegate for 10 years, "did he feels Bush's chance.., ale good, but lhat he Wll hdve to l'ool k very hard to WD "Dukakls S an excellent oppo nent," Brucker sald "ThiS Wll require the Repubhcan Palty to work as hard has ever to defeat hm n November" Brucker Said he Wll take an actve role as the 14th DStllCt leadershp asks of him "Bemg a worker you walt to hear when and how they want to use you," Br ucker sad "n OUl area 'm sure 'll be makmg fun dralsmg calls and handmg out hterature t has worked well 111 the past" Brucker Said he has no dea who Bush will choose for a run mng mate " want to see thp ~tj att'gj behmd the decson," he ~ald t should be very mteresting " Republican activst W Clark Durant, a lawyer and Park res dent, sad he has been r3lsmg money for state and congrett siona1 Repubhcan canddate" and doing whatever he can fo! the party "Bush's chances are very good," he sad "He clearly offers a positve program and specfic steps for further economc growth and accountabilty and choce m education.. Durant, too, pomts to what he calls the "horrendous record" of Dukakis as governor of Massachusetts "He has had five tax 111 creases, never balanced a capltdl budget and S borrowll1g flom an under. funded penson plan and acceleratmg certam tax collectons to try and make t appem as though he S bemg fiscally re sponslble" Durant offered three reason" why Bush Will be sucessful the fall. He sad that Bush llstmctlvely knows that to bl llg about growth one must 10weJ m ~Jl Macaroni and Beef '1.39 ~ Great for Rotissere ~~ Z' Tuna Noodle Casserole '1.35 S HAAGENDAZS 99~ L ' Swedish Meatballs '1.59 c:s Single Bars " n...,lb c-~.~. ~ Vanilla with Milk Chocolate ';trn~~& Sundance ;; Z Chocolate with Dark Chocolate ~egetajlbes J 9.Vanilla with Darle Chocolate Natural Fruit Juice :» 4 FRESH COFFEE BEANS Lemons or Lmes 19~EA With Sparkling Water - :z:..... KW, LME, n :ll: 0 ~,.. CD m :» -z G) m ::n ~ Co,) This Weeks Special Zucchini ~ LB " l CRANBERRY, AUTHENTC JAMCAN {('d hnrn.t;;v'i;'",,\"~ RASPBERRY J ~ _j.; STYLE Mjchi~an Peaches... 59~ LB ~ '~~ $2~ ~ ~ $49~ Green Peppers... 41'1 10 oz... PACK ; g PRCES N EFFECT THROUGH AUGUST 17 ~ RDGE. SM ESTANCA ROUND HLL BRCOUT MUMMS KORBEL expect taxes and cut government spend mg, Bush S not a protectonist Creators \llll'll loll11" u full'lgll "dl as " 0111, " l/ld (' \1 ill "lip polt fj l'i'd()lrl rl~,hl' (,1111,11 Am'lll,1 iji 111\1\11 ',),,1' ])llk"kh ill '. 'H r' 011 thl' AlH'( pi lll " ', h., (,l thl." t! UP)(" " 11,(0111,lge' olllli d, ll. ( ('llld tlw ~", llll ".1 d Dill ljll (d, t,, dll i\,hllll ( 111,111,' \111111,1 d lol\lllll,pi<1 11'111 b. \ \1' ', lfl 'il tll', \1 " d JL' '\ \\{ f did'.!,,, 1 \"11' 1i,.1 c \., ' 1-' d 111.1\ 1"1' ) ' ' d )u 1-.,(1-.1 1" i!{l',ln,, l hl pi.!l- 11;.,11 'l'!j11i,111 0P1l11l1j1,- 1'1 lili " P th, 'Jill," '-, 1 _ " ',~, }, t -,lid August 11, 1988 Bush to carry state. ".., AttollieV Hollell \'o\ltke, d \\'o()(l" ltv lollllllll1lrlll dud d Jlp(lld r1pll'g.lle, ",lid lldt ll' l'e1" Bu"h" L1'dlU'" n NO\l'1l1 W,\ P l'xu'pt on" 11\ good \ llllllll'd dll,,,",> [ t lllk the hw lllll,,,tloll " \dw tlll>' 1,)1.'",,1'1.J.llk.,Ol \\ ill l'lp till' 1)1'1110(\ \h 0) \'.111 ll' (11''\\(' Ul lli il NO\ 11he ",lid ll' "lid 11<'\\ ill he \'o Ol "llg 10 l,dl\ 101 hl' p'lll\,dlhollgh hl h,l'"!lol hl l'n l,llt'd UpO1 "0 t.u to ".,\11 do 1\'1',olp 1 l '>ll l t lo ll' 1M"', 1g out ] t "Your Body Talks Ju"t Listpu" ( llull dnd ndlllg 1m \ 1\,11.,'lppOlt ;-.J'U\ -.,."ud \ 01 t 1](',,1.'m,ll {l'puhl [l.lll" _, d dl'''pu' JUh.dkl" " Jll e dllllol th,lt hl \\ ill \\ 111:\11lhl '.ll 111the "1'110,1l elet t lon, 1hl>\ ( t ( '\ B~"h ol11d hl tltt' (11,1 1\ ho l,\ \l'" hl' "t,t (' ~~~TlC l\lack Ave GPF Most insurance plans cover == Chiropractic == Whittier Towers Where Excellence s A Tradition \ - ' CALL ,' l ) ill Pr} l111tna nt fol pi 1 l.. ell \ trllll, " r L.. J 3, Whltt1~r Towers opens ll, Crystal Ballroom each THRD WEDNESDAY or every month and nl lks,ou to enjoy dance mus1c from the 30's and 40's perrormlng on Wl'dneAday, August 17th 1:30-3:30 Thl' Grayklnne nternatwnal Jazz Museum Dance Band No lldltllq"loncharge/rerreshments Wl-HTT ER TOWERS 415 BURNS DRVE DETROT, M FRO~ >no PEl( MONTH (including maid/meals) \T;::,7'~1~;;:"'-;::l7-;\~;le;;-;~7;'lg \Vh Hi Pl ' m ( ~ P 11',j,,", 0'-" 1'1 t r t r ~ t k~t D( 1 ;;;; ;b;;;t of Cust()m Additions Mack Avenue Groc.,e.,pPointe Farms

13 ~ August 11, 1988 Jt~ uoi jud a kip" ",~ ~ ~ 13A t's a food shopping adventure at Farmer Jack ~, ~i, l?flu t'l (f To order call Cold Cherry S~~~h". A classic summer specialty. tart and refreshing (herrlel red " wlne. lemon juice and heavy cream with a hint of tlnlldiliur Pint FANTASTC GRLLED OR BROLED Gulf Shrimp Kabobs EA(HZ 4 ' Chef's Pasta Salad A meal n tself. homemade fettucclnl pasta, turkey, smoked ham, swiss, and cheddar cheese bound with a special Maurice dressing. Fresh Vegetable Salad '/i-lb. zn Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchl. nl, yellow squash, green beans, pea pods and our own homemade,.. vinaigrette dressing. Old Fashioned Potato Sarad Large dice potatoes with skins, red onion, celery, tarragon vinegar, green onions tossed lightly with our own fresh mayonnaise. '/l"b. '" Fresh Spinach '(j~~~ Our own fresh pasta made with " nalur«1 ngredients. blended wth reduced <re"m t,ldckt'l"d mushrooms, coarse black pepper dnd gral~u parmes4lncheese. Sesame Sauteed Orange Rtn~ghy Skinless and boneless filiels are to,n"d wltl1 breadcrumbs. parsley and sesame seeds and th..n " Z47 quickly pan fried Reheat uncovered u Homemade Turkey lpifl ndividual pies filled with fresh roasted turkf') carrots. potatoes, celery covered wlhl d t! < d " and baked n English Flaky pastry.j ZlS FREE RECPE AT COUNTER Orange Roughy Kabobs FRESHLY DRESSED daho Rainbow Trout FRESH Ocean Perch Fillets DEEP SEA FAVORTE Fresh Cod Fillets EA(Hr' lb-z" "2" ",Z" AUGUST S SANDWCH TRY OUR NEW SUPER Submarine Sandwiches For assistance n ordering party trays call LOW SODUM 5iW!';;J ~.p. ~:p ff \. MONTH LOADED WTH THE FNEST QUALTY MEATS, CHEESES & ALL THE FXNS N A TERRFC ROLL GREAT FLAVOR GREAT PRCE ~ 119 All Beef Bologna W l2ls BABY SWSS ALPNE LACE SWf$~.. MARLAS SWSS.:DS:~T DOMESTC SWSS \ '~./!~ FlESHlY SUCED ORN THE PECE EACH SERVE \lth COlESLAW AND THOUs,. NJ,(,r, DRESSNG FOR A GREAr SANDWCH Lean Corned Beef ~ ) :~~~') rj,,../ To order call ahead U S D.A CHOCE BEEF TP Boneless Sirloin Tip Rotisserie Roast "Z69 GREAT ON THE GRLL Beef For ShishKabob,,3 59 't ~, ".' ti:! For special orders call ALL NATURAL BRAN BREAD SWEETENED A DEUCOUS \lhte BREAD 'OPPlLJ \ltth ileal SUTEl WTH REAL HONEY Bran Bread,,1 Butter (." 00 Top Bread ~~9<) RCH DANSH WTH A ~WEET FilliNG zaa "i Danish SA KED FRESH DAll Y f,lit< 2~,2 79 Dutch Apple Pie 20 e Tea Ring Sebastian; Wine COUNTRY CABERNET SAUVGNON, FUME' BLANC, ZNFANDEL OR PNOT NOR CANADA DRY, MSORTED FLAVORS Seltzer Waier MPORTED Beck's Beer 750-ML BTL 6 00 l:i~r.69 PLUS DEPOST 6PK QZ BTLS PlUS DEPOST Also available for your convenience * POST OFFCE to buy stamps, mall packages. send registered letters * PHARMACY with Pharmacist on duty 7 days a week. Call * DNER'S EXPRESSCHECKOUT 3 tems or less hot prepared foods to go. nstant outl Prim effective through sat Aug only ilt 9 Mile near Mack '>torr open MondilY through SaturdilY 8 il m until lop m '>vnd<ly 9 il m until 7 pm

14 _~... _..._-- -, 14A August 11, 1988 Tiger wives beat Media All- Stars,. ". \ \11 _ \ \ Paul Carey. the golden voice of Tigers' games on WJR. introduces the Tiger wives before their victory over the Media All-Stars. Rob Fulton. representing the. hands out a few "give me fives" as the All-Stars get set to. well... lose. \ \h4j ~. 1..~4*,~': ~. For the benefit of Cystic Fibrosis, the Detroit Tiger wives and a team composed of Detroit media personalities tangled in the sixth annual softball benefit game at the Southfield Civic Center on Aug. 5. Approximately $13,500 was raised to help_the. research for the cure of the No. 1 genetic killer in the United States. Local personalities such as Mark "Doc" Andrews (WCZY95.5 FM), Tim Kiska (Detroit News), Mike Duffy (Free Press), and the Grosse Pomte News' Rob Fulton played for the Meda All-Stars, which, for the sixth straight year took t on the chin, t was no wonder, the Media All-Stars committed over 12 errors - no, not on one play. The benefit softball game was sponsored by Rolaids. Left. Sparky Anderson calmly discusses a play in which Steve Gannon of WNC obviously disagrees with. -j Left. Mark Andrews. Rob Fulton. Tim Kiska and Mike Duffy made up the Grosse Pointe contingent. At right. Karen Ter. rell tees off on a fastball. Below. Mark Andrews gets the bat on the ball as Chris Brookens catches. f, Photos by Peter A. Salinas Text by Rob Fulton ;>,"... :t Joe "Brow" mate Tiger fan. the crowd n a quick of "Beat the media,"

15 August 11, 1988 ll\sl ren undel 12 yeal s of <lge n additon, lunch and lehe<,h menh wdl be ol1c1ed at tll(' (;,11 dpn '!'Pd!{OO1l on the glollh!<, of tlll' FOd [Oll<,PThe G,l dpn 1'(',1 Room b011l <,. ( \\' pd rw"(\., Jacques Patls-'ierie Bro\\ nje~and ra)oklf~, Assorted Torte Shce~, Cheesecake Shces The Summit The Summit Salad \\ tll choce of The Summit or French Dres~Jng The Summit.asagne, Tortelllni SlClhano, Kr) lime Pie Chocolale \t()u~~e Cafe Rio Buffalo ( hlcken W ng~ Chili Con Que~o v.llh '1acho Chlp~ Beef and Bf'an Burnto Pecan Plf Olahlo Cake through Sunday flom 11 a m to 5 pm Tour mfol matlon h,1\.\lable b, lalllng the FOld!<J"e at ~" ' HH1 4~2~ This unusual tin-enameled earthenware (faience) soup tureen was created by Paul-Antoine Hannong, Strasborg, Alsace, France. Circa The tureen is one of 120 pieces featured at the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House exhibit, "Kings, Queens and Soup Tureens: Selections from the Campbell Museum Collection:' Cummunity The Grosse Pomie Commul1ty Summer Band Wll p e~ent ts final conceit of the season on Wednesday, Aug 17, at 7 30 P m The concert W! take place n the Grosse Pomte NOth Pet formmg Ads Center G eek The atre, and the dudlence S encolll aged to brmg comfoltable than" for seatmg The 75 member cancel t band, dnected b; Ralph M1' \\111 ple>.cnt a Val Jet\ oj (,111()~,lh1(' muskal "eledloll<' '1\\ 0 So "'1 mm ches, "The Fl ee Lance and "Stm sand Stllpes FOC\ C" will be performpd, while the t1l1mpet and tlombone "ectlons all' fea tured m "Buglpr's Hollda," by Anderson and "Shout n Na TroPbone" by FJllmOle Also on the p 01,'1 am 1<; "t!sh Nerno's Bar and Grille Mlm Cheesecake Stroh's ce Cream Cones, Sundaes, floats That Sandwich Place tahan Sausage Wth Pepper and Omons,!lot Dog~, Tossed Salad, flrowmes band in concert Tune from County Del ry" by G dll1ger, "Poq,')' and Be>.s" by GB~hwm, Scott Joplm's "The Enteltamer," and d medley of bg band swmg tunes ttled Big Band Sho\\case The concert >.f ee, and will be held l1slde 111 the event of melenlpnt weathel Summer concert \" lh Jin,1! l1u<,ll..:1! ll!bllte to " Jl1Wl, \Vd;.nc State Ul1ver- <,ty \\ d pre<,cnt a "peclal wncert SfltUl day Aug 1:3, elt 8 pm m the ('Olllll1l1l11tyA t s AudltOllUm on mall1 campu" Aclllll<,,,lOnS $5 FO ll1forma tlon, call the WSU llu"k department at and DUand SeVe and Hart" and Nancy and 6ool!t and Bob and all of your friends at Renatssance Center, plus guest emcee Bob Talbert, columnist for The DetrOit Free Press t's Taste of Renatssance 88, August) 8, from p m on the West outdoor podium of The Westin Hotel Sample the best of Renalsssance Center's restaurants and eatenes With pnces from 50~ to S2 00, ) ou can tq a Jtlle of everythmg There V.U be ljve musc by "The Suspects" and adnusslon S FRFEBring the kds because there will be a hula hoop contest, a putting green contest, a ple-eatmg contest, funn~ photos, and maglc and face patnung by "Ratnbov. the Clown" Free parklog n Lot C, east of the center For more nformauon, call Rain Locauon fait Burger King Complimentary French Toast Sucks Coffee Beanery, Ltd. Spedalty Breads, Hot Spiced Viennese Coffee, Vanilla Nut Cream Coffee Dlonysos Taverna SaganakJ (Ranung Cheese) mas Brothers Big Boy Strawberry Pie Friar Tuck's Lady Ann's Tuna Pta, Sherwood Forest Chef Pita, Chocolate Oatmeal Cooklf'~ RaJSfi Oatmeal Cooldes, Chocolate Chip Cookies Otto's Crispy Com Caramel Apples Cand~ Red Apples, Popcorn Ball Cheese and Caramel Corn PekJng Express Sweet and Sour Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, FAA Drop Soup, Fgg Roll Fortune Cookje~ Ev~ Ford House to host exhibit When t comes to serving soup, Campbell's could be called an expert on the ~ubject t then seems only fitting that one of the world's 1110"t pre~tlglou" couec tions of 18th and eady 19th cen tury porcelam and sliver table ware relatmg to the 581 vmg of soup would belong to the Camp bell Museum For the first time thl~ cohec tion of decorative alts will be on exhibit at the Edsel & EleanOl Ford House Aug 10 thlough Oct 9 Makmg ts way al ound the Umted States and folelgn wuntnes, with pi evlous ~top" 111 Pans, Brussel~, Milan, Tokyo, and mo~t lecently m Ne\\ YOlk City, the 100-plece "KJng~, Queens and Soup Tureens" exhibit consists of artistic tl easu! e" made m more than 18 countnes These objects are on loan trom the permanent collecton of the Campbell Museum m Camden, N J, which receives over 30,000 Vsitors annually, There will be >:>amplesof Euro pean, Amellcan and Chmese porcelam, ealthenwal e and sll vel' on display tems mcluded are soup tureens, bowls, plate" and spoons from some of the world's most famous manufactur ers, including Sevres, Melssen, Wedgewood, Royal Copenhagen and Worcester, as well as exam pes of Chmese EXPOlt Several of the lal ge cel amlc tureens have been produced n the shapes of vanous vegetables and fowl, meludmg 100stel~, hens and swans The exhibits may be viewed at the Ford House Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a m to 5 p m GUided tours are available at 1130 a m and 1230 P m on the same days AdmiSSOn to the exhibit S $1 for adults with no chm ge fol childjen AdmiSSOn S free when purchasmg tickets for the regular Ford House tow's, whch are Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 5 pm, with the last tour begmnmg at 4 p m Pnces ale $4 for adults; $3 for semor Citizens, and $2 for child Of RENASSANCE~S Eat,*ink& m t Hary... Jefferson Ave AtrUm Street Le\ el Thursday, August 18,4:30-8:30 p.m. on the West outdoor podium of The Westin Hotel. Ewald Foundation grants 14 four-year scholarships On Saturday, Aug. 13, at noon dents presented an aspect of at the Golden LOn Restaurant, themselves that made them "attractve nsks" to Ted Ewald, one Morass at Mack, 13 high school graduates and an adult will receve the first check m a fow'- tons of the owners of the DetrOt PS- year scholarshp grant from the The foundaton was begun by Ted Ewald FoundatOn. Ewald's father who also founded DaVid Olmstead, a former re- the Campbell Ewald Adveltlslng Cpient of a four-year grant, and Company t S the oldest pn now a partner m the law firm of vately funded scholar"hlp foundation n DetrOt The 57 stu- Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone, currently a candidate fo! dents CUrently 111 college the DetrOt Board of EducatOn, epresent a total of $80,000 a will be the mam speaker One of year given to them thlough the the students who won the Optmist Club Oratoncal Competi- Ewald FoundatOn ton Wll speak for the students CUlTently the foundaton S ' suppoltmg 57 students through college - 36 girls and 21 boys ThiS year the Ewald FoundatOn has stepped out of ts usual bounds and Will be glvlug d scholarshp to ts first adult, to ts first student attendmg a oneyear cow'se to be a travel agent and to its first student from a foster home Each of these stu- THE PROBLEM WTH LEAD "Lead levels 10 your drmkmg water are likely to be hghest f your home or water system has lead ppes, or f your home has copper pipes soldered Wth lead, and f the home S less than five years old, or f you have soft water, or f the water SitS m the ppes for several hours Without use" N THE TO MNMZE You can minimize exposure to this potental problem for you and your family f you Village shops open during construction 15A Even though there S no parking on Kercheval betwepn Cadieux and Neff while a water mam S bemg replaced, the Sdewalks Wll remam open to foot traffic at all tmes ConstructOn S scheduled to be completed by Labor Day The Grosse Pomte Village ASSOCiatOn wants to remmd shoppers that there are parkmg lots behmd each block and that most "tole" have rear entrances N ACCORDANCE TO THE REQUREMENTS OF THE SAFE DRNK!NG WATER ACT AMEND MENTS OF 1986, THE CTY OF GROSSE PONTE WATER AND SEWERAGE DEPARTMENT, AS YOUR WATER SUPPLER S PROVDNG THS NFORMATON TO HELP EDUCATE YOU ON THE POSSBLTY OF LEAD N YOUR DRNKNG WATER There's a growmg public concern about lead m our environment To mcrease our customer's awareness on this public health ssue we are reprmtmg 10 part mformatlon publ1shed by The DetrOt Water and Sewerage Department m ther notice on this subject "Part of the purpose of this notce S to mform you of the potential advel be health effects of lead ThiS S bemg done even though your watel may not be m vlola.tlon of the current standard" There are three potenljal sources for lead to accumulate m the body food consumpton, arborne pollu tants and the third potental source S from your dnnkmg water "The Umted States EnVronmental ProtectOn Agency (EPAl set" dnnkmg water standards and has determmed that lead S a health concern at certam leveb of exposure There S currently a standard of 0050 parts per mllion (ppm) Based on new health mformaton, EPA S likely to lower this standard slg mficantly" The water provided by the City of Grosse Pomte S purchased from and supphed by Grosse Pomte Farms The Farms has had this water supply tested for lead by the Mchgan Department of Public Health and the results mdlcate lead was NOT detected YOU SHOULD KNOW Although the water the City provides has no presence of lead - the opportunity for lead to leach mto your water supply S stll possible Typcally, lead gets mto your water after leavmg the water treatment plant The most likely source of lead contammatlon S the home or resdence plumbmg,>ystem The most common cause S corroson (a reacton between the water and the lead ppes or solder l Up to the 1900's t was common practce m some areas of the United States, to use lead pipes for mtenor plumbmg Galvamzed and then copper pipes replaced lead pipes however ].ead solder was used to Jam these copper ppes You can tell f lead pipes are m your home by scratchmg the pipe With a house key or screwdriver Lead S a dull grey metal Lead '> soft enough to be easly scratched and Wll become shmy \\ hen scratched Flush each cold water faucet by allowmg the ""(lter to run untl the water S as cold a'> t wilt get Do ths whenever water has been settmg m ppes for more than a few hours (c;uch as overmght) ThiS u'>ually takes about 2 mmutes Fluc;hmg '> mportant becausl' the watel that comes out after l1ush1og ha'3 not been 10 extended contact With lead ppes or lead solder that may be 10 your household (Fhl'lh mg water may be used for non consumpton purposes such as washmg dlshe'>, clothe'>, flushmg toilets, or other household task,>, t need not be wasted) Never cook or con'>ume ",ater from the hot water faucet Hot tap watel can contam higher level., of lead because lead dls'>olve'3 more ea'llly m hot water t '> especially mportant to avoid U'lmg hot wa ter from the faucet when prepanng baby formula f you nl'ed hot water for con'>umptlon for cookmg draw water from the cold tap and heat t 011 the,>tovl' or 10 the mlcro\\ave Use only thoroughly flushed water from the cold tap for any con'>umptlon The water provded by the City 1'3 compliance With current,md propoc;ro futurl' U S EPA lead level limtatons for 'lafe drmk10g water f ll1dlvldual" would hkr thplr water te"tpo to drtermlm' whet her thl'rl' h.t prohll'm \\ Jth thplr llltpr nal c;y'ltem, reputable private laboratorlp'l arc available to provldl' "uch te.,1'> For addtonal ll1formatlon, you may contact the US EPA Thl' US J<:PA ha" a toll free hotlne ol',l, cated to ths subject and thl'y have 111'10 prepared a hooklet on thl'! l'l'>lll' Thl'l mformatlon hac; been approvpd hy the US EPA,mo mret'l EPA'" t-,ld puhlc notlcl' requre ment" HOME EXPOSURE City of <&r05s 'oint.e. Michigan PUBLC NOTCE Lead S a soft toxc metal known to be hal mful to human hea.lth f whaled gested Lead accumulates m the body and ts potental for harm depends upon the amount of exposure Low levels of lead ex pobure can cause subtle bochemcal changes "EPA and others are concerned about lead 10 dnnkmg water Too much lead m the human body can cause serous damage to the bram, kdneys, nervouc; system, and red blood cells The greatest nsk, even Wth short term exposure, S to young chldren and pregnant women" t '> now a federal law that all mottenal u'>ed for repar., or ne\\ly n"t.dled plumhll1g be!load free Make '>ure you check Wth your plumber before any work., done Pllbh'lh<Jo bv (' ltv of GrO'l'le Po1Ot~, ~h(hlgan 8A5 fi~oo GPN ,07/14188,08/11188

16 16A ce cream is a fun diversion By Ronald J. BeTl8l Staff Wnter t's the nght time of year for ice cream cones. Boy, 18 t the right time. And f you want to taste the best ice cream around, plenty of people, mcluding Tom Davis, suggest you find an ice cream parlor that carnes Ashby Sterling premium lee cream DaVS' company, Tom Davis & Son's Dairy, is responsible for producmg the ice cream that achieved statewde nowriety af. ter it appeared twice 10 the Detroit FrE'e Press in Bob Talbert's column, calling it one of the best licks around. "We were not at all prepared for the response we got out of that mention in the column," sad Davis, who is president of the company started by his father and is now operated along with his brothers, Rick and Jim. Tom Davis & Son's is a dairy distributing company which de. livers milk and other refriger. ated products w stores, restau. rants, hospitals and some supermarkets in southeastern Michigan. The company has been operating since 1946, but six years ago it branched out into making premium ice creams, but for a select group of buyers. " didn't feel that there was an ice cream manufacturer mak. ing ice cream only for the inde. pendent ice cream parlor," Davis said. "Even the premium ice creams are basically focused on the supermarket sales. felt there was a niche there for a good quality product, that was not overly expensive, and was available only m restaurants and ice cream parlors" There are currently some 160 outlets which sell the Ashby products, he said "We had a recipe for a good ice cream; that was the easy part," DaVS sad The name was suggested by a friend, W latch onto the trend of premium ce creams havng foreign names, (DaVS wanted an English.soundmg name) The Sterling was denved from the standard for sliver punty "We wanted our product to be the standard other ce Cledlll::> are measured up to," he sad t took a httle longer to bnng his idea to fruiton, because, Davis said, there wasn't any equipment aval1able to make three.gallon tubs of ice cream the way he wanted them made He wanted to make compound flavors - su,ch as neopohtan - and keep the stnpes separate. There was equipment to make t in smaller batches for sale 10 stores, but not the large tubs needed to run an ice cream parlor or a restaurant Three peces of special equipment were designed and created in a mamtenance shop. That equipment is now in Columbus, Ohio, where Ashby Sterling ice cream is made. After the equipment was created, the fun part - creating the flavors came. p~~- By Ronald J. Bernas. Hudson A. Mead of Grosse Pointe recently joined the Detroit law firm of Berry, Moorman, King & Hudson, P.C. Mead received his bachelor of arts at the James Madison College at Michigan State University in 1983, and his juris doctorate (cum laude) from the De. troit College of Law in Prior to joining the firm, Mead wrote the Michigan Appellate Digest, a monthly publication updating recent Michigan appellate and Supreme Court opinions. Strldlck Walter Stridick has been appointed manager of Forster's nteriors Grosse Pointe Woods 8wre at Mack. Stridick, who has a bachelor of sci. ence in management from St. Joseph's UniverSty, is in charge of the current complete redecoratlon of the store which is planned as a showcase of higher quality furniture. Forster's nterors has been in business for 50 years. Grosse Pointe resident and Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts graduate Sam Curcuru has joined WWJWJO radio. A 1980 graduate of Grosse Pointe North, Curcuru is a local sales manager with the station. Kevin M. Burke has joined Cardinal ndustries' Mortgage Company, a division of Columbus, Ohio-based Cardinal ndustries, nc., as vice president and financial officer. He will be responsible for arranging and managing Cardinal's mortgage finance activities throughout the state of Michi. gan. The mortgage division's Michigan office is located at 131 Kercheval in the Fanns. Burke Ralph Wieme ASA, co-owner and chief revew appraser at Appraisal and Reports, nc., in Grosse Pointe, was elected president of the Detroit Chapter of the Amencan Society of Appraisers A seno member of the society and past presdent of the DetrOt chapter, Wieme has 26 years in the field of urban real estate valuaton JOhDatOD Forman S. Johnston, president and CEO of Bolton.Johnston Associates, recently announced the appointment of Nanci M_ Bolton to vce president of the company, formerly a franchise of the... Earl Keirn Real Estate Group, now called Bolton- Johnston Associates. The postion comes about as part of Borland.Johnston Associates' restructurng its top management, according to Johnston The Commumty Foundation for Southeastern Michgan recently elected five new CVCleaders and re-elected nne current trustees to its 40.member board of trustees. One new board member S Pointer William P. Vltltoe, president of Michgan Bell Telephone Co Grosse Pointe resident Theodore H. Mecke Jr., president of Hart wood Associates, was among those re-elected Thoma D. Steen, G.R.. of Adloch & A8llOclates, Realwrs, recently returned from attendmg a two-day course on residential real estate The course, held at the Cmcinnati Board of Realtor8 m Cmcmnati, Ohio, was presented by the ReSdential Sales Council of the Realtors Natonal Mar. ketmg nsttute. t'b not Jl"t chocolate, vamlla and strawberry for Ashby's The names are ab llch as the ce cream Kone Nut Sundae has pea. nuts, chocolate and chocolate covered sugar cone bts n t, "t's Just lke the old-fashoned drumsticks," DaVS Sad Whoppel SUPerne has Whopper hl and malted mlk balls thloughout chocolate malt ce C earn With a npple of fudge thlough t You Can't Belteve it's-chocolate Chocolate i> one of those compound flavol S With whte chocolate on one Side of the tub and dark chocolate on the other, for Tom Davis & Sons Dairy A new flavor, called Apple Cnnamon Walnut Crunch, S hke apple pie on a cone Wth ap pe bts, walnuts and pe crust throughout cmnamon.flavored ce cream The company also has a senes of dary-free ces, lemon, Fuzzy Navel, raspberry and dalqum The Fuzzy Navel, a combmatlon of peach and orange, gets ts name ft om the dnnk of the "anw name The newest lme S Ashby Light, a premum ce mlk Wth 64 percent less fat than t') prem Um ce cream "t's mportant to stress that t's not a det type product, but Safe Secure GLASS BLOCK BASEMENT WNDOWS ORlD'S lest ORDER DEPUl.ET Energy EffiCent THE BG E HOME EQUTY LNE OF CREDT WE PAVYOUR CLOSNG COSTS AND ALL FEES ~ rather a product Wth less fat," DaVS sald. Regular ce cream contams 10 percent mllkfat, but Ashby Ster hng premum has 14 percent ce mlk generally contams 2 to 3 percent mllkfat, compared to Ashby Lght's 5 percent He said they developed the lght product two years ago to catel to the more health can '>COUSpubltc French Quarter Pecan S from the Light lme and t has pecans 10asted cnnamon dnd butter SWirled thloughout a butter l,l VOl ed ce cream The company does the market mg fo! ts product outlets and co Tom Davis stands before his ever-growing llst of premium ce cream and ce milk flavors. You don't pay a penny! Clo'lOgco,L, on other Home Eqlllt\ Lme, of (rlllitcdnadd up to hundreds of dollars But <itthe B~ ~ \\L pay ~our c\o,m~ cmts on 1101'S up to $100,000. sa\lm~ }OU as mulh,~ S600' or more' Plu, }(}upay no application fee Enjoy a J!uaranteed rate cap. The current Bg E 110m'LqUlt\ Lme of emlll rate " 11 5 ilt annual percentage rate 'lu~ Withthe B~ E, ~udranteed rate cap you'linellcr pa} more than :i0/o m(r the rate m effcctat the lime you close And morl.'... Youcan pa} olf your other hgher co,t Odn~am] Lhar~e~ Pill, )Oll ma\,hll be able to deduct 100% of lour home equlh tntcre~t SCL \our tax ad\ll~orfor detals BeSdesthat you hau a revolvln!1lim 01 credit,0 as you payoff your loan that mone\ a!1illo hecomt' d\addhlc to )OU Come to \Ollf local Empire of Amenea office to rcec\ea (ree c<,tlmateof hrll\ much )OU he able to borrow And once loll apph you hall' ;\0 am\\er on approvmgyour credit wlthm 24 hour, "tdrt,almg 110\\ Call SMARTLNE w at.800.the BG E (l-roo-h SMARTLNP '" open,e\cn day, a \'teek9 a m to q p m ~. Empire of Amerca Avuag, 'dlln~' t>,-~j on a Sl'i 000 me of credit Hh" " our Jul~ 19r!l'o1\ P R The A PR can chanile month!} on this dnable rate me A m"rtl«~f on,our home 'l'wre, this me of cred!1 Q Photo b} Rn nald J BernWl ADD CHARM,ro,"'" OUTDOOR LVNG AREAS TOM'S FENCE CO. ALL T'PES OF PR\,At.:' & SECCHT\ FENCES '100"'; \ "\L.(OHED CH~J"ml\ S\~Tl'15 'Fl'll\ Gl4RA'HEEO RESDE'mAl &. CO~~ERC4l CA.L!-OR - R-"E E"'T'1.\l E August 11, 1988 opel atlve adveltlsll1g as well The flavols, DaVS sad, come flom e\ el ywhel e "We nvite cubtomers to gve us lavl)}s, and f supplers want to sell us then ploduct, we ask them to come up Wth a way to Ube them The people \'lho own the ce Clearn parlors al e 10 touch \\ th the customers, so they come up Wth some, too" Aftel some bugge"ted flavors die developed, they me tested and,lted at a pmty, DaVS sad Although the ce Cleam" compl'>c only a bll1all part of the compan} \ total busloebs - the dehvely pmt compllses most - he sald t's excltmg and encour. agmg to receve the kmd of e "ponse the company has ece1\'ed And Dav') kei> his business, "t's a fun ploduct to sell. f you notice, people never eat ce cream \~th a frown on ther face "And we 1ke to have fun Wth t, too" There are two olltlets for Ashby Sterlzng ce C1 earns n the Powtes They a e Cafe TreV on Fls}le Road and The Assembly Lzne on Mack Avenlle Bonior to speak The Mell 0 East Chamber of Commerce, WhCh serves the busness communitles of St Clall" Shores, RoseVlle, Harper Woods, Fraser and the Grosse POntes, Will host a Legslatlve Update Breakfast Wth Congressman DaVid Bomor (D-Mount Clemens) Thursday, Sept 1, 7:30 a m at the Barrister House, Harper Avenue, St. Clair Shores. Tckets for the buffet breakfast are $8 per person. ReservatOns are necessary and may be made by calling the Chamber of Commerce office at Esstside Wholessle's SDNG WORLD VNVr SDNG $36 ~;1l@ White 0/4/0/5 95 AJllocatkiiJs- 50 Year Free nstructon Books Warrant Per c= ~ ~ Supply limited Sq ~ ~ ALUMNUM SDNG SEAMLESS SHNGLES All Colors $17 95 C.s!l.nd Cfmy per Q. DetrO!. "on'llle & nk.ler Only FRST QUALTY$ YEAR WARRANTY.5' H.B.S. WHTE PER SQ. 027 a'uge FLNT 115H~wAd. Cl>tMle42f Run To Any Length While You Wait -13 Colore- 79~ft. VNYL OVERHAN MATERAL 95 fioyr. Warr.nty 546 Colors Pfl1.q Custom Trim Available UVON--'A r""'; n you' ""'.luf'~u 1"'4'1....,11 cu.'g"" f' you' Him W. Egtl1 Ml ftcl Any Color-Any shspe {1 B<. W. of.. ~ ~... -'0<.11: ~ A.~.'(l' NKSTER 3000 Mlddfeb (1 St. 8. of Mlchfgln) +

17 . August 11, 1988 Tom's Oyster Bar: Menu changes daily By Pat Paholsky Editor With a name like Tom's Oyster Bar and a respectable selecton of seafood, t's not surprismg that the restaurant has a nautcal theme What S surpnsmg, however, S that there sn't a fishing net Ol foghorn m sight There S a collection of New Yorker magazme covel s on the walls and some posters, all nautcal. And there are burgees - about 60 - rep esentmg yacht clubs from all over the world Most of them are fl0m customers, accordmg to owner Tom Brandel " was lookmg for somethmg unique and wanted to keep t nautlcal," he sad A friend who had been savmg New Yorker md~d.zmes fol 10 years let hm go through the collecton and take out those he wanted. The decor glves t the feel of an old New York saloon Adding to the ambance S a plano player who entertams nightly at an upllght that straddles the me separatmg the bar from the dmmg room But ambance S third m what customers want when they go out to eat, according to Brandel The first two are good service and good food and they go almost hand-in-hand, he said. Brandel, who has a degree in marketmg, sald that's what it's all about - identifymg your market and appealing to it. "Too often people try to make ther busmess comfortable for themselves and t appeals to nobody" t's ObVOUS that Brandel knows what he's talkmg about. n hs 20 years in the business, he's had several successful restaurants The first one he opened in 1972 m the same spot he's in now was Umon Street. t was so successful he opened Umon Street Too near the Cultural Center 1976 The followmg year, he sold the original Umon Street whch then went through a couple of owners before it reverted back to hm m 1984 After months of renovation, he opened 111 March 1985 under the name of Tom's Oyster Bar He said t was dfficult trying to run two restaurants Wth dfferent concepts and dfferent menus, so he sold Union Street Too m 1986 and concentrated on finishmg the ktchen at Tom's A raw bar up until then, the busness began offering complete dmners 111 April "The concept of this place is not to have complex creatons," Brandel Sad. "Everythmg S Smple. The fish S very, very Long.tlme Grosse Pointe res- The Grosse Pomte Woods pen dents J1l1 McBride -al... ni-~wool-a..a,--~~l"... n.,...,.1sse~s aie eetril!: mvested 10 Rhoades will host an open house a balanced porlfoho of stock and for ther recently opened fran- fixed-mcome mvestments, said chlse, Merry Maids, on Mon- Charles W Brown, Manufacturday, Aug. 15, from 5 to 8 p.m. at ers Bank vice presdent and senther offices on E. Eight 101' mvestment officer in charge Mile m East Detroit. The fran- of' portfolio management for the chlse, one of the fastest growmg Trust nvestment DlvislOn 111 the country, is a custom cleanmg servce that not only cleans to exact specficatons, but the mads also brmg thell' own cleamng supplies t is available to both businesses and homes. For more mformation, call Advanced Power Technology (APT) named four new sales representatves 111 the United States The appomtments expand, to 19, APT's rapdly growmg network of U S. sales reprebentatlves for ts Power MOS V me of power MOSFETs, a computmg syi:>tem Greiner Associates, nc., E Jefferson m the Park Will cover Mchigan. Skip Gremer S presdent Affordable Flag and Banner S now open to receive orders The company, founded and operated by Lisa Ehas, a Woods resident, after" flags and banners through phone orders and dehvery by mall at less than retal pl'lces n addltlon to standard flags - wuntjes and symbols - Ehas' company can produce custom flag" for clubs, fraternal orgamlatlon", husmesses and famlhes They al"o after flag poles and other related equpment For more mformatlon, call The city of Grosse Pomte Wood" has selected the Trust nve"tment DVSOn of Manufachirers National Bank of Detroit to manage the mvestment of t" $14 mllion m employee pemlon assets The city had heen manabtmg ts own penson fund mvestments smce the establj"hment of ts penson plan fol mul1clpal and publc safety pmployee<; ClJfTord Malson, Woods treasurpr/controller, sad the Cty de- CHlf'd to secure the services of plofe<;<;lonal mvestment manager, hecause of the relatvely large size to whch the city pen- "on fund had grown. Owner Tom Brandel stands in the dining room of Tom's Oyster Bar on Mack, Three major cabmet lines, in 40 styles. Countertops and accessories available. G P N 08/11/88 fresh and t's prepared elthel grilled or sauteed We recom mend people Just put some fresh lemon on" There are no prmted menus, only a chalkboard m the center of the dmmg room that S low. ered and changed dally "ThS is really to the advantage of both the customer and me don't want to overstock on any paltlcular tem and f we run out, we erase t oft the board" UO t yourself 01 installation available. Free estimates. ~OM FRESH MADE COLE SLAW 17A Brandel did not plan to go mto the e"t~ll Hnt flu"l1e"" He gl ew up m Saginaw,nd \\ent to Fel lis whel e w h'laduated He got a Job \llth Amellcan 011 Co and "ald he ddn't llke WOl kll1g fo! dal gc co!porat 1011 So he went mto the Al mv and when he got out m 1968, he ac cepted hi" fil "t mandgement po slt10n m the ebtaul ant bu'imes'i He stayed at the Maple HOlli:>e111 Bll mmgham fol foul yem sand then bought his own bu<.,mess The entrees for one day m- He employ" about 15 people cluded yellow fin tuna for Tom's opens every day at 5 p m $1095, shnmp and scallop saute The dmmg room With 12 tables for $895, shrmp creole for holds 48 people and another 20 $895, grouper for $995, marlm at the bar The bu.,lei:>s doe"n't for $10 95 and crab cakes for take leservatlons Vsa, Mas- $9 95 terchm ge and Amellcan Ex Ther's also steak for $10.95 press are accepted and ground round for $350 NeAt month, B uncle hope" to Meals come wlth redskm pota- open an cidjoll1lng dmmg loom toes, corn on the cob and cole Wth nme table" and new e<.,tslaw The raw bar had oysters rooms The old one" will be from Vugmra;- Connectcut', Long taken 011t to expand the kitchen sland and Prmce Edward They The restaurdnt wll,11:,0 he,c are $115 to $1 25 each, $5 95 to cesslble to the handlc<lpped $6.95 for a half dozen and $995 Tom's Oystel R11 l<"locded at to $10 for a dozen Mack neeu' \\' \\ nll n The There's full hquor service With telephone numup 1<" five beers on draft and 25 bottled beers. The wine hst offers a dozen wmes by the glass or bot te and another 18 by the bottle only \llll~ffi ~H~\l\\\'f\\\\m.J(~~1~~lrnll~\\lill R1\.ll~~'~\HWlm~\~1«W' TeE 1»'OOD ~mjo1' East Warren A venue City of "roll6r 'oinie monlla, Michigan CHLLER REPLACEMENT AND ASSOCATED COOUNG TOWER & ELECTRCAL WORK AT THE GROSSE PONTE WOODS CTY HALL Sealed proposal" for furm"hlng all labor, matenal and equpment for installing new chller and assocated pump". pping. and electncal work at the Grosse POinte Woods Cty Hall,~1l be received by tht' Cty of Grosse POinte Woods, Mack Planl, Gro'l'le Pomte Wood". Michgan at the office of the Cty Clerk until 4 o'clock PM, local tme, Thursday, Augu"t 25, 1988,,t ",hlch tme and place the bds wj1lbe publicly opened and read No bd m,11be Wthdrawn.fter scheduled closing tme for at leabt thirty ddy" Plan" and,>peclfic:l tlons may be examined at the office of the City Clerk Blddmg doc ments will be avalable after NGon, Thursday, August ,,md MAY BE OBTANED at the office of Shre\e, Weber, Stclh~,\gen Engmeenng, nc, W Ten M1e Road, Southfield, MChlg.1n at a cost 0['2000 per set, (check or exact ca"h), not refllndahl(' Bdding document., wj11be MALED to bdder" upon recept of '2500 per set, not refundahle Bid" may be rejected unle.,., made on fojm" furmshed Wth bidding document., A certfied check, bd bond or ca"hler., check.lccept<!hle to the Ownci n the amount of 59f of bd made payable to the City Tl ~ ~]r('r mll"t accompany each propocmi The depo'\lt of the.,ucce".,ful bdder.,h.lll be forfeited f he fall., to execute the contract and bond" Wthin fourthl (4) days after award The Cty re"erve" the nght to reject any or,111 bds, waive nformalllie'l or accept any bid t may deem he"t Shreve, Weber, Stellwagen Engmeerlng. nc W Ten M1e Road Southfield, Michigan Chester E. Petersen Cty AdmlnJ"trator Clerk U.S.D.A. PRME STANDNG RB ROAST $33~ MORRELL E-Z $199 CUT HAMS LB TRADTONAL Reg $/78'2CJ $138 QQ 24 CANS + DEP ANCHOR LGHTN(/ Harper. Detroit UL, i J AMERC/'..l Heg,\1", Servicing your Outdoor Llgfltlng r With nfrared Motion Defer.. f Floodlights, High Pressure ~ Mercury Vapor and much more! Come see our Brass Collection at our ~' ; showroom at Harper 11" Call & Sav!.: ~,~ "Finest Quality mp()rt~d,\ Dome5tic Meats & Chee\e..,..)uhltl Specialty Sandwiche~ & Pan \ J " \ \ ' And as always, a complete line of Spirits, Groccric\ S Soft Drinks! We nvite You to COTle h' & Take Advantage oj This Month's Wine Spec~dJ, ~ ~_~~~_~~~A~L.J Fetzer 1987 California freixem:t Sundial-Chardonnay C01don '\J l,, 1 11[ _ (H "r, /Jotll, \ "h '0"1'" $ _----- $5 89',aH S 00 " 82' b8...~... _" r llo:'" ~'- Zent 1985 Piesporter michel.,bet g "l".t Tn/pm h~d EXc!ljS1VC!\j 17)./ n,1,1 l[ '''l\l $6.49"" 1,111, 4.c:J- L'ol.s. ~. exr \\1111l lj1 Mack HOWELL.HONEY + DEP 24 1/2 Lter Botti l r- '!' ROCK NEW YORK SELTZE~ 99~'~ 1 Liter Bottlll ASST, FLAVORS 1, l 1,

18 18A August 11, 1988 JailS&&l~ rl~~!9id!"~!&j!f1faifai~ullomi!'l:ll~!1't.~'n~j!].uillililbm.r ii.111, 1._~~glil!~l1~lf~tlmBi~Jl!i_!11 Wll'_~!WPff~1!tiWP4K~~~~ From page la Jatl sentence, She noted there tlve to SEnd prisoners who would can be a hcense suspension, pay. be charged with a high mlsde- ment of fines and court costs, meanor or low felony" probabon and mandatory attend- Often a prsoner caught m a ance in a substance abuse prostolen car may be charged with gram. car theft which S a felony He Patterson said he mplemented may later plead guilty to the the pollcy of using outstate facililebser charge of receivng and bes Just as much for the morale conceahng stolen property, which of his officers as in getting some- S a msdemeanor. one who deserves Jail time be- "Without having somewhere hnd bars to put ths guy, he would be out "t S very hard on the officers on probaton and back on the who arrest someone after a long "treet," Ferber said high speed chase and then have Park MunCipal Judge Kirsten them released because there is Frank sad she has not been no Jail to send them to," Patter- ::.endmg prsoners to outstate fa- son sald cdltles He added that f a person were "Our more serous midemean- m any other county and was ant offenders are gomg to Jatl m caught drivmg on a suspended Wayne County," Frank said " hcense, he would serve jail time may have to make a call to n Wayne County the offender Chief Judge Kaufman and ex- might get out three or tour times plam the SituatOn, but so far we only to be caught agam on anhaven't had a problem gettmg other offense Jal space when we ask for t." Farms MUnCipal Judge Matt Still, the non-volent misde- Rumora said that he has senmeanant or the one who does not tenced three or four people to have a long crmmal record is Jails in outstate Michigan. usually gettmg probation tme. "We simply can't put anyone Frank said the Park has devel- mto Wayne County and this oped a community service pro- gves us another tool with which gram which allows a mlsde- to fight cnme," Rumora said. "f meanant to serve a sentence on we are able to find space someweekends in the city. The pro- where else, then that's fine. gram is under the auspices of We'll do t Otherwise we just the Park Public Safety Depart- bring them in and let them go. ment. Prisoners would work a Shoplifters think because the jail 12- hour shift from noon to mld- is full, they won't get a jail sen. night or from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. tence. They will now know they They might clean fire t1.lcks or won't be getting a slap on the do other labor in the city. They wrist anymore." usually pay for this opportunity. While punishing someone with Park Public Safety Drrector a monetary fine can have the Richard Caretti said that the desired effect on a person with problem of overcrowding at the money, indigents addicted to Wayne County jail has been drugs can't pay a fine anyway, around a long time. Rumora said. "t is a big problem and there "f they don't have the money S no solution on the horizon," to pay a fine and you can't put Caretti said. them in jail," Rumora said, "you He added the community ser- put them right back out on the vice program has been working street. well, and that he hopes the pro- "Jail S a last resort. You can't gram will be continued. put someone with five felony Frank noted that with frrst-of- convictions on probation. t just fense drunk drivers, there is of- won't work. He's been on probaten much that can be done to tion before. f this is there secpunish the offender other than a ond or third offense for Oun., 8 month maturity $10,000 minimum NoN you can get the perfect combination. One of the highest interest rates available for a short term deposit and the security of kncm'ing it's federally insured. Main Office Regency Savings Bank 337 E Liberty Ann Arbor. M Mmlnlstratlve offices Renaissance Center Tower 200 Suite 3060 Detrot. M Hours are Monday through Thursday n.- "".,~""!e. and 9-7 on Fnday 'Of ~Ar1)l' withdr " 'rom C~ flute k<oun,. ~,~.~ wi> t«r to ~t' w11hout notl<~..,.. REGENCY SAVNGS BANK FSB Call today '85 or n Detroit /11/88 '..._-~ FSUC ,.- "ll they deserve to go to jail. You have to take them off the road." Schneider said that while outstate facilities provide a way to incarcerate a person who deserves to be behind bars, there are programs closer to home which do work. She sad that the Wayne County Shenfl's Department Alternative Workforce Program allows her the opportunty to sentence someone to weekend community service work. The program uses convicted misdemeanants to pick up trash on the expressways and to do various other jobs, such as clean. ing up county parks on week. ends. Those sentenced to this community service must pay for the privilege if they can afford it. "You run into a problem when you have someone who is violent or has a record of violent crimes," Schneider said. ''This person would not fit in in that type of situation and needs to be behind bars." Schneider said she has used G.P.N. 8/11/88 fine BATH, NOllCE Barbara Beckett the outstate opton four times in the past four months, and has been pleased With the results. "Shoplifters would defimtely be ehglble for this," Schneider said. "f you keep lettmg people go, your officers start to say, 'What's the use?' You send people to jail for two reasons - to protect society and as a deterrent to those who are thmkmg about committmg that cnme." Patterson said he S upset With Wayne County officals for not havmg the foresight to adequately house ts own prsoners. He said that the recent passage of the one mill to buld a new Jal faclhty might help, but there Will st111be a problem "We built a new Jal a few years ago and that was overcrnw(1pc whpn t nj)f'npo," Pattpr. bon said. " don't doubt that that Will be the case when we buld another new jail" He said t is a httle hke making reservations at a Holiday nn when he tnes to find lodging for prisoner's outstate " called up Huron County the other day and was told they had seven beds," Patterson said, "so reserved three beds." Rumora said t may take more effort to get pnsoners n Jail up north, but that in the end t S essental that they do. "You just can't let them out," he sad, "because then t's a Joke - a mockery." Esquire burglarized Park police found a front window panel kicked m on the Esquire Theater Building Thursday, Aug. 4, and the next day arrested a DetrOit man believed to be responsible. Polce sad $50 was taken from the theater. City of <&rosst'ointt 'arkf Michigan The City of Grosse Pointe Park has recently received a Lcense Apph cation Notice for an Adult Foster Care Small Group HQJT]'l _ BuckmghamlMack 1433 Buckingham Grosse Pomte Park, M Notificaton of this proposed residential care faclhty S being published in accordance With State Law f you have any questons or concerns regarding this proposed Site, please contact the Department of Social Services Consultant: Pamela J. Kondziolka Cty Clerk DOOR HARDWARE. SUMMARY OF THE MNUTES City of <&rnsst 'nintt 1t1armsfMichigan JULY 18, 1988 The Meetmg was called to order at 7:30 p.m. Present on Roll Call: Mayor Joseph L. Fromm, Councllmen Emil D Berg, Bruce M. Rockwell, John M. Crowley, Harry T Echhn, Gal Kaess and Gregg L Berendt. Those Absent Were. None Also Present: Messrs, Charles V. Hammond, Counsel, Andrew Brem er, Jr. City Manager, Rchard G. Solak, City Clerk, Robert K Ferber, Pubhc Safety Director and LA. Backman, Police Lieutenant Mayor Joseph L Fromm presided at the Meetmg. The MifiG_tr op'ji:l!y:j'(w6u1ht 1;t"".n:_~"jllAJ "n June 13, 1988, were approved as corrected The Mmutes of the Closed SeSSon held on June 13, 1988, were approved as submitted. The CounCl, acting as a Zoning Board of Appeals, approved the Minutes of the Pubhc Hearing held on June 13, 1988, as submitted, and further, adjourned the appeal of Dr. & Mrs Francis Shea, 17 Rose Terrace, to Monday, August 15, 1988, at 7:30 pm.; granted the appeal of Mr John Aube, owner of a vacant parcel of property located at 366 Kercheval, thereby authorzing issuance of a bull ding permit to con struct a new residence at the foregomg location; and further, ad- Journed the appeal of Mr & Mrs. Gil Mams, 217 Lake Shore, to Monday, August 15, 1988 at 7.30 p.m. The CounCil adjourned the Request for Site Plan Review for Mr & Mrs Gll Mams, 217 Lake Shorp-, to Monday, August 15, 1988 at 730 pm The Councll approved the request from Focus on Semors to partcl pate n an alternate HOUSingStudy of Gerald Leudtke & ASSOCates, subject to the approval and participaton of the other Grosse Pomte Commumtes and that the participating commumtles agree to fund their share of such study from their City's local real and/or personal tax momes only The Council approved the request from Bayberry Hill ClaSSCSto hold Open Ar Sales on July 21, 22 and 23, The Councll approved the request for extenson of boat well for Mr James P Stuart to August 15, The Council denied the request of St. James Lutheran Church to use the per park facuites on Saturday, October 3, 1988, as they could not comply With the Park Regulation that 50% attending be Farms' resdents The CounCil approved the request for $500 contributon to help defray CO'ltsfor the 36th Annual Regatta. The CounCil approved the emergency expendture the aerial ladder for the Fire Department of$20,120 to repair The CounCl approved the emergency expenditure of approxmately $10,000 for the replacement of High Service Pump Discharge Valve at the Water Treatment Plant The CounCil approved the recommendations of the JudiCiary Sub Commttee With respect to the MuniCipal Judge and Prosecutmg Attorney The CounCl approved the low bid ~f Holloway ConstructOn Co n the amount of $87,12050 for the Asphalt Recapping of City Streets The CounCil approved the low bid ofvanopdenbosch ConstructOn Co m the total amount of $104,025 00, for the Curbs and Catch Basm Repar j Call or n Detrot. Or send n this ~ with )'OW <heck to open your Reaency CD accowrt today! Account Name. _ Account Name Address._ _ C1ty. S<lt~ Zip _ Phone -- _ Social SecLXlty Num~r ---_. _ SlgnallR Tefm Length Aml Enclosed _ Make checks payable to llettllk)' Sotvlnp... FS PO Bo~ ~roll Michigan48243 Attn Retell! Savings ~ 08/11/88 Alm~r. Anow. Bclll<1wln Hcl~("r' \'\ioe\c,co' B~lhroom (e... ell') D< mb r ~(t' t BrwTl x HO Hew, '~do' KW1',et l~w'en(e' StM MMk Moelern \" (1. f, 0; (1~ re <'c, \""," Normb,u' Oorm~ Door Close,s. feeney S'n1lur~' Kel,co' Auburn B ~s,., R xhl~ge' KWC Moen' Cred,' Sub Ze,o!\\0nM(h' Sr~nley' B,oen',"U[('r( '-, MTH r~ul ASSO(iMes' fu\"llforges 'enn A r C~'ey flu,,,' " Br~'" C0 C" e B',.,nze' Grohe' Kohler',-". Co umbo' [ver["l,,,e Pie>" 'efl Koch & Lo"y' Hur(1 Be'"' & 6~ldwln BMh De". A<1u, C~,s' Home BMe,' S~ulle' Kro,n',\ h "r'" 'l""e' Cr~s,. n Smk [,,,ror. Si '~m...r' An Sf '- Thermc'ldor BcnctJmeHlo; Ph) r (r 1M uli Brc\~~ The BrO(\(1wc\y (nllec rlon Borm~lux hlruf ~(l( K,f( hen A c1 HOURS: 9.5:30 MON/fRl, 9.3 SAT OR CALL for A SPECAL APrONTMENT ANYTME HERAlD WHOLlSAU, COOUDGE HWY. lust NORTH or 8 MLE RD. The CouncJ! scheduled a Public Hearmgfor Monday, August 15, 1988, at 7 30 p m to consider the formal adopton of the proposed amend ment to the Fence Ordmance The Council scheduled a Pubhc Hearmg for Monday, August 15, 1988, at 7 30 pm, to consider the formal adopton of the proposed amend ment to the Zoning Ordinance The Pubhc Safety Department and ordered placed on file Joseph L. Fromm Mayor G P N 08/11/88 Report was received by the CouncJ! Upon proper moton made, supported and carned. the Meetmg ad Journed at p m Richard G. Sotak City Clerk

19 Churches 48 Seniors Grosse Pointe Board of Realtors Section B August 11, 1988 Grosse Pojnt~ N~ws Digging dee12 Farms' Ford is new to the top job at Red Cross, but has a long history of helping the organization assist those in need John B FO d dug deep n h" pocket,md pulled out :l3 cent,> t Wd'> all he h,1(1 dnd he gdve t to the Detlolt Commul1lty Fund dnd the AmP lldn Red CO"" The yedl \\d'> 19~33 dnd FOld, then 9 yedl " old, Cdme home ploudl V \\lth el Jecelpt fo! hh,jl) cent UJntllbutlOn,md el Red John B. Ford of Grosse Pointe Farms. is the newly elected chairman of the volunteer board of directors lor the Southeastern Michigan Chapter of the American Red Cross. COS'> membel "hip button Fifty live yea,,, leltel, FOl d, el e'>ldent 01 Glos"e Pomte Fell m'>, '>nol chalrmeln oj the South eel",tel n Mlchlg,m Chapter 01 the Amellcdll Red L'lO"" He "till hel" tll(' l'lelpt \\lth el helnd\\llt,!jot! 110m h" 110thei te"tdy 1l1L, t!1 tl )ohnlj\ gave dll he h lei ' J 1,' v 1, \ -... / At the tme of hi" 35 cent gilt, no one lould helve pi edcted 1helt J'O d would be nvolved m j und, dl'>mg fo! almost hi'" entire hk,o thelt he would eventually hold the top \olunteel le'ider'>hlp po'>11lon llth thl 10ldl Red ('10-" FOd \\,j-, ],Ltul '-,oulh l""t1"11.\ljlhl~' ( h 1/'(' ll, ll,ll ( 1111 r 111/ h J " \ \ nual meetmg 111 June FO d bel-drne mvolved With thr' Umted Foundatwn, the p Hnary '>OUlle of funding fo! the Red CO'>.., "outheastern MChigan, 111 the 1950" But t Wd'> not un td the dte , thdt he began to develop dn mten~e per"onal ntel e"t 111 the \1 OJ k of the Red ( 10"''' f' ",d " fi,,,t wlfl-' ho"pltfllj'po J 11,] 01 dd fo! tl edtment of can ( 1979, needed blood tr dn.., llhlol" delily The Red Croi:>'3 pi 0\ ded the blood platelets 01 d " Wife needed, melkmg him ltlll"ely awafp of the need" of tll' {ed COS" blood plogram Follomng hs wile's death, Fo! d Wd.., approached by Red L'lO"S member FOlC MUir of G o,,~e POinte Farms He wai:>,1"ked to help raise funds for con "tlu<.tlon of an addltlon to the ')(Jllthedstern MChgan Chaptel dnd Re6TJOnai Blood Servces Headquarters n Del Ot Ford U edt!> MUr for hlb Red Cross Coleel, which has mcluded chair. mani:>hlp of the FmancJa Devel opment Committee Ford, who has an extensive m- ternatlonal buslnei:>s background and speaks five languages, begms his term of office during the celebraton of the 125th anmver. sary of the nternatonal Red Cross movement "We are not Just another local not-far-profit oprgamzatlon," Ford says "We are part of the most Wdely known, highly respected humamtanan movement 111 the history of the world We must always be guided by the p mclples of that mternatlonal movement "And we must look for ways to extend our nfluence beyond UU uwn local commumty - to pldy a Vital role m canymg out the Red Croi:>i:>mli:>SlOnof helpmg people m need, Without regal d to then natlonallty, race, rehgloui:> beliefs, dass or poltical Oplll On,> FO d cites the cun ent clltlcal "ltuatlon Afncd as one of the major mtel natonal chdllenges fdllng the Red Cross "Thousands of mdl vlduals, cor poratlonb, foundatloni:> and rell 1!101'>organl.latlOns gave what ever they lould to the Afncan F elmme Appeal m ," Ford sayb "From the contents of pggy bank!:! to corporate dollars Thousandi:> of hvei:> were saved But today, Afnca agam faces a cnsls Drought, often descnbed a.., worse than m , and Civil stnfe threaten millons of people The d ought m ths coun. tly S a severe economic cnsls n Afnca, more than failed farms dnd higher food pnces are at stake n Afnca, fi:> a mattel of life and death" The nternatonal Red Cross has ssued a $20 mllion appeal to help the Victims of drought and COnflct and to avert another devastatmg famme. The Amen. can Red Cross has been asked to raise $35 million The Southeastern Michigan Chapter's goal S to raise $400,000, almost the entire amount from foundatons and other major donors, many of whom made those generous contnbutlons to the appeal "While the Red Cross wl1l not conduct an actlve pubhc fun dralsmg campaign 111 southeastern Michgan, we will attempt to mform people about the current situaton m Africa and about the role of Red Cross n the rehef ef. fort," Ford says Contributions to the Red Cross Afncan Retlief effort may be mailed to. 'Amellldl1 Red Cross, Famine Relief, PO. Box 37243, Washmgton, DC, nlleltlol1 has drastlwlly e duced the value of 'j5 cent"> o"'el the lai:>t 55 years But, time has not le!>sened the value of compa'> SO1 Pelhapi:> '>omewhele, thele'.., a 9 year old boy 01 gul who will begm a lifelong nvolvement Wth the Red ClOSS by glvll1g the few penmei:> n their pocket;, to help someone ebe n need 'And we must look for ways to extend our infl uence beyond our own local community - to playa carrying vital role n out the Red Cross msson of helping n need. people -Ford FLEe honors year's top volunteers A eleptlon hononng mol e thdn 75 FLEC if'i1njiy Lite Edu CdtWl Cvullul) vul unteel.., d" held July 7 at the home of Mr and Mrs A DaVid Jonei:> Volunteel of the Yeal awards \\ el e pi e"ented tu Laulle 01 1,1l1do dnd P gg\.\ljedema Olldl1dlJ S the L'entel P01l1t V vi unteel of the Yedl \\ hu hel" gl\.ell )llu e thew t$uu huw.., "j service to the organzaton n additon, Orlando has received a law degree and '> no\\ a volun tel'l duo! ney fo! the legdl Lentu Vlledemd \\ d'> a \\ ellded the At a recent reception honoring FLEC volunteers are from left. Myrna Smith, president ot the board of directors of flec; Laune Orlando. Center Point Volunteer of the Year. Peggy Miedema, Youth ASSistance Program Volunteer of the Year; Patncia fors ter executive director of flec. 'x'ulh A"""t,JLe Volunteel uf thl ' edl d 1\ ell diu! hel dedlla lllllj thl L111;llh thl plv 1-,'1 dm ;Vlwdemd, maltled and the mothel of thl ee children, came to FLEC d" d "tlldent llltern \\ O!k llg on d p"ylhu)ogy degl ee elt W d) ll' Stelte U 111\el "ty She fdlllllc1led the PloJect mpdct dd""e" dfld Pell eflllng L1d':>~e", '\!ld v. (J) h.l'd olle to one th client'> FLEC " cl non plufit,>ouell ':>11'"ll' 01g.1l111"llUl ">l'1 Vlllg the (,o""e POlllte" Hdl pel Wood".1ld ed"l "de ell (.u Sel VLe" n dud(' ('( /ltel POlllt C"l" Centel \llldl pll)\ de" U "~ ltel ven lioll b\ teleljhollt', "hort tel m OiliheJlig eln exten"lve le/elfell "('1 \ ll'. rlll.dllell L11ll1l dnd d g,d l'ltl' \ elkr'" blll eelu ':>,n,i1lelble (u PO\ Hk thl UJmrnul1lty \\ th,rlu(duon,n...,lllou",>ubjel[', lU 111 to \oung [wople FLEC,11"0 olll " thl Youth A'>'>"tdncl J'logldlll \hllh.., d coultcip pi ()\ r d pi 0h'1, de"l gnl d to \'.Olh. \\ilh LhllllJl'll the dell :111\pll'\entllill,le,1 1'1 opl ( \\ ho,ll e mtl'l e,,1l'd \')Ulltl'llllfi.t l'1hel Lellt, 'U1l1 01 \\ th thl' Youth A","" LUlU 'logl<llll lld) l<ill the - U,C oj fl Ll',t KH:> l510 Former Pointer to show artwork in Belgium - ( rlll 1 (O'>',{' Pomte f('''ldent, nrl lltl'l ncltlonalh e"tablli:-hl'd,0'11"(."tnl' Dlellckx 1<; tra\-ehnf.{ trj ])11...,t BpgJUm. to pc'icnt (,llrln,1! (,otfllpd Dannel" \\th d p n.nd tnk (,]\\ 1g complptpd n (om 1111'111 or,t lon of the 100th dtllll\ <11 \ of tilt' <.alll10nj/dtj0l1 01 "ldmt.john H Lhmdn" ll! jlll"l'nt,ltlol of the dl,l\\ ll/.! \\ h :ch dl'ph h the <,('\ en hlllchl' tll' 'njtuj ",tate.., drdhdtld (0 :.,t.john Br'lch mdn'" \1 ill br' the' hlghilght of till' \\('Y 1"11.' U:fhl,JtlOn n Au V,l"t.\ 1.11r r '!JtlOn litho gl.lphl< p.lll 1,1 the drdwmg h )wl1g dl,11c1r.d to the pel"tor of f->t.j,hn" n Bp]glum Dw) ck'l(,lfu'r gl adu,ttjon flom f->t Am hro<;e n Groe,,,e POinl. Palk "tuda'd \\th Helen :.,tdnrl,ld.t the AmenCiln Acad \ t nn of A)'1 tn (h C,j.!O.t t)1(' Unl\el"11\ of ( Klllndtl dne!,t thr' Unlwl "t\ (l ;..;('\\:\1PX1CO f->he malnt,un" 01 '>tudlo r,1l1 fil.ld, P, \' hr ) r,he' "[W wille,> n oil poflldltlll ',md pt'n,md nk dra\\l1g' Hr",ll 1 h." bl...h"\ 11 g,dlllllo,,ll1l lllll.d l'>.hlbll'- thtouh!jout thr llh d Sl<lll'" A "pi (dl jubill lmltl'd 'dl 111m ()f 20r) nlllnl)(.d,me! "lgnr.d 1)1lilt'> "f tl1l' pr n.mrl nk rlr d\\ mg \\ go on...ill! ll1 "x'p1r'mlwf,lod may hf. pun h'hl'd by "'nd ng $20 pill" $4 for h'lldjng to F,lthel K'lel Dem" fo r'nj ng the WOl le (r('ne,llog) Sour'\ of Flpml..h Am{'Hdn... lk7io 'l :\1llp Hoad, Ho"r'\ de :'l1cl1 4HOfif) A poltlon of the pi o(('(.d" flom thp "air' of the hml1l'd pllllh " h,'g donol[('d h\ thl dl1.l"t 10 th.. (lenl'a]oglc,,1 ')oull, of Fir 1l1l"h AmPlcan" Ị Jane Dierickx Beechwood Manor Home For The Aged Supervised Residential Care Private and Semi-Private Rooms "Quiet residential area just one block from Lake St. Clair." 24 Hour Supervision.Private Bath Facilities - Separate Heat/Air Conditioning Controls -All Meals. Housekeeping & Laundry Services ncluded - Beauty And Barber Shop Within The Facility -Daily Activities And Outside Functions Planned ActiVities Director F-or SOCial And Recreational Such As SlOg-Along DanCing To Live Bands Birthday Parties ce Cream SOCials Bingo VSits To ShoPPlOg Centers And Churches MOVes On Large T V Screen "A Beautiful Landscaped Courtyard? * Many Extral * Call For More Details Greater Mack (Between 9 & 10 Mllel St. Clair Shores, M48080 MONA K. AMMOUN, ADMNSTRATOR DANNE PETR. ASST. ADMNSTRATOR Emergency Call Button n All Bathrooms And n Rooms Many Comfortable Lounge Areas Rehglous Services Offered Big Parkmg Lot Licensed Admmistrator

