There has been a recurrent problem JES. Top JES Students. Ban on Word-Display Calculators. Examination Matters. The Top Students Are...

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1 JES Top JES Students In the June 2001 diet, 789 students completed the professional examinations. The graduates are listed on pages 19 of this Journal. The Top Students Are... Paper 9 Information for Control and Decision Making Ms Tam Wing Yee obtained her Higher Diploma in Accountancy from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in She is now an Assistant Accountant at Fortress Well Motors Ltd. Paper 10H Accounting and Audit Practice Ms Chan Ka Man, Joe obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Professional Accountancy from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in She is now an Accounting Assistant at Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd. Paper 11H Tax Planning (Hong Kong) Mr Wong Chiu Fai obtained his Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Accounting and Finance in 1992 from the University of Glamorgan in the UK. Paper 12 Management and Strategy Ms Lam Chung Han, Mary obtained her HKCEE in 1984 from St Paul s Secondary School. Paper 13H Financial Reporting Environment Ms Chiu Suk Yee obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in She is now an Officer at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Paper 14 Financial Strategy Ms Lau Kar Yee, Carrie obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Professional Accountancy in 2000 from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is now a Staff Accountant at Ernst & Young. Ms Tam Wing Yee Ms Chan Ka Man, Joe Mr Wong Chiu Fai Ms Lam Chung Han, Mary Ms Chiu Suk Yee Ms Lau Kar Yee, Carrie Ban on Word-Display Calculators There has been a recurrent problem with students taking worddisplay calculators into examinations. This is a breach of regulations and will lead to confiscation of calculators. Candidates must abide by the regulations stipulated on the examination attendance docket that state: Students are advised that they are permitted to take into the examinations noiseless, cordless, pocket-sized, programmable or non-programmable calculators without graphic/word-display facilities. 16

2 JES December 2001 Diet Timetable Date 3 December 4 December 5 December 6 December 7 December 10 December 11 December 12 December Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday Wednesday 3:00 pm 3:00 pm 3:00 pm 3:00 pm 3:00 pm 3:00 pm 3:00 pm 3:00 pm Time 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm Part Preparing Financial Managing Financial Information For People Statements Management Part Information Corporate and Business Financial Audit and Financial Systems Business Law Taxation Reporting Internal Review Management and Control Part Business Audit and Advanced Performance Strategic Advanced Strategic Information Assurance Taxation Management Business Corporate Financial Management Services Planning and Reporting Management Development Any alterations to the examination times will be shown on examination attendance dockets. September / October 2001 The Prospective Accountant 17

