PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS. Landscape Architect; Jake Limberg, of Arkansas State Parks, provided the Interior Furnishings Design.

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2 PROJECT BACKGROUND The Kansas City Pittsburg and Gulf Railroad built the original 35-room inn that graced the site of the current lodge in This inn closed in 1910 and soon fell into disrepair. In 1963, Arkansas State Parks constructed a new 17-room lodge with restaurant on the site of the original inn and operated it until it was destroyed by fire in the fall of This second lodge was soon replaced by a new 38-room lodge and restaurant in In 2012, Arkansas State Parks took steps to renovate and upgrade the mid-70 s era lodge to comply with new building codes and meet changing customer tastes and expectations. PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Borné Firm Architects, P.A. of Little Rock was selected to produce plans and specifications for the lodge renovation/expansion project. Robin Borné s design addressed the need to upgrade lodge systems and spaces to meet the myriad of building code changes implemented since the mid-1970 s to include the Americans with Disabilities Act. Significant changes in the building s design were required and include an increase in the size of guest rooms, expansion of the lobby and meeting room spaces, renovation of the kitchen and dining rooms, the addition of a commercial laundry, the addition of a fire-rated stairwell, and installation of an elevator. Upgrading the lodge to address changes in building codes required extensive changes to structural and mechanical systems. Some of the changes, such as the increase in size of guest room windows, are readily evident. However, many changes are hidden within the building but are no less important. The lodge is now served with efficient heat and air systems, is protected by a fire suppression system, and now includes a number of sustainable energy features to include: solar water heating, enhanced glazing (double low-e/argon filled,) awnings and overhangs to create shading, energy efficient HVAC systems and an substantial insulation package. Renovation / construction began in March 16, 2012, and was substantially complete in May The contractors were Wade Abernathy, Inc. of Mount Ida and Nabholz Construction Services of Conway. Robert Brown of Development Consultants, Inc., was the Landscape Architect; Jake Limberg, of Arkansas State Parks, provided the Interior Furnishings Design. The project was funded by Arkansas Natural and Cultural Resources Council grants, State Parks Funds and the Amendment 75, Arkansas s 1/8 cent Conservation Sales Tax. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Guest Rooms: One of the most noticed features of the new lodge is the increased size of windows in the guest rooms which flood these spaces with natural light and afford guests spectacular views. In addition to increasing the size of each guest room, the total number of rooms was increased from 38 to 40. Hearth Room: The original sitting room was reconfigured and expanded to create a 1,430 square foot living room to support relaxation and socialization for both groups and individuals. This amply furnished space has a large fireplace and large banks of windows which combine to create a welcoming atmosphere. Restaurant: The restaurant was completely renovated to include buffet lines and a completely redesigned and refitted kitchen. Conference Room: A 1,430 square foot conference room was added on the second floor and can be rented by groups for functions / presentations. A balcony offers stunning views to the south. Visitor Services: A large reception desk on the ground floor provides adequate space to serve visitors while the adjacent gift shop offers a selection of souvenirs and necessities. Staff offices are housed on the second floor of the building. Site Improvements, Access, and Parking: Site work associated with the building included repaving of visitor parking and loop road, as well as landscape and drainage improvements. A redesigned overlook & trailhead area are located immediately south of the lodge. The site is landscaped with plants indigenous to the region.

3 BUILDING DATA Building Area: 37,029 square feet. Construction Cost: ANCRC FY $3,331,927 A-75 $4,792,365 State Parks Funds $ 200,000 Construction Subtotal : $8,324,292 Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment: $1,297,000 Total Project Cost: $9,621,292 Funding: Arkansas Natural and Cultural Resources Council Grants Arkansas State Parks Funds Amendment 75 (1/8 cent Conservation Tax) Completion Date: June, 2015 Architect: The Borné Firm, PA., of Little Rock, AR Architect s Consultants: Hanson and McLaughlin Engineering, Inc. of Little Rock, AR. Petit and Petit Consulting Engineers, Inc. of Little Rock, AR. Development Consultants, Inc. of Little Rock, AR. General Contractor(s): Wade Abernathy, Inc., of Mount Ida, AR Nabholz Construction Services of Conway, AR. Interior Furnishings Design: Jake Limberg, Arkansas State Parks


5 SECOND FLOOR Meeting Room Seating Capacity:

6 471 SF 408 SF

7 379 SF 572 SF