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1 BUILDING DIVISION MONTHLY REPORT: APRIL 7 BUILDING PERMITS ISSUED APRIL 7 APRIL 7 BUILDING WS Permit Type 8 Madison Ave. N Bainbridge Island WA 98 Tel: () 78-7 Fax: () 789 PERMIT STATUS LI Tel: () INSPECTION LI Spring conditions have let to extended rain this year with impacts being felt in the construction industry during the year. Spring hazards still exist including mud, wet roads/surfaces, strong winds and environmental cold. Employers must prevent injuries by controlling these hazards in workplaces impacted by spring wet weather. Heavy rain has impacted most construction sites and created difficulty with storm water controls. Please contact the City of Bainbridge Island for storm water violations or ongoing concerns. Fax: () Hours: 8 am- pm, Monday-Friday Counter closed - pm Wed. & Thurs., APRIL 7 PERMITS ISSUED: INSPECTIONS CONDUCTED: VALUATION OF CONSTRUCTION BUILDING PERMIT/ PLAN CHECK FEES COLLECTED: 9 $,7,778,. $ 7,79. ADD ADU ALT ATF CAR CCT COM DEC DEM FIA FIS FEN FND GAF GAR GEN GST MECH MBH MF MIS PLM POL REF REP RET/BLK REVISION SFR SHD SOL STR STU TEN TOTALS 7 Residential Commercial Total Residential Commercial Total % INCREASE / DECREASE % % % % % % % % 7% -% % % % % % % % -% % -7% % -9% % % % % % 7% % % -7% % -7% % Page of

2 Commercial Demolition Commercial Demolition BLD BLD AERIE HEALTHCARE PROPERTIES LLC BAINBRIDGE ISLAND HS ADMIN & ORDWAY ELEM Demo interior second floor only for prep for tenant improvement permit to follow. Removal of 88 sq. ft. modular building and concrete pads 77 Ericksen Ave //7 9 HIGH SCHOOL RD Commercial Demolition Total: $. /8/7 Commercial Mechanical BLD SP PHASE I LLC Remove/Replace existing heat pump system, add new air handler. 9 COPPERTOP LOOP /7/7 Commercial Mechanical Total: $. Commercial Miscellaneous BLD9 WINSLOW GREEN CONDO ASSOC Move/Repair existing Gazebo at Winslow Green WINSLOW WAY W //7 $,. Commercial Miscellaneous Total: $,. Residential Addition BLD8 PERI VICTOR P IV & GRETCHEN K Residential Addition BLD79 LOVERICH WAY S & MARI RAE Residential Addition BLD97 GROSSBERG ALAN B Adding second story and updating existing single story below proposed addition. sq.ft. rec-room addition to replace portion of existing wood deck, replace remaining 9 sq.ft. of deck. Adding 9 sq. ft. to west end of the upper level to enlarge bedrooms. STOBRIDGE LN 89 FLETCHER BAY RD //7 $89,. //7 $9,9. 99 Hart Ln //7 $, Residential Addition BLD SHERRY MICHAEL A & AN C New sq ft deck and alteration of existing home //7 $,.8 ESPERIO LN Residential Addition Total: $,8.9 Residential Alteration BLD8 RUSCH VIRGINIA A Residential Alteration BLD7 BAKER THOMAS R & CAROL ANN Remodel bathrooms. Relocate laundry, reconfigure kitchen/living/dining rooms. Vault ceilings in kitchen, living, and dining rooms. 8 Sands Ave //7 $,. Annie Rose Ln NW //7 $. Residential Alteration BLD Van Deren, Elizabeth Residential Alteration BLD DONCKERS LARRY TRUSTEE Residential Alteration BLD9 LUKINS KYLE B & SUSAN B Add bedroom walls and bathroom to third floor flex room of existing home. Whole house remodel existing, sqft, -bedroom home within existing footprint. Remodel existing,7sqft -bedroom SFR within existing footprint. 9 WINTERSWEET RD 7 Country Club Rd //7 $,7. //7 $,. 8 Lovell Ave SW //7 $,7.88 Residential Alteration BLD8 KOVAL MAUREEN & THACKRAY BRETT Reconfigure existing interior walls with minor structural revisions for kitchen/dining room remodel. 