3 JES Examination Performance If you believe your performance in the December 2001 examination may be affected by adverse circumstances (eg serious illness or bereavement of family members/ friends), please notify the ACCA Examination Administration in writing no later than 15 January 2002, enclosing appropriate supporting documents. The ACCA will consider each case and may ask the relevant examiner(s) to take your circumstances into account when finalising your mark(s). Registration Procedures The Society has in the past received enquiries from students who have not received their Examination Entry Acknowledgement (EEA) and Examination Attendance Docket (EAD). These documents are prepared and sent by the ACCA and the Hong Kong Examinations Authority (HKEA), respectively. In last month s issue, students were advised to keep copies of their examination documents, as they will assist the Society and the ACCA in following up their cases should problems arise. Even if Examination Entry Forms are submitted via the Society s Speed Delivery Service, students are responsible for following up non-receipt of EEAs and EADs with the ACCA. To obtain documents from the ACCA and the HKEA on time, the students should follow or note the steps/ points listed in the table below. Timetable and Notification Details Important Dates The week commencing 16 October November 2001 The week commencing 5 November November 2001 The week commencing 19 November November 2001 Procedures to Follow/Note 1. The ACCA sends out Examination Entry Acknowledgements (EEAs) to students whose entries are received before the examination entry deadline and who are accepted for the December 2001 diet. 2. Upon receiving the EEA, students should check that all information is correct, especially with regard to the paper(s) entered, the Law Variant, the options for the adapted papers, the centre name and code, etc. 3. Students should inform the Society s Education & Training Department immediately if any information in the EEA is incorrect so that follow-up action with the ACCA can be made. 4. A self-explanatory letter with copies of supporting examination documents should be submitted to facilitate follow-up work. Students who have not received the EEA or a rejection letter should complete the request coupon in the October 2001 issue of the ACCA Students Newsletter to obtain a duplicate copy. The ACCA sends out Examination Attendance Dockets (EADs) to students sitting their examinations in overseas centres. Students sitting their examinations in overseas centres who have received an EEA, but not an EAD should inform the Society s Education & Training Department by fax: (852) The Society will follow up with the ACCA regarding issue of a duplicate copy. The HKEA will send EADs to students sitting their examinations in Hong Kong. Students sitting their examinations in Hong Kong who have received EEAs but not EADs should inform the Society s Education & Training Department on tel: Remarks The ACCA sends rejection letters to students whose examination entries made the deadline, but whose applications were rejected. The Society will only follow up cases where mistakes were made by the ACCA. If information is