20 28 Alexander Redmond Meghan Redmond Zachary Redmond Mr. and Mrs. Richard Redmond of HoUBton, Texas, are the parents of triplets, two sons and a daughter. Alexander Lee, Meghan rene and Zachary Thomas Redmond were born July 26, 1988 Maternal grandparents are Herbert and Shirley Kutsch of Sagmaw. Paternal grandparents are DCk and Connie Redmond of Grosse Pomte Park Erich Stevens Maurer Mr. and Mrs Peter Maurer, fonner Grosse Pomters who now live m Plymouth, are the par. ents of a son, Ench Stevens Maurer, born May 4, Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Bob Vandenbussche of Grosse Pointe Farms Paternal grandparents are Mr and Mrs. Jim Maurer of Grosse Pomte Park. Jeffrey Campbell Piper Kathryn and LoUS Piper Jr. of Grosse Pointe Woods are the parents of a son, Jeffrey Camp. bell Piper, born July 23, Maternal grandparents are Mr and Mrs. John Williams of Grosse Pointe Farms. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Piper Sr. of Grosse Pointe Farms. Jeffrey Frederick Stein Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Stein of Grosse Pointe Woods are the parents of a BOn, Jeffrey Frede" ick Stem, born July 28, Maternal grandparents are Mr. _and Mrs. John C. Scharnhorst of : Croswell, Mch. Paternal grand-. parents {ire Mr. and Mrs. Roland F. Stein of St. Clair Shores. Classes for expectant. parents Macomb Hospital Center, formerly South Macomb Hospital,.\ocated at Mile in Warren, offers new {amdy health educaton c1bbsebfor expectant parents on a variety of subjects. All classes are held monthly. They include: Early Dawn - Began 7:30 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 4 or Wednesday, Aug. 10 from 7:30 to 9:30 p,m., $10. For two-hour sessions for expectant parents n the first through six month pregnancy. Birth Preparation - Evemng c ass e S beg a n Monday, Aug. 2, $15. ThS Sx-session series may be taken in three weeks or six weeks and S designed for parents in the sixth to ninth month of pregnancy. Refresher Class - Begins 7 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 18, $10. Two and two-and.a-half hour sessions for couples who have previously taken birth preparation classes. Birthmg Room - Open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesdays, Aug. 16 and 30; free. A family tour of the birthing center. Sibling Class - Held from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 22 or Sunday, Aug. 28; $5 per family. A 9O-minute class for expectant brothers and SSters 1 1/2 to 8, With parents, Cesarean Birth Class - 7 p.m., Thursday, Aug 11, $5. A 9O-mmute class for couples. The Art of Breast.Feedmg - 7 p.m., Monday Aug. 29, free A 9O-minute class. Postpartum Exercise and nfant Massage - Began Tuesday Aug. 2; $5 per mother and baby. Two-hour classes meet twice weekly for three weeks. Helps mother get back into shr ue and reinforces mother-baby bondmg. For detals or to regster, call Macomb Hosptal Center's New Family Healtl EducatOn office at f: ",.:::ekdays between 9 a.m. and 2 p m. Daytime, Carol J. Quinn, V.V.s. Gentle Mack near Cad,eUK -- Evenlngls and Saturdays 'Dentistry Telephone (!tj~ Daniel Christopher Bell Jessica Elizabeth Placko Judy and Dean Placko of Lakewood, OhO, are the parents of a daughter, Jebslca ElZabeth Placko, born June 30, 1988 Maternal grandparents are Phylhs HeWitt of Grosbe Pomte and the late Herbert W HeWitt Paternal grandparents are Mr and M1's Edward Placko of Monticello, nd Alexander Dea Oddo Wilham Sand Ahce Oddo of Grosse Pomte Woods are the parents of a son, Alexander Dea Oddo, born July 9, Maternal grandparents are Wlham and Barbara Oddo of Warren Paternal grandmother S Mrs Mee Cheng Dea of Dearborn Michael Ryan Stebanus Bob and Mary Helen Stebanus of Warren are the parents of a son, Mchael Ryan Stebanus, born July 22, Maternal grandparents are Edward and Juanita Arndt of Grosse Pomte Farms Paternal grandparents are Robert Stebanus of Wan'en and Elaine Stebanus of Granite City, ll. (313) Civic Center DrVe Southfield, Michigan David Russel Keys Howard and Wendy Keys of GlOsse Pomte Woods are the pal ents of a son, DaVd Russel Keyb, born Aug 1, 1988 Maternal grandmother S Grace Gom- c} of Bloomfield Hlll<; Paternal g andmother S Helen Keys of Grosbe Pomte Christopher Michael Stahl Timothy Alexander Stahl Students Melame and Greg Stahl of Austm, Texas, are the parents of twm sons, Chnstopher Michael Stahl and Tmothy Alexander Stahl, born July 24, 1988 Maternal grandparents are Madde and Mike McKoane of Barrington Hlls, ll. Paternal grandparents are Florence Mchie Stahl of Grosse Pomte Farms and Harry S. Stahl of DetrOt. Michael Edward Jarboe Mr and Mrs. Carl Jarboe of Grosse Pointe Farms are the parents of a son, Michael Edward Jarboe, born July 19, Maternal grandmother is Mrs Edward Bukovinsky of East Lansing Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs Lloyd Jarboe of Lupton, Mich Going away to school is one thing. Getting your stuff there is another. ~~~~RJ[k. RGnl'Q L cat: rllb slllppbr WilD 1/08S B PCking Get your stufftogether We'lldo he rest Shippingsmallloads S our specialtyas pa~kers and shippers, we re set up to lake care of a roomfulor a cioselfulclnd get tto your school on lime Alexander Bruce Duncan Janet and Robert Bell of Deer- Bruce and Demse Duncan of field, ll, are the parents of a Grosse Pomte Woods are the son, Damel Chnbtopher Bell, parents of a son, Alexander born June 8, 1988 Maternal B uce Duncan, born July 18, grandparents are Phylhb J Hew 1988 Maternal grandparents are tt of Grobse Pomte and the late Eugene and Mana Samelko of Herbelt W Hewitt Paternal Spnngfield, Va Paternal grandgrandparents are Dr and Mrs parentb are John E. and Mary Wilham Bell of Highland Park, Lou Duncan of Grosse Pointe Shores Maternal great-grand parents are Mr and Mrs Henry Ntitl A~~ Rodnguez of Chama, Colo. Paternal grandparents are Marian and Dl Floyd Stralth of Grosse Pomte Park Mack Ave. Grosse Pomte Woods You are cordldlly invited to nspect the Heatherwood, elegant new rental communaty of residential sutes desgned for todjy's dcllveseniors,1ern "ENMO~[ AllARD ATTENTON SENOR CTZENS Centrally located 10 Southfield on CVCCenter DrVe between Tele~raph and Llhser Road~, tlle H"~therwood offers fine dlnlog 10 the Ro~e"'''w Restaurant, a full SOCialand entert:l'".lent calendar, housekeeping and olh~1 t><-rsonali7cdservices!tuch as complete overnight accommoddtlons for your personal guests all dehvererl to you n style by our courteous and dedicated staff A imlled number of dpartmenl\ are available Call us at for morc mformjtlon or!>topby and see our beautifully furnl\hed model\ from 10-5, Monday throu!;h SaturddY, 12 unt,: 4 on SunddY - ~ENTS-f'ROM $1,069 PER MONTH r Please call 10 make re~ervallons : for a complimentary lunch and tour of he HEATHERWOOD. J fr *' Holly Ann Huth lolst... lllit'iooltst;o":... '..., an Paul Hunter and Catherine Ann Huth of Grosse Pointe Farms are the parents of a daughter, Holly Ann Huth, born July 22, Maternal grandparents are Dr. and Mrs. Telesforo Mascarm of Grosse Pomte Shores. Paternal grandparents are Mr and Mrs. H. Clay Huth of Elkhart, nd. Marta Anne Debski Dr. Bernard and Carol Debski of Grosse Pointe Park are the parents of a daughter, Marta Anne Debski, born July 9, 1988 Maternal grandfather is Lawrence Sobczak of Mlwaukee. Paternal grandfather is Frank Debsk of Pttsburgh. Emily VVinslow Bowler Robert and Sandy Bowler of Novato, Calf., are the parents of a daughter, Emily Winslow Bowler, born July 1, Maternal grandparents are Goorge and Arlene Ttlton of Grosse Pomte Woods. Paternal grandparents are William and Jane Bowler of Palos Verdes, Calif Melissa Macaire Carron Richard and Macaire Murphy Carron are the parents of a daughter, Mehssa Macaire Carron, born Aprl 29, Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs Gene Murphy of Grosse Pointe Park Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs Patrck Carron of Grosse Pointe Woods. New baby? Married? Engaged? Call us at to find out how to put your news in the News! Andrew Joseph Amaro Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Amaro of Grosse Pointe Farms are the parents of a son, Andrew Joseph Amaro, born July 22, Maternal grandparents are Thomas G. Mally of Grosse Pomte Farms and the late Margaret Mally. Paternal grandpa" ents are Vera Amaro of Sterling Heghts and the late Paul Amaro Julie Rebecca Zaranek Dr. and Mrs Rchard J. Zaranek of Grosse Pomte Woods are the parents of a daughter, Jule Rebecca Zaranek, born July 18, 1988 Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs Frank Berdan of Ft Perce, Fla. Paternal grand. parents are Mr. and Mrs Casimir S. Zaranek of Grosse Pomte Woods. Circare 10_1lold Mle lold August 11, 1988 Lindsay Elizabeth Rusch Mark and Mary Ann Rusch of Grosse Pointe Woods are the parents of a daughter, Lmdsay Elizabeth Rusch, born June 20, Maternal grandparents are Elmer and Josephme Courtwrght of Wyandotte. Paternal grandparents are Arnold and Dolores Rusch of RoseVlle Melissa Louise Burr Nancy and DaVd R Burr of Harper Woods are the parents of a daughter, Melssa LoUse BUll, born March 22, Maternal grandparents are Mary LOUlbe Fmk of Port Charlotte, Fla, fo! merly of Grosse Pomte Pm k, and the late George E Fmk Pa ternal grandparents are Mr and Mrs. Harvey R Burr of Harpel Woods. AUGUST S SALE month place of pleasant discovery S PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE TS FRST ANNUAL AUGUST SALE 20% to 40% SAVNGS ON SELECTED TEmS so come SHOP, ENJOY, SAVE,. STORE HOURS mon-sat 10 Am-5 30 pm GREATERmACK You just found the kind of family medical care rou've been looking for. At the Bon Secours Famly PractCe Center, we want to make you feel better. But we also want you to feel confident about the kind of care your family is recelvmg. From our skilled staff of physcians, to our minor emergency treatment center, to our on-ste pharmacy, you'll feel good when you trust your family's health to the Bon Secours Family Practce Center. OUR SERVCES Family-centered treatment Continuing comprehensve care for everyone n your family Minor emergency treatment From scrapes and bruises to broken bones On-site laboratory and radiology (X-ray) services To assure fast, hlgh-quallty results. On-site pharmacy Faster, more effcient service than most drugstores-and computerized record keeping. OUR PHYSCANS You'll have your choice of family practice physciansand complete access to other Bon Secours specialists n 35 fields For an appointment, call Most malor nsurance programs, VSA/ MasterCard or personal checkc; honored Call and ask about our convenient hourc; ~ton SECOURS FAMLY PRACTCE CENTER Easl Jelfe,son." Car Sho,es 1,414808' (locale<' bel"een 10aod, \ M'e Rooo~) A mpmber 0' tre Bon Secours 01 M en qan HeallhCare System nc. W+E S 1 J

21 August 11, 1988 Prudden's Well-known pa'ttel/poltl alt <lt 1st Bette Prudden of Glo"se Pomte Wood" w1l1be among the more than 100 m tlst,> f om Mchgan and seven othel,>tate:, who Wll exlublt then \\ 01 k foj show and "all' m the comtyal d and gardens of Meadow B:ook Hall at Oakland UmVPhlty next weekend, Aug The occason 1">the 12th dn nual "Art at \leelchm BlOok," when contempol dl Y dl tl,,>t,,><" play tomollow's hell loom" agamst a beautiful backdlop of hlstonc tl ea'>llp,,>bolli">10l tlw event8le10elm togpm on Saturday, Aug 20 dlld 10 d m to 5 pm Sunda), Aug 21 Ad msson and pdl kll1g elle f ee Bette Prudden of Grosse Pointe Woods will exhibit her pastels and portraits at "Art at Meadow Brook" this weekend. Photo by Flo Khbtr The Women's Committee for the Meado\\ Blook MUSC Fe'ttlval has somethmg to smg about the Sl1ver Summer Celebl at!on On Tuesday, Aug 23, the Women's Commttee, m conjuncton Wth Jacobson's, S holdmg the Sxth annual fashon show, m the Baldwm PaVlion, on the g'ounds of the Meadow Brook MUSCFestval Luncheon Wll be sel ved at noon, catered by the Bowman Farm Cupboard. The fashon show w111 begin at 2 pm, followed by afternoon tea Ticket prces for the luncheon, fashlon show and tea Wll be $50, for the fashion show and tea $15 Florine Trumbull, who has been an honorary member of the Women's Committee smce ts 111- ceptlon 11 years ago, Wll serve as Honorary Chairman fm the event, which will be chmred by Mrs Stephen Sharf Othel committee members assummg majo! responsibilites are, Mrs John both days Refl eshments wdl be,lvajlabie Willie yodre at the exhbton, yotl mght want to take a tour of Meadow BlOok Hall, bult the 1920" fot Mathlda Dodge Wll "on Theil' 1<'; a chmge for touls of thp home Among the 81t whch Wll be Oil dsplay at e woodcdrvmgs, gla "" pieces, fiber dl ts, pa'>tels,me! Ob, and much more Take 75 to the Umvel :'ty ext e"> noth of Detlolt Dnve to the U myel slty entrance and fol 10\\ the Mcadow Brook SgnS FOl e ll1formatlon, call 370 :1140 Chamber ensemble: The Rhame, M s Ramon von Drehle, Mrs Ch81 les Ashton, Mrs John Waskl, MS Edward Nakfoor, MS Phlip Gerwert, Mrs Harry White, PreSdent of MBMFWC and Mrs Gordon Tietmeyer, ex ofliclo 1987, fashon show ThiS event S one of several activties the Women's Committee orchestrates to contnbute funds to the Meddow Brook MUSCFes Consulate of taly n DetlOit will pi esent the pi emlere of the tell an chamber ensemble TriO Dop plel' m concert Fnday and Satuday, Sept 2 and 3, at 8 pm m the Mchigan Gallery Resel vatlons for TllO Dopplel ',> exclusive DetrOt engagement are avajlable m advance at $12 pel' person by callmg Michelle Spvak at the Michgan Gelllery, , 11 a m to 5 pill Tue"> day through SatUl day Seatlllg :, mllted to 100 each evenmg 1110 Dopplel, d umque 'l1d We COmblndtlOn of mstrumenb for a chamber en'>emble bemg compos('d of two flute"> dnd plano, Wel'>founded 1978 m Rome and namt,c,litel the com po~er and V tuo,,>of ani Dop plel ''J 10 Dopplel's lllall1 pul pose S to expose duclience'> to conicllpu1dl ~ l<.th<.111 Hil..," thlough concel t", semuwr:, and conferences and to plomote the dlscovel y, research dnd populal iatlon of forgotten lomantlc works Also featured on the concel t evenngs, m adjacent gdllm W:', Wll be "taly Thel' Perspec tlves," an exhbton of wot k by thlee Mchigan 81tJst" - sclllp tot Sergio DeG1l1stJ and pamtel S Mel Rosas and Assunta Sera Doing 'Driving': DetlOlt's performmg m ts "eason '''ll open Wth a gala benefit foj the MUSCHall Center and Grosse Pomtel S are m the tluck tlval Others meludp the Treble Clef Gft Shop, m ts new loca tlon on the grounds, near the pavilon, and the raille of a sll vel' Lmcoln Contmental, donated by Ford Motor Company The Meadow Brook Women's Commttee S affiliated Wth the NatlOnal Confel ence for Volunteers of majol' musc festvals, which mcludes Spoleto m South vce chairman/pel sonnel, Mc- Cabe, vice chun man/gl and P X commttee, Dane Schoel1lth, cor poldte "ecret3ly/specwl events commttee, Judge Pete SpVak, deputy sec etal y/general counsel, DaVid TuB, t easul er/finance commttee, Leland Bassett, nom mating commttee, Elhott Hall, executve committee/at 131ge, Judge Claudia Hou">e Morcom, executve committee/at 181ge/by DNTE Tortes Confections 0t~ of the planmng effort, Actress Julie Harris wll open the natonal taw" of the clltlcally acclamed "Driving M% DalbY," at the Musc Hall She wll be honorary charman of the Sept 14 benefit performance of the play, whch Wll feature cocktails and dinner at the DetrOt Athletic Club, a performance of "DriVing Mss Dal~y," and a champagne afterglow with Harris and co-star Brock Peters. Tckets are $100 per person All proceeds Wll benefit Musc H,tll Center The benefit commttee assstl1g chan man Charlotte Rosenthal of Southfield mcludes G o:,~e Pomters Mr. and Mrs. Roger Fridholm, Mr. and Alfred R. Glancy, Mr. and Mrs. Thomfl'l Re Schoenith. Mr&. Ruth Vance and Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Spivak. For eservatlons and ticket informaton, call Musc Hall Centel at Do you have a specwl brthday, annwc/ <,ary,party, fundraise' or othc/ 1lielestlng event you'd ltke to iet your {7lends and neghbors }?/low about? Faces & places nllght be Just the spot for t. The GUN;e Powte News S happy to / elute lllformatwn on znterestzng, fu! events and people tems lu,t be subnlltted zn wntzng belore 8 p Oil Fndays For more znformatwn, call Pc/tgv O'Connor AndrzeJczyk at dunng buszness hours. Carolina, Wolf Trap n Vrgina, OhlO'S Blossom, New York's Art Park m Nagara Falls, Saratoga's PerfOlmmg Arts Center n Saratoga Springs, Ravlnma in lhnols and Tanglewood n Massachusetts ReservatOns for the luncheon, fashon show and tea are available by calling the Meadow Brook Commumty Relatons office at Music Hall elects officers On the eve of ts 60th anl1lvel sary season, MUSC Hall Center has announced ts new slate of officers and the additon of 10 new hom d members The slate, ploposed by Detimt Renassance presdent and MUSC Hall second vce ch81rman Robelt McCabe, \\ as apploved by the full board The executve COmlTlttee 111- eludes Henrietta Barlow Fll dholm, chall man, Joyce Gan ett, There s A Big Difference! Home deanlng services are nol the same Many are not bonded or nsured Few use thelf own equipment and supplies Most do not live up to a home owner s cleaning standards or expectatons Merry Maids S different Every cleaning team S bonded and nsured Expertly trained And use our own merry ma;ds~ GCALL~ M equipment and supplies n servicing your home weekly, b\-weekly or for a specal occasion Just call to have a Merry Maids' Cleaning Speaalist VSit your home and provide a free cost esbmate fuut~ pastels find a place at 'Art at Me Fashion show will benefit Meadow Brook laws Among new board members are Grosse POinters DaVd Gas km, attorney, John Gray, presdent of Gray Electnc Company; Suse Lambrecht, owner of Entertainment DeSigns; and DaVid Mkesell, semol' partner, Homgman, Mller, SChW31tz and Cohn, and chairman of the Arts FoundatOn of Mchgan PATSSERE NOW OPEN Wedding Cakes Pastries Mack. Grosse Pointe \ \ / Trio Doppler Someone you know will be thankful forour Home Care. John Wylie OptiCian s 38 For yourself, or someone vcr) do<.;eto:. ou, Home ('al e Will provlde RNs, LPN,>, Home He,tlth Allie,,>,and Homemakers for medical or personal care Call now, to find out more about our Pnvate duty nulsl1g Homemakers and Home Health Aides Newborn bab, care. FleXbleschedulll1g, from part-time to. 2..j-hour care "en ink the 1h {'ollnt~ Area Clair Professional Medical Services iiist. Sa;llt Jo/", Hospdlll Willits H('(lltllfaw Harper Woods: Troy: Clinton Township: Dearborn: Gary Arendoskl F NA a Making YOU Look Good with the Fashion & Professionalism You've Come to Appreciate. STOP N AND SEE OUR PROFESSONALS FOR EXPERT SERVCE 1... _8_8_2-9_7_11_ MACK AVE. Pm1l1ers. GROSSE PONTE WOODS ~-----~ Dramatic Outdoor Y ~\ Lighting ~,r \ A~. ~~ J by. > Artistically Designed to Enhance your landscape with state of the art 12 Volt Lighting Systems The effect is seen, not the source 3 Sde Chem... Arm (hem Table w/2 leave... Chma Pecan Fini\h Fournier's Furniture Harper Detroit (near Whittier) Open Meft Thu,., Fri. 9.8 'ue. & Sot 5:30 CoNd W... _ Harper St Clair Shores (btw 10 & 11 Mile) Open Mon., l1t""., Fri. 10.1:30 T & 54ft Clo.ed Wecflesday " Let Ug create artistic shadow patterns and silhouettes which dramatically enhance the mght timi.' heauty of architecture add grounds. Permit" a 'mfe passage ~r d4rk through tbe grounds surrounding a "lh.,dellce. 38 metal fixtures to ch(}{)8f' frf,m in copper and painted finishes Residential & Commercal - Four Ught Sys~m from $MO installed 1(J Year Warram.y.~ We are pleased to announce the Art of Bonsni ha.. come to Alexander Nurser.v, nc. Full line of supplies for the Bonsai Garden '" well :" Cla,""l's & Demonstration"! /1 f i 1''- [.,. ~~lfzkandfz',;=-'-' ~~1\1'/fZ"J' 1%2') 1.1 MT CLFMENS nc CASS AVENUf Ask for Tom Trueman

22 48 TkP~MCC~ Movie is an insult By David H Wck Senior Pastor Grosse POinte BaptSt The pendmg leled'>e of the lilm 'he Last TemptatOn of Chrst" by MCA 11l1lvel-,al has llultltude'> of Chnstlans of every maglllable,>tllpe boding llad The s,>ues al e what some have seen a'> the film <,poll!.1\ell of Jesuc, as a wimp and a loony, and a dre.1lll,>e4ucllle whch he S portrayed as havlllg sex wth Mal) Magdall'llP ColumllJc,t Pat Buchanan ecl'ntlv \\ onde! ed, n pnnt, f Holly",ood would dal e p oduce a 'd with "lmlat lewd and defamatol) speeu latlol'" about,lny ot hel r '\ C cd ellglous leader Of COlli'>e any <,tudlowould f!.1vl'the con'>tltutlonal nght to ploducc '>uch d film, hut t \\ouldn t happen be Cdu-,e m OU day we hme to 1)(' "l'l<'ltlve" to people's feel ll'b'" abvut dungs tbe:, "H'P' (> P nip".., t hpv happen to be Chllstwns, evldentl) tlllnk lbdt Buchanan's observaton S rght on the mcll k 've got a cuuple of ob",el vdtlons of my own f you are up::,et about this film, want to ask 'What dd you expect from Holly'" ood?" Ovel two centul les ago the great hymn wnter ssac Watts wlote this line "'s this vlle \\orld a fnend to gj ace, to help me on to God?" n one way, 'm glad that MCA-Ul1lvel sal decided to produce this film; ther acton remmds Chn'illan,; thdt the powel s of this world are no friends of Chl'lst Even Hollywood entel tamment that 1<; populdr and well received by Chrstans S often full of deluson The "Star Wars" tnlogy, for example, '; loaded with GeOlge Lucas' unbibhcal New Age phil sophy Lucas has every nght to be a disciple of Joseph Campbell and to propound his deas on film, but thmk that t S unfol tunate that so many ChriStans have been dazzled by the specal effects and not thought about the underlymg rehglous philsophy of these films - a philosophy that finds a god withm every man and makes the cross of Chnst unneces"ary n the production of "The Last TemptatOn of Christ" Hollywood is unmasked. counsel those of you are are enraged about this film to be calm and confident. The psalmst wrote in Psalm 2 "Why are the nations in an uproar, and the people devlsmg a vain thmg? He who Sits m the heavens laughs, the Lord scoffs at them." Some of the hteratme 've received from Chnstians con. cerning this film as well as other ssues make t sound like one more defeat and the cause of Chnst is fimshed That S ridiculous. The cause of Chnst is already won, and God reigns forever as sovereign over all That 1Sthe hope that has sustamed the chul ch through ts darkest days; t S the hope that kept the martyl s singmg n vctory even ab they offered up thell lives. See PASTOR, page 5B Our necklace features a gold fluted chain with a pave diamond center. edmund t. AHEE jewelers Mack Avenue, Grosse Pointe Woods n the past 6 months HAVE YOU MOVED? BECOME ENGAGED? n the past 3 f'lonths HAD A BABY? We have lots of local information and over 50 gifts. No strlngsl PARK, CTY or WOODS ~«.vm~~q~ll Phone. even if you have only moved next door! By Peggy O'Connor Andrzejczyk Assistant Editor/Feature Editor The late Cardinal John Dear den was a complex man and a dedicated priest, one Wth a gentle Wt and a total devoton to the Catholc Church, accord mg to MonSgnor FranCS X Canfield, pastor of St Paul Catholc Church n Grosse Pomte Farms Dearden, who ded at age 80 on Aug 1, was remembered this week by Canfield, a longtime as!'.oclate "Yes, knew him qute well was m charge of transportaton for the archdocese when he ar Off they go. DAL. rived m DetrOit from Pltt"bul gh, so actually got to meet him the moment he touched DetlOlt "oll," Canfield explallled n 196:~, then Achblshop Deal den ap pomted Canfield WltOl 01 SdCled Hemi Semmaly, whel(' the two remamed m con-,tdnt contact "He wa~ d complex cha dctel He abo WdS a vely gentle, vely spiritual mdn Beldll'>c of hi'> many dutle~, hc o!ll'n dppeal ed to the \\ odd to be cool,md 'lloo!, but n ledljty, he \\c'>,ely Wa m, vel y genulllc," Ccmlicld said Dediden \\ d" 9:00 Children's EducatOn A PRAYER Redeemer United Methodist Church Vernier Just E of 194 Harper Woods a m Worship 915 am Church School GRACE UNTED CHURCH OF CHRST Kerche~afii:t LakepOlnt~ Sunday School and Worshp 10:30 a m. Nursery is provded Faith Lutheran Church CHRST CENTERED-SPRT LED Jefferson at Philip Sunday Worshlf a m Sunday Schoo a.m Pastor Ronald W. Schmdt urosse POlnle WOODS PRESBYTERAN "The City. For God's sake'" Dr. Robert C. Linthicum, preaching 8' Nursery St. Paul Ev. Lutheran t Church a m Worshp {} Monday 7.30 p m Worship Nursery St. James Lutheran Church "on the Hill" McMillan at Kercheval Pastor Robert A. Rimbo CHRST EPSCOPAL \) C~u~~~H Schedule Saturday 5:30 p m - HC'ly Euchanst Sunday 8:00 a m. Holy Eucharist 10'15 a.m Holy Eucharist or Monllng Prayer lit Gro~~(' Pointe Bh d. SS5-S-t 1 9:30 a m 11:00 a.m 6:30 p.m aho vel \' PC '>on avdlable ST MCHAEL'S EPSCOPAL _' CHURCH \ \ ~1101,",utllllllgd,l, 'Jr~ (,ro"e 1'''11111 \\",,,h \ii 1~~11 ~ uu a lol) Eu( h,tr~t U JU d Chord EULhdll'>' d 1\(1"crmOl Sunday C;chllol l Nllr,>cJ; A\,1ldhlc J Weekday Eu(hart~1 )!o d Ul,,,,l; Rector Robert Jo' Nelly,",u',ln K BOlk,'''''(1,,1<' Lookmg For Frt('ld,llp and Bible TblLhtng' SUMMER SCHEDULE 930 a m Sunday Worship ally changed by Vatcan, which brought sweepmg reforms to the Catholc church, Canfield added "He was an mportant in. fluence to the very essence of lhulch government And his in volvement n vanous councils and commissonsput him m the middle of a real SWirlof rebponse "Some of that response was favorable and some, of course, WdSvery unfavorable So he had to lope With shots from every,11gleand he dd it With great '>teadmess and POse," Canfield recalled Photo by Ronald J Bernas Plan a Vacation Bible School and expect it to fall on the hottest week of the year, says First Christian Reformed Church Pastor William DeVries. That was true last week as 132 children and their instructors enjoyed the Grosse Pointe Park church's summer Bible session. But heat and humidity were the last things on everyone's mind on Friday, when the children ended the week with the traditional balloon launch. Above. the children cheer as the balloons soar skyward. The Vacation Bible School was geared for 3-year-olds through sixth graders and was con. ducted by Helen MacDonald. Bev Nyenhuis. Kathy Dykstra and Karen Battjes. Rev Harvey Reh WORSHP SERVCES Chorch Mack (between Moross S. Vernier) 5.00 pm. Saturday 9 00 a.m Sunday 11:00 a.m. Sunday MNSTERNG CHRST'S LOVE with the love of Christ at: GROSSE PONTE BAPTST CHURCH Sunday School Morning Worship Evening Praise Mack Ave., GPW (comer of old 8 Mile) First English Ev. Lutheran Church Vernier Rd at Wedgewood Dr Grosse POinte Woods a.m. Worship Paul F Keppler, Pastor Grosse Pointe Christian Fellowship would like to introduce you tn JESUS We welcome you to come worship Wth us Our worship is informal and spontaneolls Grosse Pointe South HiP Scllool Cleminlon Hall Sunday Morning Service: 9:30Bible Study, 10:30Wonbip WednesdaY Evening SerriCll 7:30 Children's Miniit.ry Available Danel & Tina St. Ama, Pastors Grosse Pointe UNTED METHODST CHURCH A Friendly Church for All Ages 211Moross Rd., Outdoor Service Rev. Jack Mannschreck, preaching 930 a m Worship Nursery through 3rd Grade Dr Robert Boley Rev Jae\( MonnsehreL.,l( Cateb the stldt ~ THE UNrm> letkocjs1'chuflch August 11, 1988 Grosse Pointe New. Pointe cleric remembers Dearden Dearden was seen by many throughout the world as the American church's leading prel. ate He was elected first presi. dent of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, led the Con gregatlon for Dvine Worshlp and set up the ArchdlOcese of Detroit's Pastoral Council. After guiding the Detroit and Amencan church through its most trymg time, Dearden retired in 1980, citmg faihng health "What emerged from the en. tire process was a full man A man With a great sense of humor, and most mportantly, a true man of the church. And t had not been easy for him We, as Catholcs, tend sometimes to thmk of the ways of the church as set in stone When Vatcan showed us that was not so, those who were mvolved - mcluding Cardmal Dearden - were the targets "And t did effect the cardmal heard hm say once that 'it used to be fun to be a blshop.' That, thmk, says t all." Canfield noted that he would most remember his fflend and colleague's "deep spmtuality" and hs "loyalty to the Catholic church." "The church was his total life often wondered if the man ever had a day off. And hke to thmk, now that he's at rest, that t's now fun for him once more." Blessing of pets at Christ Church Members of the commumty are invited to bring their pets to be blessed Wednesday, Aug. 24, at 12:30 p.m on the front lawn of Christ Episcopal Church, 61 Grosse Pomte Blvd All are welcome to attend the event Chlldren partlcipatmg m the church's Vacation Bible School will brmg dogs, kittens, rabbits, hamsters and goldfish to be blessed Christ the King Lutheran Mack at Lochmoor SUMMER SCHEDULE 9:30 a.m. Fanlily Worship Supervised Nursery Preschool Call Joseph P Fabry, Pastor Randy S Boelter, Pastor GROSSE PONTE 240 UNTED ~taltonte "-D' ~ Lothrop \.A'".unl'wC a caring church "Talking to Yourself" Luke 12: A M SERVCE CRB ROOM & KDGN AVALABLe DR ROY R HUTCHEON. PASTOR REV DAVD R KASER-CROSS. A~C THE SUBJECT FOR THS SUNDAY S: "Soul" First Church of Christ, Scientist Grosse Pointe Farms 282 Chalfonte Ave, 4 blocks West of Moross Sunday "LET THERE BE JOY" Rev. William R. Jones, preaching A.M. Sunday School A M. Wednesday 8:00 PM. ALL ARE WELCOME PRESBytERAN GROSSE PONTE MEMORAL CHURCH, EST ABLSHED 18fJS Sunday, August 14 HOLY COMMUNON Summer Wor&l:lip Hours 8:30 a.m.: Early Bird Lakes:de Service (outdo<;rs, casual) 10:00 a.m.: Traditional Sanctuary Service (Crib/Toddler Care; 3 Yr. Old-3rd Grade Church School) Monday, August 8: 6 p.m. Picnic Prelude 7 p.m. Carillon Recital 16 Lakeshore Drive - Grosse Pointe Farms t

23 _ A-U-g-us-t-1-1,_1_9_88 _~_~d ~~ 1... l,;'v~ 6 Thurston attended the Umver slty of Mchgan She S em played by the Metropoltan Wa tel' D::.tnct of Southern Calforma Trokey S a gladuate of the Umverslty of Mlcllgan, whele he was a membel of the Amell can Society of Cvil Engmeel'> He ::' employed els a stl lctui ell engmeer 111 La::. Angeles fol the Metropoltan Water DlbtllCt of Southel n CabrOl nl,1 :'llsh,llw., el gl Jduelte 01 \\'l,.,tl'1 n f\lllhlgdl1 UmVel.,llj, h(') e ll' eelllh'd, degl ee n 1ldlhl'llllg ll' 1., emploved d., eln ldlbtll,d ',tlp" 1epl e~entatl\ e,t :'l'l( :'ll loll Ll/e! P,l! k Willian1s- Klozik ){obel t,md S,meh \vllhdnh, toj!h( (;1 (h~l' POnter" \\ ho 11(1\\ l,11"r!,lll' Pel,,ll1nOllnCe thl lllg,lgt'rjll lit at then d,lll~h " hllllbl'll\ \ln \\,1111,\111", to j {1'1ll \ Klulik.,Oll oj :'11.11 tv J, ill KlOllh ol LlPl>1 \\ " \ ;-"eptl 11i( \1 dlilng '> planned Whdm,>.., d 1,'1 "duate of Glo.,,>e POnte South lgh Schoo],md Cl'ntl,d :\ihchlgdn Ulllver-,>lly. \\h(')e.,he lc(elved a bdche 101 of.,lleme dl'gl el' n finance dnd mm ket mg '-Jhe.., pmployed,1'>,1 con'>ol,d,ltlon -,upel V 1'>01'for Cenlldl 1'1dn.,pOl t n Detlolt Klo/lk '> d gl c1dudle of Glo::,;,e POlllte South Hgh School dnd \\ aym. Sdle U 1vel <;t), \1 hel e he lecclved J llclcheloi of '>llence e1l'hl)ee n Ch(,DlC,t! engmeclll1g He '> emplo) cd," d pamt "L1per \ hol 101 ~d\ 1.,1.11 ntel ncluonell, '-Jplllll-,rfie!d, OhO \ ~ Navy League Reservists Petty Officer First Class John Gibson of Grosse Pointe Park (left) and Lieutenant (j.g.) Petersen Decker of Grosse Pointe, have joined with other Navy League volunteers to raise local funds to insure the protection and safety of the area's waterways. Since the Navy League has supported America's maritime forces to advance the education. training and morale of men and women who serve at sea. To sustain these Navy. Marine, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine activities. the community is encouraged to contribute to the Metropolitan Detroit Council of the Navy League, c/o Lt. Decker. 1690B L:rc1~ford Lan~~:~~oit'te Mich. 4B230 (BB-2~!l7)' _ John F. Watters and Donna J. Leal Leal- vvatters :vi and M S Donald Leal of Gro<;"e Pomte Park announce the engagement of then' daughter, Donna Jean Leal, to John F edellck Wattel s, son of the late M and 1\11s Frederck Wattm::. of DetrOt A September 1989 weddmg S planned Leal S a 1987 graduate of Glo::.::.e POnte South High School Watters S a 1980 graduate of De La Salle Hgh School He S employed as manager of a local lest3uj Thurston- Trokey Carl Ckne and Vlrgmta Thurston of Mdland announce the engagement of ther daughter, J1l1 Ann Thurston, to Timothy Peter Trokey, son of Barbara Trokey of Grosse Pomte Farms and Lloyd Trokey of Los Angele'- A ThanbVJ\wg weddmg S p!.l'lnl'd ant Palms-McShane Joseph X P,dm::. of Hal pel Wood", and Sue Al mbl l1'>tc 01 Grosse POnte annoull(.e the en gagement of thcl daughter, Pamela Palm" to 1'holU<::. l\lc Shane, :"on of MS.John l\lc Shane of GlO.,.,e Pomte A NO\ embel weddmg S planned Palm::. J:" a graduate of the Centet fo! C eatlve Studw", where '>he H'ceJ\ed a deh'1ee 111 b'1'aphlc desgn She " emplo) cd,1::' dn [l".,(ucltl',11t dllpctol 1m Cram CommUOcdtlO'1;" Detlolt Pastor From page 4B The dlstnbutlon of "The Last TemptatOn of Chrst" S an insult to Chnst, and a terrble mstake for MCA-Umversal, but t will not cost even one of God's elect then' eternal salvaton Bemg calm and confident does not mean bell1g passive, however wou1d suggest two courses of actlon regardmg ths offensve film- first, consldermg tnit the real offense of this film S against Jesus, pray that God would have mercy on those responsble for its producton and dlstnbutlon, secondly, let MCA-Umversal know that you will never agam Ylew any of the films they dstnbute, ether 111 the theater or through home Vdeos_ Yes, ths means you Wll mss some "good" moves Be Wllll1g to pay a pnce foj your convctons' Wnte to Tom Pollack, Charman of the Board, MCA-UmversaL 100 Un! versal Cty Plaza Blvd, Umversal Cty, Calif Fll1ally, to those who have no partcular feelmgs about ths film, and who may even go to see t out of CUl'lOslty, 'd lke to plead Wth you not to mstake the Chnst t presents Wth the Chnst that S revealed m the gospels My mformatlon on the film S based solely on reports from a Chnstlan meda watch agency. But long ago read the book by Nikos Kazantzakls on whch the screenplay is based The wrter had an mterestmg dea: That Jesus had to "truggle Wth one last temptation as He hung on the Cl ass That temptaton was basically the temptaton of home and hearth' Jesus was asked to choose the fulfillment of life as a Jewsh patriarch. The dea S fictonal, of course Kazantzakls wrote 111 hs introducton to the book " am certam that every free man who reads ths book, so filled as t S Wth love, Wll more than ever, better than ever, love Chl'lst " don't thmk that Kazantzakls was correct about hs book, but hs words are absolutely true f appljed to the gos pels Don't take my word for t: Read them cmefully und find out for yourself Lake St. Clair Symphony Orchestra receives grant n an effort OJ chestl ated by the Central l\lacomb County Chambel of Commelce, The Lake 8t Clan Symphon} 01 chestra was recently a\\ardcd a $1,000 h'tant by the FO d MalO! Company The money wjl be used to support the 01 che.,t J S conceit senes, ballet and opel d ploductlon::., cducdtlon pi of.,'1ams and audlcnle development ef folt~ The p e,>ental On was made to Sue Bennett, exccutl\ e dll ectoi of the Lake St Cldll Symphony by Tom Lltmas of the FOJ d Motal Comp,lnY'~ :\lount Clemen~ Pla.,tlc" PLl1L \\ hll al.,11.,el ve., a'> \'lle Ch,111 m,m at the ch,1n hel., Economc l)p\l'lopnwnt G10Up,JOlnlng n th(' pi (.,enta tlon \\ el P chel mbt'r memb( '> Je\\l'l Al kel of,\ & C Elcctl\(,llld T('ll) Le\ lll' oj Fn..,t :'\.1 tlon.1l B,ll1h A hel \\ ho,,('j \ C''' on both the Ch,lmhe),111(\ t 111' S" mphol1\ '., Bliciid of Dll1'ltO",lppO,1l h( d Lt! n,",l!lout.,ppo t of!ll' S) mphol1\ thl (Jt~h 111l' Ll1.1m bp" (ommul11t" J)( \p]opnh'nt Commlltl'l' \\ hllh ),( \ ll'" lh " C caton of a toul,:>m develop ment program and compilaton AUGUST of the educatonal,wadable to bu"mess FUR SALE resources QuestOns? Call NURSNG HOA4E H(J4) 1\ C; r J r R"ON DL TRot 'v11( Q f7} 1\/ 'R,/\(, ( lr Extensive - - Ed Maliszewski Carpeting,, '. Selection 75 Years Experience Mack Avenue Between 8 & 9 Mile Telephone Lakefront Living Lifestyle Custonl Built Luxury Townhomes on Lake St. Clair,~, "1~~ JJ" ~"./.. " "'t-' " "' ~. "'--: j\::~,.....,.~"... ~ ~. :,'f'w.~ ~ ',r... ;1,,-' t.1, -... ~., "V- ".-. """ ":"UppOl t of ()] gd11/.l!lon" CO\) tllhutlng to tll' (j1l,lllt\ of lfl n the cill'd " 1mpo' 1,1lt 10 the hue,1 nee,., commdnlt\ "H L( \ 111'" "Thlollgh the]! dlort" to n P10\l' (ultur,d 1(1.1t1On,d,nd cduen t Ol,1l oppo L1111t 1('" for,le,\ "--dl nh they,ll' h( plng to.,tlength(l1 tll( Ol"llU110nl1C cillnate :Y10l',llld mol P bthl nr'..,.,p",. ( 11111h the qu,d t) of 1.fe ".,,111 Jlnp0l1,lllt L1(tOl thp' exp,m.,1011,lnd ('lo(,ltlon pl,ln" ' Otlh'l PO)l(!'> of th( lh,un b('r\ ComnH111ty np\ llopment Commlttp(' mrllldp,1.,".,tl ng m the Chnton RVl'l Ch',111 Up 'RR, SEE OUR SELECTON OF FNE FURS NOW ON SALE 20% to 40% OFF MACK AVENUE GROSSE PONTF. M HOURS Mon -Fn 930 am. 500 P m Closed Sat DUring August 1 AKf\'1 \\ ( 11 ' B [h 1,k, l ", ' ",11, (J'arn1lnr (l(nrgltp\\n, l blll\\ l ~1 H onlh, "kl \\llh lmilh<lntl,'111 '<' ',\( 1'" tlwpll(( Thil' q<ll," "'llll 'i" 1,,",, '1,1,,, 01' n1cllnl( n n(( tot~d..,((url'\ 1 ;'1 1 :, t''1,ln<l,t1 '1)1)1«,,11<ln,,,,1'1,lnd,,,oj,n~ h \\, llh'l )c.,ni \," 1\1 '" \\,lrllnl\ on f'nh "l1d 1,1" \ ", \\1.1 t",'hllk"" \1(",)1 lll 111.., l'"",n" h,,," ~ 11\, 11, m""d,,11 h,.,).., \\,1)11[1 " "d ',,11,,!.,dh\ lilllall" 1,,1\11"'11,11< 111 )'.", k \\, \\ 11111<1 " '''111'111\,\(Jr 1,\1- '1111', 11\111) 'f' hl (,ln' \\, (1110\1 t '11 <1U' ( "OH11' ',<l1l11 1.1\'-1\1'\\,',t! ",n, '11111" \,1\ " ii, 1'1" tl, 'i"11, H\,,, ~ 1,l"( \ ( 1\ (ilih t lit r."h1. ' \lilt Op(n <",1111rd,ly.nti '-,lntl,l\ 1l)" \l~ llt! 1\ 1 (10000,md bv,lpplllntr11lnt Mile, Ste B OFHH.l> ".XC l'~vll \ UY Pik u Mana~(,Jn('nf Co. RO'lCV11C', M (311) 77-l-6363

24 _68 -W~ Rousseau- Lindsay ~dnl) H,UO\\'" ]{Oll,>"cau, ddughtc of ~ll 'ld :\11<, Robert L {OU""hlll of Gllh.,l POntp ])..tlk ld""d ~' k Stellc.\11 J llhd\,ull " l ULne ~1 Lwd ~dl dnd thl J,lt,!f \V!c,ClnLmd.,<.1'< of ('JjU[lliJll~ UhJO. 011.JUlL- '2.;)" HiSS,t :-'t.john" F:pl<'LOp,d Cllllllh fll bu :-'pl lllg.., 1 hl ]{el Altll'd,->1J,uuj" ofi Udtl'd,it the b p l\ l'rjlol\ \\ hlch \\,h jollo\\l'd bl d l'cep th)j1dt the ( Oli'lldl llin dl bol '"'Pi n~" Drs. Nicole and Jeffrey Love ll!' hllde \OL d.,llk f,lled.,du dj(,,'>111 Jlin PlllK \\ th dll Bertram- Love oil "wuldel lllkhlle tlllllllled.\' loh: l:.mjly B<:rtldlTl, ddugh \\th bo\.,!ll hlddp,ele 1\,1"> of lu ()! 1L.11 l:iull: Uti ll...ll unj ~~J PLdll""'l \\u..'--u... :...l:d..l 1)1 K,l Hl'ltl dm, both of Glo,,'>e "cltm L0\\ n 1)0\\ L,lllhll1g the Pf)lllle. ldrjl d.jefhey Nell 1\1)1; t lllll fingel tll; \ cjl ':Jhe Lo\ e "on of Dr and M" Nell Cdllild, b01l4upt of lh,lllllj.lgnl' \\' LO\e of Sand POint, 11lch, on ted (he.." Ldmpdlllll.l,11d1\; :\ld\ 28, 1988, at the GO<,,,e ~ldld of honor \d<' Slh,ll Ann PUJl1te Umted Church Rou""eau, '>"tel of the bl de, of The!{e\ David Kal '>el CO'>" Glo<.,,,ePOlllte B de.,mdld" \\ Pe ()fljujted dt the 2 30 p m celc hel h ('nd" :\11".),llne"> Collm '>, llljn) \\ mh wa" followed by dn 1'.1dlblehedd, :\1a~~, Kllf>ten..dtP noon garden releptlon at Yeclgel, Glo""e POnte, Sll'>dn the home of Mr and Mrs WaJ Hable, Toledo, c1nd M" Scott U Wllklll'>On, fnends of the RotatOr!, Gdmewlile. Fla bllde'.., mother, m Gro~ Pomte The bllde ~ore a silk orgalll.a The attendant'> WOe tpa g(m n, emblordered with lace, length dl e,,>e,>of W nf1o\\ ct' blue )cdl '> dnd beaded medalhon" taffeta and Wined bou4uetc, of! he go\\ n was de"lgned with COnf10wel '>, '> and haby'c, mutton '>leeves, 11uslOn vel! breath nclkhne and a full cascadmg umed tl am She carred an ar dngement of whte rose", or. lhds and freesia Wth fresh vy,md ferns The matron of honor was Mar. JO e Haas Brumfiel of Lebanon, OhO, a fnend and classmate of the bnde Bndesmaids were Pall Chapman, Dayton, OhO,.Janet Love.Evans and Jll Love- Haman, '>sters of the groom, flam Holly and Thomas Town-,hlp, Mch The attendants wore teal 1,'1 een taffeta gowns Wth a draped bodce and pouffed sleeves Each carried a sprmg bouquet of fresla, irises, roses dnd alstromena Be"t man was Gary Schefer, F:rankenmuth, a frend of the b'loom Groomsmen were Drs,Jeff Chapman and Robert Zurcher, Dayton, OhO, and van ZUlkerman of Miam, Fla Ush. el" wel e Donald Mller of Hol. land and Dr Charles Stemple of Dayton The bnde's mother wore a tea. length dress of French champagne colored Silk lace over champagne Slk satin and a-..,tromena m her har The groom's mother chose a h. lac crepe dress With a draped tu. lip skirt She wore an orchid W1'.,tcorsage The bnde S a resident physl Can at Kettenng Medcal Center n Da) ton, OhO The 611 oom S an emergency loom physcian at Kettermg Medlcdl Center The couple will reside Md dlctown, OhO Best man was BrUle Lmdsay, brothel of the groom, of Annapo lis, Md Groomsmen were Scott Lindsay, Atlanta, Ga, John Don. aldson, Annapoh", Md, Patnck Schulte, Grosse Pomte, and Mark Neill, Petoskey The mother of the brde WOe a royal blue silk dle"s '';th a sculptured desgn bo!del mg the sleeves and hemlme The bride '> a g aduate of Al bton College and S cw"rently employed m the all hne mdu"try The groom f> a gj aduate of Purdue UnVerSty, also em played m the anlme mduslt y The couple honeymooned St Maartens and Will rve m Annapohs ; \~,:::-;./ J..t Mrs. Mark Lindsay Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crag Huber-Craig Barbara Lynn Huber, daugh. tel of William Rand Maty Loul..,e Huber 01 GO"~ Pomte Woodf>, mamed Robert Stanley Clmg-, son of Dennf> J and Jane Clalg, on May 28, 1988, at St Paul Catholic Church m Grosse Pomte Falm" Father Lawrence DuCharme officated ~t the 10 a m Cell' mony, whch was followed by a recepton at the Gro"se Pomte War Memonal The bnde wore an VOry gown of Chmese silk Wth Alencon pearled lace on bo<l!ce, hem and tram Her headpiece was a flow ered Weath Wth floor length veil She carned a bouquet of VOry roses, gardenas, lles and stephanots The mad of honor was Ehza beth Glendenmg of St Clar Shores, a fnend of the bnde Bndesmalds were Catherme Castglia, cousin of the bnde, of Santa Rosa, Calif., Sandra Terenz Knuth. Walipahu, Hawai, and Sally Sampson, Falls Church, Va, both friends of the bnde The attendants wore tea length dresses of peach taffeta with puffed sleeves and seed pearl headpieces with VOry flowers They carred VOrybouquets The best man was Santo Marabella of Readmg, Pa., a fnend of the groom Groomsmen were DenniS Crag, brother of the b'1"oom, Joseph Meer, Sprmg. feld, N.J,; Alan Roberts, L1titz, Pa, CurtS Werner, Lttz, Pa, and Stephen Wolfe, Arlngton Heights, ll, all fnends of the g'oom. The bnde's mother wore a tealength dress of pmk lace With an orchid corsage The groom's mother wore a tea-length dress of blue chffon and an orchd corsage The SOlOlStwas Thomas Scholten. DaVd Wagner played the organ Readmgs were by the groom's Ssters, Sheila Mohlec dnd Lisa Burland The bnde S a graduate of Un! verslty Lggett School, with a B A management science from Duke University and a master's degree m taxaton m accountancy from Georgetown UniverSty She S employed as director of tax accountmg and compljance at Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp Reston, Va The g'oom has a bachelor's degee m accountmg from V. lanova UniverSty < d f> em. ployed a.., nve"tment mdnager at Klplmgm Wa;:,hmgton Edl to! " fhe LUuple holley moolled 111 Belll1udd They \\djl' Fdll" ChUlch, Va Mrs. Jon Clifford Strempek Thompson- Strempek Kathleen G ale Thomp,;on. daughter of Mr dnd M s Jo»eph P Thompson of Grosse POinte Farms, man led,jon Clifford Strempek, "on of D and Mrf> Walter F Strempek of Old Mlf> SlOn, Travel se City, on July , m St Paul Cathohl Church The Rev Michael O'Leary ofii clated at the 6 pm ceremony, which was followed by a dmner dance recepton at the Lochmoor Club Lectors for the ceremony were Mrs Enc Whlttlel of Ann Arbor and the bnde's nephew,,j Pat rck Thomp"on of FOlt Lau derdale, Fla MUSC, plovlded by the St Paul staff, featw'ed so prano Margaret Ahee ncluded ll1 her program was Franz Schubert's "Ave, Maria." The bnde wore a whte Tor chino satm gown whch featured a bodce of Alencon lace, an off the-shoulder V-necklne and ab brevlated sleeves. Accentuatmg the lace was a sprmklmg of seed pearls. A row of satm-covered buttons ~tretched below a deep V-back, shuted satm back belt mg fell from a medallon of lace mto a chapel length tram A wreath of lace and pearls held the bnde's veil and pouf of satlll edged lluson She caltled a bou quet of stephanotis, white carna tons, pink roses and vy The mad of honor was Joy Morton Burgeo of NorthVlle Honor matron was Mrs Gerard Hagen of Hollywood. Md Each \VOl e a tea length gown of loyal blue lace Wth a satm sash tied low at one Side They carned bouquets of cymbdum orchds and "tephanotls and wore fresh water pearl necklaces, gift,; from the brde The best man was the brde g'oom's brother. R Barth Stlem pek of Alexandl la, V. The bl'ldegroom'~ bl otl'll j n law John B ogan of Clllunnatl, OhlO, waf> head u..,hel Abo u"helll1g \\ele the bllde'.., blothel:" R RCkt'1d Thol1lp<,oll of GO"-;(' ll' and,jo"eph P "Skip" Thomp"on )t uf FO t Lwell d,dt.llid tilt' glooll1" lou..,11 Alldl 'll "l'\ l'l "on of \V,1l1 (' The TJ1lJllNJll'",lilt! ),11..,,lu "eph P hollllnjll J ho"'llt! till' ehpdl "a 1 dlnm'l t tll' ), thilt Athletll Club Tht' mothel till' blldl' 1\ OL' d ( lhrth glll\ l oj hlut' Plll1t LuttOl "t \ (.d \\ 1t h, \' m'l h11le pet..d "l'e\ e~ 'll1d d 1\ dl' bollh UmL 1\hllh ('. hul tll' go\\ l., hernjllll' Hel j10\\ll ld", Lilli mlll djl( Till' bl Jdegr ()Ul!l" mot ll'l t ho">e d tl',1 ( lgt h go\ 01 Lh f lull n Jt"'\l,1 plllk..,,lilt! gll'l'rh ~ THOMAS White lo'>ebuds folllled hel CO-..,age The bnde, cl gl ddudte of G o~se Pomte South Hgh School, holds a bellhelol'" dlld d m:l"tel'..,!legl ee ~peudl educa tlon h Olll Centr,d Mll.hlgdl1 UH \ el "t Shl J.., L'Jl1pJoyed db a tedehel LOl~ultclllt foj the ledl n lllg dl~dbled the Stockblldge Commullty Schools Tll' U dl'gl oom, d gl aduate 01 Ed~t Llll.,lllg High &hool, abo hold.., bell helm..., dnd maf>tel'..,,legll'e..,.,peudl educatloll om L MU He.., d tedlhel of the l'llotjol,rjly lpdll ed the Ann A hol "d100! ~y"tern dnd " pu.,ujlg gt ddlldte ~tudje" dt'11l ;\lldllgclll Ul1vel::.lty ComprehenSive Evening Program. Taught by Experienced Attorneys, FinanCial Aid Available f Qualified, Classes Held Locally rill' 11<:\\ ) \\ ed::. honey mooned the Uppel Pel1ln~uJa dnd rldll'l"e City The) ",,111lve Ann Al hm Paralegal Grosse Pointe North High School Co-Sponsored by Grosse Pe Public Schoo!s.Dept of Community Educabon Call: For Free Brochure American nstitute... For Paralegal Studies nc. ( W 9 Mile Rd,#225 Southfield, M ASSOCATE ~al CEstate D. STEEN, G.R.1. BROKER WHAT S "GR" Have you evel notllcd the letter>:;gr followml; the name of a RealtOl'l Not unlike the leuel c; CLV \\ hlch follow the name" 01 "ome n~u,nce speclalhts GR " the indcation of a great deal of extra, concentl ated "tudy n all a"ped>:; of the mtncdte field of leal e"tate The GR title wnfij m<.,that the RealtOl ha" c;uccec;sfllllv completed the Graduate Realtor'" nc;tltute a lengthl,md dem.lndmg loulc;eof c;tudv gven b) top plofe~c;\on,d,m the field of pal ec;tate t \<.,..,ponc;o ed h\ the p l',tlglou, N,tlonal A""oclat ton of Re.lltOl",\ld ul1dulted h\ the August 11, 1988 tej,.l.tor,>tdte bodd" m 48 of the 50,tdte" n leal c"tate, the very toundatton of "UlLe"" dnd the..lbillt) to endel t; eater and bloadel servce, S m keeping abl east of the dynamc change" occurring 111 the concept and handhng of real property The Realtor With the GR cel tlficate S dongju~t that * * * * * * f there Sanythmg can do to help you n the field of Real E~ tate, please phone or drop m at ADLHOCH & ASSOCA' ES, REALTORS We,lle 10lated "n the Village" at Kellhevdl Phone 'm hel e to help Your best effort 5 PECE SET WTH 46' TABLE AND FOUR CLEARANCE homecresl:. GVing hfe your best effort has always required your best thlnkmg. Many have found Christian SCence Readmg Room a help. The Reading Room S for active people, hard workers, constructive thinkers, A place for discovering good deas Practical, fresh deas that start Wth God You are invited to explore this community resource. CHRSTAN SCENCE READNG ROOM 106 Kercheval, Grosse Pointe Farms Open 10-5, Monday-Friday 10-2, Satu rday PECE SET WTH 48 ' TABLE AND FOUR CUSHON DNNG CHARS LST $1 000" CLEARANCE $49999 l,:!:(~(.\i(j',1 5 PECE SET WTH 48" SQUARE ROUND TABLE AND f-our STRAP DNNG CHARS LST $1 245 ~ CLEARANCE ~1!~ Van Dyke at 16 Mile, Dykeland Center, Sterling Heights New Hours: Mon, Thurs, 10.8' Tues. frio Sot, 10.5' Sun, 12.4' Closed Wed.

25 August 11, 1988 Nursing care auxiliary donates funds Bon Secours Nursmg Care Center Auxlliary past president Mrs. Robert Frear presents Sister Peggy Mathewson. director of geriatric as!>essment. and Gerald R. Bruen. vice president. Aging Services. With a check for the support group's year-end giving. The pledge of $ was generated during the past year through a series of specwl events. as well as proceeds from the Christmas Mart and Nursing Care Center Gift Shop. The Auxihary also donated $ within the past year to support the constructon costs of a greenhouse for Nursmg Care Center residents. The greenhouse. located in the Center's atrium. was opened in June. The Auxiliary recently elected new officers for They are: Mrs. William A, Cole. president: Betty Brady. vice president; Mrs. Richard G. Kloock. recording secretary; Mrs. David Smith, correspondmg secretary; Mrs. Gerald R. Dolan. treasurer; Mrs. James Doyle. gift shop chairman; and Mrs, Wilham Kennedy. gift shop co-chairman. What to do when the memory just isn't what it used to be By Manan Trainor SpeCial Writer So you forgot \\ hel..' YOU put you! key'> and you Cdll t H!TWn ber f your lunclwon ddle e, tomorrow 01 ne\.t \\(' 'h You "gh and remmd yma '-,elf th,11 pool memorv S one of Ull' pen,tltlc'., you pay fm hvmg., long lfl' Son y, but that ('\.en: \\ on't wash anymoil-' E\.pel t'> hd\ e found that the cllffel l'nce 111 \Vhdt older people lememhel,md what the young H'membel '> \ er) small n a '>tud) done b'y RagPl DAon of the r-..nx Plaml-. n.,tl tute fol Humdn 13ehclvlOl,lld EducatOn W''>t 13l'lll11, the ablhte" 01 people thl'll '10,> tll lecall d short tl'\. t \\ih UJmpdled \\ lth tho'-,e 111 hell 60'> 11 \\,i" found that gl\t'n equ,d dhilltv ll1 high velhal '-,kdl'> thele \\,1'-, ht te d lffel em.e Be,ond thp,\",>ualll(' th<1t pool memol \ '> ]l"t poll of the agmg proll''>'', "'1(h,>tu(hl'i pi 0 Vide evldem" th,(t oldl'l people Cdl1 go on l('all1lng d'" Ol1g <1'>thl de'-,ll..' to acqulll 1l'\\ '>hill'>,11d mt(,1 cst'> ell1[1l1l'> t 111.i\ h( lul t " pos'>lhl('!rjl thlpl to gd mole out of,,11 11ll1g h( l hp tlk) bl mg to 1he -.uhlu t d holl h glollnd of 11\ ng '!Jllll'l)(, The olclll 1)( "on \\ h) il,l '> J \ ed t h ough ftill] \\,l '> \' 111 ha\e.1 hll"lcll'l ij,( der <,Unlllllg- oj th fft \\.11 on peoplf',11d 1\ ion'" tholll 1 \ Ollllg..tudlll\ ". ho'>(,j( lll1t,ll1l!' \\ lth \m( ll,') hl'>\11\ '> hnll1(d to l(tll1ll~ mrl th \\llt t('n \\01 d 111 (r1 olpi' j \\ ),1t h ~ led '> 1111 ",'1 h 1\ ')'J' n1l, : lil, ',d( '" ill, i\ ul t il,,,"~h ))( }l',- (J, )l'dl..,lhlll('11 " "plllll( mg th, dlllll\ Jl hlld '-,hlp~ " ',..t, "11,1\ lhlnllgll,ll t ' '' \", " l' f)('1 'l( ) ' j' th( dd!11 '",\ 1'1\ d d thl pll (i",, 11'11111, ~ ))( t\\u 11 \flllll_' i,,1111 P'"P]( 1'hp\ lll1d ' h ih 1,!( pi pll ( 11H l1hl d 1L, ' t,,j \ hut old( p, '' ' h 1 (' 1\ lelll(mhl'l'nl llil!j"1\ ' t '-,till\ hl' '1(111 "\1 :,~t " '-,111(( \Olll'gl 1" 1,1, 11", 10,;0011 hll! '11' 111 1,, 11< \\110 h,t-. ",] 111 \' 'll omplll( 1!1, (on'( lilli' 111'll', ld" :,m lll0 i poll)(' 1 ) 1 t (on< thl()] hi' 1'1 'f. ' "11(1 " \nd \\h,\' 111 t 1)( 11U thp "dt) ', " : "",. " 14HO" h 1\1 J ill t (11' f 'h' ( '> onl' \'1'1.1 1hll 1111('( lhh «1U,,\;"" ch,lllg( " 1''1)111 ' 11 hi' 1M k.lbll' lh,1 " \\ hi h,,\( nl d thlolw], h '\' 1)( 1 1\ 1\]1 1,l,>,ltl1lLt1t 1\, 1<\'''' 1iii Jl,>011,,] Ch,l~'" l'l! ,igl'> dl,lth'-" good tlme'- and bad - thel..' \vel c the rapid changp'., bloughl by technolof,'y t 1'- almo"t mpos"lble fol,>ollleone \\ ho ha'> not expel enced t to under'-,tand the thnll of hedllllg musc \\ t h em phones dtliched to dn oatmeal box wound Wth Loppel \\ 11 e dnd equlpped Wth a cat \\ 11lskc to blll1g n bound 1'hlb wa'-, the fol elunnel of the model n stel eo l<ldlo \\ th t" hgh fidelity "(lund And ll1dgllw \\ atchmg thl fil,>t tel('\'l'-,lon '-,ct Wth a 'bubble" att,llhment to enlal ge t w )Jlct U.' :.h moth..' lved 111 d hou'>(' th,1t' h ad a "tep'-,tone at the l Ul h 1m 1.1dw'> ('mel gmg flom hm-,ed- 1,1\\ n Cdl'llage'> Dlmg hel hfe llme,be '-,d\\ tll' cleml'>e of <,{ eteal '-, the \ ('ntlon of looto( dll\l'!1 hgh PO\\l'lld l.l",11d p1.u](',> that l.lo,>,-('d 11ll' (Jlldn ), leutlrl tlllj( '-lhl '><i\1 t 11<' hollj(''> of hll f t nd'- 1 ()) n do\\ n to mol l-. \\ d \ fill 1<1h,ll1 1E'ne\\,d ~ll(' mo\lllh d hl dd) 111l' hthl"f' 111 \\hllh '>hl \\ 1'-, ho n \\,j,>!,lied,nd...hl \\<1'" fo)«d 10 1l10\' flom f' " 101l1'dlng" nl0, "lloll1hl \\olld of hlghl h olp,1l111h nl'->,ll1d llj pl'l "O1,d l1l'lghhlll" H\.l ho\\( \1'1 1111,1111lgflil lh(..,( filldlllg" (OJl(lll1l1lg tilt' (opol( 11\ old, p, ppl' to )1 nh'lljl)(') H ("lld h, \1)\ (l1l01l<lgln,., lolho~( \'ho,ll (onltrnpl.tlnt.: 1 hlll!! (Jll ''> th(.\ dol't do ll( h 10 h,lp \\ 11 h thl plo!>111l1 p<\lng lljl'-plt(fd l-.(\c, 1'1 ".! Jll1e woll dll h, \Jnd lli -11 1H th il..,ll(h 1ll,111"\ q-t l1(,10dll g" 11111' tl' tt(11llhttj('> \\hlllj \. 111 r fl'l \oungi 1 pulpl1 \\ ho hl\( ll'"lhlt 1,l1lllllh(1n~ dnd h"llld ~t \\llk fol lhl)-l \\llh rr! r \ (,(l' ()11t of 1!1ol',ll..,..flll ll. he,d 1'1)( h(lllg '> 1 h "j _ H ilion!'' 1Tl'1011l'( \1,11 might 1)( lilt (,rll,( t rl 10, \t! l1l\ You 1111))1--(d\\llh q, g, 1 Jl] t 1 't 0 \ 'll!o Jl]1 mil, hlnl 1>\ W 1 \1'11 ~'-O(" h, \\llh, llnh ll'! doli 1 (ll Wl' \11 1,,,'1, H" lllll' \llll mlft,, 1,,_, lilj,,i rl \\ lh 11,1 1111J1 \ 1- llllllh' ll' j 11l' (d!jo( 11\ to mllf'1 1<' n '1 1('011111lg H \\ "k,ll'o.nri d'-,>11l l1gk l'tlv ]( rlgt 1.;.11 d flom ('xp(, H \1.lklng -'ll1d Hlg( 11lnh,\c, \' lh lllplllg( n«( \Vhtll till,dlilll\ to llilllk ijllllkh 1ll 1\...10\ din 11 \\ 11h,1g< n!1 illhl nfl dot nol dlnjllll...h t )11','!lttll' longel fol old< p('ople to "0\\..' plobleme, t \\,'> found tl1<1t \\ hen mtdl! genle dill d('dll1e dlllmg the po'>t ll'tlll'ment yedl" t \\,1" gen 1..'1alll hl'l,ltl"e the oldel pel bon \\,)" m,ht to feel lell out t wab found th.!t '>OCl't) "Ol1letlme" en lou,w '> oldpl pl'ople to play the "'-,lk. ole d loll' that exemptb one flom hl'-, 01 hll 11mmal obhgatlon'> J'hl'-, 10" l \.pectatlon at tllut!l,1l!u dh dl'-,lolldge'-, pel fell h ( 'ljd h ll' peop e t am eng.h;lng 11\,Ktn te'-, equllmg mdl ]JplldencL dnd lompetence An old( pt'i '0011\\ ho <'uccumb'> to t hdt loll' ll1,1y lllmp to V!e\\ hlm'>lll i" helpk"'- 'llld deren dent h' old.. 1 pel '-on, depl'lvpd of '>elllonlidence,md be'>et b\ self doubt'> Pl1lolle,> dll Jn1,lge of 100\eled l1telllgpnlp \\hen dl tu,dl) thl 'oe1ml' plllpl1tl,t1 h lhlle neulmg 011\\ 'o('lfl11otl\...1 tlon Do nwmol \,lj1d mtejilglllu' decilnc \\ th "gl' '1'11('.111"\\ el '> no, p:utlculu-1\ noli when olde! people enllj, gle.!tel ile,lllh,md \'lgo,md dn het [('1 erlll(,ltpd 1h,ll hen p (.ell Cl,,"01 " Temporary service offers new avenues for 7.,Dillirzgretirees By Peggy O'Connor Andrzejczyk q"" ASSistant Editor/Feature Editor o(~, (... e.--r "lid.ll) llme l!l.ljl1g the day, A'-, fdl a'-, Entech Sel Vle", ':7 tll('\,..' e,he to place than Ltd '> loncenh'd, etll ee'> clnd (/ / (..,O1H Olll \\ ho n,1"1'> on,>peufil tl:m;)ow y employment '>1..'1 vce" \ hillll.., OJ (L\\ '> A day at the zoo Thousands ot Metlo DetlOlt al ea semor clt1zen.., are cxpected to attend The DetlOlt Zoo on Wedne,>ddy, Aug 24, to celebrate the beventh annual babella Fw'., '-,elmann Da)',,>ponsOled by Pelt]l Dlllg StO e", nc Thl'> "pecldl day for dll "1..'11101 '> 62 dnd oldel, began '-,even ve,ll '> dgo when the late r'>abella Fe" "eln1<lnn, then 92, wlote to 1'11<' Dell Olt Zoo, ;,d)'ll1/-{ she "longed 10 "ep t he zoo once mol e' Zoo D1 ('ctol Steve Graham pel '-,on,dh "ccompanwd M'C; Fle'-,'-,' mdnn dlound the 700-1,'1 ant lg hl'l w,>h - and declalll1g an,n n llfl1 ddy 111 hel honoi FO mol..' 1fOll1dtlOn l.lll Thl' Detlolt Zoo nfoi matlol1 Lll1e, 19H 0900 ('2 ';J \\1111llg to \\01 k live dely" a week l1dke,1 perfect match Tll' tlilk ) Blit \\ ' ldn pldu' peopk 111 J! 1'-,!pltlllg the letree,> kno\\ that) th( wul'>,lod ddy'> they d100'-,c ",1\'-, Entech 1l1<llketng,\'-,""t,llt r ~ \nd 111 llll' dlt'd'-, thly cho'-,c, a'-, G\\eneth Kohlel See /' Y t \,,11' Kohkl '-,ee ",i)'-, Entelh,.1 natlol1<l1 tempm,ll; /;-J~'.; J 11i,lt e11(',\. Enlllh Selvlle'-, '-,1'1\ ll' \\ hllh employ'> mol(' f'/f,,' 4i ~ \,f ll'.., t h lughout the dlea h,m :ZOO employt'e" ealh \\l'd.., \'(J.,;"";-;., 1 r 1\ do.." " tll (;1 lh..,e Pomte 1'-, n leu'ntl\ lll'g,l1 to plolllote 11'-, \\ ~"~/ j i> til, {, 11"',,nu' (\ llel 111 d()\\n lllpol.ll\ "ClVlle'-, ge,ued tm \ "',' i : l 100\11J),01t){l'lHe""hodpply till' duee 't>~f ' 101 JJO'>ltlllll.ll dbll' to j('f1 ue,>t h dlll'ptlllf.i tempol,u; <'> 7 ' ~' ' '> 1 h, 1l.lH'.l \Ve fill ' tjj,>... "t.:nnwnh, etn ep,> L<in put thl'll \, \ 'l'~ J-"~1 ( i (h" "Olllt" Job'> on a ddd) ba l \.pelphp to \\Olk 11,i \\de \,1 ' '0!olh." \.11l \\,l1t to \\Oll-. n J tll \ 1(" Dtllll~ hl \ ( 1\ P\ of po"ltjon", ncluding light \ lit ' "hllol hood ldn be dc \' {llld (, ' \1'\ 1111 pl'l "fill h h dull,il, telem<ilhetlng dncl light nl,'ll (llltltlll,lltd Kohlel See '>ay'>,>tf dill dlh '{lid tlil ( 101 UHlll"U,d "" n. 1pn t \ 01 oppoltun B '>ld Oil h Hi Oil \\ 11,11'" We l tlitng to get mol..' lll dllllbl( \\1' tl\ " lllll! thllll d '" 101 Jduel''- 111 Glo,>,>e J('P,> mvo!\ed 111 the plogldl1l Potillt P0'-,ltllll1 tli t," '>he '>dl '> TempO! dl y emplo) nwnt '01'1Vlll' 1 1\ 1'01 11]011 nfol ldtlon, call the 1'-, \\ondelful 101 letllee" ThL'V \'.l!lil d \ PP l lilt lhl lll, tl.., ~ OO~O 1\1( 1\, tltdt tlil \ " J, 110lt (>llit',t 'jb, ;) Ldn u'-,e the eapellenle thl" h,l\l',md g,llfl new >.klll-, dt the ",illle t nll'," Kohlel See ('"plmn'-, ~h(' "<1) '> tlmt thel e,11.' PO" t lolle, d vatlable foi etll e,,'>,11d <,enlol utlwn" 01 varymg <1blll te" "The bd"c equl ement " LUXUROUS CONVENENT BEAUTlFlJL tlmt they be mtele"ted 111 \\Ok lg,11d he phdble " A'o J ule, though, that tip '-,Clbe'-, moe,t retll cc>. pellel tl), Kohb See '-,aye; 'We\e l1<1d a gledt le"[l0n..,e om the etll 1.'1.''>\\e've been db e to leach They'll' very reliable dnd they make!,tj eat WO ker>. And OU chent>. Ju>.t love to hn'e etll P..''> The\ tell 1" that oldel \vol kel '> we've sent thell way al e rl'llable, easy to get along \\ th <1nd n '-,1101 t, n vel'} hgh dem'll1d, '-,}ll' add'> Older pel sons - even tho"e \\ ho'>e work e'\.pel'lence \\ d'> db blt'\ dted 01 took place m,ll1y yedl'> em'her - should be able to find '>omethmg they can do and enjoy dolng through Entech Sel \ les, Koh lel-see say" "What we do b set up an ap pomtment by phone Wth the 1 e tre..', have them come 111 and fill out an apphcatlon and have an The 'in"r.. ( lub community on \~cl"cuhr lake 'it (all may be ml wlu( }ou're looking for \1J ke \ ou r hon1l: n.l "ondl r1ulh prl\' and prollllcd (m rol1ltwnt ~lrr()lndl d h) nuturc tfc('<;.ntl g.,t~lhng watl.r hl pl ljlll<:t.u1l!,heef hl.wt; ot thl,pot,,, gl\l' }OU.l..,(n"c of (Ol1tl'ntmtnt not tound,111\ \\!( n ll.. l' 111 ;our hll"'~ 11"(''> Shore Club Apartments J J~" rj'j h At ~"' (~,M). )1 ;H l,l'l") Coli (313) Dut} &. ~alc., rax Rcfundcd There's Peer Pressure..0.. JOSEPH P PERSE Wth, Full Prcmium On.\mcrican Funds -ih--i-pelissier St. Windsor Jennifer Bindes Clothing C,UVCl'! 1/1( POJnlcs for over 40 years CLOTH AND PLASTC SLP COVERS ") Y, q J r2n108 on workmanship...and then there's Peer Pressure. ~~...-: ' O(go.nizo.tion Removal Consolidation Resale/ConSignment Chontl,l/Donatlon Closet Accessories Bl, Appointment Coil usl (313) Aft C l~)holjlerlj UPHOLSTERNG 78 CO. & DECORATNG Sompl J)"b a yollnc) man Will makp 1'11' wrc'nq choices slfllply t l(>r 3ll~1' h' wanls to hp!nnq '"! J(,h n <; oll('rs the o[w()rll,r y lor ynur son to bf'lonq n Cjll«Jp of young mp' ",h() h.lvf' p,hlpd splf-('onf,(jpn( ' 11,,( pllnl',lnd p'lde n hprl',p!ld', l's called peer pressure And t's postive Teachi11KYOllllg "1t!11/he ri~b/ choices tbroukh se!r(()~fidellce St. JOhtl~~ Am" Loewenstein Franklin River Drive. Southfield M (313) Free pick up & rlellvery free estlmate~ VA HAYES & pride. College Preparatory - Grades \ NORTH GENESl [51 DELAFELD W ') n W ,