9 BEACH CREST DR /7/7 $,. Residential Alteration BLD8 PETROFF YURI & TOSDALE KIMBERLY Remove existing window unit and replace with new door unit. Build W Deck with stairs and wood burning fireplace. 7 WASHINGTON AVE /8/7 $,7. Residential Alteration Total: 7 $,.9 Residential Deck BLD9 ALLEN DEBORAH E New, sq. ft. deck and stairs. Replace existing post & beam foundation under Sun Room with new 8" concrete foundation wall. 8 Hansen Rd //7 $77,78. Residential Deck Total: $77,78. APRIL 7 Page of

3 Residential Demolition BLD9DEM SAMILSON TERRY & STELLMACHER ALLYN Remove Existing SFR to replace with new 7 Taylor Ave //7 Residential Demolition BLD NISHI KAY K Demo existing 8 sq. ft. Shop/Detached garage. KNIGHT RD //7 Residential Demolition Total: $. Residential Fire Sprinkler System BLD8FIS ODERMAT VICTOR & MARY New Residential Fire Sprinkler System 7 Manzanita Rd //7 $,7. Residential Fire Sprinkler System BLD FIS CLARK PAUL V & JENNIFER New residential fire sprinkler system NFPA D 7 TWIN PONDS RD //7 $,. Residential Fire Sprinkler System Total: $8,8. Residential Grading and Fill BLD8 BROWARD WEST REVOCABLE TRUST Construction of new 8 LF driveway with approx cy of GAF. FLETCHER BAY RD /7/7 Residential Grading and Fill Total: $. 77 BERGMAN Residential Garage BLD9 BORGNINO ARLO S & KUMIKO R New construction garage with storage room above. //7 $9,.98 RD 8 Residential Garage BLDGAR CLEVER MICHELE & JAMES P Building new Garage with office above. /7/7 $89,798.7 LOVGREEN RD W Residential Garage Total: $8,.7 GERTIE Residential Generator BLD GARY 99 TRUST AGREEMENT Installation of new kw generator. /7/7 JOHNSON RD Residential Generator Total: $. Madrona Way Residential Mobile Home BLD9 WILLOW FOLLETT Installing new Manufr. home on lot # //7 # Residential Mobile Home Total: $. Residential Mechanical BLD8 SALIBA ALEXANDER P & ELIZABETH H Residential Mechanical BLD9 HANSON ANGELA & SHA Residential Mechanical BLD7MEC WATERS CHARLIE G Install new gal LP tank and new LP fireplace. Remove & Replace existing Air Handler and Heat Pump Removing existing gallon LP Tank and installing new gallon LP Tanks //7 8 Penny Pl //7 97 Mandus Olson Rd Residential Mechanical BLD EASTMAN WILLIAM A & LINDA D Installing new Ductless Heatpump with indoor units. 9 OLALLIE LN /7/7 Residential Mechanical Total: $. Residential Miscellaneous BLD79 Kanter, Jeff New tightline system for SFR's. 8-8 BILL POINT BLUFF //7 Residential Miscellaneous BLD7 YATES MICHAEL J Building a new sq. ft. Boat House. Wing Point Road //7 $,89. Residential Miscellaneous Total: $,89. Residential Plumbing BLD9 FISH BRIAN E Replace existing electric water heater 9 Point White Dr //7 Residential Plumbing BLD BRANNON JACOB E & HALL KAITLIN E & HALL WILLIAM R JR Replace existing electric water heater. 88 High School Loop //7 Residential Plumbing BLD GENKINGER THOMAS Replace existing electric water heater. BARKENTI RD //7 //7 APRIL 7 Page of

