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1 Planning Statement: Proposed Development of Erf 97, Hartenbos Ref. nr: 759/MOS/5 PLANNING STATEMENT: PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT OF ERF 97, HARTENBOS, MOSSEL BAY MUNICIPALITY AND DIVISION. BACKGROUND Erf 97, Hartenbos is located within the area of Diaz Beach, north of the town of Mossel Bay and ±00m from the primary movement system (Louis Fourie Road). The subject property was formerly used as a Municipal Caravan Park / Chalet Resort. It is bounded by the Twee Kuilen holiday resort to the north, Diaz Dustria to the west, an open space (Erf 99) to the south and finally residential/ holiday resorts (Diaz Strand) to the east. Due to the fact that Erf 97, Hartenbos has not been used for a long time, the site has become derelict and vandalised. Therefore the Mossel Bay Municipality put the property out on a tender to establish a development proposal for the specific purpose of developing a lifestyle centre for the age group 50+ years. DELplan Consulting was part of the team appointed by Purperwinde Beleggings (PTY) Ltd, who won the bid, for the redevelopment of the subject site. Erf 97, Hartenbos comprises an area of 5.7ha in extent and is currently zoned as Private Open Space in terms of the Section 7 Zoning Scheme Regulations applicable to that part Mossel Bay. The locality plan is attached as Annexure to this statement.. DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL It is proposed to rezone Erf 97, Hartenbos from Private Open Space to General Residential Zone and Group Housing as a lifestyle Estate. Therefore the proposed development will comprise of the following parameters: 7 Group Housing Zone(5,0.68 m²); General Residential Zone (,77.7 m²); Frail Care Unit (,659.7 m²); 7 Private Open Space Erven including protected vegetation (,6.7 m²); Transport Zone Erven for roads (,7.70m²). Although the proposed development will include a security gate at the entrance, the Frail Care Centre will be open to the public. All roads and open spaces will be used for private purposes only. A draft Site Development Plan (SDP) is attached herewith as Annexure. Also no historic structures, ruins and heritage related activities were recorded on the subject site.. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE PROPERTIES Erf 97, Hartenbos slopes towards the east at a gentle gradient of ±5 degrees, making it suitable for development. However, an important section of the site is covered with pockets of Milkwood Thicket and falls under the Critical Biodiversity Area (CBA). Therefore the April 06

2 Planning Statement: Proposed Development of Erf 97, Hartenbos Ref. nr: 759/MOS/5 Endangered vegetation located on site will be managed and protected through a Milkwood Corridor, stretching from north to south, as depicted on the SDP.. SURROUNDING CONTEXT Existing surrounding land use includes Diaz Dustria which comprises of light industrial activities, while holiday resorts, residential erven are aligned along the eastern site boundary. As explained previously, holiday resorts such as Twee Kuilen are located to the north of the subject property. To the south, Erf 97 is bounded by Erf 97 which is a vacant property, owned by Mossel Bay Municipality and zoned as Open Space Zone II (Public Open Space). Access to the subject property is off Louis Fourie Road, into Diaz Drive. 