26 .\'ood l;v~,f- 11~...~~ Grosse A_U9_U_s_t Pointe _11_,_1_98_8 News j " }-! Hail to the chiefs Weanng big smiles on their faces and bright red flowers in their lapels were 10 past presdents honored by the Senior Men's Club of Grosse Pointe at its meeting July 26. They included. above. William O. Bradley. Herbert N. Bumpus. Thomas A. Cooper, Louis O. Decker. Fred J. Flom, Dr. Kennard L. Jones. John D. King. William N. Montgomery, Robert E. Trinklein and Frank J. Welcenbach. Past president Harold J. Heinke was not present. The men were recognized for their hours of service to the club on committees, in offices and as members of the board of directors. Also honored that day were men who have marked 20 years of membership with the Senior Men's Club of Grosse Pointe: James J. Curto. Stuart E. Davidson. Martin M. Ferer, Eugene P. Hawkins. Walter R. McAdow, William H. McCoy, Walter F. Osius. Howard G. Reed. Lawrence. Ruby. Erwin M. Sattlemeier. L. Dale SeiL Carel Sellenraad, Gilbert D. Stewart. W.E. Sturges and C. Lloyd Yohe. ~ ~ i )/., Hospital volunteers Barbershoppers The L1ke"hOle ChOl U<; '>hold l1g open,ludltlonc, fot men of all a.ges \\ ho love to Sll1g, dt 8 p m T'.lC"'t!:»" 1hand 23 at the \elghborhood Club, Ker che" a, G o~se POinte The Lake::.hOl e ChOl us S the pedol mll1g body of the Gl'o"se Pomte Chapter of the Society f01 the P e"e1 vatlon and Encourage ment of Bal bel "hop Quartet Sngng n America (SPEBSQSAJ Becomll1g a cholu<, membel albo provde::. numerou~ opportul1ltles to form quartets, donate 113,000 hours. G" P t W d Grosse POinte Shore~, Emeha Members of numerous com- loss, 10Sse om e 00 ~ d k H W d l1unltles were lecob'llized re- 6,OOO-Hour Pin, Betty But- ~l amas~~ 'd ~'per oons, cent h foi then contnbutlon to- tlnck, Glosse Pomte, Ml1dJ.'ed ame Val', o~emary U f Gouldmg and MalY Mallow quette, Josephine Moceri and A \\ ar d t1e 113, 189 lours 0 ' 1 W lk volunteel sel vce gven at St Harper 5000 Woods Hour Pin Evelvn S2,000 a er HOUlo.Pm,. Suzanne Joo'>. J 1n H OSplt a 1 0\ er th e pa~ t, -, J,edr Stearns, Globse Pomte Wood" an d J u d t h W 'd G 00 w'l ge, lo»'>e 4,OOO-Hour Pin, Barbara Bar Pomte; Freda Mlrku and O,OOO-HoU' Pin, V gmla tley, Berniece Whte and James Frances Pllce, Gro~se POnte Sheehan. Glosse POnte Fal ms, White, GlOsse Pomte Woods, Falm~, Eugel1la DeVme, DOlO Ellldbeth Bel bchll1gel and Car 1 A VOl' d, Mar gal e t thy Ru::.sell and PatllCa V LOUl'>e L) all, Gro'>'>e POnte Buortmeb, Filomena lavasile and so"ky, Glos::.e POll1te Wood", Wood" \hldj.'ed Stlaub, Harper Woods MalY HofT, Rosalie 'll1d 8,OOO-Hour Pin, Thelma r\el 3000.Hour Pin Mddled Vnglnla Whalen, Harpel Wood" "on. Glo",,,e Pomte Wo~ldlldge, GlOb"e P~mte, Betty 1,000 HOul'.Pin, MalY Ann 7,OOO-Hour Pin, Frdnce::. Du Hayden and Edw31d Picard, Condll1o, Grosse Pomte Wood,>, Jim Gutowbkl and A mellnl' will hold auditions whch ::' the pllme objectve 01 the Socwty Fo) additonal 1.1fOlmat lon, "nl! D::J.ll B~" hpl "t RWi f)'iol Farms Boat Club will roast corn The Grosse Pomte Farms Boat Club Will hold t::. annual corn loa,>t nus Sunday, Aug 14 Corn Wll be selved flom 1 to 430 p m Although corn S 111 sholt "upply ths yea!, Boat Club Yap Slembrouck, Hal pel Wood" 500 Hour.Pin, Cathy Gu" mano, GlOs~e POll1te, Georgu1d LaChapelle, Glosbe POinte Woods, Wilham Anderson, MJ LOn Halick and BO JelOme \-ldl L, J ~<:l W"ods members say they should hd ve enough on hand All Farm" e"l dents are welcome FO mole 1formatlOn, l<lll ~ 11:111\11111 Grosse Pointe Board of REALTORS' REALTOR' EQUAL HOUSNG OPPORTUNTY Adlhoch & ASSOCiates,nc Aldridge & AssocHltes Bolton.Johnston Associates Century 21-East 10 the Village Century 21 Lochmoor Chamberlam Realtors ChampOn & Baer, nc Coldwell Banker Real Estate Damman, Palms, Queen Realtors R G Edgar & ASSOCiates James R Flkany Real Estate Co Grosse Pomte Real Estate Co Hendrcks & Associates Realtors Higbe Maxon ne Realtors Johnstone & Johnstone nc John E Pierce & ASSOCates,nc Jim Saros Agency nc Schweitzer Real Estate nc Shorewood E R Brown Realty nc. chweitzer Better 1.~Homes Real E,tate, nc... and Gardens R OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 PM FRST OFFERNG OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 PM LUXUROUS LVNG 10 Wood<; ranch featunng newel Mut<,chler ktchen, panelled library, 1m~e Flollda room, finished bd<;ement, centl al,ll, and <;pnnklel <;ystem $198,900 (G 40REN) LAKEPONTE, Gw,rn,PONTE - Flr"t of felll1g' Lovely CO(>O~ Ythl ee bedlooms, t\o and a half batl:..' noo!<', fre<,h deco! thl ee (dl ~aj dg;;;;l,ld A a large lot $149, ENJOY THE LAKE VEW flom the halcony of thl.., thlee bedoom, two and a half bath condoml 111um Wth dre!>!>ngroom, laundly room, ba"e ment, boatwell, gal age, and cal polt $295,000 if.,2jef RADNOR CRCLE, GROSSE PONTE FARMS _ Great value 111 thl" charm1l1g twenty four hun dred square foot home whch feature" EUo"ty e klt<..henand til st noor master bedoom OLD WORLD CHARM 111 thl<; Fatm<, Engll...h Cot <,,,,old...tyle home With totally updflted llltello. ma<;ter <,ulte With VieW of golf cour"e <;tmkl'n lvmg loom, and gla<;<,ed famly room J{ 54PRO) 88' "BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS" tl adltlon...hol\s 111 thl<; four bedroom go!geou" hop1e the Shore" Wth outstand1l1g faml1j room, i,tfpatroom llth \ et bar 111 basement, and cu<; tom 111 ground pool $ (f 70FON) 886 'iroo OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 PM ')68 LAKELAND, GROSSE PONTE CTY - E, ceptlonally well mal11tamed centel entrance TudOl featm e" famly loom \llth bedmed ced lllg<,,11dpe~ged noor chel rywood panelling, find c,)",ablancd fan $245, GROSSE PONTE CTY BOASTS of this foul bed room Colomal Wth new ktchen. natu! al fil e place 111 family room and v111{ room, thl ee car gal age, and beautful screened porch overlooklllg profe<;slonal land"caplng $244,900 (G 59RVl OUTSTAND;-;:G COLONAL 111 GO<,"C Pomte PMk fl'attlre<, foul hedloom..., thl Lt. hath<,. "tep do\\n \aulted tv"o <;tory vmg room \lth nfltu,11 fireplace. c!lnmg all'fl fino 'iltllng 1"00m of! <,paclou<,entn $ G 64BAL 8R OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 PM 4:lCJLE,{~GTO~, (,ROSSE PONTE FARMS Completely updated Cox & Bakel anch offp" ma<,ter bedloom llth hdth, ne\1 kltchl'n, open \1\ ll1g al ea overlookll1l-( ne\\ deck,ll1d heaut. fil, l;md"cflped ymd $1R7500 8R15800 EXTE:--;<.,VELYRE~lODELEJ) 1 finch 111 Hat pel Wood... h," Lln!'p hedloom, t\\o hath" faml1, loom. fil t aundl)-, th('lmal \\mdoll".,l1d land c,lp('d y,l d "'t h "p nk \el <,y~tp11l $ll2900 0l1RAN8R., 2000 SPACOUS. ATfRACTVr" re"'ldcntja l1come h,'" t\\o wdl oom" Lach U111tfamlll loom 111 upper.,ll1d ~('Pdl.te fulnacc" Located 111 nice ill P,l of (;O..."C POlllte $ (F 5.1NEFl 886 SHOO 1178 HAMPTON. (;ROSSE PONTE WOODS foul woroom t\\o hath Engll"h "tylp 011(',md,1 h,llf "to, homp n the Wood~ feat\llll1g e<lt 111 kitchen, lu...tom reclt;',ltlon room and pllvate pat 10 'i124.':i HAMfY'ON, GROSSE PONTE WOODS - Chal mmg t\\ 0 bedroom r'lnch featur,'" v1l1g room and ba~emcnt With natul <11fil cpllce. hm <1\\ 000 noor<,. enclo<,ed ten <lce. and,t tached t\\o cm g,l.lge $ BEAUTFUL CONDOMNUM n('ar m,mn.l.., <lnd GO"<;PPOlntp offer~ 1110 bedroom" t\\o hath". cluh hou<,p pool. and he,lutlfulll 1,1l10"C,lped l-,'1ound" Mallltal11ance fpc nclude... he..t and,1 $7:1.900 m 1:lRV) R81)2000 OPEN SUNDAY 2.5 PM 2t720 M(',)c!ow Cr('('k 1J,1111"'0n 1\lp 11;21Bhllrmoor. (ro...!' POlntl WOOl!" GROSSE PONTE farms TWO NAMES YOU CAN TRUST KERCHEVAL ON THE Hill GROSSE PO NTE WOODS 886, OFFCES SERVNG OVER 85 SUBURBAN COMMUNTES

27 - August 11, Grosse Pointe Board of REALTORS' [B REALTOR' EQUAL HOUSNG OPPORTUNTV, -=-=-=---- THE PROPERTES LSTED ON THESE PAGES ARE OFFERED EXCLUSVELYBY MEMBERS OF THE GROSSE PONTE BOARD OF REALlORS 98 JOHNSTONE & JOHNSTONE NEW ON THE MARKET! 'U :'-,GOU~ "HOHES LOCATON Just half a blod... horn the l"ke 0111'1" ll"lt led bllck lentel en tl<llllp Cololllal \lllh loul bedloom~ on bewnd plu~ t\o bed 100m" on thlld!1001 t\o lull bdtllloom" 'llld tv, 0 l,tlf batlll oom", huml) 100m and MORE' Need" 'OU,peu,ll tout h, but pllll'd dtlo! dllll:!\ Ollllpdnl\ ph'lt)' of tltne fo! ~chool \1UC REqUES ED, HARD TO COME BY RANCH l1 the heal t of the l<\lllh' Till pe bedloonh, one and.1 h.1ll bat hi oonh, den, enclobed ten ace, two iii eplale~,11d till ee lal gal dge Lr\[{GER CLASSC lentel entldnce Colomal on NEARLY A;-.l ACRE of land 1 ndudl' ~X bpdloom" folll and d hall bathlooms, butler's pdntl y, till ee fil epldlc'>,,ll gp tell1ll' 12,h 17'l, gl eenholhl' plu' lount e"" othel dmen t e,,' ,) FLEETWOOD _ OPEN SUNDA yl All' conditoned fl ebhly pamted Ranlh m..lkeb an exlelient "tallu hamel Eatmg "pace m kitchen plus dlllmg 100m, fenced ~dl d mmedltate olcllpanc) 884 OGUO OPEN SUNDAY Mack Avenue Grosse POinte Woods, Mchgan \t... ~",."'-,,;~"" ~T 1111."1 ~'/'~ '/ == ",..".... "',.,.t~ 1375 TORREY - GROSSE PONTE WOODS Populal Woodb locaton offers this dehghtful thlee bed oom, one and a half bathroom Colomal With lal ge famtly aom, updated kitchen and large deck 0\ ellookmg well landscaped yard , " 1320 WOODBRDGE - 8T CLAR SHORES An OUTSTANDNG UNT 111 pi line locaton of a much requested condo complex Up'icale deco! atm type decor mcludeb quj) tile kitchen and en tl ance, two large bedlooms, centl al all, pool and clubhouse and MORE' FRST OFFERNG 83 HAWTHORNE GROSSE PONTE SHORES - OPEN SUNDA Y 2' 5 PM Count!y Charm" bebt debcllhes this Cape Cod ~tyle ebldeme Fu eplace~ m the dmmg 100m and hvl1g loom Famly 100m foul bedloom", t\\o lull bathloom" fil ~t l1oo! bulte, and much mol e Call today OPEN SUNDAY 25 PM ALLARD, GROSSE PONTE WOODS ExqUisitely mam tamed three bedroom bungalow With one and a half bathrooms Central all', updated kitchen and bathl oom, chm mmg family room, natural iii eplace and loads of btot age Call today for details or plan to btop this Sunday $112, BUCKNGHAM _ mmedate occupancy m lovely, large center enhance ColOnial With four bed looms, two and a half bathlooms, den and family loom plus 1\\0 vem lound polches - 3,000 'iquale - - feet of line accomodatlons BUCKNGHAM _ REDONE THRUOUT Four bedloom, two and a hall hathloom Colomal ha~!p eat "e'\tl d looms" mcludmg famjly room, second floo! "ttmg loom,md n\cel) done thll d flool.. ~ playloom - all on lovely, lal ge lot LOTHROP - GROSSE PONTE FARMS LARGE ROOM SZES 111 this foul bedroom, two and a half bathloom home m prime Farms area' Lovely lbl,uy With parquet floor, beautiful bcleened terrace ovellookmg pato Wth gnll, fin l'ihed ba,ement and beautiful large lot' Don't mls~ seemg thl" one QUE r STREET NEAR LAKE offers Stllk1l1g four bedloom, tl\o,md a half bathloom Colonldl \lth, den, hledkfa,t loom,,penal detatled,l Ch\tlllul e,md :-.tore' \\' \LK fo VLLAGE flom thl'> newly decolated thlll b( ch oom Colonl,tl 1V1th updated kitchen elpn rim d,1 nom and filll"hed ha,ement plus l'\\/ 1 flll n,u',md loof J! 1875 FLEETWOOD - See ad undel 'NEW ON THE MARKET" SHOWN BY APPONTMENT 271 MORAN - Engltsh Colomal \ th mce updat mg has new loaf, drive and garage l Three bed rooms, one and a half bathlooms, big famly room, imshed ba"ement newel deck OXFORD - NEW DECOR and CENTRAL AR m this thl ee bedloom Bungalow m popu lar \Voods al ea Kltchen eatmg space, dll1mg room, SCeened poch E"tate "ale at $ QUET FAR:\lS COURT offel s attractve Semi Ranch Wth three bedroom'i, t\o full balh! oom;" "ttmg aom, ne\1 ktchen \\ ht Jenn All e range, deck, fenced yard and two Cdl dttdchl'd g,ll age DELGHTFUL RANCH m the Woods' mpeccable accommodaton" mcludmg NEW KTCHEN foul bed OOTlh, one,1l1d a half bath 100mb and Flollda loom Appomtmenh at fl \\OODB{Jl)(,E ('O;\1DO qll\cl mea of compll'x l.,\~ m,\n\ ('\t\.~ llltludmg all kitchen apph,11\«~ plu, \,,H dlyl'! 'lld freuel' $ J,H 0600 land':lome (~EOH(rA:\' COLO;\1AL \\ th 0\ el ~qll,1e f(,l't of gl,cloll' h\ mg 1m hj(le, thl l'e loom m,l.,t,'1 'lllll' llth fill'pllcl', lo foot 1\\llg 100m, 1,lg(' dmlllg OOlJ1 kltlhln 1\lth hutler, Mntl) den,,un loom and oh '0 m;\y.1111('l1ltl(',1 ncludr'" l'xtra hlllld,\hl( lot' r ~ \\ (>H A DH\'E n Y 124h BERKSHRE to 'l'e ths clf'g,mt Tudw' 1m lud('., foll! bl ril oom' 1\10.llll,l hdlt b,lhloom" ~tul1l1lng guc,t "171'hvlllg room, mode'll1 kltdhn mll!e,ll1g (!t,11 thlough out \ppcnnl ll( nh to.,( (' at 8R ( A{\' (O\fFOHT' (O\lVE:\,E;-.Cr:1 And not, thlllg to do hut mml hl., c,q>tl\ ltll1g ('.P ('od 1 ll" lwe!loolll" tllo me!, h,llf bathloom,. cpntrill, m.lm dill( nltl' ",1<,1J,1 1200!'{\ ~ \{\'" O( ' 110;\1 off('1''' four heeltonm, tlh>,md,1 h,d! 1"lhOOill ("onl d \\llh lhl,\\ H'\\' hltdw1 O\lly \\r dr'(,01 fil1l,hpd hil,('ml'l1t,crr ('11«1 polrh,ld \10H" HH h 100 <"1,\..,~ r A'\r, 'rlfe(1 for C[lrll'r <.,mgll' or couple' ~t C,llr ShOll" londo 111 p;\lk ilk' "(,(lll1g h,' t\lo h.e!o()ll~ t -:>ihroo HH \1 1\ L \\ i'\ D:\lLL PO:\' rei FoUl wdroom, thl ('(',llld,1 h.llf h,d hi (lorn (',,10111,,1 h.l~ dl'l1, fir,t!lool 1,1111e!1\me! thl1d floor qu,lrlr ',ullhll' fol offic(,urllo \1' l,llh\!c)(.1lon U" m1l1 ' ~flolj1 j{r n ( ' Hkl 1200 GROSSE PONTE FARMS 82 Kercheval ~ RELO Wiw.aY1lj!!" REALTORS GROSSE PONTE PARK GROSSE PONTE WOODS Mack Mack OPEN SUNDAY 2 5 PM HAWTHORNE, GROSSE PONTE WOODS Thiel' bedroom, one and a half bathloom semi anch 11 a pnme loca tlon Updated kitchen, formal dmmg loom, at tached gal age, Flollda 100m and a 1m ge well land scaped lot ThiS home S Just waltmg fot you' P ce educed to $142,000 Call today' GROSSE PONTE PARK Located in WJndmlll Pomte subdlvlslon, this lovely Colomal boasts four bpaclous bedlooms, tlyo and a half bathrooms, bl <) and famly loom, secunty system and many lecent mplovements Call today fo! your pnvate tou OPEN SUNDAY 25 P 1\ HAMPTON, GROSSE PONTE WOODS ThS da~slc Colon131 S pie <,ent('d mo\e 11 condition' Updated to 11dude a ho~t of new amellltte~ Thlee bedroomb ldtul,1 fll epldu' 111 tle 11\llg! oom dl1d 'll1othel fil ('plale the recreaton loom Plan to stop ~ thl'> SUl1e1, OPEN 8UNDA. Y 25 PM KERBY, GROSSE PONTE FARMS Walk to the Farms Pier from this tot<lll \ enol,ter! folll bedloom Tudol btyle home Thls famly e'>ldence ~ complete With a new k td1l'1l h,1d\\ ood 11001' <llld le<ld glass accellt~ A wandel ful famly home Pnce educed OPE1'\ ~L'NDA Y 2.'i PM LAKE SHORE DRVE n all the \O!ld, there S only one ke this gor gl'ol~ lontempol,ll' \\ th commandmg V1e\\ s of Lake St Clan Two master suiteb With balcony, an Pille 1,lnment tentc'l,, goul met ktchen, faml!) 100m and much male Call today for your pnvate toll! 01 p1.\11to,top 111 thl<' Sunday OPEl\' "lunda Y 25 P i\! MORAN, GROSSE PONTE FARMS Fa~t dctlon ~ a must on ths \\ OlJdel ful faml h home OfTCllllg thl ee bedlooms, two natural fireplaces, vlllg loom, recl eatlon room,lld h.ltth:n, llth <lppl,\1ces A two Cdl gardge, fenced) ard and bllck pato ddd to the value ' Pnced to,t1j "t 'li Call toddy fo molt' detal" OPEN SUNDA Y 2 'S P M LAKE SHORE DRVE Recenth completed, thl' luxury residence rep le~r'nh the oppotunlt) of a lfelime EVely lmaglllable amenity S ncluded thlb four bedroom homl goul111el ktchen equipped 1\lth <ll optl()lls, a fir,t flooi bec!joom "lute plu, d master suite \\th ].111U/ and sauna and a gl,ld hdll The pi ce ha~ recentl) heen reduced Plan to stop this Sund,' ' OPE:\, SUNDAY 2.'i PM NOTRE DAME, GROSSE PONTE CTY Ne\dy renovated becond londomlnlum '\i( \\ kltchl'11 fu n[lc( and lent! al,111 Thl ee hedloom<" 1\\0 full bathrooms, den ilncl enclo<"('d b,!co!1\ A ('al \ lith' C,ll toddy fol ful the folmatlol or pl'll1 to,top 111 thlb Sun dd\ 8R '1:01 ";U,\J)A Y 2 '1 1':-'1 - 'So {OSL YN GROSSf~ PONTL ~H()RES Thl' plcture"que lu~tom anch ' ~ul1()unded 11\ d\\,\ld \\l1nmg g,ljden" Hele )011 \\tll find,111you tould W,lllt Thiel' bedloom'i, p l1r'lc'c! llhl,, \1 h hult 111 sl]('1\ P,,pacOlh L111v) 00111,fit,t flom ],llll1dl y,wd more The pllce hd' bl (n le!u«( d to :;,22'1 000 Clll tod,l~ 01,top \11 on ";unc!,lv MH200fl7 O!'r,:\' ~lt:'\[),\y 2) 1'\1-1'121 ~r.\njlope GROSSE POlj\;TE WOO})')' FRST OFFERNG * Bllghl 'lld <,P,LO\h 1hl )('(h oom 1,\1lh 111 ouhll1(!jlg londltlon (;l',lt pl'll1,md tilsteful de loi Countl) hlttlh'n plu~ O11,d c!l1ll1g , Upd,ltl'd hdthloom., ne\1 l'1 1,lld'ic,lpll1g and super ~tol,lgl' C,lllloe!,\ 01 -,top n thl., SUnddy R CA'E ('OD DOLL 1101 '-)1' f:\' ({()~"E PO;-.l re WOODS Th)('l' hl'(l! oom ch[lrmer \\ th updated kltdwl\,11d h"thlljo11 Bl du11fulh 1ll,lnLl1l'd,md l.e!, fm qultk OlCUMC) Th", onc' \\on't la,t 10llg Plll(d to 'ell,t,,>,'1000 C.dl toll1\ fm drl'., 1'S2AN HH200H7 EX(, P! fo:\,\1 (':\' J 'n L \;'1 RA '\ice ( OLO;\1A L on 1.11 gl' 8.'i'\ Hi!) fool Lllld<,caped lot Thrl'e bed 10dnh lbl. ~, ~Pd( OU' f,mlll., loom foim,d dl!11111-( loom pd<ltl'd fill n,l(',l1d centl <11pith lll1t 111 hit, hi <lpplldh{., \11 n (Jlll of lp Wood., fillr.,t n, ghhm hood, 'SOBHO, HH \ H OOK'\(, O( \()OH ( O1J'\TRY (' TB h'" 1'\1. 11'l\' 1\ "n"\.t« H'f,ltllll~ foil l1l'dloonh hld)\ tou full b,'lh <.,1,l1g. Llml!\ With le.t b.l, 101i1ltl\ klld1l 1h {"t ng h".,,1l1e!mol',lll on " 100:\ llo foot l(lt (',ll 10(],1\ foi fm m,ltwn 'f 11'1, '-)l;\;) 8H ~LJ<,(rt\'\r (,l',or(,a:\' «(llonal \; (rtw..,c.;e POl;\1TE C'TY Bllllt b\.john ))l'111( k (1d( Wl' { nl( t.llnl!1g thl'>,ll g{' hotlh' f,,,llld<''' 1111(" room 111",tpr '\l' \11111full b.llhloom,llc! flip pl«( L\l11d\ loom lhldlv g,ldl'nl00111 '11-(eVlllg loom \\th fll ('pi 'll,l11d 11101( dl on d )mpl;.ugr' lot :-'1.111.,1\011111dill f(',1 lull ~ hound (',lll todd\ fill \Ollr 1'1~,ll. ~h()\\\ng 'j) l2'i 000 O'\\iA'-)1 HH2 OOH7 :\'f',ah (,no",,",', PON 1': BOULr VAnJ) hr hl,llt\ oj th" rl('nlh (hdt(.l1,1\1,. ',ldpll(p 11111,1h' "''ll \VOlllllhd <,tel <,ll\tp pili., hl(r "ddltl'l1l,d Llll1d~ hrdlooll' p,l1l'c! hl"l~ Lng, 11\ 1111-( )0011\ nri rll1\l1g hutlll ~ p.l1trv,l11d hll"kl,t Y1,l1" f,\hulou,,11111'nlth<., (,dl 10l1.Y 101,Olll pll\,lt(' tou $'17;' oon (!llclo 882 ODS OPEN SUNDAY

28 8B l,;:"" 11~~ --- Grosse A_U_9_US_t_1_1'_1_9_88_ Pointe News ',./ Hail to the chiefs Wearing big smiles on their faces and bright red flowers in their lapels were 10 past presdents honored by the Senior Men's Club of Grosse Pointe at its meeting July 26. They included. above. William O. Bradley. Herbert N. Bumpus. Thomas A. Cooper. Louis O. Decker. Fred J. Flom. Dr. Kennard 1. Jones. John D. King. William N. Montgomery. Robert E. Trinklein and Frank J. Welcenbach. Past president Harold J. Heinke was not present. The men were recognized for their hours of service to the club on committees. in offices and as members of the board of directors. Also honored that day were men who have marked 20 years of membership with the Senior Men's Club of Grosse Pointe: James J. Curto. Stuart E. Davidson. Marlin M. Ferer. Eugene P. Hawkins. Walter R. McAdow. William H. McCoy. Walter F. Osius. Howard G. Reed. Lawrence. Ruby. Erwin M. Sattlemeier. L. Dale SeiL Carel Sellenraad. Gilbert D. Stewart. W.E. Sturges and C. Lloyd Yohe. The Ldke"hOle Chm u:, " hold mg open auditons tol men of all age" who love to "mg, at 8 p m T:.:csd.1y", <\lg 10 <lncl 23 dt the \mghbol hood Club, Kel cheval, Glo..,,,e Pomte The Lake"ho' e Char us i> the pel tolmmg body of the Grosse Pomte Chaptel of the Society for the P esel vatlon and Encourage ment of Bal bel shop Quartet Sngng n America (SPEBSQSAJ Becommg a chorm, membel alba provides numerous oppoltumtte,> to form qumtets, \~hlch S the pnme objective of the Society FO dddltlonal mfm matlon, \,.,,,11D"ll B2o' b"l '\t RR) fiflo1 Farms Boat Club will roast corn The Gros'>e Pomte Farmi> Boat Club wtll hold ts annual CO n loa"t ths Sunday, Aug 14 Corn will be i>erved flam 1 to 4 30 p m Although CO n S sholt supply tlll& year, Boat Club membel s say they should h<l\( enough on hand All Farms 1('''1 dents are \\elcome FO mole ll1formatlol1, ldll _., \\ Grosse Pointe Board of REALTORS' lbg) REALTOR' EQUAL HOUSNG OPPO~UNTY Adlhoch & ASSOCiates,ne Aldridge & AssocHltes Bolton.Johnston Associates Century 21-East n the Vllage Century 21-Lochmoor Chamberlam Realtors ChampOn & Baer, ne Coldwell Banker Real Estate Damman, Palms, Queen Realtors R G Edgar & ASSOCates James R Flkany Real Estate Co Grosse Pomte Real Estate Co Hendrcks & Associates Realtors Hgbie Maxon nc Realtors Johnstone & Johnstone nc John E Perce & Associates, nc Jm Saros Agency nc Schweitzer Real Estate DC Shorewood E.R Brown Realty nc. chweitzer Better 1.~Homes Real E,tate, nc... and Gardens R OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 PM FRST OFFERNG OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 PM LUXUROUS LVNG n Wood'i ranch featuring ne\\ er Mutschler kitchen, panelled tbral y, large Flollda 100m, finj~hed ba'iement, central all, and <;pnnklel 'iystem $198,900 (G 40RENl LAKEPONTE, GR(VnpONTE - Flr',t of felll1g1 Lovel} CO()O~ Ythl ee bedrooms, two and. half halt:,.1,'\lood 1100r'i, f. e'ih decor, thl ee fal garag:;;l"d a l<lrge lot $149, EN.JOY THE LAKE VEW flom the balcony of thl:' thl ee hpdloom, two and a half bath condoml nl urn Wth dl es'ill1g room, laundry room, base ment, boatwell, garage, and carport $295,000 (F 52.JEFl RADNOR CRCLE, GROSSE PONTE FARMS _ Great value n this charmmg twenty four hun dred square foot home whch features Eurostyle kitchen and first 11001'master bedroom OLD WORLD CHARM n thl'i Pdrm'i Engl1~h Cot 'i\\old.,tyle home With totally updated mtl'llor. ma,>ter 'iulte \\ th VleW of golf cou! ~e ~unken 11\109 loom. and gla'i'ied famlly loom (fj 54PRO) BElTER HOMES AND GARDENS" trjdltlon '>how<; 10 thl~ four bedroom gorgeoll'i hol'1e n the ShOl e" With outstanding famly room, iireat 100m Wth wet bar m basement. and CU'i tom n ground pool $ if 70FONl OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 PM.568 LAKELAND, GROSSE. PONTE CTY - Ell. ceptlonally \"ell marntarned center entl ance TudOl featllle'i faml!) loom \\th beamed cel! rng'i and peiiged 11001', chel r)\\ood panelling 'lnd c.l~ablanca f,1n $245, GROSSE PONTE CTY BOASTS of ths four bed room Colomal With ne\\ ktchen, natu! al fil e. place 10 famjly room and hvlo! 100m, three car garage, and beautful "C eened porch overlookng profe'i'>lonal land"caplng $244,900 (G 59RV, OUTSTAJ'D1:-JG COLONAL 10 G.o~"e Pornte P,uk fcatuj(''i foul hedroom~, thlll hath'> ~tep dlj\\n vaulted t\\o "tor) hvrng loom Wllh natul al fireplace, dlomg area and 'ilttmg loom oft ~r,col1~ enlrv $ ig fi4rall HR OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 PM 4.19 LEX:-JG1 ON, GHOSSF. PO;-';TE FAR:vtS Completely updated Cf)\' & B<lkl'r 1 anch offf''i ma"tel bedloom \\ th h.lth. ne\1 ktchen, open livmg <llea o"erlookmg ne\\- dpck,lod hp"ull full) land~c<lped )ald $187,500 8R65800 EXTEN'iVELY REl\tODELED 'lnch 1TJ Hal per Wood" h.l" lhrpe h('(!oom t\o hath'i, famllv mm, fil~t nool l.jundl) thl'lm,,1 \\lndo\\., and land'-c'lped ),lrd Wth 'iplrnkl('r <,y'item 'Sl.l A;-';11fiR') 2000,",PACOUS. ATTRACTVE e,>ldentjal ncome hd'> t\\ 0 hldl oom., e<lch UOlt, famjlv loom 10 upper,,11d '>epal ate fm n.lce" Located n nice ill eil of Glo,,<;e Pomte $ if 'i3nef R HA:\lPTON. (,ROSSE POl\'TE WOODS foul hedroom 1\\ 0 hath Engh"h ~tyle one.rnd a half,>ton horn. n the Wood" featuring P<lt 10 ktchen cll"tom ecreatlon room.,md pllvate p,ltlo $ flr'i HAMfYfON. GROSSE PO:-JTE WOODS - Charming two bedroom Hlnch fe<ltur(>~ hvlng room and ba~enh'nt v/lth natural iii epl<lle, hal d\"ood 11001''', enclo~cd terrace, and.t tached two cm gar<lge $14'1, BEAUTFUL CONDOMNU:\1 near m.ltlna,> 'lnd Glo<;"e Pomt ' offer'> t\\o bedroom'i t""o bath~ club holl'>l', pool. and bp<!utlfully land'ic<lpcd h'tound~ Mamt<lmance fce' mcludp<; and.ll $7'1,900 m 13HV) R OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 PM Mhldo\\ Crepk, Hm,-on 1\\ P ](;2'1 Bl,llrmoOl, GO"<;(' Porn!r' Wood" GROSSE PONTE FARMS TWO NAMES YOU CAN TRUST KERCHEVAL ON THE Hill GROSSE PO NTE WOODS OFFCES SERVNG OVER 85 SUBURBAN COMMUNTES,

29 August 11, 1988 '-,.-'~llllil~~\~--g--ro-s-s-e-p-o-i-n-te-b-o-a-r-d-o-f-r-e-a-l-t-o-r-s-.-~~!!!!!!!lto!!!j!llr' -:~Q""U:~-?~~": THE PROPERTES LSTED ON THESE PAGES ARE OFFERED EXCLUSVELY BY MEMBERS OF THE GROSSE PONTE BOARD OF REALTORS 98 JOHNSTONE & JOHNSTONE NEW ON THE MARKET! P{!:C,(,OU" '-,!OHfJS LOCATON Ju"t hdlf d blolk horn the dke offllc, L1d'>"ll led brj"k wnter en 'dllle LolOllldl llth folll bedloom::. on c,ewlld piue, t\o bedloome, 011thll d nom, t 110 lull bdtlll ooms dlld tll (J h,dt l<ltill oom", family 100m dnd MORE' Need., \ OU "peudl toudl but pllled dllljl dll1f(l y l (kul pd nl \ 111 plent \ 01 lune 101 Slhool :'1UCl REQ L' E~TED, HARD TO COME BY RA:\1CH 111 the he,ll t 01 the F,ll11'" 1'11 ep bedlooll1.,,l1d d hdlf bdthl oorn c" den, em loe,ed tell dce,!l10 ii epldcec,,.md tll ee ldl gdl,lge' hf\ one LARG'.H CLASSC lentel entl dnce Colomal on NEAHLY AN Ae R: d' ncludec, "1' beth oom" 10111'l1d d h,1l1 bdthloomc" butlm'e, p,mtly, thlep fllepldcee" 1,1gl' te'lldll' i~ h7'), gll'enhouc,e plu~ LOlll1tlLc,c,othll drne11tw,,' FLEE'1 WOOD _ OPEl': SUNDA yl Air conditoned rebhl} p,lntpd RdlKh mdke" an e,cellent "t,ulel home' Edtlllf( "p,1 e 111 kitchen plus dlllmg loom, fenled \ aj d [mmedlt,lle OLCUpanl\ OPEN SUNDAY Mack Avenue Grosse POinte Woods, Michigan TORREY - GROSSE PONTE WOODS Populal Woods locaton offerb ths dehghtful three bedloom, one and d half bathroom Colomal With la!!~e dmtl) loom, updated kitchen and large deck 0\ ellookmg well landbcaped yard WOODBRDGE - ST CLAR SHORES An OUTSTANDNG UNT prme locaton of a much requested condo complex Upscdle decorator type decor mcludes qually tile kitchen and en trance, t\\ a 131 ge bedloomb, centl dl au, pool dnd clubhouse and MOREl FRST OFFERNG 83 HAWTHORNE, GROSSf: PON l'e SHORES - OPEN SUNDA Y 2 5 PM 'CountlY Chal m" bec,t descnbes thlb Cdpe Cod <,tye le':>ldence F epldces 111 the dll1l11g 100m dlld ljv1l1g loom Family loom, foul bedloonl'>, 1\\ 0 full bathloome" iii "t bulte, dnd much mal e C,1l1 today OPEN SUNDAY 25 PM ALLARD, GROSSE PONTE WOODS ExqUStely mall1 tdllled three bedloom bungalow With one and a hdlf bathrooms Central ar, updated kitchen and bclthloom, charmll1g famjly room, natural fireplace dnd loadb of storage Cdll today for det31ls or plan to btop 111 this Sunday $112, BUCKNGHAM _ mmediate occupancy 111 lovely, large centel enll ance Colomal With four bed looms, two and a half bathrooms, den and family loom plus t\o yeal lound polches - 3,000 sq U3 e feet of fine accomodatlons BUCKNGHAM _ REDONE THRUOUT' FoUl bedroom, two and d hall bdthloom Colomal hd" gl eat "ext! a looms" mcludmg famjly room, second 0001 "lltll1g oom,me! mcely done thll d floor playloom - dll un lovely, large lot' LOTHROP - GROSSE PONTE FARMS LARGE ROOM SZES ths four bedroom, two and a half ba~hloom home pnme Farms areal Lovely hl ary \\ th parquet 0001', beautiful bcreened terrace overlookmg pato With gnll, lin e,hed bd'iement dnd beautiful large lot Don't miss 'ieemg thl'i one' \\ ALK 10 V L1\GE flom thl'i nc\lly decordted t hi Pt hl'(11oom Colonl,11 \\ th updated kltchpn dl n FOl dd loom,md finle,hed bd'iement plu" 11('\\( fu ndu,ld loof SHOWN BY APPONTMENT 1875 FLEETWOOD - See,d undel "NEW ON THE MARKET" 271 MORAN - English Colomal With mce updat llg has new loaf, dnve and gdrage l Three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, bg famly room, fimshed ha'ipment, 11('\lel deck OXFORD - NEW DECOR and CENTRAL AR 10 thl'i thlee bedroom Bungalow m popu dx Woods area Ktchen eatmg space, dmmg room, "creened poch E'itdte "ale at $86, QUET FARMS COURT offel s attractve Semi Ranch With thlee be'dlnom,>, l\o full bathloom", "lttll1g loom, ne\1 ktchen 1\ht Jenn Au ' range, deck, fenced ydrd and lwo lal dudeh! d gardge DELGHTFUL RANCH n the Woodsl mpeccable accommodatlon" l1lludll1g NEW KTCHEN foul bed loom,>, one and a half bathl ooms and Flonda room Appomtment-. at QcmT Sl REET ;-.J"EARLAKE offel s stnkmg four bldlool11, t\o,md a half bath 100m Colomal \\ t h,1 den bl eakfa'it ,"pecldl detailed,1ll'hlteltulc,md ~ORE W()(DB!Ul)e,E e O~D() 111 qut! alp,1 of comple, hd'> \(,tl,C, l1cludlng <ll kitchen dppll 111(1" plll'- \1 '>he <it\l'l,lj1d fl pe7er' $89900 H; t 0(01) HA~D"'0~1F e;eorga:\1 rolo:\1[al lth 0\1'1 ') 000 "qudle f(pt of gl,lllouc, lj\lng l11lludp.., thj(e loom m,e,(('1 e,u\( \\lth ii< p\'l'p lo foot l\l1g loom 1,llgt dll1l11g loom kltlhen \llth butll'r'" p,l1tl \ dln, '>un loom,l1d oh..,0 mdny.ljnpnlth'e,' nl!udp", 'xtl,1 hlllld,lblt lot' RH O(iOO '> \\Ol{fll \ nf{]vl BY 1246 BERKSHRE to e,u' thl'i 'll'g'\nt fudw' ndud., f01l1 bl<l10"m'> tllo.1t1<1 h,dl h thl "om" "tunnlng glll'"t "ll' 11\l1g loorn, \11odl n klllhl n ml '"tlng d. t.ul thlough oul' '\ppolntnh nle, t" e,<e,lt RR 4200 (l \H\l' «()\!FO}{J' (O'\lVE,\;E;.;rE' Anonot, thll1g to do hut mo\! n thl" ldptl\,\llng (',lp' Cod' lill' l)(th00111' \O,lncl.ll1,tlfllilthOO\11",<l'nlr.t1r1l1 ml1\ m,nll"..,'kk1200 PH\ll FAlt;l.!'-, L(H \lfo'>; "lp'" four h,dloom t\,,(1,1l1d d h,dfblthloom (O!Ollldl 1',lth tln.u\ lh\\(1 h t h' n 10\ h ]]1" r dpl'"r inl e,hl'd brl"e'\11l'nt,..,clf 'nl'd POrt h,1l1d ~1()H-' kk 6 loll '-,1 "'-,' LA"l P, fl'l't to l',jrep c,l1g1cor couple' ~t C,l.1l '>ho" (ondo 111 k(' e,dtll1g 11.1"" bl dl oom'> '1(jO "-H1 )'JOO ll' \1 111'('1 \\1"]);1.111,1, 'OJ:\1rl-,' Four hldrnom thll'l,l1d d h,m hdthlo"m (olonl.d h,'" dn ll.,t no", lundl\ 1l1r1 hlld 1100! quart"e, "ullbll' foj offiu' '>lurllo o! ],111" dlhh!ol,ltlon 1\..,t mill 111'C,!01l1 H.n(tn'kkl t200 OPEN SUNDA Y 2 5 P M - 169B HAWTHORNE, GROSSE PONTE WOODS Thl ee bedroom, one and a hdlf hathloom semi ranch m a prime loca tlon Updated kitchen, formal dll1mg 100m, at tached g,ll age, FOllda 100m and cl lalge well land scaped lot Thlb home S Just wdltmg fol you' P ce leduced to $142,000 Call today GROSSE PONTE PARK' Located m Wmdmlll Pomte 'iubdlvlslon, ths lovely Colomal boasts four "PdClOUS bed ooms, two and a half bathrooms, t bl at y and family room, secunty system and many ecent mprovements Call lodd} fur your pnvate toul OPEN SUNDAY 2.s ' ~ HAMPTON GROSSE PONTE WOODS Thl::' c1db >CColonJdl S pe c,ented m mo\' 111 condton' Upd,ltpd 111 g87 to 11clude a host of new ame1ltle" Thlee bedrooms, n,ltlll dl hi ppl,le 111 the 1J \ ng loom,md dnothel lileplace n the ecredtlon loom Plan to stop 111 thl" Sund,l\ OPEN SUNDAY ~ fj P 1\1-188 KERBY, GROSSE PONTE FARMS Walk to the Fdlms Pier from thl > lotal pno\ dled tolll bed oom TudOl "t} e home ThiS family esldence b complete With a new kltlhen hdl (h ood nom" olnd 11',1(1gla"s accents A wondel ful fdmily home Pnce educed OPEN ~Ul':DA Y 2.s PM LAKE SHORE DRVE n all the world, thel e S only one like this gor g('ouc,umte\11pol,l) Wth wmm,l1dll1g views of Lake St Clar Two mabtel bultes \\ th balcony, an ent( t,llj1nwnt lenlt d goulmet lutchen, family 100m and much more Call today for YOUl pl'lvate lolll OJ pl'lt to c,top ljl thlc, Sunday O'L ',' '-,U~[)A Y 25 P 1\1-469 MORAN, GROSSE PONTE f'arms Fd"t acton 1'1 a must on thl" (lnd( ful f.un 1y hol11eoffel l1g thl ee bedlooms, t 0 n,ltu,d fil eplace,:" 11\l1g loom, lecreatlon room,uul hltlh( n lllh,ppliclncee, A two cm gar'lge, lenced ydl d dnd hllck p,lt10 ddd to the value' Pnced tn "'1'11.t 'j,12g,ooo Cdll toddy foj molc details OPF,\, ::'UNDA Y 25 P 1\1 - <:l87 LAKE SHORE DRVE Recently LOrnpleted, thl" luxuly lesldence lep h nt" th( oppm tulut} of d lifetime Evel y magll1able dmel1lt} S 1clllded 111 thlb four bedroom hom(, grlllll1ld kltlhen equipped \\th nil optlone" a ii c,l nom hedloom "1.lte plu., <l master sute \lth j,llu/ll,ll1d 'iaun,l, dnd, gl,ll1d hall 1'hp pnce h,\,> recently hl'en leduled P,ln to c,top 111 thl'i <)undd} 88200H7 OPEN :-'UNDA Y 25 PM NOTRE DAME GROSSE PO~TE CTY :\1eld} lenovated second nom COndOl11l11lUm :\1e\1 kitchen, fu,1<ce,l1d ccntl,il,ll rhlpe bedloom." 1\10 full bathrooms, den,lj1d 'nllo,ed hakon\ A ldl \,lue r,dl today fol fwthp tnfolm,ltlon OJ pl,1l1 to "top n this Sun d,l\ 8S20087 OPE~ c.;u;';da Y 2 ') ' ~ SO ROSLYN GROS')E PO[','T' '-loj{',s 1'hl.., pltllrt'e,que custom ranch e, e,wlolll1ded n,mard Wll1l1l11gg,lc1l'ne, len', \ou \1111H!, \ou wuld \dllt Three bedloome, pllll'led llbl,\l\ \'tll hutll1,>1]('1\1'" e,pduollc,f.llnl\ loom lil"l nom 1.11ll1dly,l1d 'The pnc~ hd'" h<'<n duu'd to 'j;2~,) oon Cdll tod,l\ 01 '>top Tl 011 '-,U1<.l\ k'l20087 O'L'>; '>l',>;na Y 2') P ~ ~1'A~()P'" (;W'-,'-,~, PO!'\; rr: WOOD.", FRST OFFERNG * lllgh~,11r1 "P,\L1 011" thl ( 11l'1!t00111 h 111 out..,t nd l1g (ol1<ht on ed (,t n 001 pl,11,11d t,lstefu de lo (ountl \ k tlhcn pi u" folm tl dll11ng upddted h,lt h oom.., np\l'! Ll1dc,c,lpll1g and..,uper.,tordgt' C,dl tod,\\ 01 "top 111 thle, SUndd) f\8200r7 (,A'~, (OJ) DOLL OU'-lE!\' (,J{O')'-,', PON'!~, ',',oon", rhl('(' 11l'dlOOm charmer With updated ktchen.1l1d hdtl1l00111 Be,lltfulll mdll\t.\l1l"d,lh! 'ld) fill qulk O{CUpdn() Thl'i on(' won't lae,t long PllU<l 10 "'ll,t \7)O()() (,ll toddl tm dl! '> li2\'\''200h7 EX(!',l"! O'>;i\L e E01 ',R E:'\ 1R!~( '. (OJ O'-:A,,11.Ugl 'S, ris foot 1,lnd"c,lped lot Threl' bed 1m))]\,> dl! 11\, "'p,lllou'" [,lnll!\ 100\11 folllll1 <llnll\,.; loom opd dd hnl1,l(p,11d cpntrdl plu'- hullt 111 kltt h n dpplldlh '" All n onl of thl W"od.., lilh " 11' li;hh"l hood.., /')OBRO HR2 OOR7 OVERLOOKJ'l(, OC'\100H «()J''>;rRY ([.t'll 1111" '\1'11'>\'h 1('1\O\dt,< homl fp,ltu('> foul wdloollh lhldl\ Oll idl hdlh loome, Lll~1 (,111111\100m "t h,1 (ountn klttlh'n \\lth l'dt ng h,ly,1l<1 mon',lion.!oo, llo foot lot ('.111 tml.l) fm l\o( \l1 fol\11,1tlon $ll,) (JOO /27'-,1 ''>;1 R82 OOM7 1':1 (,AN'! (,H)J{(,AN «()J 0;';1,\1 '>; (,W",<)E 1'00'>;'E (JTY Hullt h\,john l)"ll11k ", gl ( 1011'-,nil 1t.lll1\g thl'- tlge' home f, ttlll(e,, thll( Ollm m..-t" "lilt" 1h full lilt hi \ld fjre' p\'lcp, f.lnlllv l,om lhldl\ g dlli 100ll\ llgl 11\ll1g room \llth fill'pllcl dnd mol.,dl 01\,\ ml l,llgl lot :v1.ln\ loh.'rful fp.1 tu11 c, dhound (,dl toddv 101 \0111 pi 1\ ltl',,1101ll1g 'i 12'),000 (nflv' A:-', HH2 00H7 OPEN SUNDAY GROSSE PONTE FARMS 82 Kercheval REALTORS GROSSEPONTE PARK GROSSEPONTE WOODS Mack Mack '>;~,AR (,R()~'-,E 'O"H, BO(' \'A{) lh{ hldut\ of thl'" F,(1(11 (h,tl'dll..,1\11 llc,ld.l(1 mll..,l h..,1'111 \VoJ1cJ!1lul m.,,11'1 e,lllt., pill'" th!! dddlt 101\,tl f,lmlll h, dloom" p,llh'l. d lhl \,.lrg<' llv lig 100ll\ dllli rlll1l11g loom hutll " htnll\,1ld hp,lkllc,t room :-'1.111\.lhulo\lc,, ltH.., (,dl tod.l\ to! \Cl1 prlv,lll' tou 'is7') OO() i!l:lclo/ HH

30 108 _. ~\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Grosse Pointe Board of REALTORS' Chamberlain Realtors ChampOn & Baer. [ne Coldwell Banker Real Estate Damman, Palms, Queen Realtors R G Edgar & Assocates James R Flkany Real Estate Co Grosse Pomte Real Estate Co Hendrcks & Associates Realtors Hgbe Maxon lnc Realtors Johnstone & Johnstone ne You've Seen Our Sign Around the Pointes John E Perce & Assocates, [ue Jm Saros Agency lnc Schwetzer Real Estate ne Shorewood E R Brown Realty nc August 11, 1988 BGl REALTOR' tqual HOUSNG OPPOlUNY THE PROPERTES LSTED ON THESE PAGES ARE OFFERED EXCLUSVELY BY MEMBERS OF THE GROSSE PONTE BOARD OF REALlORS Adlhoch & ASSOCiates,ne Aldndge & Assocl6tes Boton.Johnston Associate!! Century 21 East n the Village Century 21 Lochmoor There is a reason why sellers chose Adlhoch & Associates Realtors to represent them in marketing their home. Call one of our Professionals today and set up an appointment to discuss our ideas further, SlOe Real Estate Co Tappan & ASSOCiatesne Wilcox Realtors Youngblood & Finn, nc SNE REALTY T'S WOHTH YOUH TOlE TO CALL SNE... GROSSE PONTE WOODS Georgldn Colomal, gleat Woods locaton, foul bedlooll', t\\o dnd, hfllf hflthloom'i. first floor laundlv, md"lll bedloo!11with b,lth room dnd dressing dl ea, ~pnnklel ;,).,tem [lull' cll,j ", GROSSE PONTE FARMS Manor-Chalfonte, PRCE REDUCED, nce thl ee bedloom, t 1\ a bath, buck bungalow, formal dmmg room, full bdsment t\\o cal garage, owner anxous SNE REALTY MULTLST SERVCE FARMS OFFCE 18412lVlACK 8R-l-7000 WOODS FOUR BEDROOMS - Well mamtamed 2,100 square foot Colomal near all schools, two fireplaces ncludmg large famly room, newer carpetmg and decor throughout Spacous wide lot, two car garage. OPEN SUNDAY McKNLEY.280 KERBY 449 LNCOLN 1922 LANCASTER.1313 WOODBRDGE.414 CLOVERLY 3 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 4 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom CHARMNG WOODS RANCH - New fur nace and electrcal system, natural file place, dlnmg room, den and fimshed basement plus two car garage - new THREE BEDROOM COLONALS $105,000-$185,000 We have a vanety of two story Col omal styled homes m a most popu lar prce range $105,000 FAMLY HOME - Three bedroom Colomal m Woods features a newer kitchen With eatmg space, den and fimshed recreaton room. ThiS S a comfortable home which has been well mamtalned There S a pato n the fully fenced backyard AVALABLE MMEDATELY WONDERFUL SURPRSE awaits you upon entermg this three bedroom, two and a half bathroom Colomal on a desrable "M" <;treet n the Farms Large modern ktchen With eating space, a."tate of the art master bathroom New Windows, hardwood floors PRCE RE. DUCED GROSSF: PO~TE FARMS - Beautiful ('cnter l'ntrance Colomal, new ktchen With bult m dishwasher and microwave Large family room With doorwdll leading to backyard deck, three bedrooms, one and a half haths, lar~e cedar closet Ta'tpful decor FARMS - $129,900 A real chumer Wth hard"'ood floors. lar~e deck,md heautlful nl"'w decor through out KERCHEVAL '.N THE VLLAGE" FRST OFFERNG - Grosse Pomte Schools Three bedroom brck bungalow m Har per Woods Nicely fimshed second floor With hardwood floors and generous storage MODERNZED FARMHOUSE COLONAL Charmmg home adaptable to your needs Three bedrooms, two full baths, model n kltchen With bult ms Recent mprovements mclude gd'i fmeed dlr fulnace, fimshed base me nt, loaf, storms, and screens, drveway A TRUE "DOLL HOUSE" on ROSLYN With such features as two fireplaces, new roof and furnace and bay wmdow LARGE FAMLY ROOM PLUS FANTASTC KTCHEN are JU'it two of the features m this three bedroom Colomal m a most popular Grosse Pomte Woods locaton Add air conditoning, extra deep lot, excellent decor, SX panel wood doors and much more all for only $121,500 MMEDATE OCCUPANCY AVAL ABLE ENGLSH Gros'ie Pomte Cty Lmcoln at St Paul olterlng four bedrooms, three and a half bath'i, hbrdry, large screened porch. three natural fireplaces, double lot $280,000 OUTSTANDNG CTY LOCATON - The leaded gld'is and fine woodwork are Just two of the fl'3tujes of this outstandmg five bedroom Colomal With three and a half bnth" The library hu'i wonderful nuit n "hl"'lves and the fireplace S of pewablc tile Ldfgl"' kitchen With butler's p,lotl) FRST OFFERNGS KENMORE - GROSSE PONTE SCHOOLS Attractive two bedroom home n Harper Woods New modern kitchen, new two car garage, natural fil eplace and expan slon attc for bedroom and bath ADiiiOCiil ~ REALTORS THE SELLERS OF THE HOMES LSTED BELOW ARE PLEASED THEY CALLED ADLHOCH & A~ SOCATES. THER PROPERTES SOLD DURNG THE PAST FEW WEEKS Balfour 1325 Balfour 1316 Bshop 61 N Duval 1214 Grayton 1727 Hollywood 1852 Hollywood 290 Kenwood Ct 550 Lakeland 168 LakeVew 656 Lmcoln 292 Mt Vernon 668 Neff Newcastle 542 Pemberton 166 Ridge 788 RVard 744 Sheldon 2037 Shorepomte 1755 Stanhope 311 Touraine Van K 953 Washmgton GREAT LOCATON backs up to Provencal and adjoms Grosse Pomte Hunt Club Walk to Elementary School or Umver slty Liggett Campus OUTSTANDNG FAMLY ROOM 27x18 feet With fire place and quahty finlshmg details Features mclude four bedrooms. two and a half baths, attached garage and central air CONDOMNUMS ROOSEVELT PLACE CONDOMNUM AttractVely pnced to allow for your decoratmg plans This slate roof Tudor has all the Size and character you could want Just bnng your great decorating deas Great hbrary WOODBRDGE EAST - A most popular 179 umt "Adult CondommUm" near Eastland With community house and pool along With an evenng attendant The "Dorset" style townhouse With many added features S what we offer you today POPULAR "HLL" LOCATON, Ju<;t a block from all thp new developments on the "Hli" Wth three bedrooms, one and a half baths at $118, [ Mack Aldridge & Associates GROSSE PONTE PARK Large center entrance Colonial on one of the most prestigious streets in the beautiful Wmdmill Pointe SUbdiVSon Featurmg SX bedrooms and three and a half baths. Living room and hbrary have natural fireplaces. Formal dining room With bay wmdow Large kitchen with built-ins and separate eatmg area RecreatOn room with wet bar and natural fireplace. Sprinkler system Attached garage and 8 two car detached garage SpacOus lot Call today for a pnvate showing Grosse POinte Woods, M J (313) Better than new S an apt descrptonof this very special offel mg f you need four bedrooms, three full bath'i, two half bath<;, family room, library and colossal ktchen n the heart of the FARMS, wre " ) OU answer ThiS home was built by the current fa,tldlou" Ollner" to then specificatons With specal attenton to easy mamtenance,md cnu g\ efficiency Call today for a list of the amellltlc",md <l11,mgl',n appointment for youl'per'ional Vle\\mg GO AHEAD, SHOW OFF - you can Wth pnde 1O th1",1u'plclou't \1111 of thr century Albert Kahn de<;lgned vlctonan homt. on L"kl,holl' Make'i no comproml~e<;on ether tradton or ronvl'n'1c(', C, nl, alr condltlonll1f( and hand Cfllled halu'itradr" \er ll1d,',llld.1 (011 temporary country ktchen co CX\<;tromf01tahly t offl'' 10\11 hi c room<;,three and a half bath" dnd a ho"t ofcaptlv,ltlllg,lllwnil f' (,ll for addtonal detilll~ TAPPAN AN 0 ASSOCATES OF 90 Kercheval ~ fllall:.~tat Mack