incorrect due to the students mistakes, the Society cannot guarantee any assistance. Non-receipt of an EEA may mean that your application was unsuccessful. It is the student s responsibility to follow up with ACCA. The ACCA may not be able to issue duplicate copies of EADs if students have not approached the Society in the period specified. Owing to capacity restrictions, students sitting examinations in Hong Kong may find that they are allocated to several venues if sitting more than one paper. If students do not approach the Society during the specified period, the Society may not be able to issue a duplicate copy of the EAD. EADs contain details of the examination centres, papers entered, desk numbers, session dates and commencing times. All students are reminded again that they must produce their EADs and student registration card at the examination centre. 18

4 JES June 2001 Graduates The Society is pleased to announce that 789 students successfully completed the final stage of the HKSA/ACCA Joint Examination Scheme in the June 2001 diet. Graduates are listed below. ANG Chiu On AU Ka Man AU Ka Yan AU Kwan On AU Po Hung AU Sabrina AU YEUNG Hiu Yan AU YEUNG Ka Lai AU YEUNG Lai Shan AU Yiu Ming BOH Fun Chak BUTT Hoi Yan CHAN Cheong Kit CHAN Chi May CHAN Chi Tat CHAN Chit Ming, Joeie CHAN Chiu Ling CHAN Chui Yuet CHAN Chun Hong CHAN David CHAN Dee CHAN Fong CHAN Hing Yun CHAN Hiu Bun CHAN Ho Leung CHAN Ho Lung CHAN Hoi Man CHAN Hoi Shan CHAN Ivy CHAN Ka Wai CHAN Ka Wing, Virginia CHAN Kam Yee CHAN Kar Mun CHAN Kwok Chun CHAN Lai Fan CHAN Lai Heung CHAN Lai Kei CHAN Lai Kuen CHAN Li Li CHAN Lily CHAN Loong Sang, Tommy CHAN Lung, Johnson CHAN Man Ngai CHAN Mei Han, Marian CHAN Mei Lan CHAN Mei Yee CHAN Mei Yee CHAN Nga Kei CHAN Pui I CHAN Pui Ki, Paddy CHAN Pui Nei CHAN Pui Yi, Anita CHAN Nga Li CHAN Pui Ha CHAN Sau Ming CHAN Sau Yee CHAN Shek Kwong CHAN Shi Pong CHAN Sim Lan CHAN Sin Han CHAN Sing Nun CHAN Suk Fun CHAN Suk Yin, Sandy CHAN Sze Lun CHAN Sze Man CHAN Ting Kwan CHAN Ting Ting CHAN Wai Ching CHAN Wai Kei CHAN Wai Lun CHAN Wai Sum, Joey CHAN Wai Sze CHAN Wai Yin CHAN Wan See, Venice CHAN Wing Hang CHAN Wing Shing CHAN Wing Sun CHAN Wing Wai CHAN Wing Yee CHAN Yat Man CHAN Yee Ping, Michael CHAN Yin Fong CHAN Yin Fong CHAN Yin Ho CHAN Yin Shan CHAN Yuen Fai CHAN Yuen Ling CHAN Yuen Man CHAN Yuk Ling, Amy CHANG Yun Ki CHAU Ka Yi CHAU Hoi Yan, Irene CHAU Pui Shan CHAU Sze Man, Claudia CHAU Wai Man CHEN Ka Chuk CHEN Mun Yu CHENG Chi Sum CHENG Cho Fai CHENG Ka Man CHENG Kai Ki CHENG Kin Man CHENG Kwai Yee CHENG Man Chun CHENG Po Yuen CHENG Pui Shan CHENG Sik Kong CHENG Siu Kong, Conrad CHENG Tai Sheung CHENG Wah Wing CHENG Wai Fan CHENG Wai Kei CHENG Yat Wai CHEUNG Bo Kei CHEUNG Chau Yee CHEUNG Chi Yau CHEUNG Ching Ping CHEUNG Chung Lap CHEUNG Fung Wah CHEUNG In Ni, Elizabeth CHEUNG Kam Ngan CHEUNG Kam Wan CHEUNG Kam Yu CHEUNG Leung Kam CHEUNG Mei Sai CHEUNG Ming Wai CHEUNG Sau Fung CHEUNG Sau Ha CHEUNG Sau Kuk, Wendy CHEUNG So Bing CHEUNG So Kam CHEUNG Sze Nga, Eugenie CHEUNG Wai Hei CHEUNG Wai Sing CHEUNG Tak Lee CHEUNG Yim Fong CHIK Wai Chi CHIU Suk Yee CHIU Yu Man CHIU Yu Yuk CHOI Hoi Ngai CHOI Ka Kit CHOI Kai Shing CHOI Kit Yee CHOI