5. SPATIAL PLANNING 5. Mossel Bay Spatial Development Framework The Mossel Bay Spatial Development Framework highlights the following objectives that are compatible with the proposed development: Containment of urban sprawl and ensuring compact urban settlements by means of urban densification (infill) while accommodating population growth within the existing urban areas and not permitting development outside the proposed urban edges are the ethos of the Mossel Bay SDF. Furthermore the Draft Mossel Bay SDF (008) highlights Erf 97, Hartenbos- which is included in the Diaz Industria precinct. Figure 8. (CNDV, 0:6) depicts the subject property as part of Area of Intervention. The subject property was also lightly depicted in the Diaz Dustria Spatial Development Framework (008). The author stated that the subject property is identified as possibilities for redevelopment and that the redevelopment opportunity for this Erf should be utilised to strengthen the tourism identity of Diaz Beach. Moreover the redevelopment of these properties should involve a combination of accommodation and tourism activities of which the residential shall be dominant. However, we believe that this type of development, i.e. Frail Care Centre and a lifestyle centre for the age group 50+ years is in demand in Mossel Bay. The Frail Care Centre will be accessible to all members of the public, hence relieving the shortage of specialised health care in the area. Also, as stated previously Erf 97, Hartenbos has not been used for a long time, the site has become derelict and vandalised- the dwellings ran - sacked and electric cables dug up. We also believe that this development will create a safety facet in this section of Hartenbos by reducing the unwanted issues related to crime and grime. April 06

3 Planning Statement: Proposed Development of Erf 97, Hartenbos Ref. nr: 759/MOS/5 5. Section 7 Zoning Scheme Regulations for Mossel Bay In terms of the Section 7 of Mossel Bay Zoning Scheme Regulations, Erven 97, Hartenbos is currently zoned as Open Space Zone II (Private Open Space), and according to the same zoning scheme the building lines should be as listed below: 0 metre for the street building lines; No side and rear building lines required other than those that may be required for fire fighting purposes; A metre building line where the abutting zone is a public space or a single residential zone. Despite the above- mentioned regulations, each residential erf of the proposed development will include a street building line of metres, a side and rear building line of.5 metres. 6. Conclusion The development proposal for Erf 97, Hartenbos reflects the principles of all relevant spatial plans. A complete application for the change in land use of the property will be submitted in due course to the local authority. MARLIZE DE BRUYN Pr. Pln APRIL 05 April 06

4 V IAAPPIEST R V IAAPPIST R V IAAPPIEST RAAT MASCODORST RAAT PARSONSL AAN VOORBAAI RE/ RE/ DIAZ DUSTRIA RE/ RE/ DIAZ BEACH RE/ RE/ RE/ RE/ RE/60 RE/ RE/ BAL L Y SINGEL R0L OU IS FOU RIERD PAT RICKST R PAT RICKST R SIOU XST R BAL L Y SINGEL WAT SONWEG L OU IS FOU RIERD BOL T ONRD HOOFPADNO.7 L OU IS FOU RIEWEG BOL T ONWEG REIERST RAAT DEPOT EDEL V AL KST RAAT EDEL V AL KST RAAT BL OU V AL KST RAATBL OU V AL KST RAAT NAGU IL ST RAAT NAGU IL ST RAAT BL ESHOENDERST RAAT SWART T OBIE KARV EEL SINGEL (Resta nter BEACHBOU L EV ARDEAST NAGU IL ST RAAT BL ESHOENDERST RAAT BEACHBOU L EV ARDWES KARV EEL SINGEL (Resta nter DEPOT RD EDEL V AL KST RAAT BEACHBOU L EV ARDEAST EACHBOU L EV ARDEAST LEGEND: PROJECT: Pro po sed rezo ning &sub divisio n fo rpurperwinde Beleggings(Pty)L td PROJEK: T el: Em a il:pla n.c n.c DESCRIPTION: Erf97,Ha rtenb o s,mo sselba y BESKRYWING: IASc a le: :7500 TITLE: ONTWERP: DATE: DATUM: SG MAR06 L o c a lity pla n DRAWN: GETEKEN: PLAN NO: PLAN NR: MV TITEL: 759/MOS/5/GIS/L o c a lity ANNEXU RE COPYRIGHT: KOPIEREG: T hisdra wing isthe c o pyrighto f DEL pla n U rb a n &Regio na l Pla no tsc a lefro m itb utreferto figured dim ensio ns.alm ea surem entsm ustb e c hec ked a nd c o nfirm ed b y a Pro fessio na ll a nd Surveyo r.any disc repenc ies sho uld plea seb e repo rted to DEL Pla n im m edia tely. Die ko piereg va n hierdie tekening b eho o rta a n DEL pla n U rb a n &Regio na lpla enie da a rva n a fska a lnie, m a a rverwysna a fsta nde so o sa a ngedui.ale a fm etings m o etdeur'n Pro fessio nele L a ndm eterna gega a n en b e- vestig wo rd.enige teenstrydighede m o eta sseb liefda delik a a n DEL pla n ra ppo rteerwo rd.