31 August 11, 1988 Grosse Pointe Board of REALTORS' [B REALTOR' EQUAL HOUSNG OPPORTUNTY THE PROPERTES LSTED ON THESE PAGES ARE OFFERED EXCLUSVELY BY MEMBERS OF THE GROS~E PONTE BOARD OF REALTORS Fms'1' OFFEf{NG - Sdddle Ldlle Dellghtlul P"> delli' nidi Hunt Club 25 loot ldlmlv 100m 'll,,>t Jlld,tel bedloolll Thl P' b~ch 00111"> on,,>ewlld '1''''0 dlld a hdll b,lthlllol11"> Hemodeled MUhlhlel klllhen Llnll,d..ll 1\\ 0,ll dttalhed gal,lgp SEVERAL FRST OFFERNGS,\hl. <.,OHF HOi\l) :::'P<lllO">,,>ellli 1,l1ch on 112\1, J fool lot GO~"'' POllitt Shore, 2'j 10,, \ 1"0111 \\ th ll'pl.ll\ plu">,! foot d, 1 ~l toot l,hll'l w(1! (lolil 1 hll t' lug, h,doolll"> Ull "H 1}1l1l' full h"lh o(lfll 1\ l tlll' 11 \\ th uilt "> lldlldll1g " J( 1111\11" Fl,ll'd il,l">(ll'lll C'nli,d " 1\\" h\ll g<il <igl ({l\ U d ll'1 <ill Fms r OFFERNG - Hdmptoll RO<ld bpt ween Malk and M'l tel Thiel' bpdloum dill h Dllllng loull!"'lndy loom 01 den Hd.,pment 'll Pdt ll dlea,l1d ub ll' 4U\ ldd toot lut llllllwdldte pu".,e",wn $93900._----~ '", {' \111 <"p,ou~ lllndolllljlu \\lth thill' hi < (lcj">011 ">PO ld Ol th helh OUl1 Oll hlld 1'11-.1 nolll 1,1\,llOl\ t\\u flill h,lt}loonh J\ 111 i dlllll 1"1 \\ d'l- (JilL " i,,\,\.t',, l,l 1,,11 <1>('!'lill. dulul to $119 OOD FRST OFFEHlNG - Wd~hlngton Rdod Stateh le.,ldenle un 124x216 foot beautful!) dnd "aped lut "tudted un tl ee hned,,>tleet Remodeled kltdlen Flag'itune tell die" Sldll 1001 Fdnlliv uom FoUl bedloom" dnd t hi 1'1' dlld d half bathloom" plu" two bedloum, and bathluum un thrd Thel' cal gal age \\ th po"> "ble ldlliage house mmediate pu,,>,,>p,,>,,>lon HOO",L\ l:l Shalp ranch Newel MUhchlel klldll'n!leu f\\o nice size bedrooms Cenlletl.ll (,,\ dgl ('11'.11 10ldtlOn m Grosse Pomte Clt; 1t\ \11"1 O~ {OAD - Three bedroom Colol1l<11,outh oj l\1al ter Road Updated kitchen \\th e,llll1g,lea Paneled den 150 foot deep lot \\ l h p<1ll0 One and a half bathroom"> 1\\ 0 ldl g-dl(\ge LAKECH S LANL Jl~t llll kl <..,!loti { ld ill the F<lllll"> :::'p<lou' \< hi J ""ll l(.lld r ill l<lthlu(lm l"ldl.'lll \\tlr 11l1qu< 11, pi ', tuot f.lllh loom \\lh h,1l 11l~1!lool l'ldl\ Al,1 m,,>\,ll'll (:lll'llhou" (dl t l '" lilol",1r uut '\;Lli H ) \ \11', h H't1101J1 onl,llll. h d,t,,, \ ' ">dl llll' on bo fool lot \'1'\\ l" Ullldll \\ th U lll,d <ill ' \\ 0 dl gel! dgl llllludl ~ 1\lllhll1,lppll,Jl" 1'1 lt 1'1Ul'd '\111 J{Oi\D 1'1\1' ljl'dlooll thlel MthlUlJlllOl donlllllull 10\\ lhou"e \\llh 'lorlll ll 27 10,,111\ lg JOll \\th lllpl'\' 0le\\<.'1 klldll'1l "ll 1l'l1 \ l'"dul gl.l">">\\ do\\" '1ell J1~1 pl."> l'l no\d\l1g "nd \\ood nom"> \utn 1,l1qlldl\ FRST OFFERNG - Vendome Exqul"lte Tudol le"ldenle on beautful F. ms sll eet Sl\. bed loom" and thl ee and a half bathloom., Randum plank pegged oak flou" Thl ee fll ' plales Pewablc tile bathloom" 1\\0,,>tOJ) :l4 foot hvmg loum With beamed cedlllg Heated gal den loom Outstandng recreaton UOll \\ th bar 100m Attached garage'" th maid"> looms above FRST OFFERNG - Elm Court Great Fal ms 10 caton Center hall Colomal Wth mne foot cejllllg'l on fil"t floor Frst l100r gal den loom overlook'l heated pool and n1cel\ land">capeu p vdte Ydl d Newer oak kitchen S [l ' dl' bghl SeLlJl1U noj hdh, ]f-i'(~11 fnot ltbrell \ \\ th fireplace Two and three fourths gdl age Central air FRST OFFERNG - Damman m Harper Wood'l Three bedroom one and a half story resdence DVded basement With lavatory Two plu,,> car heated and nsulated garage Kitchen appll ances ncluded Priced right at $68,500 AHU~ON TOW NSHP - Unique and allol dable dnl h on the water With available dockll1g fa ltt l'''> fl om your own deck Call u" fui pdl tll lldl "> YPSLAN n TOWNSHP - Washtenaw County Apploxlmdtely 77 acres of land divided by Whlttakel Road Zoned R-3 Call for furthel detall., 01.,ketch of property $ ',0l DH\ r 1 \:-.E - Beautiful Countl) Flenl'h holl" letl,,\'ll'd past t~o /lal' '\1" kltchl'n ha" eplale Llbral y With iii epl<lle Faml1y loom With bar Master bedroom ha" t",o bathroom~, one of WhlCh S all new Wth JUWL.Z Four addtonal bedrooms Garage apal tment \\ th separate entrance over three cm,tt<lched garage Newer roof Lawn Spl n kil'l,,) ">tl'm Mall1 house has central all By.ppOilltment only QUck possesson - (' '. \ " [)\', 1 \ 1,1 ',l\: "' \, l...llo~"e >ollllc ::,hloe" Bldlildull' PHil \,,\ 01 Lake St C,11l SMUOll"> < he \looll'd 10\ 1'1 \\ lth "pll al st<1l1ld,,>e L1 h t,l1u 1; loom Llhl,\ \ \\ th fil eplm p 'n loot g,l1 dl'l '1 1\ loum Fn'lt!loor launell; M,">ll'l 1".d00111 hi' 1\\0 dll'''' ng loom" dnd t\\o l.thl (loll"> ' Olll,H\tO1<il 1)('11 room" \\ lth till el' h.ttlll ' hi 1'1 pll\\dl H\l"> Thleelarg.ll,\gl' h">lgll(dh\ llu~'hhl\" ho ell ' 1\\ () FA 1\1LY FLAT 011 Blcklllgham Ju<,t out">lue (,O">~p POlnte 111 Dl'lliJlt '1'\\0 bedloom" 111 ('.lh Uilil '>,tellol llentl) p,lltlt'd Sepdldte full,lll'''>,l1d dn ded b,i">eml'nt 1\\0 Ull g.t 1.~1' dl<\' OlUP,llll\ Oil 10\\1'1 'fj:h 900 ( OLON lal Crill the F al m" ConvCllent to M,llk A \ ' "hop" and tnt!1"po tat On One and, h,t1f ~lol \ T\\ 0 bldloom" on fil,,>t.nd lal ge 1\\ (lj on ">t'lolld 1"11 'l nom palll'le,1 U'1 '\(" tf illd 'Ul' ),',, ' J7 KERBY ROAD - One dnd a half "tol y les dence 20 loot f<1l1111 y loom Two bedl o~ms on n">t Md">tel bedloom and 'llttlllg loom on 'lec ollll 1\\ 0 ftliltuce" Basement lavatory 1\\ 0 1,11 g,1,gl' Po">,,e">" do"l' 1.0\ el~ uelol Opl'l <"1111(1.1\2 'i.... ṛ. po r r,.,..::.:- - WATER FRONT RESDENCE ON Windmill POinte Dllve 150,,400 foot lot ExceptOnal En gll"h de"lgned by Hugh Keye~ Wth magmfilenl watel VJeW Two "toly hvlng room Nme bedloom"> eght bathrooms and two lavatories f'amjly loom 20 foot lbrary Mdny mole amemtle'l Call 101 p,1 tlculal s ' l{hee ML'" J{\\ ', Hl,lltdul lll'\\el ho l' lu" tom dl'''~led to 111llenl 0\\ n'l Dell plu., < 28 lool lal1llh loom \\llh fileplale Fl\e heuloom,,> foul bdthlooll">,\1d 1\\0 d\<1tolrl''' Thel' dl attached g<ll,lgl' Ll gl lot \\ th tennl"> COllt Centl al <111.11d m,l1\ ot 111'1,lllenltll''' D \ (N<..,!H, B,l!ltilullmll 111<1'''''111 t\\<1,lld " h,dl h<it h 00 ( <lon,d.!o h 'f'1l1 \\ h filt'pllu' <i11e! lill 111 wokl'''>' hllll1lli h,"> hle,lkf,ht 10011\ hu,lb \10 \ 'l" 111d g-~\l t\g-l hll'-,l L\{HA(!', (l,tu1 huilt f01l1 1)(dl ("1111 l \\ 0.tle!, h,dflj.lthl oom ('010111,11 Ma"ll'1 bedlo.jlll h,l' ">tllllg loot ihl.l1\ \\llh tilepl,l<.e 20 lll 1.11ll\h loom \\ Lll fill'pl.lle F ">1 110m twit dl \ (,lljwtlll 1d odk \\,dled L<.',ltlOn OOlll pli"> 1,111k hi' J'lllllil loom Wood dt'lk A,UT,1ld '1"lllk t ">\">l!'11">( tltl d 1\\0 (.,ltlldll d l.. '1.lf,' 10 SYCAMORE LANE - Bullt m 1983 thl"> 'j'ioo ~quare foot Colomal offel" four bedroom" thiel' dnd a half hathroom" Menamne lbraj) OVl'llook"> gleat 100m \\th 17 foot cellmg heght The ma,,>tel hedloom " on ii 'it!loor Hot tub Selurlty w,,>tl'm Cenll,ll,,no m,11\ man' amemtle"> HOMHLEY ROAD - Deltghtful four }Jl'oroom hi P(' 'll1d. hall bathroom Colomal F,lml h room '" bdr 'lld firepl<lle Model n klt(hen R"cn,ltlOn room With \\alk 'jut g,l den' Wood dt'(k ovellook"> cldv tennl"> lfllilt 1\\ 0 l,lt,ltlll ht e! g,lrflgl' 160x 17::' foot lot t Al',('\, {Oi\ll FOUl lll'dlooll thll'e MthlOOll 10lldol1l1111Um ('ompll'lpl;.'no\,ll['(1 ndudlng B,lkl'l (Ollll'pt klld1l'1 \\th l'"llllg,111',1 Clo">e to \'llllgl,,>fllljlplllg,l1d 11,111">1)01 Lllwn \\ (LA\{\ LW ('OUH <"urprr,,>ll1gl\ ">P.LOU' l"dloo11 1\\0 ll<lthroolll 0111',llld th,'' qtl,l1ll ">1OJ \ h01ll1 011 q 1111'1101lil 111 \Vood"> <"1(oml no", finl">hul 11 Fl71 h,l' [\\0 b[(1 ]('Ol!l"> \\1111 h,du)lle, lull b,llhloolll, dell, 1.11 gl ">111ng loom,ltlll ]oh 01,to!,gt' 1'11110 u 11 hdt 110om 11\ h 1">111('111 QUdl11 ~ m,ltt'l,ll"> t h ollgholll -;1\(1\\ plldl of 0'" 111'1,,>hlp MU"> ", v" ',t'>ory(ouh 1111' n l)fi() Dill ( nt i, Lldll'e! >(,\1,l!l 1'o~',"10 iii i<" "" 1\",,,' r.o( T1MOOH!lO( \ \{) " J '{ l""1 1111> C">tom buill,,>, \, > 1111 )"" ii) 10 t bl\l\\\ltlllll''1<' 1'-,1.111, " pmlh 1\111h'l h "> hi' lid, '.' '1l1 \' noklllg \.ld h\ll.llf 'f' ",hllllill 111"'1 L.11~1' 1lf'lhOO1l 111<1pi'll\, tlll '" 1111 'xp,ln">lon <n ""nld 1'1111h, d hi' 111'111 ~J>111l"11,\,tl tll.l1d ' )Jill '\ h",lld thl" qll,lll'l ill"l"e l' 11 i,ll 2, 1)'-, ~ (O!.ON \1 (1 ",t (1111 '",llol" llil ' h' dloom onl,\lid h.df h,llhloo1l,\11l h bull l'lh7 Sll'p do\\n Lund; loom \\th fill' pll' l'.tll1 \lh 1\\llng,,>h,lpld l!'l1l.ltlol \\ 11h ~ "> ('pill (' Sp C' 101 tli ">1\l00] 1,\1111,i \ 1\\",, h d g,1 gl' 0p'll "lllld,l\ 2 ", )11 [\hll'l)!"! Blldt 11J-,2 hl' ('"lollirl,.1!, 1 "nl\\ lbl.ll\,1le! 111"l 11,, ,1, b, dloo11 1 ",lll<htlon.l1 we! ' l1h oil " lond J\\ 0,1l1d, h,ll b,ll hi ' 1\ " lion Ollin \\ i ' pi 11\11 \\,1 h" ("ltl d 7),17') (001 lll h\o'.11 "i, e!1' 11.11'1 ()plll '",llld,l\ 2'" OPEN SUNDAY LA\L'ON ~, "'nil bt dlol1lc, rbl <11; (,1111h '>22'1.,1111 2l',",K(Olo';',\1 (J <.,( <., hlt,t hllhool1l 1l11",lH"t,r1),rth llli,,11,11'111 17l h' Hill lh"" hi dc""l \\llh \loom '!i12! 'iof) " " W mgble MAXON REALTORSP kercheval avenue grosse pointe farms mchigan ~- HOMEQUTY Rf()\AllON( fl-jhp ~~((' 'J 1 r EMPLOVr! RE ncat Ot-J COUNCil

32 August 11, Grosse Pointe Board of REALTORS' QUAL HOUSNG OPPOR1UN1Y THE PROPERTES LSTED ON THESE PAGES ARE OFFERED EXCLUSVELY BY MEMBERS OF THE GROSSE PONTE BOARD OF REALTORS..::: ~ &.~,g'~~~ "Where Sales and Friends Are Made" ~AMER'CAN "ittv HOME SHELD- AmerCa 5Horne Narranly Company MACK AVENUE Grosse Pointe Woods Built Especially for You by BAYPONTE DESGN COMPANY...,/#,' l'~ i' 4,,'n " HOLLYWOOD - Move wndltlon on t111" dpphtll1g thlee bed 100m Colomal n Gro~"e POlfit~ \\' opd, Ve' y,ll gl' f,ll11ly room \ th fil epl dce clnd wthldl d 1 c~ljng upgt aded kitchen 1'32-1 ALNE 1 J\RGE tfll el' he(h lpll UJ( "d, hcllt bathloom ) dnch n d flle,lt lul.ltwn uj (,llh~l' polllte \\oodb Vel\ cllgl!,lll1h Porn \\lth 110tU loll fuephll'. upgldueu hltdllll (, Lilt t!, FARWA Y DRVE _ APPEALNG three bedroom, one,lod a hall bath exelutl\ e <nch m.l qull t wi de "ac n Grosse POinte Woods Large room Slles, fil eplace,.uached gal age dlld much mol e.. GROSSE PONTE CTY - Brand new Occupancy at close Very large English Tudor offering four bedrooms with large master bedroom SUte con taming fireplace, wet bar, whrlpool tub Two story famly room, laundry room, beautfully appomted ktchen Not far from the lake Landscaped Two car attached garage ~ -ffi :m21 LOCHMOOR 884~ Mack, Grosse Pointe Woods CONSDERNG A REAL ESTATE CAREER? Cnme and talk tn u~ about your plans and asptratlofls OPEN SUNDAY Hollywood, G.P.W Aline, G.P.W. Danunan.Pahns.Queen MACK R[!\ TC'RS "START THE SCHOOL YEAR OFF N A NEW HaMEl".. FRST OFFERNG! FOUR BEDROOM bnck Colomal Grosse Pomte Cty! Affordably priced family home offers up dated electncal, copper plumbmg, newer roof and two and one half car garage l ThS S a must see f you are a growmg famly Wthout a btfowmg pocketbook! Call for details. OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 ~ MMEDATE POSSESSON FRST OFFERNG - GROSSE PONTE FARMS _ Near the lake New constructon. CompletOn set for sprmg of Highlights mclude approxmately 3,600 square feet Four bedrooms, two full bathrooms, two half bathrooms, family room, hbrary, laundry room, three fireplaces GROSSE PONTE CTY - Ground has not been broken Stuated on a 60x17924 foot lot Featurmg four bedrooms, two and a half bath rooms, great room, laundry room Well planned ktchen Freplace in great room and master bedroom Walk to the Vllage GROSSE PONTE WOODS _ CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN Beautfully mamtamed by the ongmal owner 2,700 square feet, Four bedroom Colomal Wth two full bathrooms, powder room Fanllly room Wth fireplace, office on the first floor Recreation room Two car attached garage Roof, funace, central ar and humdfier all replaced wlthm the last seven years GROSSE PONTE WOODS _ Attractve two bedroom Colomal Famly room, recreaton room Newer tems include: storms and screens, garage door, carpet m famly room, fence, ktchen floor and dl~ posal Prced under $100,000 OPEN SUNDAY 2.5 _ 565 Ballantyne located m Grosse Pomte Shores Large rambling ranch ~tuated on a large lot near Star of the Sea Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, library, Jamlly room, dllllng room, recreaton room Wth bedrooms and office, bar, fireplace MMEDATE OCCUPANCY FRST FLOOR master bedroom SUite With dress. lg area and full bdthroom highlight ths spacous home rn convement locaton! Ceramic tle entry way With French doors, cheerful ktchen Wth bow wmdow. formal dlnmg room, and central security sy"tem OPEN SUNDAY LOTHROP, GROSSE PONTE FARMS - CUSTOM BULT resdence anlhlbt tl anqul tl eed settmg' Execut1\ e taste yet comfoltable tamjly hv mg Wth three bedlooms, den and fdmjly 100m Specldl amenities mclude "ldte foyer and dll1ll1g aj ea, ",luna, and t \ 0 nat lil al fil epldee<; ('all fo! pllv'lte 5ho\\ lllg CHARMNG TUDOR OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 _ 1006 Bishop located near Jefferson m Grosse Pomte Park Cape Cod Colomal featurmg master bedroom on first floor Wth large bathroom, two bedrooms on second flool \\th full bathroom Powder room, famly room, dmmg room Laundry room Partally finlbhed ba"ement Wth ktchen area and full bathroom BUlt n 1976 These Americans took time off their jobs to serve their country. Washington Lmcoln Teddy Roosevelt Citzen soldiers art' more than Just a part of our country's history They are our country'~ hstory For over three centunes they've been leavmg their homes and JObs to defend Amenca They slj1ldo today They're the members or the Guard and Reserve Ther readl. ness S Vll.1l to our defense Be rajl'to them When their tune comes to go on duty Don't penallze them when promotions and rases are due Our country's future still depends upon our CitZen soldiers They depend upon you To find out how you can support today'~ Guard and Reserve wnte Employer Support, Arlington, VA22209 Or call Protect thew future wluje they protect yours Grosse Pointe A Unique Community A Cultural Cornucopa Appnrl,l!lon "f the.u~ lx!4m~ at an t,lrl} a);t tor (,rl",e ['"mil (hddn:n ( publl( library a dlvl~lon of the C;r()~~ 'omtp 'uhhr '>,honl "v~tcm oft('r,,t no (,,~t d \drl("\ of!\ldrt'n' rladln" prll,;rams at ~ three 'KatlOn~ ~or adult<' the library prop,ram~ r''"!,l trom tra~ll him' to intormatlve pr('qnljtlom on 'urwd' ot rurnnl 1'1 ler("';1 ThC'<e too are fn'( to rcsldenh ot,til thl (,rn~-.e rolnte~ Another jo;f('al~ourcc of lx.11 ClJltun '" thr [-l('.lulllulwar!\1emoflal C ('nter the lorml'r m.m,l()" 01 hl!{l",.11 A Alger lamily With h ~llho,('qulnllv o1ddld hdllro,'m anti theath ovl'r!l)okjnp, akc '"~ Clair hl ( ntll ',1' 0111 mumty Jttracllon thjt nval~ t~e m.jnv pnv"tl dllb~ in thl' ohl.l H('f(' opcn to all n'<"denl" arl' othred ul rld'''l' and exhibits ('ctuf(~ (onerrt, b.lllel,md <'{'(,lld,1nul'!4 in,truetlon "nd children" hl diu.1" \,dl a' 111' m ber.,h,p in a long i~t of "peual int('f('"t cluh~ ",ho'><: tol U, '< clthl r (ultur,ll ntorm,lll\c or!uq plain lun A more recenl additon to public propcrl~ ~ h, hj"tl <nti leanor }ord Houo;( D(,~lgnl'd h\.1reh,leel 1\lhl rl Kahn.lnd supported by a 515 million endowment hl~!4r..(jou~ repk.) 0' an Ln/;h~h manor hol,~e ' now OP( n tor tour~ and 1<, used for m('('tmp,~ tund r.ll.,mp, evl'nt" o1nd<,( \u, o,('r1(,"of houo,(' eonc('rl, CHALON, ST CLAR SHORES - Pride of 0\\ nel ~lllp b C\ dcnt rn this specal bnck ranch ~Llrhle firrplace, central ar, tiled foyel, panelled f.toldy room and tim"hed ba~ement Wth full bath room ) ecreatlorj room and fireplace' ST. CLAR SHORES DEAL '-Ll1ter near 10 Mile and Jefferson 1'\\0 iwdl "om~ hl'alt.d FlOrida room fin,,,hcd ba"ement.tncl wcat locaton Kds can go to Lakevlcv. '-chool., O""nel wants to o:;eeall offers' 1 8QO ",02. CLOSE TO SCHOOLS thl'; lo\ch home (Jffel, for mal dmll1r 100m, two full bathlooph kltchpn "lh h eakfa~t are!!,ld enelo"ld p.ltlo \\ t h fl ench doors N J( f' land<;capmg on d generou' '-17pd lot' mmedl<1te occupanc\ OPEN SUNDAY ALT:\E - P1JHSE PLEN.,!'\,(,LY PUC 1-11 G (J""P POntr \Vood~,mch tc,\tlll '~ t hru lwd room.,. ccreatlon loom \\lth full b,lthlonm \\('t bar and fi)('p1.c'. k,leh('n \llt}' lollmg 0111'01,nri l\\l),ll g,lngr \\lth do(h opl'n, \lo\l up Hd qu pa\ n/-( n lit' NTERNATO;'1AL REFERRAL EX( HAM,E 1 800,') E'iOL 01 cn]] , !OUH:-, Mack Avenue Grosse POinte, Mlch Members of' Grosse Pointe Board of Rea~ors & Michigan Multi-list DETROT PROPERTES (',\))11-:1''( - r~1:v1\cu.a n: ( pl' Cod \' th.111 COli\( nil 111'1''' Gourmf t kltd1l'n \\ t h (u,tom (',thl h, four hi.lroo111,.mcl moil P),(,t tl)) DdlOlt pohll'man lh ml n polpln\ ( (, 1.0\\ ")(1 ~ 1,1:\111'1\')1' - r'(ra ll',ln Olll \{Hi Olll l'll!.,to)', honh' 1'hrr(' hl'lij oom". Updolll'r k ilch"!l RudgLl prced at $2'i 1)00 HOME WARRANTY AVALABLE B RE.ftl lor

33 August 11, ~~ / ' m fi-:!l...,., Grosse Pointe Board of REALTORS' ~. QumOUSO.G THE PROPERTES LSTED ON THESE PAGES ARE OFFERED EXCLUSVELYBY MEMBERS OF THE GROSSE PONTE BOARD OF REALlURS Adlhoch & ASSOCiates, nc Aldridge & ASSOCliltes Bolton.Johnston A!>,>oclatc<, Century 21 East n the Village Century 21 Lochmoor Chamberlam Realtors ChampOn & Baer, nc Coldwell Banker Real Estate Damman, Palms, Queen Realtors R G Edgar & Associates Put Number 1 to work for FRST OFFERNG GROSSE PONTE PARK VERY i'\ce OU filmjly ncome n Pll1JH' 10Llc Excellent tash f10\\ Corl\ l'ncnt to "chool" and shoppmg llndt'l '\> OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 GROSSE PONTE CTY James R Flkany Real Estate Co Grosse POinte Real Estate Co Hendricks & ASSOCiates Realtors Higbie Maxon ne Realtors Johnstone & Johnstone lne [B REALTOR John E Perce & ASSOCates, nc Jm Saros Agency lnc Schwetzer Real Estate nc Shorewood E R Brown Realty nc OPEN SUNDAY E JEFFERSON OPPORUNY SlOe Real Estate Co Tappan & ASSOCates nc Wlcox Realtors Youngblood & Fmn, nc We're a team you can count on! 114 Kercheval OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 ig82~ Cn/\~jFORD LANf 138 GROSSE PONTE PARK... '".' 885 NOTRE DAME - ThiS beautiful trl level reatul es a natul dl filcpldce, attdched garage Wth doo! openel, cen tral all, thl ee,ll ge bed ooms and one and a half bathloomb, excellent condl tlon ProfeSSOnally finl"hed land"cdpe Pnced to "ell FRST OFFERNG GROSSE PONTE CTY ONE OF A KND ENGLSH ThiS five bedroom thl ee full and two half bathroom home features b~autlful decorat1og Wth lots of detail, newel shake sh10gle roof, newer gas boller, large bright open kitchen, and om pegged f100rs 111 ltv1l1g room, hall and d1l1mg room, pewablc tile and fountam n hedted garden/family room Septembel Ol..cupancy CONDO LVN(; \T TS B~:ST" Ch,l mlllg four bedroom two and one half bdllulloll1 located 10 Gros"e POll1te 1)(',11 V al{c d nd t an~portatlon. Dl110g uol1 \llth 1><1\1\ ndll\', clllll dl fir eplace, neutwl dcuj dnd \\1'11 m,l1ntdlllld EAHLY OC- CUPANCY NCE loll! bedloom Enghsh Tudor 10' lo\eh lotnlc Natural woodwork, ledded glds" w1odo\\ s, natu! al fire place G e<lt home for the growmg fam Jly GROSSE PONTE FARMS VERY NCELY DECORATED starter home Most applances stay, full basement, convenient locaton Priced under $70000 GROSSE PONTE FARMS T1l" chal mmg three bedroom brick bungdlo\\ featm es a cozy atmo- ~phere, half bathroom master bedloom ProfeSSOnally landscaped, vely well md1ota1oed Call for de tall ~ GROSSE PONTE WOODS,.- REDUCED' - Beautiful sprawhng bnck.inch, t\\l) and a half bathlooms, full inlshed rm"ement With saloon..ty e hdl Two car attached garage, \,11 ge COnel lot pi me locale Priced at onh $ \\ ner \\ ant~ to look at,111 f)ffpl-, EAST ;\; TilE lo~24 K'H hnal A\<'. G P SOCAL SECURTY?. MANY PEOPLE ONLY KNOW HALF. THE STORY:!J VLLAGE "h "t", ",11'1"11(1<011\ ",,0,,1 J1[1 "pudlrd COMPLETEL Y REMODELED fom bedroom bnck Bungalow Newer ktchen, fui nace with central all Two bathrooms, fim"hed babement, newer carpetmg and much MORE Owners transferrmg HARPER WOODS REDUCED ThiS beautiful foul bedloom Cape Cod has a spaclou~ 0001 plan, dmlly room Wth natu! al fil eplac~, folmal dmmg loom, two car attached garage and a beautifully lim'ihed basement All the amemtles m a New Engldnd "ettmg Close to Glos"e Pomte School.. FRST OFFERNG HARPER WOODS GROSSE PONTE SCHOOLS remod cled and edecorated qu,llnt bnck bungalow located on beautiful cui de sac ThiS home ha~ lot<, of update" and plenty of storage "pace Pnced to sell ST CLAR SHORES WATERFRONT CONDO Thl;, magmficent wndo fl'dtu! e.. two bedroom'> 1bl,l) two and one h,df bathroom", gol geoll.. kltchen, walk Ollt balcon) from wdloom B rea t h t a k 1 n g \,, t (' \ e \\ Ab'>olutel)!JP,lut fu POfe".,lOn,d quality throughout Clll fol c1etdd" CAREER SEMNAR AUGUST 18th, 7 PM RSVP. LMTED SEATNG CALL FOR DETALS Get the whole story from the free booklet, "Social Security, How it works for you!' Call BEAUTFUL ENGLSH N PARK - ThiS foul' bedroom, three and one half bathroom With family room, extensive redecoratmg over the past years, two outslde terraces, service stairs, central dlr con dltlomng, natural wood floors, large master bed room With private bathroom, sprinkler system Very early occupancy Located one block from the Lake and Three Mile Park ENDURNG CLASSC N GHOS::.E PONTE - Thls Gem glan Collllllal ffill\.l'!> the elegance of years past Wth today's lfestyle Seven fbmjly bedrooms, cailidge house!lbl al y a" well as children's family room Lovely SCeened tell ace overlooks near ly perfectl~ mamtallled gloundb Chat m and detail throughout thl;, home DETROT _ t'rlced to sell, this perfect starter home on Thl ee MJle has been well mullltdll1ed Updated kitchen, newel roof and refim;,hed hardwood floors are only a wuple of "exll a~, - the est S left up to you to dlscovel DETROT _ mmaculate two bedloom bungalow \ldth 1mge oppn 1"'P,"]()1,tt e!' l1..t flom fedtu! es leaded gla~s wllldows, newel' carpetmg and glabsed polh Ba"eml'lt " elllcli kdllie With divided 100mb, newer cal pet, an office and recreaton loom ds \\ ell <'>bathl OOlll Pliled n hl' tllll tc" HARPER WOODS _ Well kept three bedroom brick bungalo\, 1\ lth h,l dl\ (lod l1oor.. undl'1 the wall to wall cal petmg Nice size kitchen With new f100r and cdbllleh A 1,11gt. ilke L' 1\\ 0 Cal garage $53,900 ST CLAR SHORES CONDOMNUMS WNDWOOD PONTE _ Lea;,e With opton to purchase thl" cle,hl tl'o tll'dloorn wndo fedtunng large eat m kitchen, hbrary, two car gal age, central 3lr, and mole onl) to he,pplctldtul by, vlewmg LAKESHORE VLLAGE _ On Gary Ldne, th)', condo b located ne,1t ~hllppljlg,\( dn"portatlon to downtown DetrOit Tenm;" swlmmmg and recreaton centel lotdlpt! \lllhlll Ullllpll''. Pnced 10 the nud bixtle" OXFORD ROAD _ Beautifully mamtamed newer Colomal Lal gl' f,lll h OOll \\ th l't h,l, four bed looms and two and one half bathroom~ Blght 'lld cheel) deco!,lllllg THREE BEDROOM COLONAL ON HAMPTON ROAD - Priced n till' LOW ">EVF~'1 E:-, tll'> home has new glassed and screened porch, dmlng room and much appll tlolled,hlndl \ l\l.t1~ PO,,-,lhlhtlCS MORAN ROAD _ Charming thlee bedroom, one and one half hathloolll ('olonl'll m,ll,d ledl..chools,..hopping dnd public trdn"portdtlon Excellent detail \\l'nl mto lh" toll~tllllllol oj hl-, d,"~c home The f100r plan S excellent and you will find the home comfol 1,11l1, 101 nl' h 111\ Lll,y E'l.cellent extenol mamtenance Well pnced GROSSE PONTE WOODS GROSSE PONTE FARMS WHERE CAN YOU FND FOUR BEDROOMS AND TWO FULL BATl{()()\!" FO\{ 1 '\i[)u{ $113,000 N GROSSE PONTE? Here' Neat and tidy '> Wh,ll you find dul \Oll (''(,ll1lln, tll~ home Two hedroom.. on mam f100l,>ttmg loom,lld t\\o )('droom" on "'lolld,\, \\ " h ltt l When it's tune to :move, make it "\Vithus! ONE OF GROSSE PONTE'S OLDEST RF~AL~:STAT~~'RMS HAS MORE TO OFFER..... MORE CHOCES: member of two multi-list servlccs rea~hing all the Pointes, east side of Detroit and Macomb County,.. MOHJ1: U:ACH: member of Network 50, a wholly owned subsidiary of Merrill Lynch, reaching 50 states and over 400 major cities... MORE EXPERENC}1~:over rw years of combined Real Estate Experience!!!

34 148 August 11, 1988 Grosse Pointe Board of REALTORS' Chamberlam Realtors Champion & Baer, nc Coldwell Banker Real Estate Damman, Palms. QUf>enRealtors R G Edgar & ASSOCiates James R Flkany Real Estate Co Grosse Pomte Real Estate Co Hendricks &; Associates Realtors Higbie Maxon ne Realtors Johnstone & Johnstone nc John E Pierce & Associates, nc Jim Saros Agency nc Schweitzer Real Estate nc Shorewood E R Brown Realty nc [BGl REALTOR' EQUAL HOUSNG OPPOR1UNlV THE PROPERTES LSTED ON THESE PAGES ARE OFFERED EXCLUSVELY BY MEMBERS OF THE GROSSE PONTE BOARD OF REALTORS Adlhoch & ASSOCiates.[nc Aldridge & Assoc16tes Bolton.John!>ton Associates Century 21 East n the Village Century 21 Lochmoor Sme Real Estate Co Tappan & Associates nc. Wilcox Realtors Youngblood & Fmn, nc WOODS BUNGALOW Ths bnck home features two bedrooms on the first floor and a very large master bedroom upstairs mth new carpeting, finished basement Wth wet bar and lavatory Updated kitchen, two car garage and more Call for cklu ]" ST CLAm SHORES COMMERCAL BULDNG _ Busy commercal area, zoned general busness. Converoent to freeways and necessary local setvlces, one fourth ffille to new "Shores PrOject" on the lake Can for mformanon YORKSHRE -OfT Mack Avenue. this Colomal has three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, updated lutchen. family room, fireplace, carpeted basement with bookcases! PRCE REDUCED.., On this three bedroom Grosse Pointe Woods bungalow, with two car garage. Owners leavlng town, very aruoous!'! BRCK COLONAL N HARPER WOODS -Close to shoppmg and schools. Three bedrooms, fam- ly room, one and a halt bathrooms, ntlwtll [Unace Edgefield. Can fotmore mformanon Reduced!! YOUNGBLOOD R E Mack Avenue Grosse POlrll8 Woods A L T & FNN, NC. o R s (313) OPEN SUNDAY RDGEMONT - THS HOUSE REQURES NOTHNG BUT A NEW OWNER' Lalge hv 109 loom features a fireplace which b fl amed 10 nch natural woodwork, formal dlomg room ful...leg:mt entert'>'11t'g ',pdatt'd kitchen With a large breakfast area and thl ee bedroom" Don't ml"s seemg this one' OPEN SUNDAY S. HGBE PLACE ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDNG HOME nedr Star of the Sea Lovely hvmg room and fm mdl dm- 109 room, terrific new kitchen With all built ms. three bedrooms, two and a half baths, den, family room, two natural fireplaces, centl al air, attached two car garage and <,0 much more ThiS S NOT a dnve by. so stop n Sun day One Year Home ProtectOn Plan OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 FRST OFFERNG - The cheery entry hall re flects the fnendly spmt of this three bedroom. two bath Colomal located on one of the Farms popular "personahty streets" - 62 MEADOW LANE - Just ott Grosse Pomte Blvd. walking distance to school::.. ChUh:hes and shoppmg The new kitchen and adjacent famdy room are the hlghhght of this umque property The lav sh use of ceramic he, beautifully refimshed hardwood floors and new DuPont Stammaster carpetmg are mdlcatlons of real quahty See for yourself Sundny' OPEN SUNDAY HARVARD - DELGHT N THE CHARM of ths attractve Colomal Bnck, two story, great famly area Three bedrooms, one and a half baths. custom bhnds and brand new kitchen and famly room $ A FRST OFFERNG!' OPEN SUNDAY MARYLAND - Excel lent famly home n Gros"e Pointe Parkl Smart feature" two full baths, large rooms With hardwood floor" under neath the carpeting, updated electrc and plumbmg, two car garage Wth automatic door opener A super oppor tumty at $69,900 1 BEST BUY GROSSE PO\NTE SCHOOLS LOCHMOOR - Out standing brick ranch features a modern kitchen With bult. ms, FlOrida room. three bed rooms, fimshed basement With recreaton room, two car at tached garage, central all', huge lot and Grosse Pomte schools $79,900 FEEL THE PRESTGE 677 BRARCLFF - Lovely Gporgl,!n style Colomal 10 clude'i a marble front foyer, open ~plral stalrca"e, natural fireplac > and wet bar 10 the f.iml1y loom, five bedroom~ Wth \Hl1k m clo~et~ and three and, half b<lthroomc" fim...hed hae,emcnt,lod more' CLNTON TOWNSHP 42,}57 ELDON - GO geou~ Schult? J<:~t<lteTownho\l~e...tyl(' condommlllm feature'! two be'droom'>, two,md ol half hl1th..., i{rp<lt VieW of thp court from the' 11\mg room two and 11 half c<lr J.( r.tge. pnv,lte patlo l1nd mort' Nlcp t umt n the compllx ll :-,t,ltt> of t h'..rt h(.lt h,1110 b( duty ~llon, \ pry.irgl' 1-:1'0"... gn',lt n\l'e,tnh nt fill ov.npr opt'reltor. $l'io,ooo A.,k for Paul Jim Saros Agency, nc Mack, Grosse Pointe, M BEAUTY SALON Dd1em A NEW OFFERNG OPEN SUNDAY BERKSHRE - Located m fabulous Grosse Pomte Park. this stunnmg Colomal otters foul bedrooms. two and a half baths, famly room With natural fireplace, central all'. burglar alarm system. first floor laundry, large basement Wth recreaton room, two and a half car attached garage, hardwood floor, wet plaster, more' THS S T 834 HOLLYWOOD Adora ble three bedroom, one and a half bathroom bnck bungalow m pnme Grosse POinte Woods Offerng d den, fimshed base ment, two car attached garage, central all', new Windows and furnace, burglar alarm and more Move n conditon!' AN OUTSTANDNG VALUE.~ 4R4 ALLARD - Beautiful cus tom bult bnck ranch offer'> an mpre<;~lvt' f,lml1y room With r,ll~(>d hl'al th firepldce, ldl ge country kltchpn and pantry, three hpdroome" two and a half lmth... fil ~t floor laundry, fin le,l1l'dh,le,eml'nt and two and a half car garage Only $1.!9 900'" SHOPPNG CENTER N WATERFORD, MCH, $897,000 'l'llph' npt ll'd<;e<;,fabulous 10 (',ton,l<;<'umptlon term,>,lvallahh', c,dl hroker for Pro Form,1 A FRST OFFERNG!! YORKSHRE Beautful bnck Cape Cod featunng a natural fireplace, natural woodwork, modern kite.hen With bullt-nb A pleasure to see" CUSTOM! Perfect btarter home' Only $34,900. A FRST OFFERNG ROLANDALE - A gorgeous three bedroom bnck bungalow in a fabulous neighborhood Formal dmmg room. A GREAT BUY at $68,900' CONDOMNUM CONVENENCE 592 CADEUX - Fantastic 2,500 square foot bnck condominum offers a spacous hv- ng room. dmmg room and ktchen Wth breakfast room Four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, lbrary, natural fireplace, attached garage, new electnc and boiler Won't last, hurry" $ ROOM TO ROAM 365 LAKESHORE - Elegant four bedroom Vlctonan fea tures a master bedroom With jacu7z1 and two natural fire places Updated Mutschler kitchen Wth bult los,"paclous rooms. natural \~oodwork and leaded glass, terracdto tile, beaullful veranda and the thrd floor features an clabo rate exercse area MU'it ~ee to really appreclate" l COMFORT AND CHARM CLARWOOD - An ab 'iolute doll house located n St Clar Shore'> offer'l a large country kitchen With all new oak cahmets, ~harp utlity '00m Wth lavatory and laundry, a weat,>tarter home m prime 9 Mle dnd.jl'ffer'ion area $r. 1,500'11 GREAT OPPORTUNTY Chl<;<;C Lquor Llcene,e - n Warrpn. Ml $29,000 ca'>h only' Cdll for morl' detail'll! Jim Saros Agency, nc Mack, Grosse Pointe, M LNCOLN - FAMLES LOVE THS LOCA TON - Early Amellcan Colomal, new country kitchen, umque octaganally shaped family room Pnced to sell' BY APPONTMENT THS ATRACTVE CONTEMPORARY RANCH located n a prime area of Grosse Pomte Woods of fers three bedrooms, two and a half baths and an open spacous hvmg room, dmmg room and famly room. There S a deck and attached two car garage Occupancy S mmedate' PRESTGOUS WNDMLL PONTE AREA' Four bedrooms, two and a half baths make this home a perfect family home BUlt m 1950 this home provdes easy mamtenance, new furnace and all' condltlonmg, finished basement and a two car attached garage' A HOME RGHT FROM NEW ENGLAND ThiS home features three bedrooms plus a master bedroom slttmg room, hvmg room and parlor With hand stencilled walls, butler's pan try and den The beautiful grounds, brick pa tlo and whte pcket fence make t seem hke a step out of the past Price was Just reduced to $ ' Make an appomtment now ' -5~~~~~~.~ --~ ~~-- ~..-~_ ~--~7----= - - _ - _-.-".= ~.,,;;,..J ~= ::.. ~ ~._- - JUST OFF WNDMLL PONTE DRVE Four bedrooms, two and a half baths, family room and den $320,000 ATTRACTVE TRADTONAL COLONAL Two fireplaces, central alr, natural woodv.ork, hardwood floors, formal dmmg room. large famjly room, partially fil1lshed baseme'nt, ed'>y care landscapmg, three bedroom'>, tv-o and a half baths A first rate home value' MEMBER ~W EMPLOYEE RELOCATON COUNCL BY APPONTMENT "FRST OFFERNG" CARESSED BY LAKE BREEZES, this stnking resdence m Grosse Pomte Shores awaits your personal mspectlon. Reminiscent of another era, ths msplrmg house otters exceptonal mouldmgs, rich oak tnm, gracous fireplaces, and spectacular settmg DeSigned for famly hvmg, there are five bedrooms, plus two private slttmg rooms. four full baths, enchanting sun room With fountam, lower level entertamment center and a ktchen. pantry and breakfast room that otter hmitless posslbl!- tes $425,000 MMACULATE THREE BEDROOM BUNGALOW built m 1949 With central air condtioning, lovely landscapmg, fireplace and fenced yard Call for an appomtment soon PRME AREA OF THE PARK. Four bedrooms, two and a half baths. hbrary $ KNGSVLLE, HARPER WOODS - Truly exceptonal one bedroom condommlum With complete renovaton and redecoratmg New Pella wmdows, parquet floor, new carpetmg. complete new ktchen Wth new apphances. A great carefree hfestyle available With early occupancy MOROSS - Two bedroom one half duplex close to St John's Hosptal, transportaton and shoppmg Priced to sell at $24,500 CHAMPON~ BAER REAL~TORS Grosse Pointe A Unique Community Archtectural nl\er~lty A, h< ~re<lt\ihlety of rome ~17e~and style<;sug ge~l~ gro\\h ha~ cl1nllnll«l,\,)\-1y o\er year~ t contmue'l even to. day Old ('~al(~ df( ~uhdl\ 1111d tor hlllldmg contemporary home'> makll1g the mansion,>thdl ~tji~urvl\( land many dol all the more treasured by th('lr owner<,ilnci r,llhlalommdl'd r('wll'nh At hr.-.amelme, the area m- dlldc~ hom(',>of lu~t 'lbout ('vcry ~tyle and '>171'-from townhouses. twofamily lnlt~dnd othrr ~mc1l1home~ to grilclou<' Enghsh Tudors colomal'> exccutvcmall'>lon~ (onl('mpor,lry ranch,yle~ and a vanely of modern dc'>lgn~mcludmg condomml\jm~ Thl~ dlver'llly ha~ help(d m,lkr Gr<),~ePomte allractlvc 10 all who valtw well milmlillmd qu,.!lt\ which tar exceed, t~pnce

35 August 11, 1988 Now Opening Phase HDDEN COVE CONDOMNUMS ON LAKE ST. CLAR MODELS OPEN MONDAY THRU SUNDAY 1-5 P.M. (CLOSED THURSDAYS) OPEN SU NDAY OXFORD *'" SpaclOus Enghsh Tudor n the Woods offers four bedrooms, two full baths and one half Natural fireplace, breakfast room paneled den, sunroom, recreation room StudO over attached two car garage PRCE RE- DUCED. OPEN SUNDAY ~ CUSTOM BULT RANCHES Some lake front Units available Wth bodt wells Located Just off Jeffer~on at 15 Mile, Just befol e Shook Road m Hailison Township ,000 square feet Priced from $135,900 to $259, GRAYTON ** Attractive Colomal 111 great area of the PARK offers three bedrooms with second floor study Two natural fireplaces, den, wood deck and patio and many other mct' features Corner lot wth lots of privacy 1065 LAKEPONTE ** Affordable cottage style bungalow with four bedlooms, bath and a half, natural fireplace, carpeting, wood deck and garage Great starter home Call now NEW CONSTRUCTON ** Two Leto bult Colom als on Anita n the WOODS Featul ng thl ee b",jlooms, onc ::md :J. half b'lth<>, faml1v room with fireplace, some apphances, wood deck and two car garage Call for optons and a copy of the spec sheet CompletOn scheduled for md October PRCE REDl~CED ** 706 LAKEPONTE ~~ lj dlous five bedloom Colomal boasts at illo fileplace'>, three full baths, two half b.tths Lal ge wuntrv ktchen, family loom, recreaton 1001"1 Two car attached gdl dge and much, much more Come and ~ee for) ourself A great family home' JAMES R. FKANY REAL ESTATE 714 Notre Dame ", Features mclude two bedlooms, two full bathrooms, dlnmg loom, ll\'lng room or great 100m With fireplace, master bedloom With walk n closet Frst floor laundl y room and wood deck All Unts have basements and attached ga rages Furmshed models by nte nor designer Kathryn Don~on of Jansen's Fme Furmture FOUR NEW LSTNGS TEN SUNDAY OPENS,., 1 Sales by: SHOREWOOD E.R BROWN REALTY, NC Mack Avenue Grosse POinte Woods, M CALL OR DRECT TO THE MODEL H:S SS:S :s:s:sss:s;.. l>ss S:S:S :s:s:ss~:s:s~s:ss:s~:s:s":s:s:s:sss~s:s:n TAPPAN AND ASSOCATES 90 KERCHEVAL GROSSE PTE. FARMS, M OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 of REAL ESTATE MACK AVE. ST. CLAR SHORES, M FRST OFFERNG FRST OFFERNG - A HOP, skip and a Jump to the Shores waterfront park make this 10 cation very desirable for you plcmcers, sunlovers and water babes ThiS lovely three bed room Ranch With family room has been recently updated and decorated and ncludes all' con dltlomng for hot summers hke this Open for your viewing at 27 Hawthorne FRST OFFERNG CHARMNG one owner two bedroom Colomal well located n Grosse POinte Woods ThiS house has been very well main tamed and has many fea tures not found n many homes m this price range Come and check these features for your self on Sunday at 1397 Brys FRST OFFERNG - CEN. TER entrance Colomal which mcludes a hbraly With a fireplace and alai ge porch for gracous summel hvmg or a good spot fol a new fdmll) room Three bathroom~, two With beautiful Pewablc tile and three bedlooms plus a master bedroom With all' condl' tloner See t this Sunday at 473 Lmcoln and ask about the home warranty PRCE REDUCED - ClaSSC Colomal With great center hall floor plan featunng four bed rooms and a famly loom Neutl al decor and an updated kitchen make this a great of fermg VSit our open house on Sunday at 860 Lmcoln for your special vlewmg.' (OPEN SUNDAY 2-~) FRST OFFERNG - THS WELL dr.orated Colonial features a charming bled and glass porch overlookmg a large "ell mamtamed yard This polch plus an atllc fan Wlll add to your summer eljoyment Three bedrooms and a den add up to a specal family home Stop by on Sunday at 1713 Hollywood or call for a pnvate appointment OPEN SUNDAY for your mspectlon at 285 Moran, this fine three bedroom Colonial features breakfast and famly rooms and S n a Farms locaton always popular Wth young famlhes - close to schools and shopping plus lakefront park passes 2118 Lochmoor Fll.,t offel mg An attractive bungalow located 111 Glo%e POinte Woods With a cozy hvmg room \lth fil eplace, three bedrooms, a nice screened poch and a convenient locaton OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 Charming thl ee bedroom bungalow With natul al fireplace n vmg room, screened front porch and newer Mutschler kitchen With oak cabmets Great neighborhood m the PARK, close to elementary and mddle ~chool OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 ~ '"' 285 MORAN _ Three bedroom Colomal With family loom n desirable Farms locaton 473 LNCOLN - First offenng n City,,\ th four bedroom., and a library With fireplace 1397 BRYS _ Charmmg two bedroom Colomal 111 the Woods With many special features 1445 BSHOP _ Quahty Engll~h Tudol featuring three bedrooms and a family room 1374 THREE MLE - Large ColOnial With four bed! oom<; and first 11001'laundry 27 HAWTHORNE _ Lovely three bedroom Shore., Ranch recently updated and close to lake 478 LNCOLN - Price reduced on thl" foul bedroom Colonial n fa<;hlonable City locatlon HOLLYWOOD - Reduced price fol thl~ fl esh y updated Wood" Colomal 1713 HOLLYWOOD - Three bedroom<; and a den make tll<; a <;peclal family home W DA LANE - Three bedroom Wood., Ranch \~lth cpntral ar and large country kitchen 50 Moross ll! (' " loom for e\ eryone n this beautiful tui n 01 tht cpnllll" ColOnial one half block from the Llkl 110m' ha., many unique feature<; 11gh ceil lng'>, 1)<',,(kd gla<;", ta...teful decor, newer roof T",o of,h( follr bl rlroom., have alcove<; SEE YOU ON <"U,\])\Y ) \ \1~" '\; Perfect for newlyweds or tho<;(' 'n lllg th('lr golden year;, You will find thl.,,( ulat(' three bedroom bnck bungalo'" n " qulpt nplghhorhood Manageable lot Wth nl \\ g,l'l:(e (lnd dnveway, nclude;, kitchen ppl1,llc(,'" and!'fltlng space, finished ha<;e l111'nl,md more \' 11'\J(, ron PRCED TO SELl) Very neat h t k r,ll1ch on large lot Excellent locaton L.l'>y to care for home With nevlcr roof (lnd fur 1.1U' 11,1" formal dining room, two bl'droom... \ \t h hght('(1 double clo<;ets, hardwood 11001'<;, full ha.,pmcnt Wth lavatory Good conditon 1 " Br.LLE Wonderfully kept three bedroom Jll!,nd, half.,lde entrance Colomal n quiet,11(',1 of th(' FARMS Updatmg mcludes ne",er oof nlummum trim, central all' and furnace, (,11 pl'tlng, drlve>way Heated two car garage \llth oppner, natural fireplace and more FRANCS Thl<; amazmgly affordahle three ]ll'droom ranch St Clar Shore'l has famtly room Wth natural fireplace, updated bathroom wtth Whlllpool tub and finished basement Al<;o ll1clude... ERA Buyer Protecton Plan Too much hou<;c to miss out on call today to <;chedule your appoll1tment BRTTANY Ea<;t DetrOit Four blocks to 'lwlm mmg pool Three bedroom home on quet.,lr!'pt Pcrfect for growmg family Clo<;e to mall., church!'<;, 'ochool.. and transportaton Pncpd for '1 quick 'lac Call today for addl tlon,!l "etall.. WLLAMSBURG Thl'l two bedroom condo S...t\lat<-d on qulct cu de "ac m a neighborhood that ha'l everythmg Clo'le to 'lhops. theatre, r('.,taurant" A heart warming!'lt of extra" hay wmdow, central all', generous closets and full ha<;('mpnt to name a few, 1278 Woodbndge Move J.;hl mto thl<; mmaculate two hedroom umt thnt oter... many,lmemtlc<; There S an upstalr<; d'r.,,,mg room plus vanity, new carpeting, central,lr a fim<;hed ha<;ement and private patlo PLAN TO SEE THS 0:-1 SUNDAY 395 Fbher Road o/j/)(j\lle (,/) \o"tll 11,l!,h A~..ociat~!'» of f.rol'l..-.c'.ointe.. l~alto~ l>,'1"11, ller'''' :'\<) 1,<):'\F.:'\FSS. :'\0 Pk:N.' lol!l +Amf'fKA.n RM: ( M'lM Mack Avenue u/j/)(j\lte /'anell, \(/)()O/ f., J/ 1/1)1/}:- 1//11, /11/ 1/1111' 'mll \<11>11111<n re"d) help \lu,,'lllllo, 11t1HUlfiln1crrtlJ sert Uf."S S lf\s l. ()( ):'\. :'\<) S< :":'\rss. - :'\ () \\" \ R..,. r.'=1 -_... _...-~--_...

36 ' Bridgette B. Nagle Hridgette H. Nagle, daughter " former Gl o~se POinte resdent Huth ~1dle Nagle, ha~ achieved }w 1 <ink of PFC, Prvate First (,h" n the US All Force Na- ~ll,,i gl dduute of Gro~qe Pomte ""utb Hgh School, ~ wrrently -LltlOned at Chanute All' H l<,e, ll, but wll be tranfelted \1 A:..1:--lAll' Force Base m (dlflffi Carol L. Calcaterra, daught, r of Frank and Charlotte Cal- ik p~ caterra of Grosse Pomte Park, Samt Mary's College, Notre was named to the sprmg dean's Dame, lnd, on May 14 are list at Eastern Kentucky University Grosse Pomte Woods residents Catherine Mary Hove and,, Lisa Marie Waldvogel. 1_68 ---p-~--~t Frank K Penirian ll, son of Ml' and Mrs Frank K Pemnan Jr of Grosse Pomte Woods, receved a bachelor of arts degree m HispaniC literature and culture and mternational relatons and a bachelor of hcencedegree m engneermg mechanics from Brown Umver!:>ty on May 30 Penman also receved his secondary bchool teacher certficate m Spamsh Michael Seward, son of Mat thew and Stuanne Seward of GOSse Pomte Park, was named to the dean's list fol the sprmg quarter at the Umversity of MOnLdlld. &~aid earned a 40 grade pomt average, he S a graduate of Grosse Pomte South High School Among students who received bachelor of arts degrees from Jack Nelson of GlO~se Pomte Farms received a bachelol of arts degree from Hamilton Col lege on May 22 Nelson, d dean'~ hst ~tudent at Hamilton, ma- JOi ed m creative wntmg iton at Ham Among students who grddu ated from Hillsdale College th~ Splmg al e Christopher Bingaman, ~n of Mr and Mr~ Don ad Bmgaman of Gos~ POlnte Woods, bachelor of arts m bu~1 ness admmistl atonjfinam.e,md a mmor m p~ychology, Paul GorJll.l~y, :><.in \.if Ml ::md ~1r~ Joseph Gormley of Gl os~e Pomte, bachelor of arts maccountmg, Stephen Kornmeier, son of Mr. and Mrs Eugene Kornmeler of Grosse Pomte, bachelor of arts degree maccountmg, and from Glosse Pomte Farms, Christopher Barnes, son of Mr and Mrs David Barnes, bachelor of arts; Allen Carter, son of Mr and Mrs Allen Cdrtel, bachelor of arts m Engh~h and busmess admmlstl aton, Richard Jones, ~on of D and Mr~ Jack Lighton of Gro~~e POinte, bac-helm of drt~ m bu~mess administraton/mar ketmg; John Pardon, son of Mr and MJ ~ Charles Pardon, bachelor of arb m hstory and poltical ~Cence, dnd Jill Sine, daughter of Ml and Mrs Thoma~ SlOe, bachelol of arts n commumcatlon studle~ With a mmor n p~ychology Michigan Technological Un vel,>lty awalded deglees to mole than 880 ~tudent~ at spnng comme!'cement celemonle~ May 21, ll1cludll1g Brian E. Kuhn ot Gro~~e Pomte Woods, bachelor of science n chemcal engmeenng, and Bradley R. Kangas of Harper Wood~, master of science m electllcal engmeenng Camille R. Ecklund of Grosse Pointe Park received a master of arts m teachmg n classroom teachmg from Sag' naw Valley State Unversity Among students who placed n the top 25 m ther g'ade level at the state mathematcs contest at Central Michgan Umverslty May 21 are William Stephens, daughter of John and Deanna Stephens of Grosse Pomte Woods, and Josh Wood, son of The Rev Wlham and Susan Wood of Grosse Pomte Among student!:> who were graduated flom Oakland Umverslty June 4 are Lynda K. Fulgenzi of Grosse Pomte Woods, bachelor of SCence m engneermg, Heidi J. Staub of Grosse Pomte, bachelor of SCence m human l~bow...t;" dc\e1opment, Robert J. Causley of Grosse Pomte Shores, bachelor of SCence m accountmg; Timothy J. Brisbois of Grosse Pomte Woods, master of arts m teach mg m curriculum, mstructlon August 11, 1988 and leadership; William A. Damm of Grosse Pomte Woods, bachelor of scence m bology; and from Harper Woods, Jennifer L. Albertson, bachelor of arts m Enghsh, and Paul A. Merlo, bachelol of ~clence m human resoulce~management Among students who are spendmg the summer dt ntel lochen'~ Center fo! the Ab at e Stephanie Vititoe of Gl o~,>e Pomte Farms, drama/chor, Julie Muz of Glosse Pomte Shole..., dance, Allin Seward V of Gros~e Pomte Shores, vlollnj illama, Helen Seward of Gl o~...e Pomte ShOles, plano/dramdlcho us, Christine Kronk of Glo..."e Pomte Woods, dance, Charle!> Smith of Grosse Pomte Wood~, cello, Cynthia Smith of Go~"e Pomte Woods, VOlin, and Edward Smith of Gos~e Pomte Woods. 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37 Section August 11, 1988 Gross~ Pointe N~W5 C A new flavor? Thl' l'clltol loll pages ot USA Weekend ~1.\hM1e <ont..,tlck to your fingeli:>, but hl OclOl dol''',,1ft thlough you! nose ''ll!' df'dll 111.' ecently ntroduced the '-lpnt o! l holollte to ts readers On a fe\\ of tlw 1',lge.." 1 eddel s can be teased by the lus<.lou.,..,mell of chocolate as they are 111 fo!med don't think Wlly Wonka had anvthlng to do wth t because you can't eat the pagp<, Spl'luldtlOl1 1101\ tul 1Sto advertsements SOllle l,ll dpd!el., may use the scent of of a ll'\\ l,u to dttl.llt buyers Some food ads ld\ lbe the..,e tdctlc'>as well, so why can't "pm h pdge., ellp \\ th the aroma of sweat, <ll t,11d..,tpm h) '1'1 ue "'polt.., fdns can tolel ate the dls L..,teful odol.., that cleep under showel doo!.., 1mker loom walls and vents T1ue "pot.., fdl1., lun endule the obnoxlous S\\Pdt filled t()\\els that hang from many COlllel" '1'1 UP "'polts fans al e mmune to dn t \ p,l1ts, ~tll1ky socks and VClOUSsmell ng T..,hllh So, fol those sports fans who don't get the lhance to have their noses e \ t,ll1ecl, hell' S,>ome food for thought Could) ou llnaglne ''m nmg to the thrd page of the sports..,pctlon clnd smellmg that sweet aroma of a 1l1,.ll1agel's old Cgar \, Players Kentucky welcomes Woods/ Shores All-Stars 'We know we have a lot of winning to do, but one game at a time is how we will look at it.' -Duffy Chapie comp-ete in regionals By Rob Fulton Sports Editor When Kentucky opened ts ba'>eball gates labt week, what they allowed to enter was a de t('l mined, talented, and very en. ( getlc Babe Ruth baseball team hom the Woods/Shores The Woods/Shores All Stars, [ompllo,ed of playerb flom the NdtlOndl and Amercan Leagues, ljuahfied fm the OhO Valley Re glolldl of the Babe Ruth Prep League ChampOnships m Lex 1brton by \\ 1111lngthe state ttle Alpena on the weekend of lq1y 18 'The level of competton 111 the state and dlstnct prepared u~ fo ths competton," sad Joe Spada, manager of the team "We got over the hump and the kid" truly believe they can Will down thme" A.., any tnp, the Kentucky adventure S costly n order to CUb the cosb, Mama Pasta (m the Woods) orgal1lzed a 12-hour funill alser A percentage of the proceeds from the food and baj tab were donated to the Woods/ Shores Babe Ruth fund, Along Wth $800 from Mama Pasta, the F aternal 01 del' of Pollce Grosse Pomte Lodge No 102 pitched m $500, the Woods donated $500 and the Grosse POinte Woods Depmtment of Public Safety Po hce Officers ASSOCatOndonated some funds as well "The commul1lty has eally allled al ound the kds and showed thell SUppOlt fo! the team," sad Spada "Wthout them, thlb tnp would not be pasbble" Wthout wmnmg the state t. tie, the tj lp wouldn't be po'nble, ether "'m excted," bdld Am on M' chael "We get to go down thele With the chance to show how good we can play" When asked, "How good can you play?," Tony Dl.aUl desponded qmte eloquently, 'The best l1 the ::.tate,. As one ot etght teamb, the Woods/Shores Wll V.'fOl a bhot to play m the NatOnals Cah forma However, playmg one game at a tme b the only way to get thel8 "We'le gong down thele (Lex mgton) to have fun, pld)' bdll and wm," sad DLuUl a "We're gomg to show 'em we'l e the team from Mchgan" The team from Michgan was fabncated m one month For one month, they've pi acth.ed, \\ orked out the snags, and ths week, they layed t all on the 1m.' "ThS S the fil st tme that the Amercan and NatOnal Leagues wel e combmed," Spada Said "We were able to put them to gether and get them to playas a team That tself shows "ou how determmed these kids are "They work hard because they know how to Wl1," Spada added Gettll1g off to a solid start S mpoltant, but not Vtal 111 the double-eliminaton toill ney However, f a team loses the first one, the pressure l1treases a'i the backb are turned to the wall "We have to go one game at a tme," i:>ald Duffy Chaple, "but \~e're hoping to Will the fil st game f we can do that, then we can take t all " The confidence S apparent, as S the challenge They won't be overmatched 111 age because every boy playll1g S 13 yeals old, but whdt dbuut,n talent') "We haven't been the competiton yet, but we have a good team," Said DLaura "We know how to Will." Michael agrees "f we play the way we are capable of playll1g, we stand a good bhot," he sald " know we can do t, but we Just have to walt and see f we play how we did the states we could Wl1 t all " Wlnmng t all is a posslblhty, but Chapie won't let anyone get too far ahead of hmself "We know we have a lot of wmmng to do, but one game at a time S how we Wll look at t," he sald calmly "We don't want to worry about the next game Just the one we'le 11 " The Woods/Shoreb team hasn't had to deal du ectly Wth ad vel' Slty, but they have faced defict" mole than once They ddn't stl uggle during the state touma ment, other than 10sl1g the openll1g game, but when the time was light, they pushed a go ahead run across the plate to Wll1 three one un ball games "Thl:O team nevel gves up,' Spada sald. We had to come bdck many, many, many tmes, and f we have to do t again, thlllk we can" DLaura, Mchael and Chaple each admitted that t's "lke a dream come true to be playmg 11 the regonal tournament," but what about never wakmg from that ill'eam untl they wm the natonals? "Wl1111ng the state \vas our real goal," said Spada "We ploved ourselves and whatevel we get from here on S Just mol e added to the goal" Wouldn't t be lllce to be natonal champs? "Yeah," sald DLaura "Just don't wake me up too soon" Page two bemg the earmark for read- 1.'1 s who enjoy the stench of a drenched car pet from the locker room_ Fllppmg thlough the pages and smell. mg that <,team) odol that fills many show. 1.'1'> The front page emtting the wonderous smell of the mslde of a football player's helmet -,, H EA T Denims 57 00! KCkmg back n your rechner. puttmg 011 youl shppel s and then gettmg enb'lossed m a story on a page whch smells like a towel used once too often. HaVing page five smell like you're light m front of a manager's mouth as he \1.'11" at the umplle (Maybe this wouldn't \)(' "ulh d good dea) That.,mell of analgesc 01 Ben Gay [fllll'ng flom the box SCOles Openmg page two and fillmg you! nose \\ th the "weet smell of hot dogs POPCOl n's awe,>ome smell filling the 100.t.., \OU open to page 10 ookmg at a pcture of an outfielder d1\ llg for a odll and smellmg the fresh..,lent of d h'l a..,'" "tmn 'oll..,h.,auc;age coming ", ZP ~...j. ;, ) t? ~ >, t~.,.~ "~ J -. ~J ;}',! ;:~t.... ~::~..~ '!- nside: South, North teams take to fall fields. See page 16C. PHONE Ph"to h Rob Fullon Al Lucido and Joe Lucido. owners of Mama Pasta. donated a check worth $800 to the Woods/Shores Babe Ruth All-Stars' manager Joe Spade: (center) and Coach Paul DiLaura (second from right). Jeanne Kavanagh. in charge of the fundraising to help the team cut costs to play in the regionals in Lexington. was on hand. as was Woods Mayor George Freeman. At BARNES COMMUNTY CENTER on MorningSide tems needed for new player regi.,tration: lone,-chonl PlltU (' 2 Copy of hlrth Cl' to (, P'" A ll( 3 Chechpayahleto(,P'-;,\ $W ll) or Mail above with form below to G.P.S.A., P.O. Box 36156, G.P., M D \ 1'1': OF J3lRTH ('82-'75) - -- NAMEOFPl.AYER ADDHES-"l CTY from page five \\.' C,lll manufacture pages wth choco l.lte,,(('nt why can't we fabricate true "'poito., Mge.., for the true sport<; fan? t,,( ( 11\ c on h fall' that the entu e paper ha~ t'- dppc'al for lertam readers,\.., Ll fetched a" t may all seem, t'<; a (',d t\ \\ th the technology that we have at Oil fi ng('l! lp'" The aromatc chocoldte Jl,l~('" \\ [' e "tdl ted by the magdzme, but t.., not too Cdlv to test the othel palate., of..,pcllh fdll'",tn<l the 11k.' don t kno\\ \\ hdt t would he like to OP! 11, "pol h "ectlon and.,mell bubble "';11 but (fluid you Jlnagme? Star looking for tennis coach OU Lady Star of the Sea High bemg offered, the J-,'Y 11l, at 10 School h looking to fill the pobl- a m on Aug 15 The co"t of the tlon of" <11 slty tenm,> coach physcal S $10 ntele"ted coaches should can t,lct AthletC Dll edol Margaret W AV E S A LE "-/ BUY TWO T-SHRTS, GET ONE FREE! Kercheval Mon.Frl 10-9 Sat Cue!Jeux at Beaufmt, Hal'.: THEULTMAT E~CE SALE p!'1 Wooel.." ]\11(,h 'lw p(ntlon 1 equl ec; a coach 110m l1h!augu.,t to md October '\]"'0thrdll)jpen,l1g at Stahr '> thl~ ,t,ul 0 a tl \ out::. 01 t e gll" ~;~;>~\\\)(~e t~~;:; fl~~ t~~t8p;~~ Oil i\ U ~ f) A11 playl'r'i al e rc ~ ALL SALBOARDS : qulle<l to hdve a physical before h'"""""" pl"y Ph),,,a], am = MUST GO!! = ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~. ClOSNGmPA~MENT-PRC~ Grosse Pointe Soccer Association Registration ~ ~~;LL~~ ~ ~ = SLASHEDFROM TO "REDCULOUS!" "UNBELEVABLE" MSTRAL,. TUESDAY AUGUST 30th 6 pm _8 pm = H.fLY, BC. ALCORT SALBOATS = AND MORE! = FRST COME, FRST SOLD = NO RANCHECKS =. \ NO PHONE ORDERS \ = = L ~ = = "Selling Sports for the Fun of it" = iej METRO SK & SPORS V~ Mon - F,' Ma<k Snulh of V.,n'" G.. ". Polnl. Wood. S., 10-6 = i

38 2C S Ship to shore... -t ~ August 11, 1988 J~/J1J,.:=~ By Cristina Staats Boaters hke bemg out on the water to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city The water relaxes and soothes tired souls, and glves respite from the hectic activty of makmg a hvmg But, once m a while, the time comes when we want to get m touch with some. one onshore, or someone on shore may need to get m touch with a boater How do we do t? How do we make a ship, to. shore phone call? AT & T Bell's system dlscontmued the Special Operator Ser- Vice Team in August 1987 t became too difficult to contact marme operators from land phones, and a slow and tedous pro. cess to contact the few manne operators from a ship's rado. The break up of the AT & T network had ts repercusslons even here Today, f you want to call a boat from a land-based phone, first contact the operator by dialing O. Ask the operator to can nect you to the maflne operator m either DetrOit or Port Huron, where the only two remammg Michigan Bell manne operators are statloned The manne operator w111attempt to place the call Placmg the call to a boat m Canadian waters is a bit more comphcated Basically, you follow the same procedure as for Michigan, except that the Michigan Bell Manne Operator Wll put you n contact Wlth an Ontario Bell special service operator, who m turn will put you in contact With the Canadan Coast Guard rado/telephone operator closest to the boat you deme to talk to. Besides these two methods, there are numerous mdependent statons that operate during the summer months to serve boat. ers. They are listed in the Manne Radio.Telephone User's Hanbook. This book S well worth havmg as t gwes the radio-telephone user useful and valuable information. Boaters wishmg to call a land phone from their boats call one of the Michigan Bell Marine Operators on channel 26 or 28 on the ship's VHF radio. f you should forget the channel, refer to the handbook. The marine operator will then place your call Billing can be with a credit card, or collect as well as other blling options the regular Michigan Bell customer would receive Boaters also have Lorain Meritel available to them. Loram Meritel is the largest VHFFM radio/telephone system in the Great Lakes. t has operator stations in Chicago and Ottawa, ll., as well as Lorain, Ohio t also transmits from 14 remote sites in the Lakes. A boater wishing to utilize the Lorain Meritel system would frrst locate the station on the ship's radio. Contact can be made by holding down the button on the microphone for 15 seconds. When you hear the nnging sound, hold the button down agam for a brief moment. By doing this, the auto system knows that you are in line, so to speak. Between rings, listen for the operator to answer Once you are in contact, the operator wll place the call. Meritel offers users of its service their own credit card, and honors telephone credit cards. The person calling from shore to ship, usmg the Mentel system, would first call the control station in Ottawa, ll. The Meritel operator may tap into one of the prevously mentioned methods, or make contact directly, dependmg on where the boat is located. Several things to remember: Scan the rado frequencies to locate the proper channel and then listen to make sure the channel is not already in use. Listen for a while because you may not be able to hear both sides of a conversation before you attempt to make contact. Purhase the Marine RadlOlTelephone User's Handbook. To do so, write Radio Technical CommlsslOn for Maritme Servces, P.O. Box 19087, Washmgton, D.C., Remember when calhng a Canadian Coast Guard station, that many of the stations are remote transmitters, operated from a different location than the one designated. You should hail the operator using the name of the mast station. Remember also, that and vice-versa calls are a low pnority. Search and rescue, weather and safety are the primary con. cerns of the Canadian Coast Guard. The Michigan Bell operators will not call back at regular in. tervals if contact is not made. You must reinstitute the calhng procedure. Remember, ths is a ggantic party me m which everyone can listen in. Be courteous. The Marine operators are there to assst you. Give them as much information as you can, be courteous and considerate, and you will have a successful chat wlth home or fnends afloat. Sunrise is bright in Sail Club's boat series n the Performance Handicap Rarmg Fleet's (PHRF) D div' Slon, Joan Blar captured a wm in the Grosse Pomte Sal Club's Sundown Seres. The followmg hst shows how the other boats fared m the sefles. The results are hsted by place, boat name and skipper lor A: 1, Plexus, Roger Hlggms. 2, Soma 3, Damel W Hazebrook 3, Boome Rang, Ed Ja. coby. PHRF A: 1, Ricochet, Dennis R Turner. 2, DlverslOn, Charles G Mller 3, Powerghde. Damel Martm. PHRF B: 1, Jabberwock, Wayne Koch. 2, A~mera, Arnold P ful,..lls 3, TeleSS, J~r.~. McCloskey. PHRF C: 1, Fair Lead, Mark W Osborn :l, Blue Chp, Bob Gregory. 3, Tangent, Glenn R Cousino. Crescent: 1, Eclpse, Philip Edwards 2, Pochahontas, Henry E Mlstele. 3, Das Boot, Harold Kolter Etchel: 1, Kimber, Chuck Kelly Morgan: 1, Lttle Feat, Lindsay Horvat 2, Defiant, Robert Lech. 3, Old Soma, Paul Kvale PHRF D: 1, Sunrse, Joan Blair. 2, Gddier's Green, Don Ragan 3, Solutions, Mark Craig Cal 25: 1, Jealous Mstress, Jon Shefferlv 2, ElUSive, Robert V. Nicolson 3, Draco, Bnan Shenstone. Ensign:, Se '~.,d",jml and Dave Qc:...~e. 2, C F Pckle, Henry Schmdt 3, Go-Pher t, Rick Schrage JAM: 1, Yankee, Paul J Knetsch 2, Jabberwocky, Anthony A Sperhng 3, Wildfire, Jen)' Roth Sprint second in L rye regatta Sprmt, owned and skippered Just behind Avengpr, the overall by John Stevens of Grosse W!:;"~ Pomte, finished second n t'.-,ll TraLeler, skippered by Dave races at the Little l'raver~ rish, took thud n the overall Yacht Club Regatta on July 30 standing's m the regatta com- Stevens' yacht fimshed secolld monly known as the Harbor overall after postmg two fimshes Spnnl!R St:Cl~S..". Sting like a champ! The Stingers of the U-8 Grosse Pointe Soccer Association league were the regular season cochamps and the playoff co-champs this year. Front row. Beth Howson. Ryan Schafer. Luke Patrick. Donald Sigler. Kevin Camitta. Stuart Yingst and Michael Bramlage. Middle row. Alan Lahey-Dolega. Alexander Heinen. Colin Morawski. Donnie Liamini. David Bolus. Tim Camitta and Matthew Peacock. Back row. coaches Doug Yingst. Lou Howson and Don Liamini. The Grosse Pointe Park Annual Tenms Tournament had another successful year The players battled through heat, humidity and ram, but enjoyed fun and excitmg matches. The overall cahber of play was strong throughout the week-long event with the finals bemg played on July 23. Brian Brenner defeated Christian Faugerlund in the boys' 16- and-under smgles, while Jenny Schutzman beat Lmda Woodrow m the girls' 16.and-under sm- Since you'd look rather SlUy wearmg a Big Ten college football helmet to the game or pre. game tailgate party, you can The hard hats which "DEHARD:' gles. n the boys' 12-and.under divsion, Peter Devries beat Chns Nixon m a round-robm competiton Also, Erik Votruba defeated Nat Spurr m the boys' lo-and-under round.robm play. n doubles acton, Lmda Woodrow and Darcy Desmyter defeated Jenny Schutzman and Anne Sullivan. n the adult tournament finals, Don Parshall won the mens' smgles over Mark Mller. n the mens' doubles. the team of Don Parshall and Mark Ku- Big Ten gets new DE-HARD Q9k for fall now be fashonable and stylish, and show your allegiance and support at the same tme With the "Die. Hard" hat The original "DE-HARD" hat S a umque, creative redirection and targeting of a genuine industral safety hard hat t S Golf outing aids Hospital Sports fans of all pel suasons have a chance to playa round of golf Wth a local sports celebrty at the second Eddie MlO Golf Benefit, to be held Aug 30 at the Woverine Golf Club m Macomb Township. Former Red Wmgs' goalie Edde Mio hosted the event last year to support the El'lka Bor gens Fund. The fund contnbuted over $5,000 to Children's Hospi tal of Michgan n attendance at this year's outing wlll be Red Wmg center Steve Yzerman, as well as other members of the 1988 Norns DviSlOn champonship team Players from the DetrOt LOns and Tigers are also expected fo! the outmg Each group of partlel pants will be accompamed by d celebrty. A prze of a 1988 Honda has been donated by Mel ton Motors m Southgate The ticket pnce of $175 m- cludes 18 holes of golf, a buffet lunch, a banquet followmg the dmner and an open bar. Spectators may attend the banquet and have access to the bar for $75 The Wolverme Golf Club S 10 cated at Mile Road, n Macomb Township For more nformaton, call Park tennis tourney deemed successful You may have been told - more than once - that you have high blood pressure Your doctor may even have prescnbed treat. ment However, you've never gotten around to followmg t, cuttmg down on salt, takmg the plls, or losing tho~e extra pounds There was always taman (J\' :l:-.j plenty of tme to ~et,elious about reducmg your blood pressure But now you're ready to take action For reasons of your own, and those are the best ones, you've decided to do t Well, what next? H('re are some tips on how to get on track and start workmg With your doctor and other health profes'llonals to get your nlood pressure down Get in touch f you skpped your last doctor's appomtment, don't waste tl1ne feeling gl.lllty Forget the pa:.t and look ahead Set a new date for a new office VHllt When you walk n, Simply ~ay that YOU'll' ready now to control your hgh blood pressure Then, ask the doctor and nurse to help Set a goal Along With measurmg your blood pressure and tellmg you the readmg, the doctor Will have a goal blood pressure level for you to reach as you stay on your treament How long? You may want to know when you can expect to reach your goal Feel free to ask, but keep n mmd that every per "on " different For example, t may take several weeks or months to reduce your cravmg for salty foods, losmg weight or findmg the nght dosage of medl caton for you Start small Thmk big, but start small t'b unrealistic to expect succes,; With beveral changes at once PCk one and work on t until you've mastel ed t Then add a second, and so on Speak up A"k questions f you do not understand exactly what you are expected to do or how to go jawski defeated Mark Miller and Mary Woodrow, 7-5, 2-6, 6-1, fo! Mike Buck. The men's 45-and- the mixed doubles crown n the over dvision was conquered by mixed 45-and-over acton, Ber- Hoyt Spicer. He defeated Ron nard and Carol Dobranskl de- Woodrow. feated Joe and Marge Wlel7. Mary Woodrow retained the bicki, 6-4, 7-5. women's singles championship The Parent-Child events were by defeatmg Juhe Miller, 6-1, 6- also very excitmg Ron and 1. Then, Mary Woodrow and Ju- Hugh Woodrow defeated Robert lie Mller paired up to handle and Brad Peterson, 6-4, 6-2. for Mary Tremont and Sharon Car- the Father/Son title Chns Lee rier, 7-5, 6-2, to wm the womens' and Darcy Desmyter defeated doubles ttle Lee and Jenny Schutzman to John Lamb and his partner capture the FatherlDaughter top Ellen Mayer defeated Ron and award. about t, find out Ask your doctor or nurse to gve you wntten mstructlons before you try to go ahead With your regimen f you have unwanted effects from any aspect of your treat. ment, descnbe them to your health professonal Dosages can be adjusted, or another drug ran be substituted for the one caus- 109 the problem Keep at it Leave room for adjustments f the first medcaton prescnbed does not lower your blood pressure, your doctor may add or substtute another one n that case, your body Wll need addl' tlonal tme to adjust A'iO, your new plls may equlre a different schedule Reap the rewards Listen for words of praise n between the blood pressure mea. surements and the problem.solv. mg With your health care profes. slonals, be alert for postve SignS that you are succeedmg. color keyed and graphcally treated to identify With Amenca's major colleges and umvel Slties. The hat is made by one of the country's leading safety protec tion manufacturers, E D. Bullal d Company. t S offered by Genesus Marketmg, nc. of Southfield. "Alumni, fans, and students are very Visual m their dsplay of school splnt," sad Pomte resl dent Wlham B. Harnngton, president of Genesus Marketmg nc. "The Orginal DE-HARD hat is a great styhsh way to m ject additional fun mto Saturday's game attire." The DE-HARD hat is retail priced under $20 and S av311- able at college bookstores and sport shops m and around Big Ten schools. t can also be or dered drect from Genesus for $17 99, plus $3 95 for shippmg and handling. Genesus also produces Wmston Cup Series hats that aj e enhanced to resemble the look of the vehicles competmg on the NASCAR Crcuit For more informaton, call Or wnte, Genesus Marketing, nc, North western Highway, SUite 113, Southfield, Mlch Time to control high blood pressure For example, a reducton n blood pressure since your last Visit or remembermg evel)' do"e of your medicaton for a whole week are solid achjevement~, and you deserve credt nvolve a support network which will cele brate your achevements \\ th you You should treat yourself...ell for succeedmg Find ways to e ward yourself for domg a good job Mark every milestone along the way With a treat - somp thing special you lke to do The more milestones you set up, the more rewards you'll earn EnJOY controllmg your high blood pressure ConSder yourqclf a wmner for makmg the change" needed to control your hlood pressure When you reach that goal pressure, or get a~ c!o,,>p to 1t as your doctor thmks you can come, celebrate! You deserve t and you'll benefit for a lifetme The above artcle wa.~,'llpplh'd by the Natwnal Heart, LllTl~ and Blood nsttute, «4o.. :r:r.l t~"~'!~?s-f 4.'..nM._...tlHJ"tJ ;!!'J!.'... ~19lJ11jlll.l!l!llllnll!llj '!.JlJmRi.!lli\!iii!!'imiiir.!'"'...ofj",.':-..illl~ill... -l1rijjol...,.p~''t;.;:"-r.,