Lai Wah CHOI Mei Ling CHOI Tsang Yu CHOI Wai Yip CHOI Yee May CHOI Yuen Tsun CHONG Ka Po CHONG Yan Lam CHONG Yee Cheung CHONG Yee Wah, Eva CHOW Hing Yeung CHOW Ka Wai, Louise CHOW Kai Chi CHOW Kam Fung CHOW Kan Yan CHOW Kin Fai, Frankie CHOW Lai Fun CHOW Lam CHOW Mei Yee CHOW Siu Po, Christabel CHOW Suk Kwan CHOW Wing Sze CHOW Wing Yu CHOW Yat Yee, Ellen CHOW Yin Mui CHOY Ka Man CHOY Mei Yuk CHOY Pui Tung, Thomas CHOY Tsz Man, Carmen CHOY Yip Hung CHU Fung Kuen, Fiona CHU Hoi Lam, Carine CHU Hoi Yin, Yoki CHU Lai Yan CHU Wai Ling CHU Wing Yin >> September / October 2001 The Prospective Accountant 19

5 CHU Yun Yun CHUI Ka Tung, Tony CHUK Chi Man CHUNG Fook Sing CHUNG Hoi Ling CHUNG Ka Wai CHUNG Kam Sang CHUNG Kwok Ying CHUNG Lai Man CHUNG Man Nei CHUNG Nga Sze, Alice CHUNG Pui Yee CHUNG Sai Ho CHUNG Siu Yan CHUNG Sze Fat CHUNG Sze Yuen CHUNG Wing Sze CHUNG Yiu Wah FAN Hoi Yan, Helen FAN How Yat, Carrie FAN Tung Mui FOK Ching Man FOK Lai Ching FOK Yee Lin FONG Shun Man, Simon FONG Siu Lung FONG Yan Yan, Flora FU Ming Yan FU Yuen Yan FUNG Fei Yin FUNG Hoi Yan FUNG Lai Chun, Cecilia FUNG Lai Ling FUNG Law Chi, Ashleigh FUNG Mei Fung FUNG Sau Ping FUNG Wing Cheong FUNG Wing Han FUNG Yuk Man GU Kenny HO Chi Hing HO Chi Kong HO Chi Wai HO Ka Lee, Kaely HO Ka Pik, Karen HO Ka Shun HO King Shan HO Kit Che HO Luk HO Mei Sze HO Pui Sze HO Sau Kuen HO Tsan Fai HO Wai Yin HO Yu HON Wong Yee, Aileen HONG Chin Yan HONG On Nei HOW Tak Ming HSIEN Lai Ha HUI Hung Ko HUI Ka Yan, Catherine HUI Lai Yeung, Quenny HUI Linda HUI Yik Shing HUI Yuen Yam, Winnie HUNG Fung Choi HUNG Sum IP Chi Wai IP Lai Shan IP Mei Shun IP Mun Lam IP Wing Wai IP Yuen Man KAM Leung Ming KAM Man Ying KAM Wai Leong, Andrew KAM Wai Lun KAN Ho Wan, Andrew KAN Shuk Fan, Viola KAO Fei KO Siu Ying KO Woon Lam KOH Geok Khim KONG Chung Wai KU Wing Yin KU Man Chung KUM Chung Yin KUNG Ho Yan KWAN Chi Cheung KWAN Chun Bong KWAN Fung Yin KWAN Hau Yuk KWAN Pui Leung, Raymond KWAN Tat Pui, Gabriel KWAN Yin Lam KWAN Yuk To KWOK Hung Kwan, Edith KWOK Ka Yee KWOK Lai Yu KWOK Man Hung KWOK On Ki KWOK Suet Ping KWOK Yan Ming KWOK Wai Fun KWOK Wai Han, Wendy KWOK Wai Yee KWOK Yick Hung KWOK Ying Nui KWONG Chun Kit KWONG Chung Lun KWONG Kwok Wa KWONG Wai Chi KWONG Wan Kit, Tony LAI Chun Pin, Patrick LAI Ka Yin LAI Pui Chi LAI Shuk Ying, Irene LAI Tin Lun LAI Tsui Wa LAI Wai Sun LAI Yin Chi LAI Yu Hung LAI Yung Mui LAM Chi Hin LAM Chi Ho LAM Chi Hong LAM Chi Ping LAM Ching LAM Ching Han, Mary LAM Chor Ling LAM Chun Kit LAM Kin Hung LAM Kin Man LAM King Fung LAM King Yin LAM Kwok Pong LAM Ling Wai LAM On Ki LAM Pik Kei, Peggy LAM Po Chu LAM Sim Ching LAM Siu Man, Elaine LAM Suet Tuen, Cecilia LAM Sze Man LAM Sze Wai LAM Tak Keung LAM Tsz Yeung LAM Wai Man, Wendy LAM Yuen Shan LAU Cheuk Pun LAU Chi Yan LAU Ching Wan, Terence LAU Hing Fai Billy LAU Ka Chun LAU Ka Lee LAU Kar Yee, Carrie LAU King Fong LAU Lai Hang LAU Man Chiu LAU Nga Shan LAU Oi See LAU Pak Kwan LAU Suk Yee LAU Tak Cheung LAU Wai Chun LAU Wai Leung LAU Wing Mui LAU Yat Kit LAU Yik Sheung, Jama LAU Yuk Chui LAW Chong Ming LAW Chung Wai LAW Ho Yee LAW Man Kee LAW Man Wah LAW Oi Ying LAW Pui Lam, Victor LAW Sau King, Grace LAW Yuet Ying, Sally LEE Chi Kit, Stephen LEE Chi Ming LEE Chi Tuen LEE Choi Ling LEE Chung Yiu LEE Ho Yin LEE Hon Man LEE Hon Son, Konson LEE Ian Philip LEE Kin Chung LEE Kwok Ching, Paul LEE Lap Bong, Albert LEE Lap Kay LEE Lik Keung LEE Man Yee, Maggie LEE Man Yin, Maria LEE Oi Ling, Aileen LEE Oi Yen LEE Shuk Mei LEE Shuk Yin LEE Suk Han LEE Suk Kuen LEE Tat Sing LEE Wing Hong 20