5 KAMER0 KAMER9 KAMER8 KAMER7 KAMER KAMER KAMER KAMER KAMER5 KAMER6 KAMER7 LINNEDROOGWERF NOOD WATERTENKS MOTORHUIS EN WERKSWINKEL 5 SLOESH STOOR KAMER6 TEEKAMER WASEN STRYKKAMER wm wm td td VRIESKAMER KOELKAMER WERKERSDAMES WERKERSMANS SKOONMAAK MIDDELS NOOD KRAGOPWEKKER KAMER KAMER5 LINNESTOOR SPENS KAMER voorbereidingoppervlaktes KOMBUIS gasstowe vorbereidingopervlaktes GROENTEWAS gassilinders VULLISWERF yk BINNEHOF UIT IN DROOGWERF plaveisel MEDIESE AFVAL bedienluik KAMER SIEKEBOEG/ ONDERSOEKKAMER ADMIN KONFERENSIEKAMER DAMES MANS EETSAAL VERPLEEGSTERS ONTVANGS SITKAMER EN WAGKAMER MEDIESESTOOR WAG-AREA BETUURDER ONTVANGS AMBULANS AMBULANS 0 PARKERING PARKERING KAMER TOILET KAMER MANSSAAL DAMESSAAL VULLISWERF VULISIN CL SEWER SERVITUDE 5,00m HARTENBOS TOWNSHIP 9 BOULEVARD PLACE /R 0 DIAZ DRIVE 6,00m 0 ENTRANCE TO TWEE KUILEN TWEE KUILEN /R TEKOMBUIS SWARTTOBIE /R 79 DIAZ DRIVE 6,00m DAM COPYRIGHT: KOPIEREG: This drawing is the copyright of DELplan Consulting. Do not scale from it but refer to figured dimensions. All measurements must be checked and confirmed by a Professional Land Surveyor. Any discrepencies should please be reported to DELPlan immediately. Die kopiereg van hierdie tekening behoort aan DELplan Consulting. Moenie daarvan afskaal nie, maar verwys na afstande soos aangedui. Alle afmetings moet deur 'n Professionele Landmeter nagegaan en bevestig word. Enige teenstrydighede moet asseblief dadelik aan DELplan rapporteer word. PROJECT: Voorgestelde ontwikkeling vir Purperwinde Beleggings (Pty) Ltd PROJEK: DIAZ DRIVE 0,00m m 8 DESCRIPTION: TITLE: Erf 97, Hartenbos Terreinontwikkelingsplan BESKRYWING: TITEL: MAIN ROAD No 7,00m KARVEEL CRESCENT NOTES: General Residential 8,77.7 Frail Care ZONING PROPOSED ZONINGS ERVEN ERF NO. AREA (m²) Group Housing 7-7 5,0.68, Private Open Space, Protected Vegetation 0, Transport Zone II,7.70 TOTAL 8 55, A Scale: 8 NOTAS: % 5.5. :500 Tel: INDUSTRIE ROAD 6,00m 65/R HARTENBOSCH 5 EXT. 6 /R REMAINDER OF PORTION TOEKOMSTIGEUITBREIDING :00 helling GOEDEREOPLAAI ENAFLAAI SONE ONDERDAKINGANG VULISUIT SEKURITEIT DIAZ STRAND Protected vegetation as part of private open space system. covering,.m². DIAZ INDUSTRIA STORM WATER STORAGE AREA DRAWN: GETEKEN: DV MV 759/MOS/5/TEK/SKF/SDP_V DATE: DATUM: FEB 06 PLAN NO: PLAN NR: AANHANGSEL