39 ---- > August 11, 1988 ~~... -t.. VJ1;'- 3C Luck of the Shamrocks ~, The luck was with the Shamrocks as they were the playoff co-champs in the U-O House League of the GPSA. Front row, Andy Dragovic, Pete Neesley, Matt Moran, Todd Sandercott, Tim Sandercott and Geoff Heffner. Middle Row, Brian Lorey, Brian Whelan. Nicholas Linn. Greg Ryan. Robert Euashka and C.T. Brown. Back row, Coach Charles Brown. ~ Land of the Lakers! The Lakers tied for the co-championship and the playoff championship in the GPSA's U-8 soccer league. Front row. Matthew Kenney, Paul Rashid, Matthew Beardsley, Daragh Dutka. Renee Stevenson and B.J. Scofield. Middle row. Peter Van Dyke. Eric Stevenson, Kathy Hellrung, Brandon Euashka, Tony Darga, Peter Meldrum. John Berschback and Phillip Griesbeck. Back row, coaches Don Darga and Rick Berschback. Yacht Club swimmers go undefeated The Gl'o>.sc Pomte Yacht Club,,\\ un team ended ts season la"t week as an undefeated teum The Yacht Club team beat Lochmoor Club , and took We&tern Golf and Countl y Club, , to conclude the "eason on another hgh note Agam>.t Lochmoor, the wm- 1lng 8-und-under medley teelm con:'l"ted of Melka Teltge, LaUl en Rashd, Katie Blake and Matt Krchner. Mark BlckenbaLh, Mchael Knchnet. Blenn Jame Ne\%on ""'..1m to fil e;t 111 the boys' flees tyle clay Suzanne Toledo, Kathlyn Tusa, Ashley Moran,md K~ten Youngblood came m first m the girls' medley ledy Ted Stedem, Pelt Ku'chm-', Jon SCbel and Mal k Blckenbach won the boys' medc) lelay MOle filst Well' taken by EC DeMeulemeester. Scott Gregoly, Kathy StOl en, Stephanie La Fond, Tm Reynael't, Jennlfel PaolUCC and Chllb Keane Also takmg points for the team were Mike Hill, Kat Blck enbach, Peter Haarz, Emmll' DeMeulemeester, Tnca Man ow, Ahcla Cytackl, Courtney Young blood, Ennly B cnndn, Bloldy SchoenhCl, Megan MOl dn and Ryan Zellel n the meet agamst Western, blue ribbons were also awal ded to Amandd Hanley, Peter Mertz, Ann TPP, John McLellen, Steve Vel b, Jenny Smth and K C. Hulme Abo "wlmmmg well were Ja nlle Mertz, Joe Hanley, Kelly Ham t, Kill.' Zellel, Leslie Hal' ell, Paul Rashid, AleXS Knelmer, Jamie TaylOl, Rebeccd Mun ay and Jack Wheelel DUl'lng the last meet, the team honored "ome 16 yeal olds \\ ho competed m then last mee~ fo! the GlObse Pomte Yacht Club Tho.,e honoled were K'l'Yten Youngblood, Peggy StOl en., Ann TPP, Jame NeVson, Ene Stemer and Chnb Kedne Hawks fly n the U-14 Travel League, the Hawks flew to a championship with a record of Front row, Mike Somogyi. Frank Miller, Andy Dodenhoff. Amy Houser. Kris Keck and Brian Roney. Middle row, Craig Williams, Shannon CornelL Greg Kmet. Jeff Lupo, Brent Scheiwe. Back row, Bob Koch (coach). Tom Koch, Brad Burns, Peter Lewis and Andy Warner. Proper diet is best vitamin By Gretchen Schumer Special Wrller Vltamms for chlldll'n [ome 111 more Sles, shelpeoo and cohn" than al1 the anunal" n the /00 Too often t appedl" llut tlw,11 ray of bl ande; al e limted 0111\ 1)\ the work of.u tl"h at \\'(1111('1 Brother" and B.ll bp, to come up wth 11e\\ elm! actpl.., The exaggerated promoton of children's vltamms ha" mdde many parent" \\ onder f h'1\mg Suppll'menh to tl1('11 kid..,..,[>1\1'" an)' purpo"e The Ollgm.ll bl'"t,md u..,u,ll vltamll1 p(lckdge",ll food".\ well balanced dwt..,ljould..,upp1\ all the nece.,",l1 y \ " fol, glowmg chld, but dll h,111'1',1" ily unbal.mcl'd hy food fi1ck1 nc".." d lull of 1lne.,.., 01 food 1' lated a ll'! gw'" ~o hm\ do \ Oll kno\\ \\ heth!. 'rou c!,dd l(,d.., vltamm..,uppll111enh' A"kmg vom dol101 (,ll hl'lp hut dm'''11 t,11\\,1\'" P1l1\ lell', p,d an"\\c Wl1ll(111l,J '-,(Ot, :V]), pedlatl j(,m p,( t Ul1g 1n GO..,.., Pomtc, fc('l.., too 1Mn.., p,u'l'nh glvp thpll dlhl)('n. multi \1 tamm t,lblll," dw,lp 1l1""ll ance AccOl(!lng to tll' \ t.umn \,U tlltlon nfo!m,llon S 1\1«PCcent of 11101hpl'" p~:, h gve thpll khi..,\ t pli" "Childn'n OWl h'.gp of 2 Scott said, ""ho\lld n(,t 111'(,(\ a V tamm, c"pccwlly 111 h(.,\lmmer All a chdd\ OJ.dult'., \11.111,111 A and D nped" C.111b( 1wl bv "oml' sun"hme" Scott" "kl pi Cl"m, Ol1ld 11ll' usp of "\lpplel1ll'nh "'plll1g<, parth fro111d p,1('nh pi 1cppl \011 that thel1 (hiid 1"1 1 p,dlng enough "Ch\ldrpn 1l'pd 11ll' ",11111\,11 lcd ntake a".dulh ' ",(ott ",wi, "except acll\l..,kd b\ "'111,dlpl pol tlon" So many adult" get \\01 lied when then cl,ld \,>on'l Sit clown and cat a full medl, but unle"s a child'" diet 1" extlemelj deficlpnt don't ('commend d dally Vlt,11l111l ' K<1len Sllverbel g, a leglstcled dll'lltl(1n \\ orklllg at.l p! vate ', mll1i-,rton Hlb prdctlce,,p plodche" the Ul'ie of vtam ll" n llluch the same way t1) 10 emphd"17e to p,l ellb the mpollll1ce of <l \\(.'11 bal allcl'd dwt," Silverbel g ".ld 'Wth.1 diet thai l1clude.., the foll b.1"ll food h'1oup"".1 d,ld..,llould H'ed \('1) few vlt.lmm..,..,upp!t>nwnb f,l e1,ld..,nt edl mg...,en~1loll' dlcl fol "01111'lea..,rm, 1'\ ( n 1.11 f.!c d()"c., of mulllplc,\t.111l11\' (,111 t plotl'ct, d1jld.g(l n..,t pi obi'm., " ~]v 1'1bel g noted th,lt l h ell ( 11,,lppPlltl'''' Vdl \,md f they,.ll [',11 h olgl l'lltpl mto an ( 11111g..,lump, t'" no (,ill fol on (',n '-,111(,Hit On.., though h,11 \ ou ',n do VOU child mol' halm t b,ln good b\ admlnhtplmg \ \'101111'"Ul1l'Cl..,,,.lily Sl\('ll'rg.dv"''' parent" to add a nutn t JOn,11..,upplement only f t ap 1)(',\1" th,lt th,'11 child " not nwpt1l1g hi" or hc mlllimal dlc- 1.11'\ need" ~t mll'" hm P "hm\ n t h,lt PX (1''''''1\1' <!(N'" of thl' f,tt "oluhlp \ '" L.ln lp to'dl \\,11 ned ~il\1 11)( q.; 'But,' "h' addl'd, ""111((' thl' levl'l at which tlw"e vltolnlln.., )('C01111' toxc " V ') high, poll' pnt-. lh'pd not won y OVl' poll'ion mg th '11 child" Wh,lt t'rpl' of "Uppkllwnh (ll' lll'"t fol \Ollr chld'! '-,lotl."y'" lhat "mce, b'r law,.ll mullph> 'v,tamln" on the nid ket mu,,1 nwll CPlt,11ll dwt,ly 1('qulle nwnh, t r1of'"n m,ltll'r \dwthl'1 you buy Bug., Blinn) \ ll. 111'"01 d genel Chr.llld "My ddvlce," "ad Scott h to find d V<1l1l1l1th,lt h,h d t,..,11' tll' c\,dd lhe.,.md 1'".11,,0(he,lp Smce,ll \,lta ,1lll..,l bp f01 llulated the "',11111.' 11 e,llh dol'"n'l rn,ltlpi \\ ho 11,kl'" 11 hu mol' flhe Lhdd \\ t l~( 11 ' While "O1W 11,y,uglll 111,111\ of tlw hllghth (0\01 'd d'l \\.bl('" on the nul ~el.ll' lot good 1)(' L.1l\"e the\ «))1t(un too 11uch.,H~.l.1.., \\ell.".ddlll\l'.., Slott..,,l\'" " hog\\ 'hh t 1'" h'" fce!lng hdt tll' "'111,111 dl110unl of..,lg,l\ n 1111'Llh ]('h 1'" 1101h 111g (,,',un loubip S1H h 1g ",1\" \dl[ n "ell'et 1g \ t.lmln.., L tful 1.bp] 1l',H!Jng " y, h,lt '" 11111)111 t.l1t [t h h"..,t to find,..,upph nw111,,,111'.."wl h,lt h'h Wf) p'u'111 of thp {])A l'colllj1l'hllllon.., '-,hl (OUl"[.., 111'111'"1f look fo hl.l1(\" 1h.1 11l11\'1n!H \c1dl'd "'llg,l,,\'11 ( (film 11\1.'; Fitness page takes shape Thl' FltlP"" P.lgl' h.l" Wl'n undl'1 gomg..,or11l' (h,lnge.., SL1 mg 111 t\\o \\('l'k." \11' \,,111 h' of fl'rlng (',Hip)., dl\'"1' p(lg<, Flom,1("hl('" l[h,j!lll tatlon, f10m " H 1)[1 10 h()(!y dwml.,!l\ \OU \\ ill hp g1\r n morl' Upd,1'd nl'\\'" on fil 11l'''''',lnd phy"lc,1l dp\p\opmpnl DollOl", nu..,l.., and ",pl'(l,dl..,l<-; Will hop,lbodl d t H' ('/(~~(' PO/Tfr N'( ~ fit 11'''''' hand\\,gon bq;l1nmg 111 till' Aug 2G 1..,"'U' Thank you fol \0111 p,lth'ncp Hpml'mlwr, kl'('p th'lt, lob( PXP('\l' and 1ll'.1l1 l.ltp up Good Demons! The Demons of the U-12 House GPSA league celebrated the playoff championship. Front row, Nicky Lianakis. Mike Magri, Lance Carlsen. Charlie Roddis. Kosta Tugonora. Mike Byrnes. Mark Collinson. Back row, Les Roddis (coach), Ryan Davis, J.R. SaboL Carl Harlow. Matt Corona, Brad Current. Larry Dloski. Ricky Klotz, Dave Carlsen (coach}. The Demons won the playoffs on a penalty kick. They finished second in the regular season with a record of Not pictured, Sam Pruitt. Christine Jamerino swims to high point trophy Chll"tme,Jamclllo of thl-' All POlllte" S\\ 1111Club" a" 'lwardcd the hgh point trophy for 10 and undel gll]" at the McDonald\ MH\(l1d Sumnwl S\\1111Fp..,tl\al on,july 17 The "'''1111!lwd \V,l" an A thlough B plu.., long COlll"e quall fip.j,\11f'1no 1111""eda pelfect mdlvldual "co!e h.., three pomt" E,lch fil "t plac<.' em ned,jarnenno null-' pomh, and hel thrd place..,wll'd "X pomh, glvmg hel a tot, of 60 pom!'>,j,lmp mo c.lptured fir"t place 111 hl' GO rnl't1'1 fn,p"ty[p (:~2 06), dlV(!ual ml'dle'l 12!)9 98~, 100 fll'p..,lv[p (1 12,t:1), 'l1d the 200 fn'l'..,t.., k (2 t n th<.' GO,nn 100 me!<.'1 h 1',1..,ht 10k!',.],mC110 ',(.>t pool ]('['Ol <\" 111 1m(''' of,196g and 1 28 OG, ]('''pl'ctlvl'ly n thl' fio b,lck"trokp, "hi-' took hol111' t h(> hron7p n a tlmp of lto 10.J.lml'llHl Wll he COl11pl'tlng 11 tll' ",\(' (h,ll11plon"hlp" thh 111on 1 h FLEA MARKET, ATTC, GARAGE, OLD PARTS, CLEARANCE, RUMMAGE WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL T SALE 6LD CHRS CRAFT PARTS OLD HARDWARE OLD ACCESSORES SUNDAY AUGUST 14 9:00. 5: E. JEFFERSON DETROT, MCHGAN (313)

40 August 11, 1988 Gro_ Pointe News 4C lit By Michael Chapp Special WriteT Thl'lC drl' t\\o thing.., JOU 11'l'0 to kn()\\ <ihout "DP Hard, thl' 11('\\ <i( tloll do\cntu' Jilrn..,Llt ling B ut! \\,1111.., 11w fil " " th<lt t..,a lot i1kl' "Rambo The '-,j'«)/(.l.., that t".1 lot bl'ttl'l 111<111 {alllbo' ' hp -,lljll.ll tle..,. e..,ubje<.t rndttl'1 dlld till' maw nldn\ lend('nl \ to 1(',\p de"lr ultlon dnd de:'d >odl(" n hh \\ake ' hl' dlffl'1 ('rill' " that DP d d( (olllpll..,rll''' t-, t<l"k with a '-A'Tl"" 1,1 hllllhj Ano \\lwn jou)( dl ding \\ th d,llilt hll LU lid "f, ' -, hlllllol.., es..,entlal Pldlll e Rambo running Hlollnd the 111'>l0eof a Los Ange. 1('..,budding be~leged by terror-..,'" - clawlmg through all' \ ent.." climbing alound elevator..,hdl'h and lra~hmg through Win dol'.'''' dnd you've get a pretty dlculdte picture of John Mc Clane (WdL~) PLtule Rambo mumbhng one uwl" to hlm..,elf about the hfe..,tylp of peopll' who hve n CaL- 101 rlla - and constantly secondgu'..,..,l1g hlmo.,elf about what he's gottl'n tdng!pd up n - and \H \l got,111 p\( n betiel picture "f \ld 1, Still, for all the slmlalltles between the charactel s of Mc Clane and Rambo, there at e even more slmllalltle~ between the character~ of McClane and DaVid Addl"on, the cocky detec tlve Wllis plays on TV's "Moon lighting" McClane S a tough guy New York cop who speaks a mean game when he's up against the bad guys But he's also a softv Ride the rails to Ludington A weekend n pcturesque Lu dmgton, reached by way of some of Mchgan's most interestng ralroad trackage, Sde trps to explore the area and Sunday morning breakfast aboard Lake Mchgan's last operatmg car ferry are features of a September rad excurson hosted by Bluewater Michigan Chapter of the NatOnal Rmlway Historical Society Sept The excurson will originate n Livonia and make a passenger stop m Lansing on Friday, Sept 16 Passengers Wll spend Friday and Saturday nlghtc; n the Lu dlngton hotels and motor nns On Saf;..1rday they Wll have a choce of three economcally priced tours or time on their own And on Sunday, Sept 18, they Wll be bu'led to the MlChlgan Wsconsn TransportatOn Co ferry dock for breakfast aboard "Cty of Mdland 41 " Complimentary breakfast and light lunch Will be served to all pa..,sengel s on thl' Friday trp to Choir auditions Auditons for singers mter e"ted n belog a part of the De trolt Concert ChOr Wll bf' on Saturday, Alg 20, and Tuesday, Aug :m, at the Grosse Pomte Memor al Chlllch, 16 LakeshOl f' ntel psled <,mgel" at e eneom aged to <llldltlon For marl' 1for matlon or [or an appolntrnplll, call 791 nor a!lp 6 pm The Dptr Ot Concet ChOr gave t" li,.,t \WrfOl mance n De (p01)('r 1987 for a st3ndmg room only 'luclwnce at the St,John Ho",pltal Chapel, follo\\ed by a "lul'""flll Mothers Day l'onu'11 11\ May <t GO<,"" Pomte M('T101lal ('hurch Tll' (hol r.., under the dll pc tloll of Gordon N(+~on Nel<;on hold" a m,"ler.., r1egh'p m mll<;c flom the lllllvel..,lty of Mchgan and h,l'" " mac'ltt 0<; Rotwr1 Sho... and HogP Wagnpr H.., ('holl" ha\,{' t...1(.(. ""on fll"t plan' a""a)(l" 111 competton at hp nl('l natlonal MtN(,\\ 1-:1'" (.ddfol'! lngol1l'n W,lP'" Call us Npw<; fl Cla""f'il'd AdvertlRng fl82 :3fiOO Ludmgton Breakfast on the car ferry and deluxe dinner enroute ho~e on Sunday also are included n the excurson package, Prices for the weekend, includmg rail transportation, onboard meals, two nights' lodging, buses to and from hotels, Ludington State Park and the Scottville Harvest Festival are $269 per adult or $189 per chl1d, in coach; Truly Memorable Nights! THREE RMA LA DOUCE OEDPUS MUSKETEERS nlegrlty spicy musc. THE CRTC s ndana Jones n lhe temple of Versailles THE OROll1 0 STAR humour and galely make,ma La Douce vfijlmenl magnil/que - THE TORONTO STAR $339 in first class or $359 m the Super Dome, based on double occupancy Single occupancy lodgmg rates are $60 hgher nformation, flyers and credt card reservations may be obtained at , , or by wnting to Bluewater Michgan Chapter, Post Office Box 296, Royal Oak, MCh Oedipus profoundly movmg The Crilic lemf/cally funny T~E Gl08E & MAL ALSO PLAYNG: Richard The Taming of the Shrew My Fair Lady All s Well Tha Ends Well Murder n he Cathedral The Two Gentlemen of Verona Nol About Heroes Tweltth Night King Lear u-~~~ ft1a(t1tl:-r 'PA~~ NEW LUNCHEON SP~ALS $4.95 STEAK TALAN SAUSAGE SUBMARNE SANDWCH CALZONE COLD PASTA SAL-\D Pizza Specials Avai lable "The Cheers of rosse Pointe" DNNER HOURS Mack SAR HOURS O~~~1111h~~m Grosse Pointe Woods Mon iju~~d Wed ~rl &. Sol 4 Btks. North of Vernier ThufS 10m H P m Fn &. Sol 2 a m Sun hi 9 p m Sun 9 pm who's comfoltable enough Wth hs own mascullmty to cany a bg stuffed bear CO! hl~ d,llghtel through the all POlt n Lo.'>Angeleb to Vhlt 1m e.'> tranged wlff> and kldb fol Chll~tmas, McClane gets tl dpped 111 hi.'> Wfe's high n"e olfice buld mg when t S captuled by tel' ronst.'> All the ten OlstS want are the goodie" m the buddll1g'b super-.'>elule vault, but thl'y'le wlllmg to kdl anyone \\h(, get" n theu way That'~ why they're called tel rollst<,.. "., Lrulse S By Marlan Tramor Special Writer Tom CrUse Wth hs ~exy smle, Bryan Blown With his so phlstlcated brand of charm, a Singles bar n Manhattan whel e drnks are mxed to the beat 01 rock 'n' roll - these al e the n g1 edlents that make "Cock tall" fuz and froth But t S C ulse that makes t a special concocton Wthout hm t would be a very flat mx ture n t C Ulse plays the patt of Brian Flanagan, a blue collar Army alumnus who debperately wants to succeed m busmess Without trying He has several optons m mind He thinks t would be fine to be a wheeler and dealer on Wall Street or a hotshot 111 an advertsng agency. He S somewhat taken back when he stllkes out He has the appearance, an ngratatng manner and the proper wardrobe Unfortunately such plusses don't cancel out the minuses of lack of educaton and experience On the bass of having worked m his uncle's bar 111 Queens, he lands a job as a bartender m an East Side smgles bar ThS S no corner drop-m spot, t S a swingmg handout where secretanes and young men on- the move gather after ther 9 to 5 Jobs, A beer and a shot are not the order of the day On his first night out, Bran has a dllficult tme mlxmg exotlc drinks he has never heard of, servmg demandll1g wall to-wall customers and puttmg on a show at the same tme He S about ready to glve up when Doug Coughln, who knows all about bartendi"b' :... New Orleans Dixieland : : CHET BOGAN ~~~ _ Obd"llle- : : Every Tuesday 9:30 pm: _ THE LDO Dining. Cockt_la : : E. Je"~n Jusl North of 9 Mis : : And that's where super-eop McClane comes in He prowls at ound and causes headaches for the bad guys until the authorities can get thmgs under control The film thrives on ts stereotypes - sleazy executives, con. mvmg reporters and bumbling cop.'>- but t puts al1 of the stereotype.'> to good use; namely for laughs, De Hard" S not only a comed) thuugh t S also a very well shot and edted acton-sus. pen..,e film Though the photogra- women and hfe, takes hm m hand Soon he S mixing four drinks at a tme, tossmg ce and glasses back and forth over the shoulder and catchmg them behmd hs back whle moving hs body to the the beat of the mu- SC Wth his good looks and flashmg blue eyes, he soon becomes the star attraction, sought Chrome grills, flying fins and umble seats cruise into town for the Greenfield Village Motor Muster, Saturday and Sunday, Aug, 13 and 14, A nostalgic flashback of dream machines from the 1930's to '50's, this revved-up weekend salutes cars of a more recent vmtage. Automobiles from across the ~ RAM'S HORN RESTAURANT MACK AT ST CLAR DAL Y DNNER SPECALS: 11 a m to 11 p m only HOMEMADE SOUP DALY WE ARE FAMOUS for OUR DESSERTS' WEGHT WATCHERS Frosted Treat & Desserls La Cal Menu Senior Citizen Age 65 Discount 10% M,n,m"ffi Order 52 SC NOW AVALABLE AMERCAN HEART ASSOCATON MENU What's new al he Horn? Croissants. St" Frys, Fresh Veg cooked to order, Chicken Breasts, Chicken or Tuna Salad, Vag, Ham & Cheddar, Shrimp Stir FlY. Super Subma. rlne SandWiches And the film contains some of the most competently shot explo- SlOn sequences to be seen in a long time. Watch for the sequence in WhCh McClane is running from FB helicopters on the bulldmg's roof. That scene captures all of the diverse elements - both stylistcally and techmcally - that makes "De Hard" such a good pcture main attraction in 'Cocktail' own They even have a name for t - Cocktalls and Dreams. Nether one has any cash, but they figure that love with the proper woman - meaning one Wth money - will solve that problem. "Cocktail" S not "Risky Business," "Top Gun" or "The Color of Money" it's not a good adaptation of his own novel by screenwriter Heywood (}Qud, nor does t measure up to director Roger Donaldson's "No Way Out." But it does have flash and dash - and Tom Cruise. t's fun to watch him performing a John after by the female patrons and Travolta routine behmd the bar owners of other bars. in scenes that are as carefully He and Doug have other choreographed as those in a plans, however, a bar of their musical production. Motor muster at Greenfield Cord to the cars of the '40's and '50's, will be headlined in parades and parked formation Vintage bicycles and motorcycles will also lend atmosphere to the event. There is no additional charge for attending Motor Muster beyond regular admission. natlon, rangmg from such '30's i!"!!~ beautes as the Duesenberg and ~ H E t ~ 6 ~~,.'r:tl. ~~ Q., ~ ~ () Prepared by our Gold Medal Award Winning Chef at the Columbus Food Show COURSE DNNER FOR TWO {J -Cold Tomato & Citrus Soup -Chilled Pork Tenderlolll With pickled Olllons and chevre grapes -Avocado & Shrimp Pizza - Breasl of Chicken With pistachio stuffing - Almond Raspberry SWirl Dinner also mcludes a bottle of French White Bordeaux See Wille per couple Sundays, Mondays. Tuesdays The Campbell Soup Tureen CoUection. Now on dsplay, "Kmgs, Queens and Soup Tureens;' a collection of over 100Silverand porcelain 'Ollp tureens from the tables of 18 th and 19 th century Europe,'n Royalty. Come see thsone-of-a-kmd exhibition, recent! J displayed at ChrStie's of New York, The Edsel and Eleanor Ford House 1100Lake Shore Road Grosse Pomte Shores, Michigan August 10- October 9, 1988 Wednesday - Sunday 11-5 p.m. For further mformation: (

41 August 11, 1988 Call DEADLNES Monday 4 pm-all BORDER and MEASURED (sp8<.lal type bold caps etc} must be n our office by Monday 4 pm Monday 4 pm-all CANCELS or CHANGES must be n our office by Monda~ 4 pm 12 Noon Tuesday-Regular NDEX ANNOUNCEMENTS 100 Personals 101 Prayers 102 Lost and Found 103 Legal Nollces 104 Obltuanes ~PECAL LAS VEGAS ROOM at the Greek Festival August 19, 20, 21 Assumption Cultural Center Marter Road St. Clair Shores HAPPY PET STUDO AU,Breed Dog G<:oommg Clown- Balloons- Raffle Saturday, August 13th, 11-4 Proceeds go to Michigan Humane Society Mack at Nottingham WENDY'S LOVE'EM and LEAVE'EM Pet, pla'lt and home care service Animals are happiest at home and deserve the best personal care when famlly's away PERSONAL PET CARE Dog and cat Silting. feeding exercsing LOVing care for your pet when you re away from home 886- CALLGRAPHY nvitatons announcements, certificates Anything. fast and reasonable Call JACKE'S PET & PAL SERVCES Animal sitting houseslttlng chal.ffeur services doctor appointments Shopping and airport shuttle B SERVCES 105 Answering Services 106 Camps 107 Catenng 108 Dnve Your Car 109 Entertainment 110 Health and Nutrition 111 Hobby nstruction 112 MUSCEducation 113 Party Planners/Helpers PlMONAL5 ' mer ads No borders measured. cancels or changes on Tuesday CASH RATES 10 words $385 each additional word 351t $1 00 fee for billing OPEN RATES Measured ads $900 per nch Border ads $1000 per nch Addl lona charges for phoos art work "C CLASSFYNG AND CENSORSHip We reserve the nght to classify each ad un der ts appropriate heading The publisher reserves the nght to edit or reject copy submitted lor publication CORRECTONS AND ADJUSTMENTS. Responsibility for olsplay and classliled advertising error S limited to either a carce1la"or "f 'hp rn'::l"!j0 f('lr ::=- rp.-r 'fi of the portion m error Nollf,callon must be given n time lor correction m the follow ng ssue We assume no responsibility for the same after the first insertion ANT-CRUELTY 114 Schools 115 TransportallOnfTravel 116 TutonnglEducatlon 117 Secretanal Services HELP 200 General 201 Help Wanted.BabYSltter 202 Help Wanted.Clencal 203 Help Wanted Dental/Medical 204 Help Wanted Domestic 20b Help Wanted-Legal 206 Help Wanted Part.Tlme 207 Help Wanted Sales 208 Employment Agency STUATON WANTED 300 Babysltlers 301 Clencal 302 Convalescent Care 303 Day Cdre 304 General 305 House Cleaning >06 H0use Slttlnq 307 Nurses Aides 308 Office Cleaning 309 Sales 310 Secretanal Services MERCHANDSE 400 Antiques 401 Appliances 402 Aucllons 403 Bicycles 404 GaragelYard/Basement Sales 405 Eslate Sales 406 Firewood 407 Flea Markels 408 Household Sales 409 Miscellaneous Articles 410 MUSical nstruments 411 ON,ce/Buslness EqUipment 412 Wanted to Buy ANMALS 500 Adopt a Pel 501 Birds for Sale 502 Horses for Sale 503 Household Pets for Sale 504 Humane Societies 100 PESONAlS SCULPTUHEtl NALS n privacy at my home Eight years exper,ence after 2 PM BREEZE PROFESSONAL Massage for Women Air condl- ioned comfort House calls optonal Unique Eureplan method Judy WANTED Any unwanted articles for A garage sale fo benefit Vietnam Veterans. Chapter 9. DetrOit Sale S 10 be held Saturday. Augus1 20 Call evenings ANYONE CAN APPL yl Guaranteed Vlsa/MC US Charge Even With bad credit No one refused Call (213) Ext U 749 CUSTOM FLAGS Boat, business. home, etc, for more nformaton please write POBox _. 175 A SJ. Clair.shor~. _M RENT my beautiful Silk Flowers to decorate for SpeCial occasions Weddmgs, Showers, parties Church pews also decorated T AXES Private, Confidential Anthony Busmess Service Mack Av enue Near Cloverly Serving you Since 196B YOUR HOME OR PET A WORK OF ART PenCil, nk. Watercolor BUSiness or Boat By Carol A Sinclair notecards and rlnts- ASSOCATON Joseph Campau Detroit. M FEATURNG Animal adoptions nlo loving homes Humane education Rescues and shelteflng With T L C Leglslall~ e action. local state federal Re uniting los1 pets With their family Cruelly investigations AdoptOn hours a m 10 3 P m Monday Saturday \313) WANTED 101 CATERNG 505 losland Found 506 Pet Breeding 507 Pet EqUipment 508 Pet Grooming REAL MARE'S Catering upscaled CUSine, excellent references, delivered or HEALTH AND NUllTON AUTOMOTVE 600 AMC 601 Chrysler 602 Ford 603 General Motors 604 Anllque/Classlc 605 Foreign 606 Jeepsl4-Wheel 607 JunKers 608 PartsTlresiAlarms 609 RentalsiLeaSlng 610 Sports Cars 611 Trucks 612 Vans 613 Wanted to Buy 614 Auto nsurance TME Out Massage Energize your body Denise Miller AMTA 112 MUSC EDUCATON PRVATE lessons P,ano VOice organ Umverslty musc education degree Mrs Junker RECREATONAL 650 Airplanes 651 Boats and Motors 652 Boat nsuranc.e 653 Boat Parts and Service 654 Boat Storage/Dockage 655 Campers 656 Motorbikes 657 Motorcycles 658 Motor Homes 659 Snowmobiles 660 Trailers VOCAL and plano lessons Grosse POinter...,th university degree now furthermg musical education at Wayne State offering classical and popular lessons Phone PANO teacher With degree has opening for beginning or advanced students Experienced m classical, pop, ragtime, and Jazz TUTORNG/EDUCATON EST ATE FOR RENT 700 AplslFlatS/Duplex- Grosse POinte/Harper Woods 701 AptS/FlatS/Duplex- DetrOlt/Balar'" Wayne County 702 AptsiFlatsiDuplex- St Clair ShoreS/Macomb County 703 AptS/FlatsiDuplex- Wanted to Rent 704 Halls for Rent 705 Houses- Grosse POinte/Harper Woods 706 Houses- Detroit/Balance Wayne County GVE your child a head startl Tutonng K through 8 All subjects. Michigan certified teacher and literacy volunteer Reasonable rates ADVERTSE CALL TUTORNG/EDUCATON TUTORNG ALL SUBJECTS GRADES 1 THRU 12 PROFESSONAL FACULTY WE CAN HELP BUSNESS AND TECHNCAL SERVCES Business' Technical MedlCSl Legal Letters' Memos Cassete Transcnpbon Personalized Repelltlve LeHers Envelopes' Labels Reports' DissertatiOns Term Papers' Theses Foreign Languages Equabons Graphs StallstlCS Tables' Charts Resumes' Cover Letters AppllCStlon Forms 111 NSURANCE HEAL nt DSABLTY UFE LONG.TERM CARE NDVDUAL OR CROUP CALL TODAY FOR YOUR FREE ANALVSS ~\:ECT MARK VAN DEN BRANDEN Certnled Finenelll P11ner 200 HUP WANTED GENERAL MECHANCS wanted Small, busy shop Top pay Must have tools BUSPERSONS and hostesses needed now and throughout the winter Call for nterview, Houses- 5t Clalf Shores/Macomb County 708 Houses Wanted to Renl 709 Townhouses/Condos for Rent 710 Townhouses/Condos Wanted 711 Garages/Mni Siorage for Rent 712 Garages/Mini Storage Wanted 713 ndustnallwarehouse Renlal 714 LVing Quarters to Share 715 Motor Homes for Rent 716 ONlcesiCommerclal for Rent 717 ONlceS/CommerClal Wanted 718 Property Management 719 Renl With Opllon to Buy 720 Rooms for Rent 721 Vacallon Rental- Flonda 722 Vacation Rental- Out of State 723 Vacation Rental- Northern Michigan 724 Vacation Rental- Resort REAL GUDE TO SERVCES 900 Air Conditioning 200 HElP WANTED GENERAL ENGNEERS $20- $30KJ year Entry l3vel Fee requred PHONE Company Hiring $6- $121 hour Call Today Fee re- LMO drivers $4251 week Male- female Will train Job Facts $80 fee DSPATCHERS $4001 week Will train Fee required "HRNG Government )obsyour area $15000 $ Call (602) ext ARLNE POSitionS Great pay Fee re quired EST A TE FOR SALE 800 Houses for Sale 801 Commercial BUildings 802 Commencal Property 803 CondoS/Apts/Flats 804 Country Homes 805 Farms 806 FlOrida Property 807 nvestment Property 808 lake/river Homes 809 LaKe/R,ver Lots 810 Lake/River Resorts 811 Lots lor Sale 812 MortgagesiLand Contracts 813 Northern Michigan Homes 814 Northern Michigan Lots 815 Oul of Stale Property 816 Real Estate Exchange 817 Real Eslate Wanted 818 Sale or Lease 819 cemetary Lots 820 BUSiness Opportunities 10. ENTERTANMENT quired GROSSE PONTE A CLOWN CO. BUYER. Purchasmg To LEARNNG CENTER Featuring: $30K Call Today Kercheval on the Hli Rambow the MagiC Clown 4603 Fee required The fmest professional entertainment EXPERENCED REAL ESTATE All Happy OccasOns 111 SECRETARAL SEVCES SECRETARY RESUMES, theses term Good starting pay must be UGHT-HEARTED papers, repetitive letters. famllar With computer ENTERTANMENT WORD PROCESSNG multi listing. be able to MAGCAN Quality work type, good telephone ROBERT COOPER VOice, responlble. must be LETTER FOR LETTER ALL AGES, OCCASONS. neat and organized person Call Jenny Damman Word Processing Resume Consultation - FARY GODMOTHER at Preparation f you believe n fairies clap General-Personal Typmg your hands Would you LOS COlssures, 4 chairs Medical Legal, BUSiness like to have a truly, truly for rent. operators bought Cassette TranSCriptOn honest- to- goodness shop, call Harper-Vernier FARY GODMOTHER come to your party? Have VLLAGE OFFCE MOVERS- Drivers $6- $121 your Mom or Dad call SERVCES hour Local driving 547- CHANTELLE at 331- Word Processing, Typing Fee required 7705 CHANTELLE Will Personal, BUSiness, Legal, Letters, Labels, Mail- make YOUR BG DAY PRODUCTON Workers something very special $10- $141 hour All shifts ngs. TranSCribing, Term Remember the number Fee requred Papers, Resumes JANTORAL $4001 week 1284 CLASSCAL musc for any Call today Fee occasion Solo, duo, tno. WRTE-MAGE requred qumtet, guitar, Winds, SECRET ARAL SERVCE FACTORY. $10- $14/ hour Word processingl consultalon BUSiness, personal, VOice Benelits Will train Job Facts $80 fee academic, resume theses, let the Dlsc reports, labelsl mailings ~lnwhj. :~~~ play o.scourt OJs The best dance rm.u:: B the best ratel caj us tor your party or Speaa fllncllon ARLNES NOW HRNG' Fllghf Attendants Travel Agents MechaniCS Cus 10mer Service Llstmgs Salanes to-$105k Entry level positions /Ext A-1626 (fee re qulred) CHLD- Care $2501 week No experience Job Fac1s $80 fee COMPUTER Openmgs Will train $4001 week Fee requred MARKETNG $4251 week Entry level Now Hlrlng ' Job Facts $80 fee FACTORY $10- $14/ hour Will tram Fee required FULU Part t'me Parking attendent] cashier Parkmg garage behind Jacob son's. 634 N01re Dame Grosse POinte for tntervlew 901 Alarm nstaliallonjrepalr 902 Aluminum Siding 903 Appliance Repairs 904 Asphalt Paving Repair 905 AutofTruck Repair 906 Awning Service 907 Basemenl Waterproofing 908 8ath Tub Refinishing 909 Bicycle Repair 910 Boal Repairs/Maintenance 911 BnckJBlock Work 912 BUilding/Remodeling 913 BUSiness Machine Repair 914 Carpenlry 915 Carpel Cleaning 916 Carpet nstallation 917 Ceiling Repair 918 Cement Work 919 Chimney Clednlng 920 Chimney Repair 921 Clod Repair 922 Compuler Repair 923 Construction Service 924 Decorating Service 925 DecksJPatlOs 926 Doors Q?7 [),.t'p"ps 928 DressmaklngfTallOring 929 Drywall 930 Eleclncal Service 931 Energy Saving Service 932 Engravlng/Pnntlng 933 Excavallng 934 Fences 935 Fireplaces 936 Floor Sanding/Refinishing 937 Furnace Repalr/lnstallahon 938 Furniture RefiniShing/Repairs 939 Glass Automotive 940 Glass Resldenllal 941 Glass Repairs - StalnedJBeveled 942 Garages 943 Gardeners 944 Gutters 945 Handyman 946 Hauling 947 Heating and Cooling 948 nsulaton 949 JaOl1onal Service 921 Jewelry/Clock Service 943 Landscaping/Snow Removal 943 Lawn Malnlenance 950 Lawn MowerlSnow Blower Repair 951 Linoleum 200 HElP WANTED GENEllAl NEGHBORHOOD lady to cook burgers from 11-3 p m Also waltstaff POinte Cafe, PACKAGNG. $7501 hour Will tram Now Hlrlng l Job Facts $80 fee BANK Tellers $61 hour Will train Now Hmng l Job Facts $80 fee HOSPTAL Openings Good pay Entry level Fee required LMO Drivers Top pay Bonuses Plus tips Fee required VETERNARY assistant $7 50/ hour Will train Job Facts $80 fee GRAPHC Artists- Top wages Will fraln Fee required TRUCK Dnvers- $4001 week Hiring Today Fee requred WATRESS- experienced afternoon shift. 2 to 9, ARPORT Jobs Ground Loadmg Fee required LANDSCAPE laborer needed not under SECRETARY- $6- $91 hour Enlry Level Fee required H-LO Drivers $ hour Will train Fee requred LOCAL Drivers $350- $450/ week Call Us Today Fee required WNDOW cleaners and maintenance men HEAVY EqUipment $10 $161 hour plus benefits Fee required LANDSCAPE- Gardening/ trimming assistant needed Experienced only please ARPORT Openings Flight Crews Fee re qutred BANK Tellers $6 $101 hour Paid training Fer required POSTAL Workers Top Wages Hlrmg Today Fee required LABORERS Up to $ 151 hour W,ll tram Fee required CLEANNG $400/ week Will trilm Fee required ARLNES Will tram Now Hiflng' Fllqht Allendants Travel Agents Customer Service Job Facts $80 fee HElP WANTED G~NElL CONSTRUCTON $10- $201 hour Many fields Fee required MANTENANCE person needed Apply at Parkcrest Motel, Harper, Harper Woods COUNSELOR $20K- $25KJ year Entry level Fee required FULL and part time retail sales postions now available Looking for outgoing enthusiastic ndividuals Salary pius commission, apply n person Mack, Grosse POinte Woods MANTENANCE Company needs working foreman for carpets, Windows and lawn care TRAVEL Agent Trainees Will train Fee required GRLL Cook experienced Apply n person Wlmpys Bar and Gnll, East Warren and Outer Drive MANTENANCE $10- $161 hour Will train Fee requred SHPPNG ReceiVing $8- $101 hour Will train Fee required MANAGEMENT $20K- $35KJ year Entry level Fee required DRVERS $450/ week Local Drlvmg Fee requred 952 Locksmith 940 Mlrlor Service 946 Moving/Storage 953 Musc nstrumenl Repair 954 PalnllnglOecoratmg 954 Paper Hanging 925 Patios/Decks 956 Pest Control 953 Plano Tuning/Repair 917 Plaslerlng 957 Plumbing/Healing 958 Pool Service 959 Prlnllng/Engravlng 903 Refngerator Service 912 Remodeling 960 Roofing Service 96 1 Scissor/Saw Sharpening 962 Screen Repair 963 SepliC Tank Repair 964 Sewer Cleaning Service 965 Sewing Machine Service 966 Slipcovers 967 Solor Energy 950 Snow Blower Repair 943 Snow Removal 962 Storms and Screens 968 Stucco l:fu9 SWHl1llllflY Pool S"'(\ol'-'" 970 TV /Radlo/CB Repair 971 Telephone Repair 972 Tennis Court 973 Tile Work 943 Tree Service 913 Typewnter Service 938 Upholstery 974 VCR Repair 975 Vaccuum Sales/Service 976 VenlllatlOn Service 954 Wallpapenng 977 Wall Washing 903 Washer/Dryer Repair 907 Waterproofing 978 Water Softening 979 Welding 980 Window Repair 981 Window Washing 98;l Woodburner Service SHOP MGR. 5C 200 HELP WANTED GENElL For top notch. EastSide high volume auto appearance center Seekmg honest, trustworthy, dependable "habit-free" mdlvldual Need mature, strong- Willed, intelligent person to delegate, oversee and dis- Cipline activities Creative abilities (sales, etc) are helpful 10 dealmg With customers 10 a pleasant pol- shed fashion Any Knowledge of automobile rustproofing. polish 109, tlntmg, alarms, or sunroofs helpful Must be available Monday thru Saturday Good pay plan pius commission With ndustry leader Send a brief descriptive letter including experience, refer ences. capabilities and income requirements to Mr Gallagher, POBox 36614, Grosse pointe, M OVERSEAS JOBS. Also Crulseshtps $10,000- $105,000/ year l Now Hlrlngl 320 plus Listlngs l (1 ) Exten- Sion OJ-1626 (Fee required) COMPUTER POSitions Will train Now Hlrlng l Jot Facts $80 fee ANMAL care $7 501 hour Will train Now hiring Job Facts $80 fee NTERESTED N SELLNG REAL ESTATE? ASSOCATE WT! lwo GENERA110NS OF SUCCESSl Welllraned EARN 94% WTH NO HDDEN COSTS! WOODSOFFlCE GEORGE SMALE HLL OF1CE NANCY VhLEK salespersons have an advantage! Excellent tranmg programs mdudmg 'free to Quahfied ndlvltluals' PRE-LCENSE classes. FARMS or'l-lce MARK MONAGHAN lhR O;'JCES LLOYD howards OFFCES chwel~~~'~kff~ifh ~' Loan Officer Mortgage loan officer Expcnencc n real estate or bankmg preferred. Excellent training and benefit package Opportunity available for promotion to account management. Please contact Tmothy Crowley at CROWLEY MOil. GMrl~ CORPORA [ON

42 6C August ( 200 HELP WANTED GENEllAl TEACHER Aide Male to work with ~verel~ nultl ply mpaired students Mlnm,um startmg rate $6 09 an hour Apply dl the Grosse Pomte Public school systel' 389 St rill' AFTER School -":are PO",1 ll". avdllablt o;\t PrlVdtE: ~tjll,,:~ntry Scnuul n in dlan Village Wdnt mature: per~n who "'U K", "'ell With chlldrell i 112hour~ per ddy 3 0 <..ockto 5 30 Pay wmrnen",lrale:: With expenent-e Gall SLK Screen prlfltlng wnt pdlly hiring full tude part time printers With exfjen ence Call bO LGHT Clencal full wne posllon available at es t:l~1 ~hed r,m<;<;p POinte business Typmg a must, computer knowledge helpful Some errands n. volved, $5 per hour deal for night college student Call Debbie at CREDT Collection Clerk, for small loan company Expenence, & must be familiar With taking and clearing credit applicatons, skip tracing procedure For mformatlon call DSHWASHERS walt resses, partj full time rish Coffee Bar and Grill Mack Avenue, Grosse Pomte Farms HANDYMAN needed for bulldmg of stylized mod. els WE'RE lookmg for several friendly motivated part time driveway sales help, flexible hours, great for student between 8 and 3 STOCK BOY and counter help, must be 18 Apply Within, Alger Dell and Lquor, Mack LAWN Cutters needed 1m. mediately 18 years old or older $5 per hour Leave message WAREHOUSE person needed mmediately Must be a self- starter, available 50 plus hours per week ncluding Saturdays Will be responsible for all nventory, mirror cuttmg, and shipping! receiving The successful applicant Will meet each of the followmg requirements display ability to obtain and hold Job m the past. reliability n attendance- effective communication skills. clean, neat appearance- excellent math aptitude- ability to lift 75 to 100 pounds Call between 9 A M - 12 noon, DRVERS needed Full time $4 501 hour GROCERY Clerk, full or part. time Apply Farms Market 355 Fisher SUBSTTUTE custodans needed, mostly evening hours Must be a self starter with a postlve attitude Classroom cleanmg, $725 per hour Apply at Grosse Pomte Public School System, 389 St Clair WATRESS experienced dependable person for full lime day poston, apply n person Park Place Cate Mack Gro",~e POinte r-ark DRVER. mus have good recurd kno... drea de pelldable AWly Farm~ MdrKel 3::>~F~her ROdd 88t' ")\00 PAH y, ' JdllL diio U photographic experience helpful APPLCA TONS taken for full or part time FleXible hours Available for Col. lege Students Must be 18 Yorkshire Food Market Mack STOCKMAN willing to work Dependable Apply Farms Market 355 Fisher Rd WATRESS wanted, 10-4pp m Call between 2-4 p m , 63 Kerc,heval CARPENTERS assistant, references required call 9 to 5 P M after 6 PM ACCOUNT ANT- f::.ntrylevel rot) Wilqf'< Benefits,'. 200 HEll' WANTED GENEAL SPECAL Events Coordinator for national volunteer health organization Must be experienced organ lng volunteer evenb arid proyrdms full V pert lime poslllon Mu~t ~" "llddt " " lh l LJ Dl dol.,>, n JU\:jlh ul h.,l" ~t::110 l >ulfle t, U,-ul" nla,:>vu<:hy at A118f1La Hdl per AVl- Hdl ljer WlJ{j{j" 4lj22S cl1ljdl Oppvnulllly ErHployt::r - - ~ - - CASHER, -,vt-k Fd",l JdU, slure LJowntowll liiall (,dl dl~rlct seeks enthu SldStlC hdrd worklflg f1dl Vidual to work ddys Monday thru Friday Call Laurd between 2 and b p m CHLO Care Head CdrB giver for pre school class at CllUt::11 d\:j"''''.; tv S College degree n early childhood development or child psychology pre ferred ResponSibilities mclude dally lesson plans, POSitive discipline techniques and parent n teractlon Salary negolia ble Apply at Salem MemOrial Child Care Center, Moross EXCEPTONAL EARNNGS Restaurants have premium starting wage, and exceptional earnings for entry level and experienced personnel Expanding Elias Brothers Restau. rants have mmediate openings for waitresses, cooks, dishwashers, bus boys, cashiers and pantry personnel Also offering full beneht package Apply in person at Elias Brothers Big Boy Restau. rants 9 Mile and Jefferson, 5t Clair Shores, (or) Mack, (at Cadieux) Grosse POinte Park SMALL wage and a 2 room SUite With private bath overlooking ndian Village's most handsome establishment n exchange for help n gardening and housekeep- ng Call Andrew Court, G M Economist (retired) at t DEL AsSistant, full time Mature person Apply Within Alger Deli and Lquor, Mack $4.50 HOURLY Part time, evenlngl weekends No expenence necessary Applicants must be able to read and talk PARKNG lot attendents needed for North and South High schools Minimum starting rate $5 37 per hour Apply at Grosse POinte PubliC School System, 389 StClair DRVER full time, for Airport Shuttle Service Start very early m morning, heavy lifting, $6001 hour plus tips, must have excellent driving record References Be neat and CUrtlOUS331.()908 SLK Screen printing company hmng graphic artists Wth experience SWM nstructors needed for YMCA program, begm ASAP Must have life saving and CPR cards Must be 17 years old ALSO needed is a Gym nstructors n COLLEGE studenb y0ll19 to sch,){)1 locdlly wdilled FleXible wurklly t10ur", dunny ~chuol year Apply at Mr C S LJell Edst Wdlftjrl (Uetl u) 2091fJ Mdc" (Glu",,,e PVlnte WO<Jds) 1,'33 l MurallLj [)tjtl u.t) /003,' Kdly riolpt WUU(hl ~VN~ l Hue UN ':J HENDRCKS And Associates nc HElP WANTED GENEllAl WATRESS part time for downtown DetrOit restaurani after 2 PM ELECTRONCS $3751 week Entry level Now lrrn~ Job let sao,'l }7~ SUU(J - -- rrav;:l AgE"b 101-' ljvaye~ Will rrall F,-,=, required REFNED no1~rnoklng dd, 10 dsssl elderly 1dllolt-dpped WOniall Live n ARLNE Trall1ees Pdld trdlrllflg Fee rel1ulred DRVERS $ hour Bene lib Call today Fee required GARDNER FUll time poslton for Gard llu d,''li3.r ~."JS1 bp meticulous Call between 9 and 5 work days COLLEGE students and graduates Entry level POSitions Great benefits Job Facts $80 fee VU luul /-\11 leld'" :>'11 4bU..) Fee required PHONE Operators $4001 week plus bonuses ::> Fee required BROADCASTNG trainees Great pay Fee required DRiVERS NEEDED' Good drlvlnq record Will tram Excpllenl money making potential Apply n person Mack Ave REAL ESTATE AGENTS FULL OR PARl TME WE PAY THE HGHEST COMMSSONS N THE NDUSTRY SO CALL US TODAY FUFi A PRVAT TALK DRAFTNG $10 $141 hour Benefits Entry level Job Facts $80 fee GENERAL Labor $8- $121 hour Will train Fee requred GENERAL office nsurance biller, experience preferred but not necessary, Will train LANDSCAPE Gardening foreman needed Experience only Must be knowledgable n plant care and dentification Progressive Company ACCOUNTNG Clerk Trainee Top wages Fee requred FLGHT Allendants $101 hour Will raln Now Hlr- ngl Job Facts $80 fee DRVERS. $4251 week Will tram Male. female Job Facts $80 fee HUP WANTED GENERAL WLL tralrl pizza cooks, cashiers, deli clerks Must be 18, Willing to work days evenings, weekends Apply at Mr C's Deli, East warren (Detroit) Mack (Gru::>",e POinte Woods) t2331 Morang (DetrOit) looj2 Kelly (Harper Woods) CLERCAL Trdlnee $5- $71 hour Will train Fee required SEASON POSition available toi gait coursel grounds mallltenance Expenence desirable but not required Call FULL time housekeeper, noon 7 p m five days mature woman preferred, Windmill Pomte area Call SECRETARV statistical typist for small east suburban CPA firm Experience required Perma. nent WANTED: Sitter to care for four children ages 2-7 Wednesday and Friday, 7a m to 8p m Non smoker, references transportation required, 6 month minimum commitment LABORER: CLean up and odd jobs, flexible hours, pay accordmg to ability STOCK clerkl sales girl high school JUnior after school and Saturdays Melissa MATURE couple to provide,ve-m supervision, com. panlonshlp for elderly woman n exchange for hvlng quarters separate two bedroom apartment wnh all utilities provided Must be Willing to do housekeeping and general home maintenance after 6p m GROUNDSKEEPER'S helper needed for private estate Experienced workers preferred. Call after 5 PM,881~, DOCK- Warehouse $8. CASHER $121 hour No experience Now Hlrlng l Job Must have supermarket expenence Apply n person. Harbortown Market, 3472 Facts $80 fee East Jefferson, Detroit PHONE girls, pizza makers, delivery boys Little taly LBRARAN Pizzeria Renaissance Center law firm S seekmg a part time CONSTRUCTON. $12- branan FleXible hours $181 hour Now Hmng l Prefer degree plus law Job Facts $80 fee 374- firm experience Send resume and salary require NOW Hlrmg afternoons and ments to Personnel evenmgs Walt people Director, HLL LEWS, and fountam workers 100 Renaissance Center, Good advancement mto 32nd Floor, DetrOit, supervisory POSitions Call for interview appointment press operator needed for EXPERENCED printing FLGHT Attendants $101 Hamada press Model hour Paid tramlng CD Full or part time 4603 Fee required position available Call between 8 am and Noon LAWN sprinkler service man Experienced DOCK Workers- $121 hour Will train Fee required ELECTRONC TechniCian Top wages Entry level Fee required OFFCE Cleaning $7501 hour No Expellence Now Hlrlngl Job Facts $80 fee PHONE Company $101 hour Will train Male- female Job Facts $80 fee BOLER Operators $351<1 year With benefits Fee required ---- DRAFTNG- Many fields E:nlry level F-eereqUired ---- LOCAL pre~cnptlon phar TldCy needs dn expen enct'd dlug clerk Also a delivery person Full or Pdrt tllne 88? 1040 A J M, y<>1 BE ON T V Many needed tor commercials Castlrlg lformallon (1) ExtenSion TV-1626 (Fee required) COMPUTER Openings $4001 week Entry level Fee required MANAGER Trainee $18K. $25KJ year Entry level Fee required LMO Driver Trainees Top wages Fee rl'qulred EXPERENCED waitress, OilY shift Call Amy Mon day through Friday 1-4 pm Lo- Fee DELVERY $9 501 hour cal driving required DSC Jockeys $5OO! week Hlnnq today f,,\.- required WAT Staff needed- part or full time, Pomte Cafe, Mack AUTOMOTVE PENNZOL 10 mmute 011 change center, seeks fuilltime person, 18 or older Please call Mr DaVS between 9 and 6 pm CASHER Perry Drug Stores loc is looking for part.tlme cash- ers needed for A M and P M shifts Must be 18 years or older Apply n person at 107 Kercheval, Grosse POinte f-arms, nquire at the pharmacy counter BROOKS Brothers Amen. ca's Oldest Retailer S currently seekmg shppmg! receiving clerk for full time Also in need of a tailor for part time Competitive benefits and wages Contact manager at or send resume to 11 Kercheval, Grosse POinte Farms, EXCELLENT booth rental space available for nal techmclan at Leon's on the Hli Ask for Leon STOCK PEOPLE Must have supermarl<et ex. perlence Apply n person HarbortOYln Marl<et, 3472 East Jefferson, Detroit BUS Person, mght shift Apply n person, 11 am- 2 p m Wlmpys Bar and Grill, East Warren at Outer Drive TYPST accuracy not speed mportant, 10 hours weekly arranged Call mornings or eventngs 200 HElP WANTED GENERAl ACCOUNTANT BOOKKEEPER PART TME Grosse Pomte Farms (OA Firm has an mmedldte Op!:llllng for an applicant With a strong bookkeep- ng and accountllig back yround, famlharny ""th payroll taxes and compu tenzed general ledger a real plus FleXible hours and great exposure: 10 all aspects of public account ng Excellent opportunity Call Jan FULL OR PART TME Great opportunity to generate "or supplement" an ncome - full or part time as our business S productive until 9 30 P m dally ThiS 20 year old manufacturer 01 top qual- ty, sought after products seeking POiSed, enthusastic "sales onented" indviduals \f you have determination, Will- ngness and are depend. able please call Full training - hourly or high commission with cash bonus and incentives Pleasant EastSide office Mr. Pilkington 20l THE following part time p0- Sitions are available at The Chlldrens Home of DetrOit Recreation leader, pnvate tulor and arts and crafts nstructor Call Dawn DePalma GRLL cook experrenced, light menu, full or part lllne, days ord some eve nmgs, POinte Cafe Mack LANDSCAPE help need now thru fall Call Erich PANTERS- Five years plus experience Full time Top quality workmanship a must ' Pyramid Pamtlng nc FLORAL DeSigner, full or part- time, experienced Ask for Jim WATRESS- experienced, day shift Experience- i. quor and food Apply n person between 10 am- 2 pm Wlmpys Bar and Grill, East Warren at Outer Drive HELP WANTED BABYSTTER WANTED MATURE lovmg woman to babysit three month old, full time on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, your home or mine OUR house or yours Two ' boys, ages 3 and 1 year year old Monday thru Fnday, 630 AM to 3 30 PM References a must Call after 6 PM, LOVNG energetic person to care for two girls 5 and 2 1/2 n my home Begin August 30th, Tuesday and Thursdays 730 to 3 Own car and references LOVNG and rehable per son to care for our 6 month old and 6 year old Our home Begin mid September 8 to 5 30 Monday thru Friday erences l HElP WANTED AYS1T R NANNY needed Opening for responsible lovlllg woman to care for two darlmg children, 8 years and 6 months n our home Monday- Friday Non smoker Own reliable transporta tlon References required ex<..ellent ",diary Cdll at ter 7 pm MATURE Woman With ex penence n child care' to Sit n my home 3 days a week NANNV babysitter wanted for \.-are of our baby n our horne from 6 15 until 4 0 clock Monday through Frrday before 330 EXPERENCED NanllY tor 3 month old nfant MOil day", Wednesday~ Fri days live and fulure full lime opportunity pos s blc Referpn('p~ rp qulred HElP WANTED ClERCAL CLERKS RECEPTONSTS TYPSTS SECRET ARES WORD 202 HELP WANTED ClERCAL SBLl OFFCE ASSSTANT New Center Area arts orgafllzatlon seeks well-or. ganlzed person to handle front desk Good speak. ng voice and typing skills a must Receptionist experience helpful Full-time position With excellent benefits Send resume and cover letter to Director of Personnel, 6519 Second Avenue, DetrOit M48202 Equal Opportunity Employer S Shoes, nc has A full time entry level POStOn available n lheir executive offices located n the Ren Cen Full benefit package Light typing and good math skills reqljlred Call Monday Friday aftel 2 p m to sel up an interview RECEPTONST SECRETARV Large real estate company has entry level position available Good typing and filing skills ex<..ellent r'hone manners required ndividual should be or gamzed and work well With others Call Mr Man aghan tor confldenllal n tervlew RECEPTONST 1 ryplst needed for small advert S rlg agen<..y Strong phone skills type 50 wpm on Panasonlc KXE 708 Call 5G for,nlerl.l(m PART Time 1 to 5 word BABVSTTER n my home, Tuesdays, Thursdays for processing andl or real 9 month old Non! estate bookkeeping, 9 smoker Mile and Mack NANNES NEEDED WORD Processing secre- Experrenced mature relia tary needed for fantastic ble Good salary and ben assignments Must have ellts live-n or live out secretarial and word pro- Call us now for an ap cesslng skills 3 years ofpo,ntment flce expenence and type wpm locations Downtown area Call nowl En- BABYSTTER my home, tech Services LTD 567 Tuesday and Thursday 0050 mornings (930 am to ), Beginning August ATTENTON 25th, 2 children (20 Short and long term asslgnmonths and 8 months) ments available for the summer l DEPENDABLE permanent NEEDED AT ONCE' child care needed for 3 to TYPlsV55wpm Secretaries! 4 afternoons! evenings per week, 2 children my Legal & Executive Ref MOTHERS helper who loves kids and allimais Hours flexible, must drive BABYSTTER 5 days a week, 10 to!::, MATURE woman for Tues days 830 to 530 references required GROSSE POinte Woods area, summer and after school Call , RESPONSBLE child care giver wanted Monday and Wednesday, 11 AM to 4 PM Must have own transportation, be a non smoker and loving With children For girls 4 and 7 Start after Labor Day BABYSTTER wanted Ma ture woman to care for newborn and 2 year old Two to 3 days per week Must have own transportation, non smoker refer ences Call after 6 P m home, begm late August Word Processors $3 an hour Data Entry Clerks Receptlonlsts/45 wpm MATURE reliable expen- CALL TODAY enced daytime sitter for RUTH PARADSE TEMPS lfant FleXible schedule 1772 PENOBSCOT BLDG. after LOOKNG for a Grosse RECEPTONST. $2501 POinter, 15 years or older week Benefits Will train to babysit for my 3 month Job Facts $80 fee 374- old son on occasional 5000 evenll1gs, Will pay $2 an hour, call after OFFCE work, typing, filing, 5 PM electnc typewriter and PART time sitter n my word processor Call 885- home, days flexible, be- _34_9_5 _ 9,nnll1g September, refer- SECRETARY full lime for ences Grosse POinte 1 girl office, typll1g, msurance BE WSE ADVERTSE CALL HElP' WANTED ClERCAl PART TME PROCESSORS TELEMARKETNG f You Are nterested n Excellent REPRESENTATVES Benefits, Gener ous Pay Flexlable Sched ule Call ADVERTSNG AGENCY Llntas Campbell-Ewald, a DETROT major advertising agency located n Warren, is lookmg for part time telemar TS OFFCE SERVCES ketlllg representatives Goodpeople Background n telemarket- Never A Fee EOE ng helpful pleasant telephone GENERAL office mature manner a must person full-time 885 VariouS shifts available 9115 SECRETARY receptlofllst nterested applicants may send their resumes to 30 hours a week Must Ms Katherine A SZlSZ have pleasant phone Clerical RecrUiter VOice, and be able to lintas Campbell Ewald work With people Salary Van Dyke commensuratp With ex Warren, Michigan penence Send resume Jefferson Avenue EOE ---- P resbylerlan Ch u rch RECEPTONST fast grow 8625 E Jefferson Ave ng Gro~se POinte Finan DetrOt clal Management Firm SECRET AR'{ Receptionist Light typmg Excellenl phone skills are requred for major real estate com pany n convenient Grosse POinte location needs someone With good telephone and typ ng skills Should be well organized ann dependa ble Send resume to The Grosse Pomte News 96 Kercheval Box A 10 Grosse Pomte Farm" Michigan GROSSE Pomte non profit agency seeks part time secretary 9.3 p m Mon day Thursday Tempo rary position September May commltmenl Typing and organizational sk'ils a must Resume to FLEC 158 Ridge Grosse POinte Farms, experience desired Call 9 to 5, Monday Friday RECEPTONST Clerical Femolel Petne Properties Mack corner of Nottingham FULL Time secretary needed for day care center Computer experience preferred ARLNES. Reservations $101 hour Will train Now Hmngl Job Facts $80 fee Fulll Part lime Send re sume to The Grosse POinte News 96 Ker cheval, Box C-8 Gross(' POinte Falm.., Mv hlq<l" SECR~'ARV Advancemen,> lullll, and exce:11o, th t'l, package Ot1'K) wlltl lhl~ position for lellytj out)lh ban corpoldllull Good commufllcatlt'ft..,klll" 'yp ng and WOlt' [J,'..,::>1 ll, required Sdlrl '' ng on exper " FEE PAD %4 ')j()1.l Or resur ", B Hans BeCk' r \(~" 3475 Penobs<..olBUlldmg DetrOit HilP WANTED ClEllCA PART r,m~ Order desk Minimum 5 years expen ence Word processor traffic control and general office skills d must Send resume to PO Box RoseVille M LEGAL Secretary small downtown office experr ence With 'Word Perlect computer program deslr dble but not essential ASSST ANT needed to n lalntaln coordmate cll ent s schedule and pro- Jects, operate PC compuler for test survey processing and reporting, desk top publlshmg Word processing light bookkeeplny, PC DOS or word processing ex penence mportant graphics and/or bank ex perlence helpful Must be ~lufe::'::'lullal "11th "ltent s and confident With com puter Office back ground and long term commit ment necessary Send resume to East Jefferson SUite 107 Grosse Pomte Park ADMNSTRA TlVE ASSSTANTT EnthUSiastiC, mature, responsible, self.motlvated indivdual to work part time m very specal Downtown DetrOit office Must have good telephone, mlcrosoft word processing and bookkeeping skills DysleXia Resource Center offers a stlmulatmg and rewarding place to work HElP WANTED DENTAl! MEDCAl RECEPTONST- full time RoseVille dental office Progressive general prac. tlce Send resume to Recpptlorll~t, 2072 Len non Grosse Pomte Woods HYGENST position for pa. tlent oriented office, expenence necessary, ask for Pam EXPERENCED medical secretary needed full time for busy cardiologist office, excellent opportunity MATURE, European woman to assist m canng for male stroke case Monday through Friday, part time DENT AL HY G EN 1ST needed to work part-time flexible hours n Harper Woods excellent pay, commensurate With experience Call weekdays, HOSPTAL POSitions $6- $101 hour Will train Job Facts $80 fee RECEPTONST for oral surgery office Must have medical or dental receplion expenence Warren area Call Allison RN'S, LPN's Nurse Aides For home care service, all shifts available Your choice of locations Bonus's available Advanced NurSing Services FA ML V Dental practice seeks mollvated ndividual to JOinour team as a part time assistant please call Beth at HYGENTST for St Clair Shores office, needed Monday or Thursday n4-593o EXPERENCED dental assistant 3 to days per week for busy Grosse POinie office ask for Betty EXPERENCED Dental of f1ce Managerl Reception 1Stneeded 3 1/2 days a week Call Monday thru Thursday Debbie CLASSF led ADS CALL NURSE ADES :.arn up to $8.63fhr ~V.,, Dut) Hurne Care nlnledlat& Plac,sment ( b )0',( "'ii' '-,hlft, f '0 l BLOOMFELO/PONT~ NURSNG SERVCES - -