6 JES LEE Yee Ha LEE Yee Lai LEE Yim Lan LEE Yin For, Phoebe LEE Yin Shan LEE Yin Sum, Diana LEE Yiu Chuen LEE Yiu Fai LEE Yiu Ki LEE Yuet To LEE Yuk Wan, Susanna LEUNG Ching Man LEUNG Ching Yin, Chingmy LEUNG Ho Lun, Harold LEUNG Ho Ming, Stanley LEUNG Hoi Wan LEUNG Hung Kee LEUNG Kai Yuen LEUNG Kam Fai LEUNG Kam Man, Victor LEUNG Kar Kei LEUNG Keng Po LEUNG Kwan Kei, Arthur LEUNG Kwok Yin LEUNG Lai Sheung, Freda LEUNG Man Ho LEUNG Mei Lin, Jennifer LEUNG Mui Sheung LEUNG Pik Fat, Lionel LEUNG Po Yin LEUNG Pui Ki LEUNG Shuk Chun LEUNG Shuk On LEUNG Shuk Yuen LEUNG Siu Hong LEUNG So Ying LEUNG Suk Man LEUNG Suk Yee LEUNG Suk Ying LEUNG Sze Chit LEUNG Tsz Hung, Wilson LEUNG Wai Kwan, Lucia LEUNG Wai Ling LEUNG Wai Sze LEUNG Wing Kin LEUNG Yuk Ki LEUNG Yuk Yee LI Kin Mun, Norman LI Ka Yee LI Mei Yee, Joanna LI Pik Kei LI Sau King LI Shu Keung LI Sin Ting LI Sin Ying LI So Hei LI Sze Ming LI Wai Chung LI Wai Leung LI Wai Ling LI Wai Yee, Fify LI Yan Ying, Jennifer LI Ying Kit LI Yuk Ching LI Yuet Ngo LING Chi Kin, Joseph LING Kwan Man LIU Hin Pan LIU Kit Ling LIU Lisa LIU Wai Yin LIU Yuen Yan LO Chi Hov LO Fung Ming LO Ho Chi, Joyce LO Ka Ki LO Lok Yan LO Oi Chi LO Pui Pui LO Siu Chung LO Suet Yee LO Sze Man LO Wing Ho LO Wun Sei LO Yin Chun LO Yuen Hang LOCK Wai Ling, Judy LOCK Wai Sze, Mabel LOK Lai Yi LONG Fong Yee LU Shuo LUI Hon Kee, Harris LUI Ka Mei LUI Wai Pang LUI Wing Yu LUI Yat Kai LUK Chi Man LUK Chi Tong LUK Wing Yin LUN Kwun Yan LUNG Hoi Chi MA Chi Wan MA Chiu Kwan MA Hin Fun MA Hing Man MA Kit Sum, Isis MA Wai Yan MA Wing Key, Vicki MAG Chiu Fai MAK Wing Hong MAK Kit Ling MAK Kit Ping MAK Man Ha MAK Ka Ching, Miranda MAK Wai Shan, Miranda MAK Yuen Shan MAN Ka Chun MAN Sau Kuen MAN Tak Cheung MAN Wai Yan MAN Yeung Tan MIK Pik Yan, Phoebe MOK Sau Yu, Ada MOY Yee Yin, Connie MUI Suk Wah NG Chi Ying NG Chung Yin NG Dik Man, Paul NG Hanson NG Hiu Ning NG Ka Man NG Lai Yan NG Man Chee, Cynthia NG Nga Sze NG Nin Wo NG Oi Chung, April NG Pan Pan NG Shan Wai, Cynthia NG Shuk Yee NG Siu Min, William NG Siu Yee NG Suk King NG Suk Kuen NG Tsang NG Tsz Fung NG Tsz Hung NG Wai Ling NG Wing Biu NG Yin Yee, Shirley NG Yuk Mei NGAI Yin Lam NGAI Yuk Chun NGAN Ka Kee NGAN Yee Man OR Wai King PANG Kar Yan, Janet PANG So Lan PANG Suet Mui PANG Tak Fong POON Ka Wing POON Man Wai POON Pak Wai POON Sau Lan POON Sui Wa, Rosanna POON Wing King POON Wing Sze PUN Kwok Hon SAE WONG Kitiya SAK Chung Ying SHEK Man Fai SHEK Man Tik SHEK Pui Sai SHIU Wai Leung SHUEN Harrison SHUEN Tsz Cho SHUM Chi Ting SHUM Kit SHUM Lok To SHUM Wing Hung SI Shun Wang SIN Pui Ching SIN Wing Sze SIT Wing See, Prisci SIU Chin Wang SO Ha SO Hoi Ming SO Lai Yee SO Lim Wai SO Man Yu, Joanne So Mei Lai SO Suet Yee, Isabella SO Suet Yim SO Wai Yee SO Wan Yi SO Wing Leung SU Chuan Chi, Kelvin SUEN Ka Wai, Stella SUM Wai Sing SUN Chi Wai SZE Kam Ying SZE Mei Hang TAI Ching Ngai TAI Heung Kiu TAM Chi Yin >> September / October 2001 The Prospective Accountant 21