4 Residential Plumbing BLD KITTELL JOHN DAVID & Remove existing tub, replace with new shower. Replace existing window with like kind. SUNRISE DR //7 Residential Plumbing Total: $. Residential Re-Roof BLD7 HANLEY CONSTRUCTION Residential Re-Roof BLD78 HANLEY CONSTRUCTION Residential Re-Roof BLD79 HANLEY CONSTRUCTION Residential Re-Roof BLD8 Valentine Roofing Residential Re-Roof BLD8 HANLEY CONSTRUCTION Residential Re-Roof BLD8 HANLEY CONSTRUCTION Remove about 9 squares of composition roofing with new composition. Remove about squares and replace with new Taylor easy-lock g metal. Remove about squares of composition roofing and replace with new composition. Remove existing roofing material and replace with new roofing material. Remove about squares of composition roofing and replace with new composition. Remove and replace about squares of roofing with new composition roofing. 8 BLAKELY CT W //7 $,9. //7 $,8. Sunrise Dr //7 $7,. 8 HALEY LOOP 888 Woodbank Dr //7 $,7. //7 $,8. //7 $,. Residential Re-Roof BLD8 HANLEY CONSTRUCTION remove and replace about 7 squares of composition roofing with new composition roofing Eagle Harbor Dr //7 $,87. Residential Re-Roof BLD88 HUGHES KIMBERLY Re-roof 9 squares 97 Forest Ln //7 $,9. Residential Re-Roof BLD9 PHILLIPS ALLEN Reroof of approx squares. Residential Re-Roof BLD97 MARSHALL CLAIRE & reroof squares comp and replace w metal Residential Re-Roof BLD89 Heppenstall, Don Reroof of approx. squares. Residential Re-Roof BLD8 DROZ ANGELA M Approx square of comp roof Bayview Blvd 98 LOVGREEN RD E 9 KENWOOD AVE 7 Henderson Rd /7/7 $,. /7/7 $,. /8/7 $,. /7/7 $,8. Residential Re-Roof Total: $,8. Residential Repair BLD FURLONG C E JR & CONSTANCE Structual Fire Damage Repair. Repair the damage caused by the recent fire and firefighting efforts to the floor and wall framing of the SFR. 9 NORTH MADISON AVE //7 $8,. Residential Repair Total: $8,. Residential Retaining Wall BLD MCDERMOTT FRANK III & DANIS Building a ' High Retaining Wall, approx. 7 lf. GROW AVE //7 $7,8. Residential Retaining Wall Total: $7,8. Residential Single Family Residence BLD DENNON DANIEL B Building new SFR Residential Single Family Residence BLD99 KIM, KENNY Building new SFR with 88 sq. ft. st floor, 88 sq. ft. nd floor, a 7 sq. ft. attached garage and a sq. ft. covered porch. Residential Single Family Residence BLD CLEVER MICHELE & JAMES P Building new bedroom SFR with Attached Garage. Residential Single Family Residence BLD99 FREESTO FOX LLC Building a new SFR with Attached Garage! Lot 9 PARK VIEW DR 97 MILLER RD 8 LOVGREEN RD W LANDMARK CT //7 $8,97. /7/7 $8,.9 /7/7 $9,9. /9/7 $9,9. APRIL 7 Page of

5 Residential Single Family Residence BLD9 SAMILSON TERRY & STELLMACHER ALLYN Building new SFR 7 Taylor Ave //7 $,89.88 Residential Single Family Residence BLD77 JPI-KITSAP LLC Building new SFR with a 7 sq. ft. basement,,8 sq. ft. st floor, 8 sq. ft. nd floor, 9 sq. ft. of 7 Lytle Rd //7 $,8.8 decks and a sq. ft. Attached garage. Residential Single Family Residence Total: $,,8.7 Residential Solar Panels BLD9 Leonard, Evan Re-comission () Silicon Energy Previously Installed MADRONA WAY //7 Modules. $8,8. Residential Solar Panels BLD9 Johanning, Chris Installation of a 8. solar photovoltaic system will be installed on roof of residence. WACKY NUT WAY //7 $,. Residential Solar Panels Total: $,. Revision to an Issued Permit BLD77REV- JPI-KITSAP LLC REVISION - Elminiate nd Floor lowering building height, decreased lot coverage, overall floor area has been reduced. Building new SFR with a 7 sq. ft. basement,,8 sq. ft. st floor, 8 sq. ft. nd floor, 9 sq. ft. of decks and a sq. ft. Attached garage. 7 Lytle Rd //7 Revision to an Issued Permit BLD8 REV- EMMET AND LARA DEMOS LLC Window style changed to single hung, which results in some size changes. Basement wall height increased to ' from 9'. 8 Williams Ln //7 Revision to an Issued Permit Total: $. Monthly Total 9 $,7,778. APRIL 7 Page of