43 AUYU~l ii, ig HELP WANTED DENTAL/MEDCAL ADES, HOMEMAKERS LPNs,RNs THE NEW BON SECOURS HOME CARE Located n Grosse POinte Affiliated with Bon Secour Hospital Wants you as a valued member of our dedicated team of quallty-care provders EnJoy competitive wages and choice private duty assignments, scheduled when and where you want For information cdll 88b-CARE 204 HUP WANTlD DOMESnC WOMAN for live n position, but would consider full time 5 days a week, with availability for evening Sit tlng and live n dunng business travel Full ~"",<:P kppn,nc) rp<:oon<;1 bilities Two children 9 and 4 Must dnve NURSES Aide needed for elderly lady MATURE, responsible woman to live- n and help care for elderly lady some cleaning and house work nvloved Refer ences requred Call or after 6 PM MATURE person to cook and clean for elderly gen. tleman Harper Woods area live n arrange ments f preferred Call after 6 pm HOUSEKEEPER for single professional WO'11an,11 year-old child Live-in pre. ferred Non-smoker dnv. er's license references required GROSSE PONTE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY years reliable service Needs experienced Cooks, Nannies Maids Housekeepers, Gardeners, Chauffeurs Butlers, Cou pies, Nurse's Aides, Companions and Day Workers for pnvate homes Mack Avenue Grosse POinte Farms 207 HELP WANTlD SAlES. COMMSSON SALES FUR SALON Has openings for full and part-time positions Excellent opportunity for highly motlvaled and Willing to work a flexible schedule Willingness 10 travel between stores COMMSSON LBERAL BENEFTS MMEDATE DSCOUNT. Apply: Hudson's Eastland Fur Salon On the 2nd floor Ask for Adelaide GlJnness Monday thru Friday 10 a m to 5pmEOE CAREER SEMNAR f you re looking for a rewarding career n real estale f you're looking for a challenge and the thought of an unlimited ncome nterests you then ~Hend Cen.,..!,")' 21 F~c:.t 111 the Village seminar for the answers to these questions Limited seat- ng Contact M BOJaiad for the date and time of the next career semmar Cenlury Village, 21 East, n The Kercheval, SUlle 201, Grosse Pomte % COMMSSON PROGRAM CAREER TRANNG CENTURY 21 AVD ST, CLAR SHORES RETAL Sales Coffee Beanery, Eastland Mall Part time to full time sales No experience mmediate openings GOLDEN OPPORTUNTY Put number 1 to work for yo\} Looking for full time seasoned sales agents looking to advance your career New Century 21 East n the Village office expanding staff Excellent pay plans available, beautiful working environment For confidential mtervlew contact Michael BOjalad, Century 21 East, n the Village, Kercheval, Grosse POinte (Above Walton Pierce) STU AnON WANTED CLERCAL 303 STUAnON WANTED DAY CAE MEMORAL Nursery, 10 cated at 16 Lakeshore, S now accepting applications for the Fall semester There are a few openings for the three and the four year old classes For nformalion rail Donna Batten at or Laurie Bradychok at The Nanny Network, loc Ol,alll1' profpsslonal child r l'e n your home' Call us NOW for nformation CHLD CARE LOis of fun for children 3 and under n my licensed home Full flme only 94/10 Mile area STUATON WANTED GENERAL RETRED Handyman. Mmor repairs, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, broken Windows and sash cord replaced, etc Reasonable References NEED SOMETHNG MOVED? Two POinte residents will move or remove large or small quanlitles of furnllure, appliances, planas or what have you Call for free estimate SEM. retired man seeks POSition as driver, chauf feur (fuill part time) or doing your odd jobs Call Thomas 77&-2438 (keep trying) AURA'S HOME SDNG SERVCE T L C of children elderly Hourly, overnight and 24 hour rates 12 years With Mrc, H<lmmon whose agency served Grosse POinte over 30 years licensed Bonded AVALABLE TO WORK SOUTH Honest, mature and reliable housekeeper Wishes a ive-m domestic or caretaker position in south FlOrida or the Bahamas ext 305 JOURNEYMAN Steamfitter seeking extra work Pp- 109, boiler work Experienced Call PANTNG small carpentry, miscellaneous Reasonable rates FEMALE college student With summer service Will do house cleaning and yard work ODD JOBS THE STUDENT SERVCE OF GROSSE PONTE Lef us do your gardening heavy lifting, palnttng, gut ters, or Windows YOU NAME T1! CALL NOW GEORGE JAME RELABLE Polish woman S Willing to clean your home Own transportation Grosse POinte Refer- SLK Screen printing company hiring aggressive ences WANTED part time clean- ng lady, close to Grosse sales reps calling on EXPERENCED House Pomte area Call for nter commercial accounts Cleaner Thorough, efflclenf job Reasonable View, rates Reliable, references Call STUATON WANTED 205 HUP WANTED LEGAL UVSTTERS MOTVATED female, early EXPERENCED babysitter LEGAL SECRET AR\' twenty's seeking house With references, evenings Detroit law firm defence tl cleaning jobs on the east or overnight weekends, gatlon With Word Perfect Side Expenenced wlfh experience desired Good excellent references benefits, salary determined LOVNG Mother seeks ba- Contact Mary durmg days by experience bysitting m your home, at contact Joan at excellent references APARTMENT cleaning SECRETARY full time experienced very reasonable, experienced Downtown 4 References DEPENDABLE sitter man law firm Compensa needed for 18 month old Weekly B- Weekly 772- tlon benelits commen Monday Wednesday Friday 8 a m to 6 pm QUAL TY cleaning experi surate With skllts and ex perlence Resume Eastsldel Grosse Pomte enced reliable, excellent required Contact Mr Ja area references Reasonable cobs rates WORD processor NB and legal experience pre ferred send resume to Harper Mt Cle mens M Attention Mrs Hartnett RECEPTONST for downtown office Good commuilicalion skills light typ ng required Contact Beth HElP WANTlD PAT.TlME ENTRY level pos:lon open n local allorney s office High school senior maybe qualified 885 ~ 1704 SEEKNG mature' 'psponsl ble woman for part time sales at Bavberry Hili Ctasslcs Must be flclx ble f mtprested cont tct store manager at 88& BUSPERSONS- Dishwashers part tlmp ilfternoon and evening Slllfts Excel lent hours for students re tu rnlng to school Harppr HELP WANTlD ~ls ARE YOU THNKNG ABOUT SELLNG REAL ESTATE? Free tralr,lng for qualified ndlvlduill<; to milke money QUickly nn our genprous rommlsslon rrogram Cdll George Srale at NOW SCHWETZER REAL ESTATE BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS BABAR'S HOUSE. small group Ages 2 5 Stimulating program Large, safe playground Full time preferred Licensed, non smokers LADY Wishes day work 259-()297 o & S HOME and OFFCE CLEANNG Dependable, quality work Grosse Pomte references Call Donna or Sue EXPERENCED BOOK- ROSSE POinte women KEEPER, Grosse POinte seeks general house resident, seeking part keeping Grosse Pomle limel temporary Personal references Accounls Excellent refer- LADY desires housekeepences ng in Grosse POinte area Own transportation references NEED a lady companion to live n or COLLEGE student available to do house cleaning Summer and alter school begins Beth HOUSECLEANNG- Honest and deppndable Grosse POinte references Catl Margaret after 5pm HONEST dependable Over five years expen ence Excellent refer encos Call 286?725 LADY Wishes housework n the Grosse Pomte area Call aher 5p m 8825?57 TWO English ladles wlil clean your home Honest rp3sonable reliable nonsmokers also love ani mals Please call Vera or Ethel 28& THE HOUSE.KE.TEERS CLEANNG SERVCE ProfeSSional, Bonded and nsured teams ready to clean your home or bus ness Gift Certificates Available 10% Off Wllh ThiS Ad Flr,;t Time Callers Only' S STUATON WANTED. HOUSE CLEANNG CARMEN'S CLEANNG SERVCE No time for housecleaning? Let our team come and do t for you l Reasonable References Experienced WE Will come n and clean your home apartment or office do errands Excellent references HOUSECLEANNG by Sandy We clean the old fashioned way Very thorough very reasonable rates Excellent Grose POinte references 2 mature Women rustwor1hy dependable Call YOU'VE got t MAD ProfeSSional Cleaning Service Homes Apart ments Condo's, References 779-3b9J POLSH English Woman 40 years, Will refresh your home With her European style of cleanmg Experl enced n home health care for your loved ones Errands, companionship, housekeeping and cook ng STAR BRTE CLEANNG SERVCES Homes, Offices, Apartments, Condos HONEST AND DEPENDABLE Wall washing and much more LET 2 non-smokmg mature English ladles clean your home Dependable honest hard working Nof a company Many Grosse POinte references Any written Company estimate we Will reduce Call Trlsh ENGLSH- Polish lady Will refresh your residence With her European style of cleaning, uses rags instead of mops Does the floors on her knees Excellent housekeeper, wlfh her own transportation References available Call anytime R&M PROFESSONAL CLEANNG Quality Workmanship Resldentlal/Com merlcal Free Estimates STUAnON WANTED NURSES ADES PRVATE Duty Nurse's Aide available, hour opens, experienced references Salary negotiable days ljurse's Aide seeking pnvate duty Job expenence, references own transportation, EXPERENCED Nurse's aides available Reasonable,ates Fraser Agency, state licensed and bonded CARNG help for you or your loved ones anytime MECHANDSE ANTQUES ORENTAL rugs, Antique furniture antique bnc-a brac CVL War Buffs- For Sale Harper s Weekly 6 vol umes ( ) MERCHANDSE ANTQUES. 400 MERCHANDS ANTQUES EASTLAKE dining room table $350 or best offer TUDOR ESTATE SALE English court cupboard, oak 1632, French pine armoire 1844, 19th century German Schutzen nfle, Carastan Oriental, maroon tones 11x 14, Carastan VOry Klrman 9x , f no answer 46&-8195 ARTSANS needed to sell your crafts at a Chnstmas Bazaar Submit samples for juned exhibit to Kennary Kage Antiques, 4928 Cadieux or call '.MCHGAN'S LARGEST ANTQUES MARKET" over 600 exhibitors Centreville, Michigan Sunday August 14 7a m 4 30p m Adm $300 Falrrounds M 86 LCaravan Antiques Market KENNARY KAGE ANTQUES Open Wednesday, Thursday Fnday Sunday, 12.4p m Saturday, 9a m to 4p m WE BUY AND SELL Cadieux at Easl Warren DENLEY'S ANTQUES Large selection of furniture, clocks, decoys, toys, quilts, and country pnmltlves Harper, between 10 and 11 Mite Summer hours, Monday- Fnday, 9-5p m. Closed Saturdays and Sundays June 1st thru October 1st WE BUY AND SELL ANN ARBOR ANTQUES MARKET M BRUSHER, MANAGER Sunday, August 21, 20th Season, 5055 Ann Arbor Saline Road, EXit 175 off dealers n qual ty antiques & select collectibles, all under cover 5 am- 4 pm, AdmiSsion $300, Third Sundays The Onglnal l FURNTURE refinished, repaired, stnpped, any type of canmg Free estimates, , THE COLONAL SHOP JEFFERSON NEAR 10 MLE Antiques, furniture, china, buy and sell Highest pnces paid Monday - Saturday, WHRLPOOL Side by Side refngeratorl freezer 19 1 cu t $ GBSON Side by Side refrigerator, $ WASHER, $125 Electnc dryer, $100 Both exceltent condition MOVing, must sell AR conditioner, Carner, Window, 8,700 BTU, 26x16, Will cool large area, works well, $2001 best offer Garland two oven gas stove, Circa 1940 very good condl tlon 884-S8n WASHER dryer, gas stove and eleclnc stove BULT-N G E oven- micro $250 G E range $50, G E dishwasher $50 Great condition MECHANDSE. ANTQUES ORENT AL RUGS WANTED BY A COLLECTOR Paymg more thdn your best offer ANN ARBOR DU MOUCHELLES We buy for cash or take on conslgnmenfs antiques onanlal rugs, paintings and fine furniture 409 E. Jefferson '' \ 401 APPLANCES KENMORE gas dryer, verf good condition, $ REFRGERATOR, smaller Size, used very little, NOT FROST-FREE GAS stove 30" Sears, excellent condition $ TAPPAN self c1eanl'lg convectlonalre gas, $ ELECTRC dryer, Kenmore $75 VCR Beta, $ TWO Window air condl toner, one year old, $175 each af ter 6 GAS dryer good condition, $ WASHER $155, dryer $65 excellent condition M cro- wave $ WHTE KENMOOR gas stove, excellent condllion "o"t,n'0l!<: rlpiln1nc) <;()!r1 state ignition best offer USED GE clothes dryer and 30' range Good condition BOOKS 403 CYCLES MALE and female bikes, very good condition, $85 and $ GRL'S 20", good condition, boy's 20" dirt bike 26" paper rounte bike MEN'S 10 speed and Ladies 3 speed, Sue SCHWNN Varsity 10 speed girls Green, good shape, $ LADlE'S 3 speed bicycle, upright freezer, fireplace screen and andlrom" smoke-eater, 3 Amencan Tounster luggage pieces MEN'S Mlyata 10-speed 27 loch wheel Good componentsl condition GARAGE/YAD ASEMENT SALES DonatOns needed for St Clare used book sale, , ANNUAL 2 BLOCKS Garage Sale' Saturday and Sunday 81 14, 10 to 6 Alexander between Harper and Jefferson, St Clair Shores 4412 Woodhall August 13th, 14th, 10a m 4p m Everything priced to sellwe mean t Clolhes- kids, women's (maternity, too) men's, household tems and much morel 1454 LAKEPONTE, Yard sale, Friday, Saturday 10 to 3 Tools, bikes, cloth- ng househol,d tems furniture 354 MORAN- Bikes, furniture, air condloner, art deerheads, carpet, rug toys, sewing machme, clothing Fnday- Saturday 10 to 4 HOUSEHOLD tems and elc for sale 308 Kerby Safurday only 9 a m to 6 pm ~\ t.,! '-- ~ - ~- E:,it~ ~- --~ \ ~: l 11_, -~or - lr-._- -;LT-" \ ~_~~~~ ASEMENT SAlES GARAGE Sale Old Wedgewood dishes, Hummels, fireplace screenl andl rons, crocheted afghans men's SUitS 44 ladles clothing, LeVS, cords, ski sweaters Thursday Friday, 9 to Hamp. fan BACKYARD Sale Satur day- Sunday, August 13th 14th Alcoy between East 8 mile and Stalefalr near Schoenherr Furnilure kitchenware, rugs baby tems fays and tots more n basement f r()lns TOY Sale?0847 Loch moor FriddY 10 to 2 PM MOVNG Salel August 13th ana 14th 9 am to 4 pm Furniture toy" cloth()~ 1824 Hampton Grosse POinte Wooas MOVNG Sdle Friday Au gust Satu rday August 13, 9 noon 2190 Vprn,pr Grosse POinte Woods STOVE, game table back to Schoot clothes, buck ets, pots and pans, sleep ng bags Thursday, Fri day and Saturday 8 to 4 PM 459 Touraine YARD Salel August 12th and 13th 9 am till? ATV, 20 girls bike 4 poster bed, household mlsc and lofs of nice la dies clothing (20445 Hol ywoad Harper Woods) MOVNG Sale, Friday, Saturday, Augusl Tacoma between Hayes- Kelly Refrlgera tori cemaker, electric stove queen size bed, dinette set, misc tems YARD! Esfate Sale Satur day August 13th 9 30 to Rivard Grosse POinte Furmture, house hold tems dishes boy clothes BG yard and bake sale Five farnllys, furniture, tables dishes lot of doors all Sizes, bocks, tools clothes, records, refrlgelator 1979 Dodge Trans Van, lots more, 1702 Fischer DetrOit, near ndian Village Saturday August 13th 10 to 6 P M GARAGE Sale Saturday- Sunday 13th- 14th Alter Two family as sortment of collectibles household tems Lofs of stuffl 3ALDWN organ like new extra large antique solid Mahogany china cabinet 5 piece modern solid oak bedroom loveseat plus slip cover, beautiful Madelm cut work fable cloth napkins used twice, alter 6 PM GARAGE Salel Grayton Some collectibles, bed, dlmng room chairs, dishes and more Saturday and Sunday 10 to 4 THE SECOND Saturday, August 20th Sunday, August 21 USEMENT SALES 7C HOUSEHOLD Sale Haven't thrown much away n the lasf 30 years, must now reduce down, clear- ng out basement, garage, atflc Furniture, oldtlques and collectibles, Antique childs culter, Thursday 5-8 Friday Washington Rd GARAGE Sale, household and mlsc tems, Priced to :;,ell Friday 9-4 P m Saturday 9-1 P m 1365 Lakepolnte GGANTC yard sale, Antique, furniture, glassware extension ladders, trams lots of great toys, swing set, playpen, Crib, Children s and Adult clothing, loads of mise Friday and Saturday, 9-2 No pre-sales ll 1041 S Oxford corner of Fairway, Grosse POinte Woods Blackburn 5t Clair Shores 9-1/2 Mile between Greater Mack & Harper Hours. 9 a m to 5 r m 51[[']'rou'e11 to 'H. 111/11 tht' 'r,,1ttnam 'Jeterall>, ( 11111'10.j, 'lie/roll RAN or shlnel Lawnmower, furniture, curtains, house- Wdle~. WuHlans clothes. more Kenmore 12th, 13th 10 to 6 GARAGE Sale' Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Auqust 12th, 13th and 14th, 9 am to 5 pm Aollandale ( Moross and Chandler Park Dr ) BG fhree family moving and garage sale Fnday- Saturday 9-4 P m August 12th and 13th Fisher Rd GARAGE Sale Miltary books, old airplane pic' tures, Thompson airplane calenders, Wicker, lamps, clothes, kitchen utensils, old school desk, baseball equipment, accesones, dry prlnfer, Priced 10 sell, 467 Cloverly, Farms near Mack, Saturday only g- 5 pm ANNUAL VETNAM VETERANS GARAGE SALE AND BAKE SALE YARD Sale Thursday and Fnday only, 9 to Rlad New tems FAMLY garage sale Children's clothes n excellent condition Sizes nfant thru 8 Osh Kosh, zad, Good Lad and more Some tems never worntags Stilt attached Crib, car seat, playpen, strollers etc Bikes and more Friday, Saturday, Sunday August 12th thru 14th loam 105pm Fleetwood, Harper Woods GARAGE sale- Friday, August 12 only, 10-4 pm, some furniture, two oak stools, anfiques and glassware, efc Mauer, 8 1/2 Harper SPECAL tems for sale n addition to Garage Sale Yardman snowblower, Magnavox stereo console cuno display shelf, Signature portable sew- ng machine, 2 anginal framed 011paintings, wedding gown and vall- size 10 12, 975 Fisher Road Friday and Safurday August 12thl 13th 9 to 4 GARAGE Salel Mabray East Detroll, furniture toys, baby needs and clothes August 11th and 12th, 9 am to 5 pm YARD Sale, 880 Neff, Fri day Saturday, 10-4 \

44 8e 404 GARAGE/YAD, ASEMENT SALES YARD Salel Esprit, Guess, Polo C B, Barbles, cabbage patch, ColecovlSlon, bedroom kitchens sets, 011 palntmg Lochmoor, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9 to 6 HOUSE Salel Antiques and colleclibles, other household tems Thursday 5 to 8 and Friday, 8 to Washington Road, Grosse POinte MOVNG Sale BTU air condllloner Antique oak table, dark green loveseat antique accordlan Wee Forest folk 1971 Hummel plate Call aher 6 pm GARAGEJ MOVNG SALE 5037 Harvard, DetrOit (Cadieux and Warren) Saturday August 13th 9 am to 5 pm GANT House Sale Etahan Allen trundle beds, $175, ($450 new), small Panasonic stereo, $50 SWing set, $5 Vacuum, $ Ford Mustang, $900 firm Child safety bike seal, car seat, SWing, dl essers, books galore, white contemporary din- ng set, $1,000 new ($200 Now) Kitchen tems, ping-pong table, $25, toys galore, grab bags- 25 cents King size brass headboard, Clothes, large exercise bike, Antique Oak rocker, tennis rackets, children's bikes Sale begins Noon Friday August 12th, runs thru Sunday 5 p m at 1610 Ford Court, Grosse POinteWoods MOVNG Sale, everything must go Furniture, etc Harper Woods, call nl or DON'T miss garage sale, 2119 Roslyn, August 13, 14,9-5 P m GARAGE Sale- Friday 4 to 9, Saturday 10 to 6_ Chest freezer, trombone,, canoe and equipment, sewing machme, desk, console stereo, small apartment refrigerator, table saw, area rugs and many small tems 681-n Beaufalt, Harper Woods GARAGE Salel Miscellaneous household tems August 12 & 13, 6 to Ash, East DetrOit GARAGE Sale, Saturday August 13th, 9 AM 769 Washington, books, clothes, old furniture YARD Salel 4195 Grayton Friday August 12th, 9 am to? Furniture, clothes and books 978 PEMBERTON Great yard sale Gates open at 9 a m lots of good stuff Don't miss this sale l Friday only No presales No checks GARAGE Sale, August 11, 12, 131h, 1092 Hollywood BURSTNG at the seams yard asle Saturday, August 13th, 630 to Marseilles, off Chandler Park Drive 9 piece carved oak dining room set, Crca 1900's, maple table and chairs, antique half table, floor lamps, aquanums, 'Passion', all paintings, quality clothingboys size 14, young mens womans pius Size, and mlsc household accoutrements No pre sales GARAGE Salel Saturday August 13th from 9 to McCormick off Moross next to St Johns MSC tems and clothing, babys. girls and ladles MOVNG SALE House full of furniture living, dining rooms from Ethan Allen Four piece canopy bedroom set TV's, appliances, clothes, toys, etc Too much to Stl August a m to 5 p m 859 Westchester, Grosse POinte Park SMALL bathroom Sink and medicine cabinet, 20' reversible Window fan, fertl- 117er spreader, desk 1700 Brys Drive, Saturday 10 AM to 2 PM GARAGE Salel Friday 4 to 7 Saturday 10 to 3 1m Anita Antique dining set, clothing commode toys, mlsc GARAGE SALE Big and nterestlngl Crafts, dishes leather coats, clothes miscellaneous Thursday, Fnday & Satur day, August 11, 12, & 13, 10 to Rosedale, 8t Clair Shores 404 GAUGE/YARD ASEMENT SALES GARAGE Salel Fnday only, 9 to 4 For sure, you Will find a little of everything from furniture, knickknacks, pots & pans, patio furniture, books and Coyote Jacket 1021 Audubon, Grosse POinte Park 405 ESTATE SALES ESTATE SALE 478 Touraine Road Grosse Pointe Farms near Mack August 11,12,13 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m Walnut dining room set, table, buffet, four chairs, china cabinet 1930's bedroom set- double bed, upholstered furniture rockers, lazy boy and more Kitchen tems, bath ::!r)d bed linens and lots more SALE CONDUCTED BY VRGNA ESTATE AND HOUSEHOLD LQUDATONS BY DUMAR SYLVA MONA LSA MONA 405 ESTATE SAlES ESTATE SALE! Grove St. Clair Shores (One Block South of 9 Mile One Block West of Harper, next to K-Mart) Friday, Saturday, 9-5 Plaid couch, love seat, chair and ottoman, excellent condillon Maple end tables, console TV, burnt orange recliner, SWivel MONA LSA ESTATE SALES ESTATE SALES rocker, braided area rugs One king-size bed dressers, Formica top kitchen table SX barrel-ba~k chairs full 36-plece set of stemware, sllverplate serving pieces, many miscellaneous dishes, pots & pans and glassware Cups and saucers from OCCUPiedJapan Numer ous 78 and 45 rpm records much ladles's costume lewelry, men's good leather shoes (size 8) Many Christmas tems, miscellaneous tools, washer and dryer, electric hospital bed No presales l To place a a classified ad, Household Estate Sales & liquidations Cash or Consignment PHONE 24 HOURS LSA FRDAY & SATURDAY AUGUST 12,13 9A M.-4 PM nvrtes you to their sale at Numbers given at 830 on Friday only BLAR MOOR COURT, GROSSE PONTE WOODS between Marter & CharleVOx HARTZ HOUSEHOLD SALES, NC TWO SALE WEEKEND BOTH HOUSES ARE AR CONDTONED! FRDAY & SATURDAY AUGUST :00 A.M.-4:00 P.M. 47 FORDCROFT GROSSE PONTE SHORES BETWEEN 7 & 8 MLE ROADS TAKE WOODLAND SHORES OFF LAKESHORE AROUND CURVE & RGHT ON FORDCROFT ThiS gracous family home S full of fine quality Heritage furniture for all over the house. We feature a game table and four chairs, marble top hall console, lighted CUriOcabinet, provincialfrurtwood end tables, floral sofa, four section screen, maple dinette set With captains chairs and hutch, foufstools for breakfast bar, a matching oak framed sofa, chalfs and table for northern chalet, plaid sofa and matching love seat, traditonal Drexel king bedroom, drop front mahogany desk, SXStlffel hang- ng lamps, wall mounted and tab e lamps, nest of wrought ron tables, assorted chalfs and more We also have dozens of decorative rtems including framed mirror and prints, Silver plated tems, glass, crystal, table linens, barware, bird figurines, a collection of bone china cups and saucers and more There are small appliances, krtchen needs, gas space heater, stereo equipment, lovely clothing including a marabou Jacket, mink Jacket and an ultra suede surt, garden tools, SkiS, Christmas baskets, bed linens and much more All rtems n this sale are like new, currently n fashion and the finest quality WEDGEWOOD GROSSE PONTE WOODS TAKE WEDGEWOOD OFF 8 MLE TOWARDS 9 MLE ThiS sale Sa whole house full of goodies We feature a 6 fool grand plano n cream colored finish,!oral sofa, a pair of beige corduroy chairs and allaman, an oak double bedroom set and a walnut double bedroom set, large oak coffee table, 1930's bedroom chest, two mahogany bedroom chests, two secton sofa, pole lamp With prisms, two plant stands, formlca dinette table with lour black chairs, a very lovely brass touchier lamp and more There is "ostorla, Silver plate, porcelain figures, Chi' nese buddha's, stemware, barware, two large 011 paintings, etc, There are two upright vacuums. a microwave, several small appliances, an older refrigerator, rolling safe, large cement fountain for the yard With girl on dolphin, everyday kitchen tems, anilque Singer sewing machine, shop vacuum, garden lools, MeXCan pottery, fur coats, a Huffy exercise bicycle, two wool carpets and more ThiS Sa very nice sale - something lor al NUMBERS ARE AVALABLE AT 900 A M (FRDAY ONLY} TO ESTABLSH YOUR PLACE N LNE WHEN THE SALE OPENS AT 1000 A M FOR MORE NFORMATON, DRECTONS OR DETALS CALL THE 24-HOUR HOTLNE SALES CONDUCTED BY SUSAN HARTZ ESTATE SALES ESTATE Sale WNKLER, (94 E to Metro Parkway, exit E 11 2 Mile to Lanse CrUise, left on Lanse CrUise, mmediate right on Tucker to Winkler left} Thursday 5 p m to 9 p m Friday and Saturday 9 a m to 2 p m Large mahogany rolltop desk, stoneware, Antiques also many new tems, l00's of books and bookcases, much more ~ HOUSEHOLD and ESTATE SALES APPRASALS ESTATE SALES WE BUY BOOKS N YOUR HOME Free Offers No Obligation Appraisals Furnished Entne Estates also DeSired JOHN KNG MChigan s Largest Book Store Clip and save tnls ad L KATHERNE ARNOLD ANTQUES tiartz[ij Household Sales YOUR SPECAL POSSESSO~S ARE MY SPECAL CONCERN 450 Satisfied Chents n tho past 8 years Excellent References FREr~DLY PROFESSONAL SERViCE SUSAN HARTZ Grosse Pointe City ~ Grosse Pointe Estate Sales, nc. Estate - Household - MOVing MARY ANN BOLL PATRCA KOLOJESK CRornbow 8~tategoQes ESTATE AND HOUSEHOLD LQUDATONS 409 MSCEllANEOUS ARTCLES AZARS Complete selvle. Glen and Sharon TO YOUR GARAGE SALE! Place an ad in the Grosse Pointe News Classifieds MSCELlANEOUS ARTCLES We pay top dollar for old Oriental rugs Any Size, any conditon RUGS The Missing LNC'''~ Linking ndividuals to Needs n the Community S z. non-profit organization whose purpose S to coordinate needs With resources ThiS S accomplished by placing goods no longer needed by individuals and businesses into the hands of Metropolitan Detrort Charitable agencies Operating since 1971, L1NC S proud of the accomplishments rt has made and stnves to ncrease ts resource base f you have recycable tems, no longer of use to you, Operation L1NCknows who can and will use them Please call L1NC at With our donation KEEP T MOVNG! CAMP KNGHT OF THE PNES has requested a ROWBOAT With oars and motor, outdoor FOLDNG CHARS and CHARS and non-breakable dishes and flatware for Camp Knight offers a camping experience for emot.onally mpaired, lear. nlng disabled, physlc'3lly abused and economically deprved The tems listed would help these special needs so c~r'f'\perswlll enloy the summer BANQUET TABLES and FOLDNG CHARS are needed at the STATE FAR SENOR CENTeR Telephone message paos, paper clips, staples, scotch lape, postage meter, legal pads, any and ALL BASC QFFCE EQUPMENT S needed at he oflice serving KDS N NEED OF DRECTON The YOUTH LVNG CFNTERS Wish list ncludes a paper shredder, water cooler, a tractor With or Without snow attachement and for the Foster Care playroom COLORED SLiNKEYS PLASTC TOYS THAT FLOAT, tumbling mats, crayons, coloring books, T-ball equipment, saddles, bridles, and halters, have been requested by the YOUNG MEN'S CHRSTAN ASSOCATON CONT ACT L1NC TO SCHEDULE DROP OFF ARTCLES DENTAL With health insurance available for individuals We also have Temporary Health Coverage available and Medicare Supplement pograms John E Pierce & Asso- Ciates, nc COMPLETE Barber shop fixtures, Sink chairs, mirrors $1, FOUR poster pencil post canopy bed by century queen-sized mattress and box spring, excellent condition $ WANT Old Clocks, Wrist watches and pocket watches (any conditon) Collector WANT ADS CALL N EARLY THURSDAY FRDAY MONDAY JAMES A. MONNG BOOKSELLER KERCHEVAL Selected books bought and sold Vintage Video Rentals 13 nch color Zenith TV, 10 speed bike, furniture, etc MOVing to Europe- Must sell everything Call GENERATOR 3500 watt, volt, deluxe model, new, $650 ElectriC hand held planer, $ SOFA, 2 chairs, ottoman, Colomal Excellent condition HENDREDON dining room sel, buhet, server, oval table With 2 leafs, 6 cane back chairs $1, MATTRESS and box spnngs, less than a year old, $225 or best offer after 6 o'clock TRADTONAL pecan din- ng room set Oval table With 3 leafs, 6 chairs, china cabnet, buffet With marble top $800 Traditional blue, white and beige stripe sofa $200 Excellent condition BUNK beds solid walnut $155 Two dresser's- $70 and $30 Ladles desk $ MOVNG- Camer air conditoner for casement window one year old, 5,600 BTU, $400 CollapSible grouer y cart rubber tired, never used, $ WHTE double canopy bed frame $ MOVNG Sale Quality furniture, fur coat, bike, antiques, tools, bed, grand father clock WHTE Bridal veil, catheral length, chantilly lace on veil Never used $ BEDROOM SUite, 3 piece, teak, full Size, $ DELUXE Quasar microwave $125 Antique Koken barber chair, $ Aher 6p m AR conditoners BTU'S, $160 each, whirlpool, like new, DRESSER With mirror and chest $50 each ANDERSEN doorwalls, 6 ft Clnd 8 ft $100 each, N- Gauge train Alpine Village, complete, $200, Free Spirit mens 10 speed, $ SOFA, two chairs, blue and green, excellent condition, $ TWO gold arm chairs, 1- drum table, 1 glass and gold coffee table, 1- gold leaf lamp, WNDSURFNG Salls- good condition, 46 Gaastra Eurofoll $125, 60 Mistral Wave, $175 Gall after 6 30 p m BEDROOM set double, dresser, chest, mirror! nlghtstand FrUitwood $ BULT -N G E oven- m,cro $250 G E range $50, G E dishwasher $50 Great condition PANO, dishwasher mlsc furniture WOODEN doll house and furniture, like new $ MSCElLANEOUS ARTCLES OL painting With frame, art- St 'ra Monte' $1, MNOLTA maxxum 700Q.. Maxxom 2800 AF flash, AF lens, 35-70, Maxxom AF zoom, , 1 45, large bag, tripod, filters, camera case, total $690 For sale $400 firm REFRGERATOR Admiral, 5 years old, $225 (avocado green) m-5978 BRAND new double hung wood Window, complete, glass Size 24"X 26", $ METAL desk, chair, $75 Splnnet plano $200 Glass shelves. typewriter, tires, miscellaneous before 10a m MAHOGANY NTERORS Antique ana Fine Funlture Shop Mack Avenue Queen size 4 poster bed (solid cherry), king size bed (mahogany), Goddard chest With shells carved on drawers, tall chest on chest With 6 drawers Art deco statue and lamps, bronze statues (Remlng. ton style), and a bronze bust (signed), others Mahogany come china cabinets, Governor Winthrop secretary, mahogany end tables, pair large Queen Anne Wingback chairs, chippendale amelback sofa With all and claw teet, heajlly carved French sofa, antique carved Duncan phyfe sofa, sets of mahogany dining room chair (Heplewhite, duncan phyfe and chippendale) mahogany china cabinets and breakfronts, mahogany vanltle With mirrors, unique antique mirrors (With carved Griffons, art deco rrors, traditonal mahogany and guilded mirrors) Mahogany tilt, top pie crust tables and inlad Queen Anne tea table Dropleaf dining room table, bedroom dressers, chests, nelghtstands and beds, pair of upholstered hosts chars BKE FUJFlair 10 speed 21 nch, less than 10 miles Cost $360 For sale $175 firm FREEZER, dining room set, gas stove, ronnte MNTON china Downing pattern, B- 7 piece place setting WOODARD porch furniture gilder, 2 chairs, chaise, 3 tables, Verdegns finish, excellent condition Call after 7 $600 BASSETT dining room set, $ OOORS- Birch, hollow core, 80", seven 24", two 28" $12 each MEN business SUitS,42 and 43 long Eight to choose from All excellent condition $25, each OAK pedestal table, 48" With 2-18" leaves Excellent conditon $ AN elegant TraditOnal Mahogany cabinet Lovely way to house your stereo, liquor, etc $ WNDOWS- aluminum storms, white, 3- track, self- storing With screens three 24"x54", two 28"x54" Also, two 28"x ", 1- track $12 each ST CLAR Motefalco school uniforms, size 14 and 16, also Uniform blouses, , LADDERS 35', aluminum extensions, 2 years old, $ FOUR Oak Captain's chairs With Wicker seats, excellent conditon $ TRADTONAL green sofa, 2 carmel wing chairs $ CHRYSLER Air-temp window air conditioner, 12,000 btu $ TWO Window air conditoner, one year old, $175 each after 6 FOSTORA Crystal, MAGNAVOX Stereo, $250 Electnc stove $ n5 August 11, MiSCELLANEOUS AlTlCLES COUCH, matching chair, new conditon, make offer Collector cups BEAUTFUL 3 piece bedroom SUite, excellent condition, $ PATO furrllture- cushioned redwood, good condition- 4 chairs, lounge, end table, footstool $95 best offer 550 Moorland Drive, Grosse POinte Woods CARGO luggage carrier hts most cars $ GREAT looking like new sofa and loveseat, Will sell separately also two brass fixtures, PPES wanted Will pay cash for pre-smoked (used) pipes Mark n3-0479, Days Nights, n SNGER sew''19 m'whlne model 603, portable With dlcs and attachments $ OAK dining set, 9 piece, excellent condition $400 or best BUNK BEDS good conditon, $70, Call Fnday only, WOODEN bird cage, 'x 2 1/2'x 3 1/2', $50 or best oher TANDY 200 Cellular Mobile Telephone, all accessones Onglnal cost $1,465- warranty n effect $550 After 5 pm SONY, one pair Model SSU way speakers, $80 Smith-Corona manual typewnter, Galaxle Deluxe, $ CRAFTSMAN oak tables, plus mlsc office furnltu re For fu rther nformat~on call Mr Robert at SX piece Single bedroom set Small size dining room set Call AR Clndltloner, 8,000 b t u high efficiency, $ ANTQUE dresser With beveled mirrors, 5 drawers, $250 Glass top wrought ron lable and 4 chairs, $150 or besl offer n THREE Sided dog pen SX feet high, SX feet Wide, 20 feet long, $ n84 DANSH modern sofa, two matching chairs, $50 Two matching SWivel rockers, patchwork plaid olefin upholstery, $125 pair ORAPERES With valance, green antique satin, excellent conditon, 2 pair, 68x 84, one pair 74x 84 Mlrror- 39x REALSTC Walkie- Talkie, like new Model TRG channel, $150 Aher 5 pm, m-6281 LKE new G E 30" self cleaning electric range With microwave, $275 Stainless steel Sink With faucet, $35 2 seat cl)rome couch and chair, $ table lamp, $15, 2- kitchen tables, $35 each ORENTAL RUG 8' x 10' Tabnz, 160-lne, soft blue and red on VOry ground Gorgeous rug n perfect conditon FRENCH PrOVinCial dining room table, 48' x ' With two end drop leaves and 15' extension board 5,000 BTU room air conditioner " ROUND oak table, Morning Glory horn phonograph, Morns chair, au excellent ELEVEN HP Wheelhorse riding lawnmower, good condition, $ TWO Kroehler dressers, $ after 5 CHFFOROBE Pine Wood 35" by " With Walnut finish Excellent condition $1DO, MUST SELL HONDA generator alrless spray unit, van racks, file cabinets car phone, after 5 pm FOR SALE AB DCk 360 Pnntlng Press With Shute and T-51 Colorhead, excellent, s5,

45 9C August 11, MSCELLANEOUS ATClES BEKER & STEN ANTQUES "Specializing n the Extraordinary', Museum quality Japanese MelJ penod CNNABAR etagerel Fantastic large Korean drop-front desk with large heavy brass mounts overall Pair of 18' Rose Medallion vases Tudor style cast ron chandelier Large French Boulle table Heavily carved Burmese console cabinet Contemporary 9 x 12 wool Bokhara rug Large mahogany armoire 410 MUSCAL NSTRUMENTS USED PANOS AT BARGAN PRCES Used Spinets-Consoles Uprights & Grands ABBEY PANO CO ROYAL OAK PANOS WANTED TOP CASH PAD KMBALL plano, 15 years old excellent condition Best offer, ALTO saxophone, Yamaha Call after 6p m, BABY Grand Wurlltzer plano, $ PANO, cable Nelson upright console, fruitwood, excellent conditon $ OFfCE/USNESS EQUPMENT TYPEWRTER electric correcting Adler Executive ::>~U S~l.l~ldY~ vtf,ce desk With extension $165 Secretarys desk chair $ FOR SALE AB Dick 300 Printing Press With Shute and T-51 Colorhead, excellent, $5, WANTED TO ~UY BOOKS Donations needed for St Clare used book sale, , CASH paid for stamps, COins and baseball card collections CASH FOR KDS CLOTHES EXCELLENT CONDTON CURRENT STYLES VERY CLEAN, BETTER BRANDS, NFANT THRU 14 MUST BE ON HANGERS Bring n Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, 10-4pm. LEE'S RESALE Mack ALWAY'S BUying antiques and quality used furniture, paintings, rugs, glassware or WANTED to buy old costume and Rhinestone Jewe!ry, brass lamps, ceil- ng fixtures, wall sconces evenings WANTED Any unwanted articles for A garage sale to benefit Vietnam Veterans, Chapter 9, DetrOit Sale S to be held Saturday August 20 Call evenings 412 WANTED TO BUY purchased for cash or appraised estltes also desired in home consultations i7" Oil painting and frame restoralion services Hours: 10a m. to 8p m. Closed Sundays MACK AVE. (at Somerset n the Park) SOLD Oak drafting table $150 kitchen table with b chairs $30 GE refrigerator $120 Walnut baby cnb with mattress and bumper pads $ FENESTRA storm windows, assorted sizes Evenings CORUM, automatic dollar gold piece watch Excellent conditon, Call between 7-8 pm only DROP Leaf table, 4 chairs, china, buffet, pads and one leaf, $700, traditional celery couch, 72 nches, $75 Blue pnnt couch 72 nches $200 Belgh dou. ble hide-a-bed with ottoman $ ROUND oak pedestal kitchen table with 4 chairs, excellent condition, $550 Art Deco bedroom set, $500 Single bed set, $350 Boys twin beds and dresser, $ MOVNG Sale Wicker furniture, metal sculptures, wall system, country style Barcalounger, Drexel din- ng room set (6 pieceswalnut), Ethan Allen tiered stands, maple kitchen set (5 pieces plus 2 stools), Scott Shuptrlne love seat (celery prmt), electnc fireplace, braid rugs- more MUStCAL NSTRUMENTS SPNET Plano, Cable- Nelson, maghogany fmlsh $ UPRGHT Plano, very good sound, $ after 5 pm EVERETT spinet plano, Honeywood cabinet $ WANTED TO UY BUYNG THE BEST BOOKS QUALTY BOOKS DESERVE 500 ANMALS ADO fit A fin JOHN KNG Michigan s Largest Book Store C P and S?ve this Ad 500 ANMALS. ADOrT A fin The Michgan -lumane Society S dedcated to protecting and wor1<lng for the nghts of animals We offer the following setvlces' Adoption Animal Rescue Cruelty nvesllqatlon Education Pet Therapy Veterinary ServCes Wildlife Rehabilitalion Legislation and QUALTY PRCES Tuesday Saturday Answering machine responses Within 24 hours GRUB STREET BOOKERY EAST WARREN DETROT MCHGAN BOOKS/USED AND RARE Shelters and cares for over dogs cats and Wild animals annually 1/ /(, 1 \ /)1 ///( /N /J 'll r fill/ (1111'11 hi f i /;//(/ ' '1/1 t//jo 11/1/1 i /./o!! (/(,!) ) 7401 Chrysler Dr Detroit Michigan (313) WANTED TO UY PPES wanted Will pay cash for pre-smoked (used) pipes Mark , Days Nights, WANTED 15 or 21 casement air conditioner days evenings SHOTGUNS and rifles wanted Parker Brown- ngs Smith, Fox Winchester and others Pri vate collector ANMALS ADOrT A PET LOVEABlE adult dogs and cats, 1 year and up (need good homes) For adop tlon nformal on call Northern Suburbs Animal Welfare Ledgue Volun teer at or KTTENS male 8 weeks 88')-')530 RETRED person to keep Golden Retriever dog n thler home weekdays 8 a m until 6 30 P m while owner S at work Dog picked up by owner eve nlngs and weekends Fenced yard n Grosse POinte $45 per week Call or FREE to good home Tabby kittens, one adult male Tabby KTTENS - Jack Kerovac Williams Burroughs de cedents =REE kittens, 8 weeks old, black, female GROSSE Animal CliniC 'on the Hili' has a brand new batch of homeless kittens and young kitties Available this week for adoption we also ahve a darling male chocolate labl Husky X For more information call us at YELLOW Lab Retrelver, Male, 12 years old, needs a caring companion, very obedient, excellent watchdog, BLACK Labl Retriever, mix male, found on roadside after car accident, now recovered, very affectionate, needs loving home BLACK lab, 3 year old Female, needs a loving home, very gentle excellent With Children, only dog lovers call, ONE year old, flat coat retnever needs a good home, neglected by pre- VOUSowner, 'Blackle' S eager to please For details call Greg at GENTLE one year old Newfoundland mix needs a good home Weights 70 pounds has shots and S great With other animals and people Please call us at NEED good home for pup pies, kittens and 1-2 year old Male dog HOUSEHOLD pm FOt SALE MALTESE pups AKC males, 4 weeks champion Sired father mother champion lines vet checked, pedigree and pictures $400 firm Also stud service Taking de POSits, AFRCAN Gray parrot 2 1/ 2 years old excellent talker $800 With cage or POODLES or Maltl Poos $125 up Cash Colors GERMAN Sh phard pup pies white Af<C $250 shots LOSTAND FOUND lost 1 year 010 female cat all grey With snow white paw some white on chin lost on Mar seilies bptwpen M,'ck and Warren Answrrs to Mimi after 3 FOUND n fronl of Harvpy s Animal Hospll<l1 A 70 pound female blond looks like a Golden re rlever or mixed With red collar and flea rollar Found on 8/6/88 Looking for her homel lost male cat r!iui' qray anr! black whltf' stomilch and paws raccoon lall Michael reward n the VClf1l1yof Marter/ Jeffer son, SO~ LOST AND FOUND FOUND. A little female Beagle, McCormlckl KingSVille area F You have lost a pet n any where n the Grosse POinte area, please call us at The Grosse Pomte Animal CliniC ThiS week we have a black male BOUVier/Lab X With a Silver choker found n Grosse POinte Park A brown and white female 7 month old Beagle X fe male found n Grosse POinte Woods A female black and brown Shepard X found n Grosse POinte Park For more mforma ton Call us at LOST Sunday night male black Labrador near Lakeshore Slue collar answer to the name of Bayo Has had surgery on his nght front foot Familv really misses him Please call t With any information you have 50' fet teedng STUD SERVCE- for Yorkshire and poodle AUTOMOTVE AMC GOVERNMENT SEZED Vehicles from $100 Fords, Mercedes, Corvettes Chevys, Surplus Buyers GUide , Ext S AMC Concord Wagon good mechanical condition, $1, AMC SPirit, 4 speed, clean Call AMC Concord wagon- Economical luxury car, low miles (44K), automatic, air conditioning, AMFMCB, power steer- ngl brakesl Windows, door locksl seats 25 plus mpg, reliable second or third car, good enough to be fllst $2, RENAULD Alliance, 5 speed, 37,000 miles, loaded $2, AUTOMOTVE CHYSLE 1972 NEWPORT Sedanlooks good, clean ntenor, runs excellent $ DODGE Aries SE, excellent condition, loaded Call evenings, LEBARON convertible, gold, air, 36,000 miles, $6, CHRYSLER Cordoba loaded, leather interior, excellent running condllion Must see Call for appointment $1,300 or best offer Omnl, good transportation, $ PLYMOUTH 1963, miles 4 door 6 cylinder, automatic Little rust needs paint Best offer must sell LEBARON 1986 GTS, 20,000 miles air auto excellent condition $ PLYMOUTH 1966, 4 door runs great, automatic, excellent transportaton $500 offer leave message 1987 Plymouth Sundance 4 door Extended warranty Automatic stereo air plus more CHARGER- runs good restoreable $ Dodge Aries 4 door sedan, automatic, air can dltlonlng, nice car, $2995 Tamaroff Acura East DetrOit, Grattot- 4 blocks south of 10 Mile TURSMO, automatic, air excellent condition Best offer DODGE, AspeN Wagon air, AM/FM stereo miles good condition MOVingto Europe- Must Sell $1,150 or best offer CHAMP 4 speed stereo good condillon, $ TUrismo 22 loaded excellent condition, 20,000 miles, $4, VOLARE 2 door, 6 cylinder, AM FM radio power steering brakes, new tires 67,000 miles, $1 500 After 7 pm AUTOMOTVE CHRYSLE 1983 HORZON, 4 door, automatic, air, very clean TWO door 1982 Red Escort, stick, sun roof, stereo tape deck, call after 4 PM Colt Back to school special Two door, runs great, looks great Economical $1, , Dodge Datona Turbo, 30,000 miles, clean $6,2501 offer call after 5 PM 52&-0231 '02 AUTOMOTVE fold 1978 FORD four door se dan, V-8 power (351) au tomatlc air conditioning power steerlngl brakesl Windows door locksl seats/ etc Excellent mechanically, $ MERCURY MarqUS station wagon air, stereo, cruise, other extras Excellent conditon, 85,000 miles $2, evenings GRAND MarqUS 1984 L S 4 door. mint condition fully loaded Blue velour, prlmlum sound turbln wheels, new tlresl brakes $6, LNCOLN Mark V, loaded, moon roof Call after 6, Lincoln 2 door, FlOrida car, excellent condition, must sell best offer LNCOLN Town car, 1981, all power options, leather, Zelbarted, excellent condition $4,8001 best CAPR RS 1979, automatic, a r, power steen ng brakes, ami fm Excellent condition $1, Ford Mustang 50 convertible, black, loaded, $15,995 Tamaroff Acura, East Detroit, Gratiot- 4 blocks south of 10 Mile ESCORT 1985, 2 door, automatic, rear Window defogger, $3, GRANADA 1980, runs good damaged fender, grill, bumper, $ evenings 1985 Ford Thunderbird coupe, clean and ready, V-B, $5,395 Tamaroff Acura, East DetrOit, GratOt- 4 blocks south of 10 Mile MUSTANG coupe excellent condition, V-8 289, 3 speed, must see $4, or MUSTANG 1966, all anginal, candy red, totally restored, must see $4, THUNDERBRD, left front end damaged, $400 or best offer Mustang LX, 4 speed, low miles, excellent condition loaded, T-tops, 1 owner, $7,500 or best MUSTANG GT 1986 Min Bnght redl gray, 5 speed ntermittent wipers air premium sound miles FORD Pinto wagon good runnmg condilion $ FORD Mustang- great shape low miles $ Taurus MT 5 sports package miles air conditioning power steenng power brakes amlfm stereo rusted proofed much more Ex cellent condition $ or CAPR RS, liter miles 5 speed black custom stnplng T tops loaded mint condl tlon, $6600 negotiable or ESCORT l, MLES 4 speed gray With black tnm/gray cloth nterior, amlfm cassette driven by Grosse POinte School teacher very well maintained excellent condition $ '03 AUTOMOTVE GENERAL MOTOtS 1986 CADLLAC Tounng sedan gray wllh leather most options sunroof phone excellent condl tlon $ BUCK Century door $ GENEAL MOTOS 1988 CORVETE red With black convertible top, 3,000 miles, leather nte rlor, bose stereo system $30, between 4 and 6 and weekends CAMERO 1978 V 8, AM FM stero cassette excel lent condition n and out no rust air, low mileage Before 4 P m after Cadillac Cimarron, new engine, 13,000 miles, new exhaust! tires $3,500 or best offer or CTY VEHCLES FOR SALE CTY OF GROSSE PONTE PARK NVTATON TO BD Sealed bids Will be accepted for the following vehicles Caprice Four Doors One 1984 Chevrolet mpala Four Door One 1983 Chevrolet mpala Four Door Bid forms and nspecton are avallaole at the Public Safety Department, East Jefferson, weekdays, 8AM - 4PM Completed bids must be received by P Kondzlolka, City Clerk, prior to 2PM August 29, 1988 BUCK, 1978 RViera all power, good running condition, $ after FERO SE, loaded extras, excellent condition $4, or RVERA 32,000 miles, loaded, rust proofed, secunty system, clean, brownl tan top non smoker $ , red Cavalier Hatchback, 5 speed, 1 owner, mmaculate $2, BUick V-8 LeSabre Wagon full power, good condition CHEVROLET mpala, 1972, good transportation runs excellent $ SUNBRD 4 door grey air, automatic, AM/ FM, excellent conditon $4,900 Must see, CHEVETE, 4 speed, good condition $ after 5p m CHEVROLET 1984, Cavalier, 4 door, 4 cylinder, automatic, power steer- ng, air conditioning, AM FM casselle, rear defogger 56,000 miles, rustproofed New tires $2,850 After 6, CADLLAC Sedan DeVille, excellent condl ton, low mileage, $6,900/ best offer /2 BUCK Park Ave nue black 4 door loaded concert sound stereo sun roof T pack age warranty code alarm $15,500 After 5 pm PONTAC 6000, STE miles, gold BUY GOVERNMENT seized and surplus vehicles from $100 Fords Chevys Corvettes etc n your area For nforma tlon call (602) Ext ELDORADO Convertl ble new paint brakes top and tires miles $3 500 $ BUCK Skylark 4 speed 2 door good can dltlon excellent transpor tatlon $ af ter 6 pm 1983 CHEVY Capnce Fslate :1 seat wagon loaded $ miles OLDSMOBLE, 1980 Cu lass Brougham V.6 air 4-door miles good conditon $ OLDS CalaiS 3S 000 New mufflerl brakes very good condition $4 900 / best offer CAMARO, 1981 V 6 aulo matlc power steerlngl brake'> enqlne rebuilt 110 rust clean $? goo S ROC, TP alarm built-in radar, loaded, clean $11, GENERAL MOTOS 1986 TRANS Am like new, bright red, 5 speed, Oil changed every 4,000 miles Garage kept, rust. proofed, remote code alarm, extended warranty new tires, T-tops, air, power Windows, locks and mirrors, preformance suspenson, cruise, $12, , days evenings 1986 BUick Century lim- ted four door, air, fully loaded, Wires, 24,000 miles $ offer SOMERSET 1986, custom, automatic air, power steerlngl brakes, stereo cassette excellent condition $7000 offer Chevrolet ClaSSC, V 6, good condition, Caprice loaded, $1, RED Corvette- excellent condition, garage kept, loaded, $21,000 After 4 PM Pontiac Gran Am 2 door coupe, automatic, air cond tlonmg, red, $6,595 Tamaroff Acura, East Detroit GratlOt- 4 blocks south of 10 Mile CORVAR, California car, very little rust, must sell Best offer Pontiac J door Hatchback, sun roof, $3,295 Tamaroff Acura, East DetrOit Gratlot- 4 blocks south of 10 Mile OLD8 C1era- 4 door, 55,000 miles Looks like new No rust or dents New dealer nstalled motor, new fuel pump, new brakes, Power, brakes, steenng, wmdows All conditioning, loaded $4, Cutless Clerra Sl, 17,000 miles, extended warranty, power throughout, excellent conditon, $11, CHEVROLET Bel Air- Stunning, low mileage (34K) beauty, smooth runnmg Blue Flame SX, Powerglide, recently restored tight suspension and steenng, looks and runs like a new '54 With mmor nvestment, this could be a show car $4, MONTE Carlo, 1970, 350- stock onglnal Mint $3, after CADLLAC deville, brownl tan leather ntenor excellent must see condition, winters n Flor- da, 55,000 miles, $4, BLACK Trans AM, leather mtenor, t-tops, power Windows Pontiac J-2000, 4 speed stereo, power steering, power brakes, excellent condition, $2, GENERAL MOTORS 1988 CADilLAC broughamdiplomat blue, 5000 mites, $19,000 loaded, Pontiac 6000 le, air, automatic, power steer- ng, AM/FM stereo, spotless, low mileage, $4, V-8 Chevy Caprice, automatic, power steer- 109! brakes, runs excel. lent, $ after 5 pm 1982 Cavalier wagon, automatic, air, power steering. excellent condtion, 51,000 miles, $3, DELTA Royal, loaded, newer engine, no rust, completely restored $1,500 88&-9770 or CAPRCE ClassC, tnpie black, very clean m- Side and out, V-8, AM FM cassette, runs like new $1,900 n BUCK Skyhawk- T- Type, 5 speed, loaded, new tires, $4, /2 TRANS AM, sharp, black/ golden stllps, excellent condllon, low mileage, sole owner, must sell $10,250 or best offer after 6pm '604 AUTOMOTVE ANTQUE/CLASSC 1967 DODGE Charger- ClaSSC muscle car, 383 V-8, automatic, air conditong, power brakesl steering! Windows New paint, brakes, exhaust system! 11res No rust ThiS car S a great driver, Wth minor mvestment, t could be a show car $6,~OO or best offer Model A Coupe, very good condition, rumble seat, lebaron mterlor, fender wells. SX brand new tires, chrome very good conditon, runs good $6,500 firm. Saturday only, 12-5 Call for appointment, Falrlane door, 289 engme, 4 barrel, clean, best oher BUCK 1965 Skylark, two door hardtop, 300 V-8 engine, Original owner, 37,000 miles, new brakes! shocksl exhaust, $2, Flreblrd, built 350, nterior mint condition, extenor needs some work $2,000 Firm S AUTOMOTVE FOEGN MB 9005, 3 door, rose quartz, 5 speed, 14,000 miles, mint, must sell JAGUAR BMW MERCEDES 1985 Corvette, red With BRTSH black leather, all options, Auto repair service Large automatic, good condition $17, parts nventory Drop off downtown DetrOt and 1987 BUCK Grand National, Grosse POinte, 21 years excellent condition, - 10 mechanics loaded, must 14,500 sell, miles, asking J & l CUSTOM AUTO CENTRE $ Call Gratiot, Detroit after 7 p m Steve FREBRD ESP, V-6, Ask for Dean excellent condition $ best offer FLEETWOOD, loaded low miles, excellent condition, $7, Grand Lemans Safan station wagon, all AM FM cassette power, deluxe mtellor group, low mileage rust proofed Very clean quailty car excellent condition $ PONTAC 6000 LE- 2 door loaded, very clean, miles new tires, brakes exhaust $4, Chevy Nova sedan hatchback, very low milage Mint condition, automatic air etc $7,195/ best offpr GMC Suburban, miles new motor al miles Air condltlofllng Power brakes, steeling 3rd seat heavy duty trailer package overdrive auto trans , 40 giliion tank etc Looks and rune; like new $ ')11 VW 1g79 2 door Silver automatic stereo With tape $ MAZDA RX7, 5 speed loaded With options, 23,000 miles, $8, BMW, Excellent condition only 45,000 miles NSSAN, 1986 Pulsar, loaded, rust-proofed, low miles $6,8001 best offer, must sell MERCEDES , beautiful condition must see $3, Volkswagon GT1, red, 33,000 miles, air, AM/FM cassette, sunroof, all power, $7,5001 best oher , after 6p m MONA LSA EST ATE SALES Offers a 450 SEl Mecedes, 1978 Sun.rool telephone, loaded, dark blue, used only n California $15,000 Shown on August 14th between 1 and 4 pm at 60 Willow Tree, Grosse POinte Shores off Lakeshore, 2 blocks N of Vernier Toyota Gelica GT Lftback, 5 speed, air, all power ophons, $5,