7 JES TAM Ho Ting TAM Hon Shan, Celia TAM Ka Fai TAM Mei Ying TAM Ngai Man TAM Pei Qiang TAM Yee Chiu, Christina TAM Yuen Ying TAN King Lam TANG Brigitte TANG Chak Hung TANG Ho Yin TANG Hoi Yan TANG Kit Man, Packy TANG Man Yan TANG Mei Fong, Cherrie TANG Mei King TANG Tat Shing TANG Wing Fung, Daniel THONG Wing Sze TIN Chan Seng TIU Wai Kwan TO Sau Man TO See Yan TO Yuk Bing TONG Kam Mui TONG Kit Man TONG Lai Shan TONG Sui Ming TONG Yin Mui TONG Yee Ki TSANG Cheuk Man, Eve TSANG Chi Lai TSANG Chui Ying TSANG Chung Hon TSANG HO Wang TSANG Oi Ting TSANG Wai Ming TSANG Yee Ha TSANG Yuk Yan, Nicol TSE Chun Wah TSE Man Yee TSE Ming Lun TSE Shuk Man TSE Ting Kwan TSE Yuen Ngai TSE Yuen Shan TSOI Hung TSUI Ho Yin TSUI Shu Kwok TSUI Sze Wan TUNG Ling UN Kwok Kee, John WAN Ka Ying, Iris WAN Sau Fong WAN Suet Fun WAN Yuk Wa WANG Pik Ching WONG Chi Ming WONG Ching Fan WONG Chui Shan WONG Chun Chun WONG Chun Kwok WONG Chun Ming WONG Chung Yeung WONG Fai WONG Him Yu WONG Hiu Mei WONG Ho Lam, Holly WONG Ho Yin WONG Hoi Kei WONG Joyce WONG Ka Lai WONG Ka Pui WONG Ka Yee WONG Kin Wing WONG Kit Chi WONG Kit Ching, Agnes WONG Kwok Chi WONG Kwok Kuen WONG Lai Man WONG Lee Lee, Lily WONG Ling Bun, Henry WONG Lo WONG Lui WONG Man Chi, Daisy WONG Man Lai WONG Man Ting WONG Mei Lei, Jackie WONG Mei Yin WONG Pak Kin WONG Sheung Wan WONG Sheung Man WONG Shui Bun WONG Shui Ching WONG Siu Ling WONG Siu Mei WONG Suet Mei WONG Suk Ying, Vivian WONG Sze Wai WONG Tak Chiu WONG Tak Ming, Gary WONG Toi Lin, Katherine Garcia WONG Tuen Lin WONG Tze Fan WONG Wai Ching WONG Wai Hung, Chelsia WONG Wai Leung WONG Wai Man WONG Wai Man WONG Wai Sang WONG Wai Ying, Shermen WONG Wai Wa WONG Wing Chong, Regina WONG Wing Hung WONG Wing Kei WONG Wing Suen, Shirley WONG Wing Sze WONG Wing Yan WONG Yat Lung, Adeline WONG Yee Lai WONG Yee Man WONG Yin Fun WONG Yin Sheung WONG Yin Yuk WONG Yuen Ting WOO Pak Kin, Clement WOO Wai Yee WU Ka Ming WU Lai Sheung, Jennifer WU Lai Yin WU So Yin WU Wai Man, Vivian WU Yuen Yeuk WU Yuet Ying WUN Kit Mei, Winnie YAM Chi Wang YAN Lai Man, Alice YAO Kin Chun YAU Chung Hang YAU Chung Seung, Lucina YAU Kar Yi, Grace YAU Sau Chi, Lora YAU Wai Ming YEE Suk Wah, Margaret YEUNG Chi Hin YEUNG Ho Hang, Alan YEUNG Ka Lung, Chris YEUNG King Tong, Halim YEUNG Kwok Yee YEUNG Lai Ching, Lisa YEUNG Man Chi YEUNG May May, Joey YEUNG Mong Yan YEUNG Nga Yuk YEUNG Yin, Janette YEUNG Yin King YEUNG Yu Pan YEUNG Yui Hung YEUNG Wai Pun YIM Fung Chun YIM Kit Ming YIM Wai Ling YIM Wai Ping YING She Yi, Vickie YIP Fung Chu YIP Fung Yin YIP Lap Ting YIP Mei Fung YIP Sau Mei YIP Siu Kuen YIP Shui Wah YIP Wai Man YIP Yee Man, Shirley YIP Yin Hong YIP Yiu Ting YIU Hoi Lun, Hellen YIU King Yu YIU Kit Wai, Anita YIU Tsz Yeung, Arion YIU Wai Man, Karen YU Hoi Yee, Katherine YU Kin Wai YU Kit Lai, Wendy YU Kong Ming YU Kwok Keung YU Shui Mei YU Vicky YU Wai Kwan YU Yuen Fan YU Yuen Sim YUEN Pui Yan, Carrie YUEN Siu Tim YUEN Tsz Yin YUEN Suet Ying, Irene YUEN Tat Fu YUEN Wai Man YUEN Wing Miu, Amy YUNG Ching Yuen YUNG Pik Ka ZEE Ching Man, Tiffany 22