46 10C 605 AUTOMOTlVl FORlGN 1985 Renault Alliance, automatic and stereo, $3,595 Tamaroff Acura, East Detroit, Gratiot- 4 blocks south of Ten Mile PORSCHE 911 coupe, black, 1974, 5 speed, stereo cassette, 79,000 miles, great shape, $10, , TOYOTA TERCEL, 1987 excellent condition, 29,000 miles, teachers car Extended wananty, $5, Honda Accord, sun roof, looks great, $6,795 TamaroH Acura, East Detroit, Gratlot- 4 blocks south of 10 Mile 778- B door VW Jetta, very clean, new parts, $2,500 firm Mazda GLC 4 door sedan, automatic, like new, $4,995 TamaroH Acura, East DetrOlt, Gratiot- 4 blocks south of 10 Mile BMW 3251, four door, 5 speed, gray metallic, red leathe r nte nor, loaded with every option mcludmg sunroof, car and rado alarms Meticulously cared for, garaged, complete service record, 15,000 miles $21, between BMW 5351, 5 speed, loaded, $23,000 Call HONDA Prelude S, loaded With automatic transmission Spotless- Single owner, only 6,800 miles. $13, Honda CVC 4 door sedan, like new, $6,995. Tamaroff Acura, East DetrOit, Gratiot- 4 blocks south of 10 Mile VW Quantum GL- 4 door, loaded, excellent condition, $5, MERCEDES Benz 22OD, 4 speed, new tires, brakes, water pump_ Must sell n storage since 1987 $2,500 or best offer MAZDA RX7: 5 speed, grey With black ntenor, premum JVC stereo/ cassette, only 42,600 miles, great condtion Fast carl New clutch, new muffler, gasefficient rotary engine, no air Askmg $5,900 Call after 5 P m AUTOMOTVE JEEPS/4-WHEU 1987 GMC S15 Jimmy 4x4, fully loaded, au options, $13,000 Evenmgs, Jeep CJ7 Renegade, power steenng! brakes, hardtop, low mileage, $8, CAN YOU buy Jeeps, cars, 4x4's Seized m drug raids for under $100? Call for facts today , exten'ilon Jimmy 4x4, loaded, low mles, dark blue, $14,5OO/oHer JEEP, 1976 CJ 5, soft top, runs well, good tires, $1, AUTOMOTVE SPORTS CARS 1984 VW SclrOCCO,white, 5 speed air, ground effects, Enkel nms, alarm, cassette $6,000/ best offer Mike, MAZDA RX7 5 speed, grey With black m- tetlor, premum JVC stereol cassette, only miles, great condl tlon Fast carl New clutch, new muffler, gasefficient rotary engine, no air Asking $5,900 Call after 5 P m MGB/ 1976 stored wmters, 70,000 miles, $3,100 Sharp Convertible Flat X19, runs askmg $ , BMW 325, black! black, 2 door, 5 speed, spoiler package Beautl. ful, $14, , John 611 AUTOMOTVE TltU(l(S 1980 FORO BronCO,65,000 miles good condition $4,000 or best oher BLAZER, 1977, $3,200, rebuilt transmisson- motor, no rust, excellent condition, must sell AUTOMOTVE TRUCKS 1987 CHEVY 5-10 pickup long box, V..f3,automatiC, 23,000 miles, cloth mtenor, dark grey Contact Jodi Toyota SR-15 4x4 pick-up, like new, low miles, $7,595 TamaroH Acura, East DetrOit, GratiOt- 4 blocks south of 10 Mile ONE owner 1980 GMC 1/2 ton plck.up, 40,000 ong l - nal miles, 6 stick, $2100 negoliable AUTOMOTVE VANS 1986 FORD AEROSTAR XLT, au options, well maintained, extended warranty thru 6-89, $9, Ford Club Wagon XL, 15 passanger, $8, PLYMOUTH Maxi Wmdow Van, 1978, loaded, good condition $1,595 or Best, must sell this weeki FORD E-150 wmdow van, 72,000 miles, good mechamcauy, good tires, some rust 6 cycllnder automatic $ VW Vanagon GL, Silver metellic, 4 speed, tach, stereo- cassette, power steermg, brakes, remote self heated mirrors, undercoating, mpeccable 23,500 miles, $10, VAN, 1985 Dodge Ram, full.slze factory conver- Sion, loaded AUTOMOTVE WANTED TO BUY WANTED good used cars and trucks, also wrecked or repalrables, want your beat up car, Jim Days TOP $$ PAD For Junk, wrecked and un. wanted cars and trucks BULL AUTO PARTS BOATS AND MOTORS DEPTH-SOUNDER, Spaceage electronics Model 160VAW. $ WNDSURFER, Mistral, 1986, Diamond Head With 6 a Camber-nduced sail Best offer ' Mac Gregor Sail, trailer, 7 1/2 outboard, excellent condition, Wth many extras FBERGLASS White Swan, 12' used once, $ ALL SALBOARDS MUST GOH ClOSing Department- Pnces slashed from "Unbelievable" to "RldlculouS"1 MStral, H-Fly, BC, Alcort Sailboats and more First Come, First Sold l No Ramchecks- No Phone Orders Metro S" & Sports Maci<, Grosse POinteWoods 1985 BAYUNER, 16' cuddy cabin, 85 h P outboard Excellent condition 150 hours $6,500- must sell after 5p m HOBE Holder, 12-foot, 1984, yellow hull, ready to sail for begmner or old salt $ , Monday thru Fnday 9 to 5 WNDSURFER Sail board, $300 Excellent begmners board Two free lessons ncluded O'DAY, trailer, motor, equipment new conditon $14, ALDEN 42' Custom, teak pilot house ketch, sacn flce. must sell $59, CATALNA Johnson outboard Main. Genoa, Jib and new Spinnaker Boat well included m-1282 JOHNSON four hp molor With auxliary tank, and storage cart, excellent condition, REGAL,87' COMMADORE, 27' Absolutely must sell twin 230 MercrUisers, V- Berth and Aft cabin Convenient galley and h(>ad AMFM casse"e, many more ac. cessones, low hours, ask- ng $45,000 Ready to deal days, evenings SALBOAT 1987, Cape Dory, 22', full keel yacht, 8 h P oulboard VHF, many extras well included, $16, BOAlS AND MOTORS CHRSCRAFT. 'm 1 1/2 year old, 17' bownder, used hours With stereo, full canvas trailer 've been housed 18 months n a covered building My owners have too many boats to use me Please buy me l $ MAKO 25, 235 V6 First class conditon $19, or 88&-5265 WE ARE Waiting for you to come see this 1973 SEARAY - 24 foot weeki ender, new out drive With resently rebuilt engine, low hours, loaded Please Leave Message JET Ski 44e, excellent condillon $1,800 or best offer CARVER CdUll1..U:>er, 25' 1973, fiber glass hull, fly bridge, dual control, 225, V-8, /O n water Must sell $8,000, make offer LYMAN 29 feet hard top, twin Grays, good condition, new survey, must sell SEARA Y - 24 foot week/ender, new out drive With resently rebuilt engine, low hours, loaded $7,400 please leave message SLiCKCRAFT 23 feet, excellent condition, $7,500 Weekdays 7 50 to ' FBERGLASS boat, on trailer With Johnson 35 hp engine $ PEARSON, 22', 5 salls ncludes 10 h P Johnson WE are waiting for you to come see this 1973 SEARAY. 24 foot weeki ender new out drive With resently rebuilt engine, low hours, loaded $7,400 Please Leave Message CHRS Craft Sea Skiff, 1961, 30', twin 185, reconditioned, mint, convertible top, extras, $16, SEARAY 1984, 34' Express, twm 454 Crusaders, under 200 hours, radio, Sum Log, depth sounder, Loran, stereo, ce. maker Asking $65,000 Weekdays , weekend MUST SEE 1985 Four. Winds 230 /O bow rider, mce Reduced $13, (Fraser) 6S5 CAMPRS SHASTA 21 foot 1985, new condition, Chevy engme, sleeps 6, fully equipped With air, 8,800 mles $19, Nimrod tent camper, good condition, sleeps 8, refrigerator Must sell Best offer takes, WANT ADS WORK WONDERS "PlS/FlATS/DUPLEX Pointes/H.rper Woods 660 TUllERS TRALER 5X 4 ft With cover and spare wheel, $225, TRALER wooden utility 4x 8 good condition, HOLDAY Trailer, 20', sleeps 6, self contamed, excellent condition, $3, APTS/FlAlS/DUPlEX Pointes/ H.rper Woods ROSLYN off Mack between 8 and 9 2 or 3 bedroom house, basement, fireplace, $550 Lavon's Rental alld Property Management, GROSSE POinte Park one bedroom apartment, $275 per month plus security Stove, refrigerator and heat ncluded deal for Single person GROSSE PONTE PARK, spacous three bedroom lower, living room, dlmng room, one and a half baths, basement, garage mmediate occupancy, $ PARK, 1125 Lakepomte Spacous upper flat, two or more bedrooms, newly painted and decorated, reflnlshed hardwood floors, hvlng room, dlfllng room, kitchen With appli. ances, basement With washer and dryer, front and rear porches, garage, fenced yard No Pets, $550 monthly plus utilitles References, oneyear lease Beaconsfield 2 bedroom upper, August 1st, all appliances, carpeted, off street parkmg, newly decorated, no pets, $425, secunty $ TWO bedroom lower flat, private parkmg, available September 1st $ WAYBURN spacous 2 bedroom lower flat, $425 monthly One month de- POSt.ncludes water Call HARCOURT Duplex Three bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, livmg room, natural fireplace, dmlng room, large family room, kitchen, basement, garage $1,000 per month No pets Call or GROSSE POlnte, 381 Neff, 3-bedroom, 1 3/4 baths, fully air condllloned, 2-<:ar garage, $800 month plus deposit Crane Realty, or present tenant at BRGHT, Cheery, 1-2 bedroom upper on Maryland New kitchen, sun- roof, loads 01 storage, deal for professional couple or smgle $445, ncludes heat , after 6 pm NEAR Village- lower two bedroom, garage, lawn and snow, $ GROSSE PONTE MOVNG AND STORAGE COMPANY Reasonable Rates Reliable ServCe Local & Long Distance Free Estimates THE SOMEThiNG FOR EVERVONE GARAGE SALE AND BAKE SALE l Saturday, August 20th Sunday,Auguat21M 9 8.m. to 5 p.m Blackburn 9-1/2 Mile between Greater Mack & Harper J3.{[ procujs TlE BLAKE (:<)~n~\'\ l' Newly renovated ONE BEDROOM APARTMENTS available Harper Woods, S. Clar Shores, and East DetrOit Freshly pamted, new carpet, inollum, and appliances. Close to shoppmg and transportation, well maintained grounds and prompt management Rents from ' to ' For your appomtment, please call our offce Monday-Friday to henefit 'Vietnam 'l!eurans, Cnapur 9, 'Detroit 700 ArTS/FLATS/DUPLEX Pointes/Harper Woods PARK- two bedrooms, appliances, carpeted, park- ng $450 mcludes heat GROSSE PONTE CTY NEFF near Mack, 2 bedroom lower, fireplace, modern kitchen built-ns, central air, seperate basement and utilities, 4 car garage, $750 NEFF between Mack and CharleVOx, redecorated 3 bedroom bnck colomal, 1 1/2 baths, modern kitchen, appliances, Oak hardwood floors, 2 car garage, $900 Ask for Phil EASTSDE MANAGEMENT NEFF. Attractive two bedroom lower Large rooms, newer carpellng Clpphances, garage Excellent location $725, lease GROSSE Pomte Park, Maryland Lower. 7 rooms including 3 bedrooms, clean 1 quiet $475/ month Call Ron afer 6 pm THREE bedroom colomal, mmediate occupancy, $1,000/ month LOWER flat available. Maryland, Grosse pointe Park Three bedrooms, carpeted, 1/2 basement, garage, fenced yard, park pnvlleges, no appliances, no pets, $400 monthly plussecunty GROSSE POinte area, 1 bedroom apartment, appliances, laundry, park- ng, utlhtles, HBO n' cluded, $350/ month TWO bedroom apartment Hard wood floors Newly decorated Appliances KNGSVLLE, 1 bedroom lower umt With appliances, mmediate occupancy, $ WNDMLL POinte areahalf duplex, decorated, new kitchen Sharp VERNER- lower, 5 rooms, decorated $ , after 6p m GROSSE Pomte Park! Somerset upper 3 bedroom, fireplace, garage, available mmediately $500 a month, after 5 PM GROSSE pointe Schools Three bedrooms on Somerset Newly decorated, $600 per month Daytime , Night _ GROSSE PONTE PARK WAYBURN near St Paul, 3 bedroom lower, dmlng room, seperate utilities, garage, $375 ST PAUL near Wayburn, 2 bedroom townhouse, dillmg room, appliances, basement, $400 MARYLAND near Kercheval, 2 bedroom lower, large rooms, appliances, seperate utilities, $400 EASTSDE MANAGEMENT OPEN House 818 Neff Fnday, August 12th, 6p m Two attractve newly decorated apartments Large one bedroom uppe r, $525 Plus, excellent two bedroom lower, $725 NEFF. Large one bedroom upper Safe, excellent location $525, lease GROSSE Pomte, 381 Neff, 3-bed room, baths, fully air conditioned, 2-<:ar garage, $800 month plus deposit Crane Realty, or present tenant at UPPER Rivard, 2 bedroom, FloTida room, available August 15th, af. ter 7 pm PRME Park location Air conditioned upper, three bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, hvlog room, dlmng room, kitchen, separate basement storage room, September occupancy $1, NEWLY decorated upper 2 bedrooms on Wayburn Gall Beaconsfield 3 bedroom lower flat, $450 Call before 5, BE WSE ADVERTSE CALL AP1S/FlATS/DUPlEX Pointes/Harper Woods NCE one bedroom apartment, appliances and util- ties mcluded, $300 per month Convenient area, Mack at Bedford. Available mmediately CTY of Grosse POinte, upper, excellent area, on Neff deal for couple SOMERSET, 1346 Two bedroom lower New kitchen, bathroom, cen. tral air conditioning, attached two car heated garage, carpeting, pamt, levolors, appliances Fireplace n living room Laundry hookups basement $650 monthly WAYBURN- large 1 bedroom apartment, own util- ties, $ ~15 ' NEFF Road near Jefferson 5 rooms, lower, separate basement, garage After 6p m PARK- 5 room apartment, newly decorated $400 a month, mcludes heat deal for older adult EXECUTVE LVNG SUTES 70t NOTNGHAM and Fairfax, 2 bedroom apartment, cross ventilation, private basement $425/ month piusutllitles TROMBLEY spacous 2 bedroom, 2 bath, den, enclosed porch, newly decorated, adults, $1, ṞESTORED 100 year old West Village house 3 bedroom apartment $495, 1 bedroom apartment $395, plus electnc, security, references NEAR Grosse Pomte, newly decorated 2 bedroom upper, apphances, $ LARGE 1 bedroom upper flat, Whittier near 1-94 Stove, refrigerator llcluded, laundry room, storage space, private parkmg $10, , LOVELY modern 1 bed. room apartment- carpeted, air conditoned, parkmg- Whittier near Kelly Road- $320 per month ncluding heat LOVELY 2 bedroom lower flat, natural fireplace, leaded glass, formal din- ng room, living room, kitchen, carpeted, full basement, 1 car garage, flcludes heat, electric, gas, $475 per month AP1S/FlATS/OUPUX Detroit / Wayne County GLENF1ElD large 5 room lower, carpeted, appliances, garage, $ , MACK and Outer Dnve area, 2 bedroom flat, $300 monthly, $300 security Gall before 8pm YORKSHRE, SpaCOUS 2 bedroom upper flat, shares garage and basement deal for couples $435 ncludes heat call LARGE deluxe apartment, Harper/ Whitter area ncludes heat, deal for middle age or elderly CADEUXJ Morang, two bedroom lower apartment Utilities, heat, car. peted, air, disposal ncluded $375, no pets Mature aoults pre!eaoo RETREE or working per. son, one bedroom, clean quiet, heat ncluded, Hoover/ Gnner, $ GRATOT/ State Fair 2 bedroon lower, save, clean, quite, $390 ncludes all utllttles SENOR Citizens apartment Morang! Gadleux, $280- MONTHL V LEASES $325, Furnished Apartments, Utlli- GRATOT 7 Mile area, 2 ties ncluded, Complete bedroom upper, $275 With Housewares, Lme'ls, plus secunty Color T V And More For Appointment Call THREE bedroom brick home With fireplace and HARCOURT 2 bedroom garage, heat mcluded, $ upper available mmedl ately All appliances, etc $700 a month Adults BEAUTFUL upper flat, 1 preferred, No pets, 237- bedroom, carpeted, , after clean Cadieux! Harper 6 area $275 pius security HARPER Woods two bed- Applianct*! ncluded room duplex, carpet, excellent condition- Avail- SPACOUS upper flat for able August 29th_ $450 rent, Warren} Outer Dnve per month, secunty re- area, 2 bedroom, terrace, quired After 5 30 pm, security system, appli ances, $450 pius includes heat can for addl- GRACOUS three bedroom tona! nformation bath, 1,200 square feet, modern kitchen, fireplace, stove, refngerator, dish- DEVONSHRE, two bedwasher, washer, dryer, room, heat Workers, garage, $1,200 utlhtles $400 pus security 885- tncluded Trombley, 4020 or TWO bedroom duplex, full basement, $350/ month TWO bedroom upper flat, plus Utihiles, no pets, With balcony and private Kelly Rd near 7 Mile basement 1093 Lake pointe $435 monthly TWO bedroom upper, E of cadieux near Mack_ appli- GROSSE Pomte Woods, ances and heat ncluded, lower flat, two bedrooms, $385 a month available September 1st after 4 P m $550 monthly, $550 secunty, share utilities With CADEUX Morang, spaupper claus ment 1 bedroom apart- September 1st oc- THREE bedroom apart- cupancy $350 One ment, Grosse Pomte month secunty depost Park mmediate occu after 6 P m pancy, $395 mcludes heat Jim , ask for THREE bedroom lower at GRACOUS LVNG 5053 KenSington, dlmng room, livmg room With LUXUROUSLY furnished decorative fireplace, Village Condo, two bed- kitchen, laundry, off-street rooms. All amenities parking $400 month plus provided Adults only utilities plus secunty de- Eight week mlnumum Please call , POSit. or after 6 days CADEUX 3 bedroom duplex, basement, $425 negotiable, call Lavon's, ALTER near Windmill Pomte, 2 bedroom upper and lower with basement storage, before 5p m ext 334 After 6p m ONE bedroom apartment and one efficiency on cadluex in DetrOit UNQUE place to live Deluxe three bedroom upper flat n Fox Creek subdivsion New kitchen and bath, ceiling fans, track lights, mini blinds, secunty system, off street parking, $425 monthly Call Skip and Luna at CLEAN quiet, one bedroom, $325 monthly plus deposit, heat ncluded, , LOVELY modern 1 bedroom apartment- car. peted, air conditoned, parklng- East Outer Drive near Van Dyke- $320 per month mcludmg heat or WHTER-94. one bedroom, carpeted, air conditioner Heat, water, gas mcluded $320 month Call after 4 PM UPPER two bedroom, fireplace, basement, $325 monthly, for more nformation call George Rider August 11, 1988 Grosse Poi nte News 701 APTS/FLATS/DUPlEX Detroit /Wayne County CADEUX! Harper Nice 2 bedroom lower, gargage, basement and appliances mcluded, no pets $375, $375 depost, KENSNGTON Warren newly decorated upper, 2 bedrooms, living room, dlnmg room, sun room, prefer non smokmg No pets $425 ncludes heat call after 6 P m THREE bedroom upper, Harper/ Whittier area $350 a month pius security FVE room upper, central air, appliances, exceptional, must see $435/ month, security depost. days, evenings WHTTER near Harper area Custom one bedroom apartment, ncludes heat a'ld apollances $300 Call 52&-3864 NOTNGHAM lower flatbetween Warren and Mack avenue New carpeting, 2 bedrooms, dinmg room, basement, back yard, garage $265 a month, plus utilities and secunty deposit Prefer quiet workmg couple No pets, references Saturday and Sunday 9 to 12 P M WHnER clean one bedroom upper flat, lust nght for smgle working person $225 plus 1/3 utilities evenings MORANG 1 bedroom, freshly decorated, stove, refrigerator, carpet, drapes, $275 plus utilities, secunty, references Tappan & ASSOCiates FLAT South of Jefferson, 2 or 3 bedroom, upper or lower, only $270 WALKER REAL TV ATTRACTVE APARTMENTS 943 Alter Road, Just oh East Jefferson- Charming four story elevator building spacous one and two bedrooms- rent mcludes heat, water, range and refngerator Near both bus- lines references and secunty deposit required WALKER REALTY, LTD CADEUX Warren area- 1 bedroom upper, newly redecorated, carpet, fireplace, sun room, garage, stove and refrigerator, no pets, $345 a month plus secunty and references TWO bedroom flat, mmediate occupancy St John's Hospital area, $350/ month pius utilities DEVONSHRE lower two bedroom flat, livmg room, dmlng room, $350 plus deposit, available SPACOUS lower 2 bedroom apartment, kitchen With nook, natural fireplace, seperate basement $385 plus utilities Secunty deposit Available mmediately UPPER flat, 1 bedroom, heat mcluded Haverhill $260 a month plus de. POSit Semor Citizen DScount NOTTNGHAM near Warren, neat and clean 2 bedroom lower garage, appliances, heat ncluded $ SPACOUS two bedroom apartment ivmg room dmmg room, kitchen and sun porch $400 month mcludes heat Call ONE bedrooms $315 and $325 StudiO $280 Utilities and appliances Macki Nottingham Dally till 5, weekends NEAR Grosse POinte Cour Ville Spacous 1 bedroom upper refmlshed hardwood floors natural woodwork appliances $ ONE half block from Grosse Pomte on Haverhill nice 1 bedroom uper, apllances, $ Just call US Grosse Pointe News ,-,

47 11 C Augusi ii, 1son 702 APTS/FLATS/DUPlEX S.C.S/Macomb County ST CLAR SHORES, 91 MACK area one bed room quiet ~urroundln9s great for seniors Carpet ng appliances heat and water ncluded :1>4101 monthly Chapololl Apart ments A 1 fl::nflon EXECUTVES -LORDA RE llrees One and 2 bedroom apartments Completely furrllshed $30 00 per day one month minimum NORTHVEW EXECUTVE SUTES Fully furnished luxury apaf1 ments for reasslglled 01 transferred executives AVailable by three SX and twelve month leases For furthel nforn1alto!l contact THOMAS COU VREUR at m mediate availability 9 1/2 H3rpe' Urr pr flat? bedrooms $500 a monul ncludes all utilities Eve nmgs days " ONE bedroom apartment new drapes and air con dltlonlng mmediate DC cupancy Good location n Roseville, near public transportation $425 n eludes heat ST Clair Shores 1 bed room carpeted, appll ances air carport, YEAR 703 APTS/FLATS/DUPLEX WARTED TO lent ST. PAUL Youth Mnister Apartment! camage house Ted S HOUSES FOt lent Pointes /Harper Woods GROSSE POinte Farms, recenlly remodeled 4 bed rooms, 1 1/2 baths au appliances October oc cupancy References re qulfed $1 600 per month Ask for Larry GROSSE POinte Park, 1369 Buckingham 4 bedroom brick English Tudor, living room With natural fire place formal dll1l11g room, kitchen With bullt- ns, family room With nat. ural fireplace, 3 baths, 1 lav Basement, 2 car ga rage, gas steam heat, $1,300 per month plus security Homeowners '(1' dyl 'l>by'} 8,)tl hi..,l FOUR '>ory "U fu,," 70S HOUm FOt RENT Pointes/ Harper Woods' WOODS/ 12:71 FARHOLM MMEDATE OCCUPANCY Three bedrooms 2 baths tlreplace, formal dining den or 4th bedroom Flor dla room 2 car alldched gdrage ree room ( 1/? bath) All kitchen dppll ances central all secuflly system pius wonderful neighbors $1,500 month Days 647-D9Q(J EvenlrHJ<' 626-tJ t1ptf wlh EXECUTVE LeaSing Charming Capp Cod n terrifc Grosse POinte Shores location FOUl bedrooms plu<; children s suite two lull battlroolfls Unique dlrllng room dlld f dltllly loorn overlook brick garden wun dnd beautltul yard Newly up dated Mulschler kltcher, With Jenn Alre and lllluo wave Loaded With cu'> tom built ns 1 wo fire p3~cs O"lk f1('nl<' Two car attached garage '.lth heated workshop Short wdlk to Shores Park and schools $1,775 per month plus last nl0nth s rent and security deposit One year lease For ap polrltrnent call GROSSE pointe Farms three bedroom Colomal Family room hrst floor lav two car garage two fireplaces appliances park privileges $1,000 per month pius utilities References required Term negotiable Available Septem bpr 1st RELABLE person wanted to share 2 bedroom up. ~er n Grosse P01l1te Park $175 pius 331- WESTCHESTER FUR- NSHED 3 bedroom? bath, den, no pets, $825 month, $1,000 security deposit Available Octo ber 1st THRE'E bedroom newlv 11\ lit r<lr~"? holl h " l ;n gardge $f:l/t> munlh b SOMMERSET 3 bedroom lower, $550 pius utllt!es and secunty deposit alter 5 WOODS for lease 3 bed room bnck ranch central air, fireplace appliances $850 per month pius S8 C1T1ty As!<. for MTke 26& 8673 FARMS- three bedrooms 1 1/2 bathrooms, carpe1ed new kitchen, appliances ree room mmediate oc cupancy $950, lease FARMS- three bedrooms 1 1/2 bathrooms, carpeted new kitchen, appliances rec room mmediate oc cupancy $925 leasp ej" 1''> 1 1/2 Woods ",r "klh,lld<' 0,11, H flu<'" utllllp" AROUND RESORT LVNG ON LAKE 51 CLAR... s..,~~,....- ~ 1. ~ \ >-3 :t, rj) ~ f~r i\j ~ (,v\.j B AJ><1~ 0"<;-. "'10- '1--.() \~ ~o J' '?- -1CH 1 \\ l' BOATWELLS ReSidents Dock A your Door Step Pflvate Boal Harbor CLUB BOATS For Resldenl Use LAKEVEW Apartmenl Homes EAST JEffERSON Mon. - Sat 10-6 Sunday 12-!l And 8y Appomtment TWO bedroom, 2216 Hollywood, $560 monlh, year lease TWO bedroom garage all appliances, 1960 Roslyn Grosse Pomle Woods $480 Open House Sun day For more m formation call 88457')1 evenll1gs FARMS 3 bedroom ranch $950 plus utilities after 8 P M HARPER Wood~ Wonder fu\ tamlly home Large lot 1 bpdrooms 2 billhs family room 110 peh Gredll repor1 to be '>up piled..vlli 'ptelelllps :i> 12t->1 11onlh plu' utllille<, H G 1-<1CJdl& A.,<,Q<latp<, C<J ft AGE Charm wllh an E-lqh"" ~<trrlel )p,>lgner nd<,,,'f, rphdt' \Jl1('( t tlpdroom H,HH" ",()... 1 rllll{ (...,f H85068b OXFORD We<;t 01 Mack small 3 bedroom 1 hath air $62') FURNSHED 3 bedroom Bungalow n Woods Npw appliances laundry fire place basement 2 (ar garage plano No pels deal nternational 01 transferred nor, smoking professonal $950 a month EXCEPTONAL (f' \ J updroo'l\ Jlll1q"low n.1s pi Op(]U'lll' Wlnl "~vlite o,ltl 111'..11' W,"~ H LOSf'1 tlrl pl'l ' (dlpf't l'w kll( 111'1' lp()lldlllps 111l1"hl'li ll,>"1111'111 :oo')() 01 'P' ',, V 11\, dbg 1'1;'1 FURNSHED 3 bedroom Bungalow n Woods New appliances laundry flrp place basement 2 car garage plano No pets deal nternational or ransferred non smoking professional $950 a month HOUSES for RENT Detroit /Wa ne County BRCK 3 bedroom home natural fireplace, 1 1/2 car garage $500/ month 194 area Balfour THREE MCKENNY off Morang 2 bedroom colomal, base mpnt $525 Also Cadlcu x between Chandler Palk ana Warren 3 bedroom bungalow $525 negotla ble Lavon s Property managemenl 706 HOUSES FOR RENT Detrelt/ W. n. Count MUST S(>el Bright '>jjd (OUS 3 JPdOO"1 Coil' 111,11 tallllly OOlll qlll Yt10US 111>\'1 ~ " th'nl ap~lldlll P'> 11' W \ drppt dl\[j Ullldl (' 'P/ld(l' Hrll vdf\11 M,l ~ 1 ' \}<i( ~ tcl {,O,',' P() 'll 1> 100 d 'll W'lll' llly flg BBb 14?11 CUTE \Jl 'PUOU holll!' (jre il ' ',llll( 11()lU dl'dl 101 '>qlp H''>Ol or YOUlltj,1'11\,1,.,"llledl,'lp po,>"p' <,(H 1'"',,,l\p 1t w,lh 1'1'11111'," J\ we! (>1P'''''., ~', M Up!, {"1l111 \ > 1\1 7 (Cl (?)),,~. UNVFRSTY U\d"dlll f'rlrk ljtvp thlee bed r(lorn brick bunqalow carpeting kitchen built 111 garage nlff> M2') ') ADORABLE 3 bed roo home 2 blo< k<; from Mo ro<,s X WdY 'li')?', monlhly , BRCK 1udO! 2 slorv bedroom 1 1/2 ldl~,., (lelk helrdwljod floor' ' place elpptldlh E''> lull bel<;ement lull,llll(,> (ell gdrdge lencpd hclck yard see Uflty,>y<,Pl illl f' nplqhljllrhuod on KP',>Hjl('11 (adlf"j xl Hcll Pf'1 clrl'cl $b',{),w rtlllilltl pill",>w,lhlty Klr" dilo fl!'1', OK Avalldhll' October ls1 For appomt menl ?',M 01 \ 61fi blpl,on \0 l <-ADEu'", per LUlldllHH <:; 11', i,>t ds,>eulfllv lelp"llc, c (' HOUSE fo [ '111 M(, dllljl (nrjleu~ rllp 1 ',1, H!V 7 ll'-! alipi b p [ ~ - - MOROSS 8(',]( on"l,plrj lledloo lis fflll( PJ,[( ~ $42~ l",jpp'1 P"!ill? 411? bllck MOlu",>,",P 707 HOUSES FOt lent S.C.S./MC" Clunt u'lly Phil Ea:,ts de M... 'ldge ment DEAL for young profes slo11al couple Two bed room bungalow 1 1/2 car -garage $525 plus secu f1ty alief 1 P m, LAKESHORE Village 2 bed room end townhouse min,ondltlon all appll ar"es 1cH! "d $6'10 month $650 deposil Available September 1st afler 6 P m HENDRCKS And ASSOCiates nc GA A /ST~AG FOENT TO SHARE 1738 TWO bedroom undo 1'1 ilkp<;llorp Village With applldnces cllr ba<;pment and pool /\<lrlatjf' Sep ternbrr 1<;1 '5'17', pel monu\ pluc, <;PUlllty (1\' po'"t \)p hoon nedl 1411 dlhj $,=,00 Helll $ J ST Cla,1 Shm!'<., 9 Mr!'! Molder arc<l PilrhlaliP shdrp J bedrmml,) hijth bllck rcll1,h "pplar P npw carpeting hlough out huge kilt hell! catlle dral ceiling applldnces sauna o..-l<;emelll Te( room 1/? bdtll:'? ( lr 011 td' fico gell,hip V tl ~ r...!' t GROSSE PONTE CTY Two Bedroom Towllhouse $700 pel monlh AVdildU11 C,l'ptP 181 \',, ,18?Q WNDWOOD PONTE CONDO EXECUTVE LEASE SP<ll UtlS npw'r "Plond lion' 11'10 11f1c1r(1om two billh eill K,\ hl'l\ wllh brly \,Y 11,ill 11,11 (ff' pldr P (pl1lli11 d',\1,l( 1P.1 Y J <l'df' dpc K 1111 mediate [ws<,pc;s\l)' CHAMPON 8. BAt n HK R81\ ',100 CLEAN 2 hedroom l akp <,holp Villaljt' $boo pel WJllth pill'; spruill' 8R'\?311,lflpr '1 pin THREE \)Pr1rt (1 11 rown hou"p "kpsllorp Drive Centr,,1 ;111 11'llf.lppll ilrh (,<; 11)( l(fprj $fho l pr 1l0111h ld~rl.,tlor(' V lily' 7',? {h')',,11"1 6p n NDOOR <,nl H.jP f, rthlll1l1" 01 T1CHP p,'v'''1'11 dd V<l' P ',; hh9 ST U /lh Slill'p, 'do' ".1'1 '"l,,nnrllh q 1 ~ WANTED q H' ", dl -, J' v~ t..p t V{ 1 H U ffmal Eo r"'lrnll1,1, '1''dl'{1 t(l,",h Hi 111(1. ~ t11'dl()(111 'NJ<1 fl,1 fv1, " '" h' t' l',t f 1~1j 1'1 ~ 1 (J l' ~ri q1,url"" 'V ' J J ptlorh' Cdll ;',1> j() \ 1 r1<ly<; Ask for Pdt or l'lvp mp<;srlqf' AVilrlillllf' 1111 n)f"',~ll'ly MALE roornmelte needed avdlldule Septembel \ st Gleat location Grosse pointe WoodS Rent $2b~ plus hellf ulilities Cd PROFESSONAL wants to lenl one bedroom With living quaners Willing to take on responsibilities Grosse POlrlte native With references John at D SEEKNG temalc prates ",unal to shdre 3 bed loom tlome n Clinton 1 ~. P yar aye space!qll!lpl dnd laundry PriV lqt's $295 pius 1/2 Ulill 11("; 19? 97'='6 evenings CARRAGE House Cad E'U,(, Jefferson area nalf' ')0 S $200 Shaflng uqlllt'~ "" \...J r.!, ,) NON. smoking young professlondl male to :,11,ue two bedroom flat J BeaC0nsfleld $250 molllhly plus hall utilities,>e(lr1ly deposll required PROFESSONAL male non/smoker 39 Will share lalge two bedroom, fur 11:,hed flat all Harcourt dll OFFCES/COMMEtCAL FOR lent GROSSE Pomte square 1001 suite com plptely rrmodeled pflvate p,hklllg attractive and lonver1lent location, deal tor professional $1,200 month nel net, , Monday FndilY 10 6 pm KENNEDY BUlldmg 8 Mile H 11',1 111 iff! q6 Ju:'1 ljl'puj e Ld::.l'ctlJ OFFCE space square feet, Warrenl Cadluex area \deal for Manu Reps - Attorney- CPA mmediate occu pany PRME commercial space available Ol1lce/relall \0 cated 111 Grosse POll1le on 'The Hili" For more nformation please con lact Mr Laymon at or Ms Le Mleux al Grosse POinte Farms 'ON THE HLL' O1,ce space for lease above NatOnal Bank of Detroit Carpeted, heat, air 111 r 1<\'r1 1i11111()11.'l1 SPVrP!Jf3G L U FSHER ROAD tit) b4v, N 1 HE MEWS. First floor front 51 b room suite Second floor, quiet two rooms EAST PONTE PLAZA VFRNER NEAR EAST LAND SX room general office lamlor service prl vale,w 1252 square leet MACK RVARD rive:. ROOM generall medl cal sulle privat' lav,>tldre re, epllon Ready 1(1V'. f \ GROSSE PONTE HARPER WOODS THRE E',>milll,;ullps one or two persons FOt ENT DEVONSHRE! Mack store front at Mack Ave lue High ceilings hard wood floor<; full basement alarm system, security bars Currently Anliqui ':>tore Awning Celli JL e used $495/ manti plu~ utllilles ')67 64l:ib between 10 6 NEW medical or dentdl suites Mack Avenuel Woods ncludes wailing room nurse s stdtlon parking from $400 a llonth Handlos GROSSE POlnle Woods Mack nol1l\ 01 VeliliPr 1 500,>qU,le 1001 burlrj ng "avs celllrdl e1'r felr ohlce 01 retail 884 3'.J':>U ~ MARYLAND 011 Jdtel,>oll across trom Gro""e POll1te Park MOl\lujJetl Building Hedlpd <;tore front dpproxlm.1lply '150 square teet 10l1PO olll( (>/ servlu' $2GO llolltllly secuilly depo"'] 'H, 5892 Vlrgll1la S Jeff Ties Realtor READY 'or occupancy qup (eall office 81 Kpll~ up" A SMALL office East Wdlfl'll Answertnq and "pc pt,lill service avail 'lblp AS') OFFCE or '>orage 475 "qudrp pp! $2301 month Mdl ~ Nlllllllghdm 88t> 11 '-J 1 OFFCE for rellt 3 sulles ~ l',o lljllthly 882 OS')f) PRME:,1111f' or huslne<,s Hf d (, ro',,,1' f-'o'lp V d'1f \?OO "quarl' tf'f'1 V; ho!'; HB Ob','J ' TROY \()/)() ',qu<lre f pel of f ( ' ' rpl<li prllne ( orner 1111Mdpl!'?3D r df ldrk Hj 'rlrppllltj dll loml1 11<111l) H()l?() <lncj 1'1\1 h'",h OFFCE "pel ( (' fo rent 8 Mllp,11111MrH k arpd 881 M)f)O PRME office,wdrlabll' '111 Mack n Grosse POlilte Woods Relit llcludp::. telephone answelll1y e ceptlonlsl (0111e1Pl e room utllllle~ de,11 for Attorney CPA or other professonals 8!J MS FOt tent ROOM With kltchell and laundry facllilies Nedl Village Call VACATON RENTAL. FLODA FlOrida Resort Condominums WEST COAST Bedloorn Beachlront rrom "F~ \Npl:~V L \ l (L l 1 dl>v 23 ~ElJ 1 POMPANO Beach 2 bed room condo on ocean Avallalbe December Apfll $1,500 monthly Mini mum 3 months GONG to Dlsneyl t"p( ul? New condoimnlul11:' 10 mlflutes away PORT Charlotte, new fur nlshed townhouse on gall cource 2 bedrooms 2 1/ 2 baths minimum 1 month, non-smokers only VACATON RENTAL. OUT OF STATt LAKE Huron near Sarnla ueuloom cottage S Pllflutes hom Grosse POinte $300 per week MAUl Hawaii beautiful watertronl furnished apartment 2 4 weeks Octoberl NovembeT BEAUTFUL 3 l1f3dlooln Lakefrolll (0ltag8 1? mill':' frol1l 11<\pr:,p Clly August?7111 $3UO 881 3BO? on ,17 1\ T HE Hun 18sledd (,en \r \101 condo on '>alldv lleach of l,lke ML! lgdll!lented w, \ kly ;;,1/ b 19 J AU SABLE' H\l' (,dylilllj sem,,l'c lld',,> pfin(," (,<l ", (;",' lj (dilli l "lj,,, rill 'H 09G'1 HARBOR Cave Harbol Spflngs M 2 bedroom unit available September 30th lhru October 7th $400 Furnished Telll11'3 water lront p' Ji,1ld beach 885?671 HARBOR SPR'~GS H H bor Cuve u"uly C\.ndo Several SU'lHTH'r wppk,> left Hpated pool Salll1el private bedch Day evenlnq<;?b LUXURY CONDO H,loo! Springs Petos~y fhrpf' oed room tennis pool August dnd S'pl"ll1lw l stili available A86 b<j?,' evenmgs 88S-41,12 LAKE Charlf'volX dpllj, P loq home dlld hp,'{ '. house 150 PfiVillf' JpiH and dock,lvol,lljlp /\11 gust 271h by NPpk monlh 8?2 Q090 CHARLEVOX lilkp frolll Condo <;1('Pl'>? '1 b r (Jill lel( UZZ dll W}, j 111( ') 724 VlCA N MlL lsots HLlON /\ll C, " ' (1 "il ")" 1 lj\ pool', ll(j) cj q :.00 HOUSES FOR SALE HARPER W( ( 1,'01111(', 11< 1 tlp(1 OOl 1'1 r J,<l1l l u,' '111'1,1 ( " h()1 d ' ' '...rllj{... P t.l~ 11.t ( 1 ( (df \~ 1 11 j U'", \ U l)lu~"" DRECTL Y on M,!' j" ChdJoY<.J.l1l J (!rl 11 (011<1<]" <;('ppc, B '~' J PP w('p~ AJljll,.1 ;'11" lhl J <bm i)<ly lilly,j tw(jloorn (ollelljl' "ll'pp, '1 r;,? 1', pl'/ w!'!'k /\llj""?olh ) 1111,,,,y ~hl O?tl'1 b 1h >?', ;1''11 HARBOR Sprl1CJ" "1111'11' rpntdl<,!llly (Jrlll' ""d i)pdloom «()!ldr )'1 \ 8134 PlofeSSlonal Office Space S available to lease in the Village 1i,,1iour otflcl:ls and filing 100lli dre now dvdll"blll prime OGcllion on Kercheval Clf>anlng <lnd Utilltl"'; are ncluded Please call fl2 for furthpr n fo'md'ion 'r, RESDE. d, 111' 1 r ~ NORTH of L )kpslc!f> Mall Spotless j ber1roo1l\ bdlll Ollar) Fverythlllg like lew $ TlE' Real FS'il!P M,Hket 8R\ 15(J(l ~ MORANG MO"'>" dlpd '\ bedlooltl bll( ~ l\lllhj'llow 2 1/2 bath" k\l\lfill \lp pian' ')2 1 O?)() AY OVillr ipelllllllll 3 \)pr! rooll 2 baltl Gros:,e POinte Woods Cape Cod newly decorated and l:lld<,caped new furnace ill,j centrdl air excpllel1l nrallol HfJ 1 1?h8 ST Clair ShOles mmacll lale 3 1'+cll<1oln brl' r.1nch ln<;her1 tjcisemellt new Windows 2 batt1s? 1/2 car garage Open Sunday 29 n41 \ b THREE Jedroom bll( k Col onla\ flll'pl,j( P 1 1/(' 1),\111'>,[ ('P j h V poll h ' loll fh? H1FJ ' ~:~ UNSPEC- M 1~P L.dlp Y H r J,''/, lit " P '>f\ \",. '{r, C,,,,Wi"l tnlal NSP[C110NC; PRME FARMS LOCAllON Hpl t'!llly m 1tl1fJd cl ' (.<lly Jlxl,tpd (1111' lnd 1 tlollf story horrh' 011 qlllpt c;11 PH ",) hp <11d l,lkh 1 f{ 1 lo yln kll' hp 1l"W (,lr p \ r P hprj h,hlj W (\11 (>(>1" loul 1!P1i no'1l r, two vld, ill h t ",,l, ' ( 1'1 h,,"o) 11.p w lh l ~ l' ltn "'" " j. oily j J, H,.'11 ' ((\J llp'oo! h) l11l U C (> {Hpr( ih'" p 'VP \r~p 11} p,lr l d d 1 ; fj r., i t ~, (.1 A tt r H 1 (l J v 11 i 'll 1'111 'lip' ', f)". N.!>,' SCdWEil leer HE Al f:, T A H. 1 HETH:.R HOME::' AN) GARDENS \ ~"' 1246 GRAY ON Grosse POlllt!' P,Hk OPEeN SUN./\ '2 lu ~ 11\1('('unl"" 1/,' ) lh, \ <,lljl > Jill "l' Muhl hipi ~\' 111'1,,'110 l"t,1 d tjd'p1"" JJlllj re( 111()l1 lh ullh,htl ""uod f1()u, 11110ughuul,ellll,llo1ll,)? ldl l]j laljp PW dlll;pwdy flip pldce wo Jlock'> flulli Villaqe M,> <,pp 13y dl polth'" \, flb ~)(lkp" $ ~ EXECUTVE e,1u'>",' 1'0\1111' F.11111', ".'OOl) Sl.jU<1P feet ) ll'dlljolfi Lentl"l cllr and rn,my othl'l nw,1 (" 8f HARPER Wouds <j; l() 000 (\lll'll1,'"11" :;!H[\ 11 " ~-2000, 100 HOUSES FOt SALE PRCED John 100 HOUSES FOt SALE ST. CLAR EXCEPTONAL RVERFRONT HOMES - MAGNlflCFNT HOME SO FT of spacous elegjnce n tt!,two pvel, four bedroom foul and a hall bath home Large lecreatlon room opens 10 terrace and pool Superb fiver View, lavishly land scaped, exqusitely planned and built 5850,000 flndmf\hk VCTOr1AN on lhe hili. n St Clair P \!lor llllc VfH VlftW Light berl'oolns three lull and '1'10 11 if b,lttj<; SX lfp'"1"-''; 1\ 2? roo 11 r,lqlp. on!' rlv"1 Cotzlas JM SAROS AGENCY r....t,... ; f" ' ~ -...,. A,it"li;'* ~". ~:;;l. ".JJ'''J:l GLOROUS VEW trom large partially covered deck Unique beamed living room Three bedrooms, two ilnd a hah baths Unusl/al Silver grey rough pine c;lrflnq A story book- house 111<;1nOlth of town, 11\8000 f S 1A 1! N1f~MJC H,lllqh woodf'd lot 1012', teet of p"rne flvpr llont C,\ fh:? soawilll do<.k and boat holsl r our hedlooln<; hl8tt dnd a halt halhs, two derks H u7l1 "p" (;rp11 H100r outdoor living, 1,11\000 \'J?'> oon.j();\chm ~('alt~ nf. ',\ ') ( tj (\fj AVf ', r 1AH M tll\o, ) FOR THE HANDYMAN Cf \OSS[ PON rl:: PAR rk 00 yuur own decorating and uf}datmg and :,avel Well bul1tlhree bedroom udor!replace fll11shed basement large looms wo (elr gal.1ge and morp (lnly $ N, DUVAL, GROSSE PONTE SHORES fxecutlve Colonial, just a few short steps trom Lakeshore Llvlrlg room dln1l1g room, larlje new family room With Pella WindoWS and doorwall Four bedrooms 11c1udlng master sulle Lot, qox 1;;0 teet New furnace 1/87 Central dll, low utilities m a1l11e nance Excellent rondltlon, $279,000 J OPEN SUNDAY \-5255 Days _~~55~9,=-venln g.:

48 12C 300 HOUSES for SALE 100 HOUSES FOR SALE Phone: Complete Home nspections nc. Our pre-purchase home inspection may save you a lifetime of problems and expense nspections performed n accordance With American Society of Home nspectors guidelines mmediate written report Call today for a free brochure or to schedule inspecton OPEN SUNDAY ROSLYN ROAD PRCE REDUCED for this charming Grosse POinte Woods home featufln{! natural fireplace, lovely Florida ;oom, p!basam yard two car garage, and much more $89,500 JOhN E PERCE & ASSOCATES,NC GROSSE P01NTE FARMS ClassC custom-bult Colonial Four bedrooms, three and a haubaths on quiet lane off the Boulevard. n sparkling conditon, With new furnace and air conditioner, this is an exceptonal opportumty CALL AFTER 4: BOURNEMOUTH OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY Nc 8"ok~Y~ Please LAKEFRONT CAMERON PLACE For nformaton please contact: THE BRADSHAW CO. ADULT COMMUNTY Exc1usi...ecountry rving. One and two bedroom ranch units in a wooded setting. Walk out basement, pn...ate clubhouse with inground pool, spring fed ponds for fishing and swimming. Units start at $67,900. Call now for extras, optons and aprl...ate showing. GROSSE PONTE WOODS Beautiful brick Colonial, three bedrooms, one and a half baths, room With natural fireplace, formal dloing room, family room with fireplace Newly carpeted throughout, remodeled kitchen with brand new floor, auon a o...ely lot and a half With a...ery prl...ate back yard, completely landscaped With large pato. Two car garage, new storms and screens, central air, extensi...e alarm system. Mo...e- n conditon. mmedate occupancy. Frve new luxury homes are being planned for development on a quiet cul-de-sac on Lake St. Clair. The opportunity exists for the purchasers to take an actrve role m daslqning the interior plan and appolotments SPACOUS COLON1AL ClassC three story bnck home features two flreplaces. Modern country kitchen, fl...e bedrooms, three and a half baths, second floor, sun porch, sculptured plaster, finished basement with billiard room. Call now for an appointment. DETROT BRCK RANCH mmaculate home has remodeled kitchen wrth built in dshwasher, two fireplaces, formal dlnlog room, garage, basement for only $27,500. Call todayl *123,000. FORMAL ASSUMPTON 9 25% nterest rate With *1787 monthly payments OciudlOgPrin- Ciple, nterest, Taxes and nsurance with 21 years remaloln{! PCture perfect with four bedrooms, three and a half baths plus la...atory and stall shower l\ decoratl...e basement large newer kitchen with walk-out to new flag stone pato for break1ast to the sun Delightful family room and lbfary PLUS SPRNKLER SYSTEM AND CEN- TRAL AR, AND MUCH MORE. EXECUTlVE RENTAL Two bedroom townhouse n Grosse POinte City '700 per month plus security deros lt A...allable September 15th HENDRCKS and Associates, "On The Hl1" HOUSES for SALE KELLV/ " Mile area, 3 bedroom Bungalow, aluminum Sided, basement, 2 and 314 car garage September 1 occupancy $25,000 n HOUSE for sale (8en and Betty TaUman, owners) Two bedrooms, two baths, appliances, central air $29,900 Colony Cove, Adult Commuf'\lty on Manatee River, Ellenton, Flonda Call Paul Oveson toll free 1-B COLONAL, Grosse Pomte Woods, 6 bedroom, 4 baths. 3 car garage $227,000 Firm No Brokers COLONAL located Grosse pointe Woods, three bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, fam- ly room, large living room,\th natural flreplacp formal dlf'\lng room, large kitchen, finished basement, new Side drve, garage, vacant, $126,900, , TWO Family income n Grosse POinte Woods, excellent condition Updated Mutschler kitchen and bath Newer 3 car garage n BUYNG OR SELLNG A HOUSE Wll prepare all legal documents, $200 complete Also Wills, probate and 10- corporations THOMAS P WOLVERTON, ATTORNEY 2B GROSSE POinte Woods Assumable 9 5% All new OSlde, must see mmaculate Three bedroom, 2 bath brick bungalow, fm- Oshed basement, aluminum and thermo windows, 2 car garage, $83,900 8B~84, (or 8A&-1079) after 6 P m nc. TAPPAN aoo HOUSES for SAll LANDSDOWNE Well mamtamed three bedroom family home Neutrally decorated With fam- ly room Newer furnace, electronic alf cleaner and ERA Home Protection Plan ASSUME \;1;/0) n,ortgay' $5,000 down Total monthly payments $253 3 bedroom brick bungalow Cadieux! Morang Newly redecorated, natural fireplace, high efficiency furnace 1 1/2 car garage, automatic sprinkler, mmediate occupancy. By owner, EAST DetrOlt custom built three bedroom bnck ranch, wet plaster basement, one and a hall baths, two car garage, new carpeting, Vinyls, vertical, $69,600, GROSSE POinte Village, 10- Sde beautifully done, asklog 10 the 13O's Accepting offers $3,700 down and $385 per month qualified buyer nto ths beautiful three bedroom, 1 1/2 bath bnck coloolai SX houses from Grosse POinte on Harvard Brand new Mernlat kitchen, brand new wall to wall carpet, brand new fumace, family room, evolor blinds, two car garage $1,900 down and $280 per month moves quali11ed buyer mto a gorgeous bnck bungalow on Bishop between Mack and Warren Three bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths, walk-m closet, modern kitchen With dishwasher, wall to wall carpet, levolor blinds & ASSOCATES 4414 THREE MLE Delightful three bedroom brick colonial With walk up third 1100r storage Nice SiZed family room Lovely country front porch SOMERSET Affordable three bedroom brick bungalow With natural fireplace. newer kitchen, dloing room. family room and bath f'\ basement Appealing at only $33, ROSSTER Great starter home With good floor plan Kitchen/ dloene comoo, ",...pans,on attic, two bedrooms, marble Sills ERA Buyer ProtectOn Plan, fenced yard and LC terms 4209 HARVARD Freshly decorated colooial n r.eutral colors Three big bedrooms plus fin- shed rec room and newer driveway and extra nsulation 4503 BSHOP Well mamtalned and tastefully decorated three bedroom bungalow New kitchen, upstairs has lav With skylight and walk-ncloset 3613 COURVLLE Per1ectly maintained three bedroom English one block from Grosse Pomte Rentable basement apartment Newer kitchen, gutters, downspouts and more 3548 HARVARD Sraclou~ :hrec bt>rjrovr"l l Olun'al '...0.,' \ l'r1lt:1lll corner lot With fenced yard Newer kitchen With oak cabinets, storm windows and doors throughout of ERA, NC n TODAY'S BEST BUYS GROSSE PONTE 5-3 ncome bungalow, full basement, side dnve, garage. crty certified ncome $850 monthly Only $54,900 Great Ovestment or home EAST DETROT Three bedroom bnck ranch. custom buld, fireplace. 2 car garage, skje dn...e, $ Terms NEW LSTNG HARPER WOODS Three bedroom aluminum sloed bungalow, Side dnve, 1 1!2 car garage, under 50's. terms CROWN REALTY TOM MCDONALD & SON ST CLAR SHORES Beautful three bedroom bnck ranch n fantastic area Partially holshed basement, 3500 HARVARD Roomy three bedroom colo- Oal With extra msulatlon and all new triple track storms and screens New carpet. hardwood floors, new kitchen, new furnace and lots more NEW, NEW, NEW 4605 THREE MLE Large five bedroom family colomal With plenty of extra rooms for everyone Newer Kitchen Con...enlent corner lot With good traffic flow TAPPAN & ASSOCATES of ERA, NC GRPSSE POlOteFarms CooOial By owner Three bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, vlngroom With natural fireplace, family room, refinished hardwood floors, recreation room in basement, two car Cinder block garage $135, Ridgemont No Brokers BY Owner- 3 bedroom Coontal, 7- Mack area First offenng Well mamtalned. recent updated kitchen, electncal service, newer carpet storm wmdows and doors and painted 1 1!2 baths. fireplace, screened- n porch, new garage and opener $b7,5oo 881..{) JULANA Beautiful square foot Ranch n East Detrot's fmest area. built 1972 First floor laundry, dmlng al. family room off kitchen With fireplace, formal hv- 109 room With fireplace. one and a half baths. two large bedrooms, walk-m c1~ts. newer kitchen offers bllllhn appliances. Jenn-Alr stove. Thermodor oven, large walk-n pantry Finished basement two and a half car attached garage plus one car unattached garage New landscaping (1007). custom drapenes throughout. sprinkler system and security c,ystem Days m-7811 EvenlOgS, 7n BEAUTFUL ncome bunga low Grosse POinte Village mu!>t see Asking 130's accepling offers n HOUSES JOlt SALE HARPER Woods Bungalow, 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, den, full basement, 2 car garage, lot 40 x 128, Grosse POinte Schools By owner, $78, No Brokers DETRon 's BEST BUYS Cor-; two bedroom bnck ranch Just south of Moross, family room, new furnace, mmediate occupancy, great starter home for only $24,900 Stunning bnck cape cod n fantastic neighborhood, features three bedrooms, formal dmmg room, hreplace, den, breakfast nook, and much more, won't last at $32900 with o down Stieber Realty OPEN Sunday 1 to Flweetwood, Harper Woods Custom built 3 bedroom ranch, 2 1!2 bath Family room With lireplace. finished basement With wet bar, 2 car attached garage, Grosse polote Schools, asking $114, FARMS Tudor, 4 bedrooms, One full, two half baths, Flonda room, den, new oak kitchen cabinets, built- 10 children's bunk beds to remain. 432 Cal- Vin, $142,000 BRERSTONE HARPER WOODS mpeccably malotaloed 3 bedroom ranch With central air, large kitchen With eating space, new carpeting, Bxtra f)sulatlon and much more Call today for details Grosse Pomte Real Estate Co 882..{)(J87. S RENAUD- Frst offering Beautiful 3 or 4 bedroom semi-ranch mpeccably $ GROSSE Pomte Schoolsl Harper Woods 7 rooms, new WindOWS, 2 baths spacous Cape Cod, large family room With fireplace. air. 2 1/2 attached garage, B5 x 127, built No Brokers new roof, fresh neutral decor, new pool and filter and pnced to setl quickly Stieber Realty n54900 'r'j\/':~~,ll y t-lr;1 o:f(>f1r~ Gracous living n this beautiful Georgian Colonial near Jefferson Fam- ly room, den and new kitchen Newly decorated throughout Over 4,000 square feet CALL FOR APPONTMENT KATHY LENZ JOHNSTONE & JOHNSTONE PURCHASE Agreement on house for 10 Farms for sale, OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 P.M BEAUFAT, HARPER WOODS The perfect beginning for newlyweds, or comfortable hvmg for a retired couple ThiS ranch offers Grosse POinte Schools, hardwood floors, updated kitchen, 3 bedrooms and plenty of storage space Plan to stop 10 1 Grosse POinte Real Estate Co ST Clair Shores Reduced $69,900 Must See 3 to.\ bedrooms, garage, basement Century 21 Kee. ART A RARE FND Lovely 2 family ncome property tn the heart of Grosse Pomte City Walk to the Village Both unrts are 2 bedrooms, dining room, natural fireplace and full bath Call today for details on this nvestment opportunity (B6NEF) Grosse POinte Real Estate Co 882.()()87 HARPER Woods, Lancaster 4 bedroom bnck bungalow, 2 car garage, Grosse Pomte schools, $64,900 Wilcox Realtors, New kitchen malntaloed l TUDOR style 3 bedroom home, Grosse polote Woods. near elementary school mmediate occupancy Open Sunday 2-0; HOUSES FOt SALE 31 NEWBERRY GROSSE PONTE FARMS Custom built one owner brick home. Three bedrooms With first floor master bedroom suite Special features 2 1/2 baths, formal dining room, panelled ibraryl family room, lirst floor laundry, many closets $355,000 Call for appointment No Brokers Please. DELGHTFUL starter home lust a short walk from Grosse Pomte Completely remodeled mterlor and extenor, full basement and garage Price reduced to $ Call 881..{)892 for details, 4029 Neff FRST Offenng by Owner Spacous 3 bedroom, bath Townhouse Within walklog distance of Village Large vmg room With nalu(l: firep:ace, for mal dmlng room, central air, reflolshed hardwood floors Two car garage Recently redecorated Excellent conditon Evenmgs No Brokers l MOVE UP To this private professional neghborhood. Estate SiZed 4 bedroom ranch 9 rc,)ms, 3 baths, plus many other better hvlng features, assume land contract ST. CLAR SHORES Reduced $2,400 QUick move-n when you buy ths large tree shaded 7 room home Family room, country kitchen, screened pallo porch, attached heated garage f you like privacy, see this one todayl ST. CLAR SHORES SpaCOUS executive ranch With 3 large bedrooms, hnlshed basement, first floor la1mdry, (lltact'le'dqal:'1g6 lal9.! H<..('1ard Lak evlew Schools, $89,500 HARPER WOODS Cute 'n' cort 2 bedroom brick and aluminum ranch With family room and fenced yard Grosse POinte Schools. A budget beater at $39,900 DETROT Estate Salel QUick move-tn l Cute, clean 3 bedroom home, flolshed basement and garage, crty certified FHAJ VA $18,500 NEEDS DECORATNG 103 CONDOS/ APS!FLATS MACOMB Township condo Nearly new, beauhful\y decorated, professional draperlesj wallpaper, 2 baths, 2 la...s, 2 car garage! opener. plush fm- shed basement, many extras Owner anxous, $118,000 Lndman Realty, ST.CLAR Shores two bedroom condo, new carpet- 109 and pamt, appliances, air, $44, SECOND FLOOR UNT Grosse POinte City Newly renovated With new kitchen, new furnace and central air Three bedrooms, 2 full baths, den and enclosed balcony 395 Notre Dame Open Sunday 2-5 P m LAKESHORE VLLAGE Lovely townhouse style condomlf'\lums on quiet court EnjOy the luxury of condo't1f1lum!lvlng at an affordable price Pool, clubhouse and much more offered With this 2 bed. room unit SUNSET plaza A rare opportunity m a private adult community Two bedrooms, pool, private pato and more for only $54,900 Call for further information OFFERED BY GROSSE PONTE REAL ESTATE CO ST. Clair Shores- Attractive two bedroom, two bath ranch condominum Huge living room, eat-n kitchen, attached garage, first floor laundry, high efficiency furnace! air condlllof'\ng Master suite With pnvate bath Low association dues Excellent locahon close to expressways and the lake $93,450 HMS, 52B-<l775 EXECUTVE type conde-, prufes<;'o'.ally rll.'co-atc'<! ".mg r'.!c'1l 10 m,,1 jlfl1ng room, kitchen, 2 large bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, fmmshed basement. private garden and patio, central air OPEN Sunday Woodbridge Beautiful two bedoom Uf'\tfeatures plvate dressing room, pallo, pool and more. Call for more mformatlon Tappan & ASSOCiates , AUgUSl., ;'uu Jj... "nn Grosse pointe News CANAL Lot. Port Charlotte area 80' frontage, $17,000 cash, $20,000 terms LAKE/tVE~ HOMES LAKE St Clair. Luxury 1 floor (2,500 square feet) condo All custom nterior ncludes a boat well Land contract terms $270,000 The Real Estate Market, LAKEFRONT DeSigned for pn...acy and graceful living, this 11 room St Clair Shores lake home features 2 complete!lvlng accommodattons plus many other luxunes Call today for details and private showing CANAL ThiS St Clair Shores canal home S more fun to come nome to Extra lage summer deck off family room, 3 Ot:(h0vms, sleel seawall LakeView Schools $114,900 CANAL EnjOy moo summe fun 10 this stylish St Clair Shores home King Size family room, 3 large bedrooms country kitchen, Fieldstone fireplace, land contract terms Adjacent lake lot also available $168,000 CENTURY 21 AVD n Jefferson, at 12 1/2 Mile, on Lake St Clair, two bedroom brck Ranch, 50 x 300 lot With steel seawall NEW And gorgeous Georgetown style (on the edge of the lake, Just north of Grosse POinte) With e...erythlng up to the minute. Priced up to $299,900 The Real Estate Market, ST. Cl AF Best "ew on he rljel rive y~ar!> old, custom-built, 3 bedrooms, 2 1!2 baths, large deck, energy efficient, exceptlona\ appointments ST. CLAR St Clair River home on 90 foot lot With steel sea-wall Two full livmg levels offer lme nver vlewmg Covered veranda and patio Four bedrooms, family room, tiled baths, two kitchens, marble fireplace A quality home throughout $298, WARREN PreSidents Village, 1 bedroom, carport But the pnce S right! Spa- COUS2 bedroom condo Land contract terms Central air, large kitchen $48,900 Century 21 Kee, SceOic 10 acre parcel on With appliances. walkon ART Pine River Custom home closets, basement Assume $50,900 Clair Shores, 9 Mile off bedrooms, 2 1!2 baths, CoOP APARTMENT, St on high, hilltop site Four CENTURY 21 AVD, NC. Jefferson Two bedrooms. great room With fireplace !2 baths carport. own and wet-bar, dining room, SMALL ESTATE n St Clair washer! dryer basement, garaging for Shores Wth a lake View, SXcars $248,000 DO 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, library, 2 family rooms, ex- Mile Large one bedroom, Attractive four bedroom col- BEACONSFELD near 9 tra large kitchen and carport, new appliances/ ooial on Meldrum Circle breakfast rooms With top carpeting Formal dlnlog room, huge of the hne built- los, 35 BABCOCK REAL TV family room With fireplace, Quaker made cupboards breakfast room, fully equipped kitchen, private With 2 refrigerators and 2 ovens, large spacous CLARPONT condoml deck, basement and two home and lot Wth electric mum, 757 ClalrpolOte Clr- car garage A great family home $145, gate and 3 1/2 car ga- cle, St Clair Shores, 1mrage. $189, maculate two bedroom Alexander, n two bath ranch condo. appliances and central air, attached garage, 101 COMMERCAL BULDNGS many more extras, must see. Michigan Realty, PRME CommerCial build , retall/ office Mack Ave Grosse polote Woods. (next to Woods CLNTON Township Luxun- Theater) 2800 square feet ous Condo. 3 bedrooms, plus full finished base- 2 1/2 baths, private deck ment, excellent parking. With trees POSSible mmediate occupancy. mother-o-aw apartment call , Asking $155,000 Sherman Parker Realty Ask GROSSE POinte Woods and Mack 2 story office building With separate entrances full basement, needs remodeling Sold as S $140,000 Wilcox Realtors CONDOS! APTS/fLATS ELEVEN and Jefferson condo- 2 bedroom, 2 bath 1 1!2 years old cus' tom Window treatments. 2 skylights, attached ga rage 772.Q412 NEAR Halstead and 13 Mile Road. Farmmgton Glens sub story contemporary. 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths famly room, -R-A-N-C-H--Co-n-d-o-.-on---t-he dining room. 1i... log room, lake, Hamson Township library. covered back 2 bedrooms full base. porch. 1f\cludes appll- ment, central air, 1 car ances and Window treat- garage. lust repaillted. ments central air, marble Lakerldge Condomlfireplace, $196,000 nlums, Jefferson. north of Owner Mile Road FOUR bedroom brick cape East Lake Drive Open cod 2 car bnck nsulated Saturday and Sunday 1 garage With electronic to 5 $83, door openers ntercome through-<lut, curved stair SHOREPONTE 2 bedroom, case finished basement 2 1/2 bath. 2 fireplaces. With fireplace, St John's flnlnshed basement. pr!- Hospital vcinity 10 DetrOit, vate courtyard Call for Cash or ConventOnal appolotment onl...low 40's days, n evenings for Pat Vickers or CONDO one bedroom With appliances, Cadieux! Mack area $ LAKESDE Villas- detached ranch condo 2 bedrooms 1 1/2 bath 2 car attached garage, deck carpeted full basement. central air $98,000 Call for appointment B6 furmshmg available GROSSE Pomle area- Jefferson! 9 Mile 101 Wmdwood POinte St Clair Shores LUXUriOUSCondo, 2,000 sq ft 2 bedrooms 2 baths. large den or third bedroom, full basement extra closets, large deck. garage $19B 000 Owner Will carry Land Contract With 10 % down or lease to buy By appomtmenl only evemngs ARTHUR at Huntington A large 2 bedroom second floor co-op unit Move- in condition Compare t please Reduced to $ The Real Estate Market, Mac Glashan Company OpPOSiteSt Clair nn a09 LAKE/RVER LOTS OVERSZED lot on Anchor Bay, boat housel studio apartment on canal, 913-7B2-405B al0 LAKE~VE~ ~ESOlTS GREAT OpportUOty for creative cosmotologlst, busy east area salon. With eight stations. nloe dryers, nail and complete beauty care Ample park- 109 Call SilVia Century 21 East SLAND RESORT Waterfront maintenance free 2 bedroom cottage With nclosed front porch fire. place garage and boat dock ThiS dream cottage can be yours for $ Century 21 Kee, Cindy at 1 LOTS FOil SALE FOURTY acres, ) miles S of Yale, farmland partly wooded use t as a recreatonal or as horse farm Good roads $26,500 Call for details. MemphiS Realty (Michl ganl b Grosse Pointe News

49 13C August i i" NORTHERN MCHGAN HOMES Harbor Springs Near Good Hart Spacous log lodge on bluff ohering spectacular Ylews out over Lake Michigan and to Beaver sland Four bedrooms glassed n viewing porch great room with stone lire place Two small guest cottages Approximately 20 acres of beautiful woods and 160 feet of secluded beach frontage deal for family compound or corporate retreat $275, Mac Glashan Company Opposite St Clair nn EASTPONTE MOVNG.AND STORAGE CO WEEKLY TRPS TO NORT"HERN M.P.S.C. MC PERSONAUZ~D LCENSED' NSURED LOCAL MCHGAN SMALL' LARGE PACKNG & MATERALS ANTQUES. FREE PANOS- ESTMATES Bob Breltenbecher Owner 819 CEMET AllY LOTS 120 BUSNESS OP.. OlTUNTES 900 AtR CONDTONNG 902 ALUMNUM SDNG EASTLAND ALUMNUM PRODUCTS 902 ALUMNUM SDNG ALUMNUM vinyl Siding, replacement Windows and storms, gutters and roofing Free estimates Joe EXTEROR & ntenor, home mprovement. Siding, roof. mg, gullers Plastering, palntmg Call Myron after 7 p m Siding, rlm roofing seam less gutters storm doors and wmdow<; rallmgs alummum shutters porrtl enclosures FrE'P ((,df teous estimates Office/Showroom Harper S C S FADED Alummum rein be professionally reflfllc;hpd Any color guaranteed to last Call Matt Fletcher at n The POlntes for 30 years NL21290' 115 OUT Of STATE "RO"ERTY FOUR Acres COLORADO $3,9001 Surveyed, near mountams Only $49 downl 111 payments of $49 8% mterest Call Owner REAL ESTATE WANTED CASH FOR HOMES Serving Area Smce 1938 STEBER REALTY THREE cemetary lots at Forest Lawn Call for n formation WHTE Chapel, 5 choice lots Will sell seperate or au BE your own boss, well established beauty salon m Grosse POinte area on Mack, price low land contract owner Will fl nance, Contact W Mash n , FOR THE BEGNNER Two fantastic busmesses Be your own boss 1 Gift shop n Comenca building, under $ Baskin and Robbins franchise ce cream parlor grossing a fantastic volume Call Adell Stover for facts and figures Schweitzer Real Estate, ARTCRAFT HEATNG, COOLNG & REFRGERA TlON Central air condltlonmg n stalled and repaired Nln dow air conditoners re paired LCENSED & NSURED GUARANTEED MKE SpecialiZing m ALUMNUM Siding. Trim. Gutters Storms & Screen'> Etc ROBERT H. RAESE CONTRACTOR licensed Free Estlmales nsured 77 t "\717, Owner operated buslntlss No Middleman LEONARD'S SDNG Aluminum and vinyl Siding Complete custom tnm, soffet areas, gutters and replacement windows L. censed and nsured Free estimates '03 A... lance SERVCE CALL GEORGE NUTTO APPLANCE Washer Dryer Service Vacuum Service and Sales Used Stoves Refrigerators WE SELL REBULT WASHERS AND DRYERS ARTCRAFT REFRGERATON AND FREEZER REPARS All makes and models Commercial and Domestic MKE DOC'S APPLANCE SERVCE Fast, courteous, professional service Washers. Dryers Dish. washers Refngerators Ranges Garbage DSposals Microwaves More ["/neo"fij,~)i. _"[L-- _1~_lD~OrrJ APPLANCE REPAR SERVCE Washers Dryers Dishwashers Disposals Refrigerators Microwaves No Service Charge f Repaired Guaranteed Parts and Service 885 w 1762 Geo Stults Smce AS"HALT PAVNG/ RE.. ARS PRECSON Asphalt Pav- ng Commercial and Resldenlial Dnveways, parkmg lots Free seal coat With residential dnveway Senior citizens discount 28 years expenence C & J ASPHALT 907 BASEMENT WATERPROOfiNG BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG Walls Repaired Straightened Replaced ALL WORK GUARANTEED LCENSED, mprove the value of your home With a professional Job Over 20 years servlcmg Grosse Pomte m dnveways and sealmg Parkmg lots repaired Free estimates Owner/ supervisor References rlcluded nsurance CALL ANYTME fos AUTO/TRUCK REP'AR RA Y S FOREGN CAR GARAGE We service any and all for. elgn cars speclalizmg n Mercedes Volvo, VW, English and Japanese vehicles 42 years expenence free pick-up and delivery 8-6 P m Monday Friday 8-noon Saturdily East Warren 907 ASlMENT WATE«.. ROOfNG CAPZZO CONST. BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG WALLS STRAGHTENED AND REPLACED DONE RGHT 10 YEAR GUARANTEE UCENS~D NSURED TONY CHARLES F JEFFREY BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG Underpin footings Cracked or caved-n walls 10 year guarante Licensed nsured A.R. CODDENS ESTABLSHED 1924 All types of basement waterproofing 15 year guarantee References AQUA-STOP Wet Basement Company Leaky basement repairs Without digging LFETME WARRANTY HOURS METRO WATERPROOFNG All Work Guaranteed n Writing Dlggmg R.L. AMERCAN BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG Low Prices Free Estimates 10 Year Guarantee LCENSED # FULLY NSURED Senior Citizen Discount 911 BRCK/BLOCK WORK BRCK WORK TUCK PONTNG PORCHES CHMNEYS REBULT AND REPARED CAULKNG ADVANCED MANTENANCE EAST WARREN ANDY'S MASONRY AND CHMNEY REPAR All masonry, bnck, weatherproofing repars Special- Zing n tuck POinting and small lobs licensed, insured Reasonable Free estimates , BRCK and cement repairs Porches, chimneys. tuck POlntlflg Experienced Reasonable Neat work nsured Seaver's GRAZO CONSTRUCTON Cement dnve, floors, patios Old garages raised and renewed New garage doors and reframlng New garages built Family operated since 1962 Licensed and nsured J.W. KLENER MASON CONTRACTOR LCENSED & NSURED Serving the POlntes for 27 Years All types bnck, block and stone work ncluding bnck and flagstone patios and walks, tuck POlfltlng and repairs Custom color mortar blending AdditOns and foundation fireplaces, custom garden walls and No Dlgg\ng All Types of Cement Work LA CROX Mason Contractor, 35 years expenence Brick, block and stone. fireplaces and chimneys Reasonable rates Ask for Russ etc BRCK, stone block, con. crete, brick patios, chimneys fireplaces New and repairs DeSender, Call anytime BRCKWORK small jobs, morter color matching, tuck pointing, chimney, porches, violations repaired. reasonable BRCK/BLOCK WORK QUALTY work reasonable prices Repair bricks, mortar, stone Replace precast steps, small walk. ways Free estimate Jerry MASONRY STREMERSCH AttiCS 912 ULDNG/REMODElNG CORNERSTONE CONST. CO. Kitchens-Custom DeSign Family Rooms Window Replacements CommerCial Remodeling ntenor/exterlor Additions Custom and Quality Always LCENSED AND NSURED JM LAETHEM HADLEY HOME MPROVEMENT NC. COMPLETE BULDNG AND REMODELNG SERVCE Additions/Dormers Kitchens/Baths Rec Rooms/AttiCS Porch Enclosures Replacement Wmdows Aluminum SldlngrTrim Gutters/Downspouts StClhTiWindows/Doors Rooflflg/Shlngles One Ply Rubber Roofing Wood Decks/Fences Aluminum Sldmg and Gutter Cleaning REPARS OF ALL KNOS Licensed and nsured J&F CONTRACTORS, serving Grosse Ppolnte area 35 years Roofing repairs, eaves troughs, backboards, masonry tuck pointing chimneys, porches, flat roofs new and repairs, hot tar CARPENTER work, paneling, parttions. doors cut, repairs, small lobs REPAR Chimneys, Porches, Steps RebUilt-Repaired Tuckpomtlng MANY SATiSFED CUSTOMERS CALL DAN Porch Enclosures Additions & Kitchens CommerCial BUlldmgs SUDON CONSTRUCTON BRYSON SunON 1324 Bedford BARKER CONTRACTORS Modernization Alterallons. Ad dltlonslfamlly Rooms.Kltchens & Recreatlon Areas JAMES BARKER JACK D. TOTTY Complete home repairs, kitchens, bathrooms, basements and dens LETOBULDNG CO SNCE 1911 CUSTOM BULDNG REMODELNG RECROOMs KTCHENS BUlD G/ EASTVEW ALUMNUM, NC. ALCOA PRODUCTS Awnlflgs- Sldmgs Combmatlon Storms Screens-Doors-Rooflng Seamless Gutters B F Goodrich VlnylA Products MACK AVE NEAR CADEUX DETROT, M Years Exp L1C & nsured SEE SHOWROOM BE WSE ADVERTSE CALL MODERNZATON M T CHARGOT BULDNG CO PERSONALLY CUSTOM DeSgned Remodeling Custom Kitchens Bathrooms & Additions KTCHEN MASTER REMODELERS RESDENTAL' COMMERCAL DH DESGNED Kitchens AttiCS Basements Porches Bathrooms Rec Rooms CRAFTED Cabinets Formica Woodworking trim work Replacement WlndDWS nterior Exterior Doors FULLY LCENSED AND NSURED GENERAL HOME REPAR Free Estimates SHOWROOM Harper St Clair Shores Hours Mon, Wed, Fn 9.5 pm Tues, Thurs 9.9 pm Sat 9-1 pm KELLY BULDNG Since 1946 Quality Remodeling Custom Kitchens, Baths AdditOns of au Types Custom Wood Decks LCENSED d a e building co. QUALTY REMODELNG AT A FAR PRCE EXPERT CARPENTRY SERVCE Call DANEL HAMPTON FOR FREE ESTMATE - NSURED SpeCialZng,n quality cusrom work al affordable pnces ADDTONS-KiTCHENS-BATHROOMS.. R.D. Priest BULDERS, nc. Rochester Grosse Pomte ALBERT D. THOMAS, NC. Wp mp Grnpral Corllrilrtors One rail 1;J~eSCi]re of illl your prot pme, DeSign sprv ce lvililclolp or we w Nork wl1h your ArrhllPcl or f1tf>rlor dproralo r r '3T ABLSHED 19, BULDNG/REMODELNG TOM'S Home Care, new or recover existing cablnetsj counter tops/ vanities Free estimates, GENERAL HOME MANTENANCE and repair SpecialiZing n plumbing, bathroom and kitchen modernization, 45 years expenence JOE DOUGLAS _ 91. CAR.. ENTRY QUALTY Carpentry and Formica work New or relaceo Co,llmerc,ul Res' denlial Store fixtures displays, counters, kitchens, vanities, recreation rooms, hang doors All repairs and finish work 17 years experience Free estimates VitO Sap- enza CARPENTER work, panel- ng, partitons, doors cut, repairs, small Jobs WE 00 CARPENTRY Village Lock and Home Repair Company Macl<. Grosse POinte Farms CARPET ClEANNG CROWLEYS Carpet & Upholstery Cleanmg LVing room hall $ rooms - hall $2950 Prepot plus scrub With steam extraction EXPERT 916 CAPET NST AUATON RELABLE CARPET SUMMER RESDENTAL COMMERCAL Monday thru Wednesday 10 to 6 Thursday Friday 10 to 8 Saturday 10 to East 10 Mile Corner of Hayes Bnng this ad n for $1 00 off each yard purchased JERRY'S CARPET SERVCE installaton repairs, all kinds n-home sales Over 25 years expenence Hours 9a m - 7p m SALE Quality names at discount prices ncluding Vinyl, tile and harwood floonng QUALTY AND YOU ARE-1 THE NSTALLATON SPECALST Clean, Courteous and ProfeSSional THREE YEAR GUARANTEE Our service department can assist you for nstaliallons, power rest retching cleanmg and any type of repair work CARPET CLEANNG Truck Mount Extraction ReSidential - CommerCial Upholstering Cleaning Drapery Cleafllng DAVE TEOUS Family owned-oper~e.ct NSURED FREE ESTMATES K-CARPET CLEANNG COMPANY CARPET SPECALSTS CARPET CLEANNG $11 50 PER AVER SZE RM NC Pre-spot, eam /extr act on sofa-$2250, chair w/sofa $5 Other cleaning ser. vices-wails, Windows, gutters, sldmg, cars, free estimates MSTER MANTENANCE ProfeSSional carpet clean- ng 3 step cleaning process Summer SpeCials SHAW HOME RENOVATONS Remodeling or repairs of all interior and exteror needs From new to old specializing n Fnish Carpentry, Kitchens Baths, Recreation Rooms L brarles Small Jobs Welcome Serving the Grosse POinte area Since 1975 where quality S irst CA'ET NSTAllATON CARPET NSTALLATON Sales and Service No Job too small l 17 years experience CARPET LAYNG NEW AND OLD Repairs of AU Types ALSO CARPETNG, VNYL HARDWOOD Samples Shown fl Your Home BOB TRUDEL Days 917 PLASTER/CELNG SPECALZNG fl repairs clean prompt service Grosse Pomte refer ences Free estimates Call Lou ALL PLASTER REPARS BRUCE MASTER PLASTER & DRYWALL SpeCialist n Ceiling Cracks Old Wall & Textures Removal & Repair Drywall(new or old) Complete House or One RoomlWall Spray Texture 27 Years Expenence References 'We are neat and clean up our mess' CEMENT WORK CHARLES F. JEFFREY CONTRACTOR All types of brick and cement work BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG Pre Cast Steps, Walks Driveways Cement, Brick Flagstone Patios Tuck POinting Chimney Repair Porches And All Brick Work A SpeCialty Licensed nsured CAPZZO R.R.CODDENS CEMENT CONTRACTOR Family busmess for 63 years New and repair work No job too small Driveways and porches our specmllty Palros Chimneys Waterproofing Vlolalions repaired Bnck Morter Color Matchlf1g Stucco CALL GARAGES PORCHES DRVEWAYS FLOORS SDEWALKS WATERPROOFNG PATOS STEPS Licensed ANYTME MENT WORK VTO'S cement cement work, porches, dnvewa~, patios, steps Free estmates , 2p n- 9p m MKE VERDONCKT Cement work basement waterproofing bnck re pair, tuck pomtlng Viola lions CLEMENS PLASTERER CALL 8 m to 5J.> DALY PLASTERNG and drywall Nell SqUires CODE Violations Repaired nterior/ Exleqor Free mspectlon check over can save you time and money nsured, experl enced references Seaver Home Mamtance PLASTERNG and drywall repairs Texturing and stucco nsured Pete Tar omma ALL types drywall and plastering, spray texturlflg and taplmg New and re pair 25 years experience Free eslimates, nsured or RR?-1 ROO CONST QUALTY WORK ALL TYPES OF CEMENT BRCK AND LOCK WORK Garages raised and set down on new ralwall and floor Waterproofing LCENSED & NSURED TONY repaired R.L. STREMERSCH CEMENT CONTRACTOR Cement Driveways PatOs Brickwork Basement waterproofing Steps Tuck POinting No Job too small Free Estimates SPECALZNG N DRVEWAYS AND BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG LCENSED THOMAS KLENER MASON CONTRACTOR BRCK BLOCK ~ TONE Porches, Chimneys Steps Walks Dnveways, Tuck?15?' pointing, Glass Block Rnl'k Stone and Tile Patios CONCRETE/ BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG NSURED LCENSED A1 WORK DENNS T&M CONSTRUCTON cement work. All kinds. Additions & Garages Porch.s, block, step work. Bas.m.nt wat.rproofing JEROME CHMNEYS, PORCHES STEPS TUCKPONTNG MORT AR COLOR TNTNG CHMNEY SCR:.:.NS GLASS BLOCK BASEMENT WNDOWS VOLA non WORK FREE ESTMATES TEST A CEMENT CO., NC. Servlflg The POlntes For 41 Years Driveways garage floors. patios, porches Cdrage Straightening L1C NS. FREE ESTMATES TRiPLE T CONSTRUCTON, NC. Driveways Walks Garage Floors Porches Steps FOOtlrlgS Block & Bnck Flag Stone LCENSED & NSURED TESOLN BROTHERS CEMENT CONTRACTOR SpeCialiZing n waterproofing 46 years n business. FREE ESTMATES GUARANTEED L1c.nsed nsured James :Jt.f. 'l({einer All CONCRETE/BRCK WORK Waterproofing Flagstone & Slate Asphalt Patd1mg& Sealing Tud<polf1bng& Patd1l'19 Porches, Chimneys Walks Dnveways PabOs Steps State Licensed REPAR SPECALSTS w :ERllTO 1(70NSTRUCT10N Violet All Types of Cement Wortc. Basement Waterpl'oofing Additions QUALTY REASONABLE WORK PRCES FREE ESTMATES Clair Shores M 48082

50 14C '" CHMNEY ClEANNG J&J CHMNEY SYSTEMS MCHGAN LCENSE 5125 Fireplace, wood stove clean- ngs Chimneys repaired rebuilt relined New fireplaces gas logs caps and screens Cerllfled nsured COACH LGHT CHMNEY SWE:P CO. CHMNEY CLEANNG Caps Screens nstalled An mal Rer'1oval State Licensed #5154 :ertdwd & nsurtd Keep hlrch and "qulrrel~ out ClllMt\EY ~ <;("HEEN~ ~. Onh $2;; Cd n'stalled re=tr C?J r:r=:j CJ ROOFNG-ALUMNUM GEORGE VAN SAFE FLUE CHMNEY SWEEP Chimney Clean~lng Caps and Screens nstalled Mortar and Damper Repair Animal Removal Cer1llled Master Sweep TOMTREFZER CHMNEY REPARS R.R. CODDENS All types chimney repairs DENNS Jerome Preventative maintenance Chimney repairs and porch repairs n SAFE Flue Chimney and Home Repair Service CONSTRUCTON SERVCE CONSTRUCTON SUPERNTENDANT ndustrial/ Commercial 30 Years Expenence for Hire Consultant, Trouble Shooter, Quality Assurance Jim 924 DECOtlATNG SEtVCE JOANNA WESlERN WNDOW SHADES PANT, SHUTERS BLNDS KAUFMANN STORMDOORSAND WNDOWS GRA'TOP SALES AND SERVCE KERCHEVAL Ea51 01 Aller n he Par< ru 5~OOO Closed Mondays Just call us Grosse Pointe News OtlAPlltllS '.21 DRESSMAKNG! TAllOltlNG AAA Pfuf~~;"ul lal Drc::;s making, hemming spe- CialiZing n welghtloss aiterallons Jeanette AL TERA lions and repairs Call Tern at '23 CONSTlUcnON SEtVCE CUSTOM Made slipcovers and drapenes Guaranteed workmanship Experienced Call now- Bernice CUSTOM DRAPERES Balloons Mni Blinds, Verticals Carpeting, Wallpa. per, Bedspreads Compare our prices With department store sales' before you BUY FREE ESTMATES DRAPERES BY PAT CALL SONA lor lop quailly drapery and curtains any style We sell vertical blinds 15 years expenence Reasonable prices free estimates EllCTlCAL SEtlVCE ELECTRCAL wifing and repair, washers, dryers, doorbells, also felephone Jacks licensed Linck & Miller , ELECTRCAL work, nstallalions, old or new Shawn, B S & J ELECTRC ReSidential-Commercial No Job Too Small SERVNG THE GROSSE PONTE SNCE 1965 CUSWORTH ELECTRC Family Owned and Operated Licensed and nsured Electrical Contractors ReSidential - Commercial RadiO dispatched Units n your area Fast Emergency Service SENOR CTZENS DiSCOUNT F BUSY, CALL MACK COLVLLE ELECTRC CO. Ranges, Dryers, Services, Doorbells VOLATONS FAST EMERGENCY SERVCE FENCES FENCES steel, wood and privacy Wood decks Free estimates Repair or new work G & J nc 25 years expenence Lcensed and nsured Please call George , Joe '36 FLOOl SANDNG! lefnshng HERTAGE Floor~ Hardwood floors rnsfalled Sanded, stained Resl' denlial, commercial or HERTAGE Floors Hardwood floors nstalled Sanded, stained Resldenllal, commercial or KELM Floor laying sanding refin- shing Expert n stain Old floor!>a specialty We also refinish banisters PROFESSONAL floor sanding and linlshlng Free e.,lmates W Abraham CONSTlUCTON SElVla GRA~O et) RESDENTAL COMMERCAL DRVEWAYS FLOORS PORCHES GARAGES RASED & RENEWED NEW GARAGE DOORS & REFRAMNG NEW GARAGES BULT LCENSED & NSURED '43 landscaplls GARDENETS MAC'S SPRNG CLEAN-UP Complete yard work, lawn, shrub and tree tnmmlng, etc Reasonable rates, quality service Call Tom St Clair Shores OZZE'S LANDSCAPNG Spnng-Fall clean-up Trim shrubbery-new shrubs Removal old shrubs Top SOil-Design Service Dependable-Ouallty Service n MSTER MANTENANCE Expert hedge and bush trimming. Summer Spe- Cials GARDENNG and tnmmlflg, weeding, grass cutting Spnng Cleanup Reasonable pnces Call DenniS, m-1473 M&G TREE SERVCE Tree and stump removal Tnmmlng 10 years experience nsured Reasonable rates n LAWN and Garden Service by experienced U of M student Mark, COMPLETE lawn maintenance Grosse POinte Policeman and son Excellent references, GUTTEtlS -FURNTURE refinished, re- COMPLETE home repairs paired, stripped, any type gutters cleaned, repaired, of caning Free estl- nstalled Jack Totty 886- mates , '---- GUTER Cleaning, Window _ Washing. Antenna Re- moval Guaranteed B84- GLASS replacement- putty, 9315 sash, thermo-pane win dows, doorwalls, screens GUTER CLEANNG Most Reasonable homes $20- $35 tlmates J's Free es- Window LAWNSPRNKLER service repair, installation, all makes, pumps repair, Save Phone number for future needs Tucker Lawnspnnklers HANDYMAN ' E&M Home mprovements and Repair Painting, window cleamng, gutter cleaning, brass polishing, landscaping, etc TRMMNG removal, spray- ng, feeding and stump removal Free estimates Complete tree service Call Fleming Tree Ser- Vice, COLLEGE Landscapmgvery low rates Special rale for senior Ctizens Cuttmg, edging and tnmmlng done to perfection Call lor estimate, Ench GREEN Thumb Landscap- ng, sodding and top-sorl ENERGETC HANDY Man,s \'1'11''1gto repar your repalrslll 'ntetlorl extenor painting Washrng wallsl Windows Own transportation Grosse polflte References 892.{)722 COMPLETE home repair. small Jobs wanted D.J. HANDYMAN: Painting, electrical plumbing, ceramic tiling, drywall, carpentry Complete home renovations Call DUBAY'S LANDSCAPNG SERVCES nsured-licensed Hedge-Shrub Tnmmmg Gardening Weekly Lawn Cutting Re-Sodding and Grading Overseedlng Landscape DeSign Free Estimates HAULNG HAULNG' Garage tear downs, construction debns, concrete, dirt, garage and basement Junk, brush Can remove or move almost anything Phil Wassenaar WLL haul anything demolish and remove garages, break and remove concrete Have front end loader and backhoe B C Cartage Co HOME WE HANDLE REPARS Pat\lng Roofing Siding Carpentry Gutter C\eanlOg 943 LANOSCAPElS GARDENERS. Complete "nd~caplrlg and!.i(()uflr! maloteflo1n( c. ClJ~tom d('~lgn and «)/)~tru( lon R('~J(Jentlal and (omflh'{( /,1/. )flo\\ rcmm.. ll(enced' LNtllied' /mured. [)( PFNDAHL HORT /( ULTURL f XPrR. r'> 945 HANDYMAN ~ r(-')<~ _...el,/ 'l) Cleaning Service HANDYMAN NCLUDNG: cement Masooary Basement Waterproofing Pnvacy FenolS Sprmkler System S&S Services "Since 1977" Fr.e Estimates, t~::i.:3'::;:;.;;==-~ 946 HAULNG SPEEDY Hauhng- Rapid removal of garbage, dirt, concrete. brush, appliances almost anything Garage, basement, attic cleanouts, With care Also, construction debns removal Low Rates Call MOVNG-HAULNG DEPENDABLE EXPERENCED LOW RATES NSURED NEW EASTPONTE MOVNG AND... STORAGE CO. ' PERSONALZED..ucENSED.UN-!~~_ LOC~, SMALL. LARGE PACKNG. MATERALS ANTQUES. PANOS FREE ESTMATES Bob Breltenbecher Owner M.P.S.C. #L21290 WEEKLY TRPS TO NORTHERN MCHGAN 941 HEATNG AND COOLNG KEAllNG HEAllNG 9st GROSSE PONTE MOVNG & STORAGE LOCAL & LONG DiSTANCE AGENT FOR GLOVAL VAN LNES Agent for Hertz/Penske 1 Way Truck Rental large and Small Jobs Pianos (our specialty) Appliances Saturday, Sunday Service FREE ESTMATES John Steminger Harry Kurtz E. Jefferson MPSC-L L censed - nsured ARTCRAFT HEATNG & COOLNG Furnaces, air conditoning repairs, installation. LCENSED & NSURED GUARANTEED MKE CUSWORTH AR CONDTONNG REFRGERATON HEATNG COMMERCAL RESDENTAL QUALTY WORK THE AR OF QUALTY Furnace Replacement New nstallations Custom Duct Work Air CondltiOnmg KERCHEVAL (AT REAR) GROSSE PONTE PARK '49 JANTORAL SElVC.E GROSSE PONTE JANTORAL WE'RE CLEANNG UP Call For Free Esl1male 1l1 Resldenlial - Commercial For Any Or All Your Cleaning Needs 953 MUSC NSTlUMlMT tepallt COMPLETE plano service Tunmg, rebuilding, refin- shing Member Plano TechniCianS GUild, SlgSmund Bossner PANO servlces- Tuning and repair 10 years expenence FleXible hours... Reasonable rates Wallpaper Removal by Strlp.N.C~an Expenenced beat an~ poce J PANTNG DECORATNG PONTE PANTNG lntenor! Extenor Wrndow Mamtenance Free Estimates PAT PETE SMALL Painting Jobs ntenor/exterior Plastenng Also. Garages, etc References , BRAN'S PANTNG ProfeSSional palnllng, ntenor and exlenor Special- Zing 10 all types of paint- 109 Caulking, Window glazing and plaster repair All work guaranteed For free estimates and reasonable rates, call NCK KAROUTSOS CONTRACTOR professional Pamter, ntenor & Extenor, Fr~ E"t,mat0s 30 YEARS EXPERENCE Please Call Anytime BETER Home Decoratmgplaster repair, pamtlng 18 years experience Paul PANTNG NTEROR EXTEROR FREE ESTMATES S4 MELN'S PANTNG nterior-exterior Patchmg, Plastering Stucco, Varnishing Wmdow Glazlng-Caulkmg Wallpapering Sale n Home Free Estimates Reasonable Price References, Good Work MELN WOOD REFNSHNG STRP STAN VARNSH Duplicate EXisting Finish or Colors to Match Ktchen cabmets, staircase handrails, Vanities, panel- 109, doors, trim and mold- ngs Licensed nsured References Free Estimates PRESTGE PANTNG CO DAVD ROLEWCZ EXPERENCED Pamters, 10- tenor/ extenor, garages Reasonable Tim , John QUALTY Master Pamtlngmtenor/ extenor special- Sts Repair work guaranteed References Free estimates nsured John n or ALL Pro Painting- Exterior, 5 year warranty, 20 years expenence, free estimates PANTNG NTEROR/EXTEROR V THOM BRUCE nterior/exterior Stamlng Work Fla9 Poles Wallpapering/Removal commercial/residential power Washmg Texture Ceilings References DAVD SUPAL PANTNG/DECORATNG PANTNG, staining, and wallpapering Quality work, reasonable pnces PANTERS. Tired of overpriced painters? Expenenced, energetic college students Will do the job at half the professional rate For free home estimate call Jon at or after 6 We'll do the Job nght l AFFORDABLE and profes- Sional wallpapenng and painting Day! evening schedules n6-7507, GROSSE PONTE PANTER'S NC. Pamtmg- mterlor-exterlor, paperhanging and panel- ng Free estimates cheer. fully given Licensed and insured MKE'S PROFESSONAL PANTNG & WALLPAPERNG NTEROR- EXTEROR ncludes repairing damaged plaster, cracks, peeling paint, Window glazing, caulkmg, palntlng aluminum Siding Top quality material Reasonable pnces All work guaranteed Grosse POinte Ref. erences Call Mike anytime M&B PANTNG profes- Sional workmanship, nterior/ exterior, custom palntlng and colors, stain- ng, varnishing, repairs Free estimates 5042 NTEROR Pamtlng, Plaster repairs Water damage code Violations repaired Expenenced, references Weather sealmg, nsulations, leaks found Seaver's Home Maintenance 882.{)000 WALLPAPER REMOVAL' BY TM Experienced quality work, dependable, lowest price. n FOREST PANTNG & CONST. CO. Carpentry RoughFnish RemodelmgKitchens,Rec Rooms Basements P"U111n9 ntenor/exterlo r Any Plastering Repairs Licensed and nsured PANTNG Because we beheve word-of-mouth is our best advertising. your satisfaction S as mportant to us as t Sto you! Our superior work Will add your home to our reference list Let us prove our claims (days), (eves) MAGNUM Painting ndustries August 11, 1988 Grosse pointe News VC ns- Exlerlorllnterior Painting. Decorating Charles "Chip" Gibson CUSTOM RESDENTAL PANTERS WTH GROSSE PONTE REFERENCES PLASTER - DRYWALL REPARS MARCO PANTERS CODE WORK NSURANCE WORK interor. EXTEROR, TEXTURED CELNGS ---WALLP~PERNG. STANNG, WALL WASHNG. CHECK OUR PRCES FREE ESTMATES NSURED "n)o~ :-. ~O'li : ~teflor & Extenor..., ~, Re~ldenbai8. Commerc~ Drywall & PlasterRepair ~ ",' :-a'n't +" \. WallpaperHanging& Removal A~essSpraying Fully nsured 2 Year Guarantee 954 PAtNTNG/DECORATNG R&D PANTNG Quality workmanship Reason. able rates CommerclaU ReSidential ntenorl Extenor Rob or Duane GROSSE PONTE CONTRACTORS EXPERT WALLPAPERNG NSTALLATON OF ALL TYPES OF WALLCOVERNG FREE ESTMATES NSURED Michael Satmary Jr NTEROR painting and wallpapering Quality work done the right way Very affordable rates. Grosse pointe Reerences Free Estimates Ray, PANTNG, wallpapermg, wall washing senior dtscount Jan, , Glenda AFFORDABLE Painting and Wallpapering, 20 years Free Estimates References 3-R Company n6-3424, PYRAMD PANTNG NC. EST 1982 Custom mtenor, exterior painting done. Entire e!r tates painted, even closetsl No Job too big or too small References Free estimates BOB TED GEORGE'S Painting. ntenor! Extenor, wallpaper- ng, patchmg- plastenng, Window putty, caulking Call George 891.{)254 JARVS Painting ntenorl Extenor Free Estimates Low Pnces. All Work Guaranteed Fully nsured MCHAEL'S PANTNG & REFNSHNG PANTNG Specalize in repainting aluminum siding. No chalking or peeling. Labor and material guaranteed for as long as you own your house. Mike NTERORS BY DON & LYNN Husband-Wife Team Wallpapering Painting NTEROR and extenor palnllng and paperhang- ng Reasonable rates, 30 years experience Ray Barnowsky, after 6p m JOHN'S PANTNG lntenor-extenor specializing n repairing damaged plaster, drywall and cracks, peeling paint, Window puttying and caulk- ng, wallpapenng Also, pamt old aluminum std- ng All work and matenal guaranteed Reasonable Grosse pointe references Free estimates WHTEY'S Wallpapenng ntenor Painting Reasonable Pnces Good War!< Call-No Job Too Small GREAT WESTERN PANTNG Great Westem Painting offers the ultimate n resdential painting Great Western specializes m NTEROR/EXTEROR palntlng We offer the best m preparation before palnhng to gve long las1- ng results We also use only the finest matenals Great Westem people are quality minded and courteous All at reasonable rates Can today for a FREE estimate by Great Western Palnllng ,882-Q926

51 15C { f August 11, PANTNG / DECORATNG 960 ROOFNG SERVCE QUALTY PANTNG SERVCE NTEROR - EXTEROR 25 years of professional experience n your neighborhood All repairs before painting MATT FLETCHER 4151 Buckingham '57 PLUM.NG/HEATNG PLUMBNG REPARS & SEWER CLEANNG Reasonable Rates For All Mike Potter - Licensed DRAN - Away linally reasonable rates to clear sewers and drains, plumbing repairs, phone estimates 24 hours, 7 days EML THE PLUMBER SPECALZNG PLUMBNG, HEATNG SEWER AND DRAl~S~-' BOLER SPECALSTS SPRNKLER N Kitchens - Bathrooms _ Laundry room and violations - Old and new work Free Estimates Bill, Master Plumber (Son of Emil) BOB DUBE PLUMBNG and HEATNG licensed-master Plumber SEWER CLEANNG SPRNKLER REPAR, ETC Grosse POinte Woods PlUMBNG- Major or minor repairs, quick response, low rates References Call Paul, POSTVE PLUMBNG AND HEATNG Plumbing and heating repairs FRANK R. WER REPARS KERCHEVAL. FARMS Since 1925 Keith Danielson Licensed Master Plumber TONY The Master Plumber (Son of Emil) No lob 100 small, new anc repairs, Violations NORM'S PLUMBNG AND SEWER CLEANNG My prices won't take you down the drain COMPLETE PLUMBNG SERVCE New work, repairs, renovatons waterheaters, sewer c1eanmg. code Violations Licensed master plumber All work guaranteed.. 0 ROOfiNG SERVCE CASHAN ROOFNG CO. Residential CommerCial Shingles - Tearofts Repairs - Hot Roofs 1 ply rubber system AllWork Guaranteed nsured Free estimates FLAT Roof Problems? New rubber roofs nstalled on flat roofs Stops all leaks Guaranteed EXPERT REPARS GUTERS ROOFNG SMALL JOBS GENTLE ROOFNG Re Roofing Small Jobs Flat Decks Gutter Cleaning Gutters Repairs LCensed - Guaranteed l J_. ",,""'."",... ~"".._... ADVANCE MANTENANCE STONE ROOFNG Residential -Commercial.ndustrlal -Flat Roof -Reroofing -Recoatmg oslngle Ply.Tear Ofts -Hot Tar Shingles.Slate -Tile.Decks.Copper Metal -FREE ESTMATES -ce dam -Shields -Heater Tapes nstalled -Gutters nstalled, cleaned, repaired -LCENSED-N- SURED HADLEY HOME MPROVEMENT NC. COMPLETE ROOFNG SERVCE COMMERCAL RESDENTAL TEAR-OFF RESHNGLE CERTFED APPLCATONS OF MODFED SNGLE PLY URETHANE FOAM- RUBBER ROOFNG SYSTEMS VENTS GUTERS REPARS LCENSED-NSURED PREVENTATVE MANTENANCE CO. NEW ROOFS ROOF REPARS NEW GUTTERS GUTER CLEANNG FREE ESTMATES DENNS JEROME G.P. AND S.C.S. ROOFNG Repairs, chimney, screens, basement leaks, plaster repairs Handyman work nsured Seaver's, SUNSHNE MPROVEMENT CO. 'OUR ROOFS ARE TOPS' Licensed - fully nsured ROOFNG - SDNG TRM AND GUTERS Storm Windows and doors Replacement wmdows and doors One ply roof- ng systems 1Q-year flat floors ce back-up problems solved RON VERCRUYSSE CO LEONARD'S ROOFNG Shingles, flat roofs. complete tear ofts, built-up roofing, gutters and all kinds of repairs Work guaranteed Free estimates Licensed and nsured Member of the Better BUSiness Bureau '" '65 SEWNG MACHNE SElVCE TUNE.UP SpeCial n your home Cleaned. 011, ad- Just tension, $995 All makes, all ages T.V./lADO/C8 U'At T.V. ALL PRO ProfeSSional roofs, gulters, Siding Newl repaired Reasonable, reliable 15 years experience, licensed and nsured John Williams JACK DTOTTV ROOF REPARS CE BACK-UP CARPENTRY, ELECTRCAL PLUMBNG, CEMENT COMPLETE HOME MODERNZATON LARGE OR SMALL LCENSED AND NSURED ALL WORK GUARANTEED ROOFNG and repair Shingles are flat Aluminum Siding and trim Bob ALL ROOFNG and repairs Flat roofs, gutters. carpentry Licensed Free estlmates SEWEll CLEANNG SERVCE COMPLETE SEWER COMPANY "We Clean Them All" guaranteed SAME DAY SERVCE SEWER Cleaning. $45, 52&9288 REPAR, fast, friendly semce, TV's boughtsold, licensed, GARY TELEPHONE REPAR TELEPHONE repair, sales. nstallalton, business or home TlE WORK TLE WORKS CeramiC, Marble, Vinyl Stone, Brick NSTALLATON SPECALS Free Estimates Licensed nsured leave Message CERAMC tile- resldenlial Jobs and repairs 15 years experience , Andy 977 WALL WASHNG MSTER MANTENANCE Walls hand washed, Windows. Carpets- Summer Specials K-MANTENANCE CO. Wall wc1<;nlng floor cleaning and waxing Free estl' mates GROSSE POinte Fireman Will do wall washing WNDOW WASHNG GEORGE OLMN WNDOW CLEANNG SERVCE 35 YEARS N THE PONTES MSTER MANTENANCE Windows, Walls, Carpets Cleaned- Summer Spe- Cials GROSSE POinte Fireman Will do Window washing A-OK WNDOW CLEANERS Service on Storms and Screens Free Estimates LET OUR GUDE TO GOOD SERVCE BE YOUR GUDE TO GETTNG GOOD SERVCE. USE THE CLASSFED WANT ADS PATTERSON Window Cleaning Aluminum Sid- ng and gutter cleaning Commerclall ReSidential Free Estimates Call Tim K-WNDOW CLEANNG COMPANY Storms. screens, gutters. aluminum cleaned nsured Free eslimates D BARR CLEANNG SERVCES SECOND GENERATON WNDOW AND GUTER CLEANNG DALE J'S Window washing ser Vice, free estimates, ve reasonable Grosse Pointe News WANT ADS PEOP.AE SERVNG PEOPLE M",....,... -, THE GROSSE PONTE NEWS MAY BE PURCHASED FROM THE FOLLOWNG LOCATONS: DOWNTOWN DETROT, n fhe Ren Cen Calumel Tobacco and Gltt Shop MaO level r!par uwel Shaya Tobacco Ren Cen 500 Tower ON JEFFERSON AVE, n G P Park Pharmacy, at NOlllngham Village Wine Shop al Beaconsfield ON MAUMEE AVE, n G P City Bon Secours Hospllal Gift Shop on Cadieux Scilellier Drugs on Fisher across from High School ON KERCHEVAL AVE, n G P Park Art s Party Store al Wilyburn Muller s Market at Lakepotrlle n G P City "The Village" Revco Drugs at NOire Dame Notre Dame Pharmacy at NOire Dame Grosse POinte Book Village at S Clair n G P Farms "On the Hli" The Grosse Pomte News Office al 96 Kercheval Perry Drug Store on Kercheval Trail Apothecary. on Kercheval Cottage Hospital Gift Shop near MUr Jerry's 383 Kercheval ON MACK AVE, n G P Park Mr s Shappe N Go at 8erkslme Devonshlre Drug at Devonshire Yorkshire Market. al Yorkslme S&S Party Store between Aller Road and Cadieux n G P. City Parkles Party Slore at Guilford Alger Party Store between Notre Dame and St Clair G P Farms.. Park Village Food Market between Moran and McKinley Rand s Pharmacy al McMllian 7-Mlle and Mack Area S John Hospllal Glfl Shop dnd The Nook on Moross n G P Woods Merll WoodS PhJrrnacy at Bournemouth Hdll\ness 1'11arrnacy al Lochmoo r Hullywood Pharmacy dt Hollywood Mr C s Dell at Rdgemont Rob s Drug Store al Roslin RPVLO 01 tj{j<' ~A 11~ ON HARPER AVt:., (and Harper Woods) Parkcresl Party Slare dt f'illl<u('st Hunter Pilarmacy at Country C'ut, Wflgley s Drugs 1 block norlt1 of Cao cu> EASTLAND AREA Get & Go Mll! Mdrl<et ber1l1ldpier 1 mports oft old 8-Mlle Rd ON KELLY ROAD Mr C s Deli at Morang Ment Drug Store at Flkar1 Merit Bouk Store East DetrOit QUick Save Drllq~ at Roscommon ON EAST WARREN, Delooll Area Ray 'i Oel,catC'<,c,Pr1al Bf'fk c tllfp Tile WTle8a~l<t-t.11O.Jter Olive t 'mson s corrw' of E Warren and Cadieux Mr C 5 al Graylon 7/Eleven betwe\,n Cadieux and Balduck Park N ST. CLAR SHORES: Collie Druys Harper and Cilalon (8'12 Mile) Manor Phdrrnacy Grealer Mack and Red Maple Lane Perry Drugs (loossfrom Lakeshore Village on Marter Lake Pharmacy E 9 Mile between Mack and Jefferson A s Pharmacy on Harper 2 blocks SOUlilof Ten Mile Perry Drugs Shores Shopping Center 13 Mile and Harper Oannys Mack/9 Mile N ROSEVLLE: New HOrZon Book Shop from KMart COMPUTER H()URS TO OUR CUSTOMERS: Our computer hours are as follows: THE GROSSE PONTE NEWS Lillie Mack and 13 Mile 1 block.. THE GOOD NEWS PEOPLE CAN USE! MONDAY.. 8 a p.m. TUESDAY.. 8 am -12 Noon WEDNESDAY. 11 a m -5 p.m THURSDAY. 8 am.6 p.m. FRDAY a.m.-6 p,m. SATURDAY. 10 a rn.-1 pm. f you are unable to come n, call during these hours. DUring the computer "down time" we are unable to use our terminals to nput Classified Advertising or to look up accounts. f you have any questions regardng your classified advertising account we suggest that you call on Wednesdays (after 11 a m.) or on Thursdays and Fndays. 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52 .1.6.C,~VJVJ By Gretchen Schumer Special Writer For moi>tpeople the key to getting and staymg n shape S to fit eael use 1to ther lives For othel ~ exercf>e S taken to an extl eme and their hves become lenttl ed a ound ~taylng fit Accm dmg to a report n Health nl,lgallne, f you're a regular deroblc exerciser the odds may be a" hgh a~ 75 pel cent that ) ou aj e addicted \V f'b.,tt'r\ Dlctlon,ll) defines,/) <lddllt as "someone devvted to 01 gl\ell up to <1 partcular habit Although expert~ are 110\\ 111dJllmou!>that keepmg fit (an p event heart disease and prolong hfe, how much exercse emam~ GOntroversJal Mo~t \\ Olud p dl.,e exell,l~ d.joll,tluh, but ac<.ordmg to Dr Conme Chan, as<;lstant professor of human servces at the Umverslty of Mas<;achusetts 111 Boston, a po'->ltve addktlon can quckly tu n negatve How do you know f you're a fit,lhohc') Are you compulsve about your exercise routme, or ntable f you mss a workout? Do you brave your dally run through bhzzards or 120- degree heat waves? Are you unable to give up your scheduled exercise even though t may mtenere Wth relatonshps, work, or your health? f you have answered "ye~" to any of these questons t News ClaSSfied Advertising could mean that you're possibly movmg m the Wl ong drecton Wth your workout and need to re-evaluate the mportance of exercse m your hfe. Accordmg to John Somers, athletc tramer Wth Cottage Hosptal Athletic Medlc1l1e Program, (CHAMP), exercse become& unhealthy when an ath lete S governed by an obsessve nec-d to "..hleve some desred deal of behavor "The danger enters 111," said Somers, "when a person's exer usmg goes from bemg a personal choce to a need" The athlete may not Just de~lre to exercse but actually requre t to face a tense StuatOn, Sommers added Somers beheves that for the mo"t prrt an ob,*,<;<;lon With workmg out S nothmg to get worked up about. t is his feehng that unlike an addiction to drugs or alcohol, which destroy the mmd or pckle the liver, a fitness fanatic strengthens both hs brain and hs body There are some "recreational" athletes, observed Somers, who push themselves to the pomt of mjurles such as shm splmts or stress fractures then refuse to rest and recuperate, creatmg greater and often permanent damage What could cause an exercse aficonado to disregard what doctors or ther bo<!jes dictate to them? Somers offers two explanatons One popular, but unploved theory he gave S that athletes become fixed on endorphms, - the body's natural pam kllers, _ whch flow mto the bram and the bloodstream durmg strenuou~ workouts "ExerCsers," said Somers, "get hooked on the euphoria, often refened to a~ "runner's hgh" He also beheves that endorphms may contnbute tq exercse addcton because of the dulling effect they have on the pam of a<..hmg muscles or broken bones that would othel wl~e advise athletes they ale ov erd01l1g t Another explanaton offered ~ that exercise eventually bewme~ much more than a means of rec eatlon or form of staymg fit DevotOn to exercse result!:> from stress reducton and the ~ense 01 achevement the workout awards. ExerCse Lealots tend to be overall compulsive people who get hooked on a sense of control and their ablhty to attam a particular goal Accordmg to a study pubhshed m Psychology Today, potental addcts develop a heady sense of control over ther bodes and feel mvmcible when workmg out These athletes tend to be mtense mdlvlduals whose Job may not often produce quantfiable results, and m ther mcleasmg mleage and "personal bests" they dscover a new source of measurable achievement Anyone mterested m JOmng the program, which consists of a freshman team, a jayvee squad and the varsity, Wll a need a Call us S A.J...-t.. August 11, 1988 Getting fixed on fitness can be cured with the right attitude Soccer and cross country begins at South On Monday, Aug ] 5 the physical before partcipating Any boys interested in Joming Grosse Pomte South boys' soccer Tryouts Wll be held at the El- the Blue Devils' team can do so teams Wll begm practice. worthy Fields beginnmg at 5 by particpating in the first pracp 01 on the 15th tice at 9 a.m. on Aug 15 at Patterson Park. Cross country season S As usual, a physical S required before any partcpaton about to kck its heels up as well begins North tennis practice begins The Grosse Pointe North girls' Physicals should be in at ths tennis teams will begin the tme season on Aug. 15 at 9 a.m. on the courts near the football field For more information, call AccOldmg to Chan, a majority of exel clse enthusla!:>ts are smgle pl'ofe~~lonals who use workout!:> as a means to avod thmkmg about an empty boclal agenda t ~ easier for the~e mdlvlduab to go to the gym after work than head home to an unmhablted house Soonel 01' later workmg out S the loot for these exerc~ el's emotonal well bemg and the touch!"tone of ther demty Some! s stlongly beheves that the key to gul1l11gthe!,tj eatest benefib, both physcal and p~y chologlcdl S mudel atlon "Exerc~e need<; vmy from per- ~on to per;,oj,," :,tate:, Somers, "dependmg on age, weight, and l1dlvdual go,lb, no one WOlkout Wll work 'm everyone" He abo feels that those who depend on one dltlvlty tol d.,en.,e 01 \\eii BRAND NEW '88 CHEVY 5-10 PCKUP $7, ASK FOR FRED MaTNEY ~.,. 'A. Jefferson Chevrolet 2200 E. Jefferson Between The Pointes & Ren Cen bell1g are on the edge of addlc tlon f you thll1k you're a fitahohc, &Cnsmg that YOW' exercise program ha~ become an obses!:>lonof the mmd and a compulson of the body, you can take steps to manage your mama One mportant first step S to have val'lety Give yourself an oppoltumty to take a day off your regular workout and schedule another activity mstead Try to do ~omethll1g that does not mvolve exercse like watchmg a movie or eadmg a book. f t's hard to cut exel c~e out of your day, at least try ~ubstltutmg a less mten&c actvty hke takmg a lel!"urely walk Addmg vanety will help you to get away from your ngld, compulsve rout me AnuLhel 11t'd."U c tv telh... 1" to :~ TRUCK SALES - SERVCE - leasng TRADER RAY'S cut back slowly By 1educmg ex el'clse tme 01' takll1g lc~t days you'll have mole tme to!:>pend on othel activties. f pos<,lble, take a vacaton where you gco graphcally remove yourself from yow' usual settmg While you'l e away from YOW' normal routme you should be able to see thmg... a httle differently and yuul thoughts \i be dlveted m a way that doesn't OCCU.1t VOUl famliar sun oundmgs Fmally, find,lnothel W.1) to let off your &te.1m Talk to.,ollle one that you feel comfol tdble Wth f you do not have d pf'l-,on you're close en0ugh Wth, <.,eekd competent coun&elol Sommel <., assm es that "compublve ath letes do not need to gve up exel C~e, they Just need to put t n pcrspcct~he tl Eastside's Specialists in Previously-Owned mport Autos '87 HONDA CVC 4 DOOR Stereo/cass, low miles $6,995 '83 SUBARU Gl WAGON Auto, won't last $3,995 TRANSPORTATON SPECAll '82 DODGE COLT Auto... $2,500 '84 FORD BRONCO 4X4 $6,650 '79 SUBARU BRAT 4X4 $1,500 '86 MAZDA RX7 Pwr. sun., pwr. mirrors, stereo/casso $9,500 Gratiot-South of 15 Mile REBATES $1000~ on Ninety-Eight Regency $500~ on Ciera s400~ on Calais FREE Ale on Cutlass The Dealer That's "EASY" to Deal With Supreme Attention Grosse Pointe Oldsmobile Owners: For Personalized Prompt Service it's only a 15 Minute Drive to Bill Lee aids. for appointment call BLL LEE OLDSMOBLE 1988 JAGUAR XJ6 LEASE FOR ONLY: * per month $0Down!! DRVE N ELEGANCE The English revere tradition. That's why Jaguars have always been swift and surefooted, and as elegant as a 400 year-old manor house. OPEN MON. & THURS. 'TL 9 P.M. Serving Macomb County Over 30 years. 15 MAHER '~ Z ; MAHR r:.., z c :.., r: z c :.., a:: z c :.., a:: z c : MAHER 1986 Chev. Celebrity V-6 Air, GM Warranty was '5995 Now s S.10 Plck.up 4 cyl, Auto GM Warranty was '4995 Now $ Cavalier RS 2 Door, 4 eyl, Air, Stereo, GM Warranty was '5995 Nows 5495 subject to prior sa e MAHR MAHR MAH.R 1987 Olds Delta 88 Brougham. All the buttons, GM Warranty was '10995 NOW$10, Chev. Cavalier. 4 door, Auto, Air, GM Warranty was '5495 Now ' Buick Century 4-Door, GM Warranty, all the buttons was Now $4995 MAHR i MAHR ; THE M"NOR HOUSE C"STLE COM8E CHPPENH"M ENGLAND FREE PCK UP AND DELVERY - N STOCK FOR MMEDATE DELVERY P~EE SUBSTTUTE AUTOMOBLE. F PURCHASED AT FALVEY MOTORS ojoo... (to\fd rid -... ll '" (JUAl, fo (u')j()mfp\ tf...e P"''''V "-11';, ~ MON'~~ 8 ern'" p(l M ~OJi' f (( ~ EAGl 1{S.~H H,Alj ""008 G..., 0', fo r jh la<,' f' r '" Of l~ ",'Sf' Fi'STrA,YM(\ N AOV"~(l A"''''' 9HurW...e f ~fcu" 'ofo(f'o~n 'tfcu'," OFPQS'!o ~OR UN 1$ ia.'f v...~ TO CofT TO'... PA'Mf-""l'i...u T P 'off'a'of/j'p~ r OJ A... ') ~ONlM~ l'a.\ep...v~;lfnl\\f! flt")- \E'-'XP"(f~MO.NNf,u8ECliOPlO.oe,A f't"hj!.path rof..,tf1'''v'j.(~'' N THE TROY MOTOR MALL 1815 MAPLELAWN TROY, MCHGAN J\Cl\l{.,., '.

Audio #26 NRAS NRAS

Audio #26 NRAS NRAS NRAS Dymphna: Welcome everybody to Great to have you guys listening again and once again, I have a fabulous guest speaker to come and talk to you. Now we re talking about something

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Yarmouth County Registry of Deeds

Yarmouth County Registry of Deeds Record Type Volume Dates Indexes Reel Index 1A 1774-1792 18776 not at Archives Index 2 1785-1817 18776 not at Archives Index 3 1817-1832 18776 not at Archives Index 4 1832-1846 18776 not at Archives Index

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Business English. (Answer Keys)

Business English. (Answer Keys) Business English (Answer Keys) Business English / Incomplete Sentences / Elementary level # 1 (Answer Keys) Money accepted I like to visit other countries but I find the cost of travel is too high. answer:

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English as a Second Language Podcast ESL Podcast 294 Living in a Condo or Co-op

English as a Second Language Podcast   ESL Podcast 294 Living in a Condo or Co-op GLOSSARY exasperated frustrated; tired of something; angry that something continues to happen over time; very annoyed * The caller became exasperated when we told her that there was nothing we could do

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LindaWright SERVING TAMPA FAMILIES SINCE Preparing for a Successful Home Sale

LindaWright SERVING TAMPA FAMILIES SINCE Preparing for a Successful Home Sale LindaWright SERVING TAMPA FAMILIES SINCE 2007 Preparing for a Successful Home Sale Welcome, I realize that you have a choice when hiring an agent to help you sell your Home and truly appreciate the opportunity

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41/2/9 Student Affairs Programs and Services General Correspondence, Box 1:

41/2/9 Student Affairs Programs and Services General Correspondence, Box 1: Record Series Number The materials listed in this document are available for research at the University of Illinois Archives. For more information, email or search

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Finding an Apartment LESSON 4. Choosing an Apartment

Finding an Apartment LESSON 4. Choosing an Apartment Finding an Apartment LESSON 4 Someday you will be on your own with a full-time job and ready to live independently from your parents. Choosing an apartment is an exciting step in your life, but you must

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Agencies, new state laws boost help for renters stuck in foreclosed properties

Agencies, new state laws boost help for renters stuck in foreclosed properties Agencies, new state laws boost help for renters stuck in foreclosed properties MinnPost photo by Bill KelleyAfter months of disruption caused by foreclosure proceedings on the house she rented, Yvette

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Winning with Foreclosures

Winning with Foreclosures Buying Bank-Owned Foreclosures (REO) and Short Sales Courtesy of Name: Phone: Email: Diane Van Slyke 209.681.4275 Terms you should know: 1. Distressed Property: This term refers to all pre-foreclosure

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Reading for Critical Analysis Test 5

Reading for Critical Analysis Test 5 Reading for Critical Analysis 5 Name: Instructions: Copyright 2000-2002 Measured Progress, All Rights Reserved : Reading for Critical Analysis 5 from From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

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Eviction. Court approval required

Eviction. Court approval required Eviction An eviction is a lawsuit filed by a landlord to remove persons and belongings from the landlord's property. In Texas law, these are also referred to as "forcible entry and detainer" or "forcible

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TITLE DATA Excellence by Design. Document Types. Description


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Presents LEASING MADE SIMPLE. Getting ready for your lease doesn t have to be complicated!

Presents LEASING MADE SIMPLE. Getting ready for your lease doesn t have to be complicated! Presents LEASING MADE SIMPLE Getting ready for your lease doesn t have to be complicated! 1 The contents of this document are copyrighted 2012 and cannot be reprinted without the express, written permission

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Property. in federal prison. Your right to

Property. in federal prison. Your right to INFORMATION FOR FEDERAL PRISONERS IN BRITISH COLUMBIA Your right to Property in federal prison This booklet is a self-help guide about your rights to personal property while you are in federal custody.

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MSU Extension Publication Archive. Scroll down to view the publication.

MSU Extension Publication Archive. Scroll down to view the publication. MSU Extension Publication Archive Archive copy of publication do not use for current recommendations. Up-to-date information about many topics can be obtained from your local Extension office. Farmhouses

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1. When is a CLA not a CLA?? 2. Annual Meeting and Town Fair. 3. Phony Parcels Creeping onto Grand Lists. 4. MyVTax system in development by PVR

1. When is a CLA not a CLA?? 2. Annual Meeting and Town Fair. 3. Phony Parcels Creeping onto Grand Lists. 4. MyVTax system in development by PVR 1. When is a CLA not a CLA?? 2. Annual Meeting and Town Fair 3. Phony Parcels Creeping onto Grand Lists 4. MyVTax system in development by PVR VALA SUMMER 2016 Is the CLA Still a CLA in a Reappraisal Year?

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real estate agency rental agency verbal agreement lease security deposit

real estate agency rental agency verbal agreement lease security deposit Where will I be able to live? Chapter 29 Key Terms real estate agency rental agency verbal agreement lease security deposit Chapter Objectives After studying this chapter, you will be able to weigh the

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Rethinking the home ownership dream

Rethinking the home ownership dream Analysis Rethinking the home ownership dream Buying a home today may not be the life-long investment it has been in the past By Alison Smith, CBC News Posted: Jan 31, 2014 5:51 PM ET Last Updated: Feb

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THE CONSUMERS GUIDE TO REAL ESTATE STAGING THE CONSUMERS GUIDE TO REAL ESTATE STAGING Definition of Staging Real Estate Staging is the act of preparing and showcasing residential or commercial property for sale. It is a systematic and coordinated

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10 Tips for Real Estate Investors

10 Tips for Real Estate Investors 10 Tips for Real Estate Investors FINANCIAL ADVISORS TRUSTWORTHY BY DESIGN SM When you buy a home, people often remind you it could be the biggest investment you will ever make. But should you use that

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Southern NM State Fair & Rodeo PO Box 1145 Las Cruces, NM 88004

Southern NM State Fair & Rodeo PO Box 1145 Las Cruces, NM 88004 Southern NM State Fair & Rodeo PO Box 1145 Las Cruces, NM 88004 January 1, 2017 Dear Potential Vendor, Each year the Southern New Mexico State Fair and Rodeo is host to over 22,000 people from Dona Ana,

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Guide to Taking a Rent Arrears Case to VCAT

Guide to Taking a Rent Arrears Case to VCAT Guide to Taking a Rent Arrears Case to VCAT CEHL June 2010 -2- Guide to Taking a Rent Arrears Case to VCAT INTRODUCTION CERCS are required to exercise their rights and obligations as a landlord, and it

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Know Your Rights: A Guide for Tenants Renting in the State of Virginia Introduction Lease Agreements

Know Your Rights: A Guide for Tenants Renting in the State of Virginia Introduction Lease Agreements 101 W. Broad St., Suite #101 Richmond, Virginia 23220 804-648-1012 or 800-868-1012 Fax: 804-649-8794 229 North Sycamore Street Petersburg, Virginia 23803 804-862-1100 or 800-868-1012 Fax:

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HOME Investment Partnerships Program Rental Compliance. Part 2

HOME Investment Partnerships Program Rental Compliance. Part 2 HOME Investment Partnerships Program Rental Compliance Part 2 Les Warner: Welcome back, everyone. This is our second half of our HOME Rental Compliance training. If you are joining us today and you were

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Old Testament. Part One. Created for use with young, unchurched learners Adaptable for all ages including adults

Old Testament. Part One. Created for use with young, unchurched learners Adaptable for all ages including adults Old Testament Part One Created for use with young, unchurched learners Adaptable for all ages including adults Mission Arlington Mission Metroplex Curriculum Lesson 28 Page 1 M ISSION ARLINGTON MISSION

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Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months

Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months No Agents No Fees No Commissions No Hassle Learn the secret of selling your house in days instead of months If you re trying to sell your house, you may not have

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COMMON DILEMMAS CLERKS AND TREASURERS FACE AND HOW TO SOLVE THEM. Carol Nawrocki, Assistant Director Jann Charette, WTA Legal Counsel

COMMON DILEMMAS CLERKS AND TREASURERS FACE AND HOW TO SOLVE THEM. Carol Nawrocki, Assistant Director Jann Charette, WTA Legal Counsel COMMON DILEMMAS CLERKS AND TREASURERS FACE AND HOW TO SOLVE THEM Carol Nawrocki, Assistant Director Jann Charette, WTA Legal Counsel Question 1: Recently, a clerk learns that she has been eligible to receive

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2018 Building Season. From the Supervisor. A reminder to change your clocks back one hour on Sunday November 5 th!

2018 Building Season. From the Supervisor. A reminder to change your clocks back one hour on Sunday November 5 th! October 2017 From the Supervisor William Carlson Township Supervisor The Negaunee Township Board & Staff have determined that a NEWSLETTER is needed to inform our residents of changes and things happening

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RENTERS GUIDE TO EVICTION COURT RENTERS GUIDE TO EVICTION COURT This booklet briefly describes the eviction process for Chicago renters who are in eviction court at the Daley Center, 50 W. Washington Street, Chicago, IL Subsidized Housing

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54 64 51 44 74 94 84 Pr Pla opo nt sed ing S (By truc Ot tur he e rs) 34 50 24 05 49 14 15 rp po P so al de nitn rts ( g tcu yb eru ehto )sr P F eto rutu tn lai oh e isu gn Fu Pot tu en re Ho tial us ing

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Teacher's Guide. Lesson Four. Living On Your Own 04/09

Teacher's Guide. Lesson Four. Living On Your Own 04/09 Teacher's Guide $ Lesson Four Living On Your Own 04/09 living on your own websites Students can greatly improve the experience of living on their own and renting an apartment by learning about important

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{Lpv ~1- u 1, BY-LAW N020

{Lpv ~1- u 1, BY-LAW N020 M {Lpv 1- u 1, (3) /-;2..;..f,3-;,L.,-... CORPORATON OF THE TOW BY-LAW N020 fyfla ;74 fy.;.>t 21. :m LED, r/t:.x b {.;...;:)Oq- ol.f] BENG A BY -LAW TO AMEND BY -LAW 87-112 AS AMENDED (Prvate Property

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Inside. Issue 1 Autumn The inside view on the market. Agents move to new site. Go Gloucester.

Inside. Issue 1 Autumn The inside view on the market. Agents move to new site. Go Gloucester. Inside The inside view on the market Agents move to new site Go Gloucester Issue 1 Autumn 2013 No Contract Tie-in s & No Minimum Contract Period Welcome to our new home! We thought this

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CITY OF BURTON BURTON PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING OCTOBER 11, 2016 MINUTES. Council Chambers Regular Meeting 5:00 PM CITY OF BURTON BURTON PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING OCTOBER 11, 2016 MINUTES Council Chambers Regular Meeting 5:00 PM 4303 S. CENTER ROAD BURTON, MI 48519 This meeting was opened by Chairman Deb Walton at

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My Landlord Isn t Making Repairs

My Landlord Isn t Making Repairs HOUSING My Landlord Isn t Making Repairs RENT ESCROW GUIDE What Can I Do? A step-by-step guide for Central Ohio tenants This packet is a collaboration between the Legal Aid Society of Columbus and Community

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TOWN OF WARWICK ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS FEBRUARY 22, 2010 TOWN OF WARWICK ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS FEBRUARY 22, 2010 Members Present: Mr. Jan Jansen, Chairman Mr. Mark Malocsay, Co-Chairman Mr. Norm Paulsen Attorney Robert Fink Members Absent: Diane Bramich Chairman

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CITY OF COLUMBIA AGENDA MEMORANDUM CTY OF COLUMBA AGENDA MEMORANDUM MEETNG DATE: January 19, 2016 DEPARTMENT: FROM: SUBJECT: FNANCAL MPACT: City Clerk Erika Moore, City Clerk Resolution No.: R-2016-004 - Certifying Twelve (12) Building

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Boise City Planning & Zoning Commission Minutes November 3, 2014 Page 1

Boise City Planning & Zoning Commission Minutes November 3, 2014 Page 1 Page 1 PUD14-00020 / 2 NORTH HOMES, LLC Location: 2818 W. Madison Avenue CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT FOR A FOUR UNIT PLANNED RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT ON 0.28 ACRES LOCATED AT 2818 & 2836 W. MADISON AVENUE IN

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CRE Residents Ballot Workshop

CRE Residents Ballot Workshop CRE Residents Ballot Workshop 4 October 2018 Agenda 1. Welcome and housekeeping - Chair, Tom Bremner 2. Apologies and introductions 3. Presentation outlining Mayor of London Guidance on ballot 4. Workshops

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I. Call to Order: Members present: Hafner, Glassheim, Bakken.

I. Call to Order: Members present: Hafner, Glassheim, Bakken. Wednesday, December 3, 1997-5:00 p.m. I. Call to Order: Members present: Hafner, Glassheim, Bakken. II. Matter of Mortenson update. Tom Nonweiler, M.A.Mortenson, presented final change order request for

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Planning Commission April 23, 2008 Minutes

Planning Commission April 23, 2008 Minutes Planning Commission April 23, 2008 Minutes The Chairman called the meeting to order. The following members were present: John Mears, David Miller, Mike Zuilhof, Lee Silvani, Ned Bromm, Paul Ernst and Brett

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A Dillon commercial lot with a Walgreen's Pharmacy on it sold for an eye-popping $7.4 million at the end of June, according to local property records.

A Dillon commercial lot with a Walgreen's Pharmacy on it sold for an eye-popping $7.4 million at the end of June, according to local property records. Eli Pace July 23, 2018 A Dillon commercial lot with a Walgreen's Pharmacy on it sold for an eye-popping $7.4 million at the end of June, according to local property records. The sale of the 2.5-acre commercial

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E S T A T E A N D L E T T I N G A G E N T S E S T A T E A N D L E T T I N G A G E N T S 01795 531622 Why Choose WH Breading? WH Breading are an independent sales and lettings agent situated in the historic

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Landlord Information Seminar

Landlord Information Seminar September 13, 2016 Landlord Information Seminar City of Lakewood Welcome Michael P. Summers Mayor, City of Lakewood Landlord Information Seminar Landlord/Tenant Rights and Obligations

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REGULAR MEETING OF LURAY PLANNING COMMISSION APRIL 13, 2016 REGULAR MEETING OF LURAY PLANNING COMMISSION The Luray Planning Commission met on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in regular session. The meeting was held in the Luray Town Council Chambers at 45

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Please let me know if you have any questions. Ray, I will see you tomorrow.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Ray, I will see you tomorrow. From: Randy Bruce [] Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2011 6:11 PM To: Parks, Timothy; Ray Petkovsek;; Cnare, Lauren; Schooler Steve Cc:;

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STOP. Selling in NJ & PA JASON LEPORE. Jason Lepore

STOP. Selling in NJ & PA JASON LEPORE. Jason Lepore Hello Neighbor BY: JASON LEPORE RE/MAX Connection Issue: 04 / 014 Jason Lepore Office: 856-8-7990 Ext:381 Cell: 15-688-1446 E-Mail: 5701 Route 4 Turnersville, Nj 0801 3 Locations: Mantua,

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Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation The Accessory Apartments program is a project of HousingUs, an initiative of Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation. HousingUs is a tri-state collaborative effort of nonprofit organizations and community

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The COMPLETE GUIDE To Privately Selling Or Renting Your Own Property

The COMPLETE GUIDE To Privately Selling Or Renting Your Own Property The COMPLETE GUIDE To Privately Selling Or Renting Your Own Property Preparing Your Property for Sale or Rent By preparing your property correctly for your target market, you will be assured that you have

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Answers to Questions Communities

Answers to Questions Communities Answers to Questions Communities may have about Floodplain Buyout Projects Is our community eligible to receive a mitigation grant for a floodplain buyout project? There are two key criteria for communities

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Please, read this rules carefully in order to have a better relationshiop between families and students while living together.

Please, read this rules carefully in order to have a better relationshiop between families and students while living together. TARONJA POLICY FAMILIES FAMILY RULES Please, read this rules carefully in order to have a better relationshiop between families and students while living together. ARRIVAL One week before the beginning

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Grow With Us! April Dates to Remember: Regional Affiliate of:

Grow With Us! April Dates to Remember: Regional Affiliate of: April 2018 Grow With Us! Visit our Website at: Regional Affiliate of: Kristi Evans Dates to Remember: Susan Williams

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The 5 biggest house-flipping mistakes that will cost you serious time and money and how to avoid them

The 5 biggest house-flipping mistakes that will cost you serious time and money and how to avoid them Doug Hopkins Free Special Report The 5 biggest house-flipping mistakes that will cost you serious time and money and how to avoid them Hi! Doug Hopkins here from the Property Wars TV show on The Discovery

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discuss the future sale of your home!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discuss the future sale of your home! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discuss the future sale of your home! Enclosed is my exclusive Pre-Listing Package. I am confident you will feel that the programs I outline for you will provide

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Our second speaker is Evelyn Lugo. Evelyn has been bringing buyers and sellers together for over 18 years. She loves what she does and it shows.

Our second speaker is Evelyn Lugo. Evelyn has been bringing buyers and sellers together for over 18 years. She loves what she does and it shows. Wi$e Up Teleconference Call Real Estate May 31, 2006 Speaker 2 Evelyn Lugo Jane Walstedt: Now let me turn the program over to Gail Patterson, also a member of the Women s Bureau team that plans the Wi$e

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SAMPLE. j Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï. # # ? # #. Ï Ï Ï Ï ú Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. . ä j. ú ú. Ï ? # # Moderate, acoustic feel. Arr.

SAMPLE. j Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï. # # ? # #. Ï Ï Ï Ï ú Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. . ä j. ú ú. Ï ? # # Moderate, acoustic feel. Arr. Jesus, My Cross Have Taken #394 HNRY LYT LL MOOR rr by Thomas rassi # #? Moderate, acoustic feel 4 4 # # P? 5? 8 1 Je sus, 2 Let the ld 3 Man 4 o, then, 5 Soul, then earth trou kno lo i Thee o breast pa

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How To Organize a Tenants' Association

How To Organize a Tenants' Association How To Organize a Tenants' Association Before You Begin Once again: * you have no heat and hot water. * the building's front door lock is broken, and a neighbor was mugged in the lobby. * you asked the

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Some homes may not be eligible and in those cases we will try to find an alternative property that you can buy.

Some homes may not be eligible and in those cases we will try to find an alternative property that you can buy. 1. Introduction The Voluntary Right to Buy (VRTB) is an 18 month government-led pilot scheme which gives assured tenants of housing associations in the Midlands area the right to buy their home at a discounted

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Having It All: Turnkey Properties Offer Buyers the Chance to Own Everything

Having It All: Turnkey Properties Offer Buyers the Chance to Own Everything TRENDS Having It All: Turnkey Properties Offer Buyers the Chance to Own Everything By Adam Bonislawski 10/28/15 9:00am COMMENT A little over a year ago, Sotheby s broker Nikki Field was just about to close

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STATISTICS ANGLEMONT LOTS: North Shuswap 2015 Year End Report January 2016 For the purpose of this report the North Shuswap is defined as that part of land on the north side of Shuswap Lake between the Adams River Bridge and the

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Episode 17 Get Creative! Out of the Box Ways to Structure Real Estate Deals

Episode 17 Get Creative! Out of the Box Ways to Structure Real Estate Deals Hosted by: Doug & Andrea Van Soest Episode 17 Get Creative! Out of the Box Ways to Structure Real Estate Deals Doug: Welcome back to Spouses Flipping Houses podcast.

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First Time Home Buyer s Guide. Produced by: The Michael Vincent Property Group

First Time Home Buyer s Guide. Produced by: The Michael Vincent Property Group First Time Home Buyer s Guide Produced by: The Michael Vincent Property Group Get Prepared: It s time to Adult remember all those documents & items that everyone told you to protect, don t give out, or

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Le Moulin Neuf Region: Uzes Sleeps: 34

Le Moulin Neuf Region: Uzes Sleeps: 34 Le Moulin Neuf Region: Uzes Sleeps: 34 Overview Hidden among vineyards, next to a flowing brook, and only 10km from the medieval town of Uzès, sits Le Moulin Neuf chateau. A large chateau of 5000m², it

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English *P49918A0112* E202/01. Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills. P49918A 2016 Pearson Education Ltd. Level 2 Component 2: Reading

English *P49918A0112* E202/01. Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills. P49918A 2016 Pearson Education Ltd. Level 2 Component 2: Reading Write your name here Surname Other names Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills English Level 2 Component 2: Reading 14 18 March 2016 Time: 60 minutes You may use a dictionary. Centre Number Candidate Number

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The Class of Medical Student Housing Survey Class of Hello and welcome to UCR School of Medicine, Class of 2017!

The Class of Medical Student Housing Survey Class of Hello and welcome to UCR School of Medicine, Class of 2017! Medical Student Housing Survey Class of 2016+ Hello and welcome to UCR School of Medicine, Class of 2017! Once again, the Class of 2016+ would like to congratulate you all on your acceptance into UCR s

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Was Your Landlord Foreclosed?

Was Your Landlord Foreclosed? If you re 60 or over, call your local legal aid office: Eastern CT 800-413-7796 Western CT 800-413-7797 Hartford Area 860-541-5000 Bridgeport Area 800-809-4434 Stamford Area 800-541-8909 New Haven Area

More information Streets In Infinity Streets Infinity with many thanks to those who came before who contributed to this lesson Streets In Infinity Streets Infinity with many thanks to those who came before who contributed to this lesson www.lockhart- Streets In Infinity 1 Streets in Infinity with many thanks to those who came before who contributed to this lesson 2 www.lockhart- Streets in Infinity Materials

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Compliments of: Your Key Resource in Real Estate. Jessica L Thompson

Compliments of: Your Key Resource in Real Estate. Jessica L Thompson Jessica L Thompson 770.490.4615 {AGENT PHOTO} Compliments of: Jessica L. Thompson Keller Williams Realty Peachtree Road 3925 Peachtree Rd Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30319 buying a home It s all about you The

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Michael A. Gross Tucson Realty & Trust Co. Executive Vice President. 333 N. Wilmot Rd. Ste. 340 Tucson, AZ 85711

Michael A. Gross Tucson Realty & Trust Co. Executive Vice President. 333 N. Wilmot Rd. Ste. 340 Tucson, AZ 85711 Michael A. Gross Tucson Realty & Trust Co. Executive Vice President 333 N. Wilmot Rd. Ste. 340 Tucson, AZ 85711 Cell: (520) 977-0144 Office: (520) 577-7000 Office Fax: (520) 918-3031 email:

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Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation The Accessory Apartments program is a project of HousingUs, an initiative of Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation. HousingUs is a tri-state collaborative effort of nonprofit organizations and community

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Faneromeni, Antiparos

Faneromeni, Antiparos Faneromeni, Antiparos [Type text] The Concept: Bohemian hideout Hidden somewhere in the center of the southernmost peninsula of Antiparos lies Hermitage Retreat, a wonderful haven for up to 21 guests.

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Hey guys! Living in London: What to expect. This video is for you if you re curious

Hey guys! Living in London: What to expect. This video is for you if you re curious Renting in London: What to Expect CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO : By Jade Joddle Hey guys! Living in London: What to expect. This video is for you if you re curious about

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grocery. Later they built a home just up the street at 1127 Haslage. Eventually as the children became adults they all acquired there own homes on Has

grocery. Later they built a home just up the street at 1127 Haslage. Eventually as the children became adults they all acquired there own homes on Has I am John Hillenbrand a grandson of Marie R (Eyerman) Hillenbrand. Marie was the sister of George, Emil, and Charlie. I know a little Eyerman family history and I would like to pass it along. The Eyerman

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KWAZULU-NATAL. Ballito Lifestyle Centre. The Quarter Boutique Shopping Centre. Netcare Alberlito Hospital. Ashton International College.

KWAZULU-NATAL. Ballito Lifestyle Centre. The Quarter Boutique Shopping Centre. Netcare Alberlito Hospital. Ashton International College. Simbithi Dr Simbithi Dr Umhlali Country Club Ballito Junction Ballito Lifestyle Centre The Quarter Boutique Shopping Centre Netcare Alberlito Hospital Ashton International College Salt Rock Rd Ballito

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MTAR Member News. Tax Cuts & Jobs Act What It Means for Us

MTAR Member News. Tax Cuts & Jobs Act What It Means for Us MTAR Member News March 5, 2018 Inside this issue: MTAR Calendar, 2018 Code of Ethics Articles 1-9 Education Calendar, The CE Shop, TREC Core Class, Working With Buyers class RPAC ^ to $99 event at Party

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Do You Know Your Rights and Duties As a Renter?

Do You Know Your Rights and Duties As a Renter? Do You Know Your Rights and Duties As a Renter? This brochure covers all Tennessee counties EXCEPT: Anderson, Blount, Bradley, Davidson, Hamilton, Knox, Madison, Maury, Montgomery, Rutherford, Sevier,

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Your home-buying team

Your home-buying team Your home-buying team Your team of helpers There are people who are trained to help you buy your home. It is a good idea to have a team of them. Some of the team members you must use. Others you do not

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The RTA covers most rental housing in Newfoundland & Labrador. However, it does not apply to the following:

The RTA covers most rental housing in Newfoundland & Labrador. However, it does not apply to the following: General Info What is the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA)? In the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Residential Tenancies Act, 2000 (RTA) oversees the relationship between residential landlords

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FAIR VIDEO HOUSING CONTEST LEARN CELEBRATE CREATE Winning entries will be on display in the City Hall Lobby from May 28th - May 30th Presented by Prairie State Legal Service, HomeStart, and the City of Rockford FAIR HOUSING VIDEO CONTEST 2019 In honor

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On Cape Hope" (Hoping that something will happen) Oh? thing! They neuer really see much of each other... for Bob Daniels and Gloria Clark... ah!...

On Cape Hope (Hoping that something will happen) Oh? thing! They neuer really see much of each other... for Bob Daniels and Gloria Clark... ah!... On Cape Hope" (Hoping that something will happen) Reuben Schofield and Barbara Lovinggood strike this most unnatural pose They neuer really see much of each other And Philip Hood and Delores Henry Clarkites

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The Cozy Cottage. Summary. Description. Map. A step back in time with the comfort of today. Not fancy but affordable.

The Cozy Cottage. Summary. Description. Map. A step back in time with the comfort of today. Not fancy but affordable. The Cozy Cottage Summary A step back in time with the comfort of today. Not fancy but affordable. Description A two bed room, 1 1/2 bath cottage with a spectacular view. The Cozy Cottage is an updated

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Meet Utah Artist Lily Toy Hong

Meet Utah Artist Lily Toy Hong Children's Book and Media Review Volume 14 Issue 2 Article 3 1993 Meet Utah Artist Lily Toy Hong Lillian H. Heil Follow this and additional works at: BYU ScholarsArchive

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All of our Exclusive Villas are now Sold Just 6 TENNIS ONLY Spots are Available! Should you require accommodations, our agents can help you out.

All of our Exclusive Villas are now Sold Just 6 TENNIS ONLY Spots are Available! Should you require accommodations, our agents can help you out. 2016 HILTON HEAD ISLAND ULTIMATE TENNIS & GOLF VACATION APRIL 16 APRIL 23 VACATION DETAILS: All of our Exclusive Villas are now Sold Just 6 TENNIS ONLY Spots are Available! Should you require accommodations,

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There are a number of things you need to think about before taking in a lodger.

There are a number of things you need to think about before taking in a lodger. Got a spare room? Your guide to taking in a lodger Thinking of taking in a lodger? A lodger is someone who rents a room in your home and shares areas such as kitchen and bathroom. Some people provide

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House Party Planning Kit

House Party Planning Kit Party to End Hunger in India House Party Planning Kit House parties are a great way to educate friends and family, recruit new supporters, generate action, and raise funds for Akshaya Patra s work. This

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You need to know the following information prior to leaving residences

You need to know the following information prior to leaving residences Date: April 1, 2014 From: Nancy Trottier Manager, Accommodations and Conference Services To: All Residents Subject: Leaving Residences You need to know the following information prior to leaving residences

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Board of Selectmen 2 May 2011 Minutes

Board of Selectmen 2 May 2011 Minutes APPROVED Board of Selectmen 2 May 2011 Minutes 6:00 pm - Chairman Don Guarino read This meeting of the Selectmen of the Town of Gilmanton is now open, and the matters presented and discussed here shall

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One In A Million: Everything You Need To Know To Find The Best Realtor By Erik Brown

One In A Million: Everything You Need To Know To Find The Best Realtor By Erik Brown One In A Million: Everything You Need To Know To Find The Best Realtor By Erik Brown Check the the Book'' One in a Million. real estate service today: how to great agent and why you want them long Apply

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North Carolina Legislator Profile

North Carolina Legislator Profile North Carolina Legislator Profile Bill Brawley: House District 103 Mecklenburg County I will tell you I m disappointed in the quality of the education my kids received, Brawley said of Charlotte-Mecklenburg

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PROPERTY BUYER S GUIDE WISE REAL ESTATE ADVICE PTY. LTD. PROPERTY BUYER S GUIDE WISE REAL ESTATE ADVICE PTY. LTD. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Type of Home 3. Location, Location, Location! 4. Schools, Neighbours and Agents 5. Take A Hike 6. Price 7.

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WAM RENTAL GUIDELINES Make your next special event a night to remember by hosting it at the Weisman Art Museum. We invite you to read through our policies and procedures to ensure we are the best fit for your event needs. Rental

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FRENSHAM BOARDING SNAPSHOT.   FRENSHAM Everyone s a boarder... not everyone sleeps over FRENSHAM Range Road, PO Box 34 Mittagong NSW 2575 AUSTRALIA +61 2 4860 2000 frensham1913 FRENSHAM